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11/13/2014 > 144 patent applications in 68 patent subcategories.

20140335779 - Apparatus for regulating transmission power of repeater in long term evolution system: The present invention relates to an apparatus capable of flexibly regulating coverage of a repeater in a long term evolution system (hereinafter referred to as an LTE system). The present invention provides an apparatus for regulating transmission power of a repeater in an LTE (LONG TERM EVOLUTION) system, the apparatus... Agent: Solid Technologies Inc.

20140335780 - Systems and methods for satellite communication with mobile platforms: A method and system for communication with a mobile platform is provided. An antenna system coupled to a transmitter for use in providing a communication channel to a mobile user includes a first linear transmit array of radiating horns, a second linear transmit array of radiating horns, and at least... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140335783 - Dynamic point to point mobile network including destination device aspects system and method: A computationally implemented system and method that is designed to, but is not limited to: electronically receiving one or more at least partially mobile operating system operated intermediate electronic communication device relayed transmissions from one or more at least partially mobile operating system operated intermediate electronic communication devices activated from... Agent:

20140335782 - Dynamic point to point mobile network including origination device aspects system and method: A computationally implemented system and method that is designed to, but is not limited to: obtain information at least in part regarding one or more first aspects of one or more intermediate electronic communication devices for serving as one or more nodes of one or more standby point-to-point communication networks... Agent:

20140335781 - Dynamic point to point mobile network system and method: A method substantially as shown and described in the detailed description and/or drawings and/or elsewhere herein. A device substantially as shown and described in the detailed description and/or drawings and/or elsewhere herein.... Agent:

20140335786 - Data supplying apparatus, data processing apparatus and data communication system: A data supplying apparatus detects a change in the status of the wireless connection established with an external apparatus. When the status of the wireless connection is restored after a change has been detected in the status of the wireless connection, the data supplying apparatus transmits, to the external apparatus,... Agent:

20140335785 - Interface unit and computer: In an interface unit, a shield layer includes an aperture through which magnetic flux generated by a power feeding coil of an antenna passes. Since the antenna is smaller than the shield layer, the aperture is much smaller than the shield layer. Thus, noise constituted by electromagnetic waves that travel... Agent:

20140335784 - Nfc architecture:

20140335788 - Apparatus and method for the production of food: A method for the transmission of process data between different devices that are involved in a process for the production of food, in particular devices involved in a filling line, wherein the data communication between two devices takes place exclusively between at least one transmitter of a first device and... Agent: Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140335792 - Application based connectivity event triggering: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus, a computer program product and a method is provided for application based connectivity event triggering. The example embodiment comprises determining, at an apparatus, whether an active application satisfies predefined criteria for connectivity event, and triggering a radio module... Agent:

20140335789 - Device pairing via device to device contact: A system may include and/or involve a first device, a second device, and logic to effect pairing of the first and second devices upon detection of physical contact between the devices.... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20140335791 - Method and device for providing a proximity service in a wireless communication system: The present invention relates to a wireless communication system, and more particularly, to a method and device for providing a proximity service. According to one embodiment of the present invention, the method for providing a proximity service (ProSe) for user equipment in a wireless communication system may include: transmitting ProSe... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140335790 - Method, wireless device and wireless communications system to guide a user of a wireless device to establish an optimal wireless direct link to another wireless device: A system, method and protocol for guiding a user to establish an optimal wireless link. The method provides a first device (550) to communicate with a second device (500) in a wireless network, the method including: receiving, by the first device (550), location information of at least one antenna (510,... Agent:

20140335787 - Short range wireless file sharing: In one embodiment, for example, a method of short range wireless peer-to-peer file sharing is provided. The method includes establishing a short range wireless communications link between a local computing device and a peer computing device and transmitting to the peer computing device over the short range wireless communications link... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140335793 - System and method for reducing signal interference between bluetooth and wlan communications: Methods and systems are disclosed for reducing signal interference between Bluetooth (BT) and WLAN (e.g. WiFi) communications in an information handling system. The WLAN receiver has configurable front-end filter circuitry. Based upon information concerning the BT frequency region for current BT communications, the WLAN receiver can adjust or set its... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140335796 - Monitoring activities of daily living using radio frequency emissions: Briefly, in accordance with one or more embodiments, a monitoring system is capable of monitoring the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) of one or more persons occupying a building. The monitoring system includes an information handling system having a radio-frequency (RF) scanner capable of scanning the RF ambient environment of... Agent:

20140335795 - Software applications for displaying and or recording receiver signal strengths and other parameters: A software application installed on a mobile device periodically measures a parameter and records it along with the position associated with the measurement. These data are recorded on the device's internal memory and displayed in the form of a map so that users can navigate to locations with desired parameter... Agent:

20140335794 - System and method for automated testing of mobile computing devices: Methods and systems are disclosed that determine a device's operational characteristics, and then self-adjusts to the device's capabilities. Operational characteristics of the device can provide use cases, which can include, without limitation, voice calls, email (push or manual), Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMax or other near-range or midrange wireless protocol communication (synchronized,... Agent:

20140335797 - Location-based, radio-device identification apparatus and method: An apparatus and method is disclosed to receive location data identifying the current location of a vehicle. A database, storing radio device records, is then queried. Each radio device record in the database identifies a radio device (e.g., a transmitter, receiver, transceiver, transponders, etc.) and a location of the radio... Agent:

20140335798 - Radio communication devices and methods for controlling a radio communication device: A radio communication device is described comprising: a transceiver circuit configured to communicate wirelessly with another device; a tamper-proof circuit connected to the transceiver circuit; and a processor connected to the tamper-proof circuit and configured to exchange data with the transceiver circuit via the tamper-proof circuit.... Agent:

20140335799 - Broadband distributed antenna system with non-duplexer isolator sub-system: Certain aspects and aspects of the present invention are directed to a distributed antenna system having a downlink communication path, an uplink communication path, and a non-duplexer isolator sub-system. The downlink communication path can communicatively couple a transmit antenna to a base station. The uplink communication path can communicatively couple... Agent:

20140335802 - Second order harmonic cancellation for radio frequency front-end switches: A radio frequency switch circuit with improved harmonic suppression and low insertion loss has an antenna port and a plurality of signal ports. A plurality of transistor switch circuits, are connected to a respective one of the plurality of signal ports and to the antenna port. Each of the transistor... Agent: Rfaxis, Inc.

20140335800 - Semiconductor device, antenna switch circuit, and radio communication apparatus: A semiconductor device includes: a laminated body including a channel layer that is configured of a compound semiconductor; and at least one gate electrode that is provided on a top surface side of the laminated body, wherein the laminated body includes a first low-resistance region that is provided on the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140335801 - Technique to reduce the third harmonic of an on-state rf switch: RF switching circuitry includes an RF switch coupled between an input node and an output node. Distortion compensation circuitry is coupled in parallel with the RF switch between the input node and the output node. The RF switch is configured to selectively pass an RF signal from the input node... Agent: Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

20140335803 - Multipurpose wall outlet: A multipurpose wall outlet that provides electrical power via at least one standard electrical socket (s) and at least one USB port as well as providing a wired and wireless internet connection is disclosed. The multipurpose wall outlet has a housing in which is assembled at least one receiver for... Agent:

20140335804 - Transmitter for supporting multimode and multiband using multiple radio frequency (rf) digital-to-analog converters (dac) and control method of the transmitter: A transmitter configured to support a multimode and a multiband, using radio frequency (RF) digital-to-analog converters (DACs), includes a first RF DAC configured to transmit a first signal in a first frequency band, and a second RF DAC configured to transmit a second signal in a second frequency band different... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140335805 - Rf amplifier architecture and related techniques: A radio frequency (RF) power amplifier system or transmitter includes one or more power amplifiers and a controller that is configured to adjust amplitudes and phases of RF input signals of the one or more power amplifiers and supply voltages applied to the one or more power amplifiers. In embodiments... Agent:

20140335806 - Managing wirelessly transmitted use-data in a wireless data transmission environment: A method of managing wirelessly transmitted use-data in a wireless data transmission environment, the method comprising: Receiving the wirelessly transmitted use-data by a first receiver and estimating a reception quality of the use-data received by the first receiver by applying a quality criterion. In case the reception quality meets the... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140335807 - Methods, circuits, systems and apparatus providing audio sensitivity enhancement in a wireless receiver, power management and other performances: A wireless receiver (10) includes a down converter module (210) operable to deliver a signal having a signal bandwidth that changes over time, a dynamically controllable filter module (200) having a filter bandwidth and fed by said down converter module (210), and a measurement module (295) operable to at least... Agent:

20140335808 - Method and system for a configurable low-noise amplifier with programmable band-selection filters: Methods and systems for a configurable low-noise amplifier with programmable band-selection filters may comprise a low-noise amplifier (LNA) with a low pass filter coupled to a first input of the LNA and a high pass filter coupled to a second input of the LNA. The low pass filter and the... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

20140335809 - Methods, circuits, systems and apparatus providing audio sensitivity enhancement in a wireless receiver, power management and other performances: A wireless receiver (10) includes a down converter module (210) operable to deliver a signal having a signal bandwidth that changes over time, a dynamically controllable filter module (200) having a filter bandwidth and fed by said down converter module (210), and a measurement module (295) operable to at least... Agent:

20140335810 - Receiver for wireless communication system: One exemplary receiver for a wireless communication system includes signal processing components arranged to generate a receiver output according to a radio frequency (RF) signal. The signal processing components include amplifiers having a class-AB biased amplifier included therein. The signal processing components are disposed in a chip, and the class-AB... Agent:

20140335811 - Method, system and apparatus for filtering a signal with reduced delay: Undesired variations in a signal are removed by initializing two boundaries comprising an upper boundary and a lower boundary to track the signal level. At least one of the upper boundary and the lower boundary is adjusted encapsulate/track the received signal between the two boundaries when the signal level is... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140335812 - Radio reception device and radio reception method in radio communication system: A radio reception device and a radio receiving method are provided that, when a frequency band assigned to a different radio system is shared, can effectively suppress the influence of interfering waves from this different radio system. A radio reception device is one in a second radio system (11) that... Agent:

20140335813 - Method for reducing amplitude noise in a received signal within an rfid interrogator: A method is performed for a signal transmitted by an RFID interrogator being a radiofrequency electromagnetic sine wave. An amplitude noise contribution RSdAN to a demodulated received signal RSd within a frequency interval of a low-pass filter is determined by means of a measured demodulated transmitted signal TSd as RSdAN=k·TSd... Agent:

20140335814 - Emergency contacts information system: A system may be configured to receive a request for emergency contact information associated with a first user. The request may include information identifying the first user. The system may further determine a geographic location of the first user; and identify a second user. The identifying may be based on... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140335820 - Charging method, authentication method, charging device, and authentication device: A charging method, an authentication method, a charging device, and an authentication device. The charging method includes: receiving a service unit request sent by an access device, calculating a granted service unit according to a current tariff, determining a reporting time point according to a tariff switch point and returning... Agent:

20140335819 - Device, computer-readable medium, and method for retaining services using advanced data collection capabilities: A method for presenting services to a subscriber comprises obtaining, via a first server, subscriber usage data associated with a portable device service from a plurality of databases, and sending the subscriber usage data to a second server. The method further includes processing, via the second server, the subscriber usage... Agent:

20140335817 - Dynamic point to point mobile network including origination user interface aspects system and method: A computationally implemented system and method that is designed to, but is not limited to: electronically processing mobile operating system object code at least partially from mobile device storage to direct to one or more origination mobile communication device display surfaces an origination mobile communication device user interface presentation of... Agent:

20140335816 - Key fob communicator: The invention is directed to a key fob that offers limited communication ability to out-dial 911 and allows two-way communication with the 911 operator. The key fob also incorporates various embodiments with a small keypad. The key fob also incorporates various embodiments with a small keypad whose function may integrated... Agent:

20140335815 - Policy decisions based on subscriber spending limits: A policy and charging rules function node of a network may receive from the network an indication of an element of user equipment connecting to the network, query a subscription profile repository to receive a subscriber profile associated with the user equipment, the subscriber profile including indicators used in the... Agent: Cellco Partnership (d/b/a Verizon Wireless)

20140335821 - System and method for blocking the use of a service in a telecommunication system: A method and system for controlling the use of a short message service in a telecommunication system that includes a telecommunication network, a terminal device by which a subscriber is connected to the network, a mobile services switching center connected to the network, a gateway connected to the network, a... Agent:

20140335818 - Systems and methods to customize the presentation of prompts to establish communication connections: Methods and apparatuses to selectively present and customize user prompts in establishing anonymized communication connections, based on available information about the parties to be connected and/or user preferences. For example, the information can be transmitted from a mobile device to a connection server for association with the communication reference of... Agent:

20140335822 - Systems and methods to establish communication connections via mobile application: Methods and apparatuses to receive a request from a mobile application identifying a callee and a communication reference, assign a call-in reference to the request, temporarily associate the communication reference and the call-in reference for a period of time, receive a call from a mobile device having the communication reference,... Agent: Yp Interactive LLC

20140335827 - Display processing apparatus: A mobile terminal apparatus including an operation lock mode setting unit that sets an operation lock mode; an event container display control unit that displays, when a predetermined event occurs, an event container indicating the occurred predetermined event on a display unit; an event container display change control unit that... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Inc.

20140335826 - Method and apparatus for unlocking a terminal device: A method for unlocking a terminal device is provided. The method includes displaying an unlock interface including a plurality of nodes on a screen of the terminal device, each of the plurality of nodes is displayed with prompt information; detecting voice input; performing voice recognition on the detected voice input;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140335829 - Method and system for providing services to mobile communication subscribers: The present invention is related to the method and system for service provision to mobile communication subscribers with the use of so-called virtual SIM cards and also to respective machine-readable media. Technical result of the invention is expansion of arsenal of technical communication mean and better security of operations with... Agent:

20140335830 - Method for attaching e-utran and mobility management entity: This application discloses a method of attaching to E-UTRAN and a mobility management entity so as to lower the time delay in attachment of a user equipment to the network and improve the efficiency of attachment. The method includes: a step A of retrieving at the network side context information... Agent:

20140335831 - Method of controlling access to a cellular network: i

20140335828 - Methods, systems, and products for processing communications: Methods, systems, and products provide called party identification to a calling party. A communication is processed from a calling communications address to one of a plurality of communications addresses associated with a simultaneous ring. When an answer is detected at one of the plurality of communications addresses, an answering communications... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140335825 - Mobile device security: A method for controlling use of an application APPI on a mobile device, the method including determining whether a user security code is active and only allowing execution of the application if the user security code is active. The user security code may be a SIM PIN or a mobile... Agent: VodafoneIPLicensing Limited

20140335823 - System and method for administration and operation of one or more mobile electronic communications devices: A mobile electronic communications device includes a housing, a memory, a data entry mechanism, a display for visual data, at least one wireless transceiver configured to transmit and receive electromagnetic signals conforming to a plurality of wireless signaling protocols, and a controller. The controller is communicatively connected to the memory,... Agent: Zipit Wireless, Inc.

20140335824 - System and method for data verification using a smart phone: A system and method for data verification using a smart phone which verifies data and biometric identity information using only locally stored biometric information. The system and method for data verification using a smart phone generally includes a mobile device, a central validating server, and an activation client. The validating... Agent:

20140335833 - Automated prompting techniques implemented via mobile devices and systems: Various aspects disclosed herein are directed to different types of automated personal assistant techniques for facilitating call event notation, tagging, calendaring, etc., particularly those implemented on mobile communication devices. Users of mobile devices are provided with a relatively easy way to record and organize personal notes relating to one or... Agent: Mercury Mobile, LLC

20140335832 - Method and apparatus for notification of message reception according to property of received message: A method and an apparatus for notification of a message reception according to a property of a received message are disclosed. A first terminal receives a message transmitted from a second terminal, determines a notification method corresponding to the received message based on a result of the analysis of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140335836 - Communications devices, associated apparatus and methods: m

20140335834 - Discovery of music artist and title by a smart phone provisioned to listen to itself: A smart phone application is configured to connect to and listen to the audio output of the smart phone, and using DSP software, to detect the presence of music, and when a song is detected, to create an acoustic fingerprinting of the song, and compare that fingerprint against song fingerprints... Agent:

20140335835 - System, wireless communication device and method for combining compatible services: The present invention provides a system, wireless communication device, method and computer program product for combining one or more compatible services with a current service. A user of a wireless communication device is subscribed with a registered service provider. A user sends a request for identifying the one or more... Agent:

20140335837 - Communication processing method and apparatus, and terminal: A communication processing method and apparatus, and a terminal are provided. The method includes: receiving a communication request including a called user identifier and sent by a calling user; searching, according to the called user identifier, for all terminals corresponding to the called user identifier, where the all terminals include... Agent:

20140335838 - Generating a warning message if a portable part associated with a wireless audio conferencing system is not charging: A wireless audio conferencing system has one base station and a number of portable parts each of which is able to establish a communication link with the base station. The base station is controlled to initiate and to terminate communication sessions with other communication devices over a communications network such... Agent: Revolabs, Inc.

20140335839 - Wireless network based sensor data collection, processing, storage, and distribution: In embodiments of the present disclosure, improved capabilities are described for a sensor platform in a wireless network, where optimization servers utilizing publish-subscribe broker services are provided within the wireless network to provide conferenced connectivity between sensor devices and communicating entities.... Agent:

20140335840 - Method and system for call-forward initiated by movement: Methods and systems for call-forward initiated by movement may comprise receiving a call in a first communication device, sensing a motion of the first communication device, and causing the forwarding of the received call to a second communication device based on the sensed motion of the first communication device. The... Agent: Swisscom Ag

20140335844 - Apparatus and method for transmitting content in portable terminal: A method of transmitting contents in a portable terminal is provided. The method includes allowing a portable terminal of a transmitter to be connected to a portable terminal of a receiver by a control communication, allowing the portable terminal of the transmitter to select a type of the data transmission... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140335846 - Cellular device identification and location with emergency number selectivity enforcement (cilense) for moving vehicles: A system for restricting operation of wireless devices, for example cell phones, comprises a controller and a plurality of sensors. The system restricts device usage, while permitting emergency phone calls, for example 911 calls. The sensors receive transmissions from devices, and use the transmissions for identification and determining whether a... Agent:

20140335842 - Customizable task execution flow: Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method performed by a subscriber interface node of providing a service to a subscriber. The method may include: defining a service having an execution flow comprising a plurality of predefined operations; defining a plurality of tasks, each task occurring within one of the predefined... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

