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12/18/2014 > 125 patent applications in 79 patent subcategories.

20140371511 - Particle accelerator that produces charged particles having variable energies: An example synchrocyclotron includes the following: a voltage source to provide a radio frequency (RF) voltage to a cavity to accelerate particles from a particle source; a coil to receive a variable electrical current and to generate a magnetic field that is at least 4 Tesla to cause the particles... Agent:

20140371512 - Remote control system and method: A remote control system is configured to support communication between a first environment having a first neutron radiation level and a second environment having a second neutron radiation level includes a first computing device and a second computing device. The first computing device is configured to control a treatment system... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20140371513 - Treating a target's partial motion range: A computing system determines a full motion range of a target, wherein the full motion range of the target defines an internal target volume (ITV). The computing system identifies a partial motion range of the target, wherein the partial motion range is a subset of the full motion range of... Agent:

20140371514 - Health applications for using bio-feedback to control an electromagnetic field: An electrical system controlled, driven by and/or based on naturally occurring electrophysiological signals in a patient's body is used to produce useful electromagnetic fields for health applications and/or medical applications provided to the patient.... Agent: Lifewave, Inc.

20140371515 - Systems and methods for vector stimulation in medical treatment: Stimulation treatments for medical disorders comprise providing stimulation parameters that create partial stimulation signals which combine into vector signals. The individual partial signals may have frequency or temporal content that is unique rather than all being identical. Vector signals may thus be designed with certain advantageous characteristics such as to... Agent:

20140371516 - Pressure relief apparatus with brain entrainment: A pressure relief apparatus with brain entrainment includes a resonant wave generating module and a bio-signal measuring unit. The resonant wave generating module includes multiple resonant devices, divided into multiple regions. Each of the resonant regions can respectively generate a resonant wave being changeable or turned off. The bio-signal measuring... Agent:

20140371518 - Conduit device and system for implanting a conduit device in a tissue wall: Various embodiments of the present invention provide a conduit device including an attaching device configured for defining a helical pathway through a tissue wall and complementary ring in cooperation for securing the device within an aperture defined in the tissue wall. Some embodiments of the present invention further provide a... Agent:

20140371517 - Ventricular assist device for intraventricular placement: The present invention includes various devices and methods for ventricular assist. In one embodiment, the present invention is a ventricular assist device for intraventricular placement inside a heart of a mammalian subject, the device including a ring configured to be mounted adjacent an apex of the patient's heart; a rigid... Agent: Heartware, Inc.

20140371519 - Counterpulsation device driver apparatus, method and system: A method of operating a counterpulsation device (CPD) in a human or animal subject is disclosed, the method including: receiving a heart beat signal indicative of the heart beat of the subject; providing counterpulsation therapy by controlling the pressure supplied to a CPD drive line in pneumatic communication with the... Agent:

20140371520 - Warming therapy patient care units with automated cooling modes: Described herein is a system including a patient support unit having a patient environment, a heating module, a sensor module, and a control system. The control system is configured to selectively operate the system in a pre-programmed cooling mode configured to disable the heating module while monitoring patient-specific data of... Agent: Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

20140371521 - Implantable slings: The present disclosure describes implantable slings suitable for use in a variety of medical applications, the implantable slings include at least one a biocompatible support member having a first surface and a second surface, the first and second surfaces including a first end, a second end, and a central region... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140371522 - Vein harvesting system and method: A tissue illumination system and a method for harvesting a section of a blood vessel from a patient's body for further use. The tissue illumination system includes a light catheter inserted into a lumen of the blood vessel section to illuminate the vessel section and vessel side branches with an... Agent: Embro Corporation

20140371523 - Inductively powered remotely adjustable gastric banding system: A power management system provides wireless power to operate components of a remotely adjustable gastric banding system. The power management system comprises an external power component transmitting power, and an implantable power management component receiving power and converting the power for use in powering one or more components of the... Agent: Apollo Endosurgery, Inc.

20140371524 - System for treating pelvic organ prolapse: A system for treating pelvic organ prolapse includes a hollow shell, a net, and an anchor strap. The hollow shell has an apex, with an exterior surface of the apex shaped to conform to an interior apical portion of a vagina, and the apex includes a hole. The net is... Agent:

20140371525 - Sysyem and method for simulating sexual interaction: The present disclosure provides an interactive simulation device which can cooperate with media devices to provide a user experience of interaction between the user and a target object. An interactive simulation device of the present disclosure may exchange data with another interactive simulation device for enabling simulated interaction of senses... Agent:

20140371526 - Slotted clear cannula: A slotted cannula for endoscopic surgical procedures is disclosed. The slotted cannula has a tubular body having a distal end, a proximate end, an open slot extending longitudinally from the beginning of the proximate end to the proximity of the distal end, and a pair of wings integrally formed on... Agent:

20140371527 - Endoscope apparatus and method for operating endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes a distance information acquisition section that detects the position of a treatment tool and the position of a specific part, and acquires distance information about a distance between the specific part and the treatment tool based on the detected position of the treatment tool and the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140371530 - Electrical connection piece for a video endoscope, video endoscope, and method for producing an electrical connection in a video endoscope: The invention relates to an electrical connection piece for a video endoscope having a hermetically closed video unit in a shaft of the endoscope, a video endoscope, and a method for producing an electrical connection in a video endoscope. The electrical connection piece according to the invention includes an at... Agent: Olympus Winter & Ibe Gmbh

20140371528 - Endoscope and a method for chemical modification of the members thereof: An endoscope and a method for chemical modification of the members thereof are provided, on one hand, a transparent isolation film is utilized such that the tissue fluid inside a subject cannot stick to a lens of the endoscope to maintain the optimal image capturing status of the lens of... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140371529 - Transparent endoscope head defining a focal length: A catheter configured for imaging objects substantially in focus is described herein. An imaging device is disposed on the distal end of the catheter. The imaging device has an effective focal plane that is located in front of the imaging device. The catheter also includes a transparent focal instrument that... Agent:

20140371531 - Atraumatic arthroscopic instrument sheath and method: A removable, resilient atraumatic sheath for arthroscopic instruments. The sheath covers sharp edges on the arthroscopic instrument, particularly the distal tip of the rigid cannula, and thereby protects tissue and objects near a surgical site from accidental trauma. The sheath may be provided in the form of an inflow/outflow sheath... Agent: Cannuflow, Inc.

20140371532 - Nested cannulas with guided tools: A medical instrument includes a guide (102) having an interlocking structure. A tool (104) is enclosed within the guide and has an interlocking feature configured to engage the interlocking structure of the guide. The tool has a stored position and a deployed position such that in transitioning between the stored... Agent:

20140371533 - Endoscope device and endoscope system: The present invention is capable of setting a program corresponding to each programmable device for the programmable devices. This endoscope device and endoscope system are provided with: programmable devices performing processing in accordance with programs; and a rewrite control unit which transmits unique information which is specific to the programmable... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140371534 - Insertion device comprising operation input portion: An insertion device includes a UD knob having an outer peripheral side notched in a concave recess with such a curvature and a size as to come in close contact with a base part of a thumb, and an RL knob placed on the UD knob with the same center... Agent:

20140371535 - Imaging device and endoscope apparatus including the same: A wide dimming dynamic range and high dimming resolution are obtained without causing a variation in the amount of received light due to pulse illumination light in each line of an imaging element. An imaging device includes a light source emitting light by pulse driving, a light source control unit... Agent:

20140371536 - Laryngoscope: A laryngoscope (10) is disclosed, the laryngoscope (10) comprising a unitary body (11) formed of a first material and having portions shaped to define a handle (18) and a blade (28) of the laryngoscope (10), the body (11) having a recess (44) therein shaped to receive one or more electrical... Agent:

20140371538 - Configured and sized cannula: A dilator retractor and the dilators that are used for minimally invasive spinal surgery or other surgery are configured to accommodate the anatomical structure of the patient as by configuring the cross sectional area in an elliptical shape, or by forming a funnel configuration with the wider end at the... Agent:

20140371537 - Surgical access assembly including adhesive members for secure attachment to skin surfaces: A surgical access assembly is presented including an expandable sleeve having a proximal end and a distal end, the proximal end including a first pair of wings and a second pair of wings outwardly extending away from the sleeve, the second pair of wings detachably connected to a distal end... Agent:

20140371539 - Fornix manipulator: A formix manipulator includes a collar and stabilizer. The collar has a first end and a second end, the second end having an opening and diameter greater than the first end and the first end having an opening to receive a cervix into the collar. The stabilizer has a base... Agent:

20140371540 - Retractor: A retractor device for spearing the body tissue apart is provided. The retractor includes a housing configured to include a plurality of sections, wherein each section is configured to accommodate placement of at least one blade, a blade holding mechanism configured to secure the at least one blade within the... Agent:

20140371541 - System and method retracting body tissue: A method for retracting body tissue providing a retractor system that includes a rail having two opposed widened rail portions separated by a narrowed portion, each widened portion engageable by a separate clamp. The clamps are configured to support the rail to a fixed surface, or to support a surgical... Agent:

20140371542 - System and method for pain reduction skin puncture and breakable tip therefor: An instrument, article and method are provided for minimizing pain during administration by injection of a liquid, such as, an anesthetic. The instrument has a forward end. A rod or lightpipe mounted freely for vibration projects out of the forward end. The article, a single use tip, is composed of... Agent: Bing Innovations LLC

20140371543 - Analytics regarding patient care: A method, system and computer-readable medium are provided for determining compliance with patient care protocols, comprising an infusion pump providing infusion information pertaining to one or more drugs administered to a patient, the one or more drugs including sedatives and analgesics, and a processor communicably coupled to the infusion pump... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20140371546 - Biological information monitor: A biological information monitor includes: a measuring section which is configured to measure biological information having a periodically changing value; a sound outputting section which is configured to output a sound including a first sound and a second sound, in synchronization with a period of the biological information; and a... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20140371548 - Depth of consciousness monitor including oximeter: The present disclosure relates to a sensor for monitoring the depth of consciousness of a patient. The sensor includes a plurality of light sources, light detectors, and in some embodiments, electrodes. In an embodiment, the sensor includes reusable and disposable portions.... Agent:

20140371545 - Measurement of cerebral physiologic parameters using bioimpedance: Devices and methods are disclosed for detecting and/or monitoring cerebral pathologies. In one embodiment, a cerebro-hemodynamic measurement apparatus is disclosed that includes at least one processor. The at least one processor is configured to receive, via at least one sensor, at least one signal associated with a brain of a... Agent:

20140371544 - Motion-based behavior identification for controlling therapy: Devices, systems, and techniques for analyzing video information to objectively identify patient behavior are disclosed. A system may analyze obtained video information of patient motion during a period of time to track one or more anatomical regions through a plurality of frames of the video information and calculate one or... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140371549 - Polygraph: A method comprising measuring skin conductivity level of a human subject responsive to a series of preliminary questions; measuring skin conductivity level of the human subject in response to a series of control questions; and in case that a sympathetic activation is detected, finding the authenticity of the response to... Agent:

20140371547 - Sleep monitoring and stimulation: Sleep monitoring and stimulation comprises collecting actigraphy data from a user. The user's sleep phase is determined using the actigraphy data. At least one stimulation, determined at least in part on the sleep phase, is directed towards the user. Subsequent actigraphy data is collected from the user. The actigraphy data... Agent:

20140371550 - Electrolytic biosensor: An electrolytic biosensor for use in intracorporeal leak detection may be incorporated into a surgical drain that is installed post-operatively at the site of a wound. The electrolytic biosensor may be used to monitor drain effluent flowing through the surgical drain by measuring a fluid conductivity of the drain effluent.... Agent: Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

20140371551 - High-throughput operant sensory discrimination apparatus and method: Described herein are various apparatus and systems useful in sensory discrimination. Through the use of a multi-well sample plate, the high-throughput analysis apparatus and method allow for rapid sensory discrimination of a large number of samples.... Agent:

20140371552 - Measurement apparatuses and methods using a combined substance cooling device: A measurement apparatus includes a cooling device including two separated, different substances exhibiting an endothermic reaction when combined to decrease a temperature of the cooling device and a contacting mechanism to contact an assay surface with the cooling device. The apparatus includes a temperature measurement device to measure a temperature... Agent:

20140371553 - Systems, devices and methods for in situ calibration of implantable sensors: The systems, methods, and devices described herein generally involve monitoring and/or quantification of various analyte levels in a biological fluid using one or more implantable sensors. In various aspects, systems, methods, and devices described herein can provide for the in situ calibration and/or cleaning of such sensors when implanted in... Agent:

20140371554 - Method for improved oxygen saturation estimation in the presence of noise: The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to devices, systems, and methods for estimating a physiological parameter in the presence of noise. For example, the disclosure relates, in some embodiments, to devices, systems, and methods for assessing (e.g., estimating, measuring, calculating) oxygen saturation (SpO2). Methods of assessing SpO2 may... Agent:

20140371555 - System and method for voice control of medical devices: A diagnostic system includes a plurality of semiconductor diodes, a multiplexer, and one or more waveguide structures to form an output beam. A lens system communicates some of the output beam onto a part of a user's body comprising blood to perform a measurement. A software application is capable of... Agent:

20140371556 - Exercise and communications system and associated methods: An exercise and communications system includes an interactive device, a remote device, and an external device, wherein the interactive device is configured to gather data relating to a user of the system and transmit the same to the remote device, and the remote device is configured to provide analyze the... Agent:

20140371557 - Biological signal measuring system and biological signal measuring apparatus: A biological signal measuring system includes: a light emitter emitting light beams having different N kinds of wavelengths, where N is an integer of four or more; a light receiver outputting N kinds of signals respectively in accordance with received light intensities of the N kinds of light beams that... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20140371558 - Symmetrically arranged sensor electrodes in an ophthalmic electrochemical sensor: An eye-mountable device includes an electrochemical sensor embedded in a polymeric material configured for mounting to a surface of an eye. The electrochemical sensor includes a working electrode, a reference electrode, and a reagent that selectively reacts with an analyte to generate a sensor measurement related to a concentration of... Agent:

20140371559 - Embedding method: Body-mountable devices and methods for embedding a structure in a body-mountable device are described. A body-mountable device includes a transparent polymer and a structure embedded in the transparent polymer. The transparent polymer defines a posterior side and an anterior side of the body-mountable device. The structure has an outer diameter... Agent: Google Inc.

