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05/21/2015 > 173 patent applications in 59 patent subcategories.

20150140924 - Effective broadcasting of emergency messages: Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for effective broadcasting of emergency messages. An emergency indicator that indicates that an emergency condition exists can be received. A geographic area affected by the emergency condition can be determined and a plurality of devices and a user device located at the geographic area... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150140925 - Channel reporting for television whitespace: Various technologies described herein pertain to providing spectrum utilization feedback from a whitespace device. A database query for a set of available channels in a spectrum (e.g., broadcast spectrum, etc.) during a time period can be transmitted from the whitespace device to a regulatory authorized database system. The database query... Agent:

20150140926 - Control apparatus, control method, and wireless communication system: A control apparatus in a wireless communication system including a base station, a plurality of relay stations, and a plurality of terminals, each of the plurality of relay stations being configured to relay wireless signals between the base station and the plurality of terminals, the control apparatus including: a memory,... Agent:

20150140931 - Communication device, communication method, program and communication system: A communication device includes: an electromagnetic-wave generating unit for outputting an electromagnetic wave; and a transmitting/receiving unit for transmitting data by modulating the electromagnetic wave in accordance with data and receiving data transmitted from the other device by demodulating the electromagnetic wave outputted by the electromagnetic-wave generating unit or the... Agent:

20150140928 - Method, apparatus, and terminal device for controlling near field communication radio frequency discovery: A method for controlling near field communication radio frequency discovery. The method includes: acquiring, by a first NFC host, state information used to indicate a state of a near field communication controller NFCC; and skipping, by the first NFC host, sending a first radio frequency discovery command to the NFCC... Agent:

20150140929 - Recovering data in a near field communication apparatus: A communication device is disclosed that includes an antenna circuit with coupling connections that are used interchangeably as a receive coupling connection and a transmit coupling connection for an RF signal. A driver maintains a constant voltage or a constant current on a first coupling connection of the antenna circuit... Agent: Broadcom Europe Limited

20150140930 - System and method of managing pairing information associated with peer-to-peer device pairings: Systems and methods of managing pairing information associated with peer-to-peer device pairings are disclosed herein. The pairing information can include link keys or other configuration data associated with eh peer-to-peer device pairing. The system can detect that a first electronic device has paired with a second electronic device via a... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150140927 - Wireless communication module and portable electronic device using the same: Disclosure is one wireless communication module comprising an antenna unit sending or receiving signals and energy; a chip unit storing signals from the antenna unit and processing them with the energy from the antenna; a coupling unit including a first and a second coupling terminals realizing a method of electromagnetic... Agent:

20150140932 - Method and apparatus for establishing an ad hoc communication with an unknown contact: A method, computer-readable storage device and apparatus for establishing an ad hoc communication with an unknown contact are disclosed. For example, the method receives an authentication token from a recipient endpoint device for authentication of an unsolicited message from a sender endpoint device, wherein the recipient endpoint device is an... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20150140933 - Method and system for distributed management of remote transmitters interacting with mobile devices: A method and system for distributed management and maintenance of remote transmitters, or beacons, via a remotely hosted integrated software platform and the interaction of the beacons with mobile devices in an environment where the beacons are located.... Agent:

20150140934 - Wireless motion activated user device with bi-modality communication: A device, system or method may include a body-wearable user device including a user device wireless transceiver configured to communicate directly with a secondary device wireless transceiver associated with a secondary device, a sensor configured to sense a physical motion of at least one of the user device and a... Agent: Playtabase, LLC

20150140935 - Bluetooth swivel bracket: A bluetooth swivel bracket is used to hold a handheld electronic devices and to play audio information of the handheld electronic device and contains a body, a universal rotating head, and a bluetooth mechanism disposed in the body. An upper side of the body is rotatably connected with the universal... Agent:

20150140936 - Temperature monitoring cable: A portable communication system (100) comprises a portable radio (102) and a radio accessory (106) coupled through an interface cable (108). The interface cable (108) provides an electronic interface for remote access to radio functions at the radio accessory (106). The interface cable (108) further provides a temperature sensor (110)... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc

20150140938 - Method for selecting state of a reconfigurable antenna in a communication system via machine learning: A method for selecting the state of a reconfigurable antenna installed at either the receiver or transmitter of a communication system is provided. The proposed method uses online learning algorithm based on the theory of multi-armed bandit to perform antenna state selection. The selection technique utilizes the Post-Processing Signal-to-Noise Ratio... Agent:

20150140937 - On-chip transmit and receive filtering: An integrated circuit chip including a chip pin configured to direct radio frequency signals on and off chip; a signal path from the chip pin which divides into a first signal path coupled to an input unit and a second signal path coupled to an output unit; a first filter... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20150140939 - Wireless communication device: A wireless communication device including an integrated processing circuit and a first memory is provided. The integrated processing circuit includes a processing unit capable of processing a wireless communication signal and a radio frequency (RF) unit capable of performing a conversion between a radio frequency (RF) signal and a baseband... Agent:

20150140940 - Apparatus for transmitting multiple streams and method for transmitting multiple streams: Disclosed is an apparatus for transmitting multiple streams, including: a polarized wave control unit generating non-orthogonal polarization information for three or more input streams; a polarized wave generating unit polarizing three or more input streams in a baseband based on the non-orthogonal polarization information to generate vertical and horizontal polarization... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150140941 - Systems and methods of transmitter protection for wireless communications: Various embodiments provide for systems and methods for wireless communications that implement transmitter protection schemes using spatial combining. The protection scheme implemented by some embodiments provides for a number of benefits, including without limitation: hitless protection; constant power monitoring for each wireless channel being utilized; extra gain to wireless signals... Agent: Aviat U.s., Inc.

20150140942 - Transmission device, and fender provided therewith: A transmission device attached to a fender and for transmitting information via radio waves includes a conductor plate disposed between the water surface and an antenna within a transmission unit of the transmission device. Radio waves that reach a reception antenna by reflecting off the water surface, an object floating... Agent:

20150140943 - Method of receiving wideband signal: A multiple antenna receiver receives a wideband signal containing two or more sub-signals of interest. The receiver may be selectively configured to receive all sub-signals of interest with all antennas, or to receive different sub-signals of interest with different antennas.... Agent:

20150140950 - Method and apparatus for receiving a data stream during an incident: A method and apparatus are provided, for accessing a data-capture device in a different domain, by public safety wireless communications equipment, for the purpose of obtaining information at an incident. A dispatch controller of a public safety wireless communications system receives an access token from a server of a non-public-safety... Agent:

20150140949 - Method and system for an integrated public safety solution: A system and method of communicating, coordinating, tracking, and integrating the activities of at least one emergency service provider is disclosed. Possible emergency service providers include police, ambulance and fire, within a single community and among service providers in different communities.... Agent:

20150140947 - Method for placing an emergency call in a vehicle: A method for placing an emergency call in a vehicle, in which vital data characterizing the condition of the occupant are detected via sensors and the vital data are sent with the emergency call.... Agent:

20150140944 - Method of notifying of situation through communication terminal: Disclosed is a method of notifying of a situation through a communication terminal. The method includes providing a notification unit including an information receiver for transmitting and receiving notification information, in a communication terminal of each of members (step s1); requesting another communication terminal of another member to receive the... Agent: Spacosa Corp.

20150140948 - Methods for handling a service request procedures, and apparatuses using the same: A method for handling a service request procedure by a mobile communication device is provided. The method includes the steps of: starting a back-off timer associated with a service request procedure in response to the service request procedure for a normal service having been failed for a maximum number of... Agent: Htc Corporation

20150140951 - Personal emergency response system: A wearable transmitter for transmitting emergency and non-emergency signals to a base station. The wearable transmitter comprises a first button associated with an emergency condition, a second button associated with a non-emergency condition, a transmitter for transmitting the emergency and non-emergency signals to a base station, and a processor coupled... Agent:

20150140945 - Protected broadcast in a warning message delivery chain: A node suitable for use in a warning message delivery chain (1) in a telecommunication cellular network, comprising :a receiver for receiving a warning message (2), a state determiner for determining the state of a downstream node (3, 5, 5′, 7, 7′,9, 9′) among “ON” or “OFF”, a sender for... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20150140946 - Systems and methods for providing emergency callback procedures: Enhanced services, such as call restriction, call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, and proprietary services, may interfere with an emergency callback potentially preventing the callback from reaching the intended destination. Systems and methods for processing emergency calls to eliminate emergency callback failure in response to an emergency call being released are... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150140952 - Systems and methods for providing emergency messages to a mobile device: The present invention is directed to systems and methods for providing emergency messages to a mobile device. In an exemplary embodiment, a system for communicating emergency messages is provided comprising a mobile device comprising an emergency message application and a personal emergency message transceiver, an emergency message control center, wherein... Agent:

20150140954 - Method and system for an emergency location information service (e-lis) from unmanned aerial vehicles (uav): A method and system for determining and verifying a location of a network device in emergency situations with emergency messages including legacy 911, E911 and text-to-911 messages from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone. The method and system provide a current physical geographic location for mobile devices in urban... Agent:

20150140953 - Texting driver alert service: A network device receives an indication of a text message sent from a sender via a mobile device and receives multiple telematics packets from a vehicle telematics unit. Each of the multiple telematics packets includes operating data from a vehicle, associated with a driver and a time or time interval.... Agent: Hti Ip, LLC

20150140955 - Method and apparatus for reducing cell site power consumption in a wireless network: A method, computer-readable storage device, and an apparatus for reducing power consumption in a wireless network are disclosed. For example, the method performs an analysis of a usage pattern for a cell site, determines whether a threshold is reached for reducing the power consumption based on the analysis of the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150140956 - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for call flow analysis using comparison level indicators: Methods, systems, and computer readable media for call flow analysis using comparison level indicators (CLIs) are disclosed. One exemplary method includes emulating a plurality of user devices, transmitting test traffic to at least one device under test (DUT) using the emulated user devices, receiving traffic from the at least one... Agent:

20150140960 - Automated account provisioning: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to systems, methods, and apparatus for allowing an issuer to initiate account provisioning on a mobile device without interacting with an accountholder. The issuer may initiate the process by sending a provisioning information request message to a mobile device with a secure element.... Agent:

20150140959 - Method and system for enabling usage of mobile telephone services on a donor device: A system and method can allow a first subscriber who is unable to use his mobile device due to theft, damage, loss, or any other reason to authenticate himself on a telecommunications network using a second subscriber's mobile device. The system and method can also allow the first subscriber to... Agent:

20150140957 - Prepaid phone card charging: A prepaid card is credited to an account associated with a cellular device by receiving a prepaid card identifier from a user through an input device of the cellular device and saving the prepaid card identifier in a memory of the cellular device. A service provider for the cellular device... Agent: Data Guard Solutions, Inc.

