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05/31/2012 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120132198 - Reservoir and atomizer: A reservoir and a nebuliser having such a reservoir are proposed. The reservoir comprises a closure for a fluid chamber with a medicament formulation that is formed by two closure members welded together. The closure comprises a particle barrier for preventing the ingress into the fluid chamber of any weld... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20120132199 - Atomizer: A nebuliser of simple construction is proposed for nebulising a medicament preparation for medicinal aerosol therapy. The medicament preparation is accommodated free of residual gas in a lobe-shaped bag consisting of two annular film pieces. A conveying pump is pneumatically driven and is sealed by a hose seal.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20120132200 - Self rescuer including self-contained breathing apparatus (scba) and breathing air monitor (bam): alert apparatus connected to the detector for alerting a user when a hazardous atmospheric condition is detected by the detector, and further wherein the alert apparatus is connected to the circuitry and configured so as to flash the light bulb when a hazardous atmospheric condition is detected.... Agent:

20120132201 - Medical device comprising mechanical-electrical transducing means: e

20120132202 - Method and apparatus for maintaining and monitoring sleep quality during drug delivery: The present invention monitors and interprets physiological signals and spontaneous breathing events to detect the onset of arousal. Once the onset of arousal is determined, the present invention determines adjustments that are needed in the operation of a therapeutic device to avoid or minimize arousals. In one embodiment, the present... Agent: Compumedics Limited

20120132203 - Dry powder inhalers: Dry powder inhalers and dry powder inhaler storage cassettes including a compartment housing an elongate carrier preloaded with a plurality of doses of finely divided powder comprising a biologically active substance, the compartment being configured such that said preloaded doses are sealed within said compartment and such that the carrier... Agent:

20120132204 - Unit dose dry powder inhaler: An inhaler includes a first body member and a second body member fit closely together to form an inhaler body, and an outlet. The first body member has a medicament chamber containing a unit dose of powdered medicament. A seal such as a foil strip seals the medicament chamber and... Agent: Innovata Biomed Limited

20120132205 - Inhaler: An inhaler comprising a housing to receive a strip having a plurality of blisters is disclosed. Each blister has a puncturable lid and contains a dose of medicament for inhalation by a user. A mouthpiece is pivotally mounted to the housing through which a dose of medicament is inhaled by... Agent: Vectura Delivery Devices Limited

20120132206 - Multi-mission rebreather system: An apparatus comprising a scrubber bed; at least one heat sink operatively connected to the scrubber bed; at least one screen connected to the scrubber bed; and a scrubber tube connected to the scrubber bed. Also, a method of using a multiple mission re-breather apparatus, the method comprising attaching the... Agent: O2 Dive Technologies, Inc.

20120132207 - Rebreather setpoint controller and display: An oxygen setpoint controller (SPC) and a user's display for a rebreathing apparatus wherein the user exhales oxygen depleted breath into a closed rebreathing loop, the CO2 is scrubbed from the exhaled gases, oxygen is added to the rebreathing loop to maintain the oxygen at a specified partial pressure, and... Agent: Heliox Technologies, Inc.

20120132208 - Cushion assembly for a respiratory mask: A mask cushion or a mask assembly therewith provides a comfortable and effective seal for provision of a gas therapy by a respiratory treatment apparatus. The mask cushion (102) may be integrated with or coupled to a mask frame. The mask cushion typically includes an inner cushion component (104). The... Agent: Resmed Ltd.

20120132209 - Patient interface systems: A headgear for use with a patient interface for delivering a flow of breathable gas to a patient includes at least a strap (741) adapted to position the patient interface in sealing engagement with the patient's airways. The strap is constructed from an elastomer and a first side of the... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120132210 - Patient interface assembly with conduits on each side of the head: A patient interface assembly that includes a first conduit, a second conduit, and a patient interface coupled to the first conduit and the second conduit. The first and second conduits each include a first end that is disposed proximate to a top of a head of a user, and a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120132211 - Monitoring endotracheal intubation: Apparatus and methods are provided for use during endotracheal intubation of a subject, including an output unit, and at least one sensor configured to sense motion of the subject, and generate a signal responsively thereto. A control unit is configured to detect an aspect of the intubation by analyzing a... Agent: Earlysense Ltd.

