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01/22/2015 > 73 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20150025437 - Vascular access system with connector: A connector for fluidly coupling proximal and distal tubular segments of a fluid conduit is provided. In one embodiment, a system is provided for providing continuous flow of blood between two locations in a patient's cardiovascular system. A first blood conduit is provided that has a distal portion and a... Agent:

20150025438 - Pull-activated tampon applictor: A pull-activated applicator includes a barrel, a pledget, a finger grip, and a deployment element. The pledget includes a withdrawal string and is located within the barrel. The barrel, the pledget, and the deployment element are configured such that application of a force to the deployment element in a first... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150025441 - Active transdermal medicament patch and circuit board for same: An active transdermal medicament patch includes a planar substrate with a therapeutic face releasably retainable against the skin of a patient. A return electrode and a medicament matrix susceptible to permeation by medicament are secured at separated locations on the therapeutic face and electrically conductively engage the skin. A detector... Agent:

20150025439 - Apparatus, system, and method for generating photo-biologic minimum biofilm inhibitory concentration of infrared light: Systems and methods are disclosed herein for prophylactic application of near-infrared optical energies and dosimetries to photo-biologically inhibit accelerations or intensifications in biofilm production, after a bacterial or fungal pathogen is challenged with an antibiotic or antifungal agent. This photo-biologic minimum biofilm inhibitory concentration (PMBIC) of infrared light will lower... Agent:

20150025440 - Eye therapy system: Embodiments apply a cross-linking agent to a region of corneal tissue. The cross-linking agent improves the ability of the corneal tissue to resist undesired structural changes. For example, the cross-linking agent may be Riboflavin or Rose Bengal, and the initiating element may be photoactivating light, such as ultraviolet (UV) light.... Agent:

20150025442 - Spinal cord stimulator lead having multiple obstruction-clearing features: A spinal cord stimulator lead for implanting into the epidural space of a human or animal subject includes first and second lumens and electrical contacts. A pressurized fluid can be discharged through the first lumen directly onto a tissue obstruction to form a partial/pilot or full/final opening in the tissue... Agent:

20150025443 - Topical compositions to treat circulatory disorders: The invention relates to transdermal compositions including nifedipine, pentoxifylline, ketamine hydrochloride, gabapentin, lidocaine, and prilocaine that may be used to treat conditions such as circulatory disorders and peripheral neuropathy. Additionally, methods of the invention are directed to treating conditions such as circulatory disorders, peripheral neuropathy, wound healing, blood flow issues,... Agent:

20150025444 - Laser-assisted transdermal delivery of nanoparticulates and hydrogels: Methods and systems for laser assisted delivery of therapeutic agents include preparing a site with an ultraviolet laser beam, at a wavelength appropriate for tissue ablation, such that an opening is produced in a surface of the site's tissue; and applying one or more agents to the prepared site, such... Agent:

20150025445 - Laser-assisted transdermal delivery of nanoparticulates and hydrogels: Systems for laser assisted delivery of therapeutic agents include an ultraviolet laser configured to produce a laser beam at a wavelength appropriate for tissue ablation; a lens configured to focus and direct the laser beam to a site, such that an opening is produced in a surface of the site's... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150025446 - Fluid level detection system: A medical device fluid sensing system in provided. The system includes a transmitter array positioned in association with a fluid maintaining device, such as a reservoir in a cassette. Electrical circuitry is connected to the transmitter array and configured to cause the transmitter array to transmit light energy at a... Agent:

20150025447 - Wound injector apparatus: A wound injector apparatus is described. The wound injector includes a clotting factor, an expandable material, a thermal agent, a chamber, and a nozzle. At least one chamber houses the clotting factor, the expandable factor and the thermal agent. Additionally, at least one nozzle is configured to discharge at least... Agent:

20150025448 - Arrangement with a blood pump and a gas exchanger for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: The invention relates to an arrangement having a blood pump and a gas exchanger for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. According to the invention, the blood pump is designed as a pulsatile blood pump and is arranged with the gas exchanger in the same housing. The pulsatile blood pump and the gas... Agent: Mecora Medizintechnik Gmbh

20150025449 - Activating peripheral devices in a dialysis system: In certain aspects, a method includes determining that one or more alarm criteria of a first alarm condition of a dialysis machine is satisfied, and in response to determining that the one or more alarm criteria of the first alarm condition is satisfied, activating an alarm corresponding to the first... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20150025450 - Reversible peristaltic pump and other structures for reflux in eye surgery: Devices, systems, and methods for treatment of an eye alter aspiration flow from the eye in response to an occlusion of the aspiration conduit pathway. Where aspiration is drawn from the eye using a volumetric pump, the pump can be reversed so as to induce fluid reflux from the aspiration... Agent:

20150025451 - Surgical handpiece with disposable concentric lumen work tip: A surgical handpiece has a connecting body with a distal end and a work tip with a hub at a proximal end. The hub is detachably connected to the connecting body by a threaded connector. The work tip has an open operating end at a distal end. This opening leads... Agent: Surgical Design Corporation

20150025452 - Methods for modulating hair growth using truncated laminin-511: Disclosed are methods for the use of a truncated, recombinant laminin-511 for modifying hair growth as well as delivery devices, kits and methods for topically administering truncated, recombinant laminin-511. Furthermore disclosed are delivery devices, kits and methods using modulators of full-length laminin-511 expression or function to decrease hair growth in... Agent:

20150025453 - Flushing a fluid line from a medical pump: A method and medical pump to perform a flushing procedure are provided. The medical pump is configured to execute the flushing procedure subsequent to an infusion procedure, the flushing procedure and infusion procedure lacking a specified relationship between each other until after performance of the infusion procedure. The method comprises... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20150025454 - Syringes for prefilled and fill-at-use mixing and drug delivery: Mixing syringes including a valve mechanism are configured and configurable to enable one or more substances to be prefilled into the syringe. The valve mechanism may be an aspect of a distal seal assembly. Actuation of the valve mechanism permits opening of a fluid passage for the mixing of one... Agent:

20150025455 - Syringes for repetitive mixing and delivery of injectables: Mixing syringes including a valve mechanism are configured and configurable to enable one or more substances to be prefilled into the syringe. The valve mechanism may be an aspect of a distal seal assembly. Actuation of the valve mechanism permits opening of a fluid passage for the mixing of one... Agent:

20150025456 - Syringes for sequential delivery of injectables: Sequential delivery syringes including a valve mechanism are configured and configurable to enable one or more substances to be prefilled into the syringe. The valve mechanism may be an aspect of a distal seal assembly. Actuation of the valve mechanism permits opening of a fluid passage for the mixing of... Agent:

20150025457 - Methods and apparatuses for detecting occlusions in an ambulatory infusion pump: An improved pump, reservoir and reservoir piston are provided for controlled delivery of fluids. A motor is operably coupled to a drive member, such as a drive screw, which is adapted to advance a plunger slide in response to operation of the motor. The plunger slide is removably coupled to... Agent:

20150025458 - Guiding assembly for intradermal injection: Described is a guiding assembly for an injection device comprising a mount adapted to receive an injection device, a first gripping member rotatably coupled to the mount, a first lateral stop member coupled to the first gripping member, and a spring biasing the first gripping member in a first angular... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20150025459 - Multi-site injection system: A multi-site injection system includes a plurality of medicament delivering needles/microprotrusions, a needle/microprotrusion support, a supply of medicament, and a mechanism for providing the medicament to the plurality of needles/microprotrusions in order to effect delivery into a stratum corneum of a user.... Agent:

20150025463 - Infusion pump systems and methods: Some embodiments of an infusion pump system can include a controller in electrical communication with a pump device so as to provide selected dosages of a medicine to a user over a period of time. The infusion pump system can employ a number of power management techniques to reduce the... Agent:

20150025461 - Microfluidic delivery device: A system for the precise metering and delivery of discrete volumes is described. The system is composed of inexpensive components that can be easily assembled, allowing for cost-effective manufacturing of the system. The system can precisely meter and deliver fluids, solids in particulate or powder form, or alternatively it could... Agent:

20150025464 - Multiple drug infusion system and method: A drug infusion system includes a first infusion pump including a processor and a user interface in operable communication with the processor, and a second infusion pump, wherein the processor of the first infusion pump (i) enables an operator to make a selection using the user interface, the selection specifying... Agent:

20150025462 - Occlusion sensing for an infusion pump: Some embodiments of an infusion pump system may include an occlusion sensor that can be used to detect when an occlusion exists in the fluid path between the medicine reservoir and the infusion site on the user's skin. Such an occlusion may occur, for example, when the fluid flow line... Agent:

20150025460 - Valves, valved fluid transfer devices and ambulatory infusion devices including the same: Valves, valved fluid transfer devices and ambulatory infusion devices including the same.... Agent: Medallion Therapeutics, Inc.

