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Surgery March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120073571 - Nasal delivery device: A breath-actuated nasal delivery device, comprising: a mouthpiece through which a user in use exhales to actuate the delivery device; a nosepiece for fitting to a nostril of the user through which a substance is in use delivered; a substance supply unit actuatable to deliver a dose of a substance... Agent: Optinose As

20120073572 - Intubation stylet & endotracheal tube: An intubation stylet apparatus for use in medical intubation of a patient where the stylet includes an elongated tube having a distal end section, a proximal end section and an intermediate section located between the distal end section and the proximal end section. A grip which is attached to the... Agent:

20120073573 - Apparatus for delivering humidified gases: An apparatus for delivering humidified gases has a connection manifold adapted to connect with inlet and outlet ports of a slide on water chamber in a single slide on motion. Connection of the gases inlet and gases outlet ports as well as any additional electrical and/or pneumatic connections are all... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20120073574 - Method and system to detect respiratory asynchrony: A noninvasive of detecting patient-ventilator asynchrony that is easily adaptable to existing ventilator monitoring systems and provides timely and actionable information on the degree of patient asynchrony both during invasive and non-invasive ventilation. Display of, frequency spectra and the use of a measure of spectral organization, such as H1/DC, allows... Agent:

20120073575 - Overmolded manifold o-ring: A respiratory access assembly includes a distal plate having one port and cuff and an axially aligned proximal plate including a first port and first cuff and a second port and second cuff. The distal plate is configured to move relative to the proximal plate. The respiratory access assembly includes... Agent:

20120073576 - Method and device for non-invasive ventilation with nasal interface: A nasal ventilation interface including a pair of tubes configured to deliver a ventilation gas. The tubes are attachable at a first end to a ventilation gas supply hose and engageable at a second end with a person's nostril. A coupler is configured to align the pair of tubes with... Agent: Breathe Technologies, Inc.

20120073577 - Combination pressure therapy for treatment of ischemia and heart conditions, diabetes, alzheimer's disease and cancer: Methods for administering pressure changes to a user for the treatment and prevention of diseases and conditions are disclosed herein. Methods of administering Cyclic Variations in Altitude Conditioning Sessions (CVAC Session(s)) for the treatment of ischemia, diabetes and associated complications, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer are disclosed herein.... Agent: Cvac Systems, Inc.

20120073578 - Low-dose transdermal patches with high drug release: The present invention relates to the field of pharmaceutical formulation techniques. The invention provides a low dosage pharmaceutical composition for transdermal delivery of hormones, preferably a progestin, such as a Gestodene, and an estrogen, preferably Ethinylestradiol so as to achieve plasma concentration profiles effective in inhibiting ovulation in a woman.... Agent: Bayer Pharma Aktiengesellschaft

20120073579 - Secreting condom: A male contraceptive device includes a condom-like sheath that is placed over the male genital member and has a flavorful formulated solution disposed inside the distal tip. The distal tip is operable to release, eject, or secrete the formulated solution during male ejaculation. The condom-like sheath is shaped to elastically... Agent:

20120073580 - Stimulating condom: Condoms are disclosed, which include an open end defining a base, a closed end defining an apex, a tubular sheath extending from the base to the apex, a tip portion, adapted to cover a glans of a penis, disposed adjacent to the apex, a bottom portion extending from the base... Agent: Ansell Limited

20120073582 - Anti-snoring device: An intraoral anti-snoring device, for shifting the lower jaw forward in relation to the upper jaw, with an upper jaw bar and a lower jaw bar that are both U-shaped and are connected to each other in a hinge joint at their outer flanks facing away from each other via... Agent:

20120073581 - Snoring and sleep apnea prevention device: A mouth appliance for maintaining effective airflow in a wearer's airway comprises a frame formed to engage the wearer's upper and lower teeth to retain the frame in a selected position in the wearer's mouth in accord with the wearer's natural bite. A tongue depressor is mounted to the frame... Agent:

20120073583 - Corded earplugs: An apparatus and a method of making a corded earplug, including a flexible cord material and a pair of earplugs. Each earplug has a nose portion for insertion into the ear and a rear portion extending from the nose portion and lying outside of the ear when the nose portion... Agent: Moldex-metric, Inc.

