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20110237179 - Distribution apparatus, terminal apparatus, system, and method: A distribution apparatus which distributes to multiple regions includes: a storage unit which stores each of radio communications systems usable for each of the regions; a selecting unit which selects, out of the multiple regions to which the distribution apparatus distributes, first regions in which a radio communications system in... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110237178 - Method and system for cpri cascading in distributed radio head architectures: A method of communicating between a base band unit and a plurality of remote radio heads includes the steps of receiving a first signal through an antenna in a first remote radio head, transmitting the first signal to a second remote radio head through a digital radio interface, receiving a... Agent: Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.

20110237180 - Data receiving terminal, data distribution server, data distribution system, and data distribution method: A data receiving terminal (20) has a broadcast wave receiving function and a communication wave sending/receiving function. A communication control unit (210) receives data from a data distribution server (10) by using the broadcast wave receiving function. When having determined that there is a defect portion, a determination unit (220)... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110237181 - Controlling of wireless connection of a portable device including an illumination component or switch: A portable media player that provides for wireless connectivity is disclosed. In some examples, the portable media player contains a button that causes the player to search for, connect with, and disconnect from wireless networks. In some examples, the button provides indicators of the connectivity of the player, such as... Agent: Varia Holdings LLC

20110237182 - Automatic gain control configuration for a wideband distributed antenna system: One embodiment is directed to a distributed antenna system in which a setting for automatic gain control functionality in at least one unit included in the system (for example, in a hub unit or a remote unit) is determined by interpolating between two detected levels measured at that unit while... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20110237183 - Method and an arrangement for determining an admission control threshold: A method and an arrangement (400) for determining an admission control threshold for use in an admission control procedure are provided. The admission control procedure manages a first spectrum resource (R1). The first spectrum resource (R1) has a first spectrum resource capacity and a first available spectrum resource capacity, wherein... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20110237184 - On-board device, information communication system, method for controlling communication of on-board device, and computer program therefor: An on-board device 10 has: a communication unit 110 that carries out communication with a portable device 30 that has a transfer reservation function of place information indicating an arbitrary place; a place information acquisition unit 130 that acquires the place information from the portable device 30 after the communication... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110237187 - Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and administration server: A system and method for information processing is provided. In an embodiment of the present system and method, a connection target apparatus is detected at an information processing apparatus. Upon detection, the information processing apparatus generates apparatus information and transmits the apparatus information to a server via a communication path.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110237185 - Method and system for determining a location for a rf communication device based on its proximity to a mobile device: A mobile device may be operable to determine, based on a known location of the mobile device, a location for a RF communication device that communicates with the mobile device, whenever the mobile device is within proximate range of the RF communication device. The determined location for the RF communication... Agent:

20110237186 - Motor vehicle configuration system: Motor vehicle configuration system, including a motor vehicle, in the interior of which at least one transponder that is capable of wireless near field communication is attached and which has a receiving unit for wireless reception of vehicle configuration data over a wireless communication link independent of the wireless near... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20110237189 - Data transmission device, system and method using the same: A data transmission device connected to a monitor includes a wireless transmission module, a multimedia processing unit and an output interface. The wireless transmission module wirelessly receives a multimedia data transmitted by an electronic apparatus. The multimedia processing unit receives and decompresses and decodes the multimedia data, and the output... Agent: Cywee Group Limited

20110237193 - Gesturing to select and configure device communication: Described is a technology by which a gesture made with a source device (e.g., a cellular telephone), such as a throwing or pointing motion, is used to automatically set up a connection with another device to which the gesture is directed. Audio signals output during the gesture, e.g., such as... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110237190 - Mobile terminal and method for providing enhanced contactless communication using contactless module: A method and mobile terminal for enhanced contactless communication are discussed. According to an embodiment, the invention provides a mobile terminal comprising: a plurality of antennas designated for a contactless reception/transmission of signals from/to an external device, each of the plurality of antennas configured to receive a signal provided from... Agent:

20110237191 - Short range wireless communication apparatus: A short range wireless communication apparatus is disclosed. When multiple communication protocols including a first communication protocol and a second communication protocol are simultaneously connected between the short range wireless communication apparatus and another short range wireless communication apparatus, the short range wireless communication apparatus notifies the another short range... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110237192 - Techniques for wireless network communications with high-directional steerable antennas combining quasi omni-directional transmissions with beamforming training: An embodiment of the present invention provides a method, comprising communicating in a wireless network using a low-rate quasi omni-directional communications mode implemented as TX-RX space scanning using directional antennas, and a high-rate directional communications mode with beamformed directional antennas, and wherein the quasi low-rate omni-directional communications mode using TX-RX... Agent:

20110237188 - Wireless interference mitigation: Mitigating interference in a mobile wireless communication device by using an estimation of the performance impact of interfering signals generated by a wireless cellular transmitter and received by a co-located Bluetooth receiver. Bluetooth frequency channels are marked suitable or unsuitable for transmission based on the performance impact estimation and the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110237194 - Airbag jacket activating system: An airbag jacket activating system includes radio communications transceivers configured to make RF communications and LF communications, respectively. An acceleration sensor configured to detect acceleration of a motorcycle. An update unit configured to update an LF communications ID, to code the updated LF communications ID together with an RF communications... Agent:

20110237195 - Communication device with multiple detachable communication modules: A wireless communication device has a docking cavity, a short-range transceiver, and a long-range transceiver for long-range wireless communication with a wireless network. A wireless communication module includes a speaker and a microphone, and a short-range transceiver for short-range wireless communication with the device's short-range transceiver. The module is configured... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110237196 - System and method for efficient transmit and receive beamforming protocol with heterogeneous antenna configuration: A system and method of training antennas for two devices having heterogeneous antenna configurations in a wireless network is disclosed. The method includes communicating one or more estimation training sequences between two devices via a phased array antenna and a switched array antenna, wherein a beamforming vector of the phased... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110237197 - Automatic association of wireless devices to point names: A system and method automatically associate wireless devices to point names. An installation plan indicates that wireless devices are installed at designated locations. Each designated location in the installation plan includes an associated point name, each wireless device is configured to transmit a message indicating itself as the source of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110237200 - Collaborative spectrum sensing in radio environment: A system for configuring wireless communication in apparatuses based on sensed spectrum information. Apparatuses interacting via a shared information space may exchange configuration information that may, for example, comprise communication transport information. The configuration information may then be utilized in formulating spectrum sensing parameters that are distributed to one or... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110237198 - Method and system for super-resolution blind channel modeling: Propagation channels are reconstructed from measurements in disjoint subbands of a wideband channel of interest. By using high-resolution estimation of multipath parameters, and suitable soft combining of the results, a channel estimate and subseqeuntly channel models can be extracted that accurately interpolate between the measured subbands.... Agent:

20110237201 - Method and system of power management for electronic devices: o

20110237199 - Methods for calibrating radio-frequency receivers using code division multiple access test equipment: Wireless test equipment may be used to perform over-the-air testing of user equipment. The user equipment may contain an antenna and a receiver. The wireless test equipment may contain a call box that performs network-level testing by sending and receiving protocol-compliant network messages. The call box may transmit a radio-frequency... Agent:

20110237202 - Base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, mobile communication system and communication method: A base station apparatus, in a mobile communication system comprised of a plurality of base station apparatuses for performing transmission using mutually different frequency bands and a mobile station apparatus capable of concurrently communicating with each of the base station apparatuses, makes a determination whether the mobile station apparatus needs... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110237203 - Wireless sensor interface with mobile terminal satellite modem and global location system: A system and method for implementing a low-power local-area wireless network for use with a mobile terminal satellite modem. This low-power local-area wireless network enables sensors on an asset to wirelessly transmit sensor data to a mobile terminal affixed on the asset. The mobile terminal reports the sensor data along... Agent:

20110237204 - Bulk acoustic resonator structure comprising hybrid electrodes: In accordance with a representative embodiment, a BAW resonator structure, comprises a first BAW resonator, comprising: a first lower electrode having a first electrical resistance; a first upper electrode having a second electrical resistance; and a first piezoelectric layer disposed between the first lower electrode and the first upper electrode.... Agent: Avago Technologies WirelessIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110237205 - Wireless communications device with waveform configuration and related methods: A mobile wireless communications device may include an antenna, a transceiver coupled to the antenna, and a controller coupled to the transceiver. The controller may be configured to determine a received signal characteristic, and to configure parameters of a waveform for adjacent forward transmission blocks to be transmitted as sequential... Agent: Harris Corporation, Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110237206 - Switched power amplifier topology providing high efficiency: A switched power amplifier contained in a circuit is implemented to receive a single-ended input signal and generate a single-ended output signal, the single-ended output signal being a power-amplified version of the single-ended input signal. The switched power amplifier provides high efficiency.... Agent:

20110237207 - Adaptive antenna neutralization network: An adaptive antenna neutralization network (AANN) for neutralizing coupling between a first antenna and a second antenna of a mobile terminal is disclosed. The AANN includes an array of reactive branches. Each of the reactive branches includes a reactive element and an electrically controlled switch with a control input for... Agent: Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

20110237208 - Hybrid phase sweeping for mobile transmit diversity: An improved method and apparatus for Mobile Transmit Diversity (MTD), or Uplink Transmit Diversity (ULTD) is disclosed. The mobile device either selects the best antenna at any given time, or transmits from both antennas using the best beam forming phase without feedback from the base station on which antenna to... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110237209 - Solar powered transmitter: An embodiment of a light powered transmitter configured for broadcasting an electromagnetic control field to a region is provided. The transmitter includes a housing having a longitudinal axis. The housing includes a photovoltaic cell configured to generate electrical power in response to light and a rechargeable power source configured to... Agent: Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.

