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08/07/2014 > 109 patent applications in 59 patent subcategories.

20140221985 - Laparoscopic instruments, attachable end effectors and methods relating to same: There is provided a method of attaching an end effector to a surgical instrument having a center rod with a distal tip. The method includes providing an end effector having a base and a coupler defining a pocket and movably mounted within the base. The end effector is moved over... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140221987 - Minimally invasive surgical instrument having detachable end effector: The present invention relates to a minimally invasive surgical instrument having a detachable end effector. Provided is a minimally invasive surgical instrument comprising a shaft, a joint section which is connected to one end of the shaft, and an end effector which is connected to the joint section and thus... Agent:

20140221986 - Multi-functional medical device and related methods of use: A medical device may include an elongate member having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen extending therebetween. In addition an end-effector may be disposed at the distal end of the elongate member, the end-effector may include a first arm and a second arm. Additionally, the first arm... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140221988 - Methods and devices for diastolic assist: The devices and method described herein allow for therapeutic damage to increase volume in these hyperdynamic hearts to allow improved physiology and ventricular filling and to reduce diastolic filling pressure by making the ventricle less stiff. For example, improving a diastolic heart function in a heart by creating at least... Agent:

20140221989 - Method and system for photoselective vaporization of the prostate, and other tissue: A method for photoselective vaporization of prostate tissue includes delivering laser radiation to the treatment area on the tissue, via an optical fiber for example, wherein the laser radiation has a wavelength and irradiance in the treatment area on the surface of the tissue sufficient because vaporization of a substantially... Agent: Laserscope

20140221990 - Application of energy with cooling elements for skin treatment: A system and method for simultaneously heating a plurality of discrete skin volumes to a coagulation temperature. The system comprises an applicator containing an electrode having a plurality of spaced apart protruding conducting elements configured to contact the skin surface at a plurality of discrete locations. A controller applies a... Agent:

20140221991 - Cryotherapy probe: A method of cooling a material including the steps of (i) providing a cryotherapy instrument, (ii) positioning a portion of the cryotherapy instrument adjacent the material to be cooled, and (iii) circulating a cryogenic fluid through the cryotherapy instrument under physical conditions near a critical point of a liquid-vapor system... Agent: Cryodynamics, LLC

20140221993 - Cardiac ablation devices and methods: Devices and methods provide for ablation of cardiac tissue for treating cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation. Although the devices and methods are often used to ablate epicardial tissue in the vicinity of at least one pulmonary vein, various embodiments may be used to ablate other cardiac tissues in other... Agent:

20140221996 - Devices, systems and methods for treating tissue regions of the body: Improved devices, systems and methods for treating a tissue region provide straightforward, yet reliable ways for installing diverse functional components within the confined space of a catheter-based instrument.... Agent: Mederi Therapeutics, Inc.

20140221995 - Dual durometer insulating boot for electrosurgical forceps: An electrosurgical forceps includes a shaft having a pair of jaw members at a distal end and movable about a pivot from a first position and disposed in spaced relation relative to one another to a second position wherein the jaw members are closer to one another for grasping tissue,... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140221994 - Electrosurgical instrument: An electrosurgical forceps is provided with a shaft that extends from a housing of the electrosurgical forceps. An end effector assembly is operably coupled to a distal end of the shaft and includes a pair of first and second jaw members. One (or both) of the first and second jaw... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140221992 - Systems and methods for creating a lesion using transjugular approach: A method of treating a tissue region includes inserting a flexible sheath within a vessel, the vessel leading to a tissue region, placing a distal end of the sheath through a wall of the vessel to thereby position the distal end is at or adjacent the tissue region, deploying a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140221997 - Tissue extraction devices and methods: Tissue may be cut and extracted from an interior location in a patient's body using a probe or tool which both effects cutting and causes vaporization of a liquid or other fluid to propel the cut tissue through an extraction lumen of the cutting device. The cutting may be achieved... Agent: Arqos Surgical, Inc.

20140221998 - Tissue sealing method: An improved method and equipment for tissue/vessel sealing is disclosed for the sealing, coagulation and transection of tissue during surgical procedures. The improvement is accomplished through better management of heat and moisture present during tissue treatment by having tissue grasping surfaces comprised of an outer non-conducting region and an inner... Agent:

20140221999 - Electrosurgical forceps: An electrosurgical forceps is provided. The electrosurgical forceps includes a housing having a shaft extending distally therefrom. The shaft defines a longitudinal axis therethrough and a knife blade shaft is operably disposed within the shaft. An end effector is operably disposed at a distal end of the shaft. The end... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222000 - Adjustable bone stabilizing frame system: By providing components securable to anchor pins or screws of different diameters as well as providing clamps which hold associated pins in any position during adjustments, an external fixation or adjustable frame structure is provided which is capable of being quickly and easily assembled in any desired configuration. In the... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20140222001 - Composite material bone implant: A composite bone implant. In some embodiments, one or more features are provided, such as markers for passageways, axial engagement of bone screws, sliding support of bone screws and/or a cannulated channel for a guide wire.... Agent: Carbofix Orthopedics Ltd.

20140222002 - Apparatus and method for repairing bone defects: A system can include a sizing and drill guide having a body with a bone engaging side, an opposite side and first and second guide holes. The bone engaging side can include a profile for positioning in the trochlear groove and the guide holes can include axes that can be... Agent: Biomet Sports Medicine, LLC

20140222003 - Precision bone drill and method of use: Disclosed is a drilling device and a method for the drilling of human or animal bone tissue. The method comprises the following steps; (a) providing a drill having an electrically conductive bone cutter and an electrically conducting nosepiece assembly spaced apart from the electrically conductive bone cutter and acting as... Agent: Path Scientific, LLC

20140222004 - Wire saw: It has a body 6 having a first metal wire 1 which is made of a cobalt-based alloy, two second metal wires 2a and 2b which are made of a cobalt-based alloy, and three third metal wires 3a-3c which are made of a cobalt-based alloy and are wound on the... Agent:

20140222092 - Methods and devices for minimally invasive spinal fixation element placement: Minimally invasive methods and devices for introducing a spinal fixation element into a surgical site in a patient's spinal column are provided. In general, the method involves advancing a spinal fixation element in a first, lengthwise orientation along a pathway extending from a minimally invasive percutaneous incision to a spinal... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140222093 - Bone reduction device having ro markers and method of using the same: A device and method for treating bone fractures/lesions using an inflatable body is provided. The inflatable body has a substantially flat horizontal surface for quick easy insertion into bone beneath the fracture so as to align misaligned fragments of the fracture and/or to collapsed bone. The substantially flat horizontal surface... Agent: Kyphon Sarl

20140222094 - Expansion device for bone expansion and medical device for bone expansion: The invention relates to an expansion device for bone expansion, wherein the expansion device has a proximal end and a distal end, between which ends the expansion device extends in a longitudinal direction, and extending apparatuses, which succeed one another in the longitudinal direction, wherein the extension apparatuses can be... Agent:

20140222005 - Surgical resection guide: A surgical resection guide comprising: a housing (36); a stylus arm (38) extending through the housing (36) arranged such that when the housing (36) is coupled to the side of a bone, a tip of the stylus arm (38) is arranged to contact an end of a bone; and a... Agent: Depuy International Limited

20140222007 - Method for performing an orthopaedic surgical procedure: A method for performing an orthopaedic surgical procedure on a knee joint of a patient includes resecting a proximal end of a patient's tibia to create a resected surface of the patient's tibia and positioning a tibial paddle of a sensor module on the proximal end of the patient's tibia.... Agent: Depuy (ireland)

20140222006 - Method of arthroplasty on a knee joint and apparatus for use in same: A method of, and apparatus for, arthroplasty of a knee joint comprising obtaining a desired spacing of the femur from the tibia by inserting a spacer into the knee joint between the femur and the tibia. The spacer is used as a reference for securing a guide jig in position... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140222009 - Assembly for kyphoplasty procedures: An assembly for kyphoplasty procedures (1) comprising a syringe (5), which is suited to inflate a balloon inserted into a cavity obtained in the vertebral column, and an injector (6), which is suited to introduce cement into the vertebral cavity formed. The assembly for kyphoplasty procedures comprises, furthermore, a control... Agent: O.p.a. Medical. S.r.l.

20140222008 - Device for performing a surgical procedure and methods of use: A device includes an outer member extending between a first end and a second end. The outer member comprises an inner surface defining a passage. The device includes an inflatable member having a first end extending from the second end of the outer member and a second end. The inflatable... Agent: Kyphon Sarl

20140222010 - Flexible depth probe: An instrument includes a flexible shaft portion and a hook portion. The flexible shaft portion has a proximal end and a distal end and includes markings along an outer surface of the shaft portion. The hook portion is located at the distal end of the shaft portion. The shaft portion... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140222011 - Flexible spring fastener: The present invention relates to a connector including a body having a helix configured to change circumferentially in response to a change in force applied to the connector, the connector characterised in that the helix has at least one portion with a tapered circumference.... Agent: Nora Systems Gmbh

20140222012 - Smart screw-driver for preventing inadvertent screw stripping in bone: A programmable screw driver and method for affixing screws into bone is disclosed. The screw driver includes a torque sensor for measuring torsional input during screw insertion, a rotational motion sensor for measuring the rotation of the screw driver, and a microprocessor. Once a surgeon rotates a screw to be... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140222013 - Intra-ocular lens injection cartridge: A cartridge for implantation of a deformable intraocular lens (IOL) through a small incision in the eye, including a body portion including a first section including a first lens delivery passageway configured to contain an IOL readied for implantation, and a second section including a second lens delivery passageway connected... Agent: Jagrat Natavar Dave

20140222015 - Methods and devices for diagnosing, monitoring, or treating medical conditions through an opening through an airway wall: Methods and devices for diagnosing, monitoring, and/or treating tissue through an opening or port through an airway wall are provided herein.... Agent: Broncus Medical Inc.

