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01/22/2015 > 137 patent applications in 62 patent subcategories.

20150024676 - Last mile data delivery systems and methods: A data delivery system leverages existing satellite infrastructure to deliver massive data sets (e.g., genomic data) to last-mile, remote or rural, locations. The system repurposes existing high-capacity satellite links normally used to broadcast entertainment content by creating customized channels specifically adapted to delivering large data sets to be stored upon... Agent:

20150024677 - System and architecture for space-based and mobile terrestrial sensor vehicles, and end-to-end network for aggregation and processing of sensor data: A system is provided for reducing latency data collection from space-based sensor satellites. A mobile vehicle platform includes a sensor module configured to monitor certain conditions, circumstances, environments and situations occurring on or around, or associated with, the Earth, and to generate sensor data resulting from the monitoring. A relay... Agent:

20150024679 - Communication system: A communications system, comprising: a surface wave channel for guiding electromagnetic surface waves; a transmitter, coupled to said surface wave channel for transmitting signals along said surface wave channel; one or more disrupters, arranged to be positioned at arbitrary locations on or adjacent said surface wave channel, and arranged to... Agent:

20150024678 - Communicative connection method among multiple devices: A communicative connection method among multiple devices is disclosed herein. The communicative connection method includes steps of: sensing a motion pattern on each of the devices; broadcasting the motion pattern on each of the devices; comparing the motion patterns from the devices; and, forming a first wireless communicative connection among... Agent: Htc Corporation

20150024682 - Active passive near field communication anti-collision method, initiator and tag: In near field communication between an active initiator and a plurality of passive listening devices, the initiator device obtains a unique identity code from each listening device using an initialization process. The initiator transmits a poll request signal including a sequence of coupled data including an identification vector and an... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20150024681 - Inductive antenna coupling: This invention pertains to the connection between a radio frequency circuit and its antenna. Miniaturization of radio frequency integrated circuits has made attaching these circuits to their antennas increasingly difficult and costly. This invention uses magnetic coupling, as performed in transformers, between circuits and antennas as a practical solution to... Agent:

20150024684 - Method and electronic equipment for near field communication: A method is provided that establishes a communication link of a common wireless communication function between a first electronic equipment and a second electronic equipment, the first electronic equipment having a common wireless communication function to access a near field communication (NFC) tag using the second electronic equipment, the second... Agent:

20150024685 - Power transmission system and power transmitter device: One end portion of a first communication unit of a power transmitter device is connected to a first communication coupling electrode, and one end portion of a second communication unit of a power receiver device is connected to a second communication coupling electrode that forms capacitive coupling with the first... Agent:

20150024680 - Proximate communication with a target device: Systems and methods may use proximate communication to retrieve information pertaining to a target device. In one example, the method may include detecting the target device within a vicinity of a user device, receiving an information request response communication including information pertaining to the target device, and receiving an operation... Agent:

20150024683 - System and method for polling nfc-a devices alongside rf barcode devices: A NFC reader is connected for communication to NFC devices such as an NFC-A device and an RF barcode device. The reader detects and logs the active and sleep intervals of the RF barcode device in response to receipt of periodically received UID communications. The transmission and reception of data... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20150024690 - Apparatus and method for controlling built-in microphone of portable terminal: An electronic device and a method implemented in the electronic device are provided. The method includes detecting, by a device detector, whether a wired external device coupled to the electronic device and including a wired external speaker further includes a wired external microphone; providing a signal, by the device detector,... Agent:

20150024688 - Automatic pairing of a vehicle and a mobile communications device: A method of associating a second vehicle with a mobile communications device is provided. The method authenticates a user with the second vehicle. The method retrieves user information of the user from a remote server. The user information includes an identifier of a mobile communications device. The identifier of the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150024686 - Secure simple pairing through embedded vehicle network access device: Secure simple pairing is provided by receiving, from a mobile communications device, vehicle information and an identifier of the mobile communications device, identifying a vehicle from the vehicle information, and sending the vehicle information and the identifier of the mobile communications device to the vehicle. The vehicle initiates a communication... Agent:

20150024689 - System and method for associating devices based on biometric information: Various operations may be performed based on a distance-related function associated with two or more devices. For example, an association procedure for two or more devices may be based on one or more determined distances. Similarly, presence management may be based on one or more determined distances. A distance-related function... Agent:

20150024687 - Systems and methods for coexistence between multiple wireless networks: Use is made of the Notice-of-Absence (NoA), as is a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth time sharing mechanism. This mechanism dictates ‘n’ cycles of absent and present duration of P2P-GO starting at a defined time ‘t’. The information bits of NoA are communicated from GO to the Client in the Beacons (for the period... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150024691 - Three-dimension (3d) glasses and method for controlling power and pairing thereof: 3D glasses and a method of controlling power and pairing thereof are provided. The method of controlling power and pairing includes: restricting supply of a specific power of 3D glasses; performing, by the 3D glasses, pairing with a display apparatus; and if it is determined that the pairing is performed,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150024692 - Radio measurement collection method and radio terminal: A radio measurement collection method using UE configured to perform a process of retaining a measurement log including a measurement result of a radio environment according to a measurement configuration set by a measurement configuration message received from a network includes a step S109 in which the network transmits a... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150024694 - Device and a method for the testing of electronic equipment with a spatially separate control unit: A device for testing electronic equipment comprising a measuring unit with a connection unit for the input and output of signals to a device under test, and a first processor, and a control unit, spatially separate from the measuring unit, that includes a second processor. The first processor and/or the... Agent:

20150024693 - Structure, system and method for device radio frequency (rf) reliability: Disclosed are test structures for radio frequency (RF) power stress and characterization. Each test structure incorporates a single device and is selectively operated in either a stress mode, during which the device is stressed under RF power, or in an analysis mode, during which the impact of the applied stress... Agent:

20150024696 - Mobile terminal for automatically adjusting antenna matching and control method therefor: A mobile terminal for automatically adjusting antenna matching, and a control method thereof, are provided. By determining whether an RSSI value is less than a preset value, a mobile terminal, and a control method thereof, may send an SPI control signal according to a judgment result, and an SPI control... Agent:

20150024695 - Transceivers with a transformer supporting multiband operation: Several multiband transceivers are disclosed. An exemplified multiband transceiver supporting different bands has a transformer, an inbound switch circuit, and an outbound switch circuit. The transformer has input ports on a primary side, and output ports on a secondary side. The input ports are direct-current isolated from and magnetically coupled... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20150024697 - Wireless docking with carrier sense control: A wireless docking system in a shared radio spectrum environment includes a docking station (220) configured with a radio (224) connected to an antenna (222), a dockee (210) configured with a radio (214) connected to an antenna (212) and using a radio standard with a carrier sense mechanism for communications... Agent:

20150024698 - Multiband data signal receiving and/or transmitting apparatus: Apparatus is provided to allow the reception and/or transmission of data signals at two different frequency bands. The apparatus includes a waveguide (4) which has a first section (6) of larger cross sectional area for receiving and/or transmitting the lower frequency band signals, and a reducing section (8) which leads... Agent: Pro Brand International (europe) Limited

20150024699 - Convergence estimation for iterative predistortion factor determination for predistortion in power amplifiers: To estimate complex factors for use in predistortion of a power amplifier, a complex factor is selected a set of complex factors a computation interval. A solution value is estimated for the selected complex factor during the computation interval by an iterative computation that constrains the estimated solution value towards... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20150024700 - Transmission line: A signal line conductor extends in a direction in which a signal propagates, and a dielectric, surrounding the signal line conductor, also extends in the direction in which the signal propagates. Conductive films that define and function as a ground conductor extend on a side surface of the dielectric in... Agent:

20150024704 - First responder wireless emergency alerting with automatic callback and location triggering: Using wireless features, a public service agency is enabled to provide alert information to first responders. An automatic call back from the first responder triggers a voice call launching a location fix on the current location of the first responder. Preferably delivery confirmation that the responder has received the message... Agent:

20150024703 - Handover of emergency call anchored in ims to a circuit switched access network: A method performs a Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) Packet Switched (PS) to Circuit Switched (CS) handover of an emergency call that is routed over an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) network. The call is transferred from a first region served by a first Mobility Management Entity (MME) to a... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150024701 - Mobile communication terminal, crime prevention method, computer-readable recording medium recording program thereon: When detecting occurrence of an emergency situation, a controller notifies a notification destination stored in a notification data storage of the occurrence via a wireless transmitter and receiver. An impact detector detects exertion of an impact. When the impact detector detects exertion of an impact equal to or higher than... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20150024702 - Service of an emergency event based on proximity: An apparatus and system for communicating information relating to an emergency event occurring at a non-emergency vehicle to an emergency service includes forwarding emergency event information from the non-emergency vehicle to the emergency service via one or more mobile devices located in proximity to the non-emergency vehicle.... Agent:

20150024705 - Recording and reporting device, method, and application: A method and/or a computer readable medium and a computer-executable set of instructions on the computer readable medium, and/or a product or processing system such as a handheld communication device or computer, for carrying out the method, the method allowing a user to initiate capturing images during an experience such... Agent:

20150024706 - Using personal wireless devices for network testing: A personal wireless device is utilized to carry out measurements of one or more network-performance related metrics in response to a triggering event. The triggering event can be a message that is transmitted by a network element to the personal wireless device. The personal wireless device may be exemplified by... Agent: Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

20150024708 - Global platform for managing subscriber identity modules: Disclosed is method comprising: storing in a home location register (HLR) at least one subscription record of a mobile device of the plurality of mobile devices, the mobile device having a subscriber identity module (SIM) identified by a currently activated first international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI), the currently activated first... Agent:

20150024707 - System and method for resource usage, performance and expenditure comparison: Provided is a system for comparing telecommunications resources between a first company and a group of companies. A storage is accessible by a system computer, the computer having a network connection. An interface module allows the first company to access the system computer, and a comparison module receives a comparison... Agent:

20150024709 - Method and server for sharing data traffic: A method for permitting a first communication device to share data traffic with a second communication device is provided, where at least the user of the second device subscribes to a data traffic plan. The server of telecommunications network determines whether the authorization code and an identity information of the... Agent:

20150024711 - Method and system for compiling map data: In compiling map data, a server communicates with a programmable device and determines an authorization level of the device or a user of the device by comparing an authorization request with maintained authorization data; the server receives from the device first geocoordinates, a first property location identifier, and a first... Agent:

20150024713 - Method and system for peer-to-peer enforcement: Methods and systems are provided for establishing dynamic peer-to-peer communications channels between terminals. A connection request for establishing a communications channel between a first terminal and second terminal may be intercepted. The first terminal and the second terminal may be connectable over secured communications channels to a secured network. Based... Agent:

20150024714 - Prevention of eavesdropping type of attack in hybrid communication system: Techniques are disclosed for use in securing communications in environments comprising hybrid communication systems. For example, a method comprises, in a hybrid communication system wherein at least one computing device is configured to selectively operate in a first communication mode or a second communication mode, preventing the at least one... Agent:

20150024710 - Secure remote access using wireless network: A method includes receiving a request from a mobile device to attach to a private wireless network, determining if a subscriber identifier is in a security database, determining if a mobile device equipment identifier is in the security database, authenticating the phone using the subscriber identifier and the mobile device... Agent:

20150024712 - User authentification system using call identification information and method thereof: A user authentication system using call identification information, includes: a contents service provision server which provides a contents service through a wired/wireless communication network; a first user terminal which accesses the contents service provision server to request a service requiring the approval authentication; an authentication server which makes a call... Agent:

20150024715 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same: Disclosed herein is a mobile terminal. The mobile terminal includes a wireless communication unit configured to perform a communication function with an external device, information acquisition means, and a controller configured to generate a call reception request message when a call transmission request is received, send the generated call reception... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150024716 - Integrated handheld computing and telephony device: A method and apparatus for an organizer that may receive a cellular portion to form a cellular telephone is provided. An organizer comprises an organizer component, including a microphone. The organizer further includes an area for receiving an additional component. The area is designed to receive a cellular component, and... Agent:

20150024717 - Method of a data channel telephone network system: The embodiments disclose a method of a data channel telephone network system including enrolling a user subscribing to a data channel telephone network system, installing a data channel telephone network application on user telephone handset, using the data channel telephone network application to record and store user selectable and configurable... Agent: Flypsi, Inc.

20150024718 - Telephone network system and method: Systems for and methods of delivering telephone calls using the combination of a data channel and a voice channel are disclosed. A data channel connection with the telephone handset may provide pre-call information used to set up incoming and outgoing calls which are ultimately connected using a voice channel. Use... Agent: Flypsi, Inc.

20150024721 - Automatically connecting/disconnecting an incoming phone call to a data processing device based on determining intent of a user thereof to respond to the incoming phone call: A method includes triggering determination of an intent of a user of a data processing device to respond to an incoming phone call thereto through a processor of the data processing device in conjunction with one or more sensor(s) associated therewith based on initiation through the incoming phone call or... Agent:

20150024722 - Electronic apparatus and call control method: Embodiments of the present invention provide an electronic apparatus and call control method. The electronic apparatus includes: a display unit configured to display a direct hangup virtual key and a soft hangup virtual key when the electronic apparatus is in a call; and a communication unit configured to play a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150024720 - Remote testing through third party devices: A method and system for identifying end-user devices for remote testing are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method for identifying end-user devices for remote testing may receiving end-user device profiles from a plurality of end-user devices, receiving a testing plan including device characteristics, comparing the end-user device profiles and... Agent: Vonage Network LLC

20150024724 - Remotely creating mobile device contact lists: A method, system and computer program product for instant message communication in a wireless and non-wireless environment. A message is sent from a mobile unit device over a wireless communication network. The message includes a destination address, information associated with the mobile unit device's user, message content and message address.... Agent:

20150024719 - System and method for customized communications based upon contact relationships: A method and system for customized communication routing based on contact relationships including attempting to reach a first contact of a plurality of contacts in a contact list and determining that the attempt to reach the first contact failed. The method and system then invokes an alternative action to reach... Agent:

20150024723 - System and method for implementing multimedia calling line identification presentation service: Implementing a multimedia calling line identification presentation service. A service management entity obtains a storage address of a multimedia resource that is stored by a resource storage entity and that is subscribed to by a calling terminal. The service management entity also sends the storage address of the multimedia resource... Agent:

20150024726 - Intelligent call forwarding: Systems and methods for providing alternate communication paths for telephone calls. Calls directed to a telephone are relayed to a second electronic communication device, which may be a second telephone, based on the physical relationship of the telephone and the second device. According to one aspect, the physical relationship is... Agent: Greatcall, Inc.

20150024725 - Location tagging phone calls for one-to-one, conference, and call center calls: A subscriber-based calling communications system and method for mobile devices that utilizes call request packets of a plurality of formats including caller location coordinates to enable call setup including the caller's location such that long distance or local call service providers can provide caller location information to the recipient call... Agent:

20150024730 - Application providing system, portable terminal devices, server device, application providing method and computer programs: An application providing system is provided. The application providing system includes a portable terminal device having an IC chip configured to perform radio communications; and a server device; the application providing system connecting the portable terminal device and the server device through a communication network, wherein the portable terminal device... Agent:

20150024731 - In-car information system, in-car device, and information terminal: An information terminal includes: an operation assignment information storage unit that stores operation assignment information; an actuation information reception unit that receives from an in-car device actuation information; an assignment unit that, on the basis of the operation assignment information and the actuation information, assigns some among a plurality of... Agent:

20150024727 - Mobile device regulation through a diagnostic device of a vehicle to minimize vehicular accidents: A method, system, and apparatus related to mobile device regulation through a diagnostic device of a vehicle to minimize vehicular accidents are disclosed. In one aspect, a method of mobile device regulation involves accessing a diagnostic device of the vehicle, generating a local area wireless network through the diagnostic device... Agent:

20150024728 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed. The present disclosure includes a transparent display unit having a front side and a rear side, the transparent display unit configured to display information on each of the front side and the rear side, and a controller configured to determine which... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150024729 - System and method for automated outgoing caller messages: Provided is a system and method for centralizing common messaging functionality across a plurality of heterogeneous Mobile data processing System (MS) applications, and for synergistically bringing new messaging functionality to those applications. Outgoing Caller Messages (OCMs) include messages that can be left automatically to a phone call recording system by... Agent:

20150024733 - Communication control system and communication control method: A technique capable of effectively using a plurality of wireless communication systems for wirelessly communicating by different communication schemes is proposed. The present invention is configured so that: a land station of a first wireless communication system, a land station of a second wireless communication system, and a control device... Agent:

20150024732 - Electronic device and method for controlling the same: According to one embodiment, an electronic device including a display configured to display video, a speech reproduction module configured to reproduce speech, a reception module configured to receive a notification of an incoming call to a connected call-capable device, and a controller configured to cause the display to display receipt... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150024735 - Apparatus and method for determining context-aware and adaptive thresholds in a communications system: A system is configured to generate an alarm when an anomaly occurs at a network infrastructure element. The system includes a transceiver configured to receive data associated with a performance indicator on a predefined basis. The system also includes a processor configured to use the received data to determine a... Agent:

20150024734 - Detection of misleading identifiable wireless signal sources: Disclosed herein are technologies for detecting misleading identifiable wireless signal (IWS) sources by a mobile device. When a mobile device attempts to estimate its location or route based upon ambient IWS sources, such estimations presume that the ambient IWS sources are unique, stationary, and relatively short ranged. A misleading IWS... Agent:

20150024736 - System and method for enhanced diagnostics on mobile communication devices: A system and method may include: providing to a device user in response to one of a user request for troubleshooting assistance and a mobile telecommunications user device monitoring software conclusion that a problem exists, a diagnostic application specific to the mobile telecommunication user device of the device user; receiving... Agent:

20150024737 - Telecommunication networks: A mobile telecommunications network includes a core and a radio access network having a radio for wireless communication with mobile terminals registered with the network. The radio access network includes a controller operable to control the use of network resources by the mobile terminals. The controller may include an application... Agent:

20150024738 - Method and system for controlling a wireless receiver: A wireless receiver, and a method of controlling a wireless receiver. The wireless receiver comprises first and second antennas. The method comprises: receiving a first signal of a first network using both a first antenna and a second antenna and determining that a quality of the first signal is greater... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc

20150024739 - Communications device, communications service and methods for providing and operating the same: A communications device for use on a communications network comprising: at least two communications profiles, each communications profile being associated with a geographic region within which the communications device is to be used processing means arranged to allow an active communications profile to be selected from the at least two... Agent: Voiamo Limited

20150024740 - A home routing system and method for mobile networks: A home router network element assigns a correlation key including an LMS1 to an MSISDN in such a way that the risk of short message mis-delivery to a wrong mobile subscriber is very much reduced. This is achieved by projection of MSISDN ranges on correlation key ranges while the correlation... Agent: Markport Limited

20150024741 - Service profile handling in the ims: A Home Subscriber Server for handling IP Multimedia Subsystem subscriptions comprises means for maintaining associations between public user identities and Service Profiles, where two or more public user identities can be associated with a common Service Profile, and means for identifying to a network node all public user identities that... Agent:

20150024743 - Cell selection and reselection optimizations responsive to mobility state: User equipment (UE) obtains system information using a foreground or background process. The system information may include cell information that distinguishes femtocells from macrocells. Given this cell information, the UE may avoid tuning to or attempting to connect to cell types that the UE does not support. For instance, the... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150024745 - Device discovery method, device, and system: A device discovery method includes: enabling, by a first device, a device-to-device monitoring and broadcasting function; after the first device detects broadcast information of a second device, reporting the broadcast information of the second device and a user identifier of a target user to a network side, requesting that the... Agent:

20150024744 - Method for cell selection for narrowband terminal and apparatus using same: Provided are a method for cell selection for a narrowband terminal and an apparatus using same. A narrowband terminal receives a wireless frame comprising a first synchronous signal for a user equipment supporting a first bandwidth, and a second synchronous signal for a user equipment supporting a second bandwidth which... Agent:

20150024742 - Phased search for femtocells: User equipment (UE) includes an architecture for locating femtocells. The architecture implements a phased search approach. The phased search helps the UE find the correct femtocells in a time and power efficient manner, by performing the search in a way that matches the likely changes to femtocell configurations.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150024746 - Communication control method, mobility management device, home base station, and base station: A communication control method applied to a mobile communication system, the mobile communication system including a home base station that forms a specific cell and a mobility management device that performs verification of a user terminal for access permission to the specific cell in a handover procedure of the user... Agent:

20150024747 - Femtocell access provisioning based on social network, presence, and user preferences: Femtocell access is provisioned based on social network, presence and/or user preference information. In particular, the disclosed system can include a femto access manager that can identify a list of ‘close friends’, to which the femtocell owner is likely to grant femtocell access, based on an analysis of access data... Agent:

