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Surgery March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 78 patent applications in 55 patent subcategories.

20120078158 - Ocular implant with anchoring mechanism and multiple outlets: Devices and methods for treating ocular disorders are disclosed. One ocular implant, has a substantially straight, rigid, elongate body. The body has a self-trephinating distal portion that narrows toward a distal end, and at least one inlet that communicates with at least one inner lumen that communicates with a plurality... Agent: Glaukos Corporation

20120078159 - Multi-lumen ventricular drainage catheter: A shunt includes a housing having an inlet, an outlet and a flow control mechanism disposed within the housing. A ventricular catheter is connected to the inlet of the housing. The catheter has a longitudinal length, a proximal end, a distal end, and an inner lumen extending therethrough. The inner... Agent: Codman & Shurtleff, Inc

20120078160 - Method and apparatus for cancer therapy: Disclosed herein are methods and apparatus for treating bladder cancer. Example apparatus include a laser or other source that generates visible or near-infrared radiation and a cytoscope to deliver and apply the radiation to a treatment site, such as the urothelial surface of the bladder. The radiation alters the permeability... Agent: Gradiant Research, LLC

20120078161 - Apparatus for electrically mediated delivery of therapeutic agents: Apparatus for the delivery of an electrical field which facilitates the intracellular delivery of a therapeutic agent to a predetermined site within the tissue of a patient. The apparatus will comprise a plurality of penetrating electrodes arranged in a predetermined spatial relationship, each electrode with a cross sectional area contributing... Agent:

20120078162 - Method and device for electromotive delivery of macromolecules into tissue: Electromotive delivery of macromolecules can be provided using a delivery device including a first chamber for contacting a macromolecule delivery medium to a surface of a tissue or other anatomy of a patient; and a second chamber for contacting a receiving medium to the patient. A first electrode can be... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc.

20120078163 - Method of generating connective tissue: A method of generating bone or connective tissue in a subject in need thereof, the method comprising: (a) implanting a scaffold in a damaged region of the subject, the scaffold comprising a tissue growth promoting agent; and (b) enhancing uptake of the tissue growth promoting agent into cells located on... Agent: Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem Ltd.

20120078165 - Element for implantation with medical device: A therapeutic agent eluting element includes an elongate body member and one or more therapeutic agents elutable from the body member. The elongate body member is configured to be implanted subcutaneously along side of a therapy delivery element. The elongate body member may be formed from a polymeric material, and... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120078164 - Medical tool for reduced penetration force: A medical device is provided having reduced penetration force. The device includes a body having a central hollow channel and a piezoelectric transducer received within and secured to the body. The piezoelectric transducer has a hollow portion concentric with the central hollow channel. A tubular member is associated with and... Agent: Actuated Medical, Inc.

20120078166 - Systems and methods for nasal irrigation: Systems and methods for nasal irrigation are provided in which a nasal irrigation device includes a source of saline, an effluent receptacle, a nasal interface, a vacuum source, a fluid passageway to communicate the source of saline with the effluent receptacle through the nasal interface and a nasal cavity of... Agent:

20120078168 - Device for collecting samples: The present invention relates to a device (20) for collecting dialysate samples (42). The device (20) comprises an inlet (22) for receiving a flow of dialysate, a plurality of outlets (24) for providing a flow of saturated dialysate and means (26) for sequential selection of one of the outlets (24).... Agent:

20120078167 - Stoma length indicator assembly and positioning system: An indicator assembly for use with a non-vascular catheter device The indicator assembly includes: a first retainer secured to a catheter tube, the first retainer being an indwelling retainer which is deployed within a non-vascular lumen or cavity of the body; a second retainer secured to the catheter tube, the... Agent:

20120078169 - Surgical suction nozzle: The present invention provides a surgical suction cannula capable of sucking a liquid component such as a small amount of blood while keeping an ability to suck a large clot such as a blood clot and to sweep them. The present invention relates to a surgical suction cannula, including: a... Agent:

20120078170 - Infusion pumps: Ambulatory infusion pumps, pump assemblies, cartridges, baseplates, cannulas, insertion tools, and related components as well as combinations thereof and related methods.... Agent:

20120078171 - Dual-chamber carpule with attachment: The invention relates to a dual-chamber carpule comprising a cylinder comprising a bypass, a central plug and an end plug, and an attachment; the invention further relates to a method for producing and filling said dual-chamber carpule.... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120078172 - Automatic reconstitution injector device: The present invention is directed to an automatic reconstitution drug delivery device. The inventive device effects simple and automatic reconstitution of a dry drug. To effect reconstitution, a user displaces a release button which causes first and second chambers of a drug cartridge to communicate, resulting in automatic mixing of... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120078173 - Systems and methods for nasal irrigation: Systems and methods for nasal irrigation are provided in which a nasal irrigation device includes a source of saline, an effluent receptacle, a nasal interface, a vacuum source, a fluid passageway to communicate the source of saline with the effluent receptacle through the nasal interface and a nasal cavity of... Agent:

20120078175 - Angled tip catheter: A catheter having improved ability to cross body passage obstructions and that more easily allows backloading of a guidewire into the lumen of the catheter is comprised of a tip, a shaft, and a lumen. The distal end of the catheter tip is oriented at an angle other than 90°... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120078174 - Configurable percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube: A configurable percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube includes a shaft having a distal end and a proximal end. The shaft defines a lumen therethrough for passage of a feeding solution or medicine. An expandable retainer is located on the shaft, the retainer having a deployed position and an insertion position. The... Agent:

20120078176 - Multi-balloon dilation device for placing catheter tubes: A stoma dilation device that includes a tubular support defining a continuous pathway through the device; at least one inflatable dilation balloon and at least one inflatable retention balloon located on the tubular support; and inflation lumens for each balloon. The inflatable dilation balloon forms at least a first portion... Agent:

20120078177 - Minimally invasive rectal balloon apparatus: A rectal balloon apparatus has a shaft with a fluid passageway extending therethrough. A balloon is affixed over an end of the shaft such that the fluid passageway communicates with an interior of the balloon. The balloon has a laterally flat surface thereon when inflated. The laterally flat surface of... Agent: Radiadyne, LLC

20120078178 - Electrical power source for an intravenous fluid heating system: An apparatus heats fluids. A number of lithium-ion cells are positioned within a housing. A first connector is positioned on a first end of the housing and operably connected to the number of lithium-ion cells. The first connector is configured to receive electrical power from a power source. A second... Agent: Estill Medical Technologies, Inc.

20120078179 - Self-venting cannula assembly: The present disclosure relates to a self-venting cannula assembly. The self-venting cannula assembly including an outer tube that defines a throughbore, an inner tube, a vent aperture, and a filter element. The inner tube is positioned within the outer tube, which defines a vent channel therebetween. The vent aperture is... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120078180 - Syringe drive device: A syringe drive device 1 includes a cylinder holding section 3 configured to detachably hold a cylinder 201, a piston manipulating section 4 detachably coupled with a piston, and a piston drive section 5 including racks 31A and 31B coupled with the piston manipulating section 4 and configured to move... Agent:

20120078181 - Infusion pumps: Ambulatory infusion pumps, pump assemblies, cartridges, baseplates, cannulas, insertion tools, and related components as well as combinations thereof and related methods.... Agent:

20120078182 - Infusion pumps: Ambulatory infusion pumps, pump assemblies, cartridges, baseplates, cannulas, insertion tools, and related components as well as combinations thereof and related methods.... Agent:

20120078183 - Infusion pumps: Ambulatory infusion pumps, pump assemblies, cartridges, baseplates, cannulas, insertion tools, and related components as well as combinations thereof and related methods.... Agent:

20120078184 - Infusion pumps: Ambulatory infusion pumps, pump assemblies, cartridges, baseplates, cannulas, insertion tools, and related components as well as combinations thereof and related methods.... Agent:

20120078185 - Infusion pumps: Ambulatory infusion pumps, pump assemblies, cartridges, baseplates, cannulas, insertion tools, and related components as well as combinations thereof and related methods.... Agent:

20120078186 - Catheter with expandable flow area: In at least one embodiment of the present invention, a catheter for insertion into a patient's body is provided. The catheter comprises an elongated member having a proximal portion extending to a distal portion. A lumen is formed through the proximal and distal portions. The elongated member is formed of... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120078187 - Flexible introducer sheath: A sheath with improved kink resistance and/or rupture resistance is provided. The sheath includes an inner liner defining a passageway extending longitudinally therethrough. A coil is fitted around at least a part of the inner liner. An outer layer adapted to adhere to the inner liner between the windings of... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20120078189 - Needle array transdermal absorption sheet and method for manufacturing needle array transdermal absorption sheet: A needle array transdermal absorption sheet to be attached onto a skin for supplying a drug into the skin, includes: a plurality of needle portions each having a tapered shape, each of the needle portions including a needle having a conical or pyramidal shape and a body part which has... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120078188 - Neural drug delivery system with fluidic threads: A neural drug delivery system with fluidic threads implantable into tissue, including: a plurality of fluid delivery conduits configured to transport fluid and having an array of fluid delivery ports through which the fluid is selectively released; a plurality of port gates each including a mesh structure coupled to a... Agent:

20120078190 - Garment for securing an external portion of a catheter: A garment includes a vertical opening and a transverse flap on the front panel thereof for securing an external portion of a central line or catheter having at least two distal lumens or branches. The external portion of the catheter extends through a gap between a pair fasteners of the... Agent:

20120078192 - Fistula catheter: A fistula catheter which allows a supply tube to be easily connected to a body-external fixing member positioned on the body surface side, and which is only slightly invasive for a patient is provided. The fistula catheter 10 includes a tube body 11 which is inserted into a fistula formed... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120078191 - Systems and methods for anchoring medical devices: Some embodiments of a medical device anchor system include an anchor device that secures a medical instrument (such as a catheter or the like) in place relative to a skin penetration point using subcutaneous anchors. In some implementations, the anchor device can be installed using a technique in which the... Agent: Interrad Medical, Inc.

20120078193 - Line stabilizer for infants & small children and related methods: Disclosed are apparatus, systems, and related methods of intravenous (I.V.) catheter and tubing stabilization that are particularly adapted for use in infant I.V. therapy.... Agent:

20120078195 - Drug delivery device body: The body of a portable drug delivery device, especially an injection pen, is provided on its outer surface with a recess, in which directly accessible information is displayed. The information is protected against damages during everyday use by the recessed location.... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120078194 - Injection device with electronic detecting means: An injection device for injecting a dose of drug, e.g. insulin for diabetes treatment, in which energy is stored in a spring member during dose setting. The stored energy is released and used for driving an injection mechanism during injection of a previously set dose. The injection device further comprises... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20120078196 - Administration feeding set: An administration feeding set for use with a flow control apparatus to deliver fluid from at least one fluid source to a patient. The set includes tubing for flow of fluid along a fluid pathway and a mounting member on the tubing adapted to engage the flow control apparatus. The... Agent: Covidien Ag

20120078197 - Portable infusion pump with anti-siphoning protection: Described is drug infusion device with one or more check valves for inhibiting the unintentional discharge of medication from a cartridge. The device includes a chamber capable of receiving a cartridge of medication in a fluid form and one or more novel check valves for ensuring the drug is not... Agent:

20120078198 - Vagina cleaning device: The present invention provides a vagina cleaning device for cleaning vaginas. The vagina cleaning device comprises a body having a first end and a second end, the first end being attachable to a hose for conveying water thereto, inserting nozzle portion being attached to the second end and a flow-pattern... Agent:

20120078199 - Temperature gauge for enema bag: An apparatus to administer an enema comprising: an enema bag, where enema bag includes a fill top opening; a thermostat attached to one side of the enema bag; and a tubing, where said tubing is inserted into a patient's rectum. The thermostat may provide either Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature readings... Agent:

20120078200 - Spring clip safety iv catheter: A safety IV catheter includes a unitary, resilient needle guard received in a catheter hub. The needle guard includes a proximal arm or wall that includes an opening through which a needle passes for axial movement. When the needle is retracted from the catheter, it releases the force that had... Agent: B. Braun Melsungen Ag

20120078201 - Subcutaneous implantable port and method for producing the same: A subcutaneous implantable port is provided which includes a housing, a septum, a bottom plate and a catheter connection part. The housing has a structure in which a cup-shaped base having a bottom which includes a recess is covered by a cover. The septum which can be penetrated by an... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120078202 - Portal with septum embedded indicia: An implantable portal includes a septum that has embedded therein an indicia adapted to identify at least one characteristic of the portal. The indicia may be formed as an impression at a base layer of the septum, and is filled with a radiopaque material. The septum base layer is covered... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20120078203 - Antimicrobial injection port barrier cover: The invention relates to sterile medical injection catheter ports utilizing a new antimicrobial polymer mixture filled injection port barrier cover. This barrier cover, when screwed onto the injection port, protects the injection port from the colonization of microbes from the inadvertent contamination of the port with contaminated surfaces, including skin... Agent:

20120078205 - Compositions and methods for delivery of solution to the skin: Compositions and methods for delivery of medicaments to human or animal skin, for example, the scalp, comprising the steps of transporting the medicaments in a volatile carrier solution to a position adjacent to the skin, and atomizing the preparation at said position onto the skin to thereby uniformly distribute the... Agent:

20120078204 - Transdermal systems containing multilayer adhesive matrices to modify drug delivery: A transdermal drug-containing dosage unit comprises: a backing layer substantially impervious to the drug to be delivered transdermally; a first polymeric adhesive matrix, in contact with the backing layer, having dispersed therein the drug and having a first delivery profile of the drug; a second polymeric adhesive matrix, in contact... Agent: Mylan, Inc.

