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Takashi Sasaki patents

Recent patents with Takashi Sasaki listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

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Multi-layer ceramic electronic component and method of producing the same

02/02/17 - 20170032897 - There is provided a multi-layer ceramic electronic component includes a ceramic body, an end external electrode unit, a side face external electrode unit. The ceramic body includes a pair of end faces, a pair of first side faces, and a pair of second side faces all of which are faced
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki, Tomohiko Zaima, Shin Nakayasu, Akira Furusawa, Fukio Kinoshita

Distance information producing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, distance information producing method and storage medium storing distance information producing program

08/25/16 - 20160248967 - The distance information producing apparatus includes a distance information producing unit producing, on a basis of a phase difference between paired image signals for phase difference detection obtained by image capturing of an image capturing area, distance information showing a distribution of object distances in the image capturing area, and
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki

Semiconductor device and semiconductor memory devices having first, second, and third insulating layers

06/09/16 - 20160163783 - Disclosed herein is a device that includes: a semiconductor substrate; a first insulating layer over a surface of the semiconductor substrate; first and second contact plugs each including side and upper surfaces, the side surfaces of the first and second contact plugs being surrounded by the first insulating film, the
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki

Control system and control method

04/21/16 - 20160111708 - The surface profile of a coating material in a substrate width direction is optimized in coating a substrate with the coating material such as an electrode active material. A gap adjuster configured to adjust a gap between a nozzle for ejecting a coating material and a substrate to be coated
Inventors: Hiroyuki Miyamoto, Takashi Sasaki, Atsushi Watanabe, Kazushige Nakashima, Yohei Nishimatsu, Kenji Kitajima

Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program

02/04/16 - 20160037062 - An image processing apparatus includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire a plurality of divided filters being configured such that a calculation result becomes a target filter to be applied to an input image, a filter processing unit configured to apply the plurality of divided filters to the input image
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki

Image processing apparatus that forms distance image and control method thereof, as well as storage medium

10/22/15 - 20150302589 - An image processing apparatus which is capable of correcting an error during computation of a correlation degree without storing data for correcting distance information in advance in a recording medium, to highly accurately form a distance image. The image processing apparatus has a distance estimation unit that estimates a subject
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki

Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium

07/23/15 - 20150206024 - An image processing apparatus includes a selection unit, a pixel number setting unit, a determination unit, and a processing unit. The selection unit selects at least a pixel that is different from a pixel of interest in an image based on a similarity between a pixel value of the pixel
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki, Takayuki Hara

Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium

04/30/15 - 20150117771 - An image processing apparatus comprises a detection unit configured to detect a person region included in an image, a first calculation unit configured to calculate first tone characteristics based on information concerning the person region detected by the detection unit, a second calculation unit configured to calculate second tone characteristics
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki

Semiconductor device including contact plugs and conductive layers thereon

03/05/15 - 20150060970 - Disclosed herein is a device that includes: a semiconductor substrate; a first insulating layer over a surface of the semiconductor substrate; first and second contact plugs each including side and upper surfaces, the side surfaces of the first and second contact plugs being surrounded by the first insulating film, the
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki

Image processing apparatus that performs gradation correction of photographed image, method of controlling the same, and storage medium

09/18/14 - 20140267841 - An image processing apparatus capable of reducing processing load by determining whether or not to perform gradation correction, according to a difference or a ratio between feature values of object areas, and generating an excellent image by performing gradation correction. An image dividing section divides an input image into a
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki

Dielectric ceramic composition and an electronic device thereof

08/28/14 - 20140240896 - A multilayer ceramic composition showing good characteristics, even when electric intensity on dielectric layers is high and a stacked number of a multilayer ceramic capacitor is increased, and an electronic device thereof. Said composition comprises: a perovskite compound ABO3, and with respect to 100 moles of said compound, 0.6 or
Inventors: Nobuto Morigasaki, Takashi Sasaki, Tomohisa Fukuoka, Yuhta Matsunaga, Kazuhiro Komatsu

Fluorinated block copolymer and process for its production, and surface treatment agent

06/19/14 - 20140171593 - A fluorinated block copolymer having Rf groups with at most 6 carbon atoms, and a surface treatment agent containing such a copolymer, whereby a coating film excellent in both static liquid repellency and dynamic liquid repellency can be formed. The fluorinated block copolymer comprises a fluorinated moiety (A) having units
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki, Taiki Hoshino, Miyako Sasaki, Nobuyuki Otozawa

Shift catalyst, gas purification method and equipment of coal gasifier plant

05/29/14 - 20140147362 - A gas purification method is disclosed for a coal gasifier plant, with which energy loss accompanying recovery of CO2 can be suppressed and soundness of a CO shift catalyst can be maintained in the plant. The method includes a scrubbing step for a product gas produced by gasification of a
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki, Tomoko Akiyama

Photoelectric conversion element and manufacturing method thereof

05/15/14 - 20140130871 - There are provided a photoelectric conversion element with high photoelectric conversion efficiency, whose light absorption efficiency, charge separation efficiency, and charge transport efficiency are at high level, and a method for efficiently manufacturing the photoelectric conversion element. A photoelectric conversion element has an anode, a cathode opposed to the anode,
Inventors: Shinya Tahara, Yuriko Kaida, Takashi Sasaki, Yuichiro Ogata

Image processing apparatus with detection of motion vector between images, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor

03/13/14 - 20140072179 - An image processing apparatus that is capable of improving the alignment accuracy by detecting a motion vector accurately even if there is a low contrast region or a repeating pattern region. A division unit divides each of inputted images into blocks of a predetermined size. A first determination unit determines
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki

Image processing apparatus and image processing method

08/29/13 - 20130222677 - An image processing apparatus comprises an image capturing unit which captures a plurality of images having different in-focus positions; a defocus amount calculating unit which calculates a defocus amount of an image captured by the image capturing unit; a filtering unit which performs filtering on an original image according to
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki, Naoto Kimura

Fluorine-containing aromatic compound, organic semiconductor material and organic thin film device

05/16/13 - 20130119363 - A fluorine-containing aromatic compound represented by a formula: Q(W—ArF(Z)k)n is provided. The Q is an n-valent aromatic hydrocarbon group obtained by removing n-pieces of hydrogen atoms from a monocyclic structure, a polycyclic assembly structure, or a condensed polycyclic structure of one or more benzene rings or heterocycles. The W is
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki, Yoko Takebe, Masahiro Ito

Content reproducing device and content reproduction control method

12/20/12 - 20120320275 - A content reproducing device includes: an input unit connected to a source side via a content transmission channel for transmitting a content and a control signal transmission channel for transmitting an address representing a physical connection relation of a device; an output unit connected to a sink side via a
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki, Ryuya Tachino, Ryo Oguchi, Kenichi Saito

Transmission and receiving apparatus and transmission and receiving method

02/09/12 - 20120033129 - A transmission and receiving apparatus includes: a receiving section receiving a content signal conforming to a predetermined transmission standard, and restoring a video signal included in the content signal to output the video signal; a video-signal processing section performing predetermined processing on the video signal output from the receiving section;
Inventors: Haruyuki Miura, Takashi Sasaki, Kenichi Saito, Takeshi Sadazumi

Repeater device and control method

01/26/12 - 20120023267 - A repeater device connected to source and sink devices includes: an input terminal receiving transmission data supplied from the source device; relay means for relaying the transmission data; an output terminal outputting the transmission data relayed by the relay means to the sink device; control means for setting an operating
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki, Satoshi Higuchi, Keisuke Satou

Lock mechanism and combination case

01/20/11 - 20110013979 - A lock mechanism 40 for locking an upper case 20 and a lower case 30 together is mounted pivotally on the lower case 30. The lock mechanism 40 comprises: a lock portion 70 that is engaged with a lock engaging portion 24 provided in the upper case 20; and a
Inventors: Takashi Sasaki, Koki Inoue

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