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04/10/2014 > 81 patent applications in 54 patent subcategories.

20140100408 - Intensity modulated arc therapy with continuous coach rotation/shift and simultaneous cone beam imaging: A system for radiotherapy includes a couch having a top lateral surface upon which a patient being treated by the system is positioned. The couch has continuous arc rotation for delivery of accelerated irradiation to the patient. The couch is movable rotationally and translationally. Delivery of the accelerated irradiation is... Agent: William Beaumont Hospital

20140100407 - Navigation device for brachytherapy and method for operating the navigation device: A navigation device for brachytherapy is provided. The navigation device has a 3D imaging facility which can be moved relative to an operating table, and which is designed to obtain a 3D image dataset intraoperatively for a region of the body of a patient positioned on the operating table which... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140100409 - Targeted nuclear fusion tumor therapy: A method and apparatus for treating a tumor in a patient. In one embodiment, the method comprises the steps of: dosing the patient with a substituted tumor-specific agent and irradiating the tumor with energetic ions, the ions having sufficient energy to penetrate into the tumor and cause nuclear fusion reactions,... Agent:

20140100410 - Dynamic multi-layer therapeutic magnetic device: A multi-layer magnetic device comprising two or more layers of containing magnets or ferromagnetic material to be applied to areas of the body of a mammal in which the first layer has one or more protrusions and the second layer has one or more receiving zones that are positioned to... Agent:

20140100411 - Treatment of cardiovascular disorders with targeted nanoparticles: Methods for treating various cardiovascular disorders include targeted delivery of calcium ions for permanently impairing a portion of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Targeted delivery may be via magnetically-targetable nanoparticles.... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Oklahoma

20140100412 - Health applications of a double helix conductor: An electrical system having an underlying structure resembling the double helix most commonly associated with DNA is used to produce useful electromagnetic fields for health applications and/or medical applications.... Agent: Lifewave, Inc.

20140100413 - Suction detection on an axial blood pump using bemf data: The presence or absence of a suction condition in an implantable blood pump is determined at least in part based on a parameter related to flow, such as a parameter related to thrust on the rotor of the pump. A local extreme of the parameter representing the minimum flow during... Agent: Heartware, Inc.

20140100414 - Vad integrated flow sensor: A blood pump with an integrated flow sensor is provided. The blood pump may include an implantable pump for pumping blood having a housing, a flow path extending within the housing and at least one movable element within the housing for impelling blood along the flow path and a sensor... Agent: Heartware, Inc.

20140100415 - Implantable microphone for hearing systems: An implantable microphone for use in hearing systems includes a housing having a sidewall, a first membrane coupled to a top portion of the housing and configured to move in response to movement from an auditory ossicle, and a second membrane coupled to the sidewall such that an interior volume... Agent: Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

20140100416 - Pessary device: A pessary device having a top, a base, a length, a longitudinal axis, and a hollow interior. The pessary device has a hollow interior containing a protuberance.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140100417 - Intravaginal device withdrawal assembly: An intravaginal device having an aperture and a withdrawal assembly. The withdrawal assembly has a withdrawal member and an obstruction.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140100418 - Magnetic incontinence treatment device: An incontinence treatment device includes a band attached to a pendant. The band is implantable around a portion of a urethra and has a first magnet connected to a first end portion of the band and a second magnet connected to a second end portion of the band. The pendant... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140100419 - Active vitamin d or analogs thereof for use in in vivo or in vitro fertilization: The present invention relates to methods for improving the ability of spermatozoa to fertilize an egg in vitro and/or vivo, said method comprising providing a medium comprising active vitamin D (calcitriol) or analogs thereof, providing a sample of spermatozoa, and incubating said sample of spermatozoa with said medium. In addition,... Agent: Rigshospitalet Copenhagen University Hospital

20140100420 - Transventricular implant tools and devices: A method and implantation tools for repairing a heart include a delivery catheter and implant. The method includes gaining access to the patient's heart and identifying implantation points for the implant. The method may include marking those locations and delivering implant, which may be a tension member. Anchors for the... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140100422 - In-vivo information acquisition system and method for controlling in-vivo information acquisition system: An in-vivo information acquisition system is an in-vivo information acquisition system including an in-vivo information acquisition apparatus provided with a configuration capable of transmitting a wireless signal which includes in-vivo information about an inside of a subject, and a terminal apparatus provided with a configuration capable of receiving the wireless... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140100421 - Method of placing medical insertion instruments in body cavity: An endoscope and an illuminator are safely placed in a body cavity without generating a noticeable postoperative scar. A method of placing medical insertion instruments into a body cavity includes a first step of inserting, into the body cavity through a first opening formed on a body wall, an endoscope... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140100423 - Endoscopic full thickness resection using surgical compression clips: An endoscope cap assembly for use with an endoscope having a distal and a proximal end, the assembly including: a hollow body having an orifice with a lip; a compression clip including a pair of compression elements the clip having an open configuration when the compression elements are spaced apart... Agent:

20140100424 - Switch cover, switch apparatus and endoscope: A switch cover is configured by having a first deformation portion that is connectively provided at a flat surface portion of a cylindrical portion placed to surround a periphery of a switch portion, and deforms by an external stress, a second deformation portion that is connectively provided at a curved... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140100425 - Pressure compensation cap for endoscopes: A pressure compensation cap, system, and method for equalizing pressure in an endoscope while preventing a liquid from entering an interior of the endoscope through an opening. The cap is adapted to fit over an opening in the endoscope and includes a hole occluded by a filter. The filter is... Agent:

20140100426 - Blunt tip cannula for injection of a material into a patient: Cannulas that are particularly configured for the injection of a fluid such as a dermal filler into the deep/sub-dermal tissue of a patient. The cannulas may include a substantially transparent cannula wall to facilitate visibility of fluids, including aspirated blood, within the cannula. The cannulas may also include palpation elements... Agent: Ipsyrng Capital Development, LLC

20140100427 - Endoscope system, processor device thereof, and image display method: First to fourth narrow band light N1 to N4 is sequentially applied to an observation object by rotating a rotary filter for special observation set in an optical path of a broad band light source. A blood vessel enhanced image in which a superficial blood vessel and a middle to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140100428 - Disposable, self-contained laryngoscope and method of using same: A laryngoscope has a handle, a rigid cylindrical tube, and an optical subassembly. The handle has a distal end and a proximate end. The tube is hollow and also has a distal end having a distal opening and a proximate end having a proximate opening. The optical subassembly includes a... Agent:

20140100429 - Multi-lumen access port: An access device includes a body, a first tube, a second tube, and a mechanism. The first and second tubes extend through the body. The mechanism operably couples the first and second tubes such that at least one tube is pivotable about an axis with respect to the other tube.... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140100430 - Applicator, assembly, and method for connecting an inlet conduit to a hollow organ: The invention provides an applicator for forming a hole in a wall of a hollow organ and for connecting a hemostatic connection assembly to the hollow organ, wherein, when the hole is formed in the wall of the hollow organ, a first fluid seal exists between the hemostatic connection assembly... Agent: Correx, Inc.

20140100431 - Method for inserting medical instrument: To reliably fix a medical instrument to a body wall by easy operation without causing increased costs and complicated configuration. For inserting a trocar as a medical instrument which can be pierced into a body cavity, a front end of the trocar is inserted into a body wall along a... Agent: Fox Chase Cancer Center

20140100433 - Defibrillator including light sensor: Systems and methods related to the field of cardiac resuscitation, and in particular to devices for assisting rescuers in performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are described herein.... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20140100432 - Wearable cardiac monitor: Systems, methods and devices for reducing noise in cardiac monitoring including wearable monitoring devices having at least one electrode for cardiac monitoring; in some implementations, the wearable device using a composite adhesive having at least one conductive portion applied adjacent the electrode; and, in some implementations, including circuitry adaptations for... Agent:

20140100434 - Pulse oximeter probe-off detector: A processor provides signal quality based limits to a signal strength operating region of a pulse oximeter. These limits are superimposed on the typical gain dependent signal strength limits. If a sensor signal appears physiologically generated, the pulse oximeter is allowed to operate with minimal signal strength, maximizing low perfusion... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20140100435 - System and method for assessing risk associated with a glucose state: A system and method is provided for analyzing a glucose state. A method may include identifying a target glucose state and an initial glucose state. The method may include calculating a target return path for a transition from the initial glucose state to the target glucose state. The target return... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140100436 - Electrode sensor kit, electrode assembly, and topical preparation for establishing electrical contact with skin, use thereof, and method of electro-impedance tomography (eit) imaging using these: An electrode sensor kit for establishing electrical contact with skin comprises at least one contact element and a preparation comprising a mixture of water and at least one lipid for enhancing electrical contact properties between said contact element and the skin, wherein said mixture forms an emulsion, in particular a... Agent: Swisstom Ag

20140100439 - Guidewire artifact removal in images: This invention relates generally to methods and systems for removing an artifact within an image. Typically, the artifact is a guidewire artifact. In one aspect, at least two images of an imaging surface are acquired. Each acquired image comprises a set of data. A guidewire artifact is detected in one... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20140100437 - Non-invasive diagnostic method for breast cancer: This disclosure provides a photoacoustic imaging method for calcifications or microcalcifications. This photoacoustic imaging method is able to determine benign or malignant calcifications in a non-invasive way.... Agent:

20140100438 - Object information acquiring apparatus and control method for same: An object information acquiring apparatus, including: a probe converting an acoustic wave generated from an object irradiated with light into a detection signal; and a signal processing unit generating information about the object from the detection signal, wherein the signal processing unit: extracts a sampling signal on the basis of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140100440 - System and method for instant and automatic border detection: The invention generally relates to medical imaging systems that instantly and/or automatically detect borders. Embodiments of the invention provide an imaging system that automatically detects a border at a location within a vessel in response only to navigational input moving the image to that location. In some embodiments, systems and... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20140100441 - Medical image imaging method, medical diagnostic apparatus using the same, and recording medium therefor: A medical diagnostic apparatus includes a data obtainer, which obtains an image frame included in a region to be imaged; and a data processor, which processes the obtained frame and obtains a medical image. The data obtainer includes a composite image generator, which generates a composite image by using the... Agent:

20140100442 - Systems for indicating parameters in an imaging data set and methods of use: Systems and methods for aiding users in viewing, assessing and analyzing images, especially images of lumens and medical devices contained within the lumens. Systems and methods for interacting with images of lumens and medical devices, for example through a graphical user interface.... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20140100443 - System and method for imaging of the vascular components with temporal information and suppressed blood pools using magnetic resonance imaging: A system and method is provided that includes a) monitoring a cardiac cycle of the subject to identify a predetermined point and, b) upon identifying the predetermined point, performing the steps of i) performing at least one of a desired number of magnetization suppressing preparations to suppress signal from blood... Agent:

20140100444 - Animal holder for performing neuroimaging: An animal holder for use with an imaging device includes a body tube for receiving a first body portion of the animal. The animal holder also includes a head immobilization mechanism disposed adjacent one end of the body tube for receiving a head of the animal. The head immobilization mechanism... Agent: Animal Imaging Research, LLC

20140100445 - Mri compatible handle and steerable sheath: An MR compatible deflectable catheter and method of using the same is provided. The MR compatible deflectable catheter includes a steerable sheath having a tubular shaft. The tubular shaft receives first and second longitudinal movement wires at a distal end thereof A control handle is coupled to a proximal end... Agent: Imricor Medical Systems, Inc.

