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10/25/2012 > 109 patent applications in 71 patent subcategories.

20120271095 - Device and method for immobilizing patients for breast radiation therapy: According to the improved systems and methods described herein, a patient may be immobilized so that one or both breasts are returned to a known position. Additionally, the improved systems and methods reduce respiratory movement of the breasts. Thus, the immobilization devices and techniques described herein provide accurate and reproducible... Agent: Loma Linda University Medical Center

20120271094 - Methods for performing radiosurgery using non-homogeneous stereotactic techniques: The present invention relates to a method for performing non-homogeneous radiosurgery to provide optimal doses to the site of an abnormal lesion and to minimize damages to surrounding healthy tissues.... Agent:

20120271093 - Spacer for ionized radiation therapy: Provided is a spacer for ionizing radiation therapy, which can be easily disposed in a living body, does not require abdominal surgery for removing the disposed spacer after radiation therapy, and can effectively separate a tissue to be treated from other tissues. The spacer for ionizing radiation therapy includes a... Agent: Kanai Juyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20120271096 - Disposable blood pump and catheter: A blood pump for cardiac assist is made up from a catheter having a collapsible outer delivery tube and an inner suction tube that can be collapsible as well. The diameter of the tubing is reduced at the entry point to the body an a hole in the side of... Agent:

20120271097 - Bone conductive devices for improving hearing: A method is described for providing sound perception in a hearing impaired patient. An externally generated electrical audio stimulation signal is received in a receiver unit located under the skin of an implanted patient. The electrical audio stimulation signal is delivered to an implanted bone conduction transducer having a planar... Agent: Vibrant Med-el Hearing Technology Gmbh

20120271098 - Apparatuses for the treatment of urinary stress and urge incontinence: An apparatus for insertion into a human vagina for treating urinary incontinence, comprising: an intermediate section; an anchoring section located on one side of the intermediate section provided with a plurality of beveled anchoring arms adapted to prevent movement of the apparatus into the vagina; and, a support section located... Agent:

20120271099 - Female urinary incontinence devices: Disclosed is a female urinary incontinence-inhibiting device comprising a flexible torus including at least one slot configured to, under compression, flexibly reduce the outer diameter of the flexible torus, the flexible torus having a diameter configured to inhibit female urinary incontinence when placed in a vagina and a stabilizing element,... Agent: Contipi Ltd.

20120271100 - Compositions and methods for the detection of zinc: The invention relates generally to compositions and methods for the detection of zinc. In particular, compositions and methods are provided to detect changes in cellular zinc concentration and to correlate them to cellular phenomena.... Agent: Northwestern University

20120271101 - External prosthetic penile device: An external prosthetic penile device includes a substantially cylindrical structure having openings at its proximal end and a distal end. The substantially cylindrical structure includes a tubular channel that extends and tapers within the substantially cylindrical structure from the proximal end to the distal end. The tubular channel connects said... Agent:

20120271102 - Stereoscopic endoscope apparatus: To provide a stereoscopic endoscope apparatus capable of reducing the visual interference caused when a treatment instrument approaches an imaging unit. Provided is a stereoscopic endoscope apparatus that includes a plurality of imaging units and a channel having an operable treatment instrument inserted therethrough and stereoscopically displays an image obtained... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120271103 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes: an insertion portion to be inserted into a subject; an operation section provided at a proximal end of the insertion portion; a first light source section provided inside the operation section, the first light source section generating first light as broadband light having a broadband wavelength characteristic;... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120271104 - System and method for controlling power consumption of an in vivo device: A method and device may control energy consumption of in an in vivo imaging device by determining or estimating an amount of energy needed to capture images at a frame rate until a complete passage of the device through a predetermined region of the gastrointestinal tract, and alter or limit... Agent: Given Imaging Ltd

20120271105 - Endoscope insertion assisting device: An insertion assisting device includes a rotary body formed in a toroidal shape, and a support and drive unit that rotatably supports and rotates the rotary body. The support and drive unit has two supports, a first support and a second support. The first support is formed in a substantially... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120271106 - Self-propelled device for endoscope: A self-propelled device nips an endless belt between a worm wheel and a driven roller. The endless belt is circulated by rotating the worm wheel, and thereby an insertion section of an endoscope advances and retreats inside a body cavity. The driven roller has a width larger than the worm... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120271107 - Self-propelled device for endoscope: A self-propelled device includes a mounting part mounted on an insertion part of an endoscope, a hollow toroidal rotary body, and a rotary body supporting tube that is arranged in the internal space of rotary body and supports the rotary body from the inside. The rotary body supporting tube is... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120271108 - Electronic endoscope: A flexible tube portion of an insertion portion of an electronic endoscope and a universal cable each includes a laminated tube member and a corrugated tube connection member. The laminated tube member includes a conductive tube member and an insulating cover covering the conductive tube member. The corrugated tube connection... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120271109 - Steerable endoscope and improved method of insertion: A steerable endoscope has an elongated body with a selectively steerable distal portion and an automatically controlled proximal portion. The endoscope body is inserted into a patient and the selectively steerable distal portion is used to select a desired path within the patient's body. When the endoscope body is advanced,... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20120271110 - Efficient continuous flow irrigation system: A continuous flow irrigation endoscope and a continuous flow irrigation fluid management system, both designed to be compatible to each other and meant to function as a single system. The endoscope and the fluid management system are synergistic to each other such that both enhance the efficiency of each other.... Agent:

20120271111 - Beam splitter apparatus, light source apparatus, and scanning observation apparatus: While one beam is being branched into a plurality of beams with different optical path lengths, the beams can be converged on the same position in the optical-axis direction with a simple structure even when relative angles between the beams differ. Provided is a beam splitter apparatus including a beam... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120271112 - Endoscope with variable direction of view: An endoscope with a variable direction of view is provided, which includes an endoscope shaft and imaging optics arranged inside the endoscope shaft. These image an object located before the distal end of the endoscope and produce an image of the object in the proximal area of the endoscope in... Agent: Henke-sass, Wolf Gmbh

20120271113 - Light-conducting device for an endoscope to direct illuminating light: A light-conducting device for an endoscope to conduct illuminating light to the distal end of the endoscope including a curved, rigid portion with a predetermined spatial configuration, such that the curved, rigid portion is foreseen for positioning on a distal end of an endoscope, such that the curved, rigid portion... Agent:

20120271114 - Choledochoilluminating drainage device: A choledochoilluminating drainage device is disclosed, which includes a drainage catheter and at least one optical fiber disposed in or on there. The optical fiber includes at least one light-emitting structure. While the drainage catheter is put into a duct in an organism, light can be emitted out from the... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20120271115 - Light-conducting device for an endoscope: A light-conducting device for an endoscope for conducting observation light from a proximal end of the endoscope to a distal end of the endoscope includes a number of optical fibers. Each optical fiber includes a proximal end with a light inlet surface, which is provided for positioning on a proximal... Agent:

20120271116 - Medical device with multi-port inflatable hemostatic valve system: A medical device is provided having a hemostatic valve system that allows substantially leak-free passage of one or more medical interventional devices, such as a catheter, for insertion into a body vessel. The medical device comprises a hemostatic valve system and an elongate tubular member. The hemostatic valve system comprises... Agent:

20120271117 - Incision fixation device for single site laparoscopy: An incision fixation device for single site laparoscopy is coupled with a sleeve to be positioned on a surgical incision. The sleeve has one isolation portion containing a passage. The fixation device includes a bracing member located in the passage, a compact member coupled to the isolation portion, and an... Agent:

20120271118 - Quick-release handle for retractor blades: A quick-release handle is used in positioning a retractor blade in a surgical site and securing the retractor blade to a retractor frame. The retractor blade has a generally cylindrical post for removably engaging a retractor frame, an alignment groove on its top surface, and an annular recess extending around... Agent: Nsi-us, Inc.

20120271119 - Auto-locking surgical retractor assembly: An auto-locking surgical retractor assembly has a retractor frame with a number of adjustable arms. Each adjustable arm has a U-shaped recess for removably engaging the post of a retractor blade. A spring-loaded locking pin protrudes slightly from the arm into the U-shaped recess to hold the post of retractor... Agent: Nsi-us, Inc.

20120271120 - Retractor blade and assembly for spinal surgery: A retractor blade comprising a blade body having first and second ends, the first end including means to allow connection of the blade body to a support member, the second end including a first part disposed in a first plane and a second part disposed in a second plane, wherein... Agent:

20120271121 - Integrated biometric sensing and display device: A biometric device configured to be attached to a portion of a body of a user measures biometric data of the user. The device includes an optical emitter, a wavelength filter, an optical sensor and a processor, for sending a light to the body of a user, receiving light received... Agent: Basis Science, Inc.

20120271122 - Medical sensor kit for combination with a chair to enable measurement of diagnostic information: A medical examination chair kit includes a group of sensors including electrodes in finger-tip sensors, various other types of sensors incorporated in covers attachable or placeable on a chair and load cells on an adjustable grid supporting the chair, all of which provide data which is partially processed in a... Agent: Commwell Research And Development, Ltd. A Corporation Of Kfar Saba, Israel

20120271126 - Apparatus for obtaining and analyzing a blood sample with a lancet coupling mechanism: An apparatus for obtaining and analyzing a blood sample is presented. The apparatus comprises an integrated drive unit having a common drive source and a drive force transmission gearing that couples a lancet drive, a device for advancing a magazine, and a sample transfer device to the drive source. A... Agent:

20120271125 - Devices and methods for delivery and/or withdrawal of fluids and preservation of withdrawn fluids: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for delivering and/or withdrawing a substance or substances such as blood or interstitial fluid, from subjects, e.g., from the skin and/or from beneath the skin. In one aspect, the present invention is generally directed to devices and methods for withdrawing or... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20120271123 - Integrated lancing device: A lancing device is provided that has a housing with a length greater than a width. Electronics are positioned in an interior of the housing. A test strip aperture is in the housing and is adapted to receive a body fluid test strip. A lancet aperture is positioned in line... Agent:

20120271127 - Sanitary swab collection system, microfluidic assay device, and methods for diagnostic assays: Biohazard specimen collection containers are provided with an external disposable skin, that is stripped away and discarded after the biohazardous specimen is collected, thus reducing or eliminating objectionable or dangerous residues on the outside surfaces of the container. Further, we teach that the sample collection container with external disposable skin... Agent: Micronics, Inc.

20120271124 - Thrombospondin fragments and uses thereof in clinical assays for cancer and generation of antibodies and other binding agents: The invention relates to thrombospondin fragments found in plasma, their use or use of portions thereof in diagnostic methods, as method calibrators, method indicators, and as immunogens, and as analytes for methods with substantial clinical utility; and their detection in plasma or other bodily fluids for purpose of diagnostic methods,... Agent: W2 Holdings, Inc.

20120271128 - Medical apparatus: A medical apparatus includes: a storing section in which information concerning a drug kinetics in a living body is stored in advance for each of plural kinds of fluorescent drugs; a processing section that acquires information concerning diagnosis start timing corresponding to a desired fluorescent drug based on information stored... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120271129 - Multi-frequency rf modulated near infrared spectroscopy for hemoglobin measurement in blood and living tissues: The present application discloses a tissue oximeter system which includes radio frequency (RF) wave sources configured to produce RF waves at different RF frequencies, near infrared (NIR) light sources each configured to emit NIR lights each modulated by one or more of the RF waves generated by the RF wave... Agent:

20120271130 - Method and apparatus for determining an oxygen desaturation event: A method and apparatus for determining an index indicative of a subject's response to an oxygen desaturation condition is provided. The method includes the steps of: a) providing a NIRS tissue sensor, a pulse oximetry sensor, and a processor in communication with the NIRS tissue sensor and the pulse oximetry... Agent: Cas Medical Systems, Inc.

20120271131 - Mucosal sensor for the assessment of tissue and blood constituents and technique for using the same: A sensor for physiological constituent detection may be adapted to include a mucoadhesive. A sensor is provided that is appropriate for use on mucosal tissue. The mucoadhesive provides a mechanism for holding the sensor on the mucous membrane in order to measure physiological constituent levels in the tissue and blood.... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120271132 - Portable measuring system having an optimized assembly space: A portable measuring system which analyzes a liquid sample for at least one analyte. The portable measuring system has a substantially moisture-proof housing with an internal atmosphere. The housing prevents moisture from the air and water vapor from penetrating into the housing. The portable measuring system also has at least... Agent:

20120271133 - Device for non-invasively measuring glucose: In order to increase the accuracy of non-invasive glucose measurement, the device uses a combination of three non-invasive methods: ultrasonic, electromagnetic and thermal. The non-invasive glucose monitor comprises a Main Unit, which drives three different sensor channels (one per technology), located on an external unit configured as an ear clip... Agent: A.d. Integrity Applications Ltd.

20120271134 - Delivery system for implantable medical device: A delivery device for implanting a medical device that includes an expandable fixation member adapted to fix the position of the medical device within a lumen of a human body. The delivery device has an inner shaft rotatably disposed in a tubular outer shaft. A retention member is secured to... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120271135 - Flexible electrode assembly for insertion into body lumen or organ: A device for insertion into a body lumen, includes: an electrode assembly strip with exposed electrodes including: a polymeric substrate having an upper surface and an opposed lower surface; one or more electrodes disposed over a portion of the upper surface of the polymeric substrate; one or more electrical traces... Agent: Topera, Inc.

20120271137 - Method for monitoring physiological cycles of a patient to optimize patient therapy: Improved methods for obtaining physiological parameters of a patient in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention can be used to monitor patient status and/or in conjunction with patient therapy. Physiological parameters can be monitored with an implantable device including a first lead and a second lead. Physiological parameters... Agent: Cvrx, Inc.

20120271136 - Methods for detection of cardiac rhythm disorders using basket style cardiac mapping catheter: A method for sensing multiple local electric voltages from endocardial surface of a heart, includes: providing a system for sensing multiple local electric voltages from endocardial surface of a heart, including: a first elongate tubular member having a lumen, a proximal end and a distal end; a basket assembly including:... Agent: Topera, Inc.

20120271138 - Basket style cardiac mapping catheter having a flexible electrode assembly for detection of cardiac rhythm disorders: A system for sensing multiple local electric voltages from endocardial surface of a heart, includes: an elongate tubular member; a plurality of flexible splines having proximal portions, distal portions and medial portions therein between; an anchor for securably affixing the proximal portions of the splines; a tip for securably affixing... Agent: Topera, Inc.

20120271140 - Basket style cardiac mapping catheter having an atraumatic basket tip for detection of cardiac rhythm disorders: A system for sensing multiple local electric voltages from endocardial surface of a heart, includes: a first elongate tubular member having a lumen, a proximal end and a distal end; and a basket assembly including: a plurality of flexible splines for guiding a plurality of exposed electrodes, the splines having... Agent: Topera, Inc.

20120271139 - Basket style cardiac mapping catheter having spline bends for detection of cardiac rhythm disorders: A system a system for sensing multiple local electric voltages from endocardial surface of a heart, includes: a first elongate tubular member; a basket assembly including: a plurality of flexible splines for guiding a plurality of exposed electrodes, the splines having proximal portions, distal portions and medial portions therein between;... Agent: Topera, Inc.

20120271141 - Skin surface electrodes: An apparatus (10) adapted to contact epithelial tissue, the apparatus comprising a cup (12) having a concave shape and adapted to be positioned on epithelial tissue, the cup capable of maintaining a reduced air pressure and holding a volume of flowable material; and an electrical support structure (14) comprising a... Agent: Epi-sci. LLC

20120271142 - Apparatus for migrating anatomic parts and method of using the apparatus: An apparatus comprises a first anatomic positioner for migrating a first anatomic part of a patient on a patient platform. The first anatomic positioner comprises an arch structure being configured to be operable for engaging the patient's shoulder area. A strap structure is joined to the arch structure to extend... Agent: Design Md LLC.

20120271143 - Fatigue indices and uses thereof: Example embodiments may relate to a system, method, apparatus, and computer readable media configured for monitoring a user performing an athletic movement and/or exercise and generating a fatigue value. Fatigue values may be determined for different groups. In one embodiment, a first value is determined for a muscle fatigue value... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120271144 - Method and apparatus for generating diagnosis image, diagnosis system, and medical image system for performing the method: A method of generating a diagnosis image includes receiving signals reflected from a subject; calculating a beamforming coefficient using the received signals; synthesizing each of the plurality of low resolution images using the calculated beamforming coefficient; and synthesizing a high resolution image using the synthesized plurality of low resolution images.... Agent: Samsung Electronics, Ltd.

