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Surgery January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 84 patent applications in 57 patent subcategories.

20120022423 - Multipart fluid system and a system for regional citrate anticoagulation in an extracorporeal blood circuit: The present invention concerns a multipart fluid system for use in CRRT, wherein the multipart fluid system comprises an anticoagulation fluid and at least one fluid from the group consisting of a dialysis fluid and an infusion fluid. According to the invention the anticoagulation fluid comprises at least 8 mM... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20120022425 - Alleviate back pain with lactic acid inhibitors: e

20120022428 - Bypass vascular graft: A vascular connector configured to bypass an occluded vessel comprises a primary graft stem and a venous outflow stem. In general, the primary graft stem accepts a blood flow from an occluded vessel to bypass the occlusion. The venous outflow stem may extend from a wall of the primary graft... Agent:

20120022424 - Device for placing circumferential implant in schlemm's canal: A device is provided to enable placing an implant within the full circumference of Schlemm's canal of an eye. The device comprises a flexible elongated solid element with a proximal end and a distal tip that transmits light such as one or more strands of a fiber optic. The device... Agent: Iscience Interventional Corporation

20120022427 - Method for increasing blood flow in or about a cardiac or other vascular or prosthetic structure to prevent thrombosis: A method is provided for increasing blood flow in or about a cardiac structure to prevent thrombosis. One step of the method includes providing an implantable sprayer having an elongated tubular body with proximal and distal end portions. The distal end portion includes at least one opening and an anchoring... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20120022429 - Ocular implant with stiffness qualities, methods of implantation and system: Described herein are devices and methods for treating eye conditions. Described is an ocular implant including an elongate member having an internal lumen forming a flow pathway, at least one inflow port communicating with the flow pathway, and at least one outflow port communicating with the flow pathway. The elongate... Agent:

20120022430 - Satiation devices and methods: A device for inducing weight loss in a patient includes a tubular prosthesis self-expandable from a collapsed position in which the prosthesis has a first diameter to an expanded position in which the prosthesis has a second, larger, diameter. In a method for inducing weight loss, the prosthesis is placed... Agent: Barosense, Inc.

20120022426 - System and method for embolic protection: A balloon catheter system distinguishing a proximal balloon catheter system and a distal balloon catheter is provided. The proximal balloon catheter system has a first and a second catheter. These two catheters are positioned side-by-side over at least part of the longitudinal area of their outer surfaces, and they are... Agent:

20120022432 - Gas mist pressure bathing system: The present invention is to provide a gas mist pressure bathing system enabling to cause a gas mist to be absorbed into the skin and the mucous membrane of the living organism under an optimum condition of controlling the amounts of gas and liquid. The system comprises a gas supply... Agent:

20120022431 - Iontophoretic drug delivery packaging: The present invention relates generally to iontophoretic drug delivery systems for transdermal delivery of therapeutic agents and, more particularly, to packaging such systems for long shelf life and easy assembly for use. The system package includes an iontophoretic skin worn patch component that accommodates a power source, electronics, electrodes and... Agent: Travanti Pharma Inc.

20120022433 - Methods for increasing trichogenicity of dermal cells: Methods for increasing trichogenic activity of populations of dermal cells by inducing local trauma to skin tissue that serves as a source of the dermal cells are provided. Methods for obtaining dermal cells with increased trichogenic activity and for using the disclosed dermal cells to implant into a mammalian host... Agent: Aderans Research Institute, Inc.

20120022434 - Disposable handheld phacomorcellation device: Disposable handheld phacomorcellation devices and methods for removing lens fragments from an eye of a patient are disclosed. In one embodiment, the phacomorcellation device includes a stationary outer tubular cutting member and a rotatable inner cutting member positioned within the stationary outer tubular cutting member. The outer tubular cutting member... Agent: Doheny Eye Institute

20120022435 - Removable tips for skin treatment systems: An apparatus for treating skin has a console with a user input device and a handpiece assembly. The handpiece assembly is configured to treat skin. A fluid line provides fluid communication between the console and the handpiece assembly. A manifold system is coupled to the console and controlled by the... Agent: Edge Systems Corporation

20120022436 - Disposable environmental control chamber for managing wounds: The portable environmental control chamber provides gas, as needed, to encourage healing and prevent infection. In one embodiment, the environmental control chamber acts as a hyperbaric chamber that can be affixed over a wound to supply oxygen to the wound bed. In another embodiment, the environmental control chamber acts as... Agent: Sarasota Medical Products, Inc.

20120022437 - Apparatus and method for treating and dispensing a material into tissue: A method for administering a therapeutic is provided. In various embodiments, the method includes providing a handheld dispensing apparatus comprising a housing defining a chamber, a material treatment module in material communication with the chamber, an outlet in material communication with the chamber, and a needle in material communication with... Agent:

20120022438 - Apparatus for administering a therapeutic agent into tissue using a needle as the material treatment moduel: An apparatus for administering a therapeutic is provided. In various embodiments, the apparatus includes a syringe having a barrel and a plunger and having a material treatment module associated with a needle. The material treatment module may be an ozone generator that is initiated such that material containing ozone accumulates... Agent:

20120022439 - Syringe, system and method for delivering oxygen-ozone: In accordance with at least one exemplary embodiment, a syringe, method and system for delivering a therapeutic amount of ozone are disclosed. An exemplary syringe can have a gas chamber and one or more electrodes. A portion of at least one electrode can be within the gas chamber. Alternatively, singularly... Agent: Minimus Spine, Inc.

20120022442 - Dialysis system and machine having therapy prescription recall: In an embodiment, an automated peritoneal dialysis (“APD”) machine includes at least one pump, a logic implementer storing a plurality of therapy prescriptions by which to operate the at least one pump, each therapy prescription pre-approved for a particular patient, and an input device operating with the logic implementer to... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120022440 - Dialysis system having disposable cassette: A dialysis system includes a dialysis instrument and a disposable cassette. The dialysis instrument includes three pump actuators. The disposable cassette includes three dialysate pump chambers. The three dialysate pump chambers are positioned and arranged to operate with the three dialysate pump actuators of the dialysis instrument.... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120022441 - Medical fluid pump valve integrity test methods and systems: A valve integrity method for a medical fluid pump includes pumping fluid into the medical fluid pump while an outlet valve is closed and an inlet valve is open, closing the inlet valve while the outlet valve is closed, attempting to pump fluid out of the medical fluid pump while... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120022443 - Probablistic pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling: The subject matter disclosed herein provides a response to a dose of a substance and/or controls the administration of the dose. In one aspect, there is provided a system. The system may include a processor and at least one memory configured to provide a response determinator. The response determinator may... Agent:

20120022444 - Method and apparatus to remove substances from vessels of the heart and other parts of the body to minimize or avoid renal or other harm or dysfunction: To accomplish isolation and removal of a substance from a vasculature, a catheter is employed to occlude a vessel of the vasculature. The substance is thus isolated in the vasculature and can be removed. In this way, the substance is removed before entering other parts of the circulatory system. This... Agent:

20120022445 - Manual breast pump with resilient return: A manual breast pump comprising a pump housing defining an inlet orifice, an outlet orifice, and a pump orifice all in fluid communication with one another, the pump housing including a pump chamber, a repositionable actuator disposed within the pump chamber and repositionable within the pump chamber between a retracted... Agent:

20120022446 - Oral fluid delivery device: An oral fluid delivery device is provided with a body having a base and a nipple extending from the base. At least one channel projects through the nipple. A fluid reservoir has a proximal end that is secured to the base to form an integrated unit, and a distal end... Agent: Earthling, LLC

20120022447 - Multi-chambered retractable safety syringe: A retractable safety syringe may have a needle, needle holder, syringe body, and a plunger assembly. A proximal portion of the body and a piston of the plunger may define a vacuum chamber. The plunger assembly may comprise a distal piston and a proximal piston, with an intermediate chamber disposed... Agent:

20120022448 - Applicator for treating skin: An applicator for treating skin, includes a housing, in which a device for perforating an area of skin is arranged, wherein the device for perforating the skin can be brought into contact with the area of skin through an opening in the housing. At least one device for disinfecting is... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120022449 - Filter device and liquid injection apparatus having the same: A filter device of the present invention includes a hydrophilic filter located in a vertical space in a filter housing to filter off solid impurities in an introduced liquid, at least one hydrophobic filter located corresponding to at least one gas discharge hole provided in the filter housing, the hydrophobic... Agent: E-wha Fresenius Kabi Inc.

20120022450 - Extra-corporeally portable infusion device: A portable medical apparatus for administering a fluid drug in doses, including a first housing including a reservoir unit with an outlet into a fluid path for conducting the drug, a second housing including a conveying unit for dispensing the drug from the reservoir unit in doses and a suitable... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20120022452 - Ambulatory medical device with electrical isolation from connected peripheral device: Methods and apparatus are provided for electrically isolating an ambulatory medical device for infusing treatment materials into a patient when the medical device is connected to a peripheral device via an active communication cable. In one embodiment, the ambulatory medical device include first circuitry controlling infusion of a medicament to... Agent:

20120022451 - Pumping device, as for enteral feeding assembly: A pumping device is disclosed, as for use with an enteral feeding assembly. In one form the pumping device is a diaphragm pump including a first dome portion, a second dome portion, and a flexible membrane located between the first and second dome portions. A pressure differential is created between... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20120022453 - Portable medical fluid delivery device with drive screw articulated with reservoir plunger: A device for delivering fluid into the body is provided. The device may comprise a reservoir including at least one wall for retaining fluid and a plunger (400), wherein the plunger is articulated with a drive screw (300) having a distal end (304) that rotates within the plunger and displaces... Agent:

20120022454 - Catheter tip assembly and method of using the same: A device for use in a process that involves accessing a bodily space includes a flexible tube having a proximal end, a distal end, and a channel extending between the proximal and distal ends of the flexible tube, and a tissue engagement device coupled to the distal end of the... Agent: Insite Medical Technologies, Inc.

