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20150148786 - Reflex coaxial illuminator: A mirror for an ophthalmic laser treatment device that is movable on an axis from a position in a treatment laser beam path to a position out of the treatment laser beam path. The mirror reflects light from a light source into the eye of a patient. The mirror is... Agent: Ellex R & D P Ty

20150148787 - Steerable laser probe: A steerable laser probe may include a handle, an actuation structure of the handle, a housing tube, a wire having a pre-formed curve, and an optic fiber disposed within the housing tube and an inner bore of the handle. The housing tube may include a first housing tube portion having... Agent:

20150148788 - Adjusting laser treatment in response to changes in the eye: According to certain embodiments, a system comprises one or more memories and one or more processors. The one or more memories store optical data from an optical recorder comprising at least two optical data sets by: receiving a first optical data set of an eye with a pupil having a... Agent:

20150148789 - Method of positioning a surgical laser fiber and surgical laser fiber positioning arrangement including a flexible introducer sleeve for implementing the positioning method: A method for positioning a surgical laser fiber to facilitate delivery of therapeutic light to a tissue utilizes a flexible insertion sleeve to protect a scope as the fiber and sleeve are guided to a treatment site past bends in the scope. The fiber and sleeve are fixed relative to... Agent:

20150148790 - Tapered liquid light guide: A catheter tip is provided according to various embodiments of the disclosure. The catheter tip may comprise a distal end, a proximal end, and tubular walls. The distal end includes a distal aperture with a distal inside diameter, and the proximal end includes a proximal aperture with a proximal inside... Agent:

20150148791 - Systems, devices and methods for cryogenic renal neuromodulation: Cryotherapeutic systems and cryotherapeutic-system components configured for renal neuromodulation are disclosed herein. A cryotherapeutic system configured in accordance with a particular embodiment of the present technology can include a console having a cartridge housing, a cartridge connector adjacent to the cartridge housing, and a supply passage fluidly connected to the... Agent: Medtronic Ardian Luxemborug S.a.r.l.

20150148792 - Systems, apparatus, methods, and procedures for the non-invasive treatment of tissue using microwave energy: A system applies, in a non-invasive manner, energy to a targeted tissue region employing a controlled source of energy, a multiple use applicator, and a single use, applicator-tissue interface carried by the applicator. The system can generate and apply energy in a controlled fashion to form a predefined pattern of... Agent:

20150148793 - Energy-delivery devices with flexible fluid-cooled shaft, inflow / outflow junctions suitable for use with same, and systems including same: An energy-delivery device suitable for delivery of energy to tissue includes an antenna assembly, a chamber defined about the antenna assembly, and a cable having a proximal end suitable for connection to an electrosurgical energy source. The energy-delivery device also includes a flexible, fluid-cooled shaft coupled in fluid communication with... Agent:

20150148796 - Insulated ablation catheter devices and methods of use: Disclosed herein is a catheter device sized and shaped for vascular access that has an elongate body extending between a proximal end and a distal end. Further, the elongate body has at least one inner lumen configured to receive a fluid. The catheter also has an ablation electrode configured to... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150148794 - Low profile medical devices for sympathetic nerve ablation: Medical devices and methods for making and using medical devices are disclosed. An example medical device for sympathetic nerve ablation may include a catheter shaft. An expandable balloon may be coupled to the catheter shaft. The balloon may be capable of shifting between an unexpanded configuration and an expanded configuration.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150148797 - Ostial renal nerve ablation: A catheter including an elongated shaft having a distal end and a proximal end, where the catheter includes a thermal element at the distal end thereof. The thermal element may be used in an ablation procedure or other procedure to heat a tissue adjacent a vessel. In some instances, the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150148795 - Radio frequency ablation coil: A tumor ablation device may be combined with a diagnostic tool and/or a surgical instrument for offering cancer treatment therapy.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150148798 - Combination electrosurgical device: An electrosurgical device comprising: (a) forceps including: (i) a first working arm and (ii) a second working arm; (b) a blade electrode; wherein the electrosurgical device is capable of being switched between a first electrical configuration so that the electrosurgical device delivers a first therapy current through the first working... Agent:

20150148799 - Apparatus and method for performing intrastromalabdominal hysterectomy as bloodless nerve sparing method: An apparatus and procedure for defining the area for a thermo-electric knife to perform a bloodless intrastromal abdominal hysterectomy procedure while minimizing damage to the pericervical ring. The apparatus is configured to be inserted into the center cavity of the cervix and uterus to engage the uterine wall. The apparatus... Agent:

20150148800 - Minimally invasive surgical needle and cauterizing assembly and methods: A minimally invasive surgical assembly broadly includes an outer hollow needle which has an outer diameter, a longitudinal axis, and a sharp distal end. An insulating member extends through the hollow needle and is movable relative to the hollow needle. An elongated member extends through the insulating member and is... Agent:

20150148802 - Articulating surgical apparatus: An endoscopic forceps is provided. The endoscopic forceps includes a housing having a shaft that extends therefrom that defines a longitudinal axis therethrough. The shaft has a first tube with a bent portion having a contour. A second tube is disposed within the first tube. An end effector assembly operatively... Agent:

20150148801 - Micro-bipolar endoscopic endonasal cautery device: A bipolar electrosurgical forceps device having a handle at the proximal end and forceps jaws at the distal end is described. These two ends are connected via an elongated tubular section that houses the actuating member for controlling the motion of the forceps at the distal end relative to the... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150148804 - Surgical forceps: A forceps includes an end effector assembly having first and second jaw members moveable with respect to one another between an open position and a closed position. A knife channel having a body and a base is defined within each jaw member. A knife assembly includes a knife having a... Agent:

20150148803 - Treatment device for endoscope: A treatment device for an endoscope includes a pair of forceps pieces which has forceps surfaces in contact with a subject tissue and are opened and closed with the forceps surfaces facing each other. Concave portions are formed in the central portions of the forceps surfaces to form the forceps... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150148805 - Surgical saw with sensing technology for determining cut through of bone and depth of the saw blade during surgery: Sensing technology methods related thereto for determining cut through of bone and a depth of penetration of a working portion of a surgical instrument (e.g., an oscillating saw blade in a cut). A first sensor outputs a first signal representative of a displacement of the cutting edge of the saw... Agent:

20150148806 - Surgical saw with sensing technology for determining cut through of bone and depth of the saw blade during surgery: Sensing technology methods related thereto for determining cut through of bone and a depth of penetration of a working portion of a surgical instrument (e.g., an oscillating saw blade in a cut). A first sensor outputs a first signal representative of a displacement of the cutting edge of the saw... Agent:

20150148853 - Surgical constructs and related methods of installation: A method of assembling a surgical construct includes installing a fastener within a bone of a patient. A connector rod is positioned on the fastener and an interference or press fit is created between the fastener and the rod, with very little effort required on the surgeon's part. No additional... Agent:

20150148807 - Method for femur resection alignment approximation in hip replacement procedures: Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, computer program products, and the like, for utilizing a series of images of a patient's anatomy to determine a cut plane for use during a hip replacement procedure. To determine a cut plane for use during the procedure, the computer program determines... Agent: Somersault Orthopedics Inc.

