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Surgery March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 111 patent applications in 69 patent subcategories.

20120078028 - Antibody drug conjugates (adc) that bind to 191p4d12 proteins: Antibody drug conjugates (ADC's) that bind to 191P4D12 protein and variants thereof are described herein. 191P4D12 exhibits tissue specific expression in normal adult tissue, and is aberrantly expressed in the cancers listed in Table I. Consequently, the ADC's of the invention provide a therapeutic composition for the treatment of cancer.... Agent:

20120078029 - Rectal catheter for urological & other applications: According to one general aspect, there is A medical device comprising a locking mechanism that is used to connect a plurality of catheters, a multi-balloon inflator that inflates multiple balloons on a single catheter, a extraction point used to remove human fluids from the human body, and a connecting point... Agent: Best Medical International

20120078031 - Control of circulatory assist systems: In one general aspect, a method includes measuring blood flow through a right rotary blood pump, measuring blood flow through a left rotary blood pump, and controlling a speed of one of the rotary blood pumps using a controller that calculates the speed of one of the rotary blood pumps... Agent:

20120078030 - Generating artificial pulse: In order to produce a pulsatile blood flow pattern that includes time periods of relatively high blood flow rates and time periods of relatively low blood flow rates, the operating speed of a blood pump can be selectively controlled to produce an operating speed pattern that includes time periods of... Agent:

20120078032 - Methods, devices and systems for counterpulsation of blood flow to and from the circulatory system: Counterpulsation methods and systems for assisting the heart of a patient involve, for example, coordinating the operation of a pulsatile pump to suction blood from an artery through a blood flow conduit while the heart is in systole and expel the blood into the blood flow conduit and the artery... Agent:

20120078033 - Treating heart tissue: Some embodiments of a system or method for treating heart tissue can include a catheter device that provides a user with the ability to perform a number of heart treatment tasks (before, during, and after a cardiac surgery or a percutaneous coronary intervention). In particular embodiments, the catheter device can... Agent:

20120078034 - Infant warmer: An infant warmer includes an infant enclosure defining an infant compartment, and a heating system pneumatically coupled with the infant compartment. The heating system includes a heater configured to selectively transfer heat to the infant compartment, and a thermal storage device configured to store heat from the heater and to... Agent: General Electric Company

20120078035 - Cover for a bone fixture: A cover for a bone fixture, including a recess to receive an abutment, implanted into a skull of a recipient, the bone fixture being a part of a bone conduction hearing prosthesis. The cover includes a fixation device sized and dimensioned to rigidly connect the cover to the implanted bone... Agent:

20120078036 - Probe for artificial insemination, in particular for pigs: The present invention relates to a probe for artificially inseminating an animal, including: a cylindrical body to be inserted inside the vagina of the animal and ending in a distal element provided with a discharge opening; and a storage space for semen to be injected. The cylindrical body consists of... Agent: Ecopor

20120078037 - Vessel harvester: Apparatus and method for harvesting selected vessels in the body of a patient include manual manipulation of a rigid dissecting endoscope and the reconfiguration thereof to facilitate tissue dissection and tissue dilation in the formation of an anatomical space about the vessel within which side-branch vessels may be manipulated in... Agent: Maquet Cardiovascular LLC

20120078039 - Dilation device for placing catheter tubes: A stoma dilation device that includes a tubular support defining a continuous pathway through the device; an inflatable dilation balloon located on the tubular support, the inflatable dilation balloon including a dilation region forming a first portion of the device and a retention region forming a second portion of the... Agent:

20120078038 - Hysteroscopic system: A hysteroscopy system includes a scope having an internal channel, a sheath removably coupled to the scope, and an outflow channel. The sheath has a distal flange extending internally towards an outer surface of the scope. The outflow channel is formed between an inner surface of the sheath and an... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20120078040 - Treatment instrument for endoscope: A treatment instrument for endoscope includes a first and a second forceps members having a conductive electrode part; a forceps rotation axis that supports the forceps members so that they can rotate relative to each other, a first and a second link members being connected via a rotation axis to... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120078041 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes: a distal end opening of a treatment instrument insertion channel opened at a side surface of a distal end portion; a treatment instrument elevator base that is provided at a position facing the distal end opening in the treatment instrument insertion channel and leads a distal end... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120078042 - Laser video endoscope: A laser video endoscope has a laser guide, an illumination guide and an image guide. These are fiber optical guides which extend through the optical probe and through a hand piece that supports the probe. The hand piece is connected by a first relatively long flexible optical fiber cable to... Agent:

20120078043 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes an image processing portion for performing image processing on a signal of an image pickup picked up by an image pickup device installed in a distal end portion of an endoscope insertion portion to generate an endoscope image, a gravity direction detecting portion for detecting information... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120078044 - Endoscope device: The endoscope device includes an imaging section that captures an image of a subject using light returned from a living body after a narrow band light and a wide band light are simultaneously emitted from a first and second light source sections to the subject, and outputs captured image information,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120078045 - Endoscope system, endoscope image recording apparatus, endoscope image acquisition assisting method and computer readable medium: Plural predetermined examination parts of a patient are imaged sequentially and still images of the respective examination parts are thereby acquired by inserting an endoscope insertion unit having an imaging optical system in its tip portion into the body cavity of the patient. To this end, the number of still... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120078046 - Endoscopic image display apparatus: An endoscopic image display apparatus reads taken image data in which a taken image outputted from an endoscope is recorded, and reproduces and displays the taken image. The taken image data includes intensity information about a plurality of fundamental color components. The endoscopic image display apparatus includes an intensity changing... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120078047 - Endoscopic device insertable into a body cavity and movable in a predetermined direction, and method of moving the endoscopic device in the body cavity: In an endoscopic device insertable into a body cavity attachable elements are moved over one another to move forwardly of each other and to leave each other behind, and to move along different paths so as not to be attached to the same areas of a wall of the body... Agent: Motus Gi Medical Technologies Ltd.

20120078048 - Endoscope with variable direction of view: Provided is an endoscope with a handle, an endoscope shaft connected to the handle, and imaging optics arranged in the endoscope shaft. An object can be located in the direction of view of the imaging optics in front of the endoscope shaft. The endoscope may also include a swivellably housed... Agent: Henke-sass, Wolf Gmbh

20120078049 - Endoscope with variable direction of view: Provided is an endoscope with a handle, an endoscope shaft connected to the handle, and imaging optics arranged in the endoscope shaft. An object can be located in the direction of view of the imaging optics in front of the endoscope shaft. The endoscope may also include a swivellably housed... Agent: Henke-sass, Wolf Gmbh

20120078050 - Endotracheal intubation device: A stylet assembly for performing a nasal endotracheal intubation of a patient is disclosed. The stylet assembly includes an elongated tube as a stylet for the intubation defining a longitudinal axis, a proximal end, and a distal end for entering the trachea of the patient. The elongated tube includes (i)... Agent: Ai Medical Devices, Inc.

20120078051 - Guide wire for endoscope: A guide wire includes a wire having an elongated body section and a distal portion decreasing in outer diameter from the body section. The guide wire may have a resin coating portion coating the body section and the distal portion and having a smooth outer surface; and a visually discernible... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120078052 - Medical device light source: Embodiments of the invention are directed medical devices for illuminating and viewing a patient's internal body portion. The device may include an elongated flexible tube including a distal end and a proximal end. The tube defines a channel extending from the proximal end to an aperture at the distal end.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120078053 - Robotic system for flexible endoscopy: A robotic manipulator controller and system for use in flexible endoscopy, the manipulator comprising a flexible member configured to be coupled to an endoscope, and an arm connected to and movable by the flexible member, wherein the flexible member has a first end connected to the arm and a second... Agent:

20120078054 - Bending mechanism: A bending mechanism includes a vertical driving portion with a central axis that extends along an X-axis direction, a horizontal driving portion with a central axis that extends along the X-axis direction and is adjacent to the vertical driving portion in a Y-axis direction, a vertical rotary portion that is... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120078055 - Video stylet with directable tip: A video intubation system that provides for multiple image streams to be simultaneously presented to a user, the first image stream generated by a video laryngoscope and the second image stream generated by a video stylet. The video stylet is provided with a deflection section for ease of introducing an... Agent:

20120078056 - Laryngoscope and method of use: An endotracheal intubation system for performing an endotracheal intubation includes an endotracheal tube insertable into the patient's mouth, between the patient's vocal cords into the patient's larynx, and into the patient's trachea for opening the patient's airway. A stylet for the endotracheal tube includes an illuminating material comprising at least... Agent: Intubrite, LLC

20120078057 - Apparatus and method for intra-abdominally moving a first internal organ to a position away from a second internal organ and then holding the first internal organ in the position without manual input: An apparatus including a flexible length of cord and three tissue connectors positioned at the opposite ends of the cord and at an intermediate position of the cord is designed to be laparoscopically inserted through the abdominal wall and into the abdominal cavity, and used to move a first internal... Agent:

20120078058 - Single port device with multi-lumen cap: A surgical access apparatus includes an access member defining a longitudinal axis and having a longitudinal passageway for reception and passage of a surgical object and an access housing mountable to the access member. The access housing includes a diaphragm mounted thereto. The diaphragm is adapted for rotational movement about... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120078059 - Minimally invasive suction retractor: A suction retractor including an elongated tube that is operable to be inserted through a tubular retractor used in minimally invasive surgical procedures. One end of the tube is coupled to a handle having a chamber and the other end of the tube is coupled to a curved retractor portion,... Agent: Mi4spine, LLC

20120078060 - Disposable speculum having lateral stabilizing mechanism: A speculum includes upper and lower members and a linear support member. The upper member includes an upper blade. The lower member includes a lower blade and a handle portion. The lower blade includes a support structure at a proximal end thereof which extends vertically on the right or left... Agent: Obp Corporation

20120078061 - Method and devices for improved tissue stabilization: Devices and methods are disclosed for accessing and stabilizing an unstable or moving tissue structure within a patient's body, and in particular, for temporarily stabilizing a target site on the beating heart. The devices generally involve tissue stabilizers having at least one multiple link support member operably connecting a stabilizer... Agent: Maquet Cardiovascular LLC

20120078062 - Decision-support application and system for medical differential-diagnosis and treatment using a question-answering system: A decision-support system for medical diagnosis and treatment comprises software modules embodied on a computer readable medium, and the software modules comprise an input/output module and a question-answering module. The method receives patient case information using the input/output module, and generates a medical diagnosis or treatment query based on the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120078064 - System and method for prioritizing medical conditions: A system for ordering and prioritizing multiple health disorders for automated remote patient care is presented. A database maintains information for an individual patient by organizing monitoring sets in a database, and measures relating to patient information previously recorded and derived on a substantially continuous basis into a monitoring set... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20120078063 - Systems and methods for assessing equipment operator fatigue and using fatigue-risk-informed safety-performance-based sytems and methods to replace or supplement prescriptive work-rest regulations: In a system and method for assessing and modifying fatigue, an input device receives current work-rest pattern and/or sleep data from an individual. A data aggregation and processing platform combines the current work-rest pattern and/or sleep data with previous data related to the individual to generate a fatigue assessment result,... Agent:

20120078066 - Method and apparatus for robust heart rate sensing: A heart rate sensing system (300) includes a light source (112, 310, 1008, 1110) a light detector (114, 1010, 1112) and a pressure sensor (116, 1012, 1114) held by a compressible comformable resilient pad (110, 1006, 1108) against a wearers body (202). A signal from the pressure sensor is used... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20120078065 - System and method for determining emotional response to olfactory stimuli: Systems and methods are provided for determining pre-cognitive and/or cognitive emotional response to predetermined olfactory stimuli. Among other things, the invention may include exposing a test subject to a controlled flow of a predetermined olfactory stimulus, measuring eye data (e.g., using an eye tracking device) corresponding to when the olfactory... Agent: Imotions - Emotion Technology A/s

20120078067 - System coordinator and modular architecture for open-loop and closed-loop control of diabetes: A structure, method, and computer program product for a diabetes control system provides, but is not limited thereto, the following: open-loop or closed-loop control of diabetes that adapts to individual physiologic characteristics and to the behavioral profile of each person. An exemplary aspect to this adaptation is biosystem (patient or... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20120078068 - Medical sensor system for detecting a feature in a body: The invention relates to a medical sensor system (10a/10c) for detecting a feature (12a/12c) in a human or animal body (14a/14c), including a signal pick-up unit (16a/16c), which can be implanted in the animal and/or human body (14a/14c), and a signal processing unit (18a/18c), which is spatially separated from the... Agent:

20120078069 - Blood flow monitoring: The present invention relates to a method of utilizing photoplethysmography obtained from a central site and a non-central site to detect a low blood flow or low blood volume condition. Also disclosed are apparatuses and systems designed to acquire and process physiological information based on photoplethysmograpy signal information from dual... Agent:

20120078071 - Advanced continuous analyte monitoring system: Systems and methods for processing, transmitting, and displaying data received from a continuous analyte (e.g., glucose) sensor are provided. A sensor system can comprise a sensor electronics module that includes power saving features, e.g., a low power measurement circuit that can be switched between a measurement mode and a low... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20120078073 - Analyte sensors and methods of use: In vitro analyte sensors and methods of analyte determination are provided. Embodiments include sensors that include a pair of electrodes to monitor filling of the sample chamber with sample.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120078072 - Controllable sensor insertion needle: An insertion device is proposed for at least partly inserting a subcutaneous device, more particularly a subcutaneous sensor for detecting at least one analyte, into body tissue. The insertion device has at least one insertion aid and at least one subcutaneous device. The insertion aid has at least one substantially... Agent:

20120078070 - Redox polymer based reference electrodes having an extended lifetime for use in long term amperometric sensors: The present application provides redox polymer based reference electrodes having an extended lifetime that are suitable for use in long term amperometric sensors. Electrochemical sensors equipped with reference electrodes described herein demonstrate considerable stability and extended lifetime in a variety of conditions.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120078074 - Methods and apparatuses for monitoring gastroesophageal reflux volume with ultrasonic catheter: Ultrasonic catheters and methods for determining and/or monitoring reflux volumes during gastroesophageal reflux events.... Agent:

20120078075 - Determination of a measure of a glycation end-product or disease state using tissue fluorescence in combination with one or more other tests: The present invention provides a method of determining disease state in an individual. A portion of the tissue of the individual is illuminated with excitation light, then light emitted by the tissue due to fluorescence of a chemical in the tissue responsive to the excitation light is detected. The HbA1c... Agent:

20120078076 - Heart wall ablation/mapping catheter and method: A catheter suitable for use in applying ablation energy to body tissue or detecting electrical signals conducted within the body tissue is disclosed. The catheter has a deflectable distal tip section. At least one electrode is adapted to be disposed against body tissue for delivery of ablation energy thereto or... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120078077 - Cardiac mapping catheter: A multi electrode catheter for non contact mapping of the heart having independent articulation and deployment features.... Agent: Rhythmia Medical, Inc.

20120078078 - Means for securing a catheter into a vessel: An electrophysiology catheter, e.g., a coronary sinus catheter, for insertion into a cardiac vessel, such as the coronary sinus, includes a handle and a catheter shaft coupled at one end to the handle. The catheter shaft has a distal end and an anchor is associated with the catheter shaft and... Agent: C.r. Bard

20120078079 - Use of the heart rate variability change to correlate magnetic field changes with physiological sensitivity and method therefor: The invention relates to the use of a device to analyze heart rate variability to determine changes of the physiological state of a test subject due to a change of a magnetic field acting on the test subject, comprising the analysis of the heart rate variability of the test subject... Agent:

20120078081 - Device, system, kit or method for collecting effluent from an individual: The present invention relates to a device, method, system and kit for receiving effluent from an individual. In an alternative embodiment, the present invention is directed to a device, method, system and kit for collecting effluent from an individual during a medical or diagnostic procedure including but not limited to,... Agent: Bracco Diagnostics Inc.

20120078082 - Mri thermometry combined with hyperpolarisation device using photons with orbital angular momentum: A magnetic resonance examination system comprises an RF-system for inducing resonance in polarised dipoles and receiving magnetic resonance signals from an object to be examined. A thermometry module dervies a temperature distribution of the object to be examined from the magnetic resonance signals. The magnetic resonance examination system further comprises... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120078080 - Remotely controlled catheter insertion system: A system for remotely controlling the positioning within the body of a patient of an elongated medical device optionally having a control handle, comprises a robotic system and a remote controller configured to control the robotic device. The robotic system comprises a handle controller; a sled member coupled to the... Agent: Catheter Robotics Inc.

20120078083 - Respiratory mode (\"r-mode\") - acquisition and display of cardiovascular images to show respiratory effects: A computer implemented method for providing cardiovascular images over a respiratory cycle through a computer system is provided. A plurality of cardiovascular images is obtained. A cardiac phase is measured for each cardiovascular image of the plurality of cardiovascular images to associate each cardiovascular image to a cardiac phase. A... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20120078084 - Systems and methods for shortened look locker inversion recovery (sh-molli) cardiac gated mapping of t1: A shortened version of the MOLLI sequence (Sh-MOLLI) is described which generates rapid and high-resolution myocardial spin-lattice (T1) maps. The Sh-MOLLI technique is based on a significant abbreviation of pre-existing TI sampling scheme combined with the use of processing logic to bypass the major side effects of the above sampling... Agent: Isis Innovation Ltd.

20120078085 - Method of analysis for dynamic magnetic resonance perfusion imaging: A method (100) of processing myocardial MR perfusion images that corrects imaging errors arising from myocardial motion and B-1 field inhomogeneity (115-135); segments the myocardium images (140, 145); and calculates perfusion measures that enable analysis of the segmented myocardium images (150).... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20120078086 - Localizing obturator with site marking capability: A target localizing and marking device is provided including a cannula having proximal and distal ends and a lumen therebetween, and a tip member releasably attached to the distal end, where the tip member includes and outer shell and at least one inner chamber. The device further includes at least... Agent:

20120078087 - Tissue localization device and method: A system for localizing tissue in a single MRI session is disclosed. The system comprises an MRI compatible localizing obturator selectively insertable through the working channel of an introducer cannula or sheath and configured for insertion through a tissue pathway to a target tissue site. The obturator includes an elongate... Agent:

20120078088 - Medical image projection and tracking system: A system comprising a convergent parameter instrument and a laser digital image projector for obtaining a surface map of a target anatomical surface, obtaining images of that surface from a module of the convergent parameter instrument, applying pixel mapping algorithms to impute three dimensional coordinate data from the surface map... Agent: Point Of Contact, LLC.

