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05/28/2015 > 126 patent applications in 73 patent subcategories.

20150148585 - Combination therapy for the treatment of glioblastoma: This invention concerns methods of treating a patient diagnosed with glioblastoma comprising administering to said patient a therapy comprising an effective amount of an anti-VEGF antibody and a chemotherapeutic.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20150148584 - Inner gantry: A system includes a patient support and an outer gantry on which an accelerator is mounted to enable the accelerator to move through a range of positions around a patient on the patient support. The accelerator is configured to produce a proton or ion beam having an energy level sufficient... Agent:

20150148586 - Content output device, content output method, control device, and control method: There is provided a content output device including a selection unit which selects content according to a user's condition and a magnetic field pattern corresponding to the content, a content output unit which outputs the content, and a magnetic field generating unit which generates a magnetic field based on the... Agent:

20150148587 - Generating artificial pulse: In order to produce a pulsatile blood flow pattern that includes time periods of relatively high blood flow rates and time periods of relatively low blood flow rates, the operating speed of a blood pump can be selectively controlled to produce an operating speed pattern that includes time periods of... Agent:

20150148588 - Method of removing an inflated implant from a bladder: An inflated implant, such as an attenuation device, previously implanted in a urinary bladder can later be removed according to a number of different methods. Preferably, removal is accomplished transurethrally. In one embodiment, removal is accomplished by reducing the inflated implant from an enlarged profile to a reduced profile so... Agent:

20150148589 - Incontinence treatment device and method of treating urinary incontinence: An incontinence treatment device and method of treating urinary incontinence in a person includes fabricating an artificial urethra to have a flow diameter formed inside of a circumferential wall and a closure device attached directly to a portion of an outer surface of the circumferential wall of the artificial urethra.... Agent:

20150148591 - Incontinence implant, insertion device and related methods of use: The present invention discloses medical systems and related methods of use. One such medical system includes an implant assembly and an insertion device. The insertion device includes an elongate member and a hub member. The elongate member includes a needle portion and a handle portion. The hub member is movably... Agent:

20150148590 - System for treating heart valve malfunction including mitral regurgitation: A system for treating heart valve malfunction specifically including mitral regurgitation comprising a positioning structure operative to assume both expanded and contracted orientations and a retaining assembly positioned and structured to operatively dispose the positioning structure in moveably supporting lifting and/or positioning relation to the ventricular wall portion of the... Agent:

20150148592 - Personal massager: A personal massager comprises a housing having a front end and a back end. A motor is mounted within the housing, and a crank is configured to move in a circular path within the housing when actuated by the motor. A rocker arm having a first end and a second... Agent: Maurice S. Kanbar Revocable Trust

20150148594 - Endoscope operation system: The objective is to control a movement velocity of an endoscope in a body in response to an amount of insertion of the endoscope in view of safety without influence of a strong magnet. A velocity-control computation section 48 adjusts a velocity of an imager to be changeable in response... Agent:

20150148593 - Medical scope attachment device and system: A medical scope attachment device and system includes one or more expandable rings, each having a resilient main body and an inside diameter defining a central opening that corresponds to a dimension of a medical scope. One or more sets of opposing magnetic elements are disposed within each of the... Agent:

20150148595 - Method of placing a drainage catheter system: The present disclosure describes a single incision method of placing a drainage catheter in the peritoneal cavity.... Agent:

20150148596 - Surgical instrument: A surgical instrument (10, 100) configured to facilitate gripping and manual adjustment by a left-handed or righted-handed user. The surgical instrument includes a rod (11) having a first end (12a) attachable to a working end (13, 113) of the instrument via a mount (16). The rod has a second end... Agent:

20150148597 - Systems, devices, and methods for tissue extraction: Medical devices, systems, and related methods of use are disclosed. The systems may comprise a sheath for insertion into a body lumen and an extraction tool for passage through the sheath, wherein the extraction tool may include a handle, an end effector, and an optical device. Methods disclosed herein include... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150148598 - Wire driver for wire line and endoscope: A side-viewing endoscope includes an elongated tube for entry in a body cavity for imaging. A wire line is contained in the elongated tube, for moving in an axial direction back and forth. A guide device is coupled with a distal end of the wire line, caused to shift between... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150148599 - Capsule endoscopic docking system: A capsule endoscopic system is disclosed, wherein the system comprises a capsule endoscope, a docking station, second circuits and contact means to cause the second circuits connected to first circuits inside the capsule endoscope when the capsule endoscope is docked in the docking station in a first rotational orientation and... Agent: Capso Vision ,inc. A Corporation

20150148601 - Catheters with indented markers: A catheter may include an elongate tubular member having an outer wall and an inner wall defining a wall thickness. The inner wall may define a lumen extending therethrough. The elongate tubular member may include a first plurality of recessed portions disposed in a distal section, wherein the first plurality... Agent:

20150148603 - Imaging catheter with thermal management assembly: An imaging catheter assembly that includes an elongate body having a first body end, and an opposite second body end; an imaging assembly secured to the first body end, the imaging assembly having a first imaging assembly end remote from the first body end and a second imaging assembly end... Agent:

20150148600 - Medical instrument: The present invention provides a medical instrument which is capable of reducing damage, such as cutting of a wire, to the medical instrument even if excessively large load is applied to an inserting portion. A medical instrument including: a deformable portion; a wire configured to deform the deformable portion; a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20150148604 - Methods of processing data obtained from medical device: Computerized information processing methods for processing data from a medical device, such as an ingestible probe. In one embodiment, the method includes processing data obtained by the probe so as to produce a plurality of image frames, and further processing the frames to identify a plurality of frames of potential... Agent:

20150148602 - Steering techniques for surgical instruments: A steerable endoscopic tool uses concentric sleeves of varying curvature to steer a tool tip toward or in the direction of a location of surgical interest. By rotating and/or axially displacing such sleeves relative to one another the tool tip may be maneuvered within a current field of view with... Agent:

20150148605 - System for use in surgical procedures: A system and method for use in surgical procedures. The system includes an endoscope, an imaging device coupled to the endoscope, an imaging processor coupled to the imaging device, and at least one management system coupled to the imaging processor, in which a function of the management system is automatically... Agent:

20150148607 - Driving force transmitting unit, insertion instrument, rotary unit, insertion body assembly, and insertion device: A driving force transmitting unit includes a line portion extending along a driving axis in a channel, and a slider portion attached to a proximal portion of the line portion and movable relative to the line portion along the driving axis. The driving force transmitting unit includes an urging portion... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150148606 - Endoscopic sleeve: An endoscopic sleeve includes a tubular member from which spaced projecting elements. The projecting elements are bendable towards both proximal and distal directions of the tubular member. The force (insertion force) required to bend the projecting elements towards the proximal direction is less than a force (extraction force) required to... Agent:

20150148608 - Switching valve unit and endoscope apparatus: In an endoscope apparatus, a suction button unit (switching valve unit) includes a valve cylinder, a piston rod, a cap device and seal packing. Holes are formed in a piston chamber of the valve cylinder, including a discharge port hole, a suction port hole and an exhaust port hole. The... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150148609 - Hydrophobic membrane for a lens and method of protecting a lens with such a membrane: The invention relates to a disposable flexible membrane (1) suitable for adhesion to an objective lens, especially an objective of a camera for laparoscopic operations, the membrane (1) being transparent and comprising two opposite faces, a first face (4) comprising a hydrophobic surface, and a second face (6) comprising a... Agent:

20150148610 - Endoscopic method for viewing a sinus opening: The invention is an endoscopic method for viewing a target portion of a patient's anatomy with access through the oral or nasal cavity. The method includes adjusting a variable direction of view endoscope to a direction of view of between about 0 degrees and 20 degrees relative to a longitudinal... Agent:

20150148612 - Delivery system for implanting nasal ventilation tube: Delivery systems and methods of creating an accessory maxillary ostium and implanting a ventilation tube for purposes of ventilation, irrigation, infusion or procedural work are described. The delivery systems include an introducer and an associated ventilation tube. An irrigation and/or infusion catheter may be advanced through the ventilation tube in... Agent:

20150148611 - Instrument access device: An instrument access device (500) comprises a distal O-ring (11) for insertion into a wound interior, a proximal member for location externally of a wound opening and a sleeve (12) extending in two layers between the distal O-ring (11) and the proximal member. The proximal member comprises an inner proximal... Agent: Atropos Limited

20150148613 - Surgical port assembly: A surgical port comprising a body and first and second cannula extending from the body and movable with respect to the body via an instrument inserted through the respective cannula. The cannulas can extend distally from the body and can include one or more seals. A port assembly and first... Agent:

20150148614 - Apparatus for covering an exposed end of a severed sternum: The invention comprises an apparatus (10) for covering an exposed end of a severed sternum, comprising a strip (12) operative to cover the exposed end and pliable portions (14) which are able to be manually deformed over sides of the exposed end so as to retain the strip (12) against... Agent: Protego Medical Pty Limited

20150148615 - Ophthalmic surgical systems, methods, and devices: The disclosure herein provides ophthalmic surgical systems, methods, and devices. In one embodiment, a handheld medical instrument for surgical procedures comprises a body having an exterior surface shaped to be held and manipulated by a human hand; a surgical tool extending from a distal end of the body; and a... Agent:

20150148616 - Systems and methods for probability based risk prediction: Systems and methods for probability based prediction of risks are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method includes measuring, using sensing elements individually associated with multiple users, a first set of data associated with the users. The method also includes transmitting to and storing in a computing device the measured... Agent:

20150148622 - Health monitoring systems and methods: Systems, methods and devices for reducing noise in health monitoring including monitoring systems, methods and/or devices receiving a health signal and/or having at least one electrode or sensor for health monitoring.... Agent: Rhythm Diagnostics Systems, Inc.

20150148617 - Method and system for selecting alarm reduction algorithm: A patient monitoring system and method is disclosed herein. The system includes one or more patient monitors that obtain physiological data from a patient. Based upon the physiological data obtained from the patient, as well as the information available for the patient in an electronic health record, an algorithm selection... Agent: General Electric Company

20150148621 - Methods and systems for creating a preventative care plan in mental illness treatment: Disclosed are methods, systems, and devices for generating sleep predicators to avoid preventable mental episodes from breaking through, thereby averting an irreversible brain damage to a patient, that may be caused by such future mental episodes. In one embodiment, the present invention is a method comprising: acquiring biomedical data from... Agent:

20150148620 - Monitoring system: A notification criteria corresponding to vital signs of a mammal is statically or dynamically determined. The detected and/or measured values for the vital signs are continuously and/or periodically compared to the notification criteria to determine if the values match the notification criteria. If the values match the notification criteria, a... Agent:

20150148618 - Physiological monitor and methods for placement and wear: Physiological monitors are disclosed, as are systems and methods in which they are used. The physiological monitors are generally horseshoe-shaped and are sized and adapted to fit around the base of the neck. They have forward ends that extend downwardly and inwardly in some embodiments. In systems according to embodiments... Agent:

20150148619 - System and method for monitoring biometric signals: A system for monitoring biometric signals of a user comprising: a garment configured to be worn by the user and comprising a mounting module having an array of connection regions; a set of biometric sensors coupled to the garment and configured to communicate with the array of connection regions to... Agent:

20150148623 - Hydration monitoring sensor and method for cell phones, smart watches, occupancy sensors, and wearables: An improved sensor (102) for hydration monitoring in mobile devices, wearables, security, illumination, photography, and other devices and systems uses an optional phosphor-coated broadband white LED (103) to produce broadband light (114), which is then transmitted along with any ambient light to target (125) such as the ear, face, or... Agent:

20150148624 - Method for detecting physiology at distance or during movement for mobile devices, illumination, security, occupancy sensors, and wearables: An improved sensor (102) for physiology monitoring in mobile devices, wearables, security, illumination, photography, and other devices and systems uses broadband light (114) transmitted to a target (125) such as the ear, face, or wrist of a living subject. Some of the scattered light returning from the target to detector... Agent:

20150148625 - Respiratory monitoring sensor and method for cell phones, smart watches, occupancy sensors, and wearables: An improved sensor (102) for respiratory and metabolic monitoring in mobile devices, wearables, security, illumination, photography, and other devices and systems uses an optional phosphor-coated broadband white LED (103) to produce broadband light (114), which is then transmitted along with any ambient light to a target (125) such as the... Agent:

20150148626 - Method for detecting colorectal cancer: In-vivo methods and kits for detecting presence of a combination of biomarkers indicating colorectal cancer are described. One of the methods includes inserting into a patient a combination of binding agents comprising one binding agent having high affinity to CEACAM5 and at least one binding agent having high affinity to... Agent:

20150148628 - Apparatus and method for measuring biologic parameters: Support structures for positioning sensors on a physiologic tunnel for measuring physical, chemical and biological parameters of the body and to produce an action according to the measured value of the parameters. The support structure includes a sensor fitted on the support structures using a special geometry for acquiring continuous... Agent: Geelux Holding, Ltd.

20150148627 - Sensing of components in liquids: A sensing system and method for sensing a component in a liquid is disclosed. The system comprises a microfluidic channel, the microfluidic channel comprising a first end and a second end, wherein the microfluidic channel is open at the first end and closed at the second end. The system also... Agent: Universiteit Gent

20150148629 - Biopsy device with integrated optical spectroscopy guidance: An optical spectroscopy probe for providing optical spectroscopy guidance of a mechanical biopsy procedure, and a tissue biopsy device including an optical spectroscopy probe. The optical spectroscopy probe is positionable in a lumen of a mechanical biopsy device. The probe may enable optical spectroscopy guidance in biopsy procedures, include brain... Agent:

20150148631 - Class of near infrared optical probes for biological applications: 2,5-Bis(benzoxazol-2′-yl)benzene-1,4-diol derivatives (Zinhbo derivatives) are used to detect zinc ions and have particular application in vivo and in vitro. Zinhbo derivatives upon excitation give a florescence response emission that can be used to determine the presence of zinc cation in solution. Zinhbo derivatives complexed with zinc cations upon excitation can... Agent:

20150148630 - Method and device for detecting fluorescence radiation: 5

20150148632 - Calorie monitoring sensor and method for cell phones, smart watches, occupancy sensors, and wearables: An improved sensor (102) for calorie monitoring in mobile devices, wearables, security, illumination, photography, and other devices and systems uses an optional phosphor-coated broadband white LED (103) to produce broadband light (114), which is then transmitted along with any ambient light to target (125) such as the ear, face, or... Agent:

20150148634 - Ambulatory diagnostic device and method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a device and method for acquiring and processing sensor signals on a host device. The device comprises a jack and connects to a socket on the host device. The device further comprises an instrumentation block which draws power from the host socket to power its... Agent:

20150148633 - Photoplethysmographic measurement method and apparatus: Provided are a photoplethysmographic measurement apparatus, a photoplethysmographic measurement method, and an apparatus for measuring a biosignal. The photoplethysmographic measurement apparatus includes a probe, a light emitter comprising a nonelectrical light source and disposed at one end of the probe, the light emitter configured to illuminate a measurement part, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150148636 - Ambient light method for cell phones, smart watches, occupancy sensors, and wearables: An improved sensor (102) for respiratory and metabolic monitoring in mobile devices, wearables, security, illumination, photography, and other devices and systems uses a broadband ambient light (114), which is then transmitted to a target (125) such as the ear, face, or wrist of a living subject. Some of the scattered... Agent:

20150148635 - Rate-estimation sensor and method for cell phones, smart watches, occupancy sensors, and wearables: An improved sensor (102) for rate monitoring in mobile devices, wearables, security, illumination, photography, and other devices and systems uses an optional phosphor-coated broadband white LED (103) to produce broadband light (114), which is then transmitted along with any ambient light to target (125) such as the ear, face, or... Agent:

20150148637 - Health monitoring systems and methods: Systems, methods and devices for reducing noise in health monitoring including monitoring systems, methods and/or devices receiving a health signal and/or having at least one electrode or sensor for health monitoring.... Agent: Rhythm Diagnostics Systems, Inc.

