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02/05/2015 > 25 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150034074 - Vulvar varicosity supporter: A vulvar varicosity supporter that firmly attaches to an existing maternity support belt or back support belt in such a way that it can provide significant force on the vulva, and, in an embodiment, comprises a pocket for an insertable pad that can increase the pressure on the vulva.... Agent:

20150034075 - Aerosol generating means for inhalation therapy devices: The invention describes an aerosol generator for inhalation therapy devices, in which an oscillatable assembly, consisting of at least a membrane and an oscillation generator, is mounted in an encapsulating means such that at least the membrane is exposed for the supply of liquid and the generation of an aerosol,... Agent: Pari Pharma Gmbh

20150034076 - Apparatus for use with a nebulizer and a method of operating a nebulizer: There is provided a method of determining whether a first type of liquid is being used in a nebulizer, the method comprising obtaining a measurement of the time taken by the nebulizer to nebulize a specified volume of liquid that was held therein, comparing the time taken to nebulize the... Agent:

20150034077 - Pulse drug nebulization system, formulations therefore, and methods of use: Liquid nebulizer apparatus, systems, and formulation compositions, as well as systems for the nebulized, aerosol delivery of such compositions, for the administration and insufflation of medicinal aerosols into the pulmonary system of a mammal are described. The nebulizing apparatus and system can effectively aerosolize a variety of viscosities of medicinal... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20150034078 - Gum elastic bougie introducer with tactile depth and orientation indicator: This disclosure describes systems, methods, and apparatus for intubation where indicators of a bougie's axial orientation and insertion depth into the trachea are not visible. In particular, a bougie having one or more tactile indicators of axial orientation and/or depth of insertion are disclosed. The tactile indicators can include finger... Agent:

20150034079 - Ventilation mask with integrated piloted exhalation valve: A mask for achieving positive pressure mechanical ventilation (inclusive of CPAP, ventilator support, critical care ventilation, emergency applications), and a method for a operating a ventilation system including such mask. The mask includes a piloted exhalation valve that is used to achieve the target pressures/flows to the patient. The pilot... Agent:

20150034080 - Respiratory protection device: A respiratory protection device is provided that allows the wearers of a facepiece to smoothly have a conversation with each other. A respiratory protection device includes a facepiece. The protection device also includes a voice amplifier that includes a microphone and a speaker therein, a detection unit that directly or... Agent:

20150034081 - Therapeutic diaphragm stimulation device and method: A device and method for treating a variety of conditions, disorders or diseases with diaphragm/phrenic nerve stimulation is provided.... Agent: Rmx, LLC

20150034082 - Oxygenation-ventilation methods and systems: The systems and methods include providing oxygenation-ventilation of a patient being monitored or treated with a medical system. The novel systems and methods may be configured to be able to simultaneously treat and/or monitor a patient with both a ventilator and an ECGE system. The novel systems and methods may... Agent:

20150034083 - Method for detecting at least one anomaly in an observed signal, corresponding computer program product and device: A method is provided for detecting the presence of an anomaly within an observed physical signal. The observed signal includes an addition of a physical disturbance signal and a reference signal. The anomaly is relative to a change in the behavior of the reference signal compared with a first tolerance... Agent:

20150034084 - Inhalation of nitric oxide for treating respiratory diseases: A method of treating a human subject which is effected by intermittent inhalation of gaseous nitric oxide at a concentration of at least 160 ppm is disclosed. The method can be utilized for treating a human subject suffering from, or prone to suffer from, a disease or disorder that is... Agent: Advanced Inhalation Therapies (ait) Ltd.

20150034086 - Aerosol generator: A sonic aerosol generator is provided that provides a constant concentration of particulate aerosol over a long exposure time to an animal. The concentration of aerosols is maintainable for greater than 30 hours at concentrations of 15 mg/m3 or more. The aerosol generator is used to expose subject to high... Agent:

20150034085 - Virtual respiratory gas delivery systems and circuits: A respiratory gas delivery system monitors gas flow over the course of a breath in real time and uses this parameter to simulate, in whole or part, the function of a reference respiratory gas delivery system, in particular structural features, particularly structural components of parts of the reference system, to... Agent:

20150034087 - Low dose pharmaceutical composition comprising zanamivir: The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising a low dose of zanamivir and a process for preparing the pharmaceutical composition comprising a low dose of zanamivir. The pharmaceutical composition comprising a low dose zanamivir may be used in the treatment and/or prophylaxis of influenza. The present invention also provides... Agent: Cipla Limited

20150034088 - Method and device for the protection of a resiratory tract: Method and device are proposed, which provide a long-time efficient protection of a human respiratory tract by means of an invisible from outside intranasal working body. By breath-in the working body acts completely as a filter, and by exhalation it acts completely as a valve. This way the valves can... Agent:

20150034089 - Speaking valve system with cuff deflation: A tracheal tube system includes a conduit and an inflatable cuff disposed on the conduit that seals a patient's airway. The tracheal tube system also includes an inflation line disposed along a portion of a length of the conduit and terminating in an opening within the inflatable cuff. The tracheal... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150034090 - Cannula cover and adjuster: A cannula cover fitted to a nasal cannula, such that the cover may be slid up and down the nasal cannula. In one aspect, when the cannula is in use, the cover may be slid to a position that contacts the user's chin, thus comfortably securing the cannula to the... Agent:

20150034091 - Patient support device for prone immobilization: c

20150034096 - Devices and methods for treating sleep disordered breathing: Devices and methods of treating sleep disordered breathing are provided herein. The devices are designed capable of preventing collapse of an oral airway tissue during sleep while maintaining normal velopharyngeal functions.... Agent: Svip 7 LLC

20150034093 - Method and apparatus for incrementally repositioning the mandible of a patient: A method and apparatus for incrementally repositioning the mandible of a patient includes a mandible repositioning assembly having a support member defining opposed first and second female retention structures. The assembly includes first and second male retention members selectively coupled to the first and second female retention structures. In one... Agent:

20150034092 - Sleep apnea prevention mask: A sleep apnea prevention sleep-aid mask is described. The sleep-aid mask is configured to secure the lips of a user together in a natural state, in order to encourage the respiratory system of the user to employ the nasal passages rather than the mouth for respiration. A pad equipped with... Agent:

20150034095 - Tissue adjustment implant: Tissue adjustment implants useful for adjusting a position of tissue in a patient are described. In an embodiment, a tissue adjustment implant includes a main body having a series of outwardly-extending projections. The tissue adjustment implants can be used in a variety of treatments, such as in the treatment of... Agent:

20150034094 - Tongue manipulation device, bone anchor for use in such devices and an adjustment method: A bone anchor for a tongue manipulation device which has a tissue anchor for attachment to the tongue, the bone anchor, for example for attachment to the mandible and a tether line which fixes the tissue anchor to the bone anchor. The bone anchor has a spool arrangement with a... Agent:

20150034097 - Device and method for restraining food in take: An intra-oral device and a method of using the device to assist overweight persons in treating obesity by reducing and/or limiting the mouth opening and/or slowing down the rate of chewing. Such a device is handled by the user with or without the need for professional help, by increasing the... Agent:

20150034098 - Air filtration mask with opening front cover: Disclosed is an air filtration mask formed from individual connectable components namely a base member, a filter holder member, a filter member, and an optional decorative mask cover member. The base member employs studs which allow the filter holding member to securely attach to the base member by means of... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150027439 - Anesthetic vaporizer: Disclosed herein is an anesthetic vaporizer comprising a refrigeration system configured to cool a liquid anesthetic to less than 0° C. and to the anesthetic's temperature of minimal alveolar concentration. Further disclosed are methods of administering a liquid anesthetic comprising cooling the liquid anesthetic to less than 0° C. and... Agent: Oregon Health And Science University

20150027440 - Aerosol delivery device and method for operating an aerosol delivery device: The invention relates to an aerosol delivery device (10, 100, 100′) comprising an aerosol generator (12, 106) for generating an aerosol in the device and a fluid conveying unit (14, 16, 18; 102, 104, 130) configured to induce a first fluid flow (26, 120) having a first flow rate in... Agent: Pari Pharma Gmbh

20150027441 - Nebulizer device for medical aerosols: A nebulizer device including a mesh aerosol generator combined with an inhalation chamber formed with three openings and a single one-way expiratory valve, a first opening being connected to the patient and used for the transport and administration of the particles from the device to the patient, the said first... Agent:

20150027442 - Respiratory gas monitoring: A device for monitoring gases present in a breathing mask. A gas sensing element carried by the breathing mask senses the partial pressure of a gas present in the breathing mask and outputs signals corresponding to the sensed gas partial pressure. The gas sensing element may comprise a gas-sensing material... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20150027443 - Low emissivity material coating or layer: A system for reducing condensation in CPAP devices including a CPAP device with air pump and humidifier, a tube connected in pneumatic communication with the air pump, a patient interface pneumatically connected to the hose, and a low-emissivity (below 0.3) outer coating covering the tube.... Agent:

20150027444 - Bi-directional flow generation in an in-exsufflation system: A bi-directional gas flow generation system (10), the system comprising: (a) a pressure generator (14) comprising an inlet (40) and an outlet (42), (b) a flow member (16) comprising an outlet port (50), an inlet port (52), a respiratory circuit port (54) and a flow path (60), (c) a first... Agent:

20150027445 - Systems and methods for intra-pulmonary percussive ventilation integrated in a ventilator: System and methods for providing respiratory therapy include predetermined and/or automatically determined perturbations of levels of pressure, flow, and/or other gas parameters integrated and/or combined (Start with a supplied pressurized flow of breathable gas for a subject. The perturbations are intended to improve secretion management through intra-pulmonary percussive ventilation integrated... Agent:

20150027446 - Respiratory protection mask: A respiratory protection mask (10) for alpine recreationalists, including a frame structure (14) that creates an air void (12) about a users mouth and nose and an outer covering (32) that creates a seal about the air void (12), the users mouth and nose. The mask (10) includes an inlet... Agent:

20150027447 - Respiration mask interface seal: A seal device or gasket assembly usable with respiration or ventilation mask systems and that is preferably at least one of adhesive or deformable. The gasket is disposed between the mask and the wearer and reduces the escape of respiration gases between the perimeter edge interface of the mask with... Agent:

20150027448 - Applicator device for applying a urisheath to a penis: An applicator device (20) suitable for applying a urisheath (21) to a penis, said applicator device comprising: a first flange (41), a second flange (42), and a third flange (43), a first displaceable element (31) connected to said first flange, a second displaceable element (32) connected to said second flange... Agent:

20150027449 - Device of contrast of gastroesophageal reflux in children: The present invention concerns a device (10) to counteract gastroesophageal reflux in babies, including at least a flat rigid support (12), with a supporting side covered with stuffing or cushion (11), characterized in that it is supplied with mechanisms of assemblage (19) with a frame (30, 30′) supplied with wheels,... Agent: Dr Albani Limited

20150027450 - Tracheostomy appliances and methods for the treatment of sleep apnea syndromes: Small tracheostomy appliances for use in treating Sleep Apnea Syndrome. The appliances are inserted in a tracheotomy incision, low on a patient's neck to equalize intra-tracheal pressure with ambient pressure under certain conditions to prevent undesirable increases in blood CO2 that could otherwise cause arousals from sleep.... Agent:

20150027451 - Anti-rotation wedge: Disclosed is a device for stabilizing a limb, e.g., to which a health care device is secured, and providing for anti-rotation thereof in a health care setting. In an embodiment, the device includes a base section, and two side sections attached to the base section and extending therefrom to define... Agent: Skil-care Corporation

20150027452 - Rapist identifier cum rape victim protector: A perpetrator identifier cum rape victim protector 10 comprises a flexible sheath 12 of liquid impermeable condom type substance that is divided into a tissue attachment means carrying section 18 extending from a mouth 16 and a concertina effect formed inner end section 22. Attachment means in the form of... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150020798 - Inhaler: An inhaler for delivery of a medicament by inhalation is disclosed. The inhaler comprises a dose counting mechanism comprising a counter. The inhaler further comprises a dispensing mechanism, the dispensing mechanism being configured, on actuation, to dispense a dose of medicament and to adjust the counter. The inhaler further comprises... Agent:

20150020799 - Integrated diving snorkel and regulator and methods of use: A combination apparatus integrates the operation of a snorkel with a diving regulator having a breathing chamber and a diaphragm/purge valve chamber. A compressed air tank is in fluid communication with the diving regulator and a normally closed regulator valve is disposed between the compressed air tank and the diving... Agent: Innovatech Engineering, LLC

20150020801 - Breathing assistance apparatus with serviceability features: A breathing assistance apparatus is configured with features that improve serviceability of the apparatus. The apparatus can include animations to provide instruction regarding correcting easily-identified fault conditions and to provide instruction regarding routine maintenance routines. The apparatus also can be configured with top level control menus that are obscured in... Agent:

20150020800 - End of service life indicator for a respirator: Systems, methods, and devices for an end of service life indicator for a respirator are described herein. For example, a device can include a cartridge containing a filter material and an insert extending through at least a portion of the filter material having a first path with a first opening... Agent:

20150020802 - Low resistance aerosol exhalation filter: Low resistance aerosol exhalation filters, and methods of their use are provided. The exhalation filters provided herein are used in conjunction with a nebulizer in the treatment of a pulmonary infection in a patient in need thereof. In one method, an antiinfective formulation is administered to a patient in need... Agent: Insmed Incorporated

20150020804 - Analysis and control of aerosol flow: An aerosol generation system has a light source arrangement which provides signals at first and second wavelengths, and the detected light signals are recorded. The detected signals are processed to derive at least a measure of the aerosol particle size. This can be used in combination with the other parameters... Agent:

20150020803 - Apparatus and method for maintaining patient temperature during a procedure: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for maintaining patient temperature during an anaesthetic procedure. Patients, particularly small patients, can lose body temperature when undergoing surgery or other procedures where they are anaesthetised. The process of breathing the cool anaesthetic gas contributes to the temperature loss of the... Agent:

20150020805 - Breathable gas apparatus with humidifier: A flow generator and humidifier construction is described, including a flow generator construction adapted to reduce noise output compared to known flow generators of comparable size. The flow generator includes a chassis forming first and second muffler volumes and a venturi-shaped connection portion, and a metal/polymer composite material blower enclosure... Agent:

20150020806 - Dry powder inhaler for delivering multipe agglomerate formulations: Various embodiments provide drug products and dry powder inhalers. With various embodiments of the present invention, a de-agglomeration chamber and by-pass channel are provided which allow for various de-agglomerating capabilities for dry powder dispensers.... Agent:

20150020807 - Compensating for variations in air density in a pressure support device: A pressure support device implements compensation for variations in air density of its operating environment. A pressurized flow of breathable gas is generated for delivery to the airway of a subject. One or more parameters associated with the ambient environment of the pressure support device are determined. These parameters can... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150020808 - Methods and apparatus with improved ventilatory support cycling: A ventilator that delivers air at different pressures to a patient during inspiratory and expiratory cycles of breathing and that cycles from inspiratory to expiratory operation when the patient's respiratory flow passes a threshold level. The threshold generally increases form the beginning of inspiration to the end of inspiration. The... Agent: Resmed Limited

20150020809 - Passenger oxygen mask and breathing bag for an oxygen mask: The invention relates to a passenger oxygen mask for the emergency supply of oxygen in an aircraft, with a breathing bag which is provided on the entry side with a tube for the oxygen supply, wherein the tube and the breathing bag consist of polyurethane. The invention further relates to... Agent: B/e Aerospace Systems Gmbh

20150020810 - Simultaneous postive and negative airway pressure pump: A system and method of using both positive and negative airflow to create differential pressures in the oral and nasal cavities for support of the pharynx to treat obstructive sleep apnea.... Agent:

20150020811 - Oxygen delivery device: An oxygen delivery device (1) having a substantially U-shaped nasal cannula (3) with a formable tip (31) that fits inside the patient's nostril and extends around to an outer surface of the patient's nostril then toward the patient's eye or ear. The substantially U-shaped cannula has a first section of... Agent: Upods, LLC

20150020812 - Sleep appliance with oxygen: A dental oral appliance to open the airway for a sleeping individual who suffers with snoring or obstructive sleep apnea comprising, a body, structure configured to removably affix the appliance to the upper or lower teeth, structure to prevent occlusion of the upper and lower teeth, a transpalatal member that... Agent:

20150020813 - Anesthesia machine cover with pockets and method of use thereof: The present invention is an anesthesia machine cover and method intended to address the dual problems of cleanliness and organization of anesthesia equipment during surgery and is intended for single patient use. The device covers anesthesia equipment quickly prior to surgery and prevents contamination while providing for better containment and... Agent:

20150020814 - Noninvasive system and method for mitigating sleep-position related eye loads: When sleeping or resting in non-supine positions, reaction forces are distributed over areas of the face and head in contact with a surface, such as a mattress or arm, following a load path through at least one eye. Aspects of the disclosed system and method provide rigid to semi-rigid load... Agent:

20150020816 - Horizontal flat-fold filtering face-piece respirator having indicia of symmetry: A horizontal flat-fold, filtering face-piece respirator 10 that includes a harness 14 and a mask body 12 that has a front surface, a first perimeter 24a, and a longitudinal axis 34. A nose clip 30 is secured to the mask body 12 centrally and adjacent to the first perimeter 24a... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150020815 - Protective mask with imbedded functionality: Disclosed is a protective mask with imbedded functionality and an interchangeable face panel. The protective mask includes an upper support that extends across a wearer's face and a lower support extending downward therefrom so that the mask covers the wearer's nose and chin, leaving the eyes uncovered. The each of... Agent:

20150020817 - Medical head holder: s

01/15/2015 > 21 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150013670 - Nasal delivery devices: A nasal delivery device for and method of delivering substance to a nasal airway of a subject, the delivery device comprising: a nosepiece (117) for fitting to a nasal cavity of a subject; a mouthpiece (119) into which the subject in use exhales; a delivery unit, which comprises an actuation... Agent: Optinose As

20150013671 - Huff cough simulation device: A respiratory treatment device having an inlet configured to receive exhaled air into the device and an outlet configured to permit exhaled air to exit the device. A blocking member is moveable between a closed position where the flow of air through the device is restricted, and an open position... Agent:

20150013672 - Oral airway adjunct and method for making the same: An oral airway adjunct includes a passageway extending from the proximal end to the distal end, wherein the passageway is sized to pass through a breathing tube. The oral airway adjunct also includes a flange located at the proximal region and a curved region extending away from the proximal region... Agent:

20150013673 - Personal flotation device for a self contained breathing apparatus: A lifejacket which is designed to be worn with, alongside, in conjunction with, or integrated within a self contained breathing apparatus.... Agent:

20150013674 - System and method for monitoring and reporting status of a ventilated patient: The present disclosure provides a method of issuing an alert for optimizing interaction between a patient and a ventilatory system. The method includes ventilating a patient using a ventilatory system and retrieving one or more of current ventilatory settings, collected ventilatory data, and patient data. The method also includes detecting... Agent:

20150013675 - Mask assembly: A mask assembly includes a mask frame including a lower portion and a neck extending from the lower portion, a cushion provided to the mask frame and adapted to contact a patient's face, a forehead support assembly provided to the neck of the mask frame, the forehead support assembly including... Agent:

20150013676 - Method and apparatus for facilitating delivery of anaesthetic: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for facilitating anaesthesia, particularly in Re-Breather anaesthetic circuits. A problem with Re-Breather circuits is that their dynamic response can be relatively slow. The dynamic response is the response of the circuit to delivering changes of anaesthetic concentration. In current circuits, Fresh... Agent:

20150013677 - Nasal delivery devices: A nasal delivery device for delivering substance to a nasal cavity of a subject comprises: a housing (15); a nosepiece (17) for fitting to a nasal cavity of the subject; a mouthpiece (19) through which the subject in use exhales; and a flexible coupling (20) which couples the mouthpiece to... Agent:

20150013678 - Breathing assistance apparatus: In one embodiment, a nasal cannula is shaped to fit within a user's nares, where the nasal cannula includes at least one prong allowing high flow delivery of humidified gases and creates positive airway pressure in the patient's airway. The prongs have angled ends such that, in use, gases flowing... Agent:

20150013679 - Ventilatory assistance for treatment of cardiac failure and cheyne-stokes breathing: Method and apparatus for the treatment of cardiac failure, Cheyne Stokes breathing or central sleep apnea are disclosed. A subject is provided with ventilatory support. Respiratory airflow is determined. From the respiratory airflow are derived a measure of instantaneous ventilation (for example half the absolute value of the respiratory airflow)... Agent:

20150013680 - Exhaled vapor collection device: A collection device for exhaled vapor is provided. The exhaled vapor collection device collects a wearer's exhalant to provide for later hydration. In at least one embodiment, the collection device for exhaled vapor includes a facial mask; a one-way intake valve disposed within the facial mask and configured to allow... Agent:

20150013681 - Apparatus with exhaust spacer to improve filtration of pathogens in respiratory emissions of sneezes: Apparatus and method to mitigate the spread of respiratory emission of a sneeze are disclosed. The apparatus includes a spacer component and at least one filtration component. The at least one filtration component is disposed atop the spacer component. The spacer component includes a corrugated sheet, which forms a plurality... Agent:

20150013682 - Patient interface device having an engineered surface for providing low friction and improved comfort to the user: A patient interface device includes an elastomeric contacting portion that is structured to directly engage the skin of the user. The contacting portion has an engineered surface that includes a plurality of non-random, predesigned surface features designed to reduce friction and improve user comfort. In one implementation, the pitch between... Agent:

20150013683 - Hollow structure for breathing mask: A hollow structure for a face mask includes an inner wall, an outer wall spaced from the inner wall to define a hollow area between the inner wall and the outer wall, and a bottom wall that couples the inner wall to the outer wall. A first portion and a... Agent:

20150013684 - Speaking valve system with cuff deflation: A tracheal tube system includes a tracheal tube assembly having a cannula configured to be positioned in a patient airway, and a connector coupled to the proximal end of the cannula. The tracheal tube assembly further includes a cuff disposed about the cannula. The tracheal tube system additionally includes a... Agent:

20150013685 - Patient interface with expandable nasal prongs: A nasal cushion (102) for a patient interface device is provided that includes a main body portion (106) and a nasal prong (108A, 108B) extending from a top side of the main body portion. The nasal prong includes a base portion (112A, 112B) coupled to the main body portion and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150013686 - System for securely positioning a cervical spine during surgery: A system for securely positioning a cervical spine during surgery can include a harness comprising a donut-shaped frame to receive and hold a patient's head. Straps can be integrated into the donut-shaped frame to securely hold a patient's head within the harness at least one of a patient's chin and... Agent:

20150013688 - Dental appliance system and method of manufacture: A dental appliance and method includes injection molding a thermoplastic material to form discs for use in thermoforming. Also, a dental appliance and method of manufacture therefor, includes but is not limited to injection overmolding a thermoplastic polyster-containing material with an thermoplastic elastomer material to form a chemically bonded material,... Agent:

20150013687 - Implantable devices, systems, and methods for maintaining desired orientations in targeted tissue regions: At least one implant structure is sized and configured for implantation in, on, or near an extrinsic muscle region affecting movement and/or shape of a tongue, e.g., a genioglossus muscle. The position of the implant structure is stabilized relative to the extrinsic muscle region to maintain the tongue in a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150013689 - Anatomical orientation system: An anatomical orientation system comprising one or both of a physical surgical drape or a virtual surgical drape is disclosed. Physical and virtual drapes of the provided system comprise at least one anatomical diagram correlating with the anatomy of at least a portion of a patient's body requiring a surgical... Agent:

20150013690 - Retractable-expandable restraint device: A restraint device and method of using a restraint device including an outer body, a storage wheel, a line, a first and second connector, and a release mechanism. The storage wheel may be carried by an internal portion of the outer body. The line may be carried by the storage... Agent: Qwik Cuff LLC

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