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Surgery January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 95 patent applications in 60 patent subcategories.

20120022314 - Brachytherapy apparatus, systems, and methods for using them: A brachytherapy treatment apparatus is provided that includes a center catheter including proximal and distal ends defining a central longitudinal axis therebetween, the center catheter including a bend between the proximal and distal ends. The apparatus includes a pair of expandable catheters including pathways extending between the proximal and distal... Agent: Cianna Medical, Inc.

20120022315 - Magnetic field treatment techniques: The invention involves enhancing brain function by stimulating the brain using magnetic fields. Applications of the new methods include improving the condition of individuals with cognitive disorders, such as depression, and studying the effects of neural stimulation using induced electric fields. These techniques can avoid deleterious effects of psychotropic pharmaceutical... Agent: The Mclean Hospital Corporation

20120022316 - Method and apparatus for preventing air embolisms: Method and apparatus for preventing air embolisms during surgical procedures which involves providing a fluid source in communication with an aperture extending into an anatomical cavity such that fluid may be delivered into the cavity when a condition of negative pressure exists in the cavity, thereby preventing the introduction of... Agent: Maquet Cardiovascular LLC

20120022318 - Implantable article and method: An implantable article and method are disclosed for treating pelvic floor disorders such as vaginal vault prolapse. A surgical kit useful for performing a surgical procedure such as a sacral colpopexy is also described.... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120022317 - Implantable sling for the treatment of incontinence and method of using the same: A method of treating urinary incontinence includes making an incision and exposing urethral tissue in a patient and employing a tool to place an implant into the incision. The method also includes coupling a first end of the implant to the tool and directing the tool and the first end... Agent:

20120022321 - Coated pelvic implant device and method: Implant systems and methods are provided to include a treatment material with a pelvic implant device. The pelvic implant device, such as an incontinence sling, can include the treatment coating combination of polycarbonate (PC) and an infection prevention material, such as InhibiZone® (IZ) technology. The treatment material can be coated... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120022320 - Gastric ring with a fitting rod: The invention relates to an implantable medical device (1) comprising a flexible band (2) intended for being placed around an organ to tightly bind the latter, said medical device being characterised in that it includes a positioning means (10) provided with a curved stiffening element with a rigidity greater than... Agent: Compagnie Europeenne D'etude Et De Recherche De Dispositifs Pour L'implantation Par Laparoscopie

20120022322 - Methods and devices for treating obesity: Methods and devices for treating obesity. Pressure is applied to gastric walls in at least one segment of a stomach such that the pressure distends the gastric walls and induces satiety. A hollow capsule can be used to distend the gastric walls. Alternatively, a doughnut- shaped ring may be inflated... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20120022319 - Systems and methods for reducing gastric volume: Systems and methods maintain a fold, e.g., an intussusception, formed in a portion of the stomach wall. In one example, a system includes a holding device that is positioned at least partially in a stomach and receives a portion of a wall of the stomach. The holding device includes a... Agent:

20120022323 - penile implant: Penile implant and system comprising such an implant. The penile implant comprises a number of features which improves the function of the penile implant, e.g. a certain surface structure and portions with specific functions.... Agent: Milux Holding S.a.

20120022324 - Implant comprising an expandable section: Penile implant and system comprising such an implant. The penile implant comprises a number of features which improves the function of the penile implant, e.g. a certain surface structure and portions with specific functions.... Agent: Milux Holdings S.a.

20120022325 - Locatable expandable working channel and method: A method and device is provided for accessing a target location within a branched network. The device may be passed through the working channel of a standard endoscope and includes a three-dimensional location sensor at its distal tip and an expandable extended working channel. The device has a very thin... Agent: Superdimension, Ltd.

20120022327 - Capsule endoscope: A capsule endoscope 10 is provided with an imaging lens 20, capsule body 22, and a transparent cover 23. The capsule body 22 is formed hollow, and has an opening 22b at its end 22a. The imaging lens 20 is provided such that a part thereof is positioned inside the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120022326 - Intubating stylets and systems and methods for intubation: An intubating stylet has a proximal end and a distal end. The intubating stylet includes a housing at the proximal end of the stylet and a tip portion at the distal end of the stylet. The tip portion has a distal gear at its proximal end. An outer shaft extends... Agent: Stc.unm

20120022329 - Apparatuses for advancing an endoscope through a passage: In one embodiment, an endoscope includes a body, an elongated shaft that extends from the body, the elongated shaft ending in a distal tip, a first anchoring device that is fixed to the elongated shaft, and a second anchoring device that is extendable from the elongated shaft. In one embodiment,... Agent:

20120022328 - Separating an endoscopy capule from a surface of a liquid: A magnetically guided endoscopy capsule is separated from the surface of water with the aim of immersing the capsule completely in water, using the least possible magnetic force. A brief force curve (F_mag(t)) is thereby automatically generated on the capsule by a solenoid system, by one or more force pulses.... Agent:

20120022331 - Systems and methods for optimizing and maintaining visualization of a surgical field during the use of surgical scopes: Systems and methods couple a self contained air processing or conveying component to a sheath that is sized and configured to receive a laparoscope including a laparoscopic lens providing visualization of an operating cavity. The air processing or conveying component comprises an air flow path having an inlet sized and... Agent: Minimally Invasive Devices, LLC

20120022330 - Tactile indicator for endoscopic instruments: A flexible endoscopic instrument for insertion through the lumen of an endoscope, comprises: a flexible cable; an actuating handle connected to a proximal end of the flexible cable; a tool assembly connected to a distal end of the flexible cable; a sheath that covers substantially an entire length of the... Agent:

20120022332 - Laryngoscope, comprising a set of magnetic elements: f

20120022333 - Apparatus and system for simultaneous use of multiple instruments: An apparatus for allowing simultaneous use of at least two surgical instruments through a single incision. The apparatus includes a first part having a proximal end, a distal end, an inner surface and an outer surface. The outer surface engages an incision and holds the incision in an open position.... Agent: Surgical Innovations Limited

20120022334 - Laparoscopic instrument and trocar system and related surgical method: Laparoscopic instruments and cannulas are provided for performing laparoscopic procedures entirely through the umbilicus. Generally S-shaped laparoscopic instruments placed through the C-shaped trocar sleeves or through the cannula and instrument holder unit provide markedly improved degrees of instruments' freedom during trans-umbilical laparoscopic procedures.... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120022335 - Thoracic retractor: A surgical retractor has a rail, a first arm protruding from the rail at an angle, a second arm being movably mounted on the rail and extending substantially parallel to the first arm, and a multiplicity of holding elements mounted on the first and second arms. A holding element has... Agent:

20120022336 - Iterative probabilistic parameter estimation apparatus and method of use therefor: A probabilistic digital signal processor using data from multiple instruments is described. In one example, a digital signal processor is integrated into a biomedical device. The processor is configured to: use a dynamic state-space model configured with a physiological model of a body system to provide a prior probability distribution... Agent: Streamline Automation, LLC

20120022338 - Apparatus, systems, methods and computer-accessible medium for analyzing information regarding cardiovascular diseases and functions: According to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure, apparatus and method can be provided for determining information regarding a tissue or an object at or within the tissue. For example, with at least one first arrangement which is situated inside a particular organ of the body, it is possible... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20120022340 - Detecting sleep to evaluate therapy: A system includes one or more sensors and a processor. Each of the sensors generates a signal as a function of at least one physiological parameter of a patient that may discernibly change when the patient is asleep. The processor monitors the physiological parameters, and determines whether the patient is... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120022337 - Mhc-less cells: The present disclosure relates to compositions, methods, systems, computer-implemented methods, and computer program products thereof that relate to biological cells for delivery of at least one therapeutic agent to a biological tissue or subject.... Agent: Searete LLC

20120022339 - Pulse detection apparatus, software, and methods using patient physiological signals: The presence of a cardiac pulse in a patient is determined by evaluating physiological signals in the patient. In one embodiment, a medical device evaluates two or more different physiological signals, such as phonocardiogram (PCG) signals, electrocardiogram (ECG) signals, patient impedance signals, piezoelectric signals, and accelerometer signals for features indicative... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20120022341 - Two-wrist data gathering system: Sensing is carried out from locations at considerable remove from the stomach. Cooperating sensor electronics are placed at each of two wrists of the patient. The potential discomfort and inconvenience of an abdominal patch are reduced or eliminated. And alternative power sources become available.... Agent:

20120022342 - Capsule medical apparatus and method for manufacturing capsule medical apparatus: A capsule medical apparatus includes a capsule-shaped casing; a plurality of function executing units that are housed in the casing and execute predetermined functions; an adjuster that is formed as a separate unit from the function executing units to adjust a value of a physical parameter which determines a density... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120022343 - Systems and methods for detecting deception by measuring brain activity: Methods for determining whether the brain activity of a human subject in response to a stimulus of interest or question of interest is characteristic of a state of interest, such as a deceptive state or a truthful state, are disclosed. Some methods include the use of control questions, including truthful... Agent: Musc Foundation For Research Development

20120022346 - Analyte sensor transmitter unit configuration for a data monitoring and management system: Method and system for providing analyte sensor alignment and retention mechanism for improved connectivity with a transmitter unit for electrical connection, and further including transmitter unit contact pins with metal components to improve electrical conductivity with the analyte sensor in an analyte monitoring and management system is provided.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120022344 - Insertion system and insertion device: An insertion system having a base unit for placing on the body of a patient and an insertion device that can be coupled to the base unit, wherein the insertion device comprises an insertion needle holder for holding an insertion needle and a drive mechanism for displacing the insertion needle... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120022345 - Lancet having capillary channel and sterile protection element and method for producing such a lancet: Lancets comprising a piercing element for puncturing the skin of a patient, a test region containing detection reagents for determining an analyte concentration of a body fluid sample, a capillary structure arranged in the piercing element for transporting a body fluid sample to the test region, and a sterile protection... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120022347 - Using muscle tension sensing to locate an analyte measurement site on the skin: Apparatus for determining where to locate a measuring device (3) on skin, the apparatus having a muscle tension sensing device (1) arranged to sense muscle tension at different locations on the skin, and a processor (2) for determining and outputting an indication of where to locate the measuring device on... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120022348 - Systems and methods for non-contact multiparameter vital signs monitoring, apnea therapy, sway cancellation, patient identification, and subject monitoring sensors: Aspects of the of the disclosure relate to a non-contact physiological motion sensor and a monitor device that can incorporate use of the Doppler effect. A continuous wave of electromagnetic radiation can be transmitted toward one or more subjects and the Doppler-shifted received signals can be digitized and/or processed subsequently... Agent: Kai Medical, Inc.

20120022349 - Diagnosis of acute strokes: p

20120022350 - Sensor fusion and probabilistic parameter estimation method and apparatus: A probabilistic digital signal processor using data from multiple instruments is described. Initial probability distribution functions are input to a dynamic state-space model, which operates on state and/or model probability distribution functions to generate a prior probability distribution function, which is input to a probabilistic updater. The probabilistic updater integrates... Agent: Streamline Automation, LLC

20120022351 - Medical devices and techniques for rodent and small mammalian based research: A method and system of supplying rodents, such as mice, to medical researchers pre-installs and/or embeds physiologic sensors onto or within the rodents prior to selling the modified rodents to the researchers. The specialty skills, such as small animal surgical and anesthesia skills and sensor placement and testing, are centralized... Agent: Starr Life Sciences Corp.

20120022352 - Blood sensor, blood testing apparatus, and method for controlling blood testing apparatus: A blood sensor includes a base (12), a detection part (16) disposed on the base (12), a blood collection needle (13) disposed at a front end (12a) of the base (12), a negative pressure generation part (17) for applying negative pressure to a portion of the blood collection needle (13),... Agent:

20120022354 - Medical device for measuring an analyte concentration: There is provided a medical device for measuring an analyte concentration in the subcutaneous tissue of a patient, the medical device comprising a body access unit and a processing unit. The body access unit and the processing unit are functionally connected when an analyte concentration is measured. The body access... Agent: Sensile Pat Ag

20120022353 - System for optimizing a patient's insulin dosage regimen: A system for optimizing a patient's insulin dosage regimen over time, comprising at least a first memory for storing data inputs corresponding at least to one or more components in a patient's present insulin dosage regimen, and data inputs corresponding at least to the patient's blood-glucose-level measurements determined at a... Agent: Hygieia, Inc.

