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12/18/2014 > 146 patent applications in 61 patent subcategories.

20140370801 - Method and apparatus for a device to control transmissions of safety messages from other vehicles: A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. The apparatus receives a first BSM from a first wireless communication device, determines control information associated with the first BSM, and transmits the first BSM to at least a second wireless communication device based on the... Agent:

20140370802 - Wireless communication method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving frame through relay: The present invention provides a wireless communication method used for transmitting and receiving a relay in a wireless local area network system. The wireless local area network system according to an embodiment of the present invention relates to a wireless communication method of setting a relay link through a relay... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140370805 - Methods and apparatus for improving re-activation of a nfc-f based remote nfc device: Techniques for improving re-activation of an NFC-F based remote near field communication (NFC) device are described. A polling NFC device may be configured to determine that an NFC-F based remote NFC device was previously deactivated, and transmit a sense request message to enable the remote NFC device to receive an... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140370803 - Methods and apparatus for improving remote nfc device detection using a low power oscillator circuit: A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for inductive communication are provided in connection with providing mechanisms for detecting a remote NFC device without excessive power consumption. In one example, a communications device is equipped to monitor frequency oscillations associated with a NFC antenna using a calibrated LPO,... Agent:

20140370806 - Near-field communication and impact sensor: A device including at least one of an NFC reader or and NFC tag. An impact sensor to detect an impact to the device. Wherein the impact to the device effects whether data is transferred to a second device.... Agent:

20140370804 - Nfc communications with multiple nfc antennas: Various configurations and arrangements of various communication devices and antenna solutions are disclosed. Antenna solutions disclosed herein include a near field communication (NFC) controller, and at least one antenna interface circuit, which together may control and effectuate NFC communications via at least two NFC antennas. The at least two NFC... Agent:

20140370807 - Communicating wireless pairing information for pairing an electronic device to a host system: During a pairing procedure between an electronic device and a host system, the host system may output audiovisual data that communicates wireless pairing information. The electronic device may detect the audiovisual data and determine the wireless pairing information by processing the audiovisual data that it detects. The wireless pairing information... Agent:

20140370814 - Connecting wireless devices: The present invention provides a method and system for connecting wireless devices by receiving from a user's wireless device an environmental sound of the environment where the user is located. The method also includes obtaining a list of other wireless devices that are in the same environment as the user,... Agent:

20140370812 - Enhanced wireless handset, including direct handset-to-handset communication mode: A wireless handset is provided with enhanced features and capabilities. The wireless handset may be embodied as a full-featured handset that is capable of operating either within a wireless network (such as a cellular or PCS network) or in a direct handset-to-handset communication mode that is independent of the wireless... Agent:

20140370809 - Inter-frame spacing adaptation for yielding to dsrc operation: Methods, systems, and devices are described for adapting access timing parameters when using DSRC spectrum. A multi-mode device may adapt at least one access timing parameter while operating within the DSRC spectrum. The at least one access timing parameter may be adapted to provide priority to transmissions of DSRC devices... Agent:

20140370811 - Method and apparatus for transmitting content in portable terminal: A method and an apparatus for transmitting content in a portable terminal are provided. The method includes searching for devices, to each of which content is to be transmitted, by a first communication module, and displaying information indicating devices discovered as a result of the search; determining, when a particular... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140370815 - Methods and apparatus for lost connection handling: A computer-implemented method, executable by a vehicle computing system (VCS), includes determining that a connection between a wireless device and a VCS has been lost. The method further includes determining if a driver is present in the vehicle, upon a lost link detection. The method additionally includes waiting until an... Agent:

20140370808 - Negative ion wireless accessory: A negative ion wireless accessory. The negative ion wireless accessory includes an anion emitting ornament. The negative ion wireless accessory also includes an auxiliary device attached to the anion emitting ornament and configured to establish a wireless connection to communicate with an external device.... Agent:

20140370816 - Proximity-related device determinations: In general, one aspect of the subject matter described herein can be embodied in methods that include the actions of: for each of a plurality of devices, perceiving, in relation to the device, one or more proximate devices, generating a record of the perception of the one or more proximate... Agent:

20140370813 - System and method for facilitating short-range wireless communications between a mobile wireless device and an auxiliary system: The present invention relates to a system and method for facilitating short-range wireless communications between a mobile wireless device and an auxiliary device. The wireless device includes a short-range transceiver for communicating with an auxiliary device; a signal module for providing a mode control signal; and, a control module for... Agent:

20140370810 - Vicinity-based undocking for a wireless docking application: This disclosure describes wireless communication techniques, protocols, methods, and devices applicable to a docking system environment in which aspects of wireless docking may function using vicinity-based undocking techniques. In some examples, the techniques of this disclosure enable a wireless docking center to undock a wireless dockee in a situation where... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140370818 - Auto-discovery and auto-configuration of media devices: Embodiments of the present application relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, wearable, hand held, and portable computing devices for facilitating communication of information. Disclosed are wireless media devices that automatically discover and automatically configure themselves to communicate with and seamlessly operate with... Agent: Aliphcom

20140370817 - Determining proximity for devices interacting with media devices: Embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and portable and wearable media devices. Media devices may include RF transceivers and proximity sensors for detecting a user, another wireless device, or both that are positioned in proximity of the media device and take... Agent:

20140370819 - Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing instructions for information processing device, information processing device, and method for controlling information processing device: An information processing device may be configured to communicate with a communication destination device selected as a communication target among a plurality of devices. The information processing device may store, in the storage unit, first identifying information for identifying a device that was selected as a communication destination device among... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140370821 - Methods and apparatus for testing electronic devices with antenna arrays: A wireless electronic device may be provided with antenna structures. The antenna structures may be formed from an antenna ground and an array of antenna resonating elements formed along its periphery. The antenna resonating elements may be formed from metal traces on a dielectric support structure that surrounds the antenna... Agent:

20140370820 - Apparatus and method for measuring and reporting redundant wireless connectivity over time: A method includes identifying an amount of time that a wireless device has or does not have redundant connectivity in a wireless network during a specified time period. The method also includes identifying a redundant wireless connection availability of the wireless device during the specified time period. Identifying the amount... Agent: Honeywell International, Inc.

20140370822 - Method and apparatus for noise canceling: Aspects of the disclosure can provide a circuit to be used in a device. The circuit includes a first receiver circuit, a second receiver circuit and a processing circuit. The first receiver circuit is configured to receive a first signal from an antenna that captures a combination of a target... Agent:

20140370823 - Methods, processing device, computer programs, computer program products, and antenna apparatus for calibration of antenna apparatus: The invention relates to a method 20 in an antenna array system 15 for calibration of an antenna apparatus 1. The method 20 comprises: estimating 21 coarse receive delays for the receive chains 51, . . . , 5n and coarse transmit delays for the transmit chains 61, . .... Agent: Optis Cellular Technology, LLC

20140370824 - Methods and apparatus for antenna tuning: Systems and techniques for management of an antenna tuning frequency range. Frequency coverage needed for an antenna used in a portable communications device in a wireless communication network is determined based on communication protocols being used, with an active tuner being connected to a passively tuned antenna when a different... Agent:

20140370825 - Multiband antenna apparatus: Disclosed is a multiband antenna apparatus. According to one embodiment of the present invention, a multiband antenna apparatus includes: an antenna radiator connected to each of a feeder pad and a ground pad on a non-ground surface of a mainboard of a wireless communication device and including a first radiator... Agent:

20140370827 - High frequency module: Provided is a high frequency module capable of reducing the IMD. During the transmission/reception operation based on W-CDMA, control signals VSWCC, VTRXCC are output as Hi signals from a control logic. Consequently, transistor T1 is turned ON, and transistors T2, T3 are respectively turned OFF. When the transistor T1 is... Agent:

20140370826 - Wireless sensor base station with coexistence of multiple homogeneous radios: Techniques are disclosed for reducing interference, in a network device, among multiple radio circuits operating in a same or similar frequency band and in close physical proximity. In some embodiments, a network device includes a first and a second wireless network circuit. The network circuits operate in a same radio... Agent:

20140370828 - Apparatus and mobile communications terminal for sharing wireless lan antenna: There is provided an apparatus for sharing a wireless LAN antenna, including: a switch connecting a signal input terminal to one of a first path, a second path and a third path; a first communications processing unit synthesizing a data signal received in a preset first communications scheme a data... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140370829 - Transmission system and control method of same: A transmission system of an embodiment is provided with an active transmitter, a backup transmitter, and a system controller to integrally control the active transmitter and the backup transmitter. The backup transmitter is provided with a setting table which stores a setting value relating to a frequency and a level... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140370830 - Device dynamic total rf power compensation: A system and method may dynamically control the total RF power emissions of a mobile device. The method may include determining the local RF operating situation of the mobile device; setting a maximum power limit according to the local RF operating situation; and/or adjusting an active transmitted power of the... Agent:

20140370831 - Wide tuning range receiver: A wide tuning range receiver is provided that includes first and second mixers, and first and second local oscillators. The first mixer can mix an input signal with a signal from the first local oscillator and output a signal having a first intermediate frequency, the second mixer can mix the... Agent: PC-tel, Inc.

20140370833 - Down-conversion circuit with interference detection: A down-conversion circuit for a receiver circuit is disclosed. It comprises a first mixer arranged to down-convert an RF signal with a first LO signal (LO1), thereby generating a first down-converted signal. It further comprises a second mixer arranged to down-convert the RF signal with a second LO signal (LO2)... Agent:

20140370832 - Efficient dual channel conversion in a multi-band radio receiver: In an embodiment, an apparatus includes a first signal path to receive and process a radio frequency (RF) signal of a first band and which has a first programmable digitizer to convert the RF signal of the first band into a digitized signal without downconversion. In addition, the apparatus further... Agent: Silicon Laboratories Inc.

