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04/16/2015 > 100 patent applications in 69 patent subcategories.

20150105604 - Filter and neutron beam source including the same: Disclosed is a filter including a second layer disposed between a first layer and a third layer. The first layer is composed of iron. The second layer is composed of 1 part by volume of lithium fluoride, 20 to 50 parts by volume of aluminum, and 50 to 80 parts... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150105603 - Microfabricated scintillation detector: The present invention discloses a microfabricated scintillation detector, comprising a channel structure (26) for containing a liquid scintillator material therein and flowing said liquid scintillator material therethrough. The channel structure (26) comprises first and second sets (30, 36) of adjacent channel portions (32, 38) arranged in first and second layers... Agent: Cern - European Organization For Nuclear Research

20150105602 - Polymeric radiation-sources: A polymeric radiation-source with customized geometries to maximize receipt of radiation into treatment areas that is formed from either radioisotopes molecularly bonded to a polymer or radioisotopes encased within a polymer.... Agent: Ip Liberty Vision Corporation

20150105601 - Radioactive epoxy in ophthalmic brachytherapy: An ophthalmic radiation device using a polymeric radiation-source implemented as either a polymer molecularly bonded with a radioisotope or a polymeric encasement of a radioisotope.... Agent: Ip Liberty Vision Corporation

20150105605 - Radioactive glass source in ophthalmic brachytherapy: An ophthalmic radiation device and method employing a glass radiation-source in which a radioisotope is implemented as either a neutron-activated radioisotope, or radioisotope molecularly bonded to glass or encased in an encasement material.... Agent: Ip Liberty Vision Corporation

20150105606 - Real time radiation treatment planning system: The invention relates to a real time radiation treatment planning system for use in effecting radiation therapy of a pre-selected anatomical portion of an animal body using hollow needles. According to embodiments of the invention, the system may include a processing means processing means-configured to perform a three-dimensional imaging algorithm... Agent:

20150105607 - Magnetic devices and uses thereof: A device for non-invasive treatment of a disorder in a patient comprising a magnetic portion having a first side and a second side, a first metal portion having a first end and a second end, and a second metal portion configured for hand holding and having a first side and... Agent:

20150105608 - Infant sleeping aid and infant-bed accessory: A method and system for controlling an infant-bed accessory is disclosed. The system employs collected information associated with the infant or the caregiver to initiate controls of the infant-bed accessory without the user's interaction.... Agent:

20150105609 - Vacuum attachment for a penis extension device: m

20150105610 - Multiple reservoir drug delivery device and methods: Devices and methods are provided for drug delivery. The device may include a housing configured for intraluminal deployment into a human or animal subject and first and second reservoirs within the housing, each reservoir having an actuation end, an opposed release end, and a plug moveable from the actuation end... Agent:

20150105611 - Heart wall tension reduction apparatus: An apparatus and method for treatment of a failing heart. In one embodiment, the apparatus and method includes a deploying a tension member for drawing at least two portions of the heart toward each other across a heart chamber.... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences, LLC

20150105612 - Implantable support with dilator attached to arm: A pelvic organ prolapse treatment device includes an implantable support sized to support and treat a prolapsed organ of a patient, a suture, a knot separate from the suture, and a dilator. The implantable support includes an arm having a first portion connected to a body of the implantable support... Agent:

20150105613 - Blanc's penis enlarger slider: At the present time did not find any patent list at Uspto but there is an invention that uses rods the old fashion way that requires an erection in order to have the penis stretched... Agent:

20150105614 - Method for endoscopic treatment: A method for endoscopic treatment that performs treatment on a subject under an endoscope includes irradiating the subject with white light, switching, after irradiation with the white light, to irradiation of a living tissue of the subject with band-limited light having a predetermined peak wavelength, and administering medicine to the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150105616 - Endoscope apparatus for outputting signals corresponding to first and second narrowband wavelength bands: An endoscope apparatus includes: a light source device radiating at least one or more illumination lights having a predetermined wavelength band to a subject; a CCD picking up an image of a return light from the subject based on radiation of the illumination light from the light source device; an... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150105617 - In vivo camera with multiple sources to illuminate tissue at different distances: An in vivo endoscope illuminates tissue using multiple sources. Light from a short-range source exits a tubular wall of the endoscope through a first illumination region that overlaps an imaging region, and the light returns through the imaging region after reflection by tissue, to form an image in a camera.... Agent:

20150105615 - Medical instrument: The present invention provides a medical instrument which includes: a deformable portion; a wire configured to deform the deformable portion; and a driving unit configured to transmit driving force to the wire, wherein: the medical instrument includes a load detecting unit configured to detect load applied to the deformable portion;... Agent:

20150105618 - Camera assembly for medical probes: There is provided herein a camera assembly for use with a medical probe, such as an endoscope, the assembly comprising a main body configured to be mounted on an endoscope tip section, wherein said main body comprises at least one camera and at least one illumination source.... Agent:

20150105619 - Light emitting diode endoscopic devices for visualization of diseased tissue in humans and animals: Endoscopic devices and methods for imaging and treating organs and tissues are described. The endoscopic devices described herein include flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes, and capsule endoscopes. The endoscopic device may comprise one or more cameras and one or more light sources. In some embodiments, the endoscopic device comprises at least... Agent: Oncofluor, Inc.

20150105620 - Rotational device and method for rotating an endoscope: A rotational device for rotating an endoscope having a stationary assembly, a rotatable assembly, which includes a distal coupling means for coupling to an endoscope, a drive means, which is embodied for putting the distal coupling means into rotational motion for rotating an endoscope connected to the distal coupling means,... Agent:

20150105621 - Endoscope accessory: This invention relates generally to a diagnostic and therapeutic device. According to some aspects of the invention, the device may be composed of a flexible sheet that is wrapped around the endoscope shaft to form a flexible overtube. The overtube may include an inflatable positioning ring that may be inflated... Agent:

20150105622 - Method and system of spectrally encoded imaging: A spectrally encoded imaging device having a light transmission path arrangement which propagates light to illuminate a target object, a light collection path arrangement having a light collection waveguide which propagates a spectrally encoded portion of the light from the target object to a detector which forms an image of... Agent:

20150105623 - Systems, implants, tools, and methods for treatments of pelvic conditions: Described are various embodiments of surgical procedure systems, devices, tools, and methods, useful for treating pelvic conditions such as vaginal prolapse and other conditions caused by muscle and ligament weakness, the devices and tools being useful for accessing a posterior region of pelvic anatomy, and related methods. Such devices can... Agent:

20150105627 - Access port: An access port is fixed to a biological membrane, such as a pericardium, in a state in which it penetrates the biological membrane. Provided is an access port including a tubular member having a through-hole passing therethrough in an axial direction, a needle-like member having a tip pointing toward a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150105626 - Port device including retractable endoscope cleaner: A surgical apparatus includes a housing member having leading and trailing ends that define a longitudinal axis. One or more ports longitudinally extend between the leading and trailing ends, and are configured and adapted to receive a surgical instrument therein in a substantially sealed relation. At least one cleaning port... Agent:

20150105624 - Surgical access system and related methods: A surgical access system and related methods which involve the ability to minimally invasively provide an operative corridor to a disk space while simultaneously providing the ability to distract the disk space. The access system comprises a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue retraction assembly. The tissue distraction assembly (in... Agent: Nuvasive, Inc.

20150105625 - Surgical instrument guide device: An instrument guide device comprises an elongated guide shaft having proximal and distal ends and including an instrument lumen for receiving therethrough a manually operated instrument having an instrument shaft. A distal bendable member is disposed at the distal end of the guide shaft and a proximal bendable member is... Agent: Cambridge Endoscopic Devices, Inc.

20150105628 - Seal anchor with non-parallel lumens: A seal anchor member defines a housing defining a longitudinal axis, the housing having leading and trailing ends, and including a plurality of lumens extending between the leading and trailing ends, each lumen being adapted for substantially sealed reception of an object therein and defining a longitudinal axis, wherein at... Agent:

20150105629 - System and method for multi-instrument surgical access: A system for performing multi-tool minimally invasive medical procedures through a single instrument port in a body cavity includes a pair of steerable tool cannulas extending from a rigid tube that is supported by an operating room fixture. The rigid tube is extendable through an incision to position distal ends... Agent:

20150105632 - Fusion of data from multiple sources for non-invasive detection of respiratory parameters: Provided herein are methods and systems for validating and interpreting respiratory signals in order to provide comprehensive non-invasive methods to monitor patients at risk for respiratory depression and apnea. In the present invention, data from multiple respiratory monitoring technologies (or from multiple channels of one monitoring technology) is fused so... Agent:

20150105631 - Health monitoring appliance: A heart monitoring system for a person includes one or more wireless nodes; and wearable appliance in communication with the one or more wireless nodes, the appliance monitoring vital signs.... Agent:

20150105630 - Heart pulse monitor including a fluxgate sensor: A heart pulse monitor includes a permanent magnet including a mounting structure for securing the permanent magnet in displaceable contact with a blood vessel of a wearer. The permanent magnet has a thickness defining an axial direction that the permanent magnet is displaceable when blood flows. A fluxgate sensor system... Agent:

20150105633 - Methods for generating data output containing physiological and motion-related information: A method of generating a data string containing physiological and motion-related information includes sensing physical activity of a subject via at least one motion sensor attached to the subject, sensing physiological information from the subject via at least one photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor attached to the subject, and processing signals from... Agent:

20150105634 - Monitoring cardiovascular conditions using signal transit times: Methods for monitoring cardiovascular conditions, i.e., hyperdynamic circulation, vasodilation, vasoconstriction, or central-to-peripheral arterial pressure decoupling conditions are described. These methods involve measuring a central signal proportional to or a function of the subject's heart activity and a peripheral signal proportional to or a function of a signal related to the... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20150105635 - Skin evaluation method and skin evaluation device: A profile of optical reflectance relative to a depth within a depth range from an epidermis to an upper layer of a dermis is created based on a coherence signal obtained by optical coherence tomography, an evaluation index is determined by calculating a difference between reflectance at a local minimum... Agent:

20150105638 - Photoplethysmography device and method: A system and method for measuring one or more light-absorption related blood analyte concentration parameters of a mammalian subject, is disclosed. In some embodiments, the system comprises: a) a photoplethysmography (PPG) device configured to effect a PPG measurement by illuminating skin of the subject with at least two distinct wavelengths... Agent:

20150105637 - Pulse oximetry-based cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (cpr) quality feedback systems and methods: Medical devices, plug-ins, systems, and methods for CPR quality feedback are disclosed. The medical devices can calculate peripheral circulation relevant parameters based on measured signals containing at least partial hemodynamic characteristics. Amplitude and area characteristics included in the peripheral circulation relevant parameters can further be determined for providing feedback and... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150105636 - System and method for emergency resuscitation: According to various embodiments, a regional oximetry sensor may include a light emitting element configured to emit light, a light detector configured to receive the light and generate a signal based on the received light. The regional oximetry sensor, itself or in conjunction with a monitor, may enable communicating adjustments... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150105639 - Sensor and shape retainer: A sensor attached to a living body includes a sensor body that outputs a signal corresponding to biological information, and a cable that is connected to a sensor body and transmits the signal. The cable has a first portion having a first flexibility and a second portion having a second... Agent:

20150105640 - Non-invasive monitoring of physiological conditions: This document provides methods and materials related to the non-invasive measurement of analytes in blood.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20150105641 - Human performance enhancement method and apparatus: A human body support, such as a chair, has a plurality of support segments that are arranged in an array. Each support segment has a protrusion elevation that is independently variable and controllable in its distance of protrusion elevation against the supported human body. A sensor is connected to a... Agent:

20150105642 - Perfusion system with rfid feature activation: The disclosure pertains to a perfusion system that is easy to set-up, use and monitor during a bypass procedure. In some embodiments, the disclosure pertains to a perfusion system in which at least some of the disposable components used with the perfusion system are configured to be able to communicate... Agent:

20150105643 - Intelligent temperature sensing apparatus: An intelligent temperature sensing apparatus contains a temperature sensor having a first end for inserting into at least one ear and a second end for connecting with a smartphone; the smartphone in which a control software is loaded and saved; the control software for controlling a processor, an editor, and... Agent:

20150105644 - Method and/or system for multicompartment analyte monitoring: Subject matter disclosed herein relates to monitoring and/or controlling levels of an analyte in bodily fluid. In particular, estimation of a concentration of the analyte in a first physiological compartment based upon observations of a concentration of the analyte in a second physiological compartment may account for a latency in... Agent:

20150105645 - High resolution cardiac mapping electrode array catheter: Devices, systems, and methods for performing a mapping procedure on body tissue are disclosed. An example mapping device for mapping a tissue surface includes an elongate shaft and an electrode assembly. The electrode assembly includes a plurality of splines and a plurality of electrodes disposed on at least some of... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150105646 - Sensor for foetal monitoring: A sensor for foetal monitoring, in particular for measuring electrophysiological signals, e.g. electrical activity of the uterus of a pregnant woman and/or of the heart of a foetus. The sensor includes a plurality of signal electrodes and a ground electrode mounted in or on a substrate, and a connector for... Agent:

20150105647 - Method and apparatus for personalized physiologic parameters: Methods and apparatus combine patient measurement data with demographic or physiological data of the patient to determine an output that can be used to diagnose and treat the patient. A customized output can be determined based the demographics of the patient, physiological data of the patient, and data of a... Agent:

20150105648 - Multispectral detection and presentation of an object's characteristics: An apparatus for capturing a multispectral image of an object is described. The apparatus includes one or more means for transmitting a beam of laser light at a first wavelength and a beam of laser light at one or more additional wavelengths different from the first wavelength. There is a... Agent:

20150105650 - Side loading torque devices for intravascular devices and associated apparatus, systems, and methods: Torque devices, systems, and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, a torque device includes a body having a proximal portion, a distal portion, and a longitudinal axis. The body includes a slot extending along a length of the body parallel to the longitudinal axis. The slot extends from an exterior... Agent:

20150105649 - Subject information acquisition apparatus: A subject information acquisition apparatus includes a pressure unit that presses the subject, a light emitting unit that emits light to the subject through the pressure unit, a distance information acquisition unit that acquires information related to a distance between the pressure unit and the light emitting unit, and a... Agent:

20150105651 - Systems and methods for mri-based health management: A method for improving health may include the steps of receiving patient input from a first patient regarding at least one parameter, scanning the first patient for a biomarker using an internal imaging machine, receiving a health plan for the first patient, accessing a database and searching the database for... Agent:

20150105652 - Neonate's immobilizing restrainer: A neonate immobilizer that includes a lower torso segment having dorsal side and ventral side, an upper torso segment having the same, and a median navel segment in between, having a lateral side. The three segments are interconnected to form a continuous restraining shell along the dorsal side. The lower... Agent: Aspect Imaging Ltd.

20150105653 - Efficient closed loop feedback navigation: The present invention provides a means for guiding a medical device within the body to approach a target destination. The system and method provide a means for determining a predicted length and orientation, navigating the device to an intermediate point less than the predicted length, determining an error between the... Agent:

20150105655 - Five degree of freedom ultrasound catheter and catheter control handle: Catheter ultrasound systems including a sheath, a handle, a sheath lumen, and an ultrasound catheter disposed within the lumen of the sheath with ultrasound elements capable of visualizing anatomical regions. The handle allowing the ultrasound catheter to rotate with respect to the sheath using a rotation adjustment knob within the... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.

20150105654 - Intravascular devices, systems, and methods: Intravascular devices and systems include a flexible elongate member having a component configured to detect a physiological condition of a patient when the flexible elongate member is in a vasculature of the patient. The probe may also include a connector junction non-rotatably and permanently secured to the proximal portion of... Agent:

20150105656 - Torsional support apparatus and method for craniocaudal rotation of animals: A torsional support apparatus is disclosed for craniocaudal rotation of test animals to enable multiple-view imaging. The animal is supported in a U-shaped loop of optically transparent material and the loop is moved to apply torsion to the animal to rotate it about its craniocaudal axis. Methods of imaging also... Agent: Bruker Biospin Corporation

20150105657 - Method and kit for treatment of dysphagia: Described is a method and products for testing patients having difficulty swallowing specialized capsules. Capsules of various sizes are manufactured. One group of capsules, gels or tablets is manufactured containing s non-active composition and the second group of capsules, gels or tablets are manufactured using an X-Ray imaging agent. The... Agent:

20150105658 - Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and control method thereof: Disclosed herein are an ultrasonic imaging apparatus for enhancing target therapy, and a control method thereof. The ultrasonic imaging apparatus includes: an inputter configured to receive a command for setting, in a first ultrasound image, a target area of an object to which target therapy is to be applied, the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150105659 - Energy delivery device and methods of use: An energy delivery system for delivering electrical energy to tissue, includes an elongate catheter member defining a longitudinal axis and dimensioned for passage within a body vessel and an expandable treatment member mounted to the catheter member. The treatment member includes an inflatable element adapted to transition between an initial... Agent:

20150105660 - Carriage for ultrasonic diagnosis device: The present invention provides a cart for an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, having a high degree of flexibility in moving a top board on which the ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus is placed, and enabling a stable operation wherever the top board is moved. In the cart for the ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, a... Agent:

20150105661 - Control panel for ultrasonic diagnostic apparataus: Disclosed herein is a control panel for an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus. The control panel includes a first housing, a second housing disposed under the first housing, plural bearing balls provided between the first housing and the second housing and configured to support the first housing so that the first housing... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20150105662 - Device fixing adaptor and ultrasound probe system: A device fixing adaptor according to an embodiment fixes a device disposed at a grip part of an ultrasound probe to the ultrasound probe, by having such a shape that causes the device and a cable connected to the device to be pressed against the grip part from a top... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150105663 - Ultrasonic device, ultrasonic probe, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, and method of manufacturing ultrasonic device: An ultrasonic device includes a substrate, a first piezoelectric body, a second piezoelectric body, and an acoustic matching section. The substrate has a first surface that is a flat surface. The first piezoelectric body is disposed on the first surface of the substrate. The second piezoelectric body is disposed on... Agent:

20150105664 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, biological signal acquisition apparatus and method for controlling ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes an imaging system, a biological signal receiving system and a biological signal acquisition apparatus. The imaging system is configured to acquire ultrasonic image data by transmitting and receiving an ultrasonic wave to and from an object. The biological signal receiving system... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150105665 - Dental ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: Disclosed herein is a dental ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus. The dental ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes a housing located to be close to teeth and gums during insertion of the housing into a mouth of an object, and an acoustic portion provided inside the housing to transmit and receive an ultrasonic wave.... Agent:

20150105666 - Narrow band feature extraction from cardiac signals: A PPG or other cardiac signal is analysed by calculating its amplitude in a narrow frequency range around the estimated heart rate or a harmonic of the heart rate. Cardiac signals from a patient in different states, e.g., exercise and non-exercise or limb lowered and limb raised can be analysed... Agent:

20150105668 - Endoscopic, exoscopic or microscopic apparatus for fluorescence diagnosis: An endoscopic, exoscopic or microscopic apparatus for fluorescence diagnosis comprises a light source designed to emit light in a first spectral range and light in a second spectral range in a fluorescence mode The second spectral range is at least partly separate from the first spectral range. The light source... Agent:

20150105667 - Illuminator for photodynamic therapy: An apparatus and method for photodynamic therapy or photodynamic diagnosis using an illuminator comprising a plurality of light sources generally conforming to a contoured surface and irradiating the contoured surface with substantially uniform intensity visible light. The light sources may comprise generally U-shaped fluorescent tubes that are driven by electronic... Agent: Dusa Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150105669 - Optoelectronic device for the detection of uterine cervical cancer, comprising a self-positioning attachment: The present invention relates to a portable device which analyses cervical tissue using two simultaneous measurements, namely an electrical measurement and an optical measurement. The aforementioned device examines different areas of cervical tissue, taking electrical measurements from same in different frequency ranges and optical measurements in three different wavelengths. Once... Agent:

20150105671 - Biological information measurement device: A biological information measurement device includes a device main body and a band configured to secure the device to a body part of a user. The device main body contacts the user's skin to thereby acquire biological information about the user, and presents a non-rectangular parallelogram surface in plan view.... Agent:

20150105672 - Photobiological measurement apparatus: A photobiological measurement apparatus 1 may include a second received light quantity information calculation unit 33 for calculating measurement data relating to cerebral activity, a data display controller for displaying the measurement data for a specified area of a subject's brain, is characterized: is being provided with a reference light-receiving... Agent:

20150105670 - System for camera-based vital sign measurement: The present invention relates to the measurement of vital signs such as a respiratory rate or a heart rate. In particular, a system (1) for determining a vital sign of a subject (100), comprising an imaging unit (2) for obtaining video data of the subject, a marker (10, 20, 60,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150105673 - Pressure sensing guidewire and methods for calculating fractional flow reserve: Medical devices and methods for making and using medical devices are disclosed. An example method may include a method for calculating fractional flow reserve including providing a pressure sensing guidewire, advancing the pressure sensing guidewire through a blood vessel to a first position distal of an intravascular occlusion, determining a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150105674 - Flow based pressure isolation and fluid delivery system including flow based pressure isolation and flow initiating mechanism: The fluid delivery system includes a pressurizing device for delivering a pressurized injection fluid, a low pressure fluid delivery system, and a pressure isolation mechanism adapted for fluid communication with the pressurizing device and low pressure fluid delivery system. The pressure isolation mechanism includes a housing defining an inlet port,... Agent:

20150105675 - Sphygmomanometer: A sphygmomanometer includes an operation part, a pulse wave sensor that detects a pulse wave signal indicative of a pulse wave in a part of the patient body that is operating the operation part. A first manometer measures a blood pressure based on the pulse wave signal, and a second... Agent:

20150105676 - Blood pressure meter cuff: A blood pressure meter cuff of the present invention includes an air bladder that receives a supply of air in order to compress a radial artery and an ulnar artery, and a cuff band for fixing the air bladder to a wrist including the radial artery and the ulnar artery.... Agent:

20150105677 - Measurement information management system, measurement apparatus, information device, measurement information management method, and measurement information management program: A measurement information management system includes a measurement apparatus and an information device. The measurement apparatus may include a storage unit; a timepiece unit; a measurement unit which measures biological information indicative of a state of a user; a determination unit which determines whether the biological information meets a certain... Agent:

20150105678 - Biological information measurement device: A biological information measurement device includes a device main body which includes a sensor, a processor, and a battery. The sensor acquires biological information of a user. The processor instructs the sensor to acquire the information at certain discrete times with a period, and processes the information. The battery supplies... Agent:

20150105679 - Method and apparatus for generating synchronization signal using electrocardiogram signal: An apparatus for generating a synchronization signal based on an electrocardiogram signal of a body by obtaining the electrocardiogram signal, outputting a first peak signal when strength of the electrocardiogram signal becomes larger than that of a reference signal, and generating a first synchronization signal depending on the first peak... Agent:

20150105680 - Method for discriminating between ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmias: The present invention is directed toward a detection architecture for use in implantable cardiac rhythm devices. The detection architecture of the present invention provides methods and devices for discriminating between arrhythmias. Moreover, by exploiting the enhanced specificity in the origin of the identified arrhythmia, the detection architecture can better discriminate... Agent:

20150105681 - Active medical device, including an implantable defibrillator, for detection of qrs complexes in a very noisy signal: An active implantable medical device (e.g., implantable pacemaker or defibrillator), for detection of QRS complexes in noisy signals. Functional units (12-16) collect, amplify, prefilter and convert from analog-to-digital an endocardial signal, and digital functional units (18) provide signal processing and analysis of the digitized signal, for delivery of an indicator... Agent: Sorin Crm Sas

20150105682 - Wireless stethoscope and method of use thereof: A wireless stethoscope is described, having wireless sensors that are enclosed in disposable pads so that the same pads are not used on more than one patient, preventing cross-infection of patients associated with conventional stethoscopes. The present wireless stethoscope also detects pulmonary sounds and cardiac sounds, allowing the user to... Agent:

20150105683 - Mobile device and method for analysing breath samples: Disclosed is a mobile device (15) for analysing breath samples, comprising:—at least one mouthpiece (16) provided with at least one inlet opening (17) and at least one outlet opening (21) for allowing a person to respectively inhale and exhale via the mouthpiece,—at least one air filter (20) connected to the... Agent:

20150105684 - Handle device and breath analysis device: A handle component of the present invention into which atmospheric air is inhaled and breath is exhaled in the analysis of breath comprises inhalation holes, an inhalation inlet, an inhalation path, a breath discharge component, and an exhalation path. The inhalation holes are disposed near the tube connected for conducting... Agent: Aerocrine Ab

20150105685 - Electrode connection monitoring: The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for measuring muscular activity, in particular in relation to bruxism, and providing an electrical stimulation in response to the measured muscular activity through electrodes applied to the skin of an individual, wherein the quality of the connectivity of the electrodes... Agent:

20150105686 - Implantable electrode assembly: An electrode assembly includes a retainer, a flexible sheath, and an electrode. The retainer may include a plurality of clasping arms. The retainer is movable to an open position and a closed position. The flexible Sheath is positioned below a lower surface of the retainer. The flexible sheath is at... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Oklahoma

20150105687 - Method and apparatus for biological evaluation: A medical device for monitoring biological parameters through an Abreu Brain Thermal Tunnel (ABTT) is provided. By monitoring and analyzing the temperature of the ABTT, it is possible to diagnosis changes in a patient or subject under a variety of conditions, including predicting the course of medical conditions. Furthermore, since... Agent: Geelux Holding, Ltd.

20150105688 - Evaluation of pain in humans: A method for evaluating pain experienced by a human is disclosed. The method includes applying a first noxious stimulus to a normative site on the human, wherein the first noxious stimulus is applied below a pain threshold of the human and logging a first information associated with the first noxious... Agent:

20150105689 - Pattern electroretinography for evaluating a neurological condition: A system includes a display, sensor, and a processor. The display is configured to provide a controlled light stimulus. The sensor has an electrode configured for coupling to tissue. The sensor is configured to generate an output signal corresponding to an electroretinogram based on light evoked activity associated with glutamatergic... Agent:

20150105690 - Biopsy device: Biopsy devices (10, 10′) for acquiring tissue samples (59). In embodiments, exemplary biopsy devices include a cutter (127), a cannula (13) including a tissue-receiving cavity (42), a vacuum generating mechanism (17) and a tissue cutting mechanism (15). Vacuum generating mechanism draws tissue (47) into tissue-receiving cavity and tissue cutting mechanism... Agent:

20150105691 - Manual pressure activated application mechanism: A skin insertion mechanism of a needle fixedly positioned in a needle holder with connective means to an injection or analysis system has a skin attachment plate coated with an adhesive layer and a spacer mechanism keeping in the ready-to-use position the skin attachment plate spaced away from the needle... Agent:

20150105692 - Treatment device for endoscope: An endoscopic treatment device includes: an elongated needle pipe having flexibility; a hollow shape section having an inner cavity formed in a distal end section of the needle pipe, and a side hole formed on an outer side surface of the needle pipe and communicating with the inner cavity; a... Agent:

20150105693 - Disposable sterile retracting blood taking needle: A disposable sterile retracting blood taking needle consists of an end cover, a protective sleeve, a needle guard, a needle, a needle hub, a core rod. An outer sleeve, a piston, a sheath and a blood taking needle. The piston is arranged in a clamping groove of the core rod;... Agent: Shanghai Jinta Medical Co., Ltd.

20150105694 - Urine flow meter and a method to measure urination flow: The invention provides a urine flow meter of gravitation or capacitance type in which a container is connected to a weight transducer or a capacitance sensor. An arrangement is provided to sense the level of urine in the container. An arrangement of siphon tube & solenoid valve is also provided... Agent:

20150105695 - Method and apparatus for acquiring and processing acoustic energy emitted by at least one organ in a biological system: In some embodiments, an apparatus for acquiring, processing and transmitting physiological sounds, which may include acoustic sounds from at least one organ in a biological system, may include a sensor for acquiring physiological sounds. Analogue signals representative of the physiological sounds are converted into an electrical output. The electrical output... Agent:

20150105697 - Apparatus and method for detecting diastasis recti: A measuring kit for determining parameters indicative of a DR (diastasis recti) condition of a patient includes two components: a distance measuring component adapted to measure a distance DR parameter and a depth measuring component adapted to measure a depth DR parameter of a user. The measurements obtained with these... Agent:

20150105699 - Endoscopy band with sigmoid support apparatus: An endoscopy sigmoid support apparatus that includes a primary wrap sized for placement around a subject's lower abdomen. A closing mechanism is provided at the end of the primary wrap to secure the primary wrap around the abdomen of the subject by attaching a first end of the primary wrap... Agent:

20150105696 - Instruments, methods and systems for harvesting and implanting graft materials: Exemplary embodiments are directed to instruments, methods and systems for harvesting and implanting graft materials, including instruments for capturing a surface topography of an anatomical location, instruments for defining an implant region, and graft harvesting devices. Exemplary embodiments are also directed to methods for capturing a surface topography of an... Agent: Accelerated Orthopedic Technologies, Inc.

20150105698 - Method for knee resection alignment approximation in knee replacement procedures: Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, computer program products, and the like, for utilizing a series of images of a patient's anatomy to determine a cut plane for use during a knee procedure. To determine a cut plane for use during a knee replacement procedure, the 2D images... Agent: Somersault Orthopedics Inc.

20150105700 - Sensing systems and methods for monitoring gait dynamics: Systems and method for monitoring gait dynamics are disclosed. The performance of an orthotic or prosthetic device or other device associated with a limb may be measured based on the resistance of a bending sensor. Data from the sensors is gathered or processed, particularly for purposes of alignment, safety, failure,... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 85 patent applications in 57 patent subcategories.

20150099916 - Head immobilization device with inhaler, method for making same and method of using same: Head and neck radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer or the like is carried out using a mask which comprises a heat-softenable, conformable and perforate plastic sheet and a frame which can be secured to the surface of a treatment table or chair to immobilize the patient's head and... Agent:

20150099918 - Radiation measuring device, particle beam therapy device provided with radiation measuring device, and method for calculating dose profile of particle beam: A radiation measuring device having a plurality of sensors configured to generate charges in response to the radiation includes a signal processing device. The signal processing device uses an signal generated by a proton beam irradiation device upon changing of beam energy and causes accumulation values of charges output from... Agent:

20150099917 - System for the delivery of proton therapy by pencil beam scanning of a predeterminable volume within a patient: A system and a method improve a quality of beam delivery in proton therapy by pencil beam scanning of a predeterminable volume within a patient that minimizes beam position errors. The system has a proton source generating a proton beam, a number of proton beam bending/focusing units, a beam nozzle... Agent:

20150099919 - Control of magnetic rotors to treat therapeutic targets: A system for the physical manipulation of free magnetic rotors in a circulatory system using a remotely placed magnetic field-generating stator is provided. In one embodiment, the invention relates to the control of magnetic particles in a fluid medium using permanent magnet-based or electromagnetic field-generating stator sources. Such a system... Agent: Pulse Therapeutics, Inc.

20150099920 - Magnetic field applicator for the magnetic stimulation of body tissues: A magnetic field applicator for the magnetic stimulation of body tissues comprising a core carrier (1) in which a plurality of magnetically conductive flow guide pieces comprised of layered iron sheets is disposed, upon which at least one live coil (3) is disposed that generates an upward-emitted magnetic field having... Agent:

20150099921 - Treatment of degenerative brain disorders using transcranial magnetic stimulation: Methods and systems for transcranial magnetic stimulation applied to the posterior cingulate including bundle fibers to treat Alzheimer's. Excitatory impulses from (or triggered by) the applied TMS may be transmitted through to the entorhinal cortex and hippocampus, which are early sites in which Alzheimer's disease begins to develop. Excitatory signals... Agent:

20150099922 - Impeller for catheter pump: An impeller for a pump is disclosed herein. The impeller can include a hub having a fixed end and a free end. The impeller can also have a plurality of blades supported by the hub. Each blade can have a fixed end coupled to the hub and a free end.... Agent: Thoratec Corporation

20150099923 - Percutaneous right ventricular assist apparatus and method: A system for assisting the right heart of a patient includes a PA cannula adapted for insertion into a PA of a patient through the right internal jugular vein of the patient. The system includes a percutaneous RA cannula adapted for insertion into an RA of the patient. The system... Agent:

20150099924 - Methods and devices for repair of vaginal wall or uterus: A splinting appliance for use in repair of the vaginal wall or uterus includes a body portion, securing means and coupling means. The body portion is shaped to support a substantially normal vaginal apex. The securing means is configured to enable removable securing of the splinting appliance within the vaginal... Agent: Carey Tasca Pty Ltd

20150099927 - Devices, systems and methods for improved intubation and management of airways: Devices, systems and methods for improved intubation which have particular application for awake or sedated intubation are described. An intubation scope having a handle, a flexible probe, and an articulatable tip where the handle has a control lever coupled to a rotary control wheel, which is in turn connected to... Agent:

20150099925 - Endoscope with integrated sensors: The insertion tube of an endoscope is equipped with an array of pressure sensors that provide real-time information of the pressure exerted by the insertion tube as it passes through a patient's body during an endoscopic procedure. Pressure information may be displayed in real time, wherein regions of high pressure... Agent:

20150099926 - Endoscope with integrated sensors: The insertion tube of an endoscope is equipped with an array of pressure sensors that provide real-time information of the pressure exerted by the insertion tube as it passes through a patient's body during an endoscopic procedure. Pressure information may be displayed in real time, wherein regions of high pressure... Agent:

20150099928 - Injectable compositions: In one aspect, the invention provides injectable compositions that comprise a suitable hydrophilic polymer (e.g., a suitable polysaccharide) and water, as well as other optional components. In various embodiments, the composition may be provided in a suitable container, for example, in a pre-loaded syringe. In another aspect, methods of performing... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150099929 - Endoscope illumination system: Imaging apparatus, including an imaging unit, which consists of an image sensor, configured to capture images of a region and to output image signals in response to the captured images and an illumination source, configured to illuminate the region. The unit further includes a driver circuit, which is coupled to... Agent:

20150099930 - Ureteral access sheath: In one embodiment, an access sheath includes a sheath assembly including sheath tubing, the sheath tubing having a main lumen and a secondary lumen that extends along the length of the main lumen. The main lumen has a first cross-sectional area, a first length, and a distal end outlet. The... Agent:

20150099931 - Endoscope anchoring device: A device for accessing tissue within a body lumen comprises an elongated body portion defining a lumen and an anchoring mechanism including an expanding structure on a distal portion of the elongated body portion. The anchoring mechanism moves the expanding structure from an insertion configuration in which the expanding structure... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150099932 - Light source apparatus and endoscope system: A fluorescent type of green light source of a semiconductor in a light source apparatus for an endoscope includes a blue excitation light source device and green emitting phosphor. The blue excitation light source device emits blue excitation light. The green emitting phosphor is excited by the blue excitation light,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150099933 - Disposable sheath for an endotracheal intubation device: A sheath for an endotracheal intubation device includes an elongate flexible portion defining a closed conduit and an adjacent open channel defined by opposing lips for releasably retaining an endotracheal tube, and a rigid portion extending from a distal end of the flexible portion, the flexible portion including a gap... Agent: Al Medical Devices, Inc.

20150099934 - Laryngoscopic device with drug and oxygen delivery conduits: The invention provides a laryngoscopic device that can be paired with any video baton imaging system to concurrently view the upper airway, deliver oxygen and administer a topical anesthetic to select areas in the airway as needed. The invention also provides a video laryngoscope that includes two conduits, one for... Agent:

20150099935 - Tracheal intubation system including a laryngoscope: A tracheal intubation system including a laryngoscope is disclosed. An endotracheal tube exchange system is also disclosed. In some examples, the system includes a laryngoscope, a stylet, and an endotracheal tube. In some examples the stylet is an articulating stylet. An endotracheal tube with one or more depth-assessment bands is... Agent:

20150099937 - Access assembly: An access assembly includes a body portion defining a longitudinal axis and having at least one lumen defined therethrough. The at least one lumen is configured for passage of a surgical instrument therethrough. An outer sleeve is disposed about the body portion to define a chamber therebetween. The chamber is... Agent:

20150099938 - Methods and devices for providing access into a body cavity: Methods and devices are provided for providing surgical access into a body cavity. In one embodiment, a surgical access device is provided that includes a housing coupled to a retractor. The housing can be have one or more movable sealing ports for receiving surgical instruments. Each movable sealing port can... Agent:

20150099936 - Sheath support devices, systems and methods: Devices, systems and methods are provided for accessing a target location in the body of a patient, particularly within the epidural space. A system includes a sheath and a sheath support supporting the sheath to reduce or avoid kinking. The sheath support closely fits within the sheath while maintaining free... Agent:

20150099939 - Double retractor blades: The present application relates to a double blade for a surgical retractor having a base body with a substantially cylindrical mounting mandrel for mounting the double blade on a surgical retractor, and at least two blade elements that are so mounted on the base body as to be rotatable and/or... Agent:

20150099940 - Luminaire with tir reflector: A luminaire includes a reflector arrangement and a light generating unit, which emits its light onto the reflector arrangement. The reflector arrangement includes at least two shell-layer-shaped reflector rings which are arranged coincidentally with regard to their axes of symmetry. The reflector rings have different middle radii, are arranged in... Agent:

20150099941 - Health monitoring appliance: A monitoring system includes a wearable appliance; and a processor coupled to the wearable appliance to analyze vital data or wellness data.... Agent:

20150099945 - Activity monitoring computing device and system: An activity monitoring device (AMD) wearable on the torso of a user. The AMD including functional components such as an accelerometer, a processor, on-board data memory, a wireless transmitter and electrodes for detecting heart rate. The functional components configured to collect data in order to provide heart rate information, running... Agent: Wahoo Fitness LLC

20150099944 - Medical monitoring tablet and related smartphone application: A medical monitoring tablet and related application for a smartphone features a testing strip port for blood glucose testing strips used in diabetes monitoring, as well as USB ports for the transfer of monitoring data, and may feature one or more ports for other electronic monitoring devices such as a... Agent:

20150099946 - Systems, environment and methods for evaluation and management of autism spectrum disorder using a wearable data collection device: The systems, environment, and methods, described herein support evaluation of an individual for ASD while in the home environment. Through data collected by a wearable data collection device donned by the individual, eye contact with the caregiver, verbal interaction, and repetitive verbalizations and motions of the head and body may... Agent:

20150099942 - Vascular securement catheter with imaging: A catheter for delivering securing elements to a tissue, such as a blood vessel, and imaging the tissue before, after, or during the imaging. The catheters incorporate intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) imaging, including Focused Acoustic Computed Tomography (FACT), as well as optical coherence tomography (OCT).... Agent:

20150099943 - Wearable physiological sensing device with optical pathways: A wearable physiological sensing device with optical pathways is described. The wearable physiological sensing device may include at least one light source; a first light pipe coupled with the at least one light source, the first light pipe at least partially circumscribing an extremity of a patient, and including at... Agent:

20150099947 - Skin youthfulness index, methods and applications thereof: The present invention relates to a Skin Youthfulness Index and methods of determining the same. The present invention also relates to methods of determining an apparent age of a subject and to methods for measuring an improvement of facial skin characteristics following a treatment by comparing the Skin Youthfulness Index... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20150099948 - Flexible embedded sensor arrays and methods of making the same: A flexible embedded sensor array includes a first substrate, an electrically conductive pad disposed on at least a portion of the first substrate, and a plurality of sensors disposed on at least a portion of electrically conductive pads. Further, the flexible embedded sensor array includes an electrically non-conductive adhesive material... Agent: General Electric Company

20150099949 - Methods and systems for dynamic display of a trace of a physiological parameter: Methods and systems are presented for displaying physiological information with a physiological monitor. A physiological parameter, for example oxygen saturation, is computed from a received physiological signal, for example a PPG signal. At least one metric associated with the received physiological signal is determined, for example a statistical measure of... Agent:

20150099951 - Regional oximetry pod: A regional oximetry pod drives optical emitters on regional oximetry sensors and receives the corresponding detector signals in response. The sensor pod has a dual sensor connector configured to physically attach and electrically connect one or two regional oximetry sensors. The pod housing has a first housing end and a... Agent:

20150099950 - Regional oximetry sensor: A regional oximetry sensor has a sensor head attachable to a patient skin surface so as to transmit optical radiation into the skin and receive that optical radiation after attenuation by blood flow within the skin. The sensor includes windows that press into the skin to maximize optical transmission. A... Agent:

20150099952 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for cardiopulmonary monitoring: Systems, methods, and computer executable instructions for monitoring a patient's cardiopulmonary status and/or providing feedback-based control regarding the same. Such methods include, and such systems are configured for, determining a cardiopulmonary status based upon measured data, e.g., from a plurality of sensors, comparing the determined cardiopulmonary status with input data,... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150099953 - Methods and systems for triggering physiological measurements: Methods and systems are presented for triggering physiological measurements in a physiological monitor. Metrics are computed for a received physiological signal (e.g., a PPG signal), or a determined physiological parameter associated with the physiological signal (e.g., blood pressure). A change parameter is determined based on one or more of the... Agent:

20150099954 - Sensor elements for detecting an analyte in a body fluid sample as well as methods of making the same: Sensor elements are provided for determining at least one analyte concentration in a body fluid. The sensor elements are at least partially implantable into a body tissue and have a substrate and at least two electrodes. One electrode is a working electrode having at least one conductive pad applied to... Agent:

20150099955 - Regional oximetry user interface: A regional oximetry system has a display and at least one processor causing a plurality of views to be displayed on the display, each configured to occupy at least a portion of the display. The views are adapted to present data responsive to at least one physiological signal. A first... Agent:

20150099956 - Use of a sensor with multiple external sensor transceiver devices: Methods, sensors, and systems that prevent or reduce data loss when more than one external sensor transceiver is used with a sensor. A sensor may receive a transceiver identification (ID) of an external transceiver conveyed from the external transceiver and determine whether the received transceiver ID is a new transceiver... Agent: Senseonics, Incorporated

20150099957 - Ecg device, ecg lead signal generating circuit, and related method: Embodiments of the invention disclose an ECG device, an ECG signal processing method, an ECG lead signal generating circuit, an ECG signal generating method, another ECG device, another ECG signal processing method, and an ECG electrode assembly. The ECG device has an electrode assembly and an ECG lead signal generating... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20150099958 - Microlead for detection/stimulation, implantable in venous, arterial or lymphatic networks: A sensing/pacing lead including a microcable having a diameter of at most 2 French (0.66 mm). The microcable includes an electrically conductive core cable including a plurality of strands and a composite structure formed from at least a structuring material and a radiopaque material, the radiopaque material constituting at least... Agent: Sorin Crm Sas

20150099959 - Implantable electrode system: An electrode array (10) is configured for implantation into a subject. The electrode array (10) includes an organic substrate material (12) configured to be implanted into an in vivo environment and to optionally dissolve after implantation into the in vivo environment and be absorbed by the in vivo environment, and... Agent:

20150099961 - Photo-acoustic probe for clinical image: Provided is a miniaturized photo-acoustic probe for a clinical image capable of effectively measuring a photo-acoustic signal by making an ultrasonic axis and an optical axis parallel. The photo-acoustic probe for a clinical image includes a laser generator configured to generate a laser beam, an ultrasound transducer disposed to be... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150099960 - Ultrasonic probe and medical apparatus including the same: An ultrasonic probe includes a stimulation unit which stimulates an object so that particular waves are induced, a conversion unit which receives at least one of the particular waves and ultrasound including information about the particular waves, and a circuit board including a first circuit unit that drives the stimulation... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150099962 - Methods and systems to identify phase-locked high-frequency oscillations in the brain: Method and device for the automatic identification of phase-locked high-frequency oscillations (PLHFO) to localize epileptogenic brain for neurosurgical intervention, including filtering brain signals into low frequency and high frequency oscillation (HFO) data streams. Applying ICA to the HFO data stream, transforming the data streams to produce an HFO instantaneous amplitude... Agent:

20150099963 - Method and system for combined transcranial magnetic simulation (tms) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fmri) studies: A method for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) of a stimulation area of medical interest, combined with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) for visualization of the response of, for example neurons, is disclosed. An ultra-thin magnetic resonance coil, MR coil, positioned in the immediate vicinity over an area where the response... Agent: Medical University Of Vienna

20150099964 - System and method for differentiation of normal myocardium from diffuse disease using t1 mapping in non-ischemic cardiomyopathies and others: A method for differentiation of normal myocardium from diffuse disease using T mapping includes acquiring one or more images of a patient by an imaging apparatus, generating a T1 map from the one or more images, defining a region of interest within the one or more images, determining the average... Agent:

20150099965 - System for high resolution fast acquisition magnetic resonance imaging using a catheter-mounted coil: A catheter-mounted, expandable or set in position, coil for magnetic resonance imaging. The coil having a catheter sheath including an elongated tube with a central axis, the catheter sheath having an opening at an end thereof; an expandable coil including a conductive material connected to an expansion mechanism which, when... Agent:

20150099966 - Device for performing regional anesthesia: An anesthetic administration device comprising an infusion device, which is in fluid connection with a regional anesthetic needle by means of a feed tube. The infusion device comprises one or more anesthetic flow devices capable of triggering forward flow, and optionally backward flow, of the local anesthetic through the regional... Agent:

20150099967 - Needle and related methods: An optical spectroscopic injection needle assembly. According to one embodiment, the assembly may include an injection needle, a light source, a spectrometer, a computer and an indicator. The injection needle, in turn, may include a hollow outer needle, a hollow inner needle, a pair of optical fibers, an inner catheter,... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150099968 - Systems and methods for controlled single touch zoom: Systems and methods are disclosed for performing a zoom operation based on a single motion input. A user interface can be adapted to display an image, detect a single motion input and contemporaneously control a zoom operation on the image. Zoom operations can include a zoom magnitude, direction, and distance.... Agent:

20150099969 - Medical balloon including a radiopaque wire for precisely identifying a working surface location: A balloon catheter for use in connection with a guidewire comprises an elongated, tubular shaft extending in a longitudinal direction, said shaft having a proximal end and a distal end, an inflatable balloon supported, along the distal end of the shaft, the balloon when inflated including first and second spaced... Agent:

20150099970 - Manipulator arrangement and movement device: A movement device and a manipulator configuration are provided for contact and/or invasive examination or treatment of the human or animal body under the influence of increased and/or changing acceleration. Wherein a functional head can be moved relative to a base along a plurality of degrees of freedom movable by... Agent: Amst-systemtechnik Gmbh

20150099971 - Device for measuring an ultrasonic or biomechanical parameter of a viscoelastic medium: A device for measuring an ultrasonic or biomechanical parameter of a viscoelastic medium, includes an ultrasound transducer; at least one vibrator having a fixed part and a mobile part, the ultrasound transducer being secured to the mobile part of the at least one vibrator; at least one adhesive element secured... Agent: Echosens

20150099972 - Myography method and system: A myography system and method involves the use of reflected energy and/or pass-through energy to determine muscle activity as an alternative or in addition to using native signals which originate from the muscle being studied.... Agent:

20150099973 - Photoacoustic apparatus: A photoacoustic apparatus disclosed in the present specification includes: a light source configured to emit light; an acoustic wave transmission unit configured to transmit an acoustic wave to a specific area; a photoacoustic wave reception unit configured to receive a photoacoustic wave generated by a subject due to emission of... Agent:

20150099974 - Ultrasonic cellular tissue screening system: A system for screening breast tissue is disclosed. The system comprises an ultrasound probe and a carrier adapted to support the ultrasound probe and to progressively move the probe over the breast tissue. A pad is employed to cover the nipple of the breast tissue, and a fabric covering is... Agent:

20150099975 - Signal processing for intravascular imaging: An intravascular imaging system includes a transducer capable of generating raw data representative of the structure of a patient's vasculature. The system includes an imaging engine for receiving the raw data and generating enhanced data for presentation to a user. The imaging engine includes a coherence filter, an envelope detection... Agent: Acist Medical Systems, Inc.

20150099976 - Systems, methods, and devices using stretchable or flexible electronics for medical applications: System, devices and methods are presented that integrate stretchable or flexible circuitry, including arrays of active devices for enhanced sensing, diagnostic, and therapeutic capabilities. The invention enables conformal sensing contact with tissues of interest, such as the inner wall of a lumen, a nerve bundle, or the surface of the... Agent:

20150099977 - Apparatus and method for beamforming: Disclosed herein is a beamforming apparatus for beamforming signals which are transmitted or received by a probe which includes a plurality of transducer blocks, each of which includes a plurality of transducers. The apparatus includes a controller configured to control components to delay signals to be transmitted by the plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150099978 - Ultrasonic matrix array probe with thermally dissipating cable and backing block heat exchange: A matrix array probe including a transducer array and integrated circuitry coupled to the transducer elements dissipates heat generated by the array and integrated circuitry through the cover of the transducer probe. A pump in the probe connector pumps fluid through a closed loop system including inbound an outbound fluid... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150099980 - Devices and methods for detection of internal bleeding and hematoma: A device for detection of internal bleeding in a patient's body is provided. An optical interface for transmitting IR light through an area of a skin of a patient and to collect IR light from the area of the skin, is provided. In some embodiments the optical interface includes one... Agent:

20150099979 - Visualization of heart wall tissue: Various aspects of the instant disclosure are directed to imaging tissue. As may be implemented in accordance with one or more embodiments, aspects of the present disclosure are directed to apparatuses and methods involving the following. A light source includes an array of light emitters that illuminate a tissue region... Agent:

20150099982 - Sensor and fastener: A sensor which is adapted to attach to a head of a subject includes a first fastener that includes a first end portion and a second end portion and extends into an arc-shape, a first coupling portion that is disposed on an inner circumference side of the first fastener, a... Agent:

20150099981 - Tubular light guide: Disclosed are various embodiments for scanning a cavity surface using a tubular element comprising an inner wall and an outer wall. The tubular element may be designed to guide and approximately collimate light received from a light source from the first end of the tubular element to the second end... Agent:

20150099984 - Optical coherence tomography with graded index fiber for biological imaging: A system for optical coherence tomography includes a source of optical radiation, an optical fiber, and a graded index fiber attached to a distal end of the optical fiber. The optical fiber and the graded index fiber are together configured to provide a common path for optical radiation reflected from... Agent: Avinger, Inc.

20150099983 - Tapered optical guide: Disclosed are various embodiments for a tapered optical guide which may be used to guide light from a light source to a tubular element. Light guided through the tubular element may be projected onto a cavity surface for imaging. The tapered optical guide may comprise multiple optical fibers defining an... Agent:

20150099987 - Heart rate variability evaluation for mental state analysis: A system and method for evaluating heart rate variability for mental state analysis is disclosed. Video of an individual is captured while the individual consumes and interacts with media. The video is analyzed to determine heart rate information with heart rate variability (HRV) being calculated and being understood to be... Agent:

20150099986 - Mask: A mask configured to be attached to the face of a subject includes a wall section that defines an internal space and covers at least a portion of a nose and a mouth of the subject, an expired gas introduction section that is disposed in the internal space and introduce... Agent:

20150099985 - Physiological signal measurement apparatus capable of automatically adjusting a measure position and method of utilizing the apparatus: A physiological signal measurement apparatus is capable of automatically adjusting a measure position and suitable for installed on a support element to measure a physiological signal of a user. The physiological signal measurement apparatus includes a movable element, a physiological signal sensing element, a pressure sensing unit and a microcontroller... Agent:

20150099988 - Blood viscosity measuring method and system: According to an example, a blood viscosity value of blood flowing through a blood vessel may be calculated by detecting a deformation of a blood vessel due to a pulsatile wave of blood flowing through the blood vessel, determining a pulsatile wave velocity of the pulsatile wave based upon the... Agent:

20150099989 - Blood flow rate measurement device: A blood flow rate acquisition device which does not require an injection operation for injecting a cooling saline into a blood vessel and can acquire a blood flow rate inside the blood vessel includes an elongated member that is insertable into a blood vessel, a flow velocity measuring member that... Agent:

20150099991 - Portable device and heartbeat reaching time measurement control method: A heart rate of a user is monitored by a heart rate sensor set. On a touch panel, during execution of high-load exercise, time required from the start of the high-load exercise until the heart rate rises to reach a threshold of a lower limit of a target heartbeat zone... Agent:

20150099990 - Systems, methods, and media for monitoring the condition of a patient's heart: Receiving a plurality of images of a first wall of the patient's heart, the plurality including a first image captured at a time ij and a second image captured at a time t2, determining based on the plurality of images, a first characteristic of movement of at least a wall... Agent:

20150099992 - System and method for generating electrophysiology maps: A method of mapping cardiac electrical activity includes the acquisition of electrophysiological signals and using signal processing hardware to process such signals to identify lateness attributes thereof. If the lateness attribute exceeds a lateness threshold, then the corresponding point on the patient's heart can be designated as a therapy (e.g.,... Agent:

20150099993 - Oral cannula: An oral cannula for delivering oxygen and sampling end-tidal carbon dioxide includes an oxygen supply lumen having plural outlets and an end-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) lumen having an inlet. The ETCO2 lumen and oxygen supply lumen form a unitary oral cannula such that the oxygen supply lumen outlet is spaced... Agent:

20150099994 - Method and system for monitoring the lung function of a patient: There is provided a method of monitoring the lung function of a patient, the method comprising determining one or both of an inhalation time and a rest time for a patient that is using a respiratory apparatus, the one or both of an inhalation time and a rest time for... Agent:

20150099995 - Wire-embedded polymer-body needle: A medical needle including an elongate tubular body having an outer wall defining at least one longitudinal lumen is provided. The at least one longitudinal lumen may be configured to provide access for at least one of a wire guide, a therapeutic tool, a diagnostic tool, a medicament, and/or contrast... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150099996 - Fluid diversion mechanism for bodily-fluid sampling: An apparatus includes a housing, a flow control mechanism, and an actuator. At least a portion of the flow control mechanism is movably disposed within the housing. The apparatus further includes an inlet port and an outlet port, and defines a fluid reservoir. The outlet port is fluidically coupled to... Agent:

20150099997 - Steering tool: A steering tool includes an internal tube disposed inside an external tube. The internal and external tubes are arranged for longitudinal axial movement relative to one another. A distal end of the internal tube is fixedly joined to a distal end of the external tube. At least one of the... Agent:

20150099998 - Adhesive patch having multiple acoustic sensors for monitoring acoustic signals: An adhesive patch for monitoring acoustic signals from a human or animal body, comprising a skin contact surface, converting means for recording both body acoustic signals and environmental acoustic noise, reducing the body signals by the recorded noise, and providing a first electric output signal. The patch also comprising an... Agent: Acarix A/s

20150100000 - Curve sensor: A curve sensor universally applicable to even a curving measurement target having a relatively small diameter is provided. A curve sensor to measure the curving of a curving measurement target includes a light supply unit which guides light, a curve measurement unit which includes a curved state detection unit and... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150099999 - System and method for measuring female urethral length: In one embodiment, a device measures the length of the urethra. The device includes a hollow tube having markings, wherein the hollow tube includes an internal end and an external end. The internal end includes one or more fins that can be manipulated into an open position and a closed... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 110 patent applications in 66 patent subcategories.