20120078206 - Snap-on two-piece emergence profile healing abutment: The present invention relates to an apparatus for the removal and containment of human waste products from the effected area of incontinent patients. The apparatus and process encapsulates the areas of the body where urine and fecal matter are excreted. In particular, the present invention is directed to an apparatus... Agent: University Of Maryland, Baltimore

20120078207 - Devices and methods for treatment of damaged tissue: Methods and devices for treatment of damaged tissue are disclosed, including treatment of wounds by employing non-electrically powered, reduced pressure therapy devices. Maintenance and control of the sub atmospheric pressure exerted may be provided by such devices while minimizing discomfort to the user. The devices may be configured to be... Agent: Spiracur Inc.

20120078208 - Contained ostomy appliance: The present invention is an individual pressure barrier pouch that is used in conjunction with the assembly of either a one piece or a two piece ostomy appliance or as a pressure barrier pouch that can be preassembled and integrated into the assembly of a two piece ostomy appliance. In... Agent:

20120078209 - Absorbent article: To provide an absorbent article capable of sufficiently fulfilling a function of preventing lateral leakage even when a force is applied in the width direction (transverse direction) during wearing. An absorbent article comprising a liquid-pervious surface sheet, a liquid-impervious leakage-preventive sheet, and a liquid-retentive absorption body disposed between the surface... Agent:

20120078210 - Compact and portable individually packaged diaper: A method of individually packaging a single-use disposable diaper for use in intimate absorption of body fluid includes compressing a single-use disposable diaper for use in intimate absorption of body fluid from a first condition to a second, compressed condition, and retaining the single-use disposable diaper in the second, compressed... Agent:

20120078211 - medicated diaper: An anti-rash diaper for preventing and treating diaper rash and skin irritations comprising: an absorbent layer, where the absorbent layer draws moisture; medicated ointment, where the ointment is applied over the absorbent layer; and a protective sheet, where the protective sheet is releasably attached over the ointment. The anti-rash diaper... Agent:

20120078212 - Pull-on absorbent article: A pull-on absorbent article includes an outer cover and an absorbent assembly fixed on an inner side of the outer cover. The outer cover has a front portion to be worn around a wearer's front, a crotch portion to be worn around a wearer's crotch, and a rear portion to... Agent:

20120078213 - Pants-type disposable diaper: A pants-type disposable diaper 1 comprising: a diaper main body 2 having a front part P, a back part Q, and a crotch part R therebetween, and having a waist opening 3 and a pair of leg openings 4; an absorbent core 10 disposed at the crotch part R; a... Agent: Livedo Corporation

20120078214 - Vial transfer needle assembly: The present disclosure relates to a vial transfer needle assembly that includes a housing and a vial access member. The housing includes a proximal skirt and a distal skirt that is connected by a central hub portion. The central hub portion defines a central bore that extends between the proximal... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120078215 - Two-piece vial transfer needle assembly: The present disclosure relates to a vial transfer needle assembly including a first molding member and a second molding member. The first molding member includes a hub portion that has a proximal piercing tip and a distal portion. The hub portion defines a lumen that passes therethrough. The second molding... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120078220 - Catheter assembly: Devices and methods are provided to conduct fluid away from or deliver fluid to an area of a treatment site of a patient's body. In one aspect of the invention, a catheter includes a terminal end with a fluid exchange portion. The terminal end may further include a diffuser. The... Agent: Vital 5, LLC

20120078216 - Infusion pumps: Ambulatory infusion pumps, pump assemblies, cartridges, baseplates, cannulas, insertion tools, and related components as well as combinations thereof and related methods.... Agent:

20120078217 - Infusion pumps: Ambulatory infusion pumps, pump assemblies, cartridges, baseplates, cannulas, insertion tools, and related components as well as combinations thereof and related methods.... Agent:

20120078218 - Modular infusion system: A pump is disclosed that comprises a primary control unit comprising a first processor and one or more modular pumping units removably docked to the primary control unit. Each modular pumping unit comprises a pumping mechanism and a second processor configured to control the pumping mechanism and communicate with the... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120078219 - Syringe assembly: A syringe assembly includes a syringe body having an internal fluid reservoir and a fluid contained within the fluid reservoir and defining a fluid outlet adjacent the distal end thereof, a plunger at least partially disposed within the syringe body and having a plunger rod and a distal plunger head... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120078221 - Methods and systems for adjusting an insulin delivery profile of an insulin pump: Systems and methods are disclosed for adjusting the delivery times of an insulin delivery profile of an insulin pump, wherein the insulin pump is operable to automatically deliver insulin to a person having diabetes based on an operating time of the internal clock and a delivery time of an insulin... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120078224 - Device and method for intraocular drug delivery: Devices for delivering pharmaceutical formulations into the eye are described. The devices may be integrated to include features that allow safe and atraumatic manipulation of the devices with one hand. For example, accurate placement, including proper angulation, of the device on the eye and injection of a pharmaceutical formulation into... Agent: Ocuject, LLC

20120078225 - Dual chamber syringe with retractable needle: Embodiments of a retractable syringe assembly are provided that include a dual syringe barrel configuration. One or more embodiments include reuse prevention features and features that prevent premature activation of the retraction mechanism. Methods for aspirating and expelling liquid from medical devices are also provided.... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120078222 - Infusion pumps: Ambulatory infusion pumps, pump assemblies, cartridges, baseplates, cannulas, insertion tools, and related components as well as combinations thereof and related methods.... Agent:

20120078226 - Injection catheter for delivering a therapeutic agent into a substrate: The invention relates to an injection catheter for delivering a therapeutic agent into a substrate, comprising one or more lumens and a curved delivery element, said lumen serving as a guide for said curved delivery element outside of the substrate; said curved delivery element comprising openings on its distal tip,... Agent: Cardio3 Biosciences

20120078223 - Warming garment and method for promoting vasodilation: A warming garment and method of making and using are provided. The warming garment may have an inner lining and an outer lining which may form an annular space in which an exothermic composition that is activated upon exposure to oxygen may be disposed. When worn, the warming garment may... Agent:

20120078227 - Drug coated balloon composition with high drug transfer to vessel: Drug delivery balloons are configured with a carrier film of biodegradable polymer. The carrier film includes a drug or has a drug carried thereon. The balloons utilize a film layering system that is designed to separate the carrier film substantially intact from the balloon when expanded, so that the carrier... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120078228 - Local delivery of water-soluble or water-insoluble therapeutic agents to the surface of body lumens: A method and device for local delivery of water-soluble or water-insoluble therapeutic agents to the tissue of a normal or diseased body lumen is disclosed. An expandable structure of a medical disposable device, such as a balloon of a balloon catheter, is coated with a non-durable coating which is complexed... Agent:

20120078229 - In vivo bioreactors and methods of making and using same: The present invention relates to an in vivo method of promoting the growth of autologous cartilage and bone tissue, including tissue that can be explanted to other locations in the subject.... Agent:

20120078230 - Deployment actuation system: Contraceptive methods, systems, and devices generally improve the ease, speed, and reliability with which a contraceptive device can be deployed transcervically into an ostium of a fallopian tube. The contraceptive device may remain in a small profile configuration while a sheath is withdrawn proximally, and is thereafter expanded to a... Agent: Conceptus, Inc. A California Corporation

20120078231 - Guidewire insertion aid: [Means of Resolution] A guidewire insertion aid 11 according to the present invention is used for feeding out a guidewire 1 inserted in a housing 2 in order to insert said guidewire into the lumen of a piece of medical equipment. The insertion aid 11 comprises: a main body 21,... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120078232 - Guidewire support system and guidewire: A guidewire system for insertion into a vascular system of a human or an animal so as to form a guide for guiding a catheter to a predetermined position. The system comprises a support catheter bounding a lumen for receiving at least a portion of the guidewire. The support catheter... Agent: Imds R&d Bv

20120078233 - Wound bed preparation: A wound bed preparation device for delivering a fluid jet to tissue includes a handpiece having a deck height in the range of −0.0254 mm to 0.2032 mm, a channel width in the range of 0.8636 mm to 1.1684 mm, and a nozzle diameter in the range of 0.10668 mm... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20120078234 - Power assisted lipoplasty: Described are embodiments that include a device with a motor that when connected to a cannula rotates the cannula while removing adipose tissue from a surgical site. The device provides a direct pathway, for aspirated adipose tissue, from a tip of the cannula to a location where tubing is attached... Agent:

20120078235 - Safety urinary catheter: This document provides catheters (e.g., urinary catheters) having safety mechanisms that indicate when a distal end of the device enters an intended cavity (e.g., a human's bladder) and is properly positioned, thereby preventing inflation of a retention balloon in an unintended location (e.g., the urinary canal). For example, safety urinary... Agent:

03/22/2012 > 53 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20120071809 - Ocular implant systems: Implants and methods for treating ocular disorders are disclosed. One implant has a tubular member, with inlet and outlet ends, and a cutting member connected thereto. The tubular member is configured to extend through eye tissue such that the inlet and outlet ends reside respectively in an anterior chamber and... Agent: Glaukos Corporation

20120071810 - Photodynamic therapy including light pretreatment: A method of photodynamic therapy is described that includes administering a therapeutically effective amount of a photosensitizer to an area of tissue such as the skin of a subject, delivering a first photoirradiation with light having a wavelength suitable to activate the photosensitizer to the area of skin, allowing a... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20120071811 - Stimulation method for the sphenopalatine ganglia, sphenopalatine nerve, or vidian nerve for treatment of medical conditions: A method is provided for suppressing or preventing pain in a patient. One step of the method includes positioning first and second electrodes, without penetrating the cranium, on or proximate to at least one of the sphenopalatine ganglia, the sphenopalatine nerves, or the vidian nerves on both sides of the... Agent:

20120071812 - Methods and systems for submucosal implantation of a device for diagnosis and treatment with a therapeutic agent: Instruments, systems, implants, and methods are provided for performing submucosal medical procedures in a desired area of the digestive tract using endoscopy. Instruments include a safe access needle injection instrument, a submucosal tunneling instrument, a submucosal dissection instrument, and a mucosal resection device. A submucosal implant device for diagnosing and... Agent:

20120071813 - Method of wound treatment using condensation warming: A method of treating a wound using condensation warming is disclosed. A wound dressing is applied over the wound in which the wound dressing has an inlet and an outlet and furthermore forms a substantially airtight cover over the wound. A vapor is supplied to the wound dressing via the... Agent:

20120071814 - Barrier catheter: Devices and methods are provided to conduct fluid away from or deliver fluid to an area of a treatment site of a patient's body. In one example, a catheter includes a fluid exchange portion and a member attached to the fluid exchange portion for biasing fluid flow at the treatment... Agent: Vital 5, LLC

20120071816 - Automated dialysis system including touch screen controlled mechanically and pneumatically actuated pumping: A peritoneal dialysis system includes: a hardware unit including a piston having a contact surface, a pneumatic source for supplying a negative pressure, a stepper motor, a controller including a processor and memory programmed to control the pneumatic source and the stepper motor, and a video monitor operating with a... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120071815 - Drain and fill logic for automated peritoneal dialysis: The present system and method in one embodiment limit a maximum instantaneous peritoneal volume to a comfortable level, while allowing the dialysis machine to advance to fill a prescribed volume whenever the drain ends after a minimum drain percentage has been attained. If a low drain condition occurs, the nominal... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120071818 - Injection device with a capacitive proximity sensor: An injection device for injecting medication to a patient, comprising a surface (5) having a through hole (3) for passage of a needle, is characterised by further comprising a capacitive proximity sensor (12, 13, 30) for detecting proximity or contact of human skin to/with said surface (5).... Agent: Ares Trading S.a.

