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02/05/2015 > 89 patent applications in 55 patent subcategories.

20150038950 - Laser probe with a replaceable optic fiber: A laser probe with a replaceable optic fiber may include a reusable handle, a reusable housing tube, a reusable handle adapter, a reusable machine adapter, and a replaceable optic fiber. The handle adapter may interface with a proximal end of the handle. The machine adapter may interface with a surgical... Agent:

20150038951 - Method and apparatus for patterned plasma-mediated laser trephination of the lens capsule and three dimensional phaco-segmentation: A laser surgical system for making incisions in ocular tissues during cataract surgery includes a laser system, an imaging device and a control system. The laser system includes a scanning assembly and a laser to generate a laser beam that incises ocular tissue. The imaging device acquires image data of... Agent:

20150038952 - Method and apparatus for patterned plasma-mediated laser trephination of the lens capsule and three dimensional phaco-segmentation: System and method for making incisions in eye tissue at different depths. The system and method focuses light, possibly in a pattern, at various focal points which are at various depths within the eye tissue. A segmented lens can be used to create multiple focal points simultaneously. Optimal incisions can... Agent:

20150038953 - Device for energy-based skin treatment: A device (10) for energy-based skin treatment is provided. The device (10) comprises a light source (18) for providing polarized incident light (21) having an incident polarization, optical elements (11, 12, 13) for focusing the polarized incident light (21) in a focal point (22) within a collagen layer of the... Agent:

20150038954 - Surgical forceps: A forceps includes an end effector assembly having first and second jaw members movable relative to one another between a spaced-apart position, a first approximated position, and a second approximated position. One or both of the jaw members including a first stop member coupled thereto and disposed between the jaw... Agent:

20150038955 - Skin contact detecting device for a device to be secured: The invention relates to a skin contact detecting device (1) for a device (24) to be secured, comprising a contact piece (2) with a bearing surface (3) and comprising a safety circuit (7) with a light source (6), a photodetector (9), and an analyzing circuit (17). The bearing surface (3)... Agent: Pantec Biosolutions Ag

20150038957 - Microwave antenna having a coaxial cable with an adjustable outer conductor configuration: A microwave ablation system includes a power source. A microwave antenna is adapted to connect to the power source via a coaxial cable that includes inner and outer conductors having a compressible dielectric operably disposed therebetween. The inner conductor in operative communication with a radiating section associated with the microwave... Agent:

20150038956 - Microwave device for tissue ablation: A microwave device for the ablation of biological tissues including a coaxial antenna, including an internal conductor, surrounded by a layer of dielectric material, an external conductor coaxial to the dielectric metal tip electrically connected to the internal conductor, and a quarter wave impedance transformer including a sleeve made of... Agent:

20150038960 - Balloon catheter mesh: A resector balloon includes an outer wall having a resecting surface that resects biological material. The balloon also includes a woven sleeve including at least one woven thread disposed on at least a portion of the outer wall. The woven sleeve forms at least a portion of the resecting surface.... Agent:

20150038959 - Control system and process for application of energy to airway walls and other mediums: The present disclosure may include a system for delivering energy to an airway wall of a lung comprising an energy delivering apparatus and a PID controller having one or more variable gain factors. The energy delivering apparatus may include a flexible elongated member and a distal expandable basket having at... Agent:

20150038958 - Methods and systems for determining physiologic characteristics for treatment of the esophagus: A method and apparatus for treating abnormal mucosa in the esophagus is disclosed, such that the depth of the treated tissue is controlled. The depth of ablation is controlled by monitoring the tissue impedance and/or the tissue temperature. A desired ablation depth is also achieved by controlling the energy density... Agent:

20150038963 - Ablation catheter: An ablation catheter including a handle, a tubular irrigation member defining a fluid lumen and having a plurality of perforations proximal the distal end of the tubular irrigation member. At least one ablation electrode is arranged at the distal end of an elongate tubular sheath inserted into the lumen of... Agent:

20150038962 - Apparatus for safe performance of transseptal technique and placement and positioning of an ablation catheter: A steerable catheter system to perform a transseptal puncture procedure comprises a steerable catheter shaft with at least one inner lumen, and an inner element slidably positioned within a shaft lumen, wherein the distal tip of the shaft can be deflected, counter-deflected, rotated, and counter-rotated and wherein the inner element... Agent:

20150038961 - Catheter with improved irrigated tip electrode having two-piece construction, and method of manufacturing therefor: A catheter has a two-piece tip electrode with a shell and a support structure that are secured to each other by multiple redundant mechanisms in order to reduce the risk of tip detachment during a procedure. The tip electrode includes at least two different welds attaching the shell to the... Agent:

20150038964 - Surgical instrument: An electrosurgical instrument for removal of tissue from a patient and a method for doing the same. The electrosurgical instrument includes a pair of lever members each of which having an associated end effector associated. One of the end effectors includes a cutting element forming a loop on the end... Agent: Ent Biotech Solutions, Inc.

20150038965 - Method and apparatus for fractional non-invasive skin tightening: Apparatus is disclosed for providing a RF fractional treatment to the skin tissue by providing parallel elongated electrodes on which conductive areas and non-conductive areas are provided. The providing of conductive and non-conductive areas assists in sparing enough essential healthy tissue components like blood capillaries to support intense wound healing... Agent:

20150038966 - Anchoring group for external fixator: The present disclosure relates to an anchoring group for an external fixator, that comprises a connecting body designed to be coupled to a bar of an external fixator. A locking device is connected to the connecting body at a fastening point thereof and comprises a pin locking arm provided with... Agent: Orthfix S.r.i.

20150038968 - Intramedullary nail system including tang-deployment screw with male interface: For nails of small diameter, a coupler, with two female ends, allows the diameter of the male/female interface between the driver and the actuator, which in turn extends the tangs, to be increased. This increase is possible because the lower section of the nail, where the talons are stored prior... Agent:

20150038967 - Surgical implant device, method and apparatus for implanting thereof: A surgical implant device comprising: a nail, a first locking screw and a second locking screw, each of the first locking screw and the second locking screw are secured near one end of the nail to form an architecture having a substantial triangular shape, a first reinforcing screws being releasably... Agent:

20150038969 - Sternal closure cerclage, plate implant and instrumentation: A closure system may secure a first bone portion to a second bone portion. The closure system may include a band, a locking terminal, and a tensioning device. The band may be adapted to be looped around the first and second bone portions. The locking terminal may fixedly engage a... Agent:

20150038970 - Cannulated hammer drill attachment: A hammer drill attachment is provided for attachment to a bi-directional surgical drill. The hammer drill attachment is configured to provide a rotating output in a first direction of rotation when the drill is operated in its first direction of rotation, and the hammer drill attachment is configured to provide... Agent:

20150038971 - Combined flip cutter and drill: A flip cutter and drill instrument and method of antegrade drilling and retrograde cutting using such an instrument. The flip cutter and drill instrument is provided with a drill which has a multi-blade configuration and which engages an inner tube or inner member of the instrument to articulate between at... Agent:

20150038972 - Method and apparatus for implanting a modular femoral hip: A method of implanting a prosthetic component is disclosed that includes attaching a guide rod to the prosthetic component, removably coupling the guide rod to a shaft extending from a handle, and positioning the prosthetic component in an anatomical feature. The method also includes impacting an impaction portion of the... Agent:

20150038973 - Methods and devices for implementing an improved rongeur: A rongeur which functions to act on (or bite) bone while approaching the bone surface from an axial orientation is provided. In one embodiment, a rongeur is provided with a rotatably/pivotally coupled cutting jaw component to cause the cutting jaw to exert force on the bone. The rongeur may include... Agent: Osteomed LLC

20150038974 - Implant and related surgical technique for use in high tibial osteotomy: An implant for use in high tibial osteotomy can include a central implant portion, a first side implant portion and a second side implant portion. The first and second side implant portions can be selectively rotatable relative to each other. A method of performing high tibial osteotomy can include providing... Agent: Biomet Sports Medicine, LLC

20150038975 - Resection shift guide and method: Resection shift guides and methods providing anterior, posterior, clockwise, or counterclockwise adjustment of a 4-in-1 cut guide along a planar resected surface of a femur are disclosed. A resection shift guide can include a base member and a block member. The base member can include first and second arms. The... Agent:

20150038976 - Noninvasively adjustable suture anchors: In one embodiment, an adjustable implant system includes a bone anchor having first and second ends, a bone engagement surface adjacent the first end, and a housing extending between the first and second ends. The adjustable implant system can further include a non-invasively actuatable driving element within the housing and... Agent:

20150038977 - Apparatus and method for corneal marking: An instrument for use in aligning an intraocular lens (IOL) comprises a marker ring rotatably held in a yoke attached to an instrument handle. The ring has an upper surface and a lower surface, and an inner surface and an outer surface. In one version, four marking tabs are attached... Agent:

20150038978 - Adapter for connection to pulse generator: Embodiments of the present invention generally pertain to devices and methods for use in conjunction with implanting a baroreflex therapy system which includes an implantable pulse generator and associated circuitry contained within a hermetically sealed housing, an elongate flexible electrical lead connectable to the housing, and a monopolar electrode structure... Agent:

20150038979 - Leads with segmented electrodes for electrical stimulation of planar regions and methods of making and using: One embodiment is a stimulation lead that includes a lead body having a longitudinal surface, a distal end, and a proximal end; and multiple electrodes disposed along the longitudinal surface of the lead body near the distal end of the lead body. The electrodes include multiple groups of segmented electrodes... Agent:

20150038981 - Hyperdexterous surgical system: A hyperdexterous surgical system is provided. The system can include one or more surgical arms coupleable to a fixture and configured to support one or more surgical tools. The system can include an electronic control system configured to communicate electronically with the one or more robotic surgical tools. The control... Agent:

20150038982 - Hyperdexterous surgical system: A hyperdexterous surgical system is provided. The system can include one or more surgical arms coupleable to a fixture and configured to support one or more surgical tools. The system can include an electronic control system configured to communicate electronically with the one or more robotic surgical tools. The control... Agent:

20150038984 - Manipulator system: A manipulator system includes a treatment unit treating a subject, an imaging unit capturing the subject and the treatment unit, a display unit displaying an image captured by the imaging unit, a display unit driving unit supporting and moving the display unit, an operation unit operating the treatment unit, an... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150038980 - Robot for holding and for handling medical instruments and equipment: A robot for holding and for handling medical instruments/equipment (1), in particular retractors, preferably for use in orthopedic operations, comprises a manipulator (2) and an end effector (3) supported on the manipulator (2) for gripping/coupling of the particular instrument (1), wherein means for detecting external parameters relating to the holding... Agent: Ruprecht-karls-universitaet Heidelberg

20150038983 - Tele-presence robot system with software modularity, projector and laser pointer: A remote control station that accesses one of at least two different robots that each have at least one unique robot feature. The remote control station receives information that identifies the robot feature of the accessed robot. The remote station displays a display user interface that includes at least one... Agent:

20150038985 - Enhanced follicular extraction punch and method: Provided herein is an apparatus and method useful for surgical removal of mammalian tissue at specific depths and specific angles.... Agent:

20150038986 - Surgical cutting instrument that analyzes tissue thickness: A surgical instrument with a tissue-clamping end effector, where actuation of the instrument is locked out when the thickness of the tissue clamped in the end effector is not within a specified thickness range. The end effector may comprise a tissue thickness module that senses the thickness of the tissue... Agent:

20150038988 - Apparatus and method for heart valve repair: A device 10 for gathering tissue of a heart valve leaflet 2 may include an outer tube 16 extending in an elongation direction, a capture tool 22 moveable in the outer tube between a contained position and a use position, and a tissue securing component 32 disposed at a distal... Agent:

20150038987 - Applier for anchoring a lining to a hollow organ: The present invention relates generally to medical apparatuses and methods and more particularly to devices and methods for positioning and anchoring a lining to a hollow body organ, such as a stomach, intestine or gastrointestinal tract.... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20150038989 - Devices, systems, and methods for wound closure: A wound closure device includes a shaft and a tubular member disposed about the shaft. A plurality of arms are coupled to the shaft in a distal region of the shaft. A plunger is slidably disposed within the shaft and coupled to the plurality of arms. The plunger is selectively... Agent:

20150038990 - Devices, systems, and methods for wound closure: A wound closure system includes a suture member and a suture grasper. The suture member includes a suture and a retention member engaged to an end of the suture. The retention member is at least partially flexible and defines a central opening. The suture grasper includes a needle defining a... Agent:

20150038991 - Devices, systems, and methods for wound closure: A system includes a wound closure device having a shaft, proximal and distal arms coupled to the shaft, and one or more linkages coupling the proximal and distal aims. The arms are pivotable relative to the shaft between a linear position, wherein the arms and shaft are linearly aligned, a... Agent:

20150038992 - Methods and devices for repairing and anchoring damaged tissue: Methods and devices are provided for anchoring suture to tissue, incorporating anchoring devices constructed substantially from suture. The anchoring devices are constructed as longitudinally extended, preformed knot configurations that upon deployment are reconfigured to form anchoring knots having an increased cross-section relative to the preformed knot configuration, for secure lodging... Agent:

20150038993 - Devices, systems, and methods for wound closure: A suture grasper for retrieving a suture from an internal surgical site includes an inner shaft defining a tissue-penetrating tip, an intermediate shaft disposed about the inner shaft, and an outer shaft disposed about the intermediate shaft. The intermediate shaft defines a plurality of spring fingers movable between a spread... Agent:

20150038994 - Devices, systems, and methods for providing surgical access and facilitating closure of surgical access openings: A suture passer includes a handle, an elongated sleeve defining a distal end, an inner shaft slidably disposed within the elongated sleeve, and an end effector assembly disposed at a distal end of the inner shaft. The end effector assembly includes first and second arms, at least one which is... Agent:

20150038996 - Devices, systems, and methods for providing surgical access and facilitating closure of surgical access openings: A method of surgery includes positioning a cannula within an opening in tissue and inserting a guide member into the cannula. The cannula includes an elongated portion having a base and an elongated tubular member extending distally from the base. The elongated tubular member includes an annular wall defining a... Agent:

20150038997 - Devices, systems, and methods for providing surgical access and facilitating closure of surgical access openings: A guide member configured for guiding a suture passer through a cannula and tissue surrounding the cannula to facilitate closure of an opening in tissue. The guide member includes a guide housing and an elongated guide shaft. The guide housing is configured for releasably engaging the guide member with the... Agent:

20150038995 - Devices, systems, and methods for wound closure: A wound closure device includes outer and inner members. The inner member is configured for receipt of a suture passer and is pivotably coupled to the outer member. The inner member is pivotable relative to the outer member between a first position, wherein the inner member is coaxially disposed relative... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150038998 - Tendon anchor and method of using same: A tendon anchor, a housing, a protuberance located substantially on the housing, a cut-out area located substantially on the housing and located substantially across from the protuberance, and a plurality of elongated tendon gripping projections located substantially adjacent to the protuberance and the cut-out area for substantially retaining the tendon... Agent:

20150038999 - Method and apparatus for coupling left ventricle of the heart to the anterior interventricular vein to stimulate collateral development in ischemic regions: A method for stimulation of collateral development in ischemic cardiac regions comprises the fluid coupling of the left ventricle of the heart to the anterior interventricular vein to stimulate collateral development in ischemic regions. The fluid coupling of the left ventricle of the heart to the anterior interventricular vein includes... Agent:

20150039001 - Devices and related methods for securing a tissue fold: The present invention relates to devices and methods for creating and securing a tissue fold during an endoluminal medical procedure. The devices and methods may be used for folding and securing, for example, a fundus wall onto an esophagus wall. An aspect of the invention includes a two-piece tissue clip... Agent:

20150039000 - System for tissue fixation to bone: Methods and systems are provided for fixating connective tissue to bone. Some aspects include a carrier member having a length, width, and thickness, wherein the length and width are each at least two times greater than the thickness; attachment members extending from the carrier member and that engage connective tissue... Agent:

20150039002 - Angioplasty balloon: Described here are angioplasty balloon devices for generating shock waves to break up calcified plaques along a length of a vessel and methods of making such devices. Generally, the devices may be used in angioplasty and/or valvuloplasty procedures, but may alternatively be used in other applications. In some variations, the... Agent:

20150039003 - Nose comforter and cleaning device: A disposable hygienic nostril cleansing tool is described that consists of a dual-purpose head (cotton swab and scraper tip), flexible shaft, and cotton debris cleaner in the tool body.... Agent:

20150039005 - System and method for minimally invasive tissue treatment: Delivering ultrasonic energy to a target musculoskeletal tissue site includes connecting a delivery device to a vacuum source, a fluid source, and a power signal source. The delivery device has a housing portion maintaining an ultrasound transducer and a tip portion having a sleeve and a cannula. The cannula is... Agent:

20150039004 - Vascular re-entry device: An ultrasonic device having a tri-axial configuration including an ultrasound transmission member, a dilator, and a sheath is disclosed. The ultrasound device may be used in a procedure to treat an occluded blood vessel. The ultrasound transmission member can transmit ultrasonic energy from an ultrasonic transducer to a distal end.... Agent: Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc.

20150039006 - Single use lancet assembly: A single use lancet device having a housing, with an open interior and an access opening defined therein, a lancet, with a body and a piercing tip, and disposed in the open interior of the housing so as to move between a cocked orientation and a piercing orientation, a driving... Agent:

20150039007 - Methods and structures for assembling lancet housing assemblies for handheld medical diagnostic devices: A method of assembling a lancet housing assembly comprising multiple lancets for use in a portable handheld medical diagnostic device for sampling bodily fluids from a skin site of a patient is disclosed. The method includes forming a plurality of lancet structures in a lancet sheet. The lancet sheet has... Agent:

20150039008 - Surgical instrument: Provided is a suture instrument capable of shortening operation time required to ligate a wound, and cauterizing the wound. Provided is a surgical needle including a shape memory alloy which has been shape memory-processed to return, at a temperature equal to or higher than its transformation point, to its original... Agent:

20150039009 - Puncture device: To provide a puncture device which prevents components constituting a puncture device from being damaged by buckling (bending) etc., secures safety, and can be handled by a weak user easily. A puncture device 1 is provided with an outer needle 21, an outer needle hub 22 for retaining a base... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150039010 - Dissection tip and introducer for surgical instrument: The present disclosure describes a surgical fastener applying apparatus that includes an elongate body portion having proximal and distal ends, an end effector including a first movably coupled to a second jaw that is positioned at the distal end of the elongate body portion, and an introducer member. The introducer... Agent:

20150039011 - Gastric space occupier systems and methods of use: Systems for controlling obesity utilize a number of space occupiers positioned in the stomach to reduce the effective volume of the stomach. Such arrangements provides sufficient stomach volume consumption to induce weight loss, but enable use of space occupiers that are proportioned to minimize the threat of obstruction even if... Agent:

20150039012 - Systems and methods for treating a vessel using focused force: A device for introduction into a body vessel includes a main elongated element, a balloon positioned at the main elongated element distal end, a distal connecting element positioned at the distal end of the balloon to receive a guidewire during use, and a longitudinally movable sheath positioned external to the... Agent:

20150039013 - Nasolacrimal obstruction treatment device and method: A device and method for performing probing and intubation of the nasolacrimal system includes a tubular probe through which a tracer fluid is injected and collected in the nasal cavity to verify that the tip of the probe has passed through an obstruction and reached the nasal cavity. A sleeve... Agent:

20150039014 - Methods of locating and treating tissue in a wall defining a bodily passage: Devices, kits, and methods of treatment are described. More particularly, methods of treating tissue of a passage wall defining a bodily passage, such as a sinus cavity, airway, or sinus passage are described. An exemplary method utilizes an elongate member having an elongate member proximal end, elongate member distal end,... Agent:

20150039015 - Aneurysm devices with additional anchoring mechanisms and associated systems and methods: The present technology relates to aneurysm devices with additional anchoring mechanisms, and associated systems and methods. In some embodiments, the aneurysm devices are endovascularly deliverable to a site proximate an aneurysm near a parent artery with bifurcating branches. The aneurysm devices can include a closure structure (102) comprising a distal-facing... Agent: Pulsar Vascular, Inc.

20150039016 - Device and method for deflecting emboli in an aorta: The invention features an intra-vascular device (10) which may include a filter (30), a filter insert (36), and a supporting structure (40) to hold a filtering element and may serve to filter or deflect emboli or other large objects from entering protected secondary vessels. The device may be capable of... Agent:

20150039021 - Implant retrieval system: Disclosed is an adjustable occlusion device for use in a body lumen such as the left atrial appendage. The occlusion device is removably carried by a deployment catheter. The device may be enlarged or reduced to facilitate optimal placement or removal. Methods are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150039017 - Methods and devices for endovascular embolization: The present disclosure describes an occlusion device and methods of delivering the occlusion device. The occlusion device can include an expandable structure configured to move between an unexpanded configuration and an expanded configuration. The expandable structure can be configured to have an expansion ratio of at least about 5:1. Further,... Agent:

20150039018 - Methods and devices for endovascular embolization: The present disclosure describes an occlusion device and methods of delivering the occlusion device. The occlusion device can include an expandable structure configured to move between an unexpanded configuration and an expanded configuration. The expandable structure can be configured to have an expansion ratio of at least about 5:1. Further,... Agent:

20150039019 - Methods and devices for endovascular embolization: The present disclosure describes an occlusion device and methods of delivering the occlusion device. The occlusion device can include an expandable structure configured to move between an unexpanded configuration and an expanded configuration. The expandable structure can be configured to have an expansion ratio of at least about 5:1. Further,... Agent:

20150039020 - Methods and devices for endovascular embolization: The present disclosure describes an occlusion device and methods of delivering the occlusion device. The occlusion device can include an expandable structure configured to move between an unexpanded configuration and an expanded configuration. The expandable structure can be configured to have an expansion ratio of at least about 5:1. Further,... Agent:

20150039022 - Nasal support device and method: The present disclosure provides a device and method for facilitating air flow in the nasal passage of a domestic animal. The nasal support device (NSD) disclosed herein is useful for facilitating air flow during rest, physical exertion, respiratory ailment, etc. The NSD secures to the nose of a domestic animal... Agent:

20150039023 - Closure system for atrial wall: A closure system, assembly and attended method for closing and opening in the tissue of the patient includes first and second closure members each including a biased construction operative for disposition of the closure members into an out of retracted and expanded orientations. A connector is disposed in interconnecting relation... Agent:

20150039024 - Surgical tack and tack drive apparatus: A fastener is provided for attaching body tissue to body tissue or another material to body tissue. The fastener includes a head portion, a body portion, and an anchoring element. The anchoring element is on the distal end of the fastener, and has one or more barbs or similar anchoring... Agent:

20150039026 - Adjustable graft fixation device: Systems and methods for securing a soft tissue graft to bone are provided herein. In one embodiment, a surgical implant can include an elongate body having a longitudinal axis extending therealong and having first and second through-holes that are offset to a first side of the longitudinal axis and a... Agent:

20150039025 - Devices, systems, and methods for wound closure: A wound closure device includes a shaft, a sleeve, a suture, and a cartridge. The sleeve is disposed about the shaft and defines first and second sleeve arms movable between a retracted position, wherein the sleeve arms extend along the shaft, and a deployed position, wherein the sleeve arms extend... Agent:

20150039027 - Tissue fixation device: A tissue fixation device includes an elongated body extending between a proximal portion and a distal portion including a plurality of barbed loops. The elongated body, proximal portion, and distal portion are provided in a variety of configurations depending upon the performance requirements desired of the tissue fixation device for... Agent:

20150039029 - Implant device and system for stabilized fixation of bone and soft tissue: A system for syndesmosis repair includes a flat band secured to bone by pulling a metal button through both the tibial and fibula bones, which button is then toggled into position to create tension, along the band, across the two bone segments to be fixated. Once the button is secure... Agent:

20150039031 - Surgical fastening: A surgical device includes a first fastener having a planar profile, a second fastener having a concave surface, and a suture that can be manipulated to change a distance between the first and second fasteners. The second fastener has a curvature that substantially matches the curvature of a top surface... Agent:

20150039028 - Suture anchor apparatus: In various examples, a suture anchor includes a sheath including a lumen. A frame member is disposed at least partially within the sheath. The frame member includes at least two suture loops extending from the sheath. The suture loops are configured to receive a suture, wherein tightening of the suture... Agent:

20150039030 - Transosteal anchoring methods for tissue repair: Described herein are methods and apparatuses for use in repair of a patient's tissue by connecting the tissue to the bone using a transosteal tunnel and anchor configured to pass through the transosteal tunnel. In particular, described herein are methods of repairing an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and torn meniscal... Agent:

20150039032 - Lateral spinous process spacer: Interspinous process implants are disclosed. Also disclosed are systems and kits including such implants, methods of inserting such implants, and methods of alleviating pain or discomfort associated with the spinal column.... Agent: Globus Medical, Inc

20150039033 - Implant for bones or vertebrae with self-constrained flexibility: As implant for the stabilization of bones or vertebrae is provided, the implant being a solid body including a longitudinal axis that defines a longitudinal direction and including a flexible section that has a surface and has a length in the longitudinal direction, the flexible section including at least one... Agent:

20150039034 - Skeletal bone fixation mechanism: A skeletal fixation apparatus may include two or more bodies that are attached to two or more screws that have been inserted into vertebral bodies associated with a patient. The apparatus may also include two or more cylindrical members that are attached to the bodies to control the movement or... Agent: Musc Foundation For Research Development

20150039035 - Medical instrument for holding and handling a surgical securing element, and vertebral column stabilization system: A medical instrument for holding and handling a surgical securing element has a proximal and a distal end. The surgical securing element includes a securing part and a holding part, and is assembled such that in an assembled disposition, the holding part for a connection element is movable in relation... Agent:

20150039036 - Low profile spinal tethering devices: Methods and devices for treating spinal deformities are provided. In one exemplary embodiment, a low-profile spinal anchoring device is provided for receiving a spinal fixation element, such as a tether, therethrough. The device generally includes a staple body that is adapted to seat a spinal fixation element, a fastening element... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20150039037 - Systems for and methods of preparing a sacroiliac joint for fusion: A surgical preparation tool for preparing a sacroiliac joint for a surgical procedure comprising a trial tool assembly and a cutting tool configured to releasably and slidably couple with the trial tool assembly, wherein the trial tool assembly is configured to guide the cutting tool during distal-proximal translation such that... Agent: Jcbd, LLC

20150039038 - Orthopedic screw fastener system including locking and non-locking screws: An orthopedic screw fastener system which includes at least two screws and at least one bone plate. At least one screw is a locking screw comprising a screw head and a screw shank, the screw head being provided with a thread. At least one other screw is a non-locking screw... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 80 patent applications in 54 patent subcategories.