20120022455 - Methods and apparatus for securing a line: Methods and apparatus for securing a medical or surgical line with respect to a patient are described. In particular, a fastener is described comprising an elongate braided tubular sleeve (110) for receiving the line therethrough, the sleeve having a first end for fixing adjacent to the patient, in use, and... Agent:

20120022456 - Manual pump for intravenous fluids: A manually operable pump includes a fluid line operatively connected to a fluid source, and a manually operable actuator. A facilitator is used to facilitate flow of fluid from the fluid source through the fluid line. The facilitator is operably connected to the manually operable actuator. A piezoelectric system is... Agent: Lifemedix, LLC

20120022457 - Enteral feeding connector and assembly: A connector for use with a syringe or extension tubing, such as an enteral feeding syringe or tubing, is provided. The connector has features to effectively secure a syringe or extension tubing with the connector without contamination from a user.... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20120022458 - Apparatus and method for measuring dose in injector: Provided is an apparatus and method for measuring a dose in an injector, which is capable of measuring a dose without modifying the mechanical structure of the injector. A number sleeve is provided to pass through an injector body and is connected to be spirally movable, and a pattern for... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120022460 - Pen needle assembly having biodegradable components: A pen needle assembly (701) includes a hub (731) and a metal needle (721) fixedly connected to the hub (731). A cover member (711) removably receives the hub for covering a first end of the needle (721). A sealing member (741) covers a second end of the needle (721). At... Agent:

20120022459 - Pen needle to facilitate manipulation by users having physical or visual impairment: A pen needle (501) includes a hub (531) and a needle (521) fixedly connected to the hub (531). An outer cover (511) removably receives the hub (531) and the needle (521). The outer cover (511) has a first gripping member (515) to facilitate removal of the outer cover (511) from... Agent:

20120022461 - Tiltable safety needle: A shielded needle assembly for a drug delivery device in which a needle cannula (20) tilts once the needle assembly is removed from the drug delivery device whereby a non-patient end (22) of a needle cannula (20) abuts an inside surface of the needle hub (1) and a patient end... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20120022462 - Drug delivery device: A drug delivery device (1) comprises a housing (2) and a cap (3) attachable onto the housing (2). The cap (3) comprises one or more snap features (33) to attach the cap (3) onto the housing (2) and one or more orientation features (34) to define the orientation of the... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120022463 - Safety sheath for hypodermic syringe needle: The present invention provides a safety sheath for hypodermic syringe needle comprising a proximal mounting ring, a distal mounting ring and a shielding sheath. The shielding sheath includes two symmetrical slits, two symmetrical semicircular aprons and an inward annular fillet, which is bisected into two symmetrical curved segments with crescent... Agent:

20120022466 - Apparatus for injecting a pharmaceutical with automatic syringe retraction following injection: A pharmaceutical delivery apparatus with an automatic syringe retraction following a manually controlled injection. The apparatus includes a housing (28), a syringe carriage (90), a medication-filled syringe (70) held within the carriage, the syringe needle tip being disposed within the housing in a first position and projecting from the housing... Agent: Eli Lilly And Company

20120022465 - Autoinjector: characterised in that the plunger includes biasing means for axially biasing the barrel, before activation of the energy source, to a position forward of the part of the inner housing which acts on the barrel in said first position.... Agent: The Medical House Limited

20120022464 - Dual chamber passive retraction needle syringe: Embodiments of a retractable syringe assembly are provided that include a dual syringe barrel configuration. In one or more embodiments, the assemblies include a fluid barrel for retaining fluid and a retraction barrel for housing the retraction feature and the needle hub assembly. The assemblies include a trigger element that... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120022467 - Syringe with passive safety lock: A syringe designed with a passive safety locking means to effectively and reliably disallow unintentional displacement of the plunger toward the distal end if the syringe. The safety locking means is designed to affect reliable automatic release on at least two (2) points of engagement of the syringe for its... Agent: Shovary & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants

20120022468 - Enteral feeding assembly: An enteral feeding system for use with a syringe or extension tubing, such as an enteral feeding syringe or tubing, is provided. The system has features to balance the pressure within the tubing.... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20120022470 - Medical elongate member housing tool and medical elongate member housing tool assembly: An elongate member housing tool assembly includes a distal end side tubular member disposed on the distal end side and a proximal end side tubular member disposed on the proximal end side, which accommodate an elongate member, and a liquid inlet port to which a liquid supplying tool for supplying... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120022469 - Needleless valve infection prevention and pre-opening device: A disinfecting and pre-opening device is disclosed for use with a female needleless connector. The disinfecting and pre-opening device includes a housing comprising a chamber having a distal opening and configured to fit over the female needleless connector, and an elongated finger attached to the housing and disposed within the... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120022472 - Application method of external dermatological medications, evaluating method of the same, application evaluating apparatus, and application evaluating program: A method of applying an external dermatological medication to a skin or a skin substitute substrate with an external dermatological medication for evaluating characteristics of the external dermatological medication acquired by irradiating the skin or the skin substitute substrate with light including a first applying step of spreading the external... Agent: Shiseido Company Ltd

20120022471 - Cosmetic composition for th ecare and correction of telangiectasias: The present invention relates to a dermocosmetic composition of localised topical application in cream and/or emulsion form, to the procedure for obtainment thereof together with use thereof for care and correction of telangiectasias and to the method of administration thereof.... Agent:

20120022473 - Ring-shaped device: e

20120022474 - Plaster with medication dispenser: An adhesive plaster (10; 110; 600; 800) provided with one or more rupturable capsules (18; 118; 618; 818) containing one or more kinds of medication.... Agent:

20120022475 - Devices for treatment of damaged tissue: Methods and devices for treatment of damaged tissue are disclosed, including treatment of wounds by employing non-electrically powered, reduced pressure therapy devices. Maintenance and control of the sub atmospheric pressure exerted may be provided by such devices while minimizing discomfort to the user. The devices may be configured to be... Agent: Spiracur Inc.

20120022476 - Bodily fluid trapping unit and wearing article including the same: A receptacle of a bodily fluid trapping unit is defined by first and second sheets bonded together along respective peripheral edges thereof. The first sheet is formed with openings extending therethrough in its thickness direction. Backflow preventing means includes a flat valve disc provided on the side of the first... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120022477 - Drainable ostomy pouch: The present invention concerns a drainable ostomy pouch comprising first proximal pouch wall and second distal pouch wall joined together along the outer periphery to form a cavity for accommodating waste material and to form an outlet portion with an outlet for draining the content of the pouch; an inlet... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20120022478 - Drainable ostomy pouch: A drainable ostomy pouch is disclosed having generally parallel sidewalls of flexible sheet material joined along their edges to define a chamber therebetween and having a downwardly extending neck portion terminating in a discharge opening for draining the contents from the chamber. The neck portion of the pouch has first... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20120022479 - Absorbent wound dressing for wrapping around jointed limbs: A non-adhesive absorbent wound dressing (10) is suitable for application about a jointed limb. The wound dressing (10) has a first portion (20) adapted to conform to and wrap around an upper part of the limb, a second portion (30) adapted to conform to and wrap around a lower part... Agent: Brightwake Limited

20120022480 - Disposable absorbent device for post-urinary drip and dispenser for the device: A disposable absorbent device for post-urinary drip has a sanitary shield or pad formed as a curved shell configured to substantially conform to the exterior surface of the penis glans, said shield or pad defining interior concave and exterior convex surfaces. A fluid permeable layer of sheet material lines at... Agent:

20120022481 - Outer cover for an absorbent article: An outer cover for an absorbent article has an absorbent capacity in addition to the absorbency of an absorbent insert. The outer cover may have two or more layers, at least one of which has liquid absorption capacity. Another layer may be hydrophobic. The outer cover as a whole may... Agent:

20120022483 - Absorbent article: A sanitary napkin comprises an absorbing body. The absorbing body includes a fluid-permeable top sheet, a fluid-impermeable back sheet, and an absorber arranged between the top sheet and the back sheet. The napkin comprises a cover sheet for covering the surface of the top sheet. A circumferential edge region of... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120022484 - Absorbent article: A sanitary napkin comprises an absorbing body. The absorbing body includes a fluid-permeable top sheet, a fluid-impermeable back sheet, and an absorber arranged between the top sheet and the back sheet. The napkin comprises a cover sheet for covering the surface of the top sheet. A circumferential edge region of... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120022485 - Two-piece wearable absorbent article with advantageous fastener performance configurations: A two-piece wearable absorbent article (such as a diaper) including an outer cover and an absorbent insert for use therewith, are disclosed. The outer cover may have a first hook-and-loop fastening system that provides for removable and refastenable and adjustable fastening of the outer cover about a wearer's lower torso.... Agent:

20120022486 - Absorbent article and composite sheet: The present invention provides an absorbent article having a composite sheet with a plurality of gathers on an inner surface facing a wearer's body, which fits and adheres comfortably to the wearer's skin. The composite sheet is provided which includes a stretchable non-woven fabric which expands and contracts in at... Agent: C/o Technical Center, Uni-charm Corporation

20120022487 - Disposable urine absorbent product: A disposable urine absorbent product has a sheet-like main body part having an approximately rectangular shape, and an elastic member which lies from one side end of the main body part to the other side end through a front end. In the disposable urine absorbent product, the elastic member which... Agent:

20120022488 - Wearing article: A wearing article has a chassis and leg elastic members of a flat band shape that are attached to the chassis along leg side edges thereof. The chassis has regions each of which overlaps one of the leg elastic members and includes at least one series of depressions extending along... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120022489 - Optical touch system and object detection method therefor: A diaper includes a chassis, a liquid-absorbent structure and containment cuffs. An inner sheet in the chassis includes a plurality of ridges and grooves extending in a longitudinal direction Y. Between a rear end of the liquid-absorbent structure and rear waist elastics, a spacing zone is defined. Cuff elastics are... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120022482 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article is provided with a waist-cuff to prevent body waste from leaking beyond a waist-opening. An elastic sheet is used for the waist-cuff to be held in contact with the wearer's skin even if the wearer moves. The waist-cuff and a chassis may be joined to each other... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120022490 - Resilient laminate and reinforced non-woven fabric: Hook part of a self-gripping hook and loop closure, in particular for a nappy, comprising a hook element comprising a sheet from which hooks protrude and a laminated element fixed to the hook element, the laminate extending in a transverse direction between two respective left and right lateral edges, comprising... Agent:

20120022491 - Flexible reusable outer covers for disposable absorbent inserts: Flexible reusable outer covers for disposable absorbent inserts.... Agent:

20120022492 - High-capacity disposable absorbent inserts for reusable outer covers: High-capacity disposable absorbent inserts for reusable outer covers.... Agent:

20120022493 - Pressure-regulating vial adaptors and methods: In certain embodiments, a vial adaptor for removing liquid contents from a vial comprises a housing and a bag. In some embodiments, an initial volume of a regulating fluid can be contained within the bag. In some embodiments, the regulating fluid flows into the vial as liquid is removed from... Agent:

20120022496 - Dispensing fluid from an infusion pump system: Some embodiments of a medical infusion pump system include a pump device having a cap device that mates with a pump housing to retain a medicine cartridge therein. In addition to retaining the medicine cartridge in the pump housing, the cap device may perform a number of preparatory functions or... Agent: Asante Solutions, Inc.

20120022494 - Matrix infusion pump and disposable set: A matrix infusion cassette for use with an intravenous (IV) pump is disclosed. The matrix infusion cassette includes a body configured to attach to the IV pump, the body having one or more inlet ports, an outlet port, and a plurality of pumping chambers, and a plurality of fluid conduits... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120022495 - Molds for in situ forming materials: An applicator for use in tissue repair is provided. The applicator includes a base configured to dispense a material and an applicator tip operably connected to the base. The applicator tip includes a body having a distal end configured to engage a tissue defect and a mold disposed about the... Agent:

20120022497 - Diabetes management system: A method of diabetes management, comprising (a) providing a glucose meter in communication with a portable microprocessor-based unit; (b) transmitting blood glucose level data into the hand-held microprocessor-based unit from the blood glucose meter; (c) running a program of instructions on the portable microprocessor-based unit or the glucose meter or... Agent:

20120022500 - Compositions and methods for induced brown fat differentiation: The invention provides methods and compositions for inducing brown fat cell differentiation through modulation of both Prdm1β and C/EBPβ activity and/or expression. Also provided are methods for preventing or treating obesity or an obesity related disorder in a subject through stimulation of both Prdm1β and C/EBPβ expression and/or activity. Further... Agent: Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.

20120022498 - Retractable safety syringe with non-loaded seal: A retractable safety syringe may have a needle, needle holder, syringe body, a shaft seal, and a plunger assembly. A proximal portion of the body and a piston of the plunger may define a vacuum chamber. The plunger assembly may comprise a shaft coupled to a piston. The shaft may... Agent:

20120022499 - Wearable automatic injection device for controlled delivery of therapeutic agents: Exemplary embodiments provide wearable automatic injection devices for subcutaneously injecting a therapeutic agent into a patient's body at controlled rates, for example, in a single bolus. Exemplary embodiments provide methods for assembling wearable automatic injection devices for subcutaneously injecting a therapeutic agent into a patient's body at controlled rates. Exemplary... Agent:

20120022501 - Multi-lumen catheter with protected tip: A multilumen catheter assembly including an elongated body defining a first lumen having a sidewall extending between its proximal end and a first lumen distal end proximate the body distal end and a first distal opening disposed proximate the first lumen distal end, and a second lumen connected to the... Agent: Twincath, LLC

20120022502 - Systems and methods for improving catheter hole array efficiency: Systems and methods for manufacturing a peripheral catheter having a plurality of diffusion holes.... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120022503 - Guide wire: A method of making a guide wire involves butting a connection end face at a proximal end of a first wire against a connection end face at a distal end of a second wire while applying voltage and a pressing force to weld together the first and second wires at... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120022504 - Device, apparatus, and method of adipose tissue treatment: A method and apparatus for adipose tissue treatment whereby two types of electromagnetic radiation are applied to the volume of tissue to be treated, One type of the electromagnetic radiations being RF and the second type of electromagnetic radiation being visible or infrared radiation.... Agent: Syneron Medical Ltd.

20120022505 - Closed loop glaucoma drug delivery system: A device implantable into an eye of a patient for treatment of glaucoma. The device has an implantable sensor configured to measure at least one characteristic of the eye. The implantable sensor is sized for implantation into the eye. The device also has an implantable processor coupled to the sensor... Agent:

20120022506 - Drug delivery device with active iris: A device implantable into an eye of a patient for treatment of glaucoma. The device has an implantable dispenser. The dispenser includes an implantable reservoir configured to store a therapeutic agent. Additionally, the dispenser includes an implantable reservoir sensor configured to measure a pressure within the reservoir. The device also... Agent:

01/19/2012 > 64 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20120016285 - Catheter with removable extension members: A catheter for use in accessing the vasculature of a patient and for optionally transferring a volume of blood from a patient to a hemodialysis machine. The catheter includes one or more connectors, which are secured to a transition member of the catheter. The one or more connectors have a... Agent: Inter-novation Inc.

20120016286 - Ocular implant with stiffness qualities, methods of implantation and system: Described herein are devices and methods for treating eye conditions. Described is an ocular implant including an elongate member having an internal lumen forming a flow pathway, at least one inflow port communicating with the flow pathway, and at least one outflow port communicating with the flow pathway. The elongate... Agent:

20120016287 - Satiation devices and methods: A device for inducing weight loss in a patient includes a tubular prosthesis self-expandable from a collapsed position in which the prosthesis has a first diameter to an expanded position in which the prosthesis has a second, larger, diameter. In a method for inducing weight loss, the prosthesis is placed... Agent: Barosense, Inc.

20120016288 - Applicator having an enhanced gripping region: An applicator having an enhanced grip portion. The applicator can include a barrel portion having an insertion end, a withdrawal end, and a barrel exterior surface, the barrel exterior surface being a barrel color, a grip portion positioned opposite the insertion end having a grip exterior surface, and a plunger... Agent:

20120016289 - Articles, compositions, and methods for killing or preventing the growth of microbes: Described herein are methods and compositions for killing or preventing the growth of microbes. It has been discovered that a class of porphyrins can kill or prevent the growth of microbes. The porphyrins can be used in a number of different applications where microbes grow.... Agent: Frontier Scientific

20120016290 - Led-based skin treatment system and method: Provided are an LED-based skin treatment system capable of performing a skin treatment in consideration of individuals' respective skin properties and a reaction of skin to a change in a patient's emotional state by using an LED light source, and a method thereof. The LED-based skin treatment system includes a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120016291 - Robotically controlled intravascular tissue injection system: A robotic catheter system includes a controller including a master input device and instrument driver in communication with the controller. An elongate flexible guide instrument is operatively coupled to the instrument driver. A fluid injection needle may be advanced from, or retracted into, a distal portion of the guide instrument.... Agent: Hansen Medical, Inc

20120016292 - apparatus, article and method for reducing pain during skin puncturing procedures: An instrument, article and method are provided for minimizing pain during administration by injection of a liquid, such as, an anesthetic. The instrument has a forward end. A lightpipe mounted freely for vibration projects out of the forward end. The article, a single use tip, is composed of a tip... Agent:

20120016293 - Endoscope gas delivery system: Gases are smoothly and automatically switched when using two gas supply sources, that is, an air pump and a carbon dioxide gas cylinder. By using a gas supply flow rate adjusting unit, a carbon dioxide gas is supplied to an endoscope, and a gas using a carbon dioxide gas and... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120016294 - Occlusion perfusion catheter: Catheters for occluding, visualizing, irrigating, evacuating, and delivering agents to a treatment area are disclosed. The catheters comprise a catheter body comprising five lumens, first and second occlusion balloons coupled to the catheter body, an optional space-occupying balloon coupled to the catheter body and disposed between the first and second... Agent: Atlanta Catheter Therapies, Inc.