20140335841 - Device, computer-readable medium, and method for retaining services: A portable device includes a processor; a receiver configured to receive a first message, the first message comprising a notification and a first instruction; a transmitter; a display; and a module card. The module card includes a memory, which is configured to store the first message, a toolkit comprising a... Agent: Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh

20140335845 - Small cell base station dtx mode: The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for transitioning small cell base stations out of a discontinuous transmission (DTX) mode. The system and method comprise monitoring at the small cell base stations uplink transmissions from user terminals (UTs) to a macrocell base station while the small cell... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140335843 - Wireless communications device having contact specific silent mode disabling capabilities: A wireless communications device includes a memory, an output device, an input device and a processor. The memory is adapted to maintain individual profiles relating to each of a plurality of user contacts. The profiles include a silent notification mode setting. The output device is operable to emit audible notifications... Agent:

20140335847 - Method for establishing secure card history and audit for property hand-over: The present invention relates to a method for establishing secure history and audit of an integrated circuit card comprising an audit register, for property hand-over, which includes the following steps: storing in the audit register of said integrated circuit card remote actions performed on said integrated circuit card; computing a... Agent:

20140335848 - System and method for tracking physical items through a network: A personal mobile device for communication and organization comprises a core engine and a plurality of modules coupled to the core engine. The core engine coordinates operations of the mobile device, including communication and organization functions. Each of the modules is dedicated to perform a different one of a plurality... Agent:

20140335850 - Method and apparatus for determining serving sub-cell in wireless communication system including multiple sub-cell: A method of determining a serving sub-cell of a terminal among a plurality of sub-cells by a base station in a wireless communication system is provided. The method includes generating reference signal transmission interval information for each of the sub-cells by configuring a reference signal transmission interval for each of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140335849 - Method and system for reducing co-channel interference due to the deployment of femtocells in a macro-cellular network: m

20140335851 - Method and telecommunications network for deactivating or activating a cell in such a network: The invention relates to a method for deactivation of at least one first cell of a plurality of cells in a telecommunications network. User devices in the at least one first cell are triggered to report measurement information regarding one or more second cells of the plurality of cells to... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20140335854 - Call handling on dual-mode wireless handsets: Embodiments of the invention provide novel solutions, including systems, methods and/or software, for handling calls in a dual-mode VoIP/cellular environment. Merely by way of example, some systems can be configured to determine whether to use a VoIP system or a cellular system to handle a particular call, and/or to transition... Agent:

20140335852 - Cross-device notification apparatus and method: Embodiments of apparatus and methods for cross device notification are described. A user may have multiple computing devices. In embodiments, a cross device notification server may receive a snapshot of a notification on one device associated with the user when the device is not in active use by the user.... Agent:

20140335855 - Method and apparatus for transmitting radio link failure information in wireless communication system: A method and apparatus of transmitting radio link failure (RLF) information in a wireless communication system is provided. A user equipment (UE) supports a first communication system and a second communication system. The method includes detecting an RLF at a first cell of the first communication system, and reporting an... Agent:

20140335853 - System and methods for controlling out-of-network d2d communications: Embodiments are provided herein for determining a synchronizing master for device-to-device (D2D) communication in a cellular network environment. In an embodiment, a user equipment (UE) receives a discovery signal comprising a timing reference, and determines a transmitter of the discovery signal. In accordance with the determination of the transmitter of... Agent:

20140335856 - Lifecycle configuration of mobile subscriber: A cellular device 10 has a SIM 12 having a unique identifier 14, for example formatted as an IMSI. The cellular device is activated by a registration process which registers the SIM to a selected home network. In this way, the cellular device can be bundled with a SIM before... Agent: Eseye Limited

20140335857 - Cell search method: A cell search method is disclosed. In an environment that a plurality of small cells are located around a macro cell, a macro base station may allocate a terminal-specific signal distinguishing a terminal from other terminal to the terminal which establishes a connection with the macro base station, and share... Agent: Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute

20140335858 - Cell search method for supporting discontinuous transmission and/or reception of base station: Disclosed is a cell search method for supporting discontinuous transmission and reception of small cell base stations. A cell search method performed by a base station, in an environment that a plurality of small cell base stations perform discontinuous transmission and reception, may comprise transmitting information about small cell base... Agent: Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute

20140335859 - Method and ue for network attachment: A method and a user equipment (UE) for network attachment are disclosed. The method includes receiving first status information associated with one or more remote radio units (RRUs) for supporting the small cell from the one or more RRUs, receiving second status information associated with one or more macro cells... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140335860 - Method of handling routing area update procedures and related communication device: A method for handling a Routing Area Update procedure for a network in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method comprises receiving a detach request message from a network when the RAU procedure is ongoing; not aborting the RAU procedure when the detach request message is received; and concurrently... Agent:

20140335862 - Methods and apparatus for enhanced cell detection: Methods and apparatus of cell detection include determining whether communication between a user equipment and a serving cell satisfies a serving cell unsuitability condition. The methods and apparatus further include performing one or more autonomous search procedures based on whether the serving cell unsuitability condition has been satisfied. Moreover, the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140335861 - Methods and apparatus for handover management: Systems and techniques for handover management. A serving base station identifies one more candidate base stations as candidates to receive a handover of a user device and selects a target base station to receive the access request from the user device. The serving base station prepares the candidate base stations... Agent: Nokia Siemens Networks Oy

20140335865 - Mobility management method and apparatus in high speed railway: The invention discloses a method of mobility management in high speed railway, comprising: identifying whether a User Equipment (UE) is a high speed railway UE; if the UE is identified as a high speed railway UE, obtaining a high speed railway neighbor cell list for the UE, wherein the high... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140335866 - Processing state information: A method of operating a user equipment in a communications system comprising at least one cell that is controlled by a radio access node, the method comprising: maintaining current state information relating to the user equipment; determining whether to report current state information relating to the user equipment to the... Agent:

20140335864 - Radio communication system, radio base station, radio terminal and radio communication method: A radio communication system including: a radio terminal, a first radio base station configured to establish a first connection with the radio terminal, and to store connection information of the first connection to a memory when the radio terminal transits to a dormant state, and the second radio base station... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140335863 - User equipment panic states(s) under connected mode discontinuous reception state in long term evolution: Certain aspects of the present disclosure relate to methods and apparatus for wireless communication, and more particularly, to methods and apparatus that utilize one or more user equipment (UE) panic states under connected discontinuous reception (C-DRX) mode in long term evolution (LTE).... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140335867 - Cell reselection enhancement for power saving lte devices: A method of cell reselection enhancement is proposed. A UE obtains parameters for extended cell reselection (ECR) in a mobile communication network. The UE goes to sleep and then wakes up periodically to monitor a paging channel. The UE either applies a normal paging cycle having a normal paging cycle... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140335868 - Method and apparatus for managing measurement event trigger criteria: A method for a user equipment (UE) to manage measurement event trigger criteria including determining a first pathloss for a serving cell and a second pathloss for at least one neighbor cell; adjusting the measurement event trigger criteria based on at least one of the determined first pathloss, the determined... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140335869 - Method of configuring dual connectivity to ue in heterogeneous cell deployment: A method and a macro cell eN B are disclosed. The method includes receiving a measurement report message of the small cell from the UE connected to the macro cell, determining to configure dual connectivity with the macro cell and the small cell to the UE based on a measured... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140335870 - Method and apparatus for controllably handing over a mobile terminal to a small cell within a heterogeneous network: A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided for controlling the handover of a mobile terminal, particularly a quickly moving mobile terminal, to a small cell. In the method, the speed or the mobility state of the mobile terminal is determined. The method may also determine whether at least... Agent:

20140335871 - Method, apparatus, and computer program product for enabling nav protection for restricted access window: Embodiments of the invention provide signaling mechanisms for wireless networks composed of a large number of stations. An example method embodiment comprises: receiving, by a station in an access network, a frame from another station in the access network or from an overlapped access network, indicating time restrictions for reserving... Agent:

20140335875 - Device to device beacon, user equipment discovery, and resource allocation: Device discovery may be important in a variety of communication systems including, for example, wireless communication systems. Thus, certain embodiments may provide a device to device beacon design that may provide for efficient interference management and resource allocation. For example, a method may include preparing a proximity communication request including... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140335873 - Enhanced gsm cell acquisition: Embodiments of the present invention include devices, systems and methods for prevention of dropped calls. For example, a method for wireless communication is described. A wireless communication device begins an acquisition. A scan of absolute radio frequency channel numbers for supported bands is performed using a wideband receiver. The absolute... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140335874 - Method for detecting pci collisions: an information algorithm for informing a central network element (118) and/or at least one base station (120) of the mobile communication network about a conflict of physical cell identities when a conflict of physical cell identities is reported to the information algorithm; and initiating a reassignment of at least one... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20140335876 - Radio operations in a carrier aggregation system: A method comprises, in a carrier aggregation system having multiple component carriers, utilizing an air interface based collision avoidance procedure on at least one component carrier that is associated to a cellular radio access technology to check that a radio resource in the at least one component carrier is available;... Agent:

20140335872 - Systems and methods for re-establishing a connection: A method for re-establishing a connection by a user equipment (UE) is described. The method includes establishing a first connection between the UE and an Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN). The method also includes establishing a second connection between the UE and the E-UTRAN. The method also includes... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

20140335880 - Adaptive filter used for radio resource management: An apparatus (300) for use in a telecommunications system is disclosed. The apparatus (300) comprises a memory (340) and a controller (310). The apparatus (300) is configured to receive a radio frequency signal (150), determine an operating parameter and adapt a first filter function according to at least said operating... Agent:

20140335879 - Interference detection with ue signal subtraction: Interference may be detected in a cellular network by receiving signals at a target base station in a quiet resource block in which no uplink transmissions to the target base station are scheduled to occur, identifying a plurality of user equipment attached to base stations neighboring a target base station... Agent: Eden Rock Communications, LLC

20140335877 - Methods and apparatuses for dynamic backhaul bandwidth management in wireless networks: Techniques for dynamic backhaul bandwidth provisioning are described herein. For example, a method may include determining a potential subscriber user equipment load change, transmitting a backhaul bandwidth change request message based a potential subscriber UE load change, wherein the backhaul bandwidth change request message includes a requested backhaul bandwidth level,... Agent: Calix, Inc.

