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Surgery December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110315139 - Automatic fresh gas control system: An anesthesia system is disclosed herein. The anesthesia system includes a pneumatic circuit comprising an inspiratory limb, an expiratory limb, and a sensor. The anesthesia system also includes an anesthesia machine comprising a controller. The controller is operatively connected to the sensor, and is configured to identify a respiratory phase... Agent: General Electric Company

20110315141 - Intra-oral continuous positive airway pressure (cpap) interfaces: The present invention provides intra-oral interfaces, systems and methods for preventing sleep apnea, the interfaces comprises a conduit adapted to receive continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) from a CPAP source, and for delivering positive air pressure to a mouth of a patient, a mouthpiece through which the conduit extends, the... Agent:

20110315140 - Portable oxygen concentrator: A vacuum pressure swing absorption system provides portable oxygen to medical patients. A pair of sieve beds are alternately pressurized with air and evacuated by vacuum by coordinated operation of a selector valve and a vent valve. Product gas flows from both sieve beds through respective check valves to a... Agent: Precision Medical, Inc.

20110315142 - Neck-worn air filtration device: A neck-worn personal air filtration device for providing a zone of filtered air around or near a user's breathing zone is described. The device comprises a blower, a hose, and a neck-worn plenum including a filter. Air blown from the blower, passes through the hose and into the plenum exiting... Agent: Augustine Biomedical And Design, LLC

20110315143 - Mask system: A nasal mask system includes an interface (80) adapted to form an air interface with a patient's nose, and a mouth seal (10) adapted to form a seal (20) with the patient's mouth. The mouth seal (20) is communicated with the interface (80) via a one-way air path (40) that... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110315144 - Respirator that has inward nose region fold with high level conformation: A flat fold filtering face piece respirator 10 that includes a mask body 12 and a harness 14. The mask body 12 includes a filtering structure 16 that contains a cover web 48, 50 and a filtration layer 52 that contains electrically-charged microfibers. The filtering structure 16 is folded over... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110315145 - Infant friendly nasal cpap canula seal: A nasal CPAP canula seal having directions of “above” and “below” by its anticipated placement on an infant face, above being higher up on the face and below being lower down. The canula seal includes a canula supporting portion, defining apertures for canula passage into the nostrils, and an anchoring... Agent:

20110315146 - Infant nasal cpap canula seal defining a vent: A nasal CPAP canula seal having directions of “above” and “below” by its anticipated placement on an infant face, above being higher up on the face and below being lower down. The seal has a canula supporting portion, defining holes for canula passage into the nostrils, and a nose-anchoring portion... Agent:

20110315147 - Tracheal tube with multifunctional lumen: Various embodiments of a tracheal tube having a multifunctional lumen disposed in a tracheal tube wall are provided. Provided tracheal tubes include a ventilation lumen, through which bidirectional airflow may be established to and from a patient during operation, as well as a multifunctional lumen adapted to receive a variety... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110315148 - Skin adherent medical devices: A skin adherent device is presented. The skin adherent device includes a first portion configured for attaching to a first portion of an anatomy. A second portion is configured for attaching to a second portion of the anatomy. A tubular bridge portion is configured for attaching to a third portion... Agent:

20110315149 - Oral orthesis for reducing snoring and sleep apnea symptoms: The invention relates to an oral orthesis for reducing snoring and sleep apnea symptoms includes a maxilla palate plate having a front edge at the front teeth, a back edge at the soft palatum and two sides edges at the molar rows and, attached thereon, fixing means to fix the... Agent: Octrooifabriek B.v.