20120016295 - Pump infusion system: In a pump infusion system comprising a pump adapted to be attached to a user and to cause infusion of pharmaceutical substances into the user's body, questions regarding the effects of administration of the pharmaceutical substances are provided, answers to said questions are transmitted to an attending staff, said answers... Agent:

20120016296 - Autoinjector with mixing means: wherein said transfer needle is capable of penetrating said stopper to establish fluid communication between said first and second chambers via said bore and radial aperture to enable said wet component to mix with said dry component and wherein said injection needle is capable of delivering the mixed dry and... Agent: The Medical House Limited

20120016299 - Catheter drug pump: A miniaturized drug pump can actively dispense fluid at a controlled (or controllable) flow rate emerging at or near the distal tip of a catheter.... Agent: Minipumps, LLC

20120016297 - Interventional devices including dilute nanotube-polymer compositions, and methods of making and using same: Under one aspect, an interventional device includes a balloon having a flexible wall. The flexible wall includes a composition including between 0.005 wt. % and 0.20 wt. % of carbon nanotubes dispersed in a polymer. Under another aspect, a method of making an interventional device includes contacting a plurality of... Agent:

20120016298 - Peg tube with wireless pull tip: A feeding tube and method for introducing a feeding tube within the gastrointestinal tract of a patient, whereby the feeding tube is introduced by using a variation of the Ponsky “pull” method of feeding tube placement. The feeding tube comprises an elongate shaft having a distal end and proximal end.... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120016300 - Disposable pen needle with re-use prevention features: A pen needle (521) for a drug delivery device (100) includes a hub (511) and a needle (502) fixedly connected to the hub (511). An outer cover (501) removably receives the hub (511) and the needle (502). A locking member (505) locks the hub (511) and the needle (502) in... Agent:

20120016301 - Catheter assembly and pierced septum valve: A pierced septum valve is disclosed herein. The pierced septum valve includes a septum that is located within a lumen of a body. A septum activator is positioned proximal the septum within the lumen of the body. A seal is disposed between an outer surface of the septum activator and... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120016302 - Catheter assembly and pierced septum valve: A septum activator is disclosed herein. The septum activator has an outer tubular body and an inner tubular body. The outer tubular body and the inner tubular body each have a plurality of openings therein. The inner tubular body has a first position relative to the outer tubular body and... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120016303 - Syringe drive device: A syringe drive device drives a syringe including a cylindrical cylinder and a piston. The cylinder includes a solution supply port at one end, and an opening at the other end. The piston is inserted into the cylinder through the opening. The syringe drive device includes a cylinder holder to... Agent:

20120016304 - Removable controller for an infusion pump: Some embodiments of an infusion pump system includes a controller device that is configured to removably attach to a pump device in a manner that provides a secure fitting, an overall compact size, and a reliable electrical connection. In particular embodiments, the controller device can be secured to the pump... Agent: Asante Solutions, Inc.

20120016305 - Wireless data communication protocols for a medical device network: A fluid infusion system includes local “body network” devices, such as an infusion pump, a handheld monitor or controller, a physiological sensor, and a bedside or hospital monitor. The body network devices support communication of status data, physiological information, alerts, control signals, and other information between one another. In addition,... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120016306 - Infusion pump: An apparatus for delivering fluid at a substantially constant flow rate includes a pair of substantially rigid surface elements for defining a volume that is variable according to constrained separation of the pair of surface elements. The apparatus further includes a support member disposed within the volume defined by the... Agent:

20120016307 - Removable flash chamber: A needle hub and catheter assembly are disclosed herein. The needle hub includes an introducer needle having a lumen extending therethrough. A needle hub is coupled to a proximal end of the introducer needle. A flash chamber is removably coupled to the needle hub or the introducer needle. An interior... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120016308 - Low-pressure packaging for fluid devices: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for delivering and/or withdrawing fluid from subjects, e.g., through the skin, including packaging associated with such systems. Certain aspects of the invention are generally directed to devices for withdrawing a substance from the skin and/or from beneath the skin of a... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20120016309 - Microarray device: A device is provided which is suitable for delivering at least one nanoparticle(s) to a subject. The device can be used to deliver a variety of nanoparticles, for example, therapeutic agents, directly through the outer layers of the skin without passing completely through the epidermis of the subject. Thus the... Agent:

20120016310 - Medical tubing stabilizer: In various embodiments of the invention, a system and dynamic device are provided to create stability of tube placement in medical and other applications. The described systems and principles also apply in other environments outside of medicine and healthcare. The described medical tubing stabilizer adheres to the tubing itself providing... Agent:

20120016311 - Drug delivery catheters that attach to tissue and methods for their use: A drug delivery catheter suited for cardiac procedures. The catheter an anchor associated with a needle, which can be used to secure the catheter to tissue for delivery of therapeutic agents to the tissue.... Agent: Biocardia, Inc.

20120016312 - Catheter stabilization device: A catheter stabilization device for stabilizing an inserted catheter penetrating a surface at a catheter insertion site, including: a base that is coupleable to the surface and includes a channel defining a longitudinal opening that receives a portion of the catheter, and a frame that forms at least a partial... Agent:

20120016313 - Syringe for sequential expression of different liquids: A device (10,110,210) for the expression of liquids, such as for the maintenance treatment of vascular catheters. A syringe (16;116a,116b;216) has a support structure (15,215) and includes at least two separate compartments (11,12;111,112;211,212) in which liquids for treating the lumen (L,283) of a catheter (C,280) with which the device is... Agent: Medical Components, Inc

20120016314 - Gasket and syringe: A gasket configured so that a pusher having a male screw thread on the outer periphery of its tip is connected to the gasket through the male screw thread and so that the gasket slides within a syringe outer tube when the pusher is operated in the longitudinal direction. The... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120016315 - needle magazine: A needle magazine for holding a plurality of injection needles (50) is described. The needle magazine comprises a first opening adapted to receive the device fluid access portion (120) of a medical delivery device. Each needle (50) is selectively moveable from a respective storage position not aligned with said first... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20120016316 - Spatial needle guidance system and associated methods: Methods and apparatus for positioning a elongate hollow member at a desired location in a body in a medical procedure are provided. A position marker is removably disposed within a sheath. The sheath may be disposable. The sheath and enclosed position marker may be inserted into a lumen of a... Agent:

20120016317 - Guard for flexible tubing clamp and method of using same: A clamp guard for securing to flexible tubing such as catheters and their extension tubes and about a clamp therealong for housing the clamp at least when the clamp is in a tubing-clamping state, to prevent inadvertent contact of the clamp by a foreign body and undesirable unclamping of the... Agent: Medical Components, Inc.

20120016318 - Antimicrobial iv access cap: An antimicrobial IV access cap having an inner surface for retaining an antimicrobial agent, and further configured to receive a portion of an access port of an intravascular device.... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120016319 - Substance dispenser, especially for medical or cosmetic treatment: A dispenser containing a substance to be applied on a patient is described. The dispenser comprises a plunger, a tube and a perforated element located inside the tube. The tube contains openings at its application end. When the plunger is pushed during application, the substance is squeezed through the perforated... Agent:

20120016320 - Method and device for liquid delivery: A liquid delivery device is provided which allows for delivery of precise, small amounts of a target liquid, such as cantharadin, glycolic acid, phenol, trichloroacetic acid, or similar liquids to a specific, discrete target location, such as an area of the skin to treat conditions including, but not limited to:... Agent:

20120016321 - Methods and devices for applying closed incision negative pressure wound therapy: Disclosed are devices, systems and methods for treating an incision. The device includes a generally planar tension relief module, comprising a central structure in fluid communication with the incision, wherein at least a portion of the central structure is adapted to be aligned with a longitudinal axis of the incision;... Agent:

20120016323 - Inflatable off-loading wound dressing assemblies, systems, and methods: To offload forces from a tissue site being treated with reduced pressure, an offloading pressure component may be used as part of a reduced-pressure treatment system. A reduced-pressure source of the reduced-pressure treatment system vents positive pressure exhaust into the offloading pressure component to inflate the offloading pressure component. The... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20120016325 - Reduced pressure therapy devices: Described generally herein are tissue therapy devices, which may comprise a sealant layer and a suction apparatus. The sealant layer functions so as to create a sealed enclosure between it and the surface of a patient by forming, preferably, an airtight seal around an area of tissue that requires negative... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20120016324 - System and method for interfacing with a reduced pressure dressing: Systems, devices, and methods for treating a tissue site on a patient with reduced pressure are presented. In one instance, a reduced-pressure interface includes a conduit housing having a cavity divided by a dividing wall into a reduced-pressure-application region and a pressure-detection region. The reduced-pressure interface further includes a reduced-pressure... Agent:

20120016322 - Systems and methods for electrically detecting the presence of exudate in dressings: Systems and methods are provided for sensing fluid in a dressing on a patient and producing an electrical signal. In one instance, a galvanic cell is used as an electronic detection device. The galvanic cell is placed in the dressing and produces voltage when the dressing is substantially saturated. In... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20120016326 - Absorbent core: Absorbent core for disposable absorbent articles, for example for the absorption of menses or blood.... Agent:

20120016329 - Absorbent disposable incontinence diaper having side portions: The invention relates to a disposable absorbent incontinence diaper (2) of the open type, having a main part (4), comprising a front region (6) having front lateral longitudinal edges (42), a rear region (8) having rear lateral longitudinal edges (41) and a crotch region (10) that is located in between... Agent:

20120016328 - Biodegradable films: A film that is biodegradable in that it loses its integrity over time is provided. The biodegradable film includes from about 1 wt. % to about 49 wt. % by weight of the film of a matrix phase including at least one biodegradable polyester, and from about 46 wt. %... Agent:

20120016327 - Method of designing graphics for absorbent articles: A method of designing graphics for absorbent articles comprising the steps of: selecting one or more basic technical flats comprising a plurality of printing zones; selecting a color palette; selecting one or more patterns and/or solid prints; and modeling the one or more selected patterns and/or solid prints, using the... Agent:

20120016331 - Absorbent article comprising a detachable stiffening element: An absorbent article having a longitudinal direction, a transverse direction, a front portion, a rear portion, and a crotch portion located between the front portion and the rear portion. The article includes an absorption member having an upper side intended to face a wearer during use of the article and... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20120016330 - Body adhering absorbent article: A feminine care absorbent article includes an absorbent structure and a shell for supporting the absorbent structure at a vaginal region of a wearer. The absorbent structure has a body-facing surface and a garment-facing surface. The shell has a body-facing surface and a garment-facing surface. The body-facing surface has an... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20120016332 - Disposable diaper with integral disposal system: The present invention provides a diaper assembly comprising an integral disposal system, the diaper assembly comprising a disposable diaper comprising an outer layer comprising an aperture on an outer surface thereof, an inner layer and an absorbent layer disposed between said outer layer and said inner layer and a bag... Agent:

20120016333 - Reusable diapers: A reusable diaper may include an inner layer to wick moisture and an outer layer substantially impervious to liquids. A waist portion may include a corner region for securing the diaper in a desired position. The corner region may be resiliently stretchable and substantially impervious to liquids, and may include... Agent:

20120016334 - Disposable diaper: A disposable diaper using elastic sheet materials so that a contact surface pressure may be locally enhanced and thereby the diaper may be prevented from being noticeably displaced on the wearer's body during used thereof is provided. Of first and second waist regions at least the first waist region is... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120016335 - Method and system for treating bladder conditions: A method of treating a bladder condition is provided. The method is effected by circulating a volume of heated fluid through a urinary bladder of a subject in need and gradually increasing the volume of fluid up to a predetermined fluid volume and or pressure.... Agent: Elmedical Ltd.

