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05/21/2015 > 71 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20150141897 - Cardiopulmonary apparatus and methods for preserving life: Apparatus and methods for providing extracorporeal blood circulation and oxygenation control include seven-stage de-airing of blood to provide automated cardiopulmonary replacement to sustain patient life during a medical procedure comprising repairing or replacing the heart valve in a patient.... Agent:

20150141899 - Device and method for establishing an artificial arterio-venous fistula: A shunt rivet for implantation between a first body space and a second body space in a patient, such as to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.... Agent: Rox Medical, Inc.

20150141898 - Medical system for endovascular temperature control of blood, and medical catheter: A medical system for endovascular temperature control of blood and for recanalization of a blood vessel, the medical system having a catheter, a radially compressible treatment device, in particular a recanalization device, which, in the compressed state, is arranged to be longitudinally movable in the catheter and, by being released... Agent: Acandis Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150141900 - Method and device for targeted delivery of fluid therapeutics: The present invention utilizes a catheter device for targeted delivery of therapeutic molecules in fluids to body cavities. The invention provides a device and method for targeted delivery of fluids to tissue cavities via deployment of a fluid soaked sponge from the catheter to contact surfaces within the body cavity.... Agent:

20150141902 - Abnormal electrical conduction blocking apparatus using photodynamic therapy (pdt): There are provided an apparatus and a method for blocking abnormal conduction in the cardiac muscle using a photodynamic therapy or for treating arrhythmia. There is provided a catheter ablation apparatus for the treatment of arrhythmia using a photodynamic therapy, comprising a catheter leading a photoradiation unit to an abnormal... Agent: Keio University

20150141901 - Low-level laser irradiation of stimulated human stem cells: A method of increasing bone marrow stem cells in the blood stream, and targeting those stem cells toward specific damaged or diseased organs in the body so that the tissue in these organs might be repaired. The method comprises ingestion of a claimed formulation having effective amounts of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae... Agent:

20150141903 - Treatment of headache: Headache treatment methods are described and include providing an energy delivery device; locating a secondary or higher-order branch of a postganglionic nerve that provides innervation for a patient's head, by identifying a target region of the patient's head that includes the nerve branch; positioning, within the target region, a portion... Agent: Serene Medical, Inc.

20150141905 - Catheter for infusion of a cardiovascular fluid: Catheters for infusion of cardiovascular fluids into blood are disclosed. The cardiovascular fluid may, for example, comprise water highly supersaturated with a gas such as oxygen. Each catheter comprises one or more capillary tubings (or capillaries) through which a cardiovascular fluid flows. The distal end of each capillary is mounted... Agent:

20150141904 - Compressed gas motor for operation of a lavage system: A compressed gas motor and methods comprise a working plunger and a control plunger arranged in the internal space between the working plunger and a closed rear side such as to be mobile in linear direction. The control plunger, in a first position, covers a gas outlet opening and does... Agent:

20150141906 - Methods and devices to decrease tissue trauma during surgery: Methods and devices are disclosed to reduce the tissue trauma that occurs when a physician retracts or otherwise deforms a patient's tissues for surgery or other medical procedures. In one part, methods and devices are disclosed for cooling the tissue around the incision. In another part, methods and devices are... Agent:

20150141908 - Irrigation re-circulation device and filter and method of use thereof: In one aspect, the present invention provides an endoscopic apparatus including an endoscopic device having a fluid delivery port and a fluid extraction port, and a filter device. The fluid extraction port connects to the filter input port and the filter output port connects to the fluid delivery port forming... Agent:

20150141907 - Vacuum powered saline injection system: A method and apparatus for injecting saline into an open cavity of a patient's body, and, alternatively, vacuuming fluids from said cavity, during laparoscopic surgery that provides constant feed and amplified pressure to provide a steady fluid output, in a disposable, single use handheld surgical device.... Agent:

20150141909 - Method for checking and/or monitoring the leak tightness of a plurality of pneumatically or hydraulically actuated actuators and machine, in particular medical treatment machine: The present invention relates to a method for checking and/or monitoring the leak tightness of a plurality of pneumatically or hydraulically actuated actuators of a machine, in particular a plurality of valve actuators of a medical treatment machine, wherein pressure is exerted on the actuators in different combinations during the... Agent:

20150141910 - Microneedles for therapeutic agent delivery with improved mechanical properties: Disclosed herein are systems and methods relating to microneedles, including a first element including an array of microprojections and a second element including a supportive substrate upon which the microprojections are formed perpendicular to the substrate surface.... Agent:

20150141912 - Infusion pump system and methods: Some embodiments an infusion pump system can provide a suggested bolus dosage based on particular parameters (e.g., the user's recent blood glucose characteristics, food intake data, an amount of insulin already delivered to the user which has not yet acted on the user, or other factors). In some circumstances, the... Agent:

20150141911 - Pulsatile flow blood pump: The invention is about a next-generation blood pump that provides pulsatile blood flow, and has been developed for cardiopulmonary by-pass devices used for maintaining extracorporeal blood circulation during heart surgeries and the supportive devices of circulation system. This device is technically a sort of synchronous power-assisted motor employing direct driver... Agent:

20150141913 - Reconstitution device: An apparatus comprises a plunger able to fit in a cartridge or syringe. The plunger includes an outer portion and a deflection portion. The outer portion is able to engage the body of the cartridge or syringe. The outer portion is operable to apply a first radial force to the... Agent:

20150141914 - Control handle for catheters or cannulas for medical use: A control handle (1) further comprising driving means (11), applied on at least one of said half-shells (2a, 2b) and acting upon the respective jaw (9a, 9b) to move said jaw (9a, 9b) away from and toward the other jaw (9b, 9a) so as to produce, respectively, a release configuration... Agent:

20150141915 - Methods of resetting inflation devices: Inflation devices configured to communicate with remote displays are disclosed herein. Kits including such inflation devices with portable display devices are also disclosed herein. Methods of remotely displaying pressure data from a medical device are also disclosed herein. Devices, kits, and methods of connecting medical devices to remote displays and... Agent:

20150141916 - Balloon trocar: A balloon trocar includes a cannula assembly including a cannula and an outer sleeve fitting over the cannula. The distal end of the outer sleeve is proximal to the distal end of the cannula. A balloon is coupled to a distal portion of the sleeve and a distal portion of... Agent:

20150141917 - Inflatable medical devices: An inflatable balloon includes a base balloon having a cylindrical section and a conical section and at least one circumferential fiber extending circumferentially around the conical section. The inflatable balloon includes a plurality of reinforcing strips in the conical section over the at least one circumferential fiber. Each reinforcing strip... Agent:

20150141919 - Injection system: Described is a medicament cartridge comprising a housing having open proximal and distal ends, a first coupling mechanism, and a syringe slidably disposed in the housing. The syringe includes a needle and has a retracted position in which the needle is covered by the housing and an extended position in... Agent:

20150141918 - Syringe: A syringe propellable by propellant that boils at a predetermined temperature, the syringe including a barrel having an outlet at a front end, and a stopper axially moveable in the barrel. The stopper separates a first chamber and a second chamber, the first chamber being axially forwards of the stopper... Agent:

20150141920 - Drive mechanism for drug delivery pumps with integrated status indication: A drive mechanism having integrated status indication includes a drive housing, a status switch interconnect, a drive biasing member, a piston, and a drug container having a cap, a pierceable seal, a barrel, and a plunger seal, wherein the drive biasing member is configured to bear upon an interface surface... Agent:

20150141921 - Multi-state alarm system for a medical pump: A medical fluid delivery system includes an infusion pump configured to deliver medical fluid to a patient according to at least one treatment parameter, and an alarm feature associated with the infusion pump, the alarm feature including (i) a first alarm signal associated with a first event relating to the... Agent:

20150141922 - Inflatable elastomeric pump for an infusion assembly: m

20150141923 - Injection device: clutch means (23, 25, 28) for maintaining engagement between the first and second gear members (13, 14) in normal condition of the injection device, and for allowing disengagement of the first and second gear members (13, 14) upon a shock received by the injection device along the predetermined direction (D).... Agent:

20150141924 - Hollow silica glass microneedle arrays and method and apparatus for manufacturing same: A novel array of hollow silica glass microneedles is provided. The array is prepared from a silica dispersion. A novel apparatus is provided comprising a negative mold component having tapered openings therein and a positive mold component having positive elements that are received within the tapered openings of the negative... Agent:

20150141926 - Intracranial fixation device: A fixation device including a base structure such as a faceplate having an inferior surface capable of contacting a surface of a skull of a patient, having a superior surface, and defining at least two securement features. Each securement feature can be engaged by a cranial fastener to attach the... Agent:

20150141925 - Non-temporary central cenous catheter for use in haemodialysis: The present invention describes a long-term central venous catheter (CVC) for use in haemodialysis treatments with two cuffs in the end section to be positioned in the subcutaneous tunnel.... Agent:

20150141927 - Methods and apparatus for securing a line: Methods and apparatus for securing a medical or surgical line with respect to a patient are described. In particular, a fastener is described comprising an elongate braided tubular sleeve for receiving the line therethrough, the sleeve having a first end for fixing adjacent to the patient, in use, and a... Agent:

20150141928 - Dispense interface: The invention relates to a dispense interface for an ejection device comprising a first part and a second part, at least a first opening, a second opening and a third opening, a fluidic channel and a connection element for each of the openings, wherein the first part is joined to... Agent:

20150141929 - Autoinjector: An autoinjector that receives a pre-filled syringe, having a central body and an actuator sleeve provided with one end that comes into contact with the user. The actuator sleeve can be moved between projecting and actuation positions and it is in the projecting position prior to and following the actuation... Agent: Aptar France Sas

20150141930 - Extended finger flange for syringe systems: The present disclosure describes an extended finger flange that facilitate use of syringe systems. The extended finger flange increases the surface area available for an end user's fingers thereby allowing a more secure grip on the device and providing greater control during administrations of the medication.... Agent:

20150141931 - Systems for automatically administering medication: The autoinjector systems disclosed herein provide in part devices for allowing patients with reduced joint strength to more easily administer medicine. Certain exemplary syringe embodiments include a housing, a syringe assembly slidably mounted on the housing, and a needle cap releasably engaged to the housing, where the cap includes a... Agent:

20150141932 - Dose dividing delivery device: A simple method and device enabling a unit dose from a reservoir is provided. The dose is drawn into the reservoir and is then expelled from the device by depressing a plunger. The plunger has features which divide the dose into discrete intervals. As the plunger is moved during delivery,... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20150141933 - Injection device with holding means to prevent unintentional movements of piston rod: The invention relates to a injection device, comprising a housing being adapted to receive in its proximal housing portion a container with an injection fluid and to receive in its distal housing portion a dose setting and injection mechanism, wherein the mechanism includes a piston rod being axially displaceable with... Agent:

20150141934 - Medicant injection device: A medicant injection device includes a compressible body, a tip, and an outer luer body. The compressible body has a proximal end, a distal end, and a plurality of bellows, and defines an inner cavity for holding a liquid medicant. The tip is positioned at the proximal end of the... Agent:

20150141935 - Dispenser assembly for liquids comprising flexible barrel and rigid plunger: A dispenser assembly is provided that has a rigid plunger with a ring-shaped protrusion. The protrusion contacts the inner wall of a flexible barrel to form a liquid-tight seal. Advantageously, the dispenser assembly does not require additional components, such as o-rings, and can be fabricated by injection molding techniques.... Agent:

20150141936 - Retractable syringe with improved delivery efficiency and locking system: A plunger, a needle assembly and a retractable syringe comprising same are provided. The plunger comprises a plunger member and a plunger outer having a lock spring that prevents or impedes movement of the plunger member after needle retraction. The plunger further comprises another locking member for engaging the barrel... Agent:

20150141937 - Medical luer connector: A luer medical connector having a male luer body for connection with a female luer assembly which includes a female luer body, a fluid channel insert within the female luer body, an elastomeric seal between the female luer body and the male luer body, and an elastomeric stopper at a... Agent: Halkey-roberts Corporation

20150141938 - Trocar cannula with atraumatic tip: A surgical access port is provided with a trocar cannula having a substantially rigid portion and an atraumatic distal tip. The atraumatic distal tip is substantially compliant relative to the rigid portion of the cannula. The trocar cannula provides unobstructed surgical access into a body cavity allowing the insertion and... Agent:

20150141939 - Post surgical breast dressing: Provided is a post surgical breast dressing including: a front portion including a left cup and a right cup connected or connectable to one another; at least one back strap for fitting around a subject's back; left and right trans-axial portions connecting the back strap with the left cup and... Agent:

20150141940 - Apparatus and method for administering reduced pressure treatment to a tissue site: The illustrative embodiments described herein are directed to a system and method for administering reduced pressure at a tissue site. The apparatus includes a reduced pressure source. The reduced pressure source generates a reduced pressure. The apparatus includes a tube having a plurality of lumens. The plurality of lumens includes... Agent:

20150141941 - Apparatuses and methods for negative pressure wound therapy: Disclosed herein are several embodiments of a negative pressure appliance and methods of using the same in the treatment of wounds. Some embodiments are directed towards wound dressings comprising a liquid and gas permeable transmission layer, an absorbent layer for absorbing wound exudate, the absorbent layer overlying the transmission layer,... Agent:

20150141942 - Devices and methods for airway suctioning: Described here are devices, systems, and methods for positioning a suction catheter in the airway of a patient. The systems may comprise a suction catheter, a delivery device, and/or a stylet. The delivery device may comprise an elongate shaft, an atraumatic distal end, an elongate passageway, and a retention element... Agent: Ciel Medical, Inc.

20150141943 - Drainage container device and suction bag unit: A drainage container device for collecting suctioned bodily fluids by means of a vacuum source includes a drainage container with a suction port to be connected with the vacuum source; an essentially one-piece container lid for closing and opening the drainage container, and with a drainage port to be connected... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20150141944 - Ostomy appliance: An ostomy appliance comprising an adaptor having a distal end adapted to be coupled to an ostomy wafer and a proximal end adapted to be coupled to a cap, said distal end having an opening in fluid communication with an opening in said proximal end.... Agent: Stimatix Gi Ltd. A Corporation

20150141945 - Disposable feminine hygiene utility: A disposable feminine hygiene utility (10), comprising: a sanitary napkin (12) to be placed between an undergarment (26) of a user and a user's body; a permeable longitudinal sleeve (14), connected to the sanitary napkin (12); an absorbent pillow (20), enclosed by the permeable longitudinal sleeve (14); and first and... Agent:

20150141946 - Absorbent article having enhanced leakage protection: An absorbent article (20;620;720;820;920;1020) capable of inhibiting leakage of a fluid insult generally extends in a plane defined by a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction. The absorbent article (20;620;720;820;920;1020) contains fluid-shrinkable members (60. 61), a topsheet (11;611;711;811), and a base pad (12;812) that includes a baffle (28;828) and an... Agent:

20150141947 - Folded core absorbent article and related method: A liquid absorbent article includes an absorbent core including a liquid absorbent member and a unitary liquid distribution sheet disposed against a surface of the liquid absorbent member. The liquid absorbent member includes a first absorbent layer surface, a second absorbent layer surface, a third absorbent layer surface in contact... Agent:

20150141948 - Absorbent article with color matched surfaces: A disposable absorbent article having a backsheet, a topsheet and an absorbent element. The topsheet, backsheet, and the absorbent element has an imparted color in which each of the imparted colors for the aforementioned elements are color matched. Color matching exists when the colors are contained within a specified CIELab... Agent:

20150141950 - Compositions and methods for reducing edema: The invention provides compositions and methods for the treatment and/or reversal of an edema, e.g., including a central nervous system (CNS) edema, e.g., a brain or a spinal edema, edema in a burned or an injured tissue such as skin, or any tissue edema. In alternative embodiments, the invention provides... Agent:

20150141949 - Medical dressing with multiple adhesives: The disclosed medical dressing includes multiple adhesives. A first adhesive can strongly secure to the medical device, while a gentle adhesive secures to skin. Therefore, the medical device is secure, while the skin is in contact with a gentle adhesive. Selection of the adhesive, as well as the positioning of... Agent:

20150141952 - Needleless delivery systems: Described are devices and methods related to the needleless injection of fluid into tissue of the lower urinary tract, such as the urethra and prostate.... Agent:

20150141951 - Targeted tissue heating methods and associated systems: In one aspect, the present disclosure is directed to a method for treating a bladder within a body of a subject, including inserting one or more heaters into the bladder wall of a subject, and selectively heating the one or more heaters by a remote device.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150141953 - Remote closed-loop titration of decongestive therapy for the treatment of advanced heart failure: An apparatus comprises one or more physiological sensing circuits that generate a sensed physiological signal and at least one of the physiological sensing circuits is implantable, a measurement circuit configured to recurrently measure one or more physiological parameters that indicate a status of heart failure of the subject, a comparison... Agent:

20150141954 - Device for inserting needles: A device for inserting at least one hollow needle for the injection or withdrawal of a solution into/from a tissue, said device comprising a casing (1), a plunger (2) movably mounted inside the casing, and propulsion means (3 and 4) suitable for driving the plunger towards the distal end (1a)... Agent: Debiotech S.a.

20150141955 - Infusion pump automation system and method: An infusion pump automation system and method includes an infusion pump, an infusion pump and a remote processor. The remote processor is remote to the infusion pump and includes a controller interface and a controller, such that the controller bidirectionally communicates with the infusion pump, determines a current infusion state... Agent:

20150141956 - Multi-barrel syringe injection system: An injection device for injecting a medicant into a plurality of tissue sites in a patient for a selected treatment is constructed and arranged such that the number of tissue sites is the total number for the selected treatment thereby requiring a single positioning step. The injection device includes a... Agent:

20150141957 - Infusion device: A mechanical infusion pump device for injecting medication into a patient's IV, includes an IV reservoir and a syringe communicated to the IV reservoir and having a syringe plunger which is moved in a first direction against a mechanical biasing element by engagement with a manually operable, independently movable filling... Agent: Stc.unm

20150141958 - Devices and methods for vascular access: A vascular access needle assembly is disclosed. The needle assembly contains a needle and a sheath. The needle has a first part, a second part, and a third part. The needle contains a pointed end configured to penetrate skin of a patient and a sheath slidably and rotatably coupled with... Agent:

20150141959 - Methods and systems for inhibiting vascular inflammation: Methods and kits for delivering pharmaceutical agents to the adventitia and other regions outside the external elastic lamina (EEL) surrounding a blood vessel utilize a catheter having a needle. The needle is positioned in up to 5 mm beyond the EEL and delivers an amount of pharmaceutical agent sufficient to... Agent:

20150141960 - Catheter loading device and method of using same: A catheter loading device includes a guidewire section, a catheter section, and a hinge that connects a proximal end of the guidewire section to a distal end of the catheter section. The guidewire section is rotatable relative to the catheter section about a rotation axis between a first position and... Agent: Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.l.

