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Surgery April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 24 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120097155 - System and method for integrated paced breathing and inhalation therapy: The invention provides systems and methods for providing integrated paced breathing and inhalation therapy to a patient. Paced breathing includes alternately providing a high and a low airway pressure to a respiratory system of the patient using a breathing circuit, wherein the high airway pressure coincides with inhalation by the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120097156 - Positive airway pressure therapy mask humidification systems and methods: The present inventions provide positive airway pressure therapy apparatus to humidify the pressurized air delivered to a user during various positive airway pressure therapies and corresponding methods. The positive airway pressure therapy apparatus may be configured to administer one or more positive airway pressure therapies, including: continuous positive airway pressure... Agent: Somnetics Global Pte. Ltd.

20120097157 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for securing a breathing tube to an arm: Methods, systems, and apparatus for securing a breathing tube to a user are disclosed. An exemplary apparatus is an armband including a strap sized to encircle the arm of the user, a connecting element coupled to the strap to secure the strap around the arm, and at least one loop... Agent: Vapotherm, Inc.

20120097158 - System for respiratory emergencies: A portable resuscitation system is provided. The system includes a housing for enclosing a ventilation device and a vital signs tracking device. The housing is anatomically designed for use as a neck support for opening an airway of a subject in a supine position and optionally includes mechanism for modifying... Agent:

20120097159 - Medicinal inhalation devices and components thereof: A composition for modifying a surface of a substrate, the composition comprising: (a) a first polyfluoropolyether silane of the Formula Ia: CF3CF2CF2O(CF(CF3)CF2O)pCF(CF3)—C(O)NH(CH2)3Si(Y)3 wherein each Y is independently a hydrolyzable group and wherein p is 3 to 50; and (b) a second polyfluoropolyether silane of the Formula IIa: (Y′)3Si(CH2)3NHC(O)—CF2O(CF2O)m(C2F4O)qCF2-C(O)NH(CH2)3Si(Y′)3 wherein each... Agent:

20120097160 - Agglomerate formulations including active pharmaceutical agents with targeted particle sizes: Various embodiments of the present invention provide for an agglomerate comprising at least one active pharmaceutical agent and at least one excipient; wherein at least about ninety percent of the at least one active pharmaceutical agent have a particle size of less than about 2 μm.... Agent: Schering Corporation

20120097161 - Dry-powder inhaler: An inhaler for delivering dry-powder medicament to a patient from an open blister pocket of a blister pack. The blister pack has a plurality of blister pockets spaced apart in a length direction of the pack and each containing a measured dose of the medicament. The inhaler includes a housing... Agent: Norton Healthcare Limited

20120097162 - Dry-powder inhaler: An inhaler for delivering dry-powder medicament to a patient from an open blister pocket of a blister pack. The inhaler includes a housing for enclosing used and unused portions of the blister pack together with a medicament dispensing mechanism. The inhaler also includes a manifold through which air can be... Agent:

20120097163 - Humidifier heater base: A humidifier heater base assembly is disclosed for use in a humidifier which is used for heating and humidifying a flow of respiratory gases supplied to a user. The assembly preferably includes a heater plate having a thermally conductive portion and a perimeter portion around the perimeter of the heater... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20120097164 - Apparatuses and methods for positive expiratory pressure therapy: A positive expiratory pressure device (PEP) has one or more of the following features, alone or in any combination: 1) a combination of oscillation PEP therapy and standard PEP therapy, 2) use of microwavable materials, 3) use of an oscillation rocker that produces a venturi effect, 4) use of a... Agent:

20120097165 - Oxygen mask which is connected externally to a carbon dioxide density tester and facilitates a patient to breathe in oxygen: The present invention discloses an oxygen mask which is connected externally to a carbon dioxide density tester and facilitates a patient to breathe in oxygen. The oxygen mask comprises a mask and a tube unit, and only covers a nose of a patient without covering a mouth. An opening of... Agent:

20120097166 - Oxygen breathing device with integrated flexible buffer: The invention relates to an oxygen breathing device, including a casing, said casing accommodating in a non-activated condition an oxygen source, in particular a chemical oxygen generator or an oxygen pressure tank, a starter device for initiating a flow of oxygen out of said oxygen source, a buffer connected to... Agent: Intertechnique, S.a.

