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04/16/2015 > 115 patent applications in 57 patent subcategories.

20150105014 - Auto-pairing of headset to headset basestation: A headset, which may be configured to process audio for a player participating in an online multiplayer game, may support auto-pairing with audio basestations. In this regard, an audio basestation may be utilized in communicating game and chat audio content from an associated game console to a paired headset and... Agent:

20150105015 - Method, apparatus, and terminal device for near field communication radio frequency communication: A method for near field communication (NFC) radio frequency communication includes acquiring, second configuration information of established radio frequency communication, where the established radio frequency communication is radio frequency communication that a second NFC host performs with a remote NFC endpoint using a near field communication controller (NFCC); and if... Agent:

20150105016 - Nfc device with pll controlled active load modulation: A wireless communication device for communicating in the near-field via active load modulation. The device including an antenna configured to receive a magnetic field, a recovery device configured to recover a clock from the magnetic field, and a multiplexer configured to receive the recovered clock and a reference clock, and... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150105018 - Apparatus of paging mobile devices: A vehicle computer system (VCS) configured to communicate with one or more mobile devices, comprising a first processor configured to automatically create a priority list by utilizing one or more factors associated with communication activity between the vehicle computer system and the one or more mobile devices, wherein the priority... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150105017 - Cross device information exchange using gestures and locations: A method, apparatus and software related product (e.g., a computer readable memory) are presented for exchanging information between two or more devices when they are in a close proximity using gestures and web technologies. According to an embodiment, the identification of one or more devices using gestures is asynchronous, so... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20150105023 - Method for using legacy wi-fi and wi-fi p2p simultaneously: A method for using legacy Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer (P2P) simultaneously is provided. The method includes entering a device discovery process of Wi-Fi P2P, if use of a Wi-Fi P2P function is requested while using a legacy Wi-Fi function, acquiring a Group Owner (GO) right of Wi-Fi P2P in the... Agent:

20150105022 - Multitasking system of bluetooth headset: A multitasking system of a Bluetooth headset, which enables users to talk with each other in a telephone call while at the same time enjoying media content played by an external Bluetooth device. The multitasking system of a Bluetooth headset includes: a first Bluetooth headset worn by a first user,... Agent: Sena Technologies Inc.

20150105020 - Short-range wireless communication device: A short-range wireless communication device, utilized with a communication partner terminal that executes a cooperative application while switching between foreground and background operations when a predetermined protocol is established between the communication partner terminal and the short-range wireless communication device, and disconnects a protocol by changing the cooperative application from... Agent:

20150105021 - Transferring a descriptive web interface language code between two nearfield communication devices: It is described a method for a wireless Near Field Communication (NFC) between a NFC enabled device (110) and a NFC capable mobile telecommunication end device (120). The provided method comprises transferring data from the NFC enabled device (110) to the NFC capable mobile telecommunication end device (120). Thereby, at... Agent:

20150105019 - Wireless communication device and wireless paring method thereof: A wireless communication device and a wireless paring method thereof provided. The method is suitable for a first wireless communication device. The first wireless communication device includes a storing module storing a first operation system(OS) and a second OS. The method includes: executing the first OS, and executing a wireless... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150105024 - Bluetooth communication and multimedia device of a shower column: A bluetooth communication and multimedia device of a shower column contains: a body including a showing unit, a bluetooth receiving device pairing with a bluetooth system built in a cellular phone by ways of bluetooth; a display interface unit connecting with the bluetooth receiving device; and a conversion communication unit... Agent:

20150105025 - Method and apparatus for three-dimensional beamforming: Embodiments of the disclosure provide methods and apparatuses for three-dimensional beamforming. The method may comprise: mapping vertical virtual antenna ports to physical antenna ports based on vertical reference signals to obtain mapped vertical reference signals; transmitting the mapped vertical reference signals to a user equipment; receiving a tilting indicator from... Agent: Nec (china) Co., Ltd.

20150105030 - Method and system for analyzing radio performance during over-the-air operation: An apparatus for identifying failed or suspect RF transmitting devices while the devices are in normal operation transmitting over-the-air RF signals. The apparatus comprises an RF signal sensor receiving the RF signals from at least one of the devices that are mobile or portable. The sensor is responsive to the... Agent:

20150105029 - Methods and devices for path-loss estimation: A method on a first device for estimating path-loss between the first device and a second device is described. A user context indicator associated with the first device is determined. At least one path-loss parameter of a plurality of path-loss parameters for the first device is updated based on the... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150105027 - Ranging method, ranging device, location device and location method: A ranging method, executed in a ranging device, comprising steps of: obtaining a trip time of a received wireless signal, wherein the received wireless signal is a wireless signal from an object; calculating a statistical value of a rising time of the received wireless signal; when the statistical value of... Agent: Dizic Co., Ltd.

20150105028 - Ranging method, ranging device, location device and location method: A ranging method, executed in a ranging device, comprising steps of: among a plurality of parameter sets under a specific constraint, selecting one parameter set which minimizes a statistical value of a rising time of a received wireless signal; obtaining a trip time of the received wireless signal, wherein the... Agent: Dizic Co., Ltd.

20150105026 - Method for showing an instant notice on a display of computer according to an incoming event of a mobile device: A method for showing an instant notice on another device is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: a) installing a first application and a second application to a mobile device and a personal computer, respectively; b) operably connecting the mobile device to the computer; c) executing the first application... Agent: I/o Interconnect Inc.

20150105031 - Efficient whole-body sar estimation: A method for estimating a whole-body Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) caused in a body by electromagnetic fields emitted by a wireless communication device (40), where the body is represented by a phantom (30) and the wireless communication device (40) is positioned in the proximity of the phantom (30), comprises determining... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson(publ)

20150105032 - Dynamic bias to improve switch linearity: Exemplary embodiments are related to a dynamic gate bias for an electronic switch. A device may include a radio-frequency (RF) switch configured to receive an RF signal. The device may further include a bias generator configured to convey a bias signal based on a power level of the RF signal... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150105033 - Apparatus and methods for phase compensation in power amplifiers: Apparatus and methods for phase compensation in power amplifiers are disclosed herein. In certain implementations, a power amplifier includes an input stage, an output stage, an envelope tracker, and a compensation circuit. The input and output stages are cascaded and amplify an input RF signal to generate an amplified output... Agent:

20150105034 - Wireless transmission device: A wireless transmission device includes an audio fetching module, a storage module, a processing module and a wireless transmission module. The processing module electrically connects to the audio fetching module and the storage module, and the wireless transmission module electrically connects to the processing module. The audio fetching module acquires... Agent: Euclid Technology Co., Ltd

20150105035 - Web-connected safety helmet: The present invention relates to a new safety helmet, developed in particular to be used by cyclists, motorcyclists, sportsmen in general or in any conditions requiring the use thereof, that is to say, circumstances in which user safety must be ensured, or just for promoting and facilitating conversations with other... Agent:

20150105036 - Mobile device operating mode alteration: A mobile device, having at least one messaging system, a user interface element having variable intensity lighting, a frequency alteration module having selectable frequency modes, an operating mode switch and a data processor coupled to the messaging system, the user interface element, the frequency alteration module and the operating mode... Agent: Proudlion It

20150105037 - Adaptive matching network: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure can include, for example, an apparatus having a matching network adapted to reduce a magnitude of a signal reflection at a port of the matching network. The matching network can have one or more controllable variable reactive elements. A controller can... Agent:

20150105038 - Wireless radio system optimization by persistent spectrum analysis: Apparatuses and methods for simultaneously operating as a wireless radio and monitoring the local frequency spectrum. For example, described herein are wireless radio devices that use a secondary receiver to monitor frequencies within the operating band and prevent or avoid interferers, including in particular half-IF interferers. The systems, devices, and... Agent:

20150105040 - Emergency call mode preference in wireless communication networks: A system and method to determine a type of wireless network that is to be used for an emergency communication session that is initiated at a mobile device. A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) header is modified to introduce an emergency call mode preference (ECMP) field into the header. When a... Agent:

20150105042 - Method and system for setting quality of service for a bearer in response to an emergency event: An interoperability gateway performs a method for setting Quality of Service for a bearer in response to an emergency event. The method includes the interoperability gateway performing: receiving a indication of an emergency event for a first user, wherein the first user is operating a first device in a first... Agent:

20150105039 - Mobile communication method, radio base station and mobility management node: To improve probability of successfully performing transmission processing by a priority terminal and transmission processing of an emergency call even during congestion. A mobile communication method according to the present invention includes the steps of: causing a radio base station eNB to transmit “UE Context Release Request” regarding a predetermined... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150105041 - Radio repeater system: A system and/or method for facilitating wireless communication in an area where it is difficult to transmit and receive signals may use a preexisting wired emergency communication infrastructure to transmit signals between elements of a radio repeater system. Optionally, the system may include synchronization of retransmissions. Analogue and/or digital signals... Agent:

20150105043 - Pro-active mobile network data usage alert system: A flow analyzer analyzes data consumption of flows associated with a user device of a user. The flow analyzer determines, for a given flow associated with the user device, whether to generate a notification alerting the user about data consumption on the network associated with the given flow. For example,... Agent:

20150105044 - Processing usage information for machine-to-machine communication: An M2M service provider (41) is a provider of a plurality of services (31-33). A method of processing charging information for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication between at least one M2M device (10) and an M2M service provider (41) comprises creating (102) a charging record (90) for recording usage information of the... Agent: Telefonalktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150105045 - System and method for dynamically allocating quota for shared balances in distributed telecommunications networks: Systems and computing devices may be configured to intelligently and dynamically allocate quotas for the access and use of a telecommunications network by consumers that use a shared account balance. A server computing device may be configured to intelligently allocate quota by determining an allocation time interval for allocating quota... Agent:

20150105050 - Apparatus and method for sharing information through presence service in a communication network: An apparatus is capable of sharing information through a presence service in a communication network and capable of providing presence information of a Mobile Station (MS). The apparatus extracts at least one of application information and contents indication information from an application in execution. Presence information is generated that includes... Agent:

20150105049 - Content control in telecommunications networks: A telecommunications network including: a mobile device (10); a home network (12) with which the mobile device (10) user has a subscription including content preferences, the home network (12) including a content preference store (94) for storing the content preferences, a policy provisioning server (9) for indicating content preferences to... Agent:

20150105046 - Dtmf token for automated out-of-band authentication: Methods, systems, and media for facilitating an automatic out-of-band authentication process that includes a DTMF token. The process involves receiving an authentication token via one network and automatically sending the token back through a different network. In some cases, the process may be performed without the need for any human... Agent:

20150105052 - Method and apparatus for providing cellphone service from any device: A method, non-transitory computer readable medium and apparatus for providing a cellular communication service for any device via a communications network are disclosed. For example, the method receives a log-in request of a user from a device, if the log-in request is authenticated, synchronizes the device with a configuration associated... Agent:

20150105047 - Methods of determining and transmitting messages: Methods of determining and transmitting messages receivable by objects, wherein a message is determined by a physical location of a corresponding object and at least one of an identity of a user of that object and a characteristic of a user of that object.... Agent:

20150105048 - Remote smart card personnalization without third party: A method and apparatus for personalizing a smart card (SC) in a communication device of a subscriber of a first telecommunication network (TN), who wishes to become a subscriber of a second TN, is disclosed. A first identity and authentication key (AK) are stored in the SC. A first application... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20150105051 - System, method and computer program for anonymous localization: The present disclosure provides a system, method and computer program for anonymous localization. The location of a mobile device can be determined based on signal strength from one or more access points and a radio map. A radio map can be generated by measuring signal strength at a set of... Agent:

20150105053 - Facility for blocking unwanted communication service: An electronic device comprising a code comparer connected to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and operated with integrated chips with low power consumption in a server database of SMS,MMS etc., and also may be operated in a Mobile phone. The code comparer may be operated with Integrated Chips within low... Agent:

20150105054 - Method of handling sms messages and related communication system: In a communication system, an SMS message can be transmitted from a sending entity to a receiving entity. The sending entity is configured to encode the SMS message by inserting both the sender number and the sender text description of the sending entity in the TP-OA field of the SMS... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150105055 - Method, apparatus, and terminal for answering call: The present invention discloses a method, an apparatus, and a terminal for answering a call and relates to the field of terminal technologies. The method includes, after a call is received from a calling party, answering the call by using an automatic call answering function of a terminal, and talking... Agent:

20150105056 - Methods and devices for establishing call: Methods and devices for establishing a call are provided by embodiments of the present disclosure. The method includes: receiving a call request sent from a user through a terminal device; determining push information corresponding to personalized information of the user; and sending the push information to the terminal device. The... Agent:

20150105060 - Message-strength-based ringing method, device and mobile terminal: A method, device and mobile terminal for message-strength-based ringing are disclosed. The method includes, when there is a current message service coming, making a query to an unprocessed message service database to obtain unprocessed historical service information corresponding to a current contact person, and acquiring the message strength of the... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150105062 - Method for reporting user equipment assistance information reporting, user equipment, and base station: The present invention provides a method for reporting user equipment assistance information, a user equipment, and a base station. The method includes: if a configuration in a user equipment UE for forbidding sending UE assistance information is not started or is closed, sending, by the UE, the UE assistance information... Agent:

20150105059 - Method of managing the connectivity of a terminal: e

20150105058 - Method of sim/usim personalizing user equipment: When SIM/USIM personalizing a user equipment, a unique ICCID, which is not protected by PIN, of a specific smartcard is used as feature data. Even in a PIN-locked status, the user equipment may directly access an integrated circuit card identity elementary file of a currently inserted smartcard and then determine... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150105061 - Observation platform for using structured communications: Systems and methods for using structured communications in an observation platform are disclosed. A signal is received from a first communication device at a second communication device associated with a computer system wherein a first characteristic of the signal corresponds to an audible source and a second characteristic of the... Agent:

20150105057 - Simplified cell phone: A simplified cell phone is provided. The present simplified cell phone is able to call only a single pre-programmed phone number and automatically calls that number when the phone is opened, without any additional actuation by the user. The device has a simplified design, allowing the device to be utilized... Agent:

20150105063 - Wireless communication device management: A method and system that limits the use of a communication device present in an area controlled by an intelligent controller. The intelligent controller detects any present communication devices in the area and conducts an inventory providing information about each detected device. The intelligent controller compares that information to a... Agent: Marshall Feature Recognition LLC

20150105064 - Communication system, mobile communication apparatus and switching method of subscriber identification information: A communication system, a mobile communication apparatus and a switching method of subscriber identification information are disclosed. The switching method includes following steps. First subscriber identification information of a first subscriber identification card is stored into a home location register (HLR) of a mobile telecom network by a first mobile... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150105065 - Method and apparatus for utilizing a second receiver to establish time and frequency: Apparatus and methods for synchronizing a network element (e.g. access points, femtocells, etc.) to a master network (such as a cellular network) to provide accurate frequency and/or time references for their internal systems. In one embodiment, the network element utilizes a dedicated receiver (or transceiver) to receive timing information from... Agent:

20150105066 - Addressing radio link failures in wireless communication systems: Methods and apparatus for enhanced radio resource control (RRC) reestablishment in a communication system include addressing repeated radio link failures (RLFs). For example, the methods and apparatus include incrementing a counter value associated with a first cell based on a detection of a RLF by a user equipment (UE) in... Agent:

20150105067 - Long term evolution interference management in unlicensed bands for wi-fi operation: Systems and methods for improved interference management by Wi-Fi devices are disclosed. The interference management may be achieved by monitoring, by the Wi-Fi device, signaling energy on a communication channel in a frequency band associated with the Wi-Fi device, comparing the monitored signal energy with a known waveform signature corresponding... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150105068 - Small cell configuration and maintenance in mobile terminals: The claimed subject matter is directed to defining a framework that enables wireless communicability between base stations for maintenance and configuration purposes, even while disconnected from an operator network, and/or deployed in the field. Embodiments are particularly applicable in the cases of small-cell base transceiver stations deployed in inconvenient, secluded,... Agent:

20150105069 - Terrestrial communication method, apparatus, and system: Provided are a terrestrial communication method, an apparatus, and a system, wherein the system uses a first frequency used in a satellite communication system, detect a terminal of the satellite communication system in a cell of the terrestrial communication system, and perform downlink transmission using the first frequency when the... Agent:

20150105071 - Method and arrangement for supporting cell selection: Methods and arrangements, for supporting cell selection in a mobile terminal (UE1, 1101) associated with a set of serving cell candidates (Cell1, Cell2, Cell5, Cell7, Cell10). The method in the mobile terminal involves evaluating (804, 806) a first serving cell candidate (Cell5) from the set by estimating (804) the distance... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (pulb)

20150105072 - Method for determining neighboring base station, base station, and processing network element: The present invention provides a method for determining a neighboring base station, a base station, and a processing network element. The method for determining a neighboring base station includes: receiving, by a base station, a measurement report, sent by a terminal, of another base station adjacent to the base station;... Agent:

20150105070 - Method to improve cell selection procedures in a single sim/multi-sim environment: The various embodiments provide methods implemented by a mobile communication device for determining whether to camp on a cell based on an updated measurement of the received signal strength associated with the cell. A mobile communication device may determine an updated received signal strength for an absolute radio-frequency channel number... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150105073 - Methods and devices for facilitating access terminal registration with a registration server: Access terminals are adapted to communicate with registration servers to enable a registration server to perform timer-based registrations on behalf of an access terminal. The access terminal can cease performing such timer-based registrations as long as the registration server performs the registrations, and may power down until event data is... Agent:

20150105075 - Method, apparatus, and system for online subscription data configuration: The present invention provides a method, an apparatus, and a method for online subscription data configuration. This method for online subscription data configuration includes: acquiring, by a subscription data configuration function device (SMF), equipment capability information of a user equipment (UE) and information of a service supported by the UE;... Agent:

20150105074 - Multimode terminal and service implementation method for multimode terminal: Provided are a multimode terminal and a service implementation method for a multimode terminal. The multimode terminal includes: a master controller, a slave controller, a subscriber identity module card, a first radio frequency chip, a first antenna, a second radio frequency chip and a second antenna. The master controller includes:... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150105076 - Systems and methods for access network selection and traffic routing: Methods, systems, and devices for network selection and traffic routing are disclosed herein. User equipment (UE) is configured to store an access network selection and detection function (ANDSF) management object (MO). The ANDSF MO may include network selection rules indicating relative priority based on a specific radio access technology (RAT)... Agent:

20150105079 - Handover in lte using parallel sniffer: A base station can observe downlink communications of neighboring base stations of neighboring cells to determine operational parameters of these neighboring base stations in a process called sniffing. The base station ceases downlink transmission and/or uplink reception and initiates downlink reception for a duration in time and/or over frequency to... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150105078 - Method and apparatus for cell reselection: A method of reselecting a mobile wireless communication device to a network subsystem before initiating a connection with a wireless communication network. A connection request is received by the mobile wireless communication device in response to a user input. Attributes of signals received by the mobile wireless communication device from... Agent:

20150105081 - Method and apparatus for triggering cell reselection based on a resource suspension: A mobile communications device determines, while in a CELL_FACH state, that uplink transmissions from the mobile communication device are causing interference to a neighbor cell different from a serving cell of the mobile communication device; and thereafter modifies a network resource that may be causing the interference. In specific non-limiting... Agent:

20150105080 - Method for handover between operator networks, user equipment, and remote management platform: The present invention discloses a method for a handover between operator networks, a user equipment, and a remote management platform, and pertains to the communications field. In the present invention, a user equipment UE sends a request message to an embedded universal integrated circuit card eUICC when the UE learns... Agent:

20150105077 - Methods, devices and computer program products for improvements in interference cancellation scenarios: Under a terminal device aspect, a device is proposed, wherein a control module is configured to report a candidate transceiver device for use after a handover via the transceiver module, and receive a handover instruction via the transceiver module. The handover instruction includes at least an indication that information is... Agent:

20150105083 - Modified measurement procedures for user equipments: A network sends to a user equipment UE downlink signaling indicating at least one frequency which is subject to special handling. In response the UE measures and reports neighbor cells operating on any of that/those frequencies without regard to a threshold signal strength of a serving cell which is configured... Agent:

20150105082 - System and method for device-to-device (d2d) assisted dynamic traffic control for cellular networks: Method and apparatus are provided for offloading data from a cellular network via a secondary network. The offloaded data may be transported over a connection existing independently from the cellular network, such as a direct device-to-device (D2D) or direct mobile communications (DMC) link. The connection may be established between a... Agent:

20150105084 - Method and apparatus for handover in heterogeneous cellular networks: A method at a user equipment for handover from a serving cell to a target cell, the method sending a measurement report to the serving cell; and transmitting a reconfiguration complete message to the target cell; wherein the measurement report includes downlink timing measurements for the target cell. Further, a... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150105085 - Direct link mode for small cells of cellular wireless communication networks: This disclosure generally relates to facilitation of a small cell device to detect direct link opportunities to establish a direct link mode connection to a user equipment based upon monitoring uplink communications from the user equipment to a macro base station, and cooperating with the macro base station to establish... Agent:

20150105086 - Method and apparatus for deriving cell characteristic values: A method of deriving cell characteristic values for cells within a wireless communication network. The method for determining a set of cells for which cell characteristic values are to be derived, and using a genetic algorithm to derive cell characteristic values for the set of cells based at least partly... Agent: Jdsu Uk Limited

20150105087 - System and method for conducting wireless site surveys: A method for surveying a site for installation of wireless access points is provided. A map of the site under survey is displayed. User input relating to the position of a first wireless device at the site is received. User input relating to the position of a second wireless device... Agent:

20150105089 - Downlink data transmission method, base station, and serving gateway on lte network: The present invention provides a downlink data transmission method, base station, and serving gateway on an LTE network. The method includes: learning, by an eNB, that a UE needs to be paged, when an S1 bearer is retained and a radio bearer is released; paging, by the eNB, the UE... Agent:

20150105088 - Radio communication terminal and communication method: Provided are a radio communication terminal capable of causing a communication application to speedily find out whether D2D communication is possible by using a radio access network such as LTE. A terminal 400A includes a terminal finding unit 405 configured to find a candidate terminal capable of executing direct communication... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150105090 - Enhancements in channel reliability in scenarios operating on shared band: The present invention proposes methods and devices for mobile communication deployed on shared bands, which enhance reliability of channels such as control channels. According to an aspect thereof, at a communication terminal, a list of channels useable for communication is maintained, information on the usability of a currently used channel... Agent:

20150105092 - Interference management for different wireless communication technologies: Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate avoiding interference with disparate communication technologies when allocating and/or utilizing wireless communication resources. Access points can generate resource assignments for mobile devices based at least in part on resources utilized by the disparate communication technology devices, such as to avoid such resources, allocate... Agent:

20150105093 - Method and apparatus for acquirement of available spectrum: The present invention provides a method and apparatus thereof for acquirement of available spectrum. The method comprises: receiving an inquiring request sent from a main device, said inquiring request carrying the location information and coverage information of said main device; according to the location information and coverage information of said... Agent:

20150105091 - Method and arrangement for interference mitigation: In a method of interference mitigation in a multi user detection capable radio base station in a communication system, which radio base station comprises a set of confined detection modules, at least one of which is capable of handling multiple user connections, first and at least a second subset of... Agent:

20150105094 - Mobile device assisted optimization of a wireless network: Traffic flows in a wireless network may be optimized based on a current state of the wireless network as well as based on information received from mobile devices attached to the wireless network. In one implementation, a method may include receiving, from mobile devices attached to the wireless network, values... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20150105095 - Location determination for white space utilization: A technique for a wireless device to obtain white space information from a component configured for cellular communication, such as a cellular phone. The wireless device and cellular phone may communicate using a short-range connection, such as a peer-to-peer connection, ensuring that the white space information, which is location based,... Agent:

20150105099 - Beacon group information assisted wireless location determination: Disclosed are systems, apparatus, devices, methods, media, products, and other implementations, including a method that includes receiving, at a server, beacon data indicative of a location of an asset tag device, the beacon data determined based on one or more beacon signals received at the asset tag device from one... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150105100 - Information association system: An information association system for identifying a mobile terminal owned by a driver accurately is disclosed. The information association system is allowed to communicate with the mobile terminal and sensors arranged in a vehicle, and configured to identify the mobile terminal owned by the driver based on information about a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150105097 - Method and apparatus for asynchrosous positioning of wireless base stations: Various arrangements for determining a location of a base station without timing synchronization are presented. A mobile device may determine that it is moving faster than a threshold velocity. The mobile device may capture a first unsynchronized time of arrival (TOA) measurement and determine an associated first location, wherein the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150105098 - Method and apparatus for detecting location changes and monitoring assistance data via scanning: Example methods, apparatuses, or articles of manufacture are disclosed herein that may be utilized, in whole or in part, to facilitate or support one or more operations or techniques for detecting location changes and monitoring assistance data via scanning for use in or with a mobile device. Briefly, in accordance... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150105101 - Method and system for spatio-temporal adjustment of geolocation permissions: A method to manage the location of a user of at least one apparatus that includes a device for geolocation of the latter being able to transmit geolocation data to a plurality of receivers. the method includes parameterization of a filter for defining at least one spatio-temporal criterion of accessibility... Agent: Deveryware

20150105096 - Method and system for tracking a mobile user: A method, system, and/or apparatus for automatically tracking a mobile user using the user's mobile device. This invention is particularly useful in the field of social media, such as for detecting and tracking the location and activity of a user and her community. The method or implementing software application uses... Agent:

20150105102 - System and method for mobile location by dynamic clustering: A system and method for determining the location of a mobile device in a communications network. A set of network measurement reports (NMR) may be provided for a region in the network. NMRs in the first set may be clustered as a function of observed measurement information in the NMRs.... Agent: Andrew LLC

20150105103 - Methods nodes and computer program for positioning of a device: A method in a mobile node for enabling determination of a position of a device. The method comprises receiving a positioning request message, including an identification of the device. The method further comprises transmitting an alert signal to the device, including the identification of the device. The method further comprises... Agent:

20150105104 - Automated electronic reminders for a mobile user: A method, system, and/or apparatus for automatically tracking and sending electronic reminder messages to a mobile user using the user's mobile device as a function of the user's tracked location. This invention is particularly useful in the field of social media, such as for detecting and tracking the location of... Agent:

20150105105 - Location-based account activity alerts: A method of controlling issuance of alerts involves a server receiving notification of occurrence of an event at an account, saving in an events history the event occurrence, receiving device information from a mobile device associated with the account, and determining a position and/or speed from the device information. The... Agent:

20150105106 - Mobile notifications based upon location: Disclosed are various embodiments employed to generate device notifications based upon location data associated with a mobile device. To this end, a request to generate a device notification is obtained from a user application. Notification content is extracted from the request and an escalated or de-escalated notification level is applied... Agent:

20150105107 - Autonomous muting indication to enable improved time difference of arrival measurements: A method, user communication device, and a base station are disclosed. A transceiver 302 may receive a serving transmission from a serving base station. A processor 304 may make a status determination of an autonomous muting status of a neighbor base station based on the serving transmission.... Agent:

20150105108 - Apparatus and method for guiding shadow area: An apparatus and method for guiding a shadow area is provided. The method includes identifying a vehicle position on a driving path based on map information and global positioning system (GPS) information from a navigation system and analyzing road information in the shadow area by receiving position information for the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150105109 - Method and system for notifying a system information modification: The various embodiments of the present invention provide a method and system for notifying, a system information modification in at least one of a MIB/SIB1. The method comprises of transmitting a system information in a first modification period by an eNodeB, verifying the system information at eNodeB to check if... Agent:

20150105111 - Context-related arrangements: In one arrangement, a first device presents a display that is based on context data, derived from one or more of its sensors. This display is imaged by a camera in a second device. The second device uses context data from its own sensors to assess the information in the... Agent:

20150105110 - Read acknowledgement interoperability for text messaging and ip messaging: Use of information-elements (IE) to enable global system for mobile communications (GSM) devices to support read acknowledgements for text messaging, e.g., short message service (SMS). A GSM device inserts a read acknowledgement request Information-Element (IE) into the body of an SMS message to request that a read acknowledgement be returned... Agent:

20150105112 - Text alternative to established voice call session: Methods and systems are described wherein an initiating device sends a communication requesting a voice call session with a recipient device. In response, the initiating device receives a communication indicating that the initiating device can provide a text message instead of establishing the voice call session. In some cases, the... Agent:

20150105113 - Method for d2d terminal transmitting and receiving data in wireless communication system supporting device-to-device communication: Disclosed is a method for a device-to-device (D2D) terminal establishing a link identifier in a wireless communication system supporting D2D communication. The method for the D2D terminal establishing the link identifier in the wireless communication system supporting D2D communication, comprises the steps of: searching nearby D2D terminals through an navigation... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150105116 - Systems and methods for determining and specifying spectrum availability for a predetermined travel route: A spectrum management server generates and an electronic device uses a channel map solution for a predetermined travel route of the electronic device. The channel map solution includes at least one available channel for each of the plural geographic areas through which the planned travel route passes. At least two... Agent:

20150105114 - Systems, apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage media facilitating multiple device coordination in wireless communication systems: Multiple device coordination (MDC) in a wireless communication system is described. For example, a method includes identifying, by a coordinating device associated with an entity, one or more non-coordinating devices of a network and associated with the same entity. The method also includes coordinating a single, shared radio connection to... Agent: TranspacificIPManagement Group Ltd.

20150105115 - Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer-readable recording medium: A mobile terminal measures a first wireless quality that is a wireless quality of a first communication network, and measures a second wireless quality that is a wireless quality of a second communication network. The mobile terminal then determines a ratio between the number of first sockets used for the... Agent:

20150105117 - Pulsed input push-to-talk wireless adapter systems and methods: An adaptor that includes a male connector, a control circuit, and a wireless transceiver coupleable to a corresponding female connector on a portable electronic device provides push-to-talk functionality on the portable electronic device. In conjunction with the device operating system, the adaptor converts a first incoming signal to a first... Agent: Twisted Pair Solutions, Inc.

20150105118 - Beach public address wireless early warning system: A beach public address wireless early warning system that is used by lifeguards or beach safety personnel to warn the beach going public of hazards at a beach. The public address warning system comprises of a remote life guard station that has the capacity to capture images of its surrounding... Agent:

20150105119 - Radio network node, user equipment and methods therein: Some embodiments herein relate to method in a user equipment (10) for determining a transmit power to be used by the user equipment when transmitting in a radio communications network, which user equipment (10) is served by a radio network node (12,12′) in the radio communications network. The user equipment... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150105120 - Communication method and apparatus for supporting multiple wireless communication technologies: A communication apparatus is provided. The communication apparatus includes a first antenna configured to transmit and receive at least one of a signal of a first communication network and a signal of a second communication network, a second antenna configured to receive one of the signal of the first communication... Agent:

20150105122 - Enhancement of in-device interference: Disclosed are apparatuses, methods and computer program instructions which receive or detect an in-device coexistence interference condition change in a user equipment equipped with a plurality of transceivers, send an indication of the in-device coexistence interference condition change to an access point and receive a media access control element configured... Agent:

20150105121 - Front-end module and antenna design for a wireless device simultaneously using wlan modules operating in different wireless bands: Systems and methods for enabling a WLAN client to communicate simultaneously over more than one band at a time are described, where each client has at least one radio that is operational in each supported band. Load balancing based on traffic requirements optimizes the use of the multiple bands.... Agent:

20150105123 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which a photography desired subject can be photographed and watched more conveniently. The present invention includes at least one camera and a controller determining a 1st subject in an image photographed through the at least one camera, the controller controlling... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150105124 - Smart mobile communication device: A smart mobile communication device comprises a casing, a touch screen and two sensors. The casing has a front surface and at least two opposite holding surfaces. The front surface is disposed between the at least two opposite holding surfaces. The touch screen is disposed on the front surface to... Agent:

20150105126 - Mobile phone terminal: Disclosed is an information communication terminal having a configuration in which it is possible to prevent a wrong operation of the information communication terminal due to an unconscious operation of an input equipment during operating an audio output equipment. That is, the information communication terminal includes a controller. The controller... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150105125 - Watch type mobile terminal and method for controlling the same: A watch type mobile terminal configured to be wearable on a wrist and a control method thereof are provided. The watch type mobile terminal includes a display unit configured to display screen information, a terminal body configured to allow the display unit to be installed therein and disposed on the... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150105127 - Protective cover for electronic device with surface for attaching building elements: A protective cover for a handheld portable electronic device includes a front cover, and one or more mounting portions. The mounting portions can couple the front cover to the handheld portable electronic device. The front cover can cover the display screen of the portable electronic device. The front cover, the... Agent: Rubicon Communications, Lp

20150105128 - Touch screen cover: A touch screen cover for a hand-held wireless communication device having a touch-sensing user interface and a telephone operational mode, in which, during an incoming call, a swipe-sensing user control zone of the user interface is activated together with a call-information display. The touch screen cover includes a protective panel,... Agent: Aevoe International Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 108 patent applications in 55 patent subcategories.

20150099457 - Simplified apparatus for positively preventing the use of mobile personal communication devices: A simplified apparatus for positively preventing the use of mobile personal communication devices by the operator of a vehicle comprises a motion responsive device in the vehicle, switching means operable by the device when the vehicle is in motion, a signal jammer operable by the switching means to block at... Agent:

20150099458 - Network-capable medical device for remote monitoring systems: Systems and methods for communication include a medical device having a first receiver capable of wirelessly receiving medical device data over a wireless relay network from at least one network device, a first transmitter capable of wirelessly transmitting data over an internet-accessible wireless communications network, a second transmitter capable of... Agent:

20150099459 - Doppler-nulling traveling-wave antenna relays for high-speed vehicular communications: An antenna relay system for facilitating wireless communication between mobile terminals on a high-speed rail vehicle and stationary base stations with substantially reduced Doppler shift effects comprises matched traveling wave directional antennas mounted to a high-speed rail vehicle and positioned collinearly alongside the railway. Both antennas continually transmit and receive... Agent:

20150099460 - Communication apparatus: There is provided a communication apparatus including an antenna unit configured to transmit or receive a wireless signal, and a wireless processing unit configured to process the wireless signal transmitted or received via the antenna unit. The antenna unit is configured or arranged to maintain a satisfactory communication characteristic regardless... Agent:

20150099461 - Determining location information using a location data point provided by a computing device: A system and method for determining location information using a location data point provided by a computing device is described. A location data point is received by a system from a client computing device. The system determines whether the location data point is within a predefined region from a plurality... Agent:

20150099465 - Communication device, control method, and program: A communication device, includes targets that each execute predetermined processing; and a front end that selects, from the targets, a confirmed target with which an external device is to communicate and that performs near-field communication with the external device. During transmission of a command for selecting at least one candidate... Agent: Felica Networks, Inc.

20150099463 - Method and apparatus for using in-home power lines to support low power wireless sensors and to extend the range of low-power wireless devices: Disclosed is a system that uses existing power line infrastructure in a building as a distributed reception antenna capable of receiving signals from very low-power wireless sensors, thus allowing these sensors to be detected at ranges that are otherwise impractical with over-the-air reception. Also disclosed is a wireless sensor platform... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20150099462 - Nfc-capable holder for mobile communications device: A near-field communication (NFC) capable mobile communication device (120) and a releaseable support (400) are described. The support can include one or more magnets (410) or other devices (610) disposed so as to releaseably engage the NFC-capable mobile communication device (120); and one or more persistent memorys (430) accessible by... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150099464 - Switching device and a method of controlling the same: A switching device and a method of controlling a switching device are provided, the switching device comprising a switching module configured to perform switching for an electric circuit; a processor module configured to control the switching module; and a communication module coupled to the processor module, the communication module configured... Agent:

20150099466 - Audio sequence out-of-band bluetooth pairing: An out-of-band (OOB) mechanism is used to communicate a Bluetooth pairing code from a token to a mobile device. The token may include a light source and the mobile device may include a camera to communicate the Bluetooth pairing code using a light sequence. The token may include a speaker... Agent:

20150099468 - Electronic device and garment: An electronic device includes: a communication unit that is capable of performing short range communication or communication through a human body of a user; a first input unit that, when the user touches a first object provided with a first communication member, inputs information on the first object via the... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20150099467 - Method of and device for broadcasting ble packet, and method of and device for adjusting operation mode of application processor: A method of broadcasting a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) packet, the method is provided. The method includes generating a random address that includes service identification information of a device, writing the generated random address to a header of the BLE packet, and broadcasting the BLE packet including the header where... Agent:

20150099469 - Methods and systems for establishing and maintaining presence information of neighboring bluetooth devices: A communication device and method can include one or more processors operatively coupled to memory, a sensor and an output device, where the one or more processors to perform operations of discovering neighboring short range communication enabled devices such as Bluetooth LE devices, creating presence lists from the discovered devices,... Agent:

20150099470 - Pairing terminals with a sound wave signal: Disclosed herein are a method and apparatus for pairing terminals using a sound wave. A sound wave is transmitted from a first terminal to a second terminal and a response is sent by the second terminal and detected by the first terminal. The first terminal and the second terminal are... Agent:

20150099471 - Receiver and transmitter of coping with interference in super-regenerative communication system, and method of using the receiver and the transmitter: A receiver and a transmitter that copes with interference in a super-regenerative communication system, and a method of using the receiver and the transmitter, are provided. A super-regenerative receiver includes a resonance frequency adjusting unit configured to adjust a resonance frequency associated with a filtering band of a transmission signal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150099472 - Wearable mobile broadcasting recovery system and device: The system provides a wearable communications device for pets comprising a band and a communications unit. The communications unit comprises one or more processors, a communications chipset, one or more removable batteries, and a speaker with a sound generation circuit. The communications chipset can receive data packets comprising an audio... Agent:

20150099473 - Method and apparatus for wireless device performance testing: A method and apparatus for obtaining a set of optimized angles of arrival for a corresponding set of radio links. The set of radio links model a radio environment of a wireless unit operating at a particular location within in a radio system. Each radio link represents a different propagation... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150099474 - Electronic device with antennas isolated using phase shifter: An electronic device may be provided with a primary antenna that is used for transmitting and receiving signals and a secondary antenna that is used for receiving signals. The primary and secondary antennas may be used together in a diversity arrangement when receiving signals. The electronic device may have a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150099475 - Wireless communication apparatus: A wireless communication apparatus includes a first wireless communication unit performing a first type wireless communication and a second wireless communication unit performing a second type wireless communication, an interference determination portion, and an interference suppression portion. The interference determination portion determines whether the first wireless communication unit is in... Agent:

20150099476 - Multi personal area network (pan) radio with shared transmitter: A multi-personal area network (PAN) transceiver includes two or more receiver modules for simultaneously monitoring traffic broadcast on different PANs, but a shared transmitter that switches between the different PANs as needed for transmitting data. The shared transmitter reduces the circuitry that would otherwise be required to transmit on multiple... Agent:

20150099477 - Portable apparatus and cumulative time display control method: A portable apparatus can receive a GPS signal from a GPS satellite and obtain positioning information. The portable apparatus can thus present a distance traveled. The portable apparatus can clock gross time from competition start specified time or in response to clocking initiation operation each of which serves as clocking... Agent:

20150099478 - Frequency agile filter using a digital filter and bandstop filtering: A method of providing frequency dependent signal attenuation. An RF input signal is split into a first signal portion and a second signal portion. Discrete time filtering, a negative group delay and bandstop filtering are applied to the first signal portion to provide a filtered signal portion. The second signal... Agent:

20150099479 - Higher efficiency carbon nanotube antenna: A signal transmitter includes a carbon nanotube antenna and a heat to electricity conversion device, which powers an amplifier in the transmitter. The heat from the inefficiency of the antenna is conducted to the heat to electricity conversion device. Additional heat from the transmitter electronics and any other inefficient processes... Agent:

20150099480 - Mobile terminal with programmable reduced functionality: An application is provided that runs on a mobile terminal (MT) that reduces the functionality of the MT while the holder or user of the MT, such as a relatively inexperienced driver, is aboard a moving vehicle. According to a further aspect of the embodiments the application substantially prevents cellular... Agent:

20150099481 - Method and system for providing alert notifications: Disclosed herein is a method and system for providing various alert notifications to individuals. More specifically, the embodiments disclosed herein are directed to obtaining an alert notification from an external source and determining a geographic area associated with the alert notification. Once the geographic area has been determined the methods... Agent:

20150099482 - System and method for two-way message transmission on mobile platforms for emergency and non-emergency communications: A method of transmitting emergency and non-emergency communications between a system backend facility (system) and at least one mobile platform (platform), the method comprising establishing a communication link between the system and the platform, providing a single-action voice calling module of the platform for communicating with the system, providing a... Agent:

20150099483 - System and method for data usage management in an electronic device: A system and method for data usage management in an electronic device is provided. The method includes tracking an estimated cost of a download in a currency set by a user, determining the estimated cost of the download in the currency set by the user, displaying the estimated cost of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150099487 - Dual mode service wifi access control: The provision of dual mode services is facilitated. Access to the dual mode services is controlled by associating a mobile device to an access point. Subscribers are required to provide valid geographical addresses for access points associated with the mobile devices prior to provision of service. Consequently, physical addresses are... Agent:

20150099485 - Method of performing network personalization on mobile devices: A mobile device is network-personalized according to an MCC, an MNC and an SPN of a smartcard issued by a specific service provider. During the booting process, the mobile device may directly access an IMSI elementary file and an SPN elementary file of a currently inserted smartcard and thus determine... Agent:

20150099486 - Mobile terminal, mobile terminal auxiliary device and method for controlling the same: Methods and apparatuses are provided for controlling a mobile terminal and a mobile terminal auxiliary device. Information on at least one of the mobile terminal and the mobile terminal auxiliary device and security-related information on the at least one of the mobile terminal and the mobile terminal auxiliary device are... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150099488 - Radio communication system, method and arrangement for use in a radio communication system: A system includes a first access network arranged to operate according to a first Radio Access Technology, a second access network arranged to operate according to a second Radio Access Technology, and a user device which is connectable to the first access network and to the second access network. The... Agent:

20150099484 - Voice communication apparatus: A voice communication apparatus is provided. The voice communication apparatus includes a control unit, a hand-held voice transceiver, a position status detector, a first switch and a one-way signal transmitter. The position status detector generates status information by detecting a position status of the hand-held voice transceiver. The first switch... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150099489 - Sending an online social network message using a textsite application via a text message: A method for delivering an online social network (OSN) message. The method includes obtaining delivery status and content of the OSN message, wherein the OSN message is sent by a first user using an OSN application to a second user, generating, by a computer processor, a text message comprising the... Agent: Intuit Inc.

20150099491 - Instant message transmitting and receiving system, terminal device and controlling method thereof: A terminal device includes a message generation unit configured to generate an instant message according to a user command and a communication unit configured to transmit the instant message to another terminal device. A header of the instant message includes a field in which is inserted display identification information indicating... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150099490 - Systems and methods of onscreen notification: Methods and systems are provided of showing an onscreen message comprising including receiving a message from a sender at a service provider, determining that the sender is associated with a subscriber account wherein one or more networked subscriber devices are associated with the subscriber account, and routing the message to... Agent: Cox Communications, Inc.

20150099494 - Closed-loop self-care apparatus and messaging system for customer care of wireless services: A system communicatively couples a server to a plurality of mobile wireless device clients to receive and track customer care related information which has been captured on any one of the clients. The server uses information sent by a client to initiate a customer care request ticket and responds to... Agent: Carrier Iq, Inc

20150099492 - Information processing apparatus that controls transfer of image, control method therefor, and storage medium: An information processing apparatus controls image transfer to display an image by projection while making full use of a screen resolution of an external display device without requiring a user to take time and trouble. A server sends a plurality of contents including a first and second content differing in... Agent:

20150099493 - Systems and methods for automated on-device performance testing of mobile applications: Methods and systems for measuring the performance of a mobile application and its associated user page flows include a communication link configured to connect a plurality of mobile client devices to an application server running the mobile application. The system includes a first module configured to implement a plurality of... Agent:

20150099495 - System and method for monitoring apps in a vehicle or in a smartphone to reduce driver distraction: A system and method for monitoring apps in a vehicle or in a smartphone to reduce driver distraction is disclosed. A controller operating inside or in combination with the head unit of the vehicle or operating inside or in combination with the smartphone may monitor operation of the vehicle, and... Agent: Excelfore Corporation

20150099496 - Automatic account information retrieval and display: Techniques for retrieving and displaying information from a business system on a mobile computing based on contextual details are disclosed. The contextual details can include caller identification information and contact identifiers associated with the caller identification information stored a contacts record in a mobile computing device. Contextual details may include... Agent: Sap Ag

20150099497 - Mobile device and method for displaying incoming call of mobile device: In a method for displaying an incoming call of a mobile device, one or more application software of the mobile device are set for providing information of a caller of the incoming call. A name of the caller is retrieved from an address book of the mobile device according to... Agent:

20150099498 - Multimedia based caller identification (cid) system and method: A system, application platform, and method that helps a recipient receiving a phone call identify a caller in advance of answering the incoming call. According to the invention, a caller is able to create a multimedia content using a software application platform present in the mobile device, upload the created... Agent: M800 Limited

20150099499 - System and method for accessing a conference system: A user equipment, method, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, a system of connecting a user equipment to a conference system are provided. According to an embodiment of the present invention, a conference dialer application receives a meeting notification from a calendar application, where the meeting notification describes a meeting hosted on... Agent:

20150099504 - Method and apparatus for blackout, retune and subscription enforcement in a cellular network multimedia distribution system: A method for blackout, retune and roaming enforcement in a cellular network multimedia distribution system. The method includes the steps of receiving a plurality of service regions in the cellular network multimedia distribution system; determining an affiliation of the client with one of the service regions in the plurality of... Agent:

20150099503 - Method and apparatus for small cell enhancement in a wireless communication system: Methods and apparatuses are for small cell enhancement in a wireless communication system. The method includes the user equipment (UE) receiving a first Radio Resource Control (RRC) message from the first cell to configure a second cell to the UE. The method further includes the UE receiving a first Medium... Agent:

20150099502 - Method and device for customizing configuration of printing application: A method of customizing a configuration of a printing application of a mobile terminal, a mobile terminal, and a system are provided. The method includes establishing a wireless connection with an image forming device by using tag information written on a near field communication (NFC) tag of the image forming... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150099501 - Method and device for transmitting and receiving data by using multiple carriers in mobile communication system: To solve the above-mentioned problem, the method for transmitting and receiving a signal by user equipment (UE) through one or more cells, according to one embodiment of the present specification, comprises the steps of: receiving, from a base station, a first message indicating whether one or more cells usable by... Agent:

20150099500 - Vehicle operator/driver and wireless device synchronization and uses thereof: A vehicle operator/driver and device synchronization application is disclosed herein and includes: a two-way communication device, a software application stored on and executed from the device, from a network or a combination thereof, a vehicle communication component, a velocity determination component, and a driver identification component.... Agent:

20150099505 - Method and apparatus for providing coordinated operation of multiple mobile communicationdevices: An approach is provided for determining contextual information for at least one first device and at least one second device. Then, the coordination platform processes and/or facilitates a processing of the contextual information to determine one or more functions to deactivate the at least one first device. Subsequently, the coordination... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150099506 - Subscriber server, monitoring server, mobile terminal, methods related thereto, and computer readable medium: In one embodiment, a mobile terminal (200) transmits behavior data of the mobile terminal (200) to a monitoring server (700). The monitoring server (700) acquires the behavior data of the mobile terminal (200), and performs communication with a subscriber server (400) to update the subscriber data (410) regarding the mobile... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150099507 - Unlimited access to media and applications over wireless infrastructure: Methods, systems, and apparatus are presented for providing unlimited access to either or both of media content, such as music, and applications. A media server environment can be provided, which maintains an instance of each subscriber account, a central archive of media content, and an application catalog. Selected media content... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20150099508 - Initiating a communication using a wireless security key device: A communication system is described. The communication system includes a communications device that is arranged to conduct communications via a communications network to a first communications address, and a security component arranged to receive input security keys. The communications device is arranged to initiate a communications event to a first... Agent:

20150099510 - Device validation, distress indication, and remediation: A wireless communications device may be configured to perform integrity checking and interrogation with a network entity to isolate a portion of a failed component on the wireless network device for remediation. Once an integrity failure is determined on a component of the device, the device may identify a functionality... Agent:

20150099509 - Method and apparatus for handling circuit switched calls at a user equipment: A method at a user equipment including detecting that a circuit switched (CS) call has been requested at the user equipment; if a most recent registration attempt or registration update attempt with a network of a first radio access technology (RAT) resulted in an abnormal state, registering with a network... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150099512 - Communication apparatus, method of controlling communication apparatus, and storage medium: A communication apparatus includes a first communication unit that performs a wireless communication with a second communication apparatus using a first communication method, and a second communication unit that performs a wireless communication with the second communication apparatus using a second communication method different from the first communication method. The... Agent:

20150099511 - Radio link management for network assisted device-to-device communication: A method of a first wireless communication device adapted to perform network assisted device-to-device communication is disclosed, wherein a device-to-device communication connection comprises a device-to-device communication link between the first wireless communication device and a second wireless communication device and a device-to-network communication link between the first wireless communication device... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150099513 - Method for reducing power consumption and electronic device thereof: Disclosed herein are an electronic device and method for reducing power consumption while roaming. A state of the electronic device is detected. It is determined whether the firmware executes roaming based at least partially on a channel list and a state of the electronic device.... Agent:

20150099514 - Operating states for d2d discovery: A device is configured to perform a method of device-to-device (D2D) communication in a wireless communication network in accordance with a Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard. The method includes entering an RRC-Idle state or an RRC-Connected state. The method also includes transmitting, in the RRC-Idle state or RRC-Connected state, a... Agent:

20150099515 - System and method for virtual replication of a mobile phone: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a system and method for virtual replication a mobile phone device. According to one example embodiment, a user of the mobile device registers with a virtual host server configured to communicate with a telecommunication service provider. A communication identifier associated with the mobile device... Agent:

20150099516 - System and methods for using wireless network correlations to acquire service on a multi-sim device: Methods and devices are disclosed for enabling efficient service acquisition on multiple SIMs of a multi-SIM device. After at least one SIM has maintained or reacquired a network connection, the wireless device may identify that network, access a joint acquisition database, and determine whether there is a correlated network entry... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150099518 - Communication system, access control apparatus, access apparatus, and communication path control method therefor: In an access apparatus which has an offloading function, resources of the access apparatus are excessively consumed when handover occurs between access apparatuses. A communication system (1) according to the present invention includes an access apparatus (access functions (11, 12)) including means for terminating a communication path with a communication... Agent:

20150099521 - Method for controlling uplink power in a broadband wireless access system: The present invention relates to a broadband wireless access system, and more particularly, to a method for efficiently determining power for ranging performed by a terminal on a target base station or a target region during handover or during changing of a region. A method for controlling uplink power for... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150099519 - Method for processing in-device coexistence configuration information, apparatus and system: A method for processing in-device coexistence configuration information, apparatus and system. The method includes: notifying, by a source base station to a target base station, first in-device coexistence configuration information configured by the source base station for terminal equipment, when handover from the source base station to the target base... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150099517 - System and method to reduce power consumption associated with cell reselection operations: Embodiments are provided for resolving, at a user equipment (UE), unnecessary frequent consecutive back and forth reselections between the same two or more network cells. In an embodiment method, upon detecting predefined criteria indicating reaching a threshold frequency of reselections between the same cells, the UE switches to a defined... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150099520 - Systems and methods for supporting an enhanced serving cell change when moving among different cell types: A system and method enable handover from a DC-HSUPA-capable node in a cellular wireless network to a non-DC-HSUPA-capable node. According to various aspects of the present disclosure, a handover may implement a legacy serving cell change procedure or an enhanced serving cell change procedure. In either case, signaling from the... Agent:

20150099522 - Method for avoiding small cell interference during connection of plural lte base stations: Disclosed herein is a method for avoiding small cell interference when a macro cell base station that can be applied to a small cell cluster environment and a small cell base station simultaneously provide services in a heterogeneous network, and a method for avoiding small cell interference during connection of... Agent:

20150099523 - Inter-radio access technology (irat) measurement during handover: A different inter radio access technology (IRAT) measurement schedule is provided in the execution phase relative to the IRAT measurement schedule implemented in the preparation phase. To improve the handover performance, the user equipment transmits an IRAT measurement report for multiple neighbor cells and prioritizes the IRAT measurement scheduling for... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150099524 - Method for transceiving handover message during connection of plural lte base stations: Disclosed herein is a scheme for transmitting a handover message of a terminal when a macro cell base station that can be applied to a small cell cluster environment and a small cell base station simultaneously provide services in a heterogeneous network, and a method for transceiving a handover message... Agent:

20150099525 - Lte-u clear channel assessment operations: The subject technology provides for performing clear channel assessment (CCA) in LTE-U. Transmissions may be monitored in a resource reserved for CCA. An energy of the transmissions is detected over a shorter duration than an assigned slot in the resource reserved for CCA. A beacon may be transmitted in a... Agent:

20150099526 - Method and system for facilitating preemptive based radio channel access control: Preemptive based radio access control is facilitated. Queue data is received, wherein the queue data corresponds to a set of requests for highly prioritized communications included on a prioritized queue. The queue data is used to determine whether a set of conditions for involuntarily terminating a radio communication session has... Agent:

20150099527 - Dynamic multi-cell clustering for downlink comp in a wireless communication network: A method for generating at least one downlink CoMP cooperating set for downlink CoMP processing at a first node of a plurality of nodes in a network is provided. Each of the plurality of nodes managing at least one cell. A plurality of multi-dimensional UE points is determined. Each dimension... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150099528 - Enhanced system information decoding: Methods and apparatus for decoding system information include determining a maximum repetition rate duration based at least in part on a master information block (MIB). The methods and apparatus further include generating a distributed system information block (SIB) decoding scheme for allocating radio frequency resources between a first subscriber identity... Agent:

20150099529 - Facilitation of idle mode traffic load balancing: A potential traffic load imbalance condition associated with sector carriers is detected. The traffic loading for the sector carriers is balanced based, at least, on causing one or more idle mobile devices to select a new sector carrier by adjusting one or more idle mode parameters. Detecting the potential traffic... Agent:

20150099530 - Control apparatus, base station, mobile station, core network node, method implemented therein, and computer readable medium: In one embodiment, a control unit (3) operates to control, based on at least one condition, utilization of a shared frequency by a base station (1) included in a radio communication system (100). The shared frequency is shared by a plurality of radio systems including the radio communication system (100)... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150099531 - Inspecting equipment of a power system: A method of inspecting equipment of a power system can involve identifying a geographical area including a presumed faulty piece of equipment with a central computer system of the power system; determining a contact (e.g., a person) at the geographical area; sending a request for inspecting local equipment in the... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150099541 - Integration of wired information and wireless information to locate a wireless device: One embodiment described herein includes a method of determining the location of a wireless device. The method includes capturing wired information about wired components in a network. Capturing wired information includes one or more of: reading information from a storage device associated with a connector of a wired communication media,... Agent:

20150099542 - Interactive advisory system: A method for locating at least one individual located remotely from a broadcast network. An analysis unit compares user profiles, dynamic locations stored in the communicator location database, and/or fixed locations entered into the analysis unit. A data set of at least one matching individualized locatee user profile is generated... Agent:

20150099534 - Location estimation device and location estimation method for estimating location of interference source: A wireless communication network system includes: a location estimation device includes: a processor; and a memory which stores a plurality of instructions, which when executed by the processor, cause the processor to execute: collecting information, for each wireless device in a pair of wireless devices communicating with each other in... Agent:

20150099532 - Method and apparatus for determining the location of a subscriber: A method of determining whether or not a subscriber is located within the vicinity of a Home Zone defined by a geographical coordinate set. The method comprises receiving from a mobile positioning system a shape specifying a location of the subscriber taking into account a degree of uncertainty, and scaling... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150099543 - Method for positioning target terminal while protecting privacy of user thereof: A method of providing location information of a target Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) Enabled Terminal (target SET) while protecting privacy of a user of the target SET in a Home-SUPL Location Center (H-SLC) providing the location information of the target SET, and the H-SLC, are provided. The method includes... Agent:

20150099533 - Methods and systems for correcting and communicating location information in a wireless communication environment: Disclosed are methods and systems for correcting and communicating location information of a node in a wireless communication network environment. The method comprises the steps of: calculating atleast a position offset, obtaining position coordinates of atleast a localizer, calculating atleast position coordinates of atleast a communicator, and communicating the position... Agent: Qatar University Qstp-b

20150099538 - Multiple antenna ap positioning in wireless local area networks: A method of indoor positioning using Fine Timing Measurement (FTM) protocol with multi-antenna access point (AP) is proposed. In a wireless local area network, an AP has multiple antennas that are strategically located in different physical locations. The AP is used to exchange FTM frames with a wireless station for... Agent:

20150099535 - Obtaining a geographical position of a mobile device: A method obtains a geographical position of a mobile device, which comprises a Bluetooth transceiver and a storage unit for storing an offline map. The mobile device establishes Bluetooth capability in order to enable a Bluetooth connection with the mobile device. The mobile device, via the Bluetooth connection, requests geographical... Agent:

20150099540 - Positioning node, user equipment and methods therein: Embodiments herein relate to a method in a user equipment for enabling positioning of the user equipment in a radio communications network. The user equipment is served in a first cell controlled by a radio network node. The user equipment knows or can obtain a system frame number of at... Agent:

20150099537 - Ski area incident reporting and incident response system: The techniques described herein identify and/or verify that devices of snow riders and patrol members are located within a pre-defined geo-fence. In response, one or more functions of an application may be enabled that allow the devices to communicate with each other and/or locate each other.... Agent:

20150099536 - Supl-wifi access point controller location based services for wifi enabled mobile devices: A WiFi Access Point (AP) controller with location capabilities (e.g., an MSE) provides location to a SUPL location server platform (SLP), for response to a network location request. WiFi AP controllers are enabled to communicate with the SLP. WiFi location measurements are transferred via SUPL to the SUPL location server.... Agent:

20150099539 - Use of rf-based fingerprinting for indoor positioning by mobile technology platforms: A method is provided for determining the position of a mobile technology platform within a structure, wherein the mobile technology platform is equipped with a gyroscope, a magnetometer and at least one accelerometer. The method includes deploying a set of RF (radio frequency) beacons within the structure, wherein each RF... Agent:

20150099544 - Mobile phone application for routing to a person for pick-up retrieval: A navigation method includes the following computer-implemented steps. A target mobile electronic device is identified. A geographical location of the target mobile electronic device is ascertained. Information is transmitted to a sender mobile electronic device. The information identifies the geographical location of the target mobile electronic device. A route along... Agent: Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

20150099548 - Address book information service system, and method and device for address book information service therein: Provided are an address book information service system, and a method and a device for an address book information service therein, whereby: a terminal device in the address book information service system sets groups in an address book according to category information and transmits group information on the set groups... Agent:

20150099547 - Geo-based detection of border violation: An initial geo-location may be determined for a user of a web service from the user's connection data to establish if it is a mobile connection or not. Once the connection is identified as mobile or static and the user's location is known, the closest border and/or territory which is... Agent:

20150099549 - Location and time specific mobile participation platform: A mobile participation platform enables a wireless network operator or third party to solicit response data related to a specific time and location specific event by signaling multiple mobile device users that meet predefined qualifications. The qualifications include presence at the specific location at the specific time, and may include... Agent:

20150099545 - Location information-based communication apparatus and method, and location information-based communication application apparatus: A location information-based communication apparatus and method are disclosed. The location information-based communication apparatus includes a transmission terminal, a communication control unit, a local terminal location storage unit, and reception target terminals. The transmission terminal transmits information about a call connection location selected by a user to the communication control... Agent:

20150099550 - Location-based discovery of network members by personal attributes for alternate channel communication: User mobile devices are equipped to discover each other through an ad hoc network, based on their location and proximity or based on mobile network reporting to one another. Locations may be reported through global positioning methods and cross-referenced by other users. Following discovery and consent, the mobile devices are... Agent:

20150099546 - Location-based service provision method and system of electronic device: A location-based service provision method and system of an electronic device is provided for supporting location-based service even in a sleep mode. The electronic device is provided with a main control unit, a low power sub-control unit, and a sensing unit. The sub-control unit collects sensor information provided by the... Agent:

20150099551 - Method for using a femtocell base station and a user equipment in a public land mobile network, femtocell base station, public land mobile network, program and computer program product: A method for using a femtocell base station and a user equipment in a public land mobile network includes: initiating a location update signalling procedure between the femtocell base station and the user equipment, wherein at least one previous location information of the user equipment is transmitted from the user... Agent: T-mobile Czech Republic A.s.

20150099553 - Apparatus and method for providing map service using global positioning service in a mobile terminal: An apparatus and method for providing a map service using a global positioning service in a mobile terminal includes determining a current position of the mobile terminal. A moving path of the mobile terminal is recorded. If content for key point marking are generated, a tag icon corresponding to the... Agent:

20150099552 - System and method for locating a vehicle: A system for locating a vehicle using a monitoring device attachable to a vehicle and a mobile device. The monitoring device plugs into a vehicle diagnostic port and transmits an indicator signal to the mobile device, such as a smart phone, when the vehicle's engine is shut down. Upon receipt... Agent: Innova Electronics, Inc.

20150099554 - Mobile messaging short code translation and routing system and method: Provided herein is a system, method and product for performing address translation and routing of short codes. The embodiment described herein primarily supports the wireless and standardized SMS; however, one skilled in the art can readily appreciate that the present invention can also be applied to any mobile messaging technology,... Agent:

20150099555 - Enabling a communication feasibility determination time to complete communication exchanges between an m2m server and one or more m2m devices: A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for machine-to-machine communication are provided. A device receives a request from a requestor. The request requests the device to transmit information to the requestor according to a primary time duration. The device determines at least one secondary time duration within the... Agent:

20150099556 - Method, user terminal and network side equipment for improving network resource occupancy: A method, a user terminal and a network side equipment for improving network resource occupation are disclosed. A dormancy timer is set for the user terminal and a time threshold of the dormancy timer is adjusted dynamically by monitoring a resource occupation rate of the communication system, where time threshold... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150099557 - Universal connectivity for non-universal devices: A system includes at least one data collection device, each connected to a corresponding data terminal via a primary communication channel; and a central connectivity point connected to each data collection device via a wireless secondary communication channel so as to communicate with the at least one data collection device... Agent:

20150099558 - Using sensors to trigger transmit power management: A user device transmits data at a first transmit power level. The user device detects a presence of a human body part within a predetermined distance from an antenna of the user device using one or more sensors disposed at a back side of the user device. In response to... Agent:

20150099560 - Methods and apparatus for access data recovery from a malfunctioning device: Methods and apparatus for recovering access data from a malfunctioning device. In one embodiment, trained service personnel are provided a specialized apparatus for retrieving access data from a malfunctioning device. For example, in the instance the device comprises a cellular device having an unrecoverable hardware failure, trained service personnel can... Agent:

20150099559 - Subscriber identity module data routing devices, methods for routing subscriber identity module data, control circuits, and methods for controlling a change of a routing: A subscriber identity module data routing device is described comprising: a routing circuit configured to provide a routing of input data to a plurality of subscriber identity modules; a routing change feasibility determination circuit configured to determine based on the input data whether a change of the routing is feasible,... Agent:

20150099561 - Method for controlling rf signal processing components and communications apparatus utilizing the same: A communications apparatus includes a first radio module including at least a first baseband signal processing device and a first radio transceiver, a second radio module including at least a second baseband signal processing device and a second radio transceiver, and an RF front-end circuit, coupled to the first radio... Agent:

20150099562 - Method, terminal, server, and system for multiple terminals to share virtual sim card: An embodiment method includes receiving, by a virtual card server from a first terminal, a request for enabling a virtual SIM card, where the request for enabling the virtual SIM card includes a virtual SIM card identifier, where the first terminal stores data of the virtual SIM card and a... Agent:

20150099563 - Mobile terminal and application-controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and an application-controlling method thereof are provided. The application-controlling method for the mobile terminal according to the present disclosure comprises: detecting an action on a touch screen of the mobile terminal when an application is running; if the action is a static action, then acquiring a touch... Agent: Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd

20150099564 - System and method for adaptive in-network time alignment for envelope tracking power amplifier: A subscriber station is configured to extend a battery life using a method for envelope tracking power amplification. The subscriber station includes a main processor configured to perform a plurality of functions to operate the subscriber station. The subscriber station also includes a power source configured to provide power to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

04/02/2015 > 141 patent applications in 58 patent subcategories.