20120022356 - implantable mri compatible medical lead with a rotatable control member: A medical implantable lead is adapted to be implanted into a human or animal body for monitoring and/or controlling of an organ inside the body. The lead has in a distal end, a combined fixation means and electrode member in form of a helix, which is connected to a rotatable... Agent: St Jude Medical Ab

20120022355 - Integrated electrophysiology and ultrasound imaging system: An integrated electrophysiology and ultrasound imaging system includes a workstation, electrophysiology processing circuits, a compact ultrasound imaging system having a combination of an isolation circuit, an ultrasound signal generator, and a beam former within a single unit. The integrated workstation provides a single control interface and data display for the... Agent:

20120022357 - Medical emitter/detector imaging/alignment system and method: Improved methods and apparatuses for imaging during medical procedures in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention include use of an image correction algorithm. In various embodiments, an original image of a region of interest where a medical procedure occurring along a particular axis will be performed is created... Agent:

20120022358 - Method and mammography apparatus for image-assisted biopsy extraction: In a device and associated method, images of a biopsy unit in x-ray images for a second volume set are determined and replaced with x-ray image data of corresponding x-ray images for a first volume set, to produce a revised second volume set.... Agent:

20120022359 - Capsule medical device guidance system: A capsule medical device guidance system includes a capsule medical device including a magnetic field responding unit and introduced into a subject, a magnetic field generator that generates a magnetic field for the responding unit to guide the device; an operation input unit for inputting operation information for magnetically guiding... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120022360 - Methods for intravascular imaging and flushing: The invention generally relates to methods for determining when to initiate an imaging procedure inside a lumen of a vessel. In certain embodiments, methods of the invention involve introducing an imaging apparatus into a lumen of a vessel, introducing a flushing fluid into the lumen of the vessel, detecting a... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20120022362 - Data processing unit integration for mr-pet imaging: An integrated magnetic resonance (MR) and positron emission tomography (PET) system includes an MR scanner including a magnet that defines an opening in which a subject is positioned, a set of PET detectors disposed between the opening and the magnet, and a plurality of data processing units, each data processing... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120022361 - Data processing unit positioning in mr-pet imaging system integration: An integrated magnetic resonance (MR) and positron emission tomography (PET) system includes an MR scanner including a magnet that defines an opening in which a subject is positioned, a set of PET detectors disposed between the magnet and the opening, and a plurality of data processing units, each data processing... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120022363 - System for delivering conformal radiation therapy while simultaneously imaging soft tissue: A device and a process for performing high temporal- and spatial-resolution MR imaging of the anatomy of a patient during intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) to directly measure and control the highly conformal ionizing radiation dose delivered to the patient for the treatment of diseases caused by proliferative tissue disorders.... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20120022364 - Board-level partitioning in mr-pet imaging system integration: A printed circuit board (PCB) assembly of a data processing unit for an integrated magnetic resonance (MR) and positron emission tomography (PET) system, the PCB assembly includes a plurality of PCB layers disposed in a stacked arrangement, first and second PET signal processing circuits carried by a first layer of... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120022365 - Diagnosing airway obstructions: Methods, devices, and computer program products facilitate characterization of a patient's upper airway including nose, palate, oral cavity, epiglottis, pharynx and larynx. Identification of full or partial obstructions in the upper airway enables the production of a full assessment the patient's airway. A report is produced that details the various... Agent: Mansfield Enterprises

20120022367 - Chemically-selective, label free, microendoscopic system based on coherent anti-stokes raman scattering and microelectromechanical fiber optic probe: An endoscopic microscopic system for collecting and processing a sequence of images in order to provide diagnosis and treatment.... Agent:

20120022368 - Needle holder: A needle holder for use in an image guided intervention procedure. The needle holder includes a clip for holding a needle and a guide arrangement for supporting the clip and directing the needle at a desired angle relative to a patient's body. The clip includes a releasable connection such that... Agent: Neorad As

20120022366 - Registration of aorta to patient via two 2d images for placement of a stent: In a method for visualizing placement of a stent in an aorta of a patient with reduced use of contrast agent, a 3D volume image of the aorta of the patient is provided from a CT scan before placing the stent. An angiography system with a C-arm is provided to... Agent:

20120022369 - Apparatus for the percutaneous marking of a lesion: A biopsy marking apparatus for placing a radiopaque marker at the location of a percutaneous biopsy. The biopsy marking apparatus comprises an introducer in combination with a radiopaque marker. The introducer ejects the radiopaque marker at the location of the biopsy. The introducer is configured to completely eject the radiopaque... Agent:

20120022370 - Tissue marking apparatus having drug-eluting tissue marker: A drug-eluting tissue marker for marking a site in a tissue mass comprises a drug-eluting portion having a drug for timed release to the site and a material that can be imaged using an imaging technique.... Agent:

20120022371 - Compositions and methods for detecting and treating tumors containing acidic areas: Improved compounds have been developed which are structured to be sequestered with very high specificity in acidic areas of tissues. When the compounds contain a radioisotope effective to report the presence of the compound the compounds are for detecting tumors containing hypoxic/acidic areas. When the compounds contain radioisotopes effective to... Agent:

20120022373 - Measurement apparatus: The aim of the invention is to enable high-speed signal processing for a measurement apparatus, which performs imaging using adaptive signal processing, and spatial smoothing. The measurement apparatus generates image data inside an object using an analog signal obtained by receiving an ultrasound propagated inside the object with a plurality... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120022372 - Ultrasound imaging device and method for clutter filtering: An ultrasound imaging device and method for clutter filtering is provided. The ultrasound imaging device provides logic for calculating signal characteristic values from an in-phase/quadrature-phase (I/Q) of an ultrasound signal reflected from an object and determining to remove a clutter element from the I/Q signal through comparison of the calculated... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120022374 - Pulse wave generator: A pulse wave generator includes a housing having a pressure field generator from which individually controllable pressure pulses can be emitted, a pressure pulse focusing unit by which the pressure pulses can be focused at the focusing point in, or on, a body of a living being, a pressure coupler,... Agent:

20120022375 - Acoustic device for ultrasonic imaging: The present invention relates to an acoustic device for ultrasonic imaging of an object (21). The device comprises an acoustic transducer (10 and an acoustic lens (20) arranged to variably refract the said acoustic pulse to and/or from the acoustic transducer. The acoustic lens comprising a first (L1) and a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120022376 - Method and a system for medical imaging: A device configured for performing a spatial scan of a patient's breast. The device comprises a substantially hollow housing having a substantially conical surface between a top and a substantially hollow base. The substantially hollow housing is sized and shaped for covering at least a portion of a breast. The... Agent: Helix Medical Systems Ltd.

20120022377 - Transcranial doppler apparatus: The disclosure is directed to a transcranial Doppler probe. The transcranial Doppler probe includes a spherical bearing, a piezoelectric transducer pivotally attached to the spherical bearing, and first and second rods coupled to the piezoelectric transducer. The first rod is configured to pivot the piezoelectric transducer around a first pivot... Agent: Genexpress Informatics, Inc.

20120022378 - Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic device: An ultrasonic probe includes at least one transmission element layer for transmitting ultrasonic waves, at least one reception element layer for receiving ultrasonic waves and which is provided with an electrode on each of both surfaces opposed in a direction of a thickness thereof, and at least one matching layer... Agent: Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc.

20120022379 - Ultrasound probe: An ultrasound imaging probe (101) includes a communications interface (107), including one or more ports (200-205), corresponding to one or more different communication protocols, for communication with ultrasound consoles. The probe (101) also includes a controller (106) that configures the probe (101) for communication with an ultrasound console (102) over... Agent: Analogic Corporation

20120022380 - Methods and apparatus for assesment and treatment of body cavities: Methods and apparatus for detection, assessment and optionally treatment of the cancerous tissue in the natural and manmade body cavities. An expandable cavity assessment device that is coupled with cancer detecting elements is placed in a cavity in close proximity to the site of cancerous tissue. The cavity assessment device... Agent:

20120022381 - Methods and systems for tissue analysis: The invention relates to methods and systems to optically analyze samples such as tissue based on speckle patterns of microscopic motion, such as Brownian motion.... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20120022382 - Wireless plethysmogram sensor unit, a processing unit for plethysmogram and a plethysmogram system: A wireless plethysmogram sensor unit is capable of obtaining a plethysmogram from a living tissue of a measuring object and of transmitting the plethysmogram to a processing unit outside the wireless plethysmogram sensor unit. The sensor unit includes a light source to emit measuring light into the living tissue and... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120022383 - System and method for measuring arterial pressure by its effects: The system and method for measuring arterial pressure by its effects consists of a six-stage procedure and three devices; the procedure to indirectly measure diastolic arterial pressure controls the tasks of a first device applying a measured gradual external contact force, a second sensor device of arterial that records arterial... Agent:

20120022384 - Biomedical parameter probabilistic estimation method and apparatus: A probabilistic digital signal processor is described. Initial probability distribution functions are input to a dynamic state-space model, which operates on state and/or model probability distribution functions to generate a prior probability distribution function, which is input to a probabilistic updater. The probabilistic updater integrates sensor data with the prior... Agent: Streamline Automation, LLC

20120022385 - Electrocardiographic signal detection device: An electrocardiographic signal detection device that includes at least one pair of electrodes that detect electrical signals of a living body; an insulating film disposed on the at least one pair of electrodes, the insulating film having a living body contact surface; a differential amplifier that generates an electrocardiographic signal... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120022386 - Device and method to discriminate between supraventricular tachycardias and ventricular arrhythmias: This invention provides a method to discriminate between ventricular arrhythmia and supraventricular tachycardia by detecting an earliest arriving electrical signal following antitachycardia pacing. Also disclosed is an implantable cardiac defibrillator that is capable of simultaneous atrioventricular anti-tachycardia pacing bursts and detecting an earliest arriving electrical signal. The discrimination capability reduces... Agent:

20120022387 - Retractable multi-use cardiac monitor: A retractable multi-use cardiac monitor is provided that includes a memory, and a first side that includes a first housing where a first sensing connector is on the outside of the first housing, and where the first sensing connector is configured to collect electrocardiogram (ECG) data and store ECG data... Agent: Medicomp, Inc.

20120022388 - System and method for monitoring pulmonary congestion: A system and method are implemented to identify pulmonary congestion in a subject. The system and method detect pulmonary congestion in a subject based on one or more parameters of the breathing of the subject. The detection of pulmonary congestion in the subject may be relatively passive for the subject.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120022389 - Method and device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring: The device relates to methods and devices for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.... Agent: Linguaflex, Inc.

20120022390 - Process for leak testing, device and respirator: A process is provided for leak testing in a respirator (10) with overpressure operation. An indicator of a breathing gas consumption is compared with an indicator of an expiration volume and a leak is detected in case of a deviation of the result of the comparison (58) from a desired... Agent: Drager Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa

20120022392 - Correlating frequency signatures to cognitive processes: Determining an intended action based on one more brain signal frequencies includes establishing communication with one or more electrodes for sensing brain signals of a subject, and acquiring the brain signals via the electrodes while the subject performs at least one cognitive task, wherein the acquired brain signals having a... Agent: Washington University In St. Louis

20120022391 - Multimodal brain computer interface: Determining an intended action based on one more cortico-physiologies within brain signals includes establishing communication with one or more electrodes for sensing the brain signals of a subject, and concurrently receiving brain signals representative of a plurality of cortico-physiologies. The brain signals are transmitted to a processor for use in... Agent: Washington University In St. Louis

20120022393 - Medical treatment device: A medical treatment device comprises a sensor to detect operating states of the medical treatment device, wherein the sensor comprises a first electrode, a second electrode and impedance means. The first electrode is arranged between a current path input and a current path output, wherein an electric input signal for... Agent:

20120022394 - Electromagnetic apparatus and method for nerve localization during spinal surgery: An electromagnetic pedicle awl utilizes a tightly focused time-varying magnetic flux to create a localized electromotive force (EMF) near the tip. The localized EMF creates localized eddy currents in nearby nerves which excite ionic nerve channels, the excitation being detected by an electromyographic recording device. The awl only excites nerves... Agent:

20120022395 - Method and system for revealing oculomotor abnormalities: System for demonstrating oculomotor abnormalities in a eukaryote, the system including: —elements for capturing (13) the eye movements made by the eukaryote while the eukaryote is stimulated with at least one image in accordance with at least one instruction, wherein the capture elements (13, 14) supply a capture signal, —an... Agent: E(ye)brain

20120022396 - Tissue sampling device and method: A device and method for collecting a tissue sample. The device includes a blade comprising an anterior portion and an elongated blade body. The elongated blade body is substantially firm and the anterior portion is bendable. The anterior portion comprises a sharp or pointed anterior end adapted to pierce and... Agent:

20120022398 - Biopsy device: A mechanism for sequentially loading and unloading a biopsy instrument includes a first wheel operatively connected with a cannula, the first wheel being rotatably mounted upon an axle such that the axle urges rotation of the first wheel in a first direction to transfer the cannula and the first wheel... Agent: Wilson-cook Medical Inc.

20120022400 - Biopsy device with detachable needle tip protector: A biopsy device comprises a body, a needle, a cutter, and a needle tip protector. The needle tip protector is selectively attachable to the biopsy device before and/or after a procedure, to protect a user from contact with the sharp needle and to prevent the needle from damage during handling.... Agent:

20120022399 - Biopsy device with integral needle tip protector: A biopsy device comprises a housing, a needle, a cutter, and an integral needle tip protector. The integral needle tip protector comprises a cover that translates relative to the housing to selectively shield all or a portion of the needle to protect a user from contact with the sharp needle... Agent:

20120022401 - Device for tissue extraction: In a device for tissue extraction from a breast, a needle mount accommodating a biopsy needle can be placed by a connection element such that no regions of the breast that are to be examined by x-rays are occluded by parts of the device during an x-ray image acquisition.... Agent:

20120022397 - Needle set for a biopsy device and related method: A needle set is disclosed for biopsy devices including spring-loaded core (SLC) and vacuum assisted spring-loaded core (VASLC) biopsy devices. The needle set comprises a stylet defining an open proximal end, at least two tissue receiving openings at a distal end thereof and a lumen extending from the open proximal... Agent:

20120022403 - Blood collection device wtih tube retaining structure: A blood collection device is disclosed which includes a body defining a receptacle dimensioned to receive a blood collection tube. The body has a first open end and a second end supporting a needle having a proximal end extending into the receptacle and a distal end extending distally of the... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120022402 - Device and method for inserting or obtaining a fluid with garments, embryos or any other type of solution in the oviduct of a sow: The device comprises an injection system, which is made up of a rigid external tubular body (1) that enables it to be inserted into the abdominal cavity of a sow. This body is, in turn, covered by a sterile sleeve (2) that enables it to be used in different animals.... Agent: Universidad De Murcia

20120022404 - Aspiration apparatus and methods: An aspiration apparatus includes handles with two members. Each of the handle members includes a proximal actuation end and an opposite distal connection end. The members of the handles are associated with one another (e.g., pivotally, etc.) in such a way that movement of the proximal actuation ends in first... Agent: Control Medical Technology, LLC

20120022405 - Method of sensing forces on a working instrument: A method for estimating the force on a distal end of a working catheter includes positioning a portion of a robotically controlled guide catheter and working catheter into a body lumen wherein a distal end of the working catheter projects distally from a distal end of the guide catheter. The... Agent: Hansen Medical, Inc.

20120022407 - Device for locating a structure inside a body: A device for locating a structure (15) inside a body (10) includes a hollow needle (20), a liquid-filled reservoir (31) which is sealingly closed off at one end by means of a displaceable piston (32) and at the other end is in communication with the hollow needle; a sensor (40)... Agent: Apad Octrooi B.v.

