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11/13/2014 > 102 patent applications in 71 patent subcategories.

20140336438 - Beam segment-level dose computation and temporal motion tracking for adaptive treatment planning: A treatment planning system for generating patient-specific treatment. The system including one or more processors programmed to receive a radiation treatment plan (RTP) for irradiating a target over the course of one or more treatment fractions, said RTP including a planned dose distribution to be delivered to the target, receive... Agent:

20140336441 - Endorectal balloon with gas release lumen: A rectal balloon apparatus comprises a shaft having a fluid passageway extending therethrough. A rectal gas relieving lumen may be positioned with a central shaft for removal of rectal gas. The gas releasing lumen can also or in the alternative be provided along an outer surface of the balloon. A... Agent:

20140336442 - Hadron treatment planning with adequate biological weighting: Treatment planning methods are provided that determine the variability of relative biological effectiveness (RBE) along a beam line and calculate, among other things, what intensity of hadron beam such as a proton or a carbon ion beam should be applied to achieve a desired biological dose at treatment site of... Agent: Hampton University

20140336440 - Inhibitors of rho associated protein kinases (rock) and methods of use: Compounds and compositions having activity as inhibitors of Rho-associated proteinkinases (ROCKs), and methods of making and using the subject compounds are disclosed.... Agent:

20140336439 - Portable phantom device: A portable phantom device according to the present invention is a phantom device which is detachably installed in a bird cage that is coupled to an irradiator, and includes a body provided with an accommodation space having a cylindrical shape and a top of which is open so as to... Agent: Korea Institute Of Radiological & Medical Sciences

20140336443 - Method of repairing age and disease immune dysfunction and cellular senescence with lymphoid stem cells and then re-applying those for therapeutic use: This invention relates to methods for treatment of diseases of ageing including immunosenescence, immune dysfunction, inflammation and impairment of early lymphoid lineage differentiation. The invention more specifically relates to the use of granulocyte colony stimulating factors to assist in stem cell mobilization, optionally in combination with the application of a... Agent:

20140336446 - Cavopulmonary viscous impeller assist device and method: A bearingless and sealless rotary blood pump is disclosed which provides multidirectional flow intended to provide low-pressure, high-volume right-sided partial assist circulatory support in a univentricular Fontan circulation on a permanent basis. The pump includes a housing and an impeller suspended in the center of the housing. The housing incorporates... Agent: Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation

20140336444 - System and method for heart pump interrogation and inspection: The present invention relates to systems and methods for in situ inspection, interrogation, and maintenance of heart pump function in subjects with an implanted heart pump. In certain embodiments, the system comprises a catheter assembly deliverable to the inflow port and outflow port of the implanted heart pump. The system... Agent: Yale University

20140336445 - Transseptal cannula, tip, delivery system, and method: A cannula assembly, further comprising a cannula body for directing blood from the heart of a patient, having distal and proximal ends and a lumen therebetween. A tip coupled to the distal end of the body, the tip having an opening. A pump for drawing blood into the cannula assembly... Agent:

20140336447 - Medical device coupling arrangement: Embodiments presented herein are generally directed to a coupling arrangement for securing an external component to a recipient of an implantable medical device. The coupling arrangement is configured to magnetically couple the external component to a recipient so as to minimize damage to tissue of the recipient adjacent to the... Agent:

20140336448 - Method and system for use of hearing prosthesis for linguistic evaluation: A method and system to help determine the extent to which a hearing prosthesis recipient is exposed to speech. The hearing prosthesis will log data regarding audio input, optimally in correspondence with times when the hearing prosthesis is in a stimulation-on mode in which the hearing prosthesis is set to... Agent:

20140336449 - Systems and methods for delivering bone conduction stimuli to and for measuring gravitation receptor functions of the inner ear: Disclosed herein are apparatus and methods for delivering bone conduction stimuli for measuring the gravitation receptor functions of the inner ear. In some embodiments, an apparatus may include (i) an impactor operatively linked to a guide disposed within a housing and (ii) an electrically driven actuator enclosed within the housing.... Agent: Ear And Skull Base Center, P.C.

20140336450 - Systems and methods employing a push tube for delivering a urethral sling: In a general aspect, a method of treating urinary incontinence can include slidably interfitting a first push tube into a first dilator tube disposed at an end of a sling assembly and slidably interfitting the first push tube onto an end of a shaft of a delivery device. The method... Agent:

20140336451 - Systems, devices and methods for minimally invasive pelvic surgery: The invention also provides a driver and methods for advancing needles, cannulas, and other medical devices through the pubic bone. The driver may be used in connection with a driver frame assembly for proper positioning and stabilization of the driver, and with other devices for creating a cavity in the... Agent:

20140336452 - Systems and methods for haptic stimulation: A system for sexual stimulation includes a first sexual stimulation device having a first sensor and a first actuator and a second sexual stimulation device having a second sensor and a second actuator. The first sexual stimulation device is configured to communicate information from the first sensor to actuate the... Agent:

20140336454 - Apparatus and system for management of inspection information: An examination information management apparatus includes: a data transmitting and receiving unit that transmits and receives data to and from a receiving device for receiving image data captured by a capsule endoscope; a storage unit that stores examination information and the image data acquired in an examination; an ID maintaining... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140336453 - Pressure sensor, endoscope and endoscope device: There are provided a pressure sensor which can avoid an endoscope from causing intestinal perforation, an endoscope including the pressure sensor, and an endoscope device including the endoscope. There is provided a pressure sensor including a support unit and a pressure sensitive unit disposed on the ridge line of the... Agent: National University Corporation Tottori University

20140336455 - Toroidal balloon-driven vehicle: A device fashioned in the shape of a toroid is rotated by a mechanism that propels itself in one or more directions based on internal rotation. In one specific example, the toroidal device is a toroidal balloon, where the tread of the toroidal balloon driven vehicle (TBDV) is self-contained and... Agent:

20140336456 - Method and apparatus for steerable, rotatable, microendoscope with tool for cutting, coagulating, desiccating and fulgurating tissue: An exemplary embodiment providing one or more improvements includes a micro endoscope having steering, rotation and tool control function which can be utilized for insertion using a needle and catheter for performing arthroscopy and endoscopic procedures.... Agent: Research & Development International Inc.

20140336458 - Apparatus and methods for hybrid endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery: Apparatus and methods are described allow the techniques of endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery to be combined into a minimally invasive hybrid surgical technique called NOTES-assisted laparoscopic surgery. Manual and robotic-controlled versions of a modular laparoscopic tool are described having a small diameter shaft that is delivered laparoscopically to a surgical... Agent: Modular Surgical, Inc.

20140336457 - Endoscope: In the case of an endoscope 1, it is provided to arrange in an endoscope tip 3 at a distal end 2 of the endoscope 1 an imaging optic 4 and an image receiving sensor 5 in an interior space 8 defined by a metal foil 7.... Agent: Scholly Fiberoptic Gmbh

20140336459 - Endoscope assembly with a polarizing filter: An endoscope includes an imaging device, a first polarizing filter disposed in front of the imaging device, a light source, and a second polarizing filter disposed in front of the light source.... Agent:

20140336460 - Stereoscopic endoscope: Two side-by-side optical paths transmit stereoscopic right side and left side images onto the surface of a single image sensing chip. The single image sensing chip may be placed at various orientations with respect to the lens trains in the optical paths. In some embodiments a single prism is used... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140336461 - Surgical structured light system: A Surgical Structured Light (SSL) system is disclosed that provides real-time, dynamic 3D visual information of the surgical environment, allowing registration of pre- and intra-operative imaging, online metric measurements of tissue, and improved navigation and safety within the surgical field.... Agent:

20140336462 - Insertion portion detection device and insertion portion detection system: An insertion portion detection device provided with a light source unit which emits measuring beam to an outer circumferential surface of a cylindrical shape of an insertion portion to be inserted into an insertion target and to be a detection target, an optical pattern detection unit which receives reflected light... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140336463 - Rhinotopic therapy for the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis biofilm disruption, treatment of mucosal granulation and sinus polyps: The herein disclosed invention is directed to methods of treating difficult to treat refractory or recalcitrant rhinosinusitis involving the steps of (1) topical application of antimicrobials/antibiotics and corticosteroids, (2) endoscopic debridement and cleansing to remove debris and biofilm, (3) endoscopic instillation of antimicrobials/antibiotics plus corticosteroids to the sinuses, and (4)... Agent:

20140336464 - Expansion devices and methods of use thereof: Devices, systems, and methods for facilitating access to and visualization of the pancreaticobiliary system are disclosed. In particular, the present disclosure relates to devices used to expand and/or maintain the papilla opening to facilitate access therethrough, e.g., to visualize, examine, diagnose, and/or treat the bile duct and pancreatic ducts. The... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140336465 - Method and apparatus for fiberscope employing single fiber bundle for co-propagation of image and illumination: An exemplary embodiment providing one or more improvements includes an endoscope which utilizes a single coherent fiber bundle for simultaneously carrying imaging and illumination light.... Agent: Research & Development International Inc.

20140336466 - Guiding device for use with laryngoscope: A guiding device for use with a laryngoscope for assisting in the insertion of an endotracheal tube into a patient, the device comprising a guiding means for guiding an endotracheal tube through the patient's upper airways, and an attachment means to attach the guiding means to the blade of the... Agent: Indian Ocean Medical Inc.

20140336467 - Otoscope: The otoscope comprises a head portion (11) including a through-hole (24) extending continuously from a proximal end to a distal end along a viewing path and a speculum receptacle (14) tapering towards the distal end and surrounding the through-hole (24), wherein a speculum (50) is attachable to the speculum receptacle... Agent: Heine Optotechnik Gmbh & Co Kg

20140336468 - Method of retracting body tissue during surgery: A retractor for use in spinal surgery comprises a frame including a ring member defining a generally central interior space. A plurality of blades is releasably supported respectively to slidable arms each supported on the ring member for individual translational movement relative to the ring member. The blades define an... Agent: Spine Wave, Inc.

20140336469 - Contagion prevention systems: A device for preventing the spread of bio-matter contagions when used in conjunction with a tongue depressor. The device includes a shield for intercepting the bio-matter contagions. The shield adjustably and removably secures along the tongue depressor. The device also includes a grip manipulator that extends from the shield. The... Agent:

20140336470 - Remote traction and guidance system for mini-invasive surgery: a cylindrically-shaped introduction guide (20) assembled with said detachable surgical endoclamp (10), said introduction guide (20) comprising a mechanism to detach said endoclamp (10); and at least one remote traction means (30) for said endoclamp (10), acting through the application of an electromagnetic field over the ferromagnetic portion of said... Agent:

20140336471 - Kit of parts for use in retracting body tissue: A retractor for use in spinal surgery comprises a frame including a ring member defining a generally central interior space. A plurality of blades is releasably supported respectively to slidable arms each supported on the ring member for individual translational movement relative to the ring member. The blades define an... Agent: Spine Wave, Inc.

20140336472 - Comfortable medical headlamp assembly: A battery headlamp assembly that includes a light engine bezel, an adjustable linkage supporting the bezel and including an electrically conductive system terminating at the bezel. Also, a headband assembly supports the adjustable linkage and includes a longitudinal rigid-flex circuit assembly. This assembly has a strip of rigid-flex circuit having... Agent: River Point, LLC

20140336477 - Far-field and near-field ultrasound imaging device: Devices, systems, and methods for ultrasonically acquiring far-field and near-field images within a body are disclosed. An ultrasound imaging device adapted for insertion within a body includes a first ultrasonic sensor configured to transmit ultrasonic waves at a first frequency for acquiring far-field images within the body, and a second... Agent:

20140336474 - Hybrid communication system for implantable devices and ultra-low power sensors: Aspects of the present disclosure are directed toward apparatuses, systems, and methods that include a base unit and a communication circuit that communicate, while implanted in a patient, signals between the patient and at least one device located external to the patient. The base unit also includes a transducer that... Agent:

20140336473 - Method and apparatus for encouraging physiological change through physiological control of wearable auditory and visual interruption device: A biofeedback system and method enables biofeedback training to be accomplished during normal interaction by an individual with the individual's environment, for example while reading, playing video games, watching TV, participating in sports activities, or at work. Physiologic data is processed and used to generate one or more control signals... Agent:

20140336475 - Methods and means for clinical investigations: Described are methods for testing at least one effect of a pharmaceutical substance in a subject, which include administering a pharmaceutical substance to the subject, measuring with at least one sensor contained within a mobile sensor system, at the subject or in close proximity to the subject, at least one... Agent:

20140336476 - Microchip sensor for continuous monitoring of regional blood flow: A sensor is provided available for continuous monitoring of regional blood flow in a tissue, including cerebral tissue. Methods of monitoring regional blood flow using the sensor as well as systems and computer readable medium therefor are also provided.... Agent: The Feinstein Institute For Medical Research

20140336478 - Optical sensor device and image processing unit for measuring chemical concentrations, chemical saturations and biophysical parameters: Optical sensor devices, image processing devices, methods and computer readable code computer-readable storage media for detecting biophysical parameters, chemical concentrations, chemical saturations, vital signs and physiological information such as a malignant condition are provided. In some embodiments, the optical sensor includes an array of photodetectors, where each photodetector is configured... Agent:

20140336480 - Catalysts for body fluid sample extraction: An arrangement for producing a sample of body fluid from a wound opening created in a skin surface at a sampling site includes at least one skin-penetration member having a first end configured to pierce the surface of the skin, and a inner lumen in communication with the first end;... Agent:

20140336479 - Detection method of life activity, measuring device of life activity, transmission method of life activity detection signal, or service based on life activity information: According to a measuring method or a control method of life activity, a life object is illuminated with an electromagnetic wave including a wavelength in a designated waveband, and a characteristic in a local area of the life object is detected, or a life activity thereof is controlled. The “designated... Agent:

20140336481 - Multispot monitoring for use in optical coherence tomography: Optical coherence tomography (herein “OCT”) based analyte monitoring systems are disclosed. In one aspect, techniques are disclosed that can identify fluid flow in vivo (e.g., blood flow), which can act as a metric for gauging the extent of blood perfusion in tissue. For instance, if OCT is to be used... Agent: Glt Acquisition Corp.

