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Surgery December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 67 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20110319806 - Ocular implants deployed in schlemm's canal of the eye: An ocular implant is provided that is adapted to reside at least partially in a portion of Schlemm's canal of an eye. The implant includes an implant body having plurality of filars extending along a longitudinal axis of the implant. The implant is configured to move between a radially collapsed... Agent:

20110319807 - Rejuvenation or preservation of germ cells: Certain embodiments disclosed herein include, but are not limited to, at least one of compositions, methods, devices, systems, kits, or products regarding rejuvenation or preservation of germ cells or gametes. Certain embodiments disclosed herein include, but are not limited to, methods of modifying germ cells or gametes, or methods of... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110319808 - Antimicrobial composition: A composition for use on skin and wounds, comprising a photo-catalyst which is capable of preferentially staining biofilms the composition being for use in the diagnosis and treatment of biofilms in wounds.... Agent: Convatec Technologies Inc.

20110319809 - Catheter device for delivery energy to a vein: The present disclosure relates to devices, systems, and methods associated with a catheter device for delivering energy to a vein. One or more catheter devices include a cooling device, an infusion device, and an energy delivery device for delivering energy to a vein to treat incompetent valves.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110319811 - Combination therapy with cryosurgery and low dosage strength imiquimod to treat actinic keratosis: The present invention is directed to the use of complementary or combination lesion-directed therapy, such as cryosurgery, and field-directed therapy, such as low dose imiquimod topical therapy with short durations, in combination to treat actinic keratosis (“AK”). In carrying out the present invention, the lesion-directed and field-directed therapies may be... Agent:

20110319810 - Curved infusion sleeve: An infusion sleeve, infusion sleeve assembly, and method of making the same are disclosed. An exemplary infusion sleeve assembly may include a tubular body and a tip inserted into the body. The tubular body may include an insertion end and an attachment end. The insertion end may define a tip... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20110319812 - System and method for pain reduction during skin puncture and breakable tip therefor: An instrument, article and method are provided for minimizing pain during administration by injection of a liquid, such as, an anesthetic. The instrument has a forward end. A lightpipe mounted freely for vibration projects out of the forward end. The article, a single use tip, is composed of a tip... Agent:

20110319813 - Infusion pump apparatus, method and system: An infusion pump system is disclosed. The infusion pump system includes an infusion pump and a controller device in wireless communication with the infusion pump, wherein the controller including instructions for controlling the infusion pump, wherein the instructions may be synchronized with a secure web portal.... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20110319814 - Reconstituting infusion device: A system and method for a patch-like, self-contained multi-component substance infusion device which provides one or more substantially hidden patient needles which can be placed in fluid communication with a fluid reservoir assembly that includes a rigid bladder portion used in conjunction with a non-distensible bladder film, such as a... Agent:

20110319815 - Fiber optic instrument sensing system: Systems are described herein that improve control of a shapeable or steerable instrument using shape data. Additional systems use such shape data for improved mapping or adjusting models of the instrument. Such systems include robotic medical systems for controlling a shapeable instrument within an anatomical region having a controller, one... Agent: Hansen Medical, Inc.

20110319816 - High performance cannulas: A cannula having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen extending between the proximal and distal ends is provided. The diameter of the lumen of the cannula can be varied to take into account differences in the diameter of access and target vessels during cannulation. The cannula is... Agent: Coraflo Ltd.

20110319817 - Automatic-locking safety needle covers and methods of use and manufacture: A single-use needle cover configured to obscure, protect, or hide at least a portion of a needle from view before, during, and/or after an injection and/or aspiration procedure is disclosed. In some embodiments, the cover includes a housing at least partially containing the needle and configured to couple to a... Agent: Sta-med, LLC

20110319818 - Electric moxibustion device: An electric moxibustion device 1 has a tubular case 2 with an open front end, a heater unit 4 placed near the front end opening in the case 2, and a heatproof rubber cap 5 removably attached to the front end opening of the case 2. The heater unit 4... Agent:

20110319819 - Trocar entry incorporating an airbag: A safety trocar assembly incorporating an airbag is provided to prevent overpenetration of the safety trocar assembly through an abdominal wall and into a body cavity. The safety trocar assembly includes an airbag cannula having an expandable airbag proximal of the distal end of the cannula. A sensing device is... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110319820 - Retention member and application thereof: An IV catheter introducer assembly including a catheter hub defining a chamber; a tubular member extending distally from the catheter hub having a length and defining a lumen, the lumen being in fluid communication with the chamber and configured to removably receive an introducer needle. The device also including a... Agent:

20110319821 - Male luer connector: Certain embodiments of the present invention include a male luer connector having a valve arrangement for keeping a passage that extends through the male luer connector closed when the male luer connector is not attached to a corresponding female luer connector. This passage of the male luer connector may be... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110319822 - Devices, systems and methods for medicament delivery: An apparatus includes a housing, a medicament container and an actuator. The actuator includes a release member and an energy storage member having a first position and a second position. In the first position, the energy storage member has a first potential energy. In the second position the energy storage... Agent: Intelliject, Inc.

20110319824 - Intrathecal catheter having a stylet with a curved tip: An apparatus includes a catheter for an intrathecal drug delivery system and a stylet having a curved forward end. Preferably, the curved forward end has a shape in the form of a “J” or a “C.” Also preferably, the catheter has a distal end that conforms to the curved forward... Agent:

20110319823 - Tube measurement technique using linear actuator and pressure sensor: An infusion pump uses sensors, movable members and a control unit to determine tubing thickness in a tube-loading section of the pump. The infusion pump utilizes sensors, such as a pressure sensor, to record forces imparted by a tube undergoing no pressure, a single pressure, or a pressure sweep, to... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110319825 - Catheter assembly with seal member: A catheter assembly includes a catheter hub defining an interior cavity and a catheter tube extending distally thereof. A rigid actuator extends proximally in the interior cavity and supports a seal member thereon. The seal member includes a central membrane, a distal portion, and a proximal portion. An hourglass shaped... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20110319826 - Device for anchoring a trocar: A device for anchoring a trocar is disclosed. The device may include a spacer and a device having a main body and a device sleeve. A device tip may be hingedly connected to a distal end of the device sleeve. The spacer and the device may be configured to be... Agent:

20110319827 - Safety catheter system and method: A catheter integral with a valved needle-free connector provides a safety catheter device configured to receive a blunt cannula and sharp needle forming an insertion mechanism. The sharp needle is mounted within a needle tube and a control handle is used to slide the sharp needle out of and into... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20110319828 - Feeding tube pouch: Unfortunately, the medical profession may have given little thought to resolving the discomfort, irritation; infection and emotional stress that exists for patients that must have feeding tubes to stay alive. The feeding tube pouch appears to be a welcomed medical aid, which will provide both comfort and peace of mind... Agent:

20110319829 - Patient-wearable system, twist isolating device, and method: A patient-wearable system includes a drainage/supply mechanism having a proximal and distal tube, and a twist isolation mechanism defining a twisting force diffusion path for limiting transmitting twisting force between the proximal and distal tubes during passing fluids between an intraluminal device and a fluid reservoir. The twist isolation mechanism... Agent:

20110319830 - Catheter securement device: A securement system (100) includes a device which permits a portion of a catheter or similar medical article to be easily anchored to a patient, desirably without the use of tape or needles and suture. A securement system for an elongated medical article comprises an anchor pad (110) and a... Agent: C.r.bard, Inc.

20110319831 - Protection assembly: A protection assembly is disclosed that combines a cover to preserve sterility of a sharp instrument with a trap to prevent accidental sticks where in one embodiment the cover is detached from the protection assembly and disposed and in another embodiment the cover is permanently attached to the protection assembly.... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20110319833 - Protective guard for needles of injection devices: A self-deploying cover for protection against unintended pricks from injection devices. The cover comprises a base which engages the injection device, and a protective sleeve which covers the sharp point and moves relative to the base to expose and cover the sharp point. The sleeve is guided by a projection... Agent:

20110319832 - Protective guard for needles of injection devices having removable needle assemblies: Protection for the otherwise exposed sharp point of a needle of an injection device. A two part cover for the needle comprises a stationary base which engages the injection device, and a relatively movable cover. The cover is guided to slide longitudinally along the base by a groove-and-projection system. The... Agent:

20110319834 - Drug delivery device: A novel device and method for intradermal delivery of an active agent is provided. The device comprises a housing which contains a reservoir chamber. A flexible reservoir containing the active agent is placed in the chamber. Upon pressure on an actuator the active agents is delivered via a hollow needle... Agent: Pka Softtouch Corp.

20110319835 - Dose setting device for an injection device: A dosing device for an injection device, the dosing device including an actuating element for adjusting and/or dispensing a dose from the injection device, a thrust element for generating a forward movement for discharging a dose and a coupling to which the actuating element and the thrust element are coupled... Agent:

20110319836 - Apparatus for controlling administration rate of medical fluid: The present invention provides an apparatus for controlling an administration rate of medical fluid. The apparatus is configured such that medical fluid supplied into a single inlet tube is divided by a plurality of capillary tubes into several streams of medical fluid which have different flow rates, and the tubes... Agent: Woo Young Medical Co., Ltd.

20110319837 - Tube and medical device using same: Provided are a tube which has good transparency, flexibility, and solvent adhesion, and also has excellent clamp resistance, anti-conglutination property, and kink resistance, and a medical device using the tube. Specifically provided are a tube produced by forming a resin composition into a tube shape, which contains a styrene-based thermoplastic... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20110319838 - Catheter assembly with seal member: A catheter assembly includes a catheter hub defining an interior cavity and a catheter tube extending distally thereof. A rigid actuator extends proximally in the interior cavity and supports a seal member thereon. The seal member includes a central membrane, a distal portion, and a proximal portion. An hourglass shaped... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20110319839 - Disposable surgical instruments: Various disposable cannulas and retractable cutting instruments are disclosed for use in cosmetic surgical procedures and the like.... Agent:

20110319840 - Faceted nasal seal: A nozzle for a nasal rinse device includes a collar that forms a conduit. The collar is configured to attach the nozzle to the nasal rinse device. An outlet aperture defined by the collar is on a top portion of the nozzle. The nozzle also includes a skirt extending outwards... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20110319841 - Device for reducing wound trauma with an absorbent pad housing: The device is provided to reduce trauma caused by childbirth or other traumas and absorb such fluids which would be expelled after such a trauma. In particular the device is said to reduce the trauma of the wound in the perineal region or other regions, and absorb blood and other... Agent:

20110319842 - Antiseptic applicator: An applicator assembly includes a body having a proximal and a distal end, a container slidably coupled to the body, a valve cap coupled to the container, and an application member attached to the distal end, wherein an interior of the container is placed in fluid communication with the application... Agent: Carefusion 2200, Inc.

20110319843 - Ostomy appliance: An ostomy receiving bag includes front and rear walls sealed along a rim of the bag and a cover sheet attached to the bag. The bag has a lateral midline located between an upper end of the bag and a bottom end of the bag, with an inlet opening nearer... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110319844 - Fluid containment pouch: A fluid containment pouch is provided that includes a first layer of material having a first thermal characteristic and a second layer of material having a second thermal characteristic. The first layer of material is thermally compatible with a patient covering upon which it is to be thermally bonded. Thermal... Agent: Microtek Medical, Inc.