20140371560 - Body-mountable devices and methods for embedding a structure in a body-mountable device: Body-mountable devices and methods for embedding a structure in a body-mountable device are described. A body-mountable device includes a transparent polymer and a structure embedded in the transparent polymer. The transparent polymer defines a posterior side and an anterior side of the body-mountable device. The structure has an outer diameter... Agent:

20140371561 - Cartridge and meter for receiving the cartridge: The specification describes a cartridge for insertion into a meter, the interior of the meter comprising a boss having a main body and a protrusion extending from the main body. The cartridge comprises an orientation member provided at one end of the cartridge, the orientation member comprising a recess having... Agent:

20140371562 - Solderable flexible electrode and method for manufacturing same: The present disclosure relates to a flexible electrode and a method for manufacturing the same, more particularly to a flexible electrode which has good flexibility and biocompatibility as well as good solderability for attachment of electronic parts and, hence, is widely applicable in such fields as ubiquitous healthcare monitoring and... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20140371563 - Multiple bipolar sampling: Apparatus, which consists of a plurality of modules. Each of the modules has: an insulating frame, a pair of electrodes fixed to the frame at respective locations that are spaced apart, and circuitry configured to receive signals from the pair of electrodes and in response output a differential signal. The... Agent:

20140371564 - Methods and apparatus for stimulating and recording neural activity: Thermal drawing processes can be used to make multifunctional, high-resolution neural probes for neural recording and stimulation. An exemplary neural probe may include one or more conductive fibers or microelectrodes coated with two or more layers of insulating material, at least one of which is partially etched to expose a... Agent:

20140371565 - Accommodation stimulation and recording device: Embodiments described herein generally relate to devices and methods for stimulation or recording of accommodation of an eye. Accommodation of an eye naturally occurs through contraction of the ciliary muscle. Embodiments described herein can deliver electrostimulation to the ciliary muscle through a pair of electrodes which deliver power over an... Agent:

20140371566 - Conforming patient contact interface and method for using same: A conforming patient contact interface and method of using the same are disclosed. The conforming patient contact interface may flex when deployed to better contact a surface of a body of a patient.... Agent:

20140371567 - Multipart non-uniform patient contact interface and method of use: A multipart, non-uniform patient contact interface and method of use are disclosed.... Agent:

20140371568 - Device and a method for assembling an electronic device having a male connection portion for providing a detachable connection, and a flexible element for facilitating assembly of electronic components: The invention concerns an electronic device, method for assembling components of an electronic device and a flexible cap for facilitating assembly of an electronic component of an electronic device. The electronic device has a housing and at least one male connection portion for providing a detachable connection of the electronic... Agent:

20140371569 - Coloring substance for diagnostic ophtalmologic use: The present invention relates to a substance selected from the group consisting of riboflavin, its esters, salts and hydrates thereof, for use in an ophthalmic diagnostic method. In preferred aspects of the invention, the riboflavin is applied into the eye as part of a solution having a concentration from about... Agent:

20140371572 - Acoustic wave acquiring apparatus and control method thereof: The present invention provides an acoustic wave acquiring apparatus including: a probe configured to receive an acoustic wave from an object through an object holding unit that holds the object; an acoustic matching material holding unit configured to form a space, which holds an acoustic matching material, between the object... Agent:

20140371570 - Method for measuring liver fat mass using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry: Methods for measuring liver fat mass are provided. One method includes acquiring dual-energy two-dimensional (2D) scan information from a dual-energy X-ray scan of a body and generating a dual-energy X-ray image of the body using the 2D scan information. The method further includes identifying a region of interest using the... Agent:

20140371571 - Photoacoustic image generation device and method: A desired structure is selectively imaged by photoacoustic imaging. Photoacoustic signals are detected, and the detected photoacoustic signals are reconstructed to generate photoacoustic image data. A Fourier transform in a two-dimensional or higher dimensional space is applied to the photoacoustic image data to generate spatial frequency domain photoacoustic image data.... Agent:

20140371573 - Method of identifying the spatial distribution of areas in a sensory area of brain, program, and recording medium therefor: A method of identifying a spatial distribution of areas includes: a first step of determining a rough spatial distribution of at least one area in a sensory area of cerebral cortex in each of a left hemisphere and right hemisphere of the brain that is a target area of the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140371574 - Noncontact electrophysiological measurement and imaging of the heart: Method and system for noncontact electrophysiologic imaging of the heart. The methods may employ the magnetization and its relaxation-based measurements, sensitive or specifically sensitized to the properties of cardiac electrical activity, to determine the spatio-temporal distribution of cardiac electromagnetic field and cardiac electrical potentials, and to display such spatio-temporal distribution... Agent:

20140371575 - Persistent luminescence nanoparticles excitable in situ for in vivo optical imaging, in vivo multimodal optical-mri imaging, and theranostics: Multimodal optical and magnetic resonance imaging methods based on the use of persistent luminescence nanoparticles. Use of mesoporous persistent luminescence <<core-shell>> complexes for theranostic applications.... Agent:

20140371578 - Real-time display of vasculature views for optimal device navigation: An apparatus configured to generate for display a plurality of vasculature (115) views (170a-c) alongside a live fluoroscopy image (190a). The views are selected in such a way that they allow visualizing the 3D structure of the vasculature segment in which the device (117) is currently navigating. The view is... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140371577 - Robotic medical device for monitoring the respiration of a patient and correcting the trajectory of a robotic arm: The robotic medical device for monitoring the respiration of a patient and correcting robotic trajectory includes at least one robotic arm; a mechanical ventilator, to which the respiration of a patient is subjected; and a recorder for, on the basis of time, times during mechanical ventilation when the patient is... Agent: Medtech

20140371576 - Robotic surgical system and method for diagnostic data mapping: A method of generating a diagnosis map of at least a portion of the heart includes inserting an electrode within the portion of a heart, robotically moving the electrode therein, measuring electrophysiology information at a point on the surface of the heart, associating the measured electrophysiology information with position information... Agent:

20140371579 - Rapid image analysis - fleming harrington redistribution wash-in washout method for differentiation of inflammatory vascular disease (ivd) and tissue viability: The present invention provides a method for detecting abnormal coronary blood flow by “quantifying” emissions of radiopharmaceuticals after stressing the heart under “same state” conditions for detection of inflammatory vascular (IVD) disease and differentiation of (a) ischemic heart disease due reduced lumen responsiveness to demand for more coronary blood flow... Agent:

20140371580 - Method and apparatus for sensitivity calibration: A detector of a gamma camera is configured such that a radioactive point source is positioned within a field of view at a fixed distance from the detector. A predetermined number of gamma photons emitted by the point source and passed through a collimator are acquired. A system-specific planar sensitivity... Agent:

20140371581 - Method and system for radiation application: A method for generating one or more images includes collecting data samples representative of a motion of an object, acquiring image data of at least a part of the object over a time interval, synchronizing the data samples and the image data to a common time base, and generating one... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20140371582 - Method of deep tissue imaging using multi-photon excitation of a fluorophore: A method is provided for deep tissue imaging using multi-photon excitation of a fluorescent agent. The fluorescent agent is irradiated with an ultrafast laser to produce an excited singlet state (Sn) which subsequently undergoes non-radiative relaxation to a first singlet state (S1). The S1 state undergoes fluorescence to the ground... Agent:

20140371584 - Patient mounted mri and ct compatible robot for needle guidance in interventional procedures: A patient mountable robot includes a four link mechanism, three actuators, and a first robot base. The mechanism includes four links that form a closed loop structure. The four links include a base link that includes a spherical joint. The mechanism provides two rotational degrees of freedom about the spherical... Agent: Children's National Medical Center

20140371583 - Quantification of absolute blood flow in tissue using fluorescence mediated photoplethysmography: There is provided a method and a system for quantification of absolute blood flow in tissue using near-infrared fluorescence angiography in conjunction with photoplethysmography (fluorescence-mediated photoplethysmography). The method and system of the present invention provide absolute, real-time measurements of flow in terms of volume/time/area based upon measurement of fluorescence intensity.... Agent:

20140371585 - Single-insertion, multiple sampling biopsy device with linear drive: The present invention provides for exemplary embodiments of a single-insertion, multiple sampling biopsy device. Exemplary embodiments of a single-insertion, multiple sampling device with integrated marker release.... Agent:

20140371586 - Fiducial deployment mechanisms, and related methods of use: A medical device that may include an elongate member having a proximal end and a distal end, and a lumen disposed through the elongate member is disclosed. The medical device may also include an opening disposed at the distal end of the elongate member in communication with the lumen, and... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140371588 - Distributed extravasation detecton system: A system and method enhance clinical effectiveness for monitoring for a change in a level of fluid in tissue by using a device attached to a body portion that wirelessly reports to a remote apparatus or receiver a current received power level for indications of extravasation or infiltration. Adjusting an... Agent:

20140371587 - Ultrasound machine providing composite image data: An ultrasound imaging system combines successive images of a time series to produce high-resolution ultrasound. A piecewise registration process and deemphasizing of high-frequency spatial components may be used to aid in the combination process. A high-definition image may be obtained with or separately from this process by combining different images... Agent:

20140371589 - Subject information obtaining apparatus: A subject information obtaining apparatus includes a shape detector configured to detect the shape of a holding member holding a subject and a shape controlling unit configured to control the shape of the holding member based on result of a detection by the shape detector.... Agent:

20140371590 - Biological optical measurement apparatus and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: According to one embodiment, a biological optical measurement apparatus includes a light emission unit, plural detectors, an image acquisition unit, and a calculation unit. The light emission unit is arranged on a surface of a subject and configured to substantially vertically emit light from an emission surface of the light... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140371591 - Method for automatically detecting mid-sagittal plane by using ultrasound image and apparatus thereof: Provided are a method and apparatus for automatically detecting a mid-sagittal plane of an object by using an ultrasonic image. The method includes obtaining an ultrasonic image for detecting the mid-sagittal plane; detecting a face of the object from the ultrasonic image; detecting a landmark from the detected face; detecting... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140371592 - Mobile ultrasonic diagnostic device: A mobile ultrasonic diagnostic device comprising: a battery (30); a storage processing unit (38) that performs storage processing of data used by the mobile ultrasonic diagnostic device; a high-speed storage unit (80) that performs storage processing faster than the storage processing unit (38); and a storage processing determination unit (36)... Agent:

20140371593 - Ultrasound diagnostic device and method for controlling ultrasound diagnostic device: An ultrasound diagnostic device for measuring a carotid artery wall property includes a transmission-reception processor, a transverse cross-sectional image generator, a transverse cross-sectional image selector, and a relative angle calculator. The transmission-reception processor performs transmission and reception processing of ultrasound with respect to the carotid artery. The transverse cross-sectional image... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140371594 - Estimation and display for vector doppler imaging using plane wave transmissions: Vector Doppler Imaging (VDI) improves on conventional Color Doppler Imaging (CDI) by giving speed and direction of blood flow at each pixel of a display generated by a computing system. Multiple angles of Plane wave transmissions (PWT) via an ultrasound transducer conveniently give projected Doppler measurements over a wide field... Agent:

20140371595 - Flow measurement apparatus and method: The velocity of fluids containing particles that scatter ultrasound can be measured by determining the Doppler shift of the ultrasound scattered by the particles in the fluid. Measuring fluid flow in cylindrical vessels such as blood vessels is an important use of Doppler ultrasound. This invention teaches using various configurations... Agent:

20140371596 - Ultrasound medical apparatus and ultrasound diagnosis apparatus: The ultrasound medical apparatus according to the embodiments include a sheath, a capsule body unit, and a fixation mechanism. The sheath is inserted into the inner cavity of a subject, having an outer peripheral surface that contacts the inner wall surface of the inner cavity of the subject with a... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140371597 - Biopsy and sonography method and apparatus for assessing bodily cavities: Apparatuses and methods for performing a procedure on a uterine cavity of a patient are disclosed. The methods can include visualizing the uterine cavity, biopsying a tissue with a biopsy device, and ejecting fluid from the biopsying device into the uterine cavity. The apparatuses can have a sealable acorn tip,... Agent: Cross Bay Medical, Inc.