20120271145 - Pressure sensing for a multi-arm catheter: A method for operating a medical probe includes pressing a distal end of the medical probe, which includes one or more arms that extend diagonally outward from a central shaft and have respective position transducers coupled thereto, against an intra-body surface, so as to cause the arms to exert pressure... Agent:

20120271147 - Apparatus, method, and computer-accessible medium for b1-insensitive high resolution 2d t1 mapping in magnetic resonance imaging: Exemplary systems, methods and computer-accessible mediums can be provided for imaging at least one anatomical structure. For example, it is possible to direct a saturation-recovery (SR) pulse sequence having fast spin echo (FSE) to or at the anatomical structure(s). At least one T1 image of the at least one anatomical... Agent: New York University

20120271146 - Magnetic resonance imaging: A method removes a part representing non-brain tissue of the MR brain image. For each generated magnetic field gradient, acquiring a current signal respectively at a first time of echo TE1 after an excitation radio frequency pulse and at a second time of echo TE2 after the radio frequency pulse.... Agent: Siemens Schweiz Ag

20120271148 - Brain condition monitoring based on co-activation of neural networks: A brain condition can be tracked based on identification of co-activation of two antagonistic networks of a patient's brain. Various embodiments concerns methods and devices for sensing one or more signals indicative of brain activity, detecting one or more episodes of default mode network activation based on the one or... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120271150 - Flexible passive acoustic driver for magnetic resonance elastography: A flexible passive acoustic driver for use in an acoustic driver system which applies an oscillating stress to a subject undergoing a magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) examination which includes receiving acoustic pressure waves from an active driver through a tube and imparts pressure waves to a subject of an imaging... Agent:

20120271149 - Insert device for enhancing pet and mri images: Insert devices that include a RF surface coil and gamma-ray photon detector array for enhancing PET and MRI images produced from integrated PET-MRI scanners are disclosed. Integrated PET-MRI scanners that include such insert devices as well of methods for scanning an object by use of such devices are also disclosed.... Agent: Washington University

20120271151 - Method for determining locations of implanted electrodes with medical images: A method for accurate localization and visualization of implanted electrodes, such as implanted intracranial electrodes, is provided. More particularly, a realistic representation of intracranial electrode positions on patient-specific post-implantation MRI brain renderings is obtained. The resulting computer models provide an accurate depiction of electrode locations on three-dimensional brain renderings that... Agent:

20120271152 - Method for measuring and imaging temperature distribution in tissue: Disclosed are a method for measuring temperature distribution, which measures temperature distribution not only in fat tissue but also in mixed tissue containing high-water content tissue and fat tissue, and a method for imaging temperature distribution. In the disclosed method, a water signal, which is dependent on the water components... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120271155 - Magnetic resonance method and apparatus for triggered acquisition of magnetic resonance measurement data: In a magnetic resonance method and apparatus, a) data points of a physiological signal are detected, b) a trigger condition is evaluated depending on the detected physiological data points, c) a preparation module is executed to suppress unwanted signals in the time period in which the trigger condition has not... Agent:

20120271154 - Measuring device and a magnetic resonance device with the measuring device: A measuring device for a magnetic resonance device is provided. The measuring device has a sensor unit. The sensor unit includes at least one acoustic sensor element for detecting heart sounds of a patient. The sensor unit also includes a resonating body unit. The resonating body unit has a hollow... Agent:

20120271153 - Measuring device and magnetic resonance device comprising a measuring device: A measuring device is provided. The measuring device has at least one sensor unit for capturing a cardiac signal, a postprocessing unit and a signal transfer unit for signal transfer between the at least one sensor unit and the postprocessing unit. The at least one sensor unit has at least... Agent:

20120271156 - Patient support table control system for use in mr imaging: A system for Non-Contrast Agent enhanced MR imaging includes an MR image acquisition device for acquiring imaging datasets comprising one or more image slabs individually comprising multiple image slices. An image data processor processes data representing an acquired image slice to detect a predetermined anatomical feature of a patient by... Agent:

20120271157 - Mapping vascular perfusion territories using magnetic resonance imaging: Techniques, systems computer program products are disclosed for mapping of vascular perfusion territories by applying a train of pseudo-continuous radio frequency tagging pulses to modulate a first magnetization of one or more blood vessels that supply blood to one or more vascular perfusion territories, applying an encoding scheme using unipolar... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120271159 - Cest phase and magnitude imaging using a multi-parametric varied saturation scheme: An embodiment in accordance with the present invention provides a method for obtaining a magnetic resonance image (MRI) or spectrum. The method includes a step of performing a chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) or magnetization transfer (MT) magnetic labeling experiment of a subject using an MRI machine. When performing the... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20120271158 - Method and apparatus to generate magnetic resonance angiography images: In a magnetic (MR) method and apparatus to generate an MR angiography image of a vascular structure of an examination region, spins in the examination region are saturated by an RF saturation pulse to cause these spins to produce a lower signal intensity in the angiography image than spins that... Agent:

20120271162 - Constrained registration for motion compensation in atrial fibrillation ablation procedures: A method for model based motion tracking of a catheter during an ablation procedure includes receiving a training series of biplanar fluoroscopic images of a catheter acquired under conditions that will be present during an ablation procedure, segmenting and processing the series of biplanar images to produce a distance transform... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20120271163 - Ultrasonic monitoring of implantable medical devices: Systems and methods for ultrasonically monitoring implantable medical devices are disclosed. An ultrasonic monitoring system includes an ultrasonic transmitter that transmits an ultrasonic wave into the body, an implantable medical device including at least one ultrasonic reflecting unit configured for reflecting a portion of the ultrasonic wave, and an ultrasonic... Agent:

20120271160 - Vascular access monitoring device: A monitoring device (1) is provided for monitoring the presence of a skin piercing vascular access device, for example a needle (4), the monitoring device comprising: a mount having an ultrasonic transmitter and an ultrasonic receiver therein; attachment means (3) for attaching the mount to a patient adjacent a vascular... Agent:

20120271161 - Vascular access monitoring device: A vascular access monitoring device for monitoring characteristics of a skin piercing vascular access device comprising: an acoustic sensor operable to detect an acoustic emission created by flow through said vascular access device and produce an electrical signal indicative of said emission; electronics processing means for processing and monitoring said... Agent:

20120271164 - Method and system for organ specific pet imaging: An imaging system, including (1) a CT scanner configured to scan an object arranged on a patient pallet; (2) a PET scanner, including a first detector portion, including first detector elements, arranged circumferentially around the patient pallet, the first detector portion having a predetermined axial extent and transaxially subtending less... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120271165 - Multi-channel hemispherical ultrasonic wave transmit and receiving detection: A multi-channel hemispherical ultrasonic wave transmit and receive detection system and method, wherein, a transmit control system transmits out a plurality of detection signals through an energy converter, a receive system receives the reflected signals reflected from an obstacle, in determining a channel used by said transmit control system to... Agent:

20120271166 - Method and device for detecting elasticity of viscous elastic medium: A method for nondestructively detecting an elasticity of a viscoelastic medium and a device for nondestructively detecting an elasticity of a viscoelastic medium are provided. The method comprises steps of: a) driving an ultrasonic transducer probe with a low-frequency vibration by a vibrator so as to produce an elastic wave... Agent: Beijing Sonicexpert Medical Technology Co., Ltd

20120271170 - Catheter for intravascular ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging: A design and a fabrication method for an intravascular imaging and therapeutic catheters for combined ultrasound, photoacoustic, and elasticity imaging and for optical and/or acoustic therapy of hollow organs and diseased blood vessels and tissues are disclosed in the present invention. The invention comprises both a device—optical fiber-based intravascular catheter... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20120271171 - Energetic modulation of nerves: A system to modulate an autonomic nerve in a patient utilizing transcutaneous ultrasound energy delivery includes a processor comprising an input for receiving information regarding energy and power to be delivered to a treatment region containing the nerve, and an output for outputting a signal, wherein the processor is configured... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20120271167 - Methods of enhancing delivery of drugs using ultrasonic waves and systems for performing the same: Methods and systems for inducing and passively detecting stable cavitation and/or inertial cavitation for targeted drug delivery across a biological membrane are disclosed. Such methods include administering vesicles having a nucleating agent and a therapeutic drug to a vascular system of a patient, and providing an active interval of ultrasonic... Agent: University Of Cincinnati

20120271168 - Systems and methods for a computational medical device in dynamic body systems: A computational catheter device including at least one lumen, pressure sensor(s), external sensor(s), a signal modeler, and a signal analyzer is provided. The pressure sensor generates a pressure signal for a dynamic body system, whereas the external sensor determines the fundamental frequency caused by cardiovascular pulsation or external oscillator. The... Agent:

20120271169 - Ultrasound systems: A sensing system for sensing the condition of an object comprises a transducer arranged to generate pressure waves directed at the object and detection means, such as a pressure wave detector, arranged to detect cavitation or other processes in the object. The system further comprises processing means arranged to receive... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20120271172 - Ultrasound observation apparatus: An ultrasound observation apparatus to which an ultrasound probe is connectable, the ultrasound probe including a capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducer whose sensitivity can be controlled according to an applied bias voltage, the ultrasound observation apparatus including a transmit section that outputs a transmit signal for causing ultrasound to be transmitted;... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120271173 - Automatic ultrasonic scanning system and scanning method thereof: An exemplary automatic ultrasonic scanning system and a scanning method of the same are disclosed. The automatic ultrasonic scanning system includes a multi-axis robot arm, an ultrasonic scan head disposed on the multi-axis robot arm, a control circuit for controlling the multi-axis robot arm, a three-dimensional image capturing apparatus and... Agent:

20120271174 - Catheter: A catheter includes a catheter main body provided with a window portion through which an inspection wave passes, a drive shaft provided with a detection unit detecting the inspection wave and concurrently installed advanceably and retractably in an axial direction inside the catheter main body, and a bias member biasing... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120271175 - Ivus system with rotary capacitive coupling: An imaging system comprises a catheter having a lumen, a rotatable imaging probe within the catheter lumen including a distal transducer and first and second conductors coupled to the transducer, and a coupler that couples the rotatable first and second conductors to non-rotatable third and fourth conductors, respectively. The coupler... Agent: Silicon Valley Medical Instruments, Inc.

20120271176 - Method and system for optically evaluating proximity to the inferior alveolar nerve in situ: A low coherence interferometry probe system for evaluating proximity to a tissue layer, comprising a low coherence light source, an excitation optical fiber to bring the low coherence excitation light near the tissue layer and a collection optical fiber for capturing back-scattered light from the tissue layer. The probe system... Agent:

20120271177 - Sv/co trending via intracardiac impedance: A patient-specific model can show changes in cardiac stroke volume or cardiac output, such as to predict heart failure or to indicate cardiac remodeling. The patient-specific model can be derived from a surrogate indication of a cardiac stroke volume, such as a physical activity level, and features obtained from a... Agent:

20120271178 - Pressure wire assembly: A pressure sensor wire assembly measures pressure inside a body of a patient. The assembly comprises a pressure sensor element for measuring pressure and to generate a pressure sensor signal representative of the pressure, and a pressure sensor wire having the pressure sensor element at its distal portion, and adapted... Agent: Radi Medical Systems Ab

20120271179 - Femoral compression device: A femoral compression device (21) for compressive bearing 27b against the femoral artery of a patient, comprising a base plate (22); an inflatable air cushion (24) attached to the base plate; a first extension (23a) extending from a first side of the base plate; a second extension (23b) extending from... Agent: St. Jude Medical System Ab

20120271180 - Multifunctional mouse: A mouse includes an aperture defined in its top, a light source, and a data processing unit partially positioned external to the housing from the aperture. When the mouse is covered by a palm of a user and the light source emits infrared light, the infrared light reaches the palm... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120271182 - Identifying seizures using heart data from two of more windows: Methods and systems for characterizing a seizure event in a patient, including determining a time of beat sequence of the patient's heart, determining a first HR measure for a first window, determining a second HR measure for a second window, wherein at least a portion of the first window occurs... Agent: Cyberonics, Inc.

20120271181 - Identifying seizures using heart rate decrease: Methods and systems for detecting a seizure event, including receiving heart beat data versus time for a patient, detecting an increase in the heart rate of a patient from a baseline heart rate to an elevated heart rate, detecting a decrease in heart rate from the elevated heart rate, for... Agent: Cyberonics Inc.

20120271183 - Within-patient algorithm to predict heart failure decompensation: This document discusses, among other things, systems and methods for predicting heart failure decompensation using within-patient diagnostics. A method comprises detecting an alert status of each of one or more sensors; calculating an alert score by combining the detected alerts; and calculating a composite alert score, the composite alert score... Agent:

20120271184 - Method for calibrating a diagnostic measuring device: A method for calibrating a diagnostic measuring device for biological signals, which can be represented as vectors, such as the representation of cardiac potentials in cardiography. The method determines a zero-point vector or reference point for the calibration of the measuring device as an average vector within a resting section... Agent: Kgmed Gmbh

20120271185 - Robust rate calculation in an implantable cardiac stimulus or monitoring device: Devices and methods for analyzing cardiac signal data. An illustrative method includes identifying a plurality of detected events and measuring intervals between the detected events for use in rate estimation. In the illustrative embodiment, a set of intervals is used to make the rate estimation by first discarding selected intervals... Agent:

20120271186 - Third heart sound activity index for heart failure monitoring: A cardiac rhythm management system provides for the trending of a third heart sound (S3) index. The S3 index is a ratio, or an estimate of the ratio, of the number of S3 beats to the number of all heart heats, where the S3 beats are each a heart beat... Agent:

20120271188 - Apparatus for measuring a level of a specific gas in exhaled breath: There is provided an apparatus for measuring levels of a specified gas in exhaled breath, the apparatus comprising a photoacoustic sensor for providing a measurement representative of the level of the specified gas in the exhaled air, wherein the photoacoustic sensor comprises a light source that is modulated at a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120271187 - Method and device for monitoring carbon dioxide: Various embodiments provide a medical device for monitoring carbon dioxide in the exhaled breath from a non-intubated patient. Various embodiments provide methods for monitoring expired carbon dioxide, when a patient is under conscious sedation or is in any situation in which knowledge of respiratory status is useful.... Agent:

20120271189 - Method and apparatus for assessing neural activation: Various embodiments concern sensing a LFP signal from one or more electrodes, measuring the amplitude of the signals over a period of time, and calculating a plurality of variance values from the amplitude, wherein each of the variance values correspond to the variance of the amplitude for a different interval... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120271190 - Apparatus for electrical stimulation, in particular for bruxism: The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for preventing, diagnosing, monitoring, and/or treating bruxism as well as related diseases of an individual. In a first aspect the invention relates to an apparatus for preventing bruxism of an individual, comprising: means for applying a plurality of stimulation signals... Agent: Medotech A/s

20120271191 - Multi-channel stimulation detection algorithm for use with neurophysiology monitoring systems: The present invention relates generally to an algorithm aimed at neurophysiology monitoring, and more particularly to an algorithm capable of quickly finding stimulation thresholds over multiple channels of a neurophysiology monitoring system.... Agent: Nuvasive, Inc.

20120271193 - Device and method for electroimpedance tomography: A device for electroimpedance tomography with an electrode belt (2), which has electrodes (E1 . . . E16), wherein at least two groups (5, 6) of electrodes located next to each other are formed and the electrodes of one group are contacted with at least one, multiwire feed cable (7,... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20120271192 - Method and apparatus for analysing the structure of bone tissue: A method of analysing the structure of bone tissue comprises placing first and second electrodes in electrical contact with the bone tissue to be analysed such that the bone tissue forms at least part of an electrical circuit between the first and second electrodes. Alternating electrical signals are applied to... Agent: Cariescan Limited

20120271194 - Apparatus and method for testing sustained attention and delerium: A testing apparatus for testing a user's sustained attention comprises at least one stimulus-provider and a controller for controlling the stimulus-provider to provide at least one target stimulus, wherein the controller is configured to perform at least one operating procedure and the or each operating procedure comprises controlling the stimulus-provider... Agent: The University Court Of The University Of Edinburgh

20120271195 - Methods and systems for screening and treatment of young infants demonstrating deficits in auditory processing: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for screening infants at high risk for central auditory processing deficits and then remediating less efficient processing behaviorally using an adaptive training algorithm that gradually increases sensitivity to rapidly occurring stimuli streams.... Agent: Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

20120271196 - Swab for collecting biological specimens: A swab for collecting biological specimens is of the type consisting of a rod terminating in a tip covered with fibers with hydrophilic properties to allow absorption of said specimens, wherein said fibers cover said tip in the form of a layer deposited by flocking... Agent: Copan Italia S.p.a.

20120271197 - Methods and apparatus for lancet actuation: A lancet driver is provided wherein the driver exerts a driving force on a lancet during a lancing cycle and is used on a tissue site. The driver comprises of a drive force generator for advancing the lancet along a path into the tissue site, and a manual switch for... Agent:

20120271198 - Vascular guidewire control apparatus: A controller for use with a guidewire, such as a vascular guidewire, provides a mechanism for gripping and applying a torque to the guidewire without the need to thread the guidewire axially through the controller and at a location close to a point of access of the guidewire. In one... Agent: Windcrest LLC

20120271199 - Systems and methods for sleep apnea detection from breathing sounds: A method is disclosed of detecting obstructive sleep apnea in subject. The method includes the steps of placing a head of an electronic stethoscope at the subject's suprasternal notch, providing an electrical signal representative of the sounds detected by the head of the electronic stethoscope within a frequency range, determining... Agent: The Board Of Governors Of Higher Education, State Of Rhode Island And Providence Plantations

20120271200 - Instrumented implantable stents, vascular grafts and other medical devices: Several different smart stent structures are described for placement in vessel of a mammal. The stents can be advantageously used to perform measurements of the conditions in the vessel and transmit the measurements wireless out from the patient. In some embodiments, the stent performs therapy within the vessel and may... Agent: Izex Technologies, Inc.

20120271201 - Device, system, and method for determination of oral/lip stiffness: A device for measuring orofacial stiffness in a subject can include: two lip saddle attachment components configured for attachment to the lip saddles of a patients mouth; two elongate members, each being coupled with one of the lip saddle attachment components; a pivot member that couples the two elongate members... Agent: The University Of Kansas

10/18/2012 > 109 patent applications in 70 patent subcategories.

