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Surgery April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 87 patent applications in 59 patent subcategories.

20120101325 - Locally targeted anti-fibrotic agents and methods of use: Effective devices and methods using an antifibrotic agent are provided for treating fibrosis or treating normal fibrous tissue. The devices and methods comprise an antifibrotic agent to degrade shrink, relax or stretch at least a portion of the fibrotic tissue. In some embodiments, the methods and devices are configured to... Agent: Kyphon Sarl

20120101326 - Non-invasive electrical and magnetic nerve stimulators used to treat overactive bladder and urinary incontinence: Transcutaneous electrical and magnetic nerve stimulation devices are disclosed, along with methods of treating lower urinary tract disorders using energy that is delivered noninvasively by the devices. The disorders comprise overactive bladder, urge incontinence, stress, incontinence, urge frequency, non-obstructive urinary retention and interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome. In preferred embodiments of... Agent: Electrocore, LLC.

20120101327 - Apparatus and method for pulsed electrical field treatment: The present invention concerns an apparatus and a method for stimulating brain tissue with pulsed electromagnetic fields weaker than the limit for elicitation of the action potentials of the cells of the tissue to be stimulated, the apparatus comprising: at least one electrically conducting coil positioned at a bitemporal position... Agent:

20120101328 - Spanking machine: SPANKING MACHINE, comprising, fixed to a support (4), a shaft (2) and a torsion spring (3), a tensioning hook (5) and an electric gear motor (6), being the lower end (3a) of the spring (3) integrally fixed to the support, whereas the upper end (3b), which extends slightly partially protruding... Agent:

20120101329 - Adjustable tourniquet for venous flow control: A disposable penile erection device that has a positive locking mechanism on the superficial veins around the base of a human penile organ. The device is a tubular structure adapted to the penis to be secured in loop configuration about the base of the penis to provide two (2) adjustable... Agent:

20120101330 - implantable system, a device for inserting the implantable system and a method thereof: A method and an implantable system for insertion into a cavity of a person, comprising: an imaging element capable of acquiring an image of at least a portion of the cavity through an optical element; and a porous inflatable enclosure arranged to enclose the imaging element and to enclose liquid... Agent: Realview Medical Limited

20120101331 - Apparatus for delivery of autonomous in-vivo capsules: A guide for an endoscope capsule includes a hollow sleeve. The distal end of the sleeve has attached an invertible member for fitting the capsule within. The invertible member may be inverted via hydraulic or pneumatic pressure to expel the capsule from the guide and into a desired location within... Agent:

20120101332 - Device for endometrial ablation having an expandable seal for a cervical canal: Methods, systems and devices for endometrial ablation. In accordance with a method, a working end of an RF ablation device is positioned in a patient uterus to contact endometrial tissue, the working end comprising a dielectric wall capable of non-expanded and expanded shapes and for conforming to an asymmetric or... Agent: Minerva Surgical, Inc.

20120101333 - Capsule endoscope activation system: A capsule endoscope that includes a capsule-shaped casing and a detecting unit that is provided inside the casing to detect a magnetic field orthogonal to a longitudinal direction of the casing, the endoscope being activated when the detecting unit detects a magnetic field of a threshold or more; a capsule... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120101334 - Endoscope having auto-insufflation and exsufflation: An endoscopic imaging system for examining a patient's body cavity includes an endoscope having a distal end, a proximal end and a number of lumens therein. One or more distal gas ports are disposed at or adjacent the distal end of the endoscope and one or more proximal gas ports... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120101335 - Endoscope and endoscope system:

20120101336 - Endoscopic system with fluid cleaning: An endoscopic system for use with an endoscope, including an irrigation tube that provides a flow of irrigation fluid for cleaning a body lumen, and a suction tube for sucking material from the body lumen, wherein the suction tube is connected to a branch connector and one branch of the... Agent:

20120101337 - Endoscope cleaner: An instrument for cleaning a scope lens having an elongated sheath having proximal and distal end portions and a sheath interior and exterior. The sheath interior is dimensioned and configured to slidingly receive a scope therein. A fluid conduit transports fluid and has a fluid discharge opening to deliver fluid... Agent:

20120101338 - Endoscope wiper blade cleaner: A minimally invasive surgical instrument including a viewing instrument and a wiper mechanism configured and adapted to clean a lens of the viewing instrument. The wiper mechanism includes a wiper that is configured and adapted to contact and translate across a surface of the lens. An actuator moves the wiper... Agent:

20120101339 - Endoscopic surgery instrumentation: An embodiment of the invention includes a quantum fluid flow management apparatus which controls and facilitates delivery of liquid and/or air to the surgical site during a surgical procedure via a trumpet valve, various restriction (crimping) devices, and a network of tubing for selectively passing air or fluid through to... Agent:

20120101340 - Dolphin blade/peri-laryngoscope: A laryngoscope may be a device to view the vocal chords of a patient and may include a channel wall to define a channel, an input port to the channel being connected to the channel wall to allow a user to view the vocal chords of the patient, and output... Agent:

20120101341 - Surgical access device system and methods of use: A surgical access device can include a plurality of retractor members that together define a lumen having a first cross-sectional dimension. Each of the plurality of retractor members can be moved radially outward to at least a second cross-sectional dimension to create a surgical access passage. The surgical access device,... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc

20120101343 - Medical imaging device: A trans-illumination device includes at least first and second sets of LEDs of two or more different colors arranged in a light head placed against a patient's skin. The LEDs are mounted to a printed circuit board in the light head. An electronic control circuit is coupled to the light... Agent:

20120101342 - Pediatric tissue illuminator: A pediatric tissue illuminator includes a semi-rigid lighting head removably connected to a powered base unit for illuminating an infant's tissues while stabilizing a limb for venipuncture. The lighting head includes a series of LEDs and is placed behind an infant's arm, thereby directing light therethrough for enhanced viewing. A... Agent:

20120101345 - Health management terminal and the method for managing health: A health management terminal and method for managing health are discussed. The health management terminal includes an output module and a controller obtaining bio-signals and information regarding a time when a measurement of the bio-signals was made. The controller compares the bio-signals to a reference range, the reference range being... Agent:

20120101346 - Method and apparatus for assessing or detecting brain injury and neurological disorders: A method and apparatus is provided for diagnosing, assessing, or detecting brain injury and/or a neurological disorder of a subject. Objects are presented to the subject over a range of locations within the subject's workspace such that the subject can interact with at least some of the presented objects using... Agent:

20120101344 - Non-contact system and method for monitoring a physiological condition: Systems and methods are disclosed for measuring a physiological signal of a patient without having to contact the patient. A system can include a laser configured to provide an optical beam to a surface associated with a patient. A detector receives light from the surface in response to the optical... Agent:

20120101347 - Concentration determination apparatus, concentration determination method, and program: A concentration determination apparatus may include: an irradiation unit that irradiates short-pulsed light to an observed object; a light receiving unit that receives light backscattered from the observed object; a light intensity acquisition unit that acquires an intensity distribution of the light; an optical path length distribution storage unit that... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120101348 - Electronic endoscope system having processor device, and method for processing endoscopic image: White light and excitation light are applied to an internal body part. An electronic endoscope captures a normal image of the internal body part irradiated with the white light, and a special image of autofluorescence emitted from living body tissue of the internal body part irradiated with the excitation light.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120101350 - Personal health monitoring device: The present invention provides a system and method for monitoring personal health of the user. The method includes detecting a plurality of physiological parameters. The plurality of physiological parameters are collected and analyzed. Afterwards, the plurality of analyzed physiological parameters are transferred at pre defined time interval to at least... Agent:

20120101349 - Pulse oximeter: A pulse oximeter includes a housing defined by at least a first housing portion and a second housing portion wherein the second portion includes a passage. A sensor module disposed in the housing and proximate the passage includes at least one light emitting diode and at least one photodetector. A... Agent:

20120101352 - Analyte monitoring and management system and methods therefor: Method and apparatus for providing multiple data receiver units in a data monitoring and management system such as analyte monitoring system where a first data receiver includes all of the functionalities for the data monitoring and management system receiver unit, and a second data receiver unit is configured with a... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120101351 - Wide band field response measurement for glucose determination: A method and device for determining the glucose level in living tissue are based on measuring the response of the tissue an electric field as well as temperature measurements. In order to improve accuracy, it has been found that measurements in at least three frequency ranges between 1 kHz and... Agent:

20120101353 - Method and system for providing data management in data monitoring system: Method and system for providing a fault tolerant data receiver unit configured with a partitioned or separate processing units, each configured to perform a predetermined and/or specific processing associated with the one or more substantially non-overlapping functions of the data monitoring and management system is provided... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120101354 - Safety device for montoring a vascular access location of a living being: A safety device for monitoring a vascular access location on a living being includes a housing adapted to surround the vascular access location and a sensor arranged in or on the housing to detect fluid flowing from the vascular access location into the housing.... Agent:

20120101355 - Methods and systems for determining vascular bodily lumen information and guiding medical devices: Methods and systems for determining information about a vascular bodily lumen are described. An exemplary method includes generating an electrical signal, delivering the electrical signal to a plurality of excitation elements in the vicinity of the vascular bodily lumen, measuring a responsive electrical signal from a plurality of sensing elements... Agent: Angiometrix Corporation

20120101356 - Optical stimulus probe with reflecting surface: An optical stimulation probe has a probe body inserted into a subject, an electrode formed on the probe body and collecting a response signal from the subject, a light irradiator attached to the probe body and irradiating an optical signal and a reflecting surface formed on the probe body on... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20120101357 - Systems and methods using flexible capacitve electrodes for measuring biosignals: A system is provided for measuring biometric signals, including at least two electrodes, wherein at least one is a capacitive electrode with a flexible structure, the system having a circuit for measuring the voltage between the two electrodes, where in some embodiments both electrodes are capacitive electrodes, and can be... Agent: Nox Medical

20120101358 - Apparatus and method for the automated measurement of sural nerve conduction velocity and amplitude: Apparatus comprising a housing; stimulation means mounted to the housing; a biosensor releasably mounted to the housing, the biosensor comprising a plurality of electrodes for detecting a sural nerve response evoked by the stimulation means; acquisition means mounted to the housing and electrically connected to the biosensor for acquiring the... Agent:

20120101360 - Colonography: A system includes an insufflator (120) and an imaging system (100). The imaging system (100) includes a console (118). The console (118) and the insufflator (120) are in communication. The console (118) controls operation of the insufflator (120).... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120101359 - Fixation using multiple cusions of two different types: The present invention provides a fixation device comprising at least two inflatable and deflatable cushions (3,4) of two different types. The cushion of the first type (3) is deformable when inflated and not deformable when deflated, while the cushion of the second type (4) is arranged to at least partially... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120101361 - System and method for identifying a landmark: A system (1010, 1110) for identifying a landmark is disclosed. The system includes a field generator (1016, 1116) for generating a magnetic field, an orthopaedic implant (1030, 1130) located within the magnetic field, the implant having at least one landmark (1028, 1128), a removable probe (1029, 1129) with a first... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20120101365 - Assessment of blood-brain barrier disruption: A method of analyzing a blood-brain bather of a subject is disclosed. A detectable dose of an MRI contrast agent is administered to the subject, and a plurality of magnetic resonance images of the subject's brain are acquired over a predetermined time-period. Two or more of the magnetic resonance images... Agent: Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.

20120101362 - Catheter being usable in a magnetic resonance imaging system: The present invention relates to a catheter (2) for applying energy to an object (6) and a magnetic resonance imaging system (1) for localizing the catheter (2). The catheter (2) comprises an energy application element for applying energy to the object (6), and a cavity for providing a magnetic resonance... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120101366 - Magnetic stimulation device and method: The present publication discloses a device and method for generating magnetic pulses and directing them to brain. The device in accordance with the invention comprises means (15) for generating short, high energy current pulses (18), means (7) for controlling amplitude (16) of the current pulses (18), means (1) for generating... Agent: Nexstim Oy

20120101363 - Methods and apparatus for patient treatment using magnetic medical hardware: Methods, systems, and apparatus are disclosed to provide treatment to patient tissue using medical hardware incorporating magnetic material. Methods, systems, and apparatus are disclosed to provide magnetic induction heating of cells at a tissue site in a patient.... Agent:

20120101364 - System and method for magnetic-resonance-guided electrophysiologic and ablation procedures: A system and method for using magnetic resonance imaging to increase the accuracy of electrophysiologic procedures includes an invasive combined electrophysiology and imaging antenna catheter which includes an RF antenna for receiving magnetic resonance signals and diagnostic electrodes for receiving electrical potentials. The combined electrophysiology and imaging antenna catheter is... Agent: Surgi-vision, Inc.

20120101367 - Blood signal suppressed contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging: Methods for achieving suppression of blood pool signal to image contrast-enhanced organs and vascular walls using magnetic resonance (MR) imaging technology. MRI data is then acquired with phase sensitive reconstruction so that blood pool signal is suppressed compared with the tissues of interest.... Agent: Duke University

20120101368 - Medical image diagnosis assisting apparatus, method, and program: Using a three-dimensional medical image representing a heart as input, a cardiac function analysis unit calculates a cardiac function evaluation value representing a cardiac function with respect to each of predetermined portions of the heart, using a three-dimensional medical image representing the heart as input, a myocardial infarction analysis unit... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120101369 - Methods and systems for determining vascular bodily lumen information and guiding medical devices: Methods and systems for determining information about a vascular bodily lumen are described. An exemplary method includes generating an electrical signal, delivering the electrical signal to a plurality of excitation elements in the vicinity of the vascular bodily lumen, measuring a responsive electrical signal from a plurality of sensing elements... Agent: Angiometrix Corporation

20120101370 - Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable media for image guided surgery: Presented herein are methods, systems, devices, and computer-readable media for image guided surgery. The systems herein allow a physician to use multiple instruments for a surgery and simultaneously provide image-guidance data for those instruments. Various embodiments disclosed herein provide information to physicians about procedures they are performing, the devices (such... Agent: Inneroptic Technology Inc.

