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Surgery August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 94 patent applications in 63 patent subcategories.

20120220811 - Radiation treatment method for use with a radiation treatment bra: A method for radiation treatment includes adjusting a plurality of adjustable elements on a radiation treatment bra to establish a reference breast geometry and aligning the patient to a radiation treatment machine by projecting a light field through windows provided in the radiation treatment bra during a radiation treatment planning... Agent:

20120220812 - Ultrasound neuromodulation for stroke mitigation and rehabilitation: Disclosed are methods and systems and methods for neuromodulation of the Motor Cortex and other areas of the brain impacted by stroke. The neuromodulation can produce acute effects or result in Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) or Long-Term Depression (LTD). Included is control of direction of the energy emission, intensity, pulse duration,... Agent:

20120220813 - Devices and methods for applying energy to a muscular layer: A device for delivering energy to a muscle may include a housing and at least one energy conduit associated with the housing. The at least one energy conduit may be configured to facilitate transfer of energy from an energy source that may be configured to provide energy to muscle within... Agent:

20120220814 - Personal item with energy enhancement arrangement: A personal item includes a body being carried by a user and a plurality of different energy elements secured in the body. The energy elements are selected from a group consisting of hologram element, germanium, and titanium, for generating a particular magnetic force which helps rebalance and restore natural energy... Agent:

20120220815 - Pump-inflow-cannula, a pump-outflow-cannula and a blood managing system: The invention relates to a pump-inflow-cannula (1) providing a blood conduit from a heart (2) and/or from an associated vessel to an external blood handling system. The pump-inflow-cannula comprises a body (3), encompassing an essentially axially extending inflow-lumen (4), having a distal-end (5) for an attachment of the inflow-lumen (4)... Agent: Thoratec Corporation

20120220816 - Heart assist devices, systems and methods: An apparatus and method for use in assisting a human heart are disclosed. The apparatus comprises an aortic compression means which may be fully implanatable, a fluid reservoir and a pump means adapted to pump a fluid from the reservoir to the aortic compression means so as to actuate the... Agent: Sunshine Heart Company Pty, Ltd

20120220817 - Full neonatal critical care equipment:

20120220818 - Middle ear implant for otosclerosis: A middle ear transducer arrangement is described for engaging a round window membrane of a patient cochlea. A mechanical transducer is surgically implantable into a fixed position in the round window niche of the patient cochlea adjacent to the round window membrane. A drive face on the outer surface of... Agent: Vibrant Med-el Hearing Technology Gmbh

20120220819 - Stroller mat: The invention provides a mat providing a surface for creating movement within a stroller having wheels rolled over the mat, where the mat has an upper and lower surface, the upper surface comprising a texture surface and spaced vertical extensions elevated over the textured surface, and where the mat is... Agent:

20120220820 - Multifunctional penile extender: Multifunctional penile extender comprising, at least: a first penis fastening device (100) formed by a silicone band essentially cylindrical with a flat central region and a penis support device (200) constituted by a “U” shaped piece and a plurality of holes symmetrically distributed on its surface.... Agent:

20120220821 - Laminar flow endoscope: A laminar flow endoscopic instrument for laminar transmission of irrigation fluid between an incision towards a zone of visualization associated with a surgical site, the endoscopic portal comprising an osteoendoscopic cylinder having an outer contact surface encircling an inner visual surface and extending between a proximal handle end and a... Agent:

20120220824 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes a light source unit, an imaging element, a density calculating section, and an image processing section, wherein the image processing section changes frequency processing conditions with respect to the captured image such that the detection and enhancement degree of the structure and components of the living... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120220826 - Endoscope apparatus: In an endoscope apparatus in which an imaging element and a circuit board to which the imaging element is connected are provided inside a distal end of an insertion part, disconnection between the circuit board and a signal wiring line is prevented. In an endoscope apparatus including an insertion part... Agent:

20120220823 - Endoscope apparatus capable of providing narrow band imaging and image processing method of the endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus and image processing method of an endoscope apparatus are provided. In one respect, an endoscope apparatus includes an illumination unit for selectively providing light in a plurality of wavelength bands and white light, a sensing unit for receiving light reflected from a body cavity, and an image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120220825 - Endoscope having signal cable: An endoscope has a section of an elongated tube for entry in a body cavity. An end shell is disposed at a distal end of the elongated tube. An imaging window area is formed in the end shell. A lens barrel is secured to the end shell, and aligned with... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120220822 - Hand-held endoscopic device with a rotation control: The present invention is a hand-held endoscopic device with a rotation control, having a mainframe, a flexible cable, and a tube module. Moreover, the tube module includes a probe, a image capturing element and a sheath; besides, the second front end of the sheath has an opening which includes a... Agent: Three-in-one Enterprises Co., Ltd.

20120220828 - Image pickup apparatus for endoscope: An image pickup apparatus for an endoscope includes: an image pickup device unit including an image pickup device; a lens unit including a moving lens; an actuator apparatus for an endoscope, the actuator apparatus including a first elastic member having an urging force that makes a moving lens frame be... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120220827 - Shape memory arthroscopic camera: A surgical instrument includes an elongated tubular member having a proximal end and a distal end. At least a portion of the elongated tubular member is resiliently deformable from an at-rest configuration. The elongated tubular member includes a camera assembly disposed therein. An outer shaft defining a lumen extending therethrough... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120220829 - Insertion assisting device and endoscope apparatus: An insertion assisting device 60 has an insertion path 70 into which an insertion portion 12 of an endoscope 100 is inserted and has a substantially tubular shape. The insertion assisting device 60 includes a ventilation opening 90 that is formed on a distal-end surface or outer circumferential surface thereof,... Agent:

20120220830 - Joint arrangement: An actuatable joint is disclosed having a transmission member, for example a ring gear, associated with a member of a joint and rotatable about a longitudinal axis through the member. In particular a two degree of freedom actuatable joint is disclosed comprising tendon driven joint arrangements having a transmission member... Agent: Imperial Innovationslimited

20120220831 - Surgical tool having positively positionable tendon-actuated multi-disk wrist joint: The present invention is directed to a tool having a wrist mechanism that provides pitch and yaw rotation in such a way that the tool has no singularity in roll, pitch, and yaw. A positively positionable multi-disk wrist mechanism includes a plurality of disks or vertebrae stacked in series. Each... Agent: Intuititve Surgical Operations, Inc.

20120220832 - Endoscope bending device: An endoscope bending device includes an operation wire which includes a wire proximal end movably provided in an inner peripheral groove of a pulley, and a wire distal end connected to a bending section, the operation wire extending into an endoscope insertion section after being wound around an outer peripheral... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120220833 - Hinged tissue support device: A tissue support device is provided for managing access through tissue. The tissue support device engages the tissue proximate an opening in the tissue and biases the tissue support device to bring the engaged tissue together.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20120220836 - Multipurpose host system for invasive cardiovascular diagnostic measurement acquisition and display: A multifunctional invasive cardiovascular diagnostic measurement host is disclosed that interfaces a variety of sensor devices, such as guide wire-mounted pressure sensors, flow sensors, temperature sensors, etc, and provides a multi-mode graphical user interface providing a plurality of displays in accordance with the various types of sensors and measurements rendered... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120220837 - Multipurpose host system for invasive cardiovascular diagnostic measurement acquisition and display: A multifunctional invasive cardiovascular diagnostic measurement host is disclosed that interfaces a variety of sensor devices, such as guide wire-mounted pressure sensors, flow sensors, temperature sensors, etc, and provides a multi-mode graphical user interface providing a plurality of displays in accordance with the various types of sensors and measurements rendered... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120220834 - Strap based physiological information monitoring system having an electrical circuit/s covering case with loop/s and sensor bases with loop/s: Present innovation describes a physiological information monitoring strap capable of monitoring at least one physiological information parameter such as ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature or respiration information. The system comprises of casing for the electronics with loop holes for the strap to be connected to the casing.... Agent:

20120220835 - Wireless physiological sensor system and method: Embodiments of the present invention relate generally to wireless medical monitoring. In particular, some preferred embodiments of the present invention provide a wearable compact body sensor capable of wireless data transmission to a mobile internet platform. The body sensor includes a plurality of sensors including, for example, a temperature sensor,... Agent:

20120220838 - System for supply chain management: A system for tracking a product from origin to destination is disclosed. The system includes a probe that comprises two plates, a power source and a processor. The power source is controlled by the processor to produce an oscillating output at the plates. Using the oscillating voltage, the probe interrogates... Agent:

20120220839 - Prosthetic component for monitoring synovial fluid and method: A prosthetic component suitable for long-term implantation is provided. The prosthetic component includes electronic circuitry and sensors to measure a parameter of the muscular-skeletal system. The prosthetic component comprises a first structure having at least one support surface, a second structure having at least one feature configured to couple to... Agent: Orthosensor

20120220840 - Image processing device, electronic apparatus, endoscope system, information storage device, and method of controlling image processing device: The image processing device includes: a first image acquisition section that acquires a first image, the first image being an image that includes an object image including information within a wavelength band of white light; a second image acquisition section that acquires a second image, the second image being an... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120220841 - Medical sensor using photonic crystal led: Systems and methods are provided for spectrophometric measurement of a physiological property of a patient. For example, an embodiment of a patient monitoring system may include a monitor operatively coupled to a spectrophotometric sensor, which may include an emitter configured to transmit light into tissue of the patient and a... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120220842 - Reusable pulse oximeter probe and disposable bandage apparatii: A disposable portion of an optical probe is usable to determine at least one physiological parameter. The disposable portion comprises a bandage including adhesive on at least a portion of at least one face thereof. The bandage comprises a first receptacle at a first position. The first receptacle is configured... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20120220843 - Signal processing apparatus: The present invention involves a method and an apparatus for analyzing measured signals, including the determination of a measurement of oxygen saturation and respiration rate in the measured signals during a calculation of a physiological parameter of a monitored patient. Use of this invention is described in particular detail with... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20120220844 - Regional saturation using photoacoustic technique: Methods and systems are provided for determining the oxygen saturation of a region in a patient's body using photoacoustic spectroscopy techniques. One embodiment includes determining an interrogation region, or a region in a patient to be monitored, and using a photoacoustic sensor to emit modulated light in the interrogation region.... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120220845 - Shock or sepsis early detection method and system: According to various embodiments, a medical system and method for early detection of shock and/or sepsis may include devices configured to provide information about carbon dioxide and/or pH levels in a patient's tracheal tissue and in a respiratory path. Specifically, a relationship between carbon dioxide and/or pH in the tracheal... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120220846 - System and method for diagnosing sleep apnea: Various embodiments may provide methods and systems capable of evaluating physiological parameter data. The methods and systems may include monitoring a patient to produce a signal comprising a sequence of numerical values for blood oxygen saturation over a time period. The signal may be analyzed to identify two or more... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120220847 - Alarm systems using monitored physiological data and trend difference methods: A method and system are described for detecting a hypoglycaemic state in a patient. The patient's heart rate is monitored to provide a heart-rate signal. A time-lagged signal is determined as the difference between the heart-rate signal and a time-lagged version of the heart rate-signal. The heart-rate signal is filtered... Agent: Aimedics Pty Ltd

20120220848 - Introducer sheath with electrodes: An introducer comprise a sheath for introducing a catheter into a blood vessel, a plurality of electrodes on the sheath, and an impedance assessment unit provided on the sheath and connected to the electrodes. The impedance assessment unit fixes one of a current or voltage across a first pair of... Agent: Texas Heart Institute

20120220849 - Minimally invasive physiologic parameter recorder and introducer system: An implantable monitoring device includes a flexible lead body that includes at least one sensing element. The device also includes a rigid main body connected to the flexible lead body at an attachment point. The rigid main body is generally centered about a longitudinal axis defined by the flexible lead... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20120220850 - Ophthalmic apparatus and storage medium: An ophthalmic apparatus comprises an imaging unit configured to capture an anterior eye part image of an eye to be examined, a measuring unit configured to measure unique information of the eye, a calculation unit configured to calculate variations of a plurality of pieces of unique information measured by the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120220851 - Imaging device and method for optoacoustic imaging of small animals: An imaging device configured for optoacoustic imaging of an object, including an illumination device including optical components arranged to illuminate the object, a detector device comprising an array of detector elements arranged in a tank and arranged to detect acoustic signals created in the object, and a container device including... Agent: Helmholtz Zentrum M&#xfc Nchen Deutsches Forschungszentrum F&#xfc R Gesundheit Und Umwelt (gmbh)

20120220852 - Patient support motion control apparatus: An imaging system (100) includes a stationary gantry (102) having a front side (106) and an examination region (110). The imaging system further includes a patient support (120) configured to position an object or subject thereon in the examination region (110). The imaging system further includes patient support motion controls... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120220854 - Integrated system for intravascular placement of a catheter: An integrated catheter placement system for accurately placing a catheter within a patient's vasculature is disclosed. In one embodiment, the integrated system comprises a system console, a tip location sensor for temporary placement on the patient's chest, and an ultrasound probe. The tip location sensor senses a magnetic field of... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120220853 - Method of measuring properties of an object with acoustically induced electromagnetic waves: A measuring method and apparatus in which a measurable object (23) is irradiated with acoustic waves to measure a change in property value of charged particles in the object from electromagnetic waves induced thereby. A part (2) of the measurable object irradiated with an acoustic focused beam (1) is in... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20120220855 - Method and system for mr scan range planning: A method and system for determining a scan range for a magnetic resonance (MR) scan is disclosed. A plurality of 2D localizer images are received. A most likely position is detected in each localizer image for each of a plurality of anatomical landmarks associated with a target organ in each... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20120220856 - Method for quantifying the development of pathologies involving changes in the volumes of bodies, notably tumors\": A method for quantifying the development of pathologies involving changes in volume of a body represented via an imaging technique, including normalizing gray levels by a midway technique for two images I1 and I2 representing the same scene, resulting in two normalized images I′1 and I′2; calculating a map of... Agent: Universite Paris Diderot-paris 7

20120220857 - Method for measuring the emotional response to olfactive stimuli: The invention relates to a method of identifying a fragrance sample using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to assess the ability of said fragrance sample to elicit a reward through the dopaminergic pathway; a fragrance sample identified by the method, and a method for preparing an accord or a fully formulated... Agent: Takasago International Corporation

20120220858 - Imaging-based diagnostic apparatus and methods for quantifying cerebral vascular reserve: In one aspect of the disclosure, an MRI-based system includes an MRI scanner having a first axis and a first plane perpendicular to the first axis, a pulse sequence module configured to provide a 3D pulse sequence to the MRI scanner, and a control module configured to instruct the MRI... Agent: Northwestern University

20120220859 - Bone and tool tracking with mems in computer-assisted surgery: A method tracks a tool with respect to a bone in computer-assisted surgery. A reference tracker with a MEMS unit is secured to the bone. The tracker outputs data relating to its orientation. A tool provided with a MEMS unit and secured to the bone is preset with an initial... Agent:

20120220860 - Combination of electromagnetic and electropotential localization: A navigation system or combination of navigation systems can be used to provide two or more types of navigation or modalities of navigation to navigate a single instrument. The single instrument can be positioned within the patient and tracked. For example, both an Electromagnetic (EM) and Electropotential (EP) navigation system... Agent: Medtronic Navigation, Inc.

20120220862 - Bidirectional optical scanner assisting in mammography: A bidirectional optical scanner assisting in mammography is revealed. The optical scanner that calculates functional images obtained by diffuse optical tomography, used in combination with a mammography machine can reduce the number of mammograms taken and the dose exposure. The bidirectional optical scanner includes a first compression plate, a first... Agent: National Central University

20120220863 - Imaging medical apparatus with a device to identify a plane in space: An imaging medical apparatus has at least one device to identify a plane in space. The device has: a light source that emits a fan-shaped light beam, the light source is rotatable around a light source rotation axis. The device also has a mirror that reflects the fan-shaped light beam,... Agent:

20120220861 - Multiple sclerosis diagnostic methods and associated devices and systems: Methods and devices are disclosed that, in various embodiments and permutations and combinations of inventions, diagnose and treat Multiple Sclerosis or associated symptoms. In one series of embodiments, the invention consists of methods and devices for identifying patients whose Multiple Sclerosis or associated symptoms are caused or exacerbated, at least... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120220864 - Deep vein thrombosis diagnostic devices and associated methods and systems: Methods and devices are disclosed that, in various embodiments and permutations and combinations of inventions, diagnose and treat Deep Vein Thrombosis or associated symptoms. In one series of embodiments, the invention consists of methods and devices for identifying patients whose Deep Vein Thrombosis or associated symptoms are caused or exacerbated,... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120220866 - Deep vein thrombosis therapeutic methods using therapeutic inflatable devices and systems: Methods and devices are disclosed that, in various embodiments and permutations and combinations of inventions, diagnose and treat Deep Vein Thrombosis or associated symptoms. In one series of embodiments, the invention consists of methods and devices for identifying patients whose Deep Vein Thrombosis or associated symptoms are caused or exacerbated,... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120220865 - Pulmonary embolism diagnostic devices and associated methods and systems: Methods and devices are disclosed that, in various embodiments and permutations and combinations of inventions, diagnose and treat Pulmonary Embolism or associated symptoms. In one series of embodiments, the invention consists of methods and devices for identifying patients whose Pulmonary Embolism or associated symptoms are caused or exacerbated, at least... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120220867 - Pulmonary embolism therapeutic methods using therapeutic cutting devices and systems: Methods and devices are disclosed that, in various embodiments and permutations and combinations of inventions, diagnose and treat Pulmonary Embolism or associated symptoms. In one series of embodiments, the invention consists of methods and devices for identifying patients whose Pulmonary Embolism or associated symptoms are caused or exacerbated, at least... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120220868 - Methods of identifying venous outflow obstruction sites in multiple sclerosis, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism patients and associated devices and systems: Methods and devices are disclosed that, in various embodiments and permutations and combinations of inventions, diagnose and treat Multiple Sclerosis, Deep Vein Thrombosis, and/or Pulmonary Embolism or symptoms associated with these maladies. In one series of embodiments, the invention consists of methods and devices for identifying patients whose Multiple Sclerosis,... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120220870 - Optical imaging probes, optical imaging systems, methods of optical imaging, and methods of using optical imaging probes: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for radionuclide probes, methods of using the radionuclide probes, methods of detecting an optical signal from radionuclides, methods of detecting an optical signal from a quantum dot(s) that receives optical energy from a radionuclide(s), system for analyzing optical energy emitted by a radionuclide(s), system... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20120220869 - Systems, methods, and computer readable media for high frequency contrast imaging and image-guided therapeutics: Systems, methods, and computer readable media for high-frequency contrast imaging and image-guided therapeutics are disclosed. According to one aspect a method for high frequency contrast imaging and image-guided therapeutics includes: providing ultrasound of a first frequency bandwidth, directed toward the volume to be imaged, the volume containing a carrier having... Agent:

20120220871 - Ultrasound probe and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasound probe includes a transducer array for a B-mode image which transmits and receives an ultrasonic beam for a B-mode image, and a transducer array for sound speed measurement which is laminated and formed above the transducer array for a B-mode image and receives an ultrasonic beam for sound... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120220875 - Mobile architecture using cloud for hashimoto's thyroiditis disease classification: Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (HT) is the most common type of inflammation of the thyroid gland and accurate diagnosis of HT would be advantageous in predicting thyroid failure. The application presents three tier architecture for image-based diagnosis and monitoring application using Cloud is described. The presentation layer is run on the tablet... Agent:

20120220876 - Processing of medical signals: The present invention is directed to a system and method in which real-time ubiquitous imaging is feasible in local areas, such as inside a clinic, hospital room or doctor office. This is achieved by designing a wireless network having a central processing server with, for example, distributed broadband acquisition and... Agent: Sonosite, Inc.