20150141961 - Needle guides suitable for penile injections and related kits: Embodiments of the invention provide needle guides that facilitate direct penile injection of drug therapies.... Agent:

20150141962 - Securing device for medical lines: Disclosed are various embodiments for devices configured to secure medical lines. A securing frame is configured to receive and secure at least one line couplings. The at least one line coupling is be configured to at least partially surround an intravenous such that the intravenous line is secured in an... Agent:

20150141963 - Device for instillation of a chemical agent into the endometrial cavity for purpose of global endometrial ablation: A device for chemical endometrial ablation comprising an outer tube, a moveable cervical collar surrounding a portion of the outer tube and located near the distal end of the outer tube, an inner tube movable in a distal-proximal direction within the lumen of the outer tube, a porous and/or sponge-like... Agent:

20150141964 - Surgical system and method: In accordance with one aspect, an instrument is provided that permits the precise delivery of bone fusion material, such as autograft or allograft material, to one or more bones during surgical procedures. In another aspect, a system and a method are also provided for percutaneous delivery of bone fusion material,... Agent:

20150141966 - Catheter with partially slitted insertion aid: A tubular insertion aid for catheter manipulation is disclosed. The insertion aid is particularly suited for urinary catheters, such as hydrophilic urinary catheters for intermittent use. The insertion aid comprises a forward opening, a rearward opening and a slit opening extending along a part of the sidewall of the tubular... Agent:

20150141965 - Tubing for mitigating against microbial migration and method and system for maintaining closed-system of urinary tubing: A urinary tubing for mitigating against microbial migration, as well as a system and method for forming and maintaining a closed-system of urinary tubing are described. Such tubing may comprise: a first terminal end; a second terminal end, longitudinally opposing the first terminal end; a wettable region, which may comprise... Agent:

20150141967 - Electronic pill for delivery of powder medication: The invention relates to an electronic pill (102) for delivery of a medication (104) inside a mammal. The electronic pill (102) comprises a reservoir (106) for releasing the medication (104) in response to a predefined level of pressure. Furthermore a primary elastic element (108) is comprised for applying said predefined... Agent: Medimetrics Personalized Drug Delivery

05/14/2015 > 54 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20150133846 - Bio-compatible catheter: A bio-compatible lumen bearing device such as a catheter formed of a polymeric material having a titanium surface bonded to the underlying exposed catheter surface. The titanium surface is employed in patients to improve bio-compatibility and enhance lubricity during insertion and removal.... Agent:

20150133845 - Devices for fluid flow through body passages: A device includes a first end portion, a second end portion, an intermediate portion between the first end portion and the second end portion, and a graft material coupled to at least the intermediate portion. The first end portion has a first end diameter. The second end portion has a... Agent:

20150133847 - Light treatment of wounds to reduce scar formation: An electromagnetic energy system adapted to reduce scar formation associated with a skin wound includes a memory, an electromagnetic energy source, an optical energy conduit, a handpiece, and a controller. The memory includes predetermined beam parameter information. The electromagnetic energy source is adapted to generate an electromagnetic energy beam having... Agent:

20150133849 - Method and system for wound care: In one aspect, the present invention relates to a wound-care assembly The wound-care assembly includes a base layer. A film layer is operatively coupled to the base layer and a fluid conductor is in fluid communication with a wound and a vacuum source. The wound-care assembly further includes a fiber-optic... Agent: Thermo Tek, Inc.

20150133848 - Skin treatment system and method: A system (101) for treatment of an epithelial tissue layer (3) is provided. The system comprises a reservoir (107), for containing an amount of a flowable medium, arranged to enable the medium, when contained in the reservoir, to be in contact with a surface (5) of the epithelial tissue layer,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150133850 - Selective modulation of renal nerves: Methods for treating a patient using therapeutic renal neuromodulation and associated devices, systems, and methods are disclosed herein. One aspect of the present technology is directed to methods including selectively neuromodulating afferent or efferent renal nerves. One or more measurable physiological parameters corresponding to systemic sympathetic overactivity or hyperactivity in... Agent:

20150133851 - Treatment method for the inferior turbinate: Disclosed is a method comprising: creating one or more pockets within an inferior turbinate of a patient, inserting one or more it that are easily inserted into the one or more pockets, wherein the one or more implants contain one or more therapeutic compounds and the one or more implants... Agent:

20150133852 - Syringe device, system and method for delivering ozone gas: In accordance with at least one exemplary embodiment, a syringe device, method and system for delivering a therapeutic amount of ozone are disclosed. A sterility case can enclose a syringe portion and can maintain sterility while the syringe device is interfaced to an ozone generator. A valvably-controlled fluid channel can... Agent: Minimus Spine, Inc.

20150133853 - Intravascular nano-bubbling oxygenator: The present invention provides a intravascular nano-bubbling oxygenator comprises a catheter, capable of being inserted into a blood vessel to transport normal pressure to hyperbaric gas, comprising: a tube wall with one or two lumens, and an opening end, wherein the tube wall partially comprises a plurality of pores; a... Agent:

20150133854 - System and method of monitoring and control of ultrafiltration volume during peritoneal dialysis using segmental bioimpedance: A peritoneal dialysis (PD) system for infusing a volume of PD solution into a patient's peritoneal cavity in order to perform peritoneal dialysis on the patient includes a peritoneal cavity monitor (PCM) that measures this volume of fluid in the patient's peritoneal cavity by segmental bioimpedance spectroscopy (SBIS), to thereby... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20150133855 - Infusion pumps: Ambulatory infusion pumps, pump assemblies, cartridges, baseplates, cannulas, insertion tools, and related components as well as combinations thereof and related methods.... Agent:

20150133856 - Auxiliary insertion and removal device: The spiral rotary member includes a main body section, a fin section that is disposed on an outer peripheral surface of the main body section and spirally arranged around a longitudinal axis C and an X-ray cutoff section that cuts off X-rays. The X-ray cutoff section is arranged so that... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150133858 - Connector device for a controllable instrument: A connector assembly for controllable articles is described herein. The connector assembly engages force transmission elements used to transmit force from one or more force generators with the force transmission elements used to manipulate a controllable article. Additionally, the connector assembly provides organization thereby simplifying the process of connecting a... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20150133857 - Steerable gastric calibration tube: A gastric calibration tube includes an elongate member and an adjusting member. The elongate member has a length and includes a first segment and a second segment that extend along the length. The second segment includes a first side and a second side. The first and second sides are selectively... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150133859 - Limiting life time of dispense assembly: The technical problem of the present invention to provide a medical device, which exhibits an increased safety of the device and facilitates a safe use is solved by medical device for delivering at least one drug agent, comprising a sensor, a control unit and an attachable dispense assembly, wherein the... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20150133860 - Needle retractable-type replaceable-needle safe self-destructing syringe: The present invention disclosed a retractable self-destroying safety syringe with replaceable needle including a barrel body, a needle base body (3) disposed in a barrel neck (2) at an end of the barrel body (1), an elastic buffering engaging mechanism formed between the barrel neck (2) and the needle base... Agent:

20150133861 - Thermal management system and method for medical devices: A medical device includes a housing, a power supply, a thermally conductive mounting clamp, a heat shield, and at least one fastener. The housing includes a handle. The power supply is disposed within the housing. The thermally conductive mounting clamp is attached to an outer surface of the housing. The... Agent:

20150133862 - Multi-needle assembly with readily adjustable structure: A multi-needle assembly according to the present invention includes: a plurality of needles; a central hub for supporting the needles with the front part of the needles exposed and the rear part thereof fixedly surrounded; a suction cap with the front having needle penetration holes for receiving the needles, the... Agent: Panace Co., Ltd.

20150133863 - Pressure reducer for supplying drugs to a patient and corresponding production method: The present invention relates to a pressure reducer for delivering drugs to a patient and the corresponding method of manufacture, said pressure reducer for delivering drugs to a patient comprising: a duct (9) with an inlet (11) and an outlet (13), a first body (1) with a first surface (5),... Agent:

20150133864 - Suction catheter with distal suction modulation: A cleaning catheter includes tubular main body, shaped so as to define a distal-most suction orifice; and a suction lumen arranged along the main body in intermittent fluid communication with a suction source. A distal portion of the suction lumen is in fluid communication with the distal-most suction orifice. An... Agent: Airway Medix S.a.

20150133865 - Introducer: An introducer is configured to distinguish an introducer provided with a sheath tube whose wall thickness is reduced, from an introducer provided with a sheath tube whose wall thickness is not reduced, and to recognize the relationship between the inner diameter and the outer diameter for the sheath tube in... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150133866 - Operation tool for fluid injector using multi-microneedle device: An operation tool includes a mechanism sequentially moving the injector in a space of an outer cylinder among an initial position in which needles of a main body of the device are retracted inside the space, a first position in which the needles protrude to the outside by a first... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20150133868 - High strength suture with absorbable core and suture anchor combination: A novel high tensile strength semi-absorbable composite suture with minimized non-absorbable mass. The suture has a core made from a bioabsorbable polymer. The core is covered by a braided sheath. The braided sheath is made from an absorbable yarn and a bioabsorbable yarn. The bioabsorbable yarn is made from a... Agent:

20150133867 - Systems and methods for anchoring medical devices: Some embodiments of a medical device anchor system include an anchor device that secures a medical instrument (such as a catheter or the like) in place relative to a skin penetration point using subcutaneous anchors. In some implementations, the anchor device can be installed using a technique in which the... Agent:

20150133869 - Injection device with dose display for signaling the end of the injection: Drive and metering devices for injection devices include a dose display element with a helical dosage scale; an indicating means; a metering member, which can be rotated relative to the indicating means for dose setting; a discharge spring and an advancement member. The dose display element can be screwed relative... Agent:

20150133870 - Safety syringe: Safety syringes are disclosed, wherein a needle, at least one locking track and at least one tab disposed on an exterior surface of the barrel, wherein the barrel is in fluid communication with the needle, a plunger capable of fitting into the barrel, and a hollow sleeve having a first... Agent:

20150133871 - Injecting device with dose resetting mechanism: Injecting device with dose resetting mechanism enables release energy accumulated in spring means (17) and causes automatically the back movement of an indicating element (16) to its initial position without causing any axial movement of a threaded piston rod (10), said actions being initiated by one movement of a dose... Agent: Copernicus Sp. Z.o.o.

