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11/13/2014 > 93 patent applications in 60 patent subcategories.

20140336625 - Preoperative toric axis corneal marker: Preoperative toric axis corneal marker useful for delimiting the correct position of an intraocular lens, implanting an intraestromal ring in a patient's eye, performing a limbal relaxing incision or any other type of intervention requiring a precise marking prior to an intervention on the cornea, wherein the marker incorporates an... Agent:

20140336626 - Medical assembly using short pulse fiber laser: A method of ablating a solid substance within a mammalian body is presented. The method includes generating a superheated zone within the body using a fiber lasing assembly that emits pulses at a pulse repetition rate of 1 kHz to 500 kHz, where each pulse has a wavelength from 1.7... Agent:

20140336627 - Apparatus and method for measuring an optical break-through in a tissue: The invention relates to a device for measuring an optical penetration that is triggered in a tissue underneath the tissue surface by means of therapeutic laser radiation which a laser-surgical device concentrates in a treatment focus located in said tissue. The inventive device is provided with a detection beam path... Agent:

20140336628 - Surgical instrument with jaw opening assist feature: An apparatus for operating on tissue includes an end effector, an actuator, and a spring assembly. The end effector includes a first jaw and a second jaw that pivots relative to the first jaw from an open position to a closed position. The actuator is coupled with the second jaw... Agent:

20140336629 - Surgical instrument with translating compliant jaw closure feature: An apparatus for operating on tissue comprises a body, an elongate shaft, an end effector, a compression member, and a firing beam. The end effector has a pair of jaws configured to open and close along a first plane. The end effector is capable of delivering RF energy to the... Agent:

20140336631 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for achieving intravascular, thermally-induced renal neuromodulation: Apparatus, systems, and methods for achieving thermally-induced renal neuromodulation by intravascular access are disclosed herein. One aspect of the present application, for example, is directed to apparatuses, systems, and methods that incorporate a treatment device comprising an elongated shaft. The elongated shaft is sized and configured to deliver a thermal... Agent: Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.l.

20140336633 - Electrosurgical generator: An electrosurgical system is provided. The electrosurgical system includes an electrosurgical generator adapted to supply electrosurgical energy to tissue. A power source operably couples to the electrosurgical generator and is configured to deliver power to one or more types of loads connected to the electrosurgical generator. The electrosurgical generator includes... Agent:

20140336630 - Electrosurgical systems and methods: System and methods of an electrosurgical controller having multiple modes of operation that are configured for treatment of a specific targeted tissue type and the electrosurgical effect desired where the treatment and effect are provided by a single controller and an electrosurgical probe. The electrosurgical controller includes an integrated fluid... Agent:

20140336632 - Tissue ablation systems and method: Tissue is treated using a radiofrequency power supply connected to an applicator having a chamber filled with an electrically non-conductive gas surrounded by a thin dielectric wall. A radiofrequency voltage is applied at a level sufficient to ionize the gas into a plasma and to capacitively couple the ionized plasma... Agent:

20140336634 - Multifunctional attachment for electrocautery surgical device: A multifunctional surgical device particularly for use during electro cauterization for irrigation, and/or smoke and/or fluid evacuation as required. The device comprises a working hub incorporating an elongated tube and including a vacuum port disposed through an exterior wall of the hub, the port being fluidly connectable to a source... Agent: New Wave Surgical Corp.

20140336639 - Ablation probe with flared electrodes: An ablation device includes a cannula having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen extending between the proximal and the distal ends, and a first array of electrodes at least partially disposed within the lumen, the first array of electrodes slidable relative to the cannula, each of the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140336640 - Catheter with multiple irrigated electrodes and a force sensor: A probe, including an insertion tube and an electrode mounted on a distal end of the insertion tube. A force sensor is mounted in the distal end of the insertion tube. The force sensor has a central opening and is configured to measure a force on the distal end. The... Agent:

20140336642 - Electrosurgical electrode and method of manufacturing same: An electrosurgical device coated an epoxy modified rigid silicone powder coating which includes a solvent-free hydroxyl functional solid phenyl silicone resin in the range of about 40% to about 60% parts per weight of the coating; a calcium metasilicate in the range of about 20% to about 40% parts per... Agent:

20140336636 - Flexible circuit for delivery through a working channel: Methods, systems, and devices for providing treatment to a target site are described. The system may include a guide assembly, an expandable support device coupled with the distal end of the guide assembly, and an operative member disposed on the expandable support device. The expandable support device may be configured... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140336638 - Methods for renal neuromodulation: Methods and apparatus are provided for renal neuromodulation using a pulsed electric field to effectuate electroporation or electrofusion. It is expected that renal neuromodulation (e.g., denervation) may, among other things, reduce expansion of an acute myocardial infarction, reduce or prevent the onset of morphological changes that are affiliated with congestive... Agent: Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.i.

20140336635 - Surgical forceps: A surgical forceps includes a first shaft member including a proximal portion having a handle at a proximal end thereof and a distal portion having a jaw member at a distal end thereof. The proximal and distal portions are pivotable between an aligned position and an angled position. A second... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140336641 - Surgical instruments including mems devices: Surgical instruments are disclosed that are couplable to or have an end effector or a disposable loading unit with an end effector, and at least one micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) device operatively connected to the surgical instrument for at least one of sensing a condition, measuring a parameter and controlling the... Agent:

20140336637 - Systems and methods for temperature monitoring and control during an ablation procedure: A medical system configured for nerve modulation can include an elongate shaft, having a distal end region and a proximal end region is disclosed. Adjacent the distal end region an ablation electrode can be disposed. The system can further include a first optical fiber, having a proximal end and a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140336644 - Neutral electrode device, electrosurgical instrument comprising a corresponding neutral electrode device: In surgery using monopolar HF, there is a constant risk of patients suffering burns at the neutral electrode. Said problem stems from the fact that numerous methods have been devised by which relatively high HF currents are applied for extended periods of time. The present invention solves said problem by... Agent:

20140336643 - Tissue resecting devices and methods: A tissue-resecting probe includes an elongated outer sleeve extending about an axis to a distal housing having a first window for receiving tissue. An edge of the first window has a dielectric surface. A rotatable inner sleeve has a second window, and at least a portion of an edge of... Agent: Arqos Surgical, Inc.

20140336645 - Forceps with continuous latch: An article comprising: a housing comprising: i. a barrel portion, wherein a shaft capable of unidirectional or bidirectional movement is disposed within the barrel portion; wherein the shaft comprises a proximal end and a distal end; and wherein a pair of jaws is located at the distal end of the... Agent:

20140336646 - Operation apparatus: A high-frequency operation apparatus includes a grasping portion for grasping a treatment target living tissue, an electrode for supplying a high-frequency current to the living tissue, a high-frequency current supplying section that generates the high-frequency current necessary for treatment, a cable section that transmits the high-frequency current, an impedance measuring... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140336647 - Skull clamp system with pressure limited and alarm systems: The skull clamp system with pressure limiting and alarm systems includes at least one and preferably multiple inwardly power driven immobilizing pins adjustably engaging the skull of a patient. The pin power drive systems includes at least one sensor capable of sensing the degree of back pressure on the pin... Agent:

20140336648 - Adjustable dynamic external fixator: Dynamic external fixator comprising a pair of rods (1) made of a radiolucent material, each rod (1) comprising a base (10), preferably with an opening (13), a stem (11) extending from the base (10), with a sliding groove (14) extending along a longitudinal axis of the stem (11); and stopping... Agent: Hopitaux Universitaires De Geneve

20140336650 - External fixator: A fixator for use in the reconstruction of acute, chronic and traumatic injuries to the upper and lower extremities. The fixator has a unique clamping system that allows for the snapping in of pins and rails, and for multi-planar fixation of bones.... Agent:

20140336649 - Fixation clamp: A fixation clamp for use in an external fixation system for holding bone fragments adjacent to each other with the help of fixation elements, has of at least one clamping assembly having at least one reception provided by means of grooves to accommodate a fixation element along the longitudinal axis... Agent:

20140336651 - Suture distal locking: A system for locking an intramedullary nail to a bone includes a first plate sized and shaped to be inserted through a channel of an intramedullary nail and dimensioned to prevent its passing through a locking hole of the intramedullary nail and a second plate sized and shaped to be... Agent:

20140336652 - Spinal implant, instrument for preparation and method of use: The present disclosure relates to the field of spine disc implants. Exemplary embodiments of the disclosed spinal disc implants advantageously and ultimately provide fusion with the body of the vertebra and stabilization of the spine in an anatomically correct position, e.g., in cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar regions. More particularly, the... Agent: Fbc Device Aps

20140336653 - Articulated bone drill and tap: Technologies related to articulated bone drill and articulated bone tap apparatus are generally described. In some examples, articulated bone drills and taps may comprise bendable spines, movable bits, and flexible cylindrical tap or drill sleeves. The movable bit may be engaged at a distal end of the spine, and tensioning... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140336654 - Surgical instruments and methods of use: One embodiment of the present invention includes a surgical instrument including an instrument body including a shaft having a distal end, a proximal end and a length therebetween; and a bushing having a length, wherein at least a portion of the length of the bushing includes a spring portion including... Agent:

20140336655 - Hook shaped ultrasonic cutting blade: An ultrasonic surgical blade has a blade body and a shank. The shank is fixed at one end to the blade body and is operatively connectable at an opposite end to a source of ultrasonic vibrations. The shank has a longitudinal axis. The blade body is eccentrically disposed relative to... Agent: Misonix Incorporated

20140336656 - Microfracture pick: A microfracture pick having features configured to aid a user in advancing the microfracture pick through bone. The microfracture pick has an elongated member with a proximal end, a distal end, a sharp, optionally angled tip disposed adjacent the distal end of the elongated member, and at least one engaging... Agent:

20140336716 - Medical spring deployment device and insertion tool: Systems, methods and devices which may be utilized in surgical treatments that insert a spring-force based separating device configured to maintain separation of two bone portions are provided. In one embodiment, a security device may be provided which is configured to house a spring in a compressed state for insertion... Agent: Osteomed LLC

20140336717 - Modular telescoping surgical instrument: A surgical instrument provides rotational and axial variations of a working end relative to a handle of the surgical instrument for configuration flexibility of the working end. An internal configuration of the handle of the surgical instrument accepts a retention portion of the working end in several positions. The working... Agent:

20140336658 - Ankle replacement system and method: Various surgical devices and methods are disclosed herein. Also disclosed is multi-component prosthesis, which can be used as an ankle prosthesis. One of the disclosed surgical alignment systems includes a guide arm, a ratchet arm frame configured to be coupled slidably to the guide arm, a ratchet arm configured to... Agent:

20140336657 - Positioning apparatus and method for a prosthetic implant: A positioning apparatus for guiding resection of a patient tissue and guiding placement of a prosthetic implant component in a desired implant position with respect to the resected patient tissue and method of use are described. A locating block includes a mating surface contoured for mating contact with the patient... Agent:

20140336659 - Femoral sizing jig, femur resecting system, and method: A femoral sizing jig for use in total arthroplasty of left and right knees, comprises a femoral body, an external-rotation-angle arm which is, preferably pivotable, relative to the femoral body for setting an external angular rotation of a left or right femur, at least one of a cutting-jig guide and... Agent: Corin Limited

20140336661 - Anatomic socket alignment guide and methods of making and using same: This disclosure provides an anatomic socket alignment guide set, for total hip replacement arthroplasty. The guide set is created from patient-specific medical images, allowing the guide set components to recreate the native center of rotation of a patient's hip joint, thereby permitting accurate placement of the hip replacement prosthesis.... Agent:

20140336660 - Patient-matched guides for orthopedic implants: Systems, devices, and methods are provided for implanting and aligning orthopedic implants. A patient-matched alignment guide is used to orient tools and implants intraoperatively. In certain embodiments, the systems, devices, and methods include an orthopedic guide comprising a body having a bottom surface, wherein at least a portion of the... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140336662 - Instruments for osteolysis repair: A plug for plugging a hole of a bone or implant body during injection of an osteoregenerative material comprising, generally, a plug body, the plug body configured to plug a hole of the body to prevent osteoregenerative material from leaking through the hole, and a tail, the tail attached to... Agent: Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

20140336663 - Method and device for producing an anchorage in human or animal tissue: An anchorage in tissue is produced by holding a vibrating element and a counter element against each other such that their contact faces are in contact with each other, wherein at least one of the contact faces includes a thermoplastic material which is liquefiable by mechanical vibration. While holding and... Agent:

20140336664 - Guidewire and method for surgical procedures: A surgical guide wire or K-wire and method of use are provided. The K-wire, or guide wire, has opposite end portions and a shank portion in between. One end portion has a deformable end portion that, once outside of a confining guide passage, can be deformed to present a projected... Agent:

20140336665 - Oscillating lithotripter: A lithotripter is provided for fragmenting a stone inside a patient's body. In one form, the lithotripter includes a motor having at least two modes of operation and is configured to produce first and second waveforms. A wave guide shaft is configured to transmit the first and second waveforms to... Agent: Gyrus Acmi, Inc., D.b.a. Olympus Surgical Technologies America

20140336666 - Oscillating lithotripter: A tip element for a lithotripter is provided. The tip element includes a proximal end configured for attachment to a waveguide of the lithotripter and a distal end configured for placement against at least one urinary tract stone. The lithotripter transmits energy from the tip element to the at least... Agent: Gyrus Acmi, Inc., D.b.a. Olympus Surgical Technologies America

20140336667 - Nerve modulation methods: System and methods for channeling a path into bone include a trocar having a proximal end, distal end and a central channel disposed along a central axis of the trocar. The trocar includes a distal opening at the distal end of the trocar. The system includes a curved cannula sized... Agent: Relievant Medsystems, Inc.

