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Surgery November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/12

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11/29/2012 > 21 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120298099 - Docking system for a cpap machine: A docking station holds a flow generator of a CPAP system. The docking station has many purposes including having an acoustic chamber to reduce the inherent acoustic noise including from the intake of the flow generator that the user and other hear. The docking station has additional features including humidifying... Agent: Deshum Medical, LLC

20120298100 - Medical aerosol non-diluting holding chamber: A medical aerosol delivery device comprises a housing having a first opening and a second opening and defining a fluid passage between the first and second openings. The housing comprising a pressurized medical aerosol canister actuator having a canister receptacle disposed within the fluid passage and having a valve chamber... Agent:

20120298102 - Introducer for surgical airway catheters: An introducer for a surgical airway catheter has a proximal handle; a curved, rod-shaped main section; an opening-enlarging region; and a rod-shaped distal tip, sized to receive the catheter tube. After making an initial opening in a patient's trachea, the operator inserts the distal tip into the initial opening up... Agent: Airway Cam Technologies, Inc.

20120298101 - Magnet aided intubation systems, kits, and methods: Endotracheal intubation systems, methods, and kits are provided. The system may include an endotracheal tube assembly which includes an endotracheal tube having a proximal end and a distal end; a wire having a proximal end and a distal end, wherein the wire is configured to be removably inserted into the... Agent:

20120298103 - Compact respiratory protective device: A compact respiratory protective device fitted with a mouthpiece or mouthpiece assembly that retracts, pivots or rotates into the depth of the device to reduce size when packed. This reduction in size also permits the depth of the downstream air channel to be increased while still producing a compact device.... Agent:

20120298104 - Respirator device: A device for respiration with a half mask (4) and with a strap (6) for pressing the half mask (4) onto the face of a mask user (7). Wearing comfort is facilitated by providing the strap (6) of a one-piece cut made of an elastic material and having at least... Agent: Drager Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa

20120298105 - Apparatus and methods for delivery of therapeutic agents to mucous or serous membrane: A method, apparatus, and system are provided for mucous membrane therapy. The method includes receiving at least one body signal from a patient; detecting a condition of the patient based on the body signal; and administering the therapy to at least one of a mucous membrane or a serous membrane... Agent: Flint Hills Scientific, L.L.C.

20120298106 - Dispenser and method for entraining powder in an airflow: The disclosure relates to a device for inhalation of at least one air stream carrying a dose of medicament powder. The device comprises a powder-containing cavity which opens into a flow passage. The flow passage is arranged to direct an inhalation air flow across the cavity opening. A circulating flow... Agent:

20120298107 - Dispensing device: A device for dispensing individual doses of powder from respective pockets of a disc-shaped carrier by outwardly rupturing a lidding foil by means of pressure on an opposite side surface, the device providing individual respective deaggregation flow paths for each pocket, split airstreams allowing improved entrainment of powder, a cam... Agent: Pfizer Limited

20120298108 - Automatically controlled ventilation system: A system for controlling and regulating breathing gas supplied to a patient that includes a pressure generator system that provides breathing gas to a patient and a patent circuit that delivers the breathing gas to the patient. The system includes an interface device coupled to the patient circuit to communicate... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120298109 - High pressure air cylinders for use with self-contained breathing apparatus: A self-contained breathing apparatus includes an air cylinder pressurized to about 5500 psi, wherein the air cylinder is compatible with infrastructure used in conjunction with the air cylinder. The self-contained breathing apparatus also includes a first regulator valve for reducing air pressure from the air cylinder to a predetermined level.... Agent: Scott Technologies, Inc.