20120101371 - Apparatus and method for detecting amyloid in a retina in a diagnosis, advancement, and prognosing of alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injury, macular degeneration and a plurality of neurodegenerative dissorders, and ocular diseases: The present invention is an apparatus and method to produce an image of an eye of a patient that includes an optical head that includes imaging optics, illumination source optics and a camera housing with a perimeter that houses the video camera optics and the illumination source optics, a slit... Agent:

20120101372 - Diagnosis support apparatus, diagnosis support method, lesioned part detection apparatus, and lesioned part detection method: A diagnosis support apparatus, includes a spatial structure data acquisition device that acquires spatial structure data including tomographic information of a three-dimensional region of an inner wall portion within a living organism that has a flat surface at a normal time that is obtained by performing optical coherence tomography measurement... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120101373 - Portable optical coherence tomography (oct) devices and related systems: Portable optical coherence tomography (OCT) devices including at least one mirror configured to scan at least two directions are provided. The portable OCT devices are configured to provide a portable interface to a sample that can be aligned to the sample without repositioning the sample. Related systems are also provided.... Agent: Bioptigen, Inc.

20120101375 - Intraoperative monitoring of temperature-induced tissue changes with a high-resolution digital x-ray system during thermotherapy: A method of thermally inducing and monitoring changes to localized regions of tissue illuminating a volume of tissue with a first beam of X-rays, detecting portions of the first beam that passed through the volume, generating a first image signal from the portions of the first beam detected, applying heat... Agent: University Of Miami

20120101374 - Systems, devices, methods, apparatus and computer-accessible media for providing optical imaging of structures and compositions: Exemplary systems, devices, methods, apparatus and computer-accessible media for providing and/or utilizing optical frequency domain imaging (OFDI) and fluorescence of structures and, e.g., multimodality imaging using OFDI techniques and fluorescence imaging techniques are described. For example, an arrangement can provide at least one electro-magnetic radiation to an anatomical structure. Such... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20120101376 - Apparatus for specifying the quantity of a contrast medium in the context of medical imaging: The apparatus of at least one embodiment includes an input unit, a storage unit, an output unit, and an interface to the imaging device, via which configuration parameters of the imaging device can be read out or transferred. A calculating unit either reads out the configuration parameters from the imaging... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120101377 - Positron emission tomography (pet) imager of excised tissue specimens for cancer margins definition: A first embodiment can be a device comprising a means to define cancer margin definition of a tumor resection specimen via radiotracer uptake using a table top, mobile 3D PET imager in the operating room.... Agent:

20120101380 - Medical instrument: To further improve, under ultrasonic observation, the visibility of a medical instrument with at least one portion of the instrument that can be inserted into body tissue of a patient and has a surface structure reflecting ultrasound waves, wherein the surface structure comprises a number of reflection elements, it is... Agent: B. Braun Melsungen Ag

20120101378 - Providing an ultrasound spatial compound image based on a phased array probe in an ultrasound system: Embodiments for providing an ultrasound spatial compound image are disclosed. In one embodiment, by way of non-limiting example, an ultrasound system comprises: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to acquire ultrasound data based on a phased array probe having a plurality of elements; and a processing unit in communication with... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120101379 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: The ultrasound probe includes an error correcting code generating unit to generate error correcting codes corresponding to the ultrasound data, adds the error correcting codes generated by the error correcting code generating unit to the ultrasound data so as to produce transmission data, and transmits the transmission data to the... Agent: Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc.

20120101381 - Measuring pulmonary blood pressure using transthoracic pulmonary doppler ultrasound: Operation of a patient's heart or lungs may be analyzed by transmitting ultrasound energy into the patient's lung, and detecting Doppler shifts of reflected ultrasound induced by moving borders between blood vessels in the lung and air filled alveoli that surround the blood vessels. Movement of the border is caused... Agent:

20120101383 - 3d ultrasound system for intuitive displaying to check abnormality of object and method for operating 3d ultrasound system: Provided are a three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound system and a method for operating the 3D ultrasound system, which are capable of intuitively displaying the abnormality of an object by determining a grade by comparing measurement data obtained by measuring ultrasound data relating to the object and displaying the measurement data in... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120101385 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and sound speed correction method: In order to provide an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and a sound speed correction method capable of performing sound speed correction without affecting real-time efficiency, the present invention is characterized in that a reference sound speed image signal is acquired by setting a reference sound speed and a different sound speed... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120101384 - Ultrasonic diagnostic device: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to the present invention includes: a transmitting and receiving section, which drives a probe repeatedly to send out ultrasonic waves toward a subject and which makes the probe receive reflected echoes produced by having the ultrasonic waves reflected by the subject, thereby generating received signals;... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120101382 - Ultrasound system for adjusting ultrasonic beam direction and method for operating ultrasound system: Provided are an ultrasound system and a method for operating the ultrasound system, which may calculate a direction of an ultrasonic beam in real time and may adjust the ultrasonic beam based on the calculation result. The ultrasound system may include a probe to emit an ultrasonic beam to an... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120101386 - Ultrasound scanning capsule endoscope (usce): The present invention relates to ultrasound imaging on a capsule endoscope platform. It relates to the generation of a focused ultrasound acoustic signal and the receiving of echo signals from the wall of a body lumen with an array of acoustic transducers wrapped around the circumference of the capsule. It... Agent:

20120101387 - Method and system for non-invasive intracranial pressure monitoring: Disclosed embodiments include a system and a method for determining intracranial pressure (ICP) of a subject that comprises: (a) applying transcranial Doppler (TCD) to determine the middle cerebral artery (MCA) velocity of the subject and estimating changes in the ICP continuously based on a functional mapping that relates arterial blood... Agent: Chongqing University

20120101388 - System for locating anatomical objects in ultrasound imaging: An ultrasound imaging probe supports determination of the location of an object scanned within a 3D volume. A handheld movable ultrasound imaging device emits ultrasound waves and detects corresponding ultrasound waves reflected from an object. At least three light emitting elements are mounted on the ultrasound imaging device and are... Agent:

20120101389 - Wireless ultrasound diagnostic system: An ultrasound diagnostic system includes at least one oscillator unit, at least one communication unit which processes and wirelessly transmits reception signals outputted from the at least one oscillator unit and from which the at least one oscillator unit is detachable, and a diagnostic apparatus body which acquires the reception... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120101391 - Blood vessel wall analyzing device and blood vessel wall analyzing method: The present invention relates to a blood vessel wall analyzing apparatus provided with a structure enabling accurate measurement of plaque components in a blood vessel wall in a state that reduces the burden on a patient. In the blood vessel wall analyzing apparatus (1), measurement light is illuminated onto a... Agent: Kyoto University

20120101390 - Multi-modal imaging for diagnosis of early stage epithelial cancers: Epithelial cancer screening can include a staining tissue with a cancer targeting agent, identifying a potentially cancerous lesion using fluorescence imaging, and imaging the potentially cancerous lesion for a cancer diagnosis using optical coherence tomography.... Agent:

20120101392 - Optimization of arrhythmia detection based on patient activity: An implantable medical device is configured to perform a method for detecting cardiac events by sensing a patient activity signal and determining a patient activity trend in response to the activity signal. A cardiac event detection threshold is set in response to the patient activity trend. The device senses a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120101393 - system and method for deriving respiration from intracardiac electrograms (egm) or ecg signals: A method and apparatus for monitoring respiration in a patient sense a cardiac electrical signal and detect signal peaks from the cardiac electrical signal. A peak amplitude waveform is generated from the signal peaks. a first derivative of the peak amplitude waveform is computed. Inspiration pulses are derived from the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120101394 - Personalized fluid assessment: A system and method of monitoring the fluid status of a patient. The system may include a patient monitor that receives blood pressure data. A first fluid model receives the blood pressure data, and a personalized fluid model is derived from the application of the blood pressure data to the... Agent: The General Electric Company

20120101395 - Device and computer program for analyzing biological body state: A state change of a person is captured with timing closer to consciousness of the person. A frequency slope waveform of a time series signal of a pulse wave of a body of a person detected by an air pack is obtained by a frequency slope time-series analyzing and a... Agent: Delta Tooling Co., Ltd

20120101396 - Continuous outpatinet ecg monitoring system: An ECG monitoring system for ambulatory patients includes a small multi-electrode patch that adhesively attaches to the chest of a patient. A reusable battery-powered ECG monitor clips onto the patch and receives patient electrical signals from the electrodes of the patch. A processor continuously processes received ECG signals and stores... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120101397 - Late potential detection: A late potential detecting system has an implantable medical device connected to at least one cardiac lead having implantable electrodes positioned at different sites of a ventricle myocardium. A sampling unit of the implantable medical device records electrogram samples for the different implantable electrodes to get different sample sets. The... Agent:

20120101398 - Visualization of electrophysiology data: A method for visualization of electrophysiology information can include storing electroanatomic data (14) in memory, the electroanatomic data representing electrical activity on a surface of an organ over a time period. An interval within the time period is selected in response to a user selection (28). Responsive to the user... Agent: Cardioinsight Technologies, Inc.

20120101399 - Respiratory monitoring system: A system for determining whether a subject is breathing through his nose or mouth and providing feedback to the user. The feedback may take the form of an alarm signal or an instruction to the user. The system advantageously uses an acoustic sensor placed in the user's suprasternal notch.... Agent:

20120101400 - Respiration impedance measuring device and respiration impedance display method: Continuous measurement of breathing impedance with extremely high precision is enabled by executing noise elimination. A loudspeaker 21 applies an air vibration pressure by an oscillation wave to an oral cavity, the oscillation wave being obtained by frequency-culling so executed that the oscillation wave has only the frequency component that... Agent: Chest M.i., Incorporated

20120101402 - method and system for controlling a device: A method for controlling a device, the method including the steps of, in a processing system: receiving a signal associated with a thought pattern (100), the signal being received from a single electroencephalogram (EEG) channel, the EEG channel having sensed any one or a combination of a visual cortex, a... Agent: University Of Technology, Sydney

20120101401 - Method for the real-time identification of seizures in an electroencephalogram (eeg) signal: The present invention relates to a method for the real-time identification of seizures in an Electroencephalogram (EEG) signal. The method provides for patient-independent seizure identification by use of a multi-patient trained generic Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier. The SVM classifier is operates on a large feature vector combining features from... Agent: National University Of Ireland

20120101404 - Methods for detecting osteolytic conditions in the body: Methods and systems for detecting a biological response indicative of osteolysis or preconditions in bone.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120101403 - System for detection and treatment of infection or inflamation: The invention provides for a system for visualizing a medical treatment of a human or animal body part. The system has means for thermal treatment of the body part, means for determining the temperature distribution on the body part, and means for identifying the location of a particular temperature determined... Agent:

20120101405 - Method for predicting cutaneous afferent nerve fiber excitation: Aspects of the invention relate to a device for predicting cutaneous afferent nerve fiber excitation from an electrical potential applied to a cutaneous tissue by an electrode and methods of using the same. In some embodiments, such devices and methods concern the electrical stimulation of nerves in the skin so... Agent: Aalborg Universitet

20120101406 - Biaxial test head: The present invention provides a device for skin testing. The device includes a handle assembly connected to a cylinder assembly having two mutually parallel and spaced apart cylinder housings. Each cylinder housing connects to at least one testing head assembly that includes a plurality of pins having a plurality of... Agent:

20120101407 - Apparatus and method for preparation of small volume of samples: A method and device for sample preparation. A capillary having adherent internal desiccated reagent is held by a housing, with one capillary end extending from the housing. A dock on the housing allows a dispense module to be docked onto the housing and dispense the contents of the capillary.... Agent: Inovx, LLC

20120101409 - Bending resistant male connector for a guide wire: During use there is a risk that a male connector for a guide wire is bent. With the present male connector (1) more material with high modulus of elasticity can be provided inside the male connector (1), which makes the male connector (1) more bending resistant. The male connector (1)... Agent: Radi Medical Systems Ab

20120101408 - Wire guide having two safety wires: A wire guide includes a helically wound coil having a proximal end and a distal end. A mandrel is positioned within the helically wound coil and terminates before the distal end of the helically wound coil. First and second safety wires are positioned within the helically wound coil and have... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120101410 - Unit, assembly, device and method for testing a sensor means provided in a medical localisation device: A unit, assembly and device suitable for a medical localisation device suitable for localizing a region in a body with a distal hollow needle includes a tube extending from a proximal first end to a distal second end. The first end is designed to be in communication with a fluid... Agent: Apad Octrooi B.v.

20120101411 - Automated near-fall detector: A method of gait data collection, the method comprising collecting movement data, determining from the data a movement parameter that includes a third order derivative of position, comparing the movement parameter with a threshold value, and counting at least a near fall if the movement parameter exceeds the threshold value.... Agent: The Medical Research, Infrastructure And Health Services Fund Of The Tel Aviv Medical Center

04/19/2012 > 94 patent applications in 61 patent subcategories.

