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04/16/2015 > 46 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150105711 - Ergonomic tampon applicator: A tampon applicator barrel includes an insertion tip at a forward end of the barrel, a main body section that extends from the insertion tip, and a reverse taper section that is joined to the main body section so that the main body section is between the insertion tip and... Agent:

20150105713 - Electrical muscle stimulation (ems)- buffer pads: An electrode cover for use with a medical electrode is formed of a main body having a substantially planer configuration with a distal surface constructed to mate with an electrode and a proximal surface constructed for placement on a user's skin, wherein the main body is constructed and arranged with... Agent:

20150105714 - Methods and devices for treatment of stenosis of arteriovenous fistula shunts: Devices and methods are discussed directed to the use of a low profile laser ablation catheter for use in laser ablation removal of arterial plaque blockages to restore blood flow in the treatment of arteriovenous fistulas. Also discussed are devices and methods directed to packaging, long term storage and sterilization... Agent:

20150105712 - Sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor agonist iontophoretic devices and methods of using the same: Iontophoretic devices for transdermal delivery of a sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor agonist active agent are provided. Also provided are methods of transdermally delivering a therapeutically effective amount of a sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor agonist active agent to a subject, e.g., to treat immune system disorders such as multiple sclerosis. Packaged iontophoretic systems, kits including... Agent:

20150105715 - Ultrasound ablation catheter with cooling infusion and centering basket: Systems for nerve and tissue modulation are disclosed. An illustrative system may include an intravascular nerve modulation system including a catheter shaft, a first flexible mount, and a cylindrical ablation transducer. The ablation transducer may be affixed to the catheter shaft through the flexible mount to allow an infusion fluid... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150105716 - Physical means and methods for inducing regenerative effects on living tissues and fluids: A system for the administration of modified plasma to a subject, including: (a) a non thermal plasma (NTP) emitting source for emitting a plasma beam; (b) a plasma coupling mechanism (PCM) with a plasma beam dish having at least one opening for the passage of the plasma beam; the plasma... Agent:

20150105717 - Gastrointestinal feeding and aspiration catheter: A gastrointestinal catheter having feeding and suction channels in close proximity. The gastrointestinal catheters may have a controlled leak via a recirculation feature.... Agent:

20150105718 - Therapy delivery systems and methods: Fluid removal systems and methods for removing a fluid from a tissue site are presented. The systems includes a semi-permeable inbound conduit, which is fluidly coupled to a treatment-fluid delivery unit, for placement proximate to the tissue site, and a semi-permeable outbound conduit, which is fluidly coupled to the inbound... Agent:

20150105719 - Cannula comprising a stylet unit arranged in a dispaceable manner: This application relates to a cannula (78) comprising a bevelled cannula tip (80) at the distal end and a cannula holder (16) holding the cannula (78) at the proximal end, as well as a stylet unit (82), which can be displaced from a starting position to an end position in... Agent:

20150105720 - Therapeutic agent injection device: A therapeutic agent injection device including an injection device for delivering a therapeutic agent to a patient having a body, the body having a patient face and an port face opposite the patient face, the port face having an introducer port including an introducer channel and an injection port including... Agent:

20150105721 - Steerable medical devices: A steerable medical device includes a sheath having a preformed non-linear configuration, a deflectable distal end portion, and at least one lateral passage configured to accommodate at least one steering wire. The device further includes a steering handle operatively associated with a proximal end portion of the sheath and having... Agent:

20150105722 - Balloon catheter with floating hub: A balloon catheter for use with a guidewire includes an elongated, tubular shaft extending in a longitudinal direction, said shaft having a proximal end and a distal end. An inflatable balloon is connected to the distal end of the shaft, the balloon including a working surface. A radiopaque identifier is... Agent:

20150105723 - Parison for forming blow molded medical balloon with modified portion, medical balloon, and related methods: A parison for being blow molded into a medical balloon for a catheter includes a first tubular layer having a functional modification and a second tubular layer adapted for bonding with the first tubular layer to form the blow molded balloon. Related methods are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150105724 - Therapeutic agent injection device: A therapeutic agent injection device including an injection device for delivering a therapeutic agent to a patient having a body, the body having a patient face and an port face opposite the patient face, the port face having an introducer port including an introducer channel and an injection port including... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20150105726 - Infusion pump system and method: Some embodiments of an infusion pump system may be configured to detect when at least one component of the pump system is exposed to an impact above a threshold level. In particular embodiments, the infusion pump system can be equipped with an impact detection system that can sense when an... Agent:

20150105725 - Large-volume bolus patient controlled drug administration device with lock-out: A patient controlled liquid drug administration device providing either or both of a continuous flow of a liquid drug, as well as successive boluses thereof, to be self-administered by a patient while allowing delivery of only full bolus volumes. The device includes a reciprocating pump defining a closed internal reservoir... Agent:

20150105727 - Huber needle assembly with safety capture device: A Huber needle assembly with safety capture device includes at least a body, a needle, and a movable arm. The movable arm is pivotable relative to the body, and includes a capture hood at a distal end thereof. The capture hood is cylindrical, includes a perimeter side wall having an... Agent:

20150105728 - Bladeless optical obturator: The invention is directed to a bladeless trocar obturator to separate or divaricate body tissue during insertion through a body wall. In one aspect, the obturator of the invention comprises a shaft extending along an axis between a proximal end and a distal end; and a bladeless tip disposed at... Agent:

20150105729 - Atraumatic medical device: A catheter with a spring tip that facilitates atraumatic initial placement and also continues to protect tissue contacted by the catheter device subsequent to the initial placement. The spring tip is shock-absorbing and axially compliant and allows enhanced use of various devices in conjunction with the tip such as bioptomes,... Agent:

20150105730 - User wearable device for carrying peritoneal dialysis catheter: Improvements in an easily wearable catheter. A housing secures the components of the catheter, i.e. the valve, the removable cap, the twist valve, and the hose, to the user by means of an attachment. The present retainer for a peritoneal dialysis catheter relates generally to continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis methods... Agent:

20150105731 - Therapeutic agent injection device and body: A therapeutic agent injection device and body with a single piece body for an injection device including a planar deck having a patient face, the planar deck having cutouts around and through the planar deck, the planar deck including a delivery tube port on the patient face; a port segment... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20150105732 - Medical injection device comprising a secondary safety limiter: The present invention relates to an injection device (1) for setting and injecting set doses from a held drug cartridge (10). The injection device (1) comprises a housing (110,120,130, 140), a piston rod (800), a rotatable driver (500, 700) and a dose setting device (400). The dose setting device (400)... Agent:

20150105734 - Syringe: The invention provides a syringe for use in an ophthalmic injection. The syringe comprises a body, a stopper and a plunger. The body comprises an outlet at an outlet end and the stopper is arranged within the body such that a front surface of the stopper and the body define... Agent:

20150105735 - Syringe pistons, systems and methods: Pistons for a syringe and syringe systems are disclosed. The pistons may include a base with a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a side portion extending between the first end and the second end. The piston may also include at least one engagement portion extending... Agent: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150105733 - Syringe-assist device and method for utilizing the same: A syringe-assist device including a housing portion, an actuator portion, and a syringe-supporting member. The housing portion includes body defining an axial passage. The actuator portion is connected to and is partially disposed within the axial passage of the body. The syringe-supporting member is movably-disposed within the axial passage. The... Agent:

20150105736 - Plunger covers and plungers for use in syringes: A plunger cover for use with a syringe includes a sealing portion adapted to form a seal with the syringe and a central portion adapted to contact fluid within the syringe. The central portion can, for example, be more rigid than the sealing portion. The sealing portion and the central... Agent:

20150105737 - Medical connectors and methods of use: A medical connector for use in a fluid pathway includes a substantially transparent housing having a proximal end with a proximal opening and a distal end with a distal opening, and a cavity extending therebetween. The connector provides a substantially visible fluid flow path extending through a substantial portion of... Agent:

20150105738 - Lavage device: A device for holding fluid has a spout for pouring the fluid. The device includes a lid with an aperture. The aperture can be covered by a user's fingers or uncovered to control the flow of fluid out of the spout.... Agent:

20150105739 - Self-injection device having needle cover with activation preventer: A drug delivery device, including a body (104, 116) having a reservoir (160) disposed therein for containing a medicament and an injection needle (152) for penetrating the skin of a patient, the needle (152) providing a path for the medicament between the reservoir (160) and the patient. The device also... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20150105740 - Surgical waste collection unit with a manifold receiver that is offset relative to the horizontal: A surgical waste collection unit with a receiver for removably holding a manifold to which suction lines are connected. The receiver is mounted to the waste collection unit to be at an acute angle relative to the horizontal. The receiver is further configured to allow the manifold to be rotated... Agent:

20150105741 - Systems and methods for improved connection to wound dressings in conjunction with reduced pressure wound treatment systems: A system for applying reduced pressure to tissue includes a multi-lumen reduced pressure delivery tube having a proximate end, a distal end, a primary lumen extending through the conduit from the proximate end to the distal end, and an ancillary lumen extending through the conduit from the proximate end to... Agent:

20150105742 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article that has an absorber which is disposed in the crotch region and an absorber backsheet which is positioned at the outer direction side of the absorber. At least either one of a front end of the absorber and a rear end of the absorber is disposed in... Agent:

20150105743 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article for wearing about the lower torso of a wearer includes a topsheet, a backsheet joined to at least a portion of the topsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet. The absorbent core includes a first layer and a second layer, wherein the... Agent:

20150105744 - Visually-coordinated absorbent product: A visually-coordinated absorbent product includes an absorbent article component including a garment side outer cover and a body side liner, wherein the article component has at least a first and second visual characteristic, and wherein the first visual characteristic is different from the second visual characteristic. The absorbent product also... Agent:

20150105745 - Drug vial safety device: A drug vial safety device, including a cover that is securable to a drug vial is disclosed. The cover at least partially encloses at least a neck and a lid of the drug vial. The cover includes a port having a shape that restricts syringe access to the vial through... Agent:

20150105746 - Long term drug delivery devices with polyurethane-based polymers and their manufacture: This invention is related to the use of polyurethane-based polymer as a drug delivery device to deliver biologically active compounds at a constant rate for an extended period of time and methods of manufactures thereof. The device is very biocompatible and biostable, and is useful as an implant in patients... Agent:

20150105747 - Method and apparatus for manipulating a surgical guidewire: A method and apparatus for manipulating a surgical guidewire. The apparatus comprises a chuck for selectively coupling motive force to a surgical guidewire and an actuator, coupled to the chuck, for imparting an axial motive force to the chuck. Embodiments of the invention further comprise a method of using the... Agent:

20150105748 - System and kit for delivering collagen bioglass composite bone grafting materials for regenerating hard tissues: Methods for producing a composite bone graft material that can regenerate bony defects in the body are provided. Also, methods, kits and delivery systems for a minimally invasive delivery of a composition for regenerating bone at or near the site of a bony defect that include, the composition for regenerating... Agent: Novabone Products, LLC

20150105749 - Dispense interface for an ejection device: The invention inter alia relates to a dispense interface for an ejection device. The dispense interface comprises at least two inlets, at least one outlet and a part having a body portion and a cover portion; wherein the body portion and the cover portion are connected by a living hinge... Agent:

20150105750 - Apparatus and method for acoustic treatment and delivery of samples for medical treatment: The present disclosure relates to a vessel configured to apply pressure greater than ambient pressure and/or provide a reduced headspace to a sample, while subject to focused acoustic treatment. Such treatment may generally result in enhanced effects of sterilization and/or other processing than if the sample is otherwise treated under... Agent: Covaris, Inc.

20150105751 - Multiple reservoir drug delivery device and methods: Devices and methods are provided for drug delivery. The device may include a housing configured for intraluminal deployment into a human or animal subject and first and second reservoirs within the housing, each reservoir having an actuation end, an opposed release end, and a plug moveable from the actuation end... Agent:

20150105752 - Securing a medical device to a valve instrument: Apparatus and techniques for securing a medical device with hemostasis valve are described.... Agent: Radux Devices, LLC

20150105753 - Male connector equipped with lock mechanism: A lock mechanism includes a hood (20) that is arranged so as to surround the periphery of a male member (10) and is for insertion of a female connector (100), and a single lock lever (30) having a cantilever support structure capable of elastic displacement. The lock lever (30) includes... Agent:

20150105754 - Syringe for medical applications: A syringe for medical applications includes a syringe body having an inner wall, a first stop, located along the inner wall, to leave at least one first blank surface on the inner wall; and a plunger sliding along the inner wall of along a longitudinal axis of the syringe, the... Agent: Stemcis

20150105755 - Cyst extractor: A cyst extractor allows a medical practitioner to retract, aspirate, ligate and amputate a cyst or cystic mass within a patient under regional anaesthesia and minimally invasive incision. A cyst extractor may include a transparent tubular member with a cap coupled to one end. The cap may have at least... Agent:

20150105756 - Urine collection assembly and method: The urine collection assembly and method includes a catheter having a proximal insertion end and a distal end. The distal end of the catheter has only a cylindrical barrel portion of a tapered funnel integral therewith. The urine collection assembly further includes a urine collection bag which includes a cylindrical... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

04/09/2015 > 38 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20150100009 - Surgical and post surgical fluid management: Methods, devices and systems provide information regarding fluid capacity of a patient before, during or after surgeries in which hemodilution may be a concern, such as CPB, rather than providing only information regarding hematocrit levels. The fluid capacity of the patient may be displayed to allow a health care provider... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150100010 - Glaucoma drainage shunts and methods use: A method of treating glaucoma in an eye utilizing an implanted shunt having an elastomeric plate and a non-valved elastomeric drainage tube. The plate is positioned over a sclera of the eye with an outflow end of the elastomeric drainage tube open to an outer surface of the plate. An... Agent:

20150100011 - Development of active cells with a stimulating prosthesis: Presented herein are techniques that transform a recipient's cells into active cells. More specifically, the techniques presented herein transfect optically-sensitive elements into the cells. The optically-sensitive elements may cause the nerve cells to fire or activate (i.e., generate an action potential) in the presence of electromagnetic radiation, or may prevent... Agent:

20150100012 - Systems and methods for applying and monitoring eye therapy: Devices and approaches for activating cross-linking within corneal tissue to stabilize and strengthen the corneal tissue following an eye therapy treatment. A feedback system is provided to acquire measurements and pass feedback information to a controller. The feedback system may include an interferometer system, a corneal polarimetry system, or other... Agent:

20150100014 - Fluid infusing apparatus and transporting state determination method: A fluid infusing apparatus includes: a flow channel member configured to transport a fluid; a cylindrical portion provided on the flow channel member, a measuring unit configured to measure a displacement of the cylindrical portion; a determining unit configured to determine a condition of transport of the fluid on the... Agent:

20150100013 - Fluid infusing apparatus, transporting state determination method: A fluid infusing apparatus includes: a flow channel member configured to transport a fluid; a cylindrical portion provided in the flow channel member and having a film-shaped member; a measuring unit configured to measure a displacement of the film-shaped member; a determining unit configured to determine a condition of transport... Agent:

20150100015 - Syringe: A syringe includes a holding portion that accommodates an injection objective substance, a driving portion that applies injection energy, and a nozzle portion that includes a passage for injection, with these portions being loaded into a housing independently, whereby a state where the injection objective substance can be injected is... Agent:

20150100016 - Manual breast pump: A manual breast pump is provided with an applicator cup; and a rounded, curved member including a plurality of projections and a coupling releasably secured to the applicator cup. Any two adjacent ones of the projections are separated by a gap. Advantageously, the gaps provide a space to accommodate a... Agent: Summill International Corp.