20140336668 - Systems and methods for fixating transvenously implanted medical devices: A transvenously implantable medical device (TIMD) includes an electrical lead and a control module. The electrical lead includes one or more electrodes and is adapted for transvenous implantation. The electrical lead is also pre-biased to expand from a collapsed state to an expanded state to mechanically engage an internal wall... Agent:

20140336669 - Haptic gloves and surgical robot systems: A haptic glove configured to transmit haptic feedback to an operator of a surgical robot system may include: a plurality of vibrators on a first surface of the haptic glove, the plurality of vibrators configured to apply vibrations; at least one pressure sensor at a finger part of a second... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140336670 - Needle holder: A needle holder for use in an image guided intervention procedure. The needle holder includes a clip for holding a needle and a guide arrangement for supporting the clip and directing the needle at a desired angle relative to a patient's body. The clip includes a releasable connection such that... Agent:

20140336671 - System for accurate guide wire positioning: The present invention provides system for accurate guide wire positioning. The said system comprises Jigs with series of holes at different angle. Guide wire can be positioned at different version with or without change in angle depending on the position of guide wire. Also, jig provides flexibility of change in... Agent:

20140336673 - Tissue fastening devices and processes that promote tissue adhesion: The invention in certain aspects relates to a surgical fastener for fastening tissue segments having tissue surfaces. The fastener includes a first fastener member having a base and a piercing element connected to the base for piercing the tissue segments to be fastened, a second fastener member having an opening... Agent:

20140336672 - Vascular closure device with conforming plug member: A vascular closure device includes a delivery assembly, an anchor member carried by the delivery assembly, and a suture attached to the anchoring member. A plug member can be disposed in the delivery assembly and attached to suture such that the plug member. The plug member includes a plug body,... Agent:

20140336674 - Ligating instrument: A ligating instrument is provided, including an elongate member, such as a tube, having a lumen, the elongate member extending from a proximal actuator member to a distal ligating band dispenser. A pull line may extend through the lumen of the elongate member, with a proximal end of the pull... Agent:

20140336675 - Articulating steerable clip applier for laparoscopic procedures: A long articulating steerable clip applier affixed to a user-operated handle. A surgical jaw assembly is attached to the other end of the clip applier. The clip applier is composed of articulating phalanges that are connected end to end by pivoting links and capable of angulations relative to one another... Agent:

20140336677 - Endoscopic purse string surgical device: An endoscopic surgical stapler for applying a suture to tissue including an elongated tubular member, a first jaw positioned at the distal end portion of the tubular member and having a longitudinal axis, and a second jaw disposed in substantially parallel relation to the first jaw at the distal end... Agent:

20140336676 - Tissue ligation devices and methods therefor: Described here are closure devices and methods for ligating tissue, such as the left atrial appendage. The closure devices may comprise a snare loop assembly comprising a snare and a suture loop releasably attached thereto, and a snare control. The closure devices may further comprise one or more reference markings,... Agent: Sentreheart, Inc.

20140336678 - Suture needle guard: A suture needle guard and method of operation for temporarily holding a suture needle during a surgical operation. The suture needle guard includes a hollow tube having a closed first end and an opposite, funnel shaped second end. The hollow tube has a hollow bore that extends from a closed... Agent:

20140336679 - Method and apparatus for supplying energy to a medical device: In a method and apparatus for supplying wireless energy to a medical device implanted in a patient, wireless energy is transmitted from an external energy source located outside a patient and is received by an internal energy receiver located inside the patient, for directly or indirectly supplying received energy to... Agent:

20140336680 - Reticulated mesh arrays and dissimilar array monoliths by additive layered manufacturing using electron and laser beam melting: Compositions and methods for making a three dimensional structure comprising: designing a three-dimensional structure; melting the three-dimensional structure from two or more layers of a metal powder with a high energy electron or laser beam is described herein. The position where the metal is melted into the structure is formed... Agent:

20140336681 - Methods and devices for connecting nerves: A nerve repair conduit configured to be secured on first and second portions of a selected nerve. The nerve repair conduit includes a polymeric body having a proximal end, a distal end, an exterior surface and an interior surface defining an interior lumen. In addition, the nerve conduit includes at... Agent:

20140336682 - Magnetically-localizable implanted hemodialysis vascular access devices, and methods for improving the cannulation thereof: Disclosed are vascular access devices, implantable dialysis grafts, and systems that include them useful in facilitating easy, accurate and reproducible cannulation or needle entry into an implantable device such as a hemodialysis graft, by localizing a portion of the implanted graft that contains one or more paramagnetic materials that operably... Agent:

20140336683 - Hermetic occlusion surgical clamp for the cervix in cases of placenta previa: The present invention relates to a hermetic occlusion surgical clamp for the female cervix to be used in case of placenta previa, including compression jaws with a spring (5.1) and semi-conical sections (5.2) and at the end of each jaw a machined semi-cylinder (5.3), and a pull-down cylinder with a... Agent:

20140336684 - Atherectomy device: An atherectomy device has a drive circuit which rotates a direct-current motor. The drive circuit has a three-terminal regulator having an ADJ terminal. A partial pressure resistor is connected between the ADJ terminal and an output terminal of the three-terminal regulator. Moreover, one end of six variable resistors whose resistances... Agent:

20140336685 - Steerable ablation device: The invention relates to a flexible assembly for use in a region of a medical or surgical device. In preferred embodiments, the flexible region comprises a set of pull wires for controllably moving a treatment end of the device, and elements to separate the pull wires and maintain the integrity... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.

20140336686 - Surgical instruments: A surgical device. The surgical device may comprise a transducer configured to provide vibrations along a longitudinal axis and an end effector coupled to the transducer and extending from the transducer along the longitudinal axis. The surgical device also may comprise a lower jaw extending parallel to the end effector.... Agent:

20140336687 - Method for manufacturing puncture needle and puncture needle: The wall surfaces of the spiral groove formed on the needle tube serve as a reflection surface to change the orientation of the reflection surface in the axial direction of the needle tube according to change in position of the spiral. Therefore, even if a direction in which an ultrasonic... Agent:

20140336688 - Dilatationsvorrichtung und ausdehnbarer Überzug fÜr ein dilatationsinstrument: A dilation device including a dilation instrument which includes a distal radially expandable section which is coupled via an elongate shank to a handling section, and an expandable covering with a closed distal end and an open proximal end, for the expansion section of the dilation instrument. The covering has... Agent:

20140336691 - Methods and systems for performing thrombectomy procedures: Devices, systems and methods are provided for performing intra-lumenal medical procedures in a desired area of the body. Thrombectomy systems and methods of performing medical procedures to re-establish the intravascular flow of blood are provided for the treatment of ischemic disease states.... Agent:

20140336690 - Occluding catheter and dynamic method for prevention of stroke: A system for use in prevention of stroke is provided that has a shaft that carries an occluding balloon. The occluding balloon is inflated to occlude blood flow through at least one of a right carotid artery and a left carotid artery. An actuation device for causing inflation of the... Agent:

20140336689 - Radiopaque medical balloon: A medical balloon is made radiographic, such as by incorporating a radiopaque foil or film layer. The radiopaque foil or film layer may be placed between an inner layer and an outer layer of a non-compliant balloon wall. The foil or film may provide the balloon with a radiographic quality... Agent:

20140336692 - Rupture-resistant compliant radiopaque catheter balloon and methods for use of same in an intravascular surgical procedure: The present invention provides a compliant balloon for use with a catheter having an inner compliant inner layer defining a cylindrical lumen encased by a fiber layer including non-braided inelastic fibers imparting integrity to the balloon wall. The balloon further includes radiopaque material which may be disposed over substantially the... Agent:

20140336694 - Balloon catheters and methods for treating paranasal sinuses: A set of sinus balloon catheters are provided for treating a patient's paranasal sinus system, including dilating prepared openings, and natural ostia and ducts and excising sinus cavities. These include a balloon catheter with a bend placing a distal segment at 90° to a proximal segment and a balloon catheter... Agent: Acclarent, Inc.

20140336693 - Systems and methods for transnasal dilation of passageways in the ear, nose or throat: Devices, systems and methods useable for dilating the ostia of paranasal sinuses and/or other passageways within the ear, nose or throat. A dilation catheter device and system is constructed in a manner that facilitates ease of use by the operator and, in at least some cases, allows the dilation procedure... Agent: Acclarent, Inc.

20140336695 - Embolic filter device and method of use thereof: In general, the invention features an intra-vascular device for filtering or deflecting emboli or other large objects from entering a protected secondary vessel or vessels. The device of the invention may include a filter, an central member, additional supporting members, and a delivery cable and may serve to filter or... Agent: Keystone Heart Ltd.

20140336696 - Methods and apparatus for treating body tissue sphincters and the like: A plurality of structures that resiliently attract one another are provided for implanting in a patient around a body tissue structure of the patient. For example, the body tissue structure may be the esophagus, and the plurality of structures may be implanted in an annulus around the outside of the... Agent:

20140336697 - Simple automatic electronic tourniquet: The present invention provides a simple auto electronic tourniquet which does not inflict pain on a person receiving tourniquet in the preparatory stage before venipuncture and which shorten the time required in preparation for venipuncture. The simple auto electronic tourniquet includes a manchette (wrapping member) wrapped around the upper arm... Agent:

20140336698 - Surgical instrument with split jaw: An apparatus for operating on tissue includes an end effector having a first jaw and a second jaw that pivots relative to the first jaw from a closed position to an open position. The second jaw includes a first portion and a second portion that pivots relative to the first... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20140336699 - System for left atrial appendage occlusion: Disclosed is an occlusion device for use in a body lumen such as the left atrial appendage. The occlusion device includes an occlusion member and may also include a stabilizing member. The stabilizing member inhibits compression of the left atrial appendage, facilitating tissue in-growth onto the occlusion member. Methods are... Agent:

20140336700 - Vascular closure device: A biocompatible material may be configured into any number of implantable medical devices including a vascular closure device. The vascular closure device includes a fibrous structure formed from at least one randomly oriented fiber, the randomly oriented fiber comprising at least one polymer, and at least one agent, in therapeutic... Agent: Cordis Corporation

20140336701 - C-spring suture for primary closure of surgical incisions: A c-spring suture for primary closure of surgical incisions comprises a “C” shaped, lenticular center spring hingedly connected at each end with surgical tape. In one embodiment, the tape is connected to the center spring through a tape clamp and pin hinge. In another embodiment, the tape is connected to... Agent:

20140336702 - Expandable clip for tissue repair: An apparatus, system, and method for repairing openings such as septal defects includes advancing a catheter to the site of the defect, grasping opposing edges of the defect, passing one or more suture lines through the opposing edges, tightening the suture lines, and deploying and expanding a fastener to secure... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140336703 - Methods and devices for repairing meniscal tissue: Methods and devices are provided for repairing a tear in a meniscus. A pair of fixation member each entailing a preformed knot configuration coupled together by a suture length. The fixation members are placed on the meniscal tissue with the suture length spanning the tear, the knot configurations are expanded... Agent:

20140336704 - Electrode for stimulating bone growth, tissue healing and/or pain control, and method of use: A system for use in stimulating at least one of bone growth, tissue healing and pain control in a patient includes a first screw and a second screw. The first screw has an elongate shaft with opposite ends and a length extending between the ends, an exterior surface and a... Agent:

20140336705 - Segmental orthopedic device for spinal elongation and for treatment of scoliosis: An orthopaedic device to realign bone segments comprises first and second attachment members and a spacer member. The first attachment member is attached to a first rib bone or first transverse process of a vertebra. The second attachment member is attached to a second rib bone or second transverse process... Agent: Dynamic Spine, LLC

