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10/27/2011 > 110 patent applications in 57 patent subcategories.

20110263195 - Use of steering signals in interference cancellation with application to communication through signal jamming: A system and method are provided for transmitting a broadband interference signal and allowing communication through the transmitted interference signal. The system includes an interference transmitter for transmitting the interference signal, the interference transmitter having a transmitter feeder and a first antenna; a radio receiver for receiving a radio signal,... Agent: Cobham Cts Limited

20110263196 - Distribution of content items to user devices in a mobile environment: The invention relates to a technique for controlling the distribution of content items such as advertisements, news, etc., to user devices in a mobile communications network. A method embodiment of the technique is performed in a distribution control gateway of the mobile communications network and comprises the steps of receiving,... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110263197 - Vehicle-based message control using cellular ip: Architecture for playing back personal text-based messages such as email and voicemail over a vehicle-based media system. The user can use a cell phone that registers over a cellular network to an IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) to obtain an associated IP address. The personal messages are then converted into audio... Agent:

20110263198 - Radio communication system, base station, relay station, and mobile station: A radio communication system includes a base station, a mobile station, and a relay station which is provided for each sector, and divides an assigned band into a plurality of sub-bands for use. A different sub-band is used for each sector for a first communication link. A sub-band different from... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110263199 - Spectrum sharing between an aircraft-based air-to-ground communication system and existing geostationary satellite services: The present Spectrum Sharing System implements spectrum reuse between aircraft-based Air-To-Ground (ATG) communication systems and Geostationary Satellite Service systems. This is accomplished by managing the radio frequency transmissions in the volume of space in which the aircraft operates, with interference between the Spectrum Sharing System and the Geostationary Satellite Service... Agent: Gogo LLC

20110263202 - Bluetooth communication method and system: A Bluetooth communication method and system allows a Bluetooth device to rapidly establish a Bluetooth connection. A first Bluetooth device that is in a client mode displays a visual representation of its ID on a display unit. A second Bluetooth device that is in a host mode acquires the displayed... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110263203 - Connector for medical device: An apparatus includes a housing, a plurality of electrical contacts, and a transceiver. The housing is configured to engage a feature of a portable device. The plurality of electrical contacts are coupled to the housing and configured to establish an electrical connection with an electrical circuit of the portable device.... Agent: Nonin Medical, Inc.

20110263205 - Container communication module: Systems and method for safely distributing software for electronic controllers in the refrigeration container industry, and also communication systems primarily for electronic controllers related to refrigeration containers in which fast software distribution in container controllers is achieved by introducing a buffer memory in the communication system, which buffer memory includes... Agent: Johnson Controls Denmark Aps

20110263201 - Method and apparatus for providing files to electronic devices: Method and apparatus for transferring a file from a sending wireless device to a receiving wireless device in a short-range wireless system. A file to be sent to the receiving wireless device is selected on the sending wireless device. The sending wireless device has a device list of receiving wireless... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263200 - Vibrating motor disposed external to electronic device: A system for providing vibratory alerts includes an electronic device having a first housing and configured to provide vibratory alert control signals. The system further includes a vibrating motor disposed within a second housing that is external to the first housing of the electronic device, wherein the second housing is... Agent:

20110263204 - Virtual machine readable communication tag: A system for imitating the functionality of a machine readable tag using a virtual tag. In at least one embodiment, a WCD (100) may communicate with a machine readable tag (120) and copy the data structure and contents of the machine readable (120) onto the WCD (100). The WCD may... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110263206 - Ranging and distance based spectrum selection in cognitive radio: A method and apparatus for performing spectral allocation for a wireless link in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method determines a distance/range for the wireless link and assigns an optimal sub-carrier frequency to the wireless link based on (1) a higher frequency to lower frequency priority and (2)... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110263207 - Beacon for a road toll system: A beacon with a transceiver for radio communication with vehicle OBUs of a road toll system, wherein the transceiver has a directional antenna and is configured to communicate wirelessly with OBUs on a selected channel directed via the directional antenna wherein the transceiver is additionally equipped with an omnidirectional antenna... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

20110263208 - Cognitive radio sensing method and system: The cognitive radio system and method uses a wideband chirp signal. A cognitive radio base station broadcasts the low power reference wideband chirp signal with bandwidth covering the sensed spectrum. At the receiver, a Fast Fourier Transform is applied to the output of a chirp signal matched filter. The filter... Agent:

20110263210 - Mobile user terminal, mobile communication system, base station, and communication method: A mobile user terminal includes a receiver which receives a signal, and a processor which measures downlink channel quality based on the signal and does not transmit downlink channel quality information and an uplink pilot signal simultaneously at a period which the mobile user terminal is a state of transmission... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110263209 - Quiet period formation and maintenance in radio systems: A system for quiet period determination. An apparatus may listen for potential silent periods to occur in an environment, and if detected, the potential silent periods may be compared to quiet period criteria to determine if they are actual silent periods. If at least two subsequent actual silent periods are... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110263211 - Apparatus and method for frequency-selective occupancy detection: An apparatus for frequency-selective occupancy detection of a channel in a frequency band includes a detector for detecting a receive spectrum in the frequency band, a provider for providing node frequencies, a determiner for determining node level values, a determiner for determining the threshold curve and a comparer. The provider... Agent:

20110263213 - Amplifying a transmit signal using a fractional power amplifier: A transmit amplifier stage operable to amplify a transmit signal comprises power amplifiers and switches. The power amplifiers include at least one fractional power amplifier operable to provide fractional power to amplify the transmit signal, where the fractional power is a fraction of the full power. A switch has a... Agent:

20110263212 - Wireless device and controlling method of wireless device: A wireless device includes at least a transmitter to transmit a transmitting signal; a triggering device arranged to monitor an operating status of the wireless device when the transmitter is transmitting the transmitting signal; and a controller arranged to control the transmitter to adjust a throughput of the transmitting signal... Agent:

20110263214 - Techniques to control transmit power for a shred antenna architecture: Techniques to control shared antenna architectures for multiple co-located radio modules are disclosed. The shared antenna architecture may include a combiner and at least one bypass switch for enabling simultaneous operations or mutually-exclusive operations of multiple transceivers. Dynamic gain control is employed to accommodate different front-end losses associated with a... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20110263215 - Method and device in over-the-air test environment: The present invention relates to a device and method for simulating a radio channel with a defined characteristic between at least one antenna port (102a, 102b) of a first device (101), and a second device (103) in a test environment. The device comprises a first antenna (104a) adapted to transmit... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110263216 - User equipment apparatus for simultaneously transmitting signals via a plurality of wireless communication chips to which different wireless communication schemes are applied and method for controlling transmission power thereof: A user equipment apparatus for simultaneously transmitting signals from a plurality of wireless communication chips to which different wireless communication schemes are applied and a method for controlling a transmission power control of the user equipment apparatus are disclosed. The user equipment apparatus comprises a transmission mode decision module determining... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110263217 - Multi-band antenna and communications device having the same: A multi-band antenna is adapted for disposing on a substrate with a ground plane and a matching circuit disposed thereon, and includes a feed-in section, a coupling section, a grounding section, a multiple-bend arm, and a conductor section. The feed-in section is connected electrically to the matching circuit. The coupling... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20110263218 - Mobile station apparatus: A mobile station apparatus is provided which is capable of obtaining a diversity effect and preventing an increase in noise even if an antenna phase difference containing an error is detected. The mobile station apparatus includes a closed-loop transmit diversity control section for exerting, when the quality of the component... Agent:

20110263219 - Emergency services for voice over ip telephony (e-voip): A method for determining the physical location of a VoIP phone and transmitting the physical location to an emergency services call center or the like comprises the steps of determining the physical location of the VoIP phone using multiple location detection technologies, placing a call to an emergency services call... Agent:

20110263220 - Regional zone based mobile charging: Network node and method in a telecommunication network, the network node receiving from a calling terminal a request to set up a call with a called terminal. The network node retrieves call set up information from a stored connection table and utilizes the retrieved data to set up the call.... Agent:

20110263222 - Apparatus and method for implementing a security mode configuration in a wireless communication device: An apparatus and a method for implementing a security mode configuration in a wireless communication device are disclosed.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263221 - Method for detecting security error in mobile telecommunications system and device of mobile telecommunications: Conditions for determining a security failure are defined. A receiving side PDCP layer determines whether HFN de-synchronization, namely, a security failure, has occurred by using particular conditions (namely, conditions for determining the security failure). If it is determined that the security failure has occurred, the receiving side PDCP layer informs... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110263225 - Method and apparatus for network personalization of subscriber devices: A method and apparatus are provided for a subsidizing service provider entity to personalize a subscriber device to ensure the subscriber device cannot be used in a network of a different service provider entity. As the service provider entity subsidizes the subscriber device, it desires to ensure that subscriber device... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110263226 - Mobile communication system, mobile station apparatus, base station apparatus, communication control method, and storage medium storing program: To minimize the risk of user information being leaked to a third party in the event that a mobile station apparatus is lost or stolen. A mobile communication system including a base station apparatus including: a holding means for holding user information including subscriber information used for location registration processing... Agent:

20110263223 - Systems and methods of synchronizing ring tone cycles and delivery of dtmf tones: Mobile devices use a PBX and application servers associated with the PBX to access voice services. Some mobile devices can support simultaneous data and voice channels, with the PBX and application server respectively. Where a data channel is unavailable, a control and status updating mechanism is needed. One approach is... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263224 - Systems and methods of voice call setup involving mobile devices: A mobile device can send a notification to place a call using a PBX (e.g., using SIP signaling) or receive a notification of call availability for the mobile device at the PBX. An authentication token is provided over a data channel for use in authenticating the mobile device when calling... Agent:

20110263227 - System and method for optimizing network communication in response to network conditions: A system and method for facilitating communications between a mobile device and a network application are provided. A mobile device transmits a request for data change information that includes a time out interval. The network application receives the request and measures a time elapsed since the receipt of the data... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110263229 - Client device method and apparatus for routing a call: A telecommunication method, server and system that route an outbound telephone communication initiated by a wireless remote device through an enterprise communication network. The system also routes an incoming call to a device associated with an enterprise communication network to a plurality of telephony devices including wireless devices and other... Agent: Ascendent Telecommunications, Inc.

20110263228 - Pre-recorded voice responses for portable communication devices: A portable communication device may be used so that, in place of speaking into the portable communication device during a telephone call, users may initiate playback of pre-recorded messages to the party with whom the user is communicating. In one implementation, a device may receive, during a telephone call between... Agent: Verizon Online LLC

20110263233 - Enhanced call reception and privacy: An audio interface adapted to reduce a subscriber voice may receive a subscriber voice and a background noise. The subscriber voice may then be compared to the to the background noise. If the received subscriber voice is louder than the received background noise, the audio interface may output a message... Agent:

20110263231 - Mobile wireless communications device having scrolling based pagination and related methods: A mobile wireless communications device may include a housing, and a wireless transceiver carried by the housing. The mobile wireless communications device may also include a display carried by the housing, and a controller carried by the housing and coupled to the display and the wireless transceiver. The controller may... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263232 - Mobile wireless communications device to perform local and remote search and associated methods: A mobile wireless communications device is to communicate with a server storing a plurality of file folders, and includes a display, a wireless transceiver, and a processor all carried by a housing. The processor is configured to wirelessly download an initial portion of a selected file folder from the server,... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263230 - Provision of an internet access for an external reproduction device: A device for providing an internet access for at least one external reproduction device and for processing data received via the internet and/or have to be sent via the internet, wherein the processed data are at least partially provided as output signal at least at one interface of the device... Agent:

20110263235 - In-call, audible call waiting: A handsfree device is disclosed that offers additional wireless telephone services to the user of a wireless device in a minimally distracting manner. A call-waiting notification of a second call is presented acoustically via the handsfree device to a user. A responsive action by the user to request caller-ID information... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263234 - Method, system and apparatus for handling a call received at a mobile communication device: A method, apparatus and system for handling a call received at a mobile communication device, in association with an automated number identification (ANI) number are provided. The ANI number is compared with a list of ANI numbers associated with an applications server, the list stored at the mobile communications device.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263236 - System and method for communication record logging: A method for maintaining a log of communications initiated or received at a portable electronic device of a first party. The communications include at least one of short message service (SMS) messages, personal identification number (PIN) messages and cellular telephone calls. The method includes receiving a data record for each... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263237 - Apparatus, and associated method, for assigning policy settings to a mobile station: An apparatus, and an associated method, automatically calculates and assigns policy settings to be implemented at mobile stations. Information is collected relating to groups, such as groups within an enterprise, to which users of the mobile stations are members. Policy-setting conflicts between different groups, if the user is a member... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263238 - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for automatic, recurrent enforcement of a policy rule: Methods, systems, and computer readable media for automatic, repetitive enforcement of a policy rule according to a schedule are disclosed. According to one aspect, a method for automatic, recurrent enforcement of a policy rule includes providing, to a node for enforcing policy rules in a telecommunications network, an automatically recurrent... Agent:

20110263239 - Mobile station, mobile communication method and network device: A mobile station (UE) according to the present invention includes a CSG cell management unit (11) configured to manage one or a plurality of CSG cell IDs; and a control unit (14) configured to eliminate, during a predetermined period included in received broadcast information, a first CSG cell specified by... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110263240 - System and methods for monitoring the context associated with a mobile communication device: Systems, methods and interfaces are disclosed for managing communications associated with a mobile communication device. Mobile communication devices process environmental inputs and transmit mobile communication device context information to a communication management system. The context information may, for example, reflect the motion and/or geographic location of the mobile device, and... Agent: Aegis Mobility, Inc.

20110263242 - Uniquely identifying target femtocell to facilitate femto-assisted active hand-in: Systems, methods, devices, and computer program products are described for supporting macrocell-to-femtocell hand-ins of active macro communications for mobile access terminals. An out-of-band (OOB) link is used to detect that an access terminal is in proximity of a femtocell (e.g., using an OOB radio integrated with the femtocell or in... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110263241 - Use of mobile computing device sensors to initiate a telephone call or modify telephone operation: A system and a method are disclosed for initiating a voice communication, such as a telephone call, or modifying an output device used to present audio data. After receiving a destination identifier, such as a telephone number, data from one or more sensors included in the mobile computing device is... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20110263245 - Mobile station and mobile communication method: In a mobile station (UE) according to the present invention, when a synchronization state determination unit notifies that a downlink synchronization state is a non-synchronization state; (1) when a first timer has expired, and when a second timer is being activated, a radio link failure state determination unit is configured... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110263244 - Quality monitoring system, quality monitoring apparatus, and quality monitoring method in wireless communication network: A mobile terminal includes a measuring unit that measures at least the moving speed of the self terminal and communication quality of wireless communication, and a communication unit that transmits terminal information including moving speed information and communication quality information. A quality monitoring apparatus (90) includes a terminal information collection... Agent:

20110263243 - System and method for testing the reception and play of media on mobile devices: A system and method of determining the quality of audio-visual services of a mobile telephone is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes wirelessly receiving streaming audio-video content at the mobile telephone and wherein the audio-video content comprises video content and audio content. The video content is formed of a... Agent:

20110263246 - Method, system and apparatus for managing transports: According to embodiments described in the specification, a method, system and apparatus for managing transports is provided. The method comprises: maintaining a transport preference in a memory of the mobile electronic device, the transport preference including an identifier of a preferred transport; monitoring available transports; and selecting a transport for... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263247 - Method for providing a service for monitoring the movement of subscribers amongst the coverage areas of the mobile cellular communication networks and a system for carrying out said method: The invention relates to methods and system for providing additional services to the subscribers of a mobile cellular communication network, in particular to methods and systems providing travelling subscribers with a service of monitoring, according to their wish, their movement amongst the coverage areas of the mobile cellular communication networks... Agent:

20110263248 - Method, communication devices, and storage device for controlling communication: A method, a communication device, and a storage device for controlling communication are provided. The communication controlling method comprises the following steps. A telephone number of a receiver is provided, wherein the telephone number is corresponding to a first area. A second area where the receiver is located is provided.... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110263249 - Roaming communication method, apparatus, and system: A roaming communication method in the field of communication technologies includes: obtaining a location update reject message sent by a Home Location Register (HLR) of a subscriber to a Visitor Location Register (VLR) of the subscriber; obtaining subscriber data from account information of the subscriber, where the subscriber data includes... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110263252 - Apparatus and method for searching for and reporting public land mobile networks \"plmns\" in a mobile telecommunications system: A method and apparatus for searching for and reporting Public Land Mobile Networks “PLMNs” in a mobile telecommunications system, the method comprising, at a mobile device: initiating a scan to find Public Land Mobile Networks; when a cell of a PLMN is detected on a frequency, then reading system information... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263253 - Cellular communications system with mobile cellular device battery saving features based upon quality of service and access denial and related methods: A cellular communications system may include at least one base station selectively denying attempts to establish wireless communications links therewith, and wirelessly transmitting denial messages for denied attempts. The system may further include at least one mobile cellular communications device including a wireless transceiver and a controller cooperating therewith for... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263250 - Methods and apparatus for providing dynamic information in a wireless information channel: Methods and apparatus for transmission of selected segments of information (such as system context information). In one embodiment, a cognitive pilot channel base station (CPC-BS) is disclosed that enables the distribution of context information to various user equipment and mobile devices in an efficient manner. The exemplary CPC-BS is also... Agent:

20110263251 - Scanning methods and systems for wireless networks: Scanning methods and systems for wireless networks are provided. In response to an operation, at least a waiting time corresponding to a wireless network scanning procedure is changed from a default time length to a predefined time length, and the wireless network scanning procedure is accordingly performed. When the wireless... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corp.