20120022406 - Method and system for aligning a prosthesis during surgery using active sensors: A method and system for determining the orientation of a surgical tool with respect to a bone of a patient, and a device for positioning a sensor are disclosed. The bone has at least three predetermined reference locations. The method includes: (a) defining a reference plane based on distances between... Agent:

20120022408 - Surgical procedures using visual images overlaid with visual representations of selected three-dimensional data: Embodiments of the invention are directed to improved surgical procedures such as ophthalmic procedures that utilize overlaid visual representations of three-dimensional data or other data with direct or indirect visual images of a surgical region (e.g. the eye) to provide improved information to a surgeon to speed surgical procedures and/or... Agent: Vantage Surgical Systems, Inc.

01/19/2012 > 97 patent applications in 64 patent subcategories.

20120016174 - Device and method for providing a synergistic combination of phototherapy and a non-light energy modality to the brain: Systems and methods that could reduce the potential for side effects while delivering a reduced amount of light energy and non-light energy to a patient while providing a desired therapeutic effect that might otherwise only be achievable with a higher dose of either the light energy or non-light energy administered... Agent: Photo Thera, Inc.

20120016175 - Direct visualization robotic intra-operative radiation therapy device with radiation ablation capsule: This invention proposes a robotic applicator device to be deployed internally to a patient having a capsule (also referred to as a cassette) and aperture with a means of alternately occluding and exposing a radioactive source through the aperture. The capsule and aperture will be integrated with a surgical robot... Agent:

20120016176 - Implants for use in brachytherapy and other radiation therapy that resist migration and rotation: A therapeutic strand implant, for use in brachytherapy and deliverable to an implant site by way of a needle, includes a plurality of radioactive sources, and a polymeric material molded to encapsulate the radioactive sources. A space is defined by the polymeric material between each adjacent pair of the radioactive... Agent: Biocompatibles, Inc.

20120016177 - Trajectory-based deep-brain stereotactic transcranial magnetic stimulation: The present invention provides for Stereotactic Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (sTMS) at predetermined locations with the brain or spinal cord and incorporates an array of electromagnets arranged in a specified configuration where selected coils in the array are pulsed simultaneously. Activation of foci demonstrated by functional MRI or other imaging techniques... Agent:

20120016178 - Rotary pump with hydrodynamically suspended impeller: A pump assembly 1, 33, 200 adapted for continuous flow pumping of blood. In a particular from the pump 1, 200 is a centrifugal pump wherein the impeller 100, 204 is entirely sealed within the pump housing 2, 201 and is exclusively hydrodynamically suspended therein as the impeller rotates within... Agent: Thoratec Corporation

20120016179 - Non-invasive device for synchronizing chest compression and ventilation parameters to residual myocardial activity during cardiopulmonary resuscitation: A method for improving the cardiac output of a patient who is suffering from pulseless electrical activity or shock and yet still displays some myocardial wall motion including sensing myocardial activity to determine the presence of residual left ventricular pump function having a contraction or ejection phase and a filling... Agent:

20120016181 - Fully or partially implantable hearing system: There is provided an at least partially implantable hearing system comprising a microphone assembly for capturing audio signals from ambient sound; an audio signal processing unit for processing the audio signals captured by the microphone assembly; an implantable main electromechanical output transducer for direct mechanical stimulation of the cochlea according... Agent: Advanced Bionics Ag

20120016180 - Middle ear implant: A hearing actuator (10) for implantation in the middle ear of a user. The actuator comprises transducer means (for example a piezoelectric device) (12) for converting electrical input signals into mechanical vibrations, and attachment means (16) for attaching one end of the transducer means to a first part of the... Agent: Sentient Medical Limited

20120016182 - Fold-resistant pelvic implant system and method: A pelvic non-folding hammock implant is provided. Such an implant can be constructed of a polymer material to provide an implant portion, e.g., support portion, having one or more extending and independent teeth-like features defining a fold control portion in a generally comb-like construct. The individual teeth resist folding by... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120016183 - Systems and methods for deliverying a medical implant to an anatomical location in a patient: A surgical device for use in a minimally invasive procedure to treat urinary incontinence can include a dilator coupled to a curved needle at one end and a sling at the opposite end. Urinary incontinence can be treated minimally invasively. One treatment includes positioning the sling on an anterior portion... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120016184 - Method of assessing risk of multiple births in infertility treatments: Provided is a multiple birth prognostic tool that is used to analyze data in order to predict a multiple birth event in a female human patient undergoing an infertility treatment. The MBP prognostic tool may also be used to enhance the accuracy of diagnostic or prognostic tests that predict embryo... Agent: Univfy, Inc.

20120016186 - Implant for treating a genital prolapse, and associated treatment method: The invention relates to an implant (1) or prosthesis for treating a genital prolapse, characterized in that it comprises a support portion (41, 51), which has been preformed with a hollow shape in order to match the shape of an organ that is to be supported, and one or more... Agent:

20120016185 - Vaginal manipulator tips and related systems and methods: This invention relates to vaginal manipulator tips and related systems and methods. In certain aspects of the invention, a vaginal manipulator tip assembly includes a body and an expandable member secured to the body. The tip assembly can be configured to be inserted into a vagina, and the body can... Agent:

20120016187 - Method of treating erectile dysfunction with peristaltically inflatable penile prosthetic: A method of treating erectile dysfunction includes providing a pump having a proximal tip communicating with a fluid reservoir, a bladder connected at a proximal end to the proximal tip and extending to a closed distal end, and a tube disposed in the bladder, the tube having a proximal end... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120016188 - Peristaltically inflatable penile prosthetic: A penile prosthetic includes a proximal tip in communication with a reservoir, a cylinder bladder connected at a proximal end to the proximal tip and extending to a distal end, and peristaltic tubing disposed inside the cylinder bladder. The peristaltic tubing has a proximal end that communicates with the reservoir... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20120016189 - Male anatomical enhancement garment: The present invention is a male anatomical enhancement garment to enhance male genitalia with a base, a penis, a scrotum and testicles and a penis head that includes a base band to receive the genitalia that wraps around the base of the genitalia to secure the garment in place, a... Agent:

20120016192 - Cannulotome: Systems and methods for treating spinal stenosis include endoscopic access devices and bone removal devices used to perform a foraminotomy or other bone removal procedures. A bone removal device includes a cannulotome with an endoscopic imaging lumen. Optionally, an endoscope retaining device can be used to facilitate advancement of the... Agent:

20120016191 - Cover-adapted treatment endoscope and endoscope cover: An endoscope cover of a cover-adapted treatment includes a cover insertion portion main body, the cover insertion portion main body including a cover bending portion which is provided to a proximal side of a cover distal end portion and which is configured to be bent in response to a bending... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120016190 - Endoscope treatment instrument: In this treatment tool for endoscope, a sheath includes, at the distal end thereof, a tubular extended part having a predetermined thickness in the radially outward direction from an inner peripheral face of a first hole and extending further to the distal-end side, and a passive electrode is disposed such... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120016196 - Endoscopic balloon tissue dissector and retractor: In endoscopic surgery, a retractor having independently spreadable retractor blades mounted at the distal end of a tube is introduced percutaneously. A balloon dissector is passed through the tube and expanded. Following dissection by expansion of the balloon, the balloon is contracted, the tube is advanced, and the dissected tissue... Agent:

20120016193 - Methods and systems for minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries: The present invention provides systems and methods for minimally invasive endoscopic surgical procedures. In certain embodiments, the surgical procedures include harvesting of a deep basilic or cephalic vein for creation of a brachial-basilic or brachial-cephalic AV fistula, with simultaneous transpositioning, harvesting of a deep basilic or cephalic vein for transposition... Agent:

20120016195 - Methods and systems for minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries: The present invention relates to methods and systems for endoscopic fasciotomies. In certain embodiments such methods include dissecting tissue down to the fascia using an endoscopic dissector, lifting the fascia off tissue, vascular structures, muscle, and/or nerves, cauterizing and cutting the fascia using a bisector/bipolar device inserted through a cannula,... Agent:

20120016194 - Methods and systems for minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries - device: Methods and systems are provided for harvesting at least a portion of a blood vessel, such as the radial artery in the upper extremity and the saphenous vein in the lower extremity. In certain embodiments, an endoscopic surgical system includes a blunt tip trocar (BTT) for insertion into an incision... Agent:

20120016199 - Image pickup optical system for capsule endoscope: A capsule endoscope 10 includes an image pickup optical system 20 for capturing an image of an object surface 12 in the shape of concave hemisphere surface. The image pickup optical system 20 satisfies a condition expressed by −5≦ΔZr/ΔZp≦5. Here, when a maximum half angle of view is ωmax, ΔZr... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120016198 - Medical apparatus: A medical apparatus configured to be introduced into a body, includes: an image pickup apparatus for picking up an image in the body; a cable extended from the image pickup apparatus, and configured to transmit and receive a signal or power to and from an external device, the cable being... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120016197 - Medico-surgical apparatus: An introducer for an endotracheal tube (50) has a bendable rod (10) with a video camera (15) and light source (16) mounted at its patient end (12) and connected by a cable (17) to an electrical connector (2) fixed at the machine end of the rod. The connector (2) has... Agent: Smiths Medical International Limited

20120016201 - Endoscope beam source apparatus and endoscope system: The endoscope beam source apparatus includes a beam source for emitting a radiation beam to be supplied to the endoscope, and a beam source control unit for controlling the emission beam intensity of the beam source according to a beam quantity specified value input therein. The beam source control unit... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120016200 - Endoscope system: The endoscope system includes an endoscope, a control unit, a beam source control unit and a type check unit. The endoscope has a radiation optical system for radiating a beam from a beam source onto a subject and an imaging optical system including an imaging device. The endoscope is removably... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120016202 - Endoscopic instrument: There is disclosed an endoscopic instrument comprising a shaft having a distal end at which at least one optical sensor is arranged and a proximal end configured for a connection to a supply unit, further comprising a data transmission element which is provided between the at least one optical sensor... Agent:

20120016203 - Methods and systems for minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries: The present invention provides systems and methods for minimally invasive endoscopic surgical procedures. In certain embodiments, the minimally invasive endoscopic surgical systems comprise a harvesting cannula having a cylindrical body sized to receive an endoscope and having a length of about 20 cm to about 26 cm, a bisector/bipolar device... Agent:

20120016204 - Medical device for colo-proctological pathologies: A medical device 1 for colo-proctological pathologies, comprising a retractor body 2, having a distal end 3 and a proximal end 4, a handle 7 connected to the retractor body 2, and illuminating means 16, located internally of a cavity 12 fashioned internally of the proximal end 4, for generating... Agent: Thd S.p.a.

20120016205 - Biomarkers for diagnosing alzheimer's disease: A method for assessing the state of Alzheimer's disease in patients is disclosed. A method for monitoring the progression of Alzheimer's disease in patients is also disclosed. The method applies detection of specific peptide markers, e.g., using mass spectrometric analysis.... Agent: Bayer Healthcare Ag

20120016207 - Electromagnetically coupled hermetic chamber: An electromagnetically coupled hermetic chamber includes a body defining a hermetic chamber. A distributed LC circuit is disposed within the hermetic chamber and a second conductive structure is attached to the body outside of the hermetic chamber. The distributed LC circuit is electromagnetically coupled to the second conductive structure without... Agent: Cardiomems

20120016208 - Method and system for selecting items using physiological parameters: A method for selecting items, the method comprising the steps of measuring (21) a pre-stimulus level of a physiological parameter of a user, selecting (22) an item based on a user profile and the pre-stimulus level of the physiological parameter, measuring (23) a post-stimulus level of the physiological parameter, determining... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120016206 - Treatment decision engine with applicability measure: A system and (or) method, for use with a computer system, recommends a treatment among a plurality of treatment options for a given medical condition of a patient. To that end, the system and method receive patient information related to the patient and the medical condition, and search, at least... Agent: Navya Network Inc.