20140336706 - Tranverse vertebral connector: A transconnector is adapted to connect first and second spinal rods that are positioned longitudinally along a spine. The transconnector includes a first member and a second member that clamp onto first and second spinal rods.... Agent:

20140336707 - Transverse connectors: Devices and methods are disclosed for treating the vertebral column. One embodiment provides a transverse connector for vertebral fixation systems comprising a first connector body comprising a first engaging member for engaging a first elongate member and a first locking member, a second connector body comprising a second engaging member... Agent:

20140336708 - Vertebral fixing system: Embodiments disclosed herein provide a method of placing a vertebral fixing system on a vertebra. The vertebral fixing system comprises a connecting part with members forming a space into which a rod may be inserted. The members are moveable relative to each other. A portion of a ligature may be... Agent:

20140336709 - Multi-threaded pedicle screw system: A pedicle screw system includes a multi-threaded bone fastener configured with a constant pitch and a placement tower assembly for delivery of the bone fastener.... Agent:

20140336710 - Device and method for orthopedic fracture fixation: The present invention relates invention relates to devices and methods for the fixation and stabilization of orthopedic fractures and more specifically to stabilization of compression fractures of spinal vertebrae. The systems comprise cannulated orthopedic screws and mechanical expandable implants introducible through the lumen of such screws. In certain embodiments the... Agent:

20140336711 - Elongated connecting elements for minimally invasive surgical procedures: Apparatus and methods include an elongate connecting element including a body extending along a longitudinal axis between a first end and an opposite second end. The connecting element includes a first end portion at its first end and a second end portion at its second end. The connecting element includes... Agent:

20140336712 - Orthopedic plate: An orthopedic plate has a portion with a curved bottom surface that is designed to extend longitudinally along the bone and change the inferior curve as it advances proximally along the bone from a shallower to a sharper radius and further spirals downward as the plate advances. The plate includes... Agent:

20140336713 - Periprosthetic bone plates: The present disclosure relates to bone plates that are configured for use with bones having periprosthetic fractures. For example, in the event that a proximal femur is fractured in an area that is adjacent to a prosthetic component, such as a femoral stem used in a hip replacement, the periprosthetic... Agent:

20140336714 - Methods for connecting a longitudinal member to a bone portion: An apparatus (10) includes a fastener (16) engageable with a bone portion to connect a longitudinal member (12) to the bone portion. A housing (40) has a first passage (42) configured to receive the longitudinal member (12) and a second passage (44) extending transverse to the first passage. The fastener... Agent:

20140336715 - Telescoping bone screw: A bone screw for treating a bone fracture having a detent assembly on a body portion thereof. The detent assembly includes a detent member that is movable between a first and second position. The detent assembly operative to secure the body whereby said plunger portion moves independent of said body.... Agent: Advanced Orthopaedic Solutions, Inc.

11/06/2014 > 67 patent applications in 54 patent subcategories.

20140330258 - Medical laser apparatus: A medical apparatus comprising a first laser source operable to generate light at a first wavelength and supply a first laser light beam, a second laser source operable to generate laser light at a second wavelength and supply a second laser light beam, the first laser light beam being continuous... Agent:

20140330259 - Adaptive patient interface: A patient interface for an ophthalmic system can include an attachment module, attachable to the ophthalmic system, and a contact module, configured to accommodate a viscoelastic substance between the patient interface and a procedure eye. The viscoelastic substance can include a fluid, a liquid, a gel, a cream, an artificial... Agent:

20140330260 - Sectioning a transparent material using optical radiation: A method for creating cuts in a transparent material using optical radiation, wherein the optical radiation is focused at a focus in the material and the focus is displaced along a trajectory, wherein a periodic, crossing Lissajous figure is used as trajectory as viewed perpendicular to a main direction of... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20140330261 - Catheter for performing photodynamic ablation of cardiac muscle tissue via photochemical reaction: This invention provides a catheter used for blocking abnormal conduction in the cardiac muscle using photodynamic therapy or treating arrhythmia and a method for evaluating the therapeutic effects of the catheter. The catheter has a structure that freely bends at its end, which is used for performing photodynamic ablation of... Agent:

20140330262 - Diagnostic guidewire for cryoablation sensing and pressure monitoring: A method and system for performing pulmonary vein isolation, mapping, and assessing pulmonary vein occlusion using a single device. The device may generally include an ablation element, such as a cryoballoon, and a sensing component slidably disposed within a lumen of the device and bearing one or more mapping electrodes... Agent:

20140330263 - Pericardial cutting assembly: The present invention is directed to an assembly, and methods thereof, for cutting the pericardium of a subject. The assembly is designed for insertion into the thoracic cavity via a thoracic passage localized between adjacent ribs of the subject. The assembly is particularly useful for cutting a window in the... Agent:

20140330264 - Pet-rfa complex medical device and treatment method using the same: Provided are a positron emission tomography (PET)-radiofrequency ablation (RFA) complex medical device and a treatment method using the same. According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a positron emission tomography (PET)-radiofrequency ablation (RFA) complex medical device comprising: a PET module which obtains, in real time, a... Agent: University-industry Foundation (uif)

20140330265 - Surgical resection apparatus: Surgical cutting apparatus having a treatment channel and a measurement channel for conveying microwave energy from a source to an antenna at a cutting edge. The measurement channel operates at lower power than the treatment channel for determining when higher energy can be safely applied. The apparatus may deliver microwave... Agent:

20140330266 - Ablation system, methods, and controllers: Multi-electrode ablation systems, methods, and controllers are described. In one example, a power supply is configured to be coupled to a plurality of electrodes. A controller includes a touchscreen display configured to display at least a graphical representation of each electrode of the ablation system. The controller is configured to... Agent:

20140330267 - Devices and methods for detection and treatment of the aorticorenal ganglion: Devices and methods that regulate the innervation of the kidney by detection and modification of the aorticorenal ganglion. Devices for percutaneous detection and treatment of the aorticorenal ganglion via a blood vessel to modify renal sympathetic activity.... Agent:

20140330268 - Optimizing treatment using ttfields by changing the frequency during the course of long term tumor treatment: Tumors can be treated with an alternating electric field. The size of cells in the tumor is determined prior to the start of treatment by, for example, biopsy or by inverse electric impedance tomography. A treatment frequency is chosen based on the determined cell size. The cell size can be... Agent: Novocure Ltd

20140330269 - Irrigated flexible ablation catheter: A flexible tip electrode for an ablation catheter is disclosed. The catheter includes a catheter body and a hollow elongate tip electrode disposed at a distal end of the catheter body. The electrode includes a sidewall provided with one or more elongate gaps extending therethrough. The one or more elongate... Agent:

20140330270 - Method of ablating scar tissue to orient electrical current flow: Methods of tissue ablation avoid undesirable electrical current patterns in the heart, for example. A method of ablating scar tissue to improve the circulation of electrical current comprises receiving information relating to the flow of electrical current across a surface of biological tissue, the flow defining an upstream direction and... Agent:

20140330271 - Electrosurgical instrument with separate closure and cutting members: In various embodiments, a surgical instrument is provided that may comprise an end effector for performing a surgical procedure on tissue, for example. The end effector may comprise a pair of jaws, a closure beam, and a cutting member. The closure beam and the cutting member may be releasably coupled... Agent:

20140330272 - Application probe: The invention relates to an application probe in which the probe is used to apply radiofrequency alternating current to surrounding tissue, wherein the application probe includes a shank with a distal shank part, which has shank longitudinal sections movable relative to one another. The distal shank part formed thus can... Agent:

20140330273 - Electrosurgical instrument with dual blade end effector: An apparatus for operating on tissue includes an end effector having a first jaw, a second jaw, a first blade, and a second blade. The second jaw pivots relative to the first jaw from an open position to a closed position. The first blade moves from a proximal position to... Agent:

20140330274 - Implantable device with pivotable fastener and self-adjusting set screw: An intramedullary device to repair a bone in a mammalian body and comprising an elongate nail having a stem and a head. The head is provided with a transverse aperture adapted to receive a fastener. An adjustment mechanism is carried by the head for pivoting the fastener from a first... Agent:

20140330275 - Flexible plate fixation of bone fractures: Embodiments provide methods, apparatuses, and systems for fixation of a fractured bone with a bone plate. In various embodiments, the systems and plates provide elastic suspension of the receiving holes relative to an osteosynthesis plate. This elastic suspension can promote load distribution between the screws that connect a bone segment... Agent:

20140330276 - Disposable cylindrical cutter: A single use bone cutter comprised of two concentric cylinders and a series of insert blades or cutter disc is described. The cutter blades or cutter disc is preferably positioned at the distal end of the cutter. The bone cutter also comprises a guide rod that aids in the line... Agent:

20140330324 - Handle assembly gripping device: An orthopedic handle gripping assembly comprising: an elongated shaft having a proximal section and a distal section opposite thereof along a longitudinal axis of the shaft; a hub portion proximate the distal section of the shaft; a gripping member contiguous with the hub portion and having a first jaw and... Agent:

20140330277 - Surgical targeting guide: A targeting guide for locating a surgical target site, for example a hole in a distal end of an implanted intramedullary nail, the targeting guide comprising: a first indicator having an identifiable reference point, the first indicator being mounted on a first handle having a first longitudinal axis; a second... Agent: Intelligent Orthopaedics Limited

20140330279 - Arthroplasty jig: A method and system for performing a total joint arthroplasty procedure on a patient's damaged bone region. A CT image or other suitable image is formed of the damaged bone surfaces, and location coordinate values (xn,yn,zn) are determined for a selected sequence of bone surface locations using the CT image... Agent: Otismed Corporation

20140330278 - Arthroplasty jig and method of performing arthroplasty: A method and system for performing a total joint arthroplasty procedure on a patient's damaged bone region. A CT image or other suitable image is formed of the damaged bone surfaces, and location coordinate values (xn,yn,zn) are determined for a selected sequence of bone surface locations using the CT image... Agent: Otismed Corporation

20140330280 - Interbody distractor: An interbody distractor and geometry trial instrument to measure a height and an angle for an associated implant includes a height handle and an expansion head coupled to the height handle that is adapted to be positioned in a vertebral body. A wedge sleeve is coupled to the expansion head,... Agent: Custom Spine, Inc.

20140330281 - System and method for precise prosthesis positioning in hip arthroplasty: Provided are systems and methods for precise intra-operative placement and positioning of components of hip prostheses, particularly with respect to avoiding acetabular prosthetic implant malpositioning in the human hip. In one embodiment the system includes at least a pair of electronic sensors as tilt and direction sensors, which are positioned... Agent:

20140330282 - Methods and apparatuses for treating tonsils: Methods and apparatuses to clean a tonsil include a bite-piece and a fluid delivery tube. The bite piece has a longitudinal axis and the bite-piece is configured to be clenched between at least one upper side tooth and at least one lower side tooth within a user's mouth. A fluid... Agent:

20140330283 - Adjustable surgical instruments: Surgical instruments for ophthalmic surgery are modified to include a manually bendable portion to allow the position of the operative segment of the instrument to be adjusted during surgery without the use of adjusting tools. In one embodiment the bendable portion is formed by selectively annealing a site on the... Agent:

20140330284 - Hub and catheter having hub: A hub is connected to a shaft which includes a first lumen extending in an axial direction and capable of allowing inserting of a guide wire and a second lumen extending in parallel with the first lumen. The hub includes a holding unit which holds the shaft, a distribution path... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140330285 - Tissue retreival bag for removal of tissue: Devices and methods for removal of tissue with a tissue retrieval bag are disclosed.... Agent: Rosenblatt Associates, LLC

20140330286 - Methods and devices for removing obstructing material from the human body: The present invention provides devices and methods for removal of obstructive matter from the patients that are located inside or outside of the patient's endovascular system using rotational energy. One or more therapeutic agents may be delivered to the treatment location to further facilitate the removal process... Agent:

20140330287 - Devices and techniques for anchoring an implantable medical device: Anchoring mechanisms for an implantable electrical medical lead that is positioned within a substernal space are disclosed. The anchoring mechanisms fixedly-position a distal portion of the lead, that is implanted in the substernal space.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140330288 - Articulating arm for a robotic surgical instrument system: An articulating arm for a robotic surgical instrument system includes arm elements, an elongate support element, end effectors and a wrist joint. The arm elements are joined by a first pitch joint. The elongate support element is connected at one end thereof to a first arm element by a second... Agent:

20140330289 - Rotating handheld motorized hand-piece including combination interchangeable microdermabrasion brush head, interchangeable heads having a latex sponge, and hook and loop fasteners to removably retain cleaning pads: A handheld apparatus including (a) a motorized hand-piece including a mechanical rotatable coupling shaft which is caused to rotate so that it imparts a rotating motion to the coupling shaft; (b) an interface cup member which includes a body with an exterior surface having hook and loop fasteners thereon and... Agent: Spa De Soleil, Inc.

