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Surgery November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/11

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11/24/2011 > 88 patent applications in 65 patent subcategories.

20110288361 - Real time radiation treatment planning system: The invention relates to a real time radiation treatment planning system for use in effecting radiation therapy of a pre-selected anatomical portion of an animal body using hollow needles. According to embodiments of the invention, the system may include a processing means processing means-configured to perform a three-dimensional imaging algorithm... Agent: Nucletron B.v.

20110288362 - Magnetic field applicator system: A magnetic field applicator system wherein a plurality of magnets are generally fixed within an applicator base, each of the plurality of magnets having a magnetic axis at an angle different to other magnets in the plurality of magnets. The magnetic axis may be random with respect to others within... Agent:

20110288363 - Biologically enhanced irrigants: Compositions, systems and methods utilizing engineered surgical irrigants providing delivery of components with therapeutic or other secondary benefits. Engineered irrigants provide targeted delivery of desired agents, including agents for propulsion of nano-devices, agents including molecular probes, gene expression agents, magnetically orientable agents, agents for discrete tissue temperature detection and tissue... Agent: Nuortho Surgical Inc.

20110288364 - Transcranial magnetic stimulation system and methods: A system and methods for transcranial magnetic stimulation, the system including a helmet, a positioning portion, a stimulator and a cooling system, are disclosed. The helmet includes a coil for deep brain magnetic stimulation. The coil has a base portion, and return portions, which may include a protruding return portion... Agent:

20110288365 - Transcranial magnetic stimulation system and methods: A system and methods for transcranial magnetic stimulation, the system including a helmet, a positioning portion, a stimulator and a cooling system, are disclosed. The helmet includes a coil for deep brain magnetic stimulation. The coil has a base portion, and return portions, which may include a protruding return portion... Agent:

20110288366 - Surgical approach to treat coronary artery syndromes: A treatment for congestive heart failure due to acute or chronic coronary syndromes with myocardial infarction comprising excising from the patient's heart an auricular appendage and grafting the auricular appendage to the damaged heart muscle.... Agent:

20110288367 - Actuator for a heart assist device: An actuator (10) for a heart assist device. The actuator (10) includes an inflatable balloon (12) and a shroud or wrap (14). The inflatable balloon (12) has a first body portion (22), a second body portion (26) and a flexure region joining (24) the first (22) and second (26) body... Agent: Sunshine Heart Company Pty Ltd

20110288368 - Surgical articles and methods for treating urinary incontinence: Described are devices, implants and kits for treating incontinence in a male or female. In particular an assembly comprising a multi-piece implant comprising a support portion piece (82) and two extension portion pieces (84) adjustably connected to the support portion piece, and an adjusting tool (92) to allow adjustment of... Agent:

20110288369 - Surgical instrument and method: An actuator for use in a surgical instrument, the actuator includes an upper portion configured to be actuated by one or more fingers, wherein the upper portion has an upper distal portion for operating the surgical instrument in a first mode of operation, and an upper proximal portion for operating... Agent:

20110288370 - Method and means for erection enhancement: A means for achieving enhanced erection includes a mounting attachment (10) to be placed onto the penis, e.g. in the form of a penis ring of a substantially elastic material. On the mounting attachment (10), one or more rows (14) of miniature vibrator motors (8 ABC) is/are provided, each row... Agent: Orbus As

20110288371 - Endoscope device: An endoscope device includes a treatment instrument, the treatment instrument including a treatment instrument body, a distal treatment portion provided in a distal direction side to the treatment instrument body, and a rotary joint portion configured to rotate the distal treatment portion around an axis relative to the treatment instrument... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110288372 - Endoscope having a camera housing and method for making a camera housing: The current invention relates to an endoscope having a distal end being arranged to be inserted into a body cavity of a patient to be examined and a proximal end which is arranged to be held by the user of the endoscope. The endoscope further comprises a control handle arranged... Agent:

20110288373 - Sensor system and method for image capture of an object: In a sensor system and a corresponding method for image capture of an object, an imaging sensor is arranged in a recording area of an optical sensor, the recording area being defined for the object, in such a way as to be essentially stationary relative to said object. By means... Agent:

20110288374 - Method and endoscopic device for examining or imaging an interior surface of a corporeal cavity: An endoscopic imaging catheter is configured for insertion via a longitudinal channel of an endoscopic. The endoscopic imaging catheter includes an optical element, an imaging element, and a rotatable tubular shaft comprises an optical element and an imaging element, which comprise a side-looking imaging component. An endoscopic imaging catheter may... Agent: Nanamed, LLC

20110288375 - Endoscope: An endoscope is provided that includes: an insertion portion; a bending portion having an independently bendable first bending region, and a second bending region that is bendable in the same direction as a bending direction of the first bending region together with the first bending region; a flexible tube portion;... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110288376 - Method and apparatus for retraction of pannus: A pannus retraction device includes a pannus contacting portion and a femoral region access opening. The device is positioned on the patient's thigh, and is moved to press the pannus away from the femoral access region, and to position the access opening in a desired zone. The device is secured... Agent: Tz Medical-tepper, LLC

20110288377 - Biological information measurement apparatus and method thereof: A biological information measurement apparatus includes an input unit configured to input a captured image of a subject whose biological information is to be measured, a surrounding condition recognition unit configured to recognize surrounding conditions of the subject from the image, and a control unit configured to control a measurement... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110288378 - Method of administering a lifestyle tracking system: A method of administering a lifestyle tracking system using a computer and a storage medium connected to the computer is provided herein. For the method, a lifestyle variable is inputted into the computer in response to an action by a user of the tracking system. The inputted lifestyle variable is... Agent:

20110288379 - Body sign dynamically monitoring system: A real-time body status monitoring system (RBMS) is presented in this invention. A wearable monitoring apparatus (WMA) worn by users consists of one or a few sensor nodes and a computing module. Sensor nodes communicate with the computing module via either wired or wireless protocols. RBMS incorporates a monitoring center... Agent: Wuxi Microsens Co., Ltd.

20110288382 - Compact apparatus and methods for non-invasively measuring hemodynamic parameters: Improved apparatus and methods for non-invasively assessing one or more hemodynamic parameters associated with the circulatory system of a living organism. In one aspect, the invention comprises spatially compact “bracelet” embodiment adapted to accurately place and maintain a sensor (e.g., tonometric pressure sensor) with respect to the anatomy of the... Agent:

20110288380 - Condition state monitor and medication manager: A medication dispensing compliance device with interconnectivity to common vital sign monitoring devices such as blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, weight scales, pulse oximeters, heart rate monitors, body temperature, respirometers and other vital sign monitoring apparatus and a system for the aggregation of medication management and clinical vital signs to monitor... Agent: Meridian Health System, Inc.

20110288383 - Plethysmograph pulse recognition processor: A time domain rule-based processor provides recognition of pulses in a pulse oximeter-derived waveform.... Agent:

20110288381 - System and apparatus for correlating heart rate to exercise parameters: A computer-implemented method is used for estimating an exercise parameter for a user. The method includes the steps of receiving a measured physiologic value such as heart rate, determining an estimated exercise parameter value based on the physiologic value based on a stored correlation between a measured physiologic value and... Agent:

20110288384 - Systems and methods for acquiring calibration data usable in a pulse oximeter: The present disclosure includes a pulse oximeter attachment having an accessible memory. In one embodiment, the pulse oximeter attachment stores calibration data, such as, for example, calibration data associated with a type of a sensor, a calibration curve, or the like. The calibration data is used to calculate physiological parameters... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20110288385 - Method for measuring skin hydration: The methods of this invention relate to means for measuring skin hydration. The methods of this invention utilize at least two wavelengths filtered by at least two polarizers to create digital images of skin treated with personal care products. The methods are useful for demonstrating the efficacy of skin care... Agent:

20110288386 - On-body medical device securement: Devices and methods for maintaining a medical device on-body are provided. Embodiments include medical device securement systems having first and second on-body securement elements. Also provided are systems and kits for use maintaining a medical device on-body.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110288387 - Transmissivity adjustment apparatus, observation apparatus and obsevation system: Using a transmittance adjusting device decreasing a transmittance of at least from 460 nm to 500 nm, which is a wavelength range between a point of end of a first optical absorption peak of hemoglobin and a point of start of a second optical absorption peak of hemoglobin, to between... Agent:

20110288388 - Multi-conductor lead configurations useful with medical device systems and methods for making and using them: A multiple-conductor electrical lead for use with medical device systems and a method of manufacture is disclosed. The multiple-conductor electrical lead comprises a central core and has at least one conductor, typically in the form of a ribbon cable, coiled around it along its length. Typically one or more ribbon... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110288389 - Oxygen sensor: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for determining oxygen in a sample, or in a subject. In one aspect, the present invention is generally directed to an article exhibiting a determinable feature responsive to oxygen, such as oxygen-sensitive particles. The particles may exhibit a determinable change with... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20110288390 - Protector apparatus: An apparatus and a method for use with a device for delivery of a therapeutic fluid into a body of a patient and/or for sensing of a bodily analyte are disclosed. The apparatus is adapted for accommodating at least one subcutaneously insertable element and at least one penetrating member for... Agent: Medingo, Ltd.

20110288391 - Titanium-based multi-channel microelectrode array for electrophysiological recording and stimulation of neural tissue: A microelectrode array including a top portion, a plurality of pads positioned on the top portion, and a shank portion, the shank portion including a titanium substrate, a dielectric structure positioned on the titanium substrate, and a metallization layer embedded in the dielectric structure, the metallization layer including a plurality... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20110288392 - Kit for non-invasive electrophysiology procedures and method of its use: An electrophysiology catheter for use with a steerable introducer sheath includes a flexible catheter body having a proximal end and a distal end and at least one hollow elongate tip electrode disposed at the distal end of the catheter body. The hollow elongate tip electrode includes a sidewall having at... Agent:

20110288393 - Electrode system for transdermal conduction of electric signals, and a method of use thereof: There is disclosed a system of electrodes used for transdermal conduction of electric signals and a method of use thereof, the said system comprising a plurality of electrode parts (17, 58, 58′) connected by means of electrical conductors (17′, 68) to electric impedance tomography apparatuses, as well as other devices,... Agent: Timpel S.a.