20150133872 - Piston rod for a drug delivery device and drug delivery device comprising a piston rod: A piston rod for a drug delivery device comprises a main body and an engagement means for engaging the piston rod with a part of the drug delivery device. The engagement means are retractable relatively the main body for enabling a disengagement of the engagement means from the part of... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20150133873 - Gasket for syringe and syringe having gasket: A gasket for use in a syringe so formed as to liquid-tightly and slidably contact an inner surface of an outer cylinder of the syringe, the gasket including a gasket body made of an elastic body and a coating layer formed in a portion thereof which contacts at least the... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150133874 - Bearing for a piston rod body for a drug delivery device, a piston rod arrangement and a piston rod body: The present disclosure concerns a bearing for a piston rod body for a drug delivery device. The bearing has an axis and comprises a first and a second surface which are spaced apart in the direction of the axis and a third surface, wherein the third surface connects the first... Agent:

20150133875 - Drug delivery device with an improved piston rod: An improved drug delivery device is provided having a piston rod that incorporates on its proximal end at least one guidepost that is configured for transmitting axial and rotational forces from a drive mechanism. The device comprises a drug delivery device housing and a medicament contained in the drug delivery... Agent:

20150133876 - Irreversibly closable flow control clamp: A flow control clamp having a first member and a second member movable from a first open position to a second irreversibly closed position wherein flow through a tube associated with the clamp is irreversibly prevented and cannot be restored. Systems and methods using such clamps are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150133877 - Implantable injection port: An implantable injection port facilitates filling and/or draining an inflatable portion of a gastric band. In an embodiment, the port comprises a movable cap that causes anchor wires to extend from anchor devices in order to implant the injection port in the tissue of a patient. In another embodiment, the... Agent: Apollo Endosurgery, Inc.

20150133878 - Ocular insert apparatus and methods: A comfortable insert comprises a retention structure sized for placement under the eyelids and along at least a portion of conjunctival sac of the upper and lower lids of the eye. The retention structure resists deflection when placed in the conjunctival sac of the eye and to guide the insert... Agent: Forsight Vision5, Inc.

20150133879 - Blood-flow-path switching device and blood-bag system: In a blood-flow-path switching device and a blood-bag system, a tube-shaped body (68) includes a body tube (69) extending in an axial direction and a branching tube (71) extending in a direction branching from the axial direction, and a blocking part (74) is provided in a hollow section (69c) of... Agent:

20150133880 - Fecal drainage system with multi-layer odor barrier catheter tube: A fecal drainage system includes a collection bag and a catheter tube connectable to the collection bag. The catheter tube is a multi-layer odor barrier structure. The layers of the catheter tube include one or more thermoplastic elastomer layers and one or more odor barrier layers. For example, the catheter... Agent:

20150133881 - Comfort layer for a collecting bag: A collecting bag for human body wastes having a barrier film (20a, 20b) covered by a comfort layer (15) attached to the barrier film in an attachment zone wherein the comfort layer is a textile material that is attached to said barrier film in one or more zones of attachment... Agent:

20150133882 - Comfortable diaper: An absorbent article, preferably a disposable absorbent article such as a diaper, is disclosed that provides an improved immobilization of absorbent polymer material when the article is fully or partially urine loaded. This absorbent core is useful for providing an absorbent article of increased wearing comfort. Specifically disclosed is an... Agent:

20150133883 - Resilient absorbent products with enhanced resistance to tearing: The present disclosure provides a sanitary napkin that is thin, highly absorbent and has resiliency properties that are selected to provide good comfort potential and at the same time reduce the likelihood of deformation and breaking. In a specific example, the sanitary napkin comprises a cover layer, an absorbent system... Agent:

20150133884 - Absorbent personal care articles having longitudinally oriented layers in discrete portions: An absorbent article is provided. The article includes at least one additional layer non-integral with the absorbent layer, and positioned upon the absorbent layer. The additional layer includes at least first and second discrete portions positioned along the longitudinal direction. The at least first and second discrete portions are spaced... Agent:

20150133885 - Dual-function fastening member fold configuration for disposable diapers: A disposable diaper having fastening members with an advantageous folding configuration is disclosed. The fastening members may be imparted with two longitudinal folds to create a z-fold configuration that serves dual functions of consolidating the fastening members for purposes of protecting them in manufacturing and packaging processes downstream of the... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150133886 - Controlling drug delivery transitions: Devices, systems, and techniques for transitioning between different drug delivery sources or different drug concentrations may account for diffusion and mixing of drug within the fluid. In one example, a method may include determining a flow rate for a fluid to be delivered to a patient via a drug pump... Agent:

20150133887 - Systems and methods for reducing or preventing backflow in a delivery system: Systems and methods are disclosed herein that generally involve CED devices with various features for reducing or preventing backflow. In some embodiments, CED devices include a tissue-receiving space disposed proximal to a distal fluid outlet. Tissue can be compressed into or pinched/pinned by the tissue-receiving space as the device is... Agent:

20150133888 - Drug delivery programming techniques: Devices, systems, and techniques for programming drug delivery are described. Such techniques may account for diffusion and mixing of drug within the fluid or allow for more flexible programming options. In one example, a method may include determining one or more fluid delivery parameters (e.g., volume, flow rate, or period... Agent:

20150133889 - Closed loop system for controlling the reflux of a fluid injection: v

20150133890 - Occlusion detection: A system for occlusion detection could include a syringe pump for a syringe containing a medication, wherein the syringe includes a plunger and the syringe pump includes a plunger driver. A bendable element could be integrally formed with the plunger driver, and a force sensor could also be integrally formed... Agent:

20150133891 - Catheter securement device and methods: A catheter securement device includes a body having a generally curved channel configured to receive a central venous catheter and reposition it in a different direction than the direction of the catheter as it exits the skin of the patient. The securement device includes a cover that slidably connects to... Agent:

20150133892 - Method and devices for flow occlusion during device exchanges: A method of reducing the risk of clinical sequelae to catheter induced vascular injuries may include introducing a guide wire into a vascular sheath residing in a blood vessel, proximally retracting the vascular sheath while leaving the wire in place, and observing indicia of the presence or absence of a... Agent: Access Closure, Inc.

20150133893 - Method of indwelling a needle assembly: A method of indwelling a needle assembly includes providing an assembled indwelling needle assembly having an inner needle, an inner needle hub fixed to a proximal portion of the inner needle, a hollow outer needle in which the inner needle is inserted, an outer needle hub fixed to a proximal... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150133894 - Device and method for collecting and dispensing colostrum: A method of collecting colostrum from a breast of a human and dispensing the colostrum to a newborn may involve: coupling a first end of an adapter with a syringe; positioning a second end of the adapter in contact with or near the breast; manually expressing colostrum from the breast... Agent: Maternal Life, LLC

20150133896 - Bioresorbable drug eluting intravitreal implant system and method: A bioresorbable drug eluting intravitreal implant system includes a syringe with a chamber containing a medicinal drug. A balloon is releasably secured to a needle where the needle has a central section chamber in fluid communication with a chamber in the syringe. The needle central section has an opening formed... Agent:

20150133895 - Device for adjusting the irrigation pressure in eye operations: The invention relates to a device (1) for use in eye surgery, comprising a container (9) with fluid (5) which is connected via an irrigation line (12) to a surgical handpiece for delivering the fluid (5) for rinsing an eye (3) on which surgery has been performed, wherein a pillar... Agent: Eos Gmbh

20150133897 - Liposuction absorption cartridge: An absorption cartridge for use in removing liquids from a liposuction collection flask may have a hollow body containing absorbing materials and/or a desiccant. The absorbing materials or desiccants may be incorporated into a hollow body or supported about a frame. The cartridge may be inserted into the collection flask... Agent:

20150133898 - Intermittent catheter assembly: An intermittent catheter assembly is disclosed which comprises an intermittent catheter (22) having a proximal insertion end (22a), a distal end (22b) remote from the proximal insertion end, and an insertable portion (22c). The insertable portion of the intermittent catheter extends from the proximal insertion end thereof to a point... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

05/07/2015 > 58 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20150126919 - Medical treatment device: A medical treatment device for treating glaucoma includes a spherical portion formed in a partially spherical shape configured to align with the curve of an eyeball; and at least one puncture portion protruding from a concave side of the spherical portion.... Agent:

20150126920 - Methods for fluid flow through body passages: A device includes a first end portion, a second end portion, an intermediate portion between the first end portion and the second end portion, and a graft material coupled to at least the intermediate portion. The first end portion has a first end diameter. The second end portion has a... Agent:

20150126921 - Ocular cross-linking system and method for sealing corneal wounds: Wounds in the eye following surgery or injury are sealed by soaking the area with a riboflavin solution containing iodide ion and irradiating the wound area with UVA radiation in a selected wavelength range for a selected time period to promote cross-linking of tissue between opposite surfaces of the wound... Agent: Cxl Ophthalmics, LLC

20150126922 - Coaxial dual function probe and method of use: An energy delivery probe for use in tissue ablation and method of use is presented. The energy delivery device has at least a first energy delivery member and a second energy delivery member that have handle members positioned along a longitudinal axis, each handle member having a proximal and distal... Agent: Angiodynamics, Inc.

