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Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 37 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20120101192 - Composition, method for preparing same, and use thereof for improving the fluidity and temperature resistance of composite materials: A composition or master batch including at least one functionalized polyglycerol, at least one biopolymer, and a meal obtained from plant carbon, and its use for improving the fluidity in the molten state and the heat resistance of composite materials, in particular composites based on biopolymers that are optionally loaded... Agent: Valagro Carbone Renouvelable Poitou-charentes

20120101193 - Uncured butyl rubber composition containing a dispersion of dye colored corn cob granules and tire having an innerliner layer comprised of said butyl rubber: Uncured black colored butyl rubber composition is provided which contains a dispersion of distinguishing dye colored corn cob granules and tire having an innerliner comprised of said butyl rubber. A means of segregating and visually maintaining separation of said black colored uncured butyl rubber and a black colored rubber composition... Agent:

20120101194 - Bimolecular inverse emulsion polymer: The invention relates to novel, stable bi-molecular cationic inverse emulsion polymers (W/O) with both different molecular weights and cationic activities that are assembled via an “in situ” emulsion polymerization of a high molecular weight cationic polymer in the presence of a low molecular weight polymer in the aqueous phase. The... Agent: Ashland Licensing And Intellectual Property LLC

20120101195 - Method for the chemical treatment of starch for applying in sheets of paper: The object of the process of the invention is to increase the retention of starch in the sheet of paper in order to reduce operating costs and increase the physical characteristics of the paper. To that end, it has been envisaged that trivalent cationic salts are added, metered into the... Agent:

20120101196 - Novel diarylamine compounds, aging inhibitor, polymer composition, crosslinked rubber product and molded article of the crosslinked product, and method of producing diarylamine compound: There are provided a novel diarylamine compound represented by the following formula (I), (II) or (III), which has at least one signal attributable to the hydrogen of the N—H moiety at 8.30 ppm to 9.00 ppm when a deuterated dimethyl sulfoxide solution of the diarylamine compound is analyzed by 1H-NMR;... Agent:

20120101197 - Polymer composition containing polybutylene terephthalate and flame retardant additives: Polymer composition containing: as the polymeric constituents A. 90-50 wt. % polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) B. 10-50 wt. % polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the polymeric constituents add up to 100 wt. %, at 100 part by weight of the sum of the polymeric constituents: C. 10-40 part by weight of metal salts... Agent:

20120101198 - Reinforcing additives for composite materials: Hyper-branched biodegradable polymers are produced by melt processing biodegradable polymers with a branching agent at temperatures that promote free radical reactions between the biodegradable polymer and the branching agent. The biodegradable compositions have an excellent balance of mechanical properties and are suitable for flame retardant applications.... Agent:

20120101199 - Viscosity regulating composition: A viscosity regulating composition having a polymeric structure with an internal hydrophobic unit located within the polymer's backbone, multiple hydrophilic units, and terminal hydrophobic units. In one embodiment, the internal hydrophobic unit may have at least three linked hydrophobic segments, of the same or different hydrophobic segments, with the proviso... Agent: Elementis Specialties, Inc.

20120101200 - Innovative long-lasting biobased plastics based on polyhydroxyalkanoate, a method for producing them and use thereof: The present invention provides innovative long-lasting and hydrolysis-stable biobased plastics based on polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), a method for producing them and their use.... Agent: Rhein Chemie Rheinau Gmbh

20120101201 - Slip and antiblocking agent: A novel, branched, saturated, primary fatty acid amide is disclosed. Application areas are as a slip and/or antiblocking agent or mould release agent. The branched, saturated, primary fatty acid has a formula R—CO—NH2 where R is a saturated, branched hydrocarbon chain having 11 to 23 carbon atoms, wherein at least... Agent: Croda International PLC

20120101203 - Compound and method for producing the same: The invention provides a compound and method of producing the same. The method of the invention includes the following steps. First of all, Polycaprolactone (PCL), dimethylol propionic acid (DMPA), 4,4′-methylenebis (cyclohexyl isocyanate) (H12MDI), and dibutyltin dilaurate (DBT) are mixed in a solvent in the first place and a solution is... Agent:

20120101202 - Glue composition for circuit board: A glue composition for use in printed circuit board to secure, insulates and protect electronic components thereon is disclosed. The glue composition includes between about 60 and about 75 weight percent MDI-based polyisocyanate prepolymer, between about 9 and about 25 weight percent flame retardant without phosphorus and halogen, between about... Agent:

20120101204 - Thermoplastic gel sealants: Provided according to embodiments of the invention are thermoplastic gel compositions that include a block copolymer; a hydrocarbon tackifier resin; and a hydrocarbon oil. Further, in some embodiments, such compositions may include at least one antioxidant. Also provided are connectors that include a composition according to an embodiment of the... Agent:

20120101205 - Copolymer and top coating composition: A resin composition for forming a top coat which can be formed on a photoresist film without causing intermixing with the photoresist film, can maintain a stable film coating which is not eluted into a medium during immersion lithography, does not impair pattern profiles during dry exposure (which is not... Agent: Jsr Corporation

20120101206 - Method of imparting corrosion resistance to a substrate surface, and coated substrates prepared thereby: The disclosure provides methods and materials for imparting corrosion resistance to a substrate, as well as the corrosion-resistant substrates prepared accordingly. Compositions and methods include nonpyrolyzed, silicon-based polymer coatings prepared on substrates. The prepared coatings are highly stable and resistant to corrosion. The invention finds utility, for example, in the... Agent:

20120101207 - Rubber-steel cord composite: e

20120101208 - Flame retardant polymer composition comprising an ethylene copolymer with maleic anhydride units as coupling agent: The present invention relates to a flame retardant polymer composition comprising (A) an ethylene copolymer comprising alkyl acrylate comonomer units, (B) uncoated aluminum hydroxide as inorganic filler, and (C) an ethylene copolymer comprising maleic anhydride units in an amount of 0.6 to 5 wt. %, an article comprising such a... Agent: Borealis Ag

20120101209 - Nucleating agent for polyethylenes: The invention relates to nucleation agents for polyethylenes wherein the nucleating agent is composed of one or more finely divided inorganic materials of halloysite that are dispersed throughout the polyethylene to increase the crystallization rate such that the polyethylenes can be more easily extruded, molded with a much shorter cycle... Agent:

20120101210 - Novel aqueous 2-component pur coating systems for improved corrosion protection: The invention relates to novel aqueous two-component coating agents based on hydroxy and/or amino-functional water-dilutable resins and nanoparticle-modified isocyanate-functional curing agents, to a method for the production thereof, and to the use thereof in paints, coatings, and sealants, particularly for corrosion protection applications.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20120101211 - Rubber composition and tire using same: Provided is a rubber composition that comprises a rubber component of at least one of natural rubber and synthetic rubber and a resin composition containing a novolak-type resorcin resin and a resol-type phenolic resin in which the content of the dimethylene ether group is within a specific range. Not using... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20120101212 - Bifunctional organolithium initiator and conjugated diene copolymers prepared using the same: A novel polymeric compound is provided. The polymeric compound is highly compatible with reinforcing materials. Particularly, the polymeric compound is highly miscible with inorganic reinforcing materials in the manufacture of a tire. Further provided is a novel bifunctional initiator necessary to prepare the polymeric compound. The bifunctional initiator contains amine... Agent: Lg Chem Ltd.

20120101213 - Highly water-repellent polyimide for copier member, and polyamic acid composition: Provided are a polyimide which is inexpensive, has various excellent material properties including strength, heat resistance, low moisture absorption, mold releasability (detachability), dielectric properties, electrical properties, and optical properties, and can exhibit a high level of water repellency, and a polyamic acid composition useful as a raw material therefor. Also... Agent: Nippon Shokubai Co, Ltd

20120101214 - Low molecular weight polytetrafluoroethylene powder and preparation method therefor: The present invention provides a low-molecular weight polytetrafluoroethylene powder that, when used as an additive in a coating material, etc., can form a coating with excellent texture and gliding properties, while also improving dispersibility and viscosity; and a production process therefor. The present invention is a process for producing a... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20120101215 - Method of manufacturing polytetrafluoroethylene particle aggregate and method of manufacturing polytetrafluoroethylene product: The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) product offering better productivity and a higher degree of flexibility in form of the product to be obtained than the conventional methods of manufacturing a PTFE product, and a method of manufacturing PTFE particle aggregate obtained as an intermediate... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120101216 - Method for producing polymeric solids: The invention relates to a method for producing polymeric solids free of auxiliary emulators starting from polymer latices (dispersion), wherein a polymer dispersion with a starting ph-value greater than 9 is set to a ph-value of 6 to 9 by adding gaseous carbon dioxide and the polymer dispersion is subsequently... Agent: Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