20140335881 - Optimized broadband wireless network performance through base station application server: In embodiments of the present disclosure improved capabilities are described for increasing the bandwidth in a large area broadband LTE wireless network, where regional optimization servers are incorporated near the wireless network in association with the public data network gateway, thus reducing the time-latency for applications being run from a... Agent:

20140335878 - Selection of a secondary component carrier based on interference information: A method includes selecting a candidate component carrier for a cell and determining if said candidate component carrier is to be used in said cell in dependence on information indicating activity in at least one of said cell and another cell using said candidate component carrier.... Agent:

20140335883 - Method and arrangement for dynamic allocation of a shared bandwidth: A radio network node and a method therein, for controlling usage of RAT and bandwidth in a radio communication system. The method includes allocating a first RAT to a first bandwidth, allocating a second RAT to a second bandwidth, and allocating the first and second RATs to a third bandwidth... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140335882 - Method for configuring dual connectivity: Disclosed is a method for configuring dual connectivity. A method for configuring dual connectivity, performed in a base station, may comprise receiving measurement information about a neighbor cell of the terminal from the terminal; obtaining information for configuring dual connectivity from the terminal or the base station; determining whether to... Agent: Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute

20140335894 - Collecting positioning reference data: It is inter alia disclosed to obtain or generate a plurality of sets of positioning reference data, at least one set of positioning reference data of the plurality of set of positioning reference data comprising a respective position information obtained or generated based on position-related information from at least one... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140335888 - Communication system, transmission device and receiving device: In a communication system, a transmitting unit divides each of latitude data and longitude data of a current location transmitted from a GPS receiver, at a predetermined digit position, into high order data and low order data. The transmitting unit makes a high order frame containing the high order data... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140335893 - Generating and using a location fingerprinting map: A computerized method for building a multisensory location map, the method may include: receiving, by an interface, multiple multisensory data vectors acquired by multiple mobile devices at multiple locations and location estimates indicative of the multiple locations; wherein at least a majority of the multiple locations are located within an... Agent:

20140335887 - Gps and wlan hybrid position determination: The present disclosure provides a method for determining a real-time position of a mobile device using a global positioning system (GPS) and wireless local area network (WLAN) hybrid positioning mode. The method includes determining, by a mobile device, the mobile device's environment area based on GPS satellite signals; determining an... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

20140335885 - Initiator-conditioned fine timing measurement service request: Embodiments for providing initiator-conditioned fine timing measurement service request are generally described herein. In some embodiments, a range management module is arranged to initiate transmission of a fine timing measurement request message for determining a timing measurement to a responding device. Timing measurement information is received in response to the... Agent:

20140335890 - Locating system: A locating system for locating an object is provided. The locating system comprises a transmitting device for transmitting a signal with the transmitting device communicable with a Bluetooth device. A receiving device receives the signal from the transmitting device with the receiving device releasably securable to the object. The locating... Agent:

20140335884 - Location based use of the dsrc spectrum: Methods, systems, and devices are described for using location information to determine whether to use at least a portion of a dedicated short range communications (DSRC) spectrum. Current location information of a multi-mode device is determined. The multi-mode device is operating outside of the DSRC spectrum. The current location information... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140335895 - Location-aware \"ghost\" caching in a balloon network: Methods and systems are disclosed herein that may help to provide location-aware caching and/or location-specific service profiles in a balloon network. An exemplary method may be carried out by a balloon that is at a location associated with the first geographic area in a balloon network that includes a plurality... Agent: Google Inc.

20140335889 - Method and devices for determining the position of a mobile communication device: A method for determining the position of a mobile communications device of a wireless communication network includes determining observational values, providing position information, and executing an optimization algorithm with respect to multiple mobile communications devices. The communications devices define a temporary geometric position network.... Agent:

20140335892 - Methods and apparatuses for use in providing navigation assistance data to mobile stations: Methods and apparatuses are provided which may be implemented in various devices to provide navigation assistance data and/or the like to a mobile station with regard to at least one of a plurality of different indoor regions. For example, a computing platform of a map inference device may establish encoded... Agent:

20140335886 - Network identifier position determining system and method for same: A network identifier position determination system and method. The network identifier position determination system includes a network identification module. When a terminal is connected to a network system through a wired/wireless network, the network identification module checks a network identifier that the terminal uses in order to be connected to... Agent: Thinkpool Co., Ltd

20140335891 - Systems and methods of offloaded positioning for determining location of wlan nodes: This disclosure includes systems and methods for determining the location of each of a plurality of STAs of a WLAN where an AP measures the round-trip time (RTT) and the angle of arrival (AOA) to each STA from implicit packet exchange, such as data frame and ACK frame. The AP... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140335896 - Method and system for locating a mobile terminal: The present invention relates to a method and system for locating a mobile terminal addressed in a location service request by an overlay identity. A database (60) is accessed to obtain a first routing information of the mobile terminal based on the overlay identity, and the first routing information is... Agent:

20140335899 - Event based service: An event based service provides services and/or products based on an event. Services/products are made available to persons attending an event. Services, products, and/or advertisements can be made available to persons via wireless mobile communications devices. The services/products can be made available to persons attending an event. Services/products can be... Agent:

20140335897 - Intelligent urban communications portal and methods: A system, device, and methods for monitoring and responding to information needs of users in an urban grid or local map area. The system is a platform to virtualize an urban space, provide map overlayers with local data content, and allow users to access personalized content having relevance based on... Agent: Kerbspace, Inc.

20140335898 - Method and apparatus for providing internet service based on user's location information in a communication system: Methods and apparatuses are provided for providing an internet service by a server in a communication system. A user interface for selecting whether to provide a search service based on location information of a subscriber station, is provided to the subscriber station. If the subscriber station selects to be provided... Agent:

20140335900 - Premises area map systems and methods: In an exemplary method, a premises map subsystem receives a user request for a premises area map of a premises area, provides the premises area map for display by a mobile device, provides supplemental data for display within the premises area map, determines that the mobile device is located at... Agent:

20140335901 - System, methods and nodes for providing zone-based services based on pairings between compatible profiles: Disclosed methods and systems allow provision of zone-based services to users. Both zones and users have their own profiles. A detection system allows determining when users enter or leave a zone. A pairing is calculated between compatible elements of zone profiles, or between compatible elements of the user profiles. Delivery... Agent:

20140335902 - Driver identification and data collection systems for use with mobile communication devices in vehicles: Systems, methods, and devices for determining the location of one or more mobile devices within a vehicle comprising: (a) a controller located within the vehicle and configured to transmit at least two audio signals, a first audio signal directed generally into a driver space within the vehicle and a second... Agent: Obdedge, LLC

20140335903 - Id management device, program, user terminal, and id management system: The present invention enables a user terminal to perform communication while maintaining anonymity of a user. An ID management device of the present invention includes a storage unit configured to store use status of identification information for communication of an application service provided within a predetermined area, an issuing unit... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20140335904 - Chat interaction between mobile phone and non-mobile phone devices: A method, computer program product, and computer system for identifying content on a computing device. A selection of an intended recipient of an electronic message is received. The content is transmitted from the computing device to a first mobile computing device. The content is transmitted from the first mobile computing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140335905 - Portable device for measuring blood alcohol level by using a mobile device susch as a phone, tablet or laptop: The portable breathalyzer accessory combines a blood alcohol content measuring tool with a mobile device to measure, store, and send the blood alcohol content of the user. The portable breathalyzer device attaches to a mobile device, wired or wirelessly, to display the blood alcohol content of the user, which is... Agent: Swaive Corporation

20140335906 - Network-initiated control method and apparatus for providing proximity service: The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. More particularly, disclosed are a network-initiated control method and an apparatus for providing a proximity service (ProSe). A method for supporting ProSe between a plurality of terminals at a network node of a wireless communication system according to one embodiment of... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140335907 - Dynamic point to point mobile network including base station aspects system and method: A computationally implemented system and method that is designed to, but is not limited to: relating first information with third information, the first information regarding second information having been received at first fixed position base station devices being part of a base station network, the second information regarding first communication... Agent:

20140335908 - Management of conversation circles for short-range audio communication: An apparatus for managing communication between headsets includes a first headset having a microphone, at least one earphone, and a wireless interface for voice and data communication with other headsets. The headset is distinguished from other headsets by a first identification code. The apparatus also includes a controller configured for... Agent: Bose Corporation