20140370834 - Disable of supplementary service on emergency in ims network: Methods and systems for disabling supplementary services that interfere with callback from a public safety answering point are described. In one embodiment, a method is performed by a system operating in a home network domain of a wireless network. The home network domain includes a home subscriber server (HSS) which... Agent:

20140370839 - Method and system for emergency call arbitration: A method of call arbitration includes connecting a vehicle computing system to a remote phone system. The vehicle computing system is used to transmit a pre-recorded or dynamically generated message to the remote phone system. The vehicle computing system also receives an outgoing message spoken in the vehicle to the... Agent:

20140370835 - Method of handling radio resource control connection establishment during reception of public warning system message in wireless communication system and communication device thereof: A method of handling radio resource control (RRC) connection establishment during reception of a public warning system (PWS) message for a user equipment of a wireless communication system includes starting to receive the PWS message; determining to initiate an RRC connection establishment procedure for initiating a high priority packet-switched (PS)... Agent:

20140370838 - System and method for preventing abuse of emergency calls placed using smartphone: The present invention relates to a system and method for preventing the abuse of emergency calls placed using a smartphone. When emergency information is transmitted to a preset guardian terminal by pressing a plurality of emergency buttons, a guardian terminal verifies whether or not there is an emergency and transmits... Agent:

20140370837 - System for initiating an emergency communication using a wireless peripheral of a mobile computing device: A system for initiating an emergency communication using a commercially available off-the-self (COTS) wireless peripheral of a mobile computing device (10).... Agent:

20140370836 - System utilizing a combination for including information within an outbound communications channel of a mobile telephony-capable computing device: A system and combination for accessing an emergency network through a commercially available off-the-self (COTS) mobile telephony-capable computing device (10).... Agent:

20140370840 - Text message generation for emergency services as a backup to voice communications: A mobile device may detect when a calling party dials an emergency service to request emergency assistance. Following input of the dialed digits, the device may automatically generate a text message in addition to initiating a voice call, both of which may be transmitted over a wireless data network. The... Agent:

20140370842 - Geographically redundant and multiple eatf nodes: An emergency access transfer function (EATF) node is described for use when hand over of a user equipment (UE) from a first to a second access network is performed during an emergency call session (ECS). The EATF node receives a request for transferring the ECS from the first access network... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140370841 - System and method for emergency calls initiated by voice command: A method of operating a digital assistant to provide emergency call functionality is provided. In some embodiments, the method is performed at a device including one or more processors and memory storing instructions for execution by the one or more processors. The method includes receiving a speech input from a... Agent:

20140370845 - Determining telecommunication subscriber metrics: Information associated with a communication is gathered at a switching point during the routing process to determine subscriber metric information associated with an active service identifier. The information relates to the originator of the communication and the target. The information is compared to a provider database to determine a carrier... Agent:

20140370843 - Management of group mobile device network traffic usage: Network traffic usage information for a set of registered devices is monitored, analyzed, and reported within a cellular service provider portion of a communications network. The network traffic usage information can relate to data traffic, voice traffic, and/or short message service traffic. Reporting the network traffic usage information is customizable... Agent:

20140370844 - Method for the automatic detection and labelling of user point of interest: The method comprises acquiring information from signals exchanged between a user's mobile computing devices and a plurality of Base Transceiver Stations, or BTSs, analyzing said acquired information for determining, over a period of time, the locations of said user's mobile computing device and deduce through a statistical model the points... Agent: Telefonica, S.a.

20140370849 - Method and system for providing phone directory service for mobile communication subscriber: A method and system for providing a phone directory service to a user terminal in a mobile communication network are provided. The method includes displaying, when a search keyword for the phone directory service is input by a user, a business list including businesses corresponding to the search keyword on... Agent:

20140370847 - Platform for enabling sponsors to sponsor functions of a computing device: Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are described for sponsoring functions of computing devices associated with users. A sponsor may define a sponsorship that includes rules for sponsoring certain functions available to a user via a computing device. The execution of the functions may be facilitated, in some instances, by a... Agent:

20140370846 - Platform for enabling users to sign up for sponsored functions on computing devices: Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are described for sponsoring functions of computing devices associated with users. A sponsor may define a sponsorship that includes rules for sponsoring certain functions available to a user via a computing device. The execution of the functions may be facilitated, in some instances, by a... Agent:

20140370848 - Systems and methods for exchanging data related to unconsumed cellular time: A data exchange system for facilitating the purchase of cellular or wireless phone minutes and/or blocks of cellular time is provided. Potential cellular time and data buyers and sellers may access the exchange system via the internet and submit offers and or pricing requests to such a system. In response... Agent:

20140370850 - Detection of potentially fraudulent activity by users of mobile communications networks: A mobile communications fraud detection system is provided in which one or more probe devices are deployed to intercept predetermined types of data being carried over selected interfaces within the mobile communications network. In particular, the probe devices are arranged to intercept data being carried between equipment responsible for providing... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140370852 - Management of access to service in an access point: System(s) and method(s) are provided to configure access rights to wireless resources and telecommunication service(s) supplied through a set of access points (APs). Access to wireless resources is authorized by access attributes in access control list(s) (ACL(s)) while a profile of service attributes linked to the ACL(s) regulate provision of... Agent:

20140370853 - Method and system for data session estblishment: A method and system for data session establishment from a mobile device in a multiple networks scenario, the method including, checking whether an identifier for an first network is on a blacklist on the mobile device; if the first network identifier is not on the blacklist, attempting to establish a... Agent:

20140370854 - System and method for wlan roaming traffic authentication: A system and method for recognising traffic generated from an authenticated a device roaming in a wireless local area network and related aspects are provided. An authentication server is arranged to authorise communications traffic originating from a wireless access point to use a roaming service, the traffic comprising an NAT... Agent:

20140370851 - Systems, methods, and computer program products for processing a request relating to a mobile communication device: Systems, methods, and computer program products are provided for processing a request relating to a mobile device. A request, including a mobile device identifier and a partner system identifier corresponding to the partner system, is received from a partner system via a communication network. An authorization procedure is executed based... Agent:

20140370855 - Multi-mode,wearable, wireless microphone: A microphone assembly that captures audio/voice recordings and wirelessly transmits them to different desired network destinations based on an operating mode specified by the user. The microphone assembly may comprise a non-graphical-display user interface tap detection circuit, through which a user of the microphone assembly controls operation of the microphone... Agent:

20140370856 - Systems and methods for cloud voicemail and two way communication: In some embodiments, a method for providing answering service via an answering device comprises associating an answering service for a target telephone number of a user with the answering device; enabling the answering device to receive a call directed from a caller device to the target telephone number; storing an... Agent: Appforest LLC

20140370862 - Apparatus and associated method for downloading an application with a variable lifetime to a mobile terminal: Apparatus, and associated method, provides for downloading an application with a selectable lifetime from an application database to a mobile terminal. The mobile terminal user's identification information and the selected lifetime for the application are stored in an application-license database. When the user seeks to download the same application on... Agent:

20140370858 - Call device and voice modification method: A call device includes a processor configured to detect a specific language phonation of a user for the call device during a call, sample a frequency characteristic of a voice of an intended party, and modify the frequency characteristic of the voice of the intended party depending on detection of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140370857 - Mobile device inactive mode and inactive mode verification: A mobile device, comprising: a processor; and a memory including instructions that when executed by the processor cause it to perform the steps of: receiving a user selection to automatically enter an inactive mode in response to an action within the mobile device indicating the device is being used in... Agent:

20140370860 - System and method for monitoring and maintaining a wireless device: A system is disclosed in which a wireless device is monitored and maintained over a network. One embodiment of the system comprises a wireless device including: a service to maintain data objects, provide messaging capability, and provide data access capability on behalf of a user of the wireless device; and... Agent:

20140370859 - User terminal apparatus, server, and method of providing a customized service: A user terminal apparatus includes a storage to store use log information on the user terminal apparatus, a communicator, when an event to receive a service from an external apparatus occurs, to transmit use log information required to provide the service to the external apparatus selectively, and a controller to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140370861 - User-selectable environments for mobile communications devices: At a mobile communications device, a communication is received from a communication source. An indication of an environment type associated with the communication source is obtained, and a check is made as to whether the indication of the environment type associated with the communication source matches a current environment type... Agent:

20140370863 - Exchanging identifiers between wireless communication to determine further information to be exchanged or further services to be provided: A server exchanges information between one or more wireless devices to complete a transaction. The server receives second device identifier information from a first wireless device using a wide area network. The second device identifier information was previously provided to the first wireless device using short range wireless communication. The... Agent:

20140370864 - Method and electronic device for wireless communication: A method and an electronic device for wireless communication are provided. The method is executed by a first electronic device and includes the following steps: sending a notification of an incoming phone call to a second electronic device, receiving a response to the notification from the second electronic device, and... Agent:

20140370865 - Method and system for searching and processing contacts: A system and method are disclosed for searching and processing contacts. A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a mobile communication device has a transceiver, and a controller for controlling operations thereof. The controller is programmed to receive from an end user of the... Agent:

20140370866 - System and method for spoken caller identification in a cellular telephone headset: The subject disclosure describes monitoring when a headset is in communication with a mobile communication device, detecting the headset, comparing a name of a caller and a telephone number of the caller against a list of names and telephone numbers previously stored in a memory, determining that the name of... Agent:

20140370867 - Apparatus and method pertaining to the obtainment and use of call information: An apparatus, such as a portable communication device, has a wireless transceiver configured to conduct voice calls, a close-proximity reader (such as, but not limited to, a near-field communications (NFC) reader), and a control circuit that operably couples to the wireless transceiver and the close-proximity reader. The control circuit uses... Agent:

20140370868 - Providing enhanced wireline services: Novel tools and techniques that provide enhanced wireline services at one or more known wireline locations. In some cases, these tools and techniques involve determining that a subscriber is at one or more of the known wireline locations based on a detected location of the subscriber's wireless device (e.g., wireless... Agent:

20140370874 - Associating a particular account configuration during the out of box experience for a mobile device: A method of providing particular account configurations to a user of a mobile device based on a predetermined account configuration offering between a mobile device manufacturer and a third-party service provider based on a code stored on the mobile device. During the out-of-box experience (OOBE) when the user is initially... Agent:

20140370875 - Configuring an identifier for an access point: An access point is configured based on acquired information. An access point may be configured based on the configuration(s) of at least one other access point. An identifier to be transmitted by an access point may be selected based on the identifier(s) transmitted by at least one other access point.... Agent:

20140370872 - Display interface converting system and method thereof: The present invention discloses a display interface converting system and a method thereof, which belongs to the technical field of mobile terminal interface transformation. The system comprises a display interface adjustment module, a storage module and a condition capturing module. The display interface adjustment module is respectively connected to the... Agent: Spreadtrum Communications (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

20140370871 - Method and apparatus for automatically selecting an outbound-call modality: A portable electronic device has a plurality of different outbound-call modalities. By one approach this device includes a control circuit configured to automatically select use of a particular one of the outbound-call modalities when initiating a particular call to a particular party. This automatic selection can be based, in whole... Agent:

20140370873 - Method for performing function in call mode and portable electronic device for implementing the method: A method and electronic device are disclosed for performing a particular function in a call mode in response to inputs received from a rotating part of a camera. The electronic device includes a wireless communication unit for a call, and a camera having a rotating part. A rotation of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140370870 - Method of processing an incoming communication signal at a mobile communication device: A mobile communication device and method of communication is disclosed. A communication signal having a message class is received at the mobile communication device conveyed by a vehicle. A message class of the received communication at the mobile communication device is obtained. A station of motion of the vehicle is... Agent:

20140370876 - Provisioning user attributes for use with mobile computing device: A mobile computing device hosts an operating system and mobile applications. A provisioning application communicates with a secure element and near field communication (NFC) subsystem. It causes display of an interface for users to enter personal attributes for storage in the secure element. Users discriminately select items from their personal... Agent:

20140370869 - System and method for controlling mobile services using sensor information: A system includes a database of image data associated with a vehicle; and control logic configured to cause a user device to capture one or more images and compare data associated with the one or more images with the image data to determine if a user is present in a... Agent:

20140370877 - Communication control apparatus, mobile station, and communication control method: A communication control apparatus includes a communication quality determining unit, a rank value calculating unit, and a download control unit. The communication quality determining unit acquires wireless communication qualities of a plurality of mobile stations. The rank value calculating unit calculates a reference value to determine mobile stations to be... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140370878 - Gsm signalling for m2m communications: A remote machine (10) communicates with a server (24). A mobile telecommunications module (14) is used to send a unstructured supplementary services data (USSD) message from the remote machine, and the remote machine then switches off. By polling the server (24), using USSD, the mobile telecommunications module (14) can be... Agent: Eseye Limited

20140370880 - Handle for handheld terminal: A handle for a handheld terminal includes a first interface module, a first key module, a first power supply module, and a base handle module. The handle couples with the handheld terminal. The handle makes a wireless connection with the handheld terminal the first interface module or a wired connection... Agent:

20140370879 - Proximity application discovery and provisioning: Methods, non-transitory processor-readable storage media, systems, and devices for provisioning devices associated with wireless identity transmitters. An embodiment method performed by a proximity broadcast receiver may include operations for receiving a broadcast message including a secure identifier from a wireless identity transmitter, transmitting to a central server a sighting message... Agent:

20140370881 - System and method for remote control of appliances utilizing mobile location-based applications: A system and method are provided for using location information associated with wireless devices. The system includes a wireless device, a location system, and a feature server. The wireless device includes any wireless apparatus having wireless communications capabilities. The location system can generate location information pinpointing the location of the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140370883 - Method and a device for the automatic allocation of a signal to a measurement application: At the start of a method for analyzing a communications signal with a frequency-mask trigger unit and a selection unit, a mask which describes a trigger range for the frequency-mask trigger unit is defined in the frequency domain, in frequency and amplitude. Furthermore, within the selection unit, an application is... Agent:

20140370882 - Method and apparatus for concurrent communication with multiple wireless communication systems of different radio access technologies: A wireless device supporting concurrent communication with multiple wireless systems of different radio access technologies (RATs) are disclosed. In an exemplary design, an apparatus includes first and second receivers supporting concurrent signal reception from wireless systems of different RATs. The first receiver receives a first downlink signal from a first... Agent:

20140370885 - Identifying coverage holes using inter-rat handover measurements: Embodiments of systems and techniques for identifying coverage holes in a radio access technology (RAT) are described. In some embodiments, a network management (NM) apparatus may receive a first report, including one or more measurements taken by a first user equipment (UE), in response to an event related to a... Agent:

20140370884 - Optimization system for distributed antenna system: A mobile testing system for optimizing wireless coverage in a distributed antenna system is disclosed. In some aspects, the mobile testing system includes a measurement receiver that can determine signal levels for a respective signals communicated via the distributed antenna system. A processing device of the mobile testing system can... Agent:

20140370886 - Call continuity when moving from one communication session to another communication session: In some embodiments, there are disclosed systems and methods in which, when a mobile device receives a message indicating that the mobile device is to release resources pertaining to a communication session for a voice call over an access network, the mobile device refrains from performing this action to allow... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140370887 - System and method for dual mode communication: A system and method of communication disclosed which may include establishing a telephone call for a cell phone at a first end of the call to a second end of the call, the cell phone receiving communication service from a cellular phone network; substantially continuously detecting a signal level of... Agent:

20140370890 - Method and apparatus for access class barring: The present invention provides a method and device for Access Class (AC) barring. The method comprises: determining the state-related AC barring parameters of a terminal according to the state AC barring information of the terminal and the membership of the terminal in a cell; barring AC according to the determined... Agent: Zte Corporation

20140370889 - Method of determining orthogonal resource based on virtual cell id in comp communication system: The invention provides a solution, in a reception point of a communication system, of providing a user equipment with a virtual cell ID, where firstly a virtual cell ID corresponding to the reception point is received from a network control device, the virtual cell ID being used for indicating a... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20140370888 - Radio communication system, location registration method, repeater, and radio client device: A radio client device scans a channel allocated to a predetermined repeater, and transmits a request for location registration to the predetermined repeater in a case of detecting a usage condition signal. A repeater, in a case of receiving a request for location registration from a radio client device, conducts... Agent: Icom Incorporated

20140370891 - Proximate device locator: A user interested in a networked station, such as a mobile station of a particular type, can obtain information to enable the user to locate and/or contact another person with a station of the particular type, e.g. at a location within a set distance from or in proximity to the... Agent:

20140370892 - Software feed forward strategy to avoid hand-shaking delays between software and firmware: Methods for enabling a mobile device to efficiently resolve coexistence issues in a DSDA configuration by utilizing a feed forward strategy to avoid hand-shaking between software-implemented operations and firmware. The mobile device may employ a dual subscription, dual active (or “DSDA”) configuration in which two or more subscriptions may be... Agent:

20140370893 - Determination of whether to admit a mobile device to a hot spot: Systems, methods and apparatuses of determining whether to admit the mobile device to the hot spot are disclosed. One method includes establishing communication between a hot spot and a mobile device, determining a first level of communication directly between the mobile device and a cellular network, determining a second level... Agent:

20140370898 - Admission control: The invention relates to an apparatus: including at least one processor and at least one memory including a computer program code, the at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus at least to: obtain a handover request and... Agent:

20140370896 - Communication system: A communication system in which an availability of communication resources to be used by a first base station module and a second base station module of a communications apparatus is managed. In one embodiment, the communication resources are shared between first and second base station modules such that communication resources... Agent:

20140370895 - Method and apparatus for traffic offloading procedure management in a public safety communication system: A system provides for traffic offloading in a Public Safety communication system. The system includes multiple user equipment (UEs), each a member of a same communications group, and a services network element configured to receive information comprising an identifier of the communications group, an identifier of each UE of the... Agent:

20140370897 - Providing mobility control for local area networks: Provided are methods, corresponding apparatuses, and computer program products for providing mobility control for local area networks. A method includes connecting a user equipment to a first base station, wherein the first base station and the use equipment are connected with a second base station; and disconnecting the first base... Agent: Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

20140370894 - Public land mobile network resolution in a shared network and a dedicated network: Certain embodiment relate to public land mobile network resolution in a shared and a dedicated network. The method may include receiving, at the serving base station, a handover restriction list (HRL) comprising information on serving public land mobile networks (PLMN) or equivalent public land mobile networks (EPLMN) of the user... Agent: Nokia Siemens Networks Oy

20140370899 - Geographically-organized neighbor cell lists: Communication network techniques may use geographic information to reduce a number of neighboring cell measurements to be taken. Such techniques may be useful, for example, in cell reselection.... Agent:

20140370900 - Method and apparatus for indicating handover in wireless communication system including mobile relay node: A method and apparatus for indicating a handover in a wireless communication system is provided. A mobile relay node (RN) receives an indication which indicates that there is no eNB supporting relay within neighbor cells from a donor eNodeB (cNB) serving the mobile relay node, and transmits a handover command... Agent:

20140370901 - Method and apparatus for supporting csg service in wireless communication system: A method and apparatus for supporting a closed subscriber group (CSG) service is provided. A user equipment determines whether a neighbor cell is a CSG member cell for which a CSG whitelist includes a CSG identity of the neighbor cell and PLMN identities of the neighbor cell. The user equipment... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140370902 - Handover method and apparatus: A method and a server are described for supporting handover by a network node in a mobile communication system. A message related to a handover, including a first parameter indicating a cause for the handover, is received. A handover command message is transmitted to a first base station for a... Agent:

20140370903 - Method for deploying a cellular communication network: Methods and systems are provided for deploying cellular communication networks. In a cellular communication network comprising a plurality of cells, with each cell comprising at least a base station and one or more antennas arranged to cover the cell, one or more non-adjacent cells may be selected use as central... Agent:

20140370904 - Device-to-device discovery: A wireless access network node assigns different base sequences to respective user equipments (UEs) to use for discovery beacon signals for device-to-device (D2D) discovery.... Agent:

20140370905 - Ue capability report method and apparatus in mobile communication system: A method and an apparatus for reporting a capability of a User Equipment (UE) supporting advanced functions such as Carrier Aggregation (CA) are provided. The method includes checking, when a control message requesting a capability report is received, a Radio Access Technology (RAT) type and transmitting, when the RAT type... Agent:

20140370906 - Method and apparatus for controlling interference coordination between cells: A method and a base station serving a first cell of a cellular network, for controlling interference coordination with at least one neighbouring cell. The base station obtains transaction related information pertaining to a forthcoming data transaction involving at least one wireless terminal in the first cell, and estimates a... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140370907 - Method and apparatus for controlling interference in wireless communication system: A method and an apparatus for controlling interference in a wireless communication system are provided. The method for controlling interference by a Base Station (BS) in a wireless communication system includes receiving an interfering cell signal transmitted by an interfering cell located adjacent to the BS, acquiring interference information based... Agent:

20140370908 - Method for reducing inter-cell interference in cooperative multi-cell wireless communication system, and apparatus for same: The present invention relates to a method for reducing inter-cell interference in a wireless communication system and to an apparatus for same. More specifically, a method for reducing the inter-cell interference between serving cells in the cooperative multi-cell wireless communication system comprises the steps of: receiving from an adjacent cell... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140370916 - Area watcher for wireless network: Dynamic and current information is provided regarding a wireless device's entry into or exit from a geographically defined “watched” area. An area watcher application monitors preconfigured wireless devices entry/exit into preconfigured watched areas. The watched areas may watch for any/all subscribers, or for select, preconfigured subscribers listed in an appropriate... Agent: Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

20140370911 - Coalescing geo-fence events: A device location is determined, and the location of an area of interest that is a geographic area referred to as a geo-fence is identified. Multiple geo-fences can be identified by the device, and different geo-fences can be associated with different programs on the device. An operating system of the... Agent:

20140370910 - Detecting geo-fence events using varying confidence levels: The location of a computing device is determined, and the location of an area of interest that is a geographic area referred to as a geo-fence is identified. The accuracy of the determined location of the computing device has an associated uncertainty, so the exact position of the computing device... Agent:

20140370912 - Indoor location using a packet synchronized receiver array: Location of one or more devices in a monitored environment based at least in part on data communications between a device and a communication array disposed relative to the monitored environment. The communication array may include a plurality of nodes, at least two of which may be in operative communication... Agent: Iposi, Inc.

20140370917 - Locator beacon and radar application for mobile device: A locator beacon, method and system for identifying a first-in-line device, including: a first antenna configured to send a first signal; a second antenna configured to send a second signal and spaced apart from the first antenna such that a delta value between a first Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)... Agent:

20140370915 - Method for limited positioning-based reporting in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor: Provided is a method for reporting by a terminal in a wireless communication system. The method comprises: receiving positioning-limiting information from a network; and determining whether to allow positioning on the basis of the positioning limiting information. The method additionally comprises, if the positioning is allowed, acquiring location information by... Agent:

20140370914 - Method for reporting in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor: Provided is a method for reporting by a terminal in a wireless communication system. The method comprises: acquiring measurement results; starting to acquire location information related to the measurement results; determining whether measurement results satisfy reporting conditions; starting a delay timer; and if the location information is acquired before the... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140370919 - Methods and systems for driver identification: A method of determining a position of a mobile device in a vehicle includes obtaining accelerometer data collected using a accelerometer in the mobile device, obtaining angular orientation data collected using a gyroscope in the mobile device, and determining a start time of a driving event. The method also includes... Agent:

20140370913 - Mobile communication system, base station, user terminal, and processor: A user terminal includes: a transmitter that transmits a measurement report including a measurement result of radio environments, to a base station; a receiver that receives request information requesting the user terminal to make detailed location information available using GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), from the base station; and a... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140370909 - Reduced power location determinations for detecting geo-fences: Various different areas of interest are identified, these areas being geographic areas that are also referred to as geo-fences. Whether a computing device is in a geo-fence can be determined based on the location of the geo-fence and the location of the computing device. The location of a computing device... Agent:

20140370918 - Transmitter position integrity checking: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to determining whether a reported position of a wireless transmitter is sufficiently accurate in accordance with an accuracy metric based at least in part on a calculated range between an estimated position of a mobile station and the reported position and also based at... Agent:

20140370920 - Systems and methods for generating and employing an index associating geographic locations with geographic objects: A computer-implemented method that includes for each geographic object of a geo-object set, identifying, using a computer, one or more geographic cells of a geographic mapping that each correspond to a geographic area proximate to at least a portion of a geometry of the geographic object and assigning a weighting... Agent:

20140370921 - Method for reconstructing the map of an environment surrounding a wireless device and wireless device implementing such method: A method for reconstructing the map of an environment (20) surrounding a wireless device (100), the environment (20) being equipped with one or more radio frequency tags (1) set in a number dependent on the level of detail to be obtained in the reconstruction, the method including the steps of:... Agent:

20140370922 - Method and apparatus of paging: Systems and methods for optimizing paging are disclosed. In one embodiment, a Data Structure with at least one entry mapping at least one identifier representing a candidate wireless device node to at least one identifier representing a candidate paging base station node whereat the candidate wireless device node has some... Agent:

20140370924 - Enhanced multi-media messaging services that permit oversized messages: A multimedia messaging service (MMS) subsystem may include a user interface configured to allow a user to formulate an MMS message for delivery to a designated phone number; an oversized MMS message detection subsystem configured to detect when the formulated MMS message exceeds an allowable size limit; and an oversized... Agent:

20140370923 - Method and system for sending short message: The disclosure provides a method and system for sending a short message. The method includes: an SMS-SC sending a short message to an SMS-GMSC, and after the SMS-GMSC sends the short message to an MME, the MME sending a failure report to the SMS-GMSC when the MME detects that a... Agent: Zte Corporation

20140370925 - Systems and methods for improving the quality of millimeter-wave communication: Various embodiments of a millimeter-wave wireless point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication network in which the different atmospheric absorption rates of different millimeter-wave frequencies are utilized to improve communication performance of the entire system. The network comprises one or more communication systems operating at a millimeter-wave frequency, in which each system is... Agent:

20140370926 - Communication channel selection apparatus and methods: Apparatus and methods for communicating between an apparatus, such as a medical device, and a remote device are provided. One method includes determining a first indicator representative of a long-term availability for each of a plurality of channels for communication between a medical device and a remote device. The method... Agent: Sorin Crm Sas

20140370927 - Method, system, and equipments for mobility management of group terminals: Disclosed is a method for mobility management of group terminals, where a mobility management platform sends a request for calling a service to a terminal of a group, and determines a terminal responding to the request for calling the service as a service center of the service; and the service... Agent: Zte Corporation

20140370928 - Dynamic power management scheme in wireless networks based on power over ethernet (poe): A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for managing power of a connection point in a wireless communication system are provided. A connection point may discover a mobile node, send to a gateway a request to increase an amount of power that the connection point can consume to... Agent:

20140370930 - Mobile communication system, power control method, and base station device of small cell: A mobile communication system of an overlay configuration includes small cells that are arranged in a macro cell, in which a base station of each small cell executes shifting to a standby state in which transmission power is turned off when a mobile terminal is not in the small cell,... Agent:

20140370929 - Radio frequency (rf) power back-off optimization for specific absorption rate (sar) compliance: Radio Frequency (RF) power back-off optimization techniques are described for specific absorption rate (SAR) compliance. A mobile device may be configured to intelligently modify antennas and radio device transmission levels to maintain compliance with SAR limits while minimally perturbing radio operations. The mobile device may implement a SAR optimization scheme... Agent:

20140370931 - Method and apparatus for data transmission based on multiple cell collaboration: A method and mobile station are described for reporting channel quality information for multi-cell cooperation. The mobile station receives a channel quality request message for requesting channel quality information from a base station. The channel quality request message indicates that the mobile station is one of a plurality of candidate... Agent:

20140370932 - System and method for initiating an application on a handheld device: The invention is a system and method for initiating an application installed in a handheld device even when said device is in an idle or standby mode.... Agent: Zafeon Limited

20140370933 - Terminal control method and apparatus, and terminal: A terminal control method and apparatus, and a terminal. The method includes obtaining position distribution of a terminal held position on the terminal and performing, according to a mapping relationship between position distribution and a terminal control operation, an operation corresponding to the position distribution, so as to control the... Agent:

20140370934 - Device for access to the internet via a mobile communication network: A device is provided to access the Internet via a mobile communication network, including a data processing module arranged in a casing and a flexible cable extending outside the casing and connected to the data processing module. The cable ends in a connector for connection of the device to an... Agent:

20140370935 - Mobile tower system: This invention discloses a mobile tower system in which a telescoping tower may be with a plurality of tower structures may be extended to a height much greater than its contracted length. The tower may be transported horizontal, rotated to a vertical position and then the individual tower structures extended... Agent:

20140370936 - Spatial routing among microwave backhaul transceivers: A first microwave backhaul transceiver may comprise a plurality of antenna elements. The transceiver may determine atmospheric conditions between it and one or more potential link partners, and adjust a radiation pattern of the plurality of antenna elements based on the determined atmospheric conditions. A first radiation pattern of the... Agent:

20140370938 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed. The present invention includes a wireless communication unit configured to perform a wireless communication, a touchscreen having a front output unit exposed from a front side of the touchscreen and at least one lateral output unit exposed from a lateral side... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140370937 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same: Provided is a mobile terminal and a method of controlling the same. The mobile terminal includes a body and a display provided on a front side of the body. An input device is provided on a back side of the body. The input device may be exposed through a back... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140370940 - Battery control system, battery pack, electronic device and charger: A plurality of battery cells (100) are connected in series to each other. A temperature measurement unit (300) measures temperatures of two or more battery cells (100). A battery control unit (400) controls charge and discharge of the battery cells (100) on the basis of the temperatures measured by the... Agent: Nec Energy Devices, Ltd.