20140330290 - System for delivering an anchor: A system for treating a prostate includes a cartridge, a handle configured to receive the cartridge, and an anchor assembly. The cartridge includes the anchor assembly and the handle includes an actuator and a spring mechanism loaded with mechanical energy. The cartridge and handle mate via pivoting and are aligned... Agent: Neotract, Inc.

20140330291 - Endoscopic surgical clip applier: An apparatus for application of surgical clips is provided and includes a lockout system selectively engageble with a pusher bar to prevent the pusher bar from returning to a home position and to prevent a trigger from completing a full stroke when a plurality of clips are substantially exhausted. The... Agent:

20140330292 - Apparatus and method for suturing: The invention generally relates to devices and methods for suturing tissue. The invention provides methods and devices for suturing by pushing two ends of a suture through tissue from a proximal side of the tissue and fastening the two ends together on a distal side of the tissue through one... Agent:

20140330293 - Medical suturing instrument: A medical suturing implement which greatly improves manipulability and operability is provided. In a suturing implement, the movement of an operating part is transferred with a time differential to a loop forming part and suture thread by a loop feeding/returning mechanism and a suture thread feeding mechanism, and after the... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140330294 - Methods and devices for endosonography-guided fundoplexy: The present invention relates to a tissue securement system, device and method for endoscopy or endosonography-guided transluminal interventions whereby a litigation or anchor is placed and secured into soft tissue. An objective of this invention is to provide a method to reduce gastroesophageal reflux by endosonography-guided intervention. Specifically, endosonography is... Agent:

20140330295 - Prosthesis for inguinal hernia: The present invention relates to a prosthesis (1) for the repair of an inguinal hernia, which prosthesis (1) is intended to be implanted by a posterior or open laparoscopic route and comprises: an openworked textile (2) made of biocompatible material, comprising a first face (2a) intended to be placed facing... Agent:

20140330296 - Signal transmitting and lesion excluding heart implants for pacing, defibrillating, and/or sensing of heart beat: Devices, systems, and methods for treating a heart of a patient may make use of structures which limit a size of a chamber of the heart, such as by deploying a tensile member to bring a wall of the heart toward (optionally into contact with) a septum of the heart.... Agent: Bioventrix, Inc.

20140330297 - Apparatus and method for corneal marking: A corneal marking system and methods for its use, has a first tilt-detecting device attached to a corneal marker, adapted to produce a signal when the corneal marker is in a horizontal position. In another version, the first tilt-detecting device is adapted to produce a signal when the corneal marker... Agent:

20140330298 - Clamp arm features for ultrasonic surgical instrument: A surgical apparatus comprises a body, an ultrasonic transducer, a shaft, an acoustic waveguide, an articulation section, and an end effector. The ultrasonic transducer is operable to convert electrical power into ultrasonic vibrations. The shaft couples the end effector and the body together. The acoustic waveguide is coupled with the... Agent:

20140330299 - Embolic occlusion device and method: An occlusion device including a tubular braided member having a first end and a second end and extending along a longitudinal axis, the tubular braided member having a repeating pattern of larger diameter portions and smaller diameter portions arrayed along the longitudinal axis, and at least one metallic coil member... Agent: Sequent Medical, Inc.

20140330300 - Low volume intragastric device: The teachings are directed to an intragastric device comprising a flexible and expandable bladder having a predetermined shape upon expansion for contacting the antrum of the stomach of a subject. The device is designed to avoid passage of any part of the device beyond the pylorus and lower esophageal sphincter... Agent:

20140330301 - Minimally invasive rectal balloon apparatus: A rectal balloon apparatus has a shaft with a fluid passageway extending therethrough. A balloon is affixed over an end of the shaft such that the fluid passageway communicates with an interior of the balloon. The balloon has a laterally flat surface thereon when inflated. The laterally flat surface of... Agent:

20140330306 - Devices and systems for inverting and closing the left atrial appendage: Devices, systems, and methods for inverting and closing the left atrial appendage. In at least one embodiment of a method for closing a left atrial appendage of the present disclosure, the method comprises the steps of inverting a distal portion of a left atrial appendage, and constraining the inverted distal... Agent:

20140330305 - Embolic protection system: A collapsible blood filtering aortic arch bridge including an expandable and collapsible chassis structured to provide the bridge with a dumbbell-like shape when expanded having a tubular waist, a first conical end, and a second conical end formed such that only a periphery of the first and second ends contact... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20140330302 - Looped clot retriever wire: A clot retrieval system for removing clots from a body lumen. The clot retrieval system includes an elongated sheath and a wire assembly. The wire assembly is comprised of four wire segments, each biased to have a distally extending circumferential curve. Two wire segments are connected together at a proximal... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140330304 - Neuroaneurysm occlusion and delivery device and method of using same: A delivery device for delivering an implantable endoprosthesis with an occlusion region for occluding fluid flow to a desired location in a body lumen. The delivery device includes an outer sleeve and an inner tube terminating at a distal tip. The distal tip is made of one of a dissolvable,... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140330303 - Vascular plug: A vascular plug has a frame or skeleton which includes a ring of spring material and, attached to the frame, a cover of impervious or porous material. The plug is able to open a cup configuration when in a deployed condition, so as to provide an occlusion barrier to blood... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140330307 - Surgical passer and retrieval device: A manual surgical passer and retrieval Device and method are provided. The Device includes a flexible dual shaft passer and retriever. The Device is especially configured to aid in the retrieval and passage of various elements such as sutures encountered during a surgical procedure.... Agent:

20140330308 - Endoscopic surgical forceps: A surgical instrument includes an end effector assembly, first and second handles, and a drive assembly. The handles are pivotable relative to one another between a spaced-apart position and an approximated position. The drive assembly includes a drive bar and a biasing member. The drive bar is coupled to the... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140330309 - Systems and methods for treating fistulas in the lung and trachea: In certain embodiments, a device is configured to be compressed and inserted into the distal end of an endoscope. The delivery device can be configured to deliver the delivery catheter to the site of one or more fistulas in the wall of a body cavity or lumen within a patient.... Agent:

20140330310 - Patent foramen ovale (pfo) closure device with radial and circumferential support: The present invention provides a device for occluding an anatomical aperture, such as a septal defect or patent foramen ovale (PFO). The occluder includes two sides connected by an intermediate joint. Each of the sides includes at least one elongate element, which is arranged to form non-overlapping loops. Each loop... Agent: W.l. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140330311 - Method and apparatus for coupling anatomical features: An assembly for coupling a first portion of an anatomy to a second portion of the anatomy includes an anchor having an anchor body and a first and second bores through the anchor body. A first adjustable suture construct having a body portion passes through the first bore of the... Agent: Biomet Sports Medicine, LLC

20140330312 - Surgical filament assemblies: A suture anchor, and a surgical filament assembly using same, capable of being fixated in a hole formed in a bone of a patient. The suture anchor preferably includes an anchor body with a passage extending from a proximal end toward a distal end, and at least one bone engaging... Agent:

20140330313 - Spinal plate and locking screw devices, methods, and systems: An embodiment of the invention provides for a system, such as a cervical plate fusion system, that has mechanisms for preventing bone screws from backing out of the plate. The system prevents both counter-rotation of the screw and axial backing out of the screw. Other embodiments are described herein.... Agent:

20140330314 - Minimally invasive spinal stabilization system: A spinal fixation assembly including a pedicle rod and pedicle screws which secure the pedicle rod to the spine. Each pedicle screw includes a head configured to receive a portion of the pedicle rod, and a threaded portion extending from a first end of the head and configured to engage... Agent:

20140330316 - Spinal rod connector: A rod connector for joining a first rod and a second rod includes bore holes that are offset and/or non-parallel to each other. The rod connector provides an offset or non-parallel connection between the rods that allows for the rods to match the contour of a patient's body without requiring... Agent:

20140330315 - Systems and methods for spinal rod insertion and reduction: A guide assembly includes a spinal screw assembly having a bone screw and a spinal rod holder; and a spinal rod guide having first and second elongated arc portions defining a pair of longitudinal slots extending along the first and second arc portions, each of the first and second arc... Agent: Life Spine, Inc.

20140330319 - Adjustable rod assembly: An adjustable rod for spinal corrective surgery is provided that includes a first elongate member and a second elongate member, each having rod portions couplable to one or more bone connecting elements and expansion portions slidably moveable with respect to one another. A plurality of holes in each expansion portion... Agent:

20140330317 - Method, system, and apparatus for mammalian bony segment stabilization: Embodiments of bony region stabilization are described generally herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.... Agent: Amendia, Inc.

20140330318 - Spinal stabilization installation instrumentation and methods: A system for installing a vertebral stabilization system. The system includes an installation tool including a handle portion and a shaft extending distally from the handle portion. The shaft includes a conduit and a staple mechanism. The system also includes a flexible implant member extending along the conduit configured to... Agent:

20140330320 - Bone plate: The application relates to a bone plate with a through-hole that extends from an upper face of the bone plate to a bone-side lower face thereof. A lip is formed in the through-hole, protrudes from the interior surface of the through-hole and extends in the circumferential direction of the through-hole.... Agent:

20140330322 - Combination holder/impactor and bone plate for fracture fixation: A combination of a bone fixation plate for fixation of fractures having a small terminal bone fragment, such as fractures of the distal radius and a holder/impactor for gripping the bone plate and for facilitating impacting the bone plate, with or without predrilled holes. The bone plate includes hook members... Agent:

20140330321 - Method of stabilizing a fracture at a metaphysis defining a concave articular surface: A volar distal radius plate includes a shaft and a head. The head includes a radial side that seats below the volar rim, and an ulnar side with two extending tabs that provide a buttress support to ulnar fragments from the volar rim. The tabs are contoured to be atraumatic... Agent: Biomet C.v.

20140330323 - Bone anchoring device: A bone anchoring device includes an anchoring element having a shaft and a head; a receiving part for receiving the head and a rod, the receiving part being formed in one piece and having a top end and a bottom end, a bore extending from the top end to the... Agent: Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

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20140324028 - Apparatus for sealing electronics from environment in dc powered arthroscopic surgical handpiece with pushbutton actuation: A button for actuating a switch in a surgical handpiece. The button is sealed to a bezel, and the bezel is sealed to the handpiece. The button, bezel, and handpiece create a sealed enclosure surrounding the switch to prevent external substances from contacting the switch. Further, a control board for... Agent:

20140324029 - Device for treating eye tissue using laser pulses: An ophthalmic device (1) for treating eye tissue (6) using laser pulses comprises a projection optical unit (12) for focussed projection of the laser pulses and a scanning device (2), with a movable mirror (20), arranged downstream from the projection optical unit (12), for deflecting the laser pulses projected by... Agent:

20140324030 - Device for treating eye tissue using laser pulses: An ophthalmic device (1) for treating eye tissue (6) using laser pulses comprises a projection optical unit (12) for focussed projection of the laser pulses and a scanning device (2), with a movable mirror (20), arranged downstream from the projection optical unit (12), for deflecting the laser pulses projected by... Agent:

20140324031 - Laser treatment apparatus: A laser treatment apparatus configured to emit laser light onto a tissue of a patient's eye, the laser treatment apparatus includes: a laser scanner configured to scan laser light emitted from a laser light source and switch a position of the tissue onto which laser light is emitted; a processor;... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20140324032 - Hybrid fiber-bulk laser isolator: An apparatus and method for performing ophthalmic laser surgery is provided. The apparatus includes a laser engine configured to deliver a laser pulse to a patient's eye, including a three-port isolator and a collimator attached to the three-port isolator. The collimator includes a collimating lens positioned adjacent to the three-port... Agent:

20140324033 - Medical laser treatment device and method for operating same: The present invention relates to a medical laser treatment device and a method for operating same, which aim to treat a curved area on the skin of a patient. The medical laser treatment device, according to the present invention, comprises: a main body portion having a laser oscillation portion for... Agent: Lutronic Corporation

20140324034 - Systems and methods for facilitating robotic surgical laser procedures: A system of surgical accessories for a surgical robotic arm is provided, the system comprising: at least one working channel coupled to an optical fiber; a universal accessory adapter having: a first end coupled to a working end of the surgical robotic arm, a second end configured with an opening... Agent:

20140324035 - Apparatus for treating incisions: A system and device for treating a target tissue is provided herein. The treating device and system is based on a fractional treatment of an incision edge prior to closure of the incision to prevent scar formation.... Agent:

20140324036 - Apparatus and methods to modulate bladder function: Apparatus and methods are provided to concentrate energy delivery in non-superficial target tissue within a trigone region of a human bladder wall to modulate bladder function.... Agent:

20140324037 - Methods for delivering energy into a target tissue of a body: An instrument and method for tissue thermotherapy including an inductive heating means to generate a vapor phase media that is used for interstitial, intraluminal, intracavity or topical tissue treatment. In one method, the vapor phase media is propagated from a probe outlet to provide a controlled vapor-to-liquid phase change in... Agent: Tsunami Medtech, LLC

20140324040 - Controlling coagulum formation: Some embodiments of a medical instrument can be configured to reduce the formation of coagulum by delivering a negative charge bias to conductive surfaces that interface with blood or bodily tissue during a medical procedure. The application of the negative charge at the instrument-blood interface can reduce the fibrinogen deposition... Agent:

20140324038 - Medical device: A medical device that can perform plural actions by a single operation and is excellent in operability includes a catheter that is insertable into a living body, a sandwiching portion and a needle positioning portion that are disposed in the catheter so as to be able to advance and retract.... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140324039 - Power console for surgical tool capable of receiving tool memory data over the terminals over which power signals are sourced to the tool: A console for providing power to a surgical tool. Internal to the console is a power supply that supplies power, a processor that regulates the application of the power and a memory reader that reads data from a memory integral with the tool. The power is sourced over terminals also... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20140324041 - Electrosurgical system for tissue cauterization: An electrosurgical system for tissue cauterization may include a user interface, a front panel display, an electrosurgical generator, a power supply of the electrosurgical generator, a system control of the electrosurgical generator, an RF system of the electrosurgical generator, and a bipolar forceps assembly. The electrosurgical system may be configured... Agent: Kogent Surgical, LLC

20140324043 - Electrode assembly for catheter system: An electrode assembly for a catheter system has a longitudinal axis, a proximal end and a distal end. Multiple struts extend coextensively with each other from the proximal end to the distal end of the electrode assembly. Each strut carries an electrode spaced longitudinally from the proximal end of the... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20140324042 - Radio frequency ablation cooling shield: A medical assembly and method are provided to effectively treat abnormal tissue, such as, a tumor. The target tissue is thermally ablated using a suitable source, such as RF or laser energy. A cooling shield is placed in contact with non-target tissue adjacent the target tissue, and actively cooled to... Agent:

20140324044 - Minimally invasive methods for spinal facet therapy to alleviate pain and associated surgical tools, kits and instructional media: Methods and surgical tools for treating back pain use a spinal facet debridement tool with cautery and denuding action and minimally invasive protocol that can denude and cauterize soft tissue associated with a synovial capsule of the spinal facet joint.... Agent: Medovex Corp.

20140324045 - Fixation clamp: A fixation clamp for use in an external fixation system for holding bone fragments adjacent to each other with the help of fixation elements has at least one clamping assembly having a pair of jaws with at least two different size grooves to accommodate a bone fixation element such as... Agent:

20140324046 - Transport distraction apparatus: Transport distraction apparatus for performing transport distraction osteogenesis is provided which includes a track capable of being formed into a curvilinear shape with a carriage movable longitudinally along the track. The carriage has a fixation plate secured or securable to it and at least one gear for moving the carriage... Agent: University Of Cape Town

20140324047 - Telescoping im nail and actuating mechanism: A length-adjustable IM nail system includes a telescoping IM nail with proximal and distal bodies. An inner magnet within the proximal body is connected to a threaded rod which, in turn, is connected to the distal body. The threaded rod passes through a threaded block which is connected to the... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140324048 - Methods and apparatus for a staple: A staple constructed from shape memory material provides the ability to move from a first shape to any point up to and including a second shape. The staple includes a bridge having a first member and a second member, and allows the second member of the bridge to change elevation... Agent:

20140324049 - Methods and devices for cutting and removing tissue from a body: Methods and devices are provided for cutting and removing tissue from a body. In one exemplary embodiment, a surgical device is provided having a suction shaft and a cutting assembly. The suction shaft can have an inner passageway configured to receive tissue. The cutting assembly can include an outer shaft... Agent:

20140324052 - Apparatus and methods for removing vertebral bone and disc tissue: Tissue removal probes comprise an elongated member, a drive shaft rotatably disposed within the member, and a rotatably tissue removal element mounted to the distal end of the drive shaft. One tissue removal element comprises a plurality of tissue-cutting filaments affixed at proximal and distal ends of the tissue removal... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140324050 - Dynamic locking device: A surgical instrument including a tool, a handpiece, and a locking member. The handpiece includes both a coupling member configured to cooperate with the tool, and a driver for rotating the tool. The locking member is movable from an unlocked position to a locked position in response to centrifugal force... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

20140324051 - Nerve modulation systems: System and methods for channeling a path into bone include a trocar having a proximal end, distal end and a central channel disposed along a central axis of the trocar. The trocar includes a distal opening at the distal end of the trocar. The system includes a curved cannula sized... Agent: Relievant Medsystems, Inc.

20140324053 - Orthopedic surgical guide: A surgical device includes an elongate body extending from a proximal end to a distal end. The distal end of the elongate body defines a notch sized and configured to receive a reamer. A coupling assembly is supported by the elongate body and includes a reamer guide body disposed at... Agent:

20140324054 - Device for defining a cutting plane for a bone resection: An adjustable device for defining a cutting plane for bone resection comprising a base positionable on the bone and a cut-guiding element placeable on the base. The cut-guiding element includes a cut-guiding structure for guiding a cutting tool in the cutting plane, the cut-guiding element being tiltable relative to the... Agent:

20140324056 - Apparatus and method for distracting the hip joint: a perineal post for engagement with a leg of the patient, said perineal post comprising a first portion and a second portion, wherein said first portion is configured for mounting to a table, and further wherein said second portion is movable relative to said first portion so as to change... Agent: Pivot Medical, Inc.

20140324055 - Method and apparatus for the removal of intervertebral discs: A method for the removal of an intervertebral disc or parts thereof to be treated that includes: inserting a first longitudinal bone anchor into a pedicle of a first vertebra; inserting a second longitudinal bone anchor into a pedicle of a second vertebra; bridging the first and second anchors using... Agent:

20140324060 - Device for placing bore channels when attaching artificial ligaments to the bone and method for producing a corresponding device: A device for the patient-specific, individual anatomic placement of bore channels when attaching artificial ligaments to bones, namely for use in placing boreholes on the thigh and lower leg during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, is provided with a probe (1) to be introduced into a joint via an arthroscopy portal... Agent:

20140324057 - K-wire and method for surgical procedures: A surgical guide wire or K-wire and method of use are provided. The K-wire or guide wire has opposite end portions and a shank portion in between. One end portion has a deformable end portion that, once outside of a confining guide passage, can be deformed to present a projected... Agent:

20140324059 - Orthopedic surgical guide: A system for establishing an intramedullary path includes a body sized and configured to be received within a resected bone space. The body defines a first aperture that extends through the body and is sized and configured to receive a surgical tool therethrough. A first bone engaging structure extends from... Agent:

20140324058 - Patient-specific knee alignment guide and associated method: A method of preparing a knee joint for a prosthesis in a patient includes mating a patient-specific three-dimensional curved inner surface of a femoral alignment guide onto a corresponding three-dimensional femoral joint surface of the patient. The patient-specific three-dimensional curved inner surface is preoperatively configured from medical scans of the... Agent:

20140324061 - Acquiring contact position parameters and detecting contact of a joint: d) determining, based on the first body part position transformation data and the second body part position transformation data and the reference structure position transformation data, joint position transformation data comprising joint position transformation information describing a joint position transformation for the position of the first body part relative to... Agent: Brainlab Ag

20140324062 - Screwdriver for bone screws: A screwdriver for actuating bone screws which have a shaft and a fork head for holding a vertebral rot or the like, includes a central shaft, which at its distal end is provided with a formfitting or force-fitting profile for engagement in a corresponding counter profile on the bone screw... Agent: Silony Medical International Ag

20140324063 - Intraocular lens cartridge: Intraocular lens cartridge comprising a conic head portion (1) narrowing gradually after a rectangular prism part; upper channel (1.2) on the inner upper wall of the conic head portion extending until the middle portion of the inner upper wall in order for the lens to move forward properly and continue... Agent:

20140324064 - Introduction and anchoring tool for an implantable medical device element: The invention pertains to an apparatus comprising a needle configured to define a path through tissue of a patient, tubing configured to slidably receive the needle via a proximal opening, an anchor configured to slidably receive at least a portion of the tubing, and an anchor deployment member comprising a... Agent:

20140324065 - Tissue resecting systems and methods: A tissue resecting system includes an assembly having first and second tubular members. An electrical motor drive and controller moves the second member to resect tissue received in a window of the first member. A tachometer sends motor drive rotational signals to the controller, and the controller modulates a motor... Agent: Arqos Surgical, Inc.

20140324066 - Medical systems and related methods: A medical system includes a sheath and an acoustic reflective element that is capable of amplifying acoustic energy. Methods of using a medical system are also provided herein.... Agent:

20140324068 - Apparatus for subcutaneous electrode insertion: Devices and methods for electrode implantation. A first embodiment includes an electrode insertion tool adapted to tunnel through tissue and attach, at its distal end, to a lead, such that the lead may be pulled into the tunneled space as the electrode insertion tool is removed. Additional embodiments include methods... Agent:

20140324069 - Introduction of medical lead into patient: Leads having distal electrodes may be used in application of test stimulation for purposes of implanting a lead having a fixation element distal to an electrode array. The fixation element is proximal the distal electrode. Accordingly, the distal electrode may be advanced beyond a distal end of an introducer while... Agent:

20140324067 - Subcutaneous tunneling and implantation tools for a disk-shaped sensor: Tunneling and implantation tools that may be used to implant a sensor within a living animal. For example, the sensor may be implanted in subcutaneous tissue below the skin. The sensor may be disk-shaped and may be capable of being compressed (e.g., wrapped) in a more cylindrical shape. The sensor... Agent: Senseonics, Incorporated

20140324071 - Real-time surgical reference indicium apparatus and methods for astigmatism correction: A system, method, and apparatus for generating at least one user adjustable, accurate, real-time, virtual surgical reference indicium including data for making at least one limbal and/or corneal relaxing incision for use in astigmatism correcting procedures are disclosed. An example method includes providing at least one real-time multidimensional visualization of... Agent:

20140324070 - Surgical robot system and control method thereof: A surgical robot system and a control method thereof include a slave device and a master device to control motion of the slave device. The surgical robot system further includes a monitoring device that inspects a signal transmitted within the system in real time to stop motion of the slave... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140324072 - System and method for pelvic floor repair: A method of repairing a pelvic floor disorder and a system for carrying out the method are provided. The method is effected by positioning an imaging device in an abdominal, rectal, perianal or vaginal cavity, advancing a surgical instrument through a vaginal wall under guidance of the imaging device to... Agent:

20140324073 - Surgical clamp apparatus and a surgical clamp for use in keyhole surgery: A surgical clamp for forming a clamping loop around a bodily lumen is disclosed. The clamp is deliverable through keyhole surgery. The clamp comprises: an elongate body comprising an elongate deformable layer having a first hardness and an elongate core having a second hardness, the first hardness less than the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140324074 - Surgical clip applicator: A surgical clip applicator includes a handle configured to produce translational movement; a cartridge containing a plurality of clips arranged in a row, the cartridge including a jaw assembly for receiving and closing a clip; a jaw closing mechanism for closing the jaw assembly; a clip feed mechanism for serially... Agent:

20140324075 - Suturing instrument and method for uterine preservation: A suturing instrument includes an elongate body member, a needle deployment mechanism, and a depth adaptor. The elongate body member includes a distal portion that defines an opening. The needle deployment mechanism is at least partially disposed within the elongate body member and moves the needle out of the suturing... Agent:

20140324076 - Surgical device: A surgical device configured for cooperation with a trocar to allow for delivery of suture to effect a closure of a wound is described.... Agent:

20140324077 - Anchoring system: The present disclosure relates to an anchor assembly. The anchor assembly includes an anchor defining a cavity and an opening to the cavity and an insertion member including a body having a proximal end portion and a flat distal end portion, and a head coupled to the proximal end portion... Agent:

20140324078 - Device for repair surgery of cylindrical organs, particularly ruptured tendons: A device for repair surgery of cylindrical organs, particularly ruptured tendons, is configured as a tubular sheath (T) made of a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer. The tubular sheath comprises an elastic fiber mesh formed by electrospinning of said polymer and has an inner wall surface and an outer wall surface... Agent: Universitat Z&#xfc Rich Prorektorat Mnw

20140324079 - Angioplasty balloon having selectively deployable cutting or scoring element and related methods: Balloon angioplasty catheters having cutting or scoring members that are moveable in at least one direction between a stowed position (away from the angioplasty balloon) and an operative position (on the angioplasty balloon). A balloon catheter of the present invention alternately useable to perform balloon dilation of a body lumen... Agent: Invatec S.p.a.

