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Surgery January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 32 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120017893 - Methods for ameliorating pain and devices for delivering a medicament: A method for delivering medicament such as for ameliorating pain in a patient includes introducing an injector through a nasal passage of the patient into a region substantially medial and/or posterior and/or inferior to a sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) of the patient; and delivering a medicament from the injector superiorly and/or... Agent:

20120017892 - Use of salt of an acetylsalicylic acid for the treatment of viral infections: The invention relates to a method of use of a composition comprising a salt of the o-acetylsalicylic acid with a basic amino acid for producing a pharmaceutical composition for the prophylaxis or treatment of viral infections of humans or of animals, in particular mammals and birds.... Agent: Activaero Gmbh

20120017894 - Nebulizer and method of operation of a nebulizer: Nebulizer and method of operation of a nebulizer comprising a cupel capable of containing a liquid and a vibrating member (4) capable of emitting, under the effect of a control signal originating from a control circuit (10), an ultrasound beam making it possible to transform the liquid into mist, in... Agent: System Assistance Medical

20120017895 - Respirator kit and contoured plenum therefor: A respirator kit which includes a contoured plenum; a breathing mask or hood; an air supplying device, such as a powered air purifying respirator or self contained breathing apparatus; and an air hose. The contoured plenum has a low-profile and can be fluidly connected between the respirator mask and hose,... Agent: Avon Protection Systems, Inc.

20120017896 - Method of administration of a pulmonary surfactant: r

20120017897 - Tracheal tube cuff pressure indicator: A pressure indicator for cuffed tracheal tubes is provided. This indicator uses an indicator balloon on the proximal end of the inflation lumen and in fluid communication with the tracheal tube cuff. As the pressure in the cuff changes, the balloon will inflate and deflate. An indicator needle rests on... Agent:

20120017901 - Atraumatic nasal tube for non-invasive respiratory support: An atraumatic nasal tube for non-invasive respiratory support (NIV-CPAP), having one central tube (5) extending from the nasal bridge, at a distance from the forehead area, to the nasal opening of the patient. The first end of the central tube (5) has an applicator (2) to be fixed to the... Agent: F. Stephan Gmbh Medizintechnik

20120017900 - Counter: The present invention provices a counter comprising: a first member disposed in at least a partial helical turn about a longitudinal axis of an entity whose movements and/or contents are to be counted, said first member having an indicium or indicia indicative of a count; a second member extending generally... Agent: Euro-celtique, S.a.

20120017899 - Flow conditioner for a compact, low flow resistance aerosol generator: A flow conditioner for generating and diluting an aerosol comprising a first inlet adapted to receive a first volume flow of pressurized gas is described. A second inlet is adapted to receive a second volume flow of dilution gas and a third inlet adapted to receive a fluid to be... Agent:

20120017898 - Method of administering a substance to the throat: A pharmaceutical product in the form of an anti-snoring substance includes a container containing the anti-snoring substance, the anti-snoring substance being in the form of a solution pre-concentrate. The container is made by a blow-fill-seal technology, wherein the container material is Polyethylene or Polypropylene. The container includes a body portion... Agent: Tanner Medico A/s

20120017903 - Dosing device: The invention relates to a dosing device for inhaling a powdery substance, particularly of a medical nature, which is arranged in a storage chamber above a trailing bottom and can be brought from said storage chamber into an evacuation readiness position, and having a display (A) associated with the actual... Agent: Sanofi Sa

20120017902 - Elastomeric discharge member for nasal delivery device: Various embodiments of the present invention provide a delivery device (10) for the delivery of a dose of liquid into a nasal cavity. The device includes a discharge member (12) formed for insertion into a nasal cavity, a discharge aperture (14) being formed there through. An elastomeric surface (26) is... Agent: Schering Corporation

20120017905 - Artificial nose and breathing circuit provided with the artificial nose: Provided is an artificial nose and a breathing circuit provided with the artificial nose, including: an outer shell; a moisture permeable and water resistant film 6 disposed on an entire circumference of an internal surface of the outer shell, forming a water retention region with the outer shell, and forming... Agent:

20120017904 - Breathing treatment system and method: Humidified respiratory gas is supplied to a patient through an open cannula placed within the openings of the patient's nostrils. The open cannula allows respiratory gas to escape the patient's nostrils and thereby reduce back pressure experienced by a patient during the expiratory periods of the patient's breathing cycle. An... Agent:

20120017906 - Breathing apparatus with compensation of the ambient pressure: A breathing apparatus includes a filter, a motor and a blower driven by the motor. The filter is disposed ahead of the blower and the blower is configured to generate an air volume flow over the filter. A data storage unit has calibration curves for the air volume flow stored... Agent:

20120017908 - Device for supplying gas to a patient: The invention relates to a device for supplying gas to a patient, in particular a patient breathing spontaneously. Said device comprises a) a metering device (A) which is used to meter the gas to be inhaled by the patient (P) into the gas tank (B), b) a gas tank (B)... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20120017907 - Modified liquid trap cup and a liquid trap assembly: A liquid trap assembly using the liquid trap cup is provided. The liquid trap assembly comprises said liquid trap cup and a multi-necked adapter tube with an expanded-plate structure, in which expanded-plate structure can be tightly sealed with the liquid trap. When applying the liquid trap assembly to a breathing... Agent: China Medical University

20120017909 - Systems and methods for conserving oxygen in a breathing assistance device: A system and method for conserving oxygen in a breathing assistance device are disclosed. A method may include delivering breathable gas with a first average oxygen concentration during a first portion of an inhalation phase for a patient. The method may also include delivering breathable gas with a second average... Agent:

20120017910 - Electret webs with charge-enhancing additives: Electret webs are presented which include a blend of a thermoplastic resin and a charge-enhancing additive. The charge-enhancing additives include a heterocyclic imide material which is free of fluorinated groups. The webs prepared from the blends may be in the form of films or non-woven fibrous webs. Non-woven microfiber webs... Agent:

20120017911 - Filtering face-piece respirator having foam shaping layer: A filtering face mask 10 that has a harness 14 and a mask body 12. The mask body 12 is structured such that a snug facial fit can be achieved without use of additional components such as an elastomeric face seal, nose foam, or nose clip. The mask body 12... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120017912 - Ergonomic and adjustable respiratory mask assembly with headgear assembly: A respiratory mask assembly for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a frame having a main body and a side frame member provided on each lateral side of the main body. Each side frame member includes an integrally formed first connector portion. A headgear assembly is removably attachable to... Agent: Resmed Limited

20120017914 - Endobronchial tube assemblies and selectors: An endobronchial tube assembly for selective ventilation of the left or right lung has an endobronchial tube (1) with two passages opening into the left and right lungs. A selector (2) mounted at the machine end (20) of the tube (1) has a rotatable plate (70) with apertures (73, 74,... Agent: Smiths Medical International Limited

20120017915 - Respiratory device comprising a double lumen endotracheal tube: Device for ventilation with a double lumen endotracheal tube featuring a connecting piece at the end distal to the patient into which the two lumina of the endotracheal tube are extended, separated within the connecting piece by an axial partition wall, a connector with two nozzles leading to a joint... Agent: Hajo Reissmann

20120017913 - Tracheostomy tube loading catheter: There is provided a tracheostomy tube loading catheter with a handle, mid-section, tip portion and guiding catheter portion, where the guiding catheter and tip portions are non-detachably attached to the mid-section, and where the loading catheter has a cannula therethrough.... Agent:

20120017916 - Dilator with integrated guiding catheter: There is provided a device for performing a tracheotomy. The tracheostomy dilator has a body, tip and guiding catheter which are non-detachably attached to each other. The dilator has a cannula sized to accommodate a guide wire. After the trachea has been dilated, the entire device may be removed, leaving... Agent:

20120017917 - Airway device with tongue-engaging member: An oral device for improving airway patency comprises a base adapted to be held between a patient's upper and lower teeth and a tongue-engaging member. The tongue-engaging member engages the tongue and displaces the tongue anteriorly when the base is held between the patient's teeth. A vacuum is applied through... Agent: Apnicure, Inc.

20120017920 - Method and device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring: The device relates to methods and devices for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.... Agent: Linguaflex, Inc.