20110319845 - Diaper structure with urine sensor: The present invention is to provide a diaper structure including two electrode strips, wherein the two electrode strips are disposed inside the diaper at a bottom position thereof and electrically connected to each other when both in contact with urine, and two metal button seats are disposed inside the diaper... Agent: At Box Technology Inc.

20110319846 - Disposable diapers: A disposable diaper is disclosed. The diaper includes a colored topsheet. The topsheet has a basis weight of from 12 to 18 gsm and comprises a plurality of bonded points. Each of the bonded points has a surface area of from 2 mm2 to 5 mm2 and the cumulated surface... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20110319847 - Superabsorbent polymer particles coated with a hydrophilic elastomer and absorbent article comprising such particles: Superabsorbent polymer particles, coated with a block copolymer comprising at least four blocks being at least two hard blocks, one soft block and one hydrophilic block, wherein a the soft block is sandwiched between the hard blocks.... Agent:

20110319849 - Absorbent article comprising a synthetic polymer derived from a renewable resource and methods of producing said article: An element of an absorbent article is provided. The element has a bio-based content of at least about 50% based on the total weight of the element, and comprises a synthetic polymer derived from a renewable resource via a first intermediate compound selected from the group consisting of crotonic acid,... Agent:

20110319850 - Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof: Absorbent articles such as disposable diapers, incontinent briefs, diaper holders, training pants and the like, having elastomeric ear panels and a fastening system that provides the user with different options as to how the absorbent article may be fitted to and removed from the wearer. The absorbent articles allow the... Agent:

20110319848 - Substrate coated with a hydrophilic elastomer: Substrates, coated with a block copolymer comprising at least four blocks being at least two hard blocks, one soft block and one hydrophilic block, wherein a the soft block is sandwiched between the hard blocks.... Agent:

20110319851 - Thin absorptive article: on the skin-contact surface side of the absorbent article, a compressed groove is disposed in both longitudinal edge parts at least in the center region of the absorption body so as to integrate the liquid-permeable sheet and the absorption body and a plurality of point-like compressed parts are disposed at... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20110319852 - Reusable diapers: A reusable diaper includes a forward waist portion, a rearward waist portion, and a crotch portion between the forward waist portion and the rearward waist portion. The diaper also includes first and second liquid-absorbent flaps. Each flap may have a fixed end portion coupled to the diaper and a free... Agent:

20110319854 - Disposable bodily fluid handling composite pad: The present invention aims to provide a disposable bodily fluid handling composite pad improved so that, when it is desired to peel off each of component pads from the composite pad, an appropriate position of the composite pad to be pinched by the finger can be easily recognized. A menstruation... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110319855 - Absorbent article having an improved leg cuff: An absorbent article having improved leg cuffs. The absorbent article includes a topsheet, a backsheet joined to the topsheet; and an absorbent core positioned between the topsheet and the backsheet. The absorbent core can have longitudinal edges and end edges, and the absorbent article can have a leg cuff extending... Agent:

20110319853 - Disposable diaper: A disposable diaper free from a possibility that the diaper might be significantly displaced and assuring the improved breathability. At least one of front and rear waist regions of the diaper is elastic and is divided into a first elastic zone extending in a transverse direction along a waist-opening's periphery... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110319856 - Absorbent article comprising a detachable stiffening element: An absorbent article having a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction, a front portion, a rear portion and a crotch portion located between the front portion and the rear portion. The article includes an absorption member having an upper side intended to face a wearer during use of the article... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110319857 - Stiffening element and absorbent article comprising such an element: A stiffening element for an absorbent article designed to, at least during use of the article, provide the article with a predetermined shape that enhances the fit of the article to a wearer's body. The stiffening element has a length in a longitudinal direction and a width in a transverse... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110319858 - Method for the preparation of a heat stable oxygen carrier-containing pharmaceutical compositions and the use thereof: A highly purified and heat stable α-α cross-linked tetrameric hemoglobin suitable for use in mammals without causing renal injury and vasoconstriction is provided. A high temperature and short time (HTST) heat processing step is performed to remove undesired dimeric form of hemoglobin and the plasma proteins impurities effectively. Addition of... Agent:

20110319862 - Delivery device and method: A device for automatically delivering a basal flow of a medication to a patient while also permitting manual control over bolus delivery of the medication is disclosed. The device is configured to permit bolus delivery to occur precedent, concurrent with, or subsequent to the basal delivery. A method for performing... Agent: Medavie Technologies

20110319860 - Intradermal injection device: Embodiments herein relate to the field of injections, for instance needle-free injections, and more specifically, to methods and apparatus for spring-driven intramuscular and intradermal injections. Provided in some embodiments are needle-free injectors adapted to deliver intradermal injections, as well as vial adaptors that are adapted to function as spacers when... Agent: Bioject, Inc.

20110319861 - Medical device mechanical pump: A medical device pump with a housing with a compartment for removably receiving a cartridge containing a therapeutic agent, a conduit configured to operatively provide a fluid flow path for therapeutic agent to exit from the cartridge, a user activated delivery button, a trigger mechanism, and a mechanical pump mechanism.... Agent:

20110319859 - Medical valve with fluid volume alteration: A medical valve has an open mode that permits fluid flow, and a closed mode that prevents fluid flow. To that end, the medical valve has a housing having an inlet and an outlet, and a resilient member within the housing. The resilient member has a body portion with a... Agent: Np Medical Inc.

20110319863 - Multi-reservoir implantable pump with variable flow rate capabilities: A multiple reservoir or chambered implantable pumps is disclosed. The pump according to the present invention is particularly useful in allowing for multiple constant flow rates to be provided from an otherwise constant flow implantable pump. The pump is also useful in allowing for housing of multiple active substances. A... Agent: Palyon Medical (bvi) Limited

20110319864 - Injector for auto-injection of medication and associated method of use: A key-shaped portable injector for delivering a dose of medication, the injector preferably including a cap, a body having an internal cavity, a syringe or cartridge with an attached needle within the internal cavity, a protective sleeve, an activation mechanism and a safety mechanism wherein the injector is reconfigurable from... Agent:

20110319865 - Microneedle roller (mnr) infusion system: A micro-needle roller (MNR) infusion system for transdermal delivery of active agents, skin-care products, and other topical formulations is described herein. The infusion system of the instant invention comprises a needle roller assembly with 0.25 mm needles enclosed in a housing with a vacuum line and a disposable cartridge having... Agent: Genesis Biosystems, Inc.

20110319866 - Methods and device for synergistic mitigation of reperfusion injury after an ischemic event: A method for synergistic mitigation of reperfusion injury after an ischemia event in a subject.... Agent:

20110319867 - Method and device for oral application of a composition: The invention relates to a device for oral application of a composition. The device comprises recess having an outer rim encompassing the recess. Within the recess, a composition is arranged. The composition comprises a gelling agent and an active agent. A cover member is attached to the rim and completely... Agent: Sandoz Ag

20110319869 - Human cytotoxic t-lymphocyte epitope and its agonist epitope from the non-variable number of tandem repeat sequence of muc-1: Novel MUC-1 epitopes outside the VNTR region are identified. In addition, the first agonist epitope of MUC-1 is described. The employment of agonist epitopes in peptide, protein and vector-based vaccine may well aid in the development of effective vaccines for a range of human cancers.... Agent: The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept. Of Health & Human Services

20110319871 - Infectious disease cellular immunotherapy: Methods for treating infectious diseases in persons are provided. A person having an infectious disease may be vaccinated with a vaccine designed to induce an immune response against an infectious agent causing the infectious disease. Primed T-lymphocytes are removed from the person and the primed T-lymphocytes are stimulated to differentiate... Agent: Tvax Biomedical, LLC

20110319870 - Method for increasing the pool of ngn3+ endocrine progenitor cells and pancreatic endocrine cell mass: The present invention discloses a method for increasing the pool of Ngn3+ endocrine progenitor cells obtained from stem cells, by contacting said stem cells with a SUR1/Kir6.2 channel inhibitor. The invention also relates to a method for increasing the mass of pancreatic endocrine cells, in particular of β cells. The... Agent: Assistance Publique- Hopitaux De Paris

20110319868 - Methods, substrates, and systems useful for cell seeding of medical grafts: Described are methods, cell growth substrates, and devices that are useful in preparing cell-containing graft materials for administration to patients. Tubular passages can be defined in cell growth substrates to promote distribution of cells into the substrates. Also described are methods and devices for preparing cell-seeded graft compositions, methods and... Agent:

20110319872 - Medical guide wire: A medical guide wire which has a core wire having a distal end-side small-diameter portion and a proximal end-side large-diameter portion having a larger outside diameter than the outside diameter of the distal end-side small-diameter portion, and a coil spring installed on an outer periphery of the distal end-side small-diameter... Agent: Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd.

12/22/2011 > 65 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20110313340 - Unobstructing microdevices for self-clearing implantable catheters: A self-clearing actuator configured to be positioned in a pore providing fluid communication into a central lumen of a ventricular catheter body is described. The actuator extends into a central bore via a cantilever beam having a first end emanating at the central bore and a second end terminating at... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110313341 - Devices, systems, and methods for organ retroperfusion: Devices, systems, and methods for organ retroperfusion. In at least one embodiment of a method of organ perfusion of the present disclosure, the method comprises the steps of positioning at least part of a first catheter having a cannula within an artery of a patient, the first catheter configured to... Agent: Cvdevices, LLC (a California Limited Liability Company)

20110313342 - Method of treating open wounds and bed sores: A method for treating human pressure ulcers of bedridden patients utilizing flour. The flour is first heated over heat for a sufficient amount of time to undergo a chemical change causing the granule molecules to burst and become gelantize. Flour is a known starch and insoluble in its natural form.... Agent:

20110313346 - Catheter for aspirating, fragmenting and removing extractable material from blood vessels: The invention relates to a catheter for aspirating, fragmenting and removing extractable material from hollow bodies, in particular thrombi and emboli from blood vessels, with a working head, which is arranged at the distal end of the catheter, is axially displaceable along a guide wire, independently thereof, and comprises at... Agent: Straub Medical Ag

20110313344 - Method for treating refractive errors and vision disorders of an eye: A method for treating refractive errors and vision disorders of an eye includes fixing a suction ring to an eye, applanating a cornea of the eye, guiding a blade into the cornea with a guiding mechanism, creating a pocket inside the cornea by guiding the blade inside the cornea, removing... Agent:

20110313343 - Phacoemulsification fluidics system having a single pump head: A phacoemulsification fluidics system for irrigating and aspirating a surgical site includes a sterile solution reservoir, an irrigation path configured to extend from the sterile solution reservoir to the surgical site, and an aspiration path configured to extend from the surgical site. The system also includes a single flow control... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20110313345 - Ultrasonic device for harvesting adipose tissue: Described are embodiments of methods and devices for removing adipose tissue from a surgical site or location in a patient's body. The embodiments include a device that is used for infiltration, ultrasound, and aspiration of the surgical site. The device includes a cannula which serves to provide infiltration, conduct ultrasonic... Agent: Sound Surgical Technologies LLC

20110313347 - Catheter for tracheo-bronchial suction with visualization means: A catheter for tracheal or bronchial suction including a unit for displaying the artificial airways, the trachea and the bronchial tree so as to allow the removal of secretions; in particular, the catheter for tracheal or bronchial suction includes optical fibers, a microcamera or another visualization technology positioned in the... Agent:

20110313348 - Novel drug delivery technology: The invention relates to a novel drug delivery technology. More particularly the invention relates to a method of delivering at least one therapeutic compound or a formulation comprising the at least one therapeutic compound to a patient; to a throwaway or reusable device for delivering at least one therapeutic compound... Agent: Glide Pharmaceutical Technologies Limited,

20110313350 - Drug delivery system: Various embodiments of a “smart” drug delivery system are provided which includes an add-on module and a reusable or disposable drug pen. Upon attachment to the pen, the add-on module may: determine dosage selected, injection of selected dosage, duration of injection, time of injection, whether the pen has been primed... Agent: Lifescan, Inc.

