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07/10/2014 > 115 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20140194054 - Mobile telecommunication repeater for canceling feedback signals: A mobile telecommunication wireless repeater includes: a combination stage for combining a received signal with a feedback cancellation signal; a comparison stage for comparing an input signal of the combination stage with an output signal of the combination stage and determining a weighted value and a time offset value for... Agent: Advanced Rf Technologies, Inc.

20140194056 - Automatic device initialization and pairing: An example embodiment includes an automatic pairing system. The automatic pairing system includes a vehicle initialization module, a vehicle pairing module, and a triggering mechanism. The vehicle initialization module is loaded onto a vehicle abstraction device configured to interface with a vehicle. The vehicle pairing module is loaded on the... Agent: Cloudcar, Inc.

20140194060 - Communication apparatus, communication method, and program for exchanging data with a target: A communication device includes a first processing unit that detects a target and receives a first command for activating an interface upon a detection of the target. The communication device also includes a second processing unit that exchanges data with the target through the first processing unit. Further, the communication... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140194061 - Device for communicating through the body, customisable with an accessory: The invention concerns a portable electronic device having a module for communicating through the body, the module including a contact surface for electrical contact with the skin of a wearer, a base containing the module, a mechanism for securing the device to a part of the body of the wearer,... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20140194058 - Implantable medical device and power controlling method thereof: An implantable medical device includes a secondary coil for receiving an RF signal from the external terminal by an induced electromotive force excited by an external terminal primary coil. RF signal includes a power signal for energizing the medical device and data signal generated upon modulation of the power signal... Agent: Alpinion Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20140194055 - Near field communication apparatus: A system for use in a near field communications (NFC) reader, for detecting the presence of an NFC tag, is disclosed. The NFC reader has an antenna tuned to a resonant frequency. The system comprises: a first signal generator for generating a carrier signal whose frequency varies about the resonant... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20140194057 - Proximity sensing method using loopback mechanism and wireless communications device thereof: A proximity sensing method employed by a wireless communications device includes the steps of: performing a first predetermined operation to detect a presence of at least a transponder in the proximity of the wireless communications device; when the presence of a transponder in the proximity of the wireless communications device... Agent: Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140194059 - Teleconferencing system, method of communication, computer program product and master communication device: According to an aspect of the invention a teleconferencing system is conceived, which teleconferencing system comprises a master communication device and a plurality of satellite communication devices, wherein the master communication device is arranged to communicate with a far-end communication device through a global communication channel and to communicate with... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140194065 - Ad-hoc network: The invention is a mobile device collaboration framework (MDCF)—a form of communications framework, which enables devices to discover other devices that support the framework, access applications and services on those devices and exchange a variety of media and application-specific data. It is not tied to any one communications medium or... Agent: Kopin Corporation

20140194063 - Apparatus and method for pairing mobile devices: An apparatus and method for pairing mobile terminals are provided. The method includes detecting, by a first mobile terminal, a touch input corresponding to a request to pair a first mobile terminal with at least one other mobile terminal, broadcasting, by the first mobile terminal, pairing information, and connecting the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20140194062 - Method, apparatus, and computer program product for wireless short-range communication: Method, apparatus, and computer program product example embodiments enable devices to invoke a programmed process, if the one or more wireless communication messages received over the wireless communication connection, has a measured power level greater than a threshold value. In an example embodiment, a method includes measuring, by an apparatus,... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140194064 - Transmission and reception system, transmitting and receiving unit, and transmitting and receiving method: In a transmission and reception system, a transmitting and receiving unit is configured to acquire a message, and generate candidates of a reply message to the acquired message. A wearable computer is configured to perform a short-distance communication with the transmission and reception unit to receive the candidates of the... Agent: Nec Biglobe, Ltd.

20140194066 - Apparatus and method for sharing screens from multiple mobile devices: An apparatus and method for sharing screens among multiple mobile devices are provided. The mobile device includes a sensor, a communication unit for determining whether at least one other mobile device is substantially in contact with the mobile device, based on information received from the sensor, and for communicating with... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20140194068 - System and method for adjusting communication parameters: The disclosed embodiments include a network management system for managing communications of a wireless device. The network management system includes memory for storing data and executable instructions; and a processing component in communication with the memory. In one embodiment, the processing component configured to execute the executable instructions to perform... Agent: Centurylink Intellectual Property LLC

20140194069 - Methods for testing receiver sensitivity of wireless electronic devices: A test system may include test equipment for testing the radio-frequency performance of wireless electronic devices. The test equipment may provide radio-frequency downlink signals to a wireless electronic device under test (DUT). The test equipment may perform a power sweep by stepping down the downlink signals in signal power level... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140194070 - Proprietary radio control head with authentication: A combination of a radio receiver with a detachable controller that determine sends either reduced or enhanced metadata about received programming to the detachable controller based upon periodic authorization. A connection from the detachable control device to the radio receiver carries commands to the radio receiver and carries only the... Agent: Sirius Xm Radio Inc.

20140194073 - Digital suppression of transmitter intermodulation in receiver: Systems and methods for suppressing transmitter noise in a receive band of a co-located receiver that are suitable for wideband applications are disclosed. In one embodiment, a transmitter is configured to upconvert and amplify a digital transmit signal to provide an analog radio frequency transmit signal at an output of... Agent:

20140194072 - Duplex filter arrangements for use with tunable narrow band antennas having forward and backward compatibility: A transceiver module and duplexer within a communication device supports a minimized antenna volume and enhances a transfer gain for transmit and receive channels. The duplexer is communicatively coupled to one of multiple antenna and filter matching configurations which include a first configuration that couples receive and transmit filter matching... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140194071 - Transmitter noise suppression in receiver: Systems and methods for suppressing transmitter noise in a receive band of a co-located receiver that are suitable for wideband applications are disclosed. In one embodiment, an analog radio frequency transmit signal output by a transmitter includes a desired signal in a transmit band of the transmitter and transmitter noise... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140194074 - Method and apparatus for wireless communicationdevice multiband tunable radio architecture: A method and apparatus provide a wireless communication device multiband tunable radio architecture. The apparatus can include a multiband transceiver configured to transmit and receive wireless communication signals. The apparatus can include a tunable transmit notch filter coupled to the multiband transceiver. The tunable transmit notch filter can provide low... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140194076 - Systems and methods for minimizing spurs through duty cycle adjustment: A frequency source, such as for a wireless communications device, configured to have a duty cycle adjustment. A selected harmonic spur resulting from operation of the frequency source at one duty cycle may be avoided or minimized by operating the frequency source at a second duty cycle. Determination of the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140194075 - Variable antenna match linearity: In embodiments of variable antenna match linearity, a wireless device includes a first transceiver and a second transceiver, an antenna via which signals are received, and a linearity controller that varies a linearity of an antenna match circuit associated with the antenna. The linearity controller can determine whether a frequency... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140194077 - Passive interface for an electronic memory device: A passive interface for connecting an electronic memory device to an exterior circuit is provided. The passive interface includes a signal connection point, a power connection point and a ground connection point on an electronic memory device. A first passive component forms an electrical connection between the signal connection point... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140194078 - Wireless communication device: A wireless communication device includes an antenna element for carrying out wireless communications, a power feeding section for supplying power to the antenna element, a conductor other than the antenna element, and a dividing part for dividing the conductor, the dividing part being provided so as to divide the conductor... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140194079 - Increasing efficiency of a radio receiver with an adaptive tuner: A mobile radio receiver for a vehicle includes a tuner front-end section, a location data port for receiving tuner location data, a sensor port for receiving sensor signal measurement data from at least one vehicle sensor, a tuner front-end section parameter server port for sending the tuner location data, the... Agent:

20140194080 - Method and apparatus for calibrating time alignment: A method includes setting a circuit to a mode. A test tone having a first frequency is provided to the circuit for use in calibrating the circuit. A received signal is generated based on an output signal of the circuit, the received signal including a component having a second frequency... Agent:

20140194081 - Superheterodyne receiver: The invention relates to a superheterodyne receiver, comprising: a sampling mixer being configured to sample an analog radio frequency signal using a certain sampling rate (fs) to obtain a discrete-time sampled signal, and to shift the discrete-time sampled signal towards a first intermediate frequency (|fRF−fLO|) to obtain an intermediate discrete-time... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140194082 - Method and apparatus for communication with emergency dispatch services: Emergency reporting is described in which user input is received in an emergency call that is used to classify the call. Based on the classification process, emergency calls are processed to give priority to certain calls. The calls that are given the highest priority may be transmitted by a voice... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140194084 - Systems and methods for detecting and controlling transmission devices: A method of detecting, controlling and managing transmission of a transmitting device within a facility is disclosed. The method involves transmitting information to the transmission device at a power greater than a power of an available base station covering the facility, detecting a response transmission from the transmission device by... Agent: Binj Laboratories, Inc.