20120016210 - Diagnostic measuring device: The invention relates to a diagnostic measuring device for non-invasively collecting at least one physiological parameter of body tissue by way of an optical measuring unit (100), comprising at least one source of radiation (4) for irradiating the body tissue to be examined, and at least one radiation sensor (5)... Agent:

20120016209 - Fetal ecg monitoring: A method for fetal monitoring includes acquiring electrical signals from a set of electrodes, for example, a set of surface electrodes applied to a maternal abdominal region. The electrical signals are analyzed, including by performing a morphological analysis of fetal electrocardiogram signals. A clinical indicator is then determined from a... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120016211 - Evaluation of gastrointestinal function using portable electroviscerography systems and methods of using the same: Portable electroviscerography systems are provided. Aspects of the systems include a body-associated receiver and an ingestible identifier unit, both of which are configured to detect visceral electrical signals. The system communicates with an extra-corporeal data processor configured to receive data from the body-associated receiver and generate and electroviscerogram from the... Agent:

20120016213 - Blood test strip and an intravenous catheter system: A blood test strip useful for venting a closed intravenous system and collecting a blood sample is described herein. The blood test strip includes a blood test strip, one or more vents, and a gripping member coupled to the proximal end of the blood test strip. The one or more... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120016212 - Implantable sensor device: An implantable sensor device for capturing at least one physical, chemical, biological or physiological parameter in the body of a living being wearing the sensor device upon contact with the body fluid or tissue of the same, including a sensor housing, a sensor element that is accommodated in the sensor... Agent: Dyconex Ag

20120016214 - Calibration method for calibrating an instrument for measuring biogenic substance, using near-infrared spectral spectroscopy: A simple calibration method for calibrating an instrument for measuring a biogenic substance, using near-infrared spectral spectroscopy is realized. The calibration method comprises (1) the step of measuring a specific substance of a biological object with the use of an instrument for measuring a biogenic substance, using a confocal optical... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20120016216 - Real-time microdialysis system: Microdialysis systems and methods that enable self-diagnostic functions for microdialysis, including continuous monitoring of diffusion, convection, and osmosis, as well as providing intelligent flow rate control, to mitigate variability in analyte recovery. The microdialysis system measures real-time tracer concentration levels in the dialysate and/or real time flow rates of the... Agent: Carnegie Mellon University

20120016215 - System and method for dynamically adjusting patient therapy: A system and method of managing therapy provided to patients in an institution. The system monitors all aspects of the medication delivery to a patient, as well as other information related to the patient, such as values of vital signs, laboratory results and patient factors such as history, diagnosis, allergies... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120016217 - Biosensor for health monitoring and uses thereof: Disclosed are methods, compositions and kits pertaining to detecting and/or measuring biological analytes. In certain embodiments the disclosure relates to detection and measurement of lactate, pyruvate, oxygen and/or hydrogen peroxide. In some aspects and embodiments provided are biosensors that may be or include nanoparticles, microparticles and/or nano-in-micro matrices. The methods... Agent: Indian Institute Of Technology Bombay

20120016218 - Discrimination of cheyne-stokes breathing patterns by use of oximetry signals: Methods and apparatus provide Cheyne-Stokes respiration (“CSR”) detection based on a blood gas measurements such as oximetry. In some embodiments, a duration, such as a mean duration of contiguous periods of changing saturation or re-saturation occurring in an epoch taken from a processed oximetry signal, is determined. An occurrence of... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120016219 - Pulse oximeter: The present invention provides a pulse oximeter of the portable type, which is possible to carry around and to use widely regardless of the adult, the infant, the newborn baby, and which can keep the finger still for performing the precise measurement. The pulse oximeter 100 comprises a measurement cavity... Agent:

20120016220 - Self-cleaning sensor surfaces for implantable sensor systems: Implantable sensor system including a sensor which is situated in a housing, the housing having a measurement region which is permeable for the parameters to be detected by the sensor, wherein the measurement region has an erodible protective coating which is permeable for the parameters to be detected by the... Agent: Dyconex Ag

20120016221 - Image stabilization techniques and methods: Direct optical imaging of anatomical features and structures from within a biological organ in a dynamic environment (where the tissue being imaged is in motion due to cardiac rhythms, respiration, etc) presents certain image stability issues due (and/or related) to the motion of the target structure and may limit the... Agent: Voyage Medical, Inc.

20120016222 - Movable imaging system comprising an integrated display: A medical imaging system is provided. The medical imaging system comprises a movable acquisition device, a processing unit and a display, wherein the display is fixed to the movable acquisition device.... Agent:

20120016223 - Skin adhesive agent for mammography procedures: A method of examining breast tissue of a patient's breast using a mammography machine including the steps of manipulating the patient's breast so that at least a portion of the patient's breast is positioned for examination by the mammography machine, the manipulation being facilitated by a skin adhesive agent comprising... Agent:

20120016224 - Magnetic resonance system and method for obtaining magnetic resonance images of a body region with a flowing medium therein: A method to create magnetic resonance images of a predetermined imaging volume within an examination subject with a magnetic resonance system includes the following steps: Localize an inflow that supplies the imaging volume. Form a specific volume that at least partially includes the predetermined imaging volume and that is adapted... Agent:

20120016225 - Method and device for recording and/or evaluating and displaying medical imaging data records: A method is disclosed for recording and displaying medical imaging data records of a body part including fatty tissue. In at least one embodiment, the method includes recording an emission-tomographic data record of the body part; recording a magnetic-resonance imaging data record of the body part using a recording sequence... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120016226 - Energetic modulation of nerves: A system to modulate an autonomic nerve in a patient utilizing transcutaneous ultrasound energy delivery includes a processor comprising an input for receiving information regarding energy and power to be delivered to a treatment region containing the nerve, and an output for outputting a signal, wherein the processor is configured... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20120016227 - Electric potential mapping and electrode attachment device with continuous electric signal monitoring and method: Electric potential mapping and electrode attachment device comprises: a main cylinder; a center piece having a center piece passage for receiving a catheter with its electrode running from a center piece net to a center piece outlet; a cylinder cap for closing main cylinder; a second cylinder which fits inside... Agent:

20120016229 - Electrode: The present invention relates to an electrode configured to be fixable relative to a target area within a body, the electrode comprises: a positioning device for tracking variations of a position of the electrode relative to a radiation source, a dose measuring unit to detect administered dose in the target... Agent:

20120016228 - System, apparatus, and method for in-vivo assessment of relative position of an implant: A method for providing an in-vivo assessment of relative movement of an implant that is positioned in a living being is provided that comprises a first assembly and a second assembly that are positioned within the living being. The first assembly comprises a passive electrical resonant circuit that is configured... Agent: Cardiomems

20120016230 - Imaging apparatus, imaging system, surgical navigation system, and imaging method: An imaging apparatus includes: a first illumination unit to apply visible light to a subject having a fluorescent substance; a second illumination unit to apply excitation light to the subject so that fluorescence is generated from the fluorescent substance; an optical filter unit to cause the visible light and the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120016231 - System and method for three dimensional cosmetology imaging with structured light: An SLI cosmetology image sensor captures one or more images of an anatomical feature and generates a 3D surface map of the anatomical feature using SLI techniques. A feature detection module processes the 3D surface map to detect certain characteristics of the anatomical feature. Feature data of the anatomical feature... Agent: Medical Scan Technologies, Inc.

20120016232 - Surgical system with clips for identifying the orientation of a tissue sample: A tissue marking system for use in marking a tissue sample comprises an ink-based applicator device and at least one tissue marking clip. The ink-based applicator device includes a container, a first number of ink reservoirs at least partially defined by the container, wherein each reservoir contains ink of a... Agent:

20120016234 - Syringe holding structure: A syringe holding structure includes an adapter case (40) for holding a small-diameter syringe, and a syringe holding member having a flange-receiving groove (77) for holing flange portion (46) of the case(40). The syringe holding structure further includes locking mechanism for fixing the flange portion (46) in the groove (77)... Agent:

20120016233 - Systems and methods for managing workflow for injection procedures: A fluid injection apparatus includes at least one pressurizing mechanism and at least a first fluid container (for example, a syringe or a bulk container) operably associated with the at least one pressurizing mechanism. The first fluid container is adapted to contain a first fluid to be injected. The fluid... Agent:

20120016235 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method thereof: The present disclosure relates to an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method thereof. The apparatus displays an ultrasound image obtained from an object on a first region of a display unit, and displays image information regarding measurement data with respect to a desired section of the ultrasound image on a second... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120016236 - Ultrasonography using time- and temperature-sensitive variable adhesion coupling gels: One aspect of the present invention relates to a method of ultrasonography, utilizing a gel comprising a reverse phase polymer which facilitates the transmission of high-frequency sound waves. Further, the inherent properties of the reverse phase polymer result in increased adhesion at higher temperatures, thereby helping to maintain the desired... Agent: Pluromed, Inc.

20120016238 - Method of displaying elastic image and diagnostic ultrasound system: To carry out objective or definitive diagnosis on the basis of an elastic image regardless of experience and proficiency, a method of displaying an elastic image includes the steps of measuring ultrasound cross-section data of a cross-section region of a subject by applying pressuring to the subject, determining a physical... Agent:

20120016237 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, method for controlling display of image and control program of the same: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes a physical amount calculation device configured to calculate a physical amount on elasticity of living tissue based on an echo signal obtained by transmitting an ultrasonic wave to the living tissue, and a display image control device configured to control display of a predetermined alternative... Agent:

20120016239 - Systems for cosmetic treatment: Embodiments of a dermatological cosmetic treatment and imaging system and method can include use of a hand wand and a removable transducer module having an ultrasound transducer. The system can include a control module that is coupled to the hand wand and has a graphical user interface for controlling the... Agent: Guided Therapy Systems, LLC

20120016240 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method thereof: The present disclosure relates to an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus for providing a combination of an ultrasound image and a color flow image. The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus detects a color index of each of pixels in a color flow image and provides a contour image composed of contour lines. Here, each... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20120016241 - Ultrasonic diagnostic device: In an ultrasonic diagnostic device S according to the present invention, a reference signal generation unit 30 generates a reference signal to be used in correlation processing based on a direct reception signal obtained by receiving a first ultrasonic signal prior to being transmitted to a subject. Consequently, the ultrasonic... Agent: Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic Inc.

20120016242 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus includes a frame data generation device configured to generate a frame data of a blood flow image based on echo signals obtained by transmissions and receptions of ultrasonic waves on a same acoustic ray, a processed frame data generation device configured to generate a processed frame... Agent:

20120016243 - High-frequency ultrasound imaging system: A high frequency ultrasound analog beamformer comprises a linear array of surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices formed on a single crystal piezoelectric substrate, such as a PMN-PT single crystal piezoelectric substrate. Each SAW device comprises ultrasound input and output electrode structures separated by a variable delay structure. The beamformer further... Agent: Dalhousie University

20120016244 - Methods and systems for enhanced medical procedure visualization: The present invention employs image intensification for medical procedures within the human body. Methods and systems of the invention utilize infrared radiation (e.g. greater than about 750 nm) illumination and visualization of a surgical treatment area Preferred methods and systems of the invention incorporate use of an infrared radiation visualization... Agent: Doheny Eye Institute

20120016245 - Plethysmogram sensor: The plethysmogram sensor disclosed in this specification includes a light emitting portion whose output is variable, a light receiving portion to detect a light emitted from the light emitting portion and penetrates a living body of a measured person, and a processing unit to acquire information about the plethysmogram of... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120016246 - Methods and apparatus for estimating a blood volume of a mammalian subject: A method for estimating a blood volume of a mammalian subject uses an electronic apparatus to i) compute a blood volume index from hemodynamic data for the subject, and ii) use the blood volume index to generate an output indicative of an estimated blood volume of the subject. The blood... Agent:

20120016247 - Biological parameter monitoring method, computer-readable storage medium and biological parameter monitoring device: A method for monitoring a biological parameter out of either the heartbeat and/or respiratory signal of an occupant on a member of a seat or bed. The member supports sensors, receives the signal from each of the group of sensors, inputs the signal into an atom dictionary, selects some sensors... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120016248 - Protective liner for use with blood pressure cuffs: A protective liner for use with a blood pressure measuring cuff includes three layers of material configured to protect a person's skin, wick moisture away from the person's skin, and provide a moisture permeable, microporous barrier to microbes. The protective liner is porous and sufficiently thin so that the protective... Agent:

20120016249 - Method and device for noise detection in physiological signals: A method for determining the signal quality of samples in a physiological signal, in particular an electrocardiogram (ECG) signal, is provided. A supra-threshold sample sum, a noise threshold crossing sum, or both are calculated in a noise detection window including the sample to be evaluated, and low signal quality is... Agent:

20120016250 - System and method for displaying a histogram of cardiac events: Systems, devices and methods are provided for displaying statistical distributions of cardiac events. A device embodiment comprises circuitry adapted to communicate with a medical device that is adapted to acquire data regarding cardiac events occurring at two or more cardiac sites, and display means for displaying a histogram of the... Agent:

20120016252 - System and method for monitoring health using exhaled breath: The present invention includes systems and methods for monitoring endogenous compound concentration in blood by detecting markers, such as odors, upon exhalation by a patient, wherein such markers are the endogenous compound itself or result from the endogenous compound. In the case of olfactory markers, the invention preferably utilizes electronic... Agent:

20120016251 - System for respiration data processing and characterization: A system for respiration or cardiac condition characterization and abnormality detection includes an interface that receives data representing a signal indicating concentration of carbon dioxide in patient gases over multiple signal cycles. A signal processor uses the received data in determining multiple amplitude related characteristic values. A comparator compares at... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20120016253 - Methods and systems for filtering respiration noise from localization data: A method of filtering respiration noise from a localization signal includes acquiring a localization signal from at least one position measurement sensor within a localization field and acquiring an acceleration signal for at least one localization field generator (e.g., a patch electrode). A displacement signal for the field generator is... Agent:

20120016256 - Apparatus and method for detecting and measuring condition of esophageal mucosa and indications of gastroesophageal reflux disease: A mucosal impedance measuring system that is capable of direct and accurate impedance measurements of esophageal mucosa includes example multi-channel intraluminal impedance catheters with inflatable and deflatable components for positioning the impedance sensor electrodes in direct contact with the esophageal mucosa on the inside surface of the esophagus. Impedance measurements... Agent: Sandhill Scientific, Inc.

20120016257 - Measurement for autonomic function: The present invention is an article of manufacture and method for using same, comprising at least two self adhesive sensors having a paired offset potential of consistently below about +/−1.0 mV; and a data gathering device connected to the sensors capable of measuring the voltage difference between the sensors. The... Agent: Biographs LLC

20120016254 - Respiration characteristic analysis apparatus and respiration characteristic analysis system: A respiration characteristic analysis apparatus includes a bioelectrical impedance determiner adapted for determining a first bioelectrical impedance at the upper body trunk of a human subject including the upper lobes of the lungs of the human subject and excluding the abdomen of the human subject and a second bioelectrical impedance... Agent: Tanita Corporation

20120016255 - Respiration characteristic analysis apparatus and respiration characteristic analysis system: A respiration characteristic analysis apparatus includes a bioelectrical impedance determiner adapted for determining bioelectrical impedance at a part including the right lung of a human subject and for determining bioelectrical impedance at a part including the left lung of the human subject; and a respiration depth calculator adapted for calculating... Agent: Tanita Corporation

20120016258 - Wireless vaginal sensor probe: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a temperature sensing device that can comprise an elastic ring structure. The temperature sensing device can further comprise a transducer device, such as a temperature sensor, and a microprocessor, memory and wireless transmitter. Such an arrangement can incorporate a passive (battery free),... Agent: Prima-temp, Inc.

