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Surgery June invention type 06/12

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06/28/2012 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120160237 - Nasal nebulizer for transporting and storing fluids: A nasal nebulizer with a main canister for receiving fluid and an insert with a fluid channel includes a contiguous pressurized air supply source. The fluid channel may be a tapered tube overlapping an air exit port in the canister. The fluid channel may also comprise a common bell housing... Agent: Medinvent, LLC

20120160238 - Medical device tube having a flange with opposing support ears for improved alignment and retention of an inner cannula in an outer cannula: A medical device tube having opposing support ears for improved coupling of an inner cannula to an outer cannula. The medical device tube comprises an outer cannula having opposing support ears on an outer cannula connector flange attached to a proximal end of the outer cannula. The opposing support ears... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120160239 - Breathing apparatus: Breathing apparatus includes a hood enclosing the patient's head and having a gas inlet and outlet located on the hood in the region of the patient's nose and mouth. Inlet tubing connects the gas inlet on the hood with an outlet of a gas supply unit; outlet tubing connects the... Agent: Smiths Medical International Limited

20120160240 - Dilated nasal sleep mask: The invention is an apparatus that blocks out light and improves breathing. The apparatus includes a sleep mask with an integral nasal dilation system. The nasal dilation system includes a nasal element mounted with on the nose section of the mask, where the nasal element in one version has a... Agent:

20120160241 - Upgraded inhalator for powder preparations: An upgraded inhalator for powder preparations comprises a main body having an inhalation channel, an external opening accessible by a user, and a tank adapted to receive a dose of powder preparation. The tank is opened to establish communication with the inhalation channel. At least one protuberance protrudes or extends... Agent:

20120160242 - Compact device for controlling and modifying the pressure of a gas or a mixture of gases: The present invention relates to a device for controlling the pressure of a gas in a circuit by means of the generation of bubbles through a liquid, this effect being is used to produce a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). The invention comprises a container containing a liquid; a bubble... Agent: Fundacion Universidad Del Norte

20120160244 - Adaptable oxygen regulator system and method with an electronic control device: A system and method for an adaptable oxygen regulator with an electronic control device is disclosed. In one embodiment, an oxygen regulator system includes an electronic control device which includes a non-volatile memory for storing a first reference point. The electronic control device also includes a pressure sensor configured for... Agent:

20120160243 - Macro-control of treatment for sleep disordered breathing: A method and apparatus for treating sleep disordered breathing. An arousal index is determined for use in an outer loop of a control algorithm, the arousal index being a measure of the frequency of sleep arousals. The respiratory airflow signal in an inner loop of the control algorithm is monitored... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120160245 - Facepiece with open port: In one aspect, a respiration system includes a regulator including an inlet for connection to a source of pressurized gas (which includes oxygen) and an outlet for delivery of the gas to the user, and a respiration facepiece for use in connection with the regulator. The facepiece includes an interface... Agent:

20120160247 - Splash resistant facemask: There is provided a splash resistant facemask having two outer splash layers adjacent each other on a side away from a wearer, a filter layer and an inside layer. None of the layers contains a repellent treatment. The facemask can pass a fluid splash resistance test, e.g. ASTM F-1862-05, wherein... Agent:

20120160246 - Splash-fluid resistant filtering face-piece respirator: A filtering face-piece respirator 10 that comprises a mask body 12 and a harness 14 that is joined to the mask body 12. The mask body 12 includes a filter layer 30 and a nonwoven fibrous cover web 16. The fibrous cover web 16 is partially occluded and is generally... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120160248 - Compliant nasal cannula: A nasal cannula is provided that employs a left tube and a right tube wherein at least a portion thereof is made of a resilient and compliant material that elongates in response to a tensile load applied thereto. The contemplated tubing material will continue to supply a predetermined amount of... Agent: Westmed, Inc.

20120160249 - Tongue advancement device for reducing obstructive sleep apnea condition: A tongue advancement device according to various embodiments can include at least one first magnet provided in a mouthpiece and a tongue implantation device. The at least one first magnet comprises a substantially flat surface that aligns with a peripheral edge of the mouthpiece, such that the at least one... Agent:

20120160250 - Breast crease comforter: A breast crease comforter decreases pain and promotes healing during and after radiation therapy to the breast. The skin crease between the breast and the torso is typically exposed to daily friction, sheer, and moisture. When the breast is also compromised by radiation therapy, these various insults may combine to... Agent:

06/21/2012 > 26 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20120152237 - Particle dispersion device for nasal delivery: A nebulizer and a method of breathing using the nebulizer is described. The nebulizer and breathing techniques are capable of delivering medicament into the sinus cavity of a user.... Agent: Kurve Technology, Inc.

20120152238 - Nasal nebulizer for transporting and storing fluids: A nasal nebulizer contains a main canister with at least one air exit port and an insert with at least one fluid channel. The fluid channel ends in a common bell housing above a base of the insert, which rests within the canister. The insert and the canister may form... Agent: Medlnvent, LLC

20120152239 - Low profile heat and moisture exchanger device for tracheotomy and speaking valve: A heat moisture exchange device received on a speaking tube mounted on an end of a tracheotomy tube. The heat moisture exchange device has a housing in which the air moves in a turbulent manner and passes through a heat moisture exchange filter.... Agent: Shikani Medical, LLC D/b/a The Airway Company

20120152240 - Method and apparatus for delivering a dose of a gaseous drug to a patient: A method and device that can vary the dose of a gaseous drug provided to a patient based on a comparison of the normal resting breath rate for each individual patient and the current breath rate of the patient so that the patient does not become desaturated.... Agent:

20120152241 - Breathing apparatus: Patient breathing apparatus comprises a hood having a front single-layer, transparent sheet and a rear two-layer section. An inflatable cuff extends around the lower end of the hood and is connected to a recirculating heliox gas supply unit. The cuff has perforations in its upper surface around the front part... Agent:

20120152243 - Breathing apparatus: A tent-like structure has a compact configuration and can be expanded to an expanded configuration large enough totally to enclose a patient. A recirculating gas supply arrangement supplies a mixture of oxygen and helium to the inside of the structure. The structure may contain exercise equipment, such as a static... Agent: Smiths Medical International Limited

20120152242 - Method and apparatus for portable fluid delivery for animals: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method and apparatus for supplying a fluid, including but not limited to oxygen and/or medications to a non-human animal in a configuration that does not require a human to hold a component on the animal.... Agent: Extra Air, LLC

20120152244 - Vaporizer heating assembly and method of regulating a temperature within the vaporizer heating assembly: A method of regulating a temperature within a vaporizer heating assembly includes providing a vaporizer heating assembly that includes a vapor inhalation device shaped to contain a vapor and deliver the vapor to a user's mouth without expelling the vapor into the atmosphere, an airflow chamber mechanically coupled to the... Agent: Vapor Systems International, LLC

20120152245 - Dry powder inhaler dose counters: Dry powder inhaler dose counters capable of making a display move swiftly between digits, in contrast to the progressive movement that occurs in simple gearing mechanisms.... Agent:

20120152246 - Vaporizer heating assembly: A vaporizer heating assembly includes an airflow chamber having a proximal end, a distal end opposite the proximal end, and a glass body connecting the proximal end to the distal end. A heating chamber is located within the airflow chamber and includes an elongated glass body and a heating element... Agent: Vapor Systems International, LLC

20120152247 - Radiant barrier for heated air circuits: A heated breathing circuit with radiant barrier is provided. The breathing circuit includes an airflow conduit configured to receive gas at input end and configured to deliver said gas to a patient at an output end, a heating element disposed inside the airflow conduit configured to heat the gas inside... Agent:

20120152248 - Apparatus for compressing and storing oxygen enriched gas: Methods and apparatus for storing high-pressure, high-purity oxygen in a pressure vessel for use in the home health care or related fields as for ambulatory patients, persons confined to wheelchairs, and those who are bedridden. The Oxygen may be produced from air an oxygen-enriched gas and stored in a concentrator... Agent: Invacare Corporation

20120152252 - Auto-titration bi-level pressure support system and method of using same: A bi-level pressure support system and method of treating disordered breathing that optimizes the pressure delivered to the patient during inspiration and expiration to treat the disordered breathing while minimizing the delivered pressure for patient comfort. The pressure generating system generates a flow of breathing gas at an inspiratory positive... Agent: Ric Investments, LLC.

20120152249 - Process for the automatic control of a respirator: A process for the automatic control of a respirator with a changeover between phases of respiration (inspiration and expiration), by a control unit checking a breathing activity signal for a threshold criterion. If the threshold criterion is met, a changeover is made and the control unit controls the fan of... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20120152250 - Process for the automatic control of a respirator: A process is provided for the automatic control of a respirator for changing over (triggering) between consecutive phases of respiration (inspiration and expiration phases), wherein a pneumatic breathing activity signal upneu(t) and a non-pneumatic breathing activity signal unon-pneu(t) of a patient are picked up. The intervals Δpneu(t) and Δnon-pneu(t) to... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20120152251 - Process for the automatic control of a respirator: A process for automatic control of a respirator changes between two phases of respiration by checking a detected respiratory breathing activity signal for a threshold criterion. If the threshold criterion is met, a changeover is made. A dynamic threshold curve, used for changing over into an inspiration phase, is held,... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20120152253 - Data communication and displays for breathing apparatus facepieces and pressure regulators: A respiration system includes a pressure regulator including a housing, an inlet for connection to a pressurized gas comprising oxygen, and a first data communication system, and a respiration facepiece including an interface to which the pressure regulator is removably attachable, at least one seal system to form a sealing... Agent:

20120152254 - Oxygen diverter valve: A vent assembly for use with a respiratory mask of the type used in CPAP treatment includes a porous disk portion that is attached to a biasing member such that the disk portion is maintained in a substantially sealed position against a main vent to minimize airflow through at least... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120152255 - Pap system: Systems, devices and methods of use adapted for treatment of respiratory disease or sleep disordered breathing include a patient interface (10) adapted to be secured to and sealed against a portion of a patient's face, in use. A flow generator is adapted to be connected to the patient interface and... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120152256 - Respiratory access port assembly with push button lock and method of use: A respiratory access assembly includes a distal plate having one port and cuff and an axially aligned proximal plate including a first port and first cuff and a second port and second cuff. The distal plate is configured to move relative to the proximal plate. The respiratory access assembly includes... Agent:

20120152257 - Cuffed medical tubes: A cuffed silicone tracheostomy tube has two tapered recesses 17 and 18 on its outer surface in which opposite ends 7 and 8 of a resilient cuff 6 are bonded using an adhesive or solvent. Two shallow ribs 22 and 23 extend around the tube on the inner edge of... Agent: Smith Group PLC

20120152258 - Condom: This invention relates to condoms, prophylactics and contraceptive devices made of silicone rubber having a body with an open end and a closed end, a first collar proximate to the open end, a second collar adjacent to the first collar, and a series of accordion pleats on the body, wherein... Agent:

20120152259 - Hand and forearm elevation device and methods of use: A device for keeping a patient's forearm and hand substantially vertically elevated. The device includes a padded body having a base and a vertical supporting region defining a groove. The patient's forearm is positioned such that the forearm is suspended and supported in the groove of the padded body such... Agent:

20120152260 - Snoring reduction apparatus: The invention relates to a snoring reduction apparatus (1) comprising a position determination unit (3, 4) for determining a position of the person, an actuation pattern determining unit (5) for determining an actuation pattern, according to which the person is to be actuated, depending on the determined snoring and the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120152261 - Arm positioner for diagnostic procedure: An arm positioning system for a diagnostic procedure, such as an MRI, can include a positioning block and a retention device. The retention device and the positioning block can be coupled together to position a patient's arm in various desired positions. The retention device and positioning block also can be... Agent:

20120152262 - Apparatus and method for moving and activating an active agent: The present invention relates to an apparatus (100) for moving a target element (60, 70), which comprises a magnetic material (62, 72) and an active agent (61, 71), through an object, placing said target element (60, 70) at a predetermined position within the object and activating the active agent (61,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

06/14/2012 > 21 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120145147 - Tracheostoma spacer, tracheotomy method, and device for inserting a tracheostoma spacer: The invention relates to a tracheostoma spacer with a tubular support framework. The support framework can be expand from an initial state to a supporting state of increased diameter and has a fixing element at the ends. The tracheostoma spacer is intended for use as a spacer in a tracheostoma... Agent: Breathe Technologies, Inc.

20120145148 - Modular aerosol delivery system: An adapter for use in a breathing circuit including a housing with a conduit having a ventilator port adapted to be coupled to a breathing circuit and a patient port adapted to communicate with a patient interface. A medicament container receptacle communicates with the conduit between the ventilator port and... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20120145150 - Dry powder inhaler: A dry powder inhaler includes a chamber holding an actuator to which a powdered medicament is adhered. Air is drawn into the chamber through an inlet flow channel and exits through an outlet flow channel. The actuator oscillates in response to the air flow, dislodging powdered medicament to be entrained... Agent: Respira Therapeutics, Inc.

20120145149 - Ventilator circuit and method for the use thereof: A ventilator circuit for use in administering medication to a patient includes a housing, a one-way inhalation valve and a one-way exhalation valve. A metered does inhaler receptacle is in fluid flow communication with an interior space of the housing holding chamber. An exhaust conduit communicates between input and output... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20120145151 - Ambu-bag automation system and method: A device for automatically squeezing and releasing an AMBU-bag is disclosed. A device has a housing and a mechanical compression squeezer in the housing. There are openings in the housing for inlet tubes and outlet tubes of AMBU-bag to pass in and out of the housing. A powered actuator powers... Agent:

20120145152 - Integrated pulmonary index for weaning from mechanical ventilation: There is provided herein a system for weaning a patient from mechanical ventilation (MV), the system comprising a ventilation device and a controller comprising an interface module configured to receive two or more measured patient parameters, wherein at least one measured patient parameters parameter comprise a CO2 related parameter, wherein... Agent: Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd.

20120145153 - Setup automation for respiratory treatment apparatus: A respiratory treatment apparatus implements pressure delivery control settings by improved set-up procedures. In such an embodiment, a processor may automate setting of parameters for delivering a controlled flow of breathable gas. Data sets of pressure delivery parameter settings may be associated with one or more respiratory pathology indicators. The... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120145154 - System and method for quantifying lung compliance in a self-ventilating subject: The lung compliance of a subject that is at least partially self-ventilating is determined. The quantification of lung compliance may be an estimation, a measurement, and/or an approximate measurement. The quantification of lung compliance may be enhanced over conventional techniques and/or systems for quantifying lung compliance of self-ventilating subjects in... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120145155 - Sound dampening in positive airway pressure devices: A CPAP system includes a PAP device (5) structured to generate a supply of pressurized air, a patient interface (15) adapted to engage with the patient's face to provide a seal, an air delivery conduit (102,104) provided between the PAP device and the patient interface to deliver the supply of... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120145156 - Phonation assistance device for a tracheotomy patient: The invention relates to a phonation assistance device for a tracheotomy patient, including: an exhalation circuit connected to a tracheotomy cannula inserted in the trachea of the patient, the exhalation circuit including an outlet opening for the passage of the air exhaled by the patient; and a valve for opening/closing... Agent: Assistance Publique - Hopitaux De Paris

20120145157 - Headband device for an oxygen mask, and method for the production thereof: The invention relates to a headband means (1) used for applying a breathing mask (2) in a user's facial area. Said headband means (1) comprises a flexible band body that is provided with upper and lower band portions (3, 4) and is used for transmitting the mask holding forces required... Agent: Map Medizin-technology Gmbh

20120145158 - Mask system: A headgear assembly for a mask system includes a two-dimensional first headgear section and a two-dimensional second headgear section, wherein the two-dimensional first and second headgear sections are attached to one another to form a three-dimensional anatomically-shaped headgear assembly.... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120145159 - Cuff-equipped tube: A cuff-equipped tube formed by providing a cuff to the outer periphery of a flexible tube, the cuff being expanded by introducing an operation fluid thereinto or being contracted by discharging the operation fluid therefrom. The cuff is provided with a cuff affixing portion expanded outward by the introduction of... Agent: Daiken Medical Co., Ltd.

20120145160 - Laryngeal mask airway device: The invention relates to a laryngeal mask airway device (1) for insertion into a patient to provide an airway passage to the patient's glottic opening, the device (1) comprising an airway tube (2), a mask (3) attached to the airway tube (2), the mask (3) comprising a body (4) having... Agent: The Laryngeal Mask Company Ltd.

20120145161 - Laryngeal mask airway device: The invention relates to a laryngeal mask airway device (1) for insertion into patient to provide an airway passage to the patient's glottic opening, the device (1) comprising an airway tube (2), a mask (3) attached to the airway tube (2), the mask (3) comprising a body (4) having a... Agent:

20120145162 - Ett holder: An intra-oral device for positioning an endotracheal tube in the mouth of a patient includes a block disposable between the patients upper and lower teeth. The block has a top surface including an arcuate channel for receiving upper teeth. The block also has a bottom surface including an arcuate channel... Agent:

20120145163 - Deployment actuation system: Contraceptive methods, systems, and devices generally improve the ease, speed, and reliability with which a contraceptive device can be deployed transcervically into an ostium of a fallopian tube. The contraceptive device may remain in a small profile configuration while a sheath is withdrawn proximally, and is thereafter expanded to a... Agent: Conceptus, Inc., A California Corporation

20120145164 - Support for copulating couples and method of use: A support for copulating couples and method thereof including, in general, a pair of support blocks, each configured as a polygon and each having six sides, (four sides, top side and bottom side with five possible tops determined by right-hand, left-hand, full upright, or sloped orientation), wherein the top and/or... Agent:

20120145165 - Support for copulating couples and method of use: A support for copulating couples and method thereof including, in general, a pair of support blocks, each configured as a polygon and each having six sides, (four sides, top side and bottom side with five possible tops determined by right-hand, left-hand, full upright, or sloped orientation), wherein the top and/or... Agent:

20120145166 - Intra-oral mandibular advancement appliance: An intra-oral mandibular advancement appliance to be inserted in the mouth of a patient so as to maintain an open airway to the patient's throat and thereby improve breathing during sleep. The mandibular advancement appliance has particular application for use by those wishing to reduce the effects of snoring and/or... Agent:

20120145167 - Splinted therapeutic footwear: A therapeutic fabric boot that warms the calf and foot, permits ambulation and provides for moisture absorption and selective exposure and ventilation of the covered extremity. An internal foam cradle restricts foot movement and reduces pressure at the heel and calf when lying in a supine position. A re-sizable, flat,... Agent:

06/07/2012 > 24 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120138049 - Adapter, inhalation device, and atomizer: The invention relates to an adapter (23), and inhalation device (32), and an atomizer (1) having such an adapter or such an inhalation device. At least one connector (24) for connecting to an atomizer and one patient-side connection (27) is provided on the adapter, preferably fluidically connected to each other... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20120138050 - Methods, systems and devices for humidifying a respiratory tract: Systems and methods are provided for humidifying ventilation gas. Systems and methods may include a nasal interface apparatus for receiving ventilation gas from gas delivery tubing and for humidifying ventilation gas. The nasal interface apparatus may have one or more channels within the nasal interface to deliver gas from a... Agent: Breathe Technologies, Inc.

20120138051 - Method of controlling a powered air purifying respirator: A method of controlling a powered air purifying respirator blower system to deliver a substantially uniform volumetric airflow to a user (6) includes the steps of determining one of (a) ambient air density or (b) ambient air temperature and ambient air pressure, and adjusting an electrical characteristic of the electric... Agent:

20120138052 - Inhaler: An inhaler comprising a reservoir of an inhalable composition with an outlet at one end through which the inhalable composition is discharged. A non-metered breath-activated valve is provided between the one end and the reservoir, the breath-activated valve comprising a flow path extending from the reservoir to the outlet end.... Agent:

20120138054 - inhaler: An inhaler comprising a reservoir of an inhalable composition. A housing contains the reservoir and has an outlet end and an opposite end. A composition flow path for the flow of the composition extends from the reservoir along the flow path and out of a composition outlet at the outlet... Agent:

20120138053 - Gas dispenser for dispensing accurate doses of therapeutic gas from a reservoir containing highly compressed therapeutic gas: Described here are devices for intranasally delivering therapeutic gases to a patient. The devices may include a measurement chamber, a combination of pressure regulators and a sequencing mechanism that controls valves associated with the pressure regulators. When implemented in a hand-held dispenser, the hand-held dispenser may reliably deliver consistent doses... Agent: Capnia, Inc.

20120138056 - Dry powder composition comprising co-jet milled particles for pulmonary inhalation: The present invention relates to particles and to methods of making particles. In particular, the invention relates to methods of making composite active particles comprising a pharmaceutically active material for pulmonary inhalation, the method comprising a jet milling process.... Agent: Vectura Limited

20120138055 - Inhaler: An inhaler comprising a housing to receive a strip having a plurality of blisters is disclosed. Each blister has a puncturable lid and contains a dose of medicament for inhalation by a user. A mouthpiece is pivotally mounted to the housing through which a dose of medicament is inhaled by... Agent: Vectura Delivery Devices Limited

20120138058 - Single stage, axial symmetric blower and portable ventilator: A blower (10) includes a housing (20) including a proximal opening (23) and a distal opening (25) that are co-axially aligned, a stator component (30) provided to the housing, an impeller (60) positioned between the proximal opening of the housing and the stator component, and a motor (40) adapted to... Agent:

20120138057 - System and method of automated lung recruitment maneuvers: A method of providing a recruitment procedure to a patient includes monitoring at least derecruitment event. A score is calculated for the at least one derecruitment event. A derecruitment score is aggregated. The derecruitment score is compared to a recruitment threshold. A ventilator is operated with the processor to perform... Agent: General Electric Company

20120138059 - Self-contained breathing system: A breathing apparatus is operable in self-contained and filtered modes of operation. In the self-contained mode of operation, a breathable gas is delivered to a user from a self-contained source of breathing gas. In a second, filtered mode of operation, a suction source draws ambient air through a filter removing... Agent: Wilcox Industries Corp.

20120138061 - Nasal mask system: A mask system includes a frame (20) adapted to attach headgear, a sealing arrangement (40) releasably connectable to the frame, and an elbow (70) provided to the sealing arrangement and adapted to be connected to an air delivery tube that delivers breathable gas to the patient. The sealing arrangement defines... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120138060 - Patient interface systems: A patient interface system includes a nasal seal of flexible material to communicate with at least one airway of the patient, and a primary headgear from which the nasal seal is suspended, said primary headgear having at least one aperture though which at least a portion of the nasal seal... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120138063 - Mask system: A mask system (10) includes a frame (20) defining a breathing chamber, a cushion (40) provided to the frame and adapted to form a seal with the patient's face, and a shroud (50) provided to the frame and adapted to attach headgear. The shroud includes a retaining mechanism structured to... Agent: Resmed Ltd.

20120138062 - Respiratory mask seal and mask using same: A seal and a mask using a seal that includes a first end portion adapted to be coupled to a seal support, a second end portion adapted for sealing engagement with a face of a user, and a sidewall extending between the first end portion and the second end portion.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120138064 - Dilator assembly, a device for facilitating tracheostomy and methods of making a percutaneous tracheostoma: A dilator assembly for percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy includes a dilator element having a wall and a proximal end part extending into a distal tip part via an intermediate part. The wall has a substantially U-shaped cross section defining a dilator opening. The assembly extends towards the distal tip part. The... Agent: Safetrach Ab

20120138066 - Devices and methods for positioning a stereotactic frame: Stereotactic methods are routinely used in neurosurgery for operations such as the aspiration of brain cysts, tumour biopsies and more recently to implant electrodes into brain targets. An integral part of this surgery is a mechanical device called a stereotactic frame (10) that has head holding clamps and bars which... Agent: Barking, Havering & Redbridge Hospitals Nhs Trust

20120138065 - Method and apparatus for radiolucent anatomic positioning: An apparatus comprises an attachment mechanism being configured for removably joining to a radiolucent accessory side rail of a patient platform. A vertical base joint is joined to the attachment mechanism and is configured for rotating vertically. A fist locking mechanism fixedly maintains the vertical base joint at an adjusted... Agent:

20120138067 - System and method for mitigating snoring in an adjustable bed: The present disclosure provides systems and methods for mitigating snoring in an adjustable bed. The systems and methods may include monitoring a sensor for a first reading indicative of a snoring user, activating an actuator to move the adjustable bed into an anti-snore position, monitoring the adjustable bed to confirm... Agent:

20120138068 - Fault diagnosis in cpap and nippv devices: A ventilation device for non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment of a patient has a gas flow generator, a gas delivery circuit optionally including a humidifier, a controller and sensors monitoring values of operational parameters of the device. The device further includes one or... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120138069 - Systems and methods for treatment of sleep apnea: An implant for treating an obstructive airway disorder includes an elongate implant body configured for implanting in airway-interface tissue. At least a portion of the elongate body carries a light transmission material for permitting light transmission therein. Systems and methods of treating an airway disorder comprising implanting an implant in... Agent: Revent Medical, Inc.

20120138070 - Liquid applicator and method of use: An applicator for dispensing uniform thickness layers of liquid to surfaces and especially surgical sealants to surgical sites to create, in situ, a surgical incise drape is disclosed. The applicator employs a supported thin layer of foam which achieves layer thickness which are substantially independent of the pressure applied to... Agent: Medlogic Global Limited

20120138071 - Tongue retainer: A tongue grasping and restraining device holds the tongue securely during sleep in order to minimize the risk of the tongue slipping back and blocking the throat. Plural tongue gripping projections are coupled to upper and lower supports. One or more of the upper and lower supports are biased together... Agent:

20120138072 - Custom fit appliance for hygienic teeth and gum protection: A device for the protection of the upper and lower teeth and gums from debris and discoloring agents during the consumption of sustenance, enamel staining liquids or the inhalation of tobacco products. This appliance, one each for the upper and lower teeth and gums, is custom fit by way of... Agent:

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