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07/24/2014 > 80 patent applications in 57 patent subcategories.

20140207044 - Minimally-advancing luminal catheter: The present invention relates to an implantable catheter (100) provided for insertion through a wall (50) of a dural venous sinus (70) in a subject, having a proximal (20) and distal end (30), comprising: —a tubular shaft (10) for insertion through the wall (50) of the venous sinus (70) into... Agent: Steerable Instruments Bvba

20140207043 - Systems and methods for shunting fluid: Systems and methods are provided herein that generally involve shunting fluid, e.g., shunting cerebrospinal fluid in the treatment of hydrocephalus. Self-cleaning catheters are provided which include split tips configured such that pulsatile flow of fluid in a cavity in which the catheter is inserted can cause the tips to strike... Agent: Alcyone Lifesciences, Inc.

20140207045 - Systems and methods for shunting fluid: Systems and methods are provided herein that generally involve shunting fluid, e.g., shunting cerebrospinal fluid in the treatment of hydrocephalus. Self-cleaning catheters are provided which include split tips configured such that pulsatile flow of fluid in a cavity in which the catheter is inserted can cause the tips to strike... Agent: Alcyone Lifesciences, Inc.

20140207049 - Energy chip structure: The present invention provides an energy chip structure comprising: a base, an energy chip and a protective layer; wherein the base includes an inner space, the energy chip is arranged inside the inner space and for emitting a stabilizing electric wave, and the protective layer is attached to a top... Agent: Overtake Technology Co., Ltd.

20140207046 - Led induced tattoo removal system and method of use: An LED induced tattoo removal system and method of use that utilizes an ultra bright LED having a principal peak with a peak at 640 nm-700 nm for tattoo removal without causing collateral skin damage and without causing pain to a subject is disclosed. The tattoo removal method includes an... Agent: Inrexrem

20140207048 - Optimized bio-synchronous bioactive agent delivery system: Optimized bio-synchronous drug delivery begins with establishing a bio-synchronous treatment protocol that incorporates individual temporal and innate biological characteristics into a pharmacological treatment plan. The bio-synchronous treatment protocol is thereafter initiated using bioactive agent delivery device. Bio-synchronous drug delivery includes continual collection of patient data such as physical, psychological, temporal... Agent: Chrono Therapeutics, Inc.

20140207047 - Transdermal drug delivery system and method: A bioactive agent delivery device having a plurality of reservoirs wherein each reservoir houses a solvent provides a means for separable and segregated delivery of bioactive agent(s) to a patient. The device can include a plurality of absorbent materials wherein each absorbent material is pretreated with a bioactive agent and... Agent: Chrono Therapeutics, Inc.

20140207050 - Use of local anesthesia and electrical stimulation in peripheral wound treatment: A wound therapy method that results in improved wound healing for conditions including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and arterial and venous ulcers is described. The wound therapy method uses local anesthetic injections in an area surrounding the wound combined with electrical stimulation causing local and deep muscle contraction in... Agent: Diabetic Neuropathy Network, Inc.

20140207051 - Method and apparatus for controlling ultrasound system: Provided are an ultrasound system and methods that deliver medication through skin by using multiple frequencies. The method to deliver medication through skin include irradiating the skin with ultrasound having a first frequency to cavitate a skin tissue; irradiating the skin with ultrasound having a second frequency, which is lower... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140207052 - Vascular treatment devices and methods: An apparatus for performing a vascular treatment includes an intraluminal member that is controllingly moved during the vascular treatment. The intraluminal member of the vascular treatment device can be connected to a motor. The intraluminal member may be configured to retain endothelium during the vascular treatment procedure.... Agent: Vascular Insights, LLC

20140207053 - Device and method for the plasma treatment of surfaces and use of a device: The invention relates to a device for the plasma treatment of surfaces (47), in particular of skin, having a housing (3), a plasma source (5) allocated to the housing (3), and at least one spacer (21) that is provided on the housing (3) and/or the plasma source (5) in such... Agent: Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.

20140207054 - Apparatus and method of treating a vein with thermal energy: A method of delivering therapy to a treatment volume of a vein of a patient includes inserting a vapor delivery shaft into the vein at an entry location. The vein is fluidly coupled with other veins in a venous vasculature of the patient. The method also includes applying a compressive... Agent: Veniti, Inc.

20140207055 - System for performing peritoneal dialysis: the system being characterized by the fact that said liquid distribution system (2) comprises two distinct hub chambers (7,8), the first hub chamber (7) including at least one liquid supply port with dedicated valve means (9), one patient port with dedicated valve means (10) and one pump inlet (26), the... Agent: Debiotech S.a.

20140207056 - Suction and irrigation apparatus with anti-clogging capability: A handheld tool for providing irrigation and/or suction is provided. In certain embodiments, the tool has a single cannula for providing both suction and irrigation, while in others there are separate suction and irrigation cannulas. In some embodiments, flush water is supplied by actuating a flush button which both pinches... Agent:

20140207057 - Infusion pump and method to enhance long term medication delivery accuracy: An infusion pump is provided for pumping fluid though an administration set at a constant flow rate. The pump includes a pumping mechanism for pumping fluid and operates at a pulse frequency, and a controller controls the pulse frequency. Additionally, the pump has one or more sensors configured for measuring... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20140207058 - Pharmaceutical injection device: This pharmaceutical injection device comprises a main body case (2) having an injection needle extension/retraction opening (1); a pharmaceutical syringe mounting portion (3) provided inside the main body case (2); a piston (5) capable of moving relative to the pharmaceutical syringe mounting portion (3); a drive mechanism (6) for the... Agent: Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20140207059 - Bending operation member, and medical apparatus: A bending operating member for performing a bending operation on an elongated member having flexibility in a direction intersecting an axial direction of the elongated member includes a pulling member, at least a portion of the pulling member being configured to be connected to a distal portion of the elongated... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140207060 - Localized therapy delivery and local organ protection: A system for perfusing a localized site within a body includes a catheter assembly having a venous access line that is adapted to deliver perfusate to the localized site, a venous or arterial drainage line adapted to drain perfusate from the localized site, and an occlusion device adapted to prevent... Agent: Nirva Medical, LLC

20140207061 - Medical devices and related methods: This disclosure relates to medical devices and related methods. In some embodiments, the methods include applying a material to the balloon and then removing the material from one or more regions of the balloon.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140207062 - Apparatus and methods for measuring peripheral venous pressure and applications of same: In one aspect, an apparatus for measuring peripheral venous pressure includes a tubing having two ends with one end connectable to a fluid source and the other end connectable to a vein, a fluid controlling device configured to have an on position and an off position, and at least one... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20140207063 - Neonatal fluid tubing heater: A heating system for heating neonate nutritional liquid, including a heater and a control module. The heater includes a heating portion having serpentine shaped grooves for receiving a tube. The tube may be a serpentine feeding tube module, having a serpentine tube portion, or a serpentine feeding tube cassette, having... Agent: Acacia, Inc.

20140207067 - Adhesive and peripheral systems and methods for medical devices: A repeater system may control a pump by using a repeater and a user interface. An adhesive patch system may be used for affixing a pump or other object to a human body. Such an adhesive patch system may include two sets of adhesive members, each member including an adhesive... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140207064 - Systems for fluid reservoir retention: A fluid infusion device is provided. The fluid infusion device can include a fluid reservoir having a barrel portion and a housing defining a receiving portion for removably receiving the fluid reservoir within the housing. The housing can have a first side including a first engagement system that cooperates with... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20140207065 - Systems for fluid reservoir retention: A housing for a fluid infusion device is provided. The housing can include a first housing component including a first engagement system. The first housing component can define a first compartment and a second compartment. The first engagement system can be coupled to the second compartment and movable relative to... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20140207066 - Systems for fluid reservoir retention: A fluid reservoir for use with a fluid infusion device is provided. The fluid reservoir can include a first portion having a first end and a second end. The first end can include an alignment feature and a delivery port. The fluid reservoir can include a second portion coupled to... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20140207068 - Pumping device, as for enteral feeding assembly: A pumping device is disclosed, as for use with an enteral feeding assembly. In one form the pumping device is a diaphragm pump including a first dome portion, a second dome portion, and a flexible membrane located between the first and second dome portions. A pressure differential is created between... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20140207069 - Access device with valve: A splittable sheath includes a splittable sheath body, a splittable sheath hub, and a valve element. The sheath body comprises a generally flexible tubular structure, a proximal end, and a distal end. The sheath body defines a longitudinal axis and is splittable into two halves along a pre-determined line generally... Agent: Access Scientific, LLC

20140207070 - Hemostasis valve with roller seal: A hemostasis valve has a housing having proximal and distal ends defining proximal and distal openings configured for passage of a medical device therethrough. The housing further defines a cavity between the proximal and distal ends. One or more rollers are received within the cavity and define end sections and... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.

20140207071 - Non-balloon low profile feed device with insertion/removal tool: A device for inserting a non-balloon gastrostomic device through an opening in the wall of the abdomen and stomach or other viscera of a patient is provided. The insertion device comprises a body, a stylus, and a trigger device being adapted to selectively maintain a selected position of the stylus... Agent: Applied Medical Technology, Inc.