20150032090 - In situ determination of refractive index of materials: A laser eye surgery system focuses light along a beam path to a focal point having a location within a lens of the eye. The refractive index of the lens is determined in response to the location. The lens comprises a surface adjacent a second material having a second refractive... Agent:

20150032091 - Second pass femtosecond laser for incomplete laser full or partial thickness corneal incisions: A method for forming an incision in an eye, the method including performing a first pass of a first laser beam along a path within an eye, wherein after completion of the first pass there exists a residual uncut layer at an anterior surface of a cornea of the eye.... Agent: Lensar, Inc.

20150032092 - Image-based cosmetic skin treatment system: There is provided an image-based system for cosmetic procedures for skin including an applicator including a light energy emitter, a camera operative to capture and communicate to a computer an image of a segment of skin or blemish obtained of the applicator being in contact with the skin and wherein... Agent:

20150032093 - Thermal tissue closure device with temperature feedback control: A device and a method for shrinkage of tissue containing collagen is described. The device comprises a heating tip, a support shaft, and a control system. The heating tip comprises a heating element and a temperature sensor therein. The control system is configured to receive a temperature feedback from the... Agent:

20150032095 - Devices and methods for treating chronic total occlusion: Catheterization systems and methods for treatment of a condition within a blood vessel are provided that include the use of a catheter, a balloon immediately adjacent to the distal end of the catheter, an inflation device for expanding the balloon, and an occlusion-penetrating device for gaining access through an occlusion.... Agent:

20150032094 - Tri-mode electrodes with integral temperature sensing: The present system relates to an apparatus for desiccating tissue. The apparatus includes an electrode assembly having a heating element, a metal electrode, and a temperature sensor. The apparatus also includes a radio frequency (RF) generator, coupled to the metal electrode, having a signal generator for generating an electrical signal,... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20150032097 - Apparatus, system and method for performing an electrosurgical procedure: The present disclosure provides a bipolar forceps. The bipolar forceps includes a housing having a handle assembly including a movable handle and one or more shafts. An end effector assembly operatively connects to a distal end of the shaft and includes a pair of first and second jaw members. A... Agent:

20150032096 - Systems and methods for generating electrosurgical energy using a multistage power converter: The electrosurgical systems and methods according to the present disclosure use a multi-stage power converter for generating electrosurgical energy. The electrosurgical systems include an electrosurgical generator having a power converter coupled to an electrical energy source and configured to generate electrosurgical energy. The power converter includes a boost converter configured... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150032098 - Systems and methods for measuring tissue impedance through an electrosurgical cable: The electrosurgical systems and methods of the present disclosure include a tissue resistance measurement system that compensates for capacitive parasitics in a cable connecting an electrosurgical generator to and electrosurgical cable to estimate the real resistance of a tissue load. The electrosurgical generator includes an output stage coupled to an... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150032099 - Systems and methods for measuring tissue impedance through an electrosurgical cable: The electrosurgical systems and methods of the present disclosure include a tissue resistance measurement system that compensates for capacitive parasitics in a cable connecting an electrosurgical generator to and electrosurgical cable to estimate the real resistance of a tissue load. The electrosurgical generator includes an output stage coupled to an... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150032100 - Systems and methods for operating an electrosurgical generator: The systems and methods according to embodiments of the present disclosure provide optimal tissue effect during an electrosurgical procedure. A system and method for controlling an electrosurgical generator is provided including sensing an impedance of target tissue; generating electrosurgical energy in a first phase at a first power level until... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150032101 - Electrosurgical system with suction control apparatus, system and method: System and method for selectively applying electrical energy to structures within or on the surface of a patient's body and controlling the flow of an electrically conductive fluid from the application site to provide or maintain a desired operating condition of the electrosurgical device. An electrosurgical probe is in communication... Agent:

20150032103 - Bipolar ablation device: A bipolar ablation device and methods for using the same. The bipolar ablation device has a first catheter with a first expandable electrode and a second catheter with a second expandable electrode. The first expandable electrode is expanded on a first side of a septum between two chambers and the... Agent:

20150032102 - Catheter with integrated flow sensor: Methods and systems facilitate catheterization of a living subject by passing a fluid through an irrigation conduit. Heat energy is delivered to the conduit to create a heated pod of irrigation fluid that propagates downstream from the heat source. A departure time of the pod from a first location in... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel), Ltd.

20150032104 - Medical device having laminate-coated braid assembly: A catheter includes a braid assembly having a dual-laminate coating. The braid assembly includes a plurality of braid members interwoven to provide for interstices between the braid members, each braid member having an electrically conductive element, a flexible non-electrically-conductive polymer coating that insulates the electrically conductive element and a thermoplastic... Agent:

20150032105 - Transurethral systems and methods for ablation treatment of prostate tissue: Transurethral systems and methods for delivering electrical energy and controlled, mild heating to a prostate tissue of a patient for destruction of cancerous and/or hyperplastic tissue. A method includes positioning an elongate urethral probe having an expandable member with electrode elements at a target location in the patient's urethra, and... Agent:

20150032106 - Vessel corset for use with electrosurgical forceps: A system for treating tissue is provided. The system includes a forceps having opposing jaw members at a distal end thereof configured to treat tissue. A corset is configured to be wrapped around tissue and stretched to reduce an overall cross section of tissue and allow the jaw members to... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150032107 - External fixator assembly: A support structure for use with an external fixator assembly including, but not limited to, a fixator assembly for the ankle area of the body which may further include an ankle stabilization portion. The support structure is similar in function but distinguishable in structure from a “halo-ring” and comprises a... Agent:

20150032108 - Intramedullary fixation device and methods for bone fixation and stabilization: An internal intramedullary fixation device for the stabilization of bone in arthrodesis and fractures of the foot and hand is disclosed. During implantation in the medullary canal of each bone, the device grasps the edges of the canal, stabilizing the bone (internally) during the natural healing process.... Agent:

20150032109 - Implantable dynamic apparatus having an anti jamming feature: A bone transport system includes a nail having a proximal end and a distal end, the proximal end configured for securing to a first portion of bone, the distal end configured for securing to a second portion of bone. The system includes a housing having a wall with a longitudinal... Agent:

20150032110 - Interlocking intramedullary rod assembly for proximal femoral fractures, including unstable hip fractures: and further wherein said static distal seat is configured to secure said distal interlocking screw to said intramedullary rod such that said distal interlocking screw cannot move relative to said intramedullary rod, and said dynamic proximal seat is configured to secure said proximal interlocking screw to said interlocking rod such... Agent:

20150032111 - Surgical drill instrument with motor and locking mechanism to receive an attachment and a cutting burr: A surgical apparatus having a locking mechanism that receives a cutting burr and that may include a loading and running position. The locking mechanism may include a motor driven spindle that carries a locking pawl and a detent pawl that lock the cutting burr in place an prevent the cutting... Agent:

20150032112 - Saw blade stability and collet system mechanism: A surgical system for cutting tissue of a patient includes an outer housing and a reciprocating assembly structurally configured to carry a cutting tool in a reciprocating motion. An actuator knob is manually accessible to the user and may be fixed axially to the outer housing. The reciprocating assembly may... Agent:

20150032113 - Customizable joint replacement apparatus: In various examples, an apparatus includes an instrument body including a protrusion configured to be sized according to an anatomy of a bone of a patient. A guide is configured to guide an aspect of a resection procedure of the bone, wherein the protrusion, when sized, is configured to abut... Agent:

20150032114 - Cutting guide for generating an outer contour for a joint endoprosthesis: A cutting guide with a sagittal guide plate is made available for generating an outer contour on a bone in order to apply a joint endoprosthesis, in particular a femoral component of a knee endoprosthesis. The cutting guide according to the invention can be oriented relative to the bone and... Agent: Waldemar Link Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150032115 - Fixation assembly: A fixation assembly having a driver, a holding sleeve, and an alignment mechanism is disclosed. The driver may include a driver body and a coupling extending from a distal end of the driver body. The holding sleeve may have a holding sleeve body, a channel extending through the holding sleeve... Agent:

20150032116 - Self-retaining driver for a bone screw: A driver instrument for engaging and transferring rotational torque to a bone anchor already screwed into a bony structure. The driver instrument may be advanced through an incision while disengaged from the bone anchor and thereafter engaged in a driver socket of the bone anchor. The driver instrument includes an... Agent: Zimmer Spine, Inc.

20150032118 - Introducer: An introducer is configured to distinguish an introducer provided with a sheath tube whose wall thickness is reduced, from an introducer provided with a sheath tube whose wall thickness is not reduced, and to recognize the relationship between the inner diameter and the outer diameter for the sheath tube in... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150032117 - Tube insertion device having end effector capable of changing direction: A tube insertion device which inserts a tube into a line path to perform an operation has an elongated hollow tube, an end effector connected to a front end of the tube such that the direction of the end effector is changed with respect to the tube, a plurality of... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20150032119 - Endoscopic device: An endoscopic device includes a longitudinal member, a pair of jaws installed at a distal end of the longitudinal member and configured to be freely opened and closed, a first grasping member supported by a first jaw of the pair of jaws, a second grasping member supported by a second... Agent:

20150032121 - Aspiration catheters: Aspiration catheters may include parameters for facilitating aspiration of thrombi within blood vessels. For example, parameters of the catheters (e.g., inner lumen diameter, slot pitch) may be varied along a length of the catheter to cause changes in suction pressure, thereby resulting in improved thrombus aspiration. The aspiration catheters may... Agent: Insera Therapeutics Inc.

20150032120 - Aspiration systems: Thrombus aspiration may be performed using manual negative intermittent suction (e.g., provided by a syringe) or using an automated negative suction device (e.g., provided by a vacuum pump). The suction device may be connected through suction tubing to a hub of a catheter. The automated negative suction device may include... Agent: Insera Therapeutics, Inc.

20150032122 - Methods of aspirating thrombi: Methods of providing suction may include providing suction patterns having varying intensity levels, such as a “crescendo suction” pattern. Cycles of crescendo suction patterns may comprise variable intensities of negative suction in a crescendo pattern (such as a small intensity negative suction pressure, a medium intensity negative suction pressure, and... Agent: Insera Therapeutics, Inc.