20140335909 - Methods and systems for wireless communication in heterogeneous networks: Systems, methods, and apparatuses for coverage matching in heterogeneous wireless communication networks are provided. The base station may adjust its receiver sensitivity to match the uplink and downlink coverage. In some implementations, the base station may transmit parameters reflecting its receiver sensitivity capability to a control entity. The control entity... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140335910 - Multifunction light controller equipped with localized control: An apparatus and method allow end users to interactively create complex lighting patterns by remote control. Applications include decorative lighting, landscape lighting, signage, or advertising platforms. A lighting control system can be equipped with sensors that can receive remote control signals from a variety of different sources, and route the... Agent:

20140335911 - Predictive caching of ip data on mobile device: Disclosed is a technique for caching IP content data for a mobile device. In the mobile device, a content request is sent to a server over an IP network, the content request indicative of IP content data of interest to the mobile device. The server retrieves the requested IP content... Agent:

20140335912 - Mobile terminal: A mobile terminal including a terminal body having a front surface and a rear surface; a front notification unit and a rear notification unit formed on the front surface and the rear surface, respectively, and configured to notify events generated in the mobile terminal using light emitted from light sources;... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140335914 - Health risk mitigating, retractable, wired headset and protective case platform for wireless communication devices: A method and apparatus for mitigating health risk from wireless communication device (WCD) usage wherein a WCD having a source of radiation generating excitatory radiation toward brain tissue and an earphone electrically connected to the WCD via a transceiver and a cord of sufficient length to permit the WCD to... Agent: Safer Technologies LLC

20140335913 - Mobile terminal and method of displaying image using the same: The present invention provides a mobile terminal and a method of displaying an image using the same. A method of displaying an image includes connecting a mobile terminal displaying an image on a screen to a display apparatus through a TV-out cable; terminating the display of the image on the... Agent:

20140335915 - Automatic selection of sim card for multi-sim mobile devices: A mobile device includes multiple subscriber identification module (SIM) cards. When a user of the mobile device requests to call a phone number, the mobile device determines a mobile telecommunications service provider of the phone number, based on service provider information received for the phone number from a service mapping... Agent: Bmobile LLC

20140335916 - Method and device for determining user handedness and controlling a user interface: A handheld portable device (10) receives information signals modulated over one or more radio frequency (RF) spectrums includes housing (150), a user interface (62) and a plurality of antennae (A1-A3) that are configured to respond to modulated RF information signals. Receivers (RX1-RX3) receive the modulated RF information signals from the... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140335917 - Dual beamform audio echo reduction: A telephonic device having a speakerphone function has a loudspeaker and a plurality of microphones. The plurality of microphones are coupled to a plurality of beamformers which produce a first beamform having a spatial null in the direction of the loudspeaker and a second beamform having a spatial null in... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140335918 - Energy storage device, method of manufacturing same, and mobile electronic device containing same: An energy storage device comprises a first porous semiconducting structure (510) comprising a first plurality of channels (511) that contain a first electrolyte (514) and a second porous semiconducting structure (520) comprising a second plurality of channels (521) that contain a second electrolyte (524). In one embodiment, the energy storage... Agent:

20140335919 - Electronic charging device: An apparatus for providing electrical power, including an electrically non-conductive generally cube-shaped housing, an electrical power supply operationally connected and positioned in the housing, a first plurality of power outlets electrically connected to power supply for connecting three-prong plugs, a second plurality of power outlets for connecting male USB connectors,... Agent:

20140335920 - Method for rule-based context acquisition: Methods and systems for rule-based context acquisition are disclosed herein. The method includes accepting a request for target context from an application at a context acquisition system and identifying context rules relating to the target context using a rule-based inference cache. The method also includes determining an inferred value of... Agent:

20140335921 - Mobile terminal with relative slide housing positions determining operational modes: In order to facilitate an operation of locking or unlocking a touch panel, a mobile terminal includes a first housing, a second housing connected to the first housing in a slidable manner, a touch panel provided on the first housing, a style detecting portion (S01, S08, S09) for detecting one... Agent:

20140335922 - Phone ring: Phone Ring is a phone case that has a circular inset that can be attached to a single, double or triple finger ring that has a very small prong soldered to the back of the ring to provides a way to insert the ring to the inset piece on the... Agent:

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20140329457 - Channel monitoring with plural frequency agile receivers: A system and method to efficiently use a plurality of ‘receivers’ to monitor a larger plurality of ‘sources’ for audio content. Upon identifying that a source is active, one of the plural receivers is assigned to convey the content to a destination. All other receivers are prevented from monitoring that... Agent: Rangecast Technologies, LLC

20140329456 - Proximity synchronization of audio content among multiple playback and storage devices: A wireless communication system and in particular to a wireless communication system for digital audio players that provides for increased functionality, such as communication, interaction and synchronization between a computing platform and various mobile, portable or fixed digital audio players, as well as providing a communication link between the various... Agent: Facebook, Inc.

20140329458 - Smart antenna: A smart antenna apparatus includes a casing, which supports an omnidirectional antenna array; a plurality of transceivers electrically connected with the antenna array; and a format converter and booster device electrically connected between the plurality of transceivers and a network port, said format converter and booster device comprising a multiplexer/de-multiplexer... Agent: Ventus Networks LLC

20140329459 - Multipurpose pad for mobile devices: A Multipurpose Pad for Mobile Devices may allow mobile devices to be used for multiple purposes at business establishments. A Multipurpose Pad for Mobile Devices may comprise a durable mat cut the shape of a mobile device and containing a base with plurality of gripping feet. It may also comprise... Agent:

20140329460 - Apparatus and method for finding and reporting lost items: Provided is a system, having: a lost-and-found system, implemented with one or more processors, the lost-and-found system having a server and a data repository, the data repository storing venue records; and a plurality of mobile devices each having a lost-and-found mobile application, the lost-and-found mobile application being operative to report... Agent:

20140329463 - Communication system, communication apparatus and communication method: A method for a communication device includes determining whether a first radio frequency (RF) signal at a level of at least a first predetermined field threshold is detected. The method also includes generating a second RF signal at a level of at least a second predetermined field threshold greater than... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140329464 - Method and apparatus for providing medical images via near-field communication: A method of providing a medical image about a patient, performed by a medical image providing apparatus. The method includes receiving patient identification (ID) information from a patient terminal via near-field communication (NFC), searching for information about an object to be diagnosed, based on the patient ID information, and obtaining... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20140329461 - Provisioning a wireless-capable device for a wireless network: Disclosed are exemplary embodiments of apparatus and methods for provisioning a wireless-capable device for a wireless network. In an exemplary embodiment, a wireless-capable device, e.g., a thermostat, generally includes provisioning component(s) configured to receive from, and without a wired connection to, a wireless user device at least a network profile... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20140329462 - Reducing receiver performance degradation due to frequency coexistence: Systems and apparatuses are provided for negating the degradation effects of fundamental coupling between at least two near field communication (NFC) enabled devices, at least one of which can receive frequency modulation (FM) signals. Due to the fundamental coupling, strong NFC signals can mix with blocking signals associated with a... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140329466 - Electronic apparatus with the function of switching between wired and wireless connection: An electronic apparatus with the function of switching between a wired and wireless connection is disclosed. The electronic apparatus includes an electronic apparatus body, a wireless module and a charging battery. When the electronic apparatus is connected to a host from a plug connection part in a wired way, the... Agent: Dexin Corporation

20140329465 - Method and apparatus for signal strength based connection parameters adjustment: A method, apparatus and computer program product are disclosed to allow for proximity detection in a manner that advantageously balances power consumption and latency. In the context of a method, the presence of a communication device is detected and a wireless link is caused to be established to provide a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140329467 - Wireless communications capable power distribution unit and techniques for communicating therewith: Methods, systems, and devices for wireless communication between a PDU and one or more devices within a limited communications range are described. A power distribution unit may be provided with a wireless communications module that may operate to communicate with user devices within a relatively close proximity. The wireless communications... Agent: Server Technology, Inc.

20140329468 - Un-tethered wireless audio system: A wireless speaker audio system configured to receive audio information wirelessly transmitted by an audio source including first and second wireless transceivers. The first wireless transceiver establishes a bidirectional secondary wireless link with the audio source for receiving and acknowledging receipt of the audio information. The first and second wireless... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140329472 - Antenna environment sensing device: Embodiments relate to a sensing device configured to sense the environment of an antenna in a wireless communications or wireless power transfer device without impacting data signal or transferred power integrity. By incorporating a sensing device in the wireless device that operates outside the data signal operating and operational power... Agent: Commsense LLC

20140329471 - Network suitability for a streaming device: A device is provided that analyzes one or more signal metrics to generate a signal measurement. The signal measurement is utilized to indicate whether or not a particular location of the device is suitable for receiving streamed content. A communication module of the device may receive one or more signals... Agent:

20140329469 - Location based carrier and technology specific spectrum analysis: There is provided a network test apparatus that determines a geographic location, determines one or more carriers operating within one or more frequency bands for the determined geographic location, and displays, in response to the determined geographic location, each carrier operating at one or more frequency bands at the determined... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20140329470 - Method and antenna system for setting working antenna units: A method is adapted for controlling an antenna system that includes multiple antenna groups, each including multiple antenna units. The method includes: controlling each of the antenna units of each of the antenna groups to receive one and the same test signal; generating, for each antenna unit, a quality indicator,... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corporation

20140329473 - Mobile device antenna: In some aspects, an antenna system for a mobile device includes a multi-feed structure and a main antenna structure. The feeds reside on a substantially planar surface of a substrate. Each of the feeds has a first end connected to at least one of the other feeds and a second... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140329474 - Computing device with configurable antenna: A computing device with a configurable antenna. The antenna is configured through a switching circuit operating under software control. Operating characteristics of the antenna are configured based on connections between conducting segments established by the switching circuit, allowing the nominal frequency, bandwidth or other characteristics of the antenna to be... Agent:

20140329475 - Front-end circuit for band aggregation modes: A front-end circuit for a wireless communication unit includes at least two antenna feeds. At least one of the antennas is coupled to an antenna switch. The circuit comprises filters and duplexers and is prepared to operate a number of FDD frequency bands. Each FDD band comprises an Rx band... Agent: Epcos Ag

20140329476 - Electronic device: A compact electronic device as a constituent element of a wireless communication system using a sensor. A first feature of the device is that a first semiconductor chip is bare-chip-mounted over a front surface of a first wiring board in the form of a chip and a second semiconductor chip... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20140329477 - Hot-swappable hardware for wireless microwave links: Methods and systems are provided for hot-swappable hardware for communication links (e.g., wireless microwave links). A communication assembly that comprises processing circuitry may be configured to allow replacing a circuitry element during active operation of the communication assembly. The replacing may comprise configuring the communication assembly to communicate signals based... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

20140329478 - Electromagnetic transmitter: A pressure resistant, impact resistant, and corrosion resistant electromagnetic transmitter for pipeline uses and other applications. During use, the ferromagnetic core, the electromagnetic windings, and the other electromagnetic transmission components of the transmitter are entirely contained and sealed within a rugged outer housing.... Agent:

20140329479 - Frequency tuning for lc circuits: Apparatus and methods are disclosed related to tuning a resonant frequency of an LC circuit. In some implementations, the LC circuit can be embodied in a low noise amplifier (LNA) of a receiver. The receiver can include a component configured to generate an indicator of received signal strength indication (RSSI)... Agent:

20140329480 - Detection and mitigation of interference in a receiver: A receiver architecture optimizes receiver performance in the presence of interference. In various embodiments, power estimation circuits are used with variable selectivity to determine the exact nature of the interference and to optimize the performance correspondingly. The variable selectivity is achieved using stages of filtering with progressively narrower bandwidths. Also,... Agent: Spreadtrum Communications Usa

20140329481 - Band translation with protection of in-home networks: Methods and systems are provided for band translation with protection. A signal processing circuitry (chip) may be configured to handle a plurality of signals, comprising at least a first signal corresponding to internal communication within an in-premises network and at least a second signal originating from a source external to... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

20140329482 - Apparatus and a method for handling a received signal, and a mixer unit: An apparatus for handling a received signal comprises a reception device, a mixer unit and a compensating unit. The reception unit can receive a received signal. The received signal has at least one signal component at a first frequency. Furthermore, the mixer unit can combine the received signal and a... Agent:

20140329483 - Devices, methods, and systems for initial signal acquisition: Methods and apparatus for selecting one or more suitable antennas for use during power-up/initial acquisition and out of service modes are disclosed. In some examples, initial system acquisition may be performed for a particular receive circuit utilizing a selected one of a first antenna or a second antenna, based on... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140329484 - Jammer resistant noise cancelling receiver front end: Techniques for providing a jammer-resistant noise-cancelling receiver front end with band-pass impedance matching and good power efficiency. In an aspect, the center frequency of the band-pass impedance matching advantageously tracks the local oscillator frequency. In an aspect, first and second receive signal paths are provided, with an R-C network coupled... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140329485 - Method and apparatus for beamforming: An example method of tactical communication is provided. The method includes receiving information indicating a tactical situation associated with a target area. The tactical situation is one of a missile in-flight, an eavesdropper, a signal jammer, and a transceiver located in a zone of interest. The method further includes performing... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20140329490 - Emergency notification system for a portable device: Systems and methods for providing alerts to end users of networked enabled portable devices are provided so that the end users are made aware when broadcast emergency alerts are issued. In various embodiments, a portable device is enabled to receive information about an emergency alert broadcast of which the user... Agent:

20140329488 - Identifying source of tty based emergency call: An message may be sent to an emergency call center. Before the message is received by the emergency call center, it may be determined that at least a portion of the message is not formatted in accordance with a teletypewriter protocol. The message may be reformatted in accordance with a... Agent:

20140329486 - Method for transmitting signal using short range communication and electronic device thereof: A method and electronic device for transmitting an emergency signal. The method includes: establishing a short-range communication link with a counterpart electronic device using a first short-range communication network; generating an emergency signal when the short-range communication link with the counterpart electronic device is cut off; and broadcasting the emergency... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140329489 - Multimedia emergency services: A mechanism is provided for remotely controlling one or more monitoring devices in a user's household in the event of emergency so as to more productively monitor the emergency situation on a real-time basis. The monitoring devices may include a number of multimedia instruments such as a telephone with an... Agent:

20140329487 - Providing a user interface experience based on inferred vehicle state: A mobile device is described herein that provides a user interface experience to a user who is operating the mobile device within a vehicle. The mobile device provides the user interface experience using mode functionality. The mode functionality operates by receiving inference-input information from one or more input sources. At... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140329492 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for processing alerts relating to an in-vehicle control unit: A management system using Global Positioning System receivers for tracking remote units from a central office and quickly and conveniently determining if those remote units have varied from a set of predetermined parameters of operation. The system also includes provisions that allows information to be sent from the remote units... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140329491 - Protectem (domestic abuse and emergency app): ProtectEM is a mobile application created to provide emergency (911) services to individuals in cases of domestic abuse, rape, kidnapping, sexual assaults, and any other form of un-provoked violence. The app can be downloaded from regular app stores to any mobile device, or can be embedded into wearable device/accessories like... Agent:

20140329493 - Wireless user based notification system: A group of wireless device users are notified of an event. A location data determination algorithm is provided to a wireless device, where the algorithm determines a frequency at which the device interacts with network elements to determine its location. The location data is stored in a notification server and... Agent: Unwired Planet, LLC

20140329495 - Apparatus and method for controlling policy and charging in flat networks: A method for performing policy and charging control (PCC) in a decentralized network architecture includes performing, by a first base station (BS), a procedure of initial network entry of a mobile station (MS), determining, by the first BS, first PCC rules for the MS by using at least one of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140329496 - Application processing method and mobile terminal: An application processing method and a mobile terminal are provided. The method includes: analyzing an operation right of an application when the application executes an invoking operation for a fee deduction event; allowing the application to execute the invoking operation if the application has an operation right for the fee... Agent:

20140329494 - Method for policy control and charging for d2d services: Systems and methods are provided for providing policy control and charging for device to device (D2D) services. A network entity transmits, to at least one mobile entity, configuration data including device-to-device data, and receives, from the at least one mobile entity, an accounting report associated with device-to-device communication. The network... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140329500 - Anti-theft protection method and device for cellular phone: An anti-theft protection method and device for a cellular phone is provided. The method includes: judging whether the cellular phone satisfies a pre-set condition for starting an anti-theft mode, if so, starting the anti-theft mode; and transmitting anti-theft protection information to a designated contact to instruct the designated contact to... Agent:

20140329502 - Certification method using an embedded uicc certificate, provisioning and mno changing methods using the certification method, embedded uicc therefor, mno system, and recording medium: The present invention relates to a system constituted by a mobile network operator (MNO), a subscription manager (SM), and an embedded UICC (eUICC), wherein the MNO system or the SM stores an eUICC certificate that can verify the identity of the eUICC, transfers the eUICC certificate to the MNO system... Agent: Kt Corporation

20140329504 - Dynamically switching network service providers: Methods and systems for dynamic switching between service providers are described. The method includes receiving a service provider switch (SPS) request from a User Equipment (UE) having a subscriber identity module (SIM) associated with a primary service provider where the request is indicative of switching the SIM from the primary... Agent:

20140329501 - Method and apparatus for provisioning of information in a cellular communication network: A network management system for managing communications in a cellular communication network comprising an access point operably coupled to an access controller. The network management system comprises an access controller configuration logic module arranged to configure the access controller with configuration information. The network management system further comprises an access... Agent:

20140329499 - Method and system for managing information on mobile devices: A method and apparatus that protect information on a mobile device. The method and mobile device obtain a predetermined portion of asymmetric information upon an input of the asymmetric information in the mobile device; generate an identifier by using a first generating algorithm that uses the predetermined portion of the... Agent:

20140329503 - Method, module of access controls and a ue comprising the same: There is no detailed scheme implementing access controls using extended access barring (EAB) in the current technology. The invention provides a method, module and UE of implementing access controls, the method comprises the following steps: b. determining (104, 105) whether the UE has a special access level which is valid... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20140329497 - Smartdevices enabled secure access to multiple entities (sesame): This invention proposes novel systems, methods and apparatus that utilize smart devices (e.g., smartphones) capable of reading/processing biometric inputs, and wireless communications over secure, short-range wireless channels (e.g., near field communications (NFC)) to securely access websites and cyber-physical system (CPS) entities such as vehicles, rooms and control knobs as well... Agent:

20140329498 - Systems and methods for power save during initial link setup: Systems, methods, and devices for communicating data in a wireless communications network are described herein. In some aspects, an access point receives an authentication request from a station. The access point transmits an authentication initiation request to an authentication server. The access point transmits an authentication response, which includes an... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140329505 - Methods, systems, and products for notifications: A voicemail notification indicates a caller has recorded a voicemail. The voicemail notification may be sent to any destination, such as a caller's device. The voicemail notification may be displayed in a communication log to visually indicate that the voicemail was recorded. A different notification may be sent and displayed... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140329506 - Wireless user based notification system: A group of wireless device users are notified of an event. A location data determination algorithm is provided to a wireless device, where the algorithm determines a frequency at which the device interacts with network elements to determine its location. The location data is stored in a notification server and... Agent: Unwired Planet, LLC

