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10/02/2014 > 70 patent applications in 51 patent subcategories.

20140296766 - Method of detecting recirculation in an arteriovenous shunt during ongoing hemodialysis and dialysis system: Control methods of a dialysis machine for allowing the dialysate-side detection of a recirculation in an arteriovenous shunt of a patient during ongoing hemodialysis are described. A sensor is arranged downstream of a dialyser and detects a change of a physicochemical parameter PD of outflowing dialysis fluid. Control elements are... Agent:

20140296768 - Removal and repositioning devices: A gastrointestinal implant device includes a flexible, floppy sleeve, open at both ends, that extends into the duodenum. The device further includes a collapsible anchor coupled to the proximal portion of the sleeve. The device further includes a drawstring that is threaded through a proximal end of the anchor, and... Agent:

20140296767 - System and method to increase the overall diameter of veins and arteries: A system and method for increasing the speed of blood and the wall shear stress in a peripheral artery or peripheral vein to a sufficient level and for a sufficient period of time to result in a persistent increase in the overall diameter and lumen diameter of the artery or... Agent: Novita Therapeutics, LLC

20140296769 - Methods and systems for establishing retrograde carotid arterial blood flow: Devices and methods establish and facilitate retrograde or reverse flow blood circulation in the region of the carotid artery bifurcation in order to limit or prevent the release of emboli into the cerebral vasculature such as into the internal carotid artery. The methods are particularly useful for interventional procedures performed... Agent: Silk Road Medical, Inc.

20140296770 - Transpyloric anchoring: Gastrointestinal implants can be used to secure thin-walled sleeves, restrictor plates, and other devices within the gastrointestinal tract. An example implant includes three elements: a stomach anchor to resist distally oriented forces; a duodenal anchor to resist proximally oriented forces; and a connector element to keep the stomach anchor fixed... Agent: Gl Dynamics, Inc.

20140296771 - Insertion body, insertion apparatus, rotation unit and rotative force transmission unit: An insertion body includes: a base arranged in the central axis; a rotating body provided on an outer periphery of the base and rotatable around the central axis; and a channel which includes a guide provided at the base such that the rotative force transmitting section is able to be... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140296772 - Fluid dispenser: A fluid dispenser including a body (6) receiving a dispenser member (3) connected to a reservoir (1) and to a fluid dispenser orifice (73), an actuator member (4) for actuating the dispenser member (3) and a module (5) comprising at least one source of radiation (51), such as a LED,... Agent: Aptar France S.a.s.

20140296773 - Apparatus for the controlled release of topical nitric oxide: A stable delivery system for the therapeutic release and application of nitric oxide to a patient suffering from a cutaneous injury or wound includes a S-nitrosothiol and transition element nanoparticles. The transition metal nanoparticles are selected to react with the S-nitrosothiol to release and diffuse nitric oxide into the injury... Agent:

20140296774 - Auto-replenishing, wound-dressing apparatus and method: Apparatus and methods to treat skin defects include a pump with reservoirs for a pressurization gas and a fluid. Upon activation, the pump generates a gas introduced into the gas reservoir, a movable wall of which displaces a movable wall of a fluid source, thus dispensing the fluid into the... Agent:

20140296775 - Fluid detection in an enteral feeding set: Detection of fluid conditions in an administration set. A light source is positioned to transmit an infrared light through administration set tubing and any fluid therein. A light sensor senses the infrared light transmitted through the tubing and generates an output signal. A frequency of the output signal is a... Agent:

20140296776 - Casing: A casing for an injection device of the type having a safety device which prevents operation of the device, incorporating an actuator means by which the safety means of the device can be actuated to allow operation of the device. Also a casing for a medicament container having an opening... Agent: Zogenix, Inc.

20140296777 - Needleless syringe: The present invention resides in a needleless syringe for injecting an injection objective substance into an injection target area of a living body without using any injection needle; the needleless syringe comprising a main syringe body; an accommodating unit which accommodates the injection objective substance by the aid of a... Agent: Daicel Corporation

20140296779 - Shape-transferring cannula system and method of use: A rigidizable medical device may include an inner element and an outer element. The outer element of the device may be positioned at least in part around the inner element so as to define a space radially between the inner element and the outer element. The medical device may further... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140296778 - Steerable kink-resistant sheath: A steerable kink resistant access device is provided having an elongated body and a steerable portion; methods for manufacturing the kink resistant device are also provided. The access sheath has an outside diameter sufficiently small so that it may be inserted into a body cavity or conduit. The access sheath... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20140296780 - Polymer composite carbon nanotube microneedle devices and their fabrication: Composite CNT microneedle fabrication and finally-constructed delivery device embodiments are described. The microneedles can provide a self-administered, painless alternative to standard hypodermic injection.... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140296781 - Thumb press frangible feature for re-use prevention: Syringe assemblies having a passive disabling system to prevent reuse are provided. According to one or more embodiments, the syringe assembly comprises a barrel, plunger rod and detachable thumb press wherein the plunger rod further comprises flexible locking petals that lock the plunger rod within the barrel, a ramp disposed... Agent:

20140296782 - Injection devices with ergonomic enhancements: Injection devices with ergonomic enhancements are disclosed. Generally, the injection devices include large oversized grips, including flanges at the base end of the device for enhanced stability. Push-type and squeeze-type devices are described, as well as manual injectors and auto-injectors. Such injection devices are useful for delivering a fluid (e.g.... Agent: Eli Lilly And Company

20140296783 - Injection delivery system: An injection delivery system for automatically injecting fluid into an injection site includes at least one support element and a carriage moveably mounted to the at least one support element so that the carriage can move linearly relative thereto. The carriage has a support structure for removably receiving and carrying... Agent:

20140296785 - Hybrid infusion device housing: Described is a housing for a drug infusion pump. Generally, the housing is of a hybrid design having a rigid portion containing the drive mechanism and any desired electronic components, and a pliant portion that improves the adherence of the patch-style infusion device to the body of the patient.... Agent:

20140296784 - Infusion device with layered structure having durable and disposable components: A infusion device with a durable portion and a disposable portion, comprising a reservoir that holds a liquid medicament, a pump that displaces the liquid medicament from the reservoir to the patient, at least one valve that conducts the displaced medicament from the reservoir, and a fluid conduit that conducts... Agent:

20140296787 - Drive mechanism for drug delivery pumps with integrated status indication: A drive mechanism includes a housing, a piston adapted to impart movement to a plunger seal within a drug container, a plurality of biasing members disposed in parallel, and a retainer. The biasing members are disposed to release energy to cause movement of the piston from a retracted first position... Agent:

20140296786 - Fluid cartridge for medical infusion device: The invention is generally directed toward a novel fluid cartridge for medical infusion devices. The disclosed invention describes various protection sleeves and other structures for protecting the luer connection of a lineset that connects to the cartridge, to reduce the stresses placed on the luer connection when the lineset is... Agent:

20140296788 - Introducer handle notch design/concept: An improved splittable medical device introducer designed to introduce a medical device such as a lead or catheter, into a patient's vasculature without loss of blood or introduction of air is described. The introducer assembly is designed with a notch provided at the proximal end of the introducer housing. The... Agent:

20140296790 - High flow rate dual reservoir port system: Devices and methods for obtaining high flow rates in a port catheter system, and devices and methods for using a high flow rate port catheter system are disclosed. In one embodiment, a reservoir is dedicated for aspiration and a separate reservoir is dedicated for infusion. Fluid flow channels associated with... Agent:

20140296789 - Multi-lumen needle and catheter guidance system: A multi-lumen needle and catheter guidance system is provided and includes: a multi-lumen needle including a pair of rectangular lumens, the pair of rectangular lumens extending longitudinally within and through a shaft of the multi-lumen needle from a proximal end of the multi-lumen needle to a distal end of the... Agent:

20140296791 - Pre-filled multi-chamber device for sequential delivery: The present invention relates to a pre-filled, syringe-like device to delivery multiple fluids (liquid and gas). Different segment of fluids are stored separated and then dispensed sequentially from the device when the plunger of the syringe is pressed. To enable the sequential delivery of pre-filled fluids, the invention includes a... Agent:

20140296792 - Sharps guard: An arrangement for covering the sharp point of a needle of a syringe or similar needle device. The arrangement includes a hollow cover which exposes the needle in a retracted position and covers the needle in the deployed condition. A resilient multi-section link anchored to the syringe may propel the... Agent:

20140296793 - Nasal aspirator: A nasal aspirator is adapted to remove fluid or tissue from a nasal passageway. The aspirator includes an aspirator tube sized to fit in a nasal passageway.... Agent:

20140296794 - Needleless positive-pressure connector: The present invention is related to a needleless positive-pressure connector, mainly comprising a casing pipe, a connecting pipe, an elastic unit, and a piston. In this connection, the casing pipe and the connecting pipe are interconnected, while the piston and the elastic unit are located within the interior of the... Agent: Sunwell Global Limited

20140296795 - Needle with protective cover member: A safety needle assembly including a medical needle and a needle protection assembly. The needle protection assembly includes a cover member surrounding a portion of the medical needle and is movable between a retracted position and an extended position. A base sub-assembly of the needle protection assembly is attached to... Agent: Imed Technology, Inc.