20140222014 - Surgical snare device: A surgical snare device for use in polypectomy procedures includes a snare loop capable of being deployed with a plurality of precise internal diameters. The device includes a handle with first and second handle assemblies and a collar. The first handle assembly has multiple numerical markings on a side. The... Agent: Endochoice, Inc.

20140222016 - Surgical retrieval apparatus for thoracic procedures: A surgical retrieval apparatus includes a housing defining a longitudinal axis and including an elongated sleeve extending distally therefrom. The housing and the elongated sleeve cooperate to define a lumen extending longitudinally therethrough. A shaft having an end effector disposed at a distal end thereof is selectively translatable between a... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222017 - Method, apparatus and system for preventing or reducing the severity of hemorrhoids: Described herein is a device, comprising a base and a positioning member, for preventing or reducing the severity of external hemorrhoids in a patient during childbirth. The base has a first longitudinal axis and a surface extending from a first side of the base in a first direction corresponding to... Agent: Plexus Biomedical, Inc.

20140222018 - Device and means for adjusting the position of dbs brain and other neural and muscular implants: A device, method and means to adjust the position of a picafina Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS). It is notoriously difficult to find the correct positioning of the picafina for best stimulating results, because it is not possible for the neurosurgeon to visually observe its position. We disclose a device, method... Agent:

20140222025 - Environment property estimation and graphical display: A surgical robot including an imaging system comprising at least one camera, a processor in communication with the imaging system, a manipulation system in communication with the processor, and a visual display in communication with the processor. The processor is operable to calculate a mechanical property estimate for an area... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140222023 - Hybrid control surgical robotic system: The present disclosure describes a method and system for performing robot-assisted surgical procedures. The system includes a robotic arm system assembly, an end effector assembly, and a hybrid control mechanism for robotic surgery. The robotic arm is a lightweight, bedside robot with a large range of motion, which can be... Agent: Children's National Medical Center

20140222024 - Medical manipulator: A medical manipulator includes: a longitudinal member; a pair of arms which are provided in a distal end of the longitudinal member; a bending portion which is provided in at least one of the pair of arms; a first connecting rod which is connected to the bending portion; a second... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140222021 - Medical robotic system with coupled control modes: In a coupled control mode, the surgeon directly controls movement of an associated slave manipulator with an input device while indirectly controlling movement of one or more non-associated slave manipulators, in response to commanded motion of the directly controlled slave manipulator, to achieve a secondary objective. By automatically performing secondary... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140222019 - Surgical instrument: A surgical instrument according to the invention, particularly a robot-guided surgical instrument, has a shaft end (1), a tool holder (2), which is mounted on the shaft end so as to be able to rotate about a yaw axis (G), and a tool (3) with a main lever (3A), in... Agent:

20140222020 - Telescoping reinforcements for instrument channel shafts: An instrument channel device for receiving a medical instrument having a distal tip includes an elongate tubular shaft including a proximal shaft portion and a distal shaft portion positionable within a body cavity. The shaft defines a lumen for passage of the distal tip of a flexible medical instrument therethrough,... Agent: Transenterix, Inc.

20140222022 - Unknown: A sealing device for a medical instrument includes a fastening area and a sealing area designed to either bear on the circumference of a medical instrument inserted into the sealing device or to close the sealing device when no medical instrument is inserted. The sealing device further includes a first... Agent:

20140222026 - A method and apparatus for cosmetic skin care: The present method and apparatus seek to provide cosmetic skin care including application in concert or consecutively of various types of energy to bring about a welcomed combination of skin cleansing and skin re - juvenation and enhancing. There is thus provided, in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the... Agent: Syneron Beauty Ltd.

20140222027 - Mechanical hair puller: This invention relates to the removal of hair including the root, from the nostrils and the ear canals, as well as for some various facial hairs. It is a mechanical device using a tension coil spring attached to a plunger and housing assembly to extend the spring, thereby creating multiple... Agent:

20140222028 - Surgical fastener having a snap lock and devices deploying it: A surgical fastener having a top element including a crown, with prongs extending from the crown. A baseplate having two or more slots that are dimensioned to receive a tip of a prong in the undeployed configuration of the fastener. Two or more cantilevered catches extend from the crown, each... Agent: I.b.i. Israel Biomedical Innovations Ltd.

20140222030 - Devices and methods for fastening tissue layers: Endoscopic devices and methods used for fastening multiple tissue layers, such as, for example, an endoscopic fundoplication procedure, are disclosed. The device may include, for example, an elongated tubular member having a proximal end for extending outside of the body and a distal end for positioning proximate the multiple tissue... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140222029 - Methods and devices for preventing tissue bridging while suturing: Suture passers and methods of suturing tissue to prevent tissue bridging, without requiring a cannula. Tissue bridging involves the capture of non-target tissue within a loop of suture formed around and/or through a target tissue. The devices and methods described herein may include the use of a threading aperture at... Agent:

20140222031 - Direct aortic access system for transcatheter aortic valve procedures: Disclosed are a system and method for performing a medical procedure using direct percutaneous access of an aorta. A main sheath is introduced through an incision formed in proximity to the sternum, and positioned along (and preferable against) a posterior portion of the sternum. Instruments passed through the main sheath... Agent:

20140222033 - Surgical instrument for manipulating and passing suture: A suture manipulating instrument for passing and retrieving suture through a tissue includes a handle mechanism, an elongate shaft extending from the handle, and a working distal end. The working distal end includes a needle body, a lumen defined by the needle body, a tissue penetrating distal tip, and a... Agent: Arthrocare Corporation

20140222032 - Suturing device with split arm and method of suturing tissue: A device for suturing an opening in a tissue, having an elongated shaft, at least two arms movable to a deployed positioning which the arms are non-perpendicular to the shaft, the arms having needle receiving portions; and needles advanceable longitudinally along the shaft toward the needle receiving portions, the needles... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20140222035 - Placing multiple sutures: A suturing instrument for placing multiple sutures include an elongate body engaged to a handle. A suturing head extends from a distal end of the elongate body, and the suturing head is articulable relative to the elongate body. Both a first needle carrier and a second needle carrier are movable... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140222034 - Suture passers: Suture passer devices, including suture passers configured with an axially slideable jaw that includes a tissue-penetrating distal end region. Also described are suture passers including jaws housing tissue penetrating needles to pass suture that are substantially thin. Methods of using such devices to pass a suture through tissue are provided.... Agent:

20140222036 - Suturing device, system, and method: Improved medical suturing devices, systems, and methods may hold a suture needle at a fixed location relative to a handle of the device, allowing the surgeon to grasp and manipulate the handle of the suturing device to insert the needle through tissues in a manner analogous to use of a... Agent: Suturenetics, Inc.

20140222038 - Connective tissue repair: The invention relates to an implantable prosthetic device, a patch, for the repair of connective tissue in an animal or a human. In one embodiment, a biocompatible repair patch (10) for repair of human or animal tissue is disclosed which comprises a tensile load-bearing component in the form of a... Agent:

20140222037 - Feather imping method: A feather imping method uses a feather imping pin that attaches a donor feather to a receiving feather. The feather imping pin is inserted into a receiving feather shaft of the receiving feather. Feather imping is performed using the feather imping pin that connects the donor feather and the receiving... Agent:

20140222039 - Surgical device for controlled anchoring in the intestine: The present invention relates to a surgical anchor device (1) suitable for being anchored on the mucous membrane of the inner wall of the intestine (10), the device comprising a temporary anchor element (2) presenting anchoring that can be modified in controlled manner and comprising a first substantially cylindrical multiply-perforated... Agent:

20140222040 - Method and device for connecting a conduit to a hollow organ: This invention provides an improved method for connecting a conduit to a hollow organ/structure and a unique device consisting of an expandable metallic mesh and a bio-compatible graft material.... Agent:

20140222041 - Transcend surgical clips for laparoscopic procedures: A surgical clip for a clip applier to ligate vessels. The clip contains two opposing external and internal legs connected in parallel by two external apex and one internal apex to form a Y-shape configuration. As a vessel is ligated and compressed between the two external legs, the vessel attempting... Agent:

20140222043 - Atherectomy catheter with aligned imager: An atherectomy catheter is provided for excising and imaging material in a body lumen. In one embodiment, the catheter comprises a catheter body, a cutting blade, and an imaging device. The cutting blade is mounted on the catheter body and configured to move between a first position and a second... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222048 - Debulking catheter: A catheter for debulking and removing tissue from a body lumen includes an elongate catheter body configured for insertion into the body lumen. The catheter body has opposite distal and proximal end portions, and a longitudinal axis extending between the distal and proximal end portions. A debulking assembly for debulking... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222045 - Tissue-removing catheter for body lumen: A catheter for removing tissue from a body lumen includes a rotatable cutter. The cutter includes an annular cutting tip at the distal end portion of the cutter for removing tissue from the body lumen. An axial cavity is defined by an interior surface of the cutter and extends proximally... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222046 - Tissue-removing catheter including force-transmitting member for actuating a cutter housing: A tissue-removing catheter includes a cutter. The catheter also includes a longitudinal force-transmitting member extending along a catheter body and being longitudinally movable relative to the catheter body. A distal end portion of the longitudinal force-transmitting member is operatively connected to a distal longitudinal portion of a cutter housing such... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222042 - Tissue-removing catheter including operational control mechanism: A tissue-removing catheter includes a sensor configured to detect a parameter of the catheter during the cutting operation of the catheter when a tissue-removing element is in a tissue-removing position. A locking control circuit is in electrical communication with the sensor and a locking device. During an operational control function,... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222044 - Tissue-removing catheter including screw blade and cutter driveshaft: A tissue-removing catheter includes a cutter having an axial cavity and an opening extending from the axial cavity through the cutter to allow tissue removed from the body lumen by the annular cutting edge to pass proximally through the opening toward a tissue-transport passage of a catheter body. A screw... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222047 - Tissue-removing catheter including urging mechanism: A tissue-removing catheter includes an elongate catheter body. The catheter body has a jogged portion that applies an urge force against a body lumen wall and urges a portion of the catheter body toward a portion of the body lumen wall. A tissue-removing element removes tissue from the body lumen... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222049 - Tissue-removing catheter with ball and socket deployment mechanism: A deployment mechanism of a tissue-removing catheter includes a socket member received in a catheter body that is capable of moving longitudinally therein, and a ball member extending distally from the distal end portion of the cutting element and operatively connected to the socket member. The ball member is constrained... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222050 - Ophthalmic interface apparatus, method of interfacing a surgical laser with an eye, and support ring for use with a suction ring: Apparatus and methods are provided for interfacing a surgical laser with an eye using a patient interface device that minimizes aberrations through a combination of a contact lens surface positioning and a liquid medium between an anterior surface of the eye and the contact lens surface. Further, support rings, ocular... Agent: Amo Development, LLC.

20140222051 - Tissue excision method: Provided is a tissue excision method that excises a partial tissue within an excision region set in a hollow organ over an entire thickness direction. The tissue excision method includes a first process of gripping a peripheral edge portion of the excision region from the inside of the hollow organ;... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140222052 - Transducer/waveguide engagement mechanisms for ultrasonic surgical instruments: An ultrasonic surgical instrument includes a transducer assembly having a distal engagement member and configured to supply ultrasonic energy. A waveguide defines a longitudinal axis and has a proximal engagement member configured to threadingly engage the distal engagement member. The waveguide is configured to transmit the ultrasonic energy therealong to... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222053 - Occlusion device and system for occluding a reproductive body lumen: A system and method of occluding a reproductive body lumen to prevent the passage of reproductive cells through body lumen is disclosed. The system can include a catheter delivery system having a handle device, a catheter operatively coupled with the handle device, and an occluding device adapted for deployment within... Agent: Bayer Essure Inc.

20140222054 - Ultrasonic device for cutting and coagulating: An ultrasonic surgical instrument that is configured to permit selective positioning of the relative distance between an end effector for cutting and coagulating tissue and a power actuation switch that is carried by the instrument for selectively energizing the end effector. In one instance, the end effector is able to... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20140222055 - Access sheath with blade: A surgical penetrating system includes a cannula and an obturator. The cannula has an outer wall arranged about a longitudinal axis and a longitudinal opening. At least one substantially linear penetrating member is mounted with respect to the outer wall of the cannula and extends in a general longitudinal direction... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140222056 - Occlusion devices including dual balloons and related methods: An occlusion device may comprise a first tube having a first balloon positioned at a distal end, and a second tube having a second balloon positioned at a distal end. The first balloon may be sized and configured to occlude a vascular lumen upstream of a vascular puncture, and the... Agent: St. Jude Medical Puerto Rico LLC

20140222058 - Catch members for occluder devices: Devices and techniques for modifying and maintaining a configuration of an occlusion device for the closure of physical anomalies, such as an atrial septal defect, a patent foramen ovale (PFO), and other septal and vascular defects are described. The devices and techniques relate particularly to, but are not limited to,... Agent: W.l. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140222060 - Guidewire stop: A user-actuatable guidewire stop is disclosed which can be used to stop and/or lock a medical device on a guidewire advanced through a body lumen. The guidewire stop is configured as a coil spring having an inner lumen configured to slideably and rotationally receive the guidewire in an unlocked configuration,... Agent: Gardia Medical Ltd.

20140222061 - Medical devices including metallic films and methods for making same: Medical devices, such as endoprostheses, and methods of making the devices are disclosed. The medical device can include a metallic film comprising nickel, titanium, and chromium, wherein a ratio of a weight of chromium of the metallic film to a combined weight of nickel, titanium, and chromium of the metallic... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

20140222062 - Method, system, and fastener for anchoring a corpus: There is described a method, a system, and a device for the anchoring of and into a corpus disposed distally in a conduit by engaging a stranded tube with the corpus and unwinding the wound threads of the stranded tube into unwound threads. Engagement includes the use of handling and... Agent:

20140222059 - Methods and apparatuses for blood vessel occlusion: An occlusion device delivery system and methods are provided in which an expandable coiled implant can be delivered using the delivery system. The system can comprise a catheter having a lumen extending between distal and proximal portions. The distal portion can have proximal and distal apertures extending through a wall... Agent:

20140222068 - Closure device and methods for making and using them: A medical device that includes a plurality of strut members forming a plurality of generally diamond-shaped openings, the plurality of strut member being configured to form an annular shaped structure with the generally diamond-shaped openings extending generally longitudinally relative to a longitudinal axis of the medical device. A plurality of... Agent: Integrated Vascular Systems, Inc.

20140222069 - Closure device and methods for making and using them: A method that includes locating an opening in tissue by advancing a member through the opening in tissue and following locating the opening, deploying a medical device to aid with sealing the opening. The medical device includes a plurality of strut members forming a plurality of generally diamond-shaped openings, the... Agent: Integrated Vascular Systems, Inc.

20140222064 - Dual lumen carrier tube with retractable sleeve and methods: A vascular closure device includes a carrier tube and a sleeve. The carrier tube includes at least first and second lumens, the first lumen being configured to hold a sealing member, the second lumen being configured to provide blood flow from a distal opening thereof to a proximal opening thereof.... Agent: St. Jude Medical Puerto Rico LLC

20140222066 - Extra-vascular closure device with releasable sealing plug: A vascular closure device includes a handle, a carrier tube, a sealing tip, a sealing tip connection member, and an actuator. The carrier tube extends from the handle. The sealing tip is positioned at a distal end of the carrier tube. The sealing tip connection member extends from the sealing... Agent: St. Jude Medical Puerto Rico LLC

20140222065 - Hemostasis devices, components for hemostasis devices, and related methods: A hemostasis device may comprise a collagen plug and a bioresorbable carrier. The collagen plug may comprise a body having a first end surface and an aperture extending through the body and the first end surface of the collagen plug. The bioresorbable carrier may comprise a tubular portion extending through... Agent: St. Jude Medical Puerto Rico LLC

20140222067 - Minimally invasive surgery, including vascular closure, and associated sealants: The use of tissue sealants to perform vascular closure procedures, and associated systems and articles, are generally described.... Agent: Xcede Technologies, Inc.

20140222063 - Vascular closure device with push/pull compaction system and methods: A tissue puncture closure device includes an anchor, a suture connected to the anchor at a distal end of the suture, a sealing plug positioned proximal of the anchor, and a compaction assembly. The compaction assembly includes a compaction tube having a distal end and a proximal end, and a... Agent: St. Jude Medical Puerto Rico LLC

20140222070 - Surgical incision and closure apparatus: An apparatus for closing a surgical incision comprises left and right base panels, a plurality of closure components, and a plurality of left and right axial supports coupled to the respective base panels. The closure components couple the left and right base panels to each other laterally and have left... Agent: Zipline Medical, Inc.

20140222071 - Locally reversible barbed sutures: A wound closure device includes a flexible filament having a first end, a second end, and a longitudinal axis extending between the first and second ends. A plurality of barbs project outwardly from the flexible filament. Each barb has a base connected with the flexible filament, a blunt tip spaced... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20140222072 - Anchor element for knotless fixing of tissue to a bone: An anchor element serves for knotless fixing of a tissue to a bone by at least one suture threaded through the anchor element. A body of that anchor element has an outer surface with projections. A transverse bore is arranged in a distal end section of the body for receiving... Agent:

20140222073 - External suture securement devices and methods: Described are devices, methods and systems for securing sutures external to the body. In certain aspects, a suture securement device includes a housing member defining an internal cavity and a wedge member moveable within the cavity between a suture-release position to a suture-retention position. The wedge member defines a suture... Agent:

20140222074 - Bone support apparatus: A bone support apparatus includes a first bone connector with a first bone cradle insert configured to contact a patient's bone and constructed of a resilient material, a second bone connector configured to contact a patient's bone, and an adjustable rod assembly having a first end connected to the first... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140222075 - Maintenance feature in magnetic implant: A distraction system includes a distraction rod having one end configured for affixation to at a first location on patient. The system further includes an adjustable portion configured for placement in the patient at a second location, the adjustable portion comprising a housing containing a magnetic assembly comprising a magnet... Agent: Ellipse Technologies, Inc.