20150032123 - Cochlear implant electrode insertion bridge: An electrode guide bridge is used for inserting a cochlear implant electrode into a cochlea scala of a patient cochlea. An electrode holder encloses at least a portion of a cochlear implant electrode while allowing the electrode to slide freely without friction. A pointed distal tip of the electrode holder... Agent:

20150032124 - Cochlear implant electrode insertion support device: An electrode insertion support device is used for inserting a cochlear implant electrode into a cochlea scala of a patient cochlea. A stiff electrode holder encloses at least a portion of a cochlear implant electrode while allowing the electrode within to slide freely. A pointed distal tip of the electrode... Agent:

20150032125 - Minimally invasive surgical instrument: A minimally invasive surgical instrument is provided, comprising a shaft and an end effector connected to the shaft, wherein the end effector operates in the pitch or yaw direction against the shaft when a first wire and a second wire conveyed through the shaft operate cooperatively according to a first... Agent:

20150032126 - Software center and highly configurable robotic systems for surgery and other uses: Telerobotic, telesurgical, and/or surgical robotic devices, systems, and methods employ surgical robotic linkages that may have more degrees of freedom than an associated surgical end effector n space. A processor can calculate a tool motion that includes pivoting of the tool about an aperture site. Linkages movable along a range... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20150032127 - Transapical mitral valve repair method: Methods and devices for repairing a cardiac valve. A minimally invasive procedure includes creating an access in the apex region of the heart through which one or more instruments may be inserted. The device can implant artificial heart valve chordae tendineae into cardiac valve leaflet tissues to restore proper leaflet... Agent: University Of Maryland, Baltimore

20150032128 - Ultrasonic skin treatment device with hair removal capability: Apparatus (10) is provided, including a skin-application portion (30), configured to move across a skin surface (75) of a subject. At least one acoustic element (80) is coupled to the skin-application portion and configured to be placed in acoustic contact with the skin, and to apply ultrasound energy to the... Agent:

20150032129 - Biological unit removal tools and methods: Tools and methods are provided for removing biological units from a body surface utilizing a removal tool. The tools may incorporate retention members and mechanisms configured to impede movement of the biological unit in the direction of a distal end of the tool and to improve retention of the biological... Agent:

20150032130 - Expanding absorbable tack: A surgical fastener is disclosed, and includes a head section and a tissue snaring section. The head section includes an engagement member pivotably disposed on an outer surface of the head section. The tissue snaring section defines a longitudinal axis and extends away from the head section. At least one... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150032131 - Endoscopic surgical clip applier: An apparatus for application of surgical clips to body tissue is provided and includes a handle assembly; a shaft assembly including a housing extending distally from the handle assembly and defining a longitudinal axis; a plurality of surgical clips disposed within the shaft assembly; a jaw mounted adjacent a distal... Agent:

20150032132 - Tissue apposition clip application methods: Surgical methods for closing a gastrotomy. The surgical method for closing an opening in an organ wall comprises positioning a distal end portion of a steerable overtube adjacent a portion of the organ wall through which the opening extends. The surgical method further comprises inserting a flexible clip magazine into... Agent:

20150032133 - System for performing anastomosis between an organic wall and an organic conduit: a suturing device adapted for moving the second end of the suture elements between a retracted configuration where it is located inside the tube, and an anchored configuration where it is retained on an external clamping element after passing through the tube.... Agent:

20150032134 - Cosmetic implant: The invention concerns an implant for adjusting the position of at least one tissue holder (6) for soft tissue, whereby this implant can be fixed to bone tissue at a distance from said tissue holder (6) and has a guide (3) for an elongate pulling member (4), whereby this pulling... Agent:

20150032136 - Method of mending a groin defect: A method of mending a groinal defect such as an indirect inguinal hernia, a direct inguinal hernia, and/or a femoral hernia. A space between the external oblique aponeurosis and the internal oblique aponeurosis is dissected superiorly and laterally to create a site for receiving a lateral portion of a prosthetic... Agent: Bard Shannon Limited

20150032135 - Tissue support structure: An implantable tissue support structure for supporting tissue, the tissue support structure comprising a plurality of non-braided monofilament thread sections, the non-braided monofilament thread sections defining a surface, the tissue support structure inducing substantially no foreign body reaction when supporting the tissue other than the reaction associated with the healing... Agent:

20150032137 - Design of a conduit for peripheral nerve replacement: A biphasic material and devices comprising the same are provided for the development of conductive conduits that may be used for the treatment of peripheral nerve injury. These devices or conduits are designed such that repeated electric field gradients can be initiated to promote neurite and axonal outgrowth. Conducting conduits... Agent: Wake Forest University Health Sciences

20150032138 - Thrombectomy apparatus and method: A thrombectomy system may include an elongate shaft that defines a high pressure lumen and a low pressure lumen. The high pressure lumen may terminate near an end of the low pressure lumen. An expandable capture basket may be disposed near the end of the low pressure lumen. A thrombectomy... Agent:

20150032139 - Surgical instrument aspiration valve: A surgical instrument includes a movable member having a proximal portion, the movable member defining an opening at the proximal portion. The instrument includes a stationary member defining an aperture. The stationary member is arranged relative to the movable member with a close fit between the stationary member and the... Agent:

20150032140 - Surgical tools and methods for their use: Surgical tools and kits for performing methods include a grommet with cylindrical shaft, cutting tip, annular flange with suture retaining anchoring fixture; a grommet jig for extending between adjacent grommets and guiding a needle therebetween; a family of needles with single and double pointed ends, reinforced eyelets, stops to limit... Agent:

20150032141 - Occlusion bypassing apparatuses and methods for bypassing an occlusion in a blood vessel: Occlusion bypassing apparatuses are disclosed for re-entering the true lumen of a vessel after subintimally bypassing an occlusion in a vessel. The occlusion bypassing apparatuses include a shaft component and a needle component slidably disposed within the shaft component and having an angled configuration when deployed. In embodiments hereof, the... Agent: Invatec, S.p.a.

20150032142 - Occlusion bypassing apparatuses and methods for bypassing an occlusion in a blood vessel: Occlusion bypassing apparatuses are disclosed for re-entering the true lumen of a vessel after subintimally bypassing an occlusion in a vessel. The occlusion bypassing apparatuses include a shaft component and a needle component slidably disposed within the shaft component and having an angled configuration when deployed. In embodiments hereof, the... Agent: Invatec, S.p.a.

20150032143 - Surgical tools and methods for their use: Surgical tools and kits for performing methods include a grommet with cylindrical shaft, cutting tip, annular flange with suture retaining anchoring fixture; a grommet jig for extending between adjacent grommets and guiding a needle therebetween; a family of needles with single and double pointed ends, reinforced eyelets, stops to limit... Agent:

20150032145 - Method and apparatus for restricting flow through an opening in the side wall of a body lumen, and/or for reinforcing a weakness in the side wall of a body lumen, while still maintaining substantially normal flow through the body lumen: r

20150032148 - Percutaneous emboli protection sleeve: A device includes a protection sleeve (10) and a retractable sheath (14) operatively connected to the protection sleeve (10), and a catheter (16) that passes through a main lumen (26) of the sleeve (10). The catheter (16) includes a heart valve treatment device arranged to pass into a lumen of... Agent:

20150032147 - Reversibly coupled joints: A device for treating a lumen may include a proximal portion, a distal portion, and a joint reversibly coupling the proximal portion and the distal portion. The joint may include a plurality of filaments and pores between the filaments being engaged with a wire and with the tubular element. The... Agent: Insera Therapeutics, Inc.

20150032146 - Variably heat-treated tubular devices: A vascular device may include a tubular element. The tubular element may include a plurality of longitudinal sections. The plurality of longitudinal sections may include a first longitudinal section having a first austenitic finish temperature and a second longitudinal section having a second austenitic finish temperature different than the first... Agent: Insera Therapeutics, Inc.

20150032144 - Vascular devices and methods with distal protection: A device for treating a thrombus in a blood vessel includes a treatment section and a filter section. The treatment section can be generally cylindrical and comprise a plurality of individual filaments and individual cells, as well as a first edge and a second edge along a longitudinal axis of... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150032149 - Portable pneumatic abdominal aortic tourniquet with supplemental tensioning means: A portable pneumatic abdominal aortic tourniquet for occlusion of the abdominal descending aorta to restrict blood supply to a non-compressible arterial hemorrhage in or below the inguinal region is presented. The tourniquet includes an adjustable waist strap for securing it around the abdomen of a patient and a windlass rod... Agent:

20150032150 - Medical manipulator: This manipulator is provided with: a shaft; a tip operation section having a gripper; and a handle that causes the operation of the gripper. The tip operation section is provided with: a bowing section that is provided between the gripper and the shaft and that causes the tip operation section... Agent:

20150032151 - Medical manipulator: This medical manipulator is provided with: an opening/closing drive transmission unit that transmits driving force for an opening/closing operation to a tip operation section from a handle side; and a rotary driving transmission unit that transmits rotary force for a rolling operation to the tip operation section from the handle.... Agent:

20150032152 - Unknown: In a medical gripping tool with several branches, one branch includes a first flexurally elastic spar, a second flexurally elastic spar, of which the distal end is connected to the distal end of the first flexurally elastic spar, a rib, which is spaced apart from the proximal ends and from... Agent:

20150032153 - Systems and methods for sealing openings in an anatomical wall: Devices, systems and methods are described herein for sealing openings in an anatomical wall. A sealing system includes an elongate tubular support for delivery to an anatomical opening to be sealed, a cover of bio-compatible material covering a distal portion of the tubular support, and an anchor assembly, the anchor... Agent:

20150032154 - Suture for soft tissue repair: A method for repairing a soft tissue includes boring a first nest in a portion of a bone at a first location, boring a second nest through a portion of the bone at a second location, shuttling a suture from a top surface of the soft tissue to a bottom... Agent:

20150032155 - Hybrid suture with monofilament and braided construction: A hybrid monofilament/braided surgical suture that combines a monofilament with a braided construction. The hybrid surgical suture may be formed by braiding yarns of high tenacity fibers tightly over a core in the form of a monofilament yarn. The monofilament may be any type of material, for example, a nylon,... Agent:

20150032156 - Surgical suture system: A surgical suture system, suture, and tissue engaging member for tissue repair and reattachment of torn tissue to a tissue substrate, medical prosthesis or medical implant. The system includes the elongated flexible suture member having a plurality of longitudinally spaced protuberances along a length thereof and one or a plurality... Agent: Ziptek LLC

20150032157 - Suture anchor and methods of knotless tissue fixation: Systems and methods for soft tissue to bone repairs, without knot tying. The soft tissue repair systems include self-cinching constructs with splices and loops having attached flexible materials that are pre-loaded onto modified knotless anchors (for example, swivel and/or screw-in suture anchors and/or push-in suture anchors with a distal eyelet)... Agent:

20150032158 - Percutaneous pedicle screw revision system: The present invention describes a system, devices and methods for percutaneous pedicle screw revision procedures. The present invention utilizes a tulip rod stub/connector adapted to be used to extend pedicle screw/rod constructs with minimal disruption to surrounding soft tissue and without having to remove existing hardware.... Agent:

20150032161 - Adjustable occipital plate: An adjustable occipital plate includes a fixation plate, at least one lateral rod configured to be coupled to said fixation plate, at least one laterally sliding link configured to be coupled to and configured to be compressed around said at least one lateral rod to create a friction fit, and... Agent:

20150032160 - Stabilizing bone using spinal fixation devices and systems: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a bone fixation assembly comprising a coupling element and a bone anchor. The coupling element has an upper surface with a first diameter defining a first bore extending along a first axis, a lower surface with a second diameter defining a second bore... Agent:

20150032159 - System for anchoring a pedicle screw, associated kit, spacer and pedicle augmentation: A system for anchoring a pedicle screw in a patient's vertebra uses a pedicle screw having a threaded portion sinkable in the vertebral arch. The space between the threaded portion and cortical edge layer of the pedicle is at least partially filled by a spacer that enables an all-round support... Agent:

20150032162 - Coupling assembly for coupling a rod to a bone anchoring element, kit of such a coupling assembly different rod receiving elements and bone anchoring device: wherein the cutting member (4, 4′) has an outer diameter (D) defined by the cutting portions (45) that is substantially the same or larger than an outer diameter (dd) of a receiving part (500) of the polyaxial bone anchor in a region at a bottom end (500b) of the receiving... Agent:

20150032164 - Methods for performing invasive medical procedures using a surgical robot: Embodiments are directed to a medical robot system including a robot coupled to an end-effectuator element with the robot configured to control movement and positioning of the end-effectuator in relation to the patient. One embodiment is a method for removing bone with a robot system comprising: taking a two-dimensional slice... Agent:

20150032165 - Orthopedic fixation devices and methods of installation thereof: Orthopedic fixation devices and methods of installing the same. The orthopedic fixation device may include a coupling element and a bone fastener, whereby the bone fastener can be loaded into the coupling element through the bottom of a bore in the coupling element.... Agent:

20150032163 - Spinal fixation devices and methods of use: Disclosed is an orthopedic implant and methods of implantation for fixing adjacent bones. In an embodiment, the implant includes a locking mechanism that is adapted to be advanced by a locking instrument, wherein advancement of the locking mechanism in a first direction produces rotation of a first rigid abutment surface... Agent:

20150032166 - Growth control device: A growth control device includes a bone plate having a stepped profile defined by a first level, a second level and an intermediate ramp connecting the first and second levels. The first level includes a first threaded hole for receiving a first bone fastener and the second level includes a... Agent:

20150032167 - Bioabsorbable ,oriented, deformable fixation material and plate: A bioabsorbable surgical osteosynthesis plate operable to be secured by at least one fastener through at least one fastener opening formed in the plate to a bone. The plate includes a flat section having first and second surfaces defining a main plane of the plate. The plate includes a polymer... Agent: Bioretec Oy

20150032168 - Charco-resis implant, alignment instrument, system and method of use: An implant system, alignment guide, bone fusion system and surgical method for correction of a flat foot or rocker-bottom deformity, such as a Charcot foot. The implant system includes a bone implant and an elongate member. The bone implant includes a proximal end, a distal end, a hole along a... Agent: Paragon 28, Inc.

