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10/02/2014 > 94 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20140296836 - Gold-in-silicon nanoassembly for thermal therapy and methods of use: The present invention provides methods and compositions for the nanotechnology-based therapy of one or more mammalian diseases. Disclosed are gold-in-porous silicon nanoassemblies that are effective in the targeted and localized treatment of one or more human hyperproliferative disorders, including, for example, cancer of the breast. Methods of systemic administration of... Agent: The Methodist Hospital Research Institute

20140296837 - Hair detector with multiple focal points: A hair treatment (40) device is provided comprising a light-based detector (10) for detecting a hair (22) near a skin surface (21) the detector (10) comprising a light source (11), optical elements (14, 16, 17, 18) and a polarization-sensitive light sensor (12, 13). The light source (11) is provided for... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140296838 - Radio frequency heating device: A radio frequency (RF) heating device includes a flexible pad, a plurality of electrodes and an RF generator unit. The electrodes are disposed on one side of the flexible pad for emitting an RF energy. The RF generator unit is electrically connected to the electrodes for providing the electrodes with... Agent: Metal Industries Research&development Centre

20140296840 - Impedance matching in a microwave electrosurgical system: A method and apparatus is disclosed for the ablation of biological tissue to produce a therapeutic effect. An adjustment is made to the output frequency of an electrosurgical generator during the ablation cycle to accommodate changes in the electrical properties of the apparatus and the biological tissues that occur as... Agent:

20140296839 - Step-down coaxial microwave ablation applicators and methods for manufacturing same: Microwave ablation applicators and methods for manufacturing the microwave ablation applicators are disclosed. A microwave ablation applicator includes a feed-line segment, a step-down segment, and a radiator base segment. The feed-line segment includes a first inner conductor, a first dielectric disposed on the first inner conductor, and a first outer... Agent:

20140296841 - System and method for monitoring ablation size: A system for monitoring ablation size includes a power source including a microprocessor for executing one or more control algorithms. A microwave antenna is configured to deliver microwave energy from the power source to tissue to form an ablation zone. A plurality of spaced-apart electrodes is operably disposed along a... Agent:

20140296843 - Apparatus and method for treating cancer cells and bacteria in mammals including humans: Bacteria, cancer cells, fungus and other harmful cells located beneath the surface of a mammal body can be effectively destroyed by passing an electrical current through the area to be treated. Electrodes are positioned on either side of the area to be treated, for example, gums, fingers, arms, legs, feet... Agent: Bnr Technology Development, LLC

20140296844 - Dual bracketed energy delivery probe and method of use: An energy delivery probe and method of using the energy delivery probe to treat a patient is provided herein. The energy delivery probe has at least one probe body having a longitudinal axis and at least a first trocar and a second trocar. At least a portion of each trocar... Agent: Angiodynamics, Inc.

20140296842 - Patient specific planning and simulation of ablative procedures: Patient specific temperature distribution in organs, due to an ablative device, is simulated. The effects of ablation are modeled. The modeling is patient specific. The vessel structure for a given patient, segmented from medical images, is accounted for as a heat sink in the model of biological heat transfer. A... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20140296845 - Coil electrode for thermal therapy: A coil electrode for use with an RFA (radio frequency ablation) apparatus, has a lead portion, and a helical portion coupled to the lead portion, the helical portion being formed of Nitinol SE510. Further, an RFA (radio frequency ablation) apparatus, comprises an applicator, the applicator including a handle and a... Agent: University Health Network

20140296849 - Energy delivery devices for hepatic neuromodulation: According to some embodiments, a method of treating a subject having diabetes or symptoms associated with diabetes is provided. The method includes delivering a neuromodulation catheter within a vessel (e.g., hepatic artery) having surrounding nerves that innervate the liver (e.g., sympathetic nerves of the hepatic plexus). The method may also... Agent:

20140296846 - Expandable support structure for delivery through a working channel: Methods, systems, and devices for providing treatment to a target site are described. The system may include a guide assembly, an expandable support device coupled with the distal end of the guide assembly, and an operative member disposed on the expandable support device. The expandable support device may be configured... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140296850 - Multipolarity epicardial radiofrequency ablation: A method of ablating an epicardial tissue region, including positioning a medical device adjacent the epicardial tissue region, the medical device having a first electrode, a second electrode, and a third electrode located in between the first and second electrodes; delivering an irrigation fluid to the tissue region; and ablating... Agent:

20140296848 - Operative element support structure with slotted tubular base: Systems, methods, and devices are provided that include a releasable mount device that may be utilized to couple an operative element, such as an ablation device, with a therapeutic or diagnostic device, such as an endoscope. The releasable mount device may include a tubular base. The tubular base may include... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140296847 - Unitary endoscopic vessel harvesting devices: Unitary endoscopic vessel harvesting devices are disclosed. In some embodiments, such devices comprise an elongated body having a proximal end and a distal end, a tip disposed at the distal end of the elongated body; and a cutting unit having a first cutting portion and a second cutting portion, the... Agent: Saphena Medical, Inc.

20140296851 - Apparatus for coagulating tissue: An apparatus for coagulating tissue, including a gas-delivering device for delivering a plasma comprised of an ionized inert gas from the outlet of the gas-delivering device, an electrode adapted to supply a high-frequency current that projects out of the gas-delivering device and a guiding device disposed at a distal end... Agent:

20140296852 - Method and apparatus for fractional skin treatment: An apparatus for cosmetic RF skin treatment where the RF energy supply is isolated from the patient treated, such that in course of treatment no undesired current flows through the subject body.... Agent:

20140296853 - Osteosynthesis system for the multidirectional, angular-stable treatment of fractures of tubular bones comprising an intramedullary nail and bone screws: An osteosynthesis system for treating fractures of tubular bones includes an intramedullary nail with an elongated nail body consisting of a hard metal material with two end sections and a middle section therebetween that has at least one transverse screw hole close to the end for screwing in at least... Agent:

20140296854 - Osteosynthesis system for the multidirectional, angular-stable treatment of fractures of tubular bones comprising an intramedullary nail and bone screws: An osteosynthesis system for treating fractures of tubular bones includes an intramedullary nail with an elongated nail body consisting of a hard metal material with two end sections and a middle section that has at least one transverse screw hole close to the end for screwing in at least one... Agent:

20140296855 - Bone end (epiphysis) fracture fixation device and method of use: A bone end (epiphysis) fracture device including a rotatable fixation plate having a guide pin aperture and a plurality of fixation screw apertures formed therethrough. The guide pin aperture is used by a surgeon to position the fixation plate so that one or more fixation screw apertures are properly positioned... Agent:

20140296857 - Acetabular reamer: An acetabular reaming system is disclosed of the type having a driver and a tool held together by a quick-release coupling mechanism. The tool (10) has a hollow body (12) defining a domed shape with a rotational axis (14), an apex (16) aligned with the axis (14) and a hemispherical... Agent:

20140296856 - Hip replacement in computer-assisted surgery: A system for calculating a position and orientation of an acetabular cup in computer-assisted surgery comprises a first trackable reference secured to a pelvis, with a frame of reference being associated with the first trackable reference. A device is positionable between a femoral neck and the acetabulum of the pelvis... Agent:

20140296858 - Medical instrument: The invention relates to a medical instrument comprising at least one movable tool element and at least one actuating element which is mounted such as to be pivotal about a pivotal axis and is coupled to the at least one tool element for the purposes of moving the tool element... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20140296929 - Instrument for use in manipulating an implant component: An instrument (2) for use in manipulating an implant component, which has a face with two spaced apart edges, comprises a housing (4) and first and second arms (72,74) each having a finger (76,78) which can engage the implant component at respective edges of the face, the arms being mounted... Agent: Finsbury (development) Limited

20140296859 - Cut guide attachment for use in tibial prosthesis systems: Tibial prosthesis systems for implantation or use in a knee joint are disclosed. A tibial prosthesis system for implantation on a resected tibia can include a bearing component, a base component, and a shim component. The insertion of the shim component can provide spacing adjustment between the bearing and base... Agent:

20140296860 - Spinal instrument for measuring load and position of load: An orthopedic surgical spine measurement system comprises a first tool, a second tool, and a remote system. The first tool is a distractor having a plurality of load sensors for measuring load magnitude and position of load of a distracted region of the spine. The first tool and second tool... Agent: Orthosensor Inc.

20140296861 - Tunnel gage: In one embodiment, a device for measuring a length of a bone tunnel is provided. The device includes: a gauge comprising an annular shaft coupled to a handle, the handle including a constrained channel configured for receiving a passing pin from the annular shaft and displaying the passing pin in... Agent:

20140296862 - Dual pivot instrument for reduction of a fixation element and method of use: A spinal fixation element fixation reduction system is provided herein. In general, the system can include a cap element with a bore having a central axis extending therethrough wherein the cap element is configured to releasably engage any type of surgical device (e.g., an access sleeve, a vertebral body rotator,... Agent:

20140296863 - Inserter cap and related features: A cap configured and dimensioned to sweep or fold one or more haptics when removed from an insertion device. The cap may further have a pin, one or more snaps and/or one or more locks. The cap may also have one or more ports and/or one or more windows. An... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20140296865 - Ocular device: The present disclosure relates to a contact tens comprising a channel extending therethrough, an ocular device configured to engage with the channel, and related kits and methods that provide for improved contact lens insertion, cleaning and removal, as well as ocular safety and health.... Agent: Crt Technology Inc.

20140296864 - Toric lenses alignment using pre-operative images: Proper selection and centering of an intraocular lens (IOL) is provided. An image of an eye, which may be captured during pre-operative tests and provided to a program operable to calculate the power and axis orientation of the IOL, is used to determine the location and orientation of the IOL.... Agent:

20140296866 - Multiple viewing elements endoscope having two front service channels: An endoscope assembly has a tip that includes at least one front-pointing camera and at least one front illuminator associated therewith, at least one side-pointing camera and at least one side illuminator associated therewith, a first front service channel with a first exit point, and a second front service channel... Agent: Endochoice, Inc.

20140296867 - Anatomic vaginal occluder: An anatomic vaginal occluder is constructed of soft, relatively compliant materials for atraumatic insertion through the vaginal opening. This device integrates at its distal end a horizontally oriented, elliptically shaped, occlusive prominence coupled with a larger vertically oriented, elliptical occlusive prominence, located more proximally on the device's longitudinal axis. The... Agent: Lsi Solutions, Inc.

20140296868 - Systems and methods for aspirating from a body lumen: An aspiration device can be used to aspirate an obstruction from a blood vessel. The aspiration device is configured to allow controlled one-handed aspiration yet maintain a syringe plunger feel of vacuum. The aspiration device also allows one-handed injection to empty the device when needed. Furthermore, mechanisms enable one-handed locking... Agent: Silk Road Medical, Inc.

20140296870 - Autofocus and/or autoscaling in telesurgery: Robotic, telerobotic, and/or telesurgical devices, systems, and methods take advantage of robotic structures and data to calculate changes in the focus of an image capture device in response to movement of the image capture device, a robotic end effector, or the like. As the size of an image of an... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140296876 - Device for guiding a medical instrument inserted into a natural duct or an artifical duct of a patient: The invention relates to a device for guiding a medical instrument (2) inserted into a natural duel (101) or an artificial duct of a patient in order to bring at least a distal end (1) of the instrument in proximity to an internal organ (100), the device comprising an articulated... Agent: Koelis

20140296875 - Robotic catheter system and methods: The apparatus of one embodiment of the present invention is comprised of a flexible sheath instrument, a flexible guide instrument, and a tool. The flexible sheath instrument comprises a first instrument base removably coupleable to an instrument driver and defines a sheath instrument working lumen. The flexible guide instrument comprises... Agent:

20140296873 - Robotically-controlled end effector: The present invention is directed to a surgical instrument with a robotics system, a memory device and an end effector having an elongate channel, knife position sensor(s) and a firing bar coupled to a knife. In response to drive motions initiated by the robotics system, the firing bar may translate... Agent:

20140296874 - Robotically-controlled end effector: The present invention is directed to a surgical instrument with a robotics system, a memory device and an end effector having an elongate channel, knife position sensor(s) and a firing bar coupled to a knife. In response to drive motions initiated by the robotics system, the firing bar may translate... Agent:

20140296871 - Surgical guiding and position system: The present invention discloses a surgical guiding and positioning system, comprising: a global information device, a local information device, and a computing device. The global information device is capable of collecting an overall information of a surgical site before a surgical procedure begins. The local information device can comprise a... Agent:

20140296869 - Surgical instrument shaft: A surgical instrument may include a shaft, a force transmission mechanism, and an end effector. The shaft may have a proximal end and a distal end. The force transmission mechanism may be coupled to the proximal end of the shaft. The end effector may be coupled to the distal end... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140296872 - Surgical system entry guide: An entry guide tube and cannula assembly, a surgical system including the assembly, and a method of surgical instrument insertion are provided. In one embodiment, the assembly includes a cannula having a proximal portion that operably couples to an accessory clamp of a manipulator arm, and a distal tubular member... Agent:

20140296877 - Device for removing acrochordons: The invention relates to a device for removal of bothersome acrochordons or skin tags from the skin. The device has an adhesive surface which allows manipulation and locking of the skin tag in such a way that acrochordon ectomic strangulation can occur without anesthetic or risk for bleeding or infections.... Agent:

20140296878 - Method and apparatus for circulatory valve repair: An apparatus for the repair of a cardiovascular valve has leaflets comprising a grasper capable of grabbing and co-apting the leaflets of the valve. In a preferred embodiment, the grasper has jaws that grasp and immobilize the leaflets, and then a fastener is inserted to co-apt the leaflets. The apparatus... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140296879 - Hermetic rotating handle assembly for a surgical clip applier for laparoscopic procedures: This invention provides hermetically-sealed handle assembly with a rotating trigger for use with disposable components, such as surgical clip appliers. The rotating trigger reduces the gripping force necessary to fully control the internal actuator mechanism to operate a disposable surgical clip applier to fully ligate a vessel or other tissue.... Agent: Endodynamix, Inc.

20140296881 - Instruments for delivering transfascial sutures, transfascial suture assemblies and methods of transfascial suturing: A method of transfascial suturing may include delivering a suture assembly into an abdominal cavity of a patient, passing a suture anchor, from within the abdominal cavity, through a soft tissue repair prosthetic provided in the abdominal cavity and then through the abdominal wall to a location either above or... Agent: C.r. Bard, Inc.

20140296880 - Suture passing devices and methods: A suture passing device includes a notchless tubular needle having a preformed curved shape. One or more cleats are disposed within the needle to help secure suture engaged by the sharp distal tip of the needle and to prevent further bifurcation of the suture. The deformable needle is housed in... Agent:

20140296882 - Devices and methods for suturing tissue: A suture applying device includes a shaft which carries a pair of needles near its distal end. The needles are joined by a length of suture, and the shaft is used to both introduce the needles into a lumen of a body structure and to draw the needles back through... Agent:

20140296884 - Gripper, needle holder, and attachment: A gripper is capable of efficient gripping in a narrow space. A gripper has a first arm and a second arm which can open and close about a supporting pin and are configured so that opposing surfaces formed by opening and closing the first and second arms form the holding... Agent: Senko Medical Instrument Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140296883 - Tissue repair: An apparatus includes a flexible fixation member having a body with a longitudinal extent and a width, the body defining a plurality of openings through the body, each of the plurality of openings formed substantially cross wise through the width of the body, and a suture having two terminal ends,... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140296886 - Device and method for deploying and attaching an implant to a biological tissue: This present invention generally relates to devices and methods for repairing an aperture in a biological tissue. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a system for closing an aperture in a biological tissue including a handle, an elongate shaft connected to the handle, and a deployment scaffold connected to the... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140296885 - Surgical mesh with integrated threads: A surgical mesh of the type used in laparoscopic surgery and repair of inguinal hernias includes a compact roll of planar overlay material of woven fibers. The planar overlay material includes a plurality of outwardly extending integral threads for grasping with a surgical instrument and spreading over a tissue deficiency.... Agent: King Saud University

20140296887 - Tissue device: Systems and methods for fastening tissue include a hollow element and an elongate insertion element. The insertion element has a delivery device including a cone, suture, and needle at a delivery end, and an anchor at an opposite end. The hollow element includes an engagement structure in its interior surface... Agent:

20140296888 - Cutting wire assembly with coating for use with a catheter: A device for treating a lesion in a body lumen to enlarge a passageway in the body lumen having at least one cutting member and a tracking member. The at least one cutting member has a cutting surface and a separate material associated therewith. The cutting member and tracking member... Agent: Rex Medical, L.p.

20140296889 - Devices and methods for percutaneous endarterectomy: Devices and methods are provided for percutaneously treating atherosclerotic plaques within blood vessels. Atherosclerotic plaques cause significant morbidity and mortality by narrowing the arteries, which adversely affects blood flow, and by acting as a source for thrombi and emboli thus causing acute organ ischemia. Current treatments include open surgery with... Agent: Angioworks Medical B.v.

20140296890 - Secondary pigmentary glaucoma iris scraping treatment method and iris scraping tool: An iris scraping surgical method using an iris scraping tool treats secondary pigmentary glaucoma. The iris scraping tool is inserted through an incision in the sclera made with a separate surgical instrument. The iris is lifted away from the lens and pigmentary debris and cellular debris gently scraped from the... Agent:

20140296891 - Fluid ejection device and medical apparatus: A fluid ejection device which ejects a fluid includes: an ejection tube containing a conductive material and having an opening for the fluid; a fluid chamber communicating with the ejection tube; an actuator which operates on receiving supply of electric energy, thereby changing pressure of the fluid in the fluid... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140296892 - Fluid ejection device and medical apparatus: A fluid ejection device which ejects a fluid includes: an ejection pipe having an opening to eject the fluid; a fluid chamber which communicates with the ejection pipe and changes in volume due to displacement of a piezoelectric element; a supply channel which communicates with the fluid chamber; an opening/closing... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140296895 - Fluid ejection device and medical apparatus: A fluid ejection device which ejects a fluid includes: an ejection tube which ejects the fluid; a fluid chamber which communicates with the ejection tube; a piezoelectric element capable of changing a volume of the fluid chamber; a controller which controls a drive voltage applied to the piezoelectric element; and... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140296896 - Fluid ejection device and medical apparatus: A fluid ejection device includes a fluid chamber, a volume varying unit, a fluid supplying unit, and an ejection pipe. The volume varying unit generates pulsation in the pressure of a fluid in the fluid chamber. The fluid supplying unit supplies the fluid to the fluid chamber through a first... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140296893 - Liquid ejection device and medical apparatus: A liquid ejection device ejecting a liquid in a pulsed manner, includes: an ejection channel that includes an ejection port ejecting the liquid; an actuator that transports pulsed flow to the ejection channel by pressurizing the liquid supplied from outside; a suction channel that includes a suction port capable of... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140296894 - Liquid ejection device and medical apparatus: A liquid ejection device ejecting a liquid includes: an ejection tube that has an ejection port ejecting the liquid; an actuator that communicates with the ejection tube and applies pulsation to the liquid that is flowed into and then supplies the liquid to the ejection tube; a casing that includes... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140296899 - Compact endoscopic surgical blade assembly and method of use thereof: An endoscopic surgical device comprising a slotted clear cannula, a blade and a housing, wherein the cannula is attached to the housing, and wherein the blade is enclosed in the housing and is slidable into the cannula is disclosed. The blade is enclosed within the housing and cannula, and has... Agent:

20140296898 - Devices, systems and methods useable for treating sinusitis: Sinusitis and other disorders of the ear, nose and throat are diagnosed and/or treated using minimally invasive approaches with flexible or rigid instruments. Various methods and devices are used for remodeling or changing the shape, size or configuration of a sinus ostium or duct or other anatomical structure in the... Agent: Acclarent, Inc.