20140100449 - Automatic stent detection: This invention relates generally to the detection of objects, such as stents, within intraluminal images using principal component analysis and/or regional covariance descriptors. In certain aspects, a training set of pre-defined intraluminal images known to contain an object is generated. The principal components of the training set can be calculated... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20140100450 - Catheter locator apparatus and method of use: This disclosure relates to a method of catheter and radiating coil location in a human body and in particular to the determination over time of the location of the tip of a catheter as it is inserted and during its use in the body. In particular when a radiating coil... Agent: Corpak Medsystems, Inc.

20140100451 - Coregistration of endoluminal data points with values of a luminal-flow-related index: Apparatus and methods are described for use with an endoluminal data-acquisition device configured to be moved through a lumen of a subject's body, and a two-dimensional angiographic image of the lumen. A value of a luminal-flow-related index of the subject is determined non-invasively at a plurality of locations along the... Agent: Sync-rx, Ltd.

20140100446 - Fluoroscopy type four-point frame for spine surgery: The present invention relates to a fluoroscopy type four-point frame for spine surgery comprising an upper support plate, two pairs of slide seats, a pair of slide rails and two pairs of support cushions. The left and right side defined at the front and rear of the upper support plate... Agent:

20140100447 - Polymeric marker with high radiopacity for use in medical devices: High radiopacity is achieved in a polymeric marker by combining a polymeric resin, a powdered radiopaque agent having uniformly shaped particles of a specific particle size distribution and a wetting agent. The method to produce the marker calls for the blending and pelletization of these materials followed by extrusion onto... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140100448 - Rotary sample-collection needle: A rotary tissue-collection needle configured is provided with a closed distal tip and a distal aperture including a generally longitudinal cutting edge configured to excise tissue into the aperture for collection by rotation of the needle. The needle may be provided as part of a system including an outer sheath... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140100452 - Ultrasound-image-guide system and volume-motion-base calibration method: The present invention relates to an ultrasound-image-guided system and to a volume-motion-based calibration method for operating such system. The system comprises one or more ultrasound probes (20) operable to generate image volumes (13i, 13j) of an anatomical object (10). The system further comprises an adapter device (50) comprising at least... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20140100453 - Automatic image playback: The invention relates to systems and methods for three dimensional imaging of tissue. Systems and methods of the invention receive a three dimensional data set and display a series of coaxial longitudinal images (i.e., each rotationally offset from another around an axis) in sequence, creating a video effect as if... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20140100454 - Methods and systems for establishing parameters for three-dimensional imaging: The invention relates to systems and methods for the operation of three-dimensional imaging systems. Systems and methods of the invention are operable to display an image of tissue, receive a selection of points from within the image, establish a boundary corresponding to the selected points, and capture a three-dimensional image... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20140100455 - Scanned laser vein contrast enhancer: The present invention is a Miniature Vein Enhancer that includes a Miniature Projection Head. The Miniature Projection Head may be operated in one of three modes, AFM, DBM, and RTM. The Miniature Projection Head of the present invention projects an image of the veins of a patient, which aids the... Agent:

20140100456 - Methods for localizing implanted vascular access devices: Disclosed are vascular access devices, implantable dialysis grafts, and systems including them useful for improved access to implanted medical devices. Also disclosed are implantable hemodialysis vascular access graft devices that facilitate easy, accurate and reproducible cannulation or needle entry into the implanted device by magnetically-locating a portion of the graft... Agent: The Methodist Hospital Research Institute

20140100457 - Treatment instrument for endoscope: A treatment instrument for an endoscope includes a specimen sampling tool including arm portions, a loading portion, and a claw portion, a proximal end of the arm portions being fixed, and a tube on an inside of which the specimen sampling tool is placed to be capable of moving back... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140100458 - Method, apparatus, and system for measuring propagation of shear wave using ultrasound transducer: A method of measuring propagation of a shear wave by using an ultrasound transducer includes generating a shear wave inside the object, setting a region of interest (ROI) on which propagation of the shear wave is to be observed, and determining a position of a second focus on which ultrasound... Agent:

20140100459 - Bubble-induced color doppler feedback during histotripsy: A Histotripsy therapy system is provided that can include any number of features. In some embodiments, the system includes a high voltage power supply, a pulse generator electrically coupled to at least one signal switching amplifier, at least one matching network electrically coupled to the signal switching amplifier(s), and an... Agent:

20140100460 - Vein closure and injection kits and methods: Kits, apparatus, devices and methods for treating varicose veins caused by an incompetent venous junction (e.g., the saphenofemoral and/or saphenopopliteal junctions) are disclosed. The kits may include a sheath, a vein closure device, and an injection device. Alternatively, a vein closure device may include an integral injection channel and injection... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20140100461 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, and medical image processing method: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment comprises a data acquisition unit configured to execute ultrasonic scanning for a tissue region throughout a predetermined period and acquire a plurality of image data respectively corresponding to phases in the predetermined period; a positional information acquisition unit configured to acquire positional... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140100462 - Polarization scrambling for intra-body fiber optic sensor: In an example, an optical system can include a polarization scrambler coupleable to a tunable first optical source configured to generate a coherent optical output. The system can include an intra-body optical sensor such as a an intravascularly-deliverable optical fiber transducer, configured to be coupled to the tunable first optical... Agent: Vascular Imaging Corporation

20140100463 - Probe and endoscope: A probe is a probe insertable through a channel provided in an endoscope insertion portion. The probe is provided with a plurality of accommodation portions for accommodating a plurality of coil units having a predetermined length and a predetermined height, and a plurality of axial portions. Each accommodation portion includes... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140100464 - Virtual avatar using biometric feedback: Systems and methods are provided for an virtual personal trainer system using biometric feedback. The system includes a patient monitoring device configured to provide at least one metric representing a user. The system also includes a processor and a non-transitory computer readable medium storing instructions executable by the processor. The... Agent: Bodies Done Right

20140100467 - Body worn physiological sensor device having a disposable electrode module: A method for providing high voltage circuit protection for a patient monitor. The method includes providing a substrate that supports one or more electrical connections to a patient's body. The method further includes determining a print pattern and thickness of a first material having a first resistivity to be printed... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20140100465 - Ecg sensing apparatus and method for removal of baseline drift in the clothing: An ECG sensing apparatus and a method for removing a baseline drift in the clothing are provided. The ECG sensing apparatus filters ECG signals and filters a baseline drift noise which is caused by human body's motion and breathing. Accordingly, the baseline drift in the sensing apparatus is minimized even... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20140100466 - Electrocardiogram analyzer and electrode set: An electrocardiogram analyzer includes: one set of electrocardiogram measurement electrodes; one or more noise measurement electrode; a measurer which is configured to measure an electrocardiogram signal acquired by the electrocardiogram measurement electrodes, and a noise signal acquired by at least the noise measurement electrode; and an electrocardiogram extraction analyzer which... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20140100468 - Physiological signal detection device: A physiological signal detection device has a battery disposed in the physiological signal detection device, a first input terminal, a second input terminal, and a charging detection terminal A physiological signal detection circuit generates a physiological signal according to a detection result of the first input terminal and the second... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20140100469 - Inflatable remote sensor vest system for patient monitoring and diagnosis: An inflatable vest system includes a wearable vest having an outer surface and an inner surface and a plurality of bladders having a hollow chamber. The bladders are dispersed at selected locations along the vest and disposed adjacent to each other, each having an inlet for selectively receiving and releasing... Agent:

20140100470 - Digital inspirometer system: The present invention provides, in at least one embodiment, a system, device, and method for better instructions, feedback, and capture of inspirometer data. Inspirometers are typically not used correctly, so the device provides video, picture, and/or text instructions to users on how to use the inspirometer. Since many users do... Agent:

20140100471 - Electromechanical measurement of stapedius muscle/tendon activity: A device for measuring stapedius tissue activity uses a mechanoelectrical transducer having two ends. A static end is configured for attachment to the bony pyramid in the middle ear, and a dynamic end is configured for attachment to stapedius tissue in the middle ear. The transducer generates a corresponding electrical... Agent: Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

20140100472 - Systems and methods for an optical nanoscale array for sensing and recording of electrically excitable cells: Systems for untethered sensing and recording of activity of one or more electrically excitable cells in a target region includes at least one untethered probe. Each untethered probe includes at least one signal detector, configured to electrically couple to the target region, measure the activity of the one or more... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140100473 - Systems and processes for cortical integrity assessment: An enhanced system and process for assessment of cortical integrity is disclosed. The system permit detection of cortical disruption through identification of at least one of frequency shifts and significantly reduced vibration transmission in injured versus non-injured bones. Radiography and concomitant exposure to the same is reduced along with risks... Agent:

20140100474 - Palpatory diagnostic system and method: A generally cylindrical housing has proximal and distal ends and is formed with a length and a diameter. A cylindrical recess is formed in the proximal end. The cylindrical recess has an interior shoulder. A cone is formed at the distal end. An axial passageway extends though the cone. A... Agent:

20140100475 - Non-invasive, bedside intra-cranial pressure and brain shift/herniation monitoring unit utilizing early on-set auditory evoked responses: Systems and methods are taught for non-invasively monitoring brainstem function and intra-cranial pressure in a patient. Repeated auditory stimulation is applied to the patient in at least one ear to generate an auditory brainstem response. The response waveform is detected with an electrode at a location on the patient's head.... Agent:

20140100479 - Methods and apparatus for tissue removal: A tissue removal apparatus and needle assembly for extracting a tissue portion from tissue or the like, the needle assembly comprising an inner tube having an interior cavity, an outer cannula having a proximal end, a distal end and an interior cavity, the interior cavity of the outer cannula having... Agent: Theragenics Corporation

20140100478 - Needle tip for biopsy device: A biopsy device includes a body portion, a tip, at least one blade, and a cutter. The cannula defines at least one lumen. The cannula has a transverse aperture configured to receive tissue. The tip is located at the distal end of the cannula, and may include at least two... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20140100476 - Surgical instrument for deep tissue and/or cell sampling: A tissue and/or cell sampling device for biopsies having a catheter sized for translation through a lumen on an instrument such as a bronchoscope. An aspiration needle engaged to a control member is employable by translation to remove a core of tissue from a sampling location. The translation can be... Agent:

20140100477 - Tissue biopsy device with selectively rotatably linked thumbwheel and tissue sample holder: A biopsy system comprising a probe and a holster. The probe comprises a rotatable needle portion a rotatable thumbwheel coupled with the needle portion and a rotatable tissue sample manifold. The holster is removably coupled to the probe. The holster comprises a selective engagement mechanism configured to selectively link rotation... Agent:

20140100480 - Biological sample collection device: Biological samples, such as saliva, are commonly collected on a swab and subsequently transferred to an absorbent storage medium. Embodiments of the present invention provide a biological sample collection device comprising a collection portion and a body portion, the body portion including a holding portion for holding a biological sample... Agent:

20140100481 - Lancing device for taking blood samples: The invention relates to a lancing device (1) for taking blood samples, comprising a housing (2), an axially displaceable lancet holder element (32) for holding a replaceable lancet (12), a drive unit (30) comprising at least a lancing spring element (31) for driving the axially displaceable lancet holder element (32)... Agent: Gerresheimer Regensburg Gmbh

20140100482 - Lancing device for taking blood samples: The invention relates to a lancing device (1) for taking blood samples, comprising a housing (2), an axially displaceable lancet holder element (32) for holding a lancet (12), and a display apparatus (40) for displaying the respective operating states (41, 42) of the lancing device (1), the display apparatus (40)... Agent: Gerresheimer Regensburg Gmbh

20140100483 - Method and apparatus for improving fluidic flow and sample capture: A body fluid sampling device for use on a patient includes at least one penetrating member positioned in the cartridge and a sample port for receiving a body fluid. A channel is coupled to the sample port and the sample chamber. At least a portion of the channel is a... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140100484 - Force presentation apparatus, force presentation method, and force presentation program: Upon insertion of an insertion member into a living body vessel by an operator, a force individually applied to the living body vessel by the insertion member is measured by a force measuring unit, and based upon the force measured by the force measuring unit, information to be presented to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140100485 - Quantitative assessment of the skull: A technique for performing computational analysis of craniosynostosis from CT images is discussed. An image-computing platform assesses craniofacial malformations by using a shape analysis methodology for image processing. The shape of a patient's craniofacial anatomy is assessed in terms of a statistical shape model that incorporates normal shape variability. The... Agent:

20140100487 - Computerized systems and methods for stability-theoretic prediction and prevention of falls: A system, methods, A system, methods and computer-readable media are provided for the automatic identification of patients according to near-term risk of sudden kinematic injury (falling). Embodiments of the invention are directed to event prediction, risk stratification, and optimization of the assessment, communication, and decision-making to prevent falling in humans,... Agent: Cemer Innovation, Inc.

20140100486 - System and method to facilitate analysis of brain injuries and dissorders: In an example embodiment, this disclosure provides a computer system that includes a processor configured to compute, based on test performance data of a user, at least one performance variable characterizing balance and postural stability, and at least one performance variable characterizing vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR). For each performance variable, processor... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

04/03/2014 > 81 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20140094639 - Adjusting energy of a particle beam: An example particle accelerator includes a coil to provide a magnetic field to a cavity; a particle source to provide a plasma column to the cavity; a voltage source to provide a radio frequency (RF) voltage to the cavity to accelerate particles from the plasma column, where the magnetic field... Agent: Mevion Medical Systems, Inc.

20140094638 - Controlling intensity of a particle beam: In an example, a synchrocyclotron includes a particle source to provide pulses of ionized plasma to a cavity; a voltage source to provide a radio frequency (RF) voltage to the cavity to accelerate particles from the plasma column outwardly; and an extraction channel to receive a beam of particles from... Agent: Mevion Medical Systems, Inc.

20140094641 - Focusing a particle beam: An example particle accelerator includes the following: a resonant cavity in which particles are accelerated, where the resonant cavity has a background magnetic field having a first shape; and an extraction channel for receiving particles output from the resonant cavity. The extraction channel comprises a series of focusing regions to... Agent: Mevion Medical Systems, Inc.

20140094637 - Focusing a particle beam using magnetic field flutter: An example particle accelerator may include the following: a voltage source to sweep a radio frequency (RF) voltage in a cavity to accelerate particles from a plasma column, where the cavity has a magnetic field causing particles accelerated from the plasma column to move orbitally within the cavity, and where... Agent: Mevion Medical Systems, Inc.

20140094640 - Magnetic field regenerator: An example particle accelerator includes the following: a voltage source to provide a radio frequency (RF) voltage to a cavity to accelerate particles from a plasma column, where the cavity has a magnetic field causing particles accelerated from the plasma column to move orbitally within the cavity; an extraction channel... Agent: Mevion Medical Systems, Inc.

20140094642 - Skin dose evaluation support apparatus and treatment planning apparatus: A skin dose evaluation support apparatus is provided with a skin region contour creation unit that creates skin region information including the boundary coordinates of a skin region, based on image data to be inputted when a treatment plan for a radiation therapy for a patient is created; and a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140094643 - Controlling particle therapy: An example particle therapy system includes the following: a gantry that is rotatable relative to a patient position; a particle accelerator mounted to the gantry, where the particle accelerator is for outputting a particle beam essentially directly to the patient position; and a control system to receive a prescription and... Agent: Mevion Medical Systems, Inc.

20140094644 - K-ring electromagnetic treatment apparatus, system and method for tumors, arthritis and other ailments: A magnetic field therapy apparatus includes a first wire coil, a second wire coil and an electrically conductive member connecting the coils in series. The coils are wound in the same direction. In a preferred embodiment the coils are wrapped around a single bobbin, with the first coil forming a... Agent:

20140094645 - Methods, systems, and devices relating to a removable percutaneous interface line: The various embodiments disclosed herein relate to percutaneous interface lines and related methods for implanting such lines. Each percutaneous interface line has an internal component coupleable to a percutaneous component with an internal connector. The percutaneous component can have a Y-shaped end having two arms, one arm having a lumen... Agent: Sunshine Heart Company Pty Ltd

20140094646 - Adjustable fixation device having reduced infection: Components and portions of components of a hearing prosthesis encapsulated in a microorganism-barrier membrane. Methods and apparatus are described for implanting hearing prosthesis components in precise locations, and maintaining the locations, with at least some components or portions of components encapsulated in a microorganism-barrier membrane.... Agent:

20140094647 - Heart wall tension reduction apparatus and method: Devices and methods for treatment of a failing heart by reducing the heart wall stress. The device can be one which reduces wall stress throughout the cardiac cycle or only a portion of the cardiac cycle.... Agent:

20140094649 - Insertion opening attachment: An insertion opening attachment is used in combination with an endoscope apparatus configured to observe the inside of a subject. The attachment is attached to an insertion opening opened in the subject into which an insertion unit of the endoscope apparatus is inserted, wherein the insertion opening attachment comprises an... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140094648 - Methods and apparatus for displaying three-dimensional orientation of a steerable distal tip of an endoscope: A system for graphically visualizing an orientation of a steerable distal portion of an elongate instrument is disclosed. The system includes an instrument having an elongate body. The elongate body includes a proximal portion and a steerable distal portion. The system also includes at least one tensioning member attached to... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140094650 - Laparoscopic lens wipe feature on surgical device shaft or jaw member: A first surgical instrument includes a shaft having an extension member such as a pair of jaw members at a distal end that are movable about a pivot for grasping tissue. The first surgical instrument enables a user to move the shaft and the pair of jaw members. A cleaning... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140094655 - Endoscope with multifunctional extendible arms and endoscopic instrument with integrated image capture for use therewith: An endoscope and methods of use thereof are provided, which includes at least one multi-functional extending arm supporting a plurality of imaging, lighting and other sensory elements. The arms provide a mounting platform upon which cameras, lights and sensors may be mounted to generate multiple-angled images and video, arena-like lighting... Agent: Endopodium, Inc.

20140094652 - Feeding tube system with imaging assembly and console connector: A catheter with an imaging assembly is disclosed. The catheter is used with a console for viewing and/or storing images obtained from the catheter. The catheter may be a feeding tube assembly. The imaging assembly on the feeding tube assembly allows a user to confirm placement of the feeding tube... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140094651 - Imaging catheter system: A catheter with an imaging assembly is disclosed. The catheter is used with a console for viewing and/or storing images obtained from the catheter. The catheter may be a feeding tube assembly. The imaging assembly on the feeding tube assembly allows a user to confirm placement of the feeding tube... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140094653 - Imaging catheter system: A catheter with an imaging assembly is disclosed. The catheter is used with a console for viewing and/or storing images obtained from the catheter. The catheter may be a feeding tube assembly. The imaging assembly on the feeding tube assembly allows a user to confirm placement of the feeding tube... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140094654 - Medical drive device: An object is to detect the pressing force of a tip driven unit. In the controller 22, a motor control circuit 85, a load change detection unit 86, a moving speed calculation unit 87 that calculates the moving speed of a rotating body 41, a pressing force detection unit 88... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140094656 - Endoscope: An insertion portion, an operation portion, a signal cable, a plate-shaped member, an electric board, and a fixing member are included. The fixing member is formed into a U-shape in which a bottom surface, a top surface, a side surface and a fitting port are formed, and has a stopper... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140094657 - Condition checking device for endoscope: An endoscope system includes an endoscope, having a tip device for entry in a body cavity, and a viewing window portion formed in the tip device. A sleeve-shaped condition checking device is disposed on a distal side in an axial direction, for resiliently deforming in a transverse direction crosswise to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140094658 - Guide sheath and medical system: A guide sheath includes: an elongated member extending along a longitudinal axis; a manipulation wire extending along the longitudinal axis of the elongated member so as to be capable of advancing and retracting; a bent section formed of a thermoplastic resin in a tubular shape and configured to be bent... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140094659 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes: a window portion that protrudes by a predetermined dimension along an insertion direction of an endoscope insertion portion from a flat portion provided at a distal end of the endoscope insertion portion; an air/water feeding nozzle that ejects a fluid toward the surface of the window portion;... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140094660 - Accounting for non-uniform longitudinal motion during movement of an endoluminal imaging probe: Apparatus and methods are provided including, while an endoluminal data-acquisition device is being moved through a lumen of a subject, acquiring a plurality of endoluminal data points of the lumen using the endoluminal data-acquisition device. At at least one location it is determined that an event occurred, the event causing... Agent: Sync-rx, Ltd.

20140094663 - Apparatus, systems and methods for monitoring and evaluating cardiopulmonary functioning: Wearable apparatus for monitoring various physiological and environmental factors are provided. Real-time, noninvasive health and environmental monitors include a plurality of compact sensors integrated within small, low-profile devices, such as earpiece modules. Physiological and environmental data is collected and wirelessly transmitted into a wireless network, where the data is stored... Agent:

20140094661 - Clinical information display apparatus, method, and program: A clinical information display apparatus in which a plurality of clinical information items is classified into display and non-display targets and clinical information corresponding to a clinical information item classified as the display target is displayed on a display unit, including an anomaly detection unit for detecting an anomaly in... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140094664 - Method for determining non-invasively a heart-lung interaction: The present disclosure concerns a method for determining a heart-lung interaction factor of a subject, comprising: measuring a heart activity-related signal comprising heart activity-related information; from the heart activity-related signal, calculating a frequency of cardiac cycle and a frequency of respiratory cycle; from the heart activity-related signal, determining a cardiac... Agent: Csem Sa

20140094662 - Method of assessing capsular formation and/or contracture: The present specification discloses methods of assessing the extent of capsular contracture around an implantable device and methods of monitoring fibrous capsular formation relating to an implantable device.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20140094665 - Urine bag for collecting body fluids: A bag for collecting body fluids, such as urine or vomit, wherein the bag in compact condition includes a front side, a back side, a bottom and at least two side edges, where a bag opening is formed opposite the bottom. The bag includes an expandable bead arranged in or... Agent: Goloo Aps

20140094667 - Noninvasively measuring analyte levels in a subject: A method for noninvasively measuring analyte levels includes using a non-imaging OCT-based system to scan a two-dimensional area of biological tissue and gather data continuously during the scanning. Structures within the tissue where measured-analyte-induced changes to the OCT data dominate over changes induced by other analytes are identified by focusing... Agent: Glt Acquisition Corporation

20140094666 - System and method for in vivo measurement of biological parameters: A system, method and medical tool are presented for use in non-invasive in vivo determination of at least one desired parameter or condition of a subject having a scattering medium in a target region. The measurement system comprises an illuminating system, a detection system, and a control system. The illumination... Agent: Elfi-tech Ltd.

20140094668 - Method for spectrophotometric blood oxygenation monitoring: According to the present invention, a method and apparatus for non-invasively determining the blood oxygen saturation level within a subject's tissue is provided. The method comprises the steps of: a) providing a spectrophotometric sensor operable to transmit light into the subject's tissue, and to sense the light; b) detecting light... Agent: Cas Medical Systems, Inc.

20140094670 - Methods and systems for monitoring respiration with photoplethysmography: The present invention relates to novel lip/cheek probes for detection of pulse-based differences in light absorbence across the vascularized tissue of a lip or cheek of a patient. These probes are fabricated to provide signals to estimate arterial oxygen saturation, and/or to obtain other photoplethysmographic data. The present invention also... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140094669 - Nasal and oral patient interfaces: A patient interface for communicating fluids to and/or from a patient's nasal cavity and/or oral cavity is disclosed. In addition, a patient interface for fluid and physiological function monitoring proximate to the patient's nasal cavity and/or oral cavity is disclosed. An apnea monitor and a method for monitoring apnea are... Agent: Ric Investments, LLC

20140094671 - Zwitterion surface modifications for continuous sensors: Devices are provided for measurement of an analyte concentration, e.g., glucose in a host. The device can include a sensor configured to generate a signal associated with a concentration of an analyte; and a sensing membrane located over the sensor. The sensing membrane comprises a diffusion resistance domain configured to... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20140094672 - Systems and methods for processing physiological signals in wavelet space: Methods and systems are disclosed for analyzing multiple scale bands in the scalogram of a physiological signal in order to obtain information about a physiological process. An analysis may be performed to identify multiple scale bands that are likely to contain the information sought. Each scale band may be assessed... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett Ireland

20140094673 - Receivers for analyzing and displaying sensor data: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for processing, transmitting and displaying data received from an analyte sensor, such as a glucose sensor. The system may include a display device with at least one input device. In response to movement of or along the input device, the display device may... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20140094674 - Implantable wireless neural device: Systems and methods for providing an electrical interface to a body are provided. In one embodiment, an implantable module is disclosed, comprising: an implantable electrode array, implantable within a body and capable of providing a plurality of communication channels for communicating electrical signals detected in a body; an amplifier circuit... Agent: Brown University

20140094675 - Arrayed electrodes in a wearable device for determining physiological characteristics: Embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing devices in capturing and deriving physiological characteristic data. More specifically, an array of electrodes and methods are configured to determine physiological characteristics using a wearable device (or carried device) that may be... Agent: Aliphcom

20140094676 - Flexible, lightweight physiological monitor: Wearable (ambulatory) monitors of the present invention have a segmented design, with at least two and preferably three (or more) mechanically independent, spaced apart sensors (e.g., electrodes or other types of physiological sensors) located in discrete islands, or housing structures that are flexibly connected to one another. Each of the... Agent: Cardiac Insight, Inc.

20140094677 - Biological information detecting apparatus and fixing structure: There is provided a biological information detecting apparatus including: an apparatus main body; a pair of heart rate detecting parts provided on the apparatus main body, each of the heart rate detecting parts having an electrode in contact with a biological surface; a strip-shaped fixing band attached to the apparatus... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140094680 - Angiographic examination method for the representation of flow properties: An angiographic examination method for the representation of flow properties of vessels of an object under examination is presented. To determine blood-flow parameters in 3-D with high temporal resolution, at least one 4-D DSA sequence is acquired for the generation of measurement-based 4-D DSA data sets. A model-based method determines... Agent:

20140094678 - Skin marking porous grid and related method of use: An image guided biopsy grid markable with marking medium for marking a subject's skin underlying the grid with a marking to identify a needle entry target. The grid includes a flexible substrate and a plurality of substrate pores extending therethrough. An adhesive layer on the underside of the substrate conformingly... Agent: Beekley Corporation

20140094679 - Systems and methods for performing organ detection: A method for automatically detecting an organ of interest that includes accessing a medical image dataset using a processor, automatically segmenting the medical image dataset to identify an outline of a body of a patient, automatically determining an axial reference image slice and a axial center point using the segmented... Agent: General Electric Company

20140094681 - System for navigating surgical instruments adjacent tissue of interest: A system for navigating a surgical instrument adjacent tissue of interest is provided and includes a magnetic device and a surgical instrument. The magnetic device is positionable within a body of a patient. The surgical instrument includes a magnetic detection device that is operably disposed thereon to detect the magnetic... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140094683 - Device producing test sonications for high intensity focused ultrasound: A medical apparatus (600, 700, 800) including a high intensity focused ultrasound system (602), a signaling device (628) for generating a discomfort signal during the sonication of the sonication volume, and a processor (634) for executing instructions. Execution of the instructions causes the processor to receive (102) a set of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140094682 - Image guided high intensity focused ultrasound treatment of nerves: A method for using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to treat neurological structures to achieve a desired therapeutic effect. Depending on the dosage of HIFU applied, it can have a reversible or irreversible effect on neural structures. For example, a relatively high dose of HIFU can be used to permanently... Agent: University Of Washington, Center For Commercialization

20140094684 - Mri catheter with resonant filter: A medical probe includes a flexible insertion tube having a distal end for insertion into a body cavity and having a proximal end. The probe further includes an electrode attached to the distal end of the insertion tube and configured to make electrical contact with tissue in the body cavity.... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel), Ltd.

20140094693 - Accounting for skipped imaging locations during movement of an endoluminal imaging probe: Apparatus and methods are described including, while an endoluminal data-acquisition device is being moved through a lumen of a subject, acquiring a plurality of endoluminal data points of the lumen using the endoluminal data-acquisition device. It is determined that, at at least one location, no endoluminal data point was acquired.... Agent: Sync-rx, Ltd.

20140094692 - Apparatus and methods for determining a dimension of a portion of a stack of endoluminal data points: Apparatus and methods are described including, while an endoluminal data-acquisition device is being moved through a lumen, acquiring a plurality of endoluminal data points of the lumen using the endoluminal data-acquisition device. The endoluminal data points are displayed in a stack, and are co-registered to respective locations along the lumen... Agent: Sync-rx, Ltd.

20140094689 - Apparatus and methods for determining a plurality of local calibration factors for an image: Apparatus and methods are described including acquiring a first set of extraluminal images of a lumen, using an extraluminal imaging device. At least one of the first set of images is designated as a roadmap image. While an endoluminal device is being moved through the lumen, a second set of... Agent: Sync-rx, Ltd.

20140094691 - Apparatus and methods for mapping a sequence of images to a roadmap image: Apparatus and methods are described including a processor (20) configured to receive first and second sets of extraluminal images of a lumen, the second set being acquired while an endoluminal device is being moved through the lumen. The processor designates at least one of the first set of images as... Agent: Sync-rx, Ltd.

20140094690 - Displaying a device within an endoluminal image stack: Apparatus and methods are described including, while an endoluminal data-acquisition device is being moved through a subject's lumen, acquiring a plurality of endoluminal data points of the lumen using the endoluminal data-acquisition device. It is determined that respective endoluminal data points correspond to respective locations along the lumen. A display... Agent: Sync-rx, Ltd.

20140094687 - Image annotation in image-guided medical procedures: Presented herein are methods, systems, devices, and computer-readable media for image annotation in image-guided medical procedures. Some embodiments herein allow physicians or other operators to use one or more medical devices in order to define annotations in 3D space. These annotations may later be displayed to the physician or operator... Agent: Inneroptic Technology, Inc.

20140094685 - Magnetic field viewing film for tracking in-situ surgical applications: A method is provided. The method includes placing a magnetic field viewing film over a region of tissue; inserting at least one of a medical device or a medical instrument comprising at least one magnetic element into the region of the tissue; and determining a location of at least one... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140094686 - Medical instrument, medicine system and method for displaying the position of a position marker: A medical instrument contains at least three navigation markers which in each case have at least one marker element which can be captured by a camera in a camera image in an identifiable manner. The navigation markers are each attached to the instrument at an attachment point lying on a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140094688 - Optic-based contact sensing assembly and system: The invention relates to an optic-based sensing assembly and a system incorporating the assembly and related use of the assembly. In particular, the invention relates to an optic-based catheter assembly and related system used to determine contact between a catheter and surrounding proximate environment, such as tissue. An embodiment of... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

20140094694 - Registration of anatomical data sets: Methods and systems are disclosed for relating additional spatial information associated with one volume data set of an anatomical structure with another volume data set of the anatomical structure where the spatial information is not available. A unique spatial characteristic of the volume data set is identified, such as an... Agent: Stryker Leibinger Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140094695 - Three-dimensional needle localization with a two-dimensional imaging probe: An imaging system and method include a medical device (102) having a tracking element (106) mounted thereon. An array (109) of transducers is spaced apart from one another for exchanging energy in a subject between tracking element and the array of transducers. A trilateration module (104) is configured to interpret... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140094696 - Image processing device, radiographic image capturing system, computer-readable medium and image processing method: An image processing device includes: an acquisition unit that acquires plural projection images captured by applying radiation from multiple directions, while moving a radiation applying unit, with respect to an object between the radiation applying unit and a radiation detector and by detecting the radiation via the radiation detector; a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140094697 - Optical coherence tomography and pressure based systems and methods: In part, the invention relates to methods, apparatus, and systems suitable for determining a fractional flow reserve (FFR) and variations of modifications thereof One embodiment relates to a method and apparatus for obtaining a corrected FFR in a vessel having a stenosis. In one aspect, the invention relates to an... Agent: Lightlab Imaging, Inc.

20140094698 - Cavity filling biopsy site markers: The invention provides materials, devices and methods for marking biopsy sites for a limited time. The biopsy-marking materials are ultrasound-detectable bio-resorbable powders, with powder particles typically between about 20 microns and about 800 microns in maximum dimension, more preferably between about 300 microns and about 500 microns. The powders may... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20140094699 - Process for producing a radiology report: A process for manufacturing a radiology report wherein a first technologist prepares a worksheet that records objective data from the image display of the condition of a patient's body that was subjected to a controlled source of imaging energy. A second different technologist prepares a preliminary report in narrative form... Agent: Jefferson Radiology, P.C.

20140094700 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and beamforming method: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes: a first reference beam generating unit generating a first reference beam from DAS signals calculated in an N-th frame; a second reference beam generating unit generating a second reference beam from a DAS signal calculated in an (N−1)-th frame, the DAS signal calculated in the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140094701 - Devices that cooperate with ultrasound probes for muscoskeletal evaluations and related systems and methods: Adaptors for ultrasound probes can have an adaptor body can have an open lower end that allows a distal end of the ultrasound probe to extend therethrough to contact skin of a patient. The adaptor can include a plurality of spaced apart resilient members held by the adaptor body that,... Agent:

20140094702 - Methods and apparatuses for measuring tissue stiffness changes using ultrasound elasticity imaging: A method of evaluating tissue stiffness of a target area includes positioning an ultrasound elasticity imaging apparatus adjacent a surface of an area of tissue where the target area is located and applying a dynamic range of force to the tissue. A plurality of ultrasound beams can be directed at... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20140094703 - Methods and systems for synthesizing electrocardiographic signals using posture data: The present specification discloses methods and systems for synthesizing electrocardiographic (ECG) signals. In one method, a first group of electrodes are attached to predetermined locations on the human body. A posture sensor is attached to the human body and generates data indicative of the human body's posture. The system receives... Agent:

20140094704 - Recyclable or biodegradable blood pressure cuff: A blood pressure cuff is defined by a first sheet, having an opening, and a second sheet. The second sheet is attached to a bottom of the first sheet to form an interior inflatable portion between the first sheet and the second sheet, with the opening of the first sheet... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20140094705 - Recovery determination methods and recovery determination apparatuses: Recovery determination methods and recovery determination apparatuses are described. According to one aspect, a recovery determination method includes accessing an input for a recovery marker which corresponds to a characteristic of an individual, wherein the input comprises data pertinent to the individual for the recovery marker while the individual is... Agent: Recovery Science And Technology, LLC

20140094706 - Medical device for positioning of a lead: The present invention relates generally to medical devices for electrode positioning during implantation procedures. A cardiac signal measuring device measures cardiac signals sensitive to inherent differences between cardiac tissue and blood using at least one electrode of a medical lead arranged at a distal tip of the medical lead and... Agent: St. Jude Medical Ab

20140094707 - Wearable apparatus for measuring heart-related parameters and deriving human status parameters from sensed physiological and contextual parameters: A monitor device and associated methodology are disclosed which provide a self contained, relatively small and continuously wearable package for the monitoring of heart related parameters, including ECG. The detection of heart related parameters is predicated on the location of inequipotential signals located within regions of the human body conventionally... Agent: Bodymedia, Inc.

20140094708 - Apparatus for determining possibility of return of spontaneous circulation: An apparatus for determining a possibility of return of spontaneous circulation, includes: an electrocardiogram acquiring unit acquiring electrocardiogram waveform data from a subject in a cardiac arrest condition during chest compression applied to the subject; a bandpass filter unit allowing only a frequency component in a vicinity of a frequency... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20140094709 - Biological signal management: Systems and techniques for managing biological signals. In one implementation, a method includes receiving a cardiac biological signal that includes information describing events, determining a merit of each event based on one or more of a severity of a cardiac condition associated with the event and a quality of the... Agent: Braemar Manufacturing, LLC

20140094710 - Computatonal tool for pre-surgical evaluation of patients with medically refractory epilepsy: A method of identifying an epileptogenic zone of a subject's brain includes receiving a plurality of electrical signals from a corresponding plurality of surgically implanted electrodes, calculating a first plurality of connectivities between each pair of electrodes based on a portion of each of the plurality of electrical signals corresponding... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140094711 - Ophthalmological device: An ophthalmic instrument for the application of laser radiation in a patient's eye, particularly for the examination and/or surgical laser treatment of the cornea and the lens of the eye, includes a femtosecond laser, an objective and optical assemblies. The optical assemblies are arranged in front of the objective, and... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20140094712 - Apparatus and methods for acoustically or mechanically stimulating a cochlea and intracochlear recording of mechanically or acoustically evoked auditory potentials in the cochlea: An apparatus for acoustic or mechanical stimulation of a cochlea and measurement of acoustically or mechanically evoked electrophysiologic responses from the cochlea is provided. In one example, the apparatus includes an acoustic stimulator for generating an acoustic signal and an electrophysiologic response measuring device positioned proximal the cochlea or within... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20140094713 - Tetherless biopsy device: A biopsy device comprises a body, a needle, and a cutter operable to sever tissue protruding through a lateral aperture of the needle. A vacuum pump is in fluid communication with the cutter. A fluid pump is in fluid communication with the needle. A fluid pump actuation assembly is operable... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20140094714 - Needle tip for biopsy device: A biopsy device includes a body portion, a cannula, a cutter, and a tissue stop having a proximal face. The cannula has a transverse aperture that is defined in part by a proximal edge and a distal edge. The cutter is movable to a distal position to sever tissue protruding... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20140094715 - Distractor for measuring load and position of load applied by the muscular-skeletal system and method therefor: A distractor suitable for measuring a force, pressure, or load applied by the muscular-skeletal system is disclosed. An insert couples to the distractor. The insert has at least one articular surface allowing movement of the muscular-skeletal system when the distractor is inserted thereto. The insert can be a passive insert... Agent: Orthosensor Inc.

20140094716 - Intrauterine pressure catheter interface cable system: Methods and systems for zeroing an intrauterine pressure catheter system are provided. The interface cable system includes a first connector and a second connector configured to provide electrical interconnection between an intrauterine pressure catheter and a monitoring system. The interface cable system includes a plurality of conductors extending between s... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140094717 - Gait analysis system and methods: Systems and methods for analyzing the gait of an individual are disclosed. The disclosed systems and methods can be configured to acquire data from a first array and a second array of sensors that are configured to be placed in a left and/or right shoe, respectively. The acquired data can... Agent: Covenant Ministries Of Benevolence Inc.

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20140088336 - Particle beam therapy system: An particle beam therapy system comprises a scanning electromagnet for scanning a particle beam which travels in a vacuum duct so as to irradiate an irradiation object and an irradiation unit comprising a beam outlet window, wherein the irradiation unit is configured such that the vacuum duct can be divided... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140088337 - Spiral magnetic vortex instrument: A magnetic device for magnetic therapy, the device comprising a magnetic drum having an inner surface and an outer surface, a plurality of permanent magnets, a hollow safety sleeve, and an electric motor for powering the magnetic device by means of a power source. The plurality of permanent magnets is... Agent:

20140088338 - Clothing with magnets systems: Clothing with magnets systems provides a comfortable way to undergo magnetic therapy. The system covers a large surface area of the body with magnetic energy while enabling people to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, fight infection, support healing, reduce fluid retention, increase cellular oxygen, encourage deep restorative sleep, and a variety... Agent:

20140088339 - Method and system for treatment of cardiovascular disorders: Methods for treating a cardiovascular disorder comprising concomitant administration of one or more extracellular matrix (ECM) based compositions directly to damaged or diseased cardiovascular tissue associated with the cardiovascular disorder, and provision of ventricular assistance. In a preferred embodiment, the ECM based compositions include an ECM material derived from a... Agent: Francis Law Group

20140088340 - Stable aortic blood pump implant: An aortic blood pump is described that is secured to a patient aorta that can be inflated and deflated in response to selective communication with a source of pressurized fluid or air. An expanded stent creates an area in with the pump and inflate and deflate. A system is also... Agent: L-vad Technology, Inc.

20140088341 - Guide glasses: A sound and light machine (SLM) produces sound and light pulses at brain wave frequencies so as to induce a particular state of consciousness in a user, while simultaneously providing music. The SLM includes light emitting diodes (LEDs) and headphone speakers. A microcontroller runs firmware to control the LEDs and... Agent: Cornfield Electronics, Inc.

20140088342 - Artificial sphincter and intragastric suspended balloon: A system of medical devices implantable in the human body using transabdominal gastroscopy surgery to repair failing sphincters and to prevent obesity. A stainless steel non-magnetic spring covered with silicon or other long-term tissue friendly plastic can be installed in place of a natural sphincter by tunneling through a non-functional... Agent:

20140088343 - Film encapsulated pelvic implant system and method: Various embodiments of an implant devices and systems are provided. The implant devices can include a mesh or implant encapsulated or otherwise coated, in whole or in part, with a film or coating. The coating or film can include methylcellulose or ethylcellulose to provide tissue regeneration as a hydrogel, while... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20140088344 - Implants, tools, and methods for treatment of pelvic conditions: Described are various embodiments of surgical procedures, systems, implants, devices, tools, and methods, useful for treating pelvic conditions in a male or female, the pelvic conditions including incontinence (various forms such as fecal incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, etc.), vaginal prolapse (including various forms such as enterocele,... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20140088346 - Multiple reservoir drug delivery device and methods: Devices and methods are provided for drug delivery. The device may include a housing configured for intralumenal deployment into a human or animal subject and first and second reservoirs within the housing, each reservoir having an actuation end, an opposed release end, and a plug moveable from the actuation end... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20140088345 - Single channel, multiple drug delivery device and methods: Devices and methods are provided for drug delivery. The device may include a housing configured for intralumenal deployment into a human or animal subject and a reservoir contained within the housing and having an actuation end and a release end. The release end may include at least one outlet. A... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20140088347 - Pelvic implant and therapeutic agent system and method: Various embodiments of a mesh or implant system are provided for treating pelvic conditions such as incontinence, vaginal prolapsed, and other conditions caused by muscle and ligament weakness. Embodiments of the implants can include a material, substrate, configuration or coating adapted to provide immediate or timed release of various therapeutic... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20140088348 - Rectal prolapse treatment methods, devices, and systems: Various surgical systems, devices and methods are provided for treating rectal prolapse, including a transobturator posterior rectal suspension method, a transobturator bilateral mesh arm rectal suspension method, a perineal approach rectal suspension method, a single incision perineal approach rectal suspension method, a single incision posterior rectal suspension method, and a... Agent:

20140088349 - Tools and methods for treatment of pelvic conditions: A tool for driving a helical anchor into a target location, the tool including a proximal portion and a distal portion, the proximal portion having a handle and an actuator, and a shaft extending distally from the proximal portion, the shaft comprising an outer shaft and an inner rotating shaft... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20140088351 - Fluidic methods and devices: A device for use by an individual for sexual pleasure varying in form, i.e. shape, during its use and allowing for the user to select multiple variations of form either discretely or in combination and for these dynamic variations to be controllable simultaneously and interchangeably while being transparent to the... Agent: Obotics Inc.

20140088350 - Massage apparatus having a sleeve with a lubrication well: A massage apparatus having a vibrator device engaged to a flexible hollow sleeve that defines a lubrication well for receiving and dispensing a lubricant is disclosed. The lubrication well includes a peripheral wall that defines a well portion configured to receive the lubricant and a protrusion that extends outwardly from... Agent: Nanma Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140088352 - Sexual aid method and appliance with passageway for intimate massage: The Sexual Aid Method and Appliance with Passageway for Intimate Massage enables individuals and/or couples to enjoy the vast array of health benefits of breast massage. This appliance comprises a means to guide a penis in a defined path over or in between breasts to massage the penis, breast tissue... Agent:

20140088353 - Stereo endoscope apparatus and image processing method in stereo endoscope apparatus: The stereo endoscope apparatus includes: a treatment instrument that is operable; multiple imaging units for imaging a subject, the multiple imaging units acquiring, in response to an operation of the treatment instrument, an image in which the treatment instrument does not appear and an image in which the treatment instrument... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140088354 - Slotted clear cannula: A slotted cannula for endoscopic surgical procedures is disclosed. The slotted cannula has a tubular body having a distal end, a proximate end, an open slot extending longitudinally from the beginning of the proximate end to the proximity of the distal end, and a pair of wings integrally formed on... Agent: A.m. Surgical, Inc.

20140088356 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes a distal rigid portion, a bending portion comprising a first bending portion and a second bending portion and a flexible tube portion. The endoscope further includes an operation wire, a wire guide member, a bending operation portion. The endoscope further includes a regulation wire, the regulation wire... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140088357 - Endoscope system: An endoscope system includes: an image processing portion that constructs three-dimensional data based on preoperative multi-slice image data and extracts a predetermined luminal organ; a position detection that acquires position information of an image pickup portion; a position alignment portion that makes position information of the image pickup portion correspond... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140088358 - Endoscopic imaging system: An endoscopic imaging system includes a reusable control cabinet having a number of actuators that control the orientation of a lightweight endoscope that is connectable thereto. The endoscope is used with a single patient and is then disposed. The endoscope includes an illumination mechanism, an image sensor and an elongate... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140088355 - Medical devices for the identification and treatment of bodily passages: Medical devices are described. More particularly, medical devices and methods for the identification and treatment of bodily passages, such as sinus cavities, are described herein. An exemplary medical device comprises an elongate member, a handle, and a wire member. The elongate member is moveable between a first straight, or substantially... Agent:

20140088360 - Medical device: A medical device configured to permit free-adjustment of the curvature-factor by which the region connected to the distal member provided with the medical-treatment member is to be curved. The medical device includes an elongated body having an opening portion at the distal end, a distal member provided with a medical-treatment... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140088359 - Nasogastric scope: A nasogastric scope that can be inserted into an individual without sedating said individual. The nasogastric scope has a nasogastric tube with an attached viewing device. The nasogastric tube is used to feed a patient or empty the contents of a patient's stomach, while the viewing device has a camera... Agent:

20140088361 - Multi-angle rear-viewing endoscope and method of operation thereof: A rear-viewing endoscope includes a rigid section having first and second ends, and a cavity situated between the first and second ends. The rigid section has a longitudinal length and defining a longitudinal axis (LAR). The endoscope further includes a flexible section having proximal and distal ends, where the proximal... Agent:

20140088362 - Balloon-equipped endoscopic devices and methods thereof: An endoscopy system including a balloon-equipped endoscope including a balloon which is configured for slidable frictional engagement with an interior wall of a body passageway and axial stretching of the interior wall when inflated to a slidable frictional engagement pressure and displaced axially along the body passageway and a balloon... Agent: Smart Medical Systems Ltd

20140088363 - Endoscope system: An endoscope system includes: an endoscope that has a light guiding member that guides an illuminating light, an optical system that irradiates the illuminating light onto an object, and a drive portion that rocks the light guiding member so that the illuminating light is irradiated along a predetermined scanning pattern;... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140088364 - Slotted elongated tubular shaped personal pelvic viewer for simultaneously examining the paraurethral sponge, the skene's glands, and the urethra: The Personal Pelvic Viewer™, abbreviated PPV™, is a hand-held instrument which a woman may place by herself into her own vagina to conveniently view images of the interior of her vagina, cervix, external os and other anatomical organs. The PPV provides a convenient instrument that allows a lone female to... Agent:

20140088365 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes a distal end part having a round-chamfered outer peripheral edge, an observation window on an end surface of the distal end part, a nozzle which jets a cleaning fluid toward the observation window, and an observation window base part on which the observation window is placed, the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140088366 - Telescope antifogging and defogging system: A system for preventing or removing fogging from and endoscope which includes an endoscope having a distal end and a heating module disposed over the distal end of the endoscope. The heating module may include a heating element arranged as a single-segment heater, or in a series of elongated portions... Agent:

20140088367 - Nir/red light for lateral neuroprotection: s

20140088368 - Surgical instrument, surgical mesh and surgical retraction means of the instrument, and surgical method using the instrument: A surgical instrument, a surgical mesh and a surgical retraction means of the instrument, and a surgical method using the instrument, in which the surgical retraction means is connected to the mesh and to a body tissue at opposite ends, and so the tissue retraction force can be distributed to... Agent:

20140088369 - Over dilation: A device, system and method for dilating a patient during a minimally invasive surgical procedure is disclosed. A surgical dilation system includes a dilator having an outer tubular member and an inner tubular member sized to be movably received within an inside diameter of the outer tubular member. The outer... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20140088370 - Adjustable surgical support and retractor system: A surgical support system including a primary telescoping support; and a secondary telescoping support that is telescopically mounted to the primary support and is configured for telescopically mounting a surgical tool thereto, such that such that telescoping of the secondary support with respect to the primary support repositions the secondary... Agent: Automated Medical Products Corporation

20140088371 - Illuminated suction apparatus: An illuminated suction apparatus including a hand-held surgical device combining a high-performance non-fiber optic optical waveguide with suction. This device is useful in a wide array of surgical procedures including open and minimally invasive orthopedics.... Agent: Invuity, Inc.

20140088377 - Dynamic constraining with optical shape sensing: A system, device and method for measuring dynamic movement of a subject include a mesh configured to flexibly and snuggly fit over at least a portion of the subject. The mesh includes one or more shape sensing optical fibers disposed therein, and a second feedback modality of measurement that includes... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140088374 - Filtering patient signal also for ventilation artifacts: In embodiments, an external medical device is intended to care for a patient. If it receives an input that signifies that ventilation artifact is present in a signal of the patient, it transmits a corrective signal responsive to the received input. In further embodiments, a patient signal is received, which... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140088372 - Information processing method: Systems, apparatus and methods including a contact lens that facilitates collection and/or processing of information associated with sensed features are provided. In one aspect, a system can include a contact lens and an analysis component external to the contact lens. The contact lens can include: a substrate; and a circuit,... Agent: Google Inc.

20140088378 - System and method for determining sleep and sleep stages of a person: The present invention relates to a system and method for determining sleep, sleep stage and/or sleep stage transition of a person, including heart rate detecting means configured for detecting a heart rate of the person, movement detecting means configured for detecting a movement of a part of the body of... Agent: V-watch Sa

20140088373 - System and method for determining sleep stage: Methods and apparatus monitor health by detection of sleep stage. For example, a sleep stage monitor may access sensor data signals related to bodily movement and respiration movements. At least a portion of the detected signals may be analyzed to calculate respiration variability. The respiration variability may include variability of... Agent: Resmed Sensor Technologies Limited

20140088376 - Techniques for evaluating stress urinary incontinence (sui) using involuntary reflex cough test: A system and method evaluates a patient for stress urinary incontinence. An involuntary reflex cough event is induced within the patient that activates the nucleus ambiguous and medial motor cell column of the patient and stimulates involuntary cough activated paraspinal muscles in the pelvis of the patient. And elecromyogram (EMG)... Agent: Pneumoflex Systems, LLC

20140088375 - Techniques for evaluating urinary stress incontinence and use of involuntary reflex cough as a medical diagnostic tool: A system permits diagnosis of a patient for a physiological abnormality while protecting their airway. An esophageal airway protection device comprises an elongate device body having a distal end for insertion into the stomach through the esophagus and a proximal end. The device includes a main lumen extending the length... Agent: Pneumoflex Systems, LLC

20140088379 - Wirelessly-powered implantable emg recording system: Apparatus and methods for the measurement and transmission of data pertaining to the tissue of an animal. In one embodiment, there is an implantable device that is wirelessly powered and also wirelessly transmits data. Preferably, the implant measures neuromuscular activity.... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140088380 - Systems and methods for real time multispectral imaging: Multispectral filter arrays and methods of making and using the arrays are described herein. Multispectral imaging systems and methods of making and using the systems are also described. A multispectral filter array includes a mosaic of light sensitive elements that includes a first element sensitive to a first narrow spectral... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20140088381 - Facilitation of tear sample collection and testing using a contact lens: Apparatus, systems and methods are provided that employ contact lenses that facilitate testing for an analyte present within tear fluid. In an aspect, a contact lens includes a substrate that forms at least part of a body of the contact lens and one or more cavities disposed within the substrate... Agent: Google Inc.

20140088382 - Health management devices and methods: Methods and devices and systems including a communication module operatively coupled to a data collection module for communicating the stored analyte related data after the analyte related data is stored in the data collection module over a predetermined time period, and a user interface unit configured to communicate with the... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20140088383 - Integrated catalytic protection of oxidation sensitive materials: An implantable device with in vivo functionality, where the functionality of the device is negatively affected by ROS typically associated with inflammation reaction as well as chronic foreign body response as a result of tissue injury, is at least partially surrounded by a protective material, structure, and/or a coating that... Agent: Senseonics, Incorporated

20140088384 - Intra-operative molecular imaging: A system for detecting tumor margins includes a topical protease-specific, fluorescence imaging probe that is activatable by enzymatic activation to produce a visually differentiated signal upon topical application to a targeted cancer cell that secretes an enzyme that activates the protease-specific, fluorescence imaging probe, means for topically administering the imaging... Agent: Case Western Reserve Avenue

20140088385 - Body-worn pulse oximeter: The invention provides a body-worn system that continuously measures pulse oximetry and blood pressure, along with motion, posture, and activity level, from an ambulatory patient. The system features an oximetry probe that comfortably clips to the base of the patient's thumb, thereby freeing up their fingers for conventional activities in... Agent: Sotera Wireless, Inc.

20140088386 - Cardiovascular risk evaluation apparatus: A cardiovascular risk evaluation apparatus includes a hypoxic acquisition unit for acquiring a measurement result that includes a blood oxygen saturation level measured in a hypoxic period in which the blood oxygen saturation level of a subject is lower than a threshold value, and a blood pressure measured when the... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20140088387 - Digital pulse oximeter with automatic direction-changing function: A digital pulse oximeter with automatic orientation change function, comprising a housing that is configured to clamp a human finger being tested, a display window disposed at outside of and atop the housing, a circuit being disposed within the housing for calculating and analyzing the tested signals, and displaying them... Agent: Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20140088388 - Optical sensor including disposable and reusable elements: An embodiment of the present disclosure provides a noninvasive optical sensor or probe including disposable and reusable components. The assembly of the disposable and reusable components is straightforward, along with the disassembly thereof. During application to a measurement site, the assembled sensor is advantageously secured together while the componentry is... Agent: Cercacor Laboratories, Inc.

20140088390 - Method and system for powering an electronic device: Methods and apparatus for providing a power supply to a device, including an inductive rechargeable power supply for a data monitoring and management system in which a high frequency magnetic field is generated to provide power supply to a rechargeable power source such as a battery of a transmitter unit... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20140088389 - Multiple electrode system for a continuous analyte sensor, and related methods: In one embodiment, a continuous analyte sensor having more than one working electrode, and configured to reduce or eliminate crosstalk between the working electrodes. In another embodiment, a continuous analyte sensor having more than one working electrode, and configured so that a membrane system has equal thicknesses over each of... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20140088391 - Analyte sensor: Systems and methods of use for continuous analyte measurement of a host's vascular system are provided. In some embodiments, a continuous glucose measurement system includes a vascular access device, a sensor and sensor electronics, the system being configured for insertion into communication with a host's circulatory system.... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20140088392 - Feedback from cloud or hcp to payer or patient via meter or cell phone: Presented herein are one or more software applications to help a user manager their diabetes. Embodiments and descriptions of the various applications are provided below in conjunction with an analyte measurement device.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20140088393 - Software applications residing on handheld analyte determining devices: Presented herein is a handheld analyte measurement device. The analyte measurement device includes one or more software applications to help the user manager their diabetes. Embodiments and descriptions of the various applications are provided below in conjunction with the handheld analyte measurement device.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20140088394 - Evaluation of the quality of electrode contact with a skin surface: An instrument that utilizes body contact electrodes evaluates the quality of the connections made between the electrodes and the body. An electrode contact quality evaluation circuit performs the quality evaluation, such as by determining contact impedances for the electrodes. The corresponding contact quality of each electrode is conveyed to the... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20140088395 - Physiological mapping for arrhythmia: A non-transitory computer-readable medium can have instructions executable by a processor. The instructions can include an electrogram reconstruction method to generate reconstructed electrogram signals for each of a multitude of points residing on or near a predetermined cardiac envelope based on geometry data and non-invasively measured body surface electrical signals.... Agent: Cardioinsight Technologies, Inc.

20140088396 - Pulse wave sensor device: A light emitter and a light receiver are provided at a side surface of a lever. When a user grips the lever with his hand, the light emitter and the light receiver are positioned close to bases of the middle finger, a ring finger, and a little finger, as a... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140088397 - Fabrication and use of epidermal electrodes: An epidermal electrode operable independently of the ambient environment, such as the presence of water, sweat, or dry conditions, and achieve a suitable impedance with the epidermal surface for transmitting electrical signals indicative of bodily physiological process such as ECG signals for heart monitoring. The hydrophobic surface mountable electrode including... Agent:

20140088398 - Flexible wireless patch for physiological monitoring and methods of manufacturing the same: Provided herein is an integrated wireless patch comprising a contact layer, an electronics layer, and a battery layer. The contact layer is a substrate having gel cutouts. The electronics layer can be folded into contact with the contact layer. The battery layer can be folded into contact with the electronic... Agent: Hmicro, Inc.

20140088399 - Method of enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio (snr) of measured electrocardiogram (ecg) signals and a cardiac device for use in detecting heartbeats: A method of enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of measured electrocardiogram (ECG) signals is provided. The method includes the steps of providing at least three cardiac input signals derived from the measured ECG signals S1 and forming a first estimate U1 S2 from each of at least three pairs of... Agent: Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

20140088400 - Intra-occular pressure sensor: A system is provided for monitoring intraocular pressure, the system comprising: a sensor package configured to be disposed in the suprachoroidal space of a patient's eye; a pressure sensor; a wireless transceiver disposed within the sensor package and coupled to the pressure sensor; an external transceiver, the external receiver being... Agent: Perdue Research Foundation

20140088401 - Method for radiation monitoring: A radiation dosimeter includes a semiconductor substrate and a buried insulator layer disposed on the semiconductor substrate. The buried insulator layer has a plurality of charge traps. A semiconductor layer is disposed on the buried insulator layer. The semiconductor layer has an emitter, an intrinsic base, and a collector laterally... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140088402 - Wound measurement on smart phones: A smart phone is used to accomplish measurement of a wound surface area, when at least one flat marker device, which is a predefined reference, is placed near the wound and photographed by a smart phone.... Agent: Innovative Therapies, Inc.

20140088406 - Assessment of coronary heart disease with carbon dioxide: The invention provides methods for diagnosing coronary heart disease in a subject in need thereof comprising administering an admixture comprising CO2 to a subject to reach a predetermined PaCO2 in the subject to induce hyperemia, monitoring vascular reactivity in the subject and diagnosing the presence or absence of coronary heart... Agent: Cedars-sinai Medical Center

20140088405 - Method and medical imaging device to determine and display an emotional state of a patient during the medical imaging: In a medical imaging method and apparatus, an emotional state of a patient is recorded during a medical imaging examination, by recording at least one emotion parameter of the patient during the medical imaging examination, and calculating an emotional state of the patient using the at least one emotion parameter... Agent:

20140088403 - Patient couch for combined magnetic resonance and pet examination: A patient couch is disclosed, for a combination of positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance tomography device (PET/MRT device), for presenting images of an examination object in an examination room. A system, including the patient couch and a combination of positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance tomography device, is also... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140088404 - Patient positioning device, and medical imaging method and apparatus employing same: A patient positioning device has an electromagnetically transparent transfer plate for positioning an examination subject, and at least one patient bed. The electromagnetically transparent transfer plate can be disposed on the patient bed for imaging an examination region of the examination subject with a first imaging device. For imaging the... Agent:

20140088407 - Magnetic resonance angiography using velocity-selective magnetization preparation: Selective excitation of spin magnetizations based on their velocities can be a useful tool for generating image contrast in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications. Particularly in MR angiography, velocity-selective (VS) excitation can highlight arterial blood only by utilizing its significantly different velocity from stationary tissues and venous blood in the... Agent:

20140088408 - Phage antibodies to radiation-inducible neoantigens: A method for identifying a molecule that binds an irradiated tumor in a subject and molecules identified thereby. The method includes the steps of: (a) exposing a tumor to ionizing radiation; (b) administering to a subject a library of diverse molecules; and (c) isolating from the tumor one or more... Agent:

20140088409 - Receiving coils for magnetic resonance systems: A receiving coil for a magnetic resonance system includes an antenna unit and a locating unit. The locating unit is used for locating a subject to be examined and is positioned inside the antenna unit. The receiving coil for a magnetic resonance system may improve a patient's level of comfort,... Agent:

20140088411 - Catheter insertion supporting system, catheter insertion supporting method, computer readable storage medium stored with program for catheter insertion supporting system, and calibration method: There is provided a catheter insertion supporting system including an extraction section configured to extract a contour shape of at least one of organs of a subject represented on a two-dimensional image picked up by an image pickup element of a catheter inserted in the body of the subject; a... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140088412 - Methods and devices for biopsy and collection of soft tissue: A biopsy device includes a needle assembly, a hollow cutter, and a tissue sample housing. The needle assembly includes a needle extending distally from a portion of the biopsy device. The needle includes a tissue receiving opening. The hollow cutter is coaxially arranged with respect to the needle and severs... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20140088410 - Navigation system including optical and non-optical sensors: Systems and methods that utilize optical sensors and non-optical sensors to determine the position and/or orientation of objects. A navigation system includes an optical sensor for receiving optical signals from markers and a non-optical sensor, such as a gyroscope, for generating non-optical data. A navigation computer determines positions and/or orientations... Agent:

20140088413 - Optical fiber sensing for determining real time changes in applicator geometry for interventional therapy: A system for monitoring changes during therapy includes a first probing segment (112) having an optical fiber sensor disposed therein. The first segment is percutaneously inserted in or near a target area and providing a local reference for one or more treatment devices. A second probing segment (114) has an... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140088416 - Device, method and program for searching for the shortest path in a tubular structure: A path extraction unit extracts a path of a tubular structure from a three-dimensional image containing the tubular structure, and an interrupted path detection unit detects an interrupted path in the extracted path. A search path generation unit generates a search path that connects the interrupted path, and a search... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140088415 - Medical imaging devices, methods, and systems: The disclosed subject matter includes devices, methods, and systems for generating optical tomographic data including volumetric and surface geometric data. The disclosed subject matter also includes devices, methods, and systems for generating optical tomographic data for purposes of diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis.... Agent:

20140088414 - Method for estimating flow rates, pressure gradients, coronary flow reserve, and fractional flow reserve from patient specific computed tomography angiogram-based contrast distribution data: An embodiment in accordance with the present invention provides a method for non-invasively determining the functional severity of coronary artery stenosis. The method includes gathering patient-specific data related to concentration of a contrast agent within a coronary artery of a patient using a coronary computed tomography angiography scan (CCTA). The... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140088418 - Functional-imaging-based ablation monitoring: Functional imaging for localization in biological tissue entails measuring a response in the tissue (240) to electromagnetic radiation. A catheter (200) for real-time monitoring of cardiac ablation is employed to distinguish a hemorrhage zone (232) from the sandwiching necrotic and healthy tissue, or to distinguish exogenous photoacoustic contrast agent from... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140088417 - Method for puncturing the pericardial membrane by synchronizing needle advancement with cardiac muscle motion: A method for puncturing a pericardial membrane of a human patient, the method comprising inserting a needle into the chest of the human patient, detecting a phase of a mechanical activity of the heart of the human patient, advancing the needle toward the heart of the human patient in synchronization... Agent:

20140088419 - Positioning marker: The present invention relates to a positioning marker intended to be inserted in tissue. The marker is an elongated object with a longitudinal axis A and with a diameter perpendicular to said longitudinal axis, wherein the diameter is at the most 1,2 mm. The marker further has a predetermined total... Agent:

20140088420 - Transducer storage rack: This disclosure is for a Transducer Storage Rack (FIG. 1) that provides protection for the Transducer Probes(4) and Transducer Connector(3) while not in use. The primary, although not exclusive, use is for Medical Ultrasound Transducer storage. The disclosed design, incorporates two design components in one unit (FIG. 4). The first... Agent:

20140088421 - System and method for local estimation of nonlinear tissue elasticity with acoustic radiation force: Ultrasound system and method configured to locally determine a parameter of nonlinear tissue elasticity by monitoring shear wave propagating through the tissue. The shear wave is caused by an acoustic radiation force (ARF) which is applied to the tissue by ultrasound irradiation locally, in a focal region of the ultrasound... Agent:

20140088422 - Robotic localizing aid for high intensity focused ultrasound delivery: A holding structure holds a biopsy needle and a HIFU transducer to allow smooth and accurate delivery of the HIFU beam at the interface of the liver, where bleeding will occur. This manipulator structure performs the biopsy and HIFU through the percutaneous approach. In addition, the procedure is imaged by... Agent: University Of Rochester

20140088423 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: Provided is an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus that measures the modulus of elasticity of a vascular wall, wherein only M-mode images for heartbeats necessary for the measurement are displayed. The problem is solved by, when freeze is implemented during a B/M-mode display, displaying an M-mode image after discarding a heartbeat at... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140088424 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: Provided is an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus that measures an elastic modulus of a vascular wall, the apparatus allowing selection of a heartbeat suitable for the measurement of the elastic modulus. The problem is solved by storing M-mode images at predetermined intervals in the azimuth direction in a B-mode image, selecting... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140088425 - Single chip and handheld electronic device: A single chip includes an analog module, an ultrasound imaging module, a wireless network module, a switch circuit and a central processing unit (CPU). The ultrasound imaging module controls an ultrasound front end, and the wireless network module controls a radio-frequency (RF) front end. The CPU controls the switch circuit... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140088428 - Ultrasound apparatus and information providing method of the ultrasound apparatus: An information providing method which is implementable by using an ultrasound apparatus includes obtaining ultrasound image data which relates to an object; displaying, on a first area of a screen, a gain setup window for setting a gain of the obtained ultrasound image data; receiving a gain which is set... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140088427 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus in which an ultrasonic wave is transmitted toward a subject by an ultrasound probe, an ultrasound image is generated by a diagnostic apparatus body based on reception data thus obtained and an examination is performed based on the ultrasound image, including a display unit on which... Agent: Fuji Film Corporation

20140088426 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound image producing method: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes a determining unit adapted to determine a depth position of a boundary of the intima-media complex at the clear boundary sound ray, and ascertain a depth position of the boundary of the intima-media complex at the unclear boundary sound ray; and an calculator adapted to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140088429 - Ultrasound imaging system and method:

20140088430 - Ultrasonic image guidance of transcutaneous procedures: Ultrasonic image guidance of a transcutaneous invasive procedure such as a needle biopsy is conducted by placing an imaging probe above but laterally to one side of a mass to be biopsied. The image region of the probe is then laterally steered in the elevation direction to image the site... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140088431 - Integrated circuit apparatus, ultrasound measuring apparatus, ultrasound probe and ultrasound diagnosis apparatus: An integrated circuit apparatus includes transmitting circuits TX1 to TX64, which output transmission signals with regard to channels CH1 to CH64 of an ultrasound transducer device which has a plurality of ultrasound transducer elements, and a switching circuit which performs a switching operation. The switching circuit is provided between a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140088432 - Biopsy channel attachment adaptor: An adaptor for an endoscopic device includes (a) a cylindrical core extending from a first end to a second end along a central axis and (b) a collar slidably received over the core. The second end includes first and second slots defining first and second arms which radially expandable toward... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140088433 - Motion robust vital signal monitoring: The present invention relates to a device and a method for extracting physiological information from remotely detected electromagnetic radiation emitted or reflected by a subject. A data stream derivable from electromagnetic radiation emitted or reflected by a subject is received. The data stream comprises a sequence of signal samples indicative... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N. V.

20140088434 - Tympanic probe cover: A digital non-contact tympanic thermometer has a tympanic probe with an IR sensor at the end of the probe in which the digital non-contact tympanic thermometer can be converted to a digital non-contact non-tympanic thermometer for non-tympanic surfaces by placement of removeable probe cover over the tympanic cover in which... Agent: Brooklands, Inc.

20140088436 - Dual tympanic and forehead single sensor non-contact thermometer: Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations a non-contact thermometer uses infrared readings from both a tympanic source and a forehead source to determine temperature of a human.... Agent: Brooklands, Inc.

20140088435 - Non-contact thermometer sensing a carotid artery: Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations a non-contact thermometer determines a temperature of a subject from a carotid source point of the subject.... Agent: Brooklands, Inc.

20140088438 - Apparatus and method for fluorescence imaging and tomography using spatially structured illumination: An imaging system for imaging an object. More specifically, an imaging system enabling depth sectioned fluorescence imaging in a turbid medium, such as human or animal tissue, to substantially minimize the excitation radiation from reaching the detection beam path. The imaging system includes an arrangement of the excitation radiation source... Agent: Bruker Biospin Corporation

20140088439 - Apparatuses for treating and/or diagnosing motor-related neurological conditions: Light therapy apparatuses are configured to expose a subject to light that is tailored to address and/or diagnose at least one motor-related neurological condition. Blue-green light and green light are useful for treating motor-related neurological conditions or their symptoms. Deep red light and near infrared radiation may facilitate the repair... Agent: Photopharmics, Inc.

20140088437 - Screen-based method and system for sizing an oral appliance: An oral appliance is sized by obtaining a scaled image of a patient's dental arch. Dimensions of the arch are marked on a screen image, and the processor chooses an oral appliance having a best fit for a particular patient.... Agent: Apnicure, Inc.

20140088440 - Stereoscopic plug-and-play dermatoscope and web interface: A system includes a device (100) for imaging a skin abnormality of a patient, and a web interface (115, 125). The imaging device has a camera (103) recording a plurality of images from locations separated by that distance, thereby obtaining a stereoscopic image of the skin abnormality. The imaging device... Agent:

20140088441 - Noninvasive method for determining the presence of systemic hypertension in a subject: A non-invasive method for determining and characterizing the presence of damage or abnormalities resulting from or concomitant with systemic hypertension in subject. This method is comprised of the acquisition of ocular image(s) and subsequent evaluation, classification and/or interpretation of these image(s). The ocular image(s) may be acquired by photography. Evaluation,... Agent:

20140088443 - Fever detection apparatus: The invention relates to a fever detection apparatus for detecting fever of a living being. A heart rate providing unit (3) provides a heart rate value and a peripheral physiological value providing unit (3) provides a peripheral physiological value, wherein a heart rate characteristics determination unit (4) determines heart rate... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140088442 - Method and device to monitor patients with kidney disease: A medical monitoring device for monitoring electrical signals from the body of a subject is described. The medical monitoring device monitors electrical signals originating from a cardiac cycle of the subject and associates each cardiac cycle with a time index. The medical monitoring device applies a forward computational procedure to... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140088444 - Method and system for determining the fitness index of a person: The invention relates to a method and system for determining the cardiorespiratory fitness level of a person, with the aid of freely performed exercise in which training: •the physiological intensity of the person is measured periodically during the exercise session (5) •the external work output of the exercise session is... Agent: Firstbeat Technologies Oy

20140088445 - Adhesive transducer holder: System, methods and apparatus for a disposable transducer mounting device that secures one transducer to a patient. Based on the illustrative embodiments, the holder is of rigid or semi-rigid material that has the ability to secure the transducer via rails and has an adhesive base that is used to secure... Agent:

20140088446 - Configurable vital signs system: A method of determining a value indicative of a hemodynamic parameter of a patient includes performing a plurality of value determinations. Performing the plurality of value determinations includes determining a first value indicative of the hemodynamic parameter, determining, with a controller, a difference between the first value and a baseline... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20140088447 - Electropotential mapping: A method for forming an electropotential map, including: measuring locations of points on a surface of a body organ, and measuring electrical potentials of a subset of the points. The method further includes assigning respective resistances to line segments joining the points so as to define a resistor mesh, and... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel), Ltd.

20140088448 - System for remote communication of heartbeat: A system for remote communication of physiological information from one person to another and, more particularly, the mutual communication of heartbeat between two persons. The system comprises a web server which cooperates with two remote installations identified as A and B. Each of the remote installations comprises a heartbeat sensor,... Agent: Little Riot Ltd.

20140088449 - Multilead ecg template-derived residua for arrhythmia risk assessment: A method and system for predicting the onset of heart arrhythmias more accurately observes trends in abnormal or pathologic morphology of the electrocardiogram (ECG). A first set of ECG signals is monitored from a patient. A baseline measurement is generated from the monitored first set of ECG signals to contain... Agent: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc.

20140088450 - Method and system for determining qrs complexes in electrocardiogram signals: A system automatically detects peaks in signal by generating a zero-mean data sequence of the signal comprising a data sequence and filtering the zero-mean data sequence. The entropy of the filtered data sequence is determined and peaks are detected in the entropy data sequence.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140088451 - System and method for managing ecg acquisition devices: An ECG device management system is disclosed herein. The ECG device management system includes a display, and a processor. The processor is configured to receive data from a plurality of ECG acquisition devices. The processor is further configured to process the data and to generate an output on the display... Agent: General Electric Company

20140088452 - Stress evaluation apparatus, stress evaluation method and stress evaluation program: A stress evaluation apparatus, a stress evaluation method, and a program for evaluating stress received by an operator during when an in-vehicle device is operated by an upper limb are provided. The apparatus includes a detection sensor, a calculation process portion and an evaluation portion. The detection sensor detects a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140088453 - Instrument penetration detector using dynamic frequency adjustment, and method of operation: A method, and an apparatus to perform the method, of determining a location of a medical instrument in a patient during a medical procedure, the method including connecting at least a portion of the medical instrument to a first body region of the patient, propagating a plurality of signals at... Agent:

20140088454 - Adhesive shock patch: A shock patch is configured for use with a human being to detect various parameters related to the condition of the portion of the human being to which the shock patch is adhered. The patch may be attached to a head using an adhesive sticker. The patch includes sensors for... Agent: X2 Biosystems, Inc.

20140088455 - Apparatus for monitoring intra-abdominal pressure: An improved apparatus for monitoring the intra-abdominal pressure of a hospitalized patient includes a urinary catheter connected to a urine valve having selectable communication positions between a discharge end of the urinary catheter and either a drain or a fluid source. Preferably, the urine valve has a housing adapted to... Agent: Convatec Technologies Inc.

20140088457 - Bleeding containment device: A system configured for use in an anatomical luminal network of a patient includes an extended working channel and a navigation system for guiding one or more tools, the extended working channel, or a locatable guide through a luminal network following a predetermined pathway to target tissue. The extended working... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140088458 - Control module interface for mri biopsy device: A biopsy system includes a biopsy device, a control module, a control module interface, at least one wireless data communication link, and an encoder. The biopsy device is operable to capture a tissue sample and includes a reusable portion and a disposable portion. The reusable portion includes an MR compatible... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20140088456 - Double lumen or double wire endobronchial ultrasound-guided histology needle (ebus): An endoscopic needle for collecting tissue, cell and/or fluid specimens from a patient that uses a multi-channel connector having a first channel for accepting a vacuum source that will fluidly connect with a hollow needle at the distal end, and a second channel for receiving a stylet therein, an outer... Agent:

20140088459 - Cytology brush apparatus with improvements: A tissue collection apparatus maximizes the collection and retention of tissue samples from within a patient. The apparatus comprises a handle with a hollow catheter flexibly extending distally from the handle. A cytology brush is stored within the hollow at a distal end of the cannula, and can be extended... Agent:

20140088460 - System and method for sampling device for bodily fluids: There is provided a device for sampling bodily fluids. Some embodiments have a handle, a lumen, and a diverter valve. The distal end of the handle is adapted to connect with a sampling device and is in fluid communication with the lumen. There is a vacuum connection on the proximal... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140088461 - Health monitor: A health monitoring device includes a sensor configured to be worn by an individual on a portion of the lower leg such as a foot, ankle, or a portion of the leg just above the ankle. The health monitoring device is configured to track expansion of the body appendage over... Agent: X2 Biosystems, Inc.

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