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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150144127 - Valved container assembly: A valved container assembly (10) comprising a container (12) for containing a fluid, the container (12) extending in an axial direction and having at least one venting opening (12a) at a front end and at least one dispensing opening (12b). The valved container assembly (10) further comprising a valve (14)... Agent:

20150144128 - Nebulizer and a method of manufacturing a nebulizer: There is provided a nebulizer (2), comprising a first plate (20) configured to hold a transducer (14); a second plate (22) having an aperture therein, the first plate being positioned on a first side of the second plate such that the transducer is adjacent the aperture; and a third plate... Agent:

20150144129 - Nasal administration: A method of delivering a substance, such as one or more of a triptan, a nasal steroid or carbon dioxide gas, to the nasal cavity of a subject, in particular for the treatment of headaches, for example, migraine, or rhinosinusitis, for example, chronic rhinosinusitis, optionally with polyps, the method comprising... Agent:

20150144130 - Flow path fault detection method for a respiratory assistance apparatus: A respiratory assistance apparatus is configured to provide a heated and humidified glow of gases and has a control system that is configured to detect a fault in the flow path. A flow path is provided for a gases stream through the apparatus from a gas inlet through a blower... Agent:

20150144131 - Smart connections: Systems and methods for smart connections are described herein. An example system for determining continuity of a portion of a patient breathing circuit includes a first connector and a second connector. The first connector may include a first end of an electrical lead. The electrical lead may be configured for... Agent:

20150144132 - Apparatus for supplying high-concentration hydrogen gas for living organism: An apparatus includes an electrolytic cell having an electrolytic chamber to which subject raw water is introduced, at least one membrane that separates inside and outside of the electrolytic chamber, and at least one pair of electrode plates provided in the inside and the outside of the electrolytic chamber so... Agent:

20150144133 - Treatment of chronic migraines by oxygen inhalation: The invention relates to an inhalable gaseous composition containing oxygen (O2) in a proportion greater than 50% by volume, intended to treat, to minimize or to prevent a chronic migraine attack in a patient, said composition being produced on site, i.e. at the patient's home, by an oxygen-producing device designed... Agent:

20150144134 - Laryngeal mask having a supraglottic tube: Thus far, it has not been possible to produce laryngeal masks having a supraglottic tube as a one-piece unit. If the supraglottic tube (2) is provided with three lumens (4, 5, 6), the center one (6) of which has no passage to the respiration room (10), the invention provides a... Agent: Singularity Ag

20150144136 - Hyperthermic humidification system: Apparatus and methods for delivering humidified breathing gas to a patient are provided. The apparatus includes a humidification system configured to deliver humidified breathing gas to a patient. The humidification system includes a vapor transfer unit and a base unit. The vapor transfer unit includes a liquid passage, a breathing... Agent:

20150144135 - Method for controlling a capacity of carbon dioxide remover in an anesthesia breathing system and anesthesia breathing system for ventilating lungs of a subject: A method for controlling a capacity of a carbon dioxide remover in an anesthesia breathing system is disclosed herein. The method includes determining exhaled breathing gas flow volume of a subject in the breathing system, and determining exhaled gas flow volume removed from the breathing system. The method also includes... Agent: General Electric Company

20150144137 - Tank attachment arrangement for a self-contained breathing apparatus: A tank attachment arrangement for a self-contained breathing apparatus having at least one tank, including: a base member having a saddle portion comprising a contact side having at least one contact member directly or indirectly attached thereto, the at least one contact member configured to contact a surface of the... Agent:

20150144138 - Pressure actuated valve systems and methods: Systems and methods are provided for decreasing intracranial pressure and enhancing circulation, as well as for increasing the respiratory rate and encouraging spontaneous respiration. According to such methods, a valve system is coupled with a person's airway. The valve system has an exhalation valve and an patient port that interfaces... Agent: Resqsystems, Inc.

20150144139 - Patient interface device having a residual leak seal cushion: A patient interface device includes a fluid coupling device, a frame member having a connecting portion defining a first opening, and a cushion member. The cushion member has a main body portion, a coupling portion attached thereto, and an inwardly extending sealing member defining a second opening in the cushion... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150144140 - Sealing cushion and patient interface device employing same: A cushion (44) for a patient interface device (26) that has an inverted geometry. In particular, the cushion includes a support portion (56) having a first edge (60) and a second edge (62) located opposite the first edge, and a sealing flap (58) extending in a cantilevered fashion inwardly from... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v. A Corporation

20150144141 - Condom packaging: Herein is described a method and structure for the extraction of a condom from a condom packet that preserves the orientation of the condom for the user and the correct application position of the condom. The condom is preferably included within a condom packet that includes opposed first and second... Agent: Swift! LLC