20110313349 - Medical module for drug delivery pen: Various embodiments of a medical module are provided which includes a primary module housing, a secondary module housing, a dosage sensor, a power source, and a microcontroller. The module is configured to be attached to a disposable drug delivery pen or a reusable drug delivery pen so that the module... Agent:

20110313351 - Infusion pump apparatus, method and system: An infusion pump system is disclosed. The system includes a syringe having a plunger within the syringe barrel, the syringe having an exit end, at least one temperature determination device adjacent to the syringe, at least one device to determine the distance the plunger has moved with respect to the... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20110313352 - Robotically guided catheter: Apparatus is provided for use with a steerable catheter that includes a thumb control adapted to control a deflection of a distal tip of the catheter. The apparatus includes a robot, including an end-effector, adapted to be coupled to the thumb control, and a controller, adapted to drive the end-effector... Agent:

20110313353 - Dual modulus balloon for interventional procedures: A device for interventional surgical or medical procedures is presented. The device is generally in the form of a balloon and is used to position itself or other working elements up against or through lumen walls in the body. The balloon is comprised of at least two materials of different... Agent: Mercator Medsystems, Inc.

20110313354 - Low-profile one-way valve: A valve configured for a lumen of medical device is provided. The valve includes a valve body that may be elastically deformed from a first configuration to a second configuration. The valve body includes a lumen having a closed configuration and an open configuration. The lumen may be actuated from... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20110313355 - Weeping balloon catheter: Balloon catheters, and methods of treatment therewith, are provided including an inflatable first balloon at least partially enclosed by an expandable second balloon that has holes. The annular space between the first balloon and the second balloon is configured to promote delivery of the fluid evenly through holes in the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20110313356 - Photodynamic bone stabilization and drug delivery systems: Photodynamic bone stabilization and drug delivery systems are disclosed herein. In an embodiment, a photodynamic bone stabilization and drug delivery system of the present disclosure includes an insertion catheter having an inner void for passing at least one light-sensitive liquid, and an inner lumen; an expandable portion releasably engaging a... Agent: Illuminoss Medical, Inc.

20110313358 - Infusion pump cassette with anti-free-flow valve mechanism: A cassette (1) that is insertable into an infusion pump for delivery of a fluid to a subject that has a housing with two ends for holding flexible tubing (75) through which the fluid is directed. The housing has an open area exposing the tubing, which engages a pumping mechanism... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20110313357 - Infusion set and/or patch pump having at least one of an in-dwelling rigid catheter with flexible features and/or a flexible catheter attachment: An infusion set, patch pump, or elements thereof, having an exemplary catheter (14) provided with one or more channels, grooves and coatings (24, 34, 44), configured and arranged to provide a degree of strength and flexibility. The catheter (14) can also have an exemplary flexible union with the hub (12)... Agent:

20110313359 - Retention device for gastrostomy tube and low profile gastrostomy device: A gastrostomy tube including a retention device includes an elongated hollow shaft having a proximal first end and a distal second end and at least one retention member extending from the distal second end of the shaft. The at least one retention member moves between a retracted orientation and an... Agent:

20110313360 - Peg holder: A percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) holder for use by a patient subjected to a PEG surgery is provided. The holder is normally worn on the waist of the patient and forms an overall appearance of a waist belt, and is capable of fixing and receiving a feeding tube exposed out... Agent:

20110313361 - Catheter and tubing restraining device and protective cover: A restraining device for covering and protecting an intravenous access site or other access site that comprises an intravenous compartment hub portion or tubing device hub portion, coupled to a U-shaped portion coupled to a straight tubing portion. The combination of the compartment hub portion, U-shaped portion and straight tubing... Agent:

20110313362 - Insertion site protection device: A securement device holds a medical article such as a catheter hub or a connector fitting in position upon the body of a patient and at least inhibits distal, longitudinal movement of the medical article. The securement device includes a retainer and at least one anchor pad. The retainer includes... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20110313363 - Medical components having coated surfaces exhibiting low friction and low reactivity: This invention relates to medical articles, such as a syringe assemblies, including a substrate having a coating on a surface thereof, the coating including: (1) at least one organopolysiloxane and (2) a deposition product applied to the at least one organopolysiloxane by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of a composition including... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110313364 - Autoinjectors: An autoinjector includes front and rear separable housing parts 10, 12. These are connected by a rotary coupling action such as by bayonet coupling and the relative rotation action turns a needle shield 20 from a locked position in which it is both locked against longitudinal movement and acts as... Agent: Owen Mumford Limited

20110313365 - Dose setting mechanism: The present invention relates to a dose setting mechanism intended to be used in a medicament delivery device, comprising an elongated tubular distal housing (16) having opposite distal and proximal ends, wherein said distal housing comprises threads (14) on its inner surface, a first window (30), a second window (32),... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20110313366 - Cannula for dispensing fluid products, particularly for vaginal and rectal applications: A cannula (1) for dispensing fluid products, particularly for vaginal and rectal applications, comprises: a tubular body (2) for containing a fluid product (P), having a first extremity (2a), at which a dispenser opening (3) is formed, and a second open extremity (2b), opposed to the first extremity (2a). A... Agent: Lame-plast S.p.a

20110313368 - Pressure activated valve with high flow slit: A pressure actuated valve for controlling the flow of fluid through a medical device, the valve comprises a housing including a lumen extending therethrough and a flow control membrane extending across the lumen to control the flow of fluid through the lumen. The membrane includes a plurality of slits extending... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20110313367 - Pressure responsive slit valve assembly for a plurality of fluids and uses thereof: A pressure responsive slit valve assembly is designed to be used in a variety of configurations of medical devices to manage contemporaneous and pressure responsive fluid communications between such devices and a plurality of fluid sources. The pressure responsive slit valve assembly of the present invention includes a valve housing... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20110313369 - Enteral feeding connector: A female enteral feeding connector includes a body having a hollow interior and an opening extending into the hollow interior for receiving a tip of a preselected male enteral feeding connector. A deformable retainer is mounted in the hollow interior adjacent the opening. A guard is mounted in the hollow... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110313370 - Systems and methods for enhanced protection during blood tubing sealing: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for user protection from blood splatter during blood tubing sealing. Systems and methods described herein utilize a blood splatter safety shield attached to a handheld blood tubing sealer, comprising one or more barriers, wherein at least one barrier runs substantially perpendicular to the handheld... Agent: New York Blood Center

20110313371 - Medicated, transdermal foot patch: A medicated, transdermal foot patch includes a cushioning layer, and an adhesive layer comprised of an adhesive material that adheres the patch to the skin of the foot when the patch is applied to the foot with the adhesive layer in direct contact with the skin. A removable liner is... Agent:

20110313372 - Transdermal administration of memantine: The invention relates to transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS) which include, as active ingredient, the NMDA receptor antagonist memantine or one of its physiologically compatible salts. The TTSs can be produced and used for treating diseases of the central nervous system.... Agent:

20110313375 - Collapsible canister liner for medical fluid collection: A collapsible liner for use in a canister of a medical fluid collection system is disclosed. The liner includes a flexible bag extending longitudinally between a top portion opposite a closed bottom portion, and at least one support element connected to the bag and disposed generally laterally relative to a... Agent: Allegiance Corporation

20110313373 - Device for the treatment of wounds using a vacuum: A device for treating wounds using a vacuum and having a gas-tight wound-covering element, which, when placed in contact with the body of the patient, forms a wound space between the respective wound and the wound-covering element. The device includes an absorption body, which is a layer, enclosed in an... Agent:

20110313376 - Mechanical barrier in wound healing: The present invention relates to an implantable, disposable barrier disc to be used in negative pressure treatment of wounds, in particular sternotomy wounds, wherein the barrier disc consists of a rigid material withstanding a negative pressure of at least −50 mmHg without causing deformation to the barrier disc, and that... Agent:

20110313377 - Reduced pressure therapy devices: Described generally herein are tissue therapy devices, which may comprise a sealant layer and a suction apparatus. The sealant layer functions so as to create a sealed enclosure between it and the surface of a patient by forming, preferably, an airtight seal around an area of tissue that requires negative... Agent:

20110313374 - Vacuum therapy and cleansing dressing for wounds: A wound dressing member is provided for use in a vacuum bandage connected to a vacuum source. The wound dressing member is also provided for use with a wound having a wound surface. The wound dressing member includes a wound facing surface adapted to be in contact with and generally... Agent:

20110313378 - Fecal management appliance and method and apparatus for introducing same: The end of the elongated tubular element of the appliance that is designed to be inserted into a body cavity is formed entirely of soft, compliant material. That end carries an inflatable balloon made of non-expandable material, formed in the fully inflated shape, to prevent overexpansion. The balloon is inflated... Agent: Convatec Inc.