20150100017 - Dispensers: The invention relates to dispensers for fluid products, particularly oral dosing of medicines. The dispenser is a pump dispenser and has a separate nozzle attachment. The nozzle and dispenser may be uncoupled in a holding position or coupled position. A child resistance feature is disclosed which prevents unauthorised coupling of... Agent:

20150100018 - Pre-use mixing pre-filled syringe: A prefilled syringe of a before-use mixing type is provided, which does not require a bypass portion defined by a recessed inner surface portion of an outer cylinder. In the prefilled syringe, a first gasket (4) and a second gasket (5) are fitted in the outer cylinder (2), and non-rotatively... Agent: Suzuken Co., Ltd.

20150100019 - Therapeutic delivery device: A therapeutic delivery device comprises a layer of biodegradable material wound into a plurality of windings, the plurality of windings comprising an outermost winding defining an internal volume and winding pairs including a first winding pair and a second winding pair. A first therapeutic mass is incorporated in or on... Agent:

20150100020 - Actuating member and medical device: An actuating member includes: a first movement member and a second movement member which are located at a proximal side of the elongated member and are configured to be relatively movable toward and away from each other along an axial direction of the elongated member; a push-pull member that includes... Agent:

20150100021 - Holder with safety shield for a drug delivery device: A holder with a safety shield for a drug delivery device; the shield obstructing access to a needle of the drug delivery device following use thereof. The safety shield may be actively deployed, in which case the health care worker must perform an action beyond complete depression of the pusher... Agent:

20150100022 - Intradermal injection device: An intradermal injection device comprising a unitary body having an open distal end and a proximal end having a skin engaging surface defined thereon, a reservoir defined between the proximal and distal ends for accommodating a drug substance, and a channel defined at the proximal end of the unitary body... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Comapny

20150100023 - Inline pump with rear attachable syringe: Inline pumps with rear attachable syringes are disclosed. The pump and the syringe are each designed so that the pump syringe system may be easily coupled and decoupled in the field. An end mount block on the pump has a slot shaped to accept a similarly shaped plunger button and... Agent: Flex Fluidics, LLC

20150100024 - Medicament delivery and training cartridge system and mechanisms of actuation: A medicament delivery system including a container for storing a medicament prior to use is provided. The container includes one or more openings therein, a first housing for containing a medicament, a stopper, a second housing, wherein the first housing is held within the second housing and the first housing... Agent:

20150100025 - System for anchoring medical devices: Some embodiments of a medical device anchor system include an anchor device that receives a catheter (or other medical instrument) and secures the catheter in place relative to a skin penetration point. In some embodiments, the anchor device can secure the catheter in an operative position relative to the skin... Agent:

20150100026 - Injection device preventing the return of the piston when the safety system is deployed: The present invention relates to an injection device (1) comprising:—a body (3) designed to receive a product to be injected, furnished at its distal end with an injection needle (7) and receiving a piston (5) capable of being moved between a storage position and an end-of-injection position under the effect... Agent:

20150100028 - Injection device: A medication dispensing device with a housing and a member wherein the member is moveable in a distal direction is useful in delivering medication to a patient. A fluid container can be used with the device and often has a moveable piston at one end and an outlet at the... Agent:

20150100027 - Multiple dosage injector: A medicament dispensing mechanism is disclosed that is configured to eject successive doses of the medicament from a medicament chamber. An embodiment of the dispensing mechanism includes a housing and a plunger rod configured for ejecting the doses of medicament from the chamber. The dispensing mechanism further includes an actuation... Agent:

20150100029 - Injection devices using a resiliently compressible torsion spring as driving force: An injection device includes a housing for receiving a syringe or cartridge for containing a medicament; a rotary driveshaft mounted for rotation relative to the housing; and an elongate coiled torsion spring having respective formations at opposite ends thereof, with a first formation being anchored in a seat on the... Agent: Owen Mumford Limited

20150100030 - Stabilized formulations containing anti-interleukin-4 receptor (il-4r) antibodies: The present invention provides pharmaceutical formulations comprising a human antibody that specifically binds to human interleukin-4 receptor (hIL-4R). The formulations may contain, in addition to an anti-hIL-4R antibody, at least one amino acid, at least one sugar, or at least one non-ionic surfactant. The pharmaceutical formulations of the present invention... Agent:

20150100031 - Autoinjector: An autoinjector includes a housing (10) to receive a syringe (14), and a drive mechanism including first and second springs (30, 32) operating in tandem via an intermediate member (34), on a plunger (42). The plunger is retained in a locked position by a trigger. Release of the trigger causes... Agent:

20150100032 - Indicia bearing septums, methods of manufacturing the septums and portal therefor: An information bearing septum viewable under radiographic imaging is formed by molding a septum base to have a depression with a given configuration and molding a one-piece solid radiopaque material insert having the same given configuration. The radiopaque insert is mounted to the cavity formed by the depression at the... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20150100033 - Semi-rigid device for sealing and allowing continuous drainage of colostomy bags: An ostomy drainage device that is semi-rigid. The device has a semi-rigid post that has a defined fluid channel in its top surface. The device provides a leak proof seal while the semi-rigid post with the fluid channel allows for the flow of fluid and prevents the possibility of the... Agent:

20150100034 - Absorbent article with barrier sheet: The present invention is directed to an absorbent article having a backsheet, an absorbent core and cuffs and/or a topsheet, the topsheet being provided with at least one opening adapted to receive fecal material, the cuffs or topsheet comprising a nonwoven sheet material, comprising typically at least two nonwoven layers,... Agent:

20150100035 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article for wearing about the lower torso of a wearer includes a topsheet, a backsheet joined to at least a portion of the topsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet. The absorbent core includes a first layer and a second layer, wherein the... Agent:

20150100036 - Disposable diaper: An absorber 40 of a disposable diaper 10 includes a first region extending from an end at the side of the front waistline region of the absorber towards the side of the crotch region, and a second region arranged adjacent to the first region at the side of the crotch... Agent:

20150100037 - System and method for providing animal maintenance: A system for providing animal maintenance includes a housing operable to accommodate an animal, an actuating arm coupled to the housing and to an attachment device, the attachment device is operable to perform one or more animal maintenance tasks, and the actuating arm is operable to apply the attachment device... Agent:

20150100038 - Method and system for controlling a tuning factor due to sensor replacement for closed-loop controller in an artificial pancreas: Described and illustrated is a system for management of diabetes that includes an infusion pump, glucose sensor and controller with a method programmed in the controller. The infusion pump is configured to deliver insulin. The glucose sensor senses glucose levels in the subject and provide output signals representative of the... Agent: Animas Corporation

20150100039 - Device for external percutaneous connections: The present invention provides devices for creating an external percutaneous fluidic connections. In one embodiment, a needle is configured for extending through an endoscope. The needle includes a distal sharp tip and a lumen extending therethrough. The needle extends out of the endoscope within a body cavity to create an... Agent:

20150100040 - Medical material supply device: A medical material supply device which can percutaneously supply a material for nerve regeneration that promotes the regeneration of a nerve is insertable into a vessel and includes: a supply section configured to penetrate from an inner wall to an outer wall of the vessel at a predetermined position in... Agent:

20150100041 - Treatment of cavities in a human body: Apparatus and methods are described, including apparatus for treating a cavity in a human body, the apparatus including a delivery tube. A bather device has a collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration, the barrier device moving from the collapsed configuration to the expanded configuration upon being deployed from the delivery... Agent:

20150100042 - Muroid family nasal device: A muroid nasal device for intranasal delivery of compounds to the olfactory region.... Agent:

20150100043 - Catheter with cross-braided proximal section and helical-coiled distal end: A medical probe includes a proximal section, a transition region, and a distal section. The proximal section includes a braid that is braided with a cross-braiding configuration. In the transition region, which follows the proximal section, the braid transitions between the cross-braiding configuration and a helical coiling configuration. In the... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

20150100044 - Draining device and method of draining liquid in eyelid aperture: The draining device 1 is provided with a main body 11 including two side wall members 111 each having a tip end section 111B curved downward, and a connecting portion 12 connecting the side wall members 111. In a manner such that at least upper portions of adjacent side wall... Agent: Frontier Vision Co.,ltd.

20150100045 - Negative pressure wound therapy apparatus: Some embodiments disclosed herein are directed to a pump assembly comprising a voice coil, a magnet and a diaphragm, wherein the voice coil is configured to move the diaphragm to pump a fluid through the pump assembly in response to a drive signal applied to the voice coil. Some embodiments... Agent:

20150100046 - Intraocular drug delivery device and associated methods: The present invention provides devices, systems, and methods for delivery of an active agent into the eye of a subject. An ocular active agent delivery device can include an active agent reservoir disposed in an annular housing, the annular housing being configured to fit inside of a lens capsule and... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 58 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20150094640 - Liquid applicator: Liquid applicators are described. The applicators include a lever having a hinge, grip and foot integrally formed with a hollow body suitable for receiving a liquid-filled ampoule. The foot is positioned adjacent the ampoule and crushes the ampoule when the lever is depressed. Applicators including a pad with an undulating... Agent:

20150094641 - Antiproliferative surface modifications and methods of use: This invention is in the field of medicinal intervention. The present invention relates to a device constructed from metals, polymers or other materials that are amenable to precise surface modifications and coupling with erodible agents methods for its use, wherein (1) the erodible agents, which contain active ingredients (medications), provide... Agent:

20150094642 - Sinus wall implant: An apparatus comprises an absorbent body, a non-permeable feature, and a port feature. The absorbent body comprises a wicking feature. The non-permeable feature is coupled with the absorbent body. The non-permeable feature and at least a portion of the absorbent body are configured to fit in an opening in a... Agent:

20150094643 - Adjustable height hydrocephalus valve location device: An adjustable height tool for locating a magnetically readable and settable valve implanted in a living being. The locator can include a wall having a first perimeter. A platform can be disposed within the first perimeter. A valve cut-out can disposed within the platform and can approximate at least a... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20150094644 - Systems and methods for moving and circulating fluid to treat alzheimer's disease: A system for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease is provided by moving cerebrospinal fluid containing particles know to contribute to onset of Alzheimer's disease from a source of cerebrospinal fluid to the stomach or bladder, where the particles are safely digested by gastric acid or excreted, the system including an... Agent: Md Start Sa

20150094645 - Apparatus for application of a pulsed radio frequency therapy in a vascular system or another cavity or tissue of the human or animal body: The invention relates to an apparatus for application of a pulsed radio frequency therapy in a vascular system or another cavity or tissue of the human or animal body comprising a catheter with at least one electrode disposed thereon for insertion into the vascular system or another cavity or the... Agent:

20150094647 - Methods and apparatus for delivery of molecules across layers of tissue: Exemplary methods of opening pores and moving molecules into tissue comprising, applying plasma to the surface of tissue and applying a carrier including one or more molecules to the surface of the tissue are disclosed herein.... Agent: Ep Technologies LLC

20150094646 - Oxygen distributor: An oxygen distributor (1) positionable, in use, in a wound for supplying oxygen to the wound has an oxygen delivery area (17) for, in use, receiving a supply of oxygen. At least one tube (19A) extends from the oxygen delivery area, having a tube wall with an oxygen-permeable, liquid-impermeable section.... Agent:

20150094648 - Microneedle and microneedle array: The present invention relates to a microneedle and a microneedle array. More specifically, it relates to a microneedle and a microneedle array capable of injecting a drug into the surface layer or horny layer of the skin easily, safely and efficiently.... Agent:

20150094649 - Therapeutic agents for delivery using a catheter and pressure source: The present embodiments provide systems and methods suitable for delivering a therapeutic agent to a target site. A container holds the therapeutic agent and a pressure source has pressurized fluid in selective fluid communication with at least a portion of the container. A catheter, in fluid communication with the container,... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150094650 - Self-evacuating dose cup for dispensing liquid medicine: A dose cup for dispensing liquid medication is disclosed. An inner cavity of the dose cup is surface-coated with a plurality of microstructures that provides a hydrophobic surface that aids in the self-evacuation of liquid medicine. Because the dose cup is self-evacuating, the volume of liquid medicine that is dispensed... Agent: Tessy Plastics Corporation

20150094651 - System and method for delivery of biologic agents: A delivery system for delivering a therapeutic agent to a patient includes a catheter, a stop feature, a container and a bar. The catheter has a proximal end and a distal end and includes a body defining a lumen that extends to the distal end of the catheter. The stop... Agent:

20150094652 - Needle mounting feature for ensuring proper reconstitution sequence: In one aspect, a medical injector is provided herein having a body and an overcap releasably attached to the body configured to prevent mounting of a needle prior to mixing of components within the body. In a further aspect, a slidable collet may be provided useable to urge resilient members... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20150094653 - Components and methods for a catheter positioning system with a spreader and track: Embodiments include a spreader and a resealable delivery channel in a catheter positioning system configured to introduce a catheter into the resealable delivery channel. The spreader may have shapes configured to help users insert the spreader and a catheter into the resealable delivery channel and to retain the spreader and... Agent:

20150094654 - Catheter having an active return-to-straight mechanism: Actuators for steerable medical devices are disclosed that not only deflect or steer a portion of a medical device (e.g., a distal portion of a catheter shaft), but also include mechanisms for actively returning the deflected portion of the medical device to an initial configuration (e.g., straight or substantially straight).... Agent:

20150094655 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes: an insertion portion; a bending portion provided in the insertion portion; an operation portion connected to the insertion portion; a grasp-assistance portion provided on the operation portion, a bending operation knob provided on one side face of the operation portion and rotating centering on a rotation axis;... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150094656 - Steerable medical devices, systems, and methods of use: Steerable medical devices and methods of use. In some embodiments the steerable medical devices include a steerable portion with a stiffness that varies in the steerable portion.... Agent:

20150094657 - Medical balloon with coextruded radiopaque portion: A balloon catheter includes an elongated, tubular shaft having a proximal end and a distal end, and a balloon positioned along the distal end of the shaft. A portion of a wall of the balloon partially comprises a coextruded radiopaque material. Related aspects and methods are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150094658 - Catheter balloon and balloon catheter: A catheter balloon and a balloon catheter in which compliance characteristics of a membrane are improved in its entirety. The catheter balloon includes a membranous body that can dilate and contract by fluid supplied from a catheter. The membranous body includes an intermediate layer which is formed of a non-elastomer,... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150094659 - Pen needle with safety shield system: A needle tip for an injection device includes a body having a front portion, a back portion configured to be removably connected to the pre-loaded injection device, and a wall separating the front and back portions. A hollow needle has a first piercing portion projecting back from the separating wall... Agent: Stat Medical Devices, Inc.

