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05/31/2012 > 48 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20120136294 - Apparatus and method for treating eustachian tube dysfunction: A method and apparatus for treating Eustachian tube dysfunction. The apparatus may include a tube with an aperture extending through the tube and a retention mechanism for retaining the tube in the Eustachian tube. The method may include endoscopically inserting the tube through the nasopharynx and into the Eustachian tube.... Agent: Entrigue Surgical, Inc.

20120136296 - Methods to regulate polarization and enhance function of excitable cells: Minimally invasive delivery with intercellular and/or intracellular localization of nano- and micro-particle solar cells within and among excitable biological cells to controllably regulate membrane polarization and enhance function of such cells. The cells include retinal and other excitable cells.... Agent:

20120136295 - Pharmaceutical composition: n

20120136297 - Enteral feeding apparatus: Embodiments of the present invention include a enteral feeding apparatus and/or system in which an enteral feeding pump can be configured to deliver enteral formula to a patient in accordance with a delivery parameter determined using patient information associated with a patient to be treated and formula information associated with... Agent:

20120136298 - Mixing device with piston coupling arrangement: A device (1) for mixing substances to obtain an injectable medical product, the device (1) comprising a cartridge (50), a front piston (5), a front chamber (17) containing a liquid or a powder, a rear piston (6), a rear chamber (18) containing a liquid, a piston rod (7), and a... Agent: Novo Nordisk Healthcare A/g

20120136300 - Adjustable height needle infusion device: An infusion set has a retraction dial that can be removably assembled with the infusion set and access a threaded needle hub contained therein such that the dial can be used to advance or retract a needle hub and an inserted needle to a more precisely controlled insertion depth to... Agent:

20120136299 - Slide-activated angled inserter and cantilevered ballistic insertion for intradermal drug infusion: An infusion set has an adhesively secured main hub, and a slidable top cover, needle hub and angled or cantilevered needle that can be used for performing an intradermal needle insertion precisely targeting the upper 3 mm of skin surface, for example, one that substantially duplicates the Mantoux insertion technique,... Agent:

20120136301 - Power injection valve: A device for transferring fluids between an internal structure in a living body and an exterior thereof comprises a housing including a pressure activated lumen extending to a distal end opening to a power injection lumen that extends to a distal port configured for connection to a fluid conduit extending... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20120136302 - Intelligent close loop recognition restoring feedback device: The invention provides an intelligent close loop recognition restoring feedback device including a back plate, a casing is disposed at a side of the back plate, and a covering plate is disposed on the casing. A rotating pivot is protruded from the middle of the covering plate and the middle... Agent: Maquet (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20120136303 - Autoinjector: An injection device comprising an outer housing adapted to receive a syringe for holding a volume of a medicament, said syringe comprising a barrel, a needle at one end of the barrel, and a plunger, axially moveable within the barrel, the needle and barrel being such that at least part... Agent: The Medical House Limited

20120136304 - Flexible container with a preformed fluid channel and infusion pump device using such a container: A flexible container for storing a liquid medicament and a device for the automated release of the liquid medicament from the flexible container are disclosed. The flexible container includes a wall and an access opening. The wall of the flexible container comprises two sheets of flexible material sealed together such... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20120136305 - Pinch clamp assembly for an infusion cassette: A pinch clamp assembly for engaging a tube (10) with an enteral feeding or infusion pump adapted to feed nutritionals or to infuse medical solutions to a patient, is provided comprising a base (1) comprising holding means (3) for holding a tube (10) in operative engagement with the base (1),... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20120136306 - Device for delivering liquid medicament: The present invention relates to a device for delivering a fixed dose or an adjustable dose of liquid medicament to a patient. Characterising for the present invention is that it is equipped with a planetary gear with the purpose of increasing the power needed to deliver liquid medicament out of... Agent:

20120136307 - Neural injection system and related methods: A novel neural injection system and related methods are herein disclosed. Various embodiments of an embodiment of a neural injection system of the present invention provide for at least one benefit of enhanced injection characteristics, increased operational efficiency, reduced cost per unit, reduced incidence of injury through intraneural/intravascular injection, reduced... Agent:

20120136309 - Introducer assembly and method for forming an introducer assembly: An introducer assembly includes a sheath having a sheath proximal end and distal end, and a passage therethrough. The introducer assembly further includes a handle assembly that is mechanically and/or bonded coupled with a tubular sheath.... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20120136308 - Neural injection system and related methods: A novel neural injection system and related methods are herein disclosed. Various embodiments of an embodiment of a neural injection system of the present invention provide for at least one benefit of enhanced injection characteristics, increased operational efficiency, reduced cost per unit, reduced incidence of injury through intraneural/intravascular injection, reduced... Agent:

20120136310 - Integrated spring-activated ballistic insertion for drug infusion device: An infusion set has an integrated ballistic inserter that can insert a needle at a controlled high rate of speed to a depth to deliver content to the upper 3 mm of skin surface, and a skin securing, adhesive layer to secure the skin surface at the insertion site such... Agent:

20120136311 - Catheter needle tip shielding device: The present invention discloses a catheter instrument 1000 comprising a needle tip shielding device 100, a catheter hub 200 and a needle unit 300, wherein the needle unit 300 is provided with connecting means 301 for connection to the catheter hub 200, and with connecting means 302 for connection to... Agent: Vigmed Ab

20120136312 - Microneedle array: Relations between crystallinity and performance of a biodegradable resin, between weight-average molecular weight and strength thereof, and between weight-average molecular weight and performance thereof were clarified. As a result thereof, when a microneedle array was provided with microneedles containing noncrystalline polylactic acid which had a weight-average molecular weight of 40,000... Agent: Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

20120136313 - Anatomically engineered configured article: An engineered designed article providing multi-directional support. Portions of three or more overlapping, circular-like bodies are integrated on a flexible planar membrane into products, such as bandages, headgear, tool handles, lumbar pillows, backpacks, cervical supports, and back supports, to offer a multi-directional, (360° quadrant) support or pressure-concentrating area, to enhance... Agent:

20120136314 - Anchoring system for a medical article: An anchoring system (10) for securing a catheter (8) to a patient includes an anchor pad (12) and a retainer (20). The retainer (20) is supported by the anchor pad (12) and includes a base (22) and a cover (24). A groove (30) upon the base (22) is arranged to... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20120136315 - Medicament delivery device: The present invention relates to a medicament delivery device comprising an elongated housing arranged to contain a medicament container which medicament container contains a number of doses; a dose counter mechanism comprising a dose drum arranged with dose indicia on its outer surface and visible through a window on said... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20120136316 - Medicated module with user selection: A medicated module (4) for an injection system to co-deliver at least two medicaments is disclosed where a primary delivery device containing a primary medicament accepts a medicated module (4) containing a single dose of a secondary medicament (2) and where both medicaments are delivered through a single hollow needle... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120136317 - Drug delivery device: m

20120136318 - Drug delivery device with retractable needle: Drug delivery device, comprising a needle, which a distal end and a proximal end comprises an inner surface forming a channel, an outer surface, a first salient located on the outer surface.... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120136319 - urinary catheter: A catheter comprising a tube part, a tip part and at least one through-going opening, where the through-going opening is positioned distally to the proximal end of the tube part, wherein the outer surface of the tube part has at its proximal end a first outer diameter that is smaller... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120136320 - Methods of transvascular retrograde access placement and devices for facilitating the placement: A system for providing transvascular retrograde access in a central blood vessel of a patient. In some embodiments, the system has a handle; a catheter extending from the handle; and a tissue piercing element extending from the handle through the catheter, the tissue piercing element having a sharp distal tip... Agent:

20120136321 - Infusion port: Disclosed is an infusion port for regulating the inflow of an aqueous solution of an aqueous-solution pack into an external wringer spike as at least part of the wringer spike is inserted or withdrawn. The infusion port comprises an inflow part, a securing part, and a cover part. The inflow... Agent: Medipharama Plan Co., Ltd.

20120136322 - Anterior segment drug delivery: A therapeutic system comprises an ocular insert placed on a region outside an optical zone of an eye. The ocular insert comprises two structures: a first skeletal structure and a second cushioning structure. The first structure functions as a skeletal frame which maintains positioning of the implant along the anterior... Agent: Forsight Labs, LLC

20120136323 - Wound dressings, methods of using the same and methods of forming the same: Provided according to some embodiments of the invention are wound dressings that include a polymer matrix and nitric oxide-releasing polysiloxane macromolecules within and/or on the polymer matrix. Also provided are wound dressing kits and methods of using and forming such wound dressings.... Agent:

20120136324 - Ostomy containment device: An artificial Ostomy containment device comprising an implantable intra-abdominal sleeve adapted to interfere with movement of a closure assembly positioned within the sleeve; and a closure assembly comprising a hollow stomal insert sized and shaped to conduct waste content from an intestinal portion in an abdominal cavity through said insert... Agent: Stimatix Gi Ltd.

20120136325 - Systems and methods for controlling operation of a reduced pressure therapy system: Negative pressure wound therapy apparatuses and dressings, and systems and methods for operating such apparatuses for use with dressings are disclosed. In some embodiments, controlling the delivery of therapy can be based on monitoring and detecting various operating conditions. An apparatus can have a controller configured to monitor the duty... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20120136326 - Wound dressing for negative-pressure therapy: The present invention relates to a bandage for use in negative-pressure wound therapy, more particularly for wounds in the abdominal region, comprising a flexible film as a wound contact layer and at least one conduit applied to the film, wherein the conduit communicates with the wound space through openings in... Agent: Paul Hartmann Ag

20120136327 - Personalized and concealable sanitary absorbent article: Disclosed is a colored absorbent article, comprising a sanitary pad, panty shield and liner that is adapted to provide a user a means to conceal the presence of the article by matching its outward appearance with the user's undergarments, while providing a means to easily monitor menstruation from the interior... Agent:

20120136328 - Wound pad comprising a body of compressed open-celled foam material: An absorbent article, such as a wound pad, comprising a body of compressed thermoplastic or thermo-set open-celled foam is described, wherein the body has a pattern of ultrasonically made depressions in two opposite sides thereof, the depressions in the opposite sides being coaxial to each other and separated from each... Agent: Molnlycke Health Care Ab

20120136329 - Absorbent article with an acquisition distribution layer with channels: An absorbent article, such as a sanitary napkin, includes a top sheet and a back sheet with an absorbent core sandwiched therebetween. To decrease transverse leakage, a channeled acquisition distribution layer is placed between the absorbent core and the top sheet. The acquisition distribution layer has apertures and channels open... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20120136330 - Disposable absorbent article donning efficiency: A pant design supports a method for applying a pre-fastened refastenable absorbent article to a subject without removing the subject's clothing. The method includes opening the transverse sides of the article, and threading the article between the legs such that the article is positioned between the feet and the knees.... Agent:

20120136331 - Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof: Absorbent articles such as disposable diapers, incontinent briefs, diaper holders, training pants and the like, having elastomeric flaps and a fastening system that provides the user with options as to how the absorbent article may be fitted to and removed from the wearer. The absorbent articles can be pulled on... Agent:

20120136332 - Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof: Absorbent articles such as disposable diapers, incontinent briefs, diaper holders, training pants and the like, having elastomeric flaps and a fastening system that provides the user with options as to how the absorbent article may be fitted to and removed from the wearer. The absorbent articles can be pulled on... Agent:

20120136333 - Closure for containers: Closures for containers and methods for using same are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a closure having a top portion (12), a bottom portion (14) and a side portion (16), an aperture (18) extending though the closure, a projection (20) extending from the closure and at... Agent:

20120136334 - Delivery of two or more medicaments through a single dose selection and dispense interface: An injection system for co-delivery of two medicaments (1, 2) having a drug delivery device (7) containing a primary reservoir (11) containing a first medicament (1) and having a secondary reservoir (5, 17, 30) containing a second medicament (2) where the drug delivery device (7) has only one dose setter... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120136335 - Focal medication titration system: A system is provided for implantation into the skull of a patient including a device to detect the onset and/or existence of a neurological condition and deliver a medication to prevent the neurological condition, and/or to improve or sustain normal neurological function. Methods for utilizing the system and device are... Agent:

20120136336 - Closed loop/semi-closed loop therapy modification system: A closed loop/semi-closed loop infusion system provides therapy modification and safeguards against the over-delivery or under-delivery of insulin. A glucose sensor system is configured to obtain a measured blood glucose value. A controller is operationally connected with the glucose sensor system and configured to trigger an alarm based on a... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120136337 - Hypodermic needle system and method of use to reduce infection: A hypodermic needle system and method for reducing the incidence of infections due to administering fluids by injection to humans or animals is provided. The hypodermic needle system may include a needle with an insert disposed within its hollow channel to substantially prevent bacteria, fungi and/or other organisms/contaminants, which may... Agent:

20120136338 - Immunologic compounds for prevention, protection, prophylaxis or treatment of immunological disorders, infections and cancer: The present invention provides for methods of treating a cancer patient. In one methods, cancer cells are harvested from a patient. A therapeutic amount of a rhodamine derivative is then added to the harvested cancer cells. The harvested cells and the rhodamine derivative are then irradiated with a suitable wavelength... Agent:

20120136339 - Protective sleeve for a catheter: The invention relates to a protective sleeve (1) in the form of a hose (4), having an outer lumen (40) and an inner lumen (42) disposed eccentrically therein. The outer lumen (40) is delimited to the exterior by an outer wall (41), and the inner lumen (42) is delimited by... Agent:

20120136340 - Catheter: A catheter which exhibits excellent anti-kinking properties while avoiding interference with respect to an object moving inside the lumen of the catheter includes: an elongated catheter main body having a longitudinally extending lumen; a tubular-shaped guide wire insertion portion on the distal end of the catheter main body through which... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120136341 - Multilumen catheters and method of manufacturing: A multilumen catheter assembly and method of making the catheter assembly is provided that involves providing a plurality of tubes, each tube having a first end, a second end, at least one lumen, and at least one surface, selectively heating at least a portion of the surface of at least... Agent:

05/24/2012 > 56 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20120130298 - Systems, devices and methods for cardiopulmonary treatment and procedures: A cardiopulmonary bypass system utilizing membrane-based reciprocating positive displacement blood pumps (“pod pumps”). In one aspect, the pod pumps are constructed to provide reduced shear forces on the blood being pumped. In another aspect blood flow through the pod pumps can he controlled by a controller using information from pressure... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20120130299 - Device for establishing the venous inflow to a blood reservoir of an extracorporeal blood circulation system: A device for establishing venous inflow to a blood reservoir of an extracorporeal blood circulation system includes a restricting unit for gradually closing a venous inflow line and a vacuum unit for supplying vacuum to the blood reservoir. The device includes a control unit that supplies a first actuating signal... Agent: Sorin Group Deutschland Gmbh

20120130300 - Therapeutic methods using controlled delivery devices having zero order kinetics: An injectable or implantable medical device having orifice(s) on the surface that release an active agent with zero-order release kinetics is described herein. The device is a hollow matrix of any size or shape, which can be made from both metal and non-metal surfaces. The device comprises of a reservoir... Agent: Board Of Regents, The Univerity Of Texas System

20120130301 - Intra-atrial implants to directionally shunt blood: Several unique intracardiac pressure vents, placement catheters, methods of placement and methods of treating heart failure are presented. The intracardiac pressure vents presented allow sufficient flow from the left atrium to the right atrium to relieve elevated left atrial pressure and resulting patient symptoms but also limit the amount of... Agent: Dc Devices, Inc.

20120130302 - Active retinal implant: An active retinal implant (10) to be implanted into an eye has an array (16) of stimulation elements (17) that emit stimulation signals to cells of the retina, wherein the stimulation elements (17) are designed as radiation-emitting elements.... Agent: Retina Implant Ag

20120130303 - Rate control during af using cellular intervention to modulate av node: A biologic intervention method and apparatus generates a persistent modification to an AV node that is physiologically stable after the agent has matured but is alterable with subsequent application of an agent. Specifically, the generic agent is used to modulate a node in a cardiac conduction system including rate control... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120130304 - System, device, and method for providing and controlling the supply of a distending media for ct colonography: Embodiments of the present invention relate to systems, devices, and methods for delivering distending media to an organ of a patient with a dispensing device for acquiring an image of the organ while distended. In one embodiment, an insufflating system comprises a controller for detecting a pressure level of the... Agent: Bracco Diagnostics, Inc.

20120130305 - Apparatus for selectively establishing a needleless injection port on iv tubing, and associated methods: Apparatus enables one or more needleless injection ports to be established on IV tubing as needed. An IV tubing-engaging portion secures the apparatus about the tubing. A puncturing member establishes fluid communication between the IV line and a sealing member on the apparatus. Connecting a syringe to the sealing member... Agent:

20120130306 - Microneedle device: Provided is a microneedle device where a coating agent has been applied to microneedles having a biodegradable resin. It has been found that the application of the coating agent to microneedles of a biodegradable resin having a predetermined strength allows the microneedles to have excellent performance. Further, with regard to... Agent: Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

20120130307 - Device and method for creating an access to a hollow organ: The invention relates to a device for creating an access to a hollow organ, comprising a cannula (2), a guide wire (3), and a catheter (4), and it further relates to a special tool for removing the syringe from the catheter after catheterization, and finally it relates to a method... Agent:

20120130309 - Infusion pump cassette with ant i -free -flow valve mechanism: A fluid delivery system that includes an infusion pump and a cassette (1) with tubing (75) that is configured for engaging the pump mechanism of the infusion pump to accurately and repeatably deliver a fluid to a subject. The cassette has a housing with first and second ends for holding... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20120130310 - Joint pressure measurement with sensor in the drainage line: The invention relates to a device for rinsing a body cavity, wherein a pressure sensor for determining the actual pressure in the body cavity is provided, said pressure sensor being arranged in the drainage line (8).... Agent: W.o.m. World Of Medicine Ag

20120130311 - Micro-valve: A one-way valve (1) comprises a seat (5) and a membrane (4) having an inner portion (4a) that is stretched over the seat, wherein, in use, the inner membrane portion is selectively deflected from the seat such that a fluid path is created from one side of the membrane to... Agent:

20120130308 - User interface improvements for medical devices: A method and apparatus is disclosed for operating a medical device with a screen having an improved graphical user interface, which selectively reallocates screen display for both single and multi-channel pumps. Channel indicators associate operation information with a specific delivery channel. Patient or drug order verification is facilitated with a... Agent: Hospira, Inc.

20120130312 - Dispensing fluid from an infusion pump system: Some embodiments of a medical infusion pump system include a pump device having a flexible pushrod that can adjust from a curved configuration to a generally straight configuration. The flexible pushrod is part of a drive system of the pump device so that the flexible pushrod can be controllably and... Agent:

20120130313 - Needle cartridge for medication injection device: A cartridge with injection needles for an injection device. The cartridge includes a plurality of injection needle assemblies, each including a hub, mounted to be shiftable in cavities of a needle assembly support. A hub ledge having a drive member engageable push surface projects within a gap between a first... Agent: Eli Lilly And Company

20120130314 - Vascular graft: A vascular access graft (1) comprises an elongate conduit (2) having proximal and distal ends (3, 4). At least a portion of the elongate conduit (2) has a self-sealing property such that the portion remains impermeable after puncturing by a dialysis needle. The vascular access graft (1) also comprises a... Agent: Tayside Flow Technologies Ltd.

20120130315 - Antimicrobial dressing providing percutaneous device securement and cover: The present invention is related to a polymeric vehicle for delivery of bioactive agents, and preferably, for the delivery of one or more bioactive agents. The invention is also directed to a percutaneous device securing and drug delivery device comprising, as a component thereof, a material which delivers antimicrobial and/or... Agent:

20120130316 - Drug delivery device: The present invention relates to a drug delivery comprising a housing (10) adapted to retain a cartridge (16) and a piston rod (26), the piston rod (26) being adapted to drive a piston (28) so as to engage the piston (28) into the cartridge (16) in response to operating an... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120130317 - Syringe adapter: A syringe adapter mountable to a syringe, particularly a retractable syringe having a retractable needle, comprises a sealing member and an adapter body that comprises two or more body members that co-operate to retain the sealing member in the adapter. One or the other body members is removably mountable to... Agent: Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd

20120130318 - pre-filled syringe or autoinjector: The invention provides a syringe for dispensing a drug (1), comprising: a rigid syringe body,—a first container (2), in contact with and enclosing the drug; and a second container (3), enclosing the first container, the second container being less gas permeable than the first container, wherein the second container partially... Agent: Oval Medical Technolgies Limited

20120130319 - Valved catheters including high flow rate catheters: A pressure activated two-way slit valve assembly is designed to be used in combination with, but not limited to, a high flow rate catheter to prevent accidental ingestion of air or loss of blood if the closure cap comes off during non-use of the catheter. In addition, the potential for... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20120130320 - Devices, systems, and methods for myocardial infarct border zone reinforcement: Devices, systems, and methods for myocardial infarct border zone reinforcement. In at least one embodiment of a suction/infusion catheter for facilitating myocardial infarct border zone reinforcement, the catheter includes one or more apertures defined along a portion of the catheter at or near a distal end of the catheter, a... Agent:

20120130321 - Protective device for an injection needle: A protective device for an injection or infusion needle is provided comprising a needle hub at the proximal end of the needle, on whose shaft a protective member for the needle tip is displaceable, the protective member having an engaging section which engages with the needle shaft to prevent the... Agent: B. Braun Melsungen Ag

20120130322 - Method and kit for moisturizing the surface of the eye: A method for moisturizing the eye in which an amount of aqueous fluid is administered to the eye in an amount below that which causes flooding of the eye and removal of the normal tear film from the surface of the eye. The fluid, when administered in accordance with the... Agent:

20120130323 - Delivery product for topical compositions: A delivery product is used to deliver a skin composition to the skin of a user. The delivery product includes a thermo-responsive polymer film. The polymer film is solid at room temperature but, once contacted with the skin, increases in temperature and degrades. A skin composition is associated with the... Agent:

20120130324 - Method and apparatus for transforming a delivery container into a waste disposal system: This application teaches practical and cost effective methods and apparatus to enhance supply chain efficiency by transforming fluid enclosing supply delivery containers in to collection and disposal containers, and in particular, providing inter alia, a canister system having a lid which would couple to either a thread able supply container... Agent: Medindica-pak, Inc.

20120130325 - Apparatus for aspirating, irrigating and cleansing wounds: An apparatus for cleansing wounds in which irrigant fluid from a reservoir connected to a conformable wound dressing and wound exudate from the dressing are recirculated by a device for moving fluid through a flow path which passes through the dressing and a means for fluid cleansing and back to... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20120130328 - Method add apparatus for transforming a delivery container into a waste disposal system: This application teaches practical and cost effective methods and apparatus to enhance supply chain efficiency by transforming fluid enclosing supply delivery containers in to collection and disposal containers, and in particular, providing inter alia, a canister system having a lid which would couple to either a thread able supply container... Agent:

20120130327 - Perfecting of the improved vacuum dressing and the use thereof in vacuum-assisted therapy: The perfecting of the improved vacuum dressing and the use thereof in vacuum-assisted therapy may be a tool that may include the possibility of incorporating a drainage device with modified Redon drains and may increase or reduce the variable permeability of said dressing in a manufactured manner, depending on the... Agent:

20120130326 - Reduced pressure, compression systems and apparatuses for use on joints: A system for providing reduced-pressure treatment to a moveable tissue site, such as a joint, includes a flexible dressing bolster. The flexible dressing bolster has a first side and a second, inward-facing side, and a plurality of flexion joints formed on the flexible dressing bolster. The system further includes a... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20120130329 - Valve for ostomy pouch: A valve that is sealable to an associated container having an interior fluid storage region is adapted to permit and stop flow of fluid from the fluid storage region. The valve includes a body sealable to the container and a stem mounted to the body having a portion in flow... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20120130330 - Stacked moisture sensing device: A stacked moisture sensing device and urinary continence monitoring system are disclosed. The stacked moisture sensing device has at least a first media-sensor arrangement adjacent to a second media-sensor arrangement. In one embodiment, each of the media-sensor arrangements has a media layer with a first face, a second face and... Agent:

20120130331 - Biodegradable and flushable multi-layered film: A film that is both biodegradable and flushable, and yet can still act as a barrier to water or other fluids during use, is provided. More particularly, the film contains a water-dispersible core layer that helps the film to lose its integrity after being flushed, as well as a water-barrier... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20120130332 - Wound dressing: A wound dressing comprising an absorbent layer, the absorbent layer being gathered in a longitudinal direction by one or more resilient yarns.... Agent: Convate Technologies Inc.

20120130333 - Method of manufacturing absorbent article and absorbent article: In a method of manufacturing an absorbent article, an absorbent article 1 is manufactured in which backsheets are in continuation, in a state in which the longitudinal direction of the absorbent article 1 corresponds to the conveyance direction MD of a continuous body 120. The method the absorbent article includes:... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120130334 - Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof: Absorbent articles such as disposable diapers, incontinent briefs, diaper holders, training pants and the like, having elastomeric flaps and a fastening system that provides the user with options as to how the absorbent article may be fitted to and removed from the wearer. The absorbent articles can be pulled on... Agent:

20120130335 - Hygienic tampon, optionally a digital or applicator tampon, as well as apparatus and method for manufacturing thereof: Hygienic tampon (1) consisting of absorbent fibrous material on the basis of natural and/or artificial fibers of each desired structure, which is formed into at least approximately cylindrical blank (10), which is symmetric with regard to a longitudinal axis (100) defining a direction of inserting the tampon (1) into each... Agent: Tosama Tovarna Sanitetnega Materiala D.d.

20120130336 - Adhesive sheet: The present invention provides an adhesive sheet for attaching to a plasticized vinyl chloride resin article such as a blood bag made of a plasticized vinyl chloride resin, and having a center-line surface roughness Ra of 1.0 μm or higher, which includes a film substrate and a heat-sensitive adhesive layer... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20120130337 - Device for mixing medical fluids and related assembling method: A medical device, particularly for mixing medical fluids, includes two tubular bodies made of materials of different elasticity having respective open ends to be joined together. The end of the second body is inserted axially by friction within the end of the first body and is then blocked via radial... Agent: Industrie Borla S.p.a.

20120130338 - Diaphragm pressure pod for medical fluids: A tubular medical fluid flow set comprises a pressure sensing chamber connected in flow-through relation to fluid flow tubing of the set. The pressure sensing chamber defines a movable, flexible, impermeable diaphragm dividing the chamber into two separate compartments. The fluid flow tubing communicates with one of the compartments and... Agent: Nxstage Medical, Inc.

20120130339 - Multi-dose drug delivery device and method: Drug delivery devices and methods are provided. The device included two or more housing units connected together end-to-end in a fixed, linear orientation, the exterior surfaces of the connected housing units defining a sidewall of the device; discrete drug dose units disposed within the housing units; degradable timing members connected... Agent: Microchips, Inc.

20120130342 - Autoinjector having an outer packaging and a needle sheath removing means: An autoinjector device for delivering a dose of medicament including a syringe including a needle wherein, prior to use of the device, the needle is substantially covered by a needle sheath (107). The autoinjector further includes a housing (112) in which said syringe is located, an outer packaging in which... Agent: The Medical House Limited

20120130341 - Combined iv bag and pump system and method: An intravenous fluid container is disclosed, wherein the fluid container comprises a bag, a fluid reservoir formed within the bag, an outlet, and a pumping element formed within the bag and fluidically coupled between the fluid reservoir and the outlet.... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120130346 - Medicated module for a drug delivery device: A medicated module (4) for an injection system to co-deliver at least two medicaments (1, 2) is disclosed where a primary delivery device (7) containing a primary medicament (1) accepts a medicated module (4) containing a single dose of a secondary medicament (2) and where both medicaments (1, 2) are... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Detuschland Gmbh

20120130345 - Renal nerve stimulation method for treatment of patients: A method and apparatus for treatment of heart failure, hypertension and renal failure by stimulating the renal nerve. The goal of therapy is to reduce sympathetic activity of the renal nerve. Therapy is accomplished by at least partially blocking the nerve with drug infusion or electrostimulation. Apparatus can be permanently... Agent: Ardian, Inc.

20120130344 - Skin gripping means, injector including the skin gripping means and method of performing a subcutaneous injection: A skin gripping means for use with an injector (200) is disclosed. In one embodiment the skin gripping means is a needle guard (100). An exterior surface (7) of the skin gripping means (100) is provided with a plurality of fingers (6) adapted to engage a subject's skin (9) when... Agent: Simcro Limited

20120130340 - Tissue desensitization instrument & method: An automatic fluid injector (10, 66, or 76) having a coolant-absorbent pad (24) for pressing onto a tissue site for desensitization. When the injector (10, 66, 76) is pressed further toward the tissue site, the contained fluid is pressurized, and an enclosed needle (16) moves distally to penetrate a distal... Agent:

20120130343 - Tissue penetration device: An agent injection device is provided that is capable of injecting an agent to a known predetermined tissue depth. An injection member has an elongate injection shaft with an outlet port configured to dispense an agent at a controllable time. A controllable driver is coupled to the elongate injection shaft... Agent:

20120130348 - Delivery systems and method thereof: An oral disposable apparatus to deliver a fluid, e.g., pharmacological agent to a patient in a one handed easy to use and sanitary manner. The apparatus includes a container capable of holding the fluid. The container is hermetically sealed with a specified quantity of fluid. A nozzle is coupled to... Agent:

20120130347 - Pump with integrated control unit: A pump for use in anal irrigation includes a control unit integrated in the pump. The control unit includes a cylindrical housing element and a valve element fitted in the housing. The valve element and the housing element are adapted for rotating with respect to each other between a position... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120130349 - Reconstitution means for safety device: The present disclosure describes a needle guard device or system that can be used with drugs requiring reconstitution. The needle guard is preferably a passive needle guard that can be used during reconstitution without activating the safety mechanism. Following administration of the medication, the needle guard shields a user from... Agent: Safety Syringes, Inc.

20120130350 - Detection and treatment of autoimmune disorders: Disclosed herein are methods of treatment of autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) as well as clinical assays for detection of autoimmune disease activity in patients utilizing a PD1 ligand.... Agent: Children's Hospital And Regional Medical Center

20120130351 - Connection assembly for a drug delivery device, and method for making this assembly: s

20120130352 - Closed male luer connector: A fluid flow connector including a housing assembly, having a first end and a second end arranged along a common longitudinal axis, and a resilient fluid flow conduit member having a forward end, disposed alongside the first end of the housing assembly, formed with a selectably closable slit and with... Agent: Elcam Medical Agricultural Cooperative Association, Ltd.

20120130353 - Medication infusion device using negatively biased ambient pressure medication chamber: A method and apparatus for infusing medication into a patient's body using a medication chamber referenced to ambient pressure. The apparatus includes a medication chamber enclosed by a peripheral wall which includes a movable portion configured to transfer exterior ambient pressure into the chamber. Means are provided for exerting a... Agent:

05/17/2012 > 81 patent applications in 56 patent subcategories.

20120123314 - Citrate anticoagulation system for extracorporeal blood treatments: A hemofiltration system and method for pumping blood from a patient's blood stream into an access line, introducing an anticoagulant solution into the pumped blood, filtering the pumped blood and delivering it to a return line, introducing a substitution fluid into the pumped blood, introducing a calcium and magnesium solution... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120123315 - Intraocular shunts: The present invention generally relates to different types of intraocular shunts.... Agent: Aquesys, Inc.

20120123316 - Intraocular shunts for placement in the intra-tenon's space: The present invention generally relates to intraocular shunts, and in particular, to intraocular shunts configured to form a drainage pathway between the anterior chamber and the intra-Tenon's space.... Agent: Aquesys, Inc.

20120123317 - Methods for implanation of glaucoma shunts: The present invention generally relates to the reduction of intraocular pressure, and in particular, to improved methods for implanting an intraocular shunt in the eye to treat glaucoma. The methods provide for implantation of an intraocular shunt while minimizing the risk of severe eye trauma due to the interaction between... Agent: Aquesys, Inc.

20120123319 - sonotrode: Disclosed are a sonotrode and its use for transdermal delivery of therapeutic or cosmetic compounds. The sonotrode 10 comprises a tubular neck 14 attached at a proximal end to a solid head 12 and ending at a distal end in a flared foot 16. When coupled to an ultrasonic transducer... Agent:

20120123318 - Microelectrode and multiple microelectrodes: A medical microelectrode includes an elongate electrode body including a tip section, a main body section and, optionally, a coupling section. The tip section, the main body section and, optionally, the coupling section are embedded in a first electrode matrix element, which is substantially rigid, biocompatible and soluble or biodegradable... Agent:

20120123320 - Apparatus and method for treating body tissues with electricity or medicaments: A therapeutic device and therapeutic method for delivering electrical energy or medicament to a body tissue or organ utilizing ultrasonic vibration to cause a device implanted in the body tissue or organ to be treated to discharge and electrical current or medicament to the target area.... Agent: Zuli Holdings Ltd.

20120123321 - Ultrasonic dispersion of compositions in tissue: Therapeutic agents, diagnostic agents and other compositions can be effectively delivered to target tissues using ultrasonic dispersion. For example, a therapeutic agent in solution may be injected subcutaneously in the vicinity of a target tissue in a patient. External ultrasound is used to disperse the therapeutic agent in the target... Agent:

20120123322 - Medical treatment system and methods using a plurality of fluid lines: A medical treatment system, such as peritoneal dialysis system, may include control and other features to enhance patient comfort and ease of use. For example, a peritoneal dialysis system may include patient line state detector for detecting whether a patient line is primed before it is to be connected to... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20120123323 - Systems and methods for subcutaneous administration of reduced pressure employing reconfigurable lumens: Systems, method, and devices are disclosed that involve reconfiguring lumens or unblocking lumens relative to a blockage to maintain flow of reduced pressure to a subcutaneous tissue site. In one instance, a multi-lumen applicator includes an applicator body having a distal end and a proximal end and formed with a... Agent:

20120123324 - Device for injecting a solid: A syringe for injecting a solid medicament comprises a syringe body mounted movably in a housing and connected to a needle. A spring force acts on the syringe body in a proximal direction, wherein movement of the syringe body in the proximal direction can be freed by a first locking... Agent: Forteq Nidau Ag

20120123325 - Solution sending system: A solution sending system includes a flow path; a pump including a space that also serves as part of the flow path; and a flow path resistance changing unit that changes a flow path resistance in the flow path. At least while a solution is filling the space, the flow... Agent:

20120123326 - Catheter systems with distal end function, such as distal deflection, using remote actuation or low input force: Systems capable of providing force and displacement outputs sufficient to actuate remote mechanisms to enhance catheter capabilities include both low-force and remote actuation arrangements. The remote actuation and low-force actuation systems may be used for catheter distal end deflection, sensor deployment, feedback controlled movement, fluid delivery rate and directional control... Agent:

20120123327 - Steerable endoluminal devices and methods: A steerable endoluminal device adapted for delivery into a patient's vasculature. The device includes a tubular member having a distal deflection portion that extends to the distal end and a main body portion that extends from the deflectable portion to the proximal end, the tubular member further including a stiff... Agent: Biocardia, Inc.

20120123328 - Guide catheter composed of shape memory polymer: A guide catheter includes a tubular section formed of a shape memory polymer that can transform dynamically between first and second states or conditions, or among three states or conditions, to provide a wide range of properties of the guide catheter as desired during delivery of the guide catheter through... Agent: Micrus Endovascular LLC

20120123329 - medical guide wire, an assembly of microcatheter and guiding catheter combined with the medical guide wire, and an assembly of ballooncatheter and guiding catheter combined with the medical guide wire: In a medical guide wire 1, a helical spring body 3 is made of austenitic stainless steel wire treated with a solid-solution procedure, and tightly drawn with a whole cross sectional reduction ratio as 90%-99.5%. A metallic wire element of the helical spring body 3 is heat treated at low... Agent:

20120123330 - Devices and methods for removing obstructions from a cerebral vessel: The present invention is directed to methods and devices for removing an obstruction. The system includes a support catheter which can be advanced into small and tortuous vessels. By advancing the support catheter nearer to the obstruction then can be achieved with conventional guide catheters, the support catheter reduces the... Agent:

20120123331 - Balloon catheter system: A balloon catheter system enables only a target site to be efficiently ablated, ensuring a balloon to be able to be brought into close contact with the target site in conformity to a shape of the target site. The balloon includes a contact portion that contacts the target site and... Agent: Japan Electel Inc.

20120123333 - Medical non reusable syringes: The invention is a single use syringe having an integrated mechanism to prevent its reuse, by manual intentional destruction after use, by an easy move. This prevents the reuse of syringes which may result in disease transmission if it is contaminated. It prevents auto destruction at an unwanted period so... Agent: Baby Manoj Pournami Peethambarn

20120123332 - Needle-based medical device and related method: A needle-based medical device and a method for constructing it are disclosed. The medical device includes a needle blocking object movable from a non-blocking position offset from the longitudinal axis of the needle to a blocking position; a needle shield housing, the needle shield housing including: a lumen for accommodating... Agent: Erskine Medical LLC

20120123334 - Pen needle with quick release and/or removal system: An injection device tip includes a body configured to be removably connected to an injection device. A needle has a first portion projecting out from the body and a second portion projecting into a space within the body. The body includes at least one of; at least one slot separating... Agent: Stat Medical Devices, Inc.

20120123335 - Transdermal patch with on-board energy storage device:

20120123338 - Damping systems for stabilizing medications in drug delivery devices: The invention relates to systems and methods for stabilizing therapeutic formulations used in medical devices. In particular, the invention relates to systems designed to inhibit the aggregation of therapeutic molecules such as polypeptides stored within a medication delivery device, for example polypeptide aggregation that can result from jostling the medication... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120123337 - Implantable lubrication device and method of treating a human or mammal patient by means of the device: A lubrication device for lubricating a joint of a human or mammal patient, which is entirely implantable in a patient's body, comprises a reservoir for storing a lubricating fluid and a fluid connection for introducing the lubricating fluid into the joint when the device is implanted in the patient's body.... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20120123336 - Pump module and infusion pump system: A pump module includes a case; and a pump located in the case for sending a solution according to changes in a volume of a space included in the pump where the solution flows in and out. The space includes first and second openings through which the solution flows in... Agent:

20120123339 - Internal needle: An indwelling needle is provided which has a simple structure and is capable of securely mounting a needle tip protective tool on the tip portion of an internal needle. The indwelling needle A includes an external needle including a cannula and a housing, an internal needle including a metal needle... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120123340 - Flush entrance hemostasis valve with unobstructed passageway: A method of placing a catheter into a patient while preventing disadvantageous escape of fluid from the patient comprises providing a catheter secured to a valve hosing. The catheter has a proximal end, a distal end and an interior lumen. The valve housing has a first port, a second port,... Agent:

20120123341 - Monitoring system for microneedle drug delivery: The invention relates to a microneedle drug monitoring system, and also a microneedle device when provided with the drug monitoring system, comprising the selective and sequential coating of microneedles with layers of indicator material and therapeutic agent.... Agent:

20120123342 - Implantable injection port with tissue in-growth promoter: A surgically implantable injection port has one or more tissue in-growth promoting surfaces. The injection port includes a housing, a fluid reservoir defined in part by the housing, a needle penetrable septum, and a tissue in-growth promoting surface integrally provided on an exterior surface of the port. The tissue in-growth... Agent:

20120123344 - Port needle having needle-prick protection device: The present invention relates to a port needle comprising a bearing for resting and fixing the port needle on the patient, a feed, and a needle. This problem is solved according to the invention by a port needle comprising a bearing (1) for resting the port needle on the patient,... Agent: V. Kr&#xdc Tten Medizinische Einmalger&#xc4 Te Gmbh

20120123343 - Stabilization device with integrated dressing: A stabilization device for securing a medical article near an insertion site includes an anchor pad having an integral dressing portion, such as a transparent dressing portion, to allow for covering and protection of the insertion site.... Agent: C.r. Bard, Inc.

20120123345 - Cyclic olefin polymer vessels and vessel coating methods: A package including a vessel made of cyclic olefin polymer (COP) resin, a CVD coating on a vessel, and a medicament comprising at least one protein, peptide, and/or DNA sequence is disclosed. Methods for processing a vessel, for example to provide lubricity or hydrophobicity, are also disclosed. The interior surface... Agent:

20120123346 - Medicated module with needle guard: A medicated module comprising a connecting body configured for attachment to a drug delivery device. A first needle is fixed within the connecting body and an outer body operatively coupled to the connecting body. A needle guard operatively coupled to the outer body and a biasing member positioned between the... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120123347 - Medication delivery device: A medication delivery device comprises a housing (1), a cap (2) configured to be attached to the housing (1) and a locking means (16, 17) configured to lock the cap (2). In a first state the cap (2) is detachable and in a second state the locking means (16, 17)... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120123348 - Supporting sleeve for a container with a flange: The invention relates to a sleeve for an injection device comprising a container having an outer flange, said sleeve being provided with one inner radial projection intended to prevent the proximal movement of said outer flange with respect to said sleeve once said container is received within said sleeve, said... Agent: Becton Dickinson France

20120123350 - Injection device: The present invention relates to an injection device comprises a generally elongated tubular housing having opposite proximal and distal ends; a needle shield sleeve slidably and coaxially arranged inside the housing and protruding a distance outside the proximal end of the housing; a syringe carrier mechanism comprising a syringe carrier... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20120123349 - Syringe sharp tip guard: A guard for the sharp tip of a needle of an injection syringe. The guard may comprise two components which are separate from and readily attachable to the syringe. One component is stationary and the other movable relative to the syringe. The movable member moves by expanding longitudinally to cover... Agent:

20120123351 - Needle assembly: A needle assembly (2) for a drug delivery device (1) comprises a needle seal (3), a needle retainer (4) and a needle (5). The needle retainer (4) secures the needle (5) against displacement with respect to said needle retainer (4) when a dose of drug is being delivered. The needle... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120123352 - Flexible debulking catheters with imaging and methods of use and manufacture: Catheters and methods for removing material from (or “debulking”) a body lumen while imaging the region comprised of the material are provided. The catheters can be used in body lumens, including but not limited to intravascular lumens such as coronary or peripheral arteries. The catheters include housings or other structures... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120123353 - An ophthalmic device and an intravitreal method: The invention relates to an ophthalmic device for intravitreal administration of a substance into a human or animal eye by means of a needle. The device comprises a support structure having a lower surface for contacting the conjunctiva of the sclera, the lower surface being provided with an aperture for... Agent: D.o.r.c. Dutch Ophthalmic Research Center (international) B.v.

20120123354 - Catheter device with needle guard: The present disclosure relates to a catheter device comprising a catheter hub in which a valve member is disposed, a needle fixed in a needle hub, the needle extending through the valve member in the catheter hub in a ready position, and a tubular receptacle in which the needle hub... Agent:

20120123355 - Erodible embolization material: An embolization agent for use with a therapeutic drug solution for treating diffuse diseases in a targeted tissue vessel of a patient and a process thereof is presented. This embolization agent comprises an inner core of a fast dispersing material having a diameter less than a predetermined size for the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologied

20120123356 - Foam material for medical use and method for producing same: An in situ forming foam for medical applications and a method for making same is described, the method comprising the steps of: preparing a first component, Composition A, comprising an acidic solution of a polycationic polymer selected from the group comprising polymeric amines and polysaccharides; preparing a second component, Composition... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20120123357 - Eye dropper with mirror: A container containing a fluid for depositing the fluid drop-by-drop into a user's eye, includes a mirror element for reflecting the eye to assist in accurately dispensing the eye drops into the eye. The minor element may be hingedly attached and rotatable from a closed position to a predetermined open... Agent:

20120123358 - Systems and methods for managing reduced pressure at a plurality of wound sites: Systems and methods are presented for providing reduced pressure to and monitoring pressure at a plurality of tissue sites using a plurality of pressure management devices. The pressure management devices are associated with a plurality of sensing conduits that fluidly couple the pressure management devices and the plurality of tissue... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20120123360 - Reduced-pressure systems and methods employing an ultraviolet light source for reducing bioburden: Systems and methods are provided for moving fluids from a patient to a canister and lowering or eliminating the bio-burden of the canister. In one instance, a method for removing fluids from a patient includes using reduced pressure to remove fluids from a patient, delivering the fluids into a reduced-pressure... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20120123359 - Wound leakage vacuum collection device: A wound leakage collection device is described wherein a chamber provides a volume wherein wound leakage material can be removed from vacuum tubing and said device can be easily removed from a wound and a negative pressure source.... Agent:

20120123361 - Percutaneous implant and ostomy method: A percutaneous ostomy implant for implantation into the abdominal wall of a patient. The implant has a cylindrical part for mounting an external detachable device thereto, an ingrowth mesh and a circular flange for anchoring the implant. The cylindrical part and circular flange are attached to opposite ends of the... Agent:

20120123362 - Urostomy bag cover systems: Urostomy bag cover system comprising: an ostomy bag cover; a wafer baseplate access hole; and an elastic retainer for retaining the ostomy bag cover about the ostomy bag. The wafer baseplate access hole provides access to a wafer baseplate located in the ostomy bag. The ostomy bag cover provides a... Agent:

20120123363 - Ostomy appliance coupling system and an ostomy appliance: According to an embodiment of the invention, an ostomy appliance coupling system is disclosed. The system comprises a wafer part having a rise extending away from a body surface to form a guide means and a shallow landing zone; a pouch part having a guide adapted to engage with the... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20120123364 - Comfort diaper assembly: A diaper assembly 2 includes a diaper garment 10 and a fluid absorbent pad 60. The diaper garment 10 has an outer shell 12 from which a sling 20 is suspended. The sling 20 is fluid resistant and has front and rear pockets 34, 36 into which opposite ends of... Agent: Tailored Technologies, Inc.

20120123365 - Absorbent article with philic anhydrous lotion: A lotion composition is provided. The lotion composition can comprise a) about 0.1% to about 90%, by weight, of a microcrystalline wax; b) about 0.1% to about 25%, by weight, of POE-4 monolaurate; c) about 0.1% to about 50%, by weight, of POE-8 monostearate; and d) a carrier.... Agent:

20120123367 - Elastomeric compositions that resist force loss and disintegration: Embodiments of the present disclosure may provide various properties of slow recovery polymers, films, and laminates that in combination with an hydrogenated block copolymer provide for (1) an order-disorder transition temperature of greater than about 135° C., (2) a hard phase glass transition temperature of greater than about 60° C.,... Agent:

20120123368 - Elastomeric compositions that resist force loss and disintegration: Embodiments of the present disclosure may provide various properties of slow recovery polymers, films, and laminates that in combination with an hydrogenated block copolymer provide for (1) an order-disorder transition temperature of greater than about 135° C., (2) a hard phase glass transition temperature of greater than about 60° C.,... Agent:

20120123369 - Elastomeric compositions that resist force loss and disintegration: Embodiments of the present disclosure may provide various properties of slow recovery polymers, films, and laminates that in combination with an hydrogenated block copolymer provide for (1) an order-disorder transition temperature of greater than about 135° C., (2) a hard phase glass transition temperature of greater than about 60° C.,... Agent:

20120123370 - Elastomeric compositions that resist force loss and disintegration: Embodiments of the present disclosure may provide various properties of slow recovery polymers, films, and laminates that in combination with an hydrogenated block copolymer provide for (1) an order-disorder transition temperature of greater than about 135° C., (2) a hard phase glass transition temperature of greater than about 60° C.,... Agent:

20120123371 - Elastomeric compositions that resist force loss and disintegration: Embodiments of the present disclosure may provide various properties of slow recovery polymers, films, and laminates that in combination with an hydrogenated block copolymer provide for (1) an order-disorder transition temperature of greater than about 135° C., (2) a hard phase glass transition temperature of greater than about 60° C.,... Agent:

20120123372 - Elastomeric compositions that resist force loss and disintegration: Embodiments of the present disclosure may provide various properties of slow recovery polymers, films, and laminates that in combination with an hydrogenated block copolymer provide for (1) an order-disorder transition temperature of greater than about 135° C., (2) a hard phase glass transition temperature of greater than about 60° C.,... Agent:

20120123373 - Elastomeric compositions that resist force loss and disintegration: Embodiments of the present disclosure may provide various properties of slow recovery polymers, films, and laminates that in combination with an hydrogenated block copolymer provide for (1) an order-disorder transition temperature of greater than about 135° C., (2) a hard phase glass transition temperature of greater than about 60° C.,... Agent:

20120123366 - Replaceable absorbent insert for use in two-piece diapering system with re-usable diaper shell: A two-piece disposable diapering system is disclosed which has a re-usable, washable diaper shell and a replaceable absorbent insert having an absorbent pad narrower than the space between the opposed leg cuffs of the shell whereby when fitted to the wearer the central channel region of the diaper is significantly... Agent:

20120123374 - Meltblown nonwoven compositions and methods for making them: Meltblown nonwoven compositions and processes for forming them are described herein. In one or more embodiments, the invention is directed to meltblown nonwoven fabrics having at least one elastic layer, wherein the elastic layer comprises a propylene-based polymer having an MFR greater than about 25 g/10 min. Additionally, the propylene-based... Agent:

20120123375 - Corbin diapers: The invention provides a line of disposable diapers, comprising diapers coated in a layer of soothing baby ointment, thus providing the accessories necessary for a quick diaper change when on the go or at home. Configured expressly for wear by infants who suffer diaper rash, the Corbin Diapers are designed... Agent:

20120123376 - Freedom-disposable underwear systems for women and incontinent individuals: A women's disposable underwear system to provide discreet absorption for a sustained duration of menstruation and/or incontinence is disclosed. The disposable underwear employs fabric panels with three edges: a waist edge, a first leg edge, and a second leg edge. Disposed opposed to each other, these panels form the disposable... Agent:

20120123377 - Boxer shorts formed by a method which does not require removal of material from the manufacturing web: A pant-type article having a boxer-short configuration. The article includes first and second panels which are joined via a crotch region joining. Folding and inverting the panels, and sealing along side-seams and inner legs seams provides a boxer-short. Methods for manufacturing the pant-type article are also provided. The pant-type article... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20120123378 - Wrapped absorbent article: While a protection sheet 60 is disposed on a non-skin-surface 20a of an absorbent article 1, part of the protection sheet 60 is folded back in such a manner as to reach a position where the part overlaps other part, which comes in contact with the non-skin surface 20a of... Agent:

20120123379 - Absorbing sealing device for an intestinal stoma: The invention discloses an ostomy accessory (20) for an intestinal stoma of a mammal ostomy patient, adapted to be used together with an implanted constriction device with an artificial closing sphincter function for closing the intestinal passageway. The ostomy accessory is adapted to absorb secret from the mucosa wall of... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20120123380 - Absorbent garment: A washable, reusable garment for retention of body fluids when worn on a person's lower body part. The garment has a crotch portion and a body portion. The crotch portion has an absorbent composite, and a pocket adapted for receiving a removable absorbent pad. The body portion has a waist... Agent:

20120123381 - Safety drug handling device: A drug mixing system including at least one receptacle port adaptor adapted to be inserted into a port of a fluid receptacle, at least one syringe adaptor adapted to be attached to a syringe and to the at least one receptacle port adaptor and at least one vial adaptor adapted... Agent: Teva Medical Ltd.

20120123382 - Connection device: The present invention is a device capable of preventing an operation of establishing communication between a syringe and a vial from being forgotten by error. Holding means constituting a connection device includes: a syringe holding member to be attached to a syringe; a cannula holding member which includes a double-head... Agent:

20120123384 - Dispensing fluid from an infusion pump system: Some embodiments of a medical infusion pump system include a pump device having a flexible pushrod that can adjust from a curved configuration to a generally straight configuration. The flexible pushrod is part of a drive system of the pump device so that the flexible pushrod can be controllably and... Agent:

20120123383 - Vestibular stimulator: A method for providing relief from Meniere's disease, includes reversibly disabling vestibular function following detection of an attack of Meniere's disease following detection of an attack of Meniere's disease.... Agent: Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary

20120123385 - Devices, systems, and methods for medicament delivery: An apparatus includes a housing, a medicament container, an actuator, and a biasing member. The actuator is configured to move the medicament container within the housing when the actuator is moved from a first configuration to a second configuration. The actuator includes a gas container and a puncturer. When the... Agent: Intelliject, Inc.

20120123387 - Hollow microneedle arrays: The present disclosure relates to apparatus, assemblies, combinations, and methods for infusing fluids by hollow microneedles.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120123386 - Intradermal injection adapter: An intradermal injection assembly for injecting a medicament into skin could form an intradermal needle with an adapter, an intradermal syringe with an adapter or an adapter for a merger with a syringe with a cannula. The intradermal adapter in these devices has a body having a longitudinal axis, a... Agent: Sid Technologies, LLC

20120123388 - Method and apparatus for transport of substances into body tissue: Methods and apparatus for delivering a substance to a target tissue are provided which may include any number of features. One feature is storing a substance or drug in a reservoir or reservoirs over an expandable member. The expandable member can be a balloon catheter, for example. The reservoir(s) can... Agent:

20120123389 - Adjustable length access sheath: An adjustable length sheath and a method for adjusting the length of a sheath is disclosed. The adjustable length sheath is primarily designed for uretral access, and for the insertion of a dilator or other medical equipment. The adjustable length sheath has a proximal end with circumferential grooves cut lateral... Agent:

20120123391 - Neurological apparatus: A guide element for insertion into the brain to guide implantable instruments, wherein the guide element comprises an elongate part, the elongate part having a composition of at least 80% tungsten carbide. The guide element may have a coating, such as a biocompatible plastics material which is more resilient than... Agent: Renishaw (ireland) Limited

20120123390 - Variable stiffness guidewire systems: A variable-stiffness guidewire system which comprises an elongated flexible guidewire. The guidewire has a body and a guidewire head coupled to the body. The guidewire head is slidably moveable with respect to a guidewire collar of the body to adjust a stiffness of the guidewire. A tool is utilized with... Agent: Wright-ahn Technologies, LLC, A California Limited Liability Company

20120123392 - Luer connector: A luer connector is provided having a first member that includes an end face with a reflective material that does not cover the entire end face wherein the first member is selectively rotatable to align the reflective portion with sensors of the medical instrument. The first member is adapted to... Agent: Westmed, Inc.

20120123393 - Medical apparatus with hypopharyngeal suctioning capability: A medical apparatus having a nasogastric tube with hypopharyngeal suctioning capability. In one embodiment, the medical apparatus has a flexible nasogastric tube for insertion through a patient's nose. The nasogastric tube has a first end defining a first opening, a distal, second end that defines a second opening, and a... Agent:

20120123394 - Sustained release capsules: The invention relates to an intraruminal sustained release capsule which is capable of delivering a sustained release dose of a first medicament to an animal, as well as either or both of a dump dose of a second medicament or mineral, and an exit dose of a third medicament or... Agent:

05/10/2012 > 78 patent applications in 58 patent subcategories.

20120116283 - Device and system for filtering blood: Device (5) for filtering blood including a filter unit (7) having a blood filter, an inlet (8) for blood to be filtered and being connectable to an artery of a patient and a blood outlet (9) for filtered blood and being connectable to a vein of the patient, and having... Agent:

20120116285 - Devices for treating obesity and methods of using those devices: Described here are devices for treating obesity. The devices are situated in the stomach and duodenum and maintain separation of the chyme stream leaving the stomach from the stream containing bile and pancreatic fluids exiting the Ampulla of Vater until well down into the small intestine. The devices, however, permit... Agent:

20120116286 - Intestinal sleeves and associated deployment systems and methods: An intestinal implant includes a proximal anchor self-expandable from a radially compressed position to a radially expandable position for engagement with a wall of the intestinal lumen and a flexible sleeve coupled to the anchor. The sleeve is implanted with the anchor downstream from the pylorus and the sleeve extending... Agent: Barosense, Inc.

20120116284 - Treatment of the chronic renal disease by two-stage transplantations of a patient's kidney:

20120116288 - Electroporation device which reduces muscle contraction and pain sensation: An electroporation device comprising pulses generating circuit (3) connectable (5) to electrodes (7,8) fit table to a substrate (25) of a live being comprising cells; the electrodes (7,8) producing, in the substrate (25), an electric field which induces permeabilization of the membranes of the cells to facilitate introduction of substances... Agent: Igea S. R. L.

20120116287 - Photolabile compounds: The present invention describes Photolabile Compounds methods for use of the compounds. The Photolabile Compounds have a photoreleasable ligand, which can be biologically active, and which is photoreleased from the compound upon exposure to light. In one embodiment, the light is visible light, which is not detrimental to the viability... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20120116290 - Gilled phacoemulsification irrigation sleeve: A phacoemulsification irrigation sleeve includes an elongated, resilient, tubular body section configured to surround a portion of a shaft of a phacoemulsification needle, the tubular body section having a distal end and a proximal end, and an inner surface and an outer surface. An enlarged section formed on the proximal... Agent:

20120116289 - Shockwave valvuloplasty device with guidewire and debris basket: A valvuloplasty system comprises a balloon adapted to be placed adjacent leaflets of a valve. The balloon is inflatable with a liquid. The system further includes a shock wave generator within the balloon that produces shock waves. The shock waves propagate through the liquid and impinge upon the valve to... Agent:

20120116291 - Device for percutaneous absorption of carbon dioxide gas, method for percutaneous absorption of carbon dioxide gas, and envelope body: By providing an envelope body (101) enveloping at least a part of body surface, a supply unit (61) supplying carbon dioxide gas into the envelope body (101), and a pressurizing unit (102) pressurizing the carbon dioxide gas supplied into the envelope body (101) to make the gas to be absorbed... Agent:

20120116292 - Devices and methods for engaging indexed valve and pressurized canister assembly with collar and for linear actuation by plunger assembly into fluid communication with device for regulating drug delivery: An indexed drug delivery device (70) comprising a valve assembly (13) comprising a housing (26) and a valve, the valve disposed within the housing, one or more keys (34,38) integral to the housing, the keys complementary to corresponding openings on a collar (12), a pressurized canister (28) in fluid communication... Agent: Ino Therapeutics, LLC

20120116293 - Devices and methods for engaging indexed valve and pressurized canister assembly with collar and for linear actuation by plunger assembly into fluid communication with device for regulating drug delivery: A valve assembly comprising a housing and a valve, the valve being disposed within the housing, a first indexed member integral to the housing, the first indexed member adapted to be complementary to a second indexed member, and a radio frequency identification device adapted to communicate with a radio frequency... Agent: Ino Therapeutics, LLC

20120116294 - Systems and methods for increasing sterilization during peritoneal dialysis: A device for use in dialysis includes an elongated tubular body having a first end, a second end, and a lumen extending between the first end and the second end, and a first UV source coupled to the elongated tubular body at the second end, wherein the first UV source... Agent:

20120116295 - Topical growth factor application utilising a microneedle array: The present invention relates to improved topical administration of one or more growth factors for non-surgical, cosmetic use. In particular, a combination of one or more growth factors with a microneedle roller. Specifically, the invention resides in a kit for cosmetic use comprising: one or more growth factors, growth factor... Agent: Pangaea Laboratories Ltd

20120116296 - Systems and methods for delivering therapeutic agents: The present embodiments provide systems and methods suitable for delivering a therapeutic agent to a target site. The systems generally comprise a container for holding a therapeutic agent, and a pressure source configured to be placed in selective fluid communication with at least a portion of a reservoir of the... Agent:

20120116297 - Medication application device for use in body cavities: A pill delivery device is provided for inserting pills into enclosed regions within human body cavities, comprising an arcuate, rigid applicator tube, a plunger and a flexible pill-retaining sleeve. The pill-retaining sleeve is secured to a lower end of the applicator tube and has an aperture disposed at a lower... Agent:

20120116299 - Flexible drive for breast pump: A drive mechanism for generating a negative pressure in a vacuum chamber (32/132) of a breast pump (10/110), the drive mechanism comprising a housing (12/112), a motor (14/114) coupled to a rotatable drive element within the housing, a resilient membrane (28/128) coupled to the housing and, a flexible strap (50/150)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120116298 - Sense a physiological response: An apparatus comprising a sensing unit configured to detect a physiological response from a user of a breast pump and to trigger a change in an operation of the breast pump in dependence of the detected physiological response, the sensing unit being located separately from a funnel of the breast... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120116300 - Activation and delivery devices for therapeutic compositions: Devices and methods for activating a therapeutic composition, delivering a therapeutic composition to a specific region or tissue in a body, and containing a therapeutic composition within a body cavity are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a therapeutic capsule is shown having an outer element defining an interior chamber and... Agent:

20120116301 - Supply unit for a mixer of two-phase compounds: Dispensing unit for mixers of biphasic compounds, for dispensing a quantity of mixed biphasic compound through a channel of at least a mixing unit by means of at least a piston sliding inside at least a mixing chamber, wherein it includes at least a drive element for said piston which... Agent: Tecres S.p.a.

20120116302 - Reservoir filling systems and methods: A reservoir may be filled with fluidic media in a first type of environment, a plunger head may be placed within the reservoir in the first type of environment, and a casing that may be configured to envelop at least a portion of a plunger arm operatively connected to the... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120116303 - Kit for providing an artificial stomach entrance: Kit for providing an artificial stomach entrance, comprising a trocar with a trocar sleeve for penetrating the abdominal wall into the stomach and a PEG tube with a distal extension insertable into the stomach in the form of a balloon made of a flexible material if need be with slight... Agent:

20120116304 - Drug delivery medical devices: Medical devices for delivering a bioactive agent and methods of use thereof are provided. The device includes a balloon having micro-needles for delivery of the bioactive agent.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120116305 - Drug delivery medical devices: Medical devices for delivering a bioactive agent and methods of use thereof are provided. The medical devices include micro-needles integrated within a balloon of a catheter. The balloon can include dimples, cavities or a variable thickness membrane in which the micro-needles are integrated.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120116306 - Needle unit: A needle unit for a drug delivery device, wherein the needle unit comprises a needle which is retractable into the drug delivery device from a starting position to an end position and a needle retainer having a stop member. The stop member is configured to prevent a re-exposure of the... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120116307 - Diffusion delivery systems and methods of fabrication: The invention generally relates to diffusion delivery systems and more particularly to high precision nanoengineered devices for therapeutic applications. The device contains diffusion areas that may be fabricated between bonded substrates, and the device can possess high mechanical strength. The invention further relates to capsules containing a diffusion delivery system.... Agent: The Ohio State University

20120116308 - Transdermal patch with plural on-board energy storage devices: e

20120116309 - Activity guard: A fluid infusion system including a pocketable pump housing with a reservoir cavity with helical coupling features. The system further has a reservoir with an open end that is removable from the reservoir cavity. A removable cap coupled to the housing is also included in the system. The cap has... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120116310 - Implantable medical device for lubricating an artificial contacting surface and method of implanting the device: An implantable medical device for implantation in a mammal joint having at least two contacting surfaces is provided. The medical device comprises; an artificial contacting surface adapted to replace at least the surface of at least one of the mammal's joint contacting surfaces, wherein the artificial contacting surface is adapted... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20120116311 - Medical injection device with electric motor drive control:

20120116312 - Surgical insertion apparatus: An apparatus for inserting and reinserting a medical device in a patient comprising a medical device such as an intrathecal catheter, electrical lead and lead wire, a sheath for being inserted into the patient using a hollow medical device so that once the sheath is inserted subcutaneously into the patient,... Agent:

20120116313 - Duckbill seal with fluid drainage feature: Seal assemblies, generally for use in trocar assemblies, are provided for selectively promoting movement of fluid away from a central portion of the seal assemblies. In one exemplary embodiment, an inner surface of a seal body of the seal assembly is configured to selectively promote such movement of fluid away... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120116314 - Transdermal patch with pull-tab actuated energy storage devices: a

20120116315 - Vascular access port and catheter: A vascular access port and catheter for use in association with same. The port has a length greater than its height and an access face that is angled with respect to the longitudinal axis of the port. The catheter has a first end for association with a port, and a... Agent:

20120116316 - Method for implanting an access port: A transcutaneous access port to a user has a coupling member destined to be anchored in a bone of the user. A first valve system is removably connectable to the coupling member and a second valve system is removably connected to the first valve system. An internal conduit is connected... Agent:

20120116317 - Engagement catheter systems and devices and methods of using the same: An engagement catheter for use with a vacuum source for engaging a tissue. An embodiment of the engagement catheter includes a first lumen extending between a proximal end and a distal end, a skirt operatively connected to the distal end, the skirt having a distal end with a circumference larger... Agent:

20120116318 - Devices, systems and methods for medicament delivery: An apparatus includes a housing and a medicament container disposed within the housing. The medicament container includes a first plunger and a second plunger, each disposed therein. The medicament container has a first configuration and a second configuration. In the first configuration, the first plunger is disposed in a first... Agent: Intelliject, Inc.

20120116319 - Automatic injection device:

20120116320 - Drug delivery device: Drug delivery device, comprising a body unit having a first opening and a second opening, a plunger arranged such that its distal end is positioned inside the body unit, wherein the plunger is moveable in the distal direction with respect to the body unit, a needle assembly, with a proximal... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120116321 - Needle set with separable line to reduce sharps waste: A sharp medical device is attached to a flexible element by a base of the sharp device. The base has a portion with a score line defining a position of predictable failure such that the base can be broken by applying a breaking moment at the score line to permit... Agent: Nxstage Medical, Inc.

20120116323 - Catheter assembly, catheter systems including same, and method of manufacture: A catheter assembly includes a catheter, a tubular structure affixed to an exterior surface of the catheter, and a stabilizing cuff affixed to, and at least partially embedded within, the tubular structure. The tubular structure may include a tapered surface extending from an end of the tubular structure to an... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120116322 - Method to fabricate a needle having a tapered portion between a distal tip and a longitudinal channel: A novel method to fabricate a needle includes stamping an elongated shape in a flat metal sheet. The elongated shape defines a longitudinal axis and two edges that are substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis. Each of the two edges includes an inward curve with relative alignment to create a... Agent: Intrimed Technologies, Inc.

20120116324 - Catheter: A catheter fabricated of unitary incineratable polymeric material, including a removable solid pusher rod closely mated to the interior of the cannula, engagable with the front tapered end thereof to strengthen and stiffen the cannula during insertion into the body.... Agent:

20120116325 - Medicinal delivery device: A medicinal delivery device is provided. The device includes a clip defining an ala inner surface-engaging portion about a first end thereof. The clip also defines an ala outer surface-engaging portion about a second end thereof. The ala outer surface-engaging portion is in spaced-apart and generally inward facing arrangement relative... Agent: The Hunt Project, LLC

20120116326 - Methods, apparatuses and systems for conditioning skin: Methods, apparatuses and systems are disclosed for conditioning a foot surface by contacting a foot surface with an article designed to contact foot surfaces for the purpose of abrading, moisturizing and otherwise conditioning a foot surface.... Agent:

20120116327 - Surgical cleansing solutions: A sterile pack (10) contains a sealed sterile container (2) container having a single-use seal (6) capable of being opened manually by a user. The container contains a cleansing solution (4) at a concentration suitable for immediate use in direct contact with the skin, periocular tissue or ocular surface of... Agent: Oculynx Limited

20120116328 - Valve for urine bag: A valve for a urine bag includes a guide member having a connection end at one end thereof and a plurality of holes are defined through a wall of the guide member. A sleeve is connected to the connection end and a movable member is movably located in the guide... Agent:

20120116334 - Apparatuses and methods for negative pressure wound therapy: Disclosed herein are several embodiments of a negative pressure appliance and methods of using the same in the treatment of wounds. Some embodiments are directed to improved fluidic connectors or suction adapters for connecting to a wound site, for example using softer, kink-free conformable suction adapters.... Agent: Smith & Nephew ,inc.

20120116331 - Component module for a reduced pressure treatment system: A reduced pressure treatment system includes a control unit having a control system and a reduced pressure source. The reduced pressure treatment system further includes a manifold unit in fluid communication with the reduced pressure source and a component module to augment treatment. The component module is configured to communicate... Agent:

20120116333 - Porous bioresorbable linked dressing comprising microspheres and methods of making same: Methods, system and compositions for making and using a bioresorbable linked dressing made of bioresorbable microspheres in various configurations are provided for use in applying reduced pressure to a wound site. The methods include manufacture of a bioresorbable dressing comprising a casing and bioresorbable microspheres in the form of a... Agent:

20120116329 - Sealing device for vacuum pressure therapy: A sealing device for vacuum pressure therapy, including a film that includes a section (5) of a tube fixed or prefixed through a sealed union (6), and able to connect to the suction tube (4), having at its periphery an adhesive area (7) covered by protective flaps (8). In an... Agent:

20120116332 - System and method for collecting exudates: A reduced pressure treatment system includes a porous pad positioned at a tissue site and a canister having a collection chamber, an inlet, and an outlet. The inlet is fluidly connected to the porous pad. A reduced pressure source is fluidly connected to the outlet of the canister to such... Agent:

20120116330 - System for administering reduced pressure treatment having a manifold with a primary flow passage and a blockage prevention member: A reduced pressure delivery system is provided and includes a primary manifold, a blockage prevention member, and first and second conduits in fluid communication with the primary manifold. The primary manifold includes a wall surrounding, a primary flow passage and is adapted to be placed in proximity to a tissue... Agent:

20120116335 - Urine collection bag: A urine collection bag (1) which includes an anti-reflux valve (7) is provided. The bag is made of foil layers (IA, IB) welded together so that the valve is provided by welding four foil layers together. The valve is placed at the inlet (6) and has a width so that... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120116336 - Device for collecting fecal discharge in incontinent patients: A collector for fecal discharge is provided comprising a self-expanding resilient collection component, a housing sheath and a transit component. The collection component has an open proximal and distal end and a lumen connecting them. The component comprises interconnected resilient arms circumscribing its contour, wherein adjacent arms are resiliently biased... Agent: Department Of Biotechnology

20120116337 - Apparatus and method for product and signaling device matching: The present subject matter relates to absorbent articles and signaling devices for use therewith. The signaling device includes one or more non-invasive sensors configured to detect the presence of a substance, such as a body fluid, in the absorbent article. The signaling device can provide an audible and/or visible alert... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20120116338 - Polypropylene nonwoven fibers and fabrics and methods for making same: Nonwoven fabrics of fibers comprising one or more primary polypropylenes having a molecular weight distribution of less than 3.5 and a melt flow rate within the range from 5 to 500 dg/min, the fibers having an average diameter of less than 20 μm, or a denier (g/9000 m) of less... Agent:

20120116339 - Reusable diapers: A reusable diaper includes forward and rearward waist portions. At least one corner tab may be releasably attachable to the forward and rearward waist portions. The diaper may include at least one pocket configured to receive therein at least a portion of the corner tab. The pocket may be substantially... Agent:

20120116340 - Reusable diapers: A reusable diaper includes a forward waist portion, a rearward waist portion, and a crotch portion between the forward waist portion and the rearward waist portion. The diaper also includes first and second liquid-absorbent flaps. Each flap may have a fixed end portion coupled to the diaper and a free... Agent:

20120116341 - Adhesive and use thereof: Thermoplastic oil-modified alkyd resins are described herein. Such resins can be used as the predominant component of a hot melt adhesive which can be employed for instance as a construction adhesive in the manufacture of disposable absorbent articles. The composition also includes a copolymer formed from at least two monomer... Agent:

20120116344 - Absorbent article: a fixed unit 51A fixed to the sheet 52 in a state when the elastic members 51 extend in the longitudinal direction L and a free end 51B positioned outside the longitudinal direction L from the fixed unit 51A, which is not fixed to the sheet 52. The end unit... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120116343 - Disposable diaper: A disposable diaper is provided with an outer body including a belly side portion and a back side portion, and an inner body. The belly side portion and back side portion of the outer body each has a plurality of waist elastic members extending in parallel to each other in... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120116342 - Absorbent article wth embossed elastic side panels: An absorbent article including a chassis, a pair of opposed elastic side panels attached to the chassis, and at least one fastening tab adhesively attached to each elastic side panel. The at least one fastening tab has a length in the transverse direction of the article and a width in... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20120116345 - Urine-free underwear: An underwear garment for wearing on lower torso of a wearer includes an underwear fabric, a waistband, a liquid controlling layer and means for securing the liquid controlling layer onto the inner side of the underwear fabric. The underwear fabric defines a buttocks covering section, a hip covering section, a... Agent:

20120116346 - Hyperthermia induced deposition of elastin fibers: Methods for inducing the deposition of elastin at a tissue site by exposing the tissue to hyperthermia is described herein.... Agent:

20120116347 - Therapy delivery system having an open architecture and a method thereof: A therapy delivery system having an open architecture and method of providing thereof are disclosed. The present invention provides a therapy dosage module having a control algorithm that can be replaced with a predefined or independently defined control algorithm. The tools necessary to create and test such control algorithms in... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120116348 - Liquid medicine injection amount adjusting method, liquid medicine injection amount adjusting apparatus, and liquid medicine injecting system: In a liquid medicine injecting system, an open route is formed in which a liquid medicine flows from a container that contains the liquid medicine to a blood vessel of a biological body via a micro-pump, a flow volume sensor, and a tube. A back pressure from the biological body... Agent:

20120116349 - Medicated module with premix medicament: A medicated module (4) for an injection system to co-deliver at least two medicaments (1, 2) is disclosed where a primary delivery device (7) contains a first drug agent and accepts a medicated module (4) containing a single dose of a secondary premix medicament (2) containing the first drug agent... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120116351 - Method of operating a microvalve protection device: An endovascular valve device for use in a vessel during a therapy procedure includes a catheter having at its distal end a valve. The valve is constructed of a braid of elongate first filaments coupled together at their proximal ends in a manner that the first filaments are movable relative... Agent:

20120116350 - Translation dilator and stand alone vascular guide catheter: Systems and methods for delivering implantable devices, catheters, or substances in or near and/or restoring flow through body lumens, such as blood vessel lumens are described. A catheter having a proximal portion of a first diameter and a distal portion of a second diameter (smaller than the first diameter) is... Agent: Reverse Medical Corporation

20120116352 - Balloon assisted occlusion of aneurysms: A catheter and related methods for percutaneous treatment of an aneurysm, the catheter comprising: an outlet for deploying an occluding agent; and a deflector for deflecting said occluding agent. A second deflector may be provided to cooperate with the first deflector. One of both of the deflectors may comprise inflatable... Agent:

20120116353 - Coaxial catheter instruments for ablation with radiant energy: A cardiac ablation instrument capable of removing blood from a treatment area is provided. The instrument includes a catheter configured to deliver a distal end thereof to a patient's heart. The instrument can also include an expandable element coupled to the distal end of the catheter wherein the expandable member... Agent: Cardiofocus, Inc.

20120116354 - Devices and methods for small vessel access: Disclosed herein are methods and devices for small-vessel access to the vasculature for vascular and cardiac procedures such as diagnostics and interventions, particularly methods and devices for radial, brachial, popliteal, pedal, carotid and/or axillary access to the vasculature. These methods and devices permit vascular and cardiac procedures to be carried... Agent:

20120116355 - Luer lock connection: The invention relates to a Luer lock connection comprising a Luer cone and a threaded sleeve surrounding said cone, the threaded sleeve being fitted on the base of the Luer cone so that it is rotatable along the longitudinal axis of said cone, wherein clamping means are provided between the... Agent: Transcoject Gmbh

20120116356 - Cleansing device: A cleansing device for cleaning a body cavity is provided to a user. The cleansing device comprises an inner membrane fabricated from an elastomeric material and an outer membrane fabricated from a hypoallergenic material. The inner surface of the inner membrane defines a cavity that conforms to and accommodates the... Agent:

20120116357 - Urinary catheter stabilizer and method of use: A urinary catheter stabilizer comprises a body member, a rotatable adhesion member, and an adhesive laminar membrane. The body member includes an upper cradle member that is hingedly attached to a lower cradle member. Each of the upper and lower cradle members is adapted to receive a bellows of a... Agent:

20120116359 - Integrated ingestible event marker system with pharmaceutical product: A system and method are provided for securing an ingestible electronic device to a pharmaceutical product without damaging the ingestible electronic device. The product includes the ingestible electronic device being placed on the product in accordance with one aspect of the present invention. In accordance with another aspect of the... Agent:

20120116358 - Modular ingestible drug delivery capsule: An ingestible capsule (10) is provided for delivery of a drug, the capsule (10) comprises a first module (11) and a second module (12). The first module (11) has at least one drug compartment (13) for comprising an amount of the drug. The drug compartment (13) is sealed by a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120116360 - Treatment of neurological disorders: This invention provides treatment compositions as well as systems and methods of determining and administering an effective amount of treatment for a neurological disorder. The treatment composition can contain a labeled interfering RNA (iRNA) agent capable of decreasing expression of a target RNA associated with the neurological disorder. The methods... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

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20120109037 - Blood perfusion system: An extracorporeal blood perfusion system includes a disposable assembly and a control unit having a control interface region. The interface region includes pump assemblies for selective pumping of venous blood, arterial blood, cardioplegia solution, suctioned blood and blood removed from the left ventricle. Valve assemblies control the flow of fluids... Agent: Sorin Group Usa, Inc.

20120109038 - Osmotic devices and methods for diuretic therapy: Embodiments of the invention are related to devices and methods for modulating renal function, amongst other things. In an embodiment, the invention includes a method of modulating renal function in a patient including implanting an occlusive device in the patient, the occlusive device comprising a semi-permeable membrane and configured to... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20120109039 - Device, system, and method for controllably reducing inflammatory mediators in a subject: Devices, systems, and methods are provided for controlling an inflammatory response in a subject. Extracorporeal devices, systems, and methods are provided that alter the functional structure of one or more inflammatory mediators in the peripheral blood of the subject. The device or system is useful in a method for treating... Agent: Searete LLC

20120109040 - Combined treatment for cataract and glaucoma treatment: A method is provided for treatment of cataract in combination with a glaucoma procedure while maintaining the intraocular pressure by permitting aqueous to flow out of an anterior chamber of the eye through a surgically stented pathway. A trabecular stent is adapted for implantation within the trabecular meshwork of an... Agent: Glaukos Corporation

20120109041 - Applicator device for cosmetic and/or medical use: The invention relates to an applicator device, comprising an applicator element (9) for applying a substance (27) present in a substance chamber (25, 27) to a skin section. The applicator device (1) comprises an applicator part (2) having an upper housing part (8) and a vibration part (3) having a... Agent:

20120109043 - Integrated skin-treatment specimen dispenser: A device for skin treatment by concurrently applying a series of physical movement such as ultrasound vibration and dispensing a specimen to a target kin area is disclosed. The device includes a skin treatment surface for treating the target skin area, a cartridge containing specimen to be dispensed to the... Agent:

20120109042 - Methods of treating diseased tissue: Two or three external therapeutic options such as clobetasol propionate spray, calcitriol ointment, and excimer laser phototherapy are used to treat generalized psoriasis with systemic safety and better efficacy than any systemic or biologic agent. Combinations of these agents, for example used in parallel and/or series for specific durations, can... Agent:

20120109045 - Encapsulation of microbubbles within the aqueous core of microcapsules: The present invention includes a construct that comprises at least one microbubble encapsulated within the aqueous core of a microcapsule. The present invention also includes a pharmaceutical composition comprising a construct comprising at least one microbubble encapsulated within the aqueous core of a microcapsule. The present invention further includes a... Agent: Drexel University

20120109044 - Prevention of myocardial infraction induced ventricular expansion and remodeling: A method for direct therapeutic treatment of myocardial tissue in a localized region of a heart having a pathological condition. The method includes identifying a target region of the myocardium and applying material directly and substantially only to at least a portion of the myocardial tissue of the target region.... Agent: Cormend Technologies, LLC

20120109046 - Solid dose delivery device: The invention relates to a medicament delivery device (1, 100) for delivering one or more solid dose pegs (10, 110) through the skin. The device (1, 100) has a number of exit openings (9, 109) corresponding to the number of solid dose pegs (10, 110) to be delivered. A detachable... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20120109048 - Protocol implementation for telemetry communications involving implantable medical devices: Embodiments of the invention relate to optimizing telemetry communication involving one or more medical devices and one or more electrical devices. The telemetry communication is optimized by implementing software and/or one or more additional circuits within at least one medical device and at least one electrical device to provide one... Agent:

20120109047 - Tailored basal insulin delivery system and method: Disclosed is a system to deliver insulin to a user's body. The system includes a dispensing unit to deliver the insulin to the body, and a control mechanism to control delivery of basal insulin according to a predetermined basal infusion pattern, the basal infusion pattern selected from a plurality of... Agent: Medingo, Ltd.

20120109049 - Needleless injection device components, systems, and methods: A needleless fluid injection system include a working shaft (14) with a proximal end and a distal end, an injection shaft with a proximal end and a distal end, and a tissue tensioning mechanism (40) positioned at the distal end of at least one of the working shaft and the... Agent:

20120109050 - High pressure injection catheter systems: A needleless fluid injection system (100) including an injection console (102), an injection chamber in operative communication with the console, an injectate shaft (104) in operative communication with the console, which has an injection lumen extending from a proximal end to a distal end of the shaft, and at least... Agent:

20120109051 - Devices, methods, and kits for taste modification and controlling food intake: Disclosed are various embodiments of intra-oral taste modification devices, both erodible and non-erodible, and methods for using the devices, and methods and kits for making the devices, for controlling food intake by reducing the desire to eat highly sweetened foods and refined carbohydrates.... Agent:

20120109052 - Pen needle assembly for delivering drug solutions: In one aspect, a pen needle assembly is provided herein which includes a hub, and a needle fixed to the hub, the needle having proximal and distal ends with a lumen extending therebetween. The needle extends distally from the hub to define an exposed length between the distal end of... Agent:

20120109053 - Applicator tip: An applicator tip for use with a fluid applicator includes a base configured for releasable engagement with a fluid applicator at a proximal end of the base. The base includes a chamber defined therein configured for retaining a mixing component therein. One or more penetrable members are disposed within the... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120109054 - Devices with an erodible surface for delivering at least one active agent to tissue over a prolonged period of time: A device is disclosed for delivering an active agent to target tissue at a site that includes a bodily fluid. The device includes a body that has an erodible member that releases the active agent over a prescribed period of time.... Agent: Vista Scientific LLC

20120109055 - Disposal chain supply systems method and apparatus: This patent application teaches methods and apparatus of an efficient disposal chain system which includes a process of receiving fluid enclosing containers, transforming said containers into collection containers by integrating said containers into vacuum canister collection systems. Such a collection system includes a remote vacuum source configured to draw a... Agent:

20120109056 - Introducer assembly and dilator tip therefor: An introducer assembly (20) for the deployment of an implantable medical device (12) such as a stent, stent graft or other medical device, includes a dilator tip (22) which is able to be compressed radially so as to be withdrawn into the introducer assembly (20) so as to position the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120109057 - Apparatus and methods for treating obstructions within body lumens: An apparatus is provided that is operable in different modes to perform various functions for treating a body lumen. The apparatus includes a shaft including a proximal end, a distal end, a lumen extending therebetween, and a balloon on the distal end having an interior communicating with the lumen. The... Agent: Hotspur Technologies, Inc.

20120109058 - Insertion aid for medical devices and medical device using the insertion aid: Medical devices that are inserted into a body and that are used for treating a lumen inside a body sometimes use an insertion aid during insertion. However, there was a tendency for the relative positions of the insertion aid and the medical device to change, causing problems such as reduced... Agent:

20120109059 - Anti-tampering apparatus and method for drug delivery devices: An anti-tampering apparatus and method for drug delivery devices provides for the capture of caps in a manner that restricts repositioning of a captured cap onto a corresponding drug delivery device. The anti-tampering apparatus includes one or more retention members to define a capture region for restrainably capturing a cap.... Agent: Baxa Corporation

20120109060 - Laminar valve flow module: A laminar valve flow module is disclosed and may include a proximal chamber, a purge chamber, and a sheath chamber in fluid communication with each other and between an inlet opening and an exit opening. A guide chamber may be located within the proximal chamber and in fluid communication with... Agent: Ep Dynamics, Inc.

20120109061 - Apparatus and method to inject fluids into bone marrow and other target sites: Apparatus for delivering a quantity of fluid to bone marrow of a bone or providing access to remove fluids from a target site is provided. The apparatus may include a driver, a plunger operating and cartridge assembly mechanism, a cartridge assembly having a fluid reservoir and a bone penetrating needle.... Agent:

20120109062 - Automated insertion assembly: An automated insertion assembly includes a first dermal perforation assembly configured to releasably engage a first subdermal device. A first actuation assembly is configured to drive the first dermal perforation assembly into a user's skin to a first depth and drive the first subdermal device into the user's skin to... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20120109063 - Haemostatic valve assembly: A haemostatic valve assembly (18) is provided with a housing (24) having first and second ends (26, 28) within each of which there is provided an aperture of opening (30, 32). A flexible valve element (34) is disposed within the housing (24) between the first and second openings (30, 32).... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120109064 - Port fixation with interlocking structure: The present disclosure relates to a surgical access system that includes a cannula assembly adapted for removable positioning within a percutaneous tissue tract, and an obturator assembly removably positionable within the cannula assembly. The cannula assembly includes a cannula housing, a cannula sleeve, and first engagement structure, and the obturator... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120109067 - Transdermal administration device: The transdermal administration device of the present invention includes: a needle support with a plurality of microneedles formed at a tip portion thereof; a holder with the needle support placed therein, allowing the needle support to protrude itself therefrom and retract therein; and a cap for covering the microneedles, and... Agent: Nanbu Plastics Co., Ltd.

20120109065 - Transdermal fluid delivery device: A transdermal fluid delivery device includes a housing defining a longitudinal axis and having a proximal end and a distal end. The housing defines a passageway extending longitudinally therethrough. A fluid reservoir is disposed at the proximal end of the housing in communication with the passageway of the housing and... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120109066 - Wearable drug delivery device having spring drive and sliding actuation mechanism: A drug delivery device is provided. The drug delivery device includes a drug reservoir in fluid communication with a microneedle array. The drug delivery device has a sliding actuation mechanism that may be activated by a button or lever. Actuation of the drug delivery device inserts the microneedle array into... Agent: Flugen, Inc.

20120109068 - Implantable medical port with fluid conduit retention sleeve: A surgically implantable medical port has a housing with a fluid reservoir therein, a tubular stem extending away from the housing, a fluid conduit mounted on the stem, and a plurality of cantilevered fingers having free ends that are pressed against the fluid conduit in order to prevent conduit detachment... Agent:

20120109069 - Specialized catheter securement devices for peripherally inserted central catheters: A catheter securement device in accordance with the present invention includes a flexible base member having an adhesive side and an opposite non-adhesive side. A single piece elastomeric anchoring member is mounted on the non-adhesive side of the base member. The anchoring member integrally includes a pair of opposing pull... Agent: Centurion Medical Products Corporation

20120109070 - Catheter securement device to secure silicone winged piccs: A catheter securement device in accordance with the present invention includes a sheet-like anchoring member having a top surface, an opposite bottom surface, a base portion, and a pair of strap portions extending from the base portion. The anchoring member includes an adhesive on the bottom surface in the base... Agent: Centurion Medical Products Corporation

20120109071 - Medical delivery device with time lapse indicator: The present invention relates to medical delivery devices for administering a dose of a drug into the body of a subject user and incorporating a time lapse indicator which is configured for indicating after administration that a dose of the drug actually has been administered and for maintaining this indication... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20120109073 - Antiseptic cap equipped syringe: A syringe assembly including: (1) a syringe barrel defining a chamber; (2) a plunger mounted in the chamber and moveable with respect to the barrel; and (3) a cap assembly containing a cap and an absorbent material is removably attached to the plunger. An antiseptic cap and syringe combination includes... Agent:

20120109072 - Syringe: The inner peripheral surface (631) of the seal cap (63) in the cap (6) is brought into close contact with the outer peripheral surface (214) of the distal end side portion of the distal end nozzle (21) in the barrel (2) so that the distal end opening (211) is hermetically... Agent: Taisei Kako Co Ltd

20120109074 - Drug delivery device with an improved piston rod: An improved drug delivery device is provided having a piston rod that incorporates on its proximal end at least one guidepost that is configured for transmitting axial and rotational forces from a drive mechanism. The device comprises a drug delivery device housing and a medicament contained in the drug delivery... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120109075 - Medical device: The medical device comprises a wave spring or wave washer in a mechanism to engage or disengage a first element and a second element. The invention also discloses the use of a multiple wave spring or wave washer comprising at least two waved spring layers in a medical device.... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120109076 - Piston for syringe having very small capacity, and plunger having the piston mounted thereto: Disclosed are a piston for a micro-volume syringe and a plunger. The micro-volume syringe has a syringe barrel with a space defined in it. The piston is slidable on and along a wall of the space. A leading member to be arranged on a side where the piston comes into... Agent: Daikyo Seiko, Ltd.

20120109077 - Swabbable needle-free injection port valve system with zero fluid displacement: An improved needle-free intravenous injection port assembly is disclosed. Embodiments include a boot valve with a helical surface, a boot valve and septum which mate with mechanical interference, a spike with a rough outer surface coated with a lubricant, a septum having a shoulder and a single continuous swabbable surface,... Agent:

20120109078 - Swaged braided catheter and method of fabrication: A swaged braided catheter (30) for use in various medical procedures is provided. The swaged braided catheter includes a tubular braid (32) formed from a plurality of braided wire members (38). A plurality of intersections (40) is formed by the braided wire members. The intersections are compressed defining a plurality... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120109079 - Telescoping catheter delivery system for left heart endocardial device placement: A transseptal catheter delivery system includes an elongate first tubular member and an elongate second tubular member receivable within the first tubular member. The first tubular member includes an adjustable portion adjacent a distal end. The second tubular member is adapted to receive an instrument to be placed in the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120109080 - Puncture resistant composite materials: A needle guard assembly includes a first composite guard and a second composite guard, each including an arrangement of puncture resistant members on a flexible substrate. The first composite guard and the second composite guard are positioned such that the arrangement of puncture resistant members of the second composite guard... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120109081 - Disposal chain supply systems method and apparatus: This patent application teaches methods and apparatus of an efficient disposal chain system which includes a process of receiving fluid enclosing containers, transforming said containers into collection containers by integrating said containers into vacuum canister collection systems. Such a collection system includes a remote vacuum source configured to draw a... Agent: Medindica-pak, Inc.

20120109082 - Devices for delivering at least one active agent to tissue: A device for delivering an active agent to target tissue at a site that includes a bodily fluid includes a body having a first exterior surface including a first section having a local, discrete recessed area formed in the body for holding the active agent. The body includes a surface... Agent: Vista Scientific LLC

20120109085 - Limited-access, reduced-pressure systems and methods: A reduced-pressure treatment system for applying reduced pressure to a tissue site at a limited-access location on a patient includes a reduced-pressure source, a treatment manifold for placing proximate the tissue site and operable to distribute reduced pressure to the tissue site, and a sealing member for placing over the... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20120109083 - Reduced-pressure systems, dressings, and methods employing a wireless pump: Systems, methods, and dressings for providing reduced pressure to a tissue site on a patient are presented that involve wirelessly providing power to a reduced-pressure pump. In one instance, a RFID antenna is used to power a reduced-pressure pump that is fluidly coupled by a conduit to a reduced-pressure dressing.... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20120109084 - Wound cleansing apparatus in-situ: An apparatus for cleansing wounds, in which wound exudate is removed from a wound bed and selectively cleansed and returned to the wound. The cleansing means removes materials deleterious to wound healing, and the cleansed fluid, still containing materials that are beneficial in promoting wound healing, is returned to the... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20120109086 - Controlled discharge ostomy appliance and moldable adhesive wafer: A controlled discharge ostomy appliance is described for use with an adhesive body fitment. The body fitment comprises an adhesive wafer having a stomal aperture that is manually shapeable by folding or rolling back a rim portion of the adhesive around the stomal aperture.... Agent: Convatec Technologies Inc.

20120109088 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article includes a topsheet having a contact surface that comes into contact with a skin of a wearer; a liquid-impermeable backsheet which does not permeate a liquid; and an absorber that is arranged between the topsheet and the backsheet, wherein a material including a refresher agent is provided... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120109087 - Body fluid discriminating sensor: The present subject matter relates to absorbent articles and signaling devices for use therewith. The signaling device can be configured to detect the presence of an insult in the absorbent article and/or in an undergarment. The signaling device can be further configured to determine whether the insult is a urine... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20120109089 - Tampon comprising a plurality of strips or cords: A tampon that has a body including a first end, a second end, a center portion, a longitudinal axis and a radial axis. The body includes a plurality of cords or strips joined at the first end, the second end, the center portion or both the first and second ends.... Agent:

20120109090 - Absorbent article with barrier component: An absorbent hygiene article that comprises a barrier component, which comprises a nonwoven barrier sheet, comprising at least a spunbond nonwoven web or layer with spunbond fibers and/or a meltblown nonwoven web or layer with meltblown fibers, either or both or all layers comprising fibers comprising thermoplastic polymers and an... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20120109091 - Absorbent composite material and method for manufacturing the same: An absorbent composite comprising: a base material and water-absorbent resin particles; wherein the following conditions (1) to (4) are fulfilled: (1) the weight ratio of water-absorbent resin relative to the total weight of the base material and water-absorbent resin is 65 to 99 wt %, (2) the water-absorbent resin particles... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20120109092 - Quick-attach sanitary absorbent article assembly: A quick-attach absorbent article assembly including a base assembly selectively attachable to a crotch region of an undergarment and a absorbent article selectively attachable to the base assembly. The base assembly is provided with a plurality of protrusions structured and arranged to engage and retain the absorbent article during use.... Agent:

20120109093 - Embossed absorbent article: An embossed article having one or more adhesive patterns serving to operatively attach a release paper.... Agent:

20120109094 - Intravaginal device with fluid transport plates and methods of making: An intravaginal device has a fluid storage element and at least one fluid transport element in fluid communication with the fluid storage element. The at least one fluid transport element has a first plate a second plate coupled to the first plate. The second plate is capable of separating from... Agent:

20120109095 - Method and equipment for fastening a thread to a tampon: A method for fastening a thread (24) to a tampon (10), in particular a veterinary tampon, comprising the steps of passing the thread through the tampon by means of a needle (12, 14), and knotting the loose ends of the thread, wherein that the step of passing the thread through... Agent:

20120109096 - Absorbent article comprising a stiffening element and a device for disposal: An absorbent article including an absorption member including an absorbent body for absorbing body fluids. The absorption member having an upper side intended to face a wearer during use of the article and a lower side intended to face away from the wearer during use of the article, and a... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20120109097 - Recombinant il-9 antibodies and uses thereof: The present invention provides novel antibodies that immunospecifically bind to an IL-9 polypeptide and compositions comprising said antibodies. The present invention also provides methods and compositions preventing, treating, managing, and/or ameliorating diseases and disorders associated with aberrant expression and/or activity of IL 9 or IL-9 receptor or subunits thereof, autoimmune... Agent: Medimmune, LLC

20120109098 - Applicator tips having mixing ball: Applicator tips in accordance with the present disclosure include a body portion and dispensing tip. The body portion includes a proximal end having an inlet adapted for fluid communication with a fluid source, a distal end including an opening, and a mixing chamber disposed therebetween. The mixing chamber includes at... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp.

20120109099 - Implantable medical pump diagnostics: A method of detecting a fault condition within an implantable medical pump comprises delivering therapeutic fluid using a medical pump comprising an actuation mechanism configured to be energized to provide a pump stroke, detecting a property associated with energizing the actuation mechanism, and determining whether the property associated with energizing... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120109100 - Operating a portable medical device: Some embodiments of a portable medical device, such as an infusion pump, can receive an external reference signal (e.g., a radio, cellular and/or satellite signal) to provide an automatic time-setting and maintenance operation. In these circumstances, the medical device can maintain accurate time and date information even in the event... Agent: Asante Solutions, Inc.

20120109101 - System for access into bodily cavity: An assembly and method for percutaneous placement of a catheter comprising an elongated hollow catheter having a distal end and a reduced cross-section portion at a proximal end thereof. An introducer needle is slidably mounted over said catheter. The introducer needle has an elongated slit adapted to slide over the... Agent:

20120109102 - Cannulated syringe: A set of instruments configured to deliver a therapy to a bone can include a cannulated syringe. The cannulated syringe can extend along a longitudinal axis between a proximal and a distal end. The cannulated syringe can have an inner tube and an outer tube that are interconnected at the... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20120109103 - Devices and methods for controlled-depth injection: Devices and methods for simultaneous injection or delivery of two or more substances from separate syringes. The syringes are loaded into a device that has a handle and a screw driven mechanism for simultaneously depressing the plungers of the syringes. The user grasps the handle and positions the device. Thereafter,... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120109104 - Needle array assembly and method for delivering therapeutic agents: A fluid delivery device includes an array of needles, each in fluid communication with a respective reservoir. Respective actuators are coupled so as to be operable to drive fluid from the reservoirs via needle ports. Each needle can have a plurality of ports, and the ports can be arranged to... Agent:

20120109105 - Therapeutic agent delivery system and method for localized application of therapeutic substances to a biological lumen: The invention provides a system and method for localized application of therapeutic substances within a biological lumen and to the wall of the lumen. In various embodiments, a biodegradable tubular prosthesis comprising a plurality of pores is deployed within a biological lumen. Subsequent to, or in conjunction with, the deployment... Agent: Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20120109106 - Drug delivery system for accelerated subcutaneous absorption: A method for accelerating subcutaneous absorption of a fluid or drug into the systemic circulation of a specific targeted tissue. A first drug operative to produce local capillary vasodilatation and/or increase the rate of bulk flow of solution through the interstitial space is mixed with a fluid. The fluid may... Agent:

20120109107 - Muscle derived cells for the treatment of urinary tract pathologies and methods of making and using the same: The present invention provides muscle-derived progenitor cells that show long-term survival following transplantation into body tissues and which can augment soft tissue following introduction (e.g. via injection, transplantation, or implantation) into a site of soft tissue. Also provided are methods of isolating muscle-derived progenitor cells, and methods of genetically modifying... Agent: University Of Pittsburg-of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20120109109 - Auxiliary dilator and catheter assembly having the same: An object of the present invention is to provide a device used in an operation using a catheter assembly and the catheter assembly having the device, which allows a hole formed in a body surface to have a minimum size and a catheter to be smoothly inserted into the body.... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20120109108 - Nickel-titanium core guide wire: A guide wire for use in a medical procedure having a shapeable tip integral with and made from the distal end of a superelastic nitinol distal section of the guide wire, wherein the shapeable tip can be finger kinked. Such a guide wire includes an elongated core made from a... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120109111 - Fenestration system: A fenestration system can be useful for draining cysts, abscesses, or other bodily cavities. A fenestration system can include: a drainage screwdriver; a drainage screw removably receivable onto the drainage screwdriver; and a drainage cap removably coupleable with the drainage screw when the drainage screw removed from the drainage screwdriver.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120109110 - Suction catheter with retractable blade: The present invention in several embodiments is a device comprising a retractable scalpel blade within the barrel of a plastic suction catheter, which can be attached to a wall suction canister found in most exam rooms. The device would facilitate the procedure of abscess drainage by allowing one to incise... Agent:

20120109112 - Ingestible therapy activator system and method: An ingestible therapy activator system and method are provided. In one aspect, the ingestible therapy activator includes an ingestible device having an effector module to send an effector instruction and a responder module associated with a therapeutic device. The responder module may receive and process the effector instruction, resulting in... Agent:

20120109113 - Safety limits for closed-loop infusion pump control: A system and process for providing safety limits on the delivery of an infusion formulation by an infusion pump system in response to a sensed biological state. The safety limits may comprise user-initiated event signals corresponding to events that may significantly affect the biological state. The safety limits may further... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

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