20120264999 - 4 (pyrrolopyridinyl)pyrimidin-2-ylamine derivatives: Compounds of the formula (I), in which R1, R2, R3, R4 and R5 have the meanings indicated in claim 1, are inhibitors of cell proliferation/|cell vitality and can be employed for the treatment of tumours... Agent: Merck Patent Gesellschaft

20120264997 - External immobilizer: An external immobilizer for cancer treatment has a plurality of inflatable bladders that are independent finable depending on computer instruction based on patient position data provided from integrated or separate position determining means, such as external cameras or sensors, optionally with internal and/or external markers. In preferred embodiments, the immobilizer... Agent: Radiadyne, LLC

20120264996 - Method and device for irradiation treatment planning: A method for irradiation treatment planning for a target volume to be irradiated includes specifying a plurality of data sets. The target volume to be irradiated is depicted in each data set of the plurality of data sets. The data sets differ in that the target volume has another position... Agent:

20120264998 - Treatment planning apparatus and particle therapy system: A charged particle beam reduces treatment time in the uniform scanning or in the conformal layer stacking irradiation. In the uniform scanning, an optimum charged particle beam scan path for uniformly irradiating a collimator aperture area is calculated. In the conformal layer stacking irradiation, an optimum charged particle beam scan... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120265000 - Systems and methods to reduce power deposition in tissue exposed to radio frequency electromagnetic fields: An apparatus for exposing a region of interest of an object, animal or person to an alternating magnetic field has a source of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation arranged to provide the alternating magnetic field in an exposure volume defined by the apparatus, and a shield arranged between the source of radio-frequency... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20120265001 - Composite magnetic nanoparticle drug delivery system: A composite magnetic nanoparticle drug delivery system provides targeted controlled release chemotherapies for cancerous tumors and inflammatory diseases. The magnetic nanoparticle includes a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer, a magnetic nanoparticle, the biological targeting agent human serum albumin, and a therapeutic pharmaceutical composition. The composite nanoparticles are prepared by oil-in-oil emulsion/solvent... Agent: Wichita State University

20120265002 - Catheter pump arrangement and flexible shaft arrangement having a core: The invention relates to a flexible shaft arrangement having a flexible hollow shaft which has an end at the drive side and an end at the output side, wherein the hollow shaft is reinforced sectionally between these ends by a core extending in its interior. Stiffer and more flexible sections... Agent: Ecp Entwicklungsgesellschaft Mbh

20120265003 - Transcutaneous energy transfer coil with integrated radio frequency antenna: Improved methods and devices for communicating via radio frequency (RF) in transcutaneous energy transfer (TET) systems is provided. In particular, an improved implantable coil for use in a transcutaneous energy transfer (TET) system is provided having an integrated radio frequency (RF) antenna. Further, a method of communicating between an external... Agent: Abiomed, Inc.

20120265004 - Multi power source power supply: A multiple power-source housing adapted to prevent simultaneous removal of more than a single power source, such as a battery, at a time. In an example embodiment, the power-source housing is used to house batteries for an intra-aortic balloon pump, which use battery power during transport. The power-source housing holds... Agent:

20120265005 - Field emergency shelter for fast minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery: The present invention relates to a medical emergency care shelter, more specifically, to a field emergency shelter for fast minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery. The field emergency shelter for fast minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery includes a fixed central shelter body 1. The poison filter 6, purifying air conditioner 7, and heating... Agent:

20120265006 - Method and apparatus for treating sexual dysfunction: A system and associated method for manipulating tissues and anatomical or other structures in medical applications for the purpose of treating sexual dysfunction. In one aspect, the system includes a delivery device configured to deploy and implant anchor devices for such purposes.... Agent: Neotract, Inc.

20120265007 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes a driving portion which drives a bending portion and a degree of displacement calculating portion which calculates a degree of displacement of a distal end of the insertion portion when the distal end of the insertion portion is displaced by reaction force generated by a movement of... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120265009 - Minimally invasive tissue modification systems with integrated visualization: Aspects of the invention include minimally invasive tissue modification systems. Embodiments of the systems include a minimally invasive access device having a proximal end, a distal end and an internal passageway. Also part of the system is an elongated tissue modification device having a proximal end and a distal end.... Agent:

20120265008 - Shaft for endoscope with a rigid surgical suction and detachable retractor blade for endoscopic micro-neurosurgery of the brain: A shaft for endoscope for two handed micro neurosurgery of the brain comprising a Rigid surgical suction at 6 o′clock position that is longer than the shaft, Channel for endoscope at 12 o′clock position, Channel for irrigation, Surgical suction control hole on the shaft, a hand rest on the shaft... Agent:

20120265010 - Laser video endoscope: A laser video endoscope provides a small diameter (25 mils) probe. This size probe requires a minimum access lesion. The tradeoff that produces such a probe includes reducing the laser guide fiber to 100 microns in diameter, employing an image bundle having approximately 6,000 optical fibers and an illumination bundle... Agent: Endo Optiks, Inc.

20120265011 - Sulfate salts as transit time enhancer: The present disclosure provides a bowel preparation procedure for capsule endoscopy for the examination of GI tract. The present disclosure also provides an improved method of examining the interior of the GI tract and of identifying the type, location, and cause of a GI pathology using an oral sulfate composition... Agent: Braintree Laboratories, Inc.

20120265012 - Endoscope system: An endoscope system includes: an LVDS driver that outputs a differential signal; a differential transmission line that transmits the differential signal outputted from the LVDS driver; a pulse transformer including, in order to input the differential signal transmitted by the differential transmission line, two input terminals connected to an end... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120265013 - Propulsion assembly for endoscope: A propulsion assembly for an endoscope having a section of an elongated tube for entry in a tube of a body cavity is provided. The propulsion assembly includes a shaft sleeve, an endless track device, a support sleeve and a control wire. A first bevel gear is supported on the... Agent:

20120265015 - Body-insertable device system and in-vivo observation method: An object of the present invention is to actively control at least one of the position and direction of the imaging field in a subject and to observe a desired observed region in the subject certainly in a short period of time. A body-insertable device system according to the present... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120265014 - Endoscope apparatus, method, and computer readable medium: An endoscope apparatus comprising an irradiating section that switches over time between irradiating a target with light in a first wavelength region and light in a second wavelength region; a light receiving section that receives returned light from the target; a movement identifying section that identifies movement of the target,... Agent:

20120265016 - Endoscope: An endoscope has an insertion part including a bending part bending with a remote operation and a soft part connected to the bending part, the insertion part having: a first outer coat with an integral structure provided in at least part of the soft part and in the bending part;... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120265017 - Endoscope with variable direction of view: An endoscope includes a handle and a shaft connected thereto. Imaging optics are arranged in the shaft that image an object located in the direction of view of the imaging optics in front of the shaft as an image and which to set the desired direction of view. The imaging... Agent: Henke-sass, Wolf Gmbh

20120265018 - Endoscope: An endoscope is provided, with a first tube, a cover glass arranged at the distal end of the first tube, as well as with imaging optics, arranged in the first tube, which image an object located in front of the cover glass as an image, wherein the cover glass has... Agent: Henke-sass, Wolf Gmbh

20120265019 - Surgical retractor extensions: A surgical retractor apparatus having one or more independent, removable extension members adapted to be mounted at the distal end of the retractor, or between the blades of a spreadable retractor, after the retractor has been positioned in the patient, such that a significant portion of the extension member extends... Agent:

20120265020 - Access and drainage devices and methods of use thereof: A medical device can be used to drain fluids from the body during a medical procedure that requires the insertion of a medical instrument into an anatomical lumen or cavity. The device generally allows the simultaneous introduction of the medical instrument into the body and drainage of fluid out of... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120265021 - Anterior cervical retractor system: An orthopedic surgery system includes: a retractor support arm; a table mounting assembly for securing the retractor support arm to the operating table; a first blade mounting arm slidably engaging the retractor support arm; a second blade mounting arm slidably engaging the retractor support arm in spaced relationship with respect... Agent:

20120265022 - Trocar with integrated light and/or scope optical fibers: A trocar assembly having integrated optical scope and light fibers is provided for illuminating and visualizing an operative site. The trocar assembly includes an obturator and an illuminated optical access port. An optical fiber extends through the walls of the access port from a distal end of the access port... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120265023 - Exoscope: An exoscope serves for observing and illuminating an object field on a patient from a position set apart from the patient's body. A lens system serves to observe the object field and an illumination serves to illuminate the object field. A distance between the lens system and the object field... Agent:

20120265024 - Systems and methods of screening for medical states using speech and other vocal behaviors: Systems and methods of screening for neurological and other diseases utilizing a subject's speech behavior are provided. According to one embodiment, a system is provided that includes an identification device used to determine a health state of a subject by receiving, as input to an interface of the device, one... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated

20120265025 - Wearing structure for measuring physiological signal: A wearing structure for measuring a physiological signal is provided. The wearing structure includes a sensing layer, a liquid storing layer and a cover layer. The sensing layer has at least one sensor for sensing the physiological signal of a user. The liquid storing layer covers the sensing layer and... Agent: King's Metal Fiber Technologies Co., Ltd.

20120265030 - Devices, systems, kits and methods for treatment of obesity: Methods, systems and kits are disclosed for devices suitable for use in the treatment of obesity in patients, either human or animal. The devices comprise an inflatable balloon having a proximal end and a distal end, the inflatable balloon further comprising an interior chamber adapted and configured to receive a... Agent:

20120265031 - Method and apparatus for detecting false hypoglycemic conditions: Embodiments of the present disclosure include detecting a concurrent occurrence of a decrease in monitored analyte level and a corresponding decrease in monitored on-skin temperature, confirming a presence of an impending hypoglycemic condition, and asserting a notification corresponding to the confirmed impending hypoglycemic condition. Devices, methods, systems and kits incorporating... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120265032 - Ovulating sensing and analyzing system: The present invention relates to a system for measuring an oral temperature of a female subject during an ovulation cycle of the female subject for assisting the female subject in determining the next ovulation cycle for fertility and/or birth-control and includes a method and apparatus for predicting a commencement of... Agent:

20120265026 - Portable physiological parameter detection and monitoring device with integratable computer memory and communication disk, systems and methods of use thereof: Methods, devices and kits for monitoring a physiological parameter using a portable physiological parameter detection and monitoring device.... Agent: Rhythm Check

20120265029 - Remote health monitoring system: A data collection system collects and stores physiological data from an ambulatory patient at a high resolution and/or a high data rate (“more detailed data”) and sends a low-resolution and/or downsampled version of the data (“less detailed data”) to a remote server via a wireless network. The server automatically analyzes... Agent: Mrn Partners LLP

20120265028 - Sensor, circuitry, and method for wireless intracranial pressure monitoring: An intracranial pressure monitoring device includes a housing defining a first internal chamber, a plurality of strain gauges disposed on an inner surface of a diaphragm defined by a wall of the first internal chamber, a device for generating orientation signals, and circuitry coupled to the plurality of strain gauges... Agent: Branchpoint Technologies, LLC

20120265027 - Ultrasound diagnostic system: An ultrasound diagnostic system includes a portable ultrasound diagnostic device and an extended docking device to which the portable ultrasound diagnostic device is detachably mounted, wherein at least one of probes and channels are extended when the portable ultrasound diagnostic device is mounted to the extended docking device. Also, the... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120265035 - Advanced analyte sensor calibration and error detection: Systems and methods for processing sensor data and self-calibration are provided. In some embodiments, systems and methods are provided which are capable of calibrating a continuous analyte sensor based on an initial sensitivity, and then continuously performing self-calibration without using, or with reduced use of, reference measurements. In certain embodiments,... Agent: Dexcom, Inc

20120265036 - Advanced analyte sensor calibration and error detection: Systems and methods for processing sensor data and self-calibration are provided. In some embodiments, systems and methods are provided which are capable of calibrating a continuous analyte sensor based on an initial sensitivity, and then continuously performing self-calibration without using, or with reduced use of, reference measurements. In certain embodiments,... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20120265037 - Advanced analyte sensor calibration and error detection: Systems and methods for processing sensor data and self-calibration are provided. In some embodiments, systems and methods are provided which are capable of calibrating a continuous analyte sensor based on an initial sensitivity, and then continuously performing self-calibration without using, or with reduced use of, reference measurements. In certain embodiments,... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20120265033 - Evaluating dosing from an implantable infusion device: A method for evaluating dosing from an implanted infusion system that includes receiving input regarding the identity of a therapeutic agent into an external device. The method further includes displaying on the external device a predetermined set of symptoms associated with the therapeutic agent; receiving input into the external device... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120265034 - Tissue-integrating sensors: Tissue-integrating biosensors, systems comprising these sensors and methods of using these sensors and systems for the detection of one or more analytes are provided.... Agent:

20120265038 - Method for measuring a concentration of a biogenic substance contained in a living body: One of the purposes of the present invention is to provide a biogenic substance concentration measuring method with improved measuring accuracy. An embodiment of the present invention provides a method for measuring a concentration of a biogenic substance contained in a living body, the method comprises steps of preparing a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120265040 - Biological information monitoring apparatus and biological information monitoring method: A biological information monitoring apparatus includes: an acquiring section configured to acquire biological information of a patient; a storage section configured to store a threshold which is changed with time from a first time; and a determining section configured to compare the biological information acquired by the acquiring section with... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20120265039 - Patient monitor for monitoring microcirculation: A patient monitor capable of measuring microcirculation at a tissue site includes a light source, a beam splitter, a photodetector and a patient monitor. Light emitted from the light source is split into a reference arm and a sample arm. The light in the sample arm is directed at a... Agent: Cercacor Laboratories, Inc.

20120265041 - Electronic endoscope system and method for controlling the same: A light source device of an electronic endoscope system has first and second semiconductor lasers. In a vascular observation mode, one of the semiconductor lasers is used in a full light state (100% rated output) while the other is used in a reduced light state (for example, 10% rated output).... Agent:

20120265042 - Method and apparatus for insertion of a sensor: A device and method for delivering a device such as a sensor or fluid transport structure or a fluid transport structure sensor combination into, for example, mammalian skin. Such a device allows a sensor to penetrate mammalian skin without the use of an introducer device such as a needle. A... Agent: Isense Corporation

20120265043 - Method and system for providing integrated analyte monitoring and infusion system therapy management: Method and system for providing diabetes management and insulin therapy based on substantially real time glucose monitoring system is provided.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120265044 - probe system and a probe for measuring functionality of an orifice in the human pelvic region: For measuring functionality of an orifice (16, 20) in the human pelvic region an elongated probe (4; 54) for insertion in the orifice (16, 20) is provided. The probe (4; 54) comprises one or more electrodes (5a-6a, 5b-6b, 6a-7a, 6b-7b; 55a-56a, 55b-56b, 56a-57a, 56b-57b, 57a-92a, 57b-92b) for stimulating receptors (23,... Agent:

20120265045 - Patient attached bonding strap for energy dissipation from a probe or a catheter during magnetic resonance imaging: A probe or catheter to patient RF coupling for magnetic resonance imaging includes a conductive grounding strap. The strap includes a first end spaced apart from a second end, the first end configured to be permanently or removably connectable to a conductive probe or catheter housing or a conductive probe... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20120265046 - Self-adhering electrodes and methods of making the same: A self-adhering sensor for non-invasively attaching to a portion of a skin is provided. The sensor comprises a biocompatible substrate, and an array of solid nanoelectrodes coupled to the biocompatible substrate and configured to self-adhere to the skin. Also provided is a sensor for attaching to a portion of a... Agent: General Electric Company

20120265047 - Intraocular pressure detecting device and detecting method thereof: An intraocular pressure detecting device includes an optical module and a data processing unit. The light module transmits a light beam to an eyeball and acquires at least one light interference signal of a reflected light beam reflected from a cornea and a reference light beam. The light module electrically... Agent: Crystalvue Medical Corporation

20120265048 - System for providing magnetic, light and crystal energy therapy: A system for providing treatment signals to a body of an individual includes a magnetic field measurement circuitry for measuring the magnetic field of the body of the individual and providing feedback information responsive thereto. A user interface displays the feedback information and receives a control input. A plurality of... Agent: Avazzia, Inc.

20120265049 - Treatment of female stress urinary incontinence: The present invention relates to the diagnosis and treatment of stress urinary incontinence. In one embodiment, the diagnosis and treatment involves the use of a positional feedback catheter. Positional sensors may be embedded in the catheter to provide real-time tracking of the position and movement of the catheter.... Agent: Urinary Biosolutions, LLC

20120265051 - Apparatus and methods for mri-compatible haptic interface: In one embodiment, the system of these teachings includes a master robot/haptic device providing haptic feedback to and receiving position commands from an operator, a robot controller receiving position information and providing force information to the master robot/haptic device, a navigation component receiving images from an MRI scanner, the navigation... Agent: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

20120265050 - Omni-tomographic imaging for interior reconstruction using simultaneous data acquisition from multiple imaging modalities: Embodiments of the invention relate to omni-tomographic imaging or grand fusion imaging, i.e., large scale fusion of simultaneous data acquisition from multiple imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, US, and optical imaging. A preferred omni-tomography system of the invention comprises two or more imaging modalities operably configured for... Agent:

20120265053 - Antenna support structure for magnetic resonance imaging: A patient support structure for use in a magnetic resonance image (MRI) scanner includes a base and a first and a second arm pivotally connected to the base. The patient support structure supports an anatomical region being imaged and positions an antenna array around the anatomical region. Access to the... Agent:

20120265052 - Pediatric imaging assembly: A patient support assembly for use in a magnetic resonance image (MRI) scanner includes a first and a second patient support structure and a first and a second imaging coil. The patient support assembly provides support for multiple anatomical regions being imaged, improving patient comfort during the procedure. Access to... Agent:

20120265056 - Guide catheter with radiopaque filaments for locating an ostium: Flexible radiopaque filaments coupled to and extending from a distal end of a guide catheter are disclosed that aid a clinician in locating an ostium of a branch vessel. The filaments are at least partially formed of a radiopaque material and are designed to move with the blood flow. In... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120265054 - System and method for registration of multiple navigation systems to a common coordinate frame: A method of registering two or more localization systems utilizing unique coordinate frames A and B to a common coordinate frames includes measuring position information for one or more reference locations r in each coordinate frame (e.g., Ar and Br). For each reference location, a fiducial grouping is created from... Agent:

20120265055 - Tubular feeding device having shapeable distal end: A tube for insertion into a body passageway of a patient includes a generally elongated tubular member having a proximal portion, a distal portion, a lumen extending between the proximal portion and the distal portion, and at least one aperture at the distal portion sized and positioned for passage of... Agent:

20120265057 - Ultrasound endoscope system and ultrasound observation method: When an ultrasound endoscope arrives at an objective area, a puncture needle is located in a scan area of a first ultrasound image. Thereby, an image of the puncture needle is delineated on the first ultrasound image. Furthermore, an ultrasound probe is inserted into the puncture needle and an ultrasound... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120265058 - Device for performing examination through the uterine cavity: A device for performing examination through the uterine cavity, preferably to carry out a computed tomography virtual hysterosalpingography, by the use of a speculum and a cannula or probe, wherein the device comprises a support for centering in the speculum and the probe is retained in a central end of... Agent:

20120265059 - Imaging of polarization scrambling tissue: The present invention provides for the detection and display of polarization scrambling tissue without resolving the polarization state of the backscattered imaging beam. In one embodiment, we illuminate the tissue using two different polarizations. A first polarization determines a first image of high intensity while the second polarization determines a... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.

