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10/25/2012 > 66 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20120271217 - Satiation devices and methods: A device for inducing weight loss in a patient includes a tubular prosthesis self-expandable from a collapsed position in which the prosthesis has a first diameter to an expanded position in which the prosthesis has a second, larger, diameter. In a method for inducing weight loss, the prosthesis is placed... Agent: Barosense, Inc.

20120271219 - Combined energy and topical composition application for regulating the condition of mammalian skin: A method for regulating the condition of mammalian skin by the steps of applying a first personal care composition to an area of skin where regulation is desired. The first personal care composition contains a gel composition. In another step energy is delivered to the dermis to heat collagen in... Agent:

20120271218 - Drug delivery devices and methods with collimated gas stream and release-activatable tape: Drug delivery devices and methods are provided for delivering a substance into a human or animal tissue. The device includes a gas source comprising a gas or capable of selectively producing a gas. The device also includes a drug source positioned and configured to release a drug into the gas.... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120271220 - Method and composition for the treatment or amelioration of female gynecological inflammation: A method for treating inflammation of female genital area, the method including preparing a photo-active mineral composition of bischofite, aleurolite, magnesite and piezoquartz. The photo-active mineral composition is then inserted into a patient's rectum or vagina, where a piezo-electric current is generated and fed to the photo-active mineral composition, which... Agent:

20120271223 - Central nervous system drain: The invention provides a method and apparatus for maintaining central nervous system drain patency. Ultrasound energy delivered through the drain dissolves the hemorrhage and debris occluding the drain lumen and ports.... Agent: Neurovention, LLC

20120271221 - Delivery devices and methods with collimated gas stream and particle source: Delivery devices, methods and systems are provided for the delivery of particles into a biological tissue. The device includes a gas source comprising a gas or capable of selectively producing a gas; a first particle source comprising a first plurality of particles; a first collimator fluidly connected with the gas... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120271222 - Ultrasound based cosmetic therapy method and apparatus: A waveguide couples an acoustic source (such as an ultrasound transducer) to a cosmetic product (such as a liquid or gel-based skin care product) applied to the skin. In one representative embodiment, a distal surface of the waveguide is placed in contact with a relatively thin layer of skin care... Agent: Jenu Biosciences, Inc.

20120271224 - Drug delivery devices and methods with collimated gas stream and drug reservoir: Drug delivery device and methods are provided for transdermal drug delivery through a skin. The device includes a gas source comprising a gas or capable of selectively producing a gas. The device also includes a first collimator fluidly connected with the gas source adapted to form a first plurality of... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120271225 - Device for the planar treatment of areas of human or animal skin or mucous membrane surfaces by means of a cold atmospheric pressure plasma: The invention relates to a device, preferably a collar, for treating areas of human or animal skin or mucous membrane with a cold atmospheric pressure plasma by creating a dielectrically hindered surface discharge, comprising at least one flexible insulating material (1), a flexible high-voltage electrode (2), a flexible dielectric (3),... Agent: Inp Greifswald Leibniz-institut Fuer Plasmaforschung Und Technologie E.v.

20120271226 - Medical fluid pumping systems and related devices and methods: This disclosure relates to medical fluid pumping systems and related devices and methods. In some aspects, a medical fluid pumping system includes a medical fluid pumping machine including a piston head that can be linearly displaced and a medical fluid cassette that can be secured to the medical fluid pumping... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20120271227 - Peritoneal dialysis methods and apparatus: A peritoneal-based artificial kidney processes peritoneal fluid without need for additional fluids. Spent dialysate is separated into a protein-rich stream and a protein-free stream. The protein-rich stream is regenerated using a sorbent assembly, and its protein composition can be modified by removal of selected protein(s). Alternatively, the spent dialysate is... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120271228 - Substance delivery system: Embodiments of a system including a remotely controlled substance delivery device and associated controller are described. Methods of use and control of the device are also disclosed. According to some embodiments, a delivery device or related device may be placed in an environment in order to pump a material into... Agent: Searete LLC

20120271229 - Medical apparatus and single use kit including linear flow control device for use therewith for reconstitution and administration of liquid drug dosage: Medical apparatus (10) for use with single use kits (100) containing a flow control device (101), a syringe (40), and one or more vials (60A, 608, 60C), for reconstituting a liquid drug dosage and administrating same. The flow control devices (101) include a core member (116) having an inlet port... Agent: Medimop Medical Projects Ltd.

20120271230 - Fibroid treatment system and method: Various embodiments of a fibroid treatment system and method are provided. Embodiments are adapted to treat fibroids utilizing by blocking or impeding blood flow through the uterine artery to prevent growth of the fibroid. Additionally, drugs or therapeutic agents can be included to further shrink or starve off the fibroid... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120271231 - Aspiration thrombectomy device: A thrombectomy system to remove thrombus accumulation from a space between a body valve and a wall of a body vessel is described herein. The system can have a thrombectomy catheter having a lumen therein. The thrombectomy catheter can include a first occlusion member disposed circumferentially around a distal end... Agent:

20120271232 - Catheter: A catheter includes an inner shaft having a tubular inner layer, a braid arranged on the tubular inner layer, and an outer layer made of resin and covering the braid. The catheter also includes a tubular tip attached to a front end of the inner shaft, the tubular tip has... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20120271233 - Latching and control unit for integration in a medical device: a control device which is functionally connected to the detection device (15) which comprises a function for determining a stressed position of the drive train so that the control device determines the movement of the latching means (17) in its retracted position by interaction with the first component and the... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120271234 - Trocar entry incorporating an airbag: A safety trocar assembly incorporating an airbag is provided to prevent overpenetration of the safety trocar assembly through an abdominal wall and into a body cavity. The safety trocar assembly includes an airbag cannula having an expandable airbag proximal of the distal end of the cannula. A sensing device is... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120271235 - Iv-catheter insertion device: The present disclosure is directed to a catheter insertion device, which has a catheter hub at the proximal end of a catheter, a tubular needle hub, at which a hollow needle is fixed and extends through the catheter hub and the catheter in a ready position such that the needle... Agent:

20120271236 - Sheath introducer system with exchangeable hemostatic valves: A sheath introducer system with exchangeable hemostatic valve modules is disclosed. A first valve module includes a single entry port to ensure hemostasis during the introduction of an interventional device, such as a main graft delivery system for treatment of an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). A second valve module includes... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120271237 - Anchoring system: A retainer comprises a first member and a second member. The first member can define at least a portion of a channel. The channel can have a longitudinal axis and be configured to receive at least a portion of a medical article. The second member can be moveable with respect... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20120271238 - System for anchoring medical devices: Some embodiments of a medical device anchor system include an anchor device that receives a catheter (or other medical instrument) and secures the catheter in place relative to a skin penetration point. In some embodiments, the anchor device can secure the catheter in an operative position relative to the skin... Agent: Interrad Medical, Inc.

20120271240 - Stabilizing device for an extension set: A medical article, such as a connector fitting or extension set, is stabilized on a patient with a retainer and a dressing integrally attached to an anchor pad supporting the retainer. The connector fitting or extension set may be integrally formed with the retainer. The connector fitting or extension set... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20120271239 - Stabilizing device having a snap clamp: A medical article, such as a connector fitting, is stabilized on a patient with a retainer having a base and moveable walls. Actuation surfaces configured to move the walls in at least a lateral direction towards each other are suspended above the base by a pair of supports. When pressed... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20120271241 - Manual irrigation pump for intraprocedural irrigation: A disposable manual irrigation pump system comprises a manual foot pump operatively coupled to a fluid reservoir and an associated intraprocedural device. The pump system is configured to provide a substantially continuous fluid supply at a desired flow rate from the fluid reservoir to the associated intraprocedural device along a... Agent:

20120271242 - Assembly for use in a drug delivery device: The present invention relates to an assembly for a drug delivery device comprising a dispensing container and a reservoir container for holding a fluid medicinal product, wherein the dispensing container and the reservoir container are connected to one another and are in fluid communication, and wherein the dispensing container is... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120271243 - Assembly and indicator for a drug delivery device: An assembly for a drug delivery device (1), comprising a housing (2) having a proximal end and a distal end, a piston rod (8) and an indicator (13). The piston rod (8) is adapted to be displaced distally with respect to the housing (2) away from a proximal start position... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120271245 - Malleable stopper for a syringe: A syringe stopper for use in a syringe having a substantially cylindrical syringe barrel and a piston-like plunger rod for sliding inside the syringe barrel in a fluid-tight engagement. A malleable stopper is located on a distal end of the plunger rod and protrudes outwardly therefrom. The malleable stopper changes... Agent:

20120271244 - Medical male luer connector with increased closing volume: Disclosed herein is a valve assembly comprising a male luer end portion and a female luer end portion and a passage for the transfer of fluids extending between the male and female luer end portions, valve means movable between a first position, in which the passage is closed, and a... Agent:

20120271246 - Valved male luer connector: A valved male luer connector includes a resilient hollow element enclosing a tubular member having an inlet portion and an outlet portion. A collar is axially displaceable to cause a stretching deformation of the resilient hollow element so as to open a cut of a terminal wall thereof adjacent to... Agent: Industrie Borla S.p.a