20150032169 - Flexible obturator: A flexible obturator configured to dilate soft tissue without abrading the adjacent bone surface area. The flexible obturator consists of at least one flexible strand (for example, flexible wire, suture or similar malleable flexible material) that is overmolded with a material that allows the device to bend/flex in multiple planes.... Agent:

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20150025510 - Laser device and process for configuring such laser device: A process for configuring a laser device comprising: selecting a pulse length within a range from 1 ps to 1 ns; selecting a wavelength for the laser radiation within a range from 300 nm to 400 nm or within a range from 800 nm to 1100 nm; ascertaining a set... Agent:

20150025511 - Pharmaceutical compositions for intraocular administration and methods for fabricating thereof: Pharmaceutical compositions for intraocular injection are described, the compositions consisting essentially of a therapeutically effective quantity of an anti-bacterial agent (such as moxifloxacin), a therapeutically effective quantity of an anti-inflammatory agent (such as prednisolone), at least one pharmaceutically acceptable excipient and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. Methods for fabricating the compositions... Agent: Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150025512 - Device and method for endovascular treatment for causing closure of a blood vessel: An endovascular laser treatment device for causing closure of a blood vessel uses an optical fiber adapted to be inserted into a blood vessel. An inner sleeve is arranged around a distal portion of the optical fiber core such that both distal ends of the inner sleeve and the optical... Agent:

20150025513 - System and method for providing treatment feedback for a thermal treatment device: A system and method for providing treatment feedback for a thermal treatment device (100) is provided. In certain embodiments, a thermal transmitter (120) is configured to apply an amount of thermal energy (104) to a target site (106), the thermal energy having a selected frequency and a selected power level... Agent:

20150025514 - Selective delivery of cryogenic energy to intervertebral disc tissue and related methods of intradiscal hypothermia therapy: The present invention relates to devices and methods for altering the tissue in and around an intervertebral disc through localized hypothermia therapy to restore function of the disc and reduce pain. Hypothermia therapy is defined as the reduction of tissue temperature to below that of the equilibrium temperature. Target therapeutic... Agent:

20150025515 - Induction coil vapor generator: An induction coil vapor generator is provided that may include any of a number of features. One feature of the vapor generator is that it can inductively generate high quality condensable vapor. The vapor generator can comprise an outer assembly that supports a coil wire, and an inner assembly disposed... Agent:

20150025516 - Systems and methods for treatment of bph: A prostate therapy system is provided that may include any of a number of features. One feature of the prostate therapy system is that it can access a prostate lobe from the urethra. Another feature of the prostate therapy system is that it can deliver condensable vapor into the prostate... Agent:

20150025517 - Probe and treatment instrument including probe: A probe treating a living tissue in cooperation with a jaw pivoting on a supporting point includes a treatment portion including a proximal end to which ultrasonic vibration generated from an ultrasonic transducer unit is transmitted; a distal end to which the ultrasonic vibration is transmitted from the proximal end;... Agent:

20150025518 - Blood vessel insertion-type treatment device: A blood vessel insertion-type treatment device and method of cauterizing biological tissues are disclosed. The blood vessel insertion-type treatment device having a first torque transmission body and a first ultrasonic generator. The first torque transmission body has a longitudinal shape and having a proximal end and a distal end. The... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150025519 - Microwave sensing for tissue sealing: A system for monitoring the target tissue during a tissue sealing procedure is disclosed. The system includes a forceps having opposing jaw members movable from a first position in spaced relation relative to one another to at least one subsequent position wherein the jaw members cooperate to grasp the tissue... Agent:

20150025520 - System and method for monitoring ablation size: A system for monitoring ablation size is provided and includes a power source including a microprocessor for executing at least one control algorithm. A microwave antenna is configured to deliver microwave energy from the power source to tissue to form an ablation zone. A radiation detection device is operably disposed... Agent:

20150025526 - Ablation electrode and perfused electrode catheter using the electrode: The present invention discloses an ablation electrode used in a catheter. The ablation electrode includes an electrode shell, an optional cavity inside the electrode shell and a temperature sensor. An outflow liquid pathway for the perfusion liquid is arranged on the electrode shell, and an inflow liquid pathway for the... Agent:

20150025523 - Electrosurgical generator with continuously and arbitrarily variable crest factor: An electrosurgical generator is provided. The electrosurgical generator includes: a non-resonant radio frequency output stage configured to output a substantially square electrosurgical waveform; and a controller coupled to the non-resonant radio frequency output stage, the controller configured to adjust a crest factor of the substantially square electrosurgical waveform on a... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150025521 - Electrosurgical generators: An electrosurgical generator is provided. The electrosurgical generator includes at least one converter configured to output a DC waveform and a nonlinear carrier control current. At least one boost inverter is coupled to the at least one converter and is configured to convert the DC waveform to generate at least... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150025522 - Limited-use surgical devices: A system includes an energy source and a surgical device. The energy source has a receptacle configured to delivery energy to the surgical device through a receptacle. The surgical device is configured to deliver the energy to tissue. The surgical device includes a plug selectively engagable to the receptacle to... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150025527 - Multi-electrode catheter assemblies for renal neuromodulation and associated systems and methods: Catheter apparatuses, systems, and methods for achieving renal neuromodulation by intravascular access are disclosed herein. One aspect of the present technology, for example, is directed to a treatment device having a multi-electrode array configured to be delivered to a renal blood vessel. The array is selectively transformable between a delivery... Agent:

20150025524 - Renal denervation monitoring and feedback apparatus, system and method: Methods, systems, and apparatuses for measuring the efficacy of a renal denervation procedure are described. In one embodiment, a method for measuring the efficacy of a renal denervation procedure includes utilizing an ablation catheter including one or more sensors designed and configured for measuring and reporting the plasma norepinephrine level... Agent:

20150025525 - Spiral bipolar electrode renal denervation balloon: A renal nerve ablation device may include an elongate tubular member having a distal region. An expandable member may be coupled to the distal region. One or more active electrodes may be coupled to the expandable member. One or more ground electrodes may be coupled to the expandable member. The... Agent:

20150025528 - Surgical forceps for treating and cutting tissue: An end effector assembly includes a first jaw member defining a wedge configuration having first and second planar surfaces angled inwardly to an apex, and a second jaw member defining a nest configuration having a cut-out defined by third and fourth planar surfaces angled inwardly to a trough. The jaw... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150025529 - Impedance mediated control of power delivery for electrosurgery: In a method of controlling electrosurgical power delivery based on a comparison of sensed tissue impedance to various impedance threshold values, energy is delivered to tissue in a sealing cycle as a series of pulses. An initial pulse has a profile with a preset energy starting value that increases at... Agent:

20150025530 - Multi-functional surgical cautery device, system and method of use: A surgical cautery device, system, and method of use may apply bipolar and/or sesquipolar electrocautery to target tissue via a pair of instruments with other primary surgical functions. The surgical cautery device and system may include first and second elements capable of forming an electrical circuit. The second element may... Agent:

20150025531 - Ablation mesh: An ablation device and a method of ablating a tissue are provided. The ablation device includes a tubular member having a proximal portion, a distal portion, a lumen extending at least partially therethrough and a conductive portion. The tubular member has a first configuration and a second configuration. The ablation... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150025532 - Medical devices for renal nerve ablation: Medical devices and methods for making and using the same are disclosed. An example medical device may include a medical device for tissue ablation. The medical device may include an elongated shaft having a distal region. An inflatable balloon may be mounted to the distal region. The inflatable balloon may... Agent:

20150025533 - Renal nerve ablation catheter having twist balloon: Medical devices and methods for making and using medical devices are disclosed. An example medical device may include a catheter shaft. An expandable balloon may be coupled to the catheter shaft. The balloon may be capable of shifting between a folded configuration and an expanded configuration. A support structure may... Agent:

20150025534 - Apparatus and method for bone harvesting: A bone harvesting device has a probe and a sleeve for surrounding the probe. The probe has a shaft and a handle coupled to an end of the shaft. The sleeve is a cylindrical shaft that slidably receives the probe. A second handle is coupled to the shaft. In use,... Agent:

20150025535 - Surgical cutting instrument with near-perimeter interlocking coupling arrangement: A blade coupling mechanism for a hand-held surgical cutting instrument includes a first coupling member including a first blade-contacting surface and a first outer perimeter sidewall adjacent the first blade contacting surface. It also includes a second coupling member including a second blade-contacting surface facing the first blade-contacting surface of... Agent:

20150025536 - Gender specific femoral rasps: Rasps for preparing bones of various patients to receive a prosthetic implant and a method for using the same. Multiple rasps may be provided as a set. Within the set, the rasps generally correspond to the size and shape of a single prosthetic implant, such as a prosthetic femoral hip... Agent:

20150025589 - Coordinate mapping system for joint treatment: A coordinate mapping system is provided for locating a defect in a bone. The system comprises a positioning instrument for controlled delivery of a device to a target site, the instrument comprising a main body and a rail extending from the main body, the rail including a series of indicia... Agent:

20150025537 - Device and method for installing femoral prosthetic knee joint: Devices and method for performing replacement prosthetic knee surgery are disclosed in which a spacing means is introduced between the femur (1) and tibia (2) while the patella (9) is in place. The spacing means separates the femur (1) from the tibia (2) by an amount essentially equal to or... Agent:

20150025538 - Torque-limiting screwdrivers: Various torque-limiting screwdrivers, systems, and methods are disclosed. The screwdriver can include a body supporting a motor configured to rotate a screw engaged with the screwdriver. The screwdriver can include a controller configured to implement torque-limiting functionality, such as by monitoring the amount of torque applied to the screw and... Agent:

20150025540 - Injectable securement device and related delivery system and method of use: The present disclosure generally relates to securing intraocular objects. An injectable securement device in accordance with the present disclosure comprises one or more sutures and a bolster housed inside an elongate element. A system in accordance with the present disclosure comprises an injectable securement device, one or more fastening elements,... Agent:

20150025539 - Method, apparatus and system for a water jet: A water jet instrument may be used for manually performing eye surgery such as, cataract, or perform micro-surgery (remove cartilage), or any emulsification technique. The water jet instrument may be manually controlled or controlled by a system with a robotic control. The water jet apparatus defines a jet cutting area... Agent: Auris Surgical Robotics, Inc.

20150025541 - Insertable endoscopic instrument for tissue removal: An improved flexible endoscopic instrument to precisely and efficiently obtains samples of flat polyps and multiple polyps from a patient by debriding one or more polyps and retrieving the debrided polyps without having to alternate between using a separate cutting tool and a separate sample retrieving tool and may be... Agent:

20150025542 - Compressive plates for the placental insertion site for use in cases of placenta previa: Compressive plates of the placental insertion site for use in cases of placenta previa includes: an axle plate including a primary plate which is fixed, a threaded bar that has machined two plates and a diameter reduction section, a secondary plate having a hole with a diameter and a shape... Agent:

20150025545 - Methods and apparatuses for treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction: A method of treating meibomian gland dysfunction is disclosed that comprises applying heat to an outer surface of a patient's eyelid to a temperature level to melt, loosen, or soften an obstruction located within a meibomian gland. The method also comprises maintaining the heat to the outer surface of the... Agent:

20150025543 - Ultrasound catheter and methods for making and using same: Ultrasound catheter devices and methods provide enhanced disruption of blood vessel obstructions. Generally, ultrasound catheters include an elongate flexible catheter body with one or more lumens, an ultrasound transmission member extending longitudinally through the catheter body lumen and, in some embodiments, a guidewire tube extending through the lumen. A distal... Agent:

20150025544 - Ultrasound catheter and methods for making and using same: Ultrasound catheter devices and methods provide enhanced disruption of blood vessel obstructions. Generally, ultrasound catheters include an elongate flexible catheter body with one or more lumens, an ultrasound transmission member extending longitudinally through the catheter body lumen and, in some embodiments, a guidewire tube extending through the lumen. A distal... Agent:

20150025546 - Method and apparatus for cochlear implant surgery: A system for cochlear implant surgery includes a reference device having at least a portion adapted to be arranged at a fixed position relative to a cochlea of a patient to provide a reference position, an image acquisition and processing system adapted to acquire an image of at least a... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20150025549 - Hyperdexterous surgical system: A hyperdexterous surgical system is provided. The system can include one or more surgical arms coupleable to a fixture and configured to support one or more surgical tools. The system can include an electronic control system configured to communicate electronically with the one or more robotic surgical tools. The control... Agent:

20150025548 - Patient and procedure customized fixation and targeting devices for stereotactic frames: Provided herein are methods and apparatuses for performing precise medical procedures. Provided are methods of providing unitary positioning interfaces for stereotactic devices or medical devices. The methods include implanting emitters in a patient, scanning the patient using any suitable scanning technique, determining orientation and location data of the emitters and... Agent: Neutar, LLC

20150025547 - Surgical cockpit comprising multisensory and multimodal interface for robotic surgery and methods related thereto: Local surgical cockpits comprising local surgical consoles that can communicate with any desired remote surgical module (surgical robot), for example via a shared Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) or other unified open source communication protocol or other suitable communication system. The systems and methods, etc., herein can also comprise a... Agent: Spi Surgical, Inc.