20120265061 - High speed elastographic property mapping of lumens utilizing micropalpation delivered from an oct-equipped catheter tip: A method for performing elastographic deformation mapping of tissues and plaques comprises: introducing a distal portion of a catheter to an interior of an interior body of a patient; applying, from a palpator in the distal portion, one of a directed fluid or a mechanical indenter to produce a surface-applied... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120265062 - Optical coherence tomography catheter for elastographic property mapping of lumens utilizing micropalpation: An optical coherence tomography (OCT) catheter, for performing high performance elastographic deformation mapping of tissues and plaques, comprises: a catheter having elongated catheter body extending longitudinally between a proximal end and a distal end along a longitudinal axis, the catheter body including a distal portion at the distal end and... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120265060 - Target location by tracking of imaging device: A method and apparatus for tracking a target by tracking the location of an imaging device while the imaging device is tracking the target is described.... Agent:

20120265063 - Gated optical coherence tomography (oct): Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with gated optical coherence tomography (OCT) are described. One example method includes generating an image control signal to control an OCT apparatus to acquire an image of an embryonic heart at a specified point in time during a cardiac cycle of the embryonic heart.... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20120265064 - Needle array assembly and method for delivering therapeutic agents: A fluid delivery device includes an array of needles, each in fluid communication with a respective reservoir. Respective actuators are coupled so as to be operable to drive fluid from the reservoirs via needle ports. Each needle can have a plurality of ports, and the ports can be arranged to... Agent:

20120265065 - Automatic liquid injection system and method: A power assisted method and injector device for controllably delivering to patients a dispersion medicament or diagnostically active agent, the homogeneity of which is preserved throughout delivery. Diagnostically active agents disclosed are gas microbubble suspensions useful in ultrasonic diagnostic imaging and liposomal formulations in which liposome vesicles are loaded with... Agent: Bracco Research S.a.

20120265067 - Delivery of therapeutic substance and marking substance through intra lumen expansion of a delivery device: The invention provides a balloon catheter formed with a plurality of depressions. The balloon is coated with a matrix incorporating a therapeutic substance, which fills the depressions. When the balloon is expanded within a body lumen, the therapeutic substance may diffuse into the lumen wall, or all or a portion... Agent:

20120265066 - Guide-compatible large-electrode catheter for renal nerve ablation with reduced arterial injury: A first catheter is dimensioned for deployment within a renal artery. A second catheter has a shaft with an outer diameter smaller than an inner diameter of the first catheter's open lumen. A gap is formed between the shaft and the first catheter when the second catheter is situated within... Agent:

20120265068 - Method and apparatus for displaying thermal risk indicator: An apparatus for displaying a thermal risk indicator, which measures at least one analyzing indicator about a risk of a thermal bio-effect by analyzing an ultrasound beam generated from an ultrasound output unit of a transmitting transducer, calculates a thermal risk indicator based on the at least one analyzing indicator,... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120265069 - Acoustic transducer for pulse-echo monitoring and control of thermally ablative lesioning in layered and nonlayered tissues, catheter contact monitoring, tissue thickness measurement and pre-pop warning: An ablation catheter with acoustic monitoring comprises an elongated catheter body; a distal member disposed adjacent a distal end and including an ablation element to ablate a biological member at a target region outside the catheter body; and one or more acoustic transducers each configured to direct an acoustic beam... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120265071 - Medical workstation: The invention relates to a medical work station which has a medical instrument which is intended to be inserted at least partially into the interior of a lying being for treating the latter, an imaging device which is set up to create image data records of the interior of the... Agent: Kuka Laboratories Gmbh

20120265072 - Methods and systems for the ultrasound guided sub-facial skeletal muscle injection of autologous fat to produce muscle volume expansion: The method includes novel applications for liposuction, lipectomy, liposculpting, and ultrasonic fat harvesting and emulsification devices, especially those devices that provide in situ visualization. The application includes immediately transferring harvested autologous fat from the liposuction, lipectomy, liposculpting, or ultrasonic device to an injector portion on the fat harvesting and emulsifying... Agent:

20120265070 - Single transducer with angular orientation for lesion feedback in ablation catheter: An ablation catheter comprises: an elongated catheter body extending along a longitudinal axis; at least one ablation element disposed in a distal portion which is adjacent the distal end of the catheter body to ablate a targeted tissue region outside the catheter body; a single pulse-echo ultrasonic transducer disposed in... Agent: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

20120265073 - Ultrasound system and method for forming bc-mode image: A BC-mode image with an improved frame rate in an ultrasound system is formed. A transmit/receive unit forms first and second receive signals responsive to first and second control signals. An image processing unit is configured to form a B-mode image and a C-mode image based the first and second... Agent: Medison Co., Ltd.

20120265074 - Providing three-dimensional ultrasound image based on three-dimensional color reference table in ultrasound system: There are provided embodiments for a three-dimensional ultrasound Image based on a three-dimensional color reference table. In one embodiment, an ultrasound system comprises: a storage unit for storing a three-dimensional color reference table for providing colors corresponding to at least one of intensity accumulation values and shading values throughout depth;... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120265075 - Method of transforming a doppler velocity dataset into a velocity vector field: A method and device for transforming a Doppler velocity dataset into a velocity vector field, the including: (a) providing a 2D or 3D Doppler velocity dataset, acquired by means of 2D or 3D ultrasonography from an object; b) calculating a velocity vector field by assuming the velocity at each point... Agent: Tomtec Imaging Systems Gmbh

20120265076 - Microfabricated cardiac sensor with tactile feedback and method and apparatus for calibrating the same using a plurality of signals: The cross-correlation of corresponding signals facilitates the development of sensor nanotechnologies including a catheter for performing ablation of cardiac arrhythmias and a biocompatible electrical interface with monitoring capabilities. Cross-correlation of data acquired with differing techniques enables system calibration and design, as well as, validation of the data acquired with next... Agent:

20120265077 - Component-based catheter lab intravascular ultrasound system: A componentized intravascular ultrasound system is disclosed that flexibly integrates with a catheter lab infrastructure for acquisition and display of intravascular information in a catheter lab environment. The system includes a patient interface module (PIM) adapted to hold a catheter having an imaging probe located near a distal end, a... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120265078 - Micro vein enhancer: The present invention is a Miniature Vein Enhancer that includes a Miniature Projection Head. The Miniature Projection Head may be operated in one of three modes, AFM, DBM, and RTM. The Miniature Projection Head of the present invention projects an image of the veins of a patient, which aids the... Agent:

20120265079 - Sensor guide wire: The present invention relates to a sensor guide wire (17) for intravascular measurements of physiological variables in a living body, having a proximal region (8), a distal sensor region (9) and a tip region (10). The sensor guide wire (17) further comprises a core wire member (11), a sensor element... Agent: St. Jude Medical Systems Ab

20120265080 - Non-contact sensing of physiological signals: A non-contact monitoring system can include an electrode configured to detect electrical signals from a surface of a subject's body without directly contacting the surface of the subject's body (e.g., via capacitive coupling). The electrode can be positioned at a spaced apart distance from the subject's body (e.g., ranging up... Agent:

20120265081 - Diagnostic method: This method uses the dialectical theory of “the balance of yin and yang’ in traditional Chinese medicine and is combined with modern blood pressure measuring tools, and is able to forecast and observe the process and effects of treatment of a disease. The method makes it possible for efficacy of... Agent:

20120265083 - Cardiovascular haptic handle system: Cardiac tissue motion characteristics acquired by novel cardiac sensors are analyzed and processed for the derivation of physiological indices. The indices are output to a hand held local or remote volumetric haptic display and enable an operator to obtain motion related dynamic characteristics of cardiac tissues. The ability to tactually... Agent:

20120265082 - Intra-operative heart size measuring tool: A heart size measuring tool includes a tubular body, a flexible measuring cord having length indicia, a measuring cord support mechanism movable between retracted and extended states with respect to the body, and an actuating mechanism to move the measuring cord support mechanism. When in the retracted state the measuring... Agent:

20120265084 - Electrophysiological signal processing and utilization: A method of mapping electrophysiological information, including receiving imaging information for a tissue region; receiving a monophasic action potential signal from the tissue region; assigning a value corresponding to a depolarization segment of the monophasic action potential signal; receiving location information associated with the monophasic action potential signal; and generating... Agent: Medtronic Ablation Frontiers LLC

20120265085 - Cardiac stimulator: An implantable cardiac stimulator includes a cardioversion/defibrillation unit connectable to at least one ventricular sensing electrode and one ventricular defibrillation electrode, and is designed to generate and deliver cardioversion or defibrillation shocks. A ventricular sensing unit having automatic threshold adaptation is connectable to the ventricular sensing electrode, and is designed... Agent:

20120265086 - Electrocardiographic assessment of arrhythmia risk: Systems and methods are provided in the disclosure for estimating a risk of arrhythmia in a patient using electrocardiographic analysis. In certain aspects, a method of estimating a risk of arrhythmia in a patient is provided. The method comprises receiving electrocardiographic signals of the patient from a plurality of leads... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20120265087 - Methods and devices for determination of heart arrhythmia type: The type of arrhythmia in a patient's heart can be determined by monitoring the atrial and ventricular rate of the heart; detecting a pathological initial ventricular and/or atrial rate during a first time period; if a pathological initial rate is detected, then administering at least one antiarrhythmic cardioactive drug over... Agent:

20120265088 - System and method for monitoring operation of a cardiac medical device: A cardiac monitoring system includes a communication subsystem, a comparison module, and a display module. The communication subsystem receives literal data from a cardiac medical device. The literal data includes cardiac signals and marker data. The cardiac signals represent electrical activity of a heart that is sensed by the medical... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120265089 - System and method for detecting valid breaths from a capnometry signal: Based on a capnometry signal, one or more breathing parameters of a subject are determined that require valid breaths by the subject to be distinguished from anatomical events that cause the CO2 content of gas at or near the airway of the subject to fluctuate. To improve the accuracy of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120265090 - System and method of acquiring uterine emg signals and wirelessly transmitting the same: A system and method of acquiring and transmitting uterine EMG signals is disclosed, where a signal processing module processes incoming uterine EMG signals from a patient and wirelessly transmits a processed signal to an information relaying device. The information relaying device is then configured to download the processed signal and... Agent:

20120265091 - Device and method for monitoring the success of spinal anesthesia: s

20120265092 - Pendulum with visual indicia: A device for training and testing dynamic visual acuity is provided. The device comprises an object that is tethered using a connector, such as a string. The object may display one or more visual indicia with a given characteristic. Examples of visual indicia may include letters, numbers, shapes, and the... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120265093 - System and method for calibrating and determining hearing status: d

20120265094 - Endoscopic methods and devices for transnasal procedures: Medical devices, systems and methods that are useable to facilitate transnasal insertion and positioning of guidewires and various other devices and instruments at desired locations within the ear, nose, throat, paranasal sinuses or cranium. Direct viewing of such placements via an endoscope.... Agent: Acclarent, Inc.

20120265096 - Biopsy and sutureless device: A dermal punch device for automatically extracting a sample of tissue of a predetermined size and shape from a body comprising a retractable cutter and a sutureless biopsy closure mechanism that includes a wound closure fastener member adapted to be disposed over a biopsy region after the performance of the... Agent:

20120265095 - Biopsy device with motorized needle firing: A biopsy device comprises a needle, a body portion, and a needle firing assembly. The needle firing assembly is operable to fire the needle distally relative to the body portion. The needle firing assembly includes two translating members, a resilient member, and a motor. The motor is operable to selectively... Agent:

20120265098 - Biopsy needle stand: Embodiments of a needle stand are disclosed that include a base, an arching boom, and a tube, wherein the needle stand supports a biopsy needle. The base defines a plane and the base is configured to attach to a patient. The boom is attached to the base and has a... Agent:

20120265097 - Total core biopsy device and method of use: Total core biopsy devices and methods of use are provided for taking a total core biopsy sample and a means for using the devices that provide for an adequate sample size and quality while being light-weight, easy to use, small, inexpensive, and permitting one-handed operation and beveled edges to reduce... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120265099 - Systems and methods for managing blood donations: Methods and apparatus collecting blood from patients and managing blood donations are provided, which may include any number of features. One feature is a blood collection device configured to collect blood from a patient and periodically transmit blood collection data from the device to a control system. Another feature is... Agent:

20120265100 - Medical guidewire: A guidewire includes a core shaft, an outer coiled body covering at least a portion of the core shaft, and an inner coiled body positioned between the outer coiled body and the core shaft. The inner coiled body covers the at least a portion of the core shaft and a... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20120265102 - Compact force sensor for catheters: An ablation catheter system configured with a compact force sensor at a distal end for detection of contact forces exerted on an end effector. The force sensor includes fiber optics operatively coupled with reflecting members on a structural member. In one embodiment, the optical fibers and reflecting members cooperate with... Agent:

20120265101 - Methods for diagnosing meibomian gland dysfunction: Methods of diagnosing meibomian gland dysfunction are disclosed. The methods may be standardized and provide an accurate diagnosis of whether meibomian gland dysfunction exists. In one embodiment, a method is provided that utilizes an evaluation tool to apply a force for a preselected period of time to at least one... Agent: Tearscience, Inc.

20120265103 - Systems and methods for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease: Systems and methods for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) includes minimally invasively implanting a stimulating device in a patient's esophagus in the region proximate the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). The patient is provided with a questionnaire related to his disease via an online service. The questionnaire is accessed on a... Agent:

20120265104 - Posture observer for ergonomic observation, posture analysis and reconstruction: A system and method for analysis of steps of action of a person in activity in an environment with potential occlusion and without the need to use of invasive equipment. Non-limiting implementations use posture registration and postural analysis based on an observation protocol that allows reconstruction, in a digital human... Agent:

10/11/2012 > 99 patent applications in 56 patent subcategories.

20120259150 - Compositions and methods of sphingosine kinase inhibitors in radiation therapy of various cancers: The present invention relates to Sphingosine kinase inhibitors that are useful for treating various cancers. The invention further relates to compositions and methods of SPK inhibitors, including siRNAs, which specifically block gene expression of SPK and potentiates the effect of radiation in the treatment of various cancers.... Agent: University Of Southern California

20120259151 - Pyridopyrazine derivatives and their use: The present invention provides new pyridopyrazine compounds which are suitable for the treatment or prevention of physiological and/or pathophysiological states mediated and/or modulated by signal transduction pathways and/or enzymes in mammals and in particular in humans.... Agent: Aeterna Zentaris Gmbh

20120259152 - Treatment of hypoxic tumors with localized oxygenation: Methods and systems for treatment of hypoxic tumors are provided, including the steps of positioning a delivery device in a bodily cavity adjacent to tumor tissue, delivering an oxygenating agent to the tumor tissue via the delivery device and radiating the tumor tissue with radiation. Methods and systems of treatment... Agent:

20120259153 - Delivery systems for brachytherapy, and associated methods: Delivery systems adapted for implementation during a brachytherapy procedure are provided. The delivery system includes a plurality of brachytherapy seeds and a plurality of spacers. Each spacer is formed of a matrix material carrying a plurality of microparticles and/or nanoparticles. The microparticles and/or nanoparticles carry an agent and are biodegradable... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20120259154 - In vivo immunomagnetic hyperthermia platform for any cell or virus having a target surface receptor: The invention is a nano-entity conjugate for use in an in vivo immunomagnetic hyperthermia system for the detection and treatment of any cell or virus having a target surface receptor which encompasses a technology platform that can be used for both real-time monitoring of any cell or virus having a... Agent: Ivdiagnostics, Inc.