20120071817 - Stabilized glucagon solutions and uses therefor: Stabilized glucagon solutions, methods of storing and using the stabilized glucagon solutions, and drug delivery devices containing the stabilized glucagon solutions. In some embodiments, the glucagon solutions may be alkaline, such as with a pH of at least about 9. The glucagon solutions may be resistant to aggregation of glucagon... Agent: Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health Center

20120071819 - Medicament delivery devices: A medicament delivery device comprises a housing, a holder within the housing for receiving a medicament cartridge, a piston rod for driving a bung of the medicament cartridge, a drive mechanism including a motor for providing an output drive to the piston rod for delivering the medicament and control means... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120071820 - Self returning contamination barrier: A barrier of a vacuum pump prevents contamination from entering a vacuum pump air line. The barrier separates parts of the pump and is moveable between an initial state and a distended state. The barrier is assembled within the pump with a pre-load. When the vacuum source is applied to... Agent:

20120071821 - Systems and methods for manipulating an elongate member: System and methods for manipulating and positioning elongated flexible members are described herein. In on variation, an elongate member manipulator includes an elongate member holder having first and second rotary members configured to hold an elongate member, wherein the rotary members are actuated in opposite rotational directions to generate a... Agent:

20120071822 - Steerable catheters: Medical devices having an elongated steerable member are described herein. In one embodiment, a device includes an elongated body having a proximal section, a distal section, and a working lumen extending through the proximal and distal sections, a first coil having a distal portion, and a proximal portion, the proximal... Agent:

20120071824 - Devices, systems and methods for treating disorders of the ear, nose and throat: Sinusitis, mucocysts, tumors, infections, hearing disorders, choanal atresia, fractures and other disorders of the paranasal sinuses, Eustachian tubes, Lachrymal ducts and other ear, nose, throat and mouth structures are diagnosed and/or treated using minimally invasive approaches and, in many cases, flexible catheters as opposed to instruments having rigid shafts. Various... Agent: Acclarent, Inc.

20120071823 - Medical balloon having improved stability and strength: A medical device, the medical device formed at least in part from a melt blend of at least one polymer comprising hydrolysable groups and a carbodiimide.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120071825 - Soluble material insertion aid for balloon catheter: A soluble material covering is provided about a longitudinally-folded balloon-carrying end of a catheter to facilitate insertion of the catheter into a bodily cavity. The soluble material covering is provided with at least one of perforations or scalloped regions to initiate disassociation of the soluble film from the balloon-carrying end... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20120071827 - Dual chamber syringe with retractable needle: Embodiments of a retractable syringe assembly are provided that include a dual syringe barrel configuration. One or more embodiments include reuse prevention features and features that prevent premature activation of the retraction mechanism. Methods for aspirating and expelling liquid from medical devices are also provided.... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120071826 - Safe self-destruction syringe with puncture proof protective sleeve: A safety self-destruction syringe with puncture proof protective sleeve consists of a needlepoint protective sleeve (1), a needlepoint (2), a needle base (3), a puncture proof protective sleeve (4), an adapter member (5), a locking bayonet (6), a liquid pushing cylinder sleeve (7), a core rod (8), and a sealing... Agent: Wuxi Yushou Medical Applicance Ltd.

20120071828 - Syringe drive device and medication dispensing device: A syringe drive device 1 includes: a syringe holding section 3; a piston manipulating section 4; and a display section 6. An outer tube 202 of a syringe 201 is detachably held by the syringe holding section 3. A piston 203 of the syringe 201 is detachably engaged with the... Agent:

20120071829 - Devices, systems and methods for medicament delivery: Apparatuses for automatic medicament injection and methods for manufacturing automatic medicament injectors are described herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a housing, a needle, an energy storage member, an actuator, a locking member, and a needle guard. The needle is configured to move between a first position and a... Agent: Intelliject, Inc.

20120071830 - Infusion pump assembly with a backup power supply: An infusion pump assembly includes a reservoir assembly configured to contain an infusible fluid. A motor assembly is configured to act upon the reservoir assembly and dispense at least a portion of the infusible fluid contained within the reservoir assembly. Processing logic is configured to control the motor assembly. A... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20120071831 - Needle-based medical device with needle shield: A needle-based medical device including a needle shield assembly and a method for constructing the same are disclosed. The needle shield assembly may be deployed such that the device shields the needle passively on removal. A needle shield assembly includes a shield including a restraint member at a proximal end... Agent: Erskine Medical LLC

20120071832 - Access sheath and needle assembly for delivering therapeutic material: Medical device (10) for delivering therapeutic material to a patient. The device comprises an access sheath (12) having a proximal section (18) extending to a distal section (20). A working lumen (22) is formed in the proximal and distal sections. The distal section has a plurality of side ports (48)... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120071833 - Implantable catheter or lead anchor for implantable medical device system and method of use: In one embodiment, an implantable anchor for holding a catheter in place within a patient, comprises a body comprising a channel for holding the catheter; a plurality of apertures such that at least one aperture is disposed on each side of the spiral channel; and one or more suture structures... Agent:

20120071834 - Method of manufacturing a drug delivery device body: At first a first part of the drug delivery device body wherein the surface of the first part of the drug delivery device body consists of at least one selected area and at least one non selected area is provided. The selected area of the drug delivery device body is... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120071835 - Pen needles and needle cap assemblies: A pen needle or pen needle cap assembly is designed to be manually attached e.g. by screwing onto an injection device, and is provided with a gripping region designed to allow the torque that can be applied in the tightening sense to be less than that which can be applied... Agent: Owen Mumford Limited

20120071836 - Drive mechanism for a drug delivery device: p

20120071837 - Auto injector for medication: Described is drug infusion device. The device is intended to permit the delivery of medication over an extended period of time.... Agent:

20120071838 - Rapid exchange aspiration catheters with lumens configured for optimized flow: A rapid exchange aspiration catheter includes a distal portion with a round cross-sectional shape, taken transverse to a longitudinal axis of the catheter. A primary lumen through the catheter has a size and a shape, and extends through the catheter at a location that are optimized for aspiration. In particular,... Agent: Control Medical Technology, LLC

20120071839 - Tampon: A tampon has an absorbent body that absorbs liquid. The absorbent body includes, on its outer surface, an applied portion to which an agent is applied. The agent is a mixture of an active pharmaceutical ingredient, a first water-soluble carrier that carries the active pharmaceutical ingredient and is a main... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120071840 - Eye wash device: To create an eye rinsing device (100) for rinsing at least one eye (12), which is embodied as an attachable attachment (11), which can be connected to a container (10), wherein the attachment (11) can be placed onto the eye (12) of a person, and is provided with at least... Agent: Plum A/s

20120071841 - Assemblies, systems, and methods for vacuum assisted internal drainage during wound healing: Assemblies, systems, and methods convey fluid from an internal wound site or body cavity by applying negative pressure from a source outside the internal wound site or body cavity through a wound drain assembly that is placed directly inside the internal wound site or body cavity.... Agent: Kci Medical Resources

20120071842 - Discrete or continuous tissue capture device and method for making: Some embodiments of the invention provide an instrument for mechanically removing segments of tissue from a patient during a minimally invasive surgical procedure. An exemplary instrument provides an inlet for receiving tissue a mechanism for cutting away received tissue and for simultaneously moving the cut away tissue away from the... Agent: Microfabrica Inc.

20120071845 - Controlled negative pressure apparatus and absorbency mechanism: Methods and devices for treatment of damaged tissue are disclosed, including treatment of wounds by employing non-electrically powered, reduced pressure therapy devices. The devices are capable of generating a substantially constant reduced pressure with low tolerance for pressure fluctuations. Also disclosed herein are reduced pressure therapy systems that comprise an... Agent:

20120071843 - Suction button assembly for endoscope: A suction button assembly of a valve structure for an endoscope includes a cylinder housing, cylinder passage, plunger or piston unit, cylinder opening, plunger stem, flow opening, valve sleeve and flow channel. A valve opening is formed in a side surface of the valve sleeve at an end of the... Agent:

20120071844 - Suction button assembly for endoscope: An endoscope includes an operation unit, an elongated tube, a distal opening, a suction channel, and a discharge conduit. A suction button assembly has a valve structure for changing over between the discharge conduit and the suction channel for communication and shut-off. The suction button assembly includes a plunger, a... Agent:

20120071846 - Medical tool deflection and resistant surgical sponge: A medical sponge and method of constructing and using thereof is provided. The medical sponge includes a first layer constructed from a biocompatible absorption material. A second layer is positioned abutting the first layer, the second layer constructed from a non-toxic, biocompatible deflection material. A bonding element is connected to... Agent: American Surgical Sponges, LLC

20120071847 - Disposable absorbent article: A sanitary napkin is disclosed as a form of disposable absorbent article. It has an absorbent core and a hydrophobic topsheet that has an upper side that is to be worn against a user's body. The topsheet is selected from a group of nonwoven topsheets and apertured film topsheets. A... Agent:

20120071848 - Ultrathin fluid-absorbent cores: The present invention relates to ultrathin fluid-absorbent cores comprising a substrate layer, multicomponent superabsorbent particles and an adhesive, wherein the wet SAP shake-out of superabsorbent particles out of the fluid-absorbent core is less than 10% by weight.... Agent: Basf Se

20120071849 - Sanitary undergarment: A sanitary undergarment, comprising a fabric body, a crotch portion, a waist opening, and a thigh opening, each comprising one or more layers made of a breathable leak-proof material for blocking flow of the body fluid through the fabric body. The sanitary undergarment generally comprises a boxer brief construction. The... Agent:

20120071850 - Diaper with hand receiving pocket: A diaper has a pocket on the inside back panel for placement of the installer's hand, creating a controlled mitten effect, that allows the installer to easily slide the diaper underneath a baby's bottom and into an optimal position for installation, while the installer simultaneously holds the baby's legs with... Agent:

20120071851 - Disposable absorbent article having a barrier: A disposable absorbent article having at least one barrier at least one barrier extending along at least a longitudinal side of the crotch portion having a proximal end being connected to the remains of the article and a distal end forming a longitudinally extending free edge. At least one of... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20120071852 - Article with elastic distribution and system and method for making same: A method is described for making an elasticized absorbent article having a waist opening and a pair of leg openings. First, multiple distributions of elastics are applied on a moving material sheet to form a moving web of an elastic composite. Then, each of a core section and a second... Agent: Dsg Technology Holdings Ltd

20120071853 - Enteral syringe: The present invention is an enteral syringe that can include an elongated body having a hollow cavity therein and at least one vent extending from the hollow cavity to an outside surface of the syringe body. The elongated body can have a first non-circular cross-section. The enteral syringe can also... Agent: Neomed, Inc.