20110237210 - Apparatus and method for controlling gain of polar transmitter: Disclosed is an apparatus for transmitting complex signals in a wireless communication system. The present invention, there is provided a method for controlling gain according to a magnitude change of output signals in a polar transmitter including an amplification unit having two or more amplification degrees, the method includes processes... Agent:

20110237211 - Reconfigurable diversity receiver: A method may include reconfigurably enabling one of a first downconverter and a second converter and disabling the other the second downconverter, wherein the first downconverter and the second downconverter are integral to a receiver unit of as wireless communications terminal. The method may also include frequency downconverting received wireless... Agent:

20110237212 - Radio receiving circuit: According to one embodiment, a radio receiving circuit includes a low-noise amplifier, a frequency conversion circuit, a capacitor interposed between the low-noise amplifier and the frequency conversion circuit, and an operational amplifier that includes a feedback resistor and amplifies a baseband signal. The gains in the frequency conversion circuit and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110237213 - Front-end receiver circuit with multiple paths which are simultaneously active and receiver system using the same: A front end receiver is disclosed. The front end receiver comprises a plurality of transmissive signal paths originating from one signal input, a plurality of switching mechanisms; and at least one path of the plurality of transmissive signal paths including a first amplifier coupled to a first input port of... Agent: Ralink Technology (singapore) Corporation Pte. Ltd

20110237214 - Method and system for estimating a receiver frequency offset in a communication system: A mobile device receives a radio frequency (RF) signal, comprising a physical signal such as a primary synchronization signal (PSS), from a serving base station. Two successive samples derived from the received physical signal such as a PSS are selected to generate a single phasor. A receiver frequency offset for... Agent:

20110237215 - Receiver circuit, electronic instrument, and signal processing method: In a portable phone, a signal received by a GPS antenna passes through a SAW filter and is amplified by an LNA. An addition section adds a cancellation signal generated by a cancellation signal generation section to the amplified signal to cancel noise superimposed on the received signal.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110237216 - Bandpass filter, and wireless communication module and wireless communication device using the bandpass filter: [Solution] A bandpass filter includes first to third resonance electrodes 31a, 31b, and 31c sequentially arranged side-by-side such that they are electromagnetically coupled to each other, the first to third resonance electrodes 31a, 31b, and 31c being grounded at one end and constituting first to third resonators, respectively; a first... Agent:

20110237217 - Method and apparatus for enhanced safety in a public safety communication system: A communication system (100) provides collaboration amongst a plurality of communication devices (110, 112, 114, 116, 120) during emergency conditions. Emergency trigger(s) are used to detect an emergency condition. Emergency information is collected and can be shared and appended amongst the communication devices prior to the emergency information being transferred... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110237218 - Mobile terminals, and earthquake and tsunami warning system: An ETWS according the invention comprises a macro base station, an HeNB, and a mobile terminal (1). The mobile terminal (1) comprises: a receiving section (11) for receiving paging and system information; a mobile control section (15) for controlling the receiving section (11) to receive paging from the macro base... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110237219 - Intra-vehicular mobile device usage detection system and method of using the same: A system and method for detecting and storing mobile device usage by a driver of a vehicle. An antenna in a vehicle is configured and positioned to detect mobile device signals from the driver area in the vehicle. A processor in communication with the antenna analyzes the detected signals for... Agent:

20110237221 - Method and apparatus for bearer and server independent parental control on smartphone, managed by the smartphone: In some embodiments, the invention involves parental or master control of a child or subordinate mobile phone without service provider intervention. An embodiment of the invention is a system and method relating to master control of the subordinate smart phone using features on the smart phones, and independent of features... Agent:

20110237220 - Methods and apparatus for unlocking an electronic device: The present disclosure provides methods and apparatus for unlocking an electronic device. In an embodiment, a process causes a device such as a smartphone to receive a sound input from a fixed position microphone and determine if the device should be unlocked based on a comparison of the sound input... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20110237223 - System and device for facilitating a wireless transaction by consolidating sim, personal token, and associated applications: The invention relates generally to a smart card device that is configured to facilitate wireless network access and credential verification. The device combines the features of the SIM with Common Access Card or Personal Identity Verification card features to allow a network subscriber to invoke secure payment transactions over a... Agent: Apriva, LLC

20110237224 - System and device for facilitating remote invocation of personal token capabilities: The present invention relates generally to a smart card device that is configured to facilitate wireless network access and credential verification. Specifically, the device is configured to meet the physical and electrical specification for commercially available mobile devices utilizing a standard Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) for network access. The device... Agent: Apriva, LLC

20110237222 - Systems and methods to provide access control via mobile phones: Systems and methods are provided to allow parental control via mobile communications. In one aspect, a system includes a data storage facility to store data associating a phone number with information indicative of an age of a user of the phone number; and an interchange coupled with the data storage... Agent: Boku, Inc.

20110237225 - Systems, methods, and computer readable media for providing information related to virtual environments to wireless devices: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media are disclosed for providing information related to virtual environments. One such method includes receiving user input identifying an event related to the virtual environment for which a notification is to be provided to a mobile wireless communication device. User input is also received identifying an... Agent:

20110237230 - Activation of applications based on vibration of portable electronic device: The present disclosure relates to activation of applications based on a vibration of a portable electronic device. A portable electronic device comprises: a vibration detecting unit configured to detect a vibration of the portable electronic device, acquire the vibration response profile of the vibration, and detect, based on the vibration... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110237227 - Chore and rewards tracker: A parent telecommunications device may assign chores to an activity-based child device and unlock functionality on the child device when a one or more chores is completed. The child device creates a graphical menu showing a chore list including the chores received from the parent device. The child device recognizes... Agent: T-mobile Usa, Inc.

