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01/15/2015 > 87 patent applications in 52 patent subcategories.

20150018806 - Surgical support structure: This document discusses, among other things, a system for translocating a multilayer patch. The system includes a support structure having a contact surface for bonding to the patch. The support structure has a shape configured to support the patch following separation of the patch from a surrounding tissue.... Agent:

20150018807 - Raman-triggered ablation/resection systems and methods: A Raman-based resection system and methods of operation thereof are disclosed. The method includes producing, via an ablation laser, an interrogation electromagnetic radiation over a scanning point of a sample having been treated with a Raman reporter, the ablation laser illuminating the scanning point at an interrogation power level; acquiring,... Agent:

20150018810 - Cryogenic system and method of use: A cryogenic medical device for delivery of subcooled liquid cryogen to various configurations of cryoprobes is designed for the treatment of damaged, diseased, cancerous or other unwanted tissues. The device is a closed or semi-closed system in which the liquid cryogen is contained in both the supply and return stages.... Agent:

20150018809 - Heated electrodes for continued visualization of pulmonary vein potentials: A method and system for cryotreatment and mapping of target tissue. The cryotreatment system may include a cryotreatment catheter, a mapping catheter including one or more mapping electrodes, and one or more temperature sensors located on the mapping catheter and/or the cryotreatment catheter. The cryotreatment catheter distal tip may be... Agent: Medtronic Cryocath Lp

20150018808 - Mapping wire with heating element to allow axial movement during cryoballoon ablation: A method and system for cryotreatment of target tissue using a cryotreatment catheter through which a mapping catheter may be freely movable, even during activation of the cryotreatment element. The cryotreatment system may include a cryotreatment catheter, a mapping catheter slidably disposed within a lumen of the cryotreatment catheter, and... Agent:

20150018811 - Regulating pressure to lower temperature in a cyrotherapy balloon catheter: A cryotherapy catheter can include an elongate member and an inflatable balloon at a distal end of the elongate member, the elongate member having lumens formed therein to supply cryogenic fluid to a chamber of the balloon and to channel exhaust from the balloon chamber; and a controller programmed to... Agent:

20150018812 - Fine spatiotemporal control of thermolysis and lipolysis using nir light: A system and method are provided for minimally-invasive lipolysis in a target area by injecting the area with a solution of photo-absorbing nanoparticles and irradiating the injected area with a beam of near infrared (NIR) light. The NIR emission wavelength is adapted to excite the nanoparticles to melt fat within... Agent:

20150018813 - Detection of ablation electrode contact with tissue: A method includes delivering a Radio Frequency (RF) signal having a time-varying power from an intra-body probe to tissue in a vicinity of the probe in order to ablate the tissue. A temperature is measured in the vicinity of the probe. A decision is made as to whether the probe... Agent:

20150018814 - Methods for reshaping cartilage structures: Described are methods and systems for reshaping a cartilage structure. Such methods comprise treating the cartilage structure with electromagnetic energy and fitting a device to the cartilage structure to retain it in the desired place, form, and/or orientation. Systems comprise an emitter of electromagnetic energy and a device to the... Agent:

20150018815 - Devices, systems, and methods for tissue morcellation: A morcellator includes a housing, an elongated tube extending distally from the housing, and first and second electrodes. A distal end of the elongated tube is configured to cut tissue. The first electrode extends from the housing to the distal end of the elongated tube and is disposed around at... Agent:

20150018820 - Apparatus and methods for renal denervation: Some embodiments are directed to medical devices and methods for making and using the medical devices. An exemplary medical device includes a catheter having an elongated shaft and an inflatable balloon mounted at or on a distal portion of the elongated shaft. The catheter further includes a first electrically conductive... Agent:

20150018818 - Devices and methods for nerve modulation: Systems for nerve and tissue modulation are disclosed. An illustrative system may include an intravascular nerve modulation system including a catheter shaft, an expandable basket and one or more electrode assemblies affixed to the expandable basket. The one or more electrode assemblies may be affixed to the expandable basket using... Agent:

20150018816 - Electrode assembly for use with surgical instruments: A system for treating tissue is provided. The system includes a source of electrosurgical energy and one or more microcontrollers. A surgical instrument is electrically coupled to the source of electrosurgical energy and includes an end effector including a pair of first and second jaw members. An electrode assembly includes... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150018823 - Measurement of a compression parameter for cpr on a surface: A device for the determination of at least one compression parameter during the administration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a patient. The device includes a compression unit adapted to move in accordance with the chest of the patient and a surface unit adapted to move in accordance with a surface... Agent:

20150018819 - Medical device with stretchable electrode assemblies: Medical devices and methods for making and using medical devices are disclosed. An example medical device may include a catheter shaft. An expandable balloon may be coupled to the catheter shaft. The balloon may be capable of shifting between an unexpanded configuration and an expanded configuration. Electrode assemblies with electrical... Agent:

20150018821 - Methods and apparatus for intravascularly-induced neuromodulation: Methods and apparatus are provided for intravascularly-induced neuromodulation using a pulsed electric field, e.g., to effectuate irreversible electroporation or electrofusion, necrosis and/or inducement of apoptosis, alteration of gene expression, changes in cytokine upregulation, etc., in target neural fibers. In some embodiments, the intravascular PEF system comprises a catheter having a... Agent:

20150018817 - Multiple electrode conductive balloon: Medical devices and methods for making and using medical devices are disclosed. An example medical device may include a medical device for modulating nerves. The medical device may include an elongate shaft having a distal region. A balloon may be coupled to the distal region. An electrode may be disposed... Agent:

20150018822 - Needle assemblies and systems for use in ablation procedures and related methods: Needle assemblies for use in ablation procedures include a needle having an electrically conductive portion and at least one conductive member extending at least partially through a bore of the needle. A portion of the at least one conductive member is physically and electrically connected to the electrically conductive portion... Agent: Custom Medical Applications, Inc.

20150018824 - Seal plate with insulation displacement connection: An end effector assembly having first and second jaw members is provided where one or both of the jaw members is moveable relative to the other between a spaced-apart position and an approximated position for grasping tissue therebetween. One (or both) of the jaw members includes an inwardly-facing surface having... Agent:

20150018827 - Apparatus, system and method for performing an electrosurgical procedure: A forceps is provided. The forceps includes a housing having a shaft that extends therefrom. The bipolar forceps also includes a hydraulic mechanism that includes a fluid line and a plunger operatively coupled to the fluid line. The plunger is translatable within at least a portion of the shaft from... Agent:

20150018825 - Medical treatment instrument: Provided is a medical treatment instrument including: a pair of openable/closable pinching portions that pinch a body tissue via a pair of pinching surfaces facing each other; an energy output section provided in at least one of the pair of pinching portions, the energy output section including an energy application... Agent:

20150018826 - Surgical instrument with jaw member: A surgical instrument comprises a shaft, end effector and movable cutting member. The movable cutting member may comprise a first band comprising a first band slot having a distal portion and a proximal portion. A width of the first band slot at the distal portion may be larger than a... Agent:

20150018828 - Anti-septic transarticular intramedullary rod system for the human knee: A temporary knee implant to be placed at the position of the human knee joint for maintaining the tibia and femur at the knee joint aligned during healing of infection in the surrounding tissue. An elongated femur rod is formed with one end of a breadth sized and shaped to... Agent:

20150018829 - Bone fixation system: A modular bone fixation linkage includes a plurality of interconnected links that can angulate with respect to an adjacent one of the links about at least one axis, such as three axes. The links can further include fixation holes that are configured to receive bone anchors that secure the links... Agent:

20150018830 - Fixation assembly with multiple sections for securing parts of a sternum: A fixation assembly for securing parts of a sternum has a first section having a first attachment structure for securing the first section to a first sternum part. The fixation assembly includes a second section having a second attachment structure for securing the second section to a second sternum part.... Agent:

20150018831 - Retrodrill system: The present disclosure relates to a method of creating a bone tunnel during ligament reconstruction surgery. The method includes placing a guide wire through the femur, the guide wire having a first end portion including a pointed tip and a second end portion; placing a drill mechanism over the first... Agent:

20150018892 - Rod insertion instrument: Described is a rod insertion instrument for the insertion of a fixation rod in the tulips of adjacent pedicle screws in the context of a dorsal spinal column stabilization. It has a grip portion, a tube section adjoining it and a gripping head carried by the tube section, in which... Agent:

20150018832 - Knee spacer system with adjustable separator: s

20150018833 - Cup impactor: An orthopedic cup impactor for use in minimally invasive hip replacement surgical procedures is described. The impactor comprises a handle, residing at a proximal end portion, and a cup engagement sub-assembly located at a distal portion. A shaft resides therebetween. The shaft portion is designed with a large radius of... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20150018834 - Multi-port delivery system: A device for delivering material to multiple surgical target locations includes a pressure reservoir selectably coupled to two or more outlets. Coupling the pressure reservoir to a given one of the outlets and pressurizing the pressure reservoir causes flowable material (e.g., bone filler material) to be dispensed from that outlet.... Agent:

20150018835 - Implant fixation member holder: Systems, devices and methods that improve the placement of orthopedic components and/or instrumentation during surgery. In one particular embodiment, the systems, devices and methods provide drill guides that remove the need for three-handed placement of implant components and reduce complications of implant and fixation member placement. Also disclosed is a... Agent:

20150018836 - Injector tip for an ocular lens injector device, device with an injector tip and an ocular lens, as well as ocular lens injector device: The invention concerns an injector tip (7) for an ocular lens injector device (1), the injector tip having an injection duct (16) with a front (9) and a rear end (8) and being bounded by an inner wall (17), wherein at the inner wall (17) an inwardly extending step (18)... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20150018837 - Devices, systems, and methods for tissue morcellation: A morcellation system includes a morcellator and a grasper. The morcellator includes a housing and a tube extending from the housing and having at least one blade section. The morcellator further includes an oscillating mechanism configured to oscillate the tube. An end cap is coupled to the proximal end of... Agent:

20150018838 - Fully implantable trial neurostimulation system configured for minimally-intrusive implant/explant: A fully implantable trial neurostimulation system for implant within a patient is provided that includes one or more leads equipped to deliver neurostimulation to patient tissues under the control of a trial neurostimulation control device designed as a capsule for removable implant within the patient. The control capsule is provided... Agent:

20150018839 - Techniques for placing medical leads for electrical stimulation of nerve tissue: This disclosure is directed to extra, intra, and transvascular medical lead placement techniques for arranging medical leads and electrical stimulation and/or sensing electrodes proximate nerve tissue within a patient.... Agent:

20150018843 - Articulable surgical instrument: An instrument includes, a lumen, a handpiece affixed to the proximal end of the lumen and including an actuator, a proximal articulable segment, the proximal end of the proximal articulable segment pivotably attached to the distal end of the lumen via a proximal hinge pin extending in a direction generally... Agent: Microline Surgical, Inc.