20120078090 - Frameless radiosurgery treatment system and method: A method of compensating for breathing and other motions of a patient during treatment includes periodically generating internal positional data about an internal target region. The method further includes continuously generating external positional data about external motion of the patient's body using an external sensor and generating a correlation model... Agent:

20120078089 - Method and apparatus for generating medical images: A method for generating a hybrid imaging volume includes acquiring a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging dataset of an object using a PET imaging system, the PET imaging dataset including at least one motion affected portion and at least one non-motion affected portion, identifying a motion affected portion of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120078093 - Imaging methods and compositions comprising fluorescent dyes associated with viral components for nerve imaging: Disclosed herein are compositions and methods for imaging nerve cells. The composition comprises a fluorescent dye; and a viral component selected from a neurotropic, replication-defective virus, a viral protein of a neurotropic virus, and a capsid of a neurotropic virus. Although the fluorescent dye in itself cannot penetrate nerve cells,... Agent: Novadaq Technologies Inc.

20120078091 - Medical fluid injection system: One implementation provides a method to provide injection procedure information in an injection system. In this implementation, the method includes displaying a plurality of different injection procedure options in a user interface of said system, wherein said plurality of different injection procedure options including a cardiac procedure option and a... Agent: Acist Medical Systems, Inc.

20120078092 - Remotely imageable marker system and polysaccharide marker for use in same: A remotely imageable marker system includes a tubular delivery member having an inner lumen and a plurality of marker members. Each marker member of the plurality of marker members comprises a bioabsorbable polysaccharide in sufficient amount to exhibit hemostatic properties and a binder. The plurality of marker members is disposed... Agent:

20120078094 - Ultrasound-guided ablation method and ultrasound-guided ablation system: An ultrasound-guided ablation method captures an objective area to be ablated in an ultrasound scan area of an ultrasound transducer and delineates the objective area on an ultrasound image; specifies an ablation target area to display the ablation target area with a margin necessary for ablating the objective area on... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120078095 - High-flow tapered peripheral iv catheter with side outlets: A high-volume peripheral intravenous (IV) catheter and method includes an elongate stylet removably disposed in a lumen of an elongate catheter. The catheter has a proximal cylindrical shape from an inlet port transitioning at a transition to a distal tapered conical shape terminating at the outlet port, and having a... Agent:

20120078096 - Apparatus and methods for treating obstructions within body lumens: Apparatus and methods are provided for delivering fluid into a body lumen during a medical procedure. A distal end of an apparatus may be introduced into a body lumen, and a valve on the distal end may be opened to deliver fluid through a first lumen into the body lumen,... Agent:

20120078098 - Collagen density and structural change measurement and mapping in tissue: A method and system for two and three dimensional mapping of tissue density and/or structural changes from image data and/or spatial reflected or transmitted signals and correlating the maps to collagen density.... Agent:

20120078097 - Computerized characterization of cardiac motion in medical diagnostic ultrasound: Computerized characterization of cardiac wall motion is provided. Quantities for cardiac wall motion are determined from a four-dimensional (i.e., 3D+time) sequence of ultrasound data. A processor automatically processes the volume data to locate the cardiac wall through the sequence and calculate the quantity from the cardiac wall position or motion.... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20120078099 - Imaging based symptomatic classification using a combination of trace transform, fuzzy technique and multitude of features: A statistical (a) Computer Aided Diagnostic (CAD) technique is described for symptomatic versus asymptomatic plaque automated classification of carotid ultrasound images and (b) presents a cardiovascular risk score computation. We demonstrate this for longitudinal Ultrasound, CT, MR modalities and extendable to 3D carotid Ultrasound. The on-line system consists of Atherosclerotic... Agent:

20120078102 - 3-dimensional (3d) ultrasound system using image filtering and method for operating 3d ultrasound system: Provided are a 3-dimensional (3D) ultrasound system using image filtering and a method for operating the 3D ultrasound system. The 3D ultrasound system using image filtering may include a scanning unit to generate a volume image of an object, a detecting unit to detect a contour line in each of... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120078104 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, and medical image processing method: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes an image acquisition unit configured to acquire an ultrasonic image, a first calculation unit which calculates directions of edges in a local region in the ultrasonic image, sizes of the edges in the local region, and directional uniformity of the edges... Agent:

20120078103 - Ultrasound diagnostic system, ultrasound image generation apparatus, and ultrasound image generation method: The ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, ultrasound image generation apparatus and method transmit ultrasound waves to a subject into which a puncture tool is inserted, receive reflected waves reflected from the subject and the puncture tool, and generate echo signals of time-sequential frames based on the received reflected waves, and generate an... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120078100 - Ultrasound system for combining images of various angles and method for operating ultrasound system: Provided are an ultrasound system and a method for operating the ultrasound system, which may irradiate an ultrasonic beam at various angles, may process a reflected ultrasonic echo signal to generate partial images, and may combine the partial images. The ultrasound system may include a beam irradiating unit to irradiate... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120078101 - Ultrasound system for displaying slice of object and method thereof: Provided are an ultrasound system for displaying a slice of an object and a method thereof, which may extract a plurality of slice images from a volume image obtained by scanning the nuchal translucency of a fetus, may determine, as an effective slice image, a slice image having a meaningful... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120078105 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic image processing apparatus: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus comprises a receiving unit which provides at least some of echo signals with reception delays that vary with ultrasonic transducers and adds each of the echo signals provided with the reception delays to acquire a reception beam includes a predetermined receiving direction... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120078106 - Method and system for non-invasive monitoring of patient parameters: A method for continuous non-invasive monitoring of multiple arterial parameters of a patient is provided. The method includes continuously acquiring ultrasound data via an ultrasound transducer attached to the patient for detecting a blood vessel using color flow processing within a monitoring scan plane. Further, the method includes processing the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120078107 - Methods and systems for color flow imaging: Methods and systems for color flow imaging are provided.... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120078108 - Providing additional information corresponding to change of blood flow with a time in ultrasound system: There are provided embodiments for providing additional information. In one embodiment, an ultrasound system comprises: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to acquire first ultrasound data and second ultrasound data corresponding to a living body; and a processing unit configured to form a brightness mode image based on the first... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120078112 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic probe used in same: The present invention provides an ultrasonic probe contains at least one reception preamplifier that is provided per transducer element and connected to the transducer at an input side thereof and to a cable at an output side thereof, a transmission bypass unit that is connected between the cable and the... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120078109 - Ultrasound diagnostic system: An ultrasound diagnostic system includes a connection section for detachably connecting an ultrasound device mounted with a capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (C-MUT) and a transmission signal generation section that generates a transmission signal using a connector provided in the ultrasound device and a connector receiver provided in the ultrasound observation... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120078110 - Ultrasound probe: An ultrasound probe comprises: a transducer array having an ultrasound transmission/reception surface; a processing circuit mounted on a signal processing board for processing an ultrasonic echo from a subject received with the transducer array to produce a reception signal; a housing including a transducer array compartment for housing the transducer... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120078111 - Ultrasound probe: An ultrasound probe comprises: a transducer array having an ultrasound transmission/reception surface; a housing for containing a transducer array, a transmission/reception board, a wireless communication board and a battery; and a puncture guide fixed to the housing and having a puncture needle insertion port located on a line extending in... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120078113 - Convergent parameter instrument: The present invention relates to a convergent parameter instrument and method for performing real-time imaging using multiple imaging techniques. More particularly, the present invention relates to a handheld convergent parameter instrument providing some or preferably all of real-time imaging, including surface mapping, color imaging, perfusion imaging, thermal imaging, and near... Agent: Point Of Contact, LLC

20120078114 - System and method for real-time perfusion imaging: The present invention relates to a system and method for real-time perfusion imaging. More particularly, the present invention relates to a perfusion imaging system including a plurality of coaligned imaging arrays operating under a specific timing sequence and method of using the same.... Agent: Point Of Contact, LLC

20120078116 - Biological information detector and biological information measuring device: A biological information detector includes a light-emitting part for emitting light in an emission wavelength band that includes a wavelength of interest, a light-receiving part for receiving light R1′ having biological information; a reflecting part for reflecting the light R1′ having the biological information at a reflecting surface towards the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120078117 - Blood vessel inner wall analyzing device and blood vessel inner wall analyzing method: The present invention relates to a blood vessel inner wall analyzing apparatus provided with a structure for more accurately analyzing components of substances adhered to the inner walls of blood vessels. A blood vessel inner wall analyzing apparatus (1) is provided with illuminating means, detecting means and analyzing means. The... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20120078115 - Methods to measure, map and correlate ocular micro-movement and ocular micro-tremor signals with cognitive processing capabilities: An apparatus and method of collecting elements of and assembling various portions of ocular micro motions such as ocular micro-tremor (OMT) movements of the eye, and correlating them directly with OMT waveforms acquired from both known and unknown states of cognition and cognitive function. Comparing newly acquired waveforms from patients... Agent:

20120078118 - Sinus illumination lightwire device: An illuminating wire medical device may include an elongate flexible housing and an illuminating fiber and a core wire extending through at least part of the housing, the core wire providing desired pushability and torquability. The illuminating device may further include a connector assembly cooperating with the illuminating fiber to... Agent:

20120078119 - Method and apparatus for robust heart rate sensing: A heart rate sensing system (300) includes a light source (112, 310, 1008, 1110) a light detector (114, 1010, 1112) and a pressure sensor (116, 1012, 1114) held by a compressible comformable resilient pad (110, 1006, 1108) against a wearers body (202). A signal from the pressure sensor is used... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20120078120 - Method and apparatus for robust heart rate sensing: A heart rate sensing system (300) includes a light source (112, 310, 1008, 1110) a light detector (114, 1010, 1112) and a pressure sensor (116, 1012, 1114) held by a compressible comformable resilient pad (110, 1006, 1108) against a wearers body (202). A signal from the pressure sensor is used... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20120078121 - Systems and methods for analysis and treatment of a body lumen: A catheter for placement within a body lumen, the catheter including a flexible conduit that is elongated along a longitudinal axis, the flexible conduit having a proximal end and a distal end, at least one delivery waveguide and at least one collection waveguide extending along the flexible conduit, a lumen-expanding... Agent: Cornova, Inc.

20120078122 - Sleepiness assessment apparatus: A sleepiness assessment value P1 is set to be an average heart rate HR (S130). A sleepiness assessment value P2 is set to be a standard deviation σ of a respiration interval RespI for one minute (S150). A sleepiness assessment value P3 is set to be a value that is... Agent: Nagoya City University

20120078123 - Pulse wave analyzer and blood pressure estimator using the same: In a pulse wave analyzer, an ECG signal and a pulse wave signal are detected from an object to be analyzed. A plurality of feature points are extracting from the acquired ECG signal, the feature points appearing in a waveform of the ECG signal. The acquired pulse wave signal is... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120078124 - Apparatus and method for sensor deployment and fixation: A delivery system for fixation of an implant assembly having an intracorporeal device at a deployment site using an anchoring structure. This invention provides an implant assembly having an anchor for fixation within a vessel. The anchoring structure adapted to be delivered via a catheter.... Agent:

20120078125 - Evaluation of peripheral arterial disease in a patient using an oscillometric pressure signal obtained at a lower extremity of the patient: Systems, methods, and products for determining indicated blood pressure values and/or characterizing a condition of a patient. The systems, methods, and products are capable of determining indicated blood pressure values in a lower extremity of a patient using an oscillometric technique. An oscillometric signal obtained from the lower extremity of... Agent: Summit Doppler Systems, Inc.

20120078126 - Validation of an oscillometric signal for use in a peripheral arterial disease evaluation: Systems, methods, and products for validating an oscillometric signal obtained on a patient. The validation may include verifying whether an oscillometric signal is sufficiently associated with pressure oscillations in the vasculature of a patient for use in an oscillometric analysis. The validation may include comparing a frequency of the oscillometric... Agent: Summit Doppler Systems, Inc.

20120078128 - Collection and analysis of vital signs: A system is disclosed having a storage, a communications module for interacting with a medical measurement device, an analysis controller, and a test module that allows for the testing and evaluating of decision-support algorithms. A method for testing decision-support algorithms is disclosed having the steps of receiving into storage of... Agent:

20120078130 - Method and apparatus for robust heart rate sensing: A heart rate sensing system (300) includes a light source (112, 310, 1008, 1110) a light detector (114, 1010, 1112) and a pressure sensor (116, 1012, 1114) held by a compressible comformable resilient pad (110, 1006, 1108) against a wearers body (202). A signal from the pressure sensor is used... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20120078129 - Method for determining the location of regions in tissue relevant to electrical propagation: A method of displaying an image of the location of one or more low voltage structures in tissue is provided. The method includes receiving electrical mapping data corresponding to a portion of the tissue. The method further includes generating an image using the electrical mapping data. Electrical mapping values within... Agent:

20120078127 - Physiological status monitoring system: A load score system includes a metabolic sensor such as a heart rate sensor for a subject is configured to output metabolic data for the subject. A biomechanical load sensing subsystem for the subject is configured to output biomechanical load data. A speed sensor subsystem for the subject is configured... Agent:

20120078131 - Ecg monitoring with reduced false asystole alarms: A patient monitor comprises: an electrocardiograph (14, 20) monitoring an electrocardiographic signal (40) of a patient (10); a secondary physiological signal monitor (16, 20) monitoring a second physiological signal (50) of the patient concurrently with the electrocardiograph monitoring the electrocardiographic signal of the patient; an alarm condition detector (42, 44)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120078132 - Method and apparatus of neural signal determination and therapy enhancement: A method and device are provided that detect and identify a neural signal by type and optionally or automatically provide a signal that affects a nerve carrying the neural signal. A plurality of electrodes is positioned along a nerve and monitors the electrical activity of the nerve. The invented system... Agent:

20120078133 - Vacuum assisted biopsy device: A biopsy device having a stylet, an outer cannula, and a vacuum chamber is disclosed. The stylet includes a lumen with an open proximal end and a tissue receiving opening near a distal end thereof. The outer cannula is slidably disposed over the stylet and has an open distal end... Agent:

20120078135 - Medical instrument: A medical instrument includes a housing, a stylet having a portion in the housing, a cannula coaxially receiving the stylet and having a portion in the housing, and a member slidably coupled to the housing. The stylet and the cannula are movable between an extended position and a retracted position.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120078134 - Methods and systems for controlled deployment of needles in tissue: Needles are deployed in tissue under direct ultrasonic or other imaging. To aid in deploying the needle, a visual needle guide is projected on to the image prior to needle deployment. Once the needle guide is properly aligned, the needle can be deployed. After needle deployment, a safety boundary and... Agent: Gynesonics, Inc.

20120078136 - Device for collecting semen samples: The invention relates to a device for collecting semen samples, which is configured such that the patient/donor can perform ejaculation and the corresponding semen collection in his own home, for subsequent transfer to a medical centre or laboratory where the semen can be analyzed. The invention is characterized in that... Agent:

20120078137 - Apparatus and method for bedside collection of body fluids and automatic volume level monitoring: A bedside apparatus and method designed to collect and monitor liquids output from a catheterized patient including an electronic unit and one of a plurality of defined disposable collecting and measuring rigid vessels that may differ in shape and size. Each defined vessel has at least one inlet to connect... Agent: Biometrix Ltd

20120078138 - Medical apparatus system having optical fiber load sensing capability: Apparatus is provided for diagnosing or treating an organ or vessel, wherein a device having at least two optical fiber sensors disposed in a distal extremity thereof is coupled to processing logic programmed to compute a multi-dimensional force vector responsive to detected changes in the optical characteristics of the optical... Agent: Endosense Sa

03/22/2012 > 90 patent applications in 59 patent subcategories.

20120071704 - Mitochondrial localization of muc1: The invention provides methods of identifying and making compounds that inhibit the interaction between MUC1 and either or both of HSP70 and HSP90. Also embraced by the invention are in vivo and in vitro methods of inhibiting such an interaction.... Agent:

20120071705 - Brachytherapy device for asymmetrical irradiation of a body cavity: The disclosure describes devices and methods for asymmetrical irradiation at a body cavity or site, such as after removal of tissue, e.g. biopsy or cancer. One device includes a lumen which is off-set or off-settable from a longitudinal axis to increase the intensity of radiation received from a radiation source... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20120071706 - System and method for eliciting a relaxation response: The disclosed system and method are directed to qualifying an image(s) and exposing an individual to the qualified image(s) for the purpose of eliciting a relaxation response. More specifically, a sequential rendition of qualified images are presented to either a normal or cognitively impaired person in order to elicit relaxation... Agent:

20120071709 - Correction of stress urinary incontinence: Devices for treating stress incontinence, having a horizontal proximal portion supported on the pubococcygeus muscle and a distal portion extending downward and away from the proximal portion at an angle approximating the vagina in an erect female as it passes down and between the anterior segments of the pubococcygeus. The... Agent: Contine Corporation

20120071708 - Implantable sling having bladder support: Surgical implants operative to simultaneously function as a pubovaginal sling for the treatment of incontinence and as a support member to effectuate cystocele repair. The implant comprises a first sling portion operative to be positioned beneath the urethra, per conventional pubovaginal sling surgery. The implant further includes a second bladder... Agent:

20120071707 - Medical device: A tubular non-woven soft tissue implant has cell patterns. The cell pattern has a continuous circumferential construction with atraumatic edges and a tubular centre. The implant is suitable for stabilising and/or supporting body tissue for example to treat urinary incontinence and/or pelvic floor prolapse.... Agent:

20120071710 - Endoscopic smart probe and method: An improved endoscopic device which is introduced into the intestinal tract of a living organism and which operates autonomously therein, adapted to obtain and store or transmit one or more types of data such as visual image data, laser autofluorescence data, or ultrasonic waveform data. In another aspect of the... Agent:

20120071713 - Biopsy inlet valve improvements: A valve apparatus device provides surgical instruments with sealable access to an inlet port of an endoscope instrument channel. The valve has a hollow body with a distal end that releasably attaches to the inlet port, and a flexible diaphragm seal dividing the body into a proximal chamber and a... Agent: Us Endoscopy

20120071714 - Cannulotome: Systems and methods for treating spinal stenosis include endoscopic access devices and bone removal devices used to perform a foraminotomy or other bone removal procedures. A bone removal device includes a cannulotome with an endoscopic imaging lumen. Optionally, an endoscope retaining device can be used to facilitate advancement of the... Agent:

20120071712 - Heated balloon catheter: Thermally adjustable surgical tools include a conductor and a ferromagnetic material. The ferromagnetic material may be quickly heated when subjected to high frequency alternating current through the conductor. The ferromagnetic material may also cool rapidly because of its relatively low mass and the small thermal mass of the conductor. The... Agent:

20120071715 - Material delivery system: A method for injecting a therapeutic agent into a target tissue, the method comprising: (a) providing an expandable member; (b) positioning said expandable member in proximity to the target tissue; (c) Introducing the therapeutic agent into the expandable member until a desired pressure is achieved; and (d) creating a plurality... Agent: By-pass, Inc.