20150094513 - Apparatus and method for combining machine limitations information with target motion boundary information: A control circuit accesses machine limitations information and target motion boundary information. The control circuit then combines the machine limitations information with the target motion boundary information when acting with respect to a radiation treatment plan. By one approach the control circuit acts with respect to a radiation treatment plan... Agent: Varian Medical Systems International Ag

20150094517 - Charged hadron beam delivery: A charged hadron therapy system for delivering charged hadron radiation to a target is provided. The system comprises a target positioning couch for supporting the target being moveable along a translation direction and a beam delivery system comprising a beam scanning means for scanning a hadron pencil beam over said... Agent:

20150094516 - Medical image processing device, treatment system and medical image processing method: According to an embodiment, a medical image processing device includes a processor, and a memory. The memory that stores processor-executable instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to execute acquiring a first perspective image of a subject viewed in a first direction; setting a first region and... Agent:

20150094520 - Method of inhibiting c-kit kinase: c

20150094518 - Modular polymer platform for the treatment of cancer: The invention provides a novel polymer platform to deliver a desired combination of therapeutic agents to a site in need thereof for the treatment of cancer. In certain embodiments the platform is a modular polymer platform that allows for customization based upon the tumor of the subject to be treated.... Agent:

20150094519 - Predicting achievable dose distribution using 3d information as an input: Knowledge-based radiotherapy treatment planning is expanded to include spatial information from, for example, positron emission tomography (PET). Information that is specific to a patient is accessed. A prediction of a spatial dose distribution inside a target volume in the patient is determined using the patient-specific information as an input to... Agent:

20150094515 - System and method for radiation therapy treatment planning using a memetic optimization algorithm: A method for the optimization of radiation therapy treatment plans is disclosed. The disclosed method is equally-applicable to robotic radiosurgery as well as other types of radiosurgical delivery, intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), and three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3DCRT). A population-based heuristic approximation is used to perform a... Agent:

20150094514 - System and methods for processing images to measure multi-leaf collimator, collimator jaw, and collimator performance: Systems and methods are proposed for accurate and efficient automatic measurement of jaw and leaf positioning in multi-leaf collimator imaging systems. Specifically, the method enables the automated and objective processing of images to determine characteristics of collimator jaws and MLC leaves. These novel techniques enable verification of collimator component positioning... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20150094521 - Bone enhancement device and method: There is provided in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the invention a method of osteointegration of an implant into surrounding jaw-bone, the method comprising: applying a magnetic field around an implant, the magnetic field produced around the implant to a jaw-bone depth of up to at least about 7... Agent:

20150094523 - Direct-drive acoustic amplification using a tympanostomy tube: A hearing aid apparatus is provided. In one embodiment, a system and method are provided for using a tympanostomy tube as a platform for driving the middle ear. The system and method may employ a mechanical interface for driving the middle ear. In another embodiment, a hearing aid apparatus includes... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150094522 - Sub-cranial vibratory stimulator: A sub-cranial vibratory stimulator that at least partially bypasses a recipient's skull bone and delivers vibration to fluid within a recipient's skull bone. The sub-cranial vibratory stimulator comprises an actuator that is configured to be implanted beneath a recipient's skull bone. The actuator transfers vibration to the fluid within the... Agent:

20150094524 - Compositions and methods for the detection of zinc: The invention relates generally to compositions and methods for the detection of zinc. In particular, compositions and methods are provided to detect changes in cellular zinc concentration and to correlate them to cellular phenomena.... Agent:

20150094526 - Feedback systems and methods to enhance obstructive and other obesity treatments, optionally using multiple sensors: Feedback systems and methods enhance obstructive and other obesity treatments by presenting feedback regarding patients' actual eating. An ingestion restricting implant body can be deployed along the gastrointestinal tract. In some embodiments, ingestion alters the implant body, which, in turn, generates signals. The generated signals can be used to inhibit... Agent:

20150094527 - Pelvic implants and methods of implanting the same: In one embodiment, an implant is configured to be placed within a body of a patient. The implant includes a support member. The support member is configured to be placed adjacent a vaginal apex of a patient. The support member has a length sufficient to extend the length of the... Agent:

20150094525 - Vaginal vault suspension system and method: Repair implant systems for treating pelvic prolapse including vaginal vault suspension devices and methods are provided. Embodiments of the system can include one or more eyelet and/or locking eyelet devices and one or more spanning members, e.g., suture members, attached thereto. Ends of the suture members are attached to the... Agent:

20150094528 - Peyronie's treatment implant: A Peyronie's treatment implant includes a skeletal framework having reinforcing components. Also included are one or more sheath components that are attached to the reinforcing components to provide support for penile tissue. The skeletal framework of the implant allows for elongation of the implant during erection of the penis and... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20150094529 - Reservoir for use with an implantable penile prosthetic: A reservoir is described that is adapted to hold a liquid for transfer to and inflation of an implantable penile prosthetic. The reservoir includes opposed end walls, opposed side walls, and an opening that communicates with the implantable penile prosthetic through tubing. The reservoir has a first major surface formed... Agent:

20150094531 - Electronic endoscopic device: An electronic endoscopic device includes a light source, an endoscopic scope including an imaging unit provided at a tip end, a temperature detecting unit that detects a temperature of the tip end, and a light source control unit that performs a light emission control and a light emission stop control... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150094530 - Light source apparatus, endoscope system and operating method: A light source apparatus for endoscopic imaging includes a light source for emitting at least narrow band blue light and narrow band green light, to illuminate an object in a body cavity. The light source is changeable over between field sequential lighting and simultaneous lighting. The light source, upon setting... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150094532 - Visualization devices, systems, and methods for informing intravascular procedures on blood vessel valves: The present technology relates generally to devices and methods for intravascular evaluation of blood vessels. Many embodiments of the technology relate to the intravascular evaluation of blood vessels before, during and after creation of autologous valves. In one embodiment, for example, the present technology is directed to a method comprising... Agent:

20150094533 - Method and apparatus for performing retro peritoneal dissection: CMOS or CCD camera device. According to one embodiment, fiber optics run semi-circumferentially or along walls of the cannula/dilator and terminate at about a centimeter from the distal end of the cannula/dilator, thereby preventing illumination from “bottoming out” at the floor of the incision. According to one alternate embodiment, the... Agent:

20150094534 - Endoscope and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention aims to provide an endoscope and its manufacturing method enabling to reduce a diameter of the endoscope required to have airtightness and facilitate a connecting work between a cable and a connector. A first tube body and a second tube body constituting an airtight container are relatively... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150094535 - Rotary self-advancing endoscope system, program, and method for driving rotary self-advancing endoscope system: A rotary self-advancing endoscope system which produces propulsion by rotating, with a motor, a rotating cylindrical body provided on an outer periphery side of an insertion portion main body and causes the insertion portion main body to move forward into an examinee's body, wherein the system is configured to periodically... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150094536 - Endoscope having a supply cable attached thereto: The present specification describes a medical endoscope, such as but not limited to a gastroscope, a colonoscope or a bronchoscope. In particular, the present specification describes an endoscope having a supply cable that includes a coupling element dividing the supply cable into a first section and a second section capable... Agent:

20150094537 - Endoscope system and operating method thereof: A light source device simultaneously produces violet narrowband light and green narrowband light. A complementary color type imaging device of a complementary color type endoscope outputs first to fourth mixed pixel signals. In a complementary color second processor, a matrix operation unit performs a matrix operation of the first to... Agent:

20150094538 - Endoscope system, processor device, and method for operating endoscope system: Violet light and blue light is applied sequentially to an object. In a wavelength range (380-440 nm) of the violet light, each of reflectances of most-superficial and superficial blood vessels is lower than reflectance of middle-layer blood vessels. In a wavelength range (440-480 nm) of the blue light, the reflectance... Agent:

20150094539 - Producing of an endoscope with an optical waveguide: In a method for producing of an endoscope, optical fibers are introduced into a lumen in the endoscope and heated, the lumen is narrowed, and the optical fibers are melted together. The narrowing of the lumen and the melting together of the optical fibers take place at least partially at... Agent:

20150094541 - Expandable surgical access port: A surgical access assembly for positioning within an opening in tissue including an outer frame positionable outside a patient and defining an opening therein dimensioned to receive a surgical instrument therethrough. The outer frame includes a first portion, a second portion and a locking portion. An inner member is positionable... Agent:

20150094542 - Port device including retractable endoscope cleaner: A surgical apparatus includes a housing member having leading and trailing ends that define a longitudinal axis. One or more ports longitudinally extend between the leading and trailing ends, and are configured and adapted to receive a surgical instrument therein in a substantially sealed relation. At least one cleaning port... Agent:

20150094540 - Surgical dilator, retractor and mounting pad: A retractor having an elongate body that provides access to a surgical location within a patient. The elongate body includes a plurality of segments that are connected to one another through a plurality of ratcheting mechanisms. The ratcheting mechanisms permit relative movement of the segments with respect to one another... Agent:

20150094543 - Flexible cannula and obturator: A cannula system provides a cannula formed of a soft conformable material such as silicone and having an exterior thread. The cannula lacks rigidity, especially axially, and an obturator therefor is provided with an external thread to interact with the cannula an maintain its shape as it is inserted into... Agent:

20150094545 - Automated at-rest status sensing: Methods, apparatuses and systems are described for associating remote physiological monitoring with an at-rest condition of a patient. The methods may include receiving activity data and physiological data of a patient. The methods may also include determining that an at-rest condition is satisfied by at least one of the received... Agent:

20150094544 - Infant monitoring system and methods: One variation of a method for monitoring sleep of a user includes: assigning a collective wakefulness model—generated from sleep data collected from a set of other users—to the user for a first time period; storing a first set of vitals data collected by a wearable device worn by the user... Agent:

20150094546 - Patient monitor including multi-parameter graphical display: A patient monitoring system and method are disclosed which provide a caregiver with more easily identifiable indications of the state of multiple physiological parameters in order to give the caregiver an indication of the patient's overall wellness in an efficient manner. Multiple physiological parameter sets are plotted on a graph,... Agent:

20150094547 - System and method for storing information relating to a medical implant device: A method of storing information relating, to a medical implant device having a number of implant elements includes receiving a first image, the first image showing a surgical site and the medical implant device, creating a second image using the first image and a stored list of possible implant elements,... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh-of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20150094548 - System and method for determining a hydration level of a tissue region: In accordance with one aspect of the present technique, a method is disclosed. The method includes applying a mechanical perturbation to a tissue region using a displacement device. The method further includes calculating a compression impedance of the tissue region in response to applying the mechanical perturbation. The method further... Agent: General Electric Company

20150094549 - Volumetric induction phase shift detection system for determining tissue water content properties: A method and apparatus of determining the condition of a bulk tissue sample, by: positioning a bulk tissue sample between a pair of induction coils (or antennae); passing a spectrum of alternating current (or voltage) through a first of the induction coils (or antennae); measuring spectrum of alternating current (or... Agent:

20150094551 - Continuous transdermal monitoring system and method: Various embodiments of methods and systems for continuous transdermal monitoring (“CTM”) are disclosed. One exemplary embodiment of a continuous transdermal monitoring system comprises a sensor package. The sensor package may include a pulse oximetry sensor having a plurality of light detectors arranged as an array. One exemplary method for continuous... Agent:

20150094550 - Dual-spectra pulse oximeter sensors and methods of making the same: A dual-spectra pulse oximeter sensor is provided. The dual-spectra pulse oximeter sensor includes a sensor substrate, an array of a plurality of pairs of wavelength sources disposed on the sensor substrate, and a plurality of wavelength conversion devices. Further, each pair of the plurality of pairs of wavelength sources comprises... Agent: General Electric Company

20150094552 - Health monitoring systems and methods: Systems, methods and devices for reducing noise in health monitoring including monitoring systems, methods and/or devices receiving a health signal and/or having at least one electrode or sensor for health monitoring.... Agent: Rhythm Diagnostics Systems, Inc.