20140207072 - Conduit management device: A conduit management device and method for quickly and easily securing a conduit and reducing the risk of conduit disruption is disclosed. A selectively securable cleat is arranged for selective encirclement and securement of at least a portion of a conduit by wrapping the conduit around the cleat. An embodiment... Agent:

20140207073 - Automatic injection device: Automatic injection device includes a housing, a syringe, a plunger, and a syringe carrier. The housing includes a barrel between a first end and a second end. The barrel includes an elongated window to allow viewing of contents inside the housing. The syringe is disposed within the housing and has... Agent: Abbvie Inc

20140207074 - Drug delivery device with means for handling data: A system comprises a drug reservoir and means for expelling drug from the reservoir, the drug expelling means comprising setting means allowing a user to set a drug dose to be expelled from the reservoir, and actuation means for driving or releasing the drug expelling means to expel the set... Agent:

20140207075 - Skived film for covering surface of plug for medical purposes, plug for medical purposes using said film, pre-filled syringe using said plug and method for producing said film: Provided is a PTFE skived film capable of exhibiting, with a single layer, sliding properties, barrier properties with regard to a liquid contact surface, and excellent tear resistance during injection molding. This skived film is characterized by being obtained by cutting a polytetrafluoroethylene block or a modified polytetrafluoroethylene block subjected... Agent: Coki Engineering Inc.

20140207076 - Automatic injection device: A device is provided for automatic injection of a product comprising a container, a needle and a piston. The device includes a housing receiving the container, the container being movable with respect to the housing between an initial position and an insertion position, distally spaced relative to the initial position;... Agent: Becton Dickinson France

20140207077 - Liquid injector: A liquid injector comprises a contact member comprising a tube body including an opening located at a distal end of the contact member; an inner structure body comprising: a cylindrical main body; and a hollow needle, wherein the inner structure body is movable to (i) a first position at which... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140207078 - Drug delivery device: A novel device and method for intradermal delivery of an active agent is provided. The device comprises a housing which contains a reservoir chamber. A flexible reservoir containing the active agent is placed in the chamber. Upon pressure on an actuator the active agents is delivered via a hollow needle... Agent: Pka Softtouch Corp.

20140207080 - Method and monitoring device for monitoring operation of a drug delivery device: The present invention relates to a method and to a monitoring device for monitoring operation of a drug delivery device, the monitoring device comprising of at least a first and a second sensor arranged at a distance from each other with regard to a first direction and being adapted to... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140207079 - Safety syringe and safety dose combination kit and methods: A syringe including a barrel having an internal reservoir for containing a volume of medication, a plunger received within the barrel and axially moveable relative thereto to change the volume of the medication in the reservoir, a first set of indicia marked on the barrel indicating volumetric dosage of the... Agent: Parenteral Technologies, LLC

20140207081 - Stoppers used in pre-filled syringes: A stopper adapted for attachment with a plunger rod for use within a syringe barrel is disclosed. The stopper includes a main body defining an open rearward end and a closed front end. The open rearward end is adapted to receive a front forward end attachment portion of the plunger... Agent:

20140207082 - Syringe pressure generating and pressure displaying device: Provided is a syringe pressure generating and pressure displaying device applied to a syringe configured such that an auxiliary device is detachably attached to the cylinder flange while the rod bar is installed in the auxiliary device so as to pass therethrough, and a grip of the hand on a... Agent:

20140207083 - Hemostasis valve device for injecting a medical material into a patient, and related method: It includes a member for actuating the or each compression member, radially movable relative to the body to cause the compression member to go from a radially retracted position, in which the section of the passage aperture is maximal, to a position radially deployed in the compressible member, in which... Agent: Perouse Medical

20140207084 - Hybrid cannula and methods for manufacturing the same: A new process of manufacturing a hybrid cannula may include creating a first part with at least two components, overmolding at least two components of a second part to a channel in each component of the first part, and fixing the components of the first part together. The second part... Agent: Hybrid Cannula Lp

20140207085 - Implantable infusion devices and associated methods: Implantable infusion devices configured to improve fill and evacuation procedures.... Agent: The Alfred E. Mann Foundation For Scientific Research

20140207086 - Low-profile access port: A low-profile access port for subcutaneous implantation within the body of a patient is disclosed. The access port includes a receiving cup that provides a relatively large subcutaneous target to enable a catheter-bearing needle to access the port without difficulty. In addition, the access port includes a valve/seal assembly to... Agent:

20140207087 - Sunless spray tanning devices and methods: A sunless spray tanning device includes at least one peristaltic pump coupled to a spray gun. A liquid reservoir for housing a sunless tanning composition may be coupled to the inlet of the peristaltic pump. The composition is forced via the peristaltic pump to a spray nozzle located on the... Agent: Norvell Skin Solutions LLC

20140207088 - Moxibustion therapy device and method of using thereof: This invention is directed to a moxibustion therapy device and its use. The moxibustion therapy device comprises a housing, an integrated electric circuit board inside the housing, a power supply module, and a heating module. A protruding portion on one side of the housing is covered with a metal mesh... Agent: Liferising Corporation

20140207089 - Ointment applicator: The present invention provides an anti-microbial or anti-bacterial treated soft ointment applicator that is used to apply ointment or cream on babies. The ointment applicator with a soft and flexible tapered tip in the present invention can be applied along the curvature of a baby's body without causing harm to... Agent:

20140207090 - Negative pressure wound therapy system with alarm function for flow rate of exudate: A negative pressure wound therapy system with an alarm function for the flow rate of exudate includes a liquid collecting bottle for collecting wound exudate, a negative pressure wound therapy device consisting of a negative pressure source and a controller, and a wound kit for filling and enclosing the wound,... Agent: Foryou Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140207091 - Canister for receiving wound exudate in a negative pressure therapy system: A system to promote the healing of an exuding wound includes a wound dressing, a subatmospheric pressure mechanism, and a collection canister. The wound dressing is dimensioned for positioning relative to a wound bed of a subject. The subatmospheric pressure mechanism includes a control unit disposed within a housing. The... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20140207092 - Reduced pressure, compression systems and apparatuses for use on joints: A system for providing reduced-pressure treatment to a moveable tissue site, such as a joint, includes a flexible dressing bolster. The flexible dressing bolster has a first side and a second, inward-facing side, and a plurality of flexion joints formed on the flexible dressing bolster. The system further includes a... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20140207093 - Devices for concealing a urine collection bag and that provide access to monitor and manipulate a urine collection bag therein: A cover for concealing and supporting a urinary incontinence bag to be worn by an individual in conjunction with a catheter and attached tubing. The cover provides a comfortable sleeve for containing the urinary bag and one or more straps for securing the bag to the leg of an individual.... Agent: Mary Marshall Enterprises, Inc.

20140207094 - Multilayer film including foam layer and ostomy products made therefrom: An ostomy appliance includes a multilayer composite film comprising at least one foam layer. An outer foam layer can function as a skin contact layer providing comfort and softness characteristics that are comparable to a nonwoven comfort layer. Preferably, at least one foam layer includes a vinyl-bond rich triblock copolymer... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20140207095 - Aqueous-triggered color-appearing inks: The invention describes a color-developing composition that contains at least four major components: (1) a leuco dye or a combination of leuco dyes, (2) an electron-withdrawing color-developer agent or a combination of color-developers that can form colored complexes with the leuco dyes, (3) a separator or combination of separators that... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140207096 - Disposable absorbent lift device: The present invention relates to a disposable absorbent pad comprising multiple layers. In particular, the absorbent pad of the present invention maintains skin dryness by absorbing moisture while preventing leakage to the skin or the bed linens, allowing air circulation at the surface of the patient's skin to prevent heat... Agent:

20140207098 - Enteral syringe: The present invention is an enteral syringe for use with a support hook. The enteral syringe includes an elongated body having a hollow cavity therein and a plunger operable to selectively travel within the hollow cavity. The plunger includes a support feature adapted to receive the support hook.... Agent: Neomed, Inc.

20140207097 - Internal dry powder delivery system and method thereof: An internal dry powder delivery system through a working channel of an endoscopic cannula for directly applying the powder form medication to an internal tissue/organ site, includes an elongated tubular delivery channel and a powder supply device for producing pressurized gas mixing with the dry powder for feeding to form... Agent:

20140207099 - Device, system and method for facilitating syringe based drug delivery and management thereof: The present invention relates to a device, system and a method for optimizing syringe based drug delivery profile with a treatment element and in particular, to such a device, system and method in which optimization is based on a plurality of data that directly and/or indirectly affect the optimization of... Agent:

20140207106 - An auto injector with seperate needle injection: An auto injector having sequential control of needle insertion and dose injection is disclosed. A syringe with a needle is movably positioned in a housing between a first position in which the needle is accommodated inside the housing and a second position in which the needle protrudes outside the housing.... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20140207104 - Fluid dispenser: A fluid dispensing device is provided for dispensing a measured amount of fluid into a living organism. The device has a needle having a first end and a second end. The needle is adapted for interfacing, on the first end, with a septum of a flexible hollow membrane, and at... Agent:

20140207103 - Hand-held adipose processor and cell concentrator: Devices and methods are provided for processing adipose tissue with a hand-held device. This device may include a processing chamber, a cannula, a vacuum source, a digestion area, and a product cell concentration chamber.... Agent: Tissue Genesis, Inc.

20140207100 - Hybrid cannula and methods for manufacturing the same: A hybrid cannula may comprise a first portion formed from a first material, a second portion formed from a second material overmolded to the first portion, a third portion formed from a third material and a fourth portion formed from a fourth material overmolded to the third material. The third... Agent: Hybrid Cannula Lp

20140207102 - Medicament dispensing device: A portable medicament dispensing device having a mechanism which is not susceptible in jamming for dispensing the medication to a user. The device employs employs a coupling for coupling the relative motion between reciprocating body members housing the ancillary components and a barrel plunger associated with the syringe. One embodiment... Agent:

20140207105 - Methods for effectively and rapidly desensitizing allergic patients: Methods and compositions for delivering antigens to the lymphatic system in doses that desensitize patients to future exposure to antigens have been developed. Rapid desensitization is achieved by introducing small quantities of antigen into the lymphatic system. In preferred embodiments, the compositions are administered to yield therapeutically effective levels of... Agent: Perosphere, Inc.