20120132212 - Endotracheal tube with multi-mode valve and method of using same: An endotracheal tube for intubation within a patient's trachea. The endotracheal tube includes an elongated tube having a main lumen, an auxiliary lumen, a proximal end, and a distal end. An inflatable cuff is arranged on the elongated tube between the proximal and distal ends. A multi-mode valve is arranged... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120132213 - Support harness: This publication discloses a support harness, which can be used particularly to support a woman in labour during childbirth, but also, for example, to increase the support and comfort of persons and patients using a wheelchair, and for similar purposes. An attenuator (5, 7, 10, 14), which is based on... Agent:

20120132215 - Methods and systems for improving airway patency: An oral device for improving airway patency comprises a tongue constraint and a negative pressure source. The tongue constraint engages the patient's tongue to maintain a clear region below the palate in an oral cavity. By applying a negative pressure in the clear region, an airway behind the soft palate... Agent: Apnicure, Inc.

20120132216 - Methods and systems for saliva management with an oral device: An oral device for improving airway patency comprises a tongue constraint and a negative pressure source. The tongue constraint engages the patient's tongue to maintain a clear region below the palate in an oral cavity. By applying a negative pressure in the clear region, an airway behind the soft palate... Agent: Apnicure, Inc.

20120132214 - Systems and methods for treatment of sleep apnea: An implant for treating an obstructive airway disorder includes an elongate implant body configured for implanting in airway-interface tissue. The implant body has a medial portion extending between first and second anchoring end portions. The medial portion of the implant body is axially compliant and the end portions are axially... Agent:

20120132217 - Radiation shield assembly and method of providing a sterile barrier to radiation: A radiation shield assembly and method of providing a sterile barrier to radiation is provided. An assembly includes a rigid support member and a radiopaque sheet operably fixed to the support member. A sterile flexible drape covers the radiopaque sheet. Another assembly includes a sterile flexible drape and a through... Agent:

05/24/2012 > 24 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120125325 - The use of amlexanox in the therapy of neutrophil-driven diseases: An agent, which is amlexanox, is useful in the therapy of a disease associated with neutrophilia.... Agent:

20120125326 - Breath-controlled inhalation therapy device: A breath-controlled inhalation therapy device includes an obturation mechanism, obturating a nozzle opening through which a pressurised gas, preferably pressurised air, is issued when the device is in operation. An actuation mechanism actuates the obturation mechanism only in the exhalation phases of the respiration cycle of a patient. The fluid... Agent: Pari Gmbh Spezialisten Fuer Effektive Inhalation

20120125328 - Conversion of nitrogen dioxide (no2) to nitric oxide (no): Inhalation of low levels of nitric oxide can rapidly and safely decrease pulmonary hypertension in mammals. A nitric oxide delivery system that converts nitrogen dioxide to nitric oxide employs a surface-active material, such as silica gel, coated with an aqueous solution of antioxidant, such as ascorbic acid.... Agent: Geno LLC

20120125327 - Nasal passage strip: A nasal passage covering is provided to adhere to opposite sides of the lower nose. The covering further has a filtering material designed to cover the nostrils to filter air coming into the body.... Agent:

20120125329 - Anesthetic breathing apparatus having volume reflector unit with controllable penetration: An anesthetic breathing apparatus and system, having a patient circle system for re-breathing exhaled gases by a patient volume reflector, a fresh gas delivery line, and a gas sensor unit arranged to measure a gas stream upstream a fresh gas connection and downstream said reflector unit. The gas sensor unit... Agent:

20120125331 - Dry powder inhaler with aeroelastic dispersion mechanism: A dry powder inhaler for delivering medicament to a patient includes a housing defining a chamber for receiving a dose of powdered medicament, an inhalation port in fluid communication with the chamber, at least one airflow inlet providing fluid communication between the chamber and an exterior of the housing, and... Agent: Stc.unm

20120125330 - Inhalation device and method of dispensing medicament: The present invention relates to an inhaler, comprising a base having at least one air-tight, foil-sealed cavity containing medicament. An actuator is engagable with a separating element attached to the foil, the actuator having an energized position in which it is biased towards an unloaded position so as to cause... Agent:

20120125332 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for respiratory therapy: A nasal cannula for administering respiratory therapy is disclosed. The nasal cannula comprises first and second supply tubes, a cannula body, first and second nasal prongs, and first and second flow paths. Each supply tube has an inlet to receive a flow from a flow source and an outlet. The... Agent: Vapotherm, Inc.

