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Surgery July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 46 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120191029 - Connection system for fluid connection in medicine: The present invention relates to a lockable connection system for components in medicine and medical technology that have fluids passing through them with a female, tube- or cone-shaped receptacle (11, 21, 41, 51) having an interior receptacle section and an external first fixing section, and a male, tube- or cone-shaped... Agent:

20120191030 - Eustachian tube device: A device stenting the Eustachian tube is inserted through the nasopharynx and provides enhanced ventilation and drainage to the middle ear. Also provided is a method for inserting the device into the Eustachian tube and through the isthmus of a human subject.... Agent:

20120191033 - Corrective method for fingernails or toenails: The disclosure relates to a method for correcting a fingernail or toenail, comprising the application of at least one layer and the performance of at least one treatment step, wherein the at least one layer contracts or expands, as well as a fingernail or toenail that can be produced with... Agent:

20120191032 - Method of providing agents to the cochlea: Provided is a method of transfecting cells of the cochlea with an agent by electroporation, and in certain embodiments using a cochlear implant to provide at least one electroporation electrode.... Agent: Newsouth Innovations Pty. Limited

20120191031 - Wound care method and system with one or both of vacuum-light therapy and thermally augmented oxygenation: A system for treatment of a wound area of a patient including a first treatment pad comprising a plurality of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for cleaning and exposing a wound area to ultraviolet light, a second treatment pad comprising removal ports for exposing the wound area to a negative pressure,... Agent:

20120191034 - Infusion sleeve with leakage control: An irrigation sleeve for a phacoemulsification needle has a collar to limit leakage of irrigating liquid in a direction forward of the sleeve when the sleeve is positioned on the needle. In one embodiment the sleeve and needle have mating grooves and ridges. In another embodiment an O-ring embedded in... Agent:

20120191035 - Therapeutic treatment pad: A treatment pad for applying heat, cooling or an antiseptic fluid to a subject's body surface incorporates a heat transfer member or a wound treatment member that is adapted to be held in place by application of a vacuum pressure. The heat transfer member may comprise an electrical resistance wire... Agent:

20120191036 - Syringe for treating facial wrinkles and operation method using the same: The present invention relates to a syringe for treating facial wrinkles having a syringe cylinder, a needle body detachably mounted at the front end portion of the syringe cylinder and having a syringe needle disposed thereon, and a piston rod disposed inside the syringe cylinder for operating a piston, the... Agent:

20120191037 - Tube connector with integrated relief valve: A connector comprised of a body having a fluid passageway extending therethrough, wherein a first fitting is formed at a first end of the body and a second fitting is formed at a second end of the body, an opening formed in the body that is in communication with the... Agent: Thermedx, LLC

20120191038 - Retrofittable aspiration prevention mechanism for patients: A device is employed that can be retrofit onto existing feed pumps to remediate the problem of fluid aspiration in patients being fed through a feeding tube from the pump. In one embodiment the feeding pump is plugged into the device which is plugged into a power outlet. A patient... Agent:

20120191039 - Carrier linked pramipexole prodrugs: The present invention relates to a carrier linked pramipexole prodrug or a pharmaceutical acceptable salt thereof, wherein pramipexole is bound via a linker to a polymeric carrier. The invention also relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising said polymeric pramipexole prodrug and their use as medicaments.... Agent: Ascendis Pharma A/s

20120191040 - Device for gastric feeding and drainage via an artificial stoma: The invention describes a closure device for the provision of freshly created gastric feeding fistulas, the basis of the design of the device being an introverted balloon that allows a sealing and hemostatic axial traction movement on the fistula that is to be sealed, the concentric balloon ends which run... Agent:

20120191041 - Safety syringe: An improved syringe comprises a tube; a resilient needle retainer releasably installed therein; a needle being threadably installed in the needle retainer; a break-away plunger; and a sealing means in the form of a multi-pleated bellows secured to the plunger using a retaining element. The break-away plunger may comprise a... Agent:

20120191042 - Injection aid and medication syringe device: An injection aid is a tool used by being attached to an injection device having an injection needle and a syringe, and includes an aid main body and a tapered guide. The aid main body includes; an engagement part to be engaged with the syringe; a hollow part through which... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120191043 - Systems, methods and devices for accurate infusion of fluids: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to devices, systems and methods for increasing the accuracy of delivery of a fluid/drug in a fluid/drug delivery device/system. In some embodiments, a fluid infusion device is provided for delivering a drug into the body of a user, and includes at least one... Agent:

20120191044 - Catheter attachment and method: An improved catheter attachment apparatus is provided for use in reducing infections associated with a percutaneous medical device, such as a catheter. Such a barrier system can include: a barrier device having a catheter-receiving surface or enclosed tube; and an adhesive composition configured for adhering to skin. The improved catheter... Agent:

20120191045 - Enema dispenser: An enema includes a liquid in a dispenser having a bottle, a nozzle attached to the bottle, and a valve. The valve may be a membrane having a slit and a thickness of at most 0.90 mm. The valve may be attached to the bottle or it may be attached... Agent:

20120191046 - Drug delivery device with cap functions for needle assembly: Drug delivery system comprising a main portion with a cap as well as a needle assembly with a needle mounted in a hub and a needle cap releasably mountable on the hub to cover the needle. The cap comprises gripping means reversibly operatable between a first condition in which there... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20120191047 - Injector: An injector including a syringe arranged along a longitudinal axis, a removable cover for removable engagement with the syringe and a cover removal assembly including an outer portion which is engagable by a user and is movable axially in a cover disengagement direction along an axial travel path with respect... Agent: Elcam Agricultural Cooperative Association Ltd.

20120191048 - Sheath removal apparatus: An apparatus removes a sheath from a pre-filled syringe. The syringe has a barrel and a needle, the sheath providing a sterile cover for the needle. The apparatus includes a housing enclosing the syringe barrel defining an injection end with an aperture sized to allow the sheath of an enclosed... Agent: Owen Mumford Ltd

20120191049 - Drug delivery device and method of manufacturing a drug delivery device: The present invention relates to drug delivery device and a and method of manufacturing a drug delivery device with a housing having a proximal end and a distal end, a cartridge adapted to accommodate a drug, a cartridge retaining member adapted to retain the cartridge, the cartridge retaining member being... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120191050 - Lay flat tubing: Lay flat tubing is used as a fluid conductor for transferring fluid to and from the body of a patient. The lay flat tubing lies flat or collapsed when not in use, utilizing minimal space during transportation and storage, but which expands to form a passage when used to conduct... Agent:

20120191051 - Visual indicator and fluid dispenser: A visual indicator display device includes a bracelet, a transparent capillary chamber, and a displacement member. The transparent capillary chamber is matched to an indicia and has a primary length and a width less than the primary length. The displacement member is functionally disposed at one end of the capillary... Agent:

20120191052 - Intelligent activated skin patch system: A system, method and apparatus for real time measurement and monitoring of various personal health parameters including controlled delivery of drugs/medications by intelligent pump appliances, intelligent inhalation appliances and intelligent skin patch appliances used in a standalone manner or in a wired or wireless networked configuration, in conjunction with various... Agent: Ip Holdings, Inc.

20120191053 - Alarm system: Described herein are alarm systems for suction devices for reduced pressure therapy. Alarms systems provide alerts to the patient and/or practitioner regarding the ability of the suction device to continue to provide negative pressure to a tissue region. Alarm systems comprise a sensor mechanism, which is capable of detecting the... Agent:

20120191054 - Anisotropic drapes and systems: An anisotropic wound drape for treating a wound on a patient includes a flexible sheet for placing over a tissue site The flexible sheet includes a first isotropic zone, and a second isotropic zone. The first isotropic zone and the second isotropic zone are configured to provide the flexible sheet... Agent:

20120191055 - Absorbent article: It is an object of the invention to provide an absorbent article that is resistant to twisting and flattening, and that is superior in terms of fluid absorption rate, fluid diffusibility, absorbed fluid retention volume and fluid retention. The absorbent article comprises a top sheet on the skin contact side,... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120191056 - Layered absorbent sheet: A layered absorbent sheet comprising a first sheet layer on the absorbing side, a second sheet layer on the non-absorbing side, and a super-absorbent polymer layer between the first sheet layer and second sheet layer, wherein the first sheet and/or second sheet are bulky absorbent sheets, the bulky absorbent sheets... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120191057 - Wearing article: The present invention aims to provide a wearing article adapted to prevent unintentional displacement of a crotch region relative to front and rear waist regions by elastics attached to the crotch region. A diaper includes front and rear waist members, a crotch member by the intermediary of which the front... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120191058 - Apparatus for detecting liquid level, remaining liquid quantity and dripping speed of container: An apparatus includes a detecting electrode, a liquid sensing module, and a connecting means. The detecting electrode is attached to an outer surface of an intravenous drip container. The liquid sensing module includes a clock generator generating a clock signal, a waveform generating circuit coupled to the detecting electrode to... Agent: Pantek Technology Corp.