20120071711 - Surgical instruments and batteries for surgical instruments: Various embodiments are directed to battery packs for use with surgical instruments. The battery packs may comprise a plurality of cells and at least a portion of the plurality of cells may not be electrically connected to one another. The battery packs may comprise a switch or other mechanism for... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20120071716 - Medical instrument with multiple functions for an endoscope: a series of flexible tubular ducts (21i) mounted independently of one another inside the insertion tube (5) passing through the chamber (13) and the closure systems (10, 11) in order to open out to the outside of the outlet section (8) of the distal portion (7) of the tube.... Agent: Axess Vision Technology

20120071717 - Dressing and method for cleaning and protecting a laparoscopic camera lens intra-abdominally, stomas, appendages, and insertion sites of tubes and catheters: A dressing and method for cleaning a laparoscopic camera lens during surgical procedures when placed around prior art or grasped by prior art and then introduced into the abdominal cavity of a patient and then manipulated against a laparoscopic camera lens cleaning and defogging the lens providing an improved field... Agent: Abdominal Devices, LLC

20120071718 - Endoscope apparatus and method of controlling endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes an observation magnification acquisition section that acquires magnification state information that indicates a state of an observation magnification, a motion detection section that detects motion amount information that indicates a relative motion amount of an object and an imaging section of the endoscope apparatus, an imaging... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120071719 - Method for providing surgical access: One embodiment is directed to a method for providing surgical access across a wall of a tissue structure, comprising: installing a guiding member into the wall of the tissue structure to a desired guiding depth; using the installed guiding member as a positional guide, advancing a helical member into the... Agent:

20120071720 - Force feedback control system for video endoscope: A video endoscope system includes a reusable control cabinet and an endoscope that is connectable thereto. The endoscope may be used with a single patient and then disposed. The endoscope includes an illumination mechanism, an image sensor, and an elongate shaft having one or more lumens located therein. An articulation... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120071721 - Disposable sheath for a miniature endoscope: An endoscopic has an fiber optic waveguide that transmits an image from a distal end to a proximal end, the waveguide having an outer diameter of less than 3 mm. A lens system is positioned at the distal end of the fiber optic waveguide. An imaging device is optically coupled... Agent:

20120071722 - Endoscope and flexible portion thereof:

20120071723 - Endoscope apparatus and measurement method: An endoscope apparatus, which is capable of performing measurement of a subject using a phase-shift method, includes: a main body; an insertion portion connected to the main body; and a plurality of pattern projection units, each of the plurality of pattern projection units including: a pattern window which is provided... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120071724 - Endoscope hood and endoscope with the same mounted thereon: An endoscope hood (1) has a cylindrical shape with both ends opened and is mounted on a tip end portion (3) in a longitudinal axis direction of an endoscope (2) provided with an optical system at least including an observation system (5) and a treatment system to be used. The... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

20120071725 - Laryngoscope: A laryngoscope comprising a handle, a blade holding element, a releasable blade and releasable attachment means to attach the blade to the blade holding element, and handle and a blade for such a laryngoscope.... Agent: Indian Ocean Medical Inc.

20120071726 - Speculum: A speculum having first and second arms beginning at a proximal point and ending at a distal end and having a cup positioned at the distal end, an attachment portion positioned on the first arm and proximal to the cup, and a user manipulation element positioned within the attachment portion.... Agent: Thb Precision, LLC

20120071727 - Method and articles for treating the sinus system: A method of treating a sinus cavity of a subject includes advancing a distal portion of a light source through a drainage pathway of a sinus cavity and into the sinus cavity and visually observing a transdermal light emitted from the light source. A distal portion of a substantially rigid... Agent:

20120071728 - Method for determining the gastric emptying: The method for determining the gastric emptying by orally administering a test substance and measuring its dwelling time in the stomach comprises determining the increase of 13CO2 in the exhaled respiratory air before and after the oral administration of free 13C-octanoic acid together with a standardized test meal.... Agent: Infai Institut Fur Biomedizinische Analytik Und Nmr Imaging Gmbh

20120071730 - Adaptive processing of ambulatory electrocardiogram signals: Disclosed are methods and systems for adaptive processing of ambulatory electrocardiogram signals. In one embodiment, the method comprises acquiring a plurality of electrocardiogram (ECG) signals and transforming the ECG signals to a component space, thereby producing a set of components representing the ECG signals in the component space. The method... Agent: Stichting Imec Nederland

20120071734 - Biosensor device: A biosensor that includes a light transmissive electrocardiographic electrode and a light transmissive insulating film that detect an electrical signal relating to an electrocardiographic signal through capacitive coupling that are disposed above light emitting elements and a light receiving element that detect an optical detection signal relating to a photo-plethysmographic... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120071729 - Medical ventilator with integrated oximeter data: This disclosure describes systems and methods for managing the ventilation of a patient being ventilated by a medical ventilator. The disclosure describes a novel approach of displaying ventilator information integrated with oximeter information. The disclosure further describes a novel approach of alarming based on the integration of ventilator information with... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120071733 - Methods for assessing and optimizing muscular performance: A muscle assessment protocol can include: attaching one or more surface electromyometry (sEMG) sensors to the skin of a subject to be operably coupled with one or more muscles; operably coupling the one or more sEMG sensors to a computing system; performing the predetermined muscle activity of a muscle assessment... Agent: Somaxis Incorporated

20120071732 - Metrics and algorithms for interpretation of muscular use: A muscle assessment method utilizing a computing system, surface electromyometry (sEMG) sensors, and other sensors to gather data for one or more subjects engaged in an activity through operably coupling the one or more sensors to the computing system, and directing a computing system to select one or more muscle... Agent: Somaxis Incorporated

20120071731 - System and method for physiological monitoring: Apparatus, systems, and methods for monitoring a sensor module mounted in a sensor platform, wherein the sensor platform includes an adhesive side and a pocket, wherein the pocket is designed to receive the sensor module, to facilitate sensing by the sensor module of physiological attributes, and to allow insertion and... Agent:

20120071735 - System and method for transmitting orthopaedic implant data: A system and method for transmitting implant data includes an orthopaedic implant, a wireless receiver, and a processing circuit electrically coupled to the wireless receiver. The orthopaedic implant is configured to transmit implant identification data and implant sensor data to the wireless receiver in response to a power signal. The... Agent:

20120071737 - Breath delivery system and method: Some embodiments of the invention provide a mouthpiece for use with an electronic analyzer for breath analyte detection in an individual. The mouthpiece includes a biosensor and a hydration system. The biosensor includes a chemically active area where a chemical reaction takes place and the hydration system delivers a liquid... Agent:

20120071736 - Medical device with a fitting having a gas venting position: A blood parameter measurement cassette or other device is configured to control incidental liquid discharged during the device's calibration process. The cassette includes optical sensors which are chemically responsive to blood constituents and require calibration with a blood parameter monitoring device prior to use in a medical procedure. During the... Agent: Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation

20120071738 - Methodology and equipment of optical rotation measurements: A small-size optical rotation measuring device for detecting an organism, a tissue, blood, or molecules having rotatory power and determining the content thereof with high accuracy and an optical rotation measuring method for detecting an organism, a tissue, blood, or molecules having rotatory power and determining the content thereof with... Agent: Global Fiber Optics, Ltd.

20120071740 - Disposable sp02 grips: When monitoring blood oxygen levels in a patient during a magnetic resonance scan, detachable and reusable fiber optic cable heads (16, 18, 98, 131, 132) are coupled to an SpO2 monitor and to a hinged finger clip (40, 70, 90, 110, 190) on a patient. The finger clip (40, 70,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120071739 - Wavelength switching for pulse oximetry: The present disclosure describes techniques that may provide more accurate estimates of arterial oxygen saturation using pulse oximetry by switching between a wavelength spectrum of at least a first and a second light source so that the arterial oxygen saturation estimates at low (e.g., in the range below 75%), medium... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120071741 - Sleep apnea monitoring and diagnosis based on pulse oximetery and tracheal sound signals: Detection of apnea/hypopnea events to calculate an apnea/hypopnea index is obtained by analysis of breathing pattern of a patient from breathing and snore sounds and a finger probe recording the SaO2 signal. A detector analyzes microphone signals to detect breath, snore and noise sounds in response to a detected drop... Agent:

20120071742 - Remanufacturing a stacked adhesive medical sensor: Remanufactured medical sensors and methods for remanufacturing used stacked adhesive medical sensors are provided. Such a remanufactured sensor may include certain components from a used stacked adhesive medical sensor and certain new components. For example, a remanufactured medical sensor may include an exterior foam layer, a mask layer, an emitter... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120071743 - Systems for assessing and optimizing muscular performance: System for monitoring muscle data can include one or more fully flexible sensor patches having sensor modules configured to sense muscle data, data processing modules, transmitter modules configured to transmit the muscle data, and a microcontroller configured to control the modules on one patch side and an adhesive layer on... Agent: Somaxis Incorporated

20120071744 - Sensor interface system: A sensor interface system for providing a connection between at least one sensor and a maternal-fetal monitor, wherein the interface system converts electrical muscle activity captured by the sensor(s) into uterine activity data signals for use by the maternal-fetal monitor. The sensor interface system of the invention preferably includes a... Agent:

20120071746 - Magnetic resonance thermometry using prf spectroscopy: During the thermal treatment of an anatomical zone of interest, tissue temperature within the zone may be determined with a computational model whose parameters are adjusted using spectroscopy-based temperature measurements at interfaces of fat and non-fat tissues.... Agent:

20120071745 - Premature neonate closed life support system: A premature neonate closed life support system (NCLSS) including: at least one chamber confining a cradle-like neonate support (CLNS) having suitable dimensions and geometric-configuration for accommodating at least one premature neonate having at least two operational configurations, said operational configurations comprising: a first operational OPEN configuration whereby said CLNS is... Agent: Aspect Magnet Technologies Ltd.

20120071748 - Surgical access assembly and method of using same: A surgical access assembly is disclosed. The surgical access assembly comprises an outer sheath and an obturator. The outer sheath is defined by an open distal end and an open proximal end and includes a hollow body portion therebetween. The obturator is defined by a distal end and a proximal... Agent:

20120071749 - System and method for integrated biopsy and therapy: A system and method for integrating diagnosis and treatment for internal tissues includes imaging (202) at least a portion of an internal organ of a subject using a first technology capable of differentiating tissue types, and targeting (205) and accessing biopsy sites using images of the first technology fused with... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120071747 - Use of ventricular enlargement rate in intravenous immunoglobulin treatment of alzheimers disease: The present invention relates to the use of MRI monitoring of ventricular enlargement rate as an objective measure for the purpose of assessing disease progression in patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease and for the purpose of determining therapeutic effectiveness of a treatment regimen for Alzheimer's patients. Methods for treating Alzheimer's... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120071750 - Method for affixing a magnetic resonance rf coil to a patient: In a method to affix RF coils (in particular local coils) on a patient in examinations with a magnetic resonance apparatus, a horizontal board accommodates the patient for a magnetic resonance examination to be implemented, an RF coil that has coil electronics is affixed with a fastening strap on the... Agent:

20120071751 - 3d model creation of anatomic structures using single-plane fluoroscopy: A method for 3D reconstruction of the positions of a catheter as it is moved within a region of the human body, comprising: (a) ascertaining the 3D position of a point on a catheter for insertion in the body region; (b) acquiring a fixed angle, single-plane fluoroscopic image of the... Agent:

20120071753 - Apparatus and method for four dimensional soft tissue navigation including endoscopic mapping: A surgical instrument navigation system is provided that visually simulates a virtual volumetric scene of a body cavity of a patient from a point of view of a surgical instrument residing in the cavity of the patient. The surgical instrument navigation system includes: a surgical instrument; an imaging device which... Agent:

20120071754 - Em tracking systems for use with ultrasound and other imaging modalities: An EMT system for use in ultrasound and other imaging modality guided medical procedures. The system includes a tool set of various components to which EM sensors can be releasably secured. Thus, the sensors can be reused, notwithstanding the disposal of other components of the tool set. Various components of... Agent: Civco Medical Instruments Co., Inc.

20120071752 - User interface and method for operating a robotic medical system: System and methods for interfacing user in the control of elongated flexible members for use inside a patient's body is described herein. In one embodiment, a system includes a processor configured for generating a virtual representation of a catheter on a viewing screen, a first control for allowing a user... Agent:

20120071755 - Method and system for automatic native and bypass coronary ostia detection in cardiac computed tomography volumes: A method and system for detection of native and bypass coronary ostia in a 3D volume, such as a CT volume, is disclosed. Native coronary ostia are detected by detecting a bounding box defining locations of a left native coronary ostium and a right native coronary ostium in the 3D... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20120071756 - Apparatus and method for detecting examination tissue using ultrasound signal: An apparatus for detecting an examination tissue using an ultrasound signal is disclosed. The apparatus includes a scanning unit to generate an image related to an object, using the ultrasound signal, a sampling unit to convert a resolution of the generated image, and a controlling unit to retrieve an n-number... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120071758 - Feature tracking using ultrasound: Various implementations of the invention provide techniques and supporting systems that facilitate real-time or near-real-time ultrasound tracking for the purpose of calculating changes in anatomical features during a medical procedure. More specifically, anatomical features within a patient undergoing a medical procedure are tracked by obtaining temporally-distinct three dimensional ultrasound images... Agent:

20120071757 - Ultrasound registration: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for registering three-dimensional ultrasound images to an external coordinate system, such as the coordinate system attached to a camera-based imaging system or the coordinate system used to define the movements of a surgical robot. The apparatus generally comprises a tool with... Agent: University Of British Columbia

20120071760 - Reconfigurable medical ultrasound transducer arrays with preprocessing: The embodiments of the probe include a preprocessing unit that is directly connected to a first predetermined number of the receiving elements for preprocessing the channel signals to generate preprocessed channel signals as well as a switch unit that is connected to the preprocessing unit for connecting the preprocessed channel... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120071759 - Virtual image formation method for an ultrasound device: Disclosed are ultrasound devices and methods for use in guiding a subdermal probe during a medical procedure. A device can be utilized to guide a probe through the probe guide to a subdermal site. In addition, a device can include a detector in communication with a processor. The detector can... Agent: Soma Access Systems, LLC

20120071761 - Medical ultrasound 2-d transducer array using fresnel lens approach: The embodiments of the array include at least one first annular-like area and at least one second annular-like area that are concentric with each other. The second annular-like area substantially surrounds the first annular-like area. The first and second annular-like areas each exclusively include either dedicated transmit elements or dedicated... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120071763 - Medical ultrasound 2-d transducer array using fresnel lens approach: The embodiments of the array include at least one first annular-like area and at least one second annular-like area that are concentric with each other. The second annular-like area substantially surrounds the first annular-like area. The first and second annular-like areas each exclusively include either dedicated transmit elements or dedicated... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120071762 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus comprises: an ultrasound probe including a transducer array; a plurality of diagnostic apparatus bodies corresponding to a plurality of parts of the transducer array for transmitting ultrasonic waves through corresponding transducers and processing reception signals from the corresponding transducers, respectively; and a synchronizing signal supply unit... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120071764 - Device and method for wide-field and high resolution imaging of tissue: A device for wide-field and high resolution imaging of an object surface includes first and second imaging modalities, a lens associated with the second imaging modality. The first imaging modality is high resolution with a first observation line. The second imaging modality is arranged in an image plane at a... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20120071765 - Digital mapping system and method: Embodiments of the innovation relate to method for generating an image of a tissue element. The method includes generating, by a visualization system controller, a highlighting image representation of the tissue element within a tissue region based upon a first image of the tissue element captured when a first light... Agent: Optimum Technologies, Inc.

20120071766 - Consciousness level determination apparatus and consciousness level determination method: A consciousness level determination apparatus calculates a heart rate interval from a heart rate signal of a subject and calculates a spectral density of each frequency by performing a frequency analysis on the calculated heart rate interval. The apparatus extracts, at each predetermined timing, a combination of a maximum density... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120071767 - Pulmonary artery pressure estimator: A pulmonary artery pressure estimator attaches a plurality of acoustic sensors to a patient so as to measure a second heart sound. The sensors are arranged so that an A2 component of the second heart sound is maximized from at least one of the sensors and a P2 component is... Agent:

20120071768 - Blood pressure information measurement device: A blood pressure information measurement device includes light emitting elements and light receiving elements as a plurality of pairs of first and second sensors in a cuff. While the cuff pressure is increased, combinations of the plurality of pairs of the light emitting elements and the light receiving elements are... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120071769 - Methods of producing laser speckle contrast images: Methods of imaging are provided. In some embodiments, the methods may comprise obtaining a raw speckle image of a sample, converting the raw speckle image to a laser speckle contrast image using a laser speckle contrast algorithm, and converting a laser speckle contrast image to a relative correlation time image... Agent:

20120071772 - Cardiac monitoring system: A method of analysing cardiac functions in a subject using a processing system is described. The method may include applying one or more electrical signals having a plurality of frequencies to the subject and detecting a response to the applied one or more signals from the subject. A characteristic frequency... Agent:

20120071771 - Computer interfaces including physiologically guided avatars: This invention provides user interfaces that more intuitively display physiological data obtained from physiological monitoring of one or more subjects. Specifically, the user interfaces of this invention create and display one or more avatars having behaviors guided by physiological monitoring data. The monitoring data is preferably obtained when the subject... Agent: Adidas Ag

20120071770 - Methods for promoting fitness in connection with electrophysiology data: A task assessment protocol configured to utilize modified operant conditioning to incentivize physical fitness through rewards associated with units of effort including the steps of selecting the task to be performed, breaking the task to be performed into smaller units, associating the data with a reward using a reward system,... Agent: Somaxis Incorporated

20120071773 - Patient screening tools for implantable cardiac stimulus systems: Tools and devices are provided for determining whether a patient is well suited to receiving an implantable cardiac stimulation device by analyzing cardiac signals captured using external or cutaneous electrodes. Some of the illustrative tools include shapes for visual comparison to printed ECG strips. Kits for use of illustrative tools... Agent: Cameron Health, Inc.