20120097167 - Mask with nosal cushion: Provided is a mask with a nosal cushion, the mask consisting of a filter that filters dust, wherein, the edges of the filter are folded back to create flaps that follow the depressions on both sides of the nosal region. A sponge of urethane foam or the like is affixed... Agent:

20120097168 - Endotracheal tube with subglottic secretion suction and detachable suction connection line: The present invention provides in some embodiments, an endotracheal tube with subglottic secretion suction and a detachable suction line. The endotracheal tube is an elongate tube having an outer wall defining an elongate central lumen and an elongate suction lumen. An inflatable cuff is attached near a distal end of... Agent: Teleflex Medical Incorporated

20120097169 - Resin product for medical use and respiration-assisting tube: Disclosed is a respiration-assisting tube whereby tissue damages in vivo can be prevented and, as a result, inflammatory reactions and infections can be avoided. The respiration-assisting tube is developed based on the finding that adhesion of cells to a respiration-assisting tube can be inhibited by coating the respiration-assisting tube with... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20120097170 - Adjustable tracheostomy valve: A valve, usable in connection with a tracheostomy tube, permits phonation by selectively blocking passage of air therethrough. The valve includes a main body portion with first and second internal passages. A first aperture extends radially through a peripheral wall, connecting the first internal passage to an environment external to... Agent:

20120097171 - Inhibitor of pathogens: An intravaginal device for use in combating pathogens includes a ring of flexible material shaped to be received and retained in the vaginal cavity and includes at least one strand of copper wire.... Agent:

20120097172 - Intrauterine device: An intrauterine device for applying force to a wall of a uterus to promote contraception without blocking the fallopian tubes may include an elongate member formed of a resilient material and having a default expanded configuration and a spring portion disposed approximately at a midpoint between two ends of the... Agent:

20120097173 - Asymmetrical surgical wrist rest: Wrist, hand, or arm support devices are provided. The support devices include a support member having a top surface and a front surface. The top surface is oriented at either a parallel angle or a non-parallel angle with respect to a work surface. The front surface curves upon itself to... Agent:

20120097174 - Coronary sinus cannula with left ventricle lead and pressure tent: Techniques for biventricular pacing include a rigid shaped stylet approximating curves of a coronary sinus and branch vein. Some techniques include a parasternal coronary sinus cannula comprising an outer sheath and an obturator. The obturator is removeably disposed inside the outer sheath from a device end of the hollow shaft.... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of

20120097175 - Medical drape: A medical drape is disclosed. The drape comprises a main portion having a front side, a back side, a first edge, a second edge, a top, and a bottom. The first and second edges are positioned opposite one another. The top and the bottom are positioned opposite one other. The... Agent: Medline Industries, Inc.

20120097176 - Disposable radial access catheterization sleeve: A catheterization sleeve is provided for radial access catheterization. The sleeve includes a closed distal end, and open proximal end and a tubular sidewall extending between the ends. An access opening is formed in the tubular sidewall to permit access to a catheterization site on the arm of the patient.... Agent:

20120097177 - Phynlly philters internal nose, ear and mouth filters: The present invention provides compact nasal, oral and ear inserts with incorporated filters, specially designed to provide a more pleasant and healthy intake of air. Largely fabricated of a soft, pliable fabric such as compressed cotton, each Philter insert is comprised of two cylindrical filters, joined together via a flexible... Agent:

20120097178 - Gated image acquisition and patient model construction: A method and system is disclosed for acquiring image data of a subject. The image data can be collected with an imaging system with at least two different power characteristics. The image data can be reconstructed using dynamic or enhanced reconstruction techniques.... Agent: Medtronic Navigation, Inc.

