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05/21/2015 > 29 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150136122 - Metered dose dispensing valve: The present disclosure relates to a metered dose dispensing valve for dispensing metered volumes of an aerosol formulation from an aerosol container. The valves described herein are particularly suitable for use with metered dose inhalers for the oral delivery of medicaments. By combining the compliant biasing member and the second... Agent:

20150136123 - Tracheostomy tube with inner cannula: A tracheal tube assembly includes an outer cannula configured to be positioned in a patient airway and an inner cannula configured to be disposed inside the outer cannula. The tracheal tube assembly further includes a flange member secured about the outer cannula, and an outer cannula connector coupled to a... Agent:

20150136124 - Portable vaporizer with central pin heater having heat diffuser-mixer blades: A device used for generating a breathable vapor from an herbal substance such as tobacco or medical marijuana. The device features a heater assembly having of a rod shape heating element with the heat diffuser-mixer blades attached, and is mounted in a case component having the shape of a tubular... Agent:

20150136125 - Fault diagnosis in cpap and nippv devices: A ventilation device for non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment of a patient has a gas flow generator, a gas delivery circuit optionally including a humidifier, a controller and sensors monitoring values of operational parameters of the device. The device further includes one or... Agent:

20150136126 - Dual expansion chamber with internal connecting tube for use with an oxygen concentrator: A device combines a muffler and a filter such as for use with an air compressor. The device utilizes dual expansion chambers with an internal connecting tube to filter the air entering an air intake port of an air compressor or oxygen concentrator. The device attenuates sound that emanates from... Agent:

20150136127 - Rotating electrical connector adn respiratory gas delivery system employing same: A connection assembly for rotateably and electrically coupling an accessory to a main device includes a housing portion, a rotatable port assembly, and a wire assembly. An end of the port assembly is coupled to the accessory. The port assembly includes an electrical connector member having a first connector end... Agent:

20150136128 - Trigger mechanism for inhaler device: The present invention relates to a dry powder inhaler device comprising a body having a guide surface formed on an inner surface thereof, a trigger having a socket with a shape complementing the guide surface, and a spring, characterized by comprising at least one retaining element (8) positioned on the... Agent:

20150136129 - Portable handheld blending gas enriched pressure support system and method: The present disclosure pertains to a portable handheld pressure support system configured to deliver a blending gas enriched pressurized flow of breathable gas to the airway of a subject. The pressure support system is configured to treat patients suffering from dyspnea and/or other conditions. The therapy provided to dyspnea patients... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150136130 - Inhalable dry powders: The invention related to dry powders that contain a therapeutic agent. The dry powders have characteristics, e.g., they are processable and/or dense in therapeutic agent that provide advantages for formulating and delivering therapeutic agents to patients.... Agent:

20150136132 - Nasal dry powder delivery system for vaccines and other treatment agents: A nasal delivery device can include air-receiving section that has a first passageway therethrough to allow air to pass through the air-receiving section, a powder-reservoir receiving section sized to receive a powder reservoir, and a powder-delivery section that has a second passageway therethrough to allow aerosolized powder from the powder... Agent:

20150136131 - System composed of inhaler and capsule: n

20150136133 - Method and apparatus for adjusting respiratory mask sealing force: A mask assembly includes a mask with an inflatable bladder. The internal pressure of the inflatable bladder can be set to be higher than the delivered therapeutic pressure. The pressure offset may be constant, or it may vary over the range of therapeutic pressures. Thus, the force necessary to maintain... Agent:

20150136134 - Cough assistance and measurement system and method: Systems and methods are configured to inexsufflate a subject and provide cough-by-cough feedback during treatment and/or therapy of the subject. Through sensors that are included in the systems, various gas and/or respiratory parameters maybe measured and/or determined in real-time, such as, for example, peak cough flow and/or inspiratory tidal volume.... Agent:

20150136136 - Control of pressure for breathing comfort: A respiratory treatment apparatus generates an indication of inspiration or expiration based on a measure of motor current of a flow generator. In an example, first and second current signals are derived from the measurement. The first derived current signal may be a long term measure or average of current... Agent:

20150136135 - System and method for controlling flow during exhalation in a respiratory support system: The present disclosure pertains to an exhalation valve system (10) configured to control gas flow during exhalation of a subject (12). In some embodiments, the system comprises one or more of a pressure generator (14), a subject interface (16), one or more sensors (18), one or more processors (20), electronic... Agent:

20150136137 - Anti-asphyxia valve assembly: A valve assembly (12) includes a first housing (22), a diaphragm member (24) having a plurality of individually pivotable sealing members (50), and a second housing (26) coupled to the end of the first housing over the diaphragm member. The second housing has a plurality of ports (78) spaced about... Agent:

20150136140 - Blower: A PAP device includes a casing adapted to fit on top of the patient's head in use and a blower including a blower outlet provided within the casing. The blower outlet is angled and/or curved towards a lower wall of the casing.... Agent:

20150136138 - Headgear assembly with improved stabiization: A headgear assembly is disclosed for use in a patient interface assembly adapted to communicate a flow of gas with an airway of a patient comprising: at least a first headgear portion (9, 11) disposed during use on a first side of a patient's face in an area close to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150136139 - Patient interface device including deformable nasal prong: A nasal prong (16) is structured to be situated on a nasal cushion (20) of a patient interface device that is in fluid communication with a source of breathing gas (32) to provide a flow of gas to an airway of a patient. The nasal prong includes a resilient seal... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150136141 - Respirator having noncircular centroid-mounted exhalation valve: A respirator 10 that has a mask body 12 and a harness 16 has an exhalation valve 23 that includes a valve seat 36 and a flexible flap 42. The valve seat 36 has an orifice 38 and has a noncircular seal surface 40 surrounding the orifice 38. The flexible... Agent:

20150136142 - Respirator with floating elastomeric sleeve: A respirator device having an elastomeric sleeve is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a respirator device as described herein includes a body including a receiver having an elastomeric sleeve and a filter cartridge that includes a rigid nozzle element. The elastomeric sleeve defines a channel, and the elastomeric sleeve is... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150136143 - Combination therapy intravaginal rings: The present invention provides improved intravaginal drug delivery devices, i.e., intravaginal rings, useful for the prophylactic administration of dapivirine in combination with either an antimicrobial compound or a contraceptive to a human. The present invention also provides methods of blocking DNA polymerization by an HIV reverse transcriptase enzyme, methods of... Agent:

20150136144 - Compositions and methods relating to an occlusive polymer hydrogel: Methods for the synthesis and use of several variations of styrene maleic acid-based polymers and the hydrogel tissue bridges that can be formed from such polymers. Specifically, a method is disclosed for synthesizing a styrene maleic acid-based polymer that can be dissolved in DMSO and injected into the vasa deferentia... Agent:

20150136146 - Adverse event mitigation systems, methods and devices: A method comprises determining a person's level of risk for developing an adverse condition; selecting a care protocol based on the level of risk; displaying a proposed configuration of a person support structure corresponding to the care protocol for a caregiver to approve; and upon approval by the caregiver, implementing... Agent: Hill-rom Services, Inc.

20150136145 - Incapacitated patient lift device: A lifting system is provided for lifting a person who is incapacitated, where the lifting system includes a torso enclosure that may encase a substantial portion of the person's torso without requiring the person to slip one or both of their arms through the enclosure, and orthogonally-aligned structural straps positioned... Agent:

20150136147 - Pre-fabricated anterior guidance package kit for patients having bruxism/clenching habit with or without various malocclusions-ii: A pre-fabricated, pre-programmed or custom-made guidance package is provided. The Anterior Guidance Package (AGP) of current invention is comprised of one maxillary guidance component and one mandibular guidance component produced in many shapes and sizes. Those components are attached to a maxillary retention piece and a mandibular retention piece, respectively... Agent:

20150136148 - Earplug and electronic device using the same: An earplug includes a sleeve, a resonance tube, and a tip. The sleeve has a plurality of slits, and the resonance tube is connected between the sleeve and the tip. When the sleeve is pressed to deform, the slits are opened to allow sound to enter the sleeve, and pass... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20150136149 - Barrier system to reduce the rate of line-related infections: A barrier system is provided for use in reducing infections associated with a percutaneous medical device, such as a catheter, that is disposed within a percuteneous incision. Such a barrier system can include: a barrier device having a skin-contacting surface and a catheter-receiving surface; and an adhesive composition configured for... Agent: University Of Kansas

20150136150 - Durable skin marking compositions: Disclosed herein are methods and compositions of durable skin marking compositions that remains legible and visible on the skin after being treated with an aqueous, alcohol-based solution. The skin marking composition of the present invention includes a cyanoacrylate component, a solvent, and a colorant. The composition can further comprise one... Agent: Op-marks, Inc.

05/14/2015 > 29 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150128935 - Inhalation systems, breathing apparatuses, and methods: Examples of the invention include inhalation systems, breathing apparatuses, and methods for administering a solution by inhalation to a patient. Example breathing apparatuses described herein may be configured to minimize loss of the solution to the environment. Additionally or instead, example breathing apparatuses may be configured to recirculate exhaled solution... Agent:

20150128934 - Wound treatment and cleaning system and method: A wound treatment/cleaning device is described as having a sprayer portion and a brush portion each designed to be used with standard sized fluid bottles. The sprayer and brush can be packed with and/or sterilized with the fluid bottles, or packaged/sterilized separately. When the sprayer and brush are used in... Agent: Rapid Relief Solutions, Inc.

20150128936 - Unitary respirator with molded thermoset elastomeric elements: A respiratory protection composite facepiece is disclosed and includes a polymeric rigid facepiece body portion having a first surface and a second surface and a silicone sealing facepiece element chemically bonded at least one of the first surface or the second surface. The first and second surfaces can be opposing... Agent:

20150128937 - Self-contained breathing system: A breathing apparatus is operable in self-contained and filtered modes of operation. In the self-contained mode of operation, a breathable gas is delivered to a user from a self-contained source of breathing gas. In a second, filtered mode of operation, a suction source draws ambient air through a filter removing... Agent:

20150128938 - Device for distributing a fluid product: A fluid dispenser device including a body and a reservoir, and an opening mechanism. The device includes an inhalation piece and an inhalation trigger system that has a deformable air chamber and a trigger element, such that during inhalation through the inhalation piece, the air chamber is deformed and the... Agent: Aptar France Sas

20150128939 - Medical device for transfering fluids with a semi-filled shape: A mask is included. The mask includes: a tubing portion having a fastener portion; and a face receptacle portion having a valve portion. The face receptacle portion is coupled to the tubing portion for facilitating the transfer of one or more fluids to a patient. The face receptacle has a... Agent:

20150128940 - Packaging of a no/nitrogen gaseous mixture having a high no concentration: The invention concerns a method for storing a NO/N2 mixture in a packaging container (6) comprising an inner volume, characterized in that it holds a NO/N2 gaseous mixture containing between 1200 and 4500 ppm by volume of NO, the remainder being nitrogen, at a pressure of at least 100 bar... Agent:

20150128942 - Control of flow and/or pressure provided by breathing apparatus: The invention comprises a method of operating a breathing apparatus comprising measuring a baseline breath flow parameter being respiratory rate and/or tidal volume or a parameter derived therefrom, varying the flow rate provided by the breathing apparatus, measuring a current breath flow parameter being respiratory rate and/or tidal volume or... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20150128941 - Method and apparatus for oral flow therapy: A therapy system configured to wash out or flush out the oral and/or nasal cavity to reduce the effective dead space and reduce the work of breathing. The system may displace the expired air in the oral and/or nasal cavity with atmospheric air, or air with altered concentrations, for example,... Agent: Resmed Limited

20150128943 - Dispensing device: A device for dispensing individual doses of powder from respective pockets of a disc-shaped carrier by outwardly rupturing a lidding foil by means of pressure on an opposite side surface, the device providing individual respective deaggregation flow paths for each pocket, split airstreams allowing improved entrainment of powder, a cam... Agent: Pfizer Limited

20150128944 - Breathing tube: d

20150128945 - A patient interface: A patient interface that provides breathable gas to a person has a face engaging cushion that includes an internal cavity. In the internal cavity fluid is located, and a control means that is capable of communicating with the fluid can incite change to a property or to properties of the... Agent:

20150128946 - Laryngeal mask with piriform-fossa conduit: A laryngeal mask airway device inserted in the pharynx of an unconscious patient to ventilate the lungs includes an airway tube and mask portion with cuff formation shaped to fit the actual and potential space surrounding the circumference of the inlet to the larynx. A piriform-fossa conduit is included in... Agent:

20150128947 - Portable handheld pressure support system and method: The present disclosure pertains to a portable handheld pressure support system configured to deliver a pressurized flow of breathable gas to the airway of a subject. The pressure support system is configured to treat COPD and/or other patients suffering from dyspnea and/or other conditions. The pressure support system is configured... Agent:

20150128948 - Method and apparatus for breathing assistance: Methods and system for treating obstructive sleep apnea and snoring are disclosed. The system generally comprises a mask for delivering pressurized air to patient's breathing orifice, a sensing mechanism for continuously assessing the state of patient's breathing and a pressure generator for generating the pressurized air in the mask. The... Agent:

20150128949 - Patient interface device having headgear providing integrated gas flow and delivery: A patient interface device (8) includes a mask including a interface element (12) structured to engage a portion of the face of a patient and a headgear assembly (14) coupled to the mask. The headgear assembly has a top surface member (28) and a bottom surface member (30), the top... Agent: Koninklijke Philips

20150128950 - Respiratory mask having gas washout vent and method for making the mask: A washout vent for a mask for use with a system for supplying breathable gas pressurized above atmospheric pressure to an airway of a mammal for treatment of sleep disordered breathing, includes a solid mask section and a vent orifice extending through a thickness of the solid mask section and... Agent:

20150128951 - Respiratory mask sealing interface: A sealing interface forms part of an apparatus for supplying a flow of respiratory gases to a user. The sealing interface comprises a foam or gel inner cushion and a thin resilient rubber outer sheath. A face side of the inner cushion resiliently supports the outer sheath. The inner cushion... Agent:

20150128953 - Headgear for masks: A headgear for use with a mask includes a first strap being configured to engage a back of a patient's head and extend on either side of the patient's parietal bone behind the patient's ears and assume, in use, a substantially circular or oval shape. At least a portion of... Agent:

20150128952 - Patient interface assembly with conduits on each side of the head: A patient interface assembly that includes a first conduit, a second conduit, and a patient interface coupled to the first conduit and the second conduit. The first and second conduits each include a first end that is disposed proximate to a top of a head of a user, and a... Agent:

20150128954 - Flexible exoskeleton mask with inflating seal member: A patient interface, including a mask assembly and a headgear assembly, provides improved facial sealing and improved ease of use. The mask assembly includes an inflating or ballooning seal. The seal can be secured between two portions of a snap-fit exoskeleton. The headgear assembly connects to the mask assembly with... Agent:

20150128955 - Attachment device for a tracheostoma valve: An attachment device for a tracheostoma valve has a flexible layer structure having a stoma opening therein, and a circumferential flange attached to the flexible layer structure. The flexible layer structure has at least a layer portion that substantially has a funnel shape discharging into the stoma opening. A circumferential... Agent:

20150128956 - Neck extension device and method of use: A neck extension device that positions a subject's chin away from the subject's upper chest lengthens the frontal area of the subject's neck and facilitates unobstructed breathing by opening the airway. According to some embodiments, the neck extension device includes a first surface and a second surface, where the first... Agent:

20150128957 - Warming in medical positioners: Described herein are embodiments of vacuum activated evacuatable medical positioners, warming devices for use with such positioners, systems that include a positioner and a warming device, and related methods. The disclosed embodiments include an electrical warming medium that is positioned, or adapted to be positioned, external to the patient-bearing side... Agent:

20150128958 - Barrier device to reduce contact and transmission of pubic, upper thigh, and buttocks mediated sexually transmitted diseases: A barrier device that can prevent infected skin in the pelvic region from making contact with a sex partner consists of a pelvic garment and a genitalia access hole. The pelvic garment contains a waist opening, a left leg opening, and a right leg opening such that a user can... Agent:

20150128959 - Barrier application device: Described is a barrier application device comprising a handle, an introducer assembly slidably and rotatably coupled to the handle, a beam assembly coupled to a distal end of the handle, and a flag coupled to the beam assembly. A method of using a barrier application device comprises providing a device... Agent: Genzyme Corporation

20150128960 - Head and facial protective device: The present invention provides a device for protecting the face and/or head of an individual receiving medical treatment in a supine position. The protective device includes a central member having an exterior surface and an interior surface. One or more apertures may extend between the interior and exterior surface of... Agent:

20150128961 - Novel incontinence pad: Particular embodiments of the inventive technology may provide an incontinence pad that includes projection, such as a raised ridge, or a short length projection, that extends from a pad base of and effects application of a force against the urethra of a user (the force, typically upward, that may result... Agent:

20150128962 - Magnetic system for attaching and removing medical devices and prostheses on human skin: The present invention relates to a magnetic system for attaching and removing medical devices and prostheses on human skin comprising external disks 4 and silicone implants 5; said system can increase, decrease or eliminate the magnetic attraction or repulsion force as a function of the rotation of the external disks... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 23 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150122248 - Aerosol delivery system: A system for delivery of aerosol therapy to spontaneously breathing patients comprises a housing which defines a chamber. The housing has a base, a top and a main body extending between the base and the top. An ambient air inlet is located adjacent to the base and is normally closed... Agent:

20150122247 - Nebuliser with coding means: A nebuliser and a housing part removably connected thereto, each having a coding, are proposed. To increase the flexibility in the coding while using carry-over parts at least one of the coding means can be mounted in different defined positions on the nebuliser or the housing part removably connected thereto... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20150122250 - Aerosol medication inhalation system: An apparatus for use in conjunction with a metered dose inhaler which includes a novel valve system to aid in the delivery of aerosolized medicament to a subject. The apparatus also includes a novel rotational flow generator to aid in the useable delivery of said medication and avoid its loss... Agent: Pre Holding, Inc.

20150122249 - Inhaler 624: The present invention relates to an Breath actuated inhaler (BAI) actuator, comprising: a loading element capable of being loaded with an actuation force, a breath actuated trigger mechanism arranged to counteract the actuation force of the loading element, and to fire the actuator by releasing the actuation force of the... Agent: Astrazeneca Ab

20150122251 - Kink resistant intubation device: A kink resistant endotracheal tube intubation device and a method for using the device are provided. The kink resistant endotracheal tube intubation device has a first tube portion in operable connection with a second tube portion. The first and second tube portions of the endotracheal tube intubation may be integrated... Agent:

20150122252 - Hand-held personal vaporizer: A hand-held personal vaporizer including a cylindrical housing and a vaporizer module disposed within the cylindrical housing. The vaporizer includes a vaporizer control module functionally coupled to the vaporizer and configured to control function of the vaporizer. The vaporizer control module automatically restrict use of the vaporizer after a predefined... Agent:

20150122253 - System and method for controlling the iontophoretic delivery of therapeutic agents based on user inhalation: Embodiments of the invention provide methods for transdermal delivery of therapeutic agents for treatment of addictive cravings e.g., from nicotine. Embodiment of a method for such delivery comprises positioning at least one electrode assembly in electrical communication with a patient's skin. The assembly includes a solution comprising a therapeutic agent... Agent:

20150122254 - Mask with removable headgear connector: A mask for delivering breathable gas to a patient at positive pressure to treat sleep disordered breathing, may comprise: a rigid mask frame having a bore and an interfacing structure, the interfacing structure being located on the rigid mask frame and along a peripheral edge of the bore, said mask... Agent:

20150122256 - Delivery system for therapeutically conditioned air: An apparatus for delivery of therapeutically conditioned air to a patient may include a hollow flexible tube and at least one damp attached to the tube. A shape retention wire may be engaged with the tube. The apparatus may be configured to direct the therapeutically conditioned aft to a region... Agent: Jsl Medical Products, Inc.

20150122255 - Method and apparatus for portable fluid delivery for animals: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method and apparatus for supplying a fluid, including but not limited to oxygen and/or medications to a non-human animal in a configuration that does not require a human to hold a component on the animal.... Agent:

20150122257 - Atomizer: The invention relates to an apparatus for nebulising preferably powdered medicinal formulations, the nebulisation being assisted by propellant. According to the invention, the propellant is supplied in pulsed form to the powder cavity (1) containing the formulation, which is attached to the nozzle (3) from which the aerosol is emitted.... Agent:

20150122258 - Unit dose cartridge and dry powder inhaler: A dry powder inhaler having improved aerodynamic properties for diluting, dispersing, and metering drug particles for increasing the efficiency of pulmonary drug delivery to a patient is described. The inhaler comprises, in general, a housing having an air intake, an airflow-control/check-valve, a mixing section and a mouthpiece. A cartridge loaded... Agent:

20150122259 - Methods and apparatus for high frequency pulmonary ventilation: Pulmonary ventilator methods and systems are provided winch include a housing having a user interface control panel; a pneumatic circuit for delivering a high frequency pressure wave from the housing to a patient lung; a variable volume disposed within the housing including a stationary plate secured to the housing and... Agent:

20150122260 - Respiratory tubing set: The present invention relates to a respiratory tubing set for controlling breathing of a patient. A tubing set for controlling breathing of a patient includes a respiratory conduit. The respiratory conduit is configured to be coupled to a patient interface device and is further configured to be coupled to a... Agent: The Periodic Breathing Foundation

20150122261 - Respiratory therapy apparatus: An inspiratory exerciser apparatus has a loop shape housing with a mouthpiece 1, an air inlet 2, an outlet 3 and a spring-loaded valve 4 that provides a restriction to inhalation through the inlet. The apparatus includes an electronics unit 60 that records use of the apparatus for download to... Agent: Smiths Medical International Limited

20150122262 - Patient interface device having tightening indicator: The present invention relates to patient interface, comprising a patient interface (12; 112) for delivering a gas to a user arranged to be tightened towards the user's face, and at least one tightening indicator (48; 148) for indicating an optimum tightening position of the patient interface (12; 112), wherein the... Agent:

20150122263 - Cheek depressors and method of use: A device and method of use for depressing the cheeks of a user, to limit significant motion of the cheeks and provide for enhanced inhalation and exhalation. The device may be used to enhance respiration during a variety of activities, and is especially beneficial during the use of positive airway... Agent:

20150122264 - Curved distal tip for use with medical tubing and method for making the same: A method of manufacturing a tracheal tube assembly including a cannula having a tapered distal tip is provided. The method includes providing a cannula having a distal end and inserting the distal end into a tapered melt mold. The method also includes applying heat to the tapered melt mold and... Agent:

20150122265 - Artificial perforated tarsorrhaphy: An Artificial Perforated Tarsorrhaphy is designed to hold an eyelid in a closed position to heal defects on the eye surface. The perforated mesh device includes a first edge, a second edge, an upper edge, a bottom edge, and an adhesive surface, wherein, the perforated mesh device is a non-rigid... Agent:

20150122268 - Boot with lockable strap: A method includes placing a patient's foot in a boot comprising a cam buckle, a pad, and a retention strap. The retention strap is placed over the top of the foot, and the pad is arranged relative to the top of the foot. Pressing on the pad positions the foot... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20150122266 - Cushioning devices with internal shear absorbing layer: Shear-reduction cushioning devices are provided for the prevention of shear related wounds. Cushioning devices include upper and lower cushioning layers that contact each other through at least one internal shear reduction layer provided between the cushioning layers and extending over a shear reduction region, such that dynamic relative translation of... Agent:

20150122267 - Pelvic alignment adjustment device: The present invention relates to a pelvic alignment adjustment device for correcting pelvic misalignment, comprising a vertical column; one or more push point assembly components attached to the vertical column to allow inward exertion by the knees; and one or more push point assembly components attached to the vertical column... Agent:

20150122269 - Topsheet containing jade particles and method for its manufacture: A topsheet made of a fibrous web or a perforated film and having a clear top layer containing about 5% to about 50% of jade particles. The jade particles having a mean diameter of from about 50 to about 600 microns and an aspect ratio from about 1 to about... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150114387 - Nebulizer: A nebulizer includes an insertable container and a securing mechanism for holding the container in the nebulizer such that the container can move back and forth but cannot be separated. The securing mechanism is formed by a metal unitary part. The securing mechanism forms a transportation lock for holding the... Agent:

20150114388 - Adapter for an anesthesia face mask: The present invention is directed toward an adapter for use with an anesthesia face mask prior to a medical procedure, such as surgeries on children. The adapter comprises a housing having on its proximal end a cooperatively structured entry port facilitating connection of the housing to an orifice of the... Agent:

20150114390 - Display and controls for a cpap device: An apparatus for treating sleep disordered breathing may include: a flow generator to deliver a supply of air at positive pressure to a patient; a user interface, the user interface comprising: a display configured to display a plurality of screens; and a set of controls; and a controller in communication... Agent:

20150114389 - Heating for powered air unit: A powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) with an active heating system. The PAPR includes a powered air component designed to be carried by a user of the PAPR, the powered air component including a fan and a filter, wherein the fan draws air from a user's environment through the filter.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150114391 - Device for dispensing a fluid product: A fluid dispenser device including at least one individual reservoir containing a single dose of fluid, such as powder, opening means (80) being provided for opening an individual reservoir each time the device is actuated, said device including movable support means (50) that are adapted to move an individual reservoir... Agent: Aptar France Sas

20150114392 - Low dose pharmaceutical powders for inhalation: The invention relates to a method of delivering an agent to the pulmonary system of a compromised patient, in a single breath-activated step, comprising administering a particle mass comprising an agent from an inhaler containing less than 5 milligrams of the mass, wherein at least about 50% of the mass... Agent:

20150114393 - Device for the portioned output of medication: A device outputs portioned medications (M) from individual chambers of a strip arranged one behind the other. The strip includes a base strip and a closure strip and the raised chambers of the strip can be opened by pressing a handle by sharp-edged deflection of the closure strip. In order... Agent:

20150114394 - Method and apparatus to attain and maintain target arterial blood gas concentrations using ramp sequences: An apparatus and method for controlling the end tidal partial pressure of a gas X in a subject's lung, and to the use of such an apparatus and method for research, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, wherein the method consists of: obtaining input of a series of logistically attainable PetX values... Agent:

20150114395 - Method and arrangement for determining a ventilation need specific for a patient: A method for determining a ventilation need specific for a patient is disclosed herein. The method includes providing a breath gas with a machine ventilator circuit from a starting pressure to lungs to start inspiration, and filling lungs to a predetermined breath gas pressure level. The method also includes determining... Agent: General Electric Company

20150114396 - Methods and apparatus for pressure treatment modulation: Respiratory pressure treatment apparatus include automated methodologies for controlling modulation of pressure during an inspiratory phase or an expiratory phase of patient respiration. The changes in pressure result in various pressure waveforms that may be suitable for treating patients suffering from respiratory insufficiency such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. In... Agent: Resmed Limited

20150114397 - Chemical and biological protection mask: A chemical and biological protection mask with dual-external-filter cartridges each having a photo catalytic Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) filter element, alone or in combination with activated carbon filter, combination hydrophobic-hydrophilic filter, and/or other elements, and a miniaturized high-intensity shortwave UV illumination tube internal to the mask itself illuminating both TiO2 filter... Agent:

20150114398 - Motion limiting coupling assembly for a patient interface: A coupling assembly for a respiratory interface device support assembly and a respiratory interface device mask is provided. The respiratory interface device support assembly has at least one strap structured to be coupled to each lateral side of the respiratory interface device mask. The coupling assembly includes a first rotatable... Agent:

20150114399 - Respiratory device comprising a fastening system: Disclosed is a device for respiration which comprises at least of one body that delimits an inner chamber from an outer chamber, a region for sealing the device against parts of the face of a patient, fastening elements for positioning the device on the patient's head and a connection for... Agent: Weinmann Geraete Fuer Medizin Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150114400 - Laryngeal mask head: Especially during emergencies, there is a need for laryngeal mask heads with a ventral respiration chamber (3) that has a cuff (4) which surrounds the respiration chamber and which can be adjusted in size without having to be inflated. To meet said need, the laryngeal mask head comprises non-pneumatic means... Agent: Singularity Ag

20150114401 - Applicator for delivering an occluding compound in a fallopian tube: Applicator for delivering an occluding compound in a fallopian tube includes a lumen extending between a proximal end connectable to a dispenser for containing uncured occluding compound, and a distal end. A spiral wire with a first end is connected to the distal end of the lumen and a free... Agent:

20150114402 - Inserter: The present invention relates to an inserter for an intrauterine system, comprising a handle (3) having a longitudinal opening (8) at its first end, said opening (8) having a longitudinal axis parallel to the longitudinal axis of the inserter, a first end (8a) and a second end (8b), a movable... Agent:

20150114403 - Dental appliance: The invention is generally a dental appliance that, in exemplary embodiments, includes a mandibular advancement mouthpiece equipped with a tongue-securing mechanism. The dental appliance helps to keep a user's airway unobstructed by moving the mandible forward with respect to the maxilla, and securing a tip portion of the tongue slightly... Agent:

20150114404 - Sterile drape for an o-shaped ct scanner and method of draping an o-shaped ct scanner: A sterile drape for an o-shaped CT scanner and method of draping an O-shaped CT scanner therewith is provided. The sterile drape has a sterile, flexible tubular wall extending between opposite first and second ends. The first end is open and the second end is substantially closed. The wall has... Agent:

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