20140207101 - Microstructure device with removable microstructure patch: A device and method for creating microchannels in the stratum corneum. The device includes a handle and a substrate detachably attached to the handle by a coupler. The substrate has a plurality of microstructures for creating microchannels in the stratum corneum. The substrate is detachable from the handle for disposal.... Agent:

20140207107 - Method for infusing stem cells: A method for infusing a liquid into a patient's vasculature in accordance with an infusion protocol is disclosed. For this method, an infusion catheter having a multi-lumen infusion unit that is mounted adjacent the catheter's distal end is positioned in an artery within a predetermined distance from an intended target... Agent: Translational Biologic Infusion Catheter, LLC

20140207108 - System for deploying a capacitive shape memory catheterization device and methods for use therewith: A system for deploying a shape memory catheterization device within a patient, includes a catheter for endovascular insertion of the shape memory catheterization device. A heat source heats the shape memory catheterization device above the transition temperature. A transformation data generator includes a circuit driver for driving a circuit that... Agent: Memory Effect Medical, LLC

20140207109 - System for deploying an inductive shape memory catheterization device and methods for use therewith: A system for deploying a shape memory catheterization device within a patient, includes a catheter for endovascular insertion of the shape memory catheterization device. A heat source heats the shape memory catheterization device above the transition temperature. A transformation data generator includes a circuit driver for driving a circuit that... Agent: Memory Effect Medical, LLC

20140207110 - Vascular access device for reproducible insertion of a cannula into a puncture site: A vascular access device for reproducible insertion of a cannula, comprising a carrier, a holder and a guide device, such that the guide device is designed as an inclined plane on one side and serves to support and guide a cannula, so that accurate guidance of the cannula is ensured,... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20140207111 - Oral transmucosal drug delivery device: A drug delivery device 10 has a support structure 20 and a medicine-laden member 100 affixed or otherwise attached to the support structure 20. The device 10 is sized to fit into the mouth and upon exposing the medicine-laden member 100 to saliva, medicaments 101 are released into the mouth.... Agent:

20140207112 - Hygiene bottle: A collapsible squeeze bottle suitable for use as a portable personal hygienic washing system provides vigorous cleansing action and can attain a compact configuration conducive to discreet concealment. The squeeze bottle includes non-collapsible top and bottom sections, and a central collapsible section having a plurality of pleats, a spout extending... Agent:

20140207113 - Method, assemblies and devices for nutrient delivery: The invention concerns an assembly for delivering a flowable nutritional substance, e.g. made from homemade cooked foods or home prepared food or foods treated with a hand blender or equivalent, comprising a substantially tubular container 1 formed with enclosed lower end and an open upper end, the open upper end... Agent:

20140207114 - Double helix reinforced catheter: The intravascular catheter has a polymeric inner tube, a reinforcing inner jacket which is spirally wound over the inner tube and which becomes progressively softer from a proximal end to a distal end, and a polymeric outer sheath extruded over the inner jacket. The reinforcing jacket includes helical coiled wires... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140207115 - Medical tubing having variable characteristcs and method of making same: The invention primarily is directed to a medical tubing adapted for insertion into a body tissue or cavity and method of manufacturing different variations of the tubing along a length of the tubing. The tubing comprises a plurality of individual, discrete, generally ring-shaped elements arranged in series and fused or... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20140207117 - Connector: A connector comprises a housing; a main flow path being configured such that fluid is flowable from a first tube through the main flow path into a second tube; and a connection terminal including a connection side space, the connection terminal being configured such that a third tube is connectable... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140207116 - Implantable high flow dual lumen multi-window vascular access port catheter: This improved subcutaneous implantable vascular access port invention is designed to accommodate a larger catheter caliber attachment and six multi-window elongated dual lumen trough reservoir to allow 200-600 milliliters per minute of blood flow. This accommodating high flow fluid volume blood flow rate will be ideal to support functions to... Agent:

20140207118 - Lock connection device for medical fluid lines: Described is a lock connection device for medical fluid lines comprising a first connector for coupling a first medical fluid line and a second connector for coupling a second medical fluid line, wherein both connectors are adapted for releasable attachment to each other. The device comprises a first closing member... Agent: Micrel Medical Devices S.a.

20140207119 - Luer connectors: Luer connector including a primary Luer male connector, having a secondary female section extending from a top distal part of the primary Luer male connector back towards a proximal part thereof, the primary Luer male connector including a first inner fluid flow channel extending from a proximal end thereof to... Agent: Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd.

20140207120 - Kit for low profile thoracic wound seal with laterally-directed discharge: Apparatus and associated methods for a wound valve assembly provide an annular space extending radially around a central portion of a valve, which valve acts to substantially relieve pressure build up in a thoracic cavity when applied to a thoracic wound. In an illustrative example, the valve assembly may form... Agent: Fasttrack Medical Solutions LLC

20140207121 - Drainage catheter system with cuff: There is provided a drainage catheter system. The system includes an elongated tube having a substantially consistent cross-sectional size between a proximal end and a distal end. The tube has side walls defining a drainage lumen and the distal end of the tube is desirably closed. The tube further includes... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140207122 - Drug delivery safety system: A drug delivery safety system includes a programmer with a display and a communications device adapted to communicate with an ambulatory medical device. The programmer has access to a database of information, and is adapted to receive and process the information and a user input and to control the display... Agent: Alfred E. Mann Foundation For Scientific Research

07/17/2014 > 59 patent applications in 49 patent subcategories.

20140200501 - Method and apparatus for suturelessly connecting a conduit to a hollow organ: An implantable connector for suturelessly connecting a conduit to a hollow organ, the implantable connector comprising: a hollow expandable stent, wherein the hollow expandable stent comprises an internal skeleton and a blood-retaining membrane covering the internal skeleton, and wherein the hollow expandable stent is constructed so that it is capable... Agent: Correx, Inc.

20140200502 - System and method for affecting intestinal microbial flora: Described is a system for affecting intestinal microbial flora. The system includes an intestinal sleeve that is implanted in a patient and bypasses a section of the intestine; and probiotics, prebiotics or pharmacologic therapy used in combination with the intestinal sleeve. Also described are related methods.... Agent: Metamodix, Inc.

20140200504 - Apparatus and method for delivering intraluminal therapy: A catheter and methods for luminal therapy are provided wherein a catheter has an outer balloon with a multiplicity of apertures for infusing one or more therapeutic agents into a vessel wall, an intermediate balloon having a multiplicity of apertures offset from the apertures of outer balloon to serve as... Agent:

20140200503 - Systems, devices, and methods for isolation of stem cells: The present disclosure relates, in some embodiments, to apparatus, systems, methods, and compositions for purifying cells (e.g., adipocytes, stem cells) from mammalian tissues (e.g., adipose tissues). For example, the present disclosure relates to apparatus, systems, methods, and compositions for purifying and/or preserving adipocytes and/or stem cells from fat tissue of... Agent:

20140200505 - Intervertebral disc treatment apparatus: A method of at least partially removing the nucleus pulposus of an intervertebral disc comprising the nucleus and an annulus surrounding the nucleus is described. The method comprises the steps of : insonating the nucleus with ultrasound thereby to cause at least partial fragmentation of the nucleus; and extracting at... Agent: Isis Inovation Limited

20140200506 - Systems, methods and machine readable programs for electric field and/or plasma-assisted onychomycosis treatment: The present disclosure provides a variety of systems, techniques and machine readable programs for using plasmas and/or electric fields alone, or in combination with other therapies, to treat different tissue conditions as well as other conditions, such as tumors, bacterial infections and the like.... Agent: M.o.e. Medical Devices LLC

20140200507 - Device and method for cleaning nasal cavities: A device for cleaning nasal membranes comprising a head that is inserted into a nostril. Fluid is pumped from a reservoir stored in a body of the device onto the membrane. The head rotates to remove debris from the membrane. A vacuum pump suctions the sprayed fluid and the debris... Agent:

20140200509 - Dissolvable microneedles comprising one or more encapsulated cosmetic ingredients: An applicator for applying cosmetic agents into human skin, comprising: (a) a base, (b) a plurality of dissolvable microneedles fixed to said base and projecting therefrom a distance sufficient to penetrate into the skin, said microneedles being made of a material that is capable of disintegration and dispersion into the... Agent:

20140200508 - Microneedles comprising one or more cosmetic ingredients: An applicator for applying cosmetic agents into human skin, comprising: (a) a base, (b) a plurality of microneedles fixed to said base and projecting therefrom a distance sufficient to penetrate into the skin, said microneedles being made of a material that is capable of disintegration and dispersion into the skin,... Agent:

20140200510 - Drive mechanism for drug delivery pumps with integrated status indication: A drive mechanism includes a housing, a piston adapted to impart movement to a plunger seal within a drug container, a plurality of biasing members disposed in parallel, and a retainer. The biasing members are disposed to release energy to cause movement of the piston from a retracted first position... Agent:

20140200511 - Systems, devices, and methods for making or administering frozen particles: Certain embodiments disclosed herein relate to compositions, methods, devices, systems, and products regarding frozen particles. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles include materials at low temperatures. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles provide vehicles for delivery of particular agents. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles are administered to at least... Agent:

20140200512 - Syringe: It is possible to feed an injection objective substance to a depth of a skin structure of an objective living body without using any injection needle. A syringe having no injection needle comprises an ignition device which includes an ignition charge containing a fuel component and an oxidizing agent component,... Agent: Daicel Corporation

20140200513 - Endoscope: A first housing region A which is provided in the operation portion and in which a bending drive mechanism is housed, a second housing region B which is provided in the operation section and in which a flexible member is housed, and a third housing region C which is provided... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140200514 - Single-use needle assembly and storage device: Described is a needle assembly comprising of a needle and a hub coupled to the needle. The hub includes an engagement member adapted to engage an attachment arrangement on a medicament delivery device and a stop member adapted to abut the attachment arrangement to prevent proximal movement of the needle... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140200515 - Medical marking apparatus and method of use: A medical marking apparatus and method of use for positioning target indicia on a patient. The medical marking apparatus comprises a body member having an upper region and a lower region. The upper region includes a handle for gripping the medical marking apparatus during use. The lower region has a... Agent: Research Institute At Nationwide Children's Hospital