20120071774 - Detecting or validating a detection of a state change from a template of heart rate derivative shape or heart beat wave complex: Methods, systems, and apparatus for detecting and/or validating a detection of a state change by matching the shape of one or more of an cardiac data series, a heart rate variability data series, or at least a portion of a heart beat complex, derived from cardiac data, to an appropriate... Agent:

20120071775 - Detecting or validating a detection of a state change from a template of heart rate derivative shape or heart beat wave complex: Methods, systems, and apparatus for detecting and/or validating a detection of a state change by matching the shape of one or more of an cardiac data series, a heart rate variability data series, or at least a portion of a heart beat complex, derived from cardiac data, to an appropriate... Agent:

20120071776 - Heart rate monitor device and system: A heart rate monitor system comprising: a user attachment means; a heart rate monitor attached to the user attachment means, and configurable to monitor the heart rate of a user during physical activity and during rest, the heart rate monitor comprising: a wireless transmitter configurable to wirelessly transmit heart rate... Agent:

20120071777 - Cough analysis: A computer-implemented method comprises: (A) receiving first acoustic data representing a first cough train of a first human subject, wherein the first cough train comprises at least one first cough of the first human subject; (B) identifying at least one first value of at one first acoustic property of the... Agent:

20120071778 - Wireless transmission vital capacity examining device: A wireless transmission vital capacity examining device includes two induction coils on a stator frame and a rotor frame having a first magnetic area which is mounted to the two induction coils. A rotatable member with rotatable blades has a third connection portion which has a third magnetic area which... Agent:

20120071781 - Electrode system with in-band impedance detection: An apparatus comprises a headset and a control unit in communication with each other. The headset comprises a plurality of electrodes operable to measure ERP readings. The headset is configured to be positioned on a test subject. The control unit is configured to store and administer an ERP test protocol.... Agent: Neuronetrix Solutions, LLC

20120071780 - Method and a system for classifying neural signals, and a method of selecting electrodes for direct neural control: A method of selecting neural signal acquisition electrodes based on the Riemann geometry of covariance matrices of said signals. An application of said classification method and of said method of selecting electrodes to direct neural control.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120071779 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for automatic seizure monitoring: Method, apparatus and computer program product for monitoring seizure activity in brain are disclosed. At least one parameter set sequence is derived from brain wave signal data obtained from a subject, wherein each parameter set sequence comprises sequential parameter sets and each parameter set comprises values for at least two... Agent: General Electric Company

20120071782 - Methods and systems for determining vascular bodily lumen information and guiding medical devices: Methods and systems for determining information about a vascular bodily lumen are described. An exemplary method includes generating an electrical signal, delivering the electrical signal to a plurality of excitation elements in the vicinity of the vascular bodily lumen, measuring a responsive electrical signal from a plurality of sensing elements... Agent: Angiometrix Corporation

20120071783 - Apparatus for monitoring a position of a tube's distal end with respect to a blood vessel: The invention relates to an apparatus (102) capable of accurately monitoring whether or not a distal end of a tube is positioned inside a blood vessel. The apparatus comprises a heating element (106) configured for heating the distal end and a sensor arrangement (110) for generating a measurement signal (114)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120071784 - Instruments and methods for nerve monitoring in spinal surgical procedures: Systems and methods include an anchor engageable to a vertebra and an extender removably mounted to the anchor. The extender includes an insulating member extending at least partially thereabout to electrically insulate the extender and prevent shunting of electrical signals delivered through the extender to the anchor to structures adjacent... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120071785 - Methods and systems for assessing psychological characteristics: A method for assessing a pre-cognitive emotional response from a test subject, using responses obtained during the first moments of brain activity after presentation of a stimulus, includes exposing the test subject to a visual stimulus for between approximately 500 milliseconds and approximately 1 second, and receiving an input from... Agent:

20120071786 - Visualization of values of a physical property detected in an organism over time: A system for visually indicating, in real time or post hoc, values of a physical property detected over a period of time along a dimension of an organism to a user on a temporal plot and a profile plot, either individually or concurrently. The detected values may be visually indicated... Agent: Pressure Profile Systems

20120071787 - Length detection system for biopsy device: A biopsy device includes a handle unit, a hollow needle comprised in a disposable unit, which is releasably attached to the handle unit, and a sample-receiving device, which is movable in the hollow needle between two positions. Tissue is severed when the sample-receiving device is in a first one of... Agent: Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc.

20120071789 - Oral fluid collection device: According to a first aspect of the present invention there is provided an oral fluid collection device 1. The oral fluid collection device 1 comprises a handle 2, a swab holder 4, and a swab 3. The swab 3 is in the form of a hollow tube of absorbent material... Agent: Cozart Bioscience Limited

20120071788 - Sampling device and sampling method: The present invention relates to a sampling device, a sampling system and a method of sampling, and in particular a method of analysis, for application to a living entity.... Agent: Trace Analytics Gmbh

20120071790 - Retractable needle-safety blood sampling device: A safety device is presented for securely stowing a double sharp-ended needle. The device comprises a tubular adapter with a longitudinally-elongated channel. A needle holder is located in the channel to move from a distal orientation, in which one needle end projects from a distal adapter opening, and a proximal... Agent:

20120071791 - Test device in particular for blood sugar tests: The invention concerns a test device, in particular for blood sugar tests, comprising a lancing element which is provided with a lancing component for producing a skin puncture, and a protecting element shielding the lancing element at least in the area of the lancing component. According to the invention it... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120071792 - Physiological and behavioral sensors and methods: In various embodiments, a physiological or behavioral signal is derived from a vertical force resulting from the entire weight of a subject.... Agent: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

20120071793 - sensors for inductive plethysmographic monitoring applications and apparel using same: This invention includes improved IP sensors that both have improved sensitivity, performance, and other properties and are multifunctional. The improved IP sensors have IP sensor conductors with waveforms having legs that are substantially parallel throughout the operating range of stretch. The multifunctional IP sensors include, in addition to IP sensors,... Agent: Adidas Ag

03/15/2012 > 97 patent applications in 57 patent subcategories.

20120065454 - Tethered and/or visually coded brachytherapy devices and related methods: Bracytherapy devices include a respective tether attached to a proximal end portion of the strands. The tether can be color-coded to match a color associated with the corresponding strand.... Agent:

20120065455 - System and method of repairing of neural networks: A method and system for re-establishing a pathway in a damaged or severed neural network includes an imaging device, an alignment device and a treatment device. An accurate image of the damaged neural network is created. An alignment device imparts wave energy into a damaged region of the neural network... Agent:

20120065456 - Prevention and treatment of alzheimer's disease through electromagnetic field exposure: The predetermined frequency, according to a preferred embodiment, is about 918 MHz with a specific absorption rate (SAR) of about 0.25 W/kg+/−2 dB. The predetermined absorption period of this preferred embodiment is about one hour. The treatment period is long-term, being greater than about 6 months and preferably between about... Agent: University Of South Florida

20120065457 - Fluid pressure generating means: A fluid pressure generating means (10) for a heart assist device having blood pumping means. The pressure generating means (10) includes a housing (11), defining an interior volume (18), and having a substantially rigid first housing portion (12), a substantially rigid second housing portion (14), a flexible third housing portion... Agent: Sunshine Heart Company Pty Ltd

20120065458 - Implantable device with communication means: The invention relates to an implantable device, e.g. a Deep Brain Stimulation device (10), and to a method for communicating information from such an implantable device (10) to its carrier. The communication is achieved by the emission of sound from a transmitter (16) into the body material surrounding the implantable... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120065459 - Angled surgical introducer: The invention describes a surgical introducer comprising a proximal tip portion and a distal tip portion, wherein each tip portion comprises a notch, a base portion comprising an angle, wherein the base portion is between the proximal tip portion and the distal tip portion and wherein the base portion is... Agent:

20120065461 - Devices and methods for delivering sutures and implants: A medical device for the delivery of sutures and implants through tissue of a patient's body. The medical device includes a handle, an elongated shaft member, a needle carrier, and a slideable mechanism. A method of delivering a suture or an implant includes inserting and deploying a medical device including... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120065463 - Fortified mesh for tissue repair: A mesh to repair a hole in a muscle wall includes a resilient mesh body and fortifying structure such as mesh portions of thicker weave than other portions, or strengthening members that can be engaged with the mesh and then removed from the mesh once the mesh is place over... Agent:

20120065460 - Implantable access port system: An implantable injection port comprises a base. A first gear is coupled to the base, and a first anchor is coupled to the first gear. A second gear is coupled to the base, and a second anchor is coupled to the second gear. A top portion of the injection port... Agent:

20120065462 - Method and apparatus for treatment of vaginal anterior repairs: An apparatus for repairing cystocele including an adjustable support member, a pair of superior support arms continuously knitted with said support member, and a pair of inferior support arms continuously knitted with said support member, wherein the distance between the pair of superior support arms and pair of inferior support... Agent:

20120065466 - Endoscopic instrument: An endoscopic instrument includes a control wire having a push rod at its distal end and an end effector assembly having first and second effector elements such as scissors blades mounted on a clevis. The effector elements are operated by a cam-pin on the push rod riding in cam-slots defined... Agent:

20120065464 - Flexible actuator mandrel for tissue apposition systems: The invention provides devices, systems and methods for tissue approximation and repair at treatment sites. The devices, systems and methods of the invention will find use in a variety of therapeutic procedures, including endovascular, minimally-invasive, and open surgical procedures, and can be used in various anatomical regions, including the abdomen,... Agent: Evalve, Inc.

20120065465 - Method of providing for the minimization of extravasation during arthroscopic surgery: The devices and methods shown provide for the minimization of extravasation during arthroscopic surgery. The extravasation minimization device allows a surgeon to drain excess fluids from the soft tissue surrounding the surgical field while also providing a stable surgical portal for arthroscopic surgical instruments.... Agent: Cannuflow, Inc.

20120065467 - Robotic catheter system and methods: The apparatus of one embodiment of the present invention is comprised of a flexible sheath instrument, a flexible guide instrument, and a tool. The flexible sheath instrument comprises a first instrument base removably coupleable to an instrument driver and defines a sheath instrument working lumen. The flexible guide instrument comprises... Agent: Hansen Medical, Inc.

20120065469 - Catheter with imaging assembly: A catheter with an imaging assembly is disclosed. The catheter is used with a console for viewing and/or storing images obtained from the catheter. The catheter may be a feeding tube assembly. The imaging assembly on the feeding tube assembly allows a user to confirm placement of the feeding tube... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120065468 - Multi-viewing element endoscope: There is provided herein a tip section of a multi-viewing element endoscope, the tip section comprising: two or more side-pointing viewing elements positioned at or in proximity to a distal end of said tip section, wherein each of said two or more side-pointing viewing elements having a discrete illuminator associated... Agent: Peer Medical Ltd.

20120065470 - Robotic system to augment endoscopes: A robotic system for steerable tip endoscopes includes a support arm, an endoscope gripping assembly rotatably connected to the support arm by a rotation assembly, and a translation assembly operatively connected to the support arm. The endoscope gripping assembly is configured to grip any one of a plurality of differently... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20120065471 - Introducer guide: An introducer guide (19) for an intubation device (21) having an open channel adapted to releasably secure an introducer, and shaped such that advancement of an intubation tube (21) through which the introducer extends causes the introducer to be removed from the introducer guide (19).... Agent:

20120065472 - Protective sheath: A protective sheath including a first portion configured to receive a medical instrument and a second portion configured to accommodate movement of a distal end of said medical instrument within the second portion. The second portion is movably coupled to the first portion. The protective sheath is configured to control... Agent:

20120065473 - Digital otoscope: An otoscope includes an instrument head, a tip element and an optical system. The instrument head has a distal insertion portion for insertion into an ear of a human or veterinary subject. The distal insertion portion has a distal opening. The tip element is releasably attached to the distal insertion... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20120065474 - Hemostasis valve assembly: A valve assembly (10) for controlling a flow of fluid includes a housing (30) having a passageway (33), and a valve sheath (40) disposed interiorly of the housing, at least substantially along the housing passageway. The valve sheath includes a cylindrical valve body (42) having a pair of generally wedge-shaped... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120065475 - Methods, systems, and apparatus for performing minimally invasive coronary artery bypass graft surgery: A system for performing vascular surgery includes a first retractor blade and a second retractor blade and a fulcrum device. The first retractor blade includes a first grasping bar, and the second retractor blade comprises a second grasping bar. The first retractor blade and the second retractor blade are adapted... Agent:

20120065477 - Medical telemetry system and medical telemeter: A medical telemetry system include: a transmitter which transmits a first signal; a first medical telemeter which transmits a second signal including biological information of a patient, the first medical telemeter which receives the first signal and which performs an operation corresponding to information included in the first signal; and... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20120065476 - Self-examination apparatus and method for self-examination: The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for a self-examination. And more particularly, the present invention relates to an apparatus and a method providing examination guide information for the self-examination.... Agent:

20120065478 - Interactive biosensing device and method thereof: The present invention discloses an interactive biosensing device and a method thereof. The interactive biosensing device is arranged on a living body and comprises a physiological detection module detecting physiological signals of the living body; a physical sensation module triggering at least one physical device according to control instructions; a... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20120065481 - Navigation system for cardiac therapies: An image guided catheter navigation system for navigating a region of a patient includes an imaging device, a tracking device, a controller, and a display. The imaging device generates images of the region of the patient. The tracking device tracks the location of the catheter in the region of the... Agent: Medtronic Navigation, Inc.

20120065480 - Stress monitor system and method: A stress monitoring method includes the steps of acquiring a plurality of individual readings of at least one physiologic data parameter over a period of time, storing the plurality of individual readings, determining the average of at least a portion of the plurality of individual readings, and comparing at least... Agent:

20120065479 - Ultrasound patch: A wearable patch is provided for use on the body which preferably comprises an ultrasound sensor array, a transmission system coupled to the ultrasound sensor array adapted to provide signal information for ultrasound transmission into the body, and a receiver system coupled to the ultrasound sensor array adapted to receive... Agent:

20120065482 - Determination of blood pump system performance and sample dilution using a property of fluid being transported: The present invention provides methods and apparatuses related to measurement of analytes, including measurements of analytes in samples withdrawn from a patient.... Agent:

20120065483 - Rtls tag, rtls reader and livestock management system using the same: A livestock management system according to the embodiment includes an RTLS tag attached to a livestock to transmit analysis information of a blood gathered from the livestock and ID information dedicated for the RTLS tag, a reader transmitting the analysis information and ID information transmitted thereto from the RTLS tag... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120065484 - Determination of a measure of a glycation end-product or disease state using tissue fluorescence: A method of determining a measure of a tissue state (e.g., glycation end-product or disease state) in an individual. A portion of the tissue of the individual is illuminated with excitation light, then light emitted by the tissue due to fluorescence of a chemical with the tissue responsive to the... Agent:

20120065485 - Apparatus and method for non-invasively determining oxygen saturation of venous blood and cardiac output using nirs: A method and apparatus for determining a venous oxygen saturation value (SvO2) of a subject is provided. The method includes the steps of: a) sensing a plurality of tissue regions on a subject using a NIRS oximeter adapted to determine a tissue oxygen saturation value (StO2) for each region, each... Agent: Cas Medical Systems, Inc.