20140222078 - Rod inserter and rod with reduced diameter end: A pedicle screw assembly including a bone fastener having a lower end for engaging bone and an upper end remote from the lower end; a head having a rod-receiving channel attached to the upper end of said bone fastener; a spinal rod insertable into the rod-receiving channel of said head,... Agent: Stryker Spine

20140222076 - Soft stabilization assemblies with off-set connector: A spinal longitudinal connecting member includes a soft stabilization assembly segment having a tensioned cord and a hard rod segment. A connector in fixed engagement with the hard rod also captures the tensioned cord of the soft segment, the connector being in fixed or sliding relation with the tensioned cord.... Agent:

20140222077 - System for anchoring an elongated implant to a vertebrae of a patient spine: A tool set for implanting a rod in a human spine in conjunction with bone screws. The tool set includes a pair of end guide tools that receive opposite ends of the rod in channels and under manipulation by a surgeon facilitate transport of the rod toward the bone screws... Agent:

20140222079 - Bone anchoring device: A bone anchoring device includes a bone anchoring element having a shaft to be anchored in the bone and a head, a receiving part for receiving a rod to be connected to the bone anchoring element, and a pressure member acting onto the head to lock the position of the... Agent: Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140222080 - Stabilization device for bones comprising a spring element and manufacturing method for said spring element: An elastic or flexible element for use in a stabilization device for bones or vertebrae is provided. The elastic or flexible element is provided in the form of an essentially cylindrical body with a first end and a second end opposite thereto, wherein at least one of the opposite ends... Agent: Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140222082 - Method for implanting an elongated implant along a spine of a patient: A tool set for implanting a rod in a human spine in conjunction with bone screws. The tool set includes a pair of end guide tools that receive opposite ends of the rod in channels and under manipulation by a surgeon facilitate transport of the rod toward the bone screws... Agent:

20140222083 - Methods and devices for spinal fixation element placement: Minimally invasive methods and devices are provided for positioning a spinal fixation element in relation to adjacent spinal anchors. In an exemplary embodiment, the device is a percutaneous access device that can be coupled to a spinal anchor, and the method includes the step of positioning a spinal fixation element... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products LLC

20140222081 - Retraction tube for use with capless pedicle screw: A retractor system and method for locating and placing a polyaxial screw while substantially simultaneously retracting tissue is shown and described. The retractor has a channel that facilitates introducing a rod into the polyaxial screw. Various embodiments are shown, including one which utilized a reducer for moving the rod in... Agent: X-spine Systems, Inc.

20140222086 - Implantable device: An implantable device is described, comprising an implant (12), wherein the implant comprises at least one opening (22), at least one anchoring element (14) for fixing the implant to at least one bone, wherein the respective anchoring element comprises a shank (20) and a head (18) and wherein at least... Agent:

20140222085 - Securing fasteners: A polyaxial fastener is secured within an implant with a retaining ring. The ring is assembled onto a circumferential groove formed in the fastener head. The groove and ring are positionable, when the fastener is installed into an implant, at a wide portion of the mating polyaxial aperture in the... Agent: Globus Medical, Inc

20140222084 - Variable angled locking screw: A variable angle locking screw assembly that includes a plate material, a screw, and a washer at least partially located within the plate material, the washer and screw cooperating to create a wedge locking the screw in one of a plurality of axial and rotational positions, where the locked position... Agent:

20140222088 - Implant and fastener fixation devices and delivery instrumentation: Described here are delivery or fastener device fixation implant devices, delivery instrumentation, and methods for using them. In particular, the description relates to implants having a having a strength sufficient to support, anchor, secure, maintain, or to otherwise repair an elongated delivery or fastener device anywhere such a device, such... Agent: Spinal Ventures, LLC

20140222087 - Orthopedic implant having non-circular cross section and method of use thereof: Orthopedic implants capable of compressing adjacent bone segments into which they are inserted, effective for the fusion, management and repair of bone joints and bone fractures, and methods for their installation, are described. One embodiment of such implants includes an elongated shaft coated to encourage bony in-growth, having a non-round... Agent:

20140222090 - Bone anchor configured to anchor an elongated implant to a patient bone: A tool set for implanting a rod in a human spine in conjunction with bone screws. The tool set includes a pair of end guide tools that receive opposite ends of the rod in channels and under manipulation by a surgeon facilitate transport of the rod toward the bone screws... Agent:

20140222089 - Polyaxial screw: The present invention generally is directed toward a spinal fixation system whereby a coupling element allows the physician to selectively lock or unlock either the connection between the coupling element and a fastener, such as to allow for repositioning of the coupling element, or the connection between the coupling element... Agent:

20140222091 - Proximal interphalangeal fusion device: The various embodiments of the present invention provide a system, including methods, apparatus and kits for connecting bones and/or bone portions using a multi-part bone connector with one or more rotating joints.... Agent: Competitive Global Medical, LLC

07/31/2014 > 109 patent applications in 59 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 78 patent applications in 57 patent subcategories.

20140207125 - Intelligent adapter assembly for use with an electromechanical surgical system: An adapter assembly is provided and includes a housing for connection with a surgical device and for operative communication with at least one rotatable drive shaft of the surgical device; an outer tube having a proximal end supported by the housing and a distal end for connection with a selected... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140207123 - Knockout tool for minimally invasive prosthesis revision: A tool head for a surgical tool for knockout and/or insertion of prostheses is disclosed, comprising a tool body (10, 11, 12) having at least two clamping jaws (14, 14a, 14b, 14c, 15, 15a, 15b, 41) for clamping a prosthetic part, wherein at least one of the clamping jaws is... Agent:

20140207124 - Surgical instrument with selectable integral or external power source: A surgical instrument includes a body, a shaft, and an end effector. The shaft extends distally from the body. The end effector is located at a distal end of the shaft. The end effector includes an active feature configured to operate on tissue. The body includes a drive feature operable... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20140207126 - Bioconjugated nanoparticles: The present disclosure relates to compositions and methods for the treatment of a disease, e.g., cancer or pathogenic infection, using a bioconjugated nanoparticle comprising a biocompatible quantum dot conjugated to a targeting moiety. The targeting moiety allows for the nanopaticle to bind to a cancer cell or pathogenic organism. The... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140207127 - System and method for determining dosimetry in ophthalmic photomedicine: A system and method for treating ophthalmic target tissue, including a light source for generating a beam of light, a beam delivery system that includes a scanner for generating patterns, and a controller for controlling the light source and delivery system to create a dosimetry pattern of the light beam... Agent: Topcon Medical Laser Systems, Inc.

20140207128 - Ablation device: An ablation device includes a waveguide that guides a pulse laser output from a laser output unit, a laser emitting unit that focuses the pulse laser guided by the waveguide using a lens, emits the pulse laser to a living body tissue, causes multiphoton absorption in a focal position of... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140207129 - Methods and system for image guided cell ablation with microscopic resolution: The invention provides systems and method for the removal of diseased cells during surgery... Agent: Lumicell, Inc.

20140207130 - Cryogenic balloon ablation instruments and systems: Cryogenic tissue ablation instruments for treating body tissue include an elongate flexible body with a proximal supply port for coupling with a pressurized coolant (e.g., liquid N2O), a supply lumen in fluid communication with the proximal supply port, and an expandable cryogenic balloon carried on a distal portion of the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140207131 - Purge phase for cryoablation systems: A method for purging a cryotreatment system, in particular, for clearing moisture and thus preventing ice blockages within a fluid flow path that may be formed when moisture pockets within the fluid flow path of the system are encountered by a first injection of refrigerant at the beginning of a... Agent: Medtronic Cryocath Lp

20140207132 - Treatment system: A treatment system includes a treatment instrument that has a pair of freely openable/closable holding sections for applying thermal energy generated by a heat generation section to a living tissue LT held between the holding sections, a signal output section that supplies an alternating current drive signal to the heat... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140207133 - Integrated pump and generator device and method of use: The present disclosure relates to devices and methods for cooling of ablation technology used to treat tissue. The devices and methods disclosed herein utilize a generator assembly which includes an integrated cooling system, and a disposable subassembly which includes a disposable pump head and ablation device.... Agent: Angiodynamics, Inc.

20140207134 - High-frequency knife: In a high-frequency knife, a through hole that extends in the direction of an axis is formed on a radial outer side of a second electrode in a larger-diameter portion, and a distance increasing portion increases a creeping distance along an external surface of the larger-diameter portion between an outer... Agent:

20140207135 - Electrosurgical instruments, electrosurgical device, and associated methods: The present invention relates to an electrosurgical instrument and an electrosurgical device and related methods. According to the present invention, a water vapor which is formed during fusion is neutralized by a cooling fluid in order to prevent thermal damage of surrounding tissue.... Agent: Olympus Winter & Ibe Gmbh

20140207136 - Multiple staggered electrodes connected via flexible joints: An ablation catheter includes an electrode assembly having a plurality of longitudinally spaced sets of spines, which include a distal set of spines each having a distal end connected to a spine distal junction and a proximal end connected to a first joint, and a proximal set of spines each... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20140207137 - Capsulotomy device with suction cup compression chamber: A surgical device and procedure are provided for smoothly and easily accessing tissue to perform microsurgery, including a capsulotomy of a lens capsule of an eye. The device includes a handpiece with a tip for insertion into an incision in the cornea of the eye. A sliding element is disposed... Agent: Mynosys Cellular Devices, Inc.

