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07/10/2014 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140190472 - Reservoir for nebulizer with a deformable fluid chamber: A reservoir for a nebulizer, and a nebulizer with a reservoir in which, to avoid undesirable rises in pressure, a fluid chamber of the reservoir is pre-collapsed and filled with an initial amount of fluid which is less than the maximum volume of the fluid chamber. Preferably, before being filled,... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20140190474 - Dispensing device: A medicament dispensing device for dispensing metered dosages of a medicament includes an actuator housing having a longitudinally extending cavity and a container disposed in the cavity and having a cylinder with a first outer diameter. The cylinder is adapted to hold the medicament. The container is reciprocally moveable relative... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20140190473 - Inhalation pen: The present invention relates to an inhaler for administering a defined dose of an active ingredient into the respiratory tracts of a user. The inhaler has an elongate shape defining a longitudinal axis and a cross-sectional profile, wherein the maximum cross-sectional area is at most 4 cm2 and the maximum... Agent:

20140190475 - Exhaust air transfer device for open system underwater diving: Apparatus for use during open system diving to support underwater human respiration. In accordance with various embodiments, an air supply provides a supply of air along a supply conduit. A regulator is adapted for engagement with a diver's mouth to receive air from the supply during an inhale cycle and... Agent: Davenport Innovations, Inc.

20140190476 - Seal for full face mask: The outer periphery of a face mask has a first ribbed seal member located on an outward facing surface of the mask and configured to mate with a second ribbed seal member located on an inward facing surface of a periphery of a face opening in a hood that fits... Agent: Diving Unlimited International, Inc.

20140190478 - Electronic cigarette device, electronic cigarette and atomization device thereof: An electronic cigarette atomization device includes an atomization bushing, an electric heater coil and an atomization base located in the atomization bushing. The atomization device further includes a liquid supply component inserted into the atomization bushing; the liquid supply component is formed by high temperature resistant fiber free of glass... Agent:

20140190477 - Replaceable universal atomizing head: The present invention discloses a replaceable universal atomizing head, wherein the heating device is fixed in the atomizing chamber of the support base, and said liquid guiding member comprises a liquid guiding rope, a liquid guiding nozzle and a liquid guiding nozzle seat connected integrally with the liquid guiding nozzle,... Agent: Joyetech (changzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140190479 - Speaking valve with saturation indication: A speaking valve includes a hollow body configured to be secured to a connector of a tracheostomy system disposed in a patient. The speaking valve further includes a cap that houses a valve member, which enables the speaking valve to act as a one-way check valve. The valve member, hollow... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20140190481 - Acoustic ventilation and respiratory booster machine: An acoustic ventilator using feedback control is designed to generate and exert a desired mixture of pressure oscillations into a supply of gas entering a subject's airways to maintain optimal ventilation and perfusion in the lungs. According to the subject's biological specifications and real-time medical condition, computers and human interface... Agent:

20140190480 - Multi-vaporizer interlock system: One or more anesthetic vaporizers may be fluidly connected to the anesthetic delivery machine via a vaporizer mounting bar. The vaporizer mounting bar may include multiple vaporizer mounting positions. Each vaporizer includes interlock pins that extend when the vaporizer is opened and prevent the vaporizer from being opened when pushed... Agent: Mindray Ds Usa, Inc.

20140190482 - Controller device, system and method for improved patient respitory care: This invention provides an improved respiratory care system for patients. This system uses vapor generated by a humidifier device to provide a humidified vapor mist directly to a trachea patient via a tubing element. A vapor controller attaches to a conventional humidifier device and controls the flow rate of vapor... Agent:

20140190483 - Self-contained integrated emergency life-support device and system: A self-contained respiratory protection system is disclosed. The system includes a center module attachable to one or more cylinders of air, gas or oxygen. A plurality of filters is mountable on the center module. A blower motor also may be mounted on the center module. A hose attaches to a... Agent: Critical Systems Innovations, Inc.

20140190484 - Multiple-use airway mask: A flexible transparent multiple use face mask that encloses a user's face allowing the user's airway to be ventilated that includes a transparent flexible airway mask that encloses and ventilates a user's airway, an airway adaptor that directs a quantity of ventilation to the transparent flexible airway mask, a manual... Agent:

20140190485 - System and method for detecting minimal ventilation support with volume ventilation plus software and remote monitoring: Methods and systems are provided that determine whether a patient is receiving minimal support from a ventilator. In one embodiment, a ventilation system may determine a value of a peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and a value of a positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) of a patient. The ventilation system may determine... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140190486 - Ultrasonic welding of fabrics for sleep apnea treatment: A respiratory apparatus may employ ultrasonic welds. The ultrasonic welding may be used to join a variety of headgear, mask and accessory components. This process may enhance comfort, fit and/or performance of the joined components and/or overall mask assembly. A component may be a single layer component such as a... Agent: Resmed Limited

20140190487 - Tracheal tube with pilot valve balloon guard: A pilot balloon assembly for a tracheal tube includes a pilot balloon guard for a pilot balloon. The pilot balloon guard includes an enclosure having walls that define an interior volume that is greater than an interior volume of a pilot balloon. The pilot balloon is received by the enclosure... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140190488 - Device and method for pelvic elevation and stabilization of surgical patient: Devices and methods for supporting and elevating the pelvis of a patient in a supine position during surgery are disclosed. The device comprises a generally flat main body configured to extend from the patient's lower back to the patient's upper legs, a proximal upper surface with a downward slope towards... Agent:

20140190490 - Integrated oral appliance for sleep-disordered breathing: An integrated oral appliance for treating breathing obstruction, snoring and restriction of the upper airway during sleep with a tongue restraint. Oral appliances of the invention may include an oral cavity engagement device including one or more trays, a tongue restraint with a tongue contact portion, a spring force element... Agent: Dreamscape Medical LLC

20140190489 - Oral device to eliminate air space in oral cavity: This invention provides devices and systems and methods therefrom for properly controlling negative pressure applied to oral cavity, facilitating breathing and treating sleep apnea and snoring. The systems comprise a negative pressure system providing a vacuum source and an oral device comprising a shield, a tube passing through the shield,... Agent: Somnics, Inc.

20140190491 - Device and methods for treatment of bruxism and tmj disorder: The present invention relates to a device and method of treating temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) and bruxism by placement in the mouth of an individual with a dental mouth guard to produce a minor irritation of the palate of a person suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) and bruxism through... Agent:

20140190492 - Filtering face-piece respirator having a face seal comprising a water-vapor-breathable layer: Herein is disclosed a shaped filtering face-piece respirator having a face seal that includes a water-vapor-breathable layer.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140190493 - Hearing protection devices and kits including adjustable sound-attenuation assemblies: Hearing protection devices and kits may include an earplug body and an adjustable sound attenuation assembly composed of an attenuator case and an attenuator insert that is removably insertable into the attenuator case. The attenuator case has a hollow barrel portion that accommodates the attenuator insert and a hollow extension... Agent: So Others May Hear, LLC

20140190494 - Selective attenuating earplug: A selective attenuating earplug is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a selective attenuating earplug includes a switch adjustable between a first position and a second position, and the switch includes at least one cantilever spring arm.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

07/03/2014 > 21 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140182583 - Methods, systems and devices for humidifying a respiratory tract: Systems and methods are provided for humidifying ventilation gas. Systems and methods may include a nasal interface apparatus for receiving ventilation gas from gas delivery tubing and for humidifying ventilation gas. The nasal interface apparatus may have one or more channels within the nasal interface to deliver gas from a... Agent: Breathe Technologies, Inc.

20140182585 - Aerosol container for foamable compositions: s

20140182584 - Compliance monitor: This invention relates to a compliance monitor for monitoring patient usage of a medicament delivery device, where the medicament delivery device includes a store of medicament and a medicament dispensing means. The compliance monitor includes a housing adapted to enclose the medicament delivery device, and a dose counter, associated with... Agent:

20140182586 - Responders support unit: This portable device, which allows people without medical experience, the ability to support persons in medical distress until more trained persons are available. With the use of audible instruction the user is guided in calling for medical assistance, placement of pulse oximeter and cardiac electrodes. The device continuously analyzes input... Agent:

20140182587 - Inhalator and capsule for an inhalator: i

20140182588 - Inhaler: An inhaler is disclosed. It comprises a housing to receive a strip having a plurality of blisters, each blister having a breachable lid and containing a dose of medicament for inhalation by a user, an indexing wheel mounted in the housing rotatable to drive a strip to sequentially move blisters... Agent: Vectura Delivery Devices Limited

20140182589 - Method and apparatus for treating cheyne-stokes respiration: A system and method for delivering a flow of breathing gas to an airway of a patient. The system monitors a characteristic that varies based on variations of the flow of the breathing gas and determines a Target Flow for the gas to be delivered to the patient based on... Agent: Ric Investments LLC

20140182590 - Ventilator pressure oscillation filter: A ventilation air pressure oscillation mitigation device for a ventilator includes a housing defining an inlet and an outlet. The device includes a valve seat defining a primary opening and a plurality of secondary openings. A valve body is selectively positionable in a first position and a second position within... Agent: Newport Medical Instruments, Incorporated

20140182591 - Proximal control valve: A proximal control valve system for regulating flow of oxygen includes an oxygen inlet attached to an oxygen outlet with an oxygen regulator being positioned therebetween. The oxygen inlet includes a spring plunger assembly that engages with one of a plurality of indents on the gas regulator to enable the... Agent: Kore3 Industries, LLC

20140182592 - Device and method for real time cough soothing and suppression: A real time cough soothing and suppression device (10) formed as an elongated cylindrical object or semi-elliptic small pouch. It is preferably made of cloth or Lyocell synthetic fiber stitched to form a space (12) that is preferably filled up with polyester fibers (18). Said fibers may be soaked by... Agent:

20140182593 - Filtering face-piece respirator having folded flange: A filtering facepiece respirator 10 that includes a harness 14 and a mask body 12 that has a filtering structure 16 that contains one or more layers of filter media 62 and that has a perimeter 24. The mask body also has first and second flanges 30a, 30b located on... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140182594 - Portable hand pump for evacuation of fluids: A manually operable pump for the effective removal of fluids to include blood, blood clots, fluid, and air from a body cavity of a subject is provided. The manually operable pump is adapted to be connect to a range of fluid conduits and is equipped with one-way valves that effectively... Agent: The Henry M. Jackson Foundation For The Advancement Of Military Medicine, Inc.

20140182596 - Airway assembly for tracheal intubation: In some embodiments, an airway assembly may be used in a procedure that requires tracheal intubation. The airway assembly may include a first conduit, a sleeve, and a stent. The first conduit and the sleeve may be relatively flexible, facilitating insertion of the airway assembly in a body lumen (e.g.,... Agent: Bio2 Medical, Inc.

20140182595 - Tracheostomy tube with cannula connector: A tracheal tube assembly includes a cannula connector that includes a cannula connector cap coupled to a flange assembly. The flange assembly is in turn coupled to a cannula. The flange assembly includes a portion that extends through slots formed at or near a proximal end of the cannula connector... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140182597 - Transdermal drug delivery systems for levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol: Described are transdermal drug delivery systems for the transdermal administration of levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol, comprising an acrylic polymer matrix. Methods of making and using such systems also are described.... Agent: Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc,

20140182598 - Auto-destruct, pre-loaded syringe: An Auto-Destruct, Pre-loaded Syringe is provided which is suitable for pre-loading with highly viscous, sticky and reactive drug and for withstanding higher pressure required for loading and deloading the viscous and sticky drug comprising a syringe body 1 having a lumen 2 therethrough characterized in that one end 3 of... Agent:

20140182601 - Filtering face-piece respirator having rounded perimeter: A filtering face-piece respirator 10 that includes a harness 14 and a mask body 12. First and second bond lines 30a, 30b are located on opposing sides of the mask body 12 and join a top portion 18 of the mask body 12 to the bottom portion 20. The first... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140182599 - Filtering face-piece respirator having strap-activated folded flange: A filtering face-piece respirator 10 that includes a mask body 12 and a harness 14. The mask body 12 has a major portion 28 that contains one or more layers of filter media 62 and that has first and second flanges 30a, 30b located on opposing sides of the major... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140182600 - Filtering face-piece respirator having welded indicia hidden in pleat: A filtering face-piece respirator 10 that comprises a harness 14 and a mask body 12 that has a pleats 21. The mask body 12 has an indicia 19 located within the pleat 21 in at least a partially non-visible location when the pleat 21 is folded. The indicia 19 is... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140182602 - Mask: A mask including: a mask main body 11; and a cord 12 that is placed over both ears or the head of a wearer to fix the mask main body 11 at a specific position on the face of the wearer, wherein the mask main body includes an inner layer... Agent: San-m Package Co., Ltd.

20140182603 - Immobilizer preform, immobilizer device, and method of forming the same: Aspects of the invention include preforms used to be formed into an immobilizer for use with a patient. The preform includes a preform member that is formed from a thermoplastic material and a filler material. The preform member is relatively rigid at a first temperature and formable at an elevated... Agent: Qfix Systems, LLC

06/26/2014 > 22 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140174435 - Nebulizer having replaceable nozzle assembly and suction line: A medication reservoir is formed in the lower portion of a nebulizer body and covered to form an enclosed medication reservoir. A nozzle assembly is supported by a reservoir cover and includes an air line having an inlet at one end and an outlet and a venturi nozzle and venturi... Agent: Pneumoflex Systems, LLC

20140174436 - Removable cartridge for oxygen concentrator: A removable gas separation cartridge includes a housing having an inlet port, an outlet port, and a bed of adsorbent material. The cartridge is removable from an oxygen concentrator which separates oxygen from ambient air by using an absorption process.... Agent: Vbox, Incorporated

20140174438 - Anesthetic circuit having a hollow fiber membrane: An anesthetic circuit is provided for treating a patient. The anesthetic circuit includes a membrane having a plurality of hollow fibers. Also provided is a fluid separation apparatus connectable to an anesthetic circuit. In a further embodiment, a method is provided for anesthetic treatment of a patient.... Agent: Dmf Medical Incorporated

20140174437 - Dry powder inhaler and methods of use: Methods for reducing the risk of a thromboembolic event, and a related drug delivery system are provided. In some embodiments, a dose of acetylsalicylic acid can be provided in powder form to a patient using a dry powder inhaler. The dose can be effective to reduce a risk of a... Agent: Otitopic Inc.

20140174439 - Pore structures for reduced pressure aerosolization: A nozzle comprising a thin, flexible substantially planar polymeric film having a plurality of pores with structures allowing for generation of an aerosol at reduced extrusion pressure is disclosed. The pores can comprise at least two sections, or steps, in which the thickness of the membrane is reduced in stepwise... Agent: Aradigm Corporation

20140174441 - Delivery devices: A delivery device is provided which has a container containing a dose of a powder, a chamber adapted to receive the container, at least one gas inlet by which gas may enter the chamber, and at least one gas outlet by which gas and entrained powder may exit the chamber... Agent: Pharmaxis Ltd.

20140174440 - Dry powder inhaler and methods of use: Methods for reducing the risk of a thromboembolic event, and a related drug delivery system are provided. In some embodiments, a dose of acetylsalicylic acid can be provided in powder form to a patient using a dry powder inhaler. The dose can be effective to reduce a risk of a... Agent: Otitopic Inc.

20140174442 - Humidifier for breathing gas heating and humidification system: A humidification canister for humidifying a breathing gas, the humidification canister includes a fluid supply configured to supply a fluid and a first gas flow path in fluid communication with the fluid supply. A first gas flow path is configured to humidify the breathing gas with the fluid. A second... Agent: Vapotherm, Inc.

20140174443 - Ventilator apparatus: One or more embodiments of the presently described invention provides a ventilator including a timing device, an electric power source and a flow control device. The timing device is electronically controlled and is capable of controlling a period of time that a fluid is delivered to a patient. The timing... Agent: Allied Healthcare Products, Inc.

20140174444 - Vent system for cpap patient interface used in treatment of sleep disordered breathing: A vent assembly for use with a mask assembly includes a first vent and a second vent having at least one different flow characteristic wherein the vent assembly can be switched between the first vent and the second vent to alter flow of exhaled gas from a patient.... Agent: Resmed Limited

20140174445 - Detachable inspiratory relief valve: A relief valve assembly for use with a ventilator to selectively release pressure from within a breathing tube. The relief valve assembly can be attached and removed from the ventilator as a single unit. The relief valve assembly includes a sealing member that is movable by operating components within the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140174446 - Nasal mask interface assembly: An interface assembly comprises a nasal mask that includes a seal having a rolling portion. The rolling portion of the seal rolls over a portion of a clip that secures the seal to a frame. The frame has a ball and socket connection to a connector. The connector comprises an... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20140174447 - Patient interface assembly with self-adjusting anchor points: A patient interface assembly having an improved support for use in securing a patient interface device to the head of a patient overcomes the shortcomings of conventional headgear. The improved support provides a self-adjusting anchor point situated anterior to the ear of the patient that provides enhanced stability in mounting... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140174448 - Nasal mask system: A nasal cushion for a mask system includes a side wall defining a breathing chamber, an undercushion extending from the side wall, and a membrane that at least partially covers the undercushion. The membrane is adapted to seal along the nasal bridge, sides of nose, corners of nose, and upper... Agent: Resmed Limited

20140174449 - Everting device and method for tracheostomy: An integrated device and improved method for tracheostomy which includes the placement of an everted film sheath into a patent's trachea, through which the tracheal tube is inserted.... Agent:

20140174450 - Condom: A condom having an indicia disposed on the lower side of the roll when the condom is in the rolled configuration. Preferably, the indicia is a fluorescent marking disposed on the inner side of the condom disposed at a location so that, when the condom is in the rolled configuration,... Agent:

20140174454 - Device for improving the posture of a user: A device (1) and a method for improving the posture of a user are provided. The device (1) comprises a first armband (2) and a second armband (3) intended to be worn at the uppermost portion of a left arm (4) and a right arm (5), respectively; at least one... Agent:

20140174453 - Lateral limb support device and system and method of using the same: A lateral limb support system and a method of using the same to facilitate healing of the limb or an appendage thereof are disclosed. The lateral limb support system can include a base; a stanchion, having a first leg and a second leg, wherein the first leg is removably and... Agent: Pro Med Technologies, Inc.

20140174452 - Orthopedic support device: An orthopedic support device includes a body pillow that supports and biases the head, the neck, and the torso in a recumbent side position to help relieve pressure on the neck, hip, spine, and shoulders. The support device utilizes a bisected body portion that forms a channel. The channel runs... Agent:

20140174451 - Surgical positioning system: A surgical positioning system includes a flexible air-impermeable shell filled with beads that is wrapped against the patient and subjected to a vacuum to hold the patient in place. The shell includes rounded shoulder portions, on either side of a separately inflatable pillow, to envelop portions of the patient's neck... Agent: Allen Medical Systems, Inc.

20140174455 - Dental appliance: A dental appliance is provided. The dental appliance includes a dental form configured to receive a portion of a dental arch of an individual, and an adhesive strip comprising a first side and a second side. The first side of the adhesive strip is attached to a portion of the... Agent:

20140174456 - Mouthguard magnetic retention system: A magnetic mouthguard retention system affords athletes a unique way to fasten or attach an athletic mouthguard for easy and convenient retrieval. It encompasses the use of a magnetic force which is uniquely located in the palatal aspect of the mouthguard, along with a separate docking station which has the... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 28 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140165999 - Capillary system with fluidic element: An aerosol generation system having an aerosol generator wherein a liquid formulation is at least partially volatilized in a capillary passage and discharged from the capillary passage to form an aerosol. The aerosol generation system includes a pumping unit adapted to supply a liquid formulation to the aerosol generator; and... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20140165998 - Indicating device with warning dosage indicator: An indicating device for indicating the number of dosages of a substance that have been dispensed from or remain in a container includes a first housing member having laterally spaced apart first and second guide members and a second housing member. The first and second housing members are moveable relative... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20140166000 - Devices with mouthpieces that allow for rapid change out of endotracheal (et) tubes and related methods: Tracheal assembly devices include: (a) a mouthpiece sized and configured to allow an endotracheal tube to extend outwardly therefrom; and (b) a cutting blade in communication with an outwardly facing portion of the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece can include at least one outwardly projecting substantially rigid short tube defining an open... Agent:

20140166001 - Powered air-purifying respirator helmet with photovoltaic power source: A powered air-purifying respirator helmet system includes a helmet having a lens. A photovoltaic power source is mounted on the helmet. A trunk-worn blower is separate from the helmet. The trunk-worn blower includes a fan and a rechargeable battery operably connected to power the fan. A flexible air-electrical conductor interconnects... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140166002 - Joint of sputum suction tube: A joint of sputum suction tube includes a patient tube (100), an exhaust tube (200) and a sleeve (300). The sleeve (300) includes a rotatable end (310) and a fixed end (320). The rotatable end (310) rotatably joints the exhaust tube (200). The fixed end (320) fixedly joints the exhaust... Agent: Pacific Hospital Supply Co., Ltd.

20140166003 - Method of separating and distributing oxygen: Disclosed is a method of providing oxygen rich gas. Oxygen is separated from ambient air with an oxygen separator in discrete pulses, one pulse at a time. The start of the pulse is synchronized with the beginning of an inhalation of a person. The oxygen rich gas in each pulse... Agent:

20140166004 - Nebulizer with integrated breathing incentive: A nebulizer comprises a body, a patient interface, an air inlet, an air outlet, and at least one breathing incentive. The air inlet is coupled with the body and configured for admittance of ambient air into the body in response to inhalation through the patient interface. The air outlet is... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20140166006 - Apparatus for supplying respiratory gas and a method for controlling the apparatus: An apparatus for supplying a respiratory gas includes a conveyor device for conveying the respiratory gas, a conduit for feeding the respiratory gas conveyed by the conveyor device to a person, and a humidification device for humidifying the respiratory gas. A sensor device is configured to generate a signal indicative... Agent: Resmed R&d Germany Gmbh

20140166005 - Control of humidifier chamber temperature for accurate humidity control: A breathing assistance system is provided for delivering a stream flow of heated, humidified gases to a user. The system includes a humidifier unit which holds and heats a volume of water, and which in use receives a flow of gases from a gases source via an inlet port. The... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Heathcare Limited

20140166007 - Apparatus and methods for administration of positive airway pressure therapies: The present invention provides an apparatus and methods for the administration of positive airway pressure therapies. The apparatus can include a housing, a blower and a mask. The housing is configured to be stably secured on the head of a patient. The blower is secured relative to the housing. A... Agent:

20140166008 - Nasal delivery: A nasal delivery device for and method of delivering substance to a nasal cavity of a subject, the delivery device comprising: a nosepiece unit including a nosepiece for fitting to a nostril of a subject and a nozzle through which substance is in use delivered, preferably substantially axially to a... Agent: Optinose As

20140166009 - Cannula for minimizing dilution of dosing during nitric oxide delivery: Described are nasal cannulas that improve the precision of the delivered dose for nitric oxide therapy by reducing the dilution of nitric oxide. The nasal cannulas may reduce the total volume and potential for retrograde flow during nitric oxide therapy through the design of the specific dimensions of the flow... Agent: Ino Therapeutics LLC

20140166010 - Adjustable nebulizer dispenser: A nebulizer dispenser has a T-piece, a body sealingly coupled to the T-piece and configured to contain a liquid medication, and a breathing piece sealingly coupled to the T-piece. The dispenser also has a ball-and-socket joint coupled between the T-piece and either the breathing piece or the body. The ball-and-socket... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20140166012 - Device for humidifying breathing air for artificial respiration: A device for humidifying breathing air for artificial respiration of mammals, in particular human beings, includes at least one essentially closed container for receiving water, a first opening for letting in the non-humidified air and a second opening for letting out humidified air, and an inlet for supplying the water... Agent: Arta Plast Ab

20140166011 - Nebulizer mouthpiece for reducing drug loss: A method for reducing a loss of medication from a nebulizer includes the steps of entraining a liquid medication into a first flow of a pressurized gas into a nebulizer chamber and also entraining an additional amount of the liquid medication into a second flow of ambient air drawn into... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20140166013 - Continuous positive airway pressure device: The present invention is directed to a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Device as an apparatus configured to provide positive airway pressure in a respiratory circuit that comprises a container configured to be filled to a preselected level with liquids; a drop tube assembly comprising a hollow gas tube rotatably mounted... Agent: B & B Medical Technologies, Inc.

20140166014 - Administration of cpap treatment pressure in presence of apnea: CPAP treatment apparatus is disclosed having a controllable flow generator (34, 38, 40) operable to produce breathable gas at a treatment pressure elevated above atmosphere to a patient by a delivery tube (32) coupled to a mask (30) having connection with a patient's airway. A sensor (44, 50, 56, 58)... Agent: Resmed Limited

20140166015 - Dual mode medical oxygen delivery system: A dual mode medical oxygen delivery system includes an oxygen supply, a first delivery device, and a second delivery device. A connector includes a valve member and defines a first passage extending from a supply port to a first port and a second passage extending from the supply port to... Agent:

20140166017 - Forehead support for a patient interface: A forehead support for a patient interface used in the treatment of sleep disordered breathing, includes a support post provided to a frame and a pair of arms extending from the support post. At least one of the pair of arms is adapted to rotate relative to the support post... Agent: Resmed Limited

20140166016 - Respiratory mask: A respiratory mask includes a cup-shaped body having an annular flange, and a hollow face-contact body having an annular connecting end portion embedding the annular flange. The annular flange has opposite first and second annular surfaces, a plurality of angularly spaced-apart through holes, and an outer annular peripheral edge interconnecting... Agent: Hsiner Co., Ltd.

20140166019 - Headgear apparatus for nasal interface: An improved headgear is structured to secure a mask to the head of a patient and comprises a parietal support, an occipital support, and a zygomatic support connected together. The zygomatic support comprises a pair of zygomatic braces that are each structured to engage the face of the patient and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140166018 - Nasal mask system: A forehead support for a respiratory mask includes a forehead support arm structured to extend from a frame and a forehead support pad provided to the arm. The forehead support pad includes upper headgear connectors adapted to engage upper headgear straps and a flexible region. The upper headgear connectors are... Agent: Resmed Limited

20140166020 - Device to secure airway during emergency care: An airway management device including a tubular member dimensioned for introducing air into a trachea of a mammal, the tubular member having a proximal portion, a distal portion, and a middle portion between the proximal portion and the distal portion. The tubular member is dimensioned for positioning of the proximal... Agent: Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute At Garbor-ucla Medical Center

20140166021 - Applicators for a nasal cannula: The invention relates to an applicator for a nasal cannula, comprising a body (11) enclosing a hollow space (22). The applicator further comprises tube connections (20, 21) for supplying a respirable gas into the hollow space (22). The applicator further comprises prongs (18, 19) for administering the respirable gas into... Agent:

20140166022 - Radiotherapy patient immobilization device and method: A patient immobilization apparatus includes an inflatable shell having a patient receiving area and defines an interior volume. A fill material is arranged within the interior volume. At least one control valve located on the inflatable shell and coupled to the interior volume. The at least one control valve operates... Agent:

20140166023 - Operation support device and assembly method thereof: An operation support device having a surgical instrument unit and a surgical instrument unit support section, includes: an intermediate member connected to the surgical instrument support section and configured to hold the surgical instrument unit; a shielding member having a hole portion engaged with the intermediate member; and a driving... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140166024 - Mouthguard for the delivery of active ingredients: A mouthguard for delivering active ingredients to a user is provided. The mouthguard can include a U-shaped structure having an inner wall and an outer wall, the inner wall and outer wall connected to each other by a base defining a channel configured to receive upper teeth of a user,... Agent: Platform Delivery Technologies

20140166025 - Mouth guard: Mouth guards of varying designs. The mouth guard is generally moldable and has non-planar biting surfaces. In other embodiments, the mouth guard has base members or flanges that have means for retaining medicaments and the like. Other versions have thermochromic elements selected to allow color changes at desired temperatures.... Agent:

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Thank you for viewing Surgery patents on the website. These are patent applications which have been filed in the United States. There are a variety ways to browse Surgery patent applications on our website including browsing by date, agent, inventor, and industry. If you are interested in receiving occasional emails regarding Surgery patents we recommend signing up for free keyword monitoring by email.

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