20120101217 - Crosslinking pigment dispersion on diblock polymeric dispersants: The present disclosure provides an aqueous dispersion comprising a solid particle and a polymeric dispersant, wherein the polymeric dispersant is a block copolymer comprising an A block and a B block, wherein the A block is a segment having a block size of about 5 to about 18 units, and... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120101218 - Method for producing block copolymers: e

20120101219 - Vulcanized rubber and process for manufacturing same: A process for manufacturing a vulcanized rubber comprising the first step of kneading S-(3-aminopropyl)thiosulfuric acid and/or a metal salt thereof, a rubber component, a filler and a sulfur component to obtain a kneaded product, and the second step of subjecting the kneaded product obtained in the first step to a... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120101220 - Method and device for purifying thermoplastic polymers: A method of purifying a thermoplastic polymer having at least one dispersed filler, including preparing a polymer melt of the thermoplastic polymer, and filtering the polymer melt, where the dispersed filler is at least partially transformed to a coagulated and filterable form before the filtering step. Also, a device for... Agent: Krones Ag

20120101221 - Formed article, method of producing same, electronic device member, and electronic device: A formed article comprising a gas barrier layer that is formed of a material including at least an oxygen atom, a carbon atom, and a silicon atom, the gas barrier layer including an area (A) where an oxygen atom content rate gradually decreases, and a carbon atom content rate gradually... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20120101222 - Method for chemically incorporating metal elements into polysiloxanes: This invention relates to methods for preparing polyheterosiloxane materials having at least two different non-Si metal elements. The polyheterosiloxane materials prepared by these methods are solid materials which can be easily dispersed in a solvent of choice.... Agent:

20120101223 - Rheology modifier: The present invention relates to a composition comprising a hydrophobically modified alkylene oxide polyurethane characterized by having a M, of from 50,000 to about 150,000 Daltons and a polydispersity of 2.5 to about 5.0. The present invention further relates to a multi-step process for the preparation of the hydrophobically modified... Agent:

20120101224 - Liquid crystal alignment agent, and liquid crystal alignment film and liquid crystal display element formed from the liquid crystal alignment agent: e

20120101225 - Waterborne coating compositions containing low-voc coalescents that are hydroxypivalyl hydroxypivalate esters: Waterborne coating compositions are disclosed that include a latex emulsion polymer, and, as a coalescent, a diester of hydroxypivalyl hydroxypivalate. The coating compositions of the invention have a reduced VOC content and provide satisfactory coalescing activity.... Agent: Eastman Chemical Corporation

20120101226 - Process for preparing unsaturated polyester: The present invention relates to a process for preparing unsaturated polyester resin comprising itaconate ester units as reactive unsaturations, wherein the process comprises reacting at least itaconic acid and/or itaconic anhydride and at least one diol in the presence of benzoquinone and/or alkyl substituted benzoquinone, whereby the total amount of... Agent:

20120101227 - Microcapsules containing curable siloxanes: Aqueous suspensions of silicate shell microcapsules are disclosed wherein a first portion of the silicate shell micro-capsules contain an organopolysiloxane having at least two alkenyl groups and a hydrosilylation catalyst as Part A of a curable siloxane composition, and a second portion of the silicate shell microcapsules contain an organohydrogensiloxane... Agent: Dow Corning Corporation

20120101228 - Room temperature curable silicon group-containing polymer composition: Room temperature curable silicon group-containing polymer compositions comprising (A) a reactive silicon group-containing polymer obtained through a reaction between a polyoxypropylene polyol and a γ-isocyanate propyltrialkoxysilane, (B) a curing catalyst, and (C) amino group-substituted alkoxysilane or a hydrolyzed and condensed product of an amino group-substituted alkoxysilane.... Agent: Momentive Performance Materials Japan LLC

04/19/2012 > 31 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120095134 - Viscosity-reducing super-plasticising copolymers: The invention mainly relates to the use of a (co)polymer having a main chain essentially consisting of (meth)acrylic units and polyoxyalkylated side-chains containing statistically-distributed hydrophobic units as an adjuvant for lowering the viscosity of hydraulic compositions.... Agent: Lafarge