20140336482 - Laser device and photoacoustic measurement device: Disclosed is a laser device which can emit light having first and second wavelengths, having the advantage of increasing laser efficiency without causing an increase in cost. A flash lamp irradiates excitation light onto a laser rod. An optical resonator includes a pair of mirrors facing each other with the... Agent:

20140336483 - Method and pulse oximeter apparatus using chemical heating: Method and apparatus for providing reliable blood oxygen (Sa02) and heart rate measurements includes a chemical energy heating source in conjunction with a harness that is adapted to secure the chemical energy heating source and a pulse oximeter probe proximate to a region of the body which is to be... Agent: U.s. Department Of Veterans Affairs

20140336484 - Methods and systems for endobronchial diagnostics: Methods and systems for targeting, accessing and diagnosing diseased lung compartments are disclosed. The method comprises introducing a diagnostic catheter with an occluding member at its distal end into a lung segment via an assisted ventilation device; inflating the occluding member to isolate the lung segment; and performing a diagnostic... Agent:

20140336485 - Design and fabrication of implantable fully integrated electrochemical sensors: A fully integrated small size implantable sensing device is described, which can include a sensor and an electronic circuit to interface with the sensor and communicate with an external device. Various fabrication methods for the sensing device are described, including provision of wells, created using same fabrication technology as the... Agent:

20140336486 - Analyte monitoring: stabilizer for subcutaneous glucose sensor with incorporated antiglycolytic agent: An analyte sensor including an antiglycolytic agent or a precursor thereof and a chelating agent that stabilizes the antiglycolytic agent positioned proximate to the working electrode of the sensor. Also provided are systems and methods of using the electrochemical analyte sensors in analyte monitoring.... Agent:

20140336487 - Microneedle arrays for biosensing and drug delivery: Methods, structures, and systems are disclosed for biosensing and drug delivery techniques. In one aspect, â device for detecting an analyte and/or releasing a biochemical into a biological fluid can include an array of hollowed needles, in which each needle includes a protruded needle structure including an exterior wall forming... Agent:

20140336488 - Devices and methods for the rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment of sinusitis: Disclosed are probes, systems, and devices that can be used to assay the presence of a biomarker in the sinus of a patient. The probes, systems, and devices can be used to contact the sinus fluid inside the sinus of a patient with an immunoassay for the presence of a... Agent: The Ohio State University

20140336489 - Intracortical-detection device and corresponding control method: An intracortical-detection device including: at least one electrode (6) that contacts a group of neurons; a first body (3), forming a surface (30) that contacts a portion of a cerebral region; a first motor (8) that moves the electrode with respect to the first body; a second motor (10); and... Agent:

20140336490 - Accessory device for twelve-lead electrocardiography apparatus: An accessory device for a twelve-lead electrocardiography (ECG) apparatus includes a blanket. The ECG apparatus includes an ECG machine that has ten first electrical couplers, and ten electrodes each having a second electrical coupler. The blanket includes a sheet body configured to cover the body of a patient and formed... Agent:

20140336491 - Cardiac event monitoring system: A cardiac event monitoring system may include a base unit including a base connector, a wearable electrode system, and a plug-in adapter. The wearable electrode system includes a cable, an electrode at one end of the cable, and a cable connector at the other end of the cable. The cable... Agent: Medicomp, Inc.

20140336492 - Wearable assembly for measuring bio-impedance: A bio-impedance measurement apparatus includes a flexible band member, two probe sets attached to the flexible band member, a measurement device, and a wireless device. One probe set includes a probe having a tip portion configured to pierce the skin for an acupuncture point. Another probe set, used as an... Agent:

20140336493 - Swimming heart rate monitor: A swimming heart rate monitor comprises a strap, a first electrode, a second electrode, a first electrical connector, an electronics module, a second electrical connector, and a water sealing feature. The strap covers a portion of a user's chest. The first and second electrodes are positioned on an inner surface... Agent: Garmin Switzerland Gmbh

20140336494 - Electrode support structure assemblies: An electrode support structure assembly is provided comprising an electrode support structure including a plurality of splines. Each of the plurality of splines can have a proximal end portion and a distal end portion. The assembly further comprises a first element defining an axis and comprising an outer surface. The... Agent:

20140336495 - Medical imaging device with disinfection unit: A medical imaging device with a detector unit and an acquisition unit for an examination object, wherein the acquisition unit is at least partially surrounded by the detector unit, and at least one disinfection unit for the disinfection of surfaces of the medical imaging device, wherein the disinfection unit has... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140336496 - Method and apparatus for estimating fat: A method for determining an estimate of fat within a volume of a subject comprising the steps of: a) determining a parameter α from the signal intensities of at least three echo signals emitted from a region of the volume of a subject imaged by a magnetic resonance image scanner... Agent: Resonance Health Analysis Services Pty Ltd

20140336498 - Medical imaging system having a magnetic resonance imaging unit and a positron emission tomography unit: A medical imaging system includes a magnetic resonance imaging unit including a magnet unit and a patient receiving area surrounded by the magnet unit, wherein the magnet unit includes a main magnet, a gradient coil unit and a radio-frequency antenna unit. In at least one embodiment, the medical imaging system... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140336499 - Method for creating a detailed attenuation value map for a limited body region: A method, medical imaging device and computer program product are disclosed for creating a detailed attenuation value map for a limited body region of a patient for a positron emission tomography examination. In an embodiment, the method includes an acquisition of first attenuation value data from a first attenuation value... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140336497 - Non-invasive or minimally invasive paraspinal and pre-aortic sympathetic ablation for the treatment of hypertension: A system for treatment includes a focused ultrasound energy source for placement outside a patient, wherein the focused ultrasound energy source is configured to deliver ultrasound energy towards a blood vessel with a surrounding nerve that is a part of an autonomic nervous system inside the patient, and wherein the... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20140336500 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method for controlling magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus of an embodiment includes: a bed top plate provided with a connector which can be coupled with a receiving coil; a bed which supports the bed top plate, the bed being configured to shift the bed top plate vertically and horizontally, the bed being configured... Agent:

20140336501 - Diagnostic endoscopic imaging support apparatus and method, and non-transitory computer readable medium on which is recorded diagnostic endoscopic imaging support program: A diagnostic endoscopic imaging support apparatus includes a three-dimensional image data obtaining section that obtains three-dimensional image data of a subject, a tubular tissue shape data obtaining section that extracts and obtains tubular tissue shape data representing a shape of a tubular tissue in the subject from the three-dimensional image... Agent:

20140336502 - Device with simultaneous x-ray and infrared image acquisition and processing system for enhanced breast imaging: The embodiments herein discloses a device with simultaneous X-ray and infrared acquisition and processing systems for an enhance breast imaging. The device has a positioning assembly housed inside a closed chamber and provided with the Infrared and X-ray imaging systems to simultaneously capture an infra red image and an X-ray... Agent: Tuscano Equipments Private Limited

20140336505 - Imaging volumes with arbitrary geometries in non-contact tomography: A method for tomographic imaging of diffuse medium includes directing waves into a diffusive medium, solving a surface-bounded inversion problem by forward field calculations through decomposition of contributions from the multiple reflections from an arbitrary surface within the diffusive medium or outside the diffusive medium into a sum of different... Agent:

20140336503 - Radiolabeled biomarkers for osteoclast activation and related methods thereof: The present invention provides biomarkers that find use as imaging agents within nuclear medicine applications (e.g., PET imaging and SPECT imaging). In particular, the present invention provides methods for identifying and characterizing osteoclast activation within subjects with radiolabeled cathepsin K inhibitors.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20140336504 - Scanning apparatus, medical image device and scanning method: A scanning apparatus according to an embodiment includes a first scanning control unit, a first determination unit, a second scanning control unit, a second determination unit, and a third scanning control unit. The first scanning control unit obtains at least one first slice image of the leg in an approximate... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140336506 - Device and methods for delivery and transfer of temporary radiopaque element: A device for the transfer of radiopaque material within the body comprises a valvuloplasty or other balloon coated with the radiopaque material. The balloon is inflated in the aortic valve for marking the site of an aortic annulus to enable accurate placement of prosthetic valves under fluoroscopic imaging.... Agent:

20140336507 - Human tissue radiation protector with auxiliary method of radiotherapy: The present invention provides a human tissue radiation protector with auxiliary method of radiotherapy, wherein said human tissue radiation protector comprises an interconnected expander, a syringe and a marker set onto the expander; said marker is made of radiopaque materials, which could assist the expander in positioning; as well as... Agent:

20140336508 - Image processing unit, ultrasonic imaging apparatus, and image generation method for the same: An image processing unit includes an input unit configured to receive image data of at least one image, a plurality of filters configured to filter the image data to generate a plurality of filtered images, and an image generator configured to compare the plurality of filtered images in a comparison... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140336509 - Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and image display method thereof: Disclosed herein are an ultrasonic imaging apparatus and an image display method thereof. The ultrasonic imaging apparatus includes an ultrasonic probe configured to transmit ultrasonic signals toward an object and to receive ultrasonic signals reflected by the object, a beamformer configured to perform beamforming based on the ultrasonic signals received... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140336510 - Enhancement in diagnostic ultrasound spectral doppler imaging: Spectral Doppler imaging is enhanced. The boundary between noise and signal is determined in each spectrum. The boundary is used to differentiate noise from signal. The noise level is reduced and/or the signal level is increased in the respective regions of the spectrum, providing more distinguishable regions.... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20140336512 - High frequency, high frame-rate ultrasound imaging system: A system for producing an ultrasound image comprises a scan head having a transducer capable of generating ultrasound energy at a frequency of at least 20 megahertz (MHz), and a processor for receiving ultrasound energy and for generating an ultrasound image at a frame rate of at least 15 frames... Agent:

20140336513 - Ultrasonic imaging method and device: Method and device for performing ultrasonic imaging on a region of interest are disclosed. The method comprises: emitting a first ultrasonic pulse and receiving a first ultrasonic echo signal; emitting a second ultrasonic pulse and receiving a second ultrasonic echo signal; emitting a third ultrasonic pulse and receiving a third... Agent:

20140336511 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus and medical picture projection apparatus: Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus and a medical picture projection apparatus are provided, simply operating the apparatus in a less loaded posture without losing the variety of operation functions, comprising: an ultrasound probe; signal processor; a display controller; a projector; storage; a determining unit; and a controller. The ultrasound probe scans a... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140336514 - Methods to regulate polarization and enhance function of cells: Methods and compositions to controllably regulate cells at a target site. A quantum dot-targeting agent complex is administered to a patient in need of therapy, and the complex is stimulated using an implanted fiber optic system. In embodiments, the system includes an electrical sensor that detects and monitors electrical activity... Agent:

20140336515 - Ultra-wideband and infra-red multisensing integration: A system for transition detection, including a thermal imaging device to form a thermal image of a subject positioned in a selected position, an ultra-wideband short range radar to scan the area of the subject identified in the thermal image while the subject is positioned in the selected position, a... Agent: Albatross Breast Cancer Diagnostic Ltd

20140336516 - Localized physiologic status from luminosity around fingertip or toe: Systems and methods are directed to generating and analyzing light. Spatial light response around a human fingertip in response to electrical stimulation is associated with the status of various body organs. A system that provides a particularized response indication based on spatial light response includes a camera, an electrical signal... Agent:

20140336517 - Apparatus for monitoring arterial pulse waves in diagnosing various medical conditions: Apparatus for monitoring arterial pulse waves includes at least one separator ring receivable on at least one digit of a limb effective to tether a feed tube supplying a measuring device to a digit. Each separator ring is of a compliant material, of a non-interrupted tubular configuration, designed to avoid... Agent: Itamar Medical Ltd.

