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Surgery April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 60 patent applications in 49 patent subcategories.

20120101422 - Electromagnetic induction access disconnect systems: An access disconnect system includes a blood processing machine having a blood pump operable with blood tubing, first and second conductive contacts located in the blood tubing on an arterial tubing side of a blood filter. The first conductive contact is located upstream of the blood pump and the second... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120101423 - Device and method for establishing an artificial arterio-venous fistula: A shunt rivet for implementation in the aorta and inferior vena cava to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and a method of treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.... Agent: Rox Medical, Inc.

20120101424 - Tampon applicator: A tampon applicator according to the present invention includes an outer tube and an inner tube. The outer tube includes an outer-tube tip end portion having a locking portion and an outer-tube rear end portion having a protrusion. The protrusion is capable of passing by the locking portion from the... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120101425 - Wireless communication system: A wireless communication system includes a first device having a communications control circuit configured to initiate transmission of a wireless communication signal, and a second device including a communication interface circuit and a number of other circuits. The communication interface circuit may be responsive to the wireless communication signal to... Agent:

20120101426 - Method for transdermal delivery of permeant substances: A method for delivering permeant substances transdermally into a membrane of an animal includes forming at least one delivery opening in the skin tissue, with the at least one delivery opening having a mean opening depth of between about 40 and about 90 microns.... Agent:

20120101427 - Novel photosensitizer formulations for oral administration: The present invention provides novel drug formulations for oral administration for diverse medical applications including anticancer, antimetastatic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiprotozoic, antiviral, antiprionic and PDT treatments for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. In a preferred embodiment the oral drug formulation comprises a photosensitizer and suitable excipients and may be administered in multiple... Agent:

20120101428 - Bronchoscopic lung volume reduction method: A method of minimally invasively reducing a volume of a hyper-inflated target section of diseased lung comprising the steps of introducing a bronchoscope into a patient's airway to a position adjacent the target section and equilibrating air within the target section with atmospheric air to at least partially deflate the... Agent: Spiration, Inc.

20120101429 - Sinus delivery of sustained release therapeutics: The invention provides biodegradable implants for treating sinusitis. The biodegradable implants have a size, shape, density, viscosity, and/or mucoadhesiveness that prevents them from being substantially cleared by the mucociliary lining of the sinuses during the intended treatment period. The biodegradable implants include a sustained release therapeutic, e.g., an antibiotic, a... Agent:

20120101430 - Body-associated receiver and method: Receivers, which may be external or implantable, are provided. Aspects of receivers of the invention include the presence of one or more of: a high power-low power module; an intermediary module; a power supply module configured to activate and deactivate one or more power supplies to a high power processing... Agent:

20120101431 - Cylinder-piston unit suitable for storing injection solutions for a needle-free automatic or manual filling of the cylinder-piston unit, also under atmospheric pressure: A pressure-stable cylinder/piston unit which blocks water vapor and oxygen and is designed for a needle-free injector, with a chamber arranged in a cylinder, which blocks water vapor and oxygen, and designed for long-term and sterile storage of an injection solution, an end wall with at least one nozzle bore... Agent:

20120101432 - Soft breastshield: A breastshield is constructed of a low Durometer material. The breastshield includes a nipple tunnel that generally accommodates the shape of a nipple and an aperture that conveys fluids through the breastshield.... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20120101433 - Sinusal guide cannula and kit for irrigation, suction and washing: The present invention provides a cannula guide tube; and a kit with the cannula guide tube, a flexible transparent cannula or a transparent catheter with an inflatable balloon at the catheter end, and an exploratory device. The kit is for irrigation, suction and washing out purulent or liquid discharges from... Agent:

20120101434 - Trans-septal catheter with retention mechanism: A medical system for introduction through a septum separating a first heart chamber from a second heart chamber includes a guide catheter with a distal segment and a guide catheter lumen adapted to receive a mapping/ablation catheter. The guide catheter includes a deployable retention mechanism that engages the septum and... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120101435 - Medical balloon: A non-compliant medical balloon, where the non-compliant medical balloon may be changed from a deflated state to an inflated state by increasing pressure within the balloon, is made with a first fiber layer, a second fiber layer over said first fiber layer such that the fibers of the first fiber... Agent:

20120101438 - Pinch clamp assembly: A pinch clamp assembly for engaging a tube with an enteral feeding or infusion pump adapted to feed nutritionals or to infuse medical solutions to a patient, is provided comprising a base (1) comprising holding means (3) for holding a pumping section (10) of the tube in operative engagement with... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20120101437 - Pinch clamp assembly for an infusion cassette: A pinch clamp assembly for engaging a tube with an enteral feeding or infusion pump adapted to feed nutritionals or to infuse medical solutions to a patient, is provided comprising a base (1) comprising holding means (3) for holding a pumping section (10) of the tube in operative engagement with... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20120101436 - Sensor assembly and medical device incorporating same: Apparatus are provided for sensor assemblies and related medical devices. An embodiment of a sensor assembly includes a rigid structure and a beam structure having an outer portion in contact with the rigid structure and an inner portion. The beam structure includes one or more beams extending between the outer... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120101439 - Autoinjector system: An autoinjector system for injecting a fluid medicament into a patient includes a re-usable autoinjector, and a disposable cassette loaded with a hypodermic syringe pre-filled with a fluid medicament. The autoinjector includes a first motor for injecting a needle of the hypodermic syringe into the patient and a second motor... Agent: Avant Medical Corporation

20120101440 - Medical device insertion apparatus, system and method: An insertion device is disclosed. The insertion device includes a base portion, a top portion slidably connected to the base portion, an introduction needle, a catheter in slidable relation to the introduction needle, and a substantially cylindrical flash chamber, the flash chamber having an inlet in fluid communication with the... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20120101441 - Hinged catheter: The disclosure provides a catheter for positioning in a contralateral femoral approach in highly angulated iliac bifurcations. The catheter comprises an elongate shaft, an adjustable element, and a wire entrance port on the elongate shaft. The elongate shaft has a proximal portion, an intermediate portion, a curved portion, and a... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20120101442 - Deflectable guide: Described herein are devices and methods for guide catheters having one or more regions of increased flexibility. A flexibility region comprises one tubular segment of the guide catheter with a non-linear longitudinal seam between two non-concentric layers of material having different durometers. A non-linear seam, such as a zig-zag or... Agent: Guided Delivery Systems Inc.

20120101443 - Catheter patch applicator assembly: In accordance with aspects of the present invention, an applicator assembly suitable for application of a catheter patch about an insertion site of a percutaneous device includes a body having a distal end, a proximal end, and laterally extending right and left side gripping members, a pull tab member attached... Agent: Carefusion 2000, Inc.

20120101444 - Medical delivery device: A medication delivery device comprises display means (15) having at least one segment, the segment comprising a first display element (1A1, 1B1, 1C1, 1D1, 1E1, 1F1, 1G1) and a second display element (1A2, 1B2, 1C2, 1D2, 1E2, 1F2, 1G2). The display means (15) comprises a first display layer (212) and... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120101445 - Medicament identification system for multi-dose injection devices: An identification system for a multi-dose pen-type injection device includes an elastic band that is associated with a specific medicament can be placed around the outside of the device to allow a user to readily identify the medicament contained within the device. Alternatively, a pocket clip with a unique structural... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120101446 - Syringe, auto-injector device and set of auto-injector devices and syringes: A syringe comprising a first coding feature for mechanical interaction with a second coding feature of an auto-injector device is provided. The first coding feature is designed such that the syringe is only mountable in an auto-injector device having a second coding feature mating the first coding feature. Furthermore, an... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120101447 - Multipurpose protective cap for syringes: A multipurpose protective cap construction for syringes, characterized in that said syringe needle cap comprises a tube body designed for covering an overall length of a syringe needle or other needle instrument, said tube body having a tube body mouth portion including a funnel device adapted to operate as a... Agent:

20120101448 - Safe disposable injector with changeable and automatically retractable needle: A safe disposable injector with a changeable and automatically retractable needle includes a needle cylinder (1) and a plunger (2), and also includes a medicament-dispensing needle unit (3) and an injecting needle unit (4). The medicament-dispensing needle unit (3) and the injecting needle unit (4) are changed according to the... Agent: Wuxi Yushou Medical Applicance Ltd.