20120125333 - Respiratory system: The present invention relates a modular respiratory system to which different parts can be added in a convenient way enabling such upgraded respiratory system to deliver the most comfortable respiratory conditions at an acceptable cost of ownership.... Agent: Plastiflex Belgium

20120125334 - Humidification system: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for reducing condensed humidifying agent in a humidification system by pulsing a delivery of humidifying agent into a respiratory circuit. During a non-pulsed interval, gas flowing through the respiratory circuit will evaporate the condensed humidifying agent present in the respiratory circuit. The... Agent: Carefusion 2200, Inc.,

20120125335 - Cool air breathing apparatus: A Cool Air Breathing Apparatus. The apparatus provides a low-cost, comfortably-sized, convenient source of cool breathing air to a use. The apparatus id attachable to a standard-sized water bottle container, such as is used for bicycles and exercising in general. The user is able to simply fill the water bottle... Agent: Core Cooler, LLC

20120125336 - Adjustment of ventilator pressure-time profile to balance comfort and effectiveness: The invention is a ventilator whose servo-controller adjusts the degree of support by adjusting the profile of the pressure waveform as well as the pressure modulation amplitude. As the servo-controller increases the degree of support by increasing the pressure modulation amplitude, it also generates a progressively more square, and therefore... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120125337 - Device for calculating respiratory waveform information and medical instrument using respiratory waveform information: Provided is a configuration capable of executing a detection test for a comfort level including the quality of sleep, which is measurable at home without requiring the measurement of brain waves or electrocardiogram. The respiratory waveform of a subject during sleep is continuously measured and recorded from the respiratory gas... Agent: Teijin Pharma Limited

20120125338 - Dual tube mask with nasal cannula: A dual tube mask system having a shell attached to a frame where the shell has a primary port that is connected to a machine for blowing breathable gas to the mask through a tube. A nasal cannula is disposed within the shell and is connected to a source of... Agent:

20120125339 - Patient interface assembly and system using same: A patient interface assembly that includes a patient interface device, a headgear, and pivoting coupling member joining the interface device to a headgear assembly. In one embodiment, the patient interface device is a nasal cushion that includes a formable support mounted to the nasal cushion for providing support and adjustment... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120125340 - Nasal filter: A nasal filter includes a main body, a cover, and a filtering medium. The main body has a hollow cylinder, a boss connected to a spherical member, a flange, and a plurality of internal guide vanes. The hollow cylinder has a front and a rear opening. A first threaded portion... Agent:

20120125341 - Filtering face-piece respirator having an overmolded face seal: An filtering face-piece respirator that includes a mask body 12 and a harness 14. The mask body includes a support structure 16, filtering structure 18, and a face seal element 40. The face seal element 40 is overmolded onto at least a portion of a perimeter of the support structure... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120125342 - Filtering face-piece respirator having support structure injection molded to filtering structure: A filtering face-piece respirator 10 that comprises a mask body 12 and a harness 14. The mask body 12 includes a supporting frame structure 16 and a filtering structure 18. The frame structure is injection molded onto the filtering structure 18 such that the frame structure 16 becomes bonded to... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120125343 - Face mask and method for making the same: A method for making a face mask includes: cutting an elastic sheet to form an ear hanging strap having an opening; forming a cup-shaped mask body; thermal-bonding the cup-shaped mask body to a bonding portion of the ear hanging strap surrounding the opening; and forming two ear hanging holes in... Agent: Kang Na Hsiung Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20120125344 - Collapse resistant respirator: A respirator including a collapse-resistant means for resisting collapse of the respirator main body due to respiration of a user during use of such a respirator is disclosed. Specifically, in various embodiments, the collapse-resisting means may be a deflection member, a stiffening material, fastening components configured to apply an outward-facing... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20120125345 - Collapse resistant respirator: A respirator including a collapse-resistant means for resisting collapse of the respirator main body due to respiration of a user during use of such a respirator is disclosed. Specifically, in various embodiments, the collapse-resisting means may be a deflection member, a stiffening material, fastening components configured to apply an outward-facing... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20120125346 - Endotracheal cuff and technique for using the same: An inflatable balloon cuff with a water-swellable coating may be adapted to seal a patient's trachea when associated with an endotracheal tube. The water-swellable coating may enhance a cuffs mechanical pressure seal. The water-swellable coating may be loosely adhered or not adhered to the cuff in order to allow the... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120125347 - Bodysuit type garment for selective swaddling of an infant: A garment for selective swaddling of an infant includes an upper body portion for enclosing the torso region of the infant, a pair of sleeves extending outward from the upper body portion and crotch portion. Each of the outwardly extending sleeves is selectively closable such that a respective arm of... Agent:

20120125348 - Autologous lymph node transfer in combination with vegf-c or vegf-d growth factor therapy to treat secondary lymphedema and to improve reconstructive surgery: The present invention provides materials and methods for repairing tissue and using vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGF-C) genes and/or proteins. Methods and materials related to the use of VEGF-C for the reduction of edema and improvement of skin perfusion is provided. Also provided is are materials and methods for... Agent: Vegenics Limited

05/17/2012 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120118283 - Systems and methods for aerosol delivery of agents: Aerosol delivery systems and methods for delivering an agent to a patient are described herein. The present invention includes embodiments comprising an insulated receptacle connected to a body to hold a vial of an agent to be delivered to a patient. The vial is located in an inverted position within... Agent: The Government Of The Usa As Represnted By The Secretary Of The Department Of Health And

20120118284 - Negatively biased sealed nebulizers systems and methods: Methods, systems, and devices are described for creating a negative bias pressure within a liquid reservoir. Embodiments may include providing a liquid reservoir coupled with an aerosol generator. The liquid reservoir may be sealed to create the sealed reservoir. An ambient pressure may be maintained while the liquid reservoir is... Agent: Nektar Therapeutics

20120118285 - Methods, systems and devices using lox to provide ventilatory support: A portable liquid oxygen system may provide an average flow rate of oxygen gas at approximately 6-approximately 20 lpm using a rapid gas conversion mode.... Agent: Breathe Technologies, Inc.

20120118287 - Methods and devices for the delivery of therapeutic gases including nitric oxide: Gas packages for the delivery of therapeutic gases, and in particular gaseous nitric oxide (gNO) are provided herein. The gas packages comprise one or more of a gas reservoir, interface layer, sealing layer, and holding container. The interface layer regulates discharge of the therapeutic gas from the gas reservoir to... Agent: Pulmonox Technologies Corporation

20120118286 - Nasal airway management device: An airway management device including a hollow flexible tube. The tube defines a lumen extending between a proximal end and a distal end. The proximal end is configured to be coupled to a ventilator and/or anesthesia circuit. An opening is provided at or near the distal end to allow passage... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20120118288 - Humidity controller: A breathing assistance apparatus adapted to deliver humidified gases at a desired level of humidity to a patient including a humidifier and a heated conduit is disclosed. The humidifier includes a controller which controls the humidifier, or the humidifier and the heated conduit to deliver the gases to the patient... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20120118289 - Oxygen respirator having emergency illumination lamp for use in case of fire: The present invention relates to an oxygen respirator having an emergency illumination lamp for use in case of fire, and more specially to an oxygen respirator having an emergency illumination lamp for use in case of a fire to help people escape safely from a low visibility, oxygen-depleted area when... Agent:

20120118290 - Detection of dynamic hyperinflation in spontaneously breathing mechanically ventilated patients: A method and device for determining dynamic hyperinflation during mechanical ventilation of a spontaneously breathing patient, wherein mechanical ventilation is removed during one breath of the patient, inspiratory and expiratory volumes of the patient are measured during the one breath, and a difference between the inspiratory and expiratory volumes measured... Agent: St. Michael's Hospital

20120118291 - Apparatus and method for monitoring the degree of integration between the functions of the heart and the lungs, and the therapeutic success of resuscitative interventions: A method, system and apparatus for assessing the coupling between lung perfusion and ventilation in a patient who is mechanically ventilated or who is breathing spontaneously through a conventional artificial airway is provided. Embodiments of the apparatus comprise an adaptor configured to fit between the artificial airway and mechanical ventilator... Agent:

20120118292 - Artificial respirator and operation method thereof: To provide a compact and low-power-consumption artificial respirator and an operation method therefore including a controller which alternately switches between a first state for feeding inspiratory air stored in the reservoir tank to a patient and a second state for releasing expired air of the patient. A pressurizing pump has... Agent: Ulvac Kiko, Inc.