20140200516 - Buccal, polar and non-polar spray or capsule containing drugs for treating metabolic disorders: Buccal aerosol sprays or capsules using polar and non-polar solvent have now been developed which provide biologically active compounds for rapid absorption through the oral mucosa, resulting in fast onset of effect. The buccal polar compositions of the invention comprise formulation I: aqueous polar solvent, active compound, and optional flavoring... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20140200517 - Medical line securement system: The present invention relates to a securement system for securing a medical line or device to a patient, for example, for holding a tube such as a catheter or a drip to the body of a patient. The medical treatment of patients commonly involves the use of percutaneously inserted medical... Agent: Tcb-arrow Limited

20140200518 - Injection device: An injection device for administering a liquid is presented that comprises a pre-filled syringe and a safety mechanism for providing needle safety for an injection needle of the pre-filled syringe. The pre-filled syringe comprises a barrel containing the liquid and a stopper translatably disposed within the barrel, where the injection... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140200519 - Medical device having user friendly control input: The present invention relates to a medical delivery comprising a) a housing (101) adapted to accommodate a drug in a drug reservoir (110), the housing (101) having an exterior surface defining at least one non-circular section, b) a drive mechanism for expelling doses of drug from the drug reservoir (110)... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20140200520 - Metal needle guide: The invention faces the technical problem of reducing the manufacturing costs of medical devices while at the same time a secure, quick and easy reception of a needle by said medical device is guaranteed. The technical problem is solved by a needle guide configured to receive a needle in a... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140200521 - Pressure activated safety valve with high flow slit: A pressure actuated valve for controlling the flow of fluid through a medical device, the valve comprises a housing including a lumen extending therethrough and a flow control membrane extending across the lumen to control the flow of fluid through the lumen. The membrane includes a plurality of slits extending... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20140200522 - Safe vein detained needle: The present invention is related to a safe vein detained needle, comprises a detained needle seat fixedly provided with a detained trocar, a protective seat, a puncture needle seat fixedly provided with a puncture needle, a withdrawing part, and a pushing seat. Before a puncturing process, the pushing seat is... Agent: Sunwell Global Limited

20140200523 - Systems and methods for applying a novel antimicrobial coating material to a medical device: An antimicrobial composition, generally comprising a biocidal agent, such as chlorhexidine gluconate, a lubricant, such as a modified siloxane, and a solvent, such as an alcohol and/or water. The biocidal agent acts as a highly effective biocide while the lubricant reduces friction between various components of a medical device during... Agent: Becton, Dicksinson And Company

20140200524 - Curved catheter and methods for making same: A pre-curved catheter tube of a catheter assembly or other elongate medical device and methods for forming such a device using a heating procedure is disclosed. Pre-curving of the catheter tube is desirable to impart to the catheter assembly a desired positional configuration when the catheter assembly is inserted into... Agent:

20140200525 - Biosynchronous transdermal drug delivery: Systems and methods for synchronizing the administration of compounds with the human body's natural circadian rhythms and addiction rhythms to counteract symptoms when they are likely to be at their worst by using an automated and pre programmable transdermal or other drug administration system.... Agent: Chrono Therapeutics, Inc.

20140200526 - Systems and methods of stimulation and activation of fluids for use with instillation therapy: Systems and methods of stimulating or activating fluids for use in wound treatment systems.... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20140200527 - All direction stretchable dressing article associated with curable materials: An all direction stretchable dressing article is disclosed. The article includes a first surface, a second surface, at least one layer of all directions stretchable polymer, and at least one layer of fibers affixed to at least a part of the polymer layer. The article further includes at least one... Agent: Tamicare Ltd.

20140200529 - Post-nipple reconstruction protector: An improved post-operative dressing for providing both breast and, notably, nipple reconstruction and which in particular establishes custom lateral supporting of the nipple annulus. A body is constructed of a medical grade silicone and exhibits a three dimensional shape adapted for placement over the reconstructed breast and an aperture defined... Agent:

20140200528 - Ultimate bikini under pads (ubup): UBUP is an attractive feminine design alternative to the present menstrual pads. Under pads and panties are hybrid designs that are attractively feminine bikini panties. The designs make you look gorgeous with the under-padding. Designer under padding (leaf design) is for everyday use, made with a disposable material and a... Agent:

20140200530 - Transdermal estrogen device and delivery: Described are transdermal drug delivery systems for the transdermal administration of estrogen, comprising a polymer matrix and estrogen. Methods of making and using such systems also are described.... Agent: Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140200531 - Mixture for transdermal delivery of low and high molecular weight compounds: Aspects of the present invention concern the discovery of a transdermal delivery composition that can deliver low, medium and high molecular weight pharmaceuticals and cosmetic agents. Embodiments include transdermal delivery compositions with therapeutic and cosmetic application, transdermal delivery devices for providing said transdermal delivery compositions to subjects in need thereof,... Agent: Jrx Biotechnology, Inc.

20140200533 - Dressing with asymmetric absorbent core for negative pressure wound therapy: Systems, methods, and apparatuses for treating a tissue site with reduced pressure are described. The system includes a manifold configured to be placed adjacent the tissue site, and a sealing member configured to be placed over the tissue site and the manifold. The system also includes a reduced-pressure source fluidly... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20140200532 - Ion exchange enhanced absorbent systems: A system, method, and apparatus for treating a tissue site with reduced pressure includes a dressing adapted to be positioned proximate the tissue site. An absorbent may be adapted to be fluidly coupled to the manifold, and an ion exchange member may be adapted to be fluidly coupled between the... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20140200534 - Reduced-pressure sources, systems, and methods employing a polymeric, porous, hydrophobic material: Reduced-pressure sources, systems, and methods involve using a vacuum pump that is disposed within a sealed space to produce reduced pressure. The exhaust from the vacuum pump is exhausted from the sealed space through pores in an enclosure member that is made of a polymeric, porous, hydrophobic material. Other devices,... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20140200535 - Manually-actuated reduced pressure treatment system with audible leak indicator: Illustrative embodiments of new and useful systems and methods for reduced-pressure therapy are described. One example embodiment is a manually-actuated pump for applying reduced-pressure therapy. The pump generally comprises a charging chamber, a regulated chamber, and a regulator passage between the charging chamber and the regulated chamber. A valve body... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20140200536 - Leak proof equipment and method for the collection of stoma body wastes: An apparatus and system for reducing the area of exposure of intestinal effluent on a stoma wafer by 90% to 100%. The apparatus consists of substituting the pouch on a ring of a mechanically connecting ring ostomy pouch and wafer assembly by a membrane. An orifice equal to or smaller... Agent:

20140200537 - Ostomy ring: The Ostomy Ring offers a reliable means of attaching an ostomy or other type bag to a patient via a surgically implanted magnetically susceptible material ring and an approximately sized magnetic ring placed over the skin and bag to secure the union and prevent leakage. Even a blind person could... Agent:

20140200538 - Wetness sensors, wetness monitoring system, and related methods: An aspect of the invention is a liquid sensor having a galvanically energizable power source capable of activating a remotely detectable signal in response to liquid. In a preferred embodiment, a liquid sensor includes a plurality of electrodes, a circuit, and a transmitter thereon. The electrodes are coupled to generate... Agent: Etect, Inc.

20140200539 - Array of absorbent articles having functional enhancement indicators: An array of feminine hygiene articles for placement in an undergarment having a crotch portion bounded on opposite sides by portions of curved leg openings. Each feminine hygiene article of the array has a body-facing surface, a first end region and a second end region, the array of feminine hygiene... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140200540 - Ratio of absorbent area to outer peripheral area for disposable absorbent articles: An absorbent article includes an absorbent core, a liner, and an outer cover. At least one of the liner and outer cover is stretchable. The surface area of the absorbent core is less than about 50% of the surface area of the article.... Agent:

20140200541 - Sanitary product: This invention relates to a sanitary product for use by women for the absorption of menstrual fluid and such like. The product comprises a plug and a pad joined by a sheath. The plug is substantially cylindrical so that is fits comfortably in a vaginal cavity. The pad remains outside... Agent: Calla Lily Personal Care Ltd.