20140370939 - Method and devices for monitoring a battery of a mobile communication device: For monitoring a battery status of a battery included in a mobile communication device (1), battery status reports are received (S12) in a computerized service unit (2) via a mobile radio network from the mobile communication device (1). The battery status reports include at least an electrical battery parameter indicative... Agent: Limmex Ag

20140370942 - Feature pack for a portable device: A feature pack coupled to and interfaced with a cellular phone, which is able to relieve the cellular telephone from performing tasks associated with several of battery power draining features of the cell phone thus preserving the power of the battery of the cellular telephone. The feature pack, while interfaced... Agent:

20140370941 - Power efficient sensor accessory management through sensor subsystem: Application instructions for a sub-system processing unit are received through an application programming interface (API). The application instructions control a sub-system processing unit to process wireless messages directed to a main processing unit. A message rule may be generated based on the received application instructions and predefined conditions and actions... Agent:

20140370943 - Switching circuit and method: A switching circuit (100, 200) for switching a voltage at an output node (120), comprises a first switch element (T1) coupled between a first supply node (110) and the output node (120), the first supply node (110) being at a first supply voltage (VDD), and a second switch element (T2)... Agent:

20140370944 - Case for a tablet computing device: A case or device for holding and camouflaging a tablet computing device, such as an iPad or iPad2 tablet. The case protects the tablet computing device, and allows use of the tablet computing device without being removed. The case has several built-in stands with adjustable variable viewing angles. The exterior... Agent:

20140370945 - Combination protective case having shocking personal defense system with cellular phone: A combination cellular phone and personal defense system for providing both a means of communication along with a means of self-defense in one unit. Provided is a detachably connectable protective case for a cellular phone, which when the cell phone is connected to the protective case, the combination cell phone... Agent: Dekka Technologies LLC

20140370946 - Mobile terminal case with displaceable bezel: A case for a mobile electronic device is configured such that it is not necessary to fully separate parts of the case in order to install, remove or replace a graphic insert. The user is only required to access an interior bay to a degree sufficient to introduce or extract... Agent:

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20140364053 - Service signal used as part of terrestrial communications masking signal on board aircraft: A control unit for controlling wireless data transmissions in a mobile communications system provided on board an aircraft, a mobile communications system having a control unit of this type, an associated method for controlling wireless data transmissions in a mobile communications system provided on board an aircraft, and a computer... Agent:

20140364054 - Mobile device and control method thereof: This specification relates to a mobile terminal capable of executing a lock state of restricting a touch input and a control method thereof. The control method for the mobile terminal, which displays a lock screen in the lock state of restricting an input of a control command for an application,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140364059 - Apparatus, system, and method of wirelessly transmitting and receiving data from a camera to another electronic device: A wireless media player and a related system and methodology are disclosed. One aspect of the wireless media player system pertains to a virtual connector system, apparatus, and method for the automatic establishment of wireless connectivity with other electronic devices. In one embodiment, the media player device employs the use... Agent:

20140364056 - Controlling a media device using a mobile device: Techniques for automatically configuring and controlling a digital media device are described. A digital media device can be configured or controlled by a mobile device, e.g., a smart mobile phone. When the digital media device is being configured, the digital media device can broadcast a signal, indicating that the digital... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140364057 - Device and method for transmitting an information item from a battery cell and battery cell: A device for transmitting an information item from a battery cell has a first transformer and a second transformer. The first transformer is arranged on an interior side of an outside shell of the battery cell. The first transformer is configured to emit a signal representing the information through the... Agent:

20140364055 - Device for detecting a carrying case using orientation signatures: A device for detecting a carrying case using orientation signatures, and method therefor, is provided. The device includes: at least one orientation sensor; a memory storing one or more carrying-case insertion signatures; and, a processor configured to: receive output from the at least one orientation sensor as a function of... Agent:

20140364058 - Method for executing an application in an nfc device: A method for executing an application in an NFC device, including steps during which: a contactless link is established between a first and a second NFC devices, the first NFC device transmits through the contactless link an identifier memorized by the first NFC device, the second NFC device transmits through... Agent:

20140364062 - Communication system, specification method, and recording medium: Disclosed is a communication system including a plurality of communication terminals having their own position information and performing communication between the communication terminals, wherein one communication terminal determines a specific direction, and specifies a target communication terminal which is to be a communication target with its own terminal, based on... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140364060 - Ordering a list of wireless devices for display in a graphical user interface: This document describes, inter alia, techniques for use at a wireless device for establishing communications with other devices, and for displaying related information in a graphical user interface. The wireless device may discover, pair with, and/or connect to other wireless devices, and may display a list of information regarding the... Agent:

20140364063 - Systems and methods for transmitting data using selected transmission technology from among other transmission technologies: This disclosure describes systems and methods for selecting from among two or more wireless transmission technologies depending on one or more factors. Aspects of this disclosure may apply to various computer systems that use Bluetooth technologies for transmitting and receiving data between two devices. In particular, aspects of this disclosure... Agent:

20140364061 - Wireless transmission apparatus with bluetooth and short distance communication: A wireless transmission apparatus with Bluetooth and short distance communication includes a processing unit, a Bluetooth communication side interface unit, a Bluetooth communication unit, a short distance communication side interface unit, and a short distance communication unit. The processing unit is configured to control the Bluetooth communication unit through the... Agent:

20140364064 - Computing system with coordination mechanism and method of operation thereof: A computing system includes: an inter-device interface configured to communicate a coordination report for representing a receiver signal associated with an interference-aware receiver capable of recognizing an interference signal from an interference node device and included in the receiver signal; a communication unit, coupled to the inter-device interface, configured to:... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140364065 - Method for joint cell measurement and system information identification: The present disclosure relates to a method for determining an impact factor of a mobile communication system, wherein reference signals of a detection space defined by an impact factor are examined. Examining in this context refers to trying to detect, hence blindly detect, cell specific reference signals. The detection space... Agent:

20140364066 - Mobile communication system, detection server, control apparatus, mobile communication apparatus, network optimizing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium having program stored thereon: An object of the present invention is to provide a mobile communication system, a detection server, a control apparatus, a mobile communication apparatus, a network optimizing method, and a program which can execute optimization of network processing based on a change of use characteristics. A mobile communication system according to... Agent:

20140364067 - Communication circuit and associated calibration method: A communication circuit includes a receiver path, a frequency translating loop filter and a signal source circuit. The frequency translating loop filter includes an auxiliary mixer, and a frequency translating filter backend circuit such as a filter. The signal source circuit can be shared with a transmitter path. When the... Agent:

20140364068 - Switchable antenna elements for a wireless communications device: A wireless communications device includes multiple switchable antenna elements that may be used to improve interfacing of the wireless communications device with other devices, such as for interfacing of an RFID-equipped mobile communications device with other RFID devices (e.g., to better ensure power delivery to and/or communication with such other... Agent:

20140364070 - Communication device: Electrodes are formed of a nonmagnetic metal in high-frequency electronic components that conduct high frequency electric current having a frequency included in any of a first frequency band for transmitting and a third frequency band for receiving, both assigned to a first transmitting/receiving unit for data communication, and a second... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20140364069 - Method and apparatus for reducing charge and discharge time of capacitive elements: A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, emulating a behavior of an RF capacitive device utilizing a mirror circuit; and providing feedback signals to an input of an operational amplifier via a feedback node coupled with the mirror circuit. Other embodiments are disclosed.... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140364071 - Communication device: A communication device includes: a reception antenna; a wireless communication element that synchronizes with a reception signal in an electric wave input from the reception antenna, and receives the reception signal; and a wire communication element connected to the wireless communication element and connected to an external communication device via... Agent:

20140364072 - Multi-band multi-path receiving and transmitting device and method, and base station system: A multi-band multi-path receiving and transmitting device and method are provided. The multi-band multi-path receiving and transmitting device includes at least two multi-frequency couplers, a multi-band transceiver, and a signal processing module. The multi-band transceiver includes at least two first frequency band receiving branches and at least two second frequency... Agent:

20140364073 - Transceiver, method, computer program and communication device: A transceiver is disclosed comprising a transmitter; a receiver; and a signal transmission arrangement. The transmitter comprises a power amplifier, and the signal transmission arrangement is arranged to transmit signals provided from the transmitter through its power amplifier, and arranged to receive signals and provide them to the receiver. The... Agent:

20140364074 - Energy self-sufficient radiofrequency transmitter: The energy self-sufficient radiofrequency transmitter has at least one electromechanical transducer with a rectifier circuit connected downstream and with a voltage converter circuit. A logic circuit configuration is connected to the voltage converter circuit. The logic circuit configuration has a sequence controller a memory in which an identification code is... Agent: Enocean Gmbh