20110288394 - Textile-based electrode: Textile-based electrodes include a fabric portion having stretch-recovery non-conductive yarns and an electrically conductive region having stretch-recovery electrically conductive yarn filaments. The electrodes can further include float yarns and can be configured in a textured or ribbed construction. When incorporated into a garment, the electrodes can be used to monitor... Agent: Textronics, Inc.

20110288396 - Device to directly monitor intra ocular pressure by a person based on pattern and colour changes: A Device which enables a person to see for himself changes in Intra Ocular Pressure when he looks at his eye in the Mirror, in the routine course of everyday, as every one likes to see his Own face and eyes in the Mirror everyday. The device being Tiny and... Agent:

20110288395 - Pressure measurement device: A non-invasive device adapted to measure intraocular pressure (IOP) comprising: a pressure sensor mounted on a soft contact lens to be worn on the eye of a subject, wherein the device is adapted such that, when worn on the eye, the pressure sensor is located at or near the transitional... Agent: University Of Dundee

20110288397 - Medical diagnostic imaging apparatus: Provided is a medical image diagnosis apparatus which requires a small area for installation, has a short length in an axial direction of the apparatus, can reduce a problem of the strength of a top plate, and can simultaneously carry out dynamic PET-imaging of the entire body. A top plate... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20110288399 - Placental calcification magnetic resonance imaging: A method comprises acquiring at least one magnetic resonance image of a placenta using an ultra-short echo time (UTE) pulse sequence; and processing the at least one magnetic resonance image to generate information indicative of placental calcification. In apparatus embodiments, a gynecology module (20) comprises a digital processor configured to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110288398 - Short te 3d radial sampling sequence for mri: A method for magnetic resonance imaging includes providing a radio frequency excitation pulse to a specimen. The pulse has a duration. The method includes, concurrent with providing the radio frequency excitation pulse, applying a first gradient having a first polarity. The method includes applying a readout gradient at a time... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20110288401 - Big bore pet/mr system: A nuclear detector module (24) is housed within an electrically conductive hollow resonator element (18) that is to be used in a combined MR and nuclear imaging unit. The resonator element has an inner face (26) which is radiation transparent facing an examination region (14) and a plurality of other... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110288400 - Methods and systems for generating electrical property maps of biological structures: A method performed at a computer system having one or more processors and memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors is disclosed. The method includes accessing multiple images of a biological structure, generating an electrical property map of at least a portion of... Agent:

20110288402 - Mr imaging with cest contrast enhancement: The invention relates to a method of MR imaging of at least a portion of a body of a patient placed in an examination volume of an MR device. The object of the invention is to improve CEST contrast enhanced imaging. The method of the invention comprises the following steps:... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110288403 - Multilayer helical wave filter for mri applications: A multilayer helical wave filter having a primary resonance at a selected MRI RF pulsed frequency or frequency range, includes an elongated conductor forming at least a portion of an implantable medical lead. The elongated conductor includes a first helically wound segment having at least one planar surface, a first... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20110288405 - Device, system, and method for a stress sensing medical needle: In an embodiment, an apparatus comprises a needle (e.g., hypodermic needle or trocar) and sensor (e.g., fiber Braggs grating sensor) coupled to a system to determine (e.g., in real time) stress and/or vibrations encountered by the needle. Consequently, various embodiments may (a) help identify nearby vessels, (b) determine whether the... Agent:

20110288404 - Shape modeling and detection of catheter: A method and system for detecting and modeling a catheter in a fluoroscopic image is disclosed. Catheter tip candidates and catheter body candidates are detected in the fluoroscopic image. One of a plurality of trained shape models is fitted to the catheter tip candidates and the catheter body candidates in... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20110288406 - Ct perfusion phantom: A physical phantom reference to control for variability of computed tomography measurement results duplicates the density curve of blood perfusion of contrast material in a healthy aorta or large artery to normalize observed changes in healthy arterial blood perfusion when calculating the reduction in tumor blood perfusion between two examination... Agent: Hadsit Medical Research Services And Development Ltd.

20110288407 - Model-based extension of field-of-view in nuclear imaging: A CT imaging system (12) generates structural data of a first FOV which is reconstructed by a CT reconstruction processor (52) into a CT image representation. A nuclear imaging system acquires functional data from a second FOV which is smaller than the first FOV. A first PET reconstruction processor (60)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110288408 - Diastolic coronary perfusion detection for timed delivery of therapeutic and/or diagnostic agents: During diastolic coronary perfusion, blood perfuses through the heart via the coronary arteries. Delivery of a therapeutic and/or diagnostic agent to the heart during diastolic coronary perfusion allows the therapeutic and/or diagnostic agent to efficiently perfuse through the heart. A medical device according to the invention detects closure of the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110288409 - Imaging of biological structures: Images of blood vessels of a body are obtained by injecting a refraction enhancement contrast agent into the blood vessels to increase a difference in refractive indices of the blood vessels and surrounding material. The blood vessels are irradiated with a penetrating radiation, and an image of the blood vessels... Agent: Academia Sinica

20110288410 - Methods and systems for diagnostic ultrasound based monitoring of high intensity focused ultrasound therapy: Methods and systems for monitoring the progress of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) therapy use diagnostic ultrasound to identify temperature differentials using scatterer tracking between two backscattered radio frequency frames. The observed displacement of the scatterers may be combined with knowledge of the exposure protocol, material properties, heat transfer, and/or... Agent:

20110288412 - Devices and methods for treatment of tissue: Delivery systems, and methods using the same, having an ultrasound viewing window for improved imaging and a needle for ablation treatment of target tissues. In an embodiment, the target tissue is a fibroid within a female's uterus. In an embodiment, the delivery system includes a rigid shaft having a proximal... Agent: Gynesonics, Inc.

20110288411 - Multi-mode induced acoustic imaging systems and methods: A multi-mode Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Imaging (EMAI) system is disclosed. The EMAI system utilizes an electromagnetic energy source to induce multiple acoustic signals in surrounding objects including a target tissue area or a transducer. The induced acoustic signals can be collected and converted to imaging data, which can be used to... Agent:

20110288413 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus control method: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus is configured to execute an imaging mode of alternately executing a continuous wave Doppler mode of acquiring time-series Doppler data by performing continuous wave transmission/reception with respect to an object and a B mode of acquiring tomogram data represented by luminance by... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110288414 - Full-field breast image data processing and archiving: A system, computer program product, and related methods are described for obtaining, processing, and/or and archiving full-field breast image data, such as full-field breast ultrasound (FFBU) data, in a manner that promotes ready integration with current x-ray mammogram-based breast cancer screening methodologies, and which can alternatively be used to support... Agent: U-systems, Inc.

20110288415 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method of displaying an ultrasound image: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes an ultrasound probe, a location sensor that detects a location of the ultrasound probe, and a location calculation device configured to calculate a location of echo data in a first three-dimensional coordinate system having a certain point as an origin based on the probe location.... Agent:

20110288416 - Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic device: An ultrasonic probe includes at least one transmission element layer for transmitting ultrasonic waves, at least one reception element layer for receiving ultrasonic waves and which is provided with an electrode on each of both surfaces opposed in a thickness direction thereof, and at least one matching layer for matching... Agent:

20110288417 - Mobile videoconferencing robot system with autonomy and image analysis: A robot system that can move about two or more patient beds. The robot includes a monitor and an infrared camera that are coupled to a mobile platform. The robot also includes a controller that is programmed to autonomously move the mobile platform from one patient to another patient and... Agent: Intouch Technologies, Inc.

20110288418 - In vivo measurement of mitochondrial function: Disclosed herein are devices for assessing mitochondrial function in a living subject comprising a catheter comprising a sheath defining a lumen, a distal end, and a proximal end comprising a light guide for radiating light onto a target within the subject and for receiving a fluorescence signal from the target;... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20110288419 - Arterial pulse decomposition analysis for vital signs determination: determining physiological life signs, with a sensor that is in contact with the surface of a patient's skin at point proximate an artery, and measuring arterial blood vessel displacement and/or blood pressure changes. A data stream of measurements of is collected and a set of parameters from the collected data,... Agent:

20110288420 - Blood pressure measuring device and blood pressure measuring method: A blood pressure measuring device includes a blood flow velocity sensor detecting a blood flow within the body; a blood flow velocity sensor driver driving the blood flow velocity sensor part; a blood flow velocity sensor signal calculating part controlling the blood flow velocity sensor driver and the blood flow... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110288421 - Blood pressure monitor: The invention provides a method for measuring a blood pressure value of a user featuring the following steps: 1) generating optical, electrical, and acoustic waveforms with, respectively, optical, electrical, and acoustic sensors attached to a single substrate that contacts a user; 2) determining at least one parameter by analyzing the... Agent: Sotera Wireless, Inc.

20110288422 - Estimation of pressure at remote site by brachial oscillometric wave from analysis: The present invention relates to a device and a method for estimating central systolic blood pressure based on oscillometric signals from brachial artery by the use of a pressure cuff.... Agent: National Yang-ming University

20110288423 - Blood pressure measuring apparatus and blood pressure measuring method: A blood pressure measuring apparatus which measures a blood pressure in a step of gradually changing a cuff pressure adapted to press an artery, includes: a pulse wave detecting unit; a pulse wave interval measuring unit; a waveform information storing unit; a change trend calculating unit; a waveform information comparing... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20110288424 - Human fatigue assessment device and human fatigue assessment method: A human fatigue assessment device capable of performing highly accurate fatigue assessment is provided. The human fatigue assessment device (100) includes: a physiological signal measuring unit (101) which measures a pulse wave signal of a user; a feature value extracting unit (102) which extracts first feature values each of which... Agent:

20110288426 - Electrocardiograph with extended lead function, and extended lead electrocardiogram deriving method: There are provided an electrocardiograph with an extended lead function and an extended lead ECG deriving method capable of easily deriving an ECG signal of an extended lead ECG by an arithmetic operation, based on ECG signals of a standard 12-lead ECG measured by a potential detector 10. An ECG... Agent:

20110288425 - Reduced electrode electrocardiography system: Electrocardiographic (ECG) signals, such as the standard 12-lead, are synthesized from a novel reduced electrode set. Signals are received from a group of electrodes connected to predetermined locations on a human body and deriving at least one further ECG signal using predetermined transformation(s) on a set of ECG signals. This... Agent:

20110288427 - Discrimination of supraventricular tachycardia and ventricular tachycardia events: A method and system for discrimination of supraventricular tachycardia and ventricular tachycardia events. Morphological features points are extracted from normal sinus rhythm (NSR) complexes and used to generate a NSR template. A numerical convolution is performed using the NSR template and the feature points for each sensed NSR to give... Agent:

20110288429 - Contamination removal from sensors placed in an airway: A sensor assembly includes a sensing element and an actuator. The sensing element measures a parameter associated with gas in an airway. The actuator actuates the sensing element to prevent contamination build up on the sensing element.... Agent: Carefusion 207, Inc.

