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Surgery February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120042874 - Aerosol medication inhalation system: An apparatus for use in conjunction with a metered dose inhaler which includes a novel valve system to aid in the delivery of aerosolized medicament to a subject. The apparatus also includes a novel rotational flow generator to aid in the useable delivery of said medication and avoid its loss... Agent: Pari Innovative Manufacturers

20120042875 - System and method of administering a pharmaceutical gas to a patient: Methods and systems for delivering a total quantity of pharmaceutical gas to a patient. The methods and systems provide one of a low amount and high amount of pharmaceutical gas to a patient. The selection of the high amount or low amount may be determined by comparing the amount per... Agent: Ikaria, Inc.

20120042876 - System and method of administering a pharmaceutical gas to a patient: Methods and systems for delivering a pharmaceutical gas to a patient. The methods and systems provide a known desired quantity of the pharmaceutical gas to the patient independent of the respiratory pattern of the patient over a plurality of breaths every nth breath, where n is greater than or equal... Agent: Ikaria, Inc.

20120042877 - Air purifier air outlet structure: An air purifier air outlet structure includes one or a number of air outlets located on the housing of an air purifier adjacent to the air output port of the air purifier, a shutting device fastened to the housing of the air purifier to block the air output port for... Agent:

20120042878 - Mask cover assembly: Disclosed is a mask cover assembly wherein a mask cover body is separably assembled with an exhaust valve and a mask main body, which enables replacement of the aforementioned elements. The mask main body has a semi-spherical cap form and is provided throughout the rim of an inner surface thereof... Agent:

20120042879 - Methods and devices for conduit occlusion: The present invention comprises systems, methods and devices for the delivery of compositions for occluding or of means for opening conduits. The implantable occlusive material may be delivered pre-formed or in situ cured and, may be a resorbable material that supports tissue ingrowth that eventually replaces the material leaving little... Agent: Femasys Inc.

20120042880 - Methods and devices for conduit occlusion: The present invention comprises systems, methods and devices for the delivery of compositions for occluding or of elements for opening conduits. The implantable occlusive material may be delivered pre-formed or in situ cured and, may be a resorbable or degradable material that supports tissue ingrowth or wound healing or a... Agent: Femasys Inc.

20120042881 - Backboard for an automated cpr system: A backboard for an automated cardio pulmonary resuscitation system, said backboard comprising a board element, the board element defining a plane and having a top edge, a bottom edge a first side edge and a second side edge; a set of connectors adapted for connection of the backboard to an... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120042882 - Particles with charged surface domains: Methods include forming an adaptive aesthetic marking, such as a tattoo that is at least occasionally visible on a surface of skin by introducing, into a layer of skin, a plurality of particles, each comprising a core and a surface domain. The surface domain comprises a net charge and the... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

02/16/2012 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120037154 - Aerosol therapy device: The invention relates to an aerosol therapy device comprising: a housing; an aerosol generator, which is arranged in the housing; an air inlet (52), which is formed in the housing upstream of the aerosol generator (30); and an air outlet (51), which is formed in the housing downstream of the... Agent: Pari Pharma Gmbh

20120037155 - Novel auxiliary chamber for inhaled-drugs: An auxiliary chamber for inhaled-drugs includes a hollow tube body and a hollow side tube; and a unidirectional air valve which only allows air from an inlet flowing to an outlet end is located at the inlet end of the hollow tube body, wherein the outlet end of the hollow... Agent:

20120037156 - Control of humidifier chamber temperature for accurate humidity control: A breathing assistance system for delivering a stream of heated, humidified gases to a user, comprising a humidifier unit which holds and heats a volume of water, and which in use receives a flow of gases from a gases source via an inlet port, the flow of gases passing through... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Heathcare Limited

20120037157 - Inhaler: An inhaler (1) including a blister strip (2) is proposed. The unused blister strip is stored in a spiral (16). After use, the blister strip is conveyed into another spiral (17). Both spirals share a common space within the inhaler and may be separated by a loose guiding element (18).... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Gmbh, Cd Patents

20120037158 - Passive inhaler with blister strip: A passive inhaler for delivery of a powder-form inhalation formulation from a blister strip with a plurality of blister pockets is proposed. The inhaler comprises a metallic piercing member with two piercing elements extending at least essentially in V-shape away from each other and being at least essentially flat. A... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20120037159 - Detection of asynchrony: A controller or processor(s) (1112) implements detection of respiratory related conditions, such as asynchrony, associated with use of a respiratory treatment apparatus (1102) or ventilator. Based on data derived from sensor signals associated with the respiratory treatment, the detector may evaluate a feature set of detection values to determine whether... Agent: Resmed Ltd