20150144142 - Device and method for correcting obstructive sleep apnea: An orthotic obstructive sleep apnea treatment device is provided that includes a hyoid bone attachment element disposed to attach a ferric element to a hyoid bone, where the ferric element is disposed to face along a treatment vector from the hyoid bone, and the treatment vector is oriented relative to... Agent:

20150144143 - Pressure sore treatment device and method: A pressure sore treatment device for reducing pressure on an area of the skin of a patient, while ensuring air circulation to the skin, can include: a cover box, which can further include a box structure with a hole; and a belt strap, so that the cover box can be... Agent:

20150144144 - Brain surgery through eye: Removing eye to remove malignant tumors in frontal lobe of brain.... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 29 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150136122 - Metered dose dispensing valve: The present disclosure relates to a metered dose dispensing valve for dispensing metered volumes of an aerosol formulation from an aerosol container. The valves described herein are particularly suitable for use with metered dose inhalers for the oral delivery of medicaments. By combining the compliant biasing member and the second... Agent:

20150136123 - Tracheostomy tube with inner cannula: A tracheal tube assembly includes an outer cannula configured to be positioned in a patient airway and an inner cannula configured to be disposed inside the outer cannula. The tracheal tube assembly further includes a flange member secured about the outer cannula, and an outer cannula connector coupled to a... Agent:

20150136124 - Portable vaporizer with central pin heater having heat diffuser-mixer blades: A device used for generating a breathable vapor from an herbal substance such as tobacco or medical marijuana. The device features a heater assembly having of a rod shape heating element with the heat diffuser-mixer blades attached, and is mounted in a case component having the shape of a tubular... Agent:

20150136125 - Fault diagnosis in cpap and nippv devices: A ventilation device for non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment of a patient has a gas flow generator, a gas delivery circuit optionally including a humidifier, a controller and sensors monitoring values of operational parameters of the device. The device further includes one or... Agent:

20150136126 - Dual expansion chamber with internal connecting tube for use with an oxygen concentrator: A device combines a muffler and a filter such as for use with an air compressor. The device utilizes dual expansion chambers with an internal connecting tube to filter the air entering an air intake port of an air compressor or oxygen concentrator. The device attenuates sound that emanates from... Agent:

20150136127 - Rotating electrical connector adn respiratory gas delivery system employing same: A connection assembly for rotateably and electrically coupling an accessory to a main device includes a housing portion, a rotatable port assembly, and a wire assembly. An end of the port assembly is coupled to the accessory. The port assembly includes an electrical connector member having a first connector end... Agent:

20150136128 - Trigger mechanism for inhaler device: The present invention relates to a dry powder inhaler device comprising a body having a guide surface formed on an inner surface thereof, a trigger having a socket with a shape complementing the guide surface, and a spring, characterized by comprising at least one retaining element (8) positioned on the... Agent:

20150136129 - Portable handheld blending gas enriched pressure support system and method: The present disclosure pertains to a portable handheld pressure support system configured to deliver a blending gas enriched pressurized flow of breathable gas to the airway of a subject. The pressure support system is configured to treat patients suffering from dyspnea and/or other conditions. The therapy provided to dyspnea patients... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150136130 - Inhalable dry powders: The invention related to dry powders that contain a therapeutic agent. The dry powders have characteristics, e.g., they are processable and/or dense in therapeutic agent that provide advantages for formulating and delivering therapeutic agents to patients.... Agent:

20150136132 - Nasal dry powder delivery system for vaccines and other treatment agents: A nasal delivery device can include air-receiving section that has a first passageway therethrough to allow air to pass through the air-receiving section, a powder-reservoir receiving section sized to receive a powder reservoir, and a powder-delivery section that has a second passageway therethrough to allow aerosolized powder from the powder... Agent:

20150136131 - System composed of inhaler and capsule: n

20150136133 - Method and apparatus for adjusting respiratory mask sealing force: A mask assembly includes a mask with an inflatable bladder. The internal pressure of the inflatable bladder can be set to be higher than the delivered therapeutic pressure. The pressure offset may be constant, or it may vary over the range of therapeutic pressures. Thus, the force necessary to maintain... Agent:

20150136134 - Cough assistance and measurement system and method: Systems and methods are configured to inexsufflate a subject and provide cough-by-cough feedback during treatment and/or therapy of the subject. Through sensors that are included in the systems, various gas and/or respiratory parameters maybe measured and/or determined in real-time, such as, for example, peak cough flow and/or inspiratory tidal volume.... Agent:

20150136136 - Control of pressure for breathing comfort: A respiratory treatment apparatus generates an indication of inspiration or expiration based on a measure of motor current of a flow generator. In an example, first and second current signals are derived from the measurement. The first derived current signal may be a long term measure or average of current... Agent:

20150136135 - System and method for controlling flow during exhalation in a respiratory support system: The present disclosure pertains to an exhalation valve system (10) configured to control gas flow during exhalation of a subject (12). In some embodiments, the system comprises one or more of a pressure generator (14), a subject interface (16), one or more sensors (18), one or more processors (20), electronic... Agent:

20150136137 - Anti-asphyxia valve assembly: A valve assembly (12) includes a first housing (22), a diaphragm member (24) having a plurality of individually pivotable sealing members (50), and a second housing (26) coupled to the end of the first housing over the diaphragm member. The second housing has a plurality of ports (78) spaced about... Agent:

20150136140 - Blower: A PAP device includes a casing adapted to fit on top of the patient's head in use and a blower including a blower outlet provided within the casing. The blower outlet is angled and/or curved towards a lower wall of the casing.... Agent:

20150136138 - Headgear assembly with improved stabiization: A headgear assembly is disclosed for use in a patient interface assembly adapted to communicate a flow of gas with an airway of a patient comprising: at least a first headgear portion (9, 11) disposed during use on a first side of a patient's face in an area close to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150136139 - Patient interface device including deformable nasal prong: A nasal prong (16) is structured to be situated on a nasal cushion (20) of a patient interface device that is in fluid communication with a source of breathing gas (32) to provide a flow of gas to an airway of a patient. The nasal prong includes a resilient seal... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150136141 - Respirator having noncircular centroid-mounted exhalation valve: A respirator 10 that has a mask body 12 and a harness 16 has an exhalation valve 23 that includes a valve seat 36 and a flexible flap 42. The valve seat 36 has an orifice 38 and has a noncircular seal surface 40 surrounding the orifice 38. The flexible... Agent:

20150136142 - Respirator with floating elastomeric sleeve: A respirator device having an elastomeric sleeve is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a respirator device as described herein includes a body including a receiver having an elastomeric sleeve and a filter cartridge that includes a rigid nozzle element. The elastomeric sleeve defines a channel, and the elastomeric sleeve is... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150136143 - Combination therapy intravaginal rings: The present invention provides improved intravaginal drug delivery devices, i.e., intravaginal rings, useful for the prophylactic administration of dapivirine in combination with either an antimicrobial compound or a contraceptive to a human. The present invention also provides methods of blocking DNA polymerization by an HIV reverse transcriptase enzyme, methods of... Agent:

20150136144 - Compositions and methods relating to an occlusive polymer hydrogel: Methods for the synthesis and use of several variations of styrene maleic acid-based polymers and the hydrogel tissue bridges that can be formed from such polymers. Specifically, a method is disclosed for synthesizing a styrene maleic acid-based polymer that can be dissolved in DMSO and injected into the vasa deferentia... Agent:

20150136146 - Adverse event mitigation systems, methods and devices: A method comprises determining a person's level of risk for developing an adverse condition; selecting a care protocol based on the level of risk; displaying a proposed configuration of a person support structure corresponding to the care protocol for a caregiver to approve; and upon approval by the caregiver, implementing... Agent: Hill-rom Services, Inc.

20150136145 - Incapacitated patient lift device: A lifting system is provided for lifting a person who is incapacitated, where the lifting system includes a torso enclosure that may encase a substantial portion of the person's torso without requiring the person to slip one or both of their arms through the enclosure, and orthogonally-aligned structural straps positioned... Agent:

20150136147 - Pre-fabricated anterior guidance package kit for patients having bruxism/clenching habit with or without various malocclusions-ii: A pre-fabricated, pre-programmed or custom-made guidance package is provided. The Anterior Guidance Package (AGP) of current invention is comprised of one maxillary guidance component and one mandibular guidance component produced in many shapes and sizes. Those components are attached to a maxillary retention piece and a mandibular retention piece, respectively... Agent:

20150136148 - Earplug and electronic device using the same: An earplug includes a sleeve, a resonance tube, and a tip. The sleeve has a plurality of slits, and the resonance tube is connected between the sleeve and the tip. When the sleeve is pressed to deform, the slits are opened to allow sound to enter the sleeve, and pass... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20150136149 - Barrier system to reduce the rate of line-related infections: A barrier system is provided for use in reducing infections associated with a percutaneous medical device, such as a catheter, that is disposed within a percuteneous incision. Such a barrier system can include: a barrier device having a skin-contacting surface and a catheter-receiving surface; and an adhesive composition configured for... Agent: University Of Kansas

20150136150 - Durable skin marking compositions: Disclosed herein are methods and compositions of durable skin marking compositions that remains legible and visible on the skin after being treated with an aqueous, alcohol-based solution. The skin marking composition of the present invention includes a cyanoacrylate component, a solvent, and a colorant. The composition can further comprise one... Agent: Op-marks, Inc.

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