20110313379 - Shield especially adapted for use in connection with changing an ostomy pouching system: A shield that is useful in connection with an ostomy pouching system when changing a wafer or changing a collection pouch. The shield includes a plate adapted to be disposed over the stoma and at least a portion of the ostomy pouching system, an absorbent material adapted to absorb body... Agent:

20110313380 - Disposable absorbent pant with efficient design and convenient single-section side stretch panels: A disposable absorbent pant having single-section side stretch panels is disclosed. The pant may have features including a seam with an overlapping configuration, and a seam with a sandwiched configuration. A seam of overlapping configuration may be formed by mechanical bonds that provide for tensile strength in a lateral direction,... Agent:

20110313381 - Disposable absorbent pant with efficient design and convenient single-section side stretch panels: A disposable absorbent pant having single-section side stretch panels is disclosed. The pant may have features including a seam with an overlapping configuration, and a seam with a sandwiched configuration. A seam of overlapping configuration may be formed by mechanical bonds that provide for tensile strength in a lateral direction,... Agent:

20110313382 - Disposable absorbent pant with efficient design and convenient single-section side stretch panels: A disposable absorbent pant having single-section side stretch panels is disclosed. The pant may have features including a seam with an overlapping configuration, and a seam with a sandwiched configuration. A seam of overlapping configuration may be formed by mechanical bonds that provide for tensile strength in a lateral direction,... Agent:

20110313383 - Wound dressing: The present invention relates to a wound dressing, comprising a carrier layer and an absorbing cushion. The absorbing cushion comprises at least two different absorbing layers that are separated by a third layer. The third layer comprises at least one antimicrobially acting agent that exhibits the effect thereof within the... Agent:

20110313384 - Absorbent product: In an absorbent part of absorbent product, super absorbent materials located between two sheets in an absorbent area swell by absorption of moisture of excrement, and spaces extending in a longitudinal direction from an opening, which is formed at a portion of upper absorbent layer facing the crotch region of... Agent:

20110313385 - Sanitary napkin for clean body benefit: A sanitary napkin has a facing layer joined to a backsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between the facing layer and backsheet. The facing layer has a first region comprising a plurality of apertures, and a second region comprising a plurality of raised, out-of-plane deformations that can be soft, resilient,... Agent:

20110313386 - Absorber for tampon: An absorber for a tampon, which is generated by compressing and molding a laminate member 10A including a liquid permeable surface member 1 and an absorptive member 2, the absorptive member 10A before the compression and molding is comprised: of a first region A which is a region at a... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20110313388 - Disposable absorbent article comprising a printed tag: A disposable absorbent article intended to be worn around the waist of a wearer includes a chassis having a front portion, a back portion, and a crotch portion there between, and optionally a waistband. A printed tag is arranged on the inner wearer facing side of the chassis in at... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110313387 - Disposable absorbent pant with efficient design and convenient single-section side stretch panels: A disposable absorbent pant having single-section side stretch panels is disclosed. The pant may have features including a seam with an overlapping configuration, and a seam with a sandwiched configuration. A seam of overlapping configuration may be formed by mechanical bonds that provide for tensile strength in a lateral direction,... Agent:

20110313389 - Slit hook strips and laminates and articles containing the same: A hook strip is provided having a backing with a first surface and a length in a first direction; multiple rows of hook elements aligned in the first direction and projecting from the first surface of the backing; and slits in the backing between at least some pairs of adjacent... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110313393 - Implantable device and method for delivering drug depots to a site beneath the skin: An implantable device and method is provided for anchoring a drug depot to a site beneath the skin of a patient, the device and method comprising a head, a shaft and a tip, the head having a recess and/or at least one projection arranged to be engaged by an implantation... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110313391 - Infusion set with anesthetic compound: An exemplary insulin infusion set that further provides one or more set elements including the hub, hub adhesive, fluid line tubeset, connectors, catheters and insertion needles which can be impregnated with, coated with, or otherwise configured to contain and administer an anesthetic at the insertion and set placement locations to... Agent:

20110313390 - Method and/or system for closed-loop control of glucose to a treatment range: Subject matter disclosed herein relates to monitoring and/or controlling blood glucose levels in patients. In particular, one or more substances may be delivered to a patient at a particular infusion rate while the patient's estimated glucose level is within a predetermined range. A different insulin infusion rate may then be... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110313392 - Steerable epidural catheter: A steerable catheter device which can be steered to locations within the epidural space, as well as methods of use and manufacture are disclosed. The steerable catheter provides a site-specific drug delivery system for accessing the epidural space. The catheter devices includes a steerable wire or a liner extending from... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20110313395 - Drug delivery management systems and methods: Various embodiments of a “smart” drug delivery pen are provided which include a drug delivery pen having an inertial sensor or accelerometer. A system is also provided that includes the smart drug pen in conjunction with a data management unit(s) DMU. Various exemplary methods for use of the pens and... Agent: Lifescan, Inc.

20110313394 - Sensor controlled flow path for providing fluids to patients: An outflow line is connected to an infusion pump that is programmed to run at a fixed rate. The outflow line has a bypass line that leads from the pump outlet back to the pump inlet. A line downstream of the entrance to the bypass line leads to the patient.... Agent: Innerspace, Inc

20110313396 - Adjustable dose setting plunger for syringe: A syringe includes a body for receiving a medicament and a plunger movably connected to the syringe body. The plunger is moved with respect to the syringe body to draw in and dispense the medicament. A plurality of dose setting indicators are disposed on the plunger. The plunger is rotated... Agent:

20110313397 - Adjustable plunger dose stop: A syringe includes a body for receiving a liquid medicament and a collar rotatably disposed in or on the body. The collar is rotatable to set a desired dose. A plunger is movably disposed in the collar. The plunger is movable to draw in and dispense the liquid medicament. An... Agent:

20110313398 - Automatic injection devices: An injection device comprises a syringe extendible against a spring bias from a retracted position in a housing to a projecting injecting position. A spring biased plunger has collapsible elbows which, when the plunger is released, initially engage the end of the syringe to drive it to the projecting position,... Agent: Abbott Biotechnology Ltd.

20110313399 - Intravenous cannula: An intravenous (IV) cannula comprising an elongated body including a distal section for insertion into a blood vessel; at least one channel extending along at least a portion of a longitudinal axis of said cannula section, the at least one channel configured to maintain an amount of at least 10%... Agent: Vein Flow Inc.

20110313400 - Weeping balloon catheter: Balloon catheters, and methods of treatment therewith, are provided including an inflatable first balloon at least partially enclosed by an expandable second balloon that has holes. The annular space between the first balloon and the second balloon is configured to promote delivery of the fluid evenly through holes in the... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20110313401 - Indwelling catheter with anti-clotting features: A catheter for providing blood flow includes first and second lumen parts having a distal portion with at least one port for delivering and receiving flow from a patient and a non-linear profile along the distal portion.... Agent:

20110313402 - Catheter guide: This invention concerns a guide catheter comprising a hollow tubular body extending along a main longitudinal axis, said tubular body defining at ] least one internal lumen suitable for receiving at least one medical device, the tubular body further defining at least one proximal opening and one distal opening. The... Agent:

20110313403 - Locking mechanism for a catheter: A locking mechanism (15) for a catheter includes a main body (20), a tip (30), and a locking arm (50). The locking arm includes a pivotable portion (56) selectively receivable in a contoured outer surface portion of the main body (24). One end of a tubular member is engageable with... Agent:

20110313404 - Stent delivery system having retention structure: A stent delivery system including an elongate shaft of a medical device, a stent selectively coupled to a distal portion of the elongate shaft, and a coupling mechanism for selectively coupling the stent to the elongate shaft by inserting a tab on one of the stent or the elongate shaft... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

12/15/2011 > 39 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20110306913 - Bearing and bearing assembly for umbilicus of a fluid processing system: A one-piece bearing is provided for use with a fluid processing assembly of the type having an umbilicus, a bearing support, a gimbal received within the bearing support, and a liner at least partially received within the gimbal. The bearing is secured to a midsection of the umbilicus and adapted... Agent:

20110306914 - Endoscopic delivery device: An endoscopic or laparoscopic conduit delivery device (1) comprises first and second separately manipulable introducers (3, 5) with a laparoscopic conduit (80) having first and second ends (83, 84) and an intermediate portion being mounted onto the introducers in a substantially U shape. The first end and a first portion... Agent: William A. Cook Australia

20110306915 - Glaucoma treatment device: Methods and devices are adapted for implanting into the eye. An incision is formed in the cornea of the eye and a shunt is inserted through the incision into the anterior chamber of the eye. The shunt includes a fluid passageway. The shunt is passed along a pathway from the... Agent:

20110306916 - Device and method for regulating pressure in a heart chamber: A device for regulating blood pressure in a heart chamber is provided. The device includes a shunt positionable within a septum of the heart. The shunt is designed for enabling blood flow between a left heart chamber and a right heart chamber, wherein the flow rate capacity of the device... Agent:

20110306917 - Activation of the alternative cellular energy (ace) pathway in the therapy of diseases: Alternative cellular energy pigments (ACE-pigments) provide a source of cellular energy other than that provided through the oxidative metabolism of foods, or in the case of plants and certain bacteria, through the process of photosynthesis. In some patients, ACE pigments exist in a form that can be further energized or... Agent:

20110306923 - Irritation-reducing ocular iontophoresis device: The invention provides an ocular iontophoresis device for delivering medication, the device comprising a medication reservoir suitable for being positioned on the eye, at least one medication in solution in the reservoir, an active electrode disposed in the reservoir, and a passive electrode, the device including at least one medication... Agent: Eyegate Pharma, S.a.s.

20110306922 - Light-emitting devices for phototherapy: Some embodiments provide a compound represented by Formula 1. Other embodiments provide an organic light-emitting diode device, such as a light-emitting device for phototherapy, comprising a compound of Formula 1. Other embodiments provide an organic light-emitting device optionally comprising a wavelength convertor. Methods related to the treatment of diseases using... Agent:

20110306920 - Medical device and method for increasing anti-oxidation capability: A medical device and a method of increasing an anti-oxidation capability of an animal cell are provided. The method of increasing the anti-oxidation capability of the animal cell comprises steps of providing the animal cell, and disposing a far-infrared (FIR) emitter in a certain distance from the animal cell. Particularly,... Agent: Hungkuang University

20110306918 - Phototherapy patch: A phototherapy patch is disclosed, which includes: an adhesive layer, having a first surface and an opposite second surface; a pharmaceutical drug layer, disposed on the first surface of the adhesive layer; and a spontaneous emission layer, disposed over the pharmaceutical drug layer and capable of emitting therapeutic light by... Agent: Forward Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110306919 - Selective photostimulation to induce cell proliferation: The invention is based, at least in part, on the discovery that if a tissue is irradiated with a sublethal dose of radiation, e.g., from a laser, that pigmented cells in the tissue are selectively stimulated to proliferate and to produce higher levels of certain mitogenic factors and growth factors... Agent:

20110306921 - Therapeutic device and methods of using and making same for multimodal stimulation of living tissue: Therapeutic devices for stimulation of living tissue are provided. Multimodal stimulation may be mechanical, electrical, chemical, sensory and combinations thereof. The devices have a matrix sufficiently elastic so that when attached to the tissue, the matrix is capable of applying force upon the tissue and compliantly responding to force resultant... Agent: Protopeutics, Incorporated

20110306924 - Atmospheric low-temperature micro plasma jet device for bio-medical application: There are provided an atmospheric low-temperature micro plasma jet device for bio-medical application comprising an electrode used as an anode, a gas injection pipe used as a cathode, a porous insulating material, a protection pipe, and an insulating case and manufacturing method therefor using micromachining such as microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)... Agent:

20110306925 - Method and apparatus for humidification and warming of air: A gas apparatus for use in a medical procedure may include a housing, a heater, a port, and a dispensing device. The housing defines a chamber having a gas inlet and a gas outlet. The heater warms a gas flowing through the chamber. The port is positioned in fluid communication... Agent: Northgate Technologies, Inc.

20110306926 - Systems and methods for documenting electronic medical records related to anesthesia: A system that displays a user interface for medical personnel to monitor and/or control the delivery medications such as anesthesia to a patient during a medical procedure. The system may gather patient data and other information from one or more patient monitors, one or more remote patient record information systems,... Agent: Plexus Information Systems, Inc.

20110306927 - Drug injection device: A drug injection device (100) comprises a main body case (1) having an injection needle let-in/let-out opening (5), a drug syringe mounting component (6) that is provided inside the main body case (1) and in which a drug syringe (7) is mounted, a piston (12) that is movable with respect... Agent:

20110306928 - Medication infusion kit: Embodiments of the present invention include a self-powered infuser with a medicament containing vessel coupled to the infuser capable of exerting sufficient pressure to cause a medicament to flow from the containing vessel, through intravenous tubing, and into a patient's circulatory system. The infuser and vessel may be contained within... Agent:

20110306929 - Fluid delivery device needle retraction mechanisms, cartridges and expandable hydraulic fluid seals: A fluid delivery device includes an automatic needle retraction mechanism configured to automatically retract a delivery end of a needle into a housing. In one embodiment, the needle assembly is configured to automatically withdraw the delivery end of the needle into the housing upon an actuator moving from the first... Agent: Valeritas, Inc.