20120016336 - Treatment of mood and/or anxiety disorders by electrical brain stimulation and/or drug infusion: A system and method for introducing one or more stimulating drugs and/or applying electrical stimulation to the brain to treat mood and/or anxiety disorders uses an implantable system control unit (SCU), specifically an implantable signal/pulse generator (IPG) or microstimulator with one or more electrodes in the case of electrical stimulation,... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20120016338 - Chemoablation of tissue using biodegradable, solid salt dosage forms: Novel methods for the chemical ablation of tissue (e.g. prostatic tissue) are described. These methods include the steps of: (a) providing one or more solid salt dosage form comprising 50-100% w/w salt; and (b) inserting one or more of such solid salt dosage forms into the tissue. The solid salt... Agent: Boston Scientic Scimed, Inc.

20120016337 - Collection canister apparatus for closed loop fat harvesting system and method of use thereof: An improved collection canister and method of its use for a closed loop fat harvesting system is disclosed. The collection canister comprising of a main body with inner cavity, handles on each sides, a detachable lid that includes at least two liposuction lure ports, a vacuum port to provide suction... Agent:

20120016339 - Method and apparatus for intraoperative cardiac tissue injection: The apparatus provides for injecting therapeutic agents at precise locations into the bodily tissue. The apparatus comprises an end effector that is guided to a precise location by motion controllers on a handle. At a precise location, the end effector attaches via a vacuum to the cardiac tissue. A flexible... Agent: Blue Belt Technologies, Inc.

20120016340 - Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer: Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of cancer, particularly prostate cancer, are disclosed. Illustrative compositions comprise one or more prostate-specific polypeptides, immunogenic portions thereof, polynucleotides that encode such polypeptides, antigen presenting cell that expresses such polypeptides, and T cells that are specific for cells expressing such polypeptides. The... Agent: Corixa Corporation

20120016344 - Aspiration catheter: An aspiration catheter includes an aspiration tube and an aspiration lumen extending between and opening to the distal and proximal ends of the aspiration tube, and a guidewire tube bonded to the outer surface of the aspiration tube on a distal end portion of the aspiration tube, with at least... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120016341 - Catheter with flexible tip and shape retention: An improved apparatus and method to catheterize passages is disclosed. The present disclosure provides a catheter having a soft flexible pre-formed distal tip, that when used in combination with commercially available guidewires of variable stiffness, results in the ability to control the direction and angle of wire advancement allowing cannulation... Agent:

20120016343 - Guiding catheter stabilization system: Guiding catheter support devices, systems, and methods for stabilizing a guiding catheter while positioned in a vessel of a patient are disclosed. The device comprises a stabilizing wire with an elongate portion and a fortified end, wherein the fortified end is more rigid than the elongate portion. The stabilizing wire... Agent:

20120016342 - Percutaneous guidewire: A percutaneous guidewire comprising a distal end portion that is pre-formed in a curve that turns through more than 270 degrees. The stiffness of the guidewire may decrease continuously along the length of the curved distal end portion towards the tip of the guidewire and the radius of curvature of... Agent: St. Georges Healthcare Nhs Trust

20120016345 - Luer connector: A luer lock connector is disclosed. The luer lock connector includes a connector body having a distal end, a proximal end, and a gripping portion between the distal end and the proximal end. A substantially flexible material is disposed on at least the outer surface of the gripping portion of... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120016346 - Catheter hub: A catheter hub includes a distal assembly including a distal hub member adapted to be fixedly attached to an outer catheter and a proximal assembly including a proximal hub member adapted to be fixedly attached to an inner catheter disposed through the outer catheter. An elongate member connects the proximal... Agent: Bio2 Medical, Inc.

20120016348 - Angiocatheter with improved flow technique: A catheter for draining of fluid comprising: a body portion; a rim, where said body portion extends from rim; a plurality of holes extending along the length of the body; and a tab, where said tab extends from the rim. The rim includes an opening for the insertion of a... Agent:

20120016347 - Seroma control for surgical patients: Apparatus and methods for significant reduction of seroma formation, seroma related complications and time until drain removal following surgery are disclosed. Talc, with and without thrombin, bleomycin, erythromycin, tetracycline, doxycycline, polidocanol alone or in combination or combined with talc and/or thrombin for use in operatives wound and lymph node dissections... Agent:

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20120010552 - Disposable applicator assembly: A disposable applicator assembly includes a handle of a diameter substantially larger than the diameter of an applicator stick. The applicator assembly includes a casing, the applicator stick, and an applicator (e.g., a swab). A support structure is disposed within the casing and engages the applicator stick. A product may... Agent: Unicep Packaging, Inc.

20120010553 - Blood collecting system: Embodiments include a blood collecting system comprising a scale, a blood agitating system, a blood bag and a tube for extracting blood from a donor. The collecting system comprises, or is connected to, a processor for controlling the scale, the blood agitating system and the amount of blood being extracted... Agent: Ljungberg & Kogel

20120010554 - Method and apparatus for controlling an extra-corporeal blood treatment in a medical device: Apparatus for controlling an extra-corporeal blood treatment in a medical device, comprising a blood treatment device (7), an extra-corporeal blood transport line (4), a fluid transport line (3) for a treatment fluid for the blood, at least a sensor adapted to provide a measure (M) correlated to at least a... Agent:

20120010555 - Cannula implant device for use in salivary gland ducts: A cannula for placement within a salivary gland duct having a first end adjacent an oral cavity and a second end adjacent a salivary gland is provided. The cannula includes an elongate body having a lumen and a first and a second plate offset from a proximal end of the... Agent: E. Benson Hood Laboratories

20120010556 - Long-term implantable arterio-venous shunt device: A long-term implantable arterio-venous shunt device is provided that can be used as a therapeutic method. The shunt device is implanted between an artery and a vein, preferably between the aorta and the inferior vena cava. The shunt device decreases the systemic vascular resistance and allows a blood flow rate... Agent: Stanford University

20120010559 - Angiogenesis initiation and growth: Methods for promoting angiogenesis comprising administering platelet-rich plasma to a site and stimulating the site with an electromagnetic field. Platelets include platelet-rich plasma and compositions can further include stem cells such as adipose stromal cells and cells derived from bone marrow aspirate. Methods also comprise isolating platelets from a patient's... Agent: Biomet Biologics, LLC

20120010557 - Drug delivery system for use in the treatment of vascular and vessel-related pathologies: The present invention relates to a drug delivery system for use in the treatment of vascular and vessel-related pathologies, comprising a drug delivery platform that comprises at least one compound capable of exerting an effect on the formation and/or maintenance of a thrombus in the vessel to be treated. The... Agent:

20120010558 - Photosensitizing antibody-fluorophore conjugates: The present disclosure relates to compositions and methods of killing cells in vitro or in vivo. In particular examples, the method includes contacting a cell having a cell surface protein with a therapeutically effective amount of an antibody-IR700 molecule, wherein the antibody specifically binds to the cell surface protein. In... Agent: The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human

20120010560 - Modulated pulsed ultrasound power delivery system and method: A method and apparatus for delivering energy during a surgical procedure such as phacoemulsification is provided. The method and apparatus include applying energy during at least one pulsed energy on period, typically sufficient or intended to rapidly induce and beneficially employ transient cavitation. Applying energy during the pulsed energy on... Agent: Abbot Medical Optics Inc.

20120010561 - Medicinal implant device and cartridge: The invention includes a device for inserting a medicament within a body cavity of a mammal, and a cartridge for containing the medicament within the device, where the cartridge includes a housing, a retractable chamber for containing medicament disposed within the housing, and a substantially stationary member disposed within the... Agent: Orapharma, Inc.

