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01/22/2015 > 125 patent applications in 81 patent subcategories.

20150025295 - Medical treatment apparatus, control device and control method: According to an embodiment, a medical treatment apparatus includes: a first acquirer to acquire a group including five or more pairs of corresponding points on a first perspective image of a subject captured at a first timing and a second perspective image of the subject captured at a second timing;... Agent:

20150025296 - Method and device for accurate dispensing of radioactivity: A method of delivering a radioactive liquid includes, performing an initialization, including; extracting at least a first amount of a radioactive liquid from a source of radioactive liquid, measuring a radioactivity level for the first amount of radioactive liquid, and performing a calibration phase. The calibration phase includes, extracting a... Agent: University Of Zurich

20150025297 - Devices and methods for magnetic stimulation for the treatment of neurological disorders: Described herein are magnetic neural stimulation systems for the treatment of neurological disorders. One variation of a magnetic neural stimulation system includes magnetic stimulators shaped as helical or ramped coils, where each turn of the coil has an acute turning angle of less than 90 degrees. Also described herein are... Agent:

20150025299 - Esthetic apparatus useful for increasing skin rejuvenation and methods thereof: Systems and methods for increasing skin rejuvenation of a region of a patient's skin. The system includes: a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) frequency generator that emits electromagnetic pulses to the region of the patient's skin; and a deep tissue diathermy device that applies heat to the region of the patient's... Agent:

20150025298 - Stimulation device and method for treating cardiovascular disease: A stimulation device and method for treating cardiovascular disease in a human or an animal is provided, the method including placing a magnetic pulse application unit including a coil on a skin surface of a region of the human or the animal, and generating magnetic pulses around the coil, wherein... Agent: Kyushu University, National University Corporation

20150025300 - Modular patient care enclosure: A patient enclosure, comprised of at least two spaced-apart side walls, a top wall, and a front wall, the side walls, the top wall, and the front wall defining a predetermined area surrounding a location where a patient is positionable. At least one of the walls has a panel of... Agent:

20150025301 - Device and method of stimulating eye movement: A device for stimulating eye movement in a subject is presented. Stimulating eye movement through Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) allows the processing of information and elimination of negative body sensations. In an embodiment, a mechanical device is presented in which a physical object is attached to a motion mechanism which... Agent:

20150025302 - Apparatus and method for treating urinary incontinence: A surgical implant for treating female urinary incontinence includes a suburethral support, first and second soft tissue anchors, and first and second elongated members connecting the first and second soft tissue anchors to first and second ends of the suburethral support. The first soft tissue anchor includes a central portion,... Agent:

20150025303 - One-piece monolithic cuff and artificial urinary sphincter system: An artificial urinary sphincter system has a pressure reservoir attachable to a pump and a conduit attachable between the pump and a cuff. The cuff is formed as a one-piece monolithic polymer structure that is substantially circular in radial cross-section. The cuff has an interior wall connected by a pair... Agent:

20150025304 - System and method for treatment of anal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse: Using a sling that includes a central portion and at least two arms extending from the central portion, a method of treating anal incontinence may include positioning the central portion posteriorly to the rectum and/or anus of a subject, and extending each arm of the sling to a respective obturator... Agent:

20150025305 - Scrotal cushion therapeutic device: A scrotal cushion and therapeutic device is provided that fits securely under and around the scrotum when a patient is seated or supine (body position characterized by lying flat on one's back). The scrotal cushion comprises a device body, a cap, four lateral wing elements contiguous with the scrotal cushion... Agent:

20150025307 - Device used in the context of a gynecological transfer and the manufacture of such a device: s

20150025306 - Methods and systems for utilizing sperm for molecular delivery: Disclosed herein include embodiments related to delivery of molecular molecules by a sperm cell to an egg cell for expression, including transient expression, in a fertilized progeny. Further embodiments relate to computerized systems for assisting in the disclosed methods.... Agent:

20150025308 - Bodily implant: In one embodiment, an implant includes a body member, a first arm member and a second arm member. The body member is formed of a first material and has a first side portion and a second side portion. The body member has a first stiffness and includes multiple apertures through... Agent:

20150025309 - Transperitoneal prolapse repair system and method: A prolapse repair system and procedure are provided. The system can include one or more anchor devices and one or more extending members, such as a suture. The system can further include a mesh or like support or suspension structure provided intermediate the one or more anchor devices and the... Agent:

20150025310 - Medical applicator: An applicator for use in the fitting of an occlusive plug of the screw in kind to a fallopian tube, said applicator comprising: a body member; an eyepiece fitted to one end of the body member; an elongate probe carried by, and projecting from the other end of the body... Agent:

20150025314 - Endoluminal system and method for gastrointestinal treatment: Improved methods and devices for performing an endoscopic surgery are provided. Systems are taught for operatively treating gastrointestinal disorders endoscopically in a stable, yet dynamic operative environment, and in a minimally-invasive manner. Such systems include, for example, an endoscopic surgical suite. The surgical suite can have a reversibly-expandable retractor that... Agent: Macroplata, Inc.

20150025313 - Intraluminal device delivery technique: A technique for deploying an intraluminal device, such as a bariatric device, in a mammalian lumen, such as the gastrointestinal tract, includes positioning a visualization device through an orifice, such as a natural orifice, into the mammalian lumen. A deployment device having the intraluminal device mounted thereto is guided to... Agent: Bfkw, LLC

20150025312 - Introductory assembly and method for inserting intracardiac instruments: An introduction assembly and method for the insertion of medical instruments through a thoracic passage into a selected one of either the left or right atrium of the heart. Catheters or other instruments dedicated to performing required cardiac maneuvers are passed through an introductory sheath having a distal end disposed... Agent:

20150025311 - Small single-port arthroscopic lavage, directed tissue drying, biocompatible tissue scaffold and autologous regenerated cell placement delivery system: A system for performing arthroscopic lavage, directed tissue drying, and the accurate placement of a biocompatible tissue scaffold for the adherence of autologous regenerated cells through a small single port of entry into a joint compartment. The system is comprised of a handpiece having valves for irrigation and suctioning and... Agent:

20150025315 - Treatment instrument insertion auxiliary and treatment instrument insertion method: A treatment instrument insertion auxiliary is used to subserve passage of an elongated treatment instrument into a treatment instrument channel by being connected to an endoscope provided with a rigid insertion portion which includes the treatment instrument channel adapted to allow passage of the treatment instrument and a treatment instrument... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150025316 - Endoscope system and method for operating endoscope system: An endoscope system includes an insertion portion, an objective optical window, an image pickup device, a position/direction detection section that acquires position information of the objective optical window, and a memory that records the subject internal image acquired by the image pickup device in association with the position information of... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150025317 - Scented and flavored oral airways: An oral airway includes a first component having a first guiding surface and a second component having a second guiding surface. The first component and the second component are adapted to be removably coupled together such that the first guiding surface and the second guiding surface collectively define and encompass... Agent:

20150025318 - System and method for inhibiting injury to a patient during laparoscopic surgery: This group of inventions provides means and methods for preventing the damaging portions of surgical tools, such as laparoscopic devices, from adversely contacting tissues and organs that are not in the desired field of surgery. As such, the present disclosure pertains to any form of a warning or positioning device... Agent:

20150025319 - Bending angle adjustment mechanism for endoscope and endoscope having the bending angle adjustment mechanism: A bending angle adjustment mechanism for an endoscope includes a rod member that is disposed along a traveling path of a long member that is connected to a bending portion that is bendable and is pulled, a support member made of metal that is integrally provided to support both ends... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150025320 - Stiffening assembly: A stiffenable structure is made of longitudinal beams that are positioned around a longitudinal axis. In one state, the longitudinal beams are bendable so that the structure is bendable. As the structure bends, the longitudinal beams slide longitudinally with reference to one another. In a second state, the beams are... Agent:

20150025321 - Surgical access apparatus and method: A device includes an access port adapted to permit access of a surgical instrument into a patient. The access port includes a proximal portion, a distal portion, and an intermediate portion monolithically formed. The proximal portion includes a proximal flange. The distal portion includes a distal flange. The intermediate portion... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20150025322 - Tissue retractor assembly: An intracorporeal surgical tissue retractor is provided having an anchor selectively deployable in a first tissue not to be retracted and a grasper selectively deployable on a second tissue to be retracted. A longitudinally selectively movable support is threadable through the anchor and attached at a substantially distal end of... Agent:

20150025323 - Trocar assembly with pneumatic sealing: A trocar assembly for creating a pneumatic seal during a minimally-invasive surgical procedure. The trocar assembly including an elongated body having a lumen extending therethrough. The proximal end portion of the body defining a housing. A fluid supply plenum is defined in the housing configured to deliver pressurized insufflation fluid... Agent:

20150025324 - Surgical retractor with light: A surgical retractor has a shaft with an integral blade. The shaft and the blade are joined at an angle. The blade has an upper surface. A plurality of LED lights are embedded within the blade and are exposed at the upper surface. The blade surrounding the LED lights is... Agent:

20150025325 - Insertable lighting device: The present invention relates to an insertable lighting device that includes an optical fiber assembly 40 that resides slidably within the elongated interior cavity 58 of an introducer sheath 10 that includes an incision blade 12 on the first (or forward) end 49 thereof, which can be inserted through a... Agent:

20150025326 - Accessories for remote monitoring: An accessory for remote monitoring, including: a body capable of being placed on a human body; a measurement unit installed in the body and measuring a change in surroundings; a signal processing unit for processing a signal acquired from the measurement unit; and a wireless communication unit including a monopole... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150025332 - Body balance correction system: There is provided a body balance correction system and a method for controlling same, wherein body balance of a user is allowed to be improved in his or her daily life. The body balance correction system includes a measurement unit which measures data on the left and right sides of... Agent:

20150025327 - Device and method of monitoring a position and predicting an exit of a subject on or from a substrate: Methods and devices for monitoring the position of a subject are disclosed. One such method includes sensing pressure waves generated by the subject moving on a divided bladder comprising interleaved portions, generating signals indicative of the pressure waves for each of the interleaved portions, and sending the signals to a... Agent:

20150025330 - Devices, systems, and methods for assessment of vessels: Devices, systems, and methods for visually depicting a vessel and evaluating treatment options are disclosed.... Agent:

20150025336 - Hypovolemia diagnosis technique: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a system and method for determining a risk, onset, or presence of hypovolemia based on one or more features of a plethysmographic waveform during a patient breathing cycle. For example, a hypovolemic patient may exhibit characteristic changes in pulse amplitude or stroke volume... Agent:

20150025334 - Method and system for monitoring pain of patients: The present disclosure provides a method and system for stimulating and monitoring intensity of pain experienced by one or more users. The method includes measuring the intensity of pain experienced by the one or more users on a pre-determined scale and augmented chart or physician's personal assessment using a plurality... Agent:

20150025335 - Method and system for monitoring pain of patients: The present disclosure provides a method and system for monitoring intensity of pain experienced by one or more users. The method includes measuring the intensity of pain experienced by the one or more users from a pre-determined set of one or more bio-markers using a pre-determined set of one or... Agent:

20150025333 - Monitoring and diagnostic systems and methods: An apparatus, a system, and a method for monitoring and/or performing a diagnosis. A first implantable device measures a property of a first tissue in a body and includes a housing. The housing includes a first processing circuitry for causing the first implantable device to measure the property of the... Agent:

20150025329 - Patient care surveillance system and method: A patient care surveillance system comprises a data store operable to receive and store clinical and non-clinical data associated with at least one patient, a user interface configured to receive user input of current information related to at least one patient, a monitor configured to sense at least one parameter... Agent:

20150025331 - System and method employing a thermocouple junction for monitoring of physiological parameters: Disclosed are systems and methods for enabling the acquisition of physiological parameters of a mammal or other specimen using thermo-mechanical responses (e.g., temperature, pressure and alternatively acceleration, pulse, position). In accordance with one example embodiment, a monitoring device for wired and/or wireless sensors is used to acquire a series of... Agent:

20150025328 - System and method for monitoring cardiac output, flow balance, and performance parameters: A system for measuring of cardiac output and cardiac performance parameters based on a cardiac blood flow balance parameter between a right chamber of the heart and a left chamber of the heart, includes a sensor device for measuring one of blood pressure and blood flow rate and blood constituent... Agent:

20150025337 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic image processing apparatus, and medical image diagnostic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus sets a desired period with reference to a predetermined time phase in each heartbeat of the object, sequentially executes ultrasonic scanning on a plurality of sub-volumes in a period including the diagnosis period to acquire sub-volume data corresponding to a plurality of... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150025338 - Medical device inserters and processes of inserting and using medical devices: An apparatus for insertion of a medical device in the skin of a subject is provided, as well as methods of inserting medical devices.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20150025339 - Methods for classifying pleural fluid: Methods of classifying pleural fluid are disclosed. The methods typically include determining the level of indicator nanoparticles, such as lipids, particularly large lipids, in the pleural fluid of a subject. The level of lipids can be determined by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), such as proton NMR (1H-NMR) by measuring the... Agent:

20150025340 - Calibration curve creating method and apparatus for the same, and blood component calibration apparatus: A calibration curve creating method includes: (a) acquiring observation data of a plurality of samples of a living body, when near infrared light is emitted to the living body and an absorbance spectrum obtained from transmitted light or diffusely-reflected light thereof is set as the observation data; (b) acquiring content... Agent:

20150025341 - Method and device for measuring blood information: First measurement light 30 is caused to be incident on a boundary surface between blood 10 flowing through a flow cell 40 formed of a transparent material having a different refractive index from plasma (layer) 12 in the blood 10 and the flow cell 40, from an oblique direction at... Agent:

20150025342 - Methods for measuring changes in optical properties of wound tissue and correlating near infrared absorption(fnir) and diffuse refelectance spectroscopy scattering (drs) with tissue neovascularization and collagen concetration to determine whether wound i: Optical changes of tissue during wound healing measured by Near Infrared and Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy are shown to correlate with histologic changes. Near Infrared absorption coefficient correlated with blood vessel in-growth over time, while Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (DRS) data correlated with collagen concentration. Changes of optical properties of wound tissue... Agent:

20150025344 - Method for spectrophotometric blood oxygenation monitoring: An apparatus and method for non-invasively determining a blood oxygen parameter value of a subject's tissue is provided. An embodiment of the method includes the steps of: a) providing a spectrophotometric sensor that includes a processing portion and a transducer, b) detecting at least a portion of transmitted light after... Agent:

20150025343 - System and method for optical detection of skin disease: An optical system for the detection of skin disease, such as melanoma, acquires images of a lesion on a subject's skin at different wavelengths and utilizes a sweeping arm rotating about the lesion in a clock-like sweep to produce diagnostically relevant metrics and classifiers from the image data so as... Agent: The Rockefeller University

20150025345 - Sensor inserter assembly: An analyte monitor includes a sensor, a sensor control unit, and a display unit. The sensor control unit typically has a housing adapted for placement on skin and is adapted to receive a portion of an electrochemical sensor. The sensor control unit also includes two or more conductive contacts disposed... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20150025346 - Particle-containing membrane and particulate electrode for analyte sensors: Systems and methods of use involving sensors having a particle-containing domain are provided for continuous analyte measurement in a host. In some embodiments, a continuous analyte measurement system is configured to be wholly, transcutaneously, intravascularly or extracorporeally implanted.... Agent:

20150025347 - Lateral flow device for attachment to an absorbent article: A lateral flow device for testing a bodily fluid, such as urine, blood, mucous, saliva, etc., is provided. The lateral flow device is configured to be attached to an absorbent article via an attachment mechanism located on the lateral flow device or the absorbent article. The lateral flow device includes... Agent:

20150025348 - Assessing coagulation: Devices and methods for assessing coagulation include a channel configured such that shear stress, in a first portion of the channel, applied to blood drawn through the channel by a vacuum-tube attached to an outlet of the channel approximates physiological shear stresses.... Agent:

20150025349 - Pad for measuring blood loss: A pad is disclosed having a grid of absorbent structures (e.g., squares) formed on the pad. The pad may be used to quantify or otherwise assess blood loss by a patient. For example, blood lost by the patient and absorbed by the pad may be quantified by counting the number... Agent:

20150025350 - Electrode with guide tunnel for a cannula, and kit comprising electrode and cannula: An electrode for conducting electrical signals from or to an organ, and also to a kit for examining or treating an organ, said kit including an electrode that can be anchored to the organ. In order to reduce the risk of inflammation of the organ caused by the treatment or... Agent:

20150025351 - Cardiac activity visualization with frequency discrimination: A method includes measuring electrical activity at multiple points on a surface of a heart of a patient. User input indicative of a spectral slice selected from a frequency band is received. Respective levels of the electrical activity within the selected spectral slice are calculated. The calculated levels are displayed... Agent:

20150025352 - Method and device for determining brain and scalp state: A method for determining brain state has the steps of attaching at least 2 first electrodes to the scalp of a subject at a separation, transmitting an electrical current between the at least 2 first electrodes, and measuring a first impedance between the at least 2 first electrodes to provide... Agent: Nordocs Technologies Inc.

20150025353 - Method and device for determining body composition: An arrangement (100) is for creating body composition images of a body part by placing the apparel (101) in direct contact with the desired body part. The results of the image are shown on separate mobile devices (102), such as e.g. a mobile phone, tablet computer or similar device. The... Agent:

20150025354 - Device for measuring electrophysiological signals and a manufacturing method for manufacturing the device: A device (100) for measuring electrophysiological signals of a body comprising electrodes (101) and a multilayer supporting medium (102), such as garment, like a belt, for supporting said electrodes (101). The multilayer supporting medium (102) comprises at least one stretchable layer (103) and one non-stretchable (104) corrugated (104a) layer. The... Agent:

20150025355 - Systems, articles and methods for strain mitigation in wearable electronic devices: Wearable electronic devices that provide adaptive physical coupling between electrically coupled components are described. Adaptive physical coupling advantageously accommodates different user sizes, forms, and movements and enhances the overall ergonomics of a wearable electronic device. Adaptive physical coupling also introduces stresses and strains on electrical pathways between the electrically coupled... Agent:

20150025356 - Assessment method: A method of assessing the well being of an animal is disclosed. The method comprises obtaining information as to movement characteristics of the animal before applying medical treatment to the animal; obtaining information as to movement characteristics of the animal after applying medical treatment to the animal; comparing the movement... Agent:

20150025357 - Double line imaging device: An imaging device, including a first longitudinal body which is configured to be inserted into a cavity, and a first linear imaging element having a first linear proximal end and a first linear distal end, which is rotatably connected at the first linear proximal end to the first longitudinal body.... Agent:

20150025359 - Method for evaluation and comparison of a chronological sequence of combined medical imaging examinations and also a medical imaging system which is designed for executing the inventive method: A method is disclosed for evaluating and comparing a chronological sequence of at least two combined medical imaging examinations, wherein a combined medical imaging examination is carried out in each case by way of a first imaging apparatus and by way of a second imaging apparatus which is formed by... Agent:

20150025360 - Reference-library extension during imaging of moving organs: Images acquired during an image-guided treatment procedure sometimes exceed the scope of a reference library previously acquired for the purpose of monitoring and/or adjusting the treatment. In this situation, the reference library may be extended dynamically and/or in real time based on the newly acquired treatment images and/or other available... Agent:

20150025358 - Surface stationary array coil structure for multi-modality imaging: A stand-alone MR or hybrid PET-MR imaging system incorporating a surface stationary RF coil structure is disclosed. The imaging system includes a support assembly comprising a cradle to accommodate a subject and a bridge to receive the cradle and provide for translation therealong to enable an acquisition of imaging data.... Agent:

20150025361 - Breast coil with a mechanical height adjustment: A local coil for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system is a breast coil that includes at least one height adjustment apparatus.... Agent:

20150025362 - Local transmission coils and transmission coil arrays for spinal column imaging in an mri device: A spine coil for a magnetic resonance imaging device includes at least one transmission coil element configured for transmission.... Agent:

20150025364 - Apparatus and method for visualizing a conduction tract of heart: The invention relates to an apparatus, a method and a computer program for visualizing a conduction tract of a heart. In order to provide a visualization which is helpful in avoiding or finding the conduction tract in, for example, an invasive procedure like ablation of heart tissue, a generic heart... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150025365 - Catheter with single axial sensors: A catheter has single axis sensors mounted directly along a portion of the catheter whose position/location is of interest. The magnetic based, single axis sensors are on a linear or nonlinear single axis sensor (SAS) assembly. The catheter includes a catheter body and a distal 2D or 3D configuration provided... Agent: Biosense Webster, Inc.

20150025367 - Implantable marker for a surgical navigation system, the marker having a stem with a separation zone to facilitate the removal of the marker: A marker for use with a surgical navigation system for tracking the tissue with which the marker is associated. The overall dimensions of the mark is such that it is shaped to be disposed below the skin of the patient in which the marker is implanted. The marker has a... Agent:

20150025366 - Method for obtaining sterile human amniotic fluid and uses thereof: Provided herein is a method for sterilely filtering amniotic fluid from selected caesarean sections of an individual. The amniotic fluid is first centrifuged at 5,000 to 10,000 rpm for 30 to 60 minutes and filtered through filters with about 5 to about 10 μm pore size. Next, the fluid is... Agent:

20150025363 - Spinal canal access and probe positioning, devices and methods: Methods and devices for detecting positioning of a probe in a tissue of a patient. A method can include providing a detection device; advancing a device coupled probe through the tissue of the patient and toward the patient's spinal canal; detecting a change in pressure about the distal portion of... Agent:

20150025368 - Systems and methods for intubation: An intubation device is provided. An intubation device comprises a movable guide configured to guide an insertion of an endotracheal tube into a trachea of a patient, the guide having a guide extension and a guide tip; an external trachea identifier source external to the trachea and disposed on the... Agent:

20150025369 - Housing for the oct probe, oct probe assembly, and a method of making such assembly: According to some embodiments a housing for the OCT comprises: (a) a tubular body with an inner diameter of less than 5 mm (for example less than 2 mm, and in some embodiments not greater than 1.5 mm), a first end, a second end; and a window formed in the... Agent:

20150025370 - Periodic contrast injections and analysis of harmonics for interventional x-ray perfusion imaging: An apparatus (130) and a method for adjusting, in perfusion imaging system, a periodic contrast agent injection rate signal (IS) for an injector (135) as function of an image sampling rate determined by the rotational speed of an X-ray source (107)-detector (109) assembly of an X-ray imager (100). Frequency, periodicity... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v. A Corporation

20150025371 - Method for displaying image data of body regions of a patient, the body regions being prone to dementia, and a medical imaging system which is designed to carry out the method: A method is disclosed for displaying image data of body regions of a patient using a medical imaging system including a first imaging apparatus and a positron emission tomography apparatus, the body regions being prone to dementia. The method includes provision of first image data recorded using the first imaging... Agent:

20150025373 - Apparatus and method for combined photoacoustic and ultrasound diagnosis: A microbubble used as a contrast agent for ultrasound imaging burst due to high intensity of ultrasound, and the burst microbubble effectively acts as a contrast agent for photoacoustic imaging. Based on this point, a new apparatus and method for combined photoacoustic and ultrasound diagnosis are provided.... Agent:

20150025372 - Systems and methods for determining hepatic function from liver scans: Systems and methods described herein determine an objective metric for analyzing health of a patient's liver. In some embodiments, the system may include a scanner that can detect radiation counts responsive to administration of radioactive compound to a patient. Further, the system may include an image detection module that can... Agent:

20150025375 - Injector system: Multiple embodiments of contrast media injector systems (800, 800′, 800c) are disclosed. A number of different devices are disclosed for providing user input to such a contrast media injector system (800, 800′, 800c), including at least one tablet computer (700), a user-mountable user input device (760), a smartphone (762), and... Agent:

20150025376 - Liquid injector for injecting contrast medium at variable rate into a subject who is to be imaged by imaging diagnostic apparatus: A liquid injector registers the data of a variable pattern in which an injection rate of a contrast medium varies with time. The injection rate of the contrast medium varies with time according to the variable pattern for maintaining a state in which the image contrast achieved by the contrast... Agent:

20150025374 - Powerhead of a power injection system: A contrast media injection system includes detects the absolute position of the syringe ram using a non-contact sensor. A series of magnets and Hall-Effect sensors may be used or an opto-reflective system. Illuminated knobs that are connected to the drive mechanism for the syringe ram rotate with the drive and... Agent: Mallinckrodt LLC

20150025377 - Radiographic imaging device and radiography protection unit: A radiographic imaging device comprising an imaging platform that includes an imaging surface on which a breast of a test subject is to be rested; a radiation irradiation section disposed to face the imaging surface and irradiates radiation at the imaging surface; a main radiation protection portion that is disposed... Agent:

20150025379 - Diagnostic catheter using a vacuum for tissue positioning: A diagnostic catheter and method of use for analyzing tissue is provided. A method for analyzing tissue in accordance with one embodiment of the present invention includes inserting a catheter having a sensor at its distal end into the body of a patient, applying suction through the catheter to secure... Agent:

20150025378 - Ultrasound signal processing device, ultrasound signal processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium: Preceding decoders each convolve a corresponding one of a plurality of transducer elements constituting a transducer element array of an ultrasound probe with an impulse response waveform, while varying a filter coefficient corresponding to time side lobes for each transmission event. A succeeding decoder stores, in a memory, a reception... Agent:

20150025380 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, image processing apparatus and image processing method: An ultrasound diagnosis apparatus according to an embodiment includes a transmitting and receiving unit, a detecting unit, and a chart display unit. The transmitting and receiving unit transmits an ultrasound pulse to a subject and receives an echo signal from the subject. The detecting unit detects thrombi that are present... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150025381 - Endoventricular injection catheter system with integrated echocardiographic capabilities: Methods of providing image-guided transendocardial injection of a therapeutic agent into a left ventricular wall of a heart. Some methods enable injections into heart tissue under visualization. The methods may include providing an endoventricular injection catheter having integrated echocardiographic capability. The endoventricular injection catheter may have an imaging core and... Agent: Acist Medical Systems, Inc.