20120065486 - Device, system and method for monitoring and communicating biometric data of a diver: A system and method for monitoring biometric data of a diver and signaling those data from a first communication device to other communication devices, e.g., those of other divers, on a ship or buoy. A signal generated from a device of the diver can generate a diver identifier, an indication... Agent:

20120065487 - Systems, methods, and devices for reducing the pain of glucose monitoring and insulin adminstration in diabetic patients: The various embodiments disclosed herein are devices that deliver electrical stimulation and/or vibration stimulation to the surface of skin in proximity to insulin injections and/or glucose testing in order to decrease or eliminate the pain of these procedures.... Agent: Innova Medical Design LLC

20120065488 - Ophthalmic analysis system for measuring the intraocular pressure in the eye: The invention relates to an ophthalmic analysis system for measuring the intraocular pressure in an eye comprising an actuating device for contact-free deformation of the cornea, an observation system with which the deformation of the cornea can be observed and recorded, an analysis device with which the intraocular pressure can... Agent:

20120065490 - Device and method for in vivo detection of clots within circulatory vessels: A device and method of using the device to detect the presence and composition of clots and other target objects in a circulatory vessel of a living subject is described. In particular, devices and methods of detecting the presence and composition of clots and other target objects in a circulatory... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

20120065489 - Method and apparatus pertaining to optimizing a radiation-treatment leaf-sequence plan: Determine first information regarding physical-movement limitations pertaining to at least one multi-leaf collimator and also determine second information regarding movement of the treatment target with respect to the given patient. Then, while optimizing a radiation-treatment leaf-sequence plan, constrain individually-planned leaf positions as a function, at least in part, of the... Agent:

20120065491 - Arrangement and method for influencing and/or detecting magnetic particles: The present invention relates to an arrangement and a method for influencing and/or detecting magnetic particles in a region of action, in particular for monitoring of intra-cerebral or intra-cranial bleeding using Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI). A common coupling unit per coil of a coil array is provided for coupling all... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120065492 - Energetic modulation of nerves: A system for treatment includes a focused ultrasound energy source for placement outside a patient, wherein the focused ultrasound energy source is configured to deliver ultrasound energy towards a blood vessel with a surrounding nerve that is a part of an autonomic nervous system inside the patient, and wherein the... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20120065493 - Energetic modulation of nerves: A method to apply a nerve inhibiting cloud surrounding a blood vessel includes creating a treatment plan, wherein the treatment plan prescribes application of the nerve inhibiting cloud towards at least a majority portion of a circumference of a blood vessel wall, and applying the nerve inhibiting cloud towards the... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20120065494 - Energetic modulation of nerves: A method to deliver focused ultrasound energy from a position outside a skin of a patient to a nerve surrounding a blood vessel, includes placing the patient on a table in a substantially flat position, moving a transducer into a position inferior to ribs, superior to an iliac crest, and... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20120065495 - Needle biobsy imaging system: Imaging techniques. Radiation is directed from a source onto a sample using an endoscope having cellular or subcellular resolution. The endoscope includes one or more fibers. The fibers have a proximate end and a distal end, and the distal end is lensless. A focal plane of the endoscope is substantially... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

20120065496 - Apparatus for imaging a body part: Apparatus for imaging a body part of a subject, for example using MRI, is described. The apparatus includes a housing for at least partially surrounding a body part (e.g. a head) and a first fiducial marker assembly retained at least partially within the housing that includes one or more fiducial... Agent: Renishaw (ireland) Limited

20120065498 - Apparatus and method for minimally invasive therapy of mitral regurgitation: A system and method of treatment of mitral valve insufficiency using an implantable medical device is described. The system uses a C-arm X-ray device configured to produce computed-tomographic (CT)-like images, and to superimpose the CT-like images on a fluoroscopic image taken with the same X-ray device as a part of... Agent:

20120065497 - Three dimensional minimally-invasive spinal imaging system and method: A method and system is disclosed that is operable to generate a location value associated with an implant that has been implanted in a predetermined location of a vertebra of a spine. The location value can be utilized to generate a three-dimensional animation of the spine in motion. The system... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120065499 - Medical image diagnosis device and region-of-interest setting method therefore: A medical image diagnosis device according to the present invention has a medical image acquiring unit that acquires a medical image, a three-dimensional image constructing unit that constructs a three-dimensional image containing a motional internal organ region in the medical image, a sectional image generator that generates a two-dimensional sectional... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120065500 - Radiopaque embedded into desiccant for implantable medical device: A molded desiccant article for placement in an implantable medical device includes an affixed radiopaque marker. The radiopaque marker may serve to provide information regarding the make and model of the device or may be used for purposes of determining whether the desiccant was placed in the device.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120065503 - Radiopaque markers for implantable medical devices: A radiopaque marker for inclusion within an implantable medical device (IMD) may comprise one or more radiopaque articles selected from a predetermined set of radiopaque articles. The one or more radiopaque articles may be carried by an object formed of or including, a desiccant. The predetermined set of radiopaque articles... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120065501 - Renal injury inhibiting devices, systems, and methods employing low-frequency ultrasound or other cyclical pressure energies: Improved devices, systems, and methods treatment of patients can be used to help mitigate injury to the kidneys by applying cyclical mechanical pressure energy at low intensities. The energy often be selectively directed from non-invasive transducers disposed outside the patients. The energy will typically comprise low frequency ultrasound energy, shock... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120065502 - System for controlled delivery of medical fluids: A system for controlled delivery of medical fluids to a patient includes an inlet conduit attached to a source of a medical fluid and an outlet conduit connected to the patient. The inlet and outlet conduits are interconnected by a multiple stage control valve assembly and a pair of syringes.... Agent:

20120065506 - Mechanical, electromechanical, and/or elastographic assessment for renal nerve ablation: A transducer arrangement causes target tissue of the body to vibrate and senses resulting vibration of the target tissue. Changes in one or more mechanical properties of the target tissue are measured based on the sensed vibration. Changes in one or more electromechanical properties of the target tissue can also... Agent:

20120065504 - Method for measuring the viscoelastic properties of biological tissue employing an ultrasonic transducer: t

20120065505 - Ultrasound strain imaging based on lateral displacement compensation: Embodiments for forming a strain image by compensating for displacement in a later direction in an ultrasound system are disclosed. In one embodiment, an ultrasound system includes: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to acquire first ultrasound data where compression is not applied to a target object and second ultrasound... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120065507 - Reduction of motion artifacts in ultrasound imaging with a flexible ultrasound transducer: Reduction of motion artifacts from flexible transducers are provided in ultrasound imaging. Temporal and/or amplitude modulation of an acoustic radiation force impulse pushing pulse may be designed to control the motion of a moveable transducer. The motion may be controlled to stabilize the transducer in one position or in a... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120065513 - 3d ultrasound system for extending view of image and method for operating the 3d ultrasound system: A 3D ultrasound system and a method for operating the same. The 3D ultrasound system includes a scanning unit which generates a plurality of volume images with respect to an object by using ultrasound signals; a processor which identifies a first point with respect to a first volume image from... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120065511 - Apparatus and method for medical image searching: An intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) imaging system and catheter with an intuitive interface for rapid operator interaction using acquired medical images. In an embodiment, an IVUS imaging system and catheter are used to acquire a sequence of a specific area of interest in the human anatomy, for example, tomographic images of... Agent: Silicon Valley Medical Instruments, Inc.

20120065512 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic image processng apparatus: According to one embodiment, there is provided an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus Which comprises a volume data acquisition unit configured to acquire volume data by scanning a three-dimensional region including at least part of a fetus with an ultrasonic wave, a detection unit configured to detect NT data which corresponds to... Agent:

20120065508 - Ultrasound imaging system and method for displaying a target image: An ultrasound imaging system and method include acquiring ultrasound data of an anatomical structure, generating a live image based on the ultrasound data, and displaying the live image. The system and method include displaying a target image of the anatomical structure. The system and method include comparing the live image... Agent: General Electric Company

20120065509 - Ultrasound method and probe for electromagnetic noise cancellation: A method of ultrasound imaging includes acquiring ultrasound data with a plurality of transducer elements. The ultrasound data includes a plurality of signals. The method includes detecting an electromagnetic noise signal during the process of acquiring the ultrasound data. The method also includes modifying the plurality of signals based on... Agent: General Electric Company

20120065510 - Ultrasound system and method for calculating quality-of-fit: An ultrasound imaging system and method include generating an image from ultrasound data of an anatomical structure and fitting a model to the image, the model including a standard view of the anatomical structure. The system and method include calculating a quality-of-fit of the image to the model. The system... Agent: General Electric Company

20120065514 - Cardiohealth methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus for improving measurements of cardiovascular health status in a given individual are provided. The comprehensive assessment of cardiovascular health includes at least two components: risk factor assessment based on epidemiologic studies and functional status of the individual. Structural studies of the individual can also be included in... Agent:

20120065516 - Organic piezoelectric material, ultrasound transducer, ultrasound probe, and ultrasound medical diagnostic imaging system: Disclosed is an organic piezoelectric material which has excellent piezoelectric characteristics and excellent handling properties. Also disclosed are an ultrasound transducer using the organic piezoelectric material, an ultrasound probe, and an ultrasound medical diagnostic imaging system. Specifically disclosed is an organic piezoelectric material which contains a base material that is... Agent: Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc.

20120065515 - Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic equipment using same: s

20120065517 - System and method for reducing angular geometric distortion in an imaging device: A system and method are provided for significantly reducing or substantially eliminating angular geometric distortions in devices designed for imaging and/or inspection of an interior portion or surface of a cavity. A series of processing steps or methods may be employed to eliminate Non-Uniform Rotational Distortion (NURD) in such devices,... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120065518 - Systems and methods for multilayer imaging and retinal injury analysis: Systems and methods are provided for imaging an eye and identifying retinal or subretinal features that may be indicative of pathologies such as macular degeneration and traumatic brain injury. An infrared or near-infrared image of an eye is interdependently smoothed and segmented and attributes of the image are determined. The... Agent: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

20120065519 - Method and system for collecting optical data for use in time resolved optical imaging of a turbid media: There is provided a method and a system for collecting optical data for use in time resolved optical imaging wherein excitation light of a tunable wavelength is directionally propagated to impinge on a plurality of illumination points at the surface of a region of interest in a turbid media, comprising... Agent:

20120065521 - Needle biobsy imaging method: Imaging techniques. Radiation is directed from a source onto a sample using an endoscope having cellular or subcellular resolution. The endoscope includes one or more fibers. The fibers have a proximate end and a distal end, and the distal end is lensless. A focal plane of the endoscope is substantially... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

20120065520 - Optical measurement apparatus: An optical measurement apparatus has a light source section, a light receiving section, and a light guiding section. The light source section has a light emitting surface that emits light. The light receiving section has a light receiving surface that receives the light emitted by the emitting surface of the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120065522 - Patient monitoring apparatus: A patient monitoring system including a sensing-recording device that attaches to a patient and a probe utilized by attending personnel at a trauma site. After an initial interaction between the probe and the sensing-recording device, the sensing-recording device samples one or more physiological parameters and stores time stamped readings in... Agent: Nova Technology Corporation

20120065523 - Dvt detection: A device comprising a light transmission and detection system having transducers (10, 20, 7, 8), control means (5) and output means (7). The transducers are placed at various sites on the body of a patient and the light absorbed and/or reflected at these sites is measured and signals related to... Agent:

20120065524 - Motion determination apparatus: The invention relates to a motion determination apparatus for determining motion of a moving object, wherein the motion determination apparatus (1) comprises a multi-axial accelerometer (2) for being positioned at the moving object (4), wherein the multi-axial accelerometer (2) is adapted to generate accelerometer signals indicative of the acceleration along... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120065526 - Piezoelectric sensor for measuring pressure fluctuations: The invention relates to a piezoelectric sensor for the improved measurement of mechanical variables such as force, pressure or measurement variables which are derived there from, particularly a PVDF film sensor having an improved sensitivity and temperature stability of the measurement signal for pressure measurements that vary in time and/or... Agent:

20120065525 - Pressure gauge, blood pressure gauge, method of determining pressure values, method of calibrating a pressure gauge, and computer program: A pressure gauge for determining at least one pressure value describing a pressure of a fluid flowing in a pulsating manner in a phase of the pulsating flow, includes a pulse wave characterizer. The pulse wave characterizer is configured to obtain transmit time information of a pulse wave, and amplitude... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120065527 - Methods and systems for monitoring aterial stiffness: Implanted systems and methods for monitoring a patient's arterial stiffness are provided. An implanted sensor is used to produce a signal indicative of changes in arterial blood volume for a plurality of beats of the patient's heart. A pulse duration metric is determined for each of a plurality of pulses... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120065528 - Pre-ejection interval (pei) monitoring devices, systems and methods: Provided herein are implantable systems, and methods for use therewith, for monitoring a patient's pre-ejection interval (PEI). A signal indicative of cardiac electrical activity and a signal indicative of changes in arterial blood volume are obtained. One or more predetermined features of the signal indicative of cardiac electrical activity and... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120065529 - Method and system for quantitative measure of current of injury during lead fixation: A method and system is provided for measuring current of injury (COI) during lead fixation. The method and system sense cardiac signals from a lead within a chamber of the heart while the lead is in a pre-fixation position and capture a baseline waveform from the cardiac signals while the... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120065530 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program: The systolic timings of myocardia at various positions of a heart are analyzed and evaluated. An image processing apparatus 1 obtains myocardial thicknesses at various positions of a heart within a plurality of three dimensional images V1 through VK, obtained by imaging a heart at a plurality of temporal phases... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120065531 - Rapid visual cuing apparatus for cardiac ekg rhythms: The present invention is a visual cuing device which allows users to rapidly and easily identify ECG/EKG cardiac arrhythmias and twelve lead ECG/EKG arrhythmias. A visual cuing device contains a plurality of panels with a plurality of graphically displayed ECG/EKG abnormalities alternated with visually high-contrast, solid colored text sections. A... Agent:

20120065532 - Implantable medical devices employing electroactive polymers for sensing cardiac motion and/or causing cardiac compression: Disclosed herein is a system for monitoring a motion of a cardiac tissue. The system includes a motion sensor configured to operably couple to the cardiac tissue. The motion sensor includes an electroactive polymer and is further configured to result in a deflection in the electroactive polymer when the cardiac... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120065534 - Diagnostic nanosensor device and method for breath analysis: A hand-held portable device detects the concentration of gas such as ammonia, and displays the concentration, by whether it exceeds a threshold and/or in numerical concentration.... Agent: Amdt Inc.

20120065535 - Gas analysis apparatus having a combination of gas dehumidifier and gas converter: An apparatus for measuring nitrogen monoxide in exhaled air by way of a gas sensor unit (13) having at least one gas sensor (15), has a device for gas conversion (11), wherein a device for gas dehumidification (19) is connected upstream of the device for gas conversion.... Agent:

20120065533 - Positive airway pressure system and method: A CPAP system and method which allows the control of released gases from the patient circuit. Coordination of blower speeds and the amount of released gases to improve patient therapy are disclosed. Methods and systems to control patient CO2 retention within the patient mask and to measure patient metabolic function... Agent:

20120065536 - System and method for neurological evaluation: A device and method for acquiring and processing a patient's brain electrical activity is provided. Noise contamination during acquisition and transmission of the brain electrical signals is reduced by providing differential amplifiers in the patient sensor in close proximity to the electrodes. A guarding technique is applied in the patient... Agent:

20120065537 - System for in vivo detection of a functional area of the human brain leading to a hemispatial neglect syndrome in case of lesion: A system for detecting a functional area (102) in the brain (104) of a person that causes hemispatial neglect in the person in the event of a lesion, includes: at least one electrode (106) for inducing a stimulus at a position of the brain (104) of the person; elements (108)... Agent: E(ye)brain

20120065538 - Electromyographic (emg) device for the diagnosis and treatment of muscle injuries: An electromyographic (EMG) device for the diagnosis and treatment of muscle injuries associated with pain, stiffness, and movement disorders which is configured for diagnosing chronic and recurrent muscle pain and which includes two active EMG electrodes and an EMG reference electrode which when attached to the subject patient can measure... Agent: Intronix Technologies Corporation

20120065539 - Use of impedance techniques in breast-mass detection: A device is described for measuring electrical characteristics of biological tissues with one or a plurality of electrodes and a processor controlling the stimulation and measurement in order to detect the presence of abnormal tissue masses in the breast and determine probability of tumors containing malignant cancer cells being present... Agent:

20120065540 - Temperature sensor with calibrated analog resistive output: Thermometric apparatus includes at least one body-surface sensor, which is configured to be placed at a location on a body surface of a patient and generates a sensor output that varies according to a body-surface temperature at the location. Analog conversion circuitry is coupled between the at least one body-surface... Agent: Medisim Ltd

20120065541 - Biopsy apparatus having integrated fluid management: A biopsy apparatus includes a driver assembly to be grasped by a user and a disposable biopsy probe assembly for releasable attachment to the driver assembly. The driver assembly includes a first vacuum path having a first one-way valve configured and arranged to permit a negative pressure fluid flow toward... Agent:

20120065542 - Biopsy device tissue sample holder with removable tray: A biopsy device comprises a body, a needle, a cutter, and a tissue sample holder. The tissue sample holder comprises an outer cup and a cap. A tray retains severed tissue samples from a biopsy procedure. In some versions, the tray is selectively detachable from the cap in a one-handed... Agent:

20120065543 - Flexible biopsy needle: A flexible biopsy needle assembly includes a flexible coring stylet that is slidably disposed within a flexible outer cannula. The stylet includes an elongated body, a tip, a sampling notch adjacent to the tip, and at least one ferrule along the length of the body. The cannula includes an elongated... Agent: Promex Technologies, LLC

20120065544 - Health monitoring device, device modules and method: The present invention relates to a health monitoring device for measuring blood or tissue indicators and a strip cassette. The device comprises a body having first and second openings, a piercing means being connected to the body and having a piercing head, the piercing means being arranged to extend from... Agent: Ihq Innovation Headquarters Oy

20120065545 - Sampling devices and methods utilizing biased capillary action: A device is constructed so as to define a capillary channel that draws a body fluid form a proximal portion of the capillary channel toward a distal portion. A counterbore defining a “ledge” not substantially normal to the center line of channel causes the meniscus of body fluid to be... Agent:

20120065547 - Devices for prevention of pressure ulcers: A support surface, such as an underpad, for preventing pressure sores in a patient is a multi-layer textile assembly having a skin contact layer formed from a fabric of synthetic filament yarns woven to provide air permeability and moisture vapor permeability and having a thickness of less than 1 mm.... Agent: Persimmon Scientific, Inc.

20120065546 - Measurement and estimation method for orthopedics diagnosis: A measurement and estimation method for orthopedics diagnosis is disclosed, which includes providing a resonant frequency of a bone, providing a bone length of the bone, providing a correction parameter, and calculating a bone density according to the resonant frequency, the bone length, and the correction parameter.... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20120065548 - Orthopaedic implant with sensors: A monitoring system includes an implant having at least one sensor and configured for at least partial insertion into a patient, a microchip associated with the implant and the sensor, the microchip configured to receive at least a first signal from the sensor, and a transmitter associated with the microchip... Agent:

20120065549 - Apparatus and method for assessing vestibulo-ocular function: A system for assessing vestibulo-ocular function includes a motion sensor system adapted to be coupled to a user's head; a data processing system configured to communicate with the motion sensor system to receive the head-motion signals; a visual display system configured to communicate with the data processing system to receive... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20120065550 - System and method for determining patient follow-up subsequent to an orthopaedic procedure: A method of determining patient follow-up subsequent to an orthopaedic procedure includes determining the number of cycles of use of an orthopaedic joint of the patient. If a predetermined threshold is exceeded, communication with an orthopaedic care provider is initiated. A patient monitoring system is also disclosed.... Agent:

03/08/2012 > 75 patent applications in 52 patent subcategories.