20110288428 - Fan assembly for a rebreathe system: A circulation system for use in a rebreathe system includes a base and a fan assembly coupled to the base. The base includes a motor and a rotatable drive shaft coupled to the motor. The fan assembly includes a housing with an inlet and outlet. The fan assembly further includes... Agent: Carefusion 207, Inc.

20110288430 - Gas sensor: A sensor and method for detecting a target substance, particularly CO2, in a gas stream comprises a sensing element disposed to be exposed to the gas stream, the sensing element comprising a working electrode; a counter electrode; and a solid electrolyte precursor extending between and in contact with the working... Agent: Anaxsys Technology Limited

20110288431 - Method and apparatus for monitoring breathing cycle by frequency analysis of an acoustic data stream: Disclosed herein is a method and apparatus for monitoring, identifying and determining the breathing cycle of an individual from processed acoustic signal waveform data. The breathing sounds of an individual are recorded using a microphone and digitized such that the breathing sounds may be plotted. The data is segmented and... Agent: Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

20110288432 - Vascular introducer with temperature monitoring probe and systems for endovascular temperature control: An introducer sheath/temperature probe assembly that is insertable into a blood vessel of a human or veterinary patent to measure the temperature of blood flowing through that blood vessel. The introducer sheath/temperature probe assembly may be used in conjunction with an indwelling heat exchange catheter system to warm or cool... Agent: Zoll Circulation, Inc.

20110288433 - Electromyography system: Methods for determining structural integrity of a bone within the spine of a patient, the bone having a first aspect and a second aspect, wherein the second aspect separated from the first aspect by a width and located adjacent to a spinal nerve. The methods involve (a) applying an electrical... Agent:

20110288434 - Tactile sensory testing instrument: A hand held instrument for evaluation of cutaneous sensory perception includes a body member, a rotatable head, and a testing element such as a monofilament projecting from the head member wherein the head member and the body are rotatably engaged for positioning the head member with its projecting testing element... Agent:

20110288435 - Tactile sensory testing instrument: A hand held instrument for evaluation of cutaneous sensory perception includes a body member, a rotatable head, and a testing element such as a monofilament projecting from the head member wherein the head member and the body are rotatably engaged for positioning the head member with its projecting testing element... Agent:

20110288436 - Materials and methods for insulating electronic components and services: A method for insulating an electronic component, comprising encapsulating the electronic component with an electrically insulating pouch having a first protective layer and a second electrically insulating layer, the first protective layer comprising a flexible polymeric material, the second electrically insulating layer comprising the parylene layer.... Agent: Tronics Medtech

20110288438 - Bone marrow harvesting device: The present invention relates to a bone marrow extractor. The bone marrow extractor of the present invention has an outer needle rod with a case having an upper portion and a lower portion in communication with each other. The case has a front end with a crushing blade and a... Agent: Industry-academic Corporation Foundation Wonkwang University

20110288437 - Tissue sampling device: A biopsy device includes a longitudinal element extending from a proximal end to a distal end and including a lumen extending therethrough and a stylet extending through the lumen along a longitudinal axis thereof and including a tissue receiving structure formed in a surface thereof, the tissue receiving structure being... Agent:

20110288440 - Catalysts for body fluid sample extraction: An arrangement for producing a sample of body fluid from a wound opening created in a skin surface at a sampling site includes at least one skin-penetration member having a first end configured to pierce the surface of the skin, and a inner lumen in communication with the first end;... Agent: Intuity Medical, Inc.

20110288439 - Measurement device and puncture device: Disclosed are a measurement device and a puncture device that prevent thermal loss and enable decreased cost in laser units. A laser unit (200) of a measurement device (100) is equipped with a lens barrel (210), a laser rod (220) disposed inside the lens barrel (210), a flash lamp (230)... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110288441 - Clamp and blood collecting device: A clamp is provided in a blood collecting device that includes a first tube having one end and another end connected to a blood collecting needle and a blood bag, respectively, a second tube branched from a halfway of the first tube through a branched portion, and a block-off member... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110288442 - Multipurpose male fluidic coupling for a coupling device and device such as this incorporating it: The present invention relates to a male fluid coupling to be pushed into a female coupling in order to form a fluidic coupling device with no dead volume able to transfer a fluid, and to such a device. The female coupling (102) is coupled to a first pipe (C1) communicating... Agent:

20110288443 - Catalysts for body fluid sample extraction: An arrangement for producing a sample of body fluid from a wound opening created in a skin surface at a sampling site includes at least one skin-penetration member having a first end configured to pierce the surface of the skin, and a inner lumen in communication with the first end;... Agent: Intuity Medical, Inc.

20110288444 - Eschar prevention device: The invention relates to a device for preventing the formation of eschars in a support area, i.e the area on which a person in a seated or lying position rests. The invention comprises: pressure sensors which are disposed under the aforementioned support area; means for comparing each measurement supplied by... Agent:

20110288445 - Systems and methods for reducing subconscious neuromuscular tension including bruxism: A system for the detection of bruxism includes an electronics housing configured to be worn on the face of a user. The system further includes a first and second sensor, located on a side of the electronics housing. The first and second sensors are secured firmly to the face of... Agent:

20110288446 - Foot correcting and balancing shoe assembly and method for correcting and balancing user's foot: A foot correcting and balancing shoe assembly includes at least one sole unit having an imaginary transverse line dividing the sole unit into front- and rear-half regions. The rear-half region includes left and right rear-half sections, and a heel area spanning rear portions of the left and right rear-half sections.... Agent: Jun-da Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

20110288448 - Prosthetic limb monitoring system: Parameters related to use of a prosthesis by a patient with a limb amputation are monitored using a tool that includes one or more piezoelectric force sensors. The resulting data are processed for use both in short and long term management of amputee patients. The sensor is a small modular... Agent: University Of Washington

20110288447 - Sensors for monitoring movements, apparatus and systems therefore, and methods for manufacturing and use: Sensors, apparatus, and methods for measuring movements are disclosed. The sensors include input and output windings wound about a common location and an armature is equally positioned relative to both windings movable to vary inductance reactance of the sensor. The mass of the sensor and the ease of movements are... Agent: Medility LLC

11/17/2011 > 122 patent applications in 75 patent subcategories.

20110282128 - Catheter pump for circulatory support: A catheter pump intended to be inserted in the circulatory system, for example for assisting the heart, including a hollow catheter, a sheath, a drive cable, a drive shaft, a propeller, a proximal housing, a distal housing, and several filaments. Axial movement of the sheath in relation to the catheter... Agent: Cardiobridge Gmbh

20110282126 - Pulsatile medical device designed to be used in extracorporeal surgery: the outside wall of the internal pipe and the inside wall of the external pipe defining a space for filling with fluid, said space being connectable via a connector port to an appliance for creating one or more inflations/deflations of said space, thereby creating one or more pulses in the... Agent:

20110282127 - System for restoring cardiac muscular asynchronized contraction manner in a failing heart: An expandable elastic structure is introduced into the left ventricular chamber via intravascular catheter in a retrievable and safe manner, and having let anchors anchored to the layer of mid-myocardium of cardiac wall. The structure helps enhancing blood perfusion in the layer of both subendocardium and mid-myocardium and keeps the... Agent:

20110282129 - Neurostimulation method to induce relaxation or sleep:

20110282131 - Method and apparatus for inducing sleep: Method to induce sleep, using devices that are worn on the nose and around the diaphragm. The nose-band is made of a soft, flexible and elastic material, such as perforated rubber, and is configured to fit onto the nose of a user. The diaphragm-band is made of a soft, flexible... Agent:

20110282130 - System and method for prevention and control of the effects of spatial disorientation: An improved System and Method to provide a human user with symbology to ameliorate, prevent or shorten the duration of disorientation or motion sickness effects caused by spatial disorientation.... Agent: Advitech, Inc.

20110282132 - Dynamic cerclage device for the treatment of anal incontinence: The invention relates to a cerclage device in which the following components form a single part, namely: a main resilient body (1) and a closure tongue (2) including one end (20) and a plurality of blunt longitudinal teeth (8) that are inserted through a locking aperture (5) provided at the... Agent:

20110282133 - Transobturator surgical articles and methods: A surgical instrument for treating incontinence includes a handle portion elongate along a handle axis and a needle portion connected to the handle portion. The needle portion has a spacer portion along the handle axis, and has a distal end. The needle portion includes a substantially helical portion that is... Agent:

20110282134 - Implantable pump for operation of hydraulic implant: An implantable pump for pumping fluid to or from a hydraulic surgical implant inside a human's or an animal's body comprises a wall forming a chamber for the fluid, the wall including a base plate and a membrane, which is displaceable relative to the base plate to change the volume... Agent: Potencia Medical Ag

20110282135 - Device and method for artificial insemination of bovines:

20110282137 - Device for the surgical treatment of female prolapse: A device having a reticular or laminar structure to be surgically implanted in uro-gynaecological treatments, useful in particular for the surgical treatment of total or partial prolapse of the female pelvic organs or of prolapse of the vaginal vault.... Agent:

20110282136 - System for introducing soft tissue anchors: A system for providing support to an anatomical structure of the pelvis includes first and second soft tissue anchors, a suburethral support, an introducer, and a filament. The first soft tissue anchor has a proximal end and a distal end and includes a base having a hollow tubular structure, a... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110282138 - Guide tube system for forming pneumoperitoneum and providing route for accessing body cavity: The guide tube for forming a pneumoperitoneum of the present invention comprising a flexible tube having an inner cavity, has an outer diameter that allows the guide tube to be inserted into a puncture needle, a distal end of the guide tube is closed, the distal end is provided with... Agent:

20110282145 - Capsule endoscope apparatus: A signal processing circuit of an external device includes a CPU and a memory which are not shown. A program for estimating at least one of the position and orientation of a capsule endoscope on the basis of strength signals received through respective antennas is installed in the signal processing... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110282146 - Capsule endoscope apparatus: A signal processing circuit of an external device includes a CPU and a memory which are not shown. A program for estimating at least one of the position and orientation of a capsule endoscope on the basis of strength signals received through respective antennas is installed in the signal processing... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110282147 - Capsule endoscope apparatus: A signal processing circuit of an external device includes a CPU and a memory which are not shown. A program for estimating at least one of the position and orientation of a capsule endoscope on the basis of strength signals received through respective antennas is installed in the signal processing... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110282144 - Diagnostic capsules, delivery/retrieval systems, kits and methods: Diagnostic capsules, a variety of diagnostic capsule delivery systems for delivering a diagnostic capsule into an animal or human body cavity (e.g., into an animal or human bladder through a urethra), a variety of diagnostic capsule retrieval systems, a variety of kits that include diagnostic capsule delivery and retrieval systems... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20110282142 - Encapsulated medical imaging device and method: The present invention relates to an encapsulated medical imaging device and a method for imaging the gastrointestinal tract in patients using optical scanning technologies... Agent:

20110282143 - Fluorescent endoscope apparatus: A fluorescent endoscope apparatus according to the present invention comprises an excitation light irradiation means which irradiates excitation light to a living body, a wavelength selection and transmission means which selects and transmits light from the living body, a photo detector means by which the selected and transmitted light is... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110282139 - Laser video endoscope: A laser video endoscope has a laser guide, an illumination guide and an image guide. These are fiber optical guides which extend through the optical probe and through a hand piece that supports the probe. The hand piece is connected by a first relatively long flexible optical fiber cable to... Agent: Endo Optiks, Inc.

20110282140 - Method and system of hand segmentation and overlay using depth data: In a minimally invasive surgical system, a plurality of video images is acquired. Each image includes a hand pose image. Depth data for the hand pose image is also acquired or synthesized. The hand pose image is segmented from the image using the depth data. The segmented image is combined... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20110282141 - Method and system of see-through console overlay: In a minimally invasive surgical system, a plurality of video images is acquired. Each video image includes images of the surgeon's hand(s), and of a master manipulator. The images of the surgeon's hand(s) and the master manipulator are segmented from the video image. The segmented images are combined with an... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20110282148 - Endoscope apparatus and endoscope: An endoscope includes a side viewing observation section and a forward viewing observation section provided on a distal end side of an insertion portion which is inserted into an observation target for acquiring subject images of an observation target in a circumferential direction and an insertion direction of the insertion... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110282150 - Guide assembly for endoscope: A self-propelled type of guide assembly for an endoscope includes a barrel for receiving an elongated tube of the endoscope in an axial direction. A rubber ring retains the barrel to the elongated tube in a form with a clearance space defined between the barrel and the elongated tube. The... Agent:

20110282149 - Shape-transferring cannula system and method of use: The present invention is directed to a novel shape-transferring cannula system, which provides access to tortuous and unsupported paths. The shape-transferring cannula system and method enables exploration of hollow body structures, and creates a custom-contoured access port for insertion and removal of, for example, diagnostic, surgical, or interventional instruments to... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20110282151 - Image-based localization method and system: A pre-operative stage of an image-based localization method (30) involves a generation of a scan image (20) illustrating an anatomical region (40) of a body, and a generation of virtual information (21) including a prediction of virtual poses of endoscope (51) relative to an endoscopic path (52) within scan image... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110282152 - Sheath for protecting endoscope probe: A sheath for protecting an endoscope probe projecting from an endoscope head. The sheath comprises: an elongate tube with a bore for receiving the endoscope probe; a clamp at or near a proximal end of the sheath for gripping the endoscope head or the endoscope probe; and a window which... Agent: Q Park Medical Limited

20110282153 - Insertion instrument endoscope: An insertion instrument and an endoscope are provided that include: a bending portion provided in an insertion portion; a flexible tube portion connected in series to a proximal end side of the bending portion; an inside guide pipe provided inside the insertion portion, and inside which a wire is inserted... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110282154 - Medical apparatus: A medical apparatus includes a bending portion that is bent via a pulled wire, a drive section that pulls the wire, a detection section and a drive force amount detection section that detect an amount of drive of the drive section and an amount of drive force, a storage section... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110282155 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes: a distal end portion provided at a distal end of an insertion portion; a front-view observation window for observing an insertion direction of the distal end portion, which is provided facing toward the insertion direction; a lateral-view observation window for observing a circumferential direction of the distal... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110282156 - Expandable transluminal sheath: Disclosed is an expandable transluminal sheath, for introduction into the body while in a first, low cross-sectional area configuration, and subsequent expansion of at least a part of the distal end of the sheath to a second, enlarged cross-sectional configuration. The distal end of the sheath is maintained in the... Agent: Onset Medical Corporation

20110282157 - Surgical access system: The invention is directed to a surgical access system that provides access to a surgical area while maintaining pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopic surgery. The access system comprises a sheath retractor adapted to dilate a wound stretchable to a desired diameter and a detachable seal adapted to be removable from the sheath... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20110282158 - Spreading retractor: A spreadable retractor for use in joint arthroplasty. The retractor includes a first arm having a first portion and a second portion that is movably coupled to the first portion. The second portion is also coupled to a first retaining member that is sized and shaped to retain a portion... Agent: Depuy Products, Inc.

20110282159 - Surgical retractor apparatus and method: An internal retractor has a clamp, a retractor hook and a universal joint therebetween. The internal retractor has a transverse dimension insertable through a cannula, and a longitudinal dimension deployable to retract user selectable organs. The internal retractor may be elongable. The internal retractor clamp may be closed in its... Agent:

20110282160 - Self contained illuminated infusion cannula systems and methods and devices: A cannula is described having a housing, a first lumen, a second lumen, and a port capable of fluid communication with the first lumen. The second lumen configured to receive fluid from the first lumen and to direct the fluid to a surgical site. A light emitting diode light source... Agent: Doheny Eye Institute

20110282161 - Enhanced visualization illumination system: A first light source producing a first light beam with a first intensity and a second light source producing a second light beam with a second intensity. A light filter device receives the first light beam and transmits a filtered portion of the first light beam. A first angling device... Agent: Doheny Eye Institute

20110282164 - Sensing device: A sensing device comprises a substrate material layer and a plurality of sensors provided on the substrate material layer. The plurality of sensors is electrically connected to form a loop. The loop has two output ends. There is a loop output value between the two output ends. The loop output... Agent: Ming Young Biomedical Corp.

20110282163 - Sensor: Disclosed is a multi-variable sensor and systems and methods for its use to sense process changes or variations. The sensor is employed to concurrently sense a plurality of parameters (e.g., temperature and pressure) for a process.... Agent:

20110282162 - Sternal closure wire for sensing and therapeutic energy delivery: An embodiment includes a sensor coupled to a sternal closure wire. The sternal closure wire holds two sternum portions of a patient adjacent to one another and the first sensor senses a biological signal of the patient. An embodiment includes a current source coupled to a sternal closure wire. The... Agent:

20110282165 - Capsule medical device guidance system: A system includes a capsule body having a casing introduced into a subject to perform, in liquid, examination of or treatment on the interior of the subject, the casing containing a permanent magnet, a mass of the casing excluding the magnet being set to be less than a product of... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110282166 - System and method for efficient coherence anti-stokes raman scattering endoscopic and intravascular imaging and multimodal imaging: A fiber-delivered probe suitable for CARS imaging of thick tissues is practical. The disclosed design is based on two advances. First, a major problem in CARS probe design is the presence of a very strong anti-Stokes component in silica delivery fibers generated through a FWM process. Without proper spectral filtering,... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110282167 - System for noninvasive determination of alcohol in tissue: An apparatus and method for non-invasive determination of attributes of human tissue by quantitative infrared spectroscopy to clinically relevant levels of precision and accuracy. The system includes subsystems optimized to contend with the complexities of the tissue spectrum, high signal- to-noise ratio and photometric accuracy requirements, tissue sampling errors, calibration... Agent:

20110282168 - Health monitoring device and methods thereof: A health monitoring system includes a client device having one or more sensors to take medical or environmental measurements. The client device can interact with a server device to guide the user through the use of a sensor. The state of the sensors is controlled at the server to provide... Agent: Waldo Networks

20110282169 - Long term active learning from large continually changing data sets: Methods and systems are disclosed for autonomously building a predictive model of outcomes. A most-predictive set of signals Sk is identified out of a set of signals s1, s2, . . . , sD for each of one or more outcomes ok. A set of probabilistic predictive models ôk=Mk (Sk)... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

20110282170 - Optical sensors for intraoperative procedures: An intra-operative sensor device for detecting tissue or body parameters includes one or more light emitting sources and one or more photo-detectors. An optical isolator ring may be placed around either the one or more light emitting sources or around the one or more photo-detectors. The intra-operative sensor device may... Agent:

20110282171 - Microelectronic biosensor plug: A plug capable of providing information relating to a physical or chemical property of a body fluid, or the presence or amount of a molecular component therein in a living organism is disclosed. Specifically, one embodiment plug is capable of being inserted into a portion of a human eyelid in... Agent:

20110282172 - Long-term implantable biosensor: Embodiments provide an analyte sensing device having one or more indicating electrodes adapted for long-term use within an individual. An indicating electrode coupled with a reference electrode may be inserted within or below the dermis of an individual and may be electrically coupled to an external sensor unit. Related analyte... Agent: Isense Corporation

20110282174 - Analysis device with user-friendly menu controls: An analysis device is proposed for detecting an analyte in a liquid sample, in particular for detecting glucose in a bodily fluid. The analysis device comprises at least one control element, which is configured to provide a function menu with at least two menu items. The analysis device further comprises... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20110282173 - Portable medical apparatus: A portable medical apparatus including at least a sampling assembly for providing at least one sample of a fluid in an object, a detector for determining at least one parameter of the fluid, an injector for performing at least one injection of an injection medium, and which are operable independent... Agent: Brighter Ab

20110282175 - Wireless molecular sensor system and process: Wireless molecular sensor methods and systems integrate radio frequency (RF) technology to interrogate, power, operate and/or readout signals corresponding to levels of molecules of interest from microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) implanted within the body. Various alternative embodiments are disclosed.... Agent:

20110282176 - Multi-directional catheter control handle: An apparatus for deflecting a distal portion of a catheter, a sheath, a medical device, or other flexible elongate member may generally include a handle portion, a pair of adjusting knobs, and deflection wires. The adjusting knobs may be rotatably coupled to the handle portion and operably coupled to the... Agent:

20110282177 - Electrode arrangement and measuring device for measuring the electrical activity in an electrically active tissue: The invention relates to an electrode arrangement and a measuring device for measuring the action flow and/or the action potential of an electrically active tissue. The aim of the invention is to provide a simple and economically producible electrode for measuring action flows and/or action potentials in electrically active tissues... Agent: Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

20110282178 - Adhesive strap for foetal monitoring transducers and the like: The invention relates to a system (10) for attaching to the stomach (24) of a pregnant woman, said system comprising a bracket (11) and strapping means; wherein said bracket comprising strapping engaging means (16) for releasable engaging said strapping means with said bracket (11) and/or for adjusting the effective length... Agent:

20110282179 - Shielded stimulation and sensing system and method: Spatial arrays of electrodes are provided, each array in a region of tissue. The electrodes of an array are connected so that some of the electrodes serve as shield electrodes relative to a pair of electrodes used for pulse stimulation or sensing of electrical activity, or both. The shield electrodes... Agent: Proteus Biomedical, Inc.