20110237229 - Communication terminal apparatus and communication method: A communication terminal apparatus that includes a personal information obtaining unit configured to obtain contact information about one or a plurality of persons that are a subject of an image; a storage unit configured to store the image in an image address book as an image-attached personal information list item... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Japan, Inc.

20110237226 - Guardian system for a cognitively-impaired individual: A guardian system for cognitively-impaired individuals. The system includes a wrist phone system that has a display, a global positioning system, and a SIM card. The wrist phone system is tethered to a PDA phone so that the PDA phone is able to input information into the wrist phone system.... Agent:

20110237228 - Mobile device providing cancellation of call-waiting and method thereof: A mobile device includes a display module, an option module, a determination module, and a control module. The option module is operable to offer an answer option, a first rejection option, and a second rejection option to display on the display module. The determination module is operable to determine whether... Agent: Foxconn Communication Technology Corp.

20110237231 - Use of off period of drx for direct peer to peer communication in a cell: A method and a device for data processing in a cellular network are provided including the step of scheduling data transmission between mobile terminals utilizing a DRX mode of the mobile terminals. Furthermore, a communication system is suggested including said device.... Agent:

20110237232 - Systems and methods to provide offers on mobile devices: Systems and methods to propagate and redeem offers via mobile communications. In one aspect, a system includes an interchange and a data storage facility storing a value in association with a first phone number. The interchange includes a common format processor and a plurality of converters to interface with a... Agent: Boku, Inc.

20110237233 - System and method for providing called party awareness information: A system and phone for providing called party awareness information to a calling party. As disclosed, a communication service provider can receive identification information associated with a called device from the keypad of the phone. The communication service provider can determine whether the called device is associated with the communication... Agent: Mitel Networks Corporation

20110237235 - Software architecture for dual mode phone and method of use: Alternative software architectures for a dual mode wireless communication device and methods of use are provided for efficient and effective use of the processor and memory capabilities of first and second air interface processors on a dual mode wireless communication device. The alternative architectures efficiently distribute a plurality of operational... Agent:

20110237234 - System and methods for remote maintenance in an electronic network with multiple clients: A client supported by remote maintenance in an electronic network configured to serve a plurality of clients may comprise a plurality of nodes, a first virtual machine (VM), a second virtual machine, and a virtual machine manager (VMM). The first VM may handle data associated with an external data center.... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110237237 - Method, system, and apparatus for network time and date determination: A method, system, and apparatus for time and date determination using a wireless network is disclosed. A wireless device searches for a network to establish a connection, and, when a network is found, the wireless device attempts to establish a connection. The wireless device receives a PLMN code from the... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20110237236 - Parent-controlled episodic content on a child telecommunication device: Techniques for remotely establishing sequences of content to be enabled on a child device are described herein.... Agent: T-mobile Usa, Inc.

20110237238 - Cellular service with improved service availability: A cellular communication system in which overload of a base station is averted by offering users the option to communicate using a spectrum outside of the spectrum allocated for cellular communication. Incentives are offered to connect to the base station using the alternative spectrum, which may not support communications at... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110237240 - Communication management method, management server, and communication system: There is provided a communication management method including the steps of registering, by a management server managing communication of a base station, a communication terminal whose connection to the base station is to be permitted as a first communication terminal, registering, by the management server, another communication terminal as a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110237239 - Method and apparatus for selectively muting a control channel for a femtocell for interference avoidance: A method of providing a framework for efficient scanning and session establishment may include receiving vocabulary independent property information indicative of a property request and corresponding setting information of an application associated with a device capable of communication with a network communication environment, determining capabilities of the network communication environment... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institiute

20110237242 - Mobile communication system with moving base station: A mobile communication system employs moving base stations moving in the direction of flow of traffic moving along a roadway. The moving base station communicates with fixed radio ports connected to a gateway office. A plurality of moving base stations are spaced apart on a closed loop and move with... Agent:

20110237241 - Wireless communication device: A first wireless communication device may communicate specific data with a second wireless communication device by utilizing a wireless connection according to wireless communication setting information for communicating the specific data. The first wireless communication device may send second wireless setting information to the second wireless communication device by utilizing... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110237244 - Method and arrangement in a radio base station, in a radio communications network: The invention relates to an arrangement (900) in a first radio base station (20) for decreasing interference of a user equipment (10) present in a first cell (25) towards a second radio base station (21, 40, 140), which first radio base station (20) and the second radio base station (21,... Agent:

20110237245 - Mobile station: In a mobile station (UE) according to the present invention, an AS function is configured to notify, when detecting a failure in a radio link established with the radio base station is detected or when discovering a cell subject to a location registration by a cell selection process, a NAS... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110237243 - System and method for inter-cell interference avoidance in co-channel networks: Systems and methods are provided for a distributed inter-cell interference avoidance (ICIA) technique for avoiding co-channel interference between femtocell networks and macrocell networks. At the macrocell, user equipments sense the downlink (DL) spectrum and detects whether there are any nearby interfering femtocells. If there is any interference, a macrocell base... Agent: Ntt Docomo Inc

