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12/18/2014 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140366872 - Aerosols for sinunasal drug delivery: A pharmaceutical aerosol is disclosed which is suitable for delivering an active compound to the mucosa of the nose, the osteomeatal complex or a paranasal sinus. The pressure of the aerosol is not constant, but pulsates at a frequency from about 10 to 90 Hz. The aerosol is further characterised... Agent:

20140366871 - Atomizer: An atomizer for the delivery, and in particular, for the atomization of a formulation, particularly, a powder has a simple construction that makes a simple intuitive operation possible. In particular, such is achieved by the fact that the atomizer has a mouthpiece with an associated cover, so that opening and/or... Agent:

20140366873 - Hybrid self-rescue equipment: Described herein is a safety breathing apparatus (5) having a delivery element configured to deliver respirable gas to a respiratory system of a user. The apparatus includes a breathing hose (25) in fluid communication with a first source of respirable gas (15). A valve housing (85) includes a first port... Agent: Draeger Safety, Inc.

20140366874 - System and method for controlling and monitoring flow in an endotracheal tube: A system for controlling and monitoring flow in a cuffed endotracheal tube device is disclosed. The system comprises: a connector panel having at least three connectors adapted for establishing fluid communication with proximal ends of at least a first fluid line, a second fluid line and a cuff inflation line... Agent:

20140366875 - Systems and methods for providing aircraft passengers with oxygen: The disclosure provides apparatus and methods of use pertaining to providing concentrated oxygen to an oxygen-dependent airline passenger. One embodiment provides an on-board oxygen concentrator that includes at least one air compressor secured in a compartment of an aircraft and at least one zeolite sieve bed also secured in a... Agent:

20140366876 - Power management in respiratory treatment apparatus: A respiratory treatment apparatus provides respiratory treatment with improved power management control to permit more efficient power consumption and power supply units, such as battery powered operation. In one embodiment, power management prioritizes the flow generator (104) over other accessories such as the heating elements (111, 135) of a humidifier... Agent:

20140366877 - Ventless mask cpap system: A CPAP or other ventilation system includes a mask, a flow generator, a positive or high pressure line to provide positive or high pressure air from the flow generator to the mask and a vacuum or return line provided to actively extract exhaled gas from the breathing chamber and/or the... Agent:

20140366878 - Medical console: A personal medical console is connectable to a plurality of different sensor devices and different effector devices and configured to monitor operation of one or more sensor devices and control operation of one or more effector devices. The sensor devices sense physiological characteristics. The medical console is configured to receive... Agent:

20140366879 - Use of multiple spontaneous breath types to promote patient ventilator synchrony: The present disclosure combines the advantages of a hybrid mode of ventilation with an automatic determination of an appropriate spontaneous breath type in response to one or more patient based criteria. Specifically, when the ventilator is delivering a spontaneous breath type, a determination may be made as to whether predetermined... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140366880 - Adjustable non-rebreathing nasal cannula: The current embodiment shows a portable, adjustable, oxygen delivery system. This embodiment delivers up to one-hundred percent oxygen while simultaneously conserving oxygen during the user's exhalation phase. The current embodiment contains an air-entrainment system (FIG. 12), a reservoir bag (FIG. 7), a one-way valve assembly (FIG. 5a), and a cannula... Agent:

20140366881 - Portable hyperbaric chamber with a vertical mounting system: A portable hyperbaric chamber with a vertical mounting system includes an inflatable enclosure which is vertically positioned by a rigid base. An internal frame also functions as an additional mounting system so that the inflatable enclosure can be vertically positioned during pressurized and not pressurized instances. A plurality of fill... Agent:

20140366882 - Mask vent: Apparatus for providing positive airway pressure therapy to the airways of a patient includes a mask, a gas delivery conduit coupled to the mask, and a vent located in the mask or near the mask in the gas delivery conduit, to allow washout of exhaled carbon dioxide. The vent includes... Agent:

20140366883 - Filter box assembly and filter unit: A filter unit for use in a filter box assembly, the filter unit comprising a particulate filter layer and a gas filter layer, the particulate filter layer being configured to bias towards the gas filter layer, exerting pressure thereon. There is also described filter box assemblies (including a duel filter... Agent:

20140366884 - Patient interface device fixable to the patient via a bone anchor inside the patient's mouth: The present invention relates to a patient interface device and system for delivering continuous airway pressure to a patient (14). The patient interface system comprises a patient interface (12) and at least one bone anchor (24, 26) fixed to the patient (14). The patient interface (12) is attached to the... Agent:

20140366886 - Cushion having adjustable stabilization member: A cushion assembly (16) for use in a patient interface device (10) includes a cushion member having a sealing flap (24) adapted to sealing engage a user's face about at least one of an oral orifice or nasal orifices of the user. The cushion member defines a cavity (30) therein... Agent:

20140366885 - Patient interface device with automatically tilting cushion: A method of adjusting the fit of a patient interface device having a nasal cushion rotatably coupled to frame member includes providing resistance to rotation of the nasal cushion assembly in a first direction toward a face of a patient using a rotational resistance mechanism provided between the nasal cushion... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140366887 - Oral airway: An oral airway includes a curved body having a front wall which includes a concave portion of the body, and a rear wall which includes a convex portion of the body. The front wall is configured to translate relative to the rear wall, while remaining engaged with the rear wall.... Agent: Tufts Medical Center, Inc.

20140366888 - Bathroom laptop device: A device for assisting with bowel movements. The device comprises a rectangular, generally flat portion. The device has rounded ends with hand-holds so that the user may grip the device for stability and leverage. The device is semi-rigid, and preferentially formed from a plastic or other impervious material.... Agent:

20140366889 - Facial structure stabilization methods and apparatus: Certain embodiments disclosed herein are directed to methods and apparatus for extended support and maintenance of facial structures by molding and maintaining the skin and underlying fat, fillers and muscle with supportive soft silicone gel pads that apply desired pressure to the structures underlying the skin In one embodiment, a... Agent:

20140366890 - Devices and methods for surgical fire prevention: Surgical devices and methods for reducing the risk of surgical fires for patients receiving supplemental oxygen. Airflow with elevated concentrations of oxygen is drawn away from a surgical field when the tubing is fluidly connected to a suction source. Tubing may be strategically positioned at locations presenting risks of oxygen... Agent:

20140366891 - Easy steady oral protection: “Easy Steady Oral Protection” is designed to aid in the protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and sexually transmitted infections (STI), which can be contracted during oral intercourse, both vaginal and anal. Furthermore, as cases of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) are increasing with this virus linked to causing cervical cancer... Agent:

20140366893 - Food obstructing dental device: A food obstructing dental device comprising a palate cover, where the palate cover is positioned toward a palate within a user's mouth, and where the palate cover includes an edge shaped to follow an arch behind the user's teeth; and a pair of teeth attachments attached to a lateral portion... Agent:

20140366892 - Mouthguard configured for attachment to a chin strap: A mouth guard configured for attachment to a portion of a chin strap assembly. Rather than attaching to the facemask, the invention is configured to attach to a portion of the chin strap and preferably to attach to the molded chin cup that is now part of most chin strap... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140360494 - Combined laryngo-tracheal anesthetic and stylet device: A laryngo-tracheal anesthetic device is provided, said device comprising a malleable conduit with a first end and a second end, wherein the second end is designed to enter a patient, a device for pressurizing anesthetic, wherein the device is adapted to receive a cartridge of anesthetic, a substrate actuated by... Agent:

20140360495 - Arrangement in the form of a tracheostoma prosthesis for easy insertion and easy removal of an inner cannula: A tracheostoma prosthesis includes a tubular outer cannula with a proximal part and a distal part, a tubular inner cannula, wherein the inner cannula can be guided into the opening at the proximal part of the outer cannula and can he locked by locking or retaining means, and the outer... Agent: Primed Halberstadt Medizintechnik Gmbh

20140360496 - Personal health device: A portable device provides filtered air to the face of a user, and has a housing having an air outlet disposed to direct air toward a face of a user, a fan disposed inside the housing for urging air toward the air outlet, a filter member disposed in the air... Agent:

20140360497 - Methods and systems for triggering with unknown base flow: This disclosure describes systems and methods for providing novel back-up ventilation that allows the patient to trigger or initiate the delivery of breath. Further, this disclosure describes systems and methods for triggering ventilation when base flow is unknown or undeterminable by the ventilator.... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140360498 - Ventilator circuit, adapter for use in ventilator circuit and methods for the use thereof: An adapter includes a housing having an inlet port defining a flow path and an outlet port. An interior wall has an inner surface defining an interior passageway communicating with the outlet port and an exterior surface defining an exterior passageway communicating with the inlet port. The interior wall defines... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20140360499 - Intranasal airway device: An intranasal device having a first cannula for insertion into a first nostril of a user and a second cannula for insertion into a second nostril of a user. Each cannula has an interior surface defining a generally cylindrical lumen. On the exterior surface of each cannula is an anatomically... Agent:

20140360500 - Breathing apparatus, and method for controlling temperature fluctuations: A wearable breathing apparatus includes a thermal capacitor that a user inhales and exhales through. Inhaled air is cooled as it passes through the thermal capacitor, and exhaled air cools the material of the thermal capacitor for the next breathing cycle. The breathing apparatus may be used by a firefighter,... Agent:

20140360501 - Gas pressure measurement system for patient ventilation apparatus: The invention relates to a gas pressure measurement system comprising at least one gas circuit and at least one pressure sensor (6) arranged so as to be able to measure the pressure of the gas in at least part of the gas circuit, said at least one pressure sensor being... Agent:

20140360502 - Apnea treatment method and device: A closure for use during Positive Airway Pressure treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea for controlling air leakage through the lips and mouth of a person. The closure includes a first member formed of an air-sealing layer for extending over the lips of and to an adjacent region on the skin... Agent:

20140360504 - Cpap mask and system: A continuous positive air pressure (“CPAP”) or ventilator system includes a mask and an air flow generator. The air flow generator is mounted or provided to the mask's wearer. In one embodiment, air flow generator is mounted on the mask.... Agent:

20140360503 - Patient interface device: The present invention relates to a patient interface device and system for delivering continuous airway pressure to a patient (14). The patient interface system comprises a patient interface device with a patient interface (12) and at least one connector pair (22), comprising itself two connector parts, attached to the patient... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140360505 - Chin strap: A chin strap includes a chin cup, side straps, and rear straps. The chin strap is used to urge the patient's jaw upwards and substantially close the patient's mouth while pressurized breathable gas is delivered to the patient's nose by the mask system.... Agent:

20140360506 - Full-face mask and mask cushion therefor: A full-face cushion comprises a substantially triangularly shaped frame from which extends a membrane. The frame has a scalloped edge by which the cushion is affixed to a mask body to form a full-face mask. The membrane has an aperture into which the wearer's nose is received. The member is... Agent:

20140360507 - Cushion for a patient interface: A cushion for a patient interface includes an outer membrane providing a sealing structure adapted to form a seal with the patient's face in use and an underlying membrane generally spaced away from the outer membrane. The underlying membrane provides a support structure for the outer membrane. The outer membrane... Agent:

20140360508 - Tracheostomy tubes: A fenestrated tracheostomy tube has a shaft (1) made of a silicone or other soft material. The fenestrated region (10) located in the trachea (20) has two rows of several openings (11) along the centre line of the tube. The openings (12) are formed in a separate plate (12) of... Agent: Smiths Medical International Limited

20140360509 - Heating element for reducing foaming during saliva collection: A saliva collector comprises a reservoir and a flow path from an inlet to an outlet on the reservoir. A heating element is disposed along the flow path. The heating element applies heat to force bubbles and foam present in the air aspirated from a patient's oral cavity to collapse.... Agent:

20140360510 - Training device for treating snoring and apnea: A training device for treating snoring and apnea is creates positive pressure within a user's nasal passages during exhalation. Exhaling through a breathing tube inflates a primary inflation chamber and a secondary inflation chamber. The secondary inflation chamber is positioned in proximity to the user's nose while inflated, blocking the... Agent:

20140360511 - Concussion retarding orthotic and method of producing the orthotic: A maxillary, mandibular, or dual concussion orthotic that substantially reduces concussion resulting from forces applied to the lower jaw, and a method of producing the orthotic. The orthotic device produced according to the method described herein is objectively measured and produced to physiological parameters for an individual user. The orthotic... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 16 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140352690 - Inhalation device with feedback system: The invention provides an inhalation device for enabling a user to inhale at a desired inspiratory flow rate and/or pressure, comprising a feedback system configured to indicate to a user by means of a signal during an inhalation manoeuvre whether an inhalation parameter, such as the inspiratory flow rate, is... Agent:

20140352689 - Nebulizer systems and methods: A nebulizer assembly configured for removable attachment to an ultrasonic actuator includes a base plate portion, a porous mesh member, and a cover member. The base plate portion includes an opening extending therethrough, and is substantially rigid such that ultrasonic vibrations from the ultrasonic actuator may be transmitted through the... Agent:

20140352691 - Adjustable and biased-open unidirectional speaking valve: A speaking valve for management of a patient's airway comprising a body rotatably and removably attachable to a tracheotomy tube, the body having a first end communicable with the tracheotomy tube and a second end distal from the first end, an offset opening formed in the second end, a ramp... Agent:

20140352692 - Dose counting mechanism for an inhalation device and inhalation device: The present disclosure refers to a dose counting mechanism for an inhalation device comprising a first state and a second state wherein the mechanism is alterable from the first state to the second state by a user's suction airstream. Further, the present disclosure concerns an inhalation device comprising said dose... Agent:

20140352693 - Anesthetic breathing apparatus with target value control of anesthetic agent: An anesthetic breathing apparatus has a processing unit, a breathing circuit for providing an inspiratory patient gas mixture of re-breathed gas and/or fresh gas to a patient fluidly connected to the breathing circuit, and a fresh gas supply controllable by the processing unit for supplying a flow of the fresh... Agent: Maquet Critical Care Ab

20140352694 - Electrical heater with particular application to humidification and fluid warming: A humidifier includes a tub configured to contain a supply of water and a heater including a first polymer film having an electrically conductive circuit provided upon a surface. The first polymer film is electrically insulating and the tub is formed of molded resin and the heater is molded at... Agent:

20140352696 - Apparatus for supplying a breathing gas: A CPAP apparatus for supplying pressurized breathable gas to a patient includes a blower device including an electric motor, an impeller driven by the motor, and a housing to receive the motor and the impeller, a housing element that defines a blower receiving chamber to receive the blower device, and... Agent:

20140352695 - Sound-proofing housing for a respirator: Sound-proofing housing (31), which comprises a first housing part (41) having an intake opening (44) and comprises a second housing part (51) having a discharge opening, wherein a shaped part (61) arranged in the housing (31) is also provided, of which the flange seal (63) comes to rest between the... Agent: Imt Information-management-technology Ag

20140352697 - Apparatus and method for oxygen delivery: The oxygen delivery apparatus comprises: an oxygen tank; an outlet valve unit configured to include a variable flow valve capable of variably controlling the amount of oxygen, a pressure sensor, and a control unit controlling the operation of the outlet valve unit on the basis of a signal from the... Agent: Oxus Co., Ltd.

20140352698 - Venturi sprinkler for controlling smoke and apparatus for removing poisonous gas: Provided is an apparatus for removing smoke and poisonous gas. The apparatus includes a body configured to include a flux unit which supplies water and a nozzle which is connected to the flux unit and has a narrower width than the flux unit, a frame configured to surround the body... Agent:

20140352699 - Extremity surgical support debridement platform: The present invention provides a surgical support debridement platform for extremities of a human or mammal to assist a physician in treating such extremity. The platform generally includes a body member. The body member includes a bottom end and at least one side wall. The body member defines an interior... Agent:

20140352700 - Incremental and/or successive adjustable mandibular advancement device for preventing and treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea: The current invention relates to an adjustable mandibular advancement device with a unique combination of resilient hinging, dentition engagement and adjustability, to prevent or reduce Snoring and/or Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome. The adjustability is described by means of two concepts of adjustability for the relative enlargement or diminution of the... Agent: Petrusk, LLC

20140352701 - Incremental and/or successive adjustable mandibular advancement device for preventing and treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea: The current invention relates to an adjustable mandibular advancement device with a unique combination of resilient hinging and adjustability to prevent or reduce snoring and/or obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. The adjustability is described by means of two concepts of adjustability for the relative enlargement or diminution of the members of... Agent: Petruska, LLC

20140352702 - System and method for alleviating sleep apnea: A system and method for controlling a device to alleviate sleep apnea comprises determining whether a user of the device is asleep by a microcontroller operatively connected to the device. Using a sensor operatively connected to the microcontroller, it is determined whether a breathing anomaly of the user is detected... Agent:

20140352703 - Apparatus and methods for preventing ocular dehydration in anesthetized small animals: One aspect of the present disclosure relates a protective eye cup that protects a small animal's eye from developing an ocular opacity in the refractive lens during a vision research experiment. The protective eye cup can include at least a dome and a shoulder. The dome can be shaped with... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20140352704 - Oral appliance for protecting the teeth of a user: An oral appliance having a base member with a generally U shaped body formed from a thermoplastic elastomer material that is not mouldable at temperatures below about 100° C., the base member having an outer wall portion that defines the outer wall of the appliance and a base extending inwardly... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 26 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140345604 - Ergonomic back plate for self-contained breathing apparatus: A self-contained breathing apparatus. The self-contained breathing apparatus comprises a back plate comprising a shoulder strap load portion and a waist belt load portion, wherein the waist belt load portion rotates about an extended axis defined by the junction of the waist belt load portion with the shoulder strap load... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140345605 - Apparatus and method for improved assisted ventilation: Devices and methods for allowing for improved assisted ventilation of a patient. The methods and devices provide a number of benefits over conventional approaches for assisted ventilation. For example, the methods and devices described herein permit blind insertion of a device that can allow ventilation regardless of whether the device... Agent: Colabs

20140345606 - Detection of aerosol-forming substrate in an aerosol generating device: There is provided an aerosol generating device, including a heater element configured to heat an aerosol-forming substrate; a power source connected to the heater element; and a controller connected to the heater element and to the power source, wherein the controller is configured to control the power supplied to the... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20140345607 - Breathing mask: The invention relates to a breathing mask, in particular for human beings, comprising a flexible mask body designed to fit over a mouth and nose on a user's face, at least one sealing lip for a gas-proof fit on the user's face, comprising at least one inhalation valve penetrating the... Agent: Moldex-metric, Inc.

20140345608 - Heads-up display for displaying a partial pressure of oxygen to a diver: A heads-up display has a display panel which displays information related to a partial pressure of oxygen in a breathing gas. The display panel comprises a first indicia, a second indicia, a third indicia, and a fourth indicia. The first indicia and the fourth indicia respectively indicate a near hyperoxic... Agent: Shearwater Research Inc.

20140345609 - Portable oxygen concentrator: Methods and systems for concentrating oxygen include an oxygen concentration subsystem configured to generate a supply of oxygen-enriched gas, an oxygen delivery subsystem configured to communicate oxygen-enriched gas to a respiratory circuit for delivery to an airway of a subject, and one or more batteries configured to act as a... Agent:

20140345610 - Respiration system: A respiration system is provided with a container (1) in which, by an exothermic chemical reaction of a reaction material, CO2 is removed from the respiration air or oxygen is generated, and with an indicator of the consumption of the reaction material. The consumption indicator has a predetermined amount (7)... Agent:

20140345611 - Connection system: A connector for use in an electronic vaporizer system is disclosed.... Agent: Pall Corporation

20140345613 - Arrangement for a drug delivery device and method of assembling the same: An arrangement for a drug delivery device and a method of assembling the same are provided. The drug delivery device comprises a support, a connection part, and a spring element, wherein the spring element is arranged between the support and the connection part, and wherein the support comprises a support... Agent: Sanofi Sa

20140345612 - Devices and methods for engaging indexed valve and pressurized canister assembly with collar and for linear actuation by plunger assembly into fluid communication with device for regulating drug delivery: A valve assembly comprising a housing and a valve, the valve being disposed within the housing, a first indexed member integral to the housing, the first indexed member adapted to be complementary to a second indexed member, and a radio frequency identification device adapted to communicate with a radio frequency... Agent:

20140345614 - Method and apparatus for humidification of breathable gas with profiled delivery: A method and apparatus for delivering breathable gas to a user includes a humidifying unit that is controllable to humidify the gas in accordance with a variable humidity profile such that the gas is delivered to the user at variable humidity levels, e.g., during a treatment session.... Agent:

20140345615 - Breathing assistance apparatus with a manifold to add auxiliary gases to ambient gases: The breathing assistance apparatus of the present invention includes a manifold that is provided with or retrofittable to gases supply and humidifying devices. The manifold allows gases from an oxygen concentrator to be combined with the flow through a gases supply and humidifying device, most usually air The combined output... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20140345617 - Passive gas regulating valve for a respiratory system: The invention relates to a gas regulating valve (1) for a respiratory system comprising:—a main path between an inlet (2) and an outlet (3), and—an evacuation path between the outlet (3) and an evacuation orifice (4), characterised in that:—the main path is provided with at least a non-return valve for... Agent:

20140345616 - Systems and methods for determining patient effort and/or respiratory parameters in a ventilation system: Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide systems, methods and devices for respiratory support. As one example, a method for respiratory support is described that includes measuring a pressure, providing a measured pressure, measuring an inlet flow and an outlet flow, and providing a measured net flow. A relationship between... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140345618 - Mask and vent assembly therefor: A mask for use with a system for supplying breathable gas pressurised above atmospheric pressure to human or animal's airways includes a mask shell which is, in use, in fluid communication with a gas supply conduit and a gas washout vent assembly. The gas washout vent assembly includes at least... Agent:

20140345619 - Hyperbaric exercise facility, hyperbaric dome, catastrophe or civil defense shelter: A hyperbaric exercise facility is provided allowing a persons to perform exercises and other activities at increased pressures along with controlled levels of oxygen. Additionally, a catastrophe shelter is provided to protect its occupants from peril.... Agent:

20140345620 - Respirator mask device: A respirator mask device includes a frame unit, a mask shell connected pivotally to the frame unit, a mask cushion secured to the mask shell, an adjusting unit operable for adjusting relative position between an upper end of the mask shell and the frame unit, two connecting pieces disposed respectively... Agent: Hsiner Co., Ltd.

20140345621 - Custom adjustable patient interface device: A patient interface device (8) includes a cushion member (16) structured to engage a face of a patient when the patient interface device is donned by a patient, and a frame assembly (14), wherein the cushion member is coupled to the frame assembly. The frame assembly including a main frame... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140345622 - Expandable inter vivos tube: A flexible expandable inter vivos tube includes at least one arched segmented portion, a corresponding movable element and at least one positioning mechanism. The at least one arched segmented portion and corresponding movable element forming a flexible closed longitudinally expandable tube. The at least one arched segment includes an H-shaped... Agent:

20140345623 - Nasal devices with variable leak paths, nasal devices with aligners, and nasal devices with flap valve protectors: Improved passive resistance nasal devices for treating a patient (and particularly, but not exclusively, a sleeping patient) that inhibit exhalation more than inhalation. For example, described herein are passive-resistance nasal devices having a variable sized opening leak path that change the size of the leak path opening depending on the... Agent:

20140345624 - Intrauterine device remover: An intrauterine device string is described. The intrauterine device string includes an elongated member with an upper portion, an intermediate portion, and a lower portion, the elongated member comprising a memory-retaining material. The upper portion is configured to attach the elongated member to the intrauterine device, and the intermediate portion... Agent:

20140345625 - Dynamic trunk leaning support: A device is provided for supporting a portion of the upper body during forward lean. The device comprises a two pillars anchored to the ground or a stable platform. One or more linkage elements are connected between pillars. A support plate is slidably situated on the linkage elements approximately midway... Agent:

20140345627 - Helmet moisture control system: The helmet moisture control system prevents or greatly reduces moisture accumulation in the volume between the face of a helmet wearer and the transparent face shield when wearing a closed face helmet. The system includes a mouth guard having a breathing passage therethrough connected to a central body having separate... Agent:

20140345626 - Mouthguard and lipguard assembly: A protective assembly having a mouthguard adapted to protect a user's teeth, a lipguard for protecting the user's lips releasably connectable to the mouthguard, and a tether strap releasably connectable to the lipguard and having an additional portion connectable to a point of the user's equipment, for example a facemask... Agent: Sportsguard Laboratories, Inc.

20140345628 - Teeth separating system: A left base component and a right base component with each base component having upper and lower surfaces. Each base component has an exterior edge, a central front point, laterally spaced rear points and an interior edge. Each base component has a rectangular central extent and arcuate forward extents and... Agent:

20140345629 - Method and apparatus for assisting in wound closure: A device (surgical aid) for assisting wound closure in a surgical procedure setting. A flat plastic sheath (retainer) is inserted into the wound to retain the viscera organs and protect them from cuts or punctures while closing the wound after abdominal surgery or any large body cavity surgery. Just before... Agent:

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