20120101450 - Cylinder-piston unit of a disposable injector having increased operational safety: The end face of a cylinder-piston unit has a press-in area, engaging around the mouth, and a press-on area, surrounding the press-in area. The press-in area comprises an inner web, delimiting the mouth, and an outer web. The webs delimit a recess, which surrounds the inner web and of which... Agent:

20120101449 - Medicament delivery device: Medicament delivery device comprising: a first housing part (12) having a container holder (14) into which a medicament container (16) can be placed and wherein the container has a front opening with or for a delivery member for delivering the medicament therethrough and a movable stopper (17); a second housing... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20120101452 - Drug delivery device: A mechanism in the body is used to drive a piston rod and comprises means for guiding the movement of the piston rod relatively to the body while delivering the drug. Further means are provided for releasing the piston rod from the means for guiding the movement, thus enabling a... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120101451 - Methods and systems for dosing a medicament: A manually actuated pump, such as a bolus delivery circuit of an insulin pump, combines a direct drive piston system with a lost motion valve system, to deliver reliably a full bolus dose, while precluding partial dosing or inadvertent overdosing conditions. The pump may also include a signaling device to... Agent:

20120101453 - Piston for a medical hollow body, and medical hollow bodies: A piston for a medical hollow body such as a syringe or a carpule includes at least one sliding surface for contact with the hollow body. The piston has at least one receiving area in which a lubricant can be received, and at least one dispensing mechanism for dispensing the... Agent: Arzneimittel Gmbh Apotheker Vetter & Co. Ravensburg

20120101454 - Splash free needle assembly: A leak preventing AV needle assembly including an AV needle, a catheter having a first end engaged with the AV needle and a second end, and a one-way valve assembly including a housing having a first end portion engaged with the second end of the catheter, and a second end... Agent:

20120101456 - Implantable medical device for lubrication of a synovial joint and method for implanting the device: An implantable medical device for lubrication of a synovial joint having a joint cavity is provided. The implantable device comprises a solid lubricant and a feeding device, wherein said feeding device is adapted to feed said solid lubricant into the joint cavity for lubricating the synovial joint.... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20120101455 - Shaft arrangement having a shaft which extends within a fluid-filled casing: In the case of a shaft arrangement having a shaft (7) which extends within a casing (1) filled with a fluid and which can be actuated by means of a drive (8) from outwith the casing (1), the shaft (7) having on its outer peripheral surface a surface structure which... Agent: Ecp Entwicklungsgesellschaft Mbh

20120101457 - Needle device: A needle device is provided, which includes a support portion having a first and second main surface and at least one projecting portion extending from the first main surface of the support portion. The projecting portion is constituted of a material includes pectin and an alginate.... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd

20120101458 - Reduced-pressure systems, devices, and methods for treating a tissue site that includes a fistula: Systems, methods, and devices are disclosed that involve a fistula-isolating device for use when reduced pressure is applied to a wound bed having a fistula. In one instance, the fistula-isolating device includes an adjustable passageway member and a perimeter member that contracts under reduced pressure and that automatically accommodates wound... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20120101459 - Absorbent structures comprising post-crosslinked water-absorbent articles: Absorbent structures comprising vacuum-treated (optionally coated) post-crosslinked water-absorbing polymeric particles, obtainable by vacuum-treating and optionally plasma-treating post-crosslinked water-absorbent polymeric particles (that may optionally be coated), the resulting vacuum-treated post-crosslinked water-absorbing polymeric particles having an improved absorption, whilst having good gel bed permeability.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20120101460 - Flexible resilient absorbent cellulosic nonwoven structure: The invention relates to a fibrous porous fluid absorbent material comprising a nonwoven, in particular made by an Airlaid process and comprising fibers at least 50% of said fibers being cellulosic fibers. The fibrous porous fluid absorbent material comprises a core wherein said fibers of said core are non-connected or... Agent: Glatfelter Falkenhagen Gmbh

20120101461 - Sheet member, high-density region-containing sheet manufacturing method and disposable diaper using sheet member: A high-density region-containing sheet has a high-density region and a low-density region, and a sheet member is produced by joining the high-density region of the high-density region-containing sheet to an elastic member. A sheet in a soft state by imparting preheat is pressed between a pair of opposed shaping rolls... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120101462 - Absorbent article for medical treatment or menstruation: The present invention relates to an absorbent fabric for medical treatment or menstruation, and more particularly, to a convenient and sanitary absorbent article to be used as a tampon, a blood-absorbing fabric for surgery, etc. The present invention provides an absorbent article for medical treatment or menstruation, wherein a flat... Agent:

20120101463 - Disposable absorbent article with donning tab: An absorbent article includes front and back side panels, wherein each side panel has an attachment edge and a free edge, the front and back side panels being one of permanently attached and releasably fastenable to define a wear configuration of the absorbent article. The article also includes a finger... Agent:

20120101464 - Disposable absorbent article with finger tab without compromising stretch: An absorbent article for personal wear includes inner and outer surfaces, an absorbent body disposed therebetween, and front waist, back waist, and crotch regions. The article also includes front and back side panels that are releasably attachable at a seam using an article fastening component and an article fastener landing... Agent:

20120101465 - Wound compression dressing: Wound compression dressings of the invention comprise: an elastic layer comprising an extensible material having recovery of greater than 90% when tested according to ASTM D412 at elongations up to about 150%; an adhesive layer on at least a portion of a first side of the elastic layer; and a... Agent:

20120101466 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article includes: a belly waistline portion to be fitted to a belly waistline of a wearer; a rear waistline portion to be fitted to a rear waistline of the wearer; a crotch portion to be fitted to a crotch of the wearer; a central portion in a width... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120101467 - Tampon and method for manufacturing thereof: A tampon that has an absorbent body that absorbs a bodily fluid and that is to be inserted into a body cavity along a central axis of the absorbent body, wherein a leading end part in an inserting direction of the absorbent body includes a recessed part including a position... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120101468 - Disposable absorbent article with opening tab: An absorbent article includes a chassis defining a waist opening, the chassis including first and second opposing side areas, the first side area including a first panel attached to a second panel along a first longitudinal attachment area and wherein the second side area also includes a first panel attached... Agent:

20120101469 - Disposable absorbent article with finger tab: An absorbent includes inner and outer surfaces, an absorbent body disposed therebetween, and front waist, back waist, and crotch regions. The article also includes pairs of front and back side panels, each side panel having an attachment edge and a free edge, the front and back side panels being releasably... Agent:

20120101470 - Medical device and cartridge: A cartridge is engageable with a medical device, the cartridge comprising an ordered arrangement of N electrical components (540) each with different respective values of an electrical property, and an ordered arrangement of N conductors (522, 524, 526) operably coupled to the ordered arrangement of the N electrical components. A... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20120101472 - Multi-chamber cellular mixing and delivery system and method: A multi-chamber injection and treatment system includes a first chamber, a second chamber, a mixing element, and a needle portion. The first chamber is generally adapted to receive and advance various cells, while the second chamber is adapted to receive and advance adipose tissue, and can blend or reduce the... Agent:

20120101471 - Self-powered infusion device and method of use: A medical device system is provided here which has a disposable pump member capable of delivering fluid at a high pressure and a controlled rate. The disposable pump member has an internal power source that provides an energy source for a drivable pump used during treatment. Additionally, a method is... Agent:

20120101473 - Decision-assist method of resuscitation of patients: A method for providing decision-assist to medical staff resuscitating a burn patient includes receiving patient information, calculating an infusion rate, outputting the infusion rate, obtaining a urinary output, calculating a new infusion rate using infusion rate model based constants, and outputting the new infusion rate. In some embodiments, the method... Agent: United States Government, As Represented By Secretary Of The Army

20120101474 - Modular external infusion device: A modular external infusion device that controls the rate a fluid is infused into an individual's body, which includes a first module and a second module. More particularly, the first module may be a pumping module that delivers a fluid, such as a medication, to a patient while the second... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120101475 - High efficiency auto-injector: An auto-injector apparatus and associated methods utilizing specific dimensions and parameters of use for the auto-injector are provided for achieving increased effectiveness of the auto-injector device in delivering medicament into the patient's body, and in dispersion of the medicament from the initial injection site into the surrounding bodily tissues.... Agent: Meridian Medical Technologies, Inc.

20120101476 - Transvenous soaker catheter using microfibers: A catheter tip for an infusion catheter has a hollow tubular shaped base member with a pair of annular shaped inflation balloons positioned in parallel on the base member. A plurality of microfibers are mounted on the cylindrical surface section between the balloons. The microfibers are in fluid communication with... Agent:

20120101477 - Spring driven adjustable oral syringe: Embodiments disclosed herein generally describe a medication delivery system. The medication delivery system includes a barrel, a plunger assembly, a dosage selection device, and a force producing element. The plunger assembly is disposed within the barrel. The force producing element can force the plunger assembly from the barrel. The user... Agent: Maclean, LLC

20120101478 - Dual cartridge mixer syringe: A dual cartridge mixer syringe includes a first cartridge for containing a first formulation, a second cartridge for containing a second formulation, a first plunger for displacing said first formulation from said first cartridge, and a second plunger for displacing said second formulation from said second cartridge. A mixing assembly... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120101479 - [methods and apparatuses for isolating and preparing stem cells]: A method of preparing a population of stem cells for autologous implantation to a subject and apparatus used therein are provided. The cells are activated by irradiating the cells with one or more wavelengths of yellow and red and/or green light. In particular, the cells are irradiated with 575-595 nm... Agent:

20120101480 - Catheter shaft: A catheter shaft having a helically wound elongate tubular member is disclosed. The catheter shaft may include a tubular member formed from helically wrapped length of material. The length of material may be wrapped to define a plurality of turns. At least some of the turns may be wrapped in... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120101481 - Device for capsule retrieval: A collection device for retrieving a medical capsule discharges from the anus of a patient is disclosed. Medical capsules have been widely used for monitoring and diagnostic purposes. The capsule has to be retrieved to obtain the on-board data or for reuse of the capsule. Accordingly, cost effective, easy-to-deploy, and... Agent: Capso Vision, Inc.