20110282180 - Switch probe for multiple electrode measurement of impedance: The present invention provides impedance data having an improved spatial resolution, both with regard to depth and lateral extension, which enables a detection of diseased skin conditions, such a malignant melanoma, at an early stage. Specifically, the present invention is implemented in a probe, medical devices and medical systems including... Agent: Scibase Ab

20110282181 - Extended interior methods and systems for spectral, optical, and photoacoustic imaging: The present invention relates to the field of medical imaging. More particularly, embodiments of the invention relate to methods, systems, and devices for imaging, including for tomography-based applications. Embodiments of the invention include, for example, a computed tomography based imaging system comprising: (a) at least one wide-beam gray-scale imaging chain... Agent:

20110282182 - Image processing method for estimating a risk of atheroma plaque breakage: The invention relates to image processing method for estimating a risk of atheroma plaque breakage, that includes the step of receiving (40) a so-called elastogram image representing the inner deformation resulting from the compression of an analysed blood vessel tissue based on blood pressure, the step of pre-segmenting (50) the... Agent:

20110282183 - Diagnosis of central nervous system white matter pathology using diffusion mri: Determining diffusivity of multiple diffusion components within a tissue using diffusion magnetic resonance data representing a volume of the tissue. A plurality of candidate fibers having a direction is defined within the volume. A possibility coefficient is calculated by a processor for each candidate fiber of the plurality of candidate... Agent: Washington University In St. Louis

20110282184 - Method for positioning the focus of a gradient field and treatment facility: A method for guiding nanoparticles to a target location by a magnetic gradient field and/or holding them at the target location is proposed. The magnetic gradient field is generated by a magnet system with at least one magnet. A focus of the magnet system is registered with an X-ray device.... Agent:

20110282185 - Gasket for pre-filled syringe and pre-filled syringe: The present invention relates to a gasket (7) for a pre-filled syringe 1 into which liquid (3) is charged, wherein a peripheral side surface of the gasket (7 a) that is in contact with an inner surface of the syringe barrel (2) is provided with a restriction (8), the bottom... Agent: Bracco Suisse S.a.

20110282187 - Electrode displacement determination: Methods and systems for determining whether a location of multiple current injecting electrodes has changed are disclosed herein.... Agent: Rhythmia Medical, Inc.

20110282188 - Insertion guidance system for needles and medical components: A guidance system for assisting with the insertion of a needle or other medical component into the body of a patient is disclosed. The guidance system utilizes ultrasound imaging or other suitable imaging technology. In one embodiment, the guidance system comprises an imaging device including a probe for producing an... Agent: C.r. Bard, Inc.

20110282186 - Tracking using field mapping: Methods and systems for determining the position of an object, such as tracking the position of one or more catheters in a patient's heart cavity are disclosed herein.... Agent: Rhythmia Medical, Inc.

20110282190 - Combined endoscopic surgical tools: A probe assembly includes a forward-imaging optical coherence tomography (OCT) probe having a field of view and an instrument, adjacent to the probe, for performing manipulations at least within the OCT field of view.... Agent: Oprobe, LLC

20110282189 - Method and system for determination of 3d positions and orientations of surgical objects from 2d x-ray images: In a method, a system and a computer readable storage medium encoded with programming instructions, as well as a calculation module for three-dimensional presentation of at least two separate surgical objects within a medical procedure, access to three-dimensional models for the surgical objects takes place based on an acquired two-dimensional... Agent:

20110282192 - Multimodal depth-resolving endoscope: A fiber-optic multimodal multi-spectral (MS), Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), photoacoustic (PA) endoscope with beam scanning by a two-dimensional Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) scanner present in the endoscopic head, combined in a synergetic way in a single endoscopic system. The PA, OCT and MS light sources are coupled to the endoscopic head... Agent:

20110282191 - Optical coherence tomography for neural-signal applications: An electrode carrier includes multiple electrodes, each electrode having a contact located at a different position along a distal end of the carrier, and multiple optical fibers, each associated with one of the electrodes and having an end face proximate to the contact of the associated electrode. Each optical fiber... Agent: Oprobe, LLC

20110282193 - Method and apparatus for selective internal radiation therapy planning and implementation: In a method and system for planning and implementing a selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT), the liver volume and the tumor volume are automatically calculated in a processor by analysis of items segmented from images obtained from the patient using one or more imaging modalities, with the administration of contrast... Agent:

20110282194 - Method and apparatus of quantitative analysis and data mining of medical imaging agent administration: The present invention focuses on the quantitative data analyses which are derived from the qualitative contrast scorecard data; which is recorded and analyzed through the combined functions (and communication) of the contrast injector and image acquisition (e.g., CT) technologies. This technical data is in turn correlated with the clinical data... Agent:

20110282195 - Variable length catheter for drug delivery: A system and method for localized delivery of a therapeutic or diagnostic agent within a vessel is provided. The system and method provide for adjustability of the length of the treatment area and for reducing of pressure within the treatment area. A catheter system includes an inner elongated element, an... Agent:

20110282197 - Hand-activated syringe with vacuum chamber for auto refill: A hand-activated syringe (14) is disclosed that uses a vacuum to retract a plunger (54) of the syringe (14) to draw fluid into a syringe body (18). A first seal (76) with the plunger (54) and a second seal (64) with the plunger (54) define a vacuum chamber (82). The... Agent:

20110282196 - Syringe with visual use indicator: Systems and methods are presented for the visual indication of whether a power injector has discharged fluid from a power injector syringe in a previous medical procedure. In this regard, the systems and methods generally provide for a power injector and a syringe for use with the power injector. The... Agent:

20110282198 - Rapid response angiographic catheter: An angiographic catheter having an elongated flexible insertion tube having a cylindrical inflatable sheath circumferentially mounted thereon. The sheath contains a series of discharge ports at its distal end. A fluid is introduced into the proximal end of the sheath under sufficient pressure so that the sheath is fully inflated... Agent: Numed, Inc.

20110282199 - Ultrasound system for measuring image using figure template and method for operating ultrasound system: Provided are a three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound system and a method for operating the 3D ultrasound system. The 3D ultrasound system may include a display unit to form an image with respect to an object in the body and to display the image on a screen, and a control unit to... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20110282200 - Accessory system for ultrasonic equipment and inspection method applicable to the accessory system: An handheld accessory system for an ultrasonic equipment and an inspection method applicable to the accessory system. The accessory system includes a force detector and a positioning device attached to a hand-held ultrasonic probe, and a signal processing device. A user may apply the ultrasonic probe to the target tumor... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110282201 - Device capable of testing bone density and system thereof: A system includes a testing device and a portable device. The testing device includes a first connector, a signal converting unit, an emitting member, and a receiving member. The portable device includes a second connector and a processor. The signal converting unit converts the test direct current through the first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110282206 - Diagnostic imaging apparatus, diagnostic ultrasonic apparatus, and medical image displaying apparatus: The diagnostic imaging apparatus according to the present embodiments includes a display unit, an input unit, and a display control unit. The display unit includes a display area in which a medical image and a menu in relation to the medical image are displayed. The input unit receives input to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110282202 - Display system and method of ultrasound apparatus: A display system and method of a 3-dimensional (3D) ultrasound apparatus is provided. A display system of a 3D ultrasound apparatus includes a first display unit and a second display unit. The first display unit scans a side image of an object in a human body and displays the side... Agent: Medison Co, Ltd.