20150140962 - Secure witness or criminal participant location or position and time recording information apparatus, systems and method: An apparatus, system or method for use of encrypted or confidential location or position, time, and unique identifier information (LPTI Information) comprising mobile device encoded unique identifiers (UIs), to register the presence of one or more persons in a retail or service store or outlet, vehicle, financial, educational, governmental, transportation,... Agent:

20150140961 - Short message service protocol gateway: A system for communicating short message service messages from a SMS application to a wireless communication device. The system includes a protocol gateway for converting messages from a simple object access protocol (SOAP) to a short message peer-to-peer (SMPP) protocol. By using a SOAP protocol for a portion of communications... Agent:

20150140958 - System and method for ensuring a communication is initiated from within a communication application: In example embodiments, a system and method for ensuring that a communication is made from within a communication application is provided. A communication initiated from a device of a user is received. A determination is made as to whether a notification is received from the communication application on the device... Agent: Fzc

20150140963 - Method, apparatus, and system for processing charging information: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, an apparatus and a system for processing charging information, wherein the method includes: a mobility management device acquires a PLMN identifier corresponding to a network name displayed by a user equipment; transmits the PLMN identifier corresponding to the network name displayed by... Agent:

20150140965 - Home base station location information: The embodiments herein relate to a method in a location information node (327) for providing location information associated with a home base station (345) to a PCRF (350). The node (327) is dedicated to handling the location information. When the home base station (345) sets up an IPSec tunnel with... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150140964 - System and method for implementing a two-person access rule using mobile devices: A system using mobile devices and a network provides access authentication, authorization and accounting to computing resources using a two-person access rule solution approach. A central access control server coordinates a rule-based authorization process in which a requesting user and one or more authorizing users are engaged in real-time communications... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150140967 - Base station and user equipment authentication method thereof: A base station and a user equipment authentication method thereof are provided. The base station is for use in a wireless network system. The wireless network system includes the user equipment. The base station receives a login request message from the user equipment, and determines that the user equipment is... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150140968 - Enhanced key management for srns relocation: A method that comprises maintaining, in a first node serving a mobile terminal over a connection protected by at least one first key, said first key and information about the key management capabilities of the mobile terminal. Upon relocation of the mobile terminal to a second node the method includes:... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150140970 - Method for detecting security error in mobile telecommunications system and device of mobile telecommunications: According to one embodiment, a method of performing a re-establishment procedure in a mobile communication system includes: receiving at least one packet data convergence protocol (PDCP) control plane data unit; performing an integrity check on the at least one PDCP control plane data unit; identifying an integrity check failure with... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150140966 - Mobile device learning mode for secure identification: A method for prompting the user to scan a radio token in proximity with a mobile device and detecting, via a radio token compatible mechanism within the mobile device, when the radio token passes within a communications distance from the radio token compatible device. So as to provide future indication... Agent: Tyfone, Inc.

20150140969 - Mobile device management: Methods and systems are disclosed for reducing fraud, waste, and abuse of devices associated with government or business programs. Devices are authenticated based on a first set of data collected from the device, and if authenticated, may be permitted to send or receive service requests based on a second set... Agent:

20150140971 - Service mobility via a femtocell infrastructure: Aspects of a method and system for service mobility via a femtocell infrastructure are provided. In this regard, a mobile cellular enabled communication device may detect a femtocell operable to deliver content for one or more services to the mobile cellular enabled communication device, where the one or more services... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150140972 - Filtering an audio signal for a non-real-time recipient: For filtering an audio signal for a non-real-time recipient, a signal module may detect communication of an audio signal to the non-real-time recipient. A management module may filter the audio signal with a high-latency audio filter.... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

20150140975 - Bypassing enhanced services: A communication environment includes of one or more subscriber terminals capable of initiating emergency voice calls over a telephony network. The subscriber terminal further send messages over either a data network or a telephony signaling network to a communication management system. The communication management system receives messages from a subscriber... Agent:

20150140976 - Method and system for updating electronic business cards: A method for updating electronic business cards (VCards). A receiving terminal which is to synchronize a VCard with a sending terminal is determined. It is determined whether there is an update of a VCard in the sending terminal. If there is an update, the sending terminal sends an updated VCard... Agent:

20150140974 - Supporting the provision of services: For offering of services to a user, an object model of a real world object is created based on captured data on the real world object. Information linking a service to the model and identifying a type of the service is associated with the model. The model and the associated... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150140973 - System and method for ensuring a call is made from within a call application: In example embodiments, a system and method for ensuring that a call is made from within a call application is provided. Call details of a call initiated from a device of a user is accessed. A determination is made as to whether a notification is received from the call application... Agent:

20150140977 - System and method for intelligent call blocking with block mode: System and method for intelligent call blocking with block mode are provided. Said system comprises at least one of a local number database and a cloud number database, as well as a monitoring module used for monitoring the phone number of mobile terminal and preprocessing, an analyzing module used for... Agent:

20150140979 - Conference system and associated signalling method: The conference system (KS) can comprise at least one mobile terminal with a respective signaling apparatus which contains a sensor which detects motion by the signaling apparatus and outputs a corresponding motion signal. In addition, it can contain a motion signal processing apparatus which associates the motion signal from a... Agent:

20150140980 - Uninterruptable group communication sessions within a wireless communications system: A call request message is sent from an access terminal to an application server in order to request initiation of a group communication session to a communication group and to request that an allocation of the floor to the given access terminal for the duration of the given group communication... Agent:

20150140978 - Voice conversations in a unified and consistent multimodal communication framework: A unified communication framework in which multiple users communicate using multiple modes including voice. Conversations are kept consistent across users' devices. A backend maintains the true and authoritative version of the conversation within the communication framework. Users may join and leave voice channels of conversations. Users may attempt to get... Agent:

20150140991 - Automatic identification of a vehicle driver based on driving behavior: A method and apparatus are disclosed that identify a motor vehicle operation and whether a driver is operating a mobile device. One example of operation may include a method that includes receiving vehicle data based on active operation of a vehicle and compiling a candidate driver identification profile (DIP) based... Agent:

20150140986 - Auxiliary channel remote device management, diagnostics, and self-installation: A remote device management, diagnostics, and self-installation architecture employs multiple wireless links, which may include a local wireless link and a remote wireless link. The architecture employs cellular channels for remote management of customer premises equipment (CPE). Within the architecture, test devices may operate on the CPE. As examples, the... Agent:

20150140985 - Device and method of driving multi-pdp data communication for mobile broadband device: A device and method of driving multi-Packet Data Protocol (PDP) data communication for a mobile broadband device are disclosed. The device includes: a Radio Interface Layer (RIL) module which is configured to receive a function call request message based on data or a configuration service, and call a PDP management... Agent:

20150140992 - Initiation of wireless service: Disclosed are various embodiments for implementing wireless service for a wireless device. In a representative embodiment, a service initiation system is executed in a computing device that communicates with a service provider system over a network to activate a wireless service associated with a newly purchased wireless device. The service... Agent:

20150140990 - Method and apparatus for controlling home devices on group basis in a home network system: A method and apparatus for controlling home devices on a group basis in a home network system are provided. The method includes collecting operation state information about a plurality of home devices, generating control history information about the plurality of home devices based on the collected operation state information, receiving... Agent:

20150140982 - Method and system for pre and post processing of beacon id signals: A wireless beacon message management system and method of operating the system with a mobile device. At least one wireless beacon is strategically located in a premises, such as a building or other geocentrically defined area. Each wireless beacon has means for transmitting a wireless beacon signal, wherein the wireless... Agent:

20150140981 - Method and system to manage mobile data network usage for voip calls: A method and system to select an operating mode of a mobile device, the method including: detecting a request for a call; determining by a processor of the mobile device a data usage limit; determining by a processor of the mobile device a cumulative amount of data sent using the... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150140988 - Method of processing event and electronic device thereof: A device and method in which an electronic device processes an event by interlocking with another electronic device are provided. The method of operating an electronic device includes detecting occurrence of an event. The method also includes determining state information of the electronic device. The method further includes determining whether... Agent:

20150140984 - Method, system and related device for overriding low priority and/or eab: A method, system and related device for overriding low priority and/or Extended Access Bar (EAB) are disclosed. The method includes the following steps: an Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Device Management (DM) server sends dual-priority User Equipment (UE) a low priority overriding indicator and/or an EAB overriding indicator; and the dual-priority... Agent:

20150140987 - Radio communication device and radio communication method: A radio communication device including: a first memory to store a plurality of program modules into which a first program is divided, the first program providing a first radio access technology (RAT), a second memory to store a second program providing a second RAT for executing, a first processor to... Agent:

20150140989 - System and method for managing a mobile device: A system and method for managing a mobile device(s) to provide for a notification(s) when specified thresholds are reached and/or execute defined rules for the mobile device(s). The rules can relate to any function of the mobile device(s), including but not limited to, notification when a percentage of voice/data/SMS is... Agent:

20150140983 - Telecommunication networks: Control means 700 for use with a mobile telecommunications network including a core and a radio access network having radio means for wireless communication with mobile terminals registered with the network, wherein the radio access network includes the control means, the control means being operable to control the use of... Agent:

20150140993 - Using identifiers to establish communication: Confusion resulting from assigning the same node identifier to multiple nodes is resolved through the use of confusion detection techniques and the use of unique identifiers for the nodes. In some aspects an access point and/or an access terminal may perform operations relating to detecting confusion and/or providing a unique... Agent:

20150140995 - Communication system, communication method, and controller: A communication system includes checking means for performing a check to detect whether a mobile device carried by a user of a vehicle is in the vehicle via wireless communication between an onboard device and the mobile device when a door of the vehicle has changed from being open to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150140994 - Use of geofences for location-based activation and control of services: Disclosed herein is a geofence service that enables various remote control and automatic operations based a user's current geographic position as determined by the user's mobile device's current geographic location. The geofence service enables the user to define one or more geofences based on specific geographic locations. Such geofences may... Agent:

20150140996 - Nodes and methods for monitoring of communication: A network node for a telecommunication network is provided. The network node includes a receiving unit adapted to receive a monitoring control message. The monitoring control message includes an identifier relating to a subscriber whose communication is to be monitored. A processing unit is adapted to determine one or more... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150140999 - Link failure recovery method and apparatus: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a link failure recovery method and apparatus. The method includes: first receiving, by a primary base station, failure report information sent by a user equipment, acquiring, according to the failure report information, an identifier of a DRB that needs to be reconfigured, and reconfiguring... Agent:

20150140998 - Method and apparatus for processing nas signaling request in wireless communication system: The present invention relates to a wireless communication system, and more particularly, to a method and an apparatus for processing a NAS signaling request. A method for performing a non-access stratum (NAS) signaling process by means of a terminal in a wireless communication system according to one embodiment of the... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150140997 - Systems and methods for protocol-based identification of rogue base stations: A rogue base station detection system that establishes a communication session with a suspected base station, and verifies whether the base station is rogue or innocent by testing which advanced communication features are supported by the base station. The detection system holds a definition of one or more communication features... Agent:

20150141000 - Device to device interference triggered handover: Various communication systems may benefit from properly triggered handovers. For example, certain communication systems may benefit from device-to-device interference triggered handovers. A method may include identifying, at a device, at least one strong device to device communication. The method may also include reporting, or initiating the reporting, the at least... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150141001 - Method for enhancing the use of proximity services in a public land mobile network: A method for enhancing the use of proximity services in a public land mobile network includes: in a first step, a base transceiver station receives a first proximity services activation information related to a first user equipment of a plurality of user equipments; in a second step, the base transceiver... Agent:

20150141002 - System and method for non-cellular wireless access: System and method embodiments are provided for non-cellular wireless access. In an embodiment, a method for non-cell grid based radio access in a radio access network includes determining, by a controller, a group of transmit points (TPs) to assign to a logical entity; assigning, by the controller, a logical entity... Agent:

20150141003 - Method, apparatus and computer readable medium for terminating and newly constructing a send routing information (sri) message in mobile networks: An originating SMSC in Network A issues an SRI-SM towards the HLR of a recipient (User B in Network B). One of a number of N Platforms or Message Controllers (“MCOs”) intercepts the SRI-SM. Instead of passing on the SRI-SM, the MCO terminates it and performs a full decode of... Agent: Markport Limited

20150141004 - Avoiding forbidden cell reselections in multimode networks: Methods, systems, and devices for wireless communications are described. According to these techniques, a user equipment (UE) may determine that the UE is in a serving cell, identify at least one forbidden neighbor cell while the UE is in the serving cell, and adjust a measurement interval of the at... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150141006 - Devices and methods for preventing out-of-service periods in multi-subscription scenarios: Access terminals capable of employing multiple subscriptions are adapted to prevent out-of-service periods for one or more subscriptions. According to one example, an access terminal can establish a data communication on a first subscription utilizing a first network, and an idle mode connection on a second subscription utilizing a second... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150141007 - Extended access barring for csg cells: It is provided an apparatus, comprising CSG (closed subscriber group) determining means adapted to determine one of plural CSG types to which the apparatus belongs, based on a CSG entry stored by the apparatus, wherein the plural CSG types are related to a closed subscriber group advertisement received from a... Agent: Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