04/19/2012 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120090603 - Device, cartridge and method for dispensing a liquid: A device, cartridge and method for dispensing a liquid (103), preferably a drug, are proposed. The liquid is pressurized in a cartridge to a first lower pressure and, then, pressurized in doses by a pump (117) to a second higher pressure. A valve (106) arranged between the cartridge (100) and... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20120090605 - Medication delivery device: d

20120090604 - Synthesis of small particles: The invention provides an apparatus for forming fine particles of a substance in a precipitation chamber, in which the apparatus has means to convey the fine particles from the precipitation chamber to at least one particle collection chamber, downstream of the precipitation chamber, the particle collection chamber having an inlet... Agent:

20120090606 - apparatus for the aerosolization of large volumes of dry powder: The claimed subject matter relates to a device for dosing and aerosolization of aerosolizable material. The device comprises: a body with an aerosolization channel with a distal attachment portion connectable to a source of carrier gas which provides pressure pulses to the aerosolization channel; a proximal attachment portion for outputting... Agent: Nycomed Gmbh

20120090607 - Meter for a device for dispensing a fluid or powder product: A dose counter having a base body (460), with a rotary counter element assembled in the base body (460) on a pin (461) forming the axis of rotation. The rotary counter element co-operating with an actuator member (1430) adapted to cause the rotary counter element to turn each time the... Agent: Valois Sas

20120090608 - Delivery devices: A delivery device for and method of delivering substance, the delivery device comprising: a delivery outlet from which substance is in use delivered; a gas chamber containing a gas and being of reducible volume, wherein a reduction in the volume of the gas chamber to a predeterminable volume acts to... Agent: Optinose As

20120090609 - Supraglottic tube for inserting a larynx mask: The invention discloses a supraglottic tube, which despite certain softness has high compressive strength in the proximal distal direction and the radius of curvature can be adjusted. For this purpose, the supraglottic tube comprises at least three lumens. A guiding lumen is located between a lateral respiration lumen and a... Agent: Deltona Innovations Ag

20120090610 - Characterisation of mask systems: A method and CPAP apparatus characterizes different mask systems, e.g., masks and hoses. The CPAP apparatus can be calibrated for different mask systems and hoses by including sensors that measure flow and pressure at a flow generator of the apparatus. When the generator is fitted to a new mask system,... Agent:

20120090611 - Systems and methods for controlling an amount of oxygen in blood of a ventilator patient: This disclosure describes systems and methods for controlling blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) or partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood (PaO2) of a patient being ventilated by a medical ventilator. The disclosure describes a novel approach of utilizing dynamic, real-time ventilator information in a closed-loop controller to determine the necessary... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120090613 - Breathing apparatus: A breathing apparatus comprising: an inlet configured to receive pressurised gases, an outlet configured to diffuse the pressurised gases within the dead space of a face mask, a detachable nozzle manifold configured to pass the pressurised gases from the inlet to the outlet, and a seal configured to substantially air... Agent: Ngee Ann Polytechnic

20120090612 - Cushion and mask therefor: A cushion includes a substantially triangularly shaped frame from which extends a membrane. The frame has a scalloped edge by which the cushion is affixed to a mask body. The membrane has an aperture into which the wearer's nose is received. The membrane is spaced away from the rim of... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120090614 - Processing aids for olefinic webs, including electret webs: Methods of preparing polymeric webs include hot melt blending of thermoplastic resins and processing aids. The process aids include hindered amine N-substituted succinimide oligomers. The webs prepared from the blends may be in the form of films or non-woven fibrous webs. Non-woven microfiber webs are useful as filtration media. Among... Agent:

20120090615 - Separably assembled filtering respirator: A filtering respirator includes a main body, a nonwoven fabric lining removably spread in the main body, and an exhalation valve assembled from a front seat, a diaphragm, a middle seat, and a rear seat. The front seat is located in front of the main body; and the diaphragm, the... Agent:

20120090616 - Flexible scent-restraining containment mask: A mask placeable over the nose and mouth of a user for blocking out unpleasant odors. The mask has an air-permeable body with an inner surface shaped to fit over the nose and mouth and a strap for securing the mask in place over the user's face. An arrangement of... Agent:

20120090617 - Patient interface device having cam wheel adjustment mechanism: A patient interface device includes a support structure, a pivot arm pivotably coupled to the support structure and structured to pivot about an axis, a patient coupling member, such as a mask or a forehead support, coupled to the pivot arm, and a cam wheel rotateably coupled to the support... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120090618 - Full-face mask and mask cushion therefor: A full-face cushion comprises a frame and a membrane. The membrane has an aperture into which the wearer's nose is received. The membrane is spaced away from the frame. Respective notches receive the bridge of the wearer's nose. The wearer's nose and lips are received through the aperture into the... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120090620 - Device and method for irrigating-evacuating a body cavity: A device for irrigating a body cavity is disclosed. The device comprises a first pump and a second pump being operatively linked via a manually-operated actuator member. The actuator member has at least a mode in which the actuator member activates the first pump to eject an initial volume of... Agent: Hospitech Respiration Ltd.