20140371598 - Catheter: A catheter including a sheath configured to be inserted into a lumen; a drive shaft inserted into the sheath; an image information acquiring unit fixed to a distal end of the drive shaft and acquires image information; a hub which moves the drive shaft in an axial direction of the... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140371600 - Apparatus for meausring in-vivo mechanical properties of biological tissues: An apparatus and method for measuring mechanical properties of tissue has a stereo optical surgical microscope with at least one objective lens and at least two digital cameras such that paired images obtained from the digital cameras form stereo pairs, and a digital image processing system adapted to determine surface... Agent:

20140371599 - Motion analysis for behavior identification: Devices, systems, and techniques for analyzing video information to objectively identify patient behavior are disclosed. A system may analyze obtained video information of patient motion during a period of time to track one or more anatomical regions through a plurality of frames of the video information and calculate one or... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140371601 - Systems and methods for detecting physiological information of a user: Described herein are systems and methods for improving the reliability and accuracy of wearable physiological monitoring devices. A wearable monitoring device may comprise an inner surface configured for at least partial contact with a targeted tissue region of a person. The inner surface may comprise one or more outwardly projecting... Agent:

20140371602 - Optical measuring device and fiber bundle association method: An optical measuring device includes: a light source unit; a measurement probe including a fiber bundle, an illumination fiber that illuminates a living tissue with a illumination light, and a plurality of light-receiving fibers that receives return light of the illumination light reflected and/or scattered at the living tissue; a... Agent:

20140371603 - Biological state estimation device and computer program: Provided is a technique for more accurately ascertaining a person's status. In particular, the present invention makes it possible to accurately ascertain the detection of alcohol or the like. A fluctuation waveform of an ultra-low-frequency band is found from a biosignal collected from a biosignal measuring means, the fluctuation waveform... Agent: Delta Tooling Co., Ltd.

20140371605 - Apparatus and method for monitoring situations dangerous to the human body: Provided are an apparatus and a method for monitoring a dangerous situation of a human body. The dangerous situation such as the apnea or suffocation of the human body is determined based on variations in one of a cardiac impulse amplitude signal and a respiration amplitude signal of the human... Agent: Ajou University Industry Cooperation Foundation

20140371606 - Automated interpretive medical care system and methodology: Improved apparatus and methods for monitoring, diagnosing and treating at least one medical respiratory condition of a patient are provided, including a medical data input interface adapted to provide at least one medical parameter relating at least to the respiration of the patient, and a medical parameter interpretation functionality (104,... Agent:

20140371604 - Method and apparatus for remote detection and monitoring of functional chronotropic incompetence: Methods and apparatus to determine the presence of and track functional chronotropic incompetence (hereinafter “CI”) in an in-home setting under conditions of daily living. The functional CI of the patient may be determined with one or more of a profile of measured patient heart rates, a measured maximum patient heart... Agent: Corventis, Inc.

20140371607 - Devices and methods for measuring blood pressure: A portable blood pressure monitoring device capable of wirelessly interacting with a secondary device, such as a cell phone, to measure blood pressure of a patient wherein the device is configurable to fold into a low profile storage configuration. The blood pressure monitoring device includes a cuff for wrapping around... Agent:

20140371608 - Stimulative electrotherapy using autonomic nervous system control: Methods for caring for a patient are disclosed. In some embodiments, the methods include measuring a first autonomic nervous system condition of the patient, calculating a first autonomic dysfunction based on the measured first autonomic nervous system condition, and calculating a first sympathovagal balance based on the first measured autonomic... Agent: Dyansys, Inc.

20140371609 - System and method of identifying sources associated with biological rhythm disorders: An example system and method associated with identifying and treating a source of a heart rhythm disorder are disclosed. In accordance with therewith, a spatial element associated with a region of the heart is selected. Progressive rotational activations or progressive focal activations are determined in relation to the selected spatial... Agent:

20140371610 - Method and apparatus for beat-space frequency domain prediction of cardiovascular death after acute coronary event: A method for the machine generation of a model for predicting patient outcome following the occurrence of an event. In one embodiment the method includes the steps of obtaining a physiological signal of interest, the physiological signal having a characteristic; obtaining a time series of a signal characteristic; dividing the... Agent:

20140371611 - Method and device to measure biosignal: Provided is a biosignal measurement method and device that may measure a biosignal by connecting a simple electrode or a capacitive coupling active electrode to a biosignal processor to analyze the biosignal. The biosignal processor may change a frequency band in which the biosignal is to be filtered based on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140371612 - Apparatus and method for detecting epilepsy seizure: An apparatus for detecting an epilepsy seizure, includes: a graph generating unit configured to generate an orthogonal graph where values of heart beat intervals are sequentially plotted while a heart beat interval at an arbitrary timing is set as a first coordinate and a next heart beat interval is set... Agent:

20140371613 - Method and system for detection of biological rhythm disorders: System, assembly and method are provided to facilitate reconstruction of cardiac information representing a complex rhythm disorder associated with a patient's heart to indicate a source of the heart rhythm disorder. The complex rhythm disorder can be treated by application of energy to modify the source of the rhythm disorder.... Agent:

20140371614 - System and method for reconstructing cardiac activation information: An example method of representing cardiac information associated with a heart rhythm disorder is disclosed. The method includes accessing a plurality of neighboring cardiac signals obtained from a patient. The method also includes eliminating far-field activations from the plurality of neighboring cardiac signals using one or more divergence criteria that... Agent:

20140371615 - System and method for reconstructing cardiac activation information: An example system and method of reconstructing cardiac activation information are disclosed. In accordance therewith, there are accessed pairs of cardiac signals out of a plurality of cardiac signals obtained from a patient. The pairs have a first cardiac signal that is common among the pairs and second cardiac signals... Agent:

20140371616 - Method for analysis of complex rhythm disorders: A method of analyzing a complex rhythm disorder in a human heart includes accessing signals from a plurality of sensors disposed spatially in relation to the heart, where the signals are associated with activations of the heart, and identifying a region of the heart having an activation trail that is... Agent:

20140371617 - Remote health care diagnostic tool: Disclosed are patient health systems and methods for transmission of patient health data from a patient data collection system to a provider analysis system. The patient health system include the patient data collection system coupled to a communications network and located proximate a patient, for collecting patient physiological data. The... Agent:

20140371618 - Analytics regarding ventilated patients: A method, system and computer-readable medium are provided for determining compliance with one or more patient care rules and protocols, the method including the steps of sending infusion information from a pump to a processor pertaining to one or more drugs provided to a patient, sending ventilation information from a... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20140371619 - Gas sensor with heater: A first embodiment of a disclosed breath analyzer detects a particular breath component in a breath sample. The analyzer includes a housing defining an interior cavity and having an inlet aperture for receiving the breath sample and an outlet aperture. A sensor is disposed within the cavity for sensing the... Agent: Gm Nameplate, Inc.

20140371620 - Wound diagnosis: A device for diagnosing a wound in a patient, the device comprising: at least two electrodes configured to be placed on the skin of the patient, wherein the at least two electrodes are placed in the vicinity of the wound; and at least one signal processor operatively coupled with the... Agent:

20140371621 - Method and apparatus for autonomic nervous system sensitivity-point testing: A method for autonomic nervous system sensitivity-point testing on a skin of a patient is described. The method includes generating an electrotherapy signal that stimulates a vagal response of an autonomic nervous system of the patient when the patient is tested. The method further includes providing an electrically conductive tip... Agent:

20140371622 - Systems and methods for intra-operative regional neural stimulation: Systems and methods according to the present invention provide a means for determining, as an example, the health or location of nerves. Generally, embodiments according to the present invention may be used to verify the absence of nerve tissue along a prospective incision location to avoid damage caused by such... Agent: Checkpoint Surgical, LLC

20140371623 - Electrophysiology-based cochlea dead region detection apparatus and information provision method for detecting cochlea dead region using the same: An apparatus for objectively detecting a cochlea dead region based on electrophysiology and an information provision method for detecting a cochlea dead region using the apparatus. A cochlea dead region detection apparatus including a control unit is also disclosed. The control unit includes a stimulus generation unit for generating stimuli... Agent: Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation

20140371624 - Wireless interstitial fluid pressure sensor: An implantable pressure sensor arrangement is disclosed. The arrangement includes a substrate, a coil positioned on the substrate, a flexible membrane positioned proximate to the coil and configured to be moveable with respect to the coil, thereby forming a fluid chamber, fluidly sealed from outside of the implantable pressure sensor... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140371625 - Biopsy device with strainer: The present application is directed to an image-guided, vacuum assisted, percutaneous, coring, cable driven breast biopsy instrument which may be conveniently mounted to an x-ray machine wherein the biopsy instrument incorporates a rotation knob at the proximal end of the instrument to manually rotate the distal end of the probe,... Agent:

20140371627 - Biopsy targeting cube with living hinges: A biopsy system comprises a control module, a localization assembly, a biopsy device, and a targeting cube. The biopsy device comprises a holster portion and a probe. The probe and/or other associated components are configured to selectively couple with a targeting cube, where the targeting cube is configured to selectively... Agent:

20140371626 - Cutter drive assembly for biopsy device: A biopsy device comprises a body, a needle, and a cutter actuation mechanism. The needle extends distally from the body. The cutter actuation mechanism rotates and translates the cutter relative to the body and relative to the needle. The cutter has an overmold presenting a lead screw and a hex... Agent:

20140371628 - Female urination receiver: A receiver for urine whether for taking sample or disposing thereof, includes an open-topped of saddle shape which approximates the configuration of thighs, labia or other convenient zone.... Agent:

20140371629 - Apparatus for eliciting a blood sample: The present application relates to an apparatus for eliciting a blood sample. The apparatus has a housing having an aperture. A shaft extends in the housing. A first part of a testing member is mounted on the shaft and a second part of a testing member is configured to co-rotate... Agent:

20140371630 - Handheld medical diagnostic devices with sample transfer: A lancet housing assembly for use in a portable handheld medical diagnostic device for sampling bodily fluids from a skin site of a patient is provided. The lancet housing assembly comprises an outer facing side and an inner facing side. An opening is located at the outer facing side that... Agent:

20140371631 - Mobile device for an electronic stethoscope including an electronic microphone and a unit for detecting the position of the mobile device: A mobile device for an electronic stethoscope, including: a microphone, which receive an acoustic signal coming from an area of the body during a detection period and generates an auscultation signal of an electrical type, as a function of the acoustic signal; a transmitter; a processing unit, which transmits the... Agent:

20140371632 - Physiological acoustic monitoring system: An acoustic monitoring system has an acoustic front-end, a first signal path from the acoustic front-end directly to an audio transducer and a second signal path from the acoustic front-end to an acoustic data processor via an analog-to-digital converter. The acoustic front-end receives an acoustic sensor signal responsive to body... Agent:

20140371634 - Method and apparatus for tracking hand and/or wrist rotation of a user performing exercise: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for tracking hand and/or wrist rotation of a user performing exercise. An aspect of the present invention proposes a method of tracking hand and/or wrist rotation of a user performing an exercise, wherein the user wears a marker on his/her hand, the... Agent:

20140371633 - Method and system for evaluating a patient during a rehabilitation exercise: A method for evaluating a user during a virtual-reality rehabilitation exercise, comprising: receiving a target sequence of movements comprising at least a first target elementary movement and a second target elementary movement; receiving a measurement of a movement executed by the user while performing the rehabilitation exercise and interacting with... Agent:

20140371635 - Monitoring a sleeping subject: Apparatus and methods are described, including apparatus for use with a subject who shares a bed with a second person. A motion sensor detects motion of the subject and motion of the second person, and generates a motion signal in response thereto. A control unit identifies components of the motion... Agent:

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20140364677 - Rotating gantry and particle beam therapy system: A rotating gantry is characterized in that a shielding material for attenuating a leakage dose of a secondary radiation generated by collision of a charged particle beam with an irradiation subject is provided at a position that is situated at the side opposed to a particle beam irradiation apparatus with... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140364678 - System and method for neuro-stimulation: A neuro-stimulation system employs a includes a stimulator which may include electrode devices and/or vibration elements. A controller may be employed to drive the stimulating elements with an electrical signal. In response to the electrical signal, the stimulating elements deliver electrical and/or mechanical stimulation to the body part. The stimulation... Agent: Trustees Of Boston University

20140364679 - Multi-coil transcranial magnetic stimulation: An improved apparatus is provided for transcranial magnetic stimulation in a brain of a subject. The apparatus is comprised of: a plurality of coils electrically connected in series to each other; and a single source of current electrically coupled to one of the plurality of coils. Each coil may include... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20140364680 - Rigid body aortic blood pump implant: An implantable aortic blood pump includes a rigid body having wall extending along a long axis and defining an inflation port portion with an inflation aperture therethrough. The aperture is fluid communication with an inner surface of the body and on a fluid supply, the body is preferably independent of... Agent: L-vad Technology, Inc.