20120271247 - Pressure actuated valve with improved slit configuration: A valve apparatus for medical applications, comprises a flexible member extending across a lumen through which a flow of materials is to be controlled. The flexible member includes a plurality of movable elements formed on opposite sides of a slit extending through the flexible member. The moveable members are biased... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20120271248 - Marked precoated medical device and method of manufacturing same: A method of manufacturing a coated medical device, such as a medical guide wire, including at least applying a first colored coating to at least a first portion of an outer surface of a medical guide wire, securing a first end of the medical guide wire, and for each a... Agent: Innovatech, LLC

20120271250 - Medical needles and electrodes with improved bending stiffness: A device for penetrating tissue includes an elongated element having a distal end, a proximal end, a body extending between the distal and the proximal ends, and a lumen located within at least a portion of the body, wherein the lumen has a cross-sectional shape that is a polygon. A... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120271249 - Method for chemical etching of a needle cannula: A regular metallic, cylindrical tubular needle cannula (1) is subjected to a metal etching liquid (21) in the inside lumen (4) thereby increasing the inside diameter and enhancing the flow properties while maintaining the outside appearance. The inside diameter is only increased over a controlled length (7) of the full... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20120271251 - Skin care compositions and uses thereof: Various topical compositions for skin care are disclosed. These topical composition include: one or more acidic fermentation products derived from one or more (C1-C6) unsubstituted straight chain alcohols and branched alcohols; one or more alkali metal halides; one or more polysaccharides; and water. Methods of treating acne, seborrheic dermatitis, effects... Agent:

20120271252 - Medical fluid nozzle: Disclosed is a medical fluid nozzle which makes fluid drops less likely to remain at its tip portion after the medical fluid is dropped. The medical fluid nozzle 1 is a substantially cylindrical shape with a tip surface formed in a substantially planar shape. An annular ridge 10 is formed... Agent: Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

20120271254 - Canister for autologous fat transfer: Described are embodiments of a canister, system, and method of filtering fat. Embodiments include a sidewall that defines a volume, a filter with a screen, a first port, a second port, and at least one vane which allows for manual agitation of lipoaspirate within the volume. The first port is... Agent:

20120271255 - Inflatable bladder dressings, systems, and methods: A system for providing reduced-pressure treatment to a tissue site of a patient includes a reduced-pressure source for supplying reduced pressure, a fluid source for supplying a fluid, and a plurality of inflatable bladders for placing adjacent the tissue site. The inflatable bladders are operable to receive the fluid to... Agent:

20120271258 - Leak-proof sputum sucker: The sputum sucker includes an outer tube and an inner axially slidably disposed in the outer tube. A normally-closed valve and a sleeve are disposed at a front end and a rear end of the outer tube, respectively. A bracket is fixed at a rear end of the inner tube.... Agent:

20120271256 - System and method for managing reduced pressure delivered to a tissue site: An apparatus and method for managing reduced pressure at a tissue site are disclosed. The apparatus comprises a pump for supplying reduced pressure to the tissue site, a motor coupled to the pump to propel the pump, and a drive system electrically coupled to the motor that includes a power... Agent:

20120271257 - System for purging negative pressure wound therapy system: Systems and methods for purging a negative pressure wound therapy system.... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20120271253 - Systems and methods for evacuating materials at a surgical site: An apparatus for evacuating material from a surgical site, the apparatus including a housing and a filter media, and being operably coupled to a vacuum source. The housing includes a top surface, a bottom surface and an outer side wall, together defining an inner cavity of the housing. The housing... Agent:

20120271259 - Method and apparatus for eliminating urine and keeping a person dry: An apparatus for eliminating excreted urine so as to keep a person dry without the person having to actively or consciously participate in the process. The apparatus may be part of a diaper or similar article of clothing or may be a device used in such clothing. The apparatus has... Agent:

20120271260 - Superabsorbent polymer containing clay particulate, and method of making same: A process for the preparation of superabsorbent polymer containing clay, the process including the steps of (I) polymerizing a polymerization mixture comprising: (a) one or more ethylenically unsaturated carboxyl-containing monomers, (b) one or more crosslinking agents, (c) optionally one or more comonomers copolymerizable with the carboxyl-containing monomer, (d) neutralizing agent... Agent: Evonik Stockhausen, LLC

20120271261 - Breast and body crease sweat and moisture absorb: A moisture absorbing pad adapted for insertion into creases of the body prone to perspiration is made of a generally planar sheet of moisture absorbing material. The planar sheet is formed into two parts, a first part rolled into a cylinder having two ends which are substantially flattened, and a... Agent:

20120271262 - Stabilized absorbent composite: An absorbent article includes a liquid pervious liner, a liquid impervious back sheet, and an absorbent composite located between the liner and the back sheet. The absorbent composite includes a first sheet, a second sheet, and a unitary absorbent core. The unitary absorbent core has a plurality of holes there... Agent:

20120271263 - Penile urine absorber:

20120271268 - Absorbent article and manufacturing apparatus for absorbent article: A compressed portion is formed in the absorbent article by compressing the absorber through a compression process. The compressed portion has a top-surface groove formed on the skin-contact-surface side, and a back-surface groove formed on the clothing-contact-surface side. A bottom portion of the top-surface groove is flat. Since the recessed... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120271267 - Absorbent articles and methods of manufacturing the same: An absorbent article includes a chassis having a substantially rectangular shape a first portion, a second portion and a crotch portion extending between the first and second portion, a portion of the chassis being configured to absorb fluids. The absorbent article includes a first securement portion operatively coupled to the... Agent: Medline Industries, Inc.

20120271264 - Absorbent article having an absorbent structure configured for improved donning and lateral stretch distribution: An absorbent article generally has a longitudinal axis, a lateral axis, a front waist region, a back waist region, and a crotch region extending longitudinally between and interconnecting said front and back waist regions. The article comprises an outer cover stretchable in at least the lateral direction and a liner... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20120271265 - Zero-strain stretch laminate with enhanced strength, appearance and tactile features, and absorbent articles having components formed therefrom: A stretch laminate having enhanced features is disclosed. The laminate may include a first layer of nonwoven, a second layer of an elastomeric material, a third layer of a polyethylene and/or ductile polymeric film, and optionally, a fourth layer which may also be a nonwoven. The third layer may be... Agent:

20120271269 - Wearing article: A wearing article having a chassis bent in a crotch region. A diaper is folded along an imaginary lateral center line so that front and rear waist regions are in contact with each other and so that front and rear upper end edges in the regions substantially have the same... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120271266 - Disposable wearing article: Provided is a disposable wearing article improved so that the tensile stress in the middle of the crotch region as well as in the vicinity thereof can be set to be higher than in the other regions without adjusting the number and thickness of the leg elastic elements and a... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120271270 - Plastic container comprising cyclic polyolefin layer: The present invention provides and a plastic container and multilayered films, which comprises a heat-sealable seal layer, a cyclic polyolefin layer, and an outermost layer, wherein the seal layer comprises polypropylene, the cyclic polyolefin layer comprises a cyclic polyolefin polymer or a cyclic polyolefin copolymer, and the outermost layer comprises... Agent: Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation

20120271272 - Device for ocular access: The present invention provides devices to access the suprachoroidal space or sub-retinal space in an eye via a minimally invasive transconjunctival approach. The devices may also be used after a partial dissection, for example after dissection of the outer scleral layer of the eye, and using the device within the... Agent: Iscience Interventional Corporation

20120271273 - Medical fluid autoconnection and autoidentification method: A medical fluid autoconnection method includes: enabling acceptance a pierceable connector that is capable of fluidly communicating with a source of medical fluid into a moveable holder; temporarily fixing a spike to a medical fluid pumping machine; automatically detecting whether the pierceable connector has been placed into the moveable holder;... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120271271 - Neonatal fluid tubing heater: A heating system for warming nutritional liquid fed to a neonate or preterm infant may comprise a control module and a heater. The heating system is portable so that the heating system is not connected to a syringe pump or other device used to feed the neonate. The heater of... Agent:

20120271274 - Tubing set having a gate for the connection of vials: The present invention refers to a tubing set (12) suitable for use in co-operation with a hemodialysis machine (10). The tubing set comprises: an out-tube (14) for supplying the blood from the patient to a filter (16) of the machine; an in-tube (18) for supplying the blood from the filter... Agent:

20120271275 - Medical devices and methods comprising an anabolic agent for wound healing: Improved medical devices and methods are provided comprising an anabolic agent for wound healing. These improved medical devices and methods can enhance wound healing in wounds from cuts, abrasions, lesions, burns including sunburn, surgical incisions, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, traumatic wounds, or other injuries or maladies, which can be chronic... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120271276 - Safety assembly for a syringe: A safety support device for a syringe comprises a support sheath for the body of the syringe and an inner sheath suitable for sliding relative to the support sheath between a waiting, retracted position and the extended position for protecting the needle of the syringe. The device has means for... Agent: Sanofi-aventis

20120271277 - Expandable catheter system for peri-ostial injection and muscle and nerve fiber ablation: At the present time, physicians often treat patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) using radiofrequency (RF) catheter systems to ablate conducting tissue in the wall of the Left Atrium of the heart around the ostium of the pulmonary veins. These systems are expensive and take time consuming to use. The present... Agent: Fischell Innovations LLC

20120271278 - Integrated syringe device with self-capping connector: An embodiment in accordance with the present invention provides an integrated syringe-device which can store a volume of fluid for infusion, can connect via an air-tight connector to another device (such as a luer connector), can flush fluid through the connector into the other device, and can deliver a cap... Agent:

20120271279 - Disposable injector with a manually actuated piston and with a twin chamber system: A method for preparing a solution from a solvent and an active substance in and on a disposable injector with a housing, with an at least intermittently fillable cylinder/piston unit which is arranged thereon and has a manually movable piston, and with a detachable container adapter mounted upstream of the... Agent:

20120271280 - Catheter: A catheter comprising an inner sleeve and an outer sleeve surrounding the inner sleeve, the inner and the outer sleeves being longitudinally displaceable relative to one another to enable the catheter to move from an open state to a closed state, each sleeve having a distal portion and a proximal... Agent: Mediplus Limited

20120271282 - Catheter kit for a urinary catheter: A urinary catheter kit is provided. The catheter kit includes a catheter with a flared end and a package provided with interior protrusions for cooperating with the flared end of the catheter. The largest outer diameter of the flared end of the catheter is slightly larger than the smallest diameter... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120271281 - Telescopic device: A telescopic device comprising a first telescopic member and a second telescopic member, where the second telescopic member is displaceably arranged within the first telescopic member in a first and a second axial direction along the longitudinal axis of the first telescopic member, a coupling arrangement for limiting the displacement... Agent: Coloplast A/s

10/18/2012 > 60 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20120265115 - Acoustic access disconnection systems and methods: An access disconnection method includes supporting a transmitter including a wireless communication apparatus, a receiver, a portion of an arterial line, a portion of a venous line and electronic circuitry by a member separate from a blood treatment machine. The method further includes operably communicating the electronic circuitry with the... Agent: Baxter International, Inc.

20120265116 - System and method for delivery of regional citrate anticoagulation to extracorporeal blood circuits: The present invention includes a comprehensive replacement fluid system and method for the delivery of regional citrate anticoagulation (RCA) to extracorporeal blood circuits, wherein the system may include an online clearance monitor (OCM) and a circuit effluent online sensor system (OSS) for the continuous determination of patient plasma content of... Agent: Henry Ford Health System

20120265118 - Device for removing fluid from blood in a patient: An ultrafiltration device and method for the removal of excess fluid in hypervolemic patients and/or removal of toxins in the blood including for patients suffering from either renal or cardiovascular disease is disclosed. An embodiment of the device includes a housing containing multiple large bore hollow fiber membranes which are... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20120265117 - Method and apparatus for priming an extracorporeal blood circuit: A method and apparatus for priming an extracorporeal blood circuit, in which the patient end of an arterial line (79) is connected to a first discharge port (61), and the patient end of a venous line (87) is connected to a second discharge port (62). The two discharge ports are... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20120265121 - Phthalocyanine-based antifungal agents: A method is described for the photodynamic treatment of a fungal infection in a subject by administering a therapeutically effective amount of a phthalocyanine compound or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof to the subject and activating the phthalocyanine compound with light. The method is useful for treating various dermatophyte infections... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20120265122 - Production of graphene and nanoparticle catalysts supposrted on graphen using laser radiation: Methods and apparatuses to produce graphene and nanoparticle catalysts supported on graphene without the use of reducing agents, and with the concomitant production of heat, are provided. The methods and apparatuses employ radiant energy to reduce (deoxygenate) graphite oxide (GO) to graphene, or to reduce a mixture of GO plus... Agent:

20120265120 - Systems and methods for reducing the proliferation of microorganisms: Systems and methods are provided that reduce the likelihood of infection caused by microorganisms. In general, microorganism population control can be achieved by exposing the population to an effective dose of electromagnetic radiation sufficient to cause a reduction in proliferation of the microorganism, wherein the electromagnetic radiation has a center... Agent:

20120265119 - Transdermal delivery of medicinal cetylated fatty esters using phonophoresis or iontophoresis: The use of phonophoresis or iontophoresis to enhance transdermal delivery of medicinal Cetylated fatty esters when applied in cream or gel compositions is disclosed. These compositions provide hydrophilic salt forms and penetration-enhancing vehicles that work in conjunction with phonophoresis or iontophoresis to increase the efficacy of the medicinal actives.... Agent: Cymbiotics, Inc.

20120265123 - Central nervous system drain: The invention provides a method and apparatus for maintaining central nervous system drain patency. Ultrasound energy delivered through the drain dissolves the hemorrhage and debris occluding the drain lumen and ports.... Agent: Neurovention, LLC.

20120265124 - Biosorbable wound treatment device, process for making, and method of using the same: A biosorbable oxygen-delivery wound treatment device that includes a biosorbable matrix for delivering oxygen. The biosorbable matrix includes a water swellable, cross-linked biosorbable polymer network. A plurality of gas-permeable, elastic, closed cells is defined by the cross-linked biosorbable polymer network. According to the invention, these closed cells may be produced... Agent:

20120265125 - Infusion pump system: There is provided an infusion pump system for delivering a predetermined medical solution at a preset reference infusion speed. The system comprises a medical solution container; an infusion line through which the medical solution is drawn out of the medical solution container; an infusion pump configured to discharge the medical... Agent: K&y Corporation

20120265126 - Infusion pump systems and methods: Some embodiments an infusion pump system can be used to determine a user's total insulin load (TIL) that provides an accurate indication of the insulin previously delivered to the user's body which has not yet acted. In particular embodiments, the TIL can account for both the bolus deliveries and the... Agent: Asante Solutions, Inc.

20120265128 - Continuously conveying infusion pump: An infusion pump for continuously conveying a fluid includes an inlet, an outlet, a first piston movably supported in a first chamber connected to the inlet, a second piston movably supported in a second chamber connected to the outlet, and a connecting channel connecting the first chamber to the second... Agent:

20120265127 - Occlusion recognition in an administering apparatus: A device and a method for controlling a medical administering apparatus wherein an electrical motor of the medical administering apparatus is activated during defined discharging events, including short discharging events, and the motor is controlled as per a predefined speed profile with a plurality of regions (Pi), wherein a load... Agent:

20120265129 - Methods for chronic pain management and treatment using hcg: A gonadotropin is administered within a surprisingly effective narrow range for the purpose of treating chronic pain or other central sensitization sequelae. In one aspect, a recipient is provided with at least one of human chorionic gonadotropin (uHCG and/or rHCG), a pharmaceutically active HCG analogue, and a pharmaceutically active metabolite... Agent: Neuralight Hd, LLC

20120265131 - Device, especially tube or catheter, for at least partially introducing into a body passage: The invention relates to a device (1), especially a tube or a catheter, for at least partially introducing into a body passage, said device comprising a long outer envelope body (10), a long inner body (11) that is partially peripherally surrounded by the envelope body (10), and a device (12)... Agent:

20120265130 - Magnetically guided catheter: A catheter includes a flexible tubing having a proximal end and a distal end. The catheter also includes an electrode assembly attached to the distal end of the flexible tubing and having a first magnet therein. The electrode assembly further includes an electrically conductive tip electrode and an electrically nonconductive... Agent:

20120265132 - Bendable catheter: The bendable catheter includes a flexible tubular main tube; a bendable part having a longitudinal axis and an internal space formed along the longitudinal axis, and being capable of being bent; a first coil provided in the internal space along the longitudinal axis; a second coil having a central axis... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120265133 - Controlling movement of distal portion of medical device: A medical device allows movement control of a distal end portion of the medical device and is adapted for one-handed operation. The medical device is capable of omni-directional control of the distal end portion of the device. The device has an elongated member including a deflectable portion at a distal... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120265134 - Noncircular inner lumen guiding catheter with assisted variable support: A noncircular inner lumen guiding catheter with assisted variable support has an inner wall defining a noncircular cross-sectional shaped lumen for use in delivery of multiple microcatheters or other devices for treatment of neurovascular defects, such as for treatment of aneurysms. The noncircular inner lumen guiding catheter with assisted variable... Agent: Micrus Endovascular LLC

20120265135 - Balloon catheter: A balloon catheter includes a balloon support member having a hollow axial lumen and open distal end for allowing passage of a guidewire therethrough, a balloon disposed around the balloon support member, and an annular balloon seal disposed proximate to a distal end of the balloon catheter. The seal defines... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120265136 - Preservative-free follicle stimulating hormone solution delivery device: A one-time use device to deliver preservative-free follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) solution is disclosed. The device includes a needle covered by a sliding needle shield, which covers the needle in all modes of the device. The device can be placed into a ready-to-use position in four or fewer user steps.... Agent: Itero Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

20120265137 - Catheter: An apparatus for treatment of tissue within a body requiring thermotherapy includes a catheter to be inserted into a bodily conduit, an energy-emitting source disposed within the catheter, a compression balloon surrounding the energy-emitting source where the compression balloon has an inflated diameter that is greater than that of the... Agent: Boston Scientific Corporation

20120265138 - Apparatus for use in injecting insulin from a filled syringe: A Guide for injecting insulin in the abdomen, thigh or arm according to dimension including a wrap-around band and a series of spaced apertures along its length, with the openings of the apertures being sized to receive an insulin dispensing pin of a filled syringe, and with a reminder indicating... Agent:

20120265139 - Bubble entrapment device: A bubble entrapment device includes at least one entrapment chamber between an inlet and an outlet. The chamber outlet port is approximately in the centre, and so bubbles will rise in the chamber into a space above the chamber outlet port.... Agent: Cork Institute Of Technology