04/19/2012 > 68 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20120095381 - Machine for extracorporeal treatment of blood: A machine (1) for extracorporeal blood treatment comprises a device (2) for ultrafiltration of a liquid through a semi-permeable membrane (3) of a blood treatment device (4), a first sensor (11) for ultrafiltration rate through the membrane, a second group of sensors (13) for measuring a trans-membrane pressure, an infusion... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20120095382 - Gamma accumulator: A device (FIGS. 1b, 8c, 14b) for storing and dispensing a fluid and fluid energy using continuous analog modification of the total surface area of one or more solid surfaces against which, on one side of such surface(s), the fluid to be stored and dispensed may proximally and forcibly act... Agent:

20120095383 - Systems and methods for an advanced medical device: The present invention relates to a biologically active medical device, which includes a matrix seeded with progenitor cells, and then covered by ciliated tissue. The matrix is capable of enabling cellular migration. The ciliated tissue is ependymal cells that express at least one of tight junctional complexes, zonula adherens, and... Agent:

20120095385 - Intragastric implants with duodenal anchors: Intragastric fluid transfer devices and related methods for operation thereof are disclosed. The intragastric fluid transfer devices and related methods are intended to assist a patient in maintaining a healthy body weight by stimulating the inner stomach walls and/or the inner duodenum walls. Features of the intragastric fluid transfer device... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120095384 - Stomach-spanning gastric implants: A variety of passive intragastric implant devices for obesity treatment are disclosed. Such passive implants do not autonomously change shape, but instead react within the stomach to induce satiety. The implants may take up volume within the stomach, thus reducing the digestive capacity. Additionally, the implants may contact areas within... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120095386 - Composition and device structure for iontophoresis: Device structure 100 for iontophoresis provides electrode 101 and electrically conductive layer 102. Electrically conductive layer 102 contains active ingredient D and basic water swelling methacrylate copolymer P1 and/or acidic water swelling methacrylate copolymer P2. Electrode 101 and electrically conductive layer 102 are placed into a hollow of backing 103... Agent: Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

20120095388 - Material for facilitating thermal treatments of biological tissues and method of energy targeting leading to thermal treatment of biological tissues: A method includes positioning an effective amount of a thermal target material at a treatment site of a patient. The treatment site, that is, the location of the thermal target material, comprises a location adjacent to biological tissue to be treated. The thermal target material includes carbon molecules preferably in... Agent:

20120095387 - Methods for detection, diagnosis and selective eradication of neoplasms in vivo using multidomain biotags: A method for treating cancer in a subject is provided, the method comprising administering to the subject an effective dose of a multidomain biotag that targets one or more cancer cells; and exposing the subject to one or more rounds of radiation. The one or more rounds of radiation kills... Agent:

20120095389 - Ultrasound catheter for providing a therapeutic effect to a vessel of a body: The invention relates to a catheter system. The system comprises a catheter body having a chamber containing a low acoustic impedance medium. The catheter body includes an elongated body with an external surface and an ultrasound transducer having an external side between a first end and a second end. The... Agent: Ekos Corporation

20120095390 - Generation of therapeutic microfoam: Improved therapeutic sclerosing microfoams and methods and devices for making them are provided that have advantage in producing a consistent profile injectable foam with minimal input by the physician yet using high volume percentages of blood dispersible gases, thus avoiding use of potentially hazardous amounts of nitrogen.... Agent: Btg International Limited

20120095391 - Connector comprising backflow valve for a tube set: A connector is provided that is configured to pass a liquid from a bottle and a gas between a tube set assembly and a medical instrument, the tube set assembly comprising a first tube for gas flow and a second tube for liquid flow, the first and second tube contacting... Agent: Minntech Corporation

20120095392 - Systems and methods for delivery of peritoneal dialysis (pd) solutions with integrated inter-chamber diffuser: The invention provides, in some aspects, a container system for medical solutions such as peritoneal dialysis (PD) solutions. The invention particularly features a system which includes a first compartment that contains a first medical solution, e.g., a PD osmotic agent, and a second compartment that contains a second medical solution,... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20120095393 - Use of a handheld medical device as a communications mediator between a personal computer-based configurator and another networked medical device: A handheld diabetes managing device that provides a secure and efficient communication link between an insulin pump and an external computing device. The handheld diabetes managing device can include a blood glucose meter, a processor and first and second communication modules. The handheld diabetes managing device can be configured to... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120095394 - Dual chamber combined container-syringe: A dual chamber combined container-syringe includes: an outer casing having a bypass portion; a hub lure lock; a front stopper; a middle stopper that seals a pharmaceutical preparation together with the front stopper; an end stopper that seals a liquid medicine together with the middle stopper; a finger grip; and... Agent: Arte Corporation

20120095395 - Apparatus and processes for applying substances within mammalian tissue: An apparatus for applying a substance to internal mammalian tissue is provided. The apparatus includes a member having a flexible, absorbent, porous portion connected to a non-porous portion. The apparatus may be used to treat atrial fibrillation or other non-atrial fibrillation issues with internal mammalian tissue.... Agent:

20120095396 - Drug eluting medical device utilizing bioadhesives: A medical balloon having an inner surface and an outer surface comprising a first coating composition comprising at least one therapeutic agent, the first coating composition disposed on the balloon outer surface and forming an interface between the balloon outer surface and the first coating composition and a second coating... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120095397 - Balloon catheter with improved column strength and torque transmission: A balloon catheter capable of delivering torque and pushing through obstructions includes a relatively weak balloon segment of a catheter and rotatable asymmetric tip. A reinforcement sleeve increases column strength and torque transmission to push the balloon and rotate the tip to facilitate passage through said obstructions. The tip is... Agent: Trireme Medical, Inc.

20120095398 - Battery shock absorber for a portable medical device: A device for delivering fluid to a user includes a housing, a drive motor assembly in the housing, other internal components in the housing, and a keypad external to the housing. The device includes a number of features and elements that enhance its operation, manufacturability, reliability, and user-friendliness. These features... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120095402 - Chronic access system for extracorporeal treatment of blood including a continuously wearable hemodialyzer: A patient wearable, continuously operating extracorporeal pump apparatus which accesses the patient's arterial venous pressure differential by applying external pressure to a subcutaneous graft that has been cannualized to modulate blood flow through an extracorporeal circuit and to drive the pump for delivering a medicament, such as an anticoagulant, to... Agent:

20120095400 - Connection and alignment systems and methods: A medical device system may include a set of housing portions, which includes a first housing portion and a second housing portion, and a third housing portion configured to be selectively operatively engaged with and disengaged from each of the first housing portion and the second housing portion. Each of... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120095401 - Liquid supply pump and medical instrument: A liquid supply pump includes: three chambers of a first liquid chamber, a second liquid chamber, and a third liquid chamber disposed in series and produced by dividing a space between an inlet channel into which liquid is supplied and an outlet channel from which liquid is delivered; a first... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120095399 - Medical device and related assembly having an offset element for a piezoelectric speaker: A device for delivering fluid to a user includes a housing, a drive motor assembly in the housing, other internal components in the housing, and a keypad external to the housing. The device includes a number of features and elements that enhance its operation, manufacturability, reliability, and user-friendliness. These features... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120095404 - Echogenic nerve block apparatus and system: An apparatus for performing a nerve block procedure, the apparatus being composed of an echogenic needle or an echogenic soft tissue tunneling device and an echogenic catheter configured for controlled delivery of a medication. The apparatus may further include a sheath such that at least one of the needle or... Agent:

20120095403 - System for providing surgical access: One embodiment is directed to a system for advancing a needle into a tissue structure, comprising: an elongate needle member having a tapered distal tip; an insertion member having proximal and distal ends, the distal end being coupled to the elongate needle member, and the proximal end being configured to... Agent:

20120095405 - Method for implanting a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy/jejunostomy tube in a patient and access needle for use in said method: Method for implanting a percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy tube in a patient and access needle for use in the method. In one embodiment, the method comprises the steps of (a) providing an access needle wherein the distal end of the stylet extends distally for an appreciable distance beyond the distal end... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120095406 - Inserter device: The present application relates to an inserter device for inserting a medical device subcutaneous Iy which inserter device comprises a housing (1); a cover (2) which is slidably connected to the housing (1); a hub (5) for an insertion needle (4) which can be moved linearly relative to the housing... Agent: Unomedical A/s

