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09/18/2014 > 70 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20140261468 - Transplantation methods: Methods and systems are provided for transplantation of a biological material to a plurality of recipients from a plurality of donors. One or a series of paired donations are made, where one or more donors and/or recipients can be international in origin. Improved care and cost savings are obtained by... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 68 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140251319 - Thermal material nebulizing system: A system for thermal regulation of a nebulizer is provided. The system includes a container to house a nebulizer and a thermal material together. The thermal material acts to chill a liquid located inside the nebulizer, in order to deliver a chilled mist to a patient for therapeutic purposes, such... Agent:

20140251320 - Aerosol generating and delivery device: Particular aspects provide novel atomizers for generating particles over a broad range of MMAD size distributions, the eliminating the requirement for an impaction baffle in generating the desired particle sizes. In particular aspects, the atomization means communicates with a remote particle filter member configured and positioned to provide for particle... Agent: Kurve Technology, Inc.

20140251321 - Inhaler mouthpiece: A detachable mouthpiece for an inhaler apparatus constructed to convey an aerosolized substance into a user's lungs via the user's mouth. The detachable mouthpiece includes a detachable mouthpiece body having a first distal end defining a first opening and a second distal end. The detachable mouthpiece also includes a feature... Agent:

20140251322 - Breathing systems: A heat exchange apparatus (26) for condensing water from a flow of respiratory gas is disclosed. The apparatus (26) comprises a first portion having an inlet (28) and a second portion having an outlet (30), the inlet (28) and outlet (30) being connectable to a breathing system (10) and the... Agent:

20140251323 - Single-sided modular oxygen cannula and gas/air delivery system: A portable gas delivery system includes a mouthpiece or nosepiece, a gas delivery pack and a medical cannula tubing assembly. The mouthpiece has an upper region with a one nose port and a lower region with a mouth port. The nosepiece conceals the cannula and includes at least one nose... Agent:

20140251325 - Electronic cigarette preventing its nozzle from falling off: The present invention relates to an electronic cigarette preventing its nozzle from falling off, comprising a shell with a hollow inner chamber. The shell is configured with an atomizer, a cylindrical liquid storage component and a storage battery and a cup holder therein, and has its one end to be... Agent:

20140251324 - Method and device for heating control of an electronic cigarette: A method and device for heating control of an electronic cigarette are provided, wherein, the method includes steps as below: S1. sensing whether there is a smoke signal via a sensor or a switch, if yes, executing step S2; S2. activating a timer to record time and turn on a... Agent:

20140251326 - Vaporizer assembly and cartridge: A personal vapor inhaling unit is disclosed. An electronic flameless vapor inhaler unit that may simulate a cigarette has a cavity that receives a cartridge in the distal end of the inhaler unit. The cartridge brings a substance to be vaporized in contact with a wick. When the unit is... Agent:

20140251327 - Respirator negative pressure fit check devices and methods: A respiratory mask body defining a breathable air zone for a wearer and having a shut-off valve is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, the mask body includes one or more inlet ports configured to receive one or more breathing air source components. The shut-off valve is operable between a closed... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140251328 - Methods and systems for managing a patient move: This disclosure describes systems and methods for managing a move of a patient being monitored or treated by a medical system, such as a medical ventilator. The disclosure describes a novel approach for preventing a patient from being moved from a first location to second different location that is connected... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140251329 - Fresh gas entrainment port on the inspiratory limb of a high frequency oscillatory ventilator: An entrainment port regulates the flow of gas and/or medicine into an inspiratory limb of a high frequency oscillatory ventilator (H0FOV) to improve the oxygen content of the air entering a patient. The entrainment port is connected to an oxygen source and uses entrained oxygen therefrom to enter the inspiratory... Agent:

20140251330 - Inhalator system and method: A hand-held, portable inhalator device is disclosed. The device has a mouthpiece with a chamber operatively coupled to a medication inlet and a fluid outlet. A valve is disposed about the fluid outlet and is configured to open when subjected to a first threshold level of positive pressure permitting egress... Agent:

20140251331 - Humidifying respiratory gases: A device for humidifying respiratory gases. The device includes: a humidification component that holds a water volume; and a heating element that converts received electrical energy to electromagnetic radiation, wherein the electromagnetic radiation is transferred to the water volume, thereby heating the water volume to achieve a heated water volume.... Agent: Carefusion 207, Inc.

20140251332 - Ambient aerosol manifold for inline oxygen mask: Disclosed is a device whereby a nebulizer may be operatively connected to a non-rebreather oxygen mask so that inhalation therapy treatments may be provided to a patient wearing the mask without compromising the mask's integrity. The invention basically comprises an ambient aerosol manifold that is operatively inserted in fluid-communicating relation... Agent:

20140251333 - Exhalation scavenging therapy mask: A respiratory mask for a medical patient including a shell and a flow coupling is disclosed. The shell includes an upper portion configured to cover a nose of the patient and a lower portion configured to cover a mouth of the patient, where an internal surface of the shell defines... Agent:

20140251335 - Adhesive devices and methods for improving breathing and/or sleep using such devices: Devices and methods are provided for inhibiting mouth breathing and/or improving nasal breathing, e.g., for PAP users or users with other sleeping problems. In an exemplary embodiment, an adhesive device is provided that includes an elongate membrane comprising first and second ends and side edges extending between the first and... Agent:

20140251336 - Condensation reduction and management systems in a gas flow delivery system: Condensation management techniques for a gas flow delivery system. The techniques include providing a radiant barrier associated with patient circuit and/or a patient interface, providing a water trap and/or an absorbent insert in the patient interface device, or a combination of these techniques. The radiant barrier prevents condensation from forming... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140251334 - Sleep apnea mask cover: The present invention is related to a cover for a CPAP mask formed from an insulating material. The cover is adapted to fit over a frame of a CPAP mask without contacting a wearer of the CPAP mask and to mitigate the formation of condensation on an interior of the... Agent:

20140251337 - Patient interface device having cam wheel adjustment mechanism: A patient interface device includes a support structure, a pivot arm pivotably coupled to the support structure and structured to pivot about an axis, a patient coupling member, such as a mask or a forehead support, coupled to the pivot arm, and a cam wheel rotateably coupled to the support... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140251338 - User interface device providing improved load distribution functionality background of the invention: A cushion member for a user interface device is provided. The cushion member is structured to provide a load distribution functionality responsive to the cushion member being donned by the user, wherein at least a portion of the cushion member has a local stiffness of less than or equal to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140251339 - Secretion clearing ventilation catheter and airway management system: A pulmonary secretion clearing ventilation catheter and related airway management system is disclosed. The ventilation catheter has a double lumen portion which each lumen of the double lumen portion operably secured to an airway management system so that inspiratory fluid (air/oxygen mixtures, with or without added water vapor) is delivered... Agent:

20140251340 - Patient interface device for being connected to a patient's respiratory system and associated methods: A patient interface device is described for delivering a gas to a patient, the patient interface comprising a fastening means for fastening the patient interface to the user, the fastening means consisting of an element adapted for engaging the user's nose during use, wherein the fastening means is adapted for... Agent:

20140251341 - Arm cuff for reducing shoulder impingement: The present application is directed to methods and devices for reducing shoulder impingement for a person in a lying position. The device may comprise a generally tubular cuff having an inner radius defining an open passage through the cuff and extending from a proximal end to a distal end, an... Agent:

20140251342 - Eye protection device for patients undergoing general anesthesia in during medical and/or surgical procedures: An eye cover is provided that attaches to an air pump that provides a constant high humidity environment to the eyes, and protects the eyes especially during periods of anesthesia.... Agent: Sojo Medical

20140251343 - Method and device for treating obstructive sleep apnea: Methods and devices comprised of a collapsible insert member and shaping member for treating obstructive sleep apnea are described. The insert member is placed in the tongue or other tissue forming the airway of the patient and has a lumen to accommodate the shaping member. The shaping member is inserted... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20140251344 - Partially erodable systems for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: The invention relates to devices and methods for reforming tissue surrounding the airway of a subject suffering from obstructive sleep apnea so as to open the airway and alleviate the occurrence of apneic events. Devices comprise a combination of resiliently deformable material and bioerodible material. The deformable portion of the... Agent:

20140251345 - Surgical drape: A surgical drape includes two movable pockets allowing a smaller diameter and therefore saving space on an operating room table. A first smaller pocket extending from the drape is formed near the nose of the drape and includes an exit port for a lumen connected to a device inside the... Agent:

20140251346 - Surgical drape with separable elements: The present disclosure relates to a novel surgical drape to be used in a surgical setting, and more specifically to a drape that includes one or more of the following: (1) a patient drape for use with a standalone non-draped image acquisition device; (2) a patient drape for use with... Agent:

20140251347 - Conformable therapeutic shield for vision and pain: A conformable covering comprises an outer portion with rigidity to resist movement on the cornea and an inner portion to contact the cornea and provide an environment for epithelial regeneration. The inner portion of the covering can be configured in many ways so as to conform at least partially to... Agent: Nexisvision, Inc.

20140251348 - Method for making and using a comfort guard for orthodontic treatments: A comforting mouth guard is disclosed for use after indirect bonding of orthodontic brackets onto teeth of a patient and installation of orthodontic wires between the brackets. The mouth guard includes an indirect bonding tray having a wall of soft material and molded-in channels defined in the soft material of... Agent:

20140251349 - Contamination containment device: A cough containment device is described, which may be a cup member having a top lid and filter joining portion, a second cap joining member for containment and a tissue holder. The invention is for coughing and sneezing and in the form of a cup with a hollow end at... Agent:

20140251350 - Medical immobilization devices: An immobilization device includes a torso brace positioned around a subject's torso, a leg brace configured to be coupled around a respective leg of the subject, a connecting rod for each leg brace and at least one torso-brace joint assembly. Each joint assembly is coupled to the torso brace and... Agent:

20140251351 - Orthopedic method for immobilizing a portion of a subject: An orthopedic immobilization method using a device having a torso brace positioned around a subject's torso, a leg brace positioned around a respective leg of the subject, a connecting rod for each leg brace and at least one torso-brace joint assembly. Each joint assembly is coupled to the torso brace... Agent:

20140251352 - Backboard cover and methods of covering a backboard: A backboard and backboard cover combination is provided for encapsulating and protecting a backboard from contamination. The backboard is a traditional construction having a top, bottom and rim. Preferably the backboard has one or more holes for ease of carry or for affixing straps. The cover has a length and... Agent:

09/04/2014 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 31 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140238389 - Compressible cannula connector with release grip: A tracheal tube assembly includes an outer cannula configured to be positioned in a patient airway and an inner cannula configured to be disposed inside the outer cannula. The tracheal tube assembly further includes a flange member secured about the outer cannula, and an outer cannula connector coupled to a... Agent:

20140238390 - Intubation device and method: Intubation devices and method of intubation are provided for a medical provider to firmly hold an intubation stylet with the middle, the ring, and the little finger of one hand, point the tips of the intubation stylet and an endotracheal tube towards the opening of the trachea, and then advance... Agent:

20140238391 - Flip top valve for dry snorkels: In one embodiment, a snorkel includes a conduit having a first end and a second end, a mouthpiece joined to the conduit second end, an arm adjacent the conduit first end and connected to a seal, wherein the seal is configured to pivot with respect to the conduit from a... Agent:

20140238392 - Escape hood: A protective hood with air-purifying filter cartridge for safe escape from a hazardous atmosphere has a system for quickly donning the hood. A fabric strap attached to the rear of the hood has the strap lengths extending forward through circular rings near the chin. Optional enlarged ends prevent the strap... Agent: Milspray LLC

20140238393 - Medical vaporizer and method of monitoring of a medical vaporizer: The present application includes an independent and redundant measurement of anesthetic concentration, based on acoustic time-of-flight measurements, added to an anesthetic vaporizer. The redundant anesthetic concentration measurement is used to make the vaporizer inherently safe by design and monitor true vaporizer empty. Further, using an acoustic wave splitting technique and... Agent: General Electric Company

20140238394 - Temperature measuring device for a respiratory humidifier: A temperature-measuring device for a respiratory humidifier (1) with a liquid container (5) is provided, wherein the temperature-measuring device comprises a flow channel (9) for breathing gas and an infrared detector (21), which is directed from the outside toward the flow channel (9) for the contactless detection of the temperature... Agent: Hamilton Bonaduz Ag

20140238395 - Powder inhaling device: A powder inhaler device having a body provided with a dispenser orifice; a plurality of predosed reservoirs each containing a dose of powder for dispensing; and reservoir-opening device for opening a reservoir on each actuation. The inhaler device has a dispersion chamber including an inlet connected during inhalation to an... Agent: Aptar France Sas

20140238396 - Inhaler component: The invention relates to an inhaler component for forming a vapour-air mixture and/or condensation aerosol by vaporizing a liquid material and optionally condensing the vapour formed, including: a heating element for vaporizing a portion of the liquid material; a wick for automatically supplying the liquid material to the heating element,... Agent: Batmark Limited

20140238397 - Ventilation tube system: A ventilation tube system for breathing gas for ventilating patients is provided, the system having a first inhalation tube (1) connectable to a respiratory humidifier (3) and to a Y-piece (5); a second inhalation tube (7) connectable to a respirator (9) and to the respiratory humidifier (3); and an exhalation... Agent: Hamilton Bonaduz Ag

20140238398 - System for providing flow-targeted ventilation synchronized to a patient's breathing cycle: A system selectively delivers either breath-synchronized, flow-targeted ventilation (BSFTV) or closed-system positive pressure ventilation (CSPPV) to augment respiration of a patient with a standard tracheal tube. A removable adaptor has a cap that can be removably attached to the proximal connector of the tracheal tube in BSFTV mode, and an... Agent: Cs Medical, Inc.

20140238399 - Method and system for controlling breathing: The present invention relates to a method and a system for controlling breathing of a patient. A system for controlling breathing of a patient includes a respiratory conduit. The respiratory conduit is configured to be coupled to a patient interface device and is further configured to be coupled to a... Agent: The Periodic Breathing Foundation

20140238401 - Cpap system: The technology described herein provides an apparatus and associated methods for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) systems, which can be utilized to treat breathing problems such as sleep apnea. In at least one embodiment, an airway interface mask and headgear assembly includes a mask shell housing to cover the patients... Agent:

20140238400 - Respiratory mask: This invention concerns a respiratory mask for delivering inspiratory gas to a wearer. The respiratory mask has a mask body of generally concave shape and having a peripheral edge. The mask body being is formed of a first material and adapted to provide a cavity in use about the mouth... Agent: Intersurgical Ag

20140238402 - Cpap mask frame: A continuous positive airway pressure (“CPAP”) mask is provided. The CPAP mask includes a mask support that includes a cavity provided within the mask support. The CPAP mask further includes a mask cushion that is received within the cavity. The mask cushion and the mask support each include an opening.... Agent: Ag Industries LLC

20140238403 - Cpap mask skin adhesive applicator: Provided is an applicator device for facilitating the application of liquid adhesive onto the edge of a continued positive air pressure (CPAP) mask. The device has a central shaft with a hollow interior. One of the central shaft removably secures to a storage container of skin safe adhesive. The opposing... Agent:

20140238404 - Headgear connection assembly for a respiratory mask assembly: A respiratory mask assembly for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a frame and at least one locking clip. The frame has a main body and a side frame member provided on each lateral side of the main body, at least one of the side frame members including a... Agent: Resmed Limited

20140238405 - Expandable inter vivos tube: A flexible expandable inter vivos tube includes at least one arched segmented portion, a corresponding movable element and at least one positioning mechanism. The at least one arched segmented portion and corresponding movable element forming a flexible closed longitudinally expandable tube. The at least one arched segment includes an H-shaped... Agent:

20140238406 - Breathing tube holder: A faceplate assembly that includes a faceplate frame (14) that mounts on a patient's face and a bite block (30) that holds an endotracheal tube (22) that extends into a patient's trachea to assist breathing. The tube is easily mounted on the bite block, and the tube can be shifted... Agent:

20140238407 - Patient interface device including a coating adhesive layer: Various embodiments of a patient interface device, such as a mask, nasal pillow, or nasal cannula, that includes an adhesive layer provided on a surface thereof that is structured to temporarily bond to the skin of a user of the patient interface device. The adhesive layer may include a bonding... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140238408 - Mounting bracket: A clamping bracket which can be used to clamp an armboard on the side rail of an operating table. The clamping bracket has an attachment assembly connected to a base, the base being attached to the armboard. The attachment assembly includes a locking assembly to selectively lock the attachment assembly... Agent:

20140238409 - Perinatal care device: A perinatal care device provides a shield that is placed over the mother's lower thorax. The shield is generally in the shape of a part dome, with its rim extending towards the mother's head. Warm air is delivered to a manifold in or on the shield, from which it is... Agent:

20140238410 - Mouth guard: A mouth guard including a top mouth piece for engaging the top teeth and a bottom mouth piece for engaging the bottom teeth. The mouth guard also includes a central section having one or more ports for receiving an endotracheal tube, oral gastric tube, and/or oral suction tube. In a... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

20140238412 - Methods for treating obstructive sleep apnea: The present invention relates to methods for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), alleviating a negative OSA symptom, reducing snoring, or improving quality of life in a subject, comprising administering to the subject an effective amount of a pharmaceutical composition comprising pyridostigmine before sleep. Also provided are related medicaments as well... Agent: Pfantastic Medical Research Institute, LLC

20140238411 - Non-surgical method and system for reducing snoring: A method, system and device for addressing the reduction of snoring includes a removable or dissolvable strip of material that adhere to mucosal tissue of a person's soft palate to provide stiffening support therefore, thus reducing the occurrence of vibration of such tissue during sleep. Preferred embodiments include of a... Agent:

20140238413 - Neonatal thermal device and related method thereof: The neonatal drape device provides protection for a neonatal subject by providing a barrier to the environment that protects the subject from the loss of heat, water and moisture. The neonatal drape device functions as protection primarily by providing a barrier to the environment from the neonatal subject. The neonatal... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20140238414 - Agp night guard - for a bruxism patient with or without a severe malocclusion: A special night guard, named as “AGP night guard”, comprising a “special retention piece and AGP (Anterior Guidance Package), is provided. The “AGP night guard comprises of; 1) one AGP and 2) two special retention pieces having an anteriorly protruded shelf to receive the maxillary guidance component of the AGP... Agent:

20140238415 - Agp night guard - for a bruxism patient with or without a severe malocclusion: A special night guard, named as “AGP night guard”, comprising a “special retention piece and AGP (Anterior Guidance Package), is provided. The “AGP night guard comprises of; 1) one AGP and 2) two special retention pieces having an anteriorly protruded shelf to receive the maxillary guidance component of the AGP... Agent:

20140238416 - Mouthguard and fabricating method thereof: A mouthguard includes a mouthguard body and a film structure. The mouthguard body includes a front part, a rear part and a bottom part. A trench is defined by the front part, the rear part and the bottom part collaboratively. The film structure includes a first surface and a second... Agent: Shun Hsiang Plastic Co., Ltd.

20140238417 - Therapeutic mouthguard system: A therapeutic mouthguard system including a delivery component is configured to provide a therapeutic agent to the wearer of a mouthguard. In some instances, the delivery component includes a flavor material to encourage its continued use. The mouthguard includes a chamber formed within the mouthguard that is configured to accommodate... Agent: Shock Doctor, Inc.

20140238418 - Mouthguard with selective flavor components: A mouthguard is configured to encourage its continued use by including one or more flavorants. A composite flavored mouthguard includes a mouthguard base having a generally U-shaped profile forming an upper channel. The mouthguard is formed of multiple layers, each of the layers independently including different flavorants.... Agent: Shock Doctor, Inc.

20140238419 - Oral apparatus for optimising user performance: The present invention relates to optimising the performance of a user at an activity by providing oral apparatuses which provide different separation distances between the user's upper and lower jaw and enable a user to select the apparatus which gives the optimal performance.... Agent: Opro International Limited

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