20140194083 - Three button cell phone: A communication device that communicates via a base station through a radio link that includes: a display that displays an inquiry from a plurality of inquiries, a first input, which upon being activated, indicates an agreement in response to the inquiry, a second input, which upon being activated, indicates a... Agent:

20140194085 - Augmented location information for wireless communication: An Augmented Information server enables inclusion of augmented location data, in relation to an emergency call, expanded beyond that which can be fit into a pre-determined fixed length ALI data response field. A specific type of URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) is included in the ALI data response field, addressing specific... Agent: Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

20140194086 - Adaptive network searching in out-of-service scenarios: Adaptive out-of-service search behavior by a wireless user equipment (UE) device. The UE may perform cellular communications according to a radio access technology (RAT). It may be determined that cellular service according to the RAT is not available. A search algorithm may be selected from at least two possible search... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140194092 - Charging of battery-operated devices over wireless connections: The technology described herein provides wireless charging for battery-operated electronic devices (14) including both mobile and fixed battery-operated devices. A wireless charging system, based on any suitable wireless charging technology(ies), allows easy access/discovery, registration, authorization, monitoring, and/or compensation for charging services. The technology uses donor mobile radio nodes (12) that... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140194091 - Method and system for user signup by a network service provider: A system and a method for performing purchase transactions over a network are provided. The system includes a server controlled by a service provider, including a link to a network; a processor circuit, the processor circuit configured to receive purchase requests from a mobile phone, and to transfer funds from... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20140194089 - Method of displaying icons according to service usage states and mobile terminal supporting the same: A method and apparatus for displaying icons according to data communication service usage states are provided. The method includes collecting information on the remaining service amount for at least one service having a service usage limit; and displaying a color adjusted icon based on the remaining service amount.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140194088 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for mobile network subscriber incentive programs: A number of reward programs can be offered to subscribers of a mobile network as an incentive to use fewer allocated resources, rather than more. For example, in some embodiments, a subscriber may elect to participate in a reward program wherein a portion of the unused resources are used to... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140194090 - Registration, verification and notification system: A registrant provides at least one registrant electronic contact, such as a telephone number, during a registration process. The registrant's information may be compared to a database of such information. The registrant is verified by establishing a connection with the registrant via the registrant contact. The verification code is communicated... Agent: Telesign Corporation

20140194087 - Remote pbx system and advance communication terminals: A method for providing a remote PBX service by a customer's phone service provider. More than one telephone number is assigned to one customer's telephone communication link in communication with at least one telephone. A connect signal is received by the customer's phone service provider including one of the telephone... Agent: Automated Business Companies

20140194093 - Information processing apparatus, communication system, and information processing method: There is provided an information processing apparatus, an information processing method and a program for causing a computer to execute the method, the information processing apparatus including an acquisition unit configured to acquire communication quality at a time of communication between a base station and a wireless communication apparatus that... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140194094 - Data loss prevention for mobile computing devices: System calls to a kernel of a mobile computing device are monitored. A particular system call is intercepted relating to input/output (I/O) functionality of the mobile computing device. A data loss prevention (DLP) policy is identified that is applicable to the particular system call. An action is performed on the... Agent:

20140194096 - Method and apparatus for verification of a telephone number: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for verification of a mobile telephone number. The method comprises: storing a mobile telephone number and a corresponding mobile subscriber identity number; receiving a request for verification of the mobile telephone number; sending, in response to the request, an IMSI query requesting... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140194097 - Method of device authentication and application registration in a push communication framework: A server system and a mobile device establish a push data framework for communication. The mobile device includes a push client, and runs one or more applications requiring push data communications. The push client transmits a device authentication and application validation request to a push server. Upon the push server... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20140194095 - System and method for message identification and notification: A message identification and notification method is provided which includes detecting an incoming message from a first user to a mobile communication device corresponding to a second user. A particular indication in the incoming message is detected, and a notification is provided to the second user using the mobile communication... Agent:

20140194098 - Method and apparatus for disabling the rf functionality of a multi-function wireless communication device while maintaining access to local functionality: A method and apparatus for disabling the communication functionality (i.e., disabling the transmission and/or reception of RF signals) of an integrated device, while still providing access to the local functionality of such device. A control and select function, such as a switch that is implemented by hardware or software or... Agent: Durham Logistics, LLC

20140194099 - Method and apparatus for displaying information about wireless charging pad in electronic device: A method and apparatus for providing information about a plurality of wireless charging pads to an electronic device such that the electronic device performs wireless charging efficiently is provided. The method includes receiving information about the plurality of wireless charging pads and displaying the information about the plurality of wireless... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140194100 - Enabling a wireless communication device to swtich from one local network to a separate wide area network for a high priority multicast group communication: The disclosure is related to group communications over multimedia broadcast/multicast services (MBMS). An aspect determines whether a number of one or more user devices in an MBMS coverage area participating in a group call is less than a threshold, and delivers a media stream for the group call to a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140194101 - Alternate notification selection: Embodiments of the invention relate to management of notifications responsive to the arrival and departure of mobile devices in a defined area. A prioritized list is shared among mobile devices in a defined area. Upon detection, mobile devices add their respective selected notifications to the prioritized list. A mobile device... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140194104 - Alternate notification selection: Embodiments of the invention relate to management of notifications responsive to the arrival and departure of mobile devices in a defined area. A prioritized list is shared among mobile devices in a defined area. Upon detection, mobile devices add their respective selected notifications to the prioritized list. A mobile device... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140194105 - Apparatus and method for providing a near field communication function in a portable terminal: An apparatus and a method of providing a Near Field Communication (NFC) function in a portable terminal are provided. The method includes recognizing a tag and reading an NFC message from the tag, storing second data in the memory when the NFC message includes first data of a predetermined record... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140194110 - Energy saving in a communications network: A method of energy saving is applied to a mobile communications network comprising at least two radio access technology systems (102; 104) having a plurality of base stations (108-118). The method comprises the steps of: assigning (136a; 136b) respective priorities to the radio access technology systems; and an energy saving... Agent: Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

20140194102 - Intelligent muting of a mobile device: A device includes a transceiver, a microphone, a sensor, and a controller coupled to receive signals from the sensor and to place the device into a mute mode when the signals from the sensor are indicative of a user action to reduce transmission of the user's voice.... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140194108 - Method and arrangement in a communication system: The present invention relates to a method and an arrangement for reducing a state transition time from a power saving state for a user equipment (18) in a communication network. The state transition time is reduced by retaining in the user equipment (18) one or more information parameter, such as... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140194109 - Method and system for measuring network operation related parameters in a mobile communication network: A method for measuring network operation related parameters in a mobile communication network with a core network and a radio-access network, preferably in form of a LTE- or UMTS-network, includes the steps of a) configuring an entity in the mobile communication network for measuring including network operation related parameters to... Agent: Ctd Core Technology Development Division(nec Casio Mobile Communications)

20140194107 - Personalized cloud of mobile tasks: A dynamically created and automatically updated personalized cloud of mobile tasks may be displayed on an interactive visual display via a personalized cloud generator application. The personalized cloud generator application may receive and/or capture information representing a mobile task performed by a mobile computing device user. The personalized cloud generator... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140194103 - Softmodem activation and customization: Systems and methods are provided for activating, configuring, and/or re-configuring a “softmodem” in a computer device. The softmodem can be specially configured to accept firmware specifications that control the operation of communication by the softmodem. According to one embodiment, in conjunction with a firmware download and installation, at activation an... Agent:

20140194106 - System and method for controlling mobile device operation: Implementations herein include receiving a first signal from a first mobile computing device, the first signal indicative of a first state change and receiving a second signal from a second mobile computing device, the second signal indicative of a second state change. The method may also include determining that the... Agent: Google Inc.

20140194111 - Communication system, user terminal, and communication device: Disclosed is a technique for starting an application used to receive a message for the application efficiently in order to reduce the processing load on and the battery consumption of a user terminal. According to this technique, a network is requested to transmit a control message to a user terminal... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140194112 - Interactive system and process: A method of delivering an instruction (206) to a mobile user device (106) connected to a network (110) is disclosed. The method comprising the steps of receiving an interactive workflow (202), translating the interactive workflow into the instruction (206) in a form executable by the mobile user device (106), and... Agent:

20140194113 - Radio base station, radio network node and methods therein for detecting a faulty antenna: Embodiments herein relate to a method in a first radio base station (12) for enabling detection of a faulty antenna in a radio communications network. The radio communication network comprises the first radio base station (12) providing radio coverage in a first cell (14), and a second radio base station... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140194114 - Method and apparatus for establishing a direct connection in a proximity-services communication system: A method and apparatus for establishing a direct connection in a ProSe (Proximity Services) communication system are disclosed. The method includes a first UE initiating a direct connection with a second UE and receiving a CID (Connection Identifier) from an administration entity of the ProSe communication system, wherein the CID... Agent: Innovative Sonic Corporation

20140194115 - Method for discovery in device-to-device communications and apparatus for the same: A method for discovery in device-to-device communications and an apparatus for the same are disclosed. The method performed in a device-to-device server supporting device-to-device discovery between a discovery terminal and a discoverable terminal may include receiving a device-to-device discovery participation message from the discoverable terminal, requesting a gateway to measure... Agent: Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute

20140194117 - Device and method for selecting a cell according to a speed of a terminal in a mobile communication network: The present invention defines an efficient method for (re)selecting a cell according to a speed of a terminal in a HetNet where cells having various regions such as macro cells, pico cells and femto cells are arranged in the same frequency band in a mobile communication system. A cell selection... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140194116 - Method for scanning in a multi-mode multi-antenna device: A method and system are provided in which a device comprising a first or main phase locked loop (PLL) and a second or reference PLL, is operable to communicate utilizing a first and a second receiving antenna. The first PLL may generate a first signal based on a reference signal... Agent:

20140194118 - Seamless transition of data services in a single-sim multi-active cellular device: Systems, apparatuses and methods are described for seamless transition of data services in a single-SIM multi-active (SSMA) cellular device operating in a mixed technology cellular network. An SSMA device provides multiple virtual terminals capable of simultaneously maintaining multiple active services on different technology networks. The virtual terminals maintain service continuity... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140194119 - Wireless communication apparatus, information processing apparatus, communication system, and method of controlling wireless communication apparatus: Provided is a wireless communication apparatus including an accepting unit that accepts a transfer operation to transfer a connection right from a first wireless communication apparatus to which the connection right to connect to a predetermined network using wireless communication is set to a second wireless communication apparatus to which... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140194121 - Handover event prioritization: A method, implemented by a communications device, for communicating wireless handover events, the communications device being associated with a serving cell of a cellular communications network, the method comprising: determining, based on at least one or more first measurement results indicative of cell quality parameters of a plurality of cells... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140194122 - Method and apparatus for performing handover in a wireless communication system: An operating method of a serving Base Station (BS) in a communication system is provided). The method comprises transmitting a first message to a Mobile Station (MS), wherein the first message includes information related to a random access resource that is allocated to the MS by a target BS, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140194120 - Method and apparatus for use in a mobile communication network: There is provided a method of operating a network node in a communication network, the communication network comprising a mobile device, a first base station and a second base station, the first base station having a lower transmission power than the second base station and being located within the coverage... Agent: Telefonakiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140194123 - Method, apparatus, and system for detecting a radio network problem: A system, base station and method are disclosed for detecting a radio network problem. For a handover failure occurs on a user equipment (UE), a first base station receives, problem information about the occurred handover failure from the UE, after a radio resource control (RRC) connection is reestablished or established... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140194124 - Method, apparatus, and system for controlling and measuring cell handover: The present invention discloses a method, an apparatus, and a system for controlling and measuring a cell handover, where the method for controlling a cell handover includes: acquiring terminal information; and after a random access request sent by a terminal is received, performing, according to the terminal information, beamforming for... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140194125 - Methods implementing a configuration of drx and measurement in a ue and an enodeb equipment: In order to solve the technical problem that the discontinuous reception (DRX) decreases the accuracy and reliability of cell handover measurement, the invention proposes methods implementing a configuration of DRX and measurement in the UK and the EnodeB equipment. The method comprises, determining that a neighboring cell is discovered, the... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20140194126 - Mobile station, base station, and method for managing synchronization state: A synchronization state is efficiently managed in a mobile station to which cells are allocated. A base station notifies the mobile station of information about whether or not a transmission timing before a handover for each of cell groups of the mobile station is to be applied after the handover.... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140194127 - Relay node handover method, base station, and communication system: The present invention relates to the field of communications technologies and provides a relay node handover method. The method includes: receiving, by a target base station, a handover request sent by a source base station serving a relay node; acquiring, by the target base station, first transport network layer TNL... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140194128 - Communication controlling method, method for sharing information, wireless terminal, wireless base station, and wireless base station controlling apparatus: The connection state of a wireless line, in which a communication can be immediately made in an estimated time period, is preset by estimating the time period with a high possibility of making a communication based on the communication history of a wireless terminal for a predetermined past period in... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140194129 - Staggered cells for wireless coverage: A relay and distribution apparatus is provided for a cellular communication system. The relay and distribution apparatus includes an antenna system configured to lay down beams in overlapping first and M second N-cell frequency reuse patterns. The first frequency reuse pattern may be for communication of control channels of a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140194133 - Allocating resources and transmitting data in mobile telecommunication systems comprising machine type communication applications: A method of communicating data in a wireless telecommunications system between plural base stations and plural terminal devices using plural Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex, OFDM, sub-carriers spanning a first frequency bandwidth. The method includes: communicating data between a first base station and a first terminal device using a first group... Agent: Sca Ipla Holdings Inc.

20140194132 - Apparatus and method for transmitting feedback information using terminal accessibility in a wireless access system: The present invention relates to a method for a base station to manage resources in order to perform beamforming in a wireless access system, the method being characterized by comprising the steps of: receiving cluster information from a cluster head; and determining, on the basis of the received cluster information,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140194131 - Method and system for signaling release cause indication in a umts network: A method and system for processing signaling release indication cause between user equipment and a wireless network, the method comprising the steps of: monitoring, at the user equipment, whether a signaling connection release indication should be sent to the wireless network; appending, at the user equipment, a cause for the... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140194130 - Methods and apparatus for efficient co-existence of macro and small cells: A femto base station (BS) maintains two different timings: a femto BS downlink timing and a femto BS uplink timing. A femto base station's uplink reference timing is based on the macro uplink timing being used by one or more UE devices in the local vicinity of the femto BS.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140194134 - Communication during thermal mitigation: In order to facilitate communication in a wireless network, an accessibility issue in the wireless network may be detected. For example, if an electronic device is near the boundary between two adjacent cells in the cellular-telephone network, the signal power of signals from a current cell or connection may decrease.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140194135 - System and method for calibration of a distributed amplifier system: A system and method in a distributed amplifier system for correcting for RF losses between head end and coverage nodes by measuring RF losses in both directions; generating gains for amplifiers in both the head ends and coverage nodes; generating maximum output power limits; and adjusting the generated gains and... Agent: Zone Access Technologies, Inc.

20140194136 - Uplink power control using received reference signal: A user equipment (UE) includes circuitry configured to receive control information on a downlink control channel from a base station. The control information indicates an allocation of an uplink channel and the control information is sent in response to the base station determining that the UE is to send an... Agent: Interdigital Technology Corporation

20140194140 - Communication terminal, position management system, and communication method: A communication terminal includes a receiving unit configured to receive position information that has been transmitted from a transmission device for transmitting predetermined position information; a detecting unit configured to detect a change in an acceleration applied to the communication terminal; a movement detecting unit configured to detect a movement... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140194138 - Constraining inertial navigation system solution according to pedometrical data: Described herein are techniques related to constraining Inertial Navigation System (INS) solution according to pedometrical data. Data from sensors external to an inertial navigation module are leveraged in computing the final solution for indoor navigation. The techniques render the drift and divergence in inertial sensors to be much slower. Additionally,... Agent: Intel Corporation

20140194141 - Directional positioning augmented by proximity information: A system for estimating apparatus position based on different types of positioning information. In at least one example implementation, an apparatus may sense wireless signals (802), and if the wireless signals are determined to comprise angular data meeting a certain criteria (804), the position of the apparatus may be estimated... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140194139 - Location sensing using channel fading fingerprinting: A system and method are provided for providing precise location sensing for wireless devices in an indoor environment using channel fading fingerprinting. An indoor environment within which wireless devices are used is surveyed to develop a channel fading database for the indoor environment. The surveying of the indoor environment determines... Agent:

20140194143 - Method and a system for the localisation of a communication device: The invention relates to a method for localising a communication device (1), wherein by measuring field strengths of a radio network (2) at known locations, an assignment is made of the field strength measured at the communication device (1) to the known locations, wherein the method comprises a calibration phase,... Agent:

20140194137 - Method and/or system for obtaining signatures for use in navigation: Disclosed are systems, methods and techniques for obtaining round trip time (RTT) measurements from acquisition of signals at one or more mobile devices, the signals being transmitted by one or more transmitters; approximating locations of the one or more mobile devices while obtaining the RTT measurements; and combining the measurements... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140194142 - Wireless localisation system: Disclosed is an apparatus for estimating the location of a remote node. The apparatus comprises an antenna array comprising a plurality of elements in a fixed spatial arrangement, at least one element being a transmitting element configured to transmit a first wireless signal to the remote node, and at least... Agent: Commonwealth Scientfic And Industrial Research Organisation

20140194144 - Processing place markers: Computer-implemented systems for processing place markers at a mobile computing device. The mobile computing device may receive from a user a request to generate a first place marker for a first place corresponding to a current location of the mobile computing device and may receive an indication of the current... Agent:

20140194147 - Apparatus and method for reducing battery consumption of mobile terminal: An apparatus and a method for reducing battery consumption of a mobile terminal are provided. The method includes calculating a current location of the mobile terminal, route information to a destination, and an alarm period for determining whether the mobile terminal has arrived at the destination or at a nearby... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140194146 - Location-based application recommendation: Described herein are techniques related to location-aware application recommendations in wireless devices. For example, an application recommendation alert may be displayed at the wireless device based on a current location, time, and data of the wireless device. Further, relevant applications to user location based on where the wireless device that... Agent:

20140194145 - Method, system and/or device for adjusting expected received signal strength signature values: Disclosed are systems, methods and devices for application of determining position information for mobile devices. In specific implementations, measurement of a signal travel time and a signal's strength may be combined to characterize a transmission power of the signal's transmitter. The characterized transmission power may be applied to affect expected... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140194148 - Tagging a location by pairing devices: A method of tagging a location using a mobile device entails obtaining position data for a current location of the mobile device, detecting a proximity of another device using a short-range wireless interface, and automatically storing the position data for the current location of the mobile device in response to... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140194150 - Method, apparatus and system for determining terminal state: With a method, apparatus and system for determining a terminal state, that a network side considers that a terminal is in an offline state by mistake can be avoided. The method includes: judging that no location update initiated by the terminal is received when a reachable timer corresponding to the... Agent: Zte Corporation

20140194149 - Single transceiver for use with multiple cellular networks: A system and method for wirelessly communicating over two wireless networks having different communication protocols using a single transceiver of a vehicle telematics unit. The method includes monitoring a first network for an incoming page using a transceiver and a first network access device (NAD); the transceiver and the first... Agent: General Motors LLC

20140194151 - Electronic device with message handling functions: An electronic device (12) is capable of sending chat-style messages by instant message (IM) messaging and short message service (SMS) messaging. IM messaging is preferred, but a message will be sent by SMS messaging upon user authorization when IM messaging for the electronic device is not available. When IM messaging... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20140194153 - Methods and apparatus for generating a message for a wireless device: Methods and apparatus for generating a message (106) for a wireless device (102) are disclosed. In an embodiment, an application server (106), or any other suitable device or system, receives a wireless network identifier (e.g. an SSID) associated with an access point (202) communicatively coupled to the wireless device (102).... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140194152 - Mixed media communication: Methods and systems for communicating with a mixed media communication. An image is captured via an image capturing device associated with a device. An audio message is captured related to the image via a microphone associated with the device. A communication is sent from the device to a second device,... Agent: Tangome, Inc.