20120265140 - Medical syrnge prime and cross-contamination free devices: An elastic shield for a conventional syringe is disclosed. In addition, two embodiments for providing a prime free syringe are disclosed. A first embodiment employs a tube which delivers liquid only from a liquid only zone within an associated syringe while a second embodiment is disclosed to discharge gas out... Agent: Thorne Consulting And Intellectual Property, LLC

20120265142 - Cassette for a hidden injection needle: A system for injecting a fluid medicament into a patient includes a drive mechanism, and a cassette loaded with a pre-filled hypodermic syringe. When the cassette is loaded, the syringe is held firmly inside and the cassette can be selectively engaged with the drive mechanism. The drive mechanism has two... Agent: Avant Medical Corporation

20120265141 - Detecting a full reservoir of an implantable infusion device: An implantable infusion device includes a housing and a collapsible member and an interference member disposed within the housing. The collapsible member defines a reservoir for containing fluid and has an outer surface that moves between an empty position and a full position in response to a change in volume... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120265143 - Medical injector and adapter for coupling a medicament container and an actuator: A medical injector (300) includes a medicament container (310), a non-manual actuator (320), and an adapter (340) for coupling the medicament container (310) and the non-manual actuator (320). The adapter (340) includes a proximal end portion (341) configured to engage a drive element (326) of the non-manual actuator (320). The... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20120265144 - Estimating the volume of fluid in therapeutic fluid delivery device reservoir: A number of parameters related to the operation of a fluid delivery device are determined based on pressures within the device sensed using multiple pressure sensors. In one example, the volume of therapeutic fluid within a reservoir of a fluid delivery device is estimated based on a measured pressure differential.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120265145 - Soluble microneedle: Microneedle comprising a distal part made of a soluble material, characterized by the fact that said distal part comrises a skeleton.... Agent: De-biotech S.a.

20120265146 - Enhanced stability implantable medical device: An implantable medical device is provided which has a housing of an elongate form to minimize a size of an incision required for implantation. A stabilizing element is associated with the elongated form housing for the medical device. The stabilizing element transitions from a low profile initial form to a... Agent:

20120265147 - Stabilizing device having a locking collet: A medical article, such as a catheter hub, is stabilized on a patient with a retainer having a base and clamp or moveable collet. A lever is configured to move the collet in a longitudinal direction relative to the based to secure the medical article to the retainer. When rotated,... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20120265148 - Body line management system: A body line management system, including methods and apparatuses for a patient dressing which includes retention wheels, about which IV, catheter, monitoring lines, biofeedback lines, or similar lines can be wrapped to secure the lines from unintentional disruption or dislodgment while permitting a practitioner to check the line as necessary.... Agent:

20120265149 - Device and method for intraocular drug delivery: Injection devices for delivering pharmaceutical formulations into the eye are described. The devices may be integrated to include features that allow safe and atraumatic manipulation of the devices with one hand. For example, accurate placement, including proper angulation, of the device on the eye and injection of a pharmaceutical formulation... Agent: Ocuject, LLC

20120265150 - Injector device for administering multiple doses in a single delivery, and methods of manufacture: An injector device for dispensing at least two fluids in a sequential delivery includes a plunger located within an inner body, the inner body located within an outer body, a cannula comprising an entry opening integrally joined to the outer body, and at least one piercing member integrally joined with... Agent: Plas-pak Industries, Inc.

20120265151 - Resettable drive mechanism for a medication delivery device and medication delivery device: A resettable drive mechanism for a medication delivery device is proposed, said mechanism comprising a housing (13, 17, 40) with a proximal end and a distal end, a drive member (20) rotatable with respect to the housing in a second direction for delivering a dose of a medication, a piston... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120265152 - Hydroxylapatite material, and method for the production thereof: The invention relates to a hydroxylapatite material, for the production of which a nanoscale hydroxylapatite paste is subjected to a thermal treatment.... Agent:

20120265153 - Housing component for a drug delivery device: The present invention relates to a housing component of a drug delivery device (10) to accommodate a drive mechanism (11), wherein the drive mechanism (11) is operable to interact with a piston (20) of a cartridge(16) containing a medicinal product to be dispensed by the drug delivery device. The housing... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120265154 - Surgical apparatus and structure for applying sprayable wound treatment material: According to an aspect of the present disclosure, an apparatus for forming an anastomosis between adjacent sections of tissue is provided. The apparatus includes a body portion; an actuation assembly operatively supported at a proximal end of the body portion; an anvil assembly movably mounted at the distal end of... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120265155 - Apparatus and methods for providing a medicinal substance applicator: Embodiments include a method of providing a medicinal substance applicator that includes attaching an absorbent material at an end of a needle cap.... Agent:

20120265156 - Apparatus for accurately controlling needle extension: Devices are illustrated which provide for accurately controlling the extension of a needle from a protective sheath to increase accuracy and improve the outcome of the treatment procedure.... Agent:

20120265157 - Eye drop container with alignment component: The present invention provides an eye drop container with an alignment component, including a body, a spout, and a reflective surface. The body has a top surface. The spout has a bottom integrated with the top surface and an opening opposite to the bottom. The reflective surface is disposed on... Agent: Shu-te University

20120265158 - Transdermal patch formulation: A method for preparing a transdermal patch comprising a substrate layer is provided, the method comprising the steps of contacting an active pharmaceutical ingredient with a retaining means to provide a composition, applying the composition obtained in step (a) to a carrier material to form a substrate layer of the... Agent: Labtec Gmbh

20120265159 - Device for storing and dispensing a medicament: An apparatus includes a substrate and a wall coupled to the substrate. The substrate and the wall define a medicament reservoir. At least a portion of the wall is configured to be deformed to reduce a volume of the medicament reservoir when the wall is actuated. The wall includes an... Agent: Velcera, Inc.

20120265160 - Canister for wound therapy and related methods therefor: A portable system for subatmospheric pressure therapy in connection with healing a surgical wound includes a wound dressing dimensioned for positioning relative to a wound bed and a collection canister in fluid communication with the wound dressing. The canister includes a first vacuum chamber for drawing a vacuum and a... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120265161 - Flushable body fluid absorbent composite: A flushable bodily liquid absorbent composite product, having a bodily liquid absorbent core, a moisture barrier layer applied to a garment side of the core, a film moisture break and a tissue backing layer. The tissue backing layer is readily soluble in water and the moisture barrier layer and the... Agent:

20120265162 - Absorptive article: In an absorptive article, fitting performance is improved by following the shape and movement of a body, and wrinkles in a blood discharge opening corresponding portion are eliminated and wearing comfort is improved by separating movement of each part from each other so that the blood discharge opening corresponding portion... Agent: Daio Paper Corporation

20120265163 - Coupling system to transfer material between containers: A container containing liquid medication which can be accessed with a needleless syringe is disclosed. The vial includes a stopper defining a central portion. A blind side of the central portion of the stopper has a plurality of flaps defined by grooves. These grooves define weakened or attenuated areas that... Agent:

20120265164 - Flow restrictor for medical devices: This relates to fluid delivery devices and methods and, more particularly, to implantable fluid delivery devices and methods of use. A flow restrictor for medical devices is described with particularly useful properties.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120265165 - Tissue expander: This invention relates to a tissue expander for use in medical, veterinary and dental applications. The tissue expander comprises a self-inflating polymer network and a biodegradable polymer having a non-degraded state and a degraded state which in the non-degraded state constrains the inflation of the self-inflating polymer network and in... Agent: Isis Innovation Ltd.

20120265167 - Biocompatible material for orthopedic uses: Biocompatible material for bone repair, especially vertebral bone repair, preferably has three components. The first component is silicon nitride ceramic spheres or shells that can be polyhedral in shape. When grouped together, these ceramic spheres or shells form tessellates having a similar degree of stiffness, strain and stress resistance to... Agent:

20120265166 - Devices and methods for enhancing drug absorption rate: Devices, systems and methods directed to a drug delivery device including a soft subcutaneously insertable cannula are disclosed. Some embodiments of the cannula include an elongated soft tube having a plurality of apertures spaced around and/or along a wall of the elongated soft tube. The plurality of apertures is configured... Agent:

20120265168 - Tumescent anesthesia delivery in connection with endovenous vein therapy: Disclosed herein are methods for delivering a tumescent anesthetic fluid to an area surrounding a target vein by inserting a needle into a location proximate to the target vein. The needle includes a proximal and a distal end, a pointed needle tip an elongated shaft body with a hollow center... Agent:

20120265170 - Complementary drug delivery sheath for an implantable medical device: A complementary drug delivery sheath for implantable medical devices. The complementary drug delivery sheath is covered, impregnated or otherwise carries one or more drugs. The complementary drug-delivery sheaths are manufactured separately from to the implantable device and are operationally combined with the device subsequent to the device's manufacture and/or sterilization.... Agent:

20120265169 - Systems and methods for collecting, storing, and administering fluid from a breast: A device for collecting and administering fluid from a breast includes a container having a first end with a first opening for collecting fluid from the breast, and a second end with a second opening for administering the collected fluid, the second opening being smaller than the first opening, and... Agent:

20120265171 - Pressure actuated valve for multi-chamber syringe applications: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for disposing a valve within a barrel of a conventional syringe to provide, first, a mixing syringe embodiment and, second, a sequential delivery syringe embodiment. Generally, the valve divides the syringe barrel into a proximal and a distal chamber. When used for mixing, the valve... Agent: Thorne Consulting And Intellectual Property, LLC