20140364681 - Prosthesis state and feedback path based parameter management: A method including obtaining data based on a current and/or anticipated future state of a hearing prosthesis and adjusting a set gain margin of the hearing prosthesis based on the current or anticipated future state of the hearing prosthesis.... Agent:

20140364682 - Signal processing for hearing prostheses: A device includes a sound input element for receiving a sound signal and converting the sound signal into an electrical signal. The device also includes an actuator and a sound processor for processing the electrical signal to generate a stimulation signal. The sound processor is configured to apply frequency shifting... Agent:

20140364683 - Illumination signal, system and method: An illumination system is provided comprising a light source and a controller and being configured to provide an illumination signal (15) for, when perceived by a mammalian, in particular human, subject, inducing relaxing in the subject. The signal comprises a plurality of light pulses (17) having a pulse duration (T17)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140364684 - Knit with strips without barbs, method of making same and prostheses made from said knit: The present invention relates to an openwork prosthetic knit (1) made from a single piece based on at least a first yarn made of biocompatible polymer material that defines a first face (2) and a second face that are opposite one another and from a second biocompatible yarn that generates... Agent:

20140364686 - Artificial urinary sphincter having a multi-compartment cuff: An artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) system includes a cuff, a pump, and a conduit attachable between the cuff and the pump. The cuff is integrated to include a first compartment and a storage compartment. The first compartment is configured to contact the urethra and the storage compartment communicates with the... Agent:

20140364685 - Artificial urinary sphincter system: An artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) system includes a cuff, a pump, and a single tube that provides the system with an inflatable storage compartment. The single tube is connected between the cuff and the pump and includes a first lumen communicating between the cuff and the pump and a separate... Agent:

20140364687 - Penis enlarger - blanc slider: At the present time did not find any patent list at Uspto but there is a model type that uses rods the old fashion way that requires an erection in order to have the penis stretched... Agent:

20140364688 - Capsule orientation detection for capsule docking system with inductive power drive circuit: A capsule endoscopic system is disclosed for receiving data from a capsule device and providing inductive power to the capsule device wirelessly, where the capsule endoscopic system incorporates a feature to automatically protect the capsule device and the docking device from damage if the capsule device is docked in a... Agent: Capso Vision, Inc.

20140364691 - Circuit board assembly of a multiple viewing elements endoscope: There is provided herein, an electronic circuit board assembly for a tip section of a multiple viewing elements endoscope, the assembly including a base board configured to carry a first metal frame to support a front looking viewing element and a second metal frame to support a side looking viewing... Agent:

20140364692 - Fluid distribution device for a multiple viewing elements endoscope: There is provided herein a tip section for an endoscope assembly that includes a fluid distribution device for circulating fluid for cleaning a body cavity. In an embodiment, the tip section includes a groove aligned with side jet channels, where multiple holes drilled above the groove, through the periphery of... Agent:

20140364690 - Imaging device and endoscope apparatus including the same: An imaging device includes a light source capable of emitting multi-types of illumination light beams, an imaging unit including an imaging element driven by a rolling shutter method, a light source control unit, a frame image control unit, and an image generation unit. The frame image control unit controls the... Agent:

20140364689 - Reduced area imaging device incorporated within endoscopic devices: A reduced area imaging device is provided for use in medical or dental instruments such as an endoscope. The imaging device is provided in various configurations, and connections between the imaging device elements and a video display may be achieved by wired or wireless connections. A connector assembly located near... Agent: Micro-imaging Solutions LLC

20140364693 - Proximal high definition endoscope: A stereoscopic endoscope pupil configuration for embedding in a stereoscopic endoscope, the shape of the cross section of the stereoscopic endoscope is a predetermined closed two-dimensional shape, the stereoscopic endoscope pupil configuration including at least two pupils, each of the at least two pupils having a shape covering a different... Agent: Visionsense Ltd.

20140364694 - Manifold for a multiple viewing elements endoscope: There is provided herein an integrated manifold for the tip of a multiple viewing elements endoscope which combines the functionalities of the front holder, side holder/cage and fluid channeling components into a single part. The manifold includes square slots that are equipped with tracks. Square shaped lens assemblies having protrusions... Agent:

20140364695 - Speculum for obstetrical and gynecological exams and related procedures: This application presents structurally-adjustable vaginal specula, which provides visualization and access to the vagina and the cervix. The specula may be lightweight and compact, and may also be configured and dimensioned to minimize slippage during use. The specula may comprise built-in light sources. The specula may comprise a fluid handler,... Agent: Alfred E. Mann Inst For Biomedical Engineering At The University Of Southern California

20140364696 - Method and apparatus for retention of adipose tissue: A tissue retention system to assist in maintaining adipose tissue on a patient in a displaced position during a medical procedure to provide access to a body region of the patient includes a flexible anchor pad having a pad length and a pad width. The anchor pad may include a... Agent:

20140364697 - Length adjustable cannula: A length adjustable cannula includes: a pipe-like main body having a through hole formed therein and an outer circumferential surface on which a screw thread is formed; a base grip provided at an end of the main body; an inner support plate provided at another end of the main body;... Agent:

20140364698 - Minimally obstructive retractor for vaginal repairs: This application presents minimally-obstructive and structurally-adjustable retractors for vaginal repairs, which afford an open work area of desirable size and enhanced visualization for a surgeon about the perineum and the posterior vaginal wall of the patient. The retractors may be lightweight and compact, and also configured and dimensioned to minimize... Agent: Alfred E. Mann Institute For Biomedical Engineering At The University Of Southern Californ

20140364700 - Method and articles for treating the sinus system: A method of treating a sinus cavity of a subject includes advancing a distal portion of a light source through a drainage pathway of a sinus cavity and into the sinus cavity and visually observing a transdermal light emitted from the light source. A distal portion of a substantially rigid... Agent:

20140364699 - Ophthalmic endoilluminators with directed light: Certain embodiments of an endoilluminator may include a cannula, an intermediate material, and an optical fiber. The cannula has a substantially cylindrical shape that defines an interior region and has a cylindrical axis. The intermediate material is disposed within the interior region. The optical fiber is disposed within the intermediate... Agent:

20140364701 - Apparatus and method for assessing functional state of body systems including electromyography: An apparatus and method for assessing the functional state of a user. Interface logic preferably executing on a mobile device permits the accumulation of bio-signals from a user. The bio-signals may be assessed to determine the functional state of various body systems. The assessments may be performed by processing logic... Agent:

20140364702 - Apparatus and method for functional state and/or performance assessment and training program adjustment: An apparatus and method for training program generation and modification of that program based on assessed functional state and/or workload performance. User-interface logic preferably operating on a mobile device permits a user to record bio-signals indicative of functional state. Assessment-adjustment logic, that may be located at a distance, conducts body... Agent:

20140364704 - Apparatus for detecting surface microcirculation of acupoint: An apparatus for detecting surface microcirculation of an acupoint includes an acupoint locator, a bio-optical blood flow detection device and a signal analysis processor. The acupoint locator includes an optical probe disposed therein and is configured to let the optical probe substantially align with and be in contact with a... Agent:

20140364705 - Disposable oximeter device: A device includes a pliable membrane, a sensor module and a communication module. The pliable membrane includes a semi-rigid structural member. The membrane is configured to conform to a tissue surface. The structural member is configured to retain the membrane in a particular shape corresponding to the tissue surface. The... Agent:

20140364706 - Method and apparatus for detecting and treating heart failure: Devices and systems provide methods of detecting a heart failure condition of a patient that may be based on one or more respiratory parameters of a patient. In an example embodiment, a monitoring device determines one or more heart failure condition indicators based on a measure of the patient respiratory... Agent:

20140364703 - Wearable electromyogram sensor system: A wearable electromyogram sensor system is provided. The wearable electromyogram sensor system includes: an elastic band having a plurality of electrodes; an electromyogram sensor including an electrode connected to an electrode of the band so as to receive a bio-signal related to contraction of a muscle, and configured to sense... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140364707 - Apparatus and methods for detecting optical signals from implanted sensors: Some embodiments described herein relate to an apparatus including a light source configured to transmit an excitation optical signal to an implanted sensor and a detector configured to detect an analyte-dependent optical signal emitted from an implanted sensor. The apparatus can include a lens configured to focus at least a... Agent:

20140364708 - Apparatus for enhancing the mold-in algorithm: Disclosed is an apparatus for measuring the indicators of a specific ingredient in a solution. According to one embodiment of the present invention, said apparatus comprises: a signal collector for collecting a plurality of signals from a target in a selected volume of the solution. Beam splitters for splitting said... Agent:

20140364709 - Non-invasive ocular analyte sensing system: A noninvasive method and apparatus for determining analyte concentration (e.g., glucose) in a subject that includes measuring light refraction from at least a portion one or more structures. One example of such structure is the subject's iris.... Agent: The University Of Toledo

20140364710 - Redox polymers: Novel transition metal complexes of iron, cobalt, ruthenium, osmium, and vanadium are described. The transition metal complexes can be used as redox mediators in enzyme based electrochemical sensors. In such instances, transition metal complexes accept electrons from, or transfer electrons to, enzymes at a high rate and also exchange electrons... Agent:

20140364711 - All-in-one analyte sensor in a detachable external mobile device case: The embodiments herein discuss an analyte sensing processor housed in the external, detachable case of a mobile device. The analyte sensing processor converts the reading into a signal that can be further processed by a health management system and displayed on the graphical user interface of a user's device.... Agent:

20140364712 - Nanoenhanced hemostatic device and methods for making a layer having hemostatic properties: Devices and methods relate to inducing or promoting hemostasis. The hemostasis device may include a support layer having a first surface and an opposing second surface. The device may include a layer, the layer disposed on the first surface. The layer may include a target surface configured to contact a... Agent: Emory University

20140364713 - Electrical and mechanical connection for coiled stimulation/sensing lead conductors: A medical electrical lead includes a threaded conductor, a coil conductor, and a sleeve. The threaded conductor has an outer surface with a threaded section that includes threads defining grooves between the threads. The coil conductor has coils seated in the grooves of the threaded conductor. The coil conductor has... Agent:

20140364714 - Antennas for implantable medical devices: In general, techniques are described for wirelessly transferring information using an implantable antenna. In one example, an apparatus includes an implantable medical device that includes a housing including an implantable telemetry circuit. The apparatus includes a dielectric compartment, mechanically coupled to the housing and including first and second substantially parallel... Agent:

20140364715 - Multi-electrode impedance sensing: A system and method for assessing contact between a medical device and tissue may comprise an electronic control unit (ECU) configured to be coupled to a medical device, the medical device comprising a first electrode and a second electrode. The ECU may be further configured to select the first electrode... Agent:

20140364716 - Electro-cardiograph sensor mat: The invention relates to an electrocardiograph sensor mat (100), the mat (100) comprising a multitude of electrodes (104) for acquiring cardiac signals and a plug (200), wherein the electrodes (104) are connected to the plug (200) by electric wires (102), wherein the wires (102) are segmented by switches (202), wherein... Agent: Koninklije Philips N.v.