20120095407 - Cap assembly for use with a prefilled lock solution syringe: A cap assembly is disclosed for use with a lock solution delivery device. The cap assembly includes a housing defining a receptacle and having an inlet end and an outlet end. A plunger is movable axially within the receptacle from a retracted position to an advanced position and is rotatably... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120095408 - Injection devices: An injection device includes a multi-use drive assembly 10 and a single use disposable syringe assembly 12 releasably connected thereto. The syringe assembly includes a syringe 18 and a shield 26 mounted for telescopic movement. The drive assembly 10 is operable to extend the syringe 18 relative to the shield... Agent: Owen Mumford Limited

20120095409 - Seal member: A seal member is configured to seal a chamber of a drug delivery device which is suitable to contain a drug, wherein the seal member comprises a diaphragm.... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120095410 - Dial-down mechanism for wind-up pen: The present invention relates to a dial-down mechanism for an injection device comprising a torsion spring for assisting injection of a dose of medicament from the injection device, the dial-down mechanism comprising a ratchet arm (21) engaging a ring element (10) and a reset element (30) which acts on a... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20120095411 - Drug delivery device: A drug delivery device comprises an outer housing rollable around a rotation axis and at least one stop member. The stop member protrudes radially from the outer housing of the drug delivery device and is configured to prevent rolling movement of the drug delivery device along a predetermined surface. The... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120095413 - Drive mechanism for a medication delivery device and medication delivery device: A drive mechanism for a medication delivery device (1) is proposed, the drive mechanism comprising a housing (13, 17, 40) having a proximal end and a distal end, a rotation member (21) which is adapted to be rotated in a first direction with respect to the housing during setting of... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120095412 - Injection device with holding means to prevent unintentional movements of piston rod: The invention relates to a injection device, comprising a housing being adapted to receive in its proximal housing portion a container with an injection fluid and to receive in its distal housing portion a dose setting and injection mechanism, wherein the mechanism includes a piston rod being axially displaceable with... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120095414 - Drug delivery device: Drug delivery device, comprising a body unit having a first opening and a second opening, a plunger arranged such that its distal end is positioned inside the body unit, wherein the plunger is moveable in the distal direction with respect to the body unit, a needle assembly, with a proximal... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120095415 - Drug port verification valve: A drug port smart valve and a method of its use, for preventing medical errors when injecting IV fluids and medication into humans and animals, and, in particular to ensure authentication of medication infused in IV bags and syringes.... Agent: Pro-iv Ltd.

20120095416 - Hemodialysis catheter with thrombus blocker: A hemodialysis catheter with a plurality of umbrella-like wire members covered with a film which works as a thrombus blocker and can easily and effectively remove the thrombus is disclosed. The hemodialysis catheter has a proximal lumen, the arterial lumen, and a distal lumen, the venous lumen. An elongate member... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20120095417 - Surgical delivery instrument and method: A surgical instrument includes a needle extending between a proximal end and a distal end. The needle defines a longitudinal axis. The needle includes an elongated cavity that defines an opening disposed proximal to the distal end. A wire extends between a proximal end and a distal end configured for... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120095418 - Self-supporting films for delivery of therapeutic agents: The present disclosure relates to self-supporting films for delivery of a therapeutic agent containing at least one hydrophobic polymer and at least one therapeutic agent. Methods of forming the self-supporting films are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120095421 - Biocompatible wound dressing: A biocompatible wound dressing comprised of a pad for insertion substantially into a wound site and wound drape for sealing enclosure of the foam pad at the wound site. The pad, comprised of a foam or other like material having relatively few open cells in contact with the areas upon... Agent:

20120095420 - Negative pressure wound treatment device, and methods: A negative pressure (i.e., vacuum or suction) wound healing device and system incorporating the device. The device of the present disclosure is smaller, lighter, portable, and overall more manageable by both the user and the medical personnel than the conventional systems. The device could be readily worn by the user.... Agent: Wound Care Technologies, Inc.

20120095419 - Wound care article having an absorbent shell: The invention relates to a wound care article (100; 200; 300; 400; 500) comprising at least one body (1; 11; 21) absorbing the liquid wound exudates, and at least one shell (2; 12; 22) at least partially encompassing the body (1; 11; 21). The shell (2; 12; 22) itself is... Agent:

20120095422 - Automatic surgical sponge counter and blood loss determination system: A surgical sponge detection system includes a device for automatically counting soiled surgical sponges which includes a reader which scans each sponge entered and determines sponge type from a tag affixed to each sponge and a control unit which processes data received from reader contained within sponges entered. The reader... Agent: Clearcount Medical Solutions, Inc.

20120095423 - Brassiere liner: A disposable bra liner has three layers which before use are flat, and in use become cup-shaped. The first layer is an outermost layer, the second layer is a middle layer, and the third layer is an innermost layer. The outermost layer and the innermost layer have circular peripheries and... Agent:

20120095424 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article includes cooling material including refreshing agent, provided between a topsheet and a backsheet. An amount of the cooling material disposed per unit area is larger in a contact portion where the excretion area of a wearer comes into contact than in a portion outside the contact portion.... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120095425 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article includes a first curved portion and a second curved portion formed on the surface of a topsheet along a longitudinal direction of the absorbent article. The first curved portion is arranged in one pair to be symmetrical to a centerline of the absorbent article in a region... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120095426 - Absorbent article having surface visual texture: An absorbent article comprising an apertured topsheet having a body-facing side and a garment-facing side, a backsheet, an absorbent core positioned between the topsheet and the backsheet, and a colored area viewable through a topsheet by a user viewing the body-facing side is provided. The absorbent article comprises a visual... Agent:

20120095427 - Evacuation diaper: An evacuation diaper comprising a front panel to cover a pelvis of a wearer, a back panel to fit against a lower back of the wearer, a set of sides between the front panel and the back panel to fit between a pair of legs of a wearer, and an... Agent:

20120095428 - Multipage book with absorbent pages: Articles that each comprise a binding of a plurality (i.e., at least two) of absorbent, reusable, washable sheets that can be independently accessed by a user when needed to absorb a liquid-containing substance are described, as are methods of such articles, or sheets therefrom, to perform various methods, including absorbing... Agent:

20120095429 - Pull-on absorbent article and method of making the same: A pull-on absorbent article including a front outer cover to be worn around a wearer's front side, a rear outer cover to be worn around the wearer's rear side, and an absorbent assembly fixed to the front and the rear outer cover so as to bridge them and having a... Agent:

20120095430 - Pants-type disposable diaper: A pants-type disposable diaper 1 comprising: a diaper main body 2 having a front part P, a back part Q, and a crotch part R therebetween, and having a waist opening 3 and a pair of leg openings 4; an absorbent core 10 disposed at the crotch part R; a... Agent: Livedo Corporation

20120095431 - Diaper with improved conjugation structure: A diaper having an improved conjugated structure that is convenient, low-cost and easy for mass production is disclosed. The diaper includes a side wing having a magic hook located thereon and a rear thin sheet having an anti-leaking layer and a non-textile fabrics layer conjugated entirely or partially. The conjugation... Agent:

20120095432 - Catheter and method of insertion: A balloon catheter system includes a tube and a dilator detachable from the tube after the tube is inserted into a cavity in the patient. The cavity may be filled with gas or liquid to expand the viscera surrounding the cavity and the guidewire may be inserted using a trochar,... Agent:

20120095435 - Delivery of a solid body and/or a fluid using a linear lorentz-force actuated needle-free jet injection system: A method for transferring a solid body across a surface of a biological body includes (i) applying an electrical input to a controllable electromagnetic actuator; (ii) producing with the electromagnetic actuator a mechanical force corresponding to the electrical input; and (iii) applying the mechanical force to a reservoir coupled at... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120095433 - Infusion system using optical imager for controlling flow and method thereof: An infusion pump, including: a microprocessor; a drip chamber; a drip tube with an end in the drip chamber; and an illumination system: with a light source for transmitting light through the drip chamber to a drop of fluid suspended from the drip tube; and for controlling illumination properties of... Agent: Sigma International General Medical Apparatus LLC

20120095436 - Methods and apparatus for translating a continuous-delivery delivery profile into a plurality of periodic bolus deliveries: Methods and apparatus for translating a continuous-delivery delivery profile into a plurality of periodic bolus deliveries.... Agent:

20120095434 - Methods and devices for pericardial access: Devices and methods for accessing the pericardial space of a heart are described here. Access devices may generally comprise a tissue-engaging member, a tissue-piercing member, and a guide element. The access device may be introduced to the surface of a pericardium, where the tissue-engaging member may be deployed to engage... Agent: Sentreheart, Inc.