20120073584 - Orthopaedic splinting system: A composite material in the form of a linear structure having a width, a length and a thickness, comprising a composite material with a first component formed by a polymer and a second component formed by a reinforcing material, wherein the first component comprises a thermoplastic polymer selected from the... Agent: Onbone Oy

20120073585 - Methods of predicting complication and surgery in crohn's disease: The present invention relates to prognosing, diagnosing and treating an aggressive form of Crohn's disease characterized by rapid progression to complication and/or surgery from the time of diagnosis. In one embodiment, the prognosis, diagnosis and treatment is based upon the presence of one or more genetic risk factors.... Agent: Cedars-sinai Medical Center

03/22/2012 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120067343 - Aerosol composition for administering drugs: Described here are compositions and methods for the treatment of respiratory conditions using glucocorticosteroids delivered by a next generation nebulizer. The methods administer a therapeutic dose with nebulization time of 2 minutes or less. The faster nebulization time improves patient compliance.... Agent: Map Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20120067344 - Respiratory mask, respiratory mask arrangement, respiration system and packaging unit: A respiratory mask for artificially ventilating a patient, having: a nose receiving chamber; first and second fastening tabs each being arranged on respective nose wing portions of the nose receiving chamber and a third fastening tab being arranged on a nose root portion of the nose receiving chamber. A respiratory... Agent: Medical Innovations Gmbh

20120067345 - Nasal dilation method and device: A nasal dilator adapted to stretch facial skin, including a resilient layer and attachment means. The resilient layer has an equilibrium configuration and a plurality of nonequilibrium configurations. Portions of the resilient layer are disposed upon a plurality of points upon the facial skin. The facial skin may be stretched... Agent:

20120067346 - Method of controlling the propagation of mrsa, staph and other infections that colonize in the nose: A method for reducing the spread of bacterial infections includes identifying a group of individuals at risk of an infection that colonizes in the nose, determining whether any individuals can be exclude, designating an individual or group of individuals who will receive treatment, providing a strip, the strip having an... Agent:

20120067347 - Fan unit with improved surge characteristics: A fan unit that forms part of a gases supply unit used as part of a breathing assistance system for providing heated gases to a user. The fan has an impeller surrounded by an upwardly sloped surface to facilitate improved airflow performance under surge conditions.... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20120067348 - Breathing apparatus system: A breathing apparatus includes a breathing gas container array comprising a plurality of separate containers adapted to contain pressurized breathing gas and a manifold in fluid connection with the containers. The manifold includes at least a first section that is movable relative to a second section of the manifold so... Agent:

20120067349 - Unobtrusive nasal mask: A patient interface for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a sealing portion (210) including a nose tip engagement portion (212) adapted to form a seal with the patient's nose tip, an upper lip engagement portion (213) adapted to form a seal with the patient's upper lip and/or base... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120067351 - Chin strap assembly for sleep apnea: A chin strap assembly that easily helps in keeping the mouth closed in conjunction with a respiratory machine. The chin strap assembly includes a main body having a center, a first strap protruding from a first side of the center, and a second strap protruding from a second side of... Agent:

20120067350 - Nasal soft cpap cushion: A cushion to reduce prevent nasal skin breakdown and bridge soreness while preventing Continuous Positive Airway Pressure mask leaks is made from a tacky polymeric gel material and uses a unique shape overlying and conforming to the bridge of the nose and cheekbones to provide a comfortable soft seal between... Agent:

20120067352 - Methods, systems and devices for performing gynecological procedures: Methods, systems and devices for performing gynecological procedures. According to one embodiment, there is provided a device for occluding a fallopian tube, the device including an outer member and an inner member. The outer member may be a hollow, frusto-conical structure shaped to include an open proximal end, an open... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20120067353 - Posterior shoulder stretching device: A device for facilitating stretching of the posterior shoulder includes a brace portion having a shoulder opening and a wedge-shaped scapula stabilization pad, an anterior strap extending from one side of the brace portion, a posterior strap extending from another side of the brace portion, a ring at the end... Agent:

20120067354 - Skewed-axis three degree-of-freedom remote-center gimbal: A remote-center three degree-of-freedom gimbal (20) includes: a support (21); a first link (24) mounted on the support for pivotal movement about a first axis (z-z); a second link (25) mounted on the first link for pivotal movement about a second axis (x-x); and a member (26) mounted on the... Agent: Moog B.v.