20120191059 - Cassettes and methods of using same: The present disclosure provides cassettes and methods of using same for the delivery of fluids to a patient using fluid delivery systems. In a general embodiment, the cassettes of the present disclosure include a flexible tube, a housing having a recessed area and first and second ends for holding the... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20120191060 - Low profile actuator and improved method of caregiver controlled administration of therapeutics: A polymer actuator, power supply and method of using the activation are described.... Agent:

20120191061 - Devices and methods for adjusting basal delivery profile: The present disclosure presents systems, devices and methods for administration of a therapeutic fluid to the body of a patient at a transient basal delivery profile, and enabling modification of the transient profile. Some embodiments include a user interface enabling input of one or more transient basal related parameters, and... Agent:

20120191062 - Insulin pump having a suspension bolus: A method of delivering insulin to compensate for suspension of basal insulin delivery and an insulin pump are disclosed. The method includes prompting a user to input a period in which to suspend delivery of insulin from an insulin pump. The method also includes calculating an amount of insulin to... Agent:

20120191063 - Integrated delivery device for continuous glucose sensor: Systems and methods for integrating a continuous glucose sensor, including a receiver, a medicament delivery device, and optionally a single point glucose monitor are provided. Manual integrations provide for a physical association between the devices wherein a user (for example, patient or doctor) manually selects the amount, type, and/or time... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20120191067 - Injection device with sealed luer fitting: The invention relates to an injection device (110) with a luer fitting. The injection device has a compressible syringe body (137) defining a reservoir (146). A male luer fitting (150) has a channel (152) therethrough for conducting contents of the reservoir, and a luer tip at an end of said... Agent:

20120191065 - Intradermal pen adapter: An intradermal injection adapter includes a body having a longitudinal axis and a central portion located distally relative to the body along the longitudinal axis. The central portion has a cannula channel therethrough extending generally parallel to the longitudinal axis. A cannula within the cannula channel has a sharpened tip... Agent: Sid Technologies, LLC

20120191064 - Methods and apparatus for sub-retinal catheterization: Devices and methods are provided for access to the sub-retinal space that lies between the retina and the choroid in order to introduce therapies to the retina and more specifically to the sensory retina and RPE, particularly in the region of the macula. The devices comprise a catheter that incorporates... Agent: Iscience Interventional Corporation

20120191066 - Prefilled cannula assembly: A method and system for proving a cannula arrangement (4) for an injection device. The cannula arrangement comprises a limiting element (16) and a housing configured to attach to the injection device. The housing and the limiting element define a compressible reservoir (40). A second medication (26) is provided in... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120191068 - Methods for sustained treatment of bladder pain and irritative voiding: Method are provided for treating a patient having bladder pain and/or irritative voiding symptoms. The method includes administering to the patient's bladder lidocaine or another anesthetic agent continuously over a treatment period of 24 hours or more in an amount effective to achieve a therapeutic effect which is sustained beyond... Agent: Taris Biomedical, Inc.

20120191069 - System for cooling and pressurizing fluid: A pump for delivering a fluid, created by cooling and pressurizing a fluid, into the intrathecal space of a patient, the pump comprising an input channel, an input reservoir in fluid communication with the input channel, a cooling apparatus configured to remove heat from the fluid and a pressurizing mechanism... Agent:

20120191070 - Guidewire: A guidewire includes a core shaft having a first tip portion and a first rear end portion, and a coiled body having a second tip portion and a second rear end portion and wound around the outer circumferential surface of the first tip portion. The core shaft further includes a... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20120191071 - Infusion apparatuses and methods of use: An exemplary infusion system for accessing an implanted device is disclosed comprising an insertion assembly, a hub comprising a sealable path configured to receive at least a portion of the insertion assembly, a flexible catheter attached to the hub and configured to receive at least a portion of the insertion... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120191072 - Cosmetic surgery apparatus and method: The present invention provides surgical apparatus for liposuction in which microwave energy is delivered from a probe into a treatment region to perform a fat liquefying function or a haemostasis function. The apparatus is arranged such that an output microwave field automatically adopts a configuration suitable for the fat liquefying... Agent: Creo Medical Limited

20120191073 - Urinary catheter: A medical device is disclosed, comprising a substrate, having on its surface, on at least a part thereof, a hydrophilic surface layer providing low-friction surface character of the medical device when wetted by a wetting fluid. The substrate is made of a polymer blend comprising a polyolefin and a composition... Agent:

20120191074 - Reduced sized programmable pump: A reduced size implantable infusion pump is disclosed. The pump preferably includes a lower profile pump housing facilitated by specific propellant envelope configurations. For instance, the pump may include one or more c-shaped propellant envelopes that each define active substance and propellant chambers.... Agent: Palyon Medical (bvi) Limited

07/19/2012 > 54 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20120184893 - Anchors and methods for intestinal bypass sleeves: A gastrointestinal device for implanting within a pylorus, a duodenal bulb, and a duodenum of a patient's gastrointestinal tract includes an expandable structure including a proximal portion having a plurality of spring arms and a distal portion having a plurality of spring arms, the proximal and distal portions coupled by... Agent: Metamodix, Inc.

20120184892 - Apparatus and methods for treating excess intraocular fluid: An ocular drainage system is provided for treating diseases that produce elevated intraocular pressures, such as glaucoma, wherein the system includes an implantable device and an external control unit. The implantable device includes a non-invasively adjustable valve featuring at least one deformable tube and a disk rotatably mounted within a... Agent: Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

20120184894 - Patches and methods for the transdermal delivery of agents to treat hair loss: Embodiments of the invention provide patches for the transdermal delivery of compositions to treat an individual suffering from hair loss. Many embodiments provide an iontophoretic patch for the transdermal delivery hair growth stimulating agents for the treatment of hair loss by stimulating the growth of new hair in areas of... Agent:

20120184895 - Treating bacteria with electric fields: Cells that are in the process division are vulnerable to damage by AC electric fields that have specific frequency and field strength characteristics. The selective destruction of rapidly dividing cells can therefore be accomplished by imposing an AC electric field in a target region for extended periods of time. Some... Agent:

20120184896 - Catheter access and control device and method of using same: The present application discloses a handle configured to receive a catheter. The handle comprises a port that communicates with a lumen of the catheter and a mechanism is provided that moves the end of the catheter for positioning. The guide wire traverses a reservoir located in the handle. In particular,... Agent: Endochoice

20120184898 - Gas based wound and tissue therapeutics: This invention provides articles of manufacture and bandages comprising compartments and layers comprising oxygen and other therapeutic gas storage forms and perfluorocarbons. This invention also provides for methods of delivering oxygen and other therapeutic gases to a tissue in a subject comprising a administering to the tissue a composition comprising... Agent:

20120184897 - Integrated systems and methods for maintenance and management of an intra-abdominal gas environment during laparoscopic surgery: Air management control systems and methods maintain and manage an intra-abdominal gas environment during laparoscopic surgery. The systems and methods locate a plurality of in vivo sensors to monitor different environmental conditions within the operative space insufflated with pressurized CO2, e.g., CO2 insufflation airflow velocity, CO2 pressure, aspiration airflow velocity,... Agent: Minimally Invasive Devices, LLC

20120184899 - Pump set having secure loading features: An enteral feeding set for an enteral feeding pump having a control system for controlling operation of the pump to supply nutrient liquid to a patient through the enteral feeding set loaded in the pump, a source of electromagnetic radiation operatively connected to the control system of the pump for... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120184900 - Injection device: A pen injection device designed for use with dual or multi-chamber cartridges 14, is provided with an extended length plunger 24 having a non-drive portion 24′ on its forward end and the usual screw-threaded drive portion 24″ on its rearward end. This arrangement allows the plunger to be pushed forwardly... Agent: Owen Mumford Limited

20120184901 - Deflectable variable radius catheters: The invention provides a deflectable catheter capable of forming many variable radius spiral forms from a single, flexible, distal end section. In one aspect, the catheter employs a variable radius control wire to extend or deform a pre-formed loop structure into a three dimensional spiral-like form or geometry. The ability... Agent:

20120184902 - Container for injection device with injection needle: With the subject invention, a container for an injection device with an injection needle is provided. The container includes a body having a compartment formed therein to accommodate the injection device in both a pre-use and a post-use condition. The body defines a first opening through which the injection device... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120184903 - Single-use pneumatic safety syringe providing gas-driven needle retraction: A pneumatic retractable syringe has a plunger having an interior retraction lumen. The plunger and syringe barrel have cooperating locking elements so that the plunger is locked after use within the syringe barrel. After injection of medicament is completed, the needle is retracted into the lumen by compressed gas that... Agent: L.o.m. Laboratories Inc.

20120184904 - Electro mechanical presser with ribbed bottle for infusion of liquids: The present invention relates to an ELECTRO MECHANICAL PRESSER WITH RIBBED BOTTLE FOR INFUSION OF LIQUIDS. The invention comprises a presser holder through which a mechanism connected to an electric motor presses a ribbed bottle containing liquid to be administered to a patient, thereby providing a continuous infusion of the... Agent:

20120184905 - Slow release liquid drug delivery device: A drug delivery device includes a first portion, formed primarily from elastomeric material, and a closure portion, cooperating with an opening of the first portion so as to complete an inflatable drug reservoir. The closure portion extends into the first portion inwards from the opening, defining at least one region... Agent: Microsert Ltd.

20120184906 - Microneedle patch applicator: A method and apparatus for application of a microneedle patch to a skin surface of a patient includes use of an applicator. The applicator includes a housing, a slidably disposed applicator plate, and a compression spring. The applicator plate is moveable between a retracted position and a deployed position, and... Agent:

20120184907 - Infusion pumps: Ambulatory infusion pumps, pump assemblies, and baseplate assemblies, including cartridges, baseplates, cannulas, inserters, and related components and batteries therefor, as well as component combinations and related methods.... Agent:

20120184909 - Delivery device with sensor and one or more cannulas: The invention concerns a base part for a medication delivery device. The base part is during use fastened to a patient's skin and connected to a cannula part which cannula part is positioned at least partly subcutaneous. The base part is also connected to a sensor unit which can detect... Agent:

20120184908 - Inserter device with horizontal moving part: The invention concerns an insertion device for inserting a medical device or a part of medical device into the subcutaneous or intramuscular area of a patient. Insertion devices (also called inserter or injector) are commonly used in the medical field for inserting medical devices, such as infusion sets, sensors and... Agent: Unomedical A/s

20120184910 - Catheter insertion device: The present disclosure relates to a catheter insertion device, which comprises a catheter hub in which a check valve is arranged, and a catheter, which is in fluid communication with the catheter hub, wherein a support element is attached to the catheter, and a flexible buffer element is provided between... Agent:

20120184911 - Assembly and kit for marking tubal ostia: A method, apparatus, and kit for marking the opening between the fallopian tube and the uterus (tubal ostia) are provided. A marking dye provided in a marking assembly including a fluid dispenser coupled to a catheter having an open end and a guide wire. The catheter is inserted into the... Agent:

20120184912 - Assembly method for catheter with blood control: A system and method for assembling a catheter device, wherein a septum actuator is positioned within the lumen of a catheter adapter to provide a pathway through a septum component, an introducer needle being inserted through the septum via the septum actuator thereby preventing damage to the septum, the septum... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120184913 - Valved sheath introducer for venous cannulation: A valved sheath introducer for venous cannulation, including a valve, sheath, handle and cap. The valve is configured to permit safe introduction and removal of medical instruments through the sheath introducer. The valve may have one or more anchoring members and a thickened central portion through which a slit is... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120184914 - Disposable injection device: An injection device is provided. The device includes a housing having a first end defining a first opening. A plunger is received within the first opening of the housing to move between first and second positions. A cartridge is disposed in the housing and has an interior serving as a... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120184915 - Dialysis catheter anchoring system: An anchoring system for securing a dialysis catheter to a patient comprises an anchor pad and retainer. The anchor pad is attached to the skin of the patient by an adhesive layer on one side of the pad. The retainer is disposed upon the surface of the anchor pad opposite... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20120184916 - Applicator device of pinholder type microneedle: Provided is a microneedle device which protects a microneedle, has an easily portable shape, is free from such problems as breakage of small needles in the step of puncturing the skin with the microneedle, and ensures appropriate skin puncture to administer a drug. By studying the relationship between the device... Agent: Medrx Co., Ltd.

20120184917 - Frost protected injection device: The invention relates to an injection device (100, 200, 300) which is capable of resisting proximal movements of a piston rod (107, 207, 307) relative to a housing (102, 202, 302), when the piston rod (107, 207, 307) is subjected to proximally directed forces below a threshold magnitude, and of... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20120184918 - Medicament delivery device: A medicament delivery device has a housing and a sleeve; a shield within and protruding from the housing; a container having a delivery member, a chamber containing a medicament, and a piston; a drive mechanism having a spring and a plunger rod in contact with the piston; and a container... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20120184919 - Fat tissue re-injection system employing a photometrically-controlled photo-activation chamber installed about a tissue collection and processing device mounted on a hand-held tissue injector gun: A fat tissue re-injection system employing a photometrically-controlled photo-activation chamber installed about a sealed tissue collection and processing device mounted on a hand-held tissue injector gun.... Agent:

20120184920 - Prefilled syringe: A prefilled syringe has a gasket composed of a gasket body and a plunger-mounting member mounted. The plunger-mounting member has a distal part, spiral ribs formed on an outer surface of the distal part, a flange part, and a plunger-mounting part formed on an inner surface of a hollow part.... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120184921 - Cannula for a laryngotracheal anesthesia device: The invention relates to a cannula (5) for a laryngotracheal anesthesia device (1) comprising a semi-rigid elongate tube (6) including a proximal end (14), to be connected to a syringe (2) containing the anesthetic liquid, and a distal end (15), to be inserted into the cavity of the larynx up... Agent:

20120184923 - Actuator for safety devices for needles and disposable medical instruments: An actuator for safety devices (2) for needles of medical instruments of the type comprising two half-parts (3), which are connected together by a hinge line (4) and can be closed about a needle of a medical instrument to render it safe; the half-parts (3) each have an engagement portion... Agent:

20120184922 - Huber needle safety enclosure: A safety enclosure for a Huber needle includes a needle housing and a panel unit. The panel unit includes a series of planar panels assembled in an enclosing arrangement defining an enclosed area and is movable between an installation position where the sharp outer end of the Huber needle projects... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120184924 - Self-illuminating endogastric tubes and method of placing endogastric tubes: A self-illuminating endogastric tube which simplifies the correct placement of the distal end of the endogastric tube within the gastrointestinal tract of a patient. A self-illuminating stylet which simplifies the correct placement of the distal end of an endogastric tube within the gastrointestinal tract of a patient. A method of... Agent: Loma Linda University

20120184925 - Multiple septum port: A multiple septum vascular access port is provided, including a housing, an inner and outer wall, two reservoirs, two septa, and two fluid lines in fluid communication with the two reservoirs. The reservoirs and septa are arranged so that one reservoir and septum is nested within the other reservoir and... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20120184927 - Dispenser with sliding seal, treatment device and related methods: A treatment device and associated methods are disclosed, the treatment device comprising: a fluid dispenser comprising: a sealable reservoir for storing a fluid to be dispensed; a transfer body for carrying a predetermined volume of said fluid from said reservoir to a dispensing point outside of said reservoir; and a... Agent:

20120184926 - Polymeric sealant for medical use: The invention provides a polymeric medical sealant. The medical sealant is useful for application to the tonsils and adenoids, wherein the sealant performs at least one of the following functions, a) inhibit the colonization of bacteria, b) inhibit the binding of bacteria to tissue, c) reduction of tissue morbidity, d)... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

20120184928 - Step n soak systems: An appendage soaking system comprising at least one flexible non-permeable container and at least one securing assembly. The flexible non-permeable container comprises a plastic bag. The securing assembly may be a fused strap(s) oriented parallel to the bottom edge and in close proximity to the open top so that the... Agent:

20120184929 - Skin antiseptic composition dispenser and methods of use: Skin antiseptic composition dispensers and methods of use are disclosed. The skin antiseptic composition dispenser may include a container with one or more walls that are substantially impermeable to ethylene oxide gas during normal ethylene oxide sterilization processes. In some embodiments, the container may include flexible walls free of metallic... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120184930 - apparatus and method for controlling the negative pressure in a wound: An apparatus and method are provided for treating wound with negative pressure. The apparatus includes a wound cover, a first pump for providing said negative pressure at a chosen pressure level to the wound, a canister, a first conduit between the wound cover and the canister, first means for measuring... Agent: M&#xd6 Lnlycke Health Care Ab

20120184932 - Drainage pump unit: A drainage pump unit for aspirating body fluids by means of a suction pump has a suction pump arranged in a suction pump housing, wherein a fluid collection container can be secured releasably on the suction pump housing, and wherein a capacitive filling level sensor is arranged on the suction... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20120184931 - Suction line for a vacuum wound treatment device comprising connector parts: A suction line (8) for a vacuum wound treatment device (2) has a first (14) and second suction line section (16) connected together by a first connector part (18) borne on the first suction line section (14) and a second connector part (20) borne on the second line section (16).... Agent:

20120184933 - Process for making a bond between a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic nonwoven: A process is provided for making a bond between a first, relative hydrophilic nonwoven and a second relatively less hydrophilic nonwoven by use of a construction adhesive, by applying the adhesive only to the first more hydrophilic nonwoven; also provided are absorbent cores for absorbent article comprising such bonded nonwovens,... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20120184934 - Absorbent core with an elongate liquid holding formation: An absorbent core includes a width, a length, an elongate liquid holding formation and an outer region of fibrous material located outward of the liquid holding formation. The outer region of the absorbent core has, in cross-section taken across the width of the absorbent core, a first thickness. The liquid... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20120184935 - Absorptive article: An absorptive article (1) has: an absorptive body (10) which includes an absorption body; and an exterior body (20) which is provided to the outer surface side of the absorptive body (10) and which is provided with a belly-side portion (F) and a back-side portion (B). The belly-side portion (F)... Agent:

20120184936 - Patterned tampon: A tampon including a compressed pledget of absorbent material. The tampon has a body portion and a longitudinal axis, wherein the tampon includes at least one patterned impression with one or more design elements oriented substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, wherein at least one design element is formed by... Agent:

20120184937 - Pant-type diaper and corresponding manufacturing process and apparatus: A prefastened, refastenable pant and methods and apparatus for preparing the same are provided. The pant comprises a chassis having a leading and trailing edge, and first and second lateral edges, wherein the chassis is folded-over along a transverse fold line orthogonal to the first and second lateral edges of... Agent: Fameccanica Data S.p.a

20120184938 - Vial assemblage with vial and pre-attached fluid transfer device: Vial assemblages having a vial and a pre-attached fluid transfer device for use with a needleless syringe for enabling flow communication between the syringe and the vial. The fluid transfer device includes an elongated tubular flow member having a connector for sealing flow communication with the needleless syringe and a... Agent: Medimop Medical Projects Ltd.

20120184940 - Bioartificial kidneys: The present invention generally relates to improved bioartificial kidneys (BAKs), and in certain embodiments to improved bioartificial kidneys that are portable and/or wearable by a user. In some embodiments, the BAKs may comprise an ultrafiltration unit and a reabsorption unit. The reabsorption unit may contain a reabsorption membrane having a... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20120184939 - Tubing set having an insert for the infusion of drugs: The present invention refers to a tubing set (126) suitable for use in co-operation with a machine (100) for carrying out a hemodialysis treatment of a patient's blood. The tubing set comprises: a blood out-tube (102) for supplying the blood from the patient to a filter (106) of said machine;... Agent:

20120184941 - multicomponent magnetic nanoparticle delivery system for local delivery to heart valve leaflets and other animal tissues: The invention features devices, systems, and methods for targeted delivery of therapeutic agents in magnetic particle carriers to desired locations on tissue in the body. The systems and methods utilize at least one device comprising a source of magnetization, and at least one device comprising a magnetic or magnetizable material,... Agent: The Children's Hosital Of Philadelphia

20120184942 - Coaxial stiffener for drainage catheter: A co-axial two-piece stiffener for use with an indwelling percutaneous catheter during insertion and removal of the catheter. The stiffener comprises inner and outer stiffener members with the inner member having a large diameter portion with an unconstrained diameter that is the same as or larger than the diameter of... Agent:

20120184943 - Method of performing intra-abdominal tissue aspiration to ameliorate the metabolic syndrome, or abdominal obesity: A method of safely removing mesenteric fat from the intra-abdominal region of human patients to ameliorate the metabolic syndrome, or abdominal obesity. The method involves using laparoscopically-guided intra-abdominal tissue aspiration, involving the simultaneously infusion of a tumescent solution into the mesenteric region of treatment, while synchronizing that infusion with the... Agent:

20120184944 - Coiled tubing for drain bag applications: A catheter assembly (200) includes drain tubing (201) extending from a catheter connector (203) to a drain bag (202). The drain tubing (201) includes a first elongated section (205), a helical section (206), and a second elongated section (207). The helical section (206) can be configured to be expanding and... Agent:

20120184945 - Two-piece, internal-channel osmotic delivery system flow modulator: An osmotic delivery system flow modulator includes an outer shell constructed and arranged for positioning in an opening, an inner core inserted in the outer shell, and a fluid channel having a spiral shape defined between the outer shell and the inner core. The fluid channel is adapted for delivery... Agent: Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

07/12/2012 > 61 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20120179085 - Device and process for creation of active antimicrobial iodine from inactive iodine: A device and process that creates active molecular iodine on a swab. The device has two chambers sealed from one-another. One of the chambers contains a swab. Each chamber contains a different reagent such that when the device is broken or crushed to activate it, the contents of both chambers... Agent:

20120179086 - Anchors with open heads: An implant (100) includes a protrusion (110) with an open or rounded loop (112) (or open head) connected to a collapsible anchor. The protrusion may include a straight length of wire (114) or a helical length wire, with one or more wire loops (112) at the end of the length... Agent:

20120179087 - Glaucoma treatment method: An ocular implant adapted to reside at least partially in a portion of Schlemm's canal of an eye. In some embodiments the implant has a body extending in a curved volume whose longitudinal axis forms an arc of a circle, and a plurality of open areas and strut areas formed... Agent:

20120179088 - Wound penetrating hemostatic device impregnated with coagulant, antibiotic and/or anesthetic: A tampon assembly used for penetration injuries to provide hemostasis and simultaneous broad spectrum antibiotic/anesthetic application. The tampon includes a helically-wound absorbent member impregnated with coagulant, covered with biodegradable or plastic accordion-pleated sheath including a bioluminescent tape outer marker. A measured dose of antibiotic/anesthetic suspension is sealed within the confines... Agent:

20120179091 - Gels with predetermined conductivity used in electroporation of tissue: Gel compositions with adjusted conductivity are disclosed which compositions are used for directing reversible electroporation and irreversible electroporation of cells and tissue. The gel compositions are also used in a similar manner in order to carry out thermotherapy on cells and tissues.... Agent:

20120179089 - Substituted bipyridines for use in organic light-emitting devices: Optionally substituted bipyridine compounds, optionally substituted phenylbipyridine compounds, or optionally substituted bis-phenylbipyridine compounds may be useful in light-emitting devices. Some examples include, but are not limited to, optionally substituted 4-(5-(6-(4-(diphenylamino)phenyl)pyridin-3-yl)pyridin-2-yl)-N,N-diphenylbenzenamine, optionally substituted 9-(4-(5-(6-(4-(9H-carbazol-9-yl)phenyl)pyridin-3-yl)pyridin-2-yl)phenyl)-9H-carbazole, optionally substituted 4-(5-(6-(benzo[d]thiazol-2-yl)pyridin-3-yl)pyridin-2-yl)-N,N-diphenylbenzenamine, optionally substituted 4-(5-(6-(benzo[d]oxazol-2-yl)pyridin-3-yl)pyridin-2-yl)-N,N-diphenylbenzenamine, optionally substituted N,N-diphenyl-4-(5-(6-(1-phenyl-1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)pyridin-3-yl)pyridin-2-yl)benzenamine, optionally substituted 4-(5-(6-(4-(9H-carbazol-9-yl)phenyl)pyridin-3-yl)pyridin-2-yl)-N,N-diphenylbenzenamine, optionally substituted 2-(5-(6-(benzo[d]thiazol-2-yl)pyridin-3-yl)pyridin-2-yl)benzo[d]thiazole, optionally substituted... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120179090 - Transmucosal delivery of therapeutic agents and methods of use thereof: Described herein is a transmucosal delivery device and their use for delivering bioactive agents across a mucosal membrane. The delivery devices contain a pharmaceutically acceptable oxidizing and agents that facilitates the delivery of the blood stream across the mucosal membrane.... Agent:

20120179092 - Snake venom evacuation and medication injection device: A device for treating a snake bite wound that utilizes a hypodermic tube with a curvature that is similar to a typical snake fang whereby the hypodermic tube on one end comprises a smooth bulbous tip with at least one opening and a vacuum source is attached to the other... Agent:

20120179093 - System and method for closed-loop patient-adaptive hemodynamic management: A system and method for patient-adaptive hemodynamic management is described. One embodiment includes a system for hemodynamic management including transfusion, volume resuscitation with intravenous fluids, and medications, utilizing monitored hemodynamic parameters including the described dynamic predictors of fluid responsiveness, and including an intelligent algorithm capable of adaptation of the function... Agent:

20120179094 - Medicament container: The invention relates to a medicament container, comprising a cavity at least partially defined by a container wall comprising a soft, flexible inner layer consisting of a soft material and a rigid outer layer consisting of a rigid material, wherein the layers are arranged as a one-piece part by two... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120179095 - Diluent/medication mixing syringe assembly: A diluent/medication mixing syringe assembly is described which includes a cannula which extends through a syringe plunger assembly into a reservoir of the syringe assembly. The cannula facilitates injection of a diluent, medication or other fluid into the fluid reservoir of the syringe assembly immediately prior to use for mixing... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120179096 - Locking syringe system: The invention provides methods and apparatus for reconstituting fluids and substances and injecting the reconstituted materials. Apparatus may include an injection needle having a hub, a draw-up needle having a hub, and a safety cap for engagement with a syringe barrel or reservoir for transfer and/or reconstitution and injection of... Agent: Ssb Technology Pty Ltd

20120179097 - Methods and apparatus for an adjustable stiffness catheter: Apparatus and methods for an endovascular catheter that can be inserted within tortuous body anatomies and then selectively stiffened and fixed in place. In a particular embodiment, this stiffness is reversible. The stiffness or a comparable mechanical characteristic of the catheter assembly may be adjusted to a relatively low value... Agent:

20120179098 - Medicinal biosecurity auto disposable syringe: The present invention relates to a security syringe comprising a hollow cylinder (1) with a pair of wings (11) and a tip (12), which houses: the injection mechanism (3), a piston (2), and an injection mechanism (3) with a needle (31), a spring (32) and a membrane (33). The piston... Agent:

20120179099 - Device and method for the reduction of pain associated with needle sticks: A device that is used to reduce the pain of a needle stick to a person, the device having a casing containing a vibratory device and a temperature reducing device, and a method for using the device to reduce the pain of a needle stick by applying both thermal and... Agent: Mmj Labs LLC

20120179100 - Intradermal injector: An injection device that comprises a chamber configured for containing a substance to be injected and a needle operatively associated with the chamber and having a length sufficient to deliver the substance to an intradermal injection site. A collar surrounds the needle, defining a collar cavity. The collar also has... Agent: Antares Pharma, Inc.