20120095277 - Methods and compositions for inhibition of multi-drug resistance by hyaluronan oligomers: Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for sensitizing multi-drug resistant cancer or radiation resistant cancer cells to chemotherapeutic agents are provided. Compositions include ligands of hyaluronan receptors, including glycosaminoglycans such as hyaluronan oligomers and derivatives of these oligomers, hyaluronan binding proteins, antibodies specific for hyaluronan receptors, hyaluronan mimetics, inhibitors of hyaluronan synthesis,... Agent: Trustees Of Tufts College

20120095278 - Beta radiotherapy emitting surgical device and methods of use thereof: A surgical device for localized delivery of beta radiation in surgical procedures, particularly ophthalmic procedures. Preferred surgical devices include a cannula with a beta radiotherapy emitting material at the distal end of the cannula. The surgical device is particularly suitable for use in the treatment of treat Age Related Macular... Agent:

20120095279 - Nebulizing and drug delivery device: The invention relates generally to a device for delivering a substance in an aerosol, liquid or cream form into a cellular organism with the assistance of asymmetric pulse magnetic energy and ultrasound.... Agent: Sheiman Ultrasonic Research Foundation Pty Ltd

20120095280 - Heart pump controller: A controller for a heart pump, the controller including a processing system for determining movement of an impeller within a cavity in a first axial direction, the cavity including at least one inlet and at least one outlet, and the impeller including vanes for urging fluid from the inlet to... Agent: Bivacor Pty Ltd.

20120095281 - Pumping blood: A blood pump includes a rotor having a flared portion downstream proximate a downstream bearing that supports the rotor. The flared portion of the rotor includes a width greater than a width of an upstream portion of the rotor. A blood pump also includes a housing having an internal wall... Agent:

20120095282 - Intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation with concurrent hypothermia: Devices, systems and methods for treating disorders characterized by low cardiac output. The devices, systems and methods use intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation in combination with hypothermia of all or a portion of a human or veterinary patient's body to improve coronary perfusion and cardiac output. To effect the hypothermia, a heat... Agent: Zoll Circulation, Inc.

20120095284 - Bone anchored hearing aid with adjustable resonance damping: The invention relates to a bone anchored hearing aid with a sound processor which generates a vibration signal and serves the signal at a vibrator for transmission of the vibration signal into the skull bone of a wearer and where a resonance damping system is provided in the hearing aid... Agent: Oticon A/s

20120095283 - Transcutaneous bone conduction system: A transcutaneous bone conduction system comprising a bone conduction device configured to vibrate in response to received sound. The system also comprises a totally implantable support apparatus positionable under a recipient's skin, comprising: a fixture configured to be implanted in the skull, and a substantially rigid cradle. The cradle has... Agent:

20120095285 - Systems, devices, and methods for minimally invasive pelvic surgery: The invention also provides a driver and methods for advancing needles, cannulas, and other medical devices through the pubic bone. The driver may be used in connection with a driver frame assembly for proper positioning and stabilization of the driver, and with other devices for creating a cavity in the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120095286 - Catheter for an embryo transfer and a carrier for a cell transport: A catheter for introduction, particularly of the embryos, comprising an aspirator combined with an inner part of the catheter, characterized in that the core of the catheter is placed (1) inside the inner part of the catheter (4) and the aspirator (2), and the carrier for a cell transport, in... Agent:

20120095287 - Imaging and evaluating embryos, oocytes, and stem cells: Methods, compositions and kits for determining the developmental potential of one or more embryos or pluripotent cells and/or the presence of chromosomal abnormalities in one or more embryos or pluripotent cells are provided. These methods, compositions and kits find use in identifying embryos and oocytes in vitro that are most... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior Univesity

20120095288 - Self-adjusting gastric band: Generally described herein are automatic, self-adjusting, gastric banding systems and improvements thereof, that are capable of automatically relaxing and contracting in response to a large bolus passing through the area of a patient's stomach constricted by a gastric band. Alternatively, and/or in addition in one or more embodiments, the gastric... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120095289 - Capsule medical device guidance system and method for guiding capsule medical device: A system and method for guiding a capsule medical device. The method includes: changing, by a control unit, a gradient distribution of a gradient magnetic field generated by a magnetic field generator in a vertical direction, the magnetic field generator generating at least the gradient magnetic field in the vertical... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120095290 - Capsule medical device guidance system and method for guiding capsule medical device: A capsule medical device guidance system includes: a magnetic field generator that applies a magnetic field having a magnetic field gradient to the magnetic field response unit and guides the capsule medical device; a first setting unit that sets a magnetic field gradient of a magnetic field for generating a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120095291 - Endoscope overtube: An object of the present invention is to provide means capable of steering a treatment instrument together with an endoscope with good operability in endoscopic surgery. The endoscope overtube of the present invention includes a first insertion passage into which an endoscope is inserted, wherein a wall constituting the first... Agent:

20120095292 - Anchored guidewire: An anchored guide wire is described including at least one expansion apparatus having an outer surface for contacting surrounding tissue, an elongated guide wire with at least one lumen for supplying fluid to the expansion apparatus, and a pump that supplies fluid to the lumen to inflate the expansion apparatus,... Agent:

20120095293 - Combined irrigation and rinsing tube set: A combined tube set for a disposable water bottle for a medical instrument includes a cap with threads suitable for attachment to various water bottles. The combined tube set provides a first tube set for rinsing that includes an air and water tubes, and air/water connector The combined tube set... Agent: Minntech Corporation

20120095294 - Insertion section for laryngoscope with lateral tube guide: A laryngoscope insertion section for a laryngoscope, which is typically a video laryngoscope, includes a lateral tube guide configured to retain an endotracheal tube in a plane. A viewing port for a camera or other image collector is laterally displaced from the plane of the endotracheal tube. The said plane... Agent:

20120095295 - Laryngoscope insertion section with tube guide for guiding endotracheal tubes having a range of external diameters: A laryngoscope insertion section includes an elongate support member and a tube guide having a resilient tube guiding member, to enable the insertion section to be used with endotracheal tubes having a wide range of external diameters. The breadth and/or thickness of the insertion section can therefore be less when... Agent: Aircraftraft Medical Limited

20120095296 - Expandable spinal access instruments and methods of use: A system for use in percutaneous surgical procedures includes a dilator with an expandable sleeve positioned around its outer surface that accepts one or more additional dilators or retractors between the sleeve and the dilator to form an access port to a surgical site in a patient. The system can... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic

20120095297 - Natural orifice surgery system: Embodiments of a surgical access port system that comprises a retractor that is adapted for being coupled to a cap and that is particularly useful in natural orifice surgery are described. The retractor comprises an outer ring, wherein the outer ring is configured to be disposed proximate the natural orifice... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20120095298 - Laparoscopic device with distal handle: Methods and devices are provided for controlling movement of an end effector assembly, and in particular for causing mimicking motion between a handle and an end effector assembly. In an exemplary embodiment, a surgical device is provided having a handle or actuator, an elongate shaft, and an end effector assembly... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120095301 - Method of determining lymph node metastasis in cervical cancer, device for determining the same, and computer program: In order to provide a method of testing lymph node metastasis in cervical cancer which can determine the presence of lymph node metastasis in cervical cancer with higher accuracy, the method includes acquiring information about mRNA expression level of at least one gene selected from the group consisting of SERPINB5,... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20120095299 - Patient monitor having entertainment functions and control method thereof: The invention provides a patient monitor having entertainment functions and a control method thereof. If a user initiates the entertainment functions of the patient monitor having entertainment functions, a system thereof sends an entertainment signal to an entertainment signal processing unit, the entertainment signal is then processed to display an... Agent: Edan Instruments, Inc.

20120095300 - Predicting near-term deterioration of hospital patients: Methods, systems, and computer storage media are provided for predicting a probability of acute deterioration for a specific patient. Various discrete measurements are taken regarding the patient's current health. Those measurements are used to determine a PPOD score, which is displayed for clinicians.... Agent: Cerner Innovation, Inc.

20120095303 - method for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring: A method for noninvasive blood glucose monitoring involves metabolic heat measurement and algorithm to correct interferences from environmental factors, and physiological or pathological conditions of subjects.... Agent: Novanex Inc.

20120095304 - System and method for determining a patient clinical status: A system and method for displaying a patient clinical status. In one embodiment, the system includes a plurality of sensors, each sensor measuring a respective patient parameter; a processor in communication with each of the plurality of sensors, and a display in communication with the processor. The processor receives the... Agent: Cardiopulmonary Corporation

20120095302 - Using tv as health monitor: A TV can receive user health information from a health monitoring sensor and enable a user to view a user interface on the TV responsive to current and/or historical user health information received by the health monitoring sensor. The TV may also communicate through the Internet with a user's health... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120095305 - Spectrophotometric monitoring of multiple layer tissue structures: Methods, systems, and related computer program products for the non-invasive spectrophotometric monitoring of a biological volume having multiple tissue layers are described. Aggregate absorption and scattering properties are measured for each of a plurality of predetermined source-detector separation distances along a surface of the biological volume, the measurement being based... Agent: O2 Medtech, Inc.

20120095306 - Sensing gas bubbles in a living body: A method of detecting gas bubbles in a living body, comprising transmitting at least one original electromagnetic signal to a body portion; detecting a signal modulated by a flow of blood in said body portion; and analyzing a perturbation in said signal to determine at least one of an existence... Agent:

20120095307 - Sensing device for body tissue properties: A device is described for measuring a parameter of living tissue, in particular a glucose level, which parameter affects a response of said tissue to an electric field. The device comprises a substrate (2), which carries a ground electrode (10) as well as a plurality of signal electrodes (12a, 12b,... Agent:

20120095308 - Detector and detection method: Provided is a strip-shaped detector that detects an analyte in a liquid sample. The detector includes a collecting member that directly collects a liquid sample from a living organism, a holding member that holds a labeling reagent binding specifically to the analyte in a state where the labeling reagent can... Agent:

20120095311 - Coexistence of multiple radios in a medical device: A handheld diabetes management device having a plurality of communication modules for communicating with a plurality of medical devices via a shared antenna or multiple antennas, where the handheld diabetes management device includes a first communication module, a second communication module, and an arbitration module. The first communication module selectively... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120095317 - Communication protocol that supports structured collection procedures used in diabetes care: A computer-implemented diabetes management system is provided for configuring a structured collection procedure implemented on a collection device having a meter that measures the concentration of glucose in blood. The system includes: a collection application that executes a structured collection procedure for obtaining measurement data from the meter and provides... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120095315 - Configuration of blood glucose meter interfaces: A handheld diabetes management device includes a blood glucose measurement engine that measures a blood glucose level of a patient. The device includes a physical port that is exposed at an exterior of the device. The device includes a processing module that includes first, second, and third physical interfaces that... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120095314 - Handheld diabetes management device having a database management system: A handheld diabetes management device having a database management system is disclosed. The device comprises a plurality of input modules, including a blood glucose reader, a user interface, a communications interface, and a continuous blood glucose input module. The input modules output data used to generate data records of different... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120095318 - Handheld diabetes management device with bolus calculator: A method for monitoring blood glucose (bG) levels of a diabetic user. The method may be implemented on a non-transitory computer readable medium adapted to run on a processing subsystem, the processing subsystem forming a portion of a handheld diabetes management device for monitoring the bG levels of a diabetic... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120095316 - Handheld diabetes managing device with light pipe for enhanced illumination: A handheld diabetes management device for providing enhanced illumination includes a housing with an access port and a light aperture. The housing further includes a coupling member on an inner surface thereof. Furthermore, the device includes a measurement engine housed within the housing and communicating with the access port for... Agent: Roche Diagnostic Operations, Inc.

20120095313 - Medical devices that support enhanced system extensibility for diabetes care: A medical device or medical software is provided that supports system extensibility for diabetes care. The medical device or software is comprised of an application and particular data structures that support diabetes care. The data structures include: a patient class that has attributes and methods associated with a person receiving... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120095312 - Power management for a handheld medical device: A system for managing power consumption of a handheld diabetes management device and limiting effects of temperature on operations performed by the handheld diabetes management device comprises a blood glucose measuring module, a temperature sensing module, and a power management module. The blood glucose measuring module selectively measures blood glucose... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120095310 - Time block manipulation for insulin infusion delivery: The present teachings provide a system for modifying insulin therapy support parameters such as warning limit data and time block data on a hand-held diabetes management device. The system can include a graphical user interface module that creates a graphical user interface having a plurality of bar structures positionable on... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120095309 - Updatability of structured blood glucose tests performed on handheld diabetes management devices: A method of improving updatability of entry, adherence, and exit criteria stored in memory of a handheld diabetes management device, the method includes: providing the handheld diabetes management device with a blood glucose (bG) measurement engine that measures a bG level in a sample of blood of a user and... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120095319 - Guidewire-assisted catheter placement system: A catheter assembly for providing precise placement of a catheter distal end at a desired location within the patient vasculature is disclosed. In one embodiment, the catheter assembly comprises a catheter including an elongate body that defines a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen extending therebetween. A guidewire... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120095320 - Mri t1 image-guided tissue diagnostics: An MR image especially useful for computer-guided diagnostics uses at least one programmed computer to acquire an MR-image of T1 values for a patient volume containing at least one predetermined tissue type having a respectively corresponding predetermined range of expected T1 values. A color-coded T1-image is generated from the MR-image... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120095323 - Bandpass sampling for elastography: The characterization of tissue viscoelastic properties requires the measurement of tissue displacements over a region of interest at frequencies that exceed significantly the frame rates of conventional medical imaging devices. The present invention involves using bandpass sampling to track high-frequency tissue displacements. With this approach, high frequency signals limited to... Agent:

20120095322 - Devices, systems and methods for multimodal biosensing and imaging: Provided herein are robotic or automated multimodal tissue scanning or imaging systems and methods. The systems comprise a robotic delivery device configured to mechanically scan one or more zones of a tissue by co-registering at least two modalities, i.e., one or more of each of a sensor modality and an... Agent:

20120095324 - Method for a nuclear medicine examination: A method for a nuclear medicine examination of a patient is disclosed. In at least one embodiment of the method, a magnetic resonance recording of an examination region of the patient is created after a magnetic resonance contrast agent has been administered to the patient. A distribution of the magnetic... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120095321 - Systems and methods for reducing interference in a dual modality imaging system: A magnetic resonance (MR)-positron emission tomography (PET) device dual modality system includes a dual modality detector system, conductors, and a PET processing device. The dual modality detector system includes a plurality of PET detector device having a framing recovery device and PET detectors, and an MR detector device having a... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120095325 - Treatment of brain diseases via ultrasound/magnetic targeting delivery and tracing of therapeutic agents: Disclosed herein is a method for treating a brain disease in which focused ultrasound and magnetic targeting are applied to a subject in need of such treatment, so that therapeutic agent-magnetic nanoparticle composites are directed across the blood-brain barrier to a designated locus inside the brain of the subject. Each... Agent: Chang Gung Medical Foundation, Linkou Branch

20120095326 - Velocity measurement of mr-imaged fluid flows: Velocity of MR-imaged fluid flows is measured. Data representing a measure of distance traveled by flowing fluid appearing in at least two MR images of a subject's tissue taken at different respective imaging times is generated. Data representing at least one fluid velocity measurement of the flowing fluid is generated... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120095327 - Non-contrast mri signal acquisition: A first plurality of MR signals from a patient's tissue at respectively corresponding successive first time increments extending over a first time interval including a substantial majority of a subject's cardiac cycle is acquired and analyzed to define a second time interval, shorter than the first time interval, during the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120095328 - System, method and computer-accessible medium for utilizing cardiac output to improve measurement of tracer input function in dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging: Exemplary embodiments of method, system and computer-accessible medium according to the present disclosure can be provided for converting magnetic resonance (MR) arterial signal intensity versus time curves to arterial input functions (AIF) with less susceptibility to artifacts such as flow-related enhancement. Exemplary methods, systems and computer-accessible medium can be used... Agent: New York University

20120095329 - Biopsy apparatus, phantom, spatial range measuring apparatus, and spatial range measuring method: A biopsy apparatus includes a biopsy needle for insertion into an object to be examined in order to sample tissue of a biopsy region in the object, and a spatial range measuring section, which measures a spatial range within which the biopsy needle is capable of sampling the tissue of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120095330 - Method and system for position determination: A system for tracking a device can include a medical device for placement in a target anatomy of a patient, one or more sensors in proximity to and connected to the medical device, wherein positioning data associated with the medical device is generated by the one or more accelerometric sensors,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120095331 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method and program for them: Disclosed herein is an information processing apparatus including: a lesion progress rate recognition section configured to perform prescribed image recognition processing on a plurality of entered medical images, thereby recognizing the lesion progress rate that represents the rate of progress of the disease-induced change in living body; and a presentation... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120095332 - Blood vessel function inspecting apparatus: A blood vessel function inspecting apparatus including blood flow velocity distribution measuring portion for measuring a blood flow velocity distribution within a blood vessel in a non-invasion manner with ultrasonic waves before releasing of the blood vessel from a blood flow obstruction or after a blood vessel diameter measuring time... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20120095333 - Coupled axial and lateral displacement estimation for elasticity imaging: The determination of axial and lateral displacement in a material subject to compression is determined by fitting a multi-dimensional model function to the match between corresponding portions of the material in two states of compression. In one embodiment, iso-contour lines in a correlation between a reference kernel and a target... Agent:

20120095334 - Controlled inflation of an expandable member during a medical procedure: Devices and methods for controlled inflation of a vessel lumen or a hollow portion of another organ located within a patient. The devices are typically catheter-based having an expandable member fixed to a distal end of the catheter. The devices and methods typically comprise deploying the expandable member percutaneously to... Agent:

20120095336 - Robotic localizing aid for high-intensity focused ultrasound delivery: A holding structure holds a biopsy needle and a HIFU transducer to allow smooth and accurate delivery of the HIFU beam at the interface of the liver, where bleeding will occur. This manipulator structure performs the biopsy and HIFU through the percutaneous approach. In addition, the procedure is imaged by... Agent: University Of Rochester

20120095335 - Ultrasound transducer and uses thereof: A dual use ultrasonic transducer device for combined sensing and power transmission, comprises a first piezoelectric transducer sized for placement in a body lumen; a power unit enabling an ultrasonic power beam for tissue ablation in a tissue ablation region; and a sensing unit enabling an ultrasonic sensing beam for... Agent: Cardiosonic Ltd.

20120095337 - Systems and methods to improve ultrasound beamforming: Systems and methods are disclosed to receive a plurality of samples of an ultrasound beam, each of the plurality of samples associated with a tissue depth, determine, for each of a plurality of candidate depths, a difference between the sum of each of the plurality of samples which is associated... Agent:

20120095340 - Intravascular ultrasound pigtail catheter: An IVUS pigtail catheter is provided. The IVUS pigtail catheter includes an array of transducers for performing intravascular ultrasound imaging and a pigtail end portion for performing angiographic imaging. The IVUS pigtail catheter facilitates both IVUS imaging and angiographic imaging without the need to exchange catheters. This allows surgical procedures... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120095341 - Ultrasonic image processing apparatus and ultrasonic image processing method: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment acquires first and second volume data by scanning a three-dimensional region including the lumen of an object in a B mode and a blood flow detection mode with ultrasonic waves, sets a viewpoint and a plurality of lines of sight with reference... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120095339 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes an ultrasound probe, an image producer, a monitor, a position designating unit for designating a target position when paracentesis is performed, an insertion position calculating unit for calculating an insertion position from information on the target position designated by the position designating unit and a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120095338 - Ultrasound imaging system parameter optimization via fuzzy logic: An ultrasound scanner is equipped with one or more fuzzy control units that can perform adaptive system parameter optimization anywhere in the system. In one embodiment, an ultrasound system comprises a plurality of ultrasound image generating subsystems configured to generate an ultrasound image, the plurality of ultrasound image generating subsystems... Agent: Zonare Medical Systems Inc.

20120095343 - Concave ultrasound transducers and 3d arrays: A Multiple Aperture Ultrasound Imaging (MAUI) probe or transducer is uniquely capable of simultaneous imaging of a region of interest from separate apertures of ultrasound arrays. Some embodiments provide systems and methods for designing, building and using ultrasound probes having continuous arrays of ultrasound transducers which may have a substantially... Agent:

20120095342 - Providing an ultrasound spatial compound image based on center lines of ultrasound images in an ultrasound system: Embodiments for providing an ultrasound spatial compound image are disclosed. In one embodiment, by way of non-limiting example, an ultrasound system comprises: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to acquire ultrasound data by transmitting and receiving ultrasound signals; and a processing unit in communication with the ultrasound data acquisition unit,... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120095344 - Transmit beamforming in 3-dimensional ultrasound: An ultrasound system comprises a probe including a two-dimensional (2D) array of transducer elements that form an aperture having a plurality of receive elements that are configured to receive ultrasound signals. The transducer elements form at least one transmit sub-aperture that is configured to be interconnected with a fixed group... Agent: General Electric Company

20120095345 - Blood vessel diameter measurement device: A control part includes a transmission angle control unit that controls a transmission angle of ultrasonic waves transmitted from three ultrasonic arrays, a first reflected wave measuring unit that measures a first arrival time of a first reflected wave which is reflected by a blood vessel and is first to... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120095347 - Multiple aperture probe internal apparatus and cable assemblies: A Multiple Aperture Ultrasound Imaging (MAUI) probe or transducer is uniquely capable of simultaneous imaging of a region of interest from separate physical apertures of ultrasound arrays. The probe can include separate backing plates configured to secure the ultrasound arrays in predetermined positions and orientations relative to one another. Some... Agent:

20120095348 - Three dimensional imaging intra cardiac echocardiography (ice) catheter: Provided herein is an ultrasound imaging device including a two dimensional ultrasound imaging array for three dimensional images positioned at least in the vicinity of distal end of a catheter configured to be used for intra organ imaging, wherein the imaging array includes a first number of output ports. The... Agent: Sonavation, Inc.

20120095346 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus: There is provided an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus capable of reducing an unnecessary signal component in a reception signal. A sign data array formed of a plurality of sign data items arranged in an element arranging direction is extracted from a plurality of element reception signals having been subjected to delay... Agent: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

20120095349 - Apparatus, systems and methods for laser coagulation of the retina: An integral laser imaging and coagulation apparatus, and associated systems and methods that allow an ophthalmologist to perform laser retinal surgical procedures with an integral laser imaging and coagulation apparatus disposed at a first (i.e. local) location from a control system disposed at a second (i.e. remote) location, e.g., a... Agent:

20120095350 - Three-dimensional imaging of veins: An apparatus and method for creating a three dimensional imaging system is disclosed. There is a first source of laser light and a second source of laser light having a wavelength different from the wavelength of the laser light of the first source. The laser light from the first and... Agent:

20120095351 - Blood treatment device: In a device for treating blood in an extracorporeal circuit, at least one blood pump and at least one filtering device are provided for carrying out the blood treatment. The device includes at least one pressure-measuring element for detecting the blood pressure, which is characterized in that the pressure-measuring element... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120095352 - Health monitoring appliance: A heart monitoring system for a person includes one or more wireless nodes forming a wireless network; a wearable sensor having a wireless transceiver adapted to communicate with the one or more wireless nodes; and a software module receiving data from the wireless nodes to detect changes in patient vital... Agent:

20120095353 - Pulse wave analysis device and recording medium: A pulse wave analysis device stores a pulse waveform for multiple beats, and calculates a pulse wave analysis index by analyzing the pulse waveform for multiple beats. In the calculation of the pulse wave analysis index, pulse waveform shapes of each beat that constitute the pulse waveform for multiple beats... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120095354 - Quantitative imaging with multi-exposure speckle imaging (mesi): Methods and systems relating to multi-exposure laser speckle contrast imaging are provided. One such system comprises a laser light source, a light modulator, and a detector for the measurement of reflected light comprising at least one camera, at least one magnification objective, and at least one microprocessor or data acquisition... Agent:

20120095356 - Portable fitness monitoring systems with displays and applications thereof: Portable fitness monitoring systems with displays, and applications thereof, are disclosed. In an embodiment, a method of providing training feedback to an individual using a heart rate sensor and a display module supported by the individual during a physical activity includes the steps of determining a maximum heart rate value... Agent: Adidas Ag

20120095355 - Volume sensing: Each sensor in one or more pairs of sensors is associated with a particular tissue, for example a first tissue location and a second tissue location respectively. Tissue at a particular tissue location may be solid, for example, muscle tissue, fat tissue, etc., or fluid, for example, blood, fluids associated... Agent: Proteus Biomedical, Inc.

20120095357 - Health monitoring appliance: A heart monitoring system for a person includes one or more wireless nodes; and a wearable appliance in communication with the one or more wireless nodes, the appliance monitoring cardiac abnormalities. Other implementations can monitor heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, fluid status, posture and activity.... Agent:

20120095358 - Living body state monitor apparatus: A living body state monitor apparatus includes: a living body information acquisition device to acquire living body information containing an electrocardiography waveform and a pulse waveform from a user; an irregular heartbeat detection section to detect an irregular heartbeat from the electrocardiography waveform; and a pulse wave feature quantity extraction... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120095359 - method and system for determining a variation in a metabolic function and managing the variation accordingly: This invention describes a method for determining an abnormality of metabolic function and/or a variation of metabolic function, the method including the steps of, in a processing system receiving electroencephalography (EEG) signal information (100), analysing the signal information (110), and determining the abnormality from the analysis (120). It also describes... Agent: University Of Techology, Sydney

20120095360 - Neurophysiologic monitoring system and related methods: The present invention relates to a system and methods generally aimed at surgery. More particularly, the present invention is directed at a system and related methods for performing surgical procedures and assessments involving the use of neurophysiology.... Agent:

20120095361 - Multi-channel biopotential signal acquisition systems: A multi-channel biopotential signal acquisition system is disclosed. In the system, a plurality of biopotential channels is corrected for common-mode interference. In one aspect, each biopotential channel includes an electrode for providing a biopotential input signal and an associated amplifier for amplifying the biopotential input signal and providing a biopotential... Agent: Imec

20120095362 - Catheter with digitized temperature measurement in control handle: A temperature sensing catheter with improved accuracy is provided. The catheter includes a catheter shaft having a proximal end and a distal end, and a first pair of conductors extending through the catheter shaft. Each one of the first pair of conductors has a first end and a second end,... Agent:

20120095363 - Compound tactile stimulus device system: A system for presenting compound tactile stimuli to a test subject includes a compound tactile stimulus device comprised of a plurality of overlapping stimulus presentation members, each stimulus presentation member including one or more stimulus exemplars related by a specified dimensional property. The device includes manual or automated means for... Agent:

20120095364 - Bolt stop system for use in accessing intracranial space: A bolt stop for use with an intracranial access bolt that assists in preventing penetration of the bolt into the skull, resists accidental rotation and movement of the bolt with in the skull, and facilitates healing of the scalp.... Agent:

20120095365 - Adjustable spacer: A medical targeting and device introduction system includes an introducer having a cannula, and a hub. The cannula is defined, at least in part, by an inner lumen. The hub includes a latch to releasably secure the hub to a biopsy device. The hub includes a proximal end and a... Agent: Suros Surgical Systems, Inc.

20120095366 - Disposable biopsy unit: A disposable biopsy unit includes a biopsy needle unit and a pump. The biopsy needle unit includes a carrier, a biopsy needle and a cutting sheath. The carrier is configured to mount the biopsy needle and the cutting sheath. The cutting sheath is configured to move along a longitudinal axis... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120095367 - Systems and methods for parenterally procuring bodily-fluid samples with reduced contamination: The present invention is directed to the parenteral procurement of bodily-fluid samples. The present invention is also directed to systems and methods for parenterally procuring bodily-fluid samples with reduced contamination from dermally-residing microbes. In some embodiments, a bodily-fluid withdrawing system is used to withdraw bodily fluid from a patient for... Agent: Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc.