20150025465 - Sacrificial catheter: A sacrificial catheter assembly and method of use for placing a functional catheter within the body of a patient, such as into the patient's vasculature, is disclosed. In one embodiment, the sacrificial catheter assembly comprises a sacrificial catheter including an elongate body that defines a longitudinally extending lumen. A stylet... Agent:

20150025467 - Catheter insertion device: The present disclosure relates to a catheter insertion device, which comprises a catheter hub in which a check valve is arranged, and a catheter, which is in fluid communication with the catheter hub, wherein a support element is attached to the catheter, and a flexible buffer element is provided between... Agent:

20150025466 - Low profile passive protector for an i.v. catheter: A low-profile universal passive protector is provided for an IV catheter comprising a hypodermic needle and a catheter. An elongate sheath defines a sheath cavity and a longitudinal axis. A slider is connected to the hypodermic needle and is movable along the sheath between first and second positions for withdrawing... Agent:

20150025468 - External end device for permanent catheters suitable for isolating a liquid flow: An external end device for permanent catheters suitable for isolating a liquid flow from the environment has a body (1) connectable on one side to two catheters (2, 2), and on the other side to a closure lid (8) or a treatment equipment. Provided in the body are two valves... Agent:

20150025469 - Revolving needle magazine: A needle magazine (1, 100) attachable to an injection device containing a liquid drug and which magazine (1, 100) comprises a main part (10, 110) and revolving part (20, 120) which can be rotated to bring a selected needle cannula (35, 135) into an injection position. The magazine (1, 100)... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20150025470 - Supplementary device for a manually operable injection device: The present invention relates to a supplementary device a supplementary device for a manually operable injection device. The supplementary device has a body defining a passage through which an injection device is slidable, and a securing unit to secure the body to the injection device in the specific position when... Agent:

20150025471 - Automatic injection device with reset feature: The present invention relates to a dose setting and expelling device comprising a drive member and a dose setting mechanism which simultaneously sets a given dose and stores the energy necessary for a subsequently driving the drive member in order to expel a dose of medicine from an injection device.... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20150025472 - Cover for a syringe and method of making: A medical assembly includes a syringe and a cover wrapped around the syringe. The syringe is configured to hold and dispense a medicine therein. The cover includes information pertaining to the medicine. The cover is movable between a rolled configuration and an unrolled configuration. The cover includes a re-sealable device... Agent:

20150025473 - Medical cannula package: A package for a medical cannula with a hub, such as a pen needle, is disclosed. The package includes a cover for receiving a medical cannula and for engaging a hub of the medical cannula. The cover has open ends that are in communication through the cover. The packaging also... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20150025474 - Medicament delivery device with needle assembly removal mechanism: Described is a medicament delivery device comprising a housing having a distal end adapted to engage a removable needle assembly, a dosing mechanism coupled to the housing, and a sleeve coupled to the housing and having a distal end with one or more projections. Movement of the dosing mechanism causes... Agent:

20150025475 - Syringe device: A medical delivery system comprising a container and a coupling mechanism movable between a coupling position wherein distal movement of a drive mechanism is transferred to an actuator, and a non-coupling position wherein distal movement is not transferred to the actuator. Moreover the present invention relates to a dosing assembly... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20150025476 - Method and systems for providing fluid communication with a gastrostomy tube: A low profile adaptor is disclosed to reduce the length of a gastrostomy tube that has been inserted by means of conventional endoscopic procedures or with a replacement feeding tube inserted into the patient's stomach. The gastrostomy tube is cut to the appropriate length by the physician. The adaptor comprises... Agent:

20150025477 - Surgical seal assembly including centering mechanism: A seal assembly for a surgical access assembly includes a housing defining a center, first and second ring members, an inner seal member, and first and second centering mechanisms. The first ring member is disposed within the housing and includes the inner seal member coupled thereto and extending radially inwardly... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150025478 - Reinforced septum for an implantable medical device: A septum for sealably covering a fluid cavity defined in an implantable device, which may be an access port, and methods for assembling the implantable device. The septum may include a resilient septum body, an annular flange extending radially outward from the septum body, and a reinforcement component disposed in... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20150025479 - Skin dressing with electrodes and physiologically active precursor substance: A skin dressing comprising first and second electrodes, an electrical power supply not electrically connected to either or both of the first and second electrodes, and further comprising a physiologically or antimicrobially active precursor substance, the dressing being operable, when placed on a skin site to be treated, to connect... Agent: Microarray Limited

20150025480 - Composition for the transdermal delivery of fentanyl: A transdermal drug delivery composition comprises an acrylate copolymer and from about 8% to about 30% by weight fentanyl. A transdermal fentanyl delivery composition comprising methyl laurate or tetraglycol as a permeation enhancer is also provided. The transdermal drug delivery compositions can be used to make a transdermal drug delivery... Agent:

20150025481 - Pocketable biodegradable powder application device: A pocketable biodegradable powder application device having a cardboard backer component affixed to the backside of which is a cardboard handle component and having adjacent to the frontside of the backer component, a first piece component made up of cotton batten material and having anteriorly adjacent to the first piece... Agent:

20150025482 - Systems and methods for applying reduced pressure therapy: Embodiments of a reduced pressure system and methods for operating the system are disclosed. In some embodiments, the system can include one or more processors responsible for various functions associated with various levels of responsiveness, such as interfacing with a user, controlling a vacuum pump, providing network connectivity, etc. The... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20150025483 - Valve for ostomy pouch: A valve that is sealable to an associated container having an interior fluid storage region is adapted to permit and stop flow of fluid from the fluid storage region. The valve includes a valve body sealable to the container and a stem mounted to the valve body having a portion... Agent:

20150025486 - Alarm system: Described herein are alarm systems for suction devices for reduced pressure therapy. Alarms systems provide alerts to the patient and/or practitioner regarding the ability of the suction device to continue to provide negative pressure to a tissue region. Alarm systems comprise a sensor mechanism, which is capable of detecting the... Agent:

20150025484 - Dressings, systems, and methods for treating a tissue site: Dressings, systems, and methods are disclosed for treating tissue with reduced pressure. A dressing for distributing reduced pressure to a tissue site includes a plurality of liquid-impermeable layers that are stacked and a plurality of spacers disposed at least partially between adjacent liquid-impermeable layers. The plurality of liquid-impermeable layers are... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20150025485 - Fluid volume measurement using canister resonance for reduced pressure therapy systems: A wound fluid collection system includes a canister adapted to collect bodily fluids from a tissue site. The canister includes an acoustic transducer adapted and positioned to insonify a cavity within the canister, the cavity being defined by a wall of the canister and the bodily fluids collected within the... Agent:

20150025487 - Instructional medical treatment system: The present invention discloses an appliance for administering medical treatment to a person, as well as methods of using the appliance. In various embodiments, the appliance may be comprised of a medical device, an electronic processor, an electronic display (such as a liquid crystal display (LCD)), an audio output device... Agent:

20150025488 - Disposable ostomy assemblies: Disposable elements for use in ostomy. In one embodiment a cap with an integral bag is provided. In another embodiment a sealable bag is provided with means for sealing. In another embodiment, the ostomy port itself is disposable.... Agent:

20150025489 - Male external catheter with absorbent and adhesive: The invention relates generally to external urinary catheters for males. More specifically, the invention relates to an external urinary catheter that includes an absorbent material to absorb urinary discharge. The absorbent material can be located in either a distal end of a tubular sheath, or in a receptacle that attached... Agent:

20150025490 - Disposable diaper: A disposable diaper 10 has sheet-like leg hole stretch units 100 that extend in a product lengthwise direction L in an area where leg hole concave units 35 are formed and are at least partially stretchable along a product lengthwise direction L. End edges in a product widthwise direction W... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20150025491 - Disposable diaper: The disposable diaper according to the present invention includes a base sheet (12) made of nonwoven fabric and a hook sheet (110) provided with a plurality of engagement hooks. A KES bending stiffness value in a fastening tape existent region (SHS) is equal to or less than 1.64 gf·cm2/cm, the... Agent:

20150025492 - Apparatus and method for forming a pant-type diaper with refastenable side seams: A pants type disposable undergarment is provided which is equipped with a pre-fastened pull-on pant with a side lap seam formed by the methods of the present invention, and methods for producing such disposable undergarments.... Agent: Curt G. Joa, Inc.

20150025493 - Method and medical device for adjusting dose of fluid medicament: The invention relates to a method for delivering at least one fluid medicament from a medical device. The invention also relates to a medical device. The technical problem of improving the dose accuracy is solved by a method for delivering at least one fluid medicament from a medical device comprising... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20150025494 - Drug delivery in association with medical or surgical procedures: Disclosed are various methods and devices for facilitating medical and/or procedures that are performed without “general anesthesia,” which is also described in the specification as the state of patient “unconsciousness” resulting from a drug administered by an anesthetist or anesthesiologist. The devices safely and effectively provide and maintain drug infusions... Agent: Scott Laboratories

20150025496 - Swallowable drug delivery device and method of delivery: Embodiments of the invention provide swallowable devices, preparations and methods for delivering drugs and other therapeutic agents within the GI tract. Some embodiments provide a swallowable device such as a capsule for delivering drugs into the intestinal wall or other GI lumen. The device comprises a capsule sized to be... Agent:

20150025495 - Time averaged basal rate optimizer: Systems and methods for integrating a continuous glucose sensor, including a receiver, a medicament delivery device, a controller module, and optionally a single point glucose monitor are provided. Integration may be manual, semi-automated and/or fully automated.... Agent:

20150025497 - Adaptive volume per motor revolution system and method: A patient care system is configured for infusing fluid to a patient. The system includes at least one fluid infusion pump connected to a respective fluid supply for pumping the contents of a fluid supply to a patient via fluid supply lines. The system includes a programming module that determines... Agent:

20150025500 - Apparatus and method for intraosseous fluid infusion: A system allows for rapid intraosseous delivery of fluids from a fluid reservoir via an intraosseous port having a tip disposed within the bone marrow of a patient. The system includes a housing with a chamber and a plunger. An actuator is moveable between first and second positions to move... Agent: 410 Medical Innovations, LLC