20120016259 - Nerve path adaptable nerve testing device: A visual distance nerve measuring electrode wire used to measure the length of electrical conduction of a nerve. The device includes a single flexible wire surrounded by an outer insulating sheath longitudinally aligned and surrounding the wire. An recording electrode is attached to one end of the wire and a... Agent:

20120016260 - Retractor cannula system for accessing and visualizing spine and related methods: Retractor cannula systems may be used for accessing and visualizing the spine and related methods of treatment, including a forward-looking retractor cannula system for creating a working space and the retractor cannula system having atraumatic dissection capability to allow visualization in spine. The devices and methods described may be used,... Agent:

20120016261 - Hollow microtube structure, production method thereof and biopsy device: A hollow microtube structure capable of being used as a minimally invasive electrode, a production method thereof, and a biopsy device using the hollow microtube structure. The hollow microtube structure includes a semiconductor substrate and at least one hollow tube formed on a surface of the semiconductor substrate. The hollow... Agent: Nat. Univ. Corp. Toyohashi Univ. Of Technology

20120016262 - Vacuum sensor and pressure pump for tetherless biopsy device: A biopsy device may include a needle, a cutter, and a handpiece. A vacuum pump in the handpiece may provide a vacuum to the needle and/or to the cutter. A pressure pump in the handpiece may also provide pressurized air to the needle and/or to the cutter. A motor in... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20120016263 - Device for sampling tissue from an animal: The invention relates to a device for sampling tissue from an animal, said device cooperating with a sampling and/or marking tool and comprising sampling means provided with at least one cutting element for placing next to an end of a needle-forming element of the tool, and enabling a sample to... Agent:

20120016264 - Microextraction probe: The instant invention is directed to devices for the collection of chemical substances from substantially undisturbed natural environs for subsequent identification and quantification.... Agent:

20120016265 - Device and method for collecting a blood sample: A vent plug is disclosed that includes a body having a distal end, a proximal end, and a lumen extending through the distal and proximal ends. A membrane is disposed across the lumen, the membrane being hydrophobic and air permeable. A fluid chamber is formed within the lumen distal the... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120016266 - Vented blood sampling device: An extravascular system is disclosed. The system includes a body, a septum, a septum activator, and a blood sampling device. The body has and inner lumen extending therethrough. The septum is disposed within the inner lumen. The septum activator is disposed within the inner lumen proximal the septum. The septum... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20120016267 - Techniques for providing hand-based personality inventories: Techniques described and suggest herein include systems and methods for providing to a user an inventory set of personality characteristics derived from hand characteristics. In an embodiment, providing the hand characteristics includes finding mismatched personality types derived from the hand characteristics, extrapolating new personality characteristics derived from the hand characteristics,... Agent:

20120016268 - Abdominal obesity index measuring apparatus: An abdomen width determiner determines an abdomen width of a subject. A shape index calculator calculates a shape index corresponding to a cross-sectional shape of an abdomen of the subject. An obesity evaluator evaluates whether an obesity degree of the subject is high or low. An obesity index calculator calculates... Agent: Tanita Corporation

20120016270 - Fall detection device: A fall detection device (10) which comprises two identical housings (11), each containing an identical pressure sensor (12) housed within a suitable recess (13) of the corresponding housing (11). The housings (11) are mounted on a printed circuit (14) using electrical connection pins (15). The two sensors (12) are arranged... Agent: Synapse S.a.r.l.

20120016269 - Registration of anatomical data sets: Methods and systems are disclosed for relating additional spatial information associated with one volume data set of an anatomical structure with another volume data set of the anatomical structure where the spatial information is not available. A unique spatial characteristic of the volume data set is identified, such as an... Agent:

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20120010454 - System and method for hyperthermic tumor treatment: A system to induce hyperthermia in a selected portion of the body utilizes permanent magnets mounted on a variable speed motor. A conductive button is positioned at a location proximate the target tissue to be heated, such as a tumor. The magnetic rotor assembly is positioned at a selected distance... Agent:

20120010455 - Attachment method: Preparing the heart for connection with a ventricular assist device (VAD) can include attaching an attachment ring to a ventricular apex of the heart. The attachment ring optionally includes a seal or a valve to allow the procedure to be performed with or without a heart-lung bypass. A valve can... Agent: Thoratec Corporation

20120010456 - Adjustable surgical sling: The invention, in one embodiment, is directed to systems and methods for adjusting support to an anatomical location using an expandable chamber.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120010457 - Prolapse repair: Surgical instruments for prolapse repair are disclosed. The surgical instruments have straight portions and helical portions.... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120010458 - Transobturator surgical articles and methods: Surgical articles, implants and components suitable for a transobturator surgical procedure are described.... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120010459 - Assembly and method for automatically controlling pressure for a gastric band: An elastic bladder is provided that is in constant fluid communication with the expandable balloon portion of a gastric band in order to automatically and continuously adjust the gastric band. The fluid pressure between the bladder and the balloon portion of the gastric band automatically and continuously adjusts so that... Agent: Cavu Medical, Inc.

20120010461 - Methods and devices for tissue grasping and assessment: Devices, systems and methods are provided for stabilizing and grasping tissues such as valve leaflets, assessing the grasp of these tissues, approximating and fixating the tissues, and assessing the fixation of the tissues to treat cardiac valve regurgitation, particularly mitral valve regurgitation.... Agent: Abbott Vascular Inc.

20120010462 - Snap fit sling anchor system and related methods: The invention provides, in various embodiments, systems, devices and methods relating to employing soft tissue anchors in combination with an implantable sling to treat urinary incontinence.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120010460 - Tissue displacing method: An organ displacing method implemented for performing a procedure in a patient's body cavity, the method includes a gravitational movement step in which the body position of the patient is changed, whereby surrounding organs adjacent to a hollow organ are moved in a primary direction by gravity; and a non-gravitational... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120010464 - Access system with removable outflow channel: A surgical access device can comprise a working channel providing a first lumen having an axial opening for insertion of a surgical instrument having an outflow channel, the first lumen having a fluid inlet for allowing fluid flow through the working channel and into the body, wherein fluid flows out... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20120010463 - Instrument and method for remotely manipulating a tissue structure: A retractor and a surgical tool are posittioned within a cannula, and a dissection cradle of the retractor is positioned at the distal end of the cannula. The retractor includes a dissection cradle that is resiliently supported along an axis skewed relative to the axis of the cannula. The dissection... Agent: Maquet Cardiovascular LLC

20120010465 - Endoscope apparatus: A first irradiation portion that radiates white light onto a subject, a second irradiation portion that radiates narrow bandwidth light having a narrower wavelength bandwidth than the white light, and an observation window used to observe the subject are respectively disposed on a leading end surface of an endoscope insertion... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120010466 - Transducer/sensor assembly: An imaging transducer assembly is combined with a sensor of a medical positioning system, forming a transducer/sensor assembly. In one embodiment, the sensor includes a coil proximally coupled with the imaging transducer. A cable having first and second wires are proximally coupled to the coil. A non-conductive potting layer is... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120010467 - Laryngeal mask airway device: The invention relates to a laryngeal mask airway device (1) for insertion into a patient to provide an airway passage to the patient's glottic opening, the device including an airway tube (2), a mask (3) attached to the airway tube, the mask comprising a body (4) including a peripheral inflatable... Agent: The Laryngeal Mask Company Limited

20120010468 - System of disposable contoured sleeves for flexible endoscopes: A system of for labeling and organizing de-contaminated and cleaned flexible endoscopes with coded one-use disposable sheaths. The sheaths are specifically contoured and coded for specific types of endoscopes. The endoscopes can only be removed from sheaths by tearing, slicing, cutting or otherwise breaking the sheaths open. This product system... Agent:

20120010469 - Catheter guiding tool: A catheter guiding tool includes a handle of the guiding tool, the handle including an inner cavity extending between a proximal end and a distal end of the handle; a flexible wire guide; a cover closing the proximal end of the handle, wherein the proximal end of the wire guide... Agent: Somedics Rd

20120010470 - Devices and methods for anchoring a tube: Devices and methods are provided for accessing a bodily opening that, among other things, are safe, reliable and repeatable. One embodiment of a device for anchoring to tissue includes an elongated tube and a magnet. The elongated tube has a proximal end opposite a distal end, and defines a central... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20120010471 - Over dilation: A device, system and method for dilating a patient during a minimally invasive surgical procedure is disclosed. A surgical dilation system includes a dilator having an outer tubular member and an inner tubular member sized to be movably received within an inside diameter of the outer tubular member. The outer... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120010472 - Retractor for use during retroperitoneal lateral insertion of spinal implants: A method is disclosed for introducing a spinal disc implant into an intervertebral space of a subject. The subject is placed in a lateral position, and the anterior face of the spinal disc intervertebral space is accessed, between the L5 and S1 vertebrae, from an anterior and lateral retroperitoneal approach.... Agent:

20120010473 - Health and wellness tracker: A business method utilizing a health and wellness tracker for the optimization of the health program provided for the members of an organization. The present invention provides a wellness tracking service that prompts the members of the organization in predetermined time intervals for health activities. The health of the group... Agent:

20120010478 - Analyzing physiological state for fitness exercise: A method, apparatus, and a computer program for monitoring a fitness exercise are described. A plurality of heart-rate variability values and a plurality of exertion parameter values are measured during an exercise measured. The heart rate variability values correlate with the exertion parameter values through a human physiological mechanism, and... Agent: Polar Electro Oy

20120010477 - Concentration determination apparatus, probe, concentration determination method, and program: A concentration determination apparatus may determine a concentration of a target component in an arbitrary layer of an observed object including a plurality of light scattering medium layers. The concentration determination apparatus may include an irradiation unit, light scattering medium layer selection unit, a light receiving unit, a light intensity... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120010475 - Integrated display and control for multiple modalities: A system and method of managing an integrated laboratory for diagnosing and treating a patient is described. The system is divided into a laboratory room and a cockpit control room. The cockpit control room has a plurality of workstations for display and control of the laboratory equipment, so that two... Agent:

20120010476 - Medical implant with safety feature: A medical implant and system comprising a safety feature for reducing the likelihood of damage caused to a user of the implant system by exposure of body tissue and fluids to electrical energy from a power source of the implant. In one aspect, the medical implant comprises a disconnect switch... Agent:

20120010479 - Method, computer readable medium and device for determining the temperature distribution in a tissue: Example embodiments of the present invention relate to a method for determining the temperature distribution in a tissue to be ablated and/or in a body tissue of a patient containing the tissue to be ablated. The method includes determining at least one item of information relating to a blood flow... Agent: Siemens Ag

20120010474 - Method, system and computer program for automated interpretation of measurements in response to stimuli: The invention relates to a system and a method for analysing with a temporal resolution below 160 milliseconds at least one response of a test person to at least one input stimulus. At least one input stimulus is provided to the test person and data representing the test person's response... Agent: Mindmetic Ltd.

20120010480 - In-vivo information acquiring system: An in-vivo information acquiring system includes a body-insertable apparatus that includes a magnetic field responding unit, acquires in-vivo information, and transmits the in-vivo information to the outside; a magnetic field generator that generates a magnetic field for the responding unit; a magnetic field control unit that controls a generation of... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120010482 - Insertion system: An insertion system for inserting a sensor into fatty tissue, comprising an insertion device and an insertion needle containing a sensor, wherein the insertion device comprises a holder for the insertion needle, and a piercing mechanism so as to move the holder, with the needle held by the same, in... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120010481 - Systems, devices, and methods including implantable devices with anti-microbial properties: Systems, devices, methods, and compositions are described for providing an actively controllable implant configured to, for example, monitor, treat, or prevent microbial growth or adherence to the implant.... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20120010483 - Intra-operative use of fluorescence spectroscopy and applications of same: In one aspect, the present invention relates to a process for intra-operatively providing anatomical guidance in endocrine surgery. In one embodiment, the process includes the steps of illuminating tissues in the neck area of a living subject with a beam of light having a predetermined wavelength, obtaining Raman data from... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20120010484 - Photobiological measuring device and analyzing method: A photobiological measuring device has a computing unit generating an unwanted component removal observation signal by removing the signal corresponding to the unwanted component from an observation signal. The computing unit is provided with: a mixing matrix making unit for separating observation signals into the products of a mixing matrix... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20120010485 - Device for detecting at least one vital parameter of a person in a vehicle and device for monitoring at least one vital parameter of a person in a vehicle: A device for detecting at least one vital parameter of a person in a vehicle is described, having: an optoelectronic sensor arrangement for detecting the at least one vital parameter by means of light remission, wherein the optoelectronic sensor arrangement has at least one light source and a light-sensitive element,... Agent:

20120010486 - Sensor chip, and measurement device and blood test device in which this sensor chip is used: This sensor chip (11) comprises a substrate (15) in the form of a flat board, a sample inlet (20) that is provided in the thickness direction of the substrate (15) and into which flows the blood (3) used for measurement, a supply path (21) that communicates with this sample inlet... Agent:

20120010488 - Method and apparatus for improving personnel safety and performance using logged and real-time vital sign monitoring: Group (including, without limitation, occupational work forces) safety and wellness monitoring utilizes baseline physiology testing and vital sign monitoring and sampling technologies. Aerobic capacity of individual members of a group is determined through initial baseline testing which results in an individual health risk assessment. Thereafter non-invasively observed and monitored during... Agent:

20120010487 - Systems and methods for monitoring health and delivering drugs transdermally: The present invention pertains to a system and method for transdermal sampling, comprising: at least one sampler for retrieving and transferring at least one analyte obtained transdermally from the skin of a subject; at least one detector system for identifying and quantifying said at least one analyte; and at least... Agent: Science Applications International Corporation

20120010489 - Test method and test device for analysing a body fluid: There is provided a test method for analysing a body fluid in which a test tape is used in a test device in order to successively provide analytical test fields stored on the test tape, wherein body fluid is applied by a user to the test field provided at a... Agent:

20120010490 - Medical devices having flexible electrodes mounted thereon: Medical devices and systems comprising medical devices are provided. The kit includes a catheter-introducer comprising a shaft having a major lumen sized to receive a second medical device and an electrode mounted thereon and a catheter comprising an elongate body and at least two flexible electrode segments on the distal... Agent:

20120010491 - System and apparatus for collecting physiological signals from a plurality of electrodes: A system and apparatus for obtaining physiological data from a patient. The system and apparatus comprising at least one electrode disposed to collect physiological data from the patient and an electrode connection device having a conductive array formed by a plurality of conductive regions and a plurality of nonconductive regions.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120010492 - Garment to facilitate electrode placement for intraoperative monitoring: A garment is provided with an electrode and indicia to facilitate placement of the garment. The indicia is used to orient the garment such that the electrode is placed in precise orientation with respect to a stimulation site to facilitate intraoperative monitoring during surgical procedures.... Agent: Pronerve, LLC

20120010494 - Optical three-dimensional structure measuring device and structure information processing method therefor: An optical three-dimensional structure measuring device including: optical three-dimensional structure information storing device (91) for storing optical three-dimensional structure information; specific layer extracting device (121) for comparing information values of the optical three-dimensional structure information stored in the optical three-dimensional structure information storing device with a predetermined threshold and extracting,... Agent:

20120010493 - Systems and methods of 4d electromagnetic tomographic (emt) differential (dynamic) fused imaging: Methods and systems for 4D electromagnetic tomographic differential (dynamic) fused imaging and mapping of electrical excitation of biological tissues. A plurality of electromagnetic field sources and detectors generate and detect an electromagnetic field domain in a target area. A biological tissue is positioned within the target area, and an electromagnetic... Agent:

20120010496 - medical image diagnosis apparatus and a controlling method: A medical image diagnosis apparatus according to the present embodiments includes a storage and an execution controller. The storage is configured to store therein a program for executing a plurality of processes contained in an image taking procedure or a plurality of processes contained in a post-processing procedure, while the... Agent:

20120010495 - Method for generating mr images and an appropriately designed magnetic resonance system: An embodiment of the invention relates to the generation of MR images of a volume section within an examination object by way of a magnetic resonance scanner. In at least one embodiment, the following steps are performed: generating at least one of the MR images; automatically performing a number of... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120010497 - Single-sided magnetic resonance imaging system suitable for performing magnetic resonance elastography: A unilateral magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”) device (100), capable of performing magnetic resonance elastography (“MRE”) is disclosed. The unilateral MRI device includes a magnet assembly (110) that produces a static, polarizing magnetic field extending longitudinally outward from a pole face of the magnet, substantially homogeneous in a transverse plane in... Agent:

20120010498 - Operation supporting device, method, and program: Surgical operation supporting apparatus and method is disclosed in which based on a high-definition tomographic images of an operation site produced before surgery, a three-dimensional model of the operation site is generated, and a surface of the operation site is optically measured during the surgical operation, and further, first position... Agent: National University Corporation Hamamatsu University School Of Medicine

20120010499 - Use of nanoparticles for the treatment of cancer: The invention relates to the tracking of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) labeled with magnetic nanoparticles using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and the use of this method for the treatment of cancer.... Agent:

20120010500 - Cas system for condyle measurement: A computer assisted surgery system for conducting orthopedic surgery on a knee joint includes a condyle digitizer having a posterior condyle abutment surface defining a first plane and a distal condyle abutment surface defining a second plane perpendicular to the first plane, and a trackable member which is locatable and... Agent:

20120010501 - Imaging apparatus and method for monitoring a body under examination: The present disclosure relates to an imaging system and method for monitoring a body. The system and method provides a first image acquisition means allowing a volumetric three-dimensional image to be acquired in combination with a second two-dimensional image acquisition means.... Agent:

20120010502 - Synchronic monitor system for drug delivery induced by ultrasound and the method thereof: The present invention provides a synchronic monitor system using real-time ultrasound image to monitor the permeable concentration of the targeted tissue for drug delivery induced by ultrasound. The drug delivery is performed by using a first ultrasound apparatus to emit a first ultrasound to a blood vessel of the targeted... Agent: National Yang Ming University

20120010503 - Opacity technology: A catheter device comprising a chamber containing an opacity enhancing substance is disclosed. The opacity enhancing substance is in a dried or semi-dried form within the chamber of the device. Release of a liquid into the chamber suspends the substance and forms an opacity enhancing solution that is released into... Agent: Quali-med Gmbh

20120010504 - Weight scale with ultrasound imaging for ankle displacement measurement: A device for correlating trend data with respect to a patient's weight ankle displacement can identify conditions indicative of congestive heart failure. A weight scale or similar device coupled with imaging mechanism operable to measure ankle displacement collects a plurality of measurements over a period of time. Over time trend... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20120010505 - Methods for ultrasonic tissue sensing and feedback: An ultrasonic surgical instrument is presented including an ultrasonic transmission member having a proximal end and a distal end, and a handle member located at the proximal end of the transmission member. The ultrasonic surgical instrument also includes an end effector assembly located at the distal end of the transmission... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120010506 - Multimodal laparoscopic ultrasound device with feedback system: A laparoscopic tool or minimally invasive device is augmented with a forward looking ultrasonic transducer that is processed to extract information regarding subsurface structures and to generate haptic, audio, or visual effects to provide relevant feedback to a user that is operating the tool. In one embodiment, the ultrasonic transducer... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20120010508 - Method and system for controlling communication of data in an ultrasound system: Methods and systems for controlling communication of data in an ultrasound system are provided. One method includes receiving ultrasound data from a plurality of channels of an ultrasound probe in an ultrasound system and digitally demodulating the received ultrasound data such that a data transfer rate of the digitally demodulated... Agent:

20120010507 - Ultrasound transducer architecture having non-transitory local memory storage medium for storing 2d and or 3d/4d image data: The embodiments of the probe additionally include at least one non-transitory local memory storage unit or medium for storing 2D and or 3D/4D imaging data that is received at the probe. The term, “non-transitory” memory storage units or medias is synonymous with “non-volatile” memory storage units or media and is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120010509 - Ultrasonic vertebral bone assessment apparatus and method: A method and apparatus for non-invasive and quantitative assessment of the status of a lumbar vertebral body in a living being for at least one of several quantities (e.g., bone-mineral density, bone mass, etc.) is provided. The method includes the steps of acoustically coupling first and second transducers to nearby... Agent: Cyberlogic, Inc.

20120010510 - Imaging apparatus and method: A system (100) uses a pyroelectric membrane (122) and an ultrasound absorber (123) to measure the amount of ultrasonic energy received from a transmitter (105) through a sample (110). The thermal response of the pyroelectric membrane (122) is sensitive to ultrasound time-averaged intensity but is insensitive to the phase of... Agent:

20120010511 - Biopsy needle assembly: A needle assembly and delivery system for biopsying tissue of a patient includes a flexible biopsy needle, a cannula for receiving and supporting the biopsy needle, and a guide assembly which defines at least one guide assembly for receiving, guiding, and orienting the flexible biopsy needle and cannula through an... Agent:

20120010512 - Scanning probe: The invention includes a probe for imaging tissue within a body cavity. The probe includes a housing which has a first substantially narrow elongate distal portion insertable into a body cavity, and a second elongate portion proximal of the first elongate portion. The narrow distal portion houses a transducer which... Agent:

20120010513 - Chemically-selective, label free, microendoscopic system based on coherent anti-stokes raman scattering and microelectromechanical fiber optic probe: An endoscopic microscopic system for collecting and processing a sequence of images.... Agent:

20120010514 - Biological parameter monitoring method, computer-readable storage medium and biological parameter monitoring device: A method for monitoring a biological parameter out of either the heartbeat and/or respiratory signal of an occupant on a member of a seat or bed. The member supports at least one sensor capable of detecting variation of pressure due to contact, and at least one accelerometer is connected to... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120010515 - Automated identification of culprit coronary artery: A diagnostic ECG system analyzes lead traces for evidence of ST elevation in the lead signals. The pattern of ST elevation in leads having predetermined vantage points to the electrical activity of the heart and, in some instances, the presence of ST depression in certain other leads, identifies a specific... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120010516 - System and method for evaluating mechanical cardiac dyssynchrony based on multiple impedance vectors using an implantable medical device: A set of cardiogenic impedance signals are detected along different sensing vectors passing through the heart of the patient, particularly vectors passing through the ventricular myocardium. A measure of mechanical dyssynchrony is detected based on differences, if any, among the cardiogenic impedance signals detected along the different vectors. In particular,... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20120010517 - Sterility cover for medical device surface: An enclosure for a medical instrument including a pair of flexible sheets transmissive to a signal generated by a subject, the pair of sheets being arranged in parallel to each other, sealed along the sides and the top, and between the opposing lateral sides and the top and bottom ends... Agent:

20120010518 - Telemedicine system: System for medical interaction with a patient, comprising one or more computing devices configured to: electronically receive medical data via a communication link; determine a beginning of a breathing interval using at least a portion of the medical data; determine an end of the breathing interval using the at least... Agent: Dimicine Research It, LLC

20120010520 - Methods of evaluating a patient for peep therapy: Methods of automatically evaluating a patient for positive and expiratory pressure (PEEP) therapy include providing respiratory assistance to the patient with a mechanical ventilator. The patient is provided PEEP therapy at a first PEEP. A first end expiratory lung volume (EELV) is measured from the patient. PEEP therapy is provided... Agent:

20120010521 - Scalable wlan gateway: A technique for combining transmission bandwidths of several mobile stations (MS1, MS2) is disclosed. A master mobile station (MS1) establishes (7-0) a WLAN base station communicating with WLAN client terminals (CT). One or more slave mobile stations (MS2) may detect a predefined network identifier and join the WLAN network. The... Agent: Joikusoft Ltd.

20120010519 - System and method for diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: A system for diagnosis and treatment of breathing disorders in a patient, comprises a flow generator supplying an air flow to an airway of a patient via a flow path, a venting arrangement moveable between (i) a closed position in which the flow path is substantially sealed between the flow... Agent: New York University

20120010522 - Input converter for an eeg monitoring system, signal conversion method and monitoring system: In order to minimize noise and current consumption in an EEG monitoring system (40) which can be continuously carried by a person to be monitored, an input converter (44) for an EEG monitoring system is devised. The analog-to-digital converter of the input converter has an input stage, an output stage,... Agent: Widex A/s

20120010523 - Apparatus for diagnosing foot neuropathy and method of using the same: An apparatus of use in identifying neuropathy in the feet of a subject is disclosed, the apparatus comprising means for measuring the temperature of the foot of a subject; means for comparing a first measured temperature obtained from one of the subject with a second measured temperature obtained from the... Agent: Salisbury Nhs Foundation Trust

20120010524 - Methods, apparatus and systems for facilitating introduction of shaped medical instruments into the body of a subject: A method for introducing an elongate medical instrument with a shaped portion into the body of a subject includes at least partially straightening the shaped portion from an exterior of the elongate medical instrument. A retention element may then be introduced into an interior of the shaped portion to maintain... Agent: Circa Scientific, LLC

20120010525 - Compartment syndrome monitoring systems and methods: Embodiments of a compartment monitor that can be implanted and left in situ to continuously (or semi-continuously) measure compartment pressures are presented. An exemplary monitor includes a pressure sensor adapted to be implanted in a compartment, a transmitter external to the compartment and coupled to the pressure sensor, and a... Agent: Tci3 - Pressure Applications, LLC

20120010526 - Device for sampling tissue from an animal and corresponding storage means: The invention relates to a device for sampling tissue from an animal, comprising sampling means provided with at least one cutting element (35) for cutting and collecting a sample of tissue from the animal, and means (31) for storing the sample, into which the cutting element is inserted once the... Agent:

20120010527 - Full core biopsy device: A biopsy device includes coaxially disposed inner and outer needles in which the outer needle tip is configured for obtaining a tissue sample. The inner surface of the outer needle includes a tissue retention feature which may include a countersink and/or a feature formed in the inner surface. The device... Agent: Promex Technologies, LLC

20120010528 - Systems and methods for predicting disease progression in patients treated with radiotherapy: Clinical information, molecular information and/or computer-generated morphometric information is used in a predictive model for predicting the occurrence of a medical condition. In an embodiment, a model predicts whether a disease (e.g., prostate cancer) is likely to progress in a patient after radiation therapy. In some embodiments, the molecular and... Agent: Aureon Biosciences, Inc.

20120010529 - Sampling devices and methods involving relatively little pain: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for delivering and/or receiving a substance or substances such as blood, from subjects, e.g., to the skin and/or from the skin. In one aspect, the present invention is generally directed to devices and methods for receiving blood from a subject, e.g.,... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20120010530 - Blood test apparatus having blood sensor: A blood test apparatus has a housing, a blood sensor, and a plurality of connectors. The blood sensor has a plurality of connection terminals that are electrically connected with each electrode of the electrode system; and a reference terminal that serves as a reference. The plurality of connectors are configured... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120010531 - Small-animal unit for muscle injury, muscle testing and muscle training in vivo: The invention provides a system for measuring contractile torque of skeletal muscles, performing muscle training programs, and inducing contraction-induced injury. The system is versatile and precise to measure contractile torque, train muscles, and perform contraction-induced injury protocols on living rodents. The system also allows for repeated studies of the same... Agent: University Of Maryland, Baltimore

20120010533 - Method for determining the correct natural head position location of references planes relative to a three-dimensional computerized image of a patient's head: A system and method for determining the correct natural head position location of reference planes, i.e., the coronal, transverse, and sagittal planes, relative to a three-dimensional computerized image of a patient's head. This method will allow medical practitioners to accurately measure various soft tissue features of the patient's face and... Agent:

20120010532 - Obstructive sleep apnea treatment devices, systems and methods: Devices, systems and methods for nerve stimulation for OSA therapy.... Agent: Apnex Medical, Inc.