20140364717 - Method and device for continuous measurement of intraocular pressures: A method to obtain and view lop time developments of a patient and to generate database relating to a patient's individual IOP development, includes the steps of continuous measurement and storage of IOP data of a patient over a period of time of at least 24 hours, during a normal... Agent: Implandata Ophthalmic Products Gmbh

20140364718 - Medical image diagnostic apparatus bed and medical image diagnostic apparatus: A medical image diagnostic apparatus bed according to an embodiment includes a top, a support mechanism, a determination unit, and a driving unit. On the top, a subject is placed. The support mechanism supports the top with adjustability of an elevation angle of the top. The determination unit determines the... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140364719 - Method and apparatus for localizing an ultrasound catheter: An imaging system is provided with an ultrasound catheter and a controller coupled to the ultrasound catheter. The catheter includes a localizer sensor configured to generate positional information for the ultrasound catheter, and an imaging ultrasound sensor having a restricted field of view. The controller co-registers images from the imaging... Agent:

20140364720 - Systems and methods for interactive magnetic resonance imaging: Embodiments of a method, a system, and a non-transitory computer readable medium for use in interactive magnetic resonance imaging are presented. An initial region of interest of a subject is scanned to acquire imaging data using an initial imaging protocol. Anatomical labeling information corresponding to a plurality of regions corresponding... Agent:

20140364721 - In vivo visualization and control of patholigical changes in neural circuits: Neurological Disease Mechanism Analysis for Diagnosis, Drug Screening, (Deep) Brain Stimulation Therapy design and monitoring, Stem Cell Transplantation therapy design and monitoring, Brain Machine Interface design, control, and monitoring.... Agent:

20140364722 - Mri transfer table assembly: The present disclosure relates to a transfer table assembly suitable for use in association with an MR scanner. The transfer table assembly includes a transfer table attached to a transfer table base that may releasably engage an incubator. The transfer table may be dimensionally constructed such that it may be... Agent: Children's Hospital Medical Center

20140364723 - Image-based identification of muscle abnormalities: A method is provided for identifying a muscle abnormality. The method may include acquiring image data associated with a plurality of muscles in an area of interest of a living subject and generating a data model for the plurality of muscles based on the image data. The method further includes... Agent:

20140364724 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus for image acquisition control with administration of contrast agent: In a method and magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire diagnostic image data of a contrast agent-filled target area of a patient, a peak time of the test bolus in the target area is automatically determined, from which a wait period is then determined for administering the main bolus. After the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140364725 - Systems and methods for performing image guided procedures within the ear, nose, throat and paranasal sinuses: Devices, systems and methods for performing image guided interventional and surgical procedures, including various procedures to treat sinusitis and other disorders of the paranasal sinuses, ears, nose or throat.... Agent:

20140364726 - Systems and methods to identify interventional instruments: Systems and methods which operate to identify interventional instruments and/or other objects in images are shown. Embodiments operate to extract relevant information regarding interventional instruments from a multi-dimensional volume for presenting the information to a user in near real-time with little or no user interaction. Objects may be identified by... Agent:

20140364727 - Method of thermo-acoustic tomography and hyperthermia: A method includes providing a pulsed magnetic field, exposing a tissue mass to the pulsed magnetic field, and receiving an ultrasonic signal from a region of the tissue imbued with magnetic particles.... Agent: The Board Of Regents For Oklahoma State University

20140364728 - Insertion target point setting apparatus, ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method for setting insertion target point: An insertion target point setting apparatus is provided. The insertion target point setting apparatus includes a reference point setting unit configured to set, in coordinates formed in a three-dimensional space with a subject with a biopsy needle inserted therein, a first reference point which is an insertion target point of... Agent: Ge Medical Systems Global Technology Company, LLC

20140364729 - Blood vessel function inspecting apparatus: It is provided a blood vessel function inspecting apparatus including: a blood vessel diameter measuring portion configured to measure a diameter of a blood vessel; a blood vessel wall thickness measuring portion configured to measure a wall thickness of the blood vessel; and a blood vessel function index value calculating... Agent: Unex Corporation

20140364732 - Method of detecting electrocardiogram signal, method of displaying electrocardiogram signal, and electrocardiogram signal detecting apparatus: A method of detecting an electrocardiogram signal is disclosed. The method includes measuring an electrocardiogram signal, determining a wave period based on an inclination of the measured electrocardiogram signal, and detecting an apex of the electrocardiogram signal with at least one of a maximum size and inclination in the wave... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140364730 - Multi-headed imaging probe and imaging system using same: A diagnostic imaging system is provided that includes an image acquisition component, a transmitter operatively coupled to the image acquisition component to transmit a signal therefrom, and a beamformer operatively coupled to the image acquisition component to receive image data therefrom. Also included is a processor configured to assemble images... Agent:

20140364731 - Ultrasound imaging system image identification and display: An ultrasound imaging system includes at least one transducer element. The ultrasound imaging system further includes a console with a transducer controller that controls the at least one element, a transducer processor that processes information detected by the at least one element, and a display controller that controls display of... Agent:

20140364733 - Time reversal and phase coherent music techniques for super-resolution ultrasound imaging: Systems and methods for super-resolution ultrasound imaging using a windowed and generalized TR-MUSIC algorithm that divides the imaging region into overlapping sub-regions and applies the TR-MUSIC algorithm to the windowed backscattered ultrasound signals corresponding to each sub-region. The algorithm is also structured to account for the ultrasound attenuation in the... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20140364737 - Systems and methods for increasing efficiency of ultrasound waveform tomography: Ultrasound tomography imaging methods for imaging a tissue medium with one or more ultrasound transducer arrays comprising a plurality of transducers, wherein said transducers comprise source transducers, receiving transducers. The methods include assigning a phase value or time delay to source transducers, exciting the transducers and calculating a search direction... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20140364734 - Systems and methods for synthetic aperture ultrasound tomography: Synthetic-aperture ultrasound tomography systems and methods using scanning arrays and algorithms configured to simultaneously acquire ultrasound transmission and reflection data, and process the data for improved ultrasound tomography imaging.... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20140364736 - Ultrasound waveform tomography with spatial and edge regularization: Synthetic-aperture ultrasound tomography systems and methods using scanning arrays and algorithms configured to simultaneously acquire ultrasound transmission and reflection data, and process the data for improved ultrasound tomography imaging, wherein the tomography imaging comprises total-variation regularization, or a modified total variation regularization, particularly with edge-guided or spatially variant regularization.... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20140364735 - Ultrasound waveform tomography with tv regularization: Synthetic-aperture ultrasound tomography systems and methods using scanning arrays and algorithms configured to simultaneously acquire ultrasound transmission and reflection data, and process the data for improved ultrasound tomography imaging, wherein the tomography imaging comprises total-variation regularization, or a modified total variation regularization.... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20140364738 - Windowed time-reversal music technique for super-resolution ultrasound imaging: Systems and methods for super-resolution ultrasound imaging using a windowed and generalized TR-MUSIC algorithm that divides the imaging region into overlapping sub-regions and applies the TR-MUSIC algorithm to the windowed backscattered ultrasound signals corresponding to each sub-region. The algorithm is also structured to account for the ultrasound attenuation in the... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20140364739 - Systems and methods for analyzing a vascular structure: System for analyzing a vascular structure. The system includes an initialization module that is configured to analyze a slice of a VOI that includes a main vessel of the vascular structure to position first and second luminal models in the lumen. Each of the first and second luminal models represents... Agent: General Electric Company

20140364740 - Ultrasound measurement apparatus and ultrasound measurement method: A first interface of a media-adventitia interface and a second interface of a lumen-intima interface are specified on the basis of reflected waveform data in an n-th frame, a first interface of a media-adventitia interface and second interfaces of a lumen-intima interface are specified on the basis of reflected waveform... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140364741 - Portable ultrasonic probe: Provided is a portable ultrasonic probe including a main body comprising a transducer configured to generate an ultrasonic wave, and a folder part comprising a display and rotatably coupled to an end portion of the main body, wherein the main body further comprises an analog to digital (AD) converter and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140364742 - Ultrasonic probe and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed herein is an ultrasonic probe capable of emitting heat generated by a transducer outside the ultrasonic probe using a heat radiation plate. The ultrasonic probe includes a transducer configured to generate an ultrasonic wave, a heat spreader provided on a surface of the transducer, the heat spreader being configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140364743 - Near-infrared (nir) optical scanner: A method, apparatus, and system acquire data to create a 3D mesh representing a 3D object. The method, apparatus, and system acquire image data of the 3D object using an imaging probe that includes illumination and detection capability. A light source operates to illuminate the 3D object for reflection and/or... Agent: The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

20140364744 - Apparatus, interface unit, suction ring and method to monitor corneal tissue: An apparatus and a method for cutting or ablating corneal tissue of an eye provide for detection of electromagnetic radiation exiting the eye. A detector is provided and coupled to a computer controlling the cutting or ablating laser radiation so that a two- or three-dimensional image of radiation exiting the... Agent: Wavelight Gmbh

20140364745 - Multi-spectral tissue imaging: Apparatus and methods are disclosed for multi-spectral imaging of tissue to obtain information about the distribution of fluorophores and chromophores in the tissue. Using specific spectral bands for illumination and specific spectral bands for detection, the signal-to-noise ratio and information related to the distribution of specific fluorophores is enhanced as... Agent: Canfield Scientific, Incorporated

20140364746 - Methods and systems for recalibrating a blood pressure monitor with memory: Systems and methods are provided for storing and recalling metrics associated with physiological signals. It may be determined that the value of a monitored physiological metric corresponds to a stored value. In such cases, a patient monitor may determine that a calibration is not desired. In some cases, a patient... Agent:

20140364747 - Method for measuring blood pressure, and apparatus for measuring blood pressure based on said method: According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a blood pressure measuring apparatus including a pressure sensor unit configured to sense an atmospheric pressure, an applied pressure, and a blood pressure of a blood vessel delivered to a skin and output an electrical signal indicating a result... Agent:

20140364748 - Suprasystolic measurement in a fast blood-pressure cycle: Disclosed herein is a system for monitoring a patient that includes a cuff configured to inflate to at least partially occlude an artery of the patient and a cuff controller configured to inflate the cuff during a dynamic phase and generally maintain inflation of the cuff at about a target... Agent:

20140364749 - Calibration for blood pressure measurements: Blood pressure measurement devices comprising a transducer may have error introduced when the transducer is placed in mechanical communication with a vein or artery. This error may be based on alignment, applanation, calibration, and the contact based stress required to obtain a signal from pressure in a vein or artery.... Agent: Drexel University

20140364750 - Methods and systems for predicting hypovolemic hypotensive conditions resulting from bradycardia behavior using a pulse volume waveform: A method for identifying cardiac bradiacardia behavior may include acquiring pulse volume wave data from a sensor associated with a patient, and calculating metrics associated with peaks detected therein. The metrics may include changes in peak amplitudes of pulse volume peaks and in the times of occurrence of pulse volume... Agent:

20140364752 - Methods and apparatus for encouraging wakefulness of a driver using biometric parameters measured using a wearable monitor: In a first aspect, a method is provided for determining a level of wakefulness of a driver of a vehicle using a mobile telephone. The method includes (a) employing a wearable monitor to detect a biometric parameter of a user while the user is driving a vehicle; (b) communicating biometric... Agent:

20140364751 - Methods and apparatus for monitoring stress using biometric parameters measured using a wearable monitor: In a first aspect, a method of tracking stress on a mobile telephone includes (a) employing a wearable monitor to detect a biometric parameter of a user; (b) communicating biometric parameter information from the wearable monitor to a mobile telephone of the user; and (c) employing the mobile telephone to:... Agent:

20140364753 - Patient signal analysis and characterization based on late potentials: Disclosed herein is a framework for facilitating patient signal analysis. In accordance with one aspect, patient signal data including at least one identified cycle is segmented into at least two regions of interest, including a late potential region of interest. The late potential region of interest may be an RS,... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20140364754 - Rms electrocardiography system and method: A system for assessing a cardiac condition of a subject includes a sensor configured to record a plurality N of electrocardiographic signals from the subject to generate an ECG (electrocardiogram). The system further includes a processor configured to compute an RMS (root-mean-square) magnitude function from the recorded signals, and to... Agent:

20140364755 - Diagnostic apparatus: A diagnostic apparatus includes a stethoscope, an electrocardiac detector, a control unit, and an external unit. A sound detector is a chest piece to make contact with a patient's skin, and includes a first detector to detect a relatively high frequency and a second detector to detect a relatively low... Agent: Cyberdyne Inc.

20140364756 - Ecg sensing apparatuses, systems and methods: Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to processing ECG signals from a subject. As may be implemented in accordance with one or more embodiments, respective electrodes sense ECG signals from a subject, and the ECG signals are digitized and processed, such as to remove noise, detect a QRS complex,... Agent:

20140364757 - Cardio mapping system and method for cardio mapping: A method and system for determining the mechanism of cardiac arrhythmia in a patient is disclosed. The method basically entails measuring the impedance of cardiac tissue in a portion of the patient's heart using a catheter during an episode of supraventricular tachycardia to produce an iso-impedance map of that cardiac... Agent:

20140364758 - Respiratory treatment system including physiological sensors: An apparatus assesses a condition of a patient. The apparatus may contain a patient interface for communicating a treatment generated by a respiratory treatment apparatus to the respiratory system of a patient. The apparatus may also include a sensing module containing one or more electrochemical sensors to sense chemicals in... Agent:

20140364759 - Ultrasensitive and compact device for noninvasive acquisition of low strength bio signals and method of using same: A method of detecting changes in biologically sourced electrical signals is disclosed. Biologically sourced electrical signals are coupled to a meta-stable and hair-trigger wise perturbable system. The system operates in a first oscillatory mode when the received signals have a strength below a first predetermined level and operates in a... Agent: Jinga-hi, Inc.