20150024748 - Service processing method and apparatus in communication network: The present invention relates to a service processing method and apparatus in a communication network. In the technical solutions provided in the embodiments of the present invention, the second mobility management network element can determine, according to the received indication information, whether to send a message to the HSS or... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150024751 - Handling handover requests in a communications system: A scenario may arise in which a circuit switched (CS) bearer reservation is successful but a voice media switching from packet switched (PS) to CS performed by a mobile switching center (MSC) server fails. Certain embodiments provides systems, apparatuses, and methods for recovery from such a scenario. A method, for... Agent: Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

20150024750 - Handover restriction: This disclosure is directed to a source radio access node and a method in the source radio access node for executing a handover of a radio terminal 315 to a target neighboring radio access node 316b from the source radio access node being controlled by a mobility management node 310,... Agent:

20150024752 - Inter-region handover method in communication system: The present invention relates to an inter region handover method in a communication system. An inter region handover method in a communication system according to the present invention comprises a region monitoring step, a region rescanning step, a region redecision step and a CoMP connection reconfiguration step in cases where... Agent: Ajou University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20150024755 - Method and apparatus for implementing a handoff between radio access networks deployed under different radio access technologies: A method and apparatus for implementing a handoff between radio access networks (RANs) deployed under different radio access technologies (RATs) are disclosed. A wireless transmit/receive unit (WTRU) is equipped with at least two radio units to support the RATs. Each RAN sends a list of co-located RANs in the coverage... Agent: Interdigital Technology Corporation

20150024754 - Methods and nodes supporting cell change: The invention relates to a method for supporting cell change between frequency layers. The method is performed in a Radio Network node of a wireless communication network deploying two frequency layers. The Radio Network node serves a User Equipment in a cell of a first of the two frequency layers.... Agent:

20150024753 - Neighboring cell measurements: An arrangement (400) for a user equipment, UE, is disclosed. The arrangement (400) comprises an acquiring unit (401) configured to acquire neighboring cell information relating to a plurality of neighboring cells. An assignment unit (403) is provided to assign a priority indicator to each neighboring cell based on the neighboring... Agent:

20150024749 - User equipment and method for pico-cell attachment and attachment inhibiting: Embodiments of user equipment (UE) and method for pico-cell attachment and attachment inhibiting are generally described herein. In some embodiments, the UE may determine an angle threshold, calculate an angle between a moving direction and a direction toward the target pico eNB, permit pico-cell attachment if the calculated angle is... Agent:

20150024757 - Measures in case of handover problems in case of relaying: An apparatus and a method are described, by which communication from at least one network control node is relayed to at least one user equipment and vice versa, it is detected whether a connection to a network control node or a handover of the apparatus from a serving network control... Agent: Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

20150024756 - Radio communication system, radio communication method, and base station apparatus: A radio communication system including a base station apparatus which includes a first communicable area; and a terminal apparatus which connects to and performs radio communication with the base station apparatus in the first communicable area, wherein the base station apparatus includes a determination unit which decides a destination of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150024758 - Movement information processing method and system, user equipment, and access network device: Embodiments of the present invention provide a movement information processing method and system, a user equipment, and an access network device. In one embodiment, a UE measures a characteristic parameter of a cell to be measured, and then obtains movement information of the UE according to a change of the... Agent:

20150024759 - Cell selection techniques for femtocell measurements: User equipment (UE) includes an architecture for handling femtocell fingerprints, and searching for femtocells. The architecture may control the frequencies for which the femtocell search is performed in various manners. For example, the architecture may schedule a round-robin list of femtocell frequencies for measurement, and may reduce the search space... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150024760 - Femtocell fingerprinting: User equipment (UE) includes an architecture for handling femtocell fingerprints. The architecture may, as examples, maintain the validity and reliability of fingerprints and coordinate enhancement to existing fingerprints. The architecture also supports fingerprint creation, updating, and deletion.... Agent:

20150024761 - Mobile communication system, communication system, control node, call-processing node, and communication control method: A mobile communication system includes a plurality of call-processing servers, a call processing management database that holds data necessary for call processing, and a network manager. The network manager comprises a node state recognition unit that recognizes states of the call-processing servers, and a control unit that determines the call-processing... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150024762 - Base station control device, method for controlling base stations, and computer-readable recording medium: A BS control device and method of controlling BSs by a BS control device are provided. The BS control device includes a wireless communication processor configured to receive, from a BS, identification information indicating a neighboring BS of the BS that satisfies a condition, and a controller configured to allocate... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150024764 - Method for mobile radio communication and communication device: A method for mobile radio communication between a communication partner device and a mobile communication device includes conducting a communication, at least temporarily, via at least two different mobile radio connections in two different mobile radio networks; evaluating the reception quality of receive signals of each mobile radio connection in... Agent:

20150024765 - Method for processing message between micro cell and macro cell, base station gateway, and system: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and system for processing a message between a micro cell and a macro cell though a base station gateway. Embodiments solve the problems that a service message cannot be correctly processed due to a repeatedly used ID and a service process is... Agent:

20150024766 - Methods and systems for gsm spectrum refarming for lte small cells: One embodiment of the method includes allocating, using a network management entity, at least one of a plurality of physical resource blocks (PRBs) of a first wireless access technology for utilization by a second wireless access technology. A spectrum of the first wireless access technology is embedded within a spectrum... Agent:

20150024763 - Methods of resource management for device-to-device communications: Disclosed is a resource management method for communications between moving objects. A method of resource management, performed in a terminal, comprises determining resource state of each subband included in resources allocated for device-to-device (D2D) communications, wherein the resources are divided into a plurality of subbands; configuring resource state information indicating... Agent:

20150024767 - Dynamic adaptation of communication parameters for communication between a base station and a terminal in a wireless communication network: A system for dynamic adaptation of communication parameters for communication between a base station and terminals in a wireless telecommunications network includes one or more transmitters configured for transmission of signals in the network using a broadcast channel between the base station and the terminals, a machine-readable storage medium having... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20150024768 - Method for provisioning a wireless network: A method that collects data and subjects it to statistical analysis to detect localized events, which assists in network provisioning. illustratively, the data employed is hourly network traffic count that is collected at cell sites. By taking the advantage of additive property of Poisson process, the method integrates spatial neighbor... Agent:

20150024771 - Communications base station with decision function for distributing traffic across multiple backhauls: A communication station, such as a base station or access point, has multiple backhaul options and distributes backhaul data between the available backhaul options. The communication station includes a transceiver for transmitting and receiving data with user equipments, multiple backhaul interface modules, and a backhaul distribution module arranged for monitoring... Agent:

20150024770 - Inter-cell interference mitigation: The present application discloses a method for mitigating inter-cell interference (ICI) by scheduling user equipments. The method comprises estimating inter-cell interference tolerance of each of at least one neighboring cell during uplink transmission of the user equipment; and coordinating uplink scheduling of the user equipment in accordance with the inter-cell... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150024769 - Method of controlling wireless network device for network connectivity: This invention provides a method of a controlling wireless network device for network connectivity. The method includes the following steps, receiving a control signal from a mobile communication device; receiving multiple connection signals emitted by multiple base stations; measuring the signal strength of the connection signals emitted by the base... Agent:

20150024778 - Commenting on location information for mobile devices: Providing location information on a mobile device includes receiving signals from external devices. Each signal includes information that specifies a geographic location for the external device that has provided the signal. A geographic location for the mobile device is calculated by using the information contained in each of the received... Agent:

20150024773 - Geofences based on rf fingerprints: Systems, apparatus and methods in a mobile device for creating and/or using a geofence are presented. When creating a geofence, a mobile device collects at least one RF fingerprint. Each RF fingerprint includes transmitter information from a plurality of transmitters. The transmitter information includes information identifying the transmitter (e.g., location... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150024772 - Method and apparatus for determining whether or not a mobile device is indoors: The disclosure is directed to determining whether or not a mobile device is indoors. The mobile device obtains a position fix based, at least in part, on an outdoor positioning system, and obtains one or more shape-files for one or more objects that are in proximity of the position fix.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150024775 - Method for reporting positioning status in a wireless communication system and apparatus therefor: Provided is a method for reporting positioning status by a terminal in a wireless communication system. The method comprises: confirming a positioning status related to whether location information of a terminal can be provided; and when the positioning status is confirmed, transmitting a positioning status reporting message via a network.... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150024774 - Method, device and system for determining topology of a wireless communication network: A method for determining a topology of a wireless communication network (14), the method comprising: receiving a plurality of signal strength data respectively measured at a plurality of fixed stations (12) in the network each with respect to its neighbouring fixed stations; receiving a sensor data measured at a mobile... Agent: Norwood Systems Pty Ltd.

20150024776 - Optimizing cooperation areas and cover shifts in cellular communications network systems: In a cellular communications network system comprising a plurality of cells including a first cell and second cells different from and present in the neighborhood of the first cell, measurement reports are repeatedly received from user equipments, each including a first signal strength value corresponding to a signal strength measured... Agent: Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

20150024777 - Selected acknowledgment positioning optimizations: A location server, such as a Serving Mobile Location Center (SMLC) or E-SMLC and mobile terminal selectively implement the reliable transport mechanism used in, e.g., LPP or LPPe protocols, thereby decreasing unnecessary delays. The reliable transport mechanism may be selectively implemented by not requiring an acknowledgement for specific messages, such... Agent:

20150024779 - Geo-location services: A method for geo-location services is described. In one embodiment, the method includes tracking incidents that occur within a predetermined geographic area in relation to a subscription service, upon receiving a request for a list of incidents in relation to the predetermined geographic area, generating a notification comprising the requested... Agent:

20150024780 - Mobile terminal and method for controlling place recognition: A mobile terminal and method for controlling place recognition are provided. The method includes collecting at least one of state information about a mobile terminal and user information stored in the mobile terminal, determining whether a current place of the mobile terminal is a major place that the user has... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20150024781 - Realtime, location-based cell phone enhancements, uses, and applications: Enhancements of and to cell phone operations are based in whole or in part on determining the location of the cell phone. Systems and methods select and determine locations or areas of importance or relevance, and based on that information and other programmed factors affect or alter the operations of... Agent:

20150024782 - In-building location security and privacy: A location server includes: a first receiver module configured to receive, from a location-based services application server (LBS AS), a first identification for a first mobile device associated with the LBS AS; a second receiver module configured to receive, from an access/location network (ALN), a second identification for a second... Agent:

20150024783 - Information processing system, information processing terminal, information processing method, program, and information storage medium: The present invention is to facilitate finding of a user expected to have a high relevance among other users present in the same living area when identification information of these other users is displayed as a list. A location information acquirer acquires location information showing a location measured in an... Agent:

20150024785 - Providing a log of location information for a mobile device: Providing location information on a mobile device includes receiving signals from external devices. Each signal includes information that specifies a geographic location for the external device that has provided the signal. A geographic location for the mobile device is calculated by using the information contained in each of the received... Agent:

20150024784 - Providing information about relevant elements from maps history based on location: Techniques are disclosed herein that generally involve storing a historical record of a user's maps searches (a maps history), and providing a user with relevant information about elements in their maps history based on the location of a mobile device associated with the user. Such elements can include generic queries,... Agent:

20150024786 - Method and apparatus for disconnecting a wireless communication link between a communication device and a mobile device: A method and apparatus of determining whether to disconnect a wireless communication link between a communication device disposed in a vehicle and a mobile device is provided. The method comprises determining whether the communication device is moving or not moving, determining whether the mobile device has exited the proximity of... Agent:

20150024787 - Mobile device tracking prevention method and system: A mobile device tracking prevention method and system includes monitoring a mobile device for movement, determining whether an operating state of a wireless module of the mobile device should be adjusted when movement of the mobile device is detected, and controlling the operating state of the wireless module based on... Agent:

20150024788 - Method for processing location information in wireless communication system and apparatus for supporting same: Provided is a method for processing location information performed by a network node in a wireless communication system. The method comprises acquiring location information on a terminal, acquiring a log identifier for identifying a logged measurement relating to the location information on the terminal, determining the type of location information,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150024789 - Automated retrieval of physical location information: Systems and methods may provide for detecting an event on a mobile platform, and determining a physical location of the mobile platform in response to the event. The event may be one of a time-based trigger that identifies a colloquial name for the physical location and a single-action request from... Agent:

20150024790 - Geo-location services: A method for geo-location services is described. In one embodiment, the method includes monitoring, via a sensor, a location of a service provider in relation to a predetermined location and receiving a request for a current status of the service provider. The current status includes a current location of the... Agent:

20150024791 - Wireless communication device capable of efficient network search: A wireless communication device is disclosed that is capable of performing efficient network searching. Specifically, by utilizing its location information and accessing stored cell information, the device can streamline searching. Further, if a full search is to be performed, the device receives information from multiple radio access technologies together, and... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150024792 - Providing a location identifier for a location with multiple co-users: Providing location information on a mobile device includes receiving signals from external devices. Each signal includes information that specifies a geographic location for the external device that has provided the signal. A geographic location for the mobile device is calculated by using the information contained in each of the received... Agent:

20150024795 - Femtocell base station, a user terminal, a method of sending femtocell base station status information to a user terminal, and a method of receiving: A method is provided of sending femtocell base station status information to a user terminal, the method comprising automatically: determining that the femtocell base station has taken a given status, formulating a message including a text string describing that status; and sending the information message for display at the user... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20150024796 - Method for mobile terminal to process text, related device, and system: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method for a mobile terminal to process text, a related device, and a system. The text processing method for a mobile terminal includes: sending a request message, which carries text information and start-processing position information, to a cloud application platform, where the text... Agent:

20150024793 - Push notification middleware: Embodiments relate to push notification middleware. A method includes receiving, at a notification service of a mobile platform server executing on a computer processor, a notification trigger including a payload to deliver to an endpoint. The method also includes accessing, by the notification service, a registry to determine a notification... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150024794 - Push notification via file sharing service synchronization: Embodiments relate to push notification via file sharing service synchronization. A method includes establishing synchronization, at a notification service of a mobile platform server executing on a computer processor, with a client-to-server directory of a file sharing container of a client mobile device via a file sharing service. The notification... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150024797 - Field device, communication system, and method for controlling field device: A communication system includes a plurality of field devices connected to a field network, and a controller configured to communicate with the field devices via the field network to control the field devices. The field device is configured to communicate with the controller via the field network, and to perform... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150024798 - Method and apparatus of transmitting a white space map information in a wireless local area network system: A method of transmitting a White Space Map information in a wireless local area network system (WLAN) is disclosed. A method of transmitting a white space map information from a first station to a second station in a regulatory domain where a licensed device and an unlicensed device are permitted... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150024799 - Microphone array transducer for acoustic musical instrument: A dipole microphone assembly for a nearfield sound source has a first microphone and a second microphone. The second microphone is out of phase with the first microphone so as to provide a dipole microphone assembly. Each of the microphones has a port, and a dipole spacing is defined as... Agent:

20150024800 - Intuitive computing methods and systems: A smart phone senses audio and/or imagery from a surrounding environment, and acts to provide graphical user interfaces and toggling discovery modes. In one arrangement, a smart phone comprises: a wireless communications interface; a touch screen display; a camera for capturing imagery; a microphone for capturing audio; a physical discovery... Agent:

20150024801 - Mobile telephone integration device: The invention relates to a mobile telephone integration device for integrating a mobile telephone into a vehicle, the mobile telephone integration device including an adapter with a depositing plane on which the mobile telephone is deposited, at least two mobile radio coupling antennas and at least one charging antenna for... Agent:

20150024802 - System and method for selecting operating parameters in a communications system: A method for configuring a first base station within a cluster in a communications system having a plurality of cluster includes optimizing an operating parameter of the first base station in accordance with first utility function results from a first utility function associated with the first base station and second... Agent:

20150024803 - Methods, systems, and products for providing ring backs: Ring backs are provided for calls. When a call is placed to a called address, a default ring back may be provided to a calling address. However, the ring back may also be personalized to appeal to the calling address and/or the called address.... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150024804 - Activity indicator: Methods and apparatuses for activity indication are disclosed. In one example, an activity indicator apparatus includes a housing, a visual indicator visible on a housing surface, and a power source. The apparatus includes a wireless communications interface configured to receive a signal indicating an activity of a user device, and... Agent:

20150024805 - Mobile station: In order to suppress an increase in signal quantity attributed to repetition of transition to a “Preservation state” and return to an “Active state” when multiple applications are operated independently, a mobile station (UE) of the invention includes: a management unit (12) which manages a transmission timing for regular data... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150024806 - Terminal device, communication method, program, storage medium having program stored thereon, and radio communication system: There are provided a terminal device capable of reducing power consumption when a plurality of applications perform data communication, a communication method for the terminal device, a program executed by the terminal device, a storage medium having the program stored thereon, and a radio communication system including the terminal device.... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150024807 - Surface mountable microphone package, a microphone arrangement, a mobile phone and a method for recording microphone signals: A surface mountable microphone package includes a first microphone and a second microphone. Furthermore, the surface mountable microphone package includes a first opening for the first microphone and a second opening for the second microphone. The first opening and the second opening are arranged on opposite sides of the surface... Agent:

20150024808 - Driving system for driving first module to move with respect to housing and electronic device therewith: A driving system includes a sensor, a shape memory alloy member, a processing module and a recovery member. The sensor is installed on a housing, and the shape memory alloy member is connected to a module and the housing. The processing module is coupled to the sensor and the shape... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150024809 - Sliding mechanism for slide-type portable electronic device: A sliding mechanism for an electronic device comprises a mounting plate, a slide plate, a first magnet, and a second magnet. The slide plate is installed on the mounting plate and is slidable relative to the mounting plate. The first magnet is mounted to the mounting plate. The second magnet... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20150024810 - Mobile terminal having antenna: A mobile terminal that can prevent radiation performance deterioration of an antenna is provided. The mobile terminal includes a circuit board in which an antenna and one or more key buttons are mounted, a housing mounted on the antenna and the circuit board, and a case for enclosing a periphery... Agent:

20150024811 - Fiber-reinforced plastic material and electronic device including the same: A fiber-reinforced plastic material is provided. The fiber-reinforced plastic material is woven with a plurality of yarns and a material property of at least a portion of the fiber-reinforced plastic material is different from another portion of the fiber-reinforced plastic material according to an arrangement direction or a weave pattern... Agent:

20150024812 - Leafing leather cover of cellular phone and smart phone using the same: A leafing leather cover of cellular phone and a smart phone using the same are described. The leafing leather cover of cellular phone includes a leather cover wherein the leather cover is connected to a rear shell body of the smart phone by way of a micro-buckling connection portion, a... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 149 patent applications in 75 patent subcategories.

20150017908 - Broadcast response method and system: A system and method for broadcast response generally employing RDS, DARC, or similar technology is provided, including a method for responding to a broadcast comprising extracting an event identifier from a broadcast signal; detecting a response by a user to the broadcast signal; polling a communications device to determine a... Agent:

20150017910 - Apparatus and methods for near-field communication based device configuration and managment: Methods and apparatus for activating a mobile device for use with a service provider. In one embodiment, a powered-off mobile device having an inserted Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) may be programmed with configuration data while “in box” (e.g., at a point of sale (POS), in a warehouse, etc.) using a... Agent:

20150017913 - Communication method, program storage medium, mobile terminal, home electric appliance, and home electric appliance operation setting system: When an appliance communication portion of a home electric appliance receives a set operation data piece transmission request from a mobile terminal, the appliance communication portion transmits a stored set operation data piece. When the appliance communication portion receives the set operation data piece from the mobile terminal, the appliance... Agent:

20150017912 - Method of controlling electronic apparatus and electronic apparatus using the same: A method of controlling an electronic apparatus and the electronic apparatus using the same are provided. The method includes transmitting signals through a medium, receiving and selecting some of the signals transmitted through the medium, and performing or setting a function according to the selected signals.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150017914 - Method, system, and apparatus having near field communication (nfc) chip with configurable memory that is updatable via a host processor: A wireless media player and a related system and methodology are disclosed. One aspect of the wireless media player system pertains to a virtual connector system, apparatus, and method for the automatic establishment of wireless connectivity with other electronic devices. In one embodiment, the media player device employs the use... Agent:

20150017909 - Methods and systems for controlling nfc-capable mobile communications devices: NFC-capable systems and devices, and related methods, for controlling operation of an NFC-capable mobile device are disclosed. Through NFC communication, the NFC-capable mobile device detects a load associated with a surface proximate the NFC-capable mobile device. Based at least partly on a determined sustained intensity of the load, the NFC-capable... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20150017911 - Monitoring system and monitoring method: Monitoring system includes a monitoring device and an electronic device. The monitoring device includes a display and a Near Field Communication (NFC) receiving module. The electronic device includes a controlling module, a transmitting module, and an NFC obtaining module connected to the controlling module by the transmitting module. The NFC... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150017917 - Proximity information registration method, query method, and user equipment: The present invention provides a proximity information registration method, a query method, and a user equipment. The proximity information registration method includes: sending, by a first user equipment, a proximity service request to a proximity service server, where the proximity service request sent by the first user equipment carries an... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150017915 - System for managing a cabin environment in a platform, and associated management method: The system according to the invention comprises a mobile electronic device, at least one local base, arranged near a predefined location in the cabin, an assembly for pairing the mobile electronic device with the local base, and at least one piece of functional equipment for managing the cabin environment. The... Agent: Dassault Aviation

20150017916 - Terahertz wireless communications-based method and system for data transmission: A first terahertz storage device and a second terahertz storage device may be placed within an effective distance to each other, and, by means of connection and pairing between the first terahertz storage device and the second terahertz storage device, data in the first terahertz storage device may be transmitted... Agent: Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd

20150017918 - Methods of using and smartphone event notification utilizing an energizable ophthalmic lens with a smartphone event indicator mechanism: The present invention provides methods of notifying a user of a smartphone event through use of an energizable ophthalmic lens. In some embodiments, the smartphone may be paired with a specified ophthalmic lens, wherein the pairing may limit wireless communication to communication between the two specified devices. The smartphone may... Agent:

20150017919 - Method to enable wi-fi direct usage in radar bands: A method and system for allowing a client device to establish a direct communications session such as Wi-Fi Direct service using the 5 GHz band. In one embodiment, a client device first establishes a direct communications session, in the 2.4 GHz band with another client device, and then, based on... Agent:

20150017920 - Transceiving module, antenna, base station and signal receiving method: Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of wireless communication technologies, and provide a transceiving module, an antenna, a base station and a signal receiving method, which are capable of implementing receiving of four dual-band signals and improving uplink network performance of a base station. The transceiving module... Agent:

20150017921 - Add-on communication apparatus attached to cable installment type charging control apparatus and method thereof: An add-on communication device attached to a cable-mounted charging control device integrated with a cable assembly for charging an electric vehicle includes a control unit and a plurality of communication modules for communicating with a terminal device. The control unit determines a first communication module for transmitting a message, from... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150017923 - Adaptive rf control for lte measurements: Certain aspects of the present disclosure relate to a method and apparatus for wireless communications by a user equipment (UE) having at least two radio frequency (RF) chains and capable of communicating with first and second radio access networks (RANs). In aspects, the UE may utilize both RF chains to... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150017925 - Allocation of identifiers for home node bs: A technique including receiving neighbouring cell information specifying one or more cells as neighbouring cells for a first cell of a plurality of cells associated with a gateway entity; and selecting based on said neighbouring cell information an identifier for said first cell that distinguishes said first cell from any... Agent:

20150017924 - Apparatuses, methods and computer programs for a mobile transceiver and a base station transceiver, mobile transceiver, base station transceiver and mobile communication system: Embodiments provide apparatuses, methods and computer programs for a mobile transceiver and a base station transceiver, a mobile transceiver, a base station transceiver and a mobile communication system. The apparatus (10) for the mobile transceiver (100) in a mobile communication system (300) comprises means for receiving (12) information on a... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20150017926 - Scheme for monitoring battery of machine type communication device: Provided is a machine type communication system including a machine type communication device operating with a battery. The machine type communication system may monitor a residual power of the battery supplying power to the machine type communication device, and may output the monitored residual power to a device of a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150017922 - Temperature compensated rf peak detector: A temperature compensated RF peak detector is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes a first RF peak detector configured to generate a reference signal, a temperature compensated threshold generator configured to generate a temperature compensated detection threshold based on the reference signal, and a comparator configured to generate... Agent:

20150017927 - Method for measuring interference strength in wireless communication system and device therefor: The present invention relates to a wireless communication system and, more particularly, to a method for enabling a terminal to measure the strength of an interference signal in a wireless communication system and a device therefor, wherein the method comprises the steps of: measuring a first interference strength, which is... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150017928 - Over-the-air testing of wireless devices using log files: An over-the-air test system for wireless devices uses log files to simulate realistic time-varying channel conditions and provides channel state information to enable dynamic adaptation to current channel conditions. A signal transmission device transmits test signals to the device under test via a channel emulator. The channel emulator causes the... Agent: Azimuth Systems, Inc.

20150017929 - Antenna swapping methods including comparing performance characteristics of first and second antennas, and related portable electronic devices: An antenna swapping method may include tuning respective signals provided to first and second antennas in a portable electronic device to at least one frequency band. The method may also include connecting the first antenna to an uplink signal path that is for transmissions through the first and second antennas,... Agent:

20150017930 - Multipurpose wall outlet: A multipurpose wall outlet that provides electrical power via at least one standard electrical socket(s) and at least one USB port as well as providing a wired and wireless internet connection is disclosed. The multipurpose wall outlet has a housing in which is assembled at least one receiver For receiving... Agent:

20150017931 - System and method for controlling envelope tracking in a transmitter with closed loop power control: A system and method for controlling envelope tracking in a transmitter with closed loop power control, including up-converting and pre-amplifying a baseband signal to a pre-amplified RF signal, amplifying the pre-amplified RF signal, converting the envelope of the baseband signal into a shaped envelope signal, adjusting the gain of the... Agent:

20150017932 - Signal amplification apparatus and method: A signal amplification apparatus includes a first modulator configured to receive an envelope signal, use a predetermined reference level to separate the received envelope signal into a first period and a second period, digitally modulate a signal of the second period to output the digitally modulated signal to a first... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150017934 - Amplifying device, transmitting device: An amplifying device of an embodiment includes: a first amplifier amplifying a first component of an input signal; a first output circuit having an input connected to an output of the first amplifier and converting impedance seen from an output of the first output circuit to make the converted impedance... Agent:

20150017933 - Transmitter and method with rf power amplifier having control loop stabilized bias: A transmitter (32) generates a time-varying stabilized bias signal (82) from which an amplifier-generated, sub-RF distortion signal (26) has been canceled. The distortion signal (26) is a byproduct of amplification and is generated due to imperfect linearity and/or other characteristics of a linear RF power amplifier (36). An envelope amplifier... Agent: Crestcom, Inc.

20150017936 - Method of controlling transmission output and electronic device thereof: An electronic device performs a method for controlling a transmission output based on an input mode entrance. The electronic device includes a display configured to detect an input and a processor configured to control a transmission output according to whether an input is detected by the display.... Agent:

20150017935 - Power level adjustment of radio signals in wireless devices: A wireless device may include a first detection unit configured to detect movement of the wireless device. The wireless device may also include a controller configured to determine whether a user is holding the wireless device based on the movement of the wireless device detected by the first detection unit.... Agent:

20150017937 - Rrh concealment module/methods in natural convection: Disclosed is an apparatus with a concealment module, the concealment module including an inlet panel and an outlet panel, the outlet panel located higher than the inlet panel. Also included is a remote radio head disposed with the concealment module, mounted on a support, and located between the inlet panel... Agent:

20150017938 - Configurable transceiver: A configurable transceiver may include a configurable receiver, a configurable transmitter, and a digital signal processor (DSP). One or more components of the configurable receiver and/or the configurable transmitter may be a block that includes an array of components, such as an array of amplifiers, an array of filters, etc.... Agent:

20150017939 - Position engine (pe) feedback to improve gnss receiver performance: Embodiments of the invention provide a method for detecting false peaks in a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) having a power control circuit, a measurement engine, and position engine. An estimated pseudorange is filtered over time. A false peak is declared if the filtered pseudorange error is greater than a... Agent:

20150017940 - Apparatus and method for adaptive receive diversity using link quality in wireless communications: Aspects of the present disclosure relate to apparatuses and methods for performing adaptive receive-diversity (RxD) to improve power consumption using multiple antennas/receivers. In one aspect, a first receive-diversity (RxD) state is enabled at an access terminal utilizing two receive chains for a communication link. Link quality metrics corresponding to the... Agent:

20150017941 - Method and apparatus for using erasure to improve signal decoding during an interference event: A method and apparatus for using erasure to improve signal decoding when data is impacted by an interference event. Embodiments may include receiving in an RF receiver a desired on-channel signal that includes an information signal modulated on to the desired on-channel signal; generating a sampled received signal with an... Agent:

20150017942 - System and method for communication: A communication system includes an omnidirectional antenna to receive a wideband primary signal, a nulling antenna to receive a secondary signal and a controller. The nulling antenna is oriented to place a null in a direction of a desired communication signal and the controller subtracts a processed secondary signal from... Agent: General Electric Company

20150017943 - Emergency 911 data messaging: A data request is generated (e.g., text, email, SMS, multimedia messaging system (MMS), etc.) from a source device. The data request is delivered to a PSAP or other emergency monitoring service location in a useable format. Exemplary useable formats include a canned voice message, delivery to a call center that... Agent:

20150017944 - Flexible device upgrade plan: Described herein are techniques for receiving, by a telecommunication service provider, used telecommunication devices from a plurality of subscribers of the telecommunication service provider. The used telecommunication devices may each have been purchased with an installment plan on which a balance is owed, and different balances may be owed on... Agent:

20150017945 - Methods and systems for electronic device status exchange: registering the received subscription requests; detecting an update to the information stored in one of the profiles based on information received from a server; and in response to detecting the update: updating the profile associated with the mobile communication device associated with the updated information; and notifying the third party... Agent:

20150017946 - Method and apparatus for limiting the collection of cellular identifying information to defined areas: A system includes an interrogating transceiver that is calibrated using range transceivers. After calibration, the interrogating transceiver may bait cellular devices within a use-prohibited area, identify responding devices, and initiate corrective actions regarding the identified cellular devices.... Agent:

20150017947 - System and method for identity protection using mobile device signaling network derived location pattern recognition: A system and method for recognizing patterns in wireless device locations using wireless device location data derived from a communications signaling network is provided. By using wireless network supported signaling operations and messages, location data concerning the whereabouts of wireless devices, and hence wireless device users, may be obtained. The... Agent:

20150017948 - Method and system for in-application locking of mobile devices: Embodiments of the present invention are capable of detecting a command issued by the user to lock a mobile device from receiving user input provided by input devices coupled to the mobile device, as well as the native buttons of the device itself, while an application executes. Provided the command... Agent:

20150017949 - Method and terminal for communicating data with a wireless device: A wireless device presents a predetermined identifier and at least one code comprising connection data. A terminal communicates over a short range radio-frequency link, with a wireless device. The terminal has a camera and a display screen. The terminal detects, through the camera, an identifier relating to a wireless device... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20150017951 - System and method of associating devices based on actuation of input devices and signal strength: Various operations may be performed based on a distance-related function associated with two or more devices. For example, an association procedure for two or more devices may be based on one or more determined distances. Similarly, presence management may be based on one or more determined distances. A distance-related function... Agent:

20150017950 - Virtual sim card cloud platform: A method of obtaining a virtual SIM for a mobile device comprises sending, to a TTA for authentication, a request for a virtual SIM for a mobile device associated with the TTA. The authenticated request is sent from the mobile device to an NRS application (or to a combined NRS/PCSS... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (pulb)

20150017952 - Method and apparatus for operating message function in connection with note function: Disclosed herein are a method and an apparatus for viewing messages. A message is displayed and a memo addition event is detected. Input memo data is associated with the message.... Agent:

20150017953 - Systems, apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage media facilitating heterogeneous messaging for a communication device: Apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage media for threading calls and messages are provided. A method can include: receiving messaging content; and displaying the messaging content in a single thread, wherein the messaging content is threaded and a thread of the messaging content comprises at least one text message and at... Agent:

20150017957 - Distinctive ring tones prompted by call urgency and context: A method includes receiving, at an application server, information related to a call from a calling device to a called device. The method further includes determining, at the application server, a designation of the calling device. The method further includes sending a prompt to the calling device from the application... Agent:

20150017954 - Method and apparatus for adaptive event notification control: Modern mobile communication devices have a number of features that enable the users to stay connected with people in their contacts list. These mobile devices also keep users informed about various events such as email, text messages, etc. While these features are useful they can be intrusive or distracting under... Agent:

20150017956 - Mobile communication terminal for receiving voice calls while navigation service is running, and method therefor: The present invention relates to a mobile communication terminal for receiving a voice call while navigation service is running, and to a method therefor. According to the present invention, the mobile communication terminal for receiving a voice call while navigation service is running includes: a navigation unit supporting a navigation... Agent:

20150017955 - Telecommunication system and method that can be used to establish telecommunications with the use of a vehicle using the registration plate code: Communication system and method which makes it possible to establish telecommunications with the vehicle user by means of its number plate code, making it possible to establish telecommunications with the vehicle owner by means of their public number and unique identification, thereby linking them to a communication means of their... Agent: Person To Vehicle S.l

20150017958 - Portable terminal and method for controlling provision of data: A portable terminal and a method for controlling the provision of data are provided. The method includes analyzing information received or generated in response to an event; selecting a module that provides the analyzed information to a user of the portable terminal; and configuring data including the analyzed information, anthropomorphizes... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150017959 - Method for managing the establishment of a digital connection: The invention relates in particular to methods for managing: user communication terminals, the anonymisation of private user communication identifiers, and the use of private user communication identifiers. Upon designation of a social identifier of a first user, the aforementioned methods can be used to transmit one of the private communication... Agent: Orange

20150017960 - Systems and methods for generating a calling list for a conference call: Systems and methods are described that facilitate the generation of calling lists for use in planning or setting up conference calls. The system may include a communications module and a contact database comprising a plurality of contact records, each contact record corresponding to a different contact. Each contact record may... Agent:

20150017961 - Pre-call recording: A recording of a subject is covertly generated prior to, and subsequent to an operator answering the call. The recording of the subject prior to the operator answering the call involves recording the subject and/or enabling the operator to listen in on the subject prior to indicating to the subject... Agent:

20150017971 - Electronic device including actuator for providing tactile output: An electronic device includes a base, a membrane coupled to and spaced from the base, an actuator disposed between the base and the membrane, and spaced from the membrane when the actuator is not actuated, and a controller configured to control actuation of the actuator to cause the actuator to... Agent:

20150017969 - In-vehicle communication system, in-vehicle communication apparatus, and mobile communication terminal: An in-vehicle communication system includes: an in-vehicle communication apparatus equipped to a vehicle; a first mobile communication terminal connected in a communicable manner with the in-vehicle communication apparatus; and a second mobile communication terminal connected in a communicable manner with the first mobile communication terminal. The in-vehicle communication apparatus, the... Agent:

20150017962 - Intelligent sim selection supporting rich context of input factors: Various user interfaces and other technologies for interacting with devices that support multiple SIM cards can be implemented. For example, intelligent handling of SIM card selection can help users deal with multiple SIM card scenarios. A user interface for overriding SIM card selection can be supported. Users can interact with... Agent:

20150017968 - Method and apparatus for communicating information regarding multiple subscriptions: A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided in which the network is informed of a device supporting multiple subscriptions as well as other information related to the operation of the mobile terminal having the multiple subscriptions. In this regard, a network entity is caused to be informed that... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150017967 - Method and apparatus for determining a predicted duration of a context: An approach is provided for determining a predicted duration of a context. A context duration platform causes, at least in part, a determination, a prediction, or a combination thereof of one or more contexts associated with at least one device. The context duration platform further processes and/or facilitates a processing... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150017964 - Method and system for downloading application: A method for downloading an application includes sensing an outgoing call to a preset connected line identification from a mobile device, sending a message for downloading an application on the mobile device, when the outgoing call is sensed; and downloading the application on the mobile device from an application server,... Agent: Biospace Co., Ltd.

20150017963 - Method, electronic device, and computer readable recording medium for providing location based services: An electronic device provides location-based services. The electronic device may include a communication module configured to receive information on a wireless network device, including identification information of at least one electronic device, from the wireless network device. The electronic device may also include a controller configured to perform at least... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20150017965 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, which facilitates a terminal to be used in further consideration of user's convenience. The present invention includes a sensing unit including at least one sensor and a controller analyzing a user's mobile terminal use pattern based on a sensing signal received... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150017970 - Radio base station apparatus, radio base station controller, and transition control method: A radio base station apparatus includes a count retrieval unit configured to retrieve a call origination/reception count and a handover count within a predetermined time interval, an idle transition timer value controller configured to adjust an idle transition timer value representing a time period from completion of communication with a... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150017966 - Supplementary services management setting control: A method of configuring a mobile terminal within a Long Term Evolution (LTE) compliant mobile wireless communications network. The method comprises controlling a first mobile terminal setting and communication the first mobile terminal setting from a network node to the mobile terminal. The first mobile terminal setting indicates whether supplementary... Agent:

20150017972 - System for safe texting while driving: Systems and methods are described to disable texting while driving a moving vehicle. The position and speed of a user's cell phone are compared with that of a registered master phone. If the position and speed track that of the master phone, it is assumed that the user is a... Agent:

20150017973 - Proximity-enabled remote control: The invention relates to systems and methods that enable a mobile device to be approximated with an object in order to enable control of the object. In one possible embodiment of a method of the invention, a mobile device is brought in physical proximity with an object, the identity of... Agent:

20150017974 - Mobile station and radio base station: Avoided is hasty control occurring due to repetition of transition to a “Preservation state” and return to an “Active state.” A mobile station UE according to the present invention includes: a transmission unit 13 configured to transmit “SIGNALLING CONNECTION RELEASE INDICATION” commanding release of signalling connection to a radio access... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20150017975 - Sub-cell level, multi-layer degradation detection, diagnosis and recovery: Outage detection and recovery in heterogeneous networks may benefit from sub-cell level, multi-layer degradation detection, diagnosis, and recovery. For example, cell outage detection and cell outage compensation may benefit from appropriate use of sub-cell level and multi-layer diagnosis and recovery techniques applied to degradation and outage scenarios. A method can... Agent: Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

20150017976 - Method and apparatus for enhanced connection control: A method for enhanced connection control may comprise: maintaining a first connection between a first network node and a user equipment which has a second connection with a second network node; determining a third network node for re-establishing a third connection between the third network node and the user equipment,... Agent:

20150017979 - Method and apparatus for discovering neighbor device in d2d communication network: A method of a Mobile Station (MS) for discovering neighbor MSs in a Device to Device (D2D) network includes broadcasting, by a discovery MS, a discovery request signal for discovering neighbor MSs, using a discovery request resource region repeated with a first period, if a neighbor MS discovery event is... Agent:

20150017977 - Method and system for operating coverage-limited devices: A method and apparatus can be configured to operate a node in a first mode to support one or more user equipment. The method can also include operating the node in a second mode to support one or more user equipment. The coverage of the second mode is enhanced compared... Agent:

20150017978 - Systems and methods for antenna switches in an electronic device: Systems and methods are provided for an antenna switch module (300) for an electronic device (302) including wireless communication circuitry (308) and an antenna (304) configured to transmit and receive signals over a plurality of frequency bands. The antenna switch module may include a plurality of antenna switches (310, 312)... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150017980 - Method for allowing a successful first mobile terminated call towards a mobile subscriber initially assigned to a failing core network node: A method for a fallback core network node within core network nodes for a first mobile terminated call towards a mobile subscriber initially assigned to a failing ore network node (failing CNN). The method includes receiving data associated to International Mobile Subscriber Identity and Location Area Identifier (LAI) of a... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150017981 - Method for discovering neighbor cells in a radio cellular network: The present invention relates to a method for discovering neighbor cells (NC) in a radio cellular network (NTW) comprising cells, each served by a controller (e NB), the method comprising, with respect to a controller (eNB) serving a cell (C): (a): selecting a frequency (f) in a frequency list, each... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20150017982 - Method for using a user equipment with a first public land mobile network and with a second public land mobile network, user equipment, program and computer program product: A method for using a user equipment with a first public land mobile network (PLMN) and with a second PLMN includes: operating the user equipment in a plurality of idle modes. The user equipment is a Dual Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Dual Standby (DSDS) user equipment. With respect to the... Agent:

20150017983 - Method and system for providing physical cell identity assignment in heterogeneous networks: A method of providing a physical cell identity (PCI) assignment by a management server for small-cell base stations (BSs) in a heterogeneous network environment includes setting a location coordinate and radius for the small-cell BSs; grouping every first preset number of small-cells together to define one femto zone; constructing a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150017984 - Method for a secure detach procedure in a radio telecommunication network: A method for performing a detach of a terminal registered to a telecommunication network is disclosed. The detach is performed by associating an identification for the terminal, deriving a signature for the identification, and allocating a pair consisting of the identification and the signature to the terminal. The method further... Agent:

20150017989 - Asymmetrical receivers for wireless communication: Receivers in a mobile device are configured to mitigate receiver overload and fully or nearly-fully utilize available spectrum for communication. Configuration is dictated at least in part by at least one of radio link quality or available receiver specifications, and it can be affected by the mobile device or a... Agent:

20150017988 - Configuration method for coexistent interference frequency set, base station and ue: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a configuration method for a coexistent interference frequency set, a base station and UE. The method includes: receiving, by a target base station, a first coexistent interference frequency set configured for UE, transmitted by a source base station, when the UE is handed over... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150017986 - Method and apparatus for overlapping frequency band enhancement: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus comprising: at least one processor; and at least one memory including computer program code, wherein the at least one memory and the computer program code are configured to, with the at least one processor cause the apparatus to... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150017987 - Method and device for distributing idle user equipment in multi-carrier based mobile communication system: The present invention relates to a method and device for distributing idle UE by a carrier in eNB of a multi-carrier based mobile communication system. The method of distributing idle UE in a multi-carrier based mobile communication system according to the present invention includes a process of determining a search... Agent:

20150017990 - Optimizing parameter setting for handover of mobile terminals on a transportation platform: A system and method for optimizing handover parameters for a plurality of mobile terminals on a common transportation platform in a cellular network includes at least a first terminal and a second terminal and a controller. The controller is configured to determine that each of the first and second terminal... Agent:

20150017985 - Systems and methods for handoff in heterogeneous networks: Computer implemented methods, systems, and computer readable media provided herein may identify contextual information associated with buffer management and data delivery for a handoff between radio access technology points of attachment for a client device. Whether to perform the handoff based on the contextual information and quality of experience (QoE)... Agent:

20150017991 - Access point identification based on multiple pilot signature indicators: An access point is identified based on a plurality of pilot signatures. Here, in addition to transmitting a pilot signal that is encoded (e.g., spread/scrambled) using a particular pilot signature, an access point transmits a message that includes at least one indication of at least one other pilot signature. For... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150017992 - Method and apparatus for allocating resources for communication between base stations in an in-band communication system: A method and apparatus for allocating resources for communication between Base Stations (BSs) in an in-band communication system can be provided by a BS. A method for allocating resources for communication between BSs, performed by a Mobile Station (MS) in an in-band communication system includes receiving information about an interference-free... Agent:

20150017993 - Method and apparatus at the physical and link layer for mobile communications: In a telecommunications network, a system to offload data traffic from base stations to small node devices includes a small node device. The small node device includes a macro-base-station-to-small-node-device (BS2D) communication section in communication with a source base station through a first link, and a small-node-device-to-user-equipment (D2UE) communication section in... Agent:

20150017994 - Classification of a basestation: In one example embodiment, a method for classifying a basestation in a cellular communications network is provided that may include obtaining an identifier used by the basestation, comparing the identifier to a pool of identifiers reserved for a class of basestations, obtaining a frequency on which the basestation is operating,... Agent: Ubiquisys Limited

20150017995 - Updating of coverage area representations for a hierarchy of coverage areas: It is inter alia disclosed to update or to trigger updating of a second-layer coverage area representation of a second-layer coverage area at least in dependence on a decision whether a first-layer coverage area representation of a first-layer coverage area has changed to an extent that exceeds a pre-defined or... Agent:

20150017996 - Communication control device, communication control method, and communication control program: Provided is a communication control device including an allocation unit that allocates transmit power to each of one or more small cells so as to moderate interference on a macro cell of a radio communication system from each small cell that at least partially overlaps with the macro cell, a... Agent:

20150017998 - Method and apparatus for establishing condition under which network assistance information is provided: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus comprising at least one processor and at least one memory storing computer program code with the at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with the processor, cause the apparatus at least to: determine whether... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150017997 - Opportunistic data connectivity: A method of controlling a vehicle telematics unit includes placing the vehicle telematics unit in a data mode while camped on a base station that does not use a simultaneous voice and data (SVD) cellular standard; sensing an amount of time that has passed since the vehicle telematics unit last... Agent:

20150017999 - Method of cognitive radio and device utilizing the same: A method of implementing a cognitive radio (CR) technology and a device utilizing the same are provided. The method includes: when a first base station meets a requirement for entering a cognitive radio (CR) state, acquiring information on a potential frequency band which is assigned to a second base station;... Agent:

20150018000 - Resource operation method and apparatus: An embodiment of the present invention discloses a resource operation method and an apparatus thereof. The method includes: determining whether a conflict exists in the two operations; and if a conflict exists in two operations, implementing conflict coordination on execution of the two operations; wherein one of the two operations... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150018001 - Method and apparatus for cancelling interference signal in wireless communication system: An interference cancellation method and apparatus for use in the wireless communication system is provided. The interference cancellation method of a Device-to-Device (D2D) terminal in a wireless communication system includes receiving interference signal information for use in cancelling a cellular interference signal acting as interference to the D2D terminal from... Agent:

20150018002 - Lte operation in small cells using dynamic shared spectrum: Systems, methods, and apparatus may be used to provide assistance for connection procedures in a hierarchical network where macro cells may be operating in licensed spectrum while small cells may be operating in dynamic and shared spectrums, such as TVWS. This may be done, for example, to allow an LTE... Agent: Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

20150018005 - Cell locations: Method and system for testing base station location information comprising identifying a second base station neighbouring a first base station. Obtaining information describing the locations of the first base station and the second base station. Determining if the location of the first base station and the location of the second... Agent:

20150018004 - Communication device having automatic reply function and method for performing automatic reply thereof: Disclosed is a communication device having an automatic reply function and a method for performing automatic reply thereof The communication device includes a communication module for receiving a communication request signal; a positioning module for generating positioning information according to a current position of the communication device; a vibration detection... Agent:

20150018003 - Crowdsourcing method to detect broken wifi indoor locationing model: Aspects of the present disclosure provide techniques for detecting breaks in a wireless network data model. An exemplary method includes determining neighboring access points from scans of network access points in a space. Each neighboring access point occurs together in a scan of a particular level of the space. Wireless... Agent:

20150018008 - Low accuracy positional data by detecting improbable samples: An embodiment of the invention provides a method of determining a location of a mobile target that processes locations for the target provided by a wireless location technology tracker system to determine moving averages of velocity of the target, determines if the locations are outliers responsive to the moving averages,... Agent:

20150018009 - Method and apparatus for wireless network hybrid positioning: Methods and apparatuses for position determination and other operations. In one embodiment of the present invention, a mobile station uses wireless signals from a plurality of wireless networks (e.g., with different air interfaces and/or operated by different service providers) for position determination (e.g., for data communication, for obtaining time and/or... Agent:

20150018006 - Method for operating a field device, field device and server for a wide-area automation network: The invention relates to a method for operating a field device (1) for carrying out measurement and/or automation tasks in a wide-area automation network. The method comprises the steps of detecting the position of the field device (1) in the field device (1), generating a data set identifying the field... Agent:

20150018007 - System and methods for management of mobile field assets via wireless handheld devices: Communication from enterprise servers to handheld devices in the field supports dispatch, data synchronization, logistics and personnel. Bi-directional data delivery from enterprise-based servers over wireless data networks is enabled using wireless capabilities resident in handheld personal computing devices. Real time communications facilitates real-time access to remote programs, assistance and/or information... Agent: Riulistro Solutions Ny, L.L.C.

20150018010 - Providing otdoa prs assistance data: Disclosed embodiments pertain to the obtaining and utilization of Observed Time Difference of Arrival (OTDOA) assistance data. Cell timing information obtained based on measurements by a Mobile Station (MS) of neighbor cells may comprise cell timing offsets of the neighbor cells relative to a serving cell for the MS. OTDOA... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150018016 - Method and apparatus for determining user location, and communications system: A method and an apparatus for determining a user location, and a communications system are provided, where the method includes: acquiring first location information of a first user equipment and second location information of a second user equipment; determining whether the first user equipment is near the second user equipment... Agent:

20150018013 - Method and apparatus for mobile context determination: Some embodiments of the invention provide methods and apparatus for generating a user's contextual information using a mobile or wearable device. In some embodiments, obtaining the user's contextual information comprises obtaining sensors information, and applying a transformation to the sensors signals, wherein the transformation to the sensors signals comprises the... Agent:

20150018012 - Method of providing location based service and electronic device thereof: A method and an apparatus for providing a location based service in an electronic device are provided. The method includes classifying location information of the electronic device having a similar characteristic into a category and mapping an operation of the electronic device according to the category.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150018011 - System and method for providing infrastructure to enable indoor navigation and special local base services applications indoor malls inside stores shopping centers resort cruise ships and buildings utilize rf beacons, wifi or bluetooth: A precise navigation system utilizing a fleet of deployed RF beacons and an associated application. The RF beacons are installed in known locations about a predefined facility area. The RF beacons emit either a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi beacon signal. An RF beacon identifier is encoded into the beacon signal. The... Agent:

20150018015 - Systems and methods for creating and providing location-based content: A software product comprises instructions stored on non-transitory computer-readable media. The instructions, when executed by a computer, perform steps for providing a guided tour to a user via a mobile computing device. The steps include the step of playing a first data file on the mobile computing device when the... Agent: Travelstorysgps, LLC

20150018014 - Triggering geolocation fix acquisitions on transitions between physical states: A method and device for triggering acquisition of geolocation fix information. The method include determining activity state information based on information from one or more sensors. It is determined if an activity state has transitioned to a particular activity state based on the activity state information. Geolocation fix information is... Agent:

20150018017 - Method for estimating positions of devices in wireless access systems supporting communication between devices, and apparatus for supporting same: The present invention relates to a method for estimating the positions of devices in direct communication with each other, to a method for estimating the structure of a network, and to apparatuses for supporting the methods. According to one embodiment of the present invention, the method for estimating the positions... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150018019 - Apparatus and method for increasing accuracy of location determination of mobile devices within a location-based group: A method of increasing accuracy of location determination of mobile devices within a location-based subgroup starts with server receiving location data and proximity information from each of the mobile devices. Location data received from first mobile device includes first mobile device's fixed location. Proximity information received from first mobile device... Agent: Life360, Inc.