20140296797 - Injection needle: An injection needle 1 made of an alloy containing cobalt and molybdenum is manufactured as follows. First, lancet cut is carried out to a pipe-like metallic material composed of the alloy containing cobalt and molybdenum to form a blade tip 3 and a blade part 5. Then, a distal end... Agent:

20140296796 - Plastic microneedle strip: The present invention relates to plastic microneedle strips (10) that are used in transdermal drug delivery for increasing the drug delivery rate through the skin These microneedle strips (10) are mass produced singly or in a cluster (100) via precision injection moulding process, and may be assembled to form microneedle... Agent:

20140296798 - Occlusion device for closing anatomical defects: An occlusion device for closing an anatomical defect in tissue comprising a conduit connecting an opening on a first tissue and an opening on a second tissue is provided. The occlusion device comprises a scaffold comprising a) a proximal support structure comprising at least two arms; b) a distal support... Agent: Nanyang Technological University

20140296799 - Degradable removable implant for the sustained release of an active compound: A degradable, removable, pharmaceutical implant for the sustained release of one or more drugs in a subject, wherein the pharmaceutical implant is composed of a tube comprising an outer wall made of a degradable polymer completely surrounding a cavity, wherein the outer wall has a plurality of openings and wherein... Agent:

20140296800 - Ophthalmic implant for delivering therapeutic substances: Described are implantable therapeutic devices, systems and methods to treat a patient. The device includes a hollow refillable housing for implantation within the posterior segment of an eye through a penetration in the sclera including a proximal retention structure protruding outward from a proximal end region of the housing, an... Agent: Forsight Vision4, Inc.

20140296801 - Unit dose breakable vial with integrated brush applicator: A disposable sterile breakable vial includes a handle section and a vial section which are completely separable in response to a manually applied separation force. The vial section includes a sterile void dimensioned to contain a unit dose of a sterile therapeutic topical agent. An elongated member comprises a proximal... Agent:

20140296802 - Aid device for intraocular injection: Described is an aid device for an intraocular injection comprising a skirt having an aperture to receive an eye, and a cover coupled to the skirt. The cover has one or more guide holes adapted to receive a needle.... Agent:

20140296803 - Wound treatment apparatus employing reduced pressure: An apparatus for stimulating healing of a wound, includes a porous pad adapted to contact a surface of the wound on an affected part of a body. An envelope for receiving the porous pad and the affected part of the body is provided, and the envelope includes a re-sealable opening... Agent:

20140296805 - Hydrophobic porous non mechanical valve for medical suction device: The present invention provides a porous non mechanical valve which retards or prevents the passage of bodily fluids and is resistant to being occluded or blocked by exposure to the surgical fumes or aerosols encountered during surgical procedures.... Agent: Porex Corporation

20140296804 - Wound contacting members and methods: Wound contacting members and methods, apparatuses, systems and kits incorporating the same are disclosed. The wound contacting members offer improved performance in terms of preventing or inhibiting tissue in-growth and improving tissue granulation growth. The wound contacting members may be used in negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) applications.... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20140296806 - Device, system, kit or method for collecting effluent from an individual: The present invention relates to a device, method, system and kit for receiving effluent from an individual. In an alternative embodiment, the present invention is directed to a device, method, system and kit for collecting effluent from an individual during a medical or diagnostic procedure including but not limited to,... Agent: Bracco Diagnostics Inc.

20140296807 - Human waste collection bag: A human waste collection bag comprising a front wall facing away from the skin and a rear wall facing towards the skin, the walls being made from flexible material, the bag having an inlet opening for receiving human waste, wherein at least the front wall has a gray or grayish... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140296808 - Capacitive wetness sensor and method for manufacturing the same: A sensor device for sensing wetness in an absorbent article worn by a subject includes one or more sensing elements; and a coupling for communicating sensor signals between the one or more sensing elements and a receiver. A change in environmental parameter causes a change in electrical behaviour of at... Agent: Fred Bergman Heaalthcare Pty Ltd

20140296811 - Article with tackifier-free adhesive: Disposable absorbent articles assembled from a collection of components using an adhesive comprising an amorphous polyolefin composition and a heterophase polyolefin composition comprising amorphous character and crystalline blocks.... Agent:

20140296810 - Laminate absorbent core for use in absorbent articles: The invention relates to absorbent cores having high amounts of superabsorbent polymer material which are immobilized by adhesive. The absorbent cores have reduced peak force when subjected to the Laminate Compression Extension Test Method and also exhibit reduced delamination upon swelling of the superabsorbent polymer material.... Agent:

20140296809 - Zoned topsheet: An absorbent article having a topsheet, a backsheet, and an absorbent core between the topsheet and backsheet. The topsheet has a central region, a first end intermediate region, a first end region, a second end intermediate region, a second end region, an edge region, and an intermediate edge region. The... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140296812 - Hot melt adhesive: A hot melt adhesive material and articles made using the hot melt adhesive to assemble structures in an article. The adhesive material typically is manufactured by blending amorphous polymer with a heterophase polymer having crystallinity into an adhesive composition.... Agent:

20140296813 - Wound care article for extraction and control of wound fluids: The subject of the invention is a wound care article for extraction and control of wound fluids, comprising at least one first fluid-absorbing structure (1; 10; 36), which is surrounded by a liquid-permeable, first enclosure (2), and a liquid-permeable, second enclosure (3) comprising two enclosing surfaces (13.1, 13.2). The wound... Agent:

20140296814 - Menstrual pant: A system including a menstrual pant and an absorbent article. The menstrual pant can have a front part; a back part; a crotch part provided so as to bridge between the front part and the back part, the crotch being utilized for fitting a sanitary napkin, a waist opening part... Agent:

20140296815 - Coordinated apertured and embossed topsheet layer materials, and absorbent articles containing such: A topsheet layer material for use on an absorbent article includes a longitudinal direction, a transverse direction and a depth direction and comprises a planar sheet. The topsheet layer material includes visually and spatially coordinated embossed channels and apertures. The embossed channels are curvilinear indentations configured along either the longitudinal,... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140296816 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article having improved handling of body exudates. The absorbent article can have a pair of leg opening adjustment mechanisms which a user of the absorbent article can independently adjust to provide a desired tension and/or closure of the absorbent article about the legs of the wearer of the... Agent:

20140296817 - Method and apparatus for producing an environmentally friendly absorbent structure: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for forming a composite structure, preferably for use in an absorbent structure used within the personal hygiene industry, such as for instance feminine hygiene garments, baby diapers and pants and adult incontinence garments. The present invention preferably provides a method and... Agent: Vynka Bvba

20140296818 - Sanitary napkin for dynamic body fit: An absorbent article providing improved body fit. The absorbent article includes an extensible fluid permeable facing layer and a first absorbent layer joined to the facing layer. Each zone of extensibility is a region of the first absorbent layer of relatively higher extensibility than regions of first absorbent layer adjacent... Agent:

20140296820 - Cloth diaper: A cloth diaper includes a size adjustable impermeable outer layer, and an elongated absorbent insert permanently attached only at one end to the inside of said outer layer, near the upper edge of the outer layer. The absorbent insert extends a substantial distance beyond the opposite upper edge of said... Agent:

20140296819 - Transitional absorbent pad and pantiliner: An array of personal care absorbent articles includes a menstrual absorbent article having a perimeter, a first transverse midline, a first minimum width line, and a menstrual absorbent layer having a menstrual absorbent shape, the perimeter defining a first article shape and a first article size. The array also includes... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc

20140296821 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article which can be applied to a wearer in a standing position. The absorbent article can be adjusted following the placement of the absorbent article on the wearer. The absorbent article can have a back fastening system and a front fastening system. The front fastening system can have... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140296822 - Port reservoir cleaning system and method: Devices and methods for cleaning a port reservoir are disclosed. The system includes a trocar, cannula and cleaning member. In one embodiment, the cleaning member has scraping members disposed at its distal end for mechanical breakup of thrombus formation. The cleaning member can also have a lumen for infusing anti-coagulant... Agent:

20140296823 - Dual-use catheter for continuous analyte measurement and drug delivery: A sensing assembly (10), including a body (12) and one or more first indicating electrodes disposed on the body (26). The first indicating electrodes include an electrochemically active layer (32) and a layer (38) of an active functioning enzyme of a first enzyme type on top of the electrochemically active... Agent: The State Of Oregon Acting By And Through The State Board Of Higher Education On Behalf Of Orego

20140296824 - Apparatus and methods for self-administration of vaccines and other medicaments: A medicament delivery device includes a housing, a medicament container disposed within the housing, an activation mechanism, a cover and an electronic circuit system. The activation mechanism includes an energy storage member configured to produce a force to deliver the dose of a medicament and/or vaccine. The cover is configured... Agent: Intelliject, Inc.

20140296827 - Medicine delivery device having detachable pressure sensing unit: A fluid medicament delivery device includes a patient attachment unit and a separate indicator unit. The patient attachment unit includes a housing and a fluid channel located therein, wherein at least a portion of the fluid channel includes a flexible member substantially coterminous with the housing. The separate indicator unit... Agent:

20140296825 - Method and device for inserting needles: The invention relates to a device for inserting needles, including a body defined by a proximal end and a distal end, a mounting movably mounted inside the body, at least one needle secured to the mounting, a drive means suitable for driving the mounting towards said distal end, said mounting... Agent: Debiotech S.a.

20140296826 - Preparation patch and safety syringe system: A safety syringe system including a safety syringe and an injection site preparation patch adapted for use with the safety syringe. The safety syringe includes a syringe body and a safety shield slidably disposed about the syringe body. The injection site preparation patch has a tissue-facing side and a syringe-facing... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140296828 - Stylet assemblies, catheter kits and assemblies including stylet asssemblies, and related methods: Stylet assemblies include one or more securing members extending from a base portion of the stylet assembly and configured to removably attach to a portion of an associated structure. Catheter kits and catheter assemblies may include such stylet assemblies. Methods of using a catheter assembly may include inserting at least... Agent: Custom Medical Applications, Inc.