20120095437 - Automatic control system and method for the control of anesthesia: The present invention relates to an automatic anesthesia control system and method for the detection of the degree of each component of general anesthesia, automatic detection of drugs administered and automatic drug delivery via intravenous route.... Agent:

20120095439 - Implantable therapeutic device: A therapeutic device to release a therapeutic agent comprises a porous structure coupled to a container comprising a reservoir. The reservoir comprises a volume sized to release therapeutic amounts of the therapeutic agent for an extended time when coupled to the porous structure and implanted in the patient. The porous... Agent:

20120095440 - Injection port system for intra-marrow injection/infusion: An injection port system for placement in or on an individual includes a first port (55) defining a first injection chamber (58) with a septum (59), and a tubular securing device (38) for securing said first injection chamber to bone (52) of the individual. A needle inserted through the septum... Agent:

20120095438 - Medication delivery device with foldable finger pad: A medication delivery device is configured to deliver medication when a button element is moved, the medication delivery device having a folding finger pad.... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120095441 - Stem cell delivery device for orthobiologics applications: A method and apparatus for thawing and delivery of cryogenically frozen biological material, such as stem cells includes a housing for receiving a pouch of frozen cells, a heating element against which the pouch is placed for applying defrosting heat to the pouch, and a squeezing apparatus for applying a... Agent: Creganna Solutions

20120095442 - Magnetically-targeted treatment for cardiac disorders: The present disclosure describes a method for targeted delivery of permanently-acting or temporarily-acting neurotoxins, neurosuppressants, or other compounds having a neurologic effect to specific locations of the heart, including for example, but not limited to, nodes of the cardiac autonomic nervous system such as the atrial ganglionated plexi (GP). Chemical... Agent:

20120095443 - Nanochanneled device and related methods: A capsule configured for in vivo refilling of a thereapeutic agent. In certain embodiments, the capsule may contain methotrexate.... Agent: The Ohio State University Research Foundation

20120095445 - Methods and compositions for increasing trichogenic potency of dermal cells: Methods and compositions for increasing trichogenicity of cells in culture are provided. One embodiment provides culturing dissociated mammalian dermal cells in vitro in the presence of an effective amount of one or more sonic hedgehog (Shh) pathway agonists to increase the trichogenicity of the dissociated mammalian dermal cells compared to... Agent: Aderans Research Institute, Inc.

20120095444 - Polynucleotides encoding a human trim-cyp fusion polypeptide, compositions thereof, and methods of using same: A nucleic acid is provided which encodes a human TRIM-cyclophilin A fusion sequence encoding a human TRIM-CypA fusion protein which is active as an anti-viral agent, and in particular, as an anti-HIV-1 agent. Also provided is a nucleic acid encoding a polypeptide having both TRIM activity and cyclophilin activity. Also... Agent:

20120095446 - Cannular device and method of manufacture: A cannula comprising a polymeric material which is phthalate-free, yet retains flexibility, workability and elongation properties so as to avoid kinking when bent. Also disclosed is a method of manufacturing a cannular device comprising extruding a flexible, biocompatible, phthalate-free polymeric composition through a round die into a tube, pulling the... Agent:

20120095447 - Apparatus for rotating medical devices, systems including the apparatus, and associated methods: A rooter includes a rotatable element, an actuator for causing the rotatable element to rotate, and a coupling feature for rotatably coupling an elongate medical instrument to the rotatable element. The rotatable element may be at least partially contained within the interior of a housing or another element that remains... Agent: Occam Scientific, LLC

20120095448 - Catheter assembly: A catheter assembly includes a catheter and a dilator. The catheter has a first curved portion at a front end portion thereof. The dilator includes a protruding portion, a low stiffness portion, and a high stiffness portion. The protruding portion is arranged on a front end portion of the dilator.... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

04/12/2012 > 61 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20120089070 - Catheter assembly including triple lumen tip: A catheter assembly for use in accessing a vasculature of a patient during renal replacement or other therapies is disclosed. In one embodiment, the catheter assembly includes a catheter body that defines first and second lumens. The catheter body defines a distal tip region that includes a venous lateral opening... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120089071 - Implant device, tool, and methods relating to treatment of paranasal sinuses: An implant device is configured to be implanted in a fistula to fluidly connect the lacrimal apparatus and a paranasal sinus. A surgical tool has an implant the implant device mounted on a carrier. Various methods involve a fistula between the lacrimal apparatus and a paranasal sinus. A kit includes... Agent: Dcs Surgical,.inc.

20120089073 - Glaucoma drainage device and uses thereof: In one aspect, the present invention provides an implant device for use in an eye with elevated intraocular pressure or glaucoma. In another aspect, the present invention provides a method for lowering intraocular pressure and/or treating a condition associated with elevated intraocular pressure using the implant device of the present... Agent:

20120089072 - Subconjunctival conformer device and uses thereof: The present invention provides a device for use in an eye with elevated intraocular pressure or glaucoma, the device comprising a subconjunctival conformer shaped to conform to the eye wall and a fluid director that directs or facilitates the flow of intraocular fluid out of the eye and into the... Agent:

20120089075 - Fibrous sheet that disintegrates in water, process for manufacturing said fibrous sheet, core consisting of strips of said fibrous sheet: A fibrous sheet having a basis weight of between 20 and 1000 g/m2 that disintegrates in water, has 10% to 70% starch on the basis of the total weight of the dry fibrous sheet. The disintegration time in water, measured in accordance with standard NF Q34-020 applied to a specimen... Agent: Georgia-pacific France

20120089074 - Tampon: There is provided a tampon including an absorbent body that absorbs liquid. The absorbent body is characterized in that it includes on its outer surface a colored portion that is colored with a colorant and a non-colored portion that is not colored.... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120089076 - Method for treating inflammation: A method for treating IL-20 induced inflammation. An antagonist to IL-20 is administered to treat inflammation and associated diseases. The antagonist can be an antibody that binds to IL-20 or its receptor or a soluble receptor that binds to IL-20. Examples of such diseases are adult respiratory disease, psoriasis, eczema,... Agent: Zymogenetics, Inc.

20120089077 - Ocular iontophoresis device: The invention relates to a device of ocular iontophoresis for delivering active substances, comprising a reservoir having an outer wall and a hollow body at least partly delimited by the outer wall, wherein the hollow body is capable of receiving an electrical conductive medium and active substances contained in the... Agent: Eyegate Pharma, S.a.s.

20120089078 - Methods and systems for toxin delivery to the nasal cavity: Methods and systems for delivering toxin and toxin fragments to a patient's nasal cavity provide for both release of the toxin and delivery of energy which selectively porates target cells to enhance uptake of the toxin. The use of energy-mediated delivery is particularly advantageous with light chain fragment toxins which... Agent: The Foundry, LLC

20120089081 - Piezoelectric element driver: The invention teaches a palm-held massage device which includes a driver that drives one or more massage elements which provides massage vibrations in one or more ultrasonic and subsonic frequencies, a controller that provides commands to the driver, a signal generator that provides frequency references to the driver, a power... Agent:

20120089082 - Sheath for use with an ultrasound element: An apparatus for delivering ultrasound energy and a drug solution to a treatment site in a vessel is disclosed. The apparatus includes an elongate, hollow sheath having a distal opening and an energy delivery section at least partially constructed from a material that transmits ultrasound energy. The apparatus also includes... Agent: Ekos Corporation

20120089080 - Tissue removal devices, systems and methods: A tissue removal device includes a cannula that can aspirate tissue under a vacuum applied in the cannula, and a hermetically sealed fluid regulator in fluid communication with the cannula that generates vacuum pulses according to a controllable pulse rate and flow rate. The tissue removal device may also have... Agent: Enlighten Technologies, Inc.

20120089079 - Ultrasonic device with integrated specimen dispenser: This application teaches a novel ultrasonic skin care device with a built-in specimen containment and a dispensing mechanism to enable easy application of the specimen for hygiene operation of the device for skin beautification purpose. The device provides portability for usage anywhere and anytime and provides a flexibility of multi-purpose... Agent:

20120089083 - Apparatus for delivering foam: Apparatus, e.g. a syringe, for dispensing foam includes means for ensuring that only foam of adequate quality is dispensed. In use, the syringe may be filled from a pressurised canister which generates foam e.g. for therapeutic use in treating varicose veins. An initial quantity of foam dispensed from the canister... Agent: Btg International Limited

20120089084 - Wound healing device: A plasma coating device for treating a wound comprises a plasma chamber having: one or more electrodes, a gas supply inlet, a plasma outlet exposed to ambient pressure, and an ignition system operatively connected to the electrodes for providing a non-thermal equilibrium plasma within the plasma chamber. An aerosol delivery... Agent:

20120089085 - Dialysis methods and systems having autoconnection and autoidentification: A dialysis system includes at least one pump actuator, a disposable cassette operable with the at least one pump actuator, a plurality of disposable cassette supply connections, and plurality of dialysis solution lines. Each of the plurality of solution lines is connected to a dialysis solution container. The system further... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120089086 - Medical valve assembly: A medical valve assembly including a rigid external housing and a valve stem of a resilient material. The valve stem includes a passageway for conveying a fluid which has an hourglass shape to create a venturi effect when cleaning the valve stem to improve the efficiency of the cleaning process.... Agent:

20120089087 - Suction device for piston breast pump: A vertically hand palm pressing suction device for a piston breast pump comprises a casing (3) and a piston suction member. The device is provided with a pressing handle (1), which goes through the casing (3) and is fixedly connected with a gear shaft (5) mounted on a base (4).... Agent: Shenzhen Siyong Technology Ltd.