20140296897 - Distal end supported tissue slitting apparatus: Methods and systems for separating an object, such as a lead, from formed tissue are provided. Specifically, a tissue slitting apparatus is configured to engage formed tissue at a slitting engagement point. While the object is subjected to a first traction force, the tissue slitting apparatus is caused to move... Agent: The Spectranetics Corporation

20140296900 - Disposable vitrectomy handpiece: Electric vitrectomy handpieces are provided. The handpiece includes a motor, a clutch mechanism, an oscillating drive mechanism, a cutting tip and a handle. The motor is attached to the clutch, and the clutch is attached to the oscillating drive mechanism. When the motor is operational, the clutch expands to engage... Agent: Doheny Eye Institute

20140296901 - Devices and methods for tissue graft delivery: One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a cannula for passing a tissue graft through soft tissue. The cannula can comprise an elongated body including oppositely disposed first and second ends and an axis that extends between the first and second ends. The elongated body can further include a... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20140296902 - Expandable support structure for delivery through a working channel: Methods, systems, and devices for providing treatment to a target site are described. The system may include a guide assembly, an expandable support device coupled with the distal end of the guide assembly, and an operative member disposed on the expandable support device. The expandable support device may be configured... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140296903 - Methods and devices for deploying and releasing a temporary implant within the body: Methods, devices and systems for delivering a device assembly into a gastric or other space within the body, allowing the device to expand to occupy volume within the gastric space and, after an effective period of time, delivering a substance or stimulus to begin breakdown of the expanded device so... Agent: Allurion Technologies, Inc.

20140296904 - Nasal dilator and use thereof: A nasal dilator comprises magnets. The nasal dilator is a set comprising two bodies. Each of the two bodies has a first leg having at a distal portion thereof a magnet; and a second leg connected to the first leg via a bridge comprising flexible material. Each of the two... Agent:

20140296906 - Apparatus and methods for in situ embolic protection: The present invention provides apparatus and methods for treating a vascular condition by restoring patency to a vessel while reducing the likelihood that emboli become dislodged into the bloodstream. In a first embodiment, the apparatus comprises a graft having proximal and distal regions, a first support member attached to the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140296905 - Medical device retrieval apparatus: A medical device retrieval apparatus includes a sheath provided with first and second sheath portions arranged coaxially and movable relative to one another between a snaring position and a closed position. A carrier element is disposed in the sheath and is movable at least relative to the first sheath portion.... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140296907 - Apparatus and methods for facilitating hemostasis within a vascular puncture: Apparatus for sealing a puncture communicating with a blood vessel includes a bioabsorbable sealing member secured to one end of a filament or other retaining member. The sealing member is delivered through the puncture into the vessel, and refracted against the wall of the vessel to provide temporary hemostasis. The... Agent: Accessclosure, Inc.

20140296908 - Medical implant for occluding an opening in a body and a method of producing such a medical implant: The disclosure relates to a medical implant (1) for occluding an opening in a body and a method of producing such a medical implant. Disclosed is an improved occluder (1), which provides improved occlusion, improved sealing and improved endothelialization. The occluder slows down the blood flow through the defect. In... Agent:

20140296909 - Medical implant, a kit and a method of manufacturing a 3d fabric of strands for forming a medical implant: The disclosure relates to a method of manufacturing a medical implant or structures for a medical implant. Disclosed is an improved occluder (1), which does not damage the surrounding body tissue. In one embodiment, a method of manufacturing a 3D fabric of strands for forming an occluder is provided. The... Agent:

20140296913 - Apparatus and method for repairing tissue: Assemblies and methods suitable for knotless arthroscopic repair of tissue defects include two fixation members coupled by two limbs of suture comprising a continuous loop. A unidirectional restriction element that can be a preformed locking, sliding suture knot proximate to one of the fixation members, provides tensioning of the repair.... Agent:

20140296910 - Attachment device to attach tissue graft: A tissue graft attachment device includes a platform member including a first edge and a second edge connected to the first edge by a top side and a substantially curved bottom side. The platform member defines a slot extending between the first edge and the second edge, a first opening... Agent:

20140296911 - Bone anchor installer and method of use: Systems, apparatuses and methods for securing tissue to bone using a bone anchoring system are described. Methods and apparatuses may allow transformation between locked and unlocked states, thereby allowing adjustment of the tension in the suture. The apparatus and/or methods may allow unidirectional movement of a suture, while preventing slippage... Agent: Tornier, Inc.

20140296912 - Tissure closure device and method: A device that, when implanted in the heart, closes the wound and complies with wall motion (i.e., expands and contracts with the myocardium).... Agent:

20140296914 - Teether: A teether includes a body, and a teething member. When the teether is frozen, the teething member is positioned within the teether providing rigidity to the teether. The teething member is moveable within the body as the frozen material within the body melts. The teether may include a cylindrical body,... Agent:

20140296915 - Disposable liquid-containing pacifier and a multi-pack of same: A multi-pack of disposable, liquid-containing pacifiers includes a plurality of pacifiers and an outer packaging containing the plurality of pacifiers therein. Each pacifier includes a bulb containing liquid, a nipple operatively coupled to a proximal end of the bulb, the nipple having an aperture located at a proximal end thereof,... Agent:

20140296916 - Vertebral joint implants and delivery tools: A spinal joint distraction system for treating a facet joint including articular surfaces having a contour is disclosed and may include a delivery device including a generally tubular structure adapted to engage a facet joint, an implant adapted to be delivered through the delivery device and into the facet joint,... Agent:

20140296917 - Spinal stabilization system: A spinal stabilization system is provided for maintaining preselected spacing and movement between adjacent vertebrae in a spinal column and for providing overall stability thereto. The system includes interlaminar members positioned in the spaces intermediate a first vertebra and the vertebrae positioned immediately above and immediately below and adjacent to... Agent:

20140296918 - Noninvasive device for adjusting fastener: One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for a system for noninvasive adjusting fastener tensioning has an elongated shaft having a slot defined therein. The shaft has a first end oppositely disposed from the second end. An associated rod or rods may pass through each end. Selectively adjustable fasteners... Agent:

20140296919 - Adjustable magnetic devices and methods of using same: A system includes a first pedicle screw, a second pedicle screw, and an adjustable rod having an outer housing coupled to one of the first pedicle screw and the second pedicle screw, the outer housing having a threaded shaft secured to one end thereof extending along an interior portion thereof.... Agent:

20140296920 - Bone anchoring device: A bone anchoring device includes an anchoring element with a shank to be anchored in a bone or a vertebra and a head. The anchoring device also includes a receiving portion with a first end and a second end opposite to the first end, a longitudinal axis passing through the... Agent:

20140296921 - Orthopedic plates for use in clavicle repair and methods for their use: The present invention relates to a series of orthopedic plates for use in repair of a bone. The plate has a Y-shaped profile or an X-shaped profile which includes an elongate central trunk with a complex contour and either one or two terminal pairs of arms that have a first... Agent: Orthohelix Surgical Designs, Inc.

20140296922 - Compliant osteosynthesis fixation plate: A bendable polymer tissue fixation device suitable to be implanted into a living body, consisting of a highly porous body, made from a polymer, the porous body having a plurality of pores, such that the device is capable of being smoothly bent, wherein the bending collapses a portion of the... Agent: Kensey Nash Corporation

20140296923 - Orthopedic plates for use in clavicle repair and methods for their use: The present invention relates to a series of orthopedic plates for use in repair of a bone. The plate has a Y-shaped profile or an X-shaped profile which includes an elongate central trunk with a complex contour and either one or two terminal pairs of arms that have a first... Agent: Orthohelix Surgical Designs, Inc.

20140296926 - Bone plate having combination locking and compression screw holes: A bone plate including a first side and a second side and configured to locate a locking screw and a compression screw. The bone plate includes a top surface and a bottom surface each extending between the first side and the second side. A plurality of holes extend from the... Agent:

20140296925 - Orthopedic anchor assembly: An orthopedic assembly is described that comprises an orthopedic device, an anchor, and a locking mechanism. The orthopedic device can be a plate member having an aperture that is configured to receive the anchor. The anchor can include a head, neck and shank portion. The head portion can include a... Agent:

20140296924 - Orthopedic plates for use in clavicle repair and methods for their use: The present invention relates to a series of orthopedic plates for use in repair of a bone. The plate has a Y-shaped profile or an X-shaped profile which includes an elongate central trunk with a complex contour and either one or two terminal pairs of arms that have a first... Agent: Orthohelix Surgical Designs, Inc.

20140296927 - Receiving part for receiving a rod for coupling the rod to a bone anchoring element and a bone anchoring device with such a receiving part: A receiving part for receiving a rod for coupling the rod to a bone anchoring element includes a receiving part body including a rod receiving portion with a channel for receiving a rod, and a head receiving portion for accommodating a head of a bone anchoring element, the head receiving... Agent: Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140296928 - Separable pedicle screw: Techniques are generally described related to a method and system for treating an injury with a bone screw. One example bone screw may be configured to fracture at a pre-selected frangible location so that the point of failure is not in an inaccessible location, e.g., deeply embedded below the surface... Agent: Tongji University

09/25/2014 > 72 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories.

20140288536 - Handheld medical device: A handheld medical device comprises an internal flow passage that is in axial alignment with an output drive shaft. The drive shaft is powered by a motor assembly that is offset from the internal flow passage and the output drive shaft. The drive shaft and the motor assembly can be... Agent: Pro-dex, Inc.

20140288537 - Device and method for photocoagulation of the retina: A method for adjusting sub-threshold photocoagulation of a retina includes directing a beam from a radiation source at the retina. The beam has a spatially distributed intensity profile including at least one maxima, which comprises a total of less than 20% of a cross sectional area of the beam at... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20140288539 - Ophthalmic laser system and method for severing eye tissue: An ophthalmic laser device with a treatment beam path that includes a variably adjustable modulator. The ophthalmic laser device is adapted to determine for the radiation pulses to be inputted into the tissue a power density to be inputted into the relevant target volume through the treatment beam path depending... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20140288538 - Treatment device for the surgical correction of defective vision of an eye, method for producing control data therefor, and method for the surgical correction of defective vision of an eye: A treatment device for the surgical correction of defective vision in an eye. The device includes a laser apparatus controlled by a controller. The controller determines a desired correction of defective vision from measurement data of the eye to produce control data for the laser, and to control the laser... Agent:

20140288540 - Eye surgery refraction correction: A planning device produces control data for a treatment device for eye surgery which produces at least one cutting surface in a cornea of the eye using a laser device. The planning device includes a calculation module for establishing a cornea cutting surface. The calculation module is configured to establish... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20140288541 - Lesion treatment device and methods for treating lesions: Tissue and vessel treatment devices and respective methods are provided. Devices comprise a flexible treatment layer that comprises a plurality of operable elements configured to be activated to apply the treatment to the obstruction upon bending of the flexible treatment layer beyond a specified curvature threshold and to be de-activated... Agent: Asymmetric Medical Ltd.

20140288542 - Hyperthermia treatment and probe therefore: A method of using a probe that emits energy to coagulate lesions is disclosed. The probe is constructed and arranged to emit light from its distal end, either at an angle to its longitudinal axis, or along its longitudinal axis. Optionally, an end reflector may be used to direct the... Agent: Monteris Medical Corporation

20140288543 - Systems and methods for prostate treatment: A vapor delivery needle is provided that may include any of a number of features. One feature of the energy delivery probe is that it can apply condensable vapor energy to tissue, such as a prostrate, to shrink, damage, denaturate the prostate. In some embodiments, the vapor delivery needle can... Agent: Nxthera, Inc.

20140288544 - Implantable thermal treatment method and apparatus: A long-term implantable ultrasound therapy system and method is provided that provides directional, focused ultrasound to localized regions of tissue within body joints, such as spinal joints. An ultrasound emitter or transducer is delivered to a location within the body associated with the joint and heats the target region of... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140288547 - Electrical means to normalize ablational energy transmission to a luminal tissue surface of varying size: Methods and devices for measuring the size of a body lumen and a method for ablating tissue that uses the measurement to normalize delivery of ablational energy from an expandable operative element to a luminal target of varying circumference are provided. The method includes inserting into the lumen an expandable... Agent:

20140288545 - Methods for bilateral renal neuromodulation: Methods and apparatus are provided for bilateral renal neuromodulation, e.g., via a pulsed electric field, via a stimulation electric field, via localized drug delivery, via high frequency ultrasound, via thermal techniques, etc. Such neuromodulation may effectuate irreversible electroporation or electrofusion, necrosis and/or inducement of apoptosis, alteration of gene expression, action... Agent: Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.l

20140288546 - Rf energy delivery system: A radio frequency tissue ablation system with a radio frequency generator, the generator comprising a radio frequency source, at least four independently controllable radio frequency outputs, a user interface and a controller configured to delivery radio frequency energy from the radio frequency source to the radio frequency outputs in one... Agent:

20140288549 - Jaw closure detection system: A jaw angle detection system for an end effector assembly includes a first electrical contact that connects to a first jaw member and connects to a generator. A sensor connects to a second jaw member (or an actuator) and connects to the generator, and configured to move relative to the... Agent:

20140288548 - Map and ablate open irrigated hybrid catheter: An embodiment of an open-irrigated catheter system comprises a tip section, a distal insert, and mapping electrodes. The tip section has an exterior wall that defines an open interior region within the tip section. The exterior wall includes mapping electrode openings and irrigation ports. The exterior wall is conductive for... Agent:

20140288550 - Method for selectively elevating and separating tissue layers and surgical instrument for performing the method: A method for the selective elevation and separation of tissues comprised of multiple layers and a surgical instrument for performing the method. The method may be performed without the requirement of a solid mechanical device insertion or transection through the mucosal layer. In particular, the method and surgical instrument may... Agent:

20140288552 - Ablation catheter: Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for the mapping of electrical signals and the ablation of tissue. Embodiments include an ablation catheter that has an array of ablation elements attached to a deployable carrier assembly. The carrier assembly can be transformed from a compact, linear configuration to a helical configuration,... Agent:

20140288551 - Erythropoeitin production by electrical stimulation: Described herein are methods, devices, and systems for treating human anemia. The methods, devices, and systems generally include monitoring a patients hemoglobin level and at least one of autonomic balance and inflammatory state to determine the etiology of the anemic state, modulating at least one of a sympathetic or parasympathetic... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20140288553 - Vessel sealing instrument with electrical cutting mechanism: An end effector assembly for use with an instrument for sealing vessels and cutting vessels includes a pair of opposing first and second jaw members which are movable relative to one another from a first spaced apart position to a second position for grasping tissue therebetween. Each jaw member includes... Agent: Covidien Ag

20140288554 - High-frequency knife: A high-frequency knife conduit line and opening hole opening communicate allowing fluid to flow between a rod-shaped electrode outer peripheral surface and the opening hole inner peripheral surface. The guide hole is smaller than the opening and is further toward a radial inner side than the opening outer edge and... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140288555 - Medical treatment instrument: A medical treatment instrument operation unit includes a sliding portion capable of advancing and retracting to a body portion and rotating around a longitudinal axis of the body portion and connected to a proximal end portion of the operating member, and a regulating portion switchable to a movable state where... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140288556 - Cardiac ablation systems and methods: Cardiac ablation systems and methods of their use and manufacture involve an ablation mechanism, a stabilizer mechanism, and a cinching mechanism that urges the ablation mechanism toward a patient tissue. Embodiments encompass methods for administering epicardial and endocardial lesions, including box lesions and connecting lesions, to patient tissue.... Agent: Estech, Inc.

20140288557 - Knife deployment mechanisms for surgical forceps: A surgical instrument includes an end effector assembly having jaw members movable between spaced-apart, first approximated, and second approximated positions. A knife is selectively movable relative to the end effector assembly between a retracted position, a first extended position, and a second extended position. A trigger is selectively actuatable between... Agent:

20140288558 - Flexible rail bar bone fixation system: Flexible Rail Bar Bone Fixation System is a type of intermaxillary fixation (IMF) system consisting of an inner rail bar which fixes to the jaw through the use of bone anchorage screws. These screws have an elongated internal threaded nut head with the function of receiving a second screw to... Agent:

20140288559 - Intramedullary nail with oblique openings: An intramedullary nail for use in a medullary canal of a long bone. The nail includes a body defining a longitudinal axis and an external periphery for fitting in the medullary canal of the long bone. The body has a first internal wall thereof defining a first opening through the... Agent: Biomet C.v.

20140288560 - Rotary cutting tool with improved cutting and reduced clogging on soft tissue and thin bone: A surgical cutting instrument including two coaxially arranged tubular members. The first tubular member has a cutting tip and is co-axially disposed within the second tubular member, which in turn has a cutting window to expose the cutting tip to tissue and bone through the cutting window. Movement of the... Agent:

20140288561 - System and method for joint resurface repair: A system for repairing a defect on a patient's articular surface comprising a guide, a guide pin, a reamer, and an implant. The guide is configured to be disposed about the defect and includes a passageway configured to establish a reference axis extending generally outwardly from the articular surface. The... Agent:

20140288564 - Femoral cut guide: The present disclosure provides a femoral cut guide for preparing a distal femur to receive a prosthetic femoral component of a knee implant. The prosthetic femoral component includes a central box. The femoral cut guide replicates the size and shape of the prosthetic femoral component, such that the femoral cut... Agent:

20140288563 - Knee arthroplasty instrument: An instrument (10) and method are provided for total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The instrument separates a patient's tibia and femur, in both extension and flexion, to measure a gap and an angle therebetween. The instrument includes various modular accessories (16, 54, 70, 80, 90, 100) that provide flexibility of usage... Agent:

20140288562 - System and method for performing measurable and controled osteotomy: Providing a system for performing a CORA based leveling osteotomy. The system enables a uniform precise osteotomy and mechanical rotation of the proximal tibia concentric to the osteotomy and a means for fixing an osteotomy plate or brace while the system reduces the osteotomy through compression.... Agent:

20140288565 - Vertebral joint implants and delivery tools: A spinal joint distraction system for treating a facet joint including articular surfaces having a contour is disclosed and may include a delivery device including a generally tubular structure adapted to engage a facet joint, an implant adapted to be delivered through the delivery device and into the facet joint,... Agent:

20140288566 - Modular impactor head: A modular impactor head includes a load transfer member, a base, and a locking assembly. The base defines a space sized and configured to receive the load transfer member therein and to constrain movement of the load transfer member relative to the base in a plurality of directions. The locking... Agent:

20140288567 - Pedicle screw driver: A pedicle screw driver is provided and includes an inner shaft and outer shell. The shell includes a sidewall defining an inner cavity and has a slot formed on the sidewall. The slot includes a narrowed slot portion. The inner shaft includes a narrowed shaft portion. The narrowed shaft portion... Agent: Royal Oak Industries

20140288568 - Shape-transferring cannula system and method of use: A method for advancing a rigidizable medical device may include rigidizing a portion of an outer element of the device, and while the portion of the outer element is rigidized, advancing an inner element of the device relative to the outer element of the device by a first preestablished length... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140288569 - Non-lithotripsic kidney-stone therapy: One aspect of the present invention relates to a method of using peristalsis to force a polymer plug through a mammalian lumen, thereby removing any calculi and/or calculi fragments present in the lumen. In one embodiment, the method is used as an alternative to conventional lithotripsy. In another embodiment, the... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20140288571 - Method and system for destroying of undesirable formations in mammalian body: A method and a system for destruction of an undesirable formation in a mammalian body are described. The invention is based on inserting a probe into mammalian body; said probe is electrically connectable to a control unit and upon bringing the probe in physical contact with the formation supplying pulses... Agent:

20140288570 - Shockwave catheter system with energy control: A system includes a catheter including an elongated carrier, a balloon about the carrier in sealed relation thereto, the balloon being arranged to receive a fluid therein that inflates the balloon, and first and second electrodes within the balloon arranged to carry a voltage there-across including an initial high electrical... Agent: Shockwave Medical, Inc.

20140288573 - Battlefield defibrillation system: Several embodiments of a battlefield defibrillation system (2) comprising external defibrillator (6) and at least one electrode (8) connected thereto are described. The system includes direct cardiac access-(8), or indirect subcutaneous electrodes (30). The direct cardiac access electrodes (26) engage the heart muscle directly via the intercostal space. Indirect subcutaneous... Agent:

20140288577 - Electrode assembly for an active implantable medical device: An electrode assembly for an active implantable medical device can be delivered by catheter but expands to become a paddle electrode once implanted. The electrode assembly comprises a support member carrying wires for electrically connecting a control unit to electrodes of the electrode assembly. At least one, and usually two... Agent: Saluda Medical Pty Limited

20140288572 - Lead extraction methods and apparatus: An apparatus configured to control a lead extraction tool for assisting in removal of an implanted lead. The apparatus comprises at least one valve configured to control fluid flow to the lead extraction tool. When the at least one valve is open, the at least one valve is configured to... Agent: Leadex Cardiac Ltd.

20140288575 - Method of implanting a spinal cord stimulator lead having multiple obstruction-clearing features: A method of implanting a spinal cord stimulator lead in the epidural space of a human or animal subject. The method includes discharging a first pressurized fluid through a first lumen in the stimulator lead directly onto a tissue obstruction to form a partial/pilot or full/final opening in the tissue... Agent:

20140288576 - Method of implanting a unitary dual-chamber leadless intra-cardiac medical device: A method of implanting a leadless intra-cardiac medical device. An introducer assembly is introduced into one of an inferior vena cava or a superior vena cava of a heart and maneuvered into a first chamber of the heart. A housing is pushed out of a sheath of the introducer toward... Agent:

20140288574 - Piezo-electric defibrillation system: Disclosed are several embodiments of a battery-less piezo-electric defibrillation system (2) comprising external piezo-electric defibrillator (4) and at least one electrode (5) connected thereto. The system includes a piezo-electric generator (6) connected to direct cardiac access-(5), or indirect subcutaneous electrode assemblies (30). The piezo-electric generator (6) is energized by a... Agent:

20140288578 - Trajectory guide, access port, and fiducial marker alignment: A trajectory guide for introducing an instrument into a human or animal subject is described. A guide stem can be removed in sections without disturbing the aligned instrument. An access port portion of the trajectory guide can be left in place, without disturbing trajectory alignment, and can allow overlying skin... Agent: C2c Development, LLC

20140288579 - Ultrasonic follicle unit extraction device and method: A generally tubular follicle punch having a distal cutting end region is brought into contact with the skin at the donor site. The punch is inserted distally into the skin in such a way that the follicle enters the punch's interior as the skin and underlying tissue circumscribing the follicle... Agent:

20140288580 - Endoloop having a screw-coupled rear end portion: An endoloop having a screw-coupling rear end section. Screw threads which respectively engage with each other are formed at a portion of a hollow rod and a portion of a rear end section which engage with each other such that the hollow rod and the rear end portion can be... Agent:

20140288581 - Replaceable tip suturing devices, system, and methods for use with differing needles: Medical suturing devices, systems, and methods will be useful for endoscopic or open surgeries, including ear, nose, and throat procedures. Articulation motions may be transferred from a handle to needle grasping jaws using an axial movement of a shaft. Portions of the devices may be disposable, replaceable, and/or reusable, with... Agent: Suturenetics, Inc.

20140288582 - Implant localization device: An implantable medical device for providing structural support to tissue is described wherein the implant adheres to tissue without the benefit of suture, surgical adhesive and the like. The adherent or localization means is a hemostat or protein polymerizing materials such as oxidized cellulose, alpha cellulose, polyanhydroglucuronic acid and the... Agent: Bvw Holding Ag

20140288583 - Vascular plaque removal systems, devices, and methods: Systems, devices, and methods for removing plaque from a patient's vasculature. In one example, a medical article includes a catheter body and a dissection tip. The dissection tip can move between at least a first position and a second position and can be biased to expand radially from a longitudinal... Agent:

20140288584 - Apparatus and methods for internal surgical procedures: Apparatus and methods for internal surgical procedures are disclosed. The apparatus and methods may involve supporting internal body locations, creating submucosal separations (blebs), and/or for resecting mucosal tissue separated from underlying tissue by a bleb.... Agent:

20140288585 - Lancing device for taking blood samples: A lancing device comprising a lancet holder for holding an exchangeable lancet and comprising a drive means for driving the lancet holder. The drive means has two spring elements comprising a lancing spring element for accelerating the lancet holder in the lancing direction and a restoring spring element for accelerating... Agent: Gerresheimer Regensburg Gmbh

20140288586 - Apparatus and methods for treating hardened vascular lessions: An angioplasty catheter comprises a catheter body having a balloon or other radially expandable shell at its distal end. A non-axial external structure is carried over the shell and scores a stenosed region in a blood vessel when the balloon is inflated therein. The catheter has an attachment structure disposed... Agent: Angioscore, Inc.

20140288587 - Carotid sheath with entry and tracking rapid exchange dilators and method of use: Dilators and sheaths for use in minimally invasive vascular therapy are disclosed. In some embodiments, the dilators include a slot that accesses a guidewire lumen within the dilator. These slots facilitate rapid exchange of one dilator for another. In another embodiment, a dilator is sufficiently stiff to facilitate entry, but... Agent:

20140288588 - Embolic protection device: An embolic protection device includes an expandable and contractible filter that can be supported by one or more struts. The struts can be connected to the filter or interwoven into the filter, so as to assist in the expansion and contraction of the filter. In one embodiment, the proximal ends... Agent: Microvention, Inc.

20140288589 - Intravascular filter with debris entrapment mechanism: Apparatus for filtering and entrapping debris in the vascular system of a patient, the apparatus including a filter to allow blood to flow therethrough and to restrict passage of debris, wherein the filter captures debris carried in a first direction of blood flow. The apparatus further includes an entrapment mechanism... Agent:

20140288590 - Medical device and methods for blood vessel compression: The invention relates to a medical device and method for applying pressure onto a patient's limb, especially at a blood vessel or a wound site, in order to achieve local hemostasis. The device comprises a body (1) for blood vessel compression, holding element (2) for attaching the body (1) to... Agent:

20140288591 - Multi-layer braided structures for occluding vascular defects: A collapsible medical device and associated methods of occluding an abnormal opening in, for example, a body organ, wherein the medical device is shaped from plural layers of a heat-treatable metal fabric. Each of the fabric layers is formed from a plurality of metal strands and the assembly is heat-treated... Agent: Aga Medical Corporation

20140288592 - Surface treated staples, sutures and dental floss and methods of manufacturing the same: A variety of medical devices including staples sutures and dental floss with surface treatment on at least one tissue-facing surface to improve biologic function such as to control tissue adhesion are disclosed including heparin surface treatment which provides heparin present in an amount to yield heparin bioactivity of at least... Agent: Ension, Inc.

20140288593 - Methods and apparatus having bowstring-like staple delivery to a target tissue: Devices for attaching a sheet-like implant to a target tissue include a sheath and a staple push rod. The sheath has a distal end configured to be pressed against the target tissue. The staple push rod is disposed within at least a portion of the sheath and is slidable relative... Agent:

20140288594 - Dual diameter, dual density eptfe suture: A suture for use in cardiac valve repair comprises a flexible rod of ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) formed with end sections of a first diameter and a center section of a second diameter, the second diameter being greater than the first diameter, and the end sections having a length sufficient to... Agent: Genesee Biomedical, Inc.

20140288596 - Anchor/suture used for medical procedures: For suture tying in a medical procedure including the use of an anchor that includes a suture locking device that includes a sliding pin guided by axial side slots formed in the locking device that forces the suture where the two ends thereof are inserted into the interior of the... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140288599 - Apparatus and methods for positioning and securing anchors: Apparatus and methods for positioning and securing anchors are disclosed herein. The anchors are adapted to be delivered and implanted into or upon tissue, particularly tissue within the gastrointestinal system of a patient. The anchor is adapted to slide uni-directionally over suture such that a tissue plication may be cinched... Agent:

20140288598 - Knotless suture anchor: Methods and apparatus described herein provide for a knotless suture anchor that captures and secures a suture by pinching on an inserted suture with a flexible element disposed within the knotless suture anchors body. The knotless suture anchor has an integrated flexible element that is formed as a plastic part... Agent:

20140288600 - Methods for anchoring suture and approximating tissue: An elastically curved suture anchor is resiliently straightened and delivered into tissue by a needle. When the needle is withdrawn, resumption of the curvature provides leverage for anchor rotation as the attached suture is pulled to fasten the anchor within the tissue. A fin at the proximal end of the... Agent:

20140288595 - Soft tissue interference fit anchor system: The soft tissue anchor system preferably has a sleeve (22) with a snap lock (21) and an insertable anchor stop (50) that permits the sutures (40) to be held under tension on insertion of the stop anchor (50).... Agent:

20140288597 - Tack anchor systems, bone anchor systems, and methods of use: Systems, apparatuses and methods for securing tissue to bone using tack anchors, bone anchoring systems are described. The tack anchor may include a body and a securing element. The body may include one or more compressible flanges, an opening and, a cavity. The cavity may include an opening near or... Agent: Tornier, Inc.

20140288601 - Facet fixation with anchor wire: A facet fixation device formed from an anchor screw and a collet or facet screw that is secured to adjacent pedicles. The anchor screw having an aperture for receipt of a first end of guide wire or polyaxial based facet screw. The collet includes a unidirectional attachment mechanism wherein a... Agent: Atlas Spine, Inc.

20140288602 - Vertebral joint implants and delivery tools: A spinal joint distraction system for treating a facet joint including articular surfaces having a contour is disclosed and may include a delivery device including a generally tubular structure adapted to engage a facet joint, an implant adapted to be delivered through the delivery device and into the facet joint,... Agent:

20140288603 - Interspinous ligament transverse connector: An interspinous cross connector system configured and designed to be implanted through the interspinous ligament by a rod that can puncture through the ligament while leaving the ligament intact. The cross connector system includes a first and second elongate rod and a third elongate rod connecting the first and second... Agent: Globus Medical, Inc.

20140288604 - Pediatric apparatus, system, and kit of components for vertebrae stabilization and curvature correction, and methods of making and using same: An apparatus, system, and kit of components useful as a stabilization or correction system for a spinal column, especially in the field of pediatrics. A smooth unthreaded rod or a threaded rod is used that can be straight, rigid, bent or flexible depending on the body condition to be addressed.... Agent:

20140288605 - Implants for spinal fixation or fusion: The present invention generally relates to bone implants. More specifically, the present invention relates to bone implants used for the fixation or fusion of the sacroiliac joint and/or the spine. For example, a system for fusing or stabilizing a plurality of bones is provided. The system includes an implant structure... Agent:

20140288606 - Odontoid fracture dynamic compression apparatus and method: A cervical fixation system and method for repairing odontoid fractures includes securing an anterior plate to caudal portion of C2 body below the odontoid neck. The anterior plate houses lag screw within a posterior shaft. A cannulated fixation device crosses the fracture site with fixation into the cephalad fragment. The... Agent:

20140288607 - Bone implant and systems that controllably releases silver: Silver and/or zinc ion releasing implants, systems and method of operating, inserting and activating/inactivating them are described. In some variations the implant is configured as a bone implant that includes a bone-screw or intramedullary rod like body configured to receive a treatment cartridge having a plurality of ion-releasing members configured... Agent:

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