20140207138 - Bone stabilization device and method: There is disclosed a device and method for stabilizing a bone. The device includes a polymer with a glass transition temperature. The polymer is relatively deformable at a temperature above the glass transition temperature and relatively rigid at a temperature below the glass transition temperature. The device, while the polymer... Agent:

20140207140 - Dynamic orthoscopic sensing: A dynamic sensing method and apparatus employs microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and nanoelectromechanical (NEMS) surgical sensors for gathering and reporting surgical parameters pertaining to a drive mechanism of a surgical device, such as speed, rotation, torque and other characteristics of the surgical device. The surgical device employs or affixes the surgical... Agent:

20140207139 - Robotic guided femoral head reshaping: A method of performing hip surgery with a robotic guided system on a patient with femoral acetabular impingement can include touching at least one of proximal femur and acetabulum of the hip joint of the patient at a plurality of locations with a stylus coupled to a robotic arm associated... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing, LLC

20140207142 - Cutting instrument: Provided is a cutting instrument including: an elongated member including a tubular portion 105 and a shaft-like portion 101 inserted in the tubular portion 105; a blade 201 including two edges, the blade 201 being provided at an end of the elongated member and being pivotable between a housed position... Agent:

20140207141 - Quick-connect anti-rotation peg/drill bit component: A quick-connect drill bit assembly comprising a drive shank and a drill bit releasably attached to the drive shank, the drill bit being configured to bore a first hole in a bone through a drill guide. A portion of the drill bit is configured to remain within the first hole... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corporation

20140207143 - Allograft templates and methods of use: Allograft templates and methods of use are disclosed where a template for resecting a tissue region may generally comprise a template frame having a surface for contacting the tissue region and which defines an open area of tissue to be resected. One or more inner guidance slots may be defined... Agent:

20140207199 - Spinous process fusion implants and insertion, compression, and locking instrumentation: A bone plate assembly including at least one bone plate, polyaxially adjustable fixation elements and a polyaxially adjustable locking mechanism. A first plate includes at least one polyaxial element for lockable connection with a fixation pad, and a connection feature which allows the plate to translate and polyaxially rotate relative... Agent: Osteomed LLC

20140207198 - Tools for implantation of interspinous implants and methods therof: The present disclosure provides a single insertion and compression instrument to facilitate the implantation of a spinous process implant, such as a spinous process fixation device, between and about adjacent spinous processes. The instrument has a first leg and a second leg, each with a handle and implant engaging portions.... Agent: Lanx, Inc.

20140207200 - Medical instrument handle: A medical instrument handle assembly, for holding a medical instrument configured for preparing a bone to receive an implant, includes: a housing including a housing pin; an elongate arm including a proximal end; a lever subassembly including a lever body and a lever latch, the lever body being pivotally connected... Agent: Symmetry Medical, Inc.

20140207144 - Adjustable allograft templates and methods of use: Adjustable allograft templates and methods of use are disclosed where a template for resecting a tissue region may generally comprise a template frame having a surface for contacting the tissue region and which defines an open area of tissue to be resected. A frame assembly along the template frame may... Agent:

20140207145 - Cement-directing orthopedic implants: A cement-directing structure for use in cement-injection bone therapy includes a collapsible, self-restoring braided structure with regions of differential permeability to the bone cement. The regions of differential permeability may be provided by areas where the braided mesh density is greater or lesser than surrounding areas and/or by means of... Agent: Gmedela Ware 2 LLC

20140207146 - Contour lock guides: Provided herein are patient-specific surgical guiding tools for positioning on a socket of a ball-and-socket joint, e.g. a glenoid cavity. The guiding tools comprise a central contact element fitting within the socket and one or more lateral contact elements fitting on the rim of the socket. The guiding tools allow... Agent: Materialise N.v.

20140207147 - Temporary retention device: A retention device for anchoring indwelling catheters, sheath introducers, feeding tubes, ostomy bags or other medical devices beneath the skin of a patient includes an deployable section coupled to a medical device; following introduction into a patient, the deployable section is subcutaneously deployed, securely anchoring the device and coupled medical... Agent: Interrad Medical, Inc.

20140207149 - Leadless cardiac stimulation systems: Various configurations of systems that employ leadless electrodes to provide pacing therapy are provided. In one example, a system that provides multiple sites for pacing of myocardium of a heart includes wireless pacing electrode assemblies that are implantable at sites proximate the myocardium using a percutaneous, transluminal, catheter delivery system.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140207148 - Systems and methods for providing electrical stimulation of multiple dorsal root ganglia with a single lead: A method for implanting an electrical stimulation lead into a patient includes advancing a distal end of a multi-armed lead into an epidural space of the patient. The multi-armed lead includes first and second stimulation arms extending from a main body portion. The first stimulation arm is guided into and... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140207150 - Endoscopic instrument with support foot: The invention relates to an endoscopic instrument (1) having an elongate body with a distal end (4) designed to be introduced into the body of the patient so as to come into proximity with an internal organ, the distal end carrying a tool (7) for intervention on the internal organ.... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20140207151 - Instrument for endoscopic applications or the like: An instrument for endoscopic applications, including a tubular member having a handling end portion having a flexible portion and actuating devices located at the other end portion, and longitudinal elements for transferring the movement of the actuating devices to the handling end portion resulting in a change of orientation thereof,... Agent: Fortimedix B.v.

20140207152 - Surgical fastener applier: A surgical fastener applier includes a variable drive mechanism disposed within a housing and operably coupled between an input member and an output member, the variable drive mechanism being transitionable between at least a first condition, wherein rotation of the input member by a fixed amount effects rotation of the... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140207155 - Aneurysm closure clip: An aneurysm closure clip along with a system and method for use by a physician in delivering the closure clip into the vasculature of a patient is disclosed. The closure clip delivery system comprises a delivery tube in the form of a catheter, a guide wire, and a detachable closure... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140207154 - Apparatus and method for heart valve repair: A device and method for repairing a mitral valve leaflet 2, 3. The device 10 includes a body 16 having an annular wall 18 and at least one aperture 22 through the annular wall 18. A deployment assembly 24 mounted on the body includes at least one grasping wire 28... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc

20140207153 - Delivery system, method, and anchor for medical implant placement: A delivery system and method for placing a medical implant, such as for diagnosing, monitoring and/or treating cardiovascular diseases. The delivery system includes a hollow catheter, an anchor coupled to the catheter, and an implant secured within the anchor. The anchor has a base portion with first and second longitudinal... Agent: Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc.

20140207156 - Surgical clip applier: A surgical clip applier is provided including a housing, at least one handle pivotably connected to the housing, a channel assembly extending distally from the housing, a clip carrier disposed within said channel assembly and defining a channel therein, a plurality of clips slidably disposed within the channel of said... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140207157 - Percutaneous aneurysm inversion and ligation: Devices and methods for percutaneously treating and removing aneurysms or other anomalous tissue associated with vascular, intestinal, or other body tissue.... Agent:

20140207158 - Method and apparatus for passing a suture: A suture passing instrument includes an operation handle, a cannulated needle member, a suture pusher, a suture shuttle and a guide tube. The needle member has a curved end portion. The needle member has an outer sidewall and an inner sidewall defining a bore extending through the needle member for... Agent: Biomet Sports Medicine, LLC

20140207160 - Anchor assembly for an implantable, pelvic support device: An anchor assembly for an implantable, pelvic support device includes a body, a collar, and a strand. The body defines a first central longitudinal axis, the collar defines a second central longitudinal axis and is received over the body such that the first central longitudinal axis and the second central... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140207159 - Devices and methods for delivering an anchored device: One or more tissue anchors may be delivered first without being coupled to an anchored device. An anchored device may be delivered second, and then coupled to the tissue anchors. This may enhance placement accuracy of tissue anchors, as well as facilitate delivery of tissue anchors. The tissue anchors include... Agent:

20140207161 - Gripper pusher mechanism for tissue apposition systems: The invention provides devices, systems and methods for tissue approximation and repair at treatment sites. The devices, systems and methods of the invention will find use in a variety of therapeutic procedures, including endovascular, minimally-invasive, and open surgical procedures, and can be used in various anatomical regions, including the abdomen,... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140207162 - Occlusive cinching devices and methods of use: Methods and devices for blocking orifices and occluding cavities within a patient are provided. The device in one variation comprises first and second tubular members attached to a collapsible sealing element. The device can be placed through an orifice and the collapsible sealing element can be collapsed to seal the... Agent:

20140207163 - Ultrasonic device for cutting and coagulating: Apparatus and method to permit selective cutting and coagulation required in fine and delicate surgical procedures. The apparatus includes two body members having proximal ends and distal ends with jaw members located adjacent the body member's distal ends. The body members are joined at a pivot located adjacent to the... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20140207164 - Device and method for vascular re-entry: In a method for re-entry from extraluminal space into the central lumen of a vessel, a guidewire is advanced into the extraluminal space of the vessel, and then a directional catheter is advanced over the guidewire through the extraluminal space. Thereafter, the guidewire is removed from the directional catheter, an... Agent: Flowcardia, Inc.

20140207166 - Surgical instrument having a feedback system: A surgical instrument comprises an articulable end effector; a drive shaft connected to the end effector that drives the end effector; an electric motor connected to the drive shaft that drives the drive shaft; a battery unit for supplying power to the electric motor; at least one sensor for sensing... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20140207165 - Surgical method utilizing a true multiple-fire surgical stapler: An exemplary surgical method of treating tissue within the body of a patient may include having an endocutter having an end effector; inserting the end effector into the body of a patient through an opening; engaging tissue with the end effector; stapling tissue along two staple lines with the end... Agent: Cardica, Inc.

20140207167 - Adjustable tip for a lancet device and method: A lancet device and a lancet device tip for a lancet device. The tip includes a first sleeve and a second sleeve at least partially contained within the first sleeve. The second sleeve includes a stop surface. Rotation of the first sleeve relative to the second sleeve causes the second... Agent: Stat Medical Devices, Inc.

