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11/13/2014 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140331994 - System comprising a nebulizer and a packaging: A system comprising a nebulizer, in particular inhaler, having a pre-installed container is proposed. The system comprises a packaging preventing fluidic connection or opening of the container in a delivery state of the nebulizer.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20140331995 - Nebulizer apparatus and method: A nebulizer for efficiently and reliably delivering aerosolized fluid to an inhaling patient is disclosed. The nebulizer includes a fixed diverter and a movable fluid orifice or fluid pathway connected with an actuator for responding to an inhalation or a manual actuation and beginning the nebulization process. Also provided is... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20140331996 - Medicament delivery device: The invention relates to a medicament delivery device comprising a locking mechanism (5) for locking a plunger rod (4). The locking mechanism (5) comprises a locking wheel (6) and locking means (7), said locking means (7) being moveable between an active position where the locking means (7) prevent the locking... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20140331997 - Breathing aid for swimmers: The invention relates to a breathing aid for swimmers, having a mouthpiece (1) which has an exhalation valve, wherein, starting from the mouthpiece, a two-part air hose (9, 10) leads to a head part (2) which receives the respective hose ends of the two-part air hose. According to the invention,... Agent: Global Business & Communications ( The Netherlands Bv

20140331998 - Determination of leak and respiratory airflow: Methods and apparatus for determining leak and respiratory airflow are disclosed. A pressure sensor (34) and a differential pressure sensor (32) have connection with a pneumotach (24) to derive instantaneous mask pressure and airflow respectively. A microcontroller (38) estimates a non-linear conductance of any leak path occurring at a mask... Agent: Resmed Limited

20140332000 - Endotracheal tube elbow connector: A connector (100) for a respiratory mask (10) including a first end portion (110) removably connected to the respiratory mask, a second end portion (120)removably connectable to a non-invasive ventilation (NIV) tube (40), and an elbow portion (130) disposed between the first and second end portions. The elbow portion includes... Agent:

20140331999 - Openable helmet of non-invasive ventilation of patients: c

20140332001 - Breathable gas apparatus with humidifier: A humidifier has a base unit with an engagement face that is configured to interface with a flow generator. The humidifier also has a tank configured to be removably received by the base unit and hold a volume of liquid. The tank has a side wall with an air inlet.... Agent:

20140332002 - Breathable gas apparatus with humidifier: A humidifier has a base unit with an engagement face that is configured to interface with a flow generator. The humidifier also has a tank configured to be removably received by the base unit and hold a volume of liquid. The tank has a side wall with an air inlet.... Agent:

20140332003 - Breathable gas apparatus with humidifier: A humidifier has a base unit with an engagement face that is configured to interface with a flow generator. The humidifier also has a tank configured to be removably received by the base unit and hold a volume of liquid. The tank has a side wall with an air inlet.... Agent:

20140332004 - Portable intake air sterilizing apparatus: A portable intake air sterilizing apparatus is disclosed, which allows prevention of a worker's infection with virus/bacteria and which can allow, at the same time, the worker to work comfortably. The apparatus includes a cover member C for covering one or both of the nose and the mouth, an air... Agent: Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

20140332005 - Nasal adapter system for cpap respiration: A nose adapter (2) and system, for use in noninvasive respiratory support, has a proximal end, for coupling to the nose, and a distal end for coupling to a ventilation device. An inspiratory channel (6) and an expiratory channel (7) extend between the proximal and distal end. The distal ends... Agent:

20140332006 - Portable intake air sterilizing apparatus: A portable intake air sterilizing apparatus is disclosed, which allows prevention of a worker's infection with virus/bacteria and which can allow, at the same time, the worker to work comfortably. The apparatus includes a cover member C for covering one or both of the nose and the mouth, an air... Agent: Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

20140332007 - Patient interface, cushion thereof, and manufacturing method: A cushion arrangement for a patient interface (for communicating with the nose or the nose and mouth of a patient) comprises a cushion and a shaping structure in contact with the cushion. The shaping the comprises a thermo-shrink material, and the local dimension of themo-shrink material determines a level of... Agent:

20140332008 - Laryngeal mask airway device: A laryngeal mask airway device for insertion into a patient to provide an airway passage to the patient's glottic opening. The device includes an airway tube, a mask attached to the airway tube, a peripheral inflatable cuff, and an outlet for gas. The mask is attached to the airway tube... Agent:

20140332009 - Bite block: A bite block and methods of use thereof are disclosed. The bite block may be configured to encompass a tube such as an endotracheal tube, and to protect the mouth of an intubated patient from clenching damage.... Agent: Haider Biologics LLC

20140332010 - Portable discontinuous positive airway pressure (dpap) device and method of using the same: A portable, rechargeable, discontinuous positive airway pressure (DPAP) device for use by an individual as a breathing assist device. The DPAP device comprises a sensor for tracking an exhalation phase of a respiration cycle of the individual relative to a stimulation period, E0. A stimulation source responsive to a sensor... Agent:

20140332011 - Oral sleep apnoea device: p

20140332012 - Filtering face mask: A filtering face mask includes a top layer, a structure layer, one or more filtering layers, a back layer and straps. The straps, the ends of which are attached to the mask, run through strap holes in the mask, and may be pulled to change the mask from a flat... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140326237 - Portable connector for securing portable medical devices: The invention relates to a portable vacuum connector device 100. The connector device can be attached to various surfaces such as surfaces of CT scanner or other medical equipment by means of vacuum cups or connectors 102. The vacuum connector device 100 has a connection structure 101 such as a... Agent:

20140326238 - Drug dispensing and monitoring system for a ventilator: An automated drug delivery and monitoring system for use on mechanically ventilated patients in the intensive care unit is presented. Medication in the form of respirable particles is transported through ventilator circuitry by a delivery unit. Multiple medications may be delivered into the gas flow of the ventilator, with each... Agent:

20140326239 - Manifold for use in medicament dispenser: A manifold for use in a medicament dispenser device for the delivery of medicament powder from an open blister pocket of a blister pack comprises a body defining a chimney having a chimney inlet and a chimney exit, and defining a chamber having a chamber inlet and a chamber exit,... Agent:

20140326240 - Warming vapor pad: A warming vapor pad to treat respiratory syncytial virus infections in babies, children and adults includes a fabric impregnated with a topical ointment providing medicated vapors to enhance nasal inhalation, with the fabric being superimposed on an elastic thermal wrap for application as a single integrated unit placed on a... Agent:

20140326241 - Methods, systems and apparatus for paced breathing: Methods, systems and/or apparatus for slowing a patient's breathing by using positive pressure therapy. In certain embodiments, a current interim breathing rate target is set, and periodically the magnitude of a variable pressure waveform that is scaled to the current interim breathing rate target is increased if the patient's breathing... Agent:

20140326242 - Sysems and methods for using partial co2 rebreathing integrated in a ventilator and measurements thereof to determine noninvasive cardiac output: Systems and methods for providing a ventilator for partial CO2 rebreathing using exhaust valves integrated in a ventilator system to increase a CO2 rebreathing volume of a subject. Non-invasive measurements of CO2 parameters and partial CO2 rebreathing are used to determine noninvasive cardiac output parameters of the subject.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140326243 - Customizable user interface device for use with respiratory ventilation systems: The present inention provides a cost effective customization of user interface devices for use with respiratory ventilation systems, such as face masks that may be used for CPAP therapy. By integrating a user specific customize element (15) into a pre-fabricated user interface device (10), increased confort for a user during... Agent:

20140326244 - Device for relieving the symptoms of nasal allergies: Device for relieving the symptoms of nasal allergies, which comprises a single, one-piece body formed by two tubular elements connected by an intermediate bridge, which elements are provided in order to be inserted into the nasal cavities. The tubular elements have continuous or discontinuous external projections such that at least... Agent: Best Breathe Company, S.l.

20140326245 - Medical face mask with sealing strip: The present invention relates to a face mask for filtering contaminants from the air that is suitable for medical applications. The face mask includes an air-permeable body having an inner surface, wherein the body is sized to cover the nose and mouth of a subject when worn by the subject,... Agent:

20140326246 - Cushion assembly having compression dampening portion: A cushion assembly for use in a patient interface device includes a first end portion adapted to engage a user's face; a second end portion opposite the first end portion, the second end portion being adapted to be coupled to a mask shell; a cushion portion having a wall portion... Agent:

20140326247 - Automatic tracheostoma speech valve (astv) fixation brace: Automatic tracheostoma speech valve (ATSV) fixation brace, comprising a fixation part (2) for keeping an ATSV base element (8) in position during use, and a holding part (3) for holding the ATSV fixation brace (1) to a patient, wherein at least the holding part (3) comprises a thermoplastic material, the... Agent: Atos Medical Ab

20140326248 - Patient interface device with tilt angle adjusting mechanism: A patient interface device (8) includes a cushion assembly (16) including a nasal cushion member (20), and a frame assembly (14) having frame member (48) having a first arm (54A) and a second arm (54B). The cushion assembly is rotatably coupled to the first and second arm such that the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v. A Corporation

20140326249 - Methods and apparatus for inserting a device or pharmaceutical into a uterus: A delivery device includes a housing, an insertion member, a transfer member, and an actuator. The insertion member includes a distal end portion configured to be removably coupled to an implant. At least a portion of the insertion member is movably disposed within a passageway defined by the housing. The... Agent: Bioceptive, Inc.

20140326250 - Coated condom: A condom comprises, on one or more surfaces thereof, a self-lubricating coating comprising a dry powder having a particle size of 300 microns or less. The self-lubricating coating becomes lubricious when the coating comes into contact with a liquid environment. A method of making a self-lubricating condom comprises providing a... Agent:

20140326251 - Breast separator and methods thereof: A breast separator is provided that may comprise a top side; a bottom side; and a pair of lateral sides extending between the top side and the bottom side, the pair of lateral sides having concave edges partially surrounding openings, the openings adapted to receive a pair of breasts of... Agent:

20140326252 - Anti-snoring and sleep apnea device: An anti-snoring and sleep apnea device is disclosed which comprises a maxillary tray adapted for receiving upper teeth, the maxillary tray having a pair of shoulder structures with each of the shoulder structures having an adjustable expansion device and a movable boss member connected to the expansion device, with adjustment... Agent:

20140326253 - Mandibular repositioning device: An intra-oral device comprising an upper splint (7100), a lower splint (7200) and a pair of lateral connecting rods (7300). Each connecting rod has a first rod end (7310) that connects to the lower splint and a second rod end (7320) that connects to the upper splint. The connecting rods... Agent: Resmed Sas

20140326254 - Surgical system sterile drape: A sterile drape, a surgical system with the drape, and a draping method are provided. In one embodiment, a sterile drape includes a plurality of drape pockets, each of the drape pockets including an exterior surface to be adjacent a sterile field for performing a surgical procedure and an interior... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140326255 - Medical face mask with sealing strip: The present invention relates to a face mask for filtering contaminants from the air that is suitable for medical applications. In one embodiment, the face mask of the present invention comprises an air-permeable body with an inner seal connected to the inner surface of the body, and at least one... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 21 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140318533 - Liquid dispensing and methods for dispensing liquids: A dispenser for supplying a metered volume of a liquid medicament to an aerosolizing device. The dispenser may include a container having a proximal end and a distal end, wherein the container is configured to store a volume of liquid medicament. The dispenser may also include a dispensing mechanism coupled... Agent:

20140318534 - Metered dose inhaler applicator: A metered dose inhaler (“MDI”) applicator is disclosed that includes a carrier, a housing, an adjuster and a lever. The carrier defines an aperture configured to receive a boot of a MDI. The housing is configured to be assembled with the carrier and to move in a vertical direction within... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20140318535 - Breathing devices and related systems and methods: Breathing devices deliver at least one treatment to a subject and include at least two components comprising at least one of a ventilation unit for supplying a gas to the subject, a humidification unit for humidifying a gas supplied to the subject, a nebulizer unit for supplying a medication to... Agent: Science Medical, LLC

20140318536 - Nasal cannula: A gas delivery conduit adapted for fluidly connecting to a respiratory gases delivery system in a high flow therapy system. In one embodiment, a nasal cannula includes a base portion defining a first therapeutic gas passageway, a nozzle disposed adjacent said base portion and defining a second therapeutic gas passageway,... Agent: Mergenet Medicial, Inc.

20140318537 - Nitric oxide delivery device: A nitric oxide delivery device including a valve assembly, a control module and a gas delivery mechanism is described. An exemplary gas delivery device includes a valve assembly with a valve and circuit including a memory, a processor and a transceiver in communication with the memory. The memory may include... Agent:

20140318539 - Aerosolization apparatus for inhalation profile-independent drug delivery: A powder aerosolization apparatus comprises a housing comprising an outlet adapted to be inserted into a user's mouth and one or more bypass air openings. A receptacle support within the housing supports a receptacle containing a powder pharmaceutical formulation. A puncturing mechanism within the housing creates in the receptacle one... Agent:

20140318538 - Inhalation device: The present invention relates to an inhalation device used for inhalation of the medicament in dry powder form from capsules.... Agent:

20140318540 - Device for removal of gas from a respiratory circuit: A respiratory circuit gas removal device (1) has a inhalation branch subsection (2), a exhalation branch subsection (3) and a tube connection subsection (4), with a tube connection opening (5) for a tube adapter (17). The inhalation subsection connects to the tube subsection via a first opening (6), and the... Agent:

20140318541 - Automatic control system for mechanical ventilation for active or passive subjects: A method and an apparatus for controlling a ventilator to automatically adjust ventilation assistance to an active or passive subject. The method includes determining volume and flow rate of gas to the patient during inspiration on an ongoing basis, and generating control signals in proportion to the volume and flow... Agent:

20140318542 - Patient monitoring and drug delivery system and method of use: Disclosed is a patient monitoring and drug delivery system and associated methods for use during diagnostic, surgical or other medical procedures. The functionality of the invention enables many time consuming and laborious activities to be minimized or moved to a part in the procedure where time is not as critical.... Agent:

20140318543 - Session-by-session adjustment of a device for treating sleep disordered breathing: A method is disclosed for operating a device that treats sleep disordered breathing (SOB) during successive treatment sessions, where the device provides continuous positive airway pressure during sleep. The method comprises the steps of applying a constant treatment pressure during a first session and deriving a sleep disorder index (SOl)... Agent:

20140318545 - Inflation control valves for resuscitator devices and resuscitator devices: Resuscitator devices including inflation control devices and the inflation control valves can prevent an excessive number of breaths per minute during manual resuscitation from being delivered to a patient. The inflation control valves are inlet valves for a resuscitator device having a flexible chamber that extends from a first end... Agent:

20140318544 - Resuscitator device: A manually actuated, self-inflating bag valve mask provides users with a positive pressure ventilation device that reliably provides a proper tidal volume to the patient and controls the rate of ventilation of the patient. The bag valve mask is lightweight, compact, durable, and quickly deployable in the field. The device... Agent:

20140318546 - Respiratory mask with condensed liquid outlet: A patient interface device (8) includes a patient sealing assembly (12) structured to engage a face of the patient when the patient interface device is donned by a patient. The patient sealing assembly has a bottom region (36), a top region (38) opposite the bottom region, and a side region... Agent:

20140318547 - Forehead supports for facial masks: A mask assembly that includes a mask frame; a frame connector; a forehead support comprising a tube and a forehead cushion support plate, the forehead cushion support plate extending perpendicularly to a longitudinal axis of the tube; and an adjustment knob movably mounted to the frame connector, wherein the tube... Agent:

20140318548 - Mask: A mask is disclosed that has a gas outlet which is quiet and provides for a diffused outlet flow of gases. The outlet is preferably a slot formed between a hollow body and cover over said hollow body. The mask also preferably extends and seals under a user's chin in... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20140318549 - Occlusion devices and methods: The invention provides intrafallopian devices and non-surgical methods for their placement to prevent conception. The efficacy of the device is enhanced by forming the structure at least in part from copper or copper alloy. The device is anchored within the fallopian tube by a lumen-traversing region of the resilient structure... Agent: Bayer Essure Inc.

20140318550 - Therapy device and method: The present disclosure includes rehabilitation devices for physical therapy for injuries, and more particularly to a rehabilitation device for rehabilitating certain injuries or pathological conditions of the lower extremities of the hip, knee, ankle, foot, upper leg, lower leg, or other area.... Agent: Genu Dynamics, LLC

20140318551 - Craniotomy drape and method of simultaneously draping a sterile barrier over a patient and navigation tracker: A sterile craniotomy drape and method of simultaneously draping a sterile barrier over a patient and a navigation tracker prior to performing a craniotomy procedure are provided. The sterile craniotomy drape has a flexible, sterile wall with opposite edges extending lengthwise between opposite ends. The wall is sized to substantially... Agent: Contour Fabricators, Inc.

20140318552 - Spinal immobilization device: A spinal immobilization device is disclosed. The spinal immobilization device may include a plurality of cleats disposed on the bottom of the spinal immobilization device to prevent damage to the spinal immobilization device. The spinal immobilization device may include one or more pieces of reflective tape disposed on the perimeter... Agent:

20140318553 - Soft body restraint: A soft body restraint which can safely and comfortably restrain an individual. The soft body restraint having a soft folded material and an anchor mechanism. A usable section of the soft folded material is pulled through a first hole and/or a second hole of the soft folded sheet in order... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140311482 - Rhinosinusitis prevention and therapy with proinflammatory cytokine inhibitors: The disclosure describes an aerosolizer with (i) means sized for intranasal or paranasal insertion that produces an aerosol from a material for delivery in close proximity to the upper airways, and (ii) the material comprising one or more proinflammatory cytokine inhibitor(s).... Agent:

20140311483 - Delivery device and kit, and method of use: A delivery device includes a toroidal shaped housing defining an interior chamber and a central open space. The housing includes an input port communicating with the interior chamber and a delivery port positioned on an inner periphery of the housing. The delivery port is in fluid communication between the interior... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20140311484 - Dispenser cap arrangement: The present invention relates to a dispenser cap arrangement for enclosing a portion of a dispenser of a medicament. In particular, the present invention relates to a dispenser cap arrangement, a dispenser cap a dispenser cap closure device, a method of closing a dispenser, and a closure arrangement. The dispenser... Agent:

20140311485 - Method and device for supplying oxygen to a patient: A system for delivering oxygen to a substantially stationary patient without coupling a device to the body of the patient is disclosed. The system includes a source of oxygen coupled to a delivery system wherein the delivery system has a pump configured to pressurize oxygen and an elongate hollow member... Agent:

20140311486 - Breathing apparatus and method for the use thereof: A breathing assistance apparatus includes an inner volumetric member pressurizable from a first pressure to a second pressure and an outer volumetric member surrounding at least a portion of the inner expandable volumetric member. The inner volumetric member pressurizes the outer volumetric member as the inner volumetric member is pressurized... Agent:

20140311487 - Tube for a respirator system: A tube for a ventilation system (1) for newborns is provided with a first section (7) comprising a heating wire (14), an electrical conductor (15), and a first connector (9) and a second connector (10), and with a second section (8) comprising a heating wire (16) extending over at least... Agent: Hamilton Bonaduz Ag

20140311488 - Assembly for an inhalation device, use of an organizing member, and inhalation device: An assembly for the inhalation of a powdery substance is described, wherein the assembly comprises a storage chamber configured to hold a plurality of doses of the substance and an organizing member rotatably arranged within the storage chamber for agitating the substance when the organizing member is rotated with respect... Agent: Sanofi Sa

20140311489 - Methods and devices in the field of treatment with medical gases: The present invention relates to a humidifier for humidifying medical gases, comprising a humidification module including a control unit, wherein the humidification module is adapted for receiving a humidification chamber. Furthermore, the humidification module is further adapted to sense and/or receive information upon connection of the humidification chamber and/or additional... Agent:

20140311490 - Blower filter device: A blower filter device (50) for a respirator system (1) has a filter unit (31) receiving an air filter (30) and a blower unit (65) drawing in the filtered air and generating discharged air. The blower unit has a blower (53) and a driving motor (54). An improved respirator system... Agent: Dr&#xe4 Ger Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140311491 - Apparatus to attain and maintain target end tidal partial pressure of a gas: A processor obtains input of a logistically attainable end tidal partial pressure of gas X (PetX[i]T) for one or more respective breaths [i] and input of a prospective computation of an amount of gas X required to be inspired by the subject in an inspired gas to target the PetX[i]T... Agent:

20140311492 - Electrically stimulated mask and/or associated components: A respiratory assistance component is disclosed that changes shape when an electrical charge is provided. The amount of electrical charge that is applied may be based on values, characteristics, or user controlled parameters of the respiratory assistance system. The component may be all or part of a patient interface, a... Agent:

20140311493 - Hybrid ventilation mask with nasal interface and method for configuring such a mask: A nasal ventilation interface and method for providing nasal ventilation to a patient includes a hybrid face mask, covering only the mouth, coupled with removable nasal inserts extending from the upper surface of the mask. The nasal interface has modular, removable, and disposable nasal pillows connecting the upper surface of... Agent: Respcare, Inc.

20140311494 - Headgear for a respiratory mask and a method for donning a respiratory mask: Headgear for a respiratory mask includes a strap arrangement comprising front strap portions adapted to be disposed over a patient's cheeks and each having a connector adapted for attachment to an airway interfacing portion, and a cover provided to each front strap portion and structured to at least partially encapsulate... Agent:

20140311495 - Mask with integral cushion and forehead piece: A respiratory mask has an adjustable forehead support member that is simple and inexpensive to manufacture. The forehead support member may be adjusted by rotating a forehead pad about an off-center bore or by bending an angular adjustment beam. The mask has a mask cushion with an accordionate membrane having... Agent:

20140311496 - Patient interface having headgear post for clip or strap: An improved patient interface has a post to which can alternatively be attached a clip or a strap. A strap apparatus includes a clip mounted at an end of a strap, but if the clip is lost the strap can itself be mounted to the post.... Agent:

20140311497 - Lung ventilation device: A lung ventilation device has a stem to fit in a trachea, having at least two ventilation passageways communicating with distal passageways configured to fit in the bronchi at the carina. There is a positioning balloon to engage the walls at the carina when inflated. The positioning balloon has a... Agent:

20140311498 - Surgical fixture device having a rapidly exchangeable retaining plate for the pressure elements: The invention relates to a surgical fixture device, comprising a C- or U-shaped retaining bracket (2), which extends on a part of the outer circumference from a body part, is spaced apart therefrom and has at least one single pressure element (3) on the end of its first leg (21)... Agent:

20140311499 - Headset to provide noise reduction: A headset to provide noise reduction may include a first microphone that is disposed outside the headset and detects external noise, a first blocking unit configured to block the external noise entering an inside of the headset, a second blocking unit configured to block external noise which is not blocked... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

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