20150093986 - Communication and control regarding wireless electric vehicle electrical energy transfer: A method substantially as shown and described in the detailed description and/or drawings and/or elsewhere herein. A device substantially as shown and described in the detailed description and/or drawings and/or elsewhere herein.... Agent:

20150093988 - Mechanism for generating a hybrid communication circuitry for facilitating hybrid communication between devices: A mechanism is described for facilitating hybrid communication between devices according to one embodiment. A method of embodiments, as described herein, includes coupling an inductive coil of a near proximity circuitry with a capacitive pad of a body area circuitry to form a hybrid circuitry, and facilitating, via the hybrid... Agent:

20150093987 - Test systems with multiple nfc antennas: A test station may include a test host, testing devices, and a test enclosure. A device under test (DUT) having a near-field communications (NFC) antenna may be placed in the test enclosure during production testing. The testing devices may have test antennas that may convey NFC test signals to the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150093989 - Wireless charger communication automatic gain control: A variable gain circuit used in an in-band communication system is provided that includes a current sense pickup that is coupled to the output of a DC power source that senses current from the DC power source and provides a first output signal. A variable controlled amplifier structure, that is... Agent:

20150093992 - Communication device and terminal device: A system and method for providing network information using a short-range wireless communication path between a communication device and a terminal device is described. In some examples, authentication information is required from the terminal device prior to communication of the network information. In some examples, the short-range wireless communication path... Agent:

20150093993 - Mobile device connection system: A mobile device connection system may identify a mobile device of a present driver and prioritize a wireless connection between the identified mobile device and a built-in hands-free device located in a motor vehicle. The mobile device connection system may include a sensor and a controller. The sensor may be... Agent:

20150093991 - Mobile device sharing facilitation methods and systems: Structures and protocols are presented for using or otherwise relating to a first mobile device (a smartphone or tablet computer or wearable device, e.g.) configured to be shared by two or more parties such that a subset of the parties may be addressed selectively (in content directed to such parties,... Agent:

20150093990 - Techniques for proximity detection for wireless docking: Examples are disclosed for proximity detection for wireless docking. In some examples a wireless device may determine if received signal strength indicator (RSSI) information for a wireless signal received from an apparatus exceeds a first threshold, establish a speculative connection with the apparatus and receive wireless information and ultrasound information... Agent:

20150093994 - Dynamic switching frequency control of an on-chip or integrated voltage regulator: Examples are disclosed for switching frequency control of an on-chip or integrated voltage regulator. In some examples, a switch frequency of an integrated voltage regulator may be monitored. A determination of whether the monitored switch frequency causes radio signal interference may cause the switch frequency to be adjusted to eliminate... Agent: Intel Corporation

20150093995 - Transmission frequency spectrum scanning: Satellite scanning is an example of scanning a transmission spectrum, which relates to identifying satellite channels within a satellite broadcast spectrum. Rather than scanning the entire transmission spectrum at each possible combination of frequency and symbol rate, spectrum analysis may be performed over the transmission spectrum in order to determine... Agent:

20150093996 - Method and apparatus for heterogeneous small cells self-organization in lte networks based on internet protocol multimedia subsystems: A wireless network includes a plurality of small cells. The small cells each register with the network, and an application server tracks the locations of the small cells within the network. Upon entry to the network, the small cell registers with various event packages managed by the application server. When... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150093997 - Method, apparatus and computer program for determining whether a received signal comprises a first signal component: A method of determining at a receiver whether a received signal comprises a pure tone signal component. The method comprises: measuring a received signal over a measurement period; calculating, using maximum likelihood hypothesis testing, a likelihood ratio value for the measured signal and, determining, based on said likelihood ratio value,... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150093998 - System and method for confirming radio frequency (rf) signal connection integrity with multiple devices under test (duts) to be tested concurrently: System and method for confirming radio frequency (RF) signal connections with multiple devices under test (DUTs) tested concurrently using replicas of a RF test signal. Cabled signal connections between the signal source and the DUTs are monitored by sensing levels of outgoing and related reflection RF signals. These signal levels... Agent:

20150093999 - Device configuration using interference: Methods and systems for generating and providing signals to a device, and configuring the device are disclosed. An example method can comprise identifying a device tuned to a first frequency, determining a signal configured to provide interference at the first frequency, and providing the signal to the device such that... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20150094000 - Temperature compensated bulk acoustic wave devices using over-moded acoustic reflector layers: Embodiments of apparatuses, systems and methods relating to temperature compensated bulk acoustic wave devices. In some embodiments, temperature compensated bulk acoustic wave devices are described with an over-moded reflector layer.... Agent: Triquint Semiconductor, Inc.

20150094001 - Method and arrangement for transmitting and receiving rf signals through various radio interfaces of communication systems: A method and arrangement for transmitting and receiving RF signals, associated with different radio interfaces of communication systems, employ a direct conversion based transceiver which substantially comprises one receive signal branch and one transmit signal branch. Mixing frequencies of the different systems are generated by a single common by use... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150094002 - System for constraining an operating parameter of an ehf communication chip: An EHF communication system including an EHF communication chip. The EHF communication chip may include an EHF communication circuit having at least one controllable parameter-based module having a testable and controllable operating parameter The EHF communication chip may further include a test and trim circuit coupled to the EHF communication... Agent:

20150094003 - Systems and methods for transmit antenna switching: A method for antenna switching is described. The method includes transmitting using a first antenna. The method also includes determining that a trigger occurs to switch to transmitting using a second antenna. The trigger is based on a combination of a physical uplink shared channel (PUSCH) maximum transmit power level... Agent:

20150094004 - Harmonic rejective passive up converter: Methods and apparatuses are presented for harmonic reject upconverting a baseband signal using at least one quadrature passive upconversion mixer. In some embodiments, an apparatus may include a first quadrature passive mixer configured to receive a first baseband input and a first LO input, and a second quadrature passive mixer... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150094005 - Radio device with virtually infinite simultaneous inputs: A method, system, media, and apparatus are directed to radio recording. Radio stations are simultaneously recorded based on a radio parameter including a processing parameter, a memory usage or allocation, a recording status, or the like. The radio parameter is adapted for an individual station, some radio stations, or all... Agent: 3d Radio LLC

20150094006 - Receiver of nfc device and nfc device including the same: A receiver of a near field communication device includes a local oscillator, a first channel, and a second channel. The local oscillator may be configured to generate a first local oscillating signal. The first channel may be configured to process an input signal by mixing the input signal with the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20150094007 - Receiver chip with multiple independent loop-through paths: A radio receiver and method of operating the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, the radio receiver may include a RF receive path configured to convey a first radio signal within a first band to a radio tuning circuit. The RF receive path may be controllable using a first AGC... Agent: Silicon Laboratories Inc.

20150094008 - Weakly coupled rf network based power amplifier architecture: RF communications circuitry, which includes a first group of RF power amplifier circuits and a first weakly coupled RF network, is disclosed. The first group of RF power amplifier circuits includes a first RF power amplifier circuit, which receives and amplifies a first RF amplifier input signal to provide a... Agent:

20150094009 - Branch circuit and branch cable: A branch circuit includes a common antenna port and separates a first communication signal including a signal in a low band and a signal in a high band and a second communication signal that is a signal in a frequency band between the low band and the high band. The... Agent:

20150094010 - Alerting message number per alerting category across network technology: An example method includes receiving at a cell broadcast center information for distribution to at least one user equipment. The cell broadcast center determines an alert category and a message number for the alert category. The alert category is based on the information for distribution. The alert category is associated... Agent: Alcatel-lucent

20150094011 - Method for switching a terminal over from a first radiocommunications network to a second radiocommunications network, corresponding computer program product, storage means and terminal: A method is proposed for switching a radiocommunications terminal from a first radiocommunications network, with which the terminal is synchronized and registered, to a second radiocommunications network. The terminal has first and second connection profiles associated respectively with the first and second radiocommunications networks. According to the method, the terminal... Agent:

20150094012 - Point of sales and customer support for femtocell service and equipment: A femto cell service framework is utilized for purchase and service of femtocell equipment and customer support thereof. A point of sale (POS) platform enables purchase of femtocell equipment based on a set of eligibility criteria. POS also allows purchase of add-on services. Direct fulfillment and post-sale transactions such as... Agent:

20150094015 - Emergency text messaging: A location privacy configuration module enables location determination to emergency services only relating to an emergency text message or emergency text message session. An emergency text message transmitted to an emergency number is routed to an emergency text message server, which initiates an emergency text indicator for each emergency text... Agent:

20150094016 - Method to implement e911 services in ims (ip multimedia subsystem): Efficient processing and/or routing of emergency calls in an IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) for VoIP (Voice over IP) subscribers can be enabled. In one aspect, an E911 profile is generated, for example, by an application server, for each VoIP subscriber based in part on current location information associated with the... Agent:

20150094014 - Multi-standard in building mobile radio access network: A multi-standard indoor mobile radio access network having a centralized device is provided. In one embodiment of the present invention, a centralized device is configured to transmit a wake-up signal to a wireless device once the wireless device has entered a service area, wherein the wake-up signal triggers the downloading... Agent: Key2mobile LLC

20150094013 - System and method for participants data retrieval post accident or event: A device and method for post event data retrieval uses an electronic communications system, wherein the method and system can utilize a detection device for detecting the event and facilitating the post event data retrieval. The system and method include detecting an event using a detection device. The detection device... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150094017 - Method and apparatus for flexible balance management using reservation consumption: A method, system, and computer-program product for flexible balance management using reservation consumption are disclosed. For example, a method according to embodiments of the methods and systems disclosed herein includes receiving a request message and, in response to the receiving the request message, updating a consumed reservation balance.... Agent:

20150094018 - Network billing for messages: A device receives a message from a fixed user device associated with a first user. The first user is associated with a first mobile user device, and the message is destined for a second mobile user device associated with a second user. The device generates a first charge record for... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20150094019 - Systems for enabling subscriber monitoring of telecommunications network usage and service plans: Methods, servers and systems for directly accessing and modifying charging information maintained within a telecommunications operator's business and operating systems' infrastructure from user equipment. A mobile application server may receive a charging request from a user equipment, identify a relevant charging system based on the received request, send a charging... Agent:

20150094020 - Method and apparatus for notifying access control information: A method and an apparatus for notifying activations of extended access barring (EAB) and updates of EAB information in the field of Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless communication systems have been proposed. In accordance with the present disclosure, the eNB notifies MTC devices of EAB changes from a paging message... Agent:

20150094025 - Base station and method in relay node mobility: The present disclosure relates to a base station and a method for security key synchronization during relay node (RN) mobility. In one embodiment, the base station may include a first transceiver configured to receive a Next Hop Chaining Counter in use, NCCuse—use, sent from a source base station; a security... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150094022 - Methods and systems for carrier activation using information from an existing profile: A platform included in a device can be configured to execute instructions to operate the device. The platform can be configured to setup connectivity to a network provided by a data service provider by having an activated account with the data service provider. To activate the account, the platform can... Agent: Google Inc.

20150094023 - Retroactively securing a mobile device from a remote source: Described is a technique for retroactively securing a mobile device from a remote source. A user may remotely lock the bootloader of the device from a device management portal. Accordingly, a user may essentially “brick” the device rendering the device unusable by another user until an additional security check is... Agent: Google Inc.

20150094028 - Rlan wireless telecommunications with radio access network (ran) gateway and methods: Methods and apparatus for communicating with the Internet via a gateway are disclosed. The gateway may be a Radio Access Network (RAN) gateway. The gateway may communicate data with at least one user equipment (UE). The gateway may route the data via one or more interfaces. The data may be... Agent: Signal Trust For Wireless Innovation

20150094029 - Server and method for remotely controlling working of communications terminal, and communications terminal: The present invention discloses a method for remotely controlling working of a communications terminal, and the method includes: receiving, in a push service manner, a management and control instruction actively provided by the server; parsing, according to a predetermined data exchange format, the received management and control instruction, so as... Agent:

20150094026 - System and method for automatically authenticating a caller: Systems and methods include an input interface that receives registration information including a contact number input into a mobile device of a user, a call interface that transmits a call signal to a call center system, wherein the call signal comprises the call signal contact number that placed a call... Agent:

20150094027 - System and method for transferring wireless network access passwords: The present disclosure provides an access node for transferring and/or assigning network passwords. The access node includes a first interface for sending and receiving communication of a first type to and from a first node operating in a wireless local area network (WLAN). The access node also includes a second... Agent:

20150094030 - System, device, and method of detecting identity of a user of an electronic device: A method for confirming identity of a user of a mobile electronic device, the method including: receiving touch data from a touch-screen of the mobile electronic device; receiving acceleration data from an accelerometer of the mobile electronic device; correlating between the touch data and the acceleration data; based on the... Agent:

20150094024 - Techniques for discovery of wi-fi serial bus and wi-fi docking services: Techniques are disclosed to automatically connect a mobile device to an external display or wireless dock by establishing a bi-directional link between the mobile device and the external display or wireless dock, receiving an image captured by the external display or wireless dock via the bi-directional link by the mobile... Agent:

20150094021 - User geo-location pattern analysis: A device receives location information associated with a user of a user device. The location information includes location coordinates associated with the user device over time, and includes errors introduced by one or more location methods used to determine the location information. The device calculates a radius of a geo-location... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150094032 - Method and apparatus for managing interruptions from different modes of communication: Methods and apparatus for managing interruptions in a multiple communication mode environment are provided herein. For example, a method may include receiving at least first instance of communication data associated with a first communication mode; obtaining first attribute data related to the first instance of communication data; classifying the first... Agent:

20150094031 - Notification acknowledgement in electronic devices: In one example a controller comprises logic, at least partially including hardware logic, configured to receive a notification of an incoming event and terminate the notification in response to at least one of a predetermined motion applied to the controller or a predetermined touch applied to a touch surface. Other... Agent:

20150094033 - Voice message sending method and system, and converged message server and client: A voice message sending method is provided which includes that: a converged message client of a sender initiates a session invitation which carries voice message receiver information and indicates that the session is to send a voice message; a media transmission link is established between the converged message client of... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150094042 - Automated callback reminder: A call reminder functionality is provided by an arrangement that is operable with a network-enabled communication device in which a reminder to return a phone call can be generated in an automated manner upon the occurrence of a call event. When the call event occurs, an option is displayed on... Agent:

20150094035 - Mobile device sharing facilitation methods and systems: Structures and protocols are presented for signaling a status or decision concerning a wireless service or device within a region to a network participant or other communication device (smartphone or vehicle, e.g.).... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20150094039 - Mobile device sharing facilitation methods and systems: Structures and protocols are presented for using or otherwise relating to a first mobile device (a smartphone or tablet computer or wearable device, e.g.) configured to be shared by two or more parties such that a subset of the parties may be addressed selectively (in content directed to such parties,... Agent:

20150094040 - Mobile device sharing facilitation methods and systems: Structures and protocols are presented for using or otherwise relating to a first mobile device (a smartphone or tablet computer or wearable device, e.g.) configured to be shared by two or more parties such that a subset of the parties may be addressed selectively (in content directed to such parties,... Agent: Elwha LLC

20150094041 - Mobile device sharing facilitation methods and systems conditionally provingin metadata in lieu of some user content: Structures and protocols are presented for using or otherwise relating to a first mobile device (a smartphone or tablet computer or wearable device, e.g.) configured to be shared by two or more parties such that a subset of the parties may be addressed selectively (in content directed to such parties,... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20150094038 - Mobile device sharing facilitation methods and systems featuring exclusive data presentation: Structures and protocols are presented for using or otherwise relating to a first mobile device (a smartphone or tablet computer or wearable device, e.g.) configured to be shared by two or more parties such that a subset of the parties may be addressed selectively (in content directed to such parties,... Agent:

20150094037 - Mobile device sharing facilitation methods and systems with recipient-dependent inclusion of a data selection: Structures and protocols are presented for using or otherwise relating to a first mobile device (a smartphone or tablet computer or wearable device, e.g.) configured to be shared by two or more parties such that a subset of the parties may be addressed selectively (in content directed to such parties,... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20150094043 - System, apparatus and associated methodology for enriching contact of a remote client: A contact enrichment system is provided to determine whether contacts stored in a mobile device match profiles stored on a social network server. Profiles matching the contacts are used to enrich the contacts by appending information such as images and video to the contacts. The appended information in the contacts... Agent:

20150094036 - Systems and methods for an integrated interactive response system and mobile device: System and method for integrated interactive response system and mobile devices are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a method for using an interactive response system with a mobile device may include (1) an application executed on a mobile electronic device initiating contact with an interactive response system for a first... Agent: Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a.

20150094034 - Unintentional call detection and response: Methods and systems for detecting unintentional calls placed to a call center. In some implementations, a device with telephone capability recognizes that it is being used to place a call, and automatically collects information usable to estimate whether the call is intentional or unintentional. For example, the device may record... Agent: Greatcall, Inc.

20150094044 - Systems and methods for organizing content for mobile media services: In embodiments of the present invention, systems and methods for organizing content for media services may comprise organizing content from a plurality of data sources having information relevant to a channel, transforming the content into short messages suitable for delivery to a user via at least two of SMS, MMS,... Agent:

20150094047 - Mobile device sharing facilitation methods and systems featuring routing tag derivation: Structures and protocols are presented for using or otherwise relating to a first mobile device (a smartphone or tablet computer or wearable device, e.g.) configured to be shared by two or more parties such that a subset of the parties may be addressed selectively (in content directed to such parties,... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20150094046 - Mobile device sharing facilitation methods and systems operable in network equipment: Structures and protocols are presented for using or otherwise relating to a first mobile device (a smartphone or tablet computer or wearable device, e.g.) configured to be shared by two or more parties such that a subset of the parties may be addressed selectively (in content directed to such parties,... Agent: Elwha LLC

20150094045 - Mobile device sharing facilitation methods and systems suitable for causing a relayed communication to include a mobile device identifier: Structures and protocols are presented for using or otherwise relating to a first mobile device (a smartphone or tablet computer or wearable device, e.g.) configured to be shared by two or more parties such that a subset of the parties may be addressed selectively (in content directed to such parties,... Agent:

20150094048 - System and method of signaling the importance of a transmission in a wireless communications network: A method of communicating an importance level of a call to a recipient mobile device is disclosed. The method includes receiving call information for a particular call at a mobile switching center and generating an initial address message for the particular call. The initial address message may include a notification... Agent:

20150094049 - Transmission management system, management method, and recording medium: A transmission management system, in response to receiving a registration request for registering a candidate counterpart terminal in a candidate list of a first transmission terminal, determines whether a target of the registration request is a second transmission terminal or a group. The management system transmits, to the second transmission... Agent:

20150094051 - Methods and apparatuses for programming user-defined information into electronic devices: A device for programming user-defined information into an electronic device is provided. The programmer allows a user to program customized information, such as user-selected audio, video, or Internet access information into his or her programmable device. Such electronic devices include wireless telephones, pagers, and personal digital assistants. The programmer allows... Agent:

20150094050 - Multivariant mobile operating system configuration: Techniques are described for configuring a multivariant mobile operating system. The current state of a mobile computing device can be determined by determining keys to use for obtaining configuration settings. The determined keys can be used to retrieve configuration settings. The configuration settings can be prioritized. The prioritized configuration settings... Agent:

20150094052 - Communication apparatus: Each of a plurality of commands is intermittently transmitted to an electronic apparatus in accordance with an operating procedure. Thus, the plurality of commands are intermittently executed on the electronic apparatus in accordance with the operating procedure, and an operation screen is displayed in stages. Therefore, a user can grasp... Agent:

20150094053 - Terminal apparatus, control system, and control method for controlling collaboration among a plurality of devices: An apparatus, system, and method are provided to cause a controlled device and a controlling terminal to operate in collaboration with each other. A server apparatus stores in advance a plurality of sets of collaboration information which causes the controlled device and the controlling terminal to operate in collaboration with... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150094054 - Dropped call warning and prevention methods: The disclosure provides methods and systems for warning users of mobile terminals during active phone calls or active data transfer that they approach certain geographical areas known as areas where active phone calls or active data transfer may be interrupted. In one embodiment, a method includes obtaining, by a processor,... Agent:

20150094055 - Shared tertiary chain for improved lte throughput: In a wireless communication device that has LTE and 1×capabilities and multiple receive chains, this application provides for sharing non-LTE receive chain(s) and/or unused LTE receive chain(s) for 1× tune-away events to improve LTE throughput by not interrupting LTE data transmission on the LTE active receive chain(s).... Agent:

20150094056 - Satellite communication system and method for adaptive channel assignment: A satellite communication system and method for an adaptive channel assignment is disclosed in which the satellite communication apparatus include a satellite beam generator to generate a satellite beam to be output to a coverage area, a channel assignor to assign a channel for the satellite beam based on interference... Agent:

20150094058 - Method and apparatus for searching for network: The present invention discloses a method and an apparatus for searching for a network. The method includes: determining that a user equipment (UE) camping on a cell of a current public land mobile network (PLMN) is in an access barred state; determining that the UE cannot be successfully registered with... Agent:

20150094057 - Method and arrangement for d2d discovery: According to a first aspect of embodiments herein, the object is achieved by a method in a base station for handling a process of discovering a candidate user equipment for Device to Device, D2D, communication in a cell. The cell is served by the base station. The base station divides... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150094059 - Mobile communication device providing communication pathway determination assistance: A system and method in a mobile communication device for providing assistance to a user in determining a communication pathway. A system may comprise processor-executable instructions, that when executed by a processor, cause a mobile communication device that supports a communication type over multiple networks to access availability information stored... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150094060 - Handling of subscriber deregistration: A system, methods, node, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing a computer program, for deregistration of a user equipment from the source control node are described. The user equipment is registered in the source control node and in a subscriber database while roaming from the source control node to a... Agent:

20150094061 - Identification of relay nodes in a communication network: A relay node identified by a unique relay node identifier relays communications between a donor base station and one or more user terminals. The donor base station acquires the relay node identifier during a relay node attach procedure from where the relay node or another node in the core network... Agent:

20150094062 - Method and apparatus for registering with a public land mobile network: A wireless device is in a closed subscriber group CSG which was selected manually by the user. The wireless device receives an input from a user to initiate automatic PLMN selection in order to attempt to register with a PLMN. The wireless device uses a registered PLMN during the automatic... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150094067 - Apparatus and method for high priority search on rrc state change: A user equipment is provided comprising: 1) transceiver circuitry configured to operate in cells associated with at least one radio access technology (RAT) network; and 2) a controller configured to perform neighbor cell searches. The controller is further configured to determine when the user equipment enters a first RRC state... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150094068 - Apparatus, computer programs and methods for enabling filtering of neighbor cells or frequencies: A serving cell sends to user equipments (UEs) indications of frequency bands supported by neighbor cells/frequencies, at least one individual neighbor cell/frequency supporting a plurality of frequency bands. The neighbor cells/frequencies are filtered by the UE to retain only those that are indicated to support a frequency band or frequency... Agent:

20150094066 - Configuration of hs-dsch serving cell change improvements: The present solution relates to a method in a user equipment for configuring a cell change procedure to be used for handover in a wireless communication network. The user equipment is situated in a serving cell and comprises an active set of cells. The active set of cells comprises a... Agent:

20150094063 - Devices and methods for facilitating optimized hand down operations in hybrid access terminals: Access terminals are adapted to facilitate hand down procedures between a preferred radio access network and a secondary radio access network. According to various examples, an access terminal may attempt to sequentially access one or more other carriers and/or one or more other sectors associated with the preferred radio access... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150094065 - Method and apparatus for fast return to an lte network from a legacy network utilizing multiple receivers: Methods and apparatuses to use multiple receivers of a wireless communication device for fast return to a first network from a second network after termination of a Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) voice call is disclosed. A first receiver of the wireless communication device is used to process the CSFB voice... Agent:

20150094064 - Method and apparatus for switch: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for a switch from a first communication path between a first device and a second device to a second communication path to be established between the first device and the second device. A method can comprise: in response to the initiation of the switch, sending... Agent:

20150094069 - Enhanced inter-radio access technology handover procedures: In an aspect, methods and apparatus for handover in a communication network includes detecting a network entity handover condition to trigger handover from a source network entity of a first RAT. The methods and apparatus further include receiving a handover message from the source network entity of the first RAT... Agent:

20150094070 - Placement of a wireless network access point: Devices, methods, and systems for placement of a wireless network access point are described herein. One method includes determining a location of any existing wireless network access points of a wireless location system in an area, computing a Voronoi partition around the locations of the existing wireless network access points... Agent:

20150094073 - Base station, user equipment, and communications method: Embodiments of the present invention provide a base station, a user equipment, and a communications method. The base station includes: a correspondence maintaining module, configured to maintain a correspondence between a service bearer of a UE accessing the base station and a first target data base station; and a service... Agent:

20150094074 - Handling identifiers for enhanced dedicated channels in cell forward access channel states: A device receives information regarding allocation of an enhanced dedicated channel radio network temporary identifier (E-RNTI) to user equipment in a cell forward access channel (Cell_FACH) state, and receives information regarding a state change associated with the user equipment. The device determines that the E-RNTI can be released based on... Agent:

20150094071 - Simultaneous voice and data for dual-sim-dual-standby (dsds) wireless device: Methods, systems and devices are provided for controlling a communication device. Embodiments include receiving, through the transceiver, a voice call from a first network subscription associated with a first SIM of the communication device. The voice call may interrupt an active data services session through the transceiver with a second... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150094072 - Wireless communication device, communication system, and communication method: A wireless communication device includes a communication unit and a control unit. The communication unit performs a connected device discovery process before a wireless connection is established. In a case where a connected device discovered through the connected device discovery process is associated with a specific application, the communication unit... Agent:

20150094075 - Communication control device, communication control method, and base station: Provided is communication control device including a determination unit which determines whether an access type of a small cell which at least partially overlaps a macro cell of a radio communication system is a closed access type or an open access type, an identification unit which, when it is determined... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150094076 - Radio base station, radio communication system and radio communication method: The present invention is designed to make effective use of radio resources in VSEC to output a plurality of beams of varying tilt angles for sectorization in vertical directions. A radio communication method for a radio base station that outputs a plurality of beams of varying tilt angles and forms... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150094078 - Supplemental maximum power reduction for operation in restricted configurations: In one embodiment, the present disclosure includes a method for reducing out of band emissions. In one embodiment, the method comprises receiving a network signal value from a network, and reducing a transmission signal power on the basis of the network signal value, a center frequency of a transmitting channel,... Agent:

20150094077 - User equipment, small cell and operation method thereof: A user equipment, a small cell and an operation method thereof are provided. The small cell includes a processor and a transceiver. The processor is configured to generate a maintaining downlink signal when the small cell is in an off-state. The maintaining downlink signal utilizes fewer radio resources compared to... Agent:

20150094079 - Load balancing: A method of balancing user equipment traffic load between at least two cells supported by a base station in a wireless telecommunication network, a computer program product and network access node operable to perform that method. The method comprising: determining that an operational parameter of at least one of the... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20150094085 - Access point selection for network-based positioning: A method for network-based positioning of a mobile device as described herein includes selecting a first set of access points (APs) to take first positioning measurements from the mobile device; obtaining the first positioning measurements from the first set of APs; selecting, based on the first positioning measurements, a second... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150094090 - Caching of locations on a device: Various devices, systems and methods for obtaining a location from a cache on a device are described. In various embodiments, the obtained location is based on data generated at the mobile device. Additional embodiments relate to cache hit determination techniques and techniques for sharing, managing and prepropagating the cache.... Agent:

20150094082 - Channel estimation using cyclic correlation: Methods, systems, and devices for channel estimation and/or earliest path detection in a location tracking system are described. The described tools and techniques may involve accumulation of energy of multiple copies of a periodic sequence, which may be contained and/or associated with a signal transmitted from a location tracking tag.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150094081 - Determining coordinates of access points in an indoor position location system: Methods, systems, and devices are described for determining and updating coordinates of access points (APs) within a location tracking system. Tools and techniques are described that may provide for automatically determining a coordinate set, which represents coordinates of at least three neighboring APs within a location tracking area. These techniques... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150094084 - Distribution device, distribution method, and terminal device: A distribution device according to the present application includes a receiving unit, a calculation unit, and a distribution unit. The receiving unit receives location information from a terminal device owned by a user. The calculation unit calculates, once the receiving unit receives the location information, an expected time within which... Agent: Yahoo Japan Corporation

20150094083 - Explicit and implicit triggers for creating new place data: A method, performed by a mobile device, of creating place data, the method comprising receiving a place-marking trigger by the mobile device, in response to the trigger, determining current location data for a current location of the mobile device, determining if the current location corresponds to a place for which... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150094089 - Hybrid photo navigation and mapping: Embodiments disclosed obtain a plurality of measurement sets from a plurality of sensors in conjunction with the capture of a sequence of exterior and interior images of a structure while traversing locations in and around the structure. Each measurement set may be associated with at least one image. An external... Agent:

20150094087 - Location model updating apparatus and location estimating method: A location model updating apparatus updates a location model based on data uploaded from a mobile terminal. A certainty of data observed at a location having a location name designated by a user is computed based on a previous histogram, for each most recent check-in data uploaded during a time... Agent:

20150094088 - Location model updating apparatus and position estimating method: A location model updating apparatus generates attribute data including an attribute of a location and an attribute between locations. A peripheral location is extracted by including each location from a current location of a terminal apparatus to a first front as a member of a definite peripheral location list, including... Agent:

20150094091 - Method and apparatus for supporting positioning measurements: A method and apparatus for supporting positioning measurements. The methods include designating a reference cell, choosing a positioning signal, and, for inter-frequency measurements, determining which inter-frequency cell to measure and how to make such an inter-frequency positioning measurement.... Agent:

20150094092 - Methods and arrangements in a telecommunication system: There is provided a method in a cellular telecommunications network, the cellular telecommunications network comprising at least a first cell and a second cell. The method comprises the steps of transmitting first periodic physical signals, usable by a device to determine its location, to the first cell; and transmitting second... Agent:

20150094080 - Systems and methods for checking a user into a location using a packet sequence including location information: Systems and methods are disclosed which may allow a user having a mobile device to check in to a location using a packet sequence that includes information for identifying the location transmitted by one or more Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) beacons at or near the location. The user may be... Agent:

20150094086 - Wireless positioning: This disclosure concerns estimating the location of a transmitter using multiple pairs of locator nodes with known locations and measuring time of arrival of a signal received from a transmitter. A processor of a location estimation node first determines time difference of arrival values from time of arrival values measured... Agent:

20150094098 - Apparatus and methods for enabling location-based services within a premises: Apparatus and methods for enabling location identification and related services in a premises. In one embodiment, location identification services are provided via a gateway device using data extracted from a wireless signal. The data is used to estimate a location of a device (based on comparison to previously gathered and/or... Agent:

20150094093 - Computing system with configuration update mechanism and method of operation thereof: A computing system includes: a context module configured to determine a contextual information for representing the contextual information relative to a device; a zone module, coupled to the context module, configured to determine a proximity zone for identifying further devices within the proximity zone relative to the device; a proximate-device... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150094099 - Ialert enhanced alert manager: iAlert_Enhanced_Alert_Manager enables a user to register an interest in their current location, as well as persons, places and/or things in which the user holds some regard. The iAlert_Enhanced_Alert_Manager provides notification and clarifying information to user's devices concerning events/happenstance that have occurred or are likely to occur within a proximity of... Agent:

20150094094 - Indoor navigation to known points of interest: Disclosed in some examples are methods, systems, and machine readable mediums that provide location based services such as navigation in an indoor space by utilizing a network of specially configured locator nodes (LNs) and the identified line of sight (LOS) relationships between the LNs. The LOS relationships may be automatically... Agent:

20150094096 - Location and event based information exchange and control system: An information system that provides information exchange and control services based on location and event between a subject of information and a service user. The information system first builds up direct referral link between the information resource and the subject of information by referral of a common map location. Information... Agent:

20150094097 - Method, system and apparatus for location-based machine-assisted interactions: In accordance with one example embodiment of the present invention a method comprises at least partially enabling a set of functionalities and attributes associated to an area for facilitating business transactions, networking activities, or social interactions of users who are within, proximate, or associated, at least provisionally, with said area.... Agent:

20150094095 - System and method for situational proximity observation alerting privileged recipients: Provided is a system and method for a situational proximity observation by a Mobile data processing System (MS) using one or more automated senses of the MS, for example as directed by a user of the MS, to cause an alert to be delivered to one or more other Mobile... Agent:

20150094100 - Base station positioning using doppler observables, position, and velocity: Methods, devices, and systems are described for using multiple measurements including Doppler measurements from a mobile device to identify the position of the base station. Repeated Doppler and velocity measurements from different locations, with measurement groups taken at the same time or within a certain time frame, may be used... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150094101 - Network system and communication log analyzer: This invention provides an apparatus that associates a location where a terminal uses communication or travel route in use of the communication, with a connection destination of the terminal. The apparatus includes a communication log analyzer that aggregates communication logs collected by network apparatuses that constitute the mobile network and... Agent:

20150094102 - Correlation validity evaluation in wireless communication system and method and apparatus for reporting based on same: Provided is a method for reporting performed by user equipment in a wireless communication system. The method comprises: obtaining an estimation result from a first point in time; obtaining location information from a second point in time; determining a correlation between the location information and the estimation result; and transmitting... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150094103 - Fine timing measurement transmissions between aps: A wireless communication device (WDEV) receives, detects, snoops, etc. (generally, “receives”) signals that are transmitted between two other WDEVs and extracts information therefrom to determine the location of the WDEV. These signals can include fine timing measurement (FTM) and/or timestamps related information as part of a frame exchange procedure between... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150094104 - Portable antenna: A portable antenna for wireless communication, the portable antenna comprising: an electromagnetically reflective material; a first mechanical structure supporting preferred shape of the electromagnetically reflective material when in deployed position; a second mechanical structure attached to at least one point on the preferred shape and adjustable to hold a mobile... Agent:

20150094106 - Image and message integration system and method: A system and method are presented to allow text-based communication between users concerning an image in the form of an image-message. The originator of the communication uses a mobile device app to select an image and enter appropriate text. The recipient mobile device receives an image-message, and then displays the... Agent: Filmstrip, LLC

20150094107 - Message combination method and device: The method comprises: receiving a first message, and determining that the first message carries a sub-message identifier, the sub-message identifier being used for indicating that the first message is one of several sub-messages comprising a short message; according to the first message, allocating a storage space to the short message,... Agent:

20150094105 - Systems and methods for using a caption device with a mobile device: A communication system including a caption device and a mobile device configured to engage in communication with each other. The caption device is configured to receive a text signal originating at a relay service, the text signal corresponding to a far-end voice signal originating at a far-end device. The caption... Agent: Captioncall, LLC

20150094108 - Receiver and a method for mobile communications: In a method and a mobile communications receiver for processing signals from a first cell and a second cell a timing of the signal from the first cell and the second cell is obtained. A timing difference (δ) between the timings of signals from the first and the second cell... Agent:

20150094109 - Method and apparatus to increase service capacity in radio communication systems using idle working channels as flexible control channels: A subscriber unit-based method and a subscriber unit include locally maintaining a status of each working channel of a plurality of working channels in a wireless communication system; responsive to an inbound request, selecting one of a plurality of idle working channels of the plurality of working channels and a... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc

20150094110 - Network access point, network controller, network device, and load control method thereof: The present invention provides a network access point, a network controller, a network device, and a load control method thereof. The load control method includes: setting, by a network device, an access condition for accessing a first network by a terminal; receiving, by the network device, a first signal from... Agent:

20150094111 - System for preemptive and proximate association in industrial networks: A temporary work group system may include one or more network devices and one or more working devices. The network device can allocate an access point in a network to provide network access to a temporary work group. Working devices may be selectively identified by the network device as being... Agent:

20150094114 - Adjusting transmit power across a network: Systems and methods are disclosed for adjusting transmit power in a wireless network. In one embodiment, a method is disclosed that includes identifying a selected base station with a first coverage area for adjustment of transmit power; identifying a plurality of neighboring base stations with coverage areas nearby the first... Agent:

20150094115 - Method and apparatus for controlling uplink transmission power in wireless communication system: Methods and apparatuses are provided for controlling an uplink transmission power in wireless communication system. Information is received indicating a reference downlink carrier among a plurality of downlink carriers for measuring a pathloss. The pathloss of the indicated reference downlink carrier is measured. A transmit power control (TPC) command is... Agent:

20150094113 - Methods used in telecommunications system having early termination capability: Disclosed herein are various embodiments of methods to avoid abnormal transmit power control (TPC) behaviors occurring in a telecommunications system. Disclosed embodiments reduces the probability of misjudging an early termination indicator to avoid a telecommunications device from deriving improper TPC commands or alleviates the influence caused by improperly power control... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20150094112 - Power control to compensate interference level changes: A user equipment (UE) determines a first transmission power for a control channel using closed loop power control with a wireless network; and determines a second transmission power for the control channel. For transmission time intervals (TTIs) in which the UE is transmitting the control channel and also transmitting data... Agent: Renesas Mobile Corporation

20150094116 - Radio-frequency switch: A radio-frequency switch may include: a common port; a first signal transfer unit; and a second signal transfer unit, wherein the first signal transfer unit includes a first switch unit that has a plurality of switch circuit units, each of the plurality of switch circuit units having switches connected to... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150094117 - Transceiver front end with low loss t/r switch: A transceiver or RF front end employing a transformer with a low loss transmit/receive (T/R) switch circuit in the ground path. In various embodiments, differential outputs of a power amplifier are coupled to the first winding of the transformer, while the input of a low noise amplifier is coupled to... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150094121 - Apparatus and method for forming event picture in mobile communication terminal: Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for forming an event picture in a mobile communication terminal. If an event such as call reception, alarm or message reception occurs while a service picture is displayed on a screen of the terminal, the current service picture is backed up, a command... Agent:

20150094118 - Mobile device edge view display insert: A mobile communication device may include one or more cameras located on edges of the mobile communication device. The mobile communication device may further include logic configured to obtain image data from at least one of the one or more cameras; detect a change in an environment of the mobile... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150094120 - Mobile terminal: A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to provide wireless communication; a touch screen; and a controller configured to receive a touch input on a peripheral region of the touch screen, display at least one display item from among a plurality of display items on the touch screen... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150094119 - Mobile terminal and operating method thereof: A mobile terminal and an operating method thereof are provided. The mobile terminal includes a terminal body; and a terminal case coupled to the terminal body to cover at least a front surface of the terminal body, the terminal body comprising: a display unit disposed at the front surface thereof,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150094122 - Mobile terminal and dance method thereof: Disclosed is a mobile terminal dance method, where a first magnet is set at the bottom of a mobile terminal, the mobile terminal is placed in a base, and the base is set with a second magnet with a polarity opposite to a polarity of the first magnet; when a... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150094123 - Woman's accessory smartphone battery charger: A compact mirror for use with woman's cosmetics includes a smartphone battery charging system integrated therein. A connection interface, such as, for example, a USB interface, is in electrical communication with an internal rechargeable battery pack. Upon connection of a smartphone via the connection interface, the user can charge their... Agent:

20150094124 - Mobile telephone: The present disclose relates to a mobile telephone, including a main body, a light source and an optical element. The main body defines a cavity. The light source is received in the cavity. The optical element is removably mounted on the main body and located at a pathway of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150094125 - Case for enclosing and remaining attached to a tablet-computing device: A case for enclosing and remaining attached to a tablet-computing device may include a rigid inner portion and an outer portion attached thereto. The case may be customized to accommodate a particular kind or type of tablet-computing device and may include an aperture aligned within the case to accommodate a... Agent: Speculative Product Design, LLC

20150094126 - Monitoring electronic devices: Example methods, apparatus, systems, and computer-readable storage media are provided to monitor a mobile device. An example method includes determining whether acceleration data collected by an acceleration sensor of a mobile electronic device satisfies a threshold associated with the acceleration data, and when the acceleration data satisfies the threshold, swelling... Agent:

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