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Surgery July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120186581 - Integrated delivery device for continuous glucose sensor: Systems and methods for integrating a continuous glucose sensor, including a receiver, a medicament delivery device, and optionally a single point glucose monitor are provided. Manual integrations provide for a physical association between the devices wherein a user (for example, patient or doctor) manually selects the amount, type, and/or time... Agent: Dexcom,inc.

20120186582 - Nebulizer that is activated by negative inspiratory pressure: A nebulizer includes a body, an air channel section and medication reservoir. An air line extends through the air channel section. A venturi nozzle is configured to form at its end a low pressure mixing chamber. A primary suction line extends from the medication reservoir to the low pressure mixing... Agent: Pneumoflex Systems, LLC

20120186584 - Medicament container: The invention relates to a medicament container, comprising a bag with an outlet, the bag compressible by a compression means, the bag arranged to be essentially inflexible and arranged for turning flexible in an area subjected to a compression means. The invention further relates to an injection arrangement for delivering... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120186583 - Sliding track and pivot mounting system for displays on anesthesia machines: An anesthesia workstation includes a sliding track system attached to the front of the anesthesia workstation for the mounting of one or more displays. The displays are horizontally slidable along the front of the anesthesia workstation along the sliding track. In addition, the sliding track system includes pivot points which... Agent:

20120186585 - Vibratory pep therapy system with medicated aerosol nebulizer: A positive oscillatory expiratory air pressure respiratory therapy device which is adapted to receive a nebulizer for administering aerosolized medicant for selective administration during oscillatory positive expiratory pressure (PEP) therapy.... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20120186586 - Vertical drop out box method and apparatus: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for storing breathing masks in a tall and narrow space and deploying the masks from that space. The apparatus may be embodied as a removable cartridge containing a breathing mask assembly housed within a frame. The cartridge is comprised of a first... Agent:

20120186587 - Method for turning and positioning a patient: A device for use with a bed having a frame and a supporting surface includes a flexible sheet with a tether strap connected to the sheet and extending from the sheet. The flexible sheet has opposed top and bottom surfaces, with the top surface having a high friction material with... Agent: Sage Products, Inc.

20120186588 - Patient positioning system: A system for positioning a patient on a treatment couchtop for SBRT is provided. The system includes a patient support panel and at least one positioning/fixation component for releasable mounting on the patient support panel at a desired position to immobilize a portion of the patient's body. The patient support... Agent: Medtec, Inc.

20120186589 - Apparatus and method for treatment of sleep apnea and snoring: Methods and apparatus for treating snoring and sleep apnea may include an oral appliance based on an extensive, three-dimensional radiological and clinical examination. The oral appliance may position the patient's lower jaw to a position that may prevent or eliminate sleep apnea. Several parameters, often over 40 parameters, may be... Agent:

20120186590 - Wrappable sterile radiation shield drape, combination of a radiation shield and sterile drape therefor and method of providing a sterile drape about a radiation shield: A wrappable sterile radiation shield drape, a wrappable sterile radiation shield drape in combination with a radiation shield, and a method of providing a sterile surface about a suspended radiation shield is provided. The drape includes a flexible wall having a sterilized outer surface. The wall has opposite side edges... Agent:

20120186591 - Jaw thrust appliance: An extra-oral medical device is disclosed for treating respiratory conditions and maintaining an open airway. The device comprises a pair of jaw thrusters that affix to a headgear appliance encircling or otherwise attaching around a user's head. The thrusters include a pair of pads that attach to the headgear via... Agent:

07/19/2012 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120180785 - Pressurized metered dose inhalers: The invention provides a pMDI metering valve comprising at least one component which comprises a desiccant-entrained material, a pMDI closed container system containing a desiccant-entrained material, and a method of stabilising the fine particle mass (FPM) of an inhalation drug formulation emitted by a pMDI closed container system comprising providing... Agent:

20120180786 - Crib shield system and other breathable apparatus: An apparatus and method for making same utilizing a breathable mesh material having a reduced suffocation resistance level for infant and toddler use. The breathable mesh material includes an inner and outer fabric that includes larger openings on the front substructure than on the back substructure and a pile substructure... Agent: Breathablebaby, LLC

20120180787 - Percutaneous dilational device having balloon retention mechanism: A device for dilating an opening through the tracheal wall of a patient includes a loading dilator. A balloon catheter is received in the lumen of the dilator such that the balloon extends distal to the loading dilator distal end. The balloon is configured to radially dilate a portion of... Agent: Cook Incorporated (d/b/a Cook Critical Care Incorporated)

20120180788 - Apparatus, system and method for underwater voice communication by a diver: Embodiments of the invention provide a system, apparatus and methods for underwater voice communication by a diver to other divers and surface ships. In many embodiments, the system includes a mouthpiece voice communication apparatus having a microphone for sensing the diver's voice and an acoustic transducer that conducts sound via... Agent:

20120180789 - Integrated, extendable anesthesia system: The specification describes anesthesia systems with an integrated, extendable clinical center and clinician/anesthesia office that accommodates for physical separation of clinical and clerical functions. The disclosed anesthesia systems allow for a portion of the system to be brought closer to the patient such that clinical controls can be accessed while... Agent: Spacelabs Healthcare LLC

20120180790 - Systems and methods of administering a pharmaceutical gas to a patient: Methods and systems for delivering a pharmaceutical gas to a patient. The methods and systems provide a known desired quantity of the pharmaceutical gas to the patient independent of the respiratory pattern of the patient over a plurality of breaths every nth breath, where n is greater than or equal... Agent: Ino Therapeutics LLC.

20120180791 - Ventilator attachment fitting usable on an endotracheal tube having an integrally formed suction lumen and method of making and/or using the same: A ventilation connector (10) for connecting an endotracheal tube (4) to a ventilation source includes a body (11/13). A ventilation port (12) is arranged on the body (11/13) and is configured to connect to the ventilation source. A suction port (15) is arranged on the body (11/13) and is integrally... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120180792 - Brushless fan motor and positive airway pressure breathing apparatus using the same: A brushless fan motor includes a case, a tubular part disposed in the case and fixed at a bottom of the case, at least a bearing disposed in the tubular part, a toric coil surrounding the tubular part, and a rotating assembly. The rotating assembly includes a turntable, a rotating... Agent: Lead Data Inc.

20120180793 - Dynamic graphic respiratory communication system: The present application is directed toward a dynamic graphic communication system for use with various graphical user interfaces provided on the displays of anesthesia machines and other medical systems. Instead of using traditionally static icon, dynamic graphics are used to provide additional, intuitive information, including real-time information regarding the functioning... Agent:

20120180794 - Respiratory mask assembly: A respiratory mask assembly for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a mask frame having a first cooperating interlocking structure; a mask cushion provided to the frame; a cushion clip to retain the mask cushion on the mask frame, the cushion clip having a second cooperating interlocking structure and... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120180795 - Two sided pad: A cushioning pad includes two layers of different material. The pad is for use as a pad to be positioned between a mask and the face of a person when the mask is worn by the user. The materials for the two layers may include a gel material and a... Agent:

20120180796 - Tracheostomy tubes: A fenestrated tracheostomy tube has two rows of openings extending along the outside of the curve of the tube where they will be located in the trachea. The shaft of the tube is made of a soft material, such as silicone, and is reinforced along the fenestrated region by a... Agent: Smiths Group PLC

20120180797 - Modular pediatric platform: A modular table is described for supporting a patient during application of a spica cast. In various embodiments, the table is modular, having a support for the patient's upper body and a separate support for the patient's lower body. The supports have coupling members that interface with existing examination or... Agent: Orthopediatrics Corporation

20120180799 - Apparatus and methods for treating sleep apnea: Apparatus and methods are provided for treating sleep apnea, snoring, and the like using an implant within an oropharyngeal region adjacent an anterior longitudinal ligament. The implant may include a relatively narrow central region between first and second relatively wide outer regions. In one embodiment, one of the outer regions... Agent:

20120180798 - Oral appliance for sleep airway management: An oral appliance for managing a person's airway, includes a malleable ring portion which fits between a user's lower teeth and lower lip, or a user's upper teeth and upper lip; and a tongue depressant portion, which engages the base of a user's tongue to push the tongue downwards and... Agent:

20120180800 - Face mask: A mask has a mask body and a pair of ear straps. The mask body includes an outer layer sheet and an intermediate layer sheet. The outer layer sheet is formed of hydrophobic fibers. The intermediate layer sheet is laid on the outer layer sheet so as to be located... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120180801 - Medical hand and arm protection apparatus and method of protection: A medical hand and arm protection apparatus and method of protection comprising a protective shell which is capable of receiving a patient's hand and arm. A sheet is attached to the protective shell, which is tucked under the patient to anchor the hand and arm protector in place. The protective... Agent:

20120180802 - Shape memory devices and their use in controlling device-environment interactions: The invention is directed to shape memory polymer compositions, articles of manufacture thereof, and methods of preparation and use thereof. The invention is further directed to methods of controlling the nature of the interaction of a shape memory device with the environment in which it is operating.... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

07/12/2012 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120174914 - Electronic vapor inhaling device: An electronic vapor inhaling device has an outer housing that defines an internal cavity having a proximal end and a distal end. A mouthpiece is located at the proximal end. A liquid storage chamber is defined within the outer housing near its proximal end and a battery compartment containing a... Agent:

20120174915 - Pulse drug nebulization system, formulations therefore, and methods of use: Liquid nebulizer apparatus, systems, and formulation compositions, as well as systems for the nebulized, aerosol delivery of such compositions, for the administration and insufflation of medicinal aerosols into the pulmonary system of a mammal are described. The nebulizing apparatus and system can effectively aerosolize a variety of viscosities of medicinal... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20120174916 - Turbo-inhaler: The invention relates to a turbo-inhaler, comprising an active-liquid container (1) holding a liquid having an active ingredient dissolved therein, a nebulizer (2), by means of which liquid can be converted into an aerosol and introduced into a blade housing (3), in which a bounding dome (4) is suspended, the... Agent:

20120174919 - High-pressure chamber: The invention relates to a high-pressure chamber for preferably atomizing or injecting metered amounts of fluid, such as pharmaceutical preparations. The components of the high-pressure chamber determining the strength thereof are made of a sintered metal body having plastic regions directly attached thereto. The plastic regions allow corrosion resistance and... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20120174918 - Inhaler: An inhaler, such as a breath-actuated metered-dose inhaler, for delivering medicament to a patient. The inhaler includes a housing for holding the medicament and having an air inlet and a medicament delivery port which together define an air flow path into which the medicament is dispensed. The air inlet includes... Agent: Ivax Pharmaceuticals Ireland (a Trading Name Of Ivax International B.v.)

20120174917 - Press-type medical nebulizer and pressing means thereof: In a press-type medical nebulizer and a pressing means thereof, the nebulizer includes a medicament container having an intake channel and a medical spray generator. The pressing means includes a base, a pressing element and a switching element. The base has a gas-delivering tube, a gas-releasing hole and a trough.... Agent: Atlantean Corp.

20120174920 - Multi-layer endotracheal tube apparatus: Multi layer endotracheal tube apparatus (800) comprising an outer flexible elongated tube layer (802) having a proximal end (816) and a distal end (818), defining an inner surface (820) therebetween, at least one flexible elongated inner tube layer (804) having a proximal end (822) and a distal end (824), defining... Agent: Tubular Medical Ltd.

20120174921 - Underwater breathing apparatus and method of use: An underwater breathing apparatus has a flotation device; and an air conduit comprising at least one air inlet and at least one air outlet in fluid communication with each other; at least two one-directional air valves oriented in the same direction and disposed between the at least one air inlet... Agent:

20120174922 - Respirator: A breathing apparatus, including a mask and a neck component. The mask is adapted to substantially surround at least the mouth or nostrils of a user. The neck component is attached to said mask, and adapted to substantially surround the back of the neck of said user. The neck component... Agent:

20120174923 - Unit dose capsules and dry powder inhaler: Described is a dry powder inhaler comprising an intake section; a mixing section, and a mouthpiece.... Agent: Mannkind Corporation

20120174924 - Conduit with heated wick: A conduit for a breathing circuit includes a heater associated, at least in part, with a hydrophilic layer. The purpose of the heater is to evaporate any condensed liquid collecting in the conduit, which is first sucked up by the hydrophilic layer. The heated wick reduces the risk of collected... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20120174925 - System and method for providing mechanical ventilation support to a patient: A system for providing mechanical ventilation support to a patient and includes a mechanical ventilator. A breathing circuit is pneumatically connected between the mechanical ventilator and a patient connection. An inspiratory check valve is disposed within an inspiratory limb of the breathing circuit. A fresh gas manifold provides fresh gas... Agent: General Electric Company

20120174926 - System and method of preventing the delivery of hypoxic gases to a patient: A system for preventing the delivery of hypoxic gases during respiratory support of a patient includes a breathing circuit. An input device is operable by a clinician to input at least one ventilator parameter value. A fresh gas manifold is pneumatically connected to the breathing circuit and the fresh gas... Agent: General Electric Company

20120174927 - Continuous positive airway pressure device: A continuous positive airway pressure system features a housing forming an airway chamber, and an air pressure inlet and an air pressure outlet. The housing further defines internally a pair of tapered air jets, and a pair of tapered air receivers. The air receivers are located downstream of the air... Agent:

20120174928 - Mask assembly: A respiratory mask assembly for use in delivery of non-invasive positive airway pressure to a user comprising a rigid mask shell including a plurality of slots; a soft cushion including at least one flexible sealing lip constructed and arranged to extend around an inner periphery of the cushion and to... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120174929 - Artificial airway: An artificial airway including: an airway tube including at least one airway conduit; an inflatable cuff mounted on a distal end of the tube; a support member extending into the cuff, the cuff having inner side walls, anterior walls and a posterior wall, the inner side walls being joined to... Agent: Umedaes Limited

20120174930 - Orthotic head and neck support: A kit of parts for forming an orthotic head support, comprises at least one frame having a plurality of arms extending from a central region. Examples of such frames are W-frames, Y-frames and H-frames. The kit further includes at least one extension connectable to a frame. Such extension members include... Agent:

20120174931 - Pharynx protector: A pharynx protector may include a proximal end and a distal end, the distal end being adapted to be inserted into an oesophagus of a patient. The protector may include an elongated tubular part and a distally located receiving portion for receiving a puncture needle during a laryngectomy, wherein the... Agent:

20120174932 - Protective mouth guard: A protective mouth guard primarily for use in contact sports has a handle that is convenient to hold while taking the mouth guard in and out of the mouth and while holding it. Some embodiments have about a ¾″ by ¾″ area for two-fingered holding; some have a downward extending... Agent:

07/05/2012 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120167877 - Membrane nebulizer and method for welding a membrane to a carrier during the production of a membrane nebulizer: The invention relates to a membrane nebulizer for producing aerosol in an aerosol therapy device, comprising: a membrane (1) having several through-holes for nebulizing a fluid; and a laminar carrier (2) having an opening (8), the membrane (1) being arranged in the opening (8) and fastened to the carrier (2)... Agent: Pari Pharma Gmbh

20120167878 - Systems and methods for delivery of a breathing gas with fine ice particles: A therapeutic treatment system has a delivery device is adapted to deliver a cooled breathing gas mixture to a patient and an injection device positioned near a distal end of the delivery device. The injection device is coupled to a source of liquid. The treatment system also includes a control... Agent: Thermocure, Inc,

20120167879 - Positive airway pressure therapy apparatus and methods: Embodiments of the invention are directed to positive airway pressure therapy apparatus and methods for using same. In some embodiments, the apparatus includes a body- (e.g., head-) mounted housing enclosing a blower, wherein the housing includes air inlets on multiple sides so that the blower may draw adequate air even... Agent:

20120167880 - Humifidier with wireless temperature sensing: A respiration humidifier having a base unit and a chamber constructed to hold liquid. A sensor is connected to the chamber and configured to sense a condition within the chamber. A radiation signal transmitter is carried by the chamber and associated with the sensor. The transmitter wirelessly sends a radiation... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120167881 - Dry-powder inhaler: An inhaler for delivering dry-powder medicament to a patient from an open blister pocket of a blister pack. The blister pack is in the form of a flexible elongate strip including a base sheet having a plurality of recesses spaced along its length and a cover sheet peelably sealed to... Agent: Norton Healthcare Limited

20120167882 - Temperature monitoring and control devices for tracheal tubes: Various embodiments of an intubation system include a tracheal tube, a heat source coupled to the tracheal tube, and a temperature sensor disposable in a patient's trachea to detect a temperature within the patient's trachea. The heat source is adapted to generate heat when the tracheal tube is disposed in... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120167883 - Advanced portable oxygen concentrator: A portable oxygen concentrator designed for medical use with a novel housing and internal component design that reduces noise and vibration while increasing durability. The improved design of the portable oxygen concentrator further facilitates easy maintenance and repair over the life of the equipment.... Agent:

20120167884 - Peep regulation for a breathing apparatus: A breathing apparatus has an expiratory flow sensor unit, an expiratory pressure sensor unit, an expiratory pressure regulator, and an expiratory control unit operatively connected to the expiratory pressure sensor unit for a feedback control of an expiratory pressure during an expiratory phase of a breathing cycle. The expiratory control... Agent:

20120167885 - Systems and methods for ventilation to obtain a predetermined patient effort: Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide systems, methods and devices for respiratory support. As one example, a ventilation system is disclosed that includes a computer readable medium including instructions executable by a processor to receive a measured pressure value and a net flow value. A patient effort value is... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120167886 - Advanced portable oxygen concentrator: A portable oxygen concentrator designed for medical use with a novel housing and internal component design that reduces noise and vibration while increasing durability. The improved design of the portable oxygen concentrator further facilitates easy maintenance and repair over the life of the equipment.... Agent:

20120167887 - Advanced portable oxygen concentrator: A portable oxygen concentrator designed for medical use with a novel housing and internal component design that reduces noise and vibration while increasing durability. The improved design of the portable oxygen concentrator further facilitates easy maintenance and repair over the life of the equipment.... Agent:

20120167888 - Advanced portable oxygen concentrator: A portable oxygen concentrator designed for medical use with a novel housing and internal component design that reduces noise and vibration while increasing durability. The improved design of the portable oxygen concentrator further facilitates easy maintenance and repair over the life of the equipment.... Agent:

20120167889 - Gas mask filter canister: A filter for a gas mask has a concave outlet wall and a convex inlet wall with a particulate filter bed that has a uniform depth and conforms substantially to the shape of the inlet and outlet wall. The side wall can have an elliptical, circular or convex shape to... Agent: Avon Protection Systems, Inc.

20120167890 - Respirator having valve with an ablated flap: A respirator 10 that has a mask body 12, a harness 13, and an exhalation valve 14. Both the harness 13 and the exhalation valve 14 are secured to the mask body 12. The exhalation valve 14 comprises a valve seat 20 and a flap 22 that has a surface... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120167891 - Adjustable facial conforming face mask: An adjustable face mask having a body conforming substantially to the facial structure of a wearer. The face mask is provided with a neck shield and removable filter and novel air apertures providing a communication of forced air to the nose and mouth of a user. The face mask can... Agent:

20120167892 - Patient interface device including a mechanism for manipulating the position of an internal component thereof: A patient interface device includes a mask having a shell defining a chamber. A component, such as a nasal cannula coupled to a sensor, is structured to be selectively positioned within the chamber. A manipulation mechanism for selectively manipulating the position of the component within the chamber from an exterior... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120167893 - Tracheostomy tube having a sealing device: There is suggested a tracheostomy tube comprising a sealing means, said sealing means sealingly enclosing the tracheostomy tube transversally to its longitudinal extension, the sealing means being configured as a sealing bell whose rear end portion encloses the tracheostomy tube and whose front end portion comprises a sealing lip to... Agent:

20120167894 - Apparatus for positioning a nasal cannula: An apparatus and a system for stably positioning a nasal cannula in a manner effective for oral or nasal delivery of oxygen or gas mixtures to an individual are described. A generally rectangular cannula support member having at least one retention device secures a nasal cannula to the support member.... Agent: O2ool, LLC

20120167895 - Therapeutic sleep device for discouraging sleeping in a supine position: A therapeutic sleep device worn about an individual's torso and intended to discourage an individual from sleeping in a supine position includes a body securing member and a sleep fin. The body securing member has an interior side and a posterior side. The sleep fin includes a supine-suppression fin providing... Agent:

20120167896 - Surgical drape: A surgical drape (10) has a planar, flexible covering element (11) with an area (30) for accommodating a reference means (40) for a navigation system, the reference means protruding from the plane of the covering element. The area (30) has at least two deformable, elongated bar elements (18), which are... Agent:

20120167897 - Tissue protector: The invention refers to a tissue protector for protecting healthy tissue of a patient from radiation exposure during teletherapy, comprising a jaw part for generating a raised bite, and a soft-tissue positioning part connected to said jaw part for positioning a soft-tissue of said patient, said jaw part having an... Agent: Hibrand Establishment

20120167898 - Patient immobilization device for radiotherapy treatment system and methods: A patient immobilization device for radiotherapy includes a one-piece composite body having a core and a carbon fiber reinforced skin encapsulating the core. The composite body further includes a posterior surface configured for mounting the composite body upon a radiotherapy support table, and an anterior surface defining a cradle. Positioning... Agent: Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation

20120167899 - Absorbent digital pad: The present invention relates to a pad to be inserted between the web spaces of human toes. The pad comprise an non-absorbent outer section encompassing an absorbent inner section. The pad can be manufactured within various shapes and sizes.... Agent:

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