20120071855 - Compositions and methods of vascular injury repair: The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising a chemotactic hematopoietic stem cell product comprising an enriched population of CD34+ cells containing a subpopulation of CD34+/CXCR-4+ cells having CXCR-4-mediated chemotactic activity, methods of preparing these compositions and use of these compositions to treat or repair vascular injury, including infarcted myocardium.... Agent:

20120071854 - Endovascular devices and methods: Devices and methods for the treatment of chronic total occlusions are provided. One disclosed embodiment comprises a method of facilitating treatment via a vascular wall defining a vascular lumen containing an occlusion therein. The method includes providing an intravascular device having a distal portion, inserting the device into the vascular... Agent: Bridgepoint Medical, Inc.

20120071856 - Medical device and method for treatment of a sinus opening: A medical device and method for the treatment of a sinus opening includes a handle, a guide catheter, a guide wire, a balloon catheter, a guide wire movement mechanism and a balloon catheter movement mechanism. The handle has proximal and distal ends and a longitudinal axis along the length of... Agent:

20120071857 - Methods and apparatus for treating disorders of the sinuses: A medical device for the treatment of a sinus opening includes a handle, a grooming sheath, a rail, a guide wire, a balloon catheter and a balloon catheter movement mechanism. A method for treating a sinus opening includes inserting a medical device for the treatment of a sinus opening partially... Agent:

20120071858 - Vaginal therapeutic device including copper metal and method of treating the vagina using the vaginal therapeutic device: A vaginal therapeutic device made of copper metal has a shape to fit in the vagina and utilizes the copper metal as an antimicrobial agent to therapeutically treat abnormal biological conditions in the vagina.... Agent:

20120071860 - Dendritic cell tumor injection (dcti) therapy: The invention relates to a method of treating tumor cells within a patient wherein immature dendritic cells developed from the patient's monocyte cells and a lymphocyte cultured medium (LCM) adjuvant are introduced into the patient directly into the patient's tumor cells. The immature dendritic cells and LCM adjuvant combine with... Agent: Hasumi International Research Foundation

20120071859 - Inducible interleukin-12: The invention provides an isolated or purified nucleic acid comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding a nuclear factor of activated T-cells (NFAT) promoter operatively associated with a nucleotide sequence encoding IL-12. The invention also provides a nucleic acid comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding a nuclear factor of activated T-cells (NFAT) promoter... Agent:

20120071861 - Security tip for vascular catheter and method of using same: A method of maintaining a locking fluid in an implanted catheter including positioning a catheter assembly in a patient, the catheter assembly including a first lumen having a closed first distal end and a first proximal end, and a second lumen having a closed second distal end and a second... Agent: Medical Components, Inc.

03/15/2012 > 60 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20120065567 - Hemodialysis system and method: Hemodialysis systems and methods with streamlined blood flow paths are provided. Such streamlined blood flow paths facilitate flow without undue damage to circulating cells.... Agent:

20120065568 - Off-axis blood chamber: An extracorporeal blood chamber for an optical blood monitoring system has a mixing area and viewing area that are offset from the axis of the blood flow path into and out of the blood chamber. The off-axis design provides more leverage for threading the blood chamber onto a dialysis filter.... Agent: Hema Metrics, LLC

20120065569 - Double lumen catheter: The present invention concerns a double-lumen catheter and a method for delivering or withdrawing fluids to/from a patient, in particular for use in hemodialysis. The double-lumen catheter comprises an elongated tubular body having a proximal end and distal end, with the distal end being positionable within a vessel of a... Agent: Joline Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120065570 - Disc shunt delivery with stepped needle: A solid stepped needle delivers a disc shunt bridging between muscle and a degenerated disc, drawing blood plasma from muscle into the degenerated disc to alleviate back pain and regenerate the disc. The device further includes pull lines attached to the ends of the disc shunt for withdrawing and repositioning... Agent:

20120065571 - Expandable pyloric anchors and methods for securing intestinal bypass sleeves: A gastrointestinal device for implanting within a patient's gastrointestinal tract includes first and second expandable anchoring rings configured to be disposed on either side of a patient's pylorus. The first expandable anchoring ring has a collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration, wherein in the expanded configuration the first expandable anchoring... Agent: Metamodix, Inc.

20120065572 - Corneal crosslinking methodology using custom etched contact lenses: An improved methodology for the treatment of corneal abnormalities involving the application of a crosslinking solution, such as riboflavin, to the surface of the cornea followed by exposure to UV light such that the rigidity of the cornea is increased and stabilized, the method improved by providing a transparent contact... Agent:

20120065577 - Device and methods for enhanced multi-delivery of biologically active substances into an organism and to prevent local irritation: Transnasal delivery of medication directly to a patient's brain is achieved using an iontophoresis wire cooperable with a medication administration device. A controller regulates an electric charge to the iontophoresis wire. The iontophoresis wire is insertable into each nasal cavity. This wire is preferably encased in a tube, through which... Agent:

20120065576 - Drug delivery system: A drug delivery system including a chamber, which is configured for enclosing or covering at least a surface of a patient, a source of a drug and a pressure source, which selectively pressurizes the chamber. In addition, the system includes a controller for controlling the transfer of the drug to... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20120065574 - Isoform nell-1 peptide: This application generally relates to an isoform Nell-1 peptide, compositions thereof, and methods of using the same.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120065575 - Method and appliance for cosmetic skincare: The invention relates to the field of cosmetology. The invention relates to cosmetic or aesthetic skin treatment using an appliance, in particular for dermatological care, which combines applying pulsed electrical currents to the skin for treating the skin by electroporation in a first step, constant currents for electrophoretically treating the... Agent:

20120065573 - Methods of treating vascular lesions: Described are methods of treating virus-associated lesions using administration of an anti-angiogenic compound, or a combination of angiolytic or ablative therapy and administration of an anti-angiogenic compound.... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20120065578 - Phacoemulsification hand piece with two independent transducers: An ophthalmic surgical hand piece has a horn and two transducers. The horn has a central axis. A flange having a generally flat surface is coupled to the horn. The flange extends radially from the horn and generally perpendicular to the central axis. A first ear having a generally flat... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20120065579 - Indwelling luminal devices: The invention comprises an indwelling medical device which is capable of delivering a therapeutic agent evenly along the length of the indwelling portion, including the outer wall, of the device.... Agent:

20120065580 - Systems and methods for power and flow rate control: Systems and methods for fluid control during aspiration. In an embodiment, an aspiration system includes an aspiration line having distal and proximal ends and an aspiration port defined in the distal end; a fluid transport device operatively coupled to the proximal end of the aspiration line; and a flow restrictor... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20120065581 - Dialysis systems and methods including cassette with air removal: In an embodiment, a dialysis fluid cassette is disclosed. The cassette includes a plurality of walls defining at least one valve chamber, a dialysis fluid inlet, a dialysis fluid outlet and a dialysis fluid pathway. The cassette further includes a baffle extending from a first one of the walls to... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120065582 - Devices and methods for securing tissue: A compression ring to grip and compress body structure such as diverticulum, hemorrhoids, and tissue adjacent a hole. A resilient ring-shaped body defines a compression channel, and one or more axially rigid elongated spikes extend from the body into the channel. The body defines a first axial segment surrounding the... Agent:

20120065583 - Process for folding of drug coated balloon: Method of coating an expandable member is provided. The method comprises providing an expandable member with a plurality of folds defined therein, the expandable member having a folded configuration and a fully expanded configuration at a rated nominal pressure. The expandable member is inflated to an initial pressure of from... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120065584 - Rejuvenating coronary artery by improving blood flow with the help of insertion of nano-balls (encapsulated nanoparticles) containing therapeutic agents by non implantable device for tissues and thereby providing in tissue release to address the required: A drug-delivering medical device for delivering a drug to a target site in a body lumen is disclosed. The drug-delivering medical device includes a balloon catheter and an inflatable balloon positioned on the balloon catheter. The inflatable balloon has a hydrophilic surface. One or more portions of the hydrophilic surface... Agent: Concept Medical Research Private Limited

20120065585 - Method and a device for protecting a catheter, and a method for locating a catheter in a remote location in a human or animal body: A device (1) comprises a sheath (9) for protecting a balloon catheter (2) from contamination with bodily fluids and other matter during the carrying out of a procedure or investigation at a remote site in a human or animal body. The sheath (9) defines a catheter accommodating portion (14) and... Agent: Flip Technologies Limited

20120065586 - Robust multi-layer balloon: A multilayer balloon catheter is formed to have an inner layer and an outer layer, where the outer layer is adapted to resist shredding and premature rupture. The outer layer is formed of a material having a glass transition temperature that is lower than the transition or melting temperature of... Agent:

20120065587 - Systems for isolation of a needle-based infusion set: A safety needle assembly of an infusion set for infusing fluids into a subcutaneously implanted access port is disclosed. The needle assembly is configured to prevent fluid/vapor escape therefrom so as to reduce or prevent fluid exposure to a clinician using the needle assembly. In one embodiment, the needle assembly... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120065588 - Medication injection supervisor device: A medication injection supervisor device, in one example embodiment, comprises a particular sleeve, the particular sleeve being designed to lock onto to a prefabricated injection pen of a particular design, a universal header designed slide onto the particular sleeve irrespective of the particular model of the prefabricated injection pen, an... Agent:

20120065589 - Retractable cannula for surgical procedures: A cannula assembly having a plurality of outwardly-biased flexible fins capable of inward movement such that the fins converge upon insertion of a trocar device. The fins include a slot formed therein, with a corresponding raised feature on the trocar shaft capable of engaging the slots. Inward movement of the... Agent:

20120065590 - Access device with valve: A sheath can include a sheath body and a sheath hub. The sheath body can have a generally flexible tubular structure, a proximal end, and a distal end. The sheath body can further define a longitudinal axis. The sheath hub can attach to the proximal end of the sheath body... Agent: Access Scientific, Inc.

20120065591 - Facilitation of antegrade insertion of a guidewire into the superficial femoral artery: A guidewire for antegrade guidance of vascular interventions of a lower limb artery via a common femoral artery into a superficial femoral artery of a human patient. When in unloaded condition, the guidewire has, at its distal end, a rounded or floppy tip (4). A curved deflection section (5) is... Agent:

20120065592 - Device for dispensing microliter quantities of a material into a puncture wound site: A seal-less, hand-held dispensing device for dispensing microliter quantities of a material at a site of a puncture wound having a predetermined dimension of not less than 0.8 mm comprises: a support platform; first and second hollow members on the platform; and a compatibly sized plunger disposed in each hollow... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120065593 - Injection device: An injection device 110 is described having a housing 112 and a housing closure means 130. The injection device 110 houses a syringe 114 having a needle 118 which is sealed by a boot 117. The housing closure means 130 is arranged so that the boot 117 can be connected... Agent:

20120065594 - Spinal fluid introduction: A fluid introduction system includes an introducer configured to create a pressure of at least 69 kPa within a spine, and an operator configured to actuate the introducer to introduce fluid into the spine according to a predetermined fluid introduction profile. The system can include a computer readable medium having... Agent: Neurotherm, Inc.