20110263258 - Active macro-femto hand-in with help from out-of-band proxy: Systems, methods, devices, and computer program products are described for supporting macrocell-to-femtocell hand-ins of active macro communications for mobile access terminals. A femto-proxy system is provided including a femtocell and an out-of-band (OOB) proxy. While the femtocell may be addressed by the macro network according to a potentially non-unique identifier... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110263255 - Detection of early inter-radio access technology (irat) handover triggering: A device detects poor coverage associated with a source radio access technology (RAT) with which the device is connected, and connects to a target RAT. The device also measures the source RAT for a time period after connecting to the target RAT, and sends, based on the measurements, one or... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson

20110263256 - Determining handover parameter for transmission by access point: A parameter for transmission by an access point is determined in a manner that facilitates access terminal mobility. For example, a cell reselection parameter and/or a handover parameter may be determined based on the quality of a signal from one access point (e.g., a macro cell) at another access point... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110263257 - Handover control apparatus, handover control method, and program product: In a handover control apparatus, a terminal is wirelessly connected with one of base stations to establish a wireless data communications connection. The terminal executes a handover process using a handover process section when an electric wave state becomes lower than a threshold value, which is variable. The threshold value... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110263259 - Mobile station and mobile communication method: A mobile station (UE) according to the present invention includes: a control unit (12) configured to acquire predetermined information from handover information and to continue a communication in a second cell by using the acquired predetermined information, when reception of at least one portion of broadcast information by a reception... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110263254 - Tracking cells for cell-reselection in a cellular communications system: A user equipment (UE) in a cellular communication system tracks neighbor cells by periodically performing a signal measurement process and periodically performing a signal tracking process. Neighbor cells are ranked according to measured signal level, and the number of cells that are tracked is variable, and is based on the... Agent:

20110263261 - Cell reselection method and apparatus: A mobile radio communications device is used for use in a cellular network and arranged for reselection to a neighbouring cell as required, the device being a arranged to employ one of a plurality of measurement qualities as part of a cell-reselection procedure, wherein the measurement quantity employed is selected... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110263260 - Determining cell reselection parameter for transmission by access point: A parameter for transmission by an access point is determined in a manner that facilitates access terminal mobility. For example, a cell reselection parameter and/or a handover parameter may be determined based on the quality of a signal from one access point (e.g., a macro cell) at another access point... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110263262 - Apparatus and method for providing handover support inforamtion in mobile communication system: An apparatus and method for providing handover support information in a mobile communication system are provided. A method for an Base Station (BS) to provide information necessary for measurement report trigger performance to a Mobile Station (MS) after the MS determines neighboring BSs in a mobile communication system includes, in... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110263263 - Cost effective call routing from ims networks to local carrier networks: A call placed by a mobile device may be routed to landline destinations using cost-sensitive routing techniques. The call may be routed based on whether it is an intra-MTA (major trade area) or inter-MTA call. In one implementation, a device may receive message initiating a call and determine the MTA... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20110263264 - Method for operation of a wimax network and wimax network: A method for operation of a WiMAX network, the network including a WiMAX macrocell network with one or more macrocell base stations and at least one femtocell base station, the macrocell base stations and the at least one femtocell base station being configured to offer connectivity to mobile stations is... Agent: Nec Europe Ltd.

20110263266 - Method for connecting mobile station to base station, mobile station, base station, multi-carrier mobile communication system, and random access channel mapping method: In a mobile station, correction information is obtained from a base station for correcting a transmission timing shift in an uplink line of the mobile station, and the transmission timing shift is corrected in accordance with the correction information. Within a period in which the correction information is valid, the... Agent:

20110263265 - Method of dimensioning radio access networks, corresponding system and computer program product: Downlink and uplink communication resources to ensure network coverage and satisfy assigned traffic requirements in a communication network are allocated by setting a given balance of downlink and uplink communication resources while leaving a part of downlink and uplink communication resources remaining to be allocated. Downlink cell radius and uplink... Agent: Telecom Italia S.p.a.

20110263270 - Method and system for sharing a signal received by an antenna: Described are a method, system, and mobile communication device for sharing a signal received by an antenna. A signal, such as a signal sent from a global positioning system, is received by the antenna. An amplifier is then used to generate an amplified signal. The amplifier is located an attenuation... Agent: Psion Teklogix Inc.

20110263267 - Method for terminal-based recognition of home base stations in a cellular telephone system by means of support by the cellular network: A method for the geographical location of a mobile radio terminal within a cellular mobile radio network, in which each cell in the mobile radio network can be identified using an identifier containing a cell identification and an area identification and wherein an identifier is emitted and wherein the mobile... Agent:

20110263268 - Navigation apparatus, location determination system and method of location determination: A navigation apparatus includes a wireless communications unit for data communication via a wireless communications network supported by identifiable base stations. The apparatus also includes a processing resource arranged to support, when in use, an operational environment, the operational environment supporting a location determination module arranged to receive at a... Agent: Tom Tom International B.v.

20110263272 - Presence service time zone information: The invention relates to a method for providing a time zone information of a mobile user entity to a presence server of a cellular network, wherein a network control node by which the mobile user entity is served, is determined. Based on the geographical position of said network control node,... Agent:

20110263273 - Single point location tracking for a mobile device in a communication network: Briefly, in accordance with one or more embodiments, the location of a mobile device within a floor plan of a building or the like environment may be determined using a single transmission link between transceiver and the mobile device. A bit error rate value and a receiver signal strength indication... Agent: Intel-ge Care Innovations LLC

20110263271 - Techniques for uplink cooperation of access nodes: For uplink cooperation of a serving access node (100-1) and a supporting access node (100-2) with respect to a terminal (200), the serving access node (100-1) requests information relating to an Rx signal (10-2) received from the terminal (200) at the supporting access node (100-2). The requested information may include... Agent:

20110263269 - Time, frequency, and location determination for femtocells: Apparatus having corresponding methods and tangible computer-readable media comprise: a measurement module adapted to generate measurements of a wireless television signal received by the apparatus and measurements of a wireless satellite positioning signal received by the apparatus; a location module adapted to determine a location of the apparatus based on... Agent:

20110263275 - Intelligent location-based services: A method for dynamically providing location-based services, including receiving at least one user input indicating a request for a suggested point of interest; and generating a query based on the user input and a time reference. In addition, the generated query can be processed to identify a plurality of points... Agent: Motorola Inc.

20110263274 - Telecommunications networks and devices: A GSM, UMTS or LTE mobile telecommunications network includes a radio access network comprising base stations, and further includes one or more additional access points. An access point may be connected to the network core by an IP transport broadband connection. The access point is configured to appear to the... Agent:

20110263276 - Method and system to control actions based on global positioning system: A method and system for restricting operation of at least one function of a communication device based upon the physical location of the device. Global position coordinates are leveraged to ascertain the location of the device and to restrict functionality of the device. One or more alternative solutions are presented... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110263277 - Method and system for radio frequency coverage prediction in a multi-level wireless network: A method and system for predicting radio frequency (RF) coverage in a multi-level wireless network is described herein. The multi-level wireless network includes the network management server and a plurality of wireless devices, where each of the wireless devices includes an RF transmitter. A two-dimensional wireless network configuration model of... Agent:

20110263279 - System and method for reducing the size of an electronic message on a mobile communication device: A method is performed by an electronic communication device. The device receives a first text message, including a message body, from a sender. The device receives a second text message, including a message body, from the same sender. The device identifies information that is common to both message bodies as... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263278 - User interface methods and apparatus for use in communicating messages: Methods and apparatus for use in communicating messages from a communication device are described. The device receives, via its user interface, an input request for creating a new message. The device also receives, via its user interface, one or more input requests for selecting one or more message recipient identifiers... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263280 - Self-calibrating multi-antenna wireless communication system: A large scale, self-calibrating multi-antenna wireless communication system calibrates the transmit-receive RF chains of antennas in the system. The system, during a first time interval, transmits a pilot signal from at least those antennas in a first time-reuse group, so that the pilot signals are received at antennas in one... Agent:

20110263281 - Power control for closed loop transmit diversity and mimo in uplink: A method for dynamically controlling the transmit power of transmission streams transmitted via multiple antennas is disclosed. A transmit power level for multiple streams is determined based on a first reference channel. The difference of signal to interface ratios (SIRs) between two reference channels may represent a power offset. The... Agent: Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

20110263282 - Verifying neighbor cell: A base station, computer readable medium and method for determining whether a neighbor cell is a neighbor of a serving cell, where the serving cell and the neighbor cell belong to a same communication network that includes a user terminal served by the serving cell. The method includes receiving at... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20110263285 - Method and apparatus relating to secondary use of radio resources: According to aspects of the invention, a radio signal that constitutes a secondary use is provided with a predefined identifier (11) that identifies the radio signal as a secondary use. The identifier (11) can be any suitable signal characteristic that somehow can be detected by a suitable radio receiver. The... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson(publ)

20110263283 - Network device and cell selection method: A network device (10) includes: a cell information management unit (11) configured to manage cell information including sizes of the plurality of cells #1 to #4, #11 to #13, #141; and a cell selection unit (12) configured to select a target cell for connection or a camp on cell for... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110263284 - Radio base station, radio resource allocation method and radio communication system: A radio base station for performing radio communication with a plurality of radio terminals by allocating a different radio resource to each of the plurality of radio terminals includes a measurement unit for measuring, at every predetermined timing, a path loss on the radio resource allocated to each of the... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110263286 - Method and apparatus for contention-based wireless transmissions: Certain aspects of the present disclosure relate to a technique for managing contention-based uplink data transmissions. According to certain aspects, a base station may allocate a common contention-based resource to a plurality of user equipment (UEs). The plurality of UEs may utilize the contention-based resource to transmit uplink data without... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110263287 - Mobile communication terminal, method, and radio communication system: A mobile communications terminal divides a plurality of multipath signals associated with radio signals transmitted from a plurality of base stations using an S-CCPCH into groups by base station, i.e., by transmit source, maximum-ratio-combines a plurality of multipath signals associated with each same base station which is a transmit source... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110263288 - Method and apparatus for extending a broadcast group service: A method and apparatus for extending a virtual channel of a communication area to a user equipment is disclosed. A message including a virtual channel identity and an area identity from the user equipment is received at a call controller. The call controller determines that the virtual channel identity is... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110263289 - Communications structures including antennas with separate antenna branches coupled to feed and ground conductors: A communications structure may include a ground plane, a ground conductor electrically coupled to the ground plane and extending from the ground plane, and a feed conductor. A first antenna branch may be electrically coupled to the ground conductor, with an electrical coupling between the first antenna branch and the... Agent:

20110263291 - Access stratum manager: A multi-mode mobile communication device may include a processing device, a memory sub-system, a communication sub-system operable to communicate with the plurality of wireless access networks, and a protocol stack stored in the memory sub-system and executed by the processing device. The protocol stack may include a first access stratum,... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263290 - Method and apparatus for providing hibernation of multi-mode mobile terminal: A method and apparatus minimize current consumption related to accessing a local network in a multi-mode mobile terminal. Current location information of the multi-mode mobile terminal is checked through a first communication module. A second communication module for a local network is turned-on when the current location information of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110263292 - Contactless payment card optimized for attachment to mobile smart phone: A payment card includes an ID-1-sized plastic body, which has a left edge, a right edge, a top edge and a bottom edge. The payment card also includes an integrated circuit (IC) embedded in the plastic body. The IC stores a payment card account number. Also included in the payment... Agent:

20110263293 - Mobile device interface for use in a vehicle: A vehicle system is provided with a docking station for receiving a personal device, a controller in communication with the docking station, and a display interface for a vehicle in communication with the controller. The display interface is configured to present at least one menu option from the personal device... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110263294 - Electric power control method and mobile device adapted thereto: An electric power control method and a mobile device adapted thereto are provided that stores power for subsequent provision to a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM). In exemplary operation, both an RF communication unit and a charging unit are operative. The charging unit is coupled to a SIM electric power supply... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110263296 - Method for automatically transferring an application in a mobile communication terminal of telecommunication networks: A method for transferring an application in a telecommunication terminal includes: storing in a removable smart card identification data related to the application; connecting the removable smart card to the telecommunication terminal in order to establish an electrical communication between them; acquiring by the telecommunication terminal the identification data; sending... Agent:

20110263295 - System and method for providing a smart card-based widget service, and smart card for the same: A system and method provide a smart card-based widget service, and a smart card for the same. Status information including information about a service icon and an active status for at least one widget service embedded according to the specification of a user is set. A widget waiting screen image... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd

20110263297 - Method and apparatus for contention resolution of passive endpoints: An approach is provided for contention resolution of passive endpoints. A contention resolution platform causes, at least in part, scanning of a data channel of a passive endpoint at a first active endpoint to detect a powered state of the passive endpoint. The contention resolution platform then identifies a second... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110263298 - Method and apparatus for displaying text information in mobile terminal: A method and apparatus for displaying text information in the form of a list is provided. A method for displaying text information according to the present invention includes displaying a list of at least one item representing text information and a partial content of the text information; and modifying, in... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110263300 - Portable terminal: Disclosed is a portable terminal that can improve antenna characteristics regardless of the opened or closed state of a case. A portable terminal (1) comprises a first case (2) and a second case (3), a opening/closing sensor (45), which is able to detect an open state and a closed state,... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110263299 - Video projector: A video projector includes a main body serving as a portable unit, which includes a projection optical unit that forms and projects a display image. The main body includes a rechargeable battery serving as a power supply. A holder holds the main body at a predetermined position. The holder includes... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110263301 - Bluetooth control system for mobile devices used in a car: A Bluetooth control system for mobile devices used in a car is disclosed for controlling Bluetooth communication. The Bluetooth control system comprises a separated controller and a main controlling box. The separated controller comprises a control panel and a controller board. When a user presses the control panel, the controller... Agent:

20110263302 - Mother board: A mother board including a controller, a rapid charging initiation unit, a connection port, and a switching unit is provided. The rapid charging initiation unit provides a first voltage ranging from 3.2 V to 11 V and a second voltage ranging from 2.7 V to 0.6 V. A voltage difference... Agent: Giga-byte Technology Co.,ltd.

20110263303 - Multi-button control headset for a mobile communication device: The invention is directed at a headset for a mobile communication device having a multi-button control and is implemented with a standard headset jack. The multi-button control is decoded by a microprocessor after which an encoded signal is then transmitted from the processor to the handset. In this manner, by... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110263304 - Method and apparatus for flat and tilt slide mechanism: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a first housing section, a second housing section, and a connection mechanism between the housing sections. The connection mechanism includes a first hinge member, a slide plate, second hinge member, a first hinge... Agent: Nokia Corporation

10/20/2011 > 85 patent applications in 52 patent subcategories.