20120179101 - Infusion pump system with contamination-resistant features: Some embodiments of an infusion pump system may include a construction that is resistant to external contaminants, such as precipitation, water splashes, sweat and the like. In particular embodiments, the infusion pump system can include a pump device that is removably attached to a controller device to provide an electrical... Agent:

20120179104 - Catheter insertion device: Embodiments of a catheter insertion device are discussed comprising: an approximately hollow cylindrical catheter sleeve, at whose distal end a catheter is attached; a needle sleeve with a hollow needle, which is attached thereto and which, when ready for use, extends through the catheter sleeve and the catheter, and; a... Agent: B. Braun Melsungen Ag

20120179103 - Multi-lumen catheter with increased flow area: In at least one embodiment, a catheter for insertion into a patient for providing treatment is provided. The catheter comprises an elongated shaft having a proximal portion extending to a distal portion. The proximal portion has a plurality of first lumens formed therethrough and at least one septum separating the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120179102 - Shielding dilator for use with a catheter: A dilator system for insertion of a catheter or other elongate device into a body of a patient includes a catheter having a lumen that initially defines a first inner diameter. The catheter includes a swellable material that swells after insertion into the body. A dilator includes an elongate body... Agent: C.r. Bard, Inc.

20120179105 - Self-aligning abutment: A catheter system includes a flexible abutment at its distal end. Functionally, the abutment serves to stabilize and align (orient) the distal portion of the catheter as its distal tip is advanced into contact with a tissue surface. Structurally, the flexible abutment is an arrangement of wires that creates a... Agent:

20120179106 - Subcutaneous infusion device and device for insertion of a cannula of an infusion device and method: An infusion device including a site and a set for delivery of a substance to a patient. The site can include a cannula that is introduced into a subcutaneous layer of skin of the patient. The set can be coupled to the site by placing the set over the site... Agent:

20120179108 - Luer connector: The invention relates to a drug delivery device comprising a container for a product, said container comprising a distal tip having a longitudinal axis A and a channel providing a passageway for the transfer of said product, the outer surface of said distal tip comprising a proximal portion and a... Agent: Becton Dickinson France

20120179107 - Process for producing medical instruments: A process for producing medical instruments (7) comprising the operations of extruding plastic material in order to obtain a heated tubular element (1) made of molten state plastic material, performing on the tubular element (1) a blow moulding in order to obtain a plurality of medical containers (6). The process... Agent: Brevetti Angela S.r.l

20120179109 - Medical device: A double-ended needle assembly includes: a double-ended needle having a tip-end and base-end needle tips; a support member attached to the syringe, has a needle insertion section allowing the base-end needle tip to be inserted, and supports the needle so it can move along axially; and a cover member secured... Agent:

20120179110 - Needle protection device comprising a distal protection element and a proximal protection element: A needle protection device detachably fixed to an injection appliance includes a needle, a needle holder from which a needle injection section of the needle projects distally and a needle connection section of the needle projects proximally, a distal needle protection element connected to the needle holder movable in the... Agent: Tecpharma Licensing Ag

20120179111 - Elongate medical instruments with removable core guide wire extenders, guide wire extenders, systems and methods: A guide wire extender includes a coupling element for coupling to a proximal portion of a guide wire. Such a configuration enables the introduction of elongate medical instruments that lack rapid exchange features to be introduced into the body of a subject over short, rapid exchange-length guide wires. Assemblies that... Agent: Control Medical Technology, LLC

20120179112 - Medicament delivery devices: A medicament delivery device (1) comprises a housing (2) for holding a medicament cartridge (9), a piston rod (22, 24) and a drive (11, 20). The medicament cartridge (9) has a medicament outlet and a bung (13) moveable axially along the medicament cartridge for dispensing a medicament, the piston rod... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120179114 - Syringe needle assembly and medication injection device: To prevent a coating agent applied to the surface of a needle tube from being infiltrated into the clearance between the needle tube and a needle hub, a device comprises a needle tube that has a needle tip capable of puncturing a living body and that is coated with a... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120179113 - Syringe needle assembly and medication syringe device: To make it possible to integrally form a needle tube and a needle hub by reliably holding and fixing the needle tube with a chuck member and then performing insert molding, a device has a needle tube having a needle tip capable of puncturing a living body; and a needle... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120179115 - Separable hub post of pen needle: A pen needle (101) for use with a drug delivery device (100) includes a hub body (113) having internal threads (216) to receive the drug delivery device (100). A post (121) is connected to the hub body (113). A needle (103) is rigidly fixed to the post (121). The post... Agent:

20120179116 - Device for preventing a free catheter flow: A catheter for connecting an administering device to an administering needle, the catheter including a catheter wall, a flow region limited by the catheter wall, and at least one catheter portion at which at least one partial piece of the catheter wall abuts at least one other partial piece of... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20120179117 - Disposable blood transfusion device: One embodiment of a blood transfusion device includes a drip chamber (10) comprising a bottom outlet (113); a filter (40) fixedly disposed in the drip chamber (10); and a float regulator (20) moveably disposed in the drip chamber (10) under the filter (40). the float regulator (20) comprising an inverted... Agent:

20120179118 - Faceted nasal seal: A nozzle for a nasal rinse device including a collar that forms a conduit. The collar is configured to attach the nozzle to the nasal rinse device. An outlet aperture defined by the collar is on a top portion of the nozzle. The nozzle also includes a skirt extending outwards... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20120179119 - Safety needle assembly and methods: The safety needle assembly includes a body and a wing assembly secured to the body. A grip is slidable along the exterior of the body, and a needle holder is slidable through an interior passageway in the body. The grip slides independently of the wing assembly, which is not slidable... Agent:

20120179120 - Onlay subcutaneous injection port: The device is an implantable subcutaneous injection port used for various purposes including, but not limited to, vascular access and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. This device, with its tubing route and flexible connectors offers a solution to the problem of tubing occlusion and loss of integrity due to kinking. This... Agent:

20120179122 - Device for applying an ophthalmic medicament mist: A device for applying an ophthalmologic medicament to a patient's eye is disclosed. The device comprises spectacles defined by a frame and at least one lens; at least one container adapted for accommodating the ophthalmologic medicament; the container is incorporated into the frame; dosing mechanism adapted to control doses of... Agent: Advanced Ophthalmic Pharma Ltd

20120179121 - Dial-cap: An architecture is presented that provides a topical cream delivery device designed for effectively and easily administering hydrating and pain-relieving creams to dialysis patients' and other “in need” patients' needle sites. The topical cream delivery device comprises an adhesive bandage strip and a cavity positioned along the adhesive bandage strip.... Agent:

20120179123 - Breathable interface system for topical reduced pressure: A reduced pressure tissue treatment system includes an applicator having an aperture, a first pad section, and a second pad section substantially covering the aperture and positioned substantially adjacent the first pad section. A fabric layer is located at least partially between the second pad section and the drape, and... Agent:

20120179124 - Controlled discharge ostomy appliance and shield therefor: A controlled discharge ostomy appliance assembly comprises (i) a stoma seal that is self-urging with a dynamic damping characteristic that resists changes of seal volume, (ii) a press-fit coupling member displaceable from an unlocked position to a locked position as part of a press-fit process, and (iii) a single-use frangible... Agent: Convatec Technologies Inc.