20120059210 - Rotate-to-advance catheterization system: A system of rotate-to-advance medical devices including catheters, dilators, occluders, stents, suprapubic catheters and camera introducers configured with external screw threads and depending substantially on rotation for means of advancement and emplacement in mammalian genitourinary and gastrointestinal passages and organs.... Agent:

20120059211 - Method of diagnosing and treatment of hypertension: A method for the provision of electrical, electromagnetic or magnetic stimulation to the T8 and T9 vertebrae and related off-shoot vertebrae of the human spine, through the use of probes, related induction coils and electrodes, imparting one or more of low frequency, high frequency, AC or magnetic fields and pulses,... Agent:

20120059214 - Active hydraulic ventricular attaching support system: An active hydraulic ventricular attachable support system includes a net cover for surrounding a ventricle and is formed by hollow tubes. All the hollow tubes can completely communicate with each other or form a plurality of independent areas, and the interior of each independent area is intercommunicating, while the independent... Agent:

20120059213 - Cannula systems and methods: Disclosed herein is a cannula assembly for directing the flow of material from an organ chamber, e.g., blood from the left chamber of the heart, and methods of placing the cannula assembly in fluidic communication with the chamber. The cannula assembly includes an elongate tubular member and a coupling assembly... Agent:

20120059212 - Conduit device for use with a ventricular assist device: The present invention is a conduit device designed to be placed within a wall of a heart, such as through a prepared opening or hole in the heart wall. The conduit is hollow and extends to form a sleeve over a portion of the heart pump, such as a VAD,... Agent:

20120059215 - method of collecting semen from lab animals and artificial insemination method thereof: The present invention relates to a method of collecting semen from the epididymis or the testis of a lab animal and an artificial insemination method thereof. The present invention relates to a new applicable method in the animal production field using artificial insemination. Since the present invention solves the problems... Agent: Korea Testing & Research Institute

20120059217 - Pelvic implants and methods of implanting the same: In one embodiment, an implant is configured to be placed within a body of a patient. The implant includes a support member. The support member is configured to be placed adjacent a vaginal apex of a patient. The support member has a length sufficient to extend the length of the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120059216 - Remotely adjustable gastric banding system: A fluid reservoir for use in a remotely adjustable gastric banding system comprises a housing and a flexible reservoir pouch positioned within the housing. The flexible reservoir pouch is coupled to an inflatable portion of a gastric band via flexible tubing. A pump coupled to the flexible reservoir pouch facilitates... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20120059218 - Stimulation of penis erection: A penis erection stimulation system comprises a fully implantable drug delivery device for delivering a drug in relation to a penis to achieve erection of the penis. The drug delivery device may comprise a catheter adapted to be implanted in the corpora cavernosa of a penis or in close proximity... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20120059219 - Bipolar resection device having simplified rotational control and better visualization: An oval or ovoid electrode is used in a resectoscope. A longer dimension of the electrode preferably extends in a direction that is perpendicular to the direction in which the electrode is moved during tissue resection.... Agent: Gyrus Acmi, Inc.

20120059220 - Apparatus and method for four dimensional soft tissue navigation in endoscopic applications: A surgical instrument navigation system is provided that visually simulates a virtual volumetric scene of a body cavity of a patient from a point of view of a surgical instrument residing in the cavity of the patient. The surgical instrument navigation system includes: a surgical instrument; an imaging device which... Agent:

20120059221 - Endoscopic form detection device and form detecting method of insertion section of endoscope: An endoscopic form detection device includes a posture detecting section configured to detect a posture of each of sensor units based on measurement data in the sensor unit, and a linear form detecting section configured to detect a detected linear form of an inserting section on an assumption that a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120059222 - Imaging device and method of cleaning an illumination window of the imaging device: In an imaging device for capturing an image by applying illuminating light emitted from a light source to a part to be observed through a light exit window and receiving light coming from the part to be observed when the illuminating light is applied, a light exit window cleaning unit... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120059223 - Laryngscope insertion section with tube guide: A laryngoscope insertion section includes an elongate member and a tube guide having a moveable guiding member, located transversely of the elongate member and moveable relative to adjacent elongate member to adjust the path of a retained endotracheal tube, thereby facilitating intubation.... Agent:

20120059224 - Hand-held ear vacuum with camera and video display: An ear speculum that includes a body having an ear-contacting tip with an opening; a light providing member; a viewing member; and a vacuum intake port, wherein the members and intake port are provided within the ear speculum with the vacuum intake port occupying a larger portion of the of... Agent:

20120059225 - Expandable space-occupying tissue retractors: This document provides methods and materials for retracting tissue during a minimally invasive surgical procedure (e.g., an endoscopic surgical procedure). For example, methods and materials for using an expandable space-occupying tissue retractor during an endoscopic surgical procedure such as a laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedure or a NOTES procedure are provided.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20120059226 - Surgical retractors with illumination: A surgical retractor has a plurality of lights affixed to a blade thereof, that can illuminate a wound of a patient during operation. The lights can be on a distal end of the blade and/or an interior or exterior surface of the blade, so that the user can control the... Agent:

20120059227 - Directing a user to a medical resource: A processor-implemented method, system, and/or computer program product directs a user using a physiological sensor to a needed medical resource. A real-time state of a medical condition of a user is determined based on readings from a physiological sensor on a user. A processing system correlates the real-time state of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120059228 - Methods for detecting endometriosis: The method of the present invention is directed towards detecting endometriosis in a mammalian subject. This method comprises the following steps; taking a sample from the mammal, measuring the level of sphingomyelin (SM) or phosphatidylcholine (PC), or combinations thereof, in the sample, comparing the measured levels of SM or PC,... Agent: The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York

20120059229 - Device and method for measuring mild perceptual impairment: A device and method for measuring mild perceptual impairment of a human subject, in which a stimulus having at least one parameter is applied to the human subject. The human subject produces a response to the stimulus indicative of a perception by the human subject of the at least one... Agent:

20120059230 - Wearable body monitor to provide indicators of an individual: The invention is a system for detecting, monitoring, and reporting an individual's physiological or contextual status. The system works deriving a physiological or contextual status parameter of an individual using the system. The derivation utilizes two sensed parameters of the individual. The system is able to present the derived parameter... Agent:

20120059231 - Device for performing at least one medical function: A device for performing at least one medical function on a user is proposed. The device has at least one medical functional element that is designed to perform the medical function. The medical function is selected from a diagnostic, a therapeutic and a surgical function. The device has at least... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120059232 - Implantable optical glucose sensing: Apparatus is provided, including a support (21) configured to be implanted within a body of a subject and a sampling region (30, 1430) coupled to the support (21). The apparatus is configured to passively allow passage through the sampling region (30, 1430) of at least a portion of fluid from... Agent: Glusense, Ltd.

20120059233 - Disposable and detachable sensor for continuous non-invasive arterial blood pressure monitoring: A sensor system for continuous non-invasive arterial blood pressure (CNAP) is provided. The CNAP-sensor comprises of a base portion and a detachable and disposable portion. The base portion is connected to a control system. The disposable portion is for attachment to a human body part. The CNAP-sensor system includes a... Agent: Cnsystems Medizintechnik Ag

20120059234 - Blood chamber for an optical blood monitoring system: An extracorporeal blood chamber for an optical blood monitoring system includes an opaque chamber body in order to prevent inaccuracies when measuring oxygen saturation levels due to light ducting, which can occur at low oxygen saturation levels and low hematocrit levels. In one embodiment, the blood chamber need not include... Agent: Hema Metrics, LLC

20120059235 - Animal instrumentation: An approach to instrumentation and telemetry of physiological and physical parameters of an animal and its environment has particular application to horses. This approach improves the effectiveness of one or more of evaluation, diagnosis, care conditioning or monitoring of animals because it does not require use of restrictive equipment such... Agent: Equusys, Incorporated

20120059236 - Implantable device for real-time monitoring of glycemia and dosage: An implantable device for constant collection and dosage of glycemia with real-time monitoring, with no need of external collection by punctioning which is constituted by a metal compartment, hermetically sealed with the cap, containing at least a micro-computerized mini-center fed by the battery or similar, which is externally rechargeable. The... Agent:

20120059237 - System and method for monitoring blood glucose levels non-invasively: A system and method is described for non-invasive monitoring of blood glucose levels. The system includes a pulse-sensor unit configured to detect a pulse wave travelling through a blood vessel and a processor unit configured to determine pulse wave velocity, to calculate the blood density and so to determine blood... Agent:

20120059238 - System for transcutaneous monitoring of intracranial pressure: A system for measuring and converting to an observer intelligible form an internal physiological parameter of a patient. The invention allows transcutaneous telemetry of intracranial pressure via a system which includes a patient implanted sensor module and an external processing module, optically coupled to the sensor module via an external... Agent:

20120059239 - Body motion detection device and method, as well as radiographic imaging apparatus and method: An image obtaining unit obtains a plurality of radiographic images, which at least partially overlap with one another, taken by carrying out a plurality of imaging operations with respect to an identical subject. An imaging information obtaining unit obtains imaging information representing imaging conditions and an imaged subject during the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120059240 - Method for preparation of micellar hybrid nanoparticles for therapeutic and diagnostic applications and compositions thereof: The disclosure provides a long-circulating, micellar hybrid nanoparticles (MHN) that contain MN, QD, and the anti-cancer drug doxorubicin (DOX) within a single polyethylene glycol (PEG)-phospholipid micelle and provide the first examples of simultaneous targeted drug delivery and dual-mode NIR-fluorescent and MR imaging of diseased tissue in vitro and in vivo.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120059241 - Systems and methods for making and using a steerable imaging system configured and arranged for insertion into a patient: A medical imaging assembly includes a sheath with a lumen. An imaging core is disposed at one end of an imaging core shaft disposed in the lumen. The imaging core shaft bends along a shape memory region when the imaging core is extended from the lumen. The imaging core includes... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120059242 - Hybrid mr/pet scanner with patient table split cable feed: A hybrid magnetic resonance (MR) and positron emission tomography (PET) imaging system reduces likelihood of artifact distortion in PET images attributable to MR local coil cables and connectors in the patient table. MR local coil cables coupling the MR scanner and the MR local coil connectors are oriented so that... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120059243 - Motion compensation for non-invasive treatment therapies: Procedures and systems facilitate non-invasive, focused delivery of therapeutic energy to a target within or on a patient using, in various embodiments, a closed-loop approach such that feedback regarding anatomical movement and/or morphology changes is tracked and the uncertainty inherent in the measurements is addressed.... Agent:

20120059244 - Skin marker: A skin marker for providing a reference point for a plurality of different medical imaging procedures, said marker incorporating one or more substances having one or more of radiance and/or hydration and/or radiopaque and/or radio luminescent and/or radioactive properties for detection by X-ray and/or Computer Tomography (CT) and/or MRI and/or... Agent: University Of Ulster

20120059245 - Method and device for monitoring and improving arteriogenesis: A method for determining an arteriovascular condition of a subject having an arterial blood flow is shown. The method involves determining a temporal progression of an instantaneous blood flow condition of the arterial blood flow as well as deriving a slew rate of the temporal progression during an increase of... Agent:

20120059246 - Method and system for patient-specific modeling of blood flow: Embodiments include a system for determining cardiovascular information for a patient. The system may include at least one computer system configured to receive patient-specific data regarding a geometry of at least a portion of an anatomical structure of the patient. The portion of the anatomical structure may include at least... Agent: Heartflow, Inc.

20120059248 - Apparatus and method for airway registration and navigation: A surgical instrument navigation system is provided that visually simulates a virtual volumetric scene of a body cavity of a patient from a point of view of a surgical instrument residing in the cavity of the patient. The surgical instrument navigation system includes: a surgical instrument; an imaging device which... Agent:

20120059247 - Echogenic needle for biopsy device: A biopsy device comprises an elongate needle having a piercing tip, a lateral aperture, and one or more echogenic features. In some versions, a dimpled surface provides the one or more echogenic features. The dimples may be concave or convex. In some versions, the piercing tip comprises a blade, and... Agent:

20120059249 - Navigation system for cardiac therapies: An image guided navigation system for navigating a region of a subject includes an imaging device, a tracking device, a controller, and a display. The imaging device generates images of the region of the subject. The tracking device tracks the location of the instrument in the subject. The controller superimposes... Agent: Medtronic Navigation, Inc.

20120059250 - Power injectable port identification: An implantable port for accessing internal body structures, the port comprises a proximal housing including an opening providing access to an interior of the port and a distal housing adapted for assembly with the proximal housing, the distal housing including a reservoir which, when the distal housing is mated with... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20120059251 - Re-calibration of pre-recorded images during interventions using a needle device: Re-calibration of pre-recorded images during interventions is proposed, utilizing an interventional system comprising an imaging device providing images of an object, a needle device, and a processing device. The needle device comprises a sensor for providing data corresponding to tissue properties. The processing device is adapted to perform an overlay... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120059252 - Computer tomography sorting based on internal anatomy of patients: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for computer tomography (CT) sorting based on internal anatomy of patients. CT scans of anatomical features of a human are obtained as pixels. From the scans, multiple respiratory features are determined. An optimal respiratory feature is selected... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120059253 - Method and system for image based device tracking for co-registration of angiography and intravascular ultrasound images: A method and system for co-registration of angiography data and intra vascular ultrasound (IVUS) data is disclosed. A vessel branch is detected in an angiogram image. A sequence of IVUS images is received from an IVUS transducer while the IVUS transducer is being pulled back through the vessel branch. A... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20120059254 - Apparatus and method for phase-space reduction for imaging of fluorescing, scattering and/or absorbing structures: A method and apparatus are disclosed for utilizing light, including ultraviolet, optical and/or infrared, for detecting a body in an object, such as biomaterial or tissue, animal and/or human tissue. The body or object may be made fluorescent by the use of dyes or agent. Light is used to illuminate... Agent:

20120059255 - Catheter systems: Catheter systems include direction-sensitive, multi-polar tip electrode assemblies for electroporation-mediated therapy, electroporation-induced primary necrosis therapy and electric field-induced apoptosis therapy, including configurations for producing narrow, linear lesions as well as distributed, wide area lesions. A monitoring system for electroporation therapy includes a mechanism for delivering electrochromic dyes to a tissue... Agent:

20120059257 - Ingestible event markers comprising an ingestible component: Ingestible event markers comprising an identifier and an ingestible component are provided. The ingestible component may vary, where ingestible components of interest include osmotic ingestible components, liquid capsules, tablets, multi-layered ingestible component and multi-compartment ingestible components. In some instances, the identifier is mechanically stably associated with the ingestible component. Also... Agent:

20120059256 - Site marker visible under multiple modalities: A site marker is provided that includes a generally hollow body defining a cavity. A deployment line within the site marker positions at least one marker element within the body portion. The deployment line has a first end that is fixedly secured to a first end of the body portion... Agent: Suros Surgical Systems, Inc.

20120059260 - Biopsy guide system with an ultrasound transducer and method of using same: A multi-position biopsy guide system and a method of using such biopsy guide system is proposed. The biopsy guide system comprises a 2D matrix ultra-sound transducer (3) and comprises at least one biopsy needle guide (5) adapted for guiding a biopsy needle along a biopsy path (7). Therein, the multi-position... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120059259 - System and method for treating a therapeutic site: A targeting catheter is used to locate an arteriotomy, such as is formed during a femoral artery catheterization procedure. The targeting catheter includes one or more targeting aids, such as an inflatable balloon or sensor (e.g., Doppler or temperature sensor), to locate the arteriotomy. The targeting aid may be positioned... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20120059258 - Use of focused ultrasound for vascular sealing: An ultrasonic applicator unit (2) is used diagnostically to locate a puncture wound (316) in an artery and then therapeutically to seal the puncture wound with high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). A control unit (6) coupled to the applicator unit includes a processor (74) that automates the procedure, controlling various... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20120059261 - Dual constrained methodology for imt measurement: A computer-implemented system and method for intima-media thickness (IMT) measurements using a validation embedded segmentation method. Various embodiments include receiving biomedical imaging data and patient demographic data corresponding to a current scan of a patient; checking the biomedical imaging data in real-time to determine if an artery of the patient... Agent:

20120059262 - Spectral doppler ultrasound imaging device and method for controlling same: A method for controlling a spectral Doppler ultrasound imaging device adapted for operating both in a spectrum-live Doppler measurement mode (S3) and in an image-live measurement mode (S1, S6) is proposed. In accordance with the present invention, the method comprises automatically switching to the image-live measurement mode (S6) upon detection... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120059263 - Providing a color doppler mode image in an ultrasound system: Embodiments for providing a color Doppler mode image are disclosed. In one embodiment, by way of non-limiting example, an ultrasound system comprises: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to transmit and receive ultrasound signals to and from a living body to acquire first ultrasound data and second ultrasound data; a... Agent: Medison Co., Ltd.

20120059264 - Ultrasonic blood flow doppler audio with pitch shifting: An ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system produces audio Doppler from detected Doppler signals. The Doppler signals are detected in a band of frequencies which corresponds to the velocity of blood flow signals, and Doppler information is displayed based on the detected band of frequencies. The audio Doppler system produces Doppler audio... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120059265 - Active transducer probes and circuits: In an example embodiment, a method for bidirectional signal propagation comprises: a) sensing a voltage level of a first signal at a first port; b) coupling the first port to an output of an amplifier with a solid state switch if the voltage level of the first signal is less... Agent:

20120059266 - Imaging method: A docking station for use in combined imaging of a tissue wound and a test substrate comprising a sample from a tissue wound, the docking station comprises means for connecting the station to a processor which processes and stores the images. The docking station also incorporates means for receiving a... Agent: Mologic Ltd.