20110237246 - Wireless interference mitigation: Mitigating interference in a mobile wireless communication device by using an estimation of the performance impact of interfering signals generated by a wireless cellular transmitter and received by a co-located wireless local area network receiver. Wireless local area network frequency band usage is modified based on the performance impact estimation... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110237247 - Secure transmission over satellite phone network: A reach back secure communications terminal includes a modem to satellite interconnect board that captures DTMF tones, demodulates encrypted modem information, and converts both into an ASCII string for presentation to a data port of a satellite phone, allowing out-of-band control of a non-secure satellite system (e.g., AT command control... Agent:

20110237248 - Systems and methods for communicating with satellites via non-compliant antennas: A system and method allow end users the ability to operate using non-compliant antennas. A coordination database may be continually updated with respect to geographic coordinates, time planning, frequency and orbital positions. Further, the system and method may utilize a tool for easily calculating interference resulting from the use of... Agent:

20110237249 - Method for switching communication links to a mobile terminal device which is associated with a local radio area of a network: A mobile terminal device (ME) determines whether it is located in the local radio area (HFB) of the network (MN) or in another radio area (FB2) and the determined radio area (HFB, FB2) is indicated to an application (APPL) of the network (MN). The application (APPL) is used to control... Agent:

20110237250 - Management of allowed csg list and vplmn-autonomous csg roaming: Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate supporting VPLMN-autonomous CSG roaming in a wireless communication environment. A UE can access a CSG list server associated with a VPLMN. A trust relation can be established between the UE and the CSG list server, for example. Moreover, the CSG list server can... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110237251 - Idle and paging support for wireless communication systems with private cells: Systems, apparatuses, and techniques for operating a wireless communication system with public and private paging groups. Systems, apparatuses, and techniques can include operating a base station to provide wireless service to mobile stations in a macrocell, the macrocell associated with a public paging group identifier and a private paging group... Agent: Zte (usa) Inc.

20110237252 - Method for managing neighbor base station list based on terminal location for efficient cell selection and handoff in macrocell environments with femtocell: In order to manage a neighbor list of neighboring base stations based on the location of a terminal communicating with a base station of a macrocell with femtocell deployments, the base station divides the macrocell in accordance with a predetermined standard of division, and generates a mobile neighbor advertisement message... Agent:

20110237253 - Limiting redirections in an unlicensed mobile access network: A method and system for limiting redirections of a mobile station (MS) in an unlicensed radio access network having a plurality of unlicensed network controllers (UNCs). The MS includes a redirection counter set to zero within a registration request sent to one of the UNCs. Each time the MS receives... Agent:

20110237254 - Data integration for wireless network systems: Techniques relating to an apparatus in communications with a wireless terminal through a wireless network system are provided. The apparatus may include a wireless terminal communication unit in communication with the wireless terminal through the wireless network system and configured to receive a list of one or more data sources... Agent:

20110237257 - Cellular network energy saving: Various arrangements for managing wireless network communication are described. Two cells using different radio access technologies (RATs), such as a 3G cell and a 4G cell, may provide overlapping coverage. A first cell using a first RAT, under certain circumstances, may be permitted to enter a powered down state such... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110237256 - Method for supporting quality of service mechanisms during a handover process or in preparation of a handover process: A method for supporting quality of service (QoS) mechanisms during a handover process or in preparation of a handover process, wherein a user equipment (UE) attaches to an access network (AN) via points of attachment (PoA), wherein the handover process supports changing connection of the UE from one of the... Agent: Nec Europe Ltd.

20110237255 - Relay station and base station: A relay station 130 is capable of relaying communication between a radio communication terminal 110 and a base station 120, and includes a communication quality acquisition unit 420 which, when communication between the radio communication terminal 110 and the base station 120 is relayed, aquires communication quality in communication between... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110237259 - Method and arrangement for supporting multiple settings of mobility triggers in a telecommunications system: The present invention relates to a method and an arrangement (102, 104, 106, 202, 302, 304, 502, 504, 702, 704, 1000, 1014) for prioritizing one of multiple cell-related mobility decisions associated with multiple parallel mobility events being triggered, comprising recognizing parameter settings associated with at least two parallel mobility events... Agent:

20110237258 - Method and arrangement in an lte femto system: The invention relates to a method in a target radio base station (14) for enabling a handover of a connection to a user equipment (13) from a source cell (12) to a target cell (11) associated with a target cell identity. The source cell (12) is served by a source... Agent: Telefonakfiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110237260 - Radio communication system, base station, radio communication method and program: A base station of the present invention includes: a bandwidth information notifier that exchanges information on unoccupied bandwidth in the allocatable bandwidth to the terminal under control which, among terminals, belongs to a QoS class that needs bandwidth guarantee, with neighboring base stations; and a candidate selector that, when the... Agent:

20110237261 - Transmitting substitute reselection parameters: A cell reselection parameter is transmitted on one carrier frequency for a defined period of time to cause access terminals operating on that carrier frequency to more aggressively search for access points on at least one other carrier frequency. For example, a femto cell operating on one carrier frequency may... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110237262 - Method and system for soft handoff in mobile broadband systems: The present invention provides a method and system for facilitating efficient handoff and data throughput in mobile broadband communication systems. Methods implemented by a system constructed in accordance with the principles of the present invention include selectively enabled soft handoff, performing Layer 2 bearer functions at the base station and... Agent: Nortel Networks Limited