20150148808 - Patient-specific acetabular alignment guide and method: A patient specific implant alignment guide assembly includes an anatomical reference component and a guide component. The anatomical reference component includes at least one matching feature shaped and dimensioned to match and complement a specific feature of an anatomic location. The anatomical reference component further has one or more protrusions... Agent: Symmetry Medical Manufacturing, Inc

20150148809 - Dynamic corpectomy calipers and methods of use thereof: Corpectomy calipers are provided that are capable of measuring both the distance and the angle between two bodies, in particular between two vertebral bodies in an individual. The calipers provided are capable of providing reliable measurements without the need for repeated measurements. The calipers described herein offer a simple and... Agent:

20150148810 - System for inserting an intracorneal lens: The present invention relates to a system for inserting an intracorneal lens into an eye, comprising an imaging unit (A) for generating an image of the eye, an image processor (4) for generating a virtual image of the eye with the desired position of a pocket to be cut into... Agent:

20150148811 - Device and method for animal identification: Methods and device for marking animals are disclosed. An ear tag configurable for attachment to a rodent ear, e.g., a mouse ear, is presented, wherein the ear tag includes a color-coded image, an alphanumeric character string, a bar code and/or a visual signage. The tag may include the visual identifier... Agent:

20150148812 - Uterine manipulator: An embodiment includes a uterine manipulator system comprising: a collar including a first shelf connected to the inner surface of the collar; a stabilizer including a stabilizer rim adapted to couple to the first shelf; and a shaft adapted to pass through the stabilizer and a hollow tunnel of the... Agent: Minimally Invasive Surgical Technologies, Inc.

20150148813 - Medical retrieval devices and related methods of use: A medical device may include an elongate member, and a plurality of grasping members extending from the elongate member. Each of the grasping members may include a proximal end, and a distal end. Each of the grasping members may include at least one first section formed of a first material... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150148814 - Medical retrieval devices and related methods of use: A medical device that may include a plurality of first branch members, and a plurality of second branch members is disclosed. The medical device may also include a first movable member, and a second movable member. The plurality of first and second branch members and the first and second movable... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150148815 - Delivery system assemblies and associated methods for implantable medical devices: A delivery system assembly includes an outer tube, an inner member, extending within a lumen of the outer tube, and a deflectable shaft, extending within the outer tube lumen and around the inner member; the tube and inner member are longitudinally moveable with respect to the shaft, and a distal... Agent:

20150148816 - Robotic assister for catheter insertion: Apparatus for controlling motion of an invasive probe relative to a sheath enclosing the probe. The apparatus includes an outer casing, configured for connection to the sheath. The apparatus further includes a drive mechanism, fixedly connected to the outer casing. The drive mechanism has a first set of components, configured... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

20150148817 - Robotic surgery system: One aspect of the robotic surgery system according to the invention relates to a robot assembly comprising at least one robot and an instrument assembly comprising at least one instrument that is guided by said robot assembly. Said instrument assembly comprises at least one instrument housing having at least one... Agent:

20150148819 - Surgical instrument positioning system and method: A surgical instrument positioning system includes articulating arms for coarse adjustment and a micro manipulator connectable to the articulating arms for fine adjustment. The micro manipulator selectively holds the surgical instrument and is operable to adjust the position of the surgical instrument. The micro manipulator includes two adjustment assemblies for... Agent:

20150148818 - Surgical robot system: One aspect of the robotic surgery system according to the invention relates to a robot assembly comprising at least one robot and an instrument assembly comprising at least one instrument that is guided by said robot assembly. Said instrument assembly comprises at least one instrument housing having at least one... Agent:

20150148820 - Apparatus for delivering and anchoring implantable medical devices: An apparatus includes an elongate member having a distal end portion and a proximal end portion. The elongate member defines a longitudinal axis. The distal end portion of the elongate member defines a notch having a face defining an axis. The axis of the face and the longitudinal axis define... Agent:

20150148821 - Thorascopic heart valve repair method and apparatus: An instrument for performing thorascopic repair of heart valves includes a shaft for extending through the chest cavity and into a heart chamber providing access to a valve needing repair. A movable tip on the shaft is operable to capture a valve leaflet and a needle is operable to penetrate... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20150148822 - Laparoscopic surgical instrument: The object of the present invention is to provide an improved laparoscopic, surgical instrument, particularly though not exclusively for gynaecology and in particular for Laparoscopic Colposuspension. According to the invention there is provided a laparoscopic, surgical instrument having an elongate shank, a ball head on one end and an eye... Agent:

20150148823 - Pliable silk medical device: An implantable, pliable knitted silk mesh for use in human soft tissue support and repair having a particular knit pattern that substantially prevents unraveling and preserves the stability of the mesh when cut, the knitted mesh including at least two yarns laid in a knit direction and engaging each other... Agent:

20150148824 - Removable deployment device, system, and method for implantable prostheses: A medical device including a mesh prosthesis having a first layer having an opening a second layer secured to the first layer and forming a pocket therebetween. A deployment device is positioned in the pocket and arranged to resiliently exert a deployment force on the mesh prosthesis to urge the... Agent: Atrium Medical Corporation

20150148825 - Apparatus for configuring an arteriovenous fistula: An embodiment of the invention relates to an apparatus for supporting first and second blood vessels connected by an anastomosis at a fistula, the apparatus comprising: a coupler that seats on and couples to the first blood vessel; and a sleeve connected to the coupler that ensheathes a portion of... Agent:

20150148826 - Implantable flow connector: An implantable flow connector for fluidically coupling a source tissue-enclosed body space with a destination element, comprising: a conduit having a lumen terminating at an orifice at a first end of the conduit implantable in the source body space through an opening formed in a tissue wall of the source... Agent: Bioconnect Systems, Inc.

