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12/04/2014 > 60 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories.

20140358129 - Adapter load button decoupled from loading unit sensor: A surgical device is provided. The surgical device includes: a jaw assembly comprising a first jaw and a second jaw moveable relative to the first jaw and an elongated body removably coupled to a proximal end of the jaw assembly. The elongated body includes an actuation bar movable upon engagement... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140358130 - Instrument use counter: An instrument use counter and related method are disclosed. The instrument use counter can include a tray, an instrument holder, an actuator, and a counter. The tray can include an instrument holder positioned on or above an upper surface of the tray. The instrument holder can be configured to retain... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20140358131 - Steerable laser probe: A steerable laser probe may include a handle having a handle proximal end and a handle distal end, an actuation structure of the handle, a housing sleeve, a shape memory sleeve at least partially disposed within the housing sleeve, and an optic fiber disposed within the shape memory sleeve and... Agent:

20140358132 - Hair removal apparatus for personal use and the method of using same: Hair or partial hair removal system and hair growth deterrent that includes mechanical process for cutting, plucking or shaving hair follicles, along with pre and/or post skin treatment techniques. The skin treatment techniques can include the application of energy to the skin surface before, after and/or during the application of... Agent: Syneron Medical Ltd.

20140358133 - Method and apparatus for skin stabilization and positioning: Exemplary embodiments of a method, device, and apparatus for positioning an apparatus on a location of a tissue. For example, a substantially rigid film over an area of tissue to be treated can be provided. The film can include a positioning arrangement that facilitates a particular spatial engagement with the... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20140358134 - Method of treating a blood vessel with an optical fiber having a spacer: An endovascular laser treatment device designed to be used with an optical fiber to treat venous diseases such as varicose veins is provided. The device includes a spacer that positions the distal end of the optical fiber away from the inner wall of the blood vessel during delivery of laser... Agent:

20140358136 - Apparatus and methods related to selective thermal insulation of cryogenic balloons for limited cryogenic ablation of vessel walls: Embodiments related to cryogenically ablating a vessel wall in a partial circumferential, non-continuous, or helical ablation pattern are disclosed. A catheter is disclosed that includes a cryoballoon for ablation of the vessel wall. A radially expandable insulative element is disposed over the cryoballoon to shield non-targeted tissue of the vessel... Agent:

20140358135 - Method and apparatus for using phonomyography to prevent nerve damage during a medical procedure: A method and system for preventing phrenic nerve injury during a cardiac ablation procedure. The method generally includes stimulating a phrenic nerve with a pacing electrode at a location proximate a target treatment location, ablating tissue at the target treatment location with a treatment element, obtaining a heart audio signal... Agent: Medtronic Cryocath Lp

20140358137 - Compliant balloon with liquid injection: A system and method for occluding a pulmonary vein. The device includes a treatment device comprising an inner balloon, an outer balloon, and a space therebetween. Delivery of fluid to the inner balloon inflates the treatment element to a first diameter. If a greater treatment element diameter is required to... Agent:

20140358139 - Electrosurgical energy channel splitters and systems for delivering electrosurgical energy: An electrosurgical energy channel splitter apparatus includes a channel input a plurality of channel outputs, and a controller. The channel input is configured to receive electrosurgical energy from an electrosurgical energy source. Each channel output is configured to couple to a respective electrosurgical device. The controller is coupled to the... Agent:

20140358138 - Gain compensation for a full bridge inverter: An electrosurgical generator and related systems and methods using a gain-compensated full bridge topology. Gain nonlinearity is corrected by applying impedance and phase correction factors to a control loop to achieve a linear gain structure. In embodiments, gain compensation is performed by comparing an RF setpoint signal with a calculated... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140358140 - Microwave treatment devices and methods: The present invention discloses embodiments of microwave antennas and other energy delivery systems. The present invention also discloses systems and methods for the delivery of various medical components within or on a body for performing one or more medical procedures. Several embodiments herein disclose medical systems comprising a combination of... Agent: Microcube, LLC

20140358141 - Electrosurgical pencil with a smoke evaporation tube: An electrosurgical pencil for cutting tissue during surgery by application of electrical energy supplied from a generator. A tube is provided for evacuation of smoke from the site of surgery. To improve flexibility and reduce the stiffness of the tube while maintaining generally the shape and ability of the tube... Agent: Safeair Ag

20140358142 - Electrosurgical forceps with translating blade driver: An apparatus for operating on tissue comprises a body, a lever, an end effector, and a tissue severing assembly. The end effector has a pair of jaws configured to open and close on tissue. The end effector is also capable of delivering RF energy to the tissue. The lever is... Agent:

20140358143 - Adjustable catheter for ostial, septal, and roof ablation in atrial fibrillation patients: A device and method for treating a variety of tissue locations within a patient's body using a single device that includes an elongate body having a distal portion, a shaft rotatably and slidably disposed within the elongate body, and a first arm and a second arm each coupled to the... Agent:

20140358144 - Limb lengthening system for residual limb: An Intramedullary Distraction Osteotomy (IM DO) apparatus and corresponding methods are disclosed that allow for the patient or another to lengthen residual bone. The apparatus may be inserted into the intramedullary canal of the residual bone and may be lengthened through the application of a traction force. The apparatus protrudes... Agent:

20140358145 - Devices and methods for treating bone tissue: The present disclosure relates to devices and methods for creating channels within bone. One method for treating bone generally includes traversing an elongated member through cancellous bone of a vertebral body along a first generally non-linear path and then retracting the elongated member, thereby leaving a generally non-linear channel. The... Agent: Benvenue Medical, Inc.

20140358146 - Intramedullary fixation system for management of pelvic and acetabular fractures: Devices for treating a bone and methods of inserting such devices into a bone are disclosed. A device for treating a bone may include a flexible tube, a stiffening mechanism and an actuator. The flexible tube has a distal end and a proximal end. The stiffening mechanism within the flexible... Agent:

20140358147 - Method and apparatus for providing arthroscopic microfracture therapy: providing microfracture therapy to the acetabular cup of the patient, wherein providing microfracture therapy to the acetabular cup of the patient comprises forming at least one hole extending from the acetabular shelf to the cortical bone bed of the acetabular cup, such that blood may flow from the cancellous bone... Agent:

20140358186 - Instrument for inserting an interspinous process implant: An insertion device for deploying an implant includes an elongated main body having a distal locking portion for coupling to the implant and a proximal handle portion. The main body defines a central passage and the distal locking portion has outer ridges and slots to allow the outer ridges to... Agent: Spinal Simplicity LLC.

20140358187 - Method and apparatus for loading and implanting a shape memory implant: An implant insertion system includes a shape memory implant movable between a first shape a second shape and an implant insertion device movable between an implant disengagement position and an implant engagement position. The implant insertion device receives the shape memory implant in its first shape while in its implant... Agent: Biomedical Enterprises, Inc.

20140358188 - Orthopedic tamp and bone stabilization material delivery device: An orthopedic bone tamp and bone stabilization material delivery device is operable to reduce depressed bone fragments to an elevated position and concurrently introduce to the fracture zone bone stabilization material so as to stabilize the newly positioned fragment. A bone tamp comprising a cannula having a tubular wall with... Agent: Mind Rocket, Inc.

20140358148 - Device for patellar resurfacing: The device, tool, instrument and the like, for patellar resurfacing, according to the invention, comprises at least one bearing framework (IN), which incorporates a cutting slot (Tpg) and a lower support guide (G2) which may assume different positions with respect to the centre of the patellar articular surface. The device... Agent: Medacta International S.a.

20140358149 - Surgical process for anterior hip replacement: Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method of performing an anterior approach hip replacement. The method may include: exposing a surgical site including the femoral neck and acetabulum using a plurality of retractors secured to the plurality of accessory arms; cutting the femoral neck to remove the femoral head; preparing... Agent: Tedan Surgical Innovations, LLC.

20140358150 - Surgical distraction device with external activation: A surgical distraction apparatus is disclosed. The surgical distraction apparatus includes a tissue distraction device adapted for implantation, the tissue distraction device including a plurality of distraction members, one or more actuators adapted for implantation and operatively coupled to the tissue distraction device, the one or more actuators being configured... Agent: Children's National Medical Center

20140358151 - Method and apparatus for performing anterior hip surgery: An apparatus registers a patient's pelvis during surgery by establishing a patient-specific, supine pelvic reference plane. The apparatus may include an elongated support arm having three legs, at least two of which may be moveable along the arm. The first leg may contact the patient's right anterior superior iliac spines... Agent:

20140358154 - Customized patient-specific acetabular orthopaedic surgical instrument and method of use and fabrication: A customized patient-specific acetabular orthopaedic surgical instrument is disclosed. A method for fabricating and using the orthopaedic surgical instrument us also disclosed.... Agent:

20140358152 - Drilling mask for implanting a transpedicular screw: A drilling mask for implanting a transpedicular screw on a spine section includes a guide body with a distal surface and a proximal surface, opposite to the distal surface and facing towards the spine section. The guide body includes a reference element obtained on the proximal surface and arranged to... Agent:

20140358153 - Oval tibia guide: A guide apparatus having a body having a central axis defined therethrough and a first channel and a second channel formed therethrough, a handle coupled to the body, the handle having a locking mechanism configured to prevent movement of the body relative to the handle in a first direction along... Agent:

20140358155 - Intraocular lens peripheral surgical systems: Peripheral surgical systems are used for insertion and filling of fluid-filled intraocular lenses, reaccessing and modifying fluid-filled intraocular lenses, and explantation of lenses. Although one peripheral surgical unit may perform all of these functions, in some embodiments different units perform different functions—i.e., each function may be performed by a separate... Agent:

20140358156 - Delivery system having a single handed deployment handle for a retractable outer sheath: A delivery system for delivering a prosthesis, the delivery system including a housing, a sheath extending from within the housing, a clutching mechanism housed within the housing, and a cable. The clutching mechanism includes a one-way clutch that transmits a torque from an actuator to an inner shaft assembly when... Agent:

20140358157 - Apparatuses and systems for knotless abdominal sacral colpopexy: The present invention provides for an apparatus and system for knotless abdominal sacral colpopexy. The apparatus and system includes a vaginal manipulator comprising: a central body connected to a tapered handle with a central bore hole configured throughout at least the central body and/or the tapered handle suitable to receive... Agent:

20140358158 - Functional uterine manipulator: A uterine manipulator operable to detach the uterus and cervix from the vagina. The uterine manipulator includes a shaft with a first end and a second end, a handle coupled to the first end, and a tip assembly coupled to the second end and adapted for insertion into the uterus.... Agent:

20140358159 - Method of aspirating a thrombus accumulation between a veneous valve and a vein wall: A method of removing thrombus accumulation from a space between a body valve and a wall of a body vessel is described herein. The method can include an occlusion catheter with a first occlusion member positioned on the second side of the vessel. An aspiration catheter is introduced through the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140358160 - System implantable into the coronary venous network for the stimulation of a cardiac left cavity: This system includes a conductor microcable and an insulating microcatheter, including a hollow tube housing the microcable with the possibility of relative axial translation therebetween. The microcatheter is suitable for permanent implantation. The microcatheter, in its distal portion, includes at least one lateral window formed by a through orifice formed... Agent:

20140358163 - Laparoscopic graspers: An actuator for controlling a compressive force of a detachable laparoscopic grasper head. The actuator includes a handle unit comprising a movable lever, an outer tube member proximally connected to the handle unit and, when in use, distally connected to a first member of a detachable grasper head, a transmission... Agent: Eon Surgical Ltd.