20140336518 - System for identifying rotor propagation vectors: A method and system for mapping an anatomical structure includes sensing activation signals of intrinsic physiological activity with a plurality of mapping electrodes disposed in or near the anatomical structure. The activation signals are used to determine a dominant frequency for each electrode from which a wavefront vector for each... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

20140336519 - Wearable ambulatory medical device with multiple sensing electrodes: An ambulatory medical device including a plurality of electrodes configured to be disposed at spaced apart positions about a patient's body, an electrode signal acquisition circuit, and a monitoring circuit. The acquisition circuit has a plurality of inputs each electrically coupled to a respective electrode of the plurality of electrodes... Agent:

20140336520 - Analysis and detection for arhythmia drivers: Systems and methods are provided to detect and analyze arrhythmia drivers. In one example, a system can include a wave front analyzer programmed to compute wave front lines extending over a surface for each of the plurality of time samples based on phase information computed from electrical data at nodes... Agent:

20140336521 - Intracardiac impedance and its applications: A system to measure intracardiac impedance includes implantable electrodes and a medical device. The electrodes sense electrical signals of a heart of a subject. The medical device includes a cardiac signal sensing circuit coupled to the implantable electrodes, an impedance measurement circuit coupled to the same or different implantable electrodes,... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20140336522 - Information processing apparatus and representative-waveform generating method: A handheld terminal includes an electrocardiographic-signal dividing module that divides a biosignal into waveforms of a fixed interval, an R-R interval calculating module that calculates a plurality of R-R intervals indicative of an interval between adjacent R-waves and calculates an average value of the calculated R-R intervals for each of... Agent:

20140336523 - Estimation of energy expenditure: An apparatus (1) for estimating the energy expenditure of a patient (2) comprises means (3) for receiving a set of measurements (6) from a ventilator (4), wherein the set of measurements (6) comprises at least one gas concentration measurement. The apparatus (1) further comprises means (7) for estimating the energy... Agent: Tecom As

20140336524 - Animal health monitoring system: Systems and methods for animal health monitoring are described. In one embodiment, an animal health monitoring system includes a ruminant bolus transponder, a high frequency radio frequency transceiver device, and at least one base station including a high frequency radio frequency transceiver, wherein the high frequency radio frequency transceiver device... Agent: Allflex Usa, Inc.

20140336525 - Method and associated apparatus for detecting minor traumatic brain injury: Minor traumatic brain injury is detected by operating (a) an image generator for presenting a visual stimulus having a predetermined movement across a visual field of a subject and (b) a sensor device for monitoring fast eye movement of the subject while the subject views the stimulus. The sensor device... Agent:

20140336526 - System and method for using microsaccade dynamics to measure attentional response to a stimulus: A system and method for determining a subject's attentional response to a stimulus. The method includes measuring microsaccadic eye movement dynamics of the subject, detecting whether a microsaccadic signature (a suppression in microsaccadic rate) is present in the measured microsaccadic eye movement relative to a time of the stimulus, and... Agent:

20140336527 - Analysis and visualization methods using manometry data: A system and methods that provide for visualization and/or characterization of manometry data. Visual representations of pressure information represent pressure information measured over time by sensors positioned within an organism. Markers may be provided on the visual representations. Using the system and methods described herein, various characteristics of an organism... Agent: Given Imaging (los Angeles) LLC

20140336529 - Mri compatible biopsy device with detachable probe: A biopsy device comprises a probe assembly and an obturator. The probe assembly comprises a cannula having a closed distal end configured to penetrate tissue, an open proximal end, a first lumen in fluid communication with the open proximal end, and a side aperture located proximal to the closed distal... Agent:

20140336528 - Sampling catheter devices, methods, and systems: A sampling catheter encloses a sampling brush which can be selectively extended and retracted from and into the catheter assembly to allow insertion and movement of the catheter while presenting a smooth surface to the body lumen. The selective extension and retraction of the brush allows it to be withdrawn... Agent:

20140336531 - Needle firing assembly for biopsy device: A biopsy device comprises a body, a needle, and a needle firing assembly. The needle comprises a sharp tip and a hub. The hub comprises a distal flange and a proximal flange. The needle firing assembly is operable to drive the needle longitudinally relative to the body. The needle firing... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20140336532 - Operating device: This invention relates to an operation device especially intended to proceed with an operation inside the body of a living being. This device (10) comprises a control handle and a flexible element (12) provided with a proximal end connected to this control handle. The flexible element (12) comprises at a... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140336530 - Soft tissue coring biopsy devices and methods: A biopsy device comprises a coring and transport assembly and a distal beak assembly. The distal beak assembly may be coupled to or near a distal end of the coring and transport assembly and may comprise at least one movable cutting element. The distal beak assembly may be configured to... Agent: Transmed7, LLC

20140336534 - Method for measuring nitric oxide in blood: The present invention provides a method for the quantification of NO in a blood sample comprising the steps of collecting a blood sample, dividing said collected blood sample into three blood subsamples, chemically treating one blood subsample with an antioxidant to at least partly reduce free radicals of said blood... Agent: L'universite Catholique De Louvain

20140336533 - Non-invasive device for removing exudate from a wound, use thereof and kit comprising said device: The invention relates to a non-invasive device (1) that can be used to remove exudate from a wound, comprising a chamber (2) having a side wall (3), an open lower end (4) and an upper end (5), an access opening being disposed at the upper end (5) and/or in the... Agent:

20140336535 - Capacitive sensor: Apparatus comprising a housing having an aperture configured to receive a body part of a user, a capacitive sensor supported on the housing and a controller configured to use the capacitive sensor to determine whether a body part of a user is present within the aperture and to permit lancing... Agent:

20140336536 - Systems and interfaces for blood sampling: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for delivering and/or receiving a substance or substances such as blood from subjects. In one aspect, the present invention is directed to devices and methods for receiving or extracting blood from a subject, e.g., from the skin and/or from beneath the... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20140336537 - Cough detecting methods and devices for detecting coughs: Examples of the present invention utilize principal component analysis (PCA) to detect cough sounds in an audio stream. Comparison of all or portions of the audio stream with a cough model may be conducted. The cough model may include a number of basis vectors may be based on initial portions... Agent: University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

20140336538 - Stretch sensor device: The invention relates to a method for determining stretch values and movement of body parts, e.g. a foot, by analysing stretch data from a stretch sensor. By analysing data from the stretch sensor it is possible to determine stretch samples which are associated with particular motion phases. Thereby the stretch... Agent: Region Nordjylland, Aalborg Sygehus

20140336539 - Methods for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders: The present invention provides objective methods of diagnosis and behavioural treatments of neurological disorders such as autism spectral disorders and Parkinson's disease.... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 111 patent applications in 67 patent subcategories.

20140330063 - Charged particle cancer therapy dose distribution method and apparatus: The invention relates generally to treatment of solid cancers. More particularly, a method and apparatus for efficient radiation dose delivery to a tumor is described. Preferably, radiation is delivered through an entry point into the tumor and Bragg peak energy is targeted to a distal or far side of the... Agent:

20140330065 - Method and device for radiation therapy treatment of multiple targets: e

20140330064 - Station parameter optimized radiation therapy (sport): a novel scheme for treatment planning and delivery in radiation therapy: A method of radiation therapy planning and delivery is provided that includes introducing a demand metric, using a volumetric modulation arc therapy system, to select a spatially optimized and non-uniform set of station or control points to be used for intensity modulation, where the set of station or control points... Agent:

20140330066 - System for irradiating charged particles and method for irradiating charged particles: A charged particle irradiation system is capable of shortening the irradiation time and the treatment time by performing efficient irradiation even when irregular variation occurs in the irradiation object during the gating irradiation. The extraction of the beam is stopped upon reception of a regular extraction permission end signal which... Agent:

20140330067 - Device for extracorporeal magnetic innervation: A device is for extracorporeal magnetic innervation. The device allows a non-invasive, non-operative treatment using magnetic fields. In particular, the device is suitable for nerve stimulation by means of the magnetic fields which are generated, thereby resulting in the contraction of a muscle.... Agent:

20140330068 - Method for modulating the enteric nervous system to treat a disorder: Non-invasive and/or natural orifice procedures, apparatus and methods for modulating the enteric nervous system using one or more energy modalities. A system may include a probe for insertion into a natural orifice (e.g., nasogastrically, orogastrically, nasojejunally) with or without a tube to therapeutically apply energy to modulate one or more... Agent:

20140330069 - Systems and methods for making and using percutaneously- delivered pumping systems for providing hemodynamic support: A percutaneous pumping system for providing hemodynamic support to a patient includes a pumping sleeve that defines a lumen extending along the length of the pumping sleeve. The pumping sleeve is configured and arranged for insertion into patient vasculature. At least one rotatable magnet is disposed in the pumping sleeve.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140330070 - Emuilation of sensory stimuli, emanating from a reference person, for a child: A device for generating sensory stimuli, corresponding to sensory stimuli emanating from a reference person, for a child comprises a receiving unit for receiving a data stream from a device for acquiring sensory stimuli, emanating from a reference person, and a transducer unit, which is coupled to the receiving unit... Agent:

20140330071 - Methods and compositions for improved fertilization and embryonic survival: Single nucleotide polymorphic sites of the bovine HSP genes are associated with improved fertilization rate and/or improved embryo survival rate in cattle. Nucleic acid molecules, kits, methods of genotyping and marker assisted bovine breeding methods based on these SNPs are disclosed.... Agent:

20140330072 - Penile prosthesis implantation device: A penile prosthesis implantation device includes a barrel having a bore, an obturator and a needle clamp. The obturator has a distal end that is received within. the bore of the barrel and is configured to slide along a longitudinal axis of the bore relative to the barrel. The needle... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20140330073 - End effector and remote control apparatus: An end effector includes a tip part having a deformation member that is physically changed due to contact with an object, a gauge display part configured to display gauge information according to a physical change of the deformation member, and a connecting rod part connected to the tip part and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140330075 - Methods and instruments for treating gerd and haital hernia: The invention relates to an intraluminar method of treating a reflux disease in a patient by implanting a device comprising an movement restriction device that, when implanted in a patient, fills a volume in the patient's abdomen that is close to and at least partially above the patient's cardia when... Agent:

20140330076 - Postpyloric feeding device and methods for using thereof: A feeding tube device for postpyloric feeding that comprises a bendable feeding tube having a proximal end, a central portion and, and a distal end and a delivery lumen therealong for conducting a digestible substance therethrough, an imaging unit having an image sensor mounted on a tip of the distal... Agent: Art Healthcare Ltd.

20140330074 - Shapeable guide catheters and related methods: Shapeable guide catheters and methods for manufacturing and using such shapeable guide catheters. In one embodiment, the shapeable guide catheter comprises a tubular member having a shapeable region, a malleable shaping member attached to the shapeable region such that, when the shape of the shapeable region is changed from a... Agent: Acclarent, Inc.

20140330077 - Surgical trocars and image acquisition method using the same: Surgical trocars, and image acquisition method using the same, include a body having a passage configured to receive at least one surgical instrument, and at least one camera movably coupled to an outer wall of the body.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140330078 - Endoscope and image processing apparatus using the same: An endoscope to acquire a 3D image and a wide view-angle image and an image processing apparatus using the endoscope includes a front image acquirer to acquire a front image and a lower image acquirer to acquire a lower image in a downward direction of the front image acquirer. The... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140330079 - Living body introduction apparatus: In a living body introduction apparatus, an inner rotating cylinder is covered with a stretchable cover having an inner circumferential length shorter than an outer circumferential length of the inner rotating cylinder. A portion of the cover pushed out in a protruding form by a roller disposed on an outer... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140330080 - System for controlling an instrument using shape sensors: The present invention relates, generally, to controlling a steerable instrument having an elongate body. More particularly, the present invention relates to a system and method for sensing the shape of a steerable instrument and controlling the steerable instrument in response to a control signal from a user input device and... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140330081 - Distal end rigid section of insertion portion of endoscope and endoscope: A distal-end rigid section of an insertion section of an endoscope, includes: a first base of a metallic material, which constitutes a distal-end portion of the insertion section of the endoscope; a second base of a resin material, which is formed on an axially proximal-end side of the first base;... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140330082 - Hermetic endoscope assemblage: Hermetically sealed enclosures and constructions are disclosed for use in endoscopic systems, particularly endoscopic systems with electronic imaging and illumination systems in the enclosures. Compound optical windows are also disclosed for use in the systems. The compound optical windows may have separate panes for an imaging system and an illumination... Agent:

20140330083 - Use of an expandable stent as an implant conduit in the lateral approach to the spine: The use of a memory metal mesh stent as a retractor in a lateral approach to the spine. The expanded stent is used as a conduit through which an implant can pass. This advance is predicated upon the appreciation that modern stent implants have diameters that are large enough to... Agent:

20140330085 - Methods and devices for tissue retraction: Methods and devices are provided for retracting tissue. In one exemplary embodiment, a retractor is provided that includes a base, a plurality of blades extending from the base, and an actuator coupled to the base and operatively connected to the blades. The actuator can be configured to be actuated to... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140330084 - Surgical retractor with spreadable rakes: The present invention relates to a spreadable retractor, including a rake plate having a pair of laterally separated rake mountings; a pair of rakes, one of the rakes moveably mounted to each of the laterally separated rake mountings, wherein each of the rakes comprises a rake shaft extending away from... Agent: Rultract, Inc.

20140330086 - Surgical retractor and method of use: A retractor includes a first wall extending from the base. The first wall has a longitudinal axis and extends between a first end and a second end. The first wall includes at least a portion of a longitudinal cavity. A rotatable shaft includes an outer surface that defines a groove.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20140330088 - Adherent device for sleep disordered breathing: An adherent device is configured to adhere to the skin of the patient with an adherent patch, for example breathable tape, coupled to at least four electrodes. The device comprises impedance circuitry coupled to the at least four electrodes and configured to measure respiration of the patient to detect sleep... Agent: Corventis, Inc.

20140330087 - Devices and methods for obtaining physiological data: A medical device that can have at least one sensor for obtaining data relating to at least one physiological condition of a patient. Some embodiments of the medical device can include internet communication which can allow the data obtained by the sensor(s) to be transmitted to a computer monitored by... Agent: Medsensation, Inc.