20140364760 - Skin patch instrument for treating pain: A therapeutic patch for treating pain capable of compressing a tender area up to a boundary thereof and/or an entire induration with metallic grains or crushed stones by a treatment method in accordance with a classification determined after clarifying a site of pain by pressing a skin with a pressing... Agent:

20140364761 - An apparatus and method for psychiatric evaluation: Apparatus (1) for use in a method for psychiatric evaluation comprises: memory means (4) for holding a store of pre-selected images; display means (12) for displaying a succession of said images to a patient; eye tracking means (6) for tracking eye movement of a patient; recording means (8) for recording... Agent: University Court Pf The University Of Aberdeen

20140364762 - Needle assembly and blade assembly for biopsy device: A biopsy device may comprise a probe assembly that has a needle assembly extending distally from the probe assembly. The needle assembly has a needle portion and blade assembly. The blade assembly comprises a blade and a multi-member coupling assembly. The multi-member coupling assembly is configured to couple to the... Agent:

20140364763 - Lancet needle with alignment and retention notch: A lancet needle with an alignment and engagement notch, with material of the lancet body extending into the notch to more securely retain the needle to the lancet body, whereby a shorter needle can be utilized than with typical lancets. The notch optionally also provides a registration point for rotational... Agent: Facet Technologies, LLC

20140364764 - Device for collecting body fluids: The present invention relates to a device for collecting body fluids, the device comprising: (a) an internal pressure adjustment means for adjusting the internal pressure of the device, and the internal pressure adjustment means has an internal space and is made of an elastic deformable material; (b) a fluid accommodation... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20140364765 - Systems and methods for performing medical procedures involving accessing the lymphatic system: System and methods are provided for treating a patient that include a delivery device sized for introduction into a target site within a patient's body, a source of one or more therapeutic and/or diagnostic agents coupled to the delivery device, and a tubular member sized for introduction into the patient's... Agent:

20140364766 - Systems and methods for phlebotomy through a peripheral iv catheter: An apparatus includes a catheter, an introducer having a first member and a second member, a locking mechanism coupled to a distal end of the first member and configured to couple the introducer to a peripheral intravenous line, and an actuator coupled to the catheter. The actuator is configured to... Agent: Creative Vascular, LLC

20140364767 - Liquid sample measurement device: This liquid sample measurement device is provided with: a lancet mounting part to and from which a lancet device having a skin contact section for puncturing skin can be attached and detached; a sensor mounting part to which a biosensor, which is spotted with blood that comes out from the... Agent:

20140364768 - Loading guide lumen: An apparatus is disclosed including: an intracardiac pump device having a path for a guidewire extending through the pump device from a first opening to a second opening; and a lumen which extends from a first end located outside of the pump device, into the pump device through the first... Agent:

20140364770 - Accelerometer-based sleep analysis: Disclosed are systems and methods for sleep analysis using an accelerometer-based user device. In one aspect, motion-based data from an accelerometer associated with the user device are used to determine one or more average normalized activity levels based on a series of consecutive motion-based data samples. An epoch decision value... Agent:

20140364773 - Apparatus and method for imaging the relative motion of skeletal segments: Apparatus provided for the measurement of skeletal joint motion in a subject which comprises a passive motion device, an imaging device and a processing system incorporating a means for real time digital sampling of images of moving joints, means for recognizing templates attributed to individual bones and tracking these automatically... Agent:

20140364772 - Method, system and device for monitoring protective headgear: A sensor module generates sensor data in response to an impact to protective headgear, wherein the sensor module includes an accelerometer and a gyroscope and wherein the sensor data includes linear acceleration data and rotational velocity data. A device processing module generates event data in response to the sensor data.... Agent: Thl Holding Company, LLC

20140364771 - Pressure sensitive assemblies for limiting movements adverse to health or surgical recovery: Pressure sensitive devices, systems and methods for alerting a user of movements potentially adverse to health or surgical recovery are disclosed. The pressure sensitive device may include a force sensor placed along the anterior aspect of a hand; and a vibration motor in communication with the force sensor in close... Agent:

20140364769 - System and method for detecting transitions between sitting and standing states: A system and method are described herein for detecting a user's transition between sitting and standing postures. Transitions between sitting and standing states are reliably detected using an accelerometer attached to the user. By modeling error introduced by the accelerometer, and correcting for this error, transitions between sitting and standing... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 113 patent applications in 65 patent subcategories.

20140357930 - Gantry structure for a hadron therapy apparatus: A gantry structure (16) designed for pivoting about an axis of rotation (18) and for delivering a hadron beam on a target comprises a beam delivery line (24) receiving the hadron beam in a direction essentially parallel to the axis of rotation (18), deviating it away from said axis of... Agent:

20140357931 - Programmable segmented volumetric modulated arc therapy for respiratory coordination: The invention designs a segmented short-arc VMAT plan, modified from the original VMAT plan, to fit the breath-hold interval. The modified VMAT of the invention has the advantages of its applicability to different planning systems for variously long arcs and its preprogrammed arc segmentation for summated dose consistency. The present... Agent:

20140357932 - Deep brain stimulation of the subcallosal cingulate area for treatment of refractory anorexia nervosa: In one embodiment, a method of treating an eating disorder in a patient, comprises: diagnosing the eating disorder in the patient; and electrically stimulating a subgenual cingulate cortex site or a ventral medial prefrontal cortex site in the patient using electrodes of an implanted stimulation lead.... Agent:

20140357933 - Microscopic magnetic stimulation of neural tissue: An implantable neural stimulation device includes a magnetic coil specifically dimensioned to be implantable inside the tissue and structured to generate, in the vicinity of the target tissue adjacent to which such coils is disposed in operation, magnetic field the strength of which is substantially the same as the strength... Agent:

20140357935 - Mtms coil device with overlapping coil windings: Provided herein is a multichannel Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (mTMS) coil device with two or more overlapping coil windings within a casing. The mTMS coil device is capable of adjusting parameters of the stimulation of magnetic and induced electric fields through the selective control of the multiple coil windings within the... Agent: Nexstim Oy

20140357936 - Non-invasive treatment of neurodegenerative diseases: Methods and devices are disclosed for the non-invasive treatment of neurodegenerative diseases through delivery of energy to target nervous tissue, particularly the vagus nerve. The devices include a magnetic stimulator having coils with toroidal windings, which are in contact with an electrically conducting medium that is adapted to conform to... Agent:

20140357934 - Systems and methods for changing tissue impedance in a region of a biologically generated field: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for changing tissue impedance in a region of a biologically generated field. In certain embodiments, the invention provides methods for changing tissue impedance in a region of a biologically generated field that involve applying focused energy to a region of charged... Agent: Highland Instruments, Inc.

20140357937 - Axial flow pump pressure algorithm: The presence or absence of a high pressure condition in an implantable blood pump is determined at least in part based on a comparison between a determined amount of differential pressure across the pump and a pressure threshold value. The amount of differential pressure parameter may be determined based at... Agent:

20140357938 - Non-blood contacting mechanical device that improves heart function after injury: A method and device are provided for non-blood contact mechanically assisting an injured (e.g., infarcted) ventricle by coupling an inflatable bladder or other volume adjustable device to the injured ventricle and selectively inflating the bladder or increasing the size of the volume in systole to apply force against the injured... Agent:

20140357939 - Meditation device: A meditation device including a body portion, electronics, and integrated user interface. The device includes a user interface that allows the user to set the meditation session duration, color of light, and choice of sound. The electronics enables the device to emit visual and auditory cues for when the meditation... Agent:

20140357940 - Implants, tools, and methods for treatment of pelvic conditions: Described are various embodiments of surgical procedures, systems, implants, devices, tools, and methods, useful for treating pelvic conditions in a male or female, the pelvic conditions including incontinence (various forms such as fecal incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, etc.), vaginal prolapse (including various forms such as enterocele,... Agent:

20140357942 - Intracavity balloon catheter: A device and method for minimizing exposure of soft mucosa tissues to radiation, the device including a low-volume intracavity balloon catheter having multiple expansion portions, including an isometrically expanding portion and a substantially planar anterior portion.... Agent: Myriad Medical LLC

20140357941 - Surgical implants, tools, and methods for treating pelvic conditions: Described are pelvic implants (e.g., urinary incontinence sling, hammock, etc.) and method of implanting a pelvic implant that provide treatment for pelvic floor disorders such as incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, prolapse (e.g., cystocele, enterocele, rectocele, vault prolapse), fecal incontinence, and the like, wherein the implant and methods involve various features,... Agent:

20140357944 - High torque personal massager: A personal massager for sexual stimulation including a rotational drive, a mechanical transformer coupled to the rotational drive and which transforms a rotational output of the rotational drive to provide an output drive shaft having increased torque relative to the rotational output of the rotational drive, a mass coupled off-center... Agent: Boulder Applied Physics, Inc.

20140357943 - Sex toy: A sex toy includes a handle member forming a handle portion which can be manually grasped and held and/or can be strapped in place with an elongate connector portion at one end or both ends of the body together with a set of separate penetrative head portions each having an... Agent:

20140357947 - Electronic endoscope system: An electronic endoscope system including: an operation portion; an insertion portion including on a distal end side thereof a bending portion, and connected to the operation portion so as to be rotatable with respect to the operation portion, a bending direction of the bending portion changing depending on the rotation;... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140357948 - Illumination optical system for endscope and endoscope: A wide range is illuminated with a sufficient light amount while a diameter of an insertion portion is reduced. Provided is an illumination optical system for endoscope including an optical fiber for guiding excitation light emitted from a light source; a first mirror and a second mirror disposed facing a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140357945 - Laparoscopic trocar with ventriculoperitoneal shunt entry port: An example laparoscopic trocar assembly can be used for insertion of a ventriculoperitoneal (“VP”) shunt into an abdomen and comprises an optical system a trocar sleeve to allow a surgeon to see abdominal tissue being punctured and see into an abdominal cavity. An example trocar assembly comprises an entry port... Agent:

20140357946 - Tissue spreader for accessing papilla, and related methods of use: The medical device may include an elongate member having a proximal end and a distal end, and a plurality of legs coupled to the distal end of the elongate member. The medical device may also include a moveable element distal to the distal end of the elongate member, disposed around... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140357950 - Photodynamic diagnosis stereo colposcope (pdd) for female genital tract diseases and early detection of neoplastic lesion: The invention, namely a colpostereoscope for photodynamic diagnosis (PDD) of diseases of the female genital tract and early detection of neoplastic lesions, also functions as a standard colpostereoscope, using the current technique of colposcopy, but it also has the ability to make observations by means of the phenomenon of fluorescence... Agent:

20140357949 - Power source control for medical capsules: A power source apparatus and a system incorporating said power source for medical capsules are disclosed. Embodiments of the present invention allow the medical capsule to enable/disable electrical power supplied to a sub-system in the capsule device without special tools and/or skills after the medical capsule is manufactured. In one... Agent:

20140357951 - Video endoscopic device: A video endoscopic device has a camera head and two parallel optical arrangements, each with optical components, arranged coaxially with one another along a common first optical axis of the optical components of a respective optical arrangement and in the interior of an endoscope shaft. The optical components transmit an... Agent: Xion Gmbh

20140357952 - Video endoscope having an adjustable viewing direction: A video endoscope having a handgrip and shaft having a cladding tube, wherein a prism unit having at least two prisms is connected to the cladding tube, wherein at least one distally arranged prism is rotated to modify a viewing angle around a rotation axis, an inner positioning system that... Agent: Olympus Winter & Ibe Gmbh

20140357954 - Bending angle adjustment mechanism of endoscope: A bending angle adjustment mechanism includes a rod member that is disposed along a traveling path of a long member that is connected to a bending portion that is bendable and has a threaded portion formed thereon, an adjustment piece that is disposed in a predetermined position of the rod... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140357953 - Methods and devices for controlling a shapeable medical device: Systems and methods are described herein that improve control of a shapeable or steerable instrument using shape data. Additional methods include preparing a robotic medical system for use with a shapeable instrument and controlling advancement of a shapeable medical device within an anatomic path. Also described herein are methods for... Agent: Hansen Medical, Inc.