20120220874 - System and method for equalizing received intravascular ultrasound echo signals: A system and method are disclosed for providing an equalized ultrasound echo signal for the rendering intravascular images. The system includes an ultrasound catheter including an ultrasound transducer probe. An intravascular ultrasound console receives an ultrasound echo signal corresponding to reflections of an ultrasound signal by backscatterers. An ultrasound echo... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120220872 - Ultrasound probe and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasound probe includes a piezoelectric section to transmit and receive ultrasound, wherein the piezoelectric section includes a plurality of laminated piezoelectric layers each of which includes piezoelectric members and non-piezoelectric members both of which are arranged alternately in parallel to each other in an arrangement direction, and wherein the... Agent: Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc.

20120220873 - Ultrasound system for providing image indicator: Embodiments of an ultrasound system for outputting an ultrasound image through an ultrasound examination are disclosed. In one embodiment, an ultrasound system comprises an ultrasound probe, a sensor unit, a processor unit and an input unit. The ultrasound probe transmits and receives an ultrasound beam to and from the examination... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120220877 - Data compression method and data compression apparatus: One embodiment provides a data compression apparatus for compressing Doppler data including a plurality of types of measurement data obtained by ultrasound measurement, the apparatus including: a first compression unit configured to compress first measurement data according to a first compression parameter to thereby generate first compressed data; a second... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120220878 - blanching device for use in evaluating skin condition: A blanching device is described for use in evaluating skin condition. The blanching device has a window which is pressed against the skin, and retracts when a pre-determined pressure is reached to allow blood to re-enter the blanched region of skin. There is further described systems to evaluate skin condition... Agent:

20120220879 - Catheter and catheter arrangement: A catheter, in particular an ablation catheter, comprising force sensors integrated in a distal section, which are designed and disposed to measure the magnitude and direction of an external force acting on the distal section, and which can be connected to a signal processing unit for the combined processing of... Agent: Vascomed Gmbh

20120220880 - Optical spectroscopic device for the identification of cervical cancer: A medical examination device used for the detection of pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue has an illumination source, a visualization unit, a contacting optical probe, a detector and a process unit. One embodiment of the apparatus includes both a non-contacting macroscopic viewing device (the visualization unit) for visualizing an interior surface... Agent: Remicalm, LLC

20120220881 - Pulse detector: A pulse detector (100) includes a pulse wave sensor (10); a pulse wave signal filtering section (200) having a first adaptive filter (202a) and second adaptive filter (202b), and an adaptive filter switching section (17); and a pulse wave frequency analyzer (400), wherein the adaptive filter switching section (17) starts... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120220882 - Device for the non-invasive determination of arterial blood pressure: A device (10) for the non-invasive determination of arterial blood pressure of a human or animal body, comprising at least a bioimpedance measuring device (20) having a plurality of electrode pairs (21, 22, 23) for capturing the admittance signals (Y(t)) caused by an impressed alternating current on at least one... Agent:

20120220883 - Physiological sensor delivery device and method: An intravascular sensor delivery device for measuring a physiological parameter of a patient, such as blood pressure, within a vascular structure or passage. In some embodiments, the device can be used to measure the pressure gradient across a stenotic lesion or heart valve, such as a fractional flow reserve (FFR)... Agent: Acist Medical Systems, Inc.

20120220884 - Electronic sphygmomanometer, control method for electronic sphygmomanometer, and control program for electronic sphygmomanometer: A sphygmomanometer has an automatic inflation mode and a manual inflation mode as modes for inflating a cuff. During control in the automatic inflation mode, the sphygmomanometer can determine whether the mode should be switched to the manual inflation mode. Upon switching to the manual inflation mode, when inflation is... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120220885 - Sphygmomanometer accommodation case and blood pressure measurement device including the same: A sphygmomanometer accommodation case includes a case body that accommodates an electronic sphygmomanometer including a sphygmomanometer body, which is provided with an operation unit, and a cuff, which is separated from the sphygmomanometer body. A partition member is arranged between the sphygmomanometer body and the cuff in the case body.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120220886 - Method and apparatus for measuring blood volume: In one aspect, a conductance catheter is provided for measuring the volume of a fluid. The conductance catheter comprises a series of electrodes and a circuit to compensate for variations in sensitivity of the electrodes in the catheter. In another aspect, a resistivity sensor is provided for determining the resistivity... Agent:

20120220887 - Cpr monitoring system with active backboard: The invention relates to a monitoring system for monitoring CPR performance and a reference unit for use in the system. The system comprises a measuring unit for positioning on the chest of a patient or manikin monitoring the movements applied to the chest, wherein the system also comprises a reference... Agent:

20120220888 - Snoring treatment: Health-sensing and health-action devices and systems are generally described. The health-sensing device may include one or more of a sensor, a filter, and a transmitter. The sensor may be configured to sense one or more factors relating to an indicator of a health related condition or occurrence such as snoring... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120220890 - Detecting and treating nervous system disorders: Some embodiments of a mapping device may be capable of passing through cerebral veins and other cerebrovascular spaces to provide electrophysiological mapping of the brain. These embodiments of the device may also be capable of providing, simultaneously or separately, ablation energy or other treatments to targeted brain tissue. In such... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20120220889 - Eeg control of devices using sensory evoked potentials: An EEG control of devices using Sensory Evoked Potentials (SEPs) (e.g., visually-evoked potentials), is disclosed. In some embodiments, a system receives a plurality of EEG signal samples; generates a stimulus locked average signal using the plurality of EEG signal samples; and determines whether the plurality of EEG signal samples are... Agent: Neurosky, Inc.

20120220891 - System and methods for determining nerve proximity, direction, and pathology during surgery: The present invention involves systems and methods for determining nerve proximity, nerve direction, and pathology relative to a surgical instrument based on an identified relationship between neuromuscular responses and the stimulation signal that caused the neuromuscular responses.... Agent: Nuvasive, Inc.

20120220892 - Vibrometers, vibrometric systems, and methods for measuring sensory threshold: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to vibrometers, vibrometric systems, and methods of using the same. In particular, some embodiments of the vibrometers are capable of producing vibrotactile stimulation at any frequency between 1 and 500 Hz. Moreover, some embodiments of the vibrometer and/or vibrometric system are capable of applying... Agent: The University Of Utah

20120220893 - Registration of head impact detection assembly: Systems and methods are provided for registering a sensor assembly, implemented on a base apparatus, to a desired location associated with a head of a user. A position of a reference point on the base apparatus is determined relative to an external anatomical landmark of the user. A position of... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20120220894 - Deflectable biopsy device: Disclosed is a deflectable biopsy device that includes a cannula having a preformed bend, wherein the shape of the cannula can be temporarily altered with the cannula returning to its original shape afterward. The deflectable biopsy device also includes a sampling member slidably disposed within the cannula and operable therewith... Agent:

20120220895 - Alignment mechanism for cartridge-based devices: A lancing device and a cartridge of lancets are operable to sequentially advance each lancet to an active position for use in sampling a bodily fluid. An alignment mechanism precisely aligns the lancets in the active position to promote smooth operation and prevent jamming. The alignment mechanism includes at least... Agent: Facet Technologies, LLC

20120220896 - Guidewire: A guidewire includes a core shaft having a tip portion and a rear end portion, and a hollow stranded-wire body formed by twisting a plurality of strands. The core shaft includes a small-diameter portion including the tip portion and extending over a predetermined area from the tip portion toward the... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20120220897 - Helical clip and method of using the same: The invention relates to a retaining clip for retaining at least one medical line in a shortened lateral position and/or to a supportive surface. In one embodiment, the device includes an elongated, tapered helical wire structure defining a hook shaped leading edge, a loading channel, an inner lumen and a... Agent:

20120220898 - Sensor wire assembly: Sensor wire assembly for measuring a physiological variable in a body, said assembly comprises a sensor element for measuring the physiological variable and to generate a sensor signal in response of said variable, and a guide wire having said sensor element at its distal end, and adapted to be inserted... Agent: Radi Medical Systems Ab

20120220899 - Apparatus and method of diagnosing health by using voice: A method and apparatus for diagnosing a user's health state are provided. The apparatus includes including a voice detecting unit which detects and monitors a user's voice; a voice analyzing unit which extracts a voice feature from a voice detected by the voice detecting unit, based on a health state... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120220900 - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation monitoring apparatus: A monitoring apparatus for cardiopulmonary resuscitation includes: an information acquiring section configured to acquire information of a force, displacement, and velocity during a compression of a chest of a living body; a calculating section configured to calculate viscoelasticity information of the chest based on the information of the force, displacement,... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20120220901 - Coil system and method for obtaining volumetric physiological measurements: A coil device is provided having a member adapted to extend around and conform to an outer surface of a subject and a conductor adapted to extend only once around a first portion of the subject. The coil device cats be positioned about the subject in order to measure a... Agent: Volusense As

20120220902 - Inner diameter measurement instrument and priming method therefor: An inner diameter measurement instrument (100) includes a first channel (120) and a second channel (140) respectively communicating with a balloon (110), a fluid injection mechanism (130), a fluid lock mechanism (150), and an amount measurement unit (160). The fluid injection mechanism (130) injects an incompressible fluid into the balloon... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

20120220903 - Periodontal force probe: An apparatus for material characterization including a probe for applying a force to a defined section of biologic tissue. The apparatus also includes a sensor to record the force applied onto the biologic tissue by the probe. And, the apparatus includes a data transmission interface to transmit the recorded force... Agent:

20120220904 - Apparatus and method for measuring an anatomical angle of a body: An apparatus (20) for automatically measuring an anatomical angle of a body, the apparatus (20) comprising aligning means (23) for aligning an axis (22) of the apparatus (20) with anatomical landmarks of the body, sensing means (30) for sensing an orientation of the axis (22) while the axis is aligned... Agent:

08/23/2012 > 87 patent applications in 59 patent subcategories.

20120215050 - Method and apparatus for producing quantum entanglement and non-local effects of substances: A method and apparatus are disclosed which produce quantum entanglement and non-local effects of various substances on responsive targets such as biological and/or chemical systems through quantum entanglement. In one broad embodiment, the apparatus includes a quantum entanglement generating source, said source emitting a plurality of quantum-entangling members such as... Agent:

20120215049 - Particle beam therapy system: The objective is to obtain a particle beam therapy system that prevents dispersion of a charged particle beam, reduction of the energy thereof, and upsizing of the system and that can accurately monitor the opening shape of a multileaf collimator so as to perform high-accuracy particle beam therapy. An image-capturing... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120215051 - Radiotherapeutic apparatus: The ability to provide a fine resolution variation in the dose rate of radiotherapeutic apparatus would allow delivery times of VMAT and related techniques to be reduced significantly. A radiotherapeutic apparatus is described, comprising a source of radiation able to issue pulses of radiation at a base frequency, and a... Agent: Elekta Ab (publ)

20120215052 - Apparatus and method for effecting radiation treatment on a pre-selected anatomical portion of an animal body: A medical apparatus for effecting radiation treatment on a pre-selected anatomical portion of an animal body is disclosed. The medical apparatus may include a plurality of treatment channels configured to be positioned adjacent a body tissue and a plurality of delivery channels coupled to a corresponding number of treatment channels.... Agent: Nucletron B.v.

20120215053 - Intrauterine radiation device and system comprising an individually inflating balloon: Provided is an intrauterine radiation device and system having individually inflating balloons, which constantly expand the inside of the vagina to a desired degree using the balloons in accordance with treatment planning during uterine brachytherapy, which enable the position of a radiation applicator to be accurately reproduced, and which apply... Agent: Catholic University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation

20120215054 - Hospital equipment and incubator: The present invention refers to hospital equipment, comprising at least an incubator of the closed kind having at least a side wall and at least a lid or dome, thereby defining a cabin inside of which there is provided at least a bed to receive at least a patient, at... Agent: Fanem Ltda.

20120215056 - Customization of bone conduction hearing devices: The present invention relates to recipient customization of a bone conducting hearing device. Customization of the bone conducting hearing device may include attaching the bone conducting hearing device to a recipient, establishing communication between the hearing device and an external device, generating at least one control setting with the external... Agent:

20120215055 - Double diaphragm transducer: A transducer comprising a main and an auxiliary diaphragm. Each of these diaphragms are coupled to opposite sides of a central shaft located internal to the transducer. Further, the diaphragms may have similar thicknesses and areas. A difference in the pressure internal to the transducer and external to the transducer... Agent:

20120215057 - Multi-mode hearing prosthesis: A multi-mode hearing prosthesis for enhancing the hearing of a recipient, comprising: a sound input element configured to receive a sound signal component; a frequency spectral analysis module configured to analyze the sound signal component and to categorize the component into at least a high- or lower-frequency component; a bone... Agent:

20120215058 - Implant tension adjustment system and method: An implant or sling device is provided with a tension adjustment system. The adjustment system can include one or more small pressure bulbs placed against the inferior pubic rami for support. By palpating the bulbs (one on left and one on right), the pressure can be adjusted to control the... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120215059 - Systems and methods for delivering a medical implant to an anatomical location in a patient: Medical implant delivery devices and systems are disclosed. In general, an exemplary delivery device comprises a shaft and a handle. An exemplary system includes any number of the following: a delivery device, a sling assembly, guide members, and connectors that interconnect the above. Embodiments of all the above components and... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120215060 - System for treatment of anal incontinence: A method of treating anal incontinence in a patient comprises providing a sling having a central portion and first and second arms, creating a subcutaneous tunnel between a first buttock incision and a second buttock incision in the patient, mechanically widening the subcutaneous tunnel to create a pocket for the... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120215061 - Hydraulic gastric band with reversible self-opening mechanism: The present invention provides for a gastric banding system including an adjustment system that automatically increases the size of a constricted portion of a gastric lumen in response to an obstruction passing through the gastric lumen. The size of the constricted portion of the gastric lumen increases rapidly when the... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120215063 - Pelvic floor repair system: Described herein are devices and methods comprising a system for tissue reinforcement, such as stabilization of fascial structures of the pelvic floor in vaginal wall prolapse. The surgical treatment can provide a mechanical support or bridging material for a fascial defect. An implant with four arms, for example two proximal... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc

20120215062 - Remotely adjustable gastric banding device: A remotely controllable gastric banding device (10) for placement around the stomach of a patient for the treatment of obesity. The device (10) comprises a gastric band (10) having an inflatable chamber (16) for adjusting the inner circumference of the band (10), a pressurized reservoir (20) with a valve (31)... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120215064 - Enhancement device and method of making and using the same: An enhancement device includes an elastically expandable member being capable of assuming at least one folded configuration. A first section of the member has a first axial length. A second section of the member has a second axial length and an outer diameter smaller than the first section. Also disclosed... Agent:

20120215065 - Endoscope with variable incident light and laser source platform: Endoscope and method comprise a micro endoscope with insertion end that is about 1-2 millimeters in outer diameter and includes an optical fiber image bundle, two optical laser fibers, two illumination source optical fiber bundles, along with three focusing lenses for image bundle and laser fibers. Insertion end may be... Agent:

20120215066 - Endoscope apparatus: In an endoscope apparatus, inside an endoscope, color correction processing is performed that performs multiplication between a color correction coefficient that is set based on a plurality of numerical apertures with respect to a plurality of different wavelengths included in a wavelength band of illuminating light of a light guide... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120215067 - Atraumatic arthroscopic instrument sheath: An arthroscopic inflow and outflow sheath providing an improved inflow and outflow system reducing the diameter of a continuous flow system while providing fluid management during arthroscopy. The improved arthroscopic inflow and outflow sheath comprises an elongated atraumatic sheath having an inner surface, outer surface, proximal end, and distal end.... Agent: Cannuflow, Inc.

20120215068 - Method for affixing endoscope curved section protective sheath: The protective sheath front end of the disclosed curved section protective sheath for covering the curved section of an endoscope covers the outer periphery of the front end of the endoscope. A filamentous member is wound around the outer periphery of the protective sheath front end, affixing the protective sheath... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20120215069 - Medical instruments having video capabiility: An improved medical instrument having a rigid blade, a handle, a power source, and an easily removable video imaging device such as a video monitor is provided. The distal end comprises a series of channels extending along the blade in which one houses a fiber optic illuminating bundle for transmitting... Agent:

20120215071 - Introducer access assembly: An introducer access assembly includes a locking unit having a second tubular channel and a recess along a length of the locking unit; a support unit; a joint configured to movably attach the locking unit and the support unit such that, when the assembly is in a closed state, the... Agent: St. Jude Medical Systems Ab

20120215070 - Surgical instrument access device: A surgical access device includes a valve that forms a seal with a body wall and provides an access channel into a body cavity. The valve has properties for creating a zero seal in the absence of an instrument as well as an instrument seal for an instrument. The valve... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20120215072 - Methods and apparatus for performing minimally invasive surgery: A device for expanding an elongate opening formed in a skin layer of a patient includes a first arm for engaging one side of the opening and a second arm for engaging the other side of the opening. The device further includes a spreader mechanism, coupled to at least one... Agent: Jason Scott Sperling

20120215073 - Methods and products for illuminating tissue: Methods and products for illuminating the tissue of a patient wherein the products include a conformable polymeric layer.... Agent:

20120215075 - Corpsman/medic medical assistant system and method: The present invention is a corpsman/medic medical assistant system that includes a portable transmit/receive pack, sensor leads for first and second physiological sensor subsystems and a corpsman/medic medical assistant control unit that includes a wireless transceiver. The portable transmit/receive pack has a sealed housing that includes the first and second... Agent: Saab Sensis Corporation

20120215074 - Endotracheal tube with sensors: The present invention provides an endotracheal tube comprising one or more sensors. n some embodiments, one or more sensors are positioned in the interior of the cuff. Sensors ay be used to detect any physiological parameter.... Agent:

20120215076 - Product, method and system for monitoring physiological function and posture: An article for detecting physiological function and posture status is disclosed. The article touches body directly or indirectly; wherein at least a group of non-posture physiological sensors are configured on this object and at least a switch, tension sensor, pressure sensor or pressure applicator are coupled with or touch this... Agent: Ming Young Biomedical Corp.