20140358162 - Robotic platform for mini-invasive surgery: Robotic platform for mini-invasive surgery comprising robotic arms (4a, 4b) suitable to be placed in the body of a patient, introduced through a single access port, which are an extension of external robotic manipulators (19). The continuity between external (1) and internal (4a, 4b) robotic arms is guaranteed by means... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20140358161 - Systems and methods for commanded reconfiguration of a surgical manipulator using the null-space: Devices, systems, and methods for reconfiguring a surgical manipulator by moving the manipulator within a null-space of a kinematic Jacobian of the manipulator arm. In one aspect, in response to receiving a reconfiguration command, the system drives a first set of joints and calculates velocities of the plurality of joints... Agent:

20140358164 - Tissue manipulation and securement system: Tissue manipulation and securement systems are described herein. A tissue manipulation assembly is pivotably coupled to the distal end of a tubular member and has a lower jaw member and an upper jaw member pivotably coupled to the lower jaw member. A reconfigurable launch tube is also pivotably coupled to... Agent:

20140358165 - Tissue suturing device: Provided is a surgical instrument that is substitutable for an operation of placing each stitch with a threaded needle or a stapler. It is confirmed that, in a tissue suturing device including a clamping section, and a protruding section including a central conductor and/or an external conductor for applying a... Agent: National University Corporation Shiga University Of Medical Science

20140358166 - Device and method for endoluminal therapy: A device and method for selectively engaging or penetrating a layer of a luminal organ wall where the luminal organ wall has a plurality of layers including an outermost layer and an innermost layer adjacent to the lumen of the organ. The device and method select one of the plurality... Agent:

20140358167 - Anastomotic sleeve device: An anastomotic sleeve or “cup” protection device incorporating distal and proximal sleeves or “cups”, also incorporating a staple-line buttress. The proximal colon is inserted into the proximal sleeve or cup and the shaft of the stapler anvil is passed through a hole in the closed end of the sleeve or... Agent:

20140358168 - Apparatus and methods for occluding an anatomical structure: Apparatus and methods are disclosed for occluding an anatomical structure including an occlusion apparatus having first and second beams and at least one connector for connecting the respective ends of the beams together. The occlusion apparatus may be adapted for use in a deployment device having a pair of jaws... Agent: Atricure. Inc.

20140358169 - Medical guide wire: An outer coil and an inner coil are joined in parallel with a distal end portion of a core of a guide wire. A winding direction of a strand of the outer coil is the same as that of a strand of the inner coil. Diameters of the outer and... Agent: Fmd Co., Ltd.

20140358170 - Tissue removal systems with articulating cutting heads: Articulating, safe and efficient cutting heads for removing a target tissue from a subject during a surgical procedure are provided, the cutting heads composing a part of systems that address several problems, including clogging of state-of-the-art systems during removal of such tissue, for example. The target tissue can include any... Agent:

20140358171 - Fingernail drill: A fingernail drill has a drill bit and a tip which is capable of drilling through a thickness of a fingernail. The tip extends longitudinally outwards from an abutment integrally formed with the drill bit, and the drill cannot drill past the abutment. The distance from the abutment to a... Agent:

20140358172 - Easy-to-grip anti-splash needle mounting structure: The present invention is to provide an anti-splash needle mounting structure, which includes a grip portion having a receiving space therein for receiving a tattoo needle driving mechanism and an opening at a bottom end thereof in communication with the receiving space so that a tattoo needle of the tattoo... Agent: Mei-chi-na Hsinyen Co., Ltd.

20140358173 - Eyebrow tattoo machine capable of activating both swinging movement and up-and-down movement: The present invention is to provide an eyebrow tattoo machine, which includes a housing; a swinging movement-activating motor located inside the housing and having one end provided with a transmission shaft; an eccentric sleeve mounted around the transmission shaft and protrudingly provided with an eccentric lever offset from the center... Agent: Mei-chi-na Hsinyen Co., Ltd.

20140358174 - Intraneural implant: An intraneural implant comprises a lead comprising a number of electrode wires, a number of electrodes communicatively coupled to the electrode wires, the electrodes forming an electrode array, and an overmold surrounding the electrode wires and at least a portion of the electrodes, and a blunt dissector tip coupled to... Agent:

20140358175 - Embolic coil implant system and implantation method: Embolic coil implant systems and methods whereby coils are mechanically detachable are disclosed. The coils include a retention element that may be releasably retained within the distal end of an implant tool. The implant tool may include a fulcrum configured to engage a first filament and prevent the release of... Agent: Penumbra, Inc.

20140358176 - Soft tip balloon catheter: Method for fabricating a balloon catheter including providing an inner tubular member having a distal section and a distal end with a lumen extending therein and forming a balloon having a distal leg with a first segment having a first diameter and a first wall thickness and a second segment... Agent:

20140358177 - Devices and methods for inserting a sinus dilator: Devices that are adapted to insert a sinus dilator into a stenotic opening of a paranasal sinus of a subject using minimally invasive dilator insertion procedures are provided. The devices and methods can be used to treat sinusitis and other nasal and/or sinus disorders.... Agent:

20140358178 - Filamentary devices for treatment of vascular defects: Devices and methods for treatment of a patient's vasculature with some embodiments configured for delivery with a microcatheter for treatment of the cerebral vasculature of a patient. Embodiments may include a self-expanding resilient permeable shell having a radially constrained elongated state configured for delivery within a catheter lumen, an expanded... Agent:

20140358179 - Hemostatic system and its methods of use: A hemostatic system includes a first tube defining a first lumen configured to channel a fluid therethrough, a second tube housing at least a portion of the first tube and at least partially defining a second lumen configured to channel a hemocoagulant agent therethrough, a hopper coupled to the second... Agent:

20140358180 - Asymmetric occluder device: An asymmetric occlusion device for occluding an opening in a body tissue where part of the opening is defined by a partial inadequate rim. The asymmetric occlusion device includes a waist portion having a distal end extending to a proximal end. The waist portion is of non-woven material extending around... Agent:

20140358181 - Spinal stabilization systems and methods of use: An orthopedic device is adapted to fixate the spinous processes of vertebral bones. The device includes at least one bone engagement member. When implanted, a bone engagement member is located on each side of a spinous process and adapted to forcibly abut the side of each spinous process.... Agent:

20140358182 - Readjustable polyaxial pedicle screw: A polyaxial pedicle screw includes a threaded shaft portion for anchoring the pedicle screw in a vertebra, the pedicle screw having one axial end provided with a shaft head which is coupled to a mounting sleeve for a longitudinal beam in a rotatable and/or pivotable manner, including a fixing device... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20140358183 - Methods and devices for cooling spinal tissue: Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for cooling tissue, and in particular for applying therapeutic hypothermia to the spinal canal, tissue disposed within the spinal canal, and nerve roots extending from the spinal canal. Bone screws, intervertebral implants, stabilization rods, spinous process spacers, and other devices are described which define... Agent:

20140358184 - Interlocking biomedical implant fastener and washer concepts: Biomedical implant fastener systems, such as bone screw systems and the like. In some embodiments, a fastener may comprise a first plurality of teeth, and a washer configured to be received on the fastener may comprise a second plurality of teeth configured to be engaged with the first plurality of... Agent:

20140358185 - Bone screw with multiple thread profiles for far cortical locking and flexible engagement to a bone: Osteosynthesis constructs for treating bone fractures and bone screws for use in such systems are disclosed. The bone screws include a threaded front section configured for engagement with cortical bone, a threaded mid-section and an unthreaded neck section configured for limited movement within the near cortex of the bone. Osteosynthesis... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 86 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20140350530 - System and method for non-contact electronic articulation sensing: A surgical instrument is disclosed. The instrument includes a handle portion, a body portion extending distally from the handle portion and defining a first longitudinal axis and an articulating tool assembly defining a second longitudinal axis and having a proximal end. The articulating tool assembly is disposed at a distal... Agent:

20140350531 - Photodisruptive laser fragmentation of tissue: A method of photodisruptive laser surgery includes selecting a target region of a tissue for fragmentation, directing a beam of laser pulses to the selected target region of the tissue, and forming cells in the target region of the tissue by directing the laser beam to generate cell boundaries. The... Agent:

20140350532 - Steerable laser probe: A steerable laser probe may include a handle, an actuation structure of the handle, a housing tube, a flexible tube, an optic fiber, and a wire having a pre-formed curve. The flexible tube may be disposed within the housing tube wherein a distal end of the flexible tube projects out... Agent:

20140350533 - Contactless photodisruptive laser cataract surgery: Method, apparatus and systems for laser surgery as part of cataract surgery. The implementation thereof includes: A means to perform incisions in the cornea and inside the eye. In particular Limbal Relaxating Incisions and an anterior or posterior capsulotomy/capsulorhexis using a rapid fire sequence of photodisruptive laser pulses, placed to... Agent: Kelo Tec, LLC

20140350534 - Raman based ablation/resection systems and methods: Described herein are methods, systems, and devices for automated laser ablation and/or tissue resection triggered by Raman spectroscopic information. These systems and methods provide for precise removal of cancerous or other diseased tissue with minimal damage to adjacent healthy tissue.... Agent: Sloan-kettering Institute For Cancer Research

20140350536 - Cryogenic blunt dissection methods and devices: A point of incision is created within tissue, the tissue having a temporoparietal fascia-deep temporoparietal fascia layer (TPF-sDTF) beneath skin and a temporal branch of a target nerve extending along a portion of the TPF-sDTF, the point of incision being laterally displaced from the target nerve. A cryogenic probe having... Agent:

20140350535 - Cryotherapy device and method for the treatment of cervical precancerous lesions: A device for providing a cryotherapy ablation treatment includes a piping assembly and a snow horn adapted to create a spray of snow from a pressurized source of a low-temperature liquid, a tubular applicator for collecting a mass of snow at a prescribed density that is sufficient to allow the... Agent: Jhpiego Corporation

20140350537 - Cryogenic system and methods: Embodiments of the present invention relate to cryogenic systems and methods useful to cool objects, including living tissue, to freezing or cryogenic temperatures by placing the object in thermal communication with sub-cooled supercritical nitrogen.... Agent: Endocare, Inc.

20140350538 - Coil-integrated pad assembly and an electromagnetic hyperthermia system including the same: A coil-integrated pad assembly for inductively heating a hyperthermia needle device includes a barrier pad and an electromagnetic unit. The barrier pad is adapted to be inserted into a patient's body and to be placed between the hyperthermia needle device and a non-target tissue of the patient's body when the... Agent: Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

20140350539 - Therapeutic apparatus for sonicating a moving target: A therapeutic apparatus (300, 400, 500) comprising a high intensity focused ultrasound system (302) comprising an ultrasound transducer (306). The ultrasound transducer has an electronically adjustable focus (318). The high intensity focused ultrasound system has a beam deflection zone (322, 608, 704, 1010). The intensity of ultrasound at the electronically... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140350541 - Control and delivery of electric fields via an electrode array: A method of controlling electric fields created by a plurality of electrodes. The method includes repetitively applying multiple sets of voltages to at least some of a plurality of electrodes over a treatment period to achieve and maintain a target temperature, the at least some of the electrodes being treatment... Agent:

20140350540 - High-frequency electrosurgical treatment instrument for operations and high-frequency electrosurgical system for operations: A high-frequency electrosurgical treatment instrument for operations, includes a pair of forceps pieces, an insulating member, a transmission member, a manipulation rod member, a distal end cover member, a shaft member and a manipulation portion. The instrument, includes a flow channel portion formed between the manipulation rod member and the... Agent:

20140350543 - Impedance computation for ablation therapy: This disclosure describes impedance computation techniques that may reduce the effect of crosstalk, thus generating more accurate impedance measurements. In particular, an ablation system models the electrical interaction among the active electrodes and a common return electrode using a star-configuration resistor model. The ablation system computes one or more parameters... Agent:

20140350545 - Inductive powered surgical device with wireless control: A system and method for wirelessly powering an electrosurgical device using a generator to generate a radio frequency (RF) energy field. A switch on the electrosurgical device sends a wireless signal to the generator, where the generator allows a current to pass through an inductive coil to generate the RF... Agent:

20140350542 - Methods and systems for use in controlling tissue ablation volume by temperature monitoring: This invention relates to medical methods, instruments and systems for creating a controlled lesion using temperature to control the growth of the lesion. The treatment can be used in any tissue area and is particularly useful in or around a vertebral body. The features relating to the methods and devices... Agent: Dfine, Inc.