20120065595 - Self-lubricating pharmaceutical syringe stoppers: In one aspect, a self-lubricating component is provided for a pharmaceutical packaging assembly. The self-lubricating component comprises a polymer composition and an effective amount of a lubricating additive such as, for example, boron nitride. In another aspect, a pharmaceutical packaging assembly may be provided having a surface thereof coated with... Agent:

20120065596 - Method and device for identifying a change in pressure in the liquid path of a microdosing device: An insulin pump and an infusion set adapter having a membrane which can be acted upon by a liquid flow path associated with the pump, wherein the pump comprises a sensor by which a change in shape or location of at least a portion of the membrane caused by a... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20120065597 - Apparatus for safe performance of transseptal technique and placement and positioning of an ablation catheter: A steerable catheter system to perform a transseptal puncture procedure comprises a steerable catheter shaft with at least one inner lumen, and an inner element slidably positioned within a shaft lumen, wherein the distal tip of the shaft can be deflected, counter-deflected, rotated, and counter-rotated and wherein the inner element... Agent:

20120065598 - Tampon, a manufacturing method for a tampon, and a manufacturing apparatus for a tampon: A tampon has an absorbent body that absorbs liquid. On an outer surface of the absorbent body, the absorbent body includes an applied portion to which an agent is applied and that includes at least two applied layer. The at least two applied layer includes a first applied layer formed... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120065599 - Transdermal therapeutic system having controlled active substance flow comprising a basic reacting oxide: The present invention relates to transdermal therapeutic systems that include an occlusive back layer impervious to an active substance, a single or multilayer matrix, and a peelable protective film. The matrix or at least one of the matrix layers includes a pharmaceutical active substance or a plurality of pharmaceutical active... Agent:

20120065600 - Device for dispensing microliter quantities of a material into a longitudinally extending wound site: A seal-less, hand-held dispensing device for dispensing microliter quantities of a material at a site of a slice wound the edges of which are spaced apart a distance in the range from at least about 0.4 mm to about 0.5 mm comprises: a support platform; first and second hollow members... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company.

20120065601 - Lacrimal punctum measurement and occlusion: Methods and apparatus for treatment of dry eyes by providing a single apparatus for measuring the diameter of the lacrimal punctum and, based on the measured punctal diameter, inserting therein an appropriately sized punctum plug.... Agent: Ocusoft, Inc.

20120065602 - Vacuum wound dressing: Provided, in one embodiment, is a vacuum wound dressing for covering a wound bed comprising: a wound contact layer comprising a fibrous blend or fibrous material that forms a cohesive gel when wetted by wound exudate; a source of vacuum situated to be separated from the wound bed by the... Agent: Convatec Technologies Inc.

20120065603 - Absorbent article and method for maintaining or improving skin health: Disclosed is a method for maintaining and/or improving skin health in the area of a wearer covered by an absorbent article. The absorbent article includes a vapor permeable backsheet, a liquid pervious topsheet positioned in facing relation with the backsheet, an absorbent core located between the backsheet and the topsheet.... Agent:

20120065604 - Degradable hemostatic sponge and extrusion system and method for manufacturing the same: A degradable hemostatic sponge that can be self-degraded and absorbed by a human body has poly lactic acid as its main material and mixed with a moisture-absorbent material, such as collagen, chitosan, starch and the like, at a specific ratio. Given grinding, mixing and melting steps, the materials using a... Agent:

20120065605 - Pants-type disposable diaper: A pant-type disposable diaper comprises: a pants-shaped outer member having a front part, a back part, and a crotch part positioned between the front part and the back part, and having a waist opening and a pair of leg openings formed by joining the front part and the back part;... Agent:

20120065606 - Absorbent article: A sanitary napkin comprises an absorbing body. The absorbing body includes a fluid-permeable top sheet, a fluid-impermeable back sheet, and an absorber arranged between the top sheet and the back sheet. The napkin comprises a cover sheet for covering the surface of the top sheet. A circumferential edge region of... Agent:

20120065607 - Folded incontinence article: The invention relates to an absorbent incontinence article (9) having a main part (20), made up of a front region (22), of a rear region (24) and of a crotch region (26) which is located therebetween, as seen in the longitudinal direction (48), and ends up between a user's legs,... Agent:

20120065608 - Fluid containment and dispensing system: A fluid containment and dispensing system includes a sealed, variable-volume containment device having a movable plunger slidably mounted within a barrel, and a sealing head having a seal insert retained thereon. A seal arrangement includes a self-resealing cross-slit opening, an internal sealing ring for engaging a corresponding coupling of a... Agent:

20120065609 - Vial adaptors and methods for regulating pressure: In certain embodiments, a vial adaptor for removing liquid contents from a vial comprises a piercing member and a bag. The bag can be contained within the piercing member such that the bag is introduced to the vial when the vial adaptor is coupled with the vial. In some embodiments,... Agent:

20120065610 - Pressure-regulating vial adaptors and methods: In certain embodiments, a vial adaptor for removing liquid contents from a vial comprises a piercing member and a bag. The bag can be contained within the piercing member such that the bag is introduced to the vial when the vial adaptor is coupled with the vial. In some embodiments,... Agent:

20120065611 - Disposable vial holder and method to prevent needle stick injuries: A vial holder is provided to protect a user's hand from needle sticks. The holder includes a handle and a shield attached to a distal end of the handle. An opening is formed in the distal end of the handle to receive a vial. The vial is placed through the... Agent: National Jewish Health

20120065612 - Catheter assembly: A catheter assembly is disclosed having a catheter adapter and a needle hub. The catheter adapter has an inner lumen with a septum located within the inner lumen. An introducer needle is inserted through the inner lumen. A septum activator also located within the inner lumen, such that a distal... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120065613 - Methods and systems for interbody implant and bone graft delivery: A bone graft system for providing bone graft material to a site of interest includes a multiple unit bone graft material loading device and a conduit. The multiple unit bone graft material loading device is configured to accept a plurality of pre-formed bone graft material units and includes a plurality... Agent:

20120065615 - Needle-free injectors and design parameters thereof that optimize injection performance: A needle free injector system and a method for delivering a formulation using this system are disclosed. The method comprises actuating a needle free injector to pressurize a liquid formulation and force the formulation through an orifice in a skin puncture phase followed by injection of the formulation during a... Agent: Zogenix, Inc.

20120065614 - Polyionic transitional metal phosphorescent complex/polymer hybrid systems for bioimaging and sensing applications: A new technique to stabilize transition metal phosphors in a wide variety of stimuli-sensitive polymers and gels is disclosed herein. Other than stabilization in stimuli sensitive/biocompatible matrix some of these transition metal based phosphors are also shown to act as phosphorescent crosslinkers that physically or chemically crosslink polymeric chains to... Agent: University Of North Texas

20120065616 - Ultrathin multilayered films for controlled release of anionic reagents: Multilayered films, particularly ultrathin multilayered films comprising cationic polymers which are useful for controlled release of anionic species, particularly for controlled release of nucleic acids. The multilayer films herein are useful for temporal controlled released of anionic species, particularly one or more anionic peptides, proteins, nucleic acids or other anionic... Agent:

20120065617 - Systems and methods for intravenous drug management using immittance spectroscopy: Described herein are devices, systems, and methods for determining the composition of liquids, including the identity of one or more drugs in the liquid, the concentration of the drug, and the type of diluent using immittance spectroscopy. These devices, systems and methods are particularly useful for describing the identity and,... Agent:

20120065618 - Delivery system for injection through zone of body: A dispensing device which disperses medicate through a needle across a zone within a body with zero pressure differential. The device includes a needle which is, during use, becomes encapsulated within a tubular needle-receiving member, a therapeutic agent reservoir in fluid communication with the needle, positioned within said housing, and... Agent: Gabriel Institute, Inc.

20120065619 - Method for labial, vaginal, transmucosal and transdermal metered dose dispensing: A method for using a dispensing apparatus having a fluid insert with an airless channel configured for labial, vaginal, transmucosal, and transdermal delivery of a therapeutic substance is disclosed.... Agent:

20120065620 - Bone marrow extracellular matrix extract and therapeutic use thereof: There is provided a method and use of hematopoietic stem cells for the treatment of various diseases. The differentiation of autologueous hematopoietic stem cells into myeloid lineages is used for reintroduction into a patient in addition to undifferentiated stem cells for the purpose of reconstituting both the defence and long-term... Agent: Mc2 Cell Aps

20120065621 - Double lumen tubing with improved kinking resistance: The present invention relates to a double lumen catheter tube having a substantially circular cross-section and comprising a catheter tube body having a longitudinal axis, and further comprising an outer tubular and an inner divider wall inside the catheter tube body dividing said catheter tube body into a first and... Agent: Joline Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120065622 - Color coded guide wire and methods of making same: A color coding is applied to medical guide wires by coloring portions of the guide wire to distinguish similar guide wires and guide wire portions from a particular manufacturer. The metallic elongate core can be colored using various methods such as electrochemical processes, sputtering, electroplating, and laser inducing microstructures to... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120065623 - Guide wire with soldered multilayer coil member: A guide wire includes an elongate core section and a flexible member disposed on the distal end, the flexible member including a first wire wound into an inner helical coil in a first direction and a second wire wound into an outer helical coil wrapped about the first helical coil... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120065624 - Guidewire and ablation catheter system with balloon: Provided is a guide wire, wherein a deformed portion formed by bending and/or curving the guide wire is located in the region of 20-100 mm from the tip in the longitudinal direction of the guide wire, and in the deformed portion, the shortest distance between the central axis in the... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20120065625 - Catheter/pump connector with guide surface and system/method for using same: Connectors and methods for connecting medical tubing (e.g., catheters) to an implantable infusion pump are described herein. In some embodiments, the connectors may include a housing having an internal guide surface that assists in guiding the connector onto a stem port received by the connector when the connector is misaligned... Agent:

20120065626 - Closed male luer connector: A fluid flow connector including a housing assembly, having a first end and a second end arranged along a common longitudinal axis, and a resilient fluid flow conduit member having a forward end, disposed alongside the first end of the housing assembly, formed with a selectably closable slit and with... Agent: Elcam Medical Agricultural Cooperative Association Ltd.

03/08/2012 > 56 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20120059303 - Low flow optical blood chamber: A low flow blood chamber for optically monitoring blood flowing through extracorporeal tubing has a flat elongated blood flow cavity but preserves the circular viewing area of conventional blood chambers. The blood chamber provides consistent, mixed flow through the blood cavity even at low blood flow rates, e.g. 10 to... Agent: Hema Metrics, LLC

20120059304 - Split-tip catheter including lateral distal openings: A split-tip catheter for placement within the vasculature of a patient and for use in hemodialysis or other suitable procedures is disclosed. In one embodiment, the split-tip catheter includes a catheter body that defines a first lumen and a second lumen. The catheter body further comprises a split distal region,... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120059305 - Arteriovenous shunt with integrated surveillance system: A hemodialytic angioacess device for implantation in dialysis patients, comprising an arteriovenous (AV) shunt, anastomotic valves that connect the AV shunt to blood vessels, a valve control system and an integrated surveillance system that measures flow conditions in the blood vessels at the AV shunt, preferably when the valves are... Agent: Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation

20120059306 - Tampon applicator assembly: The invention relates to a tampon applicator assembly with an insertion end and a rear end containing a tampon made from absorbent material and an applicator comprising an outer tube and an inner tube able to slide in it in a telescopic arrangement, and the outer tube has at its... Agent: Ruggli Projects Ag

20120059307 - Compositions and methods for targeted thermomodulation: Provided are nanoparticles and formulations which are useful for cosmetic, diagnostic and therapeutic applications to mammals such as humans.... Agent: Sienna Labs, Inc.

20120059308 - Peripheral nerve block catheter: An anesthetic nerve block catheter and methods of using the anesthetic nerve block catheter to perform a nerve block or continuous nerve block procedure are disclosed.... Agent: The Washington University

20120059309 - Fluid delivery and treatment device and method of use: A medical device system is provided herein which has an elongated, flexible hollow member with an expandable infusion segment attached at the most distal end of the device. The device has a plurality of fluid infusion ports on the expandable infusion segment for delivering an intended fluid to a target... Agent: Angiodynamics, Inc.

20120059310 - Vibration induced in vivo substance targeting: A method for aggregating a substance in a localized region within a body of an animal comprises applying a vibration pattern that causes aggregation of the substance to the localized region within the body of the animal, introducing the substance and aggregating the substance in the localized region based upon... Agent:

20120059311 - Portable therapeutic gas dispensing device: Described here are hand-held dispensers for intranasally delivering a therapeutic gas such as carbon dioxide to a user. The dispensers generally include a compressed gas cylinder, a pierce pin block, a valve, a regulator tube and a nosepiece. The regulator tube regulates both the pressure and flow of the gas... Agent: Capnia, Inc.