20140194154 - Rtt quality improvement by compensation of artifacts introduced by ap and sta: A system and method is described herein for compensating for artifacts introduced by nodes in a wireless network. The method may include transmitting, by a first node, first characteristic information indicating the frequency response of the first node to a mobile station in the wireless network and receiving, by the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140194156 - Communication device, communication system, and communication method: A communication device, in which the OSI reference model physical layer and data-link layer perform wireless communication via at least one of a first wireless network conforming to a first wireless communication standard and a second wireless network conforming to a second wireless communication standard, may include an identification control... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20140194157 - Dual or multiple sim standby and active using a single digital baseband: An apparatus comprises two or more SIM card connectors in a communication system configured to operate according to a plurality of communication protocols and coupled to at least one processor (610) for processing communication signals, a control unit (632) configured to generate a control signal to select a communication path... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140194155 - Dynamically selecting filtering paths to avoid multi-radio coexistence interference in a communication apparatus: A communication apparatus includes a first wireless module and a second wireless module. The first wireless module includes a communication device, an antenna module and a filter module. The filter module is coupled between the communication device and the antenna module and includes a first filter, a second filter, a... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140194158 - Method for intelligent antenna configuration selection and communication apparatus utilizing the same: A method for intelligent antenna configuration selection of a communication apparatus including an antenna module including a plurality of antennas and a plurality of radio modules sharing the antenna module includes individually determining a preferred antenna configuration of the antenna module by each radio module; determining an optimum antenna configuration... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140194159 - Hand activated mode setting: A mobile networked device includes a processor, a control program stored on a computer readable medium, a sensor to detect whether the networked device is being held by a user, and wherein the control program receives signals from the sensor and places the device into an in-hand mode when the... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140194161 - Apparatus for manipulating a mobile terminal device: An apparatus includes an operation input unit, a detecting unit, a signal generator, and an interface unit. The operation input unit includes one or more actionable areas or buttons configured to be operated by a user. The detecting unit is coupled to the operation input unit and configured to detect... Agent: O2micro Inc.

20140194160 - Wireless charger circuit and method: A charging system for a mobile device includes a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter includes (a) a first interface to a power source; (b) a second interface to the receiver; (c) a polarity detection circuit for detecting polarities of the; and (d) first and second switches controlled by the... Agent: Silicon Spread Corporation

20140194163 - Fine-tuning an operation based on tapping: A mobile device enables the performance of an operation, which can be performed with only coarse granularity using a touchscreen, to be performed with finer granularity in response to detection of stimulus via mechanisms other than the touchscreen. For example, the mobile device can use its sensors (e.g., accelerometer, gyroscope,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140194165 - Hand-held electronic device having rolled-up screen and display method thereof: A hand-held electronic device having a rolled-up screen comprises a flexible screen which can be partially received within a casing by a reeling mechanism in such a manner that the displaying function can still be performed by the flexible screen partially exposed outside the casing. When the flexible screen is... Agent:

20140194164 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal including a memory configured to store data; a touchscreen display; and a controller configured to: display a first portion of a panoramic file selected from the memory, said panoramic file having a display size greater than that of the touchscreen display, and scroll automatically the panoramic file... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140194162 - Modifying a selection based on tapping: A mobile device enables refined adjustments of selections shown on its display by detecting and responding to a user's tapping actions relative to the sides of the mobile device. In response such tapping, the mobile device can finely alter the scope of the selection in an expected direction. For example,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140194166 - Telephone glove: The present invention relates to a glove comprising a transceiver module for operationally connecting to at least a second device, and further comprising at least a speaker and at least a microphone that are operationally connected to the transceiver module to transmit and to receive audio signals, in particular voice... Agent: Hifun Srl

20140194167 - Mobile device case: Modular mobile device cases are provided. The cases have a main body portion having at least one groove sized and dimensioned to accept a portion of at least one of a design insert and a cover insert. Contemplated kits can include at least one of (1) a plurality of inserts... Agent: Gid Development Corporation

20140194168 - Mobile phone case to reduce exposure to microwave radiation: A case containing DNA material protect the user from non-ionizing radiation emitted from a mobile phone, while protecting the phone from physical damage. The DNA material absorbs the radiation emitting from the transmitter of the mobile phone. Layers of DNA material along with non-organic layers are advantageously combine to increase... Agent:

20140194169 - Apparatus and method for an alternate form-factor handheld smart phone device: A communication device, such as a smart cell phone is partitioned into two separate bodies or housings. One of these housings, called a sensor body is in a housing designed to be held in a human hand. The other of these housing, has a separate processor body is in a... Agent:

07/03/2014 > 156 patent applications in 74 patent subcategories.

20140187142 - Seismic alarm and warning system: An improved seismic alarm system designed to alarm users of an upcoming seismic event and other natural disasters, and aid victims' survival after an earthquake. The seismic alarm system includes an accelerometer, a controller, an acoustic-to-electric transducer for acoustic pattern detection, and RF module to receive emergency radio signals. The... Agent:

20140187143 - Wireless sensor network: In a wireless sensor network, a local wireless network serves a plurality of sensor nodes. The local wireless network is reconfigurable for accepting a mobile computing device. The mobile computing device comprises a wireless network interface, such as a dongle, and is configured for selecting a set of sensor nodes... Agent: Department 13, LLC

20140187144 - Base station and clock synchronization method thereof: An enhanced base station and clock synchronization method are provided. The method includes scanning to discover a satellite transmitting a satellite signal and a master base station providing clock synchronization signal, entering, when a satellite having a signal that fulfills predetermined conditions is found, a master mode for receiving the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140187145 - Cost-effective mobile connectivity protocols: Structures and protocols are presented for signaling a status or decision concerning a wireless service or device within a region to a network participant or other communication device (smartphone or motor vehicle, e.g.).... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140187146 - Wireless communications interface: A wireless communications interface couples wireless service to conventional wireline phone appliances. In one embodiment, the wireless communications interface is connected to the phone appliances through existing phone jacks. This allows a user to place and receive calls over a wireless network using the existing wireline infrastructure in a building.... Agent: Parker Vision

20140187155 - Hearing device with power management and associated method: A hearing device includes: a housing; a first antenna; a first wireless communication unit coupled to the first antenna and configured to receive and/or send first data via the first antenna; a near field communication tag comprising a second antenna and configured to receive and/or send second data via the... Agent:

20140187151 - Method and apparatus for data transfer via near field interaction: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, a method is disclosed. Data is provided at a first section. A second section is detected proximate the first section. The first section is wirelessly coupled with the second section. The data is transferred from the first section to the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140187158 - Method and apparatus for retrieving content via a service endpoint: An approach is provided for retrieving ordered content via a service endpoint. A radio frequency memory tag is preloaded with content managed by a service platform. A request is generated for content stored on the radio frequency memory tag of an endpoint associated with the service platform. Transmission of the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140187147 - Method and system of generating nfc-transaction remotely: A method of performing a transaction between a plurality of devices, the method comprises establishing a communication session between an end device and a first near field communication (NFC)-enabled device. The method further includes receiving instructions from the end device instructing the first NFC-enabled device to move in NFC range... Agent:

20140187153 - Mobile wireless communications device including nfc antenna matching control circuit and associated methods: A mobile wireless communications device includes a near-field communications (NFC) transceiver, NFC antennas and an NFC control circuit. The NFC transceiver generates a received signal strength based on a received signal from an adjacent NFC device. The NFC control circuit includes an antenna switch circuit coupled between the NFC transceiver... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140187156 - Mobile wireless media head unit player: A head unit device is disclosed that allows users access to applications on their electronic devices while driving and incorporates the applications, such as a navigational system and music player into a vehicle's sound system. The head unit device comprises a housing component and an electronic device that is removably... Agent:

20140187154 - Multiple hardware interrupt functionality on near-field communication (nfc): Hardware interrupt functionality associated with a disable pin may be used to place a near-field communication (NFC) device into various operational modes. For example, various intermediate voltage windows may be defined within an I/O voltage domain and a resistive divider running off an I/O rail may generate multiple reference voltages... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140187150 - Near field communication devices and methods: Methods and devices are disclosed, including a method of communicating, the method comprising transmitting, in a first time period, a signal for powering a communications device, and communicating, in a second time period, with the communications device using one of phase shift keying (PSK), frequency shift keying (FSK) and quadrature... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20140187148 - Near field communication method and apparatus using sensor context: A sensor input into a first near field communication (NFC) device, such as an accelerometer input resulting from a rapid motion of the first NFC device to the right, is associated with a function of a second NFC device, such as a zoom function. The first NFC device is brought... Agent:

20140187157 - Portable electronic device capable of expanding transmission distance for near field communication functions: A portable electronic device capable of expanding transmission distance of NFC is provided. The portable electronic device includes a watch-strap portion, a power module, an NFC module, and a relay coil group arranged in the watch-strap portion. The power module includes a wireless charging coil, and the NFC module includes... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140187152 - Secure transfer of whiteboard content: Technologies for securely transferring whiteboard content data from a smart whiteboard device to another smart whiteboard device are disclosed. The smart whiteboard device may securely transfer the whiteboard content data to a mobile device. In response to receiving the whiteboard content data from the smart whiteboard device, the mobile device... Agent:

20140187149 - Uri-based host to mobile device setup and pairing: Systems and methods directed to URI-based host to mobile device setup and pairing are described herein. A uniform resource identifier (URI) may be received from a host device. A request for an application associated with the host device and the wireless device may be transmitted based at least in part... Agent:

20140187160 - Contact information social exchange method and system: Methods, systems, and computer storage media for a wearable device are presented. The wearable device includes a wearable housing and a transceiver attached to the wearable housing and configured to receive a first data item. The first data item is contact information or an event identifier. The transceiver is further... Agent:

20140187161 - Cost-effective mobile connectivity protocols: Structures and protocols are presented for signaling a status or decision concerning a wireless service or device within a region to a network participant or other communication device (smartphone or motor vehicle, e.g.).... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140187164 - Electronic device and method for creating wireless communication connection therefor: An electronic device for creating a wireless communication connection includes a wireless communication unit, a processing unit, a camera unit, and a memory. The camera unit captures a picture of a neighboring wireless communication-enabled device. The memory stores a number of pictures of wireless communication-enabled device which can be communicated... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140187163 - Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and recording medium: An information processing apparatus, for communicating with a communication device using a first wireless communication protocol and a second wireless communication protocol, includes a first wireless communication unit configured to use the first wireless communication protocol and configured to receive information, relating to a start-up state of the communication device,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140187166 - Method and apparatus for controlling short range wireless communication: A method and device for controlling short range wireless communication in an electronic device are provided. The method includes detecting a moving speed of the electronic device; and when the detected moving speed exceeds a reference speed, stopping a short range wireless communication module.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140187165 - Method for handling device to device communication and related communication device: A method of handling device to device communication for a first user equipment (UE) in a wireless communication system includes establishing a Radio Resource Control (RRC) connection to a network of the wireless communication system; and receiving a first RRC message indicating to the first UE to use a first... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140187162 - Method for sharing data between devices: A method for data sharing between a first device and a second device is disclosed. The method includes steps of the first device detecting whether the second device is within a specific range; at least first one of the first device and the second device exchanging at least one spatial... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140187159 - Pairing through device interaction: Improved pairing through device interaction is generally disclosed. For example, a first device to pair with a second device using a wireless technology standard may include a transmitter to transmit wirelessly using a technology different from the wireless technology standard, and an announce engine, responsive to a user input, to... Agent:

20140187167 - Wireless provisioning a device for a network using a soft access point: A computing device for provisioning a wireless device for connection to a wireless network via a legacy access point. The wireless device supports a wireless protected setup protocol for obtaining the network profile of the network. A user requests the computing device discover wireless devices for provisioning. In response to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140187168 - Method and apparatus for fast beam-link construction in mobile communication system: A method of forming a beam-link by a Base Station (BS) in a wireless communication system using a beamforming scheme includes determining at least one downlink beams to be used for downlink transmission and/or reception, transmitting a reference signal to a Mobile Station via the at least one downlink beam,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140187171 - Aas-based information interaction method, system, ue and base station: Embodiments of the present invention disclose an advanced antenna system AAS-based method for information interaction, which includes: sending, by a base station, a connection reconfiguration request to a user equipment (UE) which accesses the base station, and receiving a measurement report message returned from the UE, where the measurement report... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140187170 - System and method for testing a radio frequency integrated circuit: In an embodiment, a method of testing a radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) includes generating high frequency test signals using the on-chip test circuit, measuring signal levels using on-chip power detectors, and controlling and monitoring the on-chip test circuit using low frequency signals. The RFIC circuit is configured to operate... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140187172 - Test station for testing wireless electronic devices: A system, method, and testing station for testing wireless network devices. The testing station includes a control system configured to control parallel testing of the wireless network devices. The testing station includes one or more computing devices in communication with the control system. The one or more computing devices are... Agent: Atc & Logistics & Electronics, Inc.

20140187173 - Wireless enclosure for testing electronic devices: A system, method, and enclosure for testing wireless devices. The enclosure includes a number of walls enclosing a testing space. The enclosure also includes a sliding cover secured between the two of the number of walls. The enclosure also includes one or more radio frequency layers disposed on the number... Agent: Atc Logistics & Electronics, Inc.

20140187169 - System and method for estimating the probability of movement of access points in a wlan-based positioning system: Methods of and systems for estimating the probability of movement of access points in a WLAN-based positioning system are provided. Disclosed are methods to quantify the probability that a particular location estimate of a mobile device made by a Wi-Fi based positioning system is correct to within an arbitrary accuracy.... Agent: Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

20140187177 - Methods and systems of dynamically generating and using device-specific and device-state-specific classifier models for the efficient classification of mobile device behaviors: The various aspects provide a mobile device and methods implemented on the mobile device for modifying behavior models to account for device-specific or device-state-specific features. In the various aspects, a behavior analyzer module may leverage a full feature set of behavior models (i.e. a large classifier model) received from a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140187175 - Radio frequency switch circuit: Embodiments provide a radio frequency (RF) power amplifier (PA) circuit having a high-power mode and a low-power mode. The RF PA circuit may include a high-power amplifier to provide an amplified RF signal on a first path, and a low-power amplifier to provide an amplified RF signal on a second... Agent: Triquint Semiconductor, Inc.

20140187176 - Receiver and communication apparatus: According to one embodiment, a receiver includes: a reception analog circuit, a frame detector, and a controller. One mode among a plurality of modes can be selected for the reception analog circuit. Power consumption is different depending on the modes. The reception analog circuit is configured to process an analog... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140187174 - Smart antenna platform for indoor wireless local area networks: An apparatus comprising a first dipole antenna, a beamforming antenna array (BFAA), a first switch coupled to the dipole antenna, a second switch coupled to the BFAA, and a processor coupled to the first switch and the second switch, wherein the processor is configured to select between a multi-input, multi-output... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140187178 - Method and apparatus for a tunable antenna: A method for tuning an antenna comprising determining an operating frequency band of the antenna, and adjusting a capacitance of a tunable load according to the operating frequency band, wherein the tunable load is electromagnetically coupled to the antenna via a parasitic arm, and wherein the operating frequency band depends... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140187180 - Method and apparatus for radio antenna frequency tuning: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, which can include computer instructions to determine a subset of use cases from a group of use cases stored in a memory of a communication device, and to determine a target use... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140187179 - Spatially diverse antennas for a headset computer: The invention presented relates to wireless handsfree head worn headset computing devices including a microdisplay device and spatially diverse antenna system. The spatially diverse antenna system provides an effective headset computing device radiation pattern that enables arbitrary user movement and promotes freedom of mobility. Disclosed is a headset computing device... Agent: Kopin Corporation

20140187181 - Encoded information reading terminal with user-configurable multi-protocol wireless communication interface: An apparatus may include a microprocessor and a wireless communication interface configured to perform at least one of receiving a first radio signal or transmitting a second radio signal. The microprocessor may be configured to execute at least one of a base-band encoder software program or a base-band decoder software... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140187182 - Method and apparatus for calibrating an envelope tracking system: A method of calibrating an envelope tracking system for a supply voltage for a power amplifier module within a radio frequency (RF) transmitter of a wireless communication unit is described. The method comprising, within at least one signal processing module of the wireless communication unit, applying a training signal comprising... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140187183 - Transmission signal power control device and communication apparatus: A transmission signal power control device includes: at least one low-power attenuator configured to attenuate amplitude of a transmission signal when an absolute value of the amplitude of the transmission signal is smaller than or equal to a clipping threshold; a power amplifier configured to amplify the transmission signal output... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140187184 - Rf power transmission, modulation, and amplification embodiments: Methods and systems for vector combining power amplification are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a plurality of signals are individually amplified, then summed to form a desired time-varying complex envelope signal. Phase and/or frequency characteristics of one or more of the signals are controlled to provide the desired phase, frequency,... Agent: Parkervision, Inc.

20140187185 - Rf peak detection scheme using baseband circuits: A receiver includes an antenna configured to receive a set of RF signals, and a low-noise amplifier (LNA) coupled to the antenna and amplify the set of RF signals to generate a set of amplified signals. The receiver further includes a down-conversion mixer configured to down convert the set of... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

20140187186 - Wake up circuit and a method for forming one: The invention relates to a wake up circuit comprising an antenna with a matching circuit, a wake up radio electrically coupled to the antenna, and an electronic circuit electrically connected to the antenna and the wake up radio such that the wake up radio triggers the electronic circuit on with... Agent: Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt

20140187187 - Radio frequency interference mitigation: A computing device including a wireless communication system is provided herein. The computing device includes a plurality of antennas coupled to the wireless communication system. The computing device also includes a pattern controller to shape an antenna pattern of the plurality of antennas to point a null of the antenna... Agent:

20140187188 - Filter having signal detection function: A filter includes a base and a sidewall extending from the base. The base and the sidewall cooperatively define a cavity. The filter further includes a signal input unit, and a signal output unit having a signal output port. The signal output port is located on the sidewall and extends... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140187191 - Detecting a transport emergency event and directly enabling emergency services: The present invention provides a system and method that provides a standardized and portable automatic emergency event notification, or AEEN, device which detects a vehicle or other transport emergency event and then automatically and directly dials 911 emergency services and further provides the 911 operator with important information pertaining to... Agent: Guardity Technologies, Inc.

20140187190 - Method and apparatus for receiving a data stream during an incident: A method and apparatus are provided, for accessing a data-capture device in a different domain, by public safety wireless communications equipment, for the purpose of obtaining information at an incident. A dispatch controller of a public safety wireless communications system receives an access token from a server of a non-public-safety... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20140187192 - Method for informing multiple mobile terminals of an emergency event: A method, devices, a system, and computer programs for informing multiple mobile terminals (UE10-90) of an emergency event are disclosed. The method comprises the steps of receiving (S300) emergency information associated with the emergency event, establishing (S400) an emergency multimedia capable distribution bearer for a delivery of an emergency service... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140187189 - Method of and system for authenticating and operating personal communication devices over public safety networks: A public safety (PS) person having a PS communications device is able to authenticate and authorize operation of a non-PS, personal communications device over a PS network. The PS device issues a challenge, and the personal device responds to the challenge, when the devices are in close proximity. A conditional... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20140187194 - Method for obtaining location information for emergency services in wireless multimedia networks: A method and apparatus for obtaining end-user location information for emergency services within a multimedia network is presented. The multimedia network may include a network implementing the Session Initiation Protocol, H.323, etc. In one embodiment, a Location Application Server (LAS) in the multimedia network and an interface between the LAS... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140187193 - Obtaining pseudorange information using a cellular device: The cellular device accesses a GPS/GNSS chipset embedded within the cellular device. The GPS/GNSS chipset calculates pseudorange information for use by the GPS/GNSS chipset. The cellular device extracts the pseudorange information from the GPS/GNSS chipset for use elsewhere in the cellular device outside of the GPS/GNSS chipset.... Agent:

20140187196 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program, and recording medium having information processing program recorded therein: An information processing apparatus: when a time indicated by the one access history associated with the one user corresponds to the use period included in the one use history associated with the user, specifies a position specified based on the user position specifying information included in the use history, as... Agent: Rakuten, Inc.