20110315150 - Surgical drape: A surgical drape includes a base sheet of thin, flexible material. The base sheet includes an upper surface, a lower surface, a first lateral side edge, a second lateral side edge, a top edge and a bottom edge. A first support member extends between the first lateral side edge and... Agent:

20110315151 - Orthodontic pain shield: The present invention is devices and methods for quick and easy management of pain caused by orthodontic appliances. These dispensing devices and methods allow the user to quickly and easily obtain a desired size of a strip or segment applied to the orthodontic appliance to shield the user's mouth so... Agent:

12/22/2011 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20110308515 - Electronically controllable aerosol delivery: An aerosolization device comprises a housing having an inlet and an outlet and an airway extending from the inlet to the outlet. A valve in the airway comprises a piezoelectric element which controls the valve, and a reservoir in communication with the airway is adapted to contain a pharmaceutical formulation... Agent: Novartis Ag

20110308516 - Delivery device for a powder aerosol: characterized in that the housing (50) provides an inlet (63) and an outlet (56) for the receptacle (54) wherein the inlet (63) is in fluid communication with the source of propellant (53) and is directed against the medicament (80) and the outlet (56) is spaced from the medicament (80) to... Agent: Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

20110308517 - Arm for supporting a sensor: A sensor support arm, adapted for use with a breathing mask such that the arm is extendable underneath a sealing surface of a breathing mask is disclosed. The arm is adaptable at one end for fixing on to equipment worn by a user, having a sensor disposed at an opposing... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110308518 - Pressure support device user interface: A pressure support device (50) such as, such a CPAP machine (50), is provided, which includes a housing (51), and a controller (64) enclosed by the housing (51). The controller (64) operates the CPAP machine (50) independently or in combination with an accessory (70) such as, for example and without... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110308519 - Dry powder formulation comprising an antimuscarinic drug: The invention provides dry powder formulations suitable for the inhalatory administration by means of a dry powder inhaler, comprising an antimuscarinic drug as active ingredient. The invention also provides processes for the preparation of such a formulation and method for the prevention and/or treatment of a wide range of conditions... Agent: Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a.

20110308520 - Nasal pillows for a patient interface: A nasal pillow section for use as part of an apparatus for providing a stream of gases to a user, the pillow section in use located in front of the upper lip and below the nostrils of a user, the pillow section comprising a pillow gasket having a gases aperture... Agent:

20110308521 - Vaporizer: Provided is a vaporizing device configured for use with a disposable bottle to employ the disposable bottle as a collection device for collecting and delivering the vapor to a user. The vaporizing device includes a threaded connector portion configured to engage with the threaded bottle connector found on a conventional... Agent:

20110308522 - Gas filter with integrated heating: The present invention provides a filter assembly for filtering a gas stream. The filter assembly including a number of filter elements structured to be disposed in a gas stream. The filter assembly further including a heating element for heating each of the number of filter elements, the heating element being... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110308523 - Air on demand breathing system using a dynamic transducer for controlling air: An air on demand breathing system using a dynamic transducer for controlling air is disclosed. As the compressor of the system only provides air within the hose line when a threshold has been reached as determined by the dynamic transducer battery consumption is extended as the battery does not have... Agent:

20110308524 - Compact multigas filter: A filter assembly includes a filter bed comprising at least one chemical filtering medium and a pleated filter element. The pleated filter element includes a particulate filtering medium and at least one chemical filtering medium. In one implementation, the pleated element includes a non-woven web of polymeric fibers and more... Agent:

20110308525 - Stress deformable and sealed breathing mask: A stress deformable and sealed breathing mask that includes an air permeable rectilinear mask body having at least one layer of air filtering material and a resilient sealing strip at an upper edge of the mask body for sealing engagement with a user's face. An upper attachment strap is in... Agent:

20110308526 - Full face respiratory mask with integrated nasal interface: A patient interface that reliably and comfortably seals a user's face by providing an oral-nasal mask that includes an integrated nasal interface. The patient interface includes a seal member having an oral cushion portion configured to surround the user's mouth and a nasal interface portion that provides an interface with... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110308527 - Method and apparatus for tubal occlusion: A device for sterilizing females by occluding the uterotubal junction. The device includes a catheter with a releasable heat generating plug which is used to thermally damage the uterotubal junction and cause it to constrict around the plug, after which the plug is released from the catheter and left in... Agent: Cytyc Corporation

20110308531 - Adjustable oral appliance for treatment of snoring and sleep apnea: A mandibular advancement oral appliance for treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea comprises upper and lower thermoformed co-polyester splints, custom fabricated to match the patient's dentition. The splints are interconnected by a thread cord or filament in a pre-fabricated continuous loop with no knot. The loop passes through guide... Agent: James R. Glidewell Dental Ceramics, Inc.