20140329509 - Method for controlling status information and an electronic device thereof: An apparatus and a method for controlling status information in an electronic device are provided. The method for controlling the status information in the electronic device includes checking status information of other electronic device using a signal received from the other electronic device, determining control information corresponding to the status... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140329508 - Method, cell phone and system for accessing a computer resource over a network via microphone-captured audio: The disclosure relates, e.g., to media processing methods and arrangements. One method includes: obtaining first optical data in a first user's cell phone, the first optical data corresponding to a first face of a product's packaging, the product also including a second face of the packaging, the first face comprises... Agent: Digimarc Corporation

20140329507 - System and method for automatic call scheduling: A computer system for connecting a user to a scheduled call, including a processor in communication with non-volatile memory and code for receiving a user phone number where the user may be contacted and information allowing access to the user's calendar or email, code for accessing the user's calendar or... Agent:

20140329510 - Content sharing for mobile devices: Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to content sharing for mobile devices. In aspects, images that are created using mobile devices may be automatically uploaded to one or more targets. In addition, images created on the one or more targets may be automatically downloaded to the mobile device... Agent:

20140329511 - Audio conferencing: The invention relates to audio conferencing. Audio signals are received and transformed to a spectrum, and then modified by mel-frequency scaling and logarithmic scaling before a second-order transform. The obtained coefficients can be further processed before carrying out the similarity comparison between signals. Voice activity detection and other information like... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140329514 - Concepts for enhanced call control: Computer program products, methods, systems, apparatus, and computing entities are provided for call control. In one embodiment, it can be determined whether an outbound phone number is one of a plurality of target telephone numbers. Responsive to determining that the outbound phone number is one of the plurality of target... Agent: Mbte Sweden Ab

20140329512 - Method and apparatus for silencing a communications device: A method, apparatus and computer program product for silencing a communications device is presented. A disable signal is received wirelessly from an external source at the communications device. In response to receiving the disable signal, notifications related to the communications device are disabled.... Agent:

20140329517 - Operating broadband public safety mobile communication: A method includes providing a broadband public safety network PSN that includes at least a first MS1 and a second MS2 mobile device and a first coverage area; and providing a broadband mobile communication network CN including a second coverage area 104. The method includes detecting the MS1 and MS2... Agent:

20140329513 - Preventing cell phone use while driving: A first biometric sensor is configured to obtain a first biometric identifier from the driver of a motor vehicle and provide the driver's biometric identifier to a computer. A second biometric sensor coupled to a cell phone or other wireless communications device enabler/disabler, is configured to obtain a second biometric... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20140329515 - Systems, methods, circuits and associated software for augmenting contact details stored on a communication device with data relating to the contact contained on social networking sites: Disclosed are methods, circuits, systems and applications for providing messaging services which may provide for download, synchronization, voicemail-message to text-message translation, direct access and handling of selected voicemail messages through a user's user interface. Further disclosed are systems, methods, circuits and associated software for retrieving data associated with contacts stored... Agent:

20140329516 - Traffic characteristic based selection of serving base station: For the purpose of selecting a base station (110, 120) to be used as a serving base station of a mobile terminal (100), a traffic characteristic of the mobile terminal (100) is determined. The traffic characteristic may in particular be indicative of an asymmetry between downlink and uplink data traffic... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140329519 - Eyeglasses with electronic components: A microphone, transmitter, speaker, receiver, and power source, all mounted to an eyeglasses frame, for sending and receiving signals wirelessly to and from a remote cell phone or other electronic device. The microphone and the transmitter can be mounted to extension arms that can be extended, pivoted, or otherwise moved... Agent:

20140329518 - System and method for remotely controlling features of wireless mobile devices: Systems and methods of controlling features of a wireless mobile device are provided. The method includes receiving a signal, the signal including a MAC OUI and serial number carried therein, determining if the features of the wireless mobile device are in a correct state in accordance with the MAC OUI... Agent:

20140329520 - Line of sight (los) detection in a cellular communications network: Systems and methods for detecting a Line of Sight (LOS) in a cellular communications network are provided. In one embodiment, a network node in the cellular communications network determines whether a wireless device is within LOS of a base station. In order do so, the network node compares a Ricean... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140329521 - Apparatus, system, and method for enabling communication among a plurality of different communication devices: An apparatus for enabling communication among a plurality of different communication devices is provided. Additionally, a system for enabling communication among a plurality of different communication devices is provided. Further, a method for enabling communication among a plurality of different communication devices using an apparatus is provided.... Agent: Stauder Consulting, Inc.

20140329522 - Distributed seamless roaming in wireless networks: One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for configuring an access point in a wireless network. During operation, the access point discovers one or more existing access points associated with the wireless network. The access point then obtains a set of configuration information from one existing access point,... Agent:

20140329523 - Avoiding formation of a call loop resulting from handling of a mobile terminated call in parallel with a location update in a wireless communication network: A call loop avoidance capability is provided for preventing formation of a call loop resulting from handling of a mobile terminated (MT) call in parallel with a location update for a mobile device (MD) in a wireless communication network. The call loop avoidance capability prevents formation of a call loop... Agent:

20140329524 - Methods and apparatus to scan a wireless communication spectrum: Methods and apparatus are disclosed to scan a wireless communication spectrum. An example method disclosed herein includes causing a first scanner to determine, for a frequency of a wireless communication spectrum, a decoded base station identifier, causing a second scanner to determine a plurality of signal strengths at the frequency... Agent:

20140329525 - Methods and devices for associating users to base stations in third generation wireless networks using fairness considerations: The transmission of data from base stations to users (and their devices) in a wireless network is made using proportional fairness without sacrificing throughput by taking in to account fairness considerations at the time the devices are associated with a base station.... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20140329527 - Access control for macrocell to femtocell handover: Access to a femtocell can be controlled as part of handover of a mobile device from macrocell to femtocell. Macro network platform issues a handover (HO) request towards femto network platform and a single virtual femto node, which represents a plurality of femto access points (APs). Location estimate(s) for the... Agent:

20140329526 - Coordinating handover events across rats: Methods, systems, and devices are described for managing network communication between a UE and network equipment. The communication between the UE and the network equipment may be established over a first radio access technology (RAT) and a second RAT, and a coupling between the first RAT and the second RAT... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140329528 - Method and device for evaluating network performance: The present application provides a method and device for evaluating network performance, which relate to the field of communications technologies. The method includes: obtaining statistical data characterizing network performance; according to the statistical data, obtaining performance of neighbor relationship adjustment, or obtaining a degree to which the neighbor relationship adjustment... Agent:

20140329529 - Method of cell reselection by applying supreme priority in wireless communication system and apparatus for the same: A method of a cell reselection performed by a user equipment (UE) in a wireless communication system, the method comprising: receiving supreme priority information from a target cell, the supreme priority information indicating whether a deprioritization is applied; applying the supreme priority information, if the supreme priority information indicates that... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140329530 - User terminal, base station, and communication control method: A user terminal includes a memory unit for storing frequency arrangement information indicating a relationship between a first frequency band used by the user terminal and a second frequency band used by a neighbor cell other than a cell that communicates with the user terminal, and a cell transition index... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20140329533 - Hsupa carrier activation notification: A radio access network (20) comprises a serving base station (28S) configured to control a serving cell (34S) in an active set of a wireless terminal (30) as well as a non-serving base station (28N) configured to control a non-serving cell (34N) in the active set of the wireless terminal... Agent:

20140329532 - Method and apparatus for allocating radio network temporary identifier: A method and a device for allocating a radio network temporary identifier are provided. According to the utilization of radio network temporary identifier resources, a gateway sends an update message for radio network temporary identifier resources to a micro cell, or a micro cell notifies a gateway of updating an... Agent:

20140329531 - Service continuity during local breakout in a femtocell: Service continuity is provided when a user equipment (UE), employing local breakout mechanisms at a femto access point (FAP) for a communication session, moves out of the femto coverage area. In particular, a network change detection component can be employed to detect when the UE, attached to the FAP, changes... Agent:

20140329534 - Power management in a cellular system: There is provided a method for controlling a power allocation in a base station of a cell in a cellular communications network across a plurality of sub-bands. It is determined whether a long-term performance achieved by the cell exceeds a first threshold value and a total transmit power is allocated... Agent: Ubiquisys Limited

20140329535 - Method and apparatus for device to device relay selection: A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided in connection with D2D relay link selection in a LTE based access network. In one example, a communications device is equipped to determine that the communications device (e.g., a UE) is able to establish a relay... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140329539 - Determining location of mobile device: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method and apparatus for determining the location of a mobile device. Specifically, the method comprises: receiving the location message from a neighboring mobile device, the location message comprising the location of the neighboring mobile device at the current time which is obtained... Agent:

20140329541 - Method and system for heuristic location tracking: A method and system for provision of a notification based on location of a target device and heuristic information, the method maintaining, in a storage module, a location profile of a target mobile device based on heuristic information for the target mobile device; receiving the current location of the target... Agent:

20140329537 - Method for determining a position of a router and system tehrof: The present invention provides a method for determining a position of a router having Bluetooth 4.0 or a later version communication function and WiFi communication function, comprising: providing a plurality of LED lamps each having Bluetooth 4.0 or a later version communication function; constructing a map comprising the locations of... Agent:

20140329538 - Methods and apparatuses for characterizing and affecting mobile device location accuracy and/or uncertainty: Techniques are provided, which may be implemented via various methods, apparatuses, and/or articles of manufacture. For example, an electronic device may obtain an estimated location of a mobile device, determine a quality of a geometric distribution of transmitting devices capable of transmitting wireless signals to the mobile device at the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140329543 - Radio communication device, radio communication system, and position estimation method: A radio communication device performs radio communication with a tag which includes a first short-range radio communication module, wherein the radio communication device includes a second short-range radio communication module that measures electric field strength of a radio wave from the tag, a sensor that detects a motion of the... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20140329540 - Scalable real-time location detection based on overlapping neural networks: A system and method for real-time location detection consists of three groups of components. Mobile subjects to be tracked are equipped with wireless transceivers capable of sending and optionally for receiving data over pre-determined radio frequency (RF) band(s). Router/base station access point devices are equipped with wireless transceivers capable of... Agent: Consortium P, Inc.