20120090619 - Inflatable respiratory cuff with pressure relief valve: A respiratory cuff pressure regulator system is provided for use with a breathing tube equipped with an inflatable cuff, a tubule extending from the cuff and having a distal end communicating with an inside of the cuff, a proximal end having an inlet for inflating the cuff. The system includes... Agent:

20120090621 - Tracheostoma valve: A tracheostoma valve (1) comprises a main air passage structure provided with a main valve arrangement. The tracheostoma valve is switchable in response to a spurt of inhalation air from a breathing condition into a speaking condition, while the tracheostoma valve is switchable in response to a spurt of exhalation... Agent: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

20120090622 - Breathing assistance apparatus with two nasal prongs: A breathing assistance apparatus includes a nasal mask unit, an insert plate, two nasal prongs, a head strap unit, and an intake tube. The nasal mask unit includes a rear wall having an inner surrounding surface defining a prong-receiving hole, a forwardly converging front wall formed with a tube-connecting hole,... Agent: Hsiner Co., Ltd.

20120090623 - Device and method for tracheotomy: A device for facilitating tracheotomy includes a first branch (14), which is adapted to be introduced down the trachea of a patient, such that the end thereof is located below the larynx, and a second branch (12), adapted to be arranged on the outside of the neck with the end... Agent: Safetrach Ab

20120090624 - Neck support: The present invention provides a neck support including a neck wear, two support devices, and a ventilation device. The neck support is worn on human's neck. The support devices are provided on the neck wear, each of which has a jaw pad, a first tongue pad and a second tongue... Agent:

20120090625 - Mouth guard: A mouth guard comprising an arcuate body member positionable between the teeth of a user. The body member includes an incisor portion for confronting the incisors of the user and a pair of molar portions for confronting the molars of the user. Each said molar portion includes a hollow region.... Agent: C&e Sports, L.L.C.

20120090626 - Earplug with embedded metal member: An earplug includes a plug portion, a handle portion, and a metal-made hollow round tube. The plug portion includes a plurality of domed flanges and rearward extends to a front end of the handle portion. The handle portion extends rearward by a predetermined length to internally define an axially extended... Agent:

20120090627 - Dislodgement detector for intravascular implantable medical device: Systems, methods, and devices providing for improved safety for an Intravascular Implantable Device (IID) are described herein. The IID includes a dislodgement detector that may include at least one accelerometer device and/or one or more microphones. In various embodiments, the accelerometer device is adapted to sense various forces or motions... Agent:

04/12/2012 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120085343 - Nebulizer systems, apparatus and methods for respiratory therapy: Nebulizer systems, apparatus, and methods are disclosed. The apparatus includes a body, a breathing gas inlet and outlet, and a barrier. The body is sized to be positioned within an adaptor of the nebulizer system. The breathing gas inlet and the breathing gas outlet are at opposite ends of the... Agent: Vapotherm, Inc.

20120085344 - Method for operating an aerosol inhalation device and aerosol inhalation device: In a first aspect, the invention relates to a method for operating an aerosol inhalation device (10), comprising the steps of transporting a certain amount of an aerosol to a desired location outside said device (10) and vibrating the transported aerosol when it has reached said desired location. In a... Agent: Pari Gmbh Spezialisten Fuer Effektive Inhalation

20120085345 - Nasal spray device: A nasal spray device for the delivery of a pharmaceutical formulation to the nasal cavity in metered doses. The device includes: a pressurised aerosol canister including a vial containing a pharmaceutical formulation including an active ingredient, a propellant and, optionally, a co-solvent, the aerosol canister further including a metering valve... Agent: Ivax Pharmaceuticals Ireland

20120085346 - Devices for delivering substances through an extra-anatomic opening created in an airway: Devices and methods for delivering substances to lung tissue through an extra-anatomic passage created in an airway.... Agent: Broncus Technologies, Inc.