20110308532 - Apparatus for clamping on the lower or upper teeth, and activator comprising such an apparatus: Apparatus which can be placed clampingly on a lower jaw or upper jaw, in particular on the molars and/or pre-molars thereof, essentially consisting of:—at least a left and a right buccal shaped body on the buccal side;—one or more connecting elements between the left and right buccal shaped body, wherein... Agent:

20110308528 - Sleep disorder relief device and method: The device has first and second flexible straps forming loops with a soft chin portion fitting under a wearer's chin, and a portion extending around the head, with a frontal bridge portion secured between opposite sides of the loops and being stretched over the front of the wearer's head to... Agent:

20110308529 - Systems and methods for treatment of sleep apnea: A system for treating an airway disorder is provided with an implant body configured to conform to an airway-interface tissue site in a manner compatible with normal physiological function of the site. In some embodiments, the implant body has a V-shape with first and second elongated legs configured for implantation... Agent:

20110308530 - Systems and methods for treatment of sleep apnea: A system for treating an airway disorder is provided with an implant body configured to conform to an airway-interface tissue site in a manner compatible with normal physiological function of the site. In some embodiments, the implant body has first and second end portions and a medial portion. The implant... Agent:

20110308533 - Apparatus and method of anchoring an ear piece: An apparatus and method of anchoring an earpiece is provided. The apparatus includes a flexible member of moldable expandable, semi-adhesive material. The flexible member has a predetermined shape. The method of anchoring an earpiece includes the steps of placing an earpiece in the ear. The method also includes the steps... Agent:

20110308534 - Support structure: The present invention relates generally to a support structure for fixating a patient to a treatment unit, and especially to a support structure for fixating the patient to a cardiopulmonary resuscitation unit. An embodiment of the support 5 structure (10) comprises a back plate (100) for positioning behind said patient's... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20110308535 - Bolero-style strait jacket: A strait jacket is disclosed, which is adapted to fit wearers of more than one clothing size. The strait jacket has a jacket torso body comprising at least two panels, each panel terminating at a lower edge located adjacent to but below the wearer's underarms. Sleeves extend from the torso... Agent:

20110308536 - Position dependent interference cancellation: A method for position tracking includes receiving signals from a main position transducer at a distal end of a medical probe via wiring traversing the probe to a connector at a proximal end of the probe, for connection to a processor, which processes the signals to find a first position... Agent:

12/15/2011 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110303219 - Gas blender with auxiliary mixed gas outlet: A gas blender with auxiliary mixed gas outlet for mixing a primary gas, generally air, and a secondary gas, generally oxygen, to obtain a mixed gas having several controlled characteristics. The gas blender may be incorporated into a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device. The gas blender controls the mixing... Agent: Carefusion 2200, Inc.

20110303218 - Nasal nebulizer: A nasal delivery system for and a method of delivering aerosolized medication to the nasal passageway of a patient for treating an ailment in the upper respiratory tract above the trachea, comprising: contacting a nosepiece to a patient's nose, the nosepiece being coupled to a directly to the mesh of... Agent:

20110303220 - Breathing tube apparatus for facial skin treatment procedures: A breathing apparatus for use in facial skin treatment procedures to allow a person being treated to breath without breathing through their nose or open mouth while substantially maintaining facial tissue exposed for application of a fluid treatment material including a breathing tube having one end for insertion into a... Agent: Bridges To Beauty, LLC