20150025501 - Composition and method for the treatment or prevention of spinal disorders: The present invention provides compositions of matter suitable for the prevention of and/or treatment of a spinal disorder and/or spinal pain, e.g., caused by and/or associated with intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration, and methods of treatment of a spinal disorder and/or spinal pain. For example, the compositions of the present invention... Agent:

20150025499 - Detecting unintentional motor motion and infusion device incorporating same: Apparatus are provided for infusion devices and related systems and operating methods. An exemplary system includes a motor, a sensing arrangement coupled to the motor to provide output indicative of a detected characteristic of the motor when the sensing arrangement is enabled, and a module coupled to the sensing arrangement... Agent:

20150025498 - Infusion pump system and method: Some embodiments of an infusion pump system may be configured to wirelessly communicate with other devices using near field communication (NFC). In particular embodiments, by incorporating near field communication capabilities into the infusion pump system, user communications with the infusion pump system can be enhanced and simplified.... Agent:

20150025504 - Neural injection system and related methods: A novel neural injection system and related methods are herein disclosed. Various embodiments of an embodiment of a neural injection system of the present invention provide for at least one benefit of enhanced injection characteristics, increased operational efficiency, reduced cost per unit, reduced incidence of injury through intraneural/intravascular injection, reduced... Agent: Custom Medical Applications

20150025502 - Syringe cradle: A syringe cradle for holding a syringe, the syringe cradle comprising a syringe holder at a proximal end for engaging a barrel of a syringe and a rider for pressing on a plunger of the syringe, a cylindrical body for surrounding the syringe, a distal cap for closing a distal... Agent: Injectec Ltd

20150025503 - Wireless communication for on-body medical devices: Apparatuses, systems and methods for the wireless communication of medical devices in a subcutaneous fluid delivery system are disclosed. A system for subcutaneous fluid delivery includes a primary patch pump adapted to attach a first infusion cannula to a user and to perform a plurality of primary patch pump functions,... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20150025505 - Bi-directional motion of a lorentz-force actuated needle-free injector (nfi): The present invention relate to a method and corresponding apparatus for just in time mixing of a solid or powdered formulation and its subsequent delivery to a biological body. In some embodiments, a powdered formulation is maintained in a first chamber of a plurality of chambers. A plurality of electromagnetic... Agent:

20150025506 - Apparatus and method for fluid delivery: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for delivering a fluid, and particularly, but not exclusively, to an apparatus and method for delivering a fluid to an eye. The apparatus provides a useful device that assists users to accurately deliver fluid to the eye and includes features that... Agent: Formationd Pty Ltd

20150025507 - Medical device: Apparatuses of the type broadly applicable to numerous medical applications in which it is desirable to insert one or more steerable or non-steerable catheters or similar devices into a working channel of an associated device, such as an endoscope, catheter, etc., or passageway of a patient, are disclosed. The apparatuses... Agent:

20150025508 - Method for manufacturing of urinary catheters: A method for manufacturing an elongated element (200) is disclosed. The method comprises arranging a molding cavity (101), defined by a mold (103) and a mold insert (104), said mold insert (104) comprising a mold core (105). A liquid material is then injected into a proximal end (102) of the... Agent:

20150025509 - Implantable fluid delivery apparatus and implantable electrode: A fluid delivery system includes an implantable fluid source, a first catheter in fluid communication with the implantable fluid source, and an implantable micro-valve in fluid communication with the first catheter, the micro-valve configured to be located within a round window or to be secured to a promontory bone of... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 61 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20150018746 - Device for use in glaucoma surgery: The invention relates to a device for use in glaucoma surgery intended for implantation in the eye. The device comprises a flat head region (8), a probe (6) which adjoins the head region (8), and a relief channel (7) which extends through the head region (8) and the probe (6)... Agent:

20150018745 - Devices and methods for gastrointestinal bypass: Devices and methods for gastrointestinal bypass are described. A gastrointestinal bypass device includes a gastrointestinal cuff and a gastrointestinal sleeve. The cuff may be configured to be attached in the esophagus, and may be sufficiently flexible to expand and collapse to conform with the inside of the esophagus to allow... Agent:

20150018748 - Chitosan-derived compositions: The present invention relates generally to therapeutic compositions comprising chitosan-derived compositions used in connection with methods for treating neoplasms, such as for instance, malignant lung, thyroid and kidney neoplasms, and other types of malignant neoplasms, and other medical disorders.... Agent: Immunophotonics, Inc.

20150018750 - Cosmetic agent or skin regeneration promoter comprising a culture sup of non-human stem cells, and a method for introducing a protein: As the percentage of senior citizens increases at the present time, the purpose of the present invention is to provide a cosmetic which can maintain the skin in a healthy state by preventing damage to the skin that accompanies aging, more specifically, discoloration and wrinkling, is very safe, does not... Agent: Japanic Corporation

20150018752 - Delivery system and process: A delivery system, including: a material for storing molecules and/or nanoparticles by substantially binding said molecules and/or nanoparticles to said material; a means for applying an electric field to said material to release said molecules and/or nanoparticles; and a means for applying an ultrasonic signal to said material to transport... Agent:

20150018751 - Device for photodynamical therapy of cancer: A method and device for photodynamic therapy for treating cancer. The method includes: providing a photodynamic therapeutic device for treating cancer. The provided device includes a plurality of light emitting diodes that are positionable in proximity of a patient's body and are adapted to provide a light fluence to a... Agent:

20150018747 - Methods and compositions to treat myocardial conditions: Methods, devices, kits and compositions to treat a myocardial infarction. In one embodiment, the method includes the prevention of remodeling of the infarct zone of the ventricle using a combination of therapies. The method may include the introduction of structurally reinforcing agents. In other embodiments, agents may be introduced into... Agent:

20150018749 - Transdermal device for the controlled administration of at least one active ingredient to the patient: A transdermal device (1) comprising at least one substrate (2) arranged to be applied against the dermal surface or the mucous membrane. The at least one active ingredient is grafted to the substrate (2) by at least one photolabile ligand, and at least one light source (11) operated by a... Agent:

20150018753 - Systems and methods for in vivo irradiation of blood: Systems and methods for illumination of a vascular space and its contents using an electromagnetic energy source that supplies a plurality of wavelengths ranging from ultraviolet to infrared are shown. Illumination can be performed using multiple wavelengths, simultaneously or sequentially, and can be performed in accordance with a protocol where... Agent:

20150018754 - Devices, compositions and methods for treating acute and chronic tissue damage: A device to prepare and deliver a bioactive substance such as stem cells, platelet rich plasma, and/or other bioactive compositions. The device can utilize a hallow interior or cavity to deliver bioactive substances during a surgical procedure or to an area of cartilage defect or cartilage disorder. The treated tissues... Agent:

20150018755 - Substance delivery device and substance delivery method using the same: A substance delivery device comprises a substrate, a plurality of dissolvable supporting structures and a plurality of carriers. The substrate attaches to a tissue. The dissolvable supporting structures are disposed on the substrate. The carriers are disposed on the dissolvable supporting structures and encapsulating substances. The present invention further provides... Agent:

20150018756 - Method for increasing buck regulator efficiency using charge recapturing in an implantable cardiac device: A typical power switch in a Buck Regulator requires a pre-driver to ensure rapid transition from its ON to OFF states. In this invention, the shoot through current in the pre-driver and the power switch's gate-charge in a Buck regulator is itself recaptured in the capacitor of the buck regulator.... Agent:

20150018757 - System and method for providing closed loop infusion formulation delivery: A system and method for providing closed loop infusion formulation delivery which accurately calculates a delivery amount based on a sensed biological state by adjusting an algorithm's programmable control parameters. The algorithm calculates a delivery amount having proportional, derivative, and basal rate components. The control parameters may be adjusted in... Agent:

20150018758 - Medical drug delivery systems and methods for delivery of multiple fluids and concentrations: A drug delivery system provides for controlled mixing of drugs, using flow controllers to guide drugs into single or multiple catheters, enabling a single lumen catheter to dispense multiple drugs, diluting a concentrated drug to provide varying drug concentration, using a buffer fluid to deliver precise amounts of drug or... Agent:

20150018759 - Cannula holder having a guide for a stomach tube: The invention relates to a cannula holder having a guide for a stomach tube, which consists of a main body or mask; a male-female type of holder attached to said main body or mask, which provides graduated support for an endotracheal cannula; a support substrate that is attached to the... Agent:

20150018760 - Nasal irrigation solution preparation system and method of preparation: A nasal irrigation system for rinsing nasal and sinus passages or cavities includes a solution preparation unit and a dispensing container. The solution preparation unit includes a first water reservoir, a filter that is in fluid communication with an outlet of the first water reservoir and filters water passing therethrough,... Agent:

20150018761 - Seal structures for wet/dry automatic injectors: An automatic injection device including a housing, a chamber with a first compartment and a second compartment, and a seal structure between the compartments. The seal structure is initially in a sealing condition that seals the first compartment from the second compartment, where the seal includes a plug and an... Agent:

20150018762 - Perfusion-occlusion device: The present application provides a device for the simultaneous or the separate perfusion and occlusion of a vessel comprising a body having a distal end, a proximal end, a single lumen (66, 80) extending between the proximal end and the distal end, and at least one opening (63,72) which is... Agent: Medical Device Works Nv