20120059267 - Blood pressure measurement system: A blood pressure measurement system that non-invasively determines an individual's blood pressure can include a noninvasive blood pressure sensor having an optical sensor and a motion sensor. The optical sensor can provide a photoplethysmograph signal obtained from a patient to a processor. The motion sensor can provide a motion signal... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20120059268 - Ultra wideband (uwb) baby monitors for detection of infant cardiopulmonary distress: Ultra wideband patient monitoring systems, and particularly baby monitoring systems, adapted to prevent reflective loss between the antenna and the patient's body. The devices, systems and methods described herein may be used to efficiently couple UWB energy to a patient for patient monitoring. In particular, described herein are impedance transformer... Agent:

20120059269 - Worksheet system for determining measured patient values for use in clinical assessment and calculations: A system determines measured patient values for use in clinical calculations using an electronic form including, a first area including data fields for presenting values of the parameters associated with a first part of a cardiac catheterization study of a patient and a second area including data fields for presenting... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120059270 - Apparatus and method for catheter navigation using endovascular energy mapping: Devices and methods for obtaining and using endovascular electrograms in a number of clinical applications and settings are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method is disclosed for locating an indwelling medical device within a vasculature of a patient. The method comprises identifying an endovascular ECG waveform complex from an endovascular... Agent: Bard Access Systems, Inc.

20120059271 - Ecg data acquisition device: An apparatus for generating ECG recordings and a method for using the same are disclosed. The apparatus includes a handheld device and a controller. The handheld device has first, second, third, and fourth electrodes on an outer surface of the handheld device. The controller records signals from the first, second,... Agent:

20120059272 - Medical device and method for determining a dyssynchronicity measure technical field: In an implantable medical device, such as a bi-ventricular pacemaker and a method for detecting and monitoring mechanical dyssynchronicity of the heart, a dyssynchronicity measure indicating a degree of mechanical dyssynchronicity of a heart of a patient is calculated. A first intracardiac impedance set is measured using electrodes placed such... Agent:

20120059273 - Process and device for brain computer interface: A brain computer interface as an alternative communication channel to be used in various applications, such as robotics. In one embodiment of the invention, there is provided a process for the analysis and conversion of EEG signals obtained from the brain into movement commands through electric and/or mechanical devices. The... Agent: Faculdades Catolicas, A Nonprofit Association, Maintainer Of The Pontificia Universidade Cotolica

20120059274 - Method for automatic non-cooperative frequency specific assessment of hearing impairment and fitting of hearing aids: A method and device for automatically assessing loss of hearing sensitivity and compression (recruitment) with user defined frequency resolution by means of extrapolated DPOAE I/O functions and ABRs as well as for automatically fitting hearing aids without any cooperation of the subject tested using a device having a display screen... Agent: Natus Medical Incorporated

20120059275 - Method for laparoscopic nerve detection and mapping: A surgical method aids identification of nerves in a body to help prevent damage to the nerves during surgery to the body proximate the nerves. An electrode introduced to within a body cavity through a catheter is placed proximate a nerve within the body cavity by a laparoscopic or robotic... Agent: Propep Surgical, LLC

20120059276 - Biopsy apparatus: A disposable tissue removal device comprises a “tube within a tube” cutting element mounted to a handpiece. The inner cannula of the cutting element defines an inner lumen and terminates in an inwardly beveled, razor-sharp cutting edge. The inner cannula is driven by both a rotary motor and a reciprocating... Agent: Suros Surgical Systems, Inc.

20120059277 - Core biopsy device: A biopsy apparatus comprises an outer cannula with a resilient excising finger and an inner cannula received within the outer cannula. The excising finger is flexible to extend toward the longitudinal axis of the outer cannula. The outer cannula can be rotated relative to the inner cannula so that the... Agent: Inrad, Inc.

20120059278 - Compound curette with layered anti-pathogen protection and liquid delivery system: A compound curette for removing tissue samples and delivering liquid and anti-pathogen to the treated area includes a hollow handle that fits a reservoir with a medicated or cosmeceutical solution. A solution is delivered from the reservoir through a channel to a scraping end of the curette by a button... Agent:

20120059279 - Medical guide wire: A medical guide wire which has a core wire having a distal end-side small-diameter portion and a proximal end-side large-diameter portion, and a coil spring installed on an outer periphery of the distal end-side small-diameter portion of the core wire along an axial direction, having a front end-side small-diameter portion,... Agent: Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd.

20120059280 - Biometric sound testing device: A physiological sound examination device includes: a physiological sound measurement unit (101); a power calculation unit (2301) which calculates power of a first physiological sound and power of a second physiological sound, the first physiological sound being one of two different kinds of physiological sounds measured by the physiological sound... Agent:

20120059282 - Internet-based cognitive diagnostics using visual paired comparison task: Disclosed are methods for diagnosing declarative memory loss using mouse tracking to follow the visual gaze of a subject taking a visual paired comparison test. Also disclosed are methods for diagnosing dementia such as mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.... Agent: Emory University

20120059281 - Intrinsic hand strength measurement device: A device for measuring intrinsic hand muscle strength comprising an adjustable restraint adapted to restrain at least a portion of a hand, a force transfer member adapted to fit on or around one or more digits of the hand, a force sensor connected to the force transfer member, and a... Agent:

20120059284 - Status detecting device to be attached to a living being: A status detecting device is described for being attached to a living being, in particular a person, to detect the position of the body of the living being, having a first sensor, configured as an acceleration sensor and/or a gyroscopic sensor. An additional, second sensor, configured as a height measuring... Agent:

20120059283 - System for evaluating infant movement: A system and method for measuring movements, utilizing one or more wireless accelerometers attached to one or more limbs of a human subject for the purpose of determining certain temporal and spatial gestures of the subject.... Agent: University Of California

03/01/2012 > 103 patent applications in 65 patent subcategories.

20120053389 - Method and system for radioisotope ion beam gamma therapy: A method includes directing an ion beam at a tissue. Ions of the ion beam can include positron emitters. The ions can ionize at least a portion of the tissue and the positron emitters can irradiate the at least a portion of the tissue.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120053390 - Proportional attenuation of radiation in brachytheraphy treatment: Attenuating masks for selective attenuation of radiation, particularly from an x-ray source in brachytherapy, employ materials having atomic number in a specific range, so as to attenuate radiation dose intensity generally proportionally through a range of distance from the source. Some preferred attenuation materials are silver and molybdenum. A set... Agent: Xoft, Inc.

20120053391 - Shaped and steered ultrasound for deep-brain neuromodulation: Disclosed are devices for producing shaped or steered ultrasound for non-invasive deep brain or superficial neuromodulation impacting one or a plurality of points in a neural circuit. Depending on the application this can produce short-term effects (as in the treatment of post-surgical pain) or long-term effects in terms of Long-Term... Agent:

20120053392 - Method and apparatus for pumping blood: At least one aspect of the invention is directed to a pump system for pumping blood though a body passageway. The pump system includes a distal section having at least one inlet to receive blood, a pumping section in fluid communication with the distal section to receive blood from the... Agent: Abiomed, Inc.

20120053393 - Sound transducer for insertion in an ear: The invention relates to a sound transducer for producing sound vibrations, which can be inserted in an ear and can be used in particular for an implantable hearing aid. The sound transducer has at least one carrier layer and at least one piezoelectric layer, as a result of which a... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120053394 - Apparatus and methods to improve sleep, reduce pain and promote natural healing: This is a new invention, which is safer, simpler to use, less invasive into a user's daily routine and provides a lower cost solution to existing pulsed magnetic field and related vibrational electromagnetic therapy devices to improve sleep, encourage natural healing and reduce pain. This is accomplished through Multiple Simultaneous... Agent:

20120053395 - System and method of titrating a phototherapy regime using real-time eeg readings: The provision of phototherapy to a subject is titrated to adapt dynamically to the sleep of the subject. The titration is performed using real-time or near real-time EEG readings. This may enhance the comfort and/or efficacy of the phototherapy.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120053397 - Magnetic incontinence treatment device: An incontinence treatment device includes a band, magnets, and a power source. The band has a length extending between a first end and a second end. A first magnet is connected to a first end portion of the band and a second magnet is connected to a second end portion... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120053396 - Method of treating urinary incontinence: A method of treating urinary incontinence in a patient includes implanting in the patient a device having a band, two magnets, and a power source; placing the band around a urethra; and implanting the power source outside of a pelvis. The power source is operable to electromagnetically couple the two... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120053398 - Centering aid for implantable sling: A surgical implant and method for its use. The surgical implant includes a biocompatible mesh having first and second ends, a length greater than a width, and a centering device including a solid, button-like element having opposing first and second surfaces and a peripheral outer edge extending therebetween. The centering... Agent:

20120053399 - Medical slings: A sling including a material having a plurality of edges. At least one of the edges of the material has a pattern of projections.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120053400 - Inflatable penile implant: A body implantable penile prosthetic assembly includes a pump and a release mechanism. The pump is connectable to a pressure reservoir and a penile implant, where the pressure reservoir contains a pressurized liquid at a first pressure when implanted. The release mechanism is connectable between the pressure reservoir and the... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120053401 - Penile implant with convertible proximal tip: A penile implant includes an inflatable bladder providing a fluid chamber, a distal tip extending from a distal end of the inflatable bladder, and a proximal tip assembly extending from a proximal end of the inflatable bladder. The proximal tip assembly includes a tip core providing a first proximal tip... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120053403 - Ablation overtube: An energy delivery system and a method of delivering energy to a tissue are provided. The energy delivery system includes an overtube. The overtube includes a body having a proximal portion, a distal portion and a lumen extending at least partially therethrough. The proximal portion is adapted to be positioned... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120053404 - Devices and methods for inserting a sinus dilator: Devices that are adapted to insert a sinus dilator into a stenotic opening of a paranasal sinus in a subject patient using minimally invasive insertion procedures are provided. The devices and methods can be used to treat sinusitis and other nasal and/or sinus disorders.... Agent: Sinusys Corporation

20120053402 - Minimally invasive surgery: A single port surgical method comprises inserting only a single trocar through the abdominal wall; inserting a camera into the abdominal cavity; magnetically anchoring the camera to the abdominal wall; obtaining a first instrument comprising an elongate shaft with a distal end and a proximal end connected to a first... Agent:

20120053405 - Forceps tool for endoscope: A forceps tool for an endoscope is provided with a tube member, a support member secured to a distal end of the tube member, a support pin provided to the support member, a pair of forceps rotatably supported by the support pin, the pair of forceps being rotated about the... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20120053408 - Endoscopic image processing device, method and program: Endoscopic images and virtual endoscopic images are obtained. Then, an endoscopic image captured at a predetermined position of the anatomical structure is extracted from the obtained endoscopic images, and a comparative virtual endoscopic image virtually generated as if it is captured at a position corresponding to the predetermined position is... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120053406 - Minimally invasive surgery: A surgical kit comprises two percutaneous instruments each having an elongate shaft with a distal end and a proximal end connected to a handle; at least two end effectors attachable and detachable to the distal ends of the percutaneous instruments; a laparoscopic loader adapted to receive the end effectors; a... Agent:

20120053407 - Multi-camera endoscope: There is provided herein a tip section of a multi-camera endoscope, the tip section comprising: two or more side-pointing cameras positioned at or in proximity to a distal end of said tip section, wherein each of said two or more side-pointing cameras having a discrete illuminator associated therewith, wherein the... Agent: Peer Medical Ltd.

20120053410 - Endoscope, mantle tube, and endoscope system: An endoscope system, comprising: a mantle tube into which an insertion part of an endoscope is inserted; a fluid flow channel which is formed of a space between an outer surface of the endoscope inserted into the mantle tube and an inner surface of the mantle tube; a sealing member... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120053409 - Guide assembly for endoscope: A guide assembly of a self-propelled type for an endoscope having an elongated tube for entry in a body cavity is provided. An endless track device has an annular surface, for turning around endlessly on an endless track in an axial direction of a steering device of the elongated tube,... Agent:

20120053411 - Self-propelled unit for endoscope: g

20120053412 - Endoscopic form detection device and form detecting method of insertion section of endoscope: An endoscopic form detection device includes a sensor tentative position detecting section configured to detect a tentative position of each sensor unit on the assumption that a portion between the respective sensor units is a linear tentative link whose dimension is equal to an inter-sensor dimension. The endoscopic form detection... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120053413 - Fluorescent endoscopy apparatus: A fluorescent endoscopy apparatus includes an endoscope insertion unit that is inserted into a body cavity and that guides excitation light to illuminate a region to be observed, and an imaging unit that images a fluorescent image by receiving fluorescence that has been output from the region to be observed... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120053415 - Access sheath with active deflection: In at least one embodiment of the present invention, an access sheath for positioning in a patient's body is provided. The access sheath comprises an elongated member having a proximal portion extending to a distal portion and a plurality of lumens formed therethrough including a working lumen and a first... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120053414 - Fluid-tight housing device and endoscope: A fluid-tight housing device for a section of a handle device of an endoscope includes a housing. A housing opening is formed in the housing, and includes plural side edges and plural corner portions disposed between the side edges in a curved manner. A cover is secured to the housing,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120053416 - Rigid endoscope: A rigid endoscope comprising: an operation part; an insertion part including a rigid part connected to a leading end part of the operation part; a fluid ejection port which is provided on a leading end surface of the insertion part and ejects a fluid; a pipe line which is provided... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120053417 - Endoscope and hardness adjuster: The endoscope includes: a hardness adjusting device which changes the flexibility of the flexible portion of an endoscope insertion unit; and a handling member that handles the hardness adjusting device. The handling member is positioned in a region in which the handling member can be operated with one hand of... Agent:

20120053418 - Endoscopic form detection device and form detecting method of insertion section of endoscope: An endoscopic form detection device includes a posture detecting section configured to detect a posture of each of sensor units based on measurement data in the sensor unit, and a linear form detecting section configured to detect a detected linear form of an inserting section on an assumption that a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120053419 - Highly articulable catheter: A flexible highly-articulable dual-catheter device includes an outer catheter and an inner catheter. The outer catheter contains at least one lumen to support advancement and in-situ replacement of the inner catheter. An optional second lumen in the outer catheter enables carriage of a fiber-optic line for vision to aid a... Agent:

20120053420 - Endoscopic light guide and endoscope having the same: An endoscopic light guide for guiding illumination light to an observation target is equipped with: an optical fiber; and a radiation mode inducing means for causing propagation mode light propagating through the optical fiber to make side face radiation in the vicinity of an output facet of the optical fiber... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120053421 - Light guide for an endoscope, endoscope equipped with the light guide, and method for producing the light guide for an endoscope: A light guide for an endoscope is equipped with an optical fiber. The optical fiber has an input side tapered portion and an output side tapered portion. The input side tapered portion is a predetermined portion of the optical fiber that includes an input end into which the illumination light... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120053422 - Method, device and computer program product for monitoring patients receiving care: A method, device, and computer program product for monitoring a subject receiving care are disclosed. To enable creation of different clinical applications with visually informative user interfaces similar to each other, a monitoring apparatus is provided with a generic monitor module serving as a template for creation of monitoring instances.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120053425 - Methods and systems for assessing clinical outcomes: Described herein are methods and systems useful for characterizing clinical outcomes of a subject. Provided herein includes computer-assessed methods, medical information systems, and computer-readable instructions that can aid an end-user in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of a clinical outcome.... Agent:

20120053423 - Smart mattress: Systems and methods are disclosed for a self-contained Smart Mattress which is capable of monitoring the vital statistics of a patient in real time, analyzing the data using an embedded processor, storing patient identification and information, producing an electronic medical report and communicating any data to the caregiver or computer... Agent:

20120053424 - Smart mattress: A mattress has a sensor pad affixed on a top surface thereof. The sensor pad has (i) a matrix array of plural pressure sensors, (ii) plural row conductors, and (iii) plural column conductors. Each intersecting row and column conductor provides an electrical signal from a corresponding sensor when pressure is... Agent: Evacusled Inc.

20120053428 - Health monitor: Methods and devices to detect analyte in body fluid are provided. Embodiments include enhanced analyte monitoring devices and systems.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120053427 - Optical sensor configuration and methods for monitoring glucose activity in interstitial fluid: Embodiments of the invention are directed to an optical sensor for detecting blood glucose by deploying the optical sensor into the interstitial fluid. The sensor comprises a chemical indicator system capable of generating an optical signal related to the blood glucose activity. The sensor further comprises a means for generating... Agent: Glumetrics, Inc.