20110237263 - Location based call routing: A call routing system, phone system, and mobile phone for routing calls based on a location of the mobile phone. By routing calls, mobile phone charges can be eliminated or reduced by directing calls to other phones near the mobile phone. In a typical embodiment, user configuration information for the... Agent: Mitel Networks Corporation

20110237264 - System and method for speeding call originations to a variety of devices using intelligent predictive techniques for half-call routing: A mobile application gateway configured to interconnect mobile communication devices on a cellular network with an enterprise network is provided. The mobile application gateway includes a voice and data signaling gateway configured to provide routing functionalities, service functionalities and admission control. A gateway GPRS support node (GGSN) is configured to... Agent:

20110237269 - Apparatuses and methods for measurement reporting in a wireless communications system: A mobile communications device with a wireless module and a controller module is provided. The wireless module performs wireless transceiving to and from a first cellular station of a first service network and a second cellular station of a second service network, wherein the first service network is a long... Agent:

20110237268 - Management server, base station, communication system, and communication method: There is provided a management server including a holding unit for holding a location/frequency list in which location information and frequency information are associated, a list creation unit for creating an available frequency list by extracting, from the location/frequency list, frequency information corresponding to location information received from a base... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110237270 - Method for transmitting reference signals in a downlink multiple input multiple output system: In a system having a plurality of cells participating in a Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP) operation, a method for transmitting Reference Signals (RSs) to User Equipment (UE) includes generating, by Base Station (BS) included in each of the plurality of cells, a subframe including RSs for a UE located in the... Agent:

20110237265 - Mobile station device, base station device, communication system, communication method, and program: Provided is a mobile station device which can increase the success ratio and reduce a communication delay when transmitting a dedicated preamble from the mobile station device to a base station device by using a random access channel (RACH). The mobile station device performs random access to the base station... Agent:

20110237271 - Multi-mvno wireless service: Systems and methods for determining an optimal range of frequencies of electromagnetic waves are described. In some embodiments, mobile voice communications devices measure average power received from certain ranges of such frequencies, each range associated with a communications service provider. A cost may be associated with each range. An optimal... Agent: Qwest Communications International Inc.

20110237266 - Sounding reference signal transmission during discontinuous reception: A method implemented by a user equipment (UE). An indicator is read. One or more sounding reference signals (SRS) are not reported when the indicator is set to “true” and an On Duration Timer associated with a discontinuous reception (DRX) cycle is not running. One or more SRS are not... Agent:

20110237267 - Ue-rs sequence initialization for wireless communication systems: Pseudo-random sequences of a plurality of user equipment specific reference signals (UE-RSs) for use by a plurality of user equipments (UEs) are initialized, the initialization of each pseudo-random sequence associated with each UE-RS being independent of a specific UE identifier and independent of a resource bandwidth assigned to a specific... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110237272 - Multi-point equalization framework for coordinated multi-point transmission: Providing for a multipoint equalization (MPE) framework for coordinated multipoint (CoMP) transmission in wireless communication is described herein. The disclosed MPE framework involves distributed scheduling decisions for CoMP transmission, reducing complexity of scheduling coordination as compared with centralized scheduling techniques that coordinate scheduling decisions for multiple network base stations. Further,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110237273 - Ofdma uplink interface impact recovery in lte system: The present invention relates to methods and arrangements to estimate neighbour cell interference for admission control purposes. Information on at least the total estimated neighbour cell interference power and the own cell power for frequency subsets of tones ft is signalled to neighbouring cells for calculating a vector of impact... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110237277 - Correlation calculating method, satellite signal capturing method, and correlation calculating circuit: A correlation calculating method of correlating a received code signal obtained by demodulating a received signal, which is a signal obtained by receiving a positioning satellite signal, with a replica code signal is provided which includes: correlating values of the replica code signal in a chip period with values of... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110237274 - Mobile computing device having relative positioning circuit: A mobile computing device comprises a housing, a telephony circuit and a relative positioning circuit. The housing is configured to be held in a hand during use. The telephony circuit is coupled to the housing and is configured to communicate wireless telephony signals. The relative positioning circuit is coupled to... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20110237275 - Portable mobile terminal and computer readable medium: A portable mobile terminal includes: a detection control unit; and a movement trajectory calculation unit configured to calculate a movement trajectory of a terminal body based on a detection result of an absolute position of the terminal body by the absolute position detecting unit and an acquisition result of a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110237276 - System and method for network message redirection and application matching: An flexible, extensible, and dynamically configurable Advanced IP Messaging Server (AIMS) facility that among other things may leverage various pools of data—including for example routing data, location and presence data, Mobile Subscriber profile data, etc.—to expeditiously process and route a wide range of information including among other things conventional Short... Agent: Sybase 365, Inc.

