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04/10/2014 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140096765 - Inhaled hypertonic saline delivered by a heated nasal cannula: The invention described herein is directed to method of treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, comprising administering an effective amount of an osmolyte by at least one nasal cannula to a subject in need thereof. Also provided is a nasal cannula system for delivering an osmolyte, comprising a nebulizer and tubing... Agent: Parion Sciences, Inc.

20140096766 - Reversible airway device and related method for ventilating a subject: One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a reversible airway device that includes a tubular guide, a laryngeal mask, an endotracheal tube, and a sealing mechanism. The tubular guide can have a distal end portion, a proximal end portion, and a first passageway extending between the distal and proximal... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20140096767 - Nasal aroma breathing pipe: The claimed invention is an apparatus to assist and encourage a person to take long, deep and steady breaths. The invention is designed to provide improved health for the user by fostering; improved breathing and relaxation, positive smell association, calmer clearer thinking, reduced stress and anxiety, as well as providing... Agent:

20140096768 - Respiratory mask: A respiratory mask includes a mask body and an air inlet connector. The mask body is formed with an air inlet. The air inlet connector is integrally formed at the air inlet. The respiratory mask can be direct connected to an oxygen tube, an air storage bag, a mist spray... Agent:

20140096769 - Dose counters for inhalers, inhalers and methods of assembly thereof: A manually operated metered dose inhaler includes a dose counter chamber including a dose display tape driven by a ratchet wheel which is driven in turn by an actuator pawl actuated by movement of a canister, the tape unwinding from a stock bobbin during use of the inhaler, a rotation... Agent: Norton Waterford

20140096771 - Entraining powder in an airflow: A device for inhalation of at least one air stream carrying a dose of medicament powder. The device comprises a powder-containing cavity which opens into a flow passage. The flow passage is arranged to direct an inhalation air flow across the cavity opening. A circulating flow is thereby induced in... Agent: Astrazeneca Ab

20140096770 - Salt puffer: An inhaler/puffer is provided. The inhaler/puffer may comprise a body, a cap, and a base, the cap and the base being configured to functionally engage the body. The body may define a chamber wherein minerals, such as salt, may be housed. The body, cap, and base may be configured to... Agent:

20140096772 - Treatment of asthma, allergic rhinitis and improvement of quality of sleep by temperature controlled laminar airflow treatment: This invention relates in general to methods and devices for displacing body convection and thereby reducing exposure to allergens and other airborne fine particles within a personal breathing zone during situations of or corresponding to sleep thereby reducing or removing symptoms of asthma and allergic rhinitis while improving quality of... Agent: Airsonett Ab

20140096774 - Interface comprising a rolling nasal bridge portion: An interface for positive pressure therapy includes a mask assembly, a headgear assembly and a connection port assembly. The mask assembly comprises a seal member that has an upper portion movably connected to an integrated lower portion, wherein the upper portion rolls during hinging movement of the upper portion relative... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20140096775 - Patient interface device including an adjustable forehead support having a vertical wheel drive mechanism: A patient interface device (10) includes a patient sealing assembly (60) including a cushion (70), and a frame member (80) coupled to the cushion, and an adjustable forehead support assembly (200) provided at the distal end (120) of the frame member. The adjustable forehead support assembly includes an adjustment mechanism... Agent:

20140096773 - Supplemental gas delivery device for mask assembly: A supplemental gas delivery device is described for a mask assembly having at least one supplemental gas port, the at least one supplemental gas port including an aperture in communication with an interior of the mask assembly. The mask assembly may include an aperture communicating with an interior of the... Agent: Resmed Limited

20140096776 - Prophylactic device and methods of use: A prophylactic device having a base substrate for adhering to a glans of a penis, and a reservoir cap having a reservoir and a flange for adhering to the base substrate. The base substrate may be a thin polyurethane film coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive for adhering to the skin... Agent:

20140096777 - Sleeping device to prevent snoring: A device configured to reduce snoring that includes a platform configured to elevate the torso of a user and a pillow mounted to the wedge platform and configured to elevate the head of the user.... Agent:

20140096778 - Mask: A mask includes a frame, ear fasteners, a resisting portion and a covering piece. The frame is of an arcuate shape approximating a person's face curve, having two ends respectively connected with the ear fastener and an intermediate portion extending downward to form a support portion, and further provided with... Agent:

20140096779 - Device for use with post-operative shoe: A device for use with a post-operative shoe to protect the foot of the wearer of such shoe. The device comprises a first member and a second member, wherein the first member is substantially U-shaped and has a first and second terminus, wherein the first terminus and second terminus of... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140090642 - Self positioning tracheal tube clearance mechanism using skives: A device for cleaning the interior wall of a catheter has a cleaning lumen and skives as non-inflatable removal elements on the exterior surface of the cleaning lumen. Each skive has a first position when unconstrained and a second position when within the catheter. The skives self-position the device concentrically... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140090643 - Ports cap for mask assembly: A ports cap for a mask assembly includes two closure portions adapted to seal respective ports of the mask assembly, a bridge piece that joins the two closure portions, and two gripping tabs extending outwardly from respective closure portions. Each gripping tab includes one or more ribs on at least... Agent: Resmed Limited

20140090644 - Handheld therapeutic gas delivery: A nozzle apparatus for dispensing an adjustable combination of gas, having a nozzle outlet adjustably combined with a delivery component. The nozzle outlet may have a groove for receiving a roll pin; and an inner lumen comprising a cylindrical shaft having a diameter between 5/1000ths and 20/1000ths of an inch.... Agent:

20140090645 - Brushless dc motor with bearings: A PAP device for generating a supply of pressurized gas to be provided to a patient for treatment includes a housing, a core including a motor and at least one impeller, and a vibration isolation system to support the core within the housing in a flexible, vibration-isolated manner.... Agent: Resmed Motor Technologies Inc

20140090647 - Breathing-gas delivery and sharing system and method: A device, system, and method for isolating a ventilator from one or more patients in which the delivery conditions of gas delivered to an isolation device from a ventilator may drive the delivery of breathing-gas delivered to one or more patients, the breathing-gas having the same or different delivery conditions.... Agent: The Research Foundation For The State University O

20140090646 - Managing an active strap system for a face mask: A method for managing a set of active straps for a positive airway pressure (PAP) mask including detecting a pressure value with a pressure sensor, analyzing the pressure value with a processor for identifying an adjustment of the set of active straps, and performing the identified adjustment with the set... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140090648 - Method and apparatus for treating apnea/hypopnea: Methods and/or apparatuses for treating sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) are provided. In particular, systems and/or methods are provided which may temporarily boost the pressure of a supply of breathable gas provided by an AutoSet device for the treatment of hypopnea. In certain example embodiments, a supply of breathable is provided to... Agent: Resmed Limited

20140090649 - Respiratory mask with disposable cloth body: The invention is a frameless, disposable cloth body for use with a respiratory mask, such as for continuous positive airway pressure therapy for those having sleep apnea. The cloth body is inflatable and moisture-vapor breathable and has an inner side having a nasal interface portion disposed on it and an... Agent: Circadiance, LLC

20140090650 - Condom device: An elastomeric condom device including a tubular portion to cover the shaft of the penis, the tubular portion having a first thickness; a pouch portion to cover the scrotum, the pouch portion having a second thickness; and a middle portion provided between the tubular and pouch portions, the middle portion... Agent: Pittsburgh Aids Task Force

20140090651 - Abdominal wrap with window: A medical wrap configured to be secured about a body or torso of a patient, or around a limb or other portion of the patient. The wrap comprises a main body of stretchable fabric. The wrap has a first fastener. The wrap has an opening formed in the main body.... Agent:

20140090652 - Intraoral device for treatment of snoring, sleep apnea and tmd: The invention is a device for removable placement in the mouth, which advances the lower jaw and draws the tongue forward and upward, thereby providing relief for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. The device includes an upper portion, the upper surface of which is adapted for engagement with the user's... Agent:

20140090653 - Iris shield: Apparatus and methods for preventing prolapse of iris tissue through a surgical opening in the eye during an ophthalmic surgery. A flexible biocompatible polymeric shield is inserted into the anterior chamber of the eye, placed in position overlying the iris adjacent a surgical opening into the anterior chamber and is... Agent:

20140090654 - Adjustable tongue retaining oral appliance: A device for receipt in a user's mouth includes a tongue engagement element having a front region, a rear region, and side regions that define an opening for receiving a user's tongue, means for retaining the user's tongue in a forward position, and means for changing the size of the... Agent: Sleepy, Inc.

20140090655 - Flavored boil and bite mouthguard: A mouthguard device and method of manufacturing is provided, wherein the mouthguard provides the wearer with protection typically provided by most mouthguard structures, while providing an embedded flavor in the mouthguard material that the wearer can taste to mask the otherwise foul smell of a used mouthguard over the course... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 19 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140083419 - Respiratory interface: Embodiments disclosed herein relate to respiratory interfaces for use in treating various respiratory issues including, but not limited to, sleep disorder breathing (e.g. snoring, sleep apnea), and in other forms of assisted and unassisted respiration. Embodiments disclosed herein further relate to nasal prongs, flanges and valves for use with respiratory... Agent: Innomed Technologies

20140083420 - Inhalation anesthetic vaporizer: A vaporizer includes a thermally conductive anesthetic container and a temperature sensor positioned in the container and in the liquid anesthetic. A breathing-gas delivery tube has a delivery end positioned in the liquid anesthetic at least about 5 mm beneath the top surface of the liquid anesthetic. A heater is... Agent: Piramal Critical Care, Inc.

20140083421 - Dry powder inhaler and system for drug delivery: A breath-powered, dry powder inhaler, a cartridge, and a pulmonary drug delivery system are provided. The dry powder inhaler can be provided with or without a unit dose cartridge for using with the inhaler. The inhaler and/or cartridge can be provided with a drug delivery formulation comprising, for example, a... Agent: Mannkind Corporation

20140083422 - Inhaler: A dry powder inhaler comprises a disc-shaped assembly (14) having cavities (16) filled with medicament powder for inhalation. The assembly is rotatably mounted in a housing (6, 8) on which is mounted a rotatable external casing (11, 12). A mouthpiece (10) is movably mounted on the housing (6, 8) allowing... Agent: Astrazeneca Ab

20140083423 - Vibrating blister: Disclosed is an inhaler and a method for using the inhaler for the inhalation of a formulation from a carrier. The carrier contains the formulation in a receptacle and is set oscillating by an air current. An improved or defined delivery and nebulisation of the preferably powdered formulation is made... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20140083424 - Nozzles for nasal drug delivery: A nozzle for use in delivering a mixture of aerosol propellant and drug formulation. The nozzle includes a drug product inlet configured to receive a mixture of aerosolized propellant and an intranasal dosage form. The inlet is disposed at the proximal end. A nozzle body is secured to the drug... Agent: Impel Neuropharma Inc.

20140083425 - Combination anesthesia and scavenger surgical mask: A surgical mask for administering and/or scavenging medical gases includes a nasal mask and an oral mask that envelops the nasal mask. The nasal mask is secured to the oral mask and may be removable from it.... Agent:

20140083426 - Systems and methods for controlling a ventilator: A method and system for controlling a ventilator is disclosed. Oxygen saturation values from pulse oximeters may be used to adjust the settings of a ventilator. Multiple sensors and multiple oxygen saturation values in a fault tolerant pulse oximeter configuration may be used to provide a backup value or confidence... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140083428 - Flexible member adjustable forehead support: A patient interface device includes a patient sealing assembly having a cushion and a frame member having a faceplate portion and an extension portion extending from the faceplate portion. Te cushion is coupled to the faceplate portion. A forehead member engages the forehead of the patient, and a flexible elongated... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140083429 - Headgear attachment mechanism for a patient interface device: A patient interface device includes a patient sealing assembly adapted to communicate a flow of breathing gas within an airway of a patient, a fluid coupling conduit fluidly coupled to the patient sealing assembly, the fluid coupling conduit being structured to receive the flow of breathing gas and communicate the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140083427 - Patient interface device including pressure relief for deformable compenents: A patient interface device includes a sealing cushion structured to communicate a flow of breathing gas within an airway of a patient, a rigid or semi rigid support member coupled to the sealing cushion, the support member including an inner surface, an outer surface and at least one orifice extending... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140083430 - Patient interface with an adjustable cushion: A patient interface of the present invention includes a faceplate including a plurality of headgear attachment elements, a seal member operatively coupled to the faceplate; and an adjustment mechanism coupling the seal member to the faceplate. The adjustment mechanism controls the position of the seal member relative to the faceplate... Agent: Ric Investments LLC

20140083431 - Respiratory mask and method for manufacturing a respiratory mask: A respiratory mask, a mould for a respiratory mask, as well as to a method for producing a respiratory mask are disclosed, in which manufacturability and usability of respiratory masks are improved. A respiratory mask is disclosed for administering a breathable gas to a patient, the respiratory mask comprising a... Agent: Resmed R&d Germany Gmbh

20140083432 - Orotracheal tube for tracheostomy procedure: The present invention relates to an oro-tracheal tube for interventions of tracheotomy that, at least in the distal end (12) has flattened section, more extended along the transverse axis and less extended along the sagittal axis, and that, in the vicinity of the end of said distal portion is provided... Agent:

20140083433 - Inflatable multilevel vaginal pessary device: A multilevel, inflatable vaginal pessary device is soft, malleable and has a gentle gripping surface to assure retention and proper placement. The pessary device can offer options for pressure, either apically toward the cervix or anteriorly toward the bladder or posteriorly toward the rectum, via an inner silicone elastomeric (such... Agent:

20140083434 - Conductive electrical garment: An apparatus for electrical stimulation therapy comprising a garment and a plurality of electrode pads associated with the garment, wherein the electrode pads are positionable at selectable locations relative to the garment, such that to correspond to a person's body shape and areas that need electrical stimulation therapy, and wherein... Agent:

20140083435 - Mouthguard: The present invention is a mouthguard that includes a mouthpiece portion which is made to fit inside the user's mouth and provides a protective connection with the user's teeth. A relatively short member is integrally formed with the front of the mouthpiece. This member provides clear visibility to the referee... Agent:

20140083436 - System subject support accessory: A subject support accessory (126, 200) includes a securing mechanism (300) configured to secure to a tabletop of the subject support anywhere along a long axis of the tabletop by lowering the securing mechanism onto the tabletop. A method of securing a subject support accessory (126, 200) to a subject... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140083437 - Arm board device: The disclosure relates to an arm board device to replace the need for physical arm restraints. An exemplary arm board device comprises an arm support and, optionally, a hand support.... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 29 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140076308 - Nozzle and inhaler and method for producing a nozzle: A nozzle, an inhaler with a nozzle and a method for producing a nozzle are proposed. The nozzle comprises two holes formed in a flat plate. Then, the plate is deformed such that the axes of the holes intersect so that jets of fluids generated by the holes impinge with... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140076309 - Laryngeal mask: A laryngeal mask is provided with an outer tube and a connector, having a base end in which is formed a first connecting portion capable of being connected to an artificial respirator and a leading end in which is formed a ventilation opening, the outer tube and the connector having... Agent: National University Corporation Okayama University

20140076310 - Refill diverter for electronic cigarette: A refillable atomizing assembly with a liquid reservoir for an electronic cigarette. The assembly includes a housing and a mouthpiece that is removably engaged to the housing. A liquid reservoir is disposed within the housing, and separated from the aerosol outlet by an outlet chamber. The liquid reservoir is refillable... Agent:

20140076311 - Face mask for administration of gaseous anesthesia: An anesthesia administration system is provided that provides gaseous anesthesia to a patient's nose while providing access to a patient's mouth, the system comprising a face mask having an integrally formed gas inlet means, an integrally formed gas outlet means, and an integrally formed gas sampling means.... Agent:

20140076312 - Indicating device: A dispenser for dispensing metered dosages of a substance from a container includes a dispenser housing having a top, a bottom, and a wall defining an elongated cavity open at the top and extending along a longitudinal axis. An indicating device includes a face member defining a viewing window. The... Agent:

20140076315 - Device for inhaling pulverulent substances: The invention relates to a device (1), which is closable by a cap, for inhaling powdery substances (13), particularly of a medicinal kind, contained in capsules (14) that can be displaced by means of a slider (9) into an emptying position for the purpose of aspirating completely the content thereof.... Agent:

20140076314 - Manifold for use in medicament dispenser: a body defining a chimney having a chimney inlet and a chimney exit, and defining a chamber having a chamber inlet and a chamber exit, wherein the chimney exit and said chamber inlet lie side-by-side such that when the open blister pocket is positioned adjacent thereto airflow is directed from... Agent: Glaxo Group Limited

20140076313 - Metering device for the inhalation of a pulverulent substance: A metering device activated by a user induced airstream for an inhalation of a medicinal substance. The device includes: a closure cap; a piston; a mouthpiece; and an annular chamber disposed upstream of the mouthpiece. A storage chamber stores the substance which can be moved out of the storage chamber... Agent: Siegfried Generics International Ag

20140076316 - Pressurized gas cylinder holder for a respirator: A pressurized gas cylinder holder for a respirator includes a holding part (15) and at least one tightening strap for fastening a pressurized gas cylinder to a holding part (15). Pressurized gas cylinders with different external diameters are able to be fastened to the pressurized gas cylinder holder with an... Agent:

20140076318 - Method and apparatus for assessing sleep quality: Systems and/or methods for assessing the sleep quality of a patient in a sleep session are provided. Data is collected from the patient and/or physician including, for example, sleep session data in the form of one or more physiological parameters of the patient indicative of the patient's sleep quality during... Agent: Resmed Limited

20140076319 - Positive airway pressure system with head position control: The invention is directed to a positive airway pressure (PAP) system with a head mounted harness assembly with a housing and a head position sensor located within or secured to the housing that detects the position of a patient's head, and communicates this head position information to a controller of... Agent: Hancock Medical, Inc.

20140076317 - Pulse oximetry in respiratory therapy patient interface: Provided are systems and methods for utilizing blood oxygenation information with respiratory therapy. These systems and methods may provide respiratory therapy to a patient (119), which may include providing a flow of gas to a patient via a patient interface. Blood oxygenation information for the patient is then obtained.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140076320 - Non-invasive breathing assistance apparatus and method: An nCPAP device for assisting patient breathing includes a generator body forming an inlet, a chamber, and first and second flow circuits. The chamber directs pressurized gas from the inlet to the flow circuits. The flow circuits each include a nozzle, a channel, and at least one port. The nozzle... Agent: Carefusion 207, Inc.

20140076321 - Valve for controlling gas flow: A gas valve is arranged for controlling the flow of medical gas for oxygen therapy in case of spontaneous breathing. An embodiment of the gas valve contains a connection component to connect the gas valve to an external supply such as for example an external supply network for medical gases... Agent:

20140076322 - High pressure air cylinders for use with self-contained breathing apparatus: A self-contained breathing apparatus includes an air cylinder pressurized to about 5500 psig, wherein the air cylinder is compatible with infrastructure used in conjunction with the air cylinder. The self-contained breathing apparatus also includes a first regulator valve for reducing air pressure from the air cylinder to a predetermined level.... Agent: Scott Technologies, Inc.

