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Tadashi KAJI patents

Recent bibliographic sampling of Tadashi KAJI patents listed/published in the public domain by the USPTO (USPTO Patent Application #,Title):

08/29/13 - 20130227690 - Program analysis system and method thereof
A program analysis system that analyzes a program while adjusting time elapse velocity in program execution environment sets analysis conditions such as time elapse velocity in the execution environment, program execution start time and execution termination time, adjusts the time elapse velocity and the program execution start time according to...
Inventors: Nobutaka Kawaguchi, Tadashi Kaji, Hiroki Yamaguchi (Htiachi, Ltd.)

05/16/13 - 20130124924 - Program analyzing system and method
Main functional units of a program analyzing system that analyzes a program while adjusting a time passage speed of a program performance circumstance includes four functional units, that is, an analysis management unit, a sample performing unit, an activity recording unit, and an activity analyzing unit. The analysis management unit...
Inventors: Nobutaka Kawaguchi, Tadashi Kaji, Hiroki Yamaguchi (Hitachi, Ltd.)

10/04/12 - 20120254942 - Connection destination determination device, connection destination determination method, and service collaboration system
A connection destination determination device includes a control unit for performing an approval determination process to determine that a user authentication state in a connection destination request is approved if the user authentication state satisfies the user authentication state corresponding to a collaboration service. If the user authentication state is...
Inventors: Naoki Hayashi, Tadashi Kaji, Akifumi Yato, Shinichi Irube (Hitachi, Ltd.)

10/04/12 - 20120254935 - Authentication collaboration system and authentication collaboration method
An authentication collaboration server of an authentication collaboration system performs a secrecy calculation process using authentication information as input for an authentication process, generating secret authentication information for each piece of the authentication information. An authentication information verification server obtains and compares sets of the combination of secret authentication information...
Inventors: Akifumi Yato, Tadashi Kaji, Naoki Hayashi, Shinichi Irube (Hitachi, Ltd.)

08/16/12 - 20120210125 - Encrypted traffic test system
An encrypted traffic test system is disclosed which tests whether or not traffic involving packets over a network is encrypted, the encrypted traffic test system including: a test data acquisition portion configured to receive each of the packets on the network so as to acquire test data from the received...
Inventors: Tomohiro Shigemoto, Hirofumi Nakakoji, Tetsuro Kito, Hisashi Umeki, Satoshi Takemoto, Tadashi Kaji, Satoshi Kai (Hitachi, Ltd.)

08/02/12 - 20120198039 - Service linkage device, program, service linkage method, and service provision system
A processing load on service is distributed to improve the availability of linkage service even if the details of the processing of the linkage service are unknown. A service dynamic linkage device (110) sequentially selects pieces of web service which can be executed on the basis of dependence relationship information...
Inventors: Naoki Hayashi, Tadashi Kaji, Akifumi Yato, Dan Yamamoto, Shinichi Irube (Hitachi, Ltd.)

04/05/12 - 20120084351 - Service collaboration system
a callback ID management part associating and managing IDs and callback user IDs and acquiring IDs corresponding to callback user IDs....
Inventors: Akifumi Yato, Tadashi Kaji, Naoki Hayashi, Shinichi Irube (Hitachi, Ltd.)

01/05/12 - 20120005362 - Streaming data delivery system and method thereof
A streaming data delivery system contrived to curtail the procedure until a session is established between a delivery server and a user terminal includes a delivery device, a server for provisional coupling, format conversion servers, a terminal, and a 3PCC device which implements Third Party Call Control. The 3PCC device...
Inventors: Naoki Hayashi, Tadashi Kaji, Dan Yamamoto, Shinichi Irube (Hitachi, Ltd.)

09/29/11 - 20110239284 - Id bridge service system and method thereof
An ID bridge service system manages a type and assurance of identity information required for provision of service by an application service system and a type and assurance of identity information managed by plural authentication service systems, and is provided with a selecting measure that selects an authentication service system...
Inventors: Tadashi Kaji, Naoki Hayashi, Akifumi Yato, Shinichi Irube (Hitachi, Ltd.)

12/09/10 - 20100312887 - Management system for warranting consistency between inter-client communication logs
A communication management apparatus for managing communication exchanged between communication apparatuses, including: a communication information management control portion for receiving, after communication under a communication session between first and second communication apparatuses, first information of quantity of the communication from the first communication apparatus and for receiving second information of...
Inventors: Yuko Sawai, Kazuyoshi Hoshino, Osamu Takata, Tadashi Kaji, Kohei Sawada

06/03/10 - 20100138899 - Authentication intermediary server, program, authentication system and selection method
An authentication server is dynamically changed in consideration of a user's situation, a kind of service used by the user and user's convenience. When a terminal device 1 is going to receive provision of service from a service providing server 2, an authentication intermediary server 4 selects an authentication server...
Inventors: Dan Yamamoto, Tadashi Kaji, Takahiro Fujishiro, Shinichi Irube (Hitachi Ltd.)

01/21/10 - 20100017527 - Sip server and communication system
In order to reduce network loads in a large system, provided is a representative aspect of this invention is as follows. That is, there is provided a SIP server coupled to at least one client via a communication line to control a communication session of the at least one client....
Inventors: Masafumi Kinoshita, Yoshiteru Takeshima, Tadashi Kaji

12/31/09 - 20090327394 - Information providing server, program, information providing method, and information providing system
Technology is provided for easily converting data for use with a plurality of receiving devices. The structure-specific message generator of an information providing server generates reference information by converting the data structure of information received from a transmitting device into a data structure processable by a plurality of receiving devices....
Inventors: Tadashi Kaji, Dan Yamamoto, Takahiro Fujishiro, Shinichi Irube, Fumihiko Inoda, Akio Ito

10/01/09 - 20090249454 - Authentication server, authentication system, and authentication method
To provide a technology for enabling authentication according to a state of use of a device on a user side. When, on a communication device (10), a user requests a service providing server (16) to provide a service, an authentication server (17) acquires, from a presence server (19), presence information...
Inventors: Dan Yamamoto, Tadashi Kaji, Takahiro Fujishiro, Shinichi Irube (Hitachi, Ltd.)

07/09/09 - 20090177802 - Service network system and server device
A server device that represents a plurality of service provision servers implements authentication and a SIP message exchange with respect to a SIP server as a representative, and notifies a service provision server of client communication information that is acquired by the SIP message exchange. The service provision server communicates...
Inventors: Kazuyoshi Hoshino, Tadashi Kaji, Osamu Takata, Takahiro Fujishiro, Kohei Sawada

04/30/09 - 20090113203 - Network system
An encryption communication module on the side of a service providing server reports a global IP address allocated to an NAPT router on the service providing server side and a port number of an outside UDP header used on the global side to an authentication/key exchange server. When receiving an...
Inventors: Munetoshi Tsuge, Kazuyoshi Hoshino, Tadashi Kaji (Hitachi Ltd.)

04/02/09 - 20090089866 - Access authorization system, access control server, and business process execution system
An access authorization system is provided, which can reduce the user wait time until the provision of a user-requested service. The access authorization system of the present invention specifies the next service to be provided to a UT (a client-side communication device) after the service currently being provided to the...
Inventors: Akifumi Yato, Tadashi Kaji, Dan Yamamoto, Shinichi Irube, Naoki Hayashi

03/12/09 - 20090067439 - Data communication system
The session management server is provided with means for conducting, in parallel, processing to issue processing requests for respective functions required for establishing a session (such as making a decision regarding whether to permit or deny provision of a service, or generating a session key) and processing to forward a...
Inventors: Dan Yamamoto, Tadashi Kaji, Akifumi Yato, Takahiro Fujishiro, Shinichi Irube

02/26/09 - 20090055649 - Key allocating method and key allocation system for encrypted communication
Both a management server and a validation server are installed. Both a terminal and a terminal register setting information which is usable in an encrypted communication in the management server. When carrying out the encrypted communication, the management server searches the registered setting information for coincident setting information. The management...
Inventors: Osamu Takata, Takahiro Fujishiro, Tadashi Kaji, Kazuyoshi Hoshino (Hitachi, Ltd.)

Htiachi, Ltd., Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi Ltd.

(*May have duplicates - we are upgrading our archive.)

20090327394 - Information providing server, program, information providing method, and information providing system
20090249454 - Authentication server, authentication system, and authentication method


The bibliographic references displayed about Tadashi KAJI's patents are for a recent sample of Tadashi KAJI's publicly published patent applications. The inventor/author may have additional bibliographic citations listed at the is not associated or affiliated in any way with the author/inventor or the United States Patent/Trademark Office but is providing this non-comprehensive sample listing for educational and research purposes using public bibliographic data published and disseminated from the United States Patent/Trademark Office public datafeed. This information is also available for free on the website. If Tadashi KAJI filed recent patent applications under another name, spelling or location then those applications could be listed on an alternate page. If no bibliographic references are listed here, it is possible there are no recent filings or there is a technical issue with the listing--in that case, we recommend doing a search on the website.


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