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20150148729 - Methods, systems and devices for treating glaucoma: A system is provided including an elongate needle body and an aqueous humor drainage device. The drainage device includes an elongated flexible tube that is operatively coupled to a proximal end of the needle body. Methods for the implantation of the aqueous humor drainage device in the eye are provided.... Agent: Innfocus, Inc.

20150148731 - Methods and devices for intra-atrial shunts having adjustable sizes: Devices and methods for treating heart disease by normalizing elevated blood pressure in the left and right atria of a heart of a mammal are disclosed. Devices may include an adjustable hydraulic diameter shunt portion which can be manually adjusted in vivo. Methods are provided for adjusting the flow rate... Agent:

20150148730 - Shunt device and method for treating ocular disorders: Shunt devices and a method for continuously decompressing elevated intraocular pressure in eyes affected by glaucoma by diverting excess aqueous humor from the anterior chamber of the eye into Schlemm's canal where post-operative patency can be maintained with an indwelling shunt device which surgically connects the canal with the anterior... Agent:

20150148732 - Flushable tampon applicator: A tampon applicator that is water-sensitive (e.g., water-soluble, water-dispersible, etc.) in that it loses its integrity over time in the presence of water is provided. The tampon applicator can be discreetly disposed of in a toilet without the risk of clogging sewer pipes. The tampon applicator includes a molded thermoplastic... Agent:

20150148733 - Thermoplastic and water-dispersible injection moldable materials and articles: A tampon applicator that is water-sensitive (e.g., water-soluble, water-dispersible, etc.) in that it loses its integrity over time in the presence of water is provided. The tampon applicator can be discreetly disposed of in a toilet without the risk of clogging sewer pipes. The tampon applicator includes a molded thermoplastic... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150148736 - Cochlear electrode with apical lateral wall section and basal modiolar hugging section: An implantable electrode array for a cochlear implant has an array trunk that extends along a center axis from an insertion opening in an outer surface of a patient cochlea into the scala tympani. An apical section extends along the center axis from a distal end of the array trunk... Agent:

20150148735 - Electric-field assisted administration of tapentadol: A pharmaceutical device for electric-field assisted administration of Tapentadol and/or of a physiologically acceptable salt thereof, the device comprising at least one pair of electrodes consisting of an active electrode and a counter electrode (1a and 2a and/or 1b and 2b), optionally at least one additional electrode as an auxiliary... Agent:

20150148734 - Illuminated bandage and method for disinfecting a wound: An illuminated bandage and method of disinfecting a wound. The illuminated bandage includes a power source, a light source coupled to the power source to generate light and a patch. The patch includes a supporting medium and at least one light diffusing element in the supporting medium and optically coupled... Agent:

20150148737 - Infusion of drugs: An at least partly implantable system for injecting a substance into a patient's body, in particular a penis erection stimulation system, comprises one or more long, flexibly bendable infusion needles, the tip ends of which are disposed within and implanted along with at least one first housing, in particular adjacent... Agent:

20150148738 - Ablation systems, devices and methods for the treatment of tissue: A device for ablating target tissue of a patient with an ablative fluid is provided. An elongate shaft includes a proximal portion and a distal portion, and at least one fluid delivery element is attached to the distal portion. The device can be configured to ablate the duodenal mucosa of... Agent:

20150148739 - Simplified microplegia delivery system: Cardioplegia is a mixture of blood and potassium/crystalloid solution administered to protect the myocardium during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) procedures. Microplegia is a termed used to describe cardioplegia that uses minimal (non-traditional) amounts of crystalloid to carry the potassium solution. I have designed a microplegia technique that utilizes a syringe driver... Agent:

20150148740 - System for an interchangeable nipple for a pacifier: An interchangeable nipple system for a pacifier for administering medicine comprising: a ring; a group of medicinal nipples, wherein each medicinal nipple is capable of connecting to the ring and each nipple includes a distinct flavor; a non-medicinal nipple, wherein the non-medicinal nipple is capable of connecting to the ring... Agent:

20150148741 - Steering mechanism for bi-directional catheter: The present invention provides a bi-directional catheter with nearly double the throw in its catheter tip deflection. In particular, the travel path of each the puller wire includes a U-turn or doubling-back around a pulley which minimizes the offset angle between the puller wire and the longitudinal axis of the... Agent:

20150148742 - Balloon catheter system: A balloon catheter system enabling balloon stretching and deflating, and balloon stretch-releasing and inflating operations to be performed at a time with a single operation. The system includes a catheter shaft including outer and inner tubes slidable to each other and a deflatable/inflatable balloon arranged between the distal ends thereof.... Agent:

20150148743 - Disposable syringe and push rod for the same: The present invention provides a disposable syringe and a push rod for use in a disposable syringe. The push rod comprises a proximal end, a distal end and an axis extending through the proximal end and the distal end. The distal end of the push rod is provided with a... Agent:

20150148744 - Drug delivery device: A drug delivery device for setting and dispensing a dose of a drug is presented having a support body having a first end defining a first opening and a second end defining a second opening and a centered outer indicator ring. A syringe barrel sealed by a stopper is slidably... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20150148745 - Stopper arrangement for a drug delivery device: The invention relates to a stopper arrangement for a drug delivery device, comprising a stopper, a linear actor coupled with one end to the stopper and with an opposite end to a coupling arrangement, wherein the stopper arrangement is configured to be disposed within a container of a drug delivery... Agent:

20150148746 - Indwelling needle device: An outer unit (101) includes a shield (20) that has an inner cavity (24) and a soft outer needle (30) that is fixed to a front end of the shield. An inner unit (102) includes an inner hub (40) that is disposed within the inner cavity of the shield, a... Agent:

20150148747 - Catheter adapter assembly and system: A catheter adapter assembly includes an adapter body and a slider body. The adapter body includes a distal end portion configured to receive a catheter, a coupling disposed on the distal end portion, and a fitting on the proximal end portion. The slider body is disposed about the adapter body... Agent:

20150148748 - System and method for drug delivery with a safety syringe: One embodiment is directed to a system for injecting, comprising a syringe body defining an interior medicine chamber; a stopper member configured to be inserted into the interior medicine chamber to contain medicine within the medicine chamber; a plunger member configured to be manually manipulated to insert the stopper member... Agent: Credence Medsystems, Inc.

20150148749 - Syringe assembly with automatic safety shield: A safety shield for use with a hypodermic syringe device is disclosed. The safety shield is moveable relative to the syringe barrel between retracted position and a needle containing position. In the retracted position, the syringe device may be used to inject the needle into the patient. After the medication... Agent:

20150148750 - Dial-down mechanism for wind-up pen: The invention relates to a torsion spring driven injection device having a dial-down mechanism for dialling down a selected dose size. The torsion spring (2) is strained when setting a dose by rotating a proximally located dose setting button(30) relatively to the housing in a first direction and unstained when... Agent:

20150148752 - Article of manufacture containing lyophilized leuprolide acetate: A process for lyophilizing a solution of an active agent in a container is provided. Solution of active agent is deposited into a container, the container is covered with a covering plate and placed inside a lyophilizing apparatus. Lyophilization can be conducted to dryness by radiation, convection or both. Also... Agent:

20150148751 - Piston member for syringe: [Solution]: A piston member 10, such as a gasket 10a or a middle piston 10b, is formed by cut-processing a PTFE block and is press-fitted in a syringe barrel 1 to be slidably used. Protruded rims 13 are formed at least in a circumferential direction of perimeter of a slide-contact... Agent:

20150148753 - Enteral syringe: A syringe having a syringe body defining an elongate cavity therein with a non-circular internal cross-sectional profile, and a syringe plunger operable to selectively travel within the hollow cavity with a non-circular external cross-sectional profile that substantially mirrors the syringe body's internal cross-sectional profile for mating engagement thereof. The enteral... Agent: Neomed, Inc.

20150148754 - Dual-function spring: An injection device for dispensing a product, the injection device including a moveable element which is moved for a dispensing operation, a spring, a product container holder and a product container, wherein the spring pushes against the moveable element to move the moveable element to an initial position after the... Agent:

20150148755 - Syringe: A syringe is provided. A front end of a barrel has an annular blocking portion which has at least two projections and at least two engaging slots defined by the projections, and one side of each projection has a guiding face. A connector which has at least two blocking members... Agent: Yue Pfong International Technology Corp.

20150148756 - Neutral pressure split septum luer access device: A neutral pressure split-septum luer access device is described for receiving a luer lock connector. The septum has a plurality of elastomeric columns projecting laterally within a chamber. Each elastomeric column is under sufficient compression so that the columns are bowed and the column strength is reduced by bowing, but... Agent:

20150148757 - Composite cannula: The present invention provides a cannula comprising of a core needle and a sleeve, the core needle and sleeve spaced by conduit-forming projections. The projections may be aligned axially along the surface of the core needle or the inner surface of the sleeve. Engagement of the core needle with a... Agent: Ssb Technology Pty Ltd

20150148758 - Mirtazapine-containing transdermally-absorbable skin-adhesive preparation: The purpose is to provide a mirtazapine-containing transdermal patch capable of suppressing deposition of a crystalline component derived from mirtazapine, deterioration in sense of use, and deterioration in adhesiveness to the skin. The transdermal patch contains a support, a drug-containing layer and a release liner, and the drug-containing layer contains... Agent: Yutoku Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd.,

20150148759 - Pharmaceutical patch for transdermal administration of tapentadol: The invention relates to a pharmaceutical patch for transdermal administration of the pharmacologically active ingredient Tapentadol or a physiologically acceptable salt thereof, the patch comprising a surface layer, an adhesive layer which comprises a pressure sensitive adhesive and at least a portion of the total amount of the pharmacologically active... Agent:

20150148760 - Apparatuses and methods for wound therapy: Some arrangements disclosed herein relate to devices and methods for treating a wound, comprising applying negative pressure to the wound through a cover applied over a wound, monitoring the internal pressure in the wound, and controlling the closure of the wound by controlling the amount that a wound packing material... Agent:

20150148761 - Devices and methods for treatment of damaged tissue: Methods and devices for treatment of damaged tissue are disclosed, including treatment of wounds by employing non-electrically powered, reduced pressure therapy devices. Maintenance and control of the sub atmospheric pressure exerted may be provided by such devices while minimizing discomfort to the user. The devices may be configured to be... Agent:

20150148762 - Wetness sensor using rf circuit with frangible link: A wetness sensor includes a substrate that carries a tuned RF circuit. The circuit includes a conductive pattern applied to the substrate, a capacitor, and a jumper all disposed on a same side of the substrate. The conductive pattern includes an inductive coil, and an inner and outer terminus. The... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150148763 - Diaper structure with enhanced tactile softness attributes: A diaper structure with enhanced softness attributes is disclosed. The diaper structure may include an innermost layer formed of a first nonwoven web, and an outermost layer formed of a second nonwoven web. The first and second nonwoven webs may have a combined basis weight of at least about 30... Agent:

20150148764 - Unitary fluid intake system for absorbent products and methods of making same: A unitary fabric structure for use within a personal care absorbent article includes a composite of at least two functional components for fluid intake. The two functional components include a fibrous, liner functional component and at least one fibrous, surge functional component. The functional components are positioned immediately adjacent one... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150148765 - Absorbent article: The present invention relates to an absorbent article having a body-facing surface and a transverse centerline, comprising; a hydrophilic topsheet, a backsheet joined to the topsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet, and a lateral topsheet on each longitudinal side of the body-facing surface of... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150148766 - Ultrasonic bonding method for absorbent article, ultrasonic bonding device for absorbent article, and absorbent article: An absorbent article having a plurality of granular particles placed between two liquid-permeable non-woven fabric sheets, the article including: a high-strength bonded portion formed in a loop-shaped pattern on the article such that the two non-woven fabric sheets are not separated even if the granular particles swell to thereby apply... Agent: Zuiko Corporation

20150148767 - Pre-fastened and refastenable pant-type absorbent sanitary article and method for manufacturing the same: Pre-fastened and refastenable pant-type absorbent sanitary article, comprising: a central body having two opposite side edges and including: a topsheet having an inner surface, a backsheet, and an absorbent core sandwiched between the topsheet and the backsheet, wherein the topsheet and the backsheet are welded together along a perimeter of... Agent:

20150148768 - Wearing article: A diaper includes front and rear waist panels respectively defining front and rear waist regions, a crotch panel defining a crotch region, and an absorbent structure extending in a longitudinal direction. The crotch panel has a base sheet and a pair of leg sheets attached to both lateral edge portions... Agent:

20150148769 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article has longitudinal side edges, transversal end edges, and an absorbent core. The absorbent core comprises a first absorbent layer having an opening and a fluid flow control structure between said first absorbent layer and a backsheet. An elastic member is arranged along each longitudinal side edge. The... Agent:

20150148770 - Flow control system: A flow control system may include an inner nosecone having an inner nosecone distal end and an inner nosecone proximal end, an outer nosecone having an outer nosecone distal end and an outer nosecone proximal end, an aperture of the outer nosecone, a gasket having a gasket distal end and... Agent:

20150148772 - Inflatable elastomeric pump for an infusion assembly: f

20150148771 - Vaccination system for delivering vaccine to avian pullets, and associated methods, devices, and assemblies: A vaccination system for delivering a vaccine substance to avian pullets is provided. Such a system includes a vaccine delivery assembly configured to perform a vaccine delivery procedure for delivering a vaccine substance to the avian pullets. A plurality of positioning devices is provided, with each positioning device receiving an... Agent:

20150148773 - Fluid spraying apparatuses, and related systems and methods: Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to fluid spraying apparatuses, and related systems and methods. The disclosed fluid spraying apparatuses may be used, for example, to spray a medically suitable fluid on a target region of a living subject such as for treating or removing tissue. In an embodiment, a fluid... Agent:

20150148774 - Closed loop control system based on a non-invasive continuous sensor: Methods and systems for controlling analyte levels are described. An example method may include receiving a sensor measurement relating to an eye-mountable device. The method also may include determining an analyte concentration based on the one or more sensor measurements, and comparing the analyte concentration to a target analyte concentration.... Agent: Google Inc.