20140296829 - Integrated vascular delivery system: An integrated vascular delivery system and method of use, the system including: a frame having a catheter hub that provides a first anchoring point on the patient and receives a catheter insertable in the patient to transfer fluid at an insertion site, a stabilization hub that provides a second anchoring... Agent: Tangent Medical Technologies LLC

20140296830 - Methods of administering drugs in an implantable multi-chamber pump: One embodiment of the present invention is a method for reducing pain using a multi chamber pump to separately administer multiple drugs. For example, one chamber may contain an omega conopeptide, such as ziconotide, and the other chamber or chambers may contain one or more other drugs, which may include... Agent: Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140296832 - Rectal catheter configured for pediatric care: A rectal catheter is configured for improved pediatric care. The catheter includes a member that terminates into a rounded tip, a plug mounted about the member, the plug being made of a moldable material, a balloon mounted about the member between the rounded tip and the plug, a conduit that... Agent: Indiana University Research & Technology Corporation

20140296831 - Trans-anal inflow catheter and method for intermittently triggering a reflex-coordinated defecation: A device for transanally introducing an infusion into the rectum of a patient, the device comprising an inflatable balloon having a waisted shape, two terminal sections of larger radius and, a middle section of a reduced radius, and is placed transanally, the distally adjoining radially enlarged balloon section being placed... Agent:

20140296834 - Drug delivery device employing wicking release window: The present invention provides for a drug delivery device. The device can comprise at least one core with a first active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), coated with a first layer that is permeable or semi-permeable to the API, coated with a second layer that is impermeable to the API, and having... Agent: Oakcrest Institute Of Science

20140296833 - Intrauterine system for use in medical treatment: An intrauterine system is disclosed for use in the treatment of dysfunctional uterine bleeding; menorraghia; dysmenorrhoea; endometriosis; uterine fibroids; climacteric complaints; osteoporosis; and urogenital atrophy. The system is formed by a frame defining an interior space for receipt of a deposit of a therapeutically effective dose of a biologically active... Agent: Merck Sharp & Dohme B.v.

20140296835 - Connecting device for an administration system for medical treatment fluids: A connecting device includes a connecting member having a primary flow channel and secondary flow channels, each provided with a proximal aperture intended to be fluidically connected to a respective tube for medical treatment fluid administration and with a distal aperture, the distal aperture of the primary flow channel being... Agent: Doran International

09/25/2014 > 57 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20140288480 - Device and method for increasing flow through the left atrial appendage: Methods and devices for increasing flow in the left atrial appendage (LAA) include a conduit directing blood flow from a pulmonary artery into the LAA and/or a conduit drawing blood from the LAA by a Bernoulli effect. In one embodiment, a method comprises implanting a conduit in a pulmonary vein,... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140288479 - Occlusion resistant catheter and method of use: An implantable occlusion and tissue ingrowth resistant fluid interface is provided with a housing, an orifice and a catheter port. The housing is formed from at least one biocompatible material and is configured without sharp edges or corners. The housing at least partially defines an internal housing cavity. The orifice... Agent:

20140288482 - Method and apparatus for electrotherapy drug delivery: The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for an electrotherapeutic system including a first and second electrode. Each electrode includes a respective resistance wherein during operation of the electrotherapeutic system, an electrochemical reaction involving one or both of the electrodes varies the respective resistance of at least... Agent: Encore Medical Asset Corporation

20140288481 - Transdermal patch with non-water soluble adhesive and anesthetic: Embodiments associated with a transdermal delivery device are described. In one embodiment, a transdermal delivery device comprises material coated on one surface with a mixture of a non-water soluble adhesive and an anesthetic.... Agent:

20140288483 - Administration of antibiotics and therapeutic agents: Antibiotics are administered in a surgical site subcutaneously via a small or stab incision in the surgical field. Transcutaneous ultrasonic vibrations are applied across the surgical field, which is then opened in the usual manner, to thereby provide a surgical field which contains a vastly higher and more effective level... Agent:

20140288484 - Apparatus and system for administering a therapeutic agent into tissue: An apparatus for administering a therapeutic is provided. In various embodiments, the apparatus includes a syringe having a barrel and a plunger and having an ozone generator associated therewith. The generator is initiated and a therapeutic gas is accumulated within the barrel, at which point it can be delivered from... Agent: Ceramatec, Inc.

20140288485 - Glaucoma surgery methods and systems: Methods and systems are disclosed for creating an aqueous flow pathway in the trabecular meshwork, juxtacanalicular trabecular meshwork and Schlemm's canal of an eye for reducing elevated intraocular pressure. Some embodiments described apparatus and methods useful in photoablation of tissues. In some embodiments, a photoablation apparatus is used to perforate... Agent:

20140288486 - Transvaginal specimen extraction device: In laparoscopic surgery, small (5-12 mm diameter) incisions are made in the abdominal wall through which instruments dissect and remove specimens that may be several centimeters in diameter. Removal of the sample typically requires either enlarging these incisions or morcellating the sample to pass through the sub-centimeter ports. The laparoscopic... Agent: University Of South Florida