20120037160 - Respirator and method of identifying cleanliness/turbidity of filter thereof: A respirator includes an external shell assembly, an internal shell assembly mounted inside the external shell assembly and communicating with outside of the external shell assembly through an intake passage, and a sound-absorbing member mounted inside the internal shell assembly and defining a channel therein. An air blower can be... Agent:

20120037161 - Nasal mask assembly: A mask system is provided to fit pre-adult patients, or patients having facial features that are very small or child-like, e.g., patients having dimensions in the lower 5%-10% of the population. For example, the headgear and/or cushion are dimensioned to accommodate this range of patients.... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120037162 - Ventilatory assistance system: The present method, system and device relate to a ventilatory assistance system comprising a ventilatory assistance device, which comprises a tube on which a tubular nozzle is integrally mounted, and a respiratory gas supply duct able to connect said tubular nozzle to a source of respiratory gas. The present ventilatory... Agent:

20120037164 - Sodium tallowate soap cushion: An apparatus and method for relieving discomfort arising from body aches and pains is disclosed, comprised of a cushion that may be placed on a mattress, sofa, or other furniture and covered with a sheet. Alternatively, said cushion can be part of a mattress, sofa, or other resting surface, including... Agent:

20120037163 - Vertebrae support device and method: A vertebrae support device. The vertebrae support device includes a base made of a yielding material and having resting surface, a rail side, a first lateral side a second lateral side, a head end, and a foot end. A first rail extends from the rail side of the base from... Agent:

20120037165 - Spinal shield implant and treatment of spinal metastases: A radiation shield for use in treating spinal metastatic disease is formed of a body that is configured to surround the spinal cord and includes a section that can be axially extended for increasing the surface area of the shield.... Agent: Mount Sinai School Of Medicine

20120037166 - Method and system for sizing an oral device: Systems for sizing oral appliances comprise both a width measuring template or tool for determining the distance between opposed molars and an arch sizing tool for determining the size and shape of the patient's dental arch. Based on this information, individual appliances can be selected from an inventory of such... Agent: Apnicure, Inc.

20120037167 - Infant nasal septum protective device: An infant nasal septum protective device has an H-shaped configuration including a first portion that adheres to the outside of the nose when in use, a second portion that adheres to the upper lip when in use, and a third portion that extends between and interconnects the first and second... Agent: Lq Product & Devices, LLC

20120037168 - Dental device for weight control: A dental device for weight control is disclosed which comprises a body having an upper side and a lower side, a protrusion extending from the lower side for extending into an oral cavity to reduce a volume of the oral cavity, a front edge positioned between the upper side and... Agent:

20120037169 - Support surface cover having different frictional zones: An apparatus is disclosed for placement on a support surface between the support surface and a living being, wherein the living being has a bony prominence. The apparatus includes a first zone having a first coefficient of friction, the first zone being configured for positioning proximate the bony prominence. A... Agent: Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

02/09/2012 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120031398 - Nasal spray device: A delivery device (10) for the delivery of at least one dose of a composition into a nasal cavity, the device has a discharge member (12) formed for insertion into a nasal cavity, a discharge aperture (20) being formed therethrough and a body (14) containing a reservoir (24) of at... Agent: Schering Corporation

20120031400 - Cricoid manipulating apparatus for anesthesia assistance and tracheal intubation: A medical assistance apparatus, includes a support adjacent to a patient, a flexible shaft with a first end and a second end, with the first end being connected to the support, a housing connected to the second end of the flexible shaft, a shaft movably disposed with respect to the... Agent:

20120031399 - Intubating attachment and method: An intubating attachment apparatus for use with endotracheal intubation devices comprising an elongated, generally cylindrical support module configured to accommodate a fiber optic intubation scope and at least one of an endotracheal tube or an endotracheal tube exchanger. The invention obviates the need for an attending medical professional to utilize... Agent:

20120031401 - Light blocking container with viewing window for photosensitive compounds: Several embodiments of the present invention provide a container (10) for housing a photosensitive APA compound therein, the container including an outer casing (12), an inner casing (18) disposed within the interior of the outer casing (12), the inner casing (18) configured to house the photo-sensitive APA compound therein, and... Agent: Schering Corporation