20140350544 - Removable ink for surgical instrument: The present disclosure relates to an apparatus and method for preventing reuse of a surgical instrument. The single-use surgical instrument includes a housing, an electrical connector and a treatment component. Indicia may be printed on the housing, the electrical connector and/or the treatment component. A removable ink is applied to... Agent:

20140350546 - System and method for return electrode monitoring: A system for determining probability of tissue damage includes a plurality of return electrodes adhered to a patient and adapted to couple to an electrosurgical generator configured to generate an electrosurgical current. The system also includes a current monitor and a switching component connected in series with each of the... Agent:

20140350547 - Catheter with omni-directional optical lesion evaluation: A catheter is adapted to ablate tissue and provide lesion qualitative information on a real time basis, having an ablation tip section with a generally omni-directional light diffusion chamber with one openings to allow light energy in the chamber to radiate the tissue and return to the chamber. The chamber... Agent: Biosense Webster, Inc.

20140350548 - Coagulation device comprising an energy control: A device (10) for tissue coagulation, in particular for fusion, encompasses an electric source (18), which is connected or which can be connected to electrodes (12, 13) for influencing biological tissue (11) with current. A control unit (22) controls the source (18) during phases I and II of the tissue... Agent: Erbe Elektromedizin Gmbh

20140350549 - Tft coagulation safeguard: A medical TFT instrument of the bipolar design includes at least two electrodes held by electrode carriers movable relative to each other which can be charged with HF current via a respective feed line. A safety switch mechanism arranged in the area of the electrode carriers and interconnected in at... Agent:

20140350552 - Catheter with multiple electrode assemblies for use at or near tubular regions of the heart: A catheter with ablation and potential sensing capabilities is adapted for outer circumferential contact with an opening of a tubular region and inner circumferential contact within the tubular region. The catheter has a proximal electrode assembly and a distal electrode assembly for ablation of an ostium and potential sensing inside... Agent:

20140350550 - Configurable control handle for catheters and other surgical tool: A control handle for a surgical tool, e.g., an irrigated ablation catheter for use with a fluid side arm, has a housing defining an interior cavity and having a port through which the component can extend into the interior cavity. The housing has a detachable plug covering at least a... Agent:

20140350551 - Electrode assembly for catheter system: In an electrode assembly for a catheter system, a plurality of struts each extend from a proximal end to a distal end of the electrode assembly. Each strut spirals about the longitudinal axis of the electrode assembly and has a corresponding electrode disposed thereon. The electrode assembly is configurable between... Agent:

20140350553 - Renal artery ablation catheter and system: Provided is a catheter (100) including: a flexible sheath (1); a flexible shaft (2) which is provided by being inserted inside the sheath (1) and which is capable of sliding in a longitudinal direction of the sheath (1); an electrode section (10) which is capable of being in contact with... Agent:

20140350554 - Capsulotomy device: A surgical device and procedure for accessing tissue to perform microsurgery, including a capsulotomy of a lens capsule of an eye. The device includes a handpiece with a tip for insertion into an incision. A sliding element is disposed within the handpiece and a suction cup is mounted to the... Agent: Mynosys Cellular Devices, Inc.

20140350555 - Suction coagulator: An electrosurgical suction coagulator includes a housing having proximal and distal ends and an elongated tube-like shaft extending longitudinally from the distal end of the housing. The elongated tube-like shaft includes a tube-like dielectric sheath, a tube-like conductor, and an external insulator. The tube-like conductor is disposed coaxially through the... Agent:

20140350556 - Bifurcated shaft for surgical instrument: A surgical instrument includes a shaft having a proximal end and a bifurcated distal end defining a first shaft portion and a second shaft portion. An end effector assembly is disposed at the distal end of the shaft and includes first and second jaw members. One (or both) of the... Agent:

20140350557 - External fixator system: An external fixator system comprising at least two fixation plates which are arranged at a distance to each another, at least one adjustable length strut having a first end region and a second end region which are in connection with the fixation plates and at least one actuation unit to... Agent:

20140350558 - External fixation: External fixation systems, and methods for immobilizing joints or fractured bones. An external fixation system may include one or more clamp assemblies connected to one or more rod assemblies at polyaxial joints. Each rod assembly may be length adjustable, and may include a one-way locking mechanism to provisionally lock the... Agent:

20140350559 - Orthopedic implant augments: Systems, methods, and devices are described for providing orthopedic implant augments having fastener locking mechanisms. The augments include a surface for mating with an implant component and a surface for interfacing with a patient's bone. The fastener locking mechanisms are aligned such that the augment may be locked in a... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140350561 - Bone implants and cutting apparatuses and methods: Reamer sleeves, reamer assemblies, and methods of assembling the reamer assemblies are disclosed. The reamer sleeves include a base portion with a top surface and a bottom surface and a securement mechanism extending away from the top surface of the base portion. The securement mechanism includes an opening, at least... Agent: Paragon 28, Inc.

20140350560 - Intervertebral disc replacement and associated instrumentation: An endplate for an intervertebral prosthesis includes an inner domed region and a peripheral rim wherein the inner domed region has a non-circular plan and has an area that is at least 50% of the area of the endplate. A surgical instrument for milling a recess in a vertebral endplate... Agent: K2m, Inc.

20140350612 - Surgical device for correcting deformations in the spinal column: The device includes tubular elements capable of being temporarily fastened at the level of pedicle screw heads arranged to be connected by an implantable curved rod, and at least one rod intended to be movably inserted into slots of each tubular element, to align them for the correction of the... Agent:

20140350613 - Device for use in surgical treatment of funnel chest and method of treatment: A device (1) for use in the surgical treatment of a patient suffering from funnel chest characterised in that it comprises a plate adapted to be fitted underneath the skin of the patient, and further characterised in that, in use, said plate can be attached to the patient's sternum and... Agent: Corporacio Sanitaria Parc Tauli

20140350615 - Osteotomy protective cover: A cover for use in protecting a resected surface of a long bone for use in joint arthroplasty is provided. The cover includes a generally planar portion having opposed generally parallel first and second surfaces defining a periphery extending from the first surface and the second surface. The cover also... Agent:

20140350614 - Patient-matched apparatus and methods for performing surgical procedures: A system and method for developing customized apparatus for use in one or more surgical procedures is disclosed. The system and method incorporates a patient's unique anatomical features or morphology. According to a preferred embodiment, the customized apparatus comprises a plurality of complementary surfaces. Thus, each apparatus may be matched... Agent:

20140350562 - Surgical aimer: The present disclosure relates to a surgical aimer including a shaft having a proximal portion and a distal portion and a handle coupled to the proximal portion of the shaft. The handle includes a mechanism for coupling the shaft to the handle and releasing the shaft from the handle.... Agent:

20140350563 - Intragastric balloon retrieval mechanisms: A mechanism for removing a fluid-filled object from a patient. The apparatus includes a deflation tube with a puncture member at one end of the tube for piercing a hole in the object wall. The apparatus includes a retrieval mechanism slidable within the deflation tube lumen. The retrieval mechanism includes... Agent: Apollo Endosurgery, Inc.

20140350565 - Apparatus and methods for delivering devices for reducing left atrial pressure: A device for regulating blood pressure between a patient's left atrium and right atrium, and apparatus for delivery the device, are provided. The delivery apparatus may include one or more latching legs, a release ring, a pull chord, and a catheter wherein the latching legs are configured to engage the... Agent: V-wave Ltd.

20140350564 - Expandable support structure and operative element for delivery through a working channel: Methods, systems, and devices for providing treatment to a target site are described. The system may include a guide assembly, an expandable support device coupled with the distal end of the guide assembly, and an operative member disposed on the expandable support device. The expandable support device may be configured... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140350566 - Device combination for connecting hollow organs (anastomosis): The invention relates to a surgical device (100) designed to be inserted into a stump or a hollow organ (40) of a person or animal in order to prepare a circular anastomosis, wherein the device (100) is designed without a stapling unit for producing a surgical stapled scam, wherein the... Agent: Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

20140350567 - Selective tissue removal tool for use in medical applications and methods for making and using: The present disclosure relates generally to the field of tissue removal and more particularly to methods and devices for use in medical applications involving selective tissue removal. One exemplary method includes the steps of providing a tissue cutting instrument capable of distinguishing between target tissue to be removed and non-target... Agent:

20140350568 - Guide wire for use with cardiovascular lesions: A guide wire includes elements in a telescoping arrangement which impart stiffness to the guide wire for maneuverability in the tortious cardiac vessels. This arrangement also creates engagements between an inner shaft and the tip, that when released, result in a tip which can move outward with forces sufficient to... Agent: Cardiosert Ltd.

20140350573 - Friction compensation in a minimally invasive surgical apparatus: Devices, systems, and methods for compensate for friction within powered automatic systems, particularly for telesurgery and other telepresence applications. Dynamic friction compensation may comprise applying a continuous load in the direction of movement of a joint, and static friction compensation may comprise applying alternating loads in positive and negative joint... Agent:

20140350574 - Methods, systems, and devices for surgical access and procedures: The embodiments disclosed herein relate to various medical device components, including components that can be incorporated into robotic and/or in vivo medical devices. Certain embodiments include various actuation system embodiments, including fluid actuation systems, drive train actuation systems, and motorless actuation systems. Additional embodiments include a reversibly lockable tube that... Agent:

20140350569 - Minimally invasive surgical instrument implementing a motor: The present invention relates to a minimally invasive surgical instrument implementing a motor. According to one embodiment of the present invention, a minimally invasive surgical instrument comprises a shaft, an end effector connected to one end of the shaft, and a handle unit connected to the other end of the... Agent:

20140350572 - Positioning and orientation of surgical tools during patient specific port placement: A positioning apparatus includes a first portion (123) having a first opening (125) for alignment with a port entry point. A second portion (127) is positionable for alignment with the first opening from a plurality of different positions. An actuation mechanism (142) is coupled to at least one of the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140350571 - Robotic-assisted device for positioning a surgical instrument relative to the body of a patient: The robotic device for positioning a surgical instrument relative to the body of a patient includes a first robotic arm with a device for rigidly connecting to at least one surgical instrument, a device for anatomical realignment of the first arm by realigning an image that is of an area... Agent:

20140350570 - Surgical instrument: Provided are surgical instruments, and more particularly, surgical instruments that may be manually operated to perform laparoscopic operations or various surgical operations.... Agent:

20140350575 - Hair removal sheet: An apparatus for facilitating removal of wax from a subject in conjunction with a waxing process includes a contact member for positioning against soft wax applied to the skin of a subject. The contact member includes a main body segment defining a general longitudinal axis, and a tab segment coterminous... Agent:

20140350576 - Apparatus and method for fascial closure device for laparoscopic trocar port site and surgery: A suture placement device is inserted into an endoscopic trocar port site. A pivot bar with a pair of receptor ports is moved from a folded to an extended position below the fascia. The trocar port is removed over the device as the pivot bar is pulled upward against the... Agent: Endolutions, LLC

20140350578 - Barbed prosthetic knit and hernia repair mesh made therefrom as well as process for making said prosthetic knit: The present invention relates to a prosthetic knit based on at least a first yarn of biocompatible polymer material defining first and second opposite and openwork faces, and on at least a second biocompatible and heat-fusible monofilament yarn, forming barbs that protrude outwards from at least said first face and... Agent:

20140350580 - Hernia repair device with core and advanced pre-peritoneal disk deployment: An implant to repair a hole in a muscle wall includes a flat mesh with a central resilient core which deforms to place the core in a hole in a muscle wall and then resiliently expands when released to urge against the perimeter of the hole, dynamically “riding” in the... Agent:

20140350577 - Knit with zones without barbs, method of making same and prostheses obtained therefrom: The present invention relates to an openwork prosthetic knit (1) made from a single piece based on first yarns of biocompatible polymer materials that define a first face (2) and a second face that are opposite one another and on a second biocompatible yarn that generates barbs (3) that protrude... Agent: Sofradim Production

20140350579 - Medical device for the reconstruction of parastomal hernias and/or for the prevention of their development; as well as a procedure for the application of the device: The invention relates to a medical device for the reconstruction of parastomal hernias and/or for the prevention of their development, which has sheets (1, 2) made from plastic compatible with living tissue placed in the abdominal wall (6) connected via a linking-separating element and running separated at a distance (a)... Agent:

20140350581 - Tissue fastner production method and tissue fastener: A tissue fastener production method of clamping two living tissues together by bringing the two living tissues into close contact includes the following steps: fixing one end of a wire material made of a metal to a shaft body, and winding the wire material around an outer periphery of the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corporation

20140350582 - Devices, systems and methods for an oscillating crown drive for rotational atherectomy: The present invention is directed in various methods, devices and systems relating to rotational atherectomy. More specifically, an oscillating driver is connected to a drive shaft, or torque transfer tube, with abrasive element mounted thereon. The result provides a rotational working diameter for the rotating abrasive element that is larger... Agent:

20140350583 - Pneumatic pressure output control by drive valve duty cycle calibration: In various embodiments, a surgical console may include a pneumatic valve to drive a pneumatic tool coupled to the surgical console. The console may further include a controller operable to control and adjust the valve open/close cycle times according to a valve duty cycle. The valve may switch between ports... Agent:

20140350584 - Tissue and bone graft removal device: The present invention discloses a rongeur type bone and cartilage removal device incorporating first and second pivotally secured handles, the first handle terminating at a forward end in a first jaw exhibiting a plurality of extending teeth, with second handle terminating in a second jaw opposing the first jaw and... Agent:

20140350585 - Cartilage repair system with flexible trephine: A system for repairing cartilage includes a trephine having a passage extending along a longitudinal axis of the trephine. The trephine has a distal end and a proximal end. The distal end includes a cutting member operable to cut a cartilage plug from a donor site. The passage is operable... Agent:

20140350586 - Lancet having adjustable penetration depth: Lancet device including a first housing. A first guide wall is disposed within the first housing. The first guide wall includes an opening. A cap removably mounted to the first housing. A needle holding member for holding a lancet. At least a portion of the needle holding member being able... Agent:

20140350587 - Fiducial deployment needle system: Embodiments include a fiducial deployment system. A fiducial may include dimples to enhance echogenicity and/or to provide for engagement with a delivery cannula or stylet. The needle system may be configured to deliver a plurality of fiducials to a target location in serial fashion, one at a time, when the... Agent:

20140350589 - Method and device for the intermittent occlusion of the coronary sinus: In a method for intermittently occluding the coronary sinus, in which the coronary sinus is occluded using an occlusion device, the fluid pressure in the occluded coronary sinus is continuously measured and stored, the fluid pressure curve is determined as a function of time, and the occlusion of the coronary... Agent:

20140350588 - Obstruction device: An obstruction device (10) including an obstruction disc (12) mounted on a proximal portion of a shaft (14), the disc including an inner radial portion (16) and an outer radial portion (18), wherein the outer radial portion is more bendable than the inner radial portion.... Agent:

20140350590 - Elongated expandable member for occluding varicose veins: Assemblies, kits, and methods for occluding a vascular vessel, such as a varicose vein, are disclosed. An assembly can include a removable inner member, a removable outer member, and an elongated expandable member positioned in a compressed form between portions of the inner and outer members. To facilitate their removal,... Agent:

20140350591 - Stent and other object removal from a body: This disclosure contains methods, devices, and systems for object removal from a body, including removal of a stent from a body. Some methods of the present disclosure include inflating a balloon on a catheter, engaging a stent with a socket defined by a surface of the balloon, the surface inwardly... Agent:

20140350593 - Retrieval snare device and method: The present invention relates generally to devices and methods for retrieving or manipulating objects within a lumen. More specifically, embodiments of the invention relate to devices and methods for retrieving or manipulating medical devices from a body lumen. One embodiment of the present invention provides a novel and improved retrieval... Agent:

20140350592 - System and method for delivering a left atrial appendage containment device: A device for containing emboli within a left atrial appendage of a patient includes a frame that is expandable from a reduced cross section to an enlarged cross section and a slider assembly. There is provided in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention methods of preventing retention anchors... Agent:

20140350594 - Method and device for reducing and preventing snoring and sleep apnea: A method and device of reducing and preventing snoring and sleep apnea is disclosed. The device includes a belt of sufficient length to wrap around a person's torso and of sufficient width to overlap the person's abdomen and a fastening and tightening mechanism, such as a strap and buckle, attached... Agent:

20140350595 - Intraoral acupressure apparatus: An intraoral acupressure apparatus and method of treating a user are disclosed. The apparatus may include a base shaped to conform to a palate of a user, the base configured to be removably held adjacent to the palate in a predetermined position relative to acupressure points located on the user's... Agent:

20140350596 - Resilient band medical device: A medical device includes a one-piece resiliently biased band of base material having opposite first and second side surfaces and an adhesive material for temporarily adhesively securing the band to a user's skin. The band can include a longitudinal axis and a lateral axis that intersects the longitudinal axis. Moreover,... Agent:

20140350597 - Surgical hand grip and a surgical tubular shaft instrument with a surgical hand grip: A surgical hand grip for a surgical tubular shaft instrument is provided. The hand grip includes a coupling device for coupling to a tubular shaft tool having a tubular shaft and a force transmission element movable back and forth relative thereto. The coupling device has a coupling element for coupling... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20140350599 - Closure device and method for tissue repair: A method of closing a tissue wound includes providing a wound closure device having a first anchor, a second anchor, and a flexible member movably attached to the second anchor, positioning the first anchor against tissue, passing the flexible member across the wound, positioning the second anchor against tissue, and... Agent:

20140350598 - Soft tissue fixation devices and methods: Filamentary fixation devices may be used in a variety of surgical procedures to secure soft tissue to bone. The present invention provides various devices, systems, kits and instrumentation for performing such surgical procedures including preparation of soft tissue and bone, preparation and manipulation of such filamentary fixation devices, and insertion... Agent:

20140350600 - Suture management system: Assemblies, devices and methods are provided for suture management associated with surgical procedures for anchoring suture to bone. Suture elements mounted to suture anchors are terminated in suture loops or tags, and associated stop members that in combination with visual coding provide suture identification, prevent accidental unmounting of suture from... Agent:

20140350601 - Anterior cervical plate: An anterior cervical plate system is provided. The cervical plate includes a retention ring with a deflectable flange that is upwardly spaced from the top surface of the ring and configured to prevent an inserted bone fastener from backing out of the plate. The plate includes a locking pin having... Agent:

20140350602 - System and method for spinal correction: Methods of correcting a spinal deformity, including securing a first rod on a first side of a spine, securing an anchor on a second side of a spine, securing a lateral coupling between the rod and the anchor, translating and/or derotating the spine and securing a second rod on a... Agent:

20140350603 - Polyaxial bone screw with lateral connector: A polyaxial screw body includes a side wall defining a lumen having a first end and a second end. An opening disposed at the first end of the lumen, includes an interior surface disposed in the side wall thereabout. The interior surface is adapted to accommodate a head portion of... Agent:

20140350604 - Systems and methods for manipulating and/or installing title of invention a pedical screw: A spinal screw assembly adapted to be secured to a vertebrae for providing securement across at least two vertebrae. The assembly includes a pedicle screw having a substantially spherical head portion, a threaded shaft portion, and an engagement surface in the head portion for driving said screw into the vertebrae,... Agent:

20140350605 - Spinal implant locking member with improved guidance, tactile and visual feedback: An implant having a receiver that is adapted to receive a polyaxial screw in the bore and either an internal or external cap. The cap can be an external or internal cap and the implant further has at least one locking aid in the form of at least one of... Agent: X-spine Systems, Inc.

20140350606 - Anchoring element and stabilization device for the dynamic stabilization of vertebrae or bones using such anchoring elements: An anchoring element for a stabilization device for bones or vertebrae, with which a bone or vertebra can be connected to a rod-shaped element is described. By providing for at least one degree of rotational freedom between the rod and an anchoring element that is firmly connected to the bone... Agent: Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140350608 - Bioactive fusion device: In a first broad aspect, there is provided herein a bioactive device and system for fusion between two bones, two parts of a bony joint, or a bony defect, such as of the spine. The fusion device includes a screw having a head and a threaded shaft. The fusion device... Agent: The University Of Toledo

20140350607 - Locking assembly for a polyaxial bone anchoring device: A locking assembly for securing a rod in a polyaxial bone anchoring device includes a first locking element having a first end, a second end, an outer surface with an external advancement structure, an inner wall, an internal advancement structure on the inner wall, and an engagement portion for a... Agent: Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140350609 - Method and system for trans-lamina spinal fixation: A method of providing spinal stabilization is provided herein. More specifically, the method includes positioning a plurality of fixation assemblies within a plurality of vertebrae in a trans-lamina orientation wherein each fixation assembly includes a proximal portion configured to securely receive a stabilization element (e.g., a stabilization rod). The proximal... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140350610 - Cross pin fixator for bone fragments and use thereof: The present application relates to a cross pin fixator device comprising a plate member with spherical cavities that are open to the front and to the back of the plate, collapsible pin holder members having a central channel for insertion of a bone pin, the collapsible pin holder member being... Agent:

20140350611 - Methods and systems for material fixation: A soft tissue fixation system, most typically applicable to orthopedic joint repairs, such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee repair procedures, comprises an implant which is placeable in a tunnel disposed in a portion of bone, wherein the tunnel is defined by walls comprised of bone. A first member is... Agent: Cayenne Medical, Inc.

11/20/2014 > 78 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20140343540 - Vaginal remodeling/rejuvenation device and method: In one aspect, a seismic data acquisition unit is disclosed including a closed housing containing: a seismic sensor; a processor operatively coupled to the seismic sensor; a memory operatively coupled to the processor to record seismic data from the sensor; and a power source configured to power the sensor, processor... Agent:

20140343541 - Laser fiducials for axis alignment in cataract surgery: A fiducial is generated on an internal anatomical structure of the eye of a patient with a surgical laser. A tonic artificial intraocular lens (IOL) is positioned so that a marker of the tonic IOL is in a predetermined positional relationship relative to the fiducial. This positioning aligns the tonic... Agent: Optimedica Corporation

20140343543 - Cryogenic enhancement of joint function, alleviation of joint stiffness and/or alleviation of pain associated with osteoarthritis: A method in which a location is determined on the skin that is proximate to a sensory nerve that is associated with a painful condition. At least one needle of a cryogenic device is inserted into the location on the skin such that the needle is proximate to the sensory... Agent: Myoscience, Inc.

20140343544 - Methods and systems for treatment of occipital neuralgia: A system for alleviating occipital neuralgia. The system has a needle probe having at least one needle. The at least one needle has a proximal end, a distal end, and a needle lumen therebetween, the needle configured for insertion proximate to a location of the occipital nerve. A cooling fluid... Agent: Myoscience, Inc.

20140343542 - Methods, systems, and devices for treating neuromas, fibromas, nerve entrapment, and/or pain associated therewith: A method in which a location is determined on the skin that is proximate to a sensory nerve that is associated with a painful condition. At least one needle of a cryogenic device is inserted into the location on the skin such that the needle is proximate to the sensory... Agent: Myoscience, Inc.

20140343545 - Microwave ablation generator control system: A microwave energy delivery and measurement system, including a microwave energy source configured to delivery microwave energy to a microwave energy delivery device, a measurement system configured to measure at least one parameter of the microwave energy delivery device and a switching network configured to electrically isolate the microwave energy... Agent:

20140343547 - Electrosurgical instrument & system: An electrosurgical instrument includes an instrument shaft, a suction tube extending along the shaft, and a tissue treatment electrode at the distal end of the shaft. The tissue treatment electrode includes at least a first part and a second part, the first and second parts each having an outer section... Agent: Gyrus Medical Limited

20140343548 - Electrosurgical instrument & system: An electrosurgical instrument includes an instrument shaft, and a suction tube extending along the shaft, the suction tube being formed of an electrically-conductive material and including a way or portion by which it can be connected to a source of electrosurgical energy. A blade-like tissue treatment electrode extends from the... Agent:

20140343546 - Magnetically guided catheter: A catheter includes a flexible tubing having a proximal end and a distal end. The catheter also includes an electrode assembly attached to the distal end of the flexible tubing and having a first magnet therein. The electrode assembly further includes an electrically conductive tip electrode and an electrically nonconductive... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.