20150018840 - Mri-compatible, integrated force and torque sensors and systems that incorporate the sensors: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible sensor for measuring torque with respect to an axis of rotation in conjunction with an applied linear force includes a shaft arranged in a longitudinal direction substantially along the axis of rotation, a base component arranged along the axis of rotation and displaced with... Agent:

20150018841 - Surgical robot system and control method thereof: A surgical robot system may include a slave device provided with surgical tools and a master device remotely controlling motion of the surgical tools. The master device may include handles controlling the motion of the surgical tools, a master external force estimator estimating external force applied to the handles, a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150018842 - Systems and methods for frameless image-guided biopsy and therapeutic intervention: A system and a method of performing a frameless image-guided biopsy uses imaging, a six-dimensional robotic couch system, a laser guidance system, an optical distance indicator, and a needle control apparatus. A planning CT scan is made of the patient with stereotactic fiduciary markers to localize and produce digitally reconstructed... Agent:

20150018844 - Dissecting punch for follicular extraction and tools and methods using same: A dissecting punch and tool configured for the dissection of follicular units from the donor area of a patient, such as for subsequent implantation of a follicular unit graft (FUG) in a recipient area for hair restoration, and method for using the tool. The method includes aligning the dissecting punch... Agent:

20150018845 - Epilation apparatus and method of use: An epilation apparatus includes a support and a glass pad adhered to the support. The glass pad has an exposed roughened surface that, when placed against human skin and manually manipulated in a rotational motion, is adapted to remove hair from the human skin. A method of using the epilation... Agent: Edison Nation, LLC

20150018847 - Hernia mesh tacks: There are disclosed various embodiments of surgical tacks for use in surgical procedures. The tacks generally include a head and a barrel portion extending distally from the head. Preferably, the head and the barrel portion define a throughbore for receipt of a drive instrument. A thread on the head is... Agent:

20150018846 - Rigidly-linked articulating wrist with decoupled motion transmission: The present invention is a device having a rigidly linked jaw that is decoupled from an articulating wrist. The device provides for articulating motion as well as actuation that may be used in grasping, cutting, suturing or the like.... Agent:

20150018849 - Ligator: An apparatus applicable for the ligation of internal tissue in a created or natural cavity in animals or in the human body, for example varicose veins in the gullet or a duodenal diverticulum, by means of an elastic band (19) while observing the ligations through an endoscope. The apparatus includes... Agent:

20150018848 - Tissue grasping and wound closing/hemostasis/clipping device: A device for clipping tissue includes a clip including first and second arms, a pusher member received over a proximal end of the clip, an outer sleeve distal of the pusher member and received over the first and second arms and being pushed distally over the clip by the pusher... Agent:

20150018850 - Apparatus and methods for tissue closure: Apparatus and methods are provided for treating a tissue opening, for example a trocar opening used in a minimally invasive surgical procedure. In a tissue closure device, a finger guard or shield can be used, handle or holding area or areas can be used, and positioning indicators can be used.... Agent:

20150018853 - Devices and methods for ligating anatomical structures: Devices and methods for ligating anatomical structures are provided herein. In particular, the devices and methods provided herein can be used to ligate, the left atrial appendage. The ligating devices (10, 110, 210, 310, 410) comprise a ligating element (30, 130, 230, 330, 430) and a control element (40, 140,... Agent:

20150018851 - Guide for selecting and positioning a prosthesis: The invention relates to a device (1) and method for selecting the size and shape of a prosthesis and/or for determining the location of marks to be made on the external face of the skin of a patient intended to receive such a prosthesis, for example for repairing a hernia,... Agent: Sofradim Production

20150018852 - Method of placing suture through tissue with a finger guided suturing device: A method of placing a suture through tissue includes placing a band on a finger of a user, where the band is attached to a head of a suturing device, and employing the finger and the device in identifying an intracorporeal tissue landmark and placing the head of the suturing... Agent:

20150018854 - Suture passer and method of operating same: A suture passer includes a stylet and a cannula having an open distal end defining a cannula outer diameter. The stylet has a proximal segment configured for receipt within the cannula and including a suture retention notch, and a distal segment having an expanded outer diameter substantially matching the cannula... Agent:

20150018855 - Detecting leakage from an internal surgical site: A leakage detecting implant can detect leakage of body fluid from an incision, resection, or other internal surgical site in a subject. The leakage detecting implant can include: one or more biodegradable colorant members having a tissue-contacting inner surface and an opposite outer surface; a resilient member having an inner... Agent:

20150018856 - Aortic cross clamp: An aortic cross clamp includes an elongated handle and a clamp head. The clamp head has opposing jaws having open and closed positions. At least one of the jaws is pivotally mounted to a jaw actuator so as to be pivotal relative to the opposing jaw and about an axis... Agent:

20150018857 - Vascular closure device: A vascular closure device includes a frame to which there is fitted a plurality of anchor elements, spaced radially around the frame. The closure device includes a radial compression feature, which may be a memorised shape of the frame or non-sprung condition of the frame, having a small radius. The... Agent:

20150018859 - Methods and apparatus for treating pulmonary embolism: A device and method for intravascular treatment of an embolism, and particularly a pulmonary embolism, is disclosed herein. One aspect of the present technology, for example, is directed toward a clot treatment device that includes a support member configured to extend through a delivery catheter and a plurality of clot... Agent:

20150018860 - Methods and apparatus for treating small vessel thromboembolisms: A device and method for intravascular treatment of an embolism, and particularly an embolism within a small vessel, is disclosed herein. One aspect of the present technology, for example, is directed toward a clot treatment device that includes a support member configured to extend through a delivery catheter and a... Agent:

20150018858 - Methods and devices for cutting tissue: A catheter is provided, which includes a cutting element having one or more raised elements. The cutting element has a cup-shaped surface at the distal end that may be smooth and continuous except for the raised elements.... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150018861 - Ear cleaning device: An ear cleaning device is provided for removing debris from an ear. In one form, the ear cleaning device includes a shaft, a head connected to the shaft, and a contiguous pocket structure of the head. The contiguous pocket structure includes a plurality of pockets that may be configured to... Agent:

20150018863 - Surgical instrument with single drive input for two end effector mechanisms: Methods for treating tissue, and surgical assemblies and related methods are disclosed in which a single input is used to sequentially articulate two members. A surgical assembly includes an end effector, a base supporting the end effector, an input link movable relative to the base through a range of motion... Agent:

20150018862 - Surgical knife safety handle having user operable lock: A surgical knife safety device having a handle, a blade connected to the handle, and a guard carried by the handle for sliding movement between a retracted position in which the blade is exposed for use, and an extended position for covering the sharp cutting edge of the blade. In... Agent:

20150018864 - Pocket dissector: A shaping tool for forming a surgical pocket in breast surgery may include a handle portion including a pair of opposing handles to open and close the shaping tool, a center portion connected to the handle portion including a shaft to allow the pair of opposing handles to pivot and... Agent:

20150018865 - Tattoo needle guide tube with curved through hole: The present invention is to provide a tattoo needle guide tube, which has a tubular body defining a receiving space therein, a first through hole at a top end thereof and a second through hole at a bottom end thereof. Both through holes are in communication with the receiving space,... Agent:

20150018866 - Balloon tube, balloon, balloon catheter, and balloon tube fabrication method: In a balloon tube (10) which is processed after it is mounted on a mold, a bag part (14) has a plurality of parts having a different drawability in a radial direction centered around an axial direction X, disposed along the axial direction X. The highest drawability part (11), which... Agent:

20150018867 - Enhanced ultrasound visualization of intravascular devices: Methods and devices for providing improved ultrasound visibility of medical devices intended for intravascular use are described. The inclusion of gas/solid boundary regions within a medical devices improves the resolution of the device under ultrasound visualization. Gas/solid boundary regions may be provided through the use of embedded gas-filled microlumens, microwells,... Agent:

20150018868 - Method of transradial catheterization, device for ulnar artery compression, and method of use: A present invention method of obtaining patent hemostasis of the radial artery by compressing the uninstrumented ulnar artery to increase radial artery flow while applying pressure to the radial artery access site; the invention further concerns a device for applying blunt pressure to the ulnar artery, and a method of... Agent:

20150018869 - Apparatus and method of use for an adjustable radial and ulnar compression wristband: An adjustable radial and ulnar vascular compression wristband assists in achieving partial or full occlusion of a blood vessel when applied to a patient's wrist during or following a medical procedure. At least two adjustably inflatable non-adjacent balloons on the wristband apply preferential compression to portions of the circumference of... Agent:

20150018870 - Adjustable and reusable ear acupressure device:

20150018871 - Hemostatic device and its methods of use: A hemostatic device includes a first tube defining a first lumen configured to channel a fluid therethrough, and a second tube housing at least a portion of the first tube and at least partially defining a second lumen configured to retain a hemocoagulant agent therein. The second tube is moveable... Agent:

20150018872 - Use of reverse thermosensitive polymers to control biological fluid flow following a medical procedure: One aspect of the present invention relates to a method to control biological fluid flow at a site in a mammal by use of an in situ formed polymer plug. In certain embodiments, the present invention relates to a method to control bleeding following a catheterization procedure, a method to... Agent:

20150018873 - Balloon catheter: To provide a balloon catheter that enables a minimally invasive and effective pulmonary emphysema treatment. The balloon catheter includes: a first balloon that has at least a part of an external surface thereof come into contact with a biological tissue when expanded in living body; a second balloon expandable and... Agent:

20150018874 - Systems and methods for closing a tissue opening: Tissue closure devices include one or more closure components, each closure component having a first member and a second member, each of the first and second members having a first surface that adheres to a tissue surface proximate to the tissue opening, each of the first and second members having... Agent: Wadsworth Medical Technologies, Inc.

20150018875 - True multi-fire linear cutter: One exemplary surgical apparatus may include an anvil assembly to which a staple holder assembly detachably connected; feeder belts positioned at least partially within the staple holder assembly; staples separably attached to each feeder belt; a wedge assembly slidable within and along the staple holder assembly, the wedge assembly including... Agent:

20150018876 - Low profile tissue anchors, tissue anchor systems, and methods for their delivery and use: Tissue anchors include a flat, broad, and large contact surface for engagement with a portion of tissue. Several embodiments of composite tissue anchors include a support element and an overlay element. Tissue anchor assemblies include two or more tissue anchors, a connector, and a cinching mechanism. In some embodiments, the... Agent:

20150018880 - Anchor assembly and method of use: The present teachings provide a flexible member securing assembly. The flexible member securing assembly includes a shaft, an arm extendable from the shaft, an anchor, and a flexible member grasper formed on a distal end of the arm. Methods of securing a flexible member are also provided.... Agent:

20150018881 - Knotless interface for threaded anchor: Devices and methods for anchoring tissue to bone are provided. In one embodiment, a suture anchor is provided that includes a bone screw and a collar that can be configured to rotate independent of the bone screw. In one aspect, the collar can be rotatably disposed on a cylindrical seating... Agent:

20150018879 - Knotless suture fastener installation system: A knotless suture fastener installation system for securing medical devices such as cardiac implants. The knotless suture fasteners may be spring-biased so as to grip onto sutures passed therethrough. The system includes a fastener deployment tool with a proximal handle and a distal shaft to which a fastener cartridge attaches.... Agent:

20150018877 - Moulded in place seal plug and suture anchor: An implantable pulse generator includes a device housing containing pulse generator circuitry and a header molded to the device housing. The header can be formed of an epoxy header material. A header component can have a first part molded in the header material to fix the header component to the... Agent:

20150018878 - Soft suture anchor: Compositions and materials for making soft suture anchors comprising materials that improve osteointegration have been developed. These compositions and materials comprise bioceramics, resorbable materials, and combinations thereof. A preferred embodiment comprises a soft suture anchor comprising a resorbable ceramic and a resorbable suture.... Agent: Tepha, Inc.

20150018882 - Tissue repair device: The present disclosure relates to a tissue repair device. The device includes a handle, a knob coupled to the handle, and a needle coupled to the handle. The needle includes a proximal end and a distal end, the distal end including a slot, wherein a first anchor is housed within... Agent:

20150018883 - Flexible and static interspinous/inter-laminar spinal spacers: Interspinous/inter-laminar spinal spacers are configured to be placed between bony structures of adjacent vertebrae. In one form, spinal spacers are defined by a unitary body comprising a first contoured plate and a second contoured plate. The first contoured plate comprises first and second wings configured to engage first and second... Agent: Life Spine, Inc.

20150018884 - Rod extension for extending fusion construct: In accordance with embodiments of the present invention, a rod extension for extending a fusion construct is provided. The rod extension allows a surgeon to connect a stabilization rod implant to at least a portion of a patient's spine, and also to connect the stabilization rod implant to an existing... Agent:

20150018885 - Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment: This equipment comprises at least one rigid connecting bar (2), first and second bone anchoring members (3, 4) and first and second connecting parts (5, 6), capable of connecting the connecting bar (2) to said bone anchoring members (3, 4). According to the invention, each second bone anchoring member is... Agent: Medicrea International

20150018886 - Devices and methods for transpedicular stabilization of the spine: According to some embodiments, a method of accessing an intervertebral space of a patient's spine in a minimally invasive manner compromises creating a passage from a posterior end of a pedicle of a vertebral member using a probe, advancing the probe through the pedicle and to a main body portion... Agent: Raed M. Ali, M.d., Inc.

20150018887 - Spinous process fusion devices and methods thereof: Devices and methods for positioning and immobilizing at least two adjacent vertebrae using adjacent spinous processes. The method includes positioning a spinous process fusion device in an interspinous space between adjacent spinous processes including a rod and a first wing, and attaching a second wing to the rod, for example,... Agent:

20150018888 - Instrument and method for bone fixation: Described herein are guiding instruments for use in surgical procedures involving the positioning of a bone plate. Furthermore methods for the manufacture of such instruments and methods for positioning a bone plate are also provided.... Agent:

20150018889 - Bone plate: A bone plate has an underside on the side of the bone, an upper side and a plurality of holes in the plate connecting the underside with the upper side, with a central hole axis. At least one of these holes in the plate has an internal jacket surface that... Agent:

20150018890 - Screw implant with replacement head for height adjustment and simplified storage: A screw implant a shaft and a threaded area for anchoring in the bone, a head having engagement surfaces or openings for the application of an insertion tool, wherein the shaft and the head are formed in one piece, wherein there is associated with the shaft between the thread and... Agent: Biomed Establishment

20150018891 - Method and apparatus for bone fixation with secondary compression: Disclosed is a fracture fixation device, for reducing and compressing fractures in a bone. The fixation device includes an elongate body. An axially moveable proximal anchor is carried by the proximal end of the fixation device and comprises a tubular sleeve that includes a plurality of graduations positioned on an... Agent: Interventional Spine, Inc.