20110256824 - Wireless communication system, communication control method, radio base station, radio terminal, and storage medium: Even when a radio terminal cannot receive content data from a base station to which the radio terminal serves, the radio terminal receives the content data from other base station. A wireless communication system (1) includes a plurality of radio base stations (21 to 23) and a radio terminal (40).... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110256825 - Method for changing a preamble in moving network system, and system for same: The present invention relates to a method for changing a preamble in a moving network system, and a system for same. The method comprises the steps of: enabling a base station to select a relay, to change a preamble thereof from at least two relays using a first preamble; enabling... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110256826 - Wireless communication system: A wireless communication system includes a wireless base station, a mobile station configured to communicate with the wireless base station, and a relay station configured to relay the communication between the wireless base station and the mobile station. When the number of the mobile stations communicating with the wireless base... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110256827 - Communication system: The present application relates to a wireless communication system and related methods and apparatuses for transmitting a signal from a source apparatus to a destination apparatus, via at least one intermediate apparatus. In particular, the present invention relates to techniques which seek to improve the throughput of data in multi-hop... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110256828 - Method and system for responder-aware relay station selection in wireless communication networks: Responder-aware relay station selection in a wireless communication network is provided. One implementation includes evaluating operational parameters of multiple candidate wireless relay stations, and selecting a wireless relay station among the multiple candidate wireless relay stations based on the evaluation. A wireless communication is transmitted to the selected wireless relay... Agent:

20110256829 - Radio communication terminal, method for controlling the same, and information storage medium: Provided is a wireless communication terminal capable of efficiently exchanging, with another wireless communication terminal, data items generated by a plurality of application programs. The wireless communication terminal, which performs wireless communication with another wireless communication terminal, is configured to: store a plurality of exchange data-related information items output when... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20110256832 - Apparatus and method for controlling smart card comprised of multi sensor: Provided are a smart card controlling apparatus for controlling a smart card which includes a multi-sensor, and a method thereof. The smart card controlling apparatus may include an interface unit that is connected to a USB terminal of the smart card which includes a multi-sensor and recognizing the smart card,... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110256831 - Bluetooth mouse for fast switching linking objects: A Bluetooth mouse for fast switching linking objects comprises a signal processing circuit triggered by a key unit to generate a control signal according to a displacement amount of the mouse. The signal processing circuit is electrically connected with a Bluetooth transmission device. The mouse has a pairing information memory... Agent:

20110256830 - Wireless communication headset system: A wireless communication headset system comprises a plurality of wireless communication headset devices and at least one transponder; in which the wireless communication headset device transmits a control signal in order to perform corresponding control actions with the signal and transmits a voice signal, while the transponder transmits the control... Agent:

20110256833 - Interference-free neighbor cell measurements: A device selects one or more cells in the network, and coordinates transmissions from the selected one or more cells, and transmissions from neighbor cells of the selected one or more cells, so that transmissions of the selected one or more cells do not interfere with reference signals transmitted by... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson

20110256835 - Test device and method for carrying out a functional test of a communication system: A testing device comprises a transmission path comprising at least one leakage conduction antenna disposed in the cabin of the aircraft, a control device coupled to the transmission path, said control device comprising a generating device for generating a broad-band interference signal and a transfer device for feeding an HF... Agent:

20110256834 - Method and apparatus to facilitate support for multi-radio coexistence: A method of wireless communication includes identifying one or more coexistence issues corresponding to a utilized set of communication resources of a User Equipment (UE). The method also includes communicating an indication of the coexistence issue(s) to a serving base station.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110256836 - Radio base station apparatus and mobile terminal apparatus: The present invention provides a radio base station apparatus and a mobile terminal apparatus that can realize efficient reception control when a plurality of mobile communication systems coexist. The radio base station apparatus allocates a control signal of the mobile communication system having a relatively wide system band composed of... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110256837 - Coherent transceiver and related method of operation: A transceiver is provided, comprising: a programmable waveform generator configured to generate a base signal, the programmable waveform generator including a controllable waveform generator configured to generate an initial bandwidth signal having an initial frequency bandwidth; a multiple tone generator configured to generate a plurality of tone signals, each tone... Agent:

20110256839 - Addition circuit, power amplifier circuit using same, and transmission device and communication device using the power amplifier circuit: Disclosed are an addition circuit that makes it possible to add two vector signals in a high-frequency region, a power amplifier circuit using the same, and a transmission device and communication device using the power amplifier circuit. Disclosed is an addition circuit, wherein first through fourth multipliers (11-14) multiply first... Agent:

20110256838 - Methods for determining optimum power supply voltages for radio-frequency power amplifier circuitry: Electronic devices with wireless communications capabilities are provided. The electronic device may include storage and processing circuitry, power amplifier circuitry, power supply circuitry, etc. The storage and processing circuitry may direct the power amplifier circuitry to operate using a desired gain mode, in a particular radio channel, and at a... Agent:

20110256840 - Synchronization device, reception device, synchronization method, and reception method: A synchronization device including a plurality of counter sections each outputting a numerical signal indicating a counted number by detecting a clock, the synchronization device includes: a first counter section which outputs the numerical signal; a counter synchronization signal output section which outputs a counter synchronization signal indicating the same... Agent:

20110256841 - Wireless communication apparatus having automatic antenna tuning function: A matching circuit, connected to a receiving antenna and to the input of a receiving circuit, incorporates a variable capacitor that is adjustable for tuning the resonance frequency of the antenna to a desired reception frequency. In an automatic tuning mode of operation, an oscillator signal of different frequency from... Agent: Nippon Soken, Inc.

20110256842 - Apparatus and method for broadcasting messages to selected group(s) of users: There is disclosed a method and apparatus for transmitting a message to at least one group of users selected from a population of the users. The method comprises the steps of assigning to each member of the one group a common characteristic or indication, collecting from each member of the... Agent:

20110256843 - System and method for message-based access: A method and system for providing message-based access to services includes receiving a request message from a mobile subscriber relating to a service that is desired by the mobile subscriber, routing the request message for processing, performing one or more activities in accordance with the requested service, returning a response... Agent: Sybase 365, Inc.

20110256844 - Cell phone based sound production: A cell phone based sound producing device is a sound producing device that takes advantage of the likelihood that a user is already carrying a cell phone and does not need to also carry an electronic sound producing device. Another advantage is that cell phones are designed to communicate across... Agent:

20110256845 - Verifying geographical location of wide area network users: A method for verifying a purported location of a wide area network user is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of receiving information from a user via a wide area network, including a purported geographical location of the network user. A first network address from which the information is received... Agent: Hoshiko LLC

20110256850 - Method and arrangement for creation of association between user equipment and an access point: Methods, apparatus, and computer program products for creating an association between a first user equipment and at least one access point assisted by a registration server in a telecommunication network are disclosed. The registration server responds to a first contact request carried out using a first association number for the... Agent:

20110256847 - Method for modifying the operating mode of a technical communications group platform (tcgpl) of a telecommunications network (tc network): The invention relates to a method for modifying the operating mode of a technical communications group platform (TCGPL) of a telecommunications network (TC network) for at least one driving object 1 which is controlled by a subscriber object (SUBC), by modifying by means of at least one modifying object 2... Agent: Sigram Schindler Beteiligungsgesellschaft Mbh

20110256846 - Systems and method for media transfer: Components of a mobile traffic network and components in communication with the network cooperate to confirm whether a mobile station user or account owner has previously purchased media content for a particular mobile station. Media content that has already been purchased by a user can be downloaded by that user... Agent:

20110256849 - Systems and methods for mobility management in overlaid mobile communications systems: Communications of a mobile station with a satellite mobile communications system and a terrestrial mobile communications system are coordinated. The mobile station is registered with the terrestrial mobile communications system and, responsive to the registration of the mobile station with the terrestrial mobile communications system, the mobile station is concurrently... Agent: Atc Technologies, LLC

20110256848 - Touch-based mobile device and method for performing touch lock function of the mobile device: A touch-based mobile device and a method for performing a touch lock function of the mobile device are provided. In the method, the device displays a touch lock screen in which a cover layer is superimposed over a specific underlying screen and allows the underlying screen to be visible. When... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110256851 - Method and apparatus for managing message history data for a mobile communication device: A method and apparatus for managing history data of messages received from and transmitted to other users by a user of a mobile communication device is provided. Message history data is extracted from received and transmitted messages and stored such that a user of the mobile communication device may easily... Agent:

20110256852 - Systems and methods for storage of user information and for verifying user identity: Systems and methods are provided for maintaining user profile information and allowing for biometric verification of the user's identity. The user stores or links to personal, financial, etc. information in a web page. The user can limit the types of information that is available to others. The information can be... Agent:

20110256853 - Wifi and gsm landmarks and neighborhoods for location based services: A system for capturing and delivering location-based information and services captures wireless landmark information sent by mobile devices to build a map of locations based on the relationship between wireless landmarks that are visible to the mobile device at the same time. A wireless landmark may be a cellular telephone... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110256854 - Cellular communications system for providing non-real time subscription data and related methods: A cellular communications system may include a plurality of mobile cellular communications devices each associated with a respective user, and at least one cellular base station for wirelessly communicating with the mobile cellular communications devices. The at least one cellular base station may have a capacity associated therewith. The system... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110256855 - Method for base station to obtain radio capability information of user equipment in long term evolution system: A method for a base station to obtain radio capability information of a User Equipment (UE) in long term evolution system comprises that: a mobility management entity sends an initial context setup request message to the base station, and the base station determines whether the received initial context setup request... Agent: Zte Corporation

20110256856 - Ue detach: The present invention relates to a method for closing all network connections to a detached user equipment. The local mobility anchor (LMA) receives and reads a control message saying that the user equipment is detached and all the network connections must be closed. The LMA performs the instructions in the... Agent:

20110256858 - Method of handling system information reception and related communication device: A method of handling system information reception for a mobile device capable of receiving and transmitting on a plurality of component carriers in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method comprises receiving system information of a secondary component carrier of the plurality of component carriers via a first dedicated... Agent:

20110256857 - Systems and methods for improving antenna isolation using signal cancellation: Interference compensation circuits can isolate a victim antenna from an aggressor antenna, which causes the antennas to appear as being spaced further apart. The interference compensation circuit can obtain samples of signals generated by a transmitter for transmission by the aggressor antenna and process the samples to generate an interference... Agent: Intersil Americas Inc.

20110256860 - Wireless base station, terminal, wireless communication system, and wireless communications method: A wireless base station includes a communicator that performs wireless communication with a subordinate terminal, using any one among various types of wireless channels; and a processor to control the wireless base station in accordance with a process including: analyzing a utilization state of the wireless channel used by the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110256859 - Wireless station apparatus, wireless communication system, and wireless communication control method: A wireless station apparatus is proposed that solves the problem of deterioration of communication quality. An arrival direction detection unit (13) detects the direction of arrival of uplink signals received by a wireless receiver (11). A mobile station determination unit (12) determines whether the transmission-origin mobile station of the uplink... Agent:

20110256862 - Description method for optimizing exchanges of information on acknowledgement in asynchronous communication between terminal and network: In a method for optimizing exchanges of acknowledgement signals between a mobile equipment in asynchronous communication with a plurality of base stations of a cellular telecommunication network, the terminal sends data to the base stations and each base station is likely to return to the terminal a positive acknowledgement ACK... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110256861 - Radio link monitoring (rlm) and reference signal received power (rsrp) measurement for heterogeneous networks: A method for communicating in an advanced long term evolution (LTE-A) network using common reference signal (CRS) resources associated with different interference levels due to resource partitioning is disclosed. Signals are received from an eNodeB indicating a subset of CRS resources for radio link monitoring (RLM) and/or reference signal received... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110256863 - Method and apparatus for wireless radio frequency test signal generation: Generating a radio frequency test signal for a mobile wireless communication device from a set of scanned radio frequency data that represents a plurality of radio frequency channels over a sequence of time intervals. A segment of the set of scanned radio frequency data over a time interval is classified... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110256864 - communications system and method: A method of operation of a mobile network (1) comprising network core central nodes including a switching node and at least one remote node (4, 5) linked with the central nodes via a remote backhaul communication link (3). The method performs local connection of data or voice sessions. A remote... Agent:

20110256865 - User equipment adjustment of uplink satellite communications: User equipment of a communication system in one aspect obtains data indicative of the position of a satellite, and obtains data indicative of the position of the user equipment. The user equipment computes a delay measure based on the data indicative of the position of the satellite and the data... Agent:

20110256866 - Method of and equipment for subscriber mobility registration update in a home location register of a mobile communications network: A method of and equipment for subscriber mobility registration update in a Home Location Register, HLR, of a Global System for Mobile communications, GSM, or a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, UMTS, mobile telecommunications network. The HLR receives and stores subscriber mobility registration information from at least one Mobile Switching Centre,... Agent:

20110256867 - Method, user equipment, and system for network selection: A method, user equipment (UE) and system relates to communications technologies, and in particular, to a network selection technology for a UE on a mobile communication network. The method includes obtaining a public land mobile network and closed subscriber group identity (PLMN/CSG ID) combination parameter of a network that covers... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd

20110256868 - Base station device, mobile station device, communication system, and communication method: A communication system which performs communication between a base station device configuring at least one cell and a mobile station device, wherein: the base station device includes: a synchronization signal generation unit which generates a synchronization signal corresponding to a cell identity for identifying a cell; and a transmission unit... Agent:

20110256869 - Peer-to-peer assisted network search: Methods, program products, and systems of peer-to-peer assisted network searching are disclosed. In general, in one aspect, a first mobile device can request cellular connectivity configuration information from one or more second mobile devices over a personal area network. The first mobile device can receive the cellular connectivity configuration information... Agent:

20110256872 - Apparatus and method for a handover in mobile communication system: An apparatus and a method for a handover in a mobile communication system are provided. A method for an operation of a gateway in a mobile communication system includes receiving a message informing of a handover of a User Equipment (UE) from a Base Station (BS), determining whether the handover... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110256873 - Maintaining current cell location information in a cellular access network: A system, method, and User Equipment, UE, for providing a current LTE cell location to a Generic Radio Access Network Controller, GANG, based on different triggers depending on the UE state. The GANC ensures that the correct GANG is serving the UE, and also maps the LTE cell location to... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110256870 - Method and system of handover based on channel quality and loading: A base station may decide to initiate a handover of a communication with a mobile station from a first wireless link to a new wireless link and identify one or more wireless links for the handover. For each identified wireless link, the base station may then determine a channel-quality metric,... Agent: Clear Wireless LLC

20110256871 - Mobility influenced by radio uplink failure: An intelligent subscriber and method of the subscriber roaming between base stations is presented. An unexpected uplink, such as a request to initiate communication, a SMS communication or request to change talkgroup, is transmitted to a base station. When a predetermined number of such uplinks remain unacknowledged by the base... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110256874 - Handoff method between different systems and wireless terminal: A method of performing a handoff between a plurality of wireless systems having different service areas and a wireless communication terminal are provided. A means for selecting one of the wireless systems to be connected according to the average moving speed of the wireless terminal is provided. When the average... Agent:

20110256875 - Method and apparatus for supporting location services via a home node b (hnb): Techniques for supporting location services for a home Node B (HNB) and its user equipments (UEs) are disclosed. In an aspect, location services may be supported for a UE by having an HNB inter-work between user plane and control plane location solutions. In one design, the HNB receives a request... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110256876 - Apparatus and method for reducing resource consumption in mobile terminal: An apparatus and a method for reducing unnecessary resource consumption in a mobile terminal are provided. The method includes determining, when a first timer expires, whether the periodic location update procedure can be performed, when the periodic location update procedure cannot be performed, starting a second timer, and, when the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110256877 - Method and arrangement to control a repeater in a wireless communication system: An object of the present invention is to provide a mechanism for controlling a repeater that is less costly and more flexible. The objective is achieved by a method in a control unit (150) for controlling a repeater (100) being comprised in a radio access network (110). The control unit... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110256878 - Method and apparatus for adjusting bandwidth allocations in a wireless network: In accordance with particular embodiments, a method includes providing one or more network tuning constants associated with one or more base stations of a wireless network. The network tuning constants are configured to adjust an equilibrium point of a first bandwidth allocation among the one or more base stations. The... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110256879 - Method of allocating radio resources in a wireless communication system: A method of allocating radio resources in a wireless communication system is disclosed. A method of allocating radio resources from a network of a wireless communication system in accordance with a plurality of scheduling modes comprises transmitting first scheduling information to a user equipment to allocate radio resources to the... Agent:

20110256880 - Cellular network load balancing: A method and system are disclosed for operation of a cellular network comprising a first base station, a second base station and a mobile station being served by the first base station. Load information is received from the second base station at the mobile station, the load information indicating a... Agent:

20110256881 - Context-based reverse geocoding: In general, in one aspect, a mobile device can perform reverse geocoding based on context, in addition to latitude and longitude coordinates. The reverse geocoding can be used to determine in which geofence among multiple geofences the mobile device is located. Thus, the mobile device can be associated with a... Agent:

20110256884 - Controlling radio emission from a mobile terminal in a critical area: Methods and arrangements (400, 600) in network nodes (101, 102, 110) for controlling radio emission from a mobile terminal (102) are provided. The mobile terminal (102) is located in a critical area. The network node sends a location parameter of the critical area, wherein the location parameter indicates a geographical... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110256885 - Location acquiring system and location information acquiring method: There are provided a location acquiring system that allows acquiring of location information that keeps track of the movement of a mobile communication terminal to be searched for, with the transmission and reception of signals for acquiring the location information being suppressed, and a location information acquiring method. A session... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110256883 - Method for transmitting and receiving paging messages: The present invention relates to a communication method for an idle mode terminal in a wireless access system to which a femtocell is applied. The method for receiving paging messages at a terminal in a femtocell environment according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises the steps of: receiving... Agent:

20110256887 - Mid-call synchronization for u-tdoa and aoa location in umts: In a wireless location system, a method for determining frame and slot timing information for use in receiving an uplink signal from a user equipment (UE) device assigned to an uplink Dedicated Physical Control Channel (DPCCH) includes receiving signals in the uplink DPCCH at a location measurement unit (LMU) of... Agent: Trueposition, Inc.