20120053426 - System and method for measuring calorie content of a food sample: A system includes an estimating unit to non-destructively estimate a fat content and a water content of a food sample. The system further includes a processing unit operatively coupled to the estimating unit to determine a calorie content based solely on the fat content and the water content of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120053429 - Non-invasive tissue glucose-level monitoring: A non-invasive analyte monitoring instrument has a radiation source for directing excitation radiation to a portion of a surface of a tissue wherein said source emits radiation at a plurality of different wavelengths that excites a target in said tissue causing said target to emit radiation such that the radiation... Agent:

20120053430 - Method and apparatus for aligning and securing a cable strain relief: The present disclosure relates to a strain relief. In various embodiments, the strain relief includes a strain relief body and at least one alignment feature. The strain relief body is configured to provide support for connection of a cable and/or a wire lead of the cable to a frame. The... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120053431 - Pulse oximeter sensor with piece-wise function: A memory in a sensor is used to store multiple coefficients for a physiological parameter. In one embodiment, not only are the sensor's specific calibration coefficients stored in a memory in the sensor for the formula to determine oxygen saturation, but multiple sets of coefficients are stored. The multiple sets... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120053434 - Electronic endoscope system and method for obtaining vascular information: First to third lights are applied to a body cavity from a light source. The first and second lights have different wavelength ranges. Each of the first and second lights varies in absorbance in accordance with oxygen saturation of hemoglobin. The third light is a reference light used for comparison... Agent:

20120053432 - Method for reducing power consumption in pulse oximeter systems, pulse oximeter system and pulse oximeter sensor: Method and pulse oximeter system for determining blood characteristics of a subject are disclosed. A pulse oximeter sensor for collecting plethysmographic data is also disclosed. In order to reduce the power consumption, time instants of systolic rises are estimated in at least one plethysmographic waveform of a subject and light... Agent: General Electric Company

20120053433 - System and method to determine spo2 variability and additional physiological parameters to detect patient status: Systems and methods for detecting untoward clinical states (e.g., hypoperfusion) and classifying patient state based on at least one calculated physiological parameter are provided. The patient state classification may be used by a physician to determine patient condition and relative risk to guide decision making during a procedure.... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120053435 - Clip-style medical sensor and technique for using the same: A clip-style pulse sensor may be adapted to apply limited, even pressure to a patient's tissue. A clip-style sensor is provided that reduces motion artifacts by exerting limited, uniform pressure to the patient tissue to reduce tissue exsanguination. Further, such a sensor provides a secure fit while avoiding discomfort for... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120053436 - Limited-use blood glucose meters: A limited-use blood glucose meter includes a printed circuit board assembly that includes a power source, a strip port, a strip reading device, a controller device, a bi-stable display, and a display controller. The strip reading measures a reaction between a blood sample present on the blood glucose test strip... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120053437 - Monitored healthcare process for the treatment of specific health problems with medical foods and/or drugs: A product and method for implementing and maintaining a “medical food” program for a patient having special nutrient needs in which a medical food is prescribed for said patient and for facilitating the required ongoing supervision of said patient and evaluation of the effectiveness of the prescription, the product comprising... Agent:

20120053438 - Process and a device for determining conditions of hypovolemia: An apparatus for determining an indicator parameter relating to a subject comprising at least an input line for receiving electrical signals coming from a electrodes, receiving a signal coming from a peripheral sensor predisposed to operate in a predetermined peripheral section of the subject's body; a control unit connected to... Agent:

20120053440 - Method for reflex threshold estimation in spastic muscles: A method is provided for measuring a spasticity of a muscle, comprising indenting a tapper at a particular distance into the skin, tapping a tendon associated with a muscle, and measuring the force response within a response time window. If a spastic response is detected at a particular position of... Agent: Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago

20120053439 - Sensor for measuring biosignals: A sensor for measuring biosignals is provided. The sensor comprises at least one electrode comprising: a substrate comprising a flexible non-conductive material; a conductive layer configured to transfer electrical signals; a gel layer configured to transfer electrical signals; and a barrier layer configured to protect the conductive layer and transfer... Agent:

20120053441 - Impedance devices for obtaining conductance measurements within luminal organs: Impedance devices for obtaining conductance measurements within luminal organs. In at least one embodiment of an impedance device of the present disclosure, the device, comprises an elongated body and an detector positioned upon the elongated body, the detector comprising at least five electrodes and configured to obtain one or more... Agent: Dtherapeutics, LLC

20120053442 - Electrode fixing device: The present invention concerns a device and a method for placing and securing sensors/electrodes on the head of an individual. The device/method optimizes signal information and avoids some of the problems connected to the devices and methods in the prior art. The device comprises a rigid, fluid-proof outer layer, an... Agent: Smartbrain As

20120053444 - Radiation image processing device, radiation image processing method and radiation image processing program storage medium: Disclosed is a radiation image processing device including a storage unit; and a control unit that performs a control operation to associate a radiation image used in making a diagnosis among a plurality of radiation images of an object with information indicating that the radiation image used in making the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120053445 - Radiometers and related devices and methods: Certain radiometer assemblies can include an antenna that is shielded within an enclosure, which can have an open end. The antenna can be used to receive signals from a patient via a matching layer that is positioned at the open end of the enclosure. In some assemblies, a rim of... Agent: Themimage, Inc.

20120053443 - Surgery-assistance apparatus and method, and computer-readable recording medium storing program: A dominance region in an organ dominated by a part of a structure is determined as a target region, and a region in the organ other than the target region is determined as a non-target region. The part of the structure extends from predetermined position v in a structure region... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120053446 - Voting in image processing: Methods and systems are to facilitate the interaction between a user and a computer aided detection (“CAD”) system when identifying areas of interest in an image. The CAD system receives input from a user indicating areas of interest that the user perceives in the image. The input may include location... Agent: Parascript LLC

20120053447 - Methods and apparatuses for quantitatively determining the likelihood of a disease: The invention described provides a method of quantitatively evaluating one or more of the likelihood. severity and progression of a disease from medical images comprising processing medical images of a test subject to derive one or more feature space values characteristic of a disease-dependent image attributes, comparing the feature space... Agent:

20120053448 - Intervention-independent scan plane control for mri: Example systems, apparatus, circuits, and so on described herein concern intervention-independent scan plane control for an MRI system. A tracking device capable of being manipulated independently of an interventional device in use to treat a patient transmits position signals describing an orientation of the tracking device to an MRI system.... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20120053449 - Magnetic configuration and timing scheme for transcranial magnetic stimulation: Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a remarkable tool for probing the brain. However, it is still unclear why specific regions in the cortex are excitable by TMS while others are not. This invention provides methods and tools for the design of efficient magnetic stimulators. Such stimulators can excite neuronal networks... Agent:

20120053450 - Trans-perineal prostate mr elastography: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for imaging the mechanical properties of the prostate of a patient non-invasively. The apparatus generally comprises a magnetic resonance scanner, a vibration assembly coupled to the perineal region of the patient, and a driver that drives the mechanical exciter. The method... Agent:

20120053452 - Enhanced ultrasound image display: Using specialized cardiac catheters for image acquisition, features of the heart are readily identifiable on an ultrasound image, based on a previously generated electrical activation map of the heart. The electrical activation map is automatically registered with the ultrasound image using information obtained from position sensors in the catheters. Features... Agent: Biosense Webster, Inc.

20120053453 - Medical navigation system: A medical navigation system for electromagnetic position and/or location determination of a sensor coil, which is located in a navigation space, includes a number of navigation modules, each having at least one field coil and a position coil. In each module, the sensor coil and the position coil have a... Agent:

20120053451 - Methods and systems for prolonged localization of drug delivery: An effective method for prolonging localization of therapeutics within the rat gastrointestinal tract of at least about 12 hours is provided. Attractive forces between an orally administered magnetic dose and an external magnet were monitored and internal dose motion in real time using biplanar videofluoroscopy was visualized. Tissue elasticity was... Agent: Brown University

20120053454 - Medical image alignment apparatus, method, and program: Generating, with respect to each of the three-dimensional image and the three-dimensional comparison image, a plurality of tomographic images orthogonal to a central axis of each vertebra of the subject along the central axis, calculating a first characteristic amount representing a profile in a direction orthogonal to the central axis... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120053455 - Radiographic image capturing system and bioptic method using radiographic image capturing system: A mammographic system which carries out a bioptic method for inserting a bioptic needle into a breast to sample a tissue from a bioptic region includes a display unit for displaying second stereoscopic images acquired by applying a radiation to the breast while the bioptic needle is being inserted in... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120053456 - Computer-operated mammography system with a contrast agent injector, and controller and operating method therefor: A controller for a contrast agent-based, dual energy or two-spectrum tomosynthesis, has a control module that is designed for synchronized control of an injector and the mammography system. The control is based on measured, patient-specific values.... Agent:

20120053457 - Multi-dose medical fluid injection system having patient-specific tubing set with use indicator: A single-use, single-patient, or patient-specific tubing set (300) is disclosed. The tubing set (300) includes at least one check valve (304), along with a use indicator (320). This use indicator (320) provides a visual indication when the tubing set (300) has been used for an injection. In this regard, a... Agent:

20120053458 - Methods for non-invasive lifting and tightening of the lower face and neck: Embodiments of a dermatological cosmetic treatment and imaging system and method can include use of a hand wand and a removable transducer module having an ultrasound transducer. The system can include a control module that is coupled to the hand wand and has a graphical user interface for controlling the... Agent: Guided Therapy Systems, LLC

20120053459 - Alignment and imaging of an eye with an ultrasonic scanner: A method and apparatus are disclosed for generating accurate and precise ultrasonic images of biological materials or animate objects, such as the cornea and lens of the eye, and, in particular, to an ultrasonic scanning apparatus that can position its virtual center of curvature such that its ultrasonic transducer will... Agent: Arcscan, Inc.

20120053460 - Ultrasound imaging beam-former apparatus and method: In some illustrative embodiments, an incoming signal from a transducer in an ultrasound imaging beam-former apparatus is applied to an in-phase sample-and-hold and a quadrature sample-and-hold. The quadrature sample-and-hold may be clocked a quarter period behind the in-phase sample-and-hold. The output of the sample-and-holds are applied to in-phase and quadrature... Agent: The University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20120053461 - Method and system for simultaneously displaying a doppler image, a b-mode image, and a color blood flow image: Methods and systems for simultaneously displaying a Doppler image, a B-mode image, and a color blood flow image are provided.... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120053462 - 3d ultrasound system for providing beam direction and method of operating 3d ultrasound system: Disclosed are a three dimensional (3D) ultrasound system and a method of operation of the 3D ultrasound system providing a reflection angle of an ultrasonic wave beam. As an example, the ultrasound system may include a probe to sense an ultrasonic wave beam radiated to an object and reflected from... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120053466 - Online device atlas for 3d ultrasound/ct/mr minimally invasive therapy: An ultrasound system for planning a surgical implantation of an implantable device produces two or three dimensional ultrasound images of the site of the surgical implantation. An image of a sizer for an implantable device comprises a virtual sizer which is scaled to the scale of the anatomy in the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120053463 - Providing ultrasound spatial compound images in an ultrasound system: Embodiments for providing ultrasound spatial compound images are disclosed. In one embodiment, by way of non-limiting example, an ultrasound system comprises: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to acquire ultrasound data for a periodically moving target object; and a processing unit in communication with the ultrasound data acquisition unit, the... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120053464 - Ultrasonic image processing apparatus: In an ultrasonic image processing apparatus, an original image in the form of a three-dimensional ultrasonic image is generated from volume data based on the volume rendering method. Directional interpolation processing is then applied to the original image. More specifically, a corresponding point corresponding to a noted pixel in the... Agent: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

20120053465 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound diagnostic method: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus comprises: a diagnosis judging unit that judges whether diagnosis using an ultrasound image generated by an image producer is in progress; and a control unit that controls a transmission actuator and reception signal processors to select a high image quality mode for operation where transmission and... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120053467 - Method and apparatus for volume determination: A user interface element for a diagnostic ultrasound system including a user determined seed point, a perimeter defining a closed region of similar echoic intensity surrounding the seed point, here that region corresponds to a cross section through a physical feature within a body, a first calculated value being an... Agent: Signostics Limited

20120053468 - Multi-focus ultrasound system and method: A multi-focus probe that includes a motor communicatively coupled with a lead screw and configured to turn the lead screw about a lengthwise axis of the lead screw, wherein the lead screw includes a length having threads. The probe also includes a lead-screw nut positioned about the lead screw such... Agent: General Electric Company

20120053469 - Method for monitoring blood flow and volume using photoplethysmography: Disclosed herein are methods, systems and devices to monitor vascular volume status utilizing at least one oximetry/photoplethysmography sensor. The methods, systems and devices provide an alternative to conventional vascular volume monitoring methods while enabling reliable, non-invasive, and automatic monitoring of vascular volume to avert patient hypotension. The methods, systems and... Agent:

20120053471 - Heart rate measuring device: The invention relates to a heart rate measuring apparatus and a method, adapted for measuring a subject's (6) heart rate and/or heart rate variation. The heart rate measuring apparatus (1) comprises a holder (2) adapted for carrying a portion of a body part of the subject (6) lying on or... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120053470 - Tissue characterization using intracardiac impedances with an implantable lead system: An implantable system acquires intracardiac impedance with an implantable lead system. In one implementation, the system generates frequency-rich, low energy, multi-phasic waveforms that provide a net-zero charge and a net-zero voltage. When applied to bodily tissues, current pulses or voltage pulses having the multi-phasic waveform provide increased specificity and sensitivity... Agent:

20120053472 - Inexpensive non-invasive safety monitoring apparatus: Systems and methods for non-invasive daily activity monitoring includes acquiring utility meter data; identifying individual appliance utility consumption from the utility meter data; determining daily life activity patterns from the individual appliance utility consumption; and sending a request for assistance when the pattern matches one or more predetermined conditions.... Agent:

20120053473 - Parameter value rejection for a cardiac monitor: A heart monitor is disclosed. The monitor computes ST segment deviations and stores the results in heart rate based histograms. Periodically, the monitor analyzes the histogram data to determine a median value of ST deviation. Subsequently, beats are excluded from the computation of the time series if their ST deviations... Agent: Angel Medical Systems, Inc.

20120053474 - Wireless ecg in implantable devices: An implantable medical device such as an implantable pacemaker or implantable cardioverter/defibrillator includes a programmable sensing circuit providing for sensing of a signal approximating a surface electrocardiogram (ECG) through implanted electrodes. With various electrode configurations, signals approximating various standard surface ECG signals are acquired without the need for attaching electrodes... Agent:

20120053475 - Implantable systems and methods for monitoring myocardial electrical stability by detecting pvc induced t-wave alternans reversals: Embodiments of the present invention relate to implantable systems, and methods for use therewith, for assessing a patients' myocardial electrical stability. Implanted electrodes are used to obtain an electrogram (EGM) signal, which is used to identify periods when the patient experiences T-wave alternans. Additionally, the EGM signal is used to... Agent:

20120053476 - Ischemia detection based on combination of parameters associated with different sensors: An acute ischemia monitor is disclosed. The monitor, which includes an analog to digital convertor and a processor that performs beat detection, monitors the time course of a heart signal parameter, namely ST segment deviation, computed from an electrocardiogram. The device stores ST deviation statistics for multiple leads. For each... Agent: Angel Medical Systems, Inc.

20120053477 - Method and apparatus for enhancing treatable arrhythmia detection specificity by using accumulated patient activity: A method and apparatus for detecting a cardiac event in a medical device determine an activity level count from an activity sensor signal for each of a number of time segments, store an activity level count for each of the time segments in a histogram, and accumulate the stored activity... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120053478 - Threshold adjustment schemes for acute ischemia detection: A heart monitor is disclosed. The monitor computes ST segment deviations and stores the results in heart rate based histograms. Periodically, the monitor analyzes the histogram data to determine heart rate dependent acute ischemia detection thresholds. If the statistical distribution associated with a heart rate range is insufficient, the threshold... Agent: Angel Medical Systems, Inc.

20120053479 - Acute ischemia detection based on parameter value range analysis: A heart monitor is disclosed. The monitor computes ST segment deviations and stores the results in heart rate based histograms. Periodically, the monitor analyzes the histogram data to determine a normal range of ST deviation for a particular heart rate range. The monitor computes heart rate dependent ischemia detection thresholds... Agent: Angel Medical Systems, Inc.

20120053480 - Detection of biological information of a subject: Implementations and techniques for detecting biological information of a subject based on one of a rectangular wave to rectangular wave (RR) interval in an electrocardiogram and/or a change in impedance of a human body when alternating current modulated by a code sequence having an autocorrelation property is applied to the... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120053481 - Method and system for measuring nasal resistance to airflow: Determining the nasal resistance. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are methods including: forcing airflow into a first nare of a patient; measuring at least one property of the airflow during the forcing; and determining an indicia of nasal resistance of the patient, the determining based on the at... Agent: 3 Inventing Guys, LLC

20120053482 - Nebulizer having flow meter function: In accordance with non-limiting examples, a nebulizer includes a main body comprising an air channel section and further comprising a mixing chamber and a venturi positioned to be placed within the patient's oral cavity and configured to receive medicine and air and mix the medicine and air within the mixing... Agent: Pneumoflex Systems, LLC

20120053483 - Apparatus and method for exerting force on a subject tissue: An apparatus for exerting force on a subject tissue includes a linear motor for generating a force according to a predetermined force profile incorporating at least one motion control parameter. The linear motor is directly coupled to a motor output member to drivingly produce linear motion of the motor output... Agent: Cerebral Diagnostics Canada Incorporated

20120053484 - Tissue collection and separation device: An improved tissue specimen trapping device for collecting and separating solid particles and materials from body fluids has a porous separator that rests on a shelf-like annular ledge between upper and lower portions of the tissue collection container. At least one tissue collection basket removably disposed in the tissue collection... Agent:

20120053485 - Catheter having needle and expandable support member and methods of use: A catheter includes a catheter shaft, an expandable member coupled to an outer surface of the catheter shaft, and a needle having a distal end portion disposed on an outer side of the catheter shaft adjacent the expandable member. The expandable member is selectively radially expandable from the radial perimeter... Agent: Salient Surgical Technologies, Inc.

20120053486 - Methods and systems for posterior segment volume measurement: Systems and methods for determining a volume of the posterior segment of an eye during a fluid-to-gas exchange are described. The determined volume of the posterior segment may be used to determine the volume of pure tamponade gas to be introduced into the posterior segment resulting in a desired tamponade... Agent:

20120053487 - Stethoscope earplug seat and fitting configuration with earplug head thereof: A stethoscope earplug seat and the fitting configuration with an earplug head thereof, the stethoscope earplug seat includes a large tubular body (6) and a small tubular body (5), the large tubular body (6) sheaths the outside of the small tubular body (5), and one side of the tube mouth... Agent:

20120053489 - All electric piezoelectric finger sensor (pefs) for soft material stiffness measurement: A PEFS (Piezoelectric Finger Sensor) acts as an “electronic finger” capable of accurately and non-destructively measuring both the Young's compression modulus and shear modulus of tissues with gentle touches to the surface. The PEFS measures both the Young's compression modulus and shear modulus variations in tissue generating a less than... Agent: Drexel University

20120053488 - Proximity-triggered computer-assisted surgery system and method: A computer-assisted surgery system comprises a first surgical device with a tracking unit tracked during a surgical procedure and adapted to perform a first function associated to the surgical procedure. A second surgical device is adapted to perform a second function associated to the surgical procedure. A triggered unit is... Agent:

20120053490 - Apparatus and method for imaging feet: An apparatus and method for determining contours of a patient's foot. The apparatus includes an alignment section that orientates the foot relative to an optical imaging section. The alignment section includes at least one support member located proximate a focal length of the imaging section, that engages the plantar surface... Agent:

20120053491 - Abnormal motion detector and monitor: In an embodiment, a seizure monitor provides intelligent epileptic seizure detection, monitoring, and alerting for epilepsy patients or people with seizures. In an embodiment, the seizure monitor may be a wearable, non-intrusive, passive monitoring device that does not require any insertion or ingestion into the human body. In an embodiment,... Agent: Vaidhi Nathan

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