20150126923 - Tip-loaded microneedle arrays for transdermal insertion: A method of forming a microneedle array can include forming a microneedle array that has one or more bioactive component. The microneedle array can include a base portion and plurality of microneedles extending from the base portion, and the one or more bioactive components are present in a higher concentration... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education And Carnegie Mellon Uni

20150126924 - Biopsy spacer device and method of operation: A breast cavity spacer device, such as for use with a percutaneous lumpectomy, is provided. The device includes a body having a projection on one end. The body has a bore extending there through. A catheter is disposed at least partially within the bore. A balloon member is fluidly coupled... Agent:

20150126925 - Liquid administration device: A liquid administration device includes: a cylindrical body filled with liquid; a needle tube configured to communicate or be communicable with the cylindrical body at its tip side, and to have a sharp needle tip; a gasket configured to slide within the cylindrical body; an operation member configured to to... Agent:

20150126926 - Infusion device: The present invention relates to an infusion device comprising a housing (10, 12); a compartment inside said housing for positioning a medicament container (78), an infusion needle (124) arranged to said housing, being connectable to said medicament container for delivering a dose of medicament, a piston plunger (72) arranged in... Agent:

20150126927 - Portable fluid delivery system for the nasal and paranasal sinus cavities: A pressurized air supply source for a portable nasal irrigator houses an airflow regulating system, instead of external bulky, heavy components, to power the atomization of fluid for irrigation of nasal passages. The airflow regulating system is made up of a pump, a motor to drive the pump, a filter... Agent:

20150126928 - Drug delivery device: The invention relates to a drug delivery device, comprising a control unit, a drive unit, a pressurizing medium container arranged to contain a pressurizing liquid, a drug container arranged to contain a drug and a discharge nozzle, wherein the drive unit when controlled and energized by the control unit is... Agent:

20150126929 - Dermal filler injector: A dermal filler injector is provided which includes a handpiece and a coupling mechanism for operationally coupling the handpiece with a dermal filler cartridge. The handpiece includes a motor for controllably driving a plunger in the cartridge to provide effective and controlled injection of a dermal filler into skin.... Agent:

20150126930 - Access device with valve: A sheath can include a sheath body and a sheath hub. The sheath body can have a generally flexible tubular structure, a proximal end, and a distal end. The sheath body can further define a longitudinal axis. The sheath hub can attach to the proximal end of the sheath body... Agent:

20150126933 - Low profile passive protector for an i.v. catheter: A low-profile universal passive protector is provided for an IV catheter comprising a hypodermic needle and a catheter. An elongate sheath defines a sheath cavity and a longitudinal axis. A slider is connected to the hypodermic needle and is movable along the sheath between first and second positions for withdrawing... Agent:

20150126931 - Needle tip shielding device and fixing arrangement: The present application discloses a needle tip shielding device for protection of a needle tip of a needle. The needle tip shielding device comprises a fixing arrangement having a proximal side and a distal side, which fixing arrangement is comprising at least one engaging element, which engaging element is resilient... Agent:

20150126932 - Needle tip shielding device and fixing arrangement: A closed IV catheter system, includes a needle shield assembly positioned proximally of a catheter hub and distally of the needle hub. The needle shield assembly cooperates with the catheter hub on the outer circumferential and peripheral surface of the catheter hub. The needle shield adds additional length and width... Agent:

20150126934 - Insertion device systems and methods: An insertion device may include a device housing configured to be operatively engaged with and disengaged from a base, and engageable with an actuation device, the device housing having a carrier body supporting a piercing member. The carrier body moveable by a carrier body of the actuation device at least... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20150126935 - Trocar assembly: A surgical system comprising a cannula assembly and an obturator assembly for penetrating tissue is disclosed. A cover of the cannula assembly is mounted to a cannula housing and has a cover aperture therethrough. The cover has a trailing end face defining a predetermined geometrical configuration, at least a portion... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150126936 - Retrograde entry antegrade placement for femoral artery access: A Retrograde Entry Antegrade Placement (REAP™) method and apparatus facilitate the antegrade (i.e., in the direction of blood flow) placement of endovascular devices for treatment of lower extremity arterial disease. Initially, a retrograde entry is made into the arterial system of a patient at an entry point with a curved... Agent:

20150126937 - Self-injection mechanism for use on skin: The present invention relates to a self-injection mechanism that causes a solution (2) having predetermined efficacy to permeate the skin (1) for skin improvement and beauty treatment. The present invention includes: an accommodation unit (10) having a space (11) therein for accommodating the solution (2), an inlet (12) which sucks... Agent:

20150126938 - Injection device with pricking protection and/or overload protection for a product container: An injection device having a distal end, and including a needle located inside the injection device in an initial position, wherein the needle is moveable to a puncturing position in which the needle projects from the distal end, an open region located distally relative to the needle in the initial... Agent:

20150126939 - Telescoping safety shield for needles: A safety shield adapted for use with a syringe having a syringe barrel for protecting a needle after use in a medical procedure is disclosed. The safety shield includes a first portion disposed at least partially about the barrel and axially movable from a retracted position surrounding at least a... Agent:

20150126940 - Drug delivery device: s

20150126941 - Saccharide protective coating for pharmaceutical package: A method for providing a saccharide based lubricating or protective coating or layer on a substrate surface is provided. In particular, a lubricity and/or protective coating or layer made by said method is provided. Pharmaceutical packages or other vessels coated by said method and the use of such pharmaceutical packages... Agent: Sio2 Medical Products, Inc.

20150126942 - Connector for medical use: A connector for a medical use comprising a fitting secured to a chamber, the fitting being provided at its center with a needle encased at least in its terminal portion in the recess of an elastic seal having, across the thickness of its free end, a slit or the like,... Agent:

20150126943 - Needle guard: A needle guard assembly having a resilient arm extending from a base situated to slide along the shaft of a needle. In one implementation the needle guard has an elongate containment member that rides with the resilient arm and is co-operable with the resilient arm to effectuate a covering of... Agent: Injectimed, Inc.

20150126944 - System for applying a small quantity of antiseptic: The present invention comprises a system for applying small quantities of antiseptic such as a solution of chlorhexidine to a human patient. The system includes a container of 10-50 mL having an opening proximate the top end of the container and a closed end at the bottom. A dispenser for... Agent: Chlorhexidine Optimal Products For Skin LLC

20150126945 - Vitrectomy apparatus: A vitrectomy apparatus comprises a containment body (3), at least one supply device (4), (5) which can be fixed to an eyeball (6) and/or moved by an operator, feeding means (7) for the controlled feeding of at least one operating fluid, at least partly mounted in the containment body (3)... Agent:

20150126946 - Ostomy bag: An ostomy bag for receiving waste from a patient's stoma. The ostomy bag may include a finger probe for allowing a user to manually manipulate the stoma to clear blockages of the stoma. The ostomy bag may also include a stoma port for attachment to the patient's skin surrounding the... Agent:

20150126947 - Absorbent article having a fastening system adapted to enhance gasketing: An absorbent article has a pair of leg cuffs adapted to fit about the legs of a wearer and a pair of containment flaps adapted to provide a barrier to the lateral flow of body exudates. Each containment flaps includes a seam bonding the respective containment flap to the article... Agent:

20150126948 - Absorbent articles with improved absorption properties: An absorbent article such as disposable diaper, training pant, and adult incontinence undergarment comprising an absorbent structure comprising superabsorbent polymer particles, the article being able to absorb and contain body exudates and having improved absorption properties and therefore being able to reduce leakage, especially at the first gush, i.e. when... Agent:

20150126949 - Nonwoven web material including fibers formed of rcecycled polyester, and methods for producing: A nonwoven web material including fibers formed of a polyolefin and a polyester is disclosed. The fibers may include fine fibers produced by, for example, a meltblowing process. The polyolefin may be polypropylene and the polyester may be polylactic acid. The polylactic acid may be obtained and included by recycling... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150126951 - Adult male urinary incontinence article: The adult male urinary incontinence device is a disposable unit to catch urine from an adult male patient. The T-shaped device is comprised of a top layer that is fluid permeable, a middle layer that absorbs fluid, and a bottom layer that is fluid impermeable. The “T” shaped device is... Agent:

20150126957 - Elongated pledget for medical use: The absorbent elongated pledget (1) includes two opposite width ends, the pledget being made from a flexible, hydrophilic material, and having a portion that can be detected from outside the body (3). The pledget is characterized in that at least one of the two width ends of same is folded... Agent: Laboratoire Tetra Medical

20150126952 - Leg and flap elastic composite for an absorbent article and method of manufacturing same: A method of manufacturing a liner/composite web for use in an absorbent article includes joining a leg elastic member to a web moving in a machine direction and joining a flap elastic member to the web. The flap elastic member is spaced from the leg elastic member. The web is... Agent:

20150126953 - Disposable diaper: A disposable diaper includes a chassis, front and rear waist regions, and a crotch region between the front and rear waist regions and a liquid-absorbent structure extending at least in the crotch region. The chassis includes a pair of first leg elastics, and a pair of second leg elastics. The... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20150126954 - Absorbent article with waistband: A disposable absorbent article is disclosed that includes a first waist region, a second waist region, a crotch region disposed between the first waist region and second waist region, a waist edge in the first waist region, at least one waistband in the first waist region adjacent the waist edge,... Agent:

20150126955 - Absorbent article with waistband: A disposable absorbent article is disclosed that includes a first waist region, a second waist region, a crotch region disposed between the first waist region and second waist region, a waist edge in the first waist region, at least one waistband in the first waist region adjacent the waist edge,... Agent:

20150126956 - Absorbent article with waistband: A disposable absorbent article is disclosed that includes a first waist region, a second waist region, a crotch region disposed between the first waist region and second waist region, a waist edge in the first waist region, at least one waistband in the first waist region, at least one fastener... Agent:

20150126950 - Absorbent article having a fastening system and waist elastic with low load loss properties: An absorbent article includes a pair of ears secured to and extending transversely outward from opposite sides of a back portion of the article. Each of the ears is stretchable in at least a transverse direction of the article from a relaxed position to an extended position. A waistband includes... Agent:

20150126958 - Medical connector having locking engagement: A medical connector system including a first connector and a second connector. The first connector has a housing, a biasing member, and at least one projection. The second connector has at least one groove for receiving the at least one projection. The proximal end of the second connector is configured... Agent:

20150126959 - Continuous and controlled irrigation system: An apparatus and method are disclosed for providing a continuous and controlled flow of a fluid and/or gas or combination of them when using an irrigation system; said system comprises: a reservoir system comprising a plurality of containers of fluid; said containers in said reservoir system are disposed in a... Agent:

20150126960 - Method for improved storage of suction catheters: A method and system for improved storage of suction catheters are disclosed. The new method and system result in a new suction catheter that has been removed from its packaging prior to use or a used suction catheter being stored in a way that eliminates or reduces the opportunity for... Agent:

20150126961 - Dispense interface for an ejection device: The invention inter alia relates to a dispense interface for an ejection device. The dispense interface comprises at least two inlets, at least one outlet and a part having multiple portions; wherein the multiple portions are connected by living hinges such that the multiple portions are foldable towards each other;... Agent:

20150126963 - Injection device configured to mate with a mobile device: Injection systems powered, controlled and network-enabled by a mobile device, and methods for powering and controlling an injection system using a mobile device, are disclosed. An injection device includes a fluid container having a fluid container exit port, an injection driving element adapted to displace fluid from the fluid container... Agent:

20150126962 - Tissue penetration device: An agent injection device is provided that is capable of injecting an agent to a known predetermined tissue depth. An injection member has an elongate injection shaft with an outlet port configured to dispense an agent at a controllable time. A controllable driver is coupled to the elongate injection shaft... Agent:

20150126964 - Drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier using magnetically heatable entities: It has been discovered that compositions comprising magnetically heatable entities (MHEs), therapeutic agents and optional carriers such as hydrogels can be piloted from an injection point in a blood vessel to a specific location of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) using for example, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device for propelling,... Agent:

20150126965 - Assembly with a guide tube, a fixator for attaching to a blood vessel, and a pump: A fixator assembly comprising a fixator for fixing inside a blood vessel, a guide tube attached to the fixator and a pump for supplying a liquid to the blood vessel or from the blood vessel via the guide tube. Blood flow past the fixator is possible during pumping so that... Agent:

20150126966 - Balloon catheter: A rapid exchange balloon catheter including: an outer conduit having a lumen and a wall surrounding the lumen, the wall including a lateral opening formed therein; an inner conduit having a proximal end and a distal end; a sealing sleeve for sealing the lateral opening of the outer conduit; a... Agent:

20150126967 - Catheter apparatus and methods for treating vasculatures: A catheter apparatus may have a flexible shaft, guidewire lumens passing through the shaft, and a positioning device for positioning the guidewires relative to an external lumen. The positioning device may be an expansible scaffold covered with a retractable sheath. The positioning device may also be one or more balloons... Agent: Roxwood Medical, Inc.

20150126968 - Fluid delivery devices and methods: Devices and methods are provided for fluid delivery. The device may include a housing having an outer surface which includes a porous membrane, a fluid reservoir disposed in the interior region of the main housing and formed at least in part by a wall structure, a puncture mechanism operable to... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20150126969 - Drug delivery device and method: A method for combining a first liquid component with a second lyo component in a drug mixing apparatus is provided. The method comprises displacing a seal that prevents the first liquid component within a first barrel from coming into contact with the second lyo/liquid component within a second barrel. The... Agent:

20150126970 - Conjunctival cover and methods therefor: A conjunctival cover including an annular generally curved shell having a conjunctival portion structured to conform to and overly at least part of the conjunctiva of an eye. The annular generally partially spherical shell defines a generally central opening. The central opening is sized to leave a cornea of the... Agent:

20150126972 - Catheter device: A catheter includes an elongate body having first and second chambers extending within the elongate body from a proximal end to an intermediate section, the first chamber having a first opening and the second chamber having a second opening at the intermediate section. The catheter also includes a valve structure... Agent:

20150126971 - Shaft for medical devices and catheter: The application relates to a shaft (10) for medical devices comprising an inner tube (11) and an outer tube (12), wherein the inner tube (11) and the outer tube (12) extend concentrically with a common longitudinal axis from a proximal end (15) to a distal end (16) of the shaft... Agent:

20150126973 - Apparatus to prevent reperfusion injury: Embodiments of a method and apparatus to prevent reperfusion injury. In one embodiment, blood flow proximal to a lesion is occluded. An infusion catheter is advanced to a region distal to the lesion and an anti-reperfusion injury drug is delivered. The lesion may then be treated with a dilating device... Agent:

20150126974 - System for closed transfer of fluids having connector: A system includes a syringe adapter having a first end and a second end with the first end of the syringe adapter configured to be connected to a first container and the second end of the syringe adapter including a lock member having an open position and a closed position.... Agent:

20150126975 - Gravity urinary drainage system: An improved fluid drainage system is comprised of a transfer tubing that includes a secondary axial compartment for the movement of air. This secondary lumen of the transfer tubing includes a gas permeable material which will allow the transport of air, while repelling fluid. The secondary lumen transports air from... Agent: Sienna Colorado Solutions, LLC

20150126976 - Ultraviolet sterilizing drainage catheter: A device disclosed herein includes a tubular member which is flexible and configured to receive ultraviolet (UV) light from a UV illumination coupler. The tubular member contains a lumen defining a longitudinal interior space within the tubular member, a tubular body bounded by an inner wall defining an outer boundary... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 82 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20150119784 - Cerumen cleaner (earwax cleaning device): Most cotton swabs, that currently exist, are not designed for cleaning the external ear canal. The risk of eardrum perforation and/or earwax impaction is too great. This invention is unique in the sense that it is specially designed to clean the external ear canal. It is precisely designed to fit... Agent:

20150119785 - Ear wax cleaning device: Some embodiments of the present invention include a device for cleaning earwax from an ear canal, the device having a tube with a distal end and a proximal end, an absorbent tip attached to the distal end of the tube, a bulb attached to the proximal end of the tube,... Agent:

20150119787 - Delivering ocular implants into the eye: A method of deploying an ocular implant into Schlemm's canal of an eye. The method includes the steps of inserting a distal end of a cannula through a cornea of the eye and into an anterior chamber of the eye, the cannula having a distal opening extending from the distal... Agent:

20150119786 - Method of device attachment to a biological surface: A device and means of attaching an implantable drainage lumen, catheter, or other device to an internal bodily surface, such as the peritoneum, is generally indicated by a biocompatible material or mesh fabric connected to a lumen, catheter, or other mechanical or electrical device whereby the biocompatible material or mesh... Agent:

20150119788 - Biophotonic compositions, kits and methods: The present disclosure provides biophotonic topical compositions, kits and their uses. In particular, the biophotonic compositions of the present disclosure are substantially resistant to leaching such that very low amounts of chromophore(s) present in the biophotonic composition leach out of the composition. The biophotonic compositions and their uses are useful... Agent:

20150119789 - Compositions and methods for biophotonic bone reconstruction: Biophotonic compositions comprising a photoactivator, a calcium phosphate mineral, hyaluronic acid and optionally glucosamine are disclosed. Said compositions have utility in the augmentation, repair and/or regeneration of bone when used in conjunction with actinic light of a wavelength absorbed by the photoactivator.... Agent: Klox Technologies Inc.

20150119791 - Electrode with movable insertion stopper: A cochlear implant electrode includes an electrode carrier having an electrode array with a groove disposed in a longitudinal direction along the electrode carrier, and a stopper positioned around the electrode carrier. The stopper has a protrusion on its inner surface that is configured to be positioned within the groove... Agent:

20150119790 - Implantable system to transvascularly stimulate nerve: This document discusses, among other things, apparatus, systems, and methods for transvascularly stimulation of a nerve or nerve trunk. In an example, an apparatus is configured to transvascularly stimulate a nerve trunk through a blood vessel. The apparatus includes an expandable electrode that is chronically implantable in a blood vessel... Agent:

20150119793 - Apparatus and method for treating a neuromuscular defect: A method is provided for treating a neuromuscular defect in a subject. One step of the method includes locating a target nerve. After locating the target nerve, a treatment probe is provided. The treatment probe includes an elongated body member having a proximal end portion and a distal end portion.... Agent:

20150119792 - Light degradable drug delivery system for ocular therapy: A system and method for delivering a payload to ocular tissue includes a solution of light-degradable nanoparticles encapsulating the payload. The solution may be introduced to the ocular tissue by way of injection or through a contact lens into which the solution is embedded. A light source delivers a beam... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150119794 - Methods to regulate polarization and enhance function of cells: Methods and compositions to controllably regulate cells at a target site. A quantum dot-targeting agent complex is administered to a patient in need of therapy, and the complex is stimulated using an implanted fiber optic system. In embodiments, the system includes an electrical sensor that detects and monitors electrical activity... Agent:

20150119795 - Fluid management system and methods: A hysteroscopic fluid management system includes a saline source with an electrolyte concentration, at least one pressure mechanism for circulating saline to and from a targeted site and through a filter having filter characteristics back to the source, and a controller. The controller provides a saline inflow in a first... Agent:

20150119796 - Anti-lockup thread attachment mechanism and method of use thereof: The present teachings provide thread attachment mechanisms each having an internal and an external threaded portion. The internal and external threaded portions are configured to engage with each other to form an attachment. The thread attachment mechanism in the present teachings further include an anti-lockup feature. The present teachings further... Agent: Dc Devices, Inc.

20150119798 - External drug pump: Apparatus is described for administering a substance to a subject. A vial contains the substance and a stopper is disposed within the vial and is slidably coupled to the vial. A first threaded element is (a) rotatable with respect to the vial and (b) substantially immobile proximally with respect to... Agent:

20150119797 - Motion activated septum puncturing drug delivery device: A method and apparatus are disclosed for delivery of a drug to a recipient. In some embodiments, the delivery apparatus may unseal a drug containing reservoir. In some embodiments, the delivery rate may be controlled and/or adjustable. Optionally the apparatus may be disposable. Optionally, the apparatus may have a low... Agent: Medimop Medical Projects Ltd.