20120010562 - Infusion device: An infusion system that includes a controller device and a communication system to provide for two-way communication between the controller device and an infusion device that controls delivery of fluids to a user's body. Either the controller device or the infusion device may be integrated with a characteristic determining device... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120010563 - Bidirectional vascular introducer sheath: A vascular introducer sheath includes a sheath body having an interior lumen for accommodating a dilator. The vascular introducer further includes a guidewire positioning means operatively associated with the interior lumen of the sheath body for directing a guidewire in either a vascular direction or an arterial direction within a... Agent:

20120010565 - Balloon catheter with improved taper support: A catheter balloon having improved steerability is disclosed having a transition between a soft distal tip and a relatively stiffer working portion of a balloon carrying a stent, in the form of a support sleeve on the inner member. The support sleeve provides stiffness to the taper portion of the... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20120010566 - Catheter including a compliant balloon: A catheter having an elongate shaft including a plurality of apertures disposed along at least a length of the shaft to facilitate bending. The catheter includes an inflatable balloon, wherein a subset of the plurality of apertures provides fluid communication from an inflation lumen to the inflatable balloon.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120010564 - System for percutaneously administering reduced pressure treatment using balloon dissection: A reduced pressure delivery system for applying reduced pressure tissue treatment to a tissue site is provided. The system includes a manifold delivery tube and a balloon having an inner space. The balloon is capable of assuming collapsed and expanded positions. The system further includes a manifold having a plurality... Agent:

20120010567 - Single use self-disabling syringe: A single use self-disabling syringe is disclosed, which includes a barrel, a plunger, and a rubber seal. At the end of the barrel there is a needle set. The front end the plunger has a clip, which can completely block the needle set. The syringe has the said needle set... Agent: Global Medisafe Holdings Ltd

20120010568 - Motor mechanism for a drug delivery device and drug delivery device: The invention refers to a motor mechanism (6) for a drug delivery device (1), comprising a storage drum (8) and a torque drum (9) arranged close to each other and a strip (7) of spring sheet metal having two ends, each end attached to one of the drums (8, 9),... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120010569 - Access device with twist locking removable cap: A surgical access device comprises a cannula having a proximal end and a distal end. A housing is connected to the proximal end of the cannula and contains a zero-closure seal. The housing may also include a housing cap with a plurality of oblong apertures. A removable cap contains an... Agent:

20120010570 - Method for percutaneously implanting a medical catheter and medical catheter implanting assembly: A method for percutaneously implanting a medical catheter, such as a gastrostomy feeding tube, and a medical catheter implanting assembly. In one embodiment, the implanting assembly includes a gastrostomy feeding tube, an inner sheath and an outer sheath. The feeding tube has an internal bolster integrally formed at its distal... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120010571 - Catheter assemby and method for internally anchoring a catheter in a patient: A catheter assembly and method for internally anchoring a catheter in a patient. According to one embodiment, the catheter assembly includes a catheter, a tubular fitting coupled to one end of the catheter, and an internal bolster coaxially mounted around the tubular fitting. The tubular fitting has a waist portion,... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120010572 - Intravenous catheter protective cover: A cover for an intravenous catheter configured to attach to a patient to thereby prevent unintentional jarring or other contact with the catheter. The cover includes a dome configured to receive the catheter, and can include a first aperture through which the catheter can be inserted. A fastener can be... Agent:

20120010574 - Puncture needle assembly and medicinal liquid injection device: A puncture needle assembly including: a puncture device which is provided with a needle tube having a sharp needlepoint at the tip thereof, and also with a protector which is supported relative to the needle tube so as to be movable in the axis direction of the needle tube between... Agent: Terumo Kabushkik Kaisha

20120010573 - Syringe with co-molded hub and cannula: A prefilled syringe for injecting medicament into a patient includes a barrel constructed of a polymeric material, a cannula and a hub. The barrel has a diameter, a longitudinal axis, a proximal end and a distal end. The cannula has a proximal end and a tip opposite the proximal end.... Agent: West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

20120010576 - Drive assembly and medication delivery device: A drive assembly suitable for a medication delivery device comprises a housing, a drive member, a piston rod, a rotation sleeve, a guide member and a biasing member. The rotation sleeve is arranged to be displaced in a distal direction when the drive member is displaced in the distal direction... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120010575 - Drive assembly suitable for use in a drug delivery device and drug delivery device: A drive assembly for use in a drug delivery device is proposed, the drive assembly comprising: a housing having a proximal end and a distal end; an axis extending between the proximal end and the distal end; at least one drive member; a piston rod adapted to be driven along... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20120010577 - Inserter assembly for a peripheral catheter with a plaster member, method of configuring the inserter assembly with the peripheral catheter, and method of performing a blood vessel puncture: An inserter assembly for a peripheral catheter assembly configured with an adhesive plaster member, wherein the catheter tube extends through the plaster member. The inserter assembly includes a first inserter part having first and second legs, a bridge member connecting the first and second legs at a distance from each... Agent:

20120010578 - Wound treatment containment apparatus: The invention relates to the treatment of wounds. In particular, the invention relates to systems, devices, and methods enabling treatment (e.g., debridement) of wounds with liquid, gas, or particles in a non-controlled setting while providing containment of contaminated liquid, gas or particles, thereby preventing exposure of individuals and surfaces in... Agent:

20120010579 - Electrochemical wound therapy: A method for wound-healing is disclosed where the method comprises providing a housing forming a cavity, the cavity comprising at least one opening configured to encompass at least a portion of a wound region of a patient. The method includes sealing a perimeter of the at least one opening to... Agent:

20120010580 - Apparatus for ostomy devices: The present invention is directed to an apparatus for use with an ostomate device. The apparatus of the present invention may provide protection and sound attenuation (e.g. reduction or elimination) of a stomal aperture for an ostomate having undergone an ostomy procedure. The present invention enables an ostomate safety when... Agent:

20120010581 - Absorbent article having a functional enhancement indicator: A feminine hygiene article having a body-facing surface, a first end region and a second end region. The feminine hygiene article is for placement in an undergarment having a crotch portion bounded on opposite sides by portions of curved leg openings, the feminine hygiene article comprising at least one functional... Agent:

20120010582 - Low-profile washable garments for capturing bodily fluids: Embodiments of the present invention provide an improved garment for capturing bodily fluids. In particular, embodiments of the present invention provide a garment including a main garment body configured to be worn by a wearer and a capturing panel having a receiving surface configured to receive bodily fluids excreted from... Agent: Angle Enterprises, L.L.C.

20120010583 - Absorbent structure in an absorbent article: An absorbent structure comprising a silicone foam having pore walls and a plurality of hydrophilic particles anchored to the pore walls of the foam. Some of the hydrophilic particles have an anchored portion firmly anchored to the pore walls and an exposed portion extending outwardly away from the pore walls... Agent:

20120010584 - Absorption body for use on wounds: An absorption body for use on wounds is constructed of a multilayer configuration with a first layer that is facing the wound, a second layer that is facing away from the wound, and an absorbent core that is arranged between the first and second layers. The first layer in the... Agent: Mcairlaid's Vliesstoffe Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120010585 - Reusable diapers: A reusable diaper includes forward and rearward waist portions. At least one corner tab may be releasably attachable to the forward and rearward waist portions. The diaper may include at least one pocket configured to receive therein at least a portion of the corner tab. The pocket may be substantially... Agent:

20120010586 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article includes an absorbent body that has a fluid-absorbent member for absorbing fluid, and has a longitudinal direction, a width direction, and a thickness direction. A main body section is overlapped with the absorbent body in the thickness direction. One end section in the longitudinal direction of the... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20120010587 - Tampon disposed with longitudinal grooves and indentations: A tampon for feminine hygiene is provided having a longitudinal body showing in compressed condition a length and a width. The tampon includes compressed absorbent fibrous material and has an outer circumferential surface which is provided with longitudinal grooves. The longitudinal grooves are separated from each other by longitudinal ribs.... Agent: Ontex Hygieneartikel Deutschland Gmbh

20120010588 - Female part of hook and loop fastener: To provide a female part of a hook and loop fastener exhibiting excellent engaging force, where the left-right difference of engaging force is small. A female part of a hook and loop fastener having a knitted fabric composed of warps, wefts and loop yarns, and a substrate, wherein a structure... Agent:

20120010589 - Local delivery of therapeutic agent to heart valves: The present invention relates to implantable medical devices and methods that employ these medical devices to treat heart valves. In one embodiment, a medical device is provided comprising a body. The body may have a portion thereof including therapeutic agent and can be configured to support the device proximate a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120010590 - Swallowable drug delivery device and method of delivery: Embodiments of the invention provide swallowable devices, preparations and methods for delivering drugs and other therapeutic agents within the GI tract. Some embodiments provide a swallowable device such as a capsule for delivering drugs into the intestinal wall or other GI lumen. The device comprises a capsule sized to be... Agent: Incube Labs, LLC

20120010591 - System for controlling means for injection of anaesthetics or sedatives with a view to inducing anaesthesia or sedation: This system is characterized in that it includes means (2) for acquiring a signal representative of the electrocortical activity of the patient (1), means (3) for analyzing this signal in order to extract therefrom an anesthetic depth signal, means (4, 5, 6) for tracking the value and the time-dependent evolution... Agent: Hopital Foch

20120010592 - Diabetes care management system: A diabetes care management system for managing blood glucose levels associated with diabetes comprising a computing device and an insulin delivery device. The computing device generally includes (i) a memory comprising one or more optimal blood glucose values, one or more self care values of a patient, one or more... Agent: Health Hero Network, Inc.

20120010594 - Drug delivery device: A drug delivery device includes a housing having an interior space, a needle having retracted and deployed states, an injector to move the needle between retracted and deployed states, and a reservoir disposed within the interior space, the reservoir configured to receive a volume of a drug and to be... Agent: Amgen Inc.