20120095135 - Thermoplastic elastomer and molded product produced from the same: A flexible, abrasion-resistant, dry to the touch thermoplastic elastomer made of a hydrogenated block copolymer having a weight-average molecular weight of 80,000 to 1,000,000, an olefin-based crystalline resin, a hydrocarbon-based softening agent for rubbers and an acryl-modified organopolysiloxane. At least the block copolymer and the organopolysiloxane are dynamically heat-treated in... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20120095136 - Process for manufacturing a surface-treated compacted material processable on a single screw plastics conversion equipment: The present invention relates to the field of processing thermoplastic polymers, particularly the present invention relates to a process for manufacturing compacted material suitable for the use in thermoplastic polymers without a compounding step, comprising the steps of a) providing at least one primary powder material; b) providing at least... Agent:

20120095137 - Process for making high-pressure sheet gasketing materials: A method for making high-pressure sheet gasketing material is provided that employs an elastomer, such as natural rubber and/or acylonitrile-butadiene rubber. Tert-butyl acetate is added to dissolve the elastomer. Other components may then be mixed with the dissolved elastomer and may include, for example, antioxidants, colorants, curing agents, curing accelerators,... Agent: Garlock Sealing Technologies, LLC

20120095138 - System and method for pre-treatment of rubber-modified asphalt cement, and emulsions thereof: This invention encompasses asphalt cement emulsions, as well as methods for preparing a pre-treated rubber-modified asphalt cement emulsions and methods for coating industrial surfaces using asphalt cement emulsions.... Agent: Wright Advanced Asphalt Systems

20120095139 - Polycarbonate resin composition, process for producing molded products using the same, and optical lens: A polycarbonate resin composition comprising A) a polycarbonate resin which is produced according to a melt method without adding any quencher, which comprises a constitution unit derived from 9,9-bis (4-(2-hydroxy ethoxy)phenyl)fluorene and a constitution unit derived from bisphenol A, B) a benzotriazole ultraviolet absorber, C) a mold release which is... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20120095140 - Dopo flame retardant compositions: The present invention relates to flame retardant polymer compositions which comprise mixtures of phosphinic acid salts and dihydro-oxa-phospho-phenantrene derivatives. The compositions are especially useful for the manufacture of flame retardant compounds based on polycondensates like polyesters, polyamides and polycarbonates.... Agent:

20120095141 - Polycarbonate resin composition and molded article thereof: wherein the components B and the component C have a critical stress of 12 MPa or more each when they are treated at a temperature of 120° C. for 24 hours in a one/fourth ellipse test method using a bisphenol A type polycarbonate resin sheet that is produced by a... Agent:

20120095142 - Methods of making layered mixed-metal phosphonates for high dielectric strength polymer nanocomposites: Mixed metal phosphonates are generally provided. The mixed metal phosphonate can generally have the composition: AB(RPO3)3, where A is Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, Ba2+, Pb2+, La3+, or combinations thereof; B is Ti4+, Zr4+, Al3−, or combinations thereof; and R is an organic group (e.g., aryl group, an alkyl group, an alkenyl... Agent: University Of South Carolina

20120095143 - Dispersion and retrieval of de-bundled nanotubes: A method for dispersing nanotubes, comprising forming a nanocomposite solution with associated nanotubes and nanoplatelets, mixing a surfactant to the nanocomposite solution, separating the nanocomposite in solution, wherein the nanotubes remain suspended in the surfactant solution, and isolating the nanotubes in solution. In certain instances, the method further comprises functionalizing... Agent: The Texas A&m University System

20120095144 - Additive concentrate for polymers: The invention is directed to a concentrate comprising a liquid carrier material and at least one additive for a polymer or polymer blend, wherein the liquid carrier material is a fatty acid ester of trimethylolpropane, wherein the fatty acid is a C6 to C16 fatty acid having a linear or... Agent:

20120095145 - Low voc coalescing agents: A coalescent composition for coating compositions such as paints, adhesives, and coatings comprising a blend of dibasic esters, specifically (i) esters of adipic, glutaric, and/or succinic diacids and/or (ii) esters of isomers of adipic acid have advantages, including efficiency and low VOC.... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20120095146 - Waterborne coating composition comprising a polyester and a metal salt of a fatty acid: The invention relates to a waterborne coating composition comprising between 10 and 50% by weight of a water-dispersible and hydrophobic polyester resin, between 50 and 90% by weight of a metal salt of a fatty acid (with the amounts being based on the total solids content in the waterborne coating... Agent: Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.