20140357955 - Endoscopic sheath assembly: A sheath assembly for an endoscope includes an elongate tubular body and a plug. The endoscope has a handle portion and a scope portion extending therefrom to a tip. The body includes first and second wall sections and extends along a longitudinal axis between first and second distal openings. The... Agent:

20140357956 - Cardiac ablation catheters and methods of use thereof: Cardiac ablation catheters and methods of use. In some embodiments the catheter includes at least one camera inside an expandable membrane for visualizing an ablation procedure.... Agent:

20140357958 - Cannula top and system: A cannula top for enclosing a surgical seal which comprises a base member having a through bore which defines a receptacle for the surgical seal and a lid member having a through bore. The lid member is movable between a first position in which the surgical seal can be inserted... Agent:

20140357957 - Self contained illuminated infusion cannula systems and methods and devices: A cannula is described having a housing, a first lumen, a second lumen, and a port capable of fluid communication with the first lumen. The second lumen configured to receive fluid from the first lumen and to direct the fluid to a surgical site. A light emitting diode light source... Agent: Doheny Eye Institute

20140357959 - Method and articles for treating the sinus system: A method of treating a sinus cavity of a subject includes advancing a distal portion of a light source through a drainage pathway of a sinus cavity and into the sinus cavity and visually observing a transdermal light emitted from the light source. A distal portion of a substantially rigid... Agent:

20140357960 - Methods and systems for synchronizing repetitive activity with biological factors: A method and device is described, which measures and records one or more repetitive biological signals, such as heartbeat, breathing rate, and/or intrinsic brainwave frequency, and uses these tempos and timing information as a feedback mechanism to an individual doing one or more repetitive motion activities, in order to synchronize... Agent:

20140357966 - Modular patient monitor: A modular patient monitor has a docking station configured to accept a handheld monitor. The docking station has standalone patient monitoring functionality with respect to a first set of parameters. At least some of the first parameter set are displayed simultaneously on a full-sized screen integrated with the docking station.... Agent:

20140357962 - Objective non-invasive method for quantifying degree of itch using psychophysiological measures: An objective non-invasive method for quantifying itch comprising the steps of presenting a visual stimulus to a subject, wherein the visual stimulus comprises focusing the subject on itch; collecting psychophysiological data from subject while presenting the visual stimulus; using the psychophysiological data to objectively assess the therapeutic value of a... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140357963 - Portable electronic apparatus: A portable electronic device for providing a plurality of operation modes, emits light to an object to be sensed via a light source and senses reflected light from the object to be sensed via an optical sensor to generate a sensing signal. Based on this sensing signal, various functions can... Agent: Eminent Electronic Technology Corp. Ltd.

20140357961 - System and method for supporting health management services: A method in support of health management services acts upon active and passive data, in which the active data is communicated by a patient or healthcare professional and in which the passive data is detected by at least one sensor detectably coupled to the patient. These data are correlated with... Agent:

20140357965 - Systems, devices and methods for noninvasive or minimally-invasive estimation of intracranial pressure and cerebrovascular autoregulation: The systems, devices, and methods described herein provide for the estimation and monitoring of cerebrovascular system properties and intracranial pressure (ICP) from one or more measurements or measured signals. These measured signals may include central or peripheral arterial blood pressure (ABP), and cerebral blood flow (CBF) or cerebral blood flow... Agent:

20140357964 - Tissue-integrating electronic apparatus: Tissue-integrating electronic apparatuses, systems comprising such apparatuses and methods of using these apparatuses and systems for the detection of one or more signals are provided.... Agent:

20140357967 - Detection device for the in vivo and/or in vitro enrichment of sample material: The invention relates to a detection device for the in vivo and/or in vitro enrichment of sample material, comprising a functional surface charged with detection receptors. To ensure the diagnosis of different diseases using a detection device of the type mentioned at the outset with less efforts and an improved... Agent: Gilupi Gmbh

20140357968 - System and method for neurotransmitter measurement: Embodiments of the presently-disclosed subject matter include methods and systems for measuring a level of a neurotransmitter in a subject. Embodiments of the present methods comprise displaying a fixation point, a reward target, and a non-reward target, and measuring one or more saccade movement parameters for reward saccades and non-reward... Agent: University Of Mississippi Medical Center

20140357969 - Laser scanning method for measuring in vivo substances: In a laser scanning method for measuring in vivo substances, wavelength of the anti-Stokes line is made greater than wavelength absorption band of the specific substance, the wavelength of the probe light is shifted from the wavelength of the anti-Stokes line by a shift amount of Raman scattering of the... Agent:

20140357970 - Oximetry with remote display: A device includes a first sensor coupler that is configured to receive a first input signal from a first sensor. The first input signal corresponds to a first physiological parameter and is based on optical excitation of a tissue. The device includes a processor coupled to the first sensor coupler.... Agent:

20140357971 - Dry eye diagnostic: The present invention discloses a tear analyzing strip (TAS) for measuring dry eye syndrome in a patient. The TAS comprises an elongated body comprising a proximal portion and a distal portion interconnected by a main longitudinal axis. The distal portion comprises at least one tear channel comprising at least one... Agent:

20140357972 - Variable data usage personal medical system and method: A variable data usage personal medical system including a self-care device attached to a patient, and operable to generate self-care device data and to transmit the self-care device data at a fixed interval; a cellular communication device operable to receive and store the transmitted self-care device data, to register a... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20140357973 - Biocompatible implantable electrode: A biocompatible, implantable electrode for electrically active medical devices. The implantable medical electrode has a surface geometry which optimizes the electrical performance of the electrode, while mitigating the undesirable effects associated with prior art porous surfaces. The electrode has an optimized surface topography for improved electrical performance. Such a electrode... Agent: Pulse Technologies, Inc.

20140357974 - Nano-pillar transistor fabrication and use: A field effect nano-pillar transistor has a pillar shaped gate element incorporating a biomimitec portion that provides various advantages over prior art devices. The small size of the nano-pillar transistor allows for advantageous insertion into cellular membranes, and the biomimitec character of the gate element operates as an advantageous interface... Agent:

20140357975 - Anti-microbial electromyography needle: A coated electromyography needle including an anti-microbial, electrically insulative coating applied to non-tip portion of an electrode of the electromyography needle.... Agent:

20140357976 - Mental state analysis using an application programming interface: A mobile device is emotionally enabled using an application programming interface (API) in order to infer a user's emotions and make the emotions available for sharing. Images of an individual or individuals are captured and send through the API. The images are evaluated to determine the individual's mental state. Mental... Agent:

20140357977 - Catheter placement detection system and method for surgical procedures: In order to increase the accuracy and speed of catheter reconstruction in surgical procedures such as an HDR prostate implant procedure, an automatic tracking system is provided preferably using an electromagnetic tracking device. The system uses a transmitter with a sensor used for catheter position. Due to substantial interference in... Agent: William Beaumont Hospital

20140357978 - Computer based method for determining the size of an object in an image: Volume changes in a brain, brain ventricle, or hippocampus are quantitatively extracted from a comparison of 3D before and after images using an algorithm that distorts a triangulated surface of the before image to produce the surface of the after image and calculates the volume change from the area change.... Agent:

20140357979 - Mri tractography based transit time determination for nerve or muscle fibers: Magnetic resonance methods comprise tractographically establishing a path along a structure in a specimen and finding a distribution of structure radii or cross-sectional areas along the path. Based on the distribution and the path, end-to-end functional characteristics of the structure are estimated. For example, nerve transit times or distributions of... Agent: The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Servic

20140357980 - Method for motion correction of emission computed tomography data by way of magnetic resonance tomography data: A method includes introducing the examination object into an examination region of a combination device; recording emission computed tomography data over a measurement period and storing detection events and detection instants associated therewith; measuring magnetic resonance data of at least two subregions of the examination region at at least two... Agent: Universit&#xc4 T M&#xdc Nster

20140357981 - Mri transfer station and dock: A patient table adapted for use in association with an MR scanner for neonatal infants is provided. The patient table has an extendable patient bed attached to and extendable from the patient table. The patient bed may be at least partially inserted into an MR scanner without requiring the patient... Agent: Children's Hospital Medical Center

20140357983 - Access needles and stylet assemblies: Access needles and methods of using the needles are set forth in this disclosure. The needles can include a handle and a cannula having a proximal end operatively connected to the handle, a distal end, and a lumen extending through the body of the cannula. A protective sheath may surround... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140357988 - Flexible x-ray, detector with optical shape sensing: The present invention relates to a sensor device for detecting dose of radiation received at the sensor device, the sensor device comprising a flexible body having a cross-section being comparatively small relative to the length of the device, a cladding at the flexible body, the cladding converting incoming radiation into... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140357985 - Method for visual assistance when fixing an implant, and target apparatus: A user is visually assisted when fixing an implant with a locking element in, or on, a bone. The location of a guide instrument for guiding the locking element relative to the implant is set by a target apparatus. The implant can be rotated and/or positioned by moving the target... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140357986 - Methods and apparatuses for fluoro-less or near fluoro-less percutaneous surgery access: A needle access assembly and method for obtaining percutaneous needle access with little or no fluoroscopy. The method can include selecting a target for percutaneous access, directing a laser guide at a desired needle-insertion angle and in line with the selected target, aligning the needle access assembly with the laser,... Agent: Faculty Physicians And Surgeons Of Loma Linda University School Of Medicine

20140357987 - Methods and apparatuses for fluoro-less or near fluoro-less percutaneous surgery access: A needle access assembly and method for obtaining percutaneous needle access with little or no fluoroscopy. The method can include selecting a target for percutaneous access, directing a laser guide at a desired needle-insertion angle and in line with the selected target, aligning the needle access assembly with the laser,... Agent: Loma Linda University

20140357989 - Position determining apparatus: The invention relates to a position determining apparatus (6) for determining the position of an interventional instrument (1) within a subject (4). A spatial relation between positions of a second part (3) of the interventional instrument outside the subject and a first part (2) of the interventional instrument within the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140357984 - System and method for displaying anatomy and devices on a movable display: An image display system is provided comprised of a virtual window system that creates a visual coherency between the patient's anatomical images and the actual patient by aligning the image on the display to the patient and then presenting the image to the user in a way that feels as... Agent: Translucent Medical, Inc.

20140357982 - Tip extension for difficult to calibrate handpiece: An apparatus for use with an image-guided system to calibrate a handpiece having a tip that is difficult to calibrate comprises a tip extension having an attachment end and a round end, the attachment end configured to fixedly attach to the tip of the handpiece. The attachment end may include... Agent:

20140357990 - Methods for laser speckle contrast imaging of blood perfusion: A method for imaging blood flow through target tissue is disclosed. An example method may include (a) directing a light beam at a blood-perfused target tissue, (b) reflecting the directed light beam off of static target tissue and flowing cells, (c) capturing a plurality of digital images of interference patterns... Agent:

20140357991 - Xerostomia markers: Certain embodiments of the present invention provide methods of determining an efficacy of a xerostomia treatment in a mammalian subject (e.g., a human) that include the steps of comparing a first thickness of a site in the subject that comprised of sub-epithelial oral mucosa to a second thickness of the... Agent:

20140357993 - Dynamic adjustment of image compression for high resolution live medical image sharing: A video stream of live medical images is generated at a local site having a medical image scanner. A live video stream is transmitted to at least one remote site via a network, which may include wired or wireless Internet connections. Network conditions are monitored during a network session and... Agent:

20140357992 - Ultrasound measurement apparatus and ultrasound measurement method: A region of interest which is considered to be a vascular wall of an artery is set in a B-mode image, and tracking processing is performed for each region of interest. A maximum displacement velocity Vu in a positive direction and a maximum displacement velocity Vd in a negative direction... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140357995 - Hemodynamic risk severity based upon detection and quantification of cardiac dysrhythmia behavior using a pulse volume waveform: A method for identifying cardiac dysrhythmia behavior may include acquiring pulse volume wave data from a sensor associated with a patient, and calculating metrics associated with peaks detected therein. The metrics may include differences in amplitudes of successive pulse volume peaks and differences in the times of occurrence of successive... Agent:

20140357996 - System and method of ultrasound image processing: An ultrasound system includes an ultrasound transducer adapted to obtain a dynamic series of echo signals of a subject tissue at different deformation states, and an image processor for generating and displaying ultrasound images of the tissue. The processor is configured to generate dynamic images that correspond to the dynamic... Agent:

20140357994 - Ultrasound system and method of detecting pressure applied to object: Provided are an ultrasound system and a method of detecting a pressure applied to an object through an ultrasound probe. The ultrasound system includes: an ultrasound data acquiring unit configured to acquire, by using an ultrasound probe including a strain gauge that is strained by a pressure applied thereto and... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20140357997 - Intraluminal lead extraction with imaging: This invention generally relates to intraluminal systems and devices for use in lead extraction procedures. According to certain aspects, an intraluminal system includes an cutting element configured to cut tissue coupled to an implantable device, and an imaging element configured to simultaneously image the tissue cutting. In certain embodiments, the... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20140357998 - Mammography device: A mammography device is disclosed. The mammography device includes a container configured to surround the breast and a plurality of optical fibers attached to be directed inward in the container and configured to perform radiation and detection of light. The container has a base member having an opening, a plurality... Agent:

20140358000 - Automated doppler pulse cycle selection: A device (308) is configured for examining pulsatile flow, for deriving, based on the examined flow, spectral characteristics and for, based on the derived characteristics, determining which one or more pulse cycles are to be selected as representative of the flow. The cycles selected can be consecutive and amount to... Agent:

20140357999 - Color flow ultrasound imaging: An ultrasound imaging system includes an ultrasound transducer array that receives a set of echo signals produced in response to an ultrasound signal traversing flowing structure in a portion of a tubular structure of an object or subject in an imaging field of view, an image processor that processes the... Agent:

20140358003 - Diagnostic ultrasound apparatus: In the diagnostic ultrasound apparatus, moving average processing is successively performed on a frame series with frame sets obtained from three kinds of frames, A, B, and C, as units, thereby successively generating compound frames. Each compound frame has a central sub-region and multiple peripheral sub-regions. In order to match... Agent: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

20140358002 - Method and apparatus for interactive display of three dimensional ultrasound images: A medical imaging system comprises a three dimensional (3D) ultrasound system and a 3D holographic display system. The ultrasound system generates 3D ultrasound data that can be used to construct a 3D image of a patient. The display system displays the image in a 3D holographic form and comprises a... Agent:

20140358004 - Simultaneous ultrasonic viewing of 3d volume from multiple directions: An ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system scans a volumetric region of a body. A clinician defines a three dimensional region of interest within the volumetric region. The three dimensional region of interest is viewed from two different viewing directions to give the clinician a sense of the structure, makeup, and orientation... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140358001 - Ultrasound diagnosis method and apparatus using three-dimensional volume data: Disclosed are an ultrasound diagnosis method and apparatus. The ultrasound diagnosis method and apparatus acquire volume data from an object, cut the volume data in a predetermined direction to decide on a reference plane, detect a long bone included in the volume data by using the reference plane, and extract... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20140358005 - Speckle and noise reduction in ultrasound images: An ultrasound imaging system includes features to reduce speckle and time gain compression noise. A handheld ultrasound system may include beam forming electronics and digital waveform generators to generate the transmitted pulses with fine grained apodization to improve coherence and reduce speckle. Speckle filtering may be included in the ultrasound... Agent:

20140358006 - Steady frame rate volumetric ultrasound imaging: The present invention relates to a method for providing three-dimensional ultrasound images of a volume (50) and an ultrasound imaging system (10). In particular, the current invention applies to live three-dimensional imaging. To maintain a steady frame rate of the displayed images even if a user changes a region of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140358007 - Method and apparatus for positioning medical device: Placement of a medical device within or in proximity to a substantially fluid filled compartment within a human body is aided by pulse-echo ultrasound and a time-stretching technique. In one embodiment, a small ultrasound transducer is placed near the tip of a catheter intended to be positioned within a ventricle... Agent: Navisonics, Inc.

20140358008 - Ultrasound probe and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed herein is an ultrasound probe which may adjust curvature of an acoustic lens using a shape memory alloy. The ultrasound probe includes an acoustic lens, a focus adjusting unit installed on the acoustic lens and deforming the shape of the acoustic lens to adjust the focus of ultrasonic waves... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20140358010 - Clinical fitting assistance using software analysis of stimuli: Embodiments of the present disclosure identify and alert a clinician to physiological cues thereby aiding the clinician in providing a better fitting of a medical prosthesis. Physiological data of a recipient of a medical prosthesis is analyzed to identify triggers during fitting or other types of adjustments to the prosthesis.... Agent:

20140358011 - Single shot high resolution conjunctival small vessel perfusion method for evaluating microvasculature in systemic and ocular vascular diseases: A system and method for generating high-resolution, small vessel perfusion maps (nCPMs) of the ocular conjunctival microvasculature. Unlike current systems and methods, the present invention allows for the generation of nCPMs using only a single raw image obtained in a single image acquisition step. The method includes obtaining a single... Agent: University Of Miami

20140358009 - System and method for collecting eye-movement data: A system for creating an eye-movement record that is useful for diagnosing balance disorders of a patient includes a head-mounted unit having an indicator which generates head position signals. Also included is a computer/controller for progressing the patient through a sequence of predetermined head orientations. An imaging unit in the... Agent:

20140358013 - Biological information detector and biological information measuring device: A biological information detector includes a light-emitting part, a first wiring, a first bonding wire and a protecting part. The light-emitting part is configured to emit a light. The first wiring includes a first connecting section. The first bonding wire electrically connects the light-emitting part and the first connecting section... Agent:

20140358012 - Heart rate data collection: One innovative aspect is directed to heart rate data collection. In some implementations, a circuit includes a light detector for generating a first electrical signal based on received light. The circuit includes a switching circuit, having a first and a second configuration, configured to receive a first voltage signal based... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140358014 - Sleep monitoring system: A sleep monitoring system includes an ECG device (2) and a respiration inductance plethysmogram (3) which monitor cardiac activity and physical (ribcage) respiration respectively and feed representative signals to a digital data processor. Operations (5-9) process the beat interval data, while in a second thread, operations (20-24) independently process the... Agent: University College Dublin, National University Of Ireland, Dublin

20140358015 - Method for estimating changes of cardiovascular indices using peripheal arterial blood pressure waveform: The systems and methods described herein enable reliable estimation of cardiovascular indices on real-time, non-invasive or minimally-invasive, and heat-to-beat basis. Cardiovascular indices which can be estimated include: stroke volume (SV), which being limited to, cardiac output (CO) and total peripheral resistance (TPR). In various embodiments, one or more of these... Agent:

20140358016 - Device for monitoring blood flow to the brain: A method of estimating blood flow in a brain, comprising: a) causing currents to flow inside the head by producing electric fields inside the head; b) measuring at least changes in the electric fields and the currents; c) estimating changes in the blood volume of the head, using the measurements... Agent:

20140358017 - Method and apparatus for monitoring the baroreceptor reflex of a user: There is provided an apparatus for use in monitoring the baroreceptor reflex in a user, the apparatus comprising a processor configured to process a signal output by a first sensor that is attached to or located proximate to a bed to determine when the user moves from a lying position... Agent:

20140358020 - Drunkometer: The invention is a drunkometer comprising a main body 10 and an alcohol sensor 20 provided in the main body 10 and detecting the concentration of the alcohol gas in the exhaled breath of the tested person, the drunkometer 10 further comprises a gas inlet port 21 provided on one... Agent: Datech Co., Ltd.

20140358019 - Method and device for measuring a component in exhaled breath: A device for measuring a component in exhaled breath comprising an inlet (32) for receiving exhaled breath, a buffer chamber (31). A first fluid conduit (34a) is in fluid connection with the inlet and adapted to lead a first portion (Γ) of the exhaled breath to the buffer chamber. The... Agent:

20140358018 - System and method for health and wellness mobile management: A system for health and wellness mobile management comprises a database operable to store a health and wellness data record associated with a patient/data owner, a content management system adapted to strictly control access to the health and wellness data record stored in the database according to access rules set... Agent:

20140358021 - Bioimpedance spectrography system and method: A device and method for bioimpedance spectrography is corrected for breathing artefacts. A breathing signal is used in conjunction with the impedance signal to adjust for the time within the respiratory cycle at which the measurements are made. The correction allows the device to characterize tissue parameters accurately with fewer... Agent:

20140358022 - Respiratory gas flow sensor with sampling port: The accurate measurement of inspired and expired gas volume flow and gas composition are important in respiratory therapy. Combining the two measurement functions often results in excessive deadspace and/or in the two measurement systems adversely affecting each other. The invention provides a gas flow sensor (19) for a ventilator comprising:... Agent:

20140358023 - Integrated condenser for collecting droplets: An integrated condenser is described. This integrated condenser includes an outer surface region on a sampler surface that facilitates condensing at least a component in a received gas-phase sample into liquid-phase droplets on the sampler surface, and aggregating and moving the condensed droplets radially toward an inner surface region on... Agent:

20140358024 - Patient state determination based on one or more spectral characteristics of a bioelectrical brain signal: In some examples, a processor determines a patient state based on activity of a bioelectrical brain signal of a patient in one or more frequency sub-bands of a frequency band of interest. For example, a processor may determine a patient state based on the power level of a bioelectrical brain... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140358025 - System and apparatus for seizure detection from eeg signals: The present invention relates to the design and implementation of a seizure detection system. In this invention, a reliable way to detect seizures is presented. The proposed invention filters an EEG signal by a Prediction Error Filter. The output of the prediction error filter is subjected to wavelet decomposition. Various... Agent:

20140358026 - Implant unit delivery tool: An implant unit delivery tool is provided. The implant delivery tool may include a body, a holder disposed at a distal end of the body and adapted to hold an implant unit, and an implant activator associated with the body, the implant activator configured to receive power from a power... Agent:

20140358027 - Biopsy device tissue sample holder with flow restriction device: A tissue sample holder for a biopsy device comprises an outer cup, a collection tray, and a flow restriction device. The outer cup defines a hollow interior. The collection tray separates the hollow interior into an upper chamber and a lower chamber while allowing fluid to pass between the two... Agent:

20140358031 - Biopsy device with motorized needle firing: A biopsy device comprises a needle, a body portion, and a needle firing assembly. The needle firing assembly is operable to fire the needle distally relative to the body portion. The needle firing assembly includes two translating members, a resilient member, and a motor. The motor is operable to selectively... Agent:

20140358030 - Device for taking at least one sample of tissue: This invention relates to a device (10) for taking at least one sample of soft tissue from an organ, said device comprising a body (11) and a needle (12) formed by a . stylet and a cannula coaxial with said stylet. The device comprises a mechanism for arming the needle,... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140358028 - Soft tissue coring biopsy devices and methods: An excisional device may comprise a work element configured to rotate at a first rotation rate and comprising a first and a second articulable beak configured to cut tissue. A first helical element, configured to transport tissue cut by the first and second articulable beaks, may be co-axially disposed relative... Agent:

20140358029 - Soft tissue coring devices and methods: An excisional device may comprise a work element configured to rotate at a first rotation rate and comprising a first and a second articulable beak configured to cut tissue. A first helical element, configured to transport tissue cut by the first and second articulable beaks, may be co-axially disposed relative... Agent: Transmed7, LLC

20140358032 - Biopsy driver assembly having a control circuit for conserving battery power: A biopsy driver assembly includes a biopsy driver housing. An electrical assembly is coupled to the biopsy driver housing. The electrical assembly includes at least one electrical drive configured for drivably engaging a biopsy probe assembly. A battery is coupled to the biopsy driver housing. A control circuit is coupled... Agent: Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc.

20140358033 - Luer receiving air evacuated blood collector: An improved luer lock receiving septum having a configuration which provides rapid and tight resealing and yet allows penetration of the septum by the luer tip with a low penetration force. The elongated septum includes an upper portion of enlarged diameter having a target surface, a central slit, and a... Agent:

20140358035 - Apparatus for eliciting a blood sample: An apparatus for eliciting a blood sample comprises a housing, an aperture in a wall of the housing, an aperture cover moveable between a first position in which the aperture is covered and a second position in which the aperture is uncovered, the aperture cover comprising a sealing member configured... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140358036 - Bodily fluid sample collection and transport: Bodily fluid sample collection systems, devices, and method are provided. The device may comprise a first portion comprising at least a sample collection channel configured to draw the fluid sample into the sample collection channel via a first type of motive force. The sample collection device may include a second... Agent:

20140358034 - Cartridge: A cartridge comprises plural blood testing discs, each blood testing disc including a lancet and a blood collection and testing part. Each of the discs has a generally circular shape with a cutout at one side thereof. The lancet of each disc is supported at the periphery of the disc... Agent:

20140358037 - Safety blood collection assembly with indicator: A blood collection assembly includes a housing and a cannula extending distally from the housing including a patient end, and a cannula shield removably engaged with a portion of the housing. The cannula shield is capable of shielding at least the patient end of the cannula, and includes a safety... Agent:

20140358038 - Automatic monitoring for and detection of tissue pop: A system that automatically detects a myocardial barotrauma (i.e., tissue pop) event so that proper post-procedure care can be given includes an electronic control unit (ECU), a computer-readable memory coupled with the ECU, and detection logic stored in the memory configured to be executed by the ECU. The detection logic... Agent:

20140358039 - Tear duct resistance measuring system: A system for measuring the flow properties of a tear duct, to ascertain its flow resistance, includes a syringe communicating with a cannula to supply liquid to a punctum of an eye, the cannula having a tip to seal to the punctum. A motor is arranged to actuate the syringe.... Agent: Ljt Projects Limited

20140358041 - Assessing physical stability of a patient using an accelerometer: A system includes an accelerometer worn by a patient to capture physiological data of the patient and transmit the physiological data and a processing system to receive the physiological data and assess a physical stability of the patient using the physiological data.... Agent:

20140358040 - Gait monitoring apparatus and method: Disclosed herein is a gait monitoring apparatus and method. The gate monitoring apparatus includes a preprocessing unit for receiving data from a gait detection sensor and preprocessing the data. A swing detection unit detects, based on the data output from the preprocessing unit, whether a current gait phase is a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140358042 - Pronation and/or dorsiflexion of first joint for evaluation of second joint: A method and apparatus for reliably positioning a 3-segment limb, such as a leg or arm for imaging and medical analysis, which can accommodate for the patient's “natural alignment”. The apparatus positions the limb in such a way that the position of the proximal segment is controlled while an known... Agent: Ermi, Inc.

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