20110303221 - Inhaler: b

20110303222 - Liquid ejection head and inhaler: The present invention provides a liquid ejection head that includes a plurality of rows of liquid ejection ports 11 to eject liquid and a plurality of slit-shaped gas jet ports 12 or a plurality of rows of gas jet ports to jet out gas arranged alternately with the liquid ejection... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110303223 - Pressure support system with machine delivered breaths: A method of operating a ventilator or pressure support system that automatically determines a timed back up rate for the patient based on the patient's spontaneous breathing patterns. The aggressiveness of the determined rate increases as the patient takes less spontaneous breaths. Also, a method wherein one or more mechanisms... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110303224 - Skin adherent medical devices: A skin adherent device is presented. The skin adherent device includes a first portion configured for attaching to a first portion of an anatomy. A second portion is configured for attaching to a second portion of the anatomy. A third portion is configured for attaching to a third portion of... Agent:

20110303225 - Condom: This invention relates to condoms, prophylactics and contraceptive devices made of silicone rubber having a body with an open end and a closed end, a first collar proximate to the open end, a second collar adjacent to the first collar, and a series of accordion pleats on the body, wherein... Agent:

20110303226 - Condom: This invention relates to condoms, prophylactics and contraceptive devices made of silicone rubber having a body comprising a plurality of sections that are capable of folding telescopically, such that each section folds into an adjoining section.... Agent:

20110303227 - Spherically-shaped ear plug and method for forming the same: A spherically-shaped ear plug is described. The ear-plug is formed of silicone to provide pliable and malleable properties. Additionally, because the ear plug is made of silicone, when it is positioned and depressed into the ear canal, the front end of the ear plug is pushed out and deeper into... Agent:

20110303228 - Incontinence treatment system: An incontinence treatment system includes a rigid implant having an aspect ratio of greater than 5 and an insertion tool. The insertion tool includes a post fixed to a handle and a sheath disposed around the post. The sheath is axially retractable relative to the post and has a length... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110303229 - Delivery system, method, and anchor for medical implant placement: An anchor for a medical implant, methods of manufacturing the anchor, and procedures for placing a medical implant, such as for diagnosing, monitoring and/or treating cardiovascular diseases. The anchor has a base portion with first and second longitudinal ends and a cage therebetween. The anchor further has flexible arms, flexible... Agent: Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc.

12/08/2011 > 21 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110297146 - Liquid ejection head to be used for inhaler and inhaler: A liquid ejection head has a plurality of liquid ejection ports 10 and a plurality of gas jet ports 11 that are arranged alternately. The liquid droplets ejected from the liquid ejection ports 10 are prevented from colliding with each other and can maintain a uniform particle size distribution as... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110297145 - Nasal spray device: A nasal spray device is an environment friendly spray device so as to spray the liquid medicine in the container from the outlet. The nasal spray device includes a push member, a mount, a rod, a block, a resilient member and a cylindrical body. The resilient member made by metal... Agent:

20110297147 - Systems and methods for cardiac arrest protocol compliance: A method for treating a person experiencing a cardiac arrest is disclosed. The method may include providing a kit having four sections and a visual medium. The first section may include a ventilation system. The second section may include a drug delivery system. The third section may include one set... Agent: Resqcor

20110297148 - Anesthesia system with detachable anesthetic dispensing device: An anesthesia system for providing a breathing gas enriched with anesthetic has an anesthesia apparatus (2) and at least one anesthetic dispensing device (3), which is detachably coupled with the anesthesia apparatus. A fluid connection (7, 8, 9) is provided between the anesthesia apparatus and the dispensing device, which is... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20110297150 - Method and apparatus for humidification of breathable gas with profiled delivery: A method and apparatus for delivering breathable gas to a user includes a humidifying unit that is controllable to humidify the gas in accordance with a variable humidity profile such that the gas is delivered to the user at variable humidity levels, e.g., during a treatment session.... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110297149 - Veterinary anesthesia monitoring system: A veterinary anesthesia monitor system useful in establishing, maintaining, and reporting upon the anesthesia gas mixture delivered to or exhaled by a patient.... Agent: Intellivet Anesthesia Equipment, LLC