20120031402 - device, an aggregate and a method for providing a gasified anesthetic agent: A respiratory anesthetic aggregate devised for coupling to a breathing apparatus has an anesthetic gasifier unit that has a breathing gas input port connected to a first point in an inspiratory patient gas delivery path of a breathing apparatus, and a fresh gas output port connected to a second point... Agent:

20120031403 - Dry powder formulation comprising a phosphodiesterase inhibitor: Pharmaceutical formulations in the form of inhalable dry powder comprising particles of a phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor as active ingredient are useful for the prevention and/or treatment of respiratory diseases, such as asthma and COPD.... Agent: Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a.

20120031404 - Mask: A mask includes a support member, a transparent main body, and a fixing member. The support member includes a main portion, a holding portion, and a resisting portion. The main portion defines a receiving slot and a receiving chamber. The receiving chamber is received in the receiving slot, and the... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120031405 - Methods and systems for cerebral cooling: A brain cooling system includes a gas delivery system and a cooling apparatus. The gas delivery system may include an apparatus for establishing a desired pressure and flow rate for gases to be inhaled by a subject and an interface element. The pressurization element may comprise a continuous positive airway... Agent: Cva Technologies, LLC

20120031406 - Method for enabling transfer of an object from an interior of an airlock to a pressure vessel attached to the airlock: A method for enabling transfer of an object from an interior of an airlock to a pressure vessel attached to the airlock and ensuring that an exterior door of the airlock cannot be opened when the interior of the airlock is pressurized includes actuating a first selector from a first... Agent: Hyperbaric Technology, Inc.

20120031407 - Mask: A mask includes a support member, a transparent main body, and a fixing member. The support member includes a main portion, a holding portion, and a resisting portion. The main portion includes a receiving portion mounted thereon for receiving exhaled or expelled material. The holding portion is integrally formed with... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120031409 - Condom with warmth imparting lubricant: A condom together with a lubrication composition, the lubricating composition containing a minimal amount of free water, and comprising one or more glycols, such that the glycols in the lubricant release heat and warmth when contact with compositions containing free water.... Agent: Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

20120031408 - Dip-formed synthetic polyisoprene latex articles with improved intraparticle and interparticle crosslinks: A synthetic polyisoprene latex emulsion has pre-vulcanization composition and post vulcanization composition. The pre-vulcanization composition comprises soluble sulfur with high S8 ring structure that is catalytically broken by a zinc dithiocarbamate. Surfactants present in the pre-vulcanization composition wets synthetic polyisoprene particles and permeates small sized sulfur and accelerator molecules into... Agent: Ansell Healthcare Products LLC

20120031410 - Dental device for preventing a sleep disorder: A dental device for preventing a sleep disorder is disclosed which comprises a body having a lower teeth engaging surface, a central portion having a tongue engaging surface for holding a tongue down, and a pair of front ball clasps and a pair of back ball clasps for retaining the... Agent:

20120031411 - Oral appliance: An oral appliance intended to treat bruxism, snoring, apnea, TMJ and/or palatal lift with a retention line member that uses the interproximal embrasure space between adjacent teeth of the patient user to secure the appliance within the oral cavity as the patient user sleeps. The shape and position of the... Agent:

20120031412 - Stiffening pharyngeal wall treatment: A pharyngeal airway having a pharyngeal wall of a patient at least partially surrounding and defining the airway is treated by selecting an implant dimensioned so as to be implanted at or beneath a mucosal layer of the pharyngeal wall and extending transverse to said wall. The implant has mechanical... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

20120031413 - Mask: A mask includes a support member, a transparent main body, and a fixing member. The support member includes a main portion, a holding portion, and a resisting portion. The holding portion is integrally formed with the main portion. The holding portion extends away from the transparent main body. The resisting... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

02/02/2012 > 16 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120024285 - Laryngeal mask airway placement system and method: A laryngeal mask airway having a laryngeal mask and a flexible airway tube is provided with an external brace that is easily detached or reattached onto the airway tube. The brace, when attached, enhances the stiffness of the combination to facilitate placement of the mask at the laryngeal inlet of... Agent:

20120024286 - Variable transition pressure profiles for a bi-level breathing therapy machine: A method for controlling the transitions between two different pressures supplied by a breathing therapy device using a transition pressure profile for which the basic shape, the magnitude and the duration may be controlled by a user of the device or the user's therapist.... Agent: Devilbiss Healthcare LLC