20140288487 - Method of using catheter for endoscope: A method of conducting a clinical procedure, including providing an endoscope having an instrument channel in communication with a lumen; providing a catheter adapted to be inserted through the instrument channel, the catheter comprising a tip having a guide tube portion, and a plurality of openings at a distal end... Agent:

20140288488 - System and method for delivering a target volume of fluid: A method for delivering a target volume of fluid to a destination is provided. The method includes delivering a first volume of fluid to the destination in increments each having approximately a first incremental volume, the first volume of fluid being less than the target volume and delivering a second... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140288489 - System and method for delivering a target volume of fluid: A method for delivering a target volume of fluid to a destination is provided. The method includes delivering a first volume of fluid to the destination in increments each having approximately a first incremental volume, the first volume of fluid being less than the target volume and delivering a second... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140288490 - System and method for delivering a target volume of fluid: A method for delivering a target volume of fluid to a destination is provided. The method includes delivering a first volume of fluid to the destination in increments each having approximately a first incremental volume, the first volume of fluid being less than the target volume and delivering a second... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140288491 - Composition for the treatment of fistula: A composition for use in the treatment of fistula, the composition comprising activated carbon.... Agent: Ferring B.v.

20140288492 - Swine vaccination system: A system for vaccinating swine according to one embodiment includes a housing having an open first end and an open apposite second end. The housing has a pair of side walls that are angled and non-parallel to one another such that at the second end only a single piglet can... Agent:

20140288493 - Device and method for food management: A medical device is disclosed. The medical device includes an RFID reader for receiving information from at least one RFID transponder. The medical device also includes a memory for storing a database and at least one processor for processing information. Also, a remote controller for a medical device is disclosed.... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140288494 - Integrated medicament delivery device for use with continuous analyte sensor: An integrated system for the monitoring and treating diabetes is provided, including an integrated receiver/hand-held medicament injection pen, including electronics, for use with a continuous glucose sensor. In some embodiments, the receiver is configured to receive continuous glucose sensor data, to calculate a medicament therapy (e.g., via the integrated system... Agent:

20140288495 - Timed release capsule and device for use with beverages: Timed release capsules administered in beverage preparations may be used for delayed release of flavor or color enhancements, and pharmaceuticals. A composite timed release capsule includes: a first layer, including a first material; a second layer, including a second material, such that the second material further includes inner bodies; and... Agent:

20140288496 - Rotate-to-advance catheterization system: An apparatus for accessing a bodily passageway includes: an endoscope including an insertion portion configured to inserted into the bodily passageway; a drive tube including a lumen configured to receive the endoscope; a helically-wound thread disposed on an outer wall of the drive tube and configured such that rotation of... Agent:

20140288497 - Catheter balloon drug adherence techniques and methods: Various methods for optimizing coating of medical devices, such as balloon catheters are disclosed. One method configures catheter balloon folds based on balloon diameter and volume. Other methods include using a specifically-sized protective sheath, using a vacuum, using pressure, pulling the balloon through a coating solution, using at least one... Agent:

20140288498 - Dual chamber passive retraction needle syringe: Embodiments of a retractable syringe assembly are provided that include a single syringe barrel configuration and dual syringe barrel configuration. In one or more embodiments, the assemblies include a barrel having a dividing wall to divide the chamber to define a fluid chamber having a first cross-sectional width for retaining... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20140288499 - Apparatus and method to provide emergency access to bone marrow: An apparatus and method for penetrating the bone marrow is provided. The apparatus includes a housing, a penetrator assembly, operable to penetrate the bone marrow, a connector operable to releasably attach the penetrator assembly to a drill shaft, the drill shaft operable to connect the penetrator assembly to a gear... Agent: Vidacare Corporation

20140288500 - Safety catheter system and method: A catheter integral with a valved needle-free connector provides a safety catheter device configured to receive a blunt cannula and sharp needle forming an insertion mechanism. The sharp needle is mounted within a needle tube and a control handle is used to slide the sharp needle out of and into... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20140288501 - Modular medical injection system: A medical injection system includes an elongate injection apparatus and an actuator apparatus. The actuator apparatus includes a fitting for coupling the actuator apparatus to a delivery catheter and a reversible gripping means to grip the injection apparatus; the gripping means is included in a plunger that is slideably engaged... Agent:

20140288502 - Intravascular catheter: This abstract relates to an angiographic, central venous, balloon expansion, peripheral over the needle intravascular catheter, belonging to the field of medical devices comprising the catheter itself, which is inserted into the body, obtained from a suitable material to have a flow proportional to the temperature.... Agent:

20140288503 - Removal of needle shield from syringes and automatic injection devices: Exemplary embodiments provide a needle shield remover that reliably engages with a distal cap of an automatic injection device and with one or more needle shields coupled to a syringe of the device. When a user removes the distal cap, the needle shield remover reliably removes the needle shields (e.g.,... Agent: Elcam Medical Agricultural Cooperative Association Ltd.