01/08/2015 > 70 patent applications in 54 patent subcategories.

20150011982 - Devices and methods for effecting faster healing of orthopedic and other wounds: Disclosed are medical devices, e.g., surgical sutures, surgical staples, surgical pads, surgical meshes, surgical scaffolds etc., and methods of use at a wound in a patient to facilitate the rapid healing Of the tissue at the situs of the wound with minimal fibrous tissue formation. The devices are arranged to... Agent:

20150011983 - Speckle interferometric method and system for detecting a movement of a surface: A method and a system for detecting a movement of a surface on an irradiated sample involves a light source for irradiating the surface with a coherent light beam, a detector for detecting variations caused by the movement in a speckle pattern produced by reflections of the light beam at... Agent: Medizinisches Laserzentrum Luebeck Gmbh

20150011984 - Corneal visual center localizer (or locator): Daifs Corneal Visual Center (CVC) Localizer (Locator) is a point Light Source of Infra Red (IR) light, attached and fixed to any eximer laser machine, located at equal distance and in exactly opposite direction from the middle of a detecting camera that detects IR light reflection from the corneal surface... Agent:

20150011986 - Methods and apparatus related to a side-fire assembly that has an optical grating: An apparatus may include an optical fiber having an angled grating aligned along a plane non-normal to a longitudinal axis of a distal end portion of the optical fiber. The angled grating may be configured to redirect a first laser energy propagated within the optical fiber and incident on the... Agent:

20150011985 - Side-firing fiber delivery device with active cooling cap: An optical fiber includes an internal fiber, an end surface, a first cap member and a second cap member. The internal fiber terminates at a fiber tip. The end surface transmits laser energy delivered through the internal fiber. The first cap member extends over the end surface and includes a... Agent:

20150011987 - Blood vessel insertion-type treatment device: A blood vessel insertion-type treatment device has a first ultrasonic transmitter and an insertion body. The first ultrasonic generator has a first ultrasonic transducer and a first actuator. The first ultrasonic transducer radiates cauterizing ultrasonic waves converging on a converging position. The first actuator 108 adjusts a direction of the... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150011988 - Bipolar or ultrasonic surgical device: An electro-mechanical surgical device, system and/or method may include a housing, at least two opposing jaw, and at least one electrical contact associated with at least one of the jaws. The electrical contact may include at least one of a bipolar electrical contact and an ultrasonic electrical contact. The electrical... Agent:

20150011989 - Hepatic neuromodulation using microwave energy: According to some embodiments, a method of treating a subject having diabetes or symptoms associated with diabetes is provided. The method includes delivering a neuromodulation catheter within a vessel (e.g., hepatic artery) having surrounding nerves that innervate the liver (e.g., sympathetic nerves of the hepatic plexus). The method may also... Agent:

20150011990 - Graphical user interface for monitoring and controlling use of medical devices: A device for treating a tissue region is supplied with a separate usage key card. The usage key card comprises a storage medium, which is formatted to contain an identification code unique to the usage key card. The usage key card is adapted to be read by a remote reader,... Agent: Mederi Therapeutics, Inc.

20150011991 - Electrode assembly for catheter system: In an electrode assembly for a catheter system, a plurality of struts extends from a proximal end to a distal end of the electrode assembly. Each strut has a longitudinally extending proximal leg, a longitudinally extending distal leg, and a center segment extending between and interconnecting the proximal leg and... Agent:

20150011993 - Electrosurgical probe and electrosurgery device: The invention relates to an electrosurgical probe, including a rod-shaped probe body, at least two electrodes, and a fluid outlet, wherein a separating element is provided between the electrodes.... Agent:

20150011992 - Irrigated ablation electrode assemblies: An irrigated ablation electrode assembly comprises a distal member, a first manifold, and a second manifold. The distal member includes an outer surface; an inner surface; and at least one radially extending passageway that extends from the inner surface of the distal member to the outer surface of the distal... Agent:

20150011994 - Electrosurgical pencil: An electrosurgical pencil adapted to receive an electrode controllable by an electrical signal for performing surgical operations. This pencil includes a housing, a circuit, and switch that is activatable from outside the housing for closing the circuit. The housing receives the electrode. The circuit is a flexible circuit and is... Agent: Cimpax Aps

20150011995 - Electrophysiology system and methods: An electrophysiology system comprises an ablation catheter, a radiofrequency generator, and a mapping processor. The ablation catheter has a tissue ablation electrode and a plurality of microelectrodes distributed about the circumference of the tissue ablation electrode and electrically isolated therefrom. The plurality of microelectrodes define a plurality of bipolar microelectrode... Agent:

20150011996 - Cut and seal instrument: A surgical system including a cartridge having a first tissue sealing electrode and a surgical instrument including a first jaw and a second jaw, wherein the first jaw comprises a second tissue sealing electrode facing the second jaw, and wherein the second jaw is configured to removably receive the cartridge... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20150011997 - Electrosurgical instrument having an arcuate electrode section: An electrosurgical instrument includes mutually movable instrument legs each comprising one or more electrode faces between which tissue can be clamped and treated in electrothermal manner. The movement of the instrument legs relative to each other can be delimited by at least two spacers which are spaced from each other... Agent:

20150011998 - Device and method for fixation for bone or soft tissue deformity of digits: A fixation device comprises a first clamping member having an adjustable clamping collar and a first curved support portion attached to the adjustable clamping collar. The first clamping member is adapted to receive a digit. The first curved support portion is adapted to support an inferior surface of a proximal... Agent:

20150011999 - Osteosynthesis clip and insertion tool for use with bone tissue fragments: An osteosynthesis clip for the cicatrization of bone tissue fragments and an insertion tool for inserting the clip are provided. The clip includes at least two engagement legs extending approximately parallel to one another and including respective distal bridging tips and respective proximal insertion tips to be inserted into the... Agent:

20150012000 - Tissue disruption device and corresponding methods: A tissue disruption device (10) for deployment via a rigid conduit (100) includes a rotary tissue disruptor (12) insertable along the conduit with its axis of rotation (14) parallel to the direction of conduit elongation (16). An angular displacement mechanism allows selective displacement of the rotary tissue disruptor (12) such... Agent:

20150012001 - Device for a patient-specific acetabulum reaming and cup positioning guide: A device for use in total hip arthroplasty surgery including a first guide member having a substantially semi-circular ring having a top surface and a bottom surface, a plurality of first guide legs protruding vertically downward from the lower surface of the semi-circular ring, the first guide legs including a... Agent: Inova Health System

20150012002 - Device for injecting high viscosity material: The device for injecting a high viscosity material into a cannula includes a body having a material-moving member disposed therewithin which separates the body into a first cavity adapted to receive an incompressible fluid and a second cavity adapted to receive a high viscosity material. A pressure applicator, including a... Agent:

20150012003 - Instrument for bending a bone fixation device: System, including apparatus and methods, for bending a bone fixation device, such as a bone plate during a surgical procedure. In some embodiments, the system may include an instrument having (a) a clamp with jaws and (b) a graspable handle portion that is manipulable while a bone plate is located... Agent:

20150012004 - Compression brace: A surgical device for pressing and retaining adjacent bones against one another comprising a compression brace and separate fasteners. The compression brace has at least two fastener retaining portions. Each fastener retaining portion has a fastener hole therethrough for receiving a fastener, such as a screw or pin. A pair... Agent:

20150012005 - Intraocular lens surgical system and method: Various systems, apparatuses, and processes may be used for intraocular lens surgery. In particular implementations, a system for intraocular lens surgery may include an intraocular lens insertion cartridge and an intraocular lens interface adapted to engage an intraocular lens for advancement through the intraocular lens insertion cartridge. The system may... Agent:

20150012006 - Anastomosis stapling/clipping devices, systems and methods: An apparatus for performing anastomosis procedures comprises of an end-effector to engage a lumen for attaching a tubular structure to said lumen to create a connective branch or an anastomosis. The apparatus includes a contractible and expandable member coupled to the end-effector to secure engagement of the end-effector with the... Agent:

20150012008 - Endoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary access system: The present disclosure provides an access system having a maneuverable catheter assembly configured for providing access to and navigating a desired vessel for subsequent treatment thereof. The access system includes an adjustable delivery handle assembly and an access catheter subassembly having a maneuverable access catheter configured to be delivered to... Agent:

20150012007 - Introducer-based bleed detection technique: An embodiment of a system is disclosed including an introducer usable to insert a catheter into a blood vessel of a patient. The introducer further includes a hollow sheath to receive the catheter when inserting the catheter into the blood vessel. In addition, the system includes a hollow sleeve to... Agent:

20150012009 - General uterine manipulator and system: A medical instrument configured to be inserted into a body cavity comprises a body comprises a first probe at a first end, the first probe comprising a first cylindrical portion with a first outer circumferential surface of a first diameter; a first circumferential edge at a distal end of the... Agent:

20150012011 - Interstital lung access using nested cannulas: A cannula configuration method involves a generation of a discretized configuration space of a three dimensional image of an anatomical region, the discretized configuration space including a free-space for navigation of a nested cannula within the anatomical region and a forbidden space unreachable by the nested cannula. The method further... Agent:

20150012010 - Robotic surgery: A robotic tool holder, including a housing, configured to be gripped by a human hand, and a wireless transmitter, located within the housing. The holder further includes a plurality of individual controls attached to the housing, the controls being configured, in a first mode of operation of the robotic tool... Agent:

20150012012 - System and method for extraction of hair follicle: Systems and methods for extracting hair follicle from underneath an external surface of the skin are provided. The systems may include a first member, a first fluid pathway, an inlet port and an outlet port. A portion of the first member may be configured to be moved beneath an external... Agent: Pilofocus, Inc.

20150012013 - System and method for extraction of hair follicle: Systems and methods for extracting hair follicle from underneath an external surface of the skin are provided. The systems may include a first member and a counter pressure device. The first member may define a first bore and may have a longitudinal axis. A portion of the first member may... Agent: Pilofocus, Inc.

20150012014 - Coupling member configured for use with surgical devices: A surgical apparatus is provided. The surgical apparatus includes a surgical actuating device including a shaft having supporting a first coupling member. The first coupling member includes one or more pairs of apertures. The reload includes a second coupling member including a locking assembly. The second coupling member includes a... Agent:

20150012015 - Suture anchor and related method: A method and apparatus for securing soft tissue to bone can include loading a suture through an eyelet of a suture anchor. The suture anchor can have a longitudinal axis and a distal tip. An anchor inserter assembly can be positioned in contact with the suture anchor. The anchor inserter... Agent: Biomet Sports Medicine, LLC

20150012016 - Suture passer: A suture passer for passing a suture through tissue during surgery includes a tissue grasper, a piercing member and a suture retriever. The tissue grasper has a first jaw with a first opening and a second jaw with a second opening. The first jaw and/or the second jaw is/are movable... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing, LLC

20150012017 - Self suturing trocar: A surgical incision suturing device particularly suited for minimally invasive surgical procedures comprising a suturing mechanism built into a trocar stern that enables a surgeon to stitch a patient by utilizing controls on the exposed top portion of the trocar.... Agent:

20150012018 - Medical devices containing dry spun non-wovens of poly-4-hydroxybutyrate and copolymers with anisotropic properties: Continuous processing methods are used for making absorbable polymeric non-wovens, with anisotropic properties, improved mechanical properties and without substantial loss of polymer molecular weight during processing. The method includes producing dry spun-non wovens from a polymer, and collecting the fibers using a rotating collector plate, preferably a rotating cylinder, to... Agent:

20150012019 - Segmented skirted surgical mesh: a segmented continuous skirt of surgical mesh comprising an outer edge and an inner edge which defines a central opening, the segmented continuous skirt of surgical mesh being secured to the base layer of surgical mesh at the outer edge of the continuous skirt of surgical mesh, and the segmented... Agent:

20150012020 - Gastric band securing device and gastric band comprising same: Provided are a gastric band securing device and a gastric band including the gastric band securing device which includes: a main body configured to be attached to a portion of a stomach; and a linking part having one end configured to be connected to the main body, and the other... Agent:

20150012021 - Freely-rotating minimally-invasive medical tool: The disclosure concerns a minimally-invasive medical instrument with a rotatable inner shaft mounting a medical tool. The medical tool may be, for example, a forceps, a grasper, a cutter or other medical tool useful for therapeutic or diagnostic procedures. The medical tool is desirably used in endoscopic, laparoscopic or other... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20150012022 - Power assisted lipoplasty: Devices with a motor that, when connected to a cannula, rotates the cannula while removing adipose tissue from a surgical site. The device provides a direct pathway, for aspirated adipose tissue, from a tip of the cannula to a location where tubing is attached to the device. The pathway does... Agent:

20150012024 - Medical instrument and method of cutting a tissue using the medical instrument: A medical instrument having an elongate frame with proximal and distal ends spaced in a lengthwise direction along a central axis. A working assembly at a distal region of the frame has a U-shaped portion defined by first and second legs meeting at a base. The U-shaped portion defines a... Agent:

20150012023 - Surgical endoscopic cutting device and method for its use: A surgical endoscopic cutting device includes cutting elements fitted in a protective tube. The device has an inlet for fluid, a discharge outlet for tissue and fluid, and a further outlet that discharges most of the fluid.... Agent:

20150012025 - Automatic handle assembly for scissors-shearing: An automatic handle assembly for scissors-shearing is a handy device for fixing a scissors to cut tissue, which comprises: a fixture portion including: a fix scissor handle having a proximal end and a distal end, the proximal end equipped with a fix tenon and the distal end equipped with a... Agent: Healthbanks Biotech Co., Ltd.