20120089088 - Multi-container transfer and delivery device: A multi-container transfer and delivery device configured to allow multiple containers to transfer and mix their respective materials and for receiving of the mixed materials to a delivery device. The transfer device comprises a plurality of flow conduits for fluid flow between the multiple containers and the delivery device. Methods... Agent:

20120089089 - Methods of magnetically guiding and axially aligning distal ends of surgical devices: A magnetic alignment and guidance system is described for use during a surgical or diagnostic procedure within a patient to align and magnetically join the free ends of catheters to form a continuous channel. The system includes two magnetic couplers mounted on the ends of the catheters. One or both... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120089090 - Fluid ejection device and medical device: A fluid ejection device includes: a pressure chamber; an actuator having a displacement plane that varies the volume of the pressure chamber; a delivery channel pipe communicating with the pressure chamber; a first reflection surface of pressure wave formed as part of a paraboloid of revolution that reflects a plane... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120089091 - Fluid dispenser: A dispensing device for dispensing pain management medicaments to a patient comprising first and second threadably interconnectable sub-assemblies. The first of these sub-assemblies houses a novel collapsible fluid reservoir defining component while the second comprises a fluid delivery and control assembly that includes a novel flow control means that functions... Agent:

20120089092 - Method for providing surgical access: One embodiment is directed to a method for advancing a needle into a tissue structure, comprising: advancing a distal end of a needle insertion assembly, the assembly comprising an insertion member coupled to a tissue interface indentor member and movably coupled to an elongate needle member, against a targeted tissue... Agent:

20120089093 - Seal arrangement for minimally invasive diagnostic or surgical instruments: A sealing device is disclosed which is intended for use with an access device, such as a trocar, canula or the like, that passes from the outside to the inside of a patient, through an incision in the patient during a minimally invasive diagnostic or surgical procedure to secure one... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120089094 - Trocar seal with retraction induced hinge: A trocar comprising an alignment channel and an instrument seal comprising a bending portion and a base portion. The bending and base portions of the instrument seal are spaced relative the alignment channel such that when a surgical instrument is retracted the bending portion inverts and the lip does not... Agent:

20120089095 - Needle array assembly and method for delivering therapeutic agents: A fluid delivery device includes an array of needles, each in fluid communication with a respective reservoir. Respective actuators are coupled so as to be operable to drive fluid from the reservoirs via needle ports. Each needle can have a plurality of ports, and the ports can be arranged to... Agent:

20120089096 - External end device for permanent catheters: An external end device for permanent catheters includes a container that houses two taps being provided with knobs and having, at one hand, a first connector for the connection to the catheters and, at the other hand, second connectors projecting from the container for the connection to an external equipment.... Agent:

20120089097 - Mounting arrangement and coupling assembly for a drug-delivery device: A mounting arrangement for a drug-delivery device is proposed, the mounting arrangement comprising: a plug element with a longitudinal axis (L) and a housing part having a recess with a side wall which is adapted to receive the plug element. At least one of the plug element or the side... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120089098 - Drug delivery device: The present invention relates to a drug delivery (5) comprising a housing (10) with a proximal end (28) and a distal end (22), a cartridge holder (14) adapted to retain a cartridge, the cartridge holder (14) being secured to the housing (10) and having an at least partially transparent side... Agent: Sanofi-avetnis Deutschland Gmbh

20120089099 - Spring element for a drug delivery device, use thereof and drug delivery device: A spring element for a drug delivery device is proposed, the spring element comprising multiple windings with two windings being mechanically coupled to each other by a rigid transverse connection. Furthermore, a drug delivery device comprising such a spring element and using such a spring element in a drug delivery... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120089100 - Pen-type injector: A housing for a dispensing apparatus. The housing comprising a main housing and a dose dial sleeve. The dose dial sleeve comprising a helical groove configured to engage a threading provided by the housing. A dose knob is disposed near a proximal end of the dose dial sleeve and a... Agent: Dca Design International Ltd

20120089101 - Surgical fluid transfer apparatus: A surgical apparatus includes a hub, a closure valve, an internal seal member, and a spring. The hub defines an internal chamber. The closure valve is disposed within the internal chamber and defines an internal bore extending therethrough. The closure valve is movable relative to the hub between a first... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120089102 - Microvalve protection device and method of use for protection against embolization agent reflux: An endovascular valve device for use in a vessel during a therapy procedure includes a catheter having at its distal end a valve. The valve is constructed of a braid of elongate first filaments coupled together at their proximal ends in a manner that the first filaments are movable relative... Agent:

20120089104 - Antiviral transdermal patch and method for producing the same: An antiviral transdermal patch including a backing layer, a viscous polymer layer, and a protection film layer. The viscous polymer layer includes an antiviral agent, a viscous polymer, and a transdermal enhancer. The transdermal enhancer is laurocapram or a mixture thereof. The antiviral agent is a nucleoside antiviral drug with... Agent:

20120089103 - Medical device for healing wounds and skin diseases: The present invention discloses a medical device having a disposable member for treating dermatological diseases and topical pathogeneses. The device comprises, inter alia, at least one inner layer at least partially made of a non-woven material, being in physical contact with at least a part of the derma having the... Agent:

20120089105 - Self-adhesive skin patch and combination set for cosmetic skin care: The present invention relates to a skin patch comprising a matrix adhering to the skin and containing at least one active cosmetic substance and a combination with a skin wrapping to generate an effective compression for the treatment of cellulite and/or striae.... Agent: Beiersdorf Ag

20120089106 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article includes a topsheet having a contact surface in contact with the skin of a wearer; a liquid-impermeable backsheet through which a liquid does not pass; and an absorber provided between the topsheet and the backsheet, a cooling sensation material including a refresher agent in the topsheet or... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120089107 - Body adhering absorbent article: The present invention provides a body adhering absorbent article which is capable of absorbing bodily fluids. In this particular embodiment of the present invention, provided is an absorbent article which is specifically designed for attachment to a wearer's skin in the vulva region of the wearer's torso.... Agent:

20120089108 - Water absorbent sheet: A water-absorbent sheet comprising a structure in which an absorbent layer containing a water-absorbent resin and an adhesive is sandwiched with a hydrophilic nonwoven fabric, wherein the water-absorbent sheet has a structure in which the absorbent layer is fractionated into a primary absorbent layer and a secondary absorbent layer with... Agent: Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd.

20120089109 - Tourniquet with disposable absorbent element: Disclosed is an apparatus for use when a hypodermic needle, partially protruding from a limb, is to be withdrawn fully from the limb to leave a puncture wound. The apparatus comprises an absorber, a receiver and, optionally, a strap. The absorber includes a medium which is able to absorb blood.... Agent:

20120089110 - Absorbent article with lotion: An absorbent article, such as a catamenial device, having a liquid pervious topsheet, a backsheet joined to the topsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet is disclosed. The absorbent article has a lotion composition applied to at least a portion of the outer surface of... Agent:

20120089111 - Menstrual tampon: The disclosure concerns a compressed menstrual tampon including an elongated generally rod-shaped absorption body having an insertion end and a withdrawal end and having a withdrawal string extending from the withdrawal end. The absorption body has at least one wave-shaped compression line extending continuously from the insertion end to the... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20120089112 - Absorbent article with hook and loop fastening system: Absorbent article comprising a loop member for a hook and loop fastener. The loop member comprises a knitted fabric which is adhesively attached to a carrier. The adhesive pattern for attaching the knitted fabric onto a carrier has a first plurality of adhesive stripes extending substantially in the warp thread... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20120089114 - Injection methods using a servo-controlled needle-free injector: A method for injecting a substance through a biological body surface includes providing a needle-free transdermal transport device configured to inject the substance through the surface. The substance is injected into the biological body with the transport device while a parameter of the injection is sensed and a servo-controller is... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120089113 - Intraocular drug delivery device and associated methods: Devices, systems, and methods for delivery of an active agent into the eye of a subject can include an ocular active agent delivery device (40) having an active agent reservoir (44) disposed in an annular body (42), the annular body (42) being configured to fit inside of a lens capsule... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20120089115 - Reduction of recirculation in catheters: A catheter tip designed to reduce the outflow velocity and/or directional momentum of fluid being infused by a catheter having such a tip. In one variation, a plurality of channels is provided at the distal portion of the catheter to increase the outflow cross-sectional area. In another variation, the diameter... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120089117 - Apparatus that includes nano-sized projections and a method for manufacture thereof: An apparatus that includes a nano-projection array and an application unit configured to displace the nano-projection array to thereby deliver a composition (e.g., vaccine) to a controlled depth within the skin. The nano-projection array includes nano-projections carried by a carrier substrate. The application unit includes a peripheral structure and a... Agent: National University Of Singapore