20110306930 - Hypodermic needle: A hypodermic needle, particularly for injecting a pharmaceutical substance into a human or animal body is disclosed. The needle provides a simple way of improving long-term use in a human or animal body. The hypodermic needle includes a tubular hollow body having a needle tip for introducing the hypodermic needle... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110306931 - Pumping fluid delivery systems and methods using force application assembly: A disposable unit for a therapeutic fluid delivery device. The disposable unit includes a base portion comprising a reservoir cavity and a fluid path, the reservoir cavity including a reservoir port and a septum, the fluid path including a fluid channel from the reservoir port to a cannula port. The... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20110306932 - Removable cassette for articular injection system: Systems for injecting fluids and/or other materials into a targeted anatomical location, in particular, an intra-articular space, include a handpiece assembly having a proximal end and a distal end, a needle extending from the distal end of the handpiece assembly, a fluid delivery module comprising a cassette and a fluid... Agent: Carticept Medical, Inc.

20110306933 - Safety cannula with automatic retractable needle: An intravenous cannula device (10) having a cannula body (12), a needle carrier (20), and a needle carrier container (36) nested in series. The needle carrier is spring loaded (48) toward the container, and the container carries an external lever assembly (50) that triggers the spring as the cannula is... Agent:

20110306935 - Self-sealing device and method for delivery of a therapeutic agent through a pneumostoma: A pneumostoma management system includes a pneumostoma management device for maintaining the patency of a pneumostoma and a drug delivery device for pneumostoma care. The drug delivery device may be used to introduce therapeutic agents into the pneumostoma for direct treatment of the pneumostoma, treatment of the lung by way... Agent: Portaero, Inc.

20110306934 - Systems and methods for providing a convection-enhanced delivery device: A delivery device system is provided for assisting a patient and physician in maintaining a depth and position of an inserted catheter within a target tissue. The delivery device includes a base member that is secured to an external surface of the patient. The base member includes an aperture through... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110306936 - Medicament delivery device: The present invention relates to a medicament delivery device (10) comprising a front housing (12) and a rear housing (14) connected to each other; a medicament container (18) disposed within the front housing (12), wherein the container (18) has a front opening with or for a delivery member for delivering... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20110306937 - Magnetic safety needle assembly: A safety needle assembly is provided herein which includes a hub; a needle fixed to the hub, the needle having a distal end formed for insertion into a patient; a shield moveable relative to the hub from a first position, where the shield covers the distal end of the needle,... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110306938 - Safety syringe for autoinjector: A safety syringe assembly (10) adapted for use in an autoinjector comprising a syringe (12) and a first sleeve (22) that at least partially surrounds the syringe. The syringe has a barrel (14) for holding a volume of medicament, a needle (18) at one end of the barrel, and a... Agent: The Medical House Limited

20110306939 - Drug delivery device and method of manufacturing a drug delivery device: The present invention relates to drug delivery device and a and method of manufacturing a drug delivery device with a housing having a proximal end and a distal end, a cartridge adapted to accommodate a drug, a cartridge retaining member adapted to retain the cartridge, the cartridge retaining member being... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20110306940 - Male connector and transfusion line connection apparatus equipped with male connector: The male connector of the present disclosure allows for the flow of fluids and includes a movable blunt needle having a shoulder projecting outwards from the movable blunt needle and extending proximally from the movable blunt needle. The male connector also includes an outer cylinder body formed around the movable... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110306941 - Portable lavage apparatus: A portable lavage apparatus for irrigating or washing wounds is disclosed. The apparatus includes a fluid bag, a spring bias mechanism, and a hose. The spring bias mechanism is typically configured to store potential energy or produce kinetic energy used for urging fluid from the fluid bag, through the hose,... Agent:

20110306942 - Finger applicator device: A dosage pad for an applicator includes an absorbent matrix capable of retaining a product, a protective covering for sealing the product in the absorbent matrix, a means for removing the protective covering and an attachment means. The protective covering can be suitably removed from the absorbent matrix by the... Agent:

20110306943 - Apparatus and method for using a portable thermal device to reduce accommodation of nerve receptors: A system and method for portably delivering a therapeutic dose of heat to the skin to relieve pain, reduce accommodation of thermal nerve receptors, promote healing, and deliver transcutaneous medications. The heating device is user programmable or pre-programmed to deliver according to a variety of cycles, patterns and algorithms. The... Agent: Carewave, Inc.

20110306944 - Milk collecting bottle for hand expression: The invention discloses a milk collecting bottle for hand expression, which comprises an opening, a bottle body and a bottle neck connecting the opening with the bottle body which are integrally formed, wherein, the opening is provided with a breast contacting part being capable of attaching to the breast. All... Agent:

20110306945 - Absorbent article with disposal wrapper: A kit including an absorbent article and a wrapper for the absorbent article. The wrapper is defined by a boundary. The wrapper includes at least one slit which partitions the wrapper to define a strip thereof. The strip is arranged such that the absorbent article may be rolled and/or folded... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110306946 - Cell compositions and uses thereof: The present invention relates to blood serum and dermally-derived cells for use in tissue repair. Particularly it relates to blood serum and collagen producing cells for use in the treatment of connective tissue injuries. Preferably the cells and the blood serum are autologous and the connective tissue to be repaired... Agent:

20110306947 - Medication delivery device and method for operating a medication delivery device: A medication delivery device comprises a housing having a proximal end (P) and a distal end (D), a cartridge for holding a medication (M), the cartridge having an outlet, a moveable piston being retained within the cartridge, a drive member moveable in a proximal direction with respect to the housing... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20110306948 - Methods and compositions related to th-1 dendritic cells: Certain embodiments of the invention are directed to methods for inducing an immunologic response to a tumor in a patient using mature dendritic cells transfected with a nucleic acid composition encoding one or more tumor antigens and loaded with a corresponding tumor antigen composition.... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

20110306949 - Joined dissimilar materials and method: A wire includes a first wire section is of a first material and a second wire section is of a second material different from the first material. A joining section is adjacent both the first and second wire sections, the joining section comprising a first end and a second end.... Agent: Heraeus Medical Components, LLC

20110306950 - Coaxially-driven tissue aspiration instruments: A tissue aspiration instrumentation system including a hand-supportable tissue aspiration instrument and a cannula assembly. The hand-supportable tissue aspiration instrument has a hand-supportable housing with a stationary tubing connector provided at the rear of the housing and receiving a length of flexible tubing connected to a vacuum source. The cannula... Agent:

20110306951 - Surgical cannula: A surgical cannula and method may be constructed in disposable or reusable forms, and may have at least one outwardly extending projection or rib along an outer surface of a tubular shaft. Such a rib, or ribs, may also extend along an outer surface of a cannula tip. A bore... Agent:

12/08/2011 > 55 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20110301522 - Dialysis catheter: A dialysis catheter including a first portion having an outer wall having a first diameter, an elongated distal portion having a second diameter smaller than the first diameter, and a transition region between the first portion and distal portion. A first longitudinally extending venous lumen is configured to deliver blood.... Agent:

20110301523 - Gastrointestinal anchor compliance: d

20110301528 - Administration of antibiotics and therapeutic agents: Antibiotics are administered in a surgical site subcutaneously via a small or stab incision in the surgical field. Transcutaneous ultrasonic vibrations are applied across the surgical field, which is then opened in the usual manner, to thereby provide a surgical field which contains a vastly higher and more effective level... Agent:

20110301525 - Biomaterials for tissue replacement: This invention relates to biomaterial compositions, methods and kits for producing hydrogels with tunable physico-chemical properties. Specifically, the invention relates to producing cellulosic hydrogels having optimized physico-chemical properties enabling support of cell growth or as replacement or filler for tissue repair, reconstruction or augmentation.... Agent:

20110301524 - Control program for controlling electromagnetic radiation for cross-linking eye tissue: e) when in step c) the comparison does not yield a sufficient agreement between the simulated change and the change in the eye tissue to be achieved, at least one of the treatment parameters in step b) is/are modified and steps b), c) and d) are then performed again therewith.... Agent: Iroc Ag

20110301527 - Moist heat drug delivery apparatus and method: A novel moist steam heating cabinet unit is used as a medical device for humidification, hydration and dispensing of medicinal Hot Packs. The technology provides multifunctional options for both medicinal and non medicinal hot pack treatment as well as for other applications and uses, for example—including creation, manufacturing and curing... Agent:

20110301530 - Monitoring of chronobiological rhythms for disease and drug management using one or more implantable device: The health state of a subject is automatically evaluated or predicted using at least one implantable device. In varying examples, the health state is determined by sensing or receiving information about at least one physiological process having a circadian rhythm whose presence, absence, or baseline change is associated with impending... Agent:

20110301526 - System and method for ocular iontophoresis with buffering: Compositions, devices, methods of manufacture, and methods of delivery of a therapeutic substance across a surface of an eyeball via iontophoresis including a therapeutic media reservoir and a buffer system within an iontophoretic chamber. When energized, an electrode provides an electromotive force that transfers a dosage of the therapeutic substance... Agent: Eyegate Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110301529 - Systems, methods and compositions for optical stimulation of target cells: Stimulation of target cells using light, e.g., in vivo or in vitro, is implemented using a variety of methods and devices. One example involves a vector for delivering a light-activated NpHR-based molecule comprising a nucleic acid sequence that codes for light-activated NpHR-based molecule and a promoter. Either a high expression... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20110301531 - Pressurized liquid stream with dissolved gas: A system and method of injecting a gas enriched and/or emulsified first liquid into a second liquid is disclosed. The injection can cause generation of a high density of bubbles having a mean diameter of a selected size. The mean diameter of the bubbles can be selected and varied based... Agent:

20110301533 - Huggable breastpump: A soft carrier for a breastpump is disclosed. The carrier includes a cushion made of a soft, malleable outer material, for at least partially enclosing a breastpump and associated accessories. One or more breast shields extend outwardly from holes in the cushion. The soft carrier provides a more comfortable experience... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20110301532 - One time use breastpump assembly: A breastpump assembly is disclosed. The breastpump assembly includes a breast shield within which a woman's breast is received, a conduit structure communicating with the breast shield, a container for collecting milk, and a valve mechanism closing the breastpump assembly from ambient air when initially provided to a user, the... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20110301534 - Electromechanical injection apparatus: An injection apparatus (2) has a carrier housing (4), into which an injection device (8) having at least one injection fluid container (10) that can be pressed out can be inserted, and an actuating apparatus (12) which can be driven along an injection direction (R) in order to activate the... Agent:

20110301535 - Microfluidic control systems: The present invention relates to microfluidic devices. In particular, the present invention relates to microfluidic devices for performing spatio-temporal operations and applications thereof.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110301536 - Electrophysiology/ablation catheter having second passage: A deflectable tip cardiac electrophysiology/ablation lumen catheter includes first and second passages, one of which communicates with an inflatable member or balloon. The second passage terminates in an opening or port downstream of the inflatable member. The second passage is adapted to introduce a liquid during an electrophysiology study while... Agent:

20110301537 - Controlled release mechanism for balloon catheters: This invention relates to the field of balloon catheters and more particularly to catheter balloons having controlled failure mechanisms for the prevention of catastrophic failure of the balloon during overpressure conditions.... Agent:

20110301538 - Anesthetic syringe having a longitudinally displaceable feeding piston and check valve having passage and blocking device: The invention relates to a syringe, particularly an anesthetic syringe, having a longitudinally displaceable feeding piston disposed over a first hydraulic chamber, and a second hydraulic chamber, wherein the first and second hydraulic chambers are connected by means of a first control element for regulating resistance, wherein the first control... Agent: Smjm Inject Gmbh

20110301539 - Fill and purge system for a drug reservoir: A fill and purge system for a drug reservoir is disclosed. The fill and purge system comprises a positive pressure source, a negative pressure source, a first valve, a second valve, and a delivery channel. The positive pressure source is fluidly connected to the first valve. The negative pressure source... Agent:

20110301540 - Syringe drive unit: Provided is a syringe drive unit (1) which is capable of imparting a fine moving amount to a plunger pressing member (6) when a plunger is pushed into a syringe body using a feed screw mechanism, to thereby eject liquid medicine from the syringe body with high accuracy. The syringe... Agent: Thk Co., Ltd.