20150141008 - Mobile communication terminal, server apparatus, controlling system, controlling method, and program: A mobile communication terminal performs: registering a length of time starting at a time when an identifier of a base station is detected by a first communication unit, the identifier being transmitted by the base station accommodated in a first communication network, and ending at a time when the first... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150141005 - Using sensor data to provide information for proximally-relevant group communications: Methods, devices, and systems for a mobile device to perform actions associated with applications when confirmed to be within proximity of a physical location relevant to the applications, including identifying a unique identifier of a proximate wireless network access point, determining whether the unique identifier matches a predefined identifier stored... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150141009 - Communication system and method for path control: An object is to provide a communication system and a method for path control that can realize flexible routing in a mobile communication network. The communication system according to the present invention includes a data transfer apparatus (11), a gateway (12) for performing predetermined data processing on data transferred from... Agent:

20150141010 - System and method for selective registration in a multi-beam system: A system and method for selective registration of a user equipment (UE) to one of a plurality of access points (APs). An indication may be received that each of a plurality of APs have received a signal from a UE. The UE may be registered to the first one of... Agent:

20150141011 - Method and device for preventing mobile-terminated call drop: Provided is a method of sending and receiving signals for a user equipment (UE) in a mobile communication system. The method may include: receiving a service reject message from a Mobility Management Entity (MME) under congestion; sending a message containing at least one piece of information determined based on the... Agent:

20150141012 - Method and system for operating multi-subscriber identity module (sim) mobile device in wireless communication networks: The various embodiments herein provide a method and system for operating a multi-subscriber identity module (SIM) mobile device. The method includes identifying a common suitable public land mobile network (PLMN) cell between a first radio frequency (RF) unit and a second RF unit of the mobile device. The first RF... Agent:

20150141013 - Heterogeneous network load balancing: A user equipment device cell reselection procedure includes scaling factors that are based on cell-types of a camping cell and neighbor cells and a mobility state of the user equipment device. The scaling factors can be received in a system information block message. During an idle mode cell selection/reselection procedure,... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150141016 - Method for controlling cell activation, base station, and terminal: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method for controlling cell activation, a base station, and a terminal. According to the method for controlling cell activation, the base station, and the terminal that are provided in the embodiments of the present invention, through determination on cell identification information in the... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150141014 - Method, device and base station for handover control: A method, a device and a base station for controlling handover are described. In order to control handover from a source base station to a target base station in a wireless communication system, where the target base station controls multiple cells, preference levels for candidate cells to be used as... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150141015 - Wireless network handover method, base station, and user equipment: Embodiments of the present invention relates to a wireless network handover method, a base station and a user equipment. The wireless network handover method includes: sending, by a source base station, a handover request to a target base station, where the handover request includes information about a candidate wireless fidelity... Agent:

20150141017 - Collision elimination through forced reselection of cells in multi-sim mobile devices: The various embodiments provide methods for implementing a forced reselection strategy after causing colliding subscriptions to perform reselection to neighboring cells. In various embodiments, the MSMS communication device may undo the effects of forced reselection in certain situations when continuing to employ forced reselection may be ineffective. In other embodiments,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150141018 - Method and apparatus for managing handovers in a wireless network: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, monitoring a speed and an acceleration of a mobile communication device in a serving cell of a wireless network where the mobile communication device has a radio resource control connection with the wireless network, and selecting a first mobility... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20150141019 - Network smart cell selection: Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for minimizing data overhead in a cellular network. In some embodiments a method includes receiving, by a base station of the cellular network, location information associated with a mobile device. The method may include determining, by the... Agent:

20150141020 - User device smart cell selection: Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for minimizing data overhead in a cellular network. In one embodiment, a method includes determining, by a mobile device connected to the cellular network via a connection point, that the connection point has limited capacity; determining, by... Agent:

20150141021 - Method and apparatus for managing handovers in a wireless network based on speed group assignments: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, determining a mobility speed group assignment for a mobile communication device having a radio resource control connection with a wireless network where the mobility speed group assignment is selected from among a plurality of mobility speed groups according to... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20150141023 - Optimization of consolidating entities: A system and method for homogeneously merging locations in a telecommunications network including: calculating a first characteristic of a carrier at a first location and a second location; determining a penalty for excluding the carrier based in part on the first characteristic; comparing the a penalty determined to a preselected... Agent: Idt Corporation

20150141022 - Routing of calls to subscribers of other mobile network operators: A method, control node, and system for routing communication calls from a first telecommunication system of a first network operator to a second telecommunication system of a second network operator, the first telecommunication system and the second telecommunication system being interconnected via at least two points of interconnect, and the... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150141024 - Method and apparatus for maximizing network capacity of cell sites in a wireless network: A method, computer-readable storage device and an apparatus for maximizing the capacity of a wireless network across a geographical area are disclosed. For example, the method monitors the wireless network and gathering network information and user endpoint device information for a geographical area comprising a plurality of cells of the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150141025 - Dynamic network-controlled formation of mobile cells: The invention is directed to systems, methods and computer program products for forming a mobile cell in a network. An exemplary method comprises: first determining a first node of the network is within a predetermined distance of a second node of the network; second determining the first node's movement pattern... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150141029 - Bandwidth prediction for cellular backhauling: A bandwidth manager manages respective bandwidths for base stations in a communication network. The base stations are controlled by an access controller which dynamically allocates communication resources for the base stations. Each of the base stations has a respective allocated bandwidth. The bandwidth manager includes a signaling monitor and a... Agent:

20150141026 - Endpoint device antenna beam forming based jamming detection and mitigation: A method, computer-readable storage device and apparatus for locating a source of a communication impairment are disclosed. For example, the method detects the communication impairment, performs a sweep to locate a direction of the source of the communication impairment, wherein the sweep is performed in response to the detecting the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150141028 - Method and apparatus for measuring inter-frequency neighboring cell and user equipment thereof: A method and an apparatus for measuring an inter-frequency neighboring cell is provided. The method comprises obtaining a time requirement of cell identification of a specific carrier, obtaining a time requirement of cell measurement of the specific carrier, identifying a new cell on the corresponding specific carrier in the time... Agent:

20150141030 - Radio resource management for dual priority access: The present invention relates to performing radio resource management tasks in a communication system including at least a base station and a terminal. In order to avoid inconsistencies in executing the radio resource management tasks for the dual-priority devices, which may run a delay-tolerant and a normal application at the... Agent:

20150141027 - Self-adaptive coverage of wireless networks: Both uplink spectral efficiency and downlink spectral efficiency are improved through adjustments made to various parameters that would otherwise be treated as static type parameters. Variations in respective performance of two or more cells can be considered during the adjustment. Further, variations of respective cell performance based on time of... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150141032 - Apparatus, base station transceiver, method, and computer program for assigning a radio resource: Embodiments relate to an apparatus, a base station transceiver, a method, and a computer program for assigning a radio resource. An apparatus 10 for a mobile communication system is operable to assign a radio resource from a plurality of radio resources to enable communication of information between a mobile transceiver... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20150141031 - Control device and control method for dynamically adjusting power of small-cell base stations: A control device and a control method for dynamically adjusting power of small-cell base stations are provided. The control device determines the number of interfered terminals of each small-cell base station according to signal quality information of terminal devices, divides the small-cell base stations into a plurality of groups, and... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150141033 - Multi-tier quality of service wireless communications networks: The present disclosure pertains to improved communication quality of service (QoS) in communication networks. Higher service tiers may guarantee that a specific vocoder or bit rate is used. They may also guarantee that communication is supported by such parameters as maximum allowed dropped calls rate, maximum allowed jitter and maximum... Agent:

20150141050 - Applying indoor magnetic fields for acquiring movement information: An apparatus caused at least to acquire information indicating first indoor magnetic field vectors measured by a first portable device inside a building; generate a first indoor magnetic field sequence, IMFS, on the basis of the first indoor magnetic field vectors; acquire information indicating second indoor magnetic field vectors measured... Agent:

20150141043 - Corrective navigation instructions: Systems and methods are provided for corrective navigation instructions are. In one implementation, an operation associated with a relatively lower likelihood of compliance can be identified from a set of navigational operations. One or more notifications corresponding to the operation can be provided.... Agent:

20150141049 - Enhanced lte positioning protocol information transfer procedures for control plane lcs on lte: Techniques disclosed herein provide for enhanced LTE Positioning Protocol (LPP) Reliable Transport where the receiver of an LPP message sends a non-piggybacked acknowledgement. An example method for executing on a mobile device a protocol session with a location server includes sending a first protocol session message associated with a first... Agent:

20150141045 - Geofence: A mobile device can include an application configured to set an update interval for location information characterizing a location of the mobile device based on a current location of the mobile device and a location of a wireless device has an associated geofence. The update interval can define an interval... Agent: Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

20150141044 - Geolocation aid and system: A method and system for geolocation using a street light system having transponding technology. A predetermined band of radio frequencies employing spread spectrum technology is used to identify locations relative to an individual street light.... Agent:

20150141037 - Improving scalability and reliability of hardware geo-fencing with failover support: Systems and methods disclosed herein may include tracking one or more geo-fences using a GNSS hardware processor within a computing device. The tracking may use at least one GNSS signal. State changes of the one or more geo-fences during the tracking may be saved in a shared state database. The... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150141035 - Method and apparatus for classifying a mobile device location: Methods, apparatus, and computer program products for classifying a mobile device location are described. An example of a method for classifying the mobile device location includes mapping the mobile device location to a pixel address in a dilated test texture, wherein the dilated test texture corresponds to an uncertainty estimation... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150141038 - Method and apparatus for determining a probability for a geo-fence: A method, computer-readable storage device, and an apparatus for determining a probability for a particular geo-fence in a wireless network are disclosed. For example, the method receives a mobile identification, a location record, and an accuracy level, identifies a bin in a database of record, identifies one or more geo-fences... Agent: At&t Mobility LLC

20150141036 - Method and apparatus for estimating traffic speed: A method, computer-readable storage device and an apparatus for estimating the traffic speed for segments of roads using location information of wireless devices in a wireless network are disclosed. For example, the method computes a speed and a speed error for travelling between at least two locations of the plurality... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20150141034 - Method and apparatus for ranging using channel estimation with interference rejection: A ranging procedure is performed using interference cancellation using preamble messages from a plurality of objects, each of which includes a pre-defined orthogonal design coded modulation patterns. A channel for an object may be estimated using the pre-defined orthogonal design coded modulation patterns in the preamble messages received from objects... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150141040 - Method for reporting information based on location estimation and estimating location in wireless communication system, and apparatus for supporting same: According to one embodiment, provided is a method for user equipment reporting information based on location estimation in a wireless communication system. The method comprises: transmitting to a network an estimation result from a specific point in time; obtaining information based on a first location estimation from a first point... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150141048 - Method of determining a position in a wireless communication system and apparatus thereof: A method of determining a position in a wireless communication system and apparatus thereof are disclosed. The present invention includes receiving system information including information on a reference cell and at least one neighbor cell from a location server, receiving positioning reference signals (PRSs) from the reference cell and the... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150141047 - Methods and apparatus for supporting inter-frequency measurements: The invention relates to methods and devices for supporting configuration of a measurement gap pattern for a user equipment requiring measurement gaps for performing an inter-frequency measurement. A radio network node receives an indication from the user equipment that the user equipment is going to perform an inter-frequency measurement for... Agent:

20150141042 - Mobile terminal, system and method: One aspect of the present invention relates to a mobile terminal having a continuous positioning function, including a radio positioning unit configured to derive a position of the mobile terminal in continuous positioning, a movement detection unit configured to detect a movement distance and a traveling direction of the mobile... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150141041 - Positioning and tracking device: A tracking error covariance matrix updating unit 6 that updates a tracking error covariance matrix Pk (−) before update at a sampling time k by using a nominal distance difference error parameter σΔrnom and that outputs the tracking error covariance matrix Pk (+) after update is disposed, and a TrackDOP... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150141046 - Reference based location information for a wireless network: Determining referenced based location information for a wireless radio network is described. Referenced based location information can include determining location reference information and corresponding location offset information based on location information. In an aspect, location information can be timed fingerprint location information. Location offset information can be communicated in a... Agent:

20150141039 - Updating of coverage area representations based on negative hits: It is inter alia disclosed to obtain or generate detection data. The detection data comprises position data that is indicative of a position of a terminal and one or more identifiers respectively related to one or more coverage areas detected by the terminal. A negative hit for at least a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150141053 - Method and system to configure and utilize geographical zones: A method to define a geographical zone is disclosed. The geographical zone can be utilized to regulate a movable entity and the actions within the geographical zone. The geographical zone can be defined by allowing a user to define and load to a transponder a plurality of waypoints, each waypoint... Agent:

20150141051 - Method for fine location of a mobile user equipment that is the recipient of an sms in a telecommunication network implementing open-mode femtocells: The present invention relates to a mobile network (10) organized into a plurality of location areas and service areas gathering a geographically homogeneous set of cells of the mobile network, with gathering of the femtocells into specific additional service areas. The arrival of an SMS intended to a user equipment... Agent:

20150141052 - Method for fine location of a mobile user equipment that is the recipient of an sms in a telecommunication network implementing open-mode femtocells: The present invention relates to a mobile network (10) organized into a plurality of location areas and service areas gathering a geographically homogeneous set of cells of the mobile network, with gathering of the femtocells into specific additional service areas. The arrival of a received phone call intended to a... Agent:

20150141054 - Radio communication system, radio terminal, radio network, radio communication method and program: A wireless communication system comprises: a setting notifying means for notifying, to a radio terminal, setting information related to at least one of the radio terminal's collection of measurement information and the radio terminal's reporting of the measurement information to a radio network; a status notifying means for notifying, to... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150141056 - Apparatus and method to update geographic database: A mobile device initiates communication with a server through a location based service and sends a user generated submission and a geolocation to the server. The server identifies an incomplete entry in a geographic database based on the geolocation and generates a probe question for the incomplete entry. The probe... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20150141057 - Conditional interaction control for a virtual object: A method and system for providing conditional interaction for a virtual object (2) accessible with a mobile device (1), said mobile device (1) comprising geolocation means for assessing a real-world geographic location (PI) to said mobile device (1), and said virtual object (2) being assessed a location information (P2) corresponding... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20150141058 - Method and apparatus to transmit and receive data based on location: An apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data based on a location is disclosed, the apparatus for receiving the data, for example, a data receiver includes a location predictor configured to predict a location of the receiver based on location information of the receiver, a data rate calculator configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150141059 - Systems and methods for creating and providing location-based content: A software product comprises instructions stored on non-transitory computer-readable media. The instructions, when executed by a computer, perform steps for providing a guided tour to a user via a mobile computing device. The steps include the step of playing a first data file on the mobile computing device when the... Agent: Travelstorysgps, LLC

20150141055 - Systems and methods for optimizing message notification timing based on geographic location: Systems and methods are provided for timing message notifications to be provided to mobile device users based on their respective geographic locations with respect to a targeted content area. The timing of message notifications may be controlled in order to optimize the chances of delivering targeted content to a mobile... Agent: Aol Inc.

20150141060 - Systems, devices, and methods for sharing geographic location: The present disclosure provides a terminal including a processor-readable storage medium including a set of instructions for geographic location sharing between the terminal and a target terminal; and a processor in communication with the storage medium. The processor is configured to execute the set of instructions to establish a communication... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150141061 - Method for tracking a mobile device onto a remote displaying unit: The present invention refers to a method for tracking at least one mobile device onto a remote displaying unit through a mobile switching center connected to the mobile device by a wireless communication network and through a head-end linked to the mobile switching center and connected to the remote displaying... Agent:

20150141062 - Method and node for paging in a radio access network: The present invention relates to a method in the radio access node for paging user equipment attached to a radio network. The steps performed by the radio access node include receiving (31) a core network paging message from a core network. A request for paging of the user equipment in... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150141064 - Compensation of simple fiber optic faraday effect sensors: A monitoring system for detecting earth faults in an electrical power supply grid providing a power signal includes a plurality of monitoring devices, each of the monitoring devices including a detector for detecting the level of harmonics in the power signal, wherein the level of harmonics is detected in a... Agent: Powersense A/s

20150141065 - Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving an integrated message using portable device: A method of sending an integrated message using a portable device according includes executing an integrated message application supporting a plurality of channels including at least two channels having different messaging schemes. An input window permits entry of a message, and the message is displayed on a message display window.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150141066 - Systems and methods for prioritizing messages on a mobile device: A method, performed by a mobile communication device, may include receiving a message; extracting one or more features associated with the message; and determining a priority level for the message, based on the extracted one or more features, using a model that relates the extracted one or more features to... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20150141063 - Systems and methods for providing notifications in a communications system: The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for providing notifications in a communication system. In connection therewith, a first communication is transmitted, by a processor, in accordance with a first communication scheme that defines a first communication service by which the first communication is to be transmitted and a... Agent:

20150141067 - Ad-hoc group bidding: Mobile devices band together in an ad hoc grouping based on their location. As the mobile devices travel, their users may have a shared, mutual goal at a common location. The mobile devices having the common location are invited to join the ad hoc grouping. Should any of the mobile... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150141070 - Mobile station and method of determining transmission power: A mobile station in accordance with one embodiment of the present invention includes a cumulative value storage unit configured to store a cumulative value of transmission power control commands transmitted from a base station; and a cumulative value addition unit configured to add the cumulative value stored in the cumulative... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150141068 - Power control: Measures for enabling per-carrier power control for inter-band multi-carrier capable devices, such as for example inter-band carrier aggregation capable devices. Such measures may for example comprise calculating a desired cumulative output power value for a combination of at least two uplink carriers of a terminal device, said two uplink carriers... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150141069 - Thermal noise power floor estimation: Embodiments herein relate to a method in a radio base station (12) for handling a thermal noise power floor in a thermal noise power floor estimation process. The radio base station (12) determines a change or a rate of change of a thermal noise power floor estimate relative a previous... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaret L M Ericsson (publ)

20150141072 - Adaptive communication mode for recording a media message: A computer implemented method and system for determining a communication mode for recording a media message on a communication device is provided. An adaptive recording application detects activation of an interface element, for example, a push or a touch of a button on the communication device and determines duration of... Agent: Kirusa Inc.

20150141071 - Methods and apparatus for enhancing wireless data network telephony, including quality of service monitoring and control: A system for wireless communication comprises an architecture of routers connected to a network and having connected transceivers for wireless transmission and reception of data, and a plurality of hand-held communicators adapted for users to communicate with the network through the routers. The system is configured for data network telephony... Agent:

20150141074 - Foldable calling device: A foldable calling device includes a body which is foldable; a speaker at a first side of the body, in an unfolded state of the body; a first microphone at the first side of the body, in the unfolded state of the body; and a second microphone at a second... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150141073 - Sniffing smartphone: A wireless communication device having a breath sensor and a proximity sensor to measure the distance from a user to the device. The breath sensor is configured to measure or detect various components in the user's breath that may be indicative of a health issue. The sensitivity of the sensor... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150141075 - Controlling electromagnetic radiation from an electronic device: An electronic device detects presence of an accessory that is attachable to the electronic device, where a portion of the accessory provides an electromagnetic radiation shield. The electronic device is to change a transmission power of a wireless communications module of the electronic device based on detecting presence of the... Agent:

20150141076 - Distributed application functionality and user interface for multiple connected mobile devices: Providing a distributed application on a plurality of personal devices of a user includes providing a first portion of the distributed application on a first personal device and providing a second portion of the application on a second personal device different from the first personal device, where the second personal... Agent:

20150141077 - Communication terminal compatible with multiple smart cards: A communication terminal compatible with multiple smart cards includes a socket for inserting a standard smart card and a chassis for making the socket fitting at least one of small and ultra-small types of smart cards. The small smart card and the ultra small smart card insert into the socket... Agent: Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd

20150141078 - Mobile unit having internet protocol functionality: A mobile unit includes a handset and a removable storage module having a unique storage module identity, for storing information specific to a user, including an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Additional information regarding a Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) and International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) which uniquely identifies the subscriber... Agent:

20150141079 - Terminal voice control method and apparatus, and terminal: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a terminal voice control method. The method includes: when a voice instruction of a user is received, identifying the voice instruction, and extracting wake-up indication information from the voice instruction; performing voice verification on the voice instruction if the wake-up indication information is obtained... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20150141080 - Object detection and characterization: Object detection and characterization techniques are described. In one or more implementations, capacitance changes are detected by one or more of a plurality of capacitive sensors of a computing device. A material composition or movement of an object in relation to the computing device is determined that caused the capacitance... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150141081 - Method of detection and display of charging information of power bank: A method of detection and display of charging information of power bank is provided and used when a mobile electronic device is charged by a power bank via a charging transmission device. The method of detection and display of charging information of power bank includes an information acquisition step, an... Agent:

20150141086 - Customized hardware selection for a mobile phone: A mobile device includes a shell; a first replaceable hardware component received within the shell; and a second replaceable hardware component received within the shell, the second replaceable hardware component configured to receive a wireless power signal from a remote device and convert the power signal into electrical energy usable... Agent: Elwha LLC

20150141083 - Hotspot device: Embodiments disclosed herein relate generally to a compact device for providing Wi-Fi connectivity for an electronic device. The compact device is rotatably activated and includes interchangeable batteries and indicia indicating activation.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150141085 - Mobile computing device for blind or low-vision users: Mobile computing device including a physical feature which defines the centre-line of the device across the short and/or long axes of the device.... Agent:

20150141082 - Mobile electronic device case and wallet: A mobile device and wallet case having a continuous inelastic frame conforming to the shape of a mobile device and having one or more apertures. The frame includes a foot on one side to assist in the insertion of the mobile device. The case can include transverse structures integrally formed... Agent:

20150141088 - Mobile telephone: A mobile telephone includes a cartilage conduction unit for making contact with the ear cartilage. The cartilage conduction unit is provided to at least one of two corner parts at an upper side of the mobile telephone. The mobile telephone can include a surface of an outer wall and a... Agent:

20150141087 - Mobile telephone integration system: A mobile telephone integration system including an adapter having a main body and a clip which, from an edge of the main body, projects, in a clamping position under prestress in the direction of the bearing surface, over the bearing surface such that a mobile telephone can be pushed into... Agent:

20150141084 - Mobile terminal and method forming case of the same: A mobile terminal according to the present disclosure includes a terminal main body, a case covering the terminal main body, and forming at least part of appearance of the terminal, wherein the case comprises a penetration line formed through the case along a predetermined path, and forming a connecting portion... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150141089 - External case for redistribution of rf radiation away from wireless communication device user and wireless communication device incorporating rf radiation redistribution elements: A case for a wireless tablet computer device includes a number of RF resonant loop elements and elongated RF director coupling strip elements mounted in the case and configured such that RF radiation is coupled from an internal antenna of the wireless device out of the device to the RF... Agent: Pong Research Corporation

20150141093 - Cover for mobile device with ecological lighter: A portable electric cigarette lighter or mobile device accessory with integrated portable electric cigarette lighter, the mobile device accessory including: (a) a protective accessory for a. mobile device; (b) an electric lighter mechanism integrated into the protective accessory, the lighter mechanism including: (i) a heating element, (ii) a power source,... Agent:

20150141091 - Detachable front flip cover for cell-phone case: The detachable front flip cover comprises a flip cover and a first barrier rod. The flip cover covers a front face of the cell-phone. The flip cover comprises a first side cover portion for covering a first side edge portion, and a front cover portion for covering a front surface... Agent:

20150141094 - Electronic device: An electronic device according to the present invention includes a casing, a containing portion that is depressed in the casing to contain an electronic component, a lid body detachably mounted on the containing portion to water-tightly close the containing portion, and a lock operation piece that locks the lid body... Agent:

20150141092 - Electronic device and associated protective cover: Provided for herein is an electronic device. The electronic device, in one example, includes a housing having a housing width, housing height, housing thickness, and a front and a back, and a display positioned proximate the front of the housing. The electronic device, in this aspect, further includes a magnetic... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150141095 - Flip type case for portable electronic device: A flip-type protection case for portable electronic device of the present invention has a flexibility and thus provides improved grip feeling, and end portions of the protection case do not cause soreness to a hand and thus the protection case is convenient is to be used. The flip-type protection case... Agent: Samyang Cns Co., Ltd.