20120265172 - Devices and methods for controlling patient temperature: Relatively non-invasive devices and methods for heating or cooling a patient's body are disclosed. Devices and methods for treating ischemic conditions by inducing therapeutic hypothermia are disclosed. Devices and methods for inducing therapeutic hypothermia through esophageal cooling are disclosed. Devices and methods for operative temperature management are disclosed.... Agent: Advanced Cooling Therapy, LLC

20120265173 - Medical device containing catheter anchoring feature: An indwelling drainage catheter is disclosed that is configured to include spiral, helical or radial geometry on the external surface that allows the catheter to be introduced and locked into the anatomy via threading, linear indexing or similar action.... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20120265174 - Implantable fluid delivery device including gas chamber pressure sensor: An implantable medical device is configured with a pressure sensor arranged within the device to reliably and accurately measure the pressure within a propellant gas chamber at least partially surrounding a therapeutic fluid reservoir of the device. In one example, a housing of the IMD includes a protrusion that is... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

10/11/2012 > 56 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20120259263 - Apparatus and methods to create and maintain an intra-atrial pressure relief opening: The present disclosure relates to a method and a device for treating heart failure by normalizing elevated blood pressure in the left and right atria of a heart of a mammal The present disclosure includes methods for creating and maintaining an opening in the atrial septum. Tools for making an... Agent: Dc Devices, Inc.

20120259265 - Regulated gravity-based cerebral spinal fluid drainage device: Portable external gravity-based devices and methods for regulating cerebral spinal fluid drainage from brain, tissue or organs of a patient, and methods for reducing secondary brain injury to a patient by externally regulating the amount of gravity-based cerebral spinal fluid drainage from brain or spine are provided by this invention.... Agent: Neuroenterprises, LLC

20120259264 - Systems for inducing fluid flow to stimulate tissue growth: Provided are apparatuses, systems, and methods for treating tissue at a tissue site in a mammal that includes a scaffold adapted to be disposed adjacent to the tissue site and to be fluidly coupled to a blood vessel of the mammal for receiving blood therefrom. Additionally, a scaffold is provided... Agent:

20120259267 - Chemically amplified response strategies for medical sciences: Compositions are provided in which dendrimers and/or nanoparticles are synthesized with multi-photon responsive elements and self-immolative oligomers. The compositions may be utilized to selectively deliver Payloads within tissue by irradiating the compositions. The compositions may also be used to amplify sensitivity to irradiation.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120259266 - Wound care method and system with one or both of vacuum-light therapy and thermally augmented oxygenation: A combination therapy pad that includes a first layer and a second layer operatively coupled to the first layer. A fiber-optic array is disposed between the first layer and the second layer. A third layer is operatively coupled to the first layer. The third layer includes a vacuum tube in... Agent:

20120259269 - Iontophoresis drug delivery system and method for denervation of the renal sympathetic nerve and iontophoretic drug delivery: A system for denervation of the renal sympathetic nerve and iontophoresis drug delivery includes an iontophoresis catheter fitted with a drug coated balloon. The balloon contacts the vessel wall when inflated. One or more electrodes are associated with a surface of the balloon, and may be disposed on an outer... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120259268 - Photodynamic therapy for tumors with localized delivery: Methods and systems for treatment of hypoxic tumors are provided, including the steps of positioning a delivery device in a bodily cavity adjacent to tumor tissue, delivering an oxygenating agent to the tumor tissue via the delivery device and radiating the tumor tissue with radiation. Methods and systems of treatment... Agent:

20120259270 - Electrode arrangement for a dielectric barrier discharge plasma treatment and method for plasma treatment of a surface: The invention relates to an electrode arrangement for a dielectric barrier discharge plasma treatment of an irregularly three-dimensionally shaped surface of an electrically conducting body used as a counter electrode, comprising a planar electrode (1) and a dielectric (2, 3), which is designed to be arranged at a defined distance... Agent:

20120259271 - Medical instruments and techniques for treating pulmonary disorders: Methods and devices for delivering energy to lung tissue, for example to cause lung volume reduction by generating a flow of vapor and introducing the flow of vapor into the lung where the vapor delivers thermal energy sufficient to modify lung tissue.... Agent: Tsunami Medtech, LLC

20120259272 - Plasma treatment and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition onto temperature sensitive biological materials: A method and apparatus for depositing a film on a biological substrate are provided. A plasma generation device includes a dielectric conduit and a high voltage electrode. The plasma generation device is placed in proximity to the biological substrate and a gas supply that includes a precursor material is directed... Agent:

20120259273 - Bi-directional perfusion cannula: A bi-directional perfusion cannula is provided that includes an elongate tube for insertion into an artery. The elongate tube has a first aperture at a distal end of the tube which is forward during insertion and configured so that blood can flow into the artery in the direction of insertion,... Agent: Mtmm Pty Ltd

20120259276 - Pumping systems for cassette-based dialysis: A dialysis machine includes: a hardware unit including at least one pump actuator, at least one valve actuator and a cassette interface, the cassette interface including: (i) a plate that abuts the cassette; (ii) at least one pump aperture defined by the plate; (iii) at least one pump head moveable... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120259275 - Systems and methods for delivery of peritoneal dialysis (pd) solutions: The invention provides container systems, kits and methods for peritoneal dialysis (PD) solutions. Such a system, for example, includes a first compartment that contains a PD osmotic agent and a second compartment that contains a PD buffer agent. The compartments maintain their respective contents separately from one another for purposes... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20120259274 - Therapy delivery systems and methods: Fluid removal systems and methods for removing fluid from a tissue site are presented. The system includes a semi-permeable inbound conduit, which is fluidly coupled to a treatment-fluid delivery unit, for placement proximate to the tissue site, and a semi-permeable outbound conduit, which is fluidly coupled to the inbound conduit... Agent:

20120259277 - Medical devices for dispensing powders: A medical device for topical, intranasal or oral administration of dry powder medical compositions includes a unit dose blister form containing an internal piercing device that provides for agitation, dispersion and dispensation of the powder to a user.... Agent: Mystic Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20120259278 - Algorithm sensor augmented bolus estimator for semi-closed loop infusion system: An infusion system is for infusing a fluid into the body of a patient. The infusion system includes at least one sensor for monitoring blood glucose concentration of the patient and an infusion device for delivering fluid to the patient. The sensor produces at least one sensor signal input. The... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120259279 - Buffering agent delivery system for anesthetic syringe: A syringe for dispensing anesthetic from a cartridge having an interior wall defining a hollow interior sized and shaped for receiving a dose of anesthetic, and a piston. The syringe includes a tubular plunger slidably received in the hollow interior of the tubular cartridge. The plunger has a hollow interior... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120259280 - Splatter prevention mechanism for a syringe: A syringe including a barrel and a plunger slidably disposed within the barrel is disclosed. A distal end of the barrel defines a roof, and an elongate tip, in fluid communication with the barrel, extends from the roof. A protrusion forming a ridge may be disposed on one of the... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120259281 - Safety needle assembly with displaceable locking tongue: A safety needle assembly is provided herein which includes a displaceable locking tongue which has a first position in which the locking tongue covers an aperture formed in a shield so as to prevent the passage therethrough of a needle. A biasing element is also provided for urging the locking... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120259282 - Fluid reservoir seating procedure for a fluid infusion device: A method of seating a fluid reservoir in a housing of a fluid infusion device is presented here. The method is performed prior to establishing an outgoing fluid flow path from the fluid reservoir. The method begins by detecting insertion of the fluid reservoir into the housing of the fluid... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120259284 - Access disconnect detection system: An access site disconnection system and method are disclosed. Radio frequency transmitters and receivers are placed near an access site. When a patient receives dialysis treatment, wetness may arise from blood if the access needle becomes disconnected from the access site. Radio-frequency transmitters are mounted on or near gauze or... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120259283 - Detecting fill status for medical pump reservoir: A medical device system comprises a reservoir configured to store a therapeutic fluid and a medical pump configured to deliver the therapeutic fluid from the reservoir to a patient. The system also comprises a reservoir fill level detector configured to detect a fill status of the reservoir, the reservoir fill... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120259285 - Assembly for a drug delivery device and drug delivery device: An assembly for a drug delivery device is provided for. The assembly may comprise a housing body having a longitudinal axis. It may have a drive assembly having a drive member, the drive member being configured to be axially displaced with respect to the housing body during operation of the... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120259286 - Syringe assembly: A syringe assembly comprises a syringe barrel having an elongated body defining a chamber for retaining fluid, an open proximal end, a distal end and a frusto-conically shaped tip extending from the distal end and having a passageway therethrough in fluid communication with the chamber. The chamber has an inside... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120259287 - Medical cartridge receiver having access device: A needle and receiver assembly for use with a syringe cartridge filled with medicine. The assembly includes a cartridge receiver having a hollow interior, an open end sized for receiving at least part of the syringe cartridge, and a closed end opposite the open end. The assembly includes a needle... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120259288 - Assembly kit for preparing of a pre-filled syringe: The present invention relates to an assembly kit for preparing of a pre-filled syringe and in particular to a method of preparing of such pre-filled syringe assemblies by means of an assembly kit, wherein the assembly kit comprises: a gripping means to be attached to a proximal end section of... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120259289 - Syringe system for controlled delivery or removal of material: Embodiments disclosed herein relate to syringe systems for delivering and removing materials, instrument kits that include the syringe systems provided herein, and methods of using the syringe systems and kits provided herein.... Agent: Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.

