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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150148435 - Method of devulcanising vulcanised rubber: The invention concerns a method of devulcanising vulcanised rubber which comprises the following steps: a) providing at least one vulcanised rubber composition; b) grinding the vulcanised rubber into chips or pellets; c) mixing the ground rubber obtained from step b) in such a way as to homogenise the form and... Agent:

20150148436 - Method to fabricate functionalized conical nanopores: A pressure-based chemical etch method is used to shape polymer nanopores into cones. By varying the pressure, the pore tip diameter can be controlled, while the pore base diameter is largely unaffected. The method provides an easy, low-cost approach for conically etching high density nanopores.... Agent:

20150148437 - Mineral-filled polypropylene composition for foaming: The present invention relates to a new polypropylene composition for the production of foamed molded articles, such as finished parts for the automotive industry.... Agent:

20150148438 - Polyurethane foam production process, pre-mix formulation, and product: Disclosed are a process of producing a polyurethane foam product, a polyurethane foam product pre-mix, polyurethane foam product formulation, and a polyurethane foam product. The process of producing the polyurethane foam product includes contacting a halohydrin component with a polyurethane foam product pre-mix. The polyurethane foam product pre-mix includes the... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20150148439 - Amine functionalized porous network: Amine groups can be introduced in porous materials by a direct (one pot) or post-synthetic modification (PSM) process on aldehyde groups, and the resulting porous materials have increased gas affinity.... Agent: King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology

05/21/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150141537 - Synthesis of sequestration resins for water treatment in light water reactors: A sequestration resin for nuclear reactor coolant cleanup and for aqueous liquid radioactive waste cleanup that can irreversibly remove cobalt ion during reactor operation or during radioactive waste processing so as to deplete the coolant or liquid of a significant fraction of dose-causing radiocobalt is disclosed. The sequestration resin is... Agent:

20150141538 - Method and apparatus for modifying polymer compositions: A system for applying a melted polymer/hot melt adhesive includes structure for adding one or more components to the polymer/hot melt stream at selected locations of the stream depending on the desired final characteristics of the polymer/hot melt adhesive, the heat histories of the polymer/hot melt adhesive and the modifying... Agent:

20150141539 - Spongy composition for shoe sole: Disclosed is a sponge composition for a shoe sole. The sponge composition includes an ethylene copolymer as a matrix, a crosslinking agent, a foaming agent, and a polyvinyl acetate as an adhesion improver. The sponge includes 100 parts by weight of a matrix including an ethylene copolymer, 0.02 to 1.5... Agent:

20150141540 - Polyphosphazenes: Substituted poly(phosphazene) compounds comprising a combination of units having one or more of the structures (i) to (iii) wherein: the combination comprises R1 and R2; each R1, is independently an optionally substituted alkyl- or alkyl ether-based side chain containing an isocyanate-reactive moiety, an epoxide-reactive moiety, an amine-reactive moiety, a supramolecular... Agent:

20150141541 - Composition to preserve insulations and sealants and method: The present invention is generally directed toward the preservation of insulations and sealants and more particularly to the protection of insulation and sealant products against insect attack through the use of inorganic borates. The present invention includes a polymer-based formulation derived from the reaction of an isocyanate component and a... Agent:

20150141542 - Method for producing flame-protected polyurethane foams having low bulk densities: The present invention provides a method for producing flame-retardant polyurethane foams, the resulting flame-retardant polyurethane foams having particularly low densities.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20150141543 - Process for the production of high air flow polyether foams and the foams produced by this process: This invention relates to novel polyol blends, a process for the production of foam with very low resistance to air flow from certain polyol blends and to the resultant foams produced from certain polyol blends. The polyol blends comprise one or more monofunctional polyethers having a hydroxyl number of less... Agent: Bayer Materialscience LLC

20150141544 - Porous cross-linked polyimide networks: Porous cross-linked polyimide networks are provided. The networks comprise an anhydride end-capped polyamic acid oligomer. The oligomer (i) comprises a repeating unit of a dianhydride and a diamine and terminal anhydride groups, (ii) has an average degree of polymerization of 10 to 50, (iii) has been cross-linked via a cross-linking... Agent: Ohio Aerospace Institute

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