20120118293 - Waugh stoma cover: The Waugh Stoma Cover, consists of 2 Tefla band aids attached to each other by the tacky sides back to back, with nylon netting between the two. The nylon netting covers an opening in the two band aids approximately 1.″ in diameter.... Agent:

20120118295 - Catheter guiding flexible connector: A flexible connector couples the inlet end of a tracheotomy tube inner cannula to an outlet port of an in-line catheter. The catheter exit end of the connector is adapted to be serially coupled in pneumatic communication with the inlet end of the tracheotomy tube inner cannula and also to... Agent:

20120118294 - Tracheal tube with reinforced proximal extension: A tracheal tube includes a proximal extension between a flange member and a connector. The extension may allow for easier access to the connector. The extension is reinforced to limit bending and kinking. Reinforcement may be accomplished by a helical element that is embedded in the extension, such as between... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120118296 - Erotic apparatus and harness device: The claimed erotic apparatus (also known as Bangerbars, Bang-her-bars, and Motosexbars) can consist of a sex toy apparel item (e.g., a harness) that attaches grip devices to a person or persons. In one embodiment, the grips are to resemble (in look and feel) handlebars of a motorcycle or other such... Agent:

20120118297 - Nasally inserted airway opening device for obstructive sleep apnea treatment: A nasally inserted airway opening device with inflatable cuff is provided to treat obstructive sleep apnea. The airway opening device includes a hollow flexible tube extending between a proximal end and a distal end, and an inflatable cuff attached to the tube at or near the distal end. The inflatable... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20120118298 - Intra-oral device and method of relieving head, neck, facial, joint and tooth pain: A device and method for relieving head, neck, facial, joint and tooth pain. An intra-oral device, worn over the upper or lower incisors, allows at least one opposite tooth to contact the rear wall of the device, only within the user's freeway space, and prevents upper and lower posterior teeth... Agent:

20120118299 - Patient positioning apparatus for examination and treatment and method of the same: A patient positioning apparatus for examination and treatment that allows an operator to rotate a patient about three body planes, positioning the semi-circular canals of the patient for proper treatment or diagnosis of conditions caused by abnormalities of the vestibular organs. This apparatus accomplishes three dimensional rotations by rotating about... Agent:

20120118300 - Fixation bandage for the fixation of a patient: A fixation bandage for fixing a patient on a bed or another repository, having a body part belt to be closed around a body part of the patient in a ring-shaped fashion. The bandage further has a bed belt, flatly to be put onto a reclining surface of the bed... Agent:

05/10/2012 > 22 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120111323 - Counter: A counter comprising: a first ring member having first indicia and a second ring member having second indicia, each of said first and second ring members being rotatable in increments about a common axis, one or both of said first and second indicia indicating a count; a drive mechanism for... Agent:

20120111327 - Does unit, pack of dose units and inhaler for inhalation of combination of drugs: The invention relates to a dose unit for a dry powder inhaler comprising:—a dose carrier including a plurality of pockets (17) each adapted to contain a dose of medication powder suitable for inhalation, said pockets being sequentially arranged such that the content of the pockets (17) can be sequentially exposed... Agent: Pfizer Inc.

20120111326 - Dosing device for generating a gas flow with an active substance finely dispersed in the latter: (1) Dosing device for generating a gas flow with an active substance finely dispersed in the latter. (2) The invention relates to a dosing device for generating a gas flow with an active substance (2) finely dispersed in the latter, as a result of an underpressure applied to a mouthpiece... Agent: Sanofi Sa

20120111324 - Dry powder drug delivery formulations, methods of use, and devices therefore: The present disclosure relates to systems, methods, and formulations for the pulmonary administration of one or more therapeutic agents, in dry powder form, in a single, large dose quantity. These formulations, methods, and systems are useful in the treatment of patients suffering from toxic or harmful gas exposure, such as... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20120111328 - Dry powder inhalers: A dry powder inhaler (1) is disclosed comprising first and second medicament reservoirs (2, 2a) and respective rotatable first and second metering members (5, 5a), which are urged into sealing engagement with the respective medicament reservoir (2, 2a) by a compression spring (8) located between the metering members (5, 5a).... Agent: Innovata Biomed Limited

20120111325 - Low dose pharmaceutical powders for inhalation: The invention relates to a method of delivering an agent to the pulmonary system of a compromised patient, in a single breath-activated step, comprising administering a particle mass comprising an agent from an inhaler containing less than 5 milligrams of the mass, wherein at least about 50% of the mass... Agent: Civitas Therapeutics, Inc.