20150148827 - Surgical clip and device for applying the clip: The invention relates to a surgical clip for minimally invasive surgery and to a device for clamping organic tissue, consisting of a first clamping bar corresponding with a second clamping bar, wherein the first clamping bar and the second clamping bar each have, on both sides on their base, shoulders... Agent:

20150148828 - Cutting device for endovascular surgery: The invention relates to an endovascular cutting device for carrying out surgical or medical operations. According to the invention, such a device includes two cutting blades, a means for remotely actuating the two cutting blades, and at least two flexible guide rods, said cutting blades being slidably mounted onto said... Agent:

20150148830 - Features for coupling surgical instrument shaft assembly with instrument body: A surgical apparatus comprises a body assembly, an ultrasonic transducer, a shaft assembly, a motor, and a locking feature. The ultrasonic transducer is operable to convert electrical power into ultrasonic vibrations. The shaft assembly comprises a waveguide operable to transmit ultrasonic vibrations. The motor is operable to rotate the ultrasonic... Agent:

20150148832 - Features to apply fluid to an ultrasonic blade of a surgical instrument: An apparatus comprises a body, a shaft assembly, an end effector, and a wetting member. The shaft assembly extends distally from the body. The end effector is located at a distal end of the shaft assembly. The end effector comprises an ultrasonic blade that is configured to vibrate at an... Agent:

20150148831 - Handpiece and blade configurations for ultrasonic surgical instrument: A surgical apparatus comprises a body, an ultrasonic transducer, a shaft, and an end effector. The ultrasonic transducer is operable to convert electrical power into ultrasonic vibrations. The body comprises a pivotal trigger. The shaft couples the end effector and the body together. The end effector comprises a clamp arm... Agent:

20150148829 - Methods and features for coupling ultrasonic surgical instrument components together: A surgical apparatus comprises a transducer assembly and a shaft assembly. The transducer assembly is operable to convert electrical power into ultrasonic vibrations. The shaft assembly comprises an ultrasonic waveguide, a sheath, a shroud, and a torque transfer assembly. The waveguide is configured to couple with the transducer assembly. The... Agent:

20150148833 - Shielding features for ultrasonic blade of a surgical instrument: An apparatus comprises a body, a shaft assembly, an end effector, and a shield member. The shaft assembly extends distally from the body. The end effector is located at a distal end of the shaft assembly. The end effector comprises an ultrasonic blade and a clamp arm. The ultrasonic blade... Agent:

20150148835 - Sleeve features for ultrasonic blade of a surgical instrument: An apparatus comprises a body, a shaft assembly, and an end effector. The shaft assembly extends distally from the body. The end effector is located at a distal end of the shaft assembly. The end effector comprises an ultrasonic blade, a clamp arm, and a sleeve. The ultrasonic blade is... Agent:

20150148834 - Ultrasonic surgical instrument with staged clamping: An apparatus comprises a body, a shaft assembly, and an end effector. The shaft assembly extends distally from the body. The end effector is located at a distal end of the shaft assembly. The end effector comprises an ultrasonic blade and a clamp arm. The ultrasonic blade is configured to... Agent:

20150148836 - Pressure-sensing vitrectomy surgical systems and methods: A vitrectomy surgical system is disclosed herein. The surgical system includes a vitrectomy probe having a cutting portion comprising an inner cutting tube, an outer cutting tube, and an outer port. The inner cutting tube is movable relative to the outer cutting tube to cut vitreous humor during a vitrectomy... Agent:

20150148837 - Systems, methods and devices for embolic protection: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to systems, methods and devices for providing embolic protection in a patient. In some embodiments, the device is configured for implantation in a body vessel including fluid flow. The device may assume, or be constrained to assume, an undeployed state and a deployed... Agent: Javelin Medical Ltd.

20150148838 - Systems and methods for a surgical tissue manipulator: An apparatus for manipulating tissue during a procedure performed within an eye of a patient is disclosed herein. The apparatus includes a hand-held controller and an elongate member configured to be inserted into the eye of the patient. The elongate member has a proximal end and a distal end, with... Agent:

20150148839 - Minimally invasive surgery tool having variable bend: The present invention relates to a minimally invasive surgery tool having a variable bend. According to one embodiment of the present invention, provided is the minimally invasive surgery tool comprising: a shaft; an end constituent element which is connected to one end of the shaft; and a first joint portion... Agent:

20150148840 - Tweezers: Tweezers are disclosed for example folding tweezers. In some implementations the tweezers include a protective member and a tweezer member pivotably mounted on the protective member to allow the tweezer member to rotate relative to the protective member between a first position, in which the tweezer member is protected by... Agent:

20150148841 - Delivery/recovery system for septal occluder: A delivery/recovery system to allow an operator to deploy and recover a medical implant, such as an occluder for closing a patent foramen ovale (PFO). In one embodiment, the system includes a delivery mandrel for preventing the occluder from moving in the proximal direction, a delivery wire for securing the... Agent:

20150148842 - Large hole closure device: A closure device and system for closing openings in tissue. After placing sutures in the tissue, the sutures are clamped by the closure device to hold the sutures in place and close the opening in the tissue.... Agent:

20150148843 - Liquid dispensing pacifier with interchangeable parts: A liquid dispensing pacifier having interchangeable components is provided. The pacifier includes a hollow, porous nipple secured to a shield and having a base thereon for attachment to other components. The nipple can be disposed directly on the opening of a baby bottle for feeding, or to a syringe to... Agent:

20150148844 - Spinous process fixation system and methods thereof: An implantable device may be provided. The implantable device may comprise an upper assembly comprising a ramped base and a pair of opposing windows. The pair of opposing windows may extend upward from either lateral side of the ramped base. A gripping assembly may be disposed in each window. The... Agent:

20150148846 - Polyaxial bone screw with helically wound capture connection: A polyaxial bone screw assembly includes a threaded shank body having an upper capture structure, a head and a closed retainer ring. The external capture structure surface and retainer ring internal bore surface are both threaded for rotatable attachment within a cavity of the head. The head has a U-shaped... Agent:

20150148845 - Spinal stabilization systems and methods: A spinal stabilization system may be formed in a patient. In some embodiments, a minimally invasive procedure may be used to form a spinal stabilization system in a patient Bone fastener assemblies may be coupled to vertebrae Each bone fastener assembly may include a bone fastener and a collar. The... Agent:

20150148847 - Cervical spinous process staple: Thoracic/lumbar and cervical spinous process staples which staple/fuse adjacent spinous processes are disclosed. Thoracic/lumbar transverse process staples which staple/fuse adjacent transverse processes are also disclosed. Each embodiment has upper and lower claws connected by a ratchet spring mechanism, along with a multiplicity of bone fastener prongs attached to the upper... Agent:

20150148848 - Bottom loading low profile fixation system: A low profile orthopedic device is used to fix and stabilize bones to correct anomalies in skeletal structure occurring naturally or by trauma. Bone screws are screwed into bones by application of torque. Connectors are attached to the anchored bone screws. Each connector includes a clamp and a compression ring.... Agent: Spinal LLC

20150148849 - Minimally invasive counter-torque wrench system: A minimally invasive counter-torque system may comprise a bone screw system, a counter-torque wrench, a set screw driver, a counter-torque wrench handle, and a removable set screw driver handle. A body of the counter-torque wrench may be positioned entirely within a space as defined by or between removable arms of... Agent: Blackstone Medical, Inc.