20110282205 - Providing at least one slice image with additional information in an ultrasound system: Embodiments for providing at least one slice image with additional information are disclosed. In one embodiment, by way of non-limiting example, an ultrasound system comprises: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to acquire ultrasound data of a living body; a user input unit configured to receive input information for setting... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20110282203 - Reflectance-facilitated ultrasound treatment and monitoring: A method comprising providing a reflective region at a far side of tissue of a subject is provided. The method includes assessing whether the reflective region is in a desired location, by means of acoustic sensing; and in response to assessing that the reflective region is in the desired location,... Agent:

20110282204 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus comprises an ultrasonic probe, an ultrasonic transmission/reception unit, an echo processing unit configured to generate complex data based on the echo signals, a phase shifting unit configured to shift a phase of each ensemble data constituted by N complex data associated with... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110282207 - Ultrasonic image processing apparatus, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, and ultrasonic image processing method: According to one embodiment, an apparatus includes a slice image generation unit, a three-dimensional image generation unit, a display unit, a setting unit, an updating unit, and a changing unit. The slice image generation unit generates the data of slice images based on a volume data. The three-dimensional image generation... Agent:

20110282208 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: The present disclosure provides an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus. The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes a fastening part having a band shape and wound around a diagnosis object; and an examination part connected to the fastening part and allowing a probe to move in a different direction from a winding direction of... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20110282209 - Ultrasound observation apparatus and control method of ultrasound observation apparatus: An ultrasound observation apparatus of the invention includes: an ultrasound probe portion capable of two-dimensional scanning of an ultrasound beam; a transmission/reception control section for controlling a transmission/reception direction of the ultrasound beam by the ultrasound probe portion; a B-mode image calculation section for generating a B-mode image on a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110282210 - Three-dimensional derivation of a proximal isokinetic shell of a proximal flow convergence zone and three-dimensional pisa flow measurement: The invention relates to a device and to a method for adaptive three-dimensional derivation of a proximal isokinetic shell of a proximal flow convergence zone that forms in an observation area in a moving fluid, wherein the magnitude of the velocity of the fluid at each point of the proximal... Agent: Tomtec Imaging Systems Gmbh

20110282212 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: The present disclosure provides an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus. The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes a fastening part having a band shape and wound around a diagnosis object, and a mover moving a probe along the fastening part.... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20110282211 - Ultrasound probe: An ultrasound probe having a forced cooling system for circulating a liquid through a probe cable. The ultrasound probe comprised of a handle unit including a plurality of ultrasound transducers, a flexible cable connected to the handle unit and a connector unit coupled to the cable. The cable includes a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110282213 - Biological observation apparatus: Tumor tissue or the like that exists at a deep portion of a living organism far from an internal wall of a body cavity is observed. A biological observation apparatus (1) is provided, which includes an inserted portion (2) that has a small-diameter distal end portion (2a) to be inserted... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110282214 - Method for determining the condition of a biological object and device for making same: The invention relates to the field of instrumentation and can be used for diagnosing the condition of a biological object. The technical result consists in an increased measurement precision. In order to achieve this result, the invention comprises determining the condition of a biological object on the basis of fixation... Agent:

20110282215 - Diagnostic tool: Diagnostic tool comprising a sheet representing a human or animal body, which body is divided into a set of zones, a first identifier being attributed to each zone, which tool also comprises, for each diagnostic to be applied, a set of indicators formed by a first indicator reproducing the first... Agent:

20110282216 - Monitoring a condition of a subject: Apparatus and methods are described including a mechanical sensor configured to detect a physiological signal of a subject. A control unit receives the signal over a time duration of at least two hours at a given period of a first baseline day, and determines a baseline physiological parameter of the... Agent: Earlysense Ltd.

20110282217 - Method and device for determining dysfunction of the heart: A method of determining ventricular dysfunction, particularly right ventricular dysfunction and device for determining dysfunction of the heart and determining a cardiac output are discussed. Furthermore a system for determining the pressure(s) and/or the pressure difference gradient between right ventricular diastolic pressure and pulmonary artery diastolic pressure said system comprising... Agent: Omega Critical Care Limited

20110282218 - Lighted gauge: An apparatus includes (a) a dial having a front face with indicia thereon and a transparent face plate and a back surface; and (b) a light source attached to the dial and positioned exterior to the transparent face plate and oriented so as to illuminate the face plate. The apparatus... Agent:

20110282219 - Measurement of systolic pressure: A noninvasive method for measuring systolic blood pressure Psyst, by applying and maintaining an astringent emptying pressure P1, which is above the systolic blood pressure Psyst, on a first zone of the finger located in the vicinity of the distal part of the finger, applying and maintaining an astringent occluding... Agent: Atys Sarl

20110282220 - Blood pressure information measurement device: A blood pressure information measurement device includes a servo control unit for performing a servo control of a pressure adjustment unit so that a value of an arterial volume signal matches a control target value and a fluctuation detection unit for detecting rapid fluctuation of the arterial volume signal at... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110282221 - Management device, management system, and management method: A calibration device is connected to a sphygmomanometer with an air tube and a communication cable. When connection is detected, the calibration device closes a valve of the sphygmomanometer and its valve and applies pressure to the air tube to measure the pressure, and determines the air leakage of the... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110282222 - Coiling blood pressure cuff: A coiling blood pressure cuff for winding and compressing a testing position of a human body includes a strip-shaped body, an inflatable bladder, and a flexible elastic plate. The inflatable bladder is installed to the strip-shaped body, and the flexible elastic plate is attached onto the strip-shaped body and along... Agent: K-jump Health Co., Ltd.

20110282223 - Diaphragm pump and blood pressure monitor: A diaphragm pump for achieving reduced pressure ripple of an exhausted gas is provided. The diaphragm pump is a pump for transporting a gas in accordance with change in volume of a pump chamber, and the diaphragm pump includes an exhaust valve permitting flow of the gas that flows out... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110282224 - Pulse wave analyzer and pulse wave analyzing method: In a pulse wave analyzer, a local maximum point of a fourth order differentiated wave of the pulse wave of one beat is acquired, and a maximum point of a reflection wave of the local maximum points of the fourth order differentiation existing in a zone of an original waveform... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110282226 - Cardiac analysis system for comparing clinical and induced ventricular tachycardia events: A cardiac analysis system is provided that includes an implantable medical device (IMD), at least one sensor, and an external device. The IMD has electrodes positioned proximate to a heart that sense first cardiac signals of the heart and associated with a clinical ventricular tachycardia (VT) event and second cardiac... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20110282225 - Techniques for reviewing and analyzing implantable medical device system data: A computing device includes a memory device, a communication module, an interface, a processor, a display controller, and an input device. The communication module wirelessly receives a stream of first electrogram waveforms (EGMs) from an implantable medical device (IMD). The interface receives a stream of second EGMs. The processor stores... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110282227 - System for cardiac medical condition detection: A system for heart performance characterization and abnormality detection processes a heart electrical activity signal in determining multiple first signal characteristic values over multiple heart cycles. A first signal characteristic value substantially comprises a time interval between a peak of a P wave to a peak of a succeeding R... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110282228 - Methods and devices for determining pulmonary measurements: A method for determining at least one instantaneous pulmonary measurement. The method comprises providing a plurality of instantaneous mechanical pulmonary properties of a user in at least one identified respiratory instant during at least one respiration cycle, correlating between the plurality of instantaneous mechanical pulmonary properties, and determining at least... Agent: Pulmone Advanced Medical Devices, Ltd.

20110282229 - Methods of evaluating individuals having reversible obstructive pulmonary disease: This relates to treating an asthmatic lung and more particularly, relates to advancing a treatment device into the lung and treating the lung with the device. This also includes additional steps of treating the airway wall, applying energy or heat to the airway wall in an asthmatic lung.... Agent: Asthmatx, Inc.

20110282233 - Low-power real-time seizure detection system: A method for detecting an approaching seizure is disclosed. The method includes receiving an analog neurosignal from an electrode, comparing the analog neurosignal with a predetermined amplitude threshold to generate a plurality of digital transitions corresponding to the analog neurosignal transitioning from a first level below the predetermined amplitude threshold... Agent:

20110282231 - Mechanisms for collecting electroencephalography data: Efficient and effective mechanisms for collecting electroencephalography (EEG) data are provided to allow neuro-response data collection for in situ engagement monitoring and tracking. An EEG headset includes multiple point electrodes individually isolated and amplified. In some examples, multiple left side scalp electrodes exert forces that counterbalance forces from multiple right... Agent: Neurofocus, Inc.

20110282232 - Neuro-response data synchronization: Efficient and effective mechanisms for collecting electroencephalography (EEG) data are provided to synchronize neuro-response data collection with stimulus material presentation for in situ engagement monitoring and tracking. An EEG headset includes multiple point electrodes individually isolated and amplified. In some examples, a stimulus material presentation mechanism includes a clock source... Agent: Neurofocus, Inc.

20110282230 - Neurodiagnostic monitoring and display system: A process for analysing an electroencephalogram (EEG) signal representative of activity of a brain of a subject, including: (i) generating coefficient data for a signal representation of a portion of the EEG signal; (ii) generating, based on the coefficient data, cortical state data representing the brain's receptivity to subcortical input... Agent: Cortical Dynamics Pty. Ltd.

20110282234 - Sequential low energy neurofeedback treatment: The dominant brain wave frequencies of a patient are measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG) with a plurality of leads over the head and scalp. In a process for low energy neuro-feedback, the therapeutically beneficial low power RF field is sequentially applied via the same at a different frequency, which is... Agent: Ochslabs, Inc.

20110282235 - System for measuring a user's percentage of body fat: A system for measuring percentage of body fat for a user. The system has: structure for measuring body hydration and generating a signal representing a measured hydration value; structure for selectively changing the measured hydration value to an adjusted hydration value based upon a first parameter to thereby reflect more... Agent: Stayhealthy, Inc.

20110282236 - Test method for assessing irritation of skin: Test methods for assessing irritation of portions of skin and/or assessing inhibition and/or reduction of such irritation are provided.... Agent:

20110282237 - Trocar with specimen retrieval feature: Devices and related methods are provided that generally involve a specimen retrieval pouch coupled to and/or disposed within a surgical access device. Once a specimen is positioned within the pouch, the pouch can be closed and/or contracted to contain the specimen therein, for example by actuating one or more drawstrings... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20110282238 - Method and apparatus for morcellating tissue: An apparatus for morcellating tissue specimens comprises a housing and a cutting member. The cutting member is operable to cut tissue specimens into morcellated or minced tissue pieces. The cutting member may include one or more screens. One of the screens may be rotatable or capable of reciprocating relative to... Agent:

20110282240 - Modified biopsy device: A biopsy syringe for excising tissue from skin and hair comprising a syringe for numbing the area to be excised coupled to a sleeve mounted on said syringe with a blade attached to distal edge of said sleeve. Said sleeve is manually slidable from an extended position where the needle... Agent:

20110282239 - Tissue harvesting device with manual dicing mechanism: A dicing device dices tissue harvested from a patient. The dicing device comprises a grid cutting element and a tray to receive diced tissue. The dicing device may be integrated into an otherwise conventional biopsy device. The diced tissue specimens may be further processed, such as by being introduced into... Agent:

20110282241 - Instrument for applying therapeutic cells, with distal portion for processing therapeutic cells: A tissue harvesting and processing apparatus comprises a body and a distally extending needle. The needle includes an aperture configured to receive tissue. A tissue cutting member is movable relative to the needle to sever a specimen from tissue protruding through the aperture. The tissue cutting member is further operable... Agent:

20110282242 - Instrument for applying therapeutic cells, with proximal portion for processing therapeutic cells: A tissue harvesting and processing apparatus comprises a body and a distally extending needle. The needle includes an aperture configured to receive tissue. A tissue cutting member is movable relative to the needle to sever a specimen from tissue protruding through the aperture. A tissue processor is operable to mince... Agent:

20110282243 - Swab: Provided is a swab 1 in which a fiber lump portion 2 is disposed at one end or both ends of a stick 4, and an adhesive layer is disposed partially or entirely on the surface of the fiber lump portion 2, and a flocked layer 3 covering the adhesive... Agent: Sanyo Co., Ltd.