20120259155 - Magnetic body and drug delivery control device using magnetic body: A magnetic body may be suitably applied to a drug delivery system using magnetism. Furthermore, a drug delivery control device allows the magnetic body to be suitably applied to drug delivery. The magnetic body includes a magnet and a cover part attached to an edge of the magnet. The cover... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20120259156 - Coordinated resuscitation perfusion support: This document relates to systems and techniques for the treatment of a cardiac arrest victim via electromagnetic stimulation of physiologic tissue.... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20120259157 - Cannula systems and methods: Disclosed herein is a cannula assembly for directing the flow of material from an organ chamber, e.g., blood from the left chamber of the heart, and methods of placing the cannula assembly in fluidic communication with the chamber. The cannula assembly includes an elongate tubular member and a coupling assembly... Agent:

20120259158 - Methods and apparatus for transmitting vibrations: Methods and apparatus for transmitting vibrations via an electronic and/or transducer assembly through a dental patch are disclosed herein. The patch assembly may be attached, adhered, or otherwise embedded intra-orally on a tooth or oral tissue. The electronic and transducer assembly may receive incoming sounds either directly or through a... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20120259166 - Array of pessary devices: An array of non-expandable pessary devices. The array includes a first pessary device having a top, a base, a length, a sidewall extending between the top and the base, a longitudinal axis, a maximum diameter, and a minimum diameter that is less than the maximum diameter. The first pessary device... Agent:

20120259169 - Implantable sling for the treatment of incontinence and method of using the same: A method of treating incontinence in a male patient includes forming a non-scrotal incision in the male patient; traversing an anchor portion of an implant through the incision and through an obturator foramen of the male patient; securing the anchor portion of the implant to a ramus of the male... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120259165 - Lobed pessary device: An intravaginal pessary device is provided. The device has a top, a bottom, a sidewall that extends between the top and bottom, and a length. The sidewall has a lower lobe, a mid-section, and an upper lobe. The lower lobe connects the bottom to the mid-section, the upper lobe connects... Agent:

20120259163 - Method for treating urinary incontinence: A method for reducing urinary incontinence in a female. The method includes inserting into the female's vagina a first non-expandable intravaginal pessary device, the pessary device having a top, a base, a length, a longitudinal axis, a maximum diameter, and a minimum diameter that is less than the maximum diameter.... Agent:

20120259159 - Pessary device: A non-expandable pessary device, the pessary device having a top, a base, a length, a longitudinal axis, a maximum diameter, and a minimum diameter that is less than the maximum diameter. The pessary device has a pressure region adapted to extend between an anterior vaginal wall and a posterior vaginal... Agent:

20120259164 - Pessary device: A non-expandable intravaginal pessary device. The device has a top, a bottom, and a sidewall that extends between the top and the bottom. The top, bottom, and sidewall form an outer periphery defining a total enclosed area of the device. The device has a first region adapted to extend between... Agent:

20120259160 - Pessary device having improved comfort: A non-expandable intravaginal pessary device. The device has a top and a bottom, and a sidewall that extends between the top and the bottom. The sidewall, top and bottom form an outer periphery defining a total area of the device. The device has an interior that is substantially enclosed by... Agent:

20120259162 - Pessary device with improved pressure profile: A non-expandable intravaginal pessary device capable of providing varying pressure along the length of a woman's urethra when inserted into the woman's vagina. The device has a top, a bottom, and a sidewall that extends between the top and the bottom, and the sidewall, top and bottom form an enclosed... Agent:

20120259161 - Pessary device with longitudinal flexibility: An intravaginal pessary device. The device has a top, a mid-section, and a bottom. The device has a sidewall that extends between the top and the bottom, and the top, the bottom, and the sidewall form an outer periphery defining a total area of the device. The top has a... Agent:

20120259167 - Single use pessary devices: A non-expandable single use pessary device. The pessary device has a top, a base, a length, an outer surface, a longitudinal axis, a maximum diameter, and a minimum diameter that is less than the maximum diameter. The pessary device includes a pressure region adapted to extend between an anterior vaginal... Agent:

20120259168 - Systems and methods for treating urinary incontinence: A surgical implant and a surgical apparatus for implanting the implant into a subject. The apparatus includes an insertion needle, a retainer fitted over the needle, and a handle for manipulating the needle. The implant includes a mesh sling, a distal anchor, and a proximal anchor, with the mesh held... Agent:

20120259170 - Method for making a flexible stent-graft: A method of making a stent-graft is provided. The method includes mounting a stent on a mandrel so that the stent is stretched when it is on the mandrel. A graft layer is then adhered to the stent while it is mounted on the mandrel. When the stent-graft is removed... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120259171 - Entertainment system and device: A console comprising attachments including sex toys and a network interface. A system for communication between consoles and a central server to allow users to participate in a variety of types of remote sex.... Agent:

20120259172 - Instrument adaptor for image guided surgery: The invention relates to an adaptor for tracking an instrument location during image guided surgery. The adaptor has a drive shaft, a proximal handle and a distal instrument tip. The drive shaft has a linear proximal portion, a curved mid-portion and a linear distal portion that is co-linear with the... Agent:

20120259174 - Endoscopic diagnosis system: An endoscopic diagnosis system includes a light source for simultaneously emitting at least two excitation light having different central wavelengths for exciting at least two autofluorescent substances to generate autofluorescence containing first autofluorescence whose intensity is strong in a lesion and weak in a normal region and second autofluorescence whose... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120259173 - Visualization device and holder for use with a tracheal tube: The present disclosure describes systems and methods that utilize a tracheal tube with an integral visualization device, such as a camera. The tracheal tube system may include a camera apparatus or other visualization device that is associated with a lumen formed in the wall of the tube. In addition, the... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120259175 - Balloon access device for endoscope: Provided is a balloon access device having a cap coupleable to an endoscope and a balloon for sealing with the cap when expanded. The balloon access device allows a physician to both separate collapsed tissue and visualize the path of the endoscope without administering insufflation gas to the collapsed area... Agent:

20120259176 - Laryngoscope assembly with enhanced viewing capability: A laryngoscope assembly with enhanced viewing capability including a laryngoscope handle having a permanently mounted laryngoscope optical system. The laryngoscope optical system has a view tube with a leading aperture lens for affording a field of view along a deflected line of sight viewing in an operative intubation position. The... Agent:

20120259177 - Overlapping retractor blade assemblies: A retractor assembly for percutaneous surgery in a patient includes first and second retractor portions positionable opposite one another in an incision of the patient. A working channel extends between the first and second retractor portions and provides access to a location within the patient adjacent to distal ends of... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120259178 - Automated surgical illumination system: The present invention provides illumination for a surgical procedure. Using an optical tracking system, the illumination is made to automatically track an optical marker on a surgical glove worn by a clinician to provide more consistent illumination for a surgical procedure.... Agent:

20120259181 - Biological state estimation device, biological state estimation system, and computer program: A biological body state estimation device configured such that a homeostatic function level is sorted and acquired in plural stages by using a biological signal obtained from an upper body of a person and each stage of the homeostatic function level is plotted in time series in accordance with a... Agent: Delta Tooling Co., Ltd.

20120259180 - Hydration and nutrition system: A hydration and nutrition system for monitoring consumption of fluid by a user includes: a reservoir adapted to hold a quantity of fluid; a tube adapted to convey the fluid from the reservoir to the user for consumption; a flow meter adapted to measure and collect data regarding the flow... Agent:

20120259179 - Passive physiological monitoring (p2m) system: Passive physiological monitoring apparatus and method has a sensor for sensing physiological phenomenon. The sensor is a piezoelectric film of polyvinylidene fluoride. A pad may incorporate the PVDF film. The film converts mechanical energy into voltage signals. A microcomputer is used for recording, analyzing and displaying data from the sensor... Agent: Hoana Medical, Inc.

20120259184 - Blood glucose measurement device: A blood glucose measuring system comprising: a computer mouse that transmits data to an associated computer; a LED display residing on the computer mouse; a blood glucose strip receiver residing on the computer mouse; a blood glucose measurement mechanism; and software residing on the associated computer which receives blood glucose... Agent:

20120259182 - Method and apparatus for detecting peak from biological signal: A peak detecting method is provided. The peak detecting method includes receiving a biological signal that represents an electrical characteristic difference between electrodes attached to a patient, receiving an activity signal that represents an amount of activity of the patient from an activity sensor detecting activity of the patient, detecting... Agent:

20120259183 - Transient sensor response to posture as a measure of patient status: Patient posture information can be received, such as to indicate a change in patient posture by at least a threshold amount. A transient response signal indicative of a change in a physiological parameter can be received at multiple instances near a change in patient posture. Waveform morphology features can be... Agent:

20120259186 - Method and apparatus for an improved sample capture device: A body fluid sampling device is provided. A mesh (120) may be used to guide blood or fluid to travel directly form the wound to an analyte detecting port on the cartridge (121). Theus the volume of blood or body fluid produced at the wound site irregardless of its droplet... Agent:

20120259185 - Systems, methods and devices for adjusting the insertion depth of a cannula associated with a portable therapeutic device: Systems, methods and devices are described herein for adjusting the insertion depth of a cannula associated with a portable therapeutic device within the body of a patient. The systems may include a mounting unit securable to the skin of the patient and having a mounting base and a well defining... Agent: Medingo Ltd.

20120259187 - Dynamic colorectal pdt application: Dynamic colorectal PDT methods, devices and photosensitizer compositions to treat abnormal cell growth in anal tissue such as perianal and intra-anal intraepithelial neoplasia grade III are presented. Dynamic colorectal PDT method comprises the steps of administering topically, intravenously or orally a photosensitizer composition; irradiating; monitoring treatment parameters before, during and/or... Agent: Ceramoptec Industries, Inc.

20120259188 - Flexible eye insert and glucose measuring system: Disclosed is a flexible insert (100) for placement on the human eye, comprising a light source (110) in said insert such that light emitted from the light source is shielded from the human eye upon correct placement of the insert on the human eye, a light-responsive material (120) placed in... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120259189 - Cardiovascular index estimation methods: New algorithms to estimate cardiovascular indices by analysis of the arterial blood pressure (ABP) signal. The invention comprises recording and identification of cardiovascular descriptors (including ABP signal, diastolic pressure, systolic pressure, pulse pressure, and end systole), calculation of cardiovascular system parameters, and calculation of aortic blood flow, stroke volume, cardiac... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120259190 - Detection of oximetry sensor sites based on waveform characteristics: In accordance with an embodiment of the present technique, there is provided methods and systems for detecting the location of a sensor and determining calibration algorithms and/or coefficients for calculation of physiological parameters based on the detected location. An exemplary embodiment includes receiving a signal corresponding to absorption of at... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120259192 - Measuring apparatus and sensor placement method: Provided are a measurement device, a sensor unit, and a sensor placement method, which enable the suppression of the occurrence of a situation where a measurement carried out with a sensor implanted under the skin, the implanted sensor becomes faulty. A sensor unit is used for measuring numerical information relating... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20120259191 - Systems and methods for processing sensor data: Systems and methods for processing sensor data are provided. In some embodiments, systems and methods are provided for calibration of a continuous analyte sensor. In some embodiments, systems and methods are provided for classification of a level of noise on a sensor signal. In some embodiments, systems and methods are... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20120259193 - Electrically conductive balloon catheter: A balloon catheter having a mesh affixed thereto. The mesh is formed having members extending longitudinally and circumferentially about the balloon into columns and rows respectively. Each member of the mesh has a resistance or impedance that changes as the member is deformed such that, when the member comprises a... Agent:

20120259194 - Catheter having a force sensing distal tip: A catheter for contact force sensing includes a catheter body, a deflectable section, and a distal section having a tip electrode and a contact force sensor for sensing a 3D contact force vector applied to the tip electrode. The contact force sensor has a body and at least one sensor... Agent: Biosense Webster, Inc.

20120259195 - System and method of monitoring intraocular pressure and treating an ocular disorder: The invention discloses a trabecular stent and methods for treating glaucoma. The stent may incorporate an intraocular pressure sensor comprising a compressible element that is implanted inside an anterior chamber of an eye, wherein at least one external dimension of the element correlates with intraocular pressure. In some embodiments, the... Agent: Dose Medical Corporation

20120259196 - Medical image diagnostic apparatus and control method: A medical image diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment includes a simplified positron emission computed tomography (PET) image data generating unit, a PET image data generating unit, and a display. The simplified PET image data generating unit generates simplified PET image data based on information obtained by projecting the position... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120259197 - Rectal balloon with radiation sensor and/or markers: A rectal balloon apparatus has a shaft with a fluid passageway extending therethrough. A balloon is affixed over an end of the shaft such that the fluid passageway communicates with an interior of the balloon. The balloon has a laterally flat surface thereon when inflated. The laterally flat surface of... Agent: Radiadyne, LLC

20120259198 - Subject information processing apparatus: There is provided a subject information processing apparatus including a first acoustic conversion element that receives an acoustic wave having a first frequency reflected inside a subject and converts the acoustic wave into an analog signal, a second acoustic conversion element that receives an acoustic wave having a second frequency... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120259199 - Magnetic resonance system and method to generate diffusion information: In a magnetic resonance (MR) method and system for the generation of diffusion information, diffusion-weighted MR images of an examination subject are generated, each image being generated using an individual diffusion gradient. The diffusion gradients, and therefore the MR images, are sorted such that, after the sorting, a predefined number... Agent:

20120259200 - Method for monitoring early treatment response: Disclosed is a method for monitoring early treatment response of a cancer treatment comprising measuring by magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), for example, 1H MRS, the amount of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids present in the intracellular membranes of the cancerous tissue before and after treatment, whereby an increase in the... Agent: Receptomon, LLC

20120259201 - System and method for inertial magnetic resonance elastography driver for use with interventional medical device: A system and method for performing a magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) procedure using an MRI system to monitor operation of a medical device performing a medical procedure. The driver system includes a housing, a port located in the housing and connected to a driving power, and an inertial driver moved... Agent:

20120259202 - Relaxation-corrected ecg-triggering and navigator-gating technique: A system and method for recording magnetic resonance images with reduced relaxation-related artifacts. The system and method improve the conventional methods for acquiring magnetic resonance images of in vivo tissue by augmenting the procedures for eliminating artifacts caused by motion with procedures for eliminating artifacts caused by spin of the... Agent: University Of Massachusetts

20120259204 - Device and method for determining the position of an instrument in relation to medical images: The present invention relates to a device and a method for determining the position of an instrument with respect to medical images of a body. The device comprises (1) a calibration support comprising a set of fiducial markers visible on medical images and fixed to the skin of a body,... Agent: Imactis

20120259203 - Sheath retractable flexible injection needle: Devices that provide an accurate needle injection depth by way of a sheath covered flexible injection needle that prevents accidental piercing, permits easy unsheathing and re-sheathing of the needle, and permits tactile feedback and direct or indirect visualization to confirm proper needle injection depth are illustrated.... Agent:

20120259205 - Method and composition for hyperthermally treating cells: A method and composition for hyperthermally treating tumor cells in a patient under conditions that affect tumor stem cells and tumor cells. In one embodiment, the method provides a synergetic effect with chemotherapy.... Agent:

20120259206 - Catheter systems and methods of use: A catheter system can include a first catheter having an elongated body that defines a lumen, and a second catheter slidably disposed within the lumen of the first catheter. The second catheter can include an acoustic device. The acoustic device can create a sound for verifying the location of the... Agent: Salient Surgical Technologies, Inc.

20120259208 - Catheter systems and methods of use: A catheter system can include a first catheter including a first proximal end portion and a lumen. The first proximal end portion has a first key joint component that extends along a partial length of the first proximal end portion. The catheter system can also include a second catheter including... Agent: Salient Surgical Technologies, Inc.

20120259207 - Securing a marker wire: An apparatus for securing a marker wire relative to a lumen includes a hub to which the marker wire is secured. The hub includes a feature that secures the hub to an outer surface of the lumen. For example, the hub may include a base member secured to the marker... Agent: Hologic Inc.

20120259211 - Systems, devices, and methods employing fiber optic shape tracking: The present invention provides systems, devices, and methods employing fiber optic shape and position tracking. The systems, devices, and methods permit measurement of and continuous tracking of the shape and position of objects whose shape dynamically changes with time. Applications include tracking and monitoring of endoscopes for diagnostic and surgical... Agent: University Health Network

20120259209 - Ultrasound guided positioning of cardiac replacement valves: Methods and apparatuses are disclosed for positioning a valve or other device in a patient's body (e.g., in the patient's heart) using an ultrasound system in combination with position sensors. One position sensor is mounted in the ultrasound probe so that a geometric relationship between the position sensor and the... Agent:

20120259210 - Ultrasound guided positioning of cardiac replacement valves with 3d visualization: A device (e.g., a valve) can be visualized in a patient's body (e.g., in the patient's heart) using an ultrasound system with added position sensors. One position sensor is mounted in the ultrasound probe, and another position sensor is mounted in the device installation apparatus. The device's position with respect... Agent:

20120259212 - Apparatus and method for ultrasound imaging with contrast agents: Apparatus and method for detecting ultrasound images from a body under examination. The apparatus comprises a unit emitting ultrasound pulses and a unit receiving ultrasound pulses. The emitting unit and the receiving unit face each other and are spaced apart by a predetermined distance. These units are arranged at opposite... Agent:

20120259213 - Method for introducing materials into a body: The invention comprises a method for introduction of materials into a patient's body. The method generally comprises providing an elongate member for introducing the material. The elongate member defines a lumen and comprises a distal end defining an aperture and a proximal end. The method further comprises the steps of... Agent: Kimberly-clark, Inc.