20120215077 - System and method for diagnosis of bovine diseases using auscultation analysis: A system and method are provided for diagnosis of animal respiratory diseases using auscultation techniques. Animal lung sounds are recorded and digitized. Lung sounds are obtained by an electronic digital stethoscope or a wireless audio digital recording unit. The sounds are stored as digital data, and one or more algorithms... Agent: Pierson Precision Auscultation

20120215078 - Method for measuring a concentration of a biogenic substance contained in a living body: One of the purposes of the present invention is to provide a biogenic substance concentration measuring method with improved measuring accuracy. An embodiment of the present invention provides a method for measuring a concentration of a biogenic substance contained in a living body, the method comprises steps of preparing a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120215079 - Noninvasive eye-property monitoring, including aqueous-humor glucose monitoring as an indication of blood glucose level: An eye-property monitoring system and method for performing the steps of (1) illuminating the eye from at least one light source whose wavelength interacts with internal eye properties in an optically active manner, (2) controlling, to make known and stable, the operating-power/light-output level of the source, (3) by such illuminating,... Agent: Quantum Catch, LLC

20120215080 - Apparatus, system and method for tissue oximetry: An apparatus, system and method for measuring oxygen concentration for exciting and detecting oxygen-sensitive fluorescence in biological tissues to detect oxygen levels (e.g., the partial pressure of oxygen).... Agent: The Ohio State University

20120215081 - Method and apparatus for predicting work of breathing: A method of creating a noninvasive predictor of both physiologic and imposed patient effort of breathing from airway pressure and flow sensors attached to the patient using an adaptive mathematical model. The patient effort is commonly measured via work of breathing, power of breathing, or pressure-time product of esophageal pressure... Agent:

20120215082 - Method and apparatus for noninvasive blood pressure measurement using pulse oximetry: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a system and method for determining a physiologic parameter of a patient. Specifically, embodiments provided herein include blood pressure cuffs that are adapted to be used in conjunction with a photoplethysmography sensor. The cuff as provided may be configured to be placed over... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120215083 - Measuring apparatus and measurement method: Disclosed is a measuring device for obtaining numerical information concerning a substance present in the interstitial subcutaneous fluid, the device being equipped with a sensor unit that outputs signals in accordance with the numerical information concerning the substance and an arithmetic unit (control unit) that receives the signals outputted from... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20120215084 - Methods and apparatus for sampling and analyzing body fluid: A sampling device for sampling body fluid includes a lancet for making an incision, a capillary tube for drawing-up body fluid from the incision, and a test strip affixed to an upper end of the capillary tube for receiving the fluid. An absorbent pad can be disposed between the test... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120215085 - Device and method for determining blood glucose characteristics: A device is provided for determining blood glucose characteristics including a display configured for presenting a graphical representation of a plurality of measurements of blood glucose values, wherein the graphical representation comprises a trend indicator indicating an approximate value trend in the sensed blood glucose value over a recent series... Agent:

20120215087 - Method to recalibrate continuous glucose monitoring data on-line: In a method of recalibrating continuous glucose monitoring data from a user, operable on a digital processor, an indication from the user that the user has taken a meal is received (806). A self-monitored of blood glucose levels from the user (810) at two separate times during a day corresponding... Agent: Universita Degli Studi Di Padova

20120215086 - Systems and methods for replacing signal artifacts in a glucose sensor data stream: Systems and methods for minimizing or eliminating transient non-glucose related signal noise due to non-glucose rate limiting phenomenon such as interfering species, ischemia, pH changes, temperatures changes, known or unknown sources of mechanical, electrical and/or biochemical noise, and the like. The system monitors a data stream from a glucose sensor... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20120215088 - Catheter having distal sealing member: A catheter includes a proximal end, a distal end, a tubular member, and an inner member extending through the tubular member. The inner member is movable axially relative to the tubular member. The catheter also includes a seal member including a first portion and a second portion. The seal member... Agent:

20120215089 - Physician's programmer with st-segment histogram display capability: A physician's programmer for an implantable device is disclosed. The programmer includes a receiver for receiving wireless transmission data from the implantable heart monitor. A processor is configured to extract from the wireless transmission data ST-deviation histogram data as a function of heart rate. The histogram data for a particular... Agent: Angel Medical Systems, Inc.

20120215091 - Imaging apparatus for diagnosis and control method thereof: An imaging apparatus for diagnosis and associated control method constructs multiple cross-sectional images in an axial direction inside the body lumen based on line data generated by radially operating a transmitting and receiving unit, and includes a receiving mechanism which receives a count value from a reference position of the... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120215090 - Imaging system: A method and apparatus for reconstruction of a region of interest for an object is provided. The reconstruction of the object may be based on chords which may fill a part, all, or more than all of the region of interest. Using chords for reconstruction may allow for reducing data... Agent:

20120215092 - Quick re-connect diversity radio system: An RF shielded room (14) which houses a magnetic resonance scanner (12) also houses a patient monitor (20) which includes a plurality of sensors (18) which collect physiological data about a patient undergoing a magnetic resonance examination. The monitor includes a transmitter (46) which transmits the physiological data on at... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120215093 - System and method for providing patient registration without fiducials: A method for providing patient registration without fiducials comprises the steps of: spatially placing an ultrasound image of a patient randomly at different starting positions relative to a preoperative image; creating an independent registration corresponding to each different starting positions, by optimizing a spatial transformation between the preoperative image and... Agent: Dartmouth College

20120215094 - Systems and methods for 3d stereoscopic angiovision, angionavigation and angiotherapeutics: Devices, systems, and methods for catheterization through angionavigation, cardionavigation, or brain navigation to diagnose or treat diseased areas through direct imaging using tracking, such as radiofrequency, infrared, or ultrasound tracking, of the catheter through the patient's vascular anatomy. A steerable catheter with six degrees of freedom having at least a... Agent: Voxel Rad, Ltd.

20120215096 - Systems & methods for planning and performing percutaneous needle procedures: A system and method for planning volumetric treatment by percutaneous needle procedures obtains a volumetric image data set of a subject including an identifiable region requiring treatment. An effective treatment volume is defined relative to the needle position for at least one needle carrying a treatment applicator. One or more... Agent: Activiews Ltd.

20120215095 - X-ray radiation reduction system: By exposing the ROI at full exposure and full frame rate while exposing the area outside the ROI with low exposure and up to full frame rate an overall reduction in X-Ray radiation is achieved. The resultant image has slightly lower resolution outside the ROI but better resolution (as compared... Agent:

20120215097 - Injection catheter with needle electrode: An injection catheter for infusing therapeutic and diagnostic agents into the heart comprises a catheter body and a tip section mounted at the distal end of the catheter body. A needle control handle is provided at the proximal end of the catheter body. An injection needle extends through the tip... Agent: Biosense Webster, Inc.

20120215099 - Methods and apparatus for endovascular ultrasound delivery: Apparatus and methods are disclosed for endovascular ultrasound delivery to treat stenosis and inhibit restenosis, including delivery of therapeutic agents into the vessel wall. In some embodiments, delivery of therapeutic agent may be combined with angioplasty techniques and with blood flow protection devices. In other embodiments, treatment of endovascular stenosis... Agent:

20120215100 - Nuclear medicine imaging apparatus and nuclear medicine imaging system: A PET apparatus includes a clock unit. The clock unit includes: a time measuring unit that measures a time; and a reference time receiving unit that receives a reference time. The PET apparatus also includes a detection time revising unit. By using the reference time received by the reference time... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120215098 - Trans-catheter / trans-endoscope drug and stem cell delivery: An apparatus and method are provided for very precise and efficient delivery of e.g. viscous nutritive cell matrices and/or drugs into an exact point in the human body using minimally-invasive surgical techniques. Embodiments are compatible with modern catheter access and endoscopic techniques and a disposable-plus-capital-equipment business model separating the cost... Agent:

20120215102 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, method for controlling display of image and control program of the same: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes a physical amount calculation device configured to calculate a physical amount on elasticity of living tissue based on an echo signal obtained by transmitting an ultrasonic wave to the living tissue, and a display image control device configured to control display of a predetermined alternative... Agent:

20120215101 - Viscoelasticity measurement using amplitude-phase modulated ultrasound wave: A viscoelastic property of tissue is measured in vivo. To collect more information and/or estimate viscosity, shear modulus, and/or other shear characteristics, an amplitude and phase modulated waveform is transmitted to the tissue. The displacement caused by the waveform over time includes displacements associated with response to different frequencies. By... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc

20120215103 - Energy-delivery device including ultrasound transducer array and phased antenna array: A medical device suitable for delivery of energy to tissue includes a housing, a phased antenna array disposed within the housing, and a user-interface coupled to the housing. The user-interface is adapted to enable a user to selectively adjust the radiation pattern of electromagnetic energy delivered into a tissue region... Agent: Vivant Medical, Inc.

20120215104 - Energy-delivery device including ultrasound transducer array and phased antenna array, and methods of adjusting an ablation field radiating into tissue using same: A method of adjusting an ablation field radiating into tissue includes the initial step of providing a handheld device including a phased antenna array and an ultrasound transducer array. The method includes the steps of positioning a tissue-contact surface of the handheld device adjacent to tissue, activating the phased antenna... Agent: Vivant Medical, Inc.

20120215106 - Tissue treatment: There is provided in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the invention a method of treating a subject suffering from a nerve related disorder, the method comprising causing a damage region to one or both of a lumen wall or nearby surrounding tissues, the damage region encompassing a volume having... Agent: Cardiosonic Ltd.

20120215105 - Treatment of sub-dermal regions for cosmetic effects: A method and system for noninvasive face lifts and deep tissue tightening are disclosed. An exemplary method and treatment system are configured for the imaging, monitoring, and thermal injury to treat the SMAS region. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, the exemplary method and system are configured for treating the... Agent: Guided Therapy Systems, LLC

20120215107 - Ultrasound probe and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasound probe includes a first transducer array for a B-mode image which transmits an ultrasonic beam for a B-mode image, a second transducer array for sound speed measurement which is tiltably provided and transmits an ultrasonic beam for sound speed measurement, and a tilting unit which tilts the second... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120215108 - Apparatus and method for tracking tumor for ultrasound therapy and ultrasound therapy system: Apparatuses and methods for tracking a tumor for ultrasound therapy, and an ultrasound therapy system for performing ultrasound therapy are provided. The apparatus includes: a marker registration unit which registers at least one marker corresponding to a location of the tumor based on at least one location and feature of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120215109 - Ultrasonic diagnostic system: When an amount of visceral fat is measured using ultrasonic waves during medical examination of metabolic syndrome, three contact positions are defined on the surface of the abdominal region, and three distances inside the living body are measured by bringing a probe into contact with the surface of the abdominal... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20120215110 - Multiple beam spectral doppler in medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging: Spatially distinct Spectral Doppler information is acquired. Spatially distinct transmit beams are formed at a same time or in parallel. One or more receive beams are formed in response to each transmit beam, providing samples for a plurality of laterally spaced locations. A spectrum is determined for each of a... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120215111 - Natural exhaustion type ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: A natural exhaustion type ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus. The natural exhaustion type ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes a case unit forming the outer portion of a control panel for ultrasonic diagnostic apparatuses, a suction part provided at the lower portion of the case unit and forming a path through which air is... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120215112 - Multispectral/hyperspectral medical instrument: A medical instrument that comprises: a first-stage optic responsive to a tissue surface of a patient; a spectral separator optically responsive to the first stage optic and having a control input; an imaging sensor optically responsive to the spectral separator and having an image data output; and a diagnostic processor... Agent: Hypermed Imaging, Inc.

20120215113 - Surface temperature profile: Thermometric apparatus includes one or more temperature sensors, which are configured to provide respective temperature-dependent readings at two or more locations on a surface in a vicinity of a sub-surface heat source. A processing unit is configured to process the readings from the two or more locations so as to... Agent: Medisim Ltd.

20120215114 - Non-invasive optical imaging for measuring pulse and arterial elasticity in the brain: An optical imaging system and a method for generating a report regarding elasticity of arteries in the brain of a subject under test. Light output from the light source of the imaging system non-invasively illuminates at least one blood vessel or region of interest in the brain and, upon the... Agent:

20120215115 - Pulse detector: To detect whether the pulse detector is in an unworn state, the pulse detector is provided for detecting a pulse signal that originates in the pulse of a subject has a pulse wave sensor, a pulse wave sensor sensitivity adjustment section that adjusts the sensitivity of the pulse wave sensor,... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120215116 - Method and apparatus for estimating energy consumption: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for estimating the energy consumption of a person on the basis of heart rate data. In the method, the beat rate of heart is measured with a sensor or previously measured heart rate data are input for providing heart rate data... Agent: Suunto Oy

20120215117 - Systems and methods for estimating central arterial blood pressure of a patient: In specific embodiments, a method for estimating a patient's central arterial blood pressure (CBP) for use with an implantable system, comprises (a) using an implanted sensor at a first site to obtain a first signal indicative of changes in arterial blood volume at the first site, the first site being... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120215119 - Electronic sphygmomanometer: An electronic sphygmomanometer includes a cuff, a tank that stores a prescribed amount of fluid, a pressure adjusting unit that adjusts pressurization of the cuff or the tank by supplying or discharging the fluid, a pressure detector that detects a pressure in the cuff or a pressure in the tank... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120215118 - Pattern of cuff inflation and deflation for non-invasive blood pressure measurement: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a system and method for determining a physiologic parameter of a patient. Specifically, embodiments provided herein include methods and systems for non-invasive determination of blood pressure. Information from a photoplethysmography sensor may be used to determine a systolic pressure, which in turn may... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120215120 - Noninvasive cutaneous blood flow assessment as a response predictor for visible light therapy on segmental vitiligo: Visible light is a treatment option for Segmental Vitiligo (SV), and visible light-induced repigmentation is associated normalization of sympathetic. Currently it is difficult to predict individual patient's response to visible light therapy. Therefore, the present invention uses the Laser Doppler Flowmeter to serve as a response predictor for visible light... Agent: Kaohsiung Medical University

20120215121 - Mems vascular sensor: A micromachined sensor for measuring vascular parameters, such as fluid shear stress, includes a substrate having a front-side surface, and a backside surface opposite the front-side surface. The sensor includes a diaphragm overlying a cavity etched within the substrate, and a heat sensing element disposed on the front-side surface of... Agent: University Of Southern California

20120215122 - Arrhythmia information management: Systems and methods for managing cardiac information concerning a patient are provided. In some aspects, cardiac information objects are displayed graphically at an interface having at least two axes. Time is displayed on a first axis of the at least two axes and parameters of the cardiac information objects are... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20120215123 - Non-invasive cardiac monitor and methods of using continuously recorded cardiac data: Embodiments of the invention provide methods of obtaining continuous cardiac information from a mammal. First, attach a self-contained, wearable, portable continuous cardiac monitor to the mammal to create a chamber containing electrodes used to detect cardiac signals from the mammal. Next, continuously detect without analyzing the cardiac signals from the... Agent:

20120215124 - Non-invasive arterial blood gas determination: A breathing circuit for use in conjunction with a ventilator serving a mechanically-ventilated patient includes an expiratory gas airflow pathway; an inspiratory gas airflow pathway; and a gas mixing mechanism operable to mix inspiratory gas and expiratory gas in an amount sufficient to equilibrate the patient's PETCO2 and arterial PCO2... Agent:

20120215125 - System and method of monitoring breathing: Sidestream sampling of gas to determine information related to the composition of gas at or near the airway of a subject is implemented. From such information one or more breathing parameters of subject 12 (e.g., respiratory rate, end-tidal CO2, etc.) are determined, respiratory events (e.g., obstructions, apneas, etc.) are identified,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120215126 - Determining dynamic airway response in a subject: A method for assessing a broncho-dynamic response in a subject includes introducing a sound signal having known characteristics into the airway of a subject, detecting one or more responsive sound signals at one or more locations on the thorax, administering a broncho-effector to the subject, and determining the subject's response... Agent:

20120215127 - In vivo flow sensor: A flow sensor measures an amount of flow of a medium flowing inside a tubular organ of an organism by mounting a flexible substrate, upon which heaters are formed, inside a tube disposed in a manner so as to follow the tubular organ of the organism through which the medium... Agent: National University Corporation Nagoya University

20120215128 - Managing body composition: Among other things, at least two different independent providers of body composition management services are enabled to have online access through respective graphical user interfaces to body composition information and plans that are associated with respective clients of the providers and that are stored on the server. The graphical user... Agent:

20120215129 - Surgical device for the collection of soft tissue: A biopsy device comprises a handpiece, a fluid collection system, and a power transmission source. The handpiece is configured for grasping by a single hand, and is independently manipulatable by hand for movement of the instrument toward and away from the patient. An elongated piercer extends from the distal end... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20120215130 - Biopsy device having specimen length adjustment: A biopsy device having a sample size control assembly for selecting the specimen size to be collected. The sample size control assembly includes a rotatable nose on the biopsy device for actuating the operation of the sample size control assembly. A needle assembly of the biopsy device can extend through... Agent: Inrad, Inc.

20120215131 - Systems and methods for parenterally procuring bodily-fluid samples with reduced contamination: The present invention is directed to the parenteral procurement of bodily-fluid samples. The present invention is also directed to systems and methods for parenterally procuring bodily-fluid samples with reduced contamination from dermally-residing microbes. In some embodiments, a bodily-fluid withdrawing system is used to withdraw bodily fluid from a patient for... Agent: Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc.

20120215132 - Integrated spot monitoring device with fluid sensor: A bodily fluid sampling device is operable to breach the skin surface and allow bodily fluid to emerge from the breach location. The bodily fluid sampling device further evaluates the amount of bodily fluid emerged from breach location and determines whether the amount is sufficient or insufficient for a particular... Agent:

20120215133 - Catheter tip device and method for manufacturing same: A catheter tip device and methods for manufacturing of a catheter tip device. The device comprises a transducer module attached to a capsule, wherein the transducer module comprises a carrier. The carrier includes a recessed die-attach area, a lead area having at least one groove disposed therein and includes a... Agent:

20120215134 - Skin elasticity measurement: A method of measuring a characteristic of a skin, including varying an air pressure in a chamber positioned adjacent to a skin, in which the chamber has an opening that exposes the skin to changes in the air pressure in the chamber. A plurality of measurements of surface profiles of... Agent:

20120215135 - Pelvic region analyzer and associated therapeutic and diagnostic methods: A pelvic region analyzer for performs at least one of therapeutic and diagnostic methods. The pelvic region analyzer has a probe for insertion in a pelvic region of a patient. The pelvic region analyzer has a balloon for insertion in the pelvic region and disposed at a distal end of... Agent:

08/16/2012 > 100 patent applications in 72 patent subcategories.

20120209050 - Novel pyridopyrazine derivatives, process of manufacturing and uses thereof: The invention relates to pyrido[2,3-b]pyrazine compounds of general formulae (Ia) and (Ib), to their preparation and use, for example, for the treatment of malignant disorders and other disorders based on pathological cell proliferations.... Agent: Aeterna Zentaris Gmbh

20120209051 - Method and apparatus for the delivery of photochemical (cross-linking) treatment to scleral tissue: Delivery systems and methods for delivering riboflavin (R/F) and UVA irradiation to the sclera are disclosed. The R/F is delivered and then activated with UVA irradiation through the use of LEDs or optical fibers, thereby causing cross-linking of the collagen tissue. Delivery systems include implantable structures which provide surfaces that... Agent: Seros Medical, LLC

20120209052 - Magnetic field control method and apparatus used in conjunction with a charged particle cancer therapy system: The invention comprises a charged particle beam acceleration, extraction, and/or targeting method and apparatus used in conjunction with charged particle beam radiation therapy of cancerous tumors. Novel design features of a synchrotron are described. Particularly, turning magnets, edge focusing magnets, concentrating magnetic field magnets, winding and control coils, flat surface... Agent:

20120209053 - Electromagnetic thermotherapeutic apparatus: An electromagnetic thermotherapeutic apparatus includes: a plurality of needle units respectively having head portions and needle portions; a base unit having a base plate that is formed with a plurality of first through holes, and a base pad that is formed with a plurality of second through holes, the needle... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20120209054 - Reducing discomfort caused by electrical stimulation: The invention is directed to a novel method for reducing discomfort caused by transcutaneous stimulation. The novel method includes providing transcutaneous stimulation, reducing the transcutaneous stimulation at a first location, and substantially maintaining the transcutaneous stimulation at a second location. The transcutaneous stimulation may be created by electric and/or magnetic... Agent: Neuronetics, Inc.

20120209055 - Apparatus for stimulating homeostatic autoregulatory mechanisms in the organism: The apparatus consists of a pulse generator, a control device, and a field generating device which jointly generate a pulsed electromagnetic field, wherein series of pulses that have specific intensities and are applied at specific intervals and at different frequencies influence the pulsation of the field, thus making it possible... Agent:

20120209056 - Pad for herbal medicine in which release of medicinal ingredient can be controlled, and manufacturing method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a method for manufacturing a pad for herbal medicine in which the release of medicinal ingredients can be controlled, which comprises: separating two or more medicinal herbal ingredients prescribed or prepared according to pharmacological effects on the basis of the weight ratio of each medicinal... Agent: Bm Biotechnology Lab. Co., Ltd.

20120209057 - Lockable quick coupling: The invention relates to a simply lockable quick coupling (10) for releasably connecting a hose (12) to an implantable apparatus, comprising a first attachment piece (14) that can be connected to the hose (12) and a second attachment piece (16) that can be connected to the apparatus, wherein the attachment... Agent: Abiomed Europe Gmbh

20120209058 - Therapeutic pillow: A device for providing aromatherapy is disclosed herein. The aromatherapy device comprises a textile article and aromatic materials disposed upon or within the textile article. The aromatic materials are the source for generating or evaporating aromatic scent to function on human mind or body.... Agent:

20120209059 - Systems and methods for slings for treating urinary incontinence: Systems and methods consistent with embodiments of the present invention may delineate a system for treating urinary incontinence. The system may include a sling for contacting a portion of a patient. The system may also include a plurality of sutures coupled to the sling and a plurality of members including... Agent:

20120209060 - Devices, systems, and methods for containing internal body parts during insertion into the body: Devices for containing exposed internal body parts during insertion into the body of a human or veterinary patient are provided. The devices include a surgical pouch for containing the exposed internal body parts. The devices also include one or more sealing elements disposed on the surgical pouch between the proximal... Agent:

20120209061 - Endoscope system: An endoscope system includes an endoscope having an insertion part capable of being be inserted into the interior of a living body; an extracorporeal device configured to be installed outside the living body, a first extracorporeal signal connection part having a second electrode electrically connected to the extracorporeal device, and... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120209062 - Mother-baby endoscope system consisting of hard mother-cholecystoscope and flexible baby-choledochoscope: The present invention relates to a medical apparatus, in particular, a mother-baby endoscope system consisting of hard mother-cholecystoscope and flexible baby-choledochoscope which comprises a multi-channel cholecystoscope utilized as a mother endoscope and a flexible choledochoscope utilized as a baby endoscope; The flexible choledochoscope comprises a bendable front end, an instrument... Agent:

20120209063 - Device for controlled endoscopic penetration of injection needle: An endoscopic needle device comprises a handle and a catheter sheath connected to the handle, wherein the catheter sheath has at least one lumen, for example a needle lumen and a stabilization lumen, extending therethrough. A needle is selectively movable within the needle lumen between a needle retracted position and... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120209069 - Collision avoidance and detection using distance sensors: An endoscopic method involves an advancement of an endoscope (20) as controlled by an endoscopic robot (31) to a target location within an anatomical region of a body, and a generation of a plurality of monocular endoscopic images (80) of the anatomical region as the endoscope (20) is advanced to... Agent:

20120209065 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes an insertion part which has an imaging mechanism at a distal end portion; a display part which displays an image acquired by an observation mechanism, a manipulating part which performs curving manipulation of the insertion part; and a housing which accommodates the display part and the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120209066 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes an insertion part which has an imaging mechanism at a distal end portion and which is bendable and elongated; a display part which displays an image acquired by the imaging mechanism; a manipulating part which has a swinging body and which performs curving manipulation of the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120209067 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes an insertion part having an imaging mechanism at a distal end portion and which is bendable and elongated; a display part which displays an image acquired by an imaging mechanism; a manipulating part which performs curving manipulation of the insertion part; and a housing which the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120209068 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes a housing. The housing includes an upper portion provided with the display part, and a lower portion provided with the manipulating part and having the insertion part connected thereto, at least a portion of the back face of the lower portion is set so that the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120209064 - Endoscope apparatus and method of setting reference image of endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus 1 includes a main body 4 to which a scope having an image pickup device at a distal end portion 8 of an insertion portion 7b is detachably attachable, a video signal processing section 22, a display section 5 and a control section 21. The control section... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120209070 - Port access visualization platform: A medical system generally comprises a camera head, a beam, and a guide sheath. The camera head is connected to the beam which is bendable in a first direction and resists bending in a second direction opposite the first direction. The guide sheath slidably receives the beam, the beam extending... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120209071 - Detachable imaging device, endoscope having a detachable imaging device, and method of configuring such an endoscope: An endoscope includes a detachable wireless imaging device and an insertion tube having a distal end region. The attachment of the detachable wireless imaging device detachably attaches the detachable wireless imaging device to the distal end region of the insertion tube.... Agent: Avantis Medical Sytems, Inc.

20120209072 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes: a distal end rigid member to which an observation optical portion is fixedly provided; a distal end cover fixed to the distal end rigid member in an integrated manner, and including an illuminating window portion and a light-emitting device installing hole; a light-emitting device arranged in the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120209073 - In-vivo visualization system: Several embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to medical visualization systems that comprise combinations of disposable and resuable components, such as catheters, functional handles, hubs, optical devices, etc. Other embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to features and aspects of an in-vivo visualization system that comprises... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120209074 - Optical coupler for an endoscope: An optical coupler is disclosed with an attachment section for mounting at a distal end of an optical imaging device for visualizing a surface area covered with an opaque fluid and/or particulate matter. The coupler includes a visualization section at one end of the coupler that includes a proximal surface... Agent:

20120209075 - Laparoscopic retractor: The present invention provides a retractor for use during laparoscopic cholecystectomy.... Agent:

20120209076 - Minimally obstructive retractor: This application presents minimally-obstructive and structurally-adjustable retractors which afford an open work area of desirable size and enhanced visualization for a surgeon about the perineum and the posterior vaginal wall of the patient. The retractors may be lightweight and compact, and also configured and dimensioned to minimize slippage during use.... Agent: Alfred E. Mann Institute For Biomedical Engineering At The University Of Southern California

20120209077 - Flexible access device for use in surgical procedures: A flexible access device for insertion through tissue is provided. The flexible access device includes a compressible body having a first collapsed configuration and a second resiliently expanded configuration. The body is compressible in both a radial dimension and a longitudinal dimension and is resilient to expand in an incision... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120209078 - Compliance access device including proximal adhesive patch: A compliant, e.g., foam, access device for positioning within a tissue tract for accessing an underlying body cavity includes a proximal portion, a distal portion, a body portion interconnecting the proximal and distal portions, and at least one port extending therethrough. The proximal portion includes a tissue facing surface and... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120209079 - Vaginal speculum apparatus: A vaginal speculum apparatus includes a portable illumination assembly that is releasably attached to one of the upper blade and lower blade of a disposable vaginal speculum. The portable illumination assembly is defined by a housing that retains at least one LED and a portable power supply. The portable illumination... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20120209080 - Retractor illumination system: An apparatus for the efficient provision of directed illumination to a subdermal surgical field that is attachable to or completely forms a surgical retractor blade.... Agent: Invuity, Inc.

20120209082 - Medical characterization system: A medical characterization system is configured to input medical-related continuous parameters and discrete data so as to calculate a characterization timeline indicative of a physiological condition of a living being. A data source is in sensor communications with a patient so as to generate a continuous parameter. The data source... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20120209081 - Method of preventing patient injury: This invention relates to administering a test to an incoming patient to determine that patient's ability to delay gratification and resist impulses, and thereafter grouping the patient into a high risk or low risk group. The patients in the high risk group are thereafter attended to at a greater frequency... Agent:

20120209086 - Apparatus and methods for measuring blood flow within the gastrointestinal tract: A blood flow measurement system for measuring blood flow within the gastrointestinal tract is provided including a catheter, a processor, and measurement software. The catheter has an expandable member disposed near its distal end and an optical sensor disposed adjacent to the expandable member. The optical sensor is configured to... Agent: Q Pidt B.v.

20120209085 - Apparatus and methods for treating intracorporeal fluid accumulation: A fluid management system for the treatment of ascites, pleural effusion or pericardial effusion is provided including an implantable device including a pump, control circuitry, battery and transceiver; a charging and communication system configured to periodically charge the battery and communicate with the implantable device to retrieve performance data; and... Agent:

20120209088 - Continuous non-interfering health monitoring and alert system: A seamless and preferably substantially continuous health monitoring system, designed for use by a healthy living being but also suitable for non-healthy living being, the system including a control module, a communication unit and one or more sensors. The sensors can be in-vivo nano-sensors, micro-sensors, subcutaneous, wearable or implanted sensors.... Agent: Healthwatch Ltd.

20120209083 - Method of locating an ingested capsule: A method of determining the location of an ingested capsule comprising the steps of providing an ingestible capsule having a pH sensor and a pressure sensor, having a subject ingest the capsule, recording pH measurements from the pH sensor as a function of time as the capsule moves through at... Agent: The Smart Pill Corporation

20120209087 - Non-contact vital sign sensing system and sensing method using the same: A non-contact vital sign sensing system including a vital sign sensing module and at least one body movement interference cancellation module is provided. The vital sign sensing module and the at least one body movement interference cancellation module are under a self-injection locking (SIL) mode. The vital sign sensing module... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120209084 - Respiratory event alert system: A respiratory monitoring system can include an acoustic respiratory sensor that obtains acoustic information from a patient and one or more processors in communication with the acoustic respiratory sensor. Such processors can receive a respiratory rate value derived from the acoustic information. This respiratory rate value can reflect an averaged... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20120209089 - System and method for treating dysphagia: Dysphagia of a subject (12) is treated. The treatment of dysphagia may include providing cues to the subject (12) that prompt the subject to swallow, and monitoring the response of the subject (12) to the cues. The swallowing function of the subject (12) may be analyzed over a single therapy... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120209091 - Apparatus and method for processing a set of data values: An apparatus for processing a set of data values, a data value representing a physiological measure of a body fluid at a time instant, comprising: an estimated probability function calculator for calculating an estimated probability function associated with the set of data values; a transform calculator for calculating a non-linear... Agent:

20120209090 - Systems, devices, and methods including implantable devices with anti-microbial properties: Systems, devices, methods, and compositions are described for providing an actively controllable implant configured to, for example, monitor, treat, or prevent microbial growth or adherence to the implant.... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The Sate Of Delaware

20120209093 - Imaging based virus detection: A method for detecting a virus in a patient based on imaging data includes scanning a region of interest of the patient with an imaging device and generating imaging data indicative of the region of interest, identifying at least one marker in the image data that corresponds to the virus... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120209092 - Non-invasive apparatus and method for measuring human metabolic conditions: In a non-invasive human metabolic condition measuring apparatus and method, a micro-light source emits an incident light having a wavelength from 329 nm to 473 nm to trigger a mitochondrial metabolite of a human mucosa tissue, and the metabolite is excited to generate a fluorescent signal having a wavelength from... Agent: Southern Taiwan University

20120209094 - Monitoring blood constituent levels in biological tissue: In accordance with the invention, a low coherence interferometer is used to non-invasively monitor the concentration of glucose in blood by shining a light over a surface area of human or animal tissue, continuously scanning the light over a two dimensional area of the surface, collecting the reflected light from... Agent: Glt Acquisition Corp.

20120209096 - Nasal and oral patient interfaces: A patient interface for communicating fluids to and/or from a patient's nasal cavity and/or oral cavity is disclosed. In addition, a patient interface for fluid and physiological function monitoring proximate to the patient's nasal cavity and/or oral cavity is disclosed. An apnea monitor and a method for monitoring apnea are... Agent: Ric Investments, LLC

20120209095 - Sensor, apparatus and method for non-invasively monitoring blood characteristics of a subject: A sensor, apparatus and method for non-invasively monitoring blood characteristics of a subject are disclosed. The sensor comprises an emitter unit configured to emit radiation through the tissue of the subject at a plurality of measurement wavelengths and a detector unit that comprises photo detectors. To achieve a simple sensor... Agent: General Electric Company

20120209097 - Sensor with increased biocompatibility: Sensors and methods for producing them are disclosed. A cavity is created and filled with a reagent that includes a conductive matrix, enzyme, catalyst, and binding agent, in a preferred embodiment. The cavity is substantially enclosed, leaving enough of an opening to allow the sample to enter. A portion of... Agent:

20120209098 - System and methods for processing analyte sensor data: Systems and methods for processing sensor analyte data, including initiating calibration, updating calibration, evaluating clinical acceptability of reference and sensor analyte data, and evaluating the quality of sensor calibration. During initial calibration, the analyte sensor data is evaluated over a period of time to determine stability of the sensor. The... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20120209099 - Apparatus and method for generating a condition indication: An apparatus for generating a condition indication using a time sequence of data values, each data value representing a physiological measure of a condition of a subject at a time, includes: a transformer for transforming the time sequence of data values into a transformed sequence of data values using a... Agent:

20120209100 - Biocompatible packaging: A method is disclosed for packaging a device, e.g., for bio-medical applications. In one aspect, the method includes obtaining a component on a substrate and separating the component and a first part of the substrate from a second part of the substrate using at least one physical process inducing at... Agent: Imec

20120209101 - Ear plug with surface electrodes: An ear plug (200) comprises a shell (206) with at least two electrodes (201-205) adapted for measuring brain wave signals, said electrodes (201-205) being connected with means for processing the measured signals, wherein the contours of the outer surface of the ear plug (200) and the electrodes (201-205) are individually... Agent: Widex A/s

20120209102 - Single-use biomedical sensors: A disposable self-powered biomedical sensor comprises a printed wet electrode on a substrate sheet. The wet electrode is provided with an electrolyte element to enhance the electrical contact with a surface to be measured. Moreover, a printed battery encapsulated in a hermetically sealed compartment is provided on the substrate sheet.... Agent:

20120209104 - Elastic wave receiving apparatus, elastic wave receiving method, photoacoustic apparatus, and program: An elastic wave receiving apparatus includes: a probe that receives an elastic wave generated from a subject; a plate-like compression plate that supports the subject and whose surface is scanned by the probe; a motor for driving the probe; a controller that supplies a drive signal to the motor so... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120209103 - Surgery-assistance apparatus, method and program: A smallest enclosing body that encloses an abnormal region is set. A part of an organ, and the part belonging to the inside of an elliptic parabolic surface or a circular conic surface that circumscribes the set enclosing body, is extracted as a partial region. A region of a structure... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120209105 - Magnetic-field measurement jig, magnetic-field measurement program, and inspection device provided with magnetic position detector: In order to provide a highly reliable inspection device that prevents a loss in reliability of inspection that uses information from a position detector as a result of the influence of magnetic bodies or the like that are present in the environment, the inspection device is characterized by being provided... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120209106 - System and method for interactive three dimensional operation guidance system for soft organs based on anatomic map: A system for providing visual three dimensional assistance to a user during a medical procedure involving a soft organ. The system and method provide visual assistance to a user during a medical procedure involving a soft organ. The system and method utilize a processor for generating an image of the... Agent: Edda Technology, Inc.

20120209107 - Method and apparatus for enhancing needle visualization in ultrasound imaging: A method of enhancing needle visualization in ultrasound imaging is provided. The method includes reducing overall gain in needle frames, and applying a nonlinear mapping to the needle frames, wherein the nonlinear mapping is configured to make strong signals stronger and make weak signals weaker after mapping.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120209108 - System and method for treatment planning of organ disease at the functional and anatomical levels: The present disclosure relates to a system and method for planning treatment of soft organs utilizing CT and SPECT image technology. The systems and method combine the segmented CT images with the SPECT image to form a combined image and treatment plan utilizing the images of both systems.... Agent: Edda Technology, Inc.

20120209109 - X-ray tomography method and apparatus used in conjunction with a charged particle cancer therapy system: The invention comprises an X-ray tomography method and apparatus used in conjunction with multi-axis charged particle or proton beam radiation therapy of cancerous tumors. In various embodiments, 3-D images are generated from a series of 2-D X-rays images; the X-ray source and detector are stationary while the patient rotates; the... Agent:

20120209110 - Optimized placement of cannula for delivery of therapeutics to the brain: Methods and systems are provided for improved delivery of agents to targeted regions of the brain, by the use of placement coordinates that provide for optimal placement of delivery cannula. By optimizing the cannula placement, reproducible distribution of infusate in the targeted region of the brain is achieved, allowing a... Agent:

20120209111 - Bladder syringe fluid delivery system: A bladder syringe for a fluid delivery system includes a cylindrical body, a cap-bladder assembly, a plunger element disposed in the cylindrical body, and a mounting assembly to secure the cap-bladder assembly to the cylindrical body. The cylindrical body has a distal end and a proximal end and defines a... Agent: Medrad, Inc.

20120209112 - Catheter system and method for boring through blocked vascular passages: A rotating cutting head catheter for passage through chronic total occlusions or other refractory atherosclerotic plaque from diseased arteries is disclosed. The catheter's rotating cutting head is designed to reside safely within an outer protective sheath when not in use. The outer protective sheath contains one or more helical grooves... Agent:

20120209113 - Pulse compression system and method: A non-linear FM pulse compression system includes a non-linear FM transmitter adapted to receive an input signal and transmit an output signal. The non-linear FM transmitter is adapted to modulate the frequency of the output signal by at least one of the following: increasing the frequency of the output signal... Agent:

20120209114 - Device for holding an imaging probe and use of such device: The present invention relates to the field of e.g. ultra-sound imaging. In particular the present invention relates to a device for supporting an ultrasound probe or probe with other contrast imaging technology, preferably during heart imaging. The device comprises a fixation part comprising an aperture for receiving the probe. The... Agent: Region Nordjylland, Aalborg Sygehus

20120209115 - Ultrasonic diagnostic device, method for generating image for evaluating disorder of part to be diagnosed of object, and program for generating image for evaluating disorder of part to be diagnosed of object: An ultrasonic diagnostic device is provided with: an ultrasonic probe which transmits and receives ultrasonic waves to and from an object; a reception processing unit which receives a reflection echo signal measured by the ultrasonic probe and generates RF signal frame data relating to a cross-sectional plane of a part... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120209118 - Method and apparatus for non-invasive treatment of hypertension through ultrasound renal denervation: Non-invasive inactivation of nerve conduction in a treatment region of a mammalian subject as, for example, a region encompassing a renal artery. A therapeutic ultrasound transducer (31) is engaged with the body of the subject outside of the treatment region, preferably with the skin of the subject in proximity to... Agent: Sound Interventions

20120209117 - Surgical measurement apparatus and system: A portable measurement system is provided including a probe, a user interface control and a receiver. The probe includes a plurality of ultrasonic transducers that emit ultrasonic waveforms for creating a three-dimensional sensing space. The user interface control captures a location and position of the probe in the three-dimensional sensing... Agent: Orthosensor, Inc.

20120209116 - Systems and methods for ultrasound imaging and insonation of microbubbles: A catheter system including an elongate tubular member having a proximal end portion, a distal end portion and a lumen extending through at least a portion of a length of the elongate tubular member. The distal end portion of the elongate member is dimensioned and adapted to advance to or... Agent:

20120209119 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method of producing ultrasound image: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes: a transmission driver which transmits an ultrasonic beam from a transducer array toward a subject; reception signal processors which process reception signals output from the transducer array having received an ultrasonic echo; an image producer which produces image data based on the processed reception signals... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120209120 - Integrated ultrasound transmitter with cascode trimming: Transmitters and waveform generators are provided for ultrasound imaging. Low-voltage transistors are connected in cascode with the high-voltage transistors used to generate the ultrasound pulses. The low-voltage transistors trim the high-voltage transistors, adjusting the drive strength of the high-voltage transistors. By trimming, the rise and fall time of the pulses... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120209121 - Ultrasound probe including a securing member: An ultrasound probe includes a proximal portion including a transducer array, a distal portion, and a connecting portion configured to couple the scanning portion to the distal portion, the connecting portion sized to be received between two fingers to enable the ultrasound probe to be secured to an operator's palm.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120209122 - Shape-controllable catheters and catheter system: Shape-controllable catheters are provided that are versatile in application and that, in human-imaging applications, minimize or reduce patient discomfort. One such catheter is provided with at least one control wire that extends inside the catheter and a control mechanism for tensioning the control wire to produce in the catheter a... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120209124 - Breast health care device: The present invention relates to a breast health care device, which comprises: a main body, which comprises at least one cover portion; and at least one node module, which is disposed on the cover portion. The node module comprises a light-emitting unit, a photo detector, or the combination thereof, wherein... Agent:

20120209125 - Singlet oxygen production and dosimetry for photodynamic therapy: An apparatus for photodynamic therapy (PDT) includes a light source configured to provide excitation light for a photosensitizer, an optical system configured to direct the excitation light to a target region and receive light emitted by the photosensitizer and/or singlet oxygen generated in the target region, and a detection system... Agent: Physical Sciences, Inc.

20120209123 - Surgeon's aid for medical display: A system for identifying an area of interest on a surgical image, including a source of surgical image data, which may be a camera, an image processing unit, which may be a camera control unit, and a destination, which may be a display. The image processing unit is configured to... Agent:

20120209126 - Method and system for detecting cardiac arrhythmia: A method of analyzing physiological data indicative of myocardial activity is disclosed. The method comprises: identifying in the data a set of N features, each corresponding to a ventricular depolarization, and calculating M time-intervals for each ventricular depolarization feature, thereby providing a vector of N*M time-intervals. The method further comprises... Agent: Widemed Ltd.

20120209127 - Method and apparatus to detect and monitor the frequency of obstructive sleep apnea: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for detecting and monitoring obstructive sleep apnea. The apparatus measures sinus tachycardia and a change in the atrial-ventricular conduction, and includes a controller for receiving the measurement of the sinus tachycardia and the change in the atrial-ventricular conduction to detect obstructive sleep... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120209128 - Method for controlling a spiroergometric system and spiroergometric system: Shown and described is a method for controlling and/or regulating a spiroergometry system (1) for determining energy metabolism during physical exertion, wherein the spiroergometry system (1) has a user unit (2) arranged in the flow of the inhaled and exhaled air of a test subject (4) for removing a respiratory... Agent: Aceos Gmbh

20120209129 - Blood pressure monitoring cuff with acoustic sensor: A system and method for a BP monitoring cuff that has an integrated acoustic sensor used to acquire Korotkoff sounds during partial occlusion of the arterial vessel.... Agent:

20120209130 - Apparatus and method for outputting heart sounds: An apparatus for outputting heart sounds includes an implantable system and an external system. The implantable system includes a sensor for generating sensed signals representing detected heart sounds, an interface circuit and a control circuit for receiving the sensed signals, generating data representing the heart sounds therefrom, and transmitting the... Agent:

20120209131 - Method and system of a cardio-acoustic classification system for screening, diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular conditions: A method and system are provided for a portable cardio-acoustic device. The device includes a display with user input, a sensor array to capture heart related vibrations from infrasound and acoustically transmitted audible sound, and a processor to extract salient features in accordance with human factor analysis, separate heart sounds... Agent: Aventusoft, LLC

20120209132 - Method and system of an acoustic scene analyzer for body sounds: A system and method for visualizing auditory scene analysis by way of a portable device is provided. In one embodiment, the method steps include capturing multiple sounds from a sensor array of microphones connected to the portable device, performing auditory scene analysis on detected body sounds in accordance with a... Agent: Aventusoft, LLC

20120209133 - Method and apparatus for prediction and warning of hypoglycaemic attack: A method and device for warning diabetics of imminent hypoglycaemic attacks. EEG signals are collected from a person using subcutaneously placed electrodes and the signals are led via wires drawn under the person's skin to a subcutaneously placed signal interface unit from where they are transmitted to an externally worn... Agent: Hypo-safe A/s

20120209134 - Classification estimating system and classification estimating program: A classification estimating system can include an input element group; an intermediate element group into which are input values of first intermediate variables for which a first multiple desensitization, including an accumulation of values of each input element of a first input element group and each value of a first... Agent: University Of Tsukuba

20120209135 - Implantable device, system and method for measuring physiologic parameters: An apparatus having at least one implantable lead, e.g., two leads, three leads, etc., is provided. In one example, the apparatus includes at least two satellites electrically coupled to a common implantable pulse generator by at least two conductors extending from the common implantable pulse generator to each of the... Agent:

20120209136 - Method and apparatus for determining and improving health of an individual: A method and apparatus for obtaining data relevant to the state of health of an individual by measuring the signal spectra at various Jing Luo network termination points on the individual's body. Illustratively, the measurements are at points on the individual's hand, implemented with a glove that includes numerous electrical... Agent:

20120209137 - System and methods for assessment of acupuncture points: The present invention relates to a system and methods for using alternating current to assess acupuncture points. Embodiments of the system of the present invention include a first probe, a second probe, a power source, a control component, a signal generator, an indicator including a gauge and display, wherein the... Agent:

20120209138 - Fertility status diagnosis system: Methods and apparatus for interpreting vaginal measurement data by electronic means without the need for the user to take part in the data interpretation process. More specifically, an intelligent probe monitors folliculogenesis and correlates the ovarian function data to probe profile characteristics of the female reproductive cycle. A fertile window... Agent:

20120209139 - Rapid screening, threshold, and diagnostic tests for evaluation of hearing.: A rapid screening, threshold, and diagnostic tests for evaluation of hearing includes techniques that are particularly suited for rapid objective hearing screening and evaluation of newborns or other patients who are unable or unwilling to provide reliable subjective responses. The hearing tests may be frequency specific or may evaluate overall... Agent:

20120209141 - Tissue removal device and method of use: A biopsy device for acquiring more than one tissue sample is disclosed. The biopsy device can have at least two tissue engaging elements, where at least one element contains a helical feature. A control mechanism can be used to spin an outer element relative to an internal element, resulting in... Agent:

20120209140 - Tissue sampling device: A biopsy device includes a longitudinal element sufficiently flexible to permit insertion into a body. The longitudinal element extends from a proximal end to a distal end and includes a lumen extending therethrough. The device also includes a stylet slidably received within the lumen having a distal end split into... Agent:

20120209142 - Biopsy device: A method is provided for calibrating a surgical biopsy system. The biopsy system includes a biopsy instrument and control unit. The biopsy instrument includes a piercer, rotatable cutter, and a port for receiving tissue samples. The method comprises the steps of translating the cutter distally until the translation of the... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20120209143 - Catheter with multiple deflections: A catheter has a control handle with at least an outer thumb control and an inner second thumb control. A longer puller wire has a distal end anchored at or near a distal end of distal deflectable portion. A shorter puller wire has a distal end anchored at or near... Agent:

20120209144 - Systems and methods for applying a selected treatment agent into contact with tissue: Systems and methods that treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract by applying one or more treatment agents to tissue at or near the region where abnormal neurological symptoms or abnormal tissue conditions exist. The treatment agent is selected to either disrupt the abnormal nerve pathways and/or to alleviate the abnormal... Agent: Mederi Therapeutics Inc.

20120209145 - Medical suit of axial loading with automatic control system: The area of application of the invention is the development of special cloths for treatment in clinical conditions of the motor function disorders at child's cerebrally palsy, disturbances in vascular system of brain (strokes), and other diseases followed by disturbances of motor coordination both of arms and legs, and also... Agent:

20120209146 - Soft tissue elasticity distribution measurement method and soft tissue elasticity distribution measurement device: An aspiration chamber is provided with an aspiration aperture, having a shape in which a width becomes larger from one edge toward another edge, and aspirates soft tissue through the aspiration aperture. A deformation amount measurement portion measures aspiration deformation amounts of the soft tissue within the aspiration aperture along... Agent: National University Corporation Nagoya Institute Of Technology

20120209148 - Enhanced therapeutic stimulus for non-nutritive suck entrainment system and method: The present invention relates to a system and method for using the system. In particular, the present invention relates to an application, executable by a processing device to assess the organization of a non-nutritive suck (NNS) pattern of a patient and to entrain an organized NNS pattern in the patient.... Agent:

20120209147 - Methods of using an enhanced therapeutic stimulus for non-nutritive suck entrainment system: The present invention relates to methods of using a therapeutic system. In particular, the present invention relates to procedures and methods of using a system having hardware, software, and appliance components for assessing and entraining a non-nutritive suck (NNS) pattern in a patient. The methods include configuring the hardware and... Agent:

20120209149 - Information processing for a body motion signal: An information processing method includes the following steps: applying a pattern matching process on the body motion signal information, and extracting rhythm cycle candidate waves which are rhythm cycle candidates related to the rhythmic motion; performing −1 or more times integration on the body motion signal information to obtain a... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

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20120203050 - Metallic nanoparticles, preparation and uses thereof: The present application relates to activable nanoparticles which can be used in the health sector, in particular in human health, to disturb, alter or destroy target cells, tissues or organs. It more particularly relates to nanoparticles which can generate a significantly efficient therapeutic effect, when exposed to ionizing radiations. The... Agent: Nanobiotix

20120203053 - Sequential optimizations for treatment planning: A method and apparatus for radiation treatment planning are described. The method includes receiving a plurality of radiation treatment-planning parameters, and sequentially optimizing the plurality of radiation treatment-planning parameters.... Agent:

20120203052 - Therapeutic regimen for treating cancer: The invention provides a method for treating cancer in a human comprising administering to the human a dose of a pharmaceutical composition comprising (i) a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier and (ii) an adenoviral vector comprising a nucleic acid sequence encoding TNF-α operably linked to a promoter, wherein the dose comprises about... Agent: Genvec, Inc.

20120203051 - Treatment of cancer using the sodium salt of a benzoic acid derivative: The present invention provides a method of treating cancer using the sodium salt of a benzoic acid derivative, alone or in combination with standard treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.... Agent: New York University

20120203055 - Apparatus for treating and/or preventing diseases and functional disorders of external genital organs: One of the embodiments of the device for realizing the method comprises a source of mechanical oscillations with a periodic controlling device, an isolated chamber adapted to accommodate a to-be-exposed organ therein, a source of a low-frequency pulsed magnetic field with an inductor generating a magnetic field in the place... Agent:

20120203054 - Method and apparatus for determining the proximity of a tms coil to a subject's head: A proximity sensor for a transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) system detects the proximity of a TMS coil assembly to a position at which the coil is to receive pulses during TMS treatment and provides feedback to the operator so that the operator may adjust the TMS coil assembly to maintain... Agent: Neuronetics, Inc.

20120203056 - Anatomic fit of a percutaneous vad for right heart support: An apparatus is disclosed including: a cannula having a shape closely matched to the anatomy of the right ventricle of the human heart, where the cannula has an outflow port configured to be located proximal the pulmonary artery and an inflow port located proximal the inferior vena cava. In some... Agent:

20120203058 - Motion activated electronic therapeutic cue device and method: The present invention relates to a device and method for presenting audio, voice, and tone cues to aid in the rehabilitation of repetitive actions utilizing a device for actions such as eating, drinking or walking. The device also provides a diminisher function for varying the cues.... Agent:

20120203057 - Moxa burning bowl: A moxa burning bowl is provided for application of heat treatment to body portions of a user, with the bowl having a flexible ring-shaped base member of a flexible cloth-like exterior and granular material therein, shaped in a ring-like or torus-like configuration, and having a generally concave shaped upper dish-like... Agent:

20120203059 - Coated pelvic implant device and method: Implant systems and methods are provided to include a treatment material with a pelvic implant device. The pelvic implant device, such as an incontinence sling, can include the treatment coating combination of a material, such as Phosphorylcholine (PC), and an infection prevention material, such as InhibiZone® (IZ) technology. The treatment... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120203061 - Bariatric device and method for weight loss: A bariatric device for use in inducing weight loss, comprising a cardiac element and a fixation element wherein the fixation element attaches the cardiac element to the upper stomach to allow the cardiac element to apply at least intermittent pressure to the upper stomach which produces a satiety signal to... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120203060 - Minimally invasive implant and method: Apparatus and methods are provided for treating urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, and other pelvic defects or dysfunctions, in both males and females, using one or more lateral implants to reinforce the supportive tissue of the urethra. The implants can be configured as a sling device having at least one extension... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120203062 - Device for shaping a body part: A device for shaping a body part is provided which comprises a spring and coupling means. The spring is configured for accommodating the body part to be shaped and has a proximal end and a distal end. The proximal end is configured for being arranged at or near a proximal... Agent:

20120203064 - Percutaneous renal access system: A method for creating a tract in retrograde fashion for nephrostomy tube creation comprising the steps of providing a puncture wire having a tissue penetrating tip shielded in a sheath, inserting the puncture wire and sheath through a channel in an ureteroscope, advancing the puncture wire from the sheath while... Agent:

20120203063 - Treatment tool for endoscope: A treatment tool for endo scope includes a pair of forceps members supported by a forceps rotation axis such that they can rotate relatively, an operation part for performing an open-close operation of the pair of forceps members, an operation wire that connects the pair of forceps members and the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120203065 - Global and semi-global registration for image-based bronchoscopy guidance: Two system-level bronchoscopy guidance solutions are presented. The first incorporates a global-registration algorithm to provide the physician with updated navigational and guidance information during bronchoscopy. The system can handle general navigation to a region of interest (ROI), as well as adverse events, and it requires minimal commands so that it... Agent: The Penn State Research Foundation

20120203066 - Endoscope, guide unit, guide wire, medical-device guiding system, and medical-device guiding method: An endoscope and a surgical instrument are easily manipulated to desired positions and orientations independently while the state of treatment with the surgical instrument can be easily observed using an endoscopic image. Provided is a medical-device guiding method comprising a U-shape forming step of placing both ends of a guide... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120203068 - Capsule guiding system: A capsule guiding system includes a magnetic guiding unit, a displaying unit, an operation unit, and a control unit. The magnetic guiding unit guides, using magnetic force, a capsule-shaped medical apparatus introduced inside a subject. The displaying unit displays an image of the subject and an image of the capsule-shaped... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120203067 - Method and device for determining the location of an endoscope: A technician-free strategy enables real-time guidance of bronchoscopy. The approach uses measurements of the bronchoscope's movement to predict its position in 3D virtual space. To achieve this, a bronchoscope model, defining the device's shape in the airway tree to a given point p, provides an insertion depth to p. In... Agent: The Penn State Research Foundation

20120203069 - Surgical shield for soft tissue protection: A soft tissue protection surgical shield protects collateral soft tissue from damage during a surgical procedure within a surgical space of a body. The shield comprises an elongated flexible shield having a proximal end and a distal end. The proximal end has a first opening and the distal end has... Agent:

20120203070 - Methods and devices to decrease tissue trauma during surgery: Methods and devices are disclosed to reduce tissue trauma when a physician retracts a patient's tissues for surgery. In one part, methods and devices are disclosed for controlling retraction force and pace. In another part, methods and devices are disclosed for oscillating force when opening. In another part, methods and... Agent: Physcient, Inc.

20120203071 - Endoscopic soft tissue working space creation: A device for creating endoscopic operating space includes an external cannula, an internal cannula disposed in the external cannula, and an expandable retractor disposed at a distal end of the device and cooperable with the external cannula and the internal cannula. The expandable retractor is displaceable between an unexpanded position... Agent:

20120203072 - Apical instrument port: The invention is directed to a method of treating a patient's heart. In this method an instrument port is secured within a passageway through a wall of an apical region of the patient's heart to allow the passage of a treatment instrument. A number of minimally invasive procedures may be... Agent: Transcardiac Therapeutics, Inc.

20120203073 - Endoluminal access device: A surgical access apparatus for providing access inside a body includes a housing having a first port, a tubular member extending distally from the housing and defining a longitudinal axis therealong, wherein the tubular member includes a lumen extending therethrough. a shaft insert disposed in the lumen of the tubular... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120203074 - Surgical portal apparatus with armature assembly: A surgical portal apparatus includes a portal housing, an elongated portal member connected to the portal housing and an armature assembly. The portal housing and the portal member have an axial bore for reception and passage of a surgical object. The armature assembly includes at least two arms disposed within... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120203075 - White coherent laser light launched into nano fibers for surgical illumination: Disclosed is an exemplary surgical illumination system that includes a first laser configured to emit a first light beam having a first spectral range, and an illumination probe optically connectable to the first laser. The first laser may be configured as a supercontinuum laser. The surgical illumination system may include... Agent:

20120203076 - Portable physiological data monitoring device: A portable monitoring device and a method for monitoring and alerting physiological parameters of a patient are provided. The portable monitoring device comprises a housing, parameter sensing devices, a processing unit, and data communication units. The housing defines an inner surface for establishing physical contact with the patient's body part,... Agent:

20120203080 - Photoplethysmography apparatus: A photoplethysmography apparatus is provided. The photoplethysmography includes a plurality of light-emitting units spaced apart from each other and configured to emit light to a measurement part, a light-receiving unit disposed in the center of the light-emitting units and configured to detect transmitted or reflected light from the measurement part... Agent:

20120203081 - Physiological and environmental monitoring apparatus and systems: Systems and methods for monitoring various physiological and environmental factors, as well as systems and methods for using this information for a plurality of useful purposes, are provided. Real-time, noninvasive health and environmental monitors include a plurality of compact sensors integrated within small, low-profile devices. Physiological and environmental data is... Agent:

20120203077 - Wearable vital signs monitor: A method and monitor for monitoring vital signs. In one embodiment, the vital signs monitor includes a housing sized and shaped for fitting adjacent the ear of a wearer and an electronic module for measuring vital signs. The electronic module for measuring vital signs is located within the housing and... Agent:

20120203078 - Wireless patient monitoring system: A patient monitoring system for monitoring vital signs, comprises: one or more sensors, wherein the sensors measure vital signs; a monitor station; and one or more portable monitoring devices, wherein monitored data based on the measured vital signs is wirelessly transmitted from the sensors to the monitor station, wherein the... Agent: Aulisa Medical Technologies, Inc.

20120203079 - Wireless, implantable electro-encephalography system: An electro-encephalography system includes an internal device for implantation below a scalp and above a skull of a patient, and an external device to be worn or carried outside the patient's body. The internal device includes a first electrode for receiving neurological signals originating from the patient's brain and a... Agent:

20120203082 - Transdermal antenna: A transdermal antenna may be partially inserted into a cavity in the body of a mammal to receive wireless data transmissions from devices located within the body and relay the data to devices located outside of the body. The transdermal antenna may include a first antenna which may be inserted... Agent: Hadasit Medical Research Services & Development Ltd.

20120203083 - Biologocal test kit: The biological test kit is a device for drawing and, optionally, testing biological samples. The biological test kit is an array of Lancets set in wells in a rigid base. Each lancet well is covered by a protective cover which when deformed permits the lancet to puncture a user or... Agent:

20120203084 - Positioning system, apparatus, and method for wireless monitoring of esophageal ph value: A positioning system, an apparatus, and a method for wireless monitoring of esophageal pH value. The positioning system includes an internal transmitting apparatus and an external recording apparatus. The external recording apparatus includes a second element, and the second element of the external recording apparatus cooperates with a first element... Agent: Chongqing Jinshan Scinece & Technology (group) Co., Ltd.

20120203085 - Non-invasive system and method for measuring an analyte in the body: A system for determining an analyte concentration in a fluid sample (e.g., glucose) comprises a light source, a detector, and a central processing unit. The detector is adapted to receive spectral information corresponding to light returned from the fluid sample being analyzed and to convert the received spectral information into... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20120203086 - Apparatus and method for non-invasively detecting diseases that affect structural properties in biological tissues: Apparatus and methods for spectroscopic analysis of biological tissues to classify an individual as diabetic or non-diabetic, or to determine the probability, progression or level of a disease or medical condition in an individual.... Agent: Freedom Meditech, Inc.

20120203088 - Biological optical measurement instrument and reference image display method: The biological optical measurement instrument is provided with a mobile position sensor that can move in a 3-dimensional space and that detects spatial position in the 3-dimensional space, a head-surface image creating unit that creates a head-surface image of an object and a head-surface point creating unit that creates, on... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120203087 - Systems and methods for monitoring depth of consciousness: During patient monitoring, a depth of consciousness (DOC) measure, such as a bispectral index, may be used in conjunction with additional information obtained from an awareness metric derived from one or more physiological signals, such as a photoplethysmograph signal. In an embodiment, a DOC measure may be combined with information... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120203089 - Monitoring systems and methods with fast initialization: Some embodiments provide a system for synchronizing and configuring monitoring devices. In some embodiments, a patient monitoring device settings module is configured to automatically provide configuration settings to a plurality of patient monitoring devices. A monitoring device data module is configured to receive measurement data from at least one of... Agent:

20120203090 - Systems and methods for tracking stroke volume using hybrid impedance configurations employing a multi-pole implantable cardiac lead: Techniques are provided for use with an implantable medical device for assessing stroke volume or related cardiac function parameters such as cardiac output based on impedance signals obtained using hybrid impedance configurations that exploit a multi-pole cardiac pacing/sensing lead implanted near the left ventricle. In one example, current is injected... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120203091 - Devices and methods for monitoring cerebral hemodynamic conditions: Devices, and methods for measuring bioimpedance signals are disclosed. One aspect may include a headset apparatus including a retainer and electrodes. The retainer may be configured to position the electrodes on the head of a subject so as to obtain bioimpedance signals indicative of hemodynamic conditions associated with an MCA... Agent:

20120203092 - Patient health improvement monitor: Systems and methods to monitor an improvement of a subject's physiological condition using a goal improvement profile are described. In an example, a physiological condition of a subject can be compared to a goal improvement profile, where the profile includes at least one target condition indicative of an improved physiological... Agent:

20120203093 - Apparatus, system and methods for photoacoustic detection of deep vein thrombosis: Embodiments of the invention provide apparatus, systems and methods for the detection of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) using photoacoustic measurement of hemoglobin in different states of oxgyenation within tissue. One embodiment of a system for DVT detection comprises at least a first and second light source that emit light at... Agent:

20120203094 - Mobile architecture using cloud for data mining application: Three tier architecture for image-based diagnosis and monitoring application using Cloud is described. The presentation layer is run on the tablet (mobile device), while the business and persistence layer runs on a single cloud or distributed on different Clouds in a multi-tenancy and multi-user application. Such architecture is used for... Agent:

20120203097 - Magnetic resonance imaging system and method for detecting a gas bubble: A magnetic resonance imaging system (100) for detecting a gas bubble (124, 148, 304, 306, 404, 406) within an imaging volume (108), the magnetic resonance imaging system comprising: a magnet (102) adapted for generating a magnetic field for orientating the magnetic spins of nuclei of a subject (104) located within... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120203096 - Methods to diagnose degenerative disc disease using pain stimuli: Methods are provided that better describe, and localize the pain generator or suspected pain generator in and around spinal discs in relation to neck, back or leg pain so as to improve the diagnosis of degenerative disc disease. In some embodiments, there are methods for diagnosing a pain generator or... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120203095 - Systems and methods for trans-orifice and transperineal intervention: An intervention apparatus is described having a probe with an orifice insertion portion, the insertion portion being configured for insertion into an orifice of a patient. The apparatus also having an intervention tool securement and adjustment mechanism removably attached to the probe. The probe providing support to hold the mechanism... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20120203098 - Ultrasound power supply for an ultrasound transducer: An ultrasound power supply (100) adapted for supplying electrical power for driving an ultrasound transducer (202, 702) in contact with a subject (208), wherein the ultrasound power supply comprises:—a communications interface (102) adapted for receiving a first temperature measurement of a first volume (211, 318) of the subject and a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120203099 - Method and apparatus for localization of introduced objects in interventional magnetic resonance: In a method and a magnetic resonance system to show an object that is introduced into an examination region, the object having a known chemical shift relative to tissue that is predominant in the examination region, magnetic resonance signals are acquired from the examination region of the subject with the... Agent:

20120203100 - Radio frequency ablation catheter and magnetic resonance imaging system: A catheter comprising:-a transmission line (104, 106, 924, 1202, 1302, 1902,), wherein the transmission line comprises a plurality of radio frequency traps (118, 318, 418, 518, 618, 718, 818, 918, 1018, 1202, 1404,); and-a cooling line (104, 304, 1200, 1900) for cooling the plurality of radio frequency traps with a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120203101 - Methods for optoacoustic guidance and confirmation of placement of novel indwelling medical apparatus: Indwelling medical apparatus including one optoacoustic discernible member or a plurality of optoacoustic discernible members and methods for optoacoustic guidance and confirmation of placement of optoacoustically discernible indwelling medical apparatus.... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20120203102 - Azulene and azaazulene systems for imaging, monitoring and therapy: This invention is directed to non-benzenoid aromatic compounds. Other aspects include methods of using non-benzenoid aromatic compounds for imaging and phototherapeutic uses thereof. Non-benzenoid compounds provided herein generally have one or more substituent groups which allow tailoring of the spectral properties or provide photoreactivity or targeting ability.... Agent: Mallinckrodt LLC

20120203103 - Photoacoustic contrast agent based active ultrasound imaging: Electromagnetic energy is applied to thereby oscillate a bubble that is then insonified to produce an echo (260) for reception and analysis to afford imaging of the region of the bubble. To create the bubble, the energy may be applied to a nano particle (232) of a contrast agent whose... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120203104 - Portable imaging system with remote accessibility: A portable ultrasound imaging system is provided. The system includes a probe for acquiring ultrasound image data. A memory stores the acquired ultrasound image data. A processor generates an image based on the stored ultrasound image data. A presentation layer is provided for remotely accessing the generated image to display... Agent: General Electric Company

20120203106 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus: The ultrasound diagnosis apparatus according to the embodiment includes an ultrasound probe that transmits and receives ultrasound waves to and from a subject, and generates and displays images of the inside of the subject based on the reception results from the ultrasound probe. The ultrasound diagnosis apparatus includes a memory,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120203105 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound image producing method: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus comprises an ultrasound probe including a transducer array, a transmitter for transmitting an ultrasonic beam from the transducer array toward a subject, an image producer for producing an ultrasound image based on a reception signal outputted from the transducer array having received ultrasonic echoes from the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120203107 - Ultrasound measuring apparatus and control method thereof: Provided are an ultrasound measuring device that uses multiple ultrasound probes to acquire a plurality of images and synthesizes the same to produce a synthesized image of a subject, as well as a control method thereof. The ultrasound measuring device includes: multiple ultrasound probes having sensors to detect relative positions... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120203108 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and image construction method: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus is provided with: an ultrasonic probe which is brought into contact with an object to transmit and receive ultrasonic waves; a transmission unit and a reception unit which periodically transmit and receive the ultrasonic waves to and from the object and subject a reflection echo signal... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120203109 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound image producing method: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes: a controller for controlling a transmission circuit and a reception circuit to obtain reception data for measuring a sound speed and to obtain first reception data for producing a B mode image; a sound speed map producer for producing a sound speed map for the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120203110 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound image producing method: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes a channel selector for selecting channels that are simultaneously available for reception from a plurality of channels of a transducer array, and a controller for controlling a transmission driver to sequentially transmit a plurality of ultrasonic beams having different frequencies corresponding to a plurality of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120203111 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic image processing apparatus, and ultrasonic image acquisition method: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes a detection unit configured to detect a distribution of velocity information at each position in a predetermined area in an object over a predetermined interval by scanning the predetermined area with an ultrasonic wave, a calculation unit configured to calculate at... Agent:

20120203112 - Optimization of lines per second for medical diagnostic ultrasound contrast agent imaging: Frame rate and/or line density are controlled in contrast agent medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging. The number of lines scanned per second (e.g., frame rate and/or line density) is set based on the differences in contrast agent response. Where the contrast agent response is changing rapidly, more frequent scanning and/or denser... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120203113 - Blood flow sensor: A blood flow rate sensor has at least one transmitter for emitting waves into a blood vessel, the propagation of which is deflected by cellular blood components, and at least two receiver units for receiving waves emitted by the transmitter. The receiver units are spaced from each other in the... Agent:

20120203114 - Intrinsic and swept-source raman spectroscopy: The present invention pertains to a method and an apparatus for Raman spectroscopy of human tissue. Human tissue is illuminated with a laser emitting a first wavelength of light. A Raman signal is measured and optical properties are determined at this wavelength such that the measured Raman signal can be... Agent:

20120203115 - System and method for noninvasive tissue examination: A processing utility analyzes first measured data including at least two measured data pieces from at least two first spaced-apart measurement locations respectively within a first sub-region of the region of interest, and determines for each of the first locations a deviation parameter corresponding to deviation of the measured data... Agent: Medespel Ltd.

20120203116 - Managing preload reserve by tracking the ventricular operating point with heart sounds: A system and method for managing preload reserve and tracking the inotropic state of a patient's heart. The S1 heart sound is measured as a proxy for direct measurement of stroke volume. The S3 heart sound may be measured as a proxy for direct measurement of preload level. The S1-S3... Agent:

20120203117 - Vital signs detecting device and a method for detecting vital signs: A vital signs detecting device and a method for detecting vital signs are provided. The vital signs detecting device comprises a detection unit; a multimode optical fiber configured to be connected to a light source and to the detection unit; a mechanical structure configured for receiving a pressure exerted by... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20120203118 - Transceiver unit in a measurement system: A measurement system may comprise a sensor wire and a transceiver unit. The sensor wire may comprise an insertable portion configured to be inserted in a blood vessel of a patient's body and a sensor disposed within the insertable portion at a distal end of the sensor wire. The sensor... Agent: St. Jude Medical Systems Ab

20120203119 - Electronic sphygmomanometer: An electronic sphygmomanometer includes a cuff that can be worn at a measurement site, a pressure adjustment unit that adjusts the pressure applied inside the cuff; a pressure detection unit that includes multiple pressure sensors and that detects the cuff pressure inside the cuff based on pressure information output from... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120203120 - Sphygmomanometer: The objective of the present invention is to provide a sphygmomanometer that is easy to use. The sphygmomanometer according to the present invention measures blood pressure in accordance with an oscillation in an artery wall, resulting from an arterial pulse correspondent with a change in cuff pressure. It comprises a... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120203121 - Devices and methods for monitoring cerebral hemodynamic characteristics: Devices, and methods for receiving and comparing bioimpedance signals are disclosed. In one aspect, the devices and methods may include receiving bioimpedance signals indicative of hemodynamic characteristics within a subject's brain. Bioimpedance signals may be compared, and the comparison used to provide information for diagnosing changes in arterial occlusion. Bioimpedance... Agent:

20120203122 - Devices and methods for monitoring cerebral hemodynamic conditions: Devices, and methods for synchronizing cerebro-hemodynamic signals are disclosed. In one aspect, the devices and methods may include synchronizing first and second signals indicative of hemodynamic characteristics within a subject's brain. Differences may be determined between the synchronized signals and used to provide information for diagnosing changes in arterial occlusion.... Agent:

20120203123 - Noise detection in implantable medical devices: An apparatus comprises a primary cardiac signal sensing circuit configured to sense at least a first cardiac signal, a secondary cardiac signal sensing circuit configured to sense a secondary cardiac signal, and a control circuit. The control circuit includes a noise detection circuit that has an alignment circuit. The alignment... Agent:

20120203124 - Mobile phone for recording ecg: A mobile phone, a method of assembling a mobile phone, and a method of recording an ECG using the mobile phone. The mobile phone comprises a casing; a wireless communication module disposed inside the casing for communicating with a mobile network; one or more sensor elements integrated on the casing... Agent: Ephone International Pte Ltd

20120203125 - Inhalation mask for animals: An inhalation mask (1) for fitting to a snout of an equine animal or an animal having an equine shaped snout is provided and comprise: a unitary mask body (6) defining a housing with an open end (11) which is adapted to overfit and accommodate the snout of the animal.... Agent: Nortev Limited

20120203126 - Method and apparatus for measuring the concentration of a gas in exhaled air: There is provided an apparatus for monitoring the respiration of a subject, the apparatus comprising a sensor for measuring the concentration of a specified gas in air exhaled by the subject and a processor configured to provide an output indicating the concentration of the specified gas in a selected portion... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120203127 - Nasal cannula with integrated thermal flow sensing: A device and method for providing an airflow sensor apparatus including a nasal cannula nosepiece body, an oral prong extending therefrom and a temperature sensor, integrated therewith. The temperature sensor includes an electrically-conductive elastomer based sensor material such as electrically-conductive ink, electrically-conductive Form-In-Place elastomer material and electrically-conductive elastomer wire.... Agent: Slp Ltd.