20150148638 - Analyte sensor: The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for measuring an analyte in a host. More particularly, the present invention relates to systems and methods for transcutaneous measurement of glucose in a host.... Agent:

20150148639 - On-line measuring system of body substances: A measuring system for measuring the concentration of substances or analytes in a body fluid or in a body tissue comprises a microdialysis probe comprising a microdialysis membrane, the probe being adapted to be placed in blood or in tissue, a flow through sensor for analysing a fluid having passed... Agent:

20150148640 - Testing member for eliciting a blood sample: A testing member for eliciting blood samples is provided that can be rotatably mounted inside a cartridge and having a lancet for lancing a body part of a user. The lancet can protrude from an edge of the testing member. The testing member also can have a second blood collection... Agent:

20150148641 - Systems, articles, and methods for electromyography sensors: Systems, articles, and methods for surface electromyography (“EMG”) sensors that combine elements from traditional capacitive and resistive EMG sensors are described. For example, capacitive EMG sensors that are adapted to resistively couple to a user's skin are described. Resistive coupling between a sensor electrode and the user's skin is galvanically... Agent:

20150148642 - Catheter systems for measuring electrical properties of tissue and methods of use: Catheter systems for measuring at least one electrical property, e.g., impedance, of cardiac tissue of a living being are disclosed. The system includes a catheter having a tip with a sensing electrode, a guard electrode and an electrical shield. The sensing electrode is arranged to engage the cardiac tissue and... Agent:

20150148643 - Integrated medical device: There is herein described light emitting medical devices and a method of manufacturing said medical devices. More particularly, there is described integrated light emitting medical devices (e.g. neural devices) capable of being used in optogenetics and a method of manufacturing said medical devices.... Agent: Mled Limited

20150148644 - Neuro-probe device, implantable electronic device and method of forming a neuro-probe device: A neuro-probe device is provided. The neuro-probe device includes a carrier including bio-resorbable glass, and a neuro-probe mounted on the carrier.... Agent:

20150148645 - Detection/stimulation microlead implantable in a vessel of the venous, arterial or lymphatic network: A microlead has a distal active portion formed by a microcable including an electrically conductive core coated with an insulation layer, with a plurality of exposed areas forming the stimulation electrodes. The microcable has a three-dimensional preshape inscribed in a cylindrical envelope volume so as to match the target vessel... Agent:

20150148646 - Electrode and device for detecting biosignal and method of using the same: An electrode, a biosignal detecting device and a method of measuring a biosignal are provided. The electrode includes an ion conductive member configured to be attached to a body surface, a nonconductive member including a through hole and disposed on the ion conductive member, a conductive member disposed on the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150148647 - Adjustment of sensor sensitivity by controlling copolymer film thickness through a controlled drying step: An analyte sensor and a method for making the analyte sensor are disclosed. In one aspect, the analyte sensor includes a crosslinked, hydrophilic copolymer in contact with a surface of an electrode, and an analyte sensing component embedded within the crosslinked, hydrophilic copolymer. The method of making the analyte sensor... Agent: Google Inc.

20150148648 - Ophthalmic lens with intraocular pressure monitoring system: The present invention relates to an ophthalmic device with an intraocular pressure monitoring system and associated methods. In some embodiments, the ophthalmic device can be a contact lens with an intraocular pressure monitoring system that is not dependent on eye ball shape or change over time. Further, the intraocular pressure... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20150148649 - Systems and methods for obtaining rheological properties of viscoelastic materials: Systems and methods are disclosed for obtaining rheological properties of viscoelastic medium, and in particular, in-vivo evaluation of body fluid such as the vitreous. The system includes a needle-like probe having a distal and a proximal end, a rotational actuator, and a sensor coupled to the rotational actuator. The proximal... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150148653 - Determining a range of motion of an artificial knee joint: A data processing method for determining a range of motion of an artificial knee joint which connects a femur and a tibia via a medial ligament and a lateral ligament, wherein at least the femur comprises an implant which forms a medial condyle and a lateral condyle, the method comprising... Agent: Brainlab Ag

20150148651 - Imaging system frequency modulation method: A method is disclosed herein to add therapeutic functionality to medical imaging systems. The preferred embodiment of an Imaging System Frequency Modulation Method in accordance with the present invention adds at least one bioactive frequency that is part of the acoustic or electromagnetic frequency spectrum to the imaging system output... Agent:

20150148656 - Information obtaining apparatus and method for obtaining information: An information obtaining apparatus that obtains information regarding a subject includes a radiation unit configured to focus a terahertz wave having a plurality of different frequencies or a plurality of different beam diameters and radiate the terahertz wave onto the subject, a detection unit configured to detect the terahertz wave... Agent:

20150148652 - Object information acquiring apparatus and control method thereof: Provided is an object information acquiring apparatus, including: a light source; a detecting unit that detects an acoustic wave generated from an object which has received an irradiation light from the light source; a processing unit that generates characteristic information on the inside of the object by using the acoustic... Agent:

20150148650 - Ophthalmic lens with retinal vascularization monitoring system: The present invention relates to an ophthalmic device with a retinal vascularization monitoring system and associated methods. In some embodiments, the ophthalmic device can be a contact lens with a retinal vascularization monitoring system that can be used to monitor temporal changes of a pulsating vessel forming part of the... Agent: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

20150148655 - System and method for non-contact ultrasound: A system and method for generating ultrasound images of a subject without physically contacting the subject is provided. A photoacoustic excitation source may be employed that directed into a scanning mirror to transmit acoustic disturbances into a patient to induce propagating photoacoustic waves. The acoustic disturbances are translated along the... Agent:

20150148654 - System, method and computer-accessible medium for providing and/or utilizing optical coherence tomographic vibrography: Exemplary embodiments of apparatus, method and computer-accessible medium can be provided for obtaining image information regarding at least one portion of at least one sample. For example, using such exemplary embodiments, it is possible to use at least one arrangement to (i) receive or generate first data regarding a controlled... Agent:

20150148657 - Ultrasonographic images processing: A computerized method of adapting a presentation of ultrasonographic images during an ultrasonographic fetal evaluation. The method comprises performing an analysis of a plurality of ultrasonographic images captured by an ultrasonographic probe during an evaluation of a fetus, automatically identifying at least one location of at least one anatomical landmark... Agent:

20150148658 - Method for the detection and staging of liver fibrosis from image acquired data: This invention relates to methods for ascertaining at least one of liver fibrosis or cirrhosis in a subject, by processing of one or more medical images of the liver, using a computing machine, to quantify nodularity of the surface of the liver and calculate a liver surface nodularity score.... Agent:

20150148659 - Magnetic resonance imaging along energy-delivering device axis: The present invention relates to a method of controlling a medical apparatus (100), the method comprising receiving location data indicative of the location of a target volume (146); controlling a positioning system (224) to rotate a therapy device comprising an energy-delivering device about a longitudinal axis of the therapy device;... Agent: Koninkljke Philips N.v.

20150148660 - Dedicated user interface for mr-guided interstitial interventions: A magnetic resonance (MR) system (10) for guidance of a shaft or needle (16) to a target (14) of a subject (12) is provided. The system includes a user interface (76). The user interface (76) includes a frame (78) positioned on a surface of the subject (12). The frame (78)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150148661 - System and apparatus for porously-encapsulated magnetic-nanoparticle biosensors: A system for measuring analyte concentrations has porous-walled nanocontainers containing multiple magnetic nanoparticles, the magnetic nanoparticles coated with a selective binder that is analyte-responsive and binds a the analyte, an indicator substance releasable from the selective binder by the analyte, or an indicator substance cleavable by the analyte, apparatus for... Agent: The Trustees Of Dartmouth College

20150148662 - Technique for determining blood velocity in a blood vessel: A method and a system for determining a blood velocity between a first point and a second point in a blood vessel are presented. In the method, a time series of registered images of the blood vessel are received and subsequently scanned to select a base image and a test... Agent:

20150148663 - Oscillation applicator for mr rheology: The invention relates to the field of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. It concerns an oscillation applicator for MR rheology. It is an object of the invention to provide an oscillation applicator without restrictions regarding the usability for certain body regions. According to the invention, the oscillation applicator comprises at least... Agent:

20150148669 - Medical metal material for in vivo insertion, comprising in vivo movement-preventing means: The present invention relates to an implantable medical appliance with means of migration prevention, which is either coated with a biocompatible polymer or coated with a biocompatible adhesive, or injected with a biocompatible adhesive after the insertion of the implantable medical appliance into a living body, or equipped with a... Agent:

20150148665 - Medical product emitting near-infrared fluorescence and medical product usage status checking apparatus: [Solution] A medical product (80) is configured to include a light-emissive septum (83) (constituent member) which includes a luminescent agent emitting near-infrared fluorescence according to irradiation of excitation light on a surface thereof. Even in a case where a port ion of the septum is separated as a core (83a)... Agent: National University Corporation Kochi University

20150148667 - Method and system for in vivo hydrogen peroxide detection with ultrasound: A method and system are provided for detection of localized hydrogen peroxide within tissue by introducing a catalase-containing material into at location of interest, positioning an ultrasound transducer over the location, and generating an ultrasound image to detect microbubbles, where the presence of microbubbles indicate the presence of localized hydrogen... Agent:

20150148666 - Methods for increasing genetic progress in a line or breed of swine using sex-selected sperm cells: The invention relates to methods of increasing the genetic progress of a line, breed or herd of swine through the use of sex-selected sperm cells in artificial insemination techniques. The invention also encompasses methods of artificially inseminating a swine via deep intrauterine catheter or via a laparoscopic procedure, which allow... Agent:

20150148668 - Surgical needle for a surgical system with optical recognition: A system for image-guided surgery may include a visual imaging system, a medical tool comprising a shaft and a tip, wherein the shaft of the tool includes an optically detectable feature that allows a position of the tip to be determined, and a display configured to display a real-time representation... Agent:

20150148664 - Ultrasound system with stereo image guidance or tracking: An image-guided ultrasound system may include an ultrasound probe, a display configured to communicate with the ultrasound probe to receive ultrasound signals to display images from the ultrasound probe, and an imaging device that may be attached to or integral with the ultrasound probe and configured to communicate with the... Agent: Clear Guide Medical

20150148670 - Methods and systems for dynamically modifying acquisition parameter during image acquisition: Systems and methods for automatically and dynamically modifying an image acquisition parameter for use in tomosynthesis breast imaging. A selected image acquisition parameter is modified in response to a measured characteristic of an imaged object such as a breast, and thus tailored to provide the highest quality image for the... Agent:

20150148676 - Method and ultrasound apparatus for marking tumor on ultrasound elastography image: An elasticity information providing method performed by an ultrasound apparatus includes acquiring an elastography image of an object, detecting a region corresponding to a predetermined elastic modulus in the elastography image, and providing information about the region that is detected along with the elastography image.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150148674 - Method and ultrasound apparatus for providing ultrasound elastography image: A method of providing an ultrasound elastography image that includes inducing a shear wave by transmitting a first ultrasound signal pushing an object to the object, transmitting a second ultrasound signal tracing the shear wave to the object to receive a response signal to the second ultrasound signal from the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150148671 - Non-invasive liver fibrosis evaluation device and a method thereof: A non-invasive liver fibrosis evaluation device and a method thereof are related. The device comprises an ultrasound unit, a Nakagami parameter generation unit, a hardness value generation unit, a data base, and a determination unit. The method comprises steps of: scanning the external body part corresponding to the liver by... Agent: National Taiwan University

20150148675 - System and method for analyzing tissue using shear waves: A system and method for determining tissue changes. Shear waves are transmitted across the tissue in response to an ultrasonic signal input exterior to the tissue surface. Adaptive beam forming signal processing is applied to signal returns and arrivals to remove distortions by targeting velocity contrasts. Shear-wave dispersion, such as... Agent:

20150148673 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and elasticity evaluation method: Provided is an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus configured to perform speed measurement while lessening the influence of the wave surface feature and scattering resulting from the shear wave propagation, which transmits burst wave as first ultrasonic wave to the subject from the probe 11 and ultrasonic transmission-reception section 13 to apply... Agent:

20150148672 - Ultrasound tranducer assembly and method for driving an ultrasound transducer head: The present invention relates to an ultrasound transducer assembly (10) comprising: an ultrasound transducer head (14), an electrical conductor (16) for connecting the transducer head (14) to an electrical power supply (20) of a base station (12) and for transmitting electrical power from the power supply (20) to the transducer... Agent:

20150148677 - Method and system for lesion detection in ultrasound images: A method is provided for detecting lesions in ultrasound images. The method includes acquiring an ultrasound image, generating a Fisher-tippett (FT) distribution-based edge feature map from the acquired ultrasound image, generating gradient concentration (GC) scores for pixels of the acquired ultrasound image using the FT distribution-based edge feature map, and... Agent: General Electric Company

20150148678 - Ultrasonic diagnosis device and ultrasonic image acquisition method: Provided is a technique that implements harmonic imaging in an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, being unaffected by the voltage-dependent distortion and nonlinear characteristics of the transmit system in the ultrasound diagnostic apparatus that incorporates the transmit amplifier, the ultrasound probe, and the like, facilitating adjustment of the transmit voltage, and achieving... Agent:

20150148679 - Ultrasonic color flow map for analysis of mitral regurgitation: An ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system is described which assesses regurgitant flow through a mitral valve by color-flow imaging. A Doppler processor produces Doppler velocity measurements of blood flow around a regurgitant valve to identify an iso-velocity surface to be used in the PISA method of regurgitant flow quantification. The velocity... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150148680 - Ultrasound probe: The disclosed technology relates to ultrasound probes, and the purpose of the technology is to prevent a housing and housing members from cracking and to ensure safety. According to this technology, in an ultrasound probe (12) accommodating one or more elements that include at least a piezoelectric element (3) inside... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150148681 - Apparatus and method for measuring biologic parameters: Support structures for positioning sensors on a physiologic tunnel for measuring physical, chemical and biological parameters of the body and to produce an action according to the measured value of the parameters. The support structure includes a sensor fitted on the support structures using a special geometry for acquiring continuous... Agent: Geelux Holding, Ltd.