20110256882 - Multi-path mitigation in rangefinding and tracking objects using reduced attenuation rf technology: A method and system for identification, tracking and locating in wireless communications and wireless networks. The method and system use reference and/or pilot signals that are present in wireless communications and wireless networks. The method and system can also use RTT, TOA and time-stamping measurements/techniques to determine one or more... Agent: Invisitrack, Inc.

20110256886 - System and method for providing automatic location-based imaging using mobile and stationary cameras: An approach is provided for automatic location-based imaging. User positional information is determined based on a mobile device associated with a user. The user positional information is correlated with camera positional information of a camera configured to capture one or more images of the user. The one or more images... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20110256888 - Message over cell phone system: A social networking technique and site that sends information based on current time and on interests. An embodiment sends information by text messages.... Agent: Ubiquity Holdings

20110256889 - Mobile phone aggregation system: An aggregation machine including: a smart phone including a display, and networking hardware connecting the smart phone to the Internet, the smart phone programmed so that the aggregation machine connects to a plurality of servers via the Internet, and then authenticates itself with each of the plurality of servers, and... Agent: Confluence Commons, Inc.

20110256890 - Femto base stations and methods for operating the same: Femto base stations and methods described herein suppress the need for an external GPS antenna and cable, while still providing a network service provider with the ability to obtain the desired GPS location coordinates and the user with the flexibility of placing the femto cell at the location of their... Agent:

20110256891 - Power savings through cooperative operation of multiradio devices: Page monitoring in a proxy relationship is optimized through creation of a new page occasion (PO) or paging frame (PF). The new PO/PF includes pages for each client-proxy relationship. Once the new PO/PF is communicated to the proxy, the proxy monitors for the pages of each client by monitoring a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110256892 - Method, apparatus and system for transmitting signal: The present invention relates to communication technologies, and discloses a method, an apparatus, and a system for transmitting a signal to ensure normal communication between the calling party and the called party. The method includes: A first node sends Global Text Telephone (GTT) signal encoded in a Cellular Text Telephone... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110256893 - Adaptive transmission selection: A controlling station (110, 400) comprising an antenna arrangement (420) with a number of antennas, which each covers one of a number of adjacent cells, with a main beam with a beamwidth that extends into two immediately adjacent cells. The controlling station (110, 400) is adapted to:—transmit on a control... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110256894 - User equipment and server system for updating data relating to fixed wireless nodes: A User Equipment (UE) for use in a wireless network including a first radio access network supporting a first radio access technology and a server system including a stored database of wireless nodes, the stored database identifying fixed wireless nodes that are geographically dispersed and that broadcast a signal including... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110256895 - Apparatus for facilitating peripheral device selection: enable selection of the geographical location of the particular peripheral device to use the communication channel signalling to provide for connection of the electronic device to the particular peripheral device to allow the electronic device to use the functionality provided by the particular peripheral device.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110256897 - Base station apparatus, user equipment and precoding method: The present invention provides a base station apparatus capable of preventing degrading of throughput performance even when feedback information amount on precoding in uplink MIMO transmission is reduced. This base station (200) has a scheduler (231) for determining resource blocks used in wireless communications with each mobile station (100) adaptively,... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110256896 - Signaling identification of machine to machine devices and services: Certain aspects of the present disclosure propose methods for identifying machine to machine (M2M) devices and services. Each device may indicate its M2M functionality either for each of the services performed by the device or for all of its services to a core network. The core network may report the... Agent:

20110256898 - Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and paging information reception method: A disclosed transmitting apparatus includes a paging indicator information generating unit generating paging indicator information including a group ID of users who are to receive a paging channel and information indicating a radio resource in which the paging channel is transmitted; and a multiplexing unit multiplexing the paging indicator information.... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110256899 - Autonomous electromagnetic emissions reduction for sensitivity improvement: Techniques are described to improve the electrical characterization of ICs and PCBs in a manner that ultimately contributes to network optimization by improving sensitivity without increasing power consumption. Knowledge generated by, for example, emissions and susceptibility profiles, is used to dynamically optimize sensitivity for a device, such as a handset,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110256900 - Data arrival control server and data arrival control method: There are provided a data arrival control server and a data arrival control method, whereby in a case where an identical user uses plural communication terminals, even if a data-receiving terminal is powered off, it is made possible to know with another communication terminal that there is a data arrival... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110256902 - Open loop power offset update: Provided is an feedback mechanism to correct power control information in a broadcast signal that is determined to be incorrect by one or more devices that receive and rely on the broadcast information. A device that receives the incorrect broadcast information can determine a correction and to the information and... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110256901 - Power control in a coordinated multipoint system: A Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP) controller advantageously reduces the transmit powers of transmissions coordinated across a plurality of sub-cells within a CoMP cell. The CoMP controller determines serving sub-cell path gains and interfering sub-cell path gains for a set of mobile terminals to be served by distinct sub-cells. The CoMP controller... Agent:

20110256903 - System, method and mobile device for displaying wireless mode indicators: Embodiments relate to a mobile device comprising: a processor; a display responsive to the processor; a plurality of wireless communication subsystems responsive to the processor; and a memory. The memory is accessible to the processor and stores program code executable by the processor for executing a user interface application. The... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110256905 - Computing device with removable processing unit: A computing device comprises a plurality of user interface elements, a first communications link software module, and a removable processing unit comprising at least a processor module, a data storage module, and a second communications link software module. According to the embodiment, the first communications link software module and the... Agent:

20110256904 - Remote vehicle start system with advance dynamic scheduling system: A system and method is described for a vehicle remote starter with an advanced dynamic scheduling system. The system and method utilizes a cellular telephone, interfacing with standard scheduling software, and capable of communicating with the Internet to gather real time data and communicating through a wireless telecommunication network with... Agent: Dei Headquarters, Inc.

20110256906 - Locking of communication device: A communication system for implementing locking of a device (102) is described. The device (102) can be locked to a network service provider for a validity period. After expiry of the validity period, the device (102) can be automatically unlocked. In locked mode of operation, an integrated circuit (IC) card... Agent: St-ericsson India

20110256908 - Communication device, communication history display method, and computer-readable recording medium recorded with communication history display program: In order to facilitate an operation of registering a telephone number from history information into a group, a mobile phone includes a flash memory for storing a phone book, a history storing portion which stores history information including telephone numbers of past communication partners, a history displaying portion which displays... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110256907 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which group communications of various types with a conversation group can be performed in various ways can be performed in a manner of forming the group of conversation with at least two counterpart terminals using an image including at least... Agent:

10/13/2011 > 101 patent applications in 60 patent subcategories.

20110250835 - Distribution system, distribution apparatus, terminal apparatus, and method which distribute a common control signal: A distribution apparatus distributes a common control signal to one or more regions with one or more communications system which can be used. The common control signal includes system information required for accessing the communications system of each of the regions. The distribution apparatus has a unit which generates the... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110250837 - Communications system and method using a part of human body as an antenna in a body area network: There is provided a communications system and method using a part of human body as an antenna in a body area network, and more particularly, to a communications system and method enabling wireless communications using a low frequency band without the use of a bulky antenna in such a manner... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110250836 - Interference-adaptive uwb radio-based vehicle communication system for active-safety: A system and method for increasing transmission concurrency amongst communicating vehicles using UWB radio-based communication is presented. The method comprises dividing an area around a sending vehicle into transmission areas, and, for each transmission area, broadcasting a message from the sending vehicle, waiting for a time, and when a not... Agent: Telcordia Technologies, Inc.

20110250839 - Apparatus and method for controlling the bell sound, the camera, and the communication function of a mobile phone via an nfc chip module and an external rf reader: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for controlling the ringtone, camera, and communication functions of a mobile terminal using a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip module and an external Radio Frequency (RF) reader. The apparatus includes an NFC chip module, a base band chip, and a USIM card. The NFC chip... Agent: Aq Co., Ltd.

20110250840 - Automatic power-off of bluetooth device from linked device: Methods and systems for powering-off a Bluetooth device from a linked device are provided. A device can transmit a Bluetooth signal to a linked device to instruct the linked device to power-off. In this manner, the user need only turn off one device manually which results in all linked devices... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110250838 - Rf and nfc pamm enhanced electromagnetic signaling: A communication device includes a processing module, a transmitter section, a receiver section, a wireless communication structure, a projected artificial magnetic mirror (PAMM) array, and a metal backing. The transmitter section and the receiver section are on a first layer. The wireless communication structure is on a second layer, the... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110250841 - System and method for using a single antenna for active and passive radio functions: A system and method for using a single antenna for active and passive radio functions. A wireless communication device includes a passive component that can be read using an antenna when the wireless communication device is in a low power sleep mode. When it is determined that a higher capacity... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110250844 - Asymmetric rtt ranging with multipath correction: A method, system, and device provide asymmetric round-trip-time (RTT) ranging with multipath correction. A RTT ranging determination using the resulting composite received signal contains multipath error, and compensation or correction of this error in a manner compatible with low-power, low-complexity devices, such as tag devices, is provided.... Agent: Sunrise Micro Devices, Inc.

20110250842 - Bluetooth radio device and management application for integration with a telecommunications network: In one embodiment, a method includes determining when a device is in a range of a first aggregator and, if the device is determined to be in the range of the first aggregator, causing the first aggregator to support the device. The method also includes determining when the device is... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20110250843 - Bluetooth unit of mounting type: A mounting type Bluetooth unit is provided, which can lengthen the life span of a battery. The mounting type Bluetooth unit is fixedly installed in the interior of a vehicle and is provided with a casing body that packages a circuit board having a controller with control logic for performing... Agent: Gt Telecom Co., Ltd

20110250845 - Communication system and method: A communication system and method in which the communication system comprises a first communication module (11) and a second communication module (12). The first communication module (11) is located inside a vehicle (1), and the second communication module (12) is located in a garage door opener (3) and/or a home... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110250848 - Method and apparatus for channel quality reporting in a wireless communication system: According to one aspect, the present invention advantageously provides a method and apparatus that increase communications throughput by manipulating the order or manner in which CQI values are reported in a multi-rank CQI report that constrains one or more such values according to reporting order. As a non-limiting example, the... Agent:

20110250847 - Method for testing appliances for a mobile-radio system, signal generator, appliance for a mobile-radio system, and a measurement system: A method, a signal generator, an appliance for a mobile radio system, and a measurement system are provided. First of all, a signal generator generates signal data. The signal data are used to generate a signal which is sent to the appliance which is to be tested. The appliance which... Agent: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110250849 - Radiative focal area antenna transmission coupling arrangement: The present invention comprises a docking system for connecting a portable communication device to a further signal transmission line. The docking system may be arranged within a workstation such as a desk or a tray. The system may also envelope a room in a building or be located in a... Agent:

20110250850 - System and method for determining air interface information for radio resource management in wireless communications: A method for determining values for use by radio resource management functions is disclosed. Air interface actual values and predictive values are obtained and stored. A timestamp indicating a time when each actual value or predictive value is obtained is generated and stored. The actual values and the predictive values... Agent: Interdigital Technology Corporation

20110250851 - Simulated degradation of snr in decoded digital audio correlated to wireless link bit-error rate: Embodiments of the present invention provide a system, apparatus and method for an audible indicator of a quality of a received digital radio transmission. After receiving a digital radio transmission in a digital radio receiver, the quality of the received digital radio transmission is detected. Then an audible communication from... Agent: Harris Corporation

20110250846 - Apparatus and associated methods: In one or more embodiments described herein, there is provided an apparatus configured to generate a prioritised radio channel selection list, in accordance with at least one predetermined selection criterion, for one or more adjacent perimeter areas of respective adjacent radio channel cells. The at least one predetermined selection criterion... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110250852 - Tuning matching circuits for transmitter and receiver bands as a function of transmitter metrics: A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium includes computer instructions to determine a translation function based on a transmit frequency of a transmit mode and a receive frequency of a receive mode of a transceiver for a communication device, and adjust a variable reactance component of an impedance matching circuit for the... Agent: Paratek Microwave, Inc.

20110250853 - Operating point setting of an amplifier: Embodiments related to the setting of an operating point of an amplifier are described and depicted.... Agent:

20110250854 - Reconfigurable wireless transmission system: A wireless transmission system supporting at least first and second high-isolation transmission modes. In the first TX mode, first and second incoming data streams are processed independently within first and second TX paths to generate first and second analog outgoing signals for separate transmission via first and second antennas. In... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110250855 - Wireless transmitter: A wireless transmitter that includes a phase rotating unit which adds phase rotation to signals which are respectively input to antennas and adds first phase rotation for controlling the maximum delay time between the antennas and a second phase rotation for controlling the phases of arbitrary antennas among the antennas,... Agent:

20110250856 - Direct fm/pm modulation: Representative implementations of direct FM/PM modulation and systems are disclosed describing frequency modulation or phase modulation of information onto a carrier signal using a divider that is remote from the carrier signal generation path.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110250857 - Interference avoidance in white space communication systems: Mobile communication system equipment avoids interfering with another transmitter's operation. Sensing information indicating whether the other transmitter's signal has been detected is received from remote sensors, wherein each of the remote sensors is situated at a respective one of two or more sensor locations. The sensing information and information about... Agent:

20110250858 - Frequency selection and transition over white space: A method of wireless communication includes determining at least one neighboring apparatus from which to obtain information, obtaining information related to a plurality of channels from the at least one neighboring apparatus, selecting a channel from the plurality of channels based on the obtained information, and transmitting on the selected... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110250859 - Pilot based adaptation for fm radio receiver: Performing a decoding mode of a frequency modulation (FM) signal for an adaptive FM radio receiver includes passing the FM signal through a FM demodulator to obtain a composite signal that includes a pilot signal and noise around the pilot signal, passing the composite signal through a band bass filter,... Agent: Newport Media, Inc.