20120010535 - Systems, devices, and methods for monitoring an under foot load profile of a patient during a period of partial weight bearing: Systems, devices, and methods for measuring an under foot load profile of a patient during a period of partial weight bearing are described. The system may include a walking boot cast. A housing, including an inner surface and an upper surface that cooperate to define an inner cavity, may be... Agent: The University Of Utah

20120010534 - Systems, devices, and methods for monitoring an under foot load profile of a tibial fracture patient during a period of partial weight bearing: Systems, devices, and methods for measuring an under foot load profile of a tibial fracture patient during a period of partial weight bearing are described. The system may include a walking boot cast. A housing, including an inner surface and an upper surface that cooperate to define an inner cavity,... Agent: The University Of Utah

20120010536 - Method and apparatus for monitoring eye tremor: An apparatus consistent with the present invention comprises a sensor for receiving a signal representing eye tremor and a processor for monitoring eye tremor while receiving the signal. A method consistent with the present invention includes receiving a signal representing eye tremor, comparing the received signal representing eye tremor to... Agent:

01/05/2012 > 88 patent applications in 54 patent subcategories.

20120004492 - Marker adapted normal tissue complication probability: A therapy system includes a diagnostic image scanner (12) that acquires a diagnostic image of a target region to be treated. A planning processor (70) is configured to generate a patient specific adaptive radiation therapy plan based on patient specific biomarkers before and during therapy. A first set of patient... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120004493 - System for delivering treatment agents: A system for delivering a treatment agent such as a radioactive source to a targeted treatment site within a patient's body is disclosed. Aspects of the device provided herein include a cable with contiguous sections having different flexibility characteristics made from a same material or material mixture throughout. For example,... Agent:

20120004494 - External adjustment device for distraction device: An external adjustment device includes at least one permanent magnet configured for rotation about an axis with a first handle extending linearly at a first end of the device and a second handle at a second end of the device, the second handle extending in a direction substantially off axis... Agent:

20120004496 - Cannula lined with tissue in-growth material and method of using the same: A cannula for moving fluids between a pump and the circulatory system of a patient. The cannula includes a liner having an intermediate portion between a proximal portion and a distal portion, and a lumen extending between the proximal and distal portions. At least the intermediate portion of the liner... Agent: Circulite, Inc.

20120004495 - Implantable heart assist system and method of applying same: An extracardiac pumping for supplementing the circulation of blood, including the cardiac output, in a patient without any component thereof being connected to the patient's heart, and methods of using same. One embodiment provides a vascular graft that has a first end that is sized and configured to couple to... Agent: Thoratec Corporation

20120004497 - Physiological demand responsive control system: A demand responsive physiological control system for use with a rotary blood pump; said system including a pump controller which is capable of controlling pump speed of said pump; said system further including a physiological controller, and wherein said physiological controller is adapted to analyze input data relating to physiological... Agent: Thoratec Corporation

20120004498 - Device and method for reducing tension and stress in a subject: The present invention relates to a sensory device for reducing tension in a subject. The device includes an elastic covering, a filling material inside the elastic covering, an openable sealed reservoir located within the filling, an absorbent material surrounding the reservoir, and a calming odor releasing substance sealed within the... Agent: New York University

20120004499 - Surgical method for performing a coronary blood vessel bypass: In accordance with one embodiment of the present disclosure, a surgical method may include making a first incision in a patient. The surgical method may also include receiving a gas from a source and humidifying and warming the gas received from the source. The surgical method may further include delivering... Agent: Lexion Medical, LLC

20120004501 - Method and apparatus for prolapse repair: A surgical support apparatus and method includes a central support member or portion and six or more straps or arms, with each of the straps comprising a connector configured to mate with a tip of a needle device. Each connector is adapted for attachment to target tissue within the pelvis... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20120004500 - Systems, devices, and methods for sub-urethral support: Disclosed are single-incision surgical procedures for treatment of urinary incontinence and/or pelvic floor disorders and related uses, devices, kits, and methods. Implants are also disclosed for use in the exemplary procedures. In certain embodiments, soft tissue anchors are used to anchor the surgical implants to obturator membranes of a patient.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120004502 - Direct drive endoscopy systems and methods: Disclosed herein are various systems and methods for facilitating control of a tool or tools. The systems can allow a user to control multiple degrees of freedom. One such system allows a user to control multiple degrees of freedom of two tools simultaneously. Another such system allows a user to... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120004503 - Treatment endoscope: A treatment endoscope includes that a body cavity insertion portion which includes a main body distal hard portion, and a main body curving portion provided to a proximal side of the main body distal hard portion, one or more treatment arm/arms projecting to a distal side from the main body... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120004505 - Devices and methods for tissue invagination: Surgical devices and methods used for invaginating tissue during, for example, an endoscopic fundoplication procedure, are disclosed. The device includes an elongated tube having a proximal end configured to extend outside of the body and a distal end configured to extend proximate the tissue to be invaginated, and a distal... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20120004504 - Rotate-to-advance catheterization system: r

20120004506 - Apparatus and method for devices for imaging structures in or at one or more luminal organs: In accordance with exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure, device and method can be provided which can facilitate imaging of biological tissues, e.g., luminal organs in vivo, using optical techniques. The exemplary device can include different designs an features of one or more catheters, which can illuminate the tissues, and... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20120004507 - Biopsy inlet valve: A valve for use in irrigating, accessing and sealing the instrument channel of an endoscope is disclosed. The valve is adapted for installation onto an endoscope instrument inlet port. The valve includes an outer shell and a plurality of disks. The outer shell has a proximal end adapted for insertion... Agent: U.s. Endoscopy Group, Inc.

20120004508 - Surgical illuminator with dual spectrum fluorescence: In a minimally invasive surgical system, an illuminator includes a visible color component illumination source and a hardware non-visible fluorescence emission illumination source. Thus, the illuminator outputs target image illumination light in a first spectrum where the first spectrum includes at least a portion of the visible spectrum. The illuminator... Agent:

20120004509 - Drive circuit for light emitting diode: A drive circuit for a light emitting diode, and applications thereof, are disclosed. In one example, the drive circuit includes an input voltage and a ground, and a current control block including a voltage supply connection, a ground connection, a first voltage sense connection, and a second voltage sense connection.... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20120004510 - Surgical access apparatus and method: An access system comprises an access device. The access device is adapted to be disposed within an opening in a body wall. The access device has an external flange adapted to be disposed external to the body wall and an internal flange adapted to be disposed internal to the body... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20120004513 - Apparatus and method for viewing an object: An apparatus and method for generating and displaying an image of an object is described and includes a radiation source and a series of at least two linear detectors capable of detecting incident radiation after transmission through an object to define a scanning zone there between. The object is moved... Agent: Kromek Limited

20120004514 - Diagnostic imaging support device, diagnostic imaging support method, and storage medium: A diagnostic imaging support device includes an image data acquisition unit that acquires image data of high magnification of sample tissue, an image classifying unit that generates image data of low magnification from the image data of high magnification acquired by the image data acquisition unit, and classifies the generated... Agent:

20120004512 - Method, system, and computer program product for the evaluation of glycemic control in diabetes from self-monitoring data: A method, system, and computer program product related to the diagnosis of diabetes, and is directed to predicting the long-term risk of hyperglycemia, and the long-term and short-term risks of severe hypoglycemia in diabetics, based on blood glucose readings collected by a self-monitoring blood glucose device. The method, system, and... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20120004511 - Responding to changes in emotional condition of a user: A method comprises monitoring inputs to a device from a user, using the user inputs to track an emotional condition of the user, detecting a change in the tracked emotional condition of the user, and in response to detecting the change, using a camera to capture an image of the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120004517 - Blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter system for animal research: An integrated blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter system includes a blood flow occlusion member configured to selectively occlude blood flow through an appendage of the animal (e.g., the neck or tail); a sensor coupled to the blood flow occlusion member detecting a degree of operation thereof; Light sources coupled... Agent: Starr Life Sciences Corp.

20120004519 - Motion cancellation of optical input signals for physiological pulse measurement: A pulse rate sensor that includes an accelerometer for measuring periodic motion and a piezo sensor for detecting erratic motion is capable of more accurately determining pulse rate by accounting for these types of motion. The pulse rate sensor in accordance with the present invention diminishes pulse rate signal degradation... Agent: Pulse Tracer, Inc.

20120004515 - Multi-channel sensing methods in implantable cardiovertor defibrillators: An implantable medical device uses an implantable sensor for acquiring a physiological signal that is received by a digital signal processor. The digital signal processor is a multi-channel signal processor including a first signal processing channel having a first sensitivity for sensing the physiological signal and a second signal processing... Agent:

20120004516 - Systems and methods for synchronizing data received from multiple sensor modules in a patient monitor system: A patient monitor system synchronizes patient data acquired by a plurality of sensor modules. Patient data from the sensor modules are synchronized by transmitting, from a patient monitor host, a start message that each newly connected sensor module uses to determine when to begin transmitting patient data to the patient... Agent: Mindray Ds Usa, Inc.

20120004518 - Techniques for compensating movement of a treatment target in a patient: One embodiment includes a method of predicting a position of a target site inside a body using surrogates is provided. The method includes transforming surrogate measurements and target positions into different representations by applying an operator, establishing a special relationship between the transformed surrogate measurements and the transformed target positions,... Agent: University Of Maryland, Baltimore

20120004520 - Communication system with multiple sources of power: The system of the present invention includes a conductive element, an electronic component, and a partial power source in the form of dissimilar materials. Upon contact with a conducting fluid, a voltage potential is created and the power source is completed, which activates the system. The electronic component controls the... Agent: Proteus Biomedical, Inc.

20120004521 - Integrated lancing test strip with retractable lancet: An integrated lancing test strip device includes a lancet configured to form an incision in tissue and a test strip coupled to the lancet for analyzing body fluid. A retention mechanism acts as a detent to hold the lancet in a static position relative to the test strip before forming... Agent:

20120004522 - Biosensor coated with electroactive polymer layer demonstrating bending behavior: Disclosed is a biosensor coated with an electroactive polymer layer demonstrating a bending behavior, more specifically a biosensor including an electroactive polymer layer coated on the surface of a bioreceptor and an electrode connected to the electroactive polymer layer. When an electrical stimulation is applied to the electrode, the electroactive... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University

20120004523 - System and methods for self-powered, contactless, self-communicating sensor devices: The innovation introduces a new kind of smart biological-sensing controller, based on silicon and/or flexible polymer printed electronics. The purpose of the device is to monitor and/or control biological signals of living organisms (for example, microbes, bacteria, insects, plants, animals, and people). Embedded in a system, the innovation can work... Agent: R2z Innovations, Inc.

20120004524 - Protrudent analyte sensor: The methods and apparatus for detecting an analyte in blood are useful for detecting an analyte in tissue of a subject. The apparatus comprises a sensor, which comprises an elongated conductive material having a protrudent end, the protrudent end comprising an electrode that detects the presence of an analyte; a... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120004525 - Multi-user remote health monitoring system with biometrics support: The invention presents a networked system for identifying an individual, communicating information to the individual, and remotely monitoring the individual. The system includes a remotely programmable apparatus that occasionally connects to a server via a communication network such as the Internet. The remotely programmable apparatus interacts with the individual in... Agent:

20120004526 - Sensor assemblies formed of silicone rubber for implantable medical electrical leads: A sensor assembly, which may be incorporated by a medical electrical lead, includes an insulative body, formed from a biocompatible plastic, and a sensor mounted on a mounting surface of the insulative body. The mounting surface extends distally from a proximal portion of the insulative body in which first and... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120004527 - Communication system using an implantable device: The system of the present invention includes an implantable device that can detect high and low frequency current signature. The implantable device can communicate with a communication device that includes a conductive element, an electronic component, and a partial power source in the form of dissimilar materials. Upon contact with... Agent: Proteus Biomedical, Inc.

20120004528 - Implantable remote monitoring sensor: An exemplary implantable sensor includes a housing that generally conforms to a curvature of an anterior chamber of a patient's eye. A sensing device disposed in the housing is configured to detect physiological parameters and transmit a signal representing the physiological parameters. The exemplary sensor may be used to detect... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20120004529 - Automatic display of previously-acquired endoluminal images: Apparatus and methods are provided for use with an endoluminal data-acquisition device that acquires a set of endoluminal data-points of a lumen of a subject's body at respective locations inside the lumen, a second endoluminal device, and a display configured to display images. At least one processor includes location-association functionality... Agent: Sync-rx, Ltd.

20120004530 - Quantification of intracellular and extracellular spio agents with r2 and r2* mapping: Quantitative assessment of magnetic agent tagged cells in a subject comprises: acquiring a series of T2 weighted images of the subject; acquiring a series of T2* weighted images of the subject; and generating a value indicative of quantitative assessment of magnetic agent tagged cells in the subject based on both... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120004531 - Innately multimodal nanoparticles: A gold-coated iron oxide nanoparticle, method of making thereof, and method of using thereof is disclosed. The nanoparticle is substantially toxin free (making it clinically applicable), easily functionalized, and can serve as a contrast agent for a number of imaging techniques, including imaging a subject in at least two distinct... Agent:

20120004532 - Irradiating coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using the same: An irradiating coil includes a first ring conductor located on a plane, a second ring conductor having a smaller diameter than a diameter of the first ring conductor and located substantially on the plane of the first ring conductor, a plurality of first line conductors connected the first ring conductor... Agent:

20120004537 - Co-use of endoluminal data and extraluminal imaging: Apparatus and methods are described for use with an endoluminal data-acquisition device configured to be moved through a lumen, the device having a radiopaque marker coupled thereto. While the device is being moved through the lumen (a) endoluminal data points of the lumen are acquired using the device, (b) contrast... Agent: Sync-rx, Ltd.