20140324080 - Intracerebral hemorrhage treatment: A method for removing a blood clot from a cranium of a patient may involve forming an opening in the patient's cranium, advancing an elongate blood clot removal device through the opening into the cranium, positioning a distal end of the clot removal device at or near the clot, rotating... Agent:

20140324081 - Rotational thrombectomy wire: A rotational thrombectomy wire for breaking up vascular thrombus or other obstructive material having a core having a proximal region and a distal region and being rotatable by a motor. The distal region has a smaller diameter than the proximal region. A cable is coupled to the distal region of... Agent: Rex Medical, L.p.

20140324082 - Device and method for removing earwax: The present invention describes an earwax removal device having varying structures to provide different earwax removal capabilities. In all designs, the overall contour of the earwax-extracting member resembles the dimensions of the external auditory canal and is flexible enough to conform to it during insertion. Each engages and collects wax... Agent:

20140324083 - Eye marker device with electronic positional detection system and tip associated therewith: The present invention provides methods and systems for an eye marker device that includes a handle, a tip engaged to the handle and includes a marking means with at least one arm containing a marking apparatus, a rotational scale, and a servo motor.... Agent: Surgilum, LLC

20140324085 - System and method for energy delivery to tissue while monitoring position, lesion depth, and wall motion: Systems and methods for ablating tissue include an ablation device having an energy source and a sensor. The energy source provides a beam of energy directable to target tissue, and the sensor senses energy reflected back from the target tissue. The sensor collects various information from the target tissue in... Agent: Vytronus, Inc.

20140324084 - Treatment assembly, treatment device and manufacturing method of treatment device: A treatment assembly includes: a probe which includes a treatment section at a distal end portion thereof; an inner tube which includes a distal end and into which the probe is inserted in a state that the treatment section of the probe protrudes toward a distal end side with respect... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140324086 - Endoscopic cutting instruments having improved efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs: Minimally invasive endoscopic cutting instruments having improved efficiency, access and reduced manufacturing costs are described herein. In particular, the present invention describes means for eliminating or modifying the distal end axial bearing surfaces so as to reduce manufacturing costs as well as the opportunity for galling and metal shedding. The... Agent: Hanshi LLC

20140324087 - Surgical tool, micro-surgical instrument and actuation method for both: An actuation method for a surgical tool and the tool itself, which includes a proximal coupling portion from which two hydraulically actuatable, pivotably connected members extend. Each of the branches, at least at their distal ends, have an active portion and form in the coupling portion a boundary for at... Agent:

20140324088 - Lancer: A lancer device that enables a user to draw blood from a patient and discard the used lancet without touching it. The device also has an adjustable tip for selecting the depth of stylet penetration into the patient and a triggering mechanism that utilizes a yoke latch and a leaf... Agent:

20140324089 - Tattooing systems and methods: A tattooing apparatus including a needle having at least one tip. The needle is configured to move between a first position in which the tip is located above the surface of a skin, and a second position in which the tip is located at a penetration depth underneath the skin... Agent:

20140324090 - Compound needle: A compound needle comprising an outer needle shaft having an outer needle tip and an inner needle shaft having an inner needle tip wherein one of the needle tip is sharper than the other needle tip. The outer needle tip can be formed of a flexible material and/or have a... Agent:

20140324091 - Methods and apparatus for treating embolism: A method and apparatus for treating a clot in the blood vessel of a patient, and particularly the treatment of a pulmonary embolism is disclosed. The treatment includes restoring flow through the clot followed by clot removal, either partially or substantially completely. The clot treatment device is expandable into the... Agent: Inceptus Medical, LLC

20140324092 - Inflatable medical devices: Inflatable medical devices and methods for making and using the same are disclosed. The inflatable medical devices can be medical balloons. The balloons can be configured to have a through-lumen or no through-lumen and a wide variety of geometries. The device can have a high-strength, non-compliant, fiber-reinforced, multi-layered wall. The... Agent: Loma Vista Medical, Inc.

20140324093 - Devices, systems and methods useable for treating sinusitis: Sinusitis and other disorders of the ear, nose and throat are diagnosed and/or treated using minimally invasive approaches with flexible or rigid instruments. Various methods and devices are used for remodeling or changing the shape, size or configuration of a sinus ostium or duct or other anatomical structure in the... Agent: Acclarent, Inc.

20140324094 - Devices for obstructing passage of air or other contaminants into a portion of a lung and methods of use: Provided are devices, systems and methods of selectively controlling air flow into one or more section of a patient's lungs. In particular, the devices may be valve devices having an inner lumen configured to transition between a first diameter and a second diameter smaller than the first diameter to control... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140324095 - Embolus blood clot filter with bio-resorbable coated filter members: A blood clot filter includes a number of locator members and anchor members, each of the members tipped with a retainer encompassed within bio-resorbable cover material. Upon delivery into a blood vessel, the locator and anchor members position the filter near the vessel centerline. After a period of time, the... Agent: C.r. Bard, Inc.

20140324096 - Introducer sheath for use with an embolic coil device and methods for making and using the same: Introducer sheaths for use with embolic coil devices and methods for making and using the same. An example introducer sheath assembly may include an introducer sheath having a proximal end, a distal end, and a body portion defined therebetween. The body portion may include two or more bends formed therein.... Agent:

20140324097 - Muscle building tool and control method thereof: A muscle building tool 1 is used to build, by applying a predetermined pressure to at least one of a user's four limbs to restrict blood flow, a muscle of the limb, and includes: a belt 10 that is wrapped around the at least one of the four limbs and... Agent:

20140324098 - Tissue stabilization and repair device: A device includes an elongated cannula with an opening positioned at its distal end. A tissue engagement structure is affixed proximate the distal end of the cannula and surrounds the opening. The tissue engagement structure includes a tissue engaging portion to engage and control tissue. An adhesive is dispensed through... Agent:

20140324099 - Devices, systems, and methods for suture management: Devices, systems, and methods are provided for managing suture filament during a tissue repair procedure. One exemplary embodiment of an anchor insertion tool includes a handle, an elongate shaft extending distally from the handle, and a ring disposed around the elongate shaft. The ring can be configured to slide along... Agent:

20140324101 - Method and apparatus for coupling anatomical features: A method of coupling a first portion of an anatomy to a second portion of the anatomy includes coupling first and second bones of the anatomy with a bone-tendon-bone implant. The bone-tendon-bone implant has a first bone end, a second bone end and a replacement tendon between the first and... Agent:

20140324100 - Suture anchor device, kit and method: A suture anchor and kit for anchoring a suture member to human bone in an interference fit. A suture anchor includes a threaded portion and has a head at the proximal end thereof, the head being generally circular. A tip is located at a distal end of the shank. The... Agent:

20140324102 - System and method for multiple level facet joint arthroplasty and fusion: Facet joint replacement implants may be designed for use on multiple adjacent vertebral levels. Each superior implant may have a substantially semispherical concave surface, and each inferior implant may have a cooperating semispherical convex surface that is deformable to enable it to be pressed into the superior implant concave surface... Agent: Globus Medical, Inc

20140324103 - Bone clamping system: A bone clamping system includes a shaft (3), a first plate (1) integrally attached to the shaft and a second, movable plate (20), wherein a locking leaf (22, 23), penetrating into the shaft (3) or not, locks the second plate (20) on the shaft (3).... Agent:

20140324104 - Intervertebral implant devices and methods for insertion thereof: An implant device is provided that is configured for implantation at multiple locations between adjacent vertebrae. The implant device comprises an implant body, a first portion of the implant body, and a second portion of the implant body adjustably interconnected with the first portion. The implant body has a compact... Agent: Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc.

20140324106 - Implanting apparatus and operating method thereof: An implanting apparatus and an operating method thereof are provided. An implanting apparatus used for implanting an intervertebral cage into a location between two adjacent vertebral bodies, wherein the implanting apparatus comprises a sleeve and an extension member. The extension member has a rod and a coupling column, wherein the... Agent: Wiltrom Co., Ltd.

20140324105 - Occipital fixation assembly, system and method for attaching the same: An occipital fixation assembly is provided. The occipital fixation assembly includes a first mounting plate configured for placement within a sinus cavity adjacent a rear portion of a skull of a patient. A threaded post extends from the first mounting plate. A coupling member includes an aperture configured to receive... Agent: K2m, Inc.

20140324107 - Offset variable angle connection assembly: A method of securely connecting a spinal implant to a bone anchor by using an offset connection assembly. The variable angle connection assembly is able to securely connect the spinal implant to the anchors even when there is a variance in the angle and position of the anchors with respect... Agent:

20140324108 - Bone plate with transversal slots for receiving a fastener: A bone plate is provided including a first slot oriented along a longitudinal axis and a slider longitudinally displaceable along the first slot, said slider including a second slot oriented transversely to the longitudinal axis.... Agent: Skeletal Dynamics, L.L.C.

20140324109 - Securing fasteners: A fastener, for example a bone screw, is sized to pass into an aperture of an implant, for example a bone plate, the fastener having an anchor portion engageable with body tissue, and a head portion formed by an assembly of an insert and an anchor extension. The implant has... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 94 patent applications in 57 patent subcategories.

20140316384 - Rigid elastic bent tool for laparoscopic surgery: A surgical tool and method of use during laparoscopic surgery, the tool including a shaft having a distal region with an elastic modulus E. Distal and proximal regions of the shaft have outer diameters D1 and D2 respectively, with D2>D1. The distal region has a bend and terminates in a... Agent: Omniguide, Inc.

20140316385 - Methods of treating a cardiac arrhythmia by thoracoscopic production of a cox maze iii lesion set: Methods of treating a subject for a cardiac arrhythmia are provided. Aspects of the methods include thoracoscopically producing a cardiac Cox maze III set of lesions in cardiac tissue of the subject in a manner sufficient to treat the subject for the cardiac arrhythmia.... Agent:

20140316386 - Method and apparatus for patterned plasma-mediated laser trephination of the lens capsule and three dimensional phaco- segmentation: System and method for making incisions in eye tissue at different depths. The system and method focuses light, possibly in a pattern, at various focal points which are at various depths within the eye issue. A segmented lens can be used to create multiple focal points simultaneously. Optimal incisions can... Agent:

20140316387 - Ultrasound delivery of nanoparticles: Enhanced delivery of compositions for treatment of skin tissue with photoactive plasmonic nanoparticles and light, with embodiments relating to delivery devices using, for example, ultrasound. Treatments are useful for cosmetic, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.... Agent:

20140316388 - Systems and methods for affecting the biomechanical properties of connective tissue: A device for delivering ablative medical treatments to improve biomechanics comprising a laser for generating a beam of laser radiation used in ablative medical treatments to improve biomechanics, a housing, a controller within the housing, in communication with the laser and operable to control dosimetry of the beam of laser... Agent:

20140316391 - Eyesight correction apparatus and method for controlling same: The eyesight correction apparatus according to the present invention comprises: a cutting unit for cutting out a portion of the cornea such that a stromal bed and a flap are arranged; an image processing unit for collecting, in images, the state between the flap which is located on the stromal... Agent:

20140316389 - Laser eye surgery system: An imaging system includes an eye interface device, a scanning assembly, a beam source, a free-floating mechanism, and a detection assembly. The eye interface device interfaces with an eye. The scanning assembly supports the eye interface device and scans a focal point of an electromagnetic radiation beam within the eye.... Agent:

20140316390 - Methods and systems for tracking a torsional orientation and position of an eye: Methods and systems for tracking a position and torsional orientation of a patient's eye. In one embodiment, the present invention provides methods and software for registering a first image of an eye with a second image of an eye. In another embodiment, the present invention provides methods and software for... Agent: Amo Manufacturing Usa, LLC

20140316392 - Method, apparatus, and a system for a water jet: A fluid or laser jet instrument may be used for manually performing eye surgery or any emulsification technique.... Agent:

20140316393 - Combined modality treatment systems, methods and apparatus for body contouring applications: Systems and methods that enable delivery of radiofrequency energy and cryotherapy applications to adipose tissue for reduction and contouring of body fat are described herein. Aspects of the disclosure are directed to methods for reducing surface irregularities in a surface of a subject's skin resulting from an uneven distribution of... Agent: Zeltiq Aesthetics, Inc.

