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02/05/2015 > 122 patent applications in 74 patent subcategories.

20150038764 - Charged particle beam transport system and particle beam therapy system: A charged particle beam transport system is characterized in that in a fixed transport unit, a phase of a phase space distribution of a charged particle beam at an inlet of a rotating deflection unit that rotates around an gantry rotation axle of a rotating gantry coincides with a phase... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150038767 - Endorectal balloon with gas lumen and stopper: A prostate immobilizing balloon having a central seating area that on full inflation cups the prostate to hold it during treatment is combined with a gas lumen, a locking member and one or more fiducial markers. Methods of using same are also provided.... Agent:

20150038761 - Graphene-au nanoplate structure, method for fabricating the same, and method for accelerating carbon ions using the graphene-au nanoplate structure: A graphene-Au nanoplate structure, a method for fabricating the same, and a method for accelerating carbon ions using the graphene-Au nanoplate structure. The graphene-Au nanoplate structure includes: a substrate; an Au nanoplate attached on the substrate; and a graphene wrapped around the Au nanoplate.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150038762 - Method for preparing an irradiation plan for a moving target volume without a movement compensation: A method for preparing a radiation treatment plan for irradiating a target volume region moving in regions in an object with a moving particle beam includes determining, using a mapping function dependent on a movement state (k) of the moving target volume region, a dose input in at least one... Agent: Gsi Helmholtzzentrum Fuer Schwerionenforschung Gmbh

20150038766 - Particle beam scanning irradiation system: A particle beam scanning irradiation method includes the steps of calculating a planned irradiating particle count of a particle beam for each of irradiation spots, on the basis of a relative amount of particle beam irradiation and a prescription particle-beam dose determined from a particle-beam therapy plan; simulating an irradiation... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150038763 - Radiotherapy equipment control device, radiotherapy equipment control method, and program executed by computer for radiotherapy equipment: A radiotherapy equipment control device acquires reference position information for a specific location at a reference time. Furthermore, representative point reference position information is generated from reference position information for a plurality of markers at the reference time, and relative position information up to the reference position information for the... Agent:

20150038765 - Using different indicators for determining positional changes of a radiotherapy target: r

20150038768 - Transcranial magnetic stimulation system: A transcranial magnetic stimulation system has a magnetic field generating means for generating a variable magnetic field to be used for providing magnetic stimulation to a specific part of the patient's head. The system also has a holder for holding a magnetic coil of the magnetic field generating means, cameras... Agent: Teijin Pharma Limited

20150038769 - Axial flow pump with multi-grooved rotor: An axial-flow blood pump for pumping blood includes a substantially cylindrical outer enclosure. A tubular housing concentric with and located within the outer enclosure has at one end an inlet and at an opposite end an outlet. A motor stator is concentric with and located between the outer enclosure and... Agent:

20150038771 - Implantable system with secure remote control: A fluid flow system for a patient comprises a controller and an implantable pump assembly. The controller comprises a processing unit and a battery. The processing unit includes a signal generator and one or more pump operational parameters. The signal generator provides a drive signal. The battery provides power to... Agent:

20150038770 - Wire scaffold device for ventricular assist device: A ventricular assist system includes a ventricular assist device (“VAD”) and an expandable stent. The VAD may include a pump and an inlet element defining an inlet opening communicating with the pump, the inlet element being adapted for positioning with the inlet opening disposed within a ventricle of a heart... Agent:

20150038772 - Control of blood flow assist systems: A system for assisting blood flow in a patient includes an implantable pump system for assisting in blood flow from the heart and an implantable control system for communicative connection with the implantable pump system. The control system includes a pacemaker system that is operative to control heart rate and... Agent:

20150038773 - Thermotherapy device: A heat therapy appliance (2) for treatment of neonates has a lying surface on a platform (4) bordered by side walls (8), a hood (10a, 10b) movable between a closed incubator position, bearing on the side walls and covering the lying surface, and an open nursing care position, a radiant... Agent:

20150038774 - Bone-sealed audio device: An audio device with an insertion part being adapted to be inserted into an ear canal of a user. The insertion part comprises pressure means and a resilient surface. The resilient surface comprises an adhesive, which is adapted to adhere to a skin portion of a bony portion of an... Agent:

20150038775 - Systems, devices, components and methods for improved acoustic coupling between a bone conduction hearing device and a patient's head or skull: Disclosed are various embodiments of systems, devices, components and methods for improving acoustic coupling between a bone conduction hearing device (BCHD) and a patient's head or skull. Such systems, devices, components and methods include disposing a gel or paste between the BCHD and the patient's skin, hair and/or skull. The... Agent: Sophono, Inc.

20150038776 - Device for inducing and maintaining sleep: Described herein is a device (100) for inducing and maintaining sleep in which one of a number of sleep programmes can be selected in accordance with the requirement of a user, !n addition, a background can be selected by the user which forms part of the programme. The device (100)... Agent:

20150038777 - Transobturator surgical articles and methods: A surgical instrument for treating incontinence includes a handle portion elongate along a handle axis and a needle portion connected to the handle portion. The needle portion has a spacer portion along the handle axis, and has a distal end. The needle portion includes a substantially helical portion that is... Agent:

20150038778 - Itih5 as a diagnostic marker of uterine development and functional defects: The invention relates to the use of ITIH5 as a biomarker of endometrium receptivity to embryo implantation. Also provided are methods and kits for using this biomarker for detecting the receptivity state of the endometrium of a mammal to embryo implantation, for diagnosing infertility in a female mammal, for the... Agent:

20150038780 - Hysteropexy mesh apparatuses and methods: The invention describes embodiments of apparatuses and methods of using a hysteropexy mesh.... Agent:

20150038781 - Implant for hernia repair: A hernia repair implant includes a first layer for facing a body structure having a hernia defect to cover the defect while promoting tissue growth into the first layer from the body structure. The implant also includes a second layer opposed to the first layer and made of anti-adhesion material... Agent:

20150038782 - Implant for hernia repair: A hernia repair implant includes a first layer for facing a body structure having a hernia defect to cover the defect while promoting tissue growth into the first layer from the body structure. The implant also includes a second layer opposed to the first layer and made of anti-adhesion material... Agent:

20150038783 - Implant for hernia repair: A hernia repair implant includes a first layer for facing a body structure having a hernia defect so cover the defect while promoting tissue growth into the first layer from the body structure. The implant also includes a second layer opposed to the first layer and made of anti-adhesion material... Agent:

20150038779 - Support apparatus for urinary implant cuff valve: A Support Apparatus for Urinary Implant Cuff Valve. The device should be worn directly against the skin, underneath the underclothing. It has a pair of juxtaposed sling staps that pass beneath the wearer's genitals when the device is worn. These sling straps relieve pressure from the cuff valve when the... Agent:

20150038784 - Endoscope working channel with multiple functionality: Endoscopic instrument assemblies and methods for making and using the same. An example endoscopic instrument assembly includes an endoscope having a working channel and an endoscopic instrument slidably disposed in the working channel. The inside surface of the working channel and the outside surface of the endoscopic instrument each have... Agent:

20150038785 - Integrated endoscope irrigation: In a first aspect the invention is an endoscopic device in which the empty spaces between the plurality of tubes, wires, and cables are utilized as a channel that enables liquid or gas to flow from the handle section to the distal tip. In a second aspect the invention is... Agent: Medigus Ltd

20150038787 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes illumination units and an image pickup unit that acquires an object image, in a distal end portion of an insertion portion. Each the illumination unit includes: a light-emitting section including an LED, the light-emitting section outputting light from an upper surface; a wiring board including a recess... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150038786 - Scanning endoscope system: A scanning endoscope system includes: a fiber that guides illuminating light emitted from a light source; a first actuator provided on a side of the fiber, the first actuator expanding/contracting according to an applied voltage, thereby swinging the fiber; a second actuator disposed at a position facing the first actuator... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150038788 - Instrument having radio frequency identification systems and methods for use: One method for determining the position of an instrument using radio frequency identification chips includes providing a radio frequency identification chip reader and antenna; providing an instrument having a longitudinal axis and comprising a plurality of radio frequency identification chips placed along the longitudinal axis; moving the instrument relative to... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20150038789 - Injection tube for jet injection device: A non-metal, polymeric tubular device for delivering a therapeutic fluid to a treatment site within a patient. The non-metal, polymeric tubular device can be fabricated using suitable high strength polymers and in some versions can be reinforced through the inclusion of reinforcement materials or braiding. The non-metal, polymeric tubular device... Agent:

20150038790 - Method and apparatus for cold plasma treatment of internal organs: Chronic sinusitis is treated by the application of cold plasma or plasma-activated species to the infected mucosal surfaces through use of an endoscope having a steerable end which may be projected into the sinus cavities through the nasal cavity. The cold plasma is generated at either the distal end of... Agent:

20150038791 - Device for use in a surgical procedure on an human eye: Presented is a device for use in a surgical procedure on an eye. The device includes an elongated member that includes a first elongated portion, a second elongated portion, and hook portion. The first elongated portion includes a proximal end and a distal end. The second elongated portion includes a... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20150038793 - Devices, systems, and methods for providing surgical access and facilitating closure of surgical access openings: A surgical system includes a cannula and a guide member. The cannula is configured for positioning within an opening in tissue. The cannula includes a base and an elongated tubular member extending distally from the base. The elongated tubular member includes an annular wall defining a longitudinal passageway and defines... Agent:

20150038796 - Expanding surgical access port: A surgical access port that includes a cylindrical member having a proximal end and a distal end and defining a longitudinal axis; at least two lumen extending through the cylindrical member along the longitudinal axis; at least one cavity defined in the cylindrical member and positioned radially within the at... Agent:

20150038792 - Instrument system for minimally invasive surgery in single port technology: An instrument system for minimally invasive surgery in single port technology, having a trocar and at least one instrument channel which runs at the trocar from proximal to distal and a proximal end remaining extra-corporally when the trocar is inserted into the body of a patient, and a distal end... Agent:

20150038795 - Single port device with multi-lumen cap: A surgical access apparatus includes an access member defining a longitudinal axis and having a longitudinal passageway for reception and passage of a surgical object and an access housing mountable to the access member. The access housing includes a diaphragm mounted thereto. The diaphragm is adapted for rotational movement about... Agent:

20150038794 - Transabdominal gastric surgery system and method: The present disclosure generally relates to a system and method for providing transabdominal gastric surgical access system for medical, endoscopic, and surgical instruments through a percutaneous surgically constructed opening. More particularly, it concerns a delivery system and a surgery system having structures that includes a cannula working channel, an internal... Agent:

20150038797 - Instrument or hand access surgical site seal caps: A surgical access device that includes a foam structure defining a plurality of generally triangular wedges circumferentially arranged about a longitudinal axis so as to seal the surgical incision, the plurality of generally triangular wedges defining, adjacent their respective apices, a central opening for sealed reception of a surgical object,... Agent:

20150038798 - Method for securing vertebrae: A surgical access system for accessing a surgical target site within a spine includes a retractor and an elongated element. The refractor has a closed configuration defining a lumen with an internal circumference, and an open configuration in which the internal circumference, at least at the distal end of the... Agent:

20150038799 - Device for examining and surgically operating on body cavities, in particular the anal and vaginal cavities: A device for examining and surgically operating on a body cavity, in particular an anal or vaginal cavity, includes an elongate hollow body exhibiting an insertion portion for at least a partial insertion of the device internally of the cavity and an open portion, arranged on an opposite side to... Agent:

20150038800 - Devices, systems, and methods for wound closure: A wound closure system includes a device, a sleeve, and a needle assembly. The device includes a shaft and one or more arms movable relative to the shaft between a retracted position and a deployed position. The sleeve is removably positionable about the shaft and is slidable about the shaft... Agent:

20150038807 - Biological information detector and biological information measuring device: A biological information detector is adapted to be attached to a user's body. The biological information detector includes a light-emitting part, a reflecting part, a light-receiving part, a processing unit and a support part. The light-emitting part is configured to emit light toward the user's body. The reflecting part is... Agent:

20150038801 - Blood pressure measurement device having function of determining rest condition of patient: A blood pressure measurement device measures a pulse period of a patient and includes a memory, a threshold calculation section, a rest/unrest condition determination section, and a display unit. The memory stores data of the measured pulse period and data of a pulse period of past measurement of the patient.... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20150038802 - Blood pressure measurement device having function of determining rest condition of patient: A method includes pressurizing a cuff of a blood pressure measurement device that is wrapped around a measurement site of a patient, measuring the patient's blood pressure and pulse period during and before depressurization of the cuff, calculating a threshold value range of the pulse period based on data of... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20150038808 - Electrocardiographic signal measurement apparatus and electrocardiographic signal measurement method: An electrocardiographic signal measurement apparatus includes an outer ear electrode that is made of a material having elasticity and conductivity and is brought into contact with and attached to an area of an outer ear including a boundary region between an auricle and an earlobe configuring the outer ear, an... Agent:

20150038804 - Method, non-transitory computer readable medium and apparatus for arousal intensity scoring: A computerized method comprises statistically analyzing, using one or more processors, at least one section of a digitally recorded electroencephalography (EEG) signal that comprises an arousal segment to determine, for the arousal segment, at least one of amplitude and power at different frequencies as a function of time; selecting specified... Agent:

20150038806 - Personalized avatar responsive to user physical state and context: Systems and methods are disclosed that facilitate providing guidance to a user during performance of a program or routine using a personalized avatar. In an aspect, a system includes a reception component configured to receive physiological and movement information about a user during performance of a routine or program, and... Agent:

20150038805 - Quantitation and display of impedance data for estimating gastroenterology tract parameters: A method for characterization of a patient's esophagus may include receiving data measured by an impedance and high resolution manometry catheter in an esophagus in which the data may be representative of a pressure and/or an impedance associated with a swallowing event. The method may also include determining a cross-sectional... Agent:

20150038803 - System and method for evaluating concussion injuries: A portable and cost-effective method and system for evaluating a subject's concussion symptoms, testing their cognitive and motor abilities, and evaluating those abilities when performed concurrently.... Agent:

20150038809 - Encapsulated electronics: An eye-mountable device includes an electrochemical sensor embedded in a polymeric material configured for mounting to a surface of an eye. The electrochemical sensor includes a working electrode and a reference electrode that reacts with an analyte to generate a sensor measurement related to a concentration of the analyte in... Agent:

20150038810 - Sensors for photoplethysmography at the ophthalmic artery region: Provided according to embodiments of the invention are methods for monitoring an individual including securing a photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor comprising at least one emitter and at least one detector onto skin overlying an ophthalmic artery region of the individual; and obtaining PPG signals generated by the PPG sensor. Sensors for... Agent:

20150038811 - Living body optical measurement apparatus, living body optical measurement method, and engagement member for mobile position sensor: A living body optical measurement apparatus of the present invention includes: a light irradiation/measurement unit for irradiating light to an object and measuring the light passed through the object, a signal processing unit for processing measurement data of the light irradiation/measurement unit and creating a living body optical measurement image,... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20150038812 - Functional near infrared spectrocopy based brain computer interface: Described herein are fNIR-based brain computer interfaces. Training of individuals to intentionally control neural activity in specific cortical areas, thereby up-regulating and down-regulating oxygenation levels in specific locations in the brain is also provided herein. Further, continuous and/or binary control over computing environments using fNIR brain computer interfaces. Further still,... Agent: Drexel University

20150038813 - Photoacoustic diagnosis device, method, program and recording medium: A photoacoustic diagnosis device that diagnoses a state of a skin of a human body, includes a pulsed light source, an electric signal converter, a blood distribution obtaining section, and a diagnosis section. The pulsed light source generates a pulsed light. The electric signal converter receives a photoacoustic wave generated... Agent:

20150038814 - Amperometric sensor and method for its manufacturing: An in vivo amperometric sensor is provided for measuring the concentration of an analyte in a body fluid. The sensor comprises a counter electrode and a working electrode, and the working electrode comprises a sensing layer which is generally water permeable and arranged on a support member adjacent to a... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20150038815 - Polymer membranes for continuous analyte sensors: Devices and methods are described for providing continuous measurement of an analyte concentration. In some embodiments, the device has a sensing mechanism and a sensing membrane that includes at least one surface-active group-containing polymer and that is located over the sensing mechanism. The sensing membrane may have a bioprotective layer... Agent:

20150038817 - Cartridge: A cartridge (700) for insertion into a meter comprises: a plurality of cartridge brackets (704) disposed on an inner wall (703) of the cartridge; a spindle (702) mounted so as to be rotatable within the cartridge and movable longitudinally in first and second directions within the cartridge; and a plurality... Agent:

20150038816 - Diabetes treatment support apparatus, diabetes treatment support method, diabetes treatment support program: A control unit obtains, from a memory unit, data of a plurality of pre-meal blood sugar levels that are blood sugar levels measured before meals and data of a plurality of post-meal blood sugar levels that are blood sugar levels measured after meals, calculates a pre-meal average value that is... Agent:

20150038818 - Methods and apparatuses for providing adverse condition notification with enhanced wireless communication range in analyte monitoring systems: Methods, devices, systems, and kits are provided that buffer the time spaced glucose signals in a memory, and when a request for real time glucose level information is detected, transmit the buffered glucose signals and real time monitored glucose level information to a remotely located device, process a subset of... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20150038819 - Medical implantable lead with fixation detection: A lead has a helix at a distal end of a rotatable shaft. Prior to implantation of the lead, the helix has a first configuration comprising an electrically active surface coated with an electrically insulative layer of a biologically dissolvable material to render the helix electrically inactive. Upon fixation of... Agent:

20150038820 - Medical implantable lead with fixation detection: A lead has an electrically controlled switch at a proximal end of a rotatable shaft. The electrically controlled switch has a first configuration to electrically connect a first electric conductor to a second electric conductor for electrically activating the pin and has a second configuration to electrically connect the first... Agent:

20150038821 - Medical implantable lead with fixation detection: A lead comprises a mechanical switch at a proximal end of a rotatable shaft. The mechanical switch has a first position to electrically connect a first electric conductor to a second electric conductor for electrically activating a pin and has a second position to electrically connect the first electric conductor... Agent:

20150038822 - Systems, methods and devices for a skull/brain interface: Systems, methods and devices are disclosed for directing and focusing signals to the brain for neuromodulation and for directing and focusing signals or other energy from the brain for measurement, heat transfer and imaging. An aperture in the skull and/or a channel device implantable in the skull can be used... Agent:

20150038823 - Belt for electro impedance measurement and method using such belt: An electro impedance measuring belt for placing electrodes around the thorax of a patient comprises an array of a plurality of spaced apart electrodes, and a support structure, on which the electrodes are arranged. The support structure with the electrode array comprises two angulated legs on which the electrodes are... Agent: Swisstom Ag

20150038825 - Photoacoustic measurement device and probe for photoacoustic measurement device: An object of the invention is to reduce the size of a probe for a photoacoustic measurement device. A light guide 71 is arranged such that one of a two side surfaces 71a is closer to a probe axis C which faces a subject than the other side surface and... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150038824 - System for assessing effects of ablation therapy on cardiac tissue using photoacoustics: A catheter, system and method for assessing effects of ablation therapy on tissue are provided. Various embodiments includes an emitter such as an optic fiber disposed within a sheath, echographic probe or catheter shaft that emits electromagnetic radiation through an opening in the shaft towards the tissue to cause generation... Agent:

20150038826 - Magnetocardiography arrangement and ergometer for same: A magnetocardiography arrangement for producing stress magnetocardiograms that comprises a magnetocardiograph (1) and a stress unit (2) consisting of non-magnetic components. The magnetocardiograph (1) and the stress unit (2) are arranged in a shielded chamber (4) for shielding against external magnetic fields, and the stress unit (2) is or includes... Agent: Biomagnetik Park Gmbh

20150038827 - Medical image diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: According to one embodiment, a medical image diagnostic apparatus includes an imaging unit, an image generation unit, and a display unit. The imaging unit images a subject injected with blood vessel contrast enhancement particles and diseased tissue contrast enhancement particles. The blood vessel contrast enhancement particles have the first particle... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150038828 - Interpolated three-dimensional thermal dose estimates using magnetic resonance imaging: The invention provides for a medical apparatus (400, 500, 600, 700, 800) comprising a magnetic resonance imaging system (402) for acquiring magnetic resonance thermometry data (442) from a subject (418). The magnetic resonance imaging system comprises a magnet (404) with an imaging zone (408). The medical apparatus further comprises a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150038829 - Methods, systems and appartuses for using flexible triggered segmentation to optimize magnetic resonance imaging: A method for using flexible triggered segmentation to optimize magnetic resonance imaging includes partitioning a k-space table into a plurality of k-space segments, each respective k-space segment comprising one or more phase-encoding steps from a plurality of slice-encoding lines. A cardiac cycle is monitored using an electrical signal tracking system... Agent:

20150038830 - Magnetic resonance device: A magnetic resonance device with at least one main field magnet and at least one gradient coil is provided. The magnetic resonance device provides more free space for the patient and treatment providers; the magnetic resonance device has at least one main field magnet, which is provided to generate a... Agent:

20150038831 - Method of utilization of high dielectric constant (hdc) materials for reducing sar and enhancing snr in mri: Provided are a spectroscopic method and spectroscopic device for analyzing a region. Layers or coats of materials with high dielectric constant or permittivity with very low conductivity are inserted in between radiofrequency (RF) coil or coil's conductive elements and the sample to enhance the signal to noise ratio (SNR), improve... Agent:

20150038832 - Determining anatomical orientations: Methods, systems, and apparatus for determining anatomical orientations are described. Data is received that indicates a position of a reference device configured to move with a pelvis of a subject. Data is received that indicates locations corresponding to a reference surface. Data is received that indicates locations on the pelvis.... Agent:

20150038834 - Method for controlling emmission in an x-ray imaging device: A method for controlling the emission of an X-ray imaging device configured to take images of a patient's body, into which a medical instrument has been inserted, is provided. The method comprises: processing at least one image of the patient's body taken by the X-ray imaging device to extract information... Agent:

20150038833 - Methods and systems for determining vascular bodily lumen information and guiding medical devices: Methods and systems for determining information about a vascular bodily lumen are described. An exemplary method includes generating an electrical signal, delivering the electrical signal to a plurality of excitation elements in the vicinity of the vascular bodily lumen, measuring a responsive electrical signal from a plurality of sensing elements... Agent: Angiometrix Corporation

20150038835 - Sterile drape for attachment to an imaging machine: An embodiment of the present invention provides a kit of parts for use in a surgical procedure performed under image guidance, and particularly under real time image guidance. The kit includes a sterilized drape for use with the chosen imaging machine and which can be used to provide a sterile... Agent:

20150038836 - Sterile optical sensor system having an adjustment mechanism: Systems, methods and a sensor alignment mechanism are disclosed for medical navigational guidance systems. In one example, a system to make sterile a non-sterile optical sensor for use in navigational guidance during surgery includes a sterile drape having an optically transparent window to drape the optical sensor in a sterile... Agent:

20150038837 - Device for determining metastasis of cancer to sentinel lymph node: Provided is a device capable of determining whether or not cancer has metastasized to a sentinel lymph node, such as the axillary lymph node, thickly covered with fat, safely and in a simple manner without confirmation by biopsy or extirpation. Fluorescence generated in a sentinel lymph node upon the excitation... Agent: Sbi Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

20150038838 - Pressure isolation mechanisms, method of use thereof and fluid delivery systems including pressure isolation mechanisms: A pressure isolation mechanism for use in a medical procedure includes a lumen, an isolation port in fluid connection with lumen, and a valve having a first state and a second state. The first state occurs when the lumen and the isolation port are connected. The second state occurs when... Agent:

20150038840 - Portable medical imager with gui interface comprising a motion sensor: A portable imaging system for imaging a region of interest (ROI) includes a housing (12), a radiation detector(16)mounted to the housing (12), the detector generating radiation data indicating a location of gamma photon strikes on the detector, a motion sensor (20) which senses motion of the detector and outputs motion... Agent:

20150038839 - Spectral imaging: An imaging system includes radiation source (106) that emits radiation that traverses an examination region and a portion of a subject therein and a detector array (114) that detects radiation that traverses the examination region and the portion of the subject therein and generates a signal indicative thereof. A volume... Agent:

20150038841 - Portable ultrasonic diagnostic device: A portable ultrasonic diagnostic device having a tilt function and turning function for a display panel, wherein a display housing provided with the display panel is supported on a main housing by a biaxial hinge mechanism in order to prevent damage or the like to each of the parts of... Agent: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

20150038842 - Imaging system for imaging a periodically moving object: The invention relates to an imaging system for imaging a periodically moving object. An assigning unit (18) assigns ultrasound signals like A-lines to motion phases based on a provided phase signal, wherein an ultrasound images generation unit (19) generates several ultrasound images like gated M-mode images for the different motion... Agent:

20150038843 - Method of transurethral local anesthesia: A method of transurethral local anesthesia includes: a step I of inserting a flexible ultrasound endoscope having a treatment instrument channel into a urethra or a urinary bladder; a step II of identifying a region to be anesthetized by ultrasound observation using the ultrasound endoscope; a step III of leading... Agent:

20150038845 - Photoacoustic imaging apparatus: In a photoacoustic imaging apparatus, a detecting portion includes a light source portion having a plurality of LED elements, an ultrasonic detector arranged in the vicinity of the light source portion, configured to detect an acoustic wave as an ultrasonic wave generated by absorption of light emitted from the light... Agent:

20150038844 - Portable ultrasound system comprising ultrasound front-end directly connected to a mobile device: A portable ultrasound imaging system includes a mobile computing device; a detachable front end component configured for attachment to and communication with the mobile computing device, and configured to transmit and receive ultrasound signals; and programming, when installed on the mobile computing device, being executable by the mobile computing device... Agent:

20150038846 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment includes an image obtaining unit, a contour position obtaining unit, a volume information calculating unit, and a controlling unit. The image obtaining unit obtains a plurality of groups of two-dimensional ultrasound image data each of which is generated by performing ultrasound scans,... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150038847 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: The ultrasound probe transmits and receives ultrasonic waves in different directions and the diagnostic apparatus body combines a plurality of images captured in the different directions of transmission and reception to produce an ultrasound image. In this process, the ultrasound diagnostic apparatus measures the temperature of the ultrasound probe to... Agent:

20150038848 - Probe for ultrasonic diagnostic equipment: A probe for ultrasonic diagnostic equipment includes a cable, a cable outer periphery holder, and a depressed cone shape component. The cable outer periphery holder includes a deformable convex cone shape portion and a supporting surface that holds an outer peripheral of the cable. The depressed cone shape component has... Agent:

20150038850 - In-ear device with at least one sensor: An in-ear device with at least one sensor configured to generate a signal to help a subject manage or reduce pain, discomfort, or other symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. Also disclosed are methods of using optical scanning to create a three dimensional replication of the ear canal that is used... Agent: United Sciences, LLC

