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10/02/2014 > 141 patent applications in 91 patent subcategories.

20140296609 - Layer structure for epidermal radionuclide therapy: Disclosed is a layer structure for epidermal radionuclide therapy (brachytherapy) of a patient comprising, from a patient's view, a proximal adherent layer for applying the layer structure on the skin surface to be treated of a patient; a flexible, transparent carrier layer that from a patient's view is located in... Agent: Itm Isotopen Technologien Munchen Ag

20140296610 - Particle beam irradiation system and method for operating the same: Operation control data of each of the constituent sub-units of a synchrotron is constructed by a combination of module data items (initial acceleration data item, plural energy change data items, and a deceleration control data item), corresponding to plural control intervals, respectively. A control start value, a control completion value,... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140296612 - Brachytherapy assist device: A lightweight, portable, interchangeable and effective overlay plate that will increase the efficiency of brachytherapy radiation treatment and reduce the duration of the radiation exposure during the radioactive seed insertion and positioning in brachytherapy. The overlay plate has a limited number of apertures specific to the treatment of a particular... Agent:

20140296611 - Brachytherapy radiation protective shield and method for protecting against radiation: A lightweight, portable, interchangeable and effective shield that will protect from radiation during the radioactive seed insertion and positioning in brachytherapy. The shield is attached to the matrix used to position and guide the needles with the radioactive seeds. The shield minimizes the radiation exposure as much as reasonably possible... Agent:

20140296613 - Heart help device, system and method: The present invention relates to an implantable device for improving the pump function of the heart of a human patient by applying an external force on the heart muscle, said device comprising at least one pump device comprising: a first part having a first surface, and a second part having... Agent:

20140296614 - Portable controller with integral power source for mechanical circulation support systems: A portable external device for a mechanical circulation support system includes first and second power sources, e.g. batteries and control electronics for redundant uninterrupted operation of an implantable blood pump. The control and power source module may be configured to accommodate a variety of wearable configurations for patient convenience and... Agent:

20140296615 - Blood pump systems and methods: A blood pump system for persistently increasing the overall diameter and lumen diameter of peripheral veins and arteries by persistently increasing the speed of blood and the wall shear stress in a peripheral vein or artery for a period of time sufficient to result in a persistent increase in the... Agent: Novita Therapeutics, LLC

20140296616 - Implantable device utilizing arterial deformation: The present invention relates to deforming a patient's artery. In a preferred embodiment, the deformation pressure is applied to the outer wall of the artery.... Agent:

20140296617 - Incubator: An incubator comprising a support and, mounted on the support, a patient-receiving unit provided with a cover, the cover being provided with means such as access openings for treating a patient, and wherein the patient-receiving unit is coupled with a heating element and/or a humidifying element via a conduit or... Agent: Technische Universiteit Delft

20140296619 - Hearing prosthesis with accessory detection: The present application discloses hearing prostheses with two modes of operation and methods for operating the prostheses. In the first mode of operation, a hearing prosthesis receives a microphone input and produces an output based on the microphone input. In the second mode of operation, the hearing prosthesis may detect... Agent:

20140296618 - Methods and apparatus for transmitting vibrations: Methods and apparatus for transmitting vibrations via an electronic and/or transducer assembly through a dental patch are disclosed herein. The patch assembly may be attached, adhered, or otherwise embedded intra-orally on a tooth or oral tissue. The electronic and transducer assembly may receive incoming sounds either directly or through a... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20140296620 - Optical electro-mechanical hearing devices with separate power and signal components: A device to transmit an audio signal comprises at least one light source configured to transmit the audio signal with at least one wavelength of light. At least one detector is configured to detect the audio signal and generate at least one electrical signal in response to the at least... Agent: Earlens Corporation

20140296621 - Reproductive infusion device: A reproductive infusion device for collection of semen for in-home insemination. The device features a collection vessel having a collection cavity defined by a sidewall which communicates through an elongated member extending therefrom. The collection vessel removably engages coaxially with an injection component to transfer collected semen thereto. A plunger... Agent:

20140296622 - Blood vessel marking system: Apparatus for marking a blood vessel for use as a bypass graft in a patient includes a preparation plate for supporting an isolated blood vessel that is in a state for anastomosing to the patient. A stencil plate is configured for overlying the blood vessel and preparation plate, wherein the... Agent: Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation

20140296623 - Preparation of regenerative tissue scaffolds: Devices and methods for treating or repairing a tissue or organ defect or injury are provided. The devices can include tissue scaffolds produced from acellular tissue matrices and polymers, which have a stable three-dimensional shape and elicit a limited immunologic or inflammatory response.... Agent:

20140296625 - Prolapse repair: Surgical instruments for prolapse repair are disclosed. The surgical instruments have straight portions and helical portions.... Agent:

20140296624 - Ventricular volume reduction: Devices and systems including implants (which may be removable) and methods of using them for reducing ventricular volume. The implants described herein are cardiac implants that may be inserted into a patient's heart, particularly the left ventricle. The implant may support the heart wall, or may be secured to the... Agent:

20140296626 - Textured tongues: The textured tongue sex stimulation device is used to enhance arousal to the bodies erogenous areas including but not limited to direct clitoral stimulation, vagina, penis, nipples, testicles, anus, and body. The sex stimulation device slides onto an individuals tongue like a sleeve and conforms. Imagine a condom for the... Agent:

20140296627 - Male impotence prosthesis apparatus with wireless energy supply: A male impotence prosthesis apparatus comprises an operable penile prosthesis (4) implanted in an impotent patient's corpus cavernosum to provide flaccid or erect states of the patient's penis. An energy transmission device (10) for wireless transmission of energy from outside the patient's body to inside the patient's body is provided... Agent:

20140296628 - Endoscope tip position visual indicator and heat management system: The present specification discloses an endoscope having a tip section equipped with multiple viewing elements. Each of the viewing elements' field of view is illuminated by a discrete illuminator, such as a LED, being operated in a flash mode. The flash mode of operation of the LEDs enable doctors to... Agent: Endochoice, Inc.

20140296630 - Medical osteotome assembly: Described is a medical assembly and delivery devices for performing minimally invasive medical procedures. In particular, described is a controllable articulating directional tip assembly consisting of interlocking segments creating an articulating directional tip and various components utilized with the directional tip for various tissue alterations and/or viewing within a tissue... Agent:

20140296629 - Operative element support structure with closed tubular base: Systems, methods, and devices are provided that include a releasable mount device that may be utilized to couple an operative element, such as an ablation device, with a therapeutic or diagnostic device, such as an endoscope. The releasable mount device may include a tubular base. The tubular base may include... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140296631 - Medical treatment endoscope with a positioning mechanism: A medical treatment endoscope includes: an insertion portion which has a lumen formed along a longitudinal axis of the insertion portion and is configured to be inserted into a body cavity, a lateral opening portion which extends in a lateral surface of the insertion portion, from a distal end surface... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140296632 - Endoscope, and treatment instrument for endoscope: A medical instrument system includes an elongated member having an inner space in a direction of a longitudinal axis, an insertion section installed at the inner space and having a bending section capable of being bent, a manipulation section configured to manipulate the bending section, a first manipulation member transmitting... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140296634 - Body-insertable device system and in-vivo observation method: An object of the present invention is to actively control at least one of the position and direction of the imaging field in a subject and to observe a desired observed region in the subject certainly in a short period of time. A body-insertable device system according to the present... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140296633 - Remote endoscope handle manipulation: Systems and methods permit remote control of the operation of an endoscope. The system includes a control housing that removably attaches to an endoscope, with the housing including actuators and manipulators that engage with a control device of the endoscope in order to operate the control device. The system includes... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140296635 - Trocar sleeve: A trocar sleeve that isolates the surgical device or movement thereof to inhibit or prevent an established non-jet streaming condition from becoming a jet streaming condition and a method of inhibiting or preventing a jet streaming condition from occurring due to instrument obstruction.... Agent:

20140296636 - Endoscope: A distal end bending piece subjected to processing for fastening a nail-plate portion so as to allow seesaw movements is assembled on a proximal end side of a distal end rigid portion, a sleeve is inserted from a rear side, and the sleeve is fitted and fixed to the distal... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140296637 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus is provided. An endoscope apparatus includes a slave device including a plurality of drive motors configured to adjust insertion and insertion direction of an insertion tube of an endoscope, and a plurality of load sensors provided on the plurality of drive motors; and a master device including... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140296638 - Illumination unit for endoscope and endoscope: An illumination unit for an endoscope, which does not increase in diameter and has high emission intensity, is provided. A fluorescent body-holding portion 22 is formed at a tip of the ferrule 15, and a metal reflective film 14 is formed on an inner peripheral surface of the fluorescent body-holding... Agent:

20140296640 - Bending operation apparatus for endoscope and endoscope including the bending operation apparatus: A bending operation apparatus for an endoscope includes a bending operation knob, a first movable disk, a second movable disk, a cam member, a fixed disk, an annular member, and a step portion that is provided at the annular member and comes into contact with a base portion of the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140296639 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes: an insertion portion to be inserted into a living body, an optical fiber that is inserted through the insertion portion and emits light from a light source, a fixing member that holds the optical fiber in the insertion portion in a state where the optical fiber... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140296641 - Compositions, formulations and methods of bio-balancing the ph of sterile hypotonic, isotonic saline and hypertonic saline solutions: Compositions, formulations and methods bio-balance the pH of sterile, sodium chloride inhalation and pulmonary irrigation solutions, such that the solutions are bio-similar to the homeostatic pH state of the Human Airway Surface Liquid (ASL) at about 7.4. These solutions are sterile, non-pyrogenic, additive and preservative free, and provided in sterile... Agent:

20140296642 - Gas water bottle adaptor: The present invention provides a gas water bottle adaptor that is suitable for attachment to a water bottle and to a bottle cap. The adaptor can include a gas inlet on one side thereof suitable for attachment to the gas connection of an endoscope. A sealing member can be affixed... Agent:

20140296643 - Image capture assembly for use in a multi-viewing elements endoscope: An image capturing assembly for use in an endoscope includes a manifold with a base and a casing extending outward from the base, a partially enclosed housing adapted to physically attach to the manifold, a foldable LED carrier substrate capable of carrying a plurality of LEDs, a flexible optical carrier... Agent: Endochoice, Inc.