20110282244 - Test strip device and method for analyzing a body fluid: The invention concerns a test tape device for analyzing a body fluid having a carrier tape (36), a plurality of lancing elements (12) arranged on the carrier tape (36) which are provided with a tip (40) that can puncture a body part and a collecting structure (44) that takes up... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20110282246 - Acoustic systems and methods for evaluating skin texture: Acoustic systems and methods for evaluating skin texture are disclosed. An acoustic system comprises an acoustic isolation box containing: 1) a guiding device having a sound generator attached thereto, 2) and means for capturing sound.... Agent:

20110282245 - System for analyzing abnormal hip joint conditions: A device for assessing hip joint conditions comprises a support structure including a first platform area and a second platform area spaced from each other. The device includes a first footrest rotationally coupled to the first platform, a second footrest rotationally coupled to the second platform, a first recording device... Agent: Steadman-philippon Research Foundation

20110282247 - Novel ovulation predictor device: The invention is a hand held ovulation predictor device, which includes an ovulation predictor device body, an optical subassembly containing one or more aspheric lenses, an electronics assembly, a battery compartment, a light source and, optionally, a cover. The preferred embodiment of this invention is one in which the one... Agent:

11/10/2011 > 83 patent applications in 58 patent subcategories.

20110275880 - Lumen-traveling biological interface device and method of use: Lumen-traveling biological interface devices and associated methods and systems are described. Lumen-traveling biological interface devices capable of traveling within a body lumen may include a propelling mechanism to produce movement of the lumen-traveling device within the lumen, electrodes or other electromagnetic transducers for detecting biological signals and electrodes, coils or... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110275879 - Magnetic force devices, systems, and methods for resisting tissue collapse within the pharyngeal conduit: Devices, systems and methods employ magnetic force to resist tissue collapse in targeted pharyngeal structures and individual anatomic components within the pharyngeal conduit during sleep.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110275881 - Transcranial magnetic stimulation induction coil device and method of manufacture: A transcranial magnetic stimulation induction coil device (“TMS coil device”) is manufactured to contain coil windings of a predetermined size and shape and fixedly positioned at a predetermined location within and orientation in relation to a casing of the TMS coil device. In one embodiment, the coil windings are encased... Agent: Nexstim Oy

20110275884 - Fluid pump with a rotor: The invention relates to a fluid pump, in particular to a liquid pump having a rotor (18) with at least one rotor blade (20, 21) for conveying the fluid, the rotor being variable with respect to its diameter between a first, compressed state and a second expanded state. In order... Agent: Ecp Entwicklungsgesellschaft Mbh

20110275883 - Percutaneous gas-line: A percutaneous gas-line (10) for a medical device (14). The gas-line including a first gas-line part (10a) and a second gas-line part (10b). The first gas-line part (10a) is adapted to be wholly implanted in a patient and has a first end (10a′) adapted for sealing connection to the medical... Agent: Sunshine Heart Company Pty Ltd

20110275882 - Valve for ventricular assist device: A ventricular-assist-device valve includes two flaps hinged to a peripheral wall by means of a couple of flexible struts. As each flap opens and closes during each cycle of operation, the struts flex and open passages for flow around them, around the flaps, and between the struts and the flaps,... Agent: Syncardia Systems, Inc

20110275885 - Recoverable intra-uterine system: A recoverable intra-uterine system comprises a receptacle (10) designed to contain one or more elements chosen from the group comprising an embryo, male and/or female gametes, a fertilized oocyte, an unfertilized ovum, and a combination of these elements, and a retaining device (20) for retaining the recoverable intra-uterine system in... Agent: Anecova Sa

20110275886 - Method to select animals with a high capacity of embryo production: The present invention provides a method to select a non-human female animal subject having the capacity to produce appropriate number of transferable embryos or fertilizable oocytes in said animal, said method comprising the determination of the anti-Mullerian hormone concentration in a biological sample before an ovarian superovulatory treatment. The present... Agent:

20110275887 - Self-regulating gastric band with pressure data processing: A self-regulating gastric band apparatus for adjusting stoma size is disclosed. The apparatus includes an adjustable gastric band that has an expandable portion containing a volume of fluid. A band adjustment assembly is provided for implanting with the gastric band that includes a sensor for sensing fluid pressure in the... Agent:

20110275888 - External prosthesis systems: A prosthetic device for supporting a flaccid penis during intercourse comprising an oval shaped base having a through-hole, an elongated support platform member having an upper side and a lower side, an adjustable waist-strap, a first adjustable leg strap, and a second adjustable leg strap. The upper side of the... Agent:

20110275889 - Endoscope system: An endoscope system of the present invention comprises: an endoscope which acquires a front field-of-view image and a lateral field-of-view image of an object of observation; a detecting section which has a function capable of detecting whether a treatment instrument is used or not in the endoscope based on a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110275891 - Method and system for implant delivery: The present invention relates to a system and method for the delivery of a treatment element, and in particular, to such a system and method in which an implantable treatment element is implanted at a target site.... Agent: Silenseed Ltd.

20110275890 - Miniaturized photoacoustic imaging apparatus including a rotatable reflector: A reflection-mode photoacoustic endoscope includes a light source configured to emit a light pulse, a signal detection or transmission unit configured to detect or emit an ultrasonic pulse, and a rotatable reflector. The rotatable reflector is configured to reflect at least one of the light pulse and the ultrasonic pulse... Agent: Washington University In St. Louis

20110275893 - Capsule medical device guidance system and method for guiding capsule medical device: A capsule medical device guidance system includes a capsule medical device including an imaging unit that captures an in-vivo image of the subject, a transmitting unit that transmits the captured image to an outside, and a magnetic field response unit; a magnetic field generation unit that generates a magnetic field... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110275894 - Catheter with camera and illuminator at distal end: A low cost camera and low cost light emitting diode are located at the distal end of a suction catheter to provide a real time image of the trachea or the gastrointestinal tract. Electrical conductors attached to or formed as part of the suction catheter terminate in an electrical connector... Agent:

20110275892 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes an insertion portion to be inserted into a subject, a bendable bending portion provided in a distal end side of the insertion portion, a bending driving section that drives the bending of the bending portion, and a bending driving control section that controls the bending driving... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110275895 - Endotracheal tube with camera and illuminator at distal end: A low cost camera and light emitting diode are coupled to the distal end of an endotracheal tube to obtain an image in real time of tissue at the distal end of the endotracheal tube. Power for the light emitting diode and camera, along with a signal reflective of the... Agent:

20110275896 - Endoscope apparatus and bending drive control method: An endoscope apparatus includes: an insertion portion including a bending portion provided on a distal end side thereof; a bending drive section that drives bending of the bending portion; an insertion shape detection section that detects an insertion shape of the distal end side of the insertion portion as insertion... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110275897 - Lens drive control apparatus, lens drive apparatus and endoscope system: A lens drive control apparatus of the present invention controls a lens drive system that has a lens frame that holds a lens so as to be movable forward and backward in an optical axis direction of an optical lens, and a transmitting member that transmits to the lens frame... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110275898 - Biological measurement apparatus, biological observation apparatus and operation method for biological measurement apparatus: A biological measurement apparatus includes: an endoscope including a treatment instrument insertion channel provided inside an insertion portion; a pump that delivers water into the treatment instrument insertion channel; an optical system, etc., that guide light from a light source that emits light in a predetermined wavelength band into the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110275899 - Spectrally encoded miniature endoscopic imaging probe: A spectrally encoded endoscopic probe having high resolution and small diameter comprising at least one flexible optical fiber; an energy source; a grating through which said energy is transmitted such that the energy spectrum is dispersed; a lens for focusing the dispersed energy spectrum onto a sample such that the... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20110275900 - Systems and methods for detection of disease including oral scopes and ambient light management systems (alms): Methods and systems related to detecting disease, such as oral cancer, in a patient, using a viewing scope to investigate a patient's tissues. The systems and methods excite and detect fluorescence from the tissue. The fluorescence can then be evaluated, and the possibility of certain diseases such as cancer can... Agent: Led Medical Diagnostics, Inc.

20110275901 - Laparoscopic devices with articulating end effectors: Methods and devices are provided for performing minimally invasive surgical procedures. In one embodiment, a surgical device is provided that includes an elongate shaft having an end effector at a distal end thereof. The end effector can be configured to be movable between a first configuration in which the end... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20110275902 - Distractor: A surgical distractor for distracting tissue of a patient to access structure underlying the tissue of the patient. The distractor includes a tube having a distal end adapted for insertion in tissue, a proximal end opposite the distal end, an exterior surface adapted for contacting the tissue, and an interior... Agent: St. Louis University

20110275903 - Surgical eye drape and method of use thereof: A surgical eye drape with a first and second drape sections, each drape section having a wing extending from each edge with a flap for forming a pouch disposed between the wings. The drape sections are disposed above and below an eye with the wings position on opposing sides of... Agent: St. John's Medical Research Institute, Inc.

20110275904 - Ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device: A communication device (CD) exchanges messages with an implantable infusion pump via telemetry such that commands are supplied thereto and operational information is obtained therefrom. The CD is controlled, at least in part, by a processor IC according to a software program operating therein and provides feedback to a user... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110275905 - Clinical data monitoring and alarming apparatus and methods: Clinical data monitoring and alarming devices may have enhanced sensitivity by using sliding median filters on a clinical data stream. This enhanced sensitivity may be realized without introducing an increase in false negative alarm activation.... Agent: Nihon Kohden America, Inc.