20150038851 - Meibomian gland dysfunction: Provided herein are methods of diagnosing meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), determining the severity of meibomian gland dysfunction in a subject, evaluating efficacy of treatment of MGD in a subject, selecting a subject for treatment of MGD, and selecting a subject for participation in a clinical study.... Agent:

20150038849 - Methods for reducing one or more symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder: An in-ear device configured to help a subject manage or reduce pain, discomfort, or other symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. Also disclosed are methods of using optical scanning to create a three dimensional replication of the ear canal that is used to design a customized in-ear device. Also disclosed is... Agent: United Sciences, LLC

20150038852 - Meibomian gland dysfunction: The present invention comprises methods and systems/devices for non-invasively measuring birefringent tissues (e.g. collagen) and changes during treatment of tissue, e.g., denaturation by the application of RF energy, through linear dichroism, circular dichroism, or birefringence. The invention optionally uses polarization sensitive optical measurements to discriminate between denaturation of unidirectionally oriented... Agent:

20150038853 - Optical detection of motion effects: There is provided a wearable item configured to be placed at least partially against a skin of a person; and an optically sensitive detector mounted to the wearable item and configured to detect optical signals reflected from the skin of the person, wherein the detected optical signals represent a relative... Agent:

20150038854 - System and method for detecting worsening of heart failure based on rapid shallow breathing index: Systems and methods for detecting a worsening of patient's heart failure condition based, at least in part, on an increasing trend in a representative rapid shallow breathing index (RSBI) value over multiple days. The RSBI value may be a minimum RSBI, and more particularly may be a minimum RSBI value... Agent:

20150038855 - Method and device for accurate real-time detection of drowsiness in operators using physiological responses: A method and device for detection of drowsiness of a person, based on a relationship between distal temperature and heart rate and on a balance between body heat loss and body heat production, wherein the distal temperature in a predetermined distal region of the person is monitored as a measure... Agent:

20150038856 - Method and apparatus for estimating myocardial contractility using precordial vibration: A method and apparatus for assessment of cardiac contractility in a subject by recording precordial acceleration signals. This includes, but is not limited to, the method and apparatus of seismocardiography (SCG).... Agent: Heart Force Medical Inc

20150038857 - Blood pressure-related information display device: A blood pressure-related information display device according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention displays, in a part of a display screen, a blood pressure evaluation item list display field indicating a plurality of types of blood pressure evaluation items and a quality display field indicating a quality of... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150038858 - Blood pressure meter and pump driving system: In the present invention, a pump driving circuit includes a step-up unit that steps up a first DC voltage from a power supply and outputs it as a second DC voltage, and an H bridge unit that has first and second series circuits that each include two switching elements connected... Agent:

20150038859 - Blood pressure monitor with valve-chamber assembly: A blood pressure measurement system is provided that includes an inflatable cuff, a valve assembly and chamber assembly. The chamber assembly can house a gas canister for providing gas to the inflatable cuff. The valve assembly can include a valve having a high pressure cavity, a low pressure cavity, and... Agent:

20150038860 - Method and system for modeling blood flow with boundary conditions for optimized diagnostic performance: Embodiments include a system for determining cardiovascular information for a patient. The system may include at least one computer system configured to receive patient-specific data regarding a geometry of the patient's heart, and create a three-dimensional model representing at least a portion of the patient's heart based on the patient-specific... Agent: Heartflow, Inc.

20150038861 - System and method of identifying sources for biological rhythms: A system and method of locating a source of a heart rhythm disorder are provided in which a first pair of cardiac signals is processed to define a first coefficient associated with variability of the first pair of signals at a first region of the heart. A second pair of... Agent:

20150038864 - Living body detection sensor, communication apparatus having living body detection sensor, metal detection sensor: According to one embodiment, a living body detection sensor includes a substrate, a signal generation unit, a first conductor, a second conductor, and a detection unit. The substrate includes a reference potential electrode and a dielectric material. The signal generation unit generates a first signal, the signal generation unit is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150038863 - Non-invasive classification of atrial fibrillation by probabilistic interval analysis of a transesophageal electrocardiogram: The invention relates to a computer-implemented method for determining an AF complexity value. The method includes applying a template matching algorithm to an ECG signal to obtain a set of candidate deflections and identifying intrinsic deflections within the set of candidate deflections. The method further includes determining a number of... Agent: Maastricht University

20150038862 - System for providing an electrical activity map: The invention relates to a system for providing an electrical cardiac activity map by means of electrical signals acquired by a plurality of surface electrodes on an outer surface of a living being (6). A cardiac structure position determination unit (12) determines a position of a cardiac structure, in particular,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150038865 - Sleep quality estimation device, sleep quality estimation method and program for sleep quality estimation: In a sleep quality estimation device, a respiration sensor detects the respiratory waveform of a subject. A sleep stage estimation unit estimates the sleep stage of the subject during sleep based on the respiratory waveform detected by the respiration sensor. In a sleep rhythm model database, models associated with the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150038866 - System and method for detecting worsening of heart failure based on tidal volume: Systems and methods for detecting a worsening of a patient's heart failure condition based, at least in part, on a declining trend in a representative tidal volume value over multiple days. The tidal volume value may be a maximum tidal volume, and more particularly, a maximum tidal volume determined for... Agent:

20150038867 - Discrimination of cheyne-stokes breathing patterns: A method of a processor for detecting a presence of Cheyne-Stokes respiration from a respiration signal includes accessing data representative of a respiration signal. Data is assessed to detect apnea and/or hypopnea events. A cycle length histogram is determined based on the events and an incident of Cheyne-Stokes respiration is... Agent:

20150038868 - Methods for providing expiratory pressure relief in positive airway pressure therapy: A method of operating a CPAP apparatus in which the interface pressure is controlled to rapidly drop at the start of expiration by an expiratory relief pressure (ERP) that is independent of instantaneous respiratory flow, following which the pressure rises to an inspiratory level at or shortly before the end... Agent:

20150038870 - Multi-channel scalable eeg acquisition system on a chip with integrated patient specific seizure classification and recording processor: An integrated circuit chip and method for EEG monitoring. In one embodiment, the integrated circuit chip includes an Analog Front End cell in communication with an electrode and a Classification Processor wherein a signal received from the electrode is processed by the Classification Engine cell and designated as seizure or... Agent:

20150038869 - Systems and methods for the physiological assessment of brain health and the remote quality control of eeg systems: A system for calibrating and/or verifying system performance of a remote portable EEG system having at least one EEG sensor. Embodiments of the invention can provide various reference signals to calibrate and quality control the remote performance of the data acquisition EEG system. In addition a calibration cable connects a... Agent: Cerora, Inc.

20150038871 - In-ear proprioceptive for relieving temporomandibular joint-related symptoms: An in-ear device with one or more proprioceptive features for providing an indication to a subject to help manage or reduce pain, discomfort, or other symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. In some embodiments, the one or more proprioceptive features are active and/or passive indicators. Also disclosed are methods of using... Agent: United Sciences, LLC

20150038873 - Apparatus and method for stimulator on-skin short detection:

20150038872 - Multiple-electrode electrical impedance sensing biopsy sampling device and method: A biopsy sampling device has an inner trocar having a sampling opening, an outer needle with 4 or more electrodes on it, an impedance measuring apparatus coupled to drive current through a first and a second electrode, while measuring voltages through a third and fourth electrodes to measure an impedance... Agent: The Trustees Of Dartmouth College

20150038874 - Apparatus and method for measuring biologic parameters: Support structures for positioning sensors on a physiologic tunnel for measuring physical, chemical and biological parameters of the body and to produce an action according to the measured value of the parameters. The support structure includes a sensor fitted on the support structures using a special geometry for acquiring continuous... Agent: Geelux Holding, Ltd.

20150038875 - Device for collecting faeces, a method for manufacturing and use of such a device: A device for collecting feces includes a loop attachable to a toilet seat having a width dimension and a height dimension, whereby the loop has a width and a circumferential length greater than twice the width and the height of the toilet seat, such that the loop encircles the toilet... Agent: Fubusc B.v.

20150038876 - Delivering and/or receiving fluids: The present invention generally relates to receiving bodily fluid through a device opening. In one aspect, the device includes a flow activator arranged to cause fluid to be released from a subject. A deployment actuator may actuate the flow activator in a deployment direction, which may in turn cause fluid... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20150038877 - Decorative element for medical devices: A decorative device for use with a medical instrument having a tubing structure, the decorative device including at least one connector configured to removably couple to the tubing structure on the medical instrument, the connector having a face plate engaging structure configured to attachably engage at least tone decorative face... Agent:

20150038878 - Device and method for determining and displaying forces: The invention relates to a method for determining and displaying horizontal and vertical forces which act on a person when standing, in which method the person stands on two separate force measurement plates coupled to each other, wherein each foot is positioned on a respective force measurement plate, and the... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

20150038879 - Device and method for the non-invasive measurement of state of tension, biomechanical and viscoelastic properties of surfaces of soft biological tissues: A device and method for the non-invasive measurement of state of tension, biomechanical and viscoelastic properties of surfaces of soft biological tissues includes electronic, digital and mechanical elements and sensors, and a testing end. The elements within the housing can subject the testing end to a mechanical impulse force, and... Agent:

20150038880 - Method for reducing one or more symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder: An in-ear device configured to help a subject manage or reduce pain, discomfort, or other symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. Also disclosed are methods of using optical scanning to create a three dimensional replication of the ear canal that is used to design a customized in-ear device. Also disclosed is... Agent: United Sciences, LLC

20150038881 - Posture monitoring system: A posture monitoring system includes one or more contact sensors that are used to map contact or pressure points of a person's body and produce output signals representative of the person's posture. The contact sensors are embedded within a pad, a cushion, an article of furniture or are integrated into... Agent:

20150038882 - Sleep state management device, sleep state management method, and sleep state management program: A control unit makes a provisional determination as to whether or not a measurement subject is moving using a detection signal from a sensor that detects movement in bedding on which the measurement subject is sleeping. In the case where at least one of a first period, in which periods... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 104 patent applications in 68 patent subcategories.

20150031934 - Gantry-type particle beam irradiation system and particle beam therapy system comprising same: In gantry type particle beam irradiation system comprising a gantry and being configured to irradiate a particle beam, which has small emittance in X direction and large emittance in Y direction at an extraction position of a circular accelerator, from an irradiation nozzle installed in the gantry to an irradiation... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150031932 - Method to accurately and rapidly locate tumor: A method to accurately and rapidly locate tumor, comprising the steps of using a immobilization module to ensure the consistency of patient positioning, verification and the position of each treatment; using a locating and marking module comprising a locating and marking tool for locating and marking; using a data input... Agent:

20150031931 - Particle beam irradiation system and method for operating the same: A control data about the devices constituting the synchrotron are formed by an initial acceleration control data item, a plural extraction control data items, a plural energy change control data items connecting the plural extraction control data items, and a plural deceleration control data items corresponding to the plural extraction... Agent:

20150031933 - Range shifter and particle radiotherapy device: There is provided a range shifter which includes a transmissive plate whose thickness has been adjusted depending on a setup value of an amount of energy to be attenuated, and a holder portion that holds the transmissive plate, wherein the thickness of the transmissive plate is adjusted to be a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150031935 - Delivery applicator for radioactive staples for brachytherapy medical treatment: An instrument used for brachytherapy delivery in the treatment of cancer by radiation therapy including a handle having first and second handle actuators; an end effector; and an instrument shaft that connects the handle with the end effector. The end effector has first and second adjacent disposed staple cartridges that... Agent:

20150031936 - Axial flow pump with multi-grooved rotor: An axial-flow blood pump for pumping blood includes a substantially cylindrical outer enclosure. A tubular housing concentric with and located within the outer enclosure has at one end an inlet and at an opposite end an outlet. A motor stator is concentric with and located between the outer enclosure and... Agent: Heartware, Inc.