20110301541 - Integrated vascular delivery system: An integrated vascular delivery system and method of use, the system including: a frame having a catheter hub that provides a first anchoring point on the patient and receives a catheter insertable in the patient to transfer fluid at an insertion site, a stabilization hub that provides a second anchoring... Agent:

20110301542 - Passive safety portal device: A portal access assembly includes an inserter that has a needle, a cap moveable along the length of the needle and an infuser having a cannula through which the needle extends. A safety mechanism inside the cap allows the needle to be moved relative to the cap so long as... Agent: Smiths Medical Md, Inc.

20110301543 - Anchor device and method: Some embodiments of an anchor device may include bendable anchor mechanism that is deployable in a subcutaneous layer to releasably secure the anchor device to a patient's body. Certain embodiments of the anchor mechanism may include one or more barbs that flexibly bend in response to an insertion or removal... Agent: Interrad Medical, Inc.

20110301544 - Intravenous line support sleeve: A planar assembly for use as a tubular intravenous line support sleeve comprising a trapezoidal-shaped center portion, an insertion tab extending outwardly from a first side of said center portion, and an insertion slot assembly extending outwardly from a second and opposing side of said center portion.... Agent:

20110301545 - Method of using a syringe: A device (10,110,210) for the expression of liquids, such as for the maintenance treatment of vascular catheters. A syringe (16; 116a,116b; 216) has a support structure (15,215) and includes at least two separate compartments (11,12; 111,112; 211,212) in which liquids for treating the lumen (L,283) of a catheter (C,280) with... Agent: Medical Components, Inc.

20110301546 - Hinged cap for needle device: A hinged cap device for use with a syringe includes a base defining an interior cavity for mounting to a tip, a cap connected to the base by a living hinge and an outer shell positioned over the cap. The hinged cap device is moveable from an unlocked position, wherein... Agent:

20110301547 - Systems and methods for a medical syringe: Systems and methods for administering drugs to a patient, including a syringe system. The syringe system includes a plastic needle coupled to an end of a syringe barrel, the needle including a proximal taper and a distal taper. A cannula assembly is removably coupled to the plastic needle, the cannula... Agent: Jms North America Corporation

20110301548 - Drug container and delivery mechanism: A device for storing and administering drug includes a housing, a sealing element (3) and a separate low friction plunger (4) which is substantially-permeable to gas over time. The sealing element (3) is typically broken to allow delivery of the drug. The housing (2) may be filled with the drug... Agent: Oval Medical Technologies Limited

20110301549 - Device for injecting liquids: The invention relates to a device for injecting liquids, more particularly liquid medicaments or hormone preparations, for example insulin, said device comprising a housing part in or on which a cartridge containing the liquid can be arranged, wherein the housing part or the cartridge has a needle seat designed for... Agent: B.braun Melsungen Ag

20110301550 - Pen-type injector: The present invention relates to injectors, such as pen-type injectors, that provide for administration of medicinal products from a multidose cartridge and permit a user to set the delivery dose. The injector may include a housing, a cartridge containing medicinal product, the cartridge being retained within the housing, means for... Agent:

20110301552 - Medical needle device: A medical needle device includes a hub having an injection needle and a tube respectively fixed at a top end and a rear end thereof; a substantially cylindrical sheath which has a wing mounted thereon and supports the hub in an interior side thereof; and a protector fit on the... Agent: Jms Co., Ltd.

20110301551 - Tip protector for a safety catheter: A safety catheter includes a catheter hub, a catheter tube, a needle hub, a needle cannula having a tip, and a tip protector. The tip protector includes an outer member having a flexible tab configured to releasably engage with the catheter hub and release therefrom upon inward flexing of the... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20110301553 - Antimicrobial lubricant: An antimicrobial lubricant combines an antimicrobial agent, preferably silver based, with a silicone lubricant. This is achieved by first formulating a lubricant solution that has a non-volatile silicone lubricant and a volatile solvent carrier. An antimicrobial agent is added to the lubricant solution. The solution is then subjected to ultrasonic... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20110301554 - Continuous spray scalp therapy and dispensing systems for same: A spray delivery system in combination with a scalp medication is provided which includes a portable container having a gas imperious container wall, a pressure source disposed within the container, and a selectively operable valve assembly affixed to the container. The scalp medication is in liquid form and is disposed... Agent:

20110301555 - Porous matrix drug core for lacrimal insert device: Disclosed are novel structures and methods for drug cores containing therapeutic agents. Such cores may be inserted or manufactured in lacrimal insert devices for treating a variety of ocular conditions by eluding therapeutic agents according to a release profile determined by the structure and composition of the drug core.... Agent:

20110301557 - Inline swivel connection for multi-lumen tubing: An apparatus for connecting multi-lumen conduits may include a conduit adapter and a conduit collar. The conduit adapter may include a housing, a bayonet connector, and a support member connecting the housing and the bayonet connector. The support member has an aperture that permits fluid communication through the support member.... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20110301556 - Wound dressing: Apparatus and methods for providing a wound dressing are provided. A wound dressing according to the invention may preferably include a wound-fluid negative pressure treatment (“NPT”) drain and a vacuum/drainage tube comprising a terminus associated with the NPT drain. The dressing may also include a fluid-absorbing/transferring material. The material may... Agent:

20110301558 - Ostomy ring: By placing a surgical metal ring during on ostomy surgery the removal and replacement of ostomy bags will no longer require an adhesive that can cause irritation and sometimes not work.... Agent:

20110301559 - Disposable bodily fluid absorbent wearing article: The present invention provides a disposable bodily fluid absorbent wearing article so that the article can be easily fitted to a desired region of a wearer's body. A disposable bodily fluid absorbent wearing article 1 is formed by bending a flat pad along the center line L thereof with a... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110301560 - Absorbent resin particle, process for producing the same, absorber containing the same, and absorbent article: wherein, in a measurement method of swelled volume per 1 g of the absorbent resin particle against physiological saline, a ratio (t2/t1) of the time (t2) until swelled volume reaches 40 ml to the time (t1) until the swelled volume reaches 5 ml is 5 to 20.... Agent: San-dia Polymers, Ltd.

20110301561 - Diaper sheath: A diaper sheath having a shell with an inner panel and an outer panel forming a front edge, a back edge, a first side edge and a second side edge. The diaper sheath also includes a first intermediate pocket and a second intermediate pocket set along the first side edge... Agent:

20110301562 - Method of using an intravaginal device with fluid transport plates: A method of capturing bodily fluid intravaginally providing an intravaginal device that has a fluid storage element having a longitudinal axis and is in fluid communication with at least one fluid transport element. The method involves providing at least one fluid transport element that is bendable about an axis substantially... Agent:

20110301563 - Disposable diaper having a fastening tape with stepwise adjustable length: A disposable diaper comprising: a fastening tape having a tab part which is formed at one end of a tape substrate, a fixing part which is formed at the other end of the tape substrate, and an adjustment part which is formed between the tab part and the fixing part;... Agent: Livedo Corporation

20110301564 - Liquid component collecting device: A liquid component collecting device capable of more easily collecting a liquid component. A liquid component collecting device(100) is provided with: a flexible cylindrical liquid component storage container (21) having an opening at one end thereof; a cylindrical first housing container (22) for housing the liquid component storage container (21)... Agent:

20110301566 - Cartridge connection method for precise delivery of liquid: A mobile medical pump has a tubular cartridge unit with a first end having an interface to an infusion line and a second, open end having a first engagement interface, with a piston inserted in the cartridge and engaging an inner diameter of the cartridge, such that translation of the... Agent:

20110301565 - Medical balloons having a sheath designed to facilitate release of therapeutic agent: Medical devices that comprise an elongate balloon and a sheath positioned around the balloon. The sheath is designed to facilitate the delivery of therapeutic agent. In one embodiment, the sheath has a non-circular shape (e.g., a square shape or polygonal shape). In some cases, the sheath has reservoirs at the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110301567 - Pump set with secure loading features and related methods therefor: A pump set for use in a liquid delivery pump of the type for delivering liquid to a patient, having an infrared radiation detector for detecting infrared radiation, and providing an indication that the pump set is properly loaded on the pump. The pump set comprises a conduit for the... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110301569 - Methods and apparatus for the cvcs: The present invention provides an indirect method and accompanying apparatus for supplying a high concentration of medicaments, particularly antibiotics, to the nasal sinuses by first loading the medicament into the cerebrospinal venous system (CVCS) via a Valsalva manuever. Because the CVCS is a valveless, three-dimensional closed system, traditional physiological dogma... Agent:

20110301568 - Systems and methods to treat cardiac pacing conditions: The method may include administering to a subject in need thereof an effective amount of an HCN polynucleotide. The HCN polynucleotide includes a nucleotide sequence encoding an HCN polypeptide having channel activity. The amino acid sequence of the HCN polypeptide and the amino acid sequence of a reference polypeptide have... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110301570 - Kit for injecting liquid into a patient and associated preparation method: This kit includes an injection device comprising a needle having a free end pricked into a septum of an implantable chamber and an intermediate tubing connected downstream to the needle. The kit includes an upstream conduit having an upstream end connected to a liquid dispensing apparatus and a downstream end... Agent: Perouse Medical

20110301571 - Reperfusion catheter system: A reperfusion catheter system with an introducer sheath having an inner wall defining a longitudinal opening extending from a proximal portion to a distal end. A balloon catheter has an outer wall and has a longitudinal opening extending from a proximal portion to a distal end. The balloon catheter is... Agent:

20110301572 - Medication delivery device: An ear medication delivery device for delivering a treatment liquid and retaining the treatment liquid within an ear canal of a patient including a unitary, one piece earplug formed of a soft resilient material including an ear canal engaging portion and an external portion and defining a single internal passage... Agent:

20110301573 - Halogenated rhodamine derivatives and applications thereof: Methods for treating a bacterial infection in a tissue sample are described. Tissue samples that are harvested from a patient may be infected with bacteria. A rhodamine compound is mixed with the infected tissue sample to form a mixture. The mixture is then exposed to radiant energy to inhibit or... Agent:

20110301574 - Adjustable stiffness catheter: Medical devices such as catheters can include structure or provision that permit a physician or other health care professional to adjust the stiffness of at least a portion of the medical device. In some instances, the medical device may be adjusted prior to inserting the medical device into a patient.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110301575 - Implantable medical pump with pressure sensor: The disclosure is directed to a pressure sensor of an implantable medical device. The pressure sensor may utilize detect fluid pressure based on a changing capacitance between two capacitive elements. The pressure sensor may define at least a portion of a fluid enclosure of the IMD. In one example, the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110301576 - Two-piece, internal-channel osmotic delivery system flow modulator: An osmotic delivery system flow modulator includes an outer shell constructed and arranged for positioning in an opening, an inner core inserted in the outer shell, and a fluid channel having a spiral shape defined between the outer shell and the inner core. The fluid channel is adapted for delivery... Agent: Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

12/01/2011 > 67 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20110295175 - Sequential extracoporeal treatment of bodily fluids: An article and method to treat extracorporeally a patient's bodily fluid. The bodily fluid can include blood, cerebral spinal fluid and lymph. A first stage of the method includes applying a treatment. The treatment can comprise dosing with a medication, thermal treatment, or irradiation. The treatment can occur at levels... Agent: Marv Enterprises LLC

20110295177 - Treating heart tissue: Some embodiments of a system or method for treating heart tissue can include a catheter device that provides a user with the ability to perform a number of heart treatment tasks (before, during, and after a cardiac surgery or a percutaneous coronary intervention). In particular embodiments, the catheter device can... Agent: Miracor Medical Systems Gmbh

20110295176 - Venous device: A needle can include a fluid directing portion comprising a U-shaped lateral orifice extending between the exterior and interior surfaces and a corresponding U-shaped diverter adjacent to the U-shaped lateral orifice. A diverter can be disposed within a lumen of a needle and transverse to a central axis within the... Agent:

20110295181 - Implantable and removable customizable body conduit: An apparatus and method are provided to treat a stenosis. A delivery device is provided that has an elongate tubular member coupled therewith. The elongate tubular member has an outside surface that is configured to prevent adherence of in vivo matter. The tubular member has a proximal end and a... Agent: Hemosphere, Inc.

20110295178 - Intestinal brake inducing intraluminal therapeutic substance eluting devices and methods: Methods and devices create an intestinal braking effect, are non-invasive or minimally invasive, and may be reversible. These methods and devices may be accomplished via stabilized implantable systems and ingestible pills. In one aspect, a method of inducing satiety includes implanting an implant within a lumen of a gastrointestinal tract... Agent:

20110295180 - Intestinal brake inducing intraluminal therapeutic substance eluting devices and methods: Methods and devices create an intestinal braking effect, are non-invasive or minimally invasive, and may be reversible. These methods and devices are accomplished via stabilized implantable systems, and ingestible pills. In one embodiment, the implantable system comprises a device delivering a therapeutic substance to a target location within the gastrointestinal... Agent:

20110295179 - Methods and devices for regulating the activation of ghrelin hormones within a stomach: Methods and devices regulate the activation of ghrelin hormones within a stomach in order to treat weight disorders, to promote learning and memory functions, to treat stress-induced depression, and to control sleep duration. In one embodiment, a method for regulating activation of ghrelin hormones within a stomach comprises a means... Agent:

20110295183 - Control devices for deploying a prosthesis: The present disclosure relates to devices and methods for implanting a prosthesis into a heart of a mammal, such as a person. The disclosure includes a prosthesis that acts as a pressure vent between the left and right atria of the heart. The disclosure also includes a mounting tool for... Agent: Dc Devices, Inc.

20110295182 - Methods for loading a prosthesis: The present disclosure relates to devices and methods for implanting a prosthesis into a heart of a mammal, such as a person. The disclosure includes a prosthesis that acts as a pressure vent between the left and right atria of the heart. The disclosure also includes a mounting tool for... Agent: Dc Devices, Inc.

20110295187 - Fat reduction using external laser radiation and niacin: The present invention is a non-invasive method for reducing fat or cellulite in a patient by administering a therapeutically effective amount of niacin and applying laser energy to targeted external regions of a patient's body. The present method helps create smooth contours.... Agent: Erchonia Corporation

20110295185 - Intestinal brake inducing intraluminal therapeutic substance eluting devices and methods: Methods and devices create an intestinal braking effect, are non-invasive or minimally invasive, and may be reversible. These methods and devices are accomplished via stabilized implantable systems and ingestible pills. In one embodiment, a method of producing satiety comprising the steps of accessing a gastrointestinal tract of a patient and... Agent:

20110295188 - Iontophoretic electrode: An electrode for an iontophoretic drug delivery system includes a retainer having a malleable characteristic. The retainer and a conductor are connected to a platform. The conductor and a dose controller are electrically coupled to the iontophoretic drug delivery system. A drug delivery matrix is operably connected to the platform... Agent:

20110295189 - Iontophoretic preparation for treatment of breast cancer and/or mastitis: The present invention is to provide means to treat breast cancer and/or mastitis by topically administering a non-steroidal antiinflammatory analgetic agent and/or an anticancer agent and allowing them efficiently to arrive into the mammary gland. The present invention provides an iontophoretic preparation for treating breast cancer and/or mastitis which contains... Agent: Kowa Co., Ltd.

20110295186 - Irradiation device: An irradiation device for insertion into an orifice of the body for providing photodynamic therapy or diagnosis comprises: a housing 1, 21, 31, 51, 61, 71 adapted to be fully inserted and secured in the orifice, the housing 1, 21, 31, 51, 61, 71 enclosing an LED lamp system 5,... Agent: Photocure Asa

20110295184 - Preparation and iontophoretic device for the transdermal application of active ingredients: The present invention relates to an iontophorectic device and a composition comprising active ingredients for the transdermal release of active ingredients, particularly of human insulin. Insulin, a blood sugar-lowering hormone inhibiting glycogen breakdown of the pancreas, can be made available as the most important pharmaceutical for the therapy of diabetes... Agent:

20110295190 - Wound dressing and methods of making and using the same: Anti-microbial wound dressings, methods of making anti-microbial wound dressings and methods of treating wounds with an anti-microbial wound dressing are provided. The anti-microbial wound dressings can include a water-soluble film-forming polymeric carrier material and a water-soluble glass-encapsulated anti-microbial agent, which is embedded within the carrier and/or coated on a surface... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110295192 - Hollow needle for an ophthalmic surgical instrument: A hollow needle for an ophthalmic surgical instrument for the in-vivo fragmentation of organic lenses by way of ultrasound, comprising a connecting region (1) for coupling to the instrument and a work region (3) configured at a free end (2), said work region having an effective surface (4) for emitting... Agent:

20110295191 - Infusion pressure monitoring system: An infusion pressure monitoring system for a phacoemulsification or vitrectomy machine to be operated by a health care provider includes an irrigation path configured to carry an irrigation solution to a surgical site and a fluid sensor configured to detect a fluid parameter in the irrigation path. An input device... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20110295193 - Ophthalmic surgery kits for priming tubes for ophthalmic surgical procedures: An ophthalmic surgery kit includes a priming vessel defining a reservoir for holding a fluid, an auxiliary aspiration channel, an irrigation channel, a handpiece channel, and an ophthalmic surgical handpiece retained by the handpiece channel. The ophthalmic surgical handpiece includes a tip disposed within the reservoir. An auxiliary aspiration tube... Agent:

20110295194 - Drug delivery apparatus: An implantable drug delivery apparatus for delivering a drug into a bodily fluid in a body cavity of a patient over a period of time includes a variable-volume vessel defining a working chamber for receiving a drug and recirculating a therapeutic fluid. The fluid can contain a bodily fluid, such... Agent:

20110295195 - Ophthalmic surgical cassettes with identification features: An ophthalmic surgical cassette for use with an ophthalmic surgical console. The ophthalmic surgical cassette includes a rigid-walled container having an interior volume for collecting aspirant fluid and/or tissue, and a manifold base, including an irrigation tube for coupling an irrigation source, an aspiration tube for coupling an ophthalmic surgical... Agent:

20110295196 - System for controlling means for injection of anesthetics or sedatives: A system comprising means for obtaining a signal representative of the electrocortical activity of the patient, means for analyzing this signal in order to derive from it a signal of depth of anaesthesia, means for monitoring the value and development over time of this signal of depth of anaesthesia, these... Agent: Hopital Foch

20110295197 - device for administering medicine: The invention provides a medicine dispenser device for liquids intended to be swallowed, particularly by children and patients who find it difficult to cooperate, the device comprising an elongated cylinder serving as a container for the liquid, the device being provided, in accordance with the requirements of its use and... Agent:

20110295198 - Systeme de preparation et/ou d'administration de fluides de traitement medical: The system comprises a transport module (3) in which are housed administration reservoirs (6) each intended to contain a medical treatment fluid, an administration line (7) equipped with a fluid inlet and outlet (8, 9) accessible from the outside of the transport module and to which is connected each administration... Agent: Doran International

20110295199 - Planning and assembly of compensating concentric cannulas: A specification for a device including a set of concentric cannulas may be discovered to have an actual path different from a desired path, due to interactions between cannulas that effect net curvature of the device. The choice of particular cannulas may be corrected by performing a calculation taking into... Agent:

20110295200 - Drug-eluting medical device: The present invention relates to a drug-eluting medical device, in particular a balloon for angioplasty catheters with drug elution to prevent the restenosis of the vessel subjected to angioplasty. More particularly, the present invention relates to a catheter balloon completely or partially coated with paclitaxel in hydrated crystalline form or... Agent:

20110295201 - Balloon of a balloon catheter: A balloon of a balloon catheter including, in its folded state, a central, inflatable body portion having an outer peripheral wall surface and a plurality of hollow lobes being wrapped around the outer peripheral wall surface and being in fluid communication with the inflatable body portion the lobes including free... Agent:

20110295202 - Multi-layer film welded articulated balloon: A method of fabrication of a medical balloon, and a balloon device useful for various medical balloon procedures, such as gastrointestinal, vascular, reproductive system, urinary system and pulmonary applications. At least two layers of a thermoplastic film are sealed at their peripheral edges and heat sealed at one or more... Agent: Polyzen Inc.

20110295203 - Non-compliant medical balloon having an integral woven fabric layer: A non-compliant medical balloon may be changed from a deflated state to an inflated state by increasing pressure within the balloon. The non-compliant medical balloon is composed of a woven fabric layer composed of at least two woven fabric fibers forming an angle. The angle remains substantially unchanged when the... Agent:

20110295204 - Tube assembly for controlling length of syringe needle: The present invention relates to a tube assembly for controlling the length of a syringe needle. The tube assembly comprises: a coupling body wherein one end is coupled with a needle assembly having a fixing member coupled to the upper end of a syringe cylinder and a syringe needle coupled... Agent:

20110295205 - Externally triggerable cannula assembly: According to one embodiment, a cannula assembly may include a cannula module and an inserter module. In the pre-operational state the cannula is retracted with respect to the skin-contacting surface. In operational state the cannula projects beyond the skin-contacting surface. The inserter module may include an energy store and an... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

20110295207 - Safe needle methods, apparatus, and systems: A bandage can be used to secure a needle to an access site so as to prevent unintended movement or withdrawal of the needle from the access site during administration of a treatment to a patient. After treatment, the needle can be removed by manipulating a portion of the bandage.... Agent: Nxstage Medical, Inc.