20140364075 - Channel monitoring with plural frequency agile receivers: A system and method to efficiently use a plurality of ‘receivers’ to monitor a larger plurality of ‘sources’ for audio content. Upon identifying that a source is active, one of the plural receivers is assigned to convey the content to a destination. All other receivers are prevented from monitoring that... Agent: Rangecast Technologies, LLC

20140364076 - Method for reducing second order distortion in harmonic rejection mixer: The present disclosure relates to a method for reducing second order intermodulation distortion in a harmonic rejection mixer arranged for down-converting a radio frequency signal to an in-phase and a quadrature baseband signal. The method includes adjusting an output current of a first mixer, to reduce the second order intermodulation... Agent: Imec

20140364077 - Multi-band interference optimization: RF communications circuitry, which includes a first RF filter structure and control circuitry, is disclosed. The first RF filter structure includes a pair of weakly coupled resonators and a first tunable RF filter. The control circuitry provides a first filter control signal. The first tunable RF filter receives and filters... Agent:

20140364078 - Interference rejection in ultra-wideband real time locating systems: Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer readable media are disclosed for providing interference rejection in ultra-wideband real time locating systems. In one embodiment, an ultra-wideband (UWB) receiver is configured to: receive a composite signal, the composite signal comprising a UWB signal transmitted from within a monitored region and an interference signal... Agent:

20140364079 - Method and apparatus for advanced topology (at) policy management for direct communication between wireless transmit/receive units (wtrus): A method and apparatus for advanced topology (AT) policy management for direct communication between wireless transmit/receive units (WTRUs) is described. A WTRU configured to communicate directly with at least one other WTRU in an AT mode of operation includes a memory, a central processing unit and an AT policy unit... Agent: Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

20140364081 - Emergency messaging system and method of responding to an emergency: Various embodiments concern method of providing emergency messaging service to one or more users of one or mobile electrical devices. The method can include: using a first mobile electrical device to send a emergency trigger message, using the first mobile electrical device to send a emergency trigger message can include:... Agent:

20140364080 - Method and system for providing a service resource to a user location: A user, either in a vehicle with a telematics device, at a home having a computer device, using a handheld wireless device, or other type of communication device, can request services such as to repair a flat tire, unlock a locked door, repair cable television, service, etc. using the communication... Agent:

20140364082 - System and method for routing a message, and a computer program product: A computer-implemented method for routing a message to a recipient user equipment device, comprising receiving data representing the message at a messaging application server, selecting a delivery channel for the message from multiple delivery channels on the basis of a set of delivery preferences associated with the recipient device, and... Agent:

20140364083 - System and method for voice operated calling card: A voice operated calling card system and method. In one embodiment, there is provided a communications device, such as a mobile phone, for example, and a hosted application configured to accept voice commands and further configured to associate a user of the communications device with a calling card. The calling... Agent:

20140364084 - Terminal and mobile communication system: A terminal configured to perform communication using a base station, includes a communication device that acquires billing information stored on an external storage device via a radio communication link with the external storage device, and a controller that performs a transmission operation to transmit the billing information acquired from the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140364085 - Mobile wireless communications device performing device unlock based upon near field communication (nfc) and related methods: A mobile wireless communications device may include a near field communication (NFC) transceiver, a geo-position determining device, and a controller coupled with the NFC transceiver and the geo-position determining device. The controller may be configured to receive a tag geo-position from an NFC tag when in close proximity thereto via... Agent:

20140364086 - Simple communication system and method thereof: A simple communication system and a method thereof The system is used to establish a call from the second user to the first user, and includes an object creation module, object downloading module, and channel establishing module. The object creation module generates communication application module according to notice path for... Agent:

20140364087 - Smart card initial personnalization: An exemplary technique is provided for an initial personalization of a smart card coupled with a communication device of a user. The smart card is configured to send a first request to a home location register that authenticates the user by means of a temporary international identity and a temporary... Agent:

20140364089 - Bluetooth alert notification service: A central wireless communication device communicates with a peripheral wireless communication device to provide an interactive alert notification service. The central wireless communication device obtains alert notification settings for application categories for the peripheral wireless communication device. In response to receiving an alert notification belonging to an application category enabled... Agent:

20140364088 - Message notification system, message transmitting and receiving apparatus, program, and recording medium: A message notification system includes a message transmitting apparatus and a message receiving apparatus. In the message transmitting apparatus, transmission data including an acquired message is generated and transmitted. In the message receiving apparatus, the transmission data is received. When the transmission data is received, the message receiving apparatus notifies... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140364090 - Gateway for voice communication: A process receives a text based request from a first communication device to communicate with a second communication device associated with a subscription identifier based upon a subscription service. The text based request includes the subscriber identifier. Further, the process determines an endpoint identifier associated with the subscription identifier based... Agent:

20140364091 - Message forwarding and retrieval with a single messaging service: Embodiments described herein generally relate to a method and system of integrating a user's voice mail onto a single voice messaging service, e.g., a Unified Messaging (UM) service, such that a client may access this single source for voice mail retrieval, even where such voice mails are from a variety... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140364093 - Callback options via wireless device: A communication device includes a transceiver configured to communicate with other communication devices over a cellular network, and circuitry coupled to the transceiver, the circuitry configured to detect a lost communication session with another communication device and generate a menu of options regarding the lost communication session.... Agent:

20140364096 - Information sharing for third party applications in cellular telecommunication infrastructure: A method, system and computer program product are disclosed for providing content to a communications device. In an embodiment of the invention, a communications network receives a first content portion from a content provider and sends the first content portion to the communications device. The communications network also sends a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140364095 - Master tsm: A master TSM is provided. The master TSM intermediates between entities connected to different TSMs by connecting the TSMs via an interface module which is communicable with a plurality of TSMs. Accordingly, interoperability is possible between entities and clients connected to different TSMs and thus a variety of services can... Agent: Sk C&c Co., Ltd.

20140364092 - Method and apparatus for sharing digital content employing audible or inaudible signals: A method and apparatus is provided for sharing digital content employing sounds. As an example, a first user selects or creates a piece of digital content using a client device. The content is uploaded to a server and is assigned a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). The URL is communicated from... Agent: Google Inc.

20140364094 - Methods and systems for providing efficient telecommunications services: Methods and systems for more efficiently providing telecommunications services are provided. A menu of options may be presented to a user upon detecting that the user has attempted to connect a call to a recipient. If the user selects an option before a predetermined amount of time has elapsed, the... Agent: Starscriber Corporation

20140364097 - Dynamic visual profiles: Systems and methods may provide for identifying one or more phrases in a conversation between a first user and a second user. In addition, a first visual profile may be generated based on the one or more phrases and a real-time recommendation may be generated based on the first visual... Agent:

20140364098 - Telephone transmission system, telephone transmission server and display unit: When a user B presses a button, a display unit generates a pseudo-random number based on a clock time of a first clock and a unique ID of the display unit, then displays the generated pseudo-random number on a liquid crystal display. Upon receiving a signal from a mobile telephone,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140364100 - Category-based fence: Techniques of category-based fence are described. A category-based fence can correspond to a group of signal sources instead of a point location fixed to latitude and longitude coordinates. The group of signal sources can represent a category of entities, e.g., a particular business chain. The signal sources can be distributed... Agent:

20140364105 - Communication device and frequency control method: A communication device includes a first circuit configured to communicate with another communication device and generate first information that indicates whether or not the first circuit is performing communication with the another communication device, and a second circuit that includes a processor configured to control the first circuit, and control... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140364102 - Determination of device body location: In some implementations, a mobile device can analyze motion sensor data during a voice call to determine whether the mobile device is on a stationary object or worn on a user's body (e.g., in the lap or pocket of a user of the mobile device). The mobile device can adjust... Agent:

20140364099 - Device locator disable authentication: A device locator mode or find my device (FMD) mode can allow a lost, stolen, or misplaced mobile device to be located. The FMD mode can be enabled or disabled on a mobile device. Sometimes thieves or unauthorized parties attempt to disable the FMD mode. To prevent this, the mobile... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140364101 - Fine grain position data collection: Method, mobile device, computer program product, and apparatus for performing Fine Grain Position Data Collection are described. In one embodiment, a server can receive position data collected by a mobile device with a first positioning configuration. In one embodiment, the server can determine, from the position data received at the... Agent:

20140364106 - Mobile phone having a non-telephone function and timing reset unit: The present invention is a mobile phone having a non-telephone function (e.g. a radio function) that is different from a telephone function, and includes: a timer operable to count time; a non-telephone function unit operable to execute the non-telephone function, the non-telephone function comprising a function of illuminating a backlight... Agent:

20140364103 - Non-intrusive region notification: Techniques of non-intrusive region notification are described. A mobile device can be programmed to trigger an application program when the mobile device enters or exits a region. The region can be defined by various virtual fencing technologies. If, at the time of entry or exit of a region, the mobile... Agent:

20140364104 - Push notification initiated background updates: In some implementations, a mobile device can be configured to monitor environmental, system and user events. The occurrence of one or more events can trigger adjustments to system settings. In some implementations, the mobile device can be configured to keep frequently invoked applications up to date based on a forecast... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140364107 - Quick communication method and device, and storage medium: A quick communication method and device, and a storage medium are disclosed in the in present disclosure which belongs to the field of mobile communication. The method includes: displaying a quick communication key on the lock screen interface of a terminal; invoking a shortcut panel according to an operation triggered... Agent:

20140364110 - Device profile retrieval in a management network: Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for device management are presented. A mobile communication device may enable wireless communication during a device management (DM) with a remote server via a wireless network. The mobile communication device may establish a single DM session with a remote server and transmit a plurality... Agent:

20140364108 - Method and system for controlling a mobile communication device in a moving vehicle: A method and system is disclosed for performing a wireless location of a mobile communication device for detecting, monitoring and/or controlling one or more interactive mobile services capable of being activated by a user of the mobile device. When the mobile device is operated by the user, a wireless location... Agent:

20140364109 - Serving data/applications from a wireless mobile phone: Various methods and apparatuses associated with the serving of data from a wireless mobile phone, including a wireless mobile phone, are described herein.... Agent:

20140364111 - Remote control system: A control hub and method of operating the control hub are presented. The hub/method receives instructions remotely, and for each instruction, identifies one of a plurality of appliances as an intended recipient of the instruction, translates the instruction into a format readable to the one of the plurality of appliances,... Agent:

20140364113 - Method and apparatus for transceiving signals in a distributed antenna system: The present invention relates to a terminal which receives signals from a base station, and to a method in which the terminal receives signals from the base station in a distributed antenna system (DAS). The terminal receives, from the base station having a plurality of antennas, control information on one... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140364112 - Minimizing drive test logged data reporting: This disclosure pertains to a method in a network node, a method in user equipment, a network node and user equipment in a wireless communications network. More particularly, there is provided methods and platforms for network based control of report messages comprising logged measurements in a wireless communications network. In... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140364114 - Method and apparatus for processing network element state: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and an apparatus for processing a network element state. The method includes: obtaining a network element by monitoring network element performance data or an accepted operation request, where the network element is a base station or a cell or a subnet; then... Agent:

20140364115 - Intelligent edge device: An example system includes a controller and a plurality of intelligent edge devices. The controller is to adopt the plurality of intelligent edge devices and inform each of the plurality of intelligent edge devices which of the other plurality of intelligent edge devices are proximate to the intelligent edge device.... Agent:

20140364117 - Reference signal design for cell search in an orthogonal wireless communication system: Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate efficient cell acquisition in a wireless communication system. In one aspect, a reference signal for use in cell acquisition can be constructed in a bandwidth-agnostic manner such that it contains a common central portion in a predetermined frequency band that is independent of... Agent:

20140364116 - Session setup in an energy-efficient cellular wireless telecommunications system: The invention relates to a telecommunications system comprising at least a plurality of SA-cells. The invention provides a method for a terminal to facilitate establishment of a data connection between the terminal and at least one of the SA-cells. The method includes steps of, while the terminal is in an... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek

20140364118 - Method and apparatus for incoming call detection in a dual sim single rf communication device: A method and apparatus to co-ordinate detection of incoming calls in a multimode dual-SIM single RF chain wireless communications device. Incoming voice over LTE calls cannot be detected by monitoring LTE paging messages. The method and apparatus described detect voice over LTE incoming call SIP signaling in one SIM while... Agent:

20140364121 - Mechanism for 3rd generation partnership project multiple inter-network quality of service continuity: A system to promote connectivity for inter-radio access technology (RAT) handover from a first radio access network (RAN) to a second radio access network (RAN) is provided. The system comprises a component configured such that for each access point name (APN) in communication with the first radio access network (RAN),... Agent:

20140364119 - System and method for transitioning to a vehicle network resource: Systems and methods for transitioning between networks are disclosed. A multifunction device detects a vehicle network advertisement beacon over a first communication channel. The vehicle network advertisement beacon indicates wireless network capabilities of a wireless networking device hosting a wireless network in a vehicle. Responsive to detecting the vehicle network... Agent:

20140364120 - Umts reselection performance in small cell systems: A beacon cell adapted for use in a small cell RAN includes dual identities—a beacon identity and a regular or “live” identity—in which the identities are individually configured to address differing performance requirements in the small cell RAN. The beacon identity in the cell is specially configured to meet the... Agent:

20140364122 - Wireless communication system and method for wireless communication: When a femto cell base station detects an intense uplink interference, the femto cell base station autonomously extends the femto cell so as to raise a probability that a mobile terminal around the original femto cell may be connected to the femto cell base station. If the mobile terminal connects... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140364123 - Managing mobility events in simultaneous rat mode user equipment: Mobility management is described for simultaneous, multiple radio access technology (RAT) user equipments (UEs). When the UE detects a mobility event that would trigger transfer of a communication service from a first RAT to a second RAT, the UE determines whether there is an existing connection to a base station... Agent:

20140364124 - Method and device for a relay node: A relay node for a radio access network, arranged to be a relay node between one or more User Equipments in a cell of the radio access network and a base station serving the cell. The relay node is arranged to identify itself as a relay node in the cell... Agent:

20140364125 - Base station and handover control method: A base station serving terminals, the base station including: a memory, and a processor coupled to the memory and configured to: select a terminal among the served terminals based on reception powers or reception qualities at the served terminals, when a number of the served terminals exceeds a threshold, determine... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140364127 - Method and radio network node for ranking cells in a cellular network: A method in a radio network node for ranking cells within a group of cells in a cellular network is provided. The radio network node is serving a first cell, in the group of cells. The radio network node receives (201) power level measurements from one or more user equipments.... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140364126 - Mobile communication method: A mobile communication method is applied to a mobile communication system including a general base station and a specific base station. A distance between an edge closest to the general base station among edges of a coverage area of the specific cell and the general base station is a distance... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140364128 - Method and apparatus for handover in communication system: A method for a serving base station to determine a handover time in a communication system is provided. The method includes determining whether to set up dual connectivity (DC) with respect to a terminal with a target base station that transmits the beacon if it is recognized that the terminal... Agent:

20140364129 - Handover method and related user equipment and system: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a handover method and a related user equipment and system, which are used for handover judgment in a CoMP handover scenario. The method according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: obtaining a first reference signal parameter Mn of a target node in... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140364131 - Hierarchies and categories for management and deployment of policies for distributed wireless traffic optimization: Systems and methods for deploying and employing policies for wireless traffic optimization in a wireless network based on hierarchies are disclosed. One embodiment includes deploying a global policy set of the policies for wireless traffic optimization among mobile devices in the wireless network and deploying a first policy set of... Agent:

20140364130 - Untethered access point mesh system and method: A technique for implementing an untethered access point (UAP) mesh involves enabling AP-local switching at one or more UAPs of the mesh. A system constructed according to the technique may include a wireless switch; an access point (AP) wire-coupled to the wireless switch; and a UAP mesh, wirelessly coupled to... Agent: Trapeze Networks, Inc.

20140364133 - Method for performing resource stream alignment to be able communication through two data streams in a wireless communication: Disclosed is a method for performing resource stream alignment (RSA) to be able communication through two data streams in a wireless communication system supporting multi cell, the method comprising: measuring wireless channel state between the first base station and the second base station receiving, by each base station, a channel... Agent:

20140364134 - Radio resource measurement techniques in directional wireless networks: Techniques for radio resource measurement (RRM) that support directionality, as well as scheduled media access techniques are described. For instance, a measurement request may be transmitted from a first device to a second device. This measurement request directs the second device to take one or more measurements of a wireless... Agent:

20140364132 - Reducing transmission signal artifact spacing: A method of generating a transmission signal may include mixing a baseband signal assigned for transmission within a narrow frequency range (“assigned narrow frequency range”) included in a wireless communication channel to produce a shifted signal. The shifted signal may have a shifted frequency that is based on a shift... Agent:

20140364135 - Method of and system for performing access control and radio resource management entity: The present invention discloses a method of and system for performing the access control as well as a radio resource management entity. The method includes: detecting, by a hybrid radio resource management entity, an access control trigger event, determining, by the hybrid radio resource management entity, a non-Closed Subscriber Group... Agent:

20140364136 - Computation of channel state feedback in systems using common reference signal interference cancelation: When enabled with common reference signal interference cancellation, a user equipment (UE) may still compute a channel state feedback value with consideration of any canceled interfering neighboring signals. When the neighboring cells are determined to be transmitting data during the time for which the channel state feedback value is being... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140364137 - Overloaded communication session: A method of providing information responsive to a request from a wireless communication device involves receiving an information request from a mobile device and generating responsive information for the information request, transmitting a first portion of the responsive information to the mobile device in a first communication session, and transmitting... Agent:

20140364144 - Altitude estimation using a probability density function: Methods, program products, and systems of location estimation using a probability density function are disclosed. In general, in one aspect, a server can estimate an effective altitude of a wireless access gateway using harvested data. The server can harvest location data from multiple mobile devices. The harvested data can include... Agent:

20140364145 - Area watcher for wireless network: Dynamic and current information is provided regarding a wireless device's entry into or exit from a geographically defined “watched” area. An area watcher application monitors preconfigured wireless devices entry/exit into preconfigured watched areas. The watched areas may watch for any/all subscribers, or for select, preconfigured subscribers listed in an appropriate... Agent: Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

20140364139 - Method, apparatus and system for exchanging map information: Methods and mechanisms for exchanging map information in a wireless communication. In an embodiment, map information to represent at least a portion of a map is advertised by a first communication device communication independent of any request for the map information being received in a data session or a voice... Agent:

20140364141 - Method, apparatus, and computer program product improving registration with real time location services: Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer readable media are disclosed for improving, in some examples, registration of radio frequency tags with a location system. Example embodiments may include a method for registering a participant with a radio frequency (RF) location tag. The method may include determining tag derived data from the... Agent:

20140364143 - Providing location assistance information using data from smart meters: Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for providing location assistance information using data from smart meters are presented. In some embodiments, a smart meter configured to measure service usage at a premises may transmit at least one data message to at least one wireless access point located at the premises,... Agent:

20140364140 - Sensor interface with mobile terminal satellite modem and global location system: A system and method for implementing a low-power local-area network for use with a mobile terminal satellite modem. This low-power local-area network enables sensors on an asset to transmit sensor data to a mobile terminal affixed on the asset. The mobile terminal reports the sensor data along with asset position... Agent: Skybitz, Inc.