20140330091 - Heart failure decompensation prediction based on cardiac rhythm: Systems and methods of detecting an impending cardiac decompensation of a patient measure an electrocardiogram signal of the patient. An incidence of cardiac arrhythmias is determined from the electrocardiogram signal. A risk of impending decompensation is determined in response to the incidence of cardiac arrhythmias. In many embodiments, the impending... Agent: Corventis, Inc.

20140330093 - Method for diagnosis of and therapy for a subject having a central nervous system disorder: A method is provided of systematically evaluating and treating dynamic autonomic dysregulation in a subject. The method includes having the subject sequentially assume a plurality of distinct postures that may include, for example, walking, standing, sitting or supine. In each posture of the subject, the subject is subjected to sensory... Agent:

20140330089 - Physiological feature extraction and fusion to assist in the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other anxiety disorders, are diagnosed via clinical interviews in which subjective self-reports of traumatic events and associated experiences are discussed with a mental health professional. The system and methods described herein classify and diagnose patients as suffering from anxiety disorders by measuring objective physiological measures,... Agent: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

20140330092 - Physiological parameter system: A physiological parameter system has one or more parameter inputs responsive to one or more physiological sensors. The physiological parameter system may also have quality indicators relating to confidence in the parameter inputs. A processor is adapted to combine the parameter inputs, quality indicators and predetermined limits for the parameters... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20140330095 - System and methods for estimating respiratory airflow: A system and methods for screening patients suspected of obstructive sleep apnea. The system includes a sound detection device configured for detecting tracheal respiratory sound signals of a patient and a Sao2 detection device for detecting SaO2 signals of the patient. The system also has a head position detection device... Agent: University Of Manitoba

20140330094 - System for monitoring and presenting health, wellness and fitness utilizng multiple user trend data having user selectable parameters: A nutrition and activity management system is disclosed that monitors energy expenditure of an individual through the use of a body-mounted sensing apparatus. The apparatus is particularly adapted for continuous wear. The system is also adaptable or applicable to measuring a number of other physiological parameters and reporting the same... Agent:

20140330090 - System for monitoring heart failure patients featuring necklace-shaped sensor and display based on a conventional television or mobile device: The invention provides a system for monitoring a patient that includes a sensor configured to drape around the patient's neck. The sensor features an impedance sensor for measuring fluids, an ECG sensor for measuring cardiac activity, and a first wireless transceiver for transmitting this information. Integrated with the sensor is... Agent: Perminova Inc.

20140330096 - Method for performing a physiological analysis with increased reliability: A method for performing an electrophysiological analysis implemented in a system includes: a series of electrodes to be placed on different regions of the human body; a DC voltage source controlled so as to produce DC voltage pulses; a switching circuit for selectively connecting the active electrodes to the voltage... Agent: Impeto Medical

20140330097 - Method and system for a non-invasive measurement of optically active component concentration: It is disclosed a device for measuring a concentration of glucose, for example, in a translucent piece of a body, like an earlobe, a tissue connecting two fingers, a nasal ala, or a cheek. The piece is illuminated by a linearly polarized laser beam at a certain polarization direction. Consequently,... Agent:

20140330098 - Reflectance calibration of fluorescence-based glucose measurements: A noninvasive or minimally invasive procedure and system for measuring blood glucose levels is disclosed. A set of photodiodes detects the fluorescence and reflectance of light energy emitted from one or more emitters, such as LEDs, into a patient's skin. In an embodiment, small molecule metabolite reporters (SMMRs) that bind... Agent:

20140330099 - Noninvasive oximetry optical sensor including disposable and reusable elements: A pulse oximetry sensor includes reusable and disposable elements. To assemble the sensor, members of the reusable element are mated with assembly mechanisms of the disposable element. The assembled sensor provides independent movement between the reusable and disposable elements.... Agent:

20140330100 - Carbon nanostructure electrochemical sensor and method: Carbon nanostructures may be protected and functionalized using a layer-by-layer method whereby functional groups on the carbon nanostructure surface may be further derivatized to incorporate additional functional moieties. Exemplary moieties include redox mediator molecules, crown ethers, catalysts, boric acids, carbohydrates, oligonucleotides, DNA or RNA aptamers, peptide aptamers, proteins such as... Agent: Nanoselect, Inc.

20140330101 - Nerve sensing/monitoring device: Sensor arrangement for sensing activity in a nerve or muscle, the sensor arrangement being arranged to be secured to an insertion member for insertion into a body cavity, the sensor arrangement (2) comprising a support for supporting one or more sensing elements, the support comprising a first zone (10a) and... Agent: The Magstim Company Limited

20140330102 - Low noise analog electronic circuit design for recording peripheral nerve activity: Circuits and circuit systems to record activity (e.g., peripheral nerve activity) are provided. The circuits advantageously have good noise characteristics (e.g., low noise), as well as low power consumption and low area. A circuit can be implantable (e.g., in a human subject). Methods of designing, manufacturing, and using such circuits... Agent: The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

20140330103 - Remote medical diagnosis device including bio-mouse and bio-keyboard, and method using the same: A remote medical diagnostic device that includes both a bio-mouse and a bio-keyboard, and a method of using the same.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140330104 - Non-contact tonometer: Provided is a non-contact tonometer capable of inhibiting unnecessary air discharge against an eye to be inspected. The non-contact tonometer includes: a corneal shape deforming unit for pressurizing air in a cylinder using a piston provided in the cylinder and puffing the air through an opening in the cylinder toward... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140330105 - Method for detecting body parameters: A biometric sensor includes a prosthesis for at least one joint having one or more biometric transceivers. The one or more biometric transceivers are capable of transmitting at least one energy wave into a procedure area, quantitatively assessing a behavior of the at least one energy wave, and assessing particulate... Agent:

20140330106 - Multi-parametric magnetic resonance diagnosis & staging of liver disease: The present disclosure provides systems and methods for performing multi-parametric diagnosis for liver disease. The present disclosure provides systems and methods that include: positioning a subject, for example a patient, in association with a medical imaging device, preferably a magnetic resonance (MR) scanner; using the medical imaging device to measure... Agent:

20140330109 - Photobiomedical measurement apparatus: A photobiomedical measurement apparatus includes a measurement point determination module to determine a specified position in a brain surface image as a measurement point by designating the specified position in the brain surface image with an input device, an estimated point determination module to determine a specific position in a... Agent:

20140330108 - System and method for image guidance during medical procedures: A surgical guidance system is disclosed that allows for real-time imaging and patient monitoring during a surgical procedure. The system can include an MRI system for generating real-time images of the patient while surgery is being performed. Prior to surgery, a surgical plan can be created using a planning interface.... Agent:

20140330107 - Ultrasound system and method for providing change information of target object: Provided are an ultrasound system and method for providing change information of a target object by performing image registration on a reference image acquired before radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and an ultrasound image acquired during the RFA and comparing the reference image and the ultrasound image that have undergone the image... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20140330110 - Proton decoupled hyperpolarized magnetic resonance imaging: A system and method for improving available signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and speed of MR imaging of hyperpolarized substances is disclosed. The system and method include decoupling spin effects of hydrogen nuclei from non-hydrogen nuclei of interest during sampling of MR signals therefrom. Though the hydrogen nuclei of the hyperpolarized substance... Agent:

20140330113 - Graphical user interface for tissue biopsy system: A graphical user interface is disclosed for a tissue biopsy system having a tissue cutting member adapted for cutting one or more tissue specimens from tissue at a target site within a patient. The graphical user interface includes a first GUI area representing a first region of the target site... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20140330114 - Tracking system and method: A system for tracking a tracking element inside a body is provided. It includes a first tracking system, which includes a first tracking sensor for detecting the current position of a tracking element inside a body relative to a nominal position with respect to the first tracking sensor, and a... Agent:

20140330112 - Use of micro- and miniature position sensing devices for use in tka and tha: A system for assisting in a surgical process, comprising: (a) a surgical device taken from a group consisting of a surgical tool and a surgical implant; (b) a positional sensor carried by the surgical device, the positional sensor including a wireless transmitter and associated circuitry for transmitting sensor data from... Agent:

20140330111 - Valve view map: A method, including generating a three-dimensional (3D) map as a plurality of points illustrating a characteristic of a 3D heart chamber, the 3D heart chamber having an opening bounded by a perimeter. The method further includes transforming the perimeter into a closed two-dimensional (2D) figure having an interior. The plurality... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel), Ltd.

20140330115 - System for paranasal sinus and nasal cavity analysis: A method for displaying a paranasal sinus region of a patient is executed at least in part on a computer, acquiring volume image data of the paranasal sinus region of the patient, identifying one or more airways within the paranasal sinus region from the volume image data, displaying the at... Agent:

20140330116 - Systems and methods for simultaneous multi-directional imaging for capturing tomographic data: Devices, systems, and method for tomographic imaging are described in which light transmitted and backscattered surface light is imaged by an optical system that minimizes reflection back to the target object while providing the ability to direct surface image rays to a single imaging device. In an embodiment, a curved... Agent:

20140330117 - Apparatus for inserting delay, nuclear medicine imaging apparatus, method for inserting delay, and method of calibration: An apparatus for inserting delay according to an embodiment includes a signal generating circuit, a plurality of carry elements, and a delay chain circuit. The delay chain circuit includes one or more delay modules selected from the plurality of carry elements, at least one feedback line connected between at least... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140330118 - Assemblies for identifying a power injectable access port: An assembly for identifying a power injectable vascular access port, including a vascular access port and an identification feature. The port is structured for power injection and includes a housing and a septum together defining a reservoir. A radiographic feature incorporated into the port is perceivable via x-ray following subcutaneous... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20140330119 - Identifying abnormal tissue in images of computed tomography: An imaging method for identifying abnormal tissue in the lung is provided, comprising the recording of slice images of the lung by means of X-ray radiation, recording of blood vessels, differentiation of blood vessels and abnormal tissue, segmentation of the abnormal tissue and display of the segmented abnormal tissue on... Agent:

20140330122 - Elastography using ultrasound imaging of a thin volume: The embodiments described herein relate generally to an elastography method and system for obtaining ultrasound images of an excited tissue over a certain time period, then computationally determining one or more mechanical properties of the tissue within a real time refresh rate. This method can perform elastography in real time... Agent: The University Of British Columbia

20140330123 - Implantable sonic windows: A sonic window includes a body sized and configured to close an opening formed through the cranium, wherein at least a part of the body is made of a sonically transparent material through which ultrasonic waves can pass.... Agent: University Of South Florida (a Florida Non-profit Corporation)

20140330120 - Medical imaging apparatus and method of providing medical images: Disclosed herein are a medical imaging apparatus and a method of providing medical images which may more accurately quantify elasticity of tissues. The medical imaging apparatus includes a display unit displaying an elastic image in which different colors are mapped according to strain values of tissues within an object, and... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20140330121 - Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and control method thereof: s

20140330124 - Flexible endoscopic probe system and method of using same: A system for providing ultrasound includes a drive shaft having a proximal end and a distal end. One or more motors are positioned at or near the proximal end of the drive shaft. One or more pair of jaws or one or more joints are mounted on or near the... Agent: Sonacare Medical, LLC

20140330125 - Large volume three-dimensional ultrsaound imaging: The present invention relates to a method for providing a three-dimensional ultrasound image of a volume (50) and an ultrasound imaging system (10). In particular, the current invention applies to live three-dimensional imaging. To improve three-dimensional dimensional ultrasound imaging of a large volume, it is contemplated to adjust the central... Agent:

20140330127 - Method for reconstructing the geometry of a surface of an object via echographic probing, corresponding computer program and ultrasound probing device: A method for reconstructing geometry of an object surface via echographic probing, using an ultrasound probe including plural transducers, the method including: controlling the transducers to transmit towards the surface ultrasound waves having initial transmission delays between them; executing at least once a cycle of operations including receiving from the... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140330126 - Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and control method thereof: An ultrasonic probe includes a multi-dimensionally arrayed transducer, a matching layer, and a backing layer. The transducer includes element groups having different focal distances and simultaneously transmitting ultrasonic signals toward an object. According to the ultrasonic imaging apparatus using the multi-dimensionally arrayed transducer, a multi-focus transmission is performed. Thus, the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140330128 - Signal processing apparatus and method: An A array transducer is a one-dimensional array transducer that is a conventional array transducer. A B array transducer and a C array transducer are connected to both ends of the short side of the A array transducer (the right and left ends in the drawing), so that the array... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140330129 - Eyelid illumination systems and methods for imaging meibomian glands for meibomian gland analysis: Eyelid illumination systems and methods for imaging meibomian glands for meibomian gland analysis are disclosed. In one embodiment, a patient's eyelid is IR trans-illuminated with an infrared (IR) light. A trans-illumination image of the patient's eyelid is captured showing meibomian glands in dark outlined areas, whereas non-gland material is shown... Agent: Tearscience, Inc.

20140330130 - Methods and systems for facilitating medical care: Mobile and/or computer based functionality to: (i) provide a secure method of communication between patients and physicians; (ii) provide reminders and/or alerts to patients in the form of mobile phone alerts, mobile phone alarms, email, text messages, etc.; (iii) offer calibrated photo taking using, e.g., shadow-overlay; (iv) utilize historical image... Agent:

20140330131 - Method of and a system for characterising a material: A system for characterising a material is provided. The system includes an optical sensor including an optical waveguide, the optical waveguide having first and second ends and being characterised by having a numerical aperture greater than or equal to 0.2, and a microresonator including an optically active material, the microresonator... Agent: Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd.