20120259290 - Drug delivery system: Apparatuses and methods for coating and/or loading a medical device with a therapeutic agent prior to or during the placement of the medical device within the patient's body. In one variation, the medical device is coated and/or loaded with a therapeutic agent while the device is positioned in a delivery... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120259291 - Medical flow device for multi-lumen catheters: An apparatus for providing access to a target site in a living body, comprises a first elongated member including a proximal opening to a first lumen and a branching point at a distal end thereof and a second lumen open to the first lumen at the branching point, the second... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20120259292 - Flow-controlling catheter hub: Among other things, a flow-controlling catheter hub configured to connect with and adjust fluid flow to a catheter is shown. The hub includes a main body, a valve, and a luer fitting adapter. The main body, valve, and luer fitting adapter each have an interior passageway to receive and conduct... Agent:

20120259293 - Safety catheter device with removably attached housing: A safety catheter device includes a catheter hub, a housing removably coupled to the catheter hub; a needle, and a member, the housing including a radially outwardly directed projection operable to engage the interior aspect of the catheter hub and radially moveable inwardly sufficiently to disengage therefrom, the projection being... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20120259294 - Method for production of electro-spun tubular anastomosis/revascularization device for treatment of ischemic tissue: A method of production of a tubular device for treatment of ischemic tissue, comprising dip coating a mandrel in potassium palmitate solution and drying in air, cross-link a tubular device in vapors of a 50% glutar-aldehyde solution, evaporating excess glutar-aldehyde solution by air-drying or vacuum drying the cross-linked tubes in... Agent:

20120259295 - Medical product with biodegradable portion: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a medical product with a biodegradable portion. The biodegradable portion is made of a biodegradable material and the biodegradable portion degrades faster than the remaining portion of the medical product.... Agent:

20120259296 - Systems and methods for identifying an access port: An access port for subcutaneous implantation is disclosed. Such an access port may comprise a body for capturing a septum for repeatedly inserting a needle therethrough into a cavity defined within the body. Further, the access port may include at least one feature structured and configured for identification of the... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120259297 - Wound cleansing apparatus with scaffold: An apparatus for cleansing and applying therapy or prophylaxis to wounds, in which irrigant fluid containing a physiologically active material from a reservoir connected to a conformable wound dressing and wound exudate from the dressing are recirculated by a device for moving fluid through a flow path which passes through... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20120259298 - Metered continuous spray therapy and dispensing systems for same: A spray delivery system in combination with a scalp medication is provided which includes a portable container having a gas imperious container wall, a pressure source disposed within the container, and a selectively operable valve assembly affixed to the container. The scalp medication is in liquid form and is disposed... Agent:

20120259299 - Portable vacuum generation device, and medical suction device using same: Provided is a portable vacuum generator that can effectively save battery power of a vacuum pump for absorbing exudates from a suction head that is connected to a tube, and a medical suction device using the same. The medical suction device includes: a connection tube whose one end is connected... Agent: Bioalpha Inc.

20120259300 - Drainage valve and collection bag assembly comprising said valve: A drainage valve that has an inlet and outlet openings extending in opposite directions from a valve housing, a movable valve member within the housing and an operating lever connected to the valve member. The valve member is movable between an open position in which the valve member is arranged... Agent: Mbh-international A/s

20120259301 - Ostomy skin barrier application method and device: A method and applicator for adhesively affixing an ostomy adapter to the skin of a user. Under ordinary circumstances an ostomy adapter includes an adhesively treated skin barrier on its underside which is affixed by uneven manual pressure, leading to adhesive seals that can leak, are unsanitary and uncomfortable. An... Agent:

20120259302 - Surgical product: A surgical product being a swab or sponge (10, 40), the surgical product including a nonwoven sheet (81, 42, 44) made up of multiple layers of a non-woven synthetic material and including a detectable element in the form of an X-ray- or radio-detectable element (50, 52, 60).... Agent: Multigate Medical Products Pty Limited

20120259303 - Disposable breast pad: The present invention is referred to a nursing breast pad, comprising a circular pad including a front garment facing surface and a rear wearer facing surface attached to each other by a peripheral flange. The space between the garment facing surface and the wearer facing surface contains a liquid chemical... Agent:

20120259305 - Hygiene article: A hygiene article, particularly a sanitary napkin or an adult incontinence pad is disclosed. The hygiene article comprises an absorbent core having an elongate shape, being sandwiched between a back sheet and a front sheet. The back sheet and the front sheet extend beyond the absorbent core and are sealed... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120259306 - Hygiene article: A hygiene article employing adhesive fastening means, particularly an adult incontinence pad, which does not require the use of a separate release liner, is disclosed. The hygiene article comprises an elongate absorbent core sandwiched between a back sheet and a front sheet, with the back sheet and the front sheet... Agent:

20120259307 - Disposable wearing article: A disposable wearing article includes a front side edges lying in a front waist region, rear side edges lying in a rear waist region and crotch side edges lying in a crotch region. A chassis of the diaper includes a first backsheet forming the front waist region and a part... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120259304 - Disposable wearing article: A disposable wearing article includes a liquid-absorbent structure that is adapted to be spaced from the wearer's skin to protect the wearer's skin from being soiled with body waste. A crotch member defining parts of front and rear waist regions and a crotch region has a front end lying in... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120259308 - Goal-directed fluid therapy: A method includes setting a hydration goal and administering a diuretic to the patient to induce increased urine flow and collecting urine expelled by the patient. The amount of urine expelled by the patient is determined based on the collected urine. The patient is infused with fluid from a fluid... Agent:

20120259309 - Kidney protection method: A method of driving a toxin through a patient's kidneys, the method includes administering a diuretic to the patient to induce increased urine flow and collecting urine expelled by the patient. The amount of urine expelled by the patient is determined based on the collected urine. The patient is infused... Agent:

20120259310 - Medicine dispensing device: Some embodiments of a wearable, disposable medicine dispensing device may include a piston rod that is advanced to dispense medicine from the device. A rotational motor may be coupled to a drive mechanism so as to carry out a certain number of revolutions and thereby displace the piston rod by... Agent: Asante Solutions, Inc.

20120259313 - Apparatus and methods for limiting pressure and flow within a medical injector: A medical injector (200) includes a medicament container (210) including a main lumen (214) and a reduced-diameter protrusion (220), a needle assembly (230) coupled to the protrusion (220), and a flow control member (250). The medicament container (210) is configured to contain a medicament, such as, for example, a dermal... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20120259311 - Fat removal device and obesity treatment: A method for treatment for obesity comprising a medical device attached or implanted in patient's target body organs, wherein in each one of the device attachments, or daily in the case of long continuous attachment, the device removes up to 100 grams of energy containing materials from the body. The... Agent:

20120259312 - Methods and devices for bone preparation: A manifold has at least one manifold aperture extending therethrough and selectively placed in fluid communication with a fluid source. An insertion structure has at least one interior cavity at least partially defined by a structure shell and is selectively placed in fluid communication with a corresponding manifold aperture. The... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20120259314 - Apparatus and methods for recanalization of a chronic total occlusion: A method of recanalizing a chronic total occlusion (CTO) is disclosed. A catheter with a guidewire slidingly received therein is positioned proximally adjacent to the CTO. An occlusion weakening therapy effective to quickly soften and/or loosen the CTO is delivered to the CTO via the catheter. The occlusion weakening therapy... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120259315 - Double balloon catheter and methods for homogeneous drug delivery using the same: The present disclosure is directed to a catheter for site-specific delivery of a therapeutic agent to a blood vessel of a patient. The catheter further includes an elongated shaft having at least one inner lumen, a distal end and a proximal end and proximal and distal vessel-conforming balloons where each... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120259316 - Catheter: A catheter in accordance with one embodiment of the invention includes a first end, a second end, and a body, which comprises one or more segments, disposed between said first end and said second end, wherein at least one of the one or more segments has a first section and... Agent:

20120259317 - Method and devices for performing minimally invasive surgery: A device for use in performing minimally invasive surgery. A system for performing minimally invasive surgery comprising the device according to the present invention. A method for performing minimally invasive surgery.... Agent: Loma Linda University

20120259318 - Solvent/polymer solutions as suspension vehicles: A nonaqueous, single-phase vehicle that is capable of suspending an active agent. The nonaqueous, single-phase vehicle includes at least one solvent and at least one polymer and is formulated to exhibit phase separation upon contact with an aqueous environment. The at least one solvent may be selected from the group... Agent: Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

10/04/2012 > 66 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20120253257 - Blood reservoir with a separate vent and a sucker chambers: The present invention consists of a venous blood reservoir that has a separate blood chamber to filter vent blood and a separate chamber to filter sucker blood. The two blood chambers are separated by a common wall and are in fluid communication along their top assuring that vacuum applied to... Agent:

20120253260 - Gastrointestinal prostheses: A system for therapy within a gastrointestinal system includes anchoring or attachment functionality embodied in a low-profile implant technology and removable therapy components, which can be reversibly attached to these low-profile implants to accomplish various therapies. This design allows the physician to tailor the therapy to the patient's needs. The... Agent: Metamodix, Inc.