20140200542 - Disposable absorbent article designed to facilitate an easy change: A disposable absorbent article to be worn about the lower torso of a wearer that facilitates an easy, intuitive change is provided. The disposable absorbent article includes at least one serviceable indicium that facilitates an easy change by providing alignment of the article relative to an anatomical feature of the... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140200543 - Wearable article with extensible fastening member having stress distribution features and/or fastening combination performance characteristics, and method of testing and selecting fastening combination performance characteristics: A wearable article with an extensible fastening member having a fastener proximate its end is disclosed. The fastening member may be highly extensible, and may have construction features and shape characteristics that affect distribution of force components when the fastener is in use, and reduce the chances of buckling or... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140200544 - Drug supply start timing determination method and drug conveyance system: The present invention relates to a method for determining start timing of supply of drug to be given in which a peripheral circulatory function and an autonomic nervous function are activated through a stimulus applied to a stimulus application origin part of a body surface by an acupuncture needle or... Agent:

20140200546 - Fluid delivery device and a method of delivering fluid: A fluid delivery device is provided for delivering fluid to a target site such as an intervertebral disc during discography. The fluid delivery device includes pressure and volume sensors to determine the pressure and the volume of the fluid delivered to the intervertebral disc. The fluid delivery device is hand-held... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20140200547 - Method for altering drug pharmacokinetics based on medical delivery platform: A method for directly delivering whereby a substance is introduced into an intradermal space within mammalian skin which involves administering the substance through at least one small gauge hollow needle having an outlet with an exposed height between 0 and 1 mm. The outlet is inserted into the skin to... Agent: Becton Dickinson And Company

20140200545 - System for optimizing a drug dosage regimen over time: A system for optimizing a patient's basal insulin dosage regimen over time, adapted to determine from blood glucose values whether and by how much to vary a patient's present recommended amount of the insulin-containing drug in order to maintain the patient's future blood glucose level measurements within a predefined range,... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20140200548 - Apparatuses and kits for grinding or cutting surgical foam and methods related thereto: Apparatuses for grinding or cutting surgical foam are disclosed herein. Kits for grinding or cutting surgical foam are disclosed herein. Methods of grinding surgical foam with a plurality of teeth are disclosed herein. Methods of cutting surgical foam are disclosed herein. Methods of embolizing with ground or cut surgical foam... Agent: Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

20140200549 - Iv catheter for preventing backflow: The present invention provides an improved intravenous (IV) catheter that enables a hands free means of preventing backflow of blood. The disclosed device incorporates a flow back inhibitor that includes leaflets radially layered upon one another in a conical form. In open mode the leaflets allow fluid flow and in... Agent:

20140200550 - Two-piece transseptal cannula, delivery system, and method of delivery: A cannula assembly for directing blood from the heart of a patient and a minimally invasive method of implanting the same. The cannula assembly includes a flexible cannula body having a proximal end and a distal end with a receiving portion, and a transseptal tip having a distal end and... Agent: Circulite, Inc.

20140200551 - Arterial cannula for cardiac surgery: An arterial cannula for cardiac surgery includes a pledget/stopper assembly and an introducer. The pledget/stopper assembly is mechanically mated with an external surface of the cannula in proximity to its tip. The introducer has suitable dimension for being placed coaxially inside the cannula. The introducer has at its end a... Agent:

20140200552 - Device for the rapid injection of local anesthesia through a pleurality of needles: This device is a compressible chamber designed to inject a liquid medication through a plurality of needles. It is a self-contained, rapidly deployed device that replaces a classic syringe. It consists of a shallow chamber that is closed on one end and sealed on the other with a sliding elastomeric... Agent:

20140200553 - Devices and methods for intraluminal retention and drug delivery: Retention devices and methods are provided for drug delivery. The device may include a housing configured for intraluminal deployment into a human or animal subject and at least one reservoir contained within the housing. The at least one reservoir may have an actuation end and a release end and contain... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20140200554 - Suction catheter device and method: A device and method for removing material from inside a tube is provided, comprising a catheter having a tubular body and defining an inner lumen, the distal end portion of the tubular body defining a distal opening and apertures on a sidewall. An expandable member is attached to the distal... Agent: Teleflex Medical Incorported

20140200556 - Method of assembling a positioning sensor and associated wiring on a medical tool: An elongate medical device having an axis comprises an inner liner, a jacket radially outward of the liner, a braid comprising metal embedded in the jacket, a sensor, and at least one wire electrically connected to said sensor. The at least one wire is one of: embedded in the jacket... Agent: Mediguide Ltd.

20140200555 - Methods for counteracting rebounding effects during solid state resistance welding of dissimilar materials: The present disclosure is directed to methods for joining initially separate members of different metallic materials, e.g., as in joining segments of a multi-segment intravascular guide wire, as well as multi-segment intravascular guide wires so formed. Initially separate members are provided, which members comprise different metallic materials relative to one... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140200557 - Injection site for tubular medical connectors: An injection site for tubular medical connectors, includes a perforable body inserted in a seat of a connector delimited by an annular wall having a retention edge turned in against the outer end of the perforable body. The outer end is formed with a peripheral annular step and with an... Agent: Industrie Borla S.p.a.

20140200558 - Pressure controlled magnetic valve for a catheter: A urine control device to be placed intermediate a catheter and a collection bag is provided. The urine control device includes first and second bell shaped housings with a magnetic valve disposed between the first and the second housings. When the pressure from the urine which flows through the present... Agent:

20140200559 - Daily periodic target-zone modulation in the model predictive control problem for artificial pancreas for type i diabetes applications: A controller for an artificial pancreas for automated insulin delivery to patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) that enforces safe insulin delivery throughout both day and night, wherein the controller employs zone model predictive control, whereby real-time optimization, based on a model of a human's insulin response, is utilized... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

07/10/2014 > 54 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20140194804 - Chronic access system for extracorporeal treatment of blood including a continuously wearable hemodialyzer: A patient wearable, continuously operating extracorporeal pump apparatus which accesses the patient's arterial venous pressure differential by applying external pressure to a subcutaneous graft that has been cannualized to modulate blood flow through an extracorporeal circuit and to drive the pump for delivering a medicament, such as an anticoagulant, to... Agent:

20140194805 - Anti-obesity devices: Method and apparatus for limiting absorption of food products in specific parts of the digestive system is presented. A gastrointestinal implant device is anchored in the pyloric portion of the gastrointestinal system and extends beyond the ligament of Treitz. All food exiting the stomach is funneled through the device. The... Agent: Gi Dynamics, Inc.

20140194806 - External anchoring configurations for modular gastrointestinal prostheses: Components may be used separately or in combination to create anchoring systems for intra-luminal implants for the treatment of metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes. Various systems include an external component adapted for deployment around a portion of the gastrointestinal tract (e.g., the duodenum) and an internal component adapted... Agent:

20140194807 - Method of providing agents to the cochlea: Provided is a method of transfecting cells of the cochlea with an agent by electroporation, and in certain embodiments using a cochlear implant to provide at least one electroporation electrode.... Agent: Newsouth Innovations Pty Limited

20140194808 - Methods and systems for use of photolyzable nitric oxide donors: The present disclosure relates to methods and systems for use of photolyzable nitric oxide donors for the treatment of sexual dysfunction.... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20140194809 - Peritoneal dialysis systems and related devices and methods: A peritoneal dialysis system includes a base peritoneal dialysis system and a peritoneal dialysis fluid exchange system that operates independently of the base system. The base system includes a first cassette including a first patient line configured to be connected to a patient, and a PD cycler. The PD cycler... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140194810 - Deployable joint infection treatment system: A deployable infection treatment system includes a cannula device comprising a cannula body having a proximal end, a flared distal end, and a lumen extending therebetween. The lumen has a longitudinal x-axis extending therethrough. A sponge or drain is provided, the sponge having a distal end and a proximal end,... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20140194811 - Systems and methods for treating post-operative infections: An infection treatment system includes a first intramedullary rod for placement within an intramedullary canal and including a superior portion having a superior end, an inferior portion having an inferior end, and a shaft extending longitudinally between the superior and inferior portions. The shaft includes longitudinally extending channels. A second... Agent:

20140194812 - Pump cartridge unit having one or more medicament reservoirs: In one embodiment, a medicament pump cartridge may include a reservoir configured to store a medicament, wherein the reservoir may be configured to transition between an expanded configuration when filled with medicament and a collapsed configuration when empty. The medicament pump cartridge may include an electromagnetic pumping mechanism, wherein the... Agent: Picolife Technologies, LLC

20140194814 - Catheter deflection anchor: A system and method for anchoring a round catheter pull wire within the distal end of a catheter. A steering deflection mechanism includes a pull ring having a plurality of apertures and one or more receiving slots. The method includes affixing one or more round pull wires to the one... Agent: Medtronic Ablation Frontiers LLC

20140194813 - Unidirectional catheter control handle with tensioning control: A catheter includes a tip electrode with a shell and a support member to provide a plenum chamber. The plug is formed with a U-shaped passage for a safety line to wrap around and secure the support member (with the shell affixed thereto) to the catheter. Additional passages are formed... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel), Ltd.

20140194816 - Adhesive and peripheral systems and methods for medical devices: A repeater system may control a pump by using a repeater and a user interface. An adhesive patch system may be used for affixing a pump or other object to a human body. Such an adhesive patch system may include two sets of adhesive members, each member including an adhesive... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140194815 - Infusion pump drug delivery system for delivering at least two medicaments: The infusion pump drug delivery system and corresponding method disclosed herein allow for continuous delivery of a first fluid and/or medicament from a reservoir operably connected to a pump and selective delivery of a second fluid and/or medicament from a separate reservoir, where the second fluid and/or medicament may be... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140194817 - Medical pump with operator-authorization awareness: A medical pump for delivering medicament through an IV line to a patient may provide for awareness of the operator and operator authority limiting access by any individual to particular tasks of procedure review, pump programming, pump loading, patient set up, pump operation, and the like associated with the treatment... Agent: Zyno Medical, LLC.

20140194819 - Medication infusion set: An infusion set is provided for use in delivering fluid through a cannula, which is housed on a cannula housing, to a selected subcutaneous infusion site on a patient. The fluid is generally a medication, e.g., insulin. The cannula is in fluid communication with a fluid passageway surrounded by a... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20140194818 - Skin securable drug delivery device with a shock absorbing protective shield: Disclosed is a skin securable therapeutic fluid dispensing device that includes a reservoir adapted to retain therapeutic fluid, a pump driving mechanism, and at least one housing configured to accommodate the reservoir and the pump driving mechanism, with at least a portion of the at least one housing defining at... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations Inc.

20140194820 - Fluid pumping apparatus for use with a removable fluid pumping cartridge: The present invention involves, in some embodiments apparatus, such as dialysis apparatus, and methods for pumping fluid. Certain embodiments comprise a housing enclosing a pump drive assembly for actuating at least one pump on a removable fluid pumping cassette. The housing may comprise a door connected to the housing for... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140194821 - Instrument seal: A surgical access port comprises a valve or instrument seal that separates the instrument contact function from the instrument conforming function. Embodiments of the instrument seal comprise in instrument contact element that extends through an opening in a compression element, thereby defining an instrument orifice that seals with an instrument... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20140194822 - Catheter sheath introducer with directional retention damper: A catheter sheath introducer comprises a hub and a tubular sheath having an inner lining with one or more dampers to improve retention of medical devices received or passed through the sheath without significantly increasing the force required to advance the medical device through the sheath. The dampers are made... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel), Ltd.