20120017918 - Oral fixation device and fixing method using the same: An oral fixation device and an oral fixing method using the same are provided. The oral fixation device includes a U-shaped brace and an arch board. The arch board is connected to an inner wall of the U-shaped brace, wherein the central part of the arch board is thicker than... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120017919 - Systems and methods for treatment of sleep apnea: A method of treating an airway disorder includes placing an implant in a patient's tongue, wherein the implant has first and second end portions that attach to tissue, and a tensioned medial portion between the first and second ends. The medial portion is configured to apply a pressure of less... Agent:

20120017921 - Cranial surgical drape: A drape for use in cranial surgical procedures including a sterile sheet and a plurality of fluid-collection reservoirs surrounding a cranial region fenestration. The drape further can include a thoracic region fenestration for concurrent or directly subsequent thoracic surgical procedures. Advantageously, the drape allows for a superior aseptic surgical field... Agent:

20120017922 - Mouthguard having breathing cavities and breathing holes incorporated into the body of the mouthguard: The present invention is an improved mouthguard which has incorporated into it at least one and preferably a multiplicity of breathing holes which extend through an exterior sidewall, an interior sidewall and/or through a bottom transverse wall in the body of the mouthguard. The mouthguard can also have incorporated into... Agent: Jr286 Technologies, Inc.

20120017923 - Removable navigation system and method for a medical device: A removable navigation system for a medical device configured for insertion within a lumen in a body is provided. The removable navigation system includes a sheath operatively configured to cover at least a portion of the medical device, a positioning sensor affixed to the sheath and a deformable fixation element... Agent:

01/19/2012 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120012104 - Post lipoplasty imbilical support: To overcome this problem we propose to use of a new device called Post Lipoplasty Umbilical Support. Because of its unique shape, by applying it over the umbilical area under the traditional compressive garment immediately after surgery and during the convalescence the device will create equal radial pressure over the... Agent:

20120012105 - Atomising body, atomising device, inhaler, manufacturing method of manufacturing an atomising body and assembly method for assembling an atomising device: etching a cavity through the support element, the cavity forming a fluid connection from the process orifice to the perforated membrane, by providing etching substance to the process orifice. The atomising body as obtained may advantageously be applied in an atomising device or an inhaler.... Agent: Medspray Xmems B.v.

20120012106 - Counter for a drug dispenser: The invention is for a waterproof Inhaler Usage Indicator with or without a replaceable battery (6), to provide a count of the amount of drug remaining inside the canister (4) with the counter (1) still attached to the canister (4). It is not limited to inhalers alone, but any type... Agent:

20120012107 - Apparatus for resuscitation: An application for a disposable support/resuscitation system is disclosed includes a pressurized gas inlet and a pressure relief device interfaced to the pressurized gas inlet. The pressure relief device has a first pressure relief valve that opens at a setable gas pressure and, optionally, has a second pressure relief valve... Agent: Mercury Enterprises, Inc.

20120012108 - Artificial nose and breathing circuit provided with the artificial airway: Provided is an artificial airway and a breathing circuit provided with the artificial airway, including a tubular outer shell; a moisture permeable and water resistant film disposed on an entire circumference of an internal surface of the outer shell, forming a water retention region with the outer shell, and forming... Agent:

20120012109 - Breathing assistance device: o

20120012110 - Methods and apparatus for varying the back-up rate for a ventilator: A ventilator device delivers ventilatory support to a patient in a back up timed mode when patient respiration is not detected or a spontaneous mode when patient respiration is detected. The timing threshold governing the back-up mode is chosen to deviate from normal expected respiration time for the patient to... Agent:

20120012111 - Peep valve with filter: An application for a PEEP valve includes a filter media in the air flow between a patient interface and exit vent(s). The patient interface is connected to a patient airway system and the exit vents exhaust exhalation gasses into the atmosphere. The filter prevents or reduces the passage of microbes... Agent: Mercury Enterprises, Inc.

20120012112 - Respiratory therapy device: A respiratory therapy device including a housing and an interrupter valve assembly. The housing is sized for handling by a patient and defines a patient breathing passage extending from a patient end and through which a patient inhales and exhales air. The interrupter valve assembly is carried by the housing... Agent: Carefusion 2200, Inc.