20150141090 - Mobilephone casing: A protective mobile phone casing which is engaged on the peripheral edges and the back of a mobile phone, the mobile phone casing has a back plate being confronted with the back side of the mobile phone, the exterior surface or the inner surface of the back plate is provided... Agent: Great Performance Industries Co., Ltd.

20150141096 - Protective cases for mobile electronic communication devices: A protective case for a mobile electronic communication device having a user input interface includes a front cover configured to couple with a rear cover to define a volume for receiving the mobile electronic communication device, the front cover having an aperture aligned with the user input interface when the... Agent: Pelican Products, Inc.

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20150133046 - Enhanced radio systems and methods: An enhanced radio system is disclosed that provides for the capture and playback of one or more radio stations. A user may tune to a station, scan through stations, rewind through missed content (even while the system is off), and fast-forward through undesired content, while downloading and uploading audio content,... Agent: 3d Radio LLC

20150133048 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: Provided is an information processing device including a decision unit to decide, based on process capability information acquired through a first communication path from at least one of a first and second control target device which are target devices to be caused to perform wireless communication through a second communication... Agent:

20150133049 - Method and apparatus for downloading content using nfc: Disclosed are a method and apparatus for downloading content using NFC. The content-downloading method of the present invention is performed by a first device, and comprises the steps of: transmitting a content-downloading request for requesting a download of content using a second device; receiving a confirmation to the content-downloading request... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150133050 - Methods and apparatus for improving nfc activation and data exchange reporting mechanisms: Aspects relate to improving reporting NFC RF technology usage in activation and data exchange for NFC devices. For example, with a near field communication (NFC) device, a NFCC may be configured to obtain a first radio frequency (RF) technology and mode value, a second RF technology and mode value, and... Agent:

20150133047 - System for configuring indicia readers using nfc technology: A near-field-communication (NFC) system includes an NFC-enabled indicia reader and a second NFC-enabled device. The NFC-enabled indicia reader is configured to receive software-configuration data from another NFC-enabled device. The NFC system is configured to update the NFC-enabled indicia reader with the software-configuration data of the second-NFC enabled device when the... Agent:

20150133053 - Automatic connection method and apparatus between an automobile diagnostic device and a vci device: The present invention provides an apparatus for automatic connection between an automobile diagnostic device and a VCI device and a method for the automatic connection. The method includes the steps of: periodically connecting the VCI device with at least one of a plurality of connection modes in pre-stored connection records... Agent: Autel Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

20150133052 - Device selection: Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for device selection. In one aspect there is provided a method. The method may include receiving, at a wireless device through a short-range transceiver, a connection request received from another wireless device; rejecting, by the wireless device, the received connection request,... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150133055 - Method and apparatus of interference avoidance based on multi transmission and reception: Disclosed is a method of avoiding channel interference by a sensor node including a multi transmission and reception unit in a wireless sensor network. The method includes setting channel A in channel group A for a first wireless transmission and reception unit, and setting channel B in channel group B... Agent:

20150133054 - Method, apparatus, and computer program product for adaptive device discovery in wireless networks: Method, apparatus, and computer program product example embodiments enable wireless communication devices to reduce connection latency in high device population environments. In example embodiments, a method is disclosed for creating, at an apparatus, operating parameters for a wireless data channel connection and descriptive information regarding a time interval available to... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150133056 - Non-contact type power supply apparatus and non-contact type power supply method: A non-contact type power supply apparatus may include a power unit transmitting power to a power receiving apparatus in a non-contact type manner, a communicating unit communicating with the power receiving apparatus, and a controlling unit terminating communications with the power receiving apparatus in the case in which a communications... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150133051 - Pairing a mobile terminal with a wireless device: A mobile terminal includes a camera for capturing a first image, a radio transceiver for discovering wireless devices and determining a position of the discovered wireless devices with respect to the mobile terminal, processing means for projecting the position of each discovered wireless device onto the first image and creating... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150133057 - System and method for channel selection to reduce impact to an existing network: Described herein are techniques for reducing interference to non-cellular communications on an unlicensed band by a network entity sending/receiving cellular communications on the unlicensed band. For example, the technique may involve accessing a list of channels for cellular communication on the unlicensed band, the list having the channels in an... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150133060 - Distributed spectrum analyzer and method of spectrum analysis applying same: A distributed spectrum analyzer and a method of spectrum analysis applying same. The spectrum analyzer adopts a separate design. A radio frequency receiver receives a signal, performs frequency conversion processing and AD conversion on the received signal, and sends the converted digital signal to a host. In such a structure,... Agent:

20150133058 - Methods for detecting and classifying signals transmitted over a radio frequency spectrum: A method for classifying a signal is disclosed. The method can be used by a station or stations within a network to classify the signal as non-cooperative (NC) or a target signal. The method performs classification over channels within a frequency spectrum. The percentage of power above a first threshold... Agent:

20150133059 - Mobile terminal apparatus, wireless communication system, communication method for mobile terminal apparatus and program: A mobile terminal apparatus includes: a plurality of antennas that receive, respectively, radio waves transmitted from a plurality of base stations; a plurality of receiving sections that receive reception signals from the plurality of antennas in parallel to produce demodulated signals; and a controller that exercises control so that a... Agent:

20150133061 - Priority management of a measurement event timer and low-power period: Methods, systems, apparatuses, and devices are described for transmitting a measurement report during wireless communications. When, for example, a low-power period (e.g., CDRX OFF period) is scheduled to begin during a time defined by a measurement event timer (TTT timer), a UE may modify the low-power period. The low-power period... Agent:

20150133063 - Method and system for using a minimum sensitivity threshold for receiving wireless signals: A method includes computing a minimum sensitivity threshold value for a particular wireless device, configuring the particular wireless device to receive wireless signals with a signal strength higher than the minimum sensitivity threshold value, distributing the minimum sensitivity threshold value to other wireless devices, and configuring the other wireless devices... Agent: Aruba Networks, Inc.

20150133062 - Wireless transmitter network analysis tool: A handheld wireless transmitter network analysis tool has a transceiver for detecting wireless signals from a transceiver of a smart device used in an automated process control. The tool has a processor with program modules for analyzing the spectrum of received wireless signals and noise. Another memory module includes a... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20150133064 - Apparatus and method for high linearity tuning: A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a plurality of variable capacitors, a first set of resistors for applying a bias voltage to each variable capacitor of the plurality of capacitors, and a second set of resistors for providing a DC ground to each... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150133065 - Rf switch: A RF switch may include: a common port coupled to an antenna to transmit and receive first and second high frequency signals; a transmitting switching unit coupled between a transmitting port transferring the first high frequency signal and the common port and including a plurality of switching devices coupled to... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150133066 - Method for intelligently switching on/off mobile terminal antenna and corresponding mobile terminal: A method for intelligently switching on/off an antenna of a mobile terminal and a corresponding mobile terminal are provided. A method includes: detecting a current working frequency band and a surrounding environment of a terminal; and according to a preset correspondence among an antenna radiation unit, an environmental condition, and... Agent:

20150133067 - Systems and methods related to carrier aggregation front-end module applications: Improved switched multiplexer architecture for supporting carrier aggregation in front-end applications. In some embodiments, an N-plexing system can include an assembly of filters configured to provide N filtered paths, and a switching circuit in communication with the assembly of filters. The switching circuit can be configured to provide a plurality... Agent:

20150133068 - Tunable rf n-path filter: Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for tunable filters. In one aspect there is provided an apparatus. The apparatus may include a bandpass filter comprising a resistive-capacitive configuration of N-path filters tunable to a first center frequency based on at least a first clock frequency; a notch... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150133069 - Fm receiver with frequency deviation-dependent adaptive channel filter: Methods, systems, and devices are described for wireless communications in a frequency modulation (FM) receiver with a frequency deviation-dependent adaptive channel filter. A maximum frequency deviation of an FM broadcast signal may be estimated. One or more coefficients of a channel filter may be adapted based at least in part... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150133070 - Wireless signal receiving device and method: The present invention discloses a wireless signal receiving device and method capable of receiving three or more signals of different central frequencies. An embodiment of said device comprises: a receiving circuit operable to generate a reception signal according to a wireless signal including a first, second, and third wireless signals... Agent:

20150133073 - Emergency catastrophic communication system: A method, apparatus, and system in which a communications architecture is designed to provide two-way communications to general public and government subscribers during a catastrophic event when landline and cellular communications are disrupted. A communications architecture includes an airborne platform deployed during a catastrophic event, a communications system housed on... Agent:

20150133071 - Method and apparatus for a remote speaker microphone to indicate radio battery charge state with flashlight and strobe control: A communication system (100) formed of a portable radio (102) and radio accessory (106) is provided in which the accessory (106) provides emergency strobe and flashlight modes, the flashlight mode further providing a low battery indicator. Strategic control of lighting triggers and patterns allows for a single high intensity LED... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc

20150133072 - Self-defense spray and method of controlling electronic device using the same: There is provided a self-defense spray. The self-defense spray an audio terminal that transmits at least one signal to an electronic device capable of taking a photograph, and is connectable to the electronic device; a connecting portion connected to a container storing a liquid; a nozzle that sprays a liquid... Agent: Deimos Defence Inc.

20150133075 - Wireless communication device: Disclosed is a wireless communication apparatus of a ship for security, safety and emergency situation at sea, wherein position information may be transmitted to or received from a control center or a rescue center through a GPS receiver and may be connected to a display apparatus. When the situation is... Agent:

20150133074 - Wireless communication locating method: The present invention relates to a wireless communication locating method, the method uses a first wireless receiver, a second wireless receiver and a third wireless receiver (i.e., a first rescuer, a second and a third rescuer) to receive mayday and RSSI signals outputted by a person to be rescued, therefore... Agent:

20150133076 - Mobile device application monitoring software: A software application for monitoring the performance of other software applications on mobile devices using efficient crowd sourced data and efficient proxies for performance of the applications.... Agent:

20150133077 - System and method for responding to aggressive behavior associated with wireless devices: An embodiment of the invention describes a wireless device comprising a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) further comprising a memory for storing program code for performing a plurality of operations, and a processor for processing the program code to execute the plurality of operations, the operations including receiving over-the-air instructions via... Agent:

20150133080 - Identification of timestamps for a partial cdr when failover occurs in an offline charging system: Systems and methods that generate a partial Charging Data Record (CDR) when charging transfers from a primary charging function to a secondary charging function due to a failure. In one embodiment, the system receives an interim accounting request for a session from a secondary charging function after charging was transferred... Agent:

20150133078 - Method and apparatus for cost-saving telephone service: The present invention provides a method for a cost-saving telephone service, comprising: receiving a request for telephoning a third party client device from a communication resources using device, wherein the communication resources using device and the third party client device are connected to a first and a second telephone service... Agent:

20150133079 - Methods nd system for dynamic spectrum arbitrade using best-available spectrum assignment: Methods and system are provided for managing and monitoring allocation of RF spectrum resources based on time, space and frequency. A network may be enabled to allocate excess spectrum resources for use by other network providers on a real-time basis. Allocated resources may be transferred from one provider with excess... Agent:

20150133081 - Techniques for determining traffic volumes served over multiple cells of a wireless communication network: Techniques are described for traffic volume determination and reporting by an access node and/or a node of a core network in a wireless communications system. One or more wireless connections may be established with a user equipment (UE) to serve one or more streams of traffic using a first cell... Agent:

20150133082 - Mobile posture-based policy, remediation and access control for enterprise resources: A mobile device management system that monitors the security state of one or more mobile devices and sets indicators related to such security state. Enterprise network applications, such as an email application, can access the security state information when making access control decisions with respect to a given mobile device.... Agent:

20150133083 - Facilitating proximity services: There is provided a method, comprising: establishing, by a first network node, a communication connection to at least one advertising device located in a geographically limited service area; establishing a communication connection to at least one advertisement-receiving device; generating at least one security key for encrypting and decrypting at least... Agent: Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

20150133090 - Method and/or apparatus for location privacy via uniform resource identifier (uri) provisioning: The subject matter disclosed herein relates in one particular implementation to a method, apparatus, and/or system for transmitting, by a location server, a location identifier to a mobile device. The location identifier may be transmitted from the mobile device to one or more trusted entities. Access to a location estimate... Agent:

20150133087 - Mobile device management: The invention provides systems and methods for managing mobile devices of supported by different platforms. In some embodiments, the invention provides this management capability by utilizing one or more agents or modules native to the platforms themselves to provide interaction with individual mobile. In some embodiments, the invention provides an... Agent:

20150133084 - Mobile terminal and control method thereof: A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to provide wireless communication; a display unit; and a controller configured to receive a fingerprint input on the display unit matching at least one of a first user's fingerprint and a second user's fingerprint, said first user being a main user... Agent:

20150133085 - Mobile terminal and method of providing security thereto: A method and apparatus for providing security of a mobile terminal in various ways are disclosed. The present invention includes receiving a 1st signal from a mobile communication network via a wireless communication unit, when the display unit is activated, displaying a 1st substitute screen including a password input window... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150133089 - On-demand services by wireless base station virtualization: Initiating a virtual presence at a physical access point in response to a request for a service from a wireless access device is provided. A particular wireless service may be provided to a subscriber on an on-demand basis according to location and/or type of service requested. The service may be... Agent:

20150133088 - Secure reception reporting: In a first configuration, a UE receives, from a service provider, a certificate authority list. The certificate authority list is at least one of integrity protected or encrypted based on a credential known by the UE and the service provider and stored on a smartcard in the UE. The UE... Agent:

20150133086 - User identification in cell phones based on skin contact: Screen time-outs on a portable electronic device can be customized based on user activity. In one aspect, a sensing component receives data from one or more sensors located on the portable electronic device, for example, skin conductivity sensors and determines whether the user is using the portable device, either actively... Agent:

20150133095 - Alerts for communications: Scores, fight songs, and other sports oriented alerts are provided for electronic communications. Different network addresses may be associated with different sports teams. When a communications request is processed, sports scores and video highlights may be played as ringtones to alert of an email, text, or call.... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150133094 - Management of mobile applications: In particular implementations, a mobile device management system allows network administrators to control the distribution and publication of applications to mobile device users in an enterprise network. A user profile is accessed to determine a user attribute. A catalog of applications is filtered based at least in part on the... Agent:

20150133093 - Method for controlling mobile phone to be mute through flip and mobile phone: A method for controlling a mobile phone to be mute through flip, and a mobile phone are provided. The method comprises, when a mobile phone receives a call, detecting a situational pattern of the mobile phone. If the situational pattern is a ringing pattern, the method includes controlling a front-facing... Agent:

20150133092 - System and method for high-quality call recording in a high-availability environment: System and method to improve quality of a high-availability recording of a media stream, the method including: recording the media stream by at least a first and second recorders at separate network locations, to produce first and second recordings; comparing quality metrics of the first and second recordings; and creating... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150133091 - System and method for small cell based augmented reality: Information such as navigation information is delivered to a mobile device user in a cellular communications network via a device other than the mobile device. A small cell telecommunications base station receives from the mobile device an identification of the mobile device, and determines a location of the user within... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150133096 - Call notification with rich caller identification: Communication systems and methods are described that include call notification with rich caller identification. Components of the communication systems are configured to receive a call for a user via an enterprise voice channel. A call request is automatically generated in response to event data of the received call. The call... Agent:

20150133097 - Apparatus and method for removing acoustic echo in teleconference system: An acoustic echo removing apparatus detects space information representing a location of a sound source using a plurality of microphone input signals that are received through a plurality of microphones, and generates an acoustic echo estimation signal from a far-end talker voice signal using an adaptive filter coefficient. The acoustic... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150133104 - Apparatus and method for setting up an interface in a mobile terminal: An apparatus and method set up an interface in a mobile terminal. The method includes: storing an interface setup application including customized data unique to countries and operators; determining whether a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is inserted into the mobile terminal when the mobile terminal is powered on; detecting... Agent:

20150133100 - Cable chip system: The present invention relates to communications systems incorporating peripheral devices such as a push-to-talk (PTT) or similar and interface cables to connect these to a headset and/or a communication device such as a man worn two-way radio, vehicle intercom system, mobile phone, etc. In particular, the invention relates to such... Agent:

20150133098 - Do-not-disturb modes: Methods related to do-not-disturb modes activated by a mobile device are provided. An example method may include receiving a do-not-disturb notification by a mobile device indicating that the mobile device is in a do-not-disturb mode. The method may further include temporarily disabling, when the mobile device is in the do-not-disturb... Agent: Google Inc.

20150133103 - Electronic device and method for switching power amplifiers: A method for an electronic device includes amplifying a signal by a first power amplifier, obtaining a temperature of the first power amplifier during the amplification of the signal, comparing the temperature of the first power amplifier to a predetermined threshold value, and switching the first power amplifier to a... Agent:

20150133099 - Migration of a virtual access point: A microcell wireless network includes at least one access controller (AC) and multiple physical APs in wireless communication with mobile stations. The AC configures an independent virtual AP for each mobile station in the microcell wireless network on a first physical AP associated with the mobile station. When migration of... Agent:

20150133101 - Terminal and method for activating terminal: Provided are a terminal and a method for activating a terminal to facilitate awakening the terminal by a user in a dark environment. The method for activating a terminal includes: when the terminal is in a dormancy state, it is detected whether a screen triggering signal is received that meets... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150133102 - Triggering of direct discovery signals: Embodiments of systems and methods enabling Device-to-Device (D2D) discovery in a cellular network assisted D2D communication system are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method of operation of a wireless device comprises receiving at least one trigger for D2D discovery from a controlling node of the wireless device in a cellular... Agent:

20150133106 - Communication apparatus, communication system, communication method, and recording medium: Disclosed is a communication apparatus operable to perform communications via a data transmission path. The communication apparatus includes a receiver configured to receive meta-information having statements associated with an update, a determination part configured to determine whether update data are changed based on the meta-information received by the receiver when... Agent:

20150133105 - Mobile terminal settings switching system: The present invention discloses a mobile terminal settings switching system. The mobile terminal settings switching system comprises a positioning module, a storage module and an execution module. The execution module is connected to the positioning module and the storage module respectively. The positioning module is used for acquiring the current... Agent: Spreadtrum Communications (shanghai) Co., Ltd

20150133107 - Remote mobile device management: Remote mobile device management is provided. A master user account is established based on a request from a master user and a request to associate a remote mobile device with the master user account is received. The remote mobile device is associated with the master user account and management information... Agent:

20150133109 - Method and system for operating a multi-function portable electronic device using voice-activation: Methods and systems in which a portable electronic device can be voice activated are disclosed. The portable electronic device can be a multi-function electronic device. The voice activation can be robust and context sensitive. The voice activation can also be utilized without any preparatory user action with respect to the... Agent:

20150133108 - Remotely controlling a vehicle telematics unit: A method and a system for providing control of a vehicle telematics unit using a mobile device. The method carried out by the system includes the steps of: determining a mobile device is configured to control a vehicle telematics unit; receiving at a call center a vehicle telematics unit (VTU)... Agent: General Motors LLC

20150133110 - Maintaining timing characteristics in a radio base station: A coordinating node, such as a positioning node and a radio base station, and a related method of maintaining timing characteristics of radio base stations connected to the coordinating node are disclosed. The method includes receiving timing information from a plurality of radio base stations, determining a respective timing characteristic... Agent:

20150133111 - Method and apparatus for detection of intermodulation products: Interference comprising an intermodulation product of at least a first signal and a second signal is detected in a wireless network, by generating, on the basis of at least the first signal and the second signal, at least one interference signal comprising a simulated intermodulation product and correlating the at... Agent:

20150133112 - Method and device for device-to-device communication: Embodiments of the present invention are applicable to the field of wireless communications technologies, and provide a device-to-device communication method and device. The method includes: receiving, by a base station, a device capability indication of a user equipment; sending a base station capability indication to the user equipment; establishing a... Agent:

20150133113 - Provisioning interfaces for accessing virtual private branch exchange services through a mobile device: Systems, methods and computer program products for facilitating the provisioning of a single and multi-line virtual private branch exchange (PBX) including automated call distribution via a mobile device are described. In some implementations, the provisioning of the single and multi-line virtual PBX can be achieved using one or more unique... Agent:

20150133114 - System and method for relaying an origination request from a home location register to a service specific service control point: A method for relaying an ORREQ (origination request) message from an MSC (mobile switching center) to a service specific SCP (service control point) using an HLR (home location register) first receives the ORREQ message including a service trigger indication at the HLR. A service trigger and an identifier for the... Agent:

20150133115 - Operation method for searching for cell in wireless communication system and device supporting same: Provided is an operation method for sensing a cell which is performed by a terminal in a wireless communication system. The operation method comprises: obtaining wireless fingerprint information from a network; obtaining an intra-frequency measurement result by performing an intra-frequency measurement; evaluating a correlation on the basis of the wireless... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150133118 - Circuit-switched call delivery: Example embodiments disclosed herein relate to implementing a circuit-switched (CS) call delivery to a mobile device. An unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) message is sent to the mobile device to return to a CS domain. If the mobile device has returned to a first mobile switching center (MSC) of the... Agent:

20150133116 - Systems and methods for configuring an electronic device for cellular-based communications: Embodiments are provided for registering an electronic device of a subscriber for cellular-based communications. According to certain aspects, the cellular-based communications may be facilitated by a data center while the electronic device is not easily within range of a cellular network, such as when the electronic device is traveling on... Agent: Gogo LLC

20150133117 - Systems and methods for two-part electronic device registration: Embodiments are provided for registering an electronic device of a subscriber for cellular-based communications. According to certain aspects, the cellular-based communications may be facilitated by a data center while the electronic device is not easily within range of a cellular network, such as when the electronic device is traveling on... Agent: Gogo LLC

20150133124 - Handover method and apparatus in a wireless communication system including femto cells: A handover method and apparatus for facilitating a handover of a user equipment to a femto cell in a wireless communication system supporting both the femto and macro cells. When a handover condition is detected, the user equipment acquires identity information of a target femto cell base station from system... Agent:

20150133119 - Handover parameter range control: The invention relates to a method and device (32) for adapting a range for a handover parameter used in a mobility function and a load balancing function for a first cell in relation to a second cell, where the device is implemented in a node (14) in the wireless communication... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150133123 - Method and apparatus for obtaining information from target base station: A method and an apparatus for obtaining information from a target base station are disclosed. The method includes: when a source base station needs to obtain information from a target base station, receiving, through an air interface, a system message in a certain format broadcast by the target base station;... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150133122 - Method of handling radio link failure: A method of handling radio link failure (RLF) for a communication device in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method comprises connecting to at least two base stations including a first base station and a second base station in the wireless communication system, detecting RLF on the first base... Agent:

20150133121 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for autonomous cell change by ue in network: A method, an apparatus and a corresponding computer program product are proposed. Wherein one of the method according to one embodiment of the invention determines at least one cell in a network sharing context of at least one user equipment with at least one other cell within the network. Then... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150133120 - Method, system and computer-readable recording medium for transmitting contents with supporting hand-over: According to one aspect of the present invention, the content transmission method supporting handover includes: (a) compressing, at a compressor, content transmitted from a server and transmitting the compressed content to a decompressor if a request for changing to a compression mode is received; and (b) transmitting, at a compressor,... Agent: Ara Network Technology. Co., Ltd

20150133127 - Apparatus and method for processing priority information in a wireless device: A user equipment capable of performing reselection in a wireless network is disclosed. The user equipment comprises: 1) a controller configured to perform reselection between cells according to a priority-based reselection (PBR) algorithm using priority information; 2) transceiver circuitry configured to operate in cells using at least one radio access... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150133125 - Normalizing location identifiers for processing in machine learning algorithms: The disclosure is related to calculating a relative distance between a first node and a second node in a wireless network. An aspect of the disclosure includes detecting a plurality of transitions of a user device from the first node to the second node, determining a relationship between the first... Agent:

20150133126 - User equipment, network device and method for accessing network system: The present invention discloses a method for accessing s network system, including the following steps: receiving, by a first network device of a first network system, a measurement report of a second network system sent by a user equipment of the first network system; determining, by the first network device,... Agent:

20150133128 - Data offloading method, user equipment, macro base station, and small node: A data offloading method includes: receiving, by a macro base station, a measurement report sent by a user equipment; sending, by the macro base station according to the measurement report, an RRC connection reconfiguration message and an offloading configuration message to the user equipment and a small node respectively, so... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150133129 - Fractional frequency reuse schemes assigned to clusters of radio nodes in an lte radio access network: Methods and systems are provided for allocating frequencies in a radio access network (RAN) that includes a plurality of radio nodes each associated with a cell and a services node operatively coupled to the radio nodes. In accordance with the method, the radio nodes (RNs) in the RAN are divided... Agent: Spidercloud Wireless, Inc.

20150133131 - Accessing mobile communication resources: Methods and apparatuses for providing access to communication resources in the area of a first access system are disclosed. In a method information is received from at least one device in the area of the first access system, where after it is determined, based on the information, whether at least... Agent:

20150133135 - Counter check and reconfiguration method, apparatus, and system: The present invention relates to a counter check and reconfiguration method, apparatus, and system. The method includes: sending a second identity information and a second count information to a terminal, so that the terminal compares, according to the second identity information, the second count information with third count information maintained... Agent:

20150133132 - Method and apparatus for performing d2d communication: According to the method of the present invention, D2D data may be received from the D2D transmitter; and the received D2D data may be transmitted to the D2D receiver in response to receiving a negative message from the D2D receiver, wherein the negative message indicates that the D2D receiver fails... Agent: Nec (china ) Co., Ltd.

20150133130 - Multi-sim small cell fingerprinting: Aspects of multi-subscriber identification module (SIM) small cell fingerprinting are described. In one embodiment, a first communication link is established with a first macro cell for a first communications service, and a second communication link is established with a second macro cell for a second communications service. Further, access neighborhoods... Agent:

20150133133 - Radio communication system, communication control apparatus, and communication control method: Provided are a radio communication system, a communication control apparatus, and a communication control method allowing radio communication terminals to call each other in a case where device-to-device direct communication (D2D communication) is provided using a radio access network such as LTE. A terminal 400A sends a communication control apparatus... Agent:

20150133134 - Wireless terminal, wireless base station, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method: A wireless terminal including: a receiver configured to receive information for identifying at least one first cell in a wireless communication system including the at least one first cell and at least one second cell, each of the at least one first cell having a uplink carrier and a downlink... Agent:

20150133139 - Apparatus and method for reducing energy consumption by cellular base stations: A method for reducing energy consumption of a base station is described. A first pilot channel is transmitted via a first antenna using a first downlink power amplifier. A second pilot channel is transmitted via a second antenna using a second downlink power amplifier. It is determined that no multiple-input... Agent:

20150133138 - Data rate in mobile communications networks: A method of operating a mobile telecommunications device including cellular communication means operable to communicate with a cellular telecommunications network base station and white space communication means operable to communicate with a non-cellular white space access point, the method including determining the availability of white space and selectively enabling white... Agent:

20150133136 - Method and portable data apparatus for operating mobile terminals in a cellular telecommunications network: The invention relates to both a method and a network entity in a cellular communication network serving mobile terminals or communication devices, offering control over terminals in order to ensure that the best possible data connection is available to the user at all times whatever the coverage scenario and technology... Agent:

20150133137 - Method for sharing wireless resource information in multi-cell wireless communication system and apparatus for same: The present invention relates to a method for sharing wireless resource information by a cell in a multi-cell wireless communication system. More particularly, the method for sharing wireless resource information by a cell according to the present invention comprises: a step of transmitting wireless resource information to a neighbor cell;... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150133140 - System and method for silent retry: A system and method for synchronizing the operation of a wireless mobile station (102) and a base station (104) includes receiving a message at the base station (104) indicating a state of operation of the wireless mobile station (102). A determination is made as to whether the base station (104)... Agent:

20150133142 - Cluster-based derivation of antenna tilts in a wireless network: Cluster-based optimization of antenna tilts in a wireless network and other related aspects are presented herein. A screening component can receive information indicating wireless conditions of respective wireless access points of a geographical region, select, based on a performance criterion, an access point of the respective wireless access points, and... Agent:

20150133141 - Data transmission method, apparatus, and communications system: Embodiments of the present invention provide a data transmission method, an apparatus, and a communications system. The method includes sending, by a macro base station, a configuration request message to an access node, where the configuration request message includes a bearer configuration parameter that carries a radio bearer (RB) identifier;... Agent:

20150133149 - Apparatus and method for recognizing location of terminal based on radio fingerprint map: An apparatus for recognizing the location of a terminal based on a radio fingerprint map corrects a radio pattern received by a user terminal based on a difference in reception sensitivity between a reference terminal serving as a reference for the creation of a radio fingerprint map and the user... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150133144 - Apparatus and method of providing connection source recommendations using a database of historic data on connectivity: A method of providing connection source recommendations using a database of historic data on connectivity starts with a processor receiving location and connection information from each mobile device. Location information may identify a location of each mobile device, respectively. Connection information may identify one of the connection sources as a... Agent: Life360, Inc.

20150133150 - Apparatus for determining indoor location and method for determining indoor location in multi-story building using the same: Disclosed is a method for determining an indoor location which includes receiving signals including IDs and information on floors from a plurality of APs that is provided at floors of the multi-story building; measuring reception signal strengths of the received signals, and selecting candidate floors by using the measured reception... Agent: Soongsil University Research Consortium Techno-park

20150133146 - Feature selection for image based location determination: Feature selection is provided for geometry data in an image-based based location determination. For example, one or more computing devices, may receive information collected at a particular area. The one or more computing devices may identify one or more features and associated locations from the received information. The identified one... Agent: Google Inc.

20150133156 - Femtocell calibration for timing based locating systems: A femtocell calibration solution is provided that uses the known location of the femtocell to calibrate timing based locating systems. The calculated time differences of different signals sent between macrocells and a mobile device can be used to solve for a reference time difference that accounts for the timing differences... Agent:

20150133154 - Method and apparatus for delivering assistance data from a server to a device identifying virtual access points: Methods and apparatus for processing positioning assistance data are provided. An exemplary method includes receiving, from a positioning server, virtual access point (VAP) data including a list of unique identifiers, and determining a location of a mobile device by using the VAP. The VAP data indicates that the unique identifiers... Agent:

20150133151 - Method for evaluating correlation validity between estimation result and location information in wireless communication system, and apparatus supporting same: Provided is a method for evaluating correlation validity between an estimation result and location information performed by a network object in a wireless communication system. The method comprises: obtaining from user equipment the estimation result from a first point in time; obtaining from the user equipment location information from a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150133145 - Methods and apparatuses for use in determining an altitude of a mobile device: Various methods, apparatuses and articles of manufacture are provided which may be used in determining an altitude of a mobile device. For example, an electronic device may select a subset of reporting mobile devices located within a particular environment, estimate a reference parameter that is indicative, at least in part,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150133143 - Mobile device positioning system: Techniques for predicting a future location of a mobile device are included herein in which a previous location of the mobile device can be detected. Additionally, a current location of the mobile device can be detected. Furthermore, the future location of the mobile device can be predicted based at least... Agent:

20150133155 - Object location tracking using mobile communication device: An object location tracking system may include an object, a mobile communication device, and a data storage system. The object may include a wireless short range communication system that wirelessly transmits object identification information over a short range that uniquely identifies the object. The mobile communication device may have a... Agent: Twych Innovation, Inc.

20150133157 - Positioning method, control device, and mobile communications system: Embodiments provide a positioning method, a control device, and a mobile communications system. A control device receives a first positioning measurement parameter used for positioning a user equipment (UE). The first positioning measurement parameter is received through one communications system interface or multiple communications system interfaces among N communications system... Agent:

20150133153 - Positioning satellite signal receiving method and positioning satellite signal receiving apparatus: A method includes tracking positioning satellite signal using a first data string obtained by sampling received signal of the positioning satellite signal at a first sampling rate that is a non-integer multiple of a chip rate, and capturing the positioning satellite signal using a second data string obtained by sampling... Agent:

20150133148 - Systems and methods for simultaneously and automatically creating databases of wifi signal information: A method of generating wireless signal information includes receiving relative movement data generated by sensors and wireless signal data generated by a wireless signal module at a computing system, the sensors and module for detecting wireless signals located in a portable electronic device (PED). The method further includes generating landmark... Agent:

20150133152 - Techniques and methods for controlling crowdsourcing from a mobile device: Systems, apparatus and methods for crowdsourcing measurements of wireless base stations, access points and/or other transmitters from a mobile device to a server are presented. A crowdsourcing request sent by a server to a mobile device may comprise control parameters and measurement parameters. Control parameters may determine when a mobile... Agent:

20150133147 - Wireless indoor location air interface protocol: Embodiments of a system and method for establishing a physical location of a device are generally described herein. In some embodiments a device may include a wireless device configured to communicate with an access point through the use of a wireless protocol, and to receive timing information from the access... Agent:

20150133160 - Location-aware multimodal communication system: A system and method for providing a multimodal list of transceiver devices to a remote terminal is disclosed. A positioning unit determines a location of a remote terminal. A processor identifies transceivers for communicating in at least a first communication mode and a second communication mode according to the location... Agent:

20150133158 - Method and apparatus for sending a request to locate an individual via a text message: A method, computer-readable storage device and apparatus for processing a text message are disclosed. For example, the method receives the text message, analyzes the text message for an indication that a sender of the text message is requesting location information of an individual that the text message is addressed to,... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150133159 - System and method for localization and traffic density estimation via segmentation and calibration sampling: Embodiments are provided for calibration, preprocessing, and segmentation for user localization and network traffic density estimation. The embodiments include sending, from a network component, a request to a plurality of user equipment (UEs) to participate in reporting localization data. Reports for localization data including no-lock reports are received from at... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150133163 - Information notification method and information notification system: A presence sensing unit (51) uses area information stored in an area information storing unit (1) and position information relating to a subject (3) as sensed by a position information sensing unit (4) to sense whether or not the subject is present in a report area (8) including a monitoring... Agent:

20150133169 - Location based system to deliver targeted content messages to mobile devices: Disclosed is a system to implement a method to deliver a targeted content message to a mobile device base on the location of the mobile device. The system may identify a set of businesses within a coverage area of a femtocell base station to produce gathered information. The system may... Agent:

20150133165 - Method for processing data and electronic device thereof: An operation method of an electronic device is provided. The method includes detecting status information and location information of the electronic device requesting for a list of at least one related content based on the detected status information and the detected location information, to another electronic device, receiving the list... Agent:

20150133161 - Method for requesting information based on location: A method for requesting information is based on using a user's physical location to access a database of available information linked to that location. The method gives the user a single interaction to capture exactly what they intended. In addition, the method allows the user to retain the original intent... Agent:

20150133164 - Service providing device, service providing system including user profile server, and service providing method for service providing device: A service providing device is disclosed. The service providing device mounted in a vehicle comprises: a communication unit for receiving a terminal signal from at least one terminal device; and a control unit which determines the distance to the terminal device from the received terminal signal, determines a user riding... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150133168 - System and method for communicating information based on a user's location: A system for providing information to a user based on the user's location is provided. More particularly, a system is provided comprising a communication device, at least one location identifying device capable of transmitting location identification information to the communication device when the communication device is within a certain range... Agent:

20150133166 - Systems and methods to enable efficient rf heat maps: Systems, methods, and devices are described for aligning heat map data more efficiently to actual geometry of an area of interest. Certain embodiments make use of reorienting a rectangular array of grid points in which an additional angle parameter is added to existing parameters for a rectangular heat map. For... Agent:

20150133167 - Techniques for efficient rf heat map representation: Techniques are described for aligning heat map information more efficiently to an actual geometry of an area of interest. A sequence is generated corresponding to consecutive runs of included and/or excluded grid points. The sequence is provided to a device in addition to heat map information corresponding to a number... Agent:

20150133162 - Wirelessly receiving information related to a mobile device at which another mobile device is pointed: Techniques for wirelessly receiving, at a mobile device, information related to another mobile device determined to be in a line of sight relative to the mobile device, are presented. In an aspect, a method includes, determining by a first mobile device, a location of a mobile object determined to be... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20150133170 - Locator beacon and radar application for mobile device: A method of transmission and locator beacon including: (a) a wireless communication component disposed on a substrate, the wireless communication component configured to transmit and receive radio frequency signals; and (b) a plurality of directional antennae disposed on the substrate and electrically coupled to the wireless communication component, the wireless... Agent:

20150133172 - Distributed-input ofdm angle-of-arrival scheme for location determination: A particular first wireless device having a plurality of antennas and that is part of a group of a plurality of first wireless devices, transmits to a second wireless device (whose location is to be determined) a packet across the plurality of antennas of the particular first wireless device simultaneously... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150133171 - Method and system for implementing a dual-mode dual-band gnss/m-lms pseudolites receiver: A method, device and circuit for determining a position of a mobile cellular communication device is disclosed. A pseudolites positioning signal is received in a first frequency band at an antenna of the mobile cellular communication device. The pseudolites signal is converted from the first frequency band to a Global... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150133174 - User description based on contexts of location and time: A description of a user is estimated based on the context of a user's past and present locations. A disclosed data-processing system continually receives data points for each user that represent spatial and/or temporal events. These events represent, for example, presence of a person at a specific geographic location such... Agent:

20150133173 - Utilizing a reference signal for indoor positioning: Example methods, apparatuses, or articles of manufacture are disclosed herein that may be utilized, in whole or in part, to facilitate or support one or more operations or techniques for utilizing a reference signal for indoor positioning, such as for use in or with a mobile communication device, for example.... Agent:

20150133175 - System for building and using a fingerprint database to localize accessed data: A system collects localized data of elements relative to containers into a fingerprint database memory and stores dynamic input maps where the maps can be grid based or relevance factor based. The input maps represent input data or outputs from algorithms regarding the elements in known relation to reference points... Agent: Cartogram LLC

20150133176 - Method of animating mobile device messages: An system and method for converting standard characters or emoticons in electronic messaging service messages to animated characters. The system and method for animating electronic messages is embodied on a mobile electronic communications device configured through executable software to perform the primary steps of identifying convertible characters, associating convertible characters... Agent:

20150133177 - Radio channel utilization: The concepts relate to radio channel utilization and more specifically to determining whether individual radio channels are available for use. One example can cause multiple sensing devices in a region to sense radio channels. The example can obtain signal information sensed by the multiple sensing devices in relation to an... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150133178 - Apparatus and method for supporting time-controlled service in machine-to-machine communication system: Methods and apparatuses are provided for operating a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Subscriber Station (SS) for a time-controlled service in an M2M communication system. The M2M SS registers the time-controlled service. The M2M SS establishes a service flow with an M2M Base Station (BS), after registering the time-controlled service. Data is transferred,... Agent:

20150133182 - Method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting a rise-over-thermal or noise rise threshold: Methods and apparatuses are provided that include adjusting rise-over-thermal (RoT) or noise rise (NR) threshold based on detecting interference from one or more devices. A device can communicate within close proximity of a femto node such that the device does not respond to power down commands from the femto node... Agent:

20150133181 - Method of efficiently reporting user equipment transmission power and apparatus thereof: A method and an apparatus for efficiently transmitting or reporting a Power Headroom Report (PHR) of a User Equipment (UE) are provided. The method of transmitting the PHR of the UE in a mobile communication system includes configuring an extended PHR including an indicator corresponding to a variation factor of... Agent:

20150133180 - Selective power reduction to mitigate band interference: A method includes transmitting a first set of transmission signals over an operating frequency band. The method includes detecting if a second set of transmission signals are transmitted adjacent the operating frequency band and reducing power to a subset of the first set of transmission signals when the second set... Agent:

20150133179 - Uplink power control method, terminal and base station: The embodiments of the present invention disclose an uplink power control method, a terminal and a base station, which can adjust or determine uplink transmission power of a terminal on subframes which belong to different subframe groups respectively. The method includes: a base station determining subframe group information, the subframe... Agent:

20150133183 - Method, electronic device, and accessory for carrying out functions based on reflected electromagnetic radiation: A method, electronic device, and accessory for carrying out functions based on reflected electromagnetic radiation are provided. According to one implementation, an electronic device transmits electromagnetic radiation (“EMR”) to an accessory and detects a reflection of the transmitted EMR off of the accessory. A characteristic of the reflected EMR maps... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150133185 - Dynamic configuration of wireless circuitry to mitigate inteference among components in a computing device: Methods and apparatus to mitigate coexistence interference among multiple wireless subsystems and wired connection ports of a computing device are described. A processor obtains configurations for at least two wireless subsystems and for a connection state of at least one wired connection port. When the first and second wireless subsystem... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150133184 - Methods for lte channel selection in unlicensed bands: Described herein are techniques for reducing interference to non-cellular communications on an unlicensed band by a network entity sending/receiving cellular communications on the unlicensed band. For example, the technique may involve operating in a first mode using a first radio access technology (RAT1), and collecting interference measurements for interference to... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150133186 - Multimode power amplifier bias circuit with selectable bandwidth: Multimode power amplifier bias circuit with selectable bandwidth. In some embodiments, a bias circuit for a power amplifier can include a first bipolar junction transistor (BJT) configured to pass a reference current. The first BJT can be coupled with a second BJT that performs at least some amplification for the... Agent:

20150133187 - Subscriber unit for managing dual wireless communication links: A technique for communication with a local area network (LAN) via a wireless connection determines whether a first short-range, high-speed, wireless communication path is available and connects to the LAN using a longer range, lower speed wireless communication path if the short-range, high-speed wireless communication path is not available. The... Agent: Ipr Licensing, Inc.

20150133189 - External battery and satellite communication terminal: A device that can realize satellite communication with a popularized mobile phone in a case a large number of users communicate at a same time such as in a case where disaster strikes and the like. An external battery for charging a mobile phone includes a satellite antenna for performing... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150133190 - Headset-based telecommunications platform: A hands-free wireless wearable GPS enabled video camera and audio-video communications headset, mobile phone and personal media player, capable of real-time two-way and multi-feed wireless voice, data and audio-video streaming, telecommunications, and teleconferencing, coordinated applications, and shared functionality between one or more wirelessly networked headsets or other paired or networked... Agent:

20150133188 - Radio-frequency system: A radio-frequency system for a wireless communication device is disclosed. The wireless communication device includes a first board body and a second board body, capable of operating in a pad mode. The radio-frequency system includes at least one antenna disposed in the first board body and extending along a first... Agent:

20150133191 - Cloud services for wearable and snappable devices: Wearable and snappable sensing devices may act to sense data associated with an environment of the user. A mobile device and the wearable/snappable device may together operate to provide an application for sensing environmental data associated with the user, analyzing the environmental data, and providing reports to the user. In... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150133195 - Communication system and method: A modem is disclosed. An embodiment thereof includes: a first interface arranged to connect to a network, a second interface arranged to connect to a host processor on the terminal, an audio interface arranged to connect to an audio processing means and a processing unit arranged to receive a plurality... Agent:

20150133194 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus is capable of sharing connection information for connecting to a specific communication line with another apparatus. The electronic apparatus includes a first communication unit configured to communicate with a base station through the specific communication line, a second communication unit configured to perform communication different from the... Agent:

20150133193 - Wearable devices and associated systems: A wearable computing device can have a processor, a memory, and a display so operatively coupled to the processor and the memory as to display an output therefrom. The processor and the memory can be positioned in a resiliently flexible body. The resiliently flexible body can include a first end... Agent:

20150133192 - Wireless detector and adapter: The handheld wireless network detector and adaptor includes a housing at least partially enclosing a processor, a self-contained power source, an interface, a wireless transceiver, a wireless network detector and a wireless network adapter. The interface is configured to communicate with an external computing device. The wireless transceiver is configured... Agent:

20150133196 - Baseband caching of sim files: This disclosure relates to caching SIM files at a baseband processor to reduce cellular bootup time. According to one embodiment, a wireless device may read SIM files from a SIM and store a local copy of each file in a cache of the baseband processor of the wireless device. SIM... Agent:

20150133197 - Method and apparatus for processing an input of electronic device: A method and an apparatus for processing an input in the electronic device are provided. The method includes displaying an input mode screen including an input area and a display area, determining whether at least one input between a touch input and a voice input through the input area is... Agent:

20150133198 - Communication device, control method of communication device, and program: A communication device includes: a first unit that is provided with a first display unit, a transmitter unit, and a receiver unit, a second unit that is detachably attached to the first unit and that is provided with a second display unit; an input unit; a communication unit that transmits... Agent:

20150133199 - Mobile computing terminal with more than one lock screen and method of using the terminal: A method and a system for displaying information and content in a lock screen system having a plurality of screens so as to provide a screen lock for preventing an unintended input of a user terminal device, and a computer-readable recording medium. The method includes setting information and content on... Agent:

20150133200 - Touch-free push-to-talk switch in two-way radios and the method of using the same: An accessory system for a two-way radio allowing for touch-free push-to-talk (PTT) function, the system includes a detachable accessory to the two-way radio receiver, wherein the accessory can be a headset, an earphone, or a speaker microphone. The system also includes a user-wearable wrist band having a magnet to trigger... Agent: Anray International Corp.

20150133201 - Method and arrangement for determining a charging of a battery of a user device: This disclosure relates to a method, and a network node for determining a charging of a battery of a user device. Network traffic of the user device is monitored, where the network traffic comprises network traffic of an application and/or a service of the user device. A network traffic pattern... Agent:

20150133203 - Cover-leafing leather casing of cellular phone and smart phone using the same: A cover-leafing leather casing of cellular phone and a smart phone using the same are described. The cover-leafing leather casing of cellular phone comprises a leather cover for buckling to a touch panel of the smart phone. The leather cover is connected to a first magnet of a rear shell... Agent:

20150133204 - Modular mobile device case: In preferred embodiments, an expandable and modular protective mobile device case apparatus comprises a protective shell configured to receive a mobile device; a circuit board located within the protective shell said circuit board comprising a USB hub and a mode selection switch, wherein the USB hub is in electrical communication... Agent:

20150133202 - Portable electronics case: An improved, self-supporting portable electronics case for withstanding impact forces, dead loads and torsional forces, the case comprising a first plate having a first surface, a second surface, and at least one first sidewall defining at least one opening extending between the first surface and the second surface, and a... Agent:

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