20140330134 - Detection and monitoring of atrial fibrillation: Enhanced real-time realizable AF algorithm for accurate detection of, and discrimination between, NSR, AF, PVC, and PAC. The method of these teachings includes an AF detection method having a modified Poincare approach in order to differentiate various patterns of PAC and PVC from NSR and AF. The method of these... Agent: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

20140330132 - Physiological characteristic detection based on reflected components of light: Embodiments relate generally to the health field, and more specifically to a new and useful method for measuring detecting physiological characteristics, such as heart rate, of an organism. In one embodiment, a method includes detecting one or more surfaces associated with an organism, and receiving components of light reflected from... Agent:

20140330133 - Systems and methods for measuring and characterizing interior surfaces of luminal structures: A digital topographic model of the luminal surface is generated by projecting an optical pattern on the luminal surface from the first location within the lumen. At least a portion of the projected pattern is detected from a second location within the lumen which is based apart from the first... Agent: Vs Medtech, Inc.

20140330136 - Adherent device with multiple physiological sensors: An adherent device to monitor a patient comprises an adhesive patch to adhere to a skin of the patient, and at least four electrodes connected to the patch and capable of electrically coupling to the patient. The adherent device further includes impedance circuitry coupled to the at least four electrodes... Agent:

20140330135 - Cannulated screw probe: Concepts for measuring and monitoring characteristics of osseous tissue are presented. In various embodiments, a monitoring probe may be inserted through a hollow passageway within a cannulated screw during an operation in order to measure characteristics of the osseous tissue in which the cannulated screw is inserted. In various embodiments,... Agent:

20140330137 - System for monitoring heart failure patients featuring necklace-shaped sensor and display based on a conventional television or mobile device: The invention provides a system for monitoring a patient that includes a sensor configured to drape around the patient's neck. The sensor features an impedance sensor for measuring fluids, an ECG sensor for measuring cardiac activity, and a first wireless transceiver for transmitting this information. Integrated with the sensor is... Agent: Perminova Inc.

20140330138 - System for monitoring heart failure patients featuring necklace-shaped sensor and display based on a conventional television or mobile device: The invention provides a system for monitoring a patient that includes a sensor configured to drape around the patient's neck. The sensor features an impedance sensor for measuring fluids, an ECG sensor for measuring cardiac activity, and a first wireless transceiver for transmitting this information. Integrated with the sensor is... Agent: Perminova Inc.

20140330139 - System for monitoring heart failure patients featuring necklace-shaped sensor and display based on a conventional television or mobile device: The invention provides a system for monitoring a patient that includes a sensor configured to drape around the patient's neck. The sensor features an impedance sensor for measuring fluids, an ECG sensor for measuring cardiac activity, and a first wireless transceiver for transmitting this information. Integrated with the sensor is... Agent: Perminova Inc.

20140330140 - System for monitoring heart failure patients featuring necklace-shaped sensor and display based on a conventional television or mobile device: The invention provides a system for monitoring a patient that includes a sensor configured to drape around the patient's neck. The sensor features an impedance sensor for measuring fluids, an ECG sensor for measuring cardiac activity, and a first wireless transceiver for transmitting this information. Integrated with the sensor is... Agent: Perminova Inc.

20140330141 - System for monitoring heart failure patients featuring necklace-shaped sensor and display based on a conventional television or mobile device: The invention provides a system for monitoring a patient that includes a sensor configured to drape around the patient's neck. The sensor features an impedance sensor for measuring fluids, an ECG sensor for measuring cardiac activity, and a first wireless transceiver for transmitting this information. Integrated with the sensor is... Agent: Perminova Inc.

20140330142 - System for monitoring heart failure patients featuring necklace-shaped sensor and display based on a conventional television or mobile device: The invention provides a system for monitoring a patient that includes a sensor configured to drape around the patient's neck. The sensor features an impedance sensor for measuring fluids, an ECG sensor for measuring cardiac activity, and a first wireless transceiver for transmitting this information. Integrated with the sensor is... Agent: Perminova Inc.

20140330143 - Method and system for treating cardiovascular disease: A system and method for treating congestive heart failure in a patient, including: implanting at least one pressure sensor in a desired location within the patient; providing an ex-vivo interrogation system and monitoring system that can be configured to optionally affect at least one of: selectively energizing the at one... Agent: Cardiomems, Inc.

20140330144 - Methods and apparatus for controlling appliances using biometric parameters measured using a wearable monitor: In a first aspect, a method of controlling an appliance is provided that includes (1) employing a wearable monitor to detect a biometric parameter of a user; (2) communicating biometric parameter information from the wearable monitor to a mobile telephone of the user; (3) determining if the biometric parameter information... Agent:

20140330145 - Multi-channel cardiac measurements: An automatic method of determining local activation time (LAT) in multi-channel cardiac electrogram signals including a plurality of cardiac channels, the method comprising: (a) storing the cardiac channel signals; (b) using a ventricular, a reference and a mapping channel to compute first LAT values at a plurality of mapping-channel locations;... Agent: Apn Health, LLC

20140330146 - Systems and methods for processing and displaying patient electrocardiograph data: A method is disclosed for displaying patient ECG data. The method includes receiving ECG data including an ECG waveform; receiving analyzed ECG data including arrhythmic events; generating an indicia of the detected arrhythmic event; and displaying the indicia of the detected arrhythmic event in relation to the ECG waveform at... Agent:

20140330148 - Cycle length iteration for the detection of atrial activations from electrogram recordings of atrial fibrillation: A method is provided of analyzing a cardiac electrogram using a computer. In one step, a determination is made as to a plurality of cycle lengths between a plurality of activation peaks of the cardiac electrogram. In another step, a determination is made as to whether a mean of the... Agent: Northwestern University

20140330147 - Electrogram summary: Example techniques, systems, and devices select one or more portions of EGM signal data for presentation based on an identified cardiac episode type of the EGM signal data. For example, one or more processors are configured to receive cardiac electrogram (EGM) signal data collected from a medical device associated with... Agent:

20140330149 - Methods, systems and devices for detecting atrial fibrillation: Disclosed herein are various embodiments of methods, systems and devices for detecting atrial fibrillation (AF) in a patient. According to one embodiment, a patient places his or her left and right hands around left and right electrodes and a hand-held atrial fibrillation detection device acquires an electrocardiogram (ECG) from the... Agent: Applied Medical Systems Bv

20140330150 - Persistent display of nearest beat characteristics during real-time or play-back electrophysiology data visualization: A system and method for mapping an anatomical structure includes sensing activation signals of intrinsic physiological activity with a plurality of electrodes disposed in or near the anatomical structure. A most recent intrinsic event at a selected time is determined based on the sensed activation signals and a persistent display... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

20140330151 - Devices for diagnosing sleep apnea or other conditions and related systems and methods: A system includes a sensor device having a body configured to be inserted into an airway of a patient and one or more sensors mounted in or on the body. The one or more sensors are configured to collect sensor data associated with the airway of the patient. The system... Agent:

20140330154 - Breathing mask for ventilating a patient and gas analyzer for respiratory gas measurement: A breathing mask for ventilating a patient, the breathing mask includes a housing covering a respiratory passage of the patient, a first cavity surrounded at least partly by the housing conveying both an inspiratory and expiratory gas, a respiratory port delivering the inspiratory gas from the first cavity and the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140330155 - Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling a pressure support device: A system and method are configured to monitor respiratory stability and/or effectiveness. A ventilation index is determined that provides an indication of respiratory stability and/or effectiveness. The ventilation index is determined from one or more metrics that indicate deviation of a breathing parameter of a subject from levels that have... Agent:

20140330152 - Providing evidence whether an intravascular conduit is correctly positioned: Disclosed are methods, devices and compositions useful for providing evidence whether or not an intravascular conduit is correctly positioned in a blood vessel of a living subject, in some embodiments related to administration, through an intravascular conduit, of an indicator precursor such as bicarbonate, and monitoring for the presence of... Agent:

20140330153 - Selective point of care nanoprobe breath analyzer: Disclosed is a medical diagnostic device for analyzing breath gases and/or skin emissions, including a highly sensitive sensing component for obtaining an emission concentration profile and a database of breath analysis profiles medical condition characteristics.... Agent: The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

20140330156 - Apparatus and method for adapting a piezoelectric respiratory sensing belt to a respiratory inductance plethysmography polysomnograph: Circuits for rendering piezo-based respiratory belts compatible with polysomnograph (PSG) machines designed for use with respiratory induction belts (RIPs) comprise an instrumentation amplifier adapted to be connected to a piezoelectric transducer and providing an AC output signal to a low-pass filter. In a first embodiment, the low-pass filter output is... Agent: Dymedix Corporation

20140330157 - Method and system for retraining brainwave patterns using ultra low power direct electrical stimulation feedback: A method of retraining brainwave patterns using direct electrical stimulation feedback comprises: securing two or more electrodes to a subject's scalp and/or ears; acquiring EEG signal(s) on at least one channel; amplifying the EEG signal or signals via differential amplifier means; digitizing said EEG signal or signals via Analog-to-Digital converter... Agent:

20140330158 - Bioelectrical impedance measurement method: A bioelectrical impedance measurement method is provided. A power signal and a frequency regulation signal for driving a measuring unit to perform bioelectrical impedance measurement are provided from a first sound channel output terminal and a second sound channel output terminal according to a measuring mode of a host device,... Agent:

20140330159 - Quantitative methods and systems for neurological assessment: Typical neurological examinations focus on qualitative and subjective assessments, including obtaining a patient history, assessing the patient's cognitive status, motor and sensory skills, and cranial nerve functionality. A quantitative assessment of neurological condition includes recording a subject performing a visuomotor task and processing the performance data to determine a level... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20140330160 - Hearing apparatus and method for measuring distance between eardrum and hearing apparatus: A hearing apparatus and method for measuring a distance between an eardrum and the hearing apparatus are provided. The hearing apparatus may include a signal output unit configured to output a first measurement signal, a signal identification unit configured to receive a second measurement signal, and a distance determination unit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140330162 - Biological cell assessment using whole genome sequence and oncological therapy planning using same: A cancer test includes: processing a suspect tissue sample (10) acquired from a subject (6) to generate a suspect whole genome sequence (WGS) (20); processing a normal tissue sample (12) acquired from the subject to generate a normal WGS (22); computing a WGS comparison metric comparing the suspect WGS with... Agent:

20140330161 - Interchangeable tools for surgical instruments: A surgical tool system. Various embodiments of the surgical tool system may comprise surgical instrument that has a handle assembly that operably supports a drive system therein for generating drive motions upon actuation of a movable handle portion operably coupled to the handle assembly. An elongated body protrudes from the... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20140330163 - Methods and devices for biopsy and collection of soft tissue: A biopsy system includes a housing, a cannula, a hollow cutter, and a rotatable tissue sample holder. The cannula extends distally from the housing and is rotatable with respect to the housing. The cutter is movable with respect to the cannula for severing tissue received by the cannula. The tissue... Agent:

20140330164 - Endoscopic treatment tool: An endoscopic treatment tool includes: an elongated flexible insertion part, a treatment part which is disposed at a distal end part of the insertion part, a first operation member which is attached to the treatment part and is moved to the insertion part so as to operate the treatment part,... Agent:

20140330165 - Apparatus for eliciting a blood sample: An apparatus for eliciting a blood sample is presented having a lancet for lancing a body part of a user and a cleaning member of absorbent material operable to clean a surface of the body part, the apparatus being configured such that in use the lancet is moved to lance... Agent:

20140330166 - Apparatus for eliciting a blood sample: The present application relates to an apparatus for eliciting a blood sample. The apparatus has a housing having an aperture. A shaft extends in the housing and is received through a hole in a test member. A lancet protrudes radially from the test member. The hole is configured to allow... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140330167 - Specimen observation, collection, storage and preservation devices and methods of use: The devices and methods taught in this disclosure are directed to facilitate the observation, collection, transportation, storage, and preservation of specimens possibly containing DNA, said specimens potentially constituting evidence of sexual assault. The devices and methods described further allow for a means of minimizing the possibility of specimen contamination, dilution,... Agent:

20140330168 - Multifunction stethoscope: A multifunction stethoscope comprising a stethoscope, where the stethoscope includes a tubing and a headset; a chest piece attached to an end of the tubing, where the chest piece includes a diaphragm and a bell; a time display positioned on the chest piece, where the time display includes a stopwatch;... Agent:

20140330169 - Apparatus, system, and method recording anatomic orientation and position: Disclosed are systems, apparatuses and methods for recording images of one or more selected anatomical features, and to facilitate re-orientation and/or re-positioning of such images to one or more desired positions.... Agent:

20140330170 - Method of quantifying cancer treatment: s

20140330173 - Apparatus for identifying falls and activities of daily living: The present invention provides and apparatus for distinguishing falls from activities of daily living (ADLs). First, the human movements and muscle activities would be obtained by an electromyography measuring unit and/or an inertia measuring unit to record ADLs, and falls would be distinguished from ADLs to trigger the protecting devices... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20140330171 - Method and device for monitoring postural and movement balance for fall prevention: A method for monitoring postural and movement balance for fall prevent is provided. The method includes the following steps. Multiple sensing signals of a human body are obtained. A center of mass (COM) signal and a center of pressure (COP) signal are modeling according to the sensing signals. A correlation... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140330172 - Systems and methods for automatically quantifying mobility: A system and method for automatically quantifying mobility of a person performing a mobility diagnostic procedure. In one exemplary embodiment, the system measures a posture change test procedure with integrated inertial, location, and navigation type sensors found in a mobile computing device worn by a patient during the posture change... Agent:

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20140323793 - Particle beam therapy device and particle beam therapy device operation method: A control unit is provided with, a retaining section that retains a plurality of operation patterns each being a pattern of operation to be periodically repeated by an accelerator, the operation patterns having respective operation conditions adjusted for different emission times of an particle beam, to cause a deflection electromagnet... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140323794 - Electronic brachytherapy radiation application apparatus comprising a piezoelectrically powered x-ray source: The invention relates to a radiation application apparatus for applying radiation at a location within an object. The radiation application apparatus comprises a transforming unit (2) for being arranged within the object at the location and for transforming ultrasound energy to electrical energy, and a radiation source (4) for being... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140323795 - Bendable, shielding brachytherapy needle holder providing one-handed access: A brachytherapy needle holder includes a needle card holding one or more brachytherapy needles preloaded with one or more brachytherapy seeds, wherein the needle holder includes a scored needle card shield that may be bent at the score so that the needle card may stand up on its own, providing... Agent: Bard Brachytherapy, Inc.