20150148682 - Non-contact thermometer sensing a carotid artery: Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations a non-contact thermometer determines a temperature of a subject from a carotid source point of the subject.... Agent: Brooklands, Inc.

20150148683 - Device and method for detecting respiratory movements: The invention relates to a method for determining the presence of a respiratory movement in a human or an animal. This method comprises the detection of a movement by a passive infrared detector and the analysis of signals transmitted by this detector. The invention also relates to an apparatus for... Agent:

20150148684 - Devices and methods for profiling microbiota of skin: Devices and methods for profiling microbiota of skin are described which include a microbe profiling device including a device head and a hand-held housing, the device head including an epidermis-engaging component and an access window and configured to dislodge microbes from a skin surface, and the hand-held housing defining an... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20150148685 - Devices and methods for profiling microbiota of skin: Devices and methods for profiling microbiota of skin are described which include a microbe profiling device including a device head and a hand-held housing, the device head including an epidermis-engaging component and an access window and configured to dislodge microbes from a skin surface, and the hand-held housing defining an... Agent:

20150148686 - Devices and methods for sampling and profiling microbiota of skin: Devices and methods for profiling microbiota of skin are described which include a hand-held microbe profiling device including a housing defining an opening, the housing including at least one rotatable component at least partially disposed in the opening defined by the housing, an elongated flexible strip disposed on an outer... Agent:

20150148687 - Method and apparatus for measuring heart rate: Provided is a method of measuring a heart rate in an electronic device. The method includes obtaining a face image of a subject by using the electronic device; determining a target region within the obtained face image; analyzing color information within the determined target region; and determining a heart rate... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150148690 - Method and system for determining a shape of a lumen in an anatomical structure: A medical system provides navigation assistance to a surgeon so that the surgeon may navigate a flexible medical device through linked passages of an anatomical structure to a target in or adjacent to the anatomical structure. As the medical device moves through the linked passages, images are captured by an... Agent:

20150148688 - Neural probe array having waveguide member with improved waveguide characteristics and manufacturing method thereof: A neural probe array includes a probe body that is implanted into a subject, a fixture body to support a rear end of the probe body, a cladding extending in a lengthwise direction of the probe body in an upper part of the probe body, and an optical waveguide member... Agent:

20150148689 - Optical fiber assembly, method of fabricating same, and probe: An optical fiber assembly includes optical fibers, an array member, an adhesive part, a cylindrical member and a fixing member. The fibers are inserted into the array member, and the array member is inserted into a cylindrical part of the cylindrical member. The adhesive part is disposed on one-end side... Agent:

20150148691 - Health monitoring systems and methods: Systems, methods and devices for reducing noise in health monitoring including monitoring systems, methods and/or devices receiving a health signal and/or having at least one electrode or sensor for health monitoring.... Agent: Rhythm Diagnostics Systems, Inc.

20150148692 - Chordal sizer: An embodiment includes a cardiovascular surgical apparatus comprising: a sleeve including a distal sleeve end, a proximal sleeve end, and a sleeve long axis extending from the distal sleeve end to the proximal sleeve end; a post including a distal post end and a proximal post end; a first projection... Agent:

20150148693 - Sensor mounting assembly for sensored guidewire and associated devices, systems, and methods: Intravascular devices, systems, and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, a guidewire system for treating a patient includes an internal sensor mount having a body and a first cutout extending through a wall of the body; a core wire secured to the internal sensor mount; a sensor assembly for detecting... Agent:

20150148694 - Detection of progressive central hypovolemia: A system for detecting dehydration, hemorrhaging, and increases in blood volume comprising monitors the time difference between the arrival of the primary left ventricular ejection pulse (pulse T1) and the arrival of the iliac reflection (pulse T3) to determine an arterial pulse parameter which is the time difference between T1... Agent:

20150148695 - Method and system for assessing likelihood of sepsis: A method of assessing the likelihood that an infected subject develops sepsis, using an input radiofrequency signal received from the subject responsively to an output radiofrequency signal transmitted to the subject. The method comprises: processing the input signal to provide a processed signal, analyzing the processed signal to determine a... Agent:

20150148696 - Electrocardiogram pace pulse detection and analysis: Data is received characterizing an electrocardiogram (ECG) measured from a patient having a pacemaker. The pacemaker can intermittently provide a pace to a heart of the patient. By comparing at least a portion of the received data to a template a pace pulse can be detected from at least a... Agent: Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

20150148697 - Precision dialysis monitoring and synchonization system: A system and method for synchronizing patient medical parameters and dialysis parameters. The system and related method allow for the determination of the effect of dialysis on patient health. The invention also allows for the determination of whether observed patient health effects are due to specific dialysis parameters and for... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150148698 - Method of detecting and predicting neurocardiogenic syncope: A method of detecting an early onset of neurocardiogenic syncope in a patient uses respiratory functions as a predictor of the syncope. According to the method, at least one sample of baseline minute ventilation, tidal volume and respiratory rate of the patient is obtained. The detection unit is set to... Agent:

20150148699 - Detection of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbations from breathing patterns: An apparatus may include a sensing circuit and a processor. The sensing circuit is configured to generate a sensed physiological signal, wherein the physiological signal includes respiration information of a subject. The processor includes an end expiratory volume (EEV) module configured to determine a value of EEV of the subject... Agent:

20150148700 - Perception loss detection: The present invention relates to a device for detecting a state of true perception loss of a human, the device including processing means operable to detect from information on electrical signals sensed adjacent to the scalp of the human the activity of oscillations present in the electrical signals as a... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20150148701 - Systems and methods for treating tissue regions of the body: Systems and methods deploy a therapeutic or diagnostic element into contact with a body tissue region. The systems and methods can sense position of the therapeutic or diagnostic element relative to a targeted tissue region without direct or indirect visualization, by sensing fluid pressure in a fluid path having an... Agent: Mederi Therapeutics Inc

20150148702 - Biopsy device and insertable biopsy needle module: A biopsy device includes a disposable unit including a needle carrier and a biopsy needle. The biopsy needle has a distal portion including a sample chamber, and is configured to rotate around a longitudinal axis. The disposable unit includes a hub portion connected to the biopsy needle proximal to the... Agent:

20150148704 - Biopsy device arming mechanism: A biopsy device for percutaneous tissue removal includes an elongated housing having an operational axis, a stylet hub slidably mounted in the housing, where the stylet hub is movable relative to the housing between a proximal, armed position, and a distal, fired position, the stylet hub having a stylet strike,... Agent:

20150148703 - Biopsy device with translating valve assembly: A biopsy device comprises a body, a needle, a cutter, and a valve assembly. The needle extends distally relative to the body. The needle defines a first lumen and a second lumen. The first and second lumens extend along a first and second longitudinal axis, respectively. The needle includes an... Agent:

20150148705 - Systems and devices for sampling and profiling microbiota of skin: Systems and devices for sampling and profiling microbiota of skin are described which include a replaceable microbe sampling unit including at least one rotatable component, an elongated flexible strip, and a location information storage component, the elongated flexible strip including a microbe-capture region configured to capture at least one type... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20150148706 - Medical devices for accessing body lumens: Medical devices and methods for making and using medical devices are disclosed. An example medical device may include a medical guidewire including a core wire. The core wire may include a distal constant diameter, a first tapered section, an intermediate constant diameter section, a second tapered section, and a proximal... Agent:

20150148707 - Electronic stethoscope system for telemedicine applications: An electronic stethoscope includes a housing configured for hand-held manipulation, a transducer supported by the housing and configured to sense auscultation signals at a first location, and a headset coupled to the housing and configured to deliver audio corresponding to the auscultation signals through earpieces on the headset. The electronic... Agent:

20150148709 - Apparatus and method for real-time measurement of changes in volume of breast and other organs: An apparatus and method for determination of change in volume of a body part or body organ on a real-time basis. In a breastfeeding application, an inflatable cuff is positioned on a nursing breast and allows direct access to the nipple by the breastfeeding infant. The inflatable cuff includes an... Agent:

20150148708 - Biofeedback during assisted movement rehabilitation therapy: Systems and methods for providing biofeedback during assisted movement rehabilitation therapy while a user is engaged with an assisted movement exercise device are disclosed. In one example approach, a method eliminates passively evoked involuntary torque from the biofeedback. In another example approach, a method eliminates unintentional torque produced by contraction... Agent: Oregon Health & Science University

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20150141732 - Apparatus and method for hadron beam verification: The present invention is related to an apparatus and method for hadron beam verification. The apparatus allows to verify a number of different characteristics in a brief time span. The apparatus comprises at least one main degrader element and associated therewith a multiple thickness degrader element. The latter may comprise... Agent:

20150141733 - Automatic plan optimization for changing patient anatomy in the presence of mapped delivered dose from delivered fractions: A therapy planning system and method generate an optimal treatment plan accounting for changes in anatomy. Therapy is delivered to the subject according to a first auto-planned optimal treatment plan based on a first image of a subject. A second image of the subject is received after a period of... Agent:

20150141734 - Method for determining optimized parameters of a device generating a plurality of ultrasound beams focused in a region of interest: The method determines parameters to generate confocal ultrasound beams (B1,B2) inside a medium (4), and uses a device (1) comprising first and second ultrasound means (11,12) and first and second displacement members (13,14) for moving the ultrasound means (11,12). The parameters include signals s1,s2 to the ultrasound means (11,12), and... Agent:

20150141735 - Method and device for the desctruction of cells with uncontrolled proliferation: The present invention relates to a method and device for the selective destruction of cells that with uncontrolled proliferation in an animal organism, with minimum damage to the surrounding tissue thereby and without needing to perform any kind of surgical operation on the patient: the method consists of the detection... Agent: Investigaciones, Desarrollos Innovaciones Tat Iberica, S.l.

20150141736 - Generating apparatus of a pulsed magnetic field: An apparatus for generating a pulsed magnetic field includes an insulating body, an electrical conductor positioned on the insulating body, and a ferromagnetic body having a hollow portion, wherein the insulating body and the electrical conductor are positioned in the hollow portion. In some embodiments of the present disclosure, the... Agent: National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

20150141737 - Method and device for treating osteoarthritis noninvasively: Methods and devices are provided for OA treatment of an affected area or joint. In one embodiment, the method may involve identifying a treatment site of the joint, and providing at least one transducer module at the treatment site. The at least one transducer module may be in operative communication... Agent:

20150141739 - Axial-flow blood pump: The invention relates to an axial flow blood pump device comprising an integrated electromagnetic drive with a stationary stator assembly and a rotatable impeller assembly, wherein the stationary stator assembly at least comprises stator windings (3) and a bearing system (4) supporting the rotatable impeller assembly, the impeller assembly comprising... Agent:

20150141738 - Sheath device for inserting a catheter: A sheath device for inserting a catheter into a patient's body is described. The device has a first sheath with a proximal end and a distal end. When the device is used as intended, the distal end of the first sheath is provided for arrangement in the patient's body and... Agent:

20150141740 - Distributed resonator: A device, including a vibratory apparatus having an actuator configured to generate vibrations upon actuation of the actuator, including plurality of lever arms, wherein the vibratory apparatus is configured such that at least a respective portion of respective lever arms of the plurality of lever arms move about at least... Agent:

20150141741 - Therapeutic isolation tank: A float tank for use in therapeutic floatation therapy. The float tank is specifically configured and adapted to be lightweight and formed in sections to allow a single individual to transport and install the float tank in both indoor and outdoor locations. The float tank may also include a pump... Agent: San Juan Patents, Inc.

20150141742 - Bulking agent applicator for treating female urinary incontinence: Applicator for injecting a bulking agent at one or more selected submucosal positions in a periurethral tissue of a female patients' urethra. The applicator comprises a lance, such as a cystoscope with a distal end provided with one or more optical sensors, and a needle guide with a bore receiving... Agent:

20150141743 - Method of treating urinary incontinence by engaging a portion of a device with an exit region of a urinary bladder: A method of treating urinary incontinence in a person includes fabricating a device having a rod connected between a proximal portion that is insertable into a urinary bladder and a distal portion that is circular in lateral cross-section, and inserting the proximal portion into the urinary bladder and the rod... Agent:

20150141744 - Container bag for containing semen for artificial insemination of animals: The present invention relates to a container bag (1) for containing semen for artificial insemination of animals, of the types which are formed by at least two sheets (2.1, 2.2) of sealed thermoplastic material, forming a tubular body (3) with an inner hollow (4) divided by means of a central... Agent: Iberica De Reproduccion Asistida, S.l.

20150141745 - Apparatus and method for intra-abdominally moving a first internal organ to a position away from a second internal organ and then holding the first internal organ in the position without manual input: An apparatus including a flexible length of cord and three tissue connectors positioned at the opposite ends of the cord and at an intermediate position of the cord is designed to be laparoscopically inserted through the abdominal wall and into the abdominal cavity, and used to move a first internal... Agent: Freehold Surgical, Inc.