20110237278 - Personal location code: Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for receiving a request from a requestor to locate a user. The request identifies a personal location code (PLC) for the user. It is determined if the request is allowed based on the PLC. If the request is allowed, the current location of... Agent: Longhorn Acquisition, LLC

20110237279 - Methods and apparatus for providing map locations in user applications using url strings: Techniques for use in a wireless communication device for displaying a map are described. The wireless device receives via a user interface a selection of a hypertext link object in an electronic file or message. The hypertext link object is associated with a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) string which includes... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110237280 - User interface and method for viewing short messages on a wireless device: A method is performed by an electronic communication device. The method includes storing electronic messages, and storing criteria for determining whether a stored message is related to a current message. A current electronic message is displayed to, a user of the communication device, including the current message's outside address and... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110237281 - Telecommunications network and method of transferring user data in signalling messages from a communication unit to a data processing centre: The invention relates to a system and method of transferring user data from a communication module to a data processing centre over a telecommunications network. A signalling message is wirelessly received from the communication module in the telecommunications network. The signalling message contains the user data that is subsequently transferred... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20110237284 - Communication method and system: A method of co-ordinating communication between a plurality of base stations in a communication system, comprising including designating timeslots where said base stations receive and/or transit co-ordination messages to each other. The system may be an autonomous cellular system and the timeslots may be regularly spaced.... Agent:

20110237283 - Method and apparatus for transmitting downlink control information for resource allocation in a wireless communication system: A method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving Downlink Control Information (DCI) in a wireless communication system. A method for transmitting DCI by a base station includes generating DCI including at least one of a data resource allocation indicator, a data format indicator for at least one Transport Block (TB),... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110237282 - Scalable channel feedback for wireless communication: Techniques for reporting channel state information (CSI) based on scalable channel feedback are described. A user equipment (UE) may receive data transmission from one or more cells among a plurality of cells and may report CSI for each of the plurality of cells. For scalable channel feedback, the UE may... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110237285 - User apparatus, base station, and method in mobile communication system: A disclosed user apparatus includes a random access channel generating unit configured to generate a random access channel; a control channel generating unit configured to generate a control channel in accordance with scheduling information received from a base station; and an uplink transmission signal generating unit configure to generate an... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110237286 - Radio base station and network device: A radio base station 200 according to the present invention includes a common control signal reception unit 11 to receive a common control signal transmitted from each neighboring cell, a measurement unit 12 to measure a reception level of the received common control signal, a recognition unit 13 to recognize... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110237287 - Enhanced public safety communication system: A communication system (100) provides collaboration between narrowband communication devices (102) and broadband communication devices (104) operating over different networks. The communication devices (102, 104) are linked to provide peer-to-peer communication that supports the dissemination of public safety information to a public safety personnel user utilizing the devices. Applications within... Agent: Motorola Inc.

20110237289 - Method and arrangement for controlling uplink transmit power: The present invention relates to methods and arrangements for controlling uplink transmit power to be used by the UE. The UE comprises multiple radio interfaces wherein at least one of the multiple interfaces is a cellular radio interface. The UE stores information comprising a total transmit power budget set aside... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20110237291 - Power detection circuit, transmitter, and power detection method: From an antenna provided in a transmitter for transmitting a radio signal, the radio signal is transmitted in such a manner of: detecting transmission power of a transmission signal outputted to the antenna; detecting reflection power of a reflection signal reflected from the antenna; integrating the difference between the transmission... Agent:

20110237292 - Radio communication apparatus and transmission power control method: A radio communication apparatus is capable of controlling, according to reception quality of a signal from other radio communication apparatuses, transmission power to the other radio communication apparatuses. This radio communication apparatus includes a controller and a transmitter. The controller sets target reception quality (e.g., a target SIR) of a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110237290 - Transmission power control method, base station apparatus and mobile station apparatus: To provide a transmission power control method, base station apparatus and mobile station apparatus for enabling the transmission power in the mobile station apparatus having a plurality of antennas to be properly controlled, enabled is one of a common control mode for transmitting a common TPC command to perform transmission... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110237288 - Uplink power control for channel aggregation in a communication network: A system and method for uplink power control for aggregated channels in a communication network includes a step 300 of defining power scaling parameters to be used to derive power scaling factors to be applied to associated aggregated uplink channels. A next step 302 includes providing the power scaling parameters... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110237293 - Telephone and method of controlling call initiation therein: A mobile phone 10 includes an input section 18 that receives a call initiation instruction for a call with another mobile phone M, a speaker 14 that outputs sound from another mobile phone M at the time of the call, a detection section 20 that is arranged in the vicinity... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110237294 - Power management for multimode wireless communication device: A multimode wireless communication device comprising a Wi-Fi module, a cellular communication module, and an integrated power management module is described. The integrated power management module or power management means is configured to manage power for the Wi-Fi module and the cellular communications module. The integrated power management module comprises... Agent:

20110237295 - Hearing aid system adapted to selectively amplify audio signals: A hearing aid includes a microphone to convert sounds into electrical signals and a memory to store a plurality of voice prints and a plurality of sound-shaping instructions. Each of the plurality of sound-shaping instructions is associated with one of the plurality of voice prints. The hearing aid further includes... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20110237297 - Multi-standby mobile terminal and operation method for the same: A multi-standby mobile terminal and an operation method for the same are provided. The multi-standby mobile terminal includes at least two communication modules and a plurality of SIM cards. A number of SIM cards is greater than a number of communication modules. When a call is established over a communication... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110237296 - System and device for consolidating sim, personal token, and associated applications for selecting a transaction settlement entity: The present invention relates generally to a smart card device that is configured to facilitate wireless network access and credential verification. Specifically, the device is configured to meet the physical and electrical specification for commercially available mobile devices utilizing a standard Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) for network access. The device... Agent: Apriva, LLC