20140323796 - Cardiac pump with speed adapted for ventricle unloading: A blood pump system is implantable in a patient for ventricular support. A pumping chamber has an inlet for receiving blood from a ventricle of the patient. An impeller is received in the pumping chamber. A motor is coupled to the impeller for driving rotation of the impeller. A motor... Agent: Thoratec Corporation

20140323797 - Method and system for training voice patterns: One example embodiment of the present disclosure includes method and system to improve communication comprising an assembly fixedly positioned during use in close proximity to a user's ear. The assembly includes an accelerometer to detect the initiation and duration of the user's speech and an output presentation system. The output... Agent: Speechvive, Inc.

20140323798 - Middle ear implant sensor: A middle ear implant may include a first interface portion configured to interface with a first structure of a middle ear of a patient, a second interface portion configured to interface with a second structure of the middle ear of the patient, a shaft configured to connect the first interface... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140323799 - System and a method for improving a person's sleep: A system and a method for improving a person's sleep is disclosed, wherein the system comprises a bedding layer comprising a plurality of individually controllable thermally adjustable zones, a plurality of temperature sensors, wherein at least one temperature sensor per thermally adjustable zone is dispersed throughout the bedding layer, and... Agent:

20140323800 - Vessel dissection and harvesting apparatus, systems and methods: Apparatus, systems, and methods for endoscopic dissection of blood vessels and control over cavity pressure within an endoscopic procedure are described herein. Apparatus, systems, and methods for harvesting of blood vessels are also described herein.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20140323801 - Image system for surgery and method for image display: An image system for surgery includes: a three-dimensional imaging unit acquiring two images having parallax by capturing an image of a portion; a display unit displaying two images acquired by the three-dimensional imaging unit individually for both left and right eyes, or displaying a same image for both left and... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140323802 - Methods and systems for improving the prevention of colorectal cancer: A method for improving the prevention of colorectal cancer in a patient, comprising: conducting a colonoscopy which includes a first medical professional navigating a colonoscope in a colon of the patient and, simultaneously, a second medical professional controlling a tip of the colonoscope to perform at least one medical procedure.... Agent:

20140323804 - Inductive powering apparatus for capsule device: A capsule device with an inductive powering apparatus is disclosed. The capsule device comprises a secondary coil to generate an induced secondary voltage when a first alternating magnetic field is coupled to the secondary coil externally. Embodiments of the present invention utilize a power conversion device to convert the induced... Agent: Capso Vision, Inc.

20140323803 - Methods of controlling a robotic surgical tool with a display monitor: In one embodiment of the invention, a method for controlling a robotic surgical tool is disclosed. The method for controlling a robotic surgical tool includes moving a monitor displaying an image of a robotic surgical tool; sensing motion of the monitor; and translating the sensed motion of the monitor into... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140323805 - Rotation unit, insertion apparatus, insertion body, and insertion system: A cylindrical rotation unit attachable to an elongated insertion unit which includes a base in which a central axis is defined, and a rotation member provided on an outer circumference of the base movably in an axial direction of the central axis relative to the base and rotatably around the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140323806 - Endoscopy device: An endoscopy device for facilitating the use of an endoscope, comprising at least one airway tube and a mask carried at one end of the at least one airway rube, the mask having a distal end and a proximal end and a peripheral formation capable of conforming to, and of... Agent: The Laryngeal Mask Company Limited

20140323807 - Devices for and methods of performing minimally-invasive surgical procedures through a single incision: The present invention relates to surgical access devices (or surgical access ports) and related methods. More particularly, the present invention relates to such devices that are advantageously adapted for use in single-incision laparoscopic surgical (“SILS”) procedures The present invention also relates to kits and methods involving such surgical access devices.... Agent:

20140323809 - Instrument access device: An instrument access device includes a wound protector and retractor, a proximal assembly coupled to the wound protector and retractor, and an instrument receiver which can be releasably coupled to the proximal assembly. The instrument receiver has a valve assembly through which an instrument is passed and a cannula portion... Agent: Atropos Limited

20140323808 - Obturator features for mating with cannula tube: A surgical assembly includes a cannula and an obturator. The cannula has open proximal and distal ends defining a lumen therebetween. The lumen defines an inner surface of the cannula having a mating structure. The obturator is generally tubular and has an outer surface including a corresponding mating structure. The... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140323810 - Single port device including selectively closeable openings: A surgical port includes a port body having a lumen extending therethrough and a plate having an opening. The port body may be made from foam. The port is configured such that rotation of the plate with respect to the port body aligns the opening and lumen defining a passage... Agent:

20140323811 - Methods and apparatus for retracting tissue: A surgical retractor includes a retractor blade and a gripping element releasably coupled to the retractor blade. The gripping element has a textured surface for engaging and gripping tissue. The gripping element may be released from the retractor blade intraoperatively. The surgical retractor may also have an optical illumination element... Agent: Invuity, Inc.

20140323812 - Wound retractor: A retraction device for retracting an incision in a body wall includes a sheath that traverses through the incision from outside the body to a body cavity inside the body. The retraction device may include a first, distal retention ring, a second, proximal retention ring, a circumferential, tubular sheath that... Agent:

20140323813 - Independent surgical center: A biological tissue cutting and fluid aspiration system provides a plurality of surgical instruments operable independent of an external control console. In some embodiments, each surgical instrument may include all sensors and controls directly applicable to the surgical instrument, and may be used independently. In some embodiments, instruments communicate status... Agent: Doheny Eye Institute

20140323815 - Apparatus for controlling medical device safety and method for same: There are provided a device and method for controlling medical device safety. According to the present invention, the device for controlling medical device safety monitors a patient's body state information in real time, predicts a risk state caused by an amount of a body change of the patient by monitored... Agent: Nohsn Co., Ltd

20140323814 - Method for monitoring the medical condition of a patient: e

20140323817 - Personal emotional profile generation: The mental state of an individual is obtained in order to generate an emotional profile for the individual. The individual's mental state is derived from an analysis of the individual's facial and physiological information. The emotional profile of other individuals is correlated to the first individual for comparison. Various categories... Agent:

20140323816 - Systems for patient support, monitoring and treatment: A patient support system, such as a bed, stretcher, wheelchair or the like, has an electronic control system and a user interface. The electronic control system and the user interface control bed functions, such as articulation of the head, seat, and leg sections of the bed deck, and control and/or... Agent:

20140323826 - Biosensor with electrodes and pressure compensation: A biosensor is described which can obtain physiological data from an individual. The biosensor may collect electrodermal activity, skin temperature, and other information. The biosensor may be attached to the body through the use of a garment which may be fastened in multiple locations on the human body. The biosensor... Agent:

20140323830 - Form-fitted monitoring apparatus for health and environmental monitoring: A monitoring apparatus includes a housing that is configured to be attached to a body of a subject. The housing includes a sensor region that is configured to contact a selected area of the body of the subject when the housing is attached to the body of the subject. The... Agent:

20140323821 - Injectable device for physiological monitoring: An injectable detecting device is provided for use in physiological monitoring. The device includes a plurality of sensors axially spaced along a body that provide an indication of at least one physiological event of a patient, a monitoring unit within the body coupled to the plurality of sensors configured to... Agent: Corventis, Inc

20140323831 - Measurement device, measurement method, program, and recording medium: Provided is a measurement device including a measurement unit to radiate measurement light having a predetermined wavelength to at least a part of a living body, to detect the measurement light scattered inside the living body and then discharged from a surface of the living body, and to acquire a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140323820 - Method and apparatus for monitoring a subject during exercise: Method and apparatus for determining maximal oxygen uptake per unit time for a subject. The apparatus comprises at least one body sensor measuring body temperature of the subject; at least one body sensor measuring sweat output of the subject; and a processor. The processor is configured to receive measurements from... Agent: Campbridge Enterprise Limited

20140323823 - Microwave stethoscope for measuring cardio-pulmonary vital signs and lung water content: A microwave stethoscope measurement method and sensor design employ a microwave transmission sensor and a microwave reception sensor placed on a patient's chest in spaced-apart side-by-side configuration for monitoring patient vital signs, lung water content and other critical measurements. The side-by-side sensors are spaced apart a separation distance of about... Agent: University Of Hawaii

20140323819 - Multi-parameter test units for initial indication of medical symptoms: Disposable test units to assist medical personnel are described. In some embodiments, a test unit includes: a solid support; a cavity in the solid support; a reaction chamber internal to the solid support, including a plurality of biochemical reagents; a first internal channel in the solid support, connected at a... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20140323827 - Physiological measurement system with a multi-chip module: Embodiments provide physiological measurement systems, devices and methods for continuous health and fitness monitoring. A wearable strap may detect reflected light from a user's skin, where data corresponding to the reflected light is used to automatically and continually determine a heart rate of the user. The wearable strap may include... Agent:

20140323828 - Physiological measurement system with motion sensing: Embodiments provide physiological measurement systems, devices and methods for continuous health and fitness monitoring. A wearable strap may detect reflected light from a user's skin, where data corresponding to the reflected light is used to automatically and continually determine a heart rate of the user. The wearable strap may include... Agent:

20140323829 - Physiological monitoring apparatus and networks: Wearable apparatus for monitoring various physiological and environmental factors are provided. Real-time, noninvasive health and environmental monitors include a plurality of compact sensors integrated within small, low-profile devices, such as earpiece modules. Physiological and environmental data is collected and wirelessly transmitted into a wireless network, where the data is stored... Agent:

20140323822 - System and method for generating an adjusted fluid responsiveness metric: The present invention relates to physiological signal processing, and in particular to methods and systems for processing physiological signals to predict a fluid responsiveness of a patient. A medical monitor for monitoring a patient includes an input receiving a photoplethysmograph (PPG) signal representing light absorption by a patient's tissue. The... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140323825 - Systems and methods for acquiring calibration data usable in a pulse oximeter: The present disclosure includes a pulse oximeter attachment having an accessible memory. In one embodiment, the pulse oximeter attachment stores calibration data, such as, for example, calibration data associated with a type of a sensor, a calibration curve, or the like. The calibration data is used to calculate physiological parameters... Agent:

20140323824 - Systems and methods for determining fluid responsiveness: Provided are systems and methods for processing a physiological signal in order to determine fluid responsiveness of a subject. In some embodiments, a respiration rate of the subject is received or determined, the signal is filtered based on the respiration rate to generate a filtered signal, and the filtered signal... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140323818 - Wireless physiological monitoring device: A wireless physiological signal monitoring device for measuring physiological signals such as body temperature, blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, sleeping patterns and the like. The data that is collected by the device is accessible both on the visual interface of the device as well as on connected devices. The data... Agent:

20140323832 - System and method for non-invasive measurement of bilirubin in newborn and infants: A system for detection of bilirubin content in neonate's skin includes at least one camera configured to capture at least one image of neonate's skin and a reference image, a display system, a communication interface and a control unit configured to control functioning of other elements of the system. The... Agent:

20140323833 - System and method for differentiating between tissue-specific and systemic causes of changes in oxygen saturation in tissue and organs: A method for monitoring oxygen saturation that includes the following steps: (i) measuring an oxygen saturation of a target area of a person or animal over time; (ii) measuring an oxygen saturation of a reference area of the person or animal over time; and (iii) classifying the oxygen saturation status... Agent:

20140323834 - Apparatus monitoring signal in situ: For repeatedly measuring signals from a fixed position of a tissue to monitor the blood composition, a subject adaptor is used to secure the subject position and a position fixing device uses a remote sensing tool to detect the subject position. The subject adaptor and the position fixing device are... Agent:

20140323835 - User identification method, physiological detection device and physiological detection method: There is provided a physiological detection device including a finger detection unit, a storage unit and a processing unit. The finger detection unit is configured to detect a current track drawn by a current user and current physiological information of the current user. The storage unit is configured to previously... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140323836 - Biological information acquisition terminal, information management method, and information display method: A bio-information acquiring terminal for acquiring bio-information includes a bath device (300). The bath device (300) is provided with a bio-information measuring unit (320) configured to measure bio-information of a user taking a bath, and a fingerprint authentication unit (303) configured to specify the user. According to the above configuration,... Agent:

20140323837 - Needles system: A needle system for penetrating to or passing thought an object or an organ comprising a semiconductor die, one or more needles, wherein the needles slide over the plane of the die, one or more actuators that move the needles relative to the die plane, and one or more actuator... Agent:

20140323838 - Electrocardiographic waveform measuring apparatus: An electrocardiographic waveform measuring apparatus mounted in a seat with a seat skin element includes: a sensor electrode at a seat interior side of the seat to be covered with the seat skin element; an insulating elastic element at the seat interior side of the sensor electrode in the seat... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140323839 - Apparatus and method for treating obstructive sleep apnea: The present invention describes an apparatus, a systems and a method for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. the treatment involves monitoring the position of the tongue and/or the force exerted by the tongue an electrical stimulation of the hypoglossal nerve to move the tongue into an anterior position or... Agent: Huntington Medical Research Institutes

20140323840 - Tailorable sensor device for physiological parametersensing: A sensor device and method for tightening and positioning the sensor device with a wristband or strap (62) for a range of wrist sizes and shapes or other body portions, such that the optimal sensor position is obtained and maintained during ambulatory use, which provides two-sided fastening of the strap... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140323841 - Electrode pad: An electrode pad includes: a conductor layer; and an adhesive gel layer which is stacked on one surface of the conductor layer, the adhesive gel layer which contains 0.1 wt % or more of SnCl2.2H2O, and which has a pH of 3 to 6. The conductor layer may a conductive... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20140323842 - Radiolucent ecg electrode and method of making same: An electrode includes a pad having a patient contact side and a connector side. The patient contact side includes a conductive layer, and the connector side includes a press stud. An eyelet interconnects the conductive layer with the press stud. The eyelet includes a conductive coating disposed on at least... Agent:

20140323843 - Tonometer calibration tool: A tool for calibrating a non-contact tonometer (NCT) comprises a body having a mating feature configured for removably mounting the body on the nosepiece or on the measurement head of the NCT, a pressure sensor carried by the body and arranged to receive an air pulse discharged by the NCT... Agent:

20140323845 - Automated 3-d orthopedic assessments: Systems, methods, computer programs, and circuits can perform automated spinal assessments using a 3-D model and a 3-D patient image data set of the spine which do not rely on vertebral symmetry.... Agent:

20140323844 - Circuit architecture for photodiodes: An electrical circuit includes a photodiode that receives a light signal from a light source and generates a photocurrent signal, a trans-impedance amplifier that amplifies the photocurrent signal and generates a low noise signal, and a high pass filter that converts the low noise signal into an alternating current (AC)... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20140323846 - System and method for determining hemodynamic status through a blood pressure related index: A system for determining a hemodynamic status of an individual may include a photoplethysmography (PPG) sub-system configured to detect a PPG signal and a response triggering module configured to analyze the PPG signal and output one or more response triggers based on a changing feature of the PPG signal within... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140323847 - Noninvasive method and system for measuring pulmonary ventilation: A pulmonary ventilation system comprising means for storing an empirical relationship that is designed and adapted to determine at least one pulmonary ventilation parameter as a function of a plurality of measured anatomical distances and volume-motion coefficients, means for acquiring the anatomical distances, means for determining the plurality of motion... Agent:

20140323849 - Optogenetic magnetic resonance imaging: Disclosed herein are systems and methods involving the use of magnetic resonance imaging and optogenetic neural stimulation. Aspects of the disclosure include modifying a target neural cell population in a first region of a brain to express light-responsive molecules. Using a light pulse, the light-responsive molecules in the target neural... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20140323848 - Systems and methods for noninvasive spectral-spatiotemporal imaging of cardiac electrical activity: A system and method for non-invasively generating a report of cardiac electrical activities of a subject includes determining, using cardiac electrical activation information, equivalent current densities (ECDs). The ECDs are assembled into time-course ECD information and a spectrum of the time-course ECD information is analyzed to determine peaks for spectral... Agent:

20140323850 - Method and ekg trigger device for correcting an ekg signal in magnetic resonance image acquisition: In a method to correct an EKG signal, the EKG signal is acquired, and used for R-spike triggering, during a magnetic resonance (MR) image acquisition sequence that produces interference signals in the EKG signal generated by gradient jumps, wherein the gradient jumps repeat at a fixed time interval, and wherein... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140323851 - Subject placement and head positioning device: The present invention relates to a subject placement device for use in a diagnostic and/or therapeutical treatment setting. The subject placement device of the present invention includes: (a) a board for receiving a body of the subject, and (b) a head cradle extending from said board, said head cradle being... Agent:

20140323852 - Electromagnetic coil apparatuses for surgical navigation and corresponding methods: An electromagnetic device includes a jig and multiple wires. The jig includes a center member and coil-separating blocks. The coil-separating blocks protrude from the center member and are separated from each other to provide a coil channels. Each of the wires is wrapped on the jig, around the center member,... Agent: Medtronic Navigation, Inc.

20140323856 - Magnetic particle detection with incubation period: A system for providing sensory feedback includes a garment (106) that is configured to flexibly and snuggly fit over a portion of a subject. The garment includes one or more sensors (104) disposed therein to monitor activity of the subject or monitor points of interest of the subject. An interpretation... Agent:

20140323855 - Medical tool for reduced penetration force with feedback means: A medical device for reducing the force necessary to penetrate living being tissue using a variety of reciprocating motion actuators, including piezoelectric, voice coil, solenoids, pneumatics or fluidics. The reciprocating actuator drives a penetrating member through the tissue at a reduced force while the device detects the passage of the... Agent:

20140323853 - Microstructure for acoustic detection: A microstructure applied to an invasive device which is set in an organism. The microstructure comprises at least two steps which is used to reflect an ultrasound signal to generate an echo signal to produce a location result according to the echo signal as an ultrasound probe transmits the ultrasound... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140323854 - Ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus and ultrasound image display method: Disclosed is an ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus including an ultrasound probe which outputs transmission ultrasound to a subject according to a drive signal, a puncture needle being inserted in the subject, and which outputs a received signal obtained by receiving reflected ultrasound from the subject. The ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140323857 - Ultrasound stylet: A stylet (100) includes a handle assembly (102) with an indicator display (112) and a stiff wire assembly (120) extending distally from the handle assembly (102) having a non-imaging ultrasonic device on a distal end. The stylet includes a circuit assembly having one or more of a pulser (120), a... Agent: University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

20140323859 - Device and process to confirm occlusion of the fallopian tube: A device is provided to confirm intratubal occlusion in a subject of a fallopian tube having an inner diameter that includes a tubular shaft having a distal end and an interior lumen. An examination head is joined to the distal end of the shaft. A visualization modality in the examination... Agent:

20140323858 - Medical image diagnostic apparatus: A medical image diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment includes an estimation unit, an extraction unit, and a specifying unit. The estimation unit estimates a position of a plaque in a blood vessel based on data of CT images constituting a time series, with the blood vessel being enhanced by... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140323860 - Imaging probe with combined ultrasound and optical means of imaging: The present invention provides an imaging probe for imaging mammalian tissues and structures using high resolution imaging, including high frequency ultrasound and optical coherence tomography. The imaging probes structures using high resolution imaging use combined high frequency ultrasound (IVUS) and optical imaging methods such as optical coherence tomography (OCT) and... Agent: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

20140323861 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, ultrasound probe, operating method of ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, and operating method of ultrasound probe: Provided are an ultrasound probe and an operating method of the ultrasound probe which can select a power transmission channel and/or a wireless power transmission method that are most appropriate in an environment in which power transmission channels exist. The operating method of the ultrasound probe includes operations of obtaining... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20140323862 - System and methods for determining tissue elasticity: The present disclosed subject matter is directed to medical devices and methods that assist in non-invasively determining elastic properties (e.g., elasticity, viscosity, etc.) of superficial tissues, especially superficial corneal tissues such as the epithelium and stroma, using acoustic energy.... Agent:

20140323864 - Medical system having an ultrasound source and an acoustic coupling medium: An ultrasound medical system has an end effector including a medical ultrasound transducer and an acoustic coupling medium. The acoustic coupling medium has a transducer-proximal surface and a transducer-distal surface. The medical ultrasound transducer is positioned to emit medical ultrasound through the acoustic coupling medium from the transducer-proximal surface to... Agent:

20140323863 - Ultrasonic image-guided tissue-damaging procedure: A method of imaging a region containing an internal target tissue of a subject, comprising: inserting an intracorporeal ultrasound device to the subject; positioning an extracorporeal ultrasound device opposite to said intracorporeal ultrasound device, such that at least a portion of the region is interposed between said intracorporeal ultrasound device... Agent: Technion Research And Development Foundation Ltd.

20140323865 - Enhanced ultrasound device and methods of using same: In one aspect, an enhanced ultrasound device may generally comprise an ultrasound probe including a housing and at least one transducer element disposed within the housing. The ultrasound probe may be configured to generate ultrasound image signals associated with an object being imaged. In addition, the device may include an... Agent:

20140323866 - Breast ultrasound scanning device: Apparatus and related methods for facilitating volumetric ultrasonic scanning of a breast are described. In one preferred embodiment, a generally cone-shaped radial scanning template having a vertex and a wide opening angle is provided, the radial scanning template having a slot-like opening extending outward from the vertex through which an... Agent:

20140323867 - Ultrasound scanning capsule endoscope: The present invention relates to ultrasound imaging on a capsule endoscope platform. It relates to the generation of a focused ultrasound acoustic signal and the receiving of echo signals from the wall of a body lumen with an array of acoustic transducers wrapped around the circumference of the capsule. It... Agent: Innurvation, Inc.

20140323868 - Bloodstream visualizing diagnostic apparatus: A bloodstream visualizing diagnostic apparatus capable of visualizing and displaying a value relating to energy efficiency of bloodstream measured for an actual patient, and capable of improving usability, is provided. Provided is an bloodstream visualizing diagnostic apparatus which acquires flow rate information of a bloodstream flowing through a blood vessel... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20140323871 - Method of setting a waveform signal in an ultrasound imaging apparatus and apparatus for setting an ultrasonic waveform signal using such method: A digital representation of a waveform is generated based on signals received during a recording period. The received signals include a digital clock signal providing a determined number of clock pulses during the recording period, a plurality of binary digital signals defining, for each clock pulse of the determined number... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140323872 - Scan converter and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method capable of real-time interpolation without directional distortion: The present disclosure in one or more embodiments provides a scan converter, an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, and a method capable of performing real-time interpolation without directional distortion. An embodiment of the present disclosure prevents directional distortion of velocity data by performing vector interpolation by using a weight according to distances... Agent: Alpinion Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20140323870 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method of controlling ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: The present invention is intended to reduce the consumption of a battery while appropriately performing operation in the case where an AC power source is disconnected and power supply is switched to the battery. An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus including: an AC adapter connection detecting section (13) that detects whether the... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140323869 - Ultrasound probe and communication method thereof: Provided are an ultrasound probe and a communication method of the ultrasound probe capable of selecting an ultrasound diagnosis apparatus and/or a wireless communication method that are most appropriate in an environment in which a plurality of ultrasound diagnosis apparatuses exist. A method of communicating with an ultrasound diagnosis apparatus,... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20140323873 - Skin diagnostic and image processing methods: Skin diagnostic techniques employed in conjunction with image processing techniques. For example, a method includes performing one or more diagnostic operations on at least one portion of a user skin image to generate user skin image data, wherein the diagnostic operations are associated with an identified skin-related application. The user... Agent:

20140323874 - Systems and methods for determining fluid responsiveness: Provided are systems and methods for processing a physiological signal in order to determine fluid responsiveness of a subject. In some embodiments, a respiration rate of the subject is received or determined, the signal is filtered based on the respiration rate to generate a filtered signal, and the filtered signal... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140323875 - Stent apparatus with integrated imaging element for in situ detection of buildup of material in a vascular system: According to one embodiment, an apparatus for detecting obstructions in biological vessels includes a cylindrical hollow stent with an expandable body portion having an outer surface configured to engage the inner surface of the lumen of the vessel to urge the vessel against collapse, and an imaging system operatively coupled... Agent: Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.

20140323876 - Systems and methods for determining fluid responsiveness in the presence of gain changes and baseline changes: Methods and systems are provided for determining fluid responsiveness based on physiological signals. The system may detect gain changes or excessive baseline modulations. In some embodiments, based on the detected gain changes or excessive baseline modulations, the system may ignore portions of physiological signals and determine a parameter indicative of... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140323877 - Medical imaging probe with rotary encoder: The present invention provides minimally invasive imaging probe having an optical encoder integrated therewith for accurately measuring or estimating the rotational velocity near the distal end of the medical device, such as an imaging probe which undergoes rotational movement during scanning of surrounding tissue in bodily lumens and cavities.... Agent: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

20140323878 - Scanning probe, scanning observation system, integrated endoscope, and integrated endoscope system: An optical fiber that transmits scanning light to a subject; a housing holding the optical fiber; a vibration element fixed to an exit end part of the fiber and vibrating periodically the exit end part so that the scanning light emitted from the exit end part scans on the subject... Agent:

20140323880 - Determining a recovery indicator using heart rate data: Embodiments provide physiological measurement systems, devices and methods for continuous health and fitness monitoring. A wearable strap may detect reflected light from a user's skin, where data corresponding to the reflected light is used to automatically and continually determine a heart rate of the user. The wearable strap may monitor... Agent:

20140323879 - Systems, devices and methods for monitoring hemodynamics: Systems, devices and methods for monitoring hemodynamics are described. The systems and methods generally involve directing light toward an area of the body and detecting the resulting scattered light. The scattered light is detected and an electrical signal representative of the scattered light intensity is generated from the detected light.... Agent: Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.