20140343549 - System and method for positioning implantable medical devices within coronary veins: An improved system and method for placing implantable medical devices (IMDs) such as leads within the coronary sinus and branch veins is disclosed. In one embodiment, a slittable delivery sheath and a method of using the sheath are provided. The sheath includes a slittable hub, and a substantially straight body... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140343550 - Electrosurgical cutting and sealing instruments with cam-actuated jaws: Various embodiments are directed to a surgical instrument comprising, a shaft, and an end effector. The shaft may be coupled to the handle and may extend distally along a longitudinal axis. The end effector may be positioned at a distal end of the shaft and may comprise first and second... Agent:

20140343551 - Endosteal nail plate for fixing bone segments: An endosteal nail plate for fixing bone segments is provided. More particularly, there is provided an endosteal nail plate that can be made up of a single piece, or of multiple pieces, as desired. Additionally, the intramedullary nail utilizes a threaded slot on the body thereof, for engaging locking screws... Agent:

20140343552 - Bone screw system and method: An improved bone screw is disclosed which includes a shaft with distal portion having a threaded surface thereon, a sleeve having an opening which receives the shaft such that the shaft is able to move within the sleeve without moving the sleeve. A compressive device may be incorporated between the... Agent: Orthoip, LLC

20140343554 - Bone graft harvesting device and method of use: A device is provided to harvest bone grafts. The device generally consists of two pieces: an auger-type drill bit and a guide. The guide may have arms, etc., to keep the guide in place along a bone, and also may have a pivotable drill guide for the drill bit to... Agent: Innospan Enterprises, Inc.

20140343553 - Driver kit and method for using same: A kit system for use in surgery that includes a disposable drill bit, a disposable battery, a reusable adjustable drill guide, and at least one of a battery powered driver and a manual driver that are reusable.... Agent: Spinedriver, LLC

20140343555 - Minimally invasive osteotomy device with protection and cutting guide: The present invention is related to techniques for designing and constructing devices employed in surgical interventions, through minimally invasive techniques with protection and cutting guide generally comprising a pair of assembly components formed by a first main body and a second main body joined together at their mid-section (intersection area)... Agent:

20140343557 - Computer-implemented technique for defining a bone cut: A technique for generating a data set that geometrically defines a bone cut configuration for transverse maxillary distraction is using a computer-implemented method. An aspect of the technique comprises creating a numeric model of a maxilla based on patient-specific data of the maxilla. The numeric model is representative of mechanical... Agent: Stryker Leibinger Gmbh & Co. Kg.

20140343556 - Device for guiding piercing tools for placing a glenoid implant: A guide device having a guide body including a bearing surface designed to bear in a glenoidal cavity of a scapula that has been prepared beforehand, the guide body including at least one through orifice emerging in the bearing surface, a reference member mounted on the guide body and including... Agent: Fournitures Hospitalieres Industrie

20140343558 - Methods of designing molds for machining cost reduction: An orthopaedic knee cutting block prepared by a process comprising the steps of: creating a mold with a first core detail and a second core detail, each of the core details corresponding to a volume; filling the mold with a mixture of a binder and a metal; releasing a green... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140343559 - Implant delivery systems, devices, and methods: Provided are modular implant delivery systems, devices and methods. In some embodiments, spinal implant delivery devices and methods are provided. An exemplary delivery device may include a head supported by a handle. The head may have an opening defining an insertion axis. The handle may have a handle axis that... Agent: Meditech Spine, LLC

20140343560 - Device and method for the in-situ production of articulated spacers: Devices and methods in-situ produce articular spacers from a bone cement. The devices and methods have a punch surface for forming an articulation surface of a spacer in the bone cement, whereby the bone cement is arranged on a bone surface for fixation of the spacer, whereby the punch surface... Agent: Heraeus Medical Gmbh

20140343561 - Apparatus and method for measuring a length between implanted bone anchors: An apparatus for measuring a distance between first and second implanted bone anchors includes a caliper body and first and second caliper arms. The caliper body has a first longitudinal axis. The first caliper arm is slidably coupled to the caliper body and has a second longitudinal axis. The second... Agent: Ebi, LLC

20140343562 - Femoral sizing instrument: A femoral sizing instrument for use in a knee joint replacement procedure has a housing which includes formations by which it can be located relative to the femoral posterior condyles. A cortex arm has a tip for engaging the anterior cortex of the femur and a sulcus arm has a... Agent: Depuy (ireland)

20140343563 - Articulating cranial bolt: A catheter guiding device includes a bolt including a shaft configured to be inserted within a hole drilled in a bone and a passageway extending longitudinally therethrough along a bolt axis and a guide member received within the passageway of the bolt and extending longitudinally along a guide axis. The... Agent:

20140343565 - Electrical treatment of bronchial constriction: Devices, systems and methods for treating bronchial constriction related to asthma, anaphylaxis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease wherein the treatment includes stimulating selected nerve fibers responsible for smooth muscle dilation at a selected region within a patient's neck, thereby reducing the magnitude of constriction of bronchial smooth muscle.... Agent:

20140343564 - Paddle leads for neurostimulation and method of delivering the same: Paddle lead including a lead body having a distal end, a proximal end, and a central axis extending therebetween. The lead body includes opposite first and second sides that extend between the distal and proximal ends. The paddle lead also includes electrodes disposed along the first side of the lead... Agent:

20140343566 - Catheter control system and graphical user interface: A remote workstation for the control of percutaneous intervention devices is provided. The remote workstation includes a control system for remotely and independently controlling at least two percutaneous intervention devices. The control system includes at least one input device to control the percutaneous intervention devices. The control system controls movement... Agent: Corindus, Inc.

20140343569 - Grip force normalization for surgical instrument: A teleoperated surgical system includes a surgical instrument with an end effector and a master input device. A servomechanism may be operatively coupled to the end effector to apply a force to the end effector, and at least one processor may operatively couple the servomechanism to the master input device... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140343568 - Guide apparatus for delivery of a flexible instrument and methods of use: An apparatus for guiding a flexible instrument comprises an elongated support assembly having a longitudinal axis. The elongated support assembly is adapted to laterally receive into engagement and longitudinally support an elongated flexible instrument.... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140343572 - Method and a device for computer assisted surgery:

20140343573 - Method of preparing a femur and tibia in knee arthroplasty: A method of preparing a femur and tibia in surgery on a knee joint using a navigation system and a robotic system. The navigation system tracks movement of the femur and tibia during the surgery. The robotic system includes a cutting tool for cutting away material from the femur and... Agent:

20140343571 - Robotic guidance of ultrasound probe in endoscopic surgery: Systems and methods for surgical robotic guidance include a robotic system (124) having a robot (122) configured to pass to a target through a port (134). The robotic system includes a visual component (102) employed in guiding the robot along a path to a location. The location is defined in... Agent:

20140343570 - Surgical patient side cart with suspension system: A patient side cart for a teleoperated surgical system comprises a base, a manipulator portion extending from the base and configured to hold one or more surgical instruments, four wheels mounted to the base to permit movement of the cart, and a suspension system. The suspension system may be configured... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140343567 - Systems and devices for a counter balanced surgical robot: Described herein are systems and devices for counterbalancing a surgical robotic system using a counterbalanced Z-axis drive. The counterbalanced Z-axis drive includes a self-centering ball screw assembly having a linear actuator and a counter weight. The counter weight is configured to substantially support a load associated with an arm of... Agent: Curexo Technology Corporation

20140343574 - Devices, systems and methods for treating the skin: According to some embodiments, a method of treating a skin surface of a subject comprises heating a skin surface, abrading native skin tissue of a subject using a microdermabrasion device, wherein using the microdermabrasion device comprises moving the microdermabrasion device relative to the skin surface while simultaneously delivering at least... Agent: Edge Systems LLC

20140343575 - Device for tissues sampling and grafting: A device for tissue sampling and grafting has a handle (2), to whose end is fixed a coupling (4), a needle (6) fixed to the coupling. The device also includes a piston (3) connected to a pin (7). The piston and pin translate between an external condition (A), wherein a... Agent:

20140343576 - Methods and devices for manipulating and fastening tissue: A tissue displacing and fastening device is provided for manipulating and fastening tissue together. The device includes a tissue displacing elements, which displaces tissue. A fold is formed from the displaced tissue and the tissue is fastened together to secure the fold.... Agent:

20140343577 - Powered surgical instrument: A surgical instrument including a housing, an endoscopic portion, a drive motor, a drive tube, a firing rod and an end effector is disclosed. The endoscopic portion extends distally from the housing and defines a first longitudinal axis. The drive motor is disposed at least partially within the housing. The... Agent:

20140343578 - Clip applier with migrational resistance features: A surgical clip applier and methods for applying surgical clips to a vessel, duct, shunt, etc., during a surgical procedure are provided. In one exemplary embodiment, a surgical clip applier is provided having a housing with a trigger movably coupled thereto and a shaft extending therefrom with opposed jaws formed... Agent:

20140343579 - Implants, tools, and methods for treatment of pelvic conditions: An adjusting and cutting tool comprising a distal end engageable with an elongate portion of an implantable article to facilitate manipulation of the elongate portion relative to a support portion of the implantable article and to facilitate cutting of the elongate portion. Also included is method of treating vaginal prolapse,... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20140343581 - Medical clip, clip unit and clip device: The present invention relates to a medical clip, a clip unit, and a clip device by which accuracy in access to a target (a site to be treated) can be secured and also which can be employed to suture or remove a site involving widespread tissue injury. As one example... Agent:

20140343580 - Surgical implant comprising a layer having openings: The invention relates to a surgical implant for repair of a tissue or muscle wall defect. The implant has openings that are located in the peripheral area of a first layer. Preferably, the implant has one or more raised sections.... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Medical Gmbh

20140343582 - Deployment tool for sutureless vascular anastomosis connection: A tool is described for deploying a sutureless vascular anastomosis connection, including a body, a sheath configured to house a connector, the connector being configured to couple a graft vessel to a main vessel, the sheath being removably coupled to a distal end of the body, a dial disposed on... Agent:

20140343583 - Methods and apparatus for magnet-induced compression anastomosis between adjacent organs: Methods and apparatus for creating an anastomosis or fistula between the gallbladder and an adjacent organ are disclosed. First, a parent magnet, typically a permanent magnet, is deployed in the stomach, small intestine, or another organ adjacent to the gallbladder, and a mating daughter material is deployed in the gallbladder... Agent:

20140343584 - Atherectomy catheter: An atherectomy catheter has a shaft having an opening in the side wall, a cutter which is positioned near the opening in the internal space of the shaft and which can move in the axial direction of the shaft, and a distal end portion connected to the distal end of... Agent: Nipro Corporatio

20140343585 - Method and apparatus for occlusion removal: A system for removing a thrombus. The system includes an expandable device that maintains axially fixed engagement with the thrombus. The expandable device applies a first force to the thrombus according to surrounding vessel size. The expandable device applies a second force to the thrombus according to an increased vessel... Agent: Perflow Medical Ltd.

20140343586 - Surgery assistance apparatus, surgery assistance method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having stored therein surgery assistance program: A medical image obtainment unit that obtains a three-dimensional medical image of a subject to be examined, a target tissue region extraction unit that extracts a region of target tissue from the three-dimensional medical image obtained by the medical image obtainment unit, an abnormal region extraction unit that extracts an... Agent:

20140343587 - Diverticula removal clamp: Technologies are generally provided for a tissue removal device for removing tissue protrusions extending from a wall of intestines. The tissue removal device may be a bell shaped tube configured to slide over an inflamed diverticulum that has been inverted to extend into interior space of the colon. The tissue... Agent:

20140343588 - Medical instrument: A medical instrument includes a rod-shaped grasp portion at a base end thereof, a functional portion used in medical practice at a front end thereof, and a shape-memory portion including a rod-shaped shape-memory alloy provided between the grasp portion and the functional portion. The grasp portion includes a holding portion... Agent:

20140343589 - Handpiece: A hand piece includes a main body, an impeller, an air supplier, an exhauster and an exhaust controller. The impeller is received by the main body and is rotated in the main body. The air supplier is disposed at the main body and supplies an air to the impeller. The... Agent:

20140343590 - Device, and a method for treatment of increased blood pressure: Methods and devices are presented which act by cutting the renal nerves slowly through. The minimally invasive implantable devices can be delivered through state of the art delivery catheters into the renal arteries as known from stenting, and do not require external generators, thereby being easily to introduce in normal... Agent:

20140343591 - Roller device: The invention relates to a device for inserting pigment into the skin comprising a roller head unit comprising 2 or more distal arms; a rotatable structure comprising needles extending therefrom, attached to said roller head unit between said distal arms; a tubular member attached to the proximal end of said... Agent:

20140343593 - Catheter with vessel lining and methods for using same: Systems for providing access across a site of obstruction and methods for manufacturing and using such systems. Such systems may include a sleeve having an inflation lumen; a bushing disposed in a distal section of the sleeve; and an everting member coupled to the sleeve with the bushing, the everting... Agent:

20140343592 - Embolism filter with self-deployable guidewire stop: An embolism filter adapted to selectively stop an embolism filter along a length of guidewire, including a filter adapted to encircle a guidewire and at least one self-deploying stop attached to the filter and which selectively stops movement of said filter.... Agent: Gardia Medical Ltd.