20150031938 - Implantable medical devices: An active implantable medical device comprising a therapeutic device, a controller and at least one rechargeable battery, wherein a single hermetically sealed housing encapsulates a therapeutic device, controller and rechargeable battery. A hermetically sealed housing additionally encapsulates a wireless interface and a commutator.... Agent:

20150031937 - Modular driveline: A modular driveline includes a modular portion including a cable and a connector, the cable having terminations, and a percutaneous portion including a cable and a connector, the cable having terminations. The percutaneous portion connector couples to the modular portion connector, and cable terminations at the connectors are captured in... Agent:

20150031939 - Sterilization and humidification apparatus and incubator: A sterilization and humidification apparatus includes a heating chamber, a filter and a humidification chamber. The heating chamber heats a gas so as to sterilize the gas. The humidification chamber is adapted so that a liquid, which has been filtered by the filter, evaporates into the sterilized gas, thereby causing... Agent:

20150031940 - Enunciation device: This invention relates an enunciation device comprising a device, preferably hollowed, shaped in a manner to fit a mouth. This enunciation device assists with improving enunciation, slowing speech, and strengthens mouth, tongue, and jaw muscles so that a user can build confidence while speaking.... Agent:

20150031941 - Eardrum implantable devices for hearing systems and methods: An implantable device is configured for placement in the eardrum to transmit an audio signal to a user. The device may be configured to improve transmission of an electromagnetic signal from an input assembly on a lateral side of an eardrum to an output assembly positioned on a medial side... Agent: Earlens Corporation

20150031942 - Selection of ambient stimuli: In summary the invention relates stimuli control system 100 configured for finding ambient stimuli from a database 120 in a way so that the ambient stimuli having the most promising effect on stress reduction is selected. The selection may be performed based on a probability distribution created for describing how... Agent:

20150031944 - Surgical articles and methods: Surgical instruments, implantable articles and surgical procedures disclosed for treating medical disorders, particularly incontinence. Improved surgical sling procedures are disclosed. Novel surgical instruments and kits for use in sling procedures are also disclosed. The present invention affords options for surgeons with concomitant advantages to the patient and the healthcare provider.... Agent:

20150031943 - Urological device: A urological device comprises a urological valve having a plurality of valve leaflets with a region of co-aption between the valve leaflets. The valve has a normally closed configuration in which the valve leaflets are engaged at the region of co-aption and an open configuration in which the leaflets are... Agent: Vysera Biomedical Limited

20150031945 - Stimulator apparatus: A stimulator apparatus for stimulating an organ, such as a penis. The apparatus includes a spherical housing configured to receive an organ through at least one aperture and allow for a 180° range of motion while manipulating the organ and/or the stimulator apparatus. The stimulator apparatus provides intensified sexual stimulation... Agent:

20150031946 - Direct vision cryosurgical probe and methods of use: A direct vision cryosurgical and methods of use are described herein where the device may generally comprise an elongated rigid structure with a distal end, a proximal end, and a central lumen. The distal end may comprise a non-coring optically transparent needle tip with at least one lateral fenestration in... Agent:

20150031947 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes: an insertion portion; an objective optical system; a treatment instrument raising base; and a restricting portion that restricts an angle at which the treatment instrument protrudes outside the insertion portion, wherein a straight line connecting the treatment instrument raising base and the objective optical system is substantially... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150031950 - Endoscope system for treatment of sinusitis: An endoscope includes a substantially rigid shaft having a distal end and a proximal portion, the shaft having a first lumen and a second lumen separate from the first lumen, the second lumen containing one or more objective lenses disposed at the distal end thereof. A housing is mounted on... Agent:

20150031949 - Joining structure, joining method, and method of manufacturing resin member for joining structure: A joining structure includes a first member having a cylindrical hollow portion, and a second member that is cylindrical in shape, has an outer circumferential diameter equal to or larger than a diameter of the hollow portion, and is to be pressed into the hollow portion. A concave portion, which... Agent:

20150031948 - Medical device positioning system: Embodiments of the invention include a medical device for accessing a patient's body portion and used for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. Embodiments of the invention may include a particular endoscopic positioning mechanism for placing an endoscope and an additional treatment device within desired body portions in order to... Agent:

20150031951 - Endoscope including an torque generation component or torque delivery component disposed within an insertable portion of the endoscope and a surgical cutting assembly insertable within the endoscope: An endoscope for removing tissue at a surgical site includes an elongated tubular body insertable within a mammalian cavity of a patient. An instrument channel extends between a first opening at a distal end and a second opening at a proximal end of the tubular body and is sized and... Agent:

20150031952 - Flexible/rigid sheath guiding mechanism and integrated all-around adjustable flexible/rigid endoscope thereof: A flexible or rigid sheath guiding mechanism, comprises: a splitter (101), a guiding sleeve tube (102), a flexible sheath (103), a rigid sheath (104) and a handle (105). A first end of the guiding sleeve tube (102) is mounted on an outlet of the splitter (101), the guiding sleeve tube... Agent:

20150031954 - Capsule endoscope apparatus and receiving apparatus: A capsule endoscope apparatus that is configured to be introduced into a subject to acquire information on an inside of the subject and to wirelessly communicate with a receiving apparatus provided outside the capsule endoscope apparatus. The capsule endoscope apparatus includes: an imaging unit configured to capture images of the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150031953 - Manual control system for maneuvering an endoscope: The present invention provides a system for maneuvering an endoscope (SFME) during a medical procedure, comprising a. at least one maneuvering system, adapted to maneuver said endoscope in at least two degrees of freedom (DOF); and, b. at least one joystick unit in communication with said maneuvering system, adapted to... Agent: M.s.t. Medical Surgery Technologies Ltd.

20150031955 - Medical device sheath: A medical device sheath that includes a relatively inelastic body having a proximal end longitudinally separated from a distal end and defining a first lumen, an aperture located at the proximal end in fluid communication with the lumen and configured to admit an elongate endoscope body into the first lumen,... Agent:

20150031956 - Fluid management catheter and methods of using same: A catheter and method for managing fluid in a patient, the catheter having an elongated shaft with a distal end and a proximal end. The shaft defines at least one lumen extending substantially therethrough, the shaft further defining a plurality of drainage holes along a distal portion of the shaft,... Agent:

20150031957 - Resistance feedback laryngoscope: A resistance feedback laryngoscope contains a pushing grip, a trigger pad, a rotary shaft, a first transmitting rod, a second transmitting rod, and a two-step levering blade. The pushing grip includes a curved front side connecting with the two-step levering blade. The two-step levering blade includes a first movable blade,... Agent:

20150031958 - Surgical seal assembly with upper lip seal: A surgical access device is presented including a seal assembly having an upper housing member and a lower housing member configured to form a housing, the housing defining a central longitudinal axis and having a longitudinal passage for receiving at least one surgical object therethrough. The surgical access device further... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150031959 - Apparatus and method for forming a hole in a hollow organ: The invention relates to an apparatus and method for forming a hole in a wall of a hollow organ. The applicator includes a hole forming element for forming a hole in the wall of the organ, a positioning means for positioning the hole forming element, and a retractor element. In... Agent: Correx, Inc.

20150031960 - Backlit surgical instrument support assembly: The subject invention provides a surgical instrument support assembly which includes an enclosure defining an opening; a light transmissive pane located at least partially across the opening and defining a support surface; and, a light source located inside the enclosure for generating light to be transmitted through the light transmissive... Agent:

20150031961 - Automated caregiving device with prompting based on caregiver progress: A device for assisting a caregiver in delivering therapy to a patient, the device comprising a user interface configured to deliver prompts to a caregiver to assist the caregiver in delivering therapy to a patient; at least one sensor configured to detect the caregiver's progress in delivering the therapy, wherein... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20150031967 - Apparatus and methods for monitoring physiological data during environmental interference: Apparatus and methods for attenuating environmental interference are described. A wearable monitoring apparatus includes a housing configured to be attached to the body of a subject and a sensor module that includes an energy emitter that directs energy at a target region of the subject, a detector that detects an... Agent:

20150031966 - Evalutating cardiovascular health using intravascular volume: Non-invasive monitoring of cardiovascular health is performed by monitoring changes in the volume of blood in the venous side of the vascular system. The blood volume changes are determined from measurements of bioimpedance of limbs or neck, in particular changes in bioimpedance in response to blood modulating events performed on... Agent:

20150031962 - Medical cloud system with an automatically checking and feeding back self-status function: A medical cloud system with an automatically checking and feeding back self-status function utilizes a database to receive and integrate a physiological information, an electronic physiological monitoring device intrinsic information, an electronic physiological monitoring device status information, an electronic physiological monitoring device error code or a miss operation information from... Agent: Ostar Meditech Corp.

20150031965 - Monitoring physiological parameters: A method for monitoring physiological parameters associated with a subject using a hand held device is described herein. In an implementation, the method includes obtaining a plurality of sample photoplethysmographic (PPG) features associated with a sample subject, from a video of a body part of the sample subject. From among... Agent:

20150031964 - Physiological signal detecting device and system: A device configured to detect, measure, and/or monitor physiological signals of a mammal. The device and system can detect a pulse and/or skin bioimpedance of a mammal and determine one or more physiological parameters based on the detected pulse and/or dermal bioimpedance. The device and system converts one or more... Agent: Aclaris Medical, LLC

20150031963 - System, method and device for measuring a gas in the stomach of a mammal: A gas measurement device for measuring at least one gas in the stomach of a mammal, the device comprises a housing for being located in the mammal's stomach and providing at least one gas sensor for detecting the gas. The housing is impermeable to liquid within the stomach. The device... Agent: Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation (csiro)

20150031968 - System and method for monitoring pleural fluid: The disclosure is directed to intrapleural air leak detection and monitoring. According to various embodiments of the disclosure, an air leak may be detected utilizing at least one sensor to determine whether fluid extracted from a pleural cavity of a patient includes carbon dioxide and/or a second substance. The second... Agent:

20150031969 - System and method for monitoring arterial and venous blood oxygen, blood glucose, and blood constituent concentration: A system for measuring of arterial and venous blood constituent concentration based first on measuring cardiac blood flow balance parameter between the right chamber of the heart and the left chamber of the heart, which includes a sensor device for measuring one of blood pressure and blood flow rate and... Agent:

20150031970 - Systems and methods for monitoring oxygen saturation during exercise: Various systems and methods for monitoring oxygen saturation are provided. A monitoring system may include a sensor configured to obtain a physiological signal and a monitor configured to obtain the signal from the sensor and to determine a baseline oxygen saturation from the physiological signal and to generate one or... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150031971 - Methods and systems for using an estimate signal to improve signal resolution in a physiological monitor: A physiological monitoring system may receive a sensor signal from a physiological sensor. The system may generate an estimate of the sensor signal based on, for example, prior received signals. The estimate signal may be subtracted from the sensor signal using a transimpedance amplifier to generate a difference signal. A... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150031972 - Using chest velocity to process physiological signals to remove chest compression artifacts: A method of analyzing a physiological (e.g., an ECG) signal during application of chest compressions. The method includes acquiring a physiological signal during application of chest compressions; acquiring the output of a sensor from which information on the velocity of chest compressions can be determined; and using the information on... Agent:

20150031973 - Method and/or system for multicompartment analyte monitoring: Subject matter disclosed herein relates to monitoring and/or controlling levels of an analyte in bodily fluid. In particular, estimation of a concentration of the analyte in a first physiological compartment based upon observations of a concentration of the analyte in a second physiological compartment may account for a latency in... Agent:

20150031974 - Apparatus for eliciting a blood sample: The present application relates to an apparatus for eliciting a blood sample. The apparatus has a housing having an aperture. A shaft extends in the housing and a testing member is mounted on the shaft which rotates with the shaft. A lancing member is pivotably mounted to the testing member... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20150031975 - Mri compatible medical leads: Herein is disclosed a probe, including a first electrode disposed at least partially on the probe surface, a second electrode disposed at least partially on the probe surface, a first conductor electrically coupled to the first electrode, a second conductor electrically coupled to the second electrode, and a reactive element... Agent:

20150031976 - Preterm labor monitor: A system, method and apparatus for monitoring uterine and/or cervical activity indicative of labor in a patient. The system includes a medical device and a data processor in communication with the medical device. The medical device includes a structural component, a first electrode attached to the structural component, and a... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20150031977 - Perfusion cannula with integrated sensor technology: The present invention relates to a perfusion cannula for placement of an access, having a cannula wall and a perfusion lumen which is surrounded by the cannula wall and in which a fluid flow can flow through the perfusion cannula, wherein the perfusion cannula furthermore comprises at least one sensor... Agent:

20150031978 - Adjustable thoracic garments useable by patients having different thoracic dimensions for locating em transducer(s) in proximity to predefined thoracic anatomic features: A thoracic garment for bringing an EM transducer to contact with a thoracic surface area of a wearer. The thoracic garment comprises a front thoracic garment piece and a back thoracic garment piece the front and/or back thoracic garment pieces having EM transducer(s), the front thoracic garment piece having an... Agent:

20150031979 - Deriving individual thoracic parameters of a subject: A method of deriving one or more individual thoracic parameters of a subject. The method comprises instructing a subject to perform a thoracic volume manipulation, receiving a plurality of measurements of a plurality of EM signals from a thoracic intrabody area of lungs of the subject during the thoracic volume... Agent:

20150031980 - Brain signal management system and brain signal management method using the same: A system and method for brain signal management are provided. In some embodiments, a brain signal management system includes a detecting module configured to measure a first signal which indicates a state of a brain, and a controlling module configured to generate the second signal by transforming the first signal... Agent: Ybrain Inc.

20150031981 - High-frequency antenna unit and a magnetic resonance apparatus with the high-frequency antenna unit: A high-frequency antenna unit includes a high-frequency antenna element and a stabilization layer, arranged at least partially around the one high-frequency antenna element. In at least one embodiment, the high-frequency antenna unit includes a layer which at least partially includes an imaging material.... Agent:

20150031982 - Surgical navigation devices and methods: A trajectory frame for use with surgical navigation systems includes a base having a patient access aperture formed therein. A yoke is mounted to the base and is rotatable about a roll axis. A platform is mounted to the yoke and is rotatable about a pitch axis. An elongated guide... Agent:

20150031983 - Mri display output reflecting contrast agent concentration as a function of time: A magnetic resonant imaging (MRI) review workstation includes a control processor, and a display integrated or otherwise operatively coupled with the control processor, wherein the control processor is configured to receive and analyze magnetic resonant imaging information pertaining to an imaged volume of tissue, and to cause to be displayed... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20150031984 - Magnetic resonance device having a projection unit: The embodiments include a magnetic resonance device having a head antenna unit configured for acquiring magnetic resonance signals, and a projection unit that has a presentation surface unit for presenting picture elements and a first projection surface unit for presenting a projection of the picture elements. The first projection surface... Agent:

20150031991 - Depth advancement marker needle for image guided procedures: e

20150031989 - Indicator guide for improved instrument navigation in image-guided medical procedures: An indicator guide and method of use is provided for use with an instrument arranged to be guided to a target site within the body of the patient by an electronic tracking system. A sensor is coupled to at least one of the instrument and indicator guide provides a signal... Agent:

20150031987 - Locating device: A device and method are described for navigating and positioning a central venous catheter into the venous system using two different modes of location. For example, a peripherally inserted central catheter (“PICC”) may be navigated and positioned within the superior vena cava. A light emitting element is used in the... Agent:

20150031986 - Medical instrument for use with a phase contrast imaging and x-ray recording system with phase contrast imaging: A medical instrument is provided for use with a phase contrast imaging. The medical instrument includes at least one component, which has a strong small angle scattering of x-rays. Furthermore, a corresponding x-ray recording system with phase contrast imaging for recording an examination object may include such a medical instrument.... Agent:

20150031985 - Method and apparatus for moving a reference device: Disclosed is a method and system for navigating an instrument relative to a subject. A reference device can be associated with the subject. The reference device can be moved while maintaining or allowing registration with an image space.... Agent: Medtronic Navigation, Inc.

20150031988 - Nano-particles for internal radiation therapy of involved area, and therapy system: The present invention provides a therapeutic system that is widely applicable to general solid cancers, can achieve both a reduction in side effects of cancer therapy and suppression of cancer recurrence and metastasis, and requires no expensive drug such as an antibody; and a nanoparticle for internal radiation therapy. A... Agent:

20150031990 - Photoacoustic tracking and registration in interventional ultrasound: An intraoperative registration and tracking system includes an optical source configured to illuminate tissue intraoperatively with electromagnetic radiation at a substantially localized spot so as to provide a photoacoustic source at the substantially localize spot, an optical imaging system configured to form an optical image of at least a portion... Agent:

20150031992 - Identifying kidney stone composition from medical imaging: Systems and methods are provided for determining the composition of a kidney stone from a medical image. A feature extractor is configured to provide a plurality of features from the medical image. The plurality of features includes either a pair of an attenuation values including a first attenuation value from... Agent:

20150031993 - Procedural optical coherence tomography (oct) for surgery and related systems and methods: Methods for performing a surgical procedure using optical coherence tomography (OCT) are provided. The method includes orienting the subject for the surgical procedure, wherein orienting comprises imaging a region of the subject that contains a structure having a known orientational asymmetry, testing the image for the presence and location of... Agent:

20150031994 - Method of fitting a user with an athletic mouthguard: A method of fitting a user with an athletic mouthguard. The method comprises determining a position of a user's jaw to achieve desirable inhalation characteristics, and providing a mouthguard to the user. The mouthguard is of a size and shape to position the user's jaw in approximately the determined desired... Agent:

20150031995 - Motion artifact suppression for three-dimensional parametric ultrasound imaging: Motion artifacts are suppressed for three-dimensional parametric ultrasound imaging. Motion tracking is performed so that the parameter values derived over time are based on return from the same locations. Distortion due to the scan pattern is accounted for in the results of the motion tracking, such as by re-sampling the... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20150031996 - Semiconducting polymer nanoparticles as photoacoustic molecular imaging probes: Provided are nanoparticles comprising an organic photovoltaic semiconductor polymer and a phospholipid, the semiconductor polymer being near-infra red absorbing and generating a detectable photoacoustic signal and a fluorescent emission when irradiated by an incident activation energy. Also provided are methods of molecular imaging, comprising delivering to a subject a plurality... Agent:

20150031997 - Technique for the delivery of electromagnetic energy to nanoparticles employed in medial treatment: The present invention relates to technology for delivering electromagnetic (EM) energy to nanoparticles (nanos) utilized in the treatment of either existing or potential medical conditions. Nanotechnology is increasingly being used to deliver various types of treatments and remedies for existing medical conditions. Potentially, nanotechnology may be used in an inoculation... Agent: Integral Electromagnetronic Technologies LLC

20150031998 - Object information acquiring apparatus and control method thereof: Provided is an object information acquiring apparatus including: a holding unit that holds an object; a probe that receives an acoustic wave that propagates from the object; a housing that constitutes a holding container; a matching solution that is filled inside the holding container; and a pressure adjustment unit including... Agent:

20150031999 - Portable ultrasound systems with fine-grained power management associated devices, systems, and methods: Portable ultrasound systems and associated devices and methods for managing power in such systems are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method for conserving power in a portable ultrasound system includes disabling one or more first amplifiers and/or at least one or more first analog to digital converters (ADCs) upon... Agent:

20150032001 - Diagnostic ultrasound apparatus: In tomographic image data, a reference region-setting unit (30) sets a body reference region for the body of a fetus and sets a cardiac reference region for the heart of the fetus. A body shift analysis unit (50) analyzes the movement of the fetus' body in the tomographic image data... Agent: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

20150032000 - Ultrasound diagnostic method and apparatus using shear waves: An ultrasound diagnostic method and apparatus determines a transmission condition for generating shear waves at two or more positions of an object, for each of a plurality of elements of a transducer, and generates an ultrasound signal transmitted to the object through a full aperture of the transducer, according to... Agent:

20150032002 - Interconnectable ultrasound transducer probes and related methods and apparatus: Ultrasound devices and methods are described, including a repeatable ultrasound transducer probe having ultrasonic transducers and corresponding circuitry. The repeatable ultrasound transducer probe may be used individually or coupled with other instances of the repeatable ultrasound transducer probe to create a desired ultrasound device. The ultrasound devices may optionally be... Agent: Butterfly Network, Inc.

20150032003 - Ultrasound apparatus and method of generating ultrasound image: A method of generating an ultrasound image in an ultrasound apparatus connected with at least one wired probe and at least one wireless probe is provided. A wired response signal corresponding to a first ultrasound response signal reflected from an object is received from the at least one wired probe,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150032004 - Ultrasonic probe, system including the same, and operation method thereof: Provided are an ultrasonic probe, a system including the same, and an operation method thereof. The ultrasonic probe may include a probe head comprising a transducer configured to receive a signal and a first storage configured to store information, and a probe body comprising an image processor configured to generate... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150032005 - Color ultrasound system and method and device thereof for obtaining beam-forming data: The disclosure provides a color ultrasound system and a method and a device thereof for obtaining beam-forming line data. The method comprises: a processor sending a control command according to a currently triggered color ultrasonograph mode; the processor receiving the digital ultrasonic echo signal data obtained according to the control... Agent: Beijing East Whale Image Technology Co., Ltd.

20150032006 - Monitoring device: A wearable device monitoring body conditions is disclosed. The device consists of a single or plurality transducers, particularly, ultrasonic transducers, and electronic circuitry which are packaged in a low profile patch. The electronics controls a transducer or transducers for signal transmission and receiving, data processing and wire or wireless interfacing... Agent:

20150032007 - Method and system for detecting cardiac tamponade in a patient: System for indicating a possibility a cardiac tamponade occurring in a patient, comprising: —a right atrium pressure sensor, configured for measuring a right atrium pressure in a right atrium of the patient; —an intra pericardial pressure sensor, configured for measuring an intra pericardial pressure in a portion of an intra-pericardial... Agent:

20150032008 - Method and apparatus for tissue disease diagnosis: A tissue diagnosis apparatus constituted of: a broad band light source arranged to irradiate a target area with broad band light; a narrow band light source arranged to irradiate the target area with narrow band light; at least one light sensor arranged to: sense the broad and narrow band light... Agent:

20150032009 - Wearable light-guiding devices for physiological monitoring: A monitoring device configured to be attached to the body of a subject includes an outer layer and an inner layer secured together. The inner layer includes light transmissive material and has inner and outer surfaces. A base is secured to at least one of the outer and inner layers... Agent:

20150032010 - Optical measurement device: An optical measurement device includes: a measurement light source unit that emits measurement light; measurement probe including an illumination fiber configured to radiate the measurement light to a living tissue, and a light-receiving fiber configured to receive return light of the measurement light reflected and/or scattered from the living tissue;... Agent:

20150032011 - Ffr sensor head design that minimizes stress induced pressure offsets: A pressure sensing medical device may include a guidewire including a tubular member having a lumen, the tubular member being translatable between a generally straightened position and a deflected position, and a pressure sensor attached at a distal end of a fiber optic extending within the lumen, the pressure sensor... Agent:

20150032012 - Non-invasive blood pressure measurement system and methods of use: Disclosed is a system that includes a signal acquisition circuit to acquire a cuff pressure signal using an inflatable cuff, and to generate an oscillometric signal from the cuff pressure signal. The system also includes a user interface to enter one or more patient-specific detection threshold values, a memory to... Agent: Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

20150032013 - Disposable sheath: A cuff system includes a flexible substantially tubular sheath having a distal end, a proximal end, a central longitudinal axis, and a central channel extending along the longitudinal axis. The system also includes a first guide disposed at the proximal end of the sheath. The first guide is configured to... Agent:

20150032014 - Determining onsets and offsets of cardiac depolarization and repolarization waves: An exemplary computer-implemented method is disclosed for detection of onset of depolarization on far-field electrograms (EGMs) or electrocardiogram (ECG)- or ECG-like signals. The method includes determining a baseline rhythm using a plurality of body-surface electrodes. The baseline rhythm includes an atrial marker and a ventricular marker. A pre-specified window is... Agent:

20150032015 - Methods, systems and devices for detecting and diagnosing diabetic diseases and disorders: Disclosed herein methods, devices, and systems for detecting and diagnosing a diabetic disease or disorder in a subject from a prime electrocardiogram which comprises calculating at least one distribution function of the prime electrocardiogram and determining whether the distribution function is indicative of the presence of absence of the diabetic... Agent: Dynacardia, Inc.

20150032016 - Identification of healthy versus unhealthy substrate for pacing from a multipolar lead: A medical device system performs a method determining presence of scar tissue. Torso-surface potential signals are received by a processor from multiple electrodes distributed on a torso of a patient. The processor extracts features of the potential signal from each electrode and stores values of the features in a non-transitory... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150032017 - Method and apparatus for providing a visual representation of sleep quality based on ecg signals: A method of providing a graphical representation of sleep quality includes obtaining ECG data for a patient, obtaining a plurality of N-intervals from the ECG data, calculating a plurality of spectral densities based on the plurality of N-N intervals, wherein each spectral density is associated with one of a plurality... Agent:

20150032018 - Pattern recognition system for quantifying the likelihood of the contribution of multiple possible forms of chronic disease to patient reported dyspnea: Systems and methods for quantifying the likelihood of the contribution of multiple possible forms of chronic disease to patient reported dyspnea can include the testing protocol having a flow/volume loop, performed at rest, flowed by the measurement of cardiopulmonary exercise gas exchange variables during rest, exercise and recovery as unique... Agent:

20150032019 - End-tidal gas monitoring apparatus: A non-invasive monitoring apparatus for end-tidal gas concentrations, and a method of use thereof, is described for the detection of endogenous gas concentrations, including respiratory gases, in exhaled breath.... Agent: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

20150032020 - Inhalation support apparatus and method for inhalation support: The invention relates to an inhalation support apparatus and the use thereof and to a method for supporting the inhalation of an inhalation mixture that is to be inhaled. The invention further relates to a device for the control of pressure changes, their use in the medical and non-medical field... Agent:

20150032021 - Safety monitoring system and fatigue monitoring apparatus and fatigue detecting helmet thereof: A fatigue monitoring apparatus includes a fatigue detecting helmet. The fatigue detecting helmet includes a cap, a first electrode, a second electrode, a fatigue computation device and a power supply. The first electrode is disposed in the cap to contact a head, thereby obtaining a first physiological information. The second... Agent: Amtran Technology Co., Ltd.

20150032022 - Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring system: A surgical system kit is described. The surgical system kit includes a peripheral electrode, a surgical access instrument configured to be placed in a surgical target site, and a control unit. The surgical access instrument has a body with a proximal end, and a distal end, two or more electrodes... Agent:

20150032023 - Ion imbalance detector: In general, the invention is directed to methods and devices for determining an ion concentration in the extracellular fluid of a patient. As examples, the ion may be one or more of potassium, sodium, chloride, or calcium. A system includes an electrode deployed in or near a tissue, such as... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150032024 - Methods and apparatus for removing material from within a mammalian cavity using an insertable endoscopic instrument: An endoscope for removing tissue at a surgical site includes an elongated tubular body insertable within a mammalian cavity of a patient. An instrument channel extends between a first opening at a distal end and a second opening at a proximal end of the tubular body and is sized and... Agent:

20150032025 - System and method of taking and collecting tissue cores for treatment: A tissue cutting device that is especially suited for neurosurgical applications is disclosed and described, as well as alternative systems for tissue preservation and transport. The cutting device includes an outer cannula in which a reciprocating inner cannula is disposed. A tissue collector is also provided and is in fluid... Agent:

20150032026 - Device for taking at least one sample of tissue: This invention relates to a device (10) for taking at least one sample of soft tissue from an organ, said device comprising a body (11) and a needle (12) formed by a stylet (13) and a cannula (14) coaxial with said stylet, said device comprising a mechanism for arming the... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20150032027 - Low profile, multi-conductor guidewire: This invention relates to medical guidewire having multiple electrically conductive pathways extending from substantially their distal ends to substantially their proximal ends.... Agent: Lake Region Manufacturing D/b/a Lake Region Medical

20150032028 - Systems and methods for treatment of an airway disorder: Methods and systems for treating an airway disorder and delivering an implant to airway tissue are provided. A method includes partially inserting at least a first and second wire into airway forming tissue, wherein the first and second wires' axes define implant positions for a first and second implant, respectively.... Agent:

20150032029 - Calibration for multi-stage physiological monitors: A physiological monitor is provided for determining a physiological parameter of a medical patient with a multi-stage sensor assembly. The monitor includes a signal processor configured to receive a signal indicative of a physiological parameter of a medical patient from a multi-stage sensor assembly. The multi-stage sensor assembly is configured... Agent:

20150032031 - Apparatus and method for wound volume measurement: A method and apparatus for measuring a volume of a wound are described, the method comprising the steps of: applying a dressing over a wound, the volume of which is to be measured, the dressing including at least a sealing drape over the wound so as to create a sealed... Agent:

20150032030 - Treatment of pelvic organ prolapse: The present invention relates to the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor prolapse. The diagnosis and treatment may involve the use of a multiple sensor-enabled device for vaginal insertion capable of providing real-time data regarding the patient's physiology, the position and movement of the urethra, and the muscular strength of... Agent:

20150032032 - Methods and devices for biomechanical assessment of pelvic floor including perineum prior to childbirth: The transvaginal tactile probe is configured to obtain a high resolution mapping of pressures and strains within the vagina of a pregnant woman prior to birth. The device provides real-time data visualization, analysis tools and information. This data may be used to assist with clinical decisions regarding selecting a preferred... Agent: Advanced Tactile Imaging Inc.

20150032033 - Apparatus and method for identifying movement in a patient: Methods for operating a processing system to generate accurate information representative of movement of a body from activity sensors such as tri-axial accelerometers. The system uses wavelet analysis and/or adaptive thresholds to provide quantitative measurements of a person's posture and/or activity, including low-speed activity, during daily living.... Agent:

20150032034 - Apparatus and method for quantifying stability of the knee: A wireless motion sensor platform comprising MEMS inertial sensors and accompanying software for classification of diverse motion characteristics and kinematics of patient anatomy at high resolution. The sensor platform comprises a low-cost, compact, and low-weight device that can be applied to a patient's upper and/or lower leg during a knee... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

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20150025295 - Medical treatment apparatus, control device and control method: According to an embodiment, a medical treatment apparatus includes: a first acquirer to acquire a group including five or more pairs of corresponding points on a first perspective image of a subject captured at a first timing and a second perspective image of the subject captured at a second timing;... Agent:

20150025296 - Method and device for accurate dispensing of radioactivity: A method of delivering a radioactive liquid includes, performing an initialization, including; extracting at least a first amount of a radioactive liquid from a source of radioactive liquid, measuring a radioactivity level for the first amount of radioactive liquid, and performing a calibration phase. The calibration phase includes, extracting a... Agent: University Of Zurich

20150025297 - Devices and methods for magnetic stimulation for the treatment of neurological disorders: Described herein are magnetic neural stimulation systems for the treatment of neurological disorders. One variation of a magnetic neural stimulation system includes magnetic stimulators shaped as helical or ramped coils, where each turn of the coil has an acute turning angle of less than 90 degrees. Also described herein are... Agent:

20150025299 - Esthetic apparatus useful for increasing skin rejuvenation and methods thereof: Systems and methods for increasing skin rejuvenation of a region of a patient's skin. The system includes: a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) frequency generator that emits electromagnetic pulses to the region of the patient's skin; and a deep tissue diathermy device that applies heat to the region of the patient's... Agent:

20150025298 - Stimulation device and method for treating cardiovascular disease: A stimulation device and method for treating cardiovascular disease in a human or an animal is provided, the method including placing a magnetic pulse application unit including a coil on a skin surface of a region of the human or the animal, and generating magnetic pulses around the coil, wherein... Agent: Kyushu University, National University Corporation

20150025300 - Modular patient care enclosure: A patient enclosure, comprised of at least two spaced-apart side walls, a top wall, and a front wall, the side walls, the top wall, and the front wall defining a predetermined area surrounding a location where a patient is positionable. At least one of the walls has a panel of... Agent:

20150025301 - Device and method of stimulating eye movement: A device for stimulating eye movement in a subject is presented. Stimulating eye movement through Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) allows the processing of information and elimination of negative body sensations. In an embodiment, a mechanical device is presented in which a physical object is attached to a motion mechanism which... Agent:

20150025302 - Apparatus and method for treating urinary incontinence: A surgical implant for treating female urinary incontinence includes a suburethral support, first and second soft tissue anchors, and first and second elongated members connecting the first and second soft tissue anchors to first and second ends of the suburethral support. The first soft tissue anchor includes a central portion,... Agent:

20150025303 - One-piece monolithic cuff and artificial urinary sphincter system: An artificial urinary sphincter system has a pressure reservoir attachable to a pump and a conduit attachable between the pump and a cuff. The cuff is formed as a one-piece monolithic polymer structure that is substantially circular in radial cross-section. The cuff has an interior wall connected by a pair... Agent:

20150025304 - System and method for treatment of anal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse: Using a sling that includes a central portion and at least two arms extending from the central portion, a method of treating anal incontinence may include positioning the central portion posteriorly to the rectum and/or anus of a subject, and extending each arm of the sling to a respective obturator... Agent:

20150025305 - Scrotal cushion therapeutic device: A scrotal cushion and therapeutic device is provided that fits securely under and around the scrotum when a patient is seated or supine (body position characterized by lying flat on one's back). The scrotal cushion comprises a device body, a cap, four lateral wing elements contiguous with the scrotal cushion... Agent:

20150025307 - Device used in the context of a gynecological transfer and the manufacture of such a device: s

20150025306 - Methods and systems for utilizing sperm for molecular delivery: Disclosed herein include embodiments related to delivery of molecular molecules by a sperm cell to an egg cell for expression, including transient expression, in a fertilized progeny. Further embodiments relate to computerized systems for assisting in the disclosed methods.... Agent:

20150025308 - Bodily implant: In one embodiment, an implant includes a body member, a first arm member and a second arm member. The body member is formed of a first material and has a first side portion and a second side portion. The body member has a first stiffness and includes multiple apertures through... Agent:

20150025309 - Transperitoneal prolapse repair system and method: A prolapse repair system and procedure are provided. The system can include one or more anchor devices and one or more extending members, such as a suture. The system can further include a mesh or like support or suspension structure provided intermediate the one or more anchor devices and the... Agent:

20150025310 - Medical applicator: An applicator for use in the fitting of an occlusive plug of the screw in kind to a fallopian tube, said applicator comprising: a body member; an eyepiece fitted to one end of the body member; an elongate probe carried by, and projecting from the other end of the body... Agent:

20150025314 - Endoluminal system and method for gastrointestinal treatment: Improved methods and devices for performing an endoscopic surgery are provided. Systems are taught for operatively treating gastrointestinal disorders endoscopically in a stable, yet dynamic operative environment, and in a minimally-invasive manner. Such systems include, for example, an endoscopic surgical suite. The surgical suite can have a reversibly-expandable retractor that... Agent: Macroplata, Inc.

20150025313 - Intraluminal device delivery technique: A technique for deploying an intraluminal device, such as a bariatric device, in a mammalian lumen, such as the gastrointestinal tract, includes positioning a visualization device through an orifice, such as a natural orifice, into the mammalian lumen. A deployment device having the intraluminal device mounted thereto is guided to... Agent: Bfkw, LLC

20150025312 - Introductory assembly and method for inserting intracardiac instruments: An introduction assembly and method for the insertion of medical instruments through a thoracic passage into a selected one of either the left or right atrium of the heart. Catheters or other instruments dedicated to performing required cardiac maneuvers are passed through an introductory sheath having a distal end disposed... Agent:

20150025311 - Small single-port arthroscopic lavage, directed tissue drying, biocompatible tissue scaffold and autologous regenerated cell placement delivery system: A system for performing arthroscopic lavage, directed tissue drying, and the accurate placement of a biocompatible tissue scaffold for the adherence of autologous regenerated cells through a small single port of entry into a joint compartment. The system is comprised of a handpiece having valves for irrigation and suctioning and... Agent:

20150025315 - Treatment instrument insertion auxiliary and treatment instrument insertion method: A treatment instrument insertion auxiliary is used to subserve passage of an elongated treatment instrument into a treatment instrument channel by being connected to an endoscope provided with a rigid insertion portion which includes the treatment instrument channel adapted to allow passage of the treatment instrument and a treatment instrument... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150025316 - Endoscope system and method for operating endoscope system: An endoscope system includes an insertion portion, an objective optical window, an image pickup device, a position/direction detection section that acquires position information of the objective optical window, and a memory that records the subject internal image acquired by the image pickup device in association with the position information of... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150025317 - Scented and flavored oral airways: An oral airway includes a first component having a first guiding surface and a second component having a second guiding surface. The first component and the second component are adapted to be removably coupled together such that the first guiding surface and the second guiding surface collectively define and encompass... Agent:

20150025318 - System and method for inhibiting injury to a patient during laparoscopic surgery: This group of inventions provides means and methods for preventing the damaging portions of surgical tools, such as laparoscopic devices, from adversely contacting tissues and organs that are not in the desired field of surgery. As such, the present disclosure pertains to any form of a warning or positioning device... Agent:

20150025319 - Bending angle adjustment mechanism for endoscope and endoscope having the bending angle adjustment mechanism: A bending angle adjustment mechanism for an endoscope includes a rod member that is disposed along a traveling path of a long member that is connected to a bending portion that is bendable and is pulled, a support member made of metal that is integrally provided to support both ends... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150025320 - Stiffening assembly: A stiffenable structure is made of longitudinal beams that are positioned around a longitudinal axis. In one state, the longitudinal beams are bendable so that the structure is bendable. As the structure bends, the longitudinal beams slide longitudinally with reference to one another. In a second state, the beams are... Agent:

20150025321 - Surgical access apparatus and method: A device includes an access port adapted to permit access of a surgical instrument into a patient. The access port includes a proximal portion, a distal portion, and an intermediate portion monolithically formed. The proximal portion includes a proximal flange. The distal portion includes a distal flange. The intermediate portion... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20150025322 - Tissue retractor assembly: An intracorporeal surgical tissue retractor is provided having an anchor selectively deployable in a first tissue not to be retracted and a grasper selectively deployable on a second tissue to be retracted. A longitudinally selectively movable support is threadable through the anchor and attached at a substantially distal end of... Agent:

20150025323 - Trocar assembly with pneumatic sealing: A trocar assembly for creating a pneumatic seal during a minimally-invasive surgical procedure. The trocar assembly including an elongated body having a lumen extending therethrough. The proximal end portion of the body defining a housing. A fluid supply plenum is defined in the housing configured to deliver pressurized insufflation fluid... Agent:

20150025324 - Surgical retractor with light: A surgical retractor has a shaft with an integral blade. The shaft and the blade are joined at an angle. The blade has an upper surface. A plurality of LED lights are embedded within the blade and are exposed at the upper surface. The blade surrounding the LED lights is... Agent:

20150025325 - Insertable lighting device: The present invention relates to an insertable lighting device that includes an optical fiber assembly 40 that resides slidably within the elongated interior cavity 58 of an introducer sheath 10 that includes an incision blade 12 on the first (or forward) end 49 thereof, which can be inserted through a... Agent:

20150025326 - Accessories for remote monitoring: An accessory for remote monitoring, including: a body capable of being placed on a human body; a measurement unit installed in the body and measuring a change in surroundings; a signal processing unit for processing a signal acquired from the measurement unit; and a wireless communication unit including a monopole... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150025332 - Body balance correction system: There is provided a body balance correction system and a method for controlling same, wherein body balance of a user is allowed to be improved in his or her daily life. The body balance correction system includes a measurement unit which measures data on the left and right sides of... Agent:

20150025327 - Device and method of monitoring a position and predicting an exit of a subject on or from a substrate: Methods and devices for monitoring the position of a subject are disclosed. One such method includes sensing pressure waves generated by the subject moving on a divided bladder comprising interleaved portions, generating signals indicative of the pressure waves for each of the interleaved portions, and sending the signals to a... Agent:

20150025330 - Devices, systems, and methods for assessment of vessels: Devices, systems, and methods for visually depicting a vessel and evaluating treatment options are disclosed.... Agent:

20150025336 - Hypovolemia diagnosis technique: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a system and method for determining a risk, onset, or presence of hypovolemia based on one or more features of a plethysmographic waveform during a patient breathing cycle. For example, a hypovolemic patient may exhibit characteristic changes in pulse amplitude or stroke volume... Agent:

20150025334 - Method and system for monitoring pain of patients: The present disclosure provides a method and system for stimulating and monitoring intensity of pain experienced by one or more users. The method includes measuring the intensity of pain experienced by the one or more users on a pre-determined scale and augmented chart or physician's personal assessment using a plurality... Agent:

20150025335 - Method and system for monitoring pain of patients: The present disclosure provides a method and system for monitoring intensity of pain experienced by one or more users. The method includes measuring the intensity of pain experienced by the one or more users from a pre-determined set of one or more bio-markers using a pre-determined set of one or... Agent:

20150025333 - Monitoring and diagnostic systems and methods: An apparatus, a system, and a method for monitoring and/or performing a diagnosis. A first implantable device measures a property of a first tissue in a body and includes a housing. The housing includes a first processing circuitry for causing the first implantable device to measure the property of the... Agent:

20150025329 - Patient care surveillance system and method: A patient care surveillance system comprises a data store operable to receive and store clinical and non-clinical data associated with at least one patient, a user interface configured to receive user input of current information related to at least one patient, a monitor configured to sense at least one parameter... Agent:

20150025331 - System and method employing a thermocouple junction for monitoring of physiological parameters: Disclosed are systems and methods for enabling the acquisition of physiological parameters of a mammal or other specimen using thermo-mechanical responses (e.g., temperature, pressure and alternatively acceleration, pulse, position). In accordance with one example embodiment, a monitoring device for wired and/or wireless sensors is used to acquire a series of... Agent:

20150025328 - System and method for monitoring cardiac output, flow balance, and performance parameters: A system for measuring of cardiac output and cardiac performance parameters based on a cardiac blood flow balance parameter between a right chamber of the heart and a left chamber of the heart, includes a sensor device for measuring one of blood pressure and blood flow rate and blood constituent... Agent:

20150025337 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic image processing apparatus, and medical image diagnostic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus sets a desired period with reference to a predetermined time phase in each heartbeat of the object, sequentially executes ultrasonic scanning on a plurality of sub-volumes in a period including the diagnosis period to acquire sub-volume data corresponding to a plurality of... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150025338 - Medical device inserters and processes of inserting and using medical devices: An apparatus for insertion of a medical device in the skin of a subject is provided, as well as methods of inserting medical devices.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20150025339 - Methods for classifying pleural fluid: Methods of classifying pleural fluid are disclosed. The methods typically include determining the level of indicator nanoparticles, such as lipids, particularly large lipids, in the pleural fluid of a subject. The level of lipids can be determined by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), such as proton NMR (1H-NMR) by measuring the... Agent:

20150025340 - Calibration curve creating method and apparatus for the same, and blood component calibration apparatus: A calibration curve creating method includes: (a) acquiring observation data of a plurality of samples of a living body, when near infrared light is emitted to the living body and an absorbance spectrum obtained from transmitted light or diffusely-reflected light thereof is set as the observation data; (b) acquiring content... Agent:

20150025341 - Method and device for measuring blood information: First measurement light 30 is caused to be incident on a boundary surface between blood 10 flowing through a flow cell 40 formed of a transparent material having a different refractive index from plasma (layer) 12 in the blood 10 and the flow cell 40, from an oblique direction at... Agent:

20150025342 - Methods for measuring changes in optical properties of wound tissue and correlating near infrared absorption(fnir) and diffuse refelectance spectroscopy scattering (drs) with tissue neovascularization and collagen concetration to determine whether wound i: Optical changes of tissue during wound healing measured by Near Infrared and Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy are shown to correlate with histologic changes. Near Infrared absorption coefficient correlated with blood vessel in-growth over time, while Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (DRS) data correlated with collagen concentration. Changes of optical properties of wound tissue... Agent:

20150025344 - Method for spectrophotometric blood oxygenation monitoring: An apparatus and method for non-invasively determining a blood oxygen parameter value of a subject's tissue is provided. An embodiment of the method includes the steps of: a) providing a spectrophotometric sensor that includes a processing portion and a transducer, b) detecting at least a portion of transmitted light after... Agent:

20150025343 - System and method for optical detection of skin disease: An optical system for the detection of skin disease, such as melanoma, acquires images of a lesion on a subject's skin at different wavelengths and utilizes a sweeping arm rotating about the lesion in a clock-like sweep to produce diagnostically relevant metrics and classifiers from the image data so as... Agent: The Rockefeller University

20150025345 - Sensor inserter assembly: An analyte monitor includes a sensor, a sensor control unit, and a display unit. The sensor control unit typically has a housing adapted for placement on skin and is adapted to receive a portion of an electrochemical sensor. The sensor control unit also includes two or more conductive contacts disposed... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20150025346 - Particle-containing membrane and particulate electrode for analyte sensors: Systems and methods of use involving sensors having a particle-containing domain are provided for continuous analyte measurement in a host. In some embodiments, a continuous analyte measurement system is configured to be wholly, transcutaneously, intravascularly or extracorporeally implanted.... Agent:

20150025347 - Lateral flow device for attachment to an absorbent article: A lateral flow device for testing a bodily fluid, such as urine, blood, mucous, saliva, etc., is provided. The lateral flow device is configured to be attached to an absorbent article via an attachment mechanism located on the lateral flow device or the absorbent article. The lateral flow device includes... Agent:

20150025348 - Assessing coagulation: Devices and methods for assessing coagulation include a channel configured such that shear stress, in a first portion of the channel, applied to blood drawn through the channel by a vacuum-tube attached to an outlet of the channel approximates physiological shear stresses.... Agent:

20150025349 - Pad for measuring blood loss: A pad is disclosed having a grid of absorbent structures (e.g., squares) formed on the pad. The pad may be used to quantify or otherwise assess blood loss by a patient. For example, blood lost by the patient and absorbed by the pad may be quantified by counting the number... Agent:

20150025350 - Electrode with guide tunnel for a cannula, and kit comprising electrode and cannula: An electrode for conducting electrical signals from or to an organ, and also to a kit for examining or treating an organ, said kit including an electrode that can be anchored to the organ. In order to reduce the risk of inflammation of the organ caused by the treatment or... Agent:

20150025351 - Cardiac activity visualization with frequency discrimination: A method includes measuring electrical activity at multiple points on a surface of a heart of a patient. User input indicative of a spectral slice selected from a frequency band is received. Respective levels of the electrical activity within the selected spectral slice are calculated. The calculated levels are displayed... Agent:

20150025352 - Method and device for determining brain and scalp state: A method for determining brain state has the steps of attaching at least 2 first electrodes to the scalp of a subject at a separation, transmitting an electrical current between the at least 2 first electrodes, and measuring a first impedance between the at least 2 first electrodes to provide... Agent: Nordocs Technologies Inc.

20150025353 - Method and device for determining body composition: An arrangement (100) is for creating body composition images of a body part by placing the apparel (101) in direct contact with the desired body part. The results of the image are shown on separate mobile devices (102), such as e.g. a mobile phone, tablet computer or similar device. The... Agent:

20150025354 - Device for measuring electrophysiological signals and a manufacturing method for manufacturing the device: A device (100) for measuring electrophysiological signals of a body comprising electrodes (101) and a multilayer supporting medium (102), such as garment, like a belt, for supporting said electrodes (101). The multilayer supporting medium (102) comprises at least one stretchable layer (103) and one non-stretchable (104) corrugated (104a) layer. The... Agent:

20150025355 - Systems, articles and methods for strain mitigation in wearable electronic devices: Wearable electronic devices that provide adaptive physical coupling between electrically coupled components are described. Adaptive physical coupling advantageously accommodates different user sizes, forms, and movements and enhances the overall ergonomics of a wearable electronic device. Adaptive physical coupling also introduces stresses and strains on electrical pathways between the electrically coupled... Agent:

20150025356 - Assessment method: A method of assessing the well being of an animal is disclosed. The method comprises obtaining information as to movement characteristics of the animal before applying medical treatment to the animal; obtaining information as to movement characteristics of the animal after applying medical treatment to the animal; comparing the movement... Agent:

20150025357 - Double line imaging device: An imaging device, including a first longitudinal body which is configured to be inserted into a cavity, and a first linear imaging element having a first linear proximal end and a first linear distal end, which is rotatably connected at the first linear proximal end to the first longitudinal body.... Agent:

20150025359 - Method for evaluation and comparison of a chronological sequence of combined medical imaging examinations and also a medical imaging system which is designed for executing the inventive method: A method is disclosed for evaluating and comparing a chronological sequence of at least two combined medical imaging examinations, wherein a combined medical imaging examination is carried out in each case by way of a first imaging apparatus and by way of a second imaging apparatus which is formed by... Agent:

20150025360 - Reference-library extension during imaging of moving organs: Images acquired during an image-guided treatment procedure sometimes exceed the scope of a reference library previously acquired for the purpose of monitoring and/or adjusting the treatment. In this situation, the reference library may be extended dynamically and/or in real time based on the newly acquired treatment images and/or other available... Agent:

20150025358 - Surface stationary array coil structure for multi-modality imaging: A stand-alone MR or hybrid PET-MR imaging system incorporating a surface stationary RF coil structure is disclosed. The imaging system includes a support assembly comprising a cradle to accommodate a subject and a bridge to receive the cradle and provide for translation therealong to enable an acquisition of imaging data.... Agent:

20150025361 - Breast coil with a mechanical height adjustment: A local coil for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system is a breast coil that includes at least one height adjustment apparatus.... Agent:

20150025362 - Local transmission coils and transmission coil arrays for spinal column imaging in an mri device: A spine coil for a magnetic resonance imaging device includes at least one transmission coil element configured for transmission.... Agent:

20150025364 - Apparatus and method for visualizing a conduction tract of heart: The invention relates to an apparatus, a method and a computer program for visualizing a conduction tract of a heart. In order to provide a visualization which is helpful in avoiding or finding the conduction tract in, for example, an invasive procedure like ablation of heart tissue, a generic heart... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150025365 - Catheter with single axial sensors: A catheter has single axis sensors mounted directly along a portion of the catheter whose position/location is of interest. The magnetic based, single axis sensors are on a linear or nonlinear single axis sensor (SAS) assembly. The catheter includes a catheter body and a distal 2D or 3D configuration provided... Agent: Biosense Webster, Inc.

20150025367 - Implantable marker for a surgical navigation system, the marker having a stem with a separation zone to facilitate the removal of the marker: A marker for use with a surgical navigation system for tracking the tissue with which the marker is associated. The overall dimensions of the mark is such that it is shaped to be disposed below the skin of the patient in which the marker is implanted. The marker has a... Agent:

20150025366 - Method for obtaining sterile human amniotic fluid and uses thereof: Provided herein is a method for sterilely filtering amniotic fluid from selected caesarean sections of an individual. The amniotic fluid is first centrifuged at 5,000 to 10,000 rpm for 30 to 60 minutes and filtered through filters with about 5 to about 10 μm pore size. Next, the fluid is... Agent:

20150025363 - Spinal canal access and probe positioning, devices and methods: Methods and devices for detecting positioning of a probe in a tissue of a patient. A method can include providing a detection device; advancing a device coupled probe through the tissue of the patient and toward the patient's spinal canal; detecting a change in pressure about the distal portion of... Agent:

20150025368 - Systems and methods for intubation: An intubation device is provided. An intubation device comprises a movable guide configured to guide an insertion of an endotracheal tube into a trachea of a patient, the guide having a guide extension and a guide tip; an external trachea identifier source external to the trachea and disposed on the... Agent:

20150025369 - Housing for the oct probe, oct probe assembly, and a method of making such assembly: According to some embodiments a housing for the OCT comprises: (a) a tubular body with an inner diameter of less than 5 mm (for example less than 2 mm, and in some embodiments not greater than 1.5 mm), a first end, a second end; and a window formed in the... Agent:

20150025370 - Periodic contrast injections and analysis of harmonics for interventional x-ray perfusion imaging: An apparatus (130) and a method for adjusting, in perfusion imaging system, a periodic contrast agent injection rate signal (IS) for an injector (135) as function of an image sampling rate determined by the rotational speed of an X-ray source (107)-detector (109) assembly of an X-ray imager (100). Frequency, periodicity... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v. A Corporation

20150025371 - Method for displaying image data of body regions of a patient, the body regions being prone to dementia, and a medical imaging system which is designed to carry out the method: A method is disclosed for displaying image data of body regions of a patient using a medical imaging system including a first imaging apparatus and a positron emission tomography apparatus, the body regions being prone to dementia. The method includes provision of first image data recorded using the first imaging... Agent:

20150025373 - Apparatus and method for combined photoacoustic and ultrasound diagnosis: A microbubble used as a contrast agent for ultrasound imaging burst due to high intensity of ultrasound, and the burst microbubble effectively acts as a contrast agent for photoacoustic imaging. Based on this point, a new apparatus and method for combined photoacoustic and ultrasound diagnosis are provided.... Agent:

20150025372 - Systems and methods for determining hepatic function from liver scans: Systems and methods described herein determine an objective metric for analyzing health of a patient's liver. In some embodiments, the system may include a scanner that can detect radiation counts responsive to administration of radioactive compound to a patient. Further, the system may include an image detection module that can... Agent:

20150025375 - Injector system: Multiple embodiments of contrast media injector systems (800, 800′, 800c) are disclosed. A number of different devices are disclosed for providing user input to such a contrast media injector system (800, 800′, 800c), including at least one tablet computer (700), a user-mountable user input device (760), a smartphone (762), and... Agent:

20150025376 - Liquid injector for injecting contrast medium at variable rate into a subject who is to be imaged by imaging diagnostic apparatus: A liquid injector registers the data of a variable pattern in which an injection rate of a contrast medium varies with time. The injection rate of the contrast medium varies with time according to the variable pattern for maintaining a state in which the image contrast achieved by the contrast... Agent:

20150025374 - Powerhead of a power injection system: A contrast media injection system includes detects the absolute position of the syringe ram using a non-contact sensor. A series of magnets and Hall-Effect sensors may be used or an opto-reflective system. Illuminated knobs that are connected to the drive mechanism for the syringe ram rotate with the drive and... Agent: Mallinckrodt LLC

20150025377 - Radiographic imaging device and radiography protection unit: A radiographic imaging device comprising an imaging platform that includes an imaging surface on which a breast of a test subject is to be rested; a radiation irradiation section disposed to face the imaging surface and irradiates radiation at the imaging surface; a main radiation protection portion that is disposed... Agent:

20150025379 - Diagnostic catheter using a vacuum for tissue positioning: A diagnostic catheter and method of use for analyzing tissue is provided. A method for analyzing tissue in accordance with one embodiment of the present invention includes inserting a catheter having a sensor at its distal end into the body of a patient, applying suction through the catheter to secure... Agent:

20150025378 - Ultrasound signal processing device, ultrasound signal processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium: Preceding decoders each convolve a corresponding one of a plurality of transducer elements constituting a transducer element array of an ultrasound probe with an impulse response waveform, while varying a filter coefficient corresponding to time side lobes for each transmission event. A succeeding decoder stores, in a memory, a reception... Agent:

20150025380 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, image processing apparatus and image processing method: An ultrasound diagnosis apparatus according to an embodiment includes a transmitting and receiving unit, a detecting unit, and a chart display unit. The transmitting and receiving unit transmits an ultrasound pulse to a subject and receives an echo signal from the subject. The detecting unit detects thrombi that are present... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150025381 - Endoventricular injection catheter system with integrated echocardiographic capabilities: Methods of providing image-guided transendocardial injection of a therapeutic agent into a left ventricular wall of a heart. Some methods enable injections into heart tissue under visualization. The methods may include providing an endoventricular injection catheter having integrated echocardiographic capability. The endoventricular injection catheter may have an imaging core and... Agent: Acist Medical Systems, Inc.

20150025382 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method of producing ultrasound image: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes an ultrasound image producer which produces an ultrasound image from reception data based on a predetermined set sound speed, a reception data image producer which produces a reception data image representing a luminance image of an ultrasonic echo wavefront from the reception data corresponding to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150025386 - Portable diagnostic ultrasound apparatus: In order to provide technology for limiting the deterioration of hardware in a portable diagnostic ultrasound apparatus without increasing user workload, internal processing of the portable diagnostic ultrasound apparatus is controlled according to the opening or closing of the cover case in which the monitor is disposed. In particular, when... Agent: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

20150025383 - Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and control method thereof: Disclosed herein are an ultrasonic imaging apparatus which is capable of accurately and quickly estimating a Point Spread Function (PSF) is usable for restoring ultrasonic images, and a control method which is executable by the ultrasonic imaging apparatus. The ultrasonic imaging apparatus includes: a probe; a receive beamformer configured to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150025385 - Ultrasonic imaging device: According to a method of adaptive signal processing, compensation for deterioration of image quality caused by wavefront distortion is provided in an ultrasound imaging apparatus, with a low computing amount and with a precision. The elements 106 receive ultrasound signals from a test subject, and the delay circuit 204 delays... Agent:

20150025384 - Ultrasound medical apparatus and ultrasound diagnosis apparatus: In embodiments of an ultrasound medical apparatus, main body part includes ultrasound transducer and is inserted into lumen of subject. First and second blocking parts are inserted into lumen and capable of substantially occluding lumen by changing dimensions. First blocking part is arranged at the opposite side to insertion opening... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150025387 - Efficient architecture for 3d and planar ultrasonic imaging-synthetic axial acquisition and method thereof: An improved device and method for collecting data used for ultrasonic imaging. The data is gathered over numerous transmit and echo receive cycles, or iterations and combined into a synthetic acquisition representing a complete echo characteristic acquisition. At each iteration, only a portion, or subset, of the echo characteristic is... Agent:

20150025388 - Ultrasound waveform tomography with wave-energy-based preconditioning: Synthetic-aperture ultrasound tomography systems and methods using scanning arrays and algorithms configured to simultaneously acquire ultrasound transmission and reflection data, and process the data using ultrasound waveform tomography with a wave-energy-based preconditioning method for improved ultrasound tomography imaging.... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20150025389 - Ultrasound system and transducer assemblies: An ultrasound system is disclosed. The ultrasound system includes an ultrasound device. The ultrasound device includes a housing, a control panel coupled to the housing, and a receiver assembly coupled to the housing, wherein the receiver assembly includes a first contact surface. The ultrasound system further includes a transducer assembly... Agent:

20150025390 - Ultrasound transducer connector: A reversible transducer connector allows the connector to be inserted within the receptacle in more than one orientation. The electrical connections between the receptacle and connector are reprogrammed based on the orientation. The connector is inserted in two or more stages, such as using zero-insertion or magnetic retention in a... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20150025392 - Efficient 3-d telestration for local and remote robotic proctoring: An apparatus is configured to show telestration in 3-D to a surgeon in real time. A proctor is shown one side of a stereo image pair, such that the proctor can draw a telestration line on the one side with an input device. Points of interest are identified for matching... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations Inc.

20150025391 - Tissue fluorescence monitor with ambient light rejection: Fluorescent markers used to identify a tissue may be imaged in a bright environment by synchronizing the imaging process with rapidly switched ambient lighting so that imaging occurs in phase with a switching off of the ambient lighting. In this way, valuable fluorescent imaging may be performed in an environment... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20150025393 - Wearable heart rate monitor: Some embodiments provide a wearable fitness monitoring device including a motion sensor and a photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensor. The PPG sensor includes (i) a periodic light source, (ii) a photo detector, and (iii) circuitry determining a user's heart rate from an output of the photo detector. Some embodiments provide methods for... Agent:

20150025394 - Wearable heart rate monitor: Some embodiments provide a wearable fitness monitoring device including a motion sensor and a photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensor. The PPG sensor includes (i) a periodic light source, (ii) a photo detector, and (iii) circuitry determining a user's heart rate from an output of the photo detector. Some embodiments provide methods for... Agent:

20150025395 - Breathing analysis method, system, and apparatus: In a breathing analysis method using an electrocardiogram of a user, a breathing curve is generated according to R waves in the electrocardiogram, and whether the user is currently taking a breathing out action or a breathing in action is detected according to the breathing curve. A duration of the... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20150025396 - Blood pressure analysis system and method: A blood pressure analysis system/method allowing conversion from an analog sensor input to a standardized analog output interface is disclosed. In some preferred embodiments the system/method permits a fiber optic pressure sensor to be interfaced to a standard patient care monitor (PCM) system using standardized Wheatstone Bridge analog interface inputs.... Agent:

20150025398 - Devices, systems, and methods for assessing a vessel with automated drift correction: Embodiments of the present disclosure are configured to assess the severity of a blockage in a vessel and, in particular, a stenosis in a blood vessel. In some particular embodiments, the devices, systems, and methods of the present disclosure are configured to assess the severity of a stenosis in the... Agent:

20150025397 - System and method for estimating cardiac pressure based on cardiac electrical conduction delays using an implantable medical device: Techniques are provided for estimating left atrial pressure (LAP) or other cardiac performance parameters based on measured conduction delays. In particular, LAP is estimated based interventricular conduction delays. Predetermined conversion factors stored within the device are used to convert the various the conduction delays into LAP values or other appropriate... Agent:

20150025399 - Automatic blood pressure measurement device: An automatic blood pressure measuring apparatus includes: a compression band wrapped around a compressed site of a living body, the automatic blood pressure measuring apparatus sequentially extracting a pulse wave that is pressure oscillation in the compression band in a process of changing a compression pressure value of the compression... Agent: A&d Company, Limited

20150025400 - Blood pressure meter: With the blood pressure meter of the present invention, a pump unit is connected via a first fluid path to a fluid bladder. The first fluid path extends straight in the Z direction between the pump unit and the fluid bladder, sends air supplied from the pump unit to the... Agent:

20150025401 - Physical activity monitoring systems: A system for monitoring physical activity, in which activity data for an individual is be captured and stored whether the activity takes place in a health club or away from the health club (e.g. outdoors). The proposed approach is to capture heart rate data using an individual heart rate monitor... Agent: Myzone Limited

20150025402 - Method of locating the tip of a central venous catheter: A method of locating a tip of a central venous catheter (“CVC”) having a distal and proximal pair of electrodes disposed within the superior vena cava, right atrium, and/or right ventricle. The method includes obtaining a distal and proximal electrical signal from the distal and proximal pair of electrodes and... Agent:

20150025403 - Mood analysis method, system, and apparatus: In a mood analysis method using an electrocardiogram of a user, RR intervals in the electrocardiogram are computed, and low-frequency (LF) values and high-frequency (HF) values are also computed according to the RR intervals. Standard values of sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity and parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) activity are acquired... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20150025404 - Methodology for automated signal morphology analysis in implantable electrotherapy and diagnostic systems: Systems and related methods for analyzing data sensed from a device implanted in a patient, such as a cardiac pacing system. The system detects and evaluates electric signals within the patient that share a common event marker. By using algorithms and graphical presentation of the collected signals having common event... Agent:

20150025405 - Acute lung injury (ali)/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ards) assessment and monitoring: A patient is monitored for a medical condition such as acute lung injury (AL1) by operations including: (i) receiving values of a plurality of physiological parameters for the patient; (ii) computing an AL1 indicator value based at least on the received values of the plurality of physiological parameters for the... Agent:

20150025406 - Bidirectional physiological information display: A patient monitor for displaying a physiological signal can include a visual element having a middle portion indicative of a transition in the physiological signal between physiological states. The visual element can also include first and second extremity portions, the first extremity portion extending from the middle portion in a... Agent:

20150025407 - Devices and methods for generating an artificial exhalation profile: Methods and devices for creating an artificial exhalation profile, for example for use in the sampling of exhaled breath or air from the nasal cavity from a mammal, wherein said mammal exhales into a device comprising a flow channel, a pressure sensor, a flow sensor, a control unit, and means... Agent:

20150025408 - Systems, methods and devices for a skull/brain interface: Systems, methods and devices are disclosed for directing and focusing signals to the brain for neuromodulation and for directing and focusing signals or other energy from the brain for measurement, heat transfer and imaging. An aperture in the skull and/or a channel device implantable in the skull can be used... Agent:

20150025410 - Method and device to restore and/or improve nervous system functions by modifying specific nervous system pathways: The present invention provides methods, devices, and systems for restoring or improving nervous system function of a subject. Provided is a method involving: (i) providing an operant conditioning protocol effective to produce targeted neural plasticity (TNP) in a primary targeted central nervous system (CNS) pathway of a subject; and (ii)... Agent: Health Research, Inc.

20150025409 - Probe for measuring a patient's bulbocavernosus muscle reflex: A system and method is disclosed for measuring muscle reflexes (e.g., a bulbocavernosus reflex) as a tool for identifying/diagnosing dysfunctions (e.g., spinal cord abnormalities, bladder voiding dysfunction, and sexual organ dysfunction) non-invasively by using mechanical stimulation. The system and method includes a probe having a predetermined patient contacting portion, wherein... Agent:

20150025411 - Vascular introducer with temperature monitoring probe and systems for endovascular temperature control: An introducer sheath/temperature probe assembly that is insertable into a blood vessel of a human or veterinary patent to measure the temperature of blood flowing through that blood vessel. The introducer sheath/temperature probe assembly may be used in conjunction with an indwelling heat exchange catheter system to warm or cool... Agent:

20150025412 - Allergy testing system, method and kit: An allergy skin test kit includes a template having puncture site indicators and a computer-readable storage medium storing allergy test information that associates the puncture site indicators of the template with template locations or test substance indicators. A method of performing an allergy skin test includes providing a template having... Agent:

20150025413 - Hearing profile test system and method: Examples of systems and methods for profiling the hearing ability of a consumer are disclosed. One example includes a personal computer and a handheld device configured to produce calibrated acoustic output at suprathreshold levels above 20 db HL, and at step levels of 10-20 decibels, and presented test frequency bands... Agent: Ihear Medical, Inc.

20150025414 - Biopsy device targeting features: An apparatus for guiding a biopsy instrument into tissue of a patent comprises a cannula, a guide device, a support structure, and a locking assembly. At least a portion of the biopsy instrument is insertable into the cannula. The guide device comprises at least one guide hole. The at least... Agent:

20150025415 - Transport system for biopsy device: A biopsy device includes a hollow needle, and a sample-receiving device that is movable in the hollow needle. A power-driven element having a motor is provided. A transport device is drivably coupled to the motor. The transport device includes a toothed flexible member drivably engaged with a drive gear. The... Agent:

20150025416 - Sensor catheter having reduced cross-talk wiring arrangements: Improved wiring arrangements for sensor catheters are provided to reduce wire-to-wire cross-talk wherein wires connecting the sensor of the sensor catheter to a processing unit are divided into a plurality of wire bundles contained within respective sheaths, with the wires in wire bundle twisted together reduce electromagnetic signal interference among... Agent:

20150025417 - Cough detection, analysis, and communication platform: A cough detection, analysis, and communication platform may be provided. The platform may comprise methods, systems, and a devices for detecting, analyzing, and communicating cough detection data. A cough detection device may comprise at least one microphone and analytic firmware used to employ methods of detecting, analyzing, and communicating the... Agent:

20150025418 - System and method for evaluating tissue: A sensor system for measuring an elastic modulus and a shear modulus and a method for evaluating a tissue. The invention pertains to a method for determining the presence of and/or characterizing abnormal growths, using a piezoelectric finger sensor (PEFS) system. The PEFS system may be particularly useful for screening... Agent: Philadelphia Health & Education Corporation D/b/a Drexel University College Of Medicine

20150025419 - Integrated triad system for providing advanced assessment methods, corrective and performance exercise training, and integrating specialized manual therapies: The Ortho-Kinetics System is a biomechanically based system that, through systematic assessment, analysis, and evaluations, one can identify a person's anomalies such as postural deviations, joint limitations, neuromuscular imbalances, and movement compensations. This system makes use of a database which stores expert-derived information to guide the practitioner in the administration... Agent:

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