20120259215 - Adjustable balloon catheter for extravasated drug delivery: An adjustable balloon catheter for extravasated drug delivery is disclosed generally including an outer catheter with a first balloon and an inner catheter with a second balloon. The inner catheter is moveably disposed in a lumen of the outer catheter such that the inner catheter moves relative to the outer... Agent:

20120259216 - Balloon catheter with drug delivery probe: A balloon catheter with delivery probe and method of use for delivering a therapeutic agent and/or diagnostic agent to tissue is provided. The catheter has a balloon, a first lumen and a probe movably disposed in the first lumen of said catheter. The probe has a lumen for delivering a... Agent:

20120259217 - Biofeedback controlled deformation of sinus ostia: A method of dilating a paranasal sinus ostium of a patient, which includes inserting a catheter having at least one balloon into a sinus ostium having an ostial wall, inflating the balloon by supplying fluid thereto such that the balloon exerts a force on the ostial wall, determining at least... Agent:

20120259214 - Microcatheter with distal tip portion and proximal solution lumen: There is provided a microcatheter having a proximal solution lumen and a distal tip portion with a guidewire lumen. The microcatheter and methods of use thereof allows for introduction of solution into a vessel while manipulating the guidewire and/or the microcatheter itself. The solution may be a contrast solution, for... Agent:

20120259218 - Subject information obtaining apparatus, method for obtaining subject information, and computer-readable storage medium: A subject information obtaining apparatus includes a plurality of conversion elements configured to receive an elastic wave that has propagated from a subject and convert the elastic wave into a plurality of electrical signals, a frequency-domain interferometry adaptive processing unit configured to execute a frequency-domain interferometry method and adaptive signal... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120259220 - Motorized systems and methods for accessing the lumen of a vessel: An apparatus for accessing the lumen of a vessel. The apparatus includes a main body and a disposable cartridge. The main body includes a imaging device attachment, wherein the imaging device attachment is utilized to secure an image capturing instrument to the main body; a cartridge carrier coupled to the... Agent: Houston Medical Robotics, Inc.

20120259221 - Robotic insertion systems and methods: An apparatus for accessing the lumen of a vessel includes a handle providing a controller for operating the apparatus, an image capturing instrument secured to the handle, a display secured to the handle, wherein images captured by the image capturing instrument are displayed on the display, and a robotic platform... Agent: Houston Medical Robotics, Inc.

20120259219 - Systems and methods for accessing the lumen of a vessel: An apparatus for accessing the lumen of a vessel. The apparatus includes a reusable handheld device and a disposable cartridge. The reusable handheld device includes a imaging device attachment utilized to secure an image capturing instrument, an arm coupled to the imaging device attachment, and a depth scale coupled to... Agent: Houston Medical Robotics, Inc.

20120259222 - Ultrasound systems: An ultrasound system comprises a transducer, a controller arranged to generate control signals arranged to control the transducer to generate pressure waves directed at a target volume, and sensing means arranged to sense cavitation in the target volume. The controller is arranged to receive sensing signals from the sensing means... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20120259223 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic image display method: Provided is an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus configured to appropriately display a region of interest that is intended to be observed in a 3-dimensional elastic image, and also provided is an ultrasonic image display method. The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes an elastic opacity table creating section for creating, on the basis... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120259225 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound image producing method: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes a region of interest setting unit for setting a region of interest containing at least part of a liver and at least part of a kidney in a B mode image, a controller for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic beams to obtain reception data for measuring... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120259224 - Ultrasound machine for improved longitudinal tissue analysis: An ultrasound machine provides for segmentation of tissue structure that may track isolated tissue structures over multiple frames of data taken over time. Analysis of the isolated tissue structure permits better discrimination of small differences between tissue structures such as may indicate tissue damage or disease.... Agent:

20120259226 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus comprises: an ultrasound probe, the ultrasound probe having a transducer array which transmits ultrasonic waves, receives an ultrasonic echo reflected by a subject, and outputs a reception signal according to the received ultrasonic waves, a signal processor which includes a reception amplifier having an amplifier amplifying... Agent:

20120259227 - Detection method:

20120259229 - Apparatus and methods for in vivo tissue characterization by raman spectroscopy: A micro-Raman spectrometer system for use in differentiating tumor lesions from normal skin detects specific characteristics of Raman spectra indicative of cancer. A peak at 899 cm−1 and a higher intensity region in the 1325 cm−1 to 1330 cm−1 range indicate the presence of tumors. The spectrometer system may be... Agent: British Columbia Cancer Agency Branch

20120259228 - Tri modal spectroscopic imaging: The present invention relates to a spectroscopic imaging system using autofluorescence and reflectance images to diagnose tissue. A preferred embodiment of the invention uses a plurality of light sources to illuminate a tissue region to provide the fluorescence and reflectance images, respectively.... Agent:

20120259231 - Excitation, detection, and projection system for visualizing target cancer tissue: A system visually distinguishes diseased tissue from healthy tissue after a treatment is administered to a patient to provide different concentrations of a fluorescent marking substance between the diseased tissue and the healthy tissue. A light source illuminates the tissue with excitation light. A detector detects light returning from the... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120259230 - Tool for recording patient wound history: An apparatus for reliably recording, and reproducing, a history of a patient's wound using the cameras readily available on smart phone or blackberries by taking a digital record image of the wound along with a fiducial marker that has both shape and color fiducial elements. The image then contains sufficient... Agent:

20120259232 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus has: a light source device that includes a light source irradiating narrow band light and a fluorescent substance to emit predetermined fluorescent light and that irradiates illumination light; an endoscope body that includes an imaging element outputting an image signal; and a processing device that includes a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120259233 - Ambulatory physiological monitoring with remote analysis: Applicants have disclosed a wireless method for remotely monitoring the physiological status of ambulatory patients by using at least one “cloud” server. Physiological data, including ECG data, is collected by a device worn by a patient and then wirelessly transmitted (e.g., via a cell phone) to the server(s). Remote processing... Agent:

20120259234 - Method and device for detecting incipient a-v node malfunction: The present invention generally relates to implantable stimulation devices, such as pacemakers, defibrillators, and cardioverters, and, in particular, to implantable medical devices using atrial based pacing such as an AAI pacing mode and methods for such implantable medical devices for detecting early stages of incipient A-V node malfunction as well... Agent: St. Jude Medical Ab

20120259235 - Systems and methods for monitoring heart rate and blood pressure correlation: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring a correlation between heart rate and blood pressure in a patient. When a characteristic of the correlation exceeds a threshold, a patient status indicator signal is sent to a monitoring device. In some embodiments, the patient status indicator signal indicates a particular medical... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120259236 - System and method of measuring changes in arterial volume of a limb segment: A medical diagnostic device performs diagnostics for assessing the ability of the arteries to respond to an increase in blood flow. The medical diagnostic device determines relative changes in arterial volume of the limb segment during a time period after a stimulus relative to the arterial volume of the limb... Agent: Angiologix, Inc.

20120259237 - Fluid injection system comprising a motion transfer cable: An injection system for transferring a volume of fluid from a syringe into a patient comprises a syringe assembly having a syringe adapter configured to securely receive a pre-filled syringe and a plunger assembly configured to be selectively moved relative to the syringe adapter. The injection system further comprises a... Agent: Carticept Medical, Inc.

20120259238 - Anatomical visualization with electrically conductive balloon catheter: A balloon catheter for providing a 3-dimensional rendering of the interior of a cavity, the catheter system including a controller, a catheter connected to the controller and a balloon positioned on the catheter. The balloon includes a mesh having members extending longitudinally and circumferentially about the balloon where each member... Agent:

20120259239 - Neurophysiological stimulation system and methods with wireless communication: The present invention provides methods and apparatus that allow the surgeon and the IONM specialist to continuously get a feedback on the relative proximity from the instruments to a nerve and on the health of this nerve. By having a coupling device that allows every instrument to be electrically stimulated,... Agent:

20120259240 - Method and system for assessing and measuring emotional intensity to a stimulus: It is discloses a method and system for measuring and assessing the impact of non-verbal responses of a respondent to a stimulus, the method comprises the steps of presenting a reference stimulus to the respondent; recording immediate non-verbal responses via an imaging device to said presented reference stimulus; presenting a... Agent: Nviso Sarl

20120259242 - Devices and methods for performing procedures on a breast: A needle is used to mark a tissue area of interest. The needle may have one or more indicators which indicate selected angular orientations relative to the needle. The indicators may also be coupled to anchors which are deployed in the tissue to anchor the needle in the tissue. The... Agent: Rubicor Medical. Inc.

20120259241 - Dual-wings percutaneous needle: A dual-wings percutaneous needle has a sampling needle, an outer needle, a transverse position wing and a longitudinal position wing. The sampling needle has a length, a lower end and a needle head formed in the lower end of the sampling needle. The outer needle is hollow, is detachably mounted... Agent:

20120259243 - Blood draw device with retractable needle: The Invention comprises a body, an actuator pivotally connected to the body, and a retractable needle adapted to provide fluid communication between a patient and a fluid collection tube, typically a blood collection tube, attachable to the device. A significant feature of the subject device is a retraction cavity disposed... Agent: Retractable Technologies, Inc.

20120259244 - Catheter systems and methods of use: A catheter system can include a first catheter having an elongated body that defines a lumen, and a second catheter slidably disposed within the lumen of the first catheter. The lumen of the first catheter can also include a key joint component that corresponds to a key joint component on... Agent: Salient Surgical Technologies, Inc.

20120259245 - Person support apparatus with activity and mobility sensing: A person support apparatus may, among other things, support a person in a laying-down or a seated position. One or more sensors, which may be operably coupled to the person support apparatus, monitor changes in the position of a person situated on the person support apparatus. A control system receives... Agent:

20120259246 - Reflex measuring apparatus determining the reactivity of a driver and its application: Reflex measuring apparatus for determining the reactivity of a driver, or respectively, his ability to drive a vehicle under conditions including under the influence of alcohol or drugs, tiredness, stress or normal effects of age. Reflex measuring apparatus includes s a steering wheel of a vehicle that acts as a... Agent: Erbicol Sa

20120259247 - Methods for assessment of improvements in pelvic organ conditions after an interventional procedure: Methods for assessment of pelvic floor conditions based on tactile imaging are described. The vaginal wall is deformed before and after an interventional procedure using a transvaginal probe equipped with tactile pressure sensors and a motion tracking sensor. The vaginal wall coordinates and pressure patterns are obtained during the examination... Agent: Artann Laboratories, Inc.

20120259248 - Person support apparatus with activity and mobility sensing: A person support apparatus may, among other things, support a person in a laying-down or a seated position. One or more sensors, which may be operably coupled to the person support apparatus, monitor changes in the position of a person situated on the person support apparatus. A control system receives... Agent:

10/04/2012 > 141 patent applications in 79 patent subcategories.

20120253095 - Creating a compensator from solid particulates: A patient-specific compensator is created from solid particulates on-site at a radiation treatment facility and then used there at that facility in conjunction with a radiation therapy machine to deliver radiation therapy to a cancer patient. After use, the compensator can be broken down into loose solid particulates at the... Agent: Axellis Ventures Ltd.

20120253097 - Device system and method for tissue displacement or separation: A tissue displacement/separation device is provided. The device includes a bladder which is expandable between a first tissue and a second tissue of a body. The bladder has an expanded shape which is selected capable of displacing or separating the first tissue from the second tissue in a manner suitable... Agent: Bioprotect Ltd.

20120253096 - Radiation therapy apparatus and control method: According to one embodiment, a radiation therapy apparatus includes a radiation irradiation device, a detector included in a PET scanner, a control unit, and a PET image reconstruction unit. The radiation irradiation device emits a therapeutic radiation. The detector counts light derived from gamma rays, and is provided with a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120253098 - Pulsed electromagnetic energy treatment apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for the treatment of chronic wounds using electromagnetic energy. The apparatus includes a generator and at least one applicator. The generator can produce electromagnetic energy and the applicator can apply the electromagnetic energy produced by the generator. A detector is disposed on the applicator that can... Agent: Regenesis Biomedical, Inc.

20120253099 - Drug delivery: A method and apparatus (100) of treating tissue adjacent a bodily conduit using thermotherapy, while preventing obstructions of the bodily conduit due to edema, includes injection of a drug-encapsulated within a heat-sensitive carrier, such as a liposome, within a region of tissue to be treated. The heat produced by the... Agent: Boston Scientific Corporation

20120253100 - Braced brachytherapy needle: Braces to reduce bending of a brachytherapy needle during insertion into a patient, as well as methods of using the needle braces and kits useful therefor.... Agent:

20120253101 - Handheld cell excitation terminal capable of dynamic optimization of therapeutic effect and remote therapeutic system: A cell excitation terminal and a therapeutic system using customized electromagnetic (EM) waves varying dynamically with time for excitation include one or more EM wave generators, each of the EM wave generators is connected to a central processing unit (CPU), and the CPU controls, according to a signal detected by... Agent:

20120253102 - External magnetic force for targeted cell delivery with enhanced cell retention: Disclosed herein are compositions and methods for the improved delivery of cells to a target tissue. In some embodiments, the compositions comprise stem cells, in particular cardiac stem cells, and the target tissue is damaged or diseased cardiac tissue. In several embodiments, the methods, in combination with the compositions, yield... Agent: Cedars-sinai Medical Center

20120253103 - Centrifugal blood pumps with reverse flow washout: Blood pumps used as heart assist devices are commonly powered by an external battery and control system. If the external power is interrupted, such as by damaging an external cable, patients will have backflow across the pump. If the flow is too high, they may decompensate and die. If the... Agent:

20120253104 - Hearing prosthesis with a piezoelectric actuator: A hearing prosthesis including an actuator. The actuator includes a material that deforms in response to an electrical signal and that is adapted to, upon implantation in a recipient, transmit vibrations representative of a sound signal to an organ of the recipient, wherein the material is at least partially exposed... Agent:

20120253105 - Method of anchoring an acoustic element in a bone of the craniomaxillofacial region and acoustic element: An acoustic element is implanted in a human bone of the craniomaxillofacial region with the aid of at least one anchor element including a material having thermoplastic properties, wherein for implantation of the acoustic element an opening is provided in the bone, the anchor element is positioned in the bone... Agent: Woodwelding Ag

20120253110 - Adjustable tissue support member: A tissue support system including an implantable tissue support member is described. The tissue support member includes a tissue support portion, a first arm having a first end joined to a first end of the tissue support portion, a second arm having a first end joined to a second end... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120253106 - Implants, tools, and methods for treatment of pelvic conditions: Described are various embodiments of surgical procedures, systems, implants, devices, tools, and methods, useful for treating pelvic conditions in a male or female, the pelvic conditions including incontinence (various forms such as fecal incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, etc.), vaginal prolapse (including various forms such as enterocele,... Agent:

20120253107 - Implants, tools, and methods for treatment of pelvic conditions: Described are various embodiments of surgical procedures, systems, implants, devices, tools, and methods, useful for treating pelvic conditions in a male or female, the pelvic conditions including incontinence (various forms such as fecal incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, etc.), vaginal prolapse (including various forms such as enterocele,... Agent:

20120253108 - Implants, tools, and methods for treatment of pelvic conditions: Described are various embodiments of surgical procedures, systems, implants, devices, tools, and methods, useful for treating pelvic conditions in a male or female, the pelvic conditions including incontinence (various forms such as fecal incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, etc.), vaginal prolapse (including various forms such as enterocele,... Agent:

20120253109 - Implants, tools, and methods for treatment of pelvic conditions: Described are various embodiments of surgical procedures, systems, implants, devices, tools, and methods, useful for treating pelvic conditions in a male or female, the pelvic conditions including incontinence (various forms such as fecal incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, etc.), vaginal prolapse (including various forms such as enterocele,... Agent:

20120253112 - Cardiac support device delivery tool with release mechanism: An apparatus for placing a cardiac support device (CSD) on a heart. The apparatus includes a body, a deployment mechanism on the body for supporting the CSD in an open position for placement on the heart, and a release mechanism coupled to the deployment mechanism for releasably mounting the CSD... Agent: Mardil, Inc.