20150025382 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method of producing ultrasound image: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes an ultrasound image producer which produces an ultrasound image from reception data based on a predetermined set sound speed, a reception data image producer which produces a reception data image representing a luminance image of an ultrasonic echo wavefront from the reception data corresponding to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150025386 - Portable diagnostic ultrasound apparatus: In order to provide technology for limiting the deterioration of hardware in a portable diagnostic ultrasound apparatus without increasing user workload, internal processing of the portable diagnostic ultrasound apparatus is controlled according to the opening or closing of the cover case in which the monitor is disposed. In particular, when... Agent: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

20150025383 - Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and control method thereof: Disclosed herein are an ultrasonic imaging apparatus which is capable of accurately and quickly estimating a Point Spread Function (PSF) is usable for restoring ultrasonic images, and a control method which is executable by the ultrasonic imaging apparatus. The ultrasonic imaging apparatus includes: a probe; a receive beamformer configured to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150025385 - Ultrasonic imaging device: According to a method of adaptive signal processing, compensation for deterioration of image quality caused by wavefront distortion is provided in an ultrasound imaging apparatus, with a low computing amount and with a precision. The elements 106 receive ultrasound signals from a test subject, and the delay circuit 204 delays... Agent:

20150025384 - Ultrasound medical apparatus and ultrasound diagnosis apparatus: In embodiments of an ultrasound medical apparatus, main body part includes ultrasound transducer and is inserted into lumen of subject. First and second blocking parts are inserted into lumen and capable of substantially occluding lumen by changing dimensions. First blocking part is arranged at the opposite side to insertion opening... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150025387 - Efficient architecture for 3d and planar ultrasonic imaging-synthetic axial acquisition and method thereof: An improved device and method for collecting data used for ultrasonic imaging. The data is gathered over numerous transmit and echo receive cycles, or iterations and combined into a synthetic acquisition representing a complete echo characteristic acquisition. At each iteration, only a portion, or subset, of the echo characteristic is... Agent:

20150025388 - Ultrasound waveform tomography with wave-energy-based preconditioning: Synthetic-aperture ultrasound tomography systems and methods using scanning arrays and algorithms configured to simultaneously acquire ultrasound transmission and reflection data, and process the data using ultrasound waveform tomography with a wave-energy-based preconditioning method for improved ultrasound tomography imaging.... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20150025389 - Ultrasound system and transducer assemblies: An ultrasound system is disclosed. The ultrasound system includes an ultrasound device. The ultrasound device includes a housing, a control panel coupled to the housing, and a receiver assembly coupled to the housing, wherein the receiver assembly includes a first contact surface. The ultrasound system further includes a transducer assembly... Agent:

20150025390 - Ultrasound transducer connector: A reversible transducer connector allows the connector to be inserted within the receptacle in more than one orientation. The electrical connections between the receptacle and connector are reprogrammed based on the orientation. The connector is inserted in two or more stages, such as using zero-insertion or magnetic retention in a... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20150025392 - Efficient 3-d telestration for local and remote robotic proctoring: An apparatus is configured to show telestration in 3-D to a surgeon in real time. A proctor is shown one side of a stereo image pair, such that the proctor can draw a telestration line on the one side with an input device. Points of interest are identified for matching... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations Inc.

20150025391 - Tissue fluorescence monitor with ambient light rejection: Fluorescent markers used to identify a tissue may be imaged in a bright environment by synchronizing the imaging process with rapidly switched ambient lighting so that imaging occurs in phase with a switching off of the ambient lighting. In this way, valuable fluorescent imaging may be performed in an environment... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20150025393 - Wearable heart rate monitor: Some embodiments provide a wearable fitness monitoring device including a motion sensor and a photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensor. The PPG sensor includes (i) a periodic light source, (ii) a photo detector, and (iii) circuitry determining a user's heart rate from an output of the photo detector. Some embodiments provide methods for... Agent:

20150025394 - Wearable heart rate monitor: Some embodiments provide a wearable fitness monitoring device including a motion sensor and a photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensor. The PPG sensor includes (i) a periodic light source, (ii) a photo detector, and (iii) circuitry determining a user's heart rate from an output of the photo detector. Some embodiments provide methods for... Agent:

20150025395 - Breathing analysis method, system, and apparatus: In a breathing analysis method using an electrocardiogram of a user, a breathing curve is generated according to R waves in the electrocardiogram, and whether the user is currently taking a breathing out action or a breathing in action is detected according to the breathing curve. A duration of the... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20150025396 - Blood pressure analysis system and method: A blood pressure analysis system/method allowing conversion from an analog sensor input to a standardized analog output interface is disclosed. In some preferred embodiments the system/method permits a fiber optic pressure sensor to be interfaced to a standard patient care monitor (PCM) system using standardized Wheatstone Bridge analog interface inputs.... Agent:

20150025398 - Devices, systems, and methods for assessing a vessel with automated drift correction: Embodiments of the present disclosure are configured to assess the severity of a blockage in a vessel and, in particular, a stenosis in a blood vessel. In some particular embodiments, the devices, systems, and methods of the present disclosure are configured to assess the severity of a stenosis in the... Agent:

20150025397 - System and method for estimating cardiac pressure based on cardiac electrical conduction delays using an implantable medical device: Techniques are provided for estimating left atrial pressure (LAP) or other cardiac performance parameters based on measured conduction delays. In particular, LAP is estimated based interventricular conduction delays. Predetermined conversion factors stored within the device are used to convert the various the conduction delays into LAP values or other appropriate... Agent:

20150025399 - Automatic blood pressure measurement device: An automatic blood pressure measuring apparatus includes: a compression band wrapped around a compressed site of a living body, the automatic blood pressure measuring apparatus sequentially extracting a pulse wave that is pressure oscillation in the compression band in a process of changing a compression pressure value of the compression... Agent: A&d Company, Limited

20150025400 - Blood pressure meter: With the blood pressure meter of the present invention, a pump unit is connected via a first fluid path to a fluid bladder. The first fluid path extends straight in the Z direction between the pump unit and the fluid bladder, sends air supplied from the pump unit to the... Agent:

20150025401 - Physical activity monitoring systems: A system for monitoring physical activity, in which activity data for an individual is be captured and stored whether the activity takes place in a health club or away from the health club (e.g. outdoors). The proposed approach is to capture heart rate data using an individual heart rate monitor... Agent: Myzone Limited

20150025402 - Method of locating the tip of a central venous catheter: A method of locating a tip of a central venous catheter (“CVC”) having a distal and proximal pair of electrodes disposed within the superior vena cava, right atrium, and/or right ventricle. The method includes obtaining a distal and proximal electrical signal from the distal and proximal pair of electrodes and... Agent:

20150025403 - Mood analysis method, system, and apparatus: In a mood analysis method using an electrocardiogram of a user, RR intervals in the electrocardiogram are computed, and low-frequency (LF) values and high-frequency (HF) values are also computed according to the RR intervals. Standard values of sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity and parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) activity are acquired... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20150025404 - Methodology for automated signal morphology analysis in implantable electrotherapy and diagnostic systems: Systems and related methods for analyzing data sensed from a device implanted in a patient, such as a cardiac pacing system. The system detects and evaluates electric signals within the patient that share a common event marker. By using algorithms and graphical presentation of the collected signals having common event... Agent:

20150025405 - Acute lung injury (ali)/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ards) assessment and monitoring: A patient is monitored for a medical condition such as acute lung injury (AL1) by operations including: (i) receiving values of a plurality of physiological parameters for the patient; (ii) computing an AL1 indicator value based at least on the received values of the plurality of physiological parameters for the... Agent:

20150025406 - Bidirectional physiological information display: A patient monitor for displaying a physiological signal can include a visual element having a middle portion indicative of a transition in the physiological signal between physiological states. The visual element can also include first and second extremity portions, the first extremity portion extending from the middle portion in a... Agent:

20150025407 - Devices and methods for generating an artificial exhalation profile: Methods and devices for creating an artificial exhalation profile, for example for use in the sampling of exhaled breath or air from the nasal cavity from a mammal, wherein said mammal exhales into a device comprising a flow channel, a pressure sensor, a flow sensor, a control unit, and means... Agent:

20150025408 - Systems, methods and devices for a skull/brain interface: Systems, methods and devices are disclosed for directing and focusing signals to the brain for neuromodulation and for directing and focusing signals or other energy from the brain for measurement, heat transfer and imaging. An aperture in the skull and/or a channel device implantable in the skull can be used... Agent:

20150025410 - Method and device to restore and/or improve nervous system functions by modifying specific nervous system pathways: The present invention provides methods, devices, and systems for restoring or improving nervous system function of a subject. Provided is a method involving: (i) providing an operant conditioning protocol effective to produce targeted neural plasticity (TNP) in a primary targeted central nervous system (CNS) pathway of a subject; and (ii)... Agent: Health Research, Inc.

20150025409 - Probe for measuring a patient's bulbocavernosus muscle reflex: A system and method is disclosed for measuring muscle reflexes (e.g., a bulbocavernosus reflex) as a tool for identifying/diagnosing dysfunctions (e.g., spinal cord abnormalities, bladder voiding dysfunction, and sexual organ dysfunction) non-invasively by using mechanical stimulation. The system and method includes a probe having a predetermined patient contacting portion, wherein... Agent:

20150025411 - Vascular introducer with temperature monitoring probe and systems for endovascular temperature control: An introducer sheath/temperature probe assembly that is insertable into a blood vessel of a human or veterinary patent to measure the temperature of blood flowing through that blood vessel. The introducer sheath/temperature probe assembly may be used in conjunction with an indwelling heat exchange catheter system to warm or cool... Agent:

20150025412 - Allergy testing system, method and kit: An allergy skin test kit includes a template having puncture site indicators and a computer-readable storage medium storing allergy test information that associates the puncture site indicators of the template with template locations or test substance indicators. A method of performing an allergy skin test includes providing a template having... Agent:

20150025413 - Hearing profile test system and method: Examples of systems and methods for profiling the hearing ability of a consumer are disclosed. One example includes a personal computer and a handheld device configured to produce calibrated acoustic output at suprathreshold levels above 20 db HL, and at step levels of 10-20 decibels, and presented test frequency bands... Agent: Ihear Medical, Inc.

20150025414 - Biopsy device targeting features: An apparatus for guiding a biopsy instrument into tissue of a patent comprises a cannula, a guide device, a support structure, and a locking assembly. At least a portion of the biopsy instrument is insertable into the cannula. The guide device comprises at least one guide hole. The at least... Agent:

20150025415 - Transport system for biopsy device: A biopsy device includes a hollow needle, and a sample-receiving device that is movable in the hollow needle. A power-driven element having a motor is provided. A transport device is drivably coupled to the motor. The transport device includes a toothed flexible member drivably engaged with a drive gear. The... Agent:

20150025416 - Sensor catheter having reduced cross-talk wiring arrangements: Improved wiring arrangements for sensor catheters are provided to reduce wire-to-wire cross-talk wherein wires connecting the sensor of the sensor catheter to a processing unit are divided into a plurality of wire bundles contained within respective sheaths, with the wires in wire bundle twisted together reduce electromagnetic signal interference among... Agent:

20150025417 - Cough detection, analysis, and communication platform: A cough detection, analysis, and communication platform may be provided. The platform may comprise methods, systems, and a devices for detecting, analyzing, and communicating cough detection data. A cough detection device may comprise at least one microphone and analytic firmware used to employ methods of detecting, analyzing, and communicating the... Agent:

20150025418 - System and method for evaluating tissue: A sensor system for measuring an elastic modulus and a shear modulus and a method for evaluating a tissue. The invention pertains to a method for determining the presence of and/or characterizing abnormal growths, using a piezoelectric finger sensor (PEFS) system. The PEFS system may be particularly useful for screening... Agent: Philadelphia Health & Education Corporation D/b/a Drexel University College Of Medicine

20150025419 - Integrated triad system for providing advanced assessment methods, corrective and performance exercise training, and integrating specialized manual therapies: The Ortho-Kinetics System is a biomechanically based system that, through systematic assessment, analysis, and evaluations, one can identify a person's anomalies such as postural deviations, joint limitations, neuromuscular imbalances, and movement compensations. This system makes use of a database which stores expert-derived information to guide the practitioner in the administration... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 130 patent applications in 77 patent subcategories.

20150018596 - System for planning radiation treatment therapy: A system for planning radiation treatment therapy is provided. An optical sensor device is implanted within or in close proximity to a risk region within the patient during a radiation delivery. The sensor device optically monitors the orientation of the risk region, and the radiation dosage received by the risk... Agent:

20150018595 - Treatment system, control device and treatment method: According to an embodiment, a treatment system includes a plurality of first radiators, a plurality of detectors, a determiner, and a controller. Each of the first radiators irradiates a radioactive beam to a subject. Each of the detectors detects a radioactive beam transmitted through the subject and generates an image... Agent:

20150018597 - Kit and devices for organ perfusion: The present invention provides a kit for the delivery a therapeutic agent to an organ blood flow and the removal of the excess of said therapeutic agent from said organ blood flow, said kit comprises: (a) the therapeutic agent, (b) a first retrievable medical device (26), for delivering said therapeutic... Agent:

20150018598 - Neurostimulation patch: A neurostimulation patch is affixed to a patient's skin (e.g., via a medical skin adhesive) and provides stimulation energy for an implanted lead. The patch may be used for SCS trials or other applications where is it desirable to avoid implanting a stimulation device within a patient. Circuitry in the... Agent:

20150018599 - Eye-wear borne electromagnetic radiation refractive therapy: An eye-wear borne electromagnetic radiation refractive therapy system can comprise an electromagnetic radiation source comprising a ring of LEDs that directs one of its on axis or off axis electromagnetic radiation to a desired peripheral retina area of a wearer's eye; a power source for powering the LEDs, an antenna... Agent: Myolite, Inc.

20150018600 - Endovascular ventricular assist device, using the mathematical objective & principal of superposition: This embodiment suggests new approach for Endovascular Ventricular Assist Device, using the mathematical objective & principle of superposition allow design and calculation of the body response to VAD pump located in the Aorta. This new approach allows minimal invasive Endovascular VAD that result in similar relief to the heart as... Agent:

20150018601 - Motion sickness device: An electrically powered device (160) including an insertion component (165) for insertion into the ear cavity of a user, the device (160) including at least one inductor (170) operatively connected to a control circuit (175), the control circuit (175) providing electrical energy to the at least one inductor (170) wherein... Agent: Gsmo Pty Ltd.

20150018603 - Male urethral prosthesis with tensioning member: The present invention provides a urethral prosthesis including a first and a second arm that join to form a junction, and a stem that is also joined to the junction. The junction is adapted to exert sufficient pressure on a portion of a patient's urethra to prevent unintentional voiding of... Agent:

20150018602 - Systems, methods, and implants for treating prolapse or incontinence: Described are pelvic implants, systems including the implant and a delivery tool, and methods for the treatment of incontinence or prolapse. The implant has an expansion member associated with a support portion and a tensioning member along an extension portion of the implant. Systems and methods for treating incontinence or... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20150018604 - Methods for spermatogonial stem cell (ssc) transfer: The present invention provides highly advantageous and efficient methods for spermatogonial stem cell (SSC) transfer for the generation of animals having valuable traits or genetic background.... Agent:

20150018605 - Embryo culture methods and media: Improved methods of culturing embryos in media having amounts of lactate that have not previously been recognized as beneficial for embryo development. Also, compositions, devices and kits related to the same.... Agent: Irvine Scientific Sales Company, Inc.

20150018606 - Catheter assembly: The catheter assembly includes a catheter having a catheter body, and a curved stylet that is constituted of a linear body of higher rigidity than the catheter body and is inserted into the catheter, the catheter assembly being assembled by inserting the curved stylet into the catheter. The curved stylet... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150018607 - Heart correction net: A heart correction net according to the present invention is attached to an exterior of a heart. The heart correction net includes a first area that is a partial area included in a right ventricle side area of an entire area surrounding exteriors of ventricles; and a second area that... Agent:

20150018608 - Device for erotic self-stimulation using running water, and a method for its use: A water-based erotic stimulation device is disclosed, including a fastener and a chute with a faucet end and a distal end, and having a first portion and a second portion. The second portion is substantially horizontal. The distal end may have a groove, a water flow adjustment peg, or an... Agent:

20150018609 - Stimulation of penis erection: A penis erection stimulation system comprises a fully implantable drug delivery device for delivering a drug in relation to a penis to achieve erection of the penis. The drug delivery device may comprise a catheter adapted to be implanted in the corpora cavernosa of a penis or in close proximity... Agent:

20150018610 - Penile constriction device: Described is a penile constriction device comprising an elongated body having elasticity and including first and second end portions, said elongated body being adapted to exhibit a ring shape in an operational mode. The elongated body is provided with such a shape and elasticity that in the operational mode both... Agent:

20150018613 - 3d scanner with steam autoclavable tip containing a heated optical element: A 3D scanner for recording topographic characteristics of a surface of at least part of a body orifice, where the 3D scanner includes a main body having a mounting portion; a tip which can be mounted onto and un-mounted from the mounting portion, where the tip is configured for being... Agent:

20150018614 - Apparatus and method for controlling movement of a capsule endoscope in digestive tract of a human body: A system for controlling movement of a capsule endoscope in a human GI track is disclosed. The system comprises a magnetic dipole for placement in human GI track, an external magnet in a sphere shape generating dipole magnetic field and applying external translational and or rotational magnetic field force to... Agent: Ankon Technologies Co., Inc

20150018615 - Apparatus and method for controlling movement of a capsule endoscope in digestive tract of a human body: System and method to provide a suspended capsule endoscope at a liquid gas interface is described. The capsule comprises a permanent magnetic dipole and has a density greater than the density of the liquid. An sphere-shaped external magnet is used to suspend and control the movement of the capsule endoscope... Agent: Ankon Technologies Co., Ltd

20150018612 - Medical device, medical system, and program: Provided is a medical device including a plurality of storage units each configured to store a different medicine, and a medicine discharge unit configured to selectively discharge at least one of a first medicine and a second medicine, each of which is stored in the plurality of storage units, when... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150018616 - Medical treatment instrument: A medical treatment instrument includes a tube-shaped elongated main body; and an insertion guide part mounted to a distal end of the elongated main body. The insertion guide part includes a frame body mounted to a distal portion of the elongated main body; and a flexible bridge portion which is... Agent:

20150018611 - Self-illuminating cmos imaging package: A microelectronics chip contains an integrated CMOS imaging sensor integrated with a LED die. Circuitry is established on the chip for a shared power arrangement.... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20150018617 - Stereoscopic endoscope: A stereoscopic endoscope includes an insertion portion, an objective optical system provided at a distal end portion of the insertion portion, an objective optical system provided at the distal end portion, a first opening portion provided a predetermined distance apart from an optical axis center of the objective optical system... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150018618 - Stereoscopic endscope system: To simultaneously observe not only a principal part but also a surrounding wide range, the present invention provides a stereoscopic endoscope system including an endoscope including a plurality of image capturing units which photograph a subject to acquire images at a leading edge of a long narrow insertion unit insertable... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150018619 - Space-saving flat interconnection: Apparatus, consisting of an integrated circuit (IC) die, and a circuit. The IC die includes a semiconductor substrate having a substrate plane face and a substrate edge, an imaging array formed on the substrate plane face, and a plurality of array pads mounted on the substrate plane face and connected... Agent:

20150018620 - Inflatable member for an endoscope sheath: Apparatus and methods for attaching and forming enclosed inflatable members on an endoscope assembly with a disposable sheath are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a flexible and resilient cuff member that is positioned on the outer surface of the disposable sheath and sealably and fixedly bonded to the... Agent:

20150018621 - Hand-held ear vacuum with camera and video display: An ear speculum that includes a body having an ear-contacting tip with an opening; a light providing member; a viewing member; and a vacuum intake port, wherein the members and intake port are provided within the ear speculum with the vacuum intake port occupying a larger portion of the of... Agent:

20150018622 - Surgical visualization systems: A surgical device includes one or more cameras integrated therein. The view of each of the one or more cameras can be integrated together and provided to a surgeon display and/or an assistant display. A surgical tool that includes an integrated camera may be used in conjunction with the surgical... Agent: Camplex, Inc.

20150018623 - Surgical access systems and methods: A method for retracting tissue in a surgical procedure includes inserting a first blade of a retractor system into an incision in a body of a patient. The retractor system includes a first articulating arm and a second articulating arm. The first articulating arm is coupled to a retractor assembly... Agent:

20150018624 - Surgical retractor: The invention relates to a surgical retractor, particularly for the retraction of a separated sternum, with a holding device and two spreader arms, wherein the spreader arms are mounted with one end on the holding device, at a distance from each other that is adjustable in a spreading plane, and... Agent:

20150018626 - Access sealing apparatus and method: A surgical access device includes a seal housing and a roller disposed in the housing and defining a working channel. The roller may be stationary or moveable within the seal housing to form both a zero seal in the absence of an instrument, and an instrument seal in the presence... Agent:

20150018625 - Tissue retractor: A surgical site retractor is configured to retract tissue, such as in an intercostal procedure. The retractor may be formed from non-radiopaque material for improved monitoring via x-ray imaging. The retractor may have a rigid retractor and a soft tissue retractor, where the rigid retractor has a plurality of legs... Agent:

20150018627 - Illuminated and modular soft tissue retractor: A surgical retractor for illuminating a surgical field includes an ergonomic handle, a retractor blade coupled with the handle, a quick release mechanism, and an illuminator blade. The retractor blade is adapted to engage and retract tissue, and the quick release mechanism is adapted to couple the handle with the... Agent:

20150018628 - Surgical access system and methods: A method for retracting tissue in a surgical procedure includes inserting a first blade of a retractor system into an incision in a body of a patient. The retractor system includes a first articulating arm and a second articulating arm. The first articulating arm is coupled to a retractor assembly... Agent: Globus Medical, Inc

20150018629 - Eye surgical lighting unit: The invention relates to an eye surgical lighting unit for lighting internal ocular tissue. The lighting unit comprises a fiber having a proximal end and a distal end, for guiding a light beam to the distal end. The lighting unit also comprises a manual unit, provided with a cannula and... Agent:

20150018630 - Systems and methods for creating comprehensive and personalized brain health programs: Systems, methods and computer-readable storage media for generating comprehensive and personalized brain health programs are described. The brain health programs may be configured to improve the brain health of a patient, including improving patient cognitive function and/or increasing hippocampal volume. The brain health programs may use various interventions, including, without... Agent:

20150018631 - Apparatus and method for measuring physiological signals: A measuring unit has at least one first signal-measuring end and at least one second signal-measuring end. The first signal-measuring end and the second signal-measuring end contact at least two symmetrical portions of a living being to obtain at least one first pulse signal and at least one second pulse... Agent:

20150018638 - Apparatus and method for non-invasive measurement of blood parameters: The present invention provides techniques for non-invasive measurement of blood related parameters based on NMR (nuclei) relaxation techniques carried out using a relatively low constant magnetic field in the range of 0.15 to 0.5 Tesla. A plurality of electromagnetic excitation pulse sequences having relatively low radiofrequencies are applied over a... Agent:

20150018637 - Method and system for optical blood pressure monitoring: An apparatus, methods and a system for cuffless blood pressure monitoring are provided. The system includes an optical BCG sensor, a PPG sensor, a transceiver and a signal processing device. The BCG sensor optically couples to the subject, acquires BCG signals from the subject, and optically transmits the subject's BCG... Agent:

20150018635 - Multifactorial telehealth care pregnancy and birth monitoring: A system for monitoring a fetus in a pregnant woman, and/or the maternal health risk for pregnancies complicated by such as pre-eclampsia and hypertensive disorders is configured to be worn by the pregnant woman, preferably so as to allow monitoring during daily life, e.g. in the form of an adhesive... Agent: Aalborg Universitet

20150018636 - Reduction of physiological metric error due to inertial cadence: The heart rate monitor disclosed herein removes a step rate component from a measured heart rate by using one or more filtering techniques when the step rate is close to the heart rate. In general, a difference between the step rate and the heart rate is determined, and the step... Agent: Valencell, Inc

20150018632 - System and method for monitoring cardiac blood flow balance between the right and left heart chambers: A system for measuring of cardiac blood flow balance parameter between the right chamber of the heart and the left chamber of the heart includes a sensor device for measuring one of blood pressure and blood flow rate and blood constituent concentration of a patient so as to generate an... Agent:

20150018634 - Systems and methods for detecting cerebrospinal-fluid pulsation using an implantable electrical stimulation device: An electrical stimulation lead assembly includes a lead body having a distal end portion, a proximal end portion, and a longitudinal length. Electrodes are disposed along the distal end portion of the lead body; terminals disposed along the proximal end portion of the lead body; and stimulation conductors couple the... Agent:

20150018633 - Unified platform for monitoring and control of blood glucose levels in diabetic patients: A flexible system capable of utilizing data from different monitoring techniques and capable of providing assistance to patients with diabetes at several scalable levels, ranging from advice about long-term trends and prognosis to real-time automated closed-loop control (artificial pancreas). These scalable monitoring and treatment strategies are delivered by a unified... Agent:

20150018640 - Method and apparatus for providing analyte sensor insertion: Devices and methods for positioning a portion of a sensor at a first predetermined location, displacing the portion of the sensor from the first predetermined location to a second predetermined location, and detecting one or signals associated with an analyte level of a patient at the second predetermined location are... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20150018639 - Method and system for providing an integrated analyte sensor insertion device and data processing unit: Method and apparatus for providing an integrated analyte sensor and data processing unit assembly is provided.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc

20150018641 - Fiber optic device for sensing analytes and method of making same: A device for sensing analyte concentration, and in particular glucose concentration, in vivo or in vitro is disclosed. A sensing element is attached to the distal end of an optical conduit, and comprises at least one binding protein adapted to bind with at least one target analyte. The sensing element... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20150018644 - Multiplexed pathlength resolved noninvasive analyzer apparatus with non-uniform detector array and method of use thereof: A noninvasive analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof is described comprising a near-infrared source, a non-uniform detector array, and a photon transport system configured to direct photons from the source to the detector via an analyzer-sample optical interface. The non-uniform detector array provides a multitude of distinguishable optical pathlengths,... Agent:

20150018643 - Systems, devices, and methods for energy efficient electrical device activation: Systems, devices, and methods are provided for changing the power state of a sensor control device in an in vivo analyte monitoring system in various manners, such as through the use of external stimuli (light, magnetics) and RF transmissions.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20150018642 - Tissue pathlength resolved noninvasive analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof: An analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof is configured to dynamically interrogate a sample. For example, an analyzer using light interrogates a tissue sample using a temporal resolution system on a time scale of less than about one hundred nanoseconds. Optionally, near-infrared photons are introduced to a sample with... Agent:

20150018645 - Disposable calibration end-cap for use in a dermoscope and other optical instruments: A disposable tubular end cap for a dermoscope for examining the skin of an animal. The end cap has one end for receiving light from and transmitting light to the dermoscope, a removable calibration target disposed at the other end having optical characteristics similar to a standard skin type, and... Agent:

20150018646 - Dynamic sample mapping noninvasive analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof: A noninvasive analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof is described using a sample mapping phase to establish one or more analyzer/software parameters used in a subsequent individual and/or group specific data collection phase. For example, in the sample mapping phase distance between incident and collected light is varied as... Agent:

20150018652 - Devices, systems and methods for inserting a gastrointestinal body part into a patients body while measuring oxygen saturation: Devices for containing exposed internal body parts during their insertion into the body of a patient are provided. The devices include a surgical pouch that comprises a measurement feature adapted to facilitate a measurement of the oxygen saturation of the exposed internal body parts. In some embodiments, the subject devices... Agent:

20150018651 - Indicators for a spectrophotometric system: A near-infrared spectrophotometric system (e.g., a cerebral oximeter) includes a sensor portion and a monitor portion. The monitor portion includes a processor that runs an algorithm which utilizes the amount of detected light to determine the value of the oxygen concentration (e.g., the absolute level of oxygen concentration). The monitor... Agent:

20150018647 - Method and apparatus for monitoring a subject for blood oxygen saturation: What is disclosed is a system and method for monitoring a subject of interest for functional blood oxygen saturation using an apparatus that can be comfortably worn by the subject around an area of exposed skin where a photoplethysmographic (PPG) signal can be registered. In one embodiment, the apparatus is... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150018649 - Methods and systems for using a differential light drive in a physiological monitor: A physiological monitoring system may use a differential light drive to illuminate one or more light sources. A differential light drive may include applying two signals, one to each terminal of a light emitting diode or other light source, such that the illumination of the light source is controlled by... Agent:

20150018650 - Physiological monitor: A patient monitor has multiple sensors adapted to attach to tissue sites of a living subject. The sensors generate sensor signals that are responsive to at least two wavelengths of optical radiation after attenuation by pulsatile blood within the tissue sites.... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20150018648 - Systems and methods for monitoring patients on ventilation: A system for monitoring a patient on ventilation including a ventilator system, a pulse oximeter, an information processing system, and a display device. The ventilator system is configured to provide mechanical ventilation in accordance with an FiO2 setting. The pulse oximeter is configured to measure SpO2. The information processing system... Agent:

20150018653 - Methods and systems for alerting practitioners to physiological conditions: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide systems and methods for monitoring a patient to produce a signal representing a blood oxygen concentration. The signal may be analyzed to determine the presence of one or more sleep apnea events, and an integral of the signal may be calculated if the signal... Agent:

20150018654 - Method and apparatus for monitoring a subject for fractional blood oxygen saturation: What is disclosed is a system and method for monitoring a subject of interest for fractional blood oxygen saturation using an apparatus that can be comfortably worn by the subject around an area of exposed skin where a photoplethysmographic (PPG) signal can be registered. In one embodiment, the apparatus is... Agent:

20150018655 - Integrated sample acquisition and analyte measurement device: A region of skin, other than the fingertips, is stimulated. After stimulation, an opening is created in the skin (e.g., by lancing the skin) to cause a flow of body fluid from the region. At least a portion of this body fluid is transported to a testing device where the... Agent:

20150018656 - Methods, systems, and apparatus for neural signal detection: Methods, systems, and apparatus for signal detection are described. In one example, a detection assembly includes a signal detector. The signal detector is configured to receive a sensor signal having a peak magnitude and a first frequency and generate an output signal having a magnitude proportional to the peak magnitude... Agent:

20150018657 - Physiological electrode assembly for fast application: The present invention relates to a physiological recording electrode, and, more particularly, to an EEG (electroencephalography) recording electrode that can be used without the need for numerous steps in preparing the subject's skin and the electrode itself. The invention further relates to a surface feature or penetrator with a size... Agent:

20150018658 - Means and method for the detection of cardiac events: Disclosed is a system for the detection of cardiac events that includes an implanted device called a cardiosaver, a physician's programmer and an external alarm system. The system is designed to provide early detection of cardiac events such as acute myocardial infarction or exercise induced myocardial ischemia caused by an... Agent:

20150018659 - Processability of polymeric substrates and related methods: The invention described herein consists of a process that enables increased adhesion of thin film materials (such as metals, metal oxides, carbon nanotubes or other materials) to solvent and temperature sensitive, and non-planar, polymer substrates and the fabrication of softening electronics. Importantly, this process can be used to create exceptional... Agent:

20150018660 - Apparatus for coupling to computing devices and measuring physiological data: Devices, systems, and methods for measuring and monitoring biometric or physiological parameters in a user-friendly and convenient manner are disclosed. Relevant physiological parameters of the user may be measured as the user normally operates a computing device or other hand-operated or hand-held device. These parameters are measured using an accessory... Agent:

20150018661 - Non-contact system for measuring corneal properties and method for measuring corneal elastic constant and viscosity constant: A method for measuring corneal elastic constant and viscosity constant comprises steps of: ejecting compressed air toward a cornea of a live eye ball and measuring air pressure thereof; emitting infrared rays during an air ejecting period, for measuring corneal deformation caused by the compressed air applied to the cornea;... Agent: National Taiwan University

20150018663 - Object information acquiring apparatus and laser apparatus: An object information acquiring apparatus has: a resonator including at least a laser medium, a flash lamp that excites the laser medium, and an output mirror that outputs laser light; an oscillator that oscillates the laser light; a controller that controls a timing at which the oscillator oscillates the laser... Agent:

20150018662 - Probe with optoacoustic isolator: An optoacoustic probe including an ultrasound transducer array, an acoustic lens and a light path separated from the transducer array by an isolator to mitigate light energy from the light path from reaching the transducer array. The isolator can be formed from a mixture including a carrier material and between... Agent:

20150018664 - Assessment of traumatic brain injury: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a patient is assessed. A TBI diagnosis for the patient is determined based on features from MRI data, such as anatomical features, functional features, diffusion features, connectivity features from functional MRI, connectivity features from diffusion MRI, and/or network features from the connectivity features. The TBI... Agent:

20150018665 - Molecular and cellular imaging using engineered hemodynamic responses: According to some aspects, the invention relates to methods and compositions for evaluation of hemodynamic responses (e.g., using molecular imaging) with high sensitivity.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20150018666 - Method and apparatus for registering image data between different types of image data to guide a medical procedure: A method and apparatus are provided for registering image data between two different types of image data. The image data is obtained during two separate scanning processes. The first process is a high-resolution imaging process, such as a CT scan or an MRI. The second process is a lower resolution... Agent:

20150018667 - Promoting transcranial direct current stimulation or transcranial magnetic stimulation using temperature-induced synaptic modulation: Disclosed herein are representative embodiments of methods, systems, and apparatus for enhancing or diminishing synaptic strength. Embodiments of the disclosed methods, systems, and apparatus can be used, for example, to complement the change in synaptic strength from transcranial direct current stimulation (“tDCS”) or transcranial magnetic stimulation (“TMS”) systems. One exemplary... Agent:

20150018669 - Device and method for conducting a pap smear test: A protective guide for protecting a cell extraction device used during a Pap smear. An access tunnel receives the cell extraction device and allows for access and movement of the cell extraction device. A protective chamber covers and protects the head of the cell extraction device as the cell extraction... Agent:

20150018670 - Interventional imaging system: An interventional medical diagnosis and/or therapy system is provided. The system provides an interventional imaging system and method which allows for an intervention, to be conducted in accordance with an intervention plan, to be supported and monitored by ongoing imaging, in particular radioscopy, with which, at the same time the... Agent:

20150018672 - Marker for a navigation system and method for detecting a marker: A marker for a navigation system includes a reflective surface, and a light-absorbing, non-reflective or low-reflective object arranged at a defined distance from the reflective surface.... Agent:

20150018668 - Radiation-free position calibration of a fluoroscope: A method includes registering a fluoroscopic imaging system and a position tracking system to a common frame of reference. A region of interest is marked in a patient body by the position tracking system. Using the common frame of reference, a field of view of the fluoroscopic imaging system is... Agent:

20150018671 - Retained object tag and detection method: A retained object tag, and a method of detecting the presence of a retained object or the retained object tag in a medical image. The method can include different steps such as identifying one or more potential sites in the medical image where the retained object or retained object tag... Agent:

20150018674 - Corneal topography measurement and alignment of corneal surgical procedures: Methods and apparatus are configures to measure an eye without contacting the eye with a patient interface, and these measurements are used to determine alignment and placement of the incisions when the patient interface contacts the eye. The pre-contact locations of one or more structures of the eye can be... Agent:

20150018675 - Medical image system: A medical image system comprises a medical imaging apparatus, an injector, and a hospital management server having database. The injector has (a) communicating means for allowing communication with the hospital management server; and (b) a patient identifying portion which includes a detecting means for detecting patient-specific information and a means... Agent:

20150018673 - Systems and methods for integration of a positron emission tomography (pet) detector with a computed-tomography (ct) gantry: Systems and methods for integration of a PET detector with a CT gantry are provided. One system includes an x-ray computed tomography (CT) gantry having a rotating portion and a stationary portion within a housing, and including a bore volume therethrough. The system also includes an x-ray source and an... Agent:

20150018676 - Microwave contactless heart rate sensor: A heart-rate sensor for detecting artery blood-flow volume per unit length change in a human or animal subject, which comprises an antenna for sensing the instantaneous volume of blood in the artery of the subject, to be measured; a RADAR unit for transmitting microwave signals into a subject's body part... Agent: Sensifree Ltd.

20150018677 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus and control method: An ultrasound diagnosis apparatus includes a transmitter/receiver, a signal processor, and an image generator. The transmitter/receiver transmits, at least once in each scanning line, a first ultrasound pulse and a second ultrasound pulse whose amplitude corresponds to amplitude of the first ultrasound pulse modulated at a given ratio and acquires... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150018678 - Bias voltage generating apparatus and ultrasound diagnostic system: A bias voltage generating apparatus is placed outside an ultrasound observation apparatus and used together with the ultrasound observation apparatus, the ultrasound observation apparatus incorporating a transmission circuit generating a transmission signal and a reception circuit performing processing on a received signal, for transmitting/receiving ultrasound to/from a subject using a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150018679 - Ultrasonic measuring device, ultrasonic image device, and ultrasonic measuring method: An ultrasonic measuring device including: an ultrasonic transducer device; a force sensor that measures pressing force; an emission unit that performs processing for emitting an ultrasonic beam; a reception unit that performs processing for receiving an ultrasonic echo obtained from the ultrasonic beam being reflected by a test subject; and... Agent:

20150018680 - Ultrasound observation system: An ultrasound observation system includes an ultrasound transducer that generates an ultrasound signal by transmitting and receiving ultrasound to and from a subject, an automatic pressurizing mechanism that applies a pressing force to the subject to cause pressurizing displacement, an elastic-image-generation displacement measuring circuit that measures an imaging displacement amount... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150018682 - Ultrasonic bone motion tracking system: A computerized bone motion tracking system according to one exemplary embodiment is configured to: provide a non-invasive means for accurate measurement and tracking of the motion of a bone using a volumetric ultrasound transducer and a three dimensional position measurement system; provide relative measurements of one bone relative to another... Agent: Perception Raisonnement Action En Medecine

20150018683 - Ultrasonic probe having auxiliary monitor mounted thereon, and ultrasonic diagnostic device comprising same: Disclosed are an ultrasonic probe having an auxiliary monitor mounted thereon and an ultrasonic diagnostic device comprising the same. According to the present invention, the ultrasonic diagnostic device includes: an ultrasonic probe for scanning ultrasonic waves, converting the returned ultrasonic waves into an electric signal, and outputting, on an auxiliary... Agent:

20150018681 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, medical image-processing apparatus, and method of processing medical images: Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus comprises an image generator, a first structural information acquirer, a second structural information acquirer, and a synthesizer. The image generator generates, based on ultrasound waves transmitted and received in accordance with a plurality of transmission and reception conditions, sets of image data whose images represent at least... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150018684 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment includes an image acquirer, a volume information calculator, a wall motion information calculator, a time change rate calculator, an extremum detector, and an index calculator. The image acquirer acquires ultrasonic image data including data for a left ventricle. The volume information calculator... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150018685 - Actuator for moving an ultrasound probe: An actuator for an ultrasound probe comprises a housing assembly configured to accommodate an ultrasound probe and to be positioned adjacent to a target region of interest to be examined, and a motor assembly coupled to the housing assembly, the motor assembly configured to move the housing assembly in a... Agent:

20150018686 - Coupling an ultrasound probe to the skin: A tape for securing an ultrasound probe to the skin may include a sonolucent silicone gel for transmitting ultrasound from an ultrasound transducer to the body. A method of manufacturing an adhesive silicone product may include a step of treating the adhesive composition or components of the composition to remove... Agent:

20150018689 - Peripheral ultrasound device: Implementations described and claimed herein provide systems and methods for acquiring circulatory system information from one or more patients. In one implementation, a device for acquiring ultrasound-generated data includes a housing, an imaging mechanism, and an adjustment mechanism. The housing has an interfacing surface with an opening, and the imaging... Agent: Guardsman Scientific, Inc.

20150018687 - Ultrasound probe and connection method for signal lines: An ultrasound probe includes a plurality of piezoelectric elements arranged in an array, a plurality of drawn-out signal lines drawn out from the plurality of piezoelectric elements, and a print board on which a plurality of connection conductors are formed for connecting between a plurality of communication cables connected to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150018688 - Ultrasound probe and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus including same: The ultrasound probe includes ultrasound transducers arranged in an array; transmission paths of the reception signals; impedance matching elements connected to the ultrasound transducers, respectively, each being disposed in each of the transmission paths of the reception signals, and each having a respective preset matching frequency. The impedance matching elements... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150018690 - Apparatus and method for detecting nir fluorescence at sentinel lymph node: The present invention relates to a device for observing a sentinel lymph node (SLN) in a human body. More particularly, the present invention relates to a device for observing an SLN by detecting near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence caused by a fluorescent material such as indocyanine green (ICG) at the SLN and... Agent:

20150018691 - Device for imaging, recording and saving thermographic image, a system of three liquid crystal matrices used by this device and its application for the detection of thermal anomalies, and a method of diagnosing these anomalies: The invention relates to a device for imaging, recording and saving a thermographic image of a breast, characterized in that it comprises a video recorder and an infrared mapping liquid crystal matrix working in the temperature range of approximately 1° in a range of 31.8° C. to 34.8″ C., wherein... Agent: Braster Sa

20150018692 - Bi-phasic paired pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation: It is an aspect of the present invention to provide a method for recording a response to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) utilizing a bi-phasic double pulse pair from a TMS coil device to stimulate a subject wherein the second pulse has a lower amplitude compared to the first pulse in... Agent: Nexstim Oy

20150018693 - Method and apparatus for monitoring a subject for atrial fibrillation: What is disclosed is a method for monitoring a subject for cardiac arrhythmia such as atrial fibrillation using an apparatus that can be comfortably worn by the subject around an area of exposed skin where a photoplethysmographic (PPG) signal can be registered. In one embodiment, the apparatus is a reflective... Agent:

20150018695 - Defibrillator display: Systems and methods related to the field of cardiac resuscitation, and in particular to devices for assisting rescuers in performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are described herein.... Agent:

20150018694 - Resuscitation assembly with peep valve: Resuscitation assembly (101) comprising a patient mask (107), a ventilation bag (105), an inflation valve (113), an exhalation valve (111), and an expiration indicator (119). The expiration indicator (119) is a positive end expiratory pressure valve in the form of a slit valve that exhibits a slit (131) in a... Agent: Laerdal Global Health As

20150018696 - Disposable blood pressure transducer and monitor interface: A medical blood pressure transducer that provides an identifier to a monitor that conveys characteristics of the transducer. The monitor can use the information to decide whether to function, or in calibration of the system. The transducer may be part of a disposable blood pressure monitoring system, and may include... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20150018697 - Non-invasive intracranial pressure monitoring system and method thereof: A system which includes a first sensor placed proximate to a perfusion field of an artery receiving blood which emanates from the cranial cavity is configured to monitor pulsations of the artery receiving blood which emanates from the cranial cavity artery. A second sensor placed proximate to a perfusion field... Agent: Vivonics, Inc.

20150018698 - Model based reconstruction of the heart from sparse samples: A parametric model representing a portion of a heart is constructed using a statistical prior of the shape from a dataset of other instances of the portion. Using a mapping electrode, electrical data is acquired in a plurality of locations in the portion of the heart of a subject. The... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

20150018699 - System and methods for closed-loop cochlear implant: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to systems and methods for a closed-loop cochlear implant. The closed-loop cochlear implant can use at least one extra-cochlear electrode for monitoring auditory evoked potentials from the peripheral and central auditory pathway and stimulating to optimize speech processing. The closed-loop cochlear implant can... Agent:

20150018700 - Systems for safe and remote outpatient ecg monitoring: A system and method providing outpatient ECG monitoring and safe home based cardiac tele-rehabilitation. The system includes a recordation module for recording ECG signals using at least one lead, a tele-rehabilitation module for home based exercise management for a patient's recovery from a heart disease, the tele-rehabilitation module including a... Agent: Medicalgorithmics Ltd.

20150018701 - Apparatus and display methods relating to intravascular placement of a catheter: An integrated catheter placement system for accurately placing a catheter within a patient's vasculature is disclosed. In one embodiment, the integrated system comprises a system console, a tip location sensor for temporary placement on the patient's chest, and an ultrasound probe. The tip location sensor senses a magnetic field of... Agent:

20150018702 - Devices and methods for real-time denoising of electrocardiograms: Apparatuses and methods (including methods of using such apparatuses) for de-noising electrocardiograms (ECGs) by manually or automatically adjusting the amount of filtering of an ECG signal. For example, real-time ECG signals may be filtered by combining in a weighted fashion an unfiltered portion of an ECG (or a filtered portion... Agent:

20150018703 - Capnography module with automatic switching between mainstream and sidestream monitoring: A capnography module for a patient monitoring system includes a hardware switching mechanism and a software mechanism for switching the capnography module automatically between a mainstream monitoring mode and a sidestream monitoring mode. The hardware switching mechanism along with software detection is capable of detecting the connection of a mainstream... Agent: Spacelabs Healthcare LLC

20150018706 - Method and device for enhancing brain activity: An apparatus is provided for stimulating brain neural networks of a subject comprising: at least one transmitter configured to generate an electromagnetic field through the brain neural networks of a subject, at least one brain wave measuring device for detecting subject brain wave frequency, a CPU for processing data concerned... Agent:

20150018705 - Neural analysis and treatment system: A neural analysis and treatment system includes a computing device with a memory for storing an application that is executable on a processor to receive amplitude-integrated electroencephalography (aEEG) and range-EEG (rEEG) measurements associated with a patient. The systems determine a spectral edge frequency (SEF) measurement from the received EEG measurements,... Agent:

20150018704 - Real-time multi-channel automatic eye blink artifact eliminator: A real-time multi-channel automatic eye blink artifact eliminator includes a receiving unit for receiving independent component data; a temporary storage unit for saving pieces of the independent component data to form a data segment; a detection unit for detecting an eye blink artifact in the data segment through a sample... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20150018707 - Pain analysis using electrodermal activity: A method for accurate pain analysis using a combination of electrodermal data and self-report information is described. To obtain pain measurements, electrodermal activity is collected and analyzed. One or more biosensors obtain electrodermal data from a person. The electrodermal data is filtered to produce skin conductance values. The skin conductance... Agent:

20150018708 - Method and apparatus to regulate a tissue temperature: A system and method are described for sensing the orientation of a catheter relative to a tissue and regulating the application of power to maintain the tissue at a pre-determined temperature.... Agent:

20150018709 - Method and associated apparatus for detecting minor traumatic brain injury: Minor traumatic brain injury is detected by operating (a) an image generator for presenting a visual stimulus having a predetermined movement across a visual field of a subject and (b) a sensor device for monitoring fast eye movement of the subject while the subject views the stimulus. The sensor device... Agent:

20150018710 - Endoscope including an torque generation component or torque delivery component disposed within an insertable portion of the endoscope and a surgical cutting assembly insertable within the endoscope: An endoscope for removing tissue at a surgical site includes an elongated tubular body insertable within a mammalian cavity of a patient. An instrument channel extends between a first opening at a distal end and a second opening at a proximal end of the tubular body and is sized and... Agent: Interscope, Inc.

20150018711 - Endoscope including an torque generation component or torque delivery component disposed within an insertable portion of the endoscope and a surgical cutting assembly insertable within the endoscope: An endoscope for removing tissue at a surgical site includes an elongated tubular body insertable within a mammalian cavity of a patient. An instrument channel extends between a first opening at a distal end and a second opening at a proximal end of the tubular body and is sized and... Agent:

20150018712 - Biopsy device: A biopsy device includes a pressure chamber having a body having a distal end and a proximal end, wherein the proximal end includes an inlet. At least one first recessed area extends along an inner wall of the body, proximate the proximal end of the body of the pressure chamber.... Agent:

20150018713 - Device for taking at least one sample of tissue: This invention relates to a device (10) for taking at least one sample of soft tissue from an organ, said device comprising a body (11) and a needle (12) formed by a stylet and a cannula coaxial with said stylet. The device comprises a mechanism for arming the needle, designed... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20150018714 - Step-shaped endometrial curette: A step-shaped endometrial curette is provided. The step-shaped endometrial curette includes a handle, a curetting bar, and a collection cup. The handle is connected to a first end portion of the curetting bar. A second end portion of the curetting bar has a distal end formed with a plurality of... Agent:

20150018715 - Devices and methods to reduce contamination of fluid collected from a patient: The invention includes devices and methods for obtaining samples of blood or other bodily fluids with reduced levels of contamination. Fluid obtained from a subject may be contaminated by skin cells, bacteria, fungi, viruses, phages, their respective RNA, DNA, and/or other undesirable molecules, or disinfectants. A first amount of fluid... Agent:

20150018716 - Shape memory guide wire: A guide wire is described for navigating body channels such as vessels. The guide wire can include an elongated member having a proximal portion and a distal portion, and a fluid passage to transport a fluid from the proximal portion to the distal portion. The distal portion of the elongated... Agent:

20150018717 - Apparatus and method for accurate cun self measurements: An apparatus and method for self calibration of ‘cun’ measurements comprising, a rubber tubing or other tubing with elastic properties, a set of concave shaped beads fixed on the two ends of the rubber tubing to act as hand grips, a set of four colored beads that move freely along... Agent:

20150018720 - Method for penetrating tissue: A tissue penetrating system has a housing member. A plurality of penetrating members are positioned in the housing member. A tissue stabilizing member is coupled to the housing. A penetrating member sensor is coupled to the plurality of penetrating members. The penetrating member sensor is configured to provide information relative... Agent:

20150018718 - Sensor for measuring the tilt of a patient's pelvic axis: A sensor and method for providing orientation data regarding a patient's pelvic axis is disclosed. The sensor includes a three axis tilt sensor; a wireless communication module; a power source; and a microcontroller. The microcontroller is in electronic communication with the three axis tilt sensor, the wireless communication module, and... Agent:

20150018719 - Systems and methods for aligning a medical device with a pelvic axis: One embodiment of a system described herein can include an axis guide for placement over a patient's right and left ASIS and at least two guides attachable to the axis guide to provide a through hole that is perpendicular to the axis guide. The system can further include at least... Agent:

20150018721 - Pressure monitoring shoe: A pressure monitoring shoe comprises a main shoe body, a data processing device and at least two pressure sensors. The pressure sensors are arranged at one or a plurality of locations where the main shoe body is in contact with a foot, and the pressure sensor comprises a flexible textile... Agent:

20150018723 - Apparatus for early detection of paralysis based on motion sensing: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for early detection of paralysis based on motion sensing. The apparatus includes: a sensing part which detects motion characteristic values of at least one left distal end and at least one right distal end of upper or lower limbs of a patient; a motion disorder... Agent:

20150018724 - Balance augmentation sensors: Current rehabilitative treatment of balance disorder requires long and intensive processes. The development of a wearable device for use in clinic as well as at home and during daily routine activities would enable continuous treatment outside of specialized training settings and accelerated relieve of balance disorder. The patent describes a... Agent:

20150018722 - Determination, communication, and presentation of user body position information: This disclosure relates to a system configured for determination, communication, and presentation of body positions of users. The system may facilitate communication related to body positions of a first user between the first user and one or more remotely located second users and/or systems. The communication may include verbal communication,... Agent:

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20150011817 - System and method for delivering an ultra-high dose of radiation therapy: Ultra high dose rate approach was proposed to irradiate to a moving target in radiation therapy in which the prescribed radiation dose was delivered within such a short time period that the displacement of the target could be ignored during dose delivering. The advantages of the approach were evaluated based... Agent:

20150011818 - Tumor vessel embolizing agent and method of embolizing tumor vessel: The present disclosure provides a tumor vessel embolizing agent, including: unmodified gold nanoparticles; and a pharmaceutically acceptable medium. The present disclosure also provides a method of embolizing tumor vessel, including administrating gold nanoparticles as a tumor vessel embolizing agent into a subject to accumulate the gold nanoparticles at a tumor... Agent:

20150011819 - Needle guard, assembly and method of implanting a heart assist system: A needle guard is used when suturing the cuff of an attachment ring to the heart. The needle guard is disposed in the attachment ring to prevent other parts of the attachment ring from being punctured by a suturing needle. The needle guard can include one or more grooves to... Agent:

20150011820 - Puncture device and puncture apparatus: A puncture device and method are disclosed, the puncture device includes a puncture member having a puncture needle for puncturing a biological tissue, a shaft portion, and a connection portion for connecting the puncture needle and the shaft portion to each other. The puncture needle includes a needle main body... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150011821 - Mechanical myocardial restraint device: A transvenously deployed myocardial restraint device provides mechanical restraint of a dilated left ventricle and improves heart function. The device includes a delivery wire with a restraining coil that is straightened for percutaneous delivery to the heart and recoiled once positioned in a pericardial space adjacent a ventricular heart wall.... Agent:

20150011822 - Sling anchor system: The present disclosure is generally directed to surgical articles useful for implanting support members in patients. The articles disclosed herein include a support member, such as a sling for urinary incontinence, tissue anchors, filamentary elements for associating the support member with the anchors, and introducer needles for placing the anchors... Agent:

20150011823 - Prosthetic penile implants with tethered rear tip extenders and related methods: Rear tip extenders include a tether attached to a collar that can be mounted onto a respective cylinder forward of a fluid line (that communicates with a scrotal pump) to prevent full separation or detachment from the cylinder during a revision procedure.... Agent:

20150011824 - Endoscope with electrically adjustable liquid crystal adaptive lens: Various embodiments of an endoscope capable of varying a focal length electrically are disclosed. In one embodiment, the endoscope comprises an optical imaging system within an inner portion of the elongate tube, wherein the optical imaging system comprises a liquid crystal adaptive lens (LCAL) comprising a ground plate, a first... Agent:

20150011825 - Endoscopic device intended, in particular, for a medical usage: An endoscopic device includes an optical guide head configured to be at least partially inserted into a body or a cavity in order to view or image an object or a site that is poorly accessible to the naked eye. The optical guide head of such an endoscopic device is... Agent:

20150011827 - Medical treatment instrument: A medical treatment instrument includes an insertion tube configured to be inserted into a body of a patient; an image information acquisition device configured to be inserted in a withdrawable manner in the insertion tube; and a first conveyance path configured such that an object is conveyable into the insertion... Agent:

20150011826 - Medico-surgical assemblies: A video bougie 1 for use in inserting a medical tube 3 includes a bendable rod 10 with a camera unit 11 mounted at its forward end and connected by a cable 13 with an electrical connector 14 at the machine end of the bougie. A brass ferrule 30 has... Agent: Smiths Medical International Limited

20150011828 - Expandable inter vivos tube and method of manufacturing same: A flexible expandable inter vivos tube includes at least one arched segmented portion, a corresponding movable element and at least one positioning mechanism. The at least one arched segmented portion and corresponding movable element forming a flexible closed longitudinally expandable tube. The at least one arched segment includes an H-shaped... Agent:

20150011830 - Tip actuated disposable endoscope: The present invention relates to an endoscope having a motorized assembly to control the distal end of an endoscope. Preferred embodiments can include disposable and reusable components. The system reduces the force need to control the tip of the endoscope and thereby reduce the risk of perforation′.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20150011829 - Wireless capsule endoscope and power supply control method thereof: The present invention relates to a wireless capsule endoscope and a power supply control method thereof. The method includes controlling the power supply of the capsule endoscope wirelessly and automatically adjusting power consumption of the power supply in the capsule endoscope. The wireless capsule endoscope includes a capsule casing, a... Agent: Ankon Technologies Co., Ltd

20150011831 - Endoscopic fluid passage changeover valve unit and endoscope: In an endoscopic fluid passage changeover valve unit, a communication passage is formed in a shaft, the communication passage being opened to a hollow portion of a cylinder portion in an inside opening located on an outer peripheral surface of the shaft, and a seal member is provided at an... Agent:

20150011832 - Hybrid interconnect: A connector for connection to terminals of an integrated circuit. The connector consists of a dielectric substrate having a first side and a second side. The connector has wire bond terminals which are attached to the first side of the substrate and configured to receive wire bonds connected to a... Agent:

20150011833 - Orifice introducer device: An orifice introducer device for introducing, e.g., a surgical device, into, e.g., an orifice of a body, includes a tubular member having a distal end and a proximal end. The distal end is adjustable between a first position for insertion into an orifice and a second position once inserted into... Agent:

20150011835 - Surgical access assembly and method of use therefor: A surgical access assembly includes an access port, a seal anchor and a sealing adapter. The access port includes proximal and distal rings and a sleeve defining a passage therethrough. The sleeve extends between the proximal and distal rings. The seal anchor is adapted to be at least partially disposed... Agent:

20150011834 - System and method for introducing multiple medical devices: A method and apparatus for introducing a first elongate medical device and short wire guide that are coupled together into a work site and remotely disconnecting them within the work site such that a secondary device comprising a catheter member can be introduced over the wire guide to the work... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20150011836 - Surgical retractor systems: A medical device for keeping open of a wound during surgery is described. It comprises a surgical retractor, a mechanical retracting system a force element for automatically winding an elongate wire-like element to apply tension to the elongate wire-like element.... Agent:

20150011837 - Sheathed optical fiber: An optical device for illuminating the vasculature of a mammal using ultraviolet, visible, and/or infrared light is described. The optical device includes an optical fiber encased in a biocompatible sheath, and is dimensioned to lie within an intravascular catheter. When placed within a vascular space and coupled with a suitable... Agent:

20150011838 - Targeted illumination for surgical instrument: An illuminated surgical instrument has a working area located near an end of the instrument. An array of optical fibers terminates near the end of the instrument. The array of optical fibers is located adjacent to the instrument such that the array of optical fibers provides targeted illumination to the... Agent:

20150011839 - Targeted illumination for surgical instrument: An illuminated surgical instrument has a working area located near an end of the instrument. An array of optical fibers terminates near the end of the instrument. The array of optical fibers is located adjacent to the instrument such that the array of optical fibers provides targeted illumination to the... Agent:

20150011841 - Apparatus and methods for non-invasively measuring a patient's arterial blood pressure: Improved apparatus and methods for non-invasively assessing one or more hemodynamic parameters associated with the circulatory system of a living organism. In one aspect, the invention comprises an apparatus adapted to automatically and accurately place and maintain a sensor (e.g., tonometric pressure sensor) with respect to the anatomy of the... Agent:

20150011845 - Biometric monitoring device having a body weight sensor, and methods of operating same: A system comprising a biometric monitoring device including a housing including a platform to receive at least one foot of the user, a body weight sensor to generate body weight data, processing circuitry to calculate user weight data which corresponds to the user's weight, using the body weight data, and... Agent:

20150011843 - Controlled sympathectomy and micro-ablation systems and methods: A catheter system for controlled sympathectomy procedures is disclosed. A catheter system for controlled micro ablation procedures is disclosed. Methods for performing a controlled surgical procedure are disclosed. A system for performing controlled surgical procedures in a minimally invasive manner is disclosed.... Agent:

20150011846 - Device and method for screening congenital heart disease: An apparatus including a main processing unit. The apparatus further including a precordial patch coupled to the main processing unit, the precordial patch having a plurality of sensors for detecting heart sounds and cardiac electrical signals (ECG). The apparatus further including a probe coupled to the main processing unit, the... Agent:

20150011840 - Event sequencing using acoustic respiratory markers and methods: Disclosed are systems and methods for detecting e.g. physiological, pathophysiological and therapeutic events, and characterizing the temporal relationship between these events and acoustic respiratory markers.... Agent:

20150011842 - Method and device for stuttering alleviation: A device for stuttering alleviation is disclosed, comprising a speech sensor, configured to output signals indicative of speech, a processing unit configured to detect stuttering, log stuttering and/or produce stimulation indication based on stimulation rules Said device may further comprise a remote server and a server user interface, configured to... Agent:

20150011844 - Method for the discovery, validation and clinical application of multiplex biomarker algorithms based on optical, physical and/or electromagnetic patterns: A method for diagnosing or predicting the risk of shock, the method incorporating an algorithmic combination of optical, electromagnetic, and other sensors, along with their anatomic and temporal patterns. A method for developing the algorithms through iterative optimization using machine learning.... Agent:

20150011847 - Blood sampling tube with integrated sensor device: A blood-sampling tube with a first fluid-receiving chamber for receiving a fluid is described, where the first fluid-receiving chamber may be connected to at least one fluid channel that has a sensor device for measuring at least one biochemical function of the fluid passed through the fluid channel, where the... Agent:

20150011848 - Multiplexed pathlength resolved noninvasive analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof: A noninvasive analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof is described using one or a plurality of sample illumination zones coupled to at least one two-dimensional detector array monitoring a plurality of detection zones. Control of illumination times and/or patterns along with selected detection zones yields pathlength resolved groups of... Agent:

20150011850 - Multiplexed pathlength resolved noninvasive analyzer apparatus with dynamic optical paths and method of use thereof: A noninvasive analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof is described comprising a near-infrared source, a detector, and a photon transport system configured to direct photons from the source to the detector via an analyzer-sample optical interface. The photon transport system includes a dynamically position light directing unit used to,... Agent:

20150011849 - Multiplexed pathlength resolved noninvasive analyzer apparatus with stacked filters and method of use thereof: A noninvasive analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof is described using a plurality of sample illumination zones optically coupled to at least two optically stacked two-dimensional optical filter arrays. Sectioned pixels and/or zones of a detector array are optionally filtered for different light throughput and/or are passed through various... Agent:

20150011851 - Heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring system: An integrated circuit device includes an insulating body provided with a number of electrically conductive leads and having a surface provided with a red LED aperture, an IR LED aperture and a photodetector aperture. The insulating body also includes an optical isolator optically separating the photodetector aperture from the red... Agent:

20150011852 - Sensor for determining concentration of gas: An optical sensor unit (10) for measuring a concentration of a gas is provided, comprising at least one sensing layer (122) adapted to be irradiated with a predetermined radiation; at least one gas-permeable layer (121) adjacent to one side of the at least one sensing layer (122) and adapted to... Agent:

20150011853 - Measuring device for measuring cerebral parameters: The invention relates to a measuring device and to a method for measuring parameters of a body tissue using an elongate probe (1) for insertion into the body tissue, comprising at least one optical waveguide (2) for transmitting light beams that runs along the longitudinal axis of the probe within... Agent: Nemodevices Ag

20150011854 - Continuous transdermal monitoring system and method: Various embodiments of methods and systems for continuous transdermal monitoring (“CTM”) are disclosed. One exemplary method for CTM begins by monitoring an output signal from an accelerometer. The accelerometer output signal may indicate acceleration and deceleration of a body part of a user, such as the user's wrist. Based on... Agent:

20150011855 - Methods and devices for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes: Methods and devices for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes are disclosed in which an analyte concentration within a peritoneal fluid of a human subject may be determined by implanting an analyte sensor apparatus in the subject where the apparatus may comprise a housing and a flexible sensing catheter which... Agent: Theranova, LLC

20150011856 - Bleed detection technique: A method to detect internal bleeding complications. The method includes determining, by an impedance assessment unit, a bioimpedance value at each of a plurality of frequencies. The method further includes normalizing, by the impedance assessment unit, each bioimpedance value at each frequency to a calibration bioimpedance value at that same... Agent:

20150011857 - Shielded multi-channel eeg headset systems and methods: Embodiments of a shielded sensor headset including a plurality of electrodes are generally described herein. In some embodiments a sensor headset can include electrodes, traces, and connection terminals printed on a first side of a flexible insulating substrate; and a shield plane printed on a second side of the flexible... Agent:

20150011859 - Elastic modulus measuring apparatus and elastic modulus measuring method: An elastic modulus according to the present embodiment includes a light source configured to generate light having a wavelength at which a material within a measurement target absorbs the light. An optical system causes the light to be passed through the measurement target at a desired aperture diameter and focuses... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150011858 - Sensor attachment for three dimensional mapping display systems for diagnostic ultrasound machines: A sensor attachment for use with three dimensional ultrasound mapping devices is presented. According to the invention, one or more sensors are attached to specific locations on the body, such as the nipple and sternum, the inventive sensor attachments enabling accurate recording of target information, including location and size; the... Agent:

20150011860 - Adjustable implant and method of use: A system includes an adjustable implant configured for implantation internally within a subject and includes a permanent magnet configured for rotation about an axis of rotation, the permanent magnet operatively coupled to a drive transmission configured to alter a dimension of the adjustable implant. The system includes an external adjustment... Agent:

20150011862 - Method and device for evaluation of myocardial damages based on the current density variations: Invention is related to cardiology and intended for diagnosis of ischemic myocardial injuries. Magnetocardiographic examination is executed, current density vectors maps are reconstructed during ST-T interval and 4 sub-intervals of QRS complex, quantitative diagnostic indicators are calculated. Characterized in that, for said time intervals total length of all vectors (total... Agent:

20150011861 - Multimodal fiducial marker and marker arrangement: The present invention relates to a multimodal fiducial marker (10) for registration of multimodal data, comprising a first portion (12) comprising magnetic material visible in MPI data obtained by a magnetic particle imaging method and a second portion (14) comprising a second material visible in image data obtained by another... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150011863 - Apparatus and method of generating magnetic resonance spectrum: A method generates a magnetic resonance (MR) spectrum by obtaining an MR echo signal from an object in response to a transmitted radio frequency (RF) signal that is emitted towards the object. The method extracts from the MR signal, a plurality of signals corresponding to a plurality of frequency ranges... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150011864 - Prevention of mild cognitive impairment and eventual alzheimer's disease: A method for preventing cognitive decline, comprises the steps of identifying, in an individual, a first stage of cognitive decline corresponding to Subjective Cognitive Impairment and administering a predetermined treatment to the individual to inhibit a progression of the individual to a second predetermined stage of cognitive decline or to... Agent:

20150011866 - Probe for surgical navigation: Disclosed is a probe for use in conjunction with a surgical navigation platform to transform image sequences from multiple imaging modalities into a uniform coordinate system, stacking 2D image sequences into 3D image voxels. Image volumes are aligned, spatially co-registering each image volume to a base anatomical image volume, segmented... Agent:

20150011865 - Systems and methods for tracking imaging attenuators: A system for imaging an object is provided including a first imaging acquisition module, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) acquisition module, and a first reconstruction module. The first imaging acquisition module is configured to acquire imaging information using a first non-MRI modality. The MRI acquisition module is configured to acquire... Agent:

20150011867 - Retrospectively correlated turbo spin echo imaging: Systems and methods which generate a sequence of images using turbo spin echo magnetic resonance imaging which are retrospectively correlated with periodic motion occurring within a subject being imaged are described. In one embodiment, k-space measurements (or the measurements from which images are formed) are captured during, and correlated with,... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20150011868 - Mri-compatible fiducial markers and methods for using the same: The present disclosure relates generally to an MRI-compatible fiducial marker assembly and methods of use in planning and conducting brain surgery. This invention relates to the field of anatomic orientation and positioning, particularly in relation to an implement for effectively and efficiently defining an anatomic orientation and position for conducting... Agent:

20150011869 - Table stabilizers for scanner systems: Scanner Systems with table stabilizers for stabilizing patient support structures during a surgery include a stabilizer block that can cooperate with the gantry to structurally support a head end portion of the table to prevent undesired movement of the table under an end load.... Agent: Mri Interventions, Inc.

20150011870 - Protective covers for rf coils and related rf coils, assemblies and methods: Protective covers that are particularly suitable for flexible RF coils include self-sticking, releasably peelable layers of film having one sticky/tacky inner surface and one non-sticky/non-tacky smooth (outer) surface.... Agent: Mri Interventions, Inc.

20150011871 - Apparatus, system, and method for targeted placement of a percutaneous electrode: In various examples, an apparatus is configured for targeted placement of a lead body within a patient. The lead body includes at least one distal electrode. The apparatus includes a needle including a lumen sized to accommodate the lead body within the lumen. A stylet is insertable within the needle,... Agent:

20150011873 - Catheters, catheters for use in ultrasound guided procedures, and related methods: Catheters include a catheter tube and an echogenic structure extending from a proximal portion of the catheter tube to a distal end of the catheter tube where a portion of the echogenic structure is at least partially formed in the distal end of the catheter tube. Such catheters may exhibit... Agent: Custom Medical Applications, Inc.