20110275909 - Cerebrovascular analyzer: The present invention relates to a cerebrovascular analysis system which enables early diagnosis of various incurable cerebrovascular diseases such as cerebral thrombosis by measuring an elastic coefficient, blood vessel compliance, blood flow resistance, and blood flow in each cerebrovascular branch. The measurement is achieved by biomechanically analyzing blood vessels in... Agent:

20110275907 - Electronic health journal: A system for creating an electronic health journal comprising: at least one sensor configured to monitor an objective physiological parameter of a user and generate signals indicative of the monitored objective physiological parameter; a mobile electronic device comprising: input means for entering information relating to a subjective physiological condition of... Agent:

20110275910 - Method and system for detecting a respiratory signal: A method of analyzing a plethysmograph signal is disclosed. The method comprises: extracting from the signal a plurality of features, thereby constructing a feature space. The method further comprises employing a path selection procedure to the feature space for determining at least one sequence of respiration frequencies and reconstructing a... Agent: Widemed Ltd.

20110275908 - Method for analysing medical data: A method for analysing medical data in view of a specific clinical question, the method including the steps of a) providing one or several medical datasets having data acquired by means of one or several diagnostic modalities from one patient; b) providing a clinical question to be answered by the... Agent: Tomtec Imaging Systems Gmbh

20110275906 - Portable medical device: A portable medical device has a medical measuring apparatus and an elastic mounting portion. The medical measuring apparatus has a body. The body has a mounting mechanism. The elastic mounting portion is arched, adapted to be mounted around a subject's wrist or arm and has two edges and an attaching... Agent: Digio2 International Co., Ltd.

20110275911 - Cross-band communications in an implantable device: An ambulatory monitoring device includes a sensor to monitor a physiological signal and a battery power source. The device also includes a wireless receiver adapted to monitor a first frequency band having frequencies below 1 MHz and configured to detect and receive, using less than 10 micro-amps of current from... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20110275912 - Systems, devices, and methods including implantable devices with anti-microbial properties: Systems, devices, methods, and compositions are described for providing an actively controllable implant configured to, for example, monitor, treat, or prevent microbial growth or adherence to the implant.... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110275913 - Device for measuring at least one parameter of an arterial blood sample: The invention relates to a device for measuring at least one parameter of an arterial blood sample, including a flow sensor having standardized connecting elements which are connected to the inlet and the outlet side of a measuring cell of the flow sensor, the measuring cell having at least one... Agent: Smart Medical Solutions Gmbh

20110275914 - Light measurement device: Provided is a light measurement device capable of obtaining reproducible measurement data without the necessity for bringing a subject into the state of performance of a task such as finger movement many times, the measurement data having no variation and less affected by Mayer Wave and the like caused by... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20110275915 - Arm and wrist cuffs and pulse oximeter clip with conductive material for electrodes on small medical home monitors: This invention is an improvement to medical devices used for home and remote monitoring. The improvements include a coated fabric electrode used for arm and wristbands and for pulse oximeter clips. The electrode is comprised of the hook portion of hook and loop material that is coated with material made... Agent:

20110275916 - Control solution packets and methods for calibrating bodily fluid sampling devices: A control solution packet for calibrating a bodily fluid sampling device includes a container, a control solution pressurized within the container, and a membrane for covering and sealing the container. The control solution can be pressurized before or during calibration so as to ensure the appropriate amount of control solution... Agent:

20110275918 - Body fluid collecting device for efficiently collecting body fluid and body fluid analyzer for accurate analysis: In a body fluid analyzer, a body fluid extracting unit for holding medicine to promote discharge of body fluid and collecting body fluid is arranged at a lower surface of a body fluid collecting chip. A body fluid discharge promoting medicine storage unit is connected to a medicine injecting hole... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110275917 - Electroresponsive device for extending the life of biosensors, and a biosensor employing the same: Disclosed is a biosensor to which an electroactive polymer layer is attached, more specifically, a biosensor including an electroactive polymer layer attached to the surface of a bioreceptor and electrodes connected to the electroactive polymer layer, which allows reversible deformation of the electroactive polymer layer when an electrical stimulation is... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University

20110275919 - Oxygen enhancing membrane systems for implantable devices: The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for increasing oxygen availability to implantable devices. The preferred embodiments provide a membrane system configured to provide protection of the device from the biological environment and/or a catalyst for enabling an enzymatic reaction, wherein the membrane system includes a polymer formed... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20110275920 - Smart messages and alerts for an infusion delivery and management system: Method and system for providing diabetes management is provided.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110275921 - Method of noninvasive electrophysiological study of the heart: The invention relates to medicine, namely to cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, functional diagnosis and clinical electrophysiology of the heart. The invention consists in reconstructing electrograms, whose experimental registration requires an invasive access, by computational way on unipolar ECGs recorded at 80 and more points of the chest surface. An application of... Agent: "amycard" LLC.

20110275922 - Bioimpedance methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus for providing bioimpedance analysis are provided. In certain aspects, equivalent circuit frequency response models are provided which lead to improved correlations with MRI data. The frequency response models take account of body composition, including the fat component of a body segment. Data obtained by performing bioimpedance spectroscopy... Agent:

20110275923 - Goldmann applanation tonometer, biomicroscopy device and related methods: Apparatus and methods for subjecting a patient to an slit lamp microscopy and/or Goldmann tonometry eye examination are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, the patient is in a side-lying down position at a time of the examination. In some embodiments, it is possible to examine an upper and/or lower eye—for... Agent:

20110275924 - Method and system for assimilating and transmitting medical imaging and associated data to a remote user: The video and data streams are then forwarded to a data assimilating component comprising a server capable of synchronizing, compressing, and combining the streams into a compressed combined stream. This compressed combined stream is forwarded to a remote user. The remote user, upon credentialing and formatting, accesses and views the... Agent:

20110275925 - Method, system and device for acoustic and photonic tomography: Methods and devices for determining the distance between a location emitting an acoustic, photonic, or electromagnetic waveform and a location detecting the emitted waveform are provided. In certain applications the emitting and/or sensing locations may be selected from within a human, mammalian, or animal body. The subject methods and devices... Agent:

20110275926 - Susceptibility weighted magnetic resonance imaging of venous vasculature: Methods, systems, and devices are described for substantially simultaneous acquisition of magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) and magnetic resonance venography (MRV) data. Some embodiments provide susceptibility weighted magnetic resonance imaging of vasculature, including generating a multi-echo pulse sequence having a repetition time, and a first echo and a second echo during... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Colorado

20110275927 - Systems and methods for stimulating and monitoring biological tissue: The invention generally relates to apparatuses and methods for stimulating and monitoring biological tissue. In certain aspects, the invention provides a system for stimulating and monitoring tissue, the system including a first energy source, a second energy source, and an imaging device, in which the system is configured such that... Agent: Highland Instruments, Inc.

20110275928 - Blood signal suppressed enhanced magnetic resonance imaging: Methods for achieving suppression of blood pool signal to image contrast-enhanced organs and vascular walls using magnetic resonance (MR) imaging technology. After administration of e.g., an intravenous contrast agent, an RF pulse sequence is applied that includes a preparatory section designed to modify signal from organ tissue differently than blood... Agent: Duke University

20110275929 - Device and method for measuring contrast agent: A tomography device (3) producing magnetic resonance (MR) images of a part of the body of a living organism (1) disposed in a measurement volume of the tomography device (3), with a first measurement unit (4a) for acquiring a spatially resolved temporal series of MR images of the part of... Agent: Universitaetsklinikum Freiburg

20110275930 - Systems and methods for identifying and locating an implanted device: A system for identifying an attribute of an implanted medical device, such as an access port is disclosed. In one embodiment, the identification system comprises a marker included with the implanted medical device, wherein the marker relates to an attribute of the implanted medical device. An external detection device is... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110275932 - Method and apparatus for depth-resolved fluorescence, chromophore, and oximetry imaging for lesion identification during surgery: A tomographic fluorescent imaging device for imaging fluorophores in biological tissues has a scanned laser for scanning the tissue and a camera for receiving light from the biological tissue at an angle to the beam at a second wavelength ten or more nanometers greater in wavelength than the wavelength of... Agent:

20110275931 - System and method for early detection of diabetic retinopathy using optical coherence tomography: A system for the imaging, processing and evaluation of tissues provides prognostic and diagnostic details regarding diseased tissue. A set of quantitative measures were developed and integrated in an image-base analysis software tool designed for OCT images. The system and methods in this invention is significant because it allows assessing... Agent: University Of Miami

20110275933 - Motion compensation in nuclear imaging: The invention relates to methods and systems for compensating for respiratory motion of individuals during nuclear imaging. In some embodiments, the methods include obtaining data representing a reference respiratory state for the individual and obtaining data that represents a plurality of respiratory states that correspond to at least a portion... Agent: University Of Massachusetts

20110275934 - Systems and methods to obtain a myocardial mass index indicative of an at-risk myocardial region: Systems and methods to obtain a myocardial mass index indicative of an at-risk myocardial region. In at least one embodiment, a method for diagnosing a risk of cardiac disease is provided, the method comprising the steps of identifying a luminal cross-sectional area of a side branch vessel, identifying a luminal... Agent:

20110275935 - Methods and apparatus for treating or deterring injuries to or disorders of the brain or spinal cord of a subject: Methods and apparatus for treating or deterring injuries to or disorders of the brain or spinal cord of a subject. A heat exchange catheter device is inserted into the subject's body and used to cause heating or cooling the subject's cerebrospinal fluid. In some embodiments, the heat exchanger may be... Agent: Zoll Circulation Inc.

20110275936 - Method for determining shear stress and viscosity distribution in a blood vessel: A method for computing patient specific blood viscosity and patient specific shear stress on a location of interest in the interior of a blood vessel that includes calculating shear rate of blood in the vessel, using imaging techniques and calculating the shear rate related blood viscosity.... Agent:

20110275937 - Ultrasound probe diagnosing apparatus, ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, and ultrasound probe diagnosing method: An ultrasound probe diagnosing apparatus which diagnoses an ultrasound probe having an array of a plurality of ultrasound transducing elements on the basis of how the ultrasound probe receives reflected ultrasound waves from a test object placed to face the ultrasound probe, includes a part which detects a posture of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110275938 - Ultrasound imaging device and method for clutter filtering: An ultrasound imaging device according to exemplary embodiments of the present invention may determine a skewness with respect to an in-phase/quadrature-phase (I/Q) signal in a frequency domain, and may provide a decision logic of a clutter filtering using the skewness. Accordingly, by filