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Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series

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01/22/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150025161 - Polyurethane-grafted hydrogels: An article comprising two chemically grafted polymer layers comprising a hydrogel layer and an end-functionalized polyurethane layer. The invention also includes methods of making and using the article.... Agent:

20150025162 - Polypropylene resin foam particles, in-mold foam molded body comprising polypropylene resin foam particles, and method for producing same: An in-mold expanded molded product of the present invention includes expanded polypropylene resin particles comprising a polypropylene resin composition containing an aliphatic diethanolamine fatty acid ester and an aliphatic diethanolamine in a total content of not less than 0.1 part by weight but not greater than 5 parts by weight... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20150025163 - Polymer blend composition based on carbon dioxide and environment-friendly decorating materials produced therefrom: The present invention is directed to a polyalkylene carbonate resin composition for producing a decorating material and an environment-friendly polyalkylene carbonate resin decorating material produced therefrom. More particularly, the invention is directed to polyalkylene carbonate resin composition for producing a decorating material in which including a polymer additive to impart... Agent: Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.

20150025164 - Polyurethane rigid foams: The present invention relates to polyurethane rigid foams formulations. More particularly, the present invention relates to polyurethane rigid foams formulations, prepared from aromatic polyester polyols, which show improved compressive strength. The formulations include an isocyanate reacting mixture, at least one polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate, having a functionality of at least 2.7,... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150025165 - Foamable compositions, foams and articles thereof: A foamable composition comprising at least an olefin block copolymer, an olefin copolymer, an oil, a blowing agent and a crosslinking agent is provided. The olefin block copolymer has a Mw/Mn from 1.7 to 3.5, and at least one melting point, Tm, in degrees Celsius, and a density, d, in... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150025166 - Method for manufacturing plastic dielectric having holes and plastic dielectric manufactured thereby: A method for manufacturing a plastic dielectric having a plurality of holes and a plastic dielectric manufactured thereby. The method for manufacturing a plastic dielectric includes the steps of: (a) injecting a plastic material into an airtight container; (b) injecting inert gas into the airtight container at pressure of 5... Agent:

20150025167 - System and method for improved plasters: Systems and methods according to present principles enhance aspects of applied plaster coats. In particular, the materials include a synthetic substitute aggregate (SSA), added to a cementitious base coat, for a plastering step prior to application of stucco or acrylic synthetic finishes or finish coats. The addition of SSA to... Agent:

20150025168 - Synthesis and micro-/nanostructuring of surface-attached crosslinked antimicrobial and/or antibiofouling polymer networks: The present invention relates to substrates comprising a crosslinked network of covalently attached antimicrobial and/or antibiofouling polymers. The crosslinked network of antimicrobial and/or antibiofouling polymers acts highly efficiently against pathogens, e.g. bacteria and fungi. Both the antimicrobial and the antibiofouling cross-linked polymer networks are preferably better resistant to mechanical damage... Agent: Universitatsklinikum Freiburg

01/15/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150018440 - Temperature-responsive polymer particles in protein separation applications: The present invention relates to a method for isolating proteins from a solution containing the proteins. The invention also relates to a method for the chromatographic separation of proteins. The present invention also relates to crosslinked hydroxylic polymer particles functionalized with temperature-responsive copolymer, and to methods of preparing such particles.... Agent: Monash University

20150018441 - Yellow thermochromic dyes, inks composition and level indicators: A new leuco dye produces a yellow color while demonstrating also exceptional light and thermal stability under light.... Agent:

20150018442 - Method for preparing microporous polyolefin film by thermally-induced phase separation method: The present invention discloses a method for preparing a microporous polyolefin film comprising: a step of injecting a composition comprising polyolefin 30 to 60 wt % and a diluent mixture comprising a diluent, which can make liquid-liquid phase separation with the polyolefin thermodynamically 40 to 70 wt %, into an... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150018443 - Cushioning foams containing reflective particulates with visually distinguishable reflective surfaces to create a unique appearance: Methods and combinations for making and using reflective particulate foam comprising flexible cellular foam and a plurality of reflective particulates randomly and/or uniformly dispersed during the production of the reflective particulate foam. Reflective particulates have reflective surfaces which are visually distinguishable as individual reflective particulates without the use of magnification.... Agent: Peterson Chemical Technology, Inc.

20150018444 - Composition of matter polyols for polyurethane applications: There are provided ester polyols prepared from the esterification of ozone acids and branched primary polyols. There are also provided ester polyol esters prepared from an ester polyol of the invention and further esterifying the ester polyol with at least one carboxylic acid to produce at least one ester polyol... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150011664 - Pellet based tooling and process for biodegradable component: An example starch-based material for forming a biodegradable component includes a mixture of a starch and an expansion additive. The starch has an amylose content of less than about 70% by weight. The expansion additive enhances the expansion and physical properties of the starch. A method of preparing a starch-based... Agent:

20150011665 - Foamed articles exhibiting improved thermal properties: Cellular and multi-cellular polystyrene and polystyrenic foams and methods of forming such foams are disclosed. The foams include an expanded polystyrene formed from expansion of an expandable polystyrene including an adsorbent comprising alumina, wherein the multi-cellular polystyrene exhibits a multi-cellular size distribution. The process for forming a foamed article includes... Agent:

20150011666 - Systems and methods for manufacturing foam parts: This disclosure relates generally to molded cellular foam parts and, more specifically, to methods of manufacturing cellular polyurethane foam parts. In an embodiment, a polymer production system includes an energy source configured to provide activation energy to a foam formulation to produce a foam part. The system further includes a... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150005400 - Method and related arrangement for devulcanization of vulcanized rubber: A method for devulcanization of rubber feedstock and a related arrangement are provided. The method includes doping rubber feedstock with a photoactive substance (104, 110), configured to activate upon exposure thereof to external radiation of a predetermined wavelength; and further exposing cured rubber feedstock to the external radiation of the... Agent:

20150005401 - Method for recycling floor coverings: The invention relates to a solvent-based separation method for the total material recycling of materials used in nonwoven, woven, and tufted wares into the individual material components thereof sorted by type. At least one of the materials contains a polyolefin wax. As a solvent and/or swelling agent, halogen-free, aliphatic hydrocarbons... Agent: Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited

20150005402 - Method for producing expandable styrene polymers containing particulate additives: e

20150005403 - Process for preparing foamed polymer: The invention pertains to a process for manufacturing a glycerol-tricarboxylic acid polyester foam which comprises the steps of combining glycerol and a tri-carboxylic acid to provide a liquid reaction mixture and contacting the reaction mixture with a substrate under polymerization conditions, wherein the substrate has a top layer comprising one... Agent:

20150005404 - Cyclic amine compounds, compositions, and polyurethane foams made therefrom: The present invention describes cyclic amine compounds useful for catalysts for polyurethane form-forming compositions. The cyclic amine compounds of the invention provide distinct benefits for reaction compositions, methods, and polyurethane foams based on their desirable physical and catalytic properties.... Agent:

20150005405 - Polyolefin microporous film and method for producing same: A polyolefin microporous membrane is produced by forming a gel-like molding using a polyolefin resin containing polypropylene, and stretching the molding in at least one direction, followed by washing, the polyolefin microporous membrane having an injection of electrolyte of 20 seconds or less and a uniform polypropylene distribution in at... Agent:

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