20140296644 - Panoramic organ imaging: An imaging apparatus, including a pattern projecting device that projects a pattern onto a wall of a body cavity, the pattern including at least a first section and a second section. The apparatus also includes an illumination device that directs an illumination light onto the wall of the body cavity... Agent:

20140296645 - Laryngoscope and laryngoscope blades: A laryngoscope body for use with laryngoscope blades is presented having an elongate handle and a blade retaining member configured to retain a blade such that the blade extends away from the elongate handle; wherein the blade retaining member is fixable at a plurality of positions to allow a blade... Agent:

20140296646 - Systems, methods and devices for a skull/brain interface: Disclosed are methods, devices, and systems for inducing neuromodulation by focusing a source of stimulation through a skull/brain interface in the form of an aperture formed in the skull, a naturally occurring fenestration in the skull, or a transcranial channel. Further disclosed are methods, devices, and systems for identifying where... Agent: Neuropace, Inc.

20140296647 - Arthroscopic flexible portal cannula device and delivery system: A flexible cannula device and delivery system for use in arthroscopic surgery. The delivery system engages the flexible cannula from the inside near the distal tip and pushes it into the surgical portal, essentially pulling the proximal portion of the cannula from the distal tip while being pushed from the... Agent: Cannuflow, Inc.

20140296648 - Surgical access device and wound protector: An access device for use in a minimally invasive surgical procedure is disclosed. The access device is configured and adapted to be placed within a body opening to provide access to an underlying body cavity. The access device provides protection to the opening and minimizes contamination and the risk of... Agent:

20140296649 - Spreader for the atrium of the heart: A spreader for the atrium of the heart is disclosed, particularly for the exposure of the mitral valve, having a thin-walled axially continuous hollow retractor body, the diameter of which expands from a distal edge to a proximal edge. The wall of the retractor body is made of an elastically... Agent: Fehling Medical Corporation

20140296650 - Telescopic retractor holder: The present application discloses a telescopic retractor holder comprising a telescopic rod with an inner tube, an outer tube and a locking mechanism as well as a retractor rod. Said retractor rod has at its one end a retractor mounting, which is adapted for releasably gripping a retractor, and at... Agent:

20140296654 - Apparatuses for externally controlling articulation of a joint motion: An apparatus and process for measuring the motion of internal joint structures during and for measuring the function of muscles involved with the motion of a joint of a subject are disclosed. The apparatus can be configured in three forms: a horizontal, vertical, or butterfly motion control device. Each configuration... Agent: Aecc Enterprises Ltd

20140296660 - Device for monitoring a user and a method for calibrating the device: A method of calibrating a monitoring device to be attached to a user is provided. Prior to attachment of the device, the device is aligned with respect to the user such that the measurement reference frame of the device is substantially aligned with a reference frame of the user. A... Agent:

20140296653 - Dynamically reactive spinal support system: A brace device for the support of a wearer. The brace device comprises a flexible smart fabric, operable to partially or substantially enclose and/or lie adjacent to one or more portions of the thoracic, lumbar and/or cervical portions of the spine of the wearer. Fabric hardening means are provided, operable... Agent:

20140296657 - Enhanced compensation of motion in a moving organ using processed reference sensor data: An apparatus includes a positioning system and a patient reference sensor (PRS). The positioning system acquires a plurality of raw PRS readings over time, which can indicate the position and orientation of the PRS. A filter is configured to process the raw PRS readings and output filtered PRS readings. The... Agent:

20140296656 - Information processing apparatus and warning issuing method: A storage device of an information processing apparatus holds a first cycle based on transition times of sleep depths for one cycle. A processor activates a heartbeat sensor when the boarding of a user on a conveyance has been detected on the basis of detected acceleration. The processor stops driving... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140296652 - Method and computer program product for measuring a metabolic rate of a user: In a method for measuring a metabolic rate of a user, an electronic device is configured to: output a first instruction to instruct the user to pronounce a first specified sound at rest; record a first vocal signal associated with the first specified sound pronounced by the user; output a... Agent: Sport-supported Cultures International Ltd.

20140296659 - Method and system for personalized medical monitoring and notifications therefor: Improved methods and systems for personal medical monitoring are disclosed. The monitoring yields status information pertaining to persons being monitored. Notifications, recommendations and/or actions can be initiated by examination or analysis of the status information. The status information can include health, position (location) and other information.... Agent:

20140296658 - Methods, systems and devices for measuring fingertip heart rate: A system and method of tracking activity includes a motion sensor, a light source and a light detector. The light detector is configured to capture an amount of the light that is reflected back to the light detector, at least a first portion of the light reflected back to the... Agent:

20140296655 - Real-time tracking of cerebral hemodynamic response (rtchr) of a subject based on hemodynamic parameters: A system for measuring pain of a person, the system for use with the tissue of the person. Various sensors and detectors on the tissue provide signals to a controller for determining and indicating a pain level of the person.... Agent: Ropamedics LLC

20140296661 - Sleep stage annotation system for infants: The present invention is related to a system for detection and/or monitoring of sleep stages in infants. Said system comprises detection means to detect and record at least one signal related to oral sucking behavior, arranging means to arrange said detecting means in an oral position of an infant, and,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140296651 - System and method for monitoring physiological characteristics: A wearable physiological monitoring system comprising a garment that is configured to cover at least the chest region and the upper back of a wearer, a stretchable circumferential band that is attachable to the garment, the stretchable band including a respiration detection system that is configured to detect axial chest... Agent:

20140296662 - Method and device for detecting the state of hydration of a human or animal body: A method for detecting the state of hydration of a human or animal body includes carrying out impedance measurements on a body surface of the human or animal body. At least one bipole measurement and at least one quadrupole measurement are carried out and evaluated during the method.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140296663 - Breast implant with covering and analyte sensors responsive to external power source: Breast implants including sensor modules and related methods are described herein. Breast implants include those with: a shell configured to be substantially filled with a viscous material; at least one fluid-permeable cover, the cover completely enveloping the shell; and a plurality of sensor modules attached to the shell and positioned... Agent:

20140296666 - Device, system and method for in-vivo detection of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract: In-vivo devices, systems and methods for the detection of blood within in-vivo bodily fluids. The methods include irradiating in-vivo fluids passing through a gap in a housing of an in-vivo device introduced to the GI tract of a subject with a plurality of illumination sources positioned on a first side... Agent:

20140296664 - Emitter driver for noninvasive patient monitor: Embodiments of the present disclosure include an emitter driver configured to be capable of addressing substantially 2N nodes with N cable conductors configured to carry activation instructions from a processor. In an embodiment, an address controller outputs an activation instruction to a latch decoder configured to supply switch controls to... Agent: Cercacor Laboratories, Inc.

20140296665 - Optical device, detecting apparatus, and electronic apparatus: An optical device includes: a substrate; a metal nanostructure formed on the substrate and containing metal particles; and an organic molecular film formed on the metal nanostructure. A particle size of each metal particle is 1 nm to 500 nm when seen in a plan view. The organic molecular film... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140296668 - Biometric device, biometric method, program, and recording medium: Provided is a biometric device including a light source unit arranged facing a first part on a surface of an organism and configured to irradiate the first part with excitation light, and a light-reception unit arranged facing a second part adjacent to the first part on the surface of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140296667 - Sampling and testing device for the human or animal body: A device (1) is provided that is configured to indicate the presence or absence of one or more biological entities in a biological sample. The device comprises a sampling portion (11), the sampling portion comprising flexible material adjustably conformable to a part of a human or animal body, at least... Agent: Respirio Pty Ltd

20140296671 - Biological information detector, biological information measuring device, and method for designing reflecting part in biological information detector: A biological information detector includes a light-emitting part, a reflecting part, a light-receiving part, a protecting part, and a processing part. The reflecting part has a curve shaped reflecting surface that is configured to reflect light emitted by the light-emitting part. The light-receiving part is configured to receive incident light... Agent:

20140296670 - Biotelemetry system: The invention provides a biotelemetry system for disposition on the wrist. The device of the invention may be portable, untethered and in some instances, disposable. The features of the wrist biotelemetry system make it effective in stable, chronic or emergency medical settings.... Agent: Wristdocs LLC

20140296669 - Electronic headwear: A headwear assembly is provided that measures physiological changes, e.g., oxygen saturation, pulse, blood pressure, and body temperature of a user during physical exercise, to include athletic activities and other situations. The headwear assembly can provide integrated functionality with an external device such as a smart phone. The headwear assembly... Agent: Tri-mate Pro, Inc.

20140296672 - Systems and methods for encapsulating electronics in a mountable device: A mountable device includes a bio-compatible structure embedded in a polymer that defines at least one mounting surface. The bio-compatible structure has a first side defined by a first layer of bio-compatible material, a second side defined by a second layer of bio-compatible material, an electronic component, and a conductive... Agent: Google Inc.

20140296673 - Systems and methods for encapsulating electronics in a mountable device: A mountable device includes a bio-compatible structure embedded in a polymer that defines at least one mounting surface. The bio-compatible structure has a first side defined by a first layer of bio-compatible material, a second side defined by a second layer of bio-compatible material, an electronic component, and a conductive... Agent: Google Inc.

20140296674 - Systems and methods for encapsulating electronics in a mountable device: A mountable device includes a bio-compatible structure embedded in a polymer that defines at least one mounting surface. The bio-compatible structure includes an electronic component having electrical contacts, sensor electrodes, and electrical interconnects between the sensor electrodes and the electrical contacts. The bio-compatible structure is fabricated such that it is... Agent: Google Inc.

20140296675 - Use of muscle oxygen saturation and ph in clinical decision support: Embodiments of the present invention include a system having at least one sensor configured to monitor a muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) level of a patient who is undergoing cardiac arrest and to generate a signal representing SmO2 level; a user interface device; a processor communicably coupled to the user interface... Agent:

20140296676 - Monitoring system for cardiac surgical operations with cardiopulmonary bypass: A monitoring system for cardiac operations with cardiopulmonary bypass comprising: a processor operatively connected to a heart-lung machine; a pump flow detecting device connected to a pump of the heart-lung machine to continuously measure the pump flow value and send it to the processor; a hematocrit reading device inserted inside... Agent:

20140296677 - Method of measuring total vascular hemoglobin mass: A method of measuring total vascular hemoglobin mass. One step of the method is to store a volume of fluid to be injected using a processor. A hemoglobin value is measured in vivo on a substantially continuous basis. The method also measures a total circulating vascular volume based on the... Agent:

20140296678 - Ultra low power platform for remote health monitoring: An apparatus and method is described to sense sparse signals from a medical device using compressed sensing and then transmitting the data for processing in the cloud.... Agent: Gestintime, Inc.

20140296679 - Pacemaker lead and other medical implant devices: An implantable medical device for electrical stimulation or sensing includes a body supporting at least one flexible elongate conductor element. The body includes an insulating structure that protects the flexible conductor element(s). The insulating structure is realized from multiple polymer layers wherein at least one of the polymer layers is... Agent: Innovia LLC

20140296680 - Detecting and treating nervous system disorders: Some embodiments of a mapping device may be capable of passing through cerebral veins and other cerebrovascular spaces to provide electrophysiological mapping of the brain. These embodiments of the device may also be capable of providing, simultaneously or separately, ablation energy or other treatments to targeted brain tissue. In such... Agent:

20140296681 - Electrocardiograph, method for measuring electrocardiogram, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, an electrocardiograph includes first and second electrode pairs, first and second detectors, and an electrocardiogram detector. A difference between a first distance between two electrodes of the first electrode pair on a first line and a second distance between two electrodes of the second electrode pair... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140296682 - Biological-information acquisition apparatus and biological-information communication system: There is provided a biological-information acquisition apparatus including a plurality of flexible attachment devices each provided with an electrode that is attached to a body and that is configured to acquire biological information, and a connector configured to connect the plurality of attachment devices.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140296683 - Skin preparation device and biopotential sensor: The skin preparation device and sensor of the present invention include an array of rigid tines. The tines serve to “self-prepare” the skin at each electrode site. These tines, when pressed against the skin, penetrate the stratum corneum, thereby reducing skin impedance and improving signal quality. A self-prepping device of... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140296684 - High impedance signal detection systems and methods for use in electrocardiogram detection systems: A biomedical sensor system is disclosed that includes a high impedance conductive electrode having an electrode impedance of at least about 20 kω/sq-mil, and a dielectric material on a first side of the electrode for receiving a discharge of an electrical signal from the dielectric material responsive to the presence... Agent:

20140296685 - Multiple electrode composite systems and methods for use in electrocardiogram detection systems: A biomedical sensor system is disclosed that includes a plurality of electrodes and a contiguous adhesive material that is in contact with each of the plurality of electrodes. In certain embodiments a method is provided that includes the step of applying a first surface of adhesive material to a patient... Agent:

20140296686 - Apparatus, device and method for obtaining electrocardiogram: Embodiments of the present invention provides an apparatus containing a device communicably coupled to two electrodes that may be positioned on a body of a subject for obtaining 12 leads or 18 leads electrocardiogram. The two electrodes may obtain signal parameters such as arm leads (I, II, III, AVR AVL... Agent:

20140296687 - Pressure sensors for small-scale applications and related methods: Certain pressure sensor devices are much smaller than prior art devices, yet are at least as sensitive as the prior art devices. A capacitive pressure sensor can include a flexible substrate that permits bending of a pressure sensing region without significantly affecting operation thereof. The pressure sensor can include a... Agent:

20140296688 - Surface deformation sensor: A surface deformation sensor that includes a resonance circuit is described herein. The resonance circuit includes a sensing capacitor and inductive coil. The resonance circuit receives an external signal, which causes the resonance circuit to resonate at a resonance frequency. A surface deformation of an object can be determined based... Agent: The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

20140296692 - Medical imaging apparatus and bed for medical imaging apparatus: Provided is a medical imaging apparatus that, while preventing damage of connector pins, can simultaneously connect electric connectors when a bed is mechanically docked with an apparatus main body. One coupling mechanism either on an apparatus main body side or on a bed side includes a coupling plate, and the... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140296689 - Object information acquiring apparatus and method of controlling same: Provided is an object information acquiring apparatus including a probe having a plurality of receiving elements that are arrayed along a first direction and receive an acoustic wave generated from an object irradiated with light from a light source and converting the acoustic wave into an electrical signal, a scanner... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140296690 - Object information acquiring apparatus and object information acquiring method: An object information acquiring apparatus comprises a light source; an acoustic detecting unit configured to detect an acoustic wave generated from an object to which light from the light source is irradiated; and a processing unit configured to acquire characteristic information on the inside of the object based on the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140296691 - Stage determination support system: A stage determination support system according to an embodiment includes devices. The storage device stores a plurality of kinds of functional images of a subject. The first determination device determines a degree of each of a plurality of kinds of analysis indices relating to a disease, based on at least... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140296693 - Products of manufacture and methods using optical coherence tomography to detect seizures, pre-seizure states and cerebral edemas: In alternative embodiments, the invention provides compositions, products of manufacture and medical devices, and methods, using optical coherence tomography to monitor for a physiological event and/or a state prior to the physiological event. The invention also provides computer program products and computer implemented methods to capture, analyze, and display optical... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140296694 - Method and system for ultrasound needle guidance: A method and medical system for providing needle guidance. The method and system includes acquiring ultrasound data while manipulating a needle and tracking the needle tip while manipulating the needle. The method and system includes displaying a first live image including at least a portion of the needle in a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140296696 - Method and system using magnetic resonance imaging for tissue classification and bulk-density assignment: An apparatus includes a magnetic resonance imaging system, a processor for controlling the apparatus, and a memory containing machine executable instructions and a pulse sequence. The machine executable instructions and pulse sequence cause the processor to control the apparatus to: acquire magnetic resonance data from an imaging volume, wherein the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140296695 - Selective zero-quantum coherence transfer (sel-zqc) method for metabolite imaging in a poorly shimmed magnet field without susceptibility artifact: Systems and methods employing spin editing techniques to improve magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) are discussed. Using these spin editing techniques, magnetic resonance signals of one or more non-target chemicals (chemicals whose signals are to be filtered out or suppressed) chemicals can be suppressed, so... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20140296699 - Implantable device with bias for mri: An ambulatory or implantable device, such as a pacer, defibrillator, or other cardiac rhythm management device, can tolerate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or other noise without turning on an integrated circuit diode by selectively providing a bias voltage that can overcome an expected induced voltage resulting from the MRI or... Agent:

20140296698 - Method for creating a motion correction for pet data, a method for creating pet images as well as a correspondingly embodied mr system and pet system: A method is disclosed for creating a motion correction for PET data acquired by a PET system from a volume segment of an examination object. The method includes acquisition of MR data within the volume segment by the magnetic resonance system; and determination of a motion model of a motion... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140296697 - Method for displaying signal values of a combined magnetic resonance positron emission tomography device and a correspondingly embodied magnetic resonance positron emission tomography device: A method, a computer program product and a computer-readable storage medium are disclosed for displaying signal values of a combined magnetic resonance positron emission tomography device. In at least one embodiment, the spatial correspondence of signal values, which result from a magnetic resonance measurement, and of signal values, which result... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140296700 - Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) based quantitative liver perfusion analysis: Example apparatus and methods provide improved spatial and temporal resolution over conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the liver. Example apparatus and methods reconstruct under-sampled three-dimensional (3D) data associated with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signals acquired from a liver. The data is reconstructed using a 3D through-time non-Cartesian generalized auto-calibrating... Agent:

20140296701 - Breast coil for use in magnetic resonance imaging: The present disclosure relates to a receive coil assembly for use in magnetic resonance imaging of breast tissue. In certain embodiments the assembly comprises separable parts: a configurable mechanical support and a flexible receive coil array. The adjustability and separability of the receive coil array relative to the mechanical support... Agent: General Electric Company

20140296702 - Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) with self-navigation and self-registration: Three-dimensional (3D) projections of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signals are acquired from a liver experiencing NMR in response to a 3D multi-echo non-Cartesian pulse sequence. The projections are reconstructed into two sets of images having different resolutions. Bins associated with the different positions to which the liver moves during respiration... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20140296706 - Devices to support, measure and characterize luminal structures: A device for characterizing a luminal dimension, such as the aortic annulus, has also been developed. These include a balloon or basket with sensing and transmitting elements for assessing two or three dimensional shape of lumens using a guide wire and catheter. Sheath introducer devices were developed for percutaneous delivery... Agent:

20140296704 - Rotational position determination apparatus: The invention relates to a rotational position determination apparatus (15) for determining an entry rotational position, which defines a rotational position of an insertion device like a stent at an entry site (5), such that a navigation of the insertion device from the entry site to a target site (6)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140296703 - System and method for providing an image: A system and method for providing an image capable of realizing conversion of a 3D tissue structure into which an implant is inserted into a 2D image using a contour technique are provided. The system for providing an image includes an imaging unit configured to photograph an inner part of... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20140296705 - Treatment of female stress urinary incontinence: The present invention relates to the diagnosis and treatment of stress urinary incontinence. In one embodiment, the diagnosis and treatment involves the use of a positional feedback catheter. Positional sensors may be embedded in the catheter to provide real-time tracking the position and movement of the catheter.... Agent:

20140296707 - Luminescent composition as biomarker in a bird's egg, correspondence device and method: Luminescent composition injectable into a bird's egg characterized in that it comprises a luminescent compound forming a biomarker for a product having a vaccinal, therapeutic or diagnostic activity... Agent:

20140296708 - Systems and methods for delivering drugs to selected locations within the body: A transvascular system (10) for delivering a drug to a tissue region from a blood vessel, such as a coronary vein, includes a catheter (12) having a distal portion (26) with puncturing (14), orientation (16), drug delivery (62), and imaging elements (18). The puncturing element (14) is deployable for penetrating... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20140296709 - System and method for non-invasive determination of tissue wall viscoelasticity using ultrasound vibrometry: System and method for determining viscoelasticity of curved tissue walls using ultrasound bladder vibrometry (UBV). The UBV is a non-invasive technique utilizing, in a specific case, a focused ultrasound radiation force to excite Lamb waves in a curved bladder wall and pulse-echo techniques to track the tissue deformation propagating through... Agent:

20140296710 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus is provided that improves ultrasonogram visibility without requiring an operator's effort in simultaneous display of multiple ultrasonograms. Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus (100) includes: display range selection section (62) that sets a first display range on a first ultrasonogram and sets a second display range on a second... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140296711 - Ultrasound system and method of providing direction information of object: Disclosed are an ultrasound system and method of providing direction information of an object of a fetus. The ultrasound system includes an ultrasound data acquirer that transmits an ultrasound signal to an object including a fetus, and acquires ultrasound data by receiving an ultrasound echo signal reflected from the object,... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20140296712 - Ultrasonic probe, ultrasonic measurement device, and ultrasonic image device: An ultrasonic probe includes an ultrasonic sensor section and a guide section. The ultrasonic sensor section has an ultrasonic transducer device. The guide section is disposed on a sensor surface on which the ultrasonic sensor section is provided. The guide section is configured and arranged such that a resistance force... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140296713 - Ultrasonic measurement apparatus, ultrasonic imaging apparatus, and ultrasonic measurement method: An ultrasonic measurement apparatus includes a transceiver unit that controls an ultrasonic transducer device, a processing unit that performs processing for analyzing a body tissue layer of a subject based on a signal received by the transceiver unit, and a notification information output unit that outputs notification information based on... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140296714 - Ultrasonic probe, bioinformation measurement device, and bioinformation measurement method: With an ultrasonograph, medical information of a heart could not be accurately obtained as the cardiac apex of the heart could not be recorded clearly. A biomedical information measuring device capable of obtaining accurate medical information is created by measuring an apexcardiogram in M-mode using a linear probe, and improving... Agent:

20140296715 - Ultrasonic transducer device, probe, electronic instrument, and ultrasonic diagnostic device: An ultrasonic transducer device includes a base, a plurality of piezoelectric elements, a conductive body and an insulating film. The base has a plurality of vibrating film portions arranged in an array pattern. The piezoelectric elements are respectively disposed on the vibrating film portions. The conductive body is disposed on... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140296716 - Ultrasonic transducer device, probe, electronic instrument, and ultrasonic diagnostic device: An ultrasonic transducer device includes a base, a first electrode film, a piezoelectric film, a second electrode film and a first conductive film. The base has a plurality of vibrating film portions arranged in an array pattern. The first electrode film is disposed on each of the vibrating film portions.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140296717 - Mammography apparatus: A mammography apparatus includes a detector that detects X-rays transmitted through a breast, and an optically transparent or semitransparent pressing panel for pressing the breast. The apparatus further includes a near infrared ray source that provided between the X-ray source and the pressing panel and arranged in a two-dimensional shape... Agent:

20140296719 - Biometric device, biometric method, program, and recording medium: Provided is a biometric device including a light source unit configured to irradiate an organism with inspection light, a light-collection unit arranged facing a region on a surface of the organism and configured to spatially-integrally collect output light emitted from the region in accordance with the inspection light, and a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140296718 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, information processing program, fluorescence observation system, and fluorescence navigation surgery system: An information processing apparatus includes a storage unit, a cutting-out unit, and a display controller. The storage unit is configured to store an image of fluorescence emitted from an observation target area of a living body in a recording medium as a fluorescence image of the observation target area, the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140296720 - Reflection-detector sensor position indicator: A reflection-detector sensor position indicator comprises emitters that transmit light having a plurality of wavelengths. A detector outputs a sensor signal. At least one reflection detector outputs at least one sensor position signal. An attachment assembly attaches the emitters, the detector and the reflection detector onto a tissue site. A... Agent:

20140296721 - Health management device: A health management device includes: a signal output unit which outputs a start signal indicating a start timing when application of an exercise load on a subject is started; an acetone detection unit which detects an acetone concentration in a biogas of the subject; a clock unit which measures time;... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140296722 - Device and method for digital-to-analog transformations and reconstructions of multi-channel electrocardiograms: The present invention includes a method and apparatus for digital to analog conversion and reconstruction of multichannel electrocardiograms. The method may include receiving digital information representative of a plurality of independent signals, producing a plurality of analog outputs from said digital information wherein a first analog output is designated as... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And

20140296723 - Heartbeat signal processing method: A heartbeat signal method includes detecting first and second heartbeat signals, where the first and second heartbeat signals may be potential difference signals with respect to a reference potential. First and second average DC voltage values as voltage values of direct-current components in the first and second heartbeat signals are... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140296724 - Method and apparatus for predicting patient outcomes from a physiological segmentable patient signal: A method and apparatus for predicting patient outcome from a physiological segmentable signal of a patient. In one embodiment, the method comprises the steps of obtaining the physiological segmentable signal of the patient; segmenting the physiological segmentable signal into a plurality of separate segmentable components; calculating a time series of... Agent:

20140296725 - Method and apparatus for adjusting cardiac event detection threshold based on dynamic noise estimation: An implantable cardiac rhythm management (CRM) device includes a sensing and detection circuit that senses at least one cardiac signal and detects cardiac electrical events from the sensed cardiac signal using a detection threshold that is adjusted based on a dynamic noise estimation. The sensed cardiac signal is filtered to... Agent:

20140296726 - Method and apparatus for identifying cardiac risk: A cardiac-based metric is computed based upon characteristics of a subject's cardiac function. In accordance with one or more embodiments, the end of a mechanical systole is identified for each of a plurality of cardiac cycles of a subject, based upon an acoustical vibration associated with closure of an aortic... Agent:

20140296727 - Detection of parameters in cardiac output related waveforms: Methods for detecting parameters in cardiac output related waveforms are described. The methods include methods for detecting individual heart beat cycles in a cardiac output related waveform, methods for detecting an error in an assigned starting point for an individual heart beat cycle in a cardiac output related waveform, methods... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140296728 - Method and system for quantifying timing discrepancies between inspiratory effort and ventilatory assist: The present disclosure relates to a method and a system for quantifying timing discrepancies between inspiratory effort and ventilatory assist. A trigger error is determined by comparing a start time of neural inspiration with a start time of the ventilatory assist. A cycling-off error is determined by comparing an end... Agent:

20140296729 - Gas monitoring apparatuses, methods and devices: This disclosure provides gas monitoring apparatuses, methods and medical devices. A gas monitoring apparatus can include a gas concentration monitoring module, a respiratory mechanics monitoring module and a correction module. The correction module can determine a first correction value based on the gas ingredients and the gas concentration measured by... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140296730 - System and method for determination of transpulmonary pressurein a patient connected to a breathing apparatus: A breathing apparatus (1) is disclosed that is adapted to determine a transpulmonary pressure in a patient (125) when connected to said breathing apparatus. A control unit (105) is operable to set a first mode of operation for ventilating said patient with a first Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) level;... Agent: M Stenqvist Ab

20140296733 - Inter-rater and intra-rater reliability of physiological scan interpretation: Inter-rater and intra-rater reliability of physiological scan interpretation is herein described. A plurality of physiological scan interpretations may be collected for a physiological scan. A physiological scan interpretation reliability score may be calculated for the physiological scan based on the plurality of physiological scan interpretations. When the reliability score falls... Agent:

20140296731 - Method of brain wave analysis: A method of brain wave analysis is to be implemented using a brain wave measuring instrument and a medical device The method includes transmitting a nerve stimulation signal to cerebrum of a patient, measuring the nerve stimulation signal through the body of the patient so as to obtain discharge time... Agent: Taiwan Advanced Sterilization Technology, Inc.

20140296732 - Wireless system for epilepsy monitoring and measurement: A wireless system for brain monitoring/mapping of neurological-disorder patients includes a plurality of electrodes each configured for surface abutment of brain tissue and main circuitry for placement outside a body of a patient and configured to transmit power at radio frequencies and send and receive data using infrared energy. Remote... Agent:

20140296735 - Biopotential measurement device: A biopotential measurement device (10) includes a measurement unit (14) and a display unit (16). The measurement unit (14) includes electrodes on a measurement surface. The electrodes detect the electric potential, at detection positions, of a living organism facing the measurement surface. The detection positions are determined within the measurement... Agent: Tanita Corporation

20140296736 - Contact assessment of balloon catheters: A medical apparatus and system for determining contact assessment includes a catheter having an elongate body having a proximal end, a distal end opposite the proximal end, and defining an injection lumen and an exhaust lumen, an expandable membrane defining a cooling chamber disposed at a point along the elongate... Agent:

20140296734 - Physiology signal sensing device: A physiology signal sensing device includes an elastic pad and a strain sensor clement. The elastic pad is used for contact with a human body, and corresponds a blood vessel of the human body. The strain sensor element is disposed in the elastic pad and includes a conductive element. The... Agent: Medsense Inc.

20140296737 - Method and apparatus for measurement of neural response: A method for determining a desired location at which to apply a neural therapy. An array of electrodes is positioned proximal to neural tissue. A stimulus is applied from the array which evokes a neural compound action potential response in the neural tissue proximal to the array. A plurality of... Agent:

20140296738 - System and method for determining proximity relative to a nerve: A system for determining proximity of a surgical device relative to nerve structure includes at least one surgical device having a sensor assembly operably coupled to a processing unit and configured to transmit at least one electrical signal generated by the processing unit through nerve structure to elicit a measurable... Agent:

20140296739 - Method to measure real-ear-to-coupler difference: A method (10) of obtaining acoustical measurements of an individual ear that are compensated for errors caused by ear canal resonances.... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20140296740 - Implantable pressure measuring device: In an implantable pressure measuring device, in particular for measuring an intracranial pressure, is provided. In order to simplify production, it is proposed that the pressure measuring device comprises an implant housing and a pressure measuring sensor, which is arranged in the implant housing, with one or more load cell(s).... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20140296741 - Method and apparatus for subsurface tissue sampling: Exemplary embodiments of method and apparatus are provided for removing a subsurface sample of a biological tissue while leaving the overlying tissue substantially undamaged. A hollow needle can be provided that includes an opening in the wall and a protruding cutting edge adjacent to the opening. A sliding sleeve can... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20140296742 - Method and device for endoscopic abrasion: The present invention provides an endoscopic abrasion device and methods of use thereof. The device includes a catheter having an inflation balloon including one or more elements disposed on the balloon for abrasion of tissue when the balloon is rotated about the longitudinal axis of the catheter. The device may... Agent:

20140296743 - Portable laser blood sampling device having dual safety device and disposable cap used therein: A portable blood sampling device comprises: a laser module; a skin contact part which is disposed in the direction in which the laser radiation is emitted so that the laser radiation is locally concentrated on a region of a skin that is to be perforated; a radiation port cover disposed... Agent:

20140296744 - Syringe with removable plunger for arterial blood gas sample collection: A fluid collection assembly (10) and method for use thereof is provided including a fluid collection cartridge (20) having a tubular member (21) with a plunger assembly slidably inserted. The plunger assembly includes a stopper (32) and a plunger rod (31). The stopper and plunger rod are removably interlocked together... Agent:

20140296745 - Micro-volume blood transfer device: A micro-volume blood transfer device to facilitate the collection of small volumes of clean arterial blood from patients who may be volume restricted for blood loss such as low-birth weight infants.... Agent:

20140296746 - Urine flow measuring apparatus: A urine flow measuring apparatus that includes a container for receiving urine, measuring means for measuring the weight and/or volume of urine received by the container, and memory means for recording the weight and/or volume measured by the measuring means. Through a controller the measuring means: continually measures the weight... Agent: Newcastle-upon-tyne Hospitals Nhs Foundation Trust

20140296747 - Head pad, system to stop snoring, and method therefor: The invention relates to a head support for stopping a snoring of a sleeping individual, comprising an arrangement of neighbored deforming elements for setting a height of the head support section by section, wherein the deforming elements are arranged to allow a tilting of a head resting on the head... Agent:

20140296749 - Body monitoring system and method: A body monitoring system can include a wearable device, and a circuit for conducting electrical signals having an electrically conductive yarn knitted into the device. The circuit can further include a sensor circuit configured to sense a variable in an area of a body to which the device is applied.... Agent:

20140296748 - Measuring apparatus, method of determining measurement region, and program: A measuring apparatus for measuring predetermined information on a plurality of regions to be measured, the measuring apparatus includes: a first detection unit configured to detect a rotation mode of the measuring apparatus; and a determination unit configured to determine a region measured by the measuring apparatus on the basis... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

09/25/2014 > 118 patent applications in 69 patent subcategories.

20140288347 - Compounds useful as inhibitors of atr kinase: P

20140288348 - Radiotherapy treatment device comprising image acquisition device and irradiation device, and radiotherapy method: A radiotherapy treatment device comprising an image acquisition device, in particular a magnetic resonance device, an irradiation device comprising in particular a linear accelerator, and a patient positioning device having a patient positioning platform, wherein a movement device is provided for jointly moving the image acquisition device and the irradiation... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140288349 - Therapeutic device for treating a predefined body part of a patient with rays: A therapeutic device (110) and a method for treating a predefined body part (112) of a patient with rays (116) are disclosed. The therapeutic device (110) has at least one ray source (118) for generating the rays (116). The therapeutic device (110) further has at least one collimator (120) for... Agent: Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum

20140288350 - Flexible applicator for radiation therapy: t

20140288351 - Multispectral therapeutic light source: A light source apparatus including light spectrum-converting materials that emit light primarily over large portions of the 360 nm-480 nm and the 590-860 nm spectral range is provided. This apparatus provides a cooled, high-luminance, high-efficiency light source that can provide a broader spectrum of light within these spectral ranges than... Agent:

20140288355 - Connecting element for mounting a blood pump or a cannula on a heart: A connecting element for connecting a blood pump or a cannula to a heart, the connecting element including a sealing element, which is designed to at least temporarily close an opening formed in the cardiac wall and to be opened via insertion of a preferably cylindrical object in the direction... Agent:

20140288354 - Fluid transport apparatus: Apparatus for transporting fluid within a biological subject, the apparatus including an at least partially compliant section, so that the compliant section at least partially controls the flow of fluid therethrough. The compliant section may also be used in conjunction with a heart pump for the purpose of at least... Agent:

20140288352 - Percutaneous cable with redundant conductors for implantable blood pump: A blood pump system for left ventricle assist has an implantable pump unit having a multiphase stator having a plurality of windings connected between respective junctions for forming first, second, and third phases. An external control unit comprises an H-bridge inverter having first, second, and third phase legs. A percutaneous... Agent: Thoratec Corporation

20140288353 - Ventricular assist device sleeve adapter: A sleeve adapter for connecting a ventricular assist device to a ventricle of the heart.... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20140288356 - Assessing auditory prosthesis actuator performance: A computer-implemented method including energizing an actuator of an auditory prosthesis with a driving signal, de-energizing the actuator, obtaining information indicative of a momentum-indicative parameter of the actuator while the actuator is de-energized, and evaluating the obtained information, and assessing actuator performance based on the action of evaluating.... Agent:

20140288357 - Filtering well-defined feedback from a hard-coupled vibrating transducer: Systems and methods are disclosed for a hearing prosthesis, and more particularly to a hearing prosthesis with a rigidly coupled vibrating transducer. In embodiments, the mechanical stimulating hearing prosthesis comprises, for example, at least one sound input device configured to sense a sound signal, and a transducer configured to generate... Agent:

20140288358 - Optically coupled bone conduction systems and methods: A hearing device can allow a user to determine from side which a sound originates with bone conduction vibration of the cochlea and the user can also receive sound localization cues from the device, as feedback can be substantially inhibited with bone conduction vibration of the cochlea. An output transducer... Agent: Earlens Corporation

20140288359 - Color lighting system to influence perception of ambient temperature: A lighting control device for influencing thermoregulation of a vertebrate is disclosed. In one example, the lighting control device configured to select, on the basis of a predetermined criterion, a particular group of colors of groups having been categorized into groups on the basis of dominant wavelength, where each group... Agent:

20140288360 - Methods and implants for treating urinary incontinence: Described are methods, implants, insertion tools, and related systems and kits, for placing an implant to treat urinary incontinence; the implants include soft tissue anchors that are capable of engaging needles of the insertion tools, and the implants are designed to place a central support portion at a location to... Agent:

20140288361 - Transobturator methods for installing sling to treat incontinence, and related devices: Described are methods of treating urinary incontinence using a urinary sling and a tissue path that passes through the obturator foramen, along with related surgical implants, devices, systems, and kits.... Agent:

20140288362 - Apparatus and methods for corrective guidance of eating behavior after weight loss surgery: Apparatuses and methods for corrective guidance of eating behavior of a patient equipped with a gastric restriction device. The apparatus provides continuous monitoring or one or more parameters related to food passing through the gastric restriction device. Each monitored parameter is processed to provide a visual indication of the current... Agent:

20140288363 - Remotely adjustable gastric banding system: An implantable device comprises a reservoir that contains a fluid for filling an inflatable portion of a gastric band. A device is coupled to the reservoir and includes stored potential energy having a first state and a second state. The first state represents a higher level of potential energy and... Agent: Apollo Endosurgery, Inc.

20140288364 - Oscillating massage device with interchangeable attachment tips: A vibrator unit of a massage device of the present invention has a housing 101 with an upper portion configured to accept a variety of cup head attachments having varying predetermined designs and a jelly cap so as to vary the feel of the vibrator unit. The motor and control... Agent: Lovemuah, LLC

20140288365 - Scope sensing in a light controlled environment: The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for detecting whether an illumination source of an endoscope is in use (inside the body of a patient) versus not in use (outside the body of a patient). The disclosure relies on the fact that the working environment is lit... Agent: Olive Medical Corporation

20140288366 - Endoscopic system: When light reflected off a treatment tool and light reflected off an organ during in vivo observation are equal in brightness and wavelength, both the treatment tool and organ appear clear with an unwanted object acting as a disturbing element. Also, there is a problem in that a desired object... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140288367 - Jawed trocar tip assembly: A trocar assembly is presented herein. The trocar assembly can include a tip assembly comprising an adapter sleeve and a jaw assembly component. The jaw assembly component can be hingeably coupled to the adapter sleeve such that it has a first position, such as a rest position, and a second... Agent: Trocare LLC

20140288368 - Capsule camera with variable illumination of the surrounding tissue: The invention relates to an ingestible capsule and method for in vivo imaging and/or treatment of one or more diseased areas of interest within the gastrointestinal tract of an animal or human being. The capsule comprises an image sensor; a lens system for focusing images onto the image sensor; at... Agent:

20140288369 - Mechanical image rotation for rigidly coupled image sensor and endoscope: The disclosure extends to endoscopic devices and systems for image rotation for a rigidly coupled image sensor. The disclosure allows for a distal prism to rotate, which changes the angle of view of the user or operator, while the sensor remains fixed at a constant location. This allows the device... Agent: Olive Medical Corporation

20140288370 - Video endoscope with sideways viewing direction and method for mounting a video endoscope: A video endoscope with sideways viewing direction including an endoscope shaft having a jacket tube, an entry window joined hermetically to the jacket tube at the distal end of the jacket tube, a sideways viewing optical subassembly and a sensor module having an optical sensor, wherein the sensor module is... Agent: Olympus Winter & Ibe Gmbh

20140288371 - Suction catheter: A suction catheter of the invention includes: a catheter main body that includes a suction passage along a longitudinal direction thereof; a control unit that is attached to an end portion of the catheter main body which is opposite to an operation portion; and an imaging unit that is attachable... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20140288372 - Endoscope channel switching apparatus: A check valve unit includes a low-strength part and a high-strength part which are provided in the side of a head part of the check valve unit moving and have strength levels which differ from each other. The low-strength part and high-strength part are arranged alternately in circumferential directions of... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140288373 - System and method for removing speckle from a scene lit by a coherent light source: The disclosure extends to methods, devices, and systems for removing speckle from a coherent light source, such as laser light. The methods, devices, and systems help eliminate or reduce speckle introduced from a coherent light source, such as laser light, by utilizing the teachings and principles of the disclosure.... Agent: Olive Medical Corporation

20140288374 - Surgical access system and related methods: A system for accessing a surgical target site and related methods, involving an initial distraction system for creating an initial distraction corridor, and an assembly capable of distracting from the initial distraction corridor to a secondary distraction corridor and thereafter sequentially receiving a plurality of retractor blades for retracting from... Agent:

20140288375 - Surgical access system and related methods: A system for accessing a surgical target site and related methods, involving an initial distraction system for creating an initial distraction corridor, and an assembly capable of distracting from the initial distraction corridor to a secondary distraction corridor and thereafter sequentially receiving a plurality of retractor blades for retracting from... Agent:

20140288377 - Retractable cannula for surgical procedures: A cannula assembly having a plurality of outwardly-biased flexible fins capable of inward movement such that the fins converge upon insertion of a trocar device. The fin embodiment including a slot formed therein, with a corresponding raised feature on the trocar shaft capable of engaging the slots. Inward movement of... Agent:

20140288376 - Surgical portal with seal system: A surgical seal system is adapted for use with a cannula assembly having a cannula housing and a cannula sleeve extending from the cannula housing. The surgical seal assembly includes a seal assembly and an adapter assembly. The seal assembly is mountable to the cannula housing. The seal assembly includes... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20140288378 - Surgical access system and related methods: A surgical access system including a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue refraction assembly, both of which may be equipped with one or more electrodes for use in detecting the existence of (and optionally the distance and/or direction to) neural structures before, during, and after the establishment of an operative... Agent:

20140288379 - Surgical access system and related methods: A surgical access system including a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue refraction assembly, both of which may be equipped with one or more electrodes for use in detecting the existence of (and optionally the distance and/or direction to) neural structures before, during, and after the establishment of an operative... Agent:

20140288380 - Iris retractor assemblies: An iris retractor assembly (10) including a plurality of iris grabbing hooks (12) disposed or formed at a distal end of one or more slender elements (14) which are pivoted about a pivot member (16), characterized by pincer interface members (18) located at proximal ends (20) of the slender elements... Agent: Apx Ophthalmology Ltd.

20140288382 - Lighting system with monitoring function: In summary the invention utilizes a patient's interaction with a user interface 120 of a controllable lighting system 100. The user interface 100 enables light characteristics of the lighting system 100 to be adjusted such as the light color emitted from a light source 110 of the lighting system 100.... Agent:

20140288381 - Three-dimensional adhesive device having a microelectronic system embedded therein: A three-dimensional adhesive device to be attached to the body surface of a mammal including a microelectronic sensing system. The system includes (a) a three-dimensional adhesive body made of a pressure sensitive adhesive having an upper surface and a bottom surface; (b) a microelectronic system embedded in the body of... Agent: Cutisense A/s

20140288385 - Adherent device for respiratory monitoring: A respiratory monitoring system is provided. A measuring system is provided that includes, (i) an adherent device configured to be coupled to a patient, the adherent device including a plurality of sensors that monitor respiratory status, at least one of the sensors configured to monitor the patient's respiration, and (ii)... Agent: Corventis, Inc.

20140288386 - Apparatus, systems and methods for determining tissue oxygenation: A surgical instrument may be configured to sense a light re-emitting probe to resolve tissue oxygenation, the surgical instrument including: an optical emitter configured to excite the light re-emitting probe within an absorption band of the light re-emitting probe; an optical detector configured to receive the re-emitted light from the... Agent: Surgisense Corporation

20140288396 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for measuring environmental exposure and physiological response thereto: Apparatus, systems, and methods for measuring environmental exposure and physiological response thereto are provided. A monitoring apparatus worn by a subject includes a physiological sensor that detects physiological information from the subject, an environmental exposure sensor that detects at least one airborne analyte in a vicinity of the subject, and... Agent:

20140288393 - Chopper mixer telemetry circuit: This disclosure describes a chopper mixer telemetry circuit for use in a wireless receiver. The receiver may be located in an implantable medical device (IMD) or external programmer. The chopper mixer telemetry circuit may include a mixer amplifier that operates as a synchronous demodulator to provide selective extraction of wireless... Agent:

20140288387 - Integrated patient health tracking system: System in support of managing patient support for patients suffering from various ailments includes a portable health monitoring or tracking device, a computer, a processor, a memory and a display. A user interface receives patient health-related and support information and enables navigation. Modules execute to configure the processor in certain... Agent:

20140288384 - Multi-functional catheter: A catheter suitable for delivering an electric current to the body, in particular a catheter having electrodes that can be positioned independently of the main elongate shaft of the catheter. More particularly the catheters include a movable sleeve that incorporates the electrodes. A movable sleeve includes one or more electrodes... Agent: Phagenesis Limited

20140288394 - Physiological monitoring methods: A method of monitoring a subject includes attaching a sensor module having at least one optical emitter and detector to a body of the subject, delivering light from the at least one optical emitter into the body of the subject via a first light guide that is in optical communication... Agent:

20140288395 - Physiological monitoring methods: A monitoring device includes a housing configured to be attached to a body of a subject. An optical emitter, optical detector, and sensor for measuring motion noise are located within the housing. Light transmissive material is in optical communication with the optical emitter and detector and is configured to deliver... Agent:

20140288383 - Plurality of lamination for soft tissue compression support, protection and bracing; intelligent textile for equine and equestrian sports or activities: Described here is a plurality of laminations and elements for constructing an improved Equestrian soft tissue compression support and intelligent textile for Equine, Equestrian Sports or Activities including but not limited to bracing. Scientific research and testing cites the inherent flaws to Prior Art which may make them undesirable to... Agent:

20140288389 - Systems and methods for performing neurophysiologic assessments with pressure monitoring: Systems and methods for performing neurophysiologic assessments of neural tissue including nerve pathology monitoring which may be augmented by adding the ability to assess or monitor the pressure being exerted upon a nerve or nerve root before, during and/or after retraction.... Agent:

20140288388 - Tissue clamp for noninvasive physiological measurement: A device includes a clamp and a sensor. The sensor can be permanently attached to the clamp and tissue by the force exerted by the clamp. The clamp includes a first jaw member and a second jaw member. The first jaw member has a jaw face and the second jaw... Agent: Nonin Medical, Inc.

20140288390 - Wearable heart rate monitor: Some embodiments provide a wearable fitness monitoring device including a motion sensor and a photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensor. The PPG sensor includes (i) a periodic light source, (ii) a photo detector, and (iii) circuitry determining a user's heart rate from an output of the photo detector. Some embodiments provide methods for... Agent:

20140288391 - Wearable heart rate monitor: Some embodiments provide a wearable fitness monitoring device including a motion sensor and a photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensor. The PPG sensor includes (i) a periodic light source, (ii) a photo detector, and (iii) circuitry determining a user's heart rate from an output of the photo detector. Some embodiments provide methods for... Agent:

20140288392 - Wearable heart rate monitor: Some embodiments provide a wearable fitness monitoring device including a motion sensor and a photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensor. The PPG sensor includes (i) a periodic light source, (ii) a photo detector, and (iii) circuitry determining a user's heart rate from an output of the photo detector. Some embodiments provide methods for... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140288397 - Sem scanner sensing apparatus, system and methodology for early detection of ulcers: A handheld, conforming capacitive sensing apparatus configured to measure Sub-Epidermal Moisture (SEM) as a mean to detect and monitor the formation of pressure ulcers. The device incorporates an array of electrodes which are excited to measure and scan SEM in a programmable and multiplexed manner by a battery-less RF-powered chip.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140288398 - Compositions and devices for the detection of biomarkers in the gastrointestinal tract and methods for making and using them: In alternative embodiments, the invention provides compositions such as devices, pills, beads, capsules, products of manufacture, particles, microparticles, nanoparticles, gels, liquid gels, liquid gel capsules, capsules, tablets, geltabs, liquids, sprays, emulsions, suspensions, pastes or yogurts, for the detection and isolation of biomarkers, nucleic acids, proteins or peptides, proteoglycans, lipids, fats,... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140288399 - Medical apparatus having infusion and detection capabilities: A medical apparatus for supplying a medication fluid into an organism and for detecting a substance of the organism is disclosed. The medical apparatus has a casing, cannula, and an insertion needle. The casing has a chamber accommodating the medication fluid and an opening in fluid communication with the chamber.... Agent: Medizinische Universitaet Graz

20140288400 - Manual and automatic probe calibration: Embodiments of the present disclosure include an optical probe capable of communicating identification information to a patient monitor in addition to signals indicative of intensities of light after attenuation by body tissue. The identification information may indicate operating wavelengths of light sources, indicate a type of probe, such as, for... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20140288401 - Mental balance or imbalance estimation system and method: The present invention relates to a mental balance or imbalance estimation system (100) and method for estimating a level of mental balance or imbalance of a user (1). The system comprises a skin conductance sensor (20) for sensing the skin conductance of the user (1), the skin conductance over time... Agent:

20140288402 - Analyte sensor: The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for measuring an analyte in a host. More particularly, the present invention relates to systems and methods for transcutaneous measurement of glucose in a host.... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20140288403 - Transcutaneous analyte sensor: The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for measuring an analyte in a host. More particularly, the present invention relates to systems and methods for transcutaneous measurement of glucose in a host.... Agent:

20140288404 - Internal bleeding detection apparatus: An EIT system 1 adapted to detect internal bleeding in a body portion, the EIT system 1 comprising a plurality of electrodes 3 adapted in use to extend in a substantially linear orientation across one side only of the body portion and to be applied in electrical contact with the... Agent:

20140288405 - Internal bleeding detection apparatus: An EIT system 1 adapted to detect internal bleeding in a body portion, the EIT system 1 comprising a plurality of electrodes 3 adapted in use to extend in a substantially linear orientation across one side only of the body portion and to be applied in electrical contact with the... Agent:

20140288406 - Line-contact dry electrode: A line-contact dry electrode comprises a conductive electrode base and at least one conductive contact member extending from the conductive electrode base. The conductive contact member includes a plurality of elastic conductive branches arranged intermittently to form a comb-like electrode able to comb and push away the testee's hair and... Agent:

20140288407 - Electrocardiograph and bioelectrode pad: An electrocardiograph measures an electrocardiac signal by processing electric signals detected by bioelectrode pads. The bioelectrode pads each includes a plurality of sheets of electrodes disposed by being stacked on each other; conductive gel sheets disposed alternately with the sheets of electrodes and interposed between the electrodes; and a dynamic... Agent: Harada Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140288408 - Pressure regulating syringe and method therefor: A pressure regulating syringe comprises a barrel assembly terminating with a tubular tip positionable in fluid communication with a fluid chamber, a plunger that is manually and axially displaceable within a barrel of the barrel assembly, a pressure sensor mounted onto the plunger adjacent to its distal end, for generating... Agent: Hospitech Respiration Ltd.

20140288409 - Magnetic resonance device for scanning an extremity of a patient: A magnetic resonance device for scanning an extremity of a patient, in particular a leg, comprising a housing and an extremity radiography unit containing an imaging region, into which the extremity can be introduced when patients situated outside the extremity radiography unit, in which case the extremity radiography unit is... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140288410 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, bed for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and a method of positioning a bed for a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a gantry and a movable bed. A magnet, a gradient coil, and a radio frequency coil are built in the gantry. The movable bed is configured to be positioned to the gantry by a positioning mechanism having different structures at... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140288411 - Gas vesicle magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents and methods of using the same: Magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents that include a plurality of gas vesicles configured to associate with a noble gas are provided. Also provided are magnetic resonance imaging methods that include administering to a subject a contrast agent that includes a plurality of gas vesicles, obtaining a magnetic resonance data of... Agent:

20140288414 - Devices, systems and methods for acute or chronic delivery of substances or apparatus to extravascular treatment sites: Methods and apparatus for delivery of substances or apparatus to target sites located outside blood vessels within the body of a human or animal patient. A vessel wall penetrating catheter is inserted into the vasculature, positioned and oriented within a blood vessel near the target extravascular site and a penetrator... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20140288415 - Imaging method and device for the cardiovascular system: generating and displaying a virtual endo-navigation three-dimensional model by segmenting and reconstructing the volumetric image, the point of view being movable along at least one path, for determining plaques, stenoses or strictures, and/or for analyzing moving structures inside the vessel such as valve leaflets.... Agent: Esaote S.p.a.

20140288412 - Localization of the parathyroid: Systems and methods are disclosed for locating the parathyroid. In one aspect, temporal variation among a plurality of images is evaluated and at least one image is enhanced according to the temporal variation. The image may be enhanced to one or both of reduce conspicuity of the thyroid gland and... Agent:

20140288416 - Manipulation of an untethered magentic device with a magnet actuator: A method of manipulating an untethered magnetic device, such as a magnetic capsule endoscope, can include positioning a magnet actuator and an untethered magnetic device proximate one another such that the untethered magnetic device is within a constant magnetic field of the magnet actuator. A position of the untethered magnetic... Agent:

20140288413 - Surgical robot system and method of controlling the same: A surgical robot system includes a slave system to perform a surgical operation on a patient and an imaging system that includes an image capture unit including a plurality of cameras to acquire a plurality of affected area images, an image generator detecting an occluded region in each of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140288417 - Anamorphic lens for rotational scanning laser probe: A surgical probe can include an outer cannula; an inner cannula, rotatably disposed inside the outer cannula; a rotational scanner, disposed at an end of the inner cannula and configured to receive a light beam from a delivery fiber and to scan the light beam along a loop; and an... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20140288418 - Apparatus and methods for pathlength multiplexing for angle resolved optical coherence tomography: Exemplary embodiments include an apparatus and method for performing angle-resolved imaging of scattering samples such as tissue, including the use of a pathlength multiplexing element.... Agent: Research Development Foundation

20140288419 - Method and apparatus for quantitative imaging of blood perfusion in living tissue: Embodiments provide methods and systems for imaging, and, more specifically, to a method and apparatus for quantitative imaging of blood perfusion in living tissue. Some embodiments are directed to methods of obtaining quantitative imaging of blood perfusion in living tissues using Doppler optical micro-angiography (DOMAG).... Agent:

20140288420 - Method and device for imaging soft body tissue using x-ray projection and optical tomography: A method and device (1) for imaging soft body tissue such as a female breast is proposed. X-ray projection techniques and optical tomography techniques are combined. First image data for a first image of a breast (17) may be acquired by X-ray projection using an X-ray source (3) and an... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140288421 - Gas vesicle ultrasound contrast agents and methods of using the same: Provided are ultrasound imaging methods that include administering to a subject a contrast agent that includes a plurality of collapsible gas vesicles, obtaining ultrasound data of a target site of interest, and analyzing the ultrasound data to produce an ultrasound image of the target site. Ultrasound contrast agents are also... Agent:

20140288423 - Priming method: The priming method includes the steps of: in a state where a contrast agent bag containing a contrast agent is coupled to a second tube moving a second piston in a second syringe backward to introduce the contrast agent to the second syringe, and with a first tube kept open,... Agent: Sugan Co., Ltd.

20140288422 - Volume monitoring device utilizing light-based systems: An apparatus includes a syringe housing and a plunger slidably received within the syringe housing between a first position and a second position. The plunger has a substantially opaque portion and a substantially translucent portion. A light sensor module is disposed on the syringe housing. The light sensor module has... Agent:

20140288425 - Apparatus and method for providing elasticity information: Provided is a method for providing elasticity information. The method includes: acquiring an elasticity image of an object; classifying the elasticity image into at least one similar tissue; determining a reference strain based on a strain of a reference similar tissue among the at least one similar tissue; and outputting... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20140288426 - Object information acquiring apparatus: An object information acquiring apparatus includes a probe configured to irradiate ultrasonic waves to an object, receive ultrasonic echoes, and convert the ultrasonic echoes into electric signals, a scanning unit configured to cause the probe to perform back-and-forth scanning on the object, an ultrasonic control unit configured to control irradiation... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140288424 - System and device for tumor characterization using nonlinear elastography imaging: The present invention provides a method and a device to image and characterize human tumors, and to classify the tumors as either malignant or benign. The method includes using a multi-compression technique upon the tissue or organ combined with a 3D ultrasound strain imaging of the compressed tissue or organ... Agent: West Virginia University

20140288427 - Devices and methods for tissue navigation: A device for use in a process that involves accessing an epidural space includes: an elongated member having a distal end and a proximal end; an ultrasound component located at the distal end of the elongated member; a rigid tubular member having a tapered distal end, a proximal end, and... Agent:

20140288428 - Monolithic ultrasonic imaging devices, systems and methods: To implement a single-chip ultrasonic imaging solution, on-chip signal processing may be employed in the receive signal path to reduce data bandwidth and a high-speed serial data module may be used to move data for all received channels off-chip as digital data stream. The digitization of received signals on-chip allows... Agent: Butterfly Network, Inc.

20140288429 - Ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus: Disclosed is an ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus including an ultrasound probe which outputs transmission ultrasound toward a subject due to a pulse signal being input and which outputs a received signal by receiving reflected ultrasound from the subject and a transmission unit which makes the ultrasound probe generate the transmission... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140288430 - Ultrasound probe and ultrasound diagnostic imaging apparatus: An ultrasound probe includes a stack including a connecting conductor having conductive patterns and a piezoelectric plate disposed on the connecting conductor. The stack has first dividing slits at predetermined intervals. The first dividing slits divide the stack into transducers separate from one another and arrayed in the scanning direction.... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140288431 - Subject information acquisition apparatus, subject information acquisition method, and program: A subject information acquisition apparatus of the present invention includes a transmission/reception unit including a plurality conversion elements which transmit an elastic wave to the subject and receive a reflected wave that is reflected at each position in the subject, a scan line signal acquisition unit which acquires a plurality... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140288432 - Intra-extra oral shock-sensing and indicating systems and other shock-sensing and indicating systems: A mouth guard comprises a base member configured to fit inside the mouth of a user, and at least one shock-sensing and indicating device coupled to the base member. In one exemplary embodiment, the shock-sensing and indicating device is a passive shock-sensing and indicating device that detects a shock substantially... Agent:

20140288434 - Optical speculum: A system for direct imaging and diagnosing of abnormal cells in a target tissue includes a disposable optical speculum and an image acquisition system having the speculum assembled on and mechanically secured thereto. The image acquisition system is arranged to capture at least one of a single image or multiple... Agent: Illumigyn Ltd.

20140288433 - Uv imaging for intraoperative tumor delineation: A medical imaging system and method. A UV/visible camera uses a back illuminated silicon imaging detector to observe a surface of a brain of a subject in vivo during brain surgery for excision of a cancerous tumor. The detector can be a CCD detector or a CMOS detector. Under UV... Agent:

20140288435 - Heart rate data collection: One innovative aspect is directed to heart rate data collection. In some implementations, a circuit includes a light detector for generating a first electrical signal based on received light. The circuit includes a switching circuit, having a first and a second configuration, configured to receive a first voltage signal based... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140288436 - Wearable heart rate monitor: A biometric monitoring device is used to determine a user's heart rate by using a heartbeat waveform sensor and a motion detecting sensor. In some embodiments, the device collects collecting concurrent output data from the heartbeat waveform sensor and output data from the motion detecting sensor, detects a periodic component... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140288437 - Biometric information processing device, biometric information processing method, and control program: A biometric information processing device includes a main case that is designed to be worn on a body of a user. The main case includes a battery unit that provides power to a pulse sensor, a processing unit that determines a biometric information of the user based on information from... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140288439 - Biometric information processing device, biometric information processing method, and control program: A biometric information processing device includes a heart rate detection unit, a relative heart rate calculation unit, a relative oxygen intake calculation unit, an oxygen intake estimation unit and a calorie expenditure calculation unit. The relative heart rate calculation unit calculates a relative heart rate obtained from a first difference... Agent:

20140288438 - Wearable heart rate monitor: A biometric monitoring device is used to determine a user's heart rate by using a heartbeat waveform sensor and a motion detecting sensor. In some embodiments, the device collects collecting concurrent output data from the heartbeat waveform sensor and output data from the motion detecting sensor, detects a periodic component... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140288442 - Method and apparatus for quantification and monitoring of cardiovascular function during induced stress or physical activity and at rest: Method and apparatus for the quantification and monitoring of cardiovascular function comprising continuous determination of significant individual cardiovascular function parameters through an operator-independent accelerometer during a sample period at rest, recording the data determined, continuously monitoring these data during pharmacological stress or exercise activity, comparing the memorized data with those... Agent:

20140288441 - Sensing physiological characteristics in association with ear-related devices or implements: Various embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing and audio devices for monitoring health and wellness. More specifically, disclosed are an apparatus and a method for processing signals representing physiological characteristics sensed from tissue at or adjacent an ear... Agent: Aliphcom

20140288440 - Systems and methods for quantitative capnogram analysis: Systems and methods are disclosed herein for quantitatively identifying a patient's physiological state based on one or more capnograms. One or more capnograms are acquired, each capnogram being associated with a patient and including one or more respiratory cycles, and one or more features from the one or more respiratory... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140288443 - Monitoring system: A device, system and method for monitoring blood pressure information of a user. A device is configured with first and second pressure sensors, a fastening element, and a processing component. In the method the first pressure sensor is detachably attached to a first position and the second pressure sensor to... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140288444 - Sensor guide wire: Sensor guide wire for intravascular measurements of physiological variables in a living body or of external signals, which sensor guide wire has a proximal region, a distal sensor region and a tip region, the sensor guide wire comprises a core wire having a longitudinal axis parallel to the longitudinal axis... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20140288445 - Blood pressure monitoring method: A device, system and method for monitoring blood pressure information of a user. A device is configured with at least one pressure sensor, a fastening element, and a processing component. In the method the pressure sensor is detachably attached to a position on the outer surface of a tissue of... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140288446 - Apparatus for monitoring physiological condition: An apparatus for monitoring a physiological condition includes a signal-acquiring unit, an inflating-deflating unit, and a central processing system electrically coupled to the signal-acquiring unit and the inflating-deflating unit. The signal-acquiring unit is used for acquiring a first standard pulse signal and a first reactive hyperemia pulse signal at a... Agent: Avita Corporation

20140288447 - Ear-related devices implementing sensors to acquire physiological characteristics: Various embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing and audio devices for monitoring health and wellness. More specifically, disclosed are an apparatus and a method for processing signals representing physiological characteristics sensed from tissue at or adjacent an ear... Agent: Aliphcom

20140288448 - Method and system for evaluating a physiological state depicting a person's resources: Disclosed is a method for evaluating a physiological state depicting a person's resources, in which method the alternatives of physiological states depicting resources are determined, one or more contexts are selected, one or more variables are selected for each context, in which case in the evaluation the person's physiological information... Agent:

20140288450 - Ecg noise reduction system for removal of vehicle motion artifact: An ECG processing system which removes vehicle motion artifact from a measured ECG signal based on vehicle cabin motion and vehicle suspension motion.... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20140288449 - Method, system and software product for the measurement of heart rate variability: The invention relates to a method, system, and software product for measuring heart rate variability. The method comprises instructing a user when to breathe in and breathe out, receiving a signal from a sensor responsive to the heart beat of the user, processing the received signal to determine heart beat... Agent:

20140288451 - Multi-channel cardiac measurements: An automatic method of determining local activation time (LAT) in multi-channel cardiac electrogram signals including a ventricular channel, a reference channel and a mapping channel wherein selection of at least one of a reference-channel activation and a mapping-channel activation is based on one or more activation times in the ventricular... Agent:

20140288452 - Device and method for processing heart sounds for ausculation: A device for independently and controllably amplifying components of the heart sound signals without removing any component of the signal by filtering. With such a device all the signal components that carry information are still available and can be useful to a user. Filtering may however be applied to very... Agent:

20140288453 - Heart rate detection apparatus: A heart rate detection apparatus includes a signal acquisition device for acquiring an intra-aural vibration wave signal and converting the intra-aural vibration wave signal into an intra-aural vibration electrical signal; and an arithmetic processing device for processing the intra-aural vibration electrical signal by computing to generate heart rate information. In... Agent: Beijing Choice Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

20140288454 - Method for using exhaled breath to determine the presence of drug: The present invention provides a method for determining the presence and/or the level of drug in a subject's system using exhaled breath of the subject.... Agent: Pulmonary Analytics

20140288455 - Multi-frequency impedance monitoring system: A system and method is provided to measure intrathoracic complex impedance and to identify and indicate disease conditions based on the impedance measurements. Multiple impedance vectors may be taken into account, and an optimal vector may be selected to provide the most useful impedance measurement for the identification and indication... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140288456 - Methods and devices for sensing respiration and providing ventilation therapy: Methods and systems are provided for intra-airway breath sensors where intra-airway breath sensors are not located within a ventilation gas delivery circuit, but are exposed to spontaneous respiration airflow from a patient. Furthermore, methods and systems of the present invention may be used to protect an intra-airway breath sensor from... Agent: Breathe Technologies, Inc.

20140288457 - Bioelectrical impedance measurement apparatus: A bioelectrical impedance measurement apparatus is provided. A power signal and a frequency regulation signal for driving a measurement unit of the bioelectrical impedance measurement apparatus to perform bioelectrical impedance measurement are provided through a first sound channel output terminal and a second sound channel output terminal of a host... Agent:

20140288458 - Insertable neural probe with flexible structure: A neural probe (10) is provided for in vivo communication with biological tissue, including stimulating neurons and/or recording neural electrical activity. The probe (10) may be constructed so that the immune response by the biological tissue in which the device is implanted is reduced over known implantable probes. The probe... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20140288459 - Ventricular shunt system and method: A ventricular shunt systems and methods of preventing hydrocephalus are described herein. In one aspect, the ventricular shunt system has at least one pressure sensor that is configured to be selectively electromagnetically coupled to an ex-vivo source of RF energy and is variable in response to the pressure in a... Agent:

20140288460 - Method and apparatus for hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy: Methods and devices are described for performing a combined hysteroscopy and endometrial sampling. Techniques for improving visual images include forward facing fluid ports for clearing tissue debris and LED positioning and design. Manufacturability is improved through separately formed tip and shaft pieces. User interface features are described including user-friendly handle-mounted... Agent: Endosee Corporation

20140288461 - Swab having a luer connection: The invention relates to a swab system, comprising a sample tube, which is closed at the front end and open at the rear end, and a swab. The swab has an elongated, tubular swab rod, wherein the swab rod is provided with a sample-gathering means at the front end of... Agent: Friz Biochem Gesellschaft Fur Bioanalytik Mbh

20140288462 - Concussion indicator: A concussion indicator that may easily be applied to a helmet is provided. The concussion indicator may visually or audibly provide indicators relating to impacts creating accelerations of the helmet that likely cause a concussion. In some embodiments, three separate indicators may be used within a single base; each indicator... Agent:

20140288463 - Method and apparatus for determining anatomic properties of a patient: A method is disclosed for determining anatomical properties of a patient, the patient having an oral cavity and a throat, comprising a) projecting at least one structured light pattern into the patient's oral cavity; b) detecting at least one reflected light pattern, each of the reflected light patterns emanating from... Agent:

20140288464 - Prosthetic knee joint measurement system including energy harvesting and method therefor: An orthopedic implant having an energy-harvesting device is disclosed. In one embodiment the orthopedic implant is a prosthetic component of a joint of the muscular-skeletal system. The orthopedic implant can include electronic circuitry, a power source, and one or more sensors for measuring a parameter of the muscular-skeletal system or... Agent: Orthosensor Inc.

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