20140329536 - Synthetic wideband ranging design: A method includes sequentially transmitting a ranging signal a predetermined number of times in different frequency bands to form a wideband ranging signal. The method further includes receiving a range estimate based at least in part on the wideband ranging signal.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140329542 - Wireless device location services: A system for determining location information for a wireless device is described. The system includes a UE, a LE and multiple LMUs. The LE sends, to the LMUs, reception instructions with characteristics of the signal transmission from the UE and each LMU receives, from the LE, the reception instructions. The... Agent: Wireless Future Technologies Inc.

20140329545 - Apparatus and systems for providing location-based services within a wireless network: A system for providing wireless telecommunications services to mobile devices includes structure and functionality for location-based services, and includes both server and client/mobile device apparatuses. One apparatus includes a data store storing at least a first record associated with a first wireless device or a second record associated with a... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20140329546 - Enhanced location based services: Location information (e.g., GPS information) pertaining to the location of a device may be integrated into a distributed antenna system (DAS) to enhance location based services. This may be accomplished via a system that filters and combines GPS information with DAS information. Utilization of the enhanced location based services system... Agent:

20140329547 - Location-based information service method and mobile terminal therefor: A location-based information service method for improving utilization of location-based information services and a mobile terminal for implementing the location-based information service method are provided. A method for providing an information service using a mobile terminal includes acquiring, at a mobile terminal, location information, determining an Internet Protocol (IP) address... Agent:

20140329544 - System and method for managing information of parking lot, and parking lot information providing apparatus: A system and a method for managing information of a parking lot, and parking lot information providing apparatus are provided. The includes a processor of a vehicle that recognizes information of a wireless access point (Wi-Fi AP) in the parking lot and a storage server that receives the information of... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140329549 - Dynamic prioritization of label downloads: Map labels are dynamically downloaded to a wireless communication device for efficiently labelling a map displayed on the device. A method of dynamically downloading map labels to a wireless communications device includes steps of determining a size of label data for an area of interest and dynamically downloading the label... Agent:

20140329548 - Text message location tracking using comet trail representing speed and direction: A first mobile device may receive, via a text messaging application, first location information from a second mobile device. The first location information may indicate a first geographic location of the second mobile device. The first mobile device may receive, via the text messaging application, second location information from the... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20140329550 - Paging for longer paging cycles: A radio network node receives a page request from a core network node. The page request indicates to page a wireless communication device. The radio network node determines a next occurrence of a monitoring window during which the wireless communication device will monitor a paging channel associated with the radio... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140329552 - Duty cycling to reduce average transmit power: A user device receives a command to transmit information at a transmit power level specified by a wireless carrier. The user device determines whether transmitting the information at the specified transmit power level using a first duty cycle will cause the user device to violate a condition. Responsive to determining... Agent:

20140329551 - Method and apparatus for controlling uplink power in wireless communication system: A method and an apparatus for controlling uplink power in a wireless communication system are provided. The method for controlling uplink power of a User Equipment (UE) forming a transmission link with a plurality of BSs (BSs), a power headroom report trigger event by at least one of the plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140329553 - Mobile station apparatus, communication system, communication method, and integrated circuit: A base station apparatus efficiently controls transmission of an uplink signal to a mobile station apparatus. A transmission power setting unit sets transmission power for a physical uplink shared channel using one of a plurality of calculated path losses. A power headroom generation unit generates a first power headroom and... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140329554 - Telecommunications system, base station, user equipment and method for ensuring high quality connections: A base station (140, 210) for use in a telecommunications system (200), which further comprises at least a second base station (140, 220) and a user equipment (230) is disclosed. The base station (140, 210) comprises a memory (520) for storing instructions and data, a radio-frequency interface (530) for communicating... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140329555 - Uplink power control method and device: Disclosed is an uplink power control method, which is used for realizing power control over uplink channels with different uplink transmission times so as to ensure that the total transmit power of terminal equipment in a sub-frame does not exceed maximum transmit power and that a system can work normally.... Agent:

20140329557 - Method and apparatus for reporting dual mode capabilities in a long term evolution network: An apparatus for communicating with a Long-Term Evolution LTE network comprises a wireless communications module FDD operable in a Frequency Division Duplexing FDD mode and a Time Division Duplexing TDD mode, the apparatus having different capabilities in the FDD and TDD modes. The apparatus sends capability information related to capabilities... Agent:

20140329556 - Radio communication system, its method, device and program used for them: In a communication system which can be connected to two different radio communication networks, wireless link quality information on a base station around both of terminals performing communication by using one radio communication network and according to the wireless link quality information, it is judged whether a radio terminal is... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140329558 - Electronic device with multiple antenna feeds and adjustable filter and matching circuitry: Electronic devices may include antenna structures. The antenna structures may form an antenna having first and second feeds at different locations. A first transceiver may be coupled to the first feed using a first circuit. A second transceiver may be coupled to the second feed using a second circuit. The... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140329559 - Predictive caching of ip data: Disclosed is a technique for predictively caching IP content data for a mobile device. In the mobile device, a content request is sent to an intelligent cache server over an IP network, the content request indicative of recurring IP content data of interest to the mobile device. The intelligent cache... Agent:

20140329560 - Methods and apparatuses for reconnecting calls with quality problems or reconnecting dropped calls: The invention provides methods and apparatuses covering subscriber initiated handoff to improve call quality, change networks, record a quality event, or for other purposes. The subscriber initiated handoff is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with a wireless network.... Agent:

20140329561 - Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same: A mobile terminal includes a sub-device that is attached thereto or detached therefrom, to remotely control the operation and state of the terminal. The mobile terminal includes: a sub-device having an input/output unit and attached to or detached from the terminal; and a controller configured to receive a user input... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140329562 - Intelligent backhaul radio with adaptive channel bandwidth control: A intelligent backhaul radio have an advanced antenna system for use in PTP or PMP topologies. The antenna system provides a significant diversity benefit. Antenna configurations are disclosed that provide for increased transmitter to receiver isolation, adaptive polarization and MIMO transmission equalization. Adaptive optimization of transmission parameters based upon side... Agent:

20140329563 - Information processing method and system, and recording medium: The present invention relates to an information processing method and system, and a recording medium, and the information processing system includes a storage medium for storing identification information of a wireless terminal; a checking section for checking whether the wireless terminal is positioned in a vehicle; a converting section for... Agent:

20140329565 - Cellular phone with automatic advertising: A device such as a cellular phone configured to automatically display one or more messages, such as advertisements, upon activation of certain features of the phone.... Agent:

20140329566 - Cellular phone with automatic advertising: Systems and techniques, including computer software, for retrieving information to a mobile device involve installing a data retrieval application on the mobile device. The data retrieval application includes instructions for presenting a structured data display on the mobile device, defining a structure of the structured data display, requesting selected hyperlinks... Agent:

20140329564 - User interface apparatus and associated methods: s

20140329567 - Mobile device with automatic volume control: A mobile device includes a speaker configured to produce output, a proximity sensor configured to generate distance data, an orientation sensor configured to generate orientation data, and a processing circuit. The processing circuit calculates a distance between the mobile device and a region proximate to a user's ear based on... Agent:

20140329568 - Echo canceller and echo cancellation method: An echo canceller and an echo cancellation method are provided. The echo canceller includes a self-adaptive filter, a voice signal detection portion and a path change detection portion; a far-end voice signal is propagated in an echo path through a speaker and is picked up by a microphone to form... Agent: Zte Corporation

20140329569 - Portable wireless device: Provided is a portable wireless device (100) including: a circuit board (130); an input unit wiring pattern (140) comprising a flexible substrate that is separate from the circuit board (130); and an antenna element (160) of which a power feed unit (162) is connected to the substrate edge (130a) of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140329570 - Wireless communication device: An exemplary wireless communication device includes a circuit board, a metal board, and a display module. The circuit board includes two groups of connecting terminals. The metal board is located on the circuit board and includes two metal bodies. The display module is located on the metal board. One metal... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140329571 - Back cover structure: A back cover structure disposed on the back of the portable electronic device includes a cover body, a plurality of replaceable adornments and a switching structure. The cover body has an outer surface, an inner surface opposite to the outer surface and facing the portable electronic device, and a through... Agent: Taer Innovation Co., Ltd.

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