20140207168 - Puncture apparatus: A puncture apparatus includes a puncture needle that punctures biological tissues; a longitudinal-shaped vaginal insertion member that is inserted into the vagina; a guiding member; an interlock member for interlocking the vaginal insertion member with the guiding member; an ultrasonic probe that is provided in a distal portion of the... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140207169 - Medical device for modification of left atrial appendage and related systems and methods: Devices, methods and systems are provided for occluding an opening within the tissue of a body, such as a left atrial appendage. In one embodiment, a device includes a framework extending between a primary hub and a secondary hub. The secondary hub is moveable relative to the primary hub upon... Agent: Coherex Medical, Inc.

20140207170 - Venous modulation of collateral perfusion of cerebral ischemia: A patient in whom blood diversion due to cerebral venous steal is present, and abolishment of the cerebral venous steal is indicated, is treated by increasing the cerebral venous pressure in the patient. This increase in cerebral venous pressure restores the collapsed cerebral vasculature, thereby increasing cerebral blood flow. The... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140207171 - Catheter balloon and balloon catheter: A catheter balloon exhibiting improved pressure resistance of the entire membrane is formed of a membrane as a laminate of at least two layers including a polyamide elastomer layer and a polyamide layer, in which the polyamide elastomer layer is disposed at the inner side of the polyamide layer, a... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140207172 - Vascular plug: A vascular plug for implantation into a patient's vessel includes an inflatable balloon and a flow accelerator. The flow accelerator includes a conical portion and a tubular coupling element which couples the conical portion to an aperture to the interior of the inflatable balloon. The flow accelerator will concentrate and... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140207173 - Medical treatment tool: A medical treatment tool includes a bendable tube configured to be inserted into a body of a patient; and an operating body disposed in the insertion tube and configured to cause bending of the bendable tube, the operating body including: a plurality of divided members that are divided from each... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140207178 - Dynamic microvalve protection device with associated balloon element for therapeutic intravascular procedures: An apparatus includes a delivery catheter having a deployable dynamic valve that rapidly opens and closes in response to relative fluid pressure thereabout. The valve is maintained in a collapsed configuration during introduction to a treatment site. A balloon element is provided between the delivery catheter and the valve and... Agent: Surefire Medical, Inc.

20140207175 - Medical device loading and carrier tool: A medical device loading and carrier assembly for a medical device includes a tubular holder of transparent material so as to be see-through. The holder includes a flared proximal end for compressing a gripper element of a device carrier. The carrier can thus be activated to grip a medical device... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140207179 - Method and apparatus for placing a catheter within a vasculature: A catheter for insertion into vasculature of a patient to a target area in the vasculature includes a hollow inner shaft, a non-occluding self-expandable scaffold coupled to the distal end of the inner shaft and disposed at the distal end of the inner shaft, and a hollow outer shaft. The... Agent: Roxwood Medical, Inc.

20140207174 - Protecting against cerebral embolism: A permeable plug may be temporarily deployed in a patient to protect blood vessels from blockage by various debris. The plug includes a body formed from a filtering material. The body is collapsible for delivery to a location in a blood vessel and expandable to a filtering configuration in which... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20140207180 - Systems and devices for cerebral aneurysm repair: An embolization device for treating ischemic stroke is disclosed, having a surface, wherein the body portion is configured to have a radiopaque and electropositive surface under physiological conditions when the device is emplaced, which ionically binds a blood component in an amount effective to promote stability of device in situ... Agent: Blockade Medical, LLC

20140207176 - Vascular filter: An inferior vena cava filter (340) for use in the inferior vena cava (4) to capture thrombus (8) passing through the inferior vena cava (4) towards the heart and lungs to prevent pulmonary embolism comprises a proximal support hoop (302), a distal support hoop (312) and a plurality of support... Agent: Novate Medical Limited

20140207177 - Vascular filter device: A vascular filter device (1) comprises a plurality of filter elements (6) which are movable from a capturing position to an open position upon elapse of a predetermined period of time. In the capturing position the filter elements (6) are configured to capture thrombus passing through the inferior vena cava.... Agent: Novate Medical Limited

20140207181 - Snap-off diet aid tragus clip with single-point removable pressure head: This acupressure clip is designed to apply single-point pressure to the tragus of the ear to achieve either appetite control or a sense of tranquility. The clip has two opposing wing-shaped finger tabs joined by a reverse-compression band with an integral stop. The band applies pressure to the tragus through... Agent:

20140207182 - Adapter load button lockout: A surgical device is provided. The surgical device includes: a jaw assembly comprising a first jaw and a second jaw moveable relative to the first jaw and an elongated body removably coupled to a proximal end of the jaw assembly. The elongated body includes an actuation bar movable upon engagement... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140207185 - Sealing device and delivery system: A medical device for sealing a defect in a body includes a wire frame that includes a plurality of wires that form a first occluding member and a second occluding member, the wire frame including a defect-occupying portion disposed between the first occluding member and the second occluding member. The... Agent: W.l. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140207184 - Vessel sealing device: A seal assembly that seals opening in the wall of a blood vessel has a first sealing element for placing inside the lumen of the blood vessel and to engage the interior wall surface, a shaft integrally formed with the first sealing element and fixed in a predetermined configuration relative... Agent:

20140207183 - Vessel sealing device with automatic deployment: A device and a method for sealing an opening in the wall of a blood vessel is provided. The device includes an automatic mechanism, a shaft fixedly connected to the automatic mechanism, a seal assembly attached to the distal end of the shaft, and a pushing rod also engaging the... Agent:

20140207186 - Sealant delivery device for anastomotic stapler: The present invention relates to surgical instruments and a method for applying an adhesive or sealant to an anastomosis site immediately prior and/or during anastomotic surgical stapling. The present invention further relates to surgical instruments, devices, and methods for applying sealant to a target tissue of a surgical site being... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20140207187 - Infant glove having a reversible pocket: A pacifier glove is provided. The pacifier glove includes a mitten body having opposing sides and having a closed end and an open end, the opposing sides of the mitten body defining an opening there between, the opening being accessible via the open end. An elastic member is configured on... Agent:

20140207188 - Surgical suture retrieving and passing system: A suture retaining device, which has an elongate body having a cross section that is at least partially circular, and a head portion joined to the elongate body. The head portion has a sidewall that defines a cavity for receipt of a suture. The sidewall also has an internal surface... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20140207189 - Knotless suture anchoring device having deforming section to accommodate sutures of various diameters: An innovative bone anchor and methods for securing soft tissue, such as tendons, to bone, which permit a suture attachment that lies entirely beneath the cortical bone surface. The suturing material between the soft tissue and the bone anchor may be secured without the need for tying a knot. The... Agent: Arthrocare Corporation

20140207190 - Spinal three-dimensional orthopedic equipment: A spinal three-dimensional orthopedic equipment comprises a frame, a front board member and a drive device for driving the front board member fixed on the frame, a back board member and a middle board member as well as their drive devices fixed on the frame, a head holding device fixed... Agent:

20140207191 - System and method for performing spinal stabilization: A system and method for performing percutaneous spinal stabilization, comprising inserting a k-wire into skin and tissue proximal to the spine; drilling the k-wire into and through the spinous process, creating a narrow aperture therethrough; inserting one or more cannulas over the k-wire, through the skin and tissue and towards... Agent:

20140207192 - Spinous process fusion implants and insertion, compression, and locking instrumentation: A bone plate assembly including at least one bone plate, polyaxially adjustable fixation elements and a polyaxially adjustable locking mechanism. A first plate includes at least one polyaxial element for lockable connection with a fixation pad, and a connection feature which allows the plate to translate and polyaxially rotate relative... Agent: Osteomed LLC

20140207193 - Surgical system and methods of use: A surgical system including an expandable device is provided, including an inflatable body and a compliant sleeve. The compliant sleeve includes a distal end, a proximal end, and a cavity extending from the proximal end to the oppositely disposed distal end configured to receive a portion of the inflatable body.... Agent: Kyphon Sarl

20140207194 - System comprising a bone plate and a bone screw: A system comprises a bone plate and a bone screw. The bone plate is provided with a through-hole, which extends from an upper face to a bone-side lower face of the bone plate. A lip is formed in the through-hole, which lip protrudes from the curved surface of the through-hole... Agent:

20140207195 - Dynamic bone fixation element and method of using the same: The present invention relates to dynamic bone fixation elements and a surgical method to stabilize bone or bone fragments. The dynamic bone fixation elements preferably include a bone engaging component and a load carrier engaging component. The bone engaging component preferably includes a plurality of threads for engaging a patient's... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140207196 - Limited collapse surgical screws: A telescopic surgical screw comprising: (a) a first screw section including a distal threaded section and a proximal section; (b) a second screw section including a proximal threaded section and a distal section; and, (c) a reconfigurable bushing configured to be received within at least one of the first screw... Agent:

20140207197 - System for osteosythesis of the sternum: An implant 1 for sternal osteosynthesis has a clamp 10 with a first prong 101, a second prong 102 and a connecting portion 100. In the connecting portion 100 is formed a member 11 for the purpose of providing engagement with or for positionally stable support for a compatible supporting... Agent: Medxpert Gmbh

07/17/2014 > 62 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20140200560 - Adjustable stop for elongate medical device deflection mechanism: A deflection mechanism for an elongate medical device may comprise an actuator. The actuator may comprise a rotatable body comprising a channel, the channel comprising a plurality of recesses. The deflection mechanism may further comprises an activation wire having a proximal end and a distal end, and a wire lock... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.