20110297151 - Inhaler: An inhaler, particularly a powder inhaler, for administering a medicament in the form of inhalable substances, substance formulations or mixtures, with a mouthpiece (2) and a magazine that comprises a housing (3) having a plurality of cavities (32) for holding the medicament, the mouthpiece (2) being in flow connection with... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20110297152 - Humidification face mask: A self-contained re-humidification mask (1) having locating means (6) to enable the mask to be supported in an operative position on a user (4) is provided. The mask has a wall (2) shaped as a moulded domed mask configured to cover the face of a user from the nose to... Agent:

20110297153 - Breathing apparatus: A double counterlung for the breathing circuit of a diver has regulators (41, 51) for automatic addition and venting of breathing gas. Also disclosed is a weighted hinged plate (3) for a double counterlung, to reduce breathing effort when the diver is horizontal. Other improvements to the breathing circuit are... Agent: Grimsey Marine Technology Limited

20110297154 - Control of supplied pressure in assisted ventilation: Methods and apparatus for detecting the occurrence of a potential or actual overpressure during assisted ventilation are described. A blower (10) supplies pressurised gas to a conduit (12), and in turn to a patient mask (11) for connection with the entrance of a patient's airways. A pressure sensor (17, 18)... Agent:

20110297156 - Automatic pressure titration: A pressure support methodology and system that utilizes at least two, and possibly all three, of information relating to (i) airway patency, i.e., the degree to which the patient's airway is open, (ii) the primary cause of the current sleep disordered breathing event, and (iii) the patient's response to previous... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110297155 - Patient-ventilator dyssynchrony detection: A method of detecting dyssynchrony between a patient and a pressure support system includes receiving patient flow data relating to a flow of gas provided to the patient by the pressure support system, receiving an I/E state signal representing a respiratory phase of the patient as determined by the pressure... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110297157 - Respiration system: A respiration system with a breathing mask, a connection device formed on the breathing mask for connecting the breathing mask to a flexible air tube, with a device for attaching the breathing mask on the head of a patient with a contact unit for being placed on the head of... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20110297158 - Cpap mask frame: A continuous positive airway pressure (“CPAP”) mask is provided. The CPAP mask includes a mask support that includes a cavity provided within the mask support. The CPAP mask further includes a mask cushion that is received within the cavity. The mask cushion and the mask support each include an opening.... Agent: Home Health Medical Equipment, Inc. D/b/a Ag Industries

20110297159 - Breathing assistance apparatus: The disclosure describes a novel apparatus for providing an airway to a patient after having his or her jaw wired shut. The apparatus provides for an unobstructed airway that allows a patient with at least a partially blocked nasal passage to breathe effectively and easily during recovery.... Agent:

20110297160 - Pivotable endotracheal tube assemblies: A pivotable endotracheal tube assembly includes an insertion tube defining a first ventilating lumen and adapted for insertion in the trachea of a patient, a connection tube defining a second ventilating lumen, and a pivotable fitting adapted to interconnect the tubes to thereby communicate the first and second ventilating lumens... Agent:

20110297161 - Sacrocolpopexy support and method of implantation: A method of treating prolapse of a vagina includes securing a base of a support to tissue by inserting an anchor into the tissue, the anchor coupled to the support via an interconnecting member, securing a leg of the support that extends from the base of the support to a... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110297162 - Intraoral ferrule: The invention relates to an intraoral splint (1) with a rear arch (2) to prevent snoring and apneas which prevents the possible shift of the tongue towards the rear part of the oral cavity of said user by means of the placement in the user's maxilla, thereby preventing the possible... Agent:

20110297164 - Surgical drape with separable elements: The present disclosure relates to a one piece customized disposable surgical drape to be used in any surgery, and more specifically to a one piece customized disposable surgical drape that includes one or more of the following: (1) a patient drape for use with a standalone non-draped image acquisition device... Agent: Creative Surgical Solutions, LLC