20120095147 - White polyimide film and manufacture thereof: A white polyimide film comprises a polyimide base polymer and a coloration filler homogeneously distributed in the white polyimide film by reacting a diamine component with a dianhydride component and a coloration filter. The diamine component can include 2,2′-bis(trifluoromethyl)benzidine, and the dianhydride component can include 3,3′,4,4′-biphenyltetracarboxylic dianhydride and 2,2-bis[4-(3,4-dicarboxyphenoxy)phenyl]propane dianhydride.... Agent: Taimide Technology Incorporation

20120095148 - Golf ball material, golf ball and method for preparing golf ball material: A golf ball material composed of (A) an oxygen-containing inorganic metal compound in the form of a particulate or a master batch capable of neutralizing at least some of the acid groups in an acid-containing polymer blend, (B) one or more polymer selected from among diene polymers, thermoplastic polymers and... Agent: Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd.

20120095149 - Glass composition for glass fiber, glass fiber, and glass fiber sheet: A glass composition for a glass fiber includes, in terms of oxides by mass %, 45 to 65% of SiO2, 10 to 20% of Al2O3, 13 to 25% of B2O3, 5.5 to 9% of MgO, 0 to 10% of CaO, 0 to 1% of Li2O+Na2O+K2O, SrO, and BaO.... Agent:

20120095151 - Complex-shaped fluororubber formed product: The present invention provides a complex-shaped fluororubber formed product having excellent demoldability in molding. The complex-shaped fluororubber formed product of the present invention comprises a cross-linked fluororubber layer obtainable by cross-linking a fluororubber composition containing a fluororubber (A) and a carbon black (B). The cross-linked fluororubber layer has a loss... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20120095150 - Fluororubber composition: The present invention provides a fluororubber composition that has excellent heat resistance and excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures. The fluororubber composition comprises a peroxide cross-linkable fluororubber (A); a carbon black (B); a peroxide cross-linking agent (C); and a low-self-polymerizing cross-linking accelerator (D), wherein to 100 parts by mass of... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20120095152 - Adhesion-promoting system for rubber goods: The invention relates a mixture of a urethane-aldehyde resin UA prepared by condensation of an aldehyde A1 and an alkyl urethane U, and of a novolak PA, to a process for the preparation of the said mixture, and a method of use thereof as adhesion promoter in rubber goods.... Agent: Cytec Surface Specialties Germany Gmbh

20120095153 - Polar group-containing copolymer, rubber composition and studless tire: The present invention provides a polar group-containing copolymer which can provide a rubber composition and a winter tire achieving the abrasion resistance, performance on ice, and handling stability on dry roads in a balanced manner. The present invention relates to a polar group-containing copolymer obtainable by copolymerizing a conjugated diene... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20120095155 - Modified resins for blown film: Processes for enhancing blown film processability and the blown films formed thereby are described herein. One embodiment of the processes generally includes providing a first propylene based heterophasic copolymer having a first melt flow rate, modifying the first propylene based heterophasic copolymer to form a second heterophasic polymer having a... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20120095154 - Thermoplastic polyolefin composition: Composition comprising a polypropylene matrix (M-PP), at least one elastomeric copolymer (EP), a high density polyethylene (HDPE) being bimodal or multimodal, and a filler (F).... Agent:

20120095156 - Method for producing phosphorus-containing phenolic compound, novel phosphorus-containing phenol, curable resin composition, cured product of the same, printed wiring board, and semiconductor sealing material: Provided are a method for producing a phosphorus-containing phenolic compound in which reactivity is considerably excellent in the reaction between a phosphorus-containing compound and an aromatic nucleus of a phenol; in the case of using a polyhydric phenol or a phenolic resin as the phenol, a novel phosphorus-containing phenolic compound... Agent: Dic Corporation

20120095158 - Ethylenic polymer and its use: New ethylene polymers having low levels of long chain branching are disclosed. Films and film layers made form these polymers have good hot tack strength over a wide range of temperatures, making them good materials for packaging applications.... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20120095157 - Multiple catalyst system for olefin polymerization and polymers produced therefrom: The present invention describes polymer comprising one or more C3 to C40 olefins and having a Mw of 100,000 or less and a Dot T-Peel of 1 Newton or more. The polymer may have a branching index (g′) of 0.95 or less measured at the Mz of the polymer, and... Agent:

20120095159 - Silicone acrylic hybrid polymer-based adhesives: Silicone acrylic hybrid compositions prepared by reacting together silicone polymers, silicone resins, and silyl containing acrylic polymers are useful in adhesive compositions that find use in skin contact applications.... Agent:

20120095160 - Unsaturated polyester resin: The present invention relates to an unsaturated polyester resin comprising itaconate ester units as reactive unsaturation, wherein the resin comprises itaconate, citraconate and mesaconate ester units. Preferably, the resin comprises itaconate, citraconate and mesaconate ester units in an amount of from 40 to 90 mol % itaconate, from 2 to... Agent:

20120095161 - Molding compound on the basis of a copolyamide containing terephthalic acid and trimethylhexamethylene diamine units: A molding compound, containing at least 30% by weight of a copolyamide, which is derived from the following monomers: a) 50 to 95 mole percent of the combination of a diamine, selected from the group consisting of 1,9-nonane diamine, 1,10-decane diamine, 1,11-undecane diamine and 1,12-dodecane diamine, and terephthalic acid, and... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20120095162 - High-functionality polyetherols and preparation and use thereof: The present invention relates to a process for preparing high-functionality polyethers having a Hazen color number of less than 500, by converting tris(hydroxyethyl) isocyanurate (THEIC) and one or more difunctional alcohols and/or modifying reagents with the aid of acidic catalysts. The present invention further relates to high-functionality polyethers having a... Agent: Basf Se

20120095163 - Polymerization method for acrylic latex without emulisifier: The present invention provides a polymerization method for acrylic latex without emulsifier, in which a reaction system is formed from 40˜60 wt % of pure water and 2˜9 wt % of carboxylic acid monomers with carbon-carbon double bond polymerizable functional groups (A), and 40˜50 wt % of methyl methacrylate or... Agent: Champward Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd

20120095164 - Crosslinkable polyurethane dispersions: The invention relates to novel aqueous, crosslinkable polyurethane dispersions based on terephthalic acid polyesters, the production thereof and their use in combination with hydroxy-functional reactants for the production of lacquers, coatings and sizes which are distinguished especially by high film hardness together with high elasticity and very good adhesion.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

04/12/2012 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120088866 - Highly loaded concentrate pellets and preparation of the same: A highly loaded concentrate pellet composition includes an active ingredient in a concentration of at least about 60% by weight, and a low molecular weight binder in a concentration of up to about 35% by weight. The active ingredient is substantially evenly dispersed in the binder. The binder has a... Agent:

20120088867 - Permanent antistatic additive composition: The invention relates to antistatic polymer compositions comprising a polymer substrate, a polyalkyleneethoxylate with a specific molecular weight and a salt. Further aspects are a process for preparing an antistatic polymer and the use of such a polyalkyleneethoxylate as antistatic agent in polymers, preferably together with a salt.... Agent: Basf Se

20120088868 - Tpo compositions, articles, and methods of making the same: The invention provides a polyolefin composition comprising: A) a propylene-based polymer having a flex modulus of greater than 1500 MPa and an HDT of greater than 100° C.; B) an ethylene/α-olefin interpolymer having Tg of less than −30° C., a tan delta, measured at 0.1 radians/s at 190° C., of... Agent: Dow Global Technlogies LLC

20120088869 - Stabilization of organic materials: e

20120088870 - Stabilized polypropylene-talc composite: Use of an talc being coated with an organo-metallic compound in a polymer composition to accomplish a headspace emission of all volatiles together of said polymer composition of equal or below 120 μg/g.... Agent: Borealis Ag

20120088871 - Flame-retardant compound, flame-retardant particle, resin composition and resin formed body: e

20120088873 - Polyamide material having high fluid barrier properties: Polyamide materials having high barrier properties to fluids, gases and liquids are described. These materials can especially be used for the manufacture of articles intended to contain or to transport a fluid such as, for example, pipes, ducts or tanks.... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20120088872 - Sulfonamide-doped undercoat for imaging device: A photoreceptor undercoat for an electrostatographic imaging device containing a film-forming material, such as, a phenolic resin; a metal oxide, such as, a titanium oxide; and a sulfonamide, including that such sulfonamide facilitates removal of the undercoat from the photoreceptor substrate.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120088874 - Method for producing fiber-reinforced building-material coatings: The invention relates to methods for producing fiber-reinforced building-material coatings in that building-material coating agents containing mineral binders, optionally fillers, and optionally additives, are sprayed by means of a spray nozzle to form a building-material coating agent stream and one or more fibers are introduced into the building-material coating agent... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20120088875 - Stabilizer composition: e