20150119799 - Hazardous agent injection system: Injection systems comprising a powered injector and one or more hazardous agents are disclosed.... Agent:

20150119800 - Deflectable access sheath handle assembly with locking mechanism: An elongate access sheath comprises a proximal portion and a lumen. The proximal portion supports a control handle, a brake pad, a tension gear, and a locking trigger. A deflector filament extends through the lumen and is coupled to the tension gear. The tension gear includes an outside and an... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150119801 - Steerable intraluminal medical device: A steerable intraluminal medical device is described for use in navigating small diameter and curving arteries. The device includes a control handle that adjusts the direction of deflection of the tip throughout a 360° range of motion around the axis on the distal end. An optional locking mechanism is provided... Agent:

20150119802 - Portable vein locating device: A vein locating device for locating a vein on a patient has a housing and an objective lens. A condenser lens is disposed within the housing and is aligned with the objective lens along a common axis. There is an infrared light source for emitting infrared light from the vein... Agent:

20150119803 - Apparatus for bone aspiration: A bone marrow aspiration apparatus comprising a hollow needle having a penetrating end and a distal end, a stylet having a penetrating end and a distal end, the stylet being removably positioned within said needle; a cylindrical threaded section; a depth gauge threadedly engagable with and movable longitudinally along the... Agent:

20150119805 - Infusion pump having alarm features: An infusion pump for delivering medicament to a user. The pump comprises a pump mechanism, a memory and a processor The processor can be programmed to generate an alarm signal based on various determinations. For example, a delivery limit alarm can be issued when it is determined that an amount... Agent:

20150119804 - Personalized housing for ambulatory infusion device: An ambulatory infusion device includes a common module having a pump mechanism and a fluid flow path in communication with the pump mechanism. The device also includes a custom module operably coupleable to the common module. The custom module includes a reservoir for housing a liquid composition comprising a medicament... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150119806 - Catheter placement device and method: An insertion tool for inserting a catheter into a body of a patient is disclosed. The insertion tool unifies needle insertion, guidewire advancement, and catheter insertion in a single device. In one embodiment, the insertion tool comprises a housing in which at least a portion of the catheter is initially... Agent:

20150119807 - Bioactive agent delivery devices and methods of making and using the same: A method of preparing a substantially planar microdevice comprising a plurality of reservoirs is provided. In general, the method comprises forming a plurality of microdevices comprising a plurality of reservoirs from a planar layer of a biocompatible polymer. The method also comprises depositing one or more bioactive agents into the... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150119808 - Catheter securement device: The present invention relates to a catheter securement device and securement device assembly for a securing a catheter relative to a patient. The securement device includes a base having an opening configured for receipt of the catheter, a cover member configured with the base over the opening, and a lip... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150119809 - Medicament delivery device: A medicament container retaining mechanism for a medicament delivery device includes at least one flexible retaining member arranged to a housing part of the medicament delivery device. The housing part is configured to receive a generally tubular medicament container. The at least one flexible retaining member is configured to interact... Agent: Carebay Europe Ltd.

20150119810 - Dosage system: The invention relates to a dosage system for setting a dosage volume of a flowable medium. The dosage system comprises a longitudinal axis, a dosage container for receiving the medium, and a dosage piston body which is adapted for sealed displacement in the dosage container between an initial position and... Agent:

20150119811 - Medicament cartridge assembly: An adaptor top for a medicament cartridge, the medicament cartridge including a cylinder having a main body portion, a neck portion at a first end having a radially outwardly directed flange portion, a narrowing shoulder portion connecting the body portion and the neck portion, a cap beaded across the first... Agent:

20150119812 - An autoinjector: An autoinjector having a lower body receiving a tank containing fluid product and a piston and a needle. The autoinjector including a central body fastened to the lower body and an actuating sleeve provided with a contact end that contacts the body of the user, the actuating sleeve moveable between... Agent: Aptar France Sas

20150119814 - Autoinjector comprising a time delay device having a planetary gear set for delaying the retraction of the needle: said autoinjector comprising a retarding device (15, 16, 17) adapted to delay during a predetermined time the actuation of said tank movement device (2, 4, 9) by said trigger (19) after injection of the fluid product, to delay retraction of said needle by said predetermined time after the end of... Agent: Aptar France Sas

20150119815 - Liquid administering device: A liquid administration device includes a cylindrical body; a needle tube configured to communicate or to be communicable with the cylindrical body at a tip side of the cylindrical body; a gasket that is slidable within the cylindrical body; an operation member configured to perform pressing operation to discharge the... Agent:

20150119813 - Sheath protecting a cannula, and safety syringe comprising said sheath: A protective sheath (100) for a cannula (210) arranged on a hub (200) which can be fitted onto a syringe (300), the sheath including female elements intended to cooperate with male elements (201) of the hub (200) for guiding thereof, and characterized in that the female elements include a retracted... Agent: Sofic (ste Francaise D'instruments De Chirurgie)

20150119816 - Assembly for a drug delivery device and drug delivery device: An assembly for a drug delivery device is provided, the assembly comprising a blocking element and a piston rod having an interaction feature which is adapted and arranged to mechanically cooperate with the blocking element. For delivering a dose of a drug, the piston rod is configured to be moved... Agent:

20150119817 - Leak-free stopper having low breakloose and sustaining forces: A thermoplastic elastomer stopper that meets the desired material properties of a stopper for a syringe assembly is disclosed. The compression set of the thermoplastic elastomer stopper of the present disclosure is ≦50% when measured at 25% compression for 22 hrs at 70 degree C. The hardness of the thermoplastic... Agent:

20150119818 - Needle tip storage and removal device: Various needle tip storage and removal devices are disclosed which include a housing with a separate storage compartment and removal compartment for receiving a needle tip. The removal compartment is designed to hold securely a used needle tip. The removal compartment may have a one way snap engagement and/or a... Agent: Owen Mumford Limited

20150119819 - Flow component for medical lines and related production method: An injection site for medical lines includes a tubular body made of molded plastic material within which an elastic element made of thermoplastic material is overmolded on an enlarged end of the tubular body. The enlarged end delimits an inner annular flange and is formed with at least one radial... Agent:

20150119820 - Blood-flow-path connecting device and blood-bag system: In a blood-flow-path connector (10) and blood bag system (12), a blocking part (74) is provided in a hollow section (68c) in a tubular body (68), and a communicating part (70) that is axially movable within the hollow section (68c) is disposed. By moving the communicating part (70) relative to... Agent:

20150119821 - Prefilled reservoir apparatus for ambulatory infusion device: Prefilled reservoir apparatuses for use in ambulatory infusion devices include a rigid top and a flexible bag that forms at least a portion of a reservoir containing a liquid medicament composition. The reservoir apparatuses include a septum assembly that includes a fluid flow path in communication with the reservoir and... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150119822 - Medical tube catheter and method for manufacturing same: The present invention relates to a medical tube catheter and to a method for manufacturing same. The medical tube catheter according to the present invention includes PVC resin (polyvinyl chloride resin), a plasticizer, a stabilizer, and NBR (acrylonitrile butadiene rubber). Also, the method for manufacturing the medical tube catheter according... Agent:

20150119823 - Wound treatment and containment arrangement: A wound treatment arrangement for the debriding and cleansing of a patient's body portion comprising: a flexible elongated body portion enclosure bag; an elongated nozzle arrangement securable to the inner surface of the elongated enclosure bag; a pressurized fluid treatment supply gun; and a connectable and releasable coupler member arranged... Agent:

20150119826 - Leak-resistant bandage systems and methods with hydrophilic foam wound insert for fluid-instillation and/or negative-pressure wound therapies: Wound treatment systems and methods (e.g., having hydrophilic wound inserts), such as for negative-pressure and/or fluid-installation wound therapies. Some embodiments include a check-valve assembly between a wound dressing and a vacuum source.... Agent:

20150119825 - Optimizing ungual treatment by quantitative autoradiography: A method is described for optimizing ungual treatment. The method can include (a) providing a nail having at least two spaced apart holes formed from a surface thereof and extending into the nail, and (b) topically applying a radiolabeled pharmaceutical composition to the nail. At least a portion of the... Agent:

20150119824 - Surgical adhesive applicator: An adhesive applicator for applying medical adhesives, particularly cyanoacrylates, to incisions such as those made during minimally invasive surgery. The applicator employs a pipette tip or similar narrow flow restrictor tip to close the incision and a body of foam to seal the incision. Methods of using the applicator are... Agent: Advanced Medical Solutions (plymouth) Limited

20150119827 - Topical steroid composition and method: Storage stable, topical lotion compositions for treating corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses are provided by the present invention which include a halobetasol material comprising halobetasol or its pharmaceutically acceptable salts, esters, and solvates; and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier which includes: (a) one or more fatty alcohols and/or one or more alkoxylated fatty alcohols,... Agent:

20150119828 - Compositions and methods for transdermal delivery of amphetamine: Compositions for the transdermal delivery of amphetamine in a flexible, finite form are described. The compositions comprise a polymer matrix that includes amphetamine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or prodrug thereof and a backing layer comprising a polyurethane film layer and a polyester film layer, with a polyurethane adhesive disposed... Agent: Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150119829 - Wound dressing with vacuum reservoir: A wound dressing apparatus includes a wound dressing member dimensioned for positioning relative to a wound bed. The wound dressing member including an internal vacuum reservoir and has a port in communication with the vacuum reservoir for applying subatmospheric pressure to the vacuum reservoir to facilitate removal of fluid from... Agent:

20150119830 - Absorbent conduit and system: A conduit for treating a tissue site with reduced pressure may include a primary lumen and at least one secondary lumen. A wall of the conduit may include a first wall material and a second wall material. The first wall material may comprise a substantially non-absorbent material that is vapor... Agent:

20150119831 - Condensate absorbing and dissipating system: A dressing for treating a tissue site may include a base layer, a sealing member, a first and a second wicking layer, and an absorbent layer. The base layer may have a plurality of apertures and may be adapted to cover the tissue site. The sealing member and the base... Agent:

20150119833 - Dressing with differentially sized perforations: A dressing for treating a tissue site may include a base layer, a sealing member, a first and a second wicking layer, and an absorbent layer. The base layer may have a periphery surrounding a central portion and a plurality of apertures disposed through the periphery and the central portion.... Agent:

20150119832 - Dressing with sealing and retention interface: A dressing for treating a tissue site may include a base layer, a sealing member, a first and a second wicking layer, and an absorbent layer. The base layer may have a periphery surrounding a central portion and a plurality of apertures disposed through the periphery and the central portion.... Agent:

20150119834 - Hybrid sealing tape: A dressing for treating a tissue site with negative pressure is described. The dressing includes a tissue interface and a sealing member. The dressing further includes a sealing tape configured to be coupled to the sealing member and epidermis. The sealing tape includes a bonding adhesive and a sealing adhesive... Agent:

20150119835 - Liquids and gels for the ophthalmology and microscopy system for observing the same: Embodiments relate to an ophthalmology microscopy-system and a method of operating an ophthalmology microscopy-system which allow for an at least partial or full removal of liquids and gels used in ophthalmology for application in an eye of a patient in an particularly efficient way. Further embodiments relate to a product... Agent:

20150119836 - Ostomy stoma waste overflow process and bag: An ostomy stoma waste overflow control method and ostomy bag which allows human waste to flow from one ostomy bag to another ostomy bag via a one directional flow valve, which has the ability to automatically open when the stoma waste pressure within the first, or primary, bag reaches a... Agent:

20150119837 - Absorbent article comprising polymeric foam with superabsorbent and intermediates: Absorbent articles are described comprising an absorbent composite. The absorbent composite comprises a first absorbent layer comprising a polymeric foam having an average cell size of at least 100 microns and discrete pieces of superabsorbent polymer dispersed within the polymeric foam; and a second absorbent layer in fluid communication with... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150119838 - Modified kraft fibers: A method of producing a modified pulp for use in paper or paper web products, the method comprising treating wood chips in an extraction process to remove hemicellose to form treated wood chips; and subjecting said treated wood chips to chemical or semichemical pulping to form a modified Kraft pulp... Agent:

20150119843 - Absorbent article and manufacturing method therefor: An absorbent article has an absorber disposed between a permeable front surface sheet and a rear surface sheet of a non-woven fabric; wherein the front surface sheet is provided with ridged convex portions continuing in the longitudinal direction of the absorbent article at a specified interval in the width direction... Agent: Daio Paper Corporation

20150119842 - Absorptive article: An absorptive article configured so that wrinkles in the absorptive article occurring when the absorptive article is worn by a wearer are reduced. This absorptive article is configured in such a manner that a surface sheet and a highly absorptive polymer sheet are joined together, a pair of wing sections... Agent:

20150119841 - Disposable diaper and a method of manufacturing a disposable diaper: A disposable diaper includes a skin-surface side sheet; a non-skin surface side sheet; an absorber; and a waistline retaining unit. Leg stretching units are arranged in the inner side in a longitudinal direction from diaper ends that configure the outer circumference of the disposable diaper or the inner side in... Agent:

20150119840 - Absorbent article having fully encircling bodyside and garment-side waistband: An absorbent article having a body-facing side and a garment-facing side generally comprises a chassis, a liquid permeable bodyside liner, an absorbent structure, a front bodyside waist elastic member, a rear bodyside waist elastic member, a front garment-side waist elastic member, and a rear garment-side waist elastic member. The chassis... Agent:

20150119839 - Quadruped diaper with extended rear leg covers: A quadruped diaper with extended rear leg covers is disclosed. A diaper of the disclosure includes a textile body band designed to encircle the body of the quadruped, an outer liner extending from the textile body band that is substantially liquid impermeable, wherein the outer liner comprises an extended covering... Agent:

20150119844 - Absorbent article having an absorbent assembly with integral containment flaps: An absorbent assembly includes a liquid permeable bodyside liner, a liquid impermeable backsheet, and an absorbent structure disposed between the liner and the backsheet. A pair of laterally opposed containment flaps is integrally formed from the bodyside liner.... Agent:

20150119847 - Atraumatic guidewire and method of use: An atraumatic guidewire kit and method including a guidewire having a soft tip of increased diameter that spreads any force placed on tissue over an increased area resulting in reduced trauma to the tissue.... Agent:

20150119846 - Medical device communication with wireless telemetry head: In some examples, a method including wirelessly communicating, using an external medical device, with an implantable medical device via a telemetry head device, wherein the telemetry head device includes a power source configured to supply operational power to the telemetry head device; determining a first power level of the power... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150119845 - Securing device for medical lines: Disclosed are various embodiments of medical line securing devices and methods of using the medical line securing device. According to various embodiments, the medical line securing device comprises a bandage that comprises at least one releasable locking device configured to detachably attach to at least one intravenous extension tube. In... Agent:

20150119848 - Method and device for detection of bioavailable drug concentration: The present invention is directed to an electrochemical sensor involving an electrode and a coating that surrounds the electrode, the coating comprising a structural component, a water immiscible solvent, a resistance decreasing component, and an ion exchange component, wherein the coating selectively partitions an electrochemically active drug from a fluid... Agent:

20150119850 - Maintenance of bronchial patency by local delivery of cytotoxic, cytostatic, or anti-neoplastic agent: Methods for maintaining patency in a bronchus of a patient are presented. A catheter is positioned within the bronchus. A target region of one or more of a bronchial wall, submucosa, media, and adventitia is punctured at or adjacent a location of a debulked bronchial carcinoma with an injection needle... Agent:

20150119849 - Methods and devices for activating brown adipose tissue with cooling: Methods and devices are provided for activating brown adipose tissue (BAT) with cooling. Generally, the methods and devices can activate BAT to increase thermogenesis, e.g., increase heat production in the patient, which over time can lead to weight loss and/or improved metabolic function. In one embodiment, a medical device is... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20150119851 - Instrument and method for delivery, deployment, and tamponade of hemostats and methods of assembling an instrument therefor: An instrument for delivery, deployment, and tamponade of a hemostat. A delivery cannula is included and has a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen therebetween. A shaft is configured to be introduced into and move relative to the lumen. A hemostat applicator at the distal end of the... Agent:

20150119854 - Catheter introducer including a valve and valve actuator: Tear-away sheath introducers for catheters and methods for making and using such introducers are described. The sheath introducers contain movable valves that are encapsulated in a movable housing that allows the valve to move along the introducer axis. As the movable valve and housing travel along the axis, a portion... Agent:

20150119853 - Convertible shape catheter and method of use: A method of controlling and changing the shape of a catheter in situ that includes the use of two nested catheters. The catheters have two different shapes that may add, cancel, or override each other when one catheter is placed within the other. The shape may be changed by advancing... Agent:

20150119852 - Method and apparatus for introducing an intraveneous catheter: An improved catheter insertion assembly having a transparent tubular member open at each end; a plunger assembly slidable within the tubular member having a stem portion at a first end; and at least a partially transparent chamber having a needle base and sealing member on a second end of the... Agent:

20150119855 - Catheter connector: A catheter connector and method of use is disclosed. The catheter connector includes a body, a proximal end port, and a seal. The body has a proximal end and a distal end. Further, the body defines a hollow interior from the proximal end to the distal end. The hollow interior... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150119856 - Medication delivery device: An ear medication delivery device for delivering a treatment liquid and retaining the treatment liquid within an ear canal of a patient including a unitary, one piece earplug formed of a soft resilient material including an ear canal engaging portion and an external portion and defining a single internal passage... Agent:

20150119857 - Wound treatment device employing negative pressure: Devices and methods for wound treatment are disclosed. A chamber may define a treatment space having an interior engineered surface including a plurality of structures configured to provide pathways for the distribution of negative pressure and to exert mechanical stress on a wound. In some specific embodiments, the devices and... Agent:

20150119858 - Bone delivery systems including holding and filling devices and methods: A delivery system comprising a biodegradable single or multi compartment covering is provided. The covering can be a mesh bag including a pre-attached detachable holding member surrounding the opening of at least one compartment and a pre-attached removable filling member configured to fit within the opening of the at least... Agent:

20150119859 - Flexible catheter shaft and method of manufacture: The present disclosure provides a strong, flexible catheter shaft for use in a catheter system. The flexible catheter shaft includes a braided polyimide tube including one or more outer layers of material of varying flexibility. The flexible catheter shaft provides a shaft having sufficient stiffness and kink resistance to allow... Agent:

20150119860 - Catheter advancement device: A catheter advancement device includes a housing with a catheter inlet, a catheter outlet, and a manually actuated finger drive mechanism. The drive mechanism frictionally engages a catheter inserted into the inlet and advances the catheter through the housing and into or out of another device, such as a needle.... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150119861 - Guide wire: A guide wire has excellent flexibility of a distal portion thereof, followability for a blood vessel and the like and transmutability of delicate interactions such as resistance produced when the distal portion slides in contact with a wall surface of a blood vessel and the like, and resistance produced when... Agent:

20150119862 - Flexible catheter shaft and method of manufacture: The present disclosure provides a strong, flexible catheter shaft for use in a catheter system. The flexible catheter shaft includes a nitinol tube having one or more sets of cuts therein in combination with one or more outer jacket layers. The flexible catheter shaft provides a shaft having sufficient stiffness... Agent:

20150119863 - Retention feature for soft interface connection: A retention feature configured to provide interference between a threaded connection of a Luer access device and a separate device, wherein the Luer access device further comprises a septum that provides a soft interfaced between the two threadedly connected devices. The retention features of the instant invention are designed to... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20150119864 - Kit for low profile thoracic wound seal with laterally-directed discharge: Apparatus and associated methods for a wound valve assembly provide an annular space extending radially around a central portion of a valve, which valve acts to substantially relieve pressure build up in a thoracic cavity when applied to a thoracic wound. In an illustrative example, the valve assembly may form... Agent: Fasttrack Medical Solutions LLC

20150119865 - Reduced-pressure, linear-wound treatment systems: A system for treating a linear wound on a patient has a closing dressing bolster for placing on the patient's epidermis over the linear wound, a sealing subsystem for providing a seal over the closing dressing bolster and the patient, and a reduced-pressure subsystem for delivering reduced pressure to the... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

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