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06/28/2012 > 113 patent applications in 60 patent subcategories.

20120165595 - Method for identifying the location at least one treatment channel from a group of a plurality of treatment channels as well as a system for effecting radiation treatment on a pre-selected anatomical portion of an animal body: Furthermore the system according to the invention is characterized in that identifying means are present for identifying the location of at least one treatment channel from said group of said plurality of inserted treatment channels and comparing said identified location with one or more of said pre-planned locations present in... Agent:

20120165596 - Apparatus and method of stimulating elevation of glutathione levels in a subject: An apparatus configured to provide a beneficial biological effect for a subject, and/or a method of treating the subject using the apparatus. The apparatus may be configured to trigger and maintain the elevation of Glutathione levels within the subject. The apparatus may rely on a non-invasive mechanism to elevate Glutathione... Agent:

20120165597 - Implantable piezoelectric polymer film microphone: Implantable piezoelectric polymer film microphone apparatus and methods are described for use as an integral component of a hearing augmentation device system. The piezoelectric polymer film can be polyvinylidene fluoride (“PVDF”). Generally, a piezoelectric polymer film serves as the sensor that is well matched to tissue and which directly converts... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20120165598 - Device for improving an individual's physical performance and ability to maintain balance, and method for manufacturing thereof: A device (1) for improving an individual's physical performance and ability to maintain balance, which is suitable for being placed close to a portion of the individual's skin, comprises at least one metal body (2, 2′) which is provided with a first metal layer (4, 4′), and at least one... Agent:

20120165599 - Vaginal insert device having a support portion with plurality of foldable areas: Generally, a vaginal insert device used to treat urinary incontinence is disclosed. The vaginal insert device includes a support portion, a stabilizing portion, a removal device, and at least one fluid passageway extending though the support portion. The substantially cylindrical support portion has a distal end and a proximal end.... Agent:

20120165600 - (partial) apparatus for preventing incontinence with a fixing device to be immovably implanted in body tissue: The invention is concerned with an apparatus for preventing incontinence with a fixing device to be immovably implanted in body tissue, whereby a tubular body (3) features a first elongated guiding element (5; 105) inside, a tube-like retaining element is connected to the tubular body (3) which features a second... Agent:

20120165603 - Implantable devices for the treatment of incontinence and methods of using same: Implantable devices are designed to provide support to the bulbar urethral region of a patient experiencing incontinence. Surgical methods are utilized to implant the devices, and surgical tools are utilized with the surgical methods.... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120165602 - Pelvic tissue plication system: A bladder plication system to treat ISD in a patient is provided. The device can include a needle introducer device, and a plication device. The needle introducer device is advanced through the bladder, with the plication device contained and deployable within the needle introducer device. Once inserted in the bladder... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120165601 - Vaginal insert device having a support portion with plurality of struts: A vaginal insert device including a support portion, a stabilizing portion, a removal device, and at least one fluid passageway extending though the support portion is disclosed. The vaginal insert relaxes in the vagina to deliver outward compression force against the bladder neck via the anterior vaginal wall to assist... Agent:

20120165604 - Endoluminal fold creation: Devices and methods are provided for forming one or more plications in the walls of a body cavity. In particular, endoscopic devices and methods are provided for forming and/or securing endoluminal tissue folds to reduce the volume of the gastric cavity. An end effector that includes a tissue receiving cavity... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120165606 - Catheter including a bendable portion: A catheter including a tube having at least one lumen, at least one elongate element, the at least one elongate element having a bendable portion at a predetermined bendable portion location therealong forward of a distal end of the tube and at least one selectably inflatable balloon communicating with at... Agent:

20120165605 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes: an insertion portion configured to be inserted into a subject; an image pickup section configured to pick up an image of inside of the subject; an operation portion configured to be connected to the insertion portion; a grasping portion configured to be able to be grasped by... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120165607 - Guide assembly for endoscope: A guide assembly for an endoscope having an elongated tube includes a first inner sleeve, a first outer sleeve, an endless track device, engagement rollers, a second inner sleeve and idler rollers. The endless track device has an annular surface, is supported around the first outer sleeve, for endlessly moving... Agent:

20120165608 - Endoscopic imaging system: An endoscopic imaging system includes a reusable control cabinet having a number of actuators that control the orientation of a lightweight endoscope that is connectable thereto. The endoscope is used with a single patient and is then disposed. The endoscope includes an illumination mechanism, an image sensor and an elongate... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120165609 - Bending device: A bending device includes a bendable unit which has a bendable body extending in a direction and a soft pipe extending in the same direction and fixed to the bendable body. The soft pipe is stretchable in said direction relative to the bendable body in response to changes of pressure... Agent:

20120165610 - Systems and methods for optimizing and maintaining visualization of a surgical field during the use of surgical scopes: Systems and methods condition air for passage across a laparoscopic lens to prevent fogging, deflect debris, and maintain visualization of an operating cavity. The systems and methods provide an access device sized and configured to provide communication with an insufflated CO2 environment maintained by operation of an insufflations circuit. The... Agent: Minimally Invasive Devices, LLC

20120165611 - Laparoscopic access port and port sleeve arrangement: Disclosed are embodiments of a laparoscopic access port having a head (portion 450) for use generally externally of a patient and for providing a seal around a laparoscopic tool (not shown)when said tool is inserted into the head via a (bore 408); and a sleeve portion (410) connected to the... Agent:

20120165612 - Tamponade trocar device and method: A tamponade trocar includes an elongate balloon having a closed distal end and is adapted to expand from a small diameter to a large diameter. A cannula is positioned at a proximal portion within the balloon lumen. A rigid stylet is removably positioned within the balloon and cannula lumens. A... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20120165613 - Retractor component system and method comprising same: A blade assembly has a blade body and a blade body surround. A retractor attachment structure is attached to the blade body at the first end portion thereof extending from an exterior surface thereof. The retractor attachment structure is configured for having one of the blade body mounting structures of... Agent:

20120165615 - Apparatus and method for telemedicine: The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for telemedicine and, more particularly, to an apparatus and a method for telemedicine capable of providing a patient image and various types of information helping medical treatment.... Agent:

20120165614 - Communication protocol for medical devices that supports enhanced security: A diabetes management system is provided that employs a communication protocol with enhanced security. The diabetes management system includes: a medical device operable to perform a diabetes care function in relation to a patient and store data related to the operation thereof; and a diabetes care manager in data communication... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120165618 - Method and apparatus for health avatar: An intelligent health avatar which will aid in the care of patients. The health avatar, through the use of one or more computers executing one or more computer program, and in combination with one or more computer programs, gathers information from patients' health records, patients' monitoring devices, and interactions with... Agent:

20120165617 - Patient enabled methods, apparatus, and systems for early health and preventive care using wearable sensors: Certain examples provide systems, methods, and apparatus for patient-enabled early health and prevention. An example patient preventive health system includes a monitoring application interface to receive data from one or more sensors positioned with respect to a patient. The system includes a sensor data processor to process the received data... Agent: General Electric Company

20120165616 - Portable monitoring unit and a method for monitoring a monitored person: A method and portable monitoring unit, that portable monitoring unit includes a memory module for storing a media clip that comprises instructions related to the operation of the monitoring unit, for storing raw medical information, and for storing medical event information; a processor arranged to receive raw medical information from... Agent:

20120165619 - Stand alone medical communication module used with a host device: System and method for providing medical information concerning a patient having first patient physiological data and second patient physiological data. The system has a medical device and a handheld device. The medical device is configured to be implanted in the patient and has a sensor configured to obtain the first... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120165620 - Medical device: A medical device includes a treatment module configured to apply a treatment to a patient. The medical device includes an interface configured to operatively connect to a removable storage device storing authorization data that identifies a level of treatment authorization. The medical device includes a processing device configured to perform... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20120165622 - Method and system for measuring physiological parameters: A method for determining at least one physiological parameter of a driver, pilot or transport of defence vehicle or system operator, comprising: a) injecting or inducing current into said individual; b) measuring in said individual an electrical parameter indicating their impedance, comprising: b1) measuring the electrical parameter with at least... Agent: Fico Mirrors, S.a.

20120165623 - Relational thermorespirometer spot vitals monitor: A vitals monitor [10] includes an elongated probe [20] having a distal tip [28], the monitor having a distal sensor surface [24] adjacent the distal tip for sensing oral temperature of a patient and at least one proximal gas receiver [30] positioned along the probe [20] so that, when the... Agent:

20120165624 - Signal processing apparatus: The present invention involves a method and an apparatus for analyzing measured signals, including the determination of a measurement of oxygen saturation and respiration rate in the measured signals during a calculation of a physiological parameter of a monitored patient. Use of this invention is described in particular detail with... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20120165621 - System configuration for monitoring systems: A physical configuration of cables connecting a monitoring apparatus to a human patient, where said patient and his immediate surroundings define a potentially infectious contaminated zone. The configuration provides for the monitor and main trunk cable to lie outside of the contamination zone, and one or more serial cables connect... Agent:

20120165625 - Device for the transcutaneous, in vivo measurement of the concentration of at least one analyte in a living organism: The invention relates to a device for the transcutaneous, in vivo measurement of the concentration of at least one analyte in a living organism, comprising a carrier which can be introduced into the organism, and a luminescence indicator which is immobilized on the carrier and which reacts to a change... Agent: Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft Mbh

20120165626 - Devices, methods, and kits for determining analyte concentrations: Devices, methods, and kits for measuring or otherwise evaluating the concentration of one or more analytes in a body fluid are described. The devices, methods, and/or kits may be non-invasive. In some variations, a method for measuring the concentration of an analyte in sweat of a subject may comprise contacting... Agent:

20120165627 - Endoscopic diagnosis system: An endoscopic diagnosis system includes first and second narrowband light sources for emitting respectively first and second narrowband lights having a wavelength range different from each other, a first image sensor for receiving reflected light of the first narrowband light illuminating a subject to acquire a narrowband light image in... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120165628 - System and method for reliable sleep diagnostic testing: A method for securely affixing a sensor to a patient is provided. The method includes attaching the sensor to the patient's index finger with a sensor signal cable routed along the patient's hand, and configuring an identification band to encircle the signal cable and the patient's wrist using a secure... Agent:

20120165630 - Advanced system and method for oxygen saturation monitoring: A method that includes configuring a first and a second identification band with unique serial numbers, each of said bands being connected to a signal cable attached to a sensor is provided. The first identification band is securely fixed to a first location on the patient and the second identification... Agent: Sleepsafedrivers, Inc.

20120165631 - Signal processing apparatus: The present disclosure describes a method and an apparatus for analyzing measured signals using various processing techniques. In certain embodiments, the measured signals are physiological signals. In certain embodiments, the measurements relate to blood constituent measurements including blood oxygen saturation.... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20120165629 - Systems and methods of monitoring a patient through frequency-domain photo migration spectroscopy: FDPM processing provides an amplitude signal and a phase signal at a modulation frequency to improve measurement fidelity during measurement of one or more blood parameters. In an embodiment, a light source modulates light at a modulation frequency around 200 MHz to produce an amplitude and phase plethysmograph, usable to... Agent:

20120165632 - Medical sensor for reducing signal artifacts and technique for using the same: A sensor may be adapted to reduce signal artifacts by deflecting the effects of outside forces and sensor motion. A sensor is provided with a rigid annular structure adapted to reduce the effect of motion of a sensor emitter and/or detector. Further, a method of deflecting or minimizing outside forces... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120165634 - Detecting neurochemical or electrical signals within brain tissue: This document relates to methods and materials involved in detecting neurochemical signals, electrophysiological signals, ions, or combinations thereof with brain tissue. For example, methods and materials for using probes to detect neurochemical signals (e.g., neurotransmitter concentrations), electrical signals, or combinations thereof during deep brain stimulation are provided.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20120165633 - Leadless wireless ecg measurement system and method for measuring of bio-potential electrical activity of the heart: A leadless wireless ECG measurement system for measuring of bio-potential electrical activity of the heart in a patient's body includes at least one multi-contact bio-potential electrode assembly adapted for attachment to the patient's body. The electrode assembly is formed of an electronic patch layer and a disposable electrode layer. The... Agent:

20120165635 - Compensating for temperature drifts during glucose sensing: Temperature variations in a patient's body can lead to inaccurate glucose readings. To compensate for changes in temperature, the temperature at a glucose sensing site can be sensed using a thermocouple. A compensated glucose level can be determined based on the temperature and the sensed glucose level. A glucose sensing... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

20120165637 - Method of calibrating an analyte-measurement device, and associated methods, devices and systems: The invention relates to a method for calibrating an analyte-measurement device that is used to evaluate a concentration of analyte in bodily fluid at or from a measurement site in a body. The method involves measuring a concentration, or calibration concentration, of an analyte in blood from an “off-finger” calibration... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120165636 - Systems and methods for improved in vivo analyte sensor function: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to systems for improving the performance of one or more components of a sensor, such as an in vivo analyte sensor, including, for example, continuous and/or automatic in vivo analyte sensors, by detecting inflammation at an insertion site and adjusting the signal of the... Agent:

20120165641 - Continuous blood glucose monitor: A device may be implanted subcutaneously with an attached catheter inserted within, e.g., the peritoneal cavity of a subject. The catheter and/or device may also be inserted into another space, e.g., subcutaneous, vascular, peritoneal, cerebrospinal, pleural spaces, etc. The peritoneal fluid which normally collects and/or flows through the peritoneal cavity... Agent:

20120165638 - Patient monitoring system with efficient pattern matching algorithm: A patient monitoring system with an efficient pattern matching algorithm, a method, and a computer product thereof are disclosed. The system may include a physiological data input device or sensor which receives a plurality of physiological measurements within a time window thereby generating at least one time window data set,... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120165639 - Storage of calibration data at a continuous glucose monitor: A method for storing data at a continuous glucose monitor is presented. The method includes measuring the blood glucose level of the patient. The method also includes receiving a plurality of physical attributes related to the glucose level of the patient. The method further includes determining calibration data based on... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120165640 - Structured blood glucose testing performed on handheld diabetes management devices: A handheld diabetes management device includes a bG measurement engine, a data store, a display, and a testing module. The bG measurement engine selectively measures bG levels in blood samples. The data store includes data for executing a plurality of structured tests, each of the structured tests calling for execution... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120165642 - Intra-operative blood recovery system: A method for recovering blood from a blood-laden surgical sponge for autologous reinfusion, the method comprising the steps of: conveying negative pressure to a housing with the blood-laden surgical sponge; applying a predetermined force to draw the blood from the surgical sponge; and collecting the recovered blood.... Agent:

20120165643 - Motion-based optimization for placement of cardiac stimulation electrodes: An exemplary method includes use of a multielectrode device that can help position a cardiac stimulation lead to an optimal site in the heart based at least in part on cardiac motion information acquired via the multielectrode device and one or more pairs of current delivery electrodes that establish potential... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120165644 - Single radio-transparent connector for multi-functional reference patch: A patch and sensor assembly has a magnetic-based biosensor is housed in a reusable portion that connects to the mapping and localization system via biosensor wires, and a disposable portion provides an electrode layer through which impedance-based signals are transmitted to the mapping and localization system via ACL wires, wherein... Agent:

20120165645 - System method and device for monitoring physiological parameters of a person: Provided is a system, method and portable device for monitoring physiological parameters of a person in the field.... Agent: Zephyr Technology Corporation

20120165647 - Apparatus for measuring sizes of human body using millimeter waves: Disclosed is an apparatus for measuring sizes of a human body, such as the length of an arm, the size of a waist and the width of a shoulder, in the state that a person does not take off its clothes, using millimeter waves. The apparatus includes a plurality of... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120165646 - Composite particle, contrast agent for photoacoustic imaging, and photoacoustic imaging method: Regarding a composite particle in the related art, an antibody and a dye are bound to the surface of the particle. Therefore, it is not possible to bind both the antibody and the dye high in number. Accordingly, the present invention provides a composite particle, wherein a large acoustic wave... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120165648 - Mobile postural screening method and system: A mobile, hand-held communication device with a display screen and a camera is programmed to perform a postural screening method. An image of a patient is acquired on the display screen having an array of pixels. A pixel to distance ratio of the displayed image is determined. A postural displacement... Agent:

20120165649 - Apparatus and method for measuring the internal pressure of an examination object: The present invention relates to an apparatus (100) for measuring the internal pressure of an examination object, in particular the internal pressure of a blood vessel, by use of a magnetic pressure measurement device (60, 70) introduced into the examination object, which apparatus comprises:—magnetic field generating means comprising magnetic field... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120165651 - Detector rotation type radiation therapy and imaging hybrid device: An imaging device, or a PET device, opposed gamma camera type PET device, or open PET device in particular, that is combined with a radiation therapy device, in which detectors are rotated to reduce incidence of nuclear fragments on the detectors. For example, in an opposed gamma camera type PET... Agent: National Institute Of Radiological Sciences

20120165650 - Her2 binders: Imaging agents comprising an isolated polypeptide conjugated with a radionuclide and a chelator; wherein the isolated polypeptide binds specifically to HER2, or a variant thereof; and methods for preparing and using these imaging agents.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120165654 - Means and method for performing hyperpolarizing gas imaging: The present invention discloses a system for hyperpolarizing un-polarized gas within an animal. The system comprises hyper polarization means for hyperpolarizing the un-polarized gas, wherein the hyperpolarization of the un-polarized gas is provided in-situ within the analyzed animal.... Agent: Aspect Magnet Technologies Ltd.

20120165653 - Mr imaging system with cardiac coil and defibrillator: The invention relates to a magnetic resonance imaging system comprising a main magnet coil (2) for generating a uniform, steady magnetic field within an examination volume, a number of gradient coils (4, 5, 6) for generating switched magnetic field gradients in different spatial directions within the examination volume, at least... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120165652 - System and method for image guidance during medical procedures: A surgical guidance system is disclosed that allows for real-time imaging and patient monitoring during a surgical procedure. The system can include an MRI system for generating real-time images of the patient while surgery is being performed. Prior to surgery, a surgical plan can be created using a planning interface.... Agent: Viewray Incorporated

20120165655 - Method for generating position data of an instrument: A method for generating position data of an instrument (1), in particular a medical instrument, wherein the method includes the following steps: capturing position measurement data by way of at least one position sensor (7, 9) arranged on the instrument, determining a movement state of the instrument on the basis... Agent:

20120165656 - Compensation for magnetic disturbance due to fluoroscope: A method, consisting of generating, using a plurality of magnetic transmitters, a magnetic field in a region and introducing a field perturbing element into the region. The method includes characterizing multiple images of each magnetic transmitter in the field perturbing element, and calculating a reaction magnetic field in the region... Agent:

20120165657 - Hybrid tracking system utilizing combined led and magnetoresistance sensors: A hybrid tracking system utilizing at least one combined light emitting diode (LED) and magnetoresistance sensor. The hybrid tracking system includes optical tracking technology and electromagnetic (EM) tracking technology with at least one combined LED and magnetoresistance reference sensor attached to a fixed object, at least one combined LED and... Agent: General Electric Company

20120165659 - Radiopaque implant: In some embodiments, an implant includes a substrate and a radiopaque portion. The radiopaque portion is coupled to the substrate. The radiopaque portion has a first portion extending along a first axis and a second portion extending along a second axis different than the first axis. In some embodiments, the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120165660 - System and method for electromagnetic navigation in the vicnity of a metal object: A system and method for performing object localization based on the emission of electromagnetic fields. The electromagnetic fields are simultaneously emitted from different transmitters. One electromagnetic field is emitted at a base frequency; the remaining waves are emitted at frequencies that are harmonics of the base frequency. The composite magnetic... Agent:

20120165658 - System, article of manufacture, and method for characterizing a medical device and/or one or more sensors mounted thereon: Systems and methods for characterizing a medical device and/or the sensors thereof are provided. A system comprises an electronic control unit (ECU) configured to acquire first and second configurations of the device. The ECU is configured to process the configurations to calculate an index used to characterize the device and/or... Agent:

20120165661 - Integrated system architectures and methods of use: Provided herein are systems, methods and apparatuses for an integrated system and architectures comprising a central processing unit (CPU) located a substantial physical distance from a sample.... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120165662 - Medical systems and methods: This disclosure generally relates to medical systems and methods. In one aspect of the invention, a method includes determining a fluorescent light intensity at one or more points on each of multiple recorded images, and producing an image based on the determined fluorescent light intensity at the one or more... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20120165663 - Securement for a surgical site marker and deployment device for same: A method of securing a biopsy marker within a biopsy site includes depositing a marker element within a biopsy site and fixing the marker element within the biopsy site by injecting a securing agent within the biopsy site. Delivery devices for delivering the securing agent to the biopsy site are... Agent: Suros Surgical Systems, Inc.

20120165665 - Method for providing mechanical index map and/or pressure map based on depth value and diagnostic ultrasound system using the method: A diagnostic ultrasound system may visualize and display a mechanical index (MI) as a map. The diagnostic ultrasound system may include a calculating unit to calculate an MI at a depth value on an ultrasonic direction axis from an ultrasonic output unit of an ultrasonic transducer, a visualizing unit to... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120165664 - Refinement of an anatomical model using ultrasound: A method of refining an anatomical model includes acquiring a two-dimensional echocardiogram that has a variable intensity, relating the two-dimensional echocardiogram to a plurality of mapping points that exist in three-dimensional space, and determining a confidence value for each of two or more mapping points that corresponds to an intensity... Agent:

20120165666 - Medical ultrasound device with temperature detection at distal end: A medical ultrasound device is disclosed. The device comprises an elongated body having a proximal end, a distal end (10) and a distal end region (1). One or more ultrasound transducers (4) for generating acoustic radiation are positioned in the distal end region, inside the elongated body. A transmission element... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120165667 - Lasso catheter with ultrasound transducer: A medical device includes an insertion shaft, having a longitudinal axis and having a distal end adapted for insertion into a body of a patient. A resilient end section is fixed to the distal end of the insertion shaft and is formed so as to define an arc oriented obliquely... Agent:

20120165669 - Medical ultrasound device with force detection: A medical ultrasound device is disclosed. The device comprises an elongated body having a proximal end and a distal end region (1). One or more ultrasound transducers (4) for generating acoustic radiation are positioned in the distal end region, inside the elongated body. A transmission element (5) which is substantially... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120165668 - Systems and methods for treating acute and/or chronic injuries in soft tissue: Various embodiments provide a method of treating fibrous soft tissue. The method can include the steps of targeting injured fibrous soft tissue located at or near an injury location; directing therapeutic ultrasound energy to the injured fibrous soft tissue; creating a conformal region of elevated temperature in the injured fibrous... Agent: Guided Therapy Systems, LLC

20120165670 - Contralateral array based correction of transcranial ultrasound aberration: Ultrasound aberration, especially in transcranial imaging or therapy, is corrected by capturing the laterally two-dimensional nature of the aberration in the ultrasound being received, as by means of a two-dimensional receiving transducer array (104, 108). In some embodiments, transmissive ultrasound (164) is applied through the temporal window and is, for... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120165671 - Identification of objects in ultrasound: An apparatus and method for identifying objects in an ultrasound image that includes acquiring ultrasound information from a catheter, locating the ultrasound information to a three-dimensional cardiac model having two or more distinct anatomic objects, displaying at least one of the distinct anatomic objects from the cardiac model within a... Agent:

20120165673 - Method of displaying diagnostic image, image processing device, and medical image system for performing the same: A method of displaying a diagnostic image is provided. The method includes setting an examination target of a subject, dividing the examination target into a plurality of examination regions, detecting whether a signal region indicated by a signal transmitted from a probe collides with each of the plurality of examination... Agent:

20120165672 - Refinement of an anatomical model using ultrasound: A method of displaying the influence of an aspect of a model includes acquiring a two-dimensional echocardiogram having a variable intensity; relating the two-dimensional echocardiogram to a plurality of mapping points, the mapping points existing in a three-dimensional model space; determining a degree of influence value for a mapping point;... Agent:

20120165674 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method: According to one embodiment, an ultrasound diagnosis apparatus includes a motion information generating unit and a control unit. The motion information generating unit generates first motion information on cardiac wall motion of at least one of a left ventricle and a left atrium and second motion information on cardiac wall... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120165675 - Method for diagnosis and treatment of vessel occulsion: A non-invasive method of diagnosing and treating vessel occlusion and, in particular, small vessel occlusion by using transcranial Doppler ultrasound scanning. The method can be used for all forms of small vessel ischaemia, including all sub-types of ischaemic stroke, ischaemia secondary to primary intracerebral hemorrhage and intracerebral tumour, diagnosis and... Agent:

20120165676 - Neuravionic system for life support in high performance avionics: A system for life support in high performance avionics that utilizes cerebral blood flow velocity measurements and responses to real-time neuropsychological tests of brain function, to accomplish prevention of gravitational loss of consciousness, determination of cognitive state-of-being of the crewmember, regulation of autonomy-decision making level, while taking into account individualized... Agent:

20120165678 - 3d mechanical probe: A three-dimensional (3D) mechanical probe for ultrasonic imagining is disclosed.... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120165677 - Medical imaging system and medical imaging method thereof: A medical imaging system and a medical imaging method thereof are provided. The medical imaging method includes the following steps: acquiring an ultrasound image and a photoacoustic image; and overlapping the ultrasound image and the photoacoustic image to generate an overlapped image.... Agent:

20120165679 - Selectable angle needle guide: A needle guide assembly for inserting a needle into the body of a patient in order to access a subcutaneous target, such as a vessel, is disclosed. In one embodiment, the needle guide assembly comprises a needle guide body that is configured to at least indirectly and removably attach to... Agent: C. R. Bard. Inc.

20120165680 - Catheter: A catheter includes a sheath insertable inside a body lumen and provided with a window portion permeable to inspection waves, a detection unit movable in the axial direction of the sheath inside the sheath and which detects the inspection waves, and a reinforcement tube positionable to cover the inner surface... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120165681 - Delineating skin or surface lesions: A diagnostic apparatus for examining a region of skin includes a light source for emitting light toward an illumination region of the skin surface. A detector is provided for receiving light from an examination region of the skin surface. A light barrier substantially impervious to the light emitted from the... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120165683 - Personal identification system: A personal identification system, which uses a vein pattern of a finger, optimizes the amount of light of a light source based on a captured finger image and emphasizes the vein pattern during image processing for identification.... Agent: Hitachi. Ltd.

20120165682 - Skin color and capacitive sensor systems: A hair removal device utilizes a system for sensing the presence and color of skin. The system includes a skin color sensor assembly and a capacitive sensor assembly disposed in a housing. The skin color sensor assembly includes a light pipe communicating with a color sensor aperture of the housing... Agent:

20120165684 - Systems and methods for heart and activity monitoring: Methods and systems for monitoring a heart failure or transplant rejection status of a patient including use of a device or system to collect intramyocardial electrogram (IMEG) signals from the patient at different times automatically when a detected activity level of the patient is below a preset threshold level for... Agent: Monitoring Information Technologies, Inc.

20120165686 - Blood vessel function inspecting apparatus: It is provided a blood vessel function inspecting apparatus including: a blood vessel diameter measuring portion configured to measure a diameter of a blood vessel; a blood vessel wall thickness measuring portion configured to measure a wall thickness of the blood vessel; and a blood vessel function index value calculating... Agent: Unex Corporation

20120165685 - Plasmapheresis donor display and method of use: Certain examples provide a blood collection system including an operator user interface to allow an operator to configure the system for a blood collection procedure from a donor. The system also includes a donor display, separate from the operator user interface, arranged in the system to be within view of... Agent:

20120165687 - Sphygmomanometer: A blood pressure measurement device includes a sensor that detects a change of an internal pressure of an air bladder during the inflation and/or deflation of the air bladder. The sensor further includes a first sensor and a second sensor, which each have a diaphragm connected to the air bladder.... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120165688 - Wireless optical pulsimetry system for a healthcare environment: The present invention provides a wireless optical pulsimetry system for a healthcare environment comprising a pulse sensor, a USB receiver, and a software. The pulse rate and location information are transmitted from the pulse sensor to the monitoring computer in order to know physiological information of a user in healthcare... Agent: Yip Inc.

20120165689 - Catheter with common guide wire and indicator lumen: A catheter for retrograde orientation in a blood flow is used to determine the blood flow rate by thermodilution measurements. The determination of the blood flow rate accommodates injectate induced thermal influences on a dilution thermal sensor, wherein the thermal influences can occur prior to introduction of the injectate into... Agent: Transonic Systems, Inc.

20120165690 - Method for measuring physiological parameters: A method for measuring physiological parameters uses statistical properties, spectrum analysis and feedback mechanisms to remove the signal noise generated by human body movement from a detected physiological signal.... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120165691 - System and method of detecting abnormal movement of a physical object: The present application discloses a method of detecting abnormal movement of a physical object. A periodic signal is representative of the movement of the object. According to some embodiments, a raw matrix having a first array and a second array is generated, and then an integrated matrix is generated by... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120165692 - Implantable medical device and a method for use in an implantable medical device: An implantable medical device is connectable to at least three electrodes, and includes an immittance measurer that performs immittance measurements within the heart of a patient using at least three electrodes coupled to the device, with at least one of the electrodes is arranged in an atrium of the patient's... Agent:

20120165694 - Breath and breath condensate analysis system and associated methods: A system for collecting an exhaled breath sample and exhaled breath aerosol from a subject includes a condensation chamber having an outer wall defining an interior space. The outer wall has an inlet port and an outlet port therethrough in fluid communication with the interior space. The inlet port is... Agent:

20120165693 - Detection of respiratory system lesions: Humidity profiles of exhaled air of individuals obtained using a sensor to detect water vapour content or temperature versus time of exhalation may exhibit an irregularity indicative of a space-occupying respiratory system lesion. Detection of such irregularities provides an inexpensive and rapid means of pre-screening individuals for lung cancer diagnosis,... Agent:

20120165695 - Eeg monitoring apparatus and method for presenting messages therein: An EEG monitoring apparatus (2) adapted to be carried continuously by a person being monitored comprises means adapted for measuring at least one EEG signal from the person carrying the apparatus and a signal processing means for analysing said at least one EEG signal and adapted to identify or predict... Agent: Widex A/s

20120165696 - Method for assessing the susceptibility of a human individual suffering from a psychiatric or neurological disorder to neuromodulation treatment: Method for assessing the susceptibility of a human individual suffering from a psychiatric or neurological disorder, in particular with depressed mood as a predominant feature, to neuromodulation treatment, in particular repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), the method comprising: a) Providing a dataset comprising electroencephalographic (EEG) activity and Event Related Potentials... Agent:

20120165697 - Sample collecting device: A sampling device for collecting a bodily fluid, the device comprising a membrane penetration device including a membrane penetrating element for penetrating a membrane to release a bodily fluid and a collecting element adapted to take up the bodily fluid, the collecting element being engaged with the membrane penetration device.... Agent: Atomo Diagnostics Pty Ltd

20120165698 - Control device for a medical test system: The invention concerns a control device for a medical test system which has a lancing element that can be inserted into body tissue to collect body fluid and a lancing drive for the lancing element. A sensor element for body fluid is arranged on the lancing element and a control... Agent:

20120165699 - Method and apparatus for collecting and preparing biological samples for testing: A kit and a method are disclosed for collecting and preparing a biological sample for testing where the sample is to be mixed with a buffer prior to being tested.... Agent:

20120165702 - Cardiac tissue elasticity sensing: A system and method are provided for assessing the compliance of internal patient tissue for purposes of catheter guidance and/or ablation procedures. Specifically, the system/method provides for probing internal patient tissue in order to obtain force and/or tissue displacement measurements. These measurements are utilized to generate an indication of tissue... Agent:

20120165700 - Intestinal peristalsis detecting device and system and method thereof: An intestinal peristalsis detecting device comprises a radio frequency (RF) signal generator, an antenna, and a mixer. After the RF signal generator sends a pulse signal, the antenna receives the pulse signal and emits a pulse electromagnetic wave to an organism. Thereafter, the antenna receives a response pulse electromagnetic wave... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120165701 - Intramedullary locked compression screw for stabilization and union of complex ankle and subtalar deformities: This invention describes an implant to fuse the bones of the ankle and subtalar joints together. The method includes steps of producing an implant to apply compressive forces across the bones of the ankle or the bones of the subtalar joint. In one embodiment, the invention includes a method that... Agent:

20120165704 - Apparatus for controlling rehabilitation robot: An apparatus for controlling a rehabilitation robot providing walking assistance to a user is disclosed. The apparatus includes a command perceiving unit for receiving a explicit walking command mode of a user based on a conscious adjustment signal, a motion sensing unit for sensing action of the user, a biometric... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120165707 - Non-invasive tracking of bones for surgery: The described method for determining at least orientation of a pelvic bone in space and for tracking movement of the pelvic bone using a computer assisted surgery (CAS) system includes removably attaching, in a non-invasive manner, at least one reference marker, in communication with the CAS system, to a skin... Agent:

20120165703 - Preempt muscle map screen: Some embodiments of the invention provide a software generated series of tests or screens to determine skeletal muscle balance as related to muscle strength and muscle flexibility. In some embodiments, a color coded muscle map illustrating the findings of the screens, is generated. The findings of the screens compile an... Agent:

20120165705 - System and method for detecting an epileptic seizure in a prone epileptic person: second means for determining a second probability of at least a second state transition diagram for an epileptic seizure with respect to data representing the measurement signals of the motion sensor, said second diagram comprising predetermined probabilities of oriented transitions between two different or identical states, the probabilities of the... Agent: Movea

20120165706 - System for determining the position of a knee prosthesis: The present invention provides a method for determining a position of a joint prosthesis using a computer assisted orthopedic surgery system in support of an arthroplasty surgery. The method includes attaching a first locatable element to a first bone on one side of a joint, providing a sensor having a... Agent: Perception Raisonnement Action En Medecine

06/21/2012 > 142 patent applications in 75 patent subcategories.

20120157746 - Interactive computer-aided editor for compensators used in radiotherapy treatment planning: When constructing compensators for radiation therapy using ion or proton radiation beams, a computer-aided compensator editing method includes overlaying an initial 3D compensator model on an anatomical image of a target mass (e.g., a tumor) in a patient, along with radiation dose distribution information. A user manipulates pixels or voxels... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120157747 - Pulsed electromagnetic field and negative pressure therapy wound treatment method and system: A method for treating a wound of an individual and for enhancing a rate of wound healing by applying, for a first period of time, a negative pressure treatment to the wound without applying a pulsed radio frequency treatment; and applying, for a second period of time subsequent to the... Agent: Regenesis Biomedical, Inc.

20120157748 - Peripheral brachytherapy of protruding conformable organs: A system for and method of applying non-invasive brachytherapy to a targeted volume within a protruding organ of a patient, employs an applicator constructed so as to be positioned relative to the organ so that an enhanced dose of divergent radiation is deliverable from at least two locations at or... Agent: Advanced Radiation Therapy, LLC

20120157749 - Heat therapy: A heat therapy for thermally treating a target tissue within a living body by using a treating apparatus including a treating device with a magnetic part is provided. The magnetic part is heated to a first temperature by a high frequency electromagnetic field with a heating rate ranging from 1... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120157751 - Intracoronary device and method of use thereof: Engraftment of therapeutic cells and agents to a target site in an organism is enhanced by mechanical, chemical and biological methods and systems.... Agent: Advanced Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120157750 - Targeted delivery of magnetically tagged active agents in combination with negative pressure wound therapy: Methods and systems for treating a wound using targeted delivery of magnetically-tagged active agents in combination with negative pressure wound therapy are presented. In particular, a magnetically-active wound insert may be used to attract magnetically-tagged stem cells to a wound site to treat the wound.... Agent:

20120157752 - Magnetic stimulator: Provided is a magnetic stimulator for applying magnetic stimulation to a particular portion of a subject. This magnetic stimulator includes: a magnetic field generating means including at least a stimulation coil configured to generate a dynamic magnetic field so as to apply the magnetic stimulation; a coil holder operated to... Agent: Osaka University

20120157754 - Compact battery and controller module for a transcutaneous energy transfer system: A compact implantable controller and battery module for a transcutaneous energy transfer (TET) system is provided having a single biocompatible housing encasing an energy storage device, a power control module, and a device control module. The power control module controls energy transfer to the storage device during charging and monitors... Agent: Abiomed, Inc.

20120157755 - Method and apparatus for accurately tracking available charge in a transcutaneous energy transfer system: Improved devices and methods for tracking power consumption and available charge in a transcutaneous energy transfer (TET) system are provided. The method includes measuring the available charge in a battery and the current rate of power consumption in an implanted medical device, determining the remaining time before the charge level... Agent: Abiomed, Inc.

20120157753 - Transcutaneous energy transfer system with multiple secondary coils: A transcutaneous energy transfer (TET) system is provided having a plurality of secondary coils adapted for disposition in a patient, at least one primary coil configured to transmit transcutaneous energy, and a controller adapted for disposition in a patient. The controller includes circuitry to isolate the secondary coils from each... Agent: Abiomed, Inc.

20120157756 - Ventricular assist device: A ventricular assist device includes a case, a pair of blood bags and a squeezing unit. The blood bags are installed inside the case. Each of the blood bags includes an inlet port connected to a ventricle of a heart to introduce therethrough blood flowing out from the ventricle, an... Agent: Libraheart Inc.

20120157757 - System and method of monitoring the physiological condition of an infant: A system for monitoring the physiological conditions of an infant includes an infant microenvironment. A motion sensor is disposed about the microenvironment. A processor is communicatively connected to the motion sensor. The processor receives motion signals from the motion sensors and processes the motion signals to derive an indication of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120157758 - System, method and facility optimized for increasing patient throughput and scan efficiency: A facility for performing a medical examination includes a room, a medical imaging system located in the room, and a plurality of elements installed on at least one of the room and the medical imaging system, the elements collectively creating a first theme that forms a physical environment at least... Agent: General Electric Company

20120157759 - Artificial sphincter system and method: The present invention provides an artificial sphincter employing an easily controlled electro-mechanical pump system. The artificial sphincter includes an inflatable cuff, a control pump fluidly coupled to the inflatable cuff, and an electro-mechanical pump system. The inflatable cuff is adapted to surround a urethra or rectum of the patient to... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120157761 - Implantable slings and anchor systems: Various embodiments of a mesh or implant systems are provided. The implants can include one or more anchors, arms and the like. The anchors can include hingeable or patterned finger extension to facilitate tissue penetration and retention. Various tensioning and adjustment mechanisms, devices and methods are further provided for the... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120157760 - Tissue restraining devices and methods of use: Tissue restraining systems and devices as well as methods of using these devices are disclosed herein. According to aspects illustrated herein, there is provided a tissue restraining device that may include a first anchor having one or more contact points along a portion of the first anchor in a spaced... Agent: Pavilion Medical Innovations

20120157764 - Adjustable length rear tip extender for penile prosthesis: An implantable penile prosthesis having an adjustable length rear tip extender. The extender is connectable with at least one inflatable cylinder. The adjustable length rear tip extender can be telescoping, or include one or more segments capable of being cut away or otherwise removed, to adjust the effective length for... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120157763 - Method and apparatus for reducing tissue trauma during ipp procedure: A traction ring for use in a penile implant procedure can include a plurality of elastic sutures. Each elastic suture can have an elastic body with an attachment loop at one end and an adhesive pad at the opposed end. The attachment loop allows for positioning of the elastic suture... Agent:

20120157762 - System and method for treating erectile dysfunction: A system and related method for treating ED in a patient is provided. The system can include a small cuff or other selective restriction mechanism or device implanted at or along the existing veins of the penis to control blood flow out of the penis. As such, the system can... Agent:

20120157766 - Device for endoscopic treatment of upper gastrointestinal bleeding: A medical device designed for gastrointestinal endoscopists who require a more effective means of removing blood clots from the upper GI tract during episodes of upper GI bleeding. It is an endoscope attachment that breaks down blood clots, allowing them to be removed through the existing endoscope suction channel. Current... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20120157765 - Endoscopic suturing system with retained end cap: A treatment device for use with an endoscope having a instrument channel for passage of an endoscopic instrument and a distal end is provided. The treatment device includes an end effector assembly with a base for placement at the distal end of the endoscope, an end effector rotatable relative to... Agent:

20120157769 - Capsule endoscope: An embodiment comprises and apparatus having an image capture device with an image axis and a gyroscope operable to indicate the orientation of the image axis. An embodiment of a capsule endoscopy system comprises an imaging capsule and an external unit. The imaging capsule may comprise an image capture device... Agent: Stmicroelectronics R&d (beijing) Co. Ltd

20120157767 - Digital cerviscopy device and applications:

20120157768 - Endoscope system, processor of endoscope system, and image producing method: First illumination light of a first wavelength range, in which light absorption coefficient of blood hemoglobin varies with oxygen saturation thereof, is projected into a test subject body, to capture a first image signal from the first illumination light as reflected from inside the test subject body. Then second illumination... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120157770 - Insufflating system, method, and computer program product for controlling the supply of a distending media to an endoscopic device: The present invention is directed to a system, method, and computer program product for controlling the supply of a distending media (such as an insufflating gas) from a distending media source to an endoscopic device so as to prevent the excess venting and/or waste of distending media. More specifically, the... Agent: Bracco Diagnostics Inc.

20120157771 - Medical device sheath: A medical device sheath that includes a relatively inelastic body having a proximal end longitudinally separated from a distal end and defining a first lumen, an aperture located at the proximal end in fluid communication with the lumen and configured to admit an elongate endoscope body into the first lumen,... Agent:

20120157772 - Accessory clip for an endoscope: An accessory for partially enclosing a shaft of an endoscope is disclosed. The accessory defines a first space for accommodating the shaft and a second space for defining a conduit along the shaft. An outer surface of the accessory around the first and second spaces is centered on a first... Agent:

20120157773 - Endoscope: An insertion portion, a projecting portion that projects forward from a first distal end surface of the insertion portion, a forward observing lens that faces a second distal end surface of the projecting portion, a dual purpose lens a light receiving surface of which faces an outer peripheral side surface... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120157774 - Endoscopy system: An endoscopy system includes a lighting section for emitting blue narrow-band light, green band light and red band light, an endoscope using an image pickup device for splitting light into blue, green and red spectral bands for photometry, and a processing section for generating a special light inspection image and... Agent:

20120157775 - Endoscope apparatus: The endoscope apparatus includes a wavelength switching unit for switching emission wavelengths of a first illumination light including at least broadband light and a second illumination light including only plural kinds of narrowband light, an imaging unit for capturing an image of a subject by the first illumination light or... Agent:

20120157776 - Controlling intensity of light emitted by a device: A device has a capacitive surface and a light source. A user of the device uses the capacitive surface to change the intensity of light emitted by the light source. To increase and decrease the intensity of the light emitted by the light source, the user touches the capacitive surface... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20120157777 - Adjustable height multiple instrument access seal anchor member: A surgical apparatus for positioning within a tissue tract accessing an underlying body cavity includes a seal anchor member that includes a ring and a disc that are repositionable relative to one another, such that the height of the seal anchor member is adjustable and the angular positions of the... Agent:

20120157778 - Disposable shield for a medical tool: A single use disposable shield and supportive stand for placement on a medical tool such as a suction catheter comprises a transparent body for protecting a responder from bodily fluids of a patient during suctioning of the oral or nasal cavities of a patient. As well the device acts as... Agent:

20120157779 - Access assembly including inflatable seal member: An access assembly for insertion through an opening in tissue is provided. The access assembly includes a flexible outer sleeve having an upper rim formed on a proximal end, a lower rim formed on a distal end and defining a longitudinal opening extending therebetween. The lower rim may define an... Agent:

20120157780 - Access assembly with translating lumens: An assembly for accessing a body cavity during a surgical procedure. The access assembly includes a compressible body having proximal and distal ends and a substantially hourglass-shaped central portion extending therebetween and includes first and second lumen extending therethrough. The access assembly further includes a translating mechanism operably positioned within... Agent:

20120157785 - Access assembly having undercut structure: An assembly for accessing a body cavity is provided. The access assembly includes a flexible outer sleeve configured to be received through an opening in tissue. The outer sleeve defines a passageway therethrough and a notch formed about an inner surface thereof. The access assembly further includes a support plate... Agent:

20120157782 - Hand access device: A device for accessing a body cavity through an opening in tissue is provided. The access device includes a unitary compressible body configured to be received in an opening in tissue. The compressible body includes a central portion, an upper rim located on a proximal end of the body and... Agent:

20120157784 - Integral foam port: A surgical apparatus includes a seal anchor member. The seal anchor member includes a first end, a second end, at least one longitudinal port extending between the two ends, and a seal assembly disposed within the at least one longitudinal port. The seal assembly can be positioned at any location... Agent:

20120157783 - Self deploying bodily opening protector: A self-deploying opening protection device is disclosed. The opening protection device is transitionable between compressed and expanded conditions. The opening protection device is translatable through a lumen of a cannula placed within an opening in the skin of a patient. The opening protection device deploys to the expanded condition as... Agent:

20120157786 - Surgical retractor having ring of variable durometer: A surgical retractor includes a tubular member having a proximal end and a distal end, a first ring secured at the proximal end of the tubular member and a second ring secured at the distal end of the tubular member. The first ring is formed by combining a first material... Agent:

20120157781 - Two-part access assembly: An assembly for accessing a body cavity through an opening in tissue is provided. The access assembly includes a flexible outer sleeve configured to be received through an opening in tissue. The outer sleeve defines a passageway therethrough. The access assembly further includes an inner core configured for selective reception... Agent:

20120157787 - Tools for transoral surgery: The invention is directed towards tools for use in performing surgery or examination via the oral cavity, in particular in the region of the oral cavity, oropharynx, larynx, and hypopharynx, devices and systems incorporating these tools, and procedures using these tools. More specifically, the tools, devices, systems and procedures are... Agent: University Of Pennsyvania

20120157788 - Surgical instruments, systems and methods of use: A surgical instrument includes a mount body, a joint member, an arm, and a working end. The mount body has a top portion, a distal end, a proximal end and a bottom portion. The joint member is pivotally mounted at a distal end portion of the mount body, to allow... Agent: Maquet Cardiovascular LLC

20120157789 - Method, apparatus and computer program: A method, apparatus and computer program wherein the method includes: obtaining, from a detector, a detection of at least one bio-signal of a user of an apparatus; determining a mode of operation of the apparatus when the at least one bio-signal occurred; and correlating the at least one detected bio-signal... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120157790 - Physical examination method using mobile terminal, and gateway and mobile terminal for physical examination: A physical examination method using a mobile terminal, and a gateway and a mobile terminal for physical examination are provided. The physical examination method using a mobile terminal may include: receiving, at a physical measurement gateway, information on a subject and information on a physical measurement device to be used... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120157791 - Adaptive time domain filtering for improved blood pressure estimation: A system and method for processing a cuff pressure waveform to determine the blood pressure of a patient. A heart rate monitor acquires the patient's heart rate. Based upon the acquired heart rate, the system selects filtering parameters for processing the cuff pressure waveform received from the patient. The filtering... Agent: General Electric Company

20120157792 - Cardiovascular health status evaluation system and method: A cardiovascular health status evaluation system includes a sensing unit and a computing unit. The sensing unit is for measuring impulses of the cardiovascular circulation of a user. The computing unit is for calculating a standard deviation and an average of time intervals between the impulses in a unit time,... Agent:

20120157797 - Detecting heart failure by monitoring the time seqence of physiological changes: Systems and methods for detecting heart failure by monitoring the time-sequence of physiological changes of a subject using a state machine circuit configured to receive information about physiological characteristics of the subject is described. The current state transitions between a first and a second state in response to a first... Agent:

20120157793 - Medication intake analyzer: An example method for medication intake analysis and reporting. The method includes obtaining a medication order including identification of a medication and a property associated with the medication, where the medication order is associated with a patient. The method includes obtaining a value representing a characteristic of a physical state... Agent: General Electric Company

20120157795 - Patient emergency response system: An improved emergency response system is provided. The system includes a patient or subscriber location database having a schedule of patient or subscriber activities. In one implementation, an emergency services server detects when the patient or subscriber is having a possible medical event as indicated by medical physiologic data transmitted... Agent: Ross Medical Corporation

20120157798 - Physiologic response to posture: An implantable or other ambulatory medical apparatus comprises a posture sensing circuit, a physiologic sensing circuit that senses a time varying physiologic signal, and a processor circuit. The processor circuit includes a posture calculation circuit and a measurement circuit. The posture calculation circuit determines a posture of the subject using... Agent:

20120157794 - System and method for an airflow system: Methods, apparatus, and systems for an airflow system, wherein the positive applied pressure is maintained at an approximately constant level over a variety of conditions. In one embodiment, a laminar flow is maintained by a foam housing and configuration. The use low air volume is enabled by using a closed... Agent:

20120157796 - System and method of monitoring the physiological conditions of a group of infants: A system for monitoring the physiological conditions of a plurality of infants in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The system includes a plurality of microenvironments, a plurality of environmental sensors to detect a first environmental condition in the microenvironments, and a plurality of external environmental sensors to detect a... Agent: General Electronic Company

20120157799 - Using device based sensors to classify events and generate alerts: The present subject matter includes apparatus, methods and device-readable media for using impedance and heart sounds to classify events and alerts. An apparatus can include a processor circuit configured to receive a physiological indication, classify the indication, and generate a multi-dimensional heart failure decompensation status indication. A method can include... Agent:

20120157800 - Dermatology imaging device and method: A medical imaging system that allows collection of current and patient provided historic photographs to compare with current photographs, correct for photographic variables, and provide a directly comparable lesion outline and color map for direct comparison and diagnosis.... Agent:

20120157801 - Adaptor for on-body analyte monitoring system: An analyte monitoring system comprising: an on-body housing; an analyte sensor coupled to the housing; an electrical output interface disposed on an outer surface of the housing; and a removable adaptor coupled to the housing. In one embodiment, a portion of the analyte sensor extends from the housing for implantation... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120157802 - Electrocardiographic data acquisition device: An ECG data acquisition device (10) can be mechanically engaged with a portable device (20) to form a combined unit. The ECG data acquisition device (10) includes a housing (11), at least two electrodes located on the surface of the housing (11) for obtaining ECG signals from a user, and... Agent:

20120157803 - Endoscope system and processor apparatus thereof, and method for generating images: An image of a portion to be observed is captured while first light beams are applied thereto. Thereby, a first image signal of a first frame is obtained. The first light beams are in a wavelength range in which an absorption coefficient varies in accordance with a change in oxygen... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120157804 - High-speed, high-resolution electrophysiology in-vivo using conformal electronics: Provided herein are biomedical devices and methods of making and using biomedical devices for sensing and actuation applications. For example, flexible and/or stretchable biomedical devices are provided including electronic devices useful for establishing in situ conformal contact with a tissue in a biological environment. The invention includes implantable electronic devices... Agent:

20120157805 - Absorbent article having releasable odor control: An absorbent article comprises a topsheet, a backsheet, an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and backsheet, and a cyclodextrin complex comprising cyclodextrin and at least three components complexed with the cyclodextrin. The absorbent article has a Total Headspace Area at Time 0 Minutes of no greater than about 0.50×108,... Agent:

20120157806 - Representation of large, variable size data sets on small displays: A method of enhancing readability of a graph showing glucose values received from a continuous glucose monitoring device (CGM) on the display of a handheld device includes receiving a plurality of CGM glucose values separated by a first fixed time interval. A second fixed time interval at which to display... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120157807 - Biomedical sensor: A biomedical sensor is provided. The biomedical sensor comprises a printed bio-potential electrode on the biomedical sheet sensor configured to provide an electrical contact with a surface to be measured, and a bi-stable printed electronic ink indicator provided on the biomedical sheet sensor and configured to indicate a loose contact... Agent:

20120157808 - Implantable device: Implantable medical device having elongated electric line(s) with function conductors, which are respectively multi-stranded and connected to respective function electrode pole(s) to deliver treatment/record diagnostic signals, wherein a first function conductor has a first strand, which, in the course of the longitudinal extension of the first function conductor in first... Agent:

20120157809 - Implantable device: An implantable medical device having at least one first and one second longitudinally extended electrical functional conductor for transmitting therapeutic signals or diagnostic signals or both and one electrode pole connected to the functional conductor, the electrical current being delivered to the surrounded bodily tissue in the use case by... Agent:

20120157810 - Implantable device: A temporarily or permanently implantable medical device having at least one elongated electrical function conductor for transmitting therapeutic signals or diagnostic signals or both. At least one additional conductor is provided which together with the function conductor forms, at least in places, a double line which is separated from the... Agent:

20120157811 - Implantable device: Temporarily or permanently implantable medical device, having at least one longitudinally extended first electrical conductor having a functional lead, which is connected to a functional electrode pole for dispensing therapeutic signals or for detecting diagnostic signals, and including at least one second electrical conductor, which is coupled to the functional... Agent:

20120157812 - Implantable device: including immediately adjacent to the first longitudinal section at least one second longitudinal section, at least 0.25 inside diameters (diel) long, which is shorter in comparison to the first longitudinal section having a second characteristic impedance Z1 for electromagnetic radio frequency waves, and wherein the second characteristic impedance is either... Agent:

20120157813 - Implantable device: An implantable medical device having at least one elongated electrical function conductor that transmits therapeutic signals or diagnostic signals or both, and an electrode pole connected to the function conductor to deliver electrical current or field or sense electrical potentials in surrounding tissue during use, or both. Includes a sensing... Agent:

20120157814 - Implantable device: An implantable medical device, which is connected or is to be connected to at least two elongated electric function conductors for the transmission of treatment signals or diagnostic signals or both, and at least one electrode pole connected to at least one of the function conductors, via which electrode pole... Agent:

20120157815 - Evoked stapedius reflex threshold (esrt) tile electrode: An electrode arrangement is described for sensing electrical activity in target tissue. An inner electrode has an elongate electrode body formed as a cylindrical section with an inner penetrating end for insertion into the stapedius muscle target tissue. An outer electrode fits over the inner electrode and an outer penetrating... Agent: Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

20120157816 - Electrocardiogram signal sensor with a waistband: An electrocardiogram signal sensor with a waistband wherein the waistband is partially made of insulating material and placed on the waist. A positive electrode and a negative electrode facing to the left and right sides of the waist of the user's waist is exposed on the internal surface of the... Agent:

20120157817 - Methods for using electrical impedance tomography: Methods for use of EIT. Disclosed are: (1) EIT used to obtain a final solution to an EIT inverse problem for localizing tissues undergoing changes in impedance, which is used as a constraint on solving an EEG source localization inverse problem; (2) EIT used with MREIT, where the MREIT is... Agent:

20120157818 - Ecg electrode and electrode support: An electrically non-conductive back plate for supporting the back of a patient in a supine position comprises on its front face facing the back of the patient a pair or more of ECG electrodes capable of maintaining electrically conductive skin contact with the patient's back. The pair of ECG electrodes... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20120157819 - Imaging method and imaging device for displaying decompressed views of a tissue region: A method visualizes a tissue region. The method includes the following steps: inserting the tissue region into the capturing region of a first imaging modality, with the tissue region assuming a first shape; capturing the interior of the tissue region by the first imaging modality; establishing a first image volume... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120157820 - Method and system for detecting disc haemorrhages: A method for detecting disc haemorrhages in a retinal fundus image. The method includes (a) identifying a ring-shaped region of interest in the retinal fundus image encompassing the optic disc boundary; (b) removing blood vessel regions in the identified region of interest; (c) detecting candidate disc haemorrhages from the removed... Agent:

20120157821 - Skin state analyzing method, skin state analyzing apparatus, and computer-readable medium storing skin state analyzing program: A skin state analyzing method for analyzing the skin state of an examinee using an image of the skin of the examinee includes an analyzing step of analyzing at least one of texture/pores, spots, skin tone, and sebum of the skin from the image, a storing step of storing the... Agent: Shiseido Company, Ltd.

20120157822 - Inverse imaging of electrical activity of a heart muscle: A method for providing a representation of the distribution, fluctuation and/or movement of electrical activity through heart tissue, said method comprising: obtaining an ECG of the heart comprising said tissue; obtaining a model of the heart geometry; obtaining a model of the torso geometry; relating the measurements per electrode of... Agent: Cortius Holding B.v.

20120157823 - Apparatus and method for controlling the movement and for localization of a catheter: The present invention relates to apparatus (100) for controlling the movement of a catheter (190) through an object (180) and for localizing the catheter (190) within the object (180), said catheter (190) comprising a magnetic element (194) at or near its tip (192). The invention applies the principles and hardware... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120157824 - Mri and optical assays for proteases: The present invention provides multifunctional nanoplatforms for assessing the activity of a protease in vivo or in vitro, along with methods of imaging and detecting the presence of cancerous or precancerous tissues, and the therapeutic treatment thereof, including monitoring of treatment. The diagnostic nanoplatforms comprise nanoparticles and are linked to... Agent: Kansas State University Research Foundation

20120157826 - Method for the remote detection of wound interface materials inside the body: Methods and apparatuses of detecting wound interface materials in a wound are provided. In particular, a metal detector may be used to detect parts of a metallic negative pressure manifold used in combination with negative pressure wound therapy.... Agent:

20120157825 - Navigational reference dislodgement detection method and system: A method of detecting dislodgement of a navigational reference for a localization system includes securing a reference catheter, including at least one reference localization element, at an initial reference location within a localization field. The positions of one or more of the reference localization elements are monitored for a perceived... Agent:

20120157828 - Optical coherence tomography and illumination using common light source: A light source for a surgical system includes a broadband light source operable to produce broadband light. The light source further includes a wavelength splitter adapted to split the broadband light into illumination light having a spectral range covering at least a majority of the visible spectrum and surgical light... Agent:

20120157827 - System and method for soft-field reconstruction: A system and method for soft-field reconstruction are provided. One method includes establishing an initial estimate of a property distribution of an object, using a first reconstruction process to reconstruct an estimate of the actual property distribution and using a second reconstruction process different than the first reconstruction process to... Agent: General Electric Company

20120157829 - Ablative technique using compton scattered x-ray visualizing, imaging, or information providing based on matter material density: Certain aspects relatee to ablating at least some matter of an at least a portion of an individual within an at least one prescribed desired ablating region at least partially responsive to a locating the at least one prescribed desired ablating region within the at least some matter of the... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20120157830 - Matter displacement based at least partially on compton scattered x-ray visualizing, imaging, or information providing: Certain aspects relate to locating an at least one prescribed desired displacing region within an at least some matter of an at least a portion of an individual at least partially responsive to a Compton X-ray scattering visualizing, imaging, or information providing of the at least some matter of the... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20120157831 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and elasticity image display method: Disclosed is an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus provided with: an ultrasonic probe which transmits/receives ultrasonic waves to/from an object while being in contact with the object; a transmission/reception unit which, in a process in which pressing force applied to the object by the ultrasonic probe is changed and the tomographic position... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120157832 - Fracture fragment mobility testing for vertebral body procedures: A fracture mobility testing system is provided for use in surgical procedures for augmenting vertebral bodies having collapsed due to compression fractures. The testing system is utilized to determine if the cortical shell of the vertebral body has begun to heal over the fracture lines to the point at which... Agent: Synthes Usa, LLC

20120157833 - Ureteral bypass devices and procedures: A ureteral bypass device and procedure suitable for performing internal urinary diversions within patients, including patients such as humans and veterinary animals (cats and dogs). The device includes a nephrostomy catheter having a proximal end, an oppositely-disposed distal end, and means for securing the distal end within the renal pelvis... Agent:

20120157834 - Path parametric visualization in medical diagnostic ultrasound: Path visualization for medical procedures is provided. Different paths are presented to the user. The paths may be ranked, such as determining a cost associated with using each path. The cost may be determined from different sources of data, such as from elasticity and flow ultrasound data. The user may... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120157837 - Ultrasound probe and ultrasound examination device using the same: An ultrasound probe which is capable of structurally improving resolution is provided. This ultrasound probe includes: an ultrasound probe which transmits ultrasound waves to a subject; and an optical probe which detects, with use of light, the ultrasound waves reflected off internal tissue of the subject, and openings of the... Agent:

20120157836 - Ultrasound system for controlling power supplied from multiple power supplies: An ultrasound system, which operates at a plurality of diagnostic modes, includes: an ultrasound probe configured to transmit an ultrasound signal to a target object and receive an ultrasound echo signal reflected from the target object; a power supplying unit configured to supply a power of different voltage levels according... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120157835 - Ultrasound system for intuitively displaying change in motion and method of operating ultrasound system: Provided is a three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound system for intuitively displaying a change in motion and a method of operating the 3D ultrasound system. The 3D ultrasound system may include a scan unit to generate ultrasonic data of an object through scanning, a coordinate determination unit to determine first coordinates corresponding... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120157839 - High precision sensing for parameter measurement of bone density: A measurement system for capturing a transit time, phase, or frequency of energy waves propagating through a propagation medium is disclosed. The measurement system comprises a compressible waveguide (403), ultrasonic transducers (405, 406), and circuitry to sustain energy wave propagation in the waveguide (403). The circuitry includes a propagation tuned... Agent: Orthosensor

20120157838 - Ultrasound monitoring of aesthetic treatments: The current method and apparatus employs ultrasound beams to precisely monitor in real time the temperature of a specific segment of tissue being treated. Additionally, the current method and apparatus also provides ultrasound thermo-control of aesthetic skin treatment sessions. Such sessions may include one or more aesthetic skin tissue treatments... Agent:

20120157841 - Image guided surgical methodology (and system) employing patient movement detection and correction: The invention is directed to a methodology (and corresponding system) that utilizes an imaging device that generates images of target tissue of a patient during a surgical procedure that acts on the target tissue imaged by the imaging device. The methodology enables an operator to visually detect patient movement during... Agent:

20120157842 - Systems and methods for automatically identifying and segmenting different tissue types in ultrasound images: A system for providing non-invasive ultrasound based treatment to a region of interest is provided. The system comprises an imaging unit for imaging one or more tissue types in the region of interest, an image processing unit that is configured to identify the one or more tissue types in the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120157840 - Use of ultrasound in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis: A method of detecting, diagnosing and treating Multiple Sclerosis in a patient using ultrasound, and in particular transcranial Doppler ultrasonography. The method of diagnosis or detection involves identifying abnormal ultrasound arterial signals, and may also involve establishing one or more characteristic clinical symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis to enable a diagnosis... Agent: Compumedics Ltd.

20120157845 - Method and apparatus for motion-compensated ultrasound imaging: An ultrasound imaging system and method include acquiring first ultrasound data, the first ultrasound data comprising data of a first plane through a structure of interest. The ultrasound imaging system and method include tracking the motion of a landmark based on the first ultrasound data. The ultrasound imaging system and... Agent: General Electric Company

20120157843 - Method and system to select system settings and parameters in performing an ultrasound imaging procedure: A selector system to select one of a series of transducer probes to perform an ultrasound imaging procedure is provided. The selector system includes a user interface, and a controller in communication to receive input and generate graphic illustrations at the user interface. The controller includes a processor to execute... Agent: General Electric Company

20120157848 - Performing receive-focusing based on mid-point algorithm in ultrasound system: There are provided embodiments for changing initial values of a mid-point algorithm to calculate a constant delay value throughout depths based on a sample volume and performing a receive-focusing based on the constant delay value. In one embodiment, an ultrasound system comprises: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to calculate... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120157844 - System and method to illustrate ultrasound data at independent displays: An ultrasound imaging system is provided that comprises a beamformer, a first processor, and a second processor. The beamformer receives an ultrasound image data acquired by a transducer probe. The first processor processes the ultrasound image data communicated from the beamformer so as to create a first illustration at a... Agent: General Electric Company

20120157846 - Ultrasonic diagnostic system and portable ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus thereof: An exemplary ultrasonic diagnostic system includes a portable ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and a cloud computing system. The portable ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes an ultrasonic sensing unit, a front-end circuit, a data compression unit and a communication unit. The ultrasonic sensing unit is configured to sense a signal reflected from a... Agent:

20120157850 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus: An ultrasound diagnostic device that is able to generate images with high sensitivity for structures and unnoticeable artifacts. The ultrasound diagnosis apparatus includes an image-capturing part, a calculating part, and a composition part. The image-capturing part deflects ultrasound waves at a plurality of different deflection angles to transmit ultrasound waves... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120157849 - Ultrasound guided probe device and method of using same: The present invention is directed to devices and methods for use in ultrasound guiding of percutaneous probes during medical procedures. The ultrasound devices of the present invention include an ultrasound transducer The devices can also include means and methods for imaging a virtual probe overlaying the sonogram formed by the... Agent: Soma Access Systems, LLC

20120157847 - Ultrasound system and method for processing beam-forming based on sampling data: Embodiments of performing beam forming processing based on sampling data in an ultrasound system are disclosed. The ultrasound system includes an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to form a receive signal based on an ultrasound signal reflected from a target object, perform an analog-to-digital conversion on the receive signal to... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120157851 - Clutter suppression in ultrasonic imaging systems: A method of ultrasound imaging is provided herein. The method includes the following stages: transmitting ultrasound radiation towards a target and receiving reflections of the ultrasound radiation from a region of the target in a main reflected signal and one or more auxiliary reflected signals, wherein each one of the... Agent: Crystalview Medical Imaging Limited

20120157852 - Ultrasound signal compression: A method and an apparatus for an ultrasound system provide compression of ultrasound signal samples after analog to digital conversion and before beamforming. The analog ultrasound signals received from an array of ultrasound transducer elements are digitally sampled by a plurality of analog to digital converters (ADCs) to produce a... Agent: Samplify Systems, Inc.

20120157853 - Acoustic transducer incorporating an electromagnetic interference shielding as part of matching layers: Ultrasound probes, and methods of forming probes, with electromagnetic shielding and/or improved heat management are provided. Certain probes include an acoustic stack including an active layer, a protection face plate or lens, and a matching layer. The matching layer includes a mass layer and a spring layer. The probe further... Agent: General Electric Company

20120157854 - System and method for gaining percutaneous access to a body lumen: Systems and methods for gaining percutaneous access to a body lumen, preferably without a guidewire, are provided herein. The system can include a tubular medical device and a needle with a distal tip. A side port is provided through a wall of the tubular medical device, to be in communication... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20120157855 - Ultrasound guided probe device and method of using same: The present invention is directed to devices and methods for use in ultrasound guiding of percutaneous probes during medical procedures. The ultrasound devices of the present invention include an ultrasound transducer. The devices can also include means and methods for imaging a virtual probe overlaying the sonogram formed by the... Agent: Soma Access Systems, LLC

20120157859 - Device to assist in the practice of a physical activity session, and physical activity apparatus provided with such a device: The invention relates to a device to assist in the practice of a physical activity session by an person. The device has an electronic means for determining the real-time physical effort to be provided by said person during said session, implementing a control law having, as an output, a parameter... Agent: Societe De Ressources Et De Developpement Pour Les Entreprise Et Les Particuliers Srdep

20120157856 - Heart failure detection with a sequential classifier: A system and method for automatically analyzing heart failure in a patient, including collecting physiological data from a patient using at least a first sensor and a second sensor to collect two or more sensor measurements, and calculating a first composite value based on at least a first sensor measurement... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20120157858 - Monitoring projections along principal components of multiple sensors as an indicator of worsening heart failure: A device can include at least a first physiologic sensor circuit configured to provide a first physiologic signal, a second physiologic sensor circuit configured to provide a second physiologic signal, and a processor circuit. The processor circuit includes a principal component analysis circuit configured to represent data determined from the... Agent:

20120157860 - Pulse measuring device and method: According to an embodiment, a pulse measuring device includes a pulse detecting unit, an amplitude calculating unit, an interval calculating unit, an extracting unit, and a determining unit. The pulse detecting unit is configured to detect a pulse of a subject. The amplitude calculating unit is configured to calculate an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120157857 - Respiratory signal processing apparatus, respiratory signal processing method, and program: A respiratory signal processing apparatus includes a pulse-based component detection unit configured to detect a pulse-based component from a first signal acquired from a living being, and a pulse-based component removal unit configured to remove the detected pulse-based component from a second signal acquired from the living being, the second... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120157861 - Devices and method for determining and monitoring a cardiac status of a patient by using plvdt or plvst parameters: The present invention relates to an improved medical device and method for accurately and reliably determining a cardiac status of a patient. An implantable medical device, IMD, comprises a sensor arrangement adapted to sense signals related to mechanical activity of the heart and an activity level sensor arrangement adapted to... Agent: St. Jude Medical Ab

20120157862 - Pressure transducer for medical use and contact holder: The invention relates to a pressure transducer for measuring blood pressure for medical use, which can be connected by pressure to the vascular system of a patient, said transducer comprising a pressure measuring element for measuring the prevailing pressure in the fluid chamber, and also mechanical holding means for detachably... Agent: Hyb D.o.o.

20120157863 - Circulatory function measurement device: A circulatory function measurement device that accurately measures a subject's circulatory function. A pulse wave accumulated value calculation unit calculates a pulse wave accumulated value by accumulating the amplitude values of pulse waves in chorological order as the compressing pressure changes. A blood vessel hardness measurement unit measures blood vessel... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20120157864 - Cardiac decompensation detection using multiple sensors: Physiological data, such as thoracic impedance data, can be obtained over a first time window to establish a baseline, or can be used to form one or more data clusters. Additional physiological data, such as thoracic impedance test data acquired over a later time window, can be obtained and compared... Agent:

20120157865 - Adaptive ecg wandering correction: A received signal is filtered by filtering a group of estimated components of the received signal from the received signal such that the noise and/or distortion in the received signal is minimized.... Agent:

20120157867 - Interference mitigation circuitry for biometric measurements: An apparatus includes a first signal line configured to couple signals from a first skin electrode to a first input of a differential amplifier comprised as a front-stage in a signal detection circuitry for measurement of biometric signals sensed by the first skin electrode; a second signal line configured to... Agent: Polar Electro Oy

20120157868 - Interference mitigation in biometric measurements: A disclosed apparatus includes a first signal line configured to couple signals from a first electrode to a signal detection circuitry for measurement of biometric signals sensed by the first electrode; a second signal line configured to couple signals from a second electrode, which is different from the first electrode,... Agent: Polar Electro Oy

20120157869 - Lie detection based on heart rate variability: The present disclosure provides computer readable storage media useful in lie detection based on heart rate variability (HRV) analysis and HRV analysis using strange entropy. The computer readable storage medium may have a computer program encoded thereon, the computer program, when executed by a computer, instructs the computer to execute... Agent: Nanjing University

20120157866 - System and method for determining physiological parameters based on electrical impedance measurements: A system and method for determining physiological parameters based on electrical impedance measurements is provided. One method includes obtaining electrical measurement signals acquired from a plurality of transducers coupled to a surface of an object and constructing a system matrix to define one or more relationships between the impedance measurement... Agent:

20120157870 - Noise reduction of breathing signals: The invention relates to a system for and a method of processing breathing signals. A noise reduction operation is performed on a spectral breathing signal (18) to compute an output spectral signal (38), said noise reduction operation using spectral subtraction; and a two-dimensional frequency and time filtering (32) of a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120157871 - Interactive blood-alcohol content tester: A blood-alcohol content (BAC) tester for use at a facility serving alcohol. The BAC tester includes a breath-sampling unit having an air-chamber unit defining a closed position and an open position. The air-chamber unit has a first air-chamber block and a second air-chamber block, the first air-chamber block and the... Agent:

20120157872 - System and method for quantifying lung compliance in a self-ventilating subject: The lung compliance of a subject that is at least partially self-ventilating is determined. The quantification of lung compliance may be an estimation, a measurement, and/or an approximate measurement. The quantification of lung compliance may be enhanced over conventional techniques and/or systems for quantifying lung compliance of self-ventilating subjects in... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20120157873 - Wake-up device for napping time: A wake-up device, used for awaking a user in a nap or a short-term sleep, includes an electroencephalogram (EEG) sensor, a processing module and a wake-up module. The EEG sensor is disposed on the user's head for sensing an EEG signal from the user. The processing module is coupled with... Agent:

20120157875 - Methods of diagnosis and of screening for electrical markers for hidden (occult) maladies and modulation of endogenous bioelectrical neuronal signals in patients: A method for diagnosing non-visible (occult) maladies in a human patient, the method comprising: (a) deploying at least two electrodes spaced apart on the skin of the patient; (b) detecting and recording a bioelectrical signal in and around said electrodes, the bioelectrical signal being a stochastic signal; (c) transforming the... Agent: Lifewave Ltd.

20120157874 - Posture detection using thoracic impedance: Physiological data, such as thoracic impedance data, can be obtained over a first time window to establish a baseline, or can be used to form one or more data clusters. Additional physiological data, such as thoracic impedance test data acquired over a later time window, can be obtained and compared... Agent:

20120157876 - Hearing test method and apparatus: A hearing test method and apparatus are provided for improving a measuring accuracy and a test speed in finding the auditory threshold that is the audibility limit of discriminating a sound. In the method, after outputting a test sound relevant to a selected test frequency and a selected test sound... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120157877 - Steady state measurement and analysis approach to profiling auditory evoked potentials from short-latency to long latency: The present invention relates to methods and systems for profiling evoked potentials in brain electrical activity which apply steady state response concepts to analysis of longer latency responses reflective of activity of brain regions beyond the brainstem, up to an including the cortex. The use of repeated stimuli within a... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20120157878 - Anatomically designed and collapsible intravaginal device for self-sampling and containment of cervical epithelial cells: A device is described that allows women to collect and preserve cervical cell samples to be later tested in a clinical analysis laboratory. It includes a cylindrical body, housing a shaft that axially pushes and retracts a cell collector. The penetration necessary for the insertion device is self-induced by the... Agent: Arx Tech LLC

20120157879 - System and method of taking and collecting tissue cores for treatment: A tissue cutting device that is especially suited for neurosurgical applications is disclosed and described, as well as alternative systems for tissue preservation and transport. The cutting device includes an outer cannula in which a reciprocating inner cannula is disposed. A tissue collector is also provided and is in fluid... Agent:

20120157880 - Coring tissue biopsy needle and method of use: Biopsy devices and methods are provided for collecting a sufficiently-sized tissue sample from a region at a known distance by boring into the sample region using simultaneous axial and rotational movement and providing a reduced risk of: over-passing or under-passing the sample sought, injury and trauma to the surrounding tissue... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120157881 - Puncture needle cartridge and lancet for blood collection: A lancet is pressed against a puncture needle cartridge while fitting a puncture needle loading inlet of the lancet to the axis of a puncture needle on the puncture needle cartridge. In order to facilitate the operation, one of plural puncture needles, arranged in parallel, is tilted up from its... Agent:

20120157883 - Calibration and measurement system: Embodiments of the present invention include a calibration and measurement system designed primarily for use in the rapid evaluation and characterization of open or visible wounds in patients. The invention in a preferred embodiment comprises a set of colored concentric rings, typically constructed of paper or synthetic paper. The practitioner... Agent:

20120157884 - Medical measurement system and method: A measurement system for measuring a parameter of the muscular-skeletal system is disclosed. The measurement system comprises a capacitor, a signal generator, a digital counter, counter register, a digital clock, a digital timer, and a data register. The sensor of the measurement system is the capacitor. The measurement system generates... Agent: Orthosensor

20120157885 - Muscular-skeletal force, pressure, and load measurement system and method: A measurement system for measuring a parameter of the muscular-skeletal system is disclosed. The measurement system comprises a capacitor, a signal generator, a digital counter, counter register, a digital clock, a digital timer, and a data register. The sensor of the measurement system is the capacitor. The measurement system generates... Agent: Orthosensor

20120157882 - Sensing systems and methods for monitoring gait dynamics: Systems and method for monitoring gait dynamics are disclosed. The performance of an orthotic or prosthetic device or other device associated with a limb may be measured based on the resistance of a bending sensor. Data from the sensors is gathered or processed, particularly for purposes of alignment, safety, failure,... Agent: &#xd6 Ssur Hf

20120157886 - Mechanomyography signal input device, human-machine operating system and identification method thereof: A mechanomyography (MMG) signal input device, a human-machine operating system and an identification method thereof are provided. The system includes a mechanomyography (MMG) signal input device, a signal processing unit, a motion database and a calculating unit. The MMG signal input device is mounted on a measuring portion of a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120157887 - Method and system for aligning a prosthesis during surgery: Presented are methods and systems for determining, monitoring, and displaying the relative positioning of two rigid bodies during surgery. In particular, the present disclosure relates to methods and systems for positioning a prosthesis relative to a bone during a surgery as well as to systems and methods for verifying resulting... Agent:

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20120149965 - Radiation therapy delivery system and radiation therapy treatment planning: The invention relates to a radiation therapy delivery system for use in effecting radiation therapy of a pre-selected anatomical portion of an animal body in which the delivery means displaces said at least one energy emitting source along a path through at least part of one of at least one... Agent:

20120149966 - System and method for detection of metal disturbance based on contact force measurement: Apparatus and method for detecting metal disturbance during a medical procedure has a probe having an insertion tube, a joint, and a joint sensor for sensing a position of the insertion tube. The joint sensor has first and second subassemblies as magnetic transducers. A processor is used for measuring force... Agent:

20120149967 - System and method for detection of metal disturbance based on orthogonal field components: Apparatus and method for detecting metal disturbance during a medical procedure includes a probe having an insertion tube, a joint and a joint sensor, contained within the probe, for sensing a position of the insertion tube. The joint sensor has first and second subassemblies that are magnetic transducers. A processor... Agent:

20120149969 - Method and morphologically adaptable apparatus for altering the charge distribution upon living membranes with functional stabilization of the membrane physical electrical integrity: A method and morphologically adaptable apparatus for altering the charge distribution upon living membranes is provided. The method and apparatus further provides a static magnetic device for production of a magnetic field for treatment of various disorders that can be focused at the site of pain or edema to deliver... Agent: Gradient Technologies LLC

20120149968 - Regulation of stem cell gene production with specific and selective electric and electromagnetic fields: Methods and devices are described for the regulation of BMP 2 and 4, TGF-beta 1, 2, and 3, FGF-2, osteocalcin, and alkaline phosphatase mRNA in stem cells via capacitive coupling or inductive coupling of specific and selective electric and/or electromagnetic fields to the bone cells or other tissues containing the... Agent:

20120149970 - Intra-aortic balloon pump assembly for ventricular assist device: Devices and methods are disclosed for implanting, positioning, removing, replacing and operating intra-aortic balloon pumps.... Agent: Nupulse, Inc.

20120149971 - Ventricular assist device: Devices and methods are disclosed for implanting, positioning, removing, replacing and operating intra-aortic balloon pumps.... Agent: Nupulse, Inc.

20120149972 - Personalized, electronically-conveyed self-improvement messaging: The invention features a computer for fostering self-improvement in a person. The computer includes means for electronically conveying an audible message to the person. The message includes content that is generated by the person and that relates to the person's self-improvement, and includes phrases generated by the person. At least... Agent:

20120149973 - Systems and methods for balancing and maintaining the health of the human autonomic nervous system: A protocol or procedure is provided for lowering sympathetic nervous system arousal in a person in order to prepare that person for a medical or dental procedure. First, a therapeutic dosage of one or more neurotransmitter supplements, such as a gamma aminobutyric acid formulation, a tryptophan-derived neurotransmitter precursor, and dehydroepiandrosterone... Agent:

20120149974 - Implantable devices for the treatment of incontinence and methods of using same: Implantable devices are designed to provide support to the bulbar urethral region of a patient experiencing incontinence. Surgical methods are utilized to implant the devices, and surgical tools are utilized with the surgical methods.... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120149975 - Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band: An adjustable gastric band (AGB) positionable around a human stomach to limit the flow of food therethrough is provided with an improved structure for receiving and retaining suture from the stomach to the gastric restrictive device and thereby enabling a safer gastro-gastric plication while simultaneously preventing movement of the gastric... Agent:

20120149977 - Pelvic implant with suspending system: A urethral stabilization system includes a support member adapted to be implanted into a patient to support a urethra. The support member has a first end and a second end. A first suspending member is attached between the first end of the support member and a first stabilizer and a... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120149976 - Surgical articles and methods: Described are devices, implants, kits, and related methods for treating pelvic conditions such as urinary in incontinence, in a male or a female patient.... Agent:

20120149978 - Devices and systems for lung treatment: Devices, systems, and methods for measuring the diameter of an airway in a human or animal subject are disclosed. The device comprises a flexible catheter body having a proximal end and a distal end. Flexible sizing elements are disposed along and extend approximately orthogonally from the catheter body. The sizing... Agent: Pulmonx Corporation

20120149979 - Needle capture device: A needle capture device includes a flexible tubular member, a flexible shaft extending through the tubular member, a proximal handle for moving the shaft and tubular member relative to each other, a housing at the distal ends of the shaft and tubular member, and a capture mechanism situated within housing.... Agent:

20120149981 - Magnetically maneuverable in-vivo device: An in-vivo device includes a magnetic steering unit (MSU) to maneuver it by an external electromagnetic field. The MSU may include a permanent magnets assembly to produce a magnetic force for navigating the device. The MSU may include a magnets carrying assembly (MCA) to accommodate the permanent magnet(s). The MCA... Agent:

20120149980 - Video cricothyrotomy camera and cannula system: A substantially rigid cannula having a channel configured to sequentially house a slidably removable video camera and to provide a ventilating airway upon sealable engagement of a ventilation extension with the channel after the camera is removed. The camera is connected with a monitor to guide the placement of the... Agent: Verathon Medical (canada) Ulc

20120149982 - Access device for surgery: The present invention provides an access device for surgery. The access device includes a guide member and a head member. The guide member and head member define a channel configured to receive and guide a sterile flexible scope with a working channel. The guide member and head member cooperate to... Agent: Saint Joseph's Translational Research Institute

20120149983 - Endoscopic cannula and methods of using the same: The present disclosure provides methods and systems for endoscopic visualization inside the human body and performing clinical procedures under endoscopic guidance. In one embodiment, an endoscopic cannula of the present disclosure may include an elongated body having a channel along which an endoscope can be advanced. The cannula further includes... Agent: Pavilion Medical Innovations

20120149984 - Heat-and fire-resistant container for holding endoscope during surgical operation: The invention, referred to commercially as the “Endosleeve,” is a heat- and fire-resistant holster, holder or sleeve to secure and protect an endoscope during a medical or surgical operation. The Endosleeve consists of several components: a clamp or other mechanism that attaches the Endosleeve to the operating table; flexible tubing,... Agent:

20120149985 - Rotate-to-advance catheterization system: e

20120149986 - Medical apparatus employing flexible light structures: A method of manufacture and medical apparatus that provides an apparatus useful in illuminating at least a portion of a lumen of a body. The apparatus includes an elongated flexible member and a polymer encasement portion encasing a plurality of light emitters. The light emitters may be electrically coupled to... Agent: Light Sciences Oncology, Inc.

20120149987 - Seal anchor for use in surgical procedures: A surgical apparatus for positioning within a tissue tract accessing an underlying body cavity includes a seal anchor member comprising a compressible material and being adapted to transition between a first expanded condition to facilitate securing of the seal anchor member within the tissue tract and in substantial sealed relation... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120149988 - Self-sealing surgical tool: A surgical tool that is self sealing. The surgical tool includes a body and a sealing disc. The body includes a tube positioned at a distal end and a hub at a proximal end. Furthermore, the body includes a sealing disc receiving space positioned through a sidewall of the hub.... Agent:

20120149989 - Surgical access aparatus and method: A surgical access device includes a single valve that forms a seal with the body wall and provides an access channel into a body cavity. The valve has properties for creating a zero seal in the absence of an instrument as well as an instrument seal with instruments having a... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20120149990 - Devices for performing blepharoplasty and methods of using the same: A blepharoplasty device includes a handle member, an elongate, curved first jaw member coupled to the handle member and having a first tissue contacting surface, and an elongate, curved second jaw member coupled to the handle member and having a second tissue contacting surface. The first and second jaw members... Agent:

20120149991 - Method of using a surgical tissue retractor: A method of performing an operation, e.g. a spinal operation, on a patient using a retractor comprising a pair of blade assemblies which are adapted to open about a set of axes that are not parallel to a third spatial axis, and further comprising a pair of arms, which are... Agent: Spinal Elements, Inc.

20120149992 - Organic light emitting diode illuminated surgical retractor: A retractor having a housing having a handle portion at a first end and a blade portion at a second, opposite end. The retractor includes a light system having an organic light source for illuminating the blade portion. The light system is positioned within the housing such that it is... Agent:

20120149993 - System and method for user profiling from gathering user data through interaction with a wireless communication device: A system, method, and wireless communication device that profiles a user thereof, or a user at a second wireless communication device in communication therewith. The wireless communication device gathers user data for a user thereof, or from a user at a second wireless communication device, and either directly generates, or... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120149998 - Measurement of patient physiological parameters: A method of determining one or more physiological parameter of a patient by providing a plurality of implantable electrodes proximate a blood vessel of the patient, applying a measurement signal through the plurality of electrodes, the measurement signal having a known parameter, obtaining a resultant signal through the plurality of... Agent: Cvrx, Inc.

20120149996 - Method and apparatus for providing derived glucose information utilizing physiological and/or contextual parameters: Systems and methods for non-invasively determining parameters related to blood glucose are disclosed. Embodiments are disclosed wherein a wearable sensor device comprises non-invasive sensors generating various sensed data which is then utilized to determine a glucose-related parameter.... Agent:

20120149994 - Method and system for controlling non-invasive blood pressure determination based on other physiological parameters: A system and method for processing a cuff pressure waveform to determine the blood pressure of a patient. The processing unit of the NIBP monitoring system receives status signals from one or more physiological parameter monitors. The physiological parameter monitors each include an operating algorithm that causes the physiological parameter... Agent: General Electric Company

20120149995 - Methods and systems for endobronchial diagnostics: Methods and systems for targeting, accessing and diagnosing diseased lung compartments are disclosed. The method comprises introducing a diagnostic catheter with an occluding member at its distal end into a lung segment via an assisted ventilation device; inflating the occluding member to isolate the lung segment; and performing a diagnostic... Agent: Pulmonx Corporation

20120149997 - Signal processing apparatus: The present invention involves a method and an apparatus for analyzing measured signals, including the determination of a measurement of oxygen saturation and respiration rate in the measured signals during a calculation of a physiological parameter of a monitored patient. Use of this invention is described in particular detail with... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20120150000 - Non-invasive monitoring device: The invention concerns a device for non invasive monitoring of the concentration of a constituent of a human or animal bloodstream. In the preferred example the device comprises drive circuitry (50) for provision of an alternating current at a microwave frequency. This frequency is adjustable. The drive circuitry may for... Agent:

20120149999 - Tissue penetration device: A sampling module includes a module body portion with a lancet channel, a lancet slidably disposed within the lancet channel. A cover sheet is disposed over the lancet and a lancet channel that captures the lancet shaft in the lancet channel, and a sample reservoir for collection of a sample... Agent:

20120150001 - Hyaluronic acid based glucose monitoring: The invention provides a method for using OCT human tissue scan data for tracking a scan structure in depth, follow change in structure position within an OCT scan from, for example, fasting glucose level to peak glucose level and back down again, and relate the structure position change to analyte... Agent: Compact Imaging

20120150002 - Systems and methods utilizing plethysmographic data for distinguishing arterial and venous saturations: Apparatus, systems and methods are provided for using the PG waveform to determine peripheral venous and arterial saturations. Generally, saturations are determined by isolating an indicator of venous or arterial blood volume in each of a plurality of PG waveforms and using the isolated indicators to determine saturation in the... Agent: Yale University

20120150003 - System non-invasive cardiac output determination: A system determines cardiac output and stroke volume by using non-invasive oximetric signals, such as SPO2 data and waveform, to determine blood flow quantitatively. A non-invasive system determines cardiac output or stroke volume. The system includes an input processor for receiving signal data representing oxygen content of blood of a... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120150005 - Analyte sensors with a sensing surface having small sensing spots: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to analyte determining methods and devices (e.g., electrochemical analyte monitoring systems) that have a sensing surface that includes two or more sensing elements disposed laterally to each other, where the sensing surface is on a working electrode of in vivo and/or in vitro analyte... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120150006 - Stimuli responsive membrane: There is provided a glucose responsive membrane comprising a nanoporous support substrate and a coating of a glucose responsive hydrogel attached to a surface of the nanoporous substrate. There are also provided methods for the preparation of the glucose responsive membrane and a medical device for the monitoring or regulation... Agent: Sensile Pat Ag

20120150004 - Transdermal sampling and analysis device: Transdermal sampling and analysis device, method and system are provided for non-invasively and transdermally obtaining biological samples from a subject and determining levels of analytes of the obtained biological samples. The transdermal sampling and analysis device, method and system may cause disruption to the skin cells to create capillary-like channels... Agent: Flexible Medical Systems LLC

20120150007 - Modular external infusion device: A modular external infusion device that controls the rate a fluid is infused into an individual's body, which includes a first module and a second module. More particularly, the first module may be a pumping module that delivers a fluid, such as a medication, to a patient while the second... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120150008 - Electrode with redundant impedance reduction: An electrode assembly that includes an electrically conductive layer, a first impedance reduction system, and a second impedance reduction system. The electrically conductive layer forms an electrode portion of the electrode assembly and a first surface to be placed adjacent a person's skin. The first impedance reduction system is configured... Agent:

20120150009 - Lead for an active implantable medical device wtih a chip for electrode multiplexing: A lead for active implantable medical devices comprising a chip, notably for electrode multiplexing. The lead (10) includes an insulating supporting tube (20) interposed in a flexible elongated tube, with a central bore (22) coaxial with the lumen of the lead. The supporting tube comprises on its surface at least... Agent: Sorin Crm Sas

20120150010 - Monitoring uterine activity: An apparatus and method for detecting uterine activity uses cutaneous electrodes on the maternal abdomen to obtain electrophysiological signals that can be used to obtain fetal and maternal heart rate. The apparatus includes a first input for receiving electrical signals from the cutaneous electrodes and a second input for receiving... Agent: Monica Healthcare Limited

20120150011 - Biomedical electrode: A biomedical electrode is disclosed that includes at least first and second electrical nodes for connection to medical equipment. The biomedical electrode includes a first electrical node including a disc of conductive material having a diameter d1, and a second electrical node including a ring of conductive material. The ring... Agent: Board Of Governors For Higher Education, State Of Rhode Island And Providence Plantations

20120150012 - Acoustic wave measuring apparatus: An acoustic wave measuring apparatus includes a plate pressed against a subject, a probe that has an acoustic wave conversion unit for receiving an acoustic wave emitted from the subject through the plate to convert into an electric signal, a seal member provided on the probe so as to enclose... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120150013 - Photoacoustic measurement of analyte concentration in the eye: An in vivo determination of the presence or concentration of an endogenous or exogenous substance by photoacoustically assaying the substance in the eye and correlating the presence or concentration of the substance in the eye to the presence or concentration of the substance in the blood, without removing a tissue... Agent:

20120150014 - System and method for noninvasively monitoring conditions of a subject: A method and system are presented for use in determining one or more parameters of a subject. A region of interest of the subject is irradiated with acoustic tagging radiation, which comprises at least one acoustic tagging beam. At least a portion of the region of interest is irradiated with... Agent: Or-nim Medical Ltd.

20120150015 - System and method for detecting healing adjacent to implanted medical device: A method of detecting healing adjacent to an implanted medical device can first include pre-treating a surface of the medical device prior to implantation, thereby defining a pre-treated surface of the medical device. Then, subsequent to implantation, a portion of the pre-treated surface that is not covered by endothelial tissue... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20120150016 - Image guided radiation therapy system and shielded radio frequency detector coil for use therein: A radiation therapy system includes a radiation source capable of generating a beam of radiation; a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus comprising at least one radiofrequency detector coil; and an electrically grounded dielectric material between the radiation source and the radiofrequency detector coil for shielding the at least one radiofrequency... Agent:

20120150019 - Mri by direct transverse hyperpolarization using light endowed with orbital angular momentum: A magnetic resonance system includes a main magnet (12,12′, 12″) which generates a static magnetic field B0 in an examination region (14,14′,14″). A hyperpolarization device (26,26′,26″) directly hyperpolarizes nuclear spins via electromagnetic radiation endowed with orbital angular momentum transverse to the static magnetic field B0 for inducing magnetic resonance. The... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120150017 - Open pet/mri hybrid machine: A PET/MRI hybrid machine that combines a PET device with an MRI device, includes: an open PET device that has a PET field of view at least part of which is an open space accessible from outside; and an open MRI device that has an MRI field of view at... Agent: National Institute Of Radiological Sciences

20120150018 - Shield type radiation therapy and imaging hybrid device: A shielding structure against nuclear fragments (referred to as a shield) is operated according to ON and OFF of beam irradiation so as to reduce incidence of nuclear fragments on detectors during beam irradiation. This enables measurement of annihilation radiations and three-dimensional imaging of the irradiation field immediately after irradiation... Agent: National Institute Of Radiological Sciences

20120150020 - Microcoil construction: A microcoil is manufactured by rolling a trace unit in such a way as to form at least one winding. The trace unit is comprised of a conductive trace attached to a flexible insulating film. A preferred embodiment of the microcoil contains both a first winding and a second winding... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120150021 - Identifying critical cfae sites using contact measurement: A method for mapping includes receiving electrical inputs measured by a probe at respective locations in a chamber of a heart of a subject. The electrical inputs are processed to identify complex fractionated electrograms. At each of the respective locations, a respective contact quality between the probe and a tissue... Agent:

20120150025 - Image registration using interventional devices: A system receives an image volume of a patient. A catheter applied to the patient contains at least one sensor, which may be a microcoil and which is detectable in the image volume. A size and a shape of a region of interest are pre-defined. A processor determines a location... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20120150026 - Imaging system: A method of investigating the location and size of a light-emitting source in a subject is disclosed. In practicing the method, one first obtains a light intensity profile by measuring, from a first perspective with a photodetector device, photons which (i) originate from the light-emitting source, (ii) travel through turbid... Agent: Xenogen Corporation

20120150023 - Microneedle arrays for active agent delivery: The present invention provides for microneedle arrays and related systems and methods. Particularly, microneedle arrays that are configured to deliver active agents, including nucleic acids and vaccines, are provided. Additional related methods of vaccinating and minimizing the amount of vaccine necessary for effective inoculation are also provided.... Agent:

20120150022 - Probe tracking using multiple tracking methods: A method, including: receiving an input indicative of respective apparent locations of a plurality of points disposed along a length of a probe inside a body of a subject, and applying a model of known mechanical properties of the probe to the respective apparent locations so as to minimize a... Agent:

20120150024 - Transesophageal echocardiography capsule: An imaging system, including a capsule, configured to enter an esophagus of a patient, having an ultrasonic transducer configured to image tissue of the patient. The system further includes an applicator tube configured to enter the esophagus, the tube being attachable to the capsule for positioning the capsule within the... Agent:

20120150027 - Methods and systems for endobronchial diagnosis and treatment: A method of assessing a lung compartment of a patient may involve: advancing a diagnostic catheter into a lung airway leading to a first sub-compartment of the lung compartment; inflating an occluding member disposed on the diagnostic catheter to form a seal with a wall of the airway and thus... Agent: Pulmonx Corporation

20120150029 - System and method for detection and monitoring of ocular diseases and disorders using optical coherence tomography: A system for the imaging, processing and evaluation of tissues provides prognostic and diagnostic details regarding diseased tissue. A set of quantitative measures were developed and integrated in an image-base analysis software tool designed for OCT images. The system and methods in this invention is significant because it allows assessing... Agent: University Of Miami

20120150028 - System and method of chemical imaging using puled laser excitation and time-gated detection to determine tissue margins during surgery: System and method for differentiating tissue margins in a biological sample using pulsed laser excitation and time-gated detection. A region containing a biological tissue is irradiated with substantially monochromatic pulsed laser light to thereby produce Raman scattered photons. The Raman scattered photons are detected using time-gated detection to thereby obtain... Agent: Chemimage Corporation

20120150030 - Instruments, methods and systems for harvesting and implanting cartilage material: The present disclosure provides instruments and systems for accessing and removing hyaline cartilage from desired donor sites. The present disclosure also provides instruments/systems for implantation of hyaline cartilage grafts, e.g., to fill osteochondral defects. The apparatus/systems may be used in connection with mapping techniques and systems. Thus, in exemplary embodiments... Agent: Yale University

20120150031 - Method and apparatus to identify vulnerable plaques with thermal wave imaging of heated nanoparticles: Provided herein are systems, methods, and compositions for the thermal imaging of cells with nanoparticles.... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120150033 - Antimicrobial ultrasound transmission gel: An antimicrobial ultrasound transmitting gel has an ultrasound-transmitting gel and an effective amount of one or more antimicrobial additives. The gel may further include one or more skin cleansers to provide a gel that may be used to both decontaminate the skin and for the performance of the ultrasound.... Agent:

20120150032 - Sequence variants associated with prostate specific antigen levels: Certain sequence variants have been found to be useful for correcting Prostate Specific Antigen levels in humans. The invention provides diagnostic applications based on such correction, including methods of diagnosis of prostate cancer.... Agent:

20120150034 - System and method for fusing three dimensional image data from a plurality of different imaging systems for use in diagnostic imaging: A multi-modality cancer screening and diagnosis system is provided that allows cancer screening and diagnosis of a patient using at least two different and sequential three-dimensional imaging techniques without patient repositioning. The system includes a first three-dimensional image acquisition device, a second three-dimensional image acquisition device having a probe with... Agent:

20120150035 - Method and apparatus for the selective treatment of tissue: A HIFU System (100) is disclosed which may automatically generate a proposed treatment plan for treating a tissue treatment area (10) with HIFU Therapy. In one example, the proposed treatment plan includes a plurality of treatment sites selected based on a three-dimensional model generated from ultrasound data. In another example,... Agent: Focus Surgery Inc.

20120150040 - Apparatus, system, and method for adaptively controlling a frame interval between ultrasound scanning frames for an ultrasound elasticity imaging scan: An apparatus, system and method for adaptively controlling a frame interval between ultrasound scanning frames of an ultrasound elasticity imaging scan. The system includes a transmitter for transmitting ultrasound beams to a subject during an ultrasound elasticity imaging scan, and a receiver for receiving ultrasound beam echoes from the subject... Agent: General Electric Company

20120150037 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method of displaying an ultrasound image: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes an ultrasound probe, a location sensor that detects a location of the ultrasound probe, and a location calculation device configured to calculate a location of echo data in a first three-dimensional coordinate system having a certain point as an origin based on the probe location.... Agent:

20120150036 - Ultrasound imaging system and method for ultrasound imaging a three dimensional volume: A method of ultrasound imaging includes acquiring plural groups of ultrasound data sets in an imaged volume that at least partially encompasses an object. The groups of ultrasound data sets include ultrasound image data obtained by transmitting one or more ultrasound pulses from one or more transducer elements into different... Agent: General Electric Company

20120150038 - Ultrasound probe: An ultrasound probe which transmits ultrasonic waves to a subject, receives ultrasonic echoes generated by reflection of the ultrasonic waves on the subject and outputs ultrasound image signals includes a case having a grip portion set therein and functional units disposed in the case. The functional units include an ultrasonic... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120150039 - Ultrasound volume probe navigation and control method and device: An ultrasound volume probe navigation and control method is provided. The method includes acquiring scan data in a three-dimensional scan mode, forming a navigation view based on a three-dimensional matrix formed by the scan data in beam space, determining a critical area on the navigation view, and navigating and controlling... Agent: Ge Medical Systems Global Technology Company, LLC

20120150041 - Cell and channel of ultrasonic transducer, and ultrasonic transducer including the same: A cell of an ultrasonic transducer is provided. The cell includes a substrate; a supporting portion disposed on the substrate; a thin film spaced apart from the substrate and the supporting portion; and a connection portion which connects the supporting portion and the thin film. The connection portion may include... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120150045 - Endoscope system for fluorescent observation: An endoscope system is disclosed for detecting fluorescent light emitted in the near-infrared region by a plurality of fluorescent labeling materials introduced into a living tissue. An illumination system generates illumination light in the wavelength range 600 nm-2000 nm which serves as excitation light for the plurality of fluorescent labeling... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120150044 - Phototherapy device and method: Disclosed is a phototherapy device including: a pixel unit to irradiate light having a predetermined wavelength to a skin, detect a skin reflection light of the light irradiated to the skin, and convert the detected skin reflection light into an electrical signal; an image processor to use the electrical signals... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120150043 - Systems and methods for generating fluorescent light images: An imaging system divides image pixels intensities by exposure time to generate image data in units of intensity per time. The imaging system divides a fluorescent light image in intensity per time units by an excitation light image in intensity per time units to provide a quantitative corrected fluorescent light... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20120150042 - Vacuum-pump sucker: This invention relates to a vacuum-pump sucker for high-resolution microscopy comprising a sucker body and a transparent plate. The vacuum-pump sucker is designed as a stabilizer for sample stabilization in a clinical optical virtual biopsy system with sub-micron resolution. The sucker is connected with a vacuum pump. As the vacuum... Agent: National Taiwan University

20120150046 - Tissue contrast imaging systems: Tissue contrast imaging systems are described which detect differences in tissue contrasts to obtain images of the tissue region. The systems may be used to obtain images of the cardiac tissues particularly in a blood-filled environment.... Agent: Voyage Medical, Inc.

20120150047 - Pulse wave sensor: Among the technical characteristics disclosed in this specification, the pulse wave sensor with one of the technical characteristic includes a construction to detect the pulse wave at a wrist (i.e., a construction to measure the pulse wave to be worn at the wrist). To be more concrete, the pulse wave... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120150049 - Impedance measurement to monitor organ perfusion or hemodynamic status: An implantable medical device system and associated method deliver drive signals having different frequencies to establish vector fields comprising an arterial volume and a venous volume corresponding to targeted portion of a patient's body. Impedance signals are determined in response to drive signals having different frequencies. Impedance parameter values are... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120150048 - Vascular analysis methods and apparatus: According to some aspects, a method of identifying a boundary of a portion of a vasculature is provided, the vasculature comprising a geometric representation of a plurality of vessels. The method comprises logically dividing the geometric representation into a plurality of regions, determining at least one feature within each of... Agent: Bio-tree Systems, Inc.

20120150050 - Apparatus and method for estimating stroke volume of the heart using bio-impedance techniques: A method of estimating stroke volume of the heart is described. In this method, the volume of the heart is estimated from electrical impedance data of the chest, at two different phases of the cardiac cycle. The stroke volume is estimated from the difference between the volumes estimated at the... Agent: Tel Aviv University Future Technology Development L.p.

20120150051 - Blood pressure cuff: A blood pressure cuff is defined by a first sheet and a second sheet. The first sheet has a first interior-inflatable surface attached to a second interior-inflatable surface of the second sheet to form an interior-inflatable portion between the first sheet and second sheet. The interior-inflatable portion is in communication... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20120150052 - Heart rate monitor: A heart rate monitor includes a user system adjacent to a user's skin in communication with a remote processing system. The user system includes a user processor, a user memory coupled to the user processor, a clock signal generator coupled to the processor, a sensing system coupled to the processor... Agent:

20120150053 - Apparatus and method for detecting a fetal heart rate: An apparatus and method for detecting the heart rate of a fetus. The apparatus includes three detectors detecting heart beats of the fetus, each detector including at least two electrodes detecting ECG signals, the detectors being positioned on an abdomen of a mother in use. The apparatus also includes a... Agent: Monica Healthcare Limited

20120150054 - Respiratory condition analysis apparatus, respiratory condition display apparatus, processing method therein, and program: A respiratory condition analysis apparatus includes a respiratory signal acquisition section configured to acquire a time-series respiratory signal including respiratory sound of a living body, a respiratory segment identification section configured to identify a respiratory segment that is a time segment including the respiratory sound in the respiratory signal, a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120150056 - Apparatus and methods for testing apparatus including on-board instructional videos and upload/download data capabilities: A breath testing apparatus is provided with on-board “Instruction Manual” tutorials incorporated in a display device installed in the device. Alternatively, on-board instructional videos can be added to various objects or processes requiring instructions.... Agent: Quin Tron Instrument Company

20120150055 - Breath end-tidal gas monitor: An improved apparatus and method for capturing and analyzing the end-tidal portion of an exhalation. The CO2 level of air drawn into the system (10) is monitored to distinguish inhalation and exhalation of breath. Upon detection of a decrease in the CO2 level in the air drawn into the system... Agent: Capnia, Inc.

20120150057 - Methods and systems for endobronchial diagnosis: A method of diagnosing an air leak in a lung compartment of a patient may include: advancing a diagnostic catheter into an airway leading to the lung compartment; inflating an occluding member on the catheter to form a seal with a wall of the airway and thus isolate the lung... Agent: Pulmonx Corporation

20120150058 - System and method for monitoring a patient for a respiratory arrest/death event: A method for monitoring patients for a respiratory arrest/death event can include selecting a patient that is at risk of undergoing a respiratory arrest/death event, attaching a temperature sensor to the patient such that the temperature sensor is in fluid communication with air entering and exiting the patient, and processing... Agent:

20120150059 - Arrangement and method for detecting inconsistencies and abnormalities in a body: A system for detecting abnormalities or inconsistencies and a method to utilize the same are provided. In particular, a computer system may be adapted to detect the abnormality or inconsistency within at least a portion of a subject by generating internal impedance data which indicates that an impedance change within... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20120150060 - Method and system to estimate impedance of a pseudo sensing vector: An implantable medical device (IMD) is provided comprising inputs configured to be coupled to leads having electrodes thereon, wherein combinations of the electrodes are associated with respective active sensing vector. The IMD further comprises an impedance measurement module to collect multiple measured impedances between corresponding combinations of the electrodes. The... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120150061 - Sensor for detecting cancerous tissue and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed herein are a sensor for detecting cancerous tissue, a method of manufacturing the same, and a method of monitoring the presence and status of cancerous tissue in real time. The sensor for detecting cancerous tissue includes a board, one or more pairs of needle electrodes, and an output unit.... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20120150062 - Non-mercury non-electronic clinical thermometer with a support structure: A thermometer includes a support structure and a heat conductive layer on an outer surface of the support structure. The heat conductive layer has a sensing portion and a temperature indication portion, and a structure with temperature indication markings is laid out along the temperature indication portion. A reversible temperature-sensitive... Agent: Mesure Technology Co., Ltd.

20120150063 - Handheld emg stimulator device with adjustable shaft length: A nerve stimulating device with an adjustable length is shown and described. The device includes a handle and an elongated shaft with a stimulating electrode. The stimulating electrode can be selectively positioned to a plurality of distances relative to the handle. The device allows nerves in nerve regions at multiple... Agent: Neural Pathways, LLC

20120150064 - Method for performing a procedure according to a biometric image: A method for performing a procedure on a patient, includes obtaining a biometric image representative of the patient and performing the procedure on the patient in accordance with the biometric image. The patient has an iris and the biometric image comprises an iris biometric image and the procedure comprises a... Agent: Philadelphia Retina Endowment Fund

20120150065 - Method and apparatus for measuring bladder pressure: A method for measuring bladder pressure in a patient, comprises the steps of: attaching an inflatable cuff around the penis of the patient; maintaining a flow of urine at a predetermined flow rate for a period of time during voiding of the bladder, by means of deflating or inflating the... Agent: Newcastle-upon-tyne Hospitals Nhs Foundation Trust

20120150067 - Kit for taking biopsies, autopsies, excisions, and resections and methods thereof: The present invention relates to a kit for taking biopsies, resections, excisions, and/or autopsies. Moreover, the present invention relates to methods of taking biopsies resections, excisions, and/or autopsies using the kit of the present invention. The kits and methods of the present invention allow for fewer errors, decreased turn around... Agent: Healthtronics Laboratory Solutions, Inc.

20120150066 - Snarecoil retrieval device for capturing and retrieving a specimen: A retrieval device for collecting a specimen includes an outer cannula member having an inner lumen and an inner member received within the inner lumen such that the inner member can rotate relative to the outer cannula. The device also includes first and second snarecoil elements that are formed as... Agent:

20120150068 - In-line fat tissue sampling, processing and collection device: A tissue sampling, processing and collection device for connection in-line to a hand-held power-assisted tissue aspiration instrument and a vacuum source. The tissue sampling, processing and collection device includes a suction plate, mounted within a collection chamber, and having multiple hollow projections for supporting the open proximal ends of a... Agent:

20120150069 - Tissue sampling, collection, and processing system: A tissue sampling, collection, and processing system including a hand-supportable power-assisted tissue aspiration device having a cannula for aspirating fat tissue from a patient's body, and a multi-pack tissue sampling, processing and collecting device, installed between the tissue aspiration device and a vacuum source, and containing multiple tissue collection tubes... Agent:

20120150070 - Overtubes for eus fna drainage: A device for performing multiple medical procedures comprises a needle extending from a proximal end which remains external to a body during use to a sharpened distal end configured for insertion to a target site within a body via a body lumen. A sheath is slidably receivable over the needle,... Agent:

20120150071 - Tissue sampling, processing and injection syringe device and methods of using the same: Tissue sampling, processing and injection syringe device and methods of filtering and concentrating cellular components of tissue sample in situ within the device.... Agent:

20120150072 - Device and method for determining an excretion flow rate of a body fluid of a person or an animal: A device and method for determining an excretion flow rate of a body fluid of a person or an animal. The device includes an absorbent element equipped with at least three electrodes connected to a measuring system for measuring at least one electric parameter so as to be electrically coupled... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120150073 - Method and apparatus for diagnosing a medical condition based upon audial data from a patient: A system is provided that is operable to obtain acoustic data from a patient and analyze the data to diagnose whether a patient has a medical condition. In one embodiment, an acoustic detector obtains acoustic data from a patient swallowing and communicates the information with an acoustic processor. The processor... Agent:

20120150074 - Physical activity monitoring system: An exercise system may be configured to gather and quantify data related to energy expenditure during physical activity. The exercise system may include at least one force sensing node and a portable hub that is physically separate and distinct from the at least one force sensing node. The at least... Agent: Ez As A Drink Productions, Inc.

20120150075 - System and method for detection of metal disturbance based on mutual inductance measurement: Apparatus and method for detecting metal disturbance during a medical procedure includes a probe having an insertion tube, a joint, and a joint sensor for sensing a position of the insertion tube. The joint sensor comprises first and second subassemblies having coils. A processor is used for measuring force using... Agent:

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20120142992 - Applicator for use in a brachytherapy radiation treatment: In brachytherapy radiation treatment, particularly on the breast following a tumor resection, adequate skin to balloon distance must be maintained, to avoid damage to the skin. Often the distance is too small in certain areas or at a single point. The disclosed procedures and devices are effective to manipulate the... Agent: Xoft, Inc.

20120142993 - Method for large scale production of cesium-131 with low cesium-132 content: The present invention provides a method for large scale production of cesium-131 (Cs-131) with low cesium-132 (Cs-132) content, where the Cs-131 is produced via barium-131 (Ba-131) decay. Uses of the Cs-131 produced by the method include cancer research and treatment, such as for use in brachytherapy. Cesium-131 is particularly useful... Agent: Isoray Medical, Inc.

20120142994 - Compressible and expandable blade for a fluid pump: The invention relates to a compressible and expandable blade for the rotor of a fluid pump having at least two lamellae which are disposed adjacently, are pivotable respectively relative to an axis of rotation of the rotor and moveable relative to each other, and abut against each other in the... Agent: Ecp[ Entwicklungsgellschaft Mbh

20120142997 - Device and method for connecting a blood pump without trapping air bubbles: An apparatus and a method for connecting medical tubing or any other type of fluidic circuit conduits (e.g., cannulae) to a ventricular assist device (“VAD”) or any other pumping device used for blood pumping during cardiac circulatory support for vascular surgery. The apparatus and the method prevent air bubbles from... Agent:

20120142996 - Implantable driver with non-invasive transmural powering device for cardiac assist and combined assist and support devices: The present invention an implantable, sub-cutaneous, bellows-like device with one plate proximal (or superficial) to the skin surface and the other plate distal (or deep) to the skin surface having a component of a pneumatic/hydrulic driver for an implantable medical device such as a cardiac assist, cardiac support, or combined... Agent: The Texas A&m University System

20120142995 - Radiopaque cannula marker: A method is disclosed of applying a radiopaque marker to a cannula for use with an intracardiac pump, the method including: obtaining a band of radiopaque polymer material; placing the band around an outer diameter of the cannula, the cannula including a flexible tubular wall formed around and supported by... Agent: Abiomed, Inc.

20120142998 - Artificial heart device: An artificial heart device includes: a blood pump which assists flow of blood in a heart; a blood pump control part which controls the blood pump; a first data processing part which performs first data processing on at least one data in a first period out of operation data on... Agent: Sun Medical Technology Research Corporation

20120142999 - Active pillow system and a method for manipulating a person's resting conditions: The present invention relates to a an active pillow system and a method for manipulating a person's resting conditions, wherein the actual resting conditions of the person are determined by a sensor unit, an actigraph, a temperature sensor and/or a humidity sensor for instance, and wherein an acoustic synthetic jet... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120143000 - System for introducing a pelvic implant: A system for supporting an anatomical structure of the pelvis includes a surgical implant for providing support to the anatomical structure of the pelvis. The surgical implant includes a first tissue anchor including a plurality of projections adapted for tissue fixation, a second tissue anchor including a plurality of projections... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120143001 - Tasting dildo: A sexual aid or dildo that is used to collect fluid from a woman's vagina before, during or after a woman's orgasm. A method of using a sexual aid or dildo for tasting fluid from a woman's vagina for increased sexual pleasure. A method of using a dildo for same... Agent:

20120143002 - Apparatus for endoscopic procedures: The present disclosure provides for a surgical device. The surgical device includes a jaw assembly and a camera assembly coupled to the jaw assembly. The camera assembly includes a camera housing defining an interior space having at least one opening on a side thereof, first and second support arms pivotally... Agent:

20120143003 - Mouthpiece and methods of use of same: Various embodiments of mouthpieces for use during endoscopic procedures are disclosed herein. According to various embodiments, a mouthpiece may include a shield, a primary instrument channel, a bite block, an oxygen administration channel and a tongue depressor. The shield, bite block, oxygen administration channel and tongue depressor may be integrally... Agent: Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

20120143004 - Variable power endoscope based on liquid lens technology: An endoscope realized as either a borescope or a fiberscope including one or more fluid filled lenses is described. In an embodiment, the optical power of the fluid filled lenses may be adjusted to adjust the focal length associated with the endoscope. Thus, variable working distances are allowable while maintaining... Agent: Adlens Beacon, Inc.

20120143005 - Expandable capsule endoscope: An expandable capsule endoscope includes a shell, a membrane and a bag. Inside the shell are a first compartment and a second compartment, and the membrane is disposed between the first compartment and the second compartment. The bag is connected outside the shell. There is a first substance and a... Agent: Chung-shan Institute Of Science And Technology, Armaments, Bureau, Ministry Of National Defense

20120143006 - Endoscopic sheath assembly: A sheath assembly for an endoscope includes an elongate tubular body and a plug. The endoscope has a handle portion and a scope portion extending therefrom to a tip. The body includes first and second wall sections and extends along a longitudinal axis between first and second distal openings located... Agent:

20120143008 - Expandable surgical access port: A surgical access assembly for positioning within an opening in tissue including an outer frame positionable outside a patient and defining an opening therein dimensioned to receive a surgical instrument therethrough. The outer frame includes a first portion, a second portion and a locking portion. An inner member is positionable... Agent:

20120143009 - Expandable surgical access port: A method of accessing an internal portion of a patient including the steps of providing an access assembly including an outer frame, an inner member and a flexible member, inserting the inner member through an opening in tissue into a body of a patient with the flexible member extending proximally... Agent:

20120143007 - Thoracic port with changing elasticity: A surgical access assembly for positioning within an opening in a tissue to provide access to a patient's body for insertion of surgical instrumentation therethrough. The surgical access assembly includes a body portion defining a longitudinal axis and a passageway and having a proximal portion and a distal portion. At... Agent:

20120143010 - Collapsible barrier for organ retention and method of use: A device for human organ packing in a laproscopic surgical procedure, including an expandable barrier configured to be laproscopically implanted into a human abdominal cavity such that a side of the expandable barrier interfaces with organs in the abdominal cavity, thereby forming a barrier between the organs and a region... Agent:

20120143011 - Minimally invasive retractor with separable blades and methods of use: A device, system and method for orthopedic spine surgery using a screw-based retractor, are disclosed herein and allows for access to the spine through a minimally or less invasive approach. The retractor device is designed to be coupled to a pedicle screw and then to have opposed arms of the... Agent:

20120143017 - Classification of patient condition using known and artifical classes: Methods of classifying a subject's condition are described. The method includes: receiving measured signals from the subject; processing the measured signals using a computing device to identify a class associated with an identified condition of the subject; introducing an artificial class, the artificial class being associated with an unknown condition... Agent: Neurovista Corporation

20120143015 - Diagnostic method for analyzing, remediating and maintaining the homeostatic relationship of substances in an individual's body: A diagnostic method and system for determining the relationship between various substances that constitute or affect the formation of RNA molecules. These substances affect the production of RNA, which activates and maintains interactions between other bodily substances that include but are not limited to, proteins, hormones, peptides, enzymes, amino acids,... Agent:

20120143014 - Healthcare system and healthcare method: A healthcare system is provided. The healthcare system includes a server configured to receive user information and obtain healthcare items based on the information, a gateway configured to receive the healthcare items, and a vital information measurement sensor configured to measure vital information of a user.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120143013 - Proactive patient health care inference engines and systems: Health care monitoring and alerting systems are presented. Contemplated systems include a rule repository storing rules for sending notifications to interested parties regarding a patient's wellness status. An inference engine correlates actual, possibly real-time, patient wellness information with rule sets. If a patient's wellness status satisfies triggering criteria of a... Agent:

20120143016 - Reverse failure analysis method and apparatus for diagnostic testing: A reverse failure analyzer determines a group of diagnostic test procedures related to a particular vehicle/patient component from a pool of diagnostic procedures, and then identifies the specific failure modes of each of the diagnostic test procedures. The reverse failure analyzer further associates the specific failure modes with the respective... Agent: Spx Corporation

20120143012 - Systems and methods for physiological event marking: Systems and methods are provided for storing event markers. The value of a monitored physiological metric may be monitored and compared to a reference value. A patient monitoring system may compute a difference between a monitored metric and a reference value, and compare the difference to a threshold value to... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett Ireland

20120143021 - Device, system and method for meal detection for interfacing with and controlling auxiliary devices associated therewith: The present invention relates to a device, system and method for detecting meal event in a subject and in particular to such a device, system and method for communicating and controlling auxiliary devices and/or systems associated therewith.... Agent:

20120143020 - Eeg kit: An EEG kit can be thought of as “EEG In a Bag” (“EEG-IAB”). The EEG kit can provide a complete, disposable, fast, and easily-used platform to record EEG to measure brain activity. Other physiological information (e.g., oxygen saturation, ECG or EKG, etc.) or other information (e.g., local electrode motion) can... Agent: Bio-signal Group Corp.

20120143018 - Portable touchless vital sign acquisition device: Disclosed herein is a non-contact MCG is anticipated as one embodiment. Additionally, a non-contact stethoscope, thermal sensor, or MCG could be utilized singly or in combination with each other, or included singly or together in other medical devices such as a fluoroscope, For example, a handheld, portable instrument comprising a... Agent:

20120143019 - System method and device for determining the risk of dehydration: A system, device and method of determining the probability of dehydration of a person is provided. In one embodiment, the method comprises receiving data of a heart rate of the person; receiving data of a posture of the person; determining that a first posture of the person satisfies first posture... Agent:

20120143022 - Physiological signal detection system capable of showing emotions, device and emotional display method: A physiological signal detection system and device capable of showing emotions and an emotional display method are provided. The system includes: a display unit; a storage unit, for storing a plurality of conditions of emotional index; a physiological signal detection unit, for acquiring at least one physiological signal; a physiological... Agent:

20120143023 - System and method for facial nerve monitoring during facial surgery: An apparatus for monitoring the activity of a surgeon. At least one wireless sensing unit is provided for monitoring potential damage to a nerve and is located at a first location of a body being operated on by a surgeon. The wireless sensing unit senses a change in the body... Agent:

20120143024 - Recombinant bacteriophage for detection of nosocomial infection: Disclosed herein are methods and devices for detection of bacterial HAI. Disclosed methods may be utilized for continuous in vivo monitoring of a potential bacterial infection site and may be utilized to alert patients and/or health care providers to the presence of pathogenic bacteria at an early stage of infection.... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20120143025 - Method and circuit for indicating quality and accuracy of physiological measurements: Sensors and monitors for a physiological monitoring system having capability to indicate an accuracy of an estimated physiological condition. The sensor senses at least one physiological characteristic of a patient and is connectable to a monitor that estimates the physiological condition from signals detected by the sensor. The sensor includes... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120143026 - System and method for probability based determination of estimated oxygen saturation: Present embodiments include providing an initial estimate of a value representative of a blood flow characteristic at a current timestep, and determining a probability distribution of transition, wherein the probability distribution of transition includes potential values of the blood flow characteristic at the current timestep with associated probabilities of occurrence... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett Inc.

20120143027 - Field effect transistors for detection of nosocomial infection: Disclosed herein are methods and devices for detection of hospital acquired infections. Disclosed methods may be utilized for continuous in vivo monitoring of a potential infection site and may be utilized to alert patients and/or health care providers to changes in the local environment due to the presence of a... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20120143028 - Vital sign measurement robot and control method thereof: A vital sign measurement robot which automatically measures vital signs, and a control method thereof. The vital sign measurement robot includes an input unit to receive vital sign measurement instructions, an image recognition unit to detect a distance between the robot and a person, vital signs of whom are to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120143029 - Systems and methods for guiding a medical instrument: A guidance system for assisting with the insertion of a needle into a patient body is disclosed. The guidance system utilizes ultrasound imaging or other suitable imaging technology. In one embodiment, the guidance system comprises an imaging device including a probe for producing an image of an internal body portion... Agent: Bard Access Systems, Inc.

20120143030 - Tracking system using field mapping: In some aspects, a method includes (i) securing multiple sets of current injecting electrodes to an organ in a patient's body, (ii) causing current to flow among the multiple sets of current injecting electrodes to generate a field in the organ, (iii) in response to current flow caused by the... Agent: Rhythmia Medical, Inc.

20120143031 - Deriving patient activity information from sensed body electrical information: Electrodes of a subcutaneous monitoring system receive body electrical signals that indicate both cardiac and non-cardiac muscle activity. In general, non-cardiac muscle activity is often correlated with physical activity, and physical activity is typically a strong indicator of patient health. Exemplary systems and methods that detect non-cardiac muscle activity information... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20120143032 - Sensor web device for measuring electromyographic signals: A sensor web device is provided for measuring EMG (electromyographic) signals. The device has a base sheet and a plurality of EMG sensors disposed on the base sheet. The plurality of EMG sensors are arranged so that a desired EMG signal of a muscle in a human body is obtained... Agent:

20120143033 - Center ridge ecg monitoring electrode: An ECG electrode assembly is provided. The electrode assembly includes a backing element, an electrode element, and an electrolyte gel. The electrode assembly includes an electrode assembly having a connection portion or ridge located generally in the center of the backing element. The electrode assembly extends through an aperture in... Agent:

20120143034 - Electrode assembly: An electrode assembly for use with a subject, the assembly including, a substrate including at least one moveable substrate portion; first and second conductive elements provided on the substrate, the first and second conductive elements being spaced apart, and being adapted to provide an electrical connection to the subject; and,... Agent: Impedimed Limited

20120143035 - System and method for assessing risk of glaucoma onset: A system and method for predicting the onset of glaucoma uses a Finite Element Model (FEM) to obtain a response profile of the Optical Nerve Head (ONH) inside an eye. To do this, the FEM is programmed with data from first and second images of the ONH that are respectively... Agent: Heidelberg Engineering Gmbh

20120143037 - Accurate pelvic fracture detection for x-ray and ct images: Accurate pelvic fracture detection is accomplished with automated X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) images for diagnosis and recommended therapy. The system combines computational methods to process images from two different modalities, using Active Shape Model (ASM), spline interpolation, active contours, and wavelet transform. By processing both X-ray and CT images,... Agent:

20120143036 - Systems and methods for determining a zero baseline value of a channel from a detector device: A representative method for determining a zero baseline value of a channel from a detector device of a nuclear medicine imagining system to allow for correction caused by noise or interference on the detector device includes calculating a first value of a baseline based on a first sample of analog... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120143038 - Functional assessment of a network: A computer-implemented method for performing a functional assessment of a network is disclosed. The network includes a plurality of interacting network elements. The method includes measuring a state of each of the elements at a plurality of time instances, thereby determining a plurality of state values associated with each of... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20120143039 - Oral dosage form, comprising at least one biologically active agent, formulation auxiliary substances and magnetizable particles: The invention relates to an oral dosage form, comprising at least one biologically active agent, formulation auxiliary substances and magnetizable particles, wherein the dosage form has an at least two phase composition, wherein the phases can dissolve in the body after oral administration due to their formulation and the magnetizable... Agent: Evonik Roehm Gmbh

20120143040 - Patient communication and monitoring in magnetic resonance imaging systems: The present embodiments provide an improved system and method for patient communication during MR procedures. In one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system is provided. The system includes a scanner having an opening configured to receive a patient and being operable to perform a magnetic resonance imaging sequence. The... Agent: General Electric Company

20120143041 - Images of language-sensitive neurocircuitry as a diagnostic for autism: The disclosed subject matter provides on ore more imaging techniques during passive auditory stimulation to objectively provide a diagnostic indicator of ASD. These techniques include functional MRI (fMRI), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and tractography, and combinations thereof. In one embodiment, a method is disclosed that uniquely provides an objective (imaging)... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20120143043 - Method and composition for hyperthermally treating cells: A method and composition for hyperthermally diagnosing and monitoring treatment of cells with photoacoustic sound and nanoparticles. The heat (temperature) and photoacoustic sound wave production inside the target tissue is measured. The desired temperature is achieved using a laser and photoacoustic imaging technique. Hyperthermia treatment of tissue applies a heat... Agent:

20120143042 - Ultrasound methods, systems and computer program products for imaging fluids using acoustic radiation force: The ultrasound system includes a controller configured to communicate with an ultrasound transducer such that the ultrasound transducer emits a radiation force excitation ultrasound pulse from the ultrasound transducer that propagates through the region of interest and is sufficient to perturb a fluid in the region of interest; emits a... Agent:

20120143044 - Magnetic resonance imaging compatible catheter: A method, consisting of passing a cylindrical carbon fiber through a press so as to produce a flat ribbon. The method further includes weaving multiple strands of the flat ribbon together to create a cylindrical braid.... Agent:

20120143050 - Disposable and radiolucent reference array for optical tracking: A reference foil comprises an unsymmetric marker foil device which advantageously includes spatially separated pieces of a marker material foil in unsymmetric arrangement and/or at least one unsymmetric integral piece of the marker material foil. The reference foil and a carrier device for the same may be used for example... Agent:

20120143046 - Electro-chemical-deposition of galfenol and the uses therof: A method for the electro-chemical-deposition (ECD) of alloys of iron (Fe) and gallium (Ga) to electro-deposit magnetostrictive “Galfenol” thin films. Various uses and applications for said Galfenol thin films are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120143049 - Integrated surgical device combining instrument, tracking system and navigation system: The invention relates to an image guided surgery system comprising—a surgical instrument (14),—a tracking system for locating and tracking an object (20) in a surgical environment, the tracking system including a tracking sensor system, in particular a tracking camera system (16); and—a medical navigation system (15) processing tracking data from... Agent:

20120143045 - Method for image support in the navigation of a medical instrument and medical examination device: A method for image support in a navigation of a medical instrument, in particular a catheter, in at least one hollow organ in a surgical site of a body is proposed. A presentation of a current position of the instrument in the hollow organ is generated from a three-dimensional dataset... Agent:

20120143047 - Position detection apparatus and medical-device-position detection system: A position detection apparatus and a medical-device-position detection system that have improved position detection accuracy are provided by setting high amplification for the position detection apparatus. The position detection apparatus includes a circuit that has at least one embedded coil (10a) and that is provided inside an object (10) to... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120143048 - Surgical apparatus, equipment and methods: A surgical apparatus comprising: a base unit; an arm coupled to the base unit, the arm comprising a first section and a second section which are moveable with respect to each other about a joint, the arm being configured to receive a guide-tube; a tracking un it coupled to the... Agent: Medi Maton Limited

20120143051 - Multi-field charged particle cancer therapy method and apparatus coordinated with patient respiration: The invention relates generally to treatment of solid cancers. More particularly, the invention relates to a multi-field imaging and/or a multi-field charged particle cancer therapy method and apparatus coordinated with patient respiration via use of feedback sensors used to monitor and/or control patient respiration. Preferably, the multi-field imaging, such as... Agent:

20120143053 - Hydraulic remote for a medical fluid injector: A hand-held remote for a medical fluid injector includes a syringe and a conduit which may be coupled to a pressure transducer on a control circuit of the injector. Movement of a plunger within a syringe body on the syringe creates a pressure which is sensed by the pressure transducer... Agent:

20120143052 - Laser trabeculectomy with energy dissipating injection: A method to perform high resolution tissue ablation including the steps of forming a beam to deliver optical energy and providing an energy dissipating material is provided. The steps of selecting an area of interest in a target tissue and placing the energy dissipating material adjacent to the area of... Agent:

20120143054 - Coated balloon catheter: Catheter balloons (10) for delivering a bioactive (260) to a body vessel in a greater amount and/or more quickly are provided, as well as related methods of treatment. The catheter balloon may include a dual balloon assembly at the distal portion (300) of the catheter having an inner balloon (44),... Agent:

20120143055 - Method and system for ultrasound imaging: A method and system for ultrasound imaging includes tracking the position and orientation of an ultrasound probe. The method and system includes tracking the position and orientation of an instrument while moving the instrument. The method and system includes acquiring ultrasound data of a plane defined along a longitudinal axis... Agent: General Electric Company

20120143056 - Methods and systems for treating plantar fascia: Various embodiments, described herein, provide methods and systems for the treatment of plantar fascia. In some embodiments, a method of non-invasive treatment of plantar fasciacan include the steps of identifying a damage location comprising a planter fascia; directing a conformal distribution of ultrasound energy to the plantar fascia at the... Agent: Guided Therapy Systems, LLC

20120143057 - Ultrasonograph: The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus has multiple display modes. The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes: a probe for transmitting an ultrasonic beam and receiving a reflection wave of the ultrasonic beam reflected from a tissue of a biological body; a low-pass filter for filtering the reflection wave; and an image processing section... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120143058 - Propagation-medium-modification-based reverberated-signal elimination: Acquired echo data is corrected to reduce content from ultrasound that has undergone at least one reflection off the probe surface, for example, to reduce corresponding reverberation artefacts from imaging. In some embodiments, the propagation medium, i.e., layer or adjoining layers, through which the reverberation occurs, is, after a set... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120143059 - Dynamic aperture control and normalization for apodization in beamforming: A method of apodizing for ultrasound beamforming includes providing filtered digital channel data representing echo data from target tissue in a plurality (k) of data channels and a predefined number of active channels (Nact). A software-based integrated apodization algorithm dynamically apodizes the digital channel data using a selected apodizing function... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120143062 - Magnetic diagnostic probe connector system: A magnetic connection system suitable for use with a wireless ultrasound probe which utilizes a plurality of magnets to facilitate coupling between said probe and a diagnostic or clinical device in a manner which minimizes the effects of stray magnetic fields on the device.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120143061 - Two-dimensional array ultrasonic probe: A two-dimensional array ultrasonic probe includes a plurality of channels arranged apart from each other in a two-dimensional direction, each channel including a laminated piezoelectric element and an acoustic matching layer formed on the laminated piezoelectric element, the laminated piezoelectric element including a plurality of first and second electrodes arranged... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120143060 - Ultrasound transducer assembly with improved thermal behavior: A transducer assembly (10) is provided that includes a housing (12), a lens (14), an array of transducer elements (18), an interposer assembly (22), a transducer array 5 control assembly (30), and a heat sink assembly (32). The interposer assembly (22) includes a plurality of signals tracks (56) that provide... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120143063 - Ultrasound probe with large field of view and method for fabricating such ultrasound probe: An ultrasound transducer matrix array for an ultrasound probe having a large field of view both in azimuth and elevation direction is proposed. The ultrasound transducer matrix array (1′) comprises a center region (11′) and at least three branch regions (13) each comprising a 2-dimensional matrix array (5) of ultrasound... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120143064 - Muscle function evaluating system: A muscular function monitoring and evaluating system includes a processor, a wireless interface, a display, a storage device storing a program and sets of test procedures, a signal collection device wirelessly coupled to the processor and a sensor connected to the signal collection device. The program, when executed by the... Agent:

20120143065 - System and method useful for sarcomere imaging via objective-based microscopy: Biological tissue such as skeletal and cardiac muscle can be imaged by using an objective-based probe in the tissue and scanning at a sufficiently fast rate to mitigate motion artifacts due to physiological motion. According to one example embodiment, such a probe is part of a system that is capable... Agent:

20120143066 - Remote blood pressure waveform sensing method: The invention as disclosed is a non-contact method and apparatus for continuously monitoring a physiological event in a human or animal, such as blood pressure, which involves utilizing a laser-based interferometer system in combination with a laser tracking system and a signal processor to produce a waveform that is representative... Agent:

20120143068 - Computerize health management method and health management electronic device: A computerized health management method and a health management electronic device are provided. The computerized health management method includes the following steps. A blood pressure curve of a user is measured. A systolic pressure and a diastolic pressure of the blood pressure curve are calculated by a microprocessor. A high... Agent:

20120143067 - Systems and methods for determining when to measure a physiological parameter: Systems and methods are provided for determining when to update a blood pressure measurement. The value of a physiological metric may be monitored and compared to a reference value. A patient monitoring system may compute a difference between a monitored metric and a reference value, and compare the difference to... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett Ireland

20120143070 - Blood pressure detection method and an apparatus therefor: A blood pressure detection method and the apparatus therefor, in which the method includes the steps of recording a voice describing the patient's state when measuring blood pressure and transmitting blood pressure data and voice data to a network server. The network server transforms the blood pressure data of the... Agent:

20120143069 - Electronic sphygmomanometer that can confirm air leakage: In an electronic sphygmomanometer, a CPU inlets air into a closed space, including an air bladder in an arm band, an air tube, and another air tube up to a predetermined pressure using a pump, maintains the closed space in a closed state for a certain time, and monitors a... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120143071 - Algorithms for calculation of physiologic parameters from noninvasive photoplethysmographic sensor measurements of awake animals: A noninvasive photoplethysmographic sensor system for mobile animals such as small rodents, namely rats and mice is useful such as in a laboratory research environment. The noninvasive photoplethysmographic sensor for mobile animals such as small rodents utilizes multiple FFT's in the processing of the phtotoplethysmograophic signal, where each FFT has... Agent: Starr Life Sciences Corp.

20120143072 - Method and apparatus for determining left ventricular lusitropy: A chronically implanted medical device, connected to a medical electrical lead that includes a sensor, is used to detect diastolic dysfunction. A LV accelerometer signal is sensed through the sensor. Based on the LV accelerometer signal, a determination is made as to whether diastolic dysfunction data exists.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120143073 - System and method of remotely monitoring and/or managing the treatment of a plurality of subjects with aerosolized medicament: Therapy regimes of a plurality of subjects are remotely monitored and/or managed, wherein the therapy regimes include reception of aerosolized medicament. This enables users such as medical care providers, researchers, clinic administrators, and/or other users to monitor and/or manage the therapy regimes of the plurality of subjects through a centralized... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120143075 - Apparatus and method for monitoring, analyzing, and utilizing brainwave and biologic data at transition points along the neurochromometric sequence whereby a stimulus presented to the central nervous system results in cognition and volitional action: Apparatus and method for monitoring, analyzing, and utilizing brainwave and biologic data at transition points along the neurochromometric sequence whereby a stimulus is presented to the central nervous system results in cognition and volitional action.... Agent:

20120143074 - Method of evaluating suitability for drug therapy for the prevention and treatment of anxiety disorders using cholinergic type ii theta rhythm: The present invention relates to a drug suitability assessment method for the prevention or treatment of anxiety disorders using the cholinergic type II theta rhythm, and, more specifically, to a method for detecting individuals suffering from anxiety disorders induced by an abnormality occurring in the cholinergic system using the type... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20120143078 - Devices and systems to measure luminal organ parameters using impedance: Devices and systems to measure luminal organ parameters using impedance. In at least one embodiment of an impedance device of the present disclosure, the impedance device comprises an elongated body having a distal body end and a pair of detection electrodes positioned in between a pair of excitation electrodes located... Agent: Electro-cat, LLC

20120143076 - Isolating devie, set, treatment apparatus and methods: The present invention relates to an isolating device provided or intended for preventing or inhibiting a current flow between a first body section and a second body section of a patient during a bioimpedance measurement. It further relates to a set, a treatment apparatus and methods.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120143077 - Measurement and use of in-socket residual limb volume change data for prosthetic fitting: Changes in the volume of residual limbs on which prosthetic sockets are worn can be measured based on bioimpedance measurements along one or more segments of the limb. A current at an appropriate frequency (e.g., in the range from 1 kHz to 1 MHz) is injected at two current electrodes... Agent: University Of Washington

20120143079 - Devices and methods for temperature determination: A temperature determination method includes temporarily contacting a forehead of a subject with a first surface of a removable patch, and exposing a second surface of the patch opposite the first surface to ambient conditions. The method also includes sensing a temperature of the first surface of the patch while... Agent:

20120143080 - Method and apparatus for fitting a visual prosthesis using electrically evoked electroretinograms: The invention is a method of automatically adjusting a retinal electrode array to the neural characteristics of an individual patient. By recording electrically evoked electroretinograms (eERG) to a predetermined input stimulus, one can alter that input stimulus to the needs of an individual patient. A minimum input stimulus is applied... Agent:

20120143081 - Pure silver device and method for diagnosing and treating pain in the human body: Disclosed herein are a pure silver device and a method for diagnosing and treating pain on human body. The pure silver device comprises an elongated handle, a head having both a hammer head and a comb opposed to each other, a panel, and an outwardly extending protrusion on the bottom... Agent:

20120143082 - Tissue sample analysis: A new method of Raman micro spectroscopy for the detection and imaging of Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) comprises the application of a multivariate supervised statistical classification model to distinguish between dermis, epidermis and BCC. The resulting Raman images provide a tool for the automated and objective evaluation of a tissue... Agent:

20120143084 - Device for improving the accuracy of manual operations: A hand held robotic system that remains stiff so long as it is operating within allowed limits, but which become actively controlled once the operator exceeds those limits. The system thus corrects deviations by more than a predetermined amount of the operator's hand motions, so that the tool remains in... Agent:

20120143083 - Devices and methods for improving the usability of stereotactic imaging for performing a breast biopsy: A device to distance a breast of a patient between a breast support plate and a compression plate while undergoing a stereotactic biopsy comprises a platform distanced from the breast support plate by a distancing structure connected with the platform when the device is mounted on the breast support plate.... Agent:

20120143085 - Test element ejection mechanism for a meter: A hand-held biosensing meter includes an ejection mechanism housed by the meter for ejecting a test element from the meter. The meter housing is provided with a port to receive the test element. The ejection mechanism includes a drive portion associated with the receptacle and a trigger portion that is... Agent:

20120143086 - Vacuum assisted lancing system with elective vacuum release and method for blood extraction with minimal pain: A vacuum assisted lancing system for blood extraction can include a tubular body having a vacuum chamber, a lancing mechanism configured to removably couple with a lance, a vacuum mechanism including a piston slideably coupled within the body, a release mechanism for selectively holding the vacuum mechanism in an energized... Agent:

20120143087 - Fetal lactic acid monitor: A device and method for automatically and repeatedly measuring fetal Lactic Acid (LA) concentration in the blood, for monitoring fetal stress. The device is connected by a probe to the scalp of the fetus and measures the Lactic Acid concentration in the blood at preset intervals. The device is optionally... Agent:

20120143089 - Catheter having an auxiliary lumen for use with a functional measurement wire: The present invention relates to a surgical catheter, and more particularly, a balloon catheter having an auxiliary lumen configured to permit the advancement of a functional measurement wire to a treatment site. The auxiliary lumen communicates with a working lumen that is configured to permit the advancement of a guidewire... Agent: Abbott Laboratories Vascular Enterprises Limited

20120143088 - Control handle with rotational cam mechanism for contraction/deflection of medical device: A medical device has a distal member with a configuration that can be changed by means of a control handle with a control assembly employing a rotational cam, a shaft, and a pulley, where the rotational cam is rotationally mounted on a portion of the control handle for rotation by... Agent:

20120143090 - Assessment of spinal anatomy: A method for modeling a spine, comprising providing at least one image of the spine, extracting a plurality of anatomical elements of the spine from the at least one image, and constructing a model representing the anatomy of the spine using the anatomical elements.... Agent:

20120143091 - System and method for tongue force detection and exercise: A force sensing and exercise device for assessment and therapeutic usage is described herein. The force sensing device may include a registration plate, to form a ridge with a body part of a patient and provide a fixed point from which measurements are taken. The force sensing device allows for... Agent:

20120143093 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for gathering and processing biometric and biomechanical data: Apparatus, systems, and methods are provided for measuring and analyzing movements of a body and for communicating information related to such body movements over a network. In certain embodiments, a system gathers biometric and biomechanical data relating to positions, orientations, and movements of various body parts of a user performed... Agent: Applied Technology Holdings, Inc.

20120143092 - Footcare product dispensing kiosk: A kiosk apparatus that may select for a person a recommended footcare product based on pressure measurements collected from pressures sensors or calculated biomechanical data estimates. Pressure measurements and calculated biomechanical data estimates may be used to determine if a foot is unshod on the pressure sensor and also group... Agent: Msd Consumer Care, Inc.

20120143095 - Body movement detection device and body movement detection method: A body movement detection device that computes a unit-differentiated body movement amount appropriately in tune with a user's life rhythm and a body movement detection method are provided to enhance a user's level of satisfaction. A pedometer provided with an acceleration detection unit that acquires an acceleration that changes with... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120143094 - System and method for determining the posture of a person: A system for determining the posture of a person has a motion sensor (CM) with at least one axis of measurement, which is provided with fixing means (MF) for rigidly connecting said motion sensor (CM) to a user. Analysis means (AN) are also included for determining a posture of the... Agent: Movea Sa

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