20150094553 - Analyte monitoring device and methods of use: In aspects of the present disclosure, a no coding blood glucose monitoring unit including a calibration unit is integrated with one or more components of an analyte monitoring system to provide compatibility with in vitro test strip that do not require a calibration code is provided. Also disclosed are methods,... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20150094554 - Analyte monitoring device and methods of use: In aspects of the present disclosure, a multi compatible or universal blood glucose monitoring unit including a calibration unit is integrated with one or more components of an analyte monitoring system to provide compatibility with in vitro test strip that require calibration code and test strips that do not require... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20150094555 - Method and system for powering an electronic device: Methods and apparatus for providing a power supply to a device, including an inductive rechargeable power supply for a data monitoring and management system in which a high frequency magnetic field is generated to provide power supply to a rechargeable power source such as a battery of a transmitter unit... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20150094556 - Detachable electrocardiograpey device: An electrocardiographic system, the electrocardiographic system includes a first part that includes: a first housing that comprises of a first bottom layer that is elastic and has an underside provided with an adhesive material; a first set of electrodes that is located within the first housing; wherein the first set... Agent:

20150094558 - Modular physiological sensing patch: A modular holder or patch is described that may be used with or as part of a wireless physiological sensing device. The wireless physiological sensing device may include a holder or patch, first and second electrodes, and an electronics package that may be removably coupled with the holder or patch... Agent:

20150094559 - Modular physiological sensing patch: A modular holder or patch is described that may be used with or as part of a wireless physiological sensing device. The wireless physiological sensing device may include a holder or patch, first and second electrodes, and an electronics package that may be removably coupled with the holder or patch... Agent:

20150094557 - Patches for bio-electrical signal processing: An embodiment of the invention provides a patch for bio-electrical signal processing. The patch for bio-electrical signal processing includes a patch main body, a set of electrodes, and a lead signal generator. The patch main body has a folded state and an unfolded state. In each of the folded state... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20150094560 - Tonometer for checking the intra-ocular pressure through the eyelid and method using same: A mechanical IOP (intra ocular pressure) monitor includes a cylinder fitted with an ocular plate attached to the cylinder interior. The cylinder interior comprises a mechanism for transducing pressure, detecting intraocular pressure and a signaling component for indicating when a set intraocular pressure is exceeded.... Agent:

20150094561 - Reduction of mri interference from the electrocardiogram using lead information: A circuit (32) for use in an magnetic resonance (MR) system to reduce MR interference of a physiological signal S(f) includes a first summing/subtraction node (36), a high pass filter (40), and a second summing/subtraction node (42). The first summing/subtraction node (36)inputs a first signal (34) including radio frequency magnetic... Agent:

20150094562 - Magnetic resonance imaging with dynamic inversion preparation: A magnetic field may be applied to a subject having a plurality of tissues, including first and second tissues, causing a net longitudinal magnetization in the tissues. An inversion radio frequency pulse may be generated to invert the longitudinal magnetization from the tissues. Heart-rate timing information associated with a current... Agent: General Electric Company

20150094563 - Magnetic resonance system and program: A magnetic resonance system configured to repeatedly execute imaging sequences each having a first RF pulse for flipping each spin in a region containing blood, and a data acquisition sequence acquiring data of the blood from the region is provided. The magnetic resonance system includes a storage unit configured to... Agent: Ge Medical Systems Global Technology Company, LLC

20150094567 - Angiographic examination method for a vascular system: An angiographic examination method for depicting a target region as an examination object using an angiography system includes capturing a volume data set of the target region with the examination object, registering the volume data set to a C-arm, and extracting information about an assumed course of the examination object... Agent:

20150094564 - Intelligent algorithms for tracking three-dimensional skeletal movement from radiographic image sequences: Systems and methods are disclosed that improve conventional tracking and modeling methods for determining three-dimensional bone motion from sequences of radiographic images. These enhancements significantly improve the speed, reliability and accuracy for bone motion tracking. Techniques used in various embodiments include multi-bone hierarchical techniques, time coherent approaches, simultaneous optimization of... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20150094570 - Large surface area temperature sensing: A temperature probe for monitoring temperatures of a surface of a tissue or organ within the body of a subject includes a section with a substantially two-dimensional arrangement and a plurality of temperature sensors positioned across an area defined by the substantially two-dimensional arrangement. Such an apparatus may be used... Agent:

20150094566 - Method of controlling route of angiocatheter using optical coherence tomography and angiography apparatus for performing the same: Provided is a method of controlling an angiocatheter route using OCT. The method includes inserting a catheter into a blood vessel of a test object, injecting a dye into the blood vessel and capturing an X-ray image, acquiring a three-dimensional OCT image of a vicinity around the catheter, determining a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150094568 - System and method for navigating an ultrasound catheter to image a beating heart: Catheter navigation is coupled with ultrasound imaging to yield a context map showing the location on a heart of the ultrasonically imaged frame.... Agent:

20150094565 - System and methods for enhanced imaging of objects within an image: Systems and methods which implement a plurality of different imaging signatures in generating an image frame are shown. A first imaging signature may be configured for providing relatively high quality images with respect to subsurface regions of living tissue, for example, whereas a second imaging signature may be configured for... Agent:

20150094569 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and image processing method: An ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus according to an embodiment includes a scan controller, an image generator, a detector, an image generation controller, an image combiner and a display controller. The scan controller causes to execute a first scan for performing ultrasound transmission in a first direction and a second scan for... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150094572 - Modulator arrays, and modulation devices and medical imaging apparatuses including the same: The modulator array includes a first optical modulator, which changes a shape a wavefront of an incident light into first wavefronts to modulate the incident light which passes through the first optical modulator; and a second optical modulator that changes a shape at least one of the first wavefronts into... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150094571 - Systems and methods for controlling motion of detectors having moving detector heads: An imaging system is provided including a gantry, a detector unit mounted to the gantry, at least one processing unit, and a controller. The at least one processing unit is configured to obtain object information corresponding to an object, and to automatically determine at least one first portion of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150094574 - Systems and methods for controlling motion of detectors having moving detector heads: Systems and methods for controlling motion of detectors having moving detector heads are provided. One system includes a gantry and a plurality of detector units mounted to the gantry, wherein the plurality of detector units are individually movable including translational movement and rotational movement. The system further includes a controller... Agent: General Electric Company

20150094573 - Systems and methods for planar imaging with detectors having moving detector heads: Systems and methods for planar imaging with detectors having moving heads are provided. One system includes a gantry having an opening therethrough, a patient table movable through the opening of the gantry along an examination axis, and a plurality of detector units mounted to the gantry and aligned in a... Agent: General Electric Company

20150094575 - Method and device for tracking contrast medium: A method and a device for tracking a contrast medium by scanning are provided. The method includes: obtaining a relationship between a contrast medium concentration and time according to concentration values of the contrast medium obtained by previous scannings; predicting a time interval from a current time point to a... Agent: Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20150094576 - Delivery system for the effective, reliable and foolproof delivery of controlled amounts of a medical fluid: A system for the effective, reliable and foolproof delivery of controlled amounts of a medical fluid to a patient is provided. The system includes an integrated compressed gas unit having an inlet port to which at least one compressed gas cylinder is selectively connected and an outlet port in communication... Agent:

20150094577 - Electrophysiology mapping and visualization system: Electrophysiology mapping and visualization systems are described herein where such devices may be used to visualize tissue regions as well as map the electrophysiological activity of the tissue. Such a system may include a deployment catheter and an attached hood deployable into an expanded configuration. In use, the imaging hood... Agent:

20150094578 - Portable ultrasonic diagnosis device: A notebook type ultrasonic diagnosis device in which a display housing including a display panel is independently movable from a main body housing including an operation panel, and both of the display housing and the main body housing are integrally operated is provided. The ultrasonic diagnosis device includes two connectable... Agent: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

20150094579 - Shear wave detection in medical ultrasound imaging: Shear waves are detected with ultrasound. The detection of the shear wave is constrained using prior measurements in a more controlled environment (e.g., less noise). For example, shear waves measured in a phantom are used to constrain the detection of shear waves in a patient to avoid false positive detections.... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20150094580 - Ultrasonic diagnostic device and locus display method: In an ultrasonic diagnostic device, on the basis of a displacement distribution in a 2D direction, a locus related to displacement in a discretionary region of an ultrasonic image is formed. The ultrasonic diagnostic device includes: an image forming unit (tomographic image forming unit and elastic image forming unit) for... Agent:

20150094581 - Portable defibrillator used for display, hardcopy, and control for other devices: A portable defibrillator according to embodiments of the present invention includes a defibrillator engine configured to receive defibrillator information from defibrillator sensors coupled to a patient and display the defibrillator information; an external device engine configured to receive information from medical device sensors coupled to the patient; a medical device... Agent:

20150094582 - Ultrasound image capture device and ultrasound image capture method: The present invention obtains certainty of the blood-flow velocity information that is estimated in the blood-flow mapping display. The signal processor in the ultrasound imager is provided with a Doppler velocity operation part configured to calculate a Doppler velocity from echo signals by using the Doppler effect, and a first... Agent:

20150094583 - Ultrasonic measurement apparatus and ultrasonic measurement method: An ultrasonic measurement apparatus includes: an ultrasonic probe that transmits an ultrasonic wave and outputs a received signal based on a reflected wave of the ultrasonic wave; a belt that fixes the ultrasonic probe to a subject; a position detecting unit that detects position information of the ultrasonic probe; a... Agent:

20150094586 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus: An ultrasound diagnosis apparatus according to an embodiment includes a receiving unit and a changing unit. The receiving unit outputs an ultrasound received signal. The changing unit obtains, in accordance with a change in a spatial frequency of ultrasound image data subject to an imaging processing, a group of parameters... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150094584 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus and image processing apparatus: An ultrasound diagnosis apparatus includes a calculating unit, an obtaining unit, a determining unit, and a controlling unit. By using a plurality of pieces of three-dimensional ultrasound image data in a time series corresponding to a three-dimensional region including a myocardium of a subject, the calculating unit calculates first movement... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150094585 - Ultrasound transducer with position memory for medical imaging: An ultrasound transducer device and control system disclosed here have the capability of storing information regarding the position of the transducer at which one ultrasound image is taken during an initial scan, and using the stored information to guide an operator to return the transducer to the same position during... Agent: Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.