20150141746 - Pelvic floor health articles and procedures: Articles and procedures for preventing or treating vaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence, and other disorders of the pelvic floor.... Agent:

20150141748 - Sexual aid device: A sexual aid operable to be surroundably mounted around the penis wherein the sexual aid is operable to produce vibrations. The sexual aid further includes a body that is generally cylindrical in shape being substantially hollow and having a passage therethrough. The body is formed from a first layer and... Agent:

20150141747 - Sexual novelty for men's pleasure: A sexual novelty is configured to pleasure a user by simulating sexual intercourse. The sexual novelty includes a bladder which can be partially filled with air to create a pressure within the bladder. A plurality of cavities are on the bladder and sufficiently sized to accommodate a user's penis. A... Agent:

20150141749 - Stimulation assembly: An apparatus comprises a base portion comprising an aperture for receiving an organ of a user and a base support member extending downward. The base portion moves along a track. A pivotable and slidable cross member is joined to the base support member. A frame supports the base portion. The... Agent:

20150141750 - Method and apparatus for in-vivo cauterization of lesions and malignancies: An in vivo capsule has a cauterization element that may be deployed by physician while in vivo for cauterizing a lesion, such as bleeding. Energy is transferred from outside of the patient's body to the capsule and specifically to the ablating element, such as via a resonance circuit. Accordingly, it... Agent: Given Imaging Ltd. A Corporation

20150141753 - Image processing apparatus and endoscope: An image processing apparatus according to the present disclosure includes an illuminating section which sequentially irradiates an object with first and second illuminating light beams polarized in first and second directions. First and second polarization images are generated based on signals representing light transmitted through polarizers having the polarization transmission... Agent:

20150141751 - Line of sight wireless endoscopy: Endoscope imaging apparatus, including an endoscope, which is configured to be inserted into a body cavity of a patient and an image sensor configured by means of the endoscope to form an image of the body cavity, and to transmit image signals in response to the image formed. The apparatus... Agent:

20150141754 - Living body information acquisition system: Provided is a living body information acquisition apparatus comprising a sensor configured to acquire living body information of an inside of a subject, and a power supply apparatus comprising a power supply circuit configured to be able to wirelessly supply power necessary for driving the sensor of the living body... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150141752 - Optical wireless docking system for capsule camera: A capsule endoscopic system with wireless docking device is disclosed, where the system comprises a capsule device and a docking device for receiving the data from the capsule device. The docking device supplies power to the capsule device and retrieves data from the capsule device wirelessly. The capsule device comprises... Agent:

20150141755 - Surgical visualization systems: A surgical retractor includes a plurality of cameras integrated therein. One such retractor includes a tubular retractor and an insert supporting said plurality of cameras can be disposed within a tubular retractor.... Agent:

20150141756 - Continuum style manipulator actuated with phase change media: A continuum style manipulator is actuated by jammable media within an envelope of a module, which is also actuated by a tensile element, such as a cable and spooler motor. Multiple modules may be reversibly added. Two or more tensile elements may also be used. Three or more actuated tensile... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20150141757 - Hybrid apparatus for fluid supply for endoscopic irrigation and lens cleaning: A hybrid apparatus for delivery of fluid in connection with endoscopic irrigation and lens cleaning including a connector which is adaptable to a flexible or rigid container, a connector arranged at the end thereof and connected via a tubing supply to a fluid, air and or gas source and to... Agent:

20150141758 - Light source system: A light source system includes an endoscope having an illumination section and an illumination control section connected to the endoscope and provided with a drive circuit that generates drive pulses for driving the light source, the light source system including: a type information generating section that generates type information regarding... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150141759 - Interface for viewing video from cameras on a surgical visualization system: A surgical device includes a plurality of cameras integrated therein. The view of each of the plurality of cameras can be integrated together to provide a composite image. A surgical tool that includes an integrated camera may be used in conjunction with the surgical device. The image produced by the... Agent:

20150141760 - Systems and methods for treating a carotid artery: Systems and methods are adapted for treating the carotid artery. The systems include interventional catheters and blood vessel access devices that are adapted for transcervical insertion into the carotid artery. Embodiments of the systems and methods can be used in combination with embolic protection systems including blood flow reversal mechanisms,... Agent:

20150141761 - Light-based accessory apparatuses for breast pumps: An improved accessory light for breast pumps apparatus is described. This improved accessory light for breast pumps apparatus may be secured or affixed to various models of breast pumps to allow the user to have a hands-free, illuminated view of the milk being expressed from the breast. The accessory light... Agent:

20150141770 - Analyte concentration alert function for analyte sensor system: Systems, methods, and apparatuses that provide alerts based on analyte data and acceleration data. An analyte sensor may generate the analyte data. An accelerometer may generate the acceleration data. A transceiver may convert the analyte data into analyte concentration values. The transceiver may convert the acceleration data into activity information.... Agent: Senseonics, Incorporated

20150141766 - Apparatus and method for optical measurement of cardiovascular recovery and/or repiration rate: The present disclosure relates to apparatus and method for optical measurement of cardiovascular recovery and/or a respiration rate. In some embodiments, an apnea detector generates an alert signal if the computed respiration rate drops below a threshold.... Agent:

20150141762 - Apparatus and method for the detection of the body position while sleeping: The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for the detection of the body position, especially while sleeping. More particularly, the invention relates to how the main body positions during sleep can be derived from the distribution of the reflection of a projected IR light from a subject's body... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150141771 - Apparatus, method and computer readable code for forecasting the onset of potentially life-threatening disease: Methods, systems and computer-readable code for generating a forecast of a life-threatening condition, for example sepsis, in a subject, for example an infant, are disclosed. According to some embodiments, the forecast is generated in accordance with measurement values for a plurality of different vital sign parameters. In exemplary embodiments, vital... Agent:

20150141764 - Distributed sensing device for referencing of physiological features: A distributed sensor and a method for identifying an internal anatomical landmark (R) includes inserting (502) a distributed sensing device (212) into a volume of a body and extending (504) a portion of a length of the distributed sensing device beyond an area of interest. Parameters are measured (506) using... Agent:

20150141765 - Method and system to identify motion data associated with consistent electrical and mechanical behavior for a region of interest: Methods and system are provided that identify motion data associated with consistent electrical and mechanical behavior for a region of interest of the heart. The methods and systems acquire electrical cardiac signals indicative of physiologic behavior of at least a portion of the heart over a plurality of cardiac cycles.... Agent:

20150141773 - Motor training with brain plasticity: A rehabilitation device, comprising a movement element capable of controlling at least one motion parameter of a portion of a patient; a brain monitor which generates a signal indicative of brain activity; and circuitry including a memory having stored therein rehabilitation information and which inter-relates said signal and movement of... Agent: Motorika Limited

20150141763 - Non-invasive blood glucose concentration sensing using light modulation: A non-invasive blood glucose concentration sensing system and method includes emitting light of a first color into an eye of the user and then emitting light of a second color into the eye of the user, or flashing blue light into the eye of the user. Neurophysiological brain activity and... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150141769 - Noninvasive monitoring for fluid resuscitation: Novel tools and techniques for assessing, predicting and/or estimating effectiveness of fluid resuscitation of a patient and/or an amount of fluid needed for effective resuscitation of the patient, in some cases, noninvasively.... Agent:

20150141767 - Organ mounted electronics: Provided are devices and methods capable of interfacing with biological tissues, such as organs like the heart, in real-time and using techniques which provide the ability to monitor and control complex physical, chemical, biochemical and thermal properties of the tissues as a function of time. The described devices and methods... Agent: Washington University In St. Louis

20150141772 - Physiological monitoring methods: A method of monitoring a subject includes detecting subject head motion via a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensor associated with a device worn by the subject, such as a device worn on a region of the head or a headset attached to an ear. The head motion information from the MEMS... Agent:

20150141768 - Smart fiber-optic sensor system and method for optical spectroscopy in robotic surgical systems: A smart fiber-optic sensor system for use with robotic surgical systems performs optical spectroscopy using a diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) sensing channel, a self-calibration (SC) channel, a pressure-sensing channel, and a temperature sensing channel. During use of the fiber-optic sensor during a laparoscopic procedure, the pressure-sensing channel ensures that the... Agent: The University Of Akron

20150141774 - Subject information detection unit, subject information processing device, electric toothbrush device, electric shaver device, subject information detection device, aging degree evaluation method, and aging degree evaluation device: A subject information detecting unit I1 includes a sensor mount I21, having an opening I22 at a portion to be in contact with a subject I91 and an internal cavity I23 communicated with the opening I22, the cavity defining a closed spatial structure in a state where the subject information... Agent: Bifrostec Inc.

20150141775 - Sweat measurement device: A sweat measuring device (1) comprising a sweat impermeable panel (40) and an adhesive skirt on one side thereof extending about its periphery to enable the panel to be secured to a user's skin is provided. The device covers a known area of a user's skin and traps sweat (42)... Agent: Stellenbosch University A University

20150141776 - Subcutaneous needle insertion mechanism: A subcutaneous access device has a skin attachment plate coated with an adhesive layer. The skin attachment plate is moveably linked by a retraction mechanism to a needle support with fixedly positioned needles. In the ready-to-use position the skin attachment plate is spaced away from the needle support and covers... Agent:

20150141778 - Combination non-invasive and invasive bioparameter measuring device: In a combination invasive and non-invasive bioparameter monitoring device an invasive component measures the bioparameter and transmits the reading to the non-invasive component. The non-invasive component generates a bioparametric reading upon insertion by the patient of a body part. A digital processor processes a series over time of digital color... Agent:

20150141777 - Fluorescence-based sensor with multiple indicator grafts: A system including a sensor and a transceiver and configured to determine a concentration of an analyte in a medium of a living animal. The sensor may include first and second signal photodetectors and first and second reference photodetectors, which may each be covered by an associate filter. The first... Agent: Senseonics, Incorporated

20150141780 - Regional oximetry sensor interface: A system includes a sensor, a second connector, a local processor, a first telemetry module, a second telemetry module, and a remote processor. The sensor is coupled to a cord and the cord has a first connector. The second connector is coupled to a housing. The second connector is configured... Agent: Nonin Medical, Inc.

20150141779 - Regional oximetry sleeve for mobile device: A system includes a mobile computing device, a sleeve, a contact surface, a sensor module, and a telemetry module. The mobile computing device has a first processor within a housing. The sleeve has an internal surface configured to fit the housing. The contact surface is disposed on an external surface... Agent: Nonin Medical, Inc.

20150141781 - Sine saturation transform: A transform for determining a physiological measurement is disclosed. The transform determines a basis function index from a physiological signal obtained through a physiological sensor. A basis function waveform is generated based on basis function index. The basis function waveform is then used to determine an optimized basis function waveform.... Agent:

20150141782 - Method and system for detecting colorimetric abnormalities in vivo: A system and method for detection of calorimetric abnormalities within a body lumen includes an image receiver for receiving images from within the body lumen. Also included are a transmitter for transmitting the images to a receiver, and a processor for generating a probability indication of presence of colorimetric abnormalities... Agent: Given Imaging Ltd.

20150141783 - Biomedical signal sensing circuit: A biomedical signal sensing circuit including a first and a second modulation unit, an amplifying unit, a first and a second demodulation unit is provided. The first modulation unit performs a first modulation operation to a first biomedical signal according to a first signal to generate a first modulation signal.... Agent: National Taiwan University

20150141784 - Systems, articles, and methods for capacitive electromyography sensors: Systems, articles, and methods for improved capacitive electromyography (“EMG”) sensors are described. The improved capacitive EMG sensors include one or more sensor electrode(s) that is/are coated with a protective barrier formed of a material that has a relative permittivity ∈r of about 10 or more. The protective barrier shields the... Agent:

20150141785 - Flexible multiple-arm diagnostic catheter: A medical probe includes a distal end and an elongate body for insertion into an organ of a patient. The distal end is connected to the elongate body and includes multiple arms that, when inserted into the organ, extend to form multiple respective spirals each having electrodes disposed thereon.... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

20150141786 - Interfacing with the peripheral nervous system (pns) using targeted fascicular interface device: A stealthy conductor that may be placed inside a fascicle in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) is described. The conductor is placed using a targeted-fascicle or targeted-axon approach to improve specificity and signal to noise ratio (SNR). The conductor is part of a targeted fascicular interface device and is placed... Agent:

20150141787 - Multi-electrode peripheral nerve evaluation lead and related system and method of use: A system for applying an electrical stimulation includes a lead and a stylet slidably disposed within a lumen of the lead body and extending proximally therefrom. The lead includes a plurality of insulated conductor wires electrically isolated from one another and each having a distal segment terminating at distal end,... Agent:

20150141789 - Systems and methods to gather and analyze electroencephalographic data: Example methods are described herein that include obtaining electroencephalographic data from an example device worn by a subject. The device includes a central body portion and a plurality of extensions extending from the central body portion. Respective ones of the extension have ends carrying an electrode. The example device includes... Agent:

20150141788 - Transducer assemblies for dry applications of tranducers: A transducer assembly including a support terminal and at least one probe extending from the support terminal is adapted to enable a transducer to penetrate and slide through patches of hair covering a subject area of a person. The probe includes at least one leg structure supporting a transducer disposed... Agent:

20150141790 - Sensor instrument: A sensor instrument for generation of electrocardiograms, in particular for cardiac computed tomography, has two electrodes, an electronic module and a support, wherein multiple suction elements for affixing the support to the body of a subject (are positioned on the support.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150141792 - Magnetic resonance safe cable for biopotential measurements: A cable for use in biopotential measurements in a magnetic resonance (MR) environment comprises a flexible plastic or polymer sheet (32, 40) extending as a single unitary structure from a first end to an opposite second end, and an electrically conductive trace (38, 58) disposed on the flexible plastic or... Agent:

20150141791 - Magnetic resonance safe electrode for biopotential measurements: An electrode patch (34) for use in biopotential measurements in a magnetic resonance (MR) environment includes: a plastic or polymer sheet (32); an electrically conductive trace (58) disposed on the plastic or polymer sheet, the electrically conductive trace having sheet resistance of one ohm/square or higher; and an electrode (30)... Agent:

20150141795 - Breast scanning apparatus using photoacoustic ultrasonic wave: A breast scanning apparatus which uses photoacoustic ultrasonic waves is provided. The breast scanning apparatus includes a body which includes a first hole and a second hole which are horizontally parallel to each other; a first compression plate and a second compression plate, at least one of which is movable... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150141796 - Imaging system subject support: A subject support (114) of an imaging system (100) includes a tabletop (124) that supports a subject or object in an examination region of the imaging system, a base (116), including a mechanical linear actuator (118), and a coupling (128) that mechanically couples the tabletop and the linear mechanical actuator... Agent:

20150141793 - Method of tracking an affected area and a surgical equipment: A method of tracking an affected area and a surgical equipment, which is capable of tracing positions of the affected area and the surgical equipment more precisely through a stereo scope by using images of the affected area and the surgical equipment traced in macro scale after tracing the affected... Agent: Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20150141797 - Radiometers and related devices and methods: Certain radiometer assemblies can include an antenna that is shielded within an enclosure, which can have an open end. The antenna can be used to receive signals from a patient via a matching layer that is positioned at the open end of the enclosure. In some assemblies, a modular unit... Agent:

20150141794 - Ultra wideband monitoring systems and antennas: Apparatus for monitoring vital signs of one or more living subjects comprises a monitoring station and at least one sensor in communication with the monitoring station. The sensor comprises an antenna system, an ultra wideband radar system coupled to the antenna system, a signal processor and a communication system. The... Agent:

20150141798 - Tracking of catheter from insertion point to heart using impedance measurements: A subject-specific skeletal model of a body is created, and an intended path of a catheter within the body is defined in the model. While the probe is inserted into the body electrical currents are passed through the body between at least one electrode in the probe and through respective... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

20150141800 - Management, assessment and treatment planning for inflammatory bowel disease: Discussed herein is an image processing device and a corresponding method for assessing inflammatory bowel diseases. A plurality of dynamic MRI sequence of images of a bowel that include peristalsis information of the bowel and static MRI image(s) of the bowel that identify at areas of inflammation, stenosis, and increased... Agent: Children's National Medical Center

20150141799 - Mri-incubator's closure assembly: An incubator's closure assembly adapted to shut the aperture of a magnetic resonance imaging device (MRD) having an open bore extended along the MRD's longitudinal axis with a distal end and proximal end, the bore is terminated by the aperture located in the proximal end, into which a neonate's incubator... Agent:

20150141801 - Surgical procedures using instrument to boundary spacing information extracted from real-time diagnostic scan data: Specific embodiments of the invention are directed to improved surgical procedures involving the use of processed non-visual three-dimensional data (i.e. diagnostic scan data) to provide a surgeon with additional guidance (i.e. more than that generally obtained from visual observation of the working area) concerning the distance separating a working end... Agent: Vantage Surgical Systems, Inc.