20150012026 - Lancet ejection and advancement mechanism for multi-lancet cartridge: A lancing device includes an advance-and-eject mechanism with a positioning member for manipulating a series of interconnected lancets. The advance-and-eject mechanism includes an actuator, a control channel, a cam-and-follower mechanism, one or more axial-contact members, and one or more angular-contact members. Actuating the actuator relative to the control channel imparts... Agent: Facet Technologies, LLC

20150012028 - Adjustable lancet device and method: Lancet device that includes a body. A front cover includes a skin engaging end that includes a lancet opening through which a lancet needle extends. A holding member is movably mounted within the body. The holding member includes a front end and a rear end. The front end is configured... Agent: Stat Medical Devices, Inc.

20150012029 - Lancet pricking device: A lancet pricking device comprises a lancet, a launching spring, a trigger part and a holder housing the lancet, launching spring and trigger part. The lancet comprises a lancet body, lancet cap and pricking needle. The pricking needle is in both the lancet body and lancet cap. The trigger part... Agent:

20150012027 - Lancing actuator: A lancing actuator (114) includes a drive element (118) for driving a lancing element, the drive element being guided within a housing (112), a combined compression and torsion element (120) which, by a relaxing movement thereof, is adapted to drive the lancing motion, a combined triggering and driving device (122)... Agent:

20150012030 - Trocar assembly with obturator design: An obturator for use in penetrating tissue includes an elongate member defining a longitudinal axis, and having a proximal end and a distal end, and a penetrating member adjacent the distal end of the elongate member. The penetrating member has a distal penetrating tip dimensioned to pass through tissue. The... Agent:

20150012031 - Intra-abdominal pressure to promote hemostasis and survival: Systems, methods and kits for treating hemorrhages within cavities are provided. The methods utilize the application of a rapid spike of pressure to the closed cavity, followed by a steady state pressure or pressures.... Agent:

20150012032 - Medical balloon with enhanced refolding properties: A medical balloon comprises a first end, a second end spaced apart from the first, and a generally cylindrical balloon wall extending therebetween to define an inflation chamber. The balloon wall is adapted for inflation from a first folded configuration having a first plurality of pleats to an expanded, unpleated... Agent:

20150012033 - Delivery and detachment systems and methods for vascular implants: A system for delivering an implant device to a vascular site in a patient a delivery pusher apparatus, an implant device detachably connected to the delivery pusher apparatus by a tether having a distal end connected to a proximal end of the implant device, wherein the tether is substantially non-tensioned... Agent: Sequent Medical, Inc.

20150012034 - Vein filter: A vessel filter movable between a collapsed position for delivery to the vessel and an expanded position for placement within the vessel, and having a filter portion having a converging region to direct particles toward the center. The filter portion converges into a tubular portion. The second region is flared... Agent: Rex Medical, L.p.

20150012035 - Nasal dilator and method of manufacture: A nasal dilator comprises a laminate of vertically stacked layers forming a unitary, or single body, truss where each layer includes at least one member. The truss features horizontal regions adapted to engage outer wall tissues of first and second nasal passages and to traverse the bridge of a nose... Agent: Corbett-lair, Inc.

20150012036 - Silicon fistula plug for intestinal fistula: The present invention is related to an apparatus to close and control the fistula especially in the enteroatmospheric fistulas occurred in surgical patients, characterized in that it comprises a silicon plug (1) that is made of silicon, and has a flexible, flat and circular shape; a2 connection part (2) that... Agent:

20150012037 - Pre-stressed pressure device: A pre-stressed pressure device for treating a wound or reduce scarring of a skin of a patient includes a substrate assembly having a first surface, a pressure member having a curve in a central portion, the pressure member being secured to the substrate assembly; a treatment device for exerting a... Agent: 3k Anesthesia Innovations LLP

20150012038 - Surgical filament snare assemblies: A surgical filament snare assembly including an anchor capable of being fixated in bone and having a filament engagement feature. A first filament has a noose with first and second noose limbs connected, preferably slidably connected, to the filament engagement feature of the anchor. The first and second noose limbs... Agent:

20150012039 - Posterior vertebral plating system: A posterior vertebral plating system comprising a plate and a plurality of attachment members. The plate has a plurality of holes extending through the plate from an upper surface to a lower surface, and the plate is configured to extend along the posterior side of at least two vertebrae adjacent... Agent:

20150012040 - Hybrid multifunctional posterior interspinous fusion device: This invention relates to an improved structure for an interspinous stabilization device that more evenly distributes loads throughout the adjacent vertebrae than known interspinous stabilization devices, and further readily compensates for graft settling so as to maintain continued axial loading of the graft. More specifically, this invention relates to a... Agent: The University Of Toledo

20150012041 - Spinous process implant and method of fixation: A spinous process fixation assembly and method for securing adjacent spinous processes. The assembly includes one or more lateral plates engageable with one or more insertion plates, respectively. The one or more lateral plates may include a material collection zone for insertion of biologic material prior to implantation. One lateral... Agent:

20150012042 - Orthopedic implantation device: An orthopedic implantation device that includes tulip element, a coupling wedge and a locking assembly, and a kit and method of use thereof are described herein. The coupling wedge is located in the bottom of the tulip element. The tulip element includes transverse slots for receiving the rod therein until... Agent: Institute For Musculoskeletal Science And Education, Ltd.

20150012043 - Spinal fixation system: A fastener assembly for a spinal fixation system that is particularly useful in treatment of pediatric and small-statured patients includes a fastener, an attachment member, and a locking member. The fastener has a lower portion for contacting a bone and an upper portion integral with the lower portion. The upper... Agent:

20150012046 - Anchoring member with safety ring: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a spinal osteosynthesis system comprising a connector, a connector member, a ring, and a bone anchor. The connector has an upper part disposed opposite of a lower part along a central axis. The upper part has a locking element and the lower part... Agent:

20150012044 - Method for stabilizing the spine: Spine stabilization systems and integrated rods are disclosed. One spine stabilization system disclosed has at least four bone anchors and a stabilization member attached to the bone anchors. The stabilization member has first and second elongate portions interconnected by a connector portion. The first and second elongate members extend longitudinally... Agent:

20150012045 - Spinal correction tensioning system: A vertebral column correction system for correcting a spinal deformity without fusing the joint segments is disclosed. The vertebral column correction system may have first and second vertebral anchors secured to first and second vertebrae. The vertebral column correction system may further comprise one or more intermediate vertebral anchors secured... Agent:

20150012047 - Medical equipment for anchoring and closing of cranial flap during neurosurgery of head: This invention relates to a medical equipment for anchoring and closing of cranial flap during neurosurgery of head comprising of a plurality of arms including at least one longer arm and several smaller arms made of biocompatible material.... Agent:

20150012048 - Steerable fastener for bone: Bone fixation system including methods, apparatus, and kits, for steering a leading end of a fastener within bone. In some embodiments, the system may include (a) a flexible fastener having an external thread, and (b) a guide including a graspable handle attached or attachable to a wire having a distal... Agent:

20150012049 - Pedicle screw extension for use in percutaneous spinal fixation: A bone screw extension assembly for use in placing a connecting rod percutaneously into tissue of a patient comprises a multi-axial bone screw and a screw extension releasably coupled to yoke of the bone screw. The screw extension includes coaxially disposed outer sleeve and inner sleeves that are rotatable relative... Agent:

20150012050 - Bone fusion device: A bone fusion device includes a first anchor for insertion into a hole formed in a first phalange, and a second anchor for insertion into a hole formed in a second phalange. A rod includes a handle and a distal end, with the distal end being associated with each of... Agent:

20150012051 - Method and apparatus for sacroiliac joint fixation: Disclosed is a fixation device for sacroiliac joint stabilization. The fixation device includes an elongated body comprising a bone anchor at a distal end. An axially moveable proximal anchor is carried by the proximal end of the fixation device. In one embodiment, the device is inserted through the ilium of... Agent: Interventional Spine, Inc.

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20150005748 - Articulating apparatus with shipping wedge: According to an aspect of the present disclosure, an endoscopic surgical device is provided. The surgical device includes a handle assembly including a drive mechanism actuatable by a trigger; and an endoscopic assembly including a proximal end portion extending from the handle assembly; a distal end portion pivotably connected to... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150005749 - Surgical sliding shaft instrument that can be dismantled: A dismantlable surgical sliding shaft instrument having a function shaft comprising a guide element, a slide element supported on the guide element in a sliding manner and having a coupling element, an undercut rail oriented along the sliding direction of the slide element and having a mounting opening at the... Agent: Waldemar Link Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150005751 - Cosmetic laser treatment device and method for loacalized lipodystrophies and flaccidity: A method and device for cosmetic surgery, especially fat reduction and collagen reformation, by means of a high power laser operating at about 980 nm is presented. The cosmetic surgery method substantially reduces or removes localized lipodystrophies, and essentially reduces flaccidity by localized laser heating of adipose tissue using an... Agent: Biolitec Pharma Marketing Ltd

20150005750 - Systems and methods for the treatment of eye conditions: Systems, methods, and devices used to treat eyelids, meibomian glands, ducts, and surrounding tissue are described herein. In some embodiments, an eye treatment device is disclosed, which includes a scleral shield positionable proximate an inner surface of an eyelid, the scleral shield being made of, or coated with, an energy-absorbing... Agent: Tear Film Innovations LLC

20150005752 - Ophthalmological laser treatment device: An evaluating unit which is adapted to determine a degree of an instantaneous overlap between an optical zone of the eye and the structure, or at least a part of the structure effecting refractive correction, based on a recorded image. By determining the degree of overlap between the instantaneous optical... Agent:

20150005753 - Medical tools with aspiration tips suitable for cataract surgeries and related methods: Devices and methods for cataract surgery include a tip with reciprocating door to chop, fragment or reduce size of large nuclear lens fragments and/or cortex fragments in a capsule bag to facilitate aspiration.... Agent:

20150005754 - Patient interface for ophthalmologic diagnostic and interventional procedures: A patient interface assembly for interfacing an ophthalmic intervention system with an eye of a patient includes a housing, an optical lens coupled to the housing, an eye engagement assembly coupled to the housing, the eye engagement assembly including an inner seal and an outer seal, and a tissue migration... Agent:

20150005755 - Laser system and method for the treatment of body tissue: A laser system for body tissue treatment has laser source, control device, scanner, and handpiece with treatment head transparent to the laser beam. An incoming laser beam section enters the treatment head longitudinally. The treatment head has a conical output surface with a minimum and a maximum surface radius and... Agent:

20150005756 - High intensity focused ultrasound enhanced by cavitation: A medical apparatus (600, 700, 800, 900) comprising a high intensity focused ultrasound system (602) configured for generating focused ultrasonic energy (612) for sonicating within a target volume (620) of a subject (601). The high intensity focused ultrasound comprises an ultrasonic transducer (606) with a controllable focus (618). The apparatus... Agent:

20150005757 - System for monitoring thermal ablation using radiofrequency echoes: Radiofrequency energy emitted from and reflected back toward a thermal ablation probe may be used to detect a gradual dissolution of a reflective interface between a tumor and surrounding healthy tissue as the ablation zone passes through this interface providing a real-time guidance with respect to the progress of ablation.... Agent:

20150005759 - Current delivery systems, apparatuses and methods: In part, the disclosure relates to an electromagnetic current displacement apparatus that includes one or more magnetic field sources and an alternating current source. The apparatus includes current delivery electrodes that may be part of a cuff, a hand held device, or individual electrode pads suitable for temporary fixation to... Agent: Cynosure, Inc.