20120095368 - Blood collection set, sampling holder, and needlestick-preventive needle cover: An object is to provide a blood collection set configured such that a sampling holder and a needlestick-preventive needle cover are more difficult to disengage from each other than conventional. A blood collection set (500) includes a sampling holder (100) and a needlestick-preventive needle cover (200). The sampling holder (100)... Agent: Kawasumi Laboratories, Inc.

20120095369 - System and method for sampling device for bodily fluids: There is provided a device for sampling bodily fluids. Some embodiments have a handle, a lumen, and a diverter valve. The distal end of the handle is adapted to connect with a sampling device and is in fluid communication with the lumen. There is a vacuum connection on the proximal... Agent:

20120095370 - Intra ocular lens: The invention relates to a intra lens (1) comprising a posterior surface and an anterior surface, said posterior surface having a curvature which is optimised for providing a minimal spherical aberration, wherein said curvature is optimized using the posterior chamber depth of an eye in which the IOL is to... Agent: Procornea Holding B.v.

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20120088952 - Brachytherapy device for facilitating asymmetrical irradiation of a body cavity: The disclosure describes devices and methods for asymmetrical irradiation at a body cavity or site, such as after removal of tissue, e.g. biopsy or cancer. One device includes a lumen which is off-set or off-settable from a longitudinal axis to increase the intensity of radiation received from a radiation source... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20120088953 - Fractured bone treatment methods and fractured bone treatment assemblies: Fractured bone treatment methods and fractured bone treatment assemblies are described. According to one aspect, a fractured bone treatment method includes generating an attractive magnetic force proximate to a fracture in a fractured bone and maintaining pieces of the fractured bone in proper anatomical positions with respect to one another... Agent:

20120088955 - Arterial device, system and method: An arterial device, system and method are provided for use with a patient undergoing a cardiac procedure. The system is configured for enabling one or more arterial devices to be accommodated in the aorta of the patient in use of the system, and a perfusion lumen arrangement provides therethrough a... Agent: Cardiogard Medical Ltd.

20120088954 - Cardiac pump: The pump is of an axial flow rotary pump, suitable for implantation into the human heart or vascular system, and comprises an elongate tubular casing (1,2) defining an inlet (4) for blood, an outlet (5) for blood longitudinally spaced from the inlet, and a primary substantially axial blood flow path... Agent: Calon Cardio Technology Ltd

20120088956 - bone conduction device having an integrated housing and vibrator mass: A bone conduction hearing aid device comprising a vibrator configured to vibrate in response to sound signals received by the device. The device further comprises a housing mass forming a housing for one or more operational components of the device, wherein the housing mass is attached to the vibrator so... Agent:

20120088957 - Subcutaneous piezoelectric bone conduction hearing aid actuator and system: An implantable bone-conduction hearing actuator based on a piezoelectric element, such as a unimorph or bimorph cantilever bender, is described. Unlike other implantable bone conduction hearing actuators, the device is subcutaneous and once implanted is entirely invisible. The device excites bending in bone through a local bending moment rather than... Agent: Dalhousie University

20120088961 - Bowel packing device having a support structure: An elastomeric device for packing the bowels of a subject comprising: a central portion and one or more flaps collectively manually positionable within the subject to retain the bowels of the subject in an operational, displaced position and to provide a surgical operational space; and a support structure disposed in... Agent:

20120088960 - Bowel packing device having a tether: A kit for packing the bowels of a subject. The kit comprises an elastomeric bowel packing device manually positioned within the subject to retain the bowels of the subject in an operational displaced position and to provide a surgical operational space; and an elongate tether having a distal end coupled... Agent:

20120088958 - Non-fibrous barrier for organ retention: A method of packing organs of a subject, the method including accessing an interior cavity of the subject, repositioning the organs to provide a surgical space in the abdominal cavity, and positioning a non-fibrous body against the organs to provide a barrier between the organs and the surgical space.... Agent:

20120088959 - Organ packing device having transformable support members: An elastomeric device for packing the organs of a subject. The device comprises a central portion and one or more flaps collectively manually positionable within the subject to retain the organs of the subject in an operational, displaced position and to provide a surgical operational space; and at least one... Agent:

20120088962 - Self-adjusting gastric band: Generally described herein are automatic, self-adjusting, gastric banding systems and improvements thereof, that are capable of automatically relaxing and contracting in response to a large bolus passing through the area of a patient's stomach constricted by a gastric band. Alternatively, and/or in addition in one or more embodiments, the gastric... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120088963 - Endoscope holding apparatus: A distal arm that holds a rigid endoscope includes a multi-joint articulated arm including first to fourth distal arm portions sequentially connected from a base portion side, and these first to fourth distal arm portions are configured so as to move on a vertical plane with horizontal rotational shafts as... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120088965 - Magnetically manipulatable surgical camera with removable adhesion removal system: A surgical or diagnostic camera system is disclosed that has a disposable cap-like device that is structured for removal of adhesions while under direct visualization with the camera. The adhesion removal device may have an electrode on the tip that can be activated to enhance separation of tissues and may... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120088966 - Medical nanobody: A particle-sized nanobody that can be inserted into at least one major physiological system of a mammal's body such as the blood stream or the gastro-intestinal track or other system. The nanobody of the present invention can remain in the system for a predetermined time to perform a predetermined task.... Agent:

20120088964 - Methods and devices for pericardial access: Methods and devices for pericardial access are described. One embodiment of a device includes a distal portion with a visualization element, along with a retractable access element. The distal portion is inserted into and navigates through the body to locate the pericardium with the aid of the visualization element. The... Agent: Epicardial Technologies, Inc.

20120088967 - Methods and devices for placement of an intra-abdominal or intra-thoracic appliance through a natural body orifice: Natural orifice transenteric surgical methods and devices for placing a band or other appliance around a hollow bodily organ such as the stomach. In one alternative embodiment, such a band is placed in order to reduce the inner volume of the stomach.... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120088968 - Methods and devices for visualization and access: Methods and devices for visualizing and accessing a region inside a body are described. One embodiment of a device includes a working catheter which slides along an open track in a visualization catheter. The visualization catheter is inserted into the body to locate a region of the body with the... Agent: Epic Medical Inc.

20120088969 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus according to the subject matter includes: an illumination device configured to emit light to an object; an imaging device configured to generate a color imaging signal; a normal image generation device configured to generate a normal image from the color imaging signal; a spectral image generation device... Agent:

20120088970 - Endoscope system: An endoscope system includes: an endoscope scope insertion portion having an insertion portion configured to be inserted inside a living organism; an extracorporeal device which is disposed outside the living organism; a first scope-side signal connecting portion that is provided on the endoscope scope insertion portion and has a first... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120088971 - Roticam: an orotracheal guide with camera: A camera system for surveillance of a patient's throat is disclosed. The camera system comprises a camera associated with an upper dental arch tray, and does not rest on the patient's tongue. The camera system can optionally include a delivery system for medication, display, and lower dental arch tray. The... Agent: Hanu Surgical Devices LLC

20120088972 - Change-out handle system and medical instrument: A change-out handle system is provided for releasably coupling two elongated, axially relatively displaceable functional parts to a medical instrument unit. The change-out handle system includes a first and a second handle part disposed axially relatively displaceably, a first coupler for releasably axially rigidly immovably coupling a first of the... Agent: Urotech Medizinische Technologie Gmbh

20120088973 - Switching valve assembly for endoscope: A switching valve assembly for an endoscope includes a cylinder, a piston unit, a button device, a flow channel in the piston unit, and plural flow openings. The piston unit changes over plural flow lines between communication and interruption by changing a combination of the flow openings with the flow... Agent:

20120088974 - Hybrid apparatus for fluid supply for endoscopic irrigation and lens cleaning: A hybrid apparatus for delivery of fluid in connection with endoscopic irrigation and lens cleaning including a connector which is adaptable to a flexible or rigid container, a connector arranged at the end thereof and connected via a tubing supply to a fluid, air and or gas source and to... Agent: Erbe-usa, Inc.

20120088975 - Switching valve assembly for endoscope: A switching valve assembly for an endoscope includes a cylinder, a piston unit, a button device, a flow channel in the piston unit, and plural flow openings. The piston unit changes over plural flow lines between communication and interruption by changing a combination of the flow openings with the flow... Agent:

20120088976 - System and method for suction-assisted object removal: System and method to remove a foreign object from a body cavity, the system including: a speculum that has a base configured to attach to an otoscope head; a hollow tapered section, having a wide end coupled to the base, and a narrow end that is open; and a hollow... Agent:

20120088977 - Stabilized elongate implantable vascular access device: A vascular access port is described that is elongate in form. A distal end is coupled to a tube which leads into a body lumen. A proximal end has a head thereon with a septum which can be repeatedly penetrated by a needle and reseal, for repeated administration of medications... Agent:

20120088978 - Laparoscope pouch: A laparoscope pouch includes: a main shaft which is therein formed with a hollow; a handle shaft which is inserted and slidably moved in the main shaft; an arm which is disposed in one side of the handle shaft; a handle which is disposed in the other side of the... Agent:

20120088979 - Lateral access system and method of use: A surgical access device including a frame, first and second supports, and first and second retractor blades releasably coupled with the first and second supports, respectively. The frame has first and second arms. The first support is releasably coupled with the first and second arms. The second support is slidably... Agent: K2m, Inc

20120088980 - Meibomian gland illuminating and imaging: In an illustrative embodiment, an apparatus for imaging a portion of a mammalian eyelid has an eye contact lenspiece configured to direct the light through an eyelid from posterior to anterior surface to thereby trans-illuminate the eyelid, when the light source illuminates the contact lens. An imaging device receives an... Agent: Tearscience, Inc.

20120088981 - Matching of regions of interest across multiple views: Described herein is a framework for multi-view matching of regions of interest in images. According to one aspect, a processor receives first and second digitized images, as well as at least one CAD finding corresponding to a detected region of interest in the first image. The processor determines at least... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120088987 - General-purpose medical instrumentation: A general-purpose, low-cost system provides comprehensive physiological data collection, with extensive data object oriented programmability and configurability for a variety of medical as well as other analog data collection applications. In a preferred embodiment, programmable input signal acquisition and processing circuits are used so that virtually any analog and/or medical... Agent: Cybernet Systems Corporation

20120088983 - Implantable medical device and method of controlling the same: An implantable medical device (IMD) is provided. The IMD includes a medical procedure performing unit configured to perform a medical procedure inside a body of a user, a code generating unit configured to detect a motion state of the user, and to generate a motion code that represents a user's... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120088984 - Megnetic electrical connector for patient monitors: The present disclosure relates to an electrical connector for providing signal isolation between various components of a physiological monitoring system. In an embodiment, the electrical connector is placed between a sensor and associated monitoring system and includes a physical barrier and inductive components.... Agent:

20120088985 - Methods and systems for measuring and communicating pain and distress level: Systems and methods are described for communicating the distress or pain experienced by an infant or a non-communicative patient. The systems and methods can provide an objective quantification of pain and/or distress in conjunction with, e.g., various distressing procedures commonly found in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU). The systems... Agent: University Of Rochester

20120088982 - Monitoring device with an accelerometer, method and system: A monitoring device (820) for monitoring the vital signs of a user is disclosed herein. The monitoring device (820) is preferably comprises an article (825), an optical sensor (830), an accelerometer (710) and processor (741). The optical sensor (830) preferably comprises a photodetector (836) and a plurality of light emitting... Agent: Impact Sports Technologies, Inc.

20120088986 - Physiological measuring system comprising a garment in the form of a sleeve or glove and sensing apparatus incorporated in the garment: A measuring system for measuring electrocardiogram signals comprises a diagnostic garment with ECG electrodes that may assume the form of a sleeve or glove. A disposable version of the glove can be inflated. By using an inflatable glove, the contour of the body is automatically matched by the contour of... Agent: Commwell Research And Development Ltd. A Coporation

20120088988 - Detection device, recovery method therefor and monitoring system: A detection device is retained in the rumen of a cow by being orally administered to the cow, and detects the state of the inside of the rumen. The detection device wirelessly transmits measured values of the rumen pH as detection results. A monitoring unit (receiver and monitoring server) acquires... Agent:

20120088989 - Management method and system for implementation, execution, data collection, and data analysis of a structured collection procedure which runs on a collection device: In one embodiment, a method of performing a structured collection protocol by utilizing a collection device comprising a processor may include collecting at least one sample using the collection device. The at least one sample can be associated with biomarker data. A classification can be associated with the at least... Agent: Roche Diagnostic Operations, Inc.