20140343594 - Medical device for modification of left atrial appendage and related systems and methods: A medical device and system for modifying a left atrial appendage (“LAA”), as well as related methods, are provided. In accordance with one embodiment, a medical device includes a plurality of frame segments coupled with at least one ring member, the at least one ring member having an inner surface... Agent:

20140343598 - Endoluminal filter with fixation: An endoluminal filter including a first support member (105) and a second support member (110) attached to the first support member to form a crossover (106). A material capture structure (115) extends between the first and second support members, the crossover and the first end (102) or the second end... Agent:

20140343596 - Methods and apparatus for flow restoration: Methods for restoring blood flow in occluded blood vessels using an apparatus having a self-expandable distal segment that is pre-formed to assume a superimposed structure in an unconstrained condition but can be made to take on a volume-reduced form making it possible to introduce it with a microcatheter and a... Agent:

20140343597 - Migration resistant embolic filter: An embolic filter is disclosed and can include a head. A plurality of bent legs can extend from the head. Each bent leg can be configured to engage an inner wall of a vein and prevent the embolic filter from migrating in a cranial direction. A plurality of straight legs... Agent:

20140343595 - Thrombectomy device: The invention relates to a thrombectomy device with a substantially cylindrical stent structure (1), which has a multiplicity of meshes (3, 4) and two connectors (5, 5′) that are arranged on different meshes (3) at the proximal end of the stent structure (1), and with a guide wire (2), which... Agent:

20140343599 - Devices and systems to mitigate traumatic brain and other injuries caused by concussive or blast forces: A system for reducing the damaging effects of radiant energy, blast, or concussive events includes applying pressure to at least one jugular vein to reduce the egress of blood from the cranial cavity during or before the incidence of the imparting event. Reducing blood outflow from the cranial cavity increases... Agent:

20140343600 - Multi-mode inflatable limb occlusion device: Methods for adaptive cuff inflation for the purposes of occluding a limb of a subject include inflating a cuff to a pressure at or above limb occlusion pressure and periodically deflating the cuff to detect amplitude of oscillometric oscillations reaching or exceeding a predetermined threshold, whereby indicating that the cuff... Agent: Infarct Reduction Technologies Inc.

20140343601 - Clip-based systems and methods for treating septal defects: Systems and methods for treating internal tissue defects, such as septal defects, with clip-based devices are provided. An exemplary clip-based device includes a tubular body having at least a first and a second deflectable member coupled thereto. The first and second members are coupled on opposite ends of the tubular... Agent: Promed, Inc.

20140343602 - Expandable occlusion device and methods: An occlusion device and method for occluding an undesirable passage through tissue, such as a septal defect, that provides an expandable cylinder or other structure that occludes the passage internally or by covering one or more openings to the passage. The occlusion device includes a wire lattice or mesh that... Agent:

20140343603 - Trocar site closure assembly: Disclosed herein are trocar site closures, comprising a head with a plurality of arm receiving passages therethrough, an arm received by each of the passages, each passage having a discontinuity which allows each arm to be pulled inward but deters outward movement, and each arm having a grappling portion. The... Agent: University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

20140343604 - Soft tissue fixation using a looped suture construct: A looped suture construct is formed by looping a suture on itself and slidably connecting the suture through an anchoring structure such that a looped end and a free end of the suture are on opposite sides of the slidable connection. The anchoring structure may be bone, a suture anchor,... Agent:

20140343606 - Adjustable anchor systems and methods: An adjustable anchor system for securing tissue to bone, including an anchor having at least one passage extending from a proximal end toward a distal end. The passage defines a restriction such as a restricted opening. The anchor has at least one bone-engaging feature disposed between the proximal and distal... Agent:

20140343605 - Composite anchor: The present disclosure relates to a composite anchor. The anchor includes a cannulated proximal portion having a threaded outer surface and a distal portion coupled to the proximal portion, the distal portion including a top portion, a bottom portion, and a through hole, wherein the top portion is configured to... Agent:

20140343607 - Surgical filament snare assemblies: A surgical filament snare assembly including an anchor capable of being fixated in bone and having a filament engagement feature. A first filament has a noose on a first portion of at least a first limb and has a second portion connected to the filament engagement feature of the anchor.... Agent:

20140343608 - Expansion interspinous fixation device and method: A device and method for performing interspinous fixation or spinal fusion is provided. The device may generally include a first plate and a second plate, each having an adjustable length, and a mechanical actuator for increasing or reducing the length of the plates and, correspondingly, the device. Operation of the... Agent: Smokey Mountain Spine, LLC

20140343610 - Dynamic spinal stabilization assembly with elastic bumpers and locking limited travel closure mechanisms: A dynamic stabilization assembly includes a core, typically in the form of a tensioned cord, at least one pair of bone anchors, a spacer surrounding the core located between the bone anchors, at least one elastic bumper and at least one fixing or blocking member. The core is slidable with... Agent:

20140343609 - Flexible spine stabilization system: A system for flexibly stabilizing a vertebral motion segment by connecting a first vertebra and a second vertebra is disclosed. The system includes an elongate connection element with end portions interconnected by a flexible coupling member. The system includes first and second attachment portions for connecting the connection element to... Agent:

20140343611 - Non-invasive adjustable distraction system: A spinal distraction system includes a distraction rod having a first end and a second end, the first end being configured for affixation to a subject's spine at a first location, the distraction rod having a second end containing a recess having a threaded portion disposed therein. The system further... Agent:

20140343612 - Spinal correction system: A spinal construct comprises a longitudinal member extending between a first end and a second end and including an intermediate portion. A construct member includes a first surface and a second surface movable relative to the first surface in a configuration for connection with a first portion of vertebral tissue.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20140343613 - Bone anchoring member with clamp mechanism: A multi-piece disc replacement implant for replacing a disc removed by a discectomy including an upper plate member, a lower plate member, and an intermediate resilient member providing movement between te two plate members replicating the natural movement of the spine. The plate members are rigid and have orthogonal sidewalls... Agent:

20140343614 - Dental occlusion and tension band ties, systems and methods: Embodiments relate to devices, systems, kits and methods for achieving maxillo-mandibular fixation (MMF). In an embodiment, a system comprises a plurality of dental occlusion ties and/or tension band ties (referred to herein as “DO ties” and “TB ties,” respectively). In another embodiment, a system or kit can comprise a plurality... Agent:

20140343615 - Method and system for storing and inserting an implant: An implant storage and insertion system for a shape memory orthopedic implant allows the implant to be constrained in a deformed state, protected, insulated, held for insertion, and properly positioned in bone. The implant storage and insertion system includes a restraining block having an impact surface. The restraining block engages... Agent: Biomedical Enterprises, Inc.

20140343616 - Arthrodesis compression device: A device for compression in arthrodesis is provided. The device is generally comprised of two screws, a proximal screw and a distal screw, the distal screw being configured to connect to the proximal screw. The proximal screw may have two portions, one portion with external bone threads, and one cylindrical... Agent:

20140343617 - Uniplanar screw assembly and methods of use: The screw assembly includes a screw, an insert, and a body member. The screw includes a longitudinal axis and a proximal end with a head portion and a distal end with a threaded portion. The insert operably couples with the head portion and is configured to rotate relative to the... Agent: Alphatec Spine, Inc.

11/13/2014 > 93 patent applications in 60 patent subcategories.

20140336625 - Preoperative toric axis corneal marker: Preoperative toric axis corneal marker useful for delimiting the correct position of an intraocular lens, implanting an intraestromal ring in a patient's eye, performing a limbal relaxing incision or any other type of intervention requiring a precise marking prior to an intervention on the cornea, wherein the marker incorporates an... Agent:

20140336626 - Medical assembly using short pulse fiber laser: A method of ablating a solid substance within a mammalian body is presented. The method includes generating a superheated zone within the body using a fiber lasing assembly that emits pulses at a pulse repetition rate of 1 kHz to 500 kHz, where each pulse has a wavelength from 1.7... Agent:

20140336627 - Apparatus and method for measuring an optical break-through in a tissue: The invention relates to a device for measuring an optical penetration that is triggered in a tissue underneath the tissue surface by means of therapeutic laser radiation which a laser-surgical device concentrates in a treatment focus located in said tissue. The inventive device is provided with a detection beam path... Agent:

20140336628 - Surgical instrument with jaw opening assist feature: An apparatus for operating on tissue includes an end effector, an actuator, and a spring assembly. The end effector includes a first jaw and a second jaw that pivots relative to the first jaw from an open position to a closed position. The actuator is coupled with the second jaw... Agent:

20140336629 - Surgical instrument with translating compliant jaw closure feature: An apparatus for operating on tissue comprises a body, an elongate shaft, an end effector, a compression member, and a firing beam. The end effector has a pair of jaws configured to open and close along a first plane. The end effector is capable of delivering RF energy to the... Agent:

20140336631 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for achieving intravascular, thermally-induced renal neuromodulation: Apparatus, systems, and methods for achieving thermally-induced renal neuromodulation by intravascular access are disclosed herein. One aspect of the present application, for example, is directed to apparatuses, systems, and methods that incorporate a treatment device comprising an elongated shaft. The elongated shaft is sized and configured to deliver a thermal... Agent: Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.l.

20140336633 - Electrosurgical generator: An electrosurgical system is provided. The electrosurgical system includes an electrosurgical generator adapted to supply electrosurgical energy to tissue. A power source operably couples to the electrosurgical generator and is configured to deliver power to one or more types of loads connected to the electrosurgical generator. The electrosurgical generator includes... Agent:

20140336630 - Electrosurgical systems and methods: System and methods of an electrosurgical controller having multiple modes of operation that are configured for treatment of a specific targeted tissue type and the electrosurgical effect desired where the treatment and effect are provided by a single controller and an electrosurgical probe. The electrosurgical controller includes an integrated fluid... Agent:

20140336632 - Tissue ablation systems and method: Tissue is treated using a radiofrequency power supply connected to an applicator having a chamber filled with an electrically non-conductive gas surrounded by a thin dielectric wall. A radiofrequency voltage is applied at a level sufficient to ionize the gas into a plasma and to capacitively couple the ionized plasma... Agent:

20140336634 - Multifunctional attachment for electrocautery surgical device: A multifunctional surgical device particularly for use during electro cauterization for irrigation, and/or smoke and/or fluid evacuation as required. The device comprises a working hub incorporating an elongated tube and including a vacuum port disposed through an exterior wall of the hub, the port being fluidly connectable to a source... Agent: New Wave Surgical Corp.