20120203128 - Respiratory rate detection device, system and method: A respiration rate measurement device comprising a tubular housing configured to be disposed over a nose and mouth on a face of a subject. The tubular housing comprises a proximal end configured to communicate with the nose and mouth of the subject and receive a transient pressure event from the... Agent:

20120203129 - Brain machine interface device: A distributed real-time wireless neural interface including a reader and an array of distinct recording devices having a wireless section and a sensor section. The reader outputs and receives radio-frequency signals. The wireless section of the array includes an rf power converter, an antenna, a regulator, and a modulator. The... Agent:

20120203131 - Extracranial monitoring of brain activity: Methods and systems for monitoring a subject's brain activity are provided. A method includes receiving EEG signals from the subject using a plurality of EEG electrodes positioned extracranially; and recording EEG signals using a recording circuit coupled to said EEG electrodes and contained in an enclosure implanted beneath the subject's... Agent:

20120203130 - Tinnitus therapy device: The invention relates to a device for tinnitus therapy having an EEG device, particularly a Q-EEG device and a head piece having at least one applicator generating a low-frequency electromagnetic field in the frequency range 1-100 Hz and having a field strength below 20 mT.... Agent:

20120203132 - Device and method for applying pressure to a body limb: Provided is a device for providing pressure to a body limb. The device includes an actuating unit configured to apply a varying pressure to a first region of the limb and a sensing unit monitoring a state of a second region of the limb and generating a time dependent signal... Agent: Gbveintech Ltd.

20120203133 - Method of and apparatus for monitoring of muscle activity: Apparatus for monitoring muscle activity, said apparatus comprising means for providing signals indicative of muscle activity, for example EMG-signals, means for processing of said signals in order to detect a particular activity and means for providing a feedback signal, wherein said device is designed in order to be individually adaptable... Agent: Medotech A/s

20120203134 - Devices and methods for monitoring cerebral hemodynamic conditions: Devices, and methods for monitoring cerebro-hemodynamic signals are disclosed. In one aspect, the devices and methods may include receiving at least one signal characterizing a bioimpedance measurement. The at least one signal may be correlated with the timing of a cardiac wave and analyzed to ascertain an extent of an... Agent:

20120203135 - Biopsy needle system having a pressure generating unit: A biopsy needle system includes a cylinder with a fluid connection end, an open end and a cylinder wall. A piston is coupled to a threaded spindle shaft. The threaded spindle shaft is configured to extend from the piston and through the open end of the cylinder. The piston is... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120203136 - Cutter drive assembly for biopsy device: A biopsy device comprises a body, a needle, and a cutter actuation mechanism. The needle extends distally from the body. The cutter actuation mechanism rotates and translates the cutter relative to the body and relative to the needle. The cutter has an overmold presenting a lead screw and a hex... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20120203138 - Plug and bodily fluid-collecting instrument set: A plug that allows the plug body to be easily and reliably pierced through by a hollow bodily fluid collection needle, makes the bodily fluid collection needle difficult to draw back out of the plug body owing to a resilience of a sheath after the start of bodily fluid collection,... Agent:

20120203137 - Reduced-pain needle assembly: Apparatus and methods are provided for use with a needle assembly that includes a needle that is for inserting into an insertion site of skin of a patient. A needle-coupling portion is coupled to a support element, the needle-coupling portion being configured to couple the support element to the needle... Agent: Avishai Neuman, Md, PLLC

20120203139 - Wheelchair, wheelchair apparatus and wheelchair care service network system: A wheelchair includes a seat, one or more wheels and a seat weight sensing mechanism. The wheel includes a brake for stopping the wheel. The seat weight sensing mechanism is placed below the seat and is connected to the brake. When the seat is loaded by a weight more than... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120203140 - Patient positioning systems and methods: Systems and methods provide patient position information to a user. A patient positioning device is placed on a patient in a predefined location. The patient positioning device determines a relative patient position with respect to at least one known reference axis. The patient positioning device communicates patient position information including... Agent:

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20120197058 - Grid radiotherapy for static and dynamic treatment delivery: Some aspects include a system, method, and computer-readeable medium to divide a representation of a target volume into an array of sub-volumes; define a high dose volume to which a high dose of radiation is to be delivered; define a plurality of sampling volumes; direct an estimated dose of radiation... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120197060 - Radiation enhanced macromolecular delivery of therapeutic agents for chemotherapy technology: Described herein are anti-cancer compounds composed of a macromolecule comprising (1) at least one anti-cancer agent directly or indirectly bonded to the macromolecule and (2) at least one high Z element directly or indirectly bonded to the macromolecule that is capable of producing Auger electrons upon exposure to X-ray energy.... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20120197059 - Ubiquitin interacting motif peptides as cancer therapeutics: The present invention involves the use peptides comprising ubiquitin interacting motifs (UIMs) alone or in combination with other agents to treat diseases involving neovascularization, such as cancer.... Agent:

20120197061 - Magnetic compression delivery devices and related devices and methods: Catheters configured to deliver magnets for magnetic compression of target tissue have at least one deflatable or retractable tissue spacer and/or radioactive material on the magnet.... Agent:

20120197062 - Ureter to ileal conduit anastomosis using magnetic compression and related delivery devices and methods: Magnetic compression anastomosis can be carried out by placing cooperating magnets, one in the ileal conduit and one in the ureter, to lock together and form the anastomosis. The magnets may be placed to form a side-to-side anastomosis. At least one of the magnets can include radioactive material. Catheters may... Agent:

20120197064 - Portable magnetic stimulation type medicalcare device: Provided is a magnetic stimulation type medicalcare device including a main body for generating a magnetic stimulation and various probes electrically connected to the main body to stimulate a skin of a patient through non-contact deep penetration. The magnetic stimulation type medicalcare device includes a main body for generating a... Agent:

20120197063 - Systems and methods which remove material from blood vessel walls: Systems and methods for removing plaque from blood vessels by applying constant or time varying magnetic or electrical fields. In one embodiment a system includes winding configurations positioned about a central axis along which a body region may be placed. Each winding configuration generates a magnetic field in a direction... Agent:

20120197066 - Coupling apparatus: Coupling apparatus for coupling an implantable element to the round window membrane. The apparatus comprises engagement means in the form of a clip or a filler material for engaging the bone surface within the round window niche. This supports the apparatus in the region of the round window membrane.... Agent: Sentient Medical Limited

20120197065 - Systems and methods for using a simplified user interface for hearing prosthesis fitting: The present application discloses systems and methods for displaying and operating a user interface having one or more channel group controllers corresponding to one or more groups of hearing prosthesis channels. The hearing prosthesis may be configured to generate a plurality of signals via a plurality of channels based on... Agent: Cochlear Limited

20120197067 - Nutritional composition for equine reproductive health: An equine nutritional composition comprising: i) a first component comprising micronutrients, wherein said micronutrients include: the amino acids L-carnitine, L-arginine, L-cysteine and, optionally, L-lysine; folate; and, at least one mineral element selected from the group consisting of: selenium, iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese; and, ii) a second component... Agent: Primeval B.v.

20120197068 - Sperm diluent solution and method for artificial insemination using same: A sperm diluent of the present invention contains a chelating agent such as EDTA and/or, EGTA, which forms a complex with a calcium ion, in a base diluent. Further, the sperm diluent contains an immunosuppressive factor such as a steroid hormone and/or, a cytokine, which suppresses migration of leukocytes. By... Agent:

20120197069 - Assembly and method for automatically controlling pressure for a gastric band: A bladder assembly is provided in order to maintain the pressure in the balloon portion of a gastric band in a range corresponding to a so-called Green Zone. Multiple bladders are connected by flexible tubing which is connected at a distal end to the balloon portion of a gastric band.... Agent: Cavu Medical, Inc.

20120197070 - Partially erodable systems for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: The invention relates to devices and methods for reforming tissue surrounding the airway of a subject suffering from obstructive sleep apnea so as to open the airway and alleviate the occurrence of apneic events. Devices comprise a combination of resiliently deformable material and bioerodible material. The deformable portion of the... Agent:

20120197071 - Finger condom: A finger condom having an elastic hollow tubular sheath having an opening at a bottom end thereof, a closed end portion at a top end thereof and a tubular body portion connected between the opening and the closed end portion and a non-uniform diameter with the largest diameter at the... Agent:

20120197073 - Foldable sexual device: The present invention is a foldable sexual device that includes a handle, a seat frame that includes a plurality of rollers and is rotated by a user while utilizing the foldable sexual device, a seat bar that allows the user to rotate the seat frame up or down and a... Agent:

20120197072 - Vibrator device: A vibrator device to stimulate the clitoris of a user includes a vibrator mechanism, a sleeve to contain and align the vibrator mechanism, a stabilizer to support and locate the device, an elongated flexible strip to affix the device to the user, and a glove to couple vibration from the... Agent:

20120197074 - Device to help alleviate reduced penile erection firmness: A device to help alleviate any reduced penile erection firmness may include a plurality of strands, each having a first end, a first keeper for gathering the first end of each of the plurality of strands, and a first loop operably coupled to the first keeper. A method to help... Agent:

20120197075 - Endoscope securement device and method of use: An endoscope securement device for coupling an endoscope to the body of a practitioner. The endoscope securement device includes a base capable of being coupled to a practitioner and an articulable arm extending from the base configured to be coupled to an endoscope. The device allows a practitioner to manipulate... Agent:

20120197079 - Control device, endoscope apparatus, aperture control method, and information storage medium: A control device includes an image acquisition section that acquires an image of an object captured by an imaging optical system of an endoscope apparatus, a determination section that determines whether or not an observation area is in focus based on a pixel value of each pixel within the image... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120197077 - Electronic endoscope system: An electronic endoscope system includes a light source apparatus, a CCD, and a processor apparatus. The light source apparatus applies illumination light to a target portion. The target portion includes a surface blood vessel and a subsurface blood vessel. The CCD captures light reflected from the target portion. The processor... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120197080 - Electronic endoscope system: In an electronic endoscope, an insert section has a beam splitter, a CCD, and an EMCCD at its distal end portion. When white light being normal light is applied to an internal body portion, the reflected white light is incident on the CCD through the beam splitter, and a normal... Agent:

20120197076 - Endoscope system, processing unit therefor, and image processing method: Broadband light and narrowband light are simultaneously projected toward a subject. The subject is imaged by a color CCD to obtain a blue signal, a green signal, and a green signal. A base image is generated from the signals of three colors. Based on a luminance ratio B/G between the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120197078 - Insufflation needle with integrated image sensor: An insufflation apparatus includes a housing defining a port for receipt of insufflation gases and an elongated sleeve defining a longitudinal axis. The elongated sleeve has a proximal end and a distal end and defines a sharpened tip. A stylet is disposed within the elongated sleeve. The stylet is movable... Agent:

20120197081 - Imaging device and electronic endoscope having imaging device: An end portion of a signal cable is fixed to the inside of a rear end of a connecting member by a first adhesive material. A flange of a lens barrel is engaged to a pair of claws of the connecting member. The signal cable is connected to the lens... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120197082 - Rotary self-propelled endoscope system: A rotary self-propelled endoscope system includes an insertion section body, an insertion section, a drive unit, a torque detection unit, and a control unit. In a distal end portion of the insertion section body, a rigid distal end portion including an image pickup apparatus is disposed. The insertion section is... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120197083 - Method and apparatus for endoscope advancement: An advancing mechanism for an endoscope constituted of: a generally tubular shaped sheath exhibiting an inner diameter and a length sufficient to at least partially encase an articulating section of the endoscope, the sheath comprising a plurality of deployable members arrayed thereabout, each exhibiting a first end attached to the... Agent: Gi Motions Ltd.

20120197084 - Systems and methods for optimizing and maintaining visualization of a surgical field during the use of surgical scopes: A view optimizing assembly, method and kit for use in combination with a laparoscope having a lens located on the shaft tip of the laparoscope, and a source of insufflation CO2. The invention includes a multi-lumen sheath assembly, a deflector assembly in fluid communication with the lumens of the sheath... Agent: Minimally Invasive Devices, LLC

20120197085 - Signal transmission device and endoscope system: A signal transmission device includes a transmission unit, a first connection unit, a second connection unit, and a reception unit. The transmission unit sends a transmission signal. The first connection unit includes a first electrode electrically connected to the transmission unit. The second connection unit includes a second electrode that... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120197086 - Medical visualization technique and apparatus: According to various embodiments, an airway visualization device may facilitate the selection and insertion of airway devices. The device may allow clinicians to more effectively determine the appropriate diameter tracheal tube for a particular patient, which in turn may decrease work of breathing and/or discomfort for the patient. In particular... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120197087 - Surgical portal with seal system: A surgical seal system is adapted for use with a cannula assembly having a cannula housing and a cannula sleeve extending from the cannula housing. The surgical seal assembly includes a seal assembly and an adapter assembly. The seal assembly is mountable to the cannula housing. The seal assembly includes... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120197088 - Detection of waveform artifact: A medical device system including a physiological sensor is configured to perform a method for detecting signal artifact in a signal waveform acquired by the sensor. A signal waveform is sensed in a patient using the physiological sensor and a fiducial point associated with the sensed waveform is identified. A... Agent:

20120197093 - Apparatus and methods for monitoring physiological data during environmental interference: Apparatus and methods for attenuating environmental interference are described. A wearable monitoring apparatus includes a housing configured to be attached to the body of a subject and a sensor module that includes an energy emitter that directs energy at a target region of the subject, a detector that detects an... Agent:

20120197090 - Biomedical device with near field communication (nfc) function and method thereof for user identification, biomedical data measurement, biomedical data upload/download, biomedical data management, and remote medical care: The present invention relates to a biomedical device with near field communication (NFC) function and a method thereof for user identification, biomedical data measurement, biomedical data upload/download, biomedical data management, and remote medical care, the biomedical device comprises: a measuring unit, a environment sensing unit, a data transforming unit, a... Agent: Pensiero Medical Electronics Corp.

20120197092 - Dry sensor eeg/emg and motion sensing system for seizure detection and monitoring: A dry sensor EEG/EMG and motion sensing system for seizure detection and monitoring is disclosed. In some embodiments, a system for seizure detection/monitoring is provided that can measure a user's EEG/EMG and motor activity, automatically detect an epileptic seizure and perform actions, such as triggering an alarm and/or turning off... Agent: Neurosky, Inc.

20120197095 - System and method for heart and activity monitoring: A system and method determining physiological status of a patient. A determination is made whether the patient is sleeping. The amplitude and change in voltage over time of any intramyocardial electrogram is measured for a right ventricle and a left ventricle of a heart of the patient for a predefined... Agent: Monitoring Information Technologies, Inc.

20120197094 - System for processing patient monitoring power and data signals: A device interface selectively acquires patient physiological parameter data. An acquisition processor acquires physiological data from a patient. A communication processor is coupled to an optical communication pathway for receiving a plurality of optical signals from a source. A conversion processor is electrically coupled to the acquisition processor and communication... Agent:

20120197089 - System for recording electric signals from a subject while magnet field pulses are being applied to the subject: A first apparatus applies magnetic field pulses to a subject, a second apparatus records electric signals of the subject, wherein the electric signals are received as analog signals from the subject while the magnetic field pulses are being applied to the subject. The first apparatus has a generating unit for... Agent: Brain Products Gmbh

20120197091 - Wakeful-state data generating apparatus and wakefulness degree determining apparatus: A wakeful-state data generating apparatus includes at least one processor and at least one storage device, the at least one storage device configured to; store a first correlation between value of variation in heartbeat interval and maximum spectral density, and store a second correlation between heartbeat rate and wakeful-state maximum... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120197096 - System for noninvasive determination of analytes in tissue: An apparatus and method for noninvasive determination of analyte properties of human tissue by quantitative infrared spectroscopy to clinically relevant levels of precision and accuracy. The system includes subsystems optimized to contend with the complexities of the tissue spectrum, high signal-to-noise ratio and photometric accuracy requirements, tissue sampling errors, calibration... Agent:

20120197097 - Optical sensing - enabled interventional instruments for rapid distributed measurements of biophysical parameters: An interventional instrument, system and method include an elongated flexible member (100) having one or more segmented sections (101) disposed longitudinally. An optical fiber (104) is disposed internally in the flexible member. A plurality of optical sensors (102) are coupled to the optical fiber and distributed along a length of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120197098 - Medical device inserters and processes of inserting and using medical devices: An apparatus for insertion of a medical device in the skin of a subject is provided, as well as methods of inserting medical devices.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120197099 - Analyte meter including an rfid reader: A glucose monitoring system, includes a glucose sensor strip or package of strips. The strip includes a substrate and a glucose monitoring circuit that has electrodes and a bodily fluid application portion of selected chemical composition. An antenna is integrated with the glucose sensor strip. A RFID sensor chip is... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120197100 - Guided ablation devices, systems, and methods: An embodiment of the invention includes a system for the guidance of a catheter to different regions of tissue (e.g., cardiac tissue) for therapy (e.g., ablation therapy). A plurality of electrodes, such as an array of electrodes, may be configured to perform various tasks. First, some electrodes may measure cardiac... Agent:

20120197102 - Ophthalmic surgical microscope: An ophthalmic surgical microscope comprises: an observation optical system for observing a patient's eye during surgery; a corneal shape measuring unit for measuring a corneal shape of the patient's eye placed in a surgical position; and a controller configured to output guide information for guiding a surgery with an intraocular... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20120197101 - System for measuring intraocular pressure: The invention concerns a system of measuring ocular pressure, consisting of at least one implant (30) including a pressure sensor (33) and an electronic circuit (32), implanted in the cornea of an eye and an antenna (31) connected to the said circuit and implanted in the sub-conjunctival space; and a... Agent:

20120197103 - Method for calculation and generation of spatially-tailored parallel radio frequency saturation fields: A method for producing magnetic resonance images of a subject in which artifacts resulting from a localized source, such as from pulsatile blood flow, are substantially mitigated is provided. The location of an artifact source, at which spins corresponding to flowing blood are located, is identified. Using this identified artifact... Agent:

20120197105 - Methods for detecting abnormalities and degenerative processes in soft tissue using magnetic resonance imaging (mri): The present invention provides methods to detect degenerative processes and abnormalities in soft tissues at high spatial resolution, high signal-to-noise ratio and short scanning times, based on quantitative tissue properties. These methods might provide a useful tool to detect and assess abnormalities in soft tissues and to monitor disease progression.... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20120197104 - System and methods for automatic placement of spatial supression regions in mri and mrsi: A system and methods for imaging a patient organ. The system includes a MRI imaging apparatus communicating with a memory and processor. The method aligns the organ with a standardized organ, and includes a step of spatially normalizing the standardized organ to the patient organ. The method also provides optimized... Agent: Stc.unm

20120197106 - Parallel excitation of nuclear spins with local sar control: A method of exciting nuclear spins in a sample, wherein a plurality of transmit coils are driven in parallel to emit respective radio-frequency excitation pulses, the method comprising computing the phases and/or amplitudes of said excitation pulses by solving an optimization problem for minimizing the difference between the excitation distribution... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120197107 - Glucose analyzing blood examiner (gabe): In one embodiment, a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) apparatus is described. The example NMR apparatus includes a first field generator configured to apply a first magnetic field to a sample (e.g., blood, interstitial fluid). A pulse generator is configured to provide a radio frequency (RF) pulse sequence. The pulse sequence... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20120197111 - Compensation for respiratory motion: A method, including: measuring first positions of a probe fixed at a first point in a body of a patient over at least a portion of a respiration cycle of the patient, and formulating respective indicators of a respiration state of the patient at the first positions. The method further... Agent:

20120197108 - Method and apparatus for image-based navigation: A system and method for a procedure that can be performed on any appropriate subject. Procedures can include assembling any appropriate work piece or installing members into a work piece, such as an airframe, autoframe, etc. Regardless of the subject, tracking a substantially small tracking device in a plurality of... Agent: Medtronic Navigation, Inc

20120197109 - Method and apparatus for image-based navigation: A system and method for a procedure that can be performed on any appropriate subject. Procedures can include assembling any appropriate work piece or installing members into a work piece, such as an airframe, autoframe, etc. Regardless of the subject, tracking a substantially small tracking device in a plurality of... Agent: Medtronic Navigation, Inc

20120197110 - Method and apparatus for image-based navigation: A system and method for a procedure that can be performed on any appropriate subject. Procedures can include assembling any appropriate work piece or installing members into a work piece, such as an airframe, autoframe, etc. Regardless of the subject, tracking a substantially small tracking device in a plurality of... Agent: Medtronic Navigation, Inc

20120197112 - Spatially-localized optical coherence tomography imaging: This invention generally relates to devices and methods for optical coherence tomography (OCT), and also to devices and methods for spatially-localized OCT imaging. In one aspect, a spatially-localized OCT imaging system may include an OCT probe, a spatially-resolvable positioning device, a tracking system, and a data acquisition system. Some or... Agent: Biotex, Inc.

20120197113 - Ultasonic probe with ultrasonic transducers addressable on common electrical channel: Methods and apparatus are provided for electrically addressing multiple ultrasonic transducers that are connected to a common electrical channel and housed within an imaging probe. An imaging probe may comprise an imaging ultrasonic transducer and a moveable element for controlling the direction of an emitted imaging beam, and an angle... Agent: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

20120197114 - Nanocarriers for imaging and therapy applications: Nanocarriers and methods of preparation and use of nanocarriers are presented. In some embodiments, a nanocarrier composition comprises an organic liquid comprising a plurality of nanoparticles dispersed therein; and a coating material disposed around the exterior surface of the organic liquid. Biological tissue may be imaged or treated by coming... Agent:

20120197115 - Spectral magnetic particle imaging: The invention relates to the discrimination of spectroscopically different tracer materials by magnetic particle imaging (MPI), based on the differences of the MPI spectral responses of said tracer materials.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120197116 - Methods and systems for assessing gastric emptying: Gastric emptying classification systems, displays, methods for classifying gastric emptying data, methods for treating patients, and methods for developing gastric emptying classification systems are disclosed.... Agent: Advanced Breath Diagnostics, LLC

20120197117 - Thermoacoustic system for analyzing tissue: Methods and systems to analyze soft tissue or vasculature in a subject, form images with enhanced soft tissue contrast, determine blood flow parameters in soft tissue or vasculature, and to aid in the diagnosis of disease using thermoacoustic methods. Pulsed electromagnetic energy is administered to tissue to excite a thermoacoustic... Agent: Endra, Inc.

20120197118 - Ultrasonic monitoring device for measuring physiological parameters of a mammal: An ultrasonic monitoring device includes a substrate, a plurality of ultrasonic transducer elements, a computer readable memory medium, a microprocessor, and a power source. The ultrasonic transducer elements are coupled to the substrate. Each ultrasonic transducer element is separately configured to transmit a signal to a target area of a... Agent: Hospira, Inc.

20120197121 - Customized cosmetic treatment: A method and system for controlled thermal injury of human superficial tissue based on the ability to controllably create thermal lesions of variable shape, size, and depth via precise spatial and temporal control of acoustic energy deposition. The apparatus includes a control system and probes that facilitate treatment planning, control... Agent: Guided Therapy Systems, LLC

20120197120 - Methods for treatment of sweat glands: A method and system for ultrasound treatment of sweat glands are provided. An exemplary method and system for targeted treatment of sweat glands can be configured in various manners, such as through use of therapy only, therapy and monitoring, imaging and therapy, or therapy, imaging, and monitoring, and/or through use... Agent: Guided Therapy Systems, LLC

20120197119 - Treatment instrument: A treatment instrument that is inserted in a freely advancing and retracting manner into the channel of an ultrasonic endoscope, includes a treatment member that has a distal end and a proximal end and an outer surface that is a circular cylindrical shape in which a plurality of dimples are... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120197122 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and method of controlling output of ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus: Provided is a method of controlling voltage levels of overall outputs in a combinational mode, in an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus that may operate in the combinational mode. A judging unit of the ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus may judge whether at least a part of individual modes included in the combinational mode... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120197123 - Systems and methods for determining global circumferential strain in cardiology: Systems and methods for determining circumference and a percent change in circumference of a structure are provided. Certain methods include receiving first and second sets of at least three vertical plane images of a structure about a long axis of the structure that were acquired at first and second points... Agent: General Electric Company

20120197124 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus comprises: an ultrasound probe that has a transducer array transmitting an ultrasonic beam toward a subject and receiving an ultrasonic echo by the subject to output reception signals; a diagnostic apparatus body that is connected to the ultrasound probe by wireless communication and generates an ultrasound... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120197125 - Ultrasound diagnostic device: As one illustrative embodiment, a first calculator obtains a first power value, which is the sum of the absolute value of a plurality of data obtained by a plurality of transmissions. A velocity-vector calculating unit obtains the velocity vector based on a plurality of data. A second calculator obtains a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120197126 - Ultrasound imaging device: An ultrasound imaging apparatus includes a transmitter which transmits an ultrasound pulse to a subject, a receiver which receives ultrasound coming from the subject, and a signal processor to process a received signal at the receiver and generate image data. The receiver has a predetermined reception band, and the ultrasound... Agent:

20120197127 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound image producing method: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus comprises a transducer array for transmitting ultrasonic beams to a subject, a multiplexer for sequentially selecting one channel of reception signal in every N number of channels of reception signals out of a plurality of channels of reception signals outputted from the transducer array which has... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120197128 - Transthoracic cardio-pulmonary monitor: Operation of a patient's heart or lungs may be analyzed by transmitting ultrasound energy into the patient's lung, and detecting Doppler shifts of reflected ultrasound induced by moving borders between blood vessels/soft tissue in the lung and air filled alveoli that surround the blood vessels. Movement of the border is... Agent:

20120197129 - Flow measurement apparatus and method: The velocity of fluids containing particles that scatter ultrasound can be measured by determining the Doppler shift of the ultrasound scattered by the particles in the fluid. Measuring fluid flow in cylindrical vessels such as blood vessels is an important use of Doppler ultrasound. This invention teaches using various configurations... Agent: Dvx, LLC

20120197131 - Probe-mounted ultrasound system control interface: In one embodiment, an ultrasound probe is provided including a probe body with a sensing face arranged to be held in contact with a subject by a user. The probe also provides a tactile interface located on a side of the probe body sufficiently close to the sensing face so... Agent: General Electric Company

20120197130 - Receiving circuit, ultrasonic probe, and ultrasonic image displaying apparatus: A receiving circuit in an ultrasonic probe that includes an ultrasonic transducer configured to receive ultrasonic waves is provided. The receiving unit includes an amplification unit configured to amplify an echo signal received at the ultrasonic transducer. The amplification unit includes a current output amplifier. The receiving circuit further includes... Agent:

20120197132 - Ultrasound imaging apparatus: An apparatus includes an ultrasound portion configured to acquire an image of a region of interest of a subject. The apparatus further includes an instrument carrying portion configured to carry and employ an instrument to perform a procedure at the region of interest based on the image. The ultrasound and... Agent: Analogic Corporation

20120197133 - Advanced ultrasound modulated optical spectroscopy and its application to patient monitoring: The present disclosure describes systems and methods that use spatial modulation to focus light into a localized region of interest such as an individual blood vessel. In certain embodiments, acoustic modulation techniques, such as ultrasound pulse modulation, are used in conjunction with spatial modulation to achieve more precise measurements through... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120197135 - Device for intermittently performing care sessions to form a large skin area care: A device of guiding a multiple area dermatologic care process. The device comprises a carrier which supports a drive of a dermatologic care tool over a skin area while the dermatologic care tool intermittently performs a plurality of dermatologic care sessions each in one of a plurality of skin subareas... Agent:

20120197134 - Lesion extracting device and lesion extracting method: A lesion extracting device includes a light source for emitting an excitation light toward a subject body, a control unit for changing an amount of the excitation light, a light irradiating and receiving portion for irradiating the excitation light to the subject body and receiving fluorescence generated from the subject... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120197136 - Self-puncturing percutaneous optical sensor for optical sensing of intravascular fluid: The present invention is directed to a self-penetrating percutaneous optical sensing device for obtaining and transmitting optical signal from intravascular fluid in a blood vessel, the device comprising: (a) an elongated hollow rigid sensor sheath 20 having a proximal end 21, a distal end 22 and a central channel extending... Agent: Pharmacophotonics, Inc.

20120197137 - Method and system for carrying out photoplethysmography: A method of photoplethysmography includes processing a signal (46;56) based on at least one signal (35;50) from at least one sensor (5;18-20;26;63) arranged to capture light from a living subject to extract information on a characteristic of a periodic biological phenomenon. At least one of the signals (35;50) from at... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120197138 - Biological parameter monitoring method, computer-readable storage medium and biological parameter monitoring device: A method for monitoring a biological parameter out of either the heartbeat and/or respiratory signal of an occupant on a member of a seat or bed, wherein a signal or signals received from one or a plurality of sensors connected to the member and capable of detecting the variation of... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120197139 - Auto-diagnostic blood manometer: As the blood manometer not only measures blood pressure but displays specific information on the examined person's heart condition, it is helpful for ordinary people to manage their health at home and at work place. If the user sees an abnormal condition displayed, he or she may transmit the data... Agent:

20120197140 - Pulse wave detection device and pulse wave detection method: A pulse wave detection device that includes a piezoelectric transducer acquiring the velocity pulse wave of a test subject and an information processing unit that processes the acquired velocity pulse wave and selectively detects regular velocity pulse wave data. The information processing unit acquires a differential waveform, extracts the extreme... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120197141 - Implantable echo doppler flow sensor for monitoring of hemodynamics: Systems, devices and methods of monitoring blood flow velocity are disclosed herein. For example, one method of monitoring blood flow velocity includes: locating a blood flow velocity sensor near the ostium in the coronary sinus; and sensing towards a portion of the aorta. A second example method includes: locating a... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120197142 - Method and system for determining vascular changes using plethysmographic signals: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to determining changes in a vasculature by analyzing changes in one or more attributes of a plethysmographic signal. According to certain embodiments, an apparatus may obtain plethysmographic signals prior to and subsequent to the administration of a vasoactive stimulus. The apparatus may include a... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120197143 - Method of analysis of cardiac images: The invention relates to a method of image analysis of a cardiac image of a human subject who has experienced a myocardial infarction. The method includes delineating an area of said image corresponding to scar tissue within myocardium, from the voxel data for said area, determining at least one value... Agent: Universitetet I Stavanger

20120197144 - Exchangeable electrode and ecg cable snap connector: A body-worn physiological sensor assembly (100) having a monitor/event recorder (120), a plurality of ECG electrodes (140, 180, 182), and an interconnect device (160) disposed between the recorder and the ECG electrodes. The interconnect device is preferably disposable, and simplifies the cleaning and decontamination of the assembly after use. In... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120197145 - High-resolution magnetocardiogram restoration for cardiac electric current localization: Magnetocardiogram (MCG) provides temporal and spatial measurements of cardiac electric activities, which permits current localization. An MCG device usually consists of a small number of magnetic sensors in a planar array. Each sensor provides a highly low-resolution 2D MCG map. Such a low-res map is insufficient for cardiac electric current... Agent:

20120197146 - Methods, systems, and monitoring devices for managing hemodynamic parameters: Methods, systems, and monitoring devices for managing hemodynamic parameters are disclosed.... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120197147 - Methods and devices for accurately classifying cardiac activity: Methods, systems, and devices for signal analysis in an implanted cardiac monitoring and treatment device such as an implantable cardioverter defibrillator. In illustrative examples, captured data including detected events is analyzed to identify likely overdetection of cardiac events. In some illustrative examples, when overdetection is identified, data may be modified... Agent: Cameron Health, Inc.

20120197148 - Heart rate variability sensor: A system for measuring heart rate variability (HRV) comprising 3 sub-systems: a data collection sub-system, a data analysis sub-system, and an output sub-system. A patient is connected to a heart monitoring device such as an ECG and the data collection sub-system records the patients heart beats, and an ECG chart... Agent:

20120197149 - System and method for distinguishing among cardiac ischemia, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia using an implantable medical device: Techniques are described for detecting ischemia, hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia based on intracardiac electrogram (IEGM) signals. Ischemia is detected based on a shortening of the interval between the QRS complex and the end of a T-wave (QTmax), alone or in combination with a change in ST segment elevation. Alternatively, ischemia is... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120197150 - External cardiac monitor: An external physiological monitor continuously senses and monitors cardiac function of a patient to allow detection of cardiac events and the recording of data and signals pre- and post-event. The monitor is connected to and suspended on the patient's body solely by the electrode assembly. Stored diagnostic data may be... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120197151 - Use of periodicity in medical data analysis: A patient management system is described that includes an implantable device for collecting one or more physiological parameter values and associated timestamps indicating the time at which the value is collected. The system is then configured to determine the periodic variation, if any, of a particular physiological parameter and use... Agent:

20120197152 - Method and system for eeg artifact correction in combined eeg and functional mri recording: Artifacts are removed from EEG signals by segmenting EEG data that are continuously recorded during an MR scan with respect to a time period based on the MR scan, thereby obtaining n temporally consecutive segments of EEG data. For each segment j of the n segments, it is determined whether... Agent: Brain Products Gmbh

20120197153 - Systems and methods for measuring complex auditory brainstem response: Certain examples provide a method of collecting and analyzing complex auditory brainstem response. The example method includes presenting at least one complex auditory stimulus to a subject and acquiring the subject's complex auditory brainstem response. The example method includes averaging complex auditory brainstem responses from the subject in at least... Agent:

20120197154 - Device for sensitivity testing: Devices and methods for sensitivity testing are provided. Disclosed devices include a flexible catheter body having a distal end and a proximal end, a peltier element, a contact element located at or near the distal end of the catheter body that can be heated or cooled by applying a voltage... Agent:

20120197155 - Implantable capacitive pressure sensor apparatus and methods regarding same: An implantable capacitive pressure sensor apparatus and method for making such an apparatus includes a first pressure sensor portion and a second pressure sensor portion. The first pressure sensor portion includes a diaphragm electrode connectable to ground (e.g., the diaphragm electrode being positioned in close proximity to the body when... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120197156 - Sampling apparatus for taking a number of samples: An apparatus for taking tissue samples in the treatment of humans or animals includes a telescope, a maneuvering cable which extends through the telescope, and a biopsy tool at an end of the maneuvering cable, the biopsy tool including a turnable cylinder which is perforated for collecting samples and has... Agent:

20120197157 - Distal tip configurations for biopsy with eus fna: A biopsy device includes a needle extending longitudinally from a proximal end to a distal end and including a channel extending therethrough and a stylet extending through the channel of the needle and including a coil at a distal end thereof such that rotation of the stylet relative to the... Agent:

20120197158 - Handheld analysis device: A handheld medical device for body fluid analysis such as to measure an analyte concentration, for example glucose, in a body fluid such as blood or interstitial fluid by a patient or caregiver. The device comprises a mechanical assembly having a transport unit for consumable analytical elements, a display unit,... Agent:

20120197159 - Guidewire: A guidewire includes a core shaft, and a coiled body wound around the outer circumferential surface of the core shaft. A bulged portion is provided at the tip portion of the core shaft. The front end of the coiled body is bonded to the front end of the core shaft... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20120197160 - Device for detecting and/or influencing posture: The invention relates to a device (1) for detecting and/or influencing posture, comprising a flexible support element (2), on which a fixing unit (3) for arranging the device (1) at the waist height of a wearer of the device (1) is arranged. First ends (41, 51) of the tension straps... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

20120197161 - Footcare product dispensing kiosk: A kiosk apparatus that may select for a person a recommended footcare product based on pressure measurements collected from pressures sensors or calculated biomechanical data estimates. Pressure measurements and calculated biomechanical data estimates may be used to determine if a foot is unshod on the pressure sensor and also group... Agent: Msd Consumer Care, Inc.

20120197162 - Sensor-based health monitoring system: Implementations for sensor-based health monitoring systems are generally disclosed.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

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