20150148850 - Method of bone plate reshaping: Methods of bone plate reshaping are provided which include bending tools that couple relative to the bone plate to bend the plate and apply a sufficient force to the plate to remove portions of the plate. Such system permit bending without necessitating that the bending tools are in direct contact... Agent: Biomet C.v.

20150148851 - Devices, systems, and methods for acetabulum repair: Systems for repairing acetabulum fractures can include a bone plate that has openings therein and one or more bolts sized to fit through the openings. The bone plate can cooperate with the head portions of the bolts to prevent them from spinning within the holes as screws are attached to... Agent:

20150148852 - Bionic elastic fixing device: A bionic elastic fixing device relates to orthopedic medical devices, and is used to implement bionic elastic internal fixing for joint dislocation. The device consists of an elastic component (1) and a fixing assembly (2, 3, 4). The elastic component (1) may be multiple strip-shaped elastic mesh pieces, and has... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 101 patent applications in 70 patent subcategories.

20150141968 - Method and apparatus for patterned plasma-mediated laser trephination of the lens capsule and three dimensional phaco-segmentation: System and method for making incisions in eye tissue at different depths. The system and method focuses light, possibly in a pattern, at various focal points which are at various depths within the eye tissue. A segmented lens can be used to create multiple focal points simultaneously. Optimal incisions can... Agent:

20150141969 - Multi-wavelength laser and method for contact ablation of tissue: A multi-wavelength laser apparatus and methods for laser ablation of tissue are described. The apparatus and methods utilize a laser source emitting at two or more wavelengths coupled to a fiberoptic laser delivery device and a laser driver and control system with features for protection of the laser delivery device,... Agent:

20150141970 - Steerable laser probe: A steerable laser probe may include a handle, an actuation mechanism of the handle, an optic fiber, and a housing tube. The housing tube may include a first housing tube portion having a first stiffness and a second housing tube portion having a second stiffness. The second stiffness may be... Agent:

20150141972 - Laser eye surgery system calibration: A laser system is calibrated with a tomography system capable of measuring locations of structure within an optically transmissive material such as a tissue of an eye. Alternatively or in combination, the tomography system can be used to track the location of the eye and adjust the treatment in response... Agent:

20150141971 - Marking lenticules for refractive correction: In certain embodiments, marking a lenticule includes controlling a focus of pulsed laser radiation having ultrashort pulses. A lenticule marking is created in a cornea of an eye with the pulsed laser radiation to mark the lenticule. The lenticule is then created in the cornea with the pulsed laser radiation.... Agent: Wavelight Gmbh

20150141973 - Ophthalmic laser system: An ophthalmic laser system generating a first beam at a wavelength suitable for performing selective laser trabeculoplasty and selectively generating a second beam at a wavelength suitable for performing secondary cataract surgery procedures. The laser system is able to select between directing the first beam or the second beam to... Agent: Ellex Medical Pty Ltd

20150141974 - Optical fiber with smooth tip: A laser fiber has a distal end having a laser fiber face. A tip addition is attached to or formed onto the fiber face. The material of the tip addition one of fragments or melts when laser energy from a suitable laser device is passed through the laser fiber and... Agent:

20150141975 - Fluid spraying apparatuses, and related systems and methods: Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to fluid spraying apparatuses, and related systems and methods. The disclosed fluid spraying apparatuses may be used, for example, to spray a medically suitable fluid on a target region of a subject, such as for treating or removing tissue of the subject. In an embodiment,... Agent:

20150141976 - Ultrasonic anastomosis instrument with piezoelectric sealing head: An apparatus includes a body, a shaft, an ultrasonic element, and an annular clamp pad. The shaft extends distally from the body. The ultrasonic element is located at the distal end of the shaft. The ultrasonic element includes a distally presented annular face. The clamp pad is movable toward the... Agent:

20150141977 - Organ resection tool: It is an object to provide a surgical tool for excising a hard solid organ such as cirrhotic liver or cutting the organ into a groove without causing bleeding. The inventors of the present invention have found that an organ resection tool including a brush-like structure capable of performing microwave... Agent:

20150141978 - Ablation medical devices and methods for making and using ablation medical devices: Ablation devices and methods for determining a degree of contact between an electrode and a target tissue are disclosed. An example ablation device for treating body tissue may include a catheter having a proximal end region and a distal end region. An electrode may be disposed adjacent to the distal... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150141979 - Energy-harvesting system, apparatus and methods: An electrosurgical energy delivery apparatus includes an energy delivery circuit, a control circuit and an energy-harvesting system with a plurality of energy-harvesting circuits and a voltage regulator that provides a regulated DC voltage to the energy delivery circuit and/or the control circuit. The energy delivery circuit receives an electrosurgical energy... Agent:

20150141980 - Vessel sealing instrument with suction system: The present disclosure is directed to a forceps having an end effector assembly including first and second jaw members. At least one of the jaw members is movable relative to the other between a spaced-apart position and an approximated position for grasping tissue therebetween. Each jaw member includes an electrically-conductive... Agent:

20150141981 - Ultrasonic surgical instrument with electrosurgical feature: A surgical instrument system includes an end effector, a generator, and a controller. The end effector includes an ultrasonic blade and at least one electrode surface. The generator provides power to the end effector. The end effector applies ultrasonic energy to tissue via the blade or RF energy to tissue... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20150141985 - Delivery devices with coolable energy emitting assemblies: Systems, delivery devices, and methods to treat to ablate, damage, or otherwise affect tissue. The treatment systems are capable of delivering a coolable ablation assembly that ablates targeted tissue without damaging non-targeted tissue. The coolable ablation assembly damages nerve tissue to temporarily or permanently decrease nervous system input.... Agent:

20150141987 - Electrical energy ablation systems, devices and methods for the treatment of tissue: A device for ablating target tissue of a patient with electrical energy is provided. An elongate shaft includes a proximal portion and a distal portion, and a radially expandable element is attached to the distal portion. An ablation element for delivering electrical energy to target tissue is mounted to the... Agent: Fractyl Laboratories, Inc

20150141983 - Electrosurgical coagulation instrument including a suction pipe and a collapsible tip: A method of treating tissue includes extending a distal tip of an electrode of a surgical instrument from a body of the surgical instrument to expose the distal tip by sliding the electrode along a longitudinal axis defined by the body, delivering energy from the distal tip to tissue, and... Agent:

20150141984 - Methods for treating a lung: A method for treating a lung may include moving a balloon through an airway of the lung while the balloon is in a deflated configuration, and inflating the balloon to cause one or more radio frequency electrodes disposed adjacent an outer surface of the balloon to contact tissue defining the... Agent:

20150141982 - Multi-electrode balloon catheter with circumferential and point electrodes: A catheter has a balloon electrode assembly with at least one compliant balloon member and at least one electrode carried on an outer surface of the balloon member for accomplishing circumferential sensing or ablation in a tubular region of the heart, including a pulmonary vein or ostium. The catheter may... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel), Ltd.

20150141986 - Nano discharges in liquids: The present invention is direct to a nano-probe corona tool and uses thereof A nano-probe corona tool is disclosed having a tip with a diameter in the nano-scale, typically around 100 nm. The nano-probe corona tool is constructed of electrically conductive material. On the other end of the tool, a... Agent:

20150141988 - Two-stage switch for surgical device: A surgical device assembly includes a vessel-sealing end effector having opposing surfaces engaging tissue when disposed therebetween, at least one of the surfaces having an energy delivering component, and a surgical device handle. The surgical device handle is connected to the end effector and has a switch with a switch-actuation... Agent:

20150141989 - Method for coating surgical instruments: A coating and devices using the coating are provided. The coating is applied in liquid form and dried or otherwise cured to form a durable adherent coating resistant to high temperatures and having optional hydrophobic properties. The coating formulation contains an aqueous formulation of silica, one or more fillers, and... Agent:

20150141990 - Electrosurgical coagulation instrument including a suction pipe and a collapsible tip: An electrosurgical coagulation instrument includes a body, a suction pipe, and an electrode. The body has a central passage that defines a longitudinal axis. The suction pipe has a distal end and defines a lumen. The suction pipe is disposed within the central passage. The electrode has a distal tip... Agent:

20150141991 - Medical coagulation instrument: A medical coagulation instrument having a shaft as well as at least one electrode tip that extends beyond the distal end of the shaft. To create a coagulation instrument whose electrodes are of simple structure and ensure an atraumatic and safe handling, at least one electrode tip should be widened... Agent:

20150141993 - Compressible jaw configuration with bipolar rf output electrodes for soft tissue fusion: The present disclosure relates to electrosurgical instruments for use in sealing various tissues. The instrument includes a housing having a shaft attached thereto and an end effector assembly attached to a distal end of the shaft, wherein the end effector assembly includes first and second jaw members attached thereto. The... Agent:

20150141992 - Surgical multi-tool and method of use: Surgical tools are disclosed that include a first handle having a first recess, a second handle having a second recess, a first tip disposed in the first recess and extending distally, and a second tip disposed in the second recess and extending distally. The first tip has a first external... Agent:

20150141994 - Method and appparatus for an intramedullary implant and method of implantation therefor: An intramedullary orthopedic implant includes a body section having a first end that provides a point of insertion for the body section and a second end. The body section further includes wings extending away from the point of insertion for the body section. The intramedullary orthopedic implant further includes first... Agent: Biomedical Enterprises, Inc.

20150141995 - Adjustable loop constructs and techniques: A device for securing tissue or bone. The device includes a self-locking construct, which includes first and second adjustable loops. The first adjustable loop includes a loop passage portion through which a first portion of the self-locking construct extends. The second adjustable loop extends through a sleeve defined by the... Agent: Biomet Sports Medicine, LLC

20150141996 - Apparatus and methods for bone access and cavity preparation: Apparatus and methods for preparing the interior of a bone for therapy. The therapy may include therapy for a bone fracture. The apparatus and methods may involve orienting a surgical instrument for proper deployment in the interior of the bone. An instrument guide may be positioned and retained against translation... Agent:

20150141998 - System and method for forming a curved tunnel in bone: A drill system for forming a curved tunnel in a bone includes a drill bit guidance device. The drill bit guidance device includes an elongated stationary outer tube extending along a first axis and an elongated inner tube assembly. The elongated inner tube assembly is configured to slidably move within... Agent: Symmetry Medical Manufacturing, Inc

20150141997 - Transoral repair of choanal atresia: The transoral repair of choanal atresia is a method for the surgical repair of choanal atresia that uses a transoral approach. The procedure includes the use of a curved drill, a curved shaver, curved grasping forceps, and a suction irrigator. After endotracheal intubation, a retractor is inserted to retract the... Agent: King Abdulaziz University

20150141999 - Surgical saw with sensing technology for determining cut through of bone and depth of the saw blade during surgery: Sensing technology methods related thereto for determining cut through of bone and a depth of penetration of a working portion of a surgical instrument (e.g., an oscillating saw blade in a cut). A first sensor outputs a first signal representative of a displacement of the cutting edge of the saw... Agent:

20150142068 - Rod reduction device and method of use: Provided is a novel rod reducing device including a screw jack mechanism that is moveably engaged with an elongated grasping fork assembly, the screw jack mechanism having an elongated threaded portion, the elongated threaded portion being connected at its most distal end to a rod contact member, which is positioned... Agent:

20150142067 - System for corrective spinal surgery and method of use: A pedicle screw locking system includes a reduction tube and a locking driver. The reduction tube includes an inner shaft, a pair of grips, a reduction sleeve, and a rotatable tube. The inner shaft has a threaded end and reduction arms distally extending from the threaded end. Each grip of... Agent:

20150142001 - Orthopedic jig, pin, and method: An orthopedic jig and pins therefore are disclosed that allow the pins to be pre-loaded into apertures through the jig before the jig is positioned at a desired location with respect to a bone during an orthopedic surgical procedure. At least one of the pin and/or jig includes a retention... Agent:

20150142000 - Surgical templates: A surgical template system for use in working on a bone comprises: a tool guiding portion comprising a guide aperture for receiving and guiding a tool to work on the bone; and locating means for locating the tool guiding portion at a predetermined position with respect to the bone such... Agent: Xiros Limited