20110250860 - Receiver and method for dynamically adjusting sensitivity of receiver: A receiver and a method for dynamically adjusting sensitivity of the receiver are provided. The receiver includes a detection unit and a receiving unit. The detection unit detects an input signal group, and outputs a detection result. The receiving unit receives the input signal group according to a sensitivity. Wherein,... Agent: Himax Technologies Limited

20110250861 - Highly integrated, high frequency, high power operation mmic: A system and method for high frequency, high power operation communication systems is provided. More particularly, a system and method for a single system-on-chip system monolithic microwave integrated circuit that provides both high-frequency performance at a low cost is provided.... Agent: Viasat, Inc.

20110250863 - Apparatus and method of explicit indication of call from emergency call centre: A method in a mobile device includes receiving an incoming call. An emergency signal, associated with an incoming call, is detected. The emergency signal indicates the incoming call is from an emergency call center. Responsive to detecting the emergency signal, the emergency call is automatically answered, and information identifying the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110250862 - Handling of segmentation of etws messages: The transmission of a warning message to a mobile terminal in a mobile communication network is triggered by an emergency event. The mobile terminal is first made aware of the need to receive a warning message by reception of an emergency event notification. The warning message is divided into a... Agent:

20110250864 - Method and device for identifying the location of an indoor mobile telephone user: A method is provided for activating a transmission means comprised in a mobile device to operate in a manner compatible with at least one wireless communication protocol such as a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi standard. The activation of this transmission means is carried out in response to receiving a pre-defined indication... Agent:

20110250865 - Resource and utilization management of telecommunication devices: Methods and systems for resource and utilization management of telecommunications devices within an enterprise, where the enterprise contracts for telecommunications service from one or more service providers, comprising components configured to receive quantity data corresponding to the amount of telecommunications service used by the enterprise per period into a resource... Agent:

20110250866 - Conducting a mobile financial transcation using a secure element and sms: A method for conducting a mobile financial transaction using an NFC secure element and transmitting data associated with the transaction between a wireless communication and a remote server. The method includes running a mobile application on the wireless communication device, in which the mobile application is a rich client application.... Agent:

20110250867 - Method and apparatus for restricting network access in a mobile communication terminal: A method and an apparatus for restricting network access in a mobile communication terminal are provided. The method for restricting the network access in the mobile communication terminal includes when network access is attempted, receiving a password for a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card inserted into the terminal, transmitting the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110250868 - Method, server, and system for configuring paging group and neighbor cell list of femto access point: A method, a server, and a system for configuring a paging group (PG) and a neighbor cell list of a femto access point (FAP) are provided. The method includes: receiving a configuration request from a security gateway or an FAP; acquiring location information of the FAP; determining an access service... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110250870 - Method for recording mobile phone calls: The present invention generally relates to a system and method for recording mobile phone calls for record keeping. The present invention utilizes a software call-recording application installed on the mobile phone to make a direct connection to a centralized recording server utilizing a conference or three-way calling feature on the... Agent:

20110250869 - Selectively transitioning between physical-layer networks during a streaming communication session within a wireless communications system: Embodiments are directed to a network-connection report is received at a server (e.g., a presence server) from a first user equipment (UE) that identifies a type of physical-layer network to which the first UE is connected. In response to a determination that the first UE is engaged in a communication... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110250871 - Task management based on travel distance: Methods, program products, and systems for task management based on travel distance are disclosed. In general, in one aspect, a method executed on a mobile device can include receiving a request to perform a task in a first subsystem (e.g., an application subsystem) of the mobile device. The request can... Agent:

20110250873 - Handheld electronic device having improved phone call log, and associated method: An improved handheld electronic device and an associated method provide an improved call log that presents information relating to logged phone calls in a collapsed manner, meaning that for each phone number having a call stored in the memory of the device, only the most recent in time call is... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110250872 - Method of and system for providing application store service: A method of providing an Application Store (AppStore) service is provided. The method includes executing searching application, transmitting first request message to a directory service server, the first request message including a request for an AppStore list, receiving a first response message including the AppStore list from the directory service... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110250874 - Enhanced telephony services: Techniques for providing a smart dial controller for enhancing a telephone voice call using a data connection. In an exemplary embodiment, a dial controller may be provided in a calling device for calling another user, and/or a called device for receiving a call from another user. Techniques are provided for... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110250875 - Location-based application program management: Methods, program products, and systems for location-based application program management are described. A mobile device can receive a first application program to be executed in an application subsystem. The first application program can be configured to be invoked or notified when the mobile device is located at a defined location.... Agent:

20110250878 - Communication devices and methods thereof: Communication devices and methods thereof. The communication device comprises a communication module, a memory module, and a control module. The communication module receives a data object exceeding a predetermined data size from a device management server. The memory module, coupled to the communication module, comprises a management object tree having... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110250877 - Method for reactivating a then-currently deactivated mobile unit: A method for reactivating a then-currently deactivated mobile unit involves submitting a request to a call center to reactivate the mobile unit and, upon receiving the request, submitting another request to a cellular service provider from the call center, where such other request includes a request to broadcast a message... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110250876 - Method for resetting a non-responsive mobile unit then-currently occupying a cellular traffic channel of a wireless network: A method for resetting a non-responsive mobile unit then-currently occupying a cellular traffic channel of a wireless network is disclosed herein. The method involves recognizing, at an external entity, that the mobile unit is in a non-responsive state that is occupying a voice channel of the cellular traffic channel, and... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110250879 - Wireless communication system for a level: [Means for Solving Problems] A wireless communication system for a level according to the present invention characterized in that the system comprises a central monitoring unit, mobile stations operating as moving object wireless terminals, and an underground base station, and that the central monitoring unit can selectively operate either in... Agent:

20110250881 - Apparatus, method, system and program for power control or power setting: Embodiments provide an apparatus, method, product and storage medium for controlling or setting a transmit power of a femto cell depending on a received power of at least one neighbouring macro cell.... Agent:

20110250882 - Resource measurement and reporting method in long term evolution system: A method for measuring and reporting resource in a long term evolution system comprises: a source base station encapsulating a resource status request message and sending the message to a target base station; after receiving the resource status request message, the target base station processing the message, and sending a... Agent:

20110250880 - Ue-based mdt measuring and reporting in a cellular radio access network: In one embodiment, if a UE is performing minimizing drive test (MDT) measurements and a radio link failure (RLF) occurs, the UE may add MDT measurement information to an RLF message to the network. In effect, the UE “piggy-backs” MDT information in the RLF report, and in so doing, provides... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110250883 - Monitoring of network call activity in a satellite-based communication system: A network monitoring system includes data source routers, data servers, and user interface modules for depicting visual data presentations that show call activity within a satellite-based communication network. The data source routers capture signaling data from a terrestrial portion of the network and supply the signaling data to the data... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

20110250884 - Method and a device for enabling a mobile terminal to access to a wireless cellular telecommunication network: The present invention concerns a method for enabling a mobile terminal to access to a wireless cellular telecommunication network. The method comprises the steps of: —detecting the reception of a message transferred by the mobile terminal to a base station (5650, 5600), —determining if the base station which received the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110250885 - Method for operating a closed subscriber group (csg) cell for open network access: Method for operating one or more cells (10) of a cellular mobile network, each cell (10) being identifiable by an emitted cell identifier (CSG_ID) use being limited/limitable to closed subscriber groups by the cell (10) having a corresponding identifier (CSG_ID) and the cell terminals (UE1, UE2, UE3) being registered in... Agent:

20110250887 - Method and apparatus for continuity of positioning determination at handover: Methods and devices are provided for observed time difference of arrival (OTDOA) continuity at handover. In one embodiment, the method may involve, in response to being served by a first serving cell, receiving a first set of timing offsets provided in assistance data from the network. The method may involve,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110250890 - Method and apparatus for neighbor cell configuration and method and apparatus for femtocell base station configuration: The present invention discloses a method and an apparatus for neighbor cell configuration and a method and an apparatus for femtocell base station configuration. The neighbor cell configuration method includes: obtaining information of at least one macro cell; obtaining neighbor cell information of the at least one macro cell; and... Agent:

20110250888 - Method and apparatus for performing cell reselection in wireless communication system: An apparatus and method of performing cell reselection in a wireless communication system is provided. A mobile station determines whether first priority information for the first RAT is provided by the serving cell, and receives second priority information of a second RAT from the serving cell. The mobile station performs... Agent:

20110250886 - Method and system of determining whether a mobile station is located inside a coverage area of a narrowband repeater and using the determination in a handover procedure: A method and system of determining whether a mobile station is located inside (or moving into) a repeater's coverage area and using the determination in a handover procedure. An access network may receive from a mobile station communicating on a first wireless link an indication of channel quality for the... Agent: Clear Wireless LLC

20110250889 - Mobile communication method and mobile station: The present invention relates to a mobile communication method in which a mobile station performs a handover from a handover source radio base station to a handover target radio base station. The mobile communication method includes the steps of: (A) acquiring, at the handover target radio base station, from the... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110250893 - Apparatus and method of performing measurements logging in wireless communication system: A method and apparatus of performing measurements logging in a mobile communications system is provided. A user equipment receives a first measurement request message from a first cell and receives a handover command message. Upon receiving the handover command message, the user equipment stops a transmission of a response to... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110250891 - Method and apparatus for directing traffic between overlying macrocells and microcells: The present invention provides embodiments of methods for directing traffic between cells of different sizes. One embodiment of the method includes determining, at a mobile unit, whether to hand off from a source cell to a target cell based on information indicating sizes of coverage areas of the source cell... Agent:

20110250892 - Methods and apparatus for facilitating robust forward handover in long term evolution (lte) communication systems: Method and apparatus for facilitating inter-cell connections, such as during a forward handover or radio link failure (RLF), are disclosed. A user terminal such as a UE may store identity information associated with a source cell, and use this information in accessing target or other cells subsequent to radio link... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110250894 - Wireless communication system, base station, and wireless communication method: A wireless communication system, includes: a first base station; a second base station; a first terminal which transmits call connection data to the first base station; a second terminal which receives a call connection request; and a management device which manages location and movement of the first terminal, wherein the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110250895 - Communication routing based on presence in a confined wireless environment: System(s), method(s) and user interfaces are provided to route an incoming communication (e.g., a voice call, a data call) to a wireless devices or a wireline device, based in part on at least one routing preference and a presence condition of a mobile device in a confined wireless environment served... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110250897 - Method and apparatus for transmitting signal in wireless communication system: A method of transmitting a signal of a base station in a wireless communication system is provided. The method includes transmitting a first signal to the relay station through the transmission period in a subframe including a transmission period and a guard time for transmission/reception switching of a relay station,... Agent:

20110250896 - Wireless terminal, base station and wireless communication system: According to one embodiment, a wireless terminal includes a determination module, a request generator and a transmitter. The determination module is configured to determine whether wireless communication with a second base station is possible, when the wireless terminal is connected to a first base station. The second base station is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110250900 - Method and system for accountable resource allocation in cellular and broadband networks: A method includes receiving information flows between users into a basestation of a cellular network, applying a usage accountability framework responsive to predetermined user fairness metrics, bandwidth resources on the network and a history of channel bandwidth variations by the users, and executing bandwidth allocation for the flows between the... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20110250898 - Resource allocation: A method of communicating control information performed by a communication device in a mobile telecommunication system in which each of a plurality of communication devices are allocated plural orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) resource allocations, the method including receiving, in a control channel, from a base station and over an E-UTRA... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110250899 - Uplink power control in long term evolution networks: A method for power control in a long term evolution (LTE) network is disclosed and includes configuring a user equipment (UE) with a plurality of transmit power levels where each transmit power level corresponds to a subframe type. A first power level is used in subframes protected by cooperative coordination... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110250902 - Determining time zone based on location: Methods, program products, and systems of determining a time zone based on location is disclosed. In general, in one aspect, a mobile device can store one or more geometric shapes using latitude and longitude coordinates. The geometric shapes can be associated with time zones. The mobile device can determine a... Agent:

20110250904 - Enhanced indoor localization: An indoor localization system for locating an electronic mobile device within an indoor environment is provided. The indoor localization system includes a plurality of transmitting nodes arranged in different positions within the indoor environment and configured to transmit RF signals. An electronic mobile device is configured to receive the RF... Agent: Telespazio S.p.a.

20110250905 - Methods and arrangements for fingerprinting positioning: A method for providing position determination assisting data comprises repetitions of establishing (210) of a cell relation configuration for a user equipment and performing (212) of a high-precision position determination for the user equipment. Results of the determinations belonging to the same cell relation configuration are clustered (214) in separate... Agent:

20110250901 - Multi-tier geofence detection: Methods, program products, and systems for multi-tier geofence detection are disclosed. In general, in one aspect, a mobile device can be configured to perform a task when the mobile device enters a geographic region. The mobile device can monitor a current location using a multi-tier approach. A baseband subsystem can... Agent:

20110250903 - Selective location determination: Methods, program products, and systems for selective location determination are described. A mobile device can determine a location of the mobile device using various techniques. When there is a conflict between the locations determined using different techniques, the mobile device can select a most trustworthy location from the locations, and... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110250906 - Positioning and location services using civic address information: Positioning and location services are provided in a wireless communication network using civic address information. The civic address information may comprise a data structure including textual Information Elements such as apartment or office number, street number, street name, city, state, postal code, and the like. A positioning method is defined... Agent:

20110250907 - Method and apparatus for providing position-related information to mobile recipients: A system for providing position-related information to a mobile user includes a mobile unit and a central site server. The mobile unit includes circuitry for determining present position information from position signals which may emanate from, for example, GPS satellites. The mobile unit further includes circuitry for establishing a wireless... Agent: Snaptrack, Inc.

20110250908 - Locating a source of wireless transmissions from a licensed user of a licensed spectral resource: Own communication equipment locates a source of wireless transmissions, the own equipment including a serving base station (BS). The serving BS receives, from remote sensors including at least one user equipment (UE), sensing information from which transmitter location information (“location information”) can be determined. The location information is oriented in... Agent:

20110250910 - Apparatus and method of performing measurements logging in wireless communication system: A method and apparatus for performing measurements logging in a mobile communications system is provided. An user equipment receives a first measurement configuration message including a first measurement configuration and receives a second measurement configuration message. The user equipment discards the first measurement configuration upon receiving the second measurement configuration... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110250909 - Registering client computing devices for online communication sessions: Registering a client computing device for online communication sessions. A registration server receives a message that has a push token that is unique to the client computing device and a phone number of the client computing device from an SMS (Short Message Service) transit device, which received an SMS message... Agent:

20110250912 - Method for controlling uplink transmission power in wireless communication system and an apparatus therefor: A method for setting uplink transmission power at a mobile station in a wireless communication system comprises the steps of: receiving information on the number of total streams received at a base station; and setting the uplink transmission power using the received number of total streams. In this case, the... Agent:

20110250911 - Noise padding techniques in heterogeneous networks: A method of wireless communication includes detecting uplink interference in a received uplink transmission of a user equipment. The received uplink transmission is padded with noise based on the detected interference and also based on a frequency domain partition, whether a subframe is protected, and/or a user equipment type.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110250913 - Random access procedure enhancements for heterogeneous networks: Certain aspects of the present disclosure provide various mechanisms that allow a user equipment to convey information regarding one or more attributes to a base station during a random access (RA) procedure. The attributes may include, for example a capability of the UE (e.g., to support a particular feature or... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110250914 - Rf distribution system, remote control unit and method of using same: A system for configuring communication paths in a radio communications system including a plurality of radios, a plurality of antennas and radio frequency distribution communications equipment in communication with the plurality of radios and antennas. The configuring system includes at least one of (1) a graphical user interface display window... Agent: Rf Products, Inc.