20120088876 - Glue and coating for refractory materials and ceramics: The present invention relates to a heat crucible glue or coating for use in connection with refractory materials and ceramics. The glue or coating comprises 25 to 50 weight % silicon powder, 5 to 20 weight % SiC powder, 20 to 60 weight % formaldehyde resin or polyfurfuryl alcohol and... Agent: Elkem Carbon As

20120088877 - Radiant resistant coatings, heat-shielding methods, and coated products: A radiant resistant coating, heat-shielding methods, and coated products are provided. The coating can include an acrylic emulsion as a special carrier to enhance adhesion onto substrates, a defoamer to limit frothing during blending, a coalescent, polymerized aluminum pigment as a special heat rejecting element, an associative thickener to establish... Agent: Globalshield, Inc.

20120088878 - Aqueous hybrid dispersions: The invention relates to a process for the preparation of an aqueous hybrid polymer dispersion comprising an auto-oxidatively crosslinkable polymer and an addition polymer. The invention further relates to the aqueous hybrid polymer dispersion obtainable by said process, the use thereof for the manufacture of coating compositions, ink compositions or... Agent: Nuplex Resins B.v.

20120088879 - Polymerizable composition, resin shaped article, and laminate: There is provided a polymerizable composition which contains a cycloolefin monomer; a metathesis polymerization catalyst; a cross-linking agent; and a compound (A) which has a carbon-carbon unsaturated bond and an active hydrogen reactable group or a combination of a compound (B1) which has an active hydrogen reactable group and a... Agent: Zeon Corporation

20120088880 - Formed article, method for producing same, electronic device member, and electronic device: Disclosed is a formed article comprising a layer obtained by implanting ions of a hydrocarbon compound into a polyorganosiloxane compound-containing layer. Also disclosed are: a method of producing the formed article, the method comprising implanting ions of a hydrocarbon compound into a surface of a polyorganosiloxane compound-containing layer of a... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20120088881 - Liquid pigment dispersion and curative agents: A resin containing a liquid pigment dispersion is disclosed. The dispersion comprises a pigment dispersed in a blend of two or more active hydrogen-containing materials that together have a freezing point that is room temperature or below, The pigment remains dispersed in the blend, even if the dispersion is subjected... Agent: Ppg Idustries Ohio, I Nc.

04/05/2012 > 19 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120083554 - Cold-pressed mats of lignocellulosic material having improved cold tack and a process for their production: Cold-pressed mats of lignocellulosic material having a Push Off Test extension equal to at least 85% of that of a mat made with a urea-formaldehyde resin are produced from a lignocellulosic material and binder system. These mats are produced at ambient temperature by separately adding each component of the binder... Agent: Bayer Materialscience LLC

20120083555 - High temperature resistant plastic composite with modified ligno-cellulose: A high temperature resistant composite is disclosed that is made from modified ligno-cellulose and polymers, wherein the modified ligno-cellulose has a molar ratio of oxygen to carbon (O/C) from 0.3 to 0.6 and has a molar ratio of hydrogen to carbon (H/C) from 0.9 to 1.6 and the polymers belong... Agent: New Polymer Systems, Inc.

20120083556 - Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods: Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods are disclosed. These films exhibit high maximum optical densities and have low haze values. These films are useful for medical imaging.... Agent:

20120083557 - Sterically hindered amine stabilizers: The instant invention pertains to hindered amine compounds having at least two nitrogen atoms with different basicity. One part is substituted on the N-atom by alkoxy moieties and the other part is substituted on the N-atom by a hydroxy-alkyl moiety. These materials are particularly effective in stabilizing polymers, especially thermoplastic... Agent: Basf Se

20120083558 - Flame-protected, partially aromatic polyamide molding compounds: wherein the percentages by weight of components (A) to (E) give a total of 100%, and with the proviso that if the proportion of component (D) is in the range from 0 to 0.1% by weight the halogen-free flame retardant of component (C) is based on a barium phosphinate. The... Agent: Ems-patent Ag

