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04/09/2015 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150096555 - Administration method for a medical spray inhaler and the medical spray inhaler: An administration method for a medical spray inhaler and the medical spray inhaler, which utilizes an inhaling sensing unit to sense an air flow change for generating an inhaling signal after a user inhales by an inhaler body. A control unit is then used to receive the inhaling signal and... Agent: Kun Shan University

20150096556 - Steerable endotracheal intubation apparatus, endotracheal intubation component system and endotracheal tube of same: An endotracheal intubation apparatus provides for controlled articulation of tip and central portions of a stylet having an endotracheal tube specifically configured for use therewith mounted thereon. The endotracheal intubation apparatus includes a stylet with tip and central portions that each have a curvature that is selectively and independently adjustable... Agent:

20150096557 - Laryngectomee snorkel: Disclosed is a Laryngectomee Snorkel (100) for allowing a Laryngectomee to breathe while swimming. The Laryngectomee Snorkel (100) comprises a Baseplate (110) is configured to have a water-tight seal with a user while allowing a bidirectional passage of air through the Baseplate (110), a Connector (105) configured to have a... Agent:

20150096558 - Helmet air purification system: A helmet with an integrated filter includes a helmet; a filter, integrated with the helmet, incorporating a woven mixture of fiber and particles, resulting in an intermediary material that combines the advantages of both the particle-based and fiber-based filters and has a low pressure drop and high adsorption capacity such... Agent:

20150096559 - Manual ventilation feedback sensor for use in clinical and training settings: A manual ventilation feedback sensor for use in clinical and training settings is disclosed. Namely, a manual resuscitator device is disclosed that comprises a bag valve mask, a one-way valve, a manual ventilation bag, and a sensing module, wherein the sensing module can comprise a pressure sensor and/or flow transducer.... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20150096561 - Devices and methods for airway management: Devices and methods for airway management are described herein where a barrier may be delivered and deployed along an endotracheal tube to prevent aspiration or passage of fluids and debris into the trachea in patients who are intubated. Generally, the barrier apparatus may comprise an expandable barrier assembly configured to... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Standard Junior University

20150096560 - Usability features for respiratory humidification system: A humidification system for delivering humidified gases to a user can include a heater base, humidification chamber having an inlet, outlet, and associated fluid conduit, and breathing circuit including a supply conduit, inspiratory conduit, and optional expiratory conduit. The humidification system can include various features to help make set-up less... Agent:

20150096562 - Patient interface assembly for respiratory therapy: A patient interface assembly includes a housing that defines an inlet port and an outlet port. A jet pump receives pressurized gas flow from the inlet port and delivers the gas flow to the outlet port. A nebulizer is fluidly coupled to the outlet port and positioned to introduce medication... Agent:

20150096563 - Inhaler comprising a inner body having an air channel: The present invention relates to a dry power inhaler device wherein during administration of the said device (8), the air from the air hole (1) reaches the blister with the direction of the said air inlet channel (9), mixes with the powder medicament, carries the said medicament through the medicament... Agent:

20150096564 - Heart rate coherence using respiratory therapy devices: Systems and methods for improving the heart rate coherence and/or heart rate variability of a subject use a respiratory therapy device to provide breathing cues that prompt a subject to breathe such that various respiratory and coronary parameters are aligned, for example in phase.... Agent:

20150096565 - Positive airway pressure system with head position control: The invention is directed to a positive airway pressure (PAP) system with a head mounted harness assembly with a housing and a head position sensor located within or secured to the housing that detects the position of a patient's head, and communicates this head position information to a controller of... Agent:

20150096567 - Method of overwrapping a pessary device: This application relates to a method of covering a pessary device for relief of female incontinence with an overwrap. More particularly, the present invention relates to methods of overwrapping the pessary device.... Agent:

20150096566 - Pessary device: A non-expandable pessary device, the pessary device having a top, a base, a length, a longitudinal axis, a maximum diameter, and a minimum diameter that is less than the maximum diameter. The pessary device has a pressure region adapted to extend between an anterior vaginal wall and a posterior vaginal... Agent:

20150096568 - Upper body support device: An upper body support device. The upper body support device includes a chest support, wherein the chest support is configured to support the upper body of a user. The upper body support device also includes a leg brace, wherein the leg brace is configured to rest against the legs of... Agent:

20150096569 - Pleasurable protective undergarment: A garment that is made in the form of underwear, that provides a protective barrier between sex partners. The garment provides protection from HPV (human papillomavirus), and genital ulcer diseases such as; genital herpes, syphilis, and chanchroid, while making sex possible. The garment is made of both a breathable and... Agent:

20150096570 - Head restrainer for immobilizing the head of patients: Head restrainer for immobilising the head of patients for producing NMR images such as those which are based on the application of electromagnetic beams (X-rays, gamma rays) and/or for carrying out surgical procedures, having a C-bend (1), at each end region of which at least one mandrel (3) is attached,... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 21 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150090253 - Vaporization device and method of preparation and use: A vaporization device and its method of use, where the device can accommodate a plurality of formulations for dispensing by selecting the desired source. Such formulations can include different drug formulations for providing different effects on the user. Also, an indicator with specialized indicia can be provided to identify the... Agent:

20150090254 - Surgical helmet: A surgical helmet assembly including a ventilation system for circulating air around the head of a user. The surgical helmet assembly includes a surgical helmet including a brow bar to be positioned around the head of the user and a chin bar extending from the surgical helmet to be positioned... Agent: Zimmer Surgical Inc.

20150090255 - Tube securement system: The invention relates to systems for securing a tube (e.g. feeding tube) and/or a patient interface or a dermal patch to a user. One embodiment comprises a holder, an interface side of the holder attachable to the patient interface or the dermal patch for securing a feeding tube to the... Agent:

20150090256 - Vapor inhaler: A vapor inhaler includes a handle with a battery. A heater is connected to the handle and the heater has heater air intake openings for receiving air. The heater has heater air conduits for exhausting air. A cartridge housing is connected to the heater. The cartridge housing has a cartridge... Agent: Esquire Properties Trading Inc.

20150090257 - Mask including integrated sound conduction for alert notification in high-noise environments: A human wearable mask includes a skirt for directly contacting a human wearer and a sound conduction component on the skirt. The sound conduction component can provide an alert notification within high-noise environments while allowing ambient sounds to be heard over the conduction speakers. The sound conduction component may be... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150090258 - Ventilator-initiated prompt or setting regarding detection of asynchrony during ventilation: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring and evaluating diverse ventilatory parameters to detect an asynchrony and may issue notifications and recommendations suitable for a patient to the clinician when asynchrony, such as an ineffective effort and an auto-trigger, is implicated. The suitable notifications and recommendations may further be provided... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150090259 - Delivery of gases to the nasal airway: A delivery device for and a method of delivering gases to the nasal airway, in particular therapeutic gases and gases in combination with active substances, either as powders or liquids, for enhanced uptake of the active substances.... Agent:

20150090260 - Breathing assistance apparatus: A humidifier and humidity sensor is disclosed for use with a breathing assistance apparatus. The humidity sensor preferably includes means to sense absolute humidity, relative humidity and/or temperature at both the patient end and humidifier end. The humidifier may also include provision to both control independently the humidity and temperature... Agent:

20150090261 - Nitric oxide generator and inhaler: Several embodiments of a Nitric Oxide Inhaler that uses an electrical spark to produce Nitric Oxide from Air, optimized to maximize the production of Nitric Oxide and minimize the production of Nitrogen Dioxide through hardware and control system. Further disclosed is a system to control such inhalers... Agent:

20150090262 - Blister track inhaler device having a separate end path and methods of use thereof: Embodiments of an inhaler device include a housing, a withdrawing assembly disposed within the housing for facilitating withdrawal of medicament from a target blister of a blister strip, the withdrawing assembly including an opening element adapted for opening the target blister of the blister strip while the target blister is... Agent:

20150090263 - Device and method for detection and treatment of ventilator associated pneumonia in a mammalian subject: Devices and methods are disclosed herein for preventing or treating ventilator associated pneumonia in a mammalian subject. The device includes an endotracheal tube having an interior surface and an exterior surface; a sealant composition in contact with the exterior surface of the endotracheal tube; and a temperature control element in... Agent: Elwha LLC

20150090265 - Leak determination in a breathing assistance system: Systems and methods for estimating a leak flow in a breathing assistance system including a ventilation device connected to a patient are provided. Data of a flow waveform indicating the flow of gas between the ventilation device and the patient is accessed. A specific portion of the flow waveform is... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150090264 - Methods and systems for proportional assist ventilation: The systems and methods include providing a negative proportional assist breath type, a time adjusted negative proportional assist breath type, or a time adjusted proportional assist breath type during ventilation of a patient with a ventilator.... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150090266 - Breathing mask and a sealing lip device for a breathing mask: A breathing mask includes an elastomeric cushion with a sealing lip having an outer engagement surface configured to sealingly abut against the patient's face. The sealing lip has a plurality of zones. A first zone has an elastomeric wall and comprises a portion of the elastomeric cushion adapted to abut... Agent:

20150090267 - Method of treating cancer with combinations of histone deacetylase inhibitors (hdac1) substances: A method for treating cancer is described using combination therapies comprising the use of hyperbaric oxygen with histone deacetylase inhibitors, with and without glycolytic therapies. The patient is subjected to a hyperbaric environment of substantially pure oxygen. A predetermined dose of one or more HDACI substances is administered to the... Agent:

20150090268 - Holding device for a respiratory mask: A headband device for a respiratory mask includes a strap portion including a multi-layered construction including an inner cover layer, an outer cover layer, and foam padding. The inner cover layer has a face contacting surface adapted to contact a patient's skin in an application position of the headband device.... Agent:

20150090269 - Device and method for detection and treatment of ventilator associated pneumonia in a mammalian subject: Devices and methods are disclosed herein for preventing or treating ventilator associated pneumonia in a mammalian subject. The device includes an endotracheal tube having an interior surface and an exterior surface; an actively-controllable anchoring cuff comprising two or more inflatable balloons configured to contact the exterior surface of the endotracheal... Agent:

20150090270 - Device and method for detection and treatment of ventilator associated pneumonia in a mammalian subject: Devices and methods are disclosed herein for preventing or treating ventilator associated pneumonia in a mammalian subject. The device includes an endotracheal tube having an interior surface and an exterior surface; and one or more closed cell layers in contact with the exterior surface and circumferentially surrounding one or more... Agent: Elwha LLC

20150090271 - Impact force dampening of spring release: A delivery system and spring assembly are disclosed. In an embodiment, the delivery system includes a spring-loaded release mechanism movable from a first position to a second position to cause withdrawal of a release wire form an occlusion device. In an embodiment, a spring assembly includes a damper ring that... Agent:

20150090272 - Occlusion of fallopian tubes in vertebrate subject: According to one claim of the invention, a method for occluding a fallopian tube in a vertebrate subject is described, which comprises comprising transcervically delivering a solid blocking material into the fallopian tube. In various embodiments, a fluid sealing material is delivered along with the solid blocking material. Other claims... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150090273 - Wrappable sterile radiation shield drape, combination of a radiation shield and sterile drape therefor and method of providing a sterile drape about a radiation shield: A wrappable sterile radiation shield drape, a wrappable sterile radiation shield drape in combination with a radiation shield, and a method of providing a sterile surface about a suspended radiation shield is provided. The drape includes a flexible wall having a sterilized outer surface. The wall has opposite side edges... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 23 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150083119 - Tracheostoma valve: A tracheostoma valve for attachment to a tracheostoma valve plaster may include a tubular base portion with a proximal opening through which inhaled and exhaled air enters and exits, respectively. A distal lid portion may be arranged distally of the tubular base portion. The distal lid portion may have a... Agent: Alos Medical Ab

20150083120 - Self contained breathing apparatus illumination system: A Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Illumination System utilizing LED (light emitting diode) lights is designed as a modification to attach to a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) mask to provide increased visibility to Professionals working in an Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) environment. The SCBA illumination System... Agent:

20150083122 - Multiple connector device for respiratory circuits with alarm due to disconnection: The present invention relates to a multiple connector device for respiratory circuits with alarm due to disconnection, which comprises a main body which is hollow inside, which is in the form of a cross having four arms which are: an upper vertical tubular arm inside of which is housed a... Agent:

20150083121 - Portable life support apparatus: A portable life support apparatus (1102) and particularly a respiratory support apparatus adapted to be easily mounted to a stretcher is disclosed. Prior devices that attach onto a stretcher are heavy and cumbersome and obstruct access to the patient. Accordingly, there is a great need for a portable emergency support... Agent:

20150083125 - Breathing assistance apparatus: A nasal cannula assembly is disclosed having a face mount part, in use resting against a user's face, which includes at least one nasal prong capable of being fitted into a person's nares. The cannula assembly also includes a manifold part, in fluid communication with the face mount part, having... Agent:

20150083123 - Nasal cannula with pressure monitoring: A nasal cannula assembly includes a breathing gas supply lumen assembly splitting into a first inspiratory gas lumen and a second inspiratory gas lumen. An inspiratory gas nasal end portion is in fluid communication with the first inspiratory gas lumen and a second inspiratory gas lumen. The inspiratory gas nasal... Agent:

20150083124 - Respiratory patient interface device and headgear connection apparatus: An improved connection apparatus is structured to extend between a mask (8) and a headgear (12). The headgear has a first strap (16) and a second strap (20) structured to overlie the patient's head. The connection apparatus can be generally stated as including a clip apparatus (24) and a face... Agent:

20150083126 - Breathing circuit humidification system: A breathing circuit humidification system (200) is described that includes a humidification system (102) and a patient breathing circuit (201). The humidification system includes at least a moisture water source (209), a flash evaporator (211) and a moisture exchanger. Water is selectively introduced from the water source to the flash... Agent: Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

20150083127 - Aggregate particles: The present invention relates to aggregate particles comprising nanoparticulate drug particles. In particular, the present invention is directed to aggregate particles comprising nanoparticulate drug particles of umeclidinium bromide and optionally vilanterol trifenatate and/or fluticasone furoate. Aggregate particles of the present invention may further comprise nanoparticulate excipient particles and one or... Agent:

20150083128 - Device for dispensing fluid product: A fluid dispenser device including a main body (10), said device including at least one individual reservoir containing a single dose of fluid, such as powder, opening means (80) being provided for opening an individual reservoir each time the device is actuated, an upper body (101) being mounted in stationary... Agent: Aptar France Sas

20150083129 - Dry powder inhalator: A dry powder inhaler including a main body, a plurality of individual reservoirs, such as blisters, each containing a single dose of powder, and disposed one behind another on a flexible strip, and an opening mechanism provided for opening an individual reservoir each time the device is actuated. The device... Agent: Aptar France Sas

20150083130 - Start up self-testing method of airway pressure sensor for anesthesia machine: Disclosed is a starting up self-testing method of an airway pressure sensor for an anesthesia machine. In a manual state, a pressure value of the pressure sensor is detected, and after the detection, if the value is within an airway pressure measurement range but not within a sensor zero point... Agent:

20150083132 - Flow generator chassis assembly with suspension seal: A seal is provided for a chassis assembly of a flow generator configured to provide a flow of breathable gas. The chassis assembly includes an upper chassis and a lower chassis. The seal includes a blower receptacle sealing portion configured to seal a blower receptacle of the chassis assembly configured... Agent:

20150083131 - Gas delivery conduit for a respiratory therapy system: A delivery conduit (6A,6A′,6B,6C) for delivering a flow of gas in a respiratory therapy system (2) includes an elongated wall member (22,34) made of a textile material, and a support member (24, 36, 36′, 36″, 42, 50, 58, 64, 70) extending along at least a portion of the length of... Agent:

20150083133 - Airflow control valve: An airflow control valve (20) for use in a breathing apparatus (10) to control a flow of air from a pressurised air supply to a respirator. The valve comprises an inlet port (31) for connection to a pressurised air supply, and first (32) and second (33) outlets. The valve is... Agent:

20150083134 - Respirator flow control apparatus and method: A respirator has a shell that defines a breathable air zone for a user wearing the respirator. An air flow control system for the respirator has an air delivery conduit within the shell of the respirator, a valve member moveable relative to the air delivery conduit and within the shell... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150083135 - Ventilator turbine-based volume-controlled ventilation method: A ventilator turbine volume-controlled ventilation method comprises the main steps of: the ventilator is started up, a control unit in the ventilator issues a rotation speed U control instruction to a turbine driver, the turbine driver drives a turbine motor, and then the control unit detects the breathing state of... Agent:

20150083136 - Gas carrying headgear with porous boundary membranes: A respiratory interface device is provided. The respiratory interface device includes at least one elongated support member structured to contact a user. The support member has at least one conduit portion and at least one porous portion. The conduit portion is structured to allow the passage of gas therethrough. The... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150083137 - Respiratory mask having a nose support extension: A respiratory mask body having a nose region including a seal and a support extension is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, the mask body has a nose region including a support extension which extends in a direction away from the seal and is configured to contact a user's nose at... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150083138 - Laryngeal mask airway device: A laryngeal-mask airway device including provision for drainage of the oesophagus including an inflatable main-cuff and a backplate having a laryngeal-side and a pharyngeal-side. The backplate also has an external tube joint adjacent to the proximal region of the main-cuff. The backplate is hermetically bonded to the periphery of the... Agent:

20150083139 - Mouth guard with breathing and drinking aperture: A mouth guard includes a pair of spaced-apart molar receiving members with an inner wall extending therebetween. The inner wall is configured for insertion between a user's lips and teeth. An outer wall is configured to confront an exterior surface of the user's lips. A conduit extends between the inner... Agent:

20150083140 - Mandibulomaxillary stabilization system: A mandibuiomaxillary fracture stabilization system, methods of forming the system, and methods of using the system are described. The system includes upper and lower splints that can be custom molded to fit the teeth of a patient and a locking mechanism that can temporarily lock the splints to one another.... Agent: Clemson University

20150083141 - Hearing protection means for use with a magnetic resonance tomography device and magnetic resonance tomography device with hearing protection means: A hearing protection means for use with a magnetic resonance tomography device, comprising two noise-protection earpieces for external coverage of two outer ears of an examination object and at least one elastic holder means for affixing the noise-protection earpieces around the outer ears of the examination object, wherein the two... Agent:

03/19/2015 > 23 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150075520 - Metered quantity syringe- type dispenser: Provided is a metered quantity syringe-type dispenser that is capable of multistage pushing. The metered quantity syringe-type dispenser includes a syringe; a plunger configured to be pushed into the syringe; an elastic deforming portion configured to be deformed in response to the pushing of the plunger; and a stopper portion... Agent:

20150075521 - Nebulizer and medicament storage module thereof: A nebulizer includes a medicament storage module and a nebulizing unit. The medicament storage module includes an inclined bottom wall, a tubular sidewall, and a guiding part. The inclined bottom wall is inclined at an inclination angle. The tubular sidewall is connected with a periphery of the inclined bottom wall.... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20150075522 - Clinical decision support system and methods: The present invention provides clinical decision support that can be used with non-portable and portable systems when delivering and/or monitoring delivery of a therapeutic gas comprising nitric oxide to a patient. Further, clinical decision support can be used with non-portable and portable systems during delivery and/or monitoring of delivery of... Agent: Ino Therapeutics LLC

20150075524 - Combination cpap and resuscitation systems and methods: A combination positive airway pressure (PAP) or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and resuscitation system and related methods. The systems can be well-suited for use in providing CPAP therapy for a neonate or infant patient, with the ability to also provide resuscitation therapy at a peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) as... Agent:

20150075523 - Coupling device for a breathing apparatus: A coupling device for a breathing apparatus, characterized in that a connecting device is inseparably connected to the regulator hose, and can be coupled with at least two couplers, each having a flow check valve, for connection to a breathing gas source. Other aspects are described and claimed.... Agent: Msa Auer Gmbh

20150075525 - Nitrous oxide anesthetic administration system: A system and method for administering nitrous oxide to a patient has a fluid control system that allows a user to monitor and control the supply of gases to a patient. A shutoff valve allows a user to selectively activate the fluid control system. Oxygen flow is adjusted by a... Agent:

20150075526 - Systems and methods of administering a pharmaceutical gas to a patient: Methods and systems for delivering a pharmaceutical gas to a patient. The methods and systems provide a known desired quantity of the pharmaceutical gas to the patient independent of the respiratory pattern of the patient over a plurality of breaths every nth breath, where n is greater than or equal... Agent:

20150075527 - Apparatus for the aerosolization of large volumes of dry powder: The invention relates to a device for dosing and aerosolization of aerosolizable material. The device comprises a body with an aerosolization channel with a distal attachment portion connectable to a source of carrier gas which provides pressure pulses to the aerosolization channel; a proximal attachment portion for outputting aerosolized material... Agent:

20150075528 - Method and apparatus for tangle-free oxygen lines: The tangle-free, kink-free oxygen supply extensible tubing uses a helical accordion support structure on which the oxygen supply tubing is attached. The helical accordion backbone has some tendency to spring back, but this is not relied upon to extend and return the oxygen supply tubing it carries. The carrier structure... Agent:

20150075529 - System and method for pressure support therapy with shaped airflow: The present disclosure pertains to an airflow shaping system (10) configured to deliver a shaped, pressurized flow of breathable gas to the airway of a subject (12). In some embodiments, the system comprises a pressure generator (14), a subject interface (16), a flow shaper (18), one or more sensors (20),... Agent:

20150075530 - Ventilation interface: A respiration assist mask having an input gas feed tube, a ventilation interface, a facial interface and nasal inserts. The gas feed tube can connect to the ventilation interface and form a seal. The ventilation interface may be joined with the facial interface to form a seal between the ventilation... Agent: Respcare, Inc.

20150075531 - Replaceable cushion for respiratory masks: Applicant has disclosed a “replaceable cushion system” which allows for a cushion frame with an integral cushion (e.g., a gel bladder) to be quickly and easily swapped in and out of a respiratory mask (e.g., a CPAP mask) while maintaining an effective seal via the compression of a gasket. In... Agent: Sleepnet Corporation

20150075532 - Disposable mask made from bioplastic resins: A disposable mask made from bioplastic resins includes a biodegradable resin selected from the group consisting of polylactic acid (PLA), cellulose based PH, polycaprolate (PCL), polybutyleneadipatetetephathalate (PBT), polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), green polyethylene (GPE), green polyethylene terephthalate (GPET), Poly3-hydoxybutrate-3-hydroxyhexxanate (PHBH), poly-D-lactide (PDLA), and poly-L-lactide (PLLA); a plasticizer intermixed with the resin to... Agent: Innovative Bottles, LLC

20150075533 - Mask system and method for constructing the same: A mask system including a frame module and a cushion module provided to the frame module and adapted to form a seal with the patient's face. The cushion module includes a main body defining a breathing chamber and adapted to interface with the frame module and a cushion adapted to... Agent:

20150075534 - Headgear, interface and an assembly: This invention relates to a headgear component as a part of a headgear. The component comprising a backstrap, a first ear loop extending from one end of the backstrap, the first ear loop following a path defining a first ear opening, and a second ear loop extending from another end... Agent:

20150075535 - Transtracheal ventilation device: The invention relates to a transtracheal ventilation device (1) comprising at least one base plate (10) with an opening (9) and comprising a tubular connecting part (2) with a channel (18) and a central axis (7). The base plate (10) and the connecting part (2) are connected to each other... Agent:

20150075536 - Methods and apparatus for occlusion of body lumens: The invention describes methods and apparatus for creating permanent occlusion of body lumens such as the fallopian tubes. The methods and apparatus use non-surgical approaches to deliver permanent implants which create acute occlusion of desired body lumens which resolve to permanent occlusions of the lumens.... Agent:

20150075539 - Child seat device for a child and stroller: The invention relates to a child seat device for a child for aligning the spinal column of the child and for preventing and treating a spinal column curvature of the child (scoliosis), comprising an upper seat part and a lower seat part, wherein the upper seat part is provided with... Agent: Zimmer Medizinsysteme Gmbh

20150075537 - Method and apparatus for securing a patient's hand during arthroscopy and surgery: An extended flexible meshed enclosure is arranged between a patient's hand and a support plate upstanding from the associated operating table to support the patient's hand during surgery of the patient's associated limb. To assist in holding the meshed enclosure to the support plate a first part of said meshed... Agent:

20150075538 - Padded undergarment: An undergarment wherein the back side comprises a pad disposed in the left side and a pad disposed in the right side and methods of improving comfort while sitting or to relieving, reducing, minimizing or eliminating discomfort or pain from sitting in men with prostate conditions by wearing or providing... Agent: Sambition Enterprises, LLC

20150075541 - Airway implants and methods and devices for insertion and retrieval: Embodiments of the present invention relate to methods and devices for the treatment of airway obstruction, such as obstructive sleep apnea, and devices and methods that facilitate insertion and retrieval of the same. In one embodiment, disclosed is a tissue tensioner that includes an elongate flexible tether having a first... Agent:

20150075540 - Apparatus for the prevention of sleep apnea: An apparatus for preventing sleep apnea in a wearer comprises upper and u-shaped appliances, a bottom protrusion extending from the lower appliance in a direction generally away from an occlusal surface of the lower appliance and a top protrusion extending from the upper appliance, the top protrusion including an adjusting... Agent:

20150075542 - Set of occlusal splints and method of making same: A set of occlusal splints includes a maxillary splint engageable over a maxillary superior dental arch of a mouth; and a mandibular splint engageable over a mandibular dental arch of the mouth. Each one of the maxillary splint and the mandibular splint is substantially U-shaped with an anterior section and... Agent:

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