20110250918 - Communication device and method thereof: Methods for a communication device. The method comprises being configured with at least one uplink carrier and at least one downlink carrier according to a carrier aggregation configuration, receiving at least one control signal at least one downlink control channel on the at least one downlink carrier, determining at least... Agent:

20110250919 - Cqi estimation in a wireless communication network: Techniques for estimating and reporting channel quality indicator (CQI) are disclosed. Neighboring base stations may cause strong interference to one another and may be allocated different resources, e.g., different subframes. A UE may observe different levels of interference on different resources. In an aspect, the UE may determine a CQI... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110250917 - Method and apparatus for centralized allocation of bandwidth in a wireless network: A method for allocating bandwidth in a wireless network includes communicating wirelessly with at least one endpoint using a first frequency bandwidth. The method may also include receiving a measurement of a signal quality from the at least one endpoint and communicating an indication of the signal quality to a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110250916 - Methods and apparatus for determining and assigning spectrum for wireless communications: Methods and apparatus for determining band availability and/or allocating one or more frequency bands to a communications device for wireless communications are described. In different locations and/or at different times different frequency bands, e.g., band corresponding to unused TV channels, may be available for allocation. Various described methods and apparatus... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110250915 - System and method for managing radio access to spectrum and to a spectrum management system: A communication system where radios without a normally available communication pathway to a spectrum management system (referred to as spoke radio devices) communicate with the spectrum management system by joining a network established by a hub radio device that has a prior registration with the spectrum management system. Once joined,... Agent:

20110250920 - Mobile terminal: A mobile terminal retains a communication device allocation priority table in which the allocation priorities of communication devices to respective applications are recorded for each of the communication devices mounted to the mobile terminal. The allocation priorities are determined from the combination of the types of an application and the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20110250921 - Omni-directional sensing of radio spectra: Multiple antennas used for data transmission and/or reception are also used to achieve omni-directional antenna functionality. Signals from the antennas are converted to baseband and stored. Phase shifts are applied to the stored signals to steer the effective reception beam in one of a number of directions. A process of... Agent:

20110250922 - Method and device for establishing an inter-radio frequency subsystem interface (issi) group call: A hosted inter-radio frequency subsystem interface (HIF) maintains a list of affiliated radio frequency subsystems (RFSSs), the list identifies at least one serving RFSS. An affiliation request is transmitted from the HIF to the home RFSS, which is a home RFSS of the group. The HIF receives from the serving... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110250923 - Method and device for establishing an inter-radio frequency subsystem interface (issi) unit-to-unit call: A method and device enable establishing an inter-radio frequency subsystem interface (ISSI) unit-to-unit call between a calling unit of a calling home radio frequency subsystem (RFSS), and a called unit of a called home RFSS, through a hosted ISSI function (HIF). The method includes processing, at the HIF, a first... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110250924 - Energy-efficient operation of a communication network: A method for wireless communication between a base station and a number of devices is provided, with the devices in each case having a limited energy supply. To establish a connection, the base station sends a sequence of synchronization signals on at least one of its communication channels. The devices... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110250925 - Method and device for notifying handover failure indication information: The invention discloses a method for notifying handover failure indication information, comprising: a first base station determines, according to radio link failure (RLF) information in a received radio resource control (RRC) re-establishment request message, the information about a cell in which an RLF happens before a UE initiates an RRC... Agent: Zte Corporation

20110250926 - Dynamic antenna selection in a wireless device: Techniques for supporting a plurality of radios on a wireless device with a limited number of antennas are described. In one design, at least one radio may be selected from among the plurality of radios on the wireless device. At least one antenna may be selected for the at least... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110250927 - Wireless base station, wireless communication system, method for controlling transmission power of wireless base station, and storage medium of program for controlling transmission power of wireless base station: A connection request signal generation unit transmits a connection request signal to a selected neighboring base station selected from neighboring base stations existing around. A common channel reception processing unit, when receiving a response signal which corresponds to the connection request signal, from the selected neighboring base station, stores a... Agent:

20110250928 - Adjustable wireless circuitry with antenna-based proximity detector: An electronic device such as a portable electronic device has wireless communications circuitry. Antennas in the electronic device may be used in transmitting radio-frequency antenna signals. A coupler and antenna signal phase and magnitude measurement circuitry may be used to determine when external objects are in the vicinity of the... Agent:

20110250929 - Cursor control device and apparatus having same: A cursor control device includes a detection module having an image capturing unit defining a detectable region, an information identifying module including an information storage unit and an information comparing unit, and a signal processing unit. The information comparing unit is configured for identifying the object by comparing a captured... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110250930 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method of an embodiment thereof are discussed, by which types and statuses of applications currently executed in multitasking environment can be more conveniently checked. The method includes executing a plurality of applications, selecting a first region from at least one or more candidate regions of... Agent:

20110250931 - Static heading detection in personal navigation device: A personal navigation device configured to determine heading readings continuously using data from a sensor in the personal navigation device. Heading readings are selected corresponding to a periodic event. A representative heading is determined from the selected heading readings. When a portion of the selected heading readings has a value... Agent:

20110250932 - Personal sound system including multi-mode ear level module with priority logic: A personal sound system is described that includes a wireless network supporting an ear-level module, a companion module and a phone. Other audio sources are supported as well. A configuration processor configures the ear-level module and the companion module for private communications, and configures the ear-level module for a plurality... Agent: Sound Id

20110250933 - Method of controlling dialing modes in a vehicle: A dialing mode of a telematics unit in a vehicle is controlled by monitoring for dialing digits from a vehicle occupant, determining whether the type of dialing digits are continuous dialing digits or discrete dialing digits, establishing a continuous mode for receiving continuous dialing digits or a discrete mode for... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110250934 - Charging while wireless: The present invention in several embodiments is a system that allows users to charge the battery of their cell phone without having to utilize traditional means. The present invention gives cell phone users the opportunity to charge their phone's battery utilizing a wireless router or other RF source. This product... Agent:

20110250935 - Portable wireless device: Provided is a portable wireless device wherein deterioration of antenna performance is eliminated, in the case where the portable wireless device is provided with a sliding mechanism wherein a metal member is used. A sliding unit (150) includes a first sliding member (103) and a second sliding member (104), and... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

10/06/2011 > 148 patent applications in 74 patent subcategories.

20110244784 - Method and apparatus for identification of broadcast source: A user (102) hears an audio program being broadcast and can record a sample of the audio. The sample is then conveyed to an analyzing means (106) to determine to which broadcast station the user is listening. The analyzing means monitors many broadcast channels. Thus, characteristics of the audio sample... Agent: Landmark Digital Services LLC

20110244785 - Distributed antenna communications system: A distributed antenna system comprises a base transceiver station, a plurality of distributed antenna units and a signal routing apparatus. The base transceiver station has a plurality of output ports that generate a plurality of downlink signals having overlapping transmit frequencies and containing different communication content. The different communication content... Agent: Lgc Wireless, Inc.

20110244787 - Method and apparatus for transmitting scheduling request in wireless communication system: A method of transmitting a scheduling request in a wireless communication system is provided. The method includes: transmitting a scheduling request signal by a relay station to a base station in a first subframe; and transmitting data by the relay station to the base station in a second subframe, wherein... Agent:

20110244788 - Radio communications system: A radio communications system includes a radio base station, an intermediate station to receive data from the radio base station and relay the received data; and another radio base station adjacent to the radio base station. The radio base station transmits data that is the same as the data to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110244786 - Reflector apparatus, radio base station and radio communication method: A reflector apparatus includes a reflector configured to reflect a directional beam transmitted from an array antenna of a radio base station to the reflector apparatus, a signal receiving unit configured to receive a training signal transmitted from the radio base station, a weight generating unit configured to generate an... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110244789 - Wireless communication apparatus and data relay method: An optimum path storage unit stores optimum paths on all wireless communication devices that can be destinations of data. A reception unit receives relay data as a relay target. A QoS judgment unit reads out an optimum path corresponding to a QoS requirement of relay data from the optimum path... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110244790 - Relay and method for signal transmission thereof: A method for signal transmission of a relay, includes estimating a first modulation/demodulation channel between a transmitter and the relay and a second modulation/demodulation channel between the relay and a receiver, and an interference channel of the relay, receiving a radio frequency signal from a transmitter, generating a transformation vector... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20110244792 - Method for saving power of a femto base station using sleep period synchronization: The present invention relates to a wireless access system, and more particularly, to a method for saving power of a femto base station. The present invention includes obtaining reference synchronization information used in a prescribed area to enable a first femto base station to perform a sleep mode operation, shifting... Agent:

20110244791 - Transmission/reception systems and receivers, and skew compensation methods thereof: Provided are transmission/reception systems, transmission/reception receivers, and skew compensation methods thereof. A transmission/reception receiver may include delay compensators connected to respective data lines. The receiver may also include a detector configured to detect arrival time points of data signals input through the data lines. The receiver may further include a... Agent:

20110244795 - Communication device, communication method, information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information processing system: A communication system and method is provided for use when a device conducts a near field communication (NFC) with a store apparatus. A method includes receiving usage information concerning the NFC at a server in response to the NFC, and storing the usage information in the server, the usage information... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110244797 - Portable mobile communication device and method of controlling near field communication: A portable mobile communication device (10) has a mobile host processor (104) permanently installed in the portable mobile communication device (10) and a near field communication circuit (100) comprising a non-volatile memory (101). Configuration data is maintained in the non-volatile memory (101) of the near field communication circuit (100), for... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110244794 - Power supply apparatus, method for controlling the power supply apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium: If a plurality of power receiving apparatuses are in a predetermined range, a power supply apparatus selects a power receiving apparatus to be preferentially charged based on the remaining capacities of batteries of the respective power receiving apparatuses, and stops charging of the power receiving apparatuses other than the selected... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110244796 - Systems, methods, and computer readable media for performing multiple transactions through a single near field communication (nfc) tap: The subject matter described herein includes a method of performing multiple transactions through a single near field communication (NFC) tap. The method includes storing, at a linking application in a wireless device, a plurality of application identifiers (AIDs) that identify a plurality of applications to be processed in a single... Agent:

20110244793 - Transmission apparatus, method, and program: A transmission apparatus includes: setting means for setting a transmission target period during which transmission data is transmitted to a destination apparatus; control means for resizing the transmission data in such a way that the size thereof becomes smaller than or equal to a total transfer data size of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110244798 - Data packet generator and implementations of same: A data packet generator transmits data packets using radio frequency signals. The data packets are included, in some embodiments, in a network name. The network name can be detected by a computing device, which receives the data packet. The data packet can then be used for a variety of purposes.... Agent: Wherepro, LLC

20110244800 - Method and system for providing wireless communication between user equipments: A method of providing wireless communication between user equipments, comprising the steps of: retrieving (102) user data and a predefined communication criterion from a first wireless user equipment (202) having at least two communication interfaces; selecting one of the communication interfaces in dependence of the predefined communication criterion; identifying (107)... Agent:

20110244799 - Systems and methods for operating transaction terminals: Methods, systems and apparatus are provided including a proximity payment device reader which includes a reader control program to control a process to execute process, where a first process is executed upon receipt of an activation signal, the activation signal indicating the initiation of a transaction involving a proximity payment... Agent:

20110244801 - Microwave/millimeter wave communication apparatus: A baseband signal processing unit changes the collector current of a transistor (20) formed by a bias control circuit (7) in accordance with a baseband transmission signal input from a baseband signal input terminal (18), changing the drain bias of a high-frequency transistor (1) to realize frequency modulation by changing... Agent: Communications Research Laboratory, Inc.

20110244802 - Systems, methods and devices for providing feedback about a quality of communication between a device and a remote control: Systems, devices and methods provide feedback about the quality of communication between a device and a remote control. A wireless signal is sent between a controlled device and the remote control. The quality of the signal can be measured and reported to a user, installer, troubleshooter, customer service agent or... Agent: Echostar Technologies LLC

20110244807 - Apparatus and method for frequency offset estimation in mobile communication system: A method and apparatus estimate a frequency offset of a receiver in a mobile communication system. A pilot signal and a signal of a control channel are received from a transmitter. Frequency offsets of the pilot signal and frequency offsets of the control channel are estimated, respectively. And the frequency... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110244804 - Apparatuses and methods for reporting availability of measurement log: A communications apparatus includes a wireless module and a controller module is provided. The wireless module transmits and receives radio frequency signals to and from a service network via at least a first and a second component carriers. The controller module receives a first measurement configuration corresponding to the first... Agent:

20110244805 - Apparatuses and methods for reporting availability of measurement log: A communications apparatus includes a wireless module and a controller module is provided. The wireless module transmits and receives radio frequency signals to and from a service network via a set of component carrier(s), which is configured by the service network and includes at least a first component carrier. The... Agent:

20110244806 - Dynamic control channel monitoring set for multi-carrier operations: Systems, methods, and devices are disclosed herein for dynamically controlling channel monitoring in a multi-carrier environment. A UE may monitor one or more channels associated with active carriers. The monitoring by the UE may be established via a network pre-configuring the HS-SCCHs and/or specifying which HS-SCCHs the UE should monitor... Agent: Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

20110244809 - Methods and arrangements for noise rise estimation: A received total wideband power (61A) in a wireless communications system is measured a number of times during a time interval. Preferably, also code powers ((C/I)i) are measured, directly or indirectly. A probability distribution of a first power quantity (63A, 63B), typically total received power is estimated from the set... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110244808 - Wireless communications apparatus, wireless communications method, program, and integrated circuit: A wireless communications apparatus (100) includes: antennas (111, 112, and 113); a threshold identifying unit (141) which measures a first radio propagation environment parameter by using a specific directional pattern, and identifies a threshold, from among thresholds, which corresponds to the measured first radio propagation environment parameter; a directional pattern... Agent:

20110244803 - Wireless communications system and wireless device: A wireless communications system and a wireless device are provided which can ensure a satisfactory line quality even when the characteristics of a transmission path are being steeply deteriorated. The wireless device measures a state indicating the characteristics of a transmission path, determines whether or not switching of a modulation... Agent:

20110244811 - Demodulator and method for demodulating a modulated carrier signal: A demodulator includes a sampler configured to sample a plurality of first amplitude values of a modulated carrier signal using a constant sampling frequency and a plurality of second amplitude values of the modulated carrier signal at different times using the same constant sampling frequency. The constant sampling frequency is... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110244810 - Efficient concurrent sampling at different rates: An apparatus and method for efficient and concurrent sampling of a sensor signal to create multiple output signals each at different sampling rates is provided. The apparatus and method determine an aperiodic sampling rate or sampling schedule such that only samples representing samples at the different sampling rates are taken.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110244812 - Apparatus and methods for minimizing performance loss in multiple tuner solutions: Embodiments of systems and methods for implementing multi-channel tuners are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.... Agent:

20110244813 - Communication system: This communication system is equipped with a plurality of transceiver devices each composed of a transmission device that transmits unit data and a reception device that receives unit data from the transmission device. The transmission devices are connected in series. Each of the transmission devices stores identification information for identifying... Agent:

20110244814 - System and method for wirelessly testing integrated circuits: A system and method for wirelessly testing integrated circuits provides a multiple layer interface to wirelessly test integrated circuits. A wireless testing structure for an integrated circuit comprises a wireless transceiver and a wireless test interface. The wireless transceiver is configured to receive test information from a tester and transmit... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique - Cnrs-

20110244815 - Information processing apparatus and wireless communication module: According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes an antenna, a wireless communication module and a switch circuit. The wireless communication module is configured to wirelessly communicate using the antenna. The wireless communication module includes a terminal to output a status indicating a state of a wireless communication. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110244816 - Wireless communication apparatus and method: According to one embodiment, a wireless communication apparatus includes a perturbation vector addition unit, a weight multiplication unit and a normalization coefficient multiplication unit. The perturbation vector addition unit is configured to add a perturbation vector only to a first data signal of a first transmission signal containing a first... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110244817 - Forward link signaling: Exemplary embodiments are directed to forward link signaling via transmitter detuning A method may include selectively detuning a circuit to adjust an amplitude of an associated transmit signal based on data to be transmitted. The method may also include selectively retuning the circuit to differently adjust the amplitude of the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110244818 - Receiver: A receiver 1 is comprised of a first frequency changing circuit 13 for converting a received signal including two or more broadcast waves into a first intermediate frequency signal with a local oscillation, a band separation filter 14 consisting of a multistage FIR type filter for allowing bands included in... Agent:

20110244819 - Active antenna array and method for calibration of the active antenna array: The disclosure also provides a method for the calibration of the active antenna array which comprises generating an initial sounding signal, coupling the initial sounding signal into at least one of a plurality of receive paths to generate an adjusted sounding signal, comparing the adjusted sounding signal with an initial... Agent:

20110244820 - Integrated receivers and integrated circuit having integrated inductors: An integrated wideband receiver includes first and second signal processing paths and a controller. The first signal processing path has an input, and an output for providing a first processed signal, and comprises a first tracking bandpass filter having a first integrated inductor. The second signal processing path has an... Agent:

20110244821 - Electronic devices having interferers aligned with receiver filters: Electronic devices contain radio-frequency receivers such as direct conversion receivers. A receiver may receive radio-frequency antenna signals from an antenna in an electronic device. The receiver may include notch filters that attenuate signals in the center of the communications channel that is being received by the receiver. An electronic device... Agent:

20110244822 - Receiver: A receiver 1 is comprised of a first frequency changing circuit 13 for converting a received signal including two or more broadcast waves into a first intermediate frequency signal with a local oscillation, a band separation filter 14 for allowing bands included in the two or more broadcast waves converted... Agent:

20110244824 - Emergency call notification for network services: Enhanced services, such as call restriction, call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, and proprietary services, may interfere with an emergency callback potentially preventing the callback from reaching the intended destination. Systems and methods for processing emergency calls to eliminate emergency callback failure in response to an emergency call being disconnected are... Agent:

20110244823 - Method to inform user equipment to perform register procedure in wireless communication system and related communication device: Method for a network requesting a UE to initiate a register procedure includes the network sending a paging message to the UE to request the UE to initiate the register procedure; wherein the UE is in a RRC connected mode, and register state of the UE is invalid due to... Agent:

20110244825 - Apparatus, system, and method for disabling a mobile communicator: Provided is a mobile communicator apparatus comprising a locational tracking unit and a disabling circuit. The locational tracking unit determines the location of the mobile communicator. The disabling circuit is configured to change the state of the mobile communicator from an enabled state, wherein the audible receiving and transmitting functions... Agent: Mobile Communication Technologies, LLC

20110244826 - Mobile communication plan offerings: A mobile communication plan offering system and method described herein determines one or more best-fit mobile communication plan offers for mobile communication device (“MCD”) users. Subscribers can also be referred to as “mobile subscribers” or “subscribers”. The mobile communication plan offers typically consist of one or more modifications to a... Agent:

20110244827 - Fee charging system, fee charging method, service server, service providing method, and storage medium: The present invention relates to a billing system, a billing method, a service server, a service providing method, and a storage medium. The billing system according to the present invention allows an end-point terminal to use a service although billing authentication information that the end-point terminal has is not billing... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

20110244830 - Authenticating a short message service (sms) message: A vehicle telematics unit or other electronic hardware in a vehicle authenticates an incoming SMS message and provides additional security features above and beyond those inherent to the SMS protocol. A call center uses a mathematical function to derive a security code, and then sends an SMS message to the... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110244829 - Device registration method and device registration system: A device registration method for a system including a registering apparatus and a first and a second device, includes storing, by the first device, first information which is information about an individual, sending, by the second device, second information to the first device, the second information being information about an... Agent:

20110244828 - System and method for processing connection from macro cellular base station to mini type base station: A system and a method for connecting macro cellular base stations into mini type base stations are applicable to a mobile communication apparatus having a covering range provided by macro cell base stations upon entering into a range provided by mini type base stations for automatic switching. The method includes... Agent: Askey Computer Corporation

20110244831 - Method and system for processing ue status information and managing alerts in telecommunication network: Disclosed is a method of processing User Equipment (UE) status information in a telecommunication network including a plurality of RANs, first UE and second UE, the method including: sending a first message via the telecommunication network, the first message containing a request originated by the first UE and requesting status... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110244832 - System and method of storing telephone conversations: A method and system of storing telephone conversation data to a third party database storage unit is disclosed. The method includes detecting a telephone call initiated in a mobile telephone, recording telephone conversation data, detecting a termination of the telephone call, and transferring the recorded telephone conversation data to a... Agent:

20110244834 - Method and apparatus for intelligently composing a multimedia message for a mobile radio system: The invention presently proposed relates to a method and an apparatus for intelligently composing a multimedia message for a mobile radio system. In this method, a digital voice message is received from a digital answering service, a blank multimedia message is generated and the received multimedia message is added, the... Agent:

20110244833 - Telephone service logic and control: In the preferred computer system, the user is provided with a separate Internet-accessible entity referred to here as the “personal page.” A personal page, preferably, includes memory for storing information related to the user. For example, on his/her personal page the user indicates what he/she wishes to purchase, possibly along... Agent: Di-walkor Iii Services LLC

20110244838 - Method and apparatus of managing contact lists aware of user interests: A method of managing contact lists on a plurality of mobile devices, the mobile devices being connected to a network. The method sensing one or more communications provided by a plurality of broadcast services, the one or more communications including contact information; selecting the contact information of the sensed one... Agent:

20110244837 - Mobile communication terminal and function limitation control: A predetermined communication terminal limits an available function of a mobile communication terminal. The mobile communication terminal sets on a limitation on the use of a specified function of its own terminal in accordance with function limitation setting information determined between the predetermined communication terminal and a server. When the... Agent:

20110244835 - System and method for in-band modem to modem communication: Systems, methods and programmed instructions are disclosed useful for transmitting signals representing data messages to and from a wireless handheld telephony device along a first call leg of a communication session previously established between the wireless handheld telephony device and at least one second telephony device, the communication session being... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110244836 - Third party call control & status signaling: Aspects relate to call control by third parties, where IP or a similar transport is used over a part of the channel for a given call and circuit-switched signaling protocols are used on a different part. For example, a PBX can communicate using SIP signaling to a gateway to a... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110244839 - Multi-tier service wireless communications network: The present invention pertains to improved communication quality in cellular communication networks (10) and the like. A customer has the option to pay different amounts for different tiers of service relating to voice quality and bandwidth access (S102). Higher service tiers may guarantee that a specific vocoder or bit rate... Agent:

20110244840 - Communication system with caller identification mechanism and method of operation thereof: A method of operation of a communication system includes: obtaining a current location for locating a calling device; identifying a caller number for identifying the calling device; and selecting a caller location label based on the caller number and the current location for personalizing a description of the current location... Agent: Telenav, Inc.

20110244841 - Apparatus, system, and method for digital voice call redirection: Apparatus, systems, and methods provide digital voice call redirection. A configuration module associates a phone number with a first identifier of a first voice terminal device and a second identifier of a second voice terminal device provided by an address module. A location module determines whether the first device is... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

20110244842 - Communications system, device with dialing function and method thereof: A communications system includes a caller device, a receiver device, and a communications device. The communications device includes a storage unit, a communications unit, and a processing unit. Each called party is assigned an identifier, and has one or more receiver device. Each receiver device is assigned a phone number.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110244843 - Voice-controlled communications system and method using a badge application: A communication system has a control computer, one or more concentrators and one or more access device each having a badge application that communicates wirelessly with the one or more concentrators. The access device with the badge application provides the user with a communications device that permits the user to... Agent: Vocera Communications, Inc.

20110244844 - Mobile terminal device, method of operation notification, and program of operation notification: A mobile terminal device includes: input sensing means for outputting an operation signal when sensing an operation on an input device; operation determining means for determining that a long-period operation is performed in the case where a period for which the input sensing means outputs the operation signal is not... Agent:

20110244845 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: The present invention includes a mobile terminal and controlling method including a wireless communication unit configured to externally exchange a wireless signal, a display unit, and a controller, when a text message is received from a text message server via the wireless communication unit, configured to determine whether application update... Agent:

20110244846 - Cell phone with remote control system: A remote control system includes a mobile phone, a mobile communication network, a plurality of remote systems, and a server. The mobile phone has an antenna, a mobile communication modem, a processing unit, a system memory, a battery, a keypad, a speaker, and a display The mobile communication network comprises... Agent:

20110244850 - Cell searching system and method: For wireless networks that transmit synchronization signals allowing user equipment to synchronize to cells within the network and transmit reference signals allowing user equipment to determine cell identities, a method and apparatus taught herein advantageously link the synchronization signal sequences to the reference signal sequences according to a defined mapping.... Agent:

20110244848 - Communication system, and communication device and phone device for the same: A communication system switches a communication state from a first communication state where a wireless communication unit of a communication device performs data communication and voice communication with an external device and a phone device to a second communication state to perform the data communication between the phone device and... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110244849 - Communication system, and communication device and phone device for the same: A communication system switches a communication state from a first communication state where a communication device performs data communication and voice communication with an external device, a first phone device, and a second phone device to a second communication state to perform the voice communication between the communication device and... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110244847 - Scalable quantization of channel state information for mimo transmission: Techniques for reporting channel state information (CSI) are described. A user equipment (UE) may receive data transmission from one or more cells among a plurality of cells and may report CSI for each of the plurality of cells. In an aspect, the UE may generate CSI with different quantization granularity... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110244852 - Automated fault reporting in femto cells: An arrangement for wireless communication includes apparatus operable to establish a region of wireless communications capability, and operable to establish communication with a communications hub by way of a backhaul. The apparatus is operable to determine availability of communication facilities on the backhaul and, in response to a request by... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110244851 - Configuring relay cell identities in cellular networks: The technology in this application identifies a relay cell serviced by a relay radio node in a radio access network (RAN) of a cellular communications system in which there is a radio connection between the relay radio node and a donor radio base station. The donor radio base station is... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericssion (publ)

20110244853 - System and method for performance enhancement in heterogeneous wireless access networks: A system and method for dynamically optimizing the transmission power levels for downlink voice and data signal transmitted from a base station to user equipment is disclosed. The user equipment measures the strength and quality of the downlink signal, and transmits this downlink signal information to a control unit. The... Agent: Powerwave Technologies, Inc.

20110244854 - Method, call setup device and computer product for controlling and setting up calls with reduced costs: A method, call setup device (10) and computer program product for controlling telephone call setup for an associated user and having access to different communication networks are provided. The call setup device (10) comprising a data receiving unit (52) receiving a first data message (DM1) from the user comprising callee... Agent:

20110244855 - Wireless protocol converter: Methods and systems for interfacing between broadband wireless communication systems and Local Area Network (LAN) systems includes a repeater station placed at a location that receives sufficient signal strength from a broadband wireless service provider. LAN devices interface with the broadband wireless service provider through the repeater station. The LAN... Agent: Parkervision, Inc.

20110244856 - Wireless network roaming timer method and apparatus: A mobile station in a wireless network includes a roaming timer. The roaming timer is set based on various criteria, and when the roaming timer expires, an attempt to roam is performed.... Agent:

20110244857 - Method for authorizing mobile communication apparatus by femtocell base station, femtocell base station and processor readable medium: A method for parking a mobile communication apparatus of a femtocell base station and applicable to a communication network including a core of an apparatus network, the femtocell base station, and the mobile communication apparatus. The femtocell base station obtains a RRC connection request of an international mobile station identity... Agent: Askey Computer Corporation

20110244859 - Communication control apparatus, communication control method, program, terminal equipment and wireless communication system: There is provided a communication control apparatus to control handover with terminal equipment including a position information acquisition unit to acquire position information containing a cell ID specifying a cell to which the terminal equipment is connected, a storage unit to store a series of the position information acquired by... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110244858 - Method and apparatus for cell reselections: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, a user equipment initiates autonomous cell reselection from a source cell to a target cell. Subsequent to the reselection, the user equipment transmits information relating to the source cell to the target cell. The network is in some embodiments configured... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110244861 - Method and system for managing a mobile device handoff from a macro base station to a femto base station: A method for managing a mobile device handoff from a macro base station to a Femto Base Station includes receiving periodically a subscriber list from each of neighboring Femto Base Stations by the Macro Base Station. The method also includes storing Femto Base Station information and corresponding subscriber list and... Agent:

20110244860 - Method of changing primary component carrier and related communication device: A method of changing a primary component carrier (PCC) for a mobile device in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method comprises receiving a handover command from a network of the wireless communication system to change a first uplink primary component carrier of a first plurality of uplink component... Agent:

20110244865 - Method, system, and device for user detachment when a handover or change occurs in heterogeneous network: A method for user detachment when a handover or change occurs in a heterogeneous network is provided. The method includes: a user equipment (UE) is handed over or switched from a source network to a target network; a network element on a network side determines whether to detach the UE... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110244864 - Methods and apparatus for selecting a base station transceiver system based on service communication type: Techniques for use in selecting a base station transceiver system for communication with a mobile station are described. The mobile station is connected to a first base station transceiver system, and scans to identify a second base station transceiver system for communication. The mobile station further identifies that the second... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110244862 - Mobility control systems and mobility control methods: Base stations notify the mobile terminal of area information that represents communication areas; a mobile terminal decides a handover destination base station based on position information of the mobile terminal and the area information concerning which the base stations notify the mobile terminal and transmits a handover request to the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110244863 - User equipment, base station device, communication system, and handover control method: In a user equipment (UE)(100), a handover from a macro cell base station (eNB)(200) to a CSG cell base station (HeNB)(300) is controlled based on a result of comparison between reception quality from the eNB (200) and reception quality from the HeNB (300) located in a macro cell. The UE... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110244867 - Method and system for realizing energy saving control of bs: The present invention discloses a method for implementing energy saving control at a NodeB, comprising: when a cell of a NodeB is required to sleep, a Radio Network Controller (RNC) sending an indication of sleeping a cell to the NodeB, and the NodeB sleeping the cell to enter into an... Agent: Zte Corporation

20110244866 - Wireless communication system and load balancing aware handover method therefor: An object of the invention is to provide a wireless communication system in which the load of each cell and interference between cells are taken into account. In a handover-candidate base station and a handover-source base station, parameters for interference-reducing scheduling and handover facilitating processing are adjusted based on the... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110244869 - Method and apparatus of communication: A method for parameter management in a wireless cellular communications system, which includes a first base station and a second base station equipped for communications in the communications system, records one or more paging area parameters broadcast by a base station serving a neighbor cell of a cell served by... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110244868 - Method and system for soft handoff in mobile broadband systems: The present invention provides a method and system for facilitating efficient handoff and data throughput in mobile broadband communication systems. Methods implemented by a system constructed in accordance with the principles of the present invention include selectively enabled soft handoff, performing Layer 2 bearer functions at the base station and... Agent: Nortel Networks Limited

20110244870 - Method for operating femtocell in wireless communication system: A method for operating a femtocell in a wireless communication system comprises the steps of: triggering the switching from the operation mode for providing a service to closed subscriber group (CSG) terminals which belong to a specific terminal group and to non-CSG terminals which do not belong to the specific... Agent:

20110244871 - Communication control device, terminal device, radio communication system, radio communication method, and program: There is provided a communication control device including a radio communication unit communicating with a terminal device, a network communication unit accessing any one of a plurality of gateway apparatuses through a network and relaying communication between the terminal device and the gateway apparatus, and a control unit switching the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110244872 - Method of controlling operation of telecommunications network: A method of optimizing operation of a telecommunications network when traffic demand exceeds capacity of the network. The method comprises retrieving a call data record of a first subscriber; analyzing phone calls and/or text messages made and received by said first subscriber; creating a representation of a social network of... Agent:

20110244876 - Cellular communication system and method for broadcast communication: A cellular communication system (100) is arranged to support a single cell identifier reuse pattern using a first communication. Management logic (146) comprises broadcast mode logic (150) arranged to support a common cell identifier reuse pattern for broadcast transmissions amongst a cluster of communication cells using a second communication. A... Agent: Ipwireless, Inc.