20150148775 - Drug delivery device with retaining member: A drug delivery device is provided for delivering a drug to a target tissue site. The drug delivery device comprises a body comprising a proximal end and a distal end and a chamber disposed therebetween. An upper portion is disposed about the proximal end of the body. A retaining member... Agent:

20150148777 - Hydraulic device for the injection of bone cement in percutaneous vertebroplasty: The present invention relates to the medical field, in particular relates to the practice of percutaneous vertebroplasty where a pair of syringes in the distal extreme of a lengthened hydraulic device, are united by a camera of intermediate connection of larger diameter (pressure exerting body) or modified inverted syringe tube... Agent:

20150148776 - Peritoneal dialysis connection system and method for using ultraviolet light emitting diodes: Peritoneal dialysis systems and methods are provided by the present disclosure. In a general embodiment, a peritoneal dialysis system includes a peritoneal dialysis fluid supply, a supply line in fluid communication with the peritoneal dialysis fluid supply, the supply line terminating at a supply connector, a patient connector in fluid... Agent:

20150148779 - System and method for delivering material into a patient: Apparatus for delivering material into a patient includes a catheter having a proximal end and a distal end. Material, preferably of filamentary or thread form, is fed from a material supply into a Y-fitting having a main branch and a side branch. The side branch is connected to a source... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150148778 - Systems and methods for performing an injection: Devices, systems, and methods for performing injections with lowered likelihood of infection include catheters and other injection means with protective coverings. The protective covering can protect the catheter or other injection means before, during, or before and during insertion of the catheter into an insertion site. The protective covering includes... Agent:

20150148780 - Medical balloon with a precisely identifiable portion: A balloon catheter includes an elongated, tubular shaft extending in a longitudinal direction, said shaft having a proximal end and a distal end. A balloon having an inflation compartment is formed a balloon wall including a working surface, and further includes at least one chamber adjacent to the working surface... Agent:

20150148781 - Pre-pierced iv access port: An access port for introduction of a cannulated needle tip into an IV tube set includes a rigid tubular housing and a resilient member disposed within an inlet of the housing. The resilient member includes a proximal face exposed to an exterior of the rigid housing and a distal face... Agent:

20150148783 - Connector for collection and dispensing of breast milk or colostrum: An adapter for use in a system for collecting colostrum and/or breast milk may include: a body having a predominantly cylindrical shape; a first open end of the body for connecting to a funnel device; a second open end of the body for connecting to a source of suction; a... Agent: Maternal Life, LLC

20150148782 - Interproximal drug delivery device: This present invention provides a delivery device that could be used to delivery discreet small volume of expensive biotechnology treatments to specific areas of the oral cavity, or other tissues. The present invention also provides a method of using the device disclosed herein to deliver biotechnology treatments and/or therapeutic agents... Agent:

20150148785 - Endoluminal vacuum therapy device: There are provided devices for applying negative pressure to a wound in an endoluminal surface of a patient to facilitate healing of the wound and methods for use of the devices. The device (69, 94, 134, 140, 156, 164) comprises a flexible porous element with an outer face defined between... Agent:

20150148784 - Vacuum-assisted drainage system: A vacuum-assisted drainage system includes a first porous pad that is permeable to liquids and has a through opening in which a fistula adapter is placed on a film provided with perforations, a cover film for covering the first pad and the wound, and for providing a substantially airtight seal... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 71 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20150141897 - Cardiopulmonary apparatus and methods for preserving life: Apparatus and methods for providing extracorporeal blood circulation and oxygenation control include seven-stage de-airing of blood to provide automated cardiopulmonary replacement to sustain patient life during a medical procedure comprising repairing or replacing the heart valve in a patient.... Agent:

20150141899 - Device and method for establishing an artificial arterio-venous fistula: A shunt rivet for implantation between a first body space and a second body space in a patient, such as to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.... Agent: Rox Medical, Inc.

20150141898 - Medical system for endovascular temperature control of blood, and medical catheter: A medical system for endovascular temperature control of blood and for recanalization of a blood vessel, the medical system having a catheter, a radially compressible treatment device, in particular a recanalization device, which, in the compressed state, is arranged to be longitudinally movable in the catheter and, by being released... Agent: Acandis Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150141900 - Method and device for targeted delivery of fluid therapeutics: The present invention utilizes a catheter device for targeted delivery of therapeutic molecules in fluids to body cavities. The invention provides a device and method for targeted delivery of fluids to tissue cavities via deployment of a fluid soaked sponge from the catheter to contact surfaces within the body cavity.... Agent:

20150141902 - Abnormal electrical conduction blocking apparatus using photodynamic therapy (pdt): There are provided an apparatus and a method for blocking abnormal conduction in the cardiac muscle using a photodynamic therapy or for treating arrhythmia. There is provided a catheter ablation apparatus for the treatment of arrhythmia using a photodynamic therapy, comprising a catheter leading a photoradiation unit to an abnormal... Agent: Keio University

20150141901 - Low-level laser irradiation of stimulated human stem cells: A method of increasing bone marrow stem cells in the blood stream, and targeting those stem cells toward specific damaged or diseased organs in the body so that the tissue in these organs might be repaired. The method comprises ingestion of a claimed formulation having effective amounts of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae... Agent:

20150141903 - Treatment of headache: Headache treatment methods are described and include providing an energy delivery device; locating a secondary or higher-order branch of a postganglionic nerve that provides innervation for a patient's head, by identifying a target region of the patient's head that includes the nerve branch; positioning, within the target region, a portion... Agent: Serene Medical, Inc.