20120012113 - Replaceable forehead liner: A replaceable forehead liner for the continuous positive airway pressure machine, which includes a base, a support, and a locking member. The base has a plurality of flexible pads and a connecting member for bridging the flexible pads. The support has a plurality of support pillars and a support plate... Agent:

20120012114 - Hybrid ventilation mask with nasal interface and method for configuring such a mask: A nasal ventilation interface and method for providing nasal ventilation to a patient includes a hybrid face mask, covering only the mouth, coupled with removable nasal inserts extending from the upper surface of the mask. The nasal interface has modular, removable, and disposable nasal pillows connecting the upper surface of... Agent: Respcare, Inc.

20120012115 - Intermittent low-pressure orotracheal intubation device: An orotracheal intubation device (1) for intermittent low-pressure ventilation of a patient provided with an inflatable cuff (3) including two lines of holes (2,5) communicating with the inflatable cuff and a one-way round valve (4) preventing air flow during inspiration and allowing air flow during expiration.... Agent:

20120012116 - Tracheostomy valves and related methods: The embodiments of the present tracheostomy valves include a flexible diaphragm abutting a rib shaped substantially as a flat plate. Opposite the rib, the diaphragm abuts a boss and forms an uninterrupted seal therewith. As the tracheostomized patient inhales, the diaphragm bends about the rib, interrupting the seal and allowing... Agent: Passy-muir, Inc.

20120012117 - Modular system for patient positioning during medical procedures: A device 50 for supporting and positioning a part of a patient's body includes at least two joints 62, 64, 66 each having a locked state and an unlocked state and a release system for allowing an operator to select between the locked state and the unlocked state. The release... Agent:

20120012118 - Therapeutic boots stabilazation wedge: A device for stabilizing a limb, typically when the limb is in a therapeutic boot. A wedge-shaped stabilization block includes an outwardly-extending tether. A fastener in the form of spaced fastener elements is located on the tether for securing the stabilization block in place.... Agent: Sage Products, Inc.

20120012119 - Athletic mouthguard with customizable color insert: This invention relates to a protective mouthguard for use by athletes that incorporates a color customizable feature, allowing users to customize the visible color of the mouthguard. The invented protective mouthguard has a u-shaped base that will fit inside of a user's mouth. The front surface of the mouthguard can... Agent: Xo Athletic, Co.

20120012120 - Methods and materials for oral stenting: This document provides methods and materials related to oral stenting. For example, oral stenting devices (e.g., adjustable oral stenting devices) and methods for using oral stenting devices for radiation therapy are provided.... Agent:

20120012121 - Method of follicular muscle and nerve stimulation: A method of follicular muscle and nerve stimulation configured to generate a follicular stimulation effect in high contrast to epidermal stimulation. Steps include performing a plurality of successive longitudinal hair pulls, transverse cascading hair pulls, cascading nape pulls, performing a series of alternating transverse cascading lateral-to-crown pulls; crown pulls; twisted... Agent:

01/12/2012 > 16 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120006322 - Drug dispenser: There is provided a drug dispenser device comprising a housing defining a first chamber; extending from said housing and defining a second open chamber, an outlet for insertion into a body cavity of a patient; provided to said first chamber of the housing, a discharge block defining a discharge block... Agent: Glaxo Group Limited

20120006323 - Nasal devices: A nasal delivery device for and a method of delivering a substance, in particular one of a liquid, as a suspension or solution, or a powder containing a medicament, especially systemic or topical pharmaceuticals, or a vaccine to the nasal airway of a subject.... Agent: Optinose As

20120006324 - Respiratory humidification system: A respiratory humidification system having a capillary passage in communication with a ventilator, the ventilator adapted to deliver an air stream, a heater operable to at least partially vaporize water in the capillary passage, a pumping unit adapted to supply water to the capillary passage, wherein the water upon heating... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20120006325 - Bypass flow element for diverter flow measurement: A ventilator includes a first pathway configured to supply a first gas; a second pathway configured to supply a second gas; a bypass element configured to provide a portion of the first gas and a portion of the second gas, the bypass element comprising a rib adjacent to a bypass... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120006326 - Gas mixing control apparatus and method: A ventilator includes first and second pathways, a conduit and a controller. The first pathway (120) is configured to supply a first gas and the second pathway (140) is configured to supply a second gas, where the second gas is mixed with the first gas to produce mixed gas having... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120006328 - Method and apparatus for providing ventilatory assistance: The apparatus provides for the determination of the instantaneous phase in the respiratory cycle, subject's average respiration rate and the provision of ventilatory assistance. A microprocessor (16) receives an airflow signal from a pressure transducer (18) coupled to a port (17) at a mask (11). The microprocessor (16) controls a... Agent:

20120006327 - Method and device for determining a level of ventilatory assist to a patient: A method and device for determining a level of ventilatory assist to be delivered to a patient by a mechanical ventilator in response to a measure of a patient's neural respiratory drive multiplied by an amplification factor, wherein an existing predicted ventilatory assist pressure is calculated and an existing resulting... Agent:

20120006329 - Method of partially adhering cpap mask to face: A method of providing a good seal between a user's nose and a CPAP mask having a portion designed to contact the upper part of a user's nose, that makes use of a piece of double-sided lightly adhesive tape. The tape is placed about the upper part the user's nose... Agent:

20120006331 - Prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia (vap): Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) may be prevented in a patient, or its occurrence reduced in a population of patients, by using an anti-VAP device or an anti-VAP material such as an anti-VAP mouthpiece that absorbs secretions. By reducing the problem of bacterial-containing secretions that otherwise build up in the airway... Agent:

20120006330 - Ventilator coupling lock for tracheostomy tube: Embodiments consist of locking or securely fastening the connection between the disposable inner cannula and the ventilator coupling. One embodiment consists of level arms that are mounted on a ventilator coupling and a retaining collar mounted on a disposable inner cannula to securely fasten the ventilator coupling to the disposable... Agent:

20120006332 - Heel support device for circulation improvement: The crossing of one's legs while sitting often results in sensations of tingling and discomfort and difficulty in returning to an erect position and walking. The underlying causes of these sensations are often associated with serious health conditions due to the potential of loosing balance and falling as well as... Agent:

20120006335 - Hip continuous passive motion device and related methods: A system for providing continuous passive motion of a subject's leg through hip extension and flexion. The system may have an actuator, a leg support member, a retention surface, and a base. The leg support member may be a support frame with a proximal member and a distal member. The... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20120006333 - Post-surgical protective pillow: A protective pillow for post-surgical use has a pliable yet firm inner incision pad and a stiff outer board. The outer board has handles on one side and is attached on the other side to the incision pad by use of hook-and-pile fasteners. The incision pad is soft yet pliable.... Agent:

20120006334 - Rotating sex machine: An apparatus for use in performing intercourse, including: a horizontal support designed to support a female in the supine position; a bearing assembly attached to the outside of the horizontal support; and a base horizontally slidably attached to the bottom of the bearing assembly. The bearing assembly is designed to... Agent:

20120006336 - Blank for a head restraint: A blank for a head restraint is disclosed. The blank includes a frame and a sheet extending across the frame wherein a main aperture and a pair of auxiliary apertures are provided in the sheet. The arrangement of the apertures is such that when the sheet is deformed upon placement... Agent: Vision Rt Limited

20120006337 - Biological tissue transfer method and biological tissue treatment method: The present application relates to a biological tissue transfer method for transferring a biological target tissue within the body, the method comprising: (a) attaching part of a first traction member to a first position which is different from a connecting position at which the target tissue is connected to other... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

01/05/2012 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120000459 - Nasal devices: A nasal delivery device for and method of delivering substance to a nasal airway of a subject, the delivery device comprising: a nosepiece for fitting to a nostril of a subject; a delivery unit comprising a substance supply unit and a nozzle unit including at least one nozzle fluidly connected... Agent:

20120000460 - Method and device for nasal drug delivery and nasal irrigation: The present invention incorporates a liquid reservoir incorporated within a main canister that also has an air inlet and at least one air outlet. An insert mates with the air outlet, forming a nozzle that can be inserted into the nasal cavity above the nasal valve. There is a space... Agent:

20120000461 - Nebulizer apparatus and method: A nebulizer for efficiently and reliably delivering aerosolized fluid to an inhaling patient is disclosed. The nebulizer, in one embodiment, includes a fluid channel air inlet and fluid channel air inlet valve responsive to either a manual force external of the nebulizer, or a patient's breathing, to begin the nebulization... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20120000462 - Portable oxygen delivery device: Disclosed are devices, systems, and methods, including an oxygen delivery device that includes an oxygen delivery module to produce at least concentrated oxygen, a gas moving device to deliver air to the oxygen delivery module, at least one motor to controllably drive the gas moving device, an energy source to... Agent: Chart Sequal Technologies Inc.