20120010595 - Immobilizing objects in the body: Stabilizing an object in the body of a patient involves the injection of a lower critical solution temperature (LCST) material or other flowable material into the body of the patient so that the material contacts the object. The LCST material or other flowable material then forms a gel in the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120010593 - Method and apparatus for a strategic nerve antidote pouch: A strategic nerve antidote pouch includes a backing, a loop panel secured to the backing, first and second straps secured to the backing, and an injector pouch member secured to the backing. The injector pouch member includes first, second, and third injector pouches that receive single nerve antidote injectors therein... Agent:

20120010596 - Devices and methods for processing a biomaterial in a closed system: Disclosed herein are methods and devices for processing a biomaterial in a closed system and administering the processed biomaterial to a subject.... Agent:

20120010597 - Induction of dendritic cell development with macrophage-colony stimulating factor (m-csf): A method of inducing dendritic cell (DC) development by administering Macrophage-Colony Stimulating Factor is provided. M-CSF induces DCs to differentiate into subtypes, for example plasmacytoid DCs and conventional DCs. Induction with M-CSF can be achieved in vitro from hematopoietic precursors, such as bone marrow cells, or in vivo. In vitro,... Agent: Bavarian Nordic A/s

20120010598 - Rotate-to-advance catheterization system: at least one articulating cable secured to the distal end of said inner flexible tube at an attachment point, and extending proximally along said inner flexible tube, such that pulling the at least one articulating cable proximally causes the inner flexible tube to be bent toward the radial position of... Agent:

20120010599 - Inorganically surface-modified polymers and methods for making and using them: In alternative embodiments, the invention provides articles of manufacture comprising biocompatible nanostructures comprising PolyEther EtherKetone (PEEK) surface-modified (surface-nanopatterned) to exhibit nanostructured surfaces that promote osseointegration and bone-bonding for, e.g., joint (e.g., knee, hip and shoulder) replacements, bone or tooth reconstruction and/or implants, including their use in making and using artificial... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120010600 - Method of overnight closed-loop insulin delivery with model predictive control and glucose measurement error model: A closed-loop method for insulin infusion overnight uses a model predictive control algorithm (“MPC”). Used with the MPC is a glucose measurement error model which was derived from actual glucose sensor error data. That sensor error data included both a sensor artifacts component, including dropouts, and a persistent error component,... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

01/05/2012 > 58 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20120004589 - Delivering a conduit into a heart wall to place a coronary vessel in communication with a heart chamber and removing tissue from the vessel or heart wall to facilitate such communication: Devices and methods for delivering conduits into the wall of a patient's heart to communicate a coronary vessel with a heart chamber. The devices are passed through the coronary vessel and the heart wall to place the conduit and establish a blood flow path between the vessel and the heart... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120004590 - Satiation pouches and methods of use: A method for controlling appetite by means of a satiation device is disclosed. The device, which includes a flexible webbing defining proximal and distal openings and a biasing structure, is attached to the patient's stomach with the proximal opening positioned adjacent and below the patient's gastro-esophageal junction. The biasing structure... Agent: Barosense, Inc

20120004591 - Method and apparatus for focused resonance nanopermeabilization (forn): This Invention relates to a method for achieving Focused Resonance Nanopermeabilization (FORN), which can be utilized in a novel anticancer therapy, and other selective permeabilization therapy and a machine to carryout the said method, where the transient permeabilization of cells by Focused Resonance pulses induces a significant increase of anti-tumor... Agent:

20120004593 - Antiseptic based on bispyridinium alkanes: An antimicrobially effective composition includes a) at least 0.15% by weight of bispyridinium alkane, b) at least 3.5% by weight of humectant and c) water. Upon dilution with water, the composition produces a solution with an osmolality of from 230 to 350 mOsmol/kg and is free from surfactant. It is... Agent: L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes George

20120004596 - Catheter for use in revascularization procedures and method of using same: A method of removing vascular blockage includes providing a catheter system. comprising an outer catheter, a cutting catheter having a serrated distal end, a bypass catheter, and a guidewire. In the catheter system, the bypass catheter is slidably disposed within the cutting catheter and the outer catheter. The method includes... Agent: Neurodynamics, LLC

20120004592 - Compositions for solubilizing tissue: Tissue solubilizing compositions are provided. The compositions comprise 3-(decyl dimethyl ammonio) propane sulfonate and polyethylene glycol dodecyl ether, such as tetraethylene glycol dodecyl ether. The compositions may be useful to solubilize tissue, including skin, mucosal membrane, and other tissue. The compositions may be further useful to preserve and recover analytes... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120004595 - Devices and methods for cutting and evacuating tissue: Various medical devices and methods for cutting and/or evacuating tissue are provided. The devices and methods may utilize a reciprocating mechanism or motor powered by suction from a vacuum source. The medical devices and methods may be used on tissue in various regions of a patient's body and for treating... Agent: Laurimed, LLC

20120004597 - Medical device for injecting fluid into a body: The medical device (10) has a prop (12) extending between a proximal end (12A) and a distal end, a nose (16) in the form of a perforating tip, secured to the distal end of the prop (12), a sheath (18), in which the prop (12) is housed, which can be... Agent: Perouse Medical

20120004594 - Methods of treating degenerative bone conditions: Methods and articles of manufacture for treating patients with degenerative bone are provided. The methods are useful to improve bone quality in a localized area of a degenerative bone (e.g., osteopenic or osteoporotic bone), such as by improving BMD to be substantially similar to BMD in an average, healthy individual... Agent: Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

20120004598 - Apparatus and process for producing co2 enriched medical foam: An apparatus for producing medical foam for wound care or hair stimulation has a foam generation unit including a fluid reservoir, a fluid delivery line and a foam generation tip. The apparatus also includes a compressed gas unit having at least one container of compressed gas, a source of electric... Agent:

20120004599 - Gas mist mask device: The present invention is to provide a gas mist mask device which is compact and economical, and enables to take a mist bath for the face or the eyes by using the physiological actions of oxygen or carbon dioxide. The gas mist mask device comprises a gas supply means 110... Agent: Acp Japan Co., Ltd.

20120004600 - Gas mist pressure bath device: The invention is to provide a gas mist pressure bath device, which causes to contact carbon dioxide, oxygen or a mixed gas of carbon dioxide and oxygen to the skin or mucous membrane of the head of a living body at pressure higher than a predetermined value for efficiently enabling... Agent: Acp Japan Co., Ltd.

20120004601 - Interventional procedure drive and control system: A pumping system for use in medical applications where liquids must be infused and aspirated from a mammalian patient, and whose economics are such that it is cost effective to simply dispose of it after a single use. The system features positive displacement pump(s) such as reciprocating pump(s) containing a... Agent:

20120004602 - Connection and alignment detection systems and methods: A medical device includes a first housing portion (FHP) and a second housing portion (SHP) configured to be to be movable relative to each other from a first position to operatively engage at a second position to couple at least one of a drive device and a needle-inserting device supported... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120004603 - Breastfeeding milk consumption measuring device: A device and method for measuring an amount of breast milk suckled during a breastfeeding session, the device including a mechanism for determining the change in volume of a breast during the breastfeeding session (before breastfeeding and after breastfeeding), and a calculation unit for calculating therefrom the quantity of milk... Agent: Innovia Medical Ltd

20120004604 - Insert for a breast pump: The present invention relates to an insert adapted to fit on a breast-receiving funnel of a breast pump. The insert comprises a circumferentially extending resiliently deformable wall which defines a teat receiving space and against which a user's teat is locatable, the insert being configured to define a pressure chamber... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120004605 - Catheter assembly: A catheter assembly includes an expandable and collapsible structure having an outer surface. The expandable and collapsible structure is adapted to expand between a contracted state and a dilated state. A coating is disposed on the outer surface of the expandable and collapsible structure. The coating includes a bioactive agent.... Agent:

20120004606 - Reinforced rapid exchange catheter: A medical balloon catheter including a shaft comprised of a cross-wound coil tube and a sleeve surrounding the cross-wound coil tube. The cross-wound coil tube includes a monofilament inner coil disposed within a monofilament outer coil. The inner and outer coils are wound in opposite pitch directions. In at least... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120004607 - Safety syringe: A retractable needle safety syringe (11) with plunger locking mechanism is disclosed. Locking means (36) are provided in the body (12) of the syringe to engage the plunger (13) once it is retracted after use, so that the syringe is rendered incapable of being used further. The locking means is... Agent: Global Medisafe Holdings Pty Limited

20120004608 - Prefilled syringe jet injector: A jet injector that includes a prefilled syringe. The syringe includes a fluid chamber that contains a medicament. The syringe also has an injection-assisting needle, and a plunger is movable within the fluid chamber. A housing is configured for allowing insertion of the needle to a penetration depth. An energy... Agent: Antares Pharma, Inc.

20120004609 - Pump assembly with a removable cover assembly: An infusion pump assembly includes an enclosure assembly. A reservoir assembly is positioned at least partially within the enclosure assembly and is configured to contain an infusible fluid. A pump assembly is positioned at least partially within the enclosure assembly and is configured to effectuate the dispensing of the infusible... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20120004611 - Soft dual-layer rectal speculum: A soft dual-layer rectal speculum includes a main tube member having a distal end for insertion into a patient's rectum and a proximal end for connection to a waste removal hose where at least a portion of the main tube member includes an inner hard layer and an outer soft... Agent:

20120004610 - Vascular introducer and method of using same: A vascular introducer for accessing a circulatory system of a patient includes a sheath and a dilator. The sheath includes a fitting attached at a proximal end, and includes a liner that is longer than a core tube. A proximal segment of the liner is attached to an inner surface... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120004612 - Device for administering a cannula: A device for administering a cannula (14), having a basic element (10), a cannula (14), the tip (16) of which protrudes beyond the basic element (10) in the ready to use position of the device, a traction element (12), which is movable with respect to the basic element (10), and... Agent:

20120004613 - Pleated trocar seal: A trocar seal comprising an elastomeric membrane having an opening adapted to receive a surgical instrument. The membrane is configured with a plurality of pleats circumscribing the opening and extending laterally from opening. The pleats comprise a plurality of pleat walls increasing in height as the pleats extend laterally from... Agent:

20120004614 - Production process for a microneedle arrangement and corresponding microneedle arrangement and use: A production process for a microneedle arrangement and a corresponding microneedle arrangement as well as a use for it is disclosed. The process has the following steps: forming an etching mask in grid form, with grid bars with corresponding grid crossing regions and grid openings in between on a substrate;... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120004615 - Bandage: A bandage for covering a body opening from which a conduit, not belonging to the body, projects, has a first support with a first slit beginning at an edge of the support and extending toward a center of the first support, wherein the first slit defines a first support half... Agent: Mcairlaid's Vliesstoffe Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120004617 - Anchor systems and methods: Some embodiments of a medical device anchor system include an anchor device that receives a medical instrument (such as a catheter or the like) and secures the instrument in place relative to a skin penetration point. In some circumstances, the anchor device may allow the anchor device to be used... Agent: Interrad Medical, Inc.