20140194823 - Kink-resistant tubing: Tubing for use in gastrointestinal applications includes a hollow tube and a spring positioned inside the tube. The spring is corrosion resistant and helps to prevent kinking of the tubing when the tubing is bent. An encapsulant may be positioned over the spring. The spring may be co-extruded with the... Agent: Applied Medical Technology, Inc.

20140194824 - Antimicrobially active wound dressing for catheter fixings: A multilayered wound dressing which is two-dimensional and has a peripheral edge is provided that includes at least one hydrophobic antimicrobial layer, at least one absorbent layer which includes a water-containing hydrogel, and a covering layer. Starting from the edge of the wound dressing, at least one incision is formed,... Agent: Bsn Medical Gmbh

20140194825 - Drug delivery injection pen with add-on dose capturing and display module: Drug injection device (400) comprising expelling means for expelling an amount of drug from a reservoir, the expelling means comprising setting means (411) allowing a user to set a dose to be expelled, and actuation means (413) for releasing the drug expelling means to expel the set dose. The actuation... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20140194826 - Drug delivery injection pen with add-on dose capturing and display module: A drug injector (1) comprising expelling means for expelling a dose of drug from a reservoir, a release member (13) for releasing the drug expelling means, and an actuation member (33) adapted to be moved by a user between an initial, intermediate and actuated position in which the release member... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20140194827 - Disposable pre-filled syringe: A disposable pre-filled syringe has a protecting tube, a medication filling tube, a separating plug, a pushing module, and a needle module. The medication filling tube is made of material stable in chemical property and is mounted in the protecting tube. The separating plug is mounted in an end of... Agent:

20140194828 - Safety device for an injection syringe: The invention relates to a safety device for an injection syringe, the injection syringe including a body having an injection needle fitted thereon, the device including a plunger rod including a distal plunger part slidably movable in the body of the syringe, and a proximal triggering part, configured to trigger... Agent:

20140194829 - Dose measuring device for drug delivery device: A dose measuring device for a drug delivery device is provided. The dose measuring device includes a main body and a dial sleeve coupled to the main body to spirally move, the dose measuring device including a housing provided to be removable from the main body, a rotation ring received... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140194830 - Assembly for a drug delivery device, piston rod and drug delivery device: An assembly for a drug delivery device, comprising: a housing having a distal end and a proximal end, a piston rod, a drive member, the drive member being moveable in a proximal direction with respect to the housing and with respect to the piston rod for setting a dose of... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140194831 - Hemostasis valve device: The present invention relates to a hemostasis valve device which allows a wire or a catheter to be inserted into the left or right coronary artery via the femoral artery or an arm artery when a Cardiac Catheterization or Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty operation is performed, wherein two independent sealing... Agent: Hubiomed Co., Ltd.

20140194832 - Instillator for injection of ringer's solution: An instillator for injection of a Ringer's solution temporarily stores Ringer's solutions or others, and couples a precise flow regulator onto an instillation container, thereby allowing the solutions to be administered more accurately, preventing accidents from happening because the regulator is out of a patient's reach, and allowing a connected... Agent: Hubiomed Co., Ltd.

20140194833 - Access port: An access port includes a first and a second resilient element, each having a first face and a second face. A first slit and a second slit are defined in the first and second resilient elements, respectively. The first face of the first resilient element abuts the first face of... Agent: Heartware, Inc.

20140194834 - Auto-regulation system for intraocular pressure: A device and system for controlling pressure via fluid exchange in the body is presented. The device and system may be used to control intraocular eye pressure. The system is comprised of four main components: a cannula, a sensor, a controller and a pump. The system works to engage in... Agent: University Of South Florida

20140194836 - Dressing assemblies for wound treatment using reduced pressure: A dressing assembly for use with a reduced pressure treatment system, the dressing assembly develops a directed force under reduced pressure. The directed force may be a radial force or a closing force. The dressing assembly includes a shaped dressing bolster having a shaped extremity that is operable to evenly... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20140194837 - Reduced-pressure wound treatment systems and methods employing manifold structures: Manifold structures, systems, and methods are disclosed that include using longitudinal members and one or more shaped projections to cause microstrain at a tissue site. In one instance a manifold structure includes a plurality of spaced longitudinal members and at least one shaped projection coupled to at least one of... Agent:

20140194838 - Silicone absorbent adhesive layer: An adhesive composition comprising silicone adhesives and one or more absorbent fillers such as hydrocolloids is disclosed. The adhesive composition is particularly well suited for use in negative pressure wound therapies.... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20140194835 - System for aspirating fluids from a body using negative pressure: A system for aspirating fluids from a body by means of negative pressure has: a drainage line for removing the fluid from the body, a fluid collection container connected to the drainage line and used to collect the aspirated fluid, a pump by which the negative pressure used to aspirate... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20140194839 - Drainage bag support apparatus: The present invention relates to a drainage bag support apparatus that has a trunk belt, one or more support straps, and additional means to connect the trunk belt and the support straps together, to adjust the support strap, and to attach a drainage bag. The apparatus of the present invention... Agent: Global Medical Innovations, LLC

20140194842 - Assembly for urinary drainage: The present invention provides an assembly for urinary drainage. The assembly comprises a urinary drainage device for collecting urine from a body opening and a collecting bag for collecting the urine. The collecting bag comprises a compartment between sheets of a foil material and an inlet into the compartment, which... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140194841 - Catheter activation by handle removal: The invention relates to a catheter kit comprising a catheter and a urine bag stored in a package wherein flow is prevented between the catheter and urine bag when stored but enabled when the kit is used.... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140194840 - Portable automated body fluid drain control apparatus: A portable body fluid collection device that includes an apparatus for controlling the collection of body fluids and at least one strap associated with the apparatus for controlling the collection of body fluids. The strap can be worn by a patient to support the weight of the automated body fluid... Agent: Beckersmith Medical, Inc.

20140194843 - Ostomy appliance: An ostomy appliance includes a dual-chamber pouch, which can continuously drain liquids from body waste, while collecting solids in the pouch. The ostomy appliance can also include a flat output tap including a lumen, the size of which can be increased by applying pressure.... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20140194844 - Ostomy base plate having discreet pulling tab: An ostomy base plate includes an adhesive for attaching the ostomy base plate to a surface of skin, an inner edge defining a hole sized for receiving a stoma, and a backing layer. The adhesive is disposed on a proximal side of the backing layer. The ostomy base plate has... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140194845 - Polymer compositions and nonwoven compositions prepared therefrom: Propylene-based polymer compositions are provided comprising propylene and from about 5 wt % to about 20 wt % of one or more C2 and/or C4-C12 α-olefins. The polymer compositions have a triad tacticity greater than about 90%, a heat of fusion less than about 75 J/g, and a melt flow... Agent:

20140194846 - Laminates with micro-texture: A laminate with micro-texture having attachment lines oriented in a primary direction and mechanically activated in the primary direction.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140194847 - Tampon with nonpermeable cap: A tampon (1) having a nonpermeable cap (5) is placed over a distal end (4) of the tampon. The nonpermeable cap has a tubular wall (6) that surrounds the distal end of the tampon and rests inside the vagina (15). The tubular wall is pushed outward against the walls (16)... Agent:

20140194848 - Medical infusion pump with power source voltage logging and method for logging a power source voltage in a medical infusion pump: A medical infusion pump and a method for logging a power source voltage of a medical infusion pump are disclosed. The medical pump may include a power source, a processor, and a voltage supervisor which responds if a voltage (VDD) drops to a response voltage level which is above a... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20140194850 - Accessory for a syringe: An accessory for a syringe is disclosed, including a body with a proximal end having at least one zone for application of an injection force in order to apply a force for discharging a product from the syringe, and a distal end having a bearing element for bearing against a... Agent: Anteis Sa

20140194851 - Flow actuated valve for implantable drug delivery device: An “MRI-safe” implantable infusion apparatus and method that includes a flow actuated valve (FAV) that closes to prevent a free flow of infusate to a patient during an MRI procedure, and a release mechanism that opens the valve so that the device may return to normal operation following the MRI... Agent: Flowonix Medical Incorporated

20140194852 - Micron-sized gold, kit comprising said gold and its use as a non-toxic immune suppressor: Sterile micron-sized gold particles contained in capped vials, a kit of part including the vial and a liquid capable of suspending the particles, as well as their preparation, medical devices or medicaments prepared by their preparation as well as uses thereof in treating inflammation. Also, gold coated implants preferably for... Agent: Berlock Aps

20140194849 - Removable clip for catheter: A removable clip for connection with a catheter for a remote surgical procedure is provided. The clip includes a body and an arcuate concave surface configured to rest upon a central portion of the body and opposed first and second legs that each extend therefrom. A ramp surface extends from... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140194853 - Connector hub apparatus for catheter and methods of use: A hub assembly is provided for accommodating a medical professional to grip and manipulate two components of a catheter hub and move one component longitudinally relative to the other, then removably engaging the two components of the catheter hub to restrict movement there between. The two catheter hub components include... Agent: Bio2 Medical, Inc.