20120004536 - Device and method for bone imaging: The invention comprises a modified implant useful to assess bone by imaging. The modified implant comprises a medical implant and at least one detectable marker element associated with the implant that serves as a reference point in medical imaging. Preferably, the implant and the detector marker elements have different radiolucencies... Agent:

20120004540 - Human cavity inner wall three-dimensional mapping method, equipment and system: A human cavity inner wall three-dimensional mapping method, and a corresponding device and system, comprising: at least one field generating device which generates a plurality of distinguishable fields under excitation of a drive signal; at least one field sensor located in a target device for detecting the distinguishable fields to... Agent: Microport Medical (shanghai) Co., Ltd

20120004533 - Optimization of multiple candidates in medical device or feature tracking: Multiple candidates are optimized in medical device or feature tracking. Possible locations of medical devices or features for each of a plurality of different times are received. The possible locations of devices are modeled using a probability function. An iterative solution to obtain the maximum of the probability function determines... Agent: Slemens Corporation

20120004534 - Surgical referencing unit, surgical instrument and surgical navigation system: l

20120004538 - System including an implantable medical device and electronic valve indicator and locator device: A system including an implantable flow control device and an electronic valve indicator and locator device. The implantable device includes a valve and a magnetic device. The electronic device includes a locator tool, an indicator tool, and an adjustment tool. The indicator tool includes an electronic compass module for measuring... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120004539 - Ultrasound imaging system and methods of imaging using the same: A method of registering the position of an object moving in a target volume in an ultrasound imaging system includes capturing a first ultrasound image of a target volume. A second ultrasound image of the target volume is then captured after the capturing of the first ultrasound image. The position... Agent: Robarts Research Institute

20120004535 - Veress needle with illuminated tip and cavity penetration indicator: A Veress needle assembly comprises an outer steel tube with a sharpened tip at the distal end surrounding an inner rod having a blunt distal end. The proximal end of the inner rod is spring biased towards a position in which its distal end extends beyond the distal end of... Agent:

20120004541 - Surgery assistance system: Provided is a surgery assistance system to perform relatively fast and accurate alignment between three-dimensional surface shape data acquired by measurement using a three-dimensional surface shape scanner and three-dimensional internal shape data acquired in advance, even when the position of the patient and the surface shape of the skin of... Agent: National University Corporation Hamamatsu Universi

20120004542 - Chemical liquid injector: A chemical liquid injector has syringe adapter 300 removably receiving a cylinder flange formed at a trailing end of cylinder 210 of syringe 200C, 200P, and injection head 110 on which syringe 200C, 200P is mounted with syringe adapter 300 interposed between them. Injection head 110 has adapter receiver 114a... Agent: Nemoto Kyorindo Co., Ltd.,

20120004543 - Syringe adapter: Syringe adapter 300 has base member 310 and flange lock member 320. Flange lock member 320 is formed in generally arc shape as a whole so as to receive a cylinder flange inside. Flange lock member 320 has look hook 323 and engagement hook 324 formed thereon. Look hook 323... Agent: Nemoto Kyorindo Co., Ltd.

20120004544 - Delivery of biological compounds to ischemic and/or infarcted tissue: The delivery of biological compounds to ischemic and/or infarcted tissue are described herein where such a system may include a deployment catheter and an attached imaging hood deployable into an expanded configuration. In use, the imaging hood is placed against or adjacent to a region of tissue to be imaged... Agent: Voyage Medical, Inc.

20120004545 - Method and system for ultrasound data processing: Methods and systems for ultrasound data processing are provided. One method includes acquiring channel ultrasound data from a plurality of channel connected to a plurality of elements of an ultrasound probe and storing the channel ultrasound data from the plurality of channels. The method further includes generating ultrasound images based... Agent:

20120004549 - Method and system for treating photoaged tissue: A method and system for ultrasound treatment of photoaged tissue are provided. An exemplary method and system are configured for first, ultrasound imaging of the region of interest for localization of the treatment area, second, delivery of ultrasound energy at a depth and pattern to achieve the desired therapeutic effects,... Agent: Guided Therapy Systems, L.L.C.

20120004547 - Monitoring apparatus for monitoring an ablation procedure: The present invention relates to a monitoring apparatus (101) for monitoring an ablation procedure. The monitoring apparatus (101) comprises an ultrasound signal providing unit for providing an ultrasound signal that depends on received echo series of an object (4) that is ablated. The monitoring apparatus (101) further comprises an ablation... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120004548 - Non-thermal acoustic tissue modification: A methodology and system for modifying tissue including directing the acoustic beam for a predetermined time duration at a multiplicity of target volumes, which target volumes contain tissue, thereby to modify the tissue in the target volumes while the acoustic beam has a pressure at target volume which lies below... Agent: Ultrashape Ltd.

20120004546 - System and method for treating hemorrhoids: A system and method for treating hemorrhoidal piles, addressing both cause and symptoms, by endoluminal/interstitial application of energy are disclosed. Inflamed dilated blood vessels (hemorrhoids/piles) are caused due to connective tissue disorder, relative increase in pressure in the superior hemorrhoidal artery and weakening of the vessels' valves. The dilated blood... Agent:

20120004550 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and ultrasonic diagnosis method: An ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus comprising: an ultrasonic probe which includes a plurality of ultrasonic transducers which transmit ultrasonic waves to an object, receive the ultrasonic waves reflected by the object, and output ultrasonic detection signals; a reception time calculating device which calculates at least one of a reception time and... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120004551 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and ultrasonic diagnosis method: An ultrasonic diagnosis method of one aspect of the presently disclosed subject matter: transmitting ultrasonic waves to an object through an ultrasonic probe including a plurality of ultrasonic transducers, and outputting ultrasonic detection signals after receiving the ultrasonic waves reflected by the object; calculating at least one of a reception... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120004553 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and storage medium: The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to the present embodiments includes an ultrasound transmitting and receiving unit, a tomographic image generating unit, an analyzing unit, and an analysis result display controller. The ultrasound transmitting and receiving unit is configured to transmit ultrasonic beams in multiple directions and is configured to receive... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120004552 - Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, image processing apparatus and image processing method: According to one embodiment, an ultrasound diagnosis apparatus includes a change amount calculating unit, an estimating unit and a control unit. The change amount calculating unit is configured to calculate amount of change of a pattern of each of a plurality of local regions among a plurality of ultrasound images... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120004555 - Method of stretching organic piezoelectric material, method of manufacturing organic piezoelectric material, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic wave probe and ultrasonic wave medical image diagnosis device: Provided is a stretching method of an organic piezoelectric material which sequentially performs a primary stretching step for carrying out primary stretching of an organic piezoelectric material which has not been stretched, a heat treatment step for heat treating the organic piezoelectric material subjected to primary stretching, and a cooling... Agent: Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc.

20120004554 - Ultrasound probe and ultrasound imaging apparatus: The ultrasound probe according to the present embodiment comprises ultrasound oscillators configured to transmit and receive ultrasound waves, an intermediate layer configured to have greater acoustic impedance than the ultrasound oscillators, a backing material configured to support the ultrasound oscillators, and a buffer layer. The ultrasound oscillators, the intermediate layer... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120004556 - Systems and methods for estimating the size and position of a medical device to be applied within a patient: The field of the invention relates to medical imaging systems, and more particularly to systems and methods for estimating the size and position of a stent or other medical device within a patient. In one embodiment, a medical imaging system includes an elongated tubular member having distal and proximal ends,... Agent: Scimed Life Systems, Inc.

20120004557 - Method and system for fluorescent imaging with background surgical image composed of selective illumination spectra: A surgical site is simultaneously illuminated by less than all the visible color components that make up visible white light, and a fluorescence excitation illumination component by an illuminator in a minimally invasive surgical system. An image capture system acquires an image for each of the visible color components illuminating... Agent:

20120004558 - Blood pressure measurement device: Average blood pressure data of a morning time zone of every week and average blood pressure data of a night time zone of every week calculated by an average calculation portion are stored in a memory by performing blood pressure measurement. An every-week processing portion alternately switches and displays the... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120004559 - Blood pressure meter: A blood pressure meter includes a cuff unit and a clip unit. The cuff unit includes at least one first connecting portion and at least one second connecting portion. The clip unit is detachably connected with the cuff unit and comprises a first clipping portion for each first connecting portion... Agent: Avita Corporation

20120004560 - Cuff for blood pressure information measurement device and blood pressure information measurement device equipped with the same: A cuff for a sphygmomanometer includes an air bladder for compressing a living body, an exterior cover including the air bladder, and a fixing unit arranged in the exterior cover. A portion closer to an end of the exterior cover is inserted between a roller arranged in the fixing unit... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120004562 - Dynamic motion contrast and transverse flow estimation using optical coherence tomography: The methods described herein are methods to ascertain motion contrast within optical coherence tomography data based upon phase variance. The phase variance contrast observes the nanometer scale motion of scatterers associated with Brownian motion and other non-flow motion. The inventive method of calculating motion contrast from the phase variance can... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20120004561 - Systems and methods of determining patient physiological parameters from an imaging procedure: A method of determining at least one patient physiological parameter from an imaging procedure includes at least the steps of measuring time enhancement outputs for at least two different regions of interest, and determining at least one difference between the time enhancement outputs to provide a measure of the at... Agent:

20120004563 - Method and apparatus for measuring a biological signal: Provided is an apparatus and method for analyzing a biological signal. The apparatus may measure the biological signal, detect a noise signal influencing the electrical characteristics of the measured biological signal, and display the measured biological signal by distinguishing a normal section of the measured biological signal from an abnormal... Agent:

20120004564 - Devices and method for accelerometer-based characterization of cardiac synchrony and dyssynchrony: Systems and methods according to the invention employ an acceleration sensor to characterize the synchrony or dyssynchrony of the left ventricle. Patterns of acceleration related to myocardial contraction can be used to assess synchrony or dyssynchrony. Time-frequency transforms and coherence are derived from the acceleration. Information and numerical indices determined... Agent: Cardiosync, Inc.

20120004565 - Ischemia detection using a heart sound sensor: A system comprising an implantable medical device (IMD) includes an implantable heart sound sensor to produce an electrical signal representative of at least one heart sound. The heart sound is associated with mechanical activity of a patient's heart. Additionally, the IMD includes a heart sound sensor interface circuit coupled to... Agent:

20120004567 - Rhythm correlation diagnostic measurement: An ambulatory medical device includes a cardiac activity sensing circuit and a processing circuit. The processing circuit includes a correlation circuit and a rhythm discrimination circuit. The correlation circuit generates an indication of correlation between each of at least a portion of the cardiac depolarizations and a stored template representative... Agent:

20120004566 - System and method for establishing episode profiles of detected tachycardia episodes: A medical device and associated method sense a cardiac signal and initiate an arrhythmia episode detection process in response to the cardiac signal by enabling an arrhythmia detection counter to be adjusted during the detection process. Data is accumulated relating to cardiac events during the detection process. An arrhythmia episode... Agent:

20120004569 - Method for generating a trigger signal by an ekg signal as well as an ekg measuring apparatus and a magnetic resonance device: A method for generating a trigger signal for a magnetic resonance measurement by an R wave of an EKG signal is proposed. The EKG signal is captured by an algorithm manager. The algorithm manager includes at least a first trigger instance having a trigger algorithm. EKG signals from at least... Agent:

20120004568 - Method for identifying r waves in an ecg signal and an ecg measuring instrument as well as a magnetic resonance device: A method for identifying R waves in an ECG signal is proposed. An ECG measuring instrument measures ECG signals of a patient in which R waves are to be detected. The measured ECG signals are compared with respective reference quantities based on at least two comparison rules. The second comparison... Agent:

20120004570 - Biological information measurement device, biological information measurement method, and body composition measurement device: To accurately acquire body composition information using data acquired by another device. Thus, there is provided a body composition monitor with scale including a communication unit for allowing input of biological component information (cross-sectional area, site length, subcutaneous fat percentage, visceral fat percentage, etc.) of a living body measured with... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120004571 - Lung aerosol collection device: A device for collecting material from lung aerosols. The device functions by collecting aerosols from the lower airway separated from material in the by collecting air from the upper airway in a chamber that when full causes the remaining exhaled aerosols from the lungs to be captured by a filter.... Agent:

20120004573 - Methods and apparatuses for full-thickness hollow organ biopsy: A method for obtaining a full thickness biopsy of the wall of a hollow organ, comprising obtaining an apparatus comprising a cannula comprising a proximal cannula end comprising a cutting edge; and a distal cannula end comprising a biased spring, the biased spring being coupled to a needle carrier and... Agent:

20120004572 - Reduced profile biopsy device: A biopsy device is disclosed that includes a housing maintaining a stylet and a cannula. A control device is operably coupled to operate the stylet and the cannula. A handle operates to modify the device from a loading configuration with an expanded profile to a delivery configuration with a reduced... Agent: Carefusion 2200, Inc.

20120004574 - Cannula with introducer, needle protecting guard and blood collecting system: A cannula introducing device comprises an elongate body (10) having a needle (12) projecting from a front end, an operating element (24) for displacement longitudinally of the body (10), a plunger (16) disposed at the front end of the body (10), and a coupling means (18), such as a flexible... Agent:

20120004576 - Pressure sensing for a multi-arm catheter: A method for operating a medical probe includes pressing a distal end of the medical probe, which includes one or more arms that extend diagonally outward from a central shaft and have respective position transducers coupled thereto, against an intra-body surface, so as to cause the arms to exert pressure... Agent:

20120004575 - System and method for indexing content viewed on an electronic device: An apparatus and method for collecting heart rate information associated with a user while the user is viewing and/or listening to multimedia content and/or experiencing real-life events. The heart rate information is interpreted to determine a level of physical arousal. The level of physical arousal may be stored with the... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20120004577 - Tissue visualization device and method variations: Tissue visualization device and method variations are described herein where an imaging hood is temporarily sealed against a region of tissue to be treated while under direct visualization. Such a system may include a deployment catheter and an attached imaging hood deployable into an expanded configuration. The imaging hood is... Agent: Voyage Medical, Inc.

20120004578 - System and method for analyzing biomechanics: A system and a method for analyzing biomechanics. The biomechanics analyzing system for analyzing a motion state of an organism includes a detecting unit, a low-pass filter, a high-pass filter and a processing unit. The detecting unit disposed on a surface of a muscle of the organism detects an acceleration... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120004579 - Virtual prosthetic limb system: A system for configuring a prosthetic limb for use by a living being is provided. The system includes an electronic control unit (ECU) configured to receive a control signal generated in response to a command from the living being and to generate a plurality of virtual bodies on a display... Agent:

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