20120067355 - Surgical drape to facilitate extremity surgery: A device and method for the performance of lower extremity surgery through the use of a bilaterally fenestrated drape with an operative side having an open fenestration and a nonoperative side having an extremity tube sealed over a fenestration, the extremity tube being closed at one end.... Agent:

20120067356 - Dental protection device and method: An apparatus and method for protecting teeth. The apparatus preferably is sold as a kit preferably comprises a generic flexible tray, a securing element such as adhesive, and a quick setting dental impression material. The apparatus preferably enables the rapid and simple taking of dental impressions. The apparatus preferably can... Agent:

03/15/2012 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120060833 - Inhalation therapy device: The invention relates to an inhalation therapy device having an aerosol generator (1) comprising a membrane (2) that creates fluid droplets from fluid present on one side and gives off said droplets as an aerosol on the other side when the membrane is vibrated, and furthermore, a vibration creation arrangement... Agent: Pari Pharma Gmbh

20120060834 - Pharmaceutical preparation to be administered into respiratory organs for treating or preventing inflammatory respiratory diseases, and method for treating or preventing such diseases: The present invention application relates to a pharmaceutical preparation to be administered into respiratory organs for treating or preventing inflammatory respiratory diseases, comprising a peptide which acts on formyl peptide receptors (FPRs) or receptors analogous thereto, in an amount which is effective in suppressing respiratory inflammation. The present invention application... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20120060835 - Anesthesia system and method: An anesthesia system is disclosed herein, The anesthesia system may include a pneumatic circuit comprising an inspiratory limb, an expiratory limb, and an endotracheal tube. The endotracheal tube may be configured to form a pneumatic coupling between a patient, the inspiratory limb and the expiratory limb. The anesthesia system may... Agent: General Electric Company

20120060836 - Patient circuit for improved support delivery: A patient circuit for delivering improved support to a patient. In one embodiment of the present technology, the patient circuit includes at least one limb that includes: an inlet; an outlet; an enclosing wall defining an interior flow passage between the inlet and the outlet; and a configurable region configured... Agent:

20120060837 - Nasal intermittent mandatory ventilation (nimv) control system in a ventilator: A ventilator including an inspiration flow control unit and an expiration flow control unit coupled to the inspiration flow control unit. The ventilator also includes a nasal intermittent mandatory ventilation (NIMV) control system coupled to the inspiration flow control unit and the expiration flow control unit. The NIMV control system... Agent:

20120060839 - System and method for controlling leakage of a circuit delivering a pressurized flow of breathable gas to a subject: A pressurized flow of breathable gas is delivered to the airway of a subject through a gas circuit (16) as part of a therapy regime. Leakage of gas from within the circuit to atmosphere to prevent re-breathing of gas is dynamically adjusted to stabalize the total amount of leakage.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120060838 - System and method for prompting a subject to alter one or more breathing parameters: A subject is prompted to consciously alter one or more breathing parameters of respiration. To prompt the subject to alter one or more breathing parameters, a pressurized flow of breathable gas is provided to the airway of the subject. One or more gas parameters of the gas in the pressurized... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120060840 - Ventilation system: A ventilation system having a processor in communication with a mechanical ventilator and a user interface for allowing an individual to operate the system with little or no respiratory care expertise until a respiratory care practitioner can take over operation is disclosed. The ventilation system further includes a function that... Agent: Allied Healthcare Products, Inc.

20120060841 - Oxygen enrichment device for ventilator: An enrichment device for mixing ambient air with a gas such as oxygen has a rigid outer housing defining a reservoir. The housing has an outlet port for attachment to a cyclic low pressure source, an ambient air inlet, and a second inlet for connection to a supply of pressurized... Agent: Newport Medical Instruments, Inc.

20120060842 - Nasal filtration system: A system for filtering breathing air and apparatus for accomplishing the same. The invention describes a nasal filtration system which can be inserted into the nasal cavities. The filters comprise cavities through which air is inhaled or exhaled. The filter performs as a mechanical filter to catch and prevent the... Agent:

20120060843 - Pleated filtering face piece respirator: A pleated molded filtering face piece respirator to be worn upon the face of a wearer and for providing filtering including at least one layer of moldable flexible plastic material formed from openwork flexible plastic material for providing a plurality of perforations for allowing for the free passage of air... Agent: Moldex-metric, Inc.