20120298110 - System and method for forming a custom medical mask using an orientation device: According to one embodiment, forming a custom medical mask includes, while an oral appliance is positioned in a user's mouth to receive the user's teeth and is coupled to an orientation device, applying an impression material over the device and the user's face, such that the impression material conforms to... Agent: Airway Technologies, LLC

20120298111 - Dual-lumen tracheal tube with assembly portion: The present disclosure describes systems and methods having a dual-lumen tube with an assembly end. The assembly end may be molded and coupled to an extruded portion of the tube to form a complete dual-lumen tube. The assembly end may form the distal portion of the dual-lumen tube, which may... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120298112 - Endotracheal tube and stylet: An endotracheal tube having more than six degrees of freedom. The tube includes a first element having a distal end portion which is capable of achieving a curved configuration and a second element having a distal end portion which is capable of achieving a curved configuration. The first and second... Agent:

20120298113 - Restorator chair: A restorator chair which is selectively pivotally movable between a first position, wherein the patient sitting in the chair is in a generally upright position, and a second position wherein the patient is generally in a supine position. The chair includes various pressure sensitive sensors which are actuated when the... Agent:

20120298114 - Wound dressing system: System, method, and components for hygienic maintenance of a surgical wound configured for drainage of ascites from a body cavity. Different aspects of the system may include one or more of a wound dressing, a pocket for low-profile, hygienic, and aesthetic storage of a drainage catheter configured for attachment to... Agent: Carefusion 2200, Inc.

20120298115 - Surgical drape configured for peripherally inserted central catheter procedures: A medical drape includes a patient drape (100) and a radial drape attachment (200). The radial drape attachment can be coupled to the patient drape by way of an adhesive coupling (202). The radial drape attachment includes defines one or more fenestrations (205) or apertures through which a central line... Agent:

20120298117 - Patient warming blanket, drape, and corresponding patient warming system: A patient warming device (400), which can be configured as a patient warming blanket (207), patient warming drape (300), or surgical drape (500), includes the top layer of material and optionally a bottom layer of material. The top layer (401) can be formed by laminating non-woven fabric (301) to a... Agent:

20120298116 - Surgical drape configured for peripherally inserted central catheter procedures: A medical drape (100) includes an upper portion (101) and a lower portion (102). The upper portion (101) can be pellucid, while the lower portion (102) can be opaque. To facilitate central catheter insertion, the upper portion (101) can define one or more apertures (104,105) through which a central line... Agent:

20120298118 - Mouth guard for increasing strength and stamina: A mouth piece assembly (20) for relaxing muscles associated with a jaw of a person having teeth (22). The assembly includes a mouth piece body (24) having a cross-section presenting a pocket (38). The mouth piece body (24) is engaged to the teeth (22) of the person and the person's... Agent:

20120298119 - Apparatus and system for augmented detainee restraint: There is provided a device and system for restraining detainees through devices attached to the detainees and configured to administer electrical shocks when certain predetermined conditions occur. Restraining devices may be activated by internal control systems or by external controllers that transmit activation signals to the restraining device. External controllers... Agent: Scottsdale Inventions, LLC

11/22/2012 > 14 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120291776 - Magnetic coupling for aerosol generating apparatus: An apparatus (e.g., nebulizer) for aerosol delivery of a substance (e.g., a drug to a patient) has a mouthpiece (36); a chamber (34) holding a substance; a flexible membrane (38) having a plurality of apertures; and a vibrator (44) for vibrating the flexible membrane to form a flow of aerosol... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20120291777 - Identifying dry nebulizer elements: Various arrangements for determining whether a liquid is in contact with a nebulizer element are disclosed. A nebulizer element may be energized with an electrical signal at a measurement frequency. An impedance of the nebulizer element may be measured, thereby obtaining a measured impedance value. The impedance value may be... Agent: Nektar Therapeutics

20120291779 - Flow sensor and aerosol delivery device: An aerosol delivery system (e.g., MDI or nebulizer for delivering aerosolized medication to a patient) includes a temperature sensor in an aerosol output pathway of the system. A controller determines that an aerosol generator of the system has released aerosol when the sensor senses a predetermined temperature change in the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20120291778 - Medicament container: The invention relates to a medicament container for a liquid medicament. The medicament container comprises a deformable bag with an outlet and at least one deformation member consisting of a shape memory alloy. The at least one deformation member is arranged to deform the deformable bag when the shape memory... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120291780 - Bead-containing dry powder inhaler: A dry powder inhaler includes a chamber holding a bead-like actuator to which a powdered medicament is adhered. Air is drawn into the chamber through an inlet flow channel and exits through an outlet flow channel. The bead-like actuator oscillates in response to the air flow, dislodging powdered medicament to... Agent: Respira Therapeutics, Inc.