20140288504 - Safety pen needle device: The present invention relates to a safety pen needle device comprising a first needle shield (60) and a second back-end needle shield (90). During the injection the first needle shield (60) is moved to en retracted position this movement causes a actuation sleeve (31) to rotate. Said rotation causes a... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20140288505 - Assembly for a drug delivery device: An assembly for a drug delivery device is provided the assembly comprising a cartridge adapted and arranged to contain at least one dose of a drug, a bung being slidably arranged within the cartridge, a housing comprising a distal end and a proximal end, and a piston rod adapted and... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140288506 - Multi-dose syringe with a configurable scale: A multi-dose injection syringe includes a syringe body for containing a medicine and a plunger moveable within the syringe body, from an injection start position, to eject medicine therefrom, the syringe further including a scale provided on one of the syringe body and the plunger, the scale providing a time... Agent: Owen Mumford Limited

20140288508 - Gasket for pre-filled syringe: The present invention aims to provide a pre-filled syringe coated with a resin film capable of reducing sliding resistance and preventing liquid leakage by a simple method. The present invention relates to a gasket for a pre-filled syringe, which has a sliding side surface that is coated with an inactive... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20140288507 - Self-locking syringe: A self-locking syringe assembly is disclosed. The syringe assembly includes a barrel having an interior surface. An elongate plunger shaft is axially moveable within the barrel. The plunger shaft includes at least two longitudinally extending splines. A stopper is attached to the distal tip of the plunger shaft which provides... Agent:

20140288509 - Syringe for a high-pressure injector: A syringe for a high-pressure injector, having a syringe cylinder with a tube connection for a tube line located at an end closer to the patient and having a plunger that is guided inside the syringe cylinder in an advancing direction and that has sealing surfaces for resting in a... Agent:

20140288510 - Vented luer tip connector: A vented connector, used with male Luer tip fitting, is disclosed. The connector includes axial and bifurcating portions. The axial portion includes an exterior housing and interior post. The lumen of the post forms a continuum with an air inlet. The air inlet is furnished with a filter or membrane... Agent:

20140288511 - Injector and method of assembly: An injector (100) may include a container (102) having a wall (110) with an interior surface (112) and a seal assembly (140) with an interior surface (142), the interior surfaces (110) of the wall (110) and the seal assembly (140) defining a closed sterile reservoir (150) filled with a drug... Agent: Amgen Inc.

20140288512 - Multi-valve injection/aspiration manifold with needleless access connection: An IV manifold includes a plurality of injection/aspiration ports including a needleless access port (NAC). A check valve included in the manifold is generally located between injection ports. A two-way aspiration can be provided by the NAC having a single elongate valve element including a plug at one end. The... Agent:

20140288513 - Needle safety device: Described is a needle safety device comprising a needle hub including an axial stem having one or more grooves, a needle having a distal tip, a needle shield telescopically coupled to the needle hub and including a first aperture for allowing the needle to pass through, and an inner sleeve... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140288514 - Multi-stage biodegradable drug delivery platform: Embodiments of the invention provide multi-stage biodegradable drug delivery platforms and methods for the subcutaneous delivery of therapeutic agents (TA). Embodiments of the platform may be configured to subcutaneously deliver a first dose of a first TA which is absorbed into the body and/or blood stream (BBS) to produce a... Agent: Incube Labs, LLC

20140288516 - Abscess irrigation systems: An irrigator system for delivering a volume of fluid from a fluid source to an abscess or wound. The irrigator system includes a fluid source connector for removably connecting to the fluid source, a fluid receiver for receiving the fluid from the fluid source, a fluid delivery nozzle for delivering... Agent:

20140288515 - Micropatterned textile for fluid transport: This invention includes the implementation of several unconventional droplet manipulations on a superhydrophobic-patterned surface microfluidic platform, which may be applied to automated biological analyses and point-of-care diagnostic applications.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140288517 - High barrier elastomer fecal catheter or ostomy pouch: A fecal catheter or ostomy pouch made of an odor barrier material including a thermoplastic elastomer, odor barrier modifier and an antiblocking agent.... Agent: Convatec Technologies Inc.

20140288518 - Elastic securement using foamed hot melt adhesive in absorbent products: Disposable absorbent articles comprising foamed adhesive for securing elastics are disclosed. In one embodiment, a disposable absorbent diaper is disclosed that comprises an adhesive that has been foamed by incorporating gas into a molten hotmelt adhesive. The resulting foamed adhesive displays increased surface area and volume and decreased density while... Agent: Associated Hygienic Products, LLC

20140288519 - On the fly size change apparatus and process for articles to be worn on the lower torso of a wearer and such articles: Apparatus and process for the manufacture of articles to be worn on the lower torso of a wearer, such as disposable absorbent article like diapers, training pants, adult incontinence articles, feminine care articles and the like. In particular to such articles and to the equipment and the process for manufacturing... Agent:

20140288520 - Absorbent article: At least a part of the outline of a wing-shaped flap W has a wavy or curved line or wavy and curved lines in combination. A plurality of dot embosses 22 are provided on an outer edge along the outline of the wing-shaped flap W. Moreover, functional embosses 23 relatively... Agent:

20140288521 - Disposable absorbent articles: An absorbent article comprising first and second belts. Portions of the first belt making up the leg openings may comprise non-linear portions. And, portions of the second belt making up the leg openings comprise non-linear portions. The article may comprise a center chassis that comprises barrier leg cuffs.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140288522 - Disposable absorbent articles with components having both plastic and elastic properties: Absorbent articles having a liquid permeable topsheet, a liquid impermeable backsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between said topsheet and said backsheet are disclosed. The absorbent articles include a plasto-elastic material joined to or disposed on at least one of component of the absorbent article to impart sizing or shaping... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140288523 - Disposable absorbent articles: An absorbent article comprising a first and second plurality of elastics. The first plurality of elastics may be disposed in a front and a crotch region. The second plurality of elastics may be disposed in a back region and the crotch region. The first and second plurality of elastics may... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140288525 - Control apparatus and control method of insertion apparatus, insertion apparatus having control apparatus, control program for insertion apparatus, and controlling integrated electronic circuit of insertion apparatus: A control apparatus of an insertion apparatus in which a state specifying unit specifies a state of an insertion member to carry out vibration control depending on the state, thereby removing getting-stuck of a tip of the insertion member with a vibration having such a proper magnitude as not to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140288524 - Medicine delivery device having detachable pressure sensing unit: A fluid medicament delivery device includes a patient attachment unit and a separate indicator unit. The patient attachment unit includes a housing and a fluid channel located therein, wherein at least a portion of the fluid channel includes a flexible member substantially coterminous with the housing. The separate indicator unit... Agent: Cequr Sa

20140288526 - Switch validation circuit and method: A switch-operated therapeutic agent delivery device is described. Embodiments of the operated therapeutic agent delivery device include a switch that can be operated by a user, a device controller connected to the switch through a switch input where the device can actuate the device when certain predetermined conditions are met,... Agent:

20140288527 - Process and system for iontophoretic wrinkle reduction: A method and system for wrinkle reduction. The method includes the steps of positioning and applying a patch to skin of a consumer and adhesively securing the patch to the skin. A chemical composition on the patch includes both active ingredients and adhesive. A pair of electrodes are connected to... Agent:

20140288529 - Rotating lock reset system and method: A system and method for resetting a locking mechanism of a medicament delivery or training device is provided herein. The system and method include a central shaft comprising a slotted ring, a pronged ring, a spring, a spring clamp, an actuator button, and a lock ring. Following the firing of... Agent:

20140288528 - Single-use needle assembly and method: A needle assembly that has a flexible shield movable between (i) a first position, where the flexible shield is uncompressed, and (ii) a second position, where the flexible shield is compressed and an administering member located within the flexible shield, where at least one of the administering member and the... Agent: Dr. Py Institute, LLC

20140288530 - System and method for adaptable safety syringe: One embodiment is directed to a method of conducting an injection, comprising: providing an assembly of a syringe plunger movably coupled to a syringe body which may contain fluid for infusion, the syringe body having a distal end that is removably coupled to a Luer adaptor, the Luer adaptor defining... Agent: Reprise Technologies, LLC.

20140288531 - Methods for bilateral renal neuromodulation: Methods and apparatus are provided for bilateral renal neuromodulation, e.g., via a pulsed electric field, via a stimulation electric field, via localized drug delivery, via high frequency ultrasound, via thermal techniques, etc. Such neuromodulation may effectuate irreversible electroporation or electrofusion, necrosis and/or inducement of apoptosis, alteration of gene expression, action... Agent:

20140288532 - Apparatus and method for natural cure of middle ear infections without antibiotics: An apparatus for natural cure for middle ear infection has a single use sachet. The sachet has a pocket that holds a limited quantity of mustard essential oil. The sachet has a neck and a dropper and sachet can be squeezed to flow drops for pouring into an ear canal.... Agent:

20140288533 - Guide wire: A guide wire has a wire body; and a distal side coating layer that covers a distal portion of the wire body. The guide wire has a cylindrical member that has an outer diameter substantially the same as an outer diameter of a proximal portion of the distal side coating... Agent:

20140288534 - Tissue harvesting: The present disclosure relates to a tissue collection apparatus including a housing defining an inlet and an outlet and a tissue scaffold suitable for disposal within the housing, the tissue scaffold configured to be loaded with the tissue under the application of an aspiration force applied through the tissue collection... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140288535 - Intragastric volume occupying device with active agents: An implantable intragastric volume occupying device system is provided which generally includes a volume occupying device and an active agent, for example, a metabolic agent or satiety inducing agent. The volume occupying device may be structured to contain the agent and permit controlled release of the agent to the patient... Agent: Apollo Endosurgery, Inc.

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