20150025551 - Apparatus and method for suturing body lumens: A medical apparatus that includes a distal member, a needle disposed in the distal member and proximally advanceable from the distal member, and a needle capture portion positioned proximal to the distal member and which includes a through-hole to direct the needle from the needle capture portion towards a graspable... Agent:

20150025550 - Suture apparatus, system and method: A suture apparatus having a housing, actuator and capture rod, the actuator being engaged to the capture rod to form an actuator-capture rod assembly, an elongated cannula shaft having a lumen that extends through the shaft, and capture rod retraction means, the housing including an internal region that is configured... Agent:

20150025552 - Brace for tissue repairs: Fixation of tissue such as bone or ligament is performed using a flexible material (for example, a suture net or brace or sling) with a portion having an expanded footprint to provide a sling or net or meshing for treatment of bone fractures, or for holding bone graft material and/or... Agent:

20150025553 - Right ventricular papillary approximation: A device for treating tricuspid regurgitation includes a shaft and a first fixation mechanism disposed on a distal end of the shaft. The first fixation mechanism is configured to anchor the device to a first cardiac tissue. The device includes a second fixation mechanism disposed on a proximal end of... Agent: The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.

20150025554 - Method for performing a vascular anastomosis: A method for performing a coronary artery bypass graft procedure on a patient to connect a bypass vessel to a target vessel includes the steps of creating an opening in the patient that communicates with the thoracic cavity of the patient; providing a bypass vessel having a lumen and at... Agent:

20150025555 - Thrombus removal and intravascular distal embolic protection device: A clot extraction catheter comprises an expandable tubular mesh, a tapered tip fixed to the tubular mesh distal end, a self-expanding rim attached to the tubular mesh proximal end, at least three control wires, an inner sheath, and an outer sheath advancable over the inner sheath. To extract a clot,... Agent:

20150025556 - Incisional hernia cut line method and device: A method for making a non-linear incision includes forming a non-linear incision in tissue to improve post-operative adhesion of the incised tissue. In one aspect, a method for making a non-linear incision in tissue includes providing a surgical device including a housing and an end effector. The end effector is... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150025557 - Tool for surgical operation using ultrasonic waves: A tool for surgical operation using ultrasonic waves is provided. The tool includes a transducer generating ultrasonic waves, a cylindrical bar-shaped transmitting rod for transmitting the ultrasonic waves, an end effector for cutting a surgical site using the ultrasonic waves transmitted from the transmitting rod, extended from one end of... Agent: E-med Co., Ltd.

20150025558 - Interventional catheters having cutter assemblies and differential cutting surfaces for use in such assemblies: A rotatable operating head for removal of obstructive material from a target site in a body lumen or cavity is operably connected to a rotatable, translatable drive shaft, that is driven by a drive motor and received through an elongated catheter. The operating head includes a plurality of differential cutting... Agent: Boston Scientific Limited

20150025559 - Surgical burs with geometries having non-drifting and soft tissue protective characteristics: A surgical bur includes a body and a drill point. The body includes flutes and lands. Each of the flutes includes a cutting edge, a rake face, and a clearance surface. Each of the lands is convex-shaped and disposed between a pair of the flutes. The drill point includes axial... Agent:

20150025560 - Needle for physically separating and penetrating the pericardium: A pericardial needle that punctures a pericardial membrane to attain access into a pericardial space of a heart by advancing a sharp tip until the sharp tip is adjacent to or in contact with a parietal pericardium of the heart such that the puncturing does not damage the heart muscle.... Agent:

20150025561 - Needle module and device for piercing the skin: The present invention relates to a needle module, which comprises a piercing means on a mounting, which can be releasably coupled to the drive unit so that, as a result of a driving force exerted by the drive unit on the mounting, a repeated pushing movement moving the piercing means... Agent:

20150025562 - Microcatheter with modified ptfe liner: A microcatheter with an enhanced inner liner that has low of friction and improved toughness which facilitates delivery of expandable vascular reconstruction devices.... Agent: Reverse Medical Corporation

20150025563 - Systems and methods for a tissue expander: Various embodiments provide systems and methods for a temporary extended tissue expander. Systems and methods according to various aspects of the present invention may comprise an extended tissue expander configured to increase and/or customize the size and/or shape of a tissue pocket beyond the size and/or shape provided by a... Agent: Reconstructive Technologies, LLC

20150025564 - Balloon for iabp balloon catheter: The external surface of a balloon for IABP balloon catheter is designed to have a rough surface occupying an area of 10 to 80% both inclusive of the whole of the external surface, and a smooth surface occupying an area of 90 to 20% both inclusive thereof. The supplied balloon... Agent:

20150025567 - Embolic protection systems: An embolic protection device comprising an expandable structure and a catheter. The catheter has a distal region and a working channel dimensioned to slideably receive an interventional device. The expandable structure is attached to the distal region of the catheter. The expandable structure has an expandable working channel extension and... Agent:

20150025566 - Mechanically detachable vaso-occlusive device: A device for delivering an occlusive element includes an elongate pusher member having a lumen. A locking member is disposed within the lumen of the elongate pusher member. A moveable elongate releasing member is disposed within the lumen of the elongate pusher member. A filament is secured to the distal... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150025565 - Vascular filter: A vascular filter (1) comprises a proximal support hoop (3), a plurality of support struts (5), and a plurality of capture arms (6). The proximal support hoop (3) extends around the internal wall of the inferior vena cava in a wave pattern having six distal peaks (11) and six proximal... Agent:

20150025569 - Auricular point stimulus device: The present invention provides an auricular point stimulus device, which includes a plate body. The plate body includes a plurality of bead protrusions formed thereon. The plate body has a surface on which a projecting plug or an ear clip is formed. The plate body and the plug are made... Agent:

20150025568 - Two-hand adjustable acupressure method and apparatus: Acupressure apparatus and method that relieves muscle knots and tightness in a user's back by means of an acupressure ball which is threaded two ends by a cord, the cord being both flexible and stretchable. The ball is adjustable along the cord and can be set at a fixed position... Agent:

20150025570 - Apparatus for performing an electrosurgical procedure: An endoscopic forceps includes a housing having a shaft extending therefrom for treating tissue. A longitudinal axis is defined through the shaft. An end effector assembly is operably coupled to a distal end of the shaft and includes a pair of first and second jaw members. A rotating assembly operably... Agent:

20150025571 - Medical manipulator: This medical manipulator is provided with a distal-end moving section including an end effector. The distal-end moving section includes a rotating sleeve (a distal-end rotator) which is able to rotate integrally with the end effector about a roll axis and has a hollow cylindrical portion, and a distal-end fulcrum block... Agent:

20150025572 - Surgical filament snare assemblies: A surgical filament snare assembly including an anchor capable of being fixated in bone and having a filament engagement feature. A first filament has a noose with first and second noose limbs connected, preferably slidably connected, to the filament engagement feature of the anchor. The first and second noose limbs... Agent:

20150025574 - Occipital plate: An occipital plate for use in an occipitocervical fixation procedure to stabilize the base of a patient's skull with respect to the patient's neck. The occipital plate is made up of a middle portion having left and right sides, and left and right hinged legs extending outward in opposite directions... Agent:

20150025573 - Translational plate and compressor instrument: A bone plate that is configured to operatively attach to bone includes a first segment, a second segment, and a locking mechanism. The first segment includes a compression notch. The first and second segments are positioned along a longitudinal axis and are movable relative to one another. The locking mechanism... Agent:

20150025575 - Apparatus and method of spinal implant and fusion: An apparatus and method of performing a minimally invasive posterior spine fusion. More specifically an apparatus with a handle and a forked head on the distal end of the handle is used to grasp implant material and introduce the material to an implant site. The shaft of the apparatus is... Agent:

20150025576 - Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment: This equipment comprises at least one connecting bar and at least one sacrum anchor assembly (1-3, 5). According to the invention, each sacrum anchor assembly comprises two sacral anchor screws (1,2), a link assembly (3) including: a sacral connecting part (10) assembled to a sacral anchor plate (11) with polyaxiality,... Agent: Medicrea International

20150025577 - Longitudinal connecting member with sleeved tensioned cords: A dynamic fixation medical implant having at least two bone anchors includes a longitudinal connecting member assembly having rigid sleeves for attachment to the bone anchors, at least one spacer engaging the bone anchors and the sleeves, and in some embodiments, an end elastic bumper. A flexible cord is initially... Agent:

20150025578 - Multi-axial spinal fixation system: A spinal fixation system includes a rod and anchor devices that include a bone engaging fastener having a head defining a spherical socket. A ball insert is placed within the socket and rotated so that the ball insert is juxtaposed with the socket. The anchor device further includes a yoke... Agent:

20150025579 - Polyaxial bone anchoring device: A polyaxial bone anchoring device including an anchoring element including a shank and a head; a receiving part to pivotably receive the head, the receiving part having a first end, a second end, a central axis extending between the first and second ends, a coaxial bore, and first and second... Agent:

20150025580 - Closure for open-headed medical implant: A closure for an open headed medical implant, such as a bone screw. The closure having a cylindrical body having an axis of rotation and also having a radially outer surface with a thread or other guide and advancement structure thereon. The body having a plurality of apertures that open... Agent:

20150025582 - Bone plate holder: An instrument for holding a bone plate may include a first arm, a second arm connected to and adjustable relative to the first arm, a first connection tip at the distal end of the first arm configured to connect to the first side wall of the bone plate, and a... Agent:

20150025583 - Inter-spinous process device and method: An implantable device and method for fixation of spinous processes is presented. The device has first and second spaced plates, the first plate having a surface facing a surface of the second plate. The plates are configured for placement on either side of two adjacent spinous processes. The plates are... Agent: Spectrum SpineIPHoldings, LLC

20150025584 - Orthopedic clamp and extension rod: Spinal implants and methods of extending pre-existing spinal implant constructs. An extension clamp may be connected to an original spinal implant including an elongated rod attached to a portion of the spine without removal of the original spinal implant. The extension clamp may include a yoke and an extension rod... Agent:

20150025581 - Retention plate member for a spinal plate system: A retention member for a spinal plate system where at least one or more segments of the retention member cover the head portion of a bone anchor member to inhibit movement of the bone anchor member that is inserted into the plate. The retention member allows for ease of insertion... Agent: K2m Inc

20150025585 - Novel biodegradable bone plates and bonding systems: The invention relates to novel internal fixation devices, such as bone plates, generally and novel craniomaxillofacial bone plates more specifically and systems for bonding the same. More specifically, the invention relates to bone plates made of a polymer blend of (poly)lactic acid and Ecoflex as well as a novel hot-melt... Agent:

20150025586 - Orthopedic plating assembly for bone fixation and subsidence: Orthopedic plating assemblies and methods for bone fixation that include an orthopedic plate and orthopedic anchors that can accommodate subsidence in the vertebral bodies as well as prevent the anchors from “backing out” of their installed position. The orthopedic anchors may be capable of rotating and translating with respect to... Agent:

20150025587 - Jawbone distraction system and a control method thereof capable controlling operation using a remote control: A jawbone distraction system, including a micro-actuator and an actuator controller controlling the micro-actuator, being formed to include a jawbone distractor installed to an upper bone and a lower bone connected to the upper bone and configured to adjust an interval between the upper and lower bones, and a monitor... Agent: Jiwell Electronics Co., Ltd

20150025588 - Flexible plate fixation of bone fractures: Embodiments provide methods, apparatuses, and systems for fixation of a fractured bone with a bone plate. In various embodiments, the systems and plates provide elastic suspension of the receiving holes relative to an osteosynthesis plate. This elastic suspension can promote load distribution between the screws that connect a bone segment... Agent:

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20150018806 - Surgical support structure: This document discusses, among other things, a system for translocating a multilayer patch. The system includes a support structure having a contact surface for bonding to the patch. The support structure has a shape configured to support the patch following separation of the patch from a surrounding tissue.... Agent:

20150018807 - Raman-triggered ablation/resection systems and methods: A Raman-based resection system and methods of operation thereof are disclosed. The method includes producing, via an ablation laser, an interrogation electromagnetic radiation over a scanning point of a sample having been treated with a Raman reporter, the ablation laser illuminating the scanning point at an interrogation power level; acquiring,... Agent:

20150018810 - Cryogenic system and method of use: A cryogenic medical device for delivery of subcooled liquid cryogen to various configurations of cryoprobes is designed for the treatment of damaged, diseased, cancerous or other unwanted tissues. The device is a closed or semi-closed system in which the liquid cryogen is contained in both the supply and return stages.... Agent:

20150018809 - Heated electrodes for continued visualization of pulmonary vein potentials: A method and system for cryotreatment and mapping of target tissue. The cryotreatment system may include a cryotreatment catheter, a mapping catheter including one or more mapping electrodes, and one or more temperature sensors located on the mapping catheter and/or the cryotreatment catheter. The cryotreatment catheter distal tip may be... Agent: Medtronic Cryocath Lp

20150018808 - Mapping wire with heating element to allow axial movement during cryoballoon ablation: A method and system for cryotreatment of target tissue using a cryotreatment catheter through which a mapping catheter may be freely movable, even during activation of the cryotreatment element. The cryotreatment system may include a cryotreatment catheter, a mapping catheter slidably disposed within a lumen of the cryotreatment catheter, and... Agent:

20150018811 - Regulating pressure to lower temperature in a cyrotherapy balloon catheter: A cryotherapy catheter can include an elongate member and an inflatable balloon at a distal end of the elongate member, the elongate member having lumens formed therein to supply cryogenic fluid to a chamber of the balloon and to channel exhaust from the balloon chamber; and a controller programmed to... Agent:

20150018812 - Fine spatiotemporal control of thermolysis and lipolysis using nir light: A system and method are provided for minimally-invasive lipolysis in a target area by injecting the area with a solution of photo-absorbing nanoparticles and irradiating the injected area with a beam of near infrared (NIR) light. The NIR emission wavelength is adapted to excite the nanoparticles to melt fat within... Agent:

20150018813 - Detection of ablation electrode contact with tissue: A method includes delivering a Radio Frequency (RF) signal having a time-varying power from an intra-body probe to tissue in a vicinity of the probe in order to ablate the tissue. A temperature is measured in the vicinity of the probe. A decision is made as to whether the probe... Agent:

20150018814 - Methods for reshaping cartilage structures: Described are methods and systems for reshaping a cartilage structure. Such methods comprise treating the cartilage structure with electromagnetic energy and fitting a device to the cartilage structure to retain it in the desired place, form, and/or orientation. Systems comprise an emitter of electromagnetic energy and a device to the... Agent:

20150018815 - Devices, systems, and methods for tissue morcellation: A morcellator includes a housing, an elongated tube extending distally from the housing, and first and second electrodes. A distal end of the elongated tube is configured to cut tissue. The first electrode extends from the housing to the distal end of the elongated tube and is disposed around at... Agent:

20150018820 - Apparatus and methods for renal denervation: Some embodiments are directed to medical devices and methods for making and using the medical devices. An exemplary medical device includes a catheter having an elongated shaft and an inflatable balloon mounted at or on a distal portion of the elongated shaft. The catheter further includes a first electrically conductive... Agent:

20150018818 - Devices and methods for nerve modulation: Systems for nerve and tissue modulation are disclosed. An illustrative system may include an intravascular nerve modulation system including a catheter shaft, an expandable basket and one or more electrode assemblies affixed to the expandable basket. The one or more electrode assemblies may be affixed to the expandable basket using... Agent:

20150018816 - Electrode assembly for use with surgical instruments: A system for treating tissue is provided. The system includes a source of electrosurgical energy and one or more microcontrollers. A surgical instrument is electrically coupled to the source of electrosurgical energy and includes an end effector including a pair of first and second jaw members. An electrode assembly includes... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150018823 - Measurement of a compression parameter for cpr on a surface: A device for the determination of at least one compression parameter during the administration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a patient. The device includes a compression unit adapted to move in accordance with the chest of the patient and a surface unit adapted to move in accordance with a surface... Agent:

20150018819 - Medical device with stretchable electrode assemblies: Medical devices and methods for making and using medical devices are disclosed. An example medical device may include a catheter shaft. An expandable balloon may be coupled to the catheter shaft. The balloon may be capable of shifting between an unexpanded configuration and an expanded configuration. Electrode assemblies with electrical... Agent:

20150018821 - Methods and apparatus for intravascularly-induced neuromodulation: Methods and apparatus are provided for intravascularly-induced neuromodulation using a pulsed electric field, e.g., to effectuate irreversible electroporation or electrofusion, necrosis and/or inducement of apoptosis, alteration of gene expression, changes in cytokine upregulation, etc., in target neural fibers. In some embodiments, the intravascular PEF system comprises a catheter having a... Agent:

20150018817 - Multiple electrode conductive balloon: Medical devices and methods for making and using medical devices are disclosed. An example medical device may include a medical device for modulating nerves. The medical device may include an elongate shaft having a distal region. A balloon may be coupled to the distal region. An electrode may be disposed... Agent:

20150018822 - Needle assemblies and systems for use in ablation procedures and related methods: Needle assemblies for use in ablation procedures include a needle having an electrically conductive portion and at least one conductive member extending at least partially through a bore of the needle. A portion of the at least one conductive member is physically and electrically connected to the electrically conductive portion... Agent: Custom Medical Applications, Inc.

20150018824 - Seal plate with insulation displacement connection: An end effector assembly having first and second jaw members is provided where one or both of the jaw members is moveable relative to the other between a spaced-apart position and an approximated position for grasping tissue therebetween. One (or both) of the jaw members includes an inwardly-facing surface having... Agent:

20150018827 - Apparatus, system and method for performing an electrosurgical procedure: A forceps is provided. The forceps includes a housing having a shaft that extends therefrom. The bipolar forceps also includes a hydraulic mechanism that includes a fluid line and a plunger operatively coupled to the fluid line. The plunger is translatable within at least a portion of the shaft from... Agent:

20150018825 - Medical treatment instrument: Provided is a medical treatment instrument including: a pair of openable/closable pinching portions that pinch a body tissue via a pair of pinching surfaces facing each other; an energy output section provided in at least one of the pair of pinching portions, the energy output section including an energy application... Agent:

20150018826 - Surgical instrument with jaw member: A surgical instrument comprises a shaft, end effector and movable cutting member. The movable cutting member may comprise a first band comprising a first band slot having a distal portion and a proximal portion. A width of the first band slot at the distal portion may be larger than a... Agent:

20150018828 - Anti-septic transarticular intramedullary rod system for the human knee: A temporary knee implant to be placed at the position of the human knee joint for maintaining the tibia and femur at the knee joint aligned during healing of infection in the surrounding tissue. An elongated femur rod is formed with one end of a breadth sized and shaped to... Agent:

20150018829 - Bone fixation system: A modular bone fixation linkage includes a plurality of interconnected links that can angulate with respect to an adjacent one of the links about at least one axis, such as three axes. The links can further include fixation holes that are configured to receive bone anchors that secure the links... Agent:

20150018830 - Fixation assembly with multiple sections for securing parts of a sternum: A fixation assembly for securing parts of a sternum has a first section having a first attachment structure for securing the first section to a first sternum part. The fixation assembly includes a second section having a second attachment structure for securing the second section to a second sternum part.... Agent:

20150018831 - Retrodrill system: The present disclosure relates to a method of creating a bone tunnel during ligament reconstruction surgery. The method includes placing a guide wire through the femur, the guide wire having a first end portion including a pointed tip and a second end portion; placing a drill mechanism over the first... Agent:

20150018892 - Rod insertion instrument: Described is a rod insertion instrument for the insertion of a fixation rod in the tulips of adjacent pedicle screws in the context of a dorsal spinal column stabilization. It has a grip portion, a tube section adjoining it and a gripping head carried by the tube section, in which... Agent:

20150018832 - Knee spacer system with adjustable separator: s

20150018833 - Cup impactor: An orthopedic cup impactor for use in minimally invasive hip replacement surgical procedures is described. The impactor comprises a handle, residing at a proximal end portion, and a cup engagement sub-assembly located at a distal portion. A shaft resides therebetween. The shaft portion is designed with a large radius of... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20150018834 - Multi-port delivery system: A device for delivering material to multiple surgical target locations includes a pressure reservoir selectably coupled to two or more outlets. Coupling the pressure reservoir to a given one of the outlets and pressurizing the pressure reservoir causes flowable material (e.g., bone filler material) to be dispensed from that outlet.... Agent:

20150018835 - Implant fixation member holder: Systems, devices and methods that improve the placement of orthopedic components and/or instrumentation during surgery. In one particular embodiment, the systems, devices and methods provide drill guides that remove the need for three-handed placement of implant components and reduce complications of implant and fixation member placement. Also disclosed is a... Agent:

20150018836 - Injector tip for an ocular lens injector device, device with an injector tip and an ocular lens, as well as ocular lens injector device: The invention concerns an injector tip (7) for an ocular lens injector device (1), the injector tip having an injection duct (16) with a front (9) and a rear end (8) and being bounded by an inner wall (17), wherein at the inner wall (17) an inwardly extending step (18)... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20150018837 - Devices, systems, and methods for tissue morcellation: A morcellation system includes a morcellator and a grasper. The morcellator includes a housing and a tube extending from the housing and having at least one blade section. The morcellator further includes an oscillating mechanism configured to oscillate the tube. An end cap is coupled to the proximal end of... Agent:

20150018838 - Fully implantable trial neurostimulation system configured for minimally-intrusive implant/explant: A fully implantable trial neurostimulation system for implant within a patient is provided that includes one or more leads equipped to deliver neurostimulation to patient tissues under the control of a trial neurostimulation control device designed as a capsule for removable implant within the patient. The control capsule is provided... Agent:

20150018839 - Techniques for placing medical leads for electrical stimulation of nerve tissue: This disclosure is directed to extra, intra, and transvascular medical lead placement techniques for arranging medical leads and electrical stimulation and/or sensing electrodes proximate nerve tissue within a patient.... Agent:

20150018843 - Articulable surgical instrument: An instrument includes, a lumen, a handpiece affixed to the proximal end of the lumen and including an actuator, a proximal articulable segment, the proximal end of the proximal articulable segment pivotably attached to the distal end of the lumen via a proximal hinge pin extending in a direction generally... Agent: Microline Surgical, Inc.

20150018840 - Mri-compatible, integrated force and torque sensors and systems that incorporate the sensors: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible sensor for measuring torque with respect to an axis of rotation in conjunction with an applied linear force includes a shaft arranged in a longitudinal direction substantially along the axis of rotation, a base component arranged along the axis of rotation and displaced with... Agent:

20150018841 - Surgical robot system and control method thereof: A surgical robot system may include a slave device provided with surgical tools and a master device remotely controlling motion of the surgical tools. The master device may include handles controlling the motion of the surgical tools, a master external force estimator estimating external force applied to the handles, a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150018842 - Systems and methods for frameless image-guided biopsy and therapeutic intervention: A system and a method of performing a frameless image-guided biopsy uses imaging, a six-dimensional robotic couch system, a laser guidance system, an optical distance indicator, and a needle control apparatus. A planning CT scan is made of the patient with stereotactic fiduciary markers to localize and produce digitally reconstructed... Agent:

20150018844 - Dissecting punch for follicular extraction and tools and methods using same: A dissecting punch and tool configured for the dissection of follicular units from the donor area of a patient, such as for subsequent implantation of a follicular unit graft (FUG) in a recipient area for hair restoration, and method for using the tool. The method includes aligning the dissecting punch... Agent:

20150018845 - Epilation apparatus and method of use: An epilation apparatus includes a support and a glass pad adhered to the support. The glass pad has an exposed roughened surface that, when placed against human skin and manually manipulated in a rotational motion, is adapted to remove hair from the human skin. A method of using the epilation... Agent: Edison Nation, LLC

20150018847 - Hernia mesh tacks: There are disclosed various embodiments of surgical tacks for use in surgical procedures. The tacks generally include a head and a barrel portion extending distally from the head. Preferably, the head and the barrel portion define a throughbore for receipt of a drive instrument. A thread on the head is... Agent:

20150018846 - Rigidly-linked articulating wrist with decoupled motion transmission: The present invention is a device having a rigidly linked jaw that is decoupled from an articulating wrist. The device provides for articulating motion as well as actuation that may be used in grasping, cutting, suturing or the like.... Agent:

20150018849 - Ligator: An apparatus applicable for the ligation of internal tissue in a created or natural cavity in animals or in the human body, for example varicose veins in the gullet or a duodenal diverticulum, by means of an elastic band (19) while observing the ligations through an endoscope. The apparatus includes... Agent:

20150018848 - Tissue grasping and wound closing/hemostasis/clipping device: A device for clipping tissue includes a clip including first and second arms, a pusher member received over a proximal end of the clip, an outer sleeve distal of the pusher member and received over the first and second arms and being pushed distally over the clip by the pusher... Agent:

20150018850 - Apparatus and methods for tissue closure: Apparatus and methods are provided for treating a tissue opening, for example a trocar opening used in a minimally invasive surgical procedure. In a tissue closure device, a finger guard or shield can be used, handle or holding area or areas can be used, and positioning indicators can be used.... Agent:

20150018853 - Devices and methods for ligating anatomical structures: Devices and methods for ligating anatomical structures are provided herein. In particular, the devices and methods provided herein can be used to ligate, the left atrial appendage. The ligating devices (10, 110, 210, 310, 410) comprise a ligating element (30, 130, 230, 330, 430) and a control element (40, 140,... Agent:

20150018851 - Guide for selecting and positioning a prosthesis: The invention relates to a device (1) and method for selecting the size and shape of a prosthesis and/or for determining the location of marks to be made on the external face of the skin of a patient intended to receive such a prosthesis, for example for repairing a hernia,... Agent: Sofradim Production

20150018852 - Method of placing suture through tissue with a finger guided suturing device: A method of placing a suture through tissue includes placing a band on a finger of a user, where the band is attached to a head of a suturing device, and employing the finger and the device in identifying an intracorporeal tissue landmark and placing the head of the suturing... Agent:

20150018854 - Suture passer and method of operating same: A suture passer includes a stylet and a cannula having an open distal end defining a cannula outer diameter. The stylet has a proximal segment configured for receipt within the cannula and including a suture retention notch, and a distal segment having an expanded outer diameter substantially matching the cannula... Agent:

20150018855 - Detecting leakage from an internal surgical site: A leakage detecting implant can detect leakage of body fluid from an incision, resection, or other internal surgical site in a subject. The leakage detecting implant can include: one or more biodegradable colorant members having a tissue-contacting inner surface and an opposite outer surface; a resilient member having an inner... Agent:

20150018856 - Aortic cross clamp: An aortic cross clamp includes an elongated handle and a clamp head. The clamp head has opposing jaws having open and closed positions. At least one of the jaws is pivotally mounted to a jaw actuator so as to be pivotal relative to the opposing jaw and about an axis... Agent:

20150018857 - Vascular closure device: A vascular closure device includes a frame to which there is fitted a plurality of anchor elements, spaced radially around the frame. The closure device includes a radial compression feature, which may be a memorised shape of the frame or non-sprung condition of the frame, having a small radius. The... Agent:

20150018859 - Methods and apparatus for treating pulmonary embolism: A device and method for intravascular treatment of an embolism, and particularly a pulmonary embolism, is disclosed herein. One aspect of the present technology, for example, is directed toward a clot treatment device that includes a support member configured to extend through a delivery catheter and a plurality of clot... Agent:

20150018860 - Methods and apparatus for treating small vessel thromboembolisms: A device and method for intravascular treatment of an embolism, and particularly an embolism within a small vessel, is disclosed herein. One aspect of the present technology, for example, is directed toward a clot treatment device that includes a support member configured to extend through a delivery catheter and a... Agent:

20150018858 - Methods and devices for cutting tissue: A catheter is provided, which includes a cutting element having one or more raised elements. The cutting element has a cup-shaped surface at the distal end that may be smooth and continuous except for the raised elements.... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150018861 - Ear cleaning device: An ear cleaning device is provided for removing debris from an ear. In one form, the ear cleaning device includes a shaft, a head connected to the shaft, and a contiguous pocket structure of the head. The contiguous pocket structure includes a plurality of pockets that may be configured to... Agent:

20150018863 - Surgical instrument with single drive input for two end effector mechanisms: Methods for treating tissue, and surgical assemblies and related methods are disclosed in which a single input is used to sequentially articulate two members. A surgical assembly includes an end effector, a base supporting the end effector, an input link movable relative to the base through a range of motion... Agent:

20150018862 - Surgical knife safety handle having user operable lock: A surgical knife safety device having a handle, a blade connected to the handle, and a guard carried by the handle for sliding movement between a retracted position in which the blade is exposed for use, and an extended position for covering the sharp cutting edge of the blade. In... Agent:

20150018864 - Pocket dissector: A shaping tool for forming a surgical pocket in breast surgery may include a handle portion including a pair of opposing handles to open and close the shaping tool, a center portion connected to the handle portion including a shaft to allow the pair of opposing handles to pivot and... Agent:

20150018865 - Tattoo needle guide tube with curved through hole: The present invention is to provide a tattoo needle guide tube, which has a tubular body defining a receiving space therein, a first through hole at a top end thereof and a second through hole at a bottom end thereof. Both through holes are in communication with the receiving space,... Agent:

20150018866 - Balloon tube, balloon, balloon catheter, and balloon tube fabrication method: In a balloon tube (10) which is processed after it is mounted on a mold, a bag part (14) has a plurality of parts having a different drawability in a radial direction centered around an axial direction X, disposed along the axial direction X. The highest drawability part (11), which... Agent:

20150018867 - Enhanced ultrasound visualization of intravascular devices: Methods and devices for providing improved ultrasound visibility of medical devices intended for intravascular use are described. The inclusion of gas/solid boundary regions within a medical devices improves the resolution of the device under ultrasound visualization. Gas/solid boundary regions may be provided through the use of embedded gas-filled microlumens, microwells,... Agent:

20150018868 - Method of transradial catheterization, device for ulnar artery compression, and method of use: A present invention method of obtaining patent hemostasis of the radial artery by compressing the uninstrumented ulnar artery to increase radial artery flow while applying pressure to the radial artery access site; the invention further concerns a device for applying blunt pressure to the ulnar artery, and a method of... Agent:

20150018869 - Apparatus and method of use for an adjustable radial and ulnar compression wristband: An adjustable radial and ulnar vascular compression wristband assists in achieving partial or full occlusion of a blood vessel when applied to a patient's wrist during or following a medical procedure. At least two adjustably inflatable non-adjacent balloons on the wristband apply preferential compression to portions of the circumference of... Agent:

20150018870 - Adjustable and reusable ear acupressure device:

20150018871 - Hemostatic device and its methods of use: A hemostatic device includes a first tube defining a first lumen configured to channel a fluid therethrough, and a second tube housing at least a portion of the first tube and at least partially defining a second lumen configured to retain a hemocoagulant agent therein. The second tube is moveable... Agent:

20150018872 - Use of reverse thermosensitive polymers to control biological fluid flow following a medical procedure: One aspect of the present invention relates to a method to control biological fluid flow at a site in a mammal by use of an in situ formed polymer plug. In certain embodiments, the present invention relates to a method to control bleeding following a catheterization procedure, a method to... Agent:

20150018873 - Balloon catheter: To provide a balloon catheter that enables a minimally invasive and effective pulmonary emphysema treatment. The balloon catheter includes: a first balloon that has at least a part of an external surface thereof come into contact with a biological tissue when expanded in living body; a second balloon expandable and... Agent:

20150018874 - Systems and methods for closing a tissue opening: Tissue closure devices include one or more closure components, each closure component having a first member and a second member, each of the first and second members having a first surface that adheres to a tissue surface proximate to the tissue opening, each of the first and second members having... Agent: Wadsworth Medical Technologies, Inc.

20150018875 - True multi-fire linear cutter: One exemplary surgical apparatus may include an anvil assembly to which a staple holder assembly detachably connected; feeder belts positioned at least partially within the staple holder assembly; staples separably attached to each feeder belt; a wedge assembly slidable within and along the staple holder assembly, the wedge assembly including... Agent:

20150018876 - Low profile tissue anchors, tissue anchor systems, and methods for their delivery and use: Tissue anchors include a flat, broad, and large contact surface for engagement with a portion of tissue. Several embodiments of composite tissue anchors include a support element and an overlay element. Tissue anchor assemblies include two or more tissue anchors, a connector, and a cinching mechanism. In some embodiments, the... Agent:

20150018880 - Anchor assembly and method of use: The present teachings provide a flexible member securing assembly. The flexible member securing assembly includes a shaft, an arm extendable from the shaft, an anchor, and a flexible member grasper formed on a distal end of the arm. Methods of securing a flexible member are also provided.... Agent:

20150018881 - Knotless interface for threaded anchor: Devices and methods for anchoring tissue to bone are provided. In one embodiment, a suture anchor is provided that includes a bone screw and a collar that can be configured to rotate independent of the bone screw. In one aspect, the collar can be rotatably disposed on a cylindrical seating... Agent:

20150018879 - Knotless suture fastener installation system: A knotless suture fastener installation system for securing medical devices such as cardiac implants. The knotless suture fasteners may be spring-biased so as to grip onto sutures passed therethrough. The system includes a fastener deployment tool with a proximal handle and a distal shaft to which a fastener cartridge attaches.... Agent:

20150018877 - Moulded in place seal plug and suture anchor: An implantable pulse generator includes a device housing containing pulse generator circuitry and a header molded to the device housing. The header can be formed of an epoxy header material. A header component can have a first part molded in the header material to fix the header component to the... Agent:

20150018878 - Soft suture anchor: Compositions and materials for making soft suture anchors comprising materials that improve osteointegration have been developed. These compositions and materials comprise bioceramics, resorbable materials, and combinations thereof. A preferred embodiment comprises a soft suture anchor comprising a resorbable ceramic and a resorbable suture.... Agent: Tepha, Inc.

20150018882 - Tissue repair device: The present disclosure relates to a tissue repair device. The device includes a handle, a knob coupled to the handle, and a needle coupled to the handle. The needle includes a proximal end and a distal end, the distal end including a slot, wherein a first anchor is housed within... Agent:

20150018883 - Flexible and static interspinous/inter-laminar spinal spacers: Interspinous/inter-laminar spinal spacers are configured to be placed between bony structures of adjacent vertebrae. In one form, spinal spacers are defined by a unitary body comprising a first contoured plate and a second contoured plate. The first contoured plate comprises first and second wings configured to engage first and second... Agent: Life Spine, Inc.

20150018884 - Rod extension for extending fusion construct: In accordance with embodiments of the present invention, a rod extension for extending a fusion construct is provided. The rod extension allows a surgeon to connect a stabilization rod implant to at least a portion of a patient's spine, and also to connect the stabilization rod implant to an existing... Agent:

20150018885 - Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment: This equipment comprises at least one rigid connecting bar (2), first and second bone anchoring members (3, 4) and first and second connecting parts (5, 6), capable of connecting the connecting bar (2) to said bone anchoring members (3, 4). According to the invention, each second bone anchoring member is... Agent: Medicrea International

20150018886 - Devices and methods for transpedicular stabilization of the spine: According to some embodiments, a method of accessing an intervertebral space of a patient's spine in a minimally invasive manner compromises creating a passage from a posterior end of a pedicle of a vertebral member using a probe, advancing the probe through the pedicle and to a main body portion... Agent: Raed M. Ali, M.d., Inc.

20150018887 - Spinous process fusion devices and methods thereof: Devices and methods for positioning and immobilizing at least two adjacent vertebrae using adjacent spinous processes. The method includes positioning a spinous process fusion device in an interspinous space between adjacent spinous processes including a rod and a first wing, and attaching a second wing to the rod, for example,... Agent:

20150018888 - Instrument and method for bone fixation: Described herein are guiding instruments for use in surgical procedures involving the positioning of a bone plate. Furthermore methods for the manufacture of such instruments and methods for positioning a bone plate are also provided.... Agent:

20150018889 - Bone plate: A bone plate has an underside on the side of the bone, an upper side and a plurality of holes in the plate connecting the underside with the upper side, with a central hole axis. At least one of these holes in the plate has an internal jacket surface that... Agent:

20150018890 - Screw implant with replacement head for height adjustment and simplified storage: A screw implant a shaft and a threaded area for anchoring in the bone, a head having engagement surfaces or openings for the application of an insertion tool, wherein the shaft and the head are formed in one piece, wherein there is associated with the shaft between the thread and... Agent: Biomed Establishment

20150018891 - Method and apparatus for bone fixation with secondary compression: Disclosed is a fracture fixation device, for reducing and compressing fractures in a bone. The fixation device includes an elongate body. An axially moveable proximal anchor is carried by the proximal end of the fixation device and comprises a tubular sleeve that includes a plurality of graduations positioned on an... Agent: Interventional Spine, Inc.

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