20120059312 - Pressure actuated flow control valve: A pressure actuated flow control valve for an infusion catheter permits gravity flow of a liquid through the catheter and into a patient while resisting back flow of blood from the patient and into the catheter. The valve has a hemispherical body with an outstanding circumferential flange and a normally... Agent: Nexus Medical, LLC

20120059313 - Flow control valves for leakage detection, free-flow prevention and occlusion detection: An injection device for injecting a fluid into an organism, in particular a human or animal body, which can comprise a fluid providing section including a container for storing the fluid and a supply means for supplying the fluid. The fluid injecting section for injecting the fluid provided by the... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

20120059314 - Attachment for a standard syringe and injection device for needle-free injection: The invention relates to an attachment (10) for a standard injection device (70) for needleless injection of a fluid, having a nozzle adapter (12) and a piston unit (40), wherein the nozzle adapter (12) comprises a skin contact surface (16) arranged on the distal end (14) thereof having an outlet... Agent: Primojex Gmbh

20120059315 - Needleless injector accessories: A disposable nozzle for use on the discharge end of the barrel of a needleless injector is threaded onto the front end of a holder mounted in the barrel. A resilient detent extending outwardly at an acute angle from the inner wall of a recess in the rear end of... Agent:

20120059316 - Coating process for drug delivery balloons using heat-induced rewrap memory: A method of producing a drug coated balloon that comprises the steps of: subjecting a balloon catheter with a folded and wrapped balloon thereon to a pre-annealing step to induce a fold/wrap memory in the resulting pre-annealed balloon; unfolding the pre-annealed balloon sufficiently to expose the full circumferential surface of... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120059317 - Method of manufacturing balloon catheter and balloon catheter: A method of manufacturing a balloon catheter involves applying a first application liquid, which contains a hydrophilic coating material, to the outer periphery of a balloon which is disposed on an elongated catheter and is held in an expanded state; folding the balloon; and applying a second application liquid, which... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120059318 - Optical flow sensor: A method for determining a flow rate of a fluid is provided. The method includes heating an aliquot of the fluid at a first position of a fluid-delivery channel, illuminating fluid in the fluid-delivery channel at a second position downstream from the first position, measuring an amount of light reflected... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120059319 - Medicament dispensing device: A portable medicament dispensing device having a mechanism which is not susceptible to jamming for dispensing the medication to a user. The device employs a coupling for coupling the relative motion between reciprocating body members housing the ancillary components and a barrel plunger associated with the syringe. One embodiment provides... Agent:

20120059320 - Medication infusion set: An infusion set is provided for use in delivering fluid through a cannula, which is housed on a cannula housing, to a selected subcutaneous infusion site on a patient. The fluid is generally a medication, e.g., insulin. The cannula is in fluid communication with a fluid passageway surrounded by a... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120059321 - Tunneler for bi-directional tunneling: A tunneler for producing a subcutaneous tunnel in connection with the placement of a catheter within a body of a patient is disclosed. In one embodiment, the tunneler comprises an elongate tunneler member and a sheath. The tunneler member includes a handle on its proximal end and a tapered distal... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120059322 - Insertion device: An insertion device, generally used with an infusion set, including a needle being adapted for puncturing at one end and including at the opposite end a hub. The hub includes a handle part and a guard part that are capable of securing the needle through the use of locks. Locking... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120059323 - Insertion device: An insertion device, generally used with an infusion set, including a needle being adapted for puncturing at one end and including at the opposite end a hub. The hub includes a handle part and a guard part that are capable of securing the needle through the use of locks. Locking... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120059324 - Surgical access port and method of using same: A surgical access port for insertion into a body cavity can have an elongate tubular body extending along an axis between a proximal end and a distal end, and a tip at the distal end of the tubular body for penetrating through a body wall and into the body cavity.... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20120059325 - Assembly method for catheter with blood control: A system and method for assembling a catheter device, wherein a septum actuator is positioned within the lumen of a catheter adapter to provide a pathway through a septum component, an introducer needle being inserted through the septum via the septum actuator thereby preventing damage to the septum, the septum... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120059326 - Microneedle unit capable of controlling fluid delivery: Provided is a microneedle unit comprising a case having a space accommodating a fluid and a fluid channel through which the fluid is discharged, a microneedle coupled to a lower portion of the case, a base cover disposed at the lower portion of the case, having a hole through which... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Bioscience And Biotechnology

20120059327 - Modular implantable medical device: The present invention is an implantable medical device that is used deliver materials or energy into a patient's physiology, or from one region of a patient's physiology to another. The device includes a port element with a passageway therethrough for directing and anchoring a conduit element in a desired location.... Agent: Marvao Medical Ltd

20120059328 - Intravenous catheter anchoring device: An intravenous catheter anchoring assembly is disclosed and includes a patient-contacting membrane, a platform, and a retaining strap for securing a catheter or tubing of an administration set to a patient. The strap is attached to the platform with adjustable pull-tabs that permit a variety of catheter shapes and sizes... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20120059330 - Adaptive devices for securing medical articles: Adaptive medical article securement devices are described. These devices retain a medical article, for example, a catheter hub or a connector fitting, in position on a patient's body and reduce or inhibit longitudinal or other movement of the medical article. The securement device includes an adaptive retainer and at least... Agent: Timothy B. Cady

20120059329 - Anchoring system for use with neonates: A catheter securement device holds a medical article by securing an anchor member to an attachment region of a neonate. The attachment region is located on the body of the neonate. The catheter securement device defines a central channel into which at least a portion of the medical article is... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20120059331 - Reversible cap for pen needle outer cover: A pen needle assembly includes a cap for covering the non-injection end of a needle of a pen needle. The needle is received by a hub, which is disposed in an outer cover. The cap is adapted to be connected to the outer cover in a first or second position.... Agent:

20120059332 - Hinged cap for needle device: A hinged cap device for use with a syringe includes a base defining an interior cavity for mounting onto a tip and a cap connected to the base by a living hinge. The cap is moveable from a ready position to an open position to expose a needle, and from... Agent: B. Braun Melsungen Ag

20120059333 - Apparatus and methods for reuse of injection needle for home users: A device for an injection needle that enables reuse of a single-use injection needle for multiple injection uses for a same user is described. The device has a needle cover with a disinfecting agent, a sanitizing agent and a lubricating agent that are positioned inside the needle cover. The needle... Agent:

20120059334 - Syringe adapter with a ball-typed valve: A syringe adapter with a ball-typed valve has a base, a dosing tube mounted around the base and a resilient valve mounted in the base and the dosing tube. The base has a guiding groove and an inner liquid channel communicating with each other, as well as an exhaust channel.... Agent:

20120059336 - Catheter with skived tubular member: An elongate shaft of a medical catheter including a thermoset polymeric tubular member including a skived distal portion. The skived distal portion includes a distally extending trough having a convex surface and a concave surface. A thermoplastic tubular sleeve may be positioned over at least a portion of the skived... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120059335 - Flexible anti-collapsible catheter sleeve: A thin-walled, spiral-cut sleeve is placed on a portion of a ventricular catheter that may be moved into the compression fitting (or similar securing mechanism) of a bolt in a patient. The wall of the sleeve is sufficiently thick so as to prevent the compression fitting from collapsing the drainage... Agent: Innerspace Medical ,inc. A Corporation

20120059337 - Catheter with asymmetric or collapsible-expandable cross-section: A catheter including a continuous envelope forming an open-bore shaft. The envelope is characterized by a main longitudinal axis and a sagittal cross section. At least a portion of the sagittal cross section may be characterized by at least one asymmetric property that extends along the main longitudinal axis in... Agent:

20120059338 - Punctal plug containing drug formulation: Disclosed are lacrimal inserts and their method of use for delivery of medication to the eye. The plug includes a body portion sized to pass through a lacrimal punctum and be positioned within a lacrimal canaliculus of the eyelid. The plug may contain a core, or reservoir, at least partially... Agent:

20120059339 - Pad with fluid barrier: The present invention relates to a device for applying at least one product in a controlled manner onto a surface. The device comprises several layers, where a bottom layer and at least a storage layer are welded together during the manufacturing of the device in order to create a temporary... Agent: Padtech As

20120059340 - Drainage apparatus and method: An apparatus for removing body fluids from a body cavity by suction, such as a thorax, gastric or any other human body cavity or a wound, comprises means (9) to increase the pressure difference between a pressure in a drainage lumen (3) and a pressure in the atmosphere when an... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20120059341 - Adaptive floating flange for ostomy appliance: An adaptive ostomy appliance includes a collection pouch, a first coupling ring attached to the collection pouch, and a faceplate having a second coupling ring assembly connected to it by a thermoplastic web. The coupling rings couple the faceplate to the pouch. A securing member releaseably, operably couples the second... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20120059342 - Absorbent article and method for manufacturing absorbent article: An absorbent article includes a liquid-permeable topsheet, a liquid-impermeable backsheet, and an absorber provided in between the topsheet and the backsheet, such that a joint unit is formed in which at least the topsheet and the absorber are joined. The absorber comprises: a first region having a predetermined weight per... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120059343 - Emboss roller and method for producing surface sheet using emboss roller and absorbent article employing surface sheet: An emboss roller is provided that can give projecting-and-recess embosses to a surface sheet while uniform fiber density is realized through in an emboss roller which has a first emboss roll and a second roll formed as a set and gives projecting-and-recessed embosses by passing a surface sheet between these... Agent:

20120059344 - Sanitary product: A sanitary pad auxiliary appendage for separate attachment at the rear end of a sanitary pad so as to form an extension of said sanitary pad, said auxiliary appendage comprising a base portion and a fin-like structure extending at least a portion of the length of said base portion, said... Agent:

20120059345 - Systems and methods for waste disposal using a wearable disposal bag: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for waste disposal. A disposal bag may be configured to receive waste, wherein the bag is wearable. The disposal bag may include a frame associated with the bag at an opening, the frame being configured to enable a user to... Agent:

20120059346 - Vial handling and injection safety systems and connectors: Systems and devices are provided to facilitate safe handling and injection of medicaments contained in vials. A vial handling system has at least one vial gripping member to hold a vial, and a filler pin movable relative to the vial gripping member for piercing a membrane seal on the vial.... Agent: British Columbia Cancer Agency Branch

20120059349 - Implantable drug delivery devices: The invention relates generally to implantable drug delivery devices. Devices having a single drug chamber configuration, a divided drug chamber configuration and a compact dual-drug configuration are described. The devices have features to prevent clogging of the dispensing catheter and the creation of a local vacuum caused by the dispensing... Agent: Pharmanova, Inc.