20120083559 - Pneumatic tire with thread: e

20120083560 - Bio-based material composition and optical device employing the same: The invention provides a bio-based material composition and an optical device employing the same. The composition can be a petroleum resin-free composition, including a polylactic acid resin, a filler, and a light diffusion agent. Further, the composition can be a composition with petroleum resin, including a polylactic acid resin, a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120083561 - Adhesive composition: An adhesive composition of this invention includes a hydrocarbon resin and a solvent for dissolving the hydrocarbon resin, the solvent containing a condensed polycyclic hydrocarbon. Thus, an adhesive composition having excellent product stability is provided.... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20120083562 - Polymer-filler coupling additives: Polymer-filler coupling compounds with the formula B-A-Sx—N are claimed. In these compounds, B is an azaheterocyclic oxygen or sulfur containing moiety, or an allyltin moiety; Sx is a polysulfide, where x is between 2 and about 10; A is a linking atom or group that forms a bridge between B... Agent:

20120083563 - Fine-particle, cationic, aqueous polymer dispersions, method for the production thereof, and use thereof: l

20120083564 - Hardener composition for epoxy resins: A composition comprising: a) an epoxy resin; and b) a hardener comprising a copolymer of: i) an ethylenically unsaturated anhydride, and ii) a vinyl compound, wherein the vinyl compound is styrene or a styrene derivative and wherein the copolymer has an anhydride content of less than 15 weight percent, based... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20120083565 - Thermally-insulating layers and direct thermal imaging members containing same: Multicolor thermal imaging members are described that comprise color-forming layers that are separated by thermally-insulating layers and can be addressed with a thermal printing head in contact with a surface to form an image. The thermally-insulating layers are designed to be as thin as possible consistent with at least partially... Agent: Zinc Imaging, Inc.

20120083566 - Ink compositions: Ink composition comprising an liquid vehicle, a colorant system, fluoropolymer particles and polyurethane binders wherein the polyurethane binders has a percentage of hard segment which is below 49 percent.... Agent:

20120083567 - Non-aqueous ink composition for inkjet printing: in such an amount that a mass ratio of the dispersant (B) to a total of the dispersant (A) and the dispersant (B), (B)/[(A)+(B)], ranges from 0.75 to 0.99. The ink composition has good storage stability and causes no satellite even printed in an environment of a low temperature.... Agent: Riso Kagaku Corporation

20120083568 - Acrylate-based fluorinated copolymers for high-solids coatings: A series of low, medium, and high molecular weight copolymers containing methyl methacrylate, n-butyl acrylate. 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate, and 2,2,2-trifluoroethyl methacrylate were synthesized by solution polymerization under monomer-starved conditions. The copolymers were crosslinked with a methylated melamine formaldehyde resin in order to obtain thermosetting acrylics. Lower wettability, higher oxygen permeability, and... Agent: Toyota Motor Corporation

20120083569 - Acrylate-based fluorinated copolymers for high-solids coatings: The present invention relates to polymerizable compounds, comprising 5-50% by weight polyurethane, having at least one soft segment and 30-95% by weight alkylmethacrylate having 1-6 carbon atoms in the alkyl radical, wherein the polyurethane has a molecular weight in the range from 5,000-200,000 daltons, curable compositions comprising the inventive polymerizable... Agent: Kunststoff-und Farben-gesellschaft Mbh

20120083570 - Method of making a hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive: A method of making a pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive. The method includes extruding a melt composition that includes a polymer, wherein the polymer has acidic groups covalently attached thereto, and a metal salt hydrate, wherein the metal salt hydrate has a melting point that is less than the maximum processing... Agent:

20120083571 - Rubber composition and pneumatic tire: A rubber composition, comprising a rubber component, and a carbon black, the carbon black satisfying the dibutyl phthalate (DBP) absorption number [unit: mL/100 g] of the carbon black is from 90 to 180, the difference of the BET specific surface area (BET5) [unit: m2/g] of the carbon black from the... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20120083572 - Styrenic (meth)acrylic oligomers: Styrenic (meth)acrylic oligomers that are prepared at lower temperature than conventional solid grade oligomers, or are hydrogenated, contain fewer terminal vinylic unsaturations, when compared to such conventional styrenic (meth)acrylic oligomers prepared by the customary high temperature processes. Styrenic (meth)acrylic oligomers that contain fewer terminal vinylic unsaturations demonstrate improved thermal stability... Agent:

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