20140200561 - Hand held electromechanical surgical system including battery compartment diagnostic display: An electromechanical surgical system is provided and includes a hand-held surgical device. The surgical device includes a device housing defining a connecting portion for selectively connecting with an adapter assembly, the housing being configured to removably receive a battery therein; at least one drive motor supported in the device housing... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140200562 - Ophthalmological device for treating eye tissue: An ophthalmological device (10) for treating eye tissue (6) with laser pulses (L) comprises a projection optical unit (3) for focused projection of the laser pulses (L), a scanner system (1) for dynamically deflecting the laser pulses (L) and a zoom system (20), which is arranged between the projection optical... Agent:

20140200563 - Robust laser cutting methods for ophthalmic surgery: A method and apparatus for performing ophthalmic laser surgery using a pulsed laser beam is provided. The method includes establishing an initial cutting pattern comprising a plurality of original photodisruption points, establishing an enhanced cutting pattern comprising a plurality of enhanced photodisruption points selected to decrease potential adverse effects due... Agent: Amo Development, LLC.

20140200564 - Devices for the treatment of biological tissue: An apparatus for treating a subcutaneous fat region is provided. The apparatus includes a housing that has a skin contacting portion defining a chamber. The apparatus also includes a first spaced region in the housing through which a coolant passes and a second spaced region in the housing that is... Agent: Candela Corporation

20140200565 - Innenkant catheter tip: The invention relates to a laser catheter for bypass surgery. The laser catheter comprises: a tubular arrangement comprising a tubular bundle of optical fibres having distal ends defining an emitting surface for emitting laser radiation in the distal direction of the catheter; at the distal end of the catheter, a... Agent: Amj Bv

20140200566 - Multi-spot laser probe with micro-structured distal surface: An optical surgical probe, configured to optically couple to a light source; comprising a cannula; a light guide within the cannula, configured to receive a light beam from the light source, to guide the light beam to a distal end of the light guide, and to emit the light beam... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20140200567 - Methods and devices for the treatment of atrial fibrillation: Apparatus, systems and methods for creation of ablation lesions for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. A method for creating a maze of lesions to isolate macro re-entrant circuits. An ablation catheter with at least one ablation surface at its distal end. A flexible ablation probe with at least one ablation... Agent: Adagio Medical, Inc.

20140200568 - Method and apparatus for tissue ablation: Devices and methods for tissue ablation include injecting a conductive medium into a target tissue and then delivering an ablative agent to the conductive medium to ablate the target tissue. Optionally, the contents of the target tissue are removed using the ablation device prior to injection of the conductive medium.... Agent:

20140200569 - Medical instruments and techniques for thermally-mediated therapies: A surgical instrument for thermally-mediated therapies in targeted tissue volumes and for causing thermal effects in polymer tissue-contacting members. In one embodiment, the instrument has a working end with an interior chamber that is supplied with a biocompatible liquid. An energy source causes a liquid-to-vapor phase change within the interior... Agent: Tsunami Medtech, LLC

20140200570 - Medical system and method of use: An instrument and method for applying thermal energy to targeted tissue. An instrument and method for tissue thermotherapy. In one embodiment, a method includes providing a vapor source comprising a pump configured for providing a flow of liquid media from a liquid media source into a vaporization chamber having a... Agent: Tsunami Medtech, LLC

20140200574 - Method and apparatus for treating cancer: A method and apparatus for treating masses, such as prostate or breast cancer, or any other soft tissue cancerous or benign mass, employs a unique, three-dimensional software-controlled electronic amplifier array using arbitrary waveforms that dynamically and proportionally steer electrical currents by using two or more current vector paths, sequentially or... Agent: Medamp Electronics, LLC

20140200571 - Methods and systems for assessing cardiac fibrillogenicity: Methods and systems for assessing cardiac fibrillogenicity in a patient includes generating a map of a duration of one or more measurements indicative of a number of electrical circuit cores and distribution of the electrical circuit cores across a cardiac tissue substrate in the patient's heart in response to electrical... Agent:

20140200572 - Methods and systems for minimizing and treating cardiac fibrillation: Methods and systems for using feedback to minimize and treat cardiac fibrillation in a patient, includes generating a map of one or more measurements indicative of a number and distribution of electrical circuit cores for a duration across a cardiac tissue substrate in the patient's heart in response to electrical... Agent: University Of Vermont

20140200573 - Systems and methods for neuromodulation for treatment of pain and other disorders associated with nerve conduction: Methods and apparatus are provided, for selective destruction or temporary disruption of nerves and/or conduction pathways in a mammalian body for the treatment of pain and other disorders. Apparatus comprises catheters having electrodes for targeting and affecting nerve tissue at a cellular level to reversible and irreversible nerve portion and... Agent: Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.i.

20140200575 - Methods and systems for optimizing lesion placement to minimize and treat cardiac fibrillation: Methods and systems for optimizing lesion placement to treat cardiac fibrillation in a patient include obtaining a map of one or more measurements indicative of a number and distribution of electrical circuit cores for a duration across a cardiac tissue substrate in response to electrical activity in the cardiac tissue... Agent:

20140200577 - Ablation grasper: The present invention provides improved catheters for ablative procedures for biological tissue, e.g., in the heart. The catheters allow active fixation to the tissue using a pair of jaws, and a sheath actuates the jaws, simplifying actuation. In particular embodiments, the pair of jaws provides additional stability in attachment to... Agent:

20140200576 - Bipolar forceps: A bipolar forceps may include a first forceps arm having a first forceps arm aperture, a first forceps jaw, and a first forceps arm conductor tip; a second forceps arm having a first forceps arm aperture, a second forceps jaw, and a second forceps arm conductor tip; and an input... Agent: Kogent Surgical, LLC

20140200579 - Directional mesh and associated systems: Woven structures and associated systems for weaving such structures are disclosed. Some disclosed innovations pertain to braided structures, such as braided wire structures, with axially asymmetric woven structures (or “directional meshes”) being examples. Other innovations disclosed herein pertain to methods of manufacturing woven structures, with automated methods of braiding directional... Agent: Accellent, Inc.

20140200578 - Renal nerve ablation catheter: Medical devices for ablating nerves perivascularly and methods for making and using the same are disclosed. An example medical device may include an expandable frame slidably disposed within a catheter shaft. The expandable frame may be configured to shift between a collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration. One or more... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140200580 - Limited-use medical device: A medical device may include one or more operable components and one or more limited-use portions. The limited-use portion(s) is configured to transition from a first state to a second state upon being subjected to sterilization above a sterilization threshold. In the second state, the limited-use portion(s) inhibit the operability... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140200581 - Systems and methods for turbinate reduction: The present disclosure includes an electrosurgical apparatus for treating tissue at a target site. The apparatus has a shaft with a proximal end and a distal portion, the distal portion comprising a return electrode and electrode support. There is also at least one active electrode on the shaft distal portion,... Agent: Arthrocare Corporation

20140200582 - Fixation device for the fixation of bone fragments: A fixation device for the fixation of bone fragments, applicable to the mutual fastening of bone fragments temporarily separated during a surgical operation or as a result of a trauma. The device is also suitable for the fixation of a bone flap in the replacement thereof in a corresponding aperture... Agent: Neos Surgery, S.l.

20140200583 - Fracture fixation device: Assemblies for securing fractured bone are provided. The assembly includes a first fixation element, a second fixation element, and an adjustable flexible member construct. The first fixation element having a male or a female sleeve is secured within a first portion of the fractured bone. The second fixation element having... Agent: Biomet Sports Medicine, LLC

20140200584 - Shielded capacitor sensor system for medical applications and method: A measurement system for measuring a parameter of the muscular-skeletal system is disclosed. The measurement system comprises a capacitor, a signal generator, a digital counter, counter register, a digital clock, a digital timer, and a data register. The sensor of the measurement system is the capacitor. The measurement system generates... Agent: Orthosensor Inc.

20140200621 - Navigation systems and methods for indicating and reducing line-of-sight errors: Navigation systems and methods used to track objects moving in space. One navigation system and method employs trackers having light emitters for indicating when line-of-sight between tracking elements on the trackers and sensors is obstructed or for other errors. Another navigation system and method instructs users on how to place... Agent:

20140200585 - Device and method for use during ligament reconstruction surgery: The present disclosure relates to a device for use in ligament reconstruction surgery. The device includes a handle, a tube coupled to the handle, and a locking mechanism coupled to the handle. A method for use during ligament reconstruction surgery is also disclosed.... Agent:

20140200586 - Hand held integrated pedicle screw placement device: A device for applying a medical element has a housing defining a longitudinal axis with a channel disposed therethrough. The housing has a proximal and a distal opening. The device also has at least one sensing device positioned adjacent to the distal opening. The device also has a signaling device... Agent:

20140200587 - Device comprising a plurality of implants for the fixing of prosthetic material: The device incorporates multiple implants for the attachment of prosthetic equipment, and is characterized by the fact that it incorporates multiple identical implants (1) positioned in alignment and connected to each other at their front (1a) and rear (1b), in a temporary manner, such that the said implants have a... Agent: Aspide Medical

20140200590 - Plunger tip coupling device for intraocular lens injector: The present disclosure is directed to devices, systems, and methods directed to mounting a plunger tip to a plunger of an IOL injection device. A plunger tip wrench that is operable to releasably retain a plunger tip may be coupled to a holder extending from an end of the IOL... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140200589 - Pre-loaded iol insertion system: A system for easily transferring an intraocular lens (IOL) from an inserter into a patient's eye. The system includes an inserter handpiece with a holding station for receiving or storing an IOL. The IOL may be pre-loaded within the holding station during manufacture, and the inserter handpiece coupled to a... Agent:

20140200588 - Protective cap for an insertion device and other insertion device features: A protective cap having finger grips, a window, and port. The protective cap may also have one or more clips (or snaps), one or more relief slots, and/or one or more guides. Protective cap 200 may also have a fill indicator and/or a material relief. An insertion system having a... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20140200591 - Cervical sealing apparatus: Aspects and embodiments directed to cervical seals are disclosed. In one embodiment, a cervical seal having adjustable length comprises a first portion and a second portion, each configured to receive an elongated central member, a length of the cervical seal corresponding to a distance between the first portion and the... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20140200593 - Adjustable wire length stylet handle: A stylet-lead assembly includes a therapy delivery element and a stylet. The therapy delivery element includes a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen having a lumen length extending from the proximal end to almost the distal end. The stylet includes a stylet handle including a locking insert having... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20140200592 - Electrode insertion tools, lead assemblies, kits and methods for placement of cardiac device electrodes: Insertion tools, lead assemblies, kits, and methods for placement of cardiac device electrodes. In some embodiments, an insertion tool having a proximal end and a distal, dissecting end includes a structure configured to receive or engage a structure on a lead assembly. Some embodiments include a lead assembly having an... Agent: Cameron Health, Inc.