20140336639 - Ablation probe with flared electrodes: An ablation device includes a cannula having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen extending between the proximal and the distal ends, and a first array of electrodes at least partially disposed within the lumen, the first array of electrodes slidable relative to the cannula, each of the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140336640 - Catheter with multiple irrigated electrodes and a force sensor: A probe, including an insertion tube and an electrode mounted on a distal end of the insertion tube. A force sensor is mounted in the distal end of the insertion tube. The force sensor has a central opening and is configured to measure a force on the distal end. The... Agent:

20140336642 - Electrosurgical electrode and method of manufacturing same: An electrosurgical device coated an epoxy modified rigid silicone powder coating which includes a solvent-free hydroxyl functional solid phenyl silicone resin in the range of about 40% to about 60% parts per weight of the coating; a calcium metasilicate in the range of about 20% to about 40% parts per... Agent:

20140336636 - Flexible circuit for delivery through a working channel: Methods, systems, and devices for providing treatment to a target site are described. The system may include a guide assembly, an expandable support device coupled with the distal end of the guide assembly, and an operative member disposed on the expandable support device. The expandable support device may be configured... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140336638 - Methods for renal neuromodulation: Methods and apparatus are provided for renal neuromodulation using a pulsed electric field to effectuate electroporation or electrofusion. It is expected that renal neuromodulation (e.g., denervation) may, among other things, reduce expansion of an acute myocardial infarction, reduce or prevent the onset of morphological changes that are affiliated with congestive... Agent: Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.i.

20140336635 - Surgical forceps: A surgical forceps includes a first shaft member including a proximal portion having a handle at a proximal end thereof and a distal portion having a jaw member at a distal end thereof. The proximal and distal portions are pivotable between an aligned position and an angled position. A second... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140336641 - Surgical instruments including mems devices: Surgical instruments are disclosed that are couplable to or have an end effector or a disposable loading unit with an end effector, and at least one micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) device operatively connected to the surgical instrument for at least one of sensing a condition, measuring a parameter and controlling the... Agent:

20140336637 - Systems and methods for temperature monitoring and control during an ablation procedure: A medical system configured for nerve modulation can include an elongate shaft, having a distal end region and a proximal end region is disclosed. Adjacent the distal end region an ablation electrode can be disposed. The system can further include a first optical fiber, having a proximal end and a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140336644 - Neutral electrode device, electrosurgical instrument comprising a corresponding neutral electrode device: In surgery using monopolar HF, there is a constant risk of patients suffering burns at the neutral electrode. Said problem stems from the fact that numerous methods have been devised by which relatively high HF currents are applied for extended periods of time. The present invention solves said problem by... Agent:

20140336643 - Tissue resecting devices and methods: A tissue-resecting probe includes an elongated outer sleeve extending about an axis to a distal housing having a first window for receiving tissue. An edge of the first window has a dielectric surface. A rotatable inner sleeve has a second window, and at least a portion of an edge of... Agent: Arqos Surgical, Inc.

20140336645 - Forceps with continuous latch: An article comprising: a housing comprising: i. a barrel portion, wherein a shaft capable of unidirectional or bidirectional movement is disposed within the barrel portion; wherein the shaft comprises a proximal end and a distal end; and wherein a pair of jaws is located at the distal end of the... Agent:

20140336646 - Operation apparatus: A high-frequency operation apparatus includes a grasping portion for grasping a treatment target living tissue, an electrode for supplying a high-frequency current to the living tissue, a high-frequency current supplying section that generates the high-frequency current necessary for treatment, a cable section that transmits the high-frequency current, an impedance measuring... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140336647 - Skull clamp system with pressure limited and alarm systems: The skull clamp system with pressure limiting and alarm systems includes at least one and preferably multiple inwardly power driven immobilizing pins adjustably engaging the skull of a patient. The pin power drive systems includes at least one sensor capable of sensing the degree of back pressure on the pin... Agent:

20140336648 - Adjustable dynamic external fixator: Dynamic external fixator comprising a pair of rods (1) made of a radiolucent material, each rod (1) comprising a base (10), preferably with an opening (13), a stem (11) extending from the base (10), with a sliding groove (14) extending along a longitudinal axis of the stem (11); and stopping... Agent: Hopitaux Universitaires De Geneve

20140336650 - External fixator: A fixator for use in the reconstruction of acute, chronic and traumatic injuries to the upper and lower extremities. The fixator has a unique clamping system that allows for the snapping in of pins and rails, and for multi-planar fixation of bones.... Agent:

20140336649 - Fixation clamp: A fixation clamp for use in an external fixation system for holding bone fragments adjacent to each other with the help of fixation elements, has of at least one clamping assembly having at least one reception provided by means of grooves to accommodate a fixation element along the longitudinal axis... Agent:

20140336651 - Suture distal locking: A system for locking an intramedullary nail to a bone includes a first plate sized and shaped to be inserted through a channel of an intramedullary nail and dimensioned to prevent its passing through a locking hole of the intramedullary nail and a second plate sized and shaped to be... Agent:

20140336652 - Spinal implant, instrument for preparation and method of use: The present disclosure relates to the field of spine disc implants. Exemplary embodiments of the disclosed spinal disc implants advantageously and ultimately provide fusion with the body of the vertebra and stabilization of the spine in an anatomically correct position, e.g., in cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar regions. More particularly, the... Agent: Fbc Device Aps

20140336653 - Articulated bone drill and tap: Technologies related to articulated bone drill and articulated bone tap apparatus are generally described. In some examples, articulated bone drills and taps may comprise bendable spines, movable bits, and flexible cylindrical tap or drill sleeves. The movable bit may be engaged at a distal end of the spine, and tensioning... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140336654 - Surgical instruments and methods of use: One embodiment of the present invention includes a surgical instrument including an instrument body including a shaft having a distal end, a proximal end and a length therebetween; and a bushing having a length, wherein at least a portion of the length of the bushing includes a spring portion including... Agent:

20140336655 - Hook shaped ultrasonic cutting blade: An ultrasonic surgical blade has a blade body and a shank. The shank is fixed at one end to the blade body and is operatively connectable at an opposite end to a source of ultrasonic vibrations. The shank has a longitudinal axis. The blade body is eccentrically disposed relative to... Agent: Misonix Incorporated

20140336656 - Microfracture pick: A microfracture pick having features configured to aid a user in advancing the microfracture pick through bone. The microfracture pick has an elongated member with a proximal end, a distal end, a sharp, optionally angled tip disposed adjacent the distal end of the elongated member, and at least one engaging... Agent:

20140336716 - Medical spring deployment device and insertion tool: Systems, methods and devices which may be utilized in surgical treatments that insert a spring-force based separating device configured to maintain separation of two bone portions are provided. In one embodiment, a security device may be provided which is configured to house a spring in a compressed state for insertion... Agent: Osteomed LLC

20140336717 - Modular telescoping surgical instrument: A surgical instrument provides rotational and axial variations of a working end relative to a handle of the surgical instrument for configuration flexibility of the working end. An internal configuration of the handle of the surgical instrument accepts a retention portion of the working end in several positions. The working... Agent:

20140336658 - Ankle replacement system and method: Various surgical devices and methods are disclosed herein. Also disclosed is multi-component prosthesis, which can be used as an ankle prosthesis. One of the disclosed surgical alignment systems includes a guide arm, a ratchet arm frame configured to be coupled slidably to the guide arm, a ratchet arm configured to... Agent:

20140336657 - Positioning apparatus and method for a prosthetic implant: A positioning apparatus for guiding resection of a patient tissue and guiding placement of a prosthetic implant component in a desired implant position with respect to the resected patient tissue and method of use are described. A locating block includes a mating surface contoured for mating contact with the patient... Agent:

20140336659 - Femoral sizing jig, femur resecting system, and method: A femoral sizing jig for use in total arthroplasty of left and right knees, comprises a femoral body, an external-rotation-angle arm which is, preferably pivotable, relative to the femoral body for setting an external angular rotation of a left or right femur, at least one of a cutting-jig guide and... Agent: Corin Limited

20140336661 - Anatomic socket alignment guide and methods of making and using same: This disclosure provides an anatomic socket alignment guide set, for total hip replacement arthroplasty. The guide set is created from patient-specific medical images, allowing the guide set components to recreate the native center of rotation of a patient's hip joint, thereby permitting accurate placement of the hip replacement prosthesis.... Agent:

20140336660 - Patient-matched guides for orthopedic implants: Systems, devices, and methods are provided for implanting and aligning orthopedic implants. A patient-matched alignment guide is used to orient tools and implants intraoperatively. In certain embodiments, the systems, devices, and methods include an orthopedic guide comprising a body having a bottom surface, wherein at least a portion of the... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140336662 - Instruments for osteolysis repair: A plug for plugging a hole of a bone or implant body during injection of an osteoregenerative material comprising, generally, a plug body, the plug body configured to plug a hole of the body to prevent osteoregenerative material from leaking through the hole, and a tail, the tail attached to... Agent: Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

20140336663 - Method and device for producing an anchorage in human or animal tissue: An anchorage in tissue is produced by holding a vibrating element and a counter element against each other such that their contact faces are in contact with each other, wherein at least one of the contact faces includes a thermoplastic material which is liquefiable by mechanical vibration. While holding and... Agent:

20140336664 - Guidewire and method for surgical procedures: A surgical guide wire or K-wire and method of use are provided. The K-wire, or guide wire, has opposite end portions and a shank portion in between. One end portion has a deformable end portion that, once outside of a confining guide passage, can be deformed to present a projected... Agent:

20140336665 - Oscillating lithotripter: A lithotripter is provided for fragmenting a stone inside a patient's body. In one form, the lithotripter includes a motor having at least two modes of operation and is configured to produce first and second waveforms. A wave guide shaft is configured to transmit the first and second waveforms to... Agent: Gyrus Acmi, Inc., D.b.a. Olympus Surgical Technologies America

20140336666 - Oscillating lithotripter: A tip element for a lithotripter is provided. The tip element includes a proximal end configured for attachment to a waveguide of the lithotripter and a distal end configured for placement against at least one urinary tract stone. The lithotripter transmits energy from the tip element to the at least... Agent: Gyrus Acmi, Inc., D.b.a. Olympus Surgical Technologies America

20140336667 - Nerve modulation methods: System and methods for channeling a path into bone include a trocar having a proximal end, distal end and a central channel disposed along a central axis of the trocar. The trocar includes a distal opening at the distal end of the trocar. The system includes a curved cannula sized... Agent: Relievant Medsystems, Inc.

20140336668 - Systems and methods for fixating transvenously implanted medical devices: A transvenously implantable medical device (TIMD) includes an electrical lead and a control module. The electrical lead includes one or more electrodes and is adapted for transvenous implantation. The electrical lead is also pre-biased to expand from a collapsed state to an expanded state to mechanically engage an internal wall... Agent:

20140336669 - Haptic gloves and surgical robot systems: A haptic glove configured to transmit haptic feedback to an operator of a surgical robot system may include: a plurality of vibrators on a first surface of the haptic glove, the plurality of vibrators configured to apply vibrations; at least one pressure sensor at a finger part of a second... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140336670 - Needle holder: A needle holder for use in an image guided intervention procedure. The needle holder includes a clip for holding a needle and a guide arrangement for supporting the clip and directing the needle at a desired angle relative to a patient's body. The clip includes a releasable connection such that... Agent:

20140336671 - System for accurate guide wire positioning: The present invention provides system for accurate guide wire positioning. The said system comprises Jigs with series of holes at different angle. Guide wire can be positioned at different version with or without change in angle depending on the position of guide wire. Also, jig provides flexibility of change in... Agent:

20140336673 - Tissue fastening devices and processes that promote tissue adhesion: The invention in certain aspects relates to a surgical fastener for fastening tissue segments having tissue surfaces. The fastener includes a first fastener member having a base and a piercing element connected to the base for piercing the tissue segments to be fastened, a second fastener member having an opening... Agent:

20140336672 - Vascular closure device with conforming plug member: A vascular closure device includes a delivery assembly, an anchor member carried by the delivery assembly, and a suture attached to the anchoring member. A plug member can be disposed in the delivery assembly and attached to suture such that the plug member. The plug member includes a plug body,... Agent:

20140336674 - Ligating instrument: A ligating instrument is provided, including an elongate member, such as a tube, having a lumen, the elongate member extending from a proximal actuator member to a distal ligating band dispenser. A pull line may extend through the lumen of the elongate member, with a proximal end of the pull... Agent:

20140336675 - Articulating steerable clip applier for laparoscopic procedures: A long articulating steerable clip applier affixed to a user-operated handle. A surgical jaw assembly is attached to the other end of the clip applier. The clip applier is composed of articulating phalanges that are connected end to end by pivoting links and capable of angulations relative to one another... Agent:

20140336677 - Endoscopic purse string surgical device: An endoscopic surgical stapler for applying a suture to tissue including an elongated tubular member, a first jaw positioned at the distal end portion of the tubular member and having a longitudinal axis, and a second jaw disposed in substantially parallel relation to the first jaw at the distal end... Agent:

20140336676 - Tissue ligation devices and methods therefor: Described here are closure devices and methods for ligating tissue, such as the left atrial appendage. The closure devices may comprise a snare loop assembly comprising a snare and a suture loop releasably attached thereto, and a snare control. The closure devices may further comprise one or more reference markings,... Agent: Sentreheart, Inc.