20150005760 - Pulse generator: An electrosurgical instrument for use with an electrosurgical generator. The electrosurgical instrument incorporates a signal modificator having an input end electrically connected to the electrosurgical generator and an output end electrically connected to one or more electrodes of the electrosurgical instrument, where the signal modificator modifies a continuous signal from... Agent:

20150005758 - Real-time prediction of steam-pop events during ablation: A method for performing a medical procedure, includes, coupling a probe to tissue in an organ of a patient. Ablation energy is applied to the tissue using the probe. A model of an evolution of steam pressure in the tissue, caused by the ablation energy, as a function of time... Agent:

20150005761 - Electrosurgery probes with smoke and liquid evacuation: An electrosurgery probe comprises tip, mid-, and electrical contact segments. The mid-segment is a tube that is open at one end, closed at the other, and has an interior flow passage. An opening formed through the wall of the tube adjacent to the closed end of the mid-segment is in... Agent:

20150005762 - Apparatuses and methods for affixing electrodes to an intravascular balloon: A catheter includes an inflation balloon and at least one electrode. The inflation balloon is inflatable within a vessel. The at least one electrode extends around at least a portion of a periphery of the inflation balloon. The at least one electrode is expandable as the inflation balloon is inflated,... Agent:

20150005765 - Electro-surgical system, an electro-surgical device, and a method for operating an electro-surgical system: An electro-surgical system (100) with an optical feedback functionality for performing electro-surgery on tissue (200) of patient. An electro-surgical device (105) has an electrode portion (110) with an optical guide (114) integrated therein. An optical unit (160) performs optical characterization of tissue type and/or condition, and is arranged for performing... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150005763 - Guide catheter with an anchoring mechanism and method for introducing guide catheter: The invention relates to a guide catheter for inserting an applicator into body lumen along an insertion direction, including a guide sleeve, which encloses a lumen, furthermore including an anchoring mechanism, which is arranged and embodied to fasten the distal end of the guide sleeve on a wall delimiting the... Agent:

20150005767 - Low power tissue ablation system: Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for the ablation of tissue. Embodiments include an ablation catheter that has an array of ablation elements attached to a deployable carrier assembly. The carrier assembly can be constrained within the lumen of a catheter, and deployed to take on an expanded condition. The... Agent:

20150005764 - Medical devices for renal nerve ablation: Medical devices and methods for making and using the same are disclosed. An example medical device may include a medical device for renal nerve ablation. The medical device may include an elongate shaft having a distal region. An expandable member may be coupled to the distal region. A plurality of... Agent:

20150005766 - System and method for performing ablation using an expandable member: An apparatus comprises a catheter, a conductive element and a balloon. The catheter has a lumen. The conductive element is disposed along the catheter. The balloon has an interior in fluid communication with the lumen of the catheter. The balloon is formed of a conductive material conductively coupled to the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150005768 - Bipolar forceps with force measurement: Bipolar forceps of the type where each of the prongs has a manually engageable portion spaced from the tip for manual squeezing of the prongs and an electrical supply system for applying a high-frequency electric current between tool tips to dissect through tissue planes and/or seal blood vessels includes a... Agent:

20150005769 - Electrosurgical instrument and method: The invention relates to an electrosurgical instrument and a method for puncturing a wall of a body lumen. The electrosurgical instrument includes an elongate applicator shank which is guided, in a mobile manner, in a guide catheter, a distal applicator electrode and a catheter electrode, arranged on the guide catheter... Agent:

20150005770 - Bioabsorbable coatings of surgical devices: Methods of reducing device drag on implantable articles are disclosed herein. The methods include coating the contact surfaces of implantable articles with bioabsorbable lubricating coatings.... Agent:

20150005772 - Marking device and evaluating device for patellar resection: A device for marking bone such as a patella is anchored to one surface of the bone, whereby the contact with the surface defines the desired resection plane, and then a cautery or other marking device is used to mark the bone relative to this plane. The marking device is... Agent:

20150005771 - Ultrasonic cutting blade with cooling liquid conduction: An ultrasonic surgical tool comprises a substantially planar blade body having a pair of opposed lateral surfaces and a cutting edge. A shank integral on a distal side with the blade body is provided at a proximal side with a connector for operatively linking the blade to a source of... Agent:

20150005773 - Medical apparatus and method for attaching a suture to a bone: A method of forming a channel in a bone, the method comprising: providing a first bore in the bone; and forming, a second bore in the bone at a predefined angle from said first bore, using said first bore as a reference point for defining the location of the second... Agent:

20150005774 - Ultrasonic cutting blade with cooling liquid conduction: An ultrasonic surgical tool has probe body with an operative surface or edge contactable with organic tissues for performing a surgical operation on the tissues. A shank of the probe body is provided with a connector for operatively attaching the tool to a source of ultrasonic mechanical vibrational energy. The... Agent:

20150005775 - Ultrasonic cutting blade with cooling liquid conduction: An ultrasonic surgical blade has a blade body at a distal end and a shank at a proximal end, the shank being connectable at a proximal end to a source of ultrasonic mechanical vibrations. A sheath surround at least a portion of the shank. The sheath is configured to define... Agent:

20150005777 - Rasp: A rasp for shaping a bone is provided. The rasp includes a housing, a driving mechanism, a first gear assembly, two linkage units and two blades. The housing has a channel along a first axis. The driving mechanism has an output gear rotating about the first axis. The first gear... Agent:

20150005776 - Rasp holder fitted with a handle: Tool holder, in particular a milling cutter holder, which comprises a main body (1) with a substantially oblong cylindrical shape defining a channel in which a transmission (2) passes designed to transmit to the tool, in particular the milling cutter, a movement from the axis of a drive motor, and... Agent:

20150005778 - Bone cement applicator: A bone cement applicator for applying a bone cement to a bone surface is provided. The hone cement applicator includes a bone cement receiver, a first housing and a second housing. The bone cement receiver has a first opening to be connected with a bone cement supplier supplying the bone... Agent:

20150005779 - Surgical bone holding forceps with a drilling guide: The invention relates to surgical bone holding forceps provided with a drilling guide that allows for drilling parallel to the pointed jaws of the forceps clamped to a bone. Another aspect of the invention is the friction-based, stepless locking mechanism that retains the forceps arms in position with the jaws... Agent: Kyon Ag

20150005780 - Functional uterine manipulator: A uterine manipulator operable to detach the uterus and cervix from the vagina. The uterine manipulator includes an umbrella-like tip that creates a secure connection between the uterine manipulator and the uterus and cervix. The uterine manipulator also includes a pneumooccluder that enables rotation of the manipulator shaft while maintaining... Agent: The Brigham And Women's Hospital

20150005781 - Object capture device: A medical device for collecting objects from a body lumen comprises a catheter, a basket having a closed first end and an open second end, and an actuator connected to the closed first end of the basket, the catheter and basket moveable relative to one another between a first configuration... Agent:

20150005783 - Assembly kit for creating paddle-style lead from one or several percutaneous leads and method of lead implantation: In one embodiment, an assembly for conducting pulses from an implantable pulse generator, comprises: at least one percutaneous lead comprising terminals and at least two groups of electrodes, each group of electrodes possessing an intra-group electrode spacing; a frame member comprising first and second arms, the frame member comprising an... Agent:

20150005782 - Percutaneous implantation of an electrical stimulation lead for stimulating dorsal root ganglion: A method of implanting an electrical stimulation lead to stimulate a dorsal root ganglion includes providing an electrical stimulation lead having a distal end, a proximal end, a longitudinal length, electrodes disposed along the distal end of the lead, terminals disposed on the proximal end of the body, a plurality... Agent:

20150005784 - Device for supporting and positioning of a surgical instrument and/or an endoscope for use in minimal-invasive surgery and a surgical robotic system: The invention describes a mounting and positioning device of a surgical instrument and/or an endoscope for minimally-invasive surgery, in particular for use within a surgical robot system, comprising a first axis of rotation (3), around which a support element (4) is rotatably arranged, wherein the first axis of rotation (3)... Agent:

20150005786 - Surgical tool with a two degree of freedom wrist: Surgical tools having a two degree-of-freedom wrist, wrist articulation by linked tension members, mechanisms for transmitting torque through an angle, and minimally invasive surgical tools incorporating these features are disclosed. An elongate intermediate wrist member is pivotally coupled with a distal end of an instrument shaft so as to rotate... Agent:

20150005785 - System and method for detection and avoidance of collisions of robotically-controlled medical devices: A robotic catheter control system includes a collision detection logic configured to determine a collision metric indicative of a collision between a medical device that is manipulated by the robotic control system and an object. The object may be an anatomical feature or can be another medical device, including another... Agent:

20150005787 - Slick extractor: Slick Extractor is a hand held rechargeable extractor with a suction power designed to extract oil and other impurities like dirt and dust from the pores of the face and skin. This innovation, use the power of a mini motto to practically suck out dirt and oil from the pores... Agent:

20150005788 - Articulating apparatus for endoscopic procedures: According to an aspect of the present disclosure, an endoscopic surgical device is provided. The surgical device includes a handle assembly including a drive mechanism actuatable by a trigger; and an endoscopic assembly including a proximal end portion extending from the handle assembly; a distal end portion pivotably connected to... Agent:

20150005789 - Articulating apparatus for endoscopic procedures: According to an aspect of the present disclosure, an endoscopic surgical device is provided. The surgical device includes a handle assembly including a drive mechanism actuatable by a trigger; and an endoscopic assembly including a proximal end portion extending from the handle assembly; a distal end portion pivotably connected to... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150005790 - Articulating endoscopic surgical clip applier: An apparatus for application of surgical clips to body tissue is provided and includes a handle assembly and a shaft assembly. The handle assembly includes a drive assembly; and a trigger operatively connected to the drive assembly. The shaft assembly extends from the handle assembly and includes an articulating neck... Agent:

20150005791 - Atherectomy device having combined open/close drive shaft: An atherectomy device may include a handle having a rotational drive mechanism therein, a drive shaft operably coupled to the drive mechanism and having an abrasive element arranged at a distal end thereof, the drive shaft comprising a first portion and a second portion, wherein the first portion comprises a... Agent:

20150005792 - Manual thrombectomy device: Disclosed are manual thrombectomy devices having a plurality of elastic wires to form one or more cages and/or soft brushes connected to a lumen shaft along a longitudinal direction to easily detach thrombi from a vessel wall by manually rotating the lumen shaft right and left. And without any extra... Agent:

20150005793 - Devices and methods for removing cerumen from an ear: A device sized to be handled by a user for cleaning wax from an ear. The device includes a central handle that facilitates handling by the user. A first wire loop extends outward from the first end of the handle, and a second wire loop extends outward from the second... Agent:

20150005794 - Ophthalmic marking device: An ophthalmic marker having a U-shaped yoke (33) at one end of a cranked axle (42) is disclosed. The axle (42) is rotatable mounted with a co-axial cylindrical handle (31). The other end of the axle extends beyond the handle and is bifurcated. A plumb bob (38) having a sphere... Agent:

20150005796 - Sheath coupling member and associated instrument assembly: A coupling member for an ultrasonic instrument assembly has a tubular body with a first port at a first end and a second port at a second end opposite the first end. A lumen in the body member extends from the first end to the second end so that the... Agent:

20150005795 - Ultrasonic instrument and method for manufacturing same: An ultrasonic tool or instrument has a probe shaft with a linear proximal end portion and a linear distal end portion disposed at an angle relative to one another and joined at a bend in the shaft. A coupling is provided at a proximal end of the shaft for connecting... Agent:

20150005797 - Surgical support assembly: A surgical support apparatus is disclosed, including an elongate member, a first tissue penetrating member, and a second tissue penetrating member. The second tissue penetrating member includes two segments hingably attached to each other. A distal portion of the second segment of the second tissue penetrating member includes an engagement... Agent:

20150005798 - Anvil-mounted dissecting tip for surgical stapling device: A surgical stapling device including a handle assembly, an endoscopic portion and an end effector is disclosed. The endoscopic portion extends distally from the handle assembly and defines a first longitudinal axis. The end effector defines a second longitudinal axis and includes an anvil assembly and a cartridge assembly. The... Agent:

20150005800 - Implantable device for the treatment of hydrocephalus syndrome and the corresponding method: Implantable device (10) for the treatment of hydrocephalus syndrome in a patient, comprising movement means (11), implantable in the patient, designed to move the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the patient's skull in order to control the intracranial pressure (ICP); a pressure sensor (17) designed to detect the instant pressure (ICP,... Agent:

20150005799 - Renal nerve modulation balloon having improved robustness: A balloon for renal nerve modulation, the balloon comprising a polymer material forming a balloon wall having an interior surface and an exterior surface and flexible circuits adhesively bonded to the exterior surface of the balloon wall, wherein the exterior surface comprises laser induced microstructures on at least a portion... Agent:

20150005802 - Arrangement for implementing kissing balloons for simulating a bifurcated vessel, a kit, a method of manufacturing the arrangement and a catheter provided with a buffer volume: The invention relates to an arrangement (10) for implementing kissing balloons simulating a bifurcated vessel, comprising a first catheter (4) having a first inflatable balloon (6) at or near its distal portion, a second catheter (7) having a second inflatable balloon (7a) at or near its distal portion, wherein the... Agent:

20150005803 - Balloon catheter: A balloon catheter includes a proximal shaft, a distal shaft, an intermediate shaft positioned between the proximal shaft and the distal shaft, lumens that penetrate through the proximal shaft, the intermediate shaft, and the distal shaft and introduce and discharge a dilation fluid for a balloon, an inner tube shaft... Agent:

20150005801 - Microcatheter system: A system for use in a vascular procedure includes a guidewire dimensioned to remotely access a neurovascular space, a microcatheter for positioning over the guidewire, an interventional treatment element for passage within the catheter member of the microcatheter, and an outer guide positionable over the catheter member of the microcatheter... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150005804 - Expandable body device and method of use: Disclosed herein are medical devices comprising a single-lobed, thin-walled, expandable body (“ballstent” or “blockstent”) and a flexible, elongated delivery device (“delivery catheter”) and systems and methods of use for treating saccular vascular aneurysms and methods of use for occluding segments of blood vessels and other biological conduits. Expandable bodies comprising... Agent:

20150005805 - Uncinate process support for ethmoid infundibulum illumination: A dilation apparatus comprises an elongate member and a dilation assembly that is slidable along the elongate member. The dilation assembly comprises a platform and an inflatable dilator. The platform and the elongate member cooperate to absorb inflation forces from the dilator directed toward the longitudinal axis of the elongate... Agent:

20150005806 - Rhinoplasty appliance and method of forming the same: A rhinoplasty appliance is provided that may be custom-molded to a patient's nasal anatomy, including the nostrils, to maintain the corrected contour of the nostrils after rhinoplastic surgery. The rhinoplasty appliance may include a support wire; a first and second wire flanges; a first and second nostril insertion portions, each... Agent:

20150005811 - Expandable occlusion devices and methods of use: Devices and methods for occluding the left atrial appendage are disclosed herein. An occlusion device can include an expandable lattice structure having a proximal portion configured to be positioned at or near the ostium of the LAA, a distal portion configured to extend into an interior portion of the LAA,... Agent:

20150005808 - Medical device deployment system: Deployment systems and methods are provided herein for percutaneous transcatheter deployment of medical devices. A medical device deployment system includes a body member and a body locking member that is configured to cooperatively engage along a portion of the body member such that the body member is releasably coupleable to... Agent:

20150005807 - Occlusion device including bundle of occlusion wires having preformed shapes: An occlusion system includes a delivery catheter having an elongate body defining a delivery lumen, and an occlusion device including a bundle of elongate occlusion wires configured for simultaneous delivery through the delivery lumen. At least a portion of each of the occlusion wires includes a shape memory material and... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150005809 - Space filling devices: A device frame includes a plurality of elongate frame members, first and second hub members substantially aligned along a longitudinal axis of the device frame, and a coupling element that couples the first hub member to the second hub member. The device frame includes a face section, a laterally facing... Agent:

20150005810 - Space filling devices: An occlusive device includes a covering component configured to modulate passage of blood or thrombus therethrough, and an occlusion frame that includes a plurality of elongate occlusion frame members. The elongate occlusion frame members are arranged to form a generally disc-shaped member. The occlusion frame is at least partially covered... Agent:

20150005812 - External nasal dilator and methods: The present invention relates to external devices for dilating nasal passageways and to the manufacture thereof. More specifically, the external nasal dilator of the present invention usually comprises a resilient sheet, an adhesive layer, and an adhesive-protecting sheet. In some embodiments of the external nasal dilator, the resilient sheet defines... Agent:

20150005813 - Surgical instrument: The surgical instrument comprises a forceps tool (5) having a forceps base (21) and at least two forceps fingers (29) guided such that they can move relative to one another on the forceps base (21), and a manual actuation element for opening and closing the forceps element (5). The manual... Agent: Ruprecht-karls-universitat-heidelberg

20150005814 - Tweezers: Tweezers, in particular, cosmetic tweezers, include two legs extending in longitudinal direction. The two legs have connecting ends and free ends and are connected to one another at their connecting ends. The free ends form inner jaw surfaces shaped to hold an object therebetween. Both of the legs and the... Agent:

20150005815 - Wound plugs: A medical device for wound closure, including an elongate body with a plurality of portions and a perforated region disposed therebetween. The medical device may also include an alignment member. The wound plug may also have a first position for insertion, the portions being mechanically coupled to each other, and... Agent:

20150005816 - Apparatus and methods for sealing a vascular puncture: Apparatus and methods for sealing a puncture through tissue or otherwise treating a body lumen of a patient. The carrier includes at least one, but not all, of the adherent layer components required to form a tacky or sticky adherent layer on the carrier. The remaining adherent layer precursor(s) are... Agent: Incept LLC

20150005818 - Apparatus and method for attaching soft tissue to bone: Apparatuses for attaching tissue to bone are provided. In one exemplary embodiment, the apparatus includes an expandable body defining a bore, an expander pin having a shaft sized to be received in the bore of the expandable body, and an insertion shaft slidingly disposed in the bore of the expandable... Agent:

20150005817 - Method and apparatus for attaching soft tissue to bone: A method of connecting a suture to a bone including the steps of inserting at least one suture anchor into the bone, and disposing a suture loop about a crossbar of the suture anchor in such a way that when a proximally directed force is applied to the suture loop,... Agent:

20150005819 - Suture anchor: A suture anchor assembly includes an anchor body having a central longitudinal axis, a proximal end, a distal end, a passage extending along the central longitudinal axis from an opening at the proximal end through a portion of a length of the anchor body, and a helical thread that defines... Agent:

20150005820 - Suture anchor reload: A suture anchor loading system for loading a suture anchor on a suture. The suture anchor loading system includes a first portion and a second portion defining a suture anchor receptacle therebetween. A superstructure is configured to retain the first and the second portions together. The suture anchor can be... Agent:

20150005821 - Cervical plate fixation system: A bone fixation assembly comprises a plate having a top surface and a bottom surface and defining at least one bone screw bore, the bore including a circumferential rib situated between the top and bottom surfaces of the plate and at least one scallop interrupting the circumferential rib. A bone... Agent: Nexxt Spine, LLC

20150005822 - Transverse connector: A transverse connector system having a first and a second locking head, and a transverse rod that is secured by the first and second locking heads. The first and second locking heads are provided with a first and second pivot arm for engaging and securing first and second elongated rods.... Agent:

20150005823 - Systems and methods for flexible spinal stabilization: Devices, methods and systems for stabilizing at least a portion of the spinal column are provided. Anchors are engageable to vertebra and a stabilization member is engageable between the anchors. The stabilization member includes an elongate tension member and a compression member in a passage of the tension member.... Agent:

20150005824 - Ratcheted spinal devices: A spinal device (10) including a variable-length member (12) including a ratchet mechanism (14) that has an operative configuration that allows a change in length of the variable-length member (12) in one direction and prevents a change in length of the variable-length member (12) in an opposite direction, wherein the... Agent:

20150005825 - Element with a shank and a holding element connected to it for connecting to a rod: An element with a shank (1) and a holding element (2) connected to it for connecting to a rod (100) is provided, wherein the holding element (2) has a recess (3) having a U-shaped cross-section for receiving the rod (100) with two legs (4, 5) open at one end (6)... Agent:

20150005828 - Devices and methods for treating vertebral fractures: The present application is directed to devices and methods for treating vertebral fractures with one or more bone pins. In one embodiment of a method, a fractured vertebral body may he accessed through a pedicle portion and an opening may be created therethrough. One or more bone pins may be... Agent:

20150005826 - Instrument system for use with an interspinous implant: A surgical instrument system comprises surgical instruments for use with an implantable interspinous device having at least one pair of wings for securing the implantable device to a spinous process. The instrument system may include a surgical instrument for expanding or spreading the pair of wings to accommodate the spinous... Agent:

20150005827 - Method for operating on a spine by using a spinal fixation device: This invention relates to a method for operating on a spine, and more particularly to a method for operating on a spine by using a spinal fixation device which comprises the steps of (1) creating a hole on a vertebra; (2) placing said hollow fixation part joined with said cover... Agent: Spirit Spine Holding Corporation, Inc.

20150005829 - Spinous process device: A spinal device in which a plate is placed on both sides of the lamina spinous process. The plates include horizontal and diagonal slots through which anchoring screws may be placed and secured. The screws may pass through the base of the spinous process and lamina structure. The plates may... Agent:

20150005830 - Locking element for a polyaxial bone anchor, bone plate assembly and tool: A locking element is configured to be used with a polyaxial bone anchor, and is substantially cylindrical with a bottom side facing a head of the bone anchor, a top side opposite to the bottom side, and a surface portion with an external thread. The locking element has a first... Agent: Miami Device Solutions, LLC

20150005831 - Medial distal femur bone plate system: The current invention comprises a bone plate and method of use contoured to fit above the medial epicondyle that provides numerous apertures for fixation to the distal femur as desired with an offset screw design in shaft to allow location of screws around a nail or other feature and may... Agent:

20150005832 - Systems and methods for the fixation or fusion of bone: A stem-like bone fixation device allows for bony in-growth on its surface and across fracture fragments or between bones that are to be fused.... Agent:

20150005833 - Bone cutting screw: A bone fastener for use in orthopedic surgery for fixing an implant to bone includes a shaft and a head. The shaft is configured to drive into bone when rotated in a first direction. The head is formed on one end of the shaft and has proximal and distal sections.... Agent:

20150005834 - Implant anchoring device: An anchor for securing an implant within bone. In one embodiment, the anchor is used to aid in securing an acetabular cup within an acetabulum. The anchor may be implanted within an ischial defect of the pelvis, and is attached to an outer surface of the acetabular cup shell. The... Agent:

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20140378953 - Detachable end effectors: Methods and devices are provided for performing various procedures using interchangeable end effectors. In general, the methods and devices allow a surgeon to remotely and selectively attach various interchangeable surgical end effectors to a shaft located within a patient's body, thus allowing the surgeon to perform various procedures without the... Agent:

20140378952 - Sterile surgical tray: A sterile surgical tray includes structure for receiving a plurality of surgical instruments. The sterile surgical tray also may include electrical input and output connectors attached to tray.... Agent: Doheny Eye Institute

20140378954 - Devices having a laser for closing open wounds and for processing tissue of a human or animal body: The present invention relates to a device for closing an open, bleeding wound of an animal or human body. The invention further relates to a device for processing tissue of a human or animal body, for example, a device for producing a support in a vessel of the body. The... Agent:

20140378955 - Methods and systems to provide excluded defined zones for increasing accommodative amplitude: Systems and methods for increasing the amplitude of accommodation of an eye, changing the refractive power of lens material of a natural crystalline lens of the eye, and addressing presbyopia are is provided. Generally, there are provided methods and systems for delivering a laser beam to a lens of an... Agent: Lensar, Inc.