20120059348 - Method and apparatus for setting a basal rate profile for an insulin pump: Methods for setting a basal rate profile for an insulin pump, wherein the basal rate profile defines a basal rate delivery for a selected time interval and has a pre-defined number of profile segments each of which define the basal rate delivery for a subset of the selected time interval,... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

20120059347 - Plunger control device for a syringe and associated method: An apparatus and associated method are provided for controlling the plunging action of a syringe. A plunger control device includes an attachment member adapted to fixedly engage a syringe barrel. A translating member is slideably engaged with the attachment member. The translating member includes an elongate guide member slideably engaged... Agent:

20120059350 - System and method for pumping intravenous fluid: An intravenous fluid pump (IV) contains a disposable part including a fluid chamber having a resilient top membrane and a non-disposable part including a piston abutting a resilient membrane and a vacuum chamber fitted on top of the resilient top membrane. An external pump is used to create vacuum in... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120059351 - Apparatus and method for medication delivery using single input-single output (siso) model predictive control: A method includes receiving measurements from a sensor associated with a patient at a portable medication delivery device. The method also includes controlling delivery of medication to the patient at the portable medication delivery device using a single input, single output (SISO) model predictive control technique. The SISO model predictive... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120059352 - Insulin delivery safety: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to systems, devices/apparatuses and methods for assessing a residual insulin value for a user/patient. Such embodiments may be implemented by selecting a first value corresponding to a duration of insulin action; selecting a second value corresponding to a lock out time duration, selecting... Agent:

20120059353 - Cgm-based prevention of hypoglycemia via hypoglycemia risk assessment and smooth reduction of insulin delivery: An aspect of an embodiment or partial embodiment of the present invention (or combinations of various embodiments in whole or in part of the present invention) comprises, but not limited thereto, a method and system (and related computer program product) for continually assessing the risk of hypoglycemia for a patient... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20120059354 - Methods of improving fluid delivery: A method of reducing cell damage can include inserting device into a blood vessel, wherein the device includes a hollow shaft, a lumen, a fluid directing portion comprising a U-shaped lateral orifice extending between the exterior and interior surfaces and a corresponding U-shaped diverter adjacent to the U-shaped lateral orifice,... Agent:

20120059355 - Methods of modifying myocardial infarction expansion: A reinforcement region is formed within the myocardium by introducing a delivery device through a vessel wall to a treatment site within a myocardium. A biomaterial is then delivered to the treatment site as the delivery device is withdrawn from the treatment site to form the reinforcement regions. Formation of... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20120059356 - Device and method for removing material from a hollow anatomical structure: A medical device for removing a material from a hollow anatomical structure is provided. The device includes a radially expandable capture member. The device includes a treatment segment that is positioned distally of the capture member in use and having at least one exit port adapted for delivering a fluid... Agent:

20120059357 - Compositions and methods for treating progressive myocardial injury due to a vascular insufficiency: The described invention provides methods and regimens for treating adverse consequences of a persistent and progressive myocardial injury-due to a vascular insufficiency that occurs early or late in a subject in need thereof, and progressive myocardial injury-preventing compositions that contain a chemotactic hematopoietic stem cell product, and, optionally, an additional... Agent:

20120059358 - Dna vaccines encoding heat shock proteins: The present invention is related to a method of treating a T cell-mediated inflammatory autoimmune disease by administering to an individual in need thereof an immunogenic composition comprising a recombinant construct of a nucleic acid sequence encoding heat shock protein 60 (HSP60), or an active fragment thereof, wherein the nucleic... Agent:

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20120053501 - Methods and systems for anticoagulating blood: Methods and systems are provided for anticoagulating blood. Whole blood is drawn from a donor into a system at a draw flow rate. Anticoagulant from an anticoagulant source is pumped into the system at an anticoagulant flow rate to mix with the blood. The anticoagulated blood may be subsequently processed... Agent:

20120053502 - Perfusion circuit and use therein in targeted delivery of macromolecules: A perfusion circuit and a use thereof for delivering a substance to a subject's heart in situ during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery are provided. The perfusion circuit defines a path for re-circulating a solution containing a macromolecular complex through a coronary circulation circuit through a subject's heart during a surgical procedure... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20120053503 - Loop-tip catheter: A hemodialysis catheter, including an elongate body with an outer wall enclosing an arterial lumen and a venous lumen, and a method of making same. The catheter includes a first continuous loop and a second continuous loop formed from a distal extension of the outer wall, the first continuous loop... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20120053505 - Flow regulating implant, method of manufacture, and delivery device: An implant includes a tube for permitting fluid flow. A flow controlling rod may be inserted within the tube passage. One or more holes around the circumference of the tube may be selectively permanently or temporarily occluded to give desired flow characteristics. A delivery device for implanting the implant may... Agent: Optonol Ltd.

20120053504 - Methods for attachment of a gastrointestinal sleeve: Aspects of this invention disclose devices and methods for attachment of a gastrointestinal sleeve. In some embodiments, the attachment device comprises a flexible cuff, a gastrointestinal sleeve interface, and a gastrointestinal sleeve. Some aspects of the invention contemplate the use of T-tags for attachment of the cuff to tissue. In... Agent: Valentx, Inc.

20120053506 - Apparatus and method for periodic fluid-delivery/fluid-removal cycles in the cranial subarchnoid space to treat cerebral cortical disorders: An apparatus for treating the brain comprises an implantable fluid exchange device coupled to a control unit to periodically alternate a delivery of a therapeutic agent with a removal of cerebrospinal fluid from a cranial subarachnoid space to prevent local inflammatory host-products from blocking a transmeningeal diffusion of the therapeutic... Agent: New York University

20120053511 - Compounds containing acyclic n-n bonds for phototherapy: The invention relates generally to optical agents for biomedical applications, including phototherapy. The invention includes optical agents, and related therapeutic methods, comprising compounds with an acyclic N—N bond having at least one aromatic and/or heterocyclic aromatic group providing phototherapeutic agents, including Type 1 phototherapeutic agents. In some embodiments, for example,... Agent:

20120053507 - Implantable electronic therapy device: An implantable electronic therapy device, having a therapy unit, a heart rate capturing unit, a contractility determination unit, and an evaluation and control unit. The therapy unit delivers an antitachycardiac therapy. The heart rate capturing unit determines a ventricular heart rate from an input signal, and the contractility determination unit... Agent:

20120053508 - Therapy for rapid eye movement behavior disorder (rbd): Examples for delivering electrical stimulation to a patient via a medical device to manage or treat rapid eye movement behavior disorder (RBD) are described. In one example, a method comprises determining a patient is in a rapid eye movement (REM) sleep stage, and delivering electrical stimulation therapy to the patient... Agent: Medtronics, Inc.

20120053510 - Treatment of cardiac arrhythmia by modification of neuronal signaling through fat pads of the heart: To control cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation post-operatively, various non-ablative agents include polymers, fibroblasts, neurotoxins, and growth factors are introduced into one or more cardiac fat pads into the atrioventricular nodal fat pad in proximity to the autonomic ganglia therein. Any desired technique may be used for introducing the... Agent: Cardiopolymers, Inc.

20120053509 - Vaccines for human papilloma virus and methods for using the same: Improved anti-HPV immunogens and nucleic acid molecules that encode them are disclosed. Immunogens disclosed include those having consensus HPV 6, HPV 11, HPV 33 and HPV58 E6 and E7. Pharmaceutical composition, recombinant vaccines comprising and live attenuated vaccines are disclosed as well methods of inducing an immune response in an... Agent:

20120053512 - Uv-c antimicrobial device for intravenous therapy: A vascular access device having a fluid chamber in which UV-C radiation is emitted to irradiate pathogens contained in an infusate flowing though the fluid chamber.... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120053513 - Method for treatment of emphysema: Disclosed herein is a method for treatment of emphysema by reducing the volume of the pulmonary alveoli or alveolar sacs which have been anomalously expanded with destruction by emphysema. The method includes a step (a) of inserting a catheter into a bronchus or bronchiole, a step (b) of injecting through... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120053514 - Drug infusion device with controllable valve: A therapeutic fluid delivery device that includes at least one controllable valve is generally described. In one example, an implantable therapeutic fluid delivery system includes a first fluid pathway configured to convey a first therapeutic fluid and a second fluid pathway configured to convey a second therapeutic fluid, the second... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120053515 - Devices, systems, and methods for delivering fluid to tissue: A needleless fluid injection device including a flexible shaft with a proximal end, a distal end, an injection lumen extending from the proximal end to the distal end of the shaft, and at least one injection orifice extending through a wall of the injection lumen at the distal end of... Agent:

20120053516 - Medical injector with rotatable body portions: A medical injector is provided herein which includes first and second body portions rotatably coupled together; a displaceable plunger disposed in at least one of the first and second body portions; a spring disposed to advance the plunger; and, a releasable retainer for retaining the plunger in a first portion... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120053517 - Balloon catheter devices with sheath covering: Catheter devices having an expandable balloon for delivering a therapeutic agent to a body site. In one aspect, one or more sheaths are disposed around the balloon with the therapeutic agent being disposed within the sheath, being disposed over the sheath, being contained in the space between the sheath and... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120053518 - Method and apparatus for heating solutions within intravenous lines to desired temperatures during infusion: An IV line temperature controlled warming device includes a housing and a fluid cassette or cartridge that receives fluid from an IV line and includes intravenous line tubing arranged in a preformed configuration. The configuration includes tubing sections arranged in generally circular and concentric portions and a central serpentine tubing... Agent:

20120053519 - Dc-ac frequency converter type nose cleaner: A DC-AC frequency converter type nose cleaner includes an electromagnetic pump, a container storing a cleaning solution, a nose-washing tool and a frequency converter circuit driving the electromagnetic pump. The frequency converter circuit at least includes an oscillator circuit, a bistable circuit and a push-pull circuit. The electromagnetic pump is... Agent:

20120053520 - Automatic loading of iv pump cassette: An intravenous (IV) pump system is disclosed. The IV pump includes a pumping segment and an IV pump. The pumping segment comprises a receptacle configured to hold a medical fluid and an alignment feature attached to the receptacle. The alignment feature comprises one of a magnetic or a magneto-sensitive material.... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120053521 - Automatic release of iv pump cassette: An intravenous (IV) pump is disclosed. The IV pump includes a housing, a permanent magnet, an electromagnet, and a switch configured to selectably energize or de-energize the electromagnet. The permanent magnet generates a magnetic field and the electromagnet, when energized, generates a magnetic field that approximately cancels the magnetic field... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120053522 - Skin securable drug delivery device with a shock absorbing protective shield: Disclosed is a skin securable therapeutic fluid dispensing device that includes a reservoir adapted to retain therapeutic fluid, a pump driving mechanism, and at least one housing configured to accommodate the reservoir and the pump driving mechanism, with at least a portion of the at least one housing defining at... Agent:

20120053523 - Neonatal and pediatric catheter system: A neonatal intravascular device having an extension tube to relief stress between a catheter adapter and a luer adapter of the catheter assembly.... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120053524 - Releasably locking dilator and sheath assembly: A releasably locking dilator and sheath assembly and methods for releasing the dilator from the sheath and longitudinally splitting the sheath. The assembly includes a dilator having a dilator hub and a sheath having a sheath hub. The sheath hub may have a valve and has two opposing winged tabs,... Agent: Medical Components, Inc.

20120053525 - External bolster: An external bolster having a main body, a curved portion and a hinge. The bolster also includes a base fixably attached to the main body, the base including a spoke configured to allow air through the base and a cap removably attached to the main body at the hinge, wherein... Agent: Wilson-cook Medical Inc.

20120053526 - Securement device: A securement device includes a filament which passes underneath at least a portion of the securement device and can be secured about a medical article to be retained. The filament may be secured about the medical article without the use of adhesive. At least a portion of the securement device... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20120053527 - Medication injection supervisor device: Provided are medication injection supervisor devices for use with prefabricated injection pens. A medication injection supervisor device may include a universal header having one or more attachment features for attaching the header to a prefabricated injection pen. The attachment may be removable or permanent. Some examples of removable attachments include... Agent:

20120053528 - Product container holder for an injection device and for receiving a product container: A product container holder for accommodating a product container, wherein the product container holder can be separately handled and can be inserted into an injection device, and includes an engaging member that can be moved transversely to the longitudinal axis of the product container holder and which can block a... Agent:

20120053529 - Medical container and syringe: A syringe is provided with an inner tube which has at the tip thereof a mouth section through which liquid can enter and exit the inner tube; a bag body which is disposed inside the inner tube and is flexible and reversible; a gasket which is mounted to the tip... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120053530 - Coating system, articles and assembly using the same and methods of reducing sticktion: The present invention provides a coating system for an article including a first component having a surface in frictional engagement with a surface of a second component, wherein at least a portion of at least one surface of the component(s) is coated with a coating prepared from a composition including... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120053531 - Implantable central venous port: A subcutaneous implantable port 11 is provided and includes a housing, septum, bottom plate and catheter connecting portion. The housing has a closed base 31 having a recess portion and a cover for covering the base. A bottom plate made from a material harder than the base is disposed on... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120053532 - Intravenous set with an automatic stopping mechanism in the drip chamber: An intravenous set with an automatic stopping mechanism in the drip chamber comprising a drip chamber (16) wherein the top portion of the drip chamber (16) has a cap (17) with a sharp tooth (18) extending radially outwards for puncturing a container or bottle (15); wherein a lower portion of... Agent: Poly Medicure Limited

20120053533 - Infusion data communication system: An infusion data communication system provides a communication link among a fluid container, an infusion pump, and a patient through which identification data may be communicated. Data devices are located at the fluid container and the patient and conduct low frequency RF energy at a low power level containing the... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120053534 - Intravaginal devices comprising anticholinergic agents, and methods of making thereof: The present invention is also directed to a method of making an intravaginal device, the method comprising: (a) placing a first matrix into a mold, the mold being shaped so as to form an annular intravaginal device comprising a pocket and a pocket wall, wherein the pocket wall has a... Agent:

20120053535 - Apparatus and method of inhibiting perianal tissue damage: A perianal support device is provided that is configured to inhibit the formation and/or progression of tissue damage in the perianal region of the body. A method is provided to apply the perianal support device to patients during childbirth to inhibit the formation and/or progression of tissue damage in the... Agent: Plexus Biomedical, Inc.