20110244874 - Integrated multi-radio access technology multi-frequency admission control: A node of a multi-radio access technology (RAT) system acquires resource status information associated with each RAT of the multi-RAT system. The resource status information of the RATs of the multi-RAT system can be acquired by sniffing higher layer protocol information pertaining to call setup requests and/or call terminated messages.... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110244873 - Method for pilot symbol transmission in downlink mimo system: The present invention relates to a method for transmitting a pilot signal in a downlink MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) system that supports a first UE (User Equipment) supporting N number of transmission antennae out of a total of M transmission antennae and supports a second UE supporting said M... Agent:

20110244875 - System and method for direct communication between wireless communication devices: A wireless communication device includes conventional components to permit a network communication link to be established with a wireless communication network. In addition, the wireless communication device includes a non-network short-range transceiver that detects the presence of other similarly equipped devices. When two such equipped devices come within proximity of... Agent:

20110244877 - Method and apparatus for using channel state information reference signal in wireless communication system: A method for wireless communication is disclosed which includes selecting a first resource pattern comprising resource elements that are non-colocated with a second resource pattern and allocating the first resource pattern to a plurality of antennas for transmitting a channel state information reference signal.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110244886 - Extended triggered position method and device: An extended triggered location method and device is provided. The device includes the following: a location calculating unit to calculate location of the target terminal and determine the location information, and a third party location reporting unit to send the location information of the target terminal to the third party... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110244878 - Identifying and displaying user status information: A method identifies multiple contacts associated with a user, where the user and the multiple contacts are associated with a common mobile service. A relationship is defined between the user and each of the multiple contacts by the common mobile service. Each of the multiple contacts is monitored automatically by... Agent: Seconca Holdings Limited

20110244881 - Location estimation system: A location estimation system includes: a position measurement unit that receives position measurement signals from a plurality of sources of emission, and calculates position information of a first mobile object; a distance measurement unit that measures a distance from the first mobile object and to a second mobile object; a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110244879 - Method and apparatus for use of performance history data in positioning method selection: A method of selecting the positioning method(s) used to respond to given positioning requests uses historical performance data reflecting the actual performance yielded by one or more of the positioning methods that are generally available for selection. As a non-limiting example, a positioning node maintains or otherwise has access to... Agent:

20110244880 - Method and apparatus to improvie idle mode power consumption in multiple usim configuration: Certain aspects of the present disclosure propose techniques and apparatus for improving idle mode power consumption of a mobile station with multiple Universal Subscriber Identity Modules (USIMs).... Agent:

20110244884 - Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for enhancing signal measurements for positioning in a device (22) of a telecommunication network. The method comprises receiving a plurality of transmissions from a plurality of cells, at least partially cancelling a transmission from a first cell of the plurality of cells,... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110244883 - Method and mobile radio terminal device to determine position within mobile radio networks by means of direction finding: The invention relates to a method for determining the position of a mobile radio terminal device (13, 22) within a cellular mobile radio network, wherein the mobile radio network has a plurality of cells, each comprising a base station (12, 14, 21), wherein the terminal device (13, 22) is logged... Agent:

20110244885 - Reporting of positioning data: A method for reporting of positioning data in a communication network comprises obtaining (202) of positioning data comprising a definition of a polygon in a lateral plane with information of altitude associated to each polygon corner. The method further comprises approximating (204) the polygon with an ellipsoid point having altitude... Agent:

20110244882 - Systems and methods for creating and using imbedded shortcodes and shortened physical and internet addresses: Systems and methods are disclosed for creating and using imbedded Shortcodes. An imbedded Shortcode (ISC) and Shortcode may be uniquely associated with a full name that identifies an item of interest. The Shortcode may be visually identified when the full name is displayed by the ISC, which is select characters... Agent: Wgrs Licensing Company, LLC

20110244887 - Locating a mobile station and applications therefor: A location system and applications therefor is disclosed for wireless telecommunication infrastructures. The system is an end-to-end solution having one or more location systems for outputting requested locations of hand sets or mobile stations (MS) based on, e.g., CDMA, GSM, GPRS, TDMA or WIFI communication standards, for processing both local... Agent: Tracbeam LLC

20110244888 - Method and system for receiving and sending navigational data via a wireless messaging service on a navigation system: A system and method are provided for receiving navigational data via a wireless messaging service on a navigation system. The system and method provide a way to send requests for destination information via the wireless messaging service and capture navigational data from the responsive message received, such as addresses, telephone... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110244889 - Apparatuses and methods for reporting positioning information of a mobile communications device: A mobile communications device with a wireless module and a controller module is provided. The wireless module performs wireless transmissions and receptions to and from a service network. The controller module receives a positioning information request indicating a plurality of desired positioning information elements from the service network via the... Agent:

20110244890 - Method and apparatus for determining and recording operator's use of a communication device while operating a vehicle: To enable enforcement and monitoring of safety regulations, a system records events of broadcast communications from a driver's or machine operator's mobile communication device. The events may be annotated with other fact or circumstances, such as time, duration, speed of vehicle, motion of vehicle, type of communication, or mode of... Agent:

20110244891 - Method and system for localizing mobile communication terminals: A method of determining a geographic position of a mobile communications terminal operable in a wireless communications network includes a receiver of signals of a global navigation satellite system, includes calculating a first estimated position of the mobile communications terminal based on pseudo-range measurements related to a plurality of signals... Agent:

20110244892 - Pico base station location and analysis using mobile devices: A base station analysis system and method that may employ commercially-available mobile device platforms is disclosed. The base station analysis application enables a service technician to locate nearby base stations in the field, determine which base stations are functioning properly, and retrieve information associated with the base stations. The mobile... Agent: Powerwave Technologies, Inc.

20110244893 - Methods and apparatus for paging in wireless communication networks: Paging congestion control in a wireless communications system is described. Various described methods and apparatus are well suited for use in a peer to peer wireless communications system, e.g., an ad hoc peer to peer wireless network in which decisions are made in a decentralized manner. Wireless terminals, e.g., mobile... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110244894 - Electronic networking invitations: The present invention relates to a method for sending to a mobile telephone an invitation to communicate over a social networking or other invitation website using a mobile telephone number. The invention additionally provides for one-click selection to send or accept or reject the invitation using a mobile telephone number.... Agent:

20110244896 - Subscriber provisioning method and system: A method enables de-provisioning of subscribers and rerouting of an MMS, using the responses of external systems in the normal message flow of sending a MMS from the original network to an out-ported subscriber. There is automatic maintenance of subscriber records in communication networks such as GSM mobile networks. The... Agent:

20110244895 - Terminal and no-disturbance method thereof: A terminal and the no-disturbance method thereof are provided, the method comprises: the terminal sends a power-off registration message to the network side, and completes the power-off registration process; in the case that a voice or short message calls the terminal, the network side returns a prompt that the terminal... Agent: Zte Corporation

20110244898 - Portable terminal and method for controlling operation mode: A portable terminal includes a transmission unit, a reception unit, an operation mode judgment unit, an operation mode change unit. The transmission unit transmits first operation mode information including a first operation mode and a first setting time. The reception unit receives second operation mode information including a second operation... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110244897 - Wireless communication terminal, wireless communication method, and wireless communication system: A wireless communication terminal includes a tentative determination unit for tentatively determining a role of a display terminal, a transmission unit for transmitting wireless data including information indicating the result of the tentative determination and first information on presence or absence of a display unit and an input unit of... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110244900 - Data transmission system for determining data transmission power using a virtual cell: A data transmission system that determines data transmission power using a virtual cell is provided. A base station may receive transmission data from a plurality of cooperative base stations positioned around the base station, and model terminals receiving an interference signal from the base station and the plurality of cooperative... Agent:

20110244899 - Methods and apparatus for determining a communications mode and/or using a determined communications mode: Methods and apparatus for determining a mode of wireless communications to be used by a wireless terminal, e.g., a direct communications mode or an infrastructure communications mode are described. In some embodiments, the mode to be used is determined by a control node based on interference which will be caused... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110244901 - System, method, and program for correcting radiowave environment data: Radiowave environment data correction that uses the data measurement results obtained at measuring points in a base station peripheral area provided for a wireless communications system, is achieved accurately at a limited number of measuring points. A radiowave environment data correcting system includes correction data determining means that determines correction... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110244904 - Delivery apparatus, terminal apparatus, system and method: A delivery apparatus for delivering to multiple areas, wherein one or more radio communication systems are available in each of the areas, includes a storage unit configured to store system information for each of the areas, the system information being required to connect to the available radio communication systems, a... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110244903 - Delivery system, delivery apparatus, terminal apparatus and method: A delivery system includes a delivery apparatus for delivering a common control signal to an area having one or more available communication systems and a terminal apparatus for receiving the common control signal transmitted from the delivery apparatus. The common control signal includes system information required to access the communication... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110244902 - Method and apparatus for handling barred cell in wireless communication system: A method of handling a barred cell in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method of handling a barred cell in a user equipment using a plurality of frequencies includes releasing a Radio Resource Control (RRC) connection between the user equipment and a network if authentication between the user... Agent:

20110244905 - Method for estimating uplink control channel quality: According to embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a radio base station (20) and a corresponding method for estimating the quality of the uplink control channel. The method comprises measuring (32, 42) a quality parameter of the uplink data channel, and using (38, 50) this to estimate the... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110244907 - Access to a cellular network for machine type communication devices: Controlling access by a User Equipment (UE) to a cellular network may be effected by: receiving an instruction at the UE from a base station of the cellular network regarding transmission by the UE over a Random Access Channel (RACH) of the cellular network; and controlling when transmissions are made... Agent:

20110244908 - Communication apparatus, communication method, and communication system: A wireless communication system, method and apparatus cooperate to use a wireless coordination signal from a control station in a first frequency band to establish direct links in a second frequency band between different terminals. Once established, the direct links in the second frequency band operate without further needing intervention... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110244909 - Method of handling system information acquisition and related communication device: A method of handling system information acquisition for a mobile device in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method comprises determining whether to perform a system information acquisition procedure according to a value tag included in a system information received from a network of the wireless communication system, and... Agent:

20110244906 - Systems, apparatuses, and methods to facilitate coordinated scheduling in wireless communication systems: A system and method of coordinating scheduling in a wireless communication system are described herein. In one aspect, cells receive information regarding one or more precoding matrices from user equipments. The information may include a request from an user equipment that the cell not use a particular precoding matrix for... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110244910 - Method and system for distributed distance-based paging: A distance-based paging system distributes the decision as to which base stations should send a page to a terminal. The Radio Network Controller (RNC) simply stores the location information and paging range (e.g., the route update radius) of the reference sector for each terminal. When a page message needs to... Agent: Ericsson Ab

20110244911 - Mobile station and communication control method: A mobile station for wirelessly communicating with a base station, the mobile station including a storage unit for storing determination information for determining whether or not an application that requires wireless communication is being executed and operation information defining whether or not the application maintains a logical connection when the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110244913 - Method and apparatus for controlling wireless power transmission: Provided are a wireless power transmission control method and wireless power transmission control apparatuses. The wireless power transmission control method may include transmitting a wake-up request signal used to wake up a target device, and receiving a response message from the target device activated by the wake-up request signal. A... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110244912 - Method and apparatus for maximum ratio transmission mobile transmit diversity system: A method and apparatus for providing maximum ratio transmission mobile transmit diversity is provided. The method may include selecting a first transmit power for a first antenna and a second transmit power for a second antenna, wherein the first and second transmit powers are selected to generate a target power... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110244915 - System and apparatus for interference suppression using macrodiversity in mobile wireless networks: In a wireless network, plural downlink signals from plural base stations are transmitted to a terminal. The plural downlink signals all carry the same information to the terminal. The terminal provides feedback on the downlink channels. The feedback provides information on the taps of the channels. The amount of information... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110244914 - System and method for performance enhancement in heterogeneous wireless access network employing distributed antenna system: A system and method for dynamically optimizing the performance of indoor distributed antenna systems communicate to user equipment is disclosed. The user equipment measures information describing the downlink signals such as the downlink data rates, the quality of the received signal, and the location of the user equipment. A service... Agent: Powerwave Technologies, Inc.

20110244916 - User and traffic data retention in lawful interception: Lawful Interception (LI) management system for retrieving user and/or traffic data associated to a given target identity of a telecommunication network. The system comprises an Administration Function device and at least one Mediation/Delivery Function device. The LI management system comprises a first common handover interface to both a Data Retention... Agent:

20110244917 - Wireless communication apparatus with an antenna shared between a plurality of communication circuits: An exemplary wireless communication apparatus includes a first communication circuit, a second communication circuit, an antenna, and a combiner. The first communication circuit is arranged to process signals according to a first wireless communication protocol working at a first frequency band. The second communication circuit is arranged to process signals... Agent:

20110244918 - Charges cooperating with portable electronic devices: Generally, the present invention provides accessories for one or more portable electronic devices (PEDs) and related methods. An accessory includes a station that can support a PED. The PED is also equipped to generate an action signal, above and beyond the regular signal for notifying the user about a wireless... Agent:

20110244919 - Methods and systems for determining image processing operations relevant to particular imagery: Image data, such as from a mobile phone camera, is analyzed to determine a colorfulness metric (e.g., saturation) or a contrast metric (e.g., Weber contrast). This metric is then used in deciding which of, or in which order, plural different image recognition processes should be invoked in order to present... Agent:

20110244921 - Methods and apparatus for performing a subscriber identity module (sim) initialization procedure: Techniques in a mobile equipment (ME) for use in performing an initialization procedure with a subscriber identity module (SIM) having a SIM Application Toolkit are described. The ME sends to the SIM a version of a terminal profile which indicates facilities of the SIM Application Toolkit that are supported by... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110244920 - System and device for consolidating sim, personal token, and associated applications for electronic wallet transactions: The present invention relates generally to a smart card device that is configured to facilitate wireless network access and credential verification. Specifically, the device is configured to meet the physical and electrical specification for commercially available mobile devices utilizing a standard Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) for network access. The device... Agent: Apriva, LLC

20110244922 - Menu icons with descriptive audio: A mobile phone comprising: a user interface configured to display a menu system and to receive input; and an electronic device configured to: provide the menu system having menu levels with each menu level comprising distinct menu items, enable the user to make a preliminary selection of any distinct menu... Agent: Flextronics Ap, LLC

20110244924 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which a selection and/or execution of an application can be designated using a list of applications currently executed in a multitasking environment. The present invention includes a display unit, a user input unit configured to receive an input of a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110244923 - Sliding apparatus for electronic device: A sliding apparatus includes a first sliding member and a second sliding member slidable relative to the first sliding member. The second sliding member includes two sliding paths. Each sliding path includes a number of positioning portions along a sliding direction relative to the first sliding member. Two positioning assemblies... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110244926 - Mobile telephone: A portable telephone is characterized in that it includes a ringing mechanism (1) including at least one sound element (10) and at least one actuator member (8) able to come into mechanical contact with the sound element (10) so as to make it produce a sound, and electronic elements of... Agent: Celsius X Vi Ii

20110244925 - Notifying stations for portable electronic devices and methods: In some embodiments, an automobile has a station that can support a portable electronic device (PED). The station includes a body, which could be integrated with the automobile. The body defines a PED seat, for supporting the PED. A movable member can exert tension so as to bias the supported... Agent:

20110244927 - Apparatus and method for wireless headsets: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is provided, comprising: a wireless headset configured to detect removal of the wireless headset from a holder; and perform at least one of switching to a powered state, establishing a communication link with a mobile device, detecting a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110244928 - Hands-free helper: Remote assistance for users of hands-free communications devices is provided as a service. A user registers a hands-free communications device and the user. The service is requested in instances either automatically, upon notification that a trigger has been initiated, or upon request of the user. An agent is notified to... Agent:

20110244929 - Capacitor powered mobile electronic device: A battery driven mobile communication device drawing a base current with periodic high current pulses during transmission. The current pulses may be larger than the current level which the device's battery can supply. The device uses a switched mode power supply with an output capacitor sufficiently large to provide the... Agent:

20110244930 - Protective gasket for display module of portable electronic device and method for assembling the device: A protective gasket for a display module of a portable electronic device and a method for assembling the device. The electronic device includes a housing frame, a main body having a display module, and a flexible gasket between the frame and main body, the frame having a display window corresponding... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110244931 - Mobile wireless apparatus: According to one embodiment, a mobile wireless apparatus includes: a first housing; and a second housing configured to be slidably connected to the first housing. The first housing includes: a conductor section; and a conducting member configured comprise a conductive material and to be connected to the conductor section. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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