20140378956 - Selective conductive interstitial thermal therapy device: An apparatus and method for thermally destroying tumors. A tip has a plurality of deployable thermal conductive elements whose temperatures are individually controllable. This allows the shape of the thermal field to be controlled and for specific areas to be protected from excessive heat by cooling those specific areas while... Agent:

20140378957 - Unitary endoscopic vessel harvesting devices: Unitary endoscopic vessel harvesting devices are disclosed. In some embodiments, such devices may comprise an elongated body having a proximal end and a distal end. A conical tip may be disposed at the distal end of the elongated body. In addition, the surgical instrument may include one or more surgical... Agent:

20140378958 - Electrosurgical ablation apparatus: An electrosurgical ablation apparatus for generating and emitting electromagnetic radiation energy for ablating biological tissue is disclosed. The apparatus comprises an operating unit (1), a handheld applicator unit (3) with an applicator antenna (4) and a cable connection (2) between both. The applicator antenna (4) is a dual or multi-resonant... Agent:

20140378959 - Method and apparatus for treating subcutaneous histological features: A system and method for treating subcutaneous histological features without affecting adjacent tissues adversely employs microwave energy of selected power, frequency and duration to penetrate subcutaneous tissue and heat target areas with optimum doses to permanently affect the undesirable features. The frequency chosen preferentially interacts with the target as opposed... Agent:

20140378962 - Devices and methods for nerve modulation using localized indifferent electrodes: The disclosure pertains to an intravascular catheter for nerve modulation. The catheter includes an elongate member having a proximal end and a distal end, and an inflatable balloon secured adjacent to the distal end of the elongate member. The balloon includes an exterior surface and an interior surface defining a... Agent:

20140378960 - Electrosurgical instrument comprising a light guide: The instrument according to the invention for electrosurgically impacting biological tissue comprises an electrode (18) as well as a light guide (21), which is connected to a light inlet window (19), which is formed by means of a fluid body (27). The light guide is connected to a light analysis... Agent:

20140378961 - Surgical instrument with tissue recognition: An electrosurgical device for recognizing tissue by means of spectral analysis of the light generated at an electrode. An acoustic or optical indicator device displays the tissue type permanently or when detecting certain tissue. Indicators, in particular optical indicators, are arranged in the application field of view, so as to... Agent: Erbe Elektromedizin Gmbh

20140378965 - Electrosurgical electrode: An electrode for vaporising tissue comprises a head (26) supported by at least one externally insulated electrically conducting stem (27). The head (26) is typically a button electrode and is provided with a conductive portion (41) in which the surface of the button electrode is electrically conductive, and an insulated... Agent:

20140378969 - Electrosurgical instrument: An electrosurgical instrument is provided for the treatment of tissue, the instrument (3) including a shaft (14) and a tip portion including at least one electrode (16), located at the distal end of the shaft. A fluid impermeable sheath (25) covers at least a proportion of the shaft and extends... Agent:

20140378968 - Medical devices for renal nerve ablation: Medical devices and methods for making and using the same are disclosed. An example medical device may include a medical device for ablation procedures. The medical device may include an elongate shaft having a distal region. An expandable member may be coupled to the distal region. One or more active... Agent:

20140378967 - Medical devices for renal nerve ablation having rotatable shafts: A medical device for renal denervation may include a catheter shaft including an outer shaft having a lumen formed therein and an inner shaft extending within the lumen of the outer shaft. The catheter may further include an expandable member having a proximal region coupled to a distal region of... Agent:

20140378964 - Methods of sterilization and treating infection using irreversible electroporation: A method for treating an infection using irreversible electroporation is presented. The method includes providing an ablation device that has at least one electrode and inserting the ablation device into a target tissue of a patient. The tissue at least partially surrounds the implanted medical device. The outer surface of... Agent: Angiodynamics, Inc.

20140378966 - Renal denervation balloon catheter with ride along electrode support: A renal nerve ablation device may include an elongate tubular member having a distal region. An expandable member may be coupled to the distal region. An electrode support may be coupled to the distal region of the elongate tubular member and extend over a body of the expandable member. The... Agent:

20140378970 - Systems for treating a hollow anatomical structure: A working end of a catheter includes at least one therapeutic element, such as a resistive heating element, usable to deliver energy for ligating, or reducing the diameter of, a hollow anatomical structure. In certain examples, the catheter includes a lumen to accommodate a guide wire or to allow fluid... Agent:

20140378963 - Treatment of uterine fibroids by arterial ablation: Methods and apparatus for ablating blood vessels in treatment of uterine fibroids. A monopolar electrode provided on a needle probe is positioned in an artery supplying blood to a uterine fibroid. Energy is supplied to the electrode to ablate the artery. In this way, the uterine fibroid and the surrounding... Agent: Gyrus Acmi, Inc., D.b.a. Olympus Surgical Technologies America

20140378971 - Treatment device: A treatment device includes a first grip member having an elongated shape, and a second grip member which is displaced with respect to the first grip member to grip the biological tissue between the first grip member and the second grip member. The second grip member includes a grip section... Agent:

20140378972 - Dynamic external fixator and methods for use: An external fixation system and method for realigning, compressing or distracting broken bones has a planar ring element with an adjustable device having a body releasably mounted on the ring element. The adjustable device includes a first member for movement in a direction generally perpendicular to the ring element. A... Agent:

20140378973 - Implant system for bone fixation: An implant system for fixation of bone includes an intramedullary nail, an extramedullary plate, and a bone fastener. The intramedullary nail has a connecting opening defining a first axis and a transverse opening defining a second axis and is configured to receive the bone fastener. The bone fastener is configured... Agent: Stryker Trauma Gmbh

20140378974 - Bone fixation device: A bone fixation device for repairing a fracture of the proximal femur is disclosed. It includes a jack tube, a compression screw and a nail. The jack tube is an elongated tubular member having a base plate and a side wall defining central passageway. The base plate is arranged to... Agent:

20140378975 - Modular fracture fixation system: A fracture fixation plate system for use on a long bone having a metaphysis and a diaphysis, includes at least one end plate having a head portion for the metaphysis, and at least one diaphyseal plate having a first end and a second end with a plurality of screw holes... Agent: Biomet C.v.

20140378976 - Locking mechanism to secure ends of an implantable fabric: A locking mechanism for securing ends of an implantable fabric including a plate member having an aperture therethrough. A cam member is rotatable relative to the aperture between a locked state and an unlocked state. The implantable fabric is movable relative to the plate member when the cam member is... Agent: Biomet Microfixation, LLC

20140378977 - Minimally invasive device for surgical operations: The present invention is related to a minimally invasive device for surgical procedures which generally comprises at least a pair of assembly elements formed by a primary main body and a secondary main body joined together at their proximal and distal ends; a fastening element which is inserted in the... Agent:

20140379038 - System for anatomical reduction of bone fractures: The present application relates to a system (10) for anatomical reduction of bone fractures in which first and second manipulators (12, 14), and optionally a third manipulator (16), are attached to fragments of the fracture to be reduced by percutaneous attachment devices such as Schanz pins. An underlying processing system... Agent: University Of The West Of England, Bristol

20140378979 - Alignment guides with patient-specific anchoring elements: A method for preparing a bone of a joint during joint arthroplasty. The method includes mounting an alignment guide on the bone of a patient along an alignment direction. The method further includes anchoring the alignment guide into a cartilage of the bone using a plurality of patient-specific anchoring elements... Agent:

20140378978 - Arthroplasty jigs with mating accuracy: Disclosed herein is a method of defining a mating surface in a first side of an arthroplasty jig. The mating surface is configured to matingly receive and contact a corresponding patient surface including at least one of a bone surface and a cartilage surface. The first side is oriented towards... Agent: Otismed Corporation

20140378980 - Cortical rim-supporting interbody device: A central inflatable distractor and a perimeter balloon are inserted into the disc space in uninflated configurations. The central inflatable distractor is then expanded, thereby distracting the vertebral endplates to the controlled height of the central inflatable distractor. The perimeter balloon is then inflated with a curable substance. The perimeter... Agent:

20140378982 - Device and method for hip distention and access: A device for accessing and distending a joint comprises a distraction structure having a generally tapered distal portion adapted to penetrate a tissue region and create an access space within a joint. The distraction structure also includes a lumen extending from a proximal surface to a distal portion. The device... Agent:

20140378983 - Distractor with removable footplates: A bone distractor assembly configured to distract first and second bone segments on opposite sides of a bone gap is provided. In one embodiment the distractor assembly includes a distractor having a first coupler and a second coupler, a first footplate releasably coupled to the first coupler, a second footplate... Agent:

20140378981 - Method and apparatus for distracting a joint, including the provision and use of a novel fluid joint spacer: A fluid joint spacer comprising a body having means for receiving a pressurized fluid from an external source and applying that pressurized fluid against a joint element so as to create a flowing fluid bearing within the joint.... Agent: Pivot Medical, Inc.

20140378984 - Alignment guide with spirit level: An alignment guide is described that includes a shaft having a longitudinal axis and a housing attachable to the shaft and rotatable about a first axis that is substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. A guide arm the extends from the housing at a predetermined angle along a second axis.... Agent:

20140378985 - Anchored cannula: An apparatus and method for an anchoring cannula including a first cannula having a proximal end, a distal end, a longitudinal axis and a lumen extending from the proximal end to the oppositely disposed distal end along the longitudinal axis. A second cannula is concentrically arranged within the lumen of... Agent:

20140378987 - Device for holding folding and injecting an intraocular lens: An injector (1) for folding and injecting into the eye of a patient a flexible intraocular lens, the injector comprising an assembly of an injection nozzle (202), a lens compartment that holds an unfolded flexible intraocular lens (400) and is in communication with the injection nozzle, an injector body (3)... Agent:

20140378986 - Foot pedal system and apparatus: A phacoemulsification system and method, and a foot pedal device, system and method. The devices, systems and methods may include a console comprising a plurality of modes for at least one physically associated surgical instrument, and a foot pedal communicatively associated with said console and suitable for varying ones of... Agent:

20140378989 - Resection devices and related methods of deployment: A medical/surgical device for performing tissue resection can include an endoscope with proximal and distal ends, defining working channels, and a snare assembly located in one of the working channels. The working channel may include a bend near the distal end and towards the outward radial wall of the endoscope.... Agent:

20140378988 - Supported retrieval device and related methods of use: A medical device for manipulating a tissue is disclosed. The device includes an elongate shaft having a proximal end, a distal end, and a first lumen between the proximal end and the distal end, which has an opening in communication with the first lumen. The elongate shaft further includes a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140378990 - Apparatus for conducting an episiotomy and method of using the same: An episiotomy scissors (2) for use in conducting an episiotomy on a subject is provided, the scissors comprising a pair of pivotably connected scissor members; (4a, 4b) each scissor member comprising a handle (6a, 6b) extending in a proximal direction from the pivot connection and a blade (8a, 8b) extending... Agent:

20140378992 - Coupling system between a medical device and its implantation accessory: An assembly includes a medical device provided with an anchoring member adapted to penetrate tissue of a cavity of the heart. The assembly further includes an implantation accessory including an elongated tubular element provided with a fastening mechanism for handling and guiding the medical device to an implantation site. The... Agent:

20140378991 - Intracardiac capsule and an implantation accessory for use with the femoral artery: An assembly including an autonomous capsule having an anchoring member adapted to penetrate tissue of the heart and an accessory for implantation of the capsule. The accessory includes a steerable catheter with an inner lumen, having at its distal end a tubular protection tip defining a volume for housing the... Agent:

20140378993 - Rigid stiffener-reinforced flexible neural probes, and methods of fabrication using wicking channel-distributed adhesives and tissue insertion and extraction: A stiffener-reinforced microelectrode array probe and fabrication method using wicking channel-distributed adhesives which temporarily adheres a flexible device onto a rigid stiffener for insertion and extraction. Assembly is by dispensing a liquid adhesive into a narrow open groove wicking channel formed on the stiffener so that the adhesive is wicked... Agent:

20140378995 - Method and system for analyzing a task trajectory: A computer-implemented method of analyzing a sample task trajectory including obtaining, with one or more computers, position information of an instrument in the sample task trajectory, obtaining, with the one or more computers, pose information of the instrument in the sample task trajectory, comparing, with the one or more computers,... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140378999 - Methods for performing invasive medical procedures using a surgical robot: Embodiments are directed to a medical robot system including a robot coupled to an end-effectuator element with the robot configured to control movement and positioning of the end-effectuator in relation to the patient. One embodiment is a method for removing bone with a robot system comprising: taking a two-dimensional slice... Agent:

20140379000 - Methods for performing invasive medical procedures using a surgical robot: An instrument that facilitates bending with large degrees of articulation while maintaining ease of manufacturing for medical and surgical applications is discussed.... Agent:

20140378994 - Spherical linkage type surgical robotic arm: In order to reduce the calculation in robotic arm allocation, the invention provides a spherical linkage type surgical robotic arm, which includes a first curved bar having a first axis center and a second axis center, a second curved bar being equal to the first curved bar in length and... Agent:

20140378996 - Support coupling for surgical instrument: A coupling attachment includes a sleeve configured to at least partially surround a shaft or one or more other portions of a surgical instrument, such as a laparoscopic, during a surgical procedure. A grip is attached to the sleeve and used to hold the coupling steadily during the procedure.... Agent:

20140378997 - Surgical trajectory alignment device: A surgical trajectory alignment device is disclosed, including an alignment trajectory guide holding portion shaped to receive and secure an alignment trajectory guide along a longitudinal patient entry axis, the longitudinal patient entry axis falling within a plane. The surgical trajectory alignment device further includes a first alignment trajectory guide... Agent:

20140378998 - Twin forceps for single access laparoscopy: The patent is relative to a new instrument for single access laparoscopy that tries to overcome the limits of the present instrumentation used in this technique, that usually allows to use only one forceps, which does not allow to keep the tissues tenses to work with the surgical instrument. To... Agent:

20140379001 - Methods of using applicator instruments for securing prosthetic devices to tissue: A method of securing a prosthetic device to tissue includes providing an applicator instrument including a housing, a shaft, surgical fasteners, a firing rod for dispensing the surgical fasteners from the shaft, a trigger, and an energy storing element. The method includes positioning a prosthetic device over tissue, juxtaposing a... Agent:

20140379002 - Apparatus and method for heart valve repair: A method of gathering tissue of a heart valve leaflet 2 may include inserting an elongated catheter assembly 12 to a position adjacent the heart valve leaflet, the catheter assembly including a capture tool 22 and a tissue support member 30. The capture tool 22 and the tissue support member... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20140379004 - Hemostasis device with one way trap: A tissue clipping device includes (a) a first body extending from a proximal end to a distal end and including a first channel extending therethrough and (b) a plurality of first arm elements, each of the plurality of first arm elements extending radially into the first channel from a first... Agent:

20140379003 - Surgical clip applier: A clip applier of handle and cartridge for applying clips in surgical procedures with handle preferably a scissors type defined by a housing of shell members containing a cam operated linear translator actuated by handle levers, an anti-backup mechanism limiting handle lever movement to full pull and release strokes while... Agent:

20140379007 - Implantable hernia prosthesis with an uninterrupted ring: The implantable hernia prosthesis of the present invention comprises at least one piece of mesh (1) arranged to cover at least a portion of the hernia, at least one support element (2) attached to said piece of mesh (1), said support element (2) comprising at least one resilient, deformable biasing... Agent:

20140379005 - Monolithic three-dimensional prosthesis for the treatment of hernias and manufacturing method: Prosthesis to treat hernia, can include a single mesh sheet having biocompatible fibers. It has a flat portion, an unstiffened protuberance formed from the flat portion, and an opening in the flat portion formed by the protuberance having a first diameter. The protuberance includes a proximal portion closest to the... Agent: Herniamesh S.r.l.

20140379006 - Percutaneous valve repair by reshaping and resizing right ventricle: The present teachings provide devices and methods of treating a tricuspid valve regurgitation. Specifically, one aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods for reshaping and resizing the right ventricle by reducing the distances between two papillary muscles. Another aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods for... Agent:

20140379008 - Soft tissue attachment device: Methods and devices are disclosed for the attachment of a soft tissue structure (e.g., tendon or ligament) to bone or a prosthetic implant. In one form, the device includes a clamp having a convex tissue engaging surface. A fastener compresses the soft tissue between the tissue engaging surface and the... Agent:

20140379009 - Implantable nerve conduit having a polymer fiber spiral guidance channel: A nerve guidance conduit includes a spiral structured porous sheet decorated with channels on its surface and electrospun nanofibers in a parallel alignment with the channels and an outer tubular structure including randomly-oriented nanofibers. Such a structure provides augmented surface areas for providing directional guidance and augmented surfaces for enhancing... Agent: The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technology

20140379010 - Graft apparatus: Stents and methods of using stents are provided. Stents of the invention provide external support structure for a blood vessel segment disposed within, wherein the stents are capable of resilient radial expansion in a manner mimicking the compliance properties of an artery. The stent may be formed of a knitted... Agent:

20140379011 - Magnetic compression anastomosis device: An apparatus for joining organ wall portions of first and second hollow organs, including first and second connectors, wherein the first and second connectors are magnetically attracted to one another. A device for delivering and deploying the first and second connectors to portions of the first and second hollow organs... Agent:

20140379012 - Introducer sheaths, thrombus collection devices, and associated methods: A sheath comprises an elastomeric tube having a self-expanding scaffold coupled to a wall. The scaffold can expand to a diameter larger than the tube diameter to provide an enlarged distal opening. An aspiration catheter has a balloon and an aspiration port so that occlusive material can be removed from... Agent:

20140379013 - Excision device and air-bubble detecting method: An excision device configured to excise living tissue by ejecting liquid includes: a supplying unit configured to supply liquid to be ejected; a chamber configured to be filled with the supplied liquid; an ejection nozzle connected to the chamber; a drive member configured to be deformed in the direction to... Agent:

20140379014 - Endoscopic instrument: Endoscopic instrument having a proximal end, a distal end, a longitudinal direction along which the endoscopic instrument extends from the proximal end to the distal end, an end effector on the distal end, which end effector has a first end effector part and a second end effector part, a connecting... Agent:

20140379015 - Tubular cutter device and methods for cutting and removing strips of tissue from the body of a patient: Methods and devices for cutting strips of tissue from masses of tissue inside or outside of the bodies of human or animal subjects. The device generally comprises a) an elongate cutting tube that has a distal end and a lumen that opens through an opening in the distal end and... Agent:

20140379016 - Lancing device: A lancing device, including a main body and a head detachably connected to the main body. The main body includes a main sleeve, a guide sleeve fastened and inserted in the main sleeve, an inner core slidably installed in the guide sleeve, a tail cap component connected with the rear... Agent:

20140379018 - Medical devices with detachable pivotable jaws: Medical systems, devices and methods are provided for engaging tissue, e.g. for clipping tissue, closing a perforation or performing hemostasis. Generally, the medical system including a housing, first and second jaws rotatable relative to the housing, a driver, and an elongate drive wire. The elongate drive wire may be disconnected... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140379017 - Steerable medical puncture instrument: The invention is directed to a steerable mandrel comprising a stationary part and a movable part. The stationary part comprises a tubular sleeve having a mantle wall with a longitudinal semi-circumferential opening or weakening, which divides the stationary part into a proximal portion located on a proximal side of the... Agent:

20140379020 - Left atrial appendage occlusive devices: An occlusive device for left atrial appendage occlusion that has a membrane component configured to inhibit passage of blood and an expandable frame formed from a plurality of wires having a cupped occlusive component at least partially covered with the membrane component, one or more anchors with looped ends and... Agent:

20140379019 - Occlusive devices: An occlusive device includes a frame element having a distal end and a proximal end, and a delivery configuration and a deployed configuration. The occlusive device also includes an occlusive face having a peripheral edge, where the occlusive face positioned toward the proximal end of the frame element. The occlusive... Agent:

20140379021 - Apparatus and method for treating bleeding arising from left atrial appendage: Bleeding arising from the left atrial appendage (LAA) can have fatal consequences because it can result in cardiac tamponade. The present invention provides apparatuses and methods for treating and preventing bleeding arising from the LAA, at the pre-hemorrhage and post-hemorrhage stages. In particular, catheters having inflatable catheter balloons are advanced... Agent:

20140379022 - Implant device with stablizer: Devices and methods are described that can be used to treat various maladies, such as pulmonary vein stenosis hypertension and/or atrial fibrillation. The device may be an implant device having at least one ring and a stabilizer element. In some embodiments, the device can include two or more rings separated... Agent:

20140379023 - Clot capture systems and associated methods: A clot capture system for disengaging a clot 2001 from a vessel wall 2002 and removing the clot 2001 from the vessel 202, comprises a clot capture device 2140 for placement on a distal side of a clot 2001. The clot capture device 2140 has a retracted delivery configuration and... Agent:

20140379024 - Systems and techniques for tissue manipulation during ocular surgery: Tissue manipulation during ocular surgery may be achieved by a variety of systems and techniques. In particular implementations, a system may include spaced apart levers, hinge members, a grasping mechanism, and a guide mechanism located between the levers. A first hinge member may extend from one of the levers to... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140379026 - Devices and method for treating wounds: A healing device for sealing multiple fistulas, large-opening fistulas, and other wounds and for promoting tissue growth is coupled to tissue surrounding a first tissue opening. The healing device includes a first sealing member placed on a first surface of the tissue over the tissue opening. The healing device also... Agent: Curaseal Inc.

20140379025 - Enteroatmospheric fistula treatment devices and methods: An implantable device covers and seals an enteroatmospheric fistula or other short-tract opening in tissue and assists in healing the fistula. The implantable device may include a cap that is configured to be positioned on a first side of the tissue and to substantially cover a first opening of the... Agent: Curaseal Inc.

20140379027 - Suturing construct with spliced tails: A surgical construct having a flexible strand with a middle region and at least two opposing tail regions that are spliced to form a single tail. The middle region has a first diameter and the opposing tail regions have a second diameter, which is smaller than the first diameter. The... Agent:

20140379028 - Suture anchor and associated systems and methods: Exemplary embodiments of a suture anchor are provided that generally include a suture anchor body including a securing structure for securing the suture anchor in tissue or bone. The suture anchor body includes an internal cavity configured and dimensioned to receive therein a suture and a locking pin. Exemplary embodiments... Agent:

20140379029 - Transverse connector: A transverse connector system having a first and a second locking element. The present invention also provides transverse rod having opposing first and second ends, the first end being retained within a portion of the first locking element and the second end being retained within a portion of the second... Agent:

20140379030 - Dynamic spinal stabilization assemblies, tool set and method: A hinged bone screw and tool set is used for implanting such bone screws in a human spine, followed by the implantation of a longitudinal connecting member into the bone screws. The hinged bone screw includes a shank with an upper portion and a receiver with integral arms forming a... Agent:

20140379031 - Bone anchoring device and stabilization device for bone parts or vertebrae comprising such a bone anchoring device: A stabilization device for bone parts or vertebrae includes two bone anchoring devices for anchoring in the bone parts or vertebrae. At least one of the bone anchoring devices includes an anchoring element with an anchoring section for anchoring in a bone part or a vertebra and a head, and... Agent: Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140379033 - Growth directed vertebral fixation system with distractible connector(s) and apical control: Growth directed correction of a spine via apical vertebral control includes securing a correction system to a first vertebra and a second vertebra of the spine, the correction system defining a correction axis extending between the first and second vertebra and securing the correction system to a third vertebra intermediate... Agent:

20140379034 - Revisable anterior cervical plating system: An improved anterior cervical plating system and methods of cervical fusion using such a system are provided. The cervical plating system includes an interlocking mechanism that integrated into each of the plates such that any two plates may cooperatively engage through the interlocking mechanism such that a new cervical plate... Agent:

20140379035 - Spinal correction and secondary stabilization: Methods of correcting a spinal deformity include securing a first rod on a first side of a spine, securing a second rod on a second side of the spine, and securing a lateral coupling between the first rod and the second rod to facilitate derotation and translation of the spinal... Agent:

20140379032 - Spinal implant system and method: A method for treating a spine comprises the steps of: percutaneously delivering a first fastener along a pedicle trajectory disposed in alignment with a first vertebral level of vertebrae; fastening the first fastener with the first vertebral level adjacent a lateral portion of the vertebrae; percutaneously delivering a first spinal... Agent:

20140379036 - Fixation plate for use in the lapidus approach: The present disclosure generally relates to fixation plates for use in correcting Hallux Valgus deformities under the Lapidus approach. The plate includes holes defined therethrough in such a way to facilitate multiplanar stability across the metatarsocuneiform joint. The plate is further sized and shaped to approximate the natural anatomic contour... Agent: Amei Technologies, Inc.

20140379037 - Bone screw system and devices providing sacroiliac stabilization: A related bone screw system may include a threaded base configured to be screwed into a bone, and a first head carried by the threaded base and defining a first channel therein. The first channel may be configured to receive a first support rod, and the first head may have... Agent:

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