20120053536 - Apparatus and method for deploying a surgical preparation: A device used for applying an antiseptic preparation to a surgical site of a patient prior to surgery outside of an operating theater. A loose-fitting bag is provided which encloses the surgical site by securing the open end(s) to the patient by closing means. A high friction scrub surface is... Agent:

20120053537 - Wound and therapy compress and dressing: A method of providing moisture therapy to a subject by applying a moist therapy compress against a treated body portion. The moist therapy compress includes a fluid-permeable shell, a flexible backing fastened to the shell to define an enclosure, and a hydrophilic zeolite fill granules loosely contained within the enclosure.... Agent: Bruder Healthcare Company

20120053539 - Reduced pressure wound dressing having a wound contact surface with columnar protrusions: A reduced pressure treatment system includes a distribution manifold having a backing substrate with a first side and a second side and a plurality of protrusions positioned on the first side of the backing substrate. Each of the protrusions includes a substantially circular cross-sectional shape and has a diameter of... Agent:

20120053538 - Wound cleansing apparatus in-situ: An apparatus for cleansing wounds, in which wound exudate is removed from a wound bed and selectively cleansed and returned to the wound. The cleansing means removes materials deleterious to wound healing, and the cleansed fluid, still containing materials that are beneficial in promoting wound healing, is returned to the... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20120053540 - Urine flow monitoring device and method: Unique characteristic sounds produced as urine impacts the surface of the water are used to monitor men's urinary flow patterns and their dynamics. By detecting the intensity at selected acoustic frequencies, it is possible to accurately and precisely measure the urine flow rate. Techniques for analyzing urine flow and its... Agent:

20120053542 - Actuator for a negative pressure wound therapy system: An actuator has a pump head detachably connecting to an external motor. When the actuator extracts the pus and the infection subjects, the fluid only flows through the pump head so that only the pump head needs to be made of biocompatibility materials. Therefore, the manufacturing cost is reduced. Moreover,... Agent: Apex Medical Corp.

20120053541 - Negative pressure wound therapy system and a feedback control method for the same: A negative pressure wound therapy system creates a negative pressure environment in the opening of a wound-dressing unit and a positive pressure environment in the collecting bag. Then a positive pressure detecting procedure is proceeded in the positive pressure environment and a negative pressure detecting procedure is proceeded in the... Agent: Apex Medical Corp.

20120053543 - Collector for a negative pressure wound therapy system and its combination: A collector for a negative pressure wound therapy system has a soft collecting bag with a gas-permeable unit and a liquid absorber. The collecting bag is connected to a wound-dressing unit via an inlet connecting set and is connected to a sensor assembly via a detecting connecting set. With the... Agent: Apex Medical Corp.

20120053544 - Lubricated tampon having invertible flaps for facilitated insertion and removal: A tampon including an absorption body enclosed in a cover. The tampon has an insertion end and a withdrawal end and further includes at least one withdrawal string. The cover includes a plurality of first invertible flaps or a plurality of second invertible flaps, or a combination thereof. Each first... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20120053545 - Disposable absorbent lift device: The present invention relates to a disposable absorbent pad comprising multiple layers. In particular, the absorbent pad of the present invention maintains skin dryness by absorbing moisture while preventing leakage to the skin or the bed linens, allowing air circulation at the surface of the patient's skin to prevent heat... Agent:

20120053546 - Feminine cooling pad: A feminine cooling pad is configured for use in cooling a woman's vulva and/or adjacent region. The cooling pad may be configured for single use and be disposable so as to include a liquid permeable layer configured to be oriented toward a user's skin during use. A liquid absorbent layer... Agent:

20120053547 - Absorbent composite with a resilient coform layer: An absorbent composite disposed in an absorbent article between a topsheet and a backsheet is presented, the absorbent composite including a first intake layer disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet, and a retention layer disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet, wherein one of the first intake layer and... Agent:

20120053548 - Side seam for disposable garment: The present invention relates to a disposable absorbent article comprising a chassis defining a front waist region, a rear waist region, and a crotch region disposed between the front waist region and rear waist region. The article includes front and back ear panels that are joined at opposing side seams.... Agent:

20120053549 - Menstural product collection and disposal device: A bag for use in collecting and disposing of a menstrual product includes first and second side walls having opposed side edges and end edge, respectively. Respective side and end edges are connected so that the bag defines a closed end and sides. The first side wall includes a second... Agent:

20120053550 - Sanitary tampon: The covering member includes an inner side surface being in contact with the absorber and an outer side surface to come into contact with a vaginal wall when in use. The covering member contains a hydrophobic fiber with a low affinity to water and a hydrophilic fiber with a high... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20120053551 - Pant-like disposable garment having improved fastener systems: Disposable pant like garments are disclosed. Pant like garments of the present invention generally comprise a main absorbent portion and a pair of side portions. One or more sections of the pant-like garments are provided with one or more cohesive areas which allow for cohesive fastening and refastening of portions... Agent:

20120053552 - Selective modification of a nonwoven surface: Improved fastening systems are described. More particularly, improved fastening systems for disposable absorbent articles are described.... Agent:

20120053553 - Adaptive clothing boxer short undergarment: The present invention relates to an adaptive clothing boxer short undergarment which is suitable for a male or female wearer. More specifically, the present invention relates to a boxer short undergarment directed to facilitating the effective and efficient changing of an individual's diaper by allowing the boxer short to be... Agent:

20120053554 - Method for increasing the leakage resistance in a closed, pressurized system comprising a septum-sealed container: The present invention relates to a method for increasing leakage resistance in a closed, pressurized system. The method involves providing a closed system including a container sealed with a septum having a top surface with an exposed section, which is maintained under a positive pressure of at least about 5... Agent: Nordion (canada) Inc.

20120053555 - Assembly to facilitate user reconstitution: A reconstitution assembly includes a housing including a lower sleeve and an upper sleeve, including a first container and a second container disposed vertically opposite the first container. A transfer set assembly is disposed within the housing between the first container and the second container. The transfer set assembly includes... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120053556 - Infusion control device: A medical fluid control device includes an actuator that is selectively operable to cause fluid to be delivered from a fluid source to a patient at a basal rate of flow via a first flow path, or cause a bolus dose of fluid to be delivered from a bolus reservoir... Agent:

20120053560 - Infusion pump: Infusion pumps according to the present invention maximize fluid throughput while minimizing vaporization of gas by employing specific flow path architecture, flow path dimensional ranges, and voltage and frequency ranges for activation of piezoelectric bodies.... Agent:

20120053557 - Iv pump dual piston disposable cassette and system: A cassette is disclosed that comprises an interface element having a first position and a second position, the interface element configured to be driven from the first position to the second position and back to the first position by unidirectional rotary motion of a driving element, and a first and... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120053558 - Tissue repair with multipotent cells: The invention relates to the field of medical science, in particular to technology directed at repairing defects in living, preferably human, tissue. The present invention provides a method for inducing differentiation of multipotent cells to a desired cell type, as well as a method for repairing a tissue defect in... Agent: Cellcotec B.v.

20120053559 - Treatment of proliferative diseases with epothilone derivatives and radiation: This invention relates to organic compounds of formula (I) in particular to pharmaceutical compositions for use in combination with ionizing radiation for the delay of progression or treatment of a proliferative disease, especially a solid tumor disease.... Agent:

20120053561 - Drug storage and delivery device having a retaining member: Drug depot storage and delivery devices and methods for delivering a drug depot to a site beneath the skin of a patient are provided. In various embodiments, the drug depot storage and delivery device comprises a retaining member that in an open position allows delivery of the drug depot from... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120053562 - Fluid delivery device refill access: A therapeutic fluid delivery system including, in various examples, a first reservoir configured to house a first therapeutic fluid, a second reservoir configured to house a second therapeutic fluid, and an inlet port configured to receive a fluid delivery needle is described. The inlet port is configured for fluid communication... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120053563 - Non-sedating antihistamine injection formulations and methods of use thereof: Described herein are automatic injectors suitable for administration of a non-sedating antihistamine, and methods of using the automatic injectors. A specific non-sedating antihistamine is cetirizine. The automatic injectors are useful in treating acute urticaria or angioedema associated with an acute allergic reaction including anaphylaxis.... Agent:

20120053564 - Catheter device: A catheter includes an elongate body having first and second chambers extending within the elongate body from a proximal end to an intermediate section, the first chamber having a first opening and the second chamber having a second opening at the intermediate section. The catheter also includes a valve structure... Agent:

20120053565 - Rapid exchange infusion catheter: An infusion catheter and method, with an elongated shaft having a guidewire lumen which has a proximal section and a common distal section extending to a distal port at a distal end of the shaft, and an infusion lumen which is in fluid communication with the distal port of the... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120053567 - Devices and methods for dilating a paranasal sinus opening and for treating sinusitis: Medical devices which are adapted to be implanted into a patient for a limited period of time using minimally invasive insertion procedures for dilating a stenotic opening, such as a stenotic sinus opening, are provided. The devices and methods can be used for treating sinusitis and other nasal and/or sinus... Agent: Sinusys Corporation

20120053566 - Method for treatment of emphysema: Disclosed is a method for treatment of emphysema by which it is possible to reduce the volume of pulmonary alveoli or alveolar sacs abnormally enlarged with destruction by emphysema. The method for treatment of emphysema includes: (a) inserting a catheter having a balloon into a bronchus or bronchiole; (b) dilating... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120053568 - Copolyester ether elastomer compositions and methods of making copolyester ether elastomer compositions: Copolyester ether elastomer compositions and methods for preparing copolyester ether elastomer compositions. Such compositions can comprise a copolyester ether, a thermoplastic elastomer, and a compatibilizer resin. Improved properties of such compositions can be useful in making various articles of manufacture, such as, for example, laboratory and medical application tubing.... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20120053569 - Push/pull wire anchor: A method for making a deflectable catheter includes positioning a flexible element along a catheter liner. A flexible element distal portion extends along at least a portion of a deflectable distal end portion of the catheter liner. At least one anchor is engaged to the flexible element distal portion. The... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20120053570 - Urination control device: There is provided a urination control device capable of autonomous urination by adjusting the intravesical pressure with the abdominal pressure in starting the urination to prevent urinary incontinence, variously designing the intravesical pressure in opening and closing and gaining the stability and accuracy of the operation while ensuring the control... Agent: Cheiron Japan Co.

20120053571 - Fluid delivery device with active and passive fluid delivery: The disclosure generally describes fluid delivery devices that include both active and passive fluid delivery. In one example, a therapeutic fluid delivery device includes a first reservoir configured to house a first therapeutic fluid and a second reservoir configured to house a second therapeutic fluid. The first reservoir is configured... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

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