20120111329 - Device and method for assisting a cough: The invention provides a device (11) for assisting a cough, based on an oscillation pressure. The oscillation pressure causes a periodic oscillation airflow in a lung system and the periodic oscillation airflow comprises an oscillation exhalation airflow and an oscillation inhalation airflow. The device (10) comprises a controlling unit (11),... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120111330 - Mask for providing a visual cue: The invention provides, in part, visual indicators for respiratory masks, such as those used in hospital settings. The visual indicator is a mark that can be applied to or incorporated in a respiratory mask. The visual indicator changes color and/or opacity when the patient exhales and indicates whether or not... Agent:

20120111332 - Breathing apparatus: A breathing apparatus includes an air delivery assembly and a nasal interface. The air delivery assembly includes at least one passage couple to a supply of air. The nasal interface includes a resilient pad having a first side configured to releasably couple with the air delivery assembly. A second side... Agent:

20120111333 - Respiratory device comprising a fastening system: The invention relates to a device for respiration which consists at least of one body that delimits an inner chamber from an outer chamber, a region for sealing the device against parts of the face of a patient, fastening elements for positioning the device on the patient's head and a... Agent: Weinmann Gerate Fur Medizin Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120111331 - System and respiration appliance for supporting the airway of a subject: A respiration appliance (10), system (40), and method (62, 72, 86) for supporting the airway of a subject (12) as the subject (12) breaths. The flow of gas from the lungs of the subject (12) during exhalation is leveraged to provide support to the airway. In particular, a body (14)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120111334 - Respiratory nasal filter: A respiratory nasal filter including an outer ring having concentric outer periphery and inner periphery sized to the periphery of a user's nasal orifice, a filter layer having an outer periphery larger than the inner periphery of the outer ring, but smaller than the outer periphery of the outer ring... Agent:

20120111335 - Zinc oxide containing filter media and methods of forming the same: Filter media that includes activated carbon particulates and zinc oxide particles disposed on surfaces of the activated carbon particulates. The zinc oxide particles have an average crystallite dimension that is not greater than about 50 nm.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120111336 - Implant delivery device with expanding tip: Devices and methods are disclosed for the delivery of an implant into small bodily spaces. The delivery devices include an expandable portion configured for placement within such bodily spaces and subsequent expansion to facilitate the delivery of the implant.... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20120111337 - Methods and devices for occluding an ovarian pathway: Methods and devices of sterilization by which the ovarian pathway is occluded by a plug, wherein placement of the plug may be visually confirmed. Other methods and devices are also described.... Agent:

20120111338 - Intrauterine device and inserter for the same: An inserter for placing a T-shaped intrauterine device inside a patient's uterus and a T-shaped intrauterine device are disclosed. The inserter includes a sleeve part and a plunger part, the sleeve part includes a tube and a first engaging member and the plunger part includes a rod, a handle attached... Agent:

20120111339 - Devices and methods for acoustic shielding: Acoustic shielding system and method for protecting and shielding non-targeted regions or tissues that are not intended to be treated by ultrasonic procedures from acoustic energy using a shield. In some embodiments, the shield comprises multiple layers made of one or more materials with one or more acoustic impedances. In... Agent: Ulthera, Inc.