20110237298 - Wireless base station, wireless network controller, and automatic networking method: In a wireless base station, an installation information transmitter of the wireless base station transmits installation information indicating that the wireless base station is being installed, to the wireless network controller via an existing wireless base station. A connection information receiver receives connection information for connecting to the wireless network... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110237299 - Gps mast module and mobile radio installation: An improved GPS mast module is characterised by the following features: the GPS mast module may be connected in a HF main transmission line (7, 107) between a base station (BS) and an antenna assembly (ANT), in particularly a mobile radio installation, and the satellite signals from an internal or... Agent:

20110237300 - Cellular phone: A cellular phone of the present invention comprises upper housing 10 and lower housing 20 connected together for displacement relative to each other. Upper housing 10 incorporates liquid crystal unit 30 which includes light source 35 and liquid crystal panel 34 illuminated by light emitted from light source 35. Lower... Agent:

20110237307 - Cellular phone apparatus: Cursor keys and enter keys are smoothly operated with both hands. Cellular phone apparatus 1 includes image display surface 3, first enter key 6a that is located on operation surface 10, at least four cursor keys 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d for moving a cursor in any desired direction on the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110237301 - Free-form entries during payment processes: Various methods and systems are provided that allow a user to perform a free-form action, such as making a mark on a device, speaking into a device, and/or moving the device, to cause a step to be performed that conventionally was performed by the user having to locate and select... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20110237306 - Mobile display device: A mobile display device includes a display part, a speaker, a microphone, an incoming call-detecting part, a state-detecting part, and a display control part. The display part displays information. The speaker outputs voice. The microphone picks up voice. The incoming call-detecting part detects an incoming call. The state-detecting part detects... Agent:

20110237302 - Portable device: A portable device includes: a body unit which includes an operation surface on which a plurality of operation keys are provided; a display unit which includes a display surface on which an image display element is provided; a pair of substantially U-shaped slide rails which are fixed to a back... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110237304 - Portable terminal device: A portable terminal device includes a first housing in which at least a display section is placed; a second housing in which at least an operation section is placed; a first circuit board on which a first connector is mounted; a second circuit board on which a second connector is... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110237305 - Slidable portable electronic device: A slidable portable electronic device comprising a first cabinet and a second cabinet slidably coupled on a surface of the first cabinet, the first cabinet comprising at least one of an operating unit and a display unit provided on a surface of the first cabinet to be exposed when the... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110237303 - Terminal device and control program thereof: In a terminal device 10, two rectangular casings 11A, 11B are connected by a hinge section 12, and touch screens TD1, TD2 of the same shape and size (rectangular) are arranged on substantially the entire inner surface thereof, respectively. When a slide operation performed on at least one of the... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20110237308 - Touch information communication terminal, touch screen information providing apparatus and touch information communication method thereof: A touch information communication method transmits notification information to the touch screen information providing apparatus by carrying the notification information, which notifies a touch communication terminal is a touch communication terminal, on a call signal in a telephone communication network; receives touch screen information and touch control information corresponding to... Agent: Kt Corporation

20110237309 - Antenna device and mobile device: An antenna element including a feeding part and a mesh part including at least a part of an area formed in a mesh state. The feeding part and an area of the antenna element in close proximity to the mesh part are formed of a finer mesh than the mesh... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Japan, Inc.

20110237310 - Portable terminal device: A portable terminal device includes a front panel covering the front of a housing; a circuit board placed inside the housing so as to face the front panel and having a cutout portion; a flexible substrate having a base end portion connected to the circuit board, extending from the base... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110237311 - Mobile wireless communications device with reduced interfering energy into audio circuit and related methods: A mobile wireless communications device includes a housing and circuit board carried by the housing. RF circuitry and a processor are operative with each other and carried by the circuit board. A receiver speaker and microphone are carried by the housing. Audio circuitry is carried by the circuit board and... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110237312 - Access to internal replaceable component: An apparatus including a first body part and a second body part slidingly movable in relation to each other from a compact position to an extended position, a housing configured to receive a replaceable internal part, and a joint mechanism joining the first and second body parts to a third... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110237313 - Mobile terminal apparatus: A mobile terminal apparatus includes a first casing that is provided with an operation portion; a second casing that is disposed so as to oppose a front surface of the first casing in which the operation portion is provided, the second casing being rotatable parallel to the front surface around... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110237314 - Mobile terminal apparatus: A mobile terminal apparatus includes a first housing having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, the first surface having a first opening extending therethrough; a first microphone disposed in the first housing adjacent to the first opening; a second housing having a slide surface... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110237315 - Multi-beam-shaping structure: A multi-beam-shaping structure is distinguished by the following features: the multi-beam-shaping structure is provided with at least one electronic communication interface for controlling the multi-beam-shaping structure for setting the at least two radiation diagrams differently, the multi-beam-shaping structure comprises at least one driver, preferably comprising an electric motor and preferably... Agent: Kathrein-werke Kg

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