20120253259 - Modular gastrointestinal prostheses: A modular system for therapy within a gastrointestinal system. The system includes anchoring or attachment functionality embodied in a low-profile implant technology and removable therapy components, which can be reversibly attached to these low-profile implants to accomplish various therapies. This modular design allows the physician to tailor the therapy to... Agent: Metamodix, Inc.

20120253258 - Ocular system with anchoring implant and therapeutic agent: Ocular implants, delivery devices and methods for treating ocular disorders are disclosed. One method involves inserting an implant on one side of an eye. The implant has an anchor on a distal end portion and an outlet opening that is disposed proximal of the anchor. The implant is advanced across... Agent: Dose Medical Corporation

20120253264 - Photochemical internalization method: The invention relates to methods of introducing drugs into cells which are located in body cavities. In particular, it provides a photosensitizing agent for use in a method of introducing a drug molecule into the cytosol of a cell located within a body cavity, said method comprising the step of... Agent:

20120253262 - Switch validation circuit and method: A switch operated therapeutic agent delivery device is described. Embodiments of the operated therapeutic agent delivery device include a switch that can be operated by a user, a device controller connected to the switch through a switch input where the device can actuate the device when certain predetermined conditions are... Agent:

20120253261 - Systems and methods for optogenetic modulation of cells within a patient: Cells within a patient are optogenetically modulated to treat various neurological disorders. In one example, a method includes delivering a viral vector including a genetic agent encoding for one or more light-sensitive proteins to a delivery site within a patient. The viral vector includes retrograde and/or anterograde transport properties such... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120253263 - Two-part electrotransport device: A switch operated therapeutic agent delivery device is described. The device comprises two parts, which are assembled by a user prior to use. A first part contains a power supply and circuitry for the device; and a second part comprises electrodes and reservoirs containing the therapeutic agent to be delivered.... Agent:

20120253265 - Methods and devices for the treatment and prevention of malignancy in enteric diseases using non-thermal plasma: Non-thermal plasma is a partly ionized gas, which can be generated by a high-voltage electric field at a low pressure. Disclosed herein are apparatuses and methods for treating an enteric disease in vivo using non-thermal plasma. The disclosed apparatuses have a first conduit comprising a lumen and a tip; a... Agent: Drexel University

20120253267 - Combined otic and medication dispenser and method for treating otic infections: A method of treating a mammal presenting with an otic infection attributable to a pathogenic bacteria is accomplished by passing a hollow shaft having a first and second end through the tympanum of the mammal. The first end is sufficient to pierce the tympanic membrane, but flexible enough such that... Agent:

20120253266 - Extradural infusion suction system and method to drain fluid collection in the extradural space of spinal cord: A minimally invasive method of and apparatus for aspirating purulent material from an epidural abscess, or the like, in a patient includes a dual concentric catheter system having an inner infusion catheter and an outer suction catheter, the infusion catheter able to be advanced relative to and beyond the suction... Agent:

20120253268 - Device for collecting samples: The present invention relates to a device (20) for collecting dialysate samples (42). The device (20) comprises an inlet (22) for receiving a flow of dialysate, a plurality of outlets (24) for providing a flow of saturated dialysate and means (26) for sequential selection of one of the outlets (24).... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120253269 - Anesthetic injection system: Systems for injecting fluids and/or other materials into a targeted anatomical location, in particular, an intra-articular space, include a handpiece assembly having a proximal end and a distal end, a needle extending from the distal end of the handpiece assembly, a fluid delivery module comprising a cassette and a fluid... Agent: Carticept Medical, Inc.

20120253271 - Drip chamber and fluid level sensing mechanism for a fluid delivery system: The fluid injector system includes a source of injection fluid, a pump device, and a fluid path set in fluid connection with the source of injection fluid and the pump device. The fluid path set includes a drip chamber including an elongated body and a raised projection. A fluid level... Agent: Medrad, Inc.

20120253270 - Variable flow infusion pump system: An implantable infusion pump system is disclosed. The pump system preferably includes an implantable pump and a programmable module. The module may provide for varying flow rates of fluid being dispensed from the pump or may provide for a constant flow rate of such fluid. In the case of varying... Agent: Palyon Medical (bvi) Limited

20120253272 - Needleless injector: A pistol-shaped needleless injector includes a readily replaceable barrel (36) in the front end thereof facilitating adjustment of the dosage administered using the injector. A disposable nozzle (98) mountable on a holder (97) extending outwardly from the front discharge end of the barrel (36) provides an indication that the nozzle... Agent:

20120253273 - Needleless injector drug capsule and a method for filling thereof: A method for tilling needleless injector capsules with liquid drug, whereby dissolved gas within the drug is replaced by a less soluble gas in order to reduce the inclusion of gas bubbles, or to prevent the growth of bubbles during storage and thereby prevent breakage of the capsules.... Agent:

20120253274 - Medicament delivery device: The present invention relates to a medicament delivery device comprising a distal housing part (12); a proximal housing part (10) into which a multi-chamber medicament container (14) is arranged and wherein said proximal housing part is arranged to be movable in relation to said distal housing part for mixing at... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20120253275 - Multi-plane motion control mechanism: A hand-holdable steering mechanism is used as part of a medical device such as a catheter or an endoscope to allow movement of a steerable distal portion of the catheter or endoscope. The mechanism can include a housing and an actuation system. The actuation system is adapted for one-handed operation... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120253276 - Robotically guided catheter: A system is used for robotically controlling movement of a human-controllable catheter, wherein the catheter has a distal end and at least one position sensor for generating or receiving signals used for determining six dimensions of location and orientation information of the distal end of the catheter. The system uses... Agent:

20120253277 - Steering mechanism: A hand-holdable steering mechanism is used as part of a medical device such as a catheter or an endoscope to allow movement of a steerable distal portion of the catheter or endoscope. The mechanism can include a housing, a first actuator, and a second actuator. The first actuator is configured... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120253278 - Catheter and production method thereof: A catheter is provided which allows medical treatment of the vascular aneurysm to be carried out with certainty and safely. The catheter includes a catheter main body including a first lumen for supplying and discharging expanding fluid therethrough and a second lumen into which an elongated instrument for the medical... Agent:

20120253280 - Catheter for minimally invasive cardiac pacing surgery and method of use: An assembly of a pulmonary venting catheter and a pacing wire disposed therethrough whereby the pacing wire is extended from the distal end of the catheter tube during pacing mode, eliminating the need for exchanging the venting catheter with a pacing catheter to begin pacing after venting. The pacing wire... Agent: University Of Medicine And Dentistry Of New Jersey

20120253279 - Catheter introduction: A method of introducing a catheter 38 into an umbilical artery 14. The artery 14 is dilated with an introducer 22. A cannula 30 is introduced into the end of the artery 14, and a catheter is introduced through the cannula 30, with the distal end of the catheter 38... Agent:

20120253281 - Balloon with integral retention of a dilation element: A balloon catheter is provided with integral channels for securing dilation elements to the outside of the balloon. The dilation elements have an anchor portion and an intermediate portion that are disposed within first and second longitudinal cavities in the channels. The balloon may be manufactured by extruding a parison... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies

20120253282 - Medicament container: The invention relates to a medicament container for a liquid medicament, the medicament container comprising a bag with an outlet, the bag being compressible or shrinkable by subjection of at least a part of the medicament container to an energy source.... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120253283 - Injection equipment and medical liquid injecting system having same: Provided is a injection equipment capable of alleviating the force required of a user to inject a medical liquid. A housing chamber S1 for extrusion and a housing chamber S2 for injection are mutually connected so that, when one of the chambers S1, S2 expands, the other one of the... Agent: Daiken Iki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120253284 - Colonic cleansing device: The present invention may provide devices suitable for insertion into a body passage. The devices may include a conduit and a distal head region located at the distal end of said conduit. A plurality of apertures on the surface of said head region and conduit may be used to direct... Agent:

20120253285 - Cannula seal: Trocar seal assemblies are disclosed which consist of a helically-shaped seal positioned within a trocar's cannula; wherein, as an instrument is inserted through the central bore of the helically-shaped seal, the helically-shaped seal expands, thereby increasing the diameter of the central bore. In other embodiments, a protective member is positioned... Agent: Patton Surgical Corporation

20120253286 - Arrangement for delivering a fluid medicament: The invention relates to an arrangement for delivering a fluid medicament, the arrangement comprising a medicament container that comprises an array of separated reservoirs. Each reservoir comprises a defined charge of a fluid medicament and is separately dischargeable. The reservoirs are flexible and connected by a connecting element. The arrangement... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120253287 - Medicament delivery device: The present invention relates to a medicament delivery device comprising a housing having opposite distal and proximal ends; a medicament container holder releasably connected to said housing; a medicament container arranged inside said medicament container holder; a threaded plunger rod arranged to pass through a first inner wall of the... Agent:

20120253288 - Reminder device for drug delivery devices: The present invention relates to a reminder device for a drug delivery device, comprising: a base member, an adjusting element movably disposed with respect to the base member between at least two stop positions, and a display means comprising an information surface being only partially discernible through an aperture, wherein... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120253289 - Autoinjector: An autoinjector including: a housing, in which can be mounted a syringe (28) having a plunger, a barrel and needle (19) at one end thereof through which medicament can be delivered to an injection site,—a syringe support means (30) capable of causing said syringe to move along an axial path... Agent: The Medical House Limited