20140187195 - Maximizing end-user's quality of experience within a mobile data plan: Currently existing mechanisms to optimize the quality of experience (QoE) in accordance with user data plans are rather based on user self-managed usage of his mobile user data plan with, for example, help from external applications which continuously evaluate the limits reached. There is thus a need for deployment of... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140187197 - Method and system for providing real-time access to mobile commerce purchase confirmation evidence: A method and system are provided for providing a real-time access to mobile commerce payment evidence. The method includes receiving and storing evidence that a mobile handset user has confirmed his intention of making a purchase to be billed to his mobile operator account. The method further includes authenticating the... Agent:

20140187198 - Transmission of location and directional information associated with mobile communication devices: A method and arrangement for providing location information of a called mobile communication device to a calling party are implemented through a mobile device locator platform disposed in the communication network. A mobile device subscriber to the location service initiates a process where the location of his mobile device is... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.

20140187200 - Location-sensitive security levels and setting profiles based on detected location: The security level and/or other device behavior, configurations, or settings on a mobile device can be modified based on the location of the mobile device. The location of the mobile device can be determined by analyzing location aspects present at a location, where any parameters or attributes of a location... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140187199 - Method and system to improve device pinging: A method and system are provided for determining the network status of a mobile device. A wireless connection between the mobile device and a wireless packet data communication network is established. The mobile device sends a data packet through the network and monitors for a response via the network one... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20140187206 - Apparatus and method of automatically provisioning a femtocell: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a device having a processor operable to receive an identifier from a wireless device of a user, to determine information of a femtocell, and to provide the femtocell information to the wireless device. The processor is also... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20140187203 - Authentication of phone caller identity: According to one aspect of the present disclosure, a method and technique for caller authentication is disclosed. The method includes: responsive to initiation of a telephone call by a caller from a first telephone unit to a second telephone unit, retrieving an identification object comprising identification information corresponding to the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140187202 - Method and apparatus for auxiliary communications with mobile communications device: A method and apparatus for auxiliary communications capability in a mobile communications device. The mobile communications device is configured with a hidden ROM that configures a security component to work separate and apart from the OS. A secondary transceiver is configured with the security component to send and receive security... Agent: Lookout, Inc.

20140187201 - Personalizing an accessory with digital content: A distribution server is configured to receive from a web portal information about an order request for an accessory and digital content. The distribution server stores the digital content at the distribution server along with authentication information used to authenticate a retrieval request for the digital content from a mobile... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20140187207 - Remotely locating and commanding a mobile device: Methods, systems, and apparatus are presented for processing a remote lock command message. In one aspect, a method includes receiving, by a mobile device, a remote lock command message comprising a lock command and specifying a passcode to be set by the mobile device, locking the mobile device in response... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140187205 - System and method for automated analysis comparing a wireless device location with another geographic location: A system and method for automatically comparing obtained wireless device location information from a wireless network and comparing that location with another independent source geographic location is provided. Location information is derived from two or more sources in a multiplicity of ways and a comparison is made within a Location... Agent:

20140187204 - Unlocking a screen of a portable device: The present invention relates to a method for unlocking a screen of a portable device, comprising the steps: detecting movement of the portable device using at least one sensor unit of the portable device; determining a position of the portable device based on data provided by the sensor unit; comparing... Agent:

20140187209 - Method and apparatus for managing message history data for a mobile communication device: A method and apparatus for managing history data of messages received from and transmitted to other users by a user of a mobile communication device is provided. Message history data is extracted from received and transmitted messages and stored such that a user of the mobile communication device may easily... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140187208 - Method for collecting and storing annotations associated to a voice audio data: Present invention refers to a method for collecting, organizing and storing annotations associated to a voice audio data. The method comprises providing the voice audio data; transcribing said voice audio data into text data; then, identifying in the text data a piece of information according to a pattern previously set;... Agent: Telefonica, S.a.

20140187214 - Controlling delivery of notifications in real-time communications based on communication channel state: A critical notification is reliably delivered to at least one participant in a real-time communication session. A candidate delivery channel is selected, and a set of one or more communication state variables associated with the candidate delivery channel are identified. Current values associated with the communication state variables and determined,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140187215 - Easy call for content: A method and apparatus for quickly and easily requesting content over a mobile device via a telephone network without requiring user entry of a number of pieces of information or having to forward through to certain request screens and/or browse for content. The method includes verifying a mobile device based... Agent:

20140187210 - Filtering and enhancement of voice calls in a telecommunications network: Voice calls may be filtered and/or modified to enhance the clarity of a speaker's voice. In one implementation, a device may receive an indication, from a caller associated with a call, that speech of the caller is to be modified to deemphasize an accent of the caller. The device may... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140187213 - Global contact synchronization: A situational and global context aware calendar, communications, and/or relationship management method and system is disclosed. The system is configured to receive non-calendaring related context information, and, based on that context information, to automatically determine one or more parameters of a meeting request.... Agent:

20140187211 - Mobile apparatus and method of voice communication: The invention provides a mobile apparatus, adapted to communicate with a cloud server. The mobile apparatus includes a voice system, a communication module, and a processing unit. The processing unit is coupled to the communication module and the voice system. The communication module transmits the first voice signal to the... Agent:

20140187212 - Ringtone processing method and apparatus: Embodiments of the present invention provide a ringtone processing method and apparatus. In the ringtone processing method according to the embodiments of the present invention, by using a predefined ringing rule, when a call request is received, corresponding ringing information is obtained from the predefined ringing rule according to a... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140187217 - Contact entry population from call entity information: Populating a contact entry with selected entity information based on an identifier associated with a call (e.g., a telephone call, VoIP call, text message, electronic mail message, or any other communication). As the call is detected, entity information for the identifier (e.g., a telephone number, VoIP address, MAC address, etc.)... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140187216 - Customized caller id for moblie phone: The present invention is generally directed toward a system for modifying caller identification (Caller ID) information by an outgoing caller on a mobile device. The system includes a storage means for storing Caller ID information prepared by a telecommunications provider, a telecommunications provider Caller ID module configured to transmit the... Agent:

20140187218 - Managing group calling from a wireless mobile application: A method and system for managing group calling from a wireless mobile application is provided. One or more wireless mobile devices are provided that access a wireless network. At least one user can create at least one group call using one of the mobile devices using swipe gestures to create... Agent: Stanacard LLC

20140187223 - Adaptive thresholding for image recognition: Various approaches for providing textual information to an application, system, or service are disclosed. In particular, various embodiments enable a user to capture an image with a camera of a portable computing device. The computing device is capable of taking the image and processing it to recognize, identify, and/or isolate... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140187227 - Apparatus having a flexible display and method of controlling the same: A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to wirelessly communicate with at least one other terminal; a flexible display; at least one sensor arranged in a prescribed form on the flexible display and configured to convert a flex state of the flexible display into an electric signal; and... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140187225 - Configurable phone with interactive voice response engine: A land-based or mobile phone and methods are provided for receiving inbound communications as either voice or text, and then based on the user's configuration settings, the inbound communication is provided to the user as it was received or is automatically converted into a format that is desired by the... Agent:

20140187228 - Customized application for proximity transactions: A method and system for customizing a mobile application running on a mobile communication device of a user. In one implementation, the method includes providing the mobile application to the mobile communication device of the user, the mobile application having a generic platform; determining a special interest group (SIG) that... Agent:

20140187219 - Detecting a user-to-wireless device association in a vehicle: A location of a wireless device relative to a vehicle is determined using received data. Data may be received from the vehicle sensors. Data may also be received from the wireless device sensors of a wireless device. The presence of one or more persons may be determined using received data.... Agent:

20140187220 - Gps control in a mobile device: Exemplary embodiments disclose a method, computer program product, and system for controlling a GPS receiver in a mobile device. In an exemplary embodiment, a mobile device receives a signal relating to a current date and time, and a signal relating to a current location of the mobile device. The mobile... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140187221 - Method and apparatus for enabling collaberative interactions amoung devices on a peer-to-peer network: A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for collaboratively communications among device are provided in which a communications device is operable to receive a message from a peer device in the communications environment which indicates that an event associated with the peer device has occurred. Further, based on... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140187226 - Mobile terminal and method of displaying according to environmental data: The present invention provides a mobile terminal, comprising: a detection module for detecting the environment that the mobile terminal is in; and a display module for displaying corresponding control buttons according to detected environmental data. Accordingly, the present invention also provides a method of displaying according to environmental data. The... Agent: Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140187224 - Protocol version negotiation method, mobile terminal, base station and communications system: The present invention discloses a protocol version negotiation method, a mobile terminal and a base station. The method includes: receiving, by a mobile terminal, an air interface message sent by a base station according to a 3GPP protocol, where the air interface message includes an information element for indicating a... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140187222 - Status switching method for mobile device: A status switching method for a mobile device is disclosed. The status switching method includes receiving a first request for switching a radio function of the mobile device from a first status to a second status; keeping the radio function in the first status for a specific duration; switching the... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140187229 - Wireless communication system, wireless transmission apparatus and wireless transmission method: A wireless transmission apparatus that transmits transmission data in each of a plurality of system frequency bands using a transmission power controlled so that a total transmission power of each of the plurality of system frequency bands is less than a maximum transmit power, where the maximum transmit power incase... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140187230 - Central control for comm blocker: A system and method for centrally controlling a plurality of mobile communication device(s). The system and method provides for central control of mobile device(s) loading, configuring, security, reporting, and safety of said mobile device operation. The system and method will recognize, record, and report any bypass, hacking, or otherwise misuse... Agent: Tpkidsco Lp

20140187231 - Dynamically configurable mobile device, cellular phones, and wireless networks: A wireless communication and control system including a wireless device. There is a central server for storing communication protocols and control protocols and communicating the communication protocols and selectively communicating the control protocols between the wireless device and the central server. A communication protocol configures the system for communication and... Agent: Ip Holdings, Inc.