20110297163 - Surgical procedure bag: A surgical procedure bag allowing for rapid preparation of a surgical procedure while ensuring the sterility of the patient and the surgical instruments. The surgical procedure bag comprises a top layer and a bottom layer. The bottom layer is placed above and against the surgical site and, wearing gloves, the... Agent:

20110297165 - Mouth guard: The mouth guard has an outer cover, an inner cover and a label. The outer cover is U-shaped and pliable and transparent and has a top surface and a mounting groove formed in the top surface. The inner cover is U-shaped and pliable and transparent and has a size smaller... Agent: Lian Cherng Sports Co., Ltd.

12/01/2011 > 24 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110290240 - Method and device for performing orientation dependent oscillating positive expiratory pressure therapy: A respiratory device comprising a housing enclosing a chamber and an orientation indicator moveable with respect to the housing between a first position indicative of an orientation of the housing predetermined to be suitable for operation of the respiratory device, and a second position indicative of an orientation of the... Agent:

20110290239 - Nebulizer: A nebulizer is proposed which comprises an insertable container and a counter device for counting operations of the nebulizer. The nebulizer can be opened for replacing the container. The counter devices blocks opening of the nebulizer until a predetermined number for operations has been reached.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20110290241 - Nebulizers and function units attachable to nebulizer: A nebulizer includes a main body unit, an atomization unit, and a breath detection unit, which is a function unit for realizing an additional function of the nebulizer. The main body unit and the atomization unit are separable. The atomization unit includes a storage section for storing the medicinal solution,... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110290242 - Nebulizer: A nebulizer, in particular inhaler, having a pre-installed container is proposed. The container has a fluid outlet with two associated closures. A first closure is already pierced in a delivery state where the container is pre-installed in the partly closed nebulizer. The second closure is opened just before or when... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20110290243 - Nebulizer: A nebulizer is proposed which comprises an insertable container and a securing means for holding the container in the nebulizer such that the container can move back and forth but can not be separated. The securing means is formed by a metal unitary part. The securing means forms a transportation... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20110290244 - Aerosol generator: An aerosol generator comprising a body, a mouthpiece on the body and a delivery mechanism delivers aerosol for inhalation by a consumer into the mouthpiece by turning the mouthpiece and body relative to one another. The aerosol is generated from liquid dispensed from a canister having a discharge tube depressible... Agent:

20110290245 - Internally braced radial balloon dilator: There is provided a device for performing a balloon dilation tracheostomy. The balloon has internal braces or “stays” extending from the center to the inside surface of the balloon, though other arrangements are possible. The braces control the ultimate expansion and final shape of the balloon when it is fully... Agent:

20110290246 - Method and apparatus for protection of trachea during ventilation: Disclosed are methods for intubating a patient, comprising deploying a tracheal tube, a sleeve and a cuff into a human trachea such that after deployment, the tracheal tube passes through the sleeve within the trachea, the cuff contacts the outer surface of the tracheal tube and the inner surface of... Agent:

20110290247 - Methods and devices for rescuing a distressed diver: The invention discloses devices and methods for identifying a diver in distress and initiating a rescue response. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention allow for identification of a diver who is not breathing properly and in response giving local stimuli to allow the diver to response. Should he/she not respond,... Agent:

20110290248 - Aerosol generator: An aerosol generator has a generally cylindrical body with a mouthpiece at one end a removable canister received within the body, the canister containing pressurised fluid, an interior, continuous canister valve and a depressible discharge tube that releases the fluid into the body. An electrically operable valve controls the discharge... Agent:

20110290249 - Aerosol generator: An aerosol generator device comprises an elongate body with an interior passageway extending longitudinally to its mouth end. The device receives an interchangeable, pressurised canister charged with a nicotine containing liquid that is discharged in a metered dose on manual actuation of a trigger that causes a valve in the... Agent:

20110290250 - Apparatus and method of monitoring and responding to respiratory depression: The present disclosure involves a system for monitoring patients, and more specifically post-operative patients receiving narcotics, and a novel apparatus for automatically delivering a narcotic-reversing agent, including but not limited to the agent commonly known as naloxone, in response to dangerous respiratory conditions such as respiratory depression or other undesired... Agent:

20110290251 - Breathing circuit pressure control system: A breathing circuit pressure control system in connection of ventilation, controlling pressure in an airway line of the breathing circuit is provided. The breathing circuit pressure control system includes: a flow control element configured to control flow resistance in the airway line; an electromagnetic actuator configured to create a force... Agent:

20110290252 - Closed loop respiratory support device with dynamic adaptability: The invention provides an automatic system based on the dynamic adaptability strategy for controlling oxygen concentration in blood of patients with fluctuating oxygen needs. The inventive system monitors patient's clinical measurement data and updates the system continuously, which provides changes in FiO2 and gas flow that are more patient specific... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20110290253 - Respiratory mask sealing interface: A sealing interface includes an inner cushion and an outer sheath. The outer sheath substantially seals against the facial contours of the user. The inner cushion and the outer sheath each have a nasal bridge region, left and right cheek regions and either one of an upper lip region or... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

20110290255 - Tracheal cannula: The present invention relates to a cannula (1) including a tubular body (2) with a first end (3) intended for being inserted in a surgical opening or natural orifice of a patient and a second end (4) intended for remaining on the outside and engaging with the opening by means... Agent:

20110290254 - Tracheal tube with connector insert: A tracheal tube assembly includes a connector body, a cannula extending from the connector body, and an insert that provides rigidity to the connector body and retains the cannula in the connector body. The cannula has a tapered upper end that fits between conforming tapered sections of the connector body... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110290256 - Layered nasal respiratory devices: Described herein are nasal devices, including nasal devices formed in layers having four or fewer layers. In some variations, the nasal devices include a single integrated layer from which the flap of the airflow resistor is formed as well as the base of the holdfast region. The nasal devices may... Agent:

20110290257 - Portable apparatus for establishing an isolation field: Apparatus and methods of their use are described herein. In an aspect, an apparatus includes: a structure defining an aperture at an engagement surface configured to reversibly seal to a surface on an individual body, and further defining an isolation field; at least one gas port; one or more gas... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110290258 - Apparatus and methods for treating sleep apnea: An apparatus and method for treating sleep apnea and/or snoring is provided. The apparatus includes an appliance sized and structured to be placed in the pharyngeal region of a human or animal and being effective in treating sleep apnea and/or snoring, for example in maintaining openness of an oropharyngeal region... Agent: Quiescence Medical, Inc.

20110290260 - Catheter tray, packaging system, instruction insert, and associated methods: A tray (100) for accommodating a coiled medical device, such as a catheter assembly (700), includes a first compartment (101), a second compartment (102), and a third compartment (103). The catheter assembly (700) and devices associated with a catheterization procedure, such as syringes (701,702) containing sterile water and lubricating jelly... Agent:

20110290259 - Chlorhexidine-containing antimicrobial laminates: Antimicrobial laminates of the invention comprise at least one adhesive layer; a backing outwardly exposed on a first side of the adhesive layer; and, optionally, a release liner outwardly exposed on a second side of the adhesive layer opposite from the first side of the adhesive layer. At least one... Agent:

20110290261 - Mouth guards for treating of temporomandibular disorder and associated methods: A mouth guard that may be used to treat temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is configured to eliminate pressure on an individual's back teeth. Such a mouth guard may also be configured to prevent a subject's lower jaw from moving in a posterior direction, or from “distalization.” Methods for treating TMD include... Agent:

20110290262 - Catheter tray, packaging system, instruction insert, and associated methods: A tray (100) for accommodating a coiled medical device, such as a catheter assembly (700), includes a first compartment (101), a second compartment (102), and a third compartment (103). The catheter assembly (700) and devices associated with a catheterization procedure, such as syringes (701,702) containing sterile water and lubricating jelly... Agent:

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