20140316394 - Method for enhanced photoepilation based on metallic nano-complexes: The present invention relates to a composition for topical application on skin for photoepilation comprising nanocomplexes which comprise a nanoparticle supporting an LSP resonance which is coated with at least a chemical compound, wherein said chemical compound is selected from the group consisting of polyionic polymers, heterobifunctional compound of the... Agent: Instituci&#xf3 Catalana De Recerca 1 Estudis Avancats

20140316395 - Waveguide locks and counterbalances for waveguide conduits: An optical radiation delivery structure including a waveguide conduit having a surgical access portion and a handle portion. The handle portion includes a gripping portion and a waveguide lock, which is configured to have only a locked state and an unlocked state. In some embodiments, the handle portion includes a... Agent: Omniguide, Inc.

20140316396 - Methods and devices to treat nasal airways: Methods and devices for treating nasal airways are provided. Such devices and methods may improve airflow through an internal and/or external nasal valve, and comprise the use of mechanical re-shaping, energy application and other treatments to modify the shape, structure, and/or air flow characteristics of an internal nasal valve, an... Agent:

20140316397 - Protective sheath for surgical laser fiber: A protective sheath of the type used to protect a scope during insertion of a fiber into the scope may include holes for improved fluid flow and for ease of sterilization, reinforcement, a luer connector to position the sheath relative to a scope and to enable use of a seal,... Agent:

20140316398 - Systems and methods related to selective heating of cryogenic balloons for targeted cryogenic neuromodulation: Systems and methods related to selective heating of cryogenic balloons for targeted cryogenic neuromodulation are disclosed herein. A cryotherapeutic device configured in accordance with a particular embodiment of the present technology can include an elongated shaft having a proximal portion and a distal portion. The shaft can be configured to... Agent:

20140316399 - Cryoprobe: The invention relates to a medical device, including interchangeable parts thereof, for performing corneal cell freezing wherein said device comprises an elongate member having a flow line system through which a cryogenic fluid flows to cool a cryoprobe tip which tip is fixed and comprises a concave epithelial surface contact... Agent: University College Cardiff Consultants Limited

20140316400 - Ablation system, methods, and controllers: Multi-electrode ablation systems, methods, and controllers are described. In one example, a method of beginning an ablation procedure using a multi-electrode ablation system is described. The method includes selectively coupling the output of a power supply to a first electrode of a plurality of electrodes to increase a temperature at... Agent:

20140316402 - Controlled neuromodulation systems and methods of use: The present disclosure relates to devices, systems and methods for positioning a neuromodulation device at a treatment site and evaluating the effects of therapeutic energy delivery applied to tissue in a patient. Before, during and/or after therapeutic energy delivery, a system can monitor parameters or values relevant to efficacious neuromodulation... Agent: Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.l.

20140316403 - Electrosurgical apparatus to generate a dual plasma stream and method thereof: The present disclosure relates to an electrosurgical apparatus to generate a dual plasma stream to perform electrosurgery on a surgical site on a patient. The apparatus and method of the present disclosure generates a hot gas jet to a surgical site by generating two plasma beams that are electrically up... Agent:

20140316404 - Electrosurgical device: An electrosurgical device comprises a first signal generator and a second signal generator, wherein the signal generators are configured to generate an electrical signal that can be transmitted to a patient via electrodes. A control module is provided in which an output value of the first signal generator and an... Agent:

20140316401 - Sheath assemblies for electrosurgical instruments: An electrosurgical device may include an elongated shaft having a distal end and a proximal end, an electrosurgical end effector coupled to the distal end of the elongated shaft, an electrically insulative sheath disposed around at least a proximal end portion of the end effector, and an electrically insulative viscous... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140316405 - Denervation methods: System and methods for channeling a path into bone include a trocar having a proximal end, distal end and a central channel disposed along a central axis of the trocar. The trocar includes a radial opening at or near the distal end of the trocar. The system includes a curveable... Agent: Relievant Medsystems, Inc.

20140316408 - Surgical instrument with jaw member: A surgical instrument for supplying energy to tissue may comprise a handle, a trigger, an electrical input, and a shaft extending from the handle. The surgical instrument may comprise and end effector first and second tissue engaging surfaces that are slanted with respect to a transection plane. The end effector... Agent:

20140316407 - Universal shaft for magnetic manipulation of catheters: A magnetically-guided catheter includes a tip positioning magnet in the distal end portion thereof configured to interact with externally applied magnetic fields for magnetically-guided movement. The magnet may be geometrically asymmetric, for example, a C-shape in radial cross-section, so as to allow side-loading of an irrigation fluid lumen and other... Agent:

20140316406 - Visual electrode ablation systems: A method of ablating a tissue region within a blood-filled environment comprises restraining a fluid within a visualization field in a portion of the blood-filled environment and visualizing the tissue region through the fluid within the visualization field. The method also includes transmitting ablating electrical energy from the fluid into... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140316410 - Intramedullary nail having self-retaining compression slot: An intramedullary nail has a scalloped compression slot so as to define a plurality of pockets and intersections between the pockets that are narrower than the pockets. Accordingly, a compression member can be inserted into a bone segment of a fractured bone and into the slot. The compression member can... Agent:

20140316409 - Reducing implant stress zones: An orthopaedic implant includes a body being elongated in a longitudinal direction and having an outer wall, one or more openings through the outer wall, and a cannulation disposed along a length of the body and defined by the outer wall, the cannulation being non-uniform along the longitudinal direction, wherein... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140316411 - Systems and methods for minimally invasive fracture reduction and fixation: Systems and methods of using expandable elements inserted into a bone, such as the distal radius, to provide for minimally invasive reduction and fixation of fractures. An introducer is used to insert the expandable elements to create a cavity within the bone, to precisely reposition displaced bone fragments and to... Agent: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

20140316412 - Method of performing a minimally invasive procedure on a hip joint of a patient to relieve femoral acetabular impingement: A method of performing a minimally invasive procedure on a hip joint of a patient to relieve a femoral acetabular impingement. An access device is placed through skin of the patient to provide minimally invasive access to a target volume of material that creates the femoral acetabular impingement. A cutting... Agent:

20140316414 - Flexible acl instrumentation, kit and method: A flexible reamer for preparing a hole in a tissue includes a shaft that extends along a longitudinal axis between a proximal end and a distal end. The shaft is cannulated through and has a flexible portion along at least a portion of its length. The flexible portion includes a... Agent:

20140316413 - Steerable curvable vertebroplasty drill: Disclosed herein is a steerable and curvable drill that can be used for various applications including vertebroplasty. The drill can include an elongate, tubular body, having a proximal end, a distal end, and a central lumen extending therethrough; a deflectable zone on the distal end of the tubular body including... Agent: Osseon Therapeutics, Inc.

20140316415 - Osteotome: A tool (1, 31) for cutting bone comprises an elongate blade (7, 37) connectable to a generator of longitudinal-mode ultrasonic vibrations. The blade (7, 37) has two lateral cutting edges (9, 10) linked by a rounded distal tip (8). A series of triangular teeth (13) extends along each cutting edge... Agent: Orthosonics Limited

20140316477 - Insertion instrument for intervertebral implants: An insertion tool for positioning intervertebral spacers into disc spaces. The insertion tool has a proximal end and a distal end, a T-handle secured to the proximal end and a pair of alignment rails extending to the distal end. The insertion tool includes a handle secured to the proximal end... Agent:

20140316476 - Method for using a guard for creating a socket posteriorly in the lumbar spine: A method for guiding a bone removal device to form a socket in the human spine and for inserting a cortical bone implant into the socket. The method includes placing a guard against the posterior aspect of the spine, the guard having a passage therethrough, inserting the bone removal device... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20140316475 - Spinal deformity correction instruments and methods: An instrument for correction of spinal deformities includes an inner member with a proximal portion configured to receive a corrective force and a distal coupling portion configured to transfer the corrective force to a spinal implant in a vertebra. A slot extends transversely through the coupling portion and is configured... Agent: Alphatec Spine, Inc.

20140316417 - Method and apparatus for reconstructing a hip joint, including the provision and use of a novel arthroscopic debridement template for assisting in the treatment of cam-type femoroacetabular impingement: an arthroscopic debridement template comprising a body reconfigurable between (i) a first configuration having a first profile and comprising an arc matching the desired curvature of the bone after debridement, and (ii) a second configuration having a second profile, wherein said second profile is smaller than said first profile.... Agent:

20140316416 - Patient-specific guidance system and acetabular component with offset stems for hip arthroplasty: A method provide a patient-specific guidance system developed from 3D bone models, which are generated based on the patient's 2D image data. The surgical guide that is generated from this 3D data has an exterior surface that conforms to the interior surface of the acetabulum of an individual patient. Once... Agent:

20140316418 - Drill guide with rotating handle: A drill guide includes at least one drill guide lumen and a handle coupled to the at least one drill guide lumen. The drill guide lumen includes a proximal opening, a distal opening, and a longitudinal opening therebetween. The handle is movable between a first position relative to the drill... Agent: Spinal Elements, Inc.

20140316419 - Interbody spacer and plate inserter and methods of use: An attachment guide for an interbody cage and a spinal plate includes a guide body and a coupling element. The guide body includes a proximal end, a pair of flanges, and a distal end. The proximal end includes an inserter attachment element configured to removably receive an inserter instrument. The... Agent:

20140316421 - Method and tool with integrated inclinometer: A tool includes a wrench, an inclinometer integrated with the wrench, and an electronic indicator operatively coupled to the inclinometer. The indicator indicates when a predetermined rotation is met or indicates when a contrary rotation direction is occurring. In another embodiment, a tool can include a shaft for applying a... Agent: Rl Inventions, LLC

20140316420 - Surgical rod measuring system and method: A system and method for measuring a surgical rod are disclosed. The system includes a processor, a probe in communication with the processor and configured to trace along a surface of the implant, a tracking system in communication with the processor and the probe for generating first data representing at... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20140316422 - Device and method for use during ligament reconstruction: The present disclosure relates to a device for use during ligament reconstruction surgery. The device includes a handle and a shaft coupled to the handle, the handle including a first channel for housing of an insert, a second channel, a third channel for housing of the shaft, a first window,... Agent:

20140316423 - Device for handling a bone screw: A device for handling a bone screw to be connected with a vertebral rod includes an essentially cylindrical and hollow housing and an adjustment tool which axially traverses the housing and which has a section provided with an outer threading and is screwed into an internal threading of the housing,... Agent: Silony Medical International Ag

20140316425 - Injector cartridge with improved lubricity: An inorganic-organic hybrid coating applied to a polymer and method for forming same to provide improved hydrophilicity and lubricity to the surface of the polymer. The hydrophilic coating is on the order of one micron thick, as is formed by activating the surface of the polymer, reacting the activated surface... Agent: Staar Surgical Company

20140316424 - Pre-loaded injector for use with intraocular lens: An injector folding and injecting a flexible intraocular lens into the eye of a patient is described. The injector is configured to be loaded with the intraocular lens, and optionally, an aqueous solution, before the injector and lens are sterilized. The injector includes a lens compartment that is configured to... Agent: Staar Surgical Company

20140316426 - Connection system for the detachable fixation of a hollow cylindrical component at a recess: An easily detachable connection of a hollow cylindrical component, such as a graft, at a recess in tissue, such as a heart or a blood vessel, an annular element, a guide element and a spring element are provided, which are secured by way of a suture ring at the body... Agent: Berlin Heart Gmbh

20140316427 - Surgical disc removal tool: The disclosure provides a tissue removal device including customizable tips. The tissue removal device may include an outer shaft and a threaded shaft. One aspect of disclosure may include a shaft cutting tool that emerges from the end of the outer shaft. Another aspect of the disclosure may include a... Agent:

20140316428 - Fracturing calcifications in heart valves: A device for fracturing calcifications in heart valves characterised by a stabilizer assembly and an impactor assembly assembled on and deployed by a delivery system, wherein said delivery system is operable to cause relative motion between said impactor assembly and said stabilizer assembly with sufficient energy so as to fracture... Agent:

20140316429 - Impedance guided tunneling tool: A system includes a first electrode at a tip of a tunneling tool and a second electrode. The system includes a circuit configured to determine whether the tip of the tunneling tool is within subcutaneous fat tissue or muscle tissue of a patient based on a measurement of an impedance... Agent:

20140316436 - Active bed mount for surgical robot: A robotic surgical system incorporating a surgical robot attached to a patient's bone by an attachment member, such that motion of the bone induces corresponding motion of the robot, maintaining the robot/bone positional relationship. The robot is supported on a mechanical mounting member attached through a controlled joint to a... Agent: Mazor Robotics Ltd.

20140316432 - Constant value gap stabilizer for articulating links: A surgical instrument is adapted and configured for use in a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The surgical instrument includes at least one pair of segments including a plurality of articulating links having gaps therebetween. At least one gap stabilizer stabilizes the articulating links and facilitates maintaining equally sized gaps between... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140316435 - Methods, systems and devices for three dimensional input and control methods and systems based thereon: A Robotic control system has a wand, which emits multiple narrow beams of light, which fall on a light sensor array, or with a camera, a surface, defining the wand's changing position and attitude which a computer uses to direct relative motion of robotic tools or remote processes, such as... Agent:

20140316433 - Relay based tool control: Medical apparatus, including a local medical tool and a remote medical tool, located remotely from the local medical tool. The apparatus includes a lockable joint, physically connected to the local medical tool, that is operable in a locked state or in an unlocked state. A handle is physically connected to... Agent: Gyrus Acmi, Inc. (d.b.a. As Olympus Surgical Technologies America)

20140316430 - System and methods for managing multiple null-space objectives and sli behaviors: Devices, systems, and methods for providing commanded movement of an end effector of a manipulator concurrent with a desired movement of one or more joints of the manipulator according to one or more consolidated null-space objectives. The null-space objectives may include a joint state combination, relative joint states, range of... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140316434 - Systems and methods for robot-assisted transurethral exploration and intervention: Systems and methods are described for using a robotic system to perform procedures within a cavity using a virtual fixture. The robotic system includes a rigid central stem including an access channel positioned longitudinally along the rigid central stem and a dexterous arm at least partially positioned within the access... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20140316431 - Systems and methods for using the null space to emphasize manipulator joint motion anisotropically: Devices, systems, and methods for providing commanded movement of an end effector of a manipulator while providing a desired movement of one or more joints of the manipulator. Methods include calculating weighted joint velocities using a weighting matrix within the joint space to anisotropically emphasize joint movement within a null-space... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140316438 - Depilation device: A depilation device operative to tweeze hairs from a narrow, selected area on a skin surface, continuously. Relatively short hairs may be tweezed. Additionally, relatively rapid and painless tweezing is provided. The depilation device is ergonomically designed for easy and effective hair tweezing.... Agent:

20140316437 - Epilator: An epilator includes a housing, a drive mechanism, and an epilation head mounted on the housing. The epilation head includes a barrel rotatable about a longitudinal rotation axis of the barrel and operatively connected to the drive mechanism for driven rotation of the barrel about its rotation axis. The barrel... Agent:

20140316439 - Apparatus for the treatment of tissue: A system for treatment of tissue includes a fixation apparatus and a delivery tool releasably carrying the fixation apparatus. The fixation apparatus includes first and second anchors and an adjustable band connecting the anchors. The band includes a cinch line and a tether connected to one of the anchors. The... Agent: Anulex Technologies, Inc.

20140316440 - Multiple clip endoscopic tissue clipping system and device: An apparatus for endoscopic clipping of a surgery site comprising: a clip deployment mechanism operatively coupled to an actuator via a hollow elongate enclosure; wherein the clip deployment mechanism houses a plurality of surgical clips exterior to the enclosure; and wherein, in response to the actuator, the clip deployment mechanism... Agent:

20140316441 - Surgical clip appliers: A surgical clip applier includes a housing, at least one handle, a channel assembly, a clip carrier, a wedge plate, a clip pusher bar, and a clip follower. The at least one handle is pivotably connected to the housing. The channel assembly extends distally from the housing. The clip carrier... Agent:

20140316442 - Suture device: A suture device includes a needle operating device movable longitudinally with respect to a housing between at least an insertion position and a needle transfer position. The needle operating device includes an elongate operating element arranged extending from a distal end of the housing to or near a housing proximal... Agent:

20140316443 - Method and apparatus for passing suture: A device is disclosed that can pierce and hold tissue and then pass suture through tissue. The device can have a shuttle that can removably attach to a suture and jaws that can be rotatably opened and closed with respect to each other. A method for using the device to... Agent: Sp Surgical Inc.

20140316445 - Device for minimally invasive plastic surgery lift procedure: d

20140316444 - Muscle wall defect prosthesis and deployment system: A delivery device for inserting a prosthesis to repair a muscle wall defect has platen and a handle attached to the platen. The platen is collapsible to a reduced configuration. A prosthesis is formed with a pocket to receive the platen and can be maneuvered in to position with the... Agent: 808189-1 Canada Inc.

20140316446 - Surgical fasteners: Surgical fasteners, including tacks are disclosed for fastening a surgical mesh to underlying tissue during surgical procedures to repair body tissue, such as in hernia repair. Such tacks can include a head, a elongated body portion having a distal end and a proximal end, and an anchoring element on an... Agent:

20140316448 - Devices, systems and methods for a guide wire loader: The present disclosure pertains to a handheld device for loading a guide wire into a medical device. The device has a housing having a slot; a driving wheel disposed within a first portion and rotatably connected to a motor disposed within the housing; a plurality of compression wheels disposed within... Agent: Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140316447 - Devices, systems and methods for a piloting tip bushing for rotational atherectomy: A high-speed rotational atherectomy device for opening a stenosis in an artery having a given diameter, comprising: a guide wire; a flexible elongated, rotatable drive shaft advanceable over the guide wire, the drive shaft having a proximal end and a distal end; an abrading head; and a piloting member fixedly... Agent: Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140316449 - Devices, systems and methods for a quick load guide wire tool: A system and method for loading a guide wire into a medical device is provided. The medical device comprises a drive shaft having a lumen and a distal end; and a guide wire loader having a distal end having a guide wire mating feature. In a preloaded state, at least... Agent: Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140316450 - Devices, systems and methods for an oscillating crown drive for rotational atherectomy: The present invention is directed in various methods, devices and systems relating to rotational atherectomy. More specifically, an oscillating driver is connected to a drive shaft, or torque transfer tube, with abrasive element mounted thereon. The result provides a rotational working diameter for the rotating abrasive element that is larger... Agent: Cardiovascular Systems, Inc

20140316451 - Rotational atherectomy device with biasing clutch: A rotational atherectomy system may include a drive shaft, a motor, and a clutch with a threshold torque where the clutch may include a motor plate rotationally connected to the motor, a drive shaft plate rotationally connected to the drive shaft, and a biasing clutch configured to rotationally engage the... Agent: Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140316452 - Liquid ejection device and medical apparatus: A liquid ejection device includes a liquid chamber, a volume varying unit, a liquid supplying unit, and a control unit. An interior volume of the liquid chamber can be varied. The volume varying unit varies the volume in the liquid chamber. The liquid supplying unit supplies liquid to the liquid... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140316453 - Endoscopic tissue stabilization device and related methods of use: Embodiments of the invention include a sleeve for use in a body lumen defined by body tissue. The sleeve includes a collapsible wall defining a lumen and including an inflatable member configured to increase a volume of the lumen when the inflatable member is in an inflated state, a conduit... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140316454 - Stents having radiopaque mesh: A stent including a mesh made of strands. The mesh has at least one radiopaque strand and at least one non-radiopaque strand, and the at least one radiopaque strand and the at least one non-radiopaque strand each have different diameters. Each strand has an index of wire stiffness EI, where... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140316455 - System and method for performing surgical procedures: A method for performing a surgical or medical procedure on a portion of a patient's body within a surgical environment enclosure may involve preparing the surgical environment enclosure for performing the procedure, advancing the portion of the patient's body into the surgical environment enclosure through a first port on the... Agent:

20140316456 - Ear stimulating apparatus: An ear stimulating apparatus includes first and second units capable of clipping on an auricle and gripping an ear, a plurality of contacts arranged in the first unit at least at positions where the contacts are capable of being brought into contact with a front side of the auricle, and... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140316457 - Skin patch instrument for treating pain: A therapeutic patch for treating pain capable of compressing a tender area up to a boundary thereof and/or an entire induration with metallic grains or crushed stones by a treatment method in accordance with a classification determined after clarifying a site of pain by pressing a skin with a pressing... Agent:

20140316458 - Tissure closure device and method: A device having a plurality of anchors configured to be driven into a tissue, and a closure element extending between the anchors and configured to urge the anchors toward each other, closing a wound and complying with motion of the tissue.... Agent:

20140316459 - Surgical stapling device: A surgical stapling device for applying an array of surgical staples to tissue is provided. The stapling device includes an approximation mechanism for moving a cartridge assembly and an anvil assembly between spaced and approximated positions and a firing mechanism for ejecting the array of staples from the cartridge assembly.... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140316460 - Method and apparatus for attaching tissue to bone: said anchor body and said working suture being configured such that, when at least one of said anchor body and said working suture receives a repair suture which is connected to the first object, and said anchor body is thereafter disposed in a hole in the second object, applying tension... Agent:

20140316462 - Intervertebral disc annulus repair system and bone anchor delivery tool: An intervertebral disc repair system comprises an implant and a delivery tool configured to deploy the implant at least partially in a vertebral body of a patient. The implant includes an anchor member and an adjustable suture assembly coupled thereto. The delivery tool includes a proximal handle, an outer tubular... Agent:

20140316461 - Knotless suture anchor for securing soft tissue to bone: A suture anchor for anchoring a suture to bone, the suture anchor comprising: an elongated body having a distal end surface, a proximal end surface, an exterior sidewall extending between the distal end surface and the proximal end surface, and an interior passageway extending between the distal end surface and... Agent:

20140316463 - Ligament screw attachment device: A bone block assembly including a bone block having a proximal end, a distal end, a central axis defined therethrough, and a hole formed therethrough, and a threaded screw having a proximal end, a distal end, and a first eyelet formed on the proximal end of the threaded screw, the... Agent:

20140316464 - Dissolvable suck training device: A device placeable over a nipple and shaped for easy latching. Sucking on the device draws the nipple inside the device to shape the nipple and draw it into the infant's mouth. The device then dissolves leaving the infant's mouth in direct contact with the nipple.... Agent:

20140316465 - \"apparatus and method for spinal and/or neck decompression\": A device for relieving back and/or neck pain of a seated user through spinal decompression includes a frame, a seat base connected to the frame, and a seat back connected to the frame. The seat base has a front portion and a rear portion, with the seat back extending from... Agent:

20140316467 - Bony structure fixation clamp: A clamp comprises a first structure configured to exert force on a first bony structure at a first point of contact, a second structure configured to exert force on a second bony structure at a second point of contact, a spacer pivot positionable between the first and second bony structures... Agent:

20140316466 - Interspinous implant and instrument for implanting an interspinous implant: The present invention relates to an interspinous implant (1), intended to be implanted between two adjacent dorsal spines (EI,ES), each including an upper edge (E2), a lower edge (E3) and two opposed lateral faces (E4, E5), wherein the implant (1) includes at least one body (10) with dimensions arranged so... Agent: Ldr Medical

20140316468 - Cross connector system: The present teachings provide one or more surgical implements for repairing damaged tissue, such as in the case of a spinal fixation procedure. A cross connector system for use during a spinal fixation procedure is provided. The system includes at least one bridge defining a coupling bore and having a... Agent:

20140316469 - Rod-shaped implant element with flexible section: A rod-shaped implant element for the connection of bone anchoring elements includes at least one rigid section that is configured to be placed in a receiver member of a bone anchoring element and a flexible section that is adjacent to the rigid section. The flexible section and the rigid section... Agent: Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140316471 - Bone repair system and method: A bone repair system and method for percutaneously fixing a first bone segment to a second bone segment, such as rib bone segments, in a body of a patient include drilling a first hole through the first bone segment and a second hole through the second bone segment, and feeding... Agent: The Penn State Research Foundation

20140316470 - Compression brace: A surgical device for pressing and retaining adjacent bones against one another comprising a compression brace and separate fasteners. The compression brace has at least two fastener retaining portions. Each fastener retaining portion has a fastener hole therethrough for receiving a fastener, such as a screw or pin. A pair... Agent: Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

20140316472 - Low-profile, high tension mesh plate for subcutaneous fracture fixation: A fixation device and method for the subcutaneous fixation of bone fragments. A fixation mesh is formed by the intersection of a plurality of linear legs that are interconnected in sagittal planes to form linear sagittal lines and a plurality of crimped legs that are interconnected in transverse planes to... Agent:

20140316473 - Bone plate: The invention relates to a bone plate (1), comprising a bottom side (4) intended for lying against the bone, a top side (3) facing away from the bone, a plurality of holes that penetrate the plate, of which holes at least one hole is used to accommodate a bone screw... Agent: K&#xd6 Nigsee Implantate Gmbh

20140316474 - Interphalangeal joint implant methods: A method and apparatus for correcting malformed joints, in particular the “hammer toe” contraction of the proximal interphalangeal joint. The disclosure comprises a two-component implant: a proximal phalanx component and a middle phalanx component. An endosseous stem on each component is inserted axially into the end of a respective host... Agent:

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