20120085348 - Breathing assistance device with linear actuated gas regulating valve: A breathing assistance device includes a gas regulating valve (1300). The gas regulating valve is operated by a linear actuator (1330). The linear actuator may include a movable member that moves an obstruction member between an open position and a closed position. The linear actuator is isolated from a gas... Agent: Resmed Paris Sas

20120085347 - System and method for entraining the breathing of a subject: A respiration appliance (10) is configured to entrain the breathing of the subject. The breathing of the subject is entrained to modulate the autonomic nervous system of the subject to decrease sympathetic nerve activity and/or to reduce sympathetic/parasympathetic balance in order to provide relaxation to the subject. The respiration appliance... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120085349 - Respirator with end-of-service-life detection: The present disclosure relates to methods and apparatus for detecting when respiratory cartridges of a respirator have reached their end-of-service-life. In some instances, two or more respiratory cartridges are removably connectable to a respirator housing, where each of the two or more respiratory cartridges receives ambient air and deliver cleaned... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120085350 - Inner type tracheostomy tube: An inner type tracheostomy tube has an outer tube and an inner cannula. The outer tube has an airway tube, an inflatable cuff, an inflating tube, a neck mount and a holding mount. The neck mount is mounted around the airway tube. The holding mount is formed on the neck... Agent:

20120085351 - Laryngeal mask airway device: The invention relates to a laryngeal mask airway device for insertion into a patient to provide an airway passage to the patient's glottic opening. The device includes an airway tube, a mask attached to the airway tube, a peripheral inflatable cuff, and an outlet for gas. The mask is attached... Agent: The Laryngeal Mask Company Limited

20120085352 - medical securing device: A medical securing device (1) comprising a flexible strap (2) including a longitudinal slot (4) proximal to a transversely narrow bridge section (3) disposed between distal end portions (6, 7), wherein the end portions are connectable to a medical neckband.... Agent: Kapitex Healthcare Limited

20120085353 - Joint stability arrangement and method: The stability of an animal joint, especially a knee, is assessed with an arrangement having track arranged about perpendicular to the axis of the distal portion; a cart slidably engaged to the track; a fork positioned on the cart; a support adapted to receive the distal linear portion, the support... Agent: The Ohio State University

20120085355 - Mouthguard: A “boil and bite” mouthguard including projections to improve moulding of the mouthguard to the user's teeth is described. The mouthguard also includes a base-wall configuration that acts to minimise thinning of the base during moulding and use of the mouthguard.... Agent: Opro International Ltd.

20120085354 - Mouthguard with linear storage configuration: A mouthguard has an initial, substantially linear configuration and may be worn in a variety of applications including to protect a person's teeth when the person is engaged in a sports activity such as football, lacrosse, and other contact sports, as well as for concussion protection, user performance enhancement and... Agent:

20120085356 - Patient support system having improved fixation device mounting features for radiation therapy: A system including a support panel and a fixation device for use in radiation therapy is disclosed. The support panel comprises a generally planar member that is arranged to be disposed adjacent an apparatus for producing a radiation beam to support a portion of the patient to which the radiation... Agent: Civco Medical Instruments Co., Inc.

20120085357 - Device for impeding a person from assuming a supine position: A device for impeding a person from assuming a supine position in bed or other resting support includes a cushion support and movement restriction means fixable at the cushion support and a user. The cushion support designed for being placed on a resting support such as a bed. When user's... Agent:

20120085358 - Systems and methods for magnetically charging and discharging a member configured for medical use: Systems and methods for magnetically charging and discharging a member are disclosed. In certain embodiments, an external apparatus or internal device may comprise the member.... Agent:

04/05/2012 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120080028 - Visual indicator for an aerosol medication delivery apparatus and system: A delivery system includes a holding chamber with first, second and third openings, and independently moveable first, second and third flow control members. A delivery system includes a holding chamber and a flow control member including a flap pivotable from an at rest position in a direction toward an outlet... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20120080029 - Discharge device for pharmaceutical media: In order to obtain a compact construction, in the case of a discharge device (10) for pharmaceutical media comprising a housing (14, 16), which at least partly surrounds a receptacle space (12) for receiving a medium store (8), comprising a discharge opening (17) provided on the housing (14, 16) and... Agent:

20120080030 - Mouthpiece and flow rate controller for intrapulmonary delivery devices: This invention relates to a therapeutic device and method of administering precisely measured doses of a therapeutic substance via inhalation to pediatric and adult patients. More specifically, the invention relates to a therapeutic device and method of administering inhaled medication which delivers a controlled flow rate to a mouthpiece for... Agent:

20120080031 - Respiratory system for inducing therapeutic hypothermia: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for controlling a patient's body temperature and in particular for inducing therapeutic hypothermia. Various embodiments of the system are described. The system includes: a source of breathing gas, which may be in the form of a compressed breathing gas mixture; a heat... Agent: Thermocure, Inc.

20120080032 - Apparatus and methods for providing humidity in respiratory therapy: The present inventions provide respiratory therapy apparatus that introduce water into the pressurized air delivered to a user during various positive airway pressure therapies and corresponding methods. The respiratory therapy apparatus may be configured to administer one or more positive airway pressure therapies, including: continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP),... Agent: Somnetics Global Pte. Ltd.

20120080033 - Non-invasive breathing assistance apparatus and method: An nCPAP device for assisting patient breathing includes a generator body forming an inlet, a chamber, and first and second flow circuits. The chamber directs pressurized gas from the inlet to the flow circuits. The flow circuits each include a nozzle, a channel, and at least one port. The nozzle... Agent: Carefusion 207, Inc.

20120080034 - Non-invasive breathing assistance device with flow director: An nCPAP device for assisting patient breathing includes a generator body forming an inlet, a chamber, and first and second flow circuits. The chamber directs pressurized gas from the inlet to the flow circuits. The flow circuits each include a first and second jets, a flow director and an exhaust... Agent: Carefusion 207, Inc.

20120080035 - Adjustable mask system and related methods: An adjustable mask system (100) includes a cushion with a seal (130) having the ability to change size and/or shape. The seal is preferably a one-piece, continuous member without interruptions. To effect adjustment of the size and/or shape of the seal, an actuator may be provided, which may take the... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120080036 - Combination pressure therapy for treatment of chronic pain: A method according to an embodiments includes administering at least two Cyclic Variations in Altitude Condition (CVAC) sessions to a mammal disposed in a pressure vessel unit. The at least two CVAC sessions each have a duration of at least twenty minutes. The at least two CVAC sessions each include... Agent: Cvac Systems, Inc.

20120080037 - Nasopharyngeal airway: A nasopharyngeal airway for providing an air passage through a nose to a nasopharynx includes a cannula having a proximal open end, a distal closed end, and a sidewall surrounding a lumen of the cannula. The nasopharyngeal airway has an opening in the sidewall at a distal portion of the... Agent: Innovative Medical Equipment, LLC

20120080039 - Aid for shimming magnetic discs: The aid is for lining magnetic plates borne on the head and is adapted to the implanted magnets in the form of a thin plate made of a ferromagnetic material.... Agent: Sophono, Inc.

20120080038 - Procedure radiograph orientation device and methods of use: An example of the present invention includes a rostral base plate, a plurality of support slats, and a caudal base plate, these components being adapted to pivot about one another or in certain embodiments, adapted to pivot about a series of spacers. One or more tension wires extend through the... Agent:

20120080040 - Sterile drape having multiple drape interface mechanisms: A sterile drape configured for isolating a portion of a surgical device within a sterile environment, comprising: a plurality of drape interface mechanisms comprising: at least one drape/handle interface mechanism comprising a first ring defining a first opening through the sterile drape and configured for coupling with a control mechanism,... Agent:

20120080041 - Interface mechanism between a drape and a handle: A surgical device for use in positioning an instrument for use in a surgical procedure. The surgical device comprises: a mechanical positioning mechanism configured to couple with an instrument outside of a patient's body and to move the instrument relative to said patient's body; a control mechanism comprising a detachable... Agent:

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