20120111341 - Airway implants and methods and devices for insertion and retrieval: Embodiments of the present invention relate to methods and devices for the treatment of airway obstruction, such as obstructive sleep apnea, and devices and methods that facilitate insertion and retrieval of the same. In one embodiment, disclosed is a tissue tensioner that includes an elongate flexible tether having a first... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120111340 - Nasal cannula: A nasal cannula includes a cannula body having a passageway extending therethrough from a first end to a second end and an airflow restrictor coupled to the cannula body and positioned to selectively restrict air flow through the passageway during exhalation. A flow regulator is settable to a plurality of... Agent:

20120111342 - Urology drape: A urology drape is disclosed which comprises a flexible sheet (12) which has a flexible hood (22) overlying part of the sheet (12) to form a repository (24) between the sheet (12) and the hood (22). The sheet (12) has a hole (18) to enable a procedure to be performed... Agent: Urotech Pty Ltd

20120111343 - Custom mouthguard: A custom mouthguard may be formed from a multiple layer assembly including an ethylene vinyl acetate/thermoplastic polyurethane layer, an ethylene vinyl acetate layer and an intervening impact shield and elastomeric framework. The elastomeric framework may include one or more posterior occlusal pads. The custom mouthguard may be molded to a... Agent: Shock Doctor, Inc.

20120111344 - Ergonomic protective air filtration devices and methods for manufacturing the same: Ergonomic protective air filtration devices and methods for manufacturing the same are disclosed herein. An ergonomic protective air filtration device includes a stack of at least two layers of an air permeable material, the stack forming a body, a periphery, and a back; a plurality of intersecting three-dimensional V-shaped pleats... Agent: Salutaris LLP

05/03/2012 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120103326 - Inhaler: An inhaler for the propellant-free nebulization of a medicament preparation produces a low speed aerosol. The inhaler is combined with an add-on device for intermediate storage of the aerosol produced. The inhaler has a tensioning device for the one-handed tensioning of a drive spring and release thereof. The inhaler is... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh

20120103327 - Gas mask with a drinking device: A gas mask with a connection piece (11) at a mask body has an adapter (12), which is rotatably received in the connection piece (11). The gas mask has an angle piece (13) outside the mask that connects to a drinking tube (7) for the consumption of food or beverage... Agent: Drager Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa

20120103328 - Dose setting element for a drug delivery device and drug delivery device with dose setting element: The invention relates to a dose setting mechanism (1) for a drug delivery device (2), comprising a number of separate dose setting elements (3.1 to 3.n), wherein a dose volume and/or a dose number are/is set by moving at least one of the respective dose setting elements (3.1 to 3.n)... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120103330 - Medicinal inhalation device: A medical inhalation device or a component thereof having a diamond-like glass coating comprising hydrogen and on a hydrogen free basis about 20 to about 40 atomic percent of silicon, greater than 39 atomic percent of carbon, and less than 33 down to and including zero atomic percent of oxygen.... Agent:

20120103329 - Trigger mechanism for a drug delivery device: The invention relates to a trigger mechanism for a drug delivery device comprising at least one energy storing element, an actuation element and a series of cascaded trigger elements. The trigger elements are pre-stressed with increasing pre-stressing and coupled to the at least one energy storing element such that the... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120103331 - Meter for fluid or powdery product dispensing device: A counter including a body (460), and first and second rotary counter elements (410, 420) assembled in the body (460). The first counter element (410) co-operating with an actuator member (1430) on each actuation and including an interconnection for interconnecting with the second counter element (420). The interconnection is actuated... Agent: Valois Sas

20120103332 - Powder delivery devices and methods of using the same: A powder delivery device (100) including a piercing device (180) capable of piercing a blister (102) may be used to deliver powder or product from a blister (102) or other container to a user through a nasal adapter (110) and the powder delivery device (100) may be re-used or refilled... Agent: Meadwestvaco Calmar Gmbh

20120103333 - Ventilator apparatus: Ventilator apparatus provides a breathing circuit for supplying breathing gas to a patient. The breathing circuit includes a variable volume enclosure (3) provided within an enclosure chamber (2) and a gas supply path (21) into the enclosure chamber enabling the enclosure chamber to be pressurised by the supplied gas in... Agent: Art Of Xen Limited

20120103334 - Determining patient-ventilator breath contribution index in spontaneously breathing, mechanically ventilated patients: The present invention relates to a system and method for determining a patient-ventilator breath contribution index in a spontaneously breathing, mechanically ventilated patient. A patient's efficiency to generate an inspiratory volume without mechanical ventilatory assist and a patient's efficiency to generate an inspiratory volume with mechanical ventilatory assist are calculated... Agent: St. Michael's Hospital