20140076323 - Patient interface device including a pneumatically adjusting forehread support: A patient interface device (8) includes a patient sealing assembly (12) adapted to communicate a flow of breathing gas within an airway of a patient, the patient sealing assembly including a cushion (14), a frame member (16) coupled to the cushion, and an adjustable forehead support assembly (26) coupled to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140076324 - Isolated refuge cabin: The present invention relates a refuge used in underground mines, and more particularly to a type of isolated refuge cabin used in underground mines, including the supporting airbag (1), the body shell (2) equipped outside the supporting air bag (1), a breathable air supplier (4) and an air inflation device... Agent: The General Hospital Of Shenyang Military Region Of The Chinese People's Liberation Army

20140076325 - Directional valve and respirator product with a directional valve: A directional valve for a respirator product includes a valve housing (15) and a valve seat (1) for receiving a flexible valve membrane (16). The valve seat has a circular and essentially flat sealing surface (2) surrounding an opening (3), which is sealingly covered by the valve membrane during an... Agent: Dr&#xe4 Ger Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140076326 - Medical tubes for selective mechanical ventilation of the lungs: A single lumen endobronchial tube for selective mechanical ventilation of the lungs can include a medical tube having a single lumen with an opening at each of opposed distal and proximal ends of the tube, the opening at the proximal end of the tube being adapted for connection to an... Agent:

20140076328 - Inserter: The present invention relates to an inserter for an intrauterine system comprising a handle (3), and an insertion tube (6) having a first end and a second end, and being arranged in connection with the handle. The inserter is characterized in that the first end of the insertion tube (6)... Agent: Bayer Oy

20140076327 - Method for making a reservoir containing an active substance diffused through the reservoir and installation therefor: The invention concerns a method for making a reservoir (5) containing an active substance and adapted to be introduced into a natural cavity of a living being, the reservoir (5) comprising a membrane (9) permeable to the active substance. Said method includes steps which consist in: a) placing at least... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

20140076329 - Male condom skin dressing: A male condom skin dressing, a kit, and a method of using it. The skin dressing may include a waterproof, generally conically-shaped shell having a base portion and a tip portion, and securing material circumferentially wrapped around at least the base portion of the shell to aid in releasably securing... Agent:

20140076330 - Bowel evacuation aid: A device and method that simulates the squatting position for bowel elimination while still sitting on a toilet.... Agent: Turdle Time, LLC

20140076331 - C-spine head stabilization device: The present invention is a device that is configured to secure a patient's head against the force of gravity during surgery (or other medical procedures) while the patient is in an upright, sideways (tilted to the side), or upside down position, or in any other non-horizontal position, for any duration... Agent:

20140076332 - Dental appliance for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (osa) and sleep bruxism: A sleep apnea device having top and bottom trays, as well as a method of use thereof, is disclosed herein. Each tray is adapted to be retained on respective top and bottom teeth, the bottom tray having two flanges extending upwards from a generally planar side of the bottom tray,... Agent:

20140076333 - Sleep apnea dental appliance and method of constructing: A sleep apnea dental appliance and a method for constructing said appliance. The sleep apnea dental appliance and the method for constructing said dental appliance offers patients a mandibular advancement splint that is custom fitted to their upper and lower teeth. The apparatus reduces strain to the patient's mandible while... Agent:

20140076334 - Medical oral treatment face mask and method for using the same: A medical oral treatment face mask includes a mask body and a band set. The mask body includes a water-repellent layer, an isolation layer and a water-absorbent layer. The isolation layer, which along with the water-repellent layer has a corresponding opening. The water-absorbent layer is arranged between the water-repellent layer... Agent:

20140076335 - Mouth seal device for employment with positive airway pressure therapy: A device for significantly reducing the leakage of air through the mouth of a patient undergoing positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy. The device provides a mouth seal which is fitted to the teeth and gums of the user and a tongue receiving portion which positions the tongue in a forward... Agent:

20140076336 - Ear insert for relief of tmj discomfort and headaches: An expansible ear canal insert for treating TMJ disorders and headaches which acts directly on the TMJ and associated ligament and muscle structures to reduce stress and loads placed on the articulator disc located between the temporal bone and the mandible, as well as supportive muscles and ligaments near the... Agent:

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