20140200594 - Surgical instrument with disengageable handle: The invention relates to a surgical instrument comprising:—a distal tool (5) securely fastened to a distal end of a rotation shaft (4) and rotatably mounted on and in the extension of a distal member (30) rotatably mounted at an end of an elongated arm (3),—an comprising motorized means (20) for... Agent:

20140200595 - Endoscopic instrument: An endoscopic surgical instrument includes a flexible tube, a grasping and fastening end effector coupled to the distal end of the tube, and a manual actuator coupled to the proximal end of the tube. The manual actuator is coupled to the end effector by a plurality of flexible cables which... Agent: Boston Scientific Miami Corporation

20140200597 - Biodegradable apparatus and method for closure of trocar defects: A biodegradable device for providing scaffolding for a trocar defect to promote healing. The device consists of an upper and lower scaffold, offset by a connector. The device is arranged so the distance between the lower surface of the upper scaffolding and upper surface of the lower scaffolding holds the... Agent:

20140200596 - Torque compensation: Embodiments of a clamping system are disclosed. In some embodiments, a system used with a motor assembly and a clamping device is presented, the system adjusting torque limits in the motor assembly according to conditions, for example operating temperature of the motor assembly and aging of the clamping device and... Agent:

20140200598 - Devices and systems configured to fit around a tissue or organ and methods of using the same: Devices and systems to fit around a tissue or organ and methods of using the same. In at least one embodiment of an implantable device of the present disclosure, the implantable device comprises a first engaging component comprising a first rigid inner plate at least partially surrounded by a first... Agent:

20140200599 - Adaptive rotary catheter for opening obstructed bodily vessels: A rotary catheter for opening partially and totally obstructed bodily vessels of varying diameter (e.g., blood vessel) which comprises a motor-driven flexible hollow shaft rotatably disposed in a flexible tube, an aspiration channel defined between the flexible tube and the hollow shaft, a tip affixed to a distal end of... Agent:

20140200600 - Ear brush cleaner: Ear Brush Cleaner© drawings based on an over the counter [OTC] interdental floss instrument. The ‘Flair or Flange’ concept: Ear Brush Cleaner© is to have a flair or flange in function similar to the one I've shown in my drawings that restricts its insertion into the ear canal, to be... Agent:

20140200601 - Curved clamp arm for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments: The present invention relates to ultrasonic surgical clamping instruments and, more particularly, to a curved clamp arm for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments that have an ultrasonically actuated blade that, in one case, is ultrasonically actuated to have motion in substantially a single plane. The curved clamp arm opens and... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20140200602 - Circular surgical scalpel and marker: Disclosed herein are devices useful for marking and making circular incisions in surgeries particularly breast surgeries. The devices generally comprise a body, a central handle and a marking or cutting implement affixed to one end. Also disclosed herein are kits comprising the marking and/or cutting implements and methods for improving... Agent: Natural Nipple Knife LLC

20140200603 - Subintimal re-entry catheter with actuatable orientation mechanism: A recanalization catheter for facilitating re-entry into a lumen of a blood vessel from a subintimal space. The recanalization catheter includes first and second mechanically actuatable wings positioned at a distal region of the elongate shaft of the catheter that are actuatable between a retracted position and an expanded position.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140200604 - Fistula treatment devices and methods: Disclosed herein are implantable fistula treatment devices and methods. In some embodiments, a distal anchor for an implantable fistula treatment device may comprise a suture and multiple foldable members including at least a distal-most foldable member and a proximal-most foldable member. The distal-most foldable member may comprise a suture attachment... Agent: Curaseal Inc.

20140200605 - Tissue expanders and methods of use: Tissue expanders and their methods of use.... Agent:

20140200606 - Multi-stranded apparatus for treating a medical condition: The present embodiments provide apparatus suitable for treating a medical condition at a target site. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a plurality of strands, each having proximal and distal regions, wherein the plurality of strands are twisted in a generally helical manner to form a tubular shape. The proximal... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140200608 - Clot retrieval device for removing occlusive clot from a blood vessel: A clot retrieval device (9501) for removing occlusive clot from a blood vessel comprises an inner elongate body (9503) and an outer elongate body (9504) at least partially overlying the inner elongate body (9503). The device also comprises an elongate member or shaft (9502) having a proximal end which extends... Agent: Neuravi Limited

20140200607 - Occlusive device: An occlusive device comprising a braided component which can be inserted into a blood vessel and a delivery system for delivering said occlusive device is described.... Agent:

20140200609 - Method and apparatus of face lifting that move facial tissues up and hold: The method and apparatus of face lifting are invented for reducing facial sagging of aged people. The method comprises: 1) move up sagged temple, cheek and forehead tissues from sagged location to a higher location, 2) hold the tissues in the lifted location, 3) put a pressure on the lifted... Agent:

20140200610 - Rigid and flexible laparoscopic tool shafts and methods using same: Laparoscopic tool shafts and devices and methods for enhancing their rigidity in general or in specific directions are provided. Laparoscopic tool shafts having rigid external shafts and relatively rigid rods and laparoscopic tool shafts having flexible external shafts and relatively rigid rods are also provided.... Agent: Teleflex Medical Incorporated

20140200611 - Vascular closure system toggle placement: Methods of controlling the orientation of a toggle of a puncture sealing device are disclosed. In one example, a proximal end of a toggle of the sealing device can be trapped between a release tube and a delivery tube while the puncture sealing device is being moved into a vessel... Agent:

20140200612 - Clamping instrument: Embodiments of a clamping instrument are disclosed. In some embodiments, a clamping device with calibrated parameters and a calibration process for the clamping device is presented. A method of calibrating a clamping instrument can include acquiring a data set of clamping torque as a function of tip deflection data for... Agent:

20140200613 - Dynamic spinal plating system: Dynamic spinal plating systems that can be placed on the anterior aspect of the spine to aid in spinal fusion and surgical methods for using the dynamic spinal plating systems are disclosed. The dynamic spinal plating systems including a plate and at least one bone attachment mechanism. The plate including... Agent: Albany Medical College

20140200614 - Spinal stabilization system and method: A spinal stabilization system may include a pair of structural members coupled to at least a portion of a human vertebra with connectors. Connectors may couple structural members to spinous processes. Some embodiments of a spinal stabilization system may include fasteners that couple structural members to vertebrae. In some embodiments,... Agent: Zimmer Spine, Inc.

20140200615 - Anti-displacement coil spring-type spine stabilization device: An anti-displacement coil spring-type spine stabilization device includes: a coil spring member made of a spiral spring wire having multiple continuous loops, the coil spring member having the form of an elongated bar; two connection members securely connected with two ends of the coil spring member, opposite end faces of... Agent:

20140200616 - System for stimulating bone growth, tissue healing and/or pain control, and method of use: A system for use in stimulating bone growth, tissue healing, and/or pain control is described. The system includes a screw, a battery, a controller, and means for connecting the battery such that current is routed from the battery through the screw and thence to a target area of interest requiring... Agent:

20140200617 - Posterior fixation system: A posterior fixation system includes a saddle member, an anchoring member, an occipital plate, an occipital rod, and a cross-link connector. The anchoring member anchors the saddle member to bone. The saddle member includes a channel that is adapted to receive an orthopedic rod. The saddle member and the anchoring... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20140200619 - Guide assembly for lateral implants and associated methods: A method for use in guiding a lateral fastener into a lateral bore of a femoral body implant. The method can use an outrigger having an arm portion, a leg portion that extends from the arm portion, and an alignment tube that extends from the leg portion. The method can... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing, LLC

20140200618 - Systems and methods for fusing a sacroiliac joint and anchoring an orthopedic appliance: An orthopedic anchoring system for attaching a spinal stabilization system and concomitantly fusing a sacroiliac joint is disclosed that includes a delivery tool and an implant assembly for insertion into a joint space of a sacroiliac joint. The implant assembly may be secured using anchors inserted through bores within the... Agent: Jcbd, LLC

20140200620 - Implantable fixture: A self-tapping fixture is implantable in a bone. The fixture extends generally longitudinally from an apical end to a distal end along a longitudinal axis L and has a periphery, the periphery comprises a first zone A extending away from the apical end to merge with a second zone B,... Agent:

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