20150094660 - Infusion pump methods and systems: A medical remote controller device is disclosed. The device includes a display and at least one input switch dedicated to bolus delivery wherein a bolus delivery is programmed when the input switch receives an input and wherein the number of inputs received by the input switch determines the amount of... Agent:

20150094661 - Method and apparatus for applying an anesthetic and bactericide: A method and an apparatus for applying an anesthetic includes a receptacle having an upper end, a substantially hollow interior, a lower end having a tube or nozzle extending therefrom and an attachment for attaching to the barrel of a syringe or vice versa. The receptacle receives a container or... Agent:

20150094662 - Visualization apparatus for vein: A visualization apparatus for the vein according to the present disclosure includes a near-infrared ray irradiating unit for irradiating near-infrared rays below the skin of a target area, an infrared camera unit for photographing the target area, an image processing unit for receiving and processing image information of a portion... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20150094663 - Medicine dispensing device: Some embodiments of a wearable, disposable medicine dispensing device may include a piston rod that is advanced to dispense medicine from the device. A rotational motor may be coupled to a drive mechanism so as to carry out a certain number of revolutions and thereby displace the piston rod by... Agent:

20150094664 - Drug delivery device: A drug delivery device includes a cylindrical casing which has two openings on opposite sides, a lid which has an air inflow hole and is joined at one end of the cylindrical casing so as to close one of the openings. An internal space, in which an inflating agent and... Agent: Syndeo LLC

20150094665 - Drive device for the linear movement of an infusion syringe piston, infusion pump and method for replacing an infusion syringe: The invention relates to a drive device for linear movement of an infusion syringe piston of an infusion syringe disposed on an infusion pump comprising a drive head unit including a main bearing means for supporting the infusion syringe piston, a fixing means for securing the infusion syringe piston to... Agent: B. Braun Melsungen Ag

20150094666 - Dual shielded syringe: A dual shield mechanism is provided for passive protection of a syringe cannula. The automatic shield system may be used with a re-fillable syringe, and may be adapted for filling the syringe from a vial using a novel vial adapter without triggering the passive shielding mechanism.... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20150094667 - Syringe with alternatively selectable graduations: a longitudinally extending graduation portion that is at least partially longitudinally slidably received in the barrel, and that provides for at least two mutually different visually readable graduations, which respective graduations extend along the longitudinal axis and are alternatively selectable by rotation of the graduation portion around the longitudinal axis,... Agent:

20150094669 - Implantable three-way diaphragm valve: An embodiment in accordance with the present invention provides a valve including a housing having a top portion and a bottom portion. The top portion of the housing defines a first and second nozzle, and the bottom portion of the housing defines an opening. A diaphragm has an open position... Agent:

20150094668 - Interventional medical systems, tools, and assemblies: A tether holder has a locking portion, for securing a proximal end of a tether, and a pin portion that may fit within a receptacle of a handle assembly of a tool. A distal member of an inner assembly of the tool engages an implantable medical device, from which the... Agent:

20150094670 - Multiple lumen catheters: A catheter includes an elongate body having a proximal portion and a distal portion, and a tip having a proximal portion coupled to a distal portion of the elongate body along a longitudinal axis of the elongate body. The elongate body and tip together define a first lumen and a... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150094671 - Apparatus and method for using a portable thermal device to reduce accommodation of nerve receptors: A system and method for portably delivering a therapeutic dose of heat to the skin to relieve pain, reduce accommodation of thermal nerve receptors, promote healing, and deliver transcutaneous medications. The heating device is user programmable or preprogrammed to deliver according to a variety of cycles, patterns and algorithms. The... Agent: Carewave, Inc.

20150094672 - Wound dressing with an air permeable layer: The invention relates to a wound dressing which is particularly suited for therapeutically dressing wounds. Said wound dressing comprises at least one air permeable layer having a porous and/or foam-based structure, particularly in the form of a solid foam (“foam layer”), and at least one sorbent in the form of... Agent: Bl&#xfc Cher Gmbh

20150094673 - Disposable reduced-pressure therapy system with electronic feedback: Systems, methods, and apparatuses for providing feedback for reduced-pressure therapy are described. A regulator can include a supply chamber fluidly coupled to a dressing, a control chamber fluidly coupled to the dressing, a charging chamber fluidly coupled to the supply chamber through a port, and a regulator valve operable to... Agent:

20150094674 - Disposable reduced-pressure therapy system with mechanical feedback: Systems, methods, and apparatuses for providing feedback for reduced-pressure treatment of a tissue site are described. A regulator may include a supply chamber fluidly coupled to the dressing, a control chamber fluidly coupled to the dressing, a charging chamber fluidly coupled to the supply chamber through a port, and a... Agent:

20150094675 - Stoma stopper securement dressing: A stoma stopper securement dressing having a base member formed of a thin, flexible, skin-conforming sheet material having an adhesive coating on its underside for securing the base member to a skin surface, an opening in the base member to allow for passage of a stopper shaft therethrough, and a... Agent:

20150094676 - Absorbent articles comprising wetness indicators: An absorbent article of the present invention may comprise a backsheet, a wetness indicator composition, and an absorbent core. The wetness indicator composition may comprise a stabilizer, a colorant, and a matrix. The absorbent core may comprise a nonwoven layer and an absorbent polymer material, and optionally, a thermoplastic adhesive... Agent:

20150094677 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article for wearing about the lower torso of a wearer includes a topsheet, a backsheet joined to at least a portion of the topsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet. The absorbent core includes a first layer and a second layer, wherein the... Agent:

20150094679 - Absorbent article with philic anhydrous lotion: A lotion composition is provided. The lotion composition can comprise a) about 0.1% to about 90%, by weight, of a microcrystalline wax; b) about 0.1% to about 25%, by weight, of POE-4 monolaurate; c) about 0.1% to about 50%, by weight, of POE-8 monostearate; and d) a carrier.... Agent:

20150094678 - Absorbent article with side barriers and decolorizing agents: A feminine care absorbent article having fluid barrier and decolorizing structures is described. Such structures can prevent the spread of menses fluid towards the edges of the article and can also decolorize stains so that the stains are less noticeable. The article includes a liquid permeable topsheet having a central... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150094680 - Absorbent articles comprising low basis weight films exhibiting low glue burn through: Low basis weight films having a heat capacity×density value of greater than about 970,000 Ws/m3K, as measured by the method described herein, the films having a basis weight of less than about 16 gsm and comprising at least about 10% polypropylene.... Agent:

20150094681 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article that includes: a liquid-permeable topsheet; a liquid-impermeable backsheet; and an absorbent sheet which is arranged between the topsheet and the backsheet and which has a pulp. A plurality of hole portions passing through from the topsheet side to the backsheet side are formed in the absorbent sheet.... Agent:

20150094682 - Method of forming an absorbent structure: A liquid absorbent structure is made by dry laying a fibrous web having incorporated therein a superabsorbent material, and applying an aqueous composite stabilizer to at least one surface of the web. The aqueous composite stabilizer imparts integrity to the resulting structure without substantially impairing the effectiveness of the superabsorbent... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150094683 - Absorbent article: The objective of the present disclosure is to provide an absorbent article that enables the rapid transfer of menstrual blood to an absorbent body, is not susceptible to the spread of menstrual blood above a top sheet, and is not susceptible to causing feelings of stickiness on the top sheet.... Agent:

20150094684 - Apparatus for dispensing medicinal fluids and method of making same: A dispensing device and the method of making same for dispensing medicaments to a patient that includes a housing, a first assembly connected to the first end of the housing that includes a body portion, and a penetrating sub-assembly. The first assembly also includes a rate control chip of novel... Agent:

20150094685 - Catheters including bend indicators, catheter assemblies including such catheters and related methods: Epidural catheters include a tubular member and at least one bend indicator located proximate a distal end of the tubular member to provide a reference point for a user to bend the catheter. Catheter assemblies may include such catheters. Methods of inserting an epidural catheter having a bent distal end... Agent: Custom Medical Applications, Inc.

20150094688 - Disposable inserter for use with a medical device: An inserter and methods of using embodiments of the inserter are described. The inserter includes a housing having a cannula assembly and an insertion mechanism. Two buttons are located on the inserter and are concomitantly actionable for actuation of the insertion mechanism, wherein the insertion mechanism is configured to place... Agent:

20150094687 - Dosing and drive mechanism for drug delivery device: The present invention relates to drive mechanisms suitable for use in drug delivery devices, in particular pen-type injectors, wherein a number of pre-set doses of medicinal product can be administered. In particular, the present invention relates to such drug delivery devices where a user may activate the drug delivery device.... Agent:

20150094686 - Needle based helical coil safety device: The present disclosure describes anti-needle stick safety mechanism that is passively activated during the normal course of giving an injection. In one embodiment, the device includes a spring member coupled at a proximal end to a needle member and at a distal end to a needle cover. The passive activation... Agent:

20150094689 - Dual syringe delivery device and method of use: The present invention relates to a dual syringe delivery device consisting of three components which when collectively assembled result in the capability of accommodating varying syringe volume sizes.... Agent:

20150094690 - Guidewire with varying properties: A method of making a core metal element for a medical guidewire comprising providing a wire of nickel titanium alloy having a length that includes a proximal portion having a first diameter and a distal portion having a second diameter. Applying cold work to the distal portion and not applying... Agent: Abbott Cardiovasular Systems Inc.

20150094693 - Housing tool: A housing tool suppresses rotation of a tubular body in a winding direction that holds an elongated medical body in a packaging body, and suppresses deformation of a distal end portion of the elongated medical body. The housing tool includes a tube-shaped holder that is wound in a circular shape... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150094691 - Shaft and guidewire employing the same: A shaft suppresses a rise in operation resistance as it is pushed and pulled even inside an extremely winding blood vessel and thus secures sufficient torque transmission characteristics and operability. A guidewire may employ the above-described shaft. The shaft is twisted along its longitudinal axis and has a cross section... Agent:

20150094692 - Shaft and guidewire employing the same: A shaft suppresses a permanent set, or plastic deformation, even when inserted into an extremely winding blood vessel. A guidewire incorporates the above shaft. The shaft is twisted along its longitudinal axis and has a cross section forming a substantially rectangular shape extending in a first direction perpendicular to the... Agent:

20150094694 - Catheter sterilization cap: A device for disinfecting and protection of a catheter thread end. The device consists of a main body with a inner sealing member and a outer cap that defines a cavity for the containment of a disinfecting agent. The disinfecting agent will be dispensed to cleanse the patient catheter threads... Agent:

20150094696 - Retention drainage catheter: A multi-lumen catheter, for insertion into and draining a body cavity, that mitigates the risk of obstruction of the drainage ports and drainage lumen of the catheter, reduces the detrimental effects caused by the suction forces of the drainage ports on the body cavity being drained, and reduces the risk... Agent:

20150094695 - Surgical system for and a method of dissection of tissue away from an organ or body lumen: A surgical system adapted for dissection of tissue away from a body lumen includes a tissue dissection tool and a catheter. The tissue dissection tool includes a shaft connected between a handle and a tissue dissection head. At least the tissue dissection head of the tissue dissection tool is magnetized... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20150094697 - Medicament delivery systems: Described herein are systems, devices, and methods for the delivery of substances to, or the sampling of substances from, a patient using a portable and preferably implantable device. The substances introduced to and/or taken from the patient are preferably fluidic and are driven by a miniature pump, such as a... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 56 patent applications in 49 patent subcategories.

20150088047 - Monitoring fluid volume for patients with renal disease: A method includes monitoring an indicator of fluid volume of a patient via a sensor device, and setting an initial fluid volume removal prescription for a blood fluid removal session based on the monitored indicator of fluid volume. The method may further include transmitting data regarding the indicator of fluid... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150088048 - Intragastic implant devices: An intragastric implant comprises an anchor and a therapeutic device or a diagnostic device. The anchor is adapted to extend between the fundus and the pyloric valve of a stomach, to be retained without attachment to the stomach wall, and to anchor the device within the stomach with a relatively... Agent:

20150088049 - Implantable mechanical valve device for the treatment of hydrocephalus syndrome: An implantable device for the treatment of hydrocephalus syndrome, characterised by a mechanical passive valve device designed to move the cerebrospinal fluid in the cranial site of the patient, comprising a cylindrical body, a piston, and a special spring exhibiting a non-linear characteristic and suitable for applying a force on... Agent:

20150088050 - Apparatus and method for transdermal fluid delivery: An apparatus for transdermal fluid delivery includes a handle and a tip, having a skin applying surface, being driven to move by a driving unit. A fluid delivery structure has an aperture formed at the skin applying surface and a vacuum entry port. An abrading structure, an electrode structure, and... Agent:

20150088051 - Method and device for treating venous insufficiency and varicose veins: One larger [1] and one smaller tube [2], forming a functional unit with the smaller tube [2] positioned within the larger tube [1], both tubes are relocatable and demountable, both tubes with an aperture [3 and 4] at both ends, at least one aperture [5] being provided in the wall... Agent:

20150088052 - Methods for improving cerebrospinal fluid flow: The disclosure describes a method for improving cerebrospinal fluid flow and improving functions of the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier by restoring its capacity to filter toxins into cerebrospinal fluid. In some examples, the method includes accessing a cisterna magna space and withdrawing a volume of cerebrospinal fluid from the cisterna magna... Agent:

20150088054 - Automated peritoneal dialysis system using stepper motor: An embodiment of a peritoneal dialysis system includes an enclosure, a door hingedly attached to the enclosure, a stepper motor housed by the enclosure, a solid pump piston in operable communication with the stepper motor and including a solid pump shaft attached to or integrally formed with a solid pump... Agent:

20150088053 - Systems with disposable pumping unit: An embodiment of a peritoneal dialysis system includes a peritoneal dialysis hardware unit having a housing with a first opening, a door coupled to the housing and having a second opening, and a solid pump piston having a solid piston shaft attached to or integrally formed with a solid piston... Agent:

20150088055 - Multi-path control valve: A control valve includes a tube housing, a tube within the tube housing, and a clamp within the tube housing. The tube is disposed between a first portion of the tube housing and the clamp, and the clamp is movable between an open position and a closed position. The clamp... Agent:

20150088056 - Intraocular irrigator-aspirator tip component: An ophthalmic irrigator-aspirator has a handpiece with aspiration and irrigation openings through its distal end; and a narrow aspiration tip projecting distally. A flexible sleeve has an annular hub for watertight connection to the handpiece. The sleeve has an intermediate portion that forms a channel for an irrigation fluid along... Agent: Microsurgical Technology, Inc.