20120253111 - Organ retractor: A medical device of the present invention includes one or more anchors and an elongated member. Advantageously, the elongated member may be coupled to the anchors. The elongated member and anchors are configured to generate a force on a mesentery. The force is sufficient to retract a bowel of the... Agent:

20120253113 - Devices, systems, and methods for removing empyema from a pleural cavity: Pleural empyema removal devices are provided and enable the removal of empyema from the pleural cavity of a human or veterinary patient. The pleural empyema removal devices may be coupled with one or more additional devices, such as suction source, gas source, light source and/or camera source, and monitor. The... Agent:

20120253115 - Endoscopic system: An endoscopic system comprises an endoscope having a fibreoptic cable bundle, an elongate insertion member for insertion into a patient and an operating port. Endoscopic tools, such as cytology brushes, may be inserted into the port. A piece of absorbent material is attached to a cytology brush which acts as... Agent:

20120253114 - Otorhinolaryngological treatment device and method: A sinusitis treatment device includes: a flexible first elongated body to be guided into an accessory; an imaging unit which is provided on the first elongated long body, for obtaining an image on the front side of a distal end of the first elongated body; a flexible second elongated body... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120253118 - Bronchoscope adapter and method: A bronchoscope adapter is configured for one hand operation by providing a slide lock that is captured within a housing and a retaining nut that can be operated with a single finger or thumb. Rotation of the retaining nut is eased by isolating rotational force from a compression block with... Agent:

20120253119 - Bronchoscope adapter and method: A bronchoscope adapter is configured for one hand operation by providing a slide lock that is captured within a housing and a retaining nut that can be operated with a single finger or thumb. Rotation of the retaining nut is eased by isolating rotational force from a compression block with... Agent:

20120253117 - Drainage tube insertion tool: wherein a notch is formed in a side wall portion of the pusher tube along a longitudinal axis direction, and the pusher tube is fitted on the outer surface of the insertion portion upon making a side surface of the insertion portion extend through the notch, and the drainage tube... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120253120 - Endoscopic delivery of medical devices: The invention is directed to an endoscopic assembly having an endoscope, particularly a flexible hysteroscope and an outer sheath disposed about a length of the shaft of the hysteroscope which has an expandable member such as an inflatable balloon for sealing the assembly within a body lumen or cavity. Specifically,... Agent:

20120253116 - System and method for performing surgical procedures with a modular surgical system: A surgical system is provided including a reusable handle assembly having a controller and a reusable cannula assembly configured to be operatively connected to and steerable by the reusable handle assembly. Additionally, the surgical system includes a plurality of surgical instruments configured to be inserted through the reusable handle assembly... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120253121 - Electronic endoscope: A distal portion of an electronic endoscope is formed with a cutaway portion and a distal end surface. The distal portion is provided with side-viewing and front-viewing capturing optical systems. The side-viewing capturing optical system has a side-viewing objective lens, a prism with a half mirror surface, and a varifocal... Agent:

20120253122 - Endoscope system and calibration method: An endoscope system includes an illumination apparatus for applying imaging light to body tissue in a tube of a body cavity. An electronic endoscope images the body tissue illuminated with the imaging light, and outputs a blue image signal of blue and a green image signal of green. A signal... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120253123 - Otorhinolaryngological treatment device and method: An otorhinolaryngological treatment device includes: a flexible elongated body to be introduced into an accessory nasal cavity through a nasal cavity; an expansion body which is provided on the elongated body and has an effective expansive section capable of radial expansive deformation within a natural ostium between the nasal cavity... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120253124 - Endoscope air-supply system: An endoscope air-supply system comprising: a gas supply device which supplies predetermined gas to a lumen of a subject through an air-supply duct; a pressure measurement device which measures pressure in the lumen and which is connected through a duct for pressure measurement communicating with the lumen; a flushing device... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120253125 - Systems and methods for biofilm removal, including a biofilm removal endoscope for use therewith: Systems and methods of removing bacterial biofilm from a target site using a biofilm removal endoscope. The endoscope has an insertion portion including an imaging channel terminating at a viewing window and an irrigation channel terminating at a nozzle. The imaging and irrigation channels are permanently affixed relative to one... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

20120253128 - Plug body and endoscope: A forceps plug includes a tubular plug main body, and a tubular fixing member rotatably held on the outer periphery of the plug main body. The inner peripheral surface of the fixing member is provided with a pair engaging claws. A ratchet mechanism that allows the fixing member to move... Agent:

20120253127 - Plug device and endoscope: A portion of an outer periphery of a plug body of a forceps plug is cut out to form an arm having a shape along the circumferential direction of an outer peripheral surface of an opening. A tip portion of the arm is formed with a boss that protrudes toward... Agent:

20120253126 - Stopper and endoscope: A flange is formed in a ferrule. A forceps stopper has a fixing member engaging with the flange and a stopper body that holds the fixing member. The fixing member has detachable first and second pieces. The stopper body has a fixing member accommodation hole that accommodates the fixing member... Agent:

20120253129 - Endoscope and lighting optical device therefor: A lighting optical device is disposed in a distal portion of an endoscope, and illuminates a target with light transmitted through a light guide. An optical element has an incident surface facing the light guide, an outer circumferential portion having light reflection function, and a convex exit surface. In a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120253130 - Endoscope having extra-fine diameter: Disclosed is an endoscope having an extra-fine diameter capable of improving strength and durability of outer and/or inner tube constituting an insertion portion of the endoscope while maintaining good insertion performance and operability, capable of easily and precisely locating lenses when various kinds of lenses are arranged. As such outer... Agent:

20120253131 - Articulating surgical access system for laparoscopic surgery: A surgical system includes one or more arms defining a passageway therethrough. The arm includes a proximal portion configured for positioning externally of a patient's body and a distal portion configured for positioning within an internal body cavity. The distal portion includes first and second articulatable segments spaced apart from... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120253132 - Gear driven triangulation: A surgical access port and method for achieving triangulation is disclosed, the surgical access port comprising a housing and an articulation structure. The housing is comprised of a cylindrical member having proximal and distal ends, and defining a longitudinal axis. The articulation structure is comprised of at least two lumens,... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120253133 - Single incision deployable platform: A surgical triangulation device and method of use is disclosed. The surgical triangulation device includes an elongate member, the elongate member defining a longitudinal axis and being adapted for insertion through a surgical access portal. The surgical triangulation device also includes a platform pivotably attached near a distal end of... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120253134 - Surgical access assembly with sleeve and adjustable fastener: A surgical access assembly and method of use is disclosed, including an access member, a tissue engaging member, a sleeve extending from a portion of the membrane, and a fastening member to couple the access member and the sleeve. The access member includes proximal and distal ends, at least one... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120253135 - Configured and sized cannula: A dilator retractor and the dilators that are used for minimally invasive spinal surgery or other surgery are configured to accommodate the anatomical structure of the patient as by configuring the cross sectional area in an elliptical shape, or by forming a funnel configuration with the wider end at the... Agent:

20120253136 - Access port and flexible sleeve with attached cord: A surgical apparatus for positioning within a tissue tract accessing an underlying body cavity is adapted to receive a portal member inserted therein. The surgical apparatus includes a flexible sleeve and a cord attached to one end of the sleeve. The cord is configured to secure the portal member within... Agent:

20120253138 - Method for electronic adjustment of illuminance of surgical lamp: The present invention provides a method of controlling a light output of a surgical lamp used for illuminating a surgical site. The surgical lamp includes a housing that defines an internal cavity. A light source is disposed within the internal cavity of the housing. The light source produces a light... Agent: Steris Corporation

20120253137 - Surgical illumination system: A surgical illumination system, according to the present disclosure may include one or more illumination elements mounted on or in a collar body or surgical retractor pin that may also include control electronics. The surgical illumination system affords controllable direct illumination of a deep cavity surgical site and may be... Agent: Invuity, Inc.

20120253139 - Personalized medical content recommendation: Method, system, and computer program product for personalized medical content recommendation are provided. The method may include: having a patient medical profile; having a concept or relationship relating to the patient medical profile; obtaining medical content relevant to the concept or relationship; determining a score of the concept or relationship... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120253141 - Methods and systems for passive photoplethysmograph sensing: Systems and methods are provided for passive photoplethysmograph sensing. A patient monitoring system may provide active sensing, passive sensing, or both. In some cases, a patient monitor may determine whether to provide passive or active sensing. Passive photoplethysmograph sensing may be used to determine physiological information such as pulse rate,... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett Ireland

20120253142 - Monitoring, predicting and treating clinical episodes: Apparatus and methods are described including a motion sensor (30) that senses motion of a subject and generates a motion signal in response thereto. An oximetry sensor (86) measures oxygen saturation of the subject and generates an oximetry signal in response thereto. A control unit (14) analyzes the sensed motion... Agent: Earlysense Ltd.

20120253140 - Systems and methods for autonomic nervous system monitoring: Methods and systems are disclosed for determining physiological information about a patient's autonomic nervous system based on at least one physiological signal measured from the patient and at least one known characteristic of a patient's respiration. Respiration protocol may be provided to guide characteristics of the patient's respiration. The physiological... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett Ireland

20120253143 - Method of measuring a skin agent transferred to skin: A method for measuring an amount of a skin agent transferred from an absorbent structure to an area of skin. An absorbent structure that includes a skin agent is provided and is applied to an area of skin. A portion of the skin agent transfers from the absorbent article to... Agent:

20120253144 - Sensor: An embeddable sensor includes a sensor body, a detector housed in the sensor body, and a retaining mechanism mounted on a side surface of the sensor body. The retaining mechanism includes at least one projection on the side surface of the sensor body. The projection is of a V shape... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120253145 - Systems and methods for transcutaneously implanting medical devices: Systems and methods for transcutaneously implanting medical devices, such as in vivo analyte sensors, are provided. The systems and methods involve the use of introducers or inserters made of shape memory alloy (SMA) materials which are transitionable from one operative state or configuration to another operative state or configuration, wherein... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120253147 - Calibration method and arrangement and sensor for non-invasively measuring blood characteristics of a subject: A calibration method for an apparatus for non-invasively monitoring blood characteristics of a subject is disclosed. The apparatus is provided with a computational model representing a relationship between in-vivo measurement signals obtained from the subject and the blood characteristics. The providing includes employing at least one tissue property variable in... Agent: General Electric Company

20120253148 - Flexible bandage ear sensor: The present disclosure relates to sensors for use on a patient's ear. The sensors as provided may be disposable and configured to be retained on an ear with a biasing mechanism. In particular embodiments, the biasing mechanism is a sliding clip that is configured to bias a first portion and... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120253146 - Optical instrument with audio band frequency response: A system and method for determining physiological parameters of a patient based on light transmitted through the patient. A light drive signal may be generated by an audio codec in a processor and utilized to generate the light transmitted through the patient. Additionally, the processor may calculate physiological parameters of... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120253149 - Method and apparatus for non-invasive photometric blood constituent diagnosis: A non-invasive method and apparatus utilizing a single wavelength (800 nm, isobestic) for the instantaneous, reflective, non-pulsatile spatially resolved reflectance system, apparatus and mathematics that allows for the correct determination of critical photo-optical parameters in vivo. Transcutaneous blood constituent (analyte or drug level) measurements can be determined in real-time. The... Agent:

20120253150 - Multi-stream sensor for noninvasive measurement of blood constituents: The present disclosure relates to a sensor having a set of photodetectors that are arranged at various locations to enable the measurement of blood glucose. The photodetectors are arranged across multiple locations. For example, the detector may comprise multiple photodetector arrays that are arranged to have a sufficient difference in... Agent: Cercacor Laboratories, Inc.

20120253151 - Multiple wavelength pulse oximetry with sensor redundancy: Systems and method are provided that enable a spectrophotometric system to obtain reasonably reliable measurements even in situations when some of the emitters included in a sensor system have become inoperable. In certain embodiments, the spectrophotometric system may include two or more light emitters. The light emitters may be used... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120253152 - Y-shaped ear sensor with strain relief: The present disclosure relates to sensors for use on a patient's ear. The sensors as provided may be Y-shaped and configured to be retained on an ear with the forks of the Y-shape positioned below the main branch of the Y. In particular embodiments, the Y-shaped sensors may be affixed... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120253154 - Biometric identification system using pulse waveform: A method and system for biometric identity confirmation is based on the pulse wave of a subject. During an initial enrollment mode, pulse wave data for a known subject are used to generate subject characterization data for the known subject. During a subsequent operational mode, pulse wave data for a... Agent: Integrated Monitoring Systems, LLC

20120253155 - Method and apparatus for demodulating signals in a pulse oximetry system: A method and an apparatus measure blood oxygenation in a subject. A light source is activated to cause a first emission at a first wavelength and a second emission at a second wavelength. A detector detects a composite signal indicative of an attenuation of the first and second wavelengths by... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20120253156 - Method and apparatus for processing photoplethymograph signals: The disclosure relates to the field a method of and apparatus for processing a photoplethysmograph signal to support the analysis of photoplethysmograph signals in clinical scenarios. A derivative of a photoplethysmograph signal acquired over a time period is calculated. The derivative of the acquired photoplethysmograph signal with respect to time... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120253153 - Multiplexed photodetector array for optical medical sensors: The present disclosure relates generally to medical devices and, more particularly, to optical medical sensors used for sensing physiological characteristics of a patient. In one embodiment, a system includes a physiological sensor having a photodetector array with a plurality of photodetectors configured to receive light from patient tissue. The physiological... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120253157 - Blood information measuring method and apparatus: In a special mode, a superficial wavelength set having plural types of narrow band light in a blue wavelength band of 400 to 500 nm is chosen. The plural types of narrow band light are successively applied to an internal body portion. A CCD captures images of the internal body... Agent:

20120253158 - Blood information measuring method and apparatus: In a special mode, a superficial layer wavelength set, a middle layer wavelength set, and a deep layer wavelength set are selected successively. Each wavelength set is composed of 3 different types of narrowband light applied successively to an internal body portion. A wavelength set table specifies the number of... Agent:

20120253159 - Moldable ear sensor: The present disclosure relates to sensors for use on a patient's ear. The sensors as provided may include a moldable member, such as a putty. The moldable member may be molded in place to affix the optical components of the sensor to a patient's ear tissue. For example, the moldable... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120253160 - Methods and reagents for in vivo imaging of cancel cell lines: Provided is reagents and methods for non-invasive in vivo imaging wherein the reagents comprise targeted carrier molecules conjugated to a NIB reporter molecule. In one aspect the targeted carrier molecule is an antibody, or fragment thereof that has specificity for an antigen in a living body, animal or human. In... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120253161 - Impedance based anatomy generation: Methods and systems for the determination and representation of anatomy anatomical information are disclosed herein.... Agent: Rhythmia Medical, Inc.

20120253162 - Biomedical electrode: An electrode and electrodes for a biomedical system is provided. The electrode includes a backing pad with top and bottom surfaces. A conductive element is attached to the bottom surface of the backing pad, and a conductive gel layer covers at least part of the bottom surface of the conductive... Agent:

20120253164 - Electrode system for cranial nerve stimulation: An electrode system for cranial nerve stimulation includes a support coupling part for coupling a support. The support coupling part has a stimulating electrode insertion part formed to couple a stimulating electrode at the bottom thereof. The electrode system further includes an electrode holder formed to couple to a connecting... Agent: Co., Ltd.

20120253163 - Method and system for positioning a sensor: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to sensor designs or shapes configured to facilitate placement of sensor electrodes and, thus, proper positioning of the sensors on patients. According to certain embodiments, a sensor may include a substrate that includes multiple electrodes, where a first electrode is configured to be placed... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120253165 - Intraocular pressure detecting device and detecting method thereof: An intraocular pressure detecting device includes an image capturing unit, a processor, and a pressure detection unit. The image capturing unit, coupled to the image capturing unit, is capable of acquiring an eye image. According to the eye image, the processor can determine an intraocular pressure detection area. After the... Agent:

20120253166 - Canal type mini-apparatuses insertable in ears for diagnosing and curing diseases: Provided is a canal type mini-apparatus insertable in an ear for diagnosing a disease. The canal type mini-apparatus includes a canal body and a protrusion body. The canal body is insertable in an ear and includes a bio-data detection unit at an end thereof The bio-data detection unit is configured... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120253167 - Force measurement for large bend angles of catheter: A method for calibrating a force measuring probe comprises providing a probe having an insertion tube with a distal tip, a joint comprising a resilient member, a joint sensor in conjunction with a processor coupled to the probe wherein the processor has a memory of an axial displacement threshold for... Agent:

20120253168 - Method and apparatus for producing and detecting non-local effects of substances: A method and apparatus are disclosed which produce and detect quantum entanglement and non-local effects of substances on responsive targets such as biological systems. In one embodiment, the method includes the steps of providing two parts of a quantum-entangled medium, applying one part to a biological system such as a... Agent:

20120253170 - Method and apparatus for generating medical image of body organ by using 3-d model: A method of generating an image of an organ includes generating a three-dimensional (3-D) model of at least one organ of a patient based on a medical image of the at least one organ; generating a plurality of matched images by matching a plurality of images showing a change of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120253169 - Real time, interactive volumetric magnetic resonance imaging: A method of producing volume renderings from magnetic resonance image data in real time with user interactivity. The method comprises collecting raw magnetic resonance image (MRI) data representative of shapes within an image volume; transferring the raw MRI data to a computer; and continuously producing volume renderings from the raw... Agent: Government Of United State Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health

20120253173 - Image processing apparatus, ultrasonic photographing system, image processing method therefor, and storage medium storing program: An image processing apparatus includes an ultrasonic image obtaining unit configured to obtain an ultrasonic image by capturing a subject by ultrasound, a generation unit configured to generate a corresponding cross-sectional surface which corresponds to an image capturing cross-sectional surface of the ultrasonic image, which is parallel to a reference... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120253174 - Image recording device for the simultaneous recording of magnetic resonance image data and nuclear medical image data: An image recording device is disclosed for the simultaneous recording of magnetic resonance image data and nuclear medical image data, in particular PET image data. In at least one embodiment, the image recording device includes a nuclear medical detector arrangement integrated into a magnetic resonance device, wherein a fluorescence detector... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120253171 - Information processing apparatus, imaging system, information processing method, and program causing computer to execute information processing: An information processing apparatus includes a first acquisition unit configured to acquire a plurality of positions, in a three-dimensional image of a subject, obtained based on a sternum of the subject, a second acquisition unit configured to acquire a plurality of positions, in the subject, obtained based on the sternum... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120253177 - Radiation containing seeds and method for high visibility magnetic imaging: A radioactive seed and method for making a radioactive seed with selective magnetic imaging characteristics are provided. The seed includes a housing which may include a metal shell for at least partially enclosing a radioactive material. The shell encloses a rod having a nickel layer with a phosphorous content, wherein... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120253172 - Radiation therapy system with high frequency shielding: A radiation therapy system is proposed. The system has a magnetic resonance imaging device with a first and second magnetic coil units distanced from one another by a gap. The coil units interact to generate a magnetic field propagating along a longitudinal axis. The system has a linear accelerator arranged... Agent:

20120253175 - System and method for imbedded, high-spatial resolution, fluoroscopic tracking of multi-station, contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography: A method of producing a series of vasculature images over an extended field of view (FOV) larger than an FOV of an MRI system includes acquiring initial time-resolved image data from the vasculature and, during the acquiring process, reconstructing, in substantially real-time, a series of three-dimensional (3D) tracking images of... Agent:

20120253176 - Systems and methods for debulking visceral fat: Systems and methods for debulking visceral fat within a subject, include: providing a focused ultrasound transducer configured to focus ultrasonic power at a focal spot; positioning the focused ultrasound transducer with respect to the subject so that the focused ultrasound transducer is enabled to transfer ultrasonic power into the subject;... Agent: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

20120253178 - System and method for triggering an imaging process based on non-periodicity in breathing: A method of triggering an imaging process includes obtaining breathing signals, analyzing the breathing signals to identify a non-periodicity in a subject's breathing, and generating a signal to cause an imaging process to begin in response to the identified non-periodicity. A computer product having a set of instructions stored in... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20120253179 - Multiple contrast agent injection for imaging: MRI based molecular imaging is strongly supported by the accurate quantification of contrast agents. According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, contrast agent is applied on the basis of a multiple injection application scheme, during which changes in relaxation rate are determined. This may provide for an accurate... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120253180 - Combined ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging of metal objects: Methods of combined ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging are provided. In some embodiments, the methods may be used to determine the location or positioning of a metal object in a sample. In other embodiments, the methods may be used to determine the composition of a sample surrounding a metal object. Other... Agent:

20120253182 - Imaging-guided anesthetic injection method: Systems for injecting fluids and/or other materials into a targeted anatomical location, in particular, an intra-articular space, include a handpiece assembly having a proximal end and a distal end, a needle extending from the distal end of the handpiece assembly, a fluid delivery module comprising a cassette and a fluid... Agent: Carticept Medical, Inc.