20150011874 - Ingestible medical device: Various embodiments are described herein for a device and method for an ingestible medical device with a rotatable element. In some described embodiments, the ingestible medical device includes a storage sub-unit with multiple chambers each having an opening for collecting or dispensing substances from the GI tract. The device further... Agent: Micropharma Limited

20150011872 - Medical imaging apparatus and method of providing medical images: Disclosed herein are an a medical imaging apparatus capable of easily detecting the location of specific tissue, for example, a lymph node, and a method of providing medical images. The medical image providing method includes: arranging and displaying n thumbnail images for n first photoacoustic images acquired by initially scanning... Agent:

20150011875 - Computed tomography (ct) - high intensity focused ultrasound (hifu) system and/or method: A system (100) includes a CT scanner (101) with a radiation source (108) that emits radiation the traverses an examination region (112), a radiation sensitive detector array (110), located opposite the source across the examination region, which detects radiation traversing the examination region and a portion of a subject therein... Agent:

20150011876 - Wireless and power-source-free extravasation and infiltration detection sensor: A system detects extravasation or infiltration by segregating active components that drive a passive sensor for economical single use. A receiving antenna of the passive sensor receives antenna for receiving a transmitted signal comprising RF electromagnetic power. A first circuit transmits a first portion of the received signal through a... Agent:

20150011878 - Discrete imaging of hepatic oxidative and nitrosative stress with two-channel nanoparticles for in vivo drug safety screening: Encompassed are embodiments of activatable nanoprobes useful for in vivo longitudinal imaging of drug hepatotoxicity with oxidative and nitrosative stress as the safety biomarkers. Both H2O2 and ONOO− are important mediators of radical stress. Two channels of optical detection, intrinsically free from cross-talk, were engineered into superconducting polymer nanoparticles to... Agent:

20150011877 - Intra-operative fiducial system and method for neuronavigation: An imageable fiducial marker includes a base formed from a material transparent to radiation from an imaging source and a pair of fiducial elements fixed to the base at a preselected separation. A bracket temporarily secures the marker to a skull of a human for intra-operative scanning in neurosurgery procedures,... Agent:

20150011879 - System and method for the effective, reliable and foolproof delivery of controlled amounts of a medical fluid: A method for using CO2 as a contrast material in medical imaging procedures is disclosed. The method includes providing a source of pressurized CO2. The step of providing includes connecting the source of pressurized CO2 to a compressed gas unit for controlling delivery of the CO2. The method also includes... Agent:

20150011880 - Method using transmitted and received signals for forming ultrasonic images for ultrasonic diagnosis, and high-intensity focused ultrasonic therapeutic device performing the same: The present disclosure relates to a method for forming ultrasonic images using transmitted and received signals for ultrasonic diagnosis and a HIFU therapeutic device performing the same. The HIFU therapeutic device includes a transceiver for transmitting a diagnostic ultrasound to a subject, and receive a reflected subject ultrasonic echo signal... Agent: Alpinion Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20150011883 - Imaging system for imaging a periodically moving object: The invention relates to an imaging system for imaging a periodically moving object. An assigning unit (18) assigns ultrasound signals like A-lines to motion phases based on a provided phase signal,wherein an ultrasound images generation unit (19) generates several ultrasound images like gated M-mode images for the different motion phases... Agent:

20150011882 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound imaging method: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes an acquisition unit acquiring pieces of ultrasound image data at different deflection angles; a calculation unit calculating coefficients corresponding to respective positions in ultrasound image data corresponding to a certain deflection angle based on signal or pixel values corresponding to the respective positions in at... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150011881 - Ultrasound probe and ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus: Disclosed is an ultrasound probe including a piezoelectric device which transmits and receives ultrasound, n layers of acoustic matching layers provided on a front side of the piezoelectric device, n layers meaning two layers or more, an acoustic lens which is provided on a front side of the acoustic matching... Agent:

20150011886 - Automatic imaging plane selection for echocardiography: Based on anatomy recognition from three-dimensional live imaging of a volume, one or more portions (204, 208) of the volume are selected in real time. In further real time response, live imaging or the portion(s) is performed with a beam density (156) higher than that used in the volume imaging.... Agent:

20150011884 - Intuitive ultrasonic imaging system and related method thereof: A hand held ultrasonic instrument (10) is provided in a portable unit that performs C-Mode imaging and collects 3D image data. In a preferred embodiment a transducer array (60), display unit (20), beamformer (40), power system, and image processor are integrated in one enclosure weighing less than three pounds. In... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20150011885 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method of operating the same: Disclosed is a method for operating an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus. The method includes transmitting separate first and second ultrasonic signals to an object, receiving a first echo signal which corresponds to the first ultrasonic signal and a second echo signal which corresponds to the second ultrasonic signal, separating the received... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150011887 - Ultrasound system and method for providing object information: Disclosed are an ultrasound system and method for determining an object, for example, an artery or a vein, and provide object information corresponding to a position of the object. The ultrasound system includes: an ultrasound probe that transmits an ultrasound signal to a body comprising an object, and receives an... Agent:

20150011888 - Ultrasonic probe: A groove portion depressed from an unit outer surface toward a first perpendicular direction extends over an entire length of a transmission unit in axially parallel directions, and in the transmission unit, a sectional of a first unit component perpendicular to a longitudinal axis is a first sectional shape and... Agent:

20150011889 - Ultrasonic probe and manufacturing method thereof: An ultrasonic probe manufactured using graphene or graphite, and a manufacturing method thereof, the ultrasonic probe including a matching layer, a transducer layer provided at a rear surface of the matching layer, and a backing layer provided at a rear surface of the transducer layer, wherein the ultrasonic probe further... Agent:

20150011890 - Ultrasound probe and ultrasound equipment using same: Provided are: an ultrasound probe with excellent characteristic stability; and ultrasound equipment that uses the ultrasound probe. The ultrasound probe has an ultrasonic transmitting and receiving element provided with a substrate, an insulating film formed on the substrate, a cavity formed between the substrate and the insulating film, and a... Agent:

20150011891 - Cable connection structure, ultrasonic probe, and ultrasonic endoscope system: A cable connection structure for connecting a plurality of cables to an electrode provided on a substrate includes an extended portion that is provided integrally with the plurality of cables, extends from the plurality of cables, and covers at least a connection part between the plurality of cables and the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150011892 - Methods for evaluating tissue injuries: Aspects of the invention relate to methods and devices for evaluating tissue injuries. In some embodiments, the invention provides methods and devices for evaluating tissue injuries based on infrared emission spectra and/or emission levels from injured tissue. In some embodiments, the invention provides methods and devices for evaluating skin injuries... Agent:

20150011893 - Evaluation of skin lesions by raman spectroscopy: A Raman spectrometer system provides a tool for discriminating between different tissue pathologies. The tool may provide discrimination indicators for a plurality of different pairs of tissue pathologies. Improved sensitivity and specificity are achieved by basing discriminations on appropriate ranges within a Raman spectrum.... Agent: The University Of British Columbia

20150011897 - Illumination device for tumor detection and illumination device for examinations: The present invention is an illumination device for tumor detection, which improves the visibility of a tumor in which a fluorescent substance is accumulated, and emits excitation light for the fluorescent substance accumulated in the tumor, and the illumination device for tumor detection is provided with: a light emitting diode... Agent:

20150011895 - Methods and systems for determining mechanical properties of a tissue: Systems and methods for determining mechanical properties of a biological tissue in a subject are provided. A low coherence optical interferometer detects waves generated from a surface of a tissue in a subject. The waves are generated from elastographic deformation of the tissue induced by an impulse stimulation. Phase velocities... Agent:

20150011894 - System for and method of quantifying on-body palpitation for improved medical diagnosis: A haptic sensor for performing palpation includes a deformable membrane having a reflective surface, a light source, a camera, and a processor. When the sensor is pressed against an object on a body, the deformable membrane deforms to contour to the shape of the object, light is reflected off the... Agent:

20150011896 - Vessel imaging system and method: A method for locating a vessel, the method comprising illuminating at least a portion of the vessel with a background light having a substantially high susceptibility to absorption by particles in said portion of the vessel; detecting backscattered light from said illuminated portion of the vessel; reproducing an image from... Agent: Technion Research & Development Foundation Limited

20150011898 - Physiological metric estimation rise and fall limiting: Methods and apparatus disclosed herein use a filtering technique to improve the accuracy of the results achieved when processing data provided by a physiological sensor. The disclosed filtering technique corrects many of the accuracy problems associated with physiological sensors, particularly PPG sensors. Broadly, the filtering technique adjusts a current filtered... Agent:

20150011899 - Device and method for monitoring variation of animal respiration and/or heartbeat: A method of monitoring variation in either or both respiration and heartbeat of an animal comprising the steps of vibrating a piezoelectric vibrator by continuously or intermittently applying an AC voltage of a frequency corresponding to a natural resonance frequency of the vibrator to the piezoelectric vibrator under such condition... Agent:

20150011900 - Method and system to facilitate blood pressure management: A system for facilitating blood pressure management, the system comprising: a measuring device, a blood pressure cuff being connected to the measuring device and is adapted to wrap on a part of the body of the patient so that blood pressure measurement can be performed, an uploading application preinstalled in... Agent:

20150011902 - Method and system for cardiac ischemia detection: Disclosed herein are methods and systems providing improvements enhancing speed and accuracy in interpreting the electrocardiogram (ECG) for ischemia identification using a graphical presentation. An ischemia criteria and ST segment measurements to be tested are graphically presented simultaneously. The graphical presentation allows the violation of the ischemia criteria to be... Agent:

20150011903 - Non-linear filtering for the reconstruction of a surface electrocardiogram from an endocardial electrogram: An active medical device using non-linear filtering for the reconstruction of a surface electrocardiogram (ECG) from an endocardial electrogram (EGM) is disclosed. The device for the reconstruction of the surface ECG includes a plurality of inputs, receiving a corresponding plurality of EGM signals from endocardial or epicardial electrogram (x1[n], x2[n]),... Agent: Sorin Crm Sas

20150011901 - System and method for optimizing electrocardiography study performance: A method for optimizing electronic signal monitoring study performance includes assessing study criteria to determine an appropriate noise reduction circuit and selecting an appropriate noise reduction circuit from a plurality of noise reduction circuits in an electronic signal monitoring system. The study is then conducted using the selected noise reduction... Agent: General Electric Company

20150011904 - Device and methods for assessing, diagnosing, and/or monitoring heart health: A system for communicating heart health of an individual to the individual, comprises an input device useable to enter data relevant to the health of the individual an expert system including a knowledge base populated by a plurality of facts and rules for assessing heart health using the relevant data... Agent:

20150011905 - Respiratory cycle patient ventilation flow limitation detection: A single respiratory cycle flow limitation detection method is disclosed. A patient gas delivery signal is received from one or more sensors in pneumatic communication with a ventilation source and a patient ventilation interface to a patient airway. The patient gas delivery signal is representative of a measure of therapeutic... Agent:

20150011906 - Breathing biofeedback device: Disclosed are biofeedback methods and devices suitable for providing biofeedback useful for helping a user control an own breathing, for example, to help in inducing deep breathing, and such biofeedback devices further comprising a dispenser for dispensing an inhalable substance.... Agent:

20150011907 - Systems and methods to infer brain state during burst suppression: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring a subject, and particularly, for inferring an underlying brain state present in absence of current conditions. In some aspects, a method for monitoring the subject is provided including steps of receiving physiological feedback from at least one sensor configured to acquire physiological information... Agent:

20150011908 - Method and system for quantitative assessment of visual form discrimination: A method and apparatus are presented to address quantitative assessment of visual form discrimination in a subject, where the method comprises the steps of: (1) presenting at least one scene to a subject on a display, said scene comprising a plurality of elements and a background; (2) distorting at least... Agent: Cerebral Assessment Systems, Inc.

20150011909 - Endoluminal medical access device: An endoluminal medical access device (1) is disclosed that is devised for endoluminal delivery to an extravascular target site (5) at a vasculature site of a human or animal body vasculature, such as the microvasculature. The device (1) comprises a hollow body (112) arranged around a continuous channel (113) that... Agent:

20150011910 - Fluid diversion mechanism for bodily-fluid sampling: An apparatus includes a housing, a fluid reservoir, a flow control mechanism, and an actuator. The housing defines an inner volume and has an inlet port that can be fluidically coupled to a patient and an outlet port. The fluid reservoir is disposed in the inner volume to receive and... Agent:

20150011911 - Fluid diversion mechanism for bodily-fluid sampling: An apparatus includes a housing, a fluid reservoir, a flow control mechanism, and an actuator. The housing defines an inner volume and has an inlet port that can be fluidically coupled to a patient and an outlet port. The fluid reservoir is disposed in the inner volume to receive and... Agent:

20150011912 - Peristaltic sound detection apparatus, method for detecting peristaltic sound, and recording medium: A peristaltic sound detection apparatus (10) includes matching coefficient calculation means for calculating a plurality of matching coefficients by individually matching a frequency spectrum of a biological sound and a plurality of standard frequency spectra of peristaltic sounds.... Agent:

20150011913 - Determination device, determination method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a determination device includes a first calculator, a second calculator, a determination unit, and an output unit. The first calculator is configured to calculate inclination information that indicates inclination of an attachment surface to which a body unit is to be attached, based on acceleration of... Agent:

20150011914 - Athletic or other performance sensing systems/us/us/us/us: Articles of footwear and other devices include modules, e.g., for sensing physical and/or physiological characteristics associated with use of the footwear or other devices. Such devices may include an authentication or activation system for providing power or otherwise determining the connection of a sensor in the article of footwear.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150011915 - Apparatus and method for evaluating joint performance: The present invention is generally directed to apparatuses and methods for evaluating the amount of “play” in a joint. In one embodiment, an apparatus is provided that quantifies the rotation of the tibia in response to a known torque. The apparatus is configured to minimize the influence of other joints... Agent:

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