20120088990 - Medical sensor system: A medical sensor system (10, 10′) for detecting at least one characteristic (12) of an human and/or animal body has a sensor (14), a first characteristic carrier (16), and a characteristic carrier receptor (18). The first characteristic carrier (16) differs, in terms of at least one characteristic parameter, from a... Agent:

20120088991 - Algorithm for photonic needle console: Needles are widely used in interventional radiology. Each medical application requires a specific needle type. The same holds for the photonic needles which analysis depends on the type of application the clinician aims for. Therefore, it is relevant to have the X-ray machine recognize the type of needle that is... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120088992 - Method for detecting and discriminating breathing patterns from respiratory signals: A Cheyne-Stokes (CS) diagnosis system classifies periods of CS-like breathing by examining a signal indicative of a respiratory parameter. For example, nasal flow data is processed to classify it as unambiguously CS breathing or nearly so and to display the classification Processing may detect and display: apnoeas, hypopnoeas, flow-limitation and... Agent:

20120088995 - Analyte monitoring devices and methods: Methods and devices for providing application specific integrated circuit architecture for a two electrode analyte sensor or a three electrode analyte sensor are provided. Systems and kits employing the same are also provided.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120088993 - Electrochemical sensor having symmetrically distributed analyte sensitive areas: The present invention provides an electrochemical sensor that employs multiple electrode areas that are exposed for contact with a body fluid, e.g., when the sensor is inserted subcutaneously into a patient's skin. The exposed electrode areas are arranged symmetrically, such that a symmetrical potential distribution is produced when an AC... Agent:

20120088994 - Medical sensor system for detecting a feature in a body: The invention relates to a medical sensor system (10) for detecting a feature (12), such as an analyte, in a human or animal body. The system (10) includes at least one sensor (14; 34) having a reservoir (18) with a cap (16) designed as a controllable organic membrane (20), wherein... Agent:

20120088996 - System and method for determining the point of hydration and proper time to apply potential to a glucose sensor: According to an embodiment of the invention, a method of determining hydration of a sensor having a plurality of electrodes is disclosed. In particular embodiments, the method couples a sensor electronics device to the sensor and measures the open circuit potential between at least two of the plurality of electrodes.... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120088997 - Implantable biochip for managing trauma--induced hemorrhage: A biocompatible biosensor and transmitter device for temporary implantation prior to, during and following trauma-induced hemorrhaging detects the presence and level of at least one analyte and transmits detected data to a second, external device. Thus, a method for managing post-trauma patient outcomes includes providing such a biosensor and transmitter... Agent:

20120088999 - Ambulatory electrocardiographic monitor with jumpered sensing electrode for providing ease of use in women and method of use: An ambulatory electrocardiographic (ECG) monitor with a jumpered sensing electrode and method of use for female and large-girthed patients is provided. Self-powered ECG sensing circuitry is fully enclosed in a housing with electrode receptacles on a bottom surface. A flexible and stretchable electrode mounting panel is provided with a layer... Agent:

20120088998 - Computer-implemented system and method for evaluating ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring of cardiac rhythm disorders: A computer-implemented method for evaluating ambulatory electrocardiographic (ECG) monitoring of cardiac rhythm disorders is provided. A patient is registered online and medical records for the patient are assembled. An ambulatory ECG monitor that includes leadless integrated sensing electrodes independently suspended from a flexible housing, is registered to the patient. An... Agent:

20120089001 - Ambulatory electrocardiographic monitor and method of use: A method for performing ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring is provided. An ambulatory ECG monitor, that includes a plurality of sensing electrodes coupled to self-powered sensing circuitry, is provisioned. A monitoring site is located on the surface of a patient's chest at midline and above the body of the sternum adjacent to... Agent:

20120089000 - Ambulatory electrocardiographic monitor for providing ease of use in women and method of use: A method for performing ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring on an adult female is provided. An ambulatory ECG monitor, that includes a plurality of sensing electrodes coupled to self-powered sensing circuitry, is provisioned. A monitoring site is located on the surface of a patient's chest at midline and above the body of... Agent:

20120089002 - Low cost-low profile lead set connector: A patient worn medical monitoring device (10) includes a multi-channel electrical connector (18) for connecting a lead set (22) to a monitoring unit (16) is able to wirelessly transmit a patient's physiological data over a telemetric link to a receiver unit for remote monitoring purposes. The multi-channel electrical connector includes... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120089003 - 2d3d overlay on a cpr basis for aneurysm repair: In a method for a fluoroscopy controlled insertion of a stent into a curved aorta of a patient for aneurysm repair, a 3D volume image is obtained of the patient's aorta at the aneurysm. By knowing a registration of the 3D volume image to a C-arm of an angiographic system... Agent:

20120089004 - Method for data oscillator detection using frictionally damped harmonic oscillators: A system and method for time-frequency analysis in which acquired signals are modeled as frictionally damped harmonic oscillators having a friction factor that is not a free parameter are provided. The friction factor is selected as a function of the frequency value of the associated oscillator, such that an increase... Agent:

20120089005 - Multi-modal medical imaging and type detection: A multi-modal medical imaging and type detection have been described have been disclosed. By combining a broadband radio imaging system and one or more other modalities of image processing an enhanced image and/or tissue classification can be produced.... Agent: Wilinx Corporation

20120089006 - Electromagnetic interference suppression device and mri apparatus using the same: An electromagnetic interference suppression device and an MRI apparatus using such a device are disclosed. The MRI apparatus may include a main magnet, a gradient coil, an RF coil placed in a shielding chamber, a control system, and an electromagnetic interference suppression device.... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120089007 - Dual imaging acquisition using common time-base frequency: Timing in a medical imaging system. The system comprises a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) subsystem and a non-MRI subsystem. Operation of the non-MRI subsystem involves a timing signal within a radio frequency (RF) cabin of the MRI subsystem. Basing each non-MRI subsystem timing signal on a time base common between... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120089008 - System and method for passive medical device navigation under real-time mri guidance: A method for tracking a needle along a path under real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guidance includes extracting a candidate needle artifact region from a plurality of incoming MR images of a needle inside biological tissue, determining an initial needle direction vector from the candidate needle artifact region in each... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20120089009 - System and method for passive medical device navigation under real-time mri guidance: Methods, systems, and apparatus are disclosed to provide delivery of nanoparticles to tissue using electro-nanotherapy or nanoablation.... Agent:

20120089010 - Hyperpolarized contrast agent dispenser for magnetic resonance imaing: A dispenser (132), a magnetic resonance imaging system (100), and a method for using hyperpolarized contrast agent (304) during a magnetic resonance imaging examination. The dispenser comprises an attachment component (136) for a face piece (138). The face piece is adapted for receiving the surface of a subject (114) such... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120089011 - Method and apparatus for scanning control and displaying images in a magnetic resonance scanning chamber: A method and apparatus for scanning control and displaying an image in a magnetic resonance scanning chamber are disclosed. An apparatus includes a magnetic resonance imaging system, a scanning chamber computer, an operating chamber computer, and a communication connection device; the scanning chamber computer and the magnet are disposed in... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120089013 - Em tracking systems for use with ultrasound and other imaging modalities: An EMT system for use in ultrasound and other imaging modality guided medical procedures. The system includes a tool set of various components to which EM sensors can be releasably secured. Thus, the sensors can be reused, notwithstanding the disposal of other components of the tool set. Various components of... Agent: Civco Medical Instruments Co., Inc.

20120089012 - Method and apparatus for navigating a cutting tool during orthopedic surgery using a localization system: The invention provides methods and apparatus for accurately cutting bones with a surgical cutting device, such as a sagittal saw, using a surgical navigation system without use of a complex cutting jig. A surgical navigation system is used to navigate a guide tube to be used to drill a k-wire... Agent: Aesculap Ag & Co. Kg

20120089014 - Method and apparatus for tracking in a medical procedure: A tracking system for a target anatomy of a patient can include a medical device having a body (281) having a distal end (290) and at least one channel (292) formed therein, where the body is adapted for insertion through an anatomy (105) to reach a target area (430); an... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120089016 - Diagnosis assisting apparatus, diagnosis assisting program, and diagnosis assisting method: A diagnosis assisting apparatus, method, and program include calculating a first index value representing a direction and magnitude of motion of each portion of the heart for a three-dimensional anatomical image at a given phase of a three-dimensional anatomical image group representing a heart at each phase with respect to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120089015 - Regional reconstruction and quantitative assessment in list mode pet imaging: A method for reconstructing list mode data comprises: reconstructing all list mode data of a list mode data set (30, 160) to generate a first reconstructed image (32, 62); selecting a sub-set of the list mode data set; and reconstructing the sub-set of the list mode data set to generate... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120089018 - Fluid connection assembly with locking mechanism: In general, this disclosure relates to techniques for implementation and use of a fluid connection assembly, having a locking mechanism, which may be connected to a medical fluid injection device. An example fluid connection assembly includes at least one fluid connector, a mating mechanism coupled to the at least one... Agent: Acist Medical Systems, Inc.

20120089017 - Ligands to radiation-induced molecules: A method for identifying a molecule that binds an irradiated tumor in a subject and molecules identified thereby. In some embodiments, the method includes the steps of (a) exposing a tumor to ionizing radiation; (b) administering to a subject a library of diverse molecules; and (c) isolating from the tumor... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20120089019 - Solving for shear wave information in medical ultrasound imaging: A shear wave velocity solution is provided for medical ultrasound imaging. Rather than determining shear wave information for each location based on distance from the origin of the shear wave and time to peak displacement for the location, displacement profiles resulting from different combinations of origin and detection locations are... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120089020 - Blood vessel function inspecting apparatus: A blood vessel function inspecting apparatus including a first blood state index value calculating portion that obtains estimated hematocrit values at a plurality of points predetermined within a blood vessel, on the basis of values of a blood viscosity and values of a shear rate at said plurality of points,... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20120089022 - Delivery catheter with forward-looking ultrasoung imaging: A catheter based medical device is provided for a percutaneous surgical procedure that provides forward-looking visualization and delivery of a medical device. The catheter includes a carriage at its distal end and an ultrasonic transducer is supported by the carriage. A conduit that has its proximal end disposed within the... Agent: Mitralign, Inc.

20120089021 - Method and system for three-dimensional (3d) imaging of biological structures: An ultrasonic scanning apparatus that includes a unique ultrasonic array to transmit ultrasonic energy to a biological structure, such as an eye. The ultrasonic array provides specific three-dimensional (3-D) information relating to the eye and precise volumetric information relating to structures associated therewith, such as a tumor, prior, during and/or... Agent:

20120089023 - Parameter-sensing endotracheal tube: A sensor-equipped endotracheal tube has a flexible body surrounding an airway lumen and includes sensors for monitoring physiological parameters such as CO2/O2 concentration in respiratory gases, and patient body temperature. These sensors provide electrical output for parameter display on suitable ventilators and monitors. In another specific embodiment, the endotracheal tube... Agent:

20120089024 - Method of providing three dimensional color doppler image and ultrasound system for implementing the same: There is disclosed an embodiment for providing a three dimensional color Doppler image. An ultrasound data acquisition unit may transmit and receive ultrasound signals to and from a target object to output ultrasound data. A processor may form Doppler signals including power information of the target object and at least... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120089026 - Breast ultrasound scanning template: Apparatus and related methods for facilitating volumetric ultrasonic scanning of a breast are described. In one preferred embodiment, a generally cone-shaped radial scanning template having a vertex and a wide opening angle is provided, the radial scanning template having a slot-like opening extending outward from the vertex through which an... Agent: U-systems, Inc.

20120089027 - Method and apparatus for ultrasonic detection and imaging of hemodynamic information, particularly venous blood flow information: A method for ultrasonic detection and imaging of hemodynamic information includes the steps of transmitting ultrasonic pulses into a body, which are generated by an array of electro-acoustic transducers arranged in a predetermined order and design; receiving reflected pulses with an array of receiving electro-acoustic transducers, which generate receive signals... Agent: Esaote S.p.a.

20120089025 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound diagnostic method: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus which observes an inside of a body of a subject based on ultrasound waves reflected from the inside of the body and obtained using an ultrasound probe, includes: a B-mode image generation unit which generates a B-mode image, based on the reflected ultrasound waves; a blood... Agent:

20120089028 - Method and system for intrabody imaging: A catheter that comprises a catheter configured for housing at least a portion of a catheter configured for insertion into a body lumen in proximity of a targeted anatomical site and having an imager at a distal end thereof and an adjustable chamber configured for covering the imager. The catheter... Agent: Vision - Sciences Inc.

20120089029 - Connectorized probe for transesophageal echocardiography: A connectorized ultrasound probe includes a distal section that is configured for insertion into a patient's body and a proximal section configured to interface the distal section with an ultrasound system. The distal section is easily attachable and detachable from the proximal section using at least one set of connectors.... Agent:

20120089030 - System and method for characterization of oral, systemic and mucosal tissue utilizing raman spectroscopy: A method and system for characterizing tissue includes a probe connected to a red LASER source and a Raman spectroscope. The probe includes at least excitation fiber and one or more emission fibers that connect the probe with the LASER source and the Raman spectroscope. The excitation fiber is connected... Agent: British Columbia Cancer Agency Branch

20120089031 - Systems and methods for sidesstream dark field imaging: The present application discloses systems and methods for the comprehensive monitoring of the microcirculation in order to assess the ultimate efficacy of the cardiovascular system in delivering adequate amounts of oxygen to the organ cells. In some cases, system embodiments may utilize reflectance avoidance by reflectance filtering, such as OPS... Agent:

20120089033 - Bioinformation detecting device: A bioinformation detecting device 2 includes a pressure sensitive plate 10, a substrate 30, a clamping force variation detecting mechanism 50 arranged between the pressure sensitive plate 10 and the substrate 30, and a signal combining unit 200. The clamping force variation detecting mechanism 50 includes a first piezoelectric element... Agent:

20120089032 - Method and system for discriminating and monitoring atrial arrhythmia based on cardiogenic impedance: A medical device is provided that comprises a lead assembly. The lead assembly includes at least one intra-cardiac (IC) electrode, an extra-cardiac (EC) electrode and a subcutaneous remote-cardiac (RC) electrode. The IC electrode is configured to be located within the heart. The EC electrode is configured to be positioned proximate... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120089034 - Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring systems: The present invention relates to the field of non- invasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitoring systems and particularly to a system that allows the identification of other components of the system via coding elements that are readable without the need for placement of this system components to the body of a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120089035 - Implantable cardiac stimulator, system, device and method for monitoring cardiac synchrony: In a system and method for monitoring cardiac synchrony in a human heart, a first sensor is positioned at a first cardiac wall location that is subject to movements related to longitudinal valve plane movements along the longitudinal axis of the heart, and measures the cardiac wall movements at the... Agent:

20120089037 - Ambulatory electrocardiographic monitor with jumpered sensing electrode and method of use: An ambulatory electrocardiographic (ECG) monitor with a jumpered sensing electrode and method of use is provided. Self-powered ECG sensing circuitry is fully enclosed in a housing that provides electrode connection receptacles on a bottom surface of the housing. A flexible and stretchable electrode mounting panel having an elongated shape is... Agent:

20120089036 - Microcontrolled electrocardiographic monitoring circuit with feedback control: A microcontrolled electrocardiographic monitoring circuit with feedback control is provided. An input signal path includes an electrode, a low pass filter, and an amplifier connected in-line. The electrode senses an input signal and the amplifier outputs a filtered amplified output signal. A microcontroller circuit includes an input codec, analog-to-digital converter,... Agent:

20120089038 - Method and system for identifying cardiac arrhythmia driver sites: A method of identifying potential driver sites for cardiac arrhythmias includes acquiring a plurality of electrograms from a plurality of locations on at least a portion of a patient's heart. Using the acquired electrograms, at least one electrical activity map is generated. Desirable electrical activity maps include complex fractionated electrogram... Agent:

20120089039 - Microcontrolled electrocardiographic monitoring circuit with differential voltage encoding: A microcontrolled electrocardiographic monitoring circuit with differential voltage encoding is provided. An input signal path includes an electrode, a low pass filter, and an amplifier, which are each connected in-line. The electrode senses an input signal via a conductive surface and the amplifier outputs a filtered amplified output signal. A... Agent:

20120089040 - Adaptive sampling of heart sounds: A system and method to sense heart sounds with one or more implantable medical devices according to one or more signal processing parameters. The method alters one or more of the parameters as a function of one or more physiologic triggering events. The method then senses heart sounds with the... Agent:

20120089041 - Ultrasound-observable, respiratory gas-warming, parameter-sensing endotracheal tube: An ultrasound observable endotracheal tube, according to a specific embodiment of the present invention, has a flexible body surrounding an airway lumen and includes an ultrasound-reflecting element making the tube visible within the body using ultrasound. In another specific embodiment, an endotracheal tube includes a heating member used for warming... Agent:

20120089042 - Diagnosis of asthma: An apparatus (200) for diagnosing asthma is disclosed. The apparatus (200) comprises a data acquisition module (210) configured to acquire at least one physical deformation feature associated with at least one of nasal flaring, neck retraction and inter-coastal retraction of a subject under examination and an analysis module (220) configured... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120089043 - Incentive spirometry device having an externally disposed capacitive sensor assembly for prompting patient use and determining measurements obtained from such patient usage: An apparatus used in the medical industry such as an Incentive Spirometer, in order to increase transpulmonary pressure and respiratory volumes, to improve inspiratory muscle performance and re-establish the normal pulmonary hyperinflation, through the employment of electronic technology, providing audible, simulated, verbal, human sounding words, that assist, guide and prompt,... Agent:

20120089044 - Biological signal display apparatus: A biological signal display apparatus includes: a stimulation unit which performs stimulation on a living body; a measurement unit which measures an evoked response evoked by the stimulation; a calculator which calculates a feature amount of the evoked response; a display unit; and a display controller which, based on the... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20120089045 - Measurement system for evaluating the swallowing process and/or for detecting aspiration: The invention relates to the use of measurement system for evaluating a swallowing process, preferably a closure of the airway during the swallowing process and/or an aspiration. The measurement system can be used for supporting therapy in case of swallowing disorders and/or for diagnosing changes in swallowing sequence.... Agent: Technische Universitaet Berlin

20120089046 - Methods for measuring cross-sectional areas in luminal organs: Methods for measuring cross-sectional areas in luminal organs. In at least one embodiment of a method for measuring a size parameter of a targeted treatment site of the present disclosure, the method comprises the steps of introducing an impedance device into a treatment site, the impedance device selected from the... Agent:

20120089047 - Cryoablation apparatuses, systems, and methods for renal neuromodulation: Catheter apparatuses, systems, and methods for cryogenically modulating neural structures of the renal plexus by intravascular access are disclosed herein. One aspect of the present application, for example, is directed to apparatuses, systems, and methods that incorporate a catheter treatment device comprising an elongated shaft. The elongated shaft is sized... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20120089048 - Reduced-pain allergy skin test device: An allergy skin test device is disclosed that causes less pain than commonly used devices that include multi-point sharp puncture heads. The allergy skin test device incorporates multiple dull pressure heads distributed amongst the sharp multi-point sharp puncture heads, each dull pressure head activating a neurological pain gate that reduces... Agent:

20120089049 - Head tilt response: The present invention relates to the estimation of the vertical in humans using an experimental design that incorporates virtual reality. Methods of measuring the perceived vertical in a subject using steady state and transient experiments are disclosed. The inventive methods are useful for diagnosis, as well as for follow up... Agent: Laboratorio De Otoneurologia

20120089050 - Puncture needle cartridge and puncture device: A puncture needle cartridge 20 detachably mounted on a puncturing device body to form a puncturing device is provided with a needle body 21 having a puncturing portion 212a, and also with a casing 22 for housing the needle body 21 and having openings 223, 224 that are respectively formed... Agent: Lightnix, Inc

20120089051 - Blood glucose meter having integral lancet device and test strip storage vial for single handed use and methods for using same: A blood glucose meter having a test strip port and an adjustable lancet device disposed at the same end of the device body is disclosed. The device body further includes an enclosure at the proximal end of the device body which houses a test strip storage vial and which facilitates... Agent:

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20120083645 - Ecg-correlated radiotherapy: A method of delivering radiation includes obtaining a first signal that represents a cardiac state of the subject, and generating a control signal using a processor to operate a component of a treatment radiation machine based at least in part on the first signal. A method of delivering radiation includes... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20120083646 - Using a guide member to facilitate brachytherapy device swap: A guide member facilitates a device swap for brachytherapy treatment. A cavity evaluation device is introduced during surgery such that a distal end of the device is disposed in a resected cavity of the patient. The cavity evaluation device includes a shaft in which is disposed an elongated guide member.... Agent: Hologic Inc.

20120083647 - Method for changing an individual's state of consciousness: This invention concerns a method for altering an individual's level of consciousness by directing stimulation or inhibition to a CNS locus target region in the individual's brain that is responsible for consciousness.... Agent:

20120083648 - Apparatus and method for relieving stress: A device for relieving user stress and method of using same are disclosed. The device may be provided in the form of a kit that the user may use to relieve himself or herself of troubling thoughts and use the dissolution features of the kit to visually observe the thought... Agent: S.c. Johnson & Son, Inc.

20120083649 - Method and device for treating urinary incontinence: A method for treating urinary incontinence includes making an incision in a region adjacent to the urethra, and positioning a tape under the urethra through the incision such that one portion of the tape extends from under the urethra through one obturator foramen and another portion of the tape extends... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120083651 - Surgical implant and methods of use: A method of treating a vaginal prolapse is provided. The method includes accessing a vaginal prolapse, inserting an implant comprising a knitted mesh into a patient, and securing the knitted mesh in place such that the implant supports the pelvic floor of the patient. The knitted mesh has a mass... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120083650 - Systems and methods for adjusting gastric band pressure: The present invention provides for an obesity treatment system for use in conjunction with a gastric band suitable for laparoscopic placement around a stomach of a patient to create a stoma. The obesity treatment system may use real-time objective measurement and clinical data to provide an optimal gastric band adjustment... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120083652 - System and method for inhibiting injury to a patient during laparoscopic surge: This group of inventions provides means and methods for preventing the damaging portions of surgical tools, such as laparoscopic devices, from adversely contacting tissues and organs that are not in the desired field of surgery. As such, the present disclosure pertains to any form of a warning or positioning device... Agent:

20120083653 - Guided procedural treatment device and method: A medical device for minimally invasive surgical procedures. The medical device includes an ablative probe for removing malignant tissues from a body. A guidance sleeve encapsulates the ablative probe and facilitates its advancement through an opening in the body. In addition, the device includes an imaging device for monitoring the... Agent:

20120083654 - Side looking minimally invasive surgery instrument assembly: A surgical instrument is inserted through a guide tube. The surgical instrument exits at an intermediate position of the guide tube and is oriented to be substantially parallel to the guide tube's longitudinal axis as it exits. A stereoscopic image capture component is on the guide tube between the intermediate... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20120083655 - Endoscope system: An image pickup portion picks up an image of a suspected substance and produces a video signal. Optical fibers transmit the video signal output from the image pickup portion. A video signal processing portion processes the video signals transmitted by the optical fibers and then outputs the processed video signals... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120083656 - Endoscope light source unit and endoscopy system: An endoscope light source unit comprising: a first light source section emitting a first illumination light composed of white light; a second light source section emitting a second illumination light orthogonally to a direction in which the first illumination light travels; a light combining member transmitting the first illumination light... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120083657 - Remote tissue retraction device: A medical device for managing tissue in an organ, such as the stomach, for retracting or positioning tissue and related organs to allow certain regions of the stomach to be acquired for a gastroplasty procedure. The medical device includes an elongated body having a proximal end and a distal end,... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120083658 - Minimally obstructive retractor: This application presents minimally-obstructive and structurally-adjustable retractors which afford an open work area of desirable size and enhanced visualization for a surgeon about the perineum and the posterior vaginal wall of the patient. The retractors may be lightweight and compact, and also configured and dimensioned to minimize slippage during use.... Agent: Alfred E. Mann Institute For Biomedical Engineering At The University Of Southern

20120083659 - Foam surgical retractor: There is a method and surgical retractor provided which includes a member having a first end and a second end. The member defines a concave inner side between the two ends. The member also defines a convex outer side between the two ends. The member includes a first side and... Agent:

20120083660 - Access assembly: An access assembly includes a body portion defining a longitudinal axis and having at least one lumen defined therethrough. The at least one lumen is configured for passage of a surgical instrument therethrough. An outer sleeve is disposed about the body portion to define a chamber therebetween. The chamber is... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120083661 - Access port: A surgical access port assembly is provided including a cannula and an obturator insertable through the cannula. The cannula includes a housing having a hollow elongate tubular member extending distally from the housing. A duckbill valve is provided within the housing and includes an outer support rim and a pair... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120083662 - Retractor: A retractor for use in spinal procedures is disclosed. The retractor includes a first frame member defining a first recess and a second frame member pivotally connected to the first frame member. The second frame member defines a second recess. The retractor further includes a first blade assembly operably received... Agent: K2m, Inc.

20120083663 - Blade insert illuminator: An air gap retractor illumination system includes any suitable retractor with a channel in the blade to accommodate an air gap illuminator. The illuminator is preferably made from a suitable light conducting plastic material. The illuminator has active portions in which light passes and inactive or dead zones in which... Agent: Invuity, Inc.

20120083664 - Methods and devices for cardiac surgery: Methods for performing minimally invasive heart surgery include accessing a heart of a patient through a first incision on the left thorax of the patient, contacting the heart through the incision with a heart stabilizing device and/or a heart positioning device, introducing at least one coupling device through a second... Agent: Estech, Inc. (endoscopic Technologies, Inc.)

20120083665 - Systems and methods for delivering light to a surgical site: An ophthalmic surgery system for delivering light to a surgical site includes an ophthalmic surgical console including a light source to generate light and a processor operably coupled to the light source and a surgical handpiece operably coupled to the ophthalmic surgical console via an optical fiber for delivering light... Agent:

20120083666 - Medication delivery and compliance system, method and apparatus: A system, method and apparatus for use in improving patient compliance with prescribed medication. The apparatus is configurable as a node on a communication network and has a storage unit for storing medication elements for a prescribed course of treatment. A delivery unit delivers the medication elements in a scheduled... Agent:

20120083667 - Method of observing a three-dimensional image of examinee's eye: A method of observing a three-dimensional image of an examinee's eye to be examined, includes: obtaining a first three-dimensional image which is a three-dimensional image of an anterior segment of the examinee's eye by optical coherence tomography for obtaining a tomographic image by converging a measurement light on the anterior... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20120083669 - Personal nutrition and wellness advisor: Personal nutrition and wellness advisor system comprised of at least one computing platform, medical and nutrition knowledge databases, food nutrient databases, receives and analyzes each user's initial personal and health-related information to intelligently estimate his initial energy & nutrient budgets and physical activity needs; interactively constructs and presents to the... Agent:

20120083668 - Systems and methods to modify a characteristic of a user device based on a neurological and/or physiological measurement: Example methods, systems and tangible machine readable instructions to operate a user device are disclosed herein. An example method of operating a user device includes collecting at least one of neurological data or physiological data of a user interacting with the user device. The example method also includes identifying a... Agent:

20120083674 - Band and electronic instrument: The band is provided with a first band member and a second band member attached to an instrument main body, and a linking member. Each of the band members is provided with an expanding section that expands along a band extension direction, the expanding section having pliability, and having first... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120083671 - Biological exercise information display processing device and biological exercise information processing system: A biological exercise information display processing device includes: a biological information obtaining part for obtaining biological information regarding a test subject; an exercise information obtaining part for obtaining exercise information regarding the test subject; a diet information obtaining part for obtaining diet information for the test subject; a display character... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120083673 - Depth of consciousness monitor including oximeter: The present disclosure relates to a sensor for monitoring the depth of consciousness of a patient. The sensor includes a plurality of light sources, light detectors, and in some embodiments, electrodes. In an embodiment, the sensor includes reusable and disposable portions.... Agent:

20120083676 - Fetal ecg monitoring: A method for fetal monitoring includes acquiring electrical signals from a set of electrodes, for example, a set of surface electrodes applied to a maternal abdominal region. The electrical signals are analyzed, including by performing a morphological analysis of fetal electrocardiogram signals. A clinical indicator is then determined from a... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120083675 - Measuring affective data for web-enabled applications: Mental state information is collected as a person interacts with a rendering such as a website or video. The mental state information is collected through video capture or capture of sensor information. The sensor information can be of electrodermal activity, accelerometer readings, skin temperature, or other characteristics. The mental state... Agent:

20120083670 - Method and device for monitoring the risks for sudden infant death syndrom and for positional plagiocephaly: A portable monitoring device for monitoring of the short term, mid term and long term risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and to estimate the risk of onset of positional plagiocephaly. The monitoring device acquires one or more signals associated to the typical breath and positioning patterns of an... Agent:

20120083672 - Vitalimetrics-based methods, devices and systems for health/lifestyle maintenance and improvement: This invention provides methods and devices for vitalimetrics-guided health/lifestyle and improvement.... Agent:

20120083677 - Blood analyzer: A blood analyzer capable of obtaining a blood analysis result instantaneously without sampling blood but rather applying a DC current to blood flowing through an artery and irradiating it with an ultrasonic wave is provided. It is equipped with a main measurement unit 110 having a positive electrode and a... Agent: Coden Co., Ltd.