20120253181 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus and controlling method: An ultrasound diagnosis apparatus includes: a scan controlling unit that exercises control to perform a first scanning process by transmitting an ultrasound wave in a first direction and a second scanning process by transmitting an ultrasound wave in each of a plurality of directions; an image generating unit that generates... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120253183 - Image processing apparatus, ophthalmic apparatus, and ophthalmic system: To reduce confirmation time by an examiner to increase the diagnosis efficiency, a medical system including a medical apparatus that acquires a tomographic image of an object to be examined using combined light generated by combining return light from the object to be examined to which measuring light is emitted... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120253184 - Imaging apparatus for diagnosis and display method: An imaging apparatus for diagnosis comprises a display unit configured to display a longitudinal-sectional image in a first display area, and display a cross-sectional image corresponding to an arbitrary position in an axial direction in the longitudinal-sectional image in a second display area; a signal processing unit divides the second... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120253185 - Optical coherence tomographic image forming apparatus and control method thereof: An optical coherent tomographic image forming apparatus includes: a first switch for instructing rotation of the optical deflection unit at a first speed; a second switch for instructing rotation of the optical deflection unit at a second speed which is higher than the first speed; and a driving controller which... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120253186 - Occlusion-crossing devices, imaging, and atherectomy devices: The present invention relates to: (1) guidewire support/placement catheters; (2) support/placement catheters with imaging; (3) atherectomy catheters, (4) atherectomy catheters with imaging, (5) occlusion crossing catheters, and (6) occlusion crossing catheters with imaging as well as methods for using them to treat disorders (and particularly peripheral artery disease) and systems... Agent:

20120253189 - Cavity-filling biopsy site markers: The invention provides materials, devices and methods for marking biopsy sites for a limited time. The biopsy-marking materials are ultrasound-detectable bio-resorbable powders, with powder particles typically between about 20 microns and about 800 microns in maximum dimension, more preferably between about 300 microns and about 500 microns. The powders may... Agent: Senoxrx, Inc.

20120253190 - Contrast-enhanced ultrasound assessment of liver blood flow for monitoring liver therapy: A method for assessing a liver includes acquiring image information including contrast-enhanced ultrasound images of the liver. A location of the main hepatic artery (MHA) and a location of the main portal vein (MPV) of the liver are identified in at least one of the contrast-enhanced ultrasound images of the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120253187 - Mammography installation: A mammography installation or a mammography system allows x-ray projections of the breasts for at least one 3D volume image to be calculated with and without a contrast agent progression, and without repositioning of the patient within an examination cycle.... Agent:

20120253192 - Methods and systems for chemical ablation: Thermochemical ablation techniques may provide ablation of bodily tissue using chemical reaction energy.... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20120253191 - Porphyrin nanovesicles: The application relates to a nanovesicle comprising a bilayer of at least 15 mol % porphyrin-phospholipid conjugate, wherein the conjugate comprises a porphyrin, porphyrin derivative or porphyrin analog covalently attached to the phospholipid side chain. The nanovesicle can be used for photothermal therapy, photoacoustic imaging, and fluorescence imaging. The application... Agent: University Health Network

20120253188 - Reducing risk of complications associated with tissue ablation: Methods and systems are described that reduce risks of hematologic, metabolic, and renal complications in a mammal, such as a human, undergoing tissue ablation. One such method includes inserting a probe into a mammal and ablating abnormal tissue in the mammal by emitting a first amount of energy from the... Agent: University Of Rochester

20120253193 - Catheter with variable stiffness: Medical devices and methods for making and using medical devices are disclosed. An example medical device may include an elongate inner member having a guidewire lumen extending therethrough. An outer member may be disposed about the inner member. An inflation lumen may be formed between the inner member and the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120253194 - Methods and apparatus for ultrasound imaging: A first ultrasound pulse is applied to biological tissue to create shear waves in the biological tissue, a focused ultrasound pulse is transmitted into the biological tissue, one or more ultrasound signals is received from the biological tissue, and shear waves are detected in the biological tissue based on the... Agent:

20120253195 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, elastic image storage/reproduction method, and elastic image storage/reproduction program: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus of the present invention includes: an ultrasonic probe which transmits and receives an ultrasonic wave to and from an object; a phasing addition means that generates RF signal frame data of a sectional part of the object on the basis of a reflected echo signal measured... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120253196 - Ultrasound examination apparatus and ultrasound examination method: and a signal processing unit that generates an image of the inside of the examination target, based on the reflected ultrasonic waves during a scanning operation in which the transmitting probe is kept fixed with respect to the examination target and the receiving probe is moved with respect to the... Agent:

20120253197 - Systems and methods for flushing bubbles from a catheter of an intravascular ultrasound imaging system: An intravascular ultrasound imaging system includes a catheter that is insertable into a patient blood vessel. A flushing assembly is in fluid communication with a lumen of the catheter. The flushing assembly flushes air bubbles formed in acoustically-favorable medium in the catheter lumen in response to an event other than... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120253198 - Ultrasound imaging apparatus: Ultrasound imaging apparatus including a two-dimensional array of plural transducer elements distributed two-dimensionally and transmits and receives ultrasonic waves while scanning an area to be imaged to create an ultrasound three-dimensional image. Transducer elements are divided into plural element blocks including a first element block of which a size in... Agent:

20120253200 - Low-cost image-guided navigation and intervention systems using cooperative sets of local sensors: An augmentation device for an imaging system has a bracket structured to be attachable to an imaging component, and a projector attached to the bracket. The projector is arranged and configured to project an image onto a surface in conjunction with imaging by the imaging system. A system for image-guided... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20120253199 - Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic probe manufacturing method: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic probe includes a transducer element, a backing material, and a buffer layer. The transducer element vibrates to transmit and receive an ultrasonic wave. The buffer layer is provided on the back side of the transducer element. The backing material is provided on the back... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120253201 - System and methods for monitoring and assessing mobility: A system and methods are provided relating generally to physical activity and more specifically to tools for monitoring and assessing physical activity by capturing images of a subject's movement including range of motion, gait, balance and activities of daily living at different time periods and comparing those images to stored... Agent:

20120253203 - Method of viewing a surface: A method of viewing a surface comprising taking at least a first image from a first position and a second image from a second position to allow for comparative analysis and diagnosis of the surface.... Agent:

20120253202 - Optoelectronic device for the detection of uterine cervical cancer, comprising a self-positioning attachment: The disclosure is directed to a minimally-invasive diagnostic device for Papanicolaou testing and for an alternative examination method for taking a cell sample. The portable device analyzes cervical tissue using simultaneous electrical and optical measurements. The device examines different areas of cervical tissue, taking electrical measurements in different frequency ranges... Agent: Instituto Tecnologico Y De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey, A Mexico Corporation

20120253204 - Systems and methods for phototherapeutic treatment of rectal diseases: A phototherapeutic system for providing phototherapy to a patient's lower parts of a gastrointestinal (GI) tract, the phototherapeutic system including a capsule sized and shaped for insertion into the rectum, the capsule including one or more phototherapeutic light sources. A method for intra-luminal phototherapy of the lower parts of the... Agent: Photopill Medical Ltd.

20120253205 - Apparatus and method for measuring blood flow: An apparatus for measuring blood flow includes a detection part and a signal processing part. The detection part includes a blood flow detector for measuring a blood flow of a measured portion of an object, which makes contact with the measured portion, and a force detector for detecting a contact... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20120253207 - Heart failure monitoring: Techniques for transmitting diagnostic information stored in an implantable medical device (IMD) based on patient hospitalization are described. For example, the IMD may transmit higher resolution diagnostic information to a clinician and/or an external device during a hospitalization period to aid the clinician in evaluating heart failure treatment and when... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120253206 - Measurement apparatus, measurement method, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: A measurement apparatus includes a signal generation unit generating a measurement signal for measuring a bioelectrical impedance, a first electrode pair making contact with the left and right sides of a body of a person under measurement to supply the measurement signal generated to the body, a second electrode pair... Agent:

20120253208 - Sphygmomanometer having function of calculating risk degree of circulatory system disease: An electronic sphygmomanometer having a function to calculate an index value of risk of circulatory system disease from measured blood pressure information includes a CPU, a memory, and a display. The CPU calculates the blood pressure of a person being examined based on pressure changes of an air bladder as... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120253209 - Venous pressure measurement apparatus: A non-invasive venous pressure measurement apparatus is provided, including: a first cuff attached to a portion including a vein and an artery in a living body; a pressure control unit that changes a first applied pressure applied by the cuff to the portion; a pulse wave detection unit that detects... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20120253210 - Cuff of sphygmomanometer: A cuff of a sphygmomanometer includes a fluid bladder connected to a main body of the sphygmomanometer via a tube and a band-shaped wrapping body that encloses the fluid bladder. The band-shaped wrapping body includes two longitudinal sides and two lateral sides. A weight section is provided along a longitudinal... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120253211 - Systems and methods for varying blood flow to identify autoregulatory ranges in a patient: A method may include controlling a bypass pump to introduce blood flow variations to a patient. The method may also include analyzing blood volume in the brain of the patient with respect to the blood flow variations and determining, based on the analyzing, whether an autoregulatory mechanism associated with the... Agent: Raba Equity Partners Ii, LLC

20120253212 - Apparatus and method for calculating microvibration feature quantity: A microvibration feature quantity apparatus includes a beat signal receiver receiving a beat signal output from a Doppler sensor, which radiates a radiation wave at a predetermined frequency to a body to be observed and senses part of the radiation wave reflected by the body to output the beat signal... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20120253213 - Twa measuring electrocardiograph, twa measuring method, and twa measurement system: A TWA measuring electrocardiograph includes: a transformation coefficient storing section configured to store a transformation coefficient for deriving a Frank's vector electrocardiogram; an electrocardiograph controlling section configured to produce a scalar electrocardiogram from electrocardiographic signals of measurement electrodes adapted to be attached to a subject, and configured to derive the... Agent: Wei Daming

20120253215 - Dual path noise detection and isolation for acoustic ambulatory respiration monitoring system: Dual path noise detection and isolation for an acoustic respiration monitoring system detects noise in an acoustic signal recording lung sounds using two discrete noise detection techniques. A first technique detects portions of the signal that exhibit long-term, moderate amplitude noise by analyzing cumulative energy in the signal. A second... Agent:

20120253214 - Multistage method and system for estimating respiration parameters from acoustic signal: A multistage system and method for estimating respiration parameters from an acoustic signal. At a first stage, the method and system detect and isolate portions of the signal that exhibit long-term, moderate amplitude noise by analyzing cumulative energies in the signal, and portions of the signal that exhibit short-term, high... Agent:

20120253216 - Respiration analysis using acoustic signal trends: The present invention isolates respiration phases in an acoustic signal using trend analysis. Once respiration phases are isolated, they are used to estimate respiration parameters. An exemplary method comprises receiving an acoustic signal recording body sounds; identifying candidate peaks at maxima of the signal; identifying candidate valleys at minima of... Agent:

20120253217 - Prediction of breathing signal and determining non-periodicity of breathing using signal-phase histogram: A method of processing breathing signals of a subject includes obtaining breathing signals of a subject, obtaining a signal-phase histogram using the breathing signals, wherein the signal-phase histogram comprises a plurality of data points, each of the data points having at least a phase value and a signal value, determining... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20120253218 - Apparatus and method for eucapnic voluntary hyperventilation testing: A method and apparatus provide more efficient eucapnic voluntary hyperventilation (EVH) testing by using a low pressure demand valve that has low resistance during rapid breathing and by monitoring air flow to the subject from a pressurized tank using measurements of change in the tank's pressure. A second stage Scuba... Agent:

20120253220 - Methods and systems for determining optimum wake time: A system for determining optimum wake time is disclosed whereby the system comprising includes a receiver for receiving electroencephalogram (EEG) data. The system further includes a processor configured to generate at least one frequency band based on the EEG data received, wherein the processor is further configured to determine an... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering And Manufacturing North America

20120253219 - Methods for recommending neurophysiological disorder therapy: Neurophysiologic information such as quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) is used in a method for classifying, diagnosing, and treating physiologic brain imbalances. Neurophysiologic information is also used to guide sample selection in clinical tests for psychopharmacologic drug candidates. Finally, neurophysiologic information is used for remotely assessing and treating patients with physiologic brain... Agent: Cns Response, Inc.

20120253221 - Stimulatory effect estimation device, sleep depth estimation device, stimulatory effect estimation method, and vehicle control device: A stimulatory effect estimation device includes a stimulus generator 3 which applies a stimulus to a back seat passenger, an electroencephalogram 2 which measures the brain waves of the back seat passenger, a memory 4, and an ECU 5 which specifies the brain wave indexes of stimulatory effects which surface... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120253222 - Thermal surgical monitoring: An apparatus is disclosed for monitoring a thermal surgical procedure including a thermal camera for monitoring temperature at a plurality of locations within at least a portion of a surgical field undergoing thermal surgical treatment and generating a series of thermal images based on said monitoring, a processor for processing... Agent: Cynosure, Inc.

20120253223 - Surgical access and nerve surveillance: An expandable tip cannula system, comprising: a hollow cannula shaft having a proximal end and a distal end; and an expandable tip mounted at the distal end of the hollow cannula shaft, the expandable tip comprising a plurality of generally-triangular shaped petals held together in a radially-inwardly tapered arrangement between... Agent:

20120253224 - Skin test image analysis apparatuses and methods thereof: An apparatus and method for making an apparatus for skin testing includes a housing with an opening which defines a field of view of a skin testing region, an image sensing apparatus, an illumination apparatus, a binding apparatus, and an image processing controller. The image sensing apparatus is positioned with... Agent: Sensivida Medical Technologies, Inc.

20120253225 - Aspiration biopsy apparatus and method: An aspiration apparatus includes a barrel having a needle receiving end and a piston receiving end. The barrel has an inner diameter and an outer diameter. The piston receiving end of the barrel has substantially the same inner diameter as the inner diameter of the barrel. The barrel has an... Agent:

20120253226 - Biopsy device with central thumbwheel: A biopsy device comprises a probe and a holster. The probe has a distally extending needle including a transverse tissue receiving aperture. A cutter is translatable relative to the needle to sever tissue protruding through the aperture. A thumbwheel is manually operable to rotate the needle to reorient the angular... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20120253230 - Adjustable-throw biopsy needle: Among other things, there is disclosed a biopsy needle system in which the needle is capable of obtaining more than one length of sample. Generally, the needle includes an inner stylet, an outer cannula, and a handle connected to the stylet and cannula. The stylet has a notch that is... Agent:

20120253228 - Endoscopic ultrasound-guided biopsy needle: A notched tissue-collection needle configured similarly to a fine-needle-aspiration needle is provided with a cutting edge disposed in the notch and configured to excise tissue into the notch for collection. A stylet may be provided through a lumen of the needle during introduction into a patient body. The needle may... Agent:

20120253227 - Medical device: A medical device that includes an outer tube assembly that includes a straight outer tube, an inner tube assembly that includes a straight inner tube disposed within the outer tube, and at least one interference member on the outer tube assembly and at least one interference member on the inner... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20120253229 - Tissue sampling device and method: A tissue sampling device includes a cannula having an elongate tubular body with a sharpened coring tip. A shaft extends within the cannula and is coupled with a cutter having an axially advancing wire extending between a distal end of the shaft and the sharpened coring tip. The axially advancing... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120253231 - Confuser crown skin pricker: A blood sampling device designed to divert attention from the pain involved in the puncture of the skin tissue by increasing comfort when lancing the skin by affecting the sensation and perception of pain. Projections on the distal end of a skin pricker contact the skin surface to confuse the... Agent: Owen Mumford, Ltd.

20120253232 - Method for creating color scale for determination of masticatory performance: A method for creating a color scale which can be used as a more objective determination criteria in order to analyze the color change characteristics of a gum with the progression of mastication of individuals with healthy teeth and jaw and to use for evaluation of masticatory performance by a... Agent:

20120253233 - Algorithm for quantitative standing balance assessment: A system, method, and apparatus is provided for calculating a risk of falls from pressure measurements. Pressure data may be measured by a pressure sensor matrix, such as a pressure mat. Multiple snapshots of pressure data may be generated, each with a plurality of pressure points corresponding to coordinates in... Agent:

20120253235 - Device for knee evaluation and relative brace: A device for evaluating motion of a knee and for forming a brace which includes a first plate having four holes therein, a femoral arm, a tibial arm formed with a rectangular portion from which extends to a semi-circular portion having a central opening and an arcuate opening which for... Agent:

20120253234 - System and method for analyzing gait using fabric sensors: A system for analyzing gait using textile sensors is disclosed. A system includes a sock sensing system, which comprises a sock and at least one switch, tension sensor, or pressure sensor for sensing a posture or movement; and a processor configured to receive signals from the sock sensing system and... Agent: Ming Young Biomedical Corp.

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