20150142002 - System and method for forming porous bone filling material: A method for treating a vertebral bone comprises providing a gaseous substance and providing a flowable and settable bone filling material. The method further comprises introducing the gaseous substance into the bone filling material to form a porous bone augmentation material and inserting a material delivery device into the vertebral... Agent:

20150142003 - System for handling an augmentation implant: A handling device for handling an augmentation implant is proposed, comprising an elongated housing having an axial through-bore for accommodating a sonotrode of an ultrasound applicator, and a lateral opening for inserting a pin magazine with an augmentation pin, wherein the axial through-bore and the lateral opening are connected to... Agent: Stryker Trauma Gmbh

20150142004 - Pedicle screw extension system: The pedicle screw extension system may include a removable cannulated extension provided to a pedicle screw tulip head. The cannulated extension may permit percutaneous implantation of pedicle screws followed by rod placement that may be guided by slots running along the length of the extension. The cannulation may allow for... Agent:

20150142005 - Snare: A snare for snaring an article in a vessel of a vascular system or other body vessel. The snare includes a core cable having a proximal end portion and a distal end portion. The snare also includes first, second and third loops each having a proximal end portion and a... Agent:

20150142006 - Surgical retrieval apparatus for thoracic procedures: A surgical retrieval apparatus includes a handle including an elongated sleeve extending therefrom that, together cooperate to define a lumen therethrough. A shaft having an end effector assembly disposed at a distal end thereof and a plunger disposed at a proximal end thereof is selectively translatable between a first position... Agent:

20150142007 - Male circumciscion device and associated systems and methods: The present technology relates generally to surgical devices for male circumcision and associated systems and methods. In some embodiments, a circumcision device configured in accordance with the technology comprises an outer member configured to be positioned along an exterior portion of a prepuce adjacent a glans of a penis of... Agent:

20150142008 - Clamping structure for umbilical cord: A clamping structure for umbilical cord includes a body formed as bar shaped. The lateral surface of the body includes a rack section formed by engaging teeth distantly and straightly aligned. The rack section further includes sharp teeth protruded from the lateral surface. A head portion is assembled to one... Agent:

20150142009 - Stone extractor: A general-purpose stone extractor is provided for removing gallstones, calculi or foreign bodies from the biliary tree, urinary tract, blood vessels and the like. The stone extractor is configured to enable catcher wires to be extracted and retracted from an outer sheath near to a stone by operating a push... Agent:

20150142011 - Implant tool and improved electrode design for minimally invasive procedure: Devices and methods of use for introduction and implantation of an electrode as part of a minimally invasive technique. An implantable baroreflex activation system includes a control system having an implantable housing, an electrical lead, attachable to the control system, and an electrode structure. The electrode structure is near one... Agent:

20150142010 - Neurostimulation leads having two-dimensional arrays: A neurostimulation lead including an elongated lead body having a distal end and a proximal base. The lead body may have an elastic property such that the lead body is capable of flexing between different geometries. The lead may also include electrodes positioned along the lead body. The lead body... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20150142015 - Path-following robot: A path-following robot, such as for creating a path to a target surgical site, includes a series of interconnected elements including a lead element at one end thereof, and a plurality of actuators each operably coupled to one of the plurality of elements. Each actuator is capable of effecting rotational... Agent:

20150142012 - Robotic surgery system: One aspect of the robotic surgery system according to the invention relates to a robot assembly comprising at least one robot and an instrument assembly comprising at least one instrument that is guided by said robot assembly. Said instrument assembly comprises at least one instrument housing having at least one... Agent:

20150142014 - Surgical tool and medical manipulator: In a surgical tool, the treatment tool piece operating joint includes a first operating rotation member which is coupled to the moving member and is rotated around a predetermined rotation center; a second operating rotation member which is coupled to the first operating rotation member so as to relatively rotate... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150142013 - Systems and methods for positioning an elongate member inside a body: Systems and methods for introducing and driving flexible members in a patient's body are described herein. In one embodiment, a robotic method includes positioning a flexible elongated member that has a preformed configuration, wherein at least a part of the flexible elongated member has a first member disposed around it,... Agent: Hansen Medical, Inc.

20150142017 - Multi-actuating trigger anchor delivery system: A single trigger system and associated method for manipulating tissues and anatomical or other structures in medical applications for the purpose of treating diseases or disorders or other purposes. In one aspect, the system includes a delivery device configured to deploy and implant anchor devices for such purposes.... Agent:

20150142016 - Multi-fire fastener delivery system and method: A prosthesis fastener applier includes a handle, a plurality of input controls, and a fastener delivery shaft. The handle contains a motor and a control circuit. The input controls are connected to the handle and communicatively connected to the control circuit. The fastener delivery shaft includes a fastener cartridge and... Agent:

20150142018 - Stitching device with long needle: A needle for use with an endoscopic stitching device includes a first end portion that is movable relative to a second end portion to allow the needle to convert from a first, mis-aligned orientation to a second, aligned orientation, thereby allowing the length of the needle in the aligned orientation... Agent:

20150142019 - Medical suturing instrument and related methods therefor: A medical suturing instrument comprises: a loop introduction needle; a suture thread introduction needle into which suture thread is inserted; a housing for holding the loop introduction needle and the suture thread introduction needle substantially parallel a prescribed distance apart; a loop forming part which has a loop formed at... Agent:

20150142020 - Laparoscopic suturing instrument with perpendicular eccentric needle motion: A suture needle driving instrument comprises a shaft and an end effector. The end effector is located at the distal end of the shaft and includes a pair of needle grasping arms. Each grasping arm extends along a respective arm axis. The grasping arms are operable to drive a suture... Agent:

20150142022 - Arthroscopic knot pusher and suture cutter: Knot pushers and suture cutter apparatuses to be used arthroscopically, for example, in an arthroscopic knee surgery may be operated with a single control to both lock the suture within the distal end of the apparatus and cut the suture once the knot has been pushed to the appropriate location.... Agent:

20150142021 - Multiple-firing crimp device and methods for using and manufacturing same: A multiple-firing crimp device comprises crimps, a shaft, a crimp movement assembly, and a snare. Each crimp has an internal hollow. The shaft has a distal crimping location, an exterior surface, and an interior with the clips stacked therein, the crimps moving therein along a longitudinal axis. The shaft defines... Agent:

20150142025 - Biodegradable blood vessel occlusion and narrowing: A biodegradable blood vessel narrowing device, comprising: a biodegradable element; an anchoring element; wherein said anchoring element is anchored to a blood vessel wall and at least one external dimension of said biodegradable element is reduced upon biodegradation of said biodegradable element thereby pulling said blood vessel walls toward one... Agent:

20150142024 - Hybrid anchor: Some materials used to make anchors for soft tissue repair, for example, have beneficial properties, including stiffness, bioabsorbability, and osteoconductivity. These materials, however, are not flexible and are challenging to make flexible wings out of for winged anchors. Wing flex is desirable for achieving high fixation strength in winged anchors.... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20150142023 - Recessed surgical fastening devices: Novel recessed surgical fastening devices are disclosed. The fastening devices have a compressible member and a fastening element disposed at least partially within the compressible member. The fastening element has at least one tissue engagement member that is extensible through the compressible member to engage tissue when a force is... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20150142026 - Therapeutic electrospun fiber compositions: The instant invention provides electrospun fiber compositions comprising one or more polymers and one or more biologically active agents. In specific embodiments, the biologically active agents are nerve growth factors. In certain embodiments, the electrospun fiber compositions comprising one or more biologically active agents are on the surface of a... Agent:

20150142028 - Devices, systems and methods for a piloting tip bushing for rotational atherectomy: A high-speed rotational atherectomy device for opening a stenosis in an artery having a given diameter, comprising: a guide wire; a flexible elongated, rotatable drive shaft advanceable over the guide wire, the drive shaft having a proximal end and a distal end; and a piloting member fixedly attached to the... Agent:

20150142027 - Rotational atherectomy device with exchangeable drive shaft and meshing gears: An atherectomy device with an exchangeable drive shaft is disclosed, having a drive shaft gear at a distal end of the exchangeable drive shaft for meshing engagement with a prime mover gear on the output shaft of the prime mover. The exchangeable drive shaft is inserted into an opening at... Agent:

20150142029 - Ear wax removal device and methods thereof: The present invention provides a cerumen removal apparatus for mechanically removing cerumen from an ear canal, comprising: a device body having a distal end and a proximal end interconnected by a main longitudinal axis; said distal end comprising at least one collector head for amassing said cerumen; said proximal end... Agent:

20150142030 - Fluid jet arterial surgical device: A catheter mounted arterial surgical tool has a body with a fluid jet prong extending from a distal end of the body along a prong axis that is parallel to and laterally offset from a body axis. A fluid passage extends through the fluid jet prong to an outlet that... Agent:

20150142035 - Devices, systems, methods and kits for performing selective dissection of lung tissue: This invention relates to device, systems, kits and methods that enable selective dissection of lung tissue to remove diseased tissue from healthy tissue without damaging blood vessels or airways. The invention and methods enable minimally invasive lung surgery procedures by providing a device and method to perform automated dissection that... Agent:

20150142034 - High intensity focused ultrasound targeting: The invention provides for a medical instrument (200) comprising a magnetic resonance imaging system (202) and a high intensity focused ultrasound system (202) with an adjustable focus (238). Execution of instructions causes a processor to control (100) medical instrument to sonicate the multiple sonication points while repeatedly acquire the thermal... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150142032 - Surgical instrument with active element and suction cage: A surgical system comprises an end effector for operating on tissue and a screen positioned around the end effector. The screen is fluidly coupled with a suction source by a conduit such as a tube. The screen is configured to communicate suction through the screen while preventing tissue from contacting... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20150142033 - Ultrasonic surgical instrument with features for forming bubbles to enhance cavitation: An ultrasonic element comprises an ultrasonic transducer and a head or blade. The ultrasonic transducer is operable to convert electrical power into ultrasonic vibrations. The head or blade is in acoustic communication with the ultrasonic transducer such that the ultrasonic transducer is operable to drive the ultrasonic blade to vibrate... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20150142031 - Ultrasonic surgical instrument with integral blade cleaning feature: An ultrasonic instrument comprises a body, a shaft assembly, an ultrasonic blade, and a pivoting member. The shaft assembly extends distally from the body. The ultrasonic blade is positioned distal to the shaft assembly. The pivoting member is pivotable with respect to the blade from an open position to a... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20150142036 - Blunt tissue dissection surgical instrument jaw designs: A forceps for use in surgery for dissecting tissue includes a pair of jaw members movable from an open position in spaced relation relative to one another to a closed position. The jaw members each have an outer housing extending along the length thereof to a distal end of the... Agent:

20150142037 - Puncturing needle cartridge and puncturing instrument: A puncture needle cartridge (2) comprises: a columnar lancet body (6) having a puncture needle on the front end side and a puncture instrument mount (5) on the rear end side; a protective cap (13) covering the puncture needle and having a shape extending toward the front end; a skin... Agent:

20150142039 - Devices and methods for soft tissue hydro dissection: In one embodiment, a medical device may include an insertion member configured to be inserted into a body opening, and a needle member, movably coupled to the insertion member, configured to be inserted into the body opening. The needle member may include a lumen configured to transfer dissection fluid, a... Agent:

20150142040 - Puncture apparatus: A puncture apparatus is disclosed, which can include a first puncture needle having a first needle tip and configured to puncture a living body tissue, a shaft interlocked to the first puncture needle, a second puncture needle having a second needle tip and configured to puncture a living body tissue,... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150142038 - Stylet cutting tip for medical device, and method of making same: A medical device includes a housing, and a stylet within the housing having a cutting tip upon a stylet shaft. The cutting tip has a plurality of cutting edges in a regular distribution, each being formed by adjoining facets in an alternating arrangement with the cutting edges. The cutting edges... Agent:

20150142041 - Apparatus and methods for performing minimally-invasive surgical procedures: Devices, tools and methods for performing minimally invasive surgical procedures. Methods of performing minimally invasive ablation procedures. Methods of performing rapid exchange of tools in a device while the device remains in a reduced-access surgical space.... Agent: Maquet Cardiovascular LLC

20150142043 - Aneurysm closure device: An aneurysm closure device or flow diverter includes a frame member formed of crossing frame elements and a diverter portion formed of a plurality of blade elements extending in radially opposing directions from a diverter element. The flow diverter is ideally suited for diverting the flow of fluid from an... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150142042 - Aneurysm treatment device and method of use: The present application discloses an apparatus for treating vascular aneurysms and includes a radially expandable substantially cylindrical structure formed from a plurality of support members and defining a plurality of openings, and at least one reactive material strand selectively integrated into the substantially cylindrical structure. The reactive material is configured... Agent:

20150142044 - Non-inflatable gastric implants and systems: A variety of passive intragastric implant devices for obesity treatment are disclosed. Such passive devices do not autonomously change shape, but instead react within the stomach to induce satiety. The devices may take up volume within the stomach, thus reducing the intake capacity. Additionally, the devices may contact areas within... Agent: Apollo Endosurgery, Inc.