20110295206 - Central venous access system: A catheter system and method of use for re-establishing venous access near an occluded vessel.... Agent:

20110295208 - Sealing valve: A vascular guidewire introducer device (10) having a needle (52), a bulb (16), and a valve subassembly (100) through which a guidewire (14) is insertable for vascular guidewire insertion into a blood vessel (12) of a patient. The valve subassembly (100) includes a proximal fitting (102), a proximal cap (106),... Agent: Medical Components, Inc

20110295209 - Infusion set: An infusion set comprises a base member (60), an introducer cap (64), and an infusion cap (54). The base member (60) preferably comprises a soft cannula (52) extending from a lower side (118) of the base member (60), and a port (62) on an upper side (92) thereof. The port... Agent: Icu Medical, Inc.

20110295210 - Medical tubing securement assembly and methods of use: A medical tubing securement assembly includes a base having a disc, and a retaining adapter removably and rotatably attached to the disc. The retaining adapter includes a longitudinal passage for receiving a locking adapter. The locking adapter includes a longitudinal passage for receiving a medical tube. Once the tube is... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20110295211 - Applicator: An applicator for applying a substance to an intended surface. The applicator may include a main body including an elongated handle and an elongated tip configured to hold a predetermined amount of the substance. Further, the applicator may include an extension which extends radially from the main body in an... Agent:

20110295212 - Discharge device with tube: A discharge device for discharging a product from a tube having a delivery outlet and a deformable wall. The discharge device according to the invention comprises a housing with a chamber that has a chamber opening and in which the tube is accommodated. A movable stopper is arranged inside the... Agent: Medmix Systems Ag

20110295213 - Safety needle device with snap feature and method of making same: The present invention safety device is a one-piece needle assembly that has a base and a housing pivotally connected to the base. The base has a distal portion to which a needle is fitted. At the base there is formed longitudinally along its distal portion a catch mechanism that may... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20110295214 - Injection device: An injection device 100 comprises a housing 102 which is adapted to receive a fluid container 120. The housing 102 is also adapted to hold the fluid container 120 stationary relative to the housing 102 during use of the device 100. The injection device 100 also comprises a discharge nozzle... Agent: Cellerix Sa

20110295215 - Medical assembly with monitoring device: An assembly comprises a drug delivery device and a monitoring device adapted to detect an action taking place in the drug delivery device. The drug delivery device comprises a main portion having a drug expelling mechanism for expelling drug from a reservoir through an outlet, a housing in which at... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20110295217 - Catheter and method of manufacturing catheter: A main lumen (20) and sub-lumens (30) having a diameter smaller than that of the main lumen (20) are respectively formed in a sheath (16) of a catheter (10) in the longitudinal direction thereof so as to extend therethrough. An operating wire (40) is laid through each sub-lumen (30) in... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

20110295216 - Catheter assembly with prosthesis crimping and prosthesis retaining accessories: A prosthesis retaining assembly for securing an implantable prosthesis to a catheter assembly can include a first member including a prosthesis retaining slot configured to retain a portion of the prosthesis. The retaining slot can have a first portion with a first width and a second portion with a second... Agent: Medtronic Vascular Galway Limited

20110295218 - Bended injection needle: A method of manufacturing a bended injection needle assembly comprising the steps of: mounting a straight one-piece metallic needle cannula (20) in a hub (1), securing the straight needle cannula (20) to the hub (1) and bending the needle cannula (20) such that at least a part of the needle... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20110295219 - Finger sheath: A multi-functional finger sheath for cleansing, skin care, scrubbing, smearing, massage, and medical includes at least one opening sized for the insertion of a single or a plurality of finger, and having a length in a range from fingertip to the first knuckle of the finger or from the fingertip... Agent:

20110295220 - Reduced pressure delivery system having a manually-activated pump for providing treatment to low-severity wounds: A manually-activated reduced pressure treatment system includes a substantially rigid housing, and an end cap slidingly received by the housing. An inner chamber is disposed between the end cap and housing, and a volume of the inner chamber is variable in amount depending on the position of the end cap... Agent:

20110295221 - Stoma support plate and harness: A stoma support plate and harness includes a support plate including a body, an aperture and a harness fastener; and a harness including at least one plate fastener and a closure. A method of supporting an ostomy skin barrier includes the steps of: providing a support plate including a body,... Agent:

20110295222 - Comfortable diaper: An absorbent article, preferably a disposable absorbent article such as a diaper, is disclosed that provides an improved immobilization of absorbent polymer material when the article is fully or partially urine loaded. This absorbent core is useful for providing an absorbent article of increased wearing comfort. Specifically disclosed is an... Agent:

20110295223 - Reusable diaper: A reusable diaper comprising: a waterproof cover; a removable cloth lining, where the cloth lining removably attaches inside the waterproof cover; an elastic waist band; a set of elastic leg bands, where the leg bands encircle a set of leg openings; and a set of adjustment straps affixed to the... Agent:

20110295224 - Side panels for an absorbent article: An absorbent article includes side panels for securing around the waist of the user. The absorbent article includes a first end, a second end, and an absorbent section therebetween. The first end has longitudinal side edges and a first waist line edge. A pair of side panels extend from longitudinal... Agent:

20110295225 - Method for the preparation of a high-temperature stable oxygen-carrier-containing pharmaceutical composition and the use thereof: A high temperature-stable and highly purified α-α cross-linked tetrameric hemoglobin suitable for use in mammals without causing renal injury and vasoconstriction is provided. The dimeric form of hemoglobin is degenerated and purification processes are performed on red blood cells obtained from whole blood. Controlled hypotonic lysis in an instant cytolysis... Agent:

20110295226 - Delivery device for delivering bioactive agents to internal tissue in a body: A device and method for administering a bioactive agent to internal tissue in a body, by introducing a balloon in a deflated condition into the body, inflating the balloon, introducing the bioactive agent into the balloon at the time of, after, or before the inflation of the balloon, and delivering... Agent: Bioprotect Ltd.

20110295228 - Minimally invasive medical device and method for delivery of therapeutic or diagnostic agents into a vessel wall: The invention relates to minimally invasive device for delivering therapeutic or diagnostic agents into a vessel wall. The device includes an introducer tube, a tubular member having a proximal end, a distal end, and a first lumen extending therebetween, the tubular member being slidably disposed within the introducer tube; a... Agent:

20110295227 - Shockwave valvuloplasty catheter system: A valvuloplasty system comprises a balloon adapted to be placed adjacent leaflets of a valve. The balloon is inflatable with a liquid. The system further includes a shock wave generator within the balloon that produces shock waves. The shock waves propagate through the liquid and impinge upon the valve to... Agent:

20110295232 - Device and method for the automatic initiation of an injection: A system and method to automatically initiate an injection procedure of a medicament into a patient. In the system, a delivery assembly includes an injector for infusing the medicament into the patient. Further, the system includes a monitor for detecting a parameter characteristic of the procedure, for instance, a pressure... Agent: Avant Medical Corp.

20110295231 - Extractable filler for inserting medicine into animal tissue: An extractable device is used to insert a medicinal filling into an animal tissue. The device comprises a filling member and a pasty medicine. The filling member is made of a flexible and permeable wall and is provided with a holding portion and an injection port via which the pasty... Agent: Crosstrees Medical, Inc.

20110295230 - Fluid transfer device and an active substance cartridge for the fluid transfer device, and a method for controlling the pressure at which an active substance is delivered to a subject from a fluid transfer device: A micro-needle device comprising an active substance layer (3) having a plurality of active substance chambers (4) formed therein, a drive substance layer (9) having a plurality of drive substance chambers (10) formed therein and a needle support layer (5) having a plurality of micro-needles (6) extending therefrom. An activation... Agent: Janisys Limited

20110295229 - In-plane electromagnetic mems pump: A micromechanical pumping system is formed on a substrate surface. The pumping system uses a pumping element which pumps a fluid through valves which move in a plane substantially parallel to the substrate surface. An electromagnetic actuating mechanism may also be fabricated on the surface of the substrate. Magnetic flux... Agent: Innovative Micro Technology

20110295233 - Methods for occluding bodily vessels: Described are methods, devices, and systems for occluding or ablating vascular vessels. Noninvasive procedures can be used to occlude and obliterate the greater saphenous vein, for example in the treatment of varicose vein condition caused by venous valve insufficiency. Further described is the cooperative use of an angiogenic remodelable material... Agent:

20110295234 - Offset soft tip with proposed tooling: A medical catheter device is disclosed that comprises a tubular shaft member, a soft tip member, and a wire guide lumen extending longitudinally within the tubular shaft member and the soft tip member. The wire guide lumen is offset relative to the centerline within the soft tip member. By offsetting... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20110295235 - Covering for use with a medical connector: A soft grip medical connector comprises a housing with an upstream end, a downstream end and a lumen extending through a central portion thereof. A flexible member comprises a valve portion integrally formed with a sleeve portion. The valve portion is positioned within a section of the housing and is... Agent: Icu Medical, Inc.

20110295236 - Rectal drain appliance: A rectal drainage appliance is disclosed comprising a tubular element having an inflatable balloon at a distal end for anchoring the appliance in the rectum. The appliance includes one or more of: (i) first and second auxiliary lumens communicating with the inflatable balloon to provide independent inflation and pressure monitoring... Agent: Convatec Technologies, Inc.

20110295237 - Suture winding for a drainage catheter: Drainage catheters for use in a variety of medical procedures are presented herein. The drainage catheter features an improved tension member locking mechanism. In use, once the drainage catheter is placed as desired, a second connector piece is rotated relative to a first connector piece to wind the tension member... Agent: Cook Medical Technoligies LLC.

20110295238 - Device for fluid jet-supported separation and suctioning of tissue cells from a biological structure: a

20110295239 - Catheter assembly comprising a receptacle accommodating a catheter and a wetting fluid pouch: wherein at least one of said first and second layers of said wetting fluid pouch extends beyond the seal of the sealed closure to form an attachment area outside the sealed closure, wherein said wetting fluid pouch is attached to an inner surface of said receptacle, said attachment being provided... Agent: Astra Tech Ab

20110295240 - Foley catheter with proxmity sensor: An improved catheter design and related methods providing for a sensor disposed within a sensor lumen to provide detection and warning of instruments placed within the proximity of various anatomical structures. The sensor lumen can extend axially the length of a drainage lumen. The sensor or sensors should be able... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20110295241 - Method and apparatus for improving local hypoxicity for enhanced therapy: An implantable oxygen generator system is disclosed. The implantable oxygen generator system includes a receiver configured to generate an electrical current, and an electrode set configured to deliver the electrical current to water molecules of an interstitial fluid within a tissue, wherein the electrical current electrolyzes the water molecules into... Agent:

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