20120060845 - Compliant nasal cannula: A nasal cannula is provided that employs a left tube and a right tube wherein at least a portion thereof is made of a resilient and compliant material that elongates in response to a tensile load applied thereto. The contemplated tubing material will continue to supply a predetermined amount of... Agent: Westmed, Inc.

20120060844 - Nasal continuous positive airway pressure device for lowering patient work-of-breathing: A nasal continuous positive airway pressure device for lowering patient work-of-breathing comprising: an inspiratory tubing in fluid communication with at least two nasal prongs; expiratory tubing; and a generator body coupled there between, the generator body comprising: at least two jets configured for receiving gas from the inspiratory tubing; and... Agent:

20120060847 - Head clamp for imaging and neurosurgery: A head clamp for neurosurgery is described that includes a member for at least partially encircling the head of a subject. The first end and second end of the head clamp include first and second skull attachment portions for attaching the member to the head of a subject. A position... Agent: Renishaw (ireland) Limited

20120060846 - Pillow: A pillow is provided that is effective in reducing and/or eliminating a user's snoring proclivity. The disclosed pillow also contributes to better sleeping outcomes, e.g., by increasing air flow into the lungs relative to conventional pillows. The pillow features a contoured upper surface that defines a head-receiving region that is... Agent: Sleep Innovations, Inc.

20120060848 - Antisnoring device: An anti-snoring device for occlusion between teeth on an upper jaw and a lower jaw is disclosed. The anti-snoring device of the present invention includes an upper tooth brace, a lower tooth brace and a connecting portion, wherein the upper and lower tooth braces have walls and tooth-bearing portions for... Agent:

20120060849 - Apparatus and methods for preventing and/or healing pressure ulcers: Protective devices, to protect a body part having a bony portion with a soft tissue layer between the bony portion and an outer skin layer, have an inner surface which conforms to the body part to be protected and are applied to the body part to reduce pressure exhibited at... Agent:

20120060850 - Hiccup relief device and method: The invention relates to a device for hiccup relief. The present invention provides a hiccup relief device having a main body having a substantially uniform longitudinal shape and a tab disposed on the main body, wherein the tab extends away from the body. The present invention also provides a hiccup... Agent:

20120060851 - Method for treating stress related disorders: This invention provides a method of assessing and treating stress related disorders, such as PTSD, as physical disorders whose psychological components are the result of conditioning. The method involves both physical testing in order to identify the physical problems underlying the condition and indirect testing to identify and reverse the... Agent:

20120060852 - Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices: A medical prosthesis for use within the body which is formed of radiation treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene having substantially no detectable free radicals, is described. Preferred prostheses exhibit reduced production of particles from the prosthesis during wear of the prosthesis, and are substantially oxidation resistant. Methods of manufacture... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

03/08/2012 > 26 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120055467 - Metered-dose inhaler and method of using the same: A metered-dose inhaler includes at least one vessel and an actuator for receiving the at least one vessel. The at least one vessel includes a first reservoir containing a first formulation and a second reservoir containing a second formulation. The metered-dose inhaler is actuable when the at least one vessel... Agent: Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a.

20120055468 - Metered-dose inhaler actuator, metered-dose inhaler and method of using the same: An actuator for a metered-dose inhaler is provided. The actuator comprises a housing having a mouthpiece portion and a canister receiving portion configured to receive a canister. The actuator further comprises a member disposed within the housing and defining a valve stem receptacle configured to receive a valve stem of... Agent: Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a.

20120055469 - Stable pharmaceutical drug products: Various aspects of the present invention provide for methods of manufacturing a pharmaceutical drug product, which include storing a container at a temperature greater than ambient conditions for at least about seven days and conducting release testing on the container after storing. Products manufactured by this method have a more... Agent: Schering Corporation

20120055470 - Intubation stylet: Adapter for mounting a handheld portable consumer device having a built-in digital camera and a built-in display screen on a handheld portable endoscope for rendering a handheld portable medical viewing assembly for displaying medical images during a medical procedure, for recording same for subsequent processing, and the like. An intubation... Agent: Truphatek International Ltd.

20120055471 - Valve accessory for aiding speech during non-invasive respiratory therapy: A valve arrangement interposed between a compressor and a user, in a respiratory pressure support system. A connecting element connects a breathing tube to a human interface apparatus. A shutter is formed within the connecting element. The shutter is placed in a first position allowing pressurized air to flow from... Agent: Slp Ltd.

