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Telecommunications August inventions list 08/11

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20110207394 - Message distribution method, radio base station, and message distribution station: A message distribution method according to the present invention includes the steps of: (A) determining, at a message distribution station (CBC), distribution area information and a distribution type, based on a message distribution request received from a flash report transmission station (CBE) and containing distribution target area information, and reporting,... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110207395 - Broadcast communication system and method for providing users with information associated with a geographical area: A method is presented for providing information associated with a geographical area to users of broadcast communication receivers. The information, as well as an indication of the geographical area associated with the information, are transmitted to, and received by, each of the broadcast communication receivers. In each of the receivers,... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20110207396 - Proximity synchronization of audio content among multiple playback and storage devices: A wireless communication system and in particular to a wireless communication system for digital audio players that provides for increased functionality, such as communication, interaction and synchronization between a computing platform and various mobile, portable or fixed digital audio players, as well as providing a communication link between the various... Agent:

20110207397 - Method and system for a reliable relay-associated and opportunistic cooperative transmission schemes: A cooperative communication scheme is provided for a base station (BS) to communicate with a mobile station (MS) through a group of relay stations (RSs). The RSs, collectively referred to as a relay-associated group of RSs (R-group), serve the same target MS. The R-group may be formed during initial ranging... Agent: Ntt Docomo Inc.

20110207398 - Method of recovering a signal from a set of signals collected by satellite: A method of recovering a useful signal received by a satellite includes a step of reception by the satellite of a composite signal comprising said useful signal and collision signals, all of these signals being received simultaneously by the satellite, interfering with each other, and respectively being transmitted by transmitters.... Agent: Thales

20110207399 - Cyclic prefix schemes: Methods and systems are proposed for transmitting data from a source (110) to a destination (130) via a relay station (120) having multiple antennae (122, 124). The relay station (120) receives from the source a message containing the data and a first cyclic prefix. It does this using each of... Agent:

20110207400 - Channel prediction system, radio communication device, and channel prediction method: A channel prediction system (100) is provided with an estimation error calculator (130) which calculates an estimation error value representing the difference between a channel estimation value and a channel characteristic, and a prediction error calculator (140) for calculating a prediction error value indicating the difference between the channel prediction... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110207401 - Display device and display system and external device detecting method thereof: Provided are a display device, a display system, and an external device detecting method thereof. The display device includes a display unit which detects a position of an external device including a near field communication (NFC) device and includes a plurality of NFC tags, a plurality of sensors which sense... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110207403 - System and method for controlling long-distance end-point terminal in cpns environment, and cpns server and mobile communication terminal for the same: The present invention relates to a system and a method for long-distance control of an end-point terminal in a CPNS environment, and a CPNS server and a mobile communication terminal for the same. When receiving a request for information from the end-point terminal the CPNS server[:] performs an authentication procedure... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

20110207402 - Wireless tracking system and method utilizing near-field communication devices: The present invention provides a method and system for determining a near-field communication interaction in a wireless tracking mesh network. The present invention preferably utilizes near-field communication devices in conjunction with tracking tags to transmit signals for reception by sensors stationed throughout a facility which form a mesh network and... Agent: Awarepoint Corporation

20110207404 - Coupler and electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, a coupler which transmits and receives an electromagnetic wave to and from another coupler includes a substrate, a coupling element, a ground plane, and a feed terminal. The coupling element is positioned at a first surface of the substrate and includes a feed point. The ground... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110207406 - Method and system for connecting wireless communications unit users: A system and method for wireless communications unit users within proximity to make social connections. Users can dynamically discover potential matches in the proximity and interactively find out mutual intentions to socially connect in an anonymous and discreet manner.... Agent:

20110207405 - Near field wireless communication device: According to one embodiment, a near field wireless communication device includes a receiver and a controller. The receiver is configured to obtain data by receiving a wireless signal. The controller is configured to stop the receiving operation of the receiver in the case where the receiver receives an unwanted signal.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110207408 - Peer to peer communication using device class based transmission rules: Data such as image, sound or other media content is delivered between peer devices over a dedicated peer-to-peer communications medium. According to an example embodiment, data is communicated between peer devices respectively belonging to one of a plurality of device classes respectively identified by a device-class identification (ID). Data is... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110207407 - Recommender system/method, service server, terminals, connection method and storage media for efficient connection: The present invention relates to a system, a method, a service server, an end-point terminal, a connection method and storage media for recommending an efficient connection path, in which if an end-point terminal connected to a mobile communication terminal through a short-range communication network can be connected to a service... Agent: Sk Telecom., Ltd

20110207409 - Electrostatic discharge circuit using inductor-triggered silicon-controlled rectifier: A representative electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuit includes a silicon-controlled rectifier comprising an alternating arrangement of a first P-type semiconductor material, a first N-type semiconductor material, a second P-type semiconductor material and a second N-type semiconductor material electrically coupled between an anode and a cathode. The anode is electrically coupled... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110207410 - Interference management messaging involving termination of a request for reduction in interference: A set of nodes may communicate in a manner that is asynchronous with respect to the communication between other sets of nodes. To facilitate reservations of resources by different nodes, a node may transmit a message that requests neighboring nodes to limit their interfering transmissions on a given resource and... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110207412 - Method and system for a wireless integrated test and measurement device: Aspects of a method and system for a wireless integrated power test and measurement are provided. In this regard, concurrently with receiving a first signal via a first antenna, a second signal that indicates received signal strength of the first signal may be generated and transmitted via a second antenna.... Agent:

20110207413 - Mobile device and method for regulating antenna characteristic thereof: A mobile device includes an antenna module, a calculation module, a location sensor, a determination module, and a regulator module. The calculation module calculates a received signal strength indication (RSSI) of the antenna module. The location sensor senses a user relative to the mobile device when the mobile device is... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20110207414 - Mobile station, radio base station, and mobile communication method: A mobile station UE includes: a measuring unit which measures the radio quality in a serving cell and a peripheral cell from a radio base station eNB; and a determining unit which determines whether to notify the measurement result. When the mobile station UE is in the discontinuous reception state,... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110207411 - Network performance server: Techniques are described for collecting and providing information regarding mobile network performance. In one example, a device includes a mobile device interface configured to receive data sets from mobile devices, each of the data sets comprising a geographic position value identifying a geographic position of a corresponding mobile device and... Agent: Google Inc.

20110207415 - Control for uplink in mimo communication system: In a wireless communication network that performs Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) communication, uplink power control signals are provided to a user equipment (UE) via a base station signaled power allocation scheme responsive to a determination of whether or not the uplink transmission is in a interference limited condition relative... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110207416 - Radio apparatus, and method and program for controlling spatial path: A PDMA terminal establishes communication by forming a plurality of spatial paths to another single radio apparatus. A plurality of antennas constituting an array antenna are divided into a plurality of subarrays corresponding to the plurality of spatial paths respectively. An adaptive array processing unit can perform an adaptive array... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110207417 - Transmitter with a relative-time timer: A transmitter (102) is provided. The transmitter (102) comprises a first communication interface (112) for receiving data. The transmitter (102) also comprises a timer (104) for measuring a relative-time and a processing system (110) for providing the data with a relative-time timestamp. A second communication interface (105) is provided for... Agent: Micro Motion ,inc.

20110207418 - Methods and apparatus for measuring and/or using transmitter and/or receiver iq imbalance information and/or dc offset information: A wireless communications device, e.g., a mobile node supporting direct peer to peer communications, performs a self-calibration of one or more of: receiver IQ imbalance, transmitter IQ imbalance, receiver DC offset, and transmitter DC offset. The wireless communications device, operating in calibration mode, intentionally sets the oscillator frequency used for... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110207419 - Method and apparatus for determining transmit power: A method and an apparatus for determining transmit power are disclosed. The method includes: determining an E-DPDCH gain factor in compressed mode according to the number of E-DPDCH required for initial transmission of data; and determining transmit power of E-DPDCH according to the E-DPDCH gain factor in compressed mode. The... Agent:

20110207421 - Apparatus for transmitting a signal below a standard transmit power in a network: A transmitter includes a detection element to determine when a current power requirement of a communication link is less than the standard transmit power. The current power requirement may be determined by a current operation condition of the communication link, for instance. The transmit power of the transmitter may be... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110207420 - Narrow band rf filter circuits, devices and processes using impedance translation: An active filter circuit includes an inductance-capacitance (LC) circuit (110) for wireless frequency input, a bi-directional mixer (120) and a filter impedance (130) series-coupled across at least part of the LC circuit (110), and another mixer (420) coupled to at least some portion of the LC circuit. Other circuits, processes,... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110207422 - Antenna apparatus and radio terminal apparatus: An antenna apparatus, including: a substrate; an antenna element which is arranged on the substrate and transmits or receives a radio signal; a feed point which is connected to the antenna element and feeds a current or a voltage to the antenna element; and a wiring pattern, one end of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110207423 - Entertainment systems with enhanced functionality: An entertainment systems having enhanced functionally and methods therefor are provided. Embodiments of the system allow an operator to assign multiple groups of radio stations to the radio station presets of the system according to different geographical regions located along a calculated route. As the system travels along the calculated... Agent: Paccar Inc

20110207424 - Method and system for dynamically tuning and calibrating an antenna using antenna hopping: Methods and systems for dynamically tuning and calibrating an antenna using antenna hopping are disclosed. In this regard, in a wireless device comprising an antenna that is configurable into a plurality of configurations, determining a subset of the configurations, where each configuration of the subset enables received signal strength above... Agent:

20110207425 - Multi-gigabit millimeter wave receiver system and demodulator system: A receiver system and a demodulator system are configured to receive and demodulate, respectively, multi-gigabit millimeter wave signals being wirelessly transmitted in the unlicensed wireless band near 60 GHz.... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20110207426 - Broadcast receiving apparatus and method of detecting noise components performed by broadcast receiving apparatus: To provide a broadcast receiving apparatus including an AM detector, an AM noise detector, an FM detector, an FM noise-level detector, and a threshold control unit. The AM detector performs AM detection on a broadcast signal in airwaves received by a receiving antenna that receives incoming airwaves to acquire an... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20110207428 - Mobile communication system: A mobile communication system of the present invention includes: a mobile station; a base station wirelessly communicating with the mobile station; and a gateway apparatus connected to the base station and a core network. The base station includes: first transmission means for transmitting a registration message for registering the mobile... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110207427 - Mobile communication terminal and recording medium: When a terminal-status detecting unit detects a predetermined terminal status with communication over a first mobile communication system being enabled by a first mobile communication unit, a control unit causes a second mobile communication system to start a process of acquiring a second mobile communication system to set communication via... Agent: Nec Casio Moblie Communications, Ltd

20110207429 - Method and system for an emergency location information service (e-lis): A method and system for determining and verifying a location of mobile and non-mobile devices in emergency situations. The method and system provide a current physical geographic location for a mobile or non-mobile device (e.g., building address, a building floor, a room on a building floor, campus, enterprise, city, state,... Agent: Red Sky Technologies, Inc.

20110207431 - Accounting request processing in a communication network: A system and method for accounting request processing in a communication network. When an accounting request is received in a correlating network element from a service-monitoring element, it is stored unless and until the associated service has been completed. When a final accounting request associated with the service has been... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20110207432 - Method and system for charging control: The present invention provides a method for charging control in a Flow Based Charging (FBC) system, which includes the steps of: a Charging Rule Function (CRF) receives a charging rule request message from a Traffic Plane Function (TPF), the CRF sends a charging rule to the TPF. The charging rule... Agent:

20110207430 - Method for optimizing the consumption of a telecommunications service: The invention relates to a method for optimizing the consumption of telecommunications services in user groups. The method allows analyzing in real time the effectiveness of the multiple attributes of the commercial products associated with telecommunication services offered on a telecommunications network without excess calculations having to be generated, and... Agent: Telefonica, S.a.

20110207435 - Mobile communication method and operation apparatus: A mobile communication method includes causing an operation apparatus to acquire information on an installation location of a radio base station and identification information of firmware currently used by the radio base station, causing the operation apparatus to determine station data to be used by the radio base station on... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110207434 - Transaction verification method, automatic transaction verification system and transaction verification unit (variants): The invention offers methods and devices in which a clear-back signal and an answer signal of the subscriber device connected to the automated switched telephone network are used as primary or secondary factor of identification of personality and intentions of the transaction initiator. The invention can be used inter alia... Agent:

20110207433 - Web server constituting single sign-on system, method of controlling operation of same, and recording medium storing program for controlling operation of same: A user ID and password are transmitted from a mobile telephone to a web server and whether the mobile telephone has the right to access the web server is authenticated. If the mobile telephone has the right to access the web server, a user ID and password for a first... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110207437 - System and method for enhanced message notification: Enhanced message notification is provided by an enhanced notification function element and a subscriber preference profile database. The enhanced notification function element queries the subscriber preference profile database to obtain subscriber communication terminal capabilities information, which it uses to select a message notification technology. The enhanced notification function element may... Agent:

20110207436 - Targeted notification of content availability to a mobile device: A system and method for publishing information to a community of users is disclosed. Published information is inclusive of, for example, calendar data, blog data and photographs. Communities may be defined by PIM data or automatically generated by a data aggregation server in response to a user-defined rubric. Published information... Agent:

20110207444 - Method and system for 60 ghz location determination based on varying antenna direction and coordination of wlan/wpan/gps multimode devices: Within a local region, information may be communicated between two or more wireless multimode communication devices (WMCD) comprising 60 GHz band and lower frequency band wireless interfaces, wherein spatial relationships between devices may vary. The 60 GHz interface may handle location determination operations and data transfers. The lower frequency band... Agent:

20110207438 - Method and system for scheduling phone call using sms: A schedule for a desired call, obtained, for example as an SMS message sent from a user's mobile station, enables a server to automatically initiate set-up of a voice call for the user's mobile station at a scheduled time selected by the user and indicated in the message. The user... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20110207440 - Mobile device profile aggregation: Systems, methods, devices, and computer program products are described for generating an aggregated group profile of access terminal users in an identified geographic region (e.g., at an entertainment venue). A group profile request may be received for a set of mobile access terminal users in the identified geographic region. User... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110207442 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, which facilitates a terminal to be used in further consideration of user's convenience. According to at least one of embodiments of the present invention, the present invention includes receiving a transport stream from a broadcasting network, accessing a mobile communication network... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110207439 - Notification method and system: A notification method involves creating a template via a web server interface, where the template includes a statement having at least one tag, and triggering a transmission of raw data from a mobile communications device to the web server interface. The method further involves completing the template via the web... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110207441 - One touch text response (otter): OTTER is download-able software for any smartphone in the form of an application (aka: “app”). OTTER is the first app of its kind to interface with the existing smartphone GPS functions to triangulate position and determine speed while generating a texting Auto Reply to any incoming text. This is known... Agent:

20110207443 - Transmission of radio signals by a portable apparatus: Apparatus comprising at least one processor and at least one memory, the at least one processor being configured under control of computer code stored in the at least one memory to detect an event, to respond to the detection of the event by providing an audio data burst, to encode... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110207445 - Method for providing contents in a mobile communication system and apparatus thereof: A method for providing contents in a mobile communication system and apparatus thereof. The apparatus includes a contents provider access unit for responding to an inquiry request related to a service provision using contents providing terminal connected through a communication network and managing a rule related to the contents providing... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

20110207446 - Method and apparatus for providing tiles of dynamic content: Some techniques for providing tiles of dynamic content include a service that determines a generation time and update time in response to receiving a request for a particular tile, and that returns the particular tile. The generation time is when the particular tile of dynamic content was most recently generated... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110207447 - Headset call transition: Systems and methods for transitioning calls using a headset are presented. In one example, a headset is operable to form a first local wireless link with a first telecommunications device and form a second local wireless link with a second telecommunications device. The headset is operable to switch to a... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20110207448 - System and method for controlling the use of a handset communication device: The invention provides a system and method for controlling use of handset communication device for communication by driver. A system in accordance with an embodiment includes: an obtaining component for obtaining driving state information of the vehicle; a directional antenna for capturing a wireless communication signal of the handset communication... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110207449 - System and method for automatically setting environment of user terminal: A system for automatically setting an environment of a user terminal includes a space and context-aware device for sensing a space and a context using a plurality of sensors, defining environment setting information corresponding to the sensed space and context, and sending the defined environment setting information to a user... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110207451 - Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system: Methods and devices for coding a slot in a cellular radio system are described. The coding allows for increased robustness and can be designed to be backwards compatible with transmission for e.g. GSM, GPRS, EGPRS and EGPRS2.... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (pub)

20110207450 - Method and arrangements for maintaining timing characteristics: A coordinating node, such as a positioning node and a radio base station, and a related method of maintaining timing characteristics of radio base stations connected to the coordinating node are disclosed. The method includes receiving timing information from a plurality of radio base stations, determining a respective timing characteristic... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson

20110207452 - Handover method and apparatus in a wireless communications network: A method for handover in a wireless communications network includes the step of communicating information between a target network node and a source network node to enable the source network node to identify and to distinguish types of failures prior to, during or after handover. The information may relate to:... Agent:

20110207453 - Methods for coordinating radio activities in different radio access technologies and apparatuses utilizing the same: An apparatus for coordinating radio activities in different radio access technologies (RATs) is provided. A first RAT module performs a first channel activity, related to a first RAT, for transmitting or receiving information to or from a first cellular network by using an antenna, and requests that a measurement activity,... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20110207454 - Authenticating and registering roaming mobile users: In an embodiment, a mobile device that is configured to receive calls on a first telephone network via a first telephone number is configured to receive calls on a second telephone network via a second telephone number. A subscriber interface module (SIM) is installed into the mobile device enabling the... Agent:

20110207455 - Method and apparatus for estimating cellular tower location: A method and apparatus for collecting and analyzing cellular identification (ID) numbers at various geographic locations to estimate cellular tower locations. The method may include collecting cellular ID numbers obtained by collection mobile devices at a plurality of geographic locations then calculating minimum bounding circles encompassing a set of geographic... Agent: Garmin Ltd.