20150141803 - Method and apparatus for adjustable earpieces in an mri system: Apparatus and method for imaging a patient in an MRI system. This includes a frame, and at least one assembly that includes an earpiece positioner connected to a reference position on the frame, a first lockable joint on the positioner; and an earpiece connected to a patient-proximal end of the... Agent:

20150141802 - Open architecture tabletop patient support and coil system: An assembly for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of a patient and a method of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of a patient using different MRI scanners is disclosed. In one example, the assembly includes a plurality of RF coils, wherein the RF coils are configured to be positioned adjacent to an... Agent:

20150141804 - High-resolution metabolic neuroimaging: Provided herein are methods and apparatuses for determining a level of cellular metabolic activity for a region of interest in order to detect and map on-going gliovascular unit metabolic activity using high-resolution 1H2O MRI. In one example approach, a computer-implemented method includes receiving a first set of DCE-MRI time-course data... Agent: Oregon Health & Science University

20150141805 - Marker delivery device with releasable plug: A marker delivery device includes an elongated delivery cannula which has a distal end section, an inner lumen and a discharge opening in the distal end section in communication with the inner lumen. A plunger is slidably disposed within the inner lumen of the elongated delivery cannula. The plunger has... Agent:

20150141806 - Device for the detection of metallic surgical articles and harmonic and rfid tagging markers: The present invention provides a method of detection of metallic items and/or metallic surgical instruments or articles by a detection device in the event that such articles have been retained in a patient after a surgical procedure. More specifically, the invention relates to a detection system that uses (1) a... Agent:

20150141809 - Devices, systems, and methods for navigating a biopsy tool to a target location and obtaining a tissue sample using the same: A biopsy tool includes an elongated flexible body defining a distal end and a distal biopsy member disposed at the distal end of the elongated flexible body. The biopsy member incorporates a sensor assembly configured to enable detection of a location of the sensor assembly within a patient's airways. The... Agent:

20150141812 - Devices, systems, and methods for visualizing an occluded vessel: Embodiments of the present disclosure are configured to visualize severe blockages in a vessel and, in particular, chronic total occlusions in blood vessels. In some particular embodiments, the devices, systems, and methods of the present disclosure are configured to visualize the blockage to facilitate safe crossing of the blockage.... Agent:

20150141808 - Fiber optic sensor guided navigation for vascular visualization and monitoring: A method for visualizing branches of a lumen includes inserting (402) a fiber optic shape sensing device into a lumen and determining (404) changes in the lumen based upon strain induced in the fiber optic shape sensing device by flow in the lumen. Locations of branches are indicated (410) on... Agent:

20150141807 - Real-time in vivo measurement of the 3d angular orientation of cardiovascular structures: This document provides materials and methods for determining three-dimensional spatial orientations of blood vessels, cardiac valves, and other anatomical structures within a mammal during a clinical procedure. For example, materials and methods for determining the three-dimensional spatial location, orientation, and size of a cardiac valve within a mammal during a... Agent:

20150141811 - System and method for identifying a landmark: A field generator for use in a surgical targeting system is disclosed. The field generator includes a mounting structure including elements that are configured to receive components of an electromagnetic field generator. The elements are disposed on the mounting structure at locations and orientations relative to each other. The field... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20150141810 - Thoracoscopic methods for treatment of bronchial disease: A method and apparatus for treatment of pulmonary conditions, including a device having an end effector sized and shaped to contact a nerve component on the exterior of a bronchial segment and apply energy to that nerve component.... Agent:

20150141814 - Apparatus and method for processing a medical image of a body lumen: An apparatus includes an image analysis unit arranged to extract, from the medical image, brightness intensities of a first body lumen region of the medical image and brightness intensities of a second body lumen region of the medical image; and a measuring unit arranged to calculate a first body lumen... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150141813 - Systems and methods for determination of pharmaceutical fluid injection protocols based on x-ray tube voltage: A system for patient imaging is provided. The system includes an imaging system and a parameter generator to determine parameters of at least a first phase of an injection procedure. The imaging system includes a scanner that has at least one x-ray tube. The parameter generator is programmed to determine... Agent:

20150141815 - Blood vessel sizing device: Medical devices and methods for determining the size of blood vessels are disclosed. In an embodiment, a blood vessel sizing device includes a marker configured for placement on the skin of a patient. The marker defines a substantially circular shape and includes a plurality of radiopaque substantially concentric circles. In... Agent:

20150141816 - Atherectomy catheters with imaging: An atherectomy catheter includes an elongate flexible catheter body, an elongate deflectable distal tip coupled to the catheter body at a hinge point, a rotatable cutter near the distal end of the catheter body, and a drive shaft extending within the catheter body and configured to rotate the cutter. The... Agent: Avinger, Inc.

20150141817 - Methods and devices for ultrasound contrast-assisted therapy: Various methods of performing ultrasound contrast assisted therapy are provided. One such method includes delivering a plurality of microbubble-based ultrasound contrast agents to a target area and disrupting the microbubble-based ultrasound contrast agents by delivering tone bursts of ultrasound to the target area. The oscillation of the microbubble-based ultrasound contrast... Agent:

20150141818 - Vascular imaging method and device: A vascular imaging method and device are provided according to the embodiments of the present disclosure. The method includes: scanning a region where a vessel is located to obtain a noncontrast enhanced scan image and a contrast enhanced image, and performing subtraction on the contrast enhanced image by using a... Agent:

20150141819 - System and method for facilitating intranasal guidance: A sphenocath including a sheath assembly including a sheath hub with a sheath tube extending therefrom with a passage extending from a proximal end of the sheath hub to a distal end of the sheath tube; a catheter assembly including a catheter hub with a catheter tube extending therefrom with... Agent:

20150141820 - Ultrasonic gel sheet assembly: The ultrasonic gel sheet assembly is used for acoustic matching between an ultrasonic device and an object to be tested. The ultrasonic gel sheet assembly includes a plurality of gel layers placed on top of each other. A partition sheet is placed between any adjacent ones of the gel layers.... Agent:

20150141822 - Method for setting regions of interest and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: A method for generating a region of interest (ROI) wherein in setting ROIs in biological tissues to be compared, burden on a subject can be reduced and the reproducibility of elasticity measurement improved, including: setting candidate points in an arbitrary designated region in a notable tissue in a contrast image... Agent:

20150141821 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and elastic evaluation method: Provided is an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus provided with an elasticity evaluation technology that an error caused by a tissue structure has been reduced. The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus that measures a velocity of a shear wave that propagates in a test object by utilizing an ultrasonic wave to evaluate elasticity of... Agent:

20150141823 - Method of providing copy image and ultrasound apparatus therefor: An ultrasound measurement method includes: providing a first object and a second object within an ultrasound image displayed on a touch screen; activating the first object and the second object, to be movable to perform a measurement on the ultrasound image; receiving a touch-and-drag input with respect to at least... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150141824 - Method and apparatus for displaying ultrasound image: A method of displaying an ultrasound image may improve the accuracy of disease diagnosis by enabling a user to recognize an accurate direction of a bloodstream. The method includes: obtaining first Doppler data that is generated by transmitting an ultrasound signal to an object and receiving an echo signal reflected... Agent:

20150141826 - Prediction of diseases based on analysis of medical exam and/or test workflow: Use of medical workflows where a first medical workflow is obtained from a plurality of medical acts performed in sequence that related to care of a patient. A set of condition-indication rules is applied to the first medical workflow to determine first condition information. The first condition information relates to... Agent:

20150141825 - Ultrasonic device and manufacturing method thereof, electronic equipment, and ultrasonic image device: An ultrasonic device includes a substrate, an acoustic adjustment layer, an acoustic lens and a structural member. The substrate has an element array including a plurality of thin film ultrasonic transducer elements arranged in an array form. The acoustic adjustment layer covers the element array. The acoustic lens is arranged... Agent:

20150141827 - Ultrasonic device, method for manufacturing the same, electronic device and ultrasonic imaging device: An ultrasonic device includes a substrate having a first opening, a second opening and a wall part partitioning the first opening and the second opening; a first vibration film and a second vibration film which close the first opening and the second opening respectively; a first piezoelectric element and a... Agent:

20150141830 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and control method: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment includes a transmitter/receiver, a signal processor, an image generator, and a controller. The transmitter/receiver executes ultrasonic transmission/reception sets a plurality of times on an identical scanning line by changing transmission conditions, and generates a plurality of sets of reception signals, the ultrasonic... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150141828 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic method: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes a transceiver part, a signal processing part and an image generation part. The transceiver part controls an ultrasonic probe to perform a first and second scans. The first scan transmits a first ultrasonic wave and an ultrasonic wave, obtained by modulating... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150141829 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment include a transmitter/receiver, a signal processor, and an image generator. The transmitter/receiver causes an ultrasonic probe to transmit on each scanning line at least three ultrasonic pulses, the three ultrasonic pulses being: a first ultrasonic pulse including at least one frequency component... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150141831 - Ultrasonic inspection apparatus: An ultrasonic inspection apparatus includes: a probe; a transmission unit configured to cause the probe to transmit a ultrasonic beam; a reception unit configured to receive analog element signals output by the probe; an A/D conversion unit configured to perform A/D conversion on the analog element signal to obtain first... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150141832 - Apparatus for ultrasound flow vector imaging and methods thereof: Apparatus and methods of use are provided for complex flow imaging and analysis that is non-invasive, accurate, and time-resolved. It is particularly useful in imaging of vascular flow with spatiotemporal fluctuations. This apparatus is an ultrasound-based framework called vector projectile imaging (VPI) that can dynamically render complex flow patterns over... Agent:

20150141833 - Catheter device implementing high frequency, contrast imaging ultrasound transducer, and associated method: An imaging catheter system is provided, including a hollow lumen having a distal portion, and a plurality of first transducer elements arranged in a first array configured to be received within the distal portion of the hollow lumen. Each of the first transducer elements include a micromachined piezocomposite, and the... Agent:

20150141834 - Piezoelectric composition and method for producing same, piezoelectric element/non-lead piezoelectric element and method for producing same, ultrasonic probe and diagnostic imaging device: The present invention is a piezoelectric composition and a piezoelectric element using the piezoelectric composition, the composition being characterized by: having a Perovskite structure represented by general formula ABO3; being represented by composition formula x(Bi0.5K0.5)TiO3-yBi(Mg0.5Ti0.5)O3-zBiFeO3, x+y+z=1 in the composition formula above; and in a triangular coordinate using x, y and... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150141835 - Portable ultrasound image diagnostic apparatus: A portable ultrasound image diagnostic apparatus is shown. The apparatus includes an ultrasound probe and a hinge. The ultrasound probe transmits and receives ultrasound. The hinge connects a first housing and a lower edge portion of a second housing including a display panel so that the second housing is overlapped... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150141836 - Intravascular ultrasound needle guide: An intravascular ultrasound “(IVUS”) device having an intrinsic or attachable needle guide is disclosed. In some embodiments, a sheath having a needle guide is used in connection with an IVUS device. The devices may be used in performing minimally invasive image-guided surgical procedures. The devices may be configured to maintain... Agent:

20150141837 - Ophthalmological image analyzer and ophthalmological image analysis method: Ophthalmological image analysis techniques that can present objective information about the state of distribution of the Meibomian glands are provided. An ophthalmological image analyzer 1 comprises a designator 22, an extractor 23 and a calculator 24. The designator 22 is configured to designate an area A to be analyzed in... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20150141838 - Patient monitoring system: A patient support apparatus includes a monitoring system having a first detector and a controller. The first detector detects electromagnetic radiation from a first field of view of the first detector and providing a signal indicative of characteristics of the electromagnetic radiation. The controller includes a processor coupled to the... Agent:

20150141840 - Biological sensor: The biological sensor includes a driving signal generating unit that generates a pulse-form driving signal, a light-emitting element that emits light in response to the generated driving signal, a light-receiving element that outputs a detection signal based on an intensity of received light, an amplifying unit including first and second... Agent:

20150141839 - Efficient modulated imaging: An apparatus for turbid sample measurement comprising a plurality of light sources for illuminating a turbid sample target area with non-spatial structured light, a projection system for illuminating the turbid sample target area with spatial structured light, a sensor for collecting light from the turbid sample target area, and a... Agent:

20150141841 - Wound measurement on smart phones: A smart phone is used to accomplish measurement of a wound surface area, when at least one flat marker device, which is a predefined reference, is placed near the wound and photographed by a smart phone.... Agent:

20150141842 - Intravascular rotary blood pump: An intravascular rotary blood pump possesses a catheter (10), a pumping device (50) fixed distally to the catheter (10) and at least one pressure sensor (30; 60) firmly connected to the pumping device (50) and having a pressure-sensitive area (32) which is exposed to the surroundings and aligned orthogonally to... Agent:

20150141843 - Optical fiber pressure sensor: The disclosure includes an apparatus for insertion into a body lumen. The apparatus can comprise an optical fiber pressure sensor. The optical fiber pressure sensor can comprise an optical fiber configured to transmit an optical sensing signal. A temperature compensated Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) interferometer can be in optical communication... Agent:

20150141844 - Optogenetic probe: An optogenetic probe, an optogenetic system, and a method for fabricating an optogenetic probe are provided. The optogenetic probe has a proximal and a distal end, and includes an elongated body made of a body glass material and extending longitudinally between the proximal and distal ends. The optogenetic probe also... Agent:

20150141845 - System and method for visualizing tissue during ablation procedures: Systems for visualizing cardiac tissue during an ablation procedure are provided. In general, the systems include an imaging module configured to measure absorbance data at first and second wavelengths wherein the ratio of these absorbance values identifies the nature of the tissue (e.g., lesion, de novo tissue, etc.). The imaging... Agent:

20150141846 - System and method useful for sarcomere imaging via objective-based microscopy: Biological tissue such as skeletal and cardiac muscle can be imaged by using an objective-based probe in the tissue and scanning at a sufficiently fast rate to mitigate motion artifacts due to physiological motion. According to one example embodiment, such a probe is part of a system that is capable... Agent:

20150141847 - Systems and methods for hyperspectral analysis of cardiac tissue: Systems and methods for hyperspectral analysis of cardiac tissue are provided. In some embodiments, a method for visualizing ablation lesions includes illuminating at one or more illumination wavelengths a surface of tissue having an ablation lesion; collecting a spectral data set comprising spectral images of the illuminated tissue acquired at... Agent:

20150141848 - Tissue illumination system, device, and method: Implementations of the tissue illumination systems, devices, and methods disclosed herein take advantage of the translucent nature of tissue to reveal properties by light transmission, for example, tissue type, tissue transition locations, underlying structures, and the like, that are not easily distinguished by reflected light. Illuminating a back-side of a... Agent:

20150141849 - Method and device for noninvasive blood pressure measurement: The invention relates to a method and a device for noninvasive blood pressure measurement by means of two pressure cuffs (10, 20) each having one sensor (6, 8), the output signal of which is a function of the blood pressure to be measured and of the cuff pressure, characterized in... Agent:

20150141850 - Balloon catheter for measuring the length of a stenosis: A balloon catheter adapted for cooperating with an endoscope, the balloon catheter including a catheter shaft, a balloon located at a catheter shaft tip, wherein the catheter shaft includes visual markers designed for determining the length of a stenosis in a bodily structure.... Agent: Assistance Publique- Hopitaux De Paris

20150141851 - Method and apparatus for accurately determining heart rate variability and sympathetic reserve: An implantable monitoring device is disclosed for monitoring a patient's heart rate variability over time. The device includes a cardiac electrogram amplifier, a sensing electrode coupled to an input of the amplifier, timing circuitry, processing circuitry and a memory. The timing circuitry defines successive shorter time periods during each monitoring... Agent:

20150141852 - Detection device for bedding for sleep monitoring: A detection device, for placement under or on a mattress, configured for the movements of a person lying on the mattress, includes a sensing portion having an inflatable chamber intended to be positioned under the individual, an electronic unit arranged at a distance from the sensing portion and having a... Agent: Withings

20150141853 - Multi-sensor lesion assessment device and method: An intravascular sensor delivery device can have a sensor that is used to measure a physiological parameter of a patient, such as blood pressure, within a vascular structure or passage. In some embodiments, the device can be used in combination with a medical guidewire carrying another sensor also configured to... Agent:

20150141854 - Optical fiber pressure sensor: The disclosure includes an apparatus including an elongated assembly, at least a portion of which is sized, shaped, or otherwise configured to be inserted into a human body to measure a physiological parameter at an internal location within the body. The elongated assembly includes an elongated member having a first... Agent:

20150141855 - Catheter-type therapeutic or diagnostic instrument provided with shaped wire members and catheter tube to be used together with shaped wire members: A therapeutic or diagnostic instrument includes first and second shaped wire members and that can be simultaneously inserted into a catheter tube and has predetermined bending elasticity, in which the first and second shaped wire members and are adapted to respectively have first and second curving parts that curve in... Agent: Ptmc Institute

20150141856 - Defibrillator including functions for measuring and removing motion artifact: A defibrillator including the function for measuring motion artifact generated when pressing the heart, and method of operating the defibrillator are provided. The defibrillator includes: a first pair of electrodes including a first main electrode and a first sub-electrode arranged adjacent to and insulated from the first main electrode; a... Agent:

20150141857 - Integrate and fire pulse train automation for qrs detection: Various examples are provided for automation of QRS detection. In one example, among others, a system includes an integrate and fire (IF) sampler that can generate an IF pulse train from an analog input signal, and decision logic circuitry that can determine whether a QRS complex waveform is present in... Agent:

20150141858 - Method and system to measure cardiac motion using a cardiovascular navigation system: A method and system are provided to measure cardiac motion data using a cardiovascular navigation system. The method and system position a patient reference sensor (PRS) on a patient, wherein the PRS determines a position of the patient relative to a reference point. The method and system determine a reference... Agent:

20150141860 - Long-term monitoring for discrimination of different heart rhythms: A method, system, and device for detection of an arrhythmia, and discrimination between different types of arrhythmia, for example to determine whether to administer an electric shock to the heart, the device comprising a wearable monitor with electrodes that detect the electrical activity of a beating heart, attached to an... Agent: University Of Washington

20150141861 - Novel methodology for assessing the bounded-input bounded-output instability in qt interval dynamics: application to clinical ecg with ventricular tachycardia: The present invention is directed to a method for determining onset of ventricular arrhythmias using bounded-input bounded-output stability of QT interval (QTI) dynamics. The method of the present invention includes two parts. A first part of the method determines the dependence of each QTI on several prior QTIs and RR... Agent:

20150141859 - Systems and methods for cardiac rhythm variability analysis: Systems and methods are provided for the study of the cardiac rhythm variability. These systems and methods include the recording of the electrocardiogram (EKG), with subsequent calculation of the duration of the beat-to-beat intervals (i.e., R-R intervals), drawing up of the rhythmograms, and additional systems and methods that include determination... Agent:

20150141862 - Navigation features for electrocardiograph device user interface: An electrocardiograph device and methods of navigating displays of such a device are disclosed. In one example, an electrocardiograph device includes a display, a plurality of electrocardiograph signal leads, and a programmable circuit. The programmable circuit is configured to receive electrical signals via the electrocardiograph signal leads representative of a... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20150141863 - Devices and systems for obtaining impedance data: Devices and systems to measure luminal organ parameters using impedance. In at least one embodiment of an impedance device of the present disclosure, the impedance device comprises an elongated body having a distal body end and a pair of detection electrodes positioned in between a pair of excitation electrodes located... Agent:

20150141864 - Monitoring system: A heating and monitoring system is described having a radiometer to monitor temperature of internal tissue and or bodily fluids in a non-invasive way. The radiometer may comprise a multi-frequency radiometer to allow for taking a temperature reading at a desired depth within the tissue of a patient.... Agent:

20150141865 - Stimulus presentation system: The present invention provides a stimulus presentation system which determines a mental state and changes presentation contents of a problem based on the determined mental state. The system determines the mental state by measuring gaze and cerebral function of a user, and changes presentation contents of a problem based on... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150141866 - System and method for evaluation of the pleural space: The method encompasses selective tissue sampling of the parietal pleura without inducing pneumothorax, with its attendant extended recovery time, in the patient. The distal portion of the device is introduced percutaneously into the pleural space. The pleura near the access point is evaluated using an energy emitter and energy receiver... Agent:

20150141867 - Biopsy device with translating valve member: A biopsy device includes a needle extending distally from a body. The needle includes a transverse aperture, a first lumen, and a second lumen. A cutter is movable within the first lumen to sever tissue protruding through the transverse aperture. A valve assembly is operable to change the pneumatic state... Agent:

20150141868 - Needle biopsy systems and methods: This document provides medical device systems and methods for obtaining tissue samples. For example, this document provides medical device systems and methods for transbronchial needle biopsy tissue acquisition. In some cases, a needle biopsy system includes an actuator device, an outer needle with a lumen therethrough, and an inner needle... Agent:

20150141869 - Devices, systems, and methods for navigating a biopsy tool to a target location and obtaining a tissue sample using the same: A biopsy tool includes an elongated flexible body, a sensor assembly, and a screw member. The sensor assembly is disposed within the elongated flexible body towards the distal end thereof. The sensor assembly includes a location sensor(s) configured to enable detection of a location of the sensor assembly. The screw... Agent:

20150141870 - Method for producing a membrane ring or test strip ring and ring magazine: A method for producing a membrane ring or test strip ring for a diagnostic test device includes an elongate strip that is divided into segments by cuts running transversely to the longitudinal direction of the strip, where the cuts are made only as far as a residual width of the... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20150141871 - Pain minimizing injection system: The present invention recognizes that there is a need for a single-step, pain-free or substantially pain-free device to test the levels of an analyte in one's blood such as glucose. The invention incorporates a lancet and a glucose test strip into a disposable cartridge. The user inserts the cartridge into... Agent:

20150141872 - Muscle fatigue measuring device and associated systems and methods: Exemplary embodiments are directed to muscle fatigue measuring devices that include a bottom stabilizing portion, a handle, a central extended portion, and a force measuring device. The central extended portion can be disposed between the bottom stabilizing portion and the handle. The force measuring device can be connected to the... Agent:

20150141873 - Systems and methods for stride length calibration: Described herein are systems, devices, and methods for determining a user's stride length and monitoring various aspects of the user's activities. An apparatus worn or carried by the user may determine and track when a user takes a step and, based at least in part on user-specific information, determine an... Agent:

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20150133714 - Irradiation planning apparatus and charged particle irradiation system: A planning apparatus (70) determines irradiation parameter data (67) for a charged particle irradiation system (1), which radiates charged particles generated by an ion source (2) to a target (80) by accelerating the charged particles by means of a linear accelerator (4) and a synchrotron (5). The planning apparatus is... Agent:

20150133713 - Method for compensating the deviation of a hadron beam produced by a hadron-therapy installation: The present invention relates to a method for compensating the deviation of an energetic beam of hadrons delivered by an irradiation unit of a hadron-therapy installation, with respect to an isocentre of a rotatable gantry supporting said irradiation unit, said irradiation unit comprising a collimator comprising an opening for the... Agent:

20150133715 - Particle beam irradiation apparatus and particle beam therapy system: When IMRT technology for a radiation therapy system utilizing an X-ray or the like is applied to a particle beam therapy system having a conventional wobbler system, it is required to utilize two or more boluses. The present invention solves the problem of excess irradiation in IMRT by a particle... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150133716 - Hearing devices based on the plasticity of the brain: The invention describes a hearing improvement device including components for training the brain to connect and stimulate the auditory and visual corteces and strengthen pathways between them, in order to overcome the shortcomings of the damaged auditory channel.... Agent: Suhami Associates Ltd

20150133718 - Hinged transcranial magnetic stimulation array for novel coil alignment: Adjustable devices and methods of adjusting and customizing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) electromagnets to produce an elongated path of induced electrical current along a user-defined trajectory in patients having a variety of different head shapes and curvatures. Existing TMS electromagnets (“coils”) allow only limited adjustment of the current delivery surfaces.... Agent:

20150133717 - Monitoring and detecting magnetic stimulation: A method, system, and apparatus for monitoring a magnetic field related to magnetic stimulation may be provided. A system for monitoring a pulsing magnetic field related to magnetic stimulation therapy may include a magnetic stimulation component, a sensor, and a processor. The magnetic stimulation component may be configured to generate... Agent:

20150133720 - Bifurcated outflow cannulae: A bifurcated cannula for directing blood into the arterial system. The bifurcated cannula including an ingress channel and first and second egress channels. The first egress channel directs a first portion of the blood entering the bifurcated cannula into the arterial system in a first direction. The second egress channel... Agent:

20150133719 - Modular implantable medical pump: An implantable medical pump system can include a blood pump comprising a pump housing defining a passage therethrough and a rotor within the passage. The blood pump further includes one or more elements at least partially contained within the housing adapted to actuate the rotor to drive fluid though the... Agent:

20150133721 - Heart assist apparatus and method of use thereof: The invention comprises a heart assist device. In one embodiment, the heart assist device comprises a compressible sleeve about a body part, where one or more portions of the sleeve compress to provide a force on blood generating a flow or pulse of blood in the human circulatory system. In... Agent:

20150133722 - Pulsatile blood pump: An extravascular pulsation blood pump possesses a bidirectionally acting pumping system (P, M) having a pump (P) which is connected via a first conduit (L1) to the left ventricle (LV) and via a second conduit (L2) to the aorta (AO). By means of a control means (St), the pump (P)... Agent: Abiomed Europe Gmbh

20150133723 - Ventricular assist device and related methods: A method and system are provided for percutaneously gaining access to oxygenated blood with one or more anastomosis devices and pumping such oxygenated blood directly to the aorta adjacent to the right atrium or left atrium via a VAD system. In one embodiment, a VAD system can be implanted with... Agent:

20150133725 - Apparatuses for the amelioration of urinary incontinence in females: An apparatus for treating urinary incontinence, comprising: a node; a support section adapted for providing urethral support attached to the node; and, an anchoring section adapted for resisting movement of the apparatus attached to the node opposite the support section. Optionally, the support section is adapted to treat incontinence according... Agent:

20150133724 - Perineal probe: Provided is a perineal probe including a substantially cylindrical support rod in an insulating material, defining an axial direction and a circumferential direction, an end portion, constituting the inner end of said support rod, a grip for said perineal probe positioned on the support rod at the opposite end of... Agent: Beacmed S.r.l.

20150133726 - Stabilizer for the transvaginal placement of a midurethral sling: A sling for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) may be placed and stabilized using a midurethral sling stabilizer. First, a sling may be placed beneath the urethra in a position to support the urethra, without tension. The midurethral sling stabilizer may then be inserted in a manner where the distal end... Agent:

20150133727 - Apparatus and methods for accessing and sealing bodily vessels and cavities: Everting balloon systems and methods for using the same are disclosed herein. The systems can be configured to access and dilate body lumen and cavities. For example, the systems can be used to dilate the cervix and access the uterine cavity. The systems can also be used to occlude the... Agent:

20150133728 - Aiming beam detection for safe laser lithotripsy: Medical apparatus includes an endoscope, which includes a distal end configured for insertion into a body cavity and which includes an imaging assembly, configured to capture and output an image of a region of the body cavity in proximity to the distal end. An energy source is configured to emit... Agent: Gyrus Acmi, Inc. (d.b.a Olympus Surgical Technologies America)

20150133729 - Disposable and reusable complex shaped see-through endoscope: Transparent domes useful for covering at least a lens located on a scope's distal face, taking the form of a single layer membrane affixed to the distal end of the scope, a solid cap attachable to and detachable from the distal end of the scope, or an inflatable and deflatable... Agent:

20150133730 - Magnetically guiding system and magnetically guiding method: A magnetically guiding system includes: a capsule medical device that has a magnet provided therein; an information acquiring unit that acquires physical information about magnetic guiding of the capsule medical device; a magnetic field generating unit that generates a magnetic field for magnetically guiding the capsule medical device; and a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20150133731 - Biological navigation device: Biological navigation devices and methods are disclosed. The devices can be used as or to support colonoscopies or endoscopes. The devices can have one or more releasable, and/or everting, and/or pressurized tubes. The devices can be removably attached to elongated elements, such as colonoscopes or other endoscopes.... Agent:

20150133732 - Laser configured otoscope: An otoscopic instrument includes an instrument housing having a distal end and an opposing proximal end, each end defining a viewing axis of the instrument. A laser light source is disposed in relation to the viewing axis. At least one optical element is configured to direct emitted light from the... Agent:

20150133733 - Endoscopic fusion system and method with neuromonitoring: Systems, methods, and kits for performing endoscopic fusion with neuromonitoring. The endoscopic fusion may be performed, for example, through a cannula providing a portal to the disc space. Throughout various steps in the procedure, neuromonitoring may occur to minimize the possibility of injuring or contacting a nerve.... Agent:

20150133734 - Surgical access system and related methods: A surgical access system including a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue refraction assembly, both of which may be equipped with one or more electrodes for use in detecting the existence of (and optionally the distance and/or direction to) neural structures before, during, and after the establishment of an operative... Agent:

20150133735 - Surgical access system and related methods: A system for accessing a surgical target site and related methods, involving an initial distraction system for creating an initial distraction corridor, and an assembly capable of distracting from the initial distraction corridor to a secondary distraction corridor and thereafter sequentially receiving a plurality of retractor blades for retracting from... Agent:

20150133737 - Apparatus and methods for accessing and sealing bodily vessels and cavities: Everting balloon systems and methods for using the same are disclosed herein. The systems can be configured to access and dilate body lumen and cavities. For example, the systems can be used to dilate the cervix and access the uterine cavity. The systems can also be used to occlude the... Agent: Cross Bay Medical, Inc.