20120089118 - Delivery of bisphosphonates by microinjection systems: A system for the administration of a bisphosphonate to a subject comprises a bisphosphonate formulation and a microinjection device. In an embodiment, the bisphosphonate formulation includes ibandronate sodium. In some cases, the bisphosphonate formulation includes an excipient. The bisphosphonate formulation may be delivered to the subject subcutaneously, transdermally or intradermally.... Agent: Lanco Biosciences, Inc

20120089116 - Devices for delivering substances through an extra-anatomic opening created in an airway: Devices and methods for delivering substances to lung tissue through an extra-anatomic passage created in an airway.... Agent: Broncus Technologies, Inc.

20120089119 - System and method for an injection using a syringe needle: An auto-injector for injecting a fluid medicament into a patient from a pre-filled syringe requires a disposable cassette that is selectively engageable with the reusable injector. The syringe is latched onto the cassette, and the cassette is then engaged with the injector. Activation of the injector causes a first motor... Agent: Avant Medical Corporation

20120089120 - Infiltration cannula: An infiltration cannula and method of using the infiltration cannula during a tumescent infiltration procedure are disclosed herein. The infiltration cannula may have an outwardly flaring hub which may be wedged into an adit of a patient to minimize leakage of fluid being infiltrated into the patient. Also, the infiltration... Agent:

20120089121 - Implantable drug delivery device with bladder retention feature: Implantable devices and methods for controlled drug delivery are provided. The device includes a device structure deformable between a retention shape and a low profile shape for deployment in the bladder of a patient and has a drug reservoir lumen in which a drug formulation is housed. The device also... Agent: Taris Biomedical, Inc.

20120089122 - Time-selective bioresorbable or collapsible drug delivery systems and methods: Implantable medical devices and treatment methods are provided, particularly for use in the bladder. The device is configured for retention in the bladder for at least a portion of the drug delivery period and includes at least one biodegradable component such that following a biodegradation at a selected time, the... Agent: Taris Biomedical, Inc.

20120089123 - Advanced multi-purpose catheter probes for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures: Various embodiments are described herein that generally relate to catheter probes for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes. The catheter probes described herein generally comprise a proximal hub comprising a hub housing and at least one wire, a catheter body connected to the proximal hub, the catheter body comprising a channel member... Agent:

20120089125 - Bi-directional catheter steering handle: A deflectable sheath for use in medical procedures in the vasculature is described. The sheath includes a handle supporting the sheath. Two pull wires run along opposite sides of the sheath to anchors at the deflectable distal end. The handle includes a rotatable member that moves a threaded slider block... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20120089124 - Catheter for uniform delivery of medication: The present invention provides a catheter for the delivery of fluid medication across an anatomical region. In accordance with some embodiments, the catheter includes a tube having a plurality of exit holes in a side wall of the tube and an elongated member positioned within the tube. The exit holes... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20120089126 - Medical guidewire: Provided is a guidewire including a core shaft, an outer flexible tube, and an inner flexible tube that surrounds a distal end portion of the core shaft. The inner flexible tube is disposed in the outer flexible tube so that a distal end thereof is positioned between the distal end... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20120089127 - Medical guidewire: Provided is a guidewire including a core shaft, an outer flexible tube, a stranded wire that extends parallel to the core shaft, and a hollow stranded-wire coil disposed in the outer flexible tube. The hollow stranded-wire coil is formed of multiple strands and surrounds the distal end portion of the... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20120089128 - Anti-migration trans-gastric jejunal feeding tube: The present disclosure describes a trans-gastric jejunal tube (TJ) that avoids migration of the tube upwardly into the stomach. It does this because of alternating stiff and flexible sections. The stiffer sections resist migration and the more flexible or softer portions allow the tube to bend around the pyloris sphincter... Agent:

20120089129 - Medical tubing and catheter control: One embodiment is an improved method for providing a tube for attachment to a medical device such as a catheter that provides for intermittent changes in tube path length as a result of body movement thereby reducing the stress and pain caused by pulling on the device, as well as... Agent:

20120089130 - Automatic electronic delivery of medication for veterinary and other uses: A bolus is provided with a housing, an ASIC; PCB; power source; devices for providing a gas-generating explosion, propelling means, antenna; electrodes; weights; medicament containers, and seals. These components provide a controlled delivery of a medicament in the stomach or rumen of an animal.... Agent:

04/05/2012 > 42 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20120083726 - Method and device for monitoring a fluid system of an extracorporeal blood treatment device: The present invention relates to a method and a device for monitoring a fluid system of an extracorporeal blood treatment device. In the method according to the present invention and the device according to the present invention, the pressure in a ventilation line branching off the venous drip chamber in... Agent:

20120083727 - Drug delivery blade and methods for delivering a drug depot to a target site: A drug delivery blade for delivering a drug depot to a treatment site in a patient is disclosed. The drug delivery blade includes a shaft defining a longitudinal axis of the blade, a lumen that extends longitudinally from a proximal end of the shaft to a distal end of the... Agent:

20120083728 - Phacoemulsification hand piece with integrated aspiration pump: An ophthalmic surgical hand piece comprises a driver coupled to a horn. The horn is coupled to a needle. An aspiration pump is integral with the hand piece and is located close to the needle. A rigid length of aspiration line is located between the aspiration pump and the needle.... Agent:

20120083729 - Peritoneal dialysis machine: A method for operating a dialysis cassette including a flexible membrane that covers a pump chamber includes applying a vacuum about a piston head and sucking the flexible membrane of the dialysis cassette onto the piston head; mechanically retracting the piston head along with the vacuum applied membrane away from... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120083730 - Variable volume, shape memory actuated insulin dispensing pump: A portable pumping system provides insulin or other drugs to a user. A shape memory element is used to actuate the pump and an intelligent system controls the actuator in order to minimize stresses within the system and provide accurate and reliable dosage delivery. The control system utilizes various types... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.

20120083731 - Insert for a breast pump: An insert for a breast-receiving funnel (10) of a breast pump comprising an elongate inflatable bladder (23) which defines a pressure chamber (26), the elongate inflatable bladder (23) being adapted to fit in a teat receiving space (11) of said breast receiving funnel (10) so that the bladder extends from... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120083732 - Catheter with a polymide distal tip: A catheter having an elongated shaft which has a multilayered distal tip with a first layer formed of a polyimide first material and a second layer formed of a polymeric second material. In one embodiment the multilayered distal tip is a separate member, distal to the distal end of a... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120083734 - Balloon catheter comprising pressure sensitive microparticles: The invention provides a solution to the above mentioned problem in that it provides a catheter balloon comprising a flexible coating on its outer surface wherein a plurality of microparticles are contained wherein said coating comprises a material selected from the group consisting of poly(N-vinyl-pirrolidone, poly(N-vinyl-pirrolidone-co-butylacrylate), poly(-vinyl pyridine), polyacrylamides, e.g.... Agent: Encapson B.v.

20120083733 - Catheter assembly with guard: A catheter assembly includes an expandable and collapsible structure having an outer surface. The expandable and collapsible structure is adapted to expand between a contracted state and a dilated state. A guard is bonded to the outer surface of the expandable and collapsible structure. The guard and the expandable and... Agent:

20120083737 - Anti free-flow occluder and priming actuator pad: A system for selectively preventing free flow in a tube includes an in-line occluder disposed in the tube and an actuator pad for creating a flow path between the tube and the occluder. The actuation pad presses towards the occluder from a single side and stretches the tube to create... Agent:

20120083735 - Enteral feeding apparatus having a feeding set: An enteral feeding apparatus has a pump system including a bearing surface, a platen and a retainer mounted on the platen. The retainer has a first engagement member. A feeding set includes a cassette and a lumen attached to the cassette. The lumen has a peristalsis loop for extending around... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120083736 - Feeding set for a peristaltic pump system: A feeding set for a peristaltic pump system includes a cassette configured for releasable connection thereto. A deflectable lumen priming actuator is formed integrally with the cassette for conjoint connection to and disconnection from the pump system with the cassette as a single unit. The priming actuator includes an actuation... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120083738 - Infusion pump assembly: An infusion pump assembly includes a locking tab and a pump barrel inside a pump barrel housing, where the pump barrel accommodates a reservoir assembly. The reservoir assembly includes a reservoir and a plunger rod. The infusion pump assembly also includes a locking disc at a terminus of the pump... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20120083739 - Retainer for immobilizing an implanted catheter during stylet retraction, and stylet holder for use with same: Devices, systems, and methods for immobilizing an implanted catheter tip while a catheter stylet is withdrawn from the catheter. In one embodiment, a cannula system is included that incorporates a catheter retainer securable to an immobilized guide cannula. The retainer may include one or more surfaces that operatively engage the... Agent:

20120083740 - Introducer sheath for catheters: An introducer sheath includes a tubular body portion having a proximal region and a distal region, and defines an internal lumen configured and dimensioned to slidably receive a catheter. A penetrating portion at a distal end of the tubular body has a first tapered configuration to enlarge an opening in... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp.