20140323881 - Pulse estimation device: A determination unit 41 determines stop time at which a user has stopped exercise. A measurement unit 42 measures the pulse of the user. A calculation unit 43 calculates the ratio of changes in pulse rate when the measurement unit measures the pulse of the user for a predetermined time... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140323882 - Systems, methods, and interfaces for identifying optimal electrical vectors: Systems, methods, and graphical user interfaces are described herein for identification of optimal electrical vectors for use in assisting a user in implantation of implantable electrodes to be used in cardiac therapy. Cardiac improvement information may be generated for each pacing configuration, and one or more pacing configuration may be... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140323884 - Passive physiological monitoring (p2m) system: Passive physiological monitoring apparatus and method has a sensor for sensing physiological phenomenon. The sensor is a piezoelectric film of polyvinylidene fluoride. A pad may incorporate the PVDF film. The film converts mechanical energy into voltage signals. A microcomputer is used for recording, analyzing and displaying data from the sensor... Agent: Hoana Medical, Inc.

20140323883 - Remote health monitoring system: A data collection system collects and stores physiological data from an ambulatory patient at a high resolution and/or a high data rate (“more detailed data”) and sends a low-resolution and/or downsampled version of the data (“less detailed data”) to a remote server via a wireless network. The server automatically analyzes... Agent: Infobionic, Inc.

20140323885 - Methods and systems for predicting acute hypotensive episodes: A method is presented. The method includes determining a plurality of temporal training features corresponding to one or more hemodynamic parameters of a plurality of elected-patients based upon temporal training signals representative of the one or more hemodynamic parameters, and generating an acute hypotension prediction classifier based upon the plurality... Agent: General Electric Company

20140323886 - Methods and device for sensing a person's pulse in traditional chinese medicine: This invention discloses a pulse-sensing device and methods for pulse sensing. In one embodiment, the device includes a robotic finger comprising a humanoid-finger structure, and an actuating-force transferring member for transferring an actuating force to the structure at an actuation point thereon and along an actuation direction. One end of... Agent: Hong Kong Applied Science And Technology Research Institute Company Limited

20140323887 - Thermodilution catheter systems and methods for determining blood flow rates: Catheter systems and methods for determining blood flow rates based on temperature measurements by thermodilution. The catheter may include a fluid lumen defined between inner and outer tubular members for delivering an indicator fluid, and a guidewire lumen defined by the inner tubular member. The catheter may include fluid infusion... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140323888 - Continuous cardiac signal generation from a video of a subject being monitored for cardiac function: What is disclosed is a system and method for extracting photoplethysmographic (PPG) signal (i.e., a cardiac signal) on a continuous basis from a time-series signals obtained from video images captured of a subject being monitored for cardiac function in a non-contact remote sensing environment involves the following. First, a time-series... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140323889 - Headphones measuring heart-rate: The invention relates to headphones and a method for listening to music or some other audio signal, which headphones comprise at least one sound source such as a an earphone to be placed in the vicinity of the ear, for producing sound, and a galvanic conductor for feeding an electrical... Agent: Suunto Oy

20140323891 - Method and system for determining cardiac performance: Methods, associated algorithms, and systems for determining cardiac and/or cardiovascular performance from three measurements on a subject are presented, where two of the measurements are provided by plethysmographs and one measurement is provided by an electrocardiogram. The two plethysmographs are placed different distances from the subject's heart. Certain embodiments use... Agent: Cardiac Profiles, Inc.

20140323890 - Method and system for signal analyzing and processing module: Embodiments of the invention disclose a method and a system for signal analyzing and a processing module of the system. The signal analyzing system includes a plurality of first electrodes, a plurality of second electrodes, and a processing module. The first electrodes transmit a plurality of first input signals. The... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140323892 - Systems, methods, and interfaces for identifying effective electrodes: Systems, methods, and interfaces are described herein for identification of effective electrodes to be used in sensing and/or therapy. Two or more portions of a signal monitored using an electrode may be compared to determine whether the electrode is effective. The two or more portions may correspond to the same... Agent:

20140323893 - Systems, methods, and interfaces for identifying effective electrodes: Systems, methods, and interfaces are described herein for identification of effective electrodes to be used in sensing and/or therapy. Two or more portions of a signal monitored using an electrode may be compared to determine whether the electrode is effective. The two or more portions may correspond to the same... Agent:

20140323894 - Staged rhythm detection system and method: A medical device and associated method for detecting and treating tachyarrhythmias acquires a cardiac signal using electrodes coupled to a sensing module. During an initial detection process, a shockable cardiac rhythm is detected by a processing module configured to compare the cardiac signal to a first set of detection criteria.... Agent:

20140323895 - 2deg-based sensor and device for ecg sensing: The disclosed technology generally relates to sensors comprising a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG), and more particularly to an AlGaN/GaN 2DEG-based sensor for sensing signals associated with electrocardiograms, and methods of using the same. In one aspect, a sensor comprises a substrate and a GaN/AlGaN hetero-junction structure formed on the substrate... Agent: Stichting Imec Nederland

20140323896 - Oropharyngeal airway: An oropharyngeal device positionable within an airway of a patient may include a hollow body having a proximal end positionable adjacent the patient's mouth and an opposite distal end positionable adjacent and spaced from the patient's epiglottis. The body includes a center channel extending from the proximal end to the... Agent: Advanced Medical Systems, LLC

20140323900 - Multi-channel brain or cortical activity monitoring and method: The present invention relates to a quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) monitor and system capable of monitoring and displaying simultaneously neuropathological characteristic and activity of both sides of a subject's brain. The methods include various indices and examination of differences in these indices by which neurophysiological conditions or problems can be identified... Agent:

20140323899 - Psychological evaluation and methods of use: The psychological impact of entertainment material, visual objects, brands and advertising, commercial communication, the response to an individual presenting a message, or to an individual seeking public office can be assessed using methods employing measurements of SSVEP or SSVER phase increase and gaze tracking of subjects in a variety of... Agent: Neuro-insight Pty. Ltd.

20140323901 - Robot-based autism diagnosis device using electroencephalogram and method therefor: The present invention relates to a robot-based autism diagnosis device using an electroencephalogram and to a method therefor. The invention comprises: an electroencephalogram signal detector which is worn on or attached to the head of a child showing signs of autism and detects an electroencephalogram signal generated following an event... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140323897 - System and method for estimating high time-frequency resolution eeg spectrograms to monitor patient state: A system and method for monitoring a patient includes a sensor configured to acquire physiological data from a patient and a processor configured to receive the physiological data from the at least one sensor. The processor is also configured to apply a spectral estimation framework that utilizes structured time-frequency representations... Agent:

20140323898 - System and method for monitoring level of dexmedatomidine-induced sedation: A system and method for monitoring a patient experiencing an administration of at least one anesthetic drug. In certain embodiments, the method includes arranging sensors configured to acquire physiological data from a patient and reviewing the physiological data from the sensors and an indication received from an input. The method... Agent:

20140323902 - Systems and methods for interacting with an implantable medical device: An interactive implantable medical device system includes an implantable medical device and a network-enabled external device capable of bi-directional communication and interaction with the implantable medical device. The external device is programmed to interact with other similarly-enabled devices. The system facilitates improved patient care by eliminating unnecessary geographic limitations on... Agent:

20140323903 - Method and device for multichannel multifrequency analysis of an object: A method for multichannel multifrequency analysis of an object, applying a set of excitation signals to the object and sampling the response signal from the object, using uniform and non-uniform undersampling. Non-uniform sampling of the response signal is performed, i.e., the sampling is performed for two or more different frequencies... Agent:

20140323904 - Stabilized device for remote palpation of tissue: Described embodiments include a handheld or hand operated device and a method. The method includes contacting a skin surface of a patient and palpating a tissue using a palpation element, the palpation element carried by a handheld or hand operated device and movable with respect to the handheld or hand... Agent:

20140323905 - Stapedius reflex measurement safety systems and methods: An exemplary stapedius reflex measurement safety system includes a stimulation management facility configured to direct a cochlear implant system to apply an electrical stimulus to an auditory pathway of a patient and a detection facility configured to determine that a change in acoustic immittance that occurs as the electrical stimulus... Agent: Advanced Bionics Ag

20140323906 - Fluid analyzer and associated methods: Devices, computer readable programs and methods determine a patient parameter, including volume and/or flow rate of a fluid draining through a drain tube from a chest cavity of a patient, by using at least one pressure value at an end of the drain tube associated with a fluid collection canister... Agent: Atrium Medical Corporation

20140323909 - Collector for human feces: The present invention relates to a collector for human feces, consisting of: a fixing plate (100) comprising a C-shaped left plate (101) and a C-shaped right plate (101′) of which the ends are connected to each other so as to have a penetrated central portion and be folded over each... Agent:

20140323908 - Methods for detecting of benign conditions: The invention relates to a method for detecting a foreign cell in a tissue of the upper intestinal tract, sold method comprising: (a) providing a sample of cells from the epithelium layer of the tissue of interest; (b) preparing the cells into a cohesive cluster; (c) staining cells from the... Agent:

20140323907 - Methods for drug delivery: Methods and devices for delivering an agent to a solid tissue in vivo for assessment of efficacy are described. One method involves withdrawing of a needle from and injecting of the agent into the solid tissue; another method involves delivering the agent using a plurality of microdialysis probes to a... Agent:

20140323910 - Biopsy device: Aspects of the present invention are generally directed to a biopsy device configured to engage target tissue within a patient and to remove a sample of the target tissue from the patient. The biopsy device comprises an elongate catheter configured to be inserted into a patient. A coring component is... Agent: Conquest Medical Technologies

20140323911 - Methods and devices for sample collection and sample separation: Methods and devices are provided for sample collection and sample separation. In one embodiment, a device is provided for use with a formed component liquid sample, the device comprising at least one sample inlet for receiving said sample; at least a first outlet for outputting only a liquid portion of... Agent:

20140323912 - System and method for identifying a condition of pelvic floor muscles: Embodiments disclosed herein are configured for identifying a condition of pelvic floor muscles. In one embodiment, a kit is provided that includes a wetness detection device with a backsheet, where the backsheet is substantially impervious to liquid. The wetness detection device may additionally include an insert that is coupled to... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140323913 - Systems, devices, and methods for bodily fluid sample collection: Bodily fluid sample collection systems, devices, and method are provided. The device may comprise a first portion comprising at least a sample collection channel configured to draw the fluid sample into the sample collection channel via a first type of motive force. The sample collection device may include a second... Agent:

20140323914 - System and method for retrieving tissue samples from a fluid stream generated during a medical/surgical procedure: A cassette (2600) for use with a medical waste collection system (30). The cassette includes a housing (2602, 2612) shaped to be removably attached to a receptacle (1699) integral with the housing. A sleeve (2640) is attached to the cassette so as to be located forward of the housing. The... Agent:

20140323917 - Apparatus for penetrating tissue: These and other objects of the present invention are achieved in a body fluid sampling system for use on a tissue site that includes an electrically powered drive force generator. A penetrating member is operatively coupled to the force generator. The force generator moves the member along a path out... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140323915 - Blood glucose management: This disclosure provides equipment and processes for blood glucose management. Embodiments may comprise a lancet device that includes a base that supports a lancet and a cover. The cover can move controllably from an un-depressed position to a depressed position when a predetermined force is applied. The cover can provide... Agent:

20140323916 - Body fluid sampling device with capacitive sensor: A body fluid sensing device with a body fluid capture structure and a body fluid measurement sensor positioned in the body fluid capture structure. A capacitance sensor is coupled to the body fluid measurement sensor. The capacitance sensor is used to assist in the positioning of a body part relative... Agent: Sanofi-avetis Deutschland Gmbh

20140323918 - Guidewire: A coil-type guidewire includes a core shaft, a coil body, and a plurality of bonding portions that bond the core shaft and the coil body to each other. At least one loosely wound coil portion is provided in at least one of regions bounded by the bonding portions, and densely... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20140323919 - Sleep evaluation device: A sleep evaluation device includes an obtainment unit configured to obtain audio and a determination unit configured to determine a snoring level in the audio obtained by the obtainment unit based on an amount of time for which the audio occurred. The determination unit is configured to determine a snoring... Agent:

20140323921 - Device and system to reduce traumatic brain injury: A device for reducing traumatic brain injury comprises a first sensor, a first linkage element, and a processing element. The first sensor is coupled to a head component and configured to measure an acceleration of a user's head as a result of an impact on the head component and to... Agent:

20140323920 - Stabilized device for remote palpation of tissue in two non-collinear directions: Described embodiments include a handheld or hand operated device and a method. The method includes contacting a skin surface of a patient and palpating tissue in two non-collinear directions using a tip of a palpation element carried by a handheld or hand operated device. The palpation tip is movable with... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20140323922 - System and method for transmitting, receiving and analysing partograph information: There is provided a system of transmitting partograph information and analysing the same comprising a client device adapted to receive partograph information as inputs; the inputs transmittable to a partograph processing server via a wireless communication network; wherein the partograph processing server is configured to receive the partograph information; conform... Agent: Smart Hub Pte. Ltd.

20140323923 - Self-contained cardiac response unit: An apparatus includes a housing including a first side and a second side; a chest compression sensor coupled with the second side of the housing; at least one compartment partially formed by one of the first side and the second side of the housing; and at least one removable defibrillator... Agent:

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