20120004618 - Anchoring a medical instrument: Some embodiments of a medical anchor device include an elongate body coupled with deployable subcutaneous anchors to secure a catheter instrument (or other medical instrument) in place relative to a skin penetration point. In some circumstances, the elongate body may be in the form of catheter hub body, and the... Agent: Interrad Medical, Inc.

20120004616 - Gastric port system: A gastric port system for transport of materials to the interior of a body cavity that may include a tube configured to be disposed between a first body cavity and an area adjacent to the first body cavity. The gastric port system may further include a first bolster that includes... Agent:

20120004619 - Needle protective device: A needle protective device is provided for reducing inadvertent needle sticks. The needle protective device includes a tubular member that is attached to a base cap. A spring and a shield are positioned in the base cap to selectively cover an access hole of the chamber so that after use... Agent:

20120004620 - Lever and gear force multiplier medication delivery system for high pressure injection system: A drug delivery device includes a cartridge (211) for storing a medicament and a needle (203) communicating with the cartridge (211) for injecting a medicament dose. A rack (241) is movably disposed in the cartridge (211) and is engageable with a stopper (213) for expelling the medicament dose from the... Agent:

20120004621 - Medical device with retractable needle and moveable plunger seal: A medical device having a barrel, a retractable needle, a needle retraction assembly and a plunger, the needle retraction assembly including and being held inside the barrel prior to retraction at least in part by a retainer member contacting the barrel, the plunger comprising a plunger seal with an body... Agent:

20120004622 - Serial valves and hubs for tubular devices and methods for making and using them: A hub for a sheath, catheter, or other tubular device includes a first hub portion including a first hub lumen sized for receiving a medical device therethrough, and a second hub portion including a second hub lumen, the second hub portion coupled to the first hub portion such that the... Agent: Aust Development, LLC

20120004623 - One-way check valve: A one-way check valve in an IV system set is provided with structural features to capture contaminant particles and inhibit the particles from adversely impacting the performance of the check valve. A screen can be provided upstream of the valve seat and the valve may be provided with flow channels... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120004624 - Enhanced anti-flow protection for an intravenous set: A device for holding an IV tube in a pumping apparatus and for selectively occluding the tube when the door of the pumping apparatus is opened, to prevent free flow of fluid in the tube. A flange provided on a sliding clamp is designed to prevent inadvertent finger slippage causing... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120004626 - Microneedle device: The present invention aims to allow high molecular weight active ingredients to be contained in a coating agent substantially uniformly. For this purpose, a microneedle device 1 includes a microneedle base 2, and microneedles 3 capable of piercing a skin and being disposed on the microneedle base 2, wherein at... Agent: Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

20120004625 - Spinal needle including a chamber for identifying cerebrospinal fluid: Disclosed herein is a spinal needle for epidural and spinal anesthesia and analgesia. The needle is formed by three main elements: the first one is a fastening member which allows the user to grab the needle with the fingers; the second element is a chamber that receives an amount of... Agent:

20120004627 - Apparatus and methods for enzymatic debridement of skin lesions: An apparatus for debridement of devitalized tissue in skin lesions, that includes a plurality of height- and angle-adjustable inlet tubes and at least one outlet tube and a member that forms an occlusive seal around a skin lesion. The plurality of inlet tubes is adapted for directing a continuous stream... Agent: Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.

20120004628 - Wound dressing apparatus and method of use: A dressing (2) and an apparatus (1) comprising the dressing, for cleansing the wounds (5) in which an irrigant fluid from a reservoir (12) connected to a conformable would dressing and would exudate from the dressing are moved by a device (18) (which may be a single pump or two... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20120004629 - Subdural evacuation port aspiration device: A subdural evacuation port aspiration device including a subdural evacuation portion and a port aspiration portion. The subdural evacuation portion includes a rigid tubular portion having a central axis, a threaded exterior surface, and a pair of wings extending outwardly in substantially opposite directions from the tubular portion. The port... Agent: Medtronic Ps Medical, Inc.

20120004630 - Absorbent article with low cold flow construction adhesive: Absorbent articles comprising a low cold flow construction adhesive suitable for joining at least two absorbent article components together, wherein the adhesive comprises an ethylene-based polyolefin resin and certain crystallization enhancers, and wherein the absorbent articles have an in-bag compression opening force of less than about 0.75N. Also, a method... Agent:

20120004631 - Wound packing members: A method of making a three-dimensional wound packing member is described, the method comprising the steps of: taking material selected from at least one of the following forms comprising perforated sheet, net, woven, non-woven and knitted material; subjecting the at least one material to at least one forming process selected... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20120004632 - Ultrathin fluid-absorbent cores: The present invention relates to ultrathin fluid-absorbent cores comprising a substrate layer, water-absorbent polymer particles and an adhesive, wherein the water-absorbent polymer particles comprise a basic salt of a polyvalent metal cation and a monovalent carboxylic acid anion on the surface and the wet SAP shake out of water-absorbent polymer... Agent: Basf Se

20120004633 - Absorbent article including a plurality of longitudinally extending channels: An absorbent article including a first end region, a second end region and a central region, a plurality of channels arranged in each of the first and second end regions, at least one channel arranged in the central region and extending in a longitudinal direction of the article, the at... Agent:

20120004634 - Absorbent product: In a pants-type absorbent product, a first middle elastic member is located along a horizontal direction in a middle front part between a pair of leg openings in an outer covering sheet. The first middle elastic member contracts a first sheet and a second sheet, and middle gathers are formed.... Agent:

20120004635 - Method and means for collecting cord blood: The invention is a cord blood open circuit collection system and a method of using a cord blood open circuit collection system to harvest cord blood.... Agent:

20120004636 - Hemostatic fibrous material: This disclosure relates to devices for promoting the clotting of blood in human beings or animals, or hemostatic devices. These devices may comprise a fibrous material or materials comprising one or more fibers such as a gauze or a cloth. Some of the fibers in these materials or devices may... Agent:

20120004637 - Drug delivery management systems and methods: Various embodiments of a “smart” drug delivery system are provided which includes an add-on module and a reusable or disposable drug pen in conjunction with a data management unit(s) DMU. Upon attachment to the pen, the add-on module may: determine dosage selected, injection of selected dosage, duration of injection, time... Agent: Lifes-can, Inc.

20120004638 - Drug delivery device with needles and roller: A delivery device including a roller rotatably mounted on an axle, a reservoir, and at least one hollow needle positioned in the roller are in fluid communication with the reservoir, wherein as the roller rotates about the axle, contents of the reservoir pass through the at least one hollow needle.... Agent:

20120004641 - Dual-chambered drug delivery device for high pressure injections: A dual-chambered drug delivery device (201) includes a first chamber (205) in which a medicament is stored. A dose setting member (213) is rotated to set a medicament dose. The dose setting member (213) being rotatable to set the medicament dose. The dose setting member (213) is not axially moveable.... Agent:

20120004639 - Multi-stroke delivery pumping mechanism for a drug delivery device for high pressure injections: A dual-chambered drug delivery device (201) includes a cartridge (211) having a first chamber (212) for storing a medicament and a second chamber (211) in fluid communication with the first chamber (212). A dose setting member (241) is used to set a medicament dose to be injected at an injection... Agent:

20120004640 - Open and closed valve medication delivery system for high pressure injections: A dual-chambered drug delivery device (301) includes a first chamber (342) in which medicament is stored and a second chamber (331) in fluid communication with the first chamber (342). A medicament dose is transferred to the second chamber (331) from the first chamber (342) prior to injecting the medicament dose.... Agent:

20120004642 - In vitro micro-organs, and uses related thereto: Micro-organ cultures which include isolated populations of cells having specific characteristics are described. Salient features of the subject micro-organ cultures include the ability to be maintained in culture for relatively long periods of time, as well as the preservation of an organ microarchitecture which facilitates, for example, cell-cell and cell-matrix... Agent:

20120004643 - Vaccines based on targeting antigen to dcir expressed on antigen-presenting cells: The present invention includes compositions and methods for increasing the effectiveness of antigen presentation using a DCIR-specific antibody or fragment thereof to which an antigen is attached that forms an antibody-antigen complex, wherein the antigen is processed and presented by a dendritic cell that has been contacted with the antibody-antigen... Agent: Baylor Research Institute

20120004644 - Pleural drainage system locking dilator: In one embodiment, a locking connector for a pleural access valve comprises an elongated access tip operable for engaging a lumen in a pleural access valve, the elongated access tip defining an internal lumen and the elongated access tip having a radial ridge. The locking connector also comprises a handle... Agent:

20120004645 - Capsular urinary catheter: The various embodiments herein provide a capsular urinary catheter to manage urinary incontinence or retention in patients to prevent the Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections in patients. The urinary catheter comprising a first end adapted to be inserted into the patient's body, a second end adapted to be releasably attached... Agent:

20120004646 - Implantable device system: An implantable device system is disclosed. The implantable device system comprises, a first energy transceiver system, a second energy transceiver system at least partially implanted within an organic tissue and capable of being interrogated by the first energy transceiver system, and a sensing system, wherein a state of the sensing... Agent: General Electric Company

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