20120083741 - Delivery device: A device for delivery of material or stimulus to targets within a body to produce a desired response, the targets being at least one of cells of interest, cell organelles of interest and cell nuclei of interest. The device includes a number of projections for penetrating a body surface, with... Agent:

20120083742 - Cannula system and method for immobilizing an implanted catheter during catheter anchoring: Devices, systems, and methods for immobilizing an implanted catheter tip while the catheter is anchored relative to surrounding tissue. In one embodiment, a cannula system is included that incorporates a cinch tube for guiding the catheter to a target site within a body. The cinch tube may define a cinch... Agent:

20120083743 - Catheter securement device: A catheter securement device that adheres to the skin of a patient having an epidural catheter or similar small flexible tube member inserted percutaneously, the securement device having a flexible, sheet-like main body member capable of adhering to the skin of the patient, a notched pad member over which the... Agent:

20120083744 - Packaging of delivery device for aseptic filling and distribution: A syringe assembly includes a syringe body including a distal end. The syringe body defines a fluid chamber therein. The fluid chamber includes a lower end. A septum is disposed at the distal end of the syringe body and is configured to sealingly close the lower end of the fluid... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120083746 - Automatic injection device with a top release mechanism: The present invention relates to a handheld mechanical injection device by which set doses of a liquid medicament can be injected from a medical reservoir. The medicament is expelled through an injection needle by release of a power reservoir in the device, the power reservoir being fully or partially released... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20120083745 - Drive assembly suitable for use in a medication delivery device and medication delivery device: A drive assembly for use in a medication delivery device is provided for, which comprises a housing having a proximal end and a distal end, a drive member moveable in the proximal direction with respect to the housing for setting a dose of the medication to be delivered and in... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120083747 - Vaginal renewal complex and applicator: The invention provides a formulation designed to enhance a woman's genital health and comfort. The formulation is designed to be applied into the vaginal opening with an applicator. The formulation consists of five essential ingredients: evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) oil, shea (Butyrospermum parkii) oil, vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), phenoxyethanol and vitamin... Agent:

20120083748 - Drug delivery device: A mechanism in the body is used to drive a piston rod and comprises means for guiding the movement of the piston rod relatively to the body while delivering the drug. Further means are provided for releasing the piston rod from the means for guiding the movement, thus enabling a... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120083749 - Needle tube, medical instrument and method for manufacturing medical instrument: A syringe needle assembly includes a needle tube and a hub. The needle tube has a needle body provided with a needlepoint configured to puncture a living body. To prevent the needle tube from dropping out of a holding member in which the needle tube is held, the needle body... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120083750 - Antimicrobial luer adapter: A luer adapter includes a body including an inner surface defining a lumen and first and second ends. Each end is adapted to connect to a medical device. An antimicrobial material is positioned at least on a portion of the inner surface. A barrier is positioned between the lumen and... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120083751 - Implantable drug delivery depot for subcutaneous delivery of fluids: The port includes an elastomeric hollow port body having a first end and a second end, a first port end portion sealingly attached to the first end of the port body and a second port end portion attached to the second end of the port body. The second port end... Agent:

20120083752 - Intracranial neural interface system: In some preferred embodiments, without limitation, the present invention comprises an implantable, intracranial neural interface node which is an integrated and minimally invasive platform system and supports cross-modal neural interfaces to the cerebrum and other associated structures in the central nervous system. The neural interfaces comprise electrical and chemical interfaces... Agent:

20120083753 - Fabric and fabric product provided with scoria molded body, and method for adhering scoria: The present invention relates to fabric and a fabric product provided with a scoria molded body which brings a scoria molded body containing scoria powder into contact with the human body to activate the function of the human body, thereby promoting public health, and a method for adhering scoria. The... Agent:

20120083754 - Controlled negative pressure apparatus and alarm mechanism: Methods and devices for treatment of damaged tissue are disclosed, including treatment of wounds by employing non-electrically powered, reduced pressure therapy devices. The devices are capable of generating a substantially constant reduced pressure with low tolerance for pressure fluctuations. Also disclosed herein are reduced pressure therapy systems that comprise an... Agent:

20120083755 - Reduced pressure treatment system having a dual porosity pad: A wound closure system and method having a porous pad for providing a reduced pressure to a tissue site is disclosed. The porous pad comprises a porous material formed by spraying a chemical substance that cures to form the porous material which has a body and an outer surface. Both... Agent:

20120083756 - Pants-type disposable diaper: A pants-type disposable diaper comprises: a pants-shaped outer member having a front part, a back part, and a crotch part positioned between the front part and the back part, and having a waist opening and a pair of leg openings formed by joining the front part and the back part;... Agent:

20120083757 - Pants-type disposable diaper: A pants-type disposable diaper comprising: a pants-shaped outer member having a front part, a back part, and a crotch part positioned between the front part and the back part, and having a waist opening and a pair of leg openings formed by joining the front part and the back part;... Agent:

20120083758 - Merchandise display system for identifying disposable absorbent article configurations for wearers: An array of absorbent article packages for multiple baby stages of development displayed via a merchandise display system may comprise multiple packages. Each package may comprise articles having absorbent article configurations appropriate for the stage of development of an infant, newborn, or toddler. Each package may also comprise indicia representative... Agent:

20120083759 - Contactless fluid pumping method and apparatus: A fluid pump apparatus for pumping a fluid from a fluid source to a fluid output comprises a first portion, such as a durable portion, and a second portion, such as a disposable portion. The first portion includes a fluid chamber having a wall and an internal cavity, an input... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120083760 - Flushing a fluid line from a medical pump: A method and medical pump to perform a flushing procedure are provided. The medical pump is configured to execute the flushing procedure subsequent to an infusion procedure, the flushing procedure and infusion procedure lacking a specified relationship between each other until after performance of the infusion procedure. The method comprises... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20120083761 - Methods for selective eradication of metastasizing cancer cells ex vivo using multidomain biotags: A method for treating cancer in a subject is provided, the method comprising administering to the subject an effective dose of a multidomain biotag that targets one or more cancer cells; establishing a vascular access in the subject; connecting the vascular access to a tube to establish an extracorporeal circulation... Agent:

20120083762 - Method of delivering material or stimulus to a biological subject: A device for delivery of material or stimulus to targets within a body to produce a desired response, the targets being at least one of cells of interest, cell organelles of interest and cell nuclei of interest. The device includes a number of projections for penetrating a body surface, with... Agent:

20120083763 - Method for delivering a topical agent to a nasaogastric passage: The present invention is directed to a method for delivering a topical agent to a nasogastric passage comprising: introducing a nasogastric tube into the nasogastric passage, the nasogastric tube comprising means for delivering the topical agent to the nasogastric passage; positioning the nasogastric tube such that the means for delivering... Agent:

20120083764 - Methods and devices for treatment of migraines: Methods for treating a migraine by cooling a patient's nasopharyngeal cavity are described. In one method, a cooling assembly is inserted into a nasal cavity through a patient's nostril. The cooling assembly includes a flexible balloon defining a chamber and a first elongate tubular member having a lumen in fluid... Agent:

20120083765 - Drug introduction and placement system: A drug introduction sleeve is disclosed that includes a selectively expandable body portion. The body portion is defined by a first open end and a second open end. A hollow interior is formed within the body portion. The body portion is selectively expandable from a first unexpanded configuration to a... Agent:

20120083766 - Catheter assembly including sealing member: A catheter assembly includes a catheter, a hub, and a sealing member. The catheter defines one or more lumens. The hub includes one or more hub extensions dimensioned to be received within the one or more lumens of the catheter. The sealing member is positioned adjacent the interface of the... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120083767 - Implantable bioreactor for delivery of paracrine factors: An implantable bioreactor containing a barrier which is designed to allow the release of cell-derived biomolecules, but restricts the entry of immunologic and other cells, or the egress of the cells contained within the bioreactor. Two broad classes of implantable bioreactors are envisioned, encompassing devices for both systemic delivery of... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

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