20120253290 - Gearing mechanism for an injection device: An injection device comprising: a base member (102); a plunger (104) for driving a piston in a distal direction; a driving member (106); and a gear mechanism (108) providing a gearing between the driving member (106) and the plunger (104) such that then the driving member (106) is moved at... Agent: Nova Nordisk A/s

20120253291 - Plastic stopper: A stopper adapted for attachment with a plunger rod for use within a syringe barrel includes a main body portion defining an open rearward end configured to receive the plunger rod. The main body portion is manufactured from a rigid or semi-rigid polymeric material having an elastic modulus in the... Agent: Becton Dickinson And Company

20120253292 - Plastic stopper: A stopper includes a main body portion defining an open rearward end configured to receive the plunger rod, an engagement portion provided along an inner circumference of the main body portion configured to engage at least a top portion of the plunger rod, a closed front end forming a flexible... Agent: Becton Dickinson And Company

20120253293 - Injector: The present invention related to an injector is provided. The injector includes a case body, a dose setting, a first engagement, a second engagement, an elasticity element, and a button. The dose setting is used to preset a dose. The first engagement is connected with the dose setting. The elasticity... Agent: Taidoc Technology Corporation

20120253294 - Method and system for treatment of internal nasal valves: Internal nasal valve involves injecting a biomaterial filler into the internal nasal valve of the patient. The injected biomaterial filler in the internal nasal valve increases an internal nasal valve angle.... Agent:

20120253295 - Implantable catheter and method of using same: A catheter for implantation into a patient having a catheter tube having a distal end, a means for trimming the distal end of the catheter tube after subcutaneous insertion of the tip of the catheter lumen into a desired position within the patient to form a trimmed end portion, and... Agent: Angiodynamics, Inc.

20120253296 - Medical apparatus with lubricity and manufacturing method of same: The present disclosure provides a medical instrument with a coating that provides excellent lubricity when wet. The medical instrument possesses a coating including a wet lubricating film with high peel durability and anti-eluting properties. In embodiments, an intermediate film made of bisphenol A type epoxy resin is coated on a... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120253297 - Ultrasound-guided piercing needle and indwelling needle: An ultrasound-guided piercing needle constituting the internal needle of an indwelling needle has ridged and grooved portions which reflect ultrasonic waves. The ridged and grooved portions comprise grooves, which are disposed on the outer periphery near the tip having a blade face, and ridges, which are arranged on both sides... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120253298 - Layered tissue thickness compensator: A tissue thickness compensator may generally comprise a first layer comprising a first medicament, a second layer comprising a second medicament, and a third layer comprising a third medicament. The tissue thickness compensator may comprise a first layer comprising a first medicament, a second layer comprising a second medicament, and... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120253299 - Multi-piece punctal plug: A multi-piece punctal plug has one a superficial plug removably connected to an anchor plug deeper in the naso-lacrimal canaliculus. The anchor is fixed to the wall of the lacrimal duct while the superficial plug is axially and detachably secured to the anchor plug so that the multi-plug complex may... Agent:

20120253300 - Method, device, and system for delivery of therapeutic agents to the eye: A method, device, and system for easier, consistent, and comfortable delivery of therapeutic agents to the front of the eye.... Agent:

20120253301 - Lotion applicator and method therefor: A device for applying lotion to a user's body has a foam layer. A cover layer is applied to a top surface of the foam layer. A pair of openings formed through the foam layer and the cover layer. A reinforcement layer is applied around each opening.... Agent:

20120253303 - Defecation detection apparatus: A defecation detection apparatus includes: a feces receiving member placed to face a body of a wearer to receive discharged feces; a first temperature sensor placed at a defecation position of the feces receiving member where discharged feces are received; a second temperature sensor placed at a non-defecation position of... Agent:

20120253302 - Negative pressure wound therapy dressing: A wound dressing suitable for use in negative pressure wound therapy system includes a cover layer adapted to establish a reservoir over a wound in which a negative pressure may be maintained. The cover layer includes an opening therein through which atmospheric gases and wound exudates may pass through the... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120253306 - Disposable wearing article: The present invention aims to provide a disposable wearing article improved so that front and rear waist regions may assure desired fitness without adversely affecting an absorption capacity of a bodily fluid-absorbent core assembly. At least one of front and rear waist regions includes an inner sheet lying on a... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120253307 - Pant-type disposable wearing article: A pant-type disposable wearing article includes at least one waist region of front and rear waist regions, which includes an inner sheet lying on the skin-facing side and an outer sheet lying on the non-skin-facing side. The inner sheet has a contractile force higher than that of the outer sheet... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120253305 - Sanitary napkins capable of taking complex three-dimensional shape in use: A catamenial device. The device comprises a topsheet having a body facing surface, a backsheet joined to said topsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet, wherein the absorbent core comprises three zones differing in stiffness, at least one of the zones comprising laterally-oriented portions where... Agent:

20120253304 - Thong-style sanitary pad and disposable thong for supporting same: An improved sanitary pad for use in a thong-style pair of underwear to absorb and retain anticipated menstrual flow volume and at the anticipated flow rate contains a double layer of absorbent material in a waisted, water impervious flexible channel. The waisting of the channel is sized to accommodate the... Agent:

20120253308 - Article including visual signal for communication of a functional benefit: The present invention provides an absorbent article including a longitudinally extending a top surface, a cover layer, a barrier layer, an absorbent core arranged between the cover layer and the barrier layer, a printed portion, a plurality of non-printed portions, wherein the printed portion and the plurality of non-printed portions... Agent:

20120253309 - Packaged absorbent article: A packaged absorbent article having a body surface and a garment surface; and a wrapper sheet for wrapping the absorbent article so that at least a portion of the garment surface of the absorbent article can be seen through the wrapper sheet.... Agent:

20120253311 - Method for manufacturing a three dimensionally shaped article comprising hip/thigh panels and a hoop from a plus-shaped blank, and such an article: The present invention relates to an article for being worn on the lower torso of a wearer. The article having leg hoops for encircling a part of the upper thigh regions, a waist hoop for encircling the waist of a wearer during use, a centre piece, two hip/thigh panels, and... Agent:

20120253310 - Process for making elastomeric absorbent garments to reduce absorbent bunching, and garment made thereby: A method of making disposable absorbent garments includes providing an elastomeric body panel and an absorbent assembly having an absorbent core. The method includes stretching the elastomeric body panel in the transverse direction, attaching side margins of the absorbent assembly to the stretched elastomeric body panel at attachment regions, and... Agent:

20120253312 - Prevention of infection: The invention relates to compounds and methods for the prevention and/or treatment of infection after stroke.... Agent: Pop Test Cortisol LLC

20120253313 - Aspiration catheters for thrombus removal: Systems for less invasive medical procedures comprise a filter device mounted on an integrated guiding structure and an aspiration catheter. These components can be used together or separately, and the system can be used with other medical devices that are designed for less invasive procedures, such as procedures in a... Agent: Medtronic Inc.

20120253317 - Adipose tissue management systems: The utilization of stored fat cells is provided. Fat cells removed from a patient may be subdivided into a number of fat cell subdivisions for utilization in a series of medical procedures. The fat cell subdivisions can be prepared for short term storage for use in medical procedures to be... Agent: Birscet, LLC

20120253315 - Injection needle for fractures: A cannula having proximal and distal ends defines a hollow body. A tissue-piercing tip is formed at the distal end of the cannula and is fluidically sealed from the hollow body. At least one opening is formed in a sidewall of the cannula and fluidically coupled to the hollow body.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120253314 - Palm-controlled injectors: A palm-controlled device is disclosed for injection of a substance into an organism. The device includes a palm-receiving surface for receiving a palm of a hand, the palm receiving surface being shaped so that the palm is substantially parallel to a surface of an injection site of the organism while... Agent:

20120253316 - Percutaneous biologic delivery system: A bone grafting delivery device, method and kit is provided. The bone grafting material delivery device may include a needle having a cutting edge located at a distal end of the needle. The needle may be configured to be inserted within a bone via an entry point created through the... Agent:

20120253318 - Device for the medical treatment: A device for the medical treatment is provided which includes not only a function for applying turning force to a guide wire but also a function for inserting an end portion of the guide wire into an opening of a catheter and therefore is excellent in workability. In one form,... Agent:

20120253320 - Guide wire fixation: The present invention concerns an assembly for inserting a catheter into a body lumen, the assembly comprising a introduction, an elongate fixing element, wherein with its distal end the fixing element is securable to the introduction device, and wherein at the proximal end of the fixing element a clamping device... Agent: Joline Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120253319 - Guidewire: A guidewire includes a core shaft having a front end portion and a rear end portion, a helical coil in which the front end portion is inserted, and a solder part with which the front end portion and the helical coil are bonded to each other. The helical coil is... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20120253321 - Guidewire: A guidewire includes a core shaft and a coil body that covers at least a distal end portion of the core shaft. Along a center line in a longitudinal-axis direction of the core shaft, the distal end portion of the core shaft has a first pre-assembly curvature with respect to... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20120253322 - Connection system for multi-lumen catheter: A catheter connection system and a method of connecting the catheter connection system to a catheter. The catheter connection system includes a hub assembly and a collar. The hub assembly includes a cannula extending from a distal end thereof, and a collet defining an inner surface spaced apart from the... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

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