20140336678 - Suture needle guard: A suture needle guard and method of operation for temporarily holding a suture needle during a surgical operation. The suture needle guard includes a hollow tube having a closed first end and an opposite, funnel shaped second end. The hollow tube has a hollow bore that extends from a closed... Agent:

20140336679 - Method and apparatus for supplying energy to a medical device: In a method and apparatus for supplying wireless energy to a medical device implanted in a patient, wireless energy is transmitted from an external energy source located outside a patient and is received by an internal energy receiver located inside the patient, for directly or indirectly supplying received energy to... Agent:

20140336680 - Reticulated mesh arrays and dissimilar array monoliths by additive layered manufacturing using electron and laser beam melting: Compositions and methods for making a three dimensional structure comprising: designing a three-dimensional structure; melting the three-dimensional structure from two or more layers of a metal powder with a high energy electron or laser beam is described herein. The position where the metal is melted into the structure is formed... Agent:

20140336681 - Methods and devices for connecting nerves: A nerve repair conduit configured to be secured on first and second portions of a selected nerve. The nerve repair conduit includes a polymeric body having a proximal end, a distal end, an exterior surface and an interior surface defining an interior lumen. In addition, the nerve conduit includes at... Agent:

20140336682 - Magnetically-localizable implanted hemodialysis vascular access devices, and methods for improving the cannulation thereof: Disclosed are vascular access devices, implantable dialysis grafts, and systems that include them useful in facilitating easy, accurate and reproducible cannulation or needle entry into an implantable device such as a hemodialysis graft, by localizing a portion of the implanted graft that contains one or more paramagnetic materials that operably... Agent:

20140336683 - Hermetic occlusion surgical clamp for the cervix in cases of placenta previa: The present invention relates to a hermetic occlusion surgical clamp for the female cervix to be used in case of placenta previa, including compression jaws with a spring (5.1) and semi-conical sections (5.2) and at the end of each jaw a machined semi-cylinder (5.3), and a pull-down cylinder with a... Agent:

20140336684 - Atherectomy device: An atherectomy device has a drive circuit which rotates a direct-current motor. The drive circuit has a three-terminal regulator having an ADJ terminal. A partial pressure resistor is connected between the ADJ terminal and an output terminal of the three-terminal regulator. Moreover, one end of six variable resistors whose resistances... Agent:

20140336685 - Steerable ablation device: The invention relates to a flexible assembly for use in a region of a medical or surgical device. In preferred embodiments, the flexible region comprises a set of pull wires for controllably moving a treatment end of the device, and elements to separate the pull wires and maintain the integrity... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.

20140336686 - Surgical instruments: A surgical device. The surgical device may comprise a transducer configured to provide vibrations along a longitudinal axis and an end effector coupled to the transducer and extending from the transducer along the longitudinal axis. The surgical device also may comprise a lower jaw extending parallel to the end effector.... Agent:

20140336687 - Method for manufacturing puncture needle and puncture needle: The wall surfaces of the spiral groove formed on the needle tube serve as a reflection surface to change the orientation of the reflection surface in the axial direction of the needle tube according to change in position of the spiral. Therefore, even if a direction in which an ultrasonic... Agent:

20140336688 - Dilatationsvorrichtung und ausdehnbarer Überzug fÜr ein dilatationsinstrument: A dilation device including a dilation instrument which includes a distal radially expandable section which is coupled via an elongate shank to a handling section, and an expandable covering with a closed distal end and an open proximal end, for the expansion section of the dilation instrument. The covering has... Agent:

20140336691 - Methods and systems for performing thrombectomy procedures: Devices, systems and methods are provided for performing intra-lumenal medical procedures in a desired area of the body. Thrombectomy systems and methods of performing medical procedures to re-establish the intravascular flow of blood are provided for the treatment of ischemic disease states.... Agent:

20140336690 - Occluding catheter and dynamic method for prevention of stroke: A system for use in prevention of stroke is provided that has a shaft that carries an occluding balloon. The occluding balloon is inflated to occlude blood flow through at least one of a right carotid artery and a left carotid artery. An actuation device for causing inflation of the... Agent:

20140336689 - Radiopaque medical balloon: A medical balloon is made radiographic, such as by incorporating a radiopaque foil or film layer. The radiopaque foil or film layer may be placed between an inner layer and an outer layer of a non-compliant balloon wall. The foil or film may provide the balloon with a radiographic quality... Agent:

20140336692 - Rupture-resistant compliant radiopaque catheter balloon and methods for use of same in an intravascular surgical procedure: The present invention provides a compliant balloon for use with a catheter having an inner compliant inner layer defining a cylindrical lumen encased by a fiber layer including non-braided inelastic fibers imparting integrity to the balloon wall. The balloon further includes radiopaque material which may be disposed over substantially the... Agent:

20140336694 - Balloon catheters and methods for treating paranasal sinuses: A set of sinus balloon catheters are provided for treating a patient's paranasal sinus system, including dilating prepared openings, and natural ostia and ducts and excising sinus cavities. These include a balloon catheter with a bend placing a distal segment at 90° to a proximal segment and a balloon catheter... Agent: Acclarent, Inc.

20140336693 - Systems and methods for transnasal dilation of passageways in the ear, nose or throat: Devices, systems and methods useable for dilating the ostia of paranasal sinuses and/or other passageways within the ear, nose or throat. A dilation catheter device and system is constructed in a manner that facilitates ease of use by the operator and, in at least some cases, allows the dilation procedure... Agent: Acclarent, Inc.

20140336695 - Embolic filter device and method of use thereof: In general, the invention features an intra-vascular device for filtering or deflecting emboli or other large objects from entering a protected secondary vessel or vessels. The device of the invention may include a filter, an central member, additional supporting members, and a delivery cable and may serve to filter or... Agent: Keystone Heart Ltd.

20140336696 - Methods and apparatus for treating body tissue sphincters and the like: A plurality of structures that resiliently attract one another are provided for implanting in a patient around a body tissue structure of the patient. For example, the body tissue structure may be the esophagus, and the plurality of structures may be implanted in an annulus around the outside of the... Agent:

20140336697 - Simple automatic electronic tourniquet: The present invention provides a simple auto electronic tourniquet which does not inflict pain on a person receiving tourniquet in the preparatory stage before venipuncture and which shorten the time required in preparation for venipuncture. The simple auto electronic tourniquet includes a manchette (wrapping member) wrapped around the upper arm... Agent:

20140336698 - Surgical instrument with split jaw: An apparatus for operating on tissue includes an end effector having a first jaw and a second jaw that pivots relative to the first jaw from a closed position to an open position. The second jaw includes a first portion and a second portion that pivots relative to the first... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20140336699 - System for left atrial appendage occlusion: Disclosed is an occlusion device for use in a body lumen such as the left atrial appendage. The occlusion device includes an occlusion member and may also include a stabilizing member. The stabilizing member inhibits compression of the left atrial appendage, facilitating tissue in-growth onto the occlusion member. Methods are... Agent:

20140336700 - Vascular closure device: A biocompatible material may be configured into any number of implantable medical devices including a vascular closure device. The vascular closure device includes a fibrous structure formed from at least one randomly oriented fiber, the randomly oriented fiber comprising at least one polymer, and at least one agent, in therapeutic... Agent: Cordis Corporation

20140336701 - C-spring suture for primary closure of surgical incisions: A c-spring suture for primary closure of surgical incisions comprises a “C” shaped, lenticular center spring hingedly connected at each end with surgical tape. In one embodiment, the tape is connected to the center spring through a tape clamp and pin hinge. In another embodiment, the tape is connected to... Agent:

20140336702 - Expandable clip for tissue repair: An apparatus, system, and method for repairing openings such as septal defects includes advancing a catheter to the site of the defect, grasping opposing edges of the defect, passing one or more suture lines through the opposing edges, tightening the suture lines, and deploying and expanding a fastener to secure... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140336703 - Methods and devices for repairing meniscal tissue: Methods and devices are provided for repairing a tear in a meniscus. A pair of fixation member each entailing a preformed knot configuration coupled together by a suture length. The fixation members are placed on the meniscal tissue with the suture length spanning the tear, the knot configurations are expanded... Agent:

20140336704 - Electrode for stimulating bone growth, tissue healing and/or pain control, and method of use: A system for use in stimulating at least one of bone growth, tissue healing and pain control in a patient includes a first screw and a second screw. The first screw has an elongate shaft with opposite ends and a length extending between the ends, an exterior surface and a... Agent:

20140336705 - Segmental orthopedic device for spinal elongation and for treatment of scoliosis: An orthopaedic device to realign bone segments comprises first and second attachment members and a spacer member. The first attachment member is attached to a first rib bone or first transverse process of a vertebra. The second attachment member is attached to a second rib bone or second transverse process... Agent: Dynamic Spine, LLC

20140336706 - Tranverse vertebral connector: A transconnector is adapted to connect first and second spinal rods that are positioned longitudinally along a spine. The transconnector includes a first member and a second member that clamp onto first and second spinal rods.... Agent:

20140336707 - Transverse connectors: Devices and methods are disclosed for treating the vertebral column. One embodiment provides a transverse connector for vertebral fixation systems comprising a first connector body comprising a first engaging member for engaging a first elongate member and a first locking member, a second connector body comprising a second engaging member... Agent:

20140336708 - Vertebral fixing system: Embodiments disclosed herein provide a method of placing a vertebral fixing system on a vertebra. The vertebral fixing system comprises a connecting part with members forming a space into which a rod may be inserted. The members are moveable relative to each other. A portion of a ligature may be... Agent:

20140336709 - Multi-threaded pedicle screw system: A pedicle screw system includes a multi-threaded bone fastener configured with a constant pitch and a placement tower assembly for delivery of the bone fastener.... Agent:

20140336710 - Device and method for orthopedic fracture fixation: The present invention relates invention relates to devices and methods for the fixation and stabilization of orthopedic fractures and more specifically to stabilization of compression fractures of spinal vertebrae. The systems comprise cannulated orthopedic screws and mechanical expandable implants introducible through the lumen of such screws. In certain embodiments the... Agent:

20140336711 - Elongated connecting elements for minimally invasive surgical procedures: Apparatus and methods include an elongate connecting element including a body extending along a longitudinal axis between a first end and an opposite second end. The connecting element includes a first end portion at its first end and a second end portion at its second end. The connecting element includes... Agent:

20140336712 - Orthopedic plate: An orthopedic plate has a portion with a curved bottom surface that is designed to extend longitudinally along the bone and change the inferior curve as it advances proximally along the bone from a shallower to a sharper radius and further spirals downward as the plate advances. The plate includes... Agent:

20140336713 - Periprosthetic bone plates: The present disclosure relates to bone plates that are configured for use with bones having periprosthetic fractures. For example, in the event that a proximal femur is fractured in an area that is adjacent to a prosthetic component, such as a femoral stem used in a hip replacement, the periprosthetic... Agent:

20140336714 - Methods for connecting a longitudinal member to a bone portion: An apparatus (10) includes a fastener (16) engageable with a bone portion to connect a longitudinal member (12) to the bone portion. A housing (40) has a first passage (42) configured to receive the longitudinal member (12) and a second passage (44) extending transverse to the first passage. The fastener... Agent:

20140336715 - Telescoping bone screw: A bone screw for treating a bone fracture having a detent assembly on a body portion thereof. The detent assembly includes a detent member that is movable between a first and second position. The detent assembly operative to secure the body whereby said plunger portion moves independent of said body.... Agent: Advanced Orthopaedic Solutions, Inc.

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