20120055472 - Dose counter: A dose counter device for an inhaler registers when a dose is delivered. The dose counter is adapted to mount on the distal end of the inhaler. The inhaler includes a canister comprising an inhaler housing. The dose counter device comprises a device trigger provided in an electron circuit on... Agent: Letcat Aktiebolag

20120055473 - Apparatus, system and method for bronchial thermoplasty: The present invention relates to an apparatus, system and a method for producing heat shock in a targeted area.... Agent:

20120055474 - Methods and systems for providing oxygen enriched gas: Described herein are various embodiments of an oxygen concentrator system. In some embodiments, the delivery of oxygen enriched air by an oxygen concentrator system is controller based on an inhalation profile of a user of the oxygen concentrator system.... Agent:

20120055475 - Oxygen concentrator system and methods for oral delivery of oxygen enriched gas: Described herein are various embodiments of an oxygen concentrator system. In some embodiments, an oxygen concentrator system may be used to provide oxygen enriched gas to a patient using a mouthpiece.... Agent:

20120055476 - Apparatus and method for identifying frc and peep characteristics: A patient ventilator for assisting a clinician in determining a suitable PEEP for the patient. The amount of the lung volume recruited/de-recruited at various levels of PEEP may be determined for use in selecting a desired PEEP. To this end, the functional residual capacity of the lungs is determined for... Agent: General Electric Company

20120055477 - Oxygen concentrator apparatus configured for high altitude use: Described herein are various embodiments of an oxygen concentrator system. In some embodiments, an oxygen concentrator system includes a controller that compensates for the ambient pressure.... Agent:

20120055478 - Positive pressure therapy systems and methods: Described herein are various embodiments of an oxygen concentrator system. In some embodiments, an oxygen concentrator system may be used to provide oxygen enriched gas to a patient undergoing positive pressure therapy.... Agent:

20120055479 - Respirator and adjustment method for same: A respirator for respiration of a patient having an interface (3) for input of at least one respiration parameter (PINSP, PEEP, RAM, I/E, RAT, TINSP, TEXP, TAZ) which is relevant for the respiration is provided. According to the invention, the respirator comprises a computation unit for calculating a respiration curve... Agent: Information- Management- Technology Ag

20120055480 - Ventilator systems and methods: Described herein are various embodiments of an oxygen concentrator system. In some embodiments, an oxygen concentrator system may be used to provide oxygen enriched gas to a patient undergoing ventilation.... Agent:

20120055481 - Anesthesia reversal methods and systems: An apparatus for reversing inhaled anesthesia, which may be configured to be positioned along a breathing circuit or anesthesia delivery circuit, includes an anesthesia removal component and a blood flow acceleration component. The blood flow acceleration component facilitates an increase in the ventilation of the individual without resulting in a... Agent: Anecare, LLC

20120055482 - Oxygen concentrator heat management system and method: Described herein are various embodiments of an oxygen concentrator system. In some embodiments, oxygen concentrator system includes one or more components that improve dissipation of heat formed during operation of the oxygen concentrator system.... Agent:

20120055483 - Shutdown system and method for an oxygen concentrator: Described herein are various embodiments of an oxygen concentrator system. In some embodiments, an oxygen concentrator system may be shutdown such that the canisters are pressurized to a pressure greater than ambient pressure.... Agent:

20120055484 - Ventilator: A ventilator which includes: at least one pair of reciprocating opposed gas moving means, the internal volume of which is arranged to be reduced and enlarged by a balanced drive, said gas moving means being arranged to move gas at a predetermined pressure and/or volume to a delivery tube; control... Agent:

20120055485 - Wearable medical support for delivery of fluids to the nose: A wearable medical support is provided for delivery of fluids to the nose of a subject. The support includes a heat moldable nose mask having a longitudinal direction, formed from a sheet of thermoplastic material. The nose mask includes a nose aperture dimensioned to fit the nose of the subject,... Agent:

20120055486 - Singing and speech propriosception device: An elastic, stretchable, flexible compression orthotic arranged as circumferential band's and with embedded solid objects on it's internal and external surfaces to provide general and discrete increased tactile compression load over the wearer's body part with which it is in contact, and formation of visual images as a mean of... Agent:

20120055488 - Adhesive nasal respiratory devices: Whole-nose nasal respiratory devices and methods of making and using whole-nose nasal respiratory devices are described and illustrated herein. These devices are typically configured to be adhesively secured to a subject so that they engage both of the subject's nostrils and allow airflow from both nostrils to communicate with an... Agent:

20120055487 - System and method for treatment of upper airway disorders: The present invention provides a system for treating a mammalian patient having obstructive sleep disordered breathing, e.g., sleep apnea. The system has a set of appliances including a first appliance being adapted to displace a mandible of the patient by a first predetermined geometry relative to a maxilla of the... Agent: Apneos Corp.

20120055489 - Mouth tray: A mouth tray includes a wire-like element onto which two bite elements are attached. The element is formed of two U-shaped bows, the arms of which are connected to each other. The bite elements are each attached on the arm-side transitions between the two bows.... Agent:

20120055490 - Implantable punctal plug: A punctal plug is disclosed, wherein the punctal plug includes a body portion and a retaining portion. The body portion is defined by an open distal end, an open proximal end and a wall portion. The wall portion further includes at least one window extending therethrough. The retaining flange is... Agent:

20120055491 - Occlusion devices and methods: The invention provides intrafallopian devices and non-surgical methods for their placement to prevent conception. The efficacy of the device is enhanced by forming the structure at least in part from copper or copper alloy. The device is anchored within the fallopian tube by a lumen-traversing region of the resilient structure... Agent:

20120055492 - Occlusion devices and methods: The invention provides intrafallopian devices and non-surgical methods for their placement to prevent conception. The efficacy of the device is enhanced by forming the structure at least in part from copper or copper alloy. The device is anchored within the fallopian tube by a lumen-traversing region of the resilient structure... Agent:

03/01/2012 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120048264 - Aerosol delivery device: An aerosol delivery system is disclosed that is a single-use (disposable) continuous nebulizer system designed for use with mechanically ventilated patients to aerosolize medications for inhalation with a general purpose nebulizer, or for connection with devices usable in endoscopic procedures. The system separates the liquid reservoir from the nebulization process... Agent:

20120048265 - Aerosol drug delivery apparatus and method: A drug delivery apparatus (5, 5′, 5″, 5′″) for delivering an aerosol including a drug to a patient includes an aerosol generator (45, 50, 55, 60) for generating the aerosol from a supply of the drug, and a mouthpiece component (30, 30′, 30″, 30′″) structured to be inserted into the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120048266 - Inhalation device including substance usage controls: An apparatus including a first cartridge, a sensor, and a controller. The first cartridge can include a first release device configured to release a first substance into a housing. The controller can be configured to receive data from the sensor. The controller can determine an amount of first substance released... Agent:

20120048267 - Resuscitation device: A mouth-to-mouth resuscitation device comprising a straight blow-in tube having a proximal side and a distal side, a filter and one way valve on the proximal side for receiving exhaled breath from a mouth of a rescuer, an opening at the distal side for delivering the exhaled breath into the... Agent:

20120048268 - Inhalation airflow regulation devices and methods of using the same: Inhalation airflow regulation devicesnhalers are disclosed. Methods of making and using inhalation airflow regulation devices are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120048269 - Powder inhalation device: A powder inhaler device comprising: a body provided with a dispenser orifice (15); at least one reservoir containing a dose of powder to be dispensed; reservoir opening means for opening a reservoir on each actuation; a dispersion chamber (70) including an outlet that is connected to said dispenser orifice (15),... Agent: Valois Sas

20120048270 - Powder inhaler device: A powder inhaler device having a body provided with a dispenser orifice; a reservoir containing a dose of powder to be dispensed; a reservoir opening mechanism for opening a reservoir on each actuation; a dispersion chamber including an outlet that is connected to the dispenser orifice, and an inlet that... Agent: Valois Sas

20120048271 - Solid dosage at patient interface: The present invention relates to an interface for delivering salt or other medicament to a patient. The interface has a receptacle for medicament in solid form and an inlet adapted to couple directly or indirectly to a source of a heated and humidified flow of gas. The inlet is arranged... Agent:

20120048272 - Breath activated inhaler: The disclosure relates to an inhaler, comprising an outlet and a plurality of sealed compartments containing medicament. An opening mechanism is provided to open the compartment presently aligned with the outlet. An indexing mechanism sequentially aligns the compartments with the outlet. A latch is provided for latching the opening mechanism... Agent: Astrazeneca Ab

20120048273 - Rebreather control parameter system and dive resource management system: A method and apparatus for automatically controlling partial pressure of oxygen in the breathing loop of a rebreather diving system. A diver may adjustably select a control parameter to maintain partial pressure of oxygen at a setpoint that varies with ambient pressure and is within a range between a maximum... Agent:

20120048274 - Respiratory valve: A respiratory valve apparatus with a housing having an inner chamber, an endotracheal tube connection port, a respirator connection port and a resuscitation bag connection port. A valve positioned within the inner chamber can switch the flow between a manual resuscitation bag port and a ventilator port enabling the patient... Agent:

20120048275 - Rebreather vest: A closed circuit rebreather uses a vest with an air tight internal cavity that has a channel therein, the channel passing through a series of passageways either on a single layer or a double layer. Located throughout the length of the channel is a CO2 scrubbing material. A person exhales... Agent:

20120048276 - Connector for a respiratory mask and a respiratory mask: A respiratory mask includes a mask shell defining an interior of the respiratory mask and a gas washout vent passage having an inlet forming part of the mask shell and in fluid communication with the interior and an outlet in fluid communication with atmosphere. The mask shell includes a tubular... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120048278 - Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airway having a breathing indicator: An oropharyngeal airway configured for placement within a mouth of a patient to create a passageway between a mouth of a patient and the posterior pharyngeal wall that includes a passageway body, a flange assembly and a reactive material. The flange assembly is positioned at the end of the body... Agent:

20120048277 - Tracheal tube with adjustable flanges: Systems and methods that utilize tracheal tubes having one or more adjustable flanges are described. The adjustable flanges may be disposed on the tracheal tube at various angles. Further, the adjustable flanges may be repositioned on the tracheal tube, thus allowing a clinician or patient to reconfigure the tracheal tube... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120048279 - Artificial airway device: The invention provides an artificial airway device to facilitate lung ventilation of a patient, comprising at least one airway tube (2) and a mask (3) carried at one end of the at least one airway tube, the mask having a peripheral formation (7) capable of conforming to, and of readily... Agent: The Laryngeal Mask Company Limited

20120048281 - Dynamic infant head support: A dynamic infant head support for preventing, or correcting, the abnormal shape of a head of an infant, and a method of using the support for treating deformational plagiocephaly. The support is an oval-shaped pillow, with a central opening to receive the head of the infant to be treated. Spaced... Agent:

20120048280 - Ear lobe support for heavy earrings wearers: A body is formed from a segment of non-corrosive wire, or rigid plastic protected by a thin layer of flexible plastic that could be colored or clear. The wire could be made of precious metal such as gold, platinum, silver, etc. or any non-corrosive metal or rigid plastic; typically this... Agent:

20120048282 - Sleep apnea headstrap apparatus: An adjustable headstrap apparatus maintains the mouth of a user in a closed position to prevent sleep apnea. The apparatus utilizes two floating brackets positioned on opposite sides of the user's head. Each bracket has three internal openings for receiving a first strap member having a chin support for supporting... Agent:

20120048283 - Foot protection & alignment device: The Foot Protection & Alignment Device is protective footwear that keeps the foot in the proper position during the healing process. The device incorporates a multi-positional arch support to assist in positional alignment. The device also has a non-removable HDPE insert that is rigid, keeping the foot from flexing. The... Agent:

20120048284 - Combination pressure therapy for treatment of serum lipid levels, steroid levels, and steroidogenesis: Methods for administering pressure changes to a user for the treatment and prevention of diseases and conditions are disclosed herein. Methods of administering Cyclic Variations in Altitude Conditioning Sessions (CVAC Session(s)) for the treatment of steroidogenesis, steroid levels, and treatment of serum lipid levels are disclosed herein. Also disclosed herein... Agent:

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Thank you for viewing Surgery patents on the website. These are patent applications which have been filed in the United States. There are a variety ways to browse Surgery patent applications on our website including browsing by date, agent, inventor, and industry. If you are interested in receiving occasional emails regarding Surgery patents we recommend signing up for free keyword monitoring by email.

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