20120000463 - Apparatus and methods for administration of positive airway pressure therapies: The present invention provides an apparatus and methods for the administration of positive airway pressure therapies. The apparatus can include a housing, a blower and a mask. The housing is configured to be stably secured on the head of a patient. The blower is secured relative to the housing. A... Agent: Somnetics Global Pte. Ltd.

20120000464 - Ventilator monitoring and control: A computer-implemented patient information provisioning method is disclosed. The method includes automatically extracting with a computer system, from records maintained for a patient under care in a healthcare facility, information from a electronic medical record; obtaining with the computer system information about a medical ventilator treating the patient; using the... Agent:

20120000465 - Indicator arrangement, regulator release button, and breathing apparatus: An indicator arrangement for a regulator removably connectable to a facemask in a breathing apparatus, the indicator arrangement including: at least one release button comprising a body operationally engaged with at least one component of the regulator and configured to be actuated by a user to detach the regulator from... Agent:

20120000466 - System and method for improved treatment of sleeping disorders using therapeutic positive airway pressure: Described is a method and system providing therapeutic positive airway pressure to a particular area of patient's airways. The system may include a flow generator and a processing arrangement. The flow generator supplies an airflow to an airway of the patient. The processing arrangement is connected to the flow generator... Agent: New York University

20120000470 - Ventilator-initiated prompt regarding auto-peep detection during pressure ventilation: This disclosure describes systems and methods for monitoring and evaluating ventilatory parameters, analyzing ventilatory data associated with those parameters, and providing useful notifications and/or recommendations to clinicians. Modern ventilators monitor, evaluate, and graphically represent a myriad of ventilatory parameters. However, many clinicians may not easily identify or recognize data patterns... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120000469 - Ventilator-initiated prompt regarding auto-peep detection during pressure ventilation of patient exhibiting obstructive component: This disclosure describes systems and methods for monitoring and evaluating ventilatory parameters, analyzing ventilatory data associated with those parameters, and providing useful notifications and/or recommendations to clinicians. Modern ventilators monitor, evaluate, and graphically represent a myriad of ventilatory parameters. However, many clinicians may not easily identify or recognize data patterns... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120000468 - Ventilator-initiated prompt regarding auto-peep detection during volume ventilation of non-triggering patient exhibiting obstructive component: This disclosure describes systems and methods for monitoring and evaluating ventilatory parameters, analyzing those parameters and providing useful notifications and recommendations to clinicians. That is, modern ventilators monitor, evaluate, and graphically represent multiple ventilatory parameters. However, many clinicians may not easily recognize data patterns and correlations indicative of certain patient... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120000467 - Ventilator-initiated prompt regarding auto-peep detection during volume ventilation of triggering patient exhibiting obstructive component: This disclosure describes systems and methods for monitoring and evaluating ventilatory parameters, analyzing those parameters and providing useful notifications and recommendations to clinicians. That is, modern ventilators monitor, evaluate, and graphically represent multiple ventilatory parameters. However, many clinicians may not easily recognize data patterns and correlations indicative of certain patient... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120000471 - Tracheal tubes with improved secretion removal systems: Various embodiments of a tracheal tube having a tubular body with an open distal end and a tube wall with a variable thickness are provided. The tube wall may include a thickened section comprising a void. The tracheal tube may also include an offset ventilation lumen disposed in the tubular... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120000472 - Athletic mouth guard and breathing trainer: An athletic mouth guard and breathing trainer having arcuate buccal wall, an arcuate lingual wall spaced apart from the arcuate buccal wall, a tooth bed disposed between the arcuate lingual wall and arcuate buccal wall, a valve box including an air passage with an opening in the front portion of... Agent:

20120000473 - Mask: Provided is a mask which can be folded small and has improved portability and storability. A mask which can be folded small characterized in that, as FIG. 1 shows, a filter part, which comprises single or multi layered filter material and provides a rectangular section at the center when folded... Agent:

20120000474 - Vestibular canal plug: An apparatus to reduce the sensitivity of the vestibular system to stimulation. The apparatus comprises a plugging device configured to constrain the movement of endolymph fluid within a semicircular canal, and a control module coupled to the plugging device that causes the plugging device to maintain a set actuated position.... Agent: Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary

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