20120291782 - Device for dispensing a plurality of unitary doses of dry powder, and inhaler comprising such device: Device for dispensing a plurality of unitary doses (2) of dry powder, comprising at least one support comprising conduits each defining a flow path for an airstream carrying one of the unitary dose (2), the support having first (26) and second (27) members secured to one another so that a... Agent: Pfizer Limited

20120291781 - Dry powder delivery device: A method of flowing a medicament containing powder using gas, including, providing a volume of a gas according to one or more release conditions; directing flow of said gas through or adjacent a powder including a medicament; and releasing a therapeutically effective amount of said powder using said gas. Optionally,... Agent: Inspiro Medical Ltd.

20120291783 - Breathing assistance apparatus: Breathing assistance apparatus includes a gases supply unit adapted to, in use, deliver a stream of pressurised gases from an outlet. The gases supply unit is adapted to vary the pressure of the stream of pressurised gases. A supply path includes a flexible self-supporting gases transportation pathway having a first... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20120291784 - Method and system for visualizing mechanical ventilation information: Methods and systems for visualizing mechanical ventilation information are provided. One system includes a user interface for a medical system having a ventilator is provided. The user interface includes a memory storing one or more sensor measurements for a patient and a processor. The processor is programmed to display a... Agent: General Electric Company

20120291785 - Methods and apparatus for adaptable pressure treatment of sleep disordered breathing: Respiratory pressure treatment apparatus include automated methodologies for controlling changes to pressure in the presence of sleep disordered breathing events. In an example apparatus, various levels of expiratory pressure relief can provide different pressure reductions for patient comfort during expiration (333-A, 333-B, 333-C). The control parameters for these levels may... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120291786 - Jaw thrust device and method: A pair of pads is held against the remus of a patient's jaw, to prevent the jaw from slipping back and causing an airway obstruction, while the patient's neck is hyperextended to also cause the patient's airway to stay open. A device including the adjustable jaw pads as well as... Agent:

20120291787 - Biohazard mask filter: An exhalate filter medium for a biohazard mask is made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and surrounding layers of a wicking material and an antimicrobial material. The exhalate filter may be contained in a removable and replaceable cartridge snap-fit into the surface of a biohazard mask.... Agent: Lincoln Advanced Technologies, LLC

20120291788 - Implantable medical sensor and anchoring system: A medical device adapted to be implanted in a vessel of a human body includes a housing that contains means for performing medical functions and an anchor for supporting the housing in an intended location and orientation within the vessel. The anchor is expandable from a low profile configuration adapted... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120291789 - Medical composition for protuberance of epithelium: A medical composition for protuberance of epithelium, which comprises a solution comprising a polysaccharide or a medically acceptable salt thereof, wherein the solution has a viscosity of: (1) from 50 to 500 mPa·s at a shear rate of from 7.7 to 10.0 s−1; (2) from 45 to 300 mPa·s at... Agent: Seikagaku Corporation

11/15/2012 > 29 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120285446 - Magnetic coupling for aerosol generating apparatus: An apparatus (e.g., nebulizer) for aerosol delivery of a substance (e.g., a drug to a patient) has a mouthpiece (36); a chamber (34) holding a substance; a flexible membrane (38) having a plurality of apertures; and a vibrator (20) for vibrating the flexible membrane to form a flow of aerosol... Agent:

20120285447 - Nebulizer: A nebulizer (10) comprises a head detachably coupled to a body. The head comprises nebulizing means (42, 40, 44), an air channel (50) and a flow sensor (52). A nebulized liquid is released in an air channel (50) that ends in a mouth piece 70 through which a user inhales... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120285448 - Tube placement in non-invasive ventilation: A non-invasive ventilation patient interface comprises a frame, a facial skin interface, and a self-sealing tube insertion region. The frame is configured for coupling with a head strap system, where head strap system is configured for supplying a securing force to secure the patient interface in a position over a... Agent:

20120285449 - Pressurized vessel of nitric oxide (no): A pharmaceutical product can include a pressure vessel containing a pressurized gas including at least about 1% nitric oxide.... Agent:

20120285450 - Device and method for use with an anesthesia machine for automatically identifying patient information: A device for use with an anesthesia machine for automatically identifying patient information, the device comprising an identification card configured to store patient information and to be associated with a patient, a transmitting module configured to transmit the patient information to the identification card, and an identifying module in communicative... Agent:

20120285451 - Two-piece metal capsule for accommodating pharmaceutical preparations for powder inhalers: The invention relates to novel two-piece metal capsules for accommodating pharmaceutical preparations to be used in powder inhalers as well as a method for producing said capsule. The inventive capsules are particularly impermeable to steam and oxygen.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120285453 - Portable sedation apparatus and related method: Various embodiments of the invention may provide a breathing and/or anesthetic unit that is portable, compact, inexpensive, and convenient, and which may expedite medical procedures by allowing a health care provider to quickly sedate a. patient. Such a unit may be ideal for minor medical procedures needing mild or moderate... Agent:

20120285452 - Swivel adapter for nebulizer: An adapter tube is provided with a pivotally flexible swivel joint providing an aerosol-conducting airway for use with an inhalation mask with a nebulizer.... Agent: Insprirx LLC

20120285454 - Patient ventilation device and components thereof: The invention relates to a patient ventilation or breathing device and components therefore for use in all forms of respiratory apparatus ventilation systems including invasive and non-invasive ventilation, positive airway pressure therapy, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), and particularly Bi-Level therapy and treatment for sleep disordered breathing (SDB) conditions such... Agent: Resmed Ltd.

20120285455 - Smart connections: A mask for patient ventilation comprises a frame portion, a retention portion, and a connector portion. The frame portion is for surrounding a respiratory opening of a patient. The retention portion is for maintaining positive pressure between the frame portion and the patient. The connector portion is for connecting delivery... Agent:

20120285456 - Automated inspiratory muscle training for patients receiving mechanical ventilation: A system and method for automated inspiratory muscle strength exercise includes software for setting a mechanical ventilator for a pressure regulated breath with an initial pressure target that is at the highest pressure setting a patient can tolerate and increasing the pressure target as tolerated.... Agent:

20120285459 - Air disinfection and cleaning device, and exhaled gas disinfection and cleaning device, interior air disinfection and cleaning device, and simplified isolation device using the same: An air disinfection and cleaning device is provided that includes: a cylindrical reflector having a cylindrical inner surface in which an air flows from an upper end to a lower end and the cylindrical inner surface is subjected to mirror finishing; a rod shaped ultraviolet lamp disposed at the center... Agent:

20120285457 - Non-invasive ventilation exhaust gas venting: A non-invasive ventilation patient interface comprises a fresh gas entry port, an exhaust gas vent port, and a filter media disposed in the exhaust gas vent port. The fresh gas entry port is configured for coupling with a fresh gas supply. The exhaust gas vent port is configured for allowing... Agent:

20120285458 - Water trapping apparatus: A water trapping apparatus includes: a respiratory gas contacting portion that is disposed in a flow path through which a respiratory gas flows, and that is adapted to be in contact with the respiratory gas, the respiratory gas contacting portion that is comprised of a porous body; and an ambient-air... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20120285460 - Mechanical insufflation/exsufflation airway clearance apparatus: An MIE apparatus has a blower, a direction valve, an oscillator, and a mask hose connector. The blower is connected to the direction valve, which is connected to the oscillator, which is connected to the hose connector. During insufflation, a direction valve connects exhaust of a blower to an oscillator,... Agent: Lung Assist, Inc.

20120285461 - Interchangeable inserts: In a mask for patient ventilation, a frame portion is included for surrounding a respiratory opening of a patient. A retention strap is coupled with the frame portion for maintaining positive pressure between the frame portion and the respiratory opening of the patient. A removable insert is configured to physically... Agent:

20120285462 - Lateral gas line configuration: A mask for patient ventilation comprises a frame portion, a front portion, a retention strap, and a gas delivery orifice. The frame portion is for surrounding a respiratory opening of a patient. The front portion is coupled with the frame portion and covers the respiratory opening region. The retention strap... Agent:

20120285464 - Non-invasive ventilation facial skin protection: A non-invasive ventilation patient interface comprises a fresh gas entry port, a frame, and a zygomatic facial interface. The fresh gas entry port is configured for coupling with a fresh gas supply. The frame is configured for coupling with a head strap system, wherein the head strap system is configured... Agent:

20120285463 - Quick donning headgear: A patient interface for patient ventilation comprises a frame portion and a head strap system. The frame portion is for surrounding oral and nasal regions of a patient. The head strap system is configured for coupling from a left lateral portion of the patient interface, around a posterior skull of... Agent:

20120285465 - Non-invasive ventilation facial skin protection: A non-invasive ventilation patient interface comprises a fresh gas entry port, an exhaust gas entry port, and a facial skin interface. Fresh gas entry port is configured for coupling with a fresh gas supply. The exhaust gas vent port is configured for allowing expulsion of exhaust gas from the patient... Agent:

20120285466 - Adjusting a ventilation mask: In a method for adjusting a ventilation mask, a ventilative state is measured of a ventilation mask that is placed over a respiratory opening of a patient A sealing portion of the ventilation mask is for establishing a fluid seal between the ventilation mask and the patient. The sealing portion... Agent:

20120285467 - Corrugated flexible seal of a ventilation mask: A ventilation mask comprises a corrugated flexible seal, and a plurality of ridges disposed along the corrugated flexible seal. The corrugated flexible seal is configured for establishing a fluid seal between the ventilation mask and a patient, and for allowing facial movements of the patient while maintaining the fluid seal.... Agent:

20120285468 - Nasal passage opener of a ventilation mask: A ventilation mask for sealing on a face of a patient comprises a nasal passage opener configured for facilitating in opening the nasal passage of the patient. The nasal passage opener is disposed over a nasal valve of the patient when the ventilation mask is sealed on the face of... Agent:

20120285469 - Textured/polished respiratory mask seal and mask: A seal for a respiratory mask that includes a first end portion adapted to be coupled to a mask shell, a second end portion for sealing engagement with a face of a patient, and a sidewall extending between the first end portion and the second end portion. At least a... Agent: Ric Investments, Inc

20120285471 - Holster for oxygen supply line tubes: This invention is a device designed to eliminate the discomfort and irritation behind the ears caused from oxygen supply line tubes by having the oxygen supply line tube wrapped on the holster and off the ears and securely in place.... Agent:

20120285470 - Nasal devices with noise-reduction and methods of use: Described herein are nose-reduced nasal devices configured to reduce or eliminate the unwanted noises associated with use of a nasal device. These noise-reduced nasal devices include a flap-valve airflow resistor and a noise-reduction feature that is a noise-reduction element, a noise-reduction flap valve, or both. The noise-reduction feature typically prevents... Agent:

20120285472 - Systems, devices, and methods for mechanically reducing and fixing bone fractures: Bone fracture reduction devices, systems, and methods couple to a patient platform a mechanical bone fracture reduction fixture, which is sized and configured to be conveyed separate from the patient platform. The bone fracture reduction fixture carries an array of mechanical force reduction assemblies that are sized and configured to... Agent: Fixes 4 Kids Inc.

20120285473 - Mouthguard with magnetic tethering: A dual layer mouthguard with a U-shape polycarbonate/EVA or elastomeric material skeletal base includes channels and ramps to ensure a uniform thickness on the occlusal, buccal and lingual surfaces of the teeth for proper alignment of the jaw and positioning for protection during the placement of the mouthguard. The liner... Agent: The Wrightguard, Inc.

20120285474 - Foldable dust mask: A foldable dust mask having a foldable shell suitable for covering the nose and mouth of the wearer, a breathing aperture, and a filter patch overlying the breathing aperture on the foldable shell. The filter patch is constructed from a fibrous material sufficient for trapping air particulates, and is affixed... Agent:

11/08/2012 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120279498 - Gas mist inhaler: The present invention is to offer a gas mist inhaler which is simple and has excellent effects by using physiological actions of carbon dioxide or oxygen. The gas mist inhaler comprises a gas supply means 110 of supplying oxygen, carbon dioxide, or mixed gas of oxygen and carbon dioxide, a... Agent: Acp Japan Co., Ltd.

20120279499 - Negative pressure intubation device: This device is designed to be an alternative to the traditional conscious intubation with a cooperative patient. It harnesses the negative pressure created during inhalation and utilizes it to advance a guidewire into the trachea, which then allows for endotracheal intubation. The negative pressure created during a deep inhalation will... Agent:

20120279500 - Tracheal tube with temperature sensor: A tracheal tube for the endotracheal or tracheostomatic respiration of patients by using a breathing tube, which is at least partially insertable into the trachea, comprises a trachea sealing cuff, which is arranged at the part insertable into the trachea around the breathing tube, and comprising a temperature sensor. The... Agent: Willy Rusch Gmbh

20120279501 - Ventilator breath display and graphic user interface: The invention is directed to a ventilation control system for controlling the ventilation of a patient. The ventilation control system utilizes a user-friendly user interface for the display of patient data and ventilator status. The user interface includes a graphic representation of a breath cycle that displays the breath cycle... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120279502 - Patient interface with forehead support system: A patient interface having a forehead support adjustably. The forehead support assembly includes a support arm that is adjustably mounted to the mask shell, thereby allowing the adjustment of the distance between the forehead support bracket and the mask shell in order to adjust for patients of different sizes. A... Agent: Ric Investments LLC.

20120279503 - Breathing apparatus with ultraviolet light emitting diode: A breathing apparatus according to embodiments of the invention includes a facemask portion sized to cover a lower portion of a wearer's face. The facemask portion includes a flow chamber defined by a support layer and a cover. The flow chamber has a first opening disposed near a first end... Agent:

20120279504 - Nasal filter structure: A nasal filter structure includes an artificial filter that inconspicuously covers the nasal passage with a screened nasal dilator. The structure includes a nasal dilation strip preferably positioned to affect the area of nasal flex points to aid in dilating a nasal passage in an area near a nasal flex... Agent: First Defense Holdings LLC

20120279505 - Tracheal tube comprising trachea sealing portion: The present invention provides a tracheal tube comprising: a hollow tube inserted into the trachea; a first volume expansion portion for encompassing one side of the hollow tube; a second volume expansion portion positioned below the first volume expansion portion; a first conduit for expanding the first volume expansion portion... Agent: Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

20120279506 - Mouthguard with impact gap: A mouthguard includes an integrally molded tray having upper and lower portions joined by a hinge along an inner portion of the tray that defines an open-sided channel gap between the upper and lower tray portions. Shock forces tending to deflect the lower portion of the tray toward the upper... Agent:

20120279507 - Integral valve effect respirator: A respirator comprises: a nose and mouth covering porous filter body and a flexible restraining device arranged so that the body may pivot in its vertical plane of symmetry about its nose contact portion, and the restraining device attaches to the body at positions where its restraining force imparts torque... Agent:

20120279508 - Restraint: An apparatus for supporting a user comprising a continuous unitary elongate flexible member having first and second surfaces. The elongate member extends between first and second ends and has a central portion therebetween. The apparatus further comprises a pad disposed along the first surface of the central portion. The method... Agent:

11/01/2012 > 24 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120272951 - Formulations and methods for controlling mdi particle size delivery: Provided herein are formulations, methods, and metered dose inhaler drug delivery devices. The formulations and methods may provide for controlled particle size delivery in metered dose inhaler drug delivery devices. Further provided are metered dose inhaler drug delivery devices that may themselves deliver controlled sized particles to the airways.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120272952 - Ophthalmic ultrasonic nebulizer device: An ophthalmic ultrasonic nebulizer, relying on a built-in ultrasonic nebulizer module to deliver therapeutic pharmaceuticals or preparations or protective formulations through fine mist sprayed directly into the eyes, and fitted with a removable internal chamber for holding pharmaceutical preparations in a conveniently replaceable pre-filled container, so users can directly replace... Agent: Middleland Sensing Technology Inc.

20120272953 - Portable universal inhaler system: A portable universal inhaler system formed from an outer part and an inner part slidably received in the outer part. The inner part defines a compartment for receiving a medication canister and includes a universal connector for making a fluid dispensing connection to a variety of commercially available canisters. The... Agent:

20120272954 - Artificial airway interfaces and methods thereof: Embodiments of the present invention provide a device, system and method for providing a connector configured for connecting to an artificial airway for use in the treatment of respiratory conditions and in assisted respirations. In an embodiment of the invention, a connector configured for connecting to an artificial airway is... Agent: Mergenet Medical, Inc.

20120272956 - Airway pressure control devices: A positive pressure airway device for providing resistance in an air pathway for a patient exhaling. The device includes an inhalation passageway for letting air into the device when a patient breathing through the device inhales, and an exhalation passageway for passing air out of the device when a patient... Agent:

20120272955 - Automatic tracheostomy suctioning and nebulizer medication delivery system: Computer automated systems for suctioning tracheostomy patients, monitoring the physiological signs of a patient and administering a prescribed dose of medication to the tracheostomy patient.... Agent:

20120272957 - System and method of controlling the delivery of medical gases to a patient: A system for controlling the delivery of medical gases includes a digital signal processor that receives at least one ventilation parameter value change, calculates a fresh oxygen flow rate, total fresh gas flow rate into the breathing circuit, and a reference oxygen flow rate representative of a predetermined oxygen concentration... Agent: General Electric Company

20120272958 - Device and method for controlling respiration during sleep: s

20120272959 - Device for producing dry aerosol (varians): A device for producing dry aerosol, having a casing, an airway with a supply air flow booster, placed in a chamber, connected with an airway through an outlet, a salt mill made in the form of a grinding body with a rotary drive, aerosol concentration detector, connected to a control... Agent:

20120272963 - Interface appliance carrying one or more sensors detecting parameters related to a flow of fluid delivered through the appliance: An interface appliance is configured to deliver a flow of fluid to the airway of a subject. The generation of the flow of fluid may be controlled to provide a therapeutic benefit to the subject. The interface appliance is configured to carry one or more sensors (24) configured to detect... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120272961 - Methods and systems for exhalation control and trajectory optimization: This disclosure describes systems and methods for controlling pressure and/or flow during exhalation. The disclosure describes novel exhalation modes for ventilating a patient.... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120272962 - Methods and systems for managing a ventilator patient with a capnometer: This disclosure describes systems and methods for managing the ventilation of a patient being ventilated by a medical ventilator. The disclosure describes a novel approach of displaying integrated ventilator information with capnometer data. The disclosure further describes a novel approach for determining if the ventilator breathing circuit is occluded or... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120272960 - Methods and systems for volume-targeted minimum pressure-control ventilation: This disclosure describes systems and methods for providing a volume-targeted minimum pressure-control breath type during ventilation of a patient. The disclosure describes a novel breath type that allows an operator to input a tidal volume and receive some of the benefits of utilizing an airway pressure release ventilation (APRV) breath... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120272964 - Mobile respirator: A respiration device with a respirator (3) and a sensor unit (8) close to the patient has a display unit (7) for measured parameters, with a breathing gas tube (5) between the respirator (3) and the sensor unit (8). A bidirectional data connection is provided between the sensor unit (8)... Agent: Dr&#xc4 Ger Medical Gmbh

20120272965 - Volume-adjustable manual ventilation device: Disclosed is a manually operable volume-adjustable ventilation device. The device includes a reservoir with an inlet mechanism, an outlet mechanism, and a volume adjuster configured to move a volume adjustment limit of the reservoir and change an expressed maximum volume of the reservoir. The reservoir has a body having a... Agent: Artivent Corporation

20120272966 - Oxygen enrichment device: Disclosed is an oxygen enrichment that can follow changes in adsorption performance in response to changes in the temperature of the usage environment and can reduce power consumption. The oxygen enrichment device has a purge step control means that controls a purge step time to increase/decrease the length of a... Agent: Teijin Pharma Limited

20120272967 - Mask structure and compositions for use in decreasing the transmission of human pathogens: A facemask structure for inactivating pathogens includes a facial contact layer that is benign to human skin followed by a subsequent interior layer and an outer layer including an anti-pathogenic material. In this manner, active, isolated anti-pathogen layers can be provided in a multilayer mask structure. For example, an important... Agent: Filligent Limited

20120272968 - Disposable outdoors mask and method of use: A mask designed to be worn to cover the mouth of a user comprises an inner and exterior layers, with an odor adsorbing layer and a filter layer disposed between the inner and exterior layer. The filter layer is positioned between the inner layer and odor adsorbing layer to prevent... Agent: Kirschner Safety Products Inc.

20120272969 - intrauterine system: The present invention relates to novel intrauterine systems and to methods for manufacturing these systems. An intrauterine system according to the invention comprises a reservoir and a continuous, closed and flexible frame. The frame comprises a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer made of a polycarbonate diol, 1,6-hexamethylenediisocyanate, and a chain extender.... Agent: Bayer Oy

20120272970 - Fallopian tube occlusion device: A device for occluding the fallopian tube comprising a wire composed of a shape memory material and an outer material encapsulating at least a portion of the wire. The device has a first elongated configuration for delivery and a second configuration for placement. In the second configuration, the wire moves... Agent:

20120272971 - Extension condom: An extension condom includes a first thin elastic tubular sheath having an open end and a closed end, a sperm containment cell, a second thin elastic tubular sheath connected to the closed end of the first tubular sheath, and an extension material configured to provide an appearance and feel of... Agent:

20120272972 - Bruxism protective device: A one-piece molded bruxism treatment device which in upright orientation has top and bottom parts, including: an elongated band having a generally U-shape defining a closed front end part and legs extending rearward and adapted to be positioned around the outer surfaces of a person's upper gums and teeth, and... Agent:

20120272973 - Surgical mask: A surgical mask provides a wide range of wearers with a good fit and improved comfort, facilitates proper use of the mask, and reduces or eliminates fogging of eyewear, as compared with typical masks. The mask may include a pair of ties that are joined to the upper, central, and... Agent: Allegiance Corporation

20120272974 - Corded earplug: An apparatus and a method of making a corded earplug including a flexible cord material having a particular cross-section. An earplug having a nose portion for insertion into the ear and a handle portion extending from the nose portion and lying outside of the ear when the nose portion is... Agent: Moldex-metric, Inc.

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