20150018764 - Brain cooling device for craniotomy patient having drainage function: In a brain cooling device according to an embodiment of the present invention, preferably, temperature sensors are installed in one end and the other end of a cooling fluid transport tube to detect a temperature, a pressure measurement sensor is installed in a storage tank, a control unit is connected... Agent: Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20150018763 - Hemorrhoid pain relief and healing pack: A hemorrhoid pain relief and healing pack includes a small oval shaped gel filled cold pack inserted within an ultra-soft disposable cloth sleeve infused with 100% natural witch-hazel astringent and is placed over the hemorrhoid bulge/s for a set time of 20 minutes, offering instant pain relief. The flexibility of... Agent:

20150018765 - Infusion set that prevents air entry into infusion tubing: The present invention relates to an infusion set (10) that provides for continuous air free delivery of liquid to patients undergoing infusion procedures. In particular, the invention provides for an infusion set (10) that prevents air entering the infusion tubing (40) through the drip chamber (20) by using a hydrophilic... Agent:

20150018767 - Anti-free flow mechanism for enteral feeding pumps: An anti-free-flow mechanism includes an occluder mechanism which is disposed along a segment of tubing and a mounting structure. The occluder mechanism is normally in a biased closed position, but may be moved into an open position by placement in the mounting structure. However, unless force is applied to keep... Agent:

20150018766 - Infusion pump: An infusion pump comprises a tube attachment section configured such that an infusion tube is detachably attachable to the tube attachment section, an access cover configured to close the tube attachment section in an openable manner, and a tube clamp mechanism located within the tube attachment section and configured to... Agent:

20150018768 - Infusion pump assembly: An infusion pump assembly is disclosed. The infusion pump assembly includes a locking tab and a pump barrel inside a pump barrel housing, where the pump barrel accommodates a reservoir assembly. The reservoir assembly includes a reservoir and a plunger rod. The infusion pump assembly also includes a locking disc... Agent:

20150018769 - Intravascular catheter insertion device: A catheter insertion device has a generally hollow housing having a closed base end opposite an open distal end. A hollow needle defines a channel in fluidic or pneumatic communication between a distal skin-piercing end and the proximal needle end. A plunger is slidably disposed over at least a portion... Agent:

20150018770 - Pen-type injection device and electronic clip-on module therefor: The present invention relates to a supplementary device for a manually operable injection device. The device has a body and a mating unit configured to releasably mount the body to the injection device in a specific position relative to an outside surface of the injection device.... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20150018772 - Injection device having a dosing element and a preloaded discharge spring: A driving and dosing device for an injection device includes: a housing, a dosing element gripped by a user, an actuating element actuable by the user to discharge the set dose, a propulsion element for acting on a piston to discharge the set dose, a spring configured to act between... Agent:

20150018771 - Injection device with dose indicator and spring drive: A driving and dosing device for an injection device for administering a liquid product, in particular a medication, wherein a product dose to be administered can be set by means of the driving and dosing device, comprising: a) a housing, b) a dose indicating element, around the circumference of which... Agent:

20150018773 - Low radial profile needle safety device: A needle safety device (1) has an outer tube (10) within which a syringe barrel (2) is slideably receivable. A collar (14) in the outer tube (10) is moveable relative thereto and rotatably attachable to the distal end of the barrel (2). A force member (16) biases the outer tube... Agent:

20150018774 - Antiseptic cap with antiseptic: A syringe assembly including: (1) a syringe barrel defining a chamber; (2) a plunger mounted in the chamber and moveable with respect to the barrel; and (3) a cap assembly containing a cap and an absorbent material is removably attached to the plunger.... Agent: Excelsior Medical Corporation

20150018776 - Injection device having a dose indicating element that can be moved relative to a housing: A driving and dosing device for an injection device configured for dose setting and dose administration includes: a housing, a dose indicating element including a circumferential dose scale, a pointing device and a dosing element gripped by a user. In order to set the dose to be administered, the dosing... Agent:

20150018775 - Pen-type drug injection device and electronic add-on monitoring module for monitoring and logging dose setting and administration: A monitoring device for monitoring operation of a drug delivery device and to a respective drug delivery device is presented in which a fastening member releasably attaches the monitoring device to an axially elongated housing of the drug delivery device, a sliding member is shiftable relative to the fastening member... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20150018777 - Drive mechanisms suitable for use in drug delivery devices: The present disclosure is directed to a dose setting mechanism that may be used with a drug delivery device. The dose setting mechanism may include an inner body having a helical thread along an outer cylindrical surface of the inner body, and a drive sleeve for driving a piston rod... Agent:

20150018778 - Enema dispenser: An enema includes a liquid in a dispenser having a bottle, a nozzle attached to the bottle, and a valve. The valve may be a membrane having a slit and a thickness of at most 0.90 mm. The valve may be attached to the bottle or it may be attached... Agent:

20150018779 - Spring assembly for a drug delivery device: A spring assembly for a drug delivery device and to such a device, is presented having at least a first coil spring element, and at least a second coil spring element nested arranged with the first coil spring element, and at least a first support member attached to a first... Agent:

20150018780 - Check valve system: A pressure-maintaining valve assembly can be coupled to the tubing of an infusion pump system. The valve assembly includes an element that regulates fluid flow through the tubing. This element may also act as a one way or check valve.... Agent:

20150018781 - Systems, devices, and methods for topical drug delivery to the eye: Systems, devices, and methods are provided for delivering a therapeutic substance to the eye of a subject with an automated apparatus. The apparatus can resemble a pair of eyeglasses that can assist in the alignment of a substance ejecting nozzle and energy sensor with the eye. The apparatus can eject... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150018782 - Transdermal patch: A transdermal patch for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease includes: a backing, a rivastigmine-containing layer, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, and a release liner. In the transdermal patch, the rivastigmine-containing layer contains rivastigmine and an alkyl(meth)acrylate resin, the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is composed of an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive containing a (meth)acrylic... Agent:

20150018784 - Manually powered, regulated, negative pressure pump with adapter for external pressure source: A manually-actuated pump for applying reduced-pressure therapy includes a charging chamber and a regulated chamber. The charging chamber has a closed end. A regulator passage extends between the charging chamber and the regulated chamber, and a valve body is adapted to control fluid communication through the regulator passage. A regulator... Agent:

20150018785 - System for providing continual drainage in negative pressure wound therapy: A system for subatmospheric pressure therapy in connection with healing a wound is provided. The system includes a wound dressing cover dimensioned for positioning relative to a wound bed of a subject to establish a reservoir over the wound bed in which subatmospheric pressure may be maintained, a subatmospheric pressure... Agent:

20150018783 - System, method and apparatus for silent suction tubing: An apparatus for silent suction tubing may be disclosed. A surgical tube clamp may have a hollow body with a first end, a second end, and a bottom surface between the first end and the second end. A vertical arm may extend from the first end and have an inner... Agent:

20150018787 - Wound closure and drainage system: A vacuum system for draining an open wound from liquids exuded therefrom, comprising an enclosure sealable to the wound circumference, a vacuum pump including a disposable pump unit detachably attachable to a non-disposable drive unit, and a waste container for collection of drained liquids. The enclosure has an outlet connected... Agent:

20150018786 - Wound-connection pads for fluid instillation and negative pressure wound therapy, and systems and methods: Connection pads for coupling fluid-instillation and negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) apparatuses to wound dressing, and methods and wound dressings for breaching a drape after coupling a wound dressing to a fluid-instillation and/or NPWT apparatus.... Agent:

20150018788 - Flexible barrier films containing cyclic olefins: Various polymeric barrier compositions are described which when formed into films, are useful in reducing transmission of odors. The films can be incorporated into a wide range of products such as multilayer barrier films used in medical applications and particularly in ostomy appliances. In certain versions, the films include blends... Agent:

20150018789 - Washable ostomy pouch ii: A washable ostomy pouch which enables accumulating discharged waste and also to drain and wash it without detaching the pouch from the user. The washable pouch has an abdominal inlet coupling, a draining outlet and a washing inlet. The washing inlet has a funnel shape with a seal which can... Agent:

20150018790 - Ostomy wafer: An ostomy wafer (1) comprising a proximal surface in an axial direction facing the user during use provided with an adhesive layer (7), a distal surface (5) in the axial direction facing away from the user during use provided with a backing layer, coupling means for attaching a collection bag,... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20150018791 - Gap-patterned foam dressing and method of making same: A gap-patterned wound dressing, including a patterned foam structure having a gap patterned side and a non-gap patterned side, wherein the gap patterned side includes a pattern of foam gaps disposed between foam areas dosed with honey, where the pattern of foam gaps is formed by the honey dosed areas;... Agent:

20150018792 - Wound dressing provided with a detection system: The present invention relates to a wound dressing comprising: —an application surface for application to a wound; —an absorbent structure for absorbing a liquid discharged from the wound; —an intermediate structure located between the application surface and the absorbent structure and arranged to promote the distribution of the liquid from... Agent:

20150018793 - Sanitary disposable unisex urine device: A sanitary disposable urine device is provided. The device includes an inner ring and outer ring each having a top surface and opposing bottom surface. The outer ring is substantially concentric with the inner ring and may be offset. At least one of the top surfaces of the inner and... Agent:

20150018794 - Absorbent article: Provided is an absorbent article having a top sheet with an opening-formed area in which openings are formed, and non-opening-formed areas in which no openings are formed, said absorbent article being capable of preventing liquid from remaining on the surface of the opening-formed area of the top sheet. In the... Agent:

20150018795 - Individually packaged absorbent article: The present application discloses and claims an individually packaged, absorbent article of enhanced length, and including at least two sets of wings, which article is folded into a compact package form, and which package in being unfolded by a consumer, results in less operation steps by the consumer for donning... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150018796 - Absorbent article: Provided is an absorbent article which makes it easy to fold wing sections of the absorbent article so as to match the shape of the edges of the leg openings of underwear. The present invention is an absorbent article (1) having a lengthwise direction (Y-direction) and a widthwise direction (X-direction),... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20150018798 - Bruiseless cannula: A needle device including a housing. The housing includes a first housing element provided towards a proximal end of said needle device and a second housing element provided towards a distal end of said needle device. A cutting element having a sharp proximal end is arranged at a proximal end... Agent:

20150018799 - Drug storage apparatus: Fluid storage apparatus for medical use is described that includes a length of tubing having a first end and a second end. A first sealable connector portion is provided at the first end and a second sealable connector portion is provided at the second end. The volume of fluid that... Agent:

20150018797 - Motorized drug delivery device with needles and roller: A delivery device (10) includes a roller (12) rotatably mounted on an axle (14), a reservoir (40), and one or more hollow needles (16) positioned in the roller (12) in fluid communication with the reservoir (40). As the roller (12) rotates about the longitudinal axis (17) of the axle (14),... Agent:

20150018800 - Pre-loaded syringes and methods related thereto: Pre-loaded syringes for delivering an embolic agent are disclosed herein. Methods related to syringes pre-loaded with an embolic agent are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150018801 - Anesthesia applicators/injectors for dental and other applications and methods of use: Disclosed are applicators and methods injecting of a liquid anesthetic into a dental patient with no or minimal pain. In accordance with one embodiment the applicator is for intraligamentary injection and includes an elongated, thin member having an open distal free formed of a resilient and somewhat conformable material suitable... Agent:

20150018802 - Catheterization apparatus and methods thereof: A containing catheter for facilitating sequential treatment operations therethrough, is provided. The containing catheter comprises a median portion comprising an elongated, substantially tubular member, and a distal portion, comprising a distal stiff member. A catheterization apparatus is provided, comprising the containing catheter and an elongated inner catheter insertable into the... Agent:

20150018805 - Catheter reservoir seals: Devices, systems, and methods are disclosed which relate to a catheter cap which seals a reservoir of a catheter introducer. The catheter cap secures over an introducer tip to prevent airflow into the introducer tip. The catheter cap utilizes an elongated stem to block a distal opening of the reservoir... Agent: Adapta Medical, Inc.

20150018803 - Male urinary catheter package: Package (10) for holding an intermittent, male urinary catheter (1). The package (10) has a vessel (5) which is tubular in shape allowing the urinary catheter (1) to be movably arranged in an inner volume of the vessel (5). An enveloping housing of the package entirely encloses the urinary catheter... Agent:

20150018804 - Method for manufacturing of urinary catheters: A method for manufacturing an elongated element (200) is provided. The method comprises arranging a molding cavity (101), defined by a mold (103) and a mold insert (104), said mold insert (104) comprising a mold core (105) and a displaceable mold cavity wall (106), said displaceable mold cavity wall (106)... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 57 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20150011926 - Intraocular devices: Glaucoma can be treated by implanting an intraocular shunt into the eye. Such procedures can employ various deployment devices, shunts, and implantation techniques.... Agent:

20150011925 - Method and device for temporary emergency vessel anastomoses: A device and method for achieving hemostasis and leakage control in vascular structures and other body ducts or vessels in an emergency room or trauma situation. The device has at least one shunt that contains an obturator on an end of the shunt. The shunt is inserted into a damaged... Agent:

20150011927 - Methods and systems for intraventricular brain stimulation: The present application is directed to devices and methods that can treat dementia or other brain disorders via electrical stimulation. Embodiments disclosed herein utilize brain stimulation of brain areas involved in memory and cognition through an intraventricular approach. Brain stimulation is combined with CSF flow in an intraventricular electrode having... Agent:

20150011928 - Method and apparatus for automated active sterilization of fully implanted devices: The current invention provides this advance in infection control via its unique application of active sterilization to a catheter or implant. While most catheters, and many implants, are passive devices, the current invention will provide an active component as a integral part of the implanted catheter or device to continuously... Agent: Theranova, LLC

20150011929 - Vibrating catheter luer accessory: A device and method of the present invention provides application of low-energy acoustic waves to indwelling surfaces of a catheter in order to remove and prevent microbial biofilm formation. The low-energy acoustic waves are generated by an electrically activated piezo element. The device can take the form of a luer... Agent:

20150011930 - Bubble-spraying member and method for producing same, gas-liquid- spraying member and method for producing same, local ablation device and local ablation method, injection device and injection method, plasma-bubble-spraying member, and healing device and: Through the use of a localized ablation device employing a bubble jetting member having a core formed from a conductive material, a shell part formed from an insulating material, covering the core and including a section extending from the tip of the core, and a space formed between the extended... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20150011931 - Gas conditioning trocars: A gas conditioning trocar having a chamber for heating and hydrating an unconditioned insufflation gas prior to injecting a conditioned insufflation gas into a body cavity during a medical procedure and a port through which surgical instruments can pass into a body cavity without inhibiting the flow of insufflation gas... Agent:

20150011932 - High pressure balloon: Composite fiber reinforced balloons for medical devices are prepared by applying a web of fibers to the exterior of a preformed underlayer balloon, encasing the web with a matrix material to form an assembly, and inserting the assembly into a preformed outer layer balloon to form the composite balloon.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150011933 - Insertion portion rigidity changeable catheter with balloon: An insertion portion rigidity changeable catheter with a balloon has an insertion portion including a coil-shaped member which is extensible and contractible, with a compression length set to be a predetermined length, and a sheath which is a tube body with flexibility having a fluid conduit, includes a sheath main... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150011934 - Safety syringe: One embodiment is directed to a safety syringe system, comprising: an off-the-shelf syringe assembly comprising a syringe body and a plunger tip; a needle assembly removably coupleable to the distal end of the syringe body such that medicinal fluid may be transferred through a retractable needle coupled to a needle... Agent: Credence Medsystems Inc.

20150011935 - Safety syringe: One embodiment is directed to a safety syringe system, comprising a syringe body; a plunger tip positioned within the syringe body; a needle assembly removably coupleable to the distal end of the syringe body such that a medicinal fluid may be transferred through a retractable needle coupled to a needle... Agent: Credence Medsystems Inc.

20150011936 - Syringe: A syringe includes a syringe outer tube including a tubular-shaped outer tube main body configured to be filled with a liquid, a reduced diameter section located at a distal end of the outer tube main body in a projecting manner, and configured to allow the liquid to pass therethrough, the... Agent:

20150011937 - Constant rate fluid delivery device with selectable flow rate and titratable bolus button: A wearable, self-contained drug infusion device is disclosed that is capable of achieving the precise flow rate control needed for dose-critical drugs such as insulin. In preferred embodiments of the device, at least two flow channels are utilized in conjunction with a series of valves for providing a user with... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20150011939 - Liquid storage and delivery system: The invention relates to a liquid storage and delivery system including a reusable control and drive unit (8), a container (2), a pump module (4) fluidically connected to the container (2), and a coupling system (6) configured for removably coupling the pump module (4) to the control and drive unit... Agent:

20150011938 - Neurosurgical apparatus: A neurosurgical apparatus includes a guide device and a neurosurgical instrument is disclosed. The guide device includes a tube for insertion into the brain and a head attached to the proximal end of the tube for affixing the guide device to a hole formed in the skull. The head has... Agent:

20150011940 - Pumping device having improved emptying detection features: Sensor for dynamically detecting the residual fluid volume Vres of a collapsible reservoir (1,3) characterized by the fact that it is adapted to detect a threshold pressure Pth which corresponds to a phase within said reservoir (1,3) when only said residual fluid volume Vres remains, said residual volume Vres corresponding... Agent: Debiotech S.a.

20150011941 - Pharmaceutical preparation-injecting instrument: A pharmaceutical preparation injecting instrument includes an outer needle and an inner needle. The outer needle has a straight tube shape having a distal side opening and a proximal side opening, and has a reference puncturing part on a distal side. The inner needle is configured to be removably inserted... Agent:

20150011942 - Indwelling needle device: A hub (40) housed within an inner cavity (24) of a shield (20) can be displaced from an initial position at which an inner needle (50) penetrates an outer needle (30) and protrudes from a leading end of the outer needle to a retracted position at which the inner needle... Agent:

20150011943 - Veterinary syringe for multiple injections: A trigger operated syringe (100) for intramammary injection of antibiotics has a fluid containing syringe cartridge (203) activated by a plunger (206) which is inserted into the syringe cartridge (203A) and expels fluid when the trigger (205) is pulled. A syringe cartridge holding mechanism (223) holds the syringe cartridge in... Agent: Merial Limited

20150011944 - Automatic injector: An automatic injector dispenses a predetermined dose of medicament without a user having to manually force the needle into an injection site. The automatic injector includes a needle cover having a locked retracted position with respect to the injector housing prior to a medicament dispensing operation. The needle cover is... Agent:

20150011945 - Retractable syringe with a cutting crown: A retractable syringe comprises a cutting head mounted on a plunger of the syringe. When the plunger is advanced to expel fluid from the syringe, the cutting crown cuts a retention mechanism which holds a needle unit of the syringe, allowing a drive mechanism to drive the needle unit into... Agent:

20150011946 - Injector device for introducing biocompatible material into deep anatomical areas: Injector device for introducing biocompatible material into deep anatomical areas, positioned at the spine, the pelvis, the rachis and other similar locations, including a cannulated body and a piston for delivering the biological material equipped with a shaft, in which the cannulated body has a distal end, facing towards a... Agent:

20150011947 - Radiopaque bone repair mixture and method of use: A composition of a bone repair mixture has a quantity of allograft particulate bone having a bone particle distribution of particle sizes less than 700 micron and a quantity of biologic carrier material intermixed with the particulate bone. The biologic carrier material is one of fascia, deep fascia or a... Agent: Vivex Biomedical Inc.

20150011948 - Automatic injection device: Exemplary embodiments provide a syringe plunger formed of a polymeric material. The syringe plunger includes a pressurizer disposed at a proximal end, and a distal end bifurcated into a first plunger arm having a first conical surface and a second conical surface, and a second plunger arm having a first... Agent: Abbvie Biotechnology Ltd

20150011949 - Drug delivery device with cartridge snap holding feature: Drug delivery device comprising a cartridge holder adapted to receive and hold a cartridge in a loaded position, the cartridge holder comprising a distal opening adapted to receive the cartridge. The drug delivery device further comprises an expelling assembly adapted to engage and axially displace a piston in a loaded... Agent:

20150011950 - Catheter shaft with improved manifold bond: A catheter shaft with an improved manifold bond and methods for making and using the same. The catheter shaft may include a sleeve disposed, for example, near its proximal end. The sleeve may include a first layer that is attached to the catheter shaft and a second layer to which... Agent:

20150011951 - Drug delivery system using implant: The present invention relates to an implant that is implanted into a human body by means of osseointegration. A drug delivery system comprises: an implant (10) for performing a support function, which is implanted into a human body; and a cover unit (20) for performing a covering function, which is... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20150011952 - Onlay subcutaneous injection port: The device is an implantable subcutaneous injection port used for various purposes including, but not limited to, vascular access and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. This device, with its tubing route and flexible connectors offers a solution to the problem of tubing occlusion and loss of integrity due to kinking. This... Agent:

20150011953 - Fluid level sensor cover for a medical waste fluid collection and disposal system: A fluid level sensor assembly for monitoring a fluid level in a fluid collection canister of a medical waste fluid collection system. The fluid level sensor assembly includes a fluid level sensor configured for monitoring the fluid level in the fluid collection canister and a fluid level sensor cover configured... Agent:

20150011954 - Systems and methods for using negative pressure wound therapy to manage open abdominal wounds: Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to the treatment of wounds using negative pressure. Some embodiments disclosed herein provide for a foam pad, which may be suitable for use in abdominal wound sites, and which may be sized in a dimensionally-independent manner. Additional embodiments provide for a wound contact layer, as... Agent:

20150011955 - Device for collecting fecal discharge in incontinent patients: A collector for fecal discharge is provided comprising a self-expanding resilient collection component, a housing sheath and a transit component. The collection component has an open proximal and distal end and a lumen connecting them. The component comprises interconnected resilient arms circumscribing its contour, wherein adjacent arms are resiliently biased... Agent:

20150011956 - Disposable article including a nanostructure forming material: A disposable treatment article or disposable cleaning article that includes a hydrophobic nanoporous material. The disposable treatment or cleaning article is configured to contact and apply the nanoporous material to a surface. The nanoporous material is configured to form hydrophobic nanostructures on a surface upon the application of an activation... Agent:

20150011957 - Nightwear absorbent, washable and reusable, and its manufacturing process: The present invention is a nightwear for children which is absorbent, washable, and reusable, and which is constituted of inner portion formed of a super light and soft fabric made of micropolar allowing to keep the body dry due to the fact that urine is directly absorbed by a cotton... Agent:

20150011960 - Disposable wearing article: A disposable wearing article includes a urination region, a rear waistline region arranged to the rear of the urination region, and a front waistline region arranged to the front of the urination region. An absorbent sheet having an absorbent polymer arranged between liquid-permeable sheets is configured to be provided in... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20150011958 - Disposable wearing article: A disposable wearing article in which waist elastics are attached at least in a rear waist region of front and rear waist regions so that a space between a core and the wearer's skin is formed which functions as a pocket for retaining excretions such as feces or the like.... Agent:

20150011959 - Open-type disposable diaper: An open-type disposable diaper includes a crotch stretch unit formed in an absorber arrangement region where an absorber is arranged in a crotch region and being stretchable in a product longitudinal direction; a pair of leg stretch units formed along a leg hole openings and being stretchable in at least... Agent:

20150011961 - Diapers having a zoned non-attachable back sheet and methods of manufacturing same: According to one embodiment, an absorbent article to be worn about a wearer has a front portion and a back portion. The absorbent article includes an outer layer, an inner layer that is substantially co-extensive with the outer layer, an absorbent layer and one or more fasteners, which are located... Agent:

20150011962 - Container for blood derivative products: A hermetically-sealed plastics container for blood derivative products is provided. The container may have an internal surface and an external surface, characterised in that it comprises an RFID inlay between the internal surface and the external surface.... Agent: Grifols, S.a.

20150011963 - Pressure-regulating vial adaptors and methods: In certain embodiments, a vial adaptor comprises a housing member, a connector configured to couple the adaptor with a vial, a regulator channel, and an extractor channel formed in the housing member. The extractor channel is configured to facilitate withdrawal of fluid from the vial when the adaptor is coupled... Agent:

20150011967 - Adjustable variable stiffness medical device and methods of use: A transluminal device may include an elongate section extending between a proximal end and a distal end of the device. The elongate section may be configured to be inserted into a body cavity. The device may include a balloon within the elongate section between the proximal end and the distal... Agent:

20150011964 - Guidewire: According to an embodiment of the present disclosure, a guidewire for performing medical procedures may include a central core. The central core may include a first region having a first width and a distal surface. The central core may also include a second region distal to the first region. The... Agent:

20150011966 - Needleless injection device components, systems, and methods: Needleless injection device components, systems, and methods that involve features including an elongate shaft that has a working shaft comprising a working shaft proximal end, a working shaft distal end, and a working lumen extending between the working shaft proximal end and the working shaft distal end, an injection shaft... Agent:

20150011965 - Time dependent drug delivery apparatus: An apparatus are disclosed for autonomous variable rate delivery of a substance. In some embodiments, the delivery apparatus may be programmable. In some embodiments, the delivery apparatus may be disposable. Optionally the rate of delivery may be dependent on a temperature of a component of the apparatus. Optionally, there may... Agent: Medimop Medical Projects Ltd.

20150011968 - Detecting depth of anesthesia via pupil metrics: A video feed of one or more pupils of a patient can be received and processed to determine a raw measure of pupil size of the one or more pupils over time. Based on this raw measure, at least one of a) a depth of anesthesia for the patient, b)... Agent:

20150011969 - Device for intermittently obstructing a gastric opening and method of use: The present invention relates to a device for intermittently obstructing a bodily opening, such as a gastric opening, and includes a proximal member connected to a distal member by a tether. The proximal member includes an apron member surrounding a first occluding member, which is formable from an elongated and... Agent: Baronova, Inc.

20150011970 - Devices, methods and systems for wireless control of medical devices: A medical device system. The system includes a first medical device, a first remote interface, and a second remote interface in communication with the first remote interface and the first medical device, wherein the first medical device sends a command to the first medical device through the second remote interface,... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20150011971 - Anti-nociceptive apparatus: The present invention presents an apparatus and methods to generate and deliver resonant vibrations to a hypodermic needle penetration site of a human body to reduce pain of needle prick by activating inhibitory neuronal mechanisms for pain perception. The apparatus comprises a longitudinal syringe carriage assembly which releasably holds and... Agent:

20150011973 - Devices, systems, and methods for medicament delivery: Certain exemplary embodiments comprise can comprise an auto-injector, which can comprise: a vial configured to store and/or contain an injectable medicament, the vial defining a vial longitudinal axis, and a housing comprising the vial. In various embodiments, the injectable medicament can be a medicine, medication, drug, pharmaceutical, prescriptive, agent, antidote,... Agent: Kaleo, Inc.

20150011974 - Pen needle tip: A needle tip assembly for a pre-loaded syringe or a pen needle injection device, the needle tip assembly including a body comprising a double-ended needle and being installable and removable from the pre-loaded syringe or pen needle injection device. A needle cap is configured to cover a skin puncturing end... Agent: Stat Medical Devices, Inc.

20150011972 - Puncture needle device and method of using the same: The present invention provides a puncture needle device, comprising a light source assembly, an optic fiber assembly, an ejection assembly, and a puncture needle assembly, wherein the light source assembly comprises a light source sleeve configured with a light source, the optic fiber assembly comprises an optic fiber sleeve configured... Agent: Taipei Veterans General Hospital

20150011975 - Syringe assembly: A syringe assembly which has a barrel for containing one or more medicaments and a stopper disposed in the barrel defining and separating a first volume and a second volume within the syringe assembly. The stopper includes a permanent seal fluidly sealing the stopper to the barrel about the entire... Agent: Consort Medical PLC

20150011977 - Puncture device assembly: Provided is a puncture device assembly excellent in operability. Provided is a puncture device assembly which includes an inner needle that can puncture skin, a sheath tube that has a lumen through which the inner needle can be inserted, and a support portion which is provided at a proximal portion... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150011976 - Skin-attachable miniature drug injection device with remote activation capability and dry drug carrier within injection needle: An active agent or drug injecting device (10) includes a main housing (16) containing a trigger mechanism (24) which can be manually activated via release bar (32) or remotely triggered via wireless receiver (70) activating motor (74), and a second housing (80) containing an injection- and needle-assembly (22). The needle... Agent:

20150011978 - Introducer sheath: An introducer sheath is provided with a sheath tube which is formed of a tubular member provided with a hollow portion through which an elongated body is freely inserted and includes a distal portion having a tapering outer diameter and a main body portion having a constant outer diameter. The... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150011979 - Medical connector: A soft grip medical connector comprises a housing with an upstream end, a downstream end and a lumen extending through a central portion thereof. A flexible member comprises a valve portion integrally formed with a sleeve portion. The valve portion is positioned within a section of the housing and is... Agent: Icu Medical, Inc.

20150011980 - Body contour-fit wound dressing for vacuum therapy: A wound dressing is provided, for the vacuum treatment of wounds by connecting to a vacuum source. The wound dressing comprises an airtight outer layer, a body contour-fit layer with multi pores, a body contour-fit tubing system, a non-adherent wound contacting layer and the pendent membranes with adhesives around the... Agent:

20150011981 - Catheter manufacture: Devices and methods are disclosed relating to a combination sheath and collection bag for a catheter assembly. A catheter sheath and a collection bag are manufactured as one receptacle. Though in early phases of manufacture the catheter sheath and collection bag are in fluid communication, the two are partitioned before... Agent: Adapta Medical, Inc.

01/01/2015 > 59 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20150005689 - Intraocular shunt implantation: Implanting an intraocular shunt into an eye can involve creating an opening in the cornea and positioning a shunt in the anterior chamber of the eye such that the shunt terminates between layers of Tenon's capsule, thereby facilitating fluid flow out of the anterior chamber into a space between the... Agent:

20150005690 - Device for treatment of a wound: The present invention concerns a device for treatment of a wound by attachment to the skin, comprising a set of electrodes arranged on a carrier member and connected to an electrical power source having a first and a second terminal which are connected to each of the electrodes, wherein the... Agent:

20150005692 - Method for the treatment of mammalian skin tissues via pulse irradiation in the presence of a photoactive compound: A method of treating mammalian skin tissues for causing a predetermined physiological change in the mammalian skin tissues. A treatment composition of matter is applied onto the mammalian skin. The mammalian skin is irradiated with a first pulse having a power density above an activation threshold power density and with... Agent:

20150005693 - Photodynamic therapy for tumors with localized delivery: A system for treatment of tumors includes a vessel having a photosensitizing agent therein, a delivery device for communicating the photosensitizing agent from the vessel to tumor tissue, a light source for radiating the tumor tissue after the delivery device has delivered the photosensitizing agent to the tumor tissue, a... Agent:

20150005691 - Thermal treatment of a pilosebaceous unit with metal nanoparticles in surfactant containing solutions: Treatment of skin tissue with photoactive materials and light, such as nanoparticles and formulations which are useful for cosmetic, diagnostic and therapeutic applications to mammals such as humans. In particular, embodiments of thermal treatment of a pilosebaceous unit with metal nanoparticles in surfactant containing solutions are disclosed.... Agent:

20150005694 - Method and devices for treating atrial fibrillation by mass ablation: Apparatus and method for ablating target tissue including a non-linear area of tissue in the left atrium of a patient. The method can include selecting an ablation apparatus having an ablator with a tissue engagement section, penetrating a chest cavity of the patient, and identifying the target tissue. The method... Agent:

20150005695 - Device for treating hardened lesions and method of use thereof: A balloon catheter is provided that may be used to dilate hardened regions of a stenosis on a vessel wall. The balloon catheter is provided with cutting elements that extend along a surface of a balloon. At least one bioactive is present, either on the cutting element, within the interior... Agent:

20150005696 - Probe tip and infusion sleeve for use in ophthalmological surgery: A phacoemulsification probe includes a first portion for interconnecting the probe with a phacoemulsification machine. A probe tip has a first end connected with the first portion and a second end curved up to a predetermined angle. The probe tip defines a channel therein for aspirating material through the probe... Agent:

20150005697 - Applicator: An applicator is inserted into a living body and applies mixed solution to a region in the living body. The applicator includes a nozzle including an elongated nozzle main body to which gas and a plurality of kinds of liquids are supplied and a nozzle head at a distal end... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150005698 - Applicator: An applicator is insertable into a living body to apply mixed solution to a region in the living body. The applicator includes a nozzle including an elongated nozzle main body to which gas and a plurality of kinds of liquids are supplied and a nozzle head at a distal end... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150005699 - Peritoneal dialysis systems, devices, and methods: An automated peritoneal dialysis system provides various features including prescription-driven dialysis fluid preparation, an integrated disposable fluid circuit, and sensor capabilities that allow accurate filing and draining control with high safety margins. Features include a peritoneal fluid circuit with a pressure sensor at either end and methods and devices for... Agent: Nxstage Medical, Inc.

20150005700 - Sanitary device for applying an active principle within a body cavity: The invention relates to a sanitary device (1) for applying at least one active principle inside a human or animal body cavity, said device comprising at least one biodegradable film (3) containing the at least one active substance and an applicator including: a main tubular body (4); and an ejector... Agent: Sojasun Technologies

20150005701 - Controlled needle-free transport: A needle-free transdermal transport device for transferring a substance across a surface of a biological body includes a reservoir for storing the substance, a nozzle in fluid communication with the reservoir and a controllable electromagnetic actuator in communication with the reservoir. The actuator, referred to as a Lorentz force actuator,... Agent:

20150005702 - Pill administration device with liquid reservoir: A pill administration device has a collapsible reservoir that can contain liquid and a pill receptacle that is coupled to the reservoir and can store one or more pills, with two rupturable membranes keeping the pill(s) isolated from the liquid and trapped in the pill receptacle. By collapsing the reservoir... Agent: Ino-products Inc.

20150005703 - Drug infusion device with safety interlock: Described is novel system for delivering medication to a patient via an infusion pump. The infusion pump includes mechanical means for delivering medication that are locked and unlocked via a remote control device. The remote control device is configured to be programmed with a desired dosage of medication and to... Agent: Animas Corporation

20150005704 - Steerable medical device having multiple curve profiles: A medical device, such as an introducer, includes a shaft having a lumen therethrough. A distal region of the shaft includes both a fixed curve region and a steerable region. According to certain aspects of the disclosure, the fixed curve region is more proximal than the steerable region. The fixed... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.

20150005705 - Catheter including a unibody distal guidewire port and method of manufacture: Methods and devices incorporating a guidewire entry port subassembly for use in rapid exchange catheters. The use of a subassembly allows for stronger quality control and simpler fabrication of a rapid exchange device. In several embodiments, methods of making a molded guidewire entry port using a mold, often in conjunction... Agent:

20150005706 - Safety syringe: One embodiment is directed to a safety syringe system, comprising a syringe body; a plunger tip positioned within the syringe body; a needle assembly removably coupleable to the distal end of the syringe body such that a medicinal fluid may be transferred through a retractable needle coupled to a needle... Agent: Credence Medsystems Inc.

20150005707 - Safety syringe: One embodiment is directed to a pre-filled safety syringe system, comprising a syringe body; a plunger tip positioned within the syringe body; a needle assembly removably coupleable to the distal end of the syringe body such that a medicinal fluid may be transferred through a retractable needle coupled to a... Agent: Credence Medsystems Inc.

20150005708 - Injection device: e

20150005709 - Method of making a corrugated deflection diaphragm: A removable material is deposited or otherwise applied to a flat substrate surface in a pattern corresponding to desired corrugations in a membrane, e.g., a deflection diaphragm. The applied material serves as a scaffold for a polymeric material, which is applied thereover, and following cure or hardening, the polymeric material... Agent:

20150005710 - Puncture device and chemical liquid supplying device: A puncture device includes a puncture needle having a double structure including an outer needle and an inner tube located in the outer needle; a housing unit accommodating the puncture needle; and a puncture mechanism provided within the housing unit. The puncture mechanism includes a push-in unit configured to be... Agent:

20150005711 - Infusion pump assembly: An infusion pump assembly includes a locking tab and a pump barrel inside a pump barrel housing, where the pump barrel accommodates a reservoir assembly. The reservoir assembly includes a reservoir and a plunger rod. The infusion pump assembly also includes a locking disc at a terminus of the pump... Agent:

20150005712 - Slotted catheter securement device: A slotted catheter securement device adapted for securing a catheter extending generally perpendicularly from the skin of a patient, having a base member and a securing member co-planarly oriented, the securing member being joined to the base member non-coextensively, an interior opening, a slot passing through the base member and... Agent:

20150005713 - Pen-type injection device and electronic clip-on module therefor: A supplemental device for attachment to an injection device comprises an aligning arrangement for ensuring a predetermined positional relationship between the supplemental device and the injection device; and a securing arrangement for securing the supplemental device to the injection device.... Agent:

20150005714 - Nasal rinse tip: A device for nasal lavage is described. The device ejects a gentle flow of fluid under pressure. The fluid stream provides a high quantity of fluid at low pressure. The low pressure fluid stream is more comfortable for a user than a high pressure fluid stream that is delivered by... Agent:

20150005715 - Medical connector for use with the fluid delivery system and fluid path: A medical connector includes a body defining a lumen for fluid flow through the medical connector. The medical connector includes a luer member and an annular member disposed about the luer member. The annular member includes internal and/or external engagement structures. The medical connector may be provided on the outlet... Agent:

20150005716 - Medication reservoir: A method and apparatus for a connection interface between a reservoir or syringe, infusion set tubing, and an infusion pump is provided. A base is provided which is adapted to receive a reservoir. The base has a base engagement member, such as a detent, projecting therefrom. A cap is provided... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20150005717 - Micromechanic passive flow regulator: The invention concerns a flow regulator, made of a stack of 3 plates, respectively a top plate including a flexible membrane (1), a middle plate (2) with pillars and through holes and a bottom plate (3) with fluidic ports, micro channels and through holes (8,9,12). The principle is based on... Agent:

20150005718 - Vascular access assembly and safety device: A safety intravenous (IV) catheter assembly is disclosed which includes a safety device having a housing defining a cavity and distal and proximal openings, and a biasing member positioned within the cavity. The biasing member is movable from a first position to a second position to tilt the housing in... Agent:

20150005719 - Peri-vascular tissue ablation catheter with deflection surface support structures: An intravascular catheter for peri-vascular and/or peri-urethral tissue ablation includes multiple needles advanced through supported guide tubes which expand around a central axis to engage the interior surface of the wall of the renal artery or other vessel of a human body allowing the injection an ablative fluid for ablating... Agent:

20150005720 - Electrophoretic display: The present invention is directed to a transdermal delivery system for delivering a medicinal or cosmetic agent through the skin of a subject, which delivery system comprises (a) one or more display cells comprising partition walls and top-openings; (b) a liquid composition filled in the display cells wherein said liquid... Agent:

20150005721 - Method and apparatus for liquid dispensing: This invention provides for a method and a device for dispensing precise quantities of a predetermined volume of medicaments or other liquids onto the eye, via one or more discrete drop(s) generated by the device in a practical and innoxious way to users.... Agent: Johnson & Johson Vision Care, Inc.

20150005722 - Closed incision negative pressure wound therapy device and methods of use: A surgical tissue therapy device includes a sealant layer and a collection chamber. The sealant layer functions so as to create a sealed enclosure or space between it and the surface of a patient by forming, preferably, an airtight seal around a surgical area of skin trauma. The closed incision... Agent:

20150005723 - Covered yankauer suction device and methods of using same: A covered yankauer suction device is protectable from contamination after use. The covered yankauer suction device includes a yankauer having a suction tip at a first end and a connector at a second end. A retractable sleeve partially encloses the yankauer. One end of the retractable sleeve is secured to... Agent:

20150005724 - Fecal management appliance and method and apparatus for introducing same: The end of the elongated tubular element of the appliance that is designed to be inserted into a body cavity is formed entirely of soft, compliant material. That end carries an inflatable balloon made of non-expandable material, formed in the fully inflated shape, to prevent overexpansion. The balloon is inflated... Agent:

20150005725 - Quilted-type urinal: A wearable quilted-type urinal for men, especially for men with mobility problems, comprises an absorbent tube including an elasticized section (such as an elasticized section resembling a wristband) at the tube's open end.... Agent:

20150005726 - Disposable diaper having reduced absorbent core to backsheet gluing: The present disclosure generally relates to disposable diapers having absorbent cores comprising superabsorbent polymer particles which are immobilized by adhesive. The absorbent cores are attached to the backsheets of the disposable diapers in certain attachment zones to reduce see-through and the formation of tension lines on the backsheets.... Agent:

20150005727 - Water-absorbent sheet structure: A water-absorbent sheet structure (10) including a structure in which an absorbent layer (13) containing a water-absorbent resin (12) and an adhesive (11) is sandwiched with nonwoven fabrics from an upper side and a lower side of the absorbent layer, the water-absorbent sheet structure (10) comprising (1) an upper nonwoven... Agent: Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd.

20150005728 - Wearable absorbent article with robust feeling waistband structure: A disposable diaper having front and rear augmented waistband zones having a specified size and stiffness is disclosed. For relatively thinner, less bulky diapers of currently marketed designs, providing augmented waistband zones is believed to reduce mental and physical effort for the caregiver in application of the diaper. The augmented... Agent:

20150005729 - Disposable absorbent article: The present invention provides a disposable absorbent article improved so that a desired flexibility can be assured and the thickness dimension of the article can be locally reduced without decreasing the absorbent capacity of the article. In the article according to the present invention, at least one of a first... Agent: Unicharm Corportion

20150005730 - Disposable diaper: A disposable diaper 10 includes a sheet-like elastic element 100 provided in a rear waistline portion 30. The sheet-like elastic element 100 has a stretching portion 105 that can be stretched in a product width direction W. An absorber 40 includes a low rigidity portion 110, where the basis weight... Agent:

20150005731 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article has a basic functionality of a skin contact sheet present and configured on the surface of an absorber such that it rises therefrom, in which no positional displacement occurs at a crotch part and which effectively avoids contact between a wearer's skin and urine/feces. The absorbent article... Agent: Daio Paper Corporation

20150005733 - Catheter anchoring device and method: Methods and apparatus for anchoring a catheter to a patient's skin using a catheter anchoring device are described. The catheter anchoring device includes one or more pairs of sharps with a sharpened end configured to pierce the surface of the skin. A locking mechanism for the sharps is used as... Agent:

20150005734 - Exposure prevention cover, exposure prevention cover module provided with same, drug solution supply system, and drug solution supply method: The present invention provides an exposure prevention cover that prevents exposure to a drug solution, pharmaceuticals or the like, an exposure prevention cover module provided with the same, a drug solution supply system, and a drug solution supply method. An exposure prevention cover for housing a drug solution container that... Agent: Otsuka Techno Corporation

20150005732 - Fluid line occlusion detection system and methods: The systems, methods and articles described herein are directed to at least one pressure sensor along a downstream fluid line which senses fluid pressure and assists an occlusion detection feature in determining the presence of occlusions in the downstream fluid line. In addition, the system can dynamically adapt the occlusion... Agent:

20150005735 - Method and apparatus for castration of animals: A method and apparatus of applying a chemical treatment solution for effective castration of an animal through inducing cellular necrosis in or about the spermatic cord. The apparatus including a needlefree applicator head comprising a plurality of injector tubes for simultaneous treatment across a target areas. The target area being... Agent:

20150005736 - Occlusion detection for an infusion pump system: Some embodiments of an infusion pump system include an occlusion detection system to detect when an occlusion exists in the fluid path between the medicine reservoir and the infusion site located, for example, on the user's skin. The occlusion detection system can be configured to self-calibrate in a manner that... Agent:

20150005737 - Withdrawal catheter and method: A withdrawal catheter and method for removing a material from a specific area includes a first tubing positioned within a second tubing. The first and second tubing has a plurality of holes for withdrawal of the material, such as fluid and small particulates. The first and second tubing may have... Agent:

20150005738 - System and method for monitoring of guide catheter seating: A method for monitoring the seating of a guide catheter during a catheter procedure includes monitoring at least one parameter of the catheter procedure and determining if the at least one parameter indicates that a guide catheter is out of position. If the at least one parameter indicates the guide... Agent:

20150005740 - Injection devices and related methods of use: According to an embodiment of the present disclosure, a medical device for injecting one or more substances may include a proximal handle assembly. The proximal handle assembly may include a housing, a rotatable member rotatably coupled to the housing, and a port configured to receive one or more substances. The... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150005739 - Microthread delivery system: Compositions that include microthreads are provided. The compositions can be fully or partially encased in a sleeve along at least a portion of their length and can include biological cells and, optionally, therapeutic agents. Also provided are methods for using the compositions to repair or ameliorate damaged or defective tissue,... Agent:

20150005741 - Safety syringe: One embodiment is directed to a method for safe injection, comprising: providing an injection assembly and inserting a plunger tip of the injection assembly to a final insertion state and releasing an associated manual insertion load. A retraction load developed sufficient to cause the plunger tip to be proximally withdrawn... Agent: Credence Medsystems Inc.

20150005742 - Adhesive-based varicose vein treatment: An intraluminal member can be used to deliver an adhesive to a vein while causing the vein to spasm, thereby controlling adhesive migration and improving procedure efficacy.... Agent: Vascular Insights LLC

20150005744 - Devices for the treatment of vascular aneurysm: Devices for the treatment of vascular aneurysms are described. The treatment is achieved through the delivery of an effective amount of elastin stabilization agent to an isolated volume at the aneurysm. The elastin stabilization agent maybe embedded in a delivery composition. The device optionally has an aspiration means to improve... Agent:

20150005743 - Weeping balloon catheter with drug delivery balloon in fluid communication with combination lumen: A weeping balloon catheter includes a catheter having an elongate tubular body defining an inflation lumen and a combination lumen that terminates at an open distal end of the elongate tubular body. A dilation balloon is disposed at a distal end of the elongate tubular body and is in fluid... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150005745 - 3-d mapping for guidance of device advancement out of a guide catheter: The present disclosure involves a process for guiding the distal end of a guide wire or working catheter as it emerges from the distal end of a guide catheter into a blood vessel. The distal end of the guide wire or working catheter is provided with an X-ray marker, a... Agent: Corindus, Inc.

20150005746 - Guidewire: A guidewire includes a wire body having a first wire arranged on a distal end side and a second wire arranged on a proximal end side of the first wire. A proximal end surface of the first wire and a distal end surface of the second wire are joined to... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150005747 - Cap and tubing apparatus and related methods: An apparatus including a cap that can be placed onto or removed from a bottle with an interference fit, for instance using a snap-type motion. The cap has a top portion and at least partially open bottom portion, where the cap is defined in part by an outer top portion,... Agent:

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