20120024288 - Apparatus and method for supplying a respiratory gas: An apparatus for supplying a respiratory gas to a patient within the scope of the diagnosis and/or the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders includes an electronic signal processing device for generating a pressure control signal on the basis of indicative signals relating to the breathing activity and/or the physiological state... Agent: Map Medizin-technologie Gmbh

20120024287 - System and method for providing feedback to a subject regarding reception of positive airway support therapy: A system and method provide feedback to a subject regarding compliance to a positive airway pressure support therapy regime. The feedback is provided to the subject in real-time (or near real-time). The feedback indicates to the subject whether a usage goal has been achieved. The usage goal may be dynamically... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120024289 - Headgear-mountable respirator: A headgear-mountable respirator (100) including a first intake (106A) and first associated impeller (108A), as well as a second intake (106B) and second associated impeller (108B) located remotely from the first intake and the first impeller. The respirator further includes a device (112) for, in use, rotating at least one... Agent: Jsp Limited

20120024290 - Headgear assembly for a respiratory mask assembly: A respiratory mask assembly for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a frame and a headgear assembly removably attachable to the frame. The headgear assembly includes a pair of side portions and a rear portion that interconnects the pair of side portions. The pair of side portions includes at... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120024291 - Mask brace and mask assembly: A patient mask assembly for positive pressure ventilation includes a brace which clips to the mask and provides attachment locations for headgear straps in alternative positions to those attachment locations which may be provided by the mask. The brace may also provide a mask stabilizing portion.... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120024292 - Dual-lumen tracheal tube with shaped lumen divider: Various embodiments of a tracheal tube having a shaped divider disposed therein for separation of a tracheal tube into multiple ventilation lumens are provided. In some embodiments, the divider divides a tracheal ventilation lumen from a bronchial ventilation lumen. In some embodiments, the shaped divider provides an irregular inner diameter... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120024293 - Medical device tube having suction lumen and an associated suctioning system: Various embodiments of a tracheal tube having a suction lumen are provided. For example, the suction lumen may be associated with two spaced apart pressure transducers, whereby a pressure drop between the transducers indicates that the suction lumen is free of blockages and a characteristic lack of pressure drop and/or... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120024294 - Laryngeal mask airway device with airway tube having flattened outer circumference and elliptical inner airway passage: The disclosed laryngeal mask airway device includes an inflatable cuff and an airway tube. The inflatable cuff defines a central opening at least when inflated. The cuff is insertable through a mouth of a patient to an inserted location within the patient. The cuff surrounds a glottic opening of the... Agent: The Laryngeal Mask Company Limited

20120024295 - Orthopedic device: An orthopedic device for treatment of headaches and the like includes a body adapted to substantially support a head of a human patient while the patient is resting in a substantially supine position. The body defines side surfaces, a lower surface and an upper surface. The upper surface defines a... Agent: Mihin Chiropractic Clinic, LLC

20120024296 - Pannus support adapted for surgical procedures: A pannus support member is configured to support and contain a pannus during a surgical procedure to provide unobstructed access to the surgical site and provide, post surgery, a clean site that is exposed to air to promote proper healing.... Agent:

20120024297 - Mandibular advancement appliance: A mandibular advancement appliance is described which is secured to a subject's dentition. The appliance may adjust a position of the subject's lower dentition relative to the upper dentition while maintaining a distance between the upper and lower dentition. The appliance may also allow for the free rotation of the... Agent:

20120024298 - Partially erodable systems for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: A method of maintaining airway patency in an airway of a patient which includes the steps of implanting a device into tissue adjacent an airway, the device having a bioerodable material wound around a resiliently deformable body to temporarily maintain the deformable body in a stretched, deformed state, and permitting... Agent: Revent Medical, Inc.

20120024299 - Dental thermo-forming material: A thermo-forming foil or plate made of a thermoplastic elastomer for the production of dental splints. To integrate reinforcements for various applications into individual areas of the splint, the thermo-forming foil or plate is made of segments comprised of different materials and lying side by side in the plane of... Agent: Scheu-dental Gmbh

20120024300 - Device for protecting an area of the human body: A device for protecting an area of skin of a human body includes a plate. The plate includes a first face covered by an external layer and a second face opposite the external layer. The second face is configured to be applied onto an area of skin to be protected.... Agent: Millet Innovation

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