20110207456 - Systems, methods and apparatus configured to manage neighbor cell lists: According to some wireless network standards the size of a neighbor cell list is restricted to a maximum size. The limited size of a neighbor cell list may not reflect the realities of a wireless network deployment, especially for deployments including numerous femto cells clustered in close proximity. Accordingly, as... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110207457 - User equipment and cell search method: User equipment for performing cell search using a synchronization channel including a primary synchronization channel and a secondary synchronization channel includes a reception unit configured to receive a signal including the synchronization channel, a symbol timing candidate detection unit configured to detect multiple synchronization signal symbol timing candidates from the... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110207458 - Mobile communication terminal: A mobile communication terminal includes a location registration request unit 120 that makes a location registration request for a location registration in each of the mobile communication networks 200 and 300 to a 3.9G network 300, a location registration response receiving unit 130 that receives a location registration response representing... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110207459 - Method and apparatus for cell reselection: A method of reselecting a mobile wireless communication device to a network subsystem before initiating a connection with a wireless communication network. A connection request is received by the mobile wireless communication device in response to a user input. Attributes of signals received by the mobile wireless communication device from... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110207460 - Method and apparatus for performing handover: A method of performing a handover between a first device and a second device is provided. The method including: transmitting a handover request frame for requesting a handover, including information about a reason for requesting the handover, to the second device; receiving a handover response frame including handover request result... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110207461 - Method for configuration of a femto radio base station: A method for configuration of a femto radio base station is characterized in the steps of establishing a connection of the femto radio base station (1) to a configuration server (3) via the internet, positioning a mobile terminal (6) within the transmission range of the femto radio base station (1)... Agent: Nec Europe Ltd

20110207462 - Voice over lte via generic access handover (ho) apparatus and method: A method and system wherein a Voice over LTE via Generic Access (VoLGA) Access Network Controller (VANC)1 upon receiving a REGISTER and REGISTER UPDATE message from the UE1 notifies a Hand Over Selection Function node (HOSF) that a user equipment (UE) is registered in the VANC. This will only be... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110207463 - Port initiated number gateway: The described method and system enables a telematic operator to determine a connectivity standing of devices requiring a port change from one wireless carrier to another. In particular, a modem initiates a call to each affected mobile directory number (MDN) and verifies connectivity to the correct vehicle using a telematic... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110207464 - Call control system, call controller, terminal device, and call control method: There are provided a call control system, a call controller, a terminal device, and a call control method capable of selecting an optimum communication network without overly complicating the configuration of the terminal device and the call controller. A call controller accesses information representing present conditions including a failure of... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc

20110207466 - Base station apparatus and identifier assignment method: A terminal information acquiring unit acquires terminal information on the priority of a terminal device that requests the assignment of a preamble to a base station apparatus. A priority determining unit determines whether the priority of the terminal device is not less than a predetermined reference on the basis of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110207468 - Base station, radio communications system, base station control method, radio communications method and base station control program: t

20110207467 - Base station, upper node, radio communication system and radio communication method: A base station includes a scheduling unit and a call reception control unit. The call reception control unit includes a managing unit that updates total resource usage amount based on total resource allocation amount and manages the total resource usage amount, and a decision unit that adds an initial radio... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110207465 - Method and apparatus for state/mode transitioning: A user equipment implements a method of processing indication messages, such as SCRI (signalling connection release indication) messages. The use equipment (UE) maintains a count of how many indication messages with a cause set have been sent by the UE while in at least one radio resource control (RRC) state.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110207475 - Location of cooperative tags with personal electronic device: The present disclosure relates to location and communication systems that can be utilized for locating people, pets and other objects with a software defined radio set. A personal electronic device (PED) such as a cellular telephone, personal data assistant (PDA) or other device that include a software defined radio set... Agent: Roundtrip LLC

20110207473 - Method and apparatus for multi-mode system selection: Devices and methods are provided for optimizing the timing of multi-mode system scans in a wireless communication environment. In one embodiment, the method may involve determining at least one of location and movement of a mobile entity (ME). The method may involve adjusting a timer between preferred system scans based... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110207472 - Method and system for cellular clock-assisted wireless access point locating: A wireless access point comprising a cellular receiver receives radio signals from a cellular base station. A cellular reference clock, synchronized to the cellular base station, is detected from the received radio signals. The detected cellular reference clock is utilized to stabilize a local access point clock for GNSS positioning.... Agent:

20110207471 - Method and system for determining location within a building based on historical location information: A mobile device may be operable to receive historical location trail information of a building. A location of the mobile device within the building may be determined by placing, moving or snapping a reference location of the mobile device onto a trail according to the received historical location trail information.... Agent:

20110207469 - Methods and apparatus for extended generic messaging in a networked geolocation system: Generic messaging and protocols are provided for handset-to-handset communications in accordance with, for example, the Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) protocol. A mobile device initiates a geolocation-related session with a second mobile device by sending a message, including a payload, to a server (e.g., an H-SLP server) over a network.... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110207474 - System and method for mass calibration of radio frequency fingerprint (rf-fp) location measurements: Systems and methods for location tracking in a communication network. Base stations transmit downlink signals to a plurality of subscriber terminals to define a mapping between geographical locations and respective sets of signal strengths of the downlink signals received from the base stations at the geographical locations. A subset of... Agent: Verint Systems Ltd.

20110207470 - Timed fingerprint locating in wireless networks: Systems and techniques for determining the location of user equipment (UE) in a wireless network are disclosed. These techniques leverage geometric calculations for an overlaid bin grid framework mapping the wireless network area to store differential values for each frame of the bin grid framework for each pair of relevant... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20110207476 - Gps-based location system and method: A system for locating an object, comprising one or more of a first GPS receiver and a first long and short range transceiver onboard a subject object at a first location; one or more of a second GPS receiver and a second long and short range transceiver onboard a secondary... Agent:

20110207477 - Methods and nodes in a wireless communication network: s

20110207478 - Location based multimedia message service generating system and method thereof: The present invention discloses a location based MMS generating system and method thereof. The generating system previously stores multimedia contents, each of which is related to a corresponding location. When a user's MMS request is triggered, a location service request is sent to LoCation service (LCS) server of the 3G... Agent:

20110207479 - System for providing alert-based services to mobile stations in a wireless communications network: System for providing alert-based communication services for which corresponding alert conditions to be met by mobile stations are defined. The system includes an alert engine capable of firing alerts associated with the alert-based communication services if location data regarding the mobile stations is indicative of the mobile stations meeting the... Agent: Wavemarket, Inc.

20110207480 - Shared image database with geographic navigation: There is disclosed a method and device for operating an image database shared by a plurality of users. In an embodiment, each image captured by a user and stored in a shared image database is associating with the geographic coordinates of the location at which the image was captured. A... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110207481 - Method, apparatus and system for paging processing and information displaying: A method, an apparatus, and a system for paging processing and information displaying are disclosed. The paging processing method includes: receiving a paging request message from a Mobile Switching Center (MSC) which a called User Equipment (UE) registers to; and when the called UE is connected, sending a paging notification... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110207482 - Media event structure and context identification using short messages: The present disclosure is descriptive of discovering structure, content, and context of a media event, e.g., a live media event, using real-time discussions that unfold through short messaging services. Generally, a sampling of short messages of a plurality of users is obtained. The sampling of short messages corresponds to a... Agent:

20110207483 - Reassigned mobile message notifications: The instant application describes a method of managing a customer's mobile station and providing a notification of a resultant change. The method includes steps of communicating over the air through a mobile communication network with a subscriber device management application running on the customer's mobile station; causing the subscriber device... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20110207484 - Unified view of short message service (sms) interaction history with other channel messages based on case identifier in a customer relationship management (crm) application: A method to provide a unified and integrated view of the SMS Interaction history with other channel messages (irrespective of the Interaction channel) based on Case ID (Case Identifier) in a CRM application. The method parses the incoming SMS message text for the Case Identifier. The Interaction Thread belonging to... Agent: Talisma Corporation Private Ltd.

20110207486 - Probabilistic location prediction for a mobile station: A probabilistic prediction is made of the location of a wireless-enabled mobile station in a wireless local area network. The prediction includes calculating a vector representing movement of the mobile station through a space in which two or more access points of the network are located, and determining a region... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110207487 - Switching technology for cooperation types in multi-sector cooperative communication: The current multi-base station cooperative communication technology could only provide one type of cooperative communication fixedly, and this results in that either the amount of data exchange between the base stations is huge and the latency is increased, or the optimum gain can not be obtained. To address this problem,... Agent:

20110207485 - User equipment, radio base station and methods therein: Embodiments herein relate to a method in a user equipment for handling a radio link failure in a radio communications network. The user equipment is served in a first cell controlled by a radio base station. The radio base station is comprised in the radio communications network, The user equipment... Agent:

20110207491 - Apparatus for and method of improving multi-rat out-of-service performance: Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate re-acquisition of service after an out-of-service (OOS) condition occurs. Mobile devices are equipped to retain information about the system in use just prior to the OOS condition occurring and use this information to determine the parameters of a service search. These parameters can... Agent:

20110207488 - Bandwidth and channel notification for wide-channel wireless communication: In a wireless communications network in which a device may simultaneously use multiple 20 MHz channels for communicating with another network device, various embodiments of the invention provide a way for a network controller to indicate to a mobile device which combinations of those channels the mobile device is permitted... Agent: Intel Corporation

20110207494 - Method and apparatus for mimo-based multiple base station collaborative communication: A solution for multiple base station collaborative communication in TDD (Time Division Duplex) and FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) systems is provided. To be specific, a serving base station and coordinating base station transmit detection signals with specific Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) features on one or more communication resources. The... Agent:

20110207489 - Method and apparatus for opportunistic communication scheduling in a wireless communication network using motion information: A method, wireless communication device, and computer program product are provided for scheduling wireless communication between a base station and one or more mobile wireless communication devices. Signals indicative of motion are obtained and utilized to facilitate scheduling operations. In some embodiments, signals indicative of motion are used in estimation... Agent:

20110207492 - Method and apparatus for selecting frequency allocation in wireless communication system: A method and an apparatus select optimized Frequency Allocation (FA) in a mobile communication system that includes mobile base stations. A first control information is received from neighbor base stations. System capacities of the respective neighbor base stations are determined based on the first control information. The FA that maximizes... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110207495 - Method and arrangement in a multi-carrier communication network system: Method and arrangement in a base station for scheduling communication between the base station and a user equipment in a multi-carrier communication network system. The base station and the user equipment are comprised in the multi-carrier communication network system, and adapted to communicate with each other on downlink carriers and... Agent:

20110207496 - Method and device for data transmission in multiple carrier wave system: Provided are a method and a device for data transmission in a multiple carrier wave system. With respect to a carrier wave that includes a first guard band, a data band, and a second guard band on a frequency domain, at least one guard physical resource unit (guard PRU) is... Agent:

20110207490 - Methods for coordinating radio activities of different radio access technologies and apparatuses utilizing the same: An apparatus for coordinating radio activities of different radio access technologies (RATs) includes a first RAT module, a second RAT module and an arbiter. The first RAT module receives and transmits radio frequency (RF) signals from and to a first cellular network through an antenna, and synchronizes transceiving timings with... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20110207493 - User apparatus, base station apparatus and communication control method: A user apparatus to which radio access schemes that are a single-carrier scheme and a multicarrier scheme are applied, includes: a radio access scheme setting unit configured to set a radio access scheme; a discrete Fourier transform unit configured to perform discrete Fourier transform on a modulated symbol sequence when... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110207497 - Coded system for radio frequency communication: A coded system for radio-frequency communication (RFC); the system comprising at least one base station (20) and a plurality of mobile devices (10); the base station and mobile devices are individually provided with running time information synchronized inter se; the mobile device is adapted for transmitting an identifying signal to... Agent: Precyse Technologies, Inc

20110207500 - Base station, radio communication system, base station control method, radio communication method, and control program: c

20110207499 - Enhanced uplink power control based on interference management and transmission quality control: The present invention provides an enhanced uplink power control mechanism based on interference management and transmission quality control: the uplink power is controlled on the basis of simultaneously considering both the interference of neighboring cells and the system performance of the cell, that is, the transmit power of the mobile... Agent:

20110207498 - Resource configuration method, device, and system: A resource configuration method includes acquiring capability information of a base station (BS), in which the capability information of the BS includes information indicating whether the BS has channel power boost capability. Capability information of a user equipment (UE) is acquired. The capability information of the UE includes information indicating... Agent: Huawei Technologeis Co., Ltd.

20110207501 - Communication system and communication method: The present invention relates to a communication system capable of reducing processing loads imposed on a base station device and a server that sets a timing of a synchronization signal for the base station device. A management server (3) provides notification of a transmission order of the synchronization signal to... Agent:

20110207502 - System and method for determining mobile telephone voice quality in a live network: A system and method for determining the quality of communications provided by a plurality of mobile telephones is provided. The method may comprise, for example, receiving one or more telephone voice signals from each mobile telephone; storing the one or more telephone voice signals in a memory; concurrently with aid... Agent:

20110207503 - Facilitating assisted gps and other network services in mobile phones across disparate mobile communications networks: The present invention provides a mobile device that is able to implement A-GPS and other network services across multiple disparate communications networks In an exemplary embodiment of the invention, a mobile communications device implements a plurality of mobile network profiles—each profile being associated with a different mobile network and its... Agent:

20110207504 - Interactive projected displays: A projection device may project an image on a display surface. Another projection device may then project an image that appears to interact with the image projected by the first device. A camera in one of the devices may record the interaction. The interaction may be analyzed to implement game... Agent:

20110207505 - Method and apparatus for preventing flicker phenomenon on display of mobile terminal: A method and apparatus for suppressing screen flicker phenomenon resulting from differences between a scanning frequency of a camera module and a mains power frequency of the region where the mobile terminal is located are provided. The method includes acquiring, when a camera module of the mobile terminal is activated,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110207506 - Cellphone presence and locating system using a sim card transmitter: A cellphone Presence and Locating system includes antenna(s) with associated receiver(s) extracting user information, presence and location data from a plurality of mobile cellphones with a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card containing a low duty cycle transmitter. The transmitter communicates with the SIM processor and extracts user and configuration information.... Agent:

20110207507 - Mobile communication device and charging system for mobile communication device: A mobile phone includes a first power receiving portion that receives power from a charging base, a first touch panel, a function execution portion, a first LCD to display information, a first display control portion to display on the first LCD an output image outputted when the function execution portion... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110207508 - Mobile terminal device: An object of the present invention is to provide a mobile terminal device capable of utilizing a conductive portion further more effectively. A cellular telephone device includes: a key switch, of which electrical state changes depending on an operation on an operation unit; a CPU that is connected to the... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110207509 - Apparatus and methods for providing intelligent battery management: Various embodiments for providing enhanced battery conservation in mobile devices are described. In one or more embodiments, a mobile computing device may include a processor and a battery to supply power to the processor. The device may store user pattern data and/or user preference data. The device may further include... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20110207510 - Mobile device and radio communication portion of mobile device: This mobile device includes a control portion determining whether or not a selection antenna module and a selection circuit module are matched to each other, and the control portion controls radio communication by the selection antenna module and the selection circuit module to be disabled when the selection antenna module... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

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20110201267 - Methods and nodes in a communication system: Embodiments herein include a method in a server for scheduling of an information transmission from an information providing device to a subscriber equipment in a communication system. The method comprises determining a moment in time at which the subscriber equipment desires information. Also, an estimation of the communication intensity in... Agent:

20110201268 - Communication system, apparatus and method: A communication system, apparatus and method are provided according to embodiments of the present invention. The communication system includes: a base band unit (BBU), at least two antennas and at least two radio-frequency (RF) units, where the at least two RF units are connected with the BBU respectively; and each... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110201269 - Gain measurement and monitoring for wireless communication systems: A method of monitoring an element in wireless communication system is provided. An operational noise measurement is obtained by measuring a noise value outside of a bandwidth of a first device, but within a bandwidth of a second, subsequent device. The operational noise measurement is alternatively obtained by tuning an... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110201271 - Electronic circuit and communication functionality inspection method: To provide an electronic circuit capable of easily testing semiconductor chips that are inductively coupled to each other and that communicate with each other, and an inspection method performed in the electronic circuit. An electronic circuit includes: a first substrate; a first transmission coil that is formed by a wire... Agent: Keio University

20110201270 - Wireless tracking system and method utilizing near-field communication devices: The present invention provides a solution to determining a near-field communication interaction in a wireless tracking mesh network. The present invention utilizes near-field communication devices in conjunction with tracking tags to transmit signals for reception by sensors stationed throughout a facility which form a mesh network and forward the signals... Agent: Awarepoint Corporation

20110201274 - Active wireless tag and auxiliary device for use with monitoring center for tracking individuals or objects: The invention is directed to a location tracking device and auxiliary device for use with a monitoring center for tracking individuals or objects. The location tracking device has position determining circuitry and first wireless circuitry that communicates position data representative of the location of the tracking device to a remote... Agent: Satellite Tracking Of People, LLC

20110201272 - Interactive base station with processor and bodies: The invention relates to a base station (100) provided with a processor and with bodies (1,3). Each body is provided at several outer surfaces thereof with visualisations such that a combination of visualisations can be formed in at least one plane by means of a number of outer surfaces of... Agent:

20110201273 - Method and apparatus for adaptively using vnote in portable terminal: Provided is a method and apparatus for adaptively using vNote in a portable terminal. The method includes determining whether a Bluetooth messenger is in operation upon reception of a vNote message, preventing a display notification window indicating reception of the vNote message if it is determined that the Bluetooth messenger... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110201275 - System and method for management of a dynamic network using wireless communication devices: A short-range wireless communication network may be established by direct communication between two or more wireless communication devices. A conventional cellular telephone includes an integrated short-range transceiver. The short-range transceivers of multiple wireless communication devices can be coupled together to form a short-range communication network without utilizing any wireless communication... Agent: E3 LLC

20110201276 - System for transferring information between an implant and an external device: For communicating information between a medical implant in a patient's body and an external communication unit (9) located outside the patient's body the medical implant is connected to or comprises an internal communication unit (11). The external communication unit and the internal communication unit communicate with each other using part... Agent: Milux Holdings Sa

20110201277 - Radio communication system, radio base station, and radio communication method: In a radio communication method, a radio base station detects, based on CQI information received from a radio terminal, any one of a plurality of subbands, the CQI value of which has been degraded as compared with a threshold value, as an interfered subband (Step S130). The radio base station... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110201280 - Method and system for determining the context of an entity: Method for providing information on a context parameter relating to a consumer device of a telecommunication system which includes a plurality of provider devices. The method includes: a) checking if data relevant to the context parameter are available for the consumer device; b) in the positive case of a), obtaining... Agent:

20110201279 - Methods and apparatus to perform measurements: Methods and apparatus to perform measurements are disclosed. An example method disclosed herein for a user equipment (UE) to perform measurements in a mobile communication network comprises receiving configuration information comprising at least one of a validity state, a measurement activation criterion, a measurement deactivation criterion, a reporting criterion or... Agent:

20110201278 - Wireless terminal device and communication quality display method: Disclosed is a wireless terminal device that can display the communication quality according to the service content with reception of service provided using multiple different communication formats. In the device, a first reception field strength detector (101) detects the reception field strength with communication in a first communication format. A... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110201281 - High frequency switching circuit and method for determining a power of a high frequency signal: A high frequency switching circuit, including a high frequency switching element. The high frequency switching element including a first channel terminal and a second channel terminal, wherein the high frequency switching element is configured to switchably route a high frequency signal via a channel path between the first channel terminal... Agent:

20110201282 - Compensating for frequency offsets on a base station: A base station for compensating for frequency offsets is described. The base station includes a processor and instructions stored in memory. The base station computes a time domain impulse response estimate and applies frequency offset compensation to the time domain impulse response estimate to obtain a time domain offset-compensated impulse... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110201284 - Dc offset calibration in a direct conversion receiver: A direct conversion receiver (200) includes a low noise amplifier (LNA) (213), at least one baseband amplifier (119, 123 and 127), register banks (250 and 251) for storing a plurality of offset data corresponding to at least two LNA gain settings and a plurality of baseband gain settings, a DC... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110201283 - Method and system of beamforming a broadband signal through a multiport network: Aspects of a method and system for beamforming a broadband signal through a multiport network are provided. In this regard, a plurality of signals received via a plurality of antennas may be detected and a plurality of transmit signals may be generated, wherein a phase of at least one of... Agent:

20110201285 - Methods and apparatus providing intelligent radio selection for legacy and non-legacy applications: Methods and apparatus providing intelligent interface selection for legacy and non-legacy applications. The method includes intercepting a networking function call from an application desiring radio access, selecting a radio from a plurality of candidate radios based on selection criteria, and binding the radio to the application. To facilitate flow mobility,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110201286 - Wcdma transmit architecture: A baseband digital processing module operates cooperatively with an analog signal processing module to effectuate highly adjustable and highly accurate gain adjustment in accordance with transmitter processing within a communication device. The gain adjustment and/or gain control is partitioned between the digital and analog domains by employing two cooperatively operating... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110201287 - Wireless communication unit, integrated circuit and method of power control of a power amplifier therefor: A wireless communication unit comprises a transmitter having a forward path comprising a power amplifier, PA, and a feedback path arranged to feed back a portion of a signal output from the PA to a point in the forward path prior to the PA. The forward path and feedback path... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor. Inc

20110201288 - Device including an antenna and method of using an antenna: An integrated package is disclosed that includes a conductive structure that can be selectively configured to include a radiating element of a planar antenna or to include a radio-frequency shielding structure. Examples of a planar antenna include PIFA antennas, patch antennas, and the like. The planar antenna can be selectively... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110201289 - Rotating harmonic rejection mixer: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a mixer circuit to receive and generate a mixed signal from a radio frequency (RF) signal and a master clock signal, a switch stage coupled to an output of the mixer circuit to rotatingly switch the mixed signal to multiple gain stages coupled... Agent:

20110201290 - Broadcast receiving apparatus and method of determining presence of noise performed by broadcast receiving apparatus: To provide a broadcast receiving apparatus including an AM detector, an AM noise detector, an FM detector, an FM noise detector and a noise determining unit. The AM detector performs AM detection on an IF signal in airwaves received by a receiving antenna that receives incoming airwaves to acquire an... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20110201292 - Methods and apparatus for calibrating received signal strength indicators: This disclosure discloses methods and apparatus for calibrating received signal strength indicators.... Agent:

20110201293 - Methods and apparatus for calibrating received signal strength indicators: This disclosure discloses methods and apparatus for calibrating received signal strength indicators.... Agent:

20110201291 - Mobile station and mobile communication method: A mobile station UE includes: a measuring unit (12) which measures the reception power of a predetermined signal formed by symbols continuously transmitted in the frequency axis direction or the time axis direction; an estimating unit (14) which estimates the propagation loss of a predetermined signal in the downlink in... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110201294 - Method and system for lna adjustment to compensate for dynamic impedance matching: Aspects of a method and system for LNA adjustment to compensate for dynamic impedance matching are provided. In this regard, an antenna matching network may be configured to maximize received signal strength for a determined frequency and an amplifier gain may be adjusted based on the maximized signal strength such... Agent:

20110201295 - Method for controlling of receive diversity in an antenna system: A method for controlling receive diversity of an antenna system of a computer device, the antenna system including two or more antenna elements. The method includes establishing a session with a remote transmitting system and determining whether a predetermined criteria detected by the computer device is satisfied within the session.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110201296 - Mixer circuits for second order intercept point calibration: A balanced mixer circuit (300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800) in a baseband receiver (202) includes an oscillator circuit (212), a mixer (214 and 215), a digital-to-analog converter (258 and 259) and a digital signal processor (250). The mixer includes CMOS devices (301, 302, 303 and 304). In response... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110201297 - Apparatus and method for antenna diversity reception: An apparatus provides a baseband signal for exploiting receive antenna diversity by means of a digital baseband processor. The apparatus includes a combiner configured to temporally alternately select at least one sample of a first received signal corresponding to a first receive antenna and at least one sample of a... Agent:

20110201300 - Emergency contact information device and method: A mobile computing device for storing and retrieving contact information, such as emergency contact information, is disclosed, including a processor, a data store, and a contact organizer software module. The contact organizer is configured to detect one of several indications of a number of corresponding emergency conditions, retrieve contact data... Agent:

20110201299 - Enhanced emergency services in fixed wireless networks: A computing device receives a location inquiry for a user device, the location inquiry including an identifier for the user device, and retrieves fixed location data associated with the identifier. The computing device also obtains, from the user device, current geographic location data for the user device and calculates a... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20110201301 - Information processing apparatus: An information processing apparatus of the present invention includes a touch panel for displaying predetermined information and accepting a touch operation input; and a control section for controlling operation of the information processing apparatus itself having the touch panel installed therein. The control section includes a processing occurrence detection means... Agent:

20110201298 - Substitution of a telephone land line based home alarm system with a cell phone connection based system: The purpose of the invention is to remove the need for a telephone landline and replace it with a cell phone connection for the purpose of signaling and reporting an alarm signal sequence to the alarm monitoring company in the event of an alarm triggering event. The invention uses a... Agent:

20110201302 - Method and system for emergency call arbitration: A method of call arbitration includes connecting a vehicle computing system to a remote phone system. The vehicle computing system is used to transmit a pre-recorded or dynamically generated message to the remote phone system. The vehicle computing system also receives an outgoing message spoken in the vehicle to the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110201303 - Method of handling a change to bearer control mode: Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method and related network node and machine-readable storage medium including one or more of the following: receiving, at the PCRN, a request message from an Evolved Packet Core node; determining whether the request message includes a request for a modification to an IP-CAN session;... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

20110201304 - System and method for tracking billing events in a mobile wireless network for a network operator: A system and method for tracking billing events in a mobile wireless network for a network operator is disclosed. The method can include, in one embodiment, capturing, by a server, event data associated with a mobile device. The event data specifies communication events at the mobile device and are captured... Agent:

20110201305 - Method and system for ensuring user and/or device anonymity for location based services (lbs): A mobile device may communicate with a location server during location based services (LBS) operations using a secure identifier. The secure identifier abstracts identification information of the mobile device and/or identification information of a user of the mobile device in instances that the mobile device and/or user identification information are... Agent:

20110201307 - Access control for m2m devices: A system for restricting Machine-to-Machine devices from accessing system resources in a 3GPP compliant network without adversely affecting the access of human operated devices makes use of a new network function that instructs all devices that are internally identified as M2M devices to block access. As such, M2M and H2H... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20110201310 - Contents providing system and method for providing data services through short-range wireless communication network, and cpns server and mobile communication terminal for the same: The present invention relates to a contents providing system and method for providing data services through a short-range wireless communication network, and a CPNS server and a mobile communication terminal for the same. The contents providing system includes the CPNS server, the mobile communication terminal and an end-point terminal. When... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

20110201309 - Method and apparatus for processing authentication of mobile terminal: The present invention discloses a method and an apparatus for processing an authentication of a mobile terminal, wherein the method includes: a network side receiving an image identity message from a mobile terminal, wherein the image identity message carries current image feature information and a user identifier of the mobile... Agent:

20110201308 - Method of authentication in ip multimedia subsystem: A method of authentication in an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is provided. After receiving a Register message from a User Equipment (UE), a Proxy-Call Session Control Function (P-CSCF) locates a Connection Location Function (CLF) according to information contained in the Register message and a pre-configured corresponding relationship between the information... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110201311 - Method of initial access in a wireless communication system: A method of initial access in a wireless communication system is disclosed. A method of initial access of a mobile station in a wireless communication system with femtocells comprises selecting a base station to which the mobile station requests information of femto cell base stations which can serve the mobile... Agent:

20110201306 - Systems and methods for unified billing: A system for unified billing combining mobile telephone and credit card services, in one example embodiment comprises a communication module to receive, from a merchant, a request to process a transaction, the request including data related to a subscriber identity module (SIM), a customer identification module to identify, based on... Agent: Samama Technologies

20110201313 - Logging communication events: A user terminal comprising: a positioning system arranged to detect a geographical location of the user terminal; a transceiver for communicating with other user terminals via a communication network; and a communication processing apparatus coupled to the transceiver and positioning system. The communication processing apparatus is arranged to detect communication... Agent: Skype Limited

20110201312 - Method for distributing contact information between applications: a second immunosensor that acts as an immuno-reference sensor and generates a signal that is the same as or predictably related to the degree of non-specific binding which occurs in the region of the first immunosensor, and has an immunocomplex between an immobilized antibody and an endogenous or exogenous protein... Agent: Neustar, Inc.

20110201314 - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for tokenization of multimedia messages: Methods, systems, and computer readable media for processing multimedia messages are disclosed. One method includes receiving a first multimedia messaging service (MMS) message containing a first payload. The method further includes extracting and caching the first payload. The method further includes associating a token with the first payload and replacing,... Agent:

20110201319 - Interactive system for guidance and information on mobile telephone or analogous terminal: The system is aimed in particular at guiding and informing persons with reduced mobility. It comprises a fixed apparatus (1) with a central processing unit, which communicates by radio waves with mobile telephones (2) or analogous terminals, loaded with a specific programme, which are carried by the users. The latter... Agent: Embedia

20110201318 - Invoke facility service and its applications to compound wireless mobile communication services: Invented is a facility service to be used as a component service for building compound wireless mobile communication services (CWSs). The name ascribed to this facility service is Invoke. The purpose of Invoke is to detect the events signifying that the CWS operation is to commence and then initiate (or... Agent:

20110201317 - Method for facilitating and analyzing social interactions and context for targeted recommendations in a network of a telecom service provider: A mobile social networking platform including a system and method for cellular communications and accessing services using cellular communications. The system and method enable any mobile device user having a mobile station (MS) with minimal functionality to SMS to access a social network without installing any additional software on the... Agent: Ttsl Iitb Center For Excellence In Telecom (ticet)

20110201316 - Method for setting coloring ring back tone: The invention relates to a method for setting a CRBT, including: initiating a call to a called terminal and receiving a CRBT sent from a CBC, by a calling terminal in a communication network; during the process of playing the CRBT or the communication process or after the call is... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110201315 - Providing web-activated callback by just dialling and pressing the call button: The application relates to web-activated callback for wireless phones. Web-activated callback such as JAJAH is known. To originate a call when using conventional web-activated callback, a user must connect to the Internet, activate the web browser, log into his account, request callback while specifying caller and callee phone number, and... Agent:

20110201320 - Automated caller identifier from contact lists of a user's contacts: When a call or message is received from an unidentified sender on the user's communication device, the caller identifier application launches a text-based messaging application and causes it to send an “invisible” text-based message to the user's contacts. The message includes the metadata (e.g., telephone number) associated with the call... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110201321 - Managing multiple cli identities: A caller identity provision system comprises a receiver component that receives a call request, the call request originates from a mobile handset that is associated with multiple numbers. An analysis component analyzes the call request and selects a caller line identification (CLI) from amongst a plurality of CLIs to provide... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20110201322 - Interfacing a multimedia application being executed on a handset with an independent, connected computing device: Embodiments are directed to interfacing a multimedia application being executed on a handset with an independent computing device. A connection between the handset and the computing device is established, which triggers a proxy application to be launched on the computing device. The proxy application is configured to interact with an... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110201323 - System information update for carrier aggregation: A method for providing SI updates for a carrier aggregation system is described. The method includes, for each other CC of a configured set of CCs, determining a start time for the other CC when updated SI for the other CC becomes valid. A first time prior to each start... Agent: Nokia Siemens Networks Oy

20110201326 - Radioterminals and operating methods that receive multiple measures of information from multiple sources: A radioterminal includes a receiver that is configured to receive information from a base station by receiving a first measure of the information from the base station and a second measure of the information from a second device. The second device receives a measure of the information from the base... Agent: Atc Technologies, LLC

20110201324 - Reporting of non-real-time mdt measurements: Methods and apparatus for providing measurement reports to a wireless communication network from a mobile station are disclosed. A first mobile station performs measurements concerning one or more connectivity aspects for the first mobile station in relation to the wireless communication network and stores the measurements in an internal log,... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20110201325 - System, device, database and method for increasing the capacity and call volume of a communications network: Capacity of cellular telephone network is increased by using database to record number of callers using low data rate equipment, such as noise reducing or canceling equipment. Use of noise reduction telephones leads to increase in SNR which allows greater number of users. As number of low data rate communications... Agent: Noise Free Wireless, Inc

20110201327 - Method and apparatus for crash recovery and resynchronization: Techniques to manage recovery and resynchronization of components or modules in a mobile computing device are described. For example, a mobile computing device may comprise a processor and a plurality of hierarchical or peer related modules. The plurality of modules may include resynchronization logic operative to resynchronize a module after... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20110201328 - Content-based handover method and system: A handover of a wireless communication device is performed between a first wireless band and a second wireless band when a detected feature occurs within a content stream being communicated with the wireless communication device.... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20110201329 - Communications management: A communications manager is disclosed that is provided on a telecommunications network and a terminal registered with that network. The communications manager comprises in the network and on the terminal a service manager; a data manager and a connection manager. The service manager and data manager collect and store data... Agent:

20110201330 - Wireless communication system and acquisition method for mobile location information in a wireless communication system: A maintenance and administration device of a wireless communication system having for an object to enable the acquisition of accurate location information, even with respect to mobile handsets in the Idle state, sets a mobile handset subscriber identifier and a paging flag to be valid and transmits a visited cell... Agent:

20110201331 - Communications system: A mobile communications system is described in which a mobile communications device can register with a Macro RAN base station or with a home base station when in range of the home base station. The home base station may be an open access mode, a closed access mode or a... Agent:

20110201332 - Method and arrangement for processing of neighbor cell information: Methods and arrangements for improving the selection of neighbor cells, on which to perform measurements in different situations. The method in a first node involves obtaining information identifying a first and a second set of neighboring cells for a respective first and second measurement category. A third set of neighboring... Agent:

20110201333 - Method for receiving control information in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor: A method of receiving a control signal by a user equipment in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The present invention includes receiving control regions including the control channel relevant to each of a plurality of component carriers via a plurality of component carriers and detecting the control channel for... Agent:

20110201339 - Cell type information sharing between neighbor base stations: The present invention relates to a method and arrangement for cell type information sharing between neighbour base stations (310, 330) in a telecommunications system (300). One embodiment comprises informing a second radio base station (330) serving a second cell (340) and having a neighbour relation with a first cell served... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110201334 - Energy-efficient network methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus for changing the transmission/reception setup of a base station (BS) in a communication network to another transmission/reception setup (such as one using fewer transmit antennas and/or lower channel bandwidths) without affecting communication with user equipments involve “replacing” the existing BS with a “virtual” BS that has the... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20110201338 - Method and apparatus for coordination of handoff among mmss and rat priorities: A method is provided whereby wireless system operators broadcast each other's carriers in an inter-RAT neighbor list according to protocols that minimize conflicts with carrier-selection algorithms provisioned in served mobile terminals. According to the method of the invention, Access Networks (ANs) broadcast neighbor lists for their own carriers and carriers... Agent:

20110201335 - Method and system for a location-based vertical handoff over heterogeneous mobile environments: A multi-radio mobile device receives data transmissions for a wireless communication session from a current serving access network in a coupled heterogeneous network system comprising a plurality of different access networks. The multi-radio mobile device initiates a handoff for the wireless communication session based on the current mobile location. The... Agent:

20110201336 - Method and system for optimizing user-level qos during a location-based handoff over heterogeneous mobile environments: A multi-radio mobile device receives data transmission of a session from a serving access network in a heterogeneous network system comprising difference access networks. A handoff is performed based on the received data transmissions. User-level QoS for the wireless communication session is adjusted during the handoff based on connection QoS... Agent:

20110201337 - Methods, apparatuses, system, and related computer program products for handover security: It is disclosed a method comprising receiving, prior to a handover operation, first key indication information, creating, prior to the handover operation, key information based on the received first key indication information, retaining the created key information, sending, after the handover operation, the received first key indication information associated with... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110201340 - Method and apparatus for cell selection in flexible spectrum use radio system: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus comprises a transceiver configured to receive beacons from a plurality of access points; a processor configured to estimate an expected bit-rate for the plurality of access points based at least in part on a frequency spectrum use resourcing,... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110201341 - Coordinating uplink resource allocation: A base station configured for coordinating uplink resource allocation is described. The base station includes a processor and instructions stored in memory. The base station generates uplink resource allocation information for one or more wireless communication devices. The uplink resource allocation information is sent to one or more base stations.... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

20110201344 - Method and apparatus for providing machine-type communication service in wireless communication system: A method and apparatus of providing a machine-type communication (MTC) service in a wireless communication system is provided. The method include transmitting information of an MTC group, to which an MTC device belongs, to the MTC device, wherein the MTC group is a group of MTC devices that share one... Agent:

20110201343 - Method and apparatus for supporting machine-type communications: A method and apparatus for supporting machine-type communications (MTC) are disclosed. A wireless transmit/receive unit (WTRU) may configure itself to operate in a mobile-originated-only mode. The WTRU may perform no, or a subset of, radio resource control (RRC) idle and/or non-access stratum (NAS) idle/standby state procedures in the mobile-originated-only mode.... Agent: Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

20110201342 - Minimizing location update in circuit-switched fallback: A method can include allocating a temporary mobile subscriber identity for a user equipment during a location update procedure. The method can also include allocating, during the allocating of the temporary mobile subscriber identity, a unique network resource identifier value for the whole network element, wherein temporary mobile subscriber identity... Agent: Nokia Siemens Networks Oy

20110201345 - Physical cell id allocation method and base station: The present invention discloses a Physical Cell ID (PCI) allocation method and a base station. The PCI allocation method includes the following steps: a target base station obtains a usable PCI list sent by an Operations And Maintenance (OAM) function entity, and removes limited PCIs of the target cell from... Agent: Zte Corporation

20110201346 - Business hour notification delivery: A delivery period for delivering messages including a notification is determined. A location of a mobile station user is identified. A time zone difference between the location of the mobile station user and a location of a server for delivering the messages is calculated. The delivery period for the notification... Agent: Cello Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20110201354 - Location update method and mobile station using the same: A location update method and a mobile station using the same are disclosed. The location method includes receiving a message including femto Base Station (BS) list information from a macro base station, receiving a preamble including an IDentifier (ID) of a first femto BS from the first femto BS during... Agent:

20110201355 - Method and device for location-based call management: A location server (208) and a method for evaluating the location of a user equipment (UE) (102; 202) in relation to at least one geographical zone related to the UE, is disclosed. In addition, a location server (506, 706) and a method for processing of a zone-related service request, is... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110201349 - Method and system for locating a femtocell using measurement reports: A Femtocell measures power from a serving and/or neighboring base stations in a radio access network specified in, for example, 3GPP, 3GPP2 and/or WiMAX. The power measurements are transmitted over a broadband IP network to a location server coupled to an associated mobile core network. Related location information comprising reference... Agent:

20110201347 - Method and system for location-based dynamic radio selection: A multi-radio mobile device comprises a plurality of different radios. When a location update occurs, the multi-radio mobile device, at a specific location, acquires location-based radio information from a remote location server. The multi-radio mobile device selects a radio for use in the specific location based on the acquired location-based... Agent:

20110201348 - Method and system for optimizing uploading of location data for location based services: A mobile device may be operable to collect location data for a RF node and cache the collected location data in the mobile device. Resources that may be utilized for improving the uploading of the cached location data to a location server may be determined by the mobile device. The... Agent:

20110201352 - Method and system of determining position information of user equipment in a wireless communication environment: A method and system for obtaining position information of a User Equipment (UE) in a wireless communication environment is provided. The system includes a UE, a radio network wirelessly coupled to the UE, and a core network wirelessly coupled to the radio network and having a positioning server and a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110201350 - Portable electronic device positioning based on identifiable zones presenting reduced wireless communication conditions: Techniques are provided which may be implemented in various methods and/or apparatuses to allow a portable electronic device to at least estimate its current position while within or otherwise operatively associated with an operating environment that may have one or more identifiable zones that present a reduced wireless communication condition.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110201353 - Self-optimizing determination of routing areas in land mobile networks: Process for operating a cellular land mobile network which is formed by a plurality of cells, several cells being combined at one time into a routing area, by means of which the cell terminals checked into the land mobile network can be located and addressed in this routing area, the... Agent:

20110201351 - System and method for providing mobile user classfication information for a target geographical area: A system and method for providing mobile user classification information for a target geographical area uses location information of mobile communication devices to detect the mobile communication devices within the target geographical area at a specified time and then further uses at least one of the location information of the... Agent: Openwave Systems Inc.

20110201357 - Method and system for refining a location of a base station and/or a mobile device based on signal strength measurements and corresponding transmitter and/or receiver antenna patterns: A mobile device receives data transmissions, via a coupled receiver antenna array, from a transmitter antenna array of a serving base station. The mobile device determines relative distances, with respect to the serving base station, associated with signal strength measurements on the received data transmissions. The signal strength measurements are... Agent:

20110201356 - System and method for providing location data to mobile devices: A mobile computing device includes a housing, a display disposed in the housing, and a processing circuit disposed in the housing and coupled to the display, the processing circuit being configured to initiate a wireless telephone communication with a second mobile device, and wirelessly transmit a current location of the... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20110201358 - Determining application usage relative to a particular location: A mobile device collects information about application usage and associates collected application information with a location of the mobile device and/or a time that the application is accessed. The application is stored on the mobile device or on an external device and accessed via a network. The application information, location... Agent:

20110201359 - Positional information system: In an indoor positioning system, for establishment of a cost sharing system, the positioning information transmission device does not directly transmit positional information but performs concealment and variablization on the device ID and transmits the concealed and variablized device ID. The positioning information management server stores and manages correspondence between... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110201360 - Method and system for physical map-assisted wireless access point locating: A mobile device receives a server-assisted location for a wireless access point, either a WiFi access point or a Bluetooth access point, from a remote location server comprising a reference database. The received server-assisted location is refined using a physical map or image. The mobile device is operable to acquire... Agent:

20110201361 - Method and apparatus for enhanced paging: Techniques for paging user equipments (UEs) in a wireless communication system are described. In one aspect, a cell sends a paging indicator to a UE, monitors for an acknowledgement from the UE, and sends a page message to the UE if an acknowledgement is received from the UE. The cell... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110201362 - Augmented media message: A method for generating and viewing on a handheld device a 3-D augmented reality feature containing a rich media message that is linked to a physical object comprises the steps of: a) by a first user: i. Taking a picture of a physical object; ii. selecting an augmented reality theme;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110201365 - M2m group based addressing using cell broadcast service: A system for providing machine-to-machine (M2M) messaging in a 3GPP environment makes use of the existing cell broadcast service, optionally with extensions, to allow for M2M enabled devices to be set in groups and sent messages in an efficient manner that can reduce traffic, and provide for less battery drain.... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20110201364 - Mobile network monitoring: The present description refers in particular to a computer-implemented method, a computer program product and a device for measuring QoS in a mobile network, the method comprising: accessing at least one platform dependent API on a mobile device; obtaining, according to a set of QoS parameters, a first plurality of... Agent:

20110201363 - Mobile terminal and communication service controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and communication service controlling method thereof are provided. The method includes receiving priority information of a communication service for a counterpart terminal, determining counterpart information of the counterpart terminal corresponding to the received priority information of the communication service among at least one or more stored counterpart... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110201366 - System and method for differentiating between incoming and outgoing messages and identifying correspondents in a tty communication: A method and system are provided that examine incoming and outgoing TTY transmissions to determine an identifier for distinguishing between correspondents in a TTY call. The system may utilize existing contact information associated with an incoming call to provide context to a user for accepting incoming calls and during conversations... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110201367 - Base station apparatus, control method of base station apparatus, communication system, and storage medium storing program: A base station 1 includes a radio communication unit 11 and a frequency channel control unit 15. The radio communication unit 11 is capable of forming a primary cell and a secondary cell, and transmitting a physical channel for data transmission (HS-PDSCH) in each of these two cells. Further, the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110201369 - Apparatus and method for managing neighbor bs list in distributed wireless ad hoc network: An apparatus and a method manage a neighbor base station list (NBL) in a distributed wireless ad-hoc network. Information of neighbor BSs is collected at the BS using a surrounding environment detection function. Neighbor BSs that satisfy a certain condition are determined, among the neighbor BSs from which the information... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110201368 - Distributed antenna system for mimo communications: A method of deploying a distributed antenna system (DAS) is provided. The method comprises outputting first and second signals from a multiple-input and multiple-output base station (MIMO BTS) and coupling a master unit to the MIMO BTS. The method further comprises coupling first and second remote units to the master... Agent:

20110201370 - Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data over carrier component in a multi-carrier mobile communication system: A method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data in a multi-carrier mobile communication system are provided, in which a Mobile Station (MS) reports to a Base Station (BS) a number of Carrier Components (CCs) over which the MS can simultaneously receive data, receives from the BS monitoring CC set... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110201371 - Method and apparatus for transmitting signal in a wireless communication system using comp: A method for transmitting a signal to a UE by a BS in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method includes determining a signal transmission scheme for transmitting a signal to the UE, dividing a basic resource allocation unit, if the signal transmission scheme is CoMP transmission, allocating transmission... Agent:

20110201372 - Spectrum sharing: The invention provides methods, a network device and radio station for spectrum resource allocation in a network employing spectrum sharing among at least a primary and secondary system, including scanning, by a network device of the secondary system, a specific frequency range of a candidate band of the primary system,... Agent:

20110201373 - Information distribution system, and vehicle-mounted device: Provided is an information distribution system (100), in which a control section (4) deletes, when a member registration cancellation of a distribution service is instructed by an input unit (1d) of a vehicle-mounted device (10), the contents information and the uplink information stored in a storage unit (1f), other than... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kenwood

20110201374 - System and method for peer-to-peer communication in cellular systems: Systems and methods are provided for delivering both PMP communications, for example standard cellular communications via a base station, and also delivering P2P communications, for example, communications between two mobile stations, using the same spectral resources for both types of communication.... Agent: Nortel Networks Limited

20110201375 - System and method for selective media object removal in group communications among wireless communication devices: A system and method for selectively removing a media object from a group communication that includes media that may not be accessible or executable by all target members of the group. The group communication can have one or more discrete media objects that are sent from an originating wireless communication... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110201378 - Method and apparatus for controlling transmit power of base station in a wireless communication system: A method and apparatus for controlling the transmit power of a mobile BS in a wireless communication system are provided. The method includes determining a measurement value for determining if a noise power level is higher than an interference power level, when the measurement value is higher than a threshold... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110201376 - Method and arrangement for adapting power of reference signals: A method and an arrangement in a radio network node for adapting transmission power of resource elements for demodulation reference signals, referred to as “reference elements” are provided. The radio network node is configured for multiple-input multiple-output transmission, referred to as “MIMO transmission”, to a user equipment. The MIMO transmission... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110201377 - Methods and devices for interference control in home base station environments: In methods and devices GNSS reception quality can be used to determine the maximum output power of a Home UE, i.e. a UE served by home base station and is based on the insight that GNSS reception quality may be used for estimation of the interference caused by transmissions of... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20110201379 - Communication device with a multi-functional control: Systems (100) and methods (400) for controlling functions of a Radio Transceiver (206, 208). At least one function is controlled in response to: a depression of a center of an elongated roller of a control element (102, 300); a depression of a first peripheral edge portion (FPEP) of the elongated... Agent: Harris Corporation

20110201380 - Radio base station and mobile station: Provided is a mobile station UE equipped with a broadcast information generation unit (11) which generates broadcast information containing tag information formed by a plurality of bits. The tag information has a value defined only by a plurality of first bit values or by a plurality of first bit values... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110201381 - Using ambient light sensor to augment proximity sensor output: Apparatuses and methods to sense proximity of an object and operate a proximity sensor of a portable device. In some embodiments, a method includes receiving an ambient light sensor (ALS) output, and altering, based on the ALS output, an effect of a proximity sensor output on control of a proximity... Agent:

20110201384 - Cordless telephone with digital audio player capability: A cordless telephone which allows a user to play MP3 digital audio bit stream music, using the remote handset of a cordless telephone to control the functions of the MP3 player. The cordless telephone remains usable as a typical cordless telephone with all the features and conveniences of a cordless... Agent: Agere Systems Inc.

20110201382 - Portalbe sensor apparatus with detachable sensor units: An exemplary portable sensor apparatus with detachable and interchangeable sensor unit(s) connected through USB interface. The portable electronic device and the sensor unit(s) have pairing USB port and USB plug respectively, for facilitating digital signal transmission between the sensor unit(s) and the portable electronic device. The sensor unit(s) includes a... Agent: Middleland Sensing Technology Inc.

20110201383 - Sensor apparatus and sensor system using the same: A sensor apparatus includes a portable electronic device and a sensor unit. The portable electronic device includes a signal processing unit, a transmitting unit, a receiving unit and an outputting unit. The sensor unit is adapted to electrically connecting with the portable electronic device by a USB interface. The sensor... Agent: Middleland Sensing Technology Inc.

20110201385 - Voice-based command driven computer implemented method: The present invention generally relates to a voice-based command driven computer implemented method and programmed apparatus that allows a user to easily add any open API communication product they choose to one interface. The computer implemented method filters all electronic communications selected by the user through a common source, such... Agent:

20110201390 - Portable electronic device with auxiliary input device and flex connector therefor: A portable electronic device includes a lower housing and an upper housing slidable relative to the lower housing between closed and open positions. The upper housing includes an auxiliary input device and a display. A primary flex connector electrically connects the lower and upper housings. At least one secondary flex... Agent:

20110201389 - Portable electronic device with upper housing and cover plate therefor: A portable electronic device includes a lower housing and an upper housing coupled to the lower housing and slidable relative thereto between closed and open positions. The upper housing includes a cover plate affixed to a rear of the upper housing. The cover plate may conceal at least one electrical... Agent:

20110201388 - Prominent selection cues for icons: A method, apparatus and computer-readable medium is disclosed for prominent selection cues for icons. When an icon is in focus, and after expiration of a predetermined period of time, the icon can be displayed more prominently, e.g., display a larger representation of the icon, thereby increasing the icon's visibility. The... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110201386 - Rating effort input device: A rating mechanism may calculate a rating based on a user's effort and duration of input to an input mechanism. The more effort and time a user exerts, the more extreme the rating. In one embodiment, a mobile telephone may have a wheel, slider, or other mechanism that may change... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110201387 - Real-time typing assistance: An apparatus and method are disclosed for providing feedback and guidance to touch screen device users to improve the text entry user experience and performance through the use of indicators such as feedback semaphores. Also disclosed are suggestion candidates, which allow a user to quickly select next words to add... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110201391 - Mobile communication device employing power pack with multiple pairs of taps: A mobile communication device has a power amplifier and a power pack. The power pack includes a charge storage component, a first pair of taps connected to the charge storage component for supplying power to components of the mobile communication device and a second pair of taps connected to the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110201393 - Electronic device including automatic gain adjustment for hearing aid compatibility: In some aspects, a portable electronic device having a slidable upper housing and rear housing movable between an open position and a closed position, and a gain adjustment module. The gain adjustment module reduces the RF energy produced by the portable electronic device when the device is in the open... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110201392 - Portable electronic device having at least one of resonator and shield: In some aspects, a portable electronic device, having a rear housing, an upper housing coupled to the rear housing and slideable relative thereto between a closed position and an open position, an antenna, and at least one element coupled to the antenna and configured to perform at least one of... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110201394 - Protective mask of mobile phone: The present invention relates to a protective mask of mobile phone comprising an upper cover body and a lower cover body. The upper and lower cover bodies can be joined with a front and a rear phone housing of a mobile phone, respectively, to effectively prevent abrasion of the mobile... Agent:

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20110195656 - Integrated wireless network and associated method: An integrated wireless network and associated method are provided for facilitating wireless communication onboard an aircraft. The integrated wireless network includes a wireless distribution system including a wired interface and a plurality of wireless radios. The wireless distribution system may also include a combiner and one or more antennas, such... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110195658 - Layered retransmission apparatus and method, reception apparatus and reception method: A retransmission apparatus for retransmitting information received from a base station to a reception apparatus includes: a reception unit configured to receive information regarding a plurality of layers from the base station; determining unit configured to determine retransmission control information including at least one layer to be retransmitted among the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110195657 - Radio relay apparatus: According to one embodiment, a radio relay apparatus includes a reception unit, a cancellation unit, a weight calculation unit, and a weight multiplication unit. The reception unit generates M first baseband signals based on M first RF signals supplied by M reception antennas. The cancellation unit subtracts M replicated signals... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110195659 - Method and apparatus for communication between a vehicle based computing system and a remote application: A vehicle-based computing apparatus includes a computer processor in communication with persistent and non-persistent memory. The apparatus also includes a local wireless transceiver in communication with the computer processor and configured to communicate wirelessly with a wireless device located at the vehicle. The processor is operable to receive, through the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110195660 - Radio repeating system, radio repeating apparatus, radio terminal operating method and radio repeating method: A radio repeating system has first and second radio terminals, a radio repeater to receive a signal transmitted from the first radio terminal and transmit the signal to the second radio terminal, and a controller to control the radio repeater. The controller has a terminal signal determiner to detect a... Agent:

20110195661 - Antenna device: To provide an antenna device capable of diminishing gain changes caused by a human body. An antenna device has a magnetic current antenna 401 that takes a magnetic current as a source of emission; an electric current antenna 402 that takes an electric current as a source of emission; and... Agent:

20110195662 - Transmission diversity scheme of multiple cell cooperative communications: Provided is a method of applying a transmission diversity scheme in a multiple cell cooperative communication system in which a terminal may receive, from a plurality of base stations, identical data using an identical radio resource. In the method, base stations of a cooperative base station involved in a cooperative... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110195666 - Accessory for an implant: An accessory (11) for use with an implanted medical device (100, 102) in a mammal body is intended for use externally to said mammal body and is arranged to wirelessly transmit signals to said implanted medical device (100,102). Said signals are sent in order to initiate a backup function or... Agent: Milux Holdings Sa

20110195665 - Method, apparatus, and use of presence detection: The system and method provide for a small, low-power device, e.g., a Bluetooth® device, in a carryable or wearable form, that allows a controlled device to respond to the presence of the user. The device may be worn on one's person and allow other devices, by means of Bluetooth® pairing... Agent:

20110195663 - Mobile terminal, information transmitting/receiving method, server apparatus, reader-writer, and member privilege acquiring system: There is provided a mobile terminal including: a contactless communication unit transmitting an IC identifier to a reader-writer that carries out contactless communication and receiving link information including the IC identifier from the reader-writer; and a wireless communication unit accessing a server based on the link information, transmitting the link... Agent: Felica Networks, Inc.

20110195664 - Wireless control system for a spa: A wireless control system is provided for remotely controlling various modules of a spa. The control system comprises a wireless interface for receiving a combination of communication signals containing control data and BLUETOOTH signals from a remote wireless device. The communication signals contain at least control data for controlling the... Agent: Global Spa Components Inc., A Division Of Blue Falls Manufacturing Ltd.

20110195667 - Distributed database access for spectrum access: A bootstrapping technique for wirelessly obtaining white space data that may be used to identify an available white space channel for connecting to a service. Portable wireless devices may collaborate to provide white space data to a device requesting such data. A requesting device transmits a request for the white... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110195668 - Apparatus and method of reporting logged measurement in wireless communication system: A method and apparatus of reporting logged measurements in a wireless communication system is provided. A user equipment in a Radio Resource Control (RRC) connected mode receives Minimization of Drive Tests (MDT) configuration from a base station and starts a validity timer upon receiving the MDT configuration. The user equipment... Agent:

20110195669 - Mobile communication system: A mobile communication system which is capable of, when carrying out mobile communication using a shared channel, increasing in efficiency of transmission timing of the data transmission rate request value to prevent wasteful power consumption and hence reduce power consumption. A mobile station apparatus of the mobile communication system measures... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110195671 - Communication devices with integrated gyrators and methods for use therewith: A device includes an on-chip gyrating circuit that generates a motion parameter based on motion of the device. An RF transceiver generates an outbound RF signal from an outbound symbol stream, transmits the outbound RF signal to a remote station of a wireless network, and generates an inbound symbol stream... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110195670 - Method and system for uplink beamforming calibration in a multi-antenna wireless communication system: A wireless transceiver, comprising a transmitter, a receiver and a plurality of antennas, determines transmit phase relationship between at least two of antennas based on radio frequency (RF) signals received via the at least two antennas from one or more antennas of a base station. RF signals are transmitted via... Agent:

20110195672 - Integrated circuits, communication units and methods of cancellation of intermodulation distortion: A wireless communication unit includes a transmitter for processing a baseband transmit signal to produce a first radio frequency signal. A receiver is arranged to convert a second radio frequency signal to a baseband receive signal, where the receiver has a summation module arranged to add a cancellation signal to... Agent:

20110195673 - Integrated circuits, communication units and methods of cancellation of intermodulation distortion: A wireless communication unit includes a transmitter, a receiver, a selectivity element and a baseband processing module. The receiver has at least one summation module arranged to add a cancellation signal to the quadrature baseband receive signal. a baseband processing module arranged to: receive the quadrature baseband transmit signal and... Agent:

20110195674 - Method and device for establishing a one-way communication session: A method of establishing a one-way communication session from a first device to a second device includes transmitting initiation data to the second device to establish the one-way communication session, transmitting communication data to the second device, and terminating the one-way communication session. The initiation data causes the second device... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110195675 - Rf transceiver and modem comprising such a transceiver: A LTE compliant RF transceiver includes at least one transmit path and at least two receive paths. A switching arrangement connected between a transmit PLL synthesizer and at least one transmit path as well as between a receive PLL synthesizer and at least two receive paths allows the transmit PLL... Agent: Blue Wonder Communications Gmbh

20110195676 - External ear canal voice detection: Ear-level full duplex audio communication systems each include one or two ear attachment devices, such as in-the-ear (ITE) or behind-the-ear (BTE) devices, that wirelessly communicates to a remote device such as a computer, a personal digital assistant (PDA), a cellular phone, a walkie talkie, or a language translator. When used... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110195677 - Stacked cmos power amplifier and rf coupler devices and related methods: Stacked CMOS power amplifier (PA) and radio frequency (RF) coupler devices and related methods are disclosed. The stacked device includes a CMOS PA die configured to receive a transmit input signal and to output an amplified transmit signal, and a RF coupler device configured to receive the amplified transmit signal,... Agent:

20110195678 - System and method for transceivers in a wireless network: In accordance with an embodiment, a method of operating a multi-output wireless transmitter includes determining a precoded data stream based on input data, where the determining includes determining a signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR) of a plurality of receivers, determining a channel gain to each of the plurality... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20110195679 - Ic component benchmarking without external references: Resistors and capacitors of an integrated circuit (IC) are calibrated without an external reference resistor. The IC includes a tunable circuit element and a benchmarking circuit. The benchmarking circuit includes a target component and an internal reference component. The internal reference component exhibits a lower sensitivity to changes in test... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110195680 - Method and system for automatically identifying wireless signal quality of a region: A method for automatically identifying wireless signal quality of a region includes receiving signal quality information associated with wireless signals received by each of a plurality of mobile endpoints and receiving location information identifying locations of each of the plurality of mobile endpoints. The method also includes, based on the... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20110195681 - Transmission apparatus: A method of amplifying signals for transmission includes generating a signal in each of a plurality of subsystems. The subsystems each implement one of a plurality of radio access networks such that at least two different radio access networks are implemented. The method further includes amplifying signals generated by the... Agent:

20110195682 - Diversity receiver: A diversity receiver includes a plurality of receiver circuits that are configured to receive and process the received radio frequency signals. A channel estimator is coupled to at least one of the plurality of receiver circuits and is configured to determine at least one channel estimation value for the received... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110195683 - Tuner apparatus with digital-to-analog-converter mixer using single local oscillator: A tuning method and tuner apparatus having a plurality of frequency conversion stages for concurrently receiving more than one channel. To avoid disturbance by oscillator pulling, a multi-phased local oscillator signal required by sub-mixers of a DAC mixer share the same timing reference. To minimize the complexity, die area and... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110195684 - Methods and apparatus for interference decrease/cancellation on downlink acquisition signals: A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for receiving a signal including components from a plurality of cells, estimating a channel from the received signal using one or more channel estimation schemes, removing a component signal using the estimated channel from the received signal to generate a processed... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110195685 - Detecting and responding to incidents: Disclosed are various embodiments for detecting and responding to incidents. In at least one computing device, it is determined that an incident associated with a personal communication device has occurred. A conference including a plurality of conference participants is initiated. An escalation decision is obtained from at least one of... Agent: Ig Partners, LLC

20110195686 - Personal emergency response system with alternative voice line capability: A communication system comprises a transmitter, a console in operative communication with the transmitter, an audible communication device and a tone simulator. The transmitter is in operative communication with the console and operative to send a first signal to the console. The console is operatively connected to a communication network... Agent: Instant Care, Inc.

20110195687 - Method and apparatus for communication of emergency response instructions: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for facilitating communication between a user of a mobile station and an emergency responder.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110195689 - Communication assistance system and method: A communication assistance system provides access to information corresponding to a plurality of subscriber listings. The system includes a telephone switch for receiving calls from a plurality of callers desiring to access the information corresponding to the subscriber listings and a database directory listing for storing information corresponding to each... Agent:

20110195688 - Method and rating engine for adjusting charging of communication events: A method solves the problem of implementing flexile charging of subscribers so that no changes, or minor changes, need to do in charging systems. Hence, the problem is how the rating and charging of communication events can be separated. The method is provided for creating, due a detection of a... Agent: Tema Networks Ltd.

20110195690 - System and method for processing attachments to messages sent to a mobile device: A system and method for processing attachments to messages sent to a mobile device is described herein. Embodiments described herein apply to encrypted messages comprising multiple message parts, in which different encryption keys (e.g. session keys) have been used to encrypt the different message parts. In at least one example... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110195692 - Communication system and method: A method for communicating between an operator at an operator device and a user recipient includes enabling an operator of the operator device to enter a device-independent unique identifier for a user recipient by requiring interaction between the operator and the operator device without requiring interaction between the operator and... Agent: Aol, Inc.

20110195691 - User interface and method of viewing unified communications events on a mobile device: A user interface and method for viewing communications events on a mobile device includes a user interface, a communications event handler, and a communications event database is disclosed herein. The communications event handler interfaces with the database and the user interface to the provide a user of the mobile device... Agent:

20110195693 - Communication apparatus, wireless communication apparatus and communication control method: An origination terminal UA100 in accordance with the present invention is provided with a control unit 320 for controlling, when receiving information indicating that a destination terminal uses a network different from a network desired by an originator, so as to transmit a call enable notification request requesting the destination... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110195694 - Desktop mobile information provider: A system, method, and desktop mobile information provider for unifying mobile devices with provisioned endpoints. In one illustrative embodiment, a user's mobile device can receive a mobile event. The mobile device can then transmit the mobile event to either a private branch exchange directly or through a unified communications server.... Agent: Mitel Networks Corporation

20110195696 - Communications system including aggregation server for determining updated metadata of e-mail messages and related methods: A communications system includes a mobile wireless communications device and an e-mail server configured to store pushed e-mail data and metadata associated therewith already pushed to the mobile wireless communications device. An aggregation server is configured to download a first set of metadata of pushed e-mail data at a first... Agent: Ontario, Canada)

20110195695 - Managing event distribution to applications within a wireless communications device: Aspects are directed to managing event distribution to applications within a wireless communications device. A first application of a plurality of applications installed on a platform of the wireless communications device is provisioned with a private address of an interface portion of a second application from among the plurality of... Agent:

20110195699 - Controlling mobile device functions: This provides for controlling mobile device functions and features, along with systems incorporating these devices and methods. For example, it limits or disables the use of some of mobile device features which could cause distraction to the user, when the user is engaged in another activity. In an example, it... Agent:

20110195698 - Methods and apparatus for providing restrictions on communications of a wireless communication device: Techniques in a wireless device for use in providing restrictions on communications via a cellular network are described. The wireless device communicates with a host enterprise server of a private network which is external to the cellular network for performing data synchronization in association with a personal information manager (PIM)... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110195697 - Sleep mode controlling apparatus and method in cellular system: In a cellar system providing various packet services, sleep mode operation of a terminal in an idle state is controlled. The cellular system determines a discontinuous receiving (DRX) period according to a QoS of a packet service provided to the terminal, and runs the sleep mode according to the determined... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110195700 - Method and apparatus for using a wireless communication device with multiple service providers: Configuring a mobile wireless communication device using a carrier service configuration profile selected from a set of stored carrier service configuration profiles. Carrier service configuration profiles are selected based on one or more combinations of identifier values stored in the mobile wireless communication device. Carrier service configuration profiles are priority... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110195702 - Method of handling system information acquisition and related communication device: A method of handling system information acquisition for a network in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method includes configuring a measurement gap configuration to a mobile device of the wireless communication system in a CELL_FACH state for the system information acquisition when a proximity indication is received from... Agent:

20110195703 - Portable radiotelephone for automatically dialing a central voice-activated dialing system: A portable radiotelephone can be shifted between a first condition wherein the radiotelephone does not receive or transmit voice communications by radiotelephone transmissions over radiotelephone channels and a second condition wherein the radiotelephone receives and transmits voice communications by radiotelephone transmissions over radiotelephone channels. The radiotelephone automatically calls a central... Agent:

20110195701 - System and method for mobile monitoring of non-associated tags: A system for monitoring at least one tag device has at least one mobile cellular telephone. The mobile cellular telephone is capable of communicating on a WiFi network, wherein the at least one tag device transmits wireless data messages in a non-associating mode.... Agent:

20110195707 - Apparatus, method and program providing a confidence estimation of coverage hole detection: Method, apparatus and software configured to detecting a radio coverage hole and providing a confidence information of a detected radio coverage hole. A coverage hole detection signal and confidence information may be received and evaluated, deciding on a potential coverage hole reducing or closing process depending on the evaluation.... Agent:

20110195704 - Communication system of performing uplink communication and downlink communication using overlapping radio resource: A communication system performs an uplink communication and a downlink communication using respective radio resources that at least partially overlap each other in both time and frequency, which may cause interference to occur in at least one downlink terminal due to at least one uplink terminal. The at least one... Agent:

20110195705 - Matching circuit for a multi-band antenna and multi-band radio incorporating the same: A device for multiple band frequency communication may include a chassis, a transceiver for receiving and transmitting voice and data communications over any one of multiple frequency bands, an antenna assembly comprising a single radiator and an antenna matching unit, and an antenna connector provided on the chassis for mounting... Agent: Thales Communications, Inc.

20110195706 - Mobile station and mobile communication method: A mobile station UE includes a measurement unit (13) and a determining unit (14) which determines whether to notify a measurement result obtained by the measurement unit (13) in accordance with the measurement result and an a parameter for determination. When the mobile station UE is in an discontinuous reception... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110195708 - Optimized handover configuration: A method for power measurements in a cellular communication system comprises receiving measurement configuration orders. Operation of a power meter is controlled in dependence on the measurement configuration orders. Reference signal received powers are measured. A measurement report is compiled and transmitted. The measurement configuration orders comprise cell status information... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20110195709 - Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system: In a GSM network, mobile stations monitor the paging channel of their respective paging group. Specifically, when a mobile station registers with the GSM network, the GSM network classifies the mobile station as belonging to one of two categories, a first category and a second category. Mobile stations belonging to... Agent:

20110195710 - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for dynamic subscriber profile adaptation: The subject matter described herein includes methods, systems, and computer readable media for dynamic subscriber profile adaptation. According to one aspect of the subject matter described herein, a method for subscriber profile adaptation is provided. The method includes receiving, from a database that stores subscriber profile information, a message generated... Agent:

20110195711 - Method and system for managing roaming of a mobile equipment: The present invention relates to a method for managing roaming of a mobile equipment of a subscriber, when the mobile equipment is roaming. The method comprises the steps: to store a first list customized for each subscriber, the first list comprises information regarding the visited countries, number of times a... Agent:

20110195713 - Methods for selecting cells in cellular telephone systems: User equipment such as cellular telephones and other wireless electronic devices may communicate wirelessly with 2G and 3G cells in a cellular network. The cellular network may broadcast a list of primary scrambling codes corresponding to 3G cell sites that are potentially available for wirelessly communicating with the user equipment.... Agent:

20110195712 - Wireless network frequency scanning: Disclosed is a frequency scanning method that employs a number of frequency sets that may be scanned consecutively, according to a fixed delay or interval, to discover a frequency that may be used to obtain wireless communication service. In one implementation, any number of these sets may be scanned before... Agent:

20110195714 - Methods and apparatus for performing registration across radio access technologies: Methods and apparatuses are provided that facilitate balancing cross-domain paging with registrations performed by a device moving between multiple networks. A device communicating in idle-mode with one or more base stations can obtain one or more parameters regarding a base station using a radio access technology (RAT) to control whether... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110195716 - Handover method and radio access network apparatus: Disclosed is a handover method that comprises a step wherein a radio access network apparatus on a first mobile communication system acquires and stores service identification information which specifies the services offered to a mobile station, and a step wherein the radio access network apparatus on the first mobile communication... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110195715 - Methods and system for handling proximity indication and detection in a wireless communication system: A method and system to configure proximity detection and reporting in a wireless device during a transition of the wireless device from one cell state to another cell state in a third generation (3G) wireless communication system. In a first cell state, the wireless device is configured for proximity indication.... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110195717 - Communication system, secondary base station, wireless communication method, communication program, communication circuit, and wireless relay apparatus: A communication system in which a primary base station or a secondary base station communicates with a mobile terminal. The primary base station sends the mobile terminal and the secondary base station an announcement signal which includes identification information for identifying a cell of the primary base station. When receiving... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110195718 - Synchronization of radio links for a user equipment: A method of providing assistance for synchronization of a radio link in a communications network comprising at least a first network element, the method comprising the steps: making a decision to connect a user equipment to the first network element via a first radio link to transmit a signal discontinuously... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110195719 - Configuration of nodes for local data transmission which are under an overlay wide area macro network operated on the same frequency layer: At a node for local data transmission which is under an overlay wide area macro network operated on the same frequency layer, conditions of a wide area cell of the overlay wide area macro network are obtained, wherein the wide area cell is measured as a cell with a certain... Agent:

20110195720 - Method for managing identification information of heterogeneous cells: Described is a method for managing the identification information of a relay station/femtocell/picocell. It is suggested that the identification information of the relay station/femtocell/picocell inherits either a first or second partial cell ID of the identification information allocated to a region that covers the relay station/femtocell/picocell if the identification information... Agent:

20110195725 - Estimating a location of a mobile device: The approximate location of a directed cell of a cellular network is calculated based on locations in the vicinity of which mobile devices were able to detect the directed cell. A mobile device is able to estimate its own location from the approximate locations of one or more directed cells... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110195724 - Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving inter-cell interference information in communication system: A method is provided for transmitting inter-cell interference information by a serving Evolved Node B (ENB) in a communication system. The method includes, if a specific resource is allocated to a User Equipment (UE) located in a service region of the serving ENB, checking a location of the UE in... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110195722 - Method and system for tracking, monitoring and/or charging tracking devices including wireless energy transfer features: A method and system for monitoring individuals or objects including tracking devices having wireless powering/charging features. In one embodiment, an exemplary tracking device may comprise a power receiving device that generates power from wireless energy received from a power transmitter configured to transmit the wireless energy, circuitry configured for processing... Agent:

20110195723 - Mobile device and method for providing eco-friendly user interface: Methods and mobile devices for providing various eco-friendly User Interfaces (UIs) are provided. In one method for providing the eco-friendly UI, the mobile device measures a recharging amount or time, displays the recharging amount or time, and determines whether the recharging amount or time is more than a predefined critical... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110195721 - System and method for providing location based reminders: A system and method for providing location based reminder is provided. The method comprises the steps of instructing mobile switching center to remind user on reaching a predetermined location via transaction input; forwarding the transaction input to external short messaging entity via mobile switching center; processing and sending the transaction... Agent: Infosys Technologies Limited

20110195726 - Commercially subsidized mobile communication devices and services: Mobile communication devices, such as mobile phones, may be capable of recommending to a user various providers of one or more solicited services, e.g., by identifying a user location and identifying providers near the user location that provide the services, and by initiating a call between the user and a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110195727 - Providing calendar notifications based on changes in traffic patterns: Provided is a method of providing calendar notification information on a mobile device. The location of the mobile device and the location of a calendar entry are sent to a remote server. The remote server gathers real-time traffic information along the route between the mobile device and the calendar entry... Agent:

20110195729 - Internet security updates via mobile phone videos: Information relevant to internet security is received at a data center server. Such information, for example, a network intrusion alert or details on a recent outbreak of an network virus, may be examined to determine the nature and scope of the security-related information. A security alert is promptly generated in... Agent:

20110195728 - Universal short code administration facility: Systems and methods for assigning short codes to provide uniformity among wireless carriers. In the systems and methods, a Universal Short Code (USC) Administrator maintains a list of short codes and their lease status so that SMS messages sent to a particular short code may be routed to the proper... Agent: Sybase 365, Inc.

20110195731 - Method and apparatus for uplink interference cancellation in wireless mobile communication system: An apparatus of a Base Station (BS) and a method for cancelling uplink interference in a wireless mobile communication system are provided. The method includes estimating interference to be exerted by each User Equipment (UE) on a plurality of neighbor cells based on a Rise over Thermal (RoT) level for... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110195730 - Mobile telecommunications network: In a mobile telecommunications network, a mobile terminal is prevented from communicating at a level that would introduce an unacceptable level of interference at a neighbouring base station by introducing a received signal threshold criteria at its base station that can adapt to the variation in signal levels at its... Agent:

20110195734 - Apparatus and method for enabling uplink beamforming transit diversity channel estimation: A method and apparatus for enabling uplink beamforming transmit diversity channel estimation is provided. The method may include receiving a primary pilot channel and a secondary pilot channel, deriving two or more composite channels from the received primary and secondary pilot channels, deriving two or more physical channels from the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110195733 - Apparatus and method for resource allocation in wireless communications: A method for a base station to allocate resources to a mobile station, the resources being included in one or more subbands each including a plurality of resource units, the method including: allocating a part of a first one of the subbands to the mobile station, the part including one... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110195737 - Base station device, gateway device, call connecting method, and wireless communication system: A system capable of normally connecting a call without degrading the security level in a mobile terminal network, even in cases when a call addressed to a set of user equipment (UE) arrives via the Internet or a home network. In ST 101, a femto base station (110) receives a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110195732 - Method for providing control information associated with fractional frequency reuse: The present invention relates to a method for providing control information in a mobile communication system. More specifically, the invention relates to a method for providing control information through a network in mobile communication. The method comprises: a step for configuring the information associated with plural frequency resource groups and... Agent:

20110195735 - Multiple power control parameter sets for wireless uplink data transmission: It is described a method for controlling the transmission power for a network element being connected to a base station of a cellular telecommunication network via an uplink wireless data connection. The method including providing a first set (set1) of power control parameters (P0—PUSCH—1, α1) and a second set (set2)... Agent:

20110195736 - Transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus: A transmitting apparatus selects any one of areas included in a transmission area of a first signal used for a first process, and transmits the first signal by using the selected area. The area is selected according to a type of information to be transmitted among a plurality of types... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110195738 - Broadcast information notification method and network node: A broadcast information notification method according to the present invention includes: starting to repeatedly transmit, at a network node, a broadcast message irrespective of transmission timing of a paging message, when the network node is instructed to notify a mobile station of the broadcast information; receiving, at the mobile station,... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110195739 - Communication device with a speech-to-text conversion function: Systems (100) and methods (800, 900) for communicating information over a network (104). The methods involve receiving group call voice data (GCVD) communicated from a first communication device (102, 504, 704) and addressed to a second communication device (SCD). The GCVD (410, 512, 610, 712) is processed to convert it... Agent: Harris Corporation

20110195743 - Method and apparatus for power management: In an apparatus and a method for power management, it is possible to minimize power consumption by starting an application service by selectively using a heterogeneous network interface of a terminal mounted with a plurality of heterogeneous networks.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110195741 - Method and apparatus for power saving in wireless communication node b: A method and an apparatus reduce power used when a traffic load is low in a base station of a wireless communication system. The base station monitors a traffic load. When the traffic load is lower than a predetermined threshold and a Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) mode is used... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110195742 - Mobile communication method and operation apparatus: A mobile communication method according to the present invention causes: an operation apparatus 100 to transmit an operation halt instruction to a first radio station 200, when the first radio station 200 satisfies a first halt condition; causes the operation apparatus to transmit confirmation information for confirming whether or not... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110195740 - System and method for power control in distributed networks: A system and method for power control in distributed networks is provided. A method for transmitting information includes setting a transmit power level for a subset of communications controllers in a communications network, and transmitting information to a communications device served by a communications controller. The subset of communications controllers... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20110195745 - Microphone unit and mobile phone provided with the same: Provided is a microphone unit having flat frequency characteristics. A microphone unit includes a casing, a first substrate, a second substrate, a vibrating unit, a diaphragm, an ASIC, and a dummy component. The dummy component is attached to the substrate to be located below an opening.... Agent: Funai Electric Advanced Applied

20110195744 - Reverse voltage protection circuit: A voltage protection circuit that has a protection transistor coupled between a voltage supply pin of an integrated circuit and a voltage output terminal of the integrated circuit. A biasing circuit is coupled to a control node of the protection transistor and configured to cause the protection transistor to turn... Agent:

20110195747 - Disabling operation of a camera on a handheld mobile communication device based upon enabling or disabling devices: A handheld communication device capable of transmitting and receiving at least voice and text communication. The device has a body assembly including a front face arranged to be directed toward an operator of the device when held in a text communicating orientation. A display screen and a text-input keyboard are... Agent:

20110195746 - Image pickup lens, image pickup device, and mobile terminal device: h

20110195748 - Enhanced security feature for payment-enabled mobile telephone: A method includes providing a mobile device. The mobile device is programmed with a payment application program, an environment program that supports application programs, and a user interface application program. When the user interface application program is initiated, the initiation of the program includes sending a message from the user... Agent:

20110195750 - Application expanding docking apparatus and electrical system thereof: An application expanding docking apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a processing unit, a storage connection interface, a subscriber identity module connection interface, and a communication interface. The storage connection interface is coupled with the processing unit, for connecting a storage unit. The subscriber identity module connection interface is coupled... Agent: Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd.

20110195749 - Methods for accessing subscriber identity cards each via a dedicated interface and systems containing subscriber identity cards each with a dedicated interface: A system for accessing subscriber identity cards each via a dedicated interface is provided. The system includes a first subscriber identity card, a second subscriber identity card and a Baseband chip. The Baseband chip includes a first subscriber identity module (SIM) interface coupled to the first subscriber identity card, a... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20110195751 - Service provider activation: Systems and methods for activating a mobile device for use with a service provider are described. In one exemplary method, a mobile device having a currently inserted SIM card may be prepared for activation using a signing process in which an activation server generates a signed activation ticket that uniquely... Agent:

20110195755 - Handheld electronic device: A handheld electronic device includes a display body, an input body and at least a track. The input body and the display body are overlapped with each other. The track is disposed between the display body and the input body, wherein the extending direction of the track is substantially neither... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110195754 - Mobile electronic device: Provided is a mobile electronic device which enables a user to easily and intuitionally perform an application start operation in accordance with a user's preference. The mobile electronic device includes: an application execution unit (201); an operation unit (202) having an operation key group (11) and a rotary dial unit... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110195752 - Moveable housing of a mobile communications device: Mobile communications devices having moveable housings are described. In an implementation, a mobile communications device includes a first housing that includes a display device; and a second housing that includes a keyboard. At least one of the first or second housings are moveable between a first configuration in which the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110195756 - Portable electronic device and display screen switching method: Provided is a portable electronic device having a plurality of cases whose shapes can be changed from a first shape to second shape or vice versa via at least one intermediate shape. The portable electronic device includes: display unit (2); shape detection unit (3) that outputs a signal indicating one... Agent:

20110195753 - Smartphone case with leds: A smartphone case with LEDS is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, the case includes a front portion adapted to cradle a lower portion of a smartphone, a rear portion adapted to engagingly mate with the front portion to secure the smartphone within the case, a first strip of LEDS and... Agent:

20110195757 - Electronic device and alerting method of incoming call: An electronic device includes a ring module, a vibration module, a noise sensing module, a storing module and a controlling module. The ring module plays a ring when receiving an incoming call. The vibration module generates vibration. The noise sensing module obtains a decibel (db) level of environment noise. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110195758 - Mobile device having plurality of input modes: A mobile device or system comprises a housing, a voice sensor that is configured to detect sound, a speaker, and a processing circuit configured to operate in both a first mode and a second mode. The processing circuit receives instructions from a user by detecting the user touching the device... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20110195759 - Electronic mobile device having interchangeable covers: An electronic mobile device includes a base having a front surface and a rear surface. The front surface has an input panel, and the rear surface defines a first compartment and a second compartment. A first cover is detachably supported by the base and prevents access to the first compartment.... Agent:

20110195760 - Fully flat slider: A device may include a lower panel, an upper panel, bi-stable shaft, and guide link. The lower panel may include four sides, a first surface, and a second surface. The upper panel may include four sides, a third surface, and a fourth surface, where the fourth surface overlays the first... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110195761 - Slide opening/closing device, method of restricting sliding movement of slide member, electronic apparatus, and mobile terminal device: A slide opening/closing device that includes a housing; an opening formed in the housing; a lid with a protrusion, the lid being configured to cover the opening; a sliding member having an abutting claw, and a sliding-movement restricting member. The sliding member is mounted on the housing proximal to the... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Japan, Inc.

20110195762 - Terminal including rotatable body: A terminal with improved usability may include a body unit including a first body, a second body disposed adjacent to the first body, a third body disposed to face the first body and the second body; a movement unit to semi-automatically slide the third body between a first position in... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

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20110189941 - Remote monitor system with radio dispatch: The present invention is directed toward systems and methods for providing a remote monitoring system with radio dispatch. In an exemplary embodiment, the present invention provides a central monitoring unit for receiving a first event signal from a first remote monitoring device, identifying the first remote monitoring device as the... Agent:

20110189942 - Method and apparatus for interactive audience participation at a live entertainment event: The present invention relates to methods and systems for providing interactive audience participation at live entertainment events. The method includes providing audience members with an interactive device that presents a promotional message and includes a user interface, broadcasting audio programming to the audience member through the interactive device, querying the... Agent:

20110189943 - Augmented aircraft communication system: Subject matter disclosed herein relates to aircraft communication, and more particularly to a non line-of-sight communication path to augment a line-of-sight communication path.... Agent: Ads-b Technologies, LLC

20110189944 - Multi-hop wireless communication system and relay method and relay station therein: A relay station, which is originally deployed in the multi-hop wireless communication system and used for relaying the communication between a base station and a mobile station, is referred to as an ordinary relay station, and a relay station is referred to as an aid relay station. The aid relay... Agent:

20110189945 - Wireless communication system, wireless communication method, relay device, and wireless terminal device: There is provided a wireless communication system which causes a wireless terminal to select a relay device among plural relay devices connected together via a communication line when the wireless terminal attempts to communicate with another wireless terminal. The relay device has an information acquiring unit, a calling determining unit,... Agent: Icom Incorporated

20110189946 - Wireless communication system, wireless communication method, wireless communication terminal device, relay device, and relay system: Wireless terminal devices (TA) to (TH) each detects whether channel information received from each of repeaters (1111) to (111n) indicates an occupied state or an idle state, and when detecting a channel in an idle state, writes identification information of that channel in a RAM (23). The wireless terminal devices... Agent: Icom Incorporated

20110189947 - Flexible coverage areas for return link signals in a spot beam satellite communication system: Conventional spot beam satellites receive return uplink beam signals that each correspond to a separate and unique return downlink beam. An embodiment of the invention allows flexible coverage areas by selectively attenuating and combining multiple return uplink beam signals and transmitting them on a single beam to a gateway terminal.... Agent: Viasat, Inc.

20110189948 - Flexible coverage areas for forward link signals in a spot beam satellite communication system: Conventional spot beam satellites transmit downlink beams that each correspond to a separate and unique uplink signal. Power available for each downlink beam is typically set by an associated amplifier on the satellite, and total transmit power cannot be dynamically distributed across different spot beams. An embodiment of the present... Agent: Viasat, Inc.

20110189949 - Repeater system: The present invention provides a repeater system, comprising: first transceiver circuitry, for establishing communications with a base station of a cellular communications system; second transceiver circuitry, for establishing communications with a wireless device; and a single antenna system, comprising a plurality of antenna elements. Signals to and from the first... Agent: Deltenna Limited

20110189950 - Method for generating a reference signal sequence using grouping: Method for generating reference signal sequence using grouping is explained. In this method, base sequences are grouped such that each group contains at least one base sequence of each length, so UE(s) can use various length sequences as a reference signal. And in this method, inter cell interference caused by... Agent:

20110189951 - Method for generating a reference signal sequence using grouping: Method for generating reference signal sequence using grouping is explained. In this method, base sequences are grouped such that each group contains at least one base sequence of each length, so UE(s) can use various length sequences as a reference signal. And in this method, inter cell interference caused by... Agent:

20110189954 - Adaptive inductive power supply with communication: An adaptive inductive ballast is provided with the capability to communicate with a remote device powered by the ballast. To improve the operation of the ballast, the ballast changes its operating characteristics based upon information received from the remote device. Further, the ballast may provide a path for the remote... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20110189953 - Near field communications, nfc, communicators and nfc communications enabled devices: A NFC communicator or NFC communications enabled device has a data store to store data, an inductive coupler to couple inductively with the magnetic field of a radio frequency signal and a signal supplier to supply a radio frequency signal to the inductive coupler. A modulator is provided to modulate... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110189952 - System and method for receiving data across an isolation barrier: In one embodiment, A system for communication has a receiver for receiving data from a passive transmitter capacitively coupled to the receiver. The receiver has a sensing element having a plurality of terminals configured to be capacitively coupled to the passive transmitter and DC isolated from the passive transmitter.... Agent:

20110189955 - Mobile terminal and communication method using the same: Mobile terminals and a communication method using the same in which a mobile terminal includes a display unit to display image information processed in the mobile terminal; a conversion unit to convert an image signal corresponding to the image information output from the display unit into an electric signal; and... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20110189956 - Modular, reconfigurable and cognitive microsystem for the monitoring and remote control of smart communicating objects: The present invention is a modular, reconfigurable and cognitive Microsystem that dynamically adapts itself to a given radio context for an improved user experience and health risk detection while enabling the realization of custom telehealth products in a flexible and highly integrated manner. The Microsystem of the invention is made... Agent:

20110189957 - Medical technical apparatus including a wireless footswitch device: A medical technical apparatus includes an optical viewing unit including a receiver unit and a wireless footswitch device. The wireless footswitch device includes at least one switch configured to generate a control command corresponding to a performance of a function of the optical viewing unit, a transmitter unit configured to... Agent: Leica Microsystems (schweiz) Ag

20110189958 - Communication apparatus, control method of communication apparatus, computer program, and storage medium: A communication apparatus connectable to a communication network notifies the presence of the communication apparatus using a communication channel assigned to the communication apparatus, then sets one communication channel different from the assigned communication channel of those available in the communication network, and searches for a communication partner apparatus which... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110189959 - Reduction method and apparatus: The present invention relates to a tilt correction method and a corresponding apparatus for correcting tilt of RF signals in a wanted channel having a predetermined frequency range, in a signal path of a communication equipment, wherein the RF signals are down-converted to an intermediate frequency of an IF domain.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110189961 - Data transmission method and apparatus based on motion identification: A data transmission method and apparatus based on motion identification are disclosed. The method includes detecting and identifying a change of a position status of a data transmission apparatus, detecting, by the data transmission apparatus, a target apparatus when the change of the position status is determined to be a... Agent: Samsung Electronics (china) R&d Center

20110189960 - Estimating whether a wireless terminal is indoors using pattern classification: A method and apparatus for estimating whether or not a wireless terminal is indoors are disclosed. The illustrative embodiment employs a pattern classifier that is trained on a plurality of input/output mappings, where each mapping corresponds to a respective location, the output of the mapping is a Boolean value that... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110189962 - Over-the-air test: A testing system optimizes a cost function of a theoretical spatial cross correlation and a spatial correlation obtained with antenna elements for determining weights of the antenna elements, and forms a beam of a signal of at least one path of a simulated radio channel with at least two antenna... Agent: Elektrobit System Test Oy

20110189963 - Antenna element and communication apparatus: An antenna element includes a feeding path unit connected to a feeding point, first and second antenna main body units, and first and second short-circuit path units. The first antenna main body unit has one end connected to the feeding path unit and the other end that is opened. The... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110189964 - Method and apparatus for providing impedance matching for high-frequency signal transmitter: In accordance with another representative embodiment, a high-frequency signal transmitter a power amplifier configured to supply a high-frequency signal; an antenna configured to transmit the high-frequency signal; a transmission line configured to transfer the high-frequency signal from the power amplifier to the antenna; and an impedance matching circuit connected to... Agent: Avago Technologies WirelessIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110189965 - Differential to single-ended converter: Embodiments enable a multi-band transmitter with significantly reduced architecture area by allowing maximum reuse of transmitter stages across supported frequency bands and signal standards. Further, embodiments allow a monolithic transmitter implementation by providing an integration-friendly differential to single-ended conversion stage. According to embodiments, the differential to single-ended conversion stage is... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110189966 - Power amplifier controller circuit: A power amplifier controller circuit controls a power amplifier based upon an amplitude correction signal indicating the amplitude difference between the amplitude of the input signal and an attenuated amplitude of the output signal. The power amplifier controller circuit comprises an amplitude control loop and a phase control loop. The... Agent: Quantance, Inc.

20110189967 - Method and system for communicating data with an inaccessible electronic device: The invention relates to a method of communicating data with an electronic device, comprising the step of receiving signals conveyed by an electrical lead. The method is distinguished in that it comprises the following steps: fitting an RF radiofrequency interface with electrical contacts in the device, extracting signals from the... Agent:

20110189968 - Audio comparison method and apparatus: An audio comparison method and apparatus compares audio streams by measuring the times of volume peaks in the audio streams and identifying correlations between the peaks in the audio streams, subject to possible delay between the streams. The audio comparison allows the identification of audio streams including the same audio... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110189969 - Receiver arrangement with ac coupling: A receiver arrangement with AC coupling is specified in which a filter arrangement (3) is provided in a baseband signal processing chain in a homodyne receiver and can be switched between at least two high-pass filter cut-off frequencies. In this case, a brief changeover is made to a higher cut-off... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110189970 - Receiving apparatus and image rejection method: An orthogonal mixer generates first I and Q signals by down-converting an RF signal. A complex filter has an asymmetrical frequency gain property between a positive frequency domain and a negative frequency domain, and generates second I and Q signals by suppressing image signals included in the first I and... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110189973 - Method and system for assigning wireless special number call routing among call answering positions: A method for assigning special number wireless call routing responsibilities among special number call answering positions, each respective special number call answering position having a respective designated special number service area, includes: (a) in no particular order: (1) establishing a plurality of cell sector areas for wireless call service; and... Agent: West Corporation

20110189972 - Mobile station, base station, and wireless communication method: A mobile station that performs wireless communication through a base station, includes a first connection setup request unit configured to make a first connection setup request for an emergency call and a normal call when communication performed in the communication region of the base station is in a congestion state,... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110189971 - System and method for packetized emergency messages: A system and method allows for providing emergency service, whether the service is full or limited, to wireless devices using non-IMS packet traffic based methods or Access Stratum/Non-Access Stratum (AS/NAS) signalling based methods. To do so, a system and method for utilizing a Packetized Emergency Message (PEM) is provided.... Agent:

20110189974 - Apparatus and method for reporting accident in portable terminal: An apparatus and a method of accident reporting in a portable terminal are provided. The method of accident reporting includes displaying a plurality of dangerous situation classification codes on a screen upon selection of a menu for reporting occurrence of a danger, selecting at least one dangerous situation classification code... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110189975 - Method for communicating indoor location to an emergency service system: A method for communicating location to an emergency service system. A wireless communication device (WCD) such as a cell phone attains a GPS location fix when outdoors and then uses a compass and pedometer to determine its direction(s) and distance(s) of travel reaching a position inside a building. When a... Agent: Sprint Spectrum L.p.

20110189976 - Paging group network and method for updating mobile station locations: A paging group network includes multiple paging groups formed by areas covered by base stations (BSs). The paging group network further includes an anchor paging controller (PC) and a relay PC. The anchor paging controller initiates a page to a mobile station (MS), addresses the paging group in which the... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110189977 - Apparatus and method for sharing schedule information between mobile terminals in mobile communication system: In an apparatus and method for sharing schedule information between mobile terminals, a sending mobile terminal transmits schedule information input by a user to a receiving mobile terminal. A schedule management server monitors a position of the sending mobile terminal according to the schedule information. If the current position of... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20110189978 - Phone to phone data exchange: An information management system for operation over a network includes a first mobile device having a first application module, the first mobile device operating over the network and in communication with a second mobile device having a second application module, a first operating system residing on the first mobile device... Agent:

20110189982 - Communication terminal device and recording medium: When a user performs a playback operation, an imaging unit starts taking images, and video data based on the image data obtained from that imaging is stored in a buffer of a memory unit. A control unit writes the video data stored in the buffer in a newly opened image... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20110189979 - Method and system for creating a web listing using a mobile phone: A method and system for creating a web listing using a mobile phone whereby a user, typically a business owner or a representative of the business, provides information/data associated with the business to a mobile application including an on-line directory service using a merchant mobile phone, or other mobile computing... Agent:

20110189980 - Method of sending information: A device stores one or more media and metadata related to those media. The media and/or the metadata is sent by the device and an information server receives the media and/or metadata. The information server may store additional metadata related to the media and/or metadata. The information server sends information,... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110189981 - Transaction using a mobile device with an accelerometer: Embodiments of the invention may use a first accelerometer to measure first acceleration data of a first device. Other interaction data, including time data and geographic location data, generated by the first device may also be recorded. First acceleration data is compared by a remote server computer to second acceleration... Agent:

20110189983 - Communication control system, mobile communication switching device, subscriber information management device, and communication control method: In a communication control system 1, in an acquisition step of acquiring routing information before a line is set, a first mobile communication switching device 100 generates an acquisition request signal of routing information, which includes calling/called number specifying information and call information, and transmits the acquisition request signal to... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110189984 - Multiple input multiple output user equipment radio frequency assistant system: A user equipment and a wireless radio frequency assistant in a communication system that supports multiple input multiple output. The wireless radio frequency assistant and the user equipment operate together as a single system. The user equipment controls and activates the wireless radio frequency assistant to transform a first frequency... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110189986 - Message-based exchange of access point pilot signature indicators: An access point is identified based on a plurality of pilot signatures. Here, in addition to transmitting a pilot signal that is encoded (e.g., spread/scrambled) using a particular pilot signature, an access point transmits a message that includes at least one indication of at least one other pilot signature. For... Agent: Qualcomm, Incorporated

20110189987 - Method for femto-cell identification: Methods and systems for femto-cell identification are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a femto-cell base station is adapted to transmit with each broadcast a value which maps one-to-one to a different portion of a femto-cell identification. After the mobile station reports each broadcasted value to the serving non-femto-cell, the target... Agent: Zte (usa) Inc.

20110189985 - System and method for alternating between in-band and out-of-band communication path: Systems, methods and devices are disclosed useful for enabling wireless signals representing control messages to be sent between a wireless handheld telephony device and a call control server during an ongoing communication session when an out-of-band path becomes unavailable, the communication session being controlled by the call control server.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110189988 - User apparatus, radio base station, and method: A mobile communications system includes a radio base station and a remote radio apparatus connected with a high-speed transmission medium to the radio base station. A user apparatus includes a unit which measures a received level of a signal transmitted from the radio base station and a received level of... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110189989 - Method and apparatus for cross mode mobility optimization: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus, comprising at least one processor; and at least one memory including computer program code, the at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus to perform at... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110189990 - Communication system: A communication system, which makes possible to carry out wide area communication between terminals, includes a mobile communication terminal which has a mobile communication means to carryout communication via a mobile communication network and a near field wireless communication means to carry out communication via a near field wireless communication... Agent:

20110189991 - Method of updating a roaming list in a mobile device: A method of updating a roaming list in a mobile device is disclosed herein. The method involves detecting an occurrence of an event via a processor at a back-end system, generating a trigger in response to the detecting of the occurrence of the event, and recognizing, by the processor, the... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110189992 - Method and a device for enabling a mobile terminal to access to a wireless cellular telecommunication network: A method enabling a mobile terminal to access a wireless cellular telecommunication network including plural base stations and a core network device. The mobile terminal is allowed to access the wireless cellular telecommunication network through at least one first base station and memorizes a list including information enabling the identification... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110189993 - Apparatus and method for registering temporary subscriber of small base station in wireless communication system: A mobile terminal transmits a temporary subscriber request message requesting a temporary subscriber registration to a subscriber management server of a core network via a macro base station if camping on a small base station fails, a subscriber management server receives the temporary subscriber request message and transmits the temporary... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20110189995 - Access point identification based on multiple pilot signature indicators: An access point is identified based on a plurality of pilot signatures. Here, in addition to transmitting a pilot signal that is encoded (e.g., spread/scrambled) using a particular pilot signature, an access point transmits a message that includes at least one indication of at least one other pilot signature. For... Agent: Qualcomm, Incorporated

20110189994 - Handoffs between different voice encoder systems: Provided are methods and systems of managing handoffs in a wireless communication system having different types of vocoders. Some embodiments include translating state memory of a first vocoder to a second vocoder using a state memory transcoder. The state memory may be delayed to align differences in algorithmic delays between... Agent: General Electric Company

20110189996 - Mobile communication method and radio base station: A mobile communication method includes: a step which establishes a second radio access link between a mobile station and a radio communication data combining device for “an area limit service” via a radio base station for “a public area service” when a first radio access link is established between the... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110189997 - System and method for multimode device handover: Systems and methods of operating multimode 3G/4G communications devices in an overlapping 3G/4G coverage area (e.g., WiMAX or LTE/CDMA-EvDO) include determining a loading condition of the 3G and 4G base stations. If the 3G and 4G base stations are lightly loaded, one or more 4G Channel Quality Indicators (CQI) are... Agent: Clear Wireless, LLC

20110189998 - Apparatus and method for searching for an allowed femtocell in wireless communication system: An apparatus and a method for searching for an allowed femtocell in a wireless communication system. A method for providing neighbor base station information from a femto base station to a User Equipment (UE) allowed to access in a wireless communication system includes, when the allowed UE initially accesses or... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110190001 - Initial connection establishment in a wireless communication system: A method, user equipment, network equipment and a system for initiating a wireless connection and subsequent communication over a shared physical resource in a wireless communication system between user equipment and network equipment comprising: processing a UE-derived temporary identifier; determining a set of channels that the user equipment will monitor;... Agent: Wireless Technology Solutions LLC

20110190000 - Method and apparatus for allocating identifier of base station in communication system: An apparatus and method for allocating an identifier of a Base Station (BS) in a communication system are provided. The method includes determining a Physical Cell Identification (PCI) allocation range using Physical Cell Identifiers (PCIDs) of adjacent macro BSs located within a predetermined distance from a target macro BS, the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110189999 - Method and apparatuses for two or more neighboring wireless network devices accessing a plurality of radio resources: Methods and apparatuses for two or more neighboring base stations to access a plurality of radio resources are described. The method includes defining a channel quality requirement by one or more access conditions and assigning the plurality of radio resources to the channel quality requirement, wherein a neighboring base station... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110190002 - Mobile communication method, network device and radio base station: A mobile communication method according to the present invention includes: step of establishing, upon receipt of a control channel establishment request for connection-type communication from a priority mobile station 300 in a femto-cell radio base station 201, a control channel for the priority mobile station by using a first reserved... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110190003 - Systems and methods for reducing interference between a macro base station and a femto base station: Systems and methods for reducing macro-femto bas station interference are disclosed. In one aspect, macro-femto interference is reduced by configuring t macro bases station to avoid using resources allocat to the femto base station.... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20110190007 - Method and apparatus for automatic assigning of devices: In order to solve problems of low accuracy, high computation complexity and low assigning success rate of a topological graph existing on a large scale for device assigning, the present invention proposes methods and apparatuses for automatic assigning of devices. According to an aspect of the present invention, by comparing... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110190005 - Method and apparatus for determining location of user equipment in a communication system: A method and apparatus for determining a location of a User Equipment (UE) in a communication system. A Base Station (BS) connected to a plurality of antennas by cable receives from each of the antennas reception signal information related to an uplink signal transmitted from the UE, identifies an antenna... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110190006 - Minimizing the signaling traffic for home base stations: The invention relates to a method for operating a mobile telephone network with public base stations (BTS) in which the public base stations transmit mobile telephone signals with a first identifier code (A), wherein the mobile telephone network has assigned to it a home location register in which mobile telephone... Agent:

20110190004 - Mobile station positioning assistance with local mapping data: Techniques are provided which may be implemented using various methods and/or apparatuses for use in providing positioning assistance data with local mapping data to mobile stations. For example, positioning assistance data may comprise and/or otherwise be based, at least in part, on local mapping data which may relate to a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110190009 - System and method for location privacy and location information management over wireless systems: A method for allowing the management of permissions, notifications and reporting pertaining to a wireless device and the physical location of the device obtained via automatic location identification (ALI) technologies. A location preferences management system and method is provided for wireless users utilizing a mobile application requesting location fixes via... Agent: Loc-aid Technologies, Inc.

20110190008 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses for providing context-based navigation services: Methods, apparatuses, and systems are provided for providing context-based navigation services. A method may include determining a first location and a second location. The method may further include extracting context information from a context model based at least in part upon one or more of the first location or the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110190010 - Apparatus and method for managing paging area: An apparatus and method for managing a paging area may induce a paging area to be allocated to a User Equipment (UE). A paging area may be controlled to be updated upon an occurrence of an event and may reduce traffic congestion.... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20110190014 - Integrated messaging: Methods and system for integrated messaging are disclosed. Interaction by a user of a mobile device with a graphic user interface of the mobile device is detected. A command is generated based on such interaction independent of further user interaction. An SMS message including the command is transmitted to server,... Agent:

20110190013 - Message generating method, setting method and mobile communication device: A message generating method used in a mobile communication device is disclosed for reducing inconveniency when the mobile communication device is unable to be operated. The message generating method checks all messages received by the mobile communication device. If messages include an inquiry or setting command, the mobile communication device... Agent:

20110190011 - Radio base stations, radio communication devices, methods for controlling a radio base station, and methods for controlling a radio communication device: In various embodiments, a radio base station may be provided. The radio base station may include a transceiver configured to communicate with a radio communication device using a plurality of component carriers; and a message generator configured to generate an idle mode message including an information item related to at... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110190012 - Telephone call handling system: A telephone call handling system includes a text selector to enable a user to select a text message prior to an incoming call. The text message can be stored in a text storage and sent by a text sender from the text storage for receipt at a caller's telephone during... Agent:

20110190015 - Base station synchronization: A method and apparatus of time synchronizing a plurality of base stations in a wireless communication system includes receiving an indication of a timing associated with a synch burst, where the synch burst is from a mastercell having a better time synchronization quality than other cells and measured by at... Agent: Interdigital Technology Corporation

20110190016 - Radio communication system and method: A base station determines a report execution probability of a mobile station reporting to the base station a monitor result on the radio link acquired by the mobile station in accordance with traffic on the radio link and/or the number of reports made on the monitor results. The mobile station... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110190017 - Apparatus and method for allocating channel and power in communication system: An apparatus and method for allocating a channel and power by a Base Station (BS) in a communication system are provided. The method includes, performing one of a first scheduling, which uses inter-cell cooperation information received from at least one neighboring BS and a data rate received from each User... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110190018 - Method and apparatus for providing a distributed archtecture digital wireless communciation system: A communication system supports H-ARQ, AMC, active set handoff, and scheduling functions in a distributed fashion by allowing a mobile station (MS) to signal control information corresponding to an enhanced reverse link transmission to Active Set base transceiver stations (BTSs) and by allowing the BTSs to perform control functions that... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20110190019 - Apparatus and method for managing system frame number in wireless communication system: Provided is an apparatus and a method for managing s system frame number (SFN) in a wireless communication system. A base station allocates information about the SFN to a physical downlink control channel (PDCCH) and transmits the PDCCH, and a mobile terminal reads the PDCCH at each discontinuous reception (DRX)... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20110190020 - Wireless base station, and method of selecting mobile terminal: A wireless base station (10) includes: a selecting unit (16) which selects a mobile terminal (20), which realizes such a condition that a parameter satisfies a predetermined criterion, from a plurality of mobile terminals, the parameter being defined by an inverse matrix (B) of a predetermined matrix (G); and an... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110190021 - System and method for providing notice-based communications through dynamic communication device registration: A computer-implemented system and method for providing notice-based communications through dynamic communication device registration is provided. Registrations of communications devices are maintained on a notice server. Subscriber parameter information selected by their respective subscriber is stored. Descriptive parameters, which have been selected from the group comprising personal, cultural, social, religious,... Agent:

20110190026 - Closed-loop transmission power control method and radio base station apparatus: To set an optimal transmission power control interval such that a base station apparatus properly receives signals from a mobile station, while exploiting fast scheduling and fast AMC, in this closed-loop transmission power control method, reception SINR and average interference level are measured in a signal received in uplink, a... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110190025 - Device and method for controlling power of mobile communication terminal: A device and method for controlling power for a mobile communication terminal correct a difference between the transmission power of a mobile communication terminal set by a radio frequency (RF) test and the transmission power radiated by the antenna of the mobile communication terminal when communicating with a base station.... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20110190024 - Interference mitigation by puncturing transmission of interfering cells: Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate controlling interference in a heterogeneous wireless communication environment. A Physical Broadcast Channel (PBCH) transmission from an interfering base station can be punctured based upon a puncturing pattern as a function of a cell identifier (ID) and a transmit time. Puncturing can be effectuated... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110190023 - Method for selecting reference e-tfci based on requested service: Method and arrangement in a first node, for providing a parameter value. The parameter value is associated with the transmission power of a radio signal. The radio signal is sent from a second node, to be received by the first node. The radio signal is sent over a first channel... Agent:

20110190022 - Small cell base station, and method of controlling a small cell base station: In one embodiment, the method includes switching, at the base station, from a sleep state to a receive active state to detect whether service should be provided for an authorized mobile terminal. The base station disables transmission and associated processing and disables reception and associated processing in the sleep state.... Agent:

20110190027 - Transmission of a synchronization signal within a cellular telecommunication network with temporarily increased transmitting power: It is described a method for transmitting a synchronization signal within a cellular telecommunication network. The method includes activating a first base station of the cellular telecommunication network, informing at least one second base station, which is a potentially interfering base station with respect to the first base station, about... Agent:

20110190028 - Power amplifier linearization feedback methods and systems: Linearizers can improve the linearity of power amplifiers by canceling or reducing amplitude of non-linearity components, (e.g., IM3, IM5, IM7, IM9, etc.) generated by the power amplifier. The linearizers can obtain samples of signals output by the power amplifier and process the samples to produce a compensation signal that is... Agent: Intersil Americas Inc.

20110190029 - method to control a multiradio rf platform: Method, apparatus, and computer program product example embodiments are disclosed for cognitive radio systems and methods employing software defined radio techniques to control and configure multiradio hardware in wireless communications. The example embodiments provide a virtualized RF platform for RF configuration and system level performance optimization. The example embodiments may... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110190030 - Cell phone with dual thermometer functionality: A cell phone having dual temperature functionality includes: a) conventional wireless cell phone capability with hardware and software for storage of call data, a display screen and a power source; b) a dual functionality digital thermometer having a first mode for sensing environment temperature and a second mode for sensing... Agent: Glynntech, Inc.

20110190031 - Receiver, radio base station and reception method: A weight calculator (140) of a receiver (10) comprises an antenna weight processor (140A) and an equalization weight processor (140B). The antenna weight processor (140A) sets the initial values of antenna weights (w*1 to w*R) to an antenna weighting unit (115). The equalization weight processor (140B) calculates equalization weights (c*0... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110190033 - method for masking mobile phone messages from the sight of other people: The invention relates to a mobile terminal assembly (10, 20) in a mobile communication network, said mobile terminal assembly (10, 20) comprising a processor and a memory and hosting software which controls, after an original message has been received, the following steps: d) display on the mobile terminal assembly (10,... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20110190032 - Integrated media user interface: An integrated media user interface is described. In an implementation, a user interface is output that includes a plurality of representations of media, each of the media rendered by the mobile device through execution of a respective one of a plurality of applications. Responsive to selection of at least one... Agent:

20110190034 - Mobile terminal and method for displaying information: Disclosed herein are a mobile terminal and a method for displaying information using the same. A mobile terminal includes a display unit that displays information or applications processed in the mobile terminal on a display panel; and a control unit that controls the information or applications displayed on the display... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20110190036 - Processing decision method and mobile communication terminal: A wireless communication processing decision unit 33 acquires, from a wireless communication specific information storage unit 52, wireless communication specific information which specifies regions in which utilization of its frequency bandwidth is permitted by law. Next, registered position information which specifies the region in which this mobile communication terminal is... Agent: Softbank Mobile Corp.

20110190035 - System and method of enhancing user interface interactions on a mobile device: The technology provides methods and devices for enhancing user interface interactions on mobile devices. The technology includes accessing a plurality of data sets, each data set of the plurality of data sets having corresponding data items and selecting at least one data item characteristic for the corresponding data items. Metric... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110190037 - Device comprising a hydrogen-air or methanol-air type fuel cell: A device comprising a chamber in which a hydrogen-air or methanol-air type fuel cell is arranged, the chamber including an upper wall in which an opening is formed, a lower wall on which the cell is arranged so that the surface of exposure to air of the cell faces the... Agent: Commissariat &#xe0 L'energie Atomique

20110190038 - Communication device and communication control method: According to one embodiment, a communication device for executing data communication by wireless communication is provided. The communication device includes: a wireless communication module configured to execute the wireless communication with a counterpart communication device; an acceleration detector configured to detect an acceleration of the communication device; and a communication... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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