20140187232 - Lighting controller with integrated wide area network interface: The present disclosure is directed to a photo controller. In one embodiment, the photo controller includes a central processing unit (CPU), a local area connection (LAN) interface in communication with the CPU, a wide area network (WAN) interface in communication with the CPU and an electrical power control component in... Agent: Dialight Corporation

20140187234 - Inter-rat (radio access technology) energy saving management: Systems, devices, and configurations to implement ESM (energy saving management) techniques in wireless networks are generally disclosed herein. In some examples, a distributed or centralized multi-RAT (radio access technology) technique is provided to implement ESM on a LTE (Long Term Evolution) or UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) primary cell network.... Agent:

20140187235 - Method and system for optimization of measurement reporting in wireless networks: A controller of a layered radio environment map of a wireless communication system. The controller configures a mobile terminal to make a measurement associated with a wireless signal from the mobile terminal to a base station. The mobile terminal constructs a minimization of drive test (MDT) measurement report from the... Agent: Huawei Technologies Sweden Ab

20140187233 - Watch type mobile terminal: A watch type mobile terminal capable of being worn on a user's wrist is provided. The watch type mobile terminal includes a case, a circuit board, a first connector, a band, a receiver and a first flexible printed circuit (FPC) board. The circuit board is disposed in the case. The... Agent: Compal Communications, Inc.

20140187236 - Quick recovery of rf sessions after backhaul link failure: Communication sessions with mobile devices may be suspended, in a wireless communications network, after failure of one or more backhaul network links In one implementation, a device may detect failure of a backhaul network connecting a cell site to a core portion of a wireless network; and suspend, based on... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing

20140187237 - Mechanism for interference mitigation in short-range communication pico networks: There is provided an interference mitigation or frequency channel collision mitigation scheme usable for a short range communication network where a network element of a cellular network is used as a coordinator or controller for the collision mitigation. Communication information regarding a communication in the short range communication network and... Agent: Renesas Mobile Corporation

20140187238 - Information processing apparatus, communication system and communication state detection method of information processing apparatus: There is provided an information processing apparatus including an acquisition unit configured to acquire an interference index indicating a degree of interference in wireless communication between a wireless communication apparatus and a base station that is a connection target of the wireless communication apparatus, and position information related to a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140187240 - System and method for automatically switching based on cellular mobile communication network and internet protocol (ip) network: A communication method for automatically switching between cellular networks and IP networks includes following steps. A mobile phone number is used as an user account. A sending user inputs or selects the user account or the mobile phone number of a receiving user on a sending client to send a... Agent:

20140187239 - Systems and methods for reliable backup of media: The present disclosure describes systems and methods for reliable backup of data, by initially providing transcoded, down-sampled, or low resolution versions of media data files for backup when a network has low bandwidth or intermittent connectivity, and subsequently providing the original or high resolution copy to replace the transcoded version,... Agent:

20140187241 - Methods and apparatus for handling wireless roaming among and across wireless area networks: Wireless roaming in a computer network may be handled through a solution provided on one or more switches in the network. A roam request sent by a switch corresponding to the user's new location may be received by the other switches in the network. If the user is known to... Agent: Foundry Networks, LLC

20140187242 - Service preferences for multiple-carrier-enabled devices: Techniques are described herein for generating service preferences for a telecommunication device. Those service preferences are then provided to the telecommunication device to enable the telecommunication device to select a network connectivity from a plurality of network connectivities based at least in part on the service preferences. The network connectivities... Agent: T-mobile Usa, Inc.

20140187245 - Apparatus and method for supporting handover: An embodiment of the invention provides a method for supporting handover. That is, inform a target base station which bear in bearers to be handed over is a Local Internet Protocol (IP) Access (LIPA) bearer, by a source base station. Regarding the LIPA bearer, the target base station sends a... Agent:

20140187246 - Communication system: A communication system is presented in which a base station operates a each of a plurality of cells using a respective component carrier. When the base station decides to configure a mobile telephone to use additional cells of the plurality of cells, a access control procedure is initiated to determine... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140187243 - Method and base station for handover control in a heterogenous network having cell layers with different, i.e. symmetric and asymmetric, uplink (ul) and downlink (dl) resource allocations: A base station (BS) and method for controlling handover in a wireless communication system. The BS serves a first cell in a first cell layer overlapping with a second cell layer, and the first cell has a different distribution of configured amounts of uplink and downlink resources than a second... Agent:

20140187244 - Relay node, a donor radio base station and methods therein: Embodiments herein relate to a method in a relay node for acquiring information about a type of a radio network connection between a donor radio base station and a radio base station. The relay node and the donor radio base station are comprised in a radio communications network and the... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140187247 - Intelligent irat handover requests: Devices and methods for intelligent handover requests and management are disclosed. IRAT handover failure can be prevented by ensuring that user equipment (UE) is asked to handover to a target cell that it has already measured, and that resource allocation in the base station sub-system (BSS) is made in the... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140187248 - Interference cancellation for wireless communications: Techniques for improving the capacity of a wireless communications system using interference cancellation (IC). In an early decoding and IC aspect, a frame transmitted from a user to a base station may be decoded prior to the entire frame being received by the base station. The remaining portion of the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140187249 - System and method for coordinating multiple radio transceivers within the same device platform: A wireless device having a central control entity that coordinates multiple radio transceivers co-located within the same device platform to mitigate coexistence interference. The wireless device comprises an LTE transceiver, a WiFi transceiver, a BT transceiver, or a GNSS receiver. In one embodiment, the central control entity receives radio signal... Agent: Mediatdk, Inc.

20140187250 - Placement of a wireless network access point: Devices, methods, and systems for placement of a wireless network access point are described herein. One method includes determining a location of any existing wireless network access points of a wireless location system in an area, computing a Voronoi partition around the locations of the existing wireless network access points... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140187252 - Distributed policy architecture: A mobile device may select between multiple networks in order to offload network traffic from one network to another. Policies under which network selection happens are established by network operators. A hierarchy of policy servers are established where a central policy server with policies established by a network operator can... Agent:

20140187251 - Methods and systems for gsm spectrum refarming for lte small cells: One embodiment of the method includes allocating, using a network management entity, at least one of a plurality of physical resource blocks (PRBs) of a first wireless access technology for utilization by a second wireless access technology. A spectrum of the first wireless access technology is embedded within a spectrum... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20140187254 - Method and base station for selecting working remote radio unit for user equipment: The present invention provides a method for selecting a working remote radio unit for a user equipment. By comparing isolation of a current working RRU set of a user equipment with a preset isolation threshold, resource utilization and signal interference can be effectively balanced and a working remote radio unit... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140187253 - System and method for scheduling feature based on power status reporting: The present invention is drawn to a user equipment for use with a power source and a base station, wherein the power source can provide power. The user equipment includes a transmitting portion and a power source monitoring portion. The transmitting portion can transmit a signal to the base station.... Agent:

20140187255 - Methods and devices for reducing interference in heterogeneous communication networks based on inter-cell interference coordination: Devices and methods for reducing interference in a communication network including a first node and a first node coverage area, a second closed subscriber group (CSG) node located within the first node coverage area, and one or more user equipment (UE) devices located within the first node coverage area are... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140187262 - Apparatus, and associated method, for estimating a time zone at which a device is positioned: An apparatus, and an associated method, estimates a time zone at which an electronic device, such as a wireless device, is positioned. Parameters, such as a mobile country code, a GMT offset, a daylight savings time parameter, and geo location parameters are all candidate parameters from which to make an... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140187263 - Base station and control method thereof: A base station and control method thereof for wireless communication network is provided. The base station comprises: transceiver unit for transmitting and receiving of data with communication nodes and terminals; location information storage unit for storing location information of the terminal in the wireless communication network; range expanding condition information... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140187256 - Context aware geofencing: In one embodiment an electronic device comprises a display, a motion sensor, one or more wireless communication devices, and logic configured to receive, in the controller, data indicating that the controller is in motion, determine a velocity of the controller, and activate a first location service to determine a coarse... Agent:

20140187258 - Context-based parameter maps for position determination: In one implementation, a method may comprise: storing a user profile indicative of at least one attribute of a user of a mobile station; determining a measurement value based, at least in part, on a signal from at least one sensor on the mobile station; and estimating a location of... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140187257 - Inter-ap distance estimation using crowd sourcing: Techniques are provided for utilizing one or more mobile devices to estimate distances between wireless access points (APs). Embodiments can, for example, enable mobile devices, wireless APs, and/or other systems to estimate a distance between two wireless APs using Round-Trip Time (RTT) measurements obtained by one or more mobile devices.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140187259 - Method for determining location of wireless devices: To determine a location of a client device in a wireless network having at least first and second network devices, with known locations, one of the network devices transmits a message to the other network device and the other network device responds with an acknowledgement message. A client device receives... Agent:

20140187261 - Methodology to extend battery power in asset-tracking device: A protocol and methodology that extends the battery power in a remote asset tracking device by storing location data more than once (i.e., “n” times), yet transmitting that data only once to a server. In other words, multiple data points are transmitted simultaneously. Devices and systems incorporating the protocol are... Agent: Petari Usa, Inc.