20150141905 - Catheter for infusion of a cardiovascular fluid: Catheters for infusion of cardiovascular fluids into blood are disclosed. The cardiovascular fluid may, for example, comprise water highly supersaturated with a gas such as oxygen. Each catheter comprises one or more capillary tubings (or capillaries) through which a cardiovascular fluid flows. The distal end of each capillary is mounted... Agent:

20150141904 - Compressed gas motor for operation of a lavage system: A compressed gas motor and methods comprise a working plunger and a control plunger arranged in the internal space between the working plunger and a closed rear side such as to be mobile in linear direction. The control plunger, in a first position, covers a gas outlet opening and does... Agent:

20150141906 - Methods and devices to decrease tissue trauma during surgery: Methods and devices are disclosed to reduce the tissue trauma that occurs when a physician retracts or otherwise deforms a patient's tissues for surgery or other medical procedures. In one part, methods and devices are disclosed for cooling the tissue around the incision. In another part, methods and devices are... Agent:

20150141908 - Irrigation re-circulation device and filter and method of use thereof: In one aspect, the present invention provides an endoscopic apparatus including an endoscopic device having a fluid delivery port and a fluid extraction port, and a filter device. The fluid extraction port connects to the filter input port and the filter output port connects to the fluid delivery port forming... Agent:

20150141907 - Vacuum powered saline injection system: A method and apparatus for injecting saline into an open cavity of a patient's body, and, alternatively, vacuuming fluids from said cavity, during laparoscopic surgery that provides constant feed and amplified pressure to provide a steady fluid output, in a disposable, single use handheld surgical device.... Agent:

20150141909 - Method for checking and/or monitoring the leak tightness of a plurality of pneumatically or hydraulically actuated actuators and machine, in particular medical treatment machine: The present invention relates to a method for checking and/or monitoring the leak tightness of a plurality of pneumatically or hydraulically actuated actuators of a machine, in particular a plurality of valve actuators of a medical treatment machine, wherein pressure is exerted on the actuators in different combinations during the... Agent:

20150141910 - Microneedles for therapeutic agent delivery with improved mechanical properties: Disclosed herein are systems and methods relating to microneedles, including a first element including an array of microprojections and a second element including a supportive substrate upon which the microprojections are formed perpendicular to the substrate surface.... Agent:

20150141912 - Infusion pump system and methods: Some embodiments an infusion pump system can provide a suggested bolus dosage based on particular parameters (e.g., the user's recent blood glucose characteristics, food intake data, an amount of insulin already delivered to the user which has not yet acted on the user, or other factors). In some circumstances, the... Agent:

20150141911 - Pulsatile flow blood pump: The invention is about a next-generation blood pump that provides pulsatile blood flow, and has been developed for cardiopulmonary by-pass devices used for maintaining extracorporeal blood circulation during heart surgeries and the supportive devices of circulation system. This device is technically a sort of synchronous power-assisted motor employing direct driver... Agent:

20150141913 - Reconstitution device: An apparatus comprises a plunger able to fit in a cartridge or syringe. The plunger includes an outer portion and a deflection portion. The outer portion is able to engage the body of the cartridge or syringe. The outer portion is operable to apply a first radial force to the... Agent:

20150141914 - Control handle for catheters or cannulas for medical use: A control handle (1) further comprising driving means (11), applied on at least one of said half-shells (2a, 2b) and acting upon the respective jaw (9a, 9b) to move said jaw (9a, 9b) away from and toward the other jaw (9b, 9a) so as to produce, respectively, a release configuration... Agent:

20150141915 - Methods of resetting inflation devices: Inflation devices configured to communicate with remote displays are disclosed herein. Kits including such inflation devices with portable display devices are also disclosed herein. Methods of remotely displaying pressure data from a medical device are also disclosed herein. Devices, kits, and methods of connecting medical devices to remote displays and... Agent:

20150141916 - Balloon trocar: A balloon trocar includes a cannula assembly including a cannula and an outer sleeve fitting over the cannula. The distal end of the outer sleeve is proximal to the distal end of the cannula. A balloon is coupled to a distal portion of the sleeve and a distal portion of... Agent:

20150141917 - Inflatable medical devices: An inflatable balloon includes a base balloon having a cylindrical section and a conical section and at least one circumferential fiber extending circumferentially around the conical section. The inflatable balloon includes a plurality of reinforcing strips in the conical section over the at least one circumferential fiber. Each reinforcing strip... Agent:

20150141919 - Injection system: Described is a medicament cartridge comprising a housing having open proximal and distal ends, a first coupling mechanism, and a syringe slidably disposed in the housing. The syringe includes a needle and has a retracted position in which the needle is covered by the housing and an extended position in... Agent:

20150141918 - Syringe: A syringe propellable by propellant that boils at a predetermined temperature, the syringe including a barrel having an outlet at a front end, and a stopper axially moveable in the barrel. The stopper separates a first chamber and a second chamber, the first chamber being axially forwards of the stopper... Agent:

20150141920 - Drive mechanism for drug delivery pumps with integrated status indication: A drive mechanism having integrated status indication includes a drive housing, a status switch interconnect, a drive biasing member, a piston, and a drug container having a cap, a pierceable seal, a barrel, and a plunger seal, wherein the drive biasing member is configured to bear upon an interface surface... Agent:

20150141921 - Multi-state alarm system for a medical pump: A medical fluid delivery system includes an infusion pump configured to deliver medical fluid to a patient according to at least one treatment parameter, and an alarm feature associated with the infusion pump, the alarm feature including (i) a first alarm signal associated with a first event relating to the... Agent:

20150141922 - Inflatable elastomeric pump for an infusion assembly: m

20150141923 - Injection device: clutch means (23, 25, 28) for maintaining engagement between the first and second gear members (13, 14) in normal condition of the injection device, and for allowing disengagement of the first and second gear members (13, 14) upon a shock received by the injection device along the predetermined direction (D).... Agent:

20150141924 - Hollow silica glass microneedle arrays and method and apparatus for manufacturing same: A novel array of hollow silica glass microneedles is provided. The array is prepared from a silica dispersion. A novel apparatus is provided comprising a negative mold component having tapered openings therein and a positive mold component having positive elements that are received within the tapered openings of the negative... Agent:

20150141926 - Intracranial fixation device: A fixation device including a base structure such as a faceplate having an inferior surface capable of contacting a surface of a skull of a patient, having a superior surface, and defining at least two securement features. Each securement feature can be engaged by a cranial fastener to attach the... Agent:

20150141925 - Non-temporary central cenous catheter for use in haemodialysis: The present invention describes a long-term central venous catheter (CVC) for use in haemodialysis treatments with two cuffs in the end section to be positioned in the subcutaneous tunnel.... Agent:

20150141927 - Methods and apparatus for securing a line: Methods and apparatus for securing a medical or surgical line with respect to a patient are described. In particular, a fastener is described comprising an elongate braided tubular sleeve for receiving the line therethrough, the sleeve having a first end for fixing adjacent to the patient, in use, and a... Agent:

20150141928 - Dispense interface: The invention relates to a dispense interface for an ejection device comprising a first part and a second part, at least a first opening, a second opening and a third opening, a fluidic channel and a connection element for each of the openings, wherein the first part is joined to... Agent:

20150141929 - Autoinjector: An autoinjector that receives a pre-filled syringe, having a central body and an actuator sleeve provided with one end that comes into contact with the user. The actuator sleeve can be moved between projecting and actuation positions and it is in the projecting position prior to and following the actuation... Agent: Aptar France Sas

20150141930 - Extended finger flange for syringe systems: The present disclosure describes an extended finger flange that facilitate use of syringe systems. The extended finger flange increases the surface area available for an end user's fingers thereby allowing a more secure grip on the device and providing greater control during administrations of the medication.... Agent:

20150141931 - Systems for automatically administering medication: The autoinjector systems disclosed herein provide in part devices for allowing patients with reduced joint strength to more easily administer medicine. Certain exemplary syringe embodiments include a housing, a syringe assembly slidably mounted on the housing, and a needle cap releasably engaged to the housing, where the cap includes a... Agent:

20150141932 - Dose dividing delivery device: A simple method and device enabling a unit dose from a reservoir is provided. The dose is drawn into the reservoir and is then expelled from the device by depressing a plunger. The plunger has features which divide the dose into discrete intervals. As the plunger is moved during delivery,... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20150141933 - Injection device with holding means to prevent unintentional movements of piston rod: The invention relates to a injection device, comprising a housing being adapted to receive in its proximal housing portion a container with an injection fluid and to receive in its distal housing portion a dose setting and injection mechanism, wherein the mechanism includes a piston rod being axially displaceable with... Agent:

20150141934 - Medicant injection device: A medicant injection device includes a compressible body, a tip, and an outer luer body. The compressible body has a proximal end, a distal end, and a plurality of bellows, and defines an inner cavity for holding a liquid medicant. The tip is positioned at the proximal end of the... Agent:

20150141935 - Dispenser assembly for liquids comprising flexible barrel and rigid plunger: A dispenser assembly is provided that has a rigid plunger with a ring-shaped protrusion. The protrusion contacts the inner wall of a flexible barrel to form a liquid-tight seal. Advantageously, the dispenser assembly does not require additional components, such as o-rings, and can be fabricated by injection molding techniques.... Agent:

20150141936 - Retractable syringe with improved delivery efficiency and locking system: A plunger, a needle assembly and a retractable syringe comprising same are provided. The plunger comprises a plunger member and a plunger outer having a lock spring that prevents or impedes movement of the plunger member after needle retraction. The plunger further comprises another locking member for engaging the barrel... Agent:

20150141937 - Medical luer connector: A luer medical connector having a male luer body for connection with a female luer assembly which includes a female luer body, a fluid channel insert within the female luer body, an elastomeric seal between the female luer body and the male luer body, and an elastomeric stopper at a... Agent: Halkey-roberts Corporation

20150141938 - Trocar cannula with atraumatic tip: A surgical access port is provided with a trocar cannula having a substantially rigid portion and an atraumatic distal tip. The atraumatic distal tip is substantially compliant relative to the rigid portion of the cannula. The trocar cannula provides unobstructed surgical access into a body cavity allowing the insertion and... Agent:

20150141939 - Post surgical breast dressing: Provided is a post surgical breast dressing including: a front portion including a left cup and a right cup connected or connectable to one another; at least one back strap for fitting around a subject's back; left and right trans-axial portions connecting the back strap with the left cup and... Agent:

20150141940 - Apparatus and method for administering reduced pressure treatment to a tissue site: The illustrative embodiments described herein are directed to a system and method for administering reduced pressure at a tissue site. The apparatus includes a reduced pressure source. The reduced pressure source generates a reduced pressure. The apparatus includes a tube having a plurality of lumens. The plurality of lumens includes... Agent:

20150141941 - Apparatuses and methods for negative pressure wound therapy: Disclosed herein are several embodiments of a negative pressure appliance and methods of using the same in the treatment of wounds. Some embodiments are directed towards wound dressings comprising a liquid and gas permeable transmission layer, an absorbent layer for absorbing wound exudate, the absorbent layer overlying the transmission layer,... Agent:

20150141942 - Devices and methods for airway suctioning: Described here are devices, systems, and methods for positioning a suction catheter in the airway of a patient. The systems may comprise a suction catheter, a delivery device, and/or a stylet. The delivery device may comprise an elongate shaft, an atraumatic distal end, an elongate passageway, and a retention element... Agent: Ciel Medical, Inc.

20150141943 - Drainage container device and suction bag unit: A drainage container device for collecting suctioned bodily fluids by means of a vacuum source includes a drainage container with a suction port to be connected with the vacuum source; an essentially one-piece container lid for closing and opening the drainage container, and with a drainage port to be connected... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20150141944 - Ostomy appliance: An ostomy appliance comprising an adaptor having a distal end adapted to be coupled to an ostomy wafer and a proximal end adapted to be coupled to a cap, said distal end having an opening in fluid communication with an opening in said proximal end.... Agent: Stimatix Gi Ltd. A Corporation

20150141945 - Disposable feminine hygiene utility: A disposable feminine hygiene utility (10), comprising: a sanitary napkin (12) to be placed between an undergarment (26) of a user and a user's body; a permeable longitudinal sleeve (14), connected to the sanitary napkin (12); an absorbent pillow (20), enclosed by the permeable longitudinal sleeve (14); and first and... Agent:

20150141946 - Absorbent article having enhanced leakage protection: An absorbent article (20;620;720;820;920;1020) capable of inhibiting leakage of a fluid insult generally extends in a plane defined by a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction. The absorbent article (20;620;720;820;920;1020) contains fluid-shrinkable members (60. 61), a topsheet (11;611;711;811), and a base pad (12;812) that includes a baffle (28;828) and an... Agent:

20150141947 - Folded core absorbent article and related method: A liquid absorbent article includes an absorbent core including a liquid absorbent member and a unitary liquid distribution sheet disposed against a surface of the liquid absorbent member. The liquid absorbent member includes a first absorbent layer surface, a second absorbent layer surface, a third absorbent layer surface in contact... Agent:

20150141948 - Absorbent article with color matched surfaces: A disposable absorbent article having a backsheet, a topsheet and an absorbent element. The topsheet, backsheet, and the absorbent element has an imparted color in which each of the imparted colors for the aforementioned elements are color matched. Color matching exists when the colors are contained within a specified CIELab... Agent:

20150141950 - Compositions and methods for reducing edema: The invention provides compositions and methods for the treatment and/or reversal of an edema, e.g., including a central nervous system (CNS) edema, e.g., a brain or a spinal edema, edema in a burned or an injured tissue such as skin, or any tissue edema. In alternative embodiments, the invention provides... Agent:

20150141949 - Medical dressing with multiple adhesives: The disclosed medical dressing includes multiple adhesives. A first adhesive can strongly secure to the medical device, while a gentle adhesive secures to skin. Therefore, the medical device is secure, while the skin is in contact with a gentle adhesive. Selection of the adhesive, as well as the positioning of... Agent:

20150141952 - Needleless delivery systems: Described are devices and methods related to the needleless injection of fluid into tissue of the lower urinary tract, such as the urethra and prostate.... Agent:

20150141951 - Targeted tissue heating methods and associated systems: In one aspect, the present disclosure is directed to a method for treating a bladder within a body of a subject, including inserting one or more heaters into the bladder wall of a subject, and selectively heating the one or more heaters by a remote device.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150141953 - Remote closed-loop titration of decongestive therapy for the treatment of advanced heart failure: An apparatus comprises one or more physiological sensing circuits that generate a sensed physiological signal and at least one of the physiological sensing circuits is implantable, a measurement circuit configured to recurrently measure one or more physiological parameters that indicate a status of heart failure of the subject, a comparison... Agent:

20150141954 - Device for inserting needles: A device for inserting at least one hollow needle for the injection or withdrawal of a solution into/from a tissue, said device comprising a casing (1), a plunger (2) movably mounted inside the casing, and propulsion means (3 and 4) suitable for driving the plunger towards the distal end (1a)... Agent: Debiotech S.a.

20150141955 - Infusion pump automation system and method: An infusion pump automation system and method includes an infusion pump, an infusion pump and a remote processor. The remote processor is remote to the infusion pump and includes a controller interface and a controller, such that the controller bidirectionally communicates with the infusion pump, determines a current infusion state... Agent:

20150141956 - Multi-barrel syringe injection system: An injection device for injecting a medicant into a plurality of tissue sites in a patient for a selected treatment is constructed and arranged such that the number of tissue sites is the total number for the selected treatment thereby requiring a single positioning step. The injection device includes a... Agent:

20150141957 - Infusion device: A mechanical infusion pump device for injecting medication into a patient's IV, includes an IV reservoir and a syringe communicated to the IV reservoir and having a syringe plunger which is moved in a first direction against a mechanical biasing element by engagement with a manually operable, independently movable filling... Agent: Stc.unm

20150141958 - Devices and methods for vascular access: A vascular access needle assembly is disclosed. The needle assembly contains a needle and a sheath. The needle has a first part, a second part, and a third part. The needle contains a pointed end configured to penetrate skin of a patient and a sheath slidably and rotatably coupled with... Agent:

20150141959 - Methods and systems for inhibiting vascular inflammation: Methods and kits for delivering pharmaceutical agents to the adventitia and other regions outside the external elastic lamina (EEL) surrounding a blood vessel utilize a catheter having a needle. The needle is positioned in up to 5 mm beyond the EEL and delivers an amount of pharmaceutical agent sufficient to... Agent:

20150141960 - Catheter loading device and method of using same: A catheter loading device includes a guidewire section, a catheter section, and a hinge that connects a proximal end of the guidewire section to a distal end of the catheter section. The guidewire section is rotatable relative to the catheter section about a rotation axis between a first position and... Agent: Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.l.

20150141961 - Needle guides suitable for penile injections and related kits: Embodiments of the invention provide needle guides that facilitate direct penile injection of drug therapies.... Agent:

20150141962 - Securing device for medical lines: Disclosed are various embodiments for devices configured to secure medical lines. A securing frame is configured to receive and secure at least one line couplings. The at least one line coupling is be configured to at least partially surround an intravenous such that the intravenous line is secured in an... Agent:

20150141963 - Device for instillation of a chemical agent into the endometrial cavity for purpose of global endometrial ablation: A device for chemical endometrial ablation comprising an outer tube, a moveable cervical collar surrounding a portion of the outer tube and located near the distal end of the outer tube, an inner tube movable in a distal-proximal direction within the lumen of the outer tube, a porous and/or sponge-like... Agent:

20150141964 - Surgical system and method: In accordance with one aspect, an instrument is provided that permits the precise delivery of bone fusion material, such as autograft or allograft material, to one or more bones during surgical procedures. In another aspect, a system and a method are also provided for percutaneous delivery of bone fusion material,... Agent:

20150141966 - Catheter with partially slitted insertion aid: A tubular insertion aid for catheter manipulation is disclosed. The insertion aid is particularly suited for urinary catheters, such as hydrophilic urinary catheters for intermittent use. The insertion aid comprises a forward opening, a rearward opening and a slit opening extending along a part of the sidewall of the tubular... Agent:

20150141965 - Tubing for mitigating against microbial migration and method and system for maintaining closed-system of urinary tubing: A urinary tubing for mitigating against microbial migration, as well as a system and method for forming and maintaining a closed-system of urinary tubing are described. Such tubing may comprise: a first terminal end; a second terminal end, longitudinally opposing the first terminal end; a wettable region, which may comprise... Agent:

20150141967 - Electronic pill for delivery of powder medication: The invention relates to an electronic pill (102) for delivery of a medication (104) inside a mammal. The electronic pill (102) comprises a reservoir (106) for releasing the medication (104) in response to a predefined level of pressure. Furthermore a primary elastic element (108) is comprised for applying said predefined... Agent: Medimetrics Personalized Drug Delivery

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