20150133738 - Device and method for lifting abdominal wall during medical procedure: A device (100) and method (200) for elevating skin; subcutaneous tissue, and muscle of a patient during medical procedure, the device comprises at least one opening (102), at least one at least one ring liner (106). The opening (102) located at the top of the device having means for inserting... Agent: Life Care Medical Devices, Ltd.

20150133736 - Endoscopic surgical instruments and related methods: A minimally invasive surgical system includes a surgical instrument having an elongate body portion and an oversleeve, through which the elongate body portion of the surgical instrument is extendable. A valve assembly is associated with one of the oversleeve or the surgical instrument. Mating structure is associated with two or... Agent:

20150133739 - Laparoscopic instrument and cannula assembly and related surgical method: A laparoscopic port assembly includes a cannula unit including three cannulas each extending at an acute angle relative to a base. The cannulas are flexible for receiving respective angulated laparoscopic instruments. The cannula unit is rotatingly received in a port holder for rotation about a longitudinal axis of the holder,... Agent:

20150133740 - Devices and methods for facilitating sleeve gastrectomy procedures: A gastrectomy device includes an elongated member and a tube. The elongated member has a proximal end and a distal end and defines a longitudinal side window disposed adjacent the distal end. The elongated member defines a first longitudinal channel, a second longitudinal channel, and a plurality of side apertures.... Agent:

20150133741 - Intubation methods and systems: A system and a method for facilitating the entry of a tracheal airway of a patient during intubation are disclosed. The system of the present invention comprises an endobronchial tube and a support probe that is configured to be insertable within the endobronchial tube, wherein the support probe is configured... Agent:

20150133746 - Ear ailment diagnostic device and method: An ear ailment diagnostic device and method in accordance with the present disclosure generally comprises a pair of earpieces, which both further comprise a light source, a magnification lens, an air conduction channel and a miniature camera. The earpieces may optionally comprise a thermometer and/or tympanometer. Each earpiece is coupled... Agent: Zipline Health, Inc.

20150133747 - Infant monitoring system and methods: One variation of a method for changing a state of a wearable device includes: in response to detected motion of the wearable device, transitioning from a low-power mode into a test mode; in the test mode, detecting a proximity of a surface to the wearable device, detecting a temperature of... Agent:

20150133748 - Interactive system for monitoring and assisting the physical activity of a user within a gym environment: Apparatus and systems for monitoring and assisting with the physical activity of a user within a gym environment. In one embodiment, the present disclosure relates to providing a system for monitoring the user and providing the user a manner in which to interact with the various components of the gym... Agent:

20150133744 - Luteum function evaluation apparatus, luteum function evaluation system, and control method thereof: A luteum function evaluation apparatus includes a body temperature obtainment unit that obtains basal body temperature data including information of basal body temperature measurement values, a menstrual cycle obtainment unit that obtains information of a menstruation start day and a menstruation end day corresponding to the menstruation start day, an... Agent:

20150133742 - Medical instrument with remaining visits indicator: A medical instrument includes a remaining visits indicator. The remaining visits indicator visually identifies a number of patient visits that can be completed before recharging the medical instrument.... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20150133745 - Method, system and apparatus for generating pulse estimate: A portable apparatus comprising a communication interface for communicating with a wireless network; a photo sensor for receiving non-invasive biometric information of a user; at least one processor; and at least one memory including computer program code. The at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with... Agent:

20150133743 - Programmable medical devices: A patient data capture and processing system comprises: a programmable, platform medical device comprising at least one patient sensor interface; a processor coupled to said sensor interface and to a communications interface; programmable memory, coupled to said processor. The memory is programmable via the communications interface to define a plurality... Agent:

20150133749 - Sonification systems and methods for auditory display of physiological parameters: Systems and methods for generating a sonification output for presenting information about physiological parameters such as oxygen saturation and heart rate parameters in discrete auditory events. In a preferred embodiment, each event comprises two sounds. The first is a reference sound that indicates the desired target state for the two... Agent: Trustees Of Dartmouth College

20150133750 - Vaginal biomechanics analyzer: The present invention includes a device and method for measuring skin elasticity that comprises: a probe, wherein the probe comprises one or more holes, a vacuum source, a pressure sensor, and one or more proximity sensors aligned about the one or more holes; and a processor for recording the deformation... Agent:

20150133751 - System and method for intraoperative detection of cancer margins using conformal filters in a dual polarization configuration: Devices, systems, and methods for distinguishing tissue types are described herein. Such devices and systems may use dual polarization, conformal filters to acquire image data from target tissues and a processor to create an image in which the contrast between tissues has been enhanced.... Agent:

20150133752 - Near infrared fluorescent single walled carbon nanotubes as tissue localizable biosensors: A nanosensor for detecting an analyte can include a substrate, a photoluminescent nanostructure, and a polymer interacting with the photoluminescent nanostructure. The nanosensor can be used in in vivo for biomedical applications.... Agent:

20150133753 - Arrays of emitters for pulse oximetry devices and methods of making the same: An array of emitters includes a device substrate having first and second sides, a thermally and electrically conductive layer disposed on the first side of the device substrate, and an interconnect layer disposed on a first plurality of portions of the second side of the device substrate. The array of... Agent: General Electric Company

20150133754 - Hyperspectral technology for assessing and treating diabetic foot and tissue disease: This invention relates generally to an index map comprising both pressure and perfusion information from a diabetic patient foot for the purpose of treatment. The index map may also be a map of perfusion and/or metabolism of the tissue (reflecting oxygen delivery and oxygen extraction, obtained by thermal imaging, hyperspectral... Agent: Hypermed Imaging, Inc.

20150133755 - Multiple wavelength sensor emitters: A physiological sensor has light emitting sources, each activated by addressing at least one row and at least one column of an electrical grid. The light emitting sources are capable of transmitting light of multiple wavelengths and a detector is responsive to the transmitted light after attenuation by body tissue.... Agent:

20150133756 - Systems and methods for determining physiological characteristics of a patient using pulse oximetry: Methods, systems and related apparatus are provided to enable an electronic device to operate an external sensor comprising one or more emitters for emitting electromagnetic radiation of two different wavelengths and a detector for generating a response signal based on received electromagnetic radiation of the two different wavelengths connectable to... Agent:

20150133757 - Endoscope for analyte consumption rate determination with single cell resolution for in vivo applications: Novel methods and devices including modified endoscopes that employ fiber optic technology and multiple extrinsic optical sensors for enablement of simultaneous determination of change rates of biological analytes in vivo with single-cell resolution. The devices employ dynamic oscillatory actuation to determine the gradient of analytes of interest along one or... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20150133758 - Implantable electrochemical biosensor system and method: Correction for initial variation in thickness of a polymer layer and for changes in the coating thickness that occur after implantation of a biosensor and therefore provides substantial increase in the accuracy and lifetime of implantable sensors is done using a factor derived from the decay of potential.... Agent:

20150133760 - Basket style cardiac mapping catheter having spline bends for detection of cardiac rhythm disorders: A system for sensing multiple local electric voltages from endocardial surface of a heart, includes: an elongate tubular member having a lumen, a proximal end and a distal end; and a basket assembly including a plurality of flexible splines; an anchor for securably affixing proximal portions of the splines, where... Agent: Topera, Inc.

20150133759 - Reverse ecg mapping: Methods and systems for preparing electroanatomic maps of the heart operate using a probe that has been inserted into a heart chamber by emitting electrical calibration signals from external locations that are outside the subjects body, receiving the calibration signals in a plurality of intracardiac electrodes on the probe, and... Agent: Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

20150133761 - Three-dimensional neural probe microelectrode array and method of manufacture: A three-dimensional neural probe electrode array system is described. Planar probes are microfabricated and electrically connected to flexible micro-machined ribbon cables using a rivet bonding technique. The distal end of each cable is connected to a probe with the proximal end of the cable being customized for connection to a... Agent:

20150133762 - Biological signal measuring equipment: A biological signal measuring equipment used in a measurement of a biological signal in a head portion, has a jaw contact portion that comes into contact with a forehead; an occiput contact portion that comes into contact with an occiput; and a supporter that is interposed in a front and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150133765 - Biological information acquisition apparatus: A biological information acquisition apparatus and a biological information acquisition method, both capable of radiating a uniform and efficient light to the whole living body tissue as an object of the detection are provided. The biological information acquisition apparatus of the present invention includes a light source and an acoustic... Agent:

20150133763 - Patches for the attachment of electromagnetic (em) probes: An adhesive patch for attaching at least one EM probe to a subject's body, the adhesive patch comprising a planar member having at least one layer of radiation absorbing material and having at least one opening formed within the radiation absorbing material to allow the propagation of EM radiation via... Agent: Sensible Medical Innovations Ltd.

20150133766 - Subject information acquiring apparatus: A subject information acquiring apparatus of the present invention includes a subject-holding member which holds a subject and a probe unit having a transducer which receives acoustic waves from the subject through the subject-holding member, a housing which accommodates the transducer, and a matching liquid-holding member configured to hold a... Agent:

20150133764 - Surgery assistance apparatus, method and program: When an image representing an organ in which an excision region has been identified in such a manner that a blood vessel region in the organ is visually recognizable is generated from a three-dimensional image of the organ, an input specifying a depth of cutting is received, and a portion... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150133767 - Biopsy needle system for mr-guided biopsy: The invention discloses a biopsy needle system (100, 200, 300), having: a hollow needle (100) having a cylindrical portion (102) adapted to be introduced into a patient, wherein the cylindrical portion comprises a first material; a first mandrin (200) comprising a sharp tip (204) and that may be introduced into... Agent:

20150133769 - Labeled compounds and methods of imaging, diagnosing cartilage disorders and diseases, and monitoring cartilage health using labeled and unlabeled compounds: Novel labeled compounds and metabolites thereof are disclosed, as well as pharmaceutical compositions including the compounds, and methods of using the labeled and unlabeled compounds, and specifically, 2-Amino-5-guanidino-pentanoic acid (3-{4-[3-(2-amino-5-guanidino-pentanoylamino)-propyl]-piperazin-1-yl}-propyl)-amide and metabolites thereof, for imaging, detecting and assessing disorders and diseases, such as arthritis and, more specifically, osteoarthritis by tracking... Agent:

20150133768 - Use of non-metallic cest agents for mri monitoring of nanoparticle delivery: The present invention includes drug-loaded, polymer nanoparticles and liposomes further incorporating a non-paramagnetic, bioorganic CEST agent. The CEST agent allows for an alternative approach to accomplish MR-compatible in vivo tracking of drug-loaded polymer nanoparticles and liposomes, including simultaneous multi-color mapping of more than one particle type, or of the same... Agent:

20150133771 - Devices and methods facilitating sleeve gastrectomy and other procedures: A device for use in bariatric surgery includes a flexible hollow tube extending from a proximal end to a distal end and defines a channel therebetween. A series of openings is defined in a distal portion of the tube allowing for fixation of tissue using suction. A flexible member has... Agent:

20150133772 - Devices and methods facilitating sleeve gastrectomy procedures: A gastrectomy device includes an elongated member defining a centerline that extends through proximal and distal ends thereof. A shape modification member coupled to the elongated member is movable relative to the centerline of the elongated member. The shape modification member is movable between a first state, adjacent to the... Agent:

20150133774 - Method and apparatus for stabilizing, straightening, expanding and/or flattening the side wall of a body lumen and/or body cavity so as to provide increased visualization of the same and/or increased access to the same, and/or for stabilizing instruments: The present invention comprises the provision and use of a novel endoscopic device which is capable of stabilizing, straightening, expanding and/or flattening the side wall of a body lumen and/or body cavity so as to better present the side wall tissue for examination and/or treatment during an endoscopic procedure. The... Agent:

20150133773 - Methods and compositions for identifying subjects at risk of developing stent thrombosis: The invention provides methods and compositions for determining whether a subject containing a stent immobilized in a blood vessel has asymptomatic stent thrombosis or is at risk of developing clinically symptomatic stent thrombosis. In one approach, the method involves imaging a region of the blood vessel that contains the stent... Agent: Visen Medical, Inc.

20150133770 - System and method for abdominal surface matching using pseudo-features: A system and method for using pre-procedural images for registration for image-guided therapy (IGT), also referred to as image-guided intervention (IGI), in percutaneous surgical application. Pseudo-features and patient abdomen and organ surfaces are used for registration and to establish the relationship needed for guidance. Three-dimensional visualizations of the vasculature, tumor(s),... Agent: Analogic Corporation

20150133775 - Probe and medical imaging apparatus including the same: The probe includes a probe body that includes an internal empty space and is configured to be inserted into a coelom; an energy source module that is disposed in the probe body, and configured to emit an energy beam; first and second view windows that are provided at an end... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150133776 - Visually optimized intravascular imaging and associated devices, systems, and methods: Intravascular devices, systems, and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, a medical imaging system for imaging vasculature of a patient is provided. The imaging system includes a console that has one or more processors with a medical imaging system interface running thereon, an acquisition card in communication with the one... Agent:

20150133778 - Diagnostic device for dermatology with merged oct and epiluminescence dermoscopy: Systems and methods for use of the imaging system are presented. In an embodiment, the imaging system includes a first optical path, a second optical path, a plurality of optical elements, a detector, and a processor. The first optical path guides a first beam of radiation associated with epiluminescence while... Agent: Medlumics S.l.