20150142045 - Apparatus and methods for accessing and sealing bodily vessels and cavities: Everting balloon systems and methods for using the same are disclosed. herein. The systems can he configured to access and dilate body lumen and cavities. For example, the systems can be used to dilate the cervix and access the uterine cavity. The systems can also be used to occlude the... Agent: Cross Bay Medical, Inc.

20150142046 - Method of sinusitis treatment: The present invention provides a method to treat sinusitis, a method for improved medication delivery to the sinus mucosa, and a method for staunching bleeding of the sinus mucosa comprising of comprising compressing sinus mucosa of a sinus of a patient against bone tissue of the sinus to a predetermined... Agent:

20150142047 - End effector with redundant closing mechanisms: End effectors with redundant closing mechanisms, and related tools and methods are disclosed. The disclosed end effectors may be particularly beneficial when used for minimally invasive surgery. An example surgical tool comprises an elongate shaft having a proximal end and a distal end, a tool body disposed at the distal... Agent:

20150142048 - Actuator for deployable implant: Systems and methods are provided for using an actuator to deploy an implant configured to close a tissue puncture or a natural opening in a body. The actuator includes a handle that is rotated in a first direction to deploy a first set of deployable wings of the implant, and... Agent:

20150142049 - Sealing devices, related delivery apparatuses, and uses thereof: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to implantable sealing devices, delivery apparatuses, and methods of their use, for closing surgical openings or defects in a sidewall of a vessel in a subject. In several embodiments, the disclosed implantable sealing devices, delivery apparatuses, and methods can be used to close... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20150142050 - Suture and soft anchor assembly and method of making the same: A method of anchoring a suture into a pilot hole in bone, utilizing a suture anchor. A lumen-defining circular soft wall, having a first and second end, is slidably engaged to a piece of suture, a first length of which extends from the first end of the wall and is... Agent: River Point, LLC

20150142052 - System for meniscal repair using suture implant cinch construct: A system for repairing tears in soft tissue, e.g., meniscal tissue, by employing cinch stitching. More specifically, the present invention provides an apparatus for meniscal repair using a suture implant construct. The suture implant construct includes a first and second implant which are connected to each other via a length... Agent:

20150142051 - Thread anchor: A method and a device for anchoring a suture to an object includes a shuttle and a pin made of a material which can be liquefied by means of ultrasonic vibrations. A suture is attached to a rear end of the pin. The shuttle has a shuttle body, a shuttle... Agent: Woodwelding Ag

20150142053 - Pacifier comprising a shield, and shield: Pacifier having a shield having a brace forming a circumferential outer frame on both sides of a central fixing portion having a teat opening, so that on both sides respectively one or two large-area openings are provided between the fixing portion and the brace, and respectively one further brace forming... Agent:

20150142054 - Teat: A teat with a base and a hollow and flexible mouthpiece protruding from it with a palate contact area, characterized in that the mouthpiece has a planar thinning area fully or partially extending over the palate contact area, in which the mouthpiece has a smaller wall thickness than in its... Agent: Mapa Gmbh

20150142055 - Anchor-in-anchor system for use in bone fixation: An anchor-in-anchor fixation system is provided for securing underlying structure, such as bone. The fixation system includes a first bone anchor having a shaft for fixation to underlying bone, and a head that defines an internal bore. A second bone anchor extends through the bore and into underlying bone. A... Agent:

20150142056 - Flexible facet screw apparatus: A novel facet screw that addresses the need to elevate facet related pain caused by the facet faces being near bone on bone and or misaligned by providing an improved facet screw apparatus, and methods for the delivering that screw, and securing the vertebral facets while allowing the center of... Agent:

20150142057 - Transverse rod connector: A transverse rod connector includes an elongate member having first and second ends and first and second connection members. The first and second connection members are connected with first and second ends, respectively. The first and second connection members are configured for multidirectional positioning with respect to the elongate member.... Agent: K2m, Inc.

20150142058 - Method and apparatus for the treatment of scoliosis: t

20150142059 - Polyaxial bone anchoring device with enlarged pivot angle: A polyaxial bone anchoring device is provided including an anchoring element (1) having a shank (2) for anchoring in the bone and a head (3), the head comprising a spherically-shaped outer surface portion (3a); a receiving part (4) configured to be pivotably connected to said head (3), the receiving part... Agent:

20150142060 - Spinal fixation tool attachment structure: A tool set for implanting bone screws in a human spine, followed by the implantation of a rod into the bone screws includes end guide tools having flexible back wall flaps that receive opposite ends of the rod and intermediate guide tools that hold the rod in intermediate locations between... Agent:

20150142061 - Pedicle screw fixation system and method for use of same: A pedicle screw fixation system and method for use of the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a tulip is provided for holding a head of a pedicle screw substantially along a longitudinal axis. The tulip includes opposing first and second U-shaped receiving slots aligned along a transverse axis. A... Agent:

20150142062 - Clip for dynamic spinal plate: A clip includes a body and a pin. The body includes a first end, a second end, and a backspan extending between the first and second ends. The backspan defines a through hole. Each of the first and second ends of the body are configured to releasably couple to a... Agent:

20150142063 - Systems and methods for using polyaxial plates: Embodiments of the present invention provide a bone fixation assembly that can provide polyaxial fixation. The polyaxial fixation may be provided by fins that protrude from an opening in a bone plate or fins that protrude from a fastener head.... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20150142064 - Plate benders and system: A pair of plate benders is provided for bending a bone plate having a plurality of screw holes and a plurality of tubular drill guides removably preassembled into the screw holes. Each plate bender has a first end, a second end, and a handle extending between the first and second... Agent: Biomet C.v.

20150142065 - Device for fixing an elongate element in a retaining structure: A fixation device is used to fix an elongate element, in particular a wire, in an opening of a retaining structure, in particular of an implant plate. The fixation device has a main body. The main body is provided with a bore for receiving the elongate element. The main body... Agent:

20150142066 - Two-wire technique for installing hammertoe implant: A method includes inserting a first surgical device into an exposed first end of a first bone until a trailing end of the first surgical device is disposed adjacent to the first end of the first bone. A second surgical device is inserted into an exposed first end of a... Agent: Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

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