20140187260 - System and method for positioning device under test: A positioning system includes at least one DUT (Device Under Test) and a mobile device. A wireless connection is established between the DUT and the mobile device. The mobile device is moved along a path which includes at least two different measurement positions. The mobile device measures a distance between... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140187265 - Mobile internet protocol (ip) location: A mobile IP location server that retrieves the location of a mobile device based on the public IP address that a mobile device is using. A mobile IP location server comprises a mobile location protocol interface, an identifier resolver, and a location manager. The mobile location protocol interface interacts with... Agent: Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

20140187264 - Situation aware sensor power management: Methods and systems may provide for determining a status of a mobile platform, wherein the status indicates whether the mobile platform is stationary, and adapting a detection schedule of one or more location sensors on the mobile platform based at least in part on whether the mobile platform is stationary.... Agent:

20140187268 - Apparatus, system and method for location detection and user identification for media exposure data: A computer-implemented system, apparatus and method for monitoring media exposure data and correlating media exposure data to locations. Location data may be generated utilizing measurements of radio waves from WiFi and/or Bluetooth. Identification may also be transmitted when WiFi and/or Bluetooth transmission are received. As media is reproduced or received... Agent: Arbitron Inc.

20140187267 - Broadcast based proximity service to mobile device users: A message broadcast from a radio frequency transceiver of a cell of a mobile communication network is based on a profile of a proximity service offered to users of mobile devices within the cell coverage area. The message includes information about the proximity service for prompting the users to respond... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140187271 - Finding friends near a friend: A system for finding friends near a friend, including a memory, housed within a mobile device, for storing a contact list including records for a plurality of friends, each record comprising a name of a friend and geographic coordinates of a location of the friend, and a locator for receiving... Agent: Google Inc.

20140187269 - Location and time-aware systems and methods for mobile user context detection: Methods and systems for providing situational user contexts to mobile applications, allowing for delivery of the relevant content without exposing mobile users' locations and other personal data. A plurality of space-time contexts (STCs) are stored in computer memory, with each STC representing a situational environment as a function of location... Agent:

20140187266 - Location-based service provider method and system having a user controlled location privacy mechanism: Methods and systems that allow a user to receive location-based services for user selected businesses while maintaining the privacy of his/her location when not in the vicinity of a user selected business. A user designates selected businesses to the LBS provider. The user's mobile device sends its location, in encrypted... Agent: Pitney Bowes Inc.

20140187270 - Methods and systems for dynamic detection of consumer venue walk-ins: Methods and systems for detection of venue walk-in events by consumers in possession of wireless mobile devices. Received signal strength indication (RSSI) information is received from a plurality of wireless base stations. The RSSI information relates to mobile devices that communicate with the wireless base stations. Based on the RSSI... Agent:

20140187272 - Cellular network scanning control based on ambient identifiable wireless signal sources: Described herein are techniques related to reducing scanning in a cellular network. A mobile device reduces scanning of the cellular network when coverage holes are detected and/or predicted along a route traveled by or a place visited by the mobile device. A mobile device also reduces scanning of the cellular... Agent:

20140187273 - System and method for accuracy certification of geographical locations on a land tract: The current invention is a system and method for certifying GPS locations on a land tract using consumer devices having standard GPS chipsets. The system takes a plurality of readings from at least four satellites into one or more sample sets. A smoothing function is used to remove outlier GPS... Agent: Wolfgis, LLC

20140187274 - Pedestrian traffic monitoring and analysis: Numerous mobile devices report their respective locations to a server which collects the location reports to provide real-time pedestrian traffic information, e.g., as a map that shows locations of individual mobile devices. Distribution of mobile devices in a geographic area more closely represents overall population locations and densities. Each device... Agent: Uniloc Luxembourg S.a.

20140187275 - Facility for message-based conversations: A method and associated apparatus for maintaining the state of a message conversation across separate message exchanges to/from a wireless device includes receiving a message M1 from a wireless device in connection with a message conversation, ascertaining, from message M1, a key, based on the key, obtaining through a repository... Agent:

20140187277 - Method, device, and system for processing communications system signal: The present invention provides a method, a device, and a system for processing a communications system signal. The method includes: acquiring, by a communications system of a first standard, a first message, where the first message carries a signal strength, sent by a communications system of a second standard, on... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140187276 - Systems and methods for reducing interference in data communication networks: A computer-implemented method for calculating interference reducing parameters for cancelling wireless signal interference within a data communication network, comprising: per each of a plurality of antennas of a multi-sector hub communicating with a data communication network and with a corresponding transceiver of a plurality of distant transceivers: calculating a plurality... Agent: Ubiqam Ltd.

20140187278 - Preamble transmission device of multi-mode supporting base station and preamble detecting device of multi-mode supporting user terminal: Provided are a preamble transmission device of a multi-mode supporting base station and a preamble detecting device of a multi-mode supporting user terminal. Selecting of the preamble signal is driven by the user terminal capable of supporting multi-modes, which contributes to smooth services from a user's viewpoint, and to effective... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140187279 - Cost-effective mobile connectivity protocols: Structures and protocols are presented for signaling a status or decision concerning a wireless service or device within a region to a network participant or other communication device (smartphone or motor vehicle, e.g.).... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140187280 - Programming secondary communication groups to devices arranged in a hierarchy of groups: Primary and/or secondary communication groups can be assigned to users with communication devices arranged in a hierarchy (FIG. 4). A set of humans are assigned to a role in a role-based hierarchy. A communication device (404) is assigned to the set of humans for communication over a network. One or... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20140187282 - Downlink power control using relative load: The specification and drawings present a new method, apparatus and software related product (e.g., a computer readable memory) for a power control (e.g., at least for DL power control) in a cell using a concept of a relative load in a network such as a wireless network. The relative load... Agent: Nokia Siemens Networks Oy

20140187281 - Method and apparatus for uplink power control in a wireless communication system: A method, mobile station, and user-based communication system are provided that determine that a mobile station intends to transmit over an uplink, determine whether the mobile station is being operated in a body-worn position, determine an uplink transmit power scale factor, and when the mobile station is being operated in... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20140187283 - Method and apparatus for device-to-device communication: A first user equipment (UE) wirelessly communicates with a network element (e.g., an eNB) on a carrier (e.g., a cellular uplink or downlink carrier) in accordance with its first capability partitioning configuration. The first UE engages in direct wireless communication on the carrier with a second UE in accordance its... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140187284 - Simultaneous voice-long term evolution dual antenna system: A mobile device may include a first antenna and a second antenna. A first radio frequency (RF) transceiver may be coupled to the first antenna, and a second RF transceiver may be coupled to the second antenna. A baseband chipset may be coupled to the first RF transceiver and the... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140187286 - Apparatus and method for detecting and storing data from subscriber identity module in a portable terminal: A portable terminal comprising first and second identity modules, the first module serving as a master module, wherein a processor of the portable terminal is arranged: at power up of the portable terminal, to read data from the first module and to store it in a memory; and to access,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140187285 - Communication switching: A method includes communicating data through a transceiver configured in a first mode specifying and allocating to at least one destination device, parsing the received data, determining whether the data contains a switching message. If the data contains the switching message, the controller may switch the transceiver to a second... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140187287 - Lte and wlan/bluetooth coexistence: Methods and configurations for mitigating intermodulation between a first transceiver and a co-located second transceiver are provided. A method includes determining when the transceivers are concurrently transmitting, and when they are concurrently transmitting, changing a transmission channel of the second transceiver to mitigate the intermodulation when it is determined that... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140187288 - Electronic device combination: A combination of a first device and a second device is provided. The first device may include a tablet dock and the second device may include a mobile communication device such as a phone. The tablet dock may include a docking slot with an inner rim and an input. The... Agent:

20140187290 - Apparatus and method for automatically detecting presence of external device in mobile terminal: In an apparatus and method for automatically detecting the presence of an external device in a port of a mobile terminal, the external device is automatically enabled without the additional operation of the mobile terminal when plugged into a jack. The mobile terminal may be safeguarded against severe damage being... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20140187289 - Modular components and methods for an electronic device: A kit of parts and method for using the same with an electronic computing device includes providing a case for an electronic device, the case has a receiver plate attachable to a peripheral device, encasing the electronic device with the case to protect the electronic device and to enable the... Agent: Headlogic LLC

20140187291 - Mobile device having sim card, base station connected thereto, and battery management method thereof: A mobile device is provided. The mobile device includes a battery, a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card, and a control unit. The mobile device transmits residual power information of the battery to a base station, and receives a SIM card polling cycle determined on the basis of the residual power... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140187292 - Child cell phone apparatus and method: A child cell telephone for toddlers and preschoolers, providing young children with a safe and simplified introduction to utilizing cellular technology, can comprise a processor, a memory, an input/output, a contact manager, a message manager, and a phone controller. The child cell phone offers young children the ability to make... Agent:

20140187293 - Terminal equipment with built-in retractable headset: The present invention provides a terminal equipment with a built-in retractable headset, comprising a case body (1) of the terminal equipment which includes an accommodation space; a headset which is arranged in the accommodation space and includes a headset assembly (2) and a headset line (3) which both can be... Agent: Xinjiang Tiandi Group

20140187294 - Electronic device including predicted frequency error estimation of a voltage controlled oscillator and related methods: An electronic device may include a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and a temperature sensor. The electronic device may also include a controller configured to cooperate with the VCO and the temperature sensor to determine both a temperature and a frequency error of the VCO for each of a plurality of... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140187295 - Electronic device case capable of performing multiple functions: An embodiment of the invention comprises an electronic device case including a power source and circuit board. The circuit board may be connected to the buttons allowing the electronic device case to function as a standalone device. The electronic device case includes a dedicated power source allowing the utilization of... Agent:

20140187296 - Portable terminal: A portable terminal including a first housing including a first display; a second housing including a second display; and a hinge portion that couples the first housing and the second housing so as to be openable and closable with respective opposing end portions of the first housing and the second... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications, Inc.

20140187297 - Touch-control accessory having a cleaning function, cell phone shield with said touch-control accessory: A touch-control accessory having a cleaning function and a cell phone shield carrying the touch-control accessory are disclosed. The cell phone shield includes a shield body having an accommodation chamber surrounded by a back wall and a coupling hole cut through the back wall, and a touch-control accessory detachably mounted... Agent: Sonmii Enterprise Co., Ltd

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