20120103335 - Smoke alarm triggered emergency portable breathing apparatus: A bedside emergency unit may be configured to automatically open when a smoke detector/alarm is activated. The bedside emergency unit may include emergency supplies, such as a portable air/oxygen tank, bottled water, a strobe light, a fire blanket and the like. When a smoke detector/alarm activates, the bedside unit may... Agent:

20120103336 - Ventilator system and method: A ventilator is disclosed herein. The ventilator may include a blower, and a controller operatively connected to the blower. The controller is configured to automatically identify an optimal target inspiratory and expiratory pressure level for the treatment of a sleep related breathing disorder. The controller is also configured to regulate... Agent: General Electric Company

20120103337 - Device and methods for applying therapeutic protocols to organs of the cardiopulmonary system: The invention is a device for the introduction of a fluid into a human's airway. The air so introduced has a carefully modulated envelope of pressure vs. time, this envelope generally consisting of sequences of pressurized air packets of controlled frequency and pressures. The device produces these packets by means... Agent: Respinova Ltd.

20120103338 - Breathing device: The present invention discloses a breathing device comprising: a main body comprising at least one exhausting port, at least one one-way valve plate, an inlet port, and a stand-connecting part; a air pipe being connected with the inlet port and comprising a check valve disposed on the inner part of... Agent:

20120103339 - Surgical face mask, including reusable masks, with filtered inhalation and exhalation valves: Face masks that can be used, for example, in medical and surgical procedures, including both completely or partially disposable and reusable masks, that can be custom fitted to the wearer, and which can include one or more filtering inhalation and exhalation valves and/or compartments allowing for separated filtering of inhalation... Agent:

20120103340 - Forehead supports for facial masks: A forehead support for a mask assembly includes a frame connector provided to a mask frame, a forehead cushion support movably mounted to the frame connector for generally linear movement between retracted and extended positions with respect to the frame connector, and an adjustment knob movably mounted to the frame... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120103341 - Tracheal tube with connector insert: A tracheal tube assembly includes a connector body, a cannula extending from the connector body, and an insert that provides rigidity to the connector body and retains the cannula in the connector body. The insert has a proximal surface having a first outside diameter substantially the same size as a... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120103342 - Multidirectional tracheotomy speaking valve: A speaking tube for a patient's airway management having a body with a chamber formed therein connected to a tracheotomy tube. A plurality of ramps are disposed within the chamber retaining a ball therein. The body is rotatable through 180° to adjust the positioning of the ball when the patient... Agent: Shikani Medical, LLC D/b/a/ The Airway Company

20120103343 - Respiratory device: In an embodiment, a respiratory device is disclosed. The respiratory device may include or comprise a nasal device. The respiratory device may also include or comprise a conveyor device coupled with the nasal device. The respiratory device may further include or comprise an oral device, wherein the oral device may... Agent:

20120103344 - Arm stabilizer device and methods: An arm stabilizer includes a stabilizer bar and one or more modular attachments that can be detachably secured to the stabilizer bar. A wrist support attachment can be secured to the distal end of the stabilizer bar. A reducer attachment can be secured to the stabilizer bar between the wrist... Agent:

20120103345 - Sleeping aid: A sleeping aid having an upper moulding, a lower moulding and a bridge; the sleeping aid formed so that it can be placed in the mouth of a human user with a series of the user's upper teeth snugly in the upper moulding, a series of the user's lower teeth... Agent:

20120103346 - Earplug and pumping systems: At least one exemplary embodiment is directed to an earplug comprising: at last a partially flexible distal end; an inflatable element; and a flexible anti-distal end, where the anti-distal end has at least one portion that is deformable, where the inflatable element is operatively attached to the distal end by... Agent: Personics Holdings Inc/

20120103347 - Urinary incontinence device and method: A urinary incontinence device comprising a flexible but shape-retaining body portion is disclosed wherein the body portion has a longitudinal axis extending from an anterior end to a posterior end thereof. The body portion is elongated in the direction of the longitudinal axis and has a length and width sufficient... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20120103348 - Magnetic navigation control apparatus: A magnetic navigation control apparatus includes a sensing unit, a control unit and a magnetic field generating unit. The sensing unit generates a sensing signal according to the position of a magnetic element. The control unit is electrically connected with the sensing unit and generates a first control signal and... Agent:

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