20140194854 - Subcutaneous and intradermal patch infusers: The device infuses a compound subcutaneously or intradermally over an extended period of time. The delivery is from a conventional prefilled syringe with a staked cannula with the device adhered to the injection site and the syringe positioned substantially parallel to the injection site. The cannula is formed by a... Agent: Sid Technologies LLC

20140194855 - Intravenous therapy system and method: An improved intravenous therapy system is disclosed. Said improved intravenous therapy system comprising an opaque shell and an opaque line shell. Said opaque shell wrapped around an IV compartment. Said opaque line shell wrapped around an IV line. Said IV compartment comprises an IV fluid. Said IV line delivers said... Agent:

20140194856 - Introducer sheath: Introducer sheath (10,30,40) having a flexible kink-resistant distal tip portion (26,32,42). A multilayer sheath structure is used, with an inner tube (12) such as PTFE having a coil (14) of wire wound therearound. A first length of outer tubing (20) such as of nylon is inserted over most of the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140194857 - Catheter with an enhanced pushability: A urinary catheter of enhanced pushability, for indwelling introduction into a patient's urethra having an effecter within the longitudinal bore of the catheter near its distal end to facilitate an easy introduction of the catheter into the body.... Agent: Dr. Eyal Bressler Ltd.

07/03/2014 > 63 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20140188028 - Devices, systems, and methods for peripheral arteriovenous fistula creation: Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for the formation of an arteriovenous fistula in the limb of the patient. Embodiments include an apparatus for the creation, modification and maintenance of a fistula, including the modification of an existing dialysis fistula; and a method of supplying oxygenated blood to the venous... Agent: Rox Medical, Inc.

20140188030 - Ocular pressure regulation: Disclosed are devices and methods of treating an ocular disorder including forming a self-sealing incision in a cornea into an anterior chamber of an eye; introducing through the incision a fluid drainage tube having a distal end, a proximal end and a longitudinal, internal lumen extending through the fluid drainage... Agent: Transcend Medical, Inc.

20140188029 - Systems and method for bypassing an anastomosis site: A system for bypassing an anastomosis site in a hollow organ is provided. The system includes a sleeve configured for spanning the anastomosis site at an internal surface of the hollow organ and a band configured for attachment to an external surface of the hollow organ and limiting migration of... Agent: Cologuard Ltd.

20140188031 - Vascular access devices, methods, and kits: Methods, devices, and kits for creating bloodstream access in patients are provided which include or use a vessel wall traversing device which can be shaped like a blunt-ended nail with a hollow shank and a head of a larger diameter than the shank is inserted in the puncture hole blunt... Agent:

20140188032 - Cerebrospinal fluid drainage: A cerebrospinal fluid drainage. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under the heading “Abstract of the... Agent:

20140188033 - Drug delivery using a sacrificial host: Implantable drug-doped component, e.g., a cochlear implant, including host material, a host-embedded drug, a sacrificial material integrated with the host. Sacrificial material facilitates release of drug from the component. Sacrificial material facilitates release through creation of voids in the host upon dissolution of sacrificial material upon contact with a solvent,... Agent:

20140188034 - Therapeutic agent for allergic rhinitis: Provided is a therapeutic agent capable of treating allergic rhinitis in a safe, simple, and noninvasive manner substantially without side effects and physical distress to patients. Provided is a therapeutic agent for allergic rhinitis for 5-aminolevulinic acid-based photodynamic therapy (ALA-PDT) comprising 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) or a derivative thereof, or a... Agent: Sbi Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd

20140188035 - Methods and devices for in vivo targeted light therapy: Catheter-based systems for in-vivo targeted light therapy include a first type of catheter configured for photo-activating photosensitive substances in tissue, and a second type of catheter configured for photo-degrading photosensitive substances in tissue. The catheters may be configured to produce light using a variety of light sources, such as light... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140188036 - Coating formulations for scoring or cutting balloon catheters: The present invention is related to scoring or cutting balloon catheters carrying at least on a portion of their surface at least one oxidation-insensitive drug or oxidation-insensitive polymer-free drug preparation and at least one lipophilic antioxidant at a ratio of 3-100% by weight of the at least one lipophilic antioxidant... Agent: Angioscore, Inc.

20140188037 - Method and apparatus for cold plasma bromhidrosis treatment: A cold plasma device for bromhidrosis treatment is described. A dielectric barrier discharge device is formed by an electrode disposed adjacent to a dielectric barrier, with the dielectric barrier being configured to apply a cold plasma to a bromhidrosis treatment surface. The electrode is coupled to a pulsed high voltage... Agent: Cold Plasma Medical Technologies, Inc.

20140188038 - Trocar assembly with pneumatic sealing: A trocar for use in a minimally invasive surgical procedure includes an elongated body, nozzle means and means for delivering a pressurized flow of fluid to the nozzle means. The elongated body has a generally tubular configuration with coaxially arranged inner and outer walls and longitudinally opposed proximal and distal... Agent: Surgiquest, Inc.

20140188039 - Liposuction of visceral fat using tissue liquefaction: Visceral fat may be removed from a subject using a cannula that has an interior cavity and an orifice configured to permit material to enter the cavity. This is accomplished by generating a negative pressure in the cavity so that a portion of the tissue is drawn into the orifice.... Agent: Andrew Technologies LLC

20140188040 - Automated dialysis system using piston and negative pressure: A peritoneal dialysis system is provided that includes a hardware unit, a disposable unit received by the hardware unit, and a controller. The hardware unit includes a recessed area, a piston having a contact surface, a pneumatic source for supplying a negative pressure, and an actuator configured to move the... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20140188041 - Method: A method is provided for fabricating a microneedle or a microneedle array using a mould (2) having at least a needle-forming cavity which comprises the step (A) of prefilling the needle-forming cavity with a solvent (1) before applying a microneedle-forming composition (3). The solvent (1) and microneedle-forming composition (3) are... Agent: University College Cork

20140188042 - Implantable delivery device system for delivery of a medicament to a bladder: An implantable delivery device system for delivery of a medicament to a bladder includes a device body, a drug coating disposed over at least a portion of the device body, and an insertion tool. The device body includes a first end and a second end opposite of the first end,... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140188043 - Balloon catheter having purge hole: A balloon catheter having a purge hole according to the present invention is configured with a duplex tube structure of an inner tube and an outer tube both of which having an opening at the distal end thereof. A balloon is provided to stretch over the section between the distal... Agent: Fuji Systems Corporation

20140188045 - Process for folding drug coated balloon: Device, system, method of coating an expandable member is provided. The method comprises providing an expandable member with a plurality of folds defined therein, the expandable member having a folded configuration and a fully expanded configuration at a rated nominal pressure. The expandable member is inflated to an initial pressure... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20140188044 - Short wire cable catheter: A balloon catheter device of the present invention includes an elongate catheter shaft comprising multifilar cable tubing having a proximal portion and a distal portion. The proximal portion includes a coating that allows the shaft to provide a patent fluid passage, and a part of the distal portion inside a... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140188046 - Pen needle assembly for delivering drug solution: In one aspect, a pen needle assembly is provided herein which includes a hub, and a needle fixed to the hub, the needle having proximal and distal ends with a lumen extending therebetween. The needle extends distally from the hub to define an exposed length between the distal end of... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20140188047 - Thermotherapy needling instrument with tissue injection: The disclosure provides a thermotherapy needling instrument with tissue injection, including: a casing, an outer needle, an inner needle and a working needle. The casing has an inlet, an outlet and an inner channel. The outer needle is connected to the casing, and is in communication with the inner channel.... Agent: Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

20140188048 - Devices, systems and methods for medicament delivery: An apparatus includes a housing, a needle, a first energy storage member and a second energy storage member. The needle is movably disposed within the housing and is configured to be to be placed in fluid communication with a medicament container. The needle is configured to move between a first... Agent: Intelliject, Inc.

20140188049 - Anchoring screw device: A mechanical device for anchoring hollow tube-like structures in the human body, such as blood vessels and ureters. It facilitates positioning needles or catheters in blood vessels and it prevents those from dropping out of the vessel or from “wandering off” in the vessel. The device can be used in... Agent:

20140188050 - Check valve arrangement: The invention is related to an apparatus comprising a valve body comprising at least two inlet channels and at least one outlet channel and forming a central cavity connecting the at least two inlet channels and the at least one outlet channel, wherein the central cavity encloses a blocking assembly... Agent:

20140188051 - Medical delivery system with a rotatable coding element: e

20140188052 - Medical syringe: A medical syringe, having a syringe barrel, a piston, a plunger rod, and a plunger rod holder, wherein a barrel main body of the syringe barrel is formed to have a small inner diameter part and a large inner diameter part, the piston is formed such that the circular part... Agent: Daikyo Seiko, Ltd.

20140188053 - Syringe with co-molded hub and cannula: A prefilled syringe for injecting medicament into a patient includes a barrel constructed of a polymeric material, a cannula and a hub. The barrel has a diameter, a longitudinal axis, a proximal end and a distal end. The cannula has a proximal end and a tip opposite the proximal end.... Agent: West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

20140188054 - Medical tube and flexibility-variable mechanism with the same: A medical tube which is highly flexible and has a very small diameter and a flexibility-variable mechanism having the medical tube are provided. The medical tube includes an interior tube and a plurality of annular segments of a cylindrical shape into which the interior tube is inserted. The medical tube... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140188055 - Devices for clearing blockages in in-situ artificial lumens: Devices and methods for the effective clearing of artificial tubes, especially in-situ clearing of artificial tubes in a living being is covered in this disclosure. An elongated clearing member includes either a fixed or an adjustable element that selectively defines the portion of the elongated clearing member that is insertable... Agent: Actuated Medical, Inc.

20140188056 - Compositions and methods for transdermal delivery of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents: Compositions for the transdermal delivery of NSAIDs in a flexible, finite form are described. The compositions comprise a polymer matrix that includes an NSAID and a polymer matrix comprising a blend of silicone and acrylic polymers. A flexible, occlusive backing material also is disclosed.... Agent: Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140188057 - Transdermal dosage form for low-melting point active agent: m

20140188058 - Flexible, adherent, and non-polyurethane film wound drape cover: A system for treating a tissue site includes a reduced-pressure source to apply reduced pressure, a manifold in fluid communication with the pressure source to provide reduced pressure to the tissue site, and a drape for adhering to the tissue site to cover the tissue site and the manifold. The... Agent: Kci Licensing. Inc.