20120179125 - Absorbent article and components thereof having improved softness signals, and methods for manufacturing: An absorbent article having improved softness signals is disclosed. The article may include a topsheet or a backsheet including a nonwoven web. The web may have a basis weight of 30 gsm or less, may be formed of spunlaid fibers including polyolefin and up to 5 percent by weight TiO2,... Agent:

20120179126 - Absorbent article and components thereof having improved softness signals, and methods for manufacturing: An absorbent article having improved softness signals is disclosed. The article may include a topsheet or a backsheet including a nonwoven web. The web may have a basis weight of 30 gsm or less, may be formed of spunlaid fibers including polyolefin and up to 5 percent by weight TiO2,... Agent:

20120179127 - Wound care article comprising a convex insert: The invention relates to a wound care article having at least one flat layer that contains an absorbent material. Said article is characterised in that it is equipped with at least one other active element that gives the wound care article a convex or pyramidal shape (when viewed from the... Agent:

20120179128 - Connector assembly: A connector assembly includes a first connector having a tubular first connector body, a hollow needle inside the first connector body and a first sealing component piercable by the needle, and a second connector having a tubular second connector body and a second sealing component. The second sealing component is... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120179129 - Vial adapter: A vial adapter is provided with a fitting portion which can be fitted into the head portion of a vial, and a hollow needle with a side hole. The base end portion of the needle is provided with a stopper contact portion which contacts the top surface of a stopper... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120179133 - Dialysis machine having multi-input voltage capable heater: A method for heating medical fluid with different supply voltages comprising: configuring first, second and third switches in electrical communication with first and second power lines, the switches configured such that (i) in a first switch state first and second heater elements are placed in series, solely via a closing... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120179130 - Integrated infusion pump and container: An integrated pump module is disclosed that includes a rigid housing having a fluid outlet, a fluid reservoir within the housing, and a pumping segment coupled between the fluid reservoir and the fluid outlet. The pumping segment is configured to cause fluid to flow from the fluid reservoir to the... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120179131 - Iv pump adapted for generic tubing: A system and method of accurately pumping a fluid using tubing of variable inner diameter and material is disclosed. The disclosed pump comprises a pumping mechanism configured to compress and release a portion of a flexible tube to cause fluid to flow along the flexible tube, a gauging apparatus, and... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120179134 - Needleless permanent makeup and tattoo device: The present invention relates to methods and compositions for the needleless administration of permanent makeup and tattoos. In particular, the present invention relates to hypodermic injectors for use in delivering pigment or other desired substances to targeted layers of the skin, avoiding needlestick injuries and transmission of disease to the... Agent:

20120179132 - System and method for differentiating containers in medication delivery: The present invention relates to a fluid delivery system that comprises a fluid container having a chamber structured to hold a fluid therein and a delivery device operable to control delivery of a fluid from the chamber of the fluid container. The fluid container includes a geometric mating member extending... Agent:

20120179135 - System and method for closed-loop patient-adaptive hemodynamic management: A system and method for patient-adaptive hemodynamic management is described. One embodiment includes a system for hemodynamic management including transfusion, volume resuscitation with intravenous fluids, and medications, utilizing monitored hemodynamic parameters including the described dynamic predictors of fluid responsiveness, and including an intelligent algorithm capable of adaptation of the function... Agent:

20120179136 - System and method for closed-loop patient-adaptive hemodynamic management: A system and method for patient-adaptive hemodynamic management is described. One embodiment includes a system for hemodynamic management including transfusion, volume resuscitation with intravenous fluids, and medications, utilizing monitored hemodynamic parameters including the described dynamic predictors of fluid responsiveness, and including an intelligent algorithm capable of adaptation of the function... Agent:

20120179137 - Compact device that rapidly mixing and deliverings substances to a patient: Injection devices are disclosed for injections of substances. The disclosed devices separately may hold two separate substances, e.g., solid, liquid or gas substances, in separate compartments which are interrupted so that the separate substances come into contact during the activation of the device. One disclosed device includes a needle for... Agent:

20120179138 - Device and method for patient enteral hydration: A device and method for enterally hydrating a patient, such as a paralyzed or limited upper body mobility patient with a functional gastrointestinal system who is nonetheless incapable or not fully capable of drinking unassisted. Here fluids are provided by a suspended semi-flexible container with graduation markings to allow for... Agent:

20120179139 - Delivery system for cell-based therapies: A warm perfusion system that has the ability to support a tissue or organ at a near normal metabolic rate provides the mechanism not only for restored oxidative metabolism of the organ but for the delivery of cells, cell-based therapeutics, and growth and differentiation factors to a damaged tissue or... Agent: Breonics, Inc.

20120179140 - Elongate medical instruments with removable core guide wire extenders, guide wire extenders, systems and methods: A guide wire extender includes a coupling element for coupling to a proximal portion of a guide wire. Such a configuration enables the introduction of elongate medical instruments that lack rapid exchange features to be introduced into the body of a subject over short, rapid exchange-length guide wires. Assemblies that... Agent:

20120179141 - Medical guidewire: Provided is a guidewire including a core shaft, an outer flexible tube, a stranded wire that extends parallel to the core shaft, and a hollow stranded-wire coil disposed in the outer flexible tube. The hollow stranded-wire coil is formed of multiple strands and surrounds the distal end portion of the... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20120179142 - Intravenous infusion tubing fitment and set: An intravenous infusion tubing fitment comprises a body, a rotatable knob coupled with the body, and a pressure dome seated within the knob. The body defines; a first inlet configured for coupling with a first segment of tubing; a first outlet into a pressure dome; a second inlet from said... Agent:

20120179143 - Process for in vivo treatment of specific biological targets in bodily fluids: A process for treating biological targets in a fluid of a biological organism, including introducing a fluid comprising a biological target to an assembly comprising an inlet connected to receive the fluid and an outlet connected to pass the fluid from the assembly, wherein the assembly comprises a flow chamber... Agent: Biomed Solutions, LLC

20120179144 - Catheter having improved drainage and/or a retractable sleeve and method of using the same: A catheter includes an elongate member (12) having a proximal end and a distal end. The distal end has at least one drainage opening (20). At least one of; the at least one drainage opening (20) is a single elongate opening, or is two circumferentially spaced elongate openings (FIG. 5),... Agent: C.r. Bard, Inc.

20120179145 - Indwelling urinary drainage catheter: A catheter is described herein, having a catheter shaft including a proximal end and a distal end, a tip attached to the distal end, including first and second legs spaced apart to form a slot therebetween, the slot in fluid communication with a lumen of the catheter shaft, and a... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

07/05/2012 > 68 patent applications in 49 patent subcategories.

20120172781 - Method of resuscitation: This disclosure presents a method and apparatus to perfuse heart and/or other organs with a resuscitation fluid to replace blood circulation in the vascular system to resuscitate cardiac arrest patient.... Agent:

20120172782 - Methods for biliary diversion: Methods are provided for biliary diversion. In one embodiment, a tubular member can be implanted within a patient by positioning a proximal end of the tubular member in the patient's gall bladder, positioning a distal end of the tubular member in the patient's intestine, and positioning a length of the... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120172784 - Device for treating tissue: An apparatus for use in carrying out a prophylactic or treatment procedure on tissue comprises a head piece 1 having a receiver 2 for receiving an instrument such as an endoscope 10 and chamber 3 into which tissue is drawn by vacuum. There are two electrodes 11 within the chamber... Agent:

20120172783 - Obesity therapy and heart rate variability: Methods and devices are provided for delivering obesity therapy to a patient. In general, the methods and devices allow for onset of a patient eating solid food, e.g., the patient beginning a meal, to trigger delivery of an obesity therapy to a patient. The obesity therapy can be delivered to... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120172785 - Cassette prism for fluid level detection: A surgical cassette has rigid walls for collecting aspirated tissue and fluid and for operable communication with a fluid level detection system of a surgical console, in which the surgical cassette is placed. The surgical cassette has an interior volume, defined by the rigid walls, to hold the aspirated tissue... Agent:

20120172787 - Drug delivery medical device: Provided is a coated implantable medical device, comprising: a substrate; and a coating disposed on the substrate, wherein the coating comprises at least one polymer and at least one pharmaceutical agent in a therapeutically desirable morphology and/or at least one active biological agent and optionally, one or more pharmaceutical carrying... Agent: Micell Technologies, Inc.

20120172786 - Multi-sleeved surgical ultrasonic vibrating tool suited for phacoemulsification in a manner that prevents thermal injury to ocular tissue: A multi-sleeve handpiece for performing phacoemulsification with a vibratory, ported needle and for cooling an exterior of an incision. The vibratory, ported needle breaks up and aspirates broken eye tissue. The handpiece has at least one inner sleeve that guides irrigation fluid to the eye and/or reduces friction between the... Agent: Alcon Research Ltd.

20120172789 - Anti-carbonisation device: An anti-carbonisation device (1) is proposed to prevent the carbonisation of tissue upon plasma coagulation by means of a suitable surgical instrument (3), wherein the surgical instrument (3) has a feed line for an oxidising agent (7), a feed line for a gas (5) and an electrode (9) for generation... Agent:

20120172790 - Insufflaltion gas warmer and humidifier: An insufflation gas warmer and humidifier apparatus and methods are provided. Insufflation gas is received from a bulky insufflation tubing. Insufflation gas received travels through, in one aspect, a channel or winding flow path, in a passage. The configuration of the passage ensures that the insufflation gas, which travels through... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20120172788 - Mobile apparatus for the dispersion and transdermal delivery of pharmaceutical, medical or purified carbon dioxide gas: A mobile treatment apparatus for use in treating a user of the apparatus with medical or therapeutic gases, comprising a mixing unit for containing water and having a motionless mixing means; a gas cartridge unit removably mounted to the mixing unit via a cartridge piercing module, wherein a pressure-regulating valve... Agent: Bio Bath Corporation

20120172791 - Method and system for treating tissue swelling: A system and related methods and components for treating a tissue site exhibiting interstitial hypertension, including tissue swelling, and particularly swelling associated with cerebral edema, compartment syndrome, and congestive heart failure, by the use of water removal therapy, in order to remove only water from biological fluids. Included also is... Agent: Twin Star Medical, Inc.

20120172792 - Obesity therapy and heart rate variability: Methods and devices are provided for delivering obesity therapy to a patient. In general, the methods and devices allow for onset of a patient eating solid food, e.g., the patient beginning a meal, to trigger delivery of an obesity therapy to a patient. The obesity therapy can be delivered to... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120172793 - Fixturing member and device for permitting mixing in a pen injector: In one aspect, a fixturing member for fixing a source of flowable material relative to a pen injector so as to permit introduction of the flowable material into the pen injector is provided herein. The fixturing member includes a body having a web with opposing proximal and distal faces. A... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120172794 - Implantable medical device including a protection/retaining layer for an active ingredient or drug, in particular a water-soluble one: An implantable medical device (10) comprises reservoirs (30) for receiving a water-soluble active agent or medicament (36) in the form of a solid deposit; and at least one biocompatible and biodegradable protecting/retaining layer (38) for protecting the active agent or medicament (36) until it reaches its site of implantation, said... Agent: Hexacath

20120172795 - Intuitive user guided configuration routine: A user-guided configuration routine for use with a remote catheter guidance system configured to calibrate of one or more medical devices of the remote catheter guidance system with minimal user input. The user-guided configuration routine being configured to determine the appropriate configuration steps from diagnostic data received from the remote... Agent:

20120172796 - Composition for intravascular delivery of therapeutic composition: The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for intravascular delivery of a therapeutic agent, such as paclitaxel, rapamycin, or an analog thereof. The composition includes the therapeutic agent and a biocompatible solvent, such as glycofurol. The composition can aid tissue penetration by the therapeutic agent. A catheter assembly that... Agent:

20120172797 - Medical catheter assembly including a balloon bolster: A medical catheter assembly including either a reinforced balloon bolster or the combination of a balloon bolster and a wire-basket bolster. According to one embodiment, the medical catheter assembly is a low-profile replacement PEG device comprising a feeding tube, an external bolster, an end cap and an internal bolster. The... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120172798 - Devices and methods for accessing a cerebral vessel: The present invention is directed to methods and devices for accessing a cerebral vessel. The system includes a support catheter having a balloon, which can be advanced into small and tortuous vessels. By advancing the support catheter nearer to the obstruction then can be achieved with conventional guide catheters, the... Agent:

20120172799 - Disposable safety syringe with retractable needle tip: The invention discloses a safety syringe with a retractable needle tip, which includes a barrel (1), a needle seat (2) mounted in a mounting hole (11) at the head part of the barrel (1), and a core rod (3) with a snap-fit structure, wherein a stop shoulder structure is arranged... Agent:

20120172800 - Intravenous pumping air management systems and methods: An intravenous (“IV”) liquid delivery system includes: an IV pump tubing set; a shuttle pump or membrane pump actuator operable with the IV pump tubing set; upstream and downstream valve actuators operable with the IV pump tubing set; the IV pump tubing set including an air removal device; an air... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120172803 - Connection and alignment systems and methods: A delivery system for delivering fluidic media to a user having a second housing portion configured to be selectively operatively engaged with and disengaged from a first housing portion, the first housing portion and the second housing portion configured to be slidable relative to each other to operatively engage each... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120172802 - Interface for medical infusion pump: An apparatus for indicating a change in operation of a medical infusion pump. The apparatus includes a memory configured to store an original pump parameter and a current pump parameter. The apparatus further includes a programmable circuit in electrical communication with the memory, the programmable circuit programmed to display the... Agent:

20120172801 - Safety interlock: A safety interlock for use in a medical device having a control system for controlling operation of the medical device includes a central tubular portion defining a fluid passage for passing fluid through the safety interlock. An outer ring portion is adapted for mounting the safety interlock in the medical... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120172804 - Medicament delivery devices: A medicament delivery device (1) comprises a housing (2) for holding a medicament cartridge (9), a drive (18, 32) and a drive control means (46, 52). The medicament cartridge (9) has a medicament outlet and a bung (20) able to be driven via a piston rod (12, 14) driven by... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120172805 - Rotational orientation indicating hollow needle assembly: A rotational orientation indicating hollow needle assembly having a needle, stylet, and hub. A hub sidewall has at least one external surface with at least one humanly tactilely discernible surface feature indicating the rotational relationship between the hub and the needle. Any portion of any of the assembly may bear... Agent:

20120172806 - Catheter assembly and components thereof: Catheter assemblies are generally discussed herein with particular discussions extended to catheter assemblies having a tip protector, a valve, a valve opener, and optionally a needle wiper. The valve opener is disposed inside a catheter hub and is configured to be pushed by an IV set luer connector to open... Agent: B. Braun Melsungen Ag

20120172807 - Instrument seal: A surgical access port comprises a valve or instrument seal that separates the instrument contact function from the instrument conforming function. Embodiments of the instrument seal comprise in instrument contact element that extends through an opening in a compression element, thereby defining an instrument orifice that seals with an instrument... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20120172808 - Stable bortezomib formulations: Multi-dose formulations for bortezomib are presented in which bortezomib has significantly improved stability. Especially preferred formulations include those in which bortezomib is in a liquid form suitable for injection, wherein the solvent system predominantly comprises propylene glycol. In other preferred aspects, bortezomib is present as a Lewis donor-acceptor complex with... Agent: Innopharma, LLC

20120172809 - Drug delivery device inner housing having helical spline: A dose setting mechanism for a drug delivery device is disclosed. The mechanism comprises an outer housing and an inner housing having an external groove and a helical spline. The inner housing helical spline guides a driver to dispense a set dose. A dial sleeve is disposed between the outer... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120172810 - Safety needle assembly: A safety needle assembly has a collar or ring that is rotatably mounted to a needle hub. The needle assembly may be connected to a syringe by the user grasping the needle hub in first and second embodiments, or turning of the needle sheath in other embodiments. The collar of... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20120172811 - Auto-priming injection device: The invention relates to an injection device (1, 100) configured to perform automatic priming upon removal of a protective cap (15, 115) from a cap receiving portion (9, 109) of a housing (2, 102). When mounted on the injection device (1, 100) the cap (15, 115) defines a first position... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20120172812 - Dose setting mechanism for priming a drug delivery device: A drug delivery device is provided comprising a dose setting mechanism having a spindle and a cartridge holder coupled to the dose setting mechanism. The cartridge holder comprising a cartridge having a movable bung at one end of the cartridge. The cartridge holder must be rotated before a dose may... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120172813 - Dose setting mechanism for priming a drug delivery device: A method and system for priming a drug delivery device are provided. The drug delivery device includes a dose dial sleeve and an internal housing portion. The dose dial sleeve is coupled to the internal housing. The dose dial sleeve rotates on a substantially circumferential rotational path during priming of... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120172814 - Resetting mechanism for a drug delivery device: A driver for driving a spindle of a drug delivery device is provided. Said driver comprises a first component and a second component rotationally coupled to said first component. During resetting of said drug delivery device, said first component is rotationally decoupled from said second component.... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120172815 - Medicament delivery device: The present invention relates to a medicament delivery device comprising an elongated housing (10, 10′) having opposite distal and proximal ends, a medicament container (18; 18′) arranged inside said housing, a medicament delivery member (16; 16′) attachable to said medicament container; a plunger rod (22; 22′) arranged to act on... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20120172816 - Drive mechanisms suitable for use in drug delivery devices: The present invention relates to drive mechanisms suitable for use in drug delivery devices, in particular pen-type injectors, wherein a number of pre-set doses of medicinal product can be administered. In particular, the present invention relates to such drug delivery devices where a user may activate the drug delivery device.... Agent:

20120172817 - Medicament delivery devices: A medicament delivery device (1) comprises a housing (15), a telescopic piston rod assembly (12) for driving a bung (20) of a medicament container (9), and a drive mechanism (17) for the telescopic piston rod assembly. The telescopic piston rod assembly (12) comprises a plunger (35) for driving a bung... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120172818 - Medical device having a mechanism and use of a low-friction synthetic material within a medical device: A first movable element (4) and a second movable element (7) of a mechanism in a medical device are arranged in such a manner that, during an operation of the mechanism, a surface of the first element slides on a surface of the second element. The first element and the... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120172819 - Magnetically sealed intravenous access valve: The magnetically sealed intravenous access valve is an implantable port and valve for vascular access. The magnetically sealed intravenous access valve includes a housing and a pair of hollow tubes provided for interconnection and communication with the patient's blood vessel. Each tube is partially slidably received within a lower portion... Agent:

20120172820 - Multichannel micro-needles: A micro-needle (4) comprising a sharp tip (31), an elongated body (32) and a head (36) containing at least two parallel independent lumens (5,6), each of said lumens (5,6) communicating with a distal side opening (7,8) of the head (36); said openings (7,8) being essentially oriented in a direction which... Agent: Debiotech S.a.

20120172821 - Therapeutic clothing and related methods: The present invention is related to articles of clothing that can be used to lessen the symptoms of particular diseases and/or skin conditions, designs of the clothing, and methods and tools for commercializing and marketing the clothing. In one aspect, the present invention is directed to an article of clothing.... Agent:

20120172822 - Foley catheter collection system: A Foley catheter drainage collection system which is capable of permitting the removal and reconnection of drainage bags without compromising the sterility of the drainage system lumen. The collection system has a tubing element which includes a drainage valve associated with an end thereof remote from the insertion end of... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20120172823 - Disposable ostomy bag: An ostomy bag (1) for receiving bodily waste comprising; an outer protective pouch (3) comprising a laminated material with an outer layer of water-impermeable material (15) and an inner layer of water-soluble material (13); an inner waste-collecting pouch (5) enclosed within the outer protective pouch (3) comprising a laminated material... Agent:

20120172825 - Absorbent article including two dimensional code made from an active graphic: Absorbent articles are disclosed that convey information to a user. In particular, the absorbent articles include an active graphic that comprises a machine readable code. The active graphic, for instance, may comprise a disappearing graphic, an appearing graphic, and/or a color-change graphic. The change in appearance of the graphic may... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20120172824 - Caring aide: Working as HHA and babysitters we have faced the problem that most children and patients don't realize their urinating. In order to provide timely replacement of pampers we have decided to create a system that would give a signal that pampers are wet. Our system called Caring Aide comprises a... Agent:

20120172827 - Reusable, adjustable-size, pocket diaper having replaceable elastic: A washably reusable diaper having water wicking inner layer, a water impervious outer layer, a space in between for insertion and removal of water absorbing pad and having an elongated pocket adjacent to the waist line of the diaper a nd an elongated pocket adjacent each leg line of the... Agent:

20120172826 - Segmented films with high strength seams: Unitary films and laminates thereof are provided having at least first and second film segments which extend adjacent one another and are permanently joined together. The first and second film segments are joined at an interface, wherein at the interface a tip of the second segment overlaps the first segment... Agent:

20120172828 - Folded incontinence article: The invention relates to an absorbent open-type incontinence article with attached ears, wherein the rear ears have closure elements in the peripheral region, and to the folding of the ears at high production speeds without the functionality of the closure elements being impaired and with the simultaneously use-friendly arrangement of... Agent: Paul Hartmann Ag

20120172829 - Drug solution preparing kit: To provide a drug solution preparing kit which can be handled with ease in a substantially aseptic manner, and has no risk that a leakage of a drug solution such as a splash and a dispersion of an aerosol to an ambient environment occurs upon preparation of the drug solution... Agent: Nipro Corporation

20120172830 - Mixing apparatus and piercing method for a double-ended needle: A mixing apparatus for mixing a first component and a second component comprises: a first vessel which has a negative internal pressure and houses the first component; a second vessel which houses the second component; and a double-ended needle which allows communication between the first vessel and the second vessel... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120172832 - Independently-manufactured drug delivery module and corresponding receptacle in an implantable medical device: A drug delivery system for an implantable medical device and methods for making and using the same. Embodiments include a housing of an implantable component of the medical device and one or more at least quasi-solid drug-delivery modules that retain an at least quasi-solid state if not a solid state.... Agent:

20120172831 - Methods of delivering a health care active by administering personal health care articles comprising a filament: A method of delivering a health care active having the steps of administering to a mammal in need of a health benefit or a treatment for a health condition a personal health care article and consuming the article. The article contains one or more filaments that contain a backbone material,... Agent:

20120172833 - System and method for controlling drug delivery: The present invention relates to a system for delivering a drug to a patient, which comprises at least one electro-physical sensor, a control unit and a drug-delivery device adapted to contain at least one drug to be delivered to such patient. The sensor and control unit are capable of determining... Agent:

20120172836 - Implantable device for production of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist: Treatments and devices for generating and using interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1ra). An implantable device is loaded with adipose tissue and/or white blood cells and inserted into an inflammation site in a patient to produce interleukin-1 receptor antagonist in vivo. The implantable device has an enclosed or substantially enclosed body that... Agent: Biomet, Biologics, LLC.

20120172835 - Multi-conduit balloon catheter: A suctioning and irrigating sinus balloon catheter is provided for treating a patient's paranasal sinus system, including dilating prepared openings, and natural ostia and ducts and excising sinus cavities and choana. The catheter has a number of fluid carrying conduits to provide irrigation, suction and inflation/deflation to the distally mounted... Agent: Acclarent, Inc.

20120172834 - Tissue sampling, processing and collection device and method of using same: Methods of collecting fat tissue samples in tissue collection syringes mounted in an in-line fat sampling device connected to a hand-held power-assisted tissue aspiration instrument.... Agent:

20120172837 - Methods for inhibiting renal nerve activity via an intra-to-extravascular approach: Methods and apparatus are provided for thermally-induced renal neuromodulation. Thermally-induced renal neuromodulation may be achieved via direct and/or via indirect application of thermal energy to heat or cool neural fibers that contribute to renal function, or of vascular structures that feed or perfuse the neural fibers. In some embodiments, parameters... Agent: Ardian, Inc.

20120172839 - Double wall catheter for delivering therapeutic agent: The present invention relates to a catheter assembly that can deliver a therapeutic composition. The catheter assembly can include an outer balloon with openings for releasing the therapeutic composition. When the catheter assembly is in its contracted state, the openings are closed, and the assembly retains the therapeutic composition. When... Agent:

20120172838 - Systems and methods for delivering drugs to selected locations within the body: Systems and methods for delivering drugs or other substances to target locations outside of blood vessel lumens or other body lumens. In some embodiments, a catheter having a penetrator is advanced into the body lumen and the penetrator is then advanced from the catheter toward a target location outside of... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120172840 - Hydrophobic catheter and composition: In various embodiments, a surgical catheter is provided. The catheter may comprise one or more hydrophobic barrier layers made from an ethylene-pertfluoroethylenepropylene (“EFEP”) copolymer. Additionally, the catheter may comprise another polymer layer made from a reactive polar polymer. In at least one embodiment, the reactive polar polymer may be a... Agent:

20120172841 - Position confirming catheter: A catheter includes an inner layer, an outer layer, a reinforcement layer located between the inner layer and the outer layer, and a marker composed of a contrast material for confirming the position of the distal end portion of the catheter from outside the living body. The reinforcement layer is... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120172843 - Device having an electroformed pleated region and method of its manufacture: A deflectable, flexible device includes an elongate body, a convoluted tip portion at a distal end of the elongate body, and a lumen to receive one or more wires. The convoluted tip portion includes an electroformed pleated region which is formed by electrodepositing a metal on a mandrel having a... Agent:

20120172844 - Guidewire with anchor: A guidewire for a catheter, comprising: an anchor for providing an anchoring force that inhibits longitudinal movement of the guidewire when the guidewire is deployed within a body cavity, duct or vessel. The anchor can provide a gripping force by pressing outwards against the tissue and in such a way... Agent:

20120172842 - Method of assembling a positioning sensor and associated wiring on a medical tool: An elongate medical device having an axis comprises an inner liner, a jacket radially outward of the liner, a braid comprising metal embedded in the jacket, a sensor, and at least one wire electrically connected to said sensor. The at least one wire is one of: embedded in the jacket... Agent:

20120172845 - Side-deployed medical guidewire torquer: A side-deployable medical guidewire or guide wire torquer, torque device or wire manipulator. The torquer comprises an elongate body comprising first and second halves having an outer surface and inner surfaces, wherein the first and second halves are coupled to one another such that the inner surfaces to mate with... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20120172846 - Catheter holder: A catheter holder which is compact and which can be relatively easily released while holding the unhoused portion of the catheter stably includes: an attachment portion for receiving or being attached to a portion of a holding tube housing a portion of the catheter, and a plurality of hold portions... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120172847 - Vacuum assist device to remove object from trachea: A semi-rigid tube connected to an inflatable ring and a vacuum source is provided. The inflatable ring may be inserted into the trachea air passageway of a person, then inflated to form a seal against the inner surface of the air passageway of the person. A central through hole of... Agent:

20120172848 - Catheter with integrated insertion aid: A catheter, and preferably a urinary catheter, is disclosed, comprising an elongate shaft, an insertable end formed in or connected to one end of the elongate shaft, and a discharge end formed in or connected to the opposite end of the elongate shaft. Further, the catheter further comprises an insertion... Agent: Astra Tech Ab

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