20140364142 - Tdoa based positioning with calculation of correction factors for compensating the clock offsets of unsynchronized network stations: The present invention presents a method, arrangement and computer program product for clocking exploiting the relative behavior of clocks of individual receiving stations as well as a corresponding modeling to derive a time difference of arrival of a signal from a user device which can be used to correct the... Agent:

20140364138 - Utilizing mobile wireless access gateways for location and context purposes: Methods, program products, and systems of using a mobile WAP for location and context purposes are disclosed. In general, in one aspect, a server can estimate an effective location of a wireless access gateway using harvested data. The server can harvest location data from multiple mobile devices. The harvested data... Agent:

20140364147 - Area watcher for wireless network: Dynamic and current information is provided regarding a wireless device's entry into or exit from a geographically defined “watched” area. An area watcher application monitors preconfigured wireless devices entry/exit into preconfigured watched areas. The watched areas may watch for any/all subscribers, or for select, preconfigured subscribers listed in an appropriate... Agent: Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

20140364146 - System and method for sharing indoor location information with one or more application program modules within a portable computing device: A method and system for sharing indoor location information with one or more application program modules within a portable computing device (“PCD”) includes receiving an indoor location data request and determining if a location service is currently being executed by the PCD. If the location service is not being executed,... Agent:

20140364151 - Location based mobile device linking system using short link codes: A networking system utilizes a mobile device which communicates through a host server that identifies the location of a user's device and allows users to easily connect anonymously on their mobile devices over a data network through the host server with other people, businesses, websites and informational pages by simply... Agent:

20140364148 - Location-based ticket books: Location-based ticket books are described. A mobile device can present a virtual ticket to a service provider based on a location of the mobile device. The mobile device can receive a virtual ticket for accessing a service from a service provider. The virtual ticket can be associated with a signal... Agent:

20140364149 - Modeling significant locations: Techniques for modeling significant locations are described. A significant location can be a location that is significant to a user of a mobile device for a variety of reasons. The mobile device can determine that a place or region is a significant location upon determining that, with sufficient certainty, the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140364150 - Predictive user assistance: Techniques for predictive user assistance are described. A mobile device can learn movement patterns of the mobile device. The mobile device can construct a state model that is an abstraction of locations where the mobile device stayed for sufficient amount of time. The state model can include states representing the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140364152 - Systems and methods for localized wireless notification: c

20140364153 - System and method for preventing driver use of a mobile device: A system and method are disclosed for restricting driver access to mobile devices while driving. The system includes an interface which facilities communicating with the vehicle and communicates with mobile devices present in the vehicle. The system determines the location of each mobile device in the vehicle in order to... Agent:

20140364154 - Information processing device, communication control method, and mobile communication system: An information processing device, includes: a memory configured to store data of one or more indices of radio quality at a plurality of points; and a processor coupled to the memory and configured to: identify one or more points among the plurality of points other than a current location of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140364155 - Paging area control apparatus, paging area control method, mobile communication system, and mobile station: A paging area control method includes (a) selecting an algorithm that corresponds to a mobility characteristic of a mobile station (100) from a plurality of paging area determining algorithms, and (b) determining a paging area of the mobile station (100) using the selected algorithm. As a result, a technology for... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140364156 - Paging area control apparatus, paging area control method, transfer apparatus, mobile communication system, mobile station, and computer readable medium: A transfer node (310) receives downlink data addressed to a mobile station (100). A paging area control apparatus (300) determines a paging area of the mobile station (100) based on an attribute of the downlink data. A paging apparatus (200) sends a paging signal into the paging area determined by... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140364157 - Method and system for providing a set of target recipients for a message: A computer-implemented method for providing a set of target recipients for a message, comprising providing data representing an initial set of recipients for the message, filtering the initial set of recipients using a template including at least one filter to provide the target set on the basis of data representing... Agent:

20140364158 - Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same: A mobile terminal for storing supplementary information together with a captured screen when the mobile terminal captures a screen displayed on a display unit, and a controlling method thereof is provided. The method of controlling a mobile terminal including a display unit includes capturing a screen of a process displayed... Agent:

20140364159 - System and method for sms private number routing: A system and method of sending a message to a cellular device having a non-dialable number is described. The system and method can use a standard cellular short code, and by associating the consumer handset with one or more M2M cellular subscriptions/devices enable communications between handsets and private M2M devices.... Agent: Numerex Corp.

20140364160 - System and method for transporting compatible content: A system for transporting compatible content provides a messenger terminal that connects to a mobile messenger application, transports a mobile message to a converting server, and receives a second short message service (SMS) or second multimedia message service (MMS) message that has been converted to be displayable; a converting server... Agent:

20140364161 - Dynamic control point in simulcast radio communication system: Simulcast communication network (200) includes a first transmit/receive (T/R) site (2101, 2102, . . . 210N) that functions as control point. At least one processing device (211) is communicatively coupled to the simulcast communication network. The at least one processing device is responsive to a determination that the first T/R... Agent: Harris Corporation

20140364162 - Determination of device body location: In some implementations, a mobile device can analyze motion sensor data and proximity sensor data during a voice call to determine whether the mobile device is on a stationary object or worn on a user's body (e.g., in the lap or pocket of a user of the mobile device). The... Agent:

20140364163 - Method and apparatus for power control: The present invention relates to a power control method, including: obtaining a current main carrier power of a main carrier and a current supplementary carrier power of a supplementary carrier; selecting a reference carrier from the main carrier and the supplementary carrier; calculating a difference between the main carrier power... Agent:

20140364164 - Dual-mode communication devices and methods: Methods, systems, and techniques for dual-mode communication are provided. Example embodiments provide an enhanced mobile device that includes a low latency transceiver and a high latency transceiver. In some cases, the enhanced mobile device is operated by a customer and configured to interact with a point of service computing system... Agent:

20140364166 - Modifying mobile device operation using proximity relationships: Described is a technology by which a mobile computing device such as a mobile telephone operates differently based on detected proximity to another mobile device with which the first mobile device has a defined relationship. For example, the first mobile device may transfer content to the second mobile computing device... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140364165 - Wireless communication method and apparatus supporting multiple communication services: A wireless communication method and an electronic device are provided. The electronic device includes a transmission module for transmitting a signal to a Circuit Switching (CS) network or a signal to a Packet Switching (PS) network; a first reception module and a second reception module for receiving a signal from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140364167 - Mobile communication device with multiple wireless transceivers and methods for use therewith: A first wireless transceiver communicates pre-association data via a first wireless network, the pre-association data relating to a second wireless network, wherein the first wireless network supports communication via a first wireless protocol and wherein the second wireless network supports communication via a second wireless protocol that is different from... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140364168 - Mobile phone or portable pc with a camera: A mobile phone or portable PC is proposed, which includes a camera with an optical axis, where a transparent cover is arranged movable relative to the camera, in such a way that the camera and the transparent cover can be brought into a first relative position and into a second... Agent:

20140364169 - Methods, systems and key fob apparatuses for facilitating hands free mobile communications from within an automotive vehicle: Methods, systems, and key fob apparatuses for facilitating hands free mobile communications from within an automotive vehicle are provided. The apparatus includes a key fob with a housing and a SIM associated with the housing. The SIM is operative to identify a subscriber to a mobile telephone network when interfaced... Agent:

20140364170 - Terminal and method for controlling the same: The present disclosure may provide a mobile terminal including a virtual receiving unit, a display unit configured to display a graphic image receiving a control command for transmitting input data to the virtual receiving unit, a user input unit configured to be activated to receive the input data based on... Agent:

20140364172 - Method and apparatus for controlling call in portable terminal: A method and apparatus for controlling an incoming call in the portable terminal are provided. The method includes displaying a call mode selection screen at a time an incoming call is detected; recognizing the call mode which is selected from the call mode selection screen; and servicing the incoming call... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140364171 - Method and system for improving voice communication experience in mobile communication devices: A mobile communication device has a body that houses electronic components and a front panel comprising a display, said mobile communication device further comprising at least one standard microphone and a vibration sensor located in vibrational connection with the front panel of the device.... Agent:

20140364173 - Apparatus and method for providing device charging information: Mechanisms are described for providing information to a user regarding a wireless charging operation via the user's mobile terminal. Information may be received from a device engaged in a wireless charging operation, such as the user device being charged and/or the wireless charging plate via which the user device is... Agent:

20140364175 - Method and apparatus for controlling power of terminal: A terminal communicating with at least one wireless communication device determines whether a first data is received from the at least one wireless communication device in a first mode, in which power is supplied to a display portion, determines whether a second data is received during a first time period... Agent:

20140364174 - On-device energy estimation for portable electronic devices: A technique for estimating energy consumption of a portable electronic device is described. During this energy-estimation technique, the portable electronic device determines hardware-state information for communication subsystems that implement different communication protocols, and software-state information for the communication protocols. Then, using models for the communication subsystems, and the hardware-state information... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140364176 - Phone case with movable strap and cover: A cell phone case held by a user's finger(s) or propped up on a flat surface includes body that engages the cell phone, the body having a moveable strap allowing changes in cell phone orientation relative to the user's hand. The back panel also includes a cover which may be... Agent:

20140364177 - Conductive case for electronic camera device: A case for a mobile phone surrounds the periphery of the mobile phone while not substantially surrounding a front of the mobile phone and not substantially surrounding a back of the mobile phone. The case includes four sides that define a substantially rectangular outer periphery around the mobile phone where... Agent:

20140364178 - Rigid frame with protective film: A screen protector with a screen protective film and an integrated frame configured to be attached to the screen of an electronic device. The screen protector is a lightweight screen cover that provides impact protection and personalization to any device.... Agent:

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