20140188059 - Medical drape having an ultra-thin drape film and a thick adhesive coating: A system for treating a tissue site includes a pressure source to apply reduced pressure, and a manifold in fluid communication with the pressure source to provide reduced pressure to the tissue site. The system includes a drape for adhering to the tissue site to cover the tissue site and... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20140188060 - Moisture absorbing seal: A sealing drape may be suitable for use with a reduced-pressure treatment system for treating a tissue site. The sealing drape may have an interior surface adapted for positioning adjacent to a peripheral surface of the tissue site. The sealing drape may include a sealing material and an absorbent material.... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20140188062 - Collection catheter and kit: A catheter for collecting fluid such as blood from a vessel such as a coronary sinus of a patient has an elongated, flexible tubular portion and an annular sealing member spaced from a distal end of the tubular member. A proximal end of the tubular member is adapted to be... Agent: Osprey Medical, Inc.

20140188061 - Recharging negative-pressure wound therapy: A system is illustratively described herein that generally comprises a vacuum chamber, an ambient pressure chamber, a valve configured for unidirectional flow from the vacuum chamber to the ambient pressure chamber during a charging stroke, and a liquid filter configured to retain liquid in the pump. In some embodiments, the... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20140188063 - Attachment for a conductorless wetness detector for an absorbent article: A wetness sensing system for use with an absorbent article includes a holding fixture adapted to be attached to the outer surface of the absorbent article by a consumer, the holding fixture including a first attachment arm having an article-facing side including a first attachment material affixed thereto, and a... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140188064 - Catamenial tampon: A catamenial tampon including a tampon body formed of a sponge adapted to be smoothly drawn out from the vaginal cavity. A catamenial tampon includes a tampon body and a withdrawal string. The tampon body is composed of an absorbent material formed of a liquid-absorptive sponge and a wrapping material... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20140188065 - Contoured absorbent pad: A contoured absorbent pad for a diaper comprising a liquid permeable inner layer, impermeable outer layer, and a moulded absorbent core. The inner and outer layers are adhered together with the moulded absorbent core located between the inner and outer layers. The absorbent core includes fibers and superabsorbent materials and... Agent:

20140188066 - Disposable wearing article: A disposable wearing article includes an absorber having a crotch region. The central curving unit that allows the absorber to be convex in the inner direction is formed at a center in the widthwise direction of the crotch region. The first curving unit that allows the absorber to be convex... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20140188067 - Prevention and treatment of groin dermatitis methods and systems: A unique garment designed to aid healing of minor skin ailments such as diaper rash. A urine absorbent, air flow permeable undergarment (1) may contain a barrier (4) to absorb urine and even an open back (5) such as for example a cutout in the back portion (3) a garment... Agent:

20140188068 - Absorbent article having telescoping waist: A disposable absorbent article comprising a chassis which includes a front region having two opposing longitudinal edges; a back region having two opposing longitudinal edges; a crotch region having two longitudinal edges wherein said crotch region is disposed between said front and back regions; and at least two side panels... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140188069 - Preferential bend structure and articles containing said structure: A preferential bend structure may have a first face and an opposing second face. The preferential bend structure may comprise at least a base layer and an auxiliary layer, wherein a first deforming force applied to the first face results in a first deflection and a second deforming force applied... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140188070 - Advanced functional biocompatible foam used as a hemostatic agent for compressible and non-compressible acute wounds: A sprayable polymeric foam hemostat for both compressible and non-compressible (intracavitary) acute wounds is disclosed. The foam comprises hydrophobically-modified polymers, such as hm-chitosan, or other amphiphilic polymers that anchor themselves within the membrane of cells in the vicinity of the wound. By rapidly expanding upon being released from a canister... Agent: University Of Maryland, College Park

20140188071 - Cold plasma electroporation of medication and associated methods: A method and device to apply a cold plasma to a substance at a treatment surface of a patient to cause electroporation of the substance into cells of the patient. The substance can be previously applied to the treatment surface. Alternatively, the substance can be placed in a foam-like material... Agent: Cold Plasma Medical Technologies, Inc.

20140188072 - System and method for closed-loop patient-adaptive hemodynamic management: A system and method for patient-adaptive hemodynamic management is described. One embodiment includes a system for hemodynamic management including transfusion, volume resuscitation with intravenous fluids, and medications, utilizing monitored hemodynamic parameters including the described dynamic predictors of fluid responsiveness, and including an intelligent algorithm capable of adaptation of the function... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140188077 - Device for facilitating intravenous needle insertion or cannulation with vacuum generation means and tourniquet fastener: A device (10) is provided for facilitating insertion of a needle or a cannula into a vein of a patient. The device comprises a fluid chamber (23) adapted to be held in operable engagement with a surface of the patient's skin by a fastener (30/34/35) that extends about a limb... Agent: Olberon Medical Innovation Sas

20140188073 - Door and doorstop for portable one use drug delivery apparatus: An aspect of some embodiments of the current application is a doorstop to a drug delivery apparatus that encourages a user of the apparatus to perform the proper usage steps in the proper order. For example, a user may be expected to receive an injector in a transport state, open... Agent: Medimop Medical Projects Ltd.

20140188074 - Medical marking apparatus and methods: The present invention provides the materials and methods related to marking the injection site on a patient's skin. Specifically, the present invention provides the materials and methods for applying a medical marking tattoo containing at least one injecting targeting site, injecting a medical substance into the area of the injection... Agent:

20140188075 - Medicament delivery device with cartridge sensor and cartridge holder door sensor and method of controlling the device: A medicament delivery device is presented for the administration of one or more drug agents, wherein the device comprises a retainer for holding a medicament cartridge. The retainer is moveable between an open and closed position. A position sensor for generating a position output is indicative of whether the retainer... Agent:

20140188076 - Syringe pump, and related method and system: A method for discharging fluid from a syringe and for mitigating occlusion conditions includes actuating the plunger of a syringe into a barrel. The method monitors fluid pressure within the barrel of the syringe and determines that an occlusion exists when the fluid pressure exceeds a predetermined threshold. The method... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140188079 - Apparatus and method for controlling visibility and access to central venous access devices: A device for controlling visibility and access to central venous access devices is comprised of a two-sided body fitted around the torso of a patient. The device has an interior surface and an exterior surface. The interior surface is fitted with a layer of absorbent, wicking material and further includes... Agent: Simons Ip, LLC

20140188078 - Catheter securement device: A securement system (100) includes a device which permits a portion of a catheter or similar medical article to be easily anchored to a patient, desirably without the use of tape or needles and suture. A securement system for an elongated medical article comprises an anchor pad (110) and a... Agent: C.r. Bard, Inc.

20140188080 - Nasogastric tube: A system comprising: a nasogastric tube comprising: (a) a main lumen having one or more proximal connectors for connecting to a source of substances or pressure; (b) at least four vacuum lumens peripherally surrounding said main lumen; and (c) at least four suction ports for sealingly drawing an inner wall... Agent:

20140188081 - Flexible tube for endoscope and endoscope: A flexible tubular portion for an endoscope having a central axis includes a spiral tube, an outer layer covering the outside of the spiral tube, and an inhibiting portion. The spiral tube includes, along the longitudinal direction of the central axis, a closely wound portion to which an initial tension... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140188082 - Composite wires for use in medical procedures and associated methods: A composite wire, such as a guide wire, may include a principal section with a relatively large outer diameter, as well as one or more reduced sections with smaller outer diameters. The relatively small outer diameter of each reduced section may be defined by an inner element of the composite... Agent: Summit Access, LLC

20140188083 - Guide wire: A guide wire includes a first wire disposed on the distal side, and a second wire disposed on the proximal side and made from a material having an elastic modulus larger than that of the first wire. The first wire and the second wire are joined to each other by... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140188084 - Guide wire: A guide wire includes a first wire disposed on the distal side, and a second wire disposed on the proximal side and made from a material having an elastic modulus larger than that of the first wire. The first wire and the second wire are joined to each other by... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140188085 - Hemostatic devices and methods for use thereof: Materials and methods for reducing or preventing bleeding and associated side effects during and after percutaneous medical procedures.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20140188086 - Catheter connector: A catheter handle, including a housing, configured to be gripped by an operator of a catheter coupled to the housing during a medical procedure using the catheter, the housing being formed of a first polymer and having an aperture formed therein. The handle includes an insert, formed of a second... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel), Ltd.

20140188087 - Medical connector with spanning arms: A connector for coupling to a base of medical device equipped with a circular hub having an annular recess. The connector includes a cap having a top surface, a bottom surface, a circumferential region defining a bottom plane and a periphery, and at least two arms substantially parallel to the... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140188088 - Medical connector: A medical connector for use with one or more medical implements. In some embodiments, the connector minimizes or eliminates the retrograde flow of fluid into the connector from one end or port upon the disconnection of a medical implement from the other end or port. In some embodiments, the connector... Agent: Icu Medical, Inc.

20140188089 - Sintered porous polymeric caps and vents for components of medical devices: The present application provides a device and methods of making and using these devices. The devices comprise porous caps and porous vents made from sintered porous polymeric media comprising plastic particles, elastomeric particles or a combination thereof. These devices are used with medical devices or components thereof to provide ease... Agent: Porex Corporation

20140188090 - Wound care article: The invention concerns a wound care article, comprising at least one sheet-like layer, characterized in that the sheet-like layer has at least two wings and a central region, the wings being arranged around the central region and the wings being joined to each other via the central region.... Agent:

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