20150088057 - Disease testing and therapeutic device and remote monitoring shoes: The invention discloses a detection and therapeutic device and remote monitoring shoes. The detection and therapeutic device comprises a power supply module (a) which is connected with modules with electricity needs and used for powering the modules, a main processor module (b) which is used for collecting and processing signals... Agent:

20150088058 - Feeding set and enteral feeding pump: A feeding set for use with a peristaltic enteral feeding pump to deliver nutritional liquid fluid to a patient includes a container having nutritional liquid. A conduit assembly includes tubing placeable in fluid communication with the container and adapted for mounting on the enteral feeding pump. The tubing provides a... Agent:

20150088059 - Pill administration device with liquid reservoir: This disclosure describes liquid-assisted pill administration devices, each comprising a reservoir for containing a liquid and a pill receptacle for one or more pills. The pill receptacle has a receptacle opening remote from the reservoir for inserting and discharging pills, and the reservoir is in valve-governed fluid communication with the... Agent: Lno-products Inc.

20150088060 - Computer controlled steerable tip guide catheter: A catheter system is provided. The system includes a catheter having an elongated flexible body and one or more electroactive polymer actuators disposed along the elongated flexible body. The electroactive polymer actuators are adapted to cause a change in configuration of the elongated flexible body. The system also includes a... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150088061 - Catheterization device comprising a catheter, which has a deflectable steering end, and a control device for controlling the catheter: A catheterization device including a catheter, which has a deflectable steering end, and a control device for controlling the steering end. In order to limit operating forces of the catheterization device, the control device has an energy store, which is coupled in a force-transmitting manner to a force transmission element... Agent:

20150088062 - Birth tissue material and method of preparation: A catheter for recovering amniotic fluid is provided. The catheter includes a flexible tube encompassing a first and second lumen. The first lumen includes a cannulated trocar head at the distal end capable of passing through an amnion and chorion membrane. A first balloon is positioned on the second lumen... Agent:

20150088063 - Catheter having a readily bondable multilayer soft tip: A balloon catheter having a soft distal tip member having a non-tacky inner (liner) layer material and a soft flexible outer layer material, with both materials being readily thermally bondable to the catheter balloon.... Agent:

20150088064 - Upper esophageal sphincter dilator: An apparatus for dilating an upper esophageal sphincter. The apparatus includes an elongated expandable member having a cross-section shaped to support a natural shape of an upper esophageal sphincter. A catheter extends from the elongated inflatable member.... Agent:

20150088065 - Catheter including a bare metal hypotube: Catheter and methods for designing, making, and using catheters are disclosed. An example catheter is a balloon catheter. The balloon catheter may include a proximal shaft. The proximal shaft may be a bare metal hypotube having a skew value of −1.0 to −2.5. A midshaft may be attached to the... Agent:

20150088066 - Arthroscopic surgical temperature control system: An arthroscopic surgical temperature control system and method able to monitor and control the temperature within a surgical site during arthroscopic ablation procedures in order to prevent tissue damage is provided.... Agent: Cannuflow, Inc.

20150088067 - Adjustable penetration depth syringe: A syringe is provided with an assembly received on the distal end for adjusting the penetration depth. In embodiments, the assembly includes a collar attached to the syringe hub which moves with respect to the needle between axial positions depending on the desired needle penetration depth. The adjustable penetration depth... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20150088068 - Suction regulator having four modes of operation: A suction regulator arranged to be coupled to a source of partial vacuum and a patient circuit and which is operative in four modes is disclosed. A first mode isolates the source of partial vacuum from the patient. A second mode provides continuous regulated suction to the patient. A third... Agent:

20150088069 - Washing water spraying vessel for nasal cavity cleaner: The present invention relates to a washing water spraying vessel for a nasal cavity cleaner. A pumping operation of a pumping member is performed only when a pair of buttons formed on both sides of an outer cap are simultaneously pressed, which allows enabling fundamentally blocking the pumping operation through... Agent:

20150088070 - Fail-safe drug infusion therapy system: A fail-safe drug infusion system, including a user interface controller (UIC) and at least one pump motor controller (PMC), with protocols that enable the PMC to operate therapy delivery for a limited amount of time if the UIC fails or the communication link between the UIC and the PMC is... Agent:

20150088071 - Needle assembly for drug pump: An apparatus (110) includes an activation mechanism (20) and a safety latch (122). The activation mechanism is operative to deploy a needle (116) to protrude out of a housing (112), the needle (116) having a longitudinal axis. The safety latch (122) is movably mounted on the housing (112) and formed... Agent:

20150088072 - Introducer sheath and methods of making: An introducer sheath and methods of making the introducer sheath are described. The introducer sheath may include a hub portion and a tubular portion. The hub portion may include a substantially non-planar valve portion in a relaxed state. The valve portion may include an aperture configured to receive a medical... Agent:

20150088073 - Optical trocar tip protector: A trocar tip protector includes a housing having a first inlet and a second inlet adjacent to each other. The first inlet is configured to receive and frictionally retain a tip of a trocar sleeve. The second inlet is configured to receive and frictionally retain a tip of a trocar... Agent:

20150088074 - Catheter hub: A catheter hub includes a distal assembly including a distal hub member adapted to be fixedly attached to an outer catheter and a proximal assembly including a proximal hub member adapted to be fixedly attached to an inner catheter disposed through the outer catheter. An elongate member connects the proximal... Agent:

20150088076 - Anchoring system: A retainer comprises a first member and a second member. The first member can define at least a portion of a channel. The channel can have a longitudinal axis and be configured to receive at least a portion of a medical article. The second member can be moveable with respect... Agent:

20150088075 - Catheter-positioning slide cover clamp assembly: The present invention provides a catheter clamp assembly having a base and a slide cover. The base has a top, bottom and a body including a slide cover track. The body has internal walls defining a catheter opening extending from the bottom to the top. A catheter channel extends from... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150088077 - Detent mechanism for a medicament delivery device: Described is an auto-injector comprising a syringe carrier adapted to contain a syringe. The syringe carrier has a ramp member with a first ramp and a second ramp. The auto-injector comprises a chassis including a resilient beam having a beam head adapted to engage the ramp member. The first ramp... Agent:

20150088078 - Fluid transfer devices having cartridge port with cartridge ejection arrangement: Fluid transfer devices for use in manual cartridge filling procedures for filling cartridges with liquid drug dosages from medicament containing vials. The fluid transfer devices include a double ended main body having a longitudinal axis, a vial port for telescopic receiving a drug vial and a cartridge port for slidingly... Agent:

20150088079 - Drive mechanism for a drug delivery device and drug delivery device: The drive mechanism for a drug delivery device comprises a piston rod, which is displaced in a distal direction for a delivery of a dose and in a proximal direction for a reset, and a resilient member, which acts on the piston rod during a reset and tends to restrict... Agent:

20150088080 - Spreading implement: This invention relates to an implement 1 for applying a volume of liquid to a treatment surface. The implement includes a support means 3 onto which is mounted a receptacle 2, the receptacle defining a reservoir space 4 which receives the liquid. The receptacle includes a wall 6 having a... Agent: Acrux Dds Pty Ltd

20150088081 - Stoma shield for ostomy patients: A stoma shield for ostomy patients for covering a stoma while permitting increased maneuverability of the patient without cutting off flow within a medical device such as a colostomy bag. The stoma shield for ostomy patients includes a curved upper end and a pair of curved downward extensions extending from... Agent:

20150088082 - Ostomy appliance wafer with liner system: A wafer adapted for use with an ostomy appliance includes a backing layer, an adhesive layer applied to the backing layer and providing an adhesive surface, and a liner system disposed over an entirety of the adhesive surface. The adhesive surface includes a mid-section. The liner system includes a first... Agent:

20150088083 - Hand pan tm: The Hand Pan™ is an improvement on existing plastic basins used for medical purposes. It is specifically designed and shaped to neatly accommodate the irrigating of hand wounds (traumatic and surgical) in the operating room and emergency room settings. Nothing else currently exists like it.... Agent:

20150088084 - Absorbent structure having three-dimensional topography and method of making same: A method of making an absorbent structure having a three-dimensional topography includes placing at least a portion of the absorbent structure between opposed mold surfaces. At least one of the mold surfaces has a three-dimensional topography. The three-dimensional topography of the mold surface is imparted onto the absorbent structure so... Agent:

20150088085 - Wound dressing: A wound dressing includes an absorbent core, a facing layer and a backing layer. The absorbent core is located between the facing layer and the backing layer. The wound dressing further includes an adhesive configured to attach the wound dressing to a patient's skin wherein the facing layer faces the... Agent:

20150088086 - Washable diaper: A washable diaper having an outer article and an inner liner system detachably coupled to the outer article is disclosed. The inner liner system may include front and back ends and a liner member about a washable article with an absorbent pad positioned therein. The outer article may include front... Agent:

20150088087 - Wearing article: A wearing article including a region in which the wearer's skin is not seen-through other than the existence region of the absorbent structure even when an area of the absorbent structure is relatively small so that the existence region of the absorbent structure may be un noticeable from the outside.... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20150088088 - Textured laminate structure, absorbent articles with textured laminate structure, and method for manufacturing: A textured laminate structure and absorbent articles having a component formed of the textured laminate structure are disclosed. The textured laminate structure may have a first layer formed of a nonwoven web having a preexisting pattern of first apertures therethrough, a second layer, and one or more elastic members disposed... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150088089 - Reconstitution device: An apparatus (10) includes a body (2), a plunger (5), and an occlusion (4). The body is able to hold one or more medical substances therein. The body defines a longitudinal axis extending therethrough. The plunger is positioned within a portion of the body and is able to axially advance... Agent:

20150088090 - Method and apparatus for a clog resistant orifice: Devices, apparatuses, systems, and methods for improved clog resistant orifices in medical devices and tubes are provided. A medical tube will comprise a tubular wall having one or more clog resistant orifices. The clog resistant orifices have an outwardly flared orifice wall so as to minimize the occurrence of clogging.... Agent:

20150088092 - Drug delivery device and method for detection of end-of-dose condition: Method for detecting an end-of-dose condition in a pressurized system, comprising the steps of (a) providing a system having a fluid-filled variable volume reservoir comprising an elastically deformable portion and an outlet, pressurizing means, and means for detecting a property of the elastically deformable portion which varies with the internal... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20150088093 - Implantable medical devices storing graphics processing data: In one example, a device includes a telemetry module configured to retrieve graphics processing data from a device that is not configured to perform a rendering process using the graphics processing data and that is associated with delivering therapy to a therapy target of a patient, and a control unit... Agent:

20150088091 - Indicia informative of characteristics of insertable medical devices: A system by which resource information relating to an insertable medical device, such as an intravascular catheter, can be identified by its source so as to be accessed by a practitioner, caregiver, or patient, is disclosed. In particular, a resource information key is included at a predetermined key location on... Agent:

20150088094 - Medical device management using safety supervisor: A fluid flow manager executing on first hardware controls a flow of fluid outputted from a fluid delivery pump to a recipient. A monitor resource, executing on second hardware operating independently of the first hardware, monitors for an occurrence of a failure condition associated with the delivery of fluid. In... Agent:

20150088095 - Flush entrance hemostasis valve with unobstructed passageway: A method of placing a catheter into a patient while preventing disadvantageous escape of fluid from the patient comprises providing a catheter secured to a valve hosing. The catheter has a proximal end, a distal end and an interior lumen. The valve housing has a first port, a second port,... Agent:

20150088098 - Implanted tube and external interface for saline or drug delivery to the paranasal sinuses: An embodiment in accordance with the present invention provides an implanted catheter and an external device that the patient uses to inject a therapeutic into the implanted tube. The implanted catheter can be equipped with a fixation mechanism that secures the catheter in place and eases physician insertion and removal.... Agent:

20150088096 - Sealable medicine dispenser having a preselected dosage amount: A dispenser includes a vessel and an edible first product within the vessel occupying less than the total interior volume such that an unoccupied portion of the interior volume remains for receiving a medication. A seal selectively seals the total interior volume of the vessel. A cup includes a base... Agent: Kralmat Medical, LLC

20150088097 - Sealable medicine dispenser having a preselected dosage amount: A dispenser includes a vessel and an edible product within the vessel occupying less than the total interior volume such that an unoccupied portion of the interior volume remains for receiving a medication. A seal selectively seals the total interior volume of the vessel. A cup includes a base and... Agent: Kralmat Medical, LLC

20150088099 - Eye drop assist apparatus: An eye drop assist apparatus and method for sequentially administering an ocular medication into a patient's eyes. A bottle or vial containing liquid eye drops is supported in a holder. First and second nasal locators extend in opposite directions from the holder. The nasal locators are separated by the pupillary... Agent:

20150088100 - Catheter assembly including a multi-lumen configuration: A catheter assembly for use in accessing a vasculature of a patient is disclosed. In one embodiment, the catheter assembly includes a catheter body that includes a flattened oval outer surface and defines first and second lumens. The catheter body defines a distal tip region that includes a venous lateral... Agent:

20150088101 - Guidewire: A guide wire has a coil body covered with a hydrophilic coating film that exhibits sufficient lubricity even when there is little moisture in its surroundings. In the coil-type guide wire, a coating portion is formed by a plurality of layers where the innermost layer includes a hydrophobic film and... Agent:

20150088102 - Nanochanneled device with electrodes and related methods: A nanochannel delivery device and method of manufacturing and use. The nanochannel delivery device comprises an inlet, an outlet, electrodes and a nanochannel. The nanochannel may be oriented parallel to the primary plane of the nanochannel delivery device. The inlet and outlet may be in direct fluid communication with the... Agent:

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