20150018018 - Indoor location-finding using magnetic field anomalies: Techniques for indoor location-finding are described herein. Inside buildings, anomalies in the Earth's magnetic field may be caused by the buildings' structures. These anomalies tend to be location specific and temporally stable. Accordingly, a database or map may be constructed of field strength measurements, and made available to clients, either... Agent:

20150018020 - System for characterizing geographical locations based on multi sensors anonymous data sources: System and method for characterizing a geographical location by finding the behavioral patterns of groups of users of mobile devices being in the vicinity of the geographical location. Accordingly, after an examined Point of Interest is determined, signaling data related to the users is aggregated over a limited period of... Agent:

20150018021 - Operation of devices supporting multiple sims: Exemplary embodiments are directed to operation of a device supporting multiple SIMs. A method may include detecting a paging collision scenario between a first subscription and at least a second subscription. The method may further include modifying a page reading operation of at least one of the first subscription and... Agent:

20150018023 - Electronic device: To acquire information related to contents of word-of-mouth information, an electronic device includes: an input unit that accepts an input of a text from a user; an information acquiring unit that acquires information of the user in relation to the input of the text when allowed to acquire the information... Agent:

20150018024 - Provision of additional content to mobile communication devices: A system and method for the insertion of additional content to messages sent between mobile communications devices. The system provides for a point system which allows users of the system to accumulate points for additional content sent with text messages. The points may be used for various functions such as... Agent:

20150018022 - System and methods for integrating short message service messaging with contact center applications: A system for routing short message service (SMS) messages to endpoints in a contact center includes a first node for receiving SMS message streams from multiple sources operating variant protocols and for multiplexing the multiple streams into a single message stream following a universal protocol, a media gateway server connected... Agent: Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

20150018025 - Power management device and method of wireless sensor network: A power management device of a wireless sensor network includes a setting unit, a detecting unit and a selecting unit. The setting unit sets relay nodes to work in a fully-functional operating mode and sets ordinary nodes to work in a semi-functional operating mode. The detecting unit detects whether powers... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20150018026 - Systems, methods, and devices for electronic spectrum management: Systems, methods, and devices enable spectrum management by identifying, classifying, and cataloging signals of interest based on radio frequency measurements. In an embodiment, signals and the parameters of the signals may be identified and indications of available frequencies may be presented to a user. In another embodiment, the protocols of... Agent: Dgs Global Systems, Inc.

20150018027 - Apparatus and method for inter-vehicle communication: An apparatus and a method for inter-vehicle communication includes a communicator communicating with another vehicle and a position determiner verifying position information of a vehicle, A controller is configured to synchronize a time point of transmitting/receiving a message to/from the other vehicle through a signal from the position determiner, performing... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150018033 - Adaptive sinr control: An adaptive SINR control process is triggered based on various quality measures associated with the received signal in a mobile device or on a geographic region in which a base station and an interferer are located. As part of the adaptive SINR control process, the mobile device reduces the signal... Agent:

20150018030 - Method for controlling uplink transmission power in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor: The present application relates to a method for enabling a terminal to transmit a sounding reference signal (SRS) in a wireless communication system. Specifically, the method comprises the steps of selecting at least one SRS power control process of a first SRS power control process and a second SRS power... Agent:

20150018031 - Mobile communication system, mobile communication method, and radio base station: A mobile communication system of an embodiment is a system in which a plurality of radio base stations receive an uplink signal transmitted from a radio terminal coordinated with one another. Each of the plurality of radio base stations comprises: an acquisition unit that acquires a path loss between the... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150018032 - Power control method, power control system and related device: The present invention discloses a power control method, a power control system and a related device. The method includes: monitoring a downlink data sending condition of a dedicated physical data channel (DPDCH), and if no downlink data is sent on the DPDCH, determining to decrease downlink transmit power of a... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

20150018028 - Power setting: One example method of operation of a basestation in a mobile communications network is disclosed. The basestation may operate on a carrier channel and may be a member of a group of such basestations within the network. The method comprises establishing the presence of an adjacent basestation outside the group,... Agent: Ubiquisys Limited

20150018029 - Transmission power modulation to facilitate in-device coexistence between wireless communication technologies: A method of modulating transmission power to facilitate in-device coexistence between wireless communication technologies is provided. The method can include determining a scheduled time period during which data is received by a device via a first wireless communication technology. The method can further include reducing a transmission power of a... Agent:

20150018034 - Radio communication system, user terminal, radio base station apparatus and radio communication method: The present invention is designed to prevent the decrease of throughput and also reduce the overhead of CSI feedback when CoMP transmission is applied. In a radio communication system including a plurality of radio base station apparatuses and a user terminal that is configured to be able to carry out... Agent:

20150018035 - Wireless terminal and wireless communication method: Provided is a wireless terminal having an adaptive array antenna provided with a plurality of antennas; a weighting unit that weights each antenna from the received signals in a manner so as to form adaptive directivity in the direction of a communication target; and a control unit that causes the... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150018036 - System and method for supporting switching between a packet-switched network and a circuit-switched network: A device and method for controlling communications between a User Equipment (UE) (20) and a base station (BS) (90) in a radio access network (RAN) (16) is provided. The UE (20) indicates to the BS (90) in the RAN (16) that a transceiver at the UE (20) will temporarily suspend... Agent:

20150018037 - Communication device, communication method, program, and communication system: Provided is a communication device including a contactless communication unit that conducts contactless communication, a wireless communication unit that conducts wireless communication, and a control unit that, in a case in which the contactless communication unit detects another communication device, controls activation start of a first communication mode of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150018038 - Method and apparatus for generating directional sound: A method of directing sound in a mobile device equipped with a directional speaker includes determining a location of a target in relation to the mobile device, and adjusting a direction of sound output from the directional speaker toward the target, based on the location of the target. An apparatus... Agent:

20150018039 - Media delivery platform: A method of delivering an audio and/or visual media file including, for example, one or more of full or partial master recordings of songs, musical compositions, ringtones, videos, films, television shows, personal recordings, animation and combinations thereof, over the air wirelessly, from one or more servers to an electronic device... Agent:

20150018041 - Display device including a display and a hardware power button: There is provided a display device including a display and a hardware power button, wherein the power button is operable to open from the device to receive a subscriber identity module (SIM) card, and wherein the power button is operable to close so as to store the SIM card in... Agent:

20150018040 - Intelligent user interfaces for multiple sim cards: Various user interfaces and other technologies for interacting with devices that support multiple SIM cards can be implemented. For example, SIM-separated and SIM-aggregated user interface paradigms can be supported. Intelligent selection of an appropriate paradigm can support user preferences, conversation user interfaces, and the like. Other features such as SIM... Agent:

20150018044 - Base station system: A base station system includes a base station device (1), a wireless transmission device (2) and a data transfer device (3), each of which can be installed outdoors. Enclosures (12, 22 and 32) of the devices (1-3) each provide a degree of protection from water and dust ingress necessary for... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150018042 - Method and apparatus for providing enhanced interference management at restricted access points: Methods and apparatuses are provided that facilitate providing access point measurements to restricted access points. Restricted access points can lessen restrictions to allow devices to register with the restricted access point for providing measurements thereto. Additionally or alternatively, access point measurements can be provided to a minimization of drive tests... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150018043 - Rf front-end module and mobile wireless terminal: An electronic device including a first reception band pass filter having a first reception frequency set as a passband; a second reception band pass filter having a second reception frequency set as a passband; a first matching circuit having a first end connected to an antenna terminal; a first switch... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150018047 - Apparatus and method for acquiring a data record, data record distribution system, and mobile device: An apparatus for acquiring a data record includes a detecting interface configured for detecting an audio signal; an audio processor configured for processing the audio signal detected by the detecting interface and for extracting the code identifying the data record from the audio signal; a transmitting interface configured for transmitting... Agent:

20150018045 - Cover device and portable terminal having the same: A cover device is disclosed, and includes a cover member having an output unit on a surface thereof, and rotatably coupled with a touch panel; and an electrostatic capacitance generating unit which varies electrostatic capacitance at a touch position of the touch panel according to a touch on the output... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150018046 - Electronic device: Provided is an electronic device that can be appropriately used as a type of electronic device that vibrates a panel attached to a housing. The electronic device includes a piezoelectric element, a panel, to which the piezoelectric element is attached, that vibrates due to the piezoelectric element to generate a... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150018048 - Smart control of an alert of an incoming communication to a data processing device: A method includes determining, through a processor of a data processing device in conjunction with one or more sensor(s) associated therewith, an intent of a user of the data processing device to respond to an alert of an incoming communication thereto expressed through a sound volume level and/or a vibrational... Agent:

20150018049 - Flex and stay cell phone/electronic device charging stand: The flex and stay cell phone/electronic device charging stand of the present invention is a USB cable used to hold a cell phone/electronic device in a standing position while it is used to synchronize and charge said cell phone/electronic device. It has two unique features. On the front end there... Agent:

20150018050 - Handheld electronic device: A handheld electronic device includes a housing, a display screen and a keypad assembly. The keypad assembly includes a FPC board, a number of press keys and a light guiding module. The press keys are held on the FPC board. The light guiding module includes a light guiding plate and... Agent:

20150018051 - Vehicle-mounted mobile phone charging device and automobile: An upper section of a biasing plate inside a holding section is pivotally supported at a position away from a mounting surface of a main body case, and a lower section thereof is inclined in a direction toward the mounting surface of the main body case. Since the lower section... Agent:

20150018052 - Flex and stay device for holding cell phone/electronic device with stylus cap: The flex and stay device of the present invention is used to hold a cell phone/electronic device in a standing position while it is used to synchronize and charge said cell phone/electronic device. It is either permanently built in to a wire OR is a removably attachable encasing structure that... Agent:

20150018055 - Flexible board and electronic device: A flexible board includes a flexible body and a linear conductor. The flexible body includes a first main surface and a second main surface. The linear conductor is provided at the flexible body so as to be located closer to the first main surface than to the second main surface.... Agent:

20150018053 - Portable electrical device with heat dissipation mechanism: A portable electrical device with heat dissipation mechanism includes a housing with an acoustic hole, an earphone receptacle with a earphone hole, and two fans. The earphone receptacle and the fans are disposed in the housing. The fans are respectively located adjacent to the acoustic hole and the earphone hole,... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150018054 - Vibrator: There is provided a vibrator including: a housing having an internal space and having at least one through-hole formed therein; a vibrator disposed in the housing and vibrating; and an impact damping member installed on at least one of outer surfaces of the housing and damping impact, wherein the vibrator... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150018056 - Apparatus and/or kit related to smartphone cases: Devices, features, and aspects are drawn to using and repurposing smartphone cases. A holder insert having a frame is dimensioned to be received in a cavity of a smartphone case in place of a smartphone to repurpose the smartphone case. Once the holder insert is received in the cavity, the... Agent:

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