20150094587 - Method and systems for a modular transducer system of an automated breast ultrasound system: Various methods and systems are provided for ultrasonically scanning a tissue sample using a modular transducer system. In one example, a system for ultrasonically scanning a tissue sample comprises: an adjustable arm; a scanning assembly attached to the adjustable arm, the scanning assembly including a housing configured to remain stationary... Agent: General Electric Company

20150094589 - Method and systems for a removable transducer with memory of an automated breast ultrasound system: Various methods and systems are provided for a removable transducer module having memory. In one example, a transducer module for an ultrasound imaging system comprises a casing configured to fit into a module receiver of the ultrasound imaging system, an array of transducer elements, and a non-transitory memory configured to... Agent: General Electric Company

20150094588 - Method and systems for weight adjustment of an automated breast ultrasound system: Various methods and systems are provided for imaging a tissue. In one example, a system comprises an adjustable arm, a scanning assembly attached to a first end of the adjustable arm, a counterweight coupled to a second end of the adjustable arm, and a weight adjustment system coupled to the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150094591 - Speckle and noise reduction in ultrasound images: An ultrasound imaging system includes features to reduce speckle and time gain compression noise. A handheld ultrasound system may include beam forming electronics and digital waveform generators to generate the transmitted pulses with fine grained apodization to improve coherence and reduce speckle. Speckle filtering may be included in the ultrasound... Agent:

20150094590 - Ultrasonic device, ultrasonic probe, electronic equipment, and ultrasonic image device: An ultrasonic device includes a base, a plurality of ultrasonic transducer elements, and a reinforcing body. The base defines a plurality of openings arranged in an array form. The ultrasonic transducer elements are arranged respectively corresponding to the openings with a plurality of vibration films being respectively provided for the... Agent:

20150094592 - Method and apparatus for low complexity ultrasound based heart rate detection: A method for ultrasound based heart rate detection in a heart rate monitoring system is provided that includes receiving a demodulated Doppler ultrasound signal, applying a bandpass filter to the demodulated Doppler ultrasound signal to remove a direct current (DC) component and out-of-band noise, wherein a filtered demodulated Doppler ultrasound... Agent:

20150094593 - Cuff for accentuating venous flow: A foot operated air pump rapidly inflates a pneumatic cuff wrapped around the leg of a patient. At the moment of inflation a pressure switch senses the increase in air pressure and sends a timing signal to an ultrasonic imaging system.... Agent:

20150094594 - Transesophageal ultrasound probe with an adaptive bending section: When transesophageal echocardiography is used to obtain a transgastric short axis view of the left ventricle of the heart, the best place to position the transducer is in the fundus of the stomach, aimed up through the left ventricle. The probes disclosed herein facilitate placement of the transducer in the... Agent: Imacor Inc.

20150094595 - Over-the-wire ultrasound system: Disclosed are embodiments of devices and methods for imaging the inside of a body part, such as a blood vessel. In particular embodiments, a catheter has a chamber within which is a transducer. A wire guide channel extends throughout the length of the catheter. The transducer is rotatable around the... Agent:

20150094596 - Ultrasonic device, ultrasonic probe, electronic equipment, and ultrasonic image device: An ultrasonic device includes a base, a plurality of ultrasonic transducer elements, an acoustic adjustment layer, and a wall part. The ultrasonic transducer elements are arranged in an array form on the base, each of the ultrasonic transducer elements having a vibration film. The acoustic adjustment layer is disposed on... Agent:

20150094597 - Breathing pattern identification for respiratory function assessment: What is disclosed is a system and method for identifying a patient's breathing pattern for respiratory function assessment without contact and with a depth-capable imaging system. In one embodiment, a time-varying sequence of depth maps are received of a target region of a subject of interest over a period of... Agent:

20150094598 - Device for monitoring blood leakage from wounds: A device for monitoring a skin surface for leakage of blood at, for example, a wound or a vascular access. The device comprises a patient unit, a connection unit and a monitor unit. The patient unit comprises a patch, including an adhesive layer to be attached to the skin surface... Agent:

20150094600 - System and method for imaging myelin: The present invention provides a system and method for detecting myelin and myelin-related disease. For example, the invention is based upon the finding that the combined reflectance of an administered multi-wavelength laser light specifically detects myelinated fibers. It is demonstrated herein that the present system and method effectively detects myelin,... Agent:

20150094599 - Varifocal lens, optical scanning probe including the varifocal lens, and medical apparatus including the optical scanning probe: A varifocal-type optical scanning probe including an optical fiber scanner and a varifocal lens is provided. The varifocal lens includes: a first membrane lens comprising a first lens surface with a variable curvature and a first pressure surface configured to induce a curvature variation of the first lens surface; a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150094601 - Medical device including setup option reporting: A medical device for use with a patient is described. The medical device includes a component for administering a treatment to the patient or receiving data of the patient. The component is configured to operate according to an internal setting. The medical device also includes a user interface through which... Agent:

20150094602 - Blood pressure measurement device and control method for blood pressure measurement device: A control amplitude and a control frequency of a voltage applied to a piezoelectric pump are determined, control is carried out so that a voltage at the determined control amplitude and control frequency is applied to the piezoelectric pump, and a blood pressure value is calculated based on a cuff... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20150094603 - Contactless electrocardiographic measurement sensor: A sensor for contactless electrocardiographic measurement of a person has at least one electrically conductive, planar electrode having a measurement surface facing the person and a connection surface facing away from the person. An electrical terminal for connection with a measurement apparatus is spaced from the connection surface such that... Agent:

20150094604 - Electrocardiogram identification: A defibrillating system includes a processor coupled to a memory. The processor and the memory are configured to identify a treatment event associated with treatment of a victim with the defibrillating system, and transmit a representation of a portion of an ECG signal associated with the identified treatment event. In... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20150094605 - Systems and methods for validating monitoring device placement and locations: This disclosure relates to devices, systems, and methods for validating locational data for a monitoring device. The external monitoring device located on a patient may include one or more processors, one or more memory devices, one or more power devices, one or more heart rate detection devices, and one or... Agent: Cyberonics, Inc.

20150094606 - Breathing pattern identification for respiratory function assessment: What is disclosed is a system and method for identifying a patient's breathing pattern for respiratory function assessment without contact and with a depth-capable imaging system. In one embodiment, a time-varying sequence of depth maps are received of a target region of a subject of interest over a period of... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150094607 - Preferential volume reduction of diseased segments of a heterogeneous lobe: Methods and apparatus for diagnosing and treating disorders of the lung are provided, which may include any number of features. In one embodiment, a method comprises obtaining diagnostic information relating to a patient's lungs, compiling a list of potential treatment plans for lung volume reduction in the first and second... Agent:

20150094609 - Methods and systems for a self-retaining nasal dilator: Methods and systems are provided for a device having a first member and a second member coupled to the first member where the second member is configured to modify a configuration of a human or animal orifice or conduit. In some embodiments, the first member is a shaft and the... Agent:

20150094608 - Systems and methods of non-invasively determining internal temperature: A system for and noninvasively monitoring temperature within a body of a subject includes a transducer and an interface unit. The transducer receives native temperature signals, which are electromagnetic signals. One or both of the transducer and the interface unit convert the native temperature signals to a standard temperature signal.... Agent:

20150094610 - Method and apparatus for minimally invasive insertion of intervertebral implants: A dilation introducer for orthopedic surgery is provided for minimally invasive access for insertion of an intervertebral implant. The dilation introducer may be used to provide an access position through Kambin's triangle from a posterolateral approach. A first dilator tube with a first longitudinal axis is provided. A second dilator... Agent:

20150094611 - Method and device for improved hygiene during using endoscopic accessory tools: An elongated flexible sleeve over the endoscope accessory shaft and secured to the endoscope accessory shaft at the proximal portion protects the shaft of the endoscope accessory from touching the external objects before the endoscope accessory shaft is inserted into endoscope biopsy port and after the endoscope accessory shaft is... Agent:

20150094612 - Medical instrument: A medical instrument is disclosed, which includes an elongated member having a plurality of joint members arranged side by side in an axial direction, the elongated member taking a first form that is bendable in a direction intersecting with the axial direction when the joint members are arranged with gaps... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150094613 - Tissue sample flushing system for biopsy device: A method for operating a biopsy device to acquire at least one tissue sample from a body of a living being, including retracting a sample-receiving device through a hollow needle to a sample removal position, a tissue sample being simultaneously transported to the sample removal position by the sample-receiving device;... Agent:

20150094614 - Biopsy instrument: A biopsy instrument including: a needle pipe formed in a tubular shape having a convex section, the convex section having an end section, the convex section being provided at a distal end section of the needle pipe; a distal end tip provided so as to be capable of moving longitudinally... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150094615 - Systems and methods for parenterally procuring bodily-fluid samples with reduced contamination: The present invention is directed to the parenteral procurement of bodily-fluid samples. The present invention is also directed to systems and methods for parenterally procuring bodily-fluid samples with reduced contamination from dermally-residing microbes. In some embodiments, a bodily-fluid withdrawing system is used to withdraw bodily fluid from a patient for... Agent:

20150094616 - Guide wire core with improved torsional ductility: Guide wires including a guide wire tip portion including a distal tip portion and a proximal tip portion, where the tip portion includes a circular cross-section and substantially constant diameter along both a linear elastic distal tip portion and a superelastic proximal tip portion. Methods for manufacture include providing a... Agent:

20150094618 - Automated pressure ulcer prevention: Methods, apparatuses and systems are described for monitoring patient position in order to prevent the development of pressure ulcers. The methods may include initiating a first turn timer to calculate a first amount of time spent by a patient in a first position. The methods may further include initiating a... Agent:

20150094619 - Combined carbon dioxide laser lateral canthotomy and femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery: An example method for preparing a surgical site for a femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgical procedure includes measuring a lower eyelid length of a patient, and determining whether the patient is associated with one or more exposure resistant factors. The method also includes, upon determining that the measured lower eyelid length... Agent:

20150094617 - Physiological sensor: According to the invention, a compression depth sensor for measuring a compression depth comprises a first pressure transducer (30), attachable to a fixed element, a first liquid filled lumen (20), having a first fixed lumen end (21) attachable to the pressure transducer and a first movable lumen end (22) being... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150094620 - Devices and methods for cervix measurement: A device for measuring a length of a cervix includes an elongate measurement member extending along a longitudinal axis and including a measurement scale thereon, a hollow member coaxial with and disposed over the elongate measurement member, a flange offset from the longitudinal axis and attached to a distal end... Agent:

20150094621 - Object recognition by touch screen: Devices, systems and methods are described that can facilitate recognition of an engagement between an object and a touch screen in the absence of human contact. Upon the engagement, an electrically conductive path can be established that extends from a surface of the touch screen such that sufficient electrons flow... Agent:

20150094622 - System and method for measuring reaction time of a subject: There is provided herein a motion-based evaluation of reaction time that utilizes motion detection hardware of a mobile device to determine auditory and visual stimulated reaction time. In an embodiment, the subject holds a mobile computing device equipped with built-in triaxis accelerometer and gyroscope with both hands at arms length... Agent:

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