20120083678 - System and method for raman chemical analysis of lung cancer with digital staining: The present disclosure provides for a system and method for diagnosing biological samples that combines the visual staining features familiar to pathologists with the accurate, reliable, and nondestructive capabilities of Raman chemical imaging. The invention disclosed herein may be applied to diagnose lung cancer samples. A method may comprise illuminating... Agent: Chemimage Corporation

20120083679 - Automatic biological analyte testing meter with integrated lancing device and methods of use: The invention is directed to an integrated device for sampling and testing an analyte. The device generally comprises a housing, a lancing device for sampling an analyte, a test strip for substantially capturing at least a portion of the analyte, and a display unit for displaying a result corresponding to... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120083680 - Needle tip and needle probe: A monopolar needle probe for measurement of electrical activity in a patient. The needle probe has a nonconductive sheath and a conductive needle within the nonconductive sheath. The conductive needle has a longitudinal axis. An end of the needle is exposed from the nonconductive sheath and the end defines a... Agent:

20120083682 - Acoustic system for monitoring the performance of left ventricle assist devices and other mechanical devices implanted in a patient's body: Embodiments of the present invention are related to apparatus and methods for acoustically monitoring the performance of a medical device disposed within the body of a patient. According to one embodiment of an apparatus, the apparatus includes at least one acoustic sensor and a computer system that is connected to... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20120083683 - Diagnosis apparatus: A diagnosis apparatus encompasses a probe array (1, 2) made of material having electromagnetic characteristic identical to the electromagnetic characteristic of a target object, the probe array (1, 2) embraces a receptacle 1 having a semispherical inner wall surface, and a plurality of antennas 2, arranged along the inner wall... Agent: National University Corp. Shizuoka University

20120083681 - Radiotherapy planning and delivery: Methods of radiotherapy planning and delivery are disclosed in which a radiation beam is directed towards a time-averaged mean position of the target during radiation-on. In addition, the radiation beam is gated to deliver radiation to the target only when the target is within a treatment volume centred on the... Agent:

20120083684 - Digital distance measurer for nerve conduction studies: Nerve conduction studies (NCS) are used to diagnose many types of disorders and are being employed more and more frequently. Current methods for distance measurement during a NCS are manual and often time consuming and vulnerable to considerable error. A device and system for electronically measuring distance during a NCS... Agent: The Ohio State University

20120083685 - Mri device with a plurality of individually controllable entry ports and inserts therefor: An animal handling system for use in an MRD device, including: a first elongated enclosure having a proximal end, a distal open end and a first geometry, and a second first elongated enclosure having a proximal end, a distal open end and a second geometry. The first second geometry comprises... Agent: Aspect Magnet Technologies Ltd.

20120083686 - Mr imaging guided ultrasound therapy: The invention relates to a therapeutic system which comprises: an ultrasound therapy unit (1) arranged to insonify at least a portion of a body (2) of a patient with high intensity ultrasound, wherein the ultrasound therapy unit (1) comprises an ultrasound applicator (10) attached to a patient table (9) carrying... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120083688 - Head injury diagnostics: Systems and methods for detecting the effects of concussion are disclosed. In various embodiments, fMRI or other live analysis technique captures data regarding the subject's brain activity while he or she is performing a task that exercises one or more particular functional centers. In some embodiments, post-collision activity is compared... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20120083687 - Retrospectively correlated turbo spin echo imaging: Systems and methods which generate a sequence of images using turbo spin echo magnetic resonance imaging which are retrospectively correlated with periodic motion occurring within a subject being imaged are described. In one embodiment, k-space measurements (or the measurements from which images are formed) are captured during, and correlated with,... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20120083689 - Light-guided transluminal catheter: Generally, the present invention is directed to a light-guided catheter for direct visualization of placement through the skin. An embodiment of the invention includes a method for transcutaneous viewing and guiding of intracorporeal catheters into a body that comprises inserting a catheter into the body having at least one lumen... Agent: Children's Medical Center Corporation

20120083690 - System and method for electromagnetic imaging and therapeutics using specialized nanoparticles: Various systems and methods utilizing composite nanoparticles or other specialized nanoparticles in the context of electromagnetic tomography are described. A method for electromagnetic imaging includes imaging a biological tissue via an electromagnetic tomography system, recording electrical activity of the biological tissue via a biomedical electrical recording system, and correlating dielectric... Agent:

20120083691 - Diagnostic imaging for age-related macular degeneration (amd) using second harmonic generation (shg) techniques: A system for treating age-related macular degeneration includes an agent with non-centro symmetric molecules_for marking a region of diseased tissue. An optical assembly focuses the laser beam to a plurality of focal points in the region of diseased tissue, each focal point having a volumetric measurement of about 2 μm×2... Agent:

20120083693 - Handheld ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus with rack stand: The present disclosure relates to a handheld ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus that includes a height adjustable rack stand. The apparatus includes a portable main body, and a rack stand that supports the main body such that the main body can be held at a preset height. The handheld ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120083692 - Pressure control in medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging: Contact pressure from a transducer is controlled in medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging. Rather than measuring pressure directly using a pressure sensor on the transducer, the compression of tissue within the patient may be measured using ultrasound scanning. The desired amount of compression in the region of interest for diagnosis may... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120083694 - Stretching based strain imaging in an ultrasound system: Embodiments for forming an elastic image in an ultrasound system are disclosed. In one embodiment, a processing unit is configured to control an ultrasound data acquisition unit to perform the transmit/receive operation in a first state where compression is not applied to the target object to thereby obtain a first... Agent: Medison Co., Ltd.

20120083696 - Apparatus, method and medium storing program for reconstructing intra-tubular-structure image: A tubular structure, such as a blood vessel, of a subject is extracted from each of a three-dimensional image representing the tubular structure and a three-dimensional intra-tubular-structure image that has been generated from plural tomographic images of the tubular structure obtained by performing tomography on the tubular structure plural times... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120083695 - Continuous transmit focusing method and apparatus for ultrasound imaging system: In one embodiment, an ultrasound imaging method comprises: providing a probe that includes one or more transducer elements for transmitting and receiving ultrasound waves; generating a sequence of spatially distinct transmit beams which differ in one or more of origin and angle; determining a transmit beam spacing substantially based upon... Agent: Zonare Medical Systems, Inc.

20120083697 - System and method for determining a position of an object: A system is disclosed for determining a position and a change in the position of an anatomical structure. The system utilizes a surgical navigation system and a substrate that is capable of being removably mounted to an outer surface of a patient's body. The substrate includes a sensor that is... Agent:

20120083698 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and intima-media thickness measuring method therefor: Disclosed is an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus provided with an imaging unit configured to obtain an ultrasonic image of a carotid artery portion of an object to be examined, a parting line calculation unit configured to set at least one threshold value and calculate a parting line for segmenting the ultrasonic... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120083699 - Method and apparatus for recognizing moving anatomical structures using ultrasound: A method of recognizing at least one moving anatomical structure using ultrasound data that operates by receiving ultrasound data 100 (100). The ultrasound data comprises Doppler shift information which provides information descriptive of the velocity of at least one anatomical structure. The ultrasound data is first divided into a series... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120083700 - Detecting, quantifying, and/or classifying seizures using multimodal data: Methods, systems, and apparatus for detecting an epileptic event, for example, a seizure in a patient using a medical device. The determination is performed by providing an autonomic signal indicative of the patient's autonomic activity; providing a neurologic signal indicative of the patient's neurological activity; and detecting an epileptic event... Agent:

20120083701 - Detecting, quantifying, and/or classifying seizures using multimodal data: A method, comprising receiving at least one of a signal relating to a first cardiac activity and a signal relating to a first body movement from a patient; triggering at least one of a test of the patient's responsiveness, awareness, a second cardiac activity, a second body movement, a spectral... Agent:

20120083702 - Method for locating a catheter tip using audio detection: A method for locating a catheter tip within a human body is disclosed. An audio sensor is positioned at a site on the human body. An audio signal is detected by the audio sensor, and transmitted to an audio signal processing unit. The audio signal processing unit determines if the... Agent: Angiodynamics, Inc.

20120083703 - Implantable coronary perfusion monitoring device: An implantable coronary perfusion monitoring device for in-vivo determination of a coronary perfusion index (CPI) indicative of the coronary perfusion of a heart has a time measurement unit to determine a blood pressure reflection wave measure t indicating the timely position in the heart cycle of the maximum of a... Agent:

20120083704 - Method and device for blood pressure measurement: A method and device for blood pressure measurement is disclosed. The steps are capturing the pressure oscillating signal detected from the pressure sensor arranged at the cuff, processing the signal appropriately to cooperate with the personal information inputted by subject or without inputting any information, and actively selecting suitable characteristic... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120083705 - Activity monitoring systems and methods of operating same: The present inventions, in one aspect, is an activity monitoring system comprising a fixture having size/shape adapted to couple to a location on the user's body and a particular signature; and a portable monitoring device adapted to detect the fixture's particular signature. The monitoring device includes a housing that is... Agent:

20120083706 - Ecg data display method for rapid detection of myocardial ischemia: Measured values of ST segment deviations obtained from a multi-lead ECG are transformed and displayed on a polar ST Circle Display, with zero ST deviation values located on a circle having a diameter that is greater than a maximum absolute ST segment deviation value obtained for any measured or derived... Agent: Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

20120083707 - Method and device for the automatic evaluation and analysis of a capnogram and computer program for implementing the method as well as computer program product with such a computer program: A method implemented, e.g., as software and a device operating according to the method for the automatic evaluation and analysis of a capnogram are provided. Measured values for an expired volume—volume measured values—and measured values for a carbon dioxide concentration—concentration measured values—are recorded for the breathing gas of a test... Agent: Dr&#xc4 Ger Medical Gmbh

20120083708 - Adaptive real-time seizure prediction system and method: A real-time seizure prediction system. The system includes an implantable electrode configured to transmit an analog neuro-electrophysiological signal from a subject, an analog-to-digital converter configured to convert the analog neuro-electrophysiological signal to a digital neuro-electrophysiological signal based on a predetermined sampling rate, a processor configured to perform following steps during... Agent:

20120083709 - Systems and methods for detecting intrathecal penetration: Systems and methods for detecting intrathecal penetration are disclosed. A method in accordance with one embodiment includes detecting a value corresponding to an impedance of an electrical circuit that in turn includes an electrical contact located within the patient, and patient tissue adjacent to the electrical contact. The method further... Agent: Nevro Corporation

20120083710 - Ergonomic hand-held thermometer: A thermometer useful for measuring the temperature of a patient, the thermometer including a housing, at least one temperature sensor assembly including a plurality of external patient skin contacting surfaces, and a mounting element for mounting the at least one temperature sensor assembly on the housing and being operative for... Agent: Medism Ltd.

20120083711 - Diagnostic device and method for sensing hydration state of a mammalian subject: Timed sensing of collection of saliva in a liquid collection element of predetermined volumetric capacity may be used to determine salivary secretion rate, as may be indicative of state of euhydration or dehydration. Sensing of salivary flow rate may be further augmented by sensing concentration of at least one analyte... Agent: Hydradx, Inc.

20120083714 - Activity monitoring systems and methods of operating same: The present inventions, in one aspect, are directed to an activity monitoring system comprising a portable monitoring device and a base device. In one embodiment, the portable monitoring device includes a housing having a physical size and shape that is adapted to couple to the body of the user, a... Agent:

20120083713 - Device for gauging a force threshold and engaging a target of interest: The disclosure generally relates to devices and instruments for engaging a target of interest, having a resilient member for gauging a force threshold. The device or instrument may include a tip portion, wherein the tip portion includes a first end portion a having an engaging member configured to engage a... Agent: Emory University

20120083712 - Monitoring compliance using venous refill detection: Monitoring patient compliance with a compression therapy regimen. Venous Refill Time (VRT) is monitored via a pressure sensor in a bladder of a compression system. A controller of the compression system correlates the monitored VRT to a predetermined threshold to determine whether the patient is using the compression system.... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120083715 - Portable monitoring devices and methods of operating same: The present inventions, in one aspect, are directed to a portable monitoring device to calculate calorie burn of a user, comprising a motion sensor to detect motion of the user and, in response, to generate data which is representative of motion of the user, and an altitude sensor to detect... Agent:

20120083716 - Portable monitoring devices and methods of operating same: The present inventions, in one aspect, are directed to a portable monitoring device to calculate a number of stairs or flights of stairs traversed by a user, the portable monitoring device comprising (i) a motion sensor to detect motion of the user and, in response thereto, to generate data which... Agent:

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