20150133777 - Positron emission tomography probe to monitor selected sugar metabolism in vivo: The invention disclosed herein discloses selected ribose isomers that are useful as PET probes (e.g. [18F]-2-fluoro-2-deoxy-arabinose). These PET probes are useful, for example, in methods designed to monitor physiological processes including ribose metabolism and/or to selectively observe certain tissue/organs in vivo. The invention disclosed herein further provides methods for making... Agent:

20150133779 - Method and apparatus of tubal patency catheter and delivery systems: A method and apparatus for assessing bodily cavities and lumens utilizing an integrated, automated aerating device is described. The aeration device can selectively supply a gas a liquid during ultrasound and radiographic procedures for enhanced visualization of the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes.... Agent:

20150133780 - Selectively delivering particles into the distal portion of the left gastric artery: Embolization particles can be safely delivered to the left gastric artery of a patient by introducing the distal end of a catheter in the patient's left gastric artery, inflating a balloon located near the distal end of the catheter so that the balloon prevents blood from flowing through the left... Agent:

20150133781 - Apparatus and method for interfacing time-variant signals: An improved apparatus and method for interfacing a time variant waveform between two hardware environments. In one aspect, the invention comprises a circuit for accurately simulating the output of one or more types of sensing device (e.g., passive bridge pressure transducer) for use with a plurality of different monitoring and/or... Agent:

20150133783 - Apparatus and method for ultrasonic diagnosis: When subject tissue such as a living body is a viscoelastic body, a shear wave propagation velocity is changed according to the frequency of a shear wave. An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus applies a displacement generating transmission beam from an ultrasound probe based on a signal from a displacement generating unit... Agent:

20150133784 - Three-dimensional ultrasound reconstruction with confidence information: For simpler scanning in 3D ultrasound imaging, free hand 3D ultrasound imaging is used. Various registration techniques, such as filtering of position signals based on density of scanning and/or counteracting depth deformation due to pressure, may be used for aligning frames relative to each other in 3D space. To deal... Agent:

20150133782 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and elastic evaluation method: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and a method having a highly-reliable elastic evaluation unit for tissues. The invention includes a signal processing unit that processes received data obtained after ultrasonic waves are transmitted and received to/from an inspection target through a probe. An ROI detection unit of the processing unit obtains... Agent:

20150133785 - Ultrasonographic systems and methods for examining and treating spinal conditions: Methods for assessing spinal health and treatment effectiveness for spinal conditions in a patient via use of an ultrasonagraphic system are shown and described. The ultrasonagraphic system includes optical targets, a transducer probe, an optical tracker unit, an image processing system, a 3D ultrasound processor, and a display. The methods... Agent:

20150133786 - Responsive power saving in ultrasound: Responsive power saving is provided for ultrasound imaging, such as in portable ultrasound systems. By reducing scan line density in response to removal of a transducer from a patient, power usage may be reduced while still monitoring for return of the transducer to the patient. By disabling the display, power... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20150133787 - Spread spectrum coded waveforms in ultrasound diagnostics: Techniques, systems, and devices are disclosed for ultrasound diagnostics using spread spectrum, coherent, frequency- and/or phase-coded waveforms. In one aspect, a method includes synthesizing individual orthogonal coded waveforms to form a composite waveform for transmission toward a biological material of interest, in which the synthesized individual orthogonal coded waveforms correspond... Agent:

20150133788 - Ultrasound imaging of specular-reflecting target: Ultrasound apparatus or techniques can include obtaining reflected ultrasound echo information, which can be used to construct a two-dimensional or three-dimensional representation of an at least approximately specular reflected target, such as bone. In an example, echo information can be obtained from spatially-overlapping tissue regions, such as using one or... Agent:

20150133789 - Puncture apparatus: A puncture apparatus is disclosed, which can include an elongated insertion portion configured to be inserted into a living body lumen, a puncture needle configured to puncture a living body tissue near the insertion portion from a part different from the living body lumen, with the insertion portion inserted in... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150133791 - Artery visualization device and artery imaging device: [Solution] An artery visualization device (10) includes en irradiation unit (30) which irradiates the near-infrared light emitted from a light source (32) toward a back-side skin surface (22) at a visualization site (20) where a to-be-punctured artery (21) is running, a ht guiding part (40) which encapsulates the light source... Agent:

20150133790 - Gait analysis device and running exercise apparatus having the same: A gait analysis device cooperated with a running exercise apparatus comprises a plurality of infrared emitting units, a plurality of infrared receiving units, a plurality of supporting units and a processing unit. An end of each of the infrared emitting units is covered by an opaque element. The infrared receiving... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20150133792 - Method of detecting potential deep tissue injury: A system for determining a clinically relevant temperature differential between a predetermined area of interest, as defined herein, on the body surface of a mammal and a control area on the body surface of said mammal, said system comprising: a visual and thermal image capturing device, said image capturing device... Agent:

20150133793 - Subject information acquisition apparatus: A subject information acquisition apparatus comprises a casing in which a transmissive member capable of transmitting acoustic waves and laser beams therethrough is provided; a light irradiating unit disposed inside the casing so as to irradiate a subject with laser beams with the transmissive member interposed; an acoustic wave probe... Agent:

20150133794 - Cancer cell detection using dielectrophoretic dynamic light scattering (ddls) spectroscopy: Non-invasive apparatus and method for determining and monitoring glucose concentrations in human subjects. Glucose level is estimated through the effect of glucose on biological cells with glucose dependencies, e.g., red blood cells. The invention is based on the interaction of such cells with oscillating electric field gradients. The response of... Agent:

20150133797 - Medical workstation with integrated support of process steps: A device (13) is provided for use with a treatment device for treating a patient. The device (13) includes a detection device (17) for detecting at least one transition of the patient's treatment from a first phase of treatment to a second phase of treatment. A signal device (25) for... Agent:

20150133795 - System and method for risk stratification based on dynamic nonlinear analysis and comparison of cardiac repolarization with other physiological signals: In accordance with an aspect of the present invention, a system and method allows for the assessment of health and mortality based on dynamic nonlinear calculations of self-similar fluctuation patterns in a time series of QT intervals and of other physiological signals, such as RR intervals, temperature, blood pressure, respiration,... Agent:

20150133796 - Systems and methods for using physiological information: Systems and methods using a database of physiological information for the design, development, testing and use of therapeutics. In one aspect, the physiological information can include at least one of: hemodynamic monitoring information, pulmonary arterial pressure, cardiac output, heart rate, respiratory rate, peripheral vascular resistance, total peripheral resistance or dicrotic... Agent:

20150133798 - Methods for noninvasive intracranial pressure calibration without the need for invasive icp: Systems and methods for assessing a non-accessible parameter from accessible parameters are provided. A training process produces three databases: A dynamical model database containing input/output (I/O) models relating ABP/CBFV to ICP when estimating ICP; a mapping function database containing a mapping function for each entry in the model database, providing... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150133800 - Dual lumen catheter for providing a vascular pressure measurement: A catheter is disclosed for providing a pressure measurement at a vascular lesion. The catheter includes a tubular component having dual lumens along at least a segment thereof in which a first lumen acts as a pressure inlet and a second lumen allows the catheter to be tracked over a... Agent: Medtronic Vascular Galway

20150133799 - Systems and methods for determining fractional flow reserve without adenosine or other pharmalogical agent: Embodiments hereof relate to methods and systems for determining a pressure gradient across a lesion of a vessel without requiring the use of a pharmacological hyperemic agent. A measurement system includes at least an injection catheter and a pressure-sensing instrument or guidewire slidingly disposed through the catheter, the pressure-sensing guidewire... Agent: Medtronic Vascular Galway

20150133801 - System and method for low power sampling of plethysmograph signals: A method for generating a sampled plethysmograph data, includes measuring a plethysmograph waveform indicative of a first cardiac cycle and a second cardiac cycle, each cycle including a systolic waveform and a diastolic waveform. The method further includes estimating a first start time and a first duration for the systolic... Agent: General Electric Company

20150133802 - Method and system to assess mechanical dyssynchrony based on motion data collected by a navigation system: A method and system are provided for analyzing motion data collected by a cardiovascular navigation system to determine a level of dyssynchrony exhibited by a heart. The method and system comprise obtaining a motion data (MD) set that includes a plurality of map point specific motion data (PSMD) collections of... Agent:

20150133803 - Noninvasive electrocardiographic method for estimating mammalian cardiac chamber size and mechanical function: The present disclosure generally relates to systems and method of a noninvasive electrocardiographic (ECG) technique for characterizing cardiac chamber size and cardiac mechanical function. A mathematical analysis of three-dimensional (3D) high resolution ECG data may be used to estimate chamber size and cardiac mechanical function. For example, high-resolution mammalian ECG... Agent: Analytics For Life

20150133804 - Vehicle seat: To make it possible to stably measure heartbeats even if seated persons physically differ and to measure the heartbeats of even a seated person other than a driver. A vehicle seat includes: a measuring device including a plurality of sensors that are provided in a seat back and that acquire... Agent:

20150133805 - Evolving serial comparison system with critical alert notifications: A system for serial comparison of physiological data, including: a controller; a user interface; and a memory including instructions that, when executed by the controller, perform the steps of: receiving from a first data source a current clinical report including first set of physiological data of a patient and computer-generated... Agent:

20150133806 - Method and apparatus for determining information indicative of cardiac malfunctions and abnormalities: An apparatus for determining information indicative of cardiac malfunctions and abnormalities includes a processing device (402) configured to extract, from a signal indicative of electromagnetic phenomena related to cardiac activity, a first wave pattern repeating on a heart-beat rate and, from a signal indicative of cardiovascular motion, a second wave... Agent: Turun Yliopisto

20150133807 - Ventricular activation (rr) entropy change as a predictor of sudden cardiac death in cardiac resynchronization therapy patients: A method of determining health and mortality includes obtaining a ventricular activation (RR) time series from a subject for multiple temporal intervals. The method also includes calculating a cardiac entropy in the RR time series over the temporal intervals using coefficient of sample entropy (COSEn). Additionally, the method includes comparing... Agent:

20150133808 - Noninvasive atrial activity estimation system and method: Provided is a non-invasive system for estimating an atrial signal, including a plurality of sensors to sense a surface electrocardiogram signal, a reference atrial signal generation unit to generate an estimated ventricular signal with respect to a R wave in an electrocardiogram signal from one sensor among the plurality of... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20150133809 - Patient sleep therapy self management tool: A tool for use in conjunction with a pressure support system that is structured to provide therapy to a patient to treat a condition of the patient by delivering a flow of breathing gas to the patient. The tool may be implemented on a portable electronic device or a PC... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150133810 - Respiration assist apparatus and respiratory function test system: In an apparatus for assisting respirations of a subject in accordance with a predetermined reference respiration pattern defined as a sequence of reference respirations each having a reference respiratory volume for the subject, a respiration obtaining unit obtains, at a sampling time, an actual respiratory volume of the subject based... Agent:

20150133811 - Method for assessing spectacle lens by evoked activity in visual cortex of brain or the like, and method for designing spectacle lens using said method for assessment: [Solution] A subject is allowed to wear to-be-evaluated lenses, and the subject is allowed to visually observe a visual stimulus object used to evoke an activity of a specific part of the visual cortex of the brain through the to-be-evaluated lenses, and an evoked activity of the specific part of... Agent:

20150133812 - Methods and systems for quantitative measurement of mental states: Methods and systems are disclosed for quantitatively assessing mental states and/or characteristics of an individual. Specific mental states and/or characteristics, or properties thereof may, in some embodiments, be associated with one or more stimuli. In some embodiments, such stimuli may be administered to an individual, whereupon the individual's responses are... Agent:

20150133813 - Circulating tumor cell capturing techniques and devices: Candidate cells, such as circulating tumor cells (CTCs), present with blood are captured using a multiple stage device, having successive stages configured to deviate candidate cells out of the blood while slowing down the flow rates of the deviated resultant for easier capture of CTCs through progressive stages. The devices... Agent:

20150133814 - Self-contained handheld biopsy needle: A method of operating a biopsy device includes inserting a sampling probe having a first component and a second component into a biological tissue mass, the first component having a sample chamber and a side port that opens to the sample chamber, and the second component having a side opening;... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20150133815 - Spiral cut biopsy cannula: Disclosed is an instrument useful for taking tissue samples from human or animal patients that includes a cannula or other similar elongate body cooperating with a stylet or similar device coaxially positioned within the cannula such that the cannula and stylet are useful for capturing and excising tissue. The cannula... Agent:

20150133816 - Complete upper respiratory tract cleansing system and its use: An extracting device for diagnosis and treatment of diseases includes a tip equipped with a one-way liquid valve; a chamber equipped with a one-way air valve; and an elastic bulb for generating suctioning-pushing pressure when it is squeezed and released. When the user squeezes and releases the elastic bulb, the... Agent:

20150133817 - Pediatric saliva sample collection system: A pediatric saliva collection system includes a pacifier portion, a stiffener, a collector, and a pad compression tube. The pacifier portion includes a receiver having a first interior cavity and nipple having a second interior cavity in fluid communication with the first interior cavity, the nipple including a plurality of... Agent:

20150133818 - Injector: There is provided an injector capable of launching a lancet to provide a pricking. The injector comprises a plunger part capable of launching the lancet in a pricking direction, and an injector casing, the plunger part being located in an interior space of the casing. The plunger part comprises a... Agent:

20150133819 - System and method of performing auscultation using motor vehicle seats: According to the disclosed embodiments, auscultation is performed using motor vehicle seats. The embodiments include a vehicle seat including a seat support member that includes at least one mounting rod extending in a longitudinal direction, and an auscultation device. The auscultation device includes at least one microphone that is movably... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150133822 - Cavity determination apparatus: The invention relates to a cavity determination apparatus for determining a cavity (3) within an object (2), in particular for determining the location and dimensions of a heart chamber within a person. A bendable segment of an introduction element (5) is arranged within the cavity in different arrangements, wherein curves... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150133821 - Device and method for determining an incorrect positioning in the alignment of prostheses: The invention relates to a method and a device for determining an incorrect positioning in the alignment of prostheses for the lower extremities, said method comprising the following steps: determining inertial measurement data and/or variables derived therefrom by means of at least one inertial sensor, over at least one walking... Agent:

20150133825 - Method of enhancing gait of a user: A gait-enhancing system and method of enhancing gait includes generating a reference signal having substantially equal durations between occurrences and providing the reference signal to a user. Contact between the feet of the user with a surface is received and occurrence of a trigger signal is generated in response to... Agent:

20150133823 - Motion analysis method: The present invention relates to an automated system of measuring and assessing an individual's improvement in motion (for example, a patient's recovery) through exercise performance. In an embodiment of the system of the present invention, two approaches for monitoring movement are introduced for quantifying an individual's performance. Both approaches consider... Agent:

20150133824 - Train-of-four measuring clip: A monitoring apparatus includes a clip assembly configured to be secured on a patient's digit. The clip assembly houses an accelerometer which measures acceleration in three dimensions. A microcontroller is configured to receive acceleration data from the accelerometer representative of the acceleration measured in each of the three dimensions. A... Agent: Stevens Institute Of Technology

20150133820 - Virtual reality based rehabilitation apparatuses and methods: A method of measuring a user's range of motion, comprising: tracking user movement of at least one body portion using at least one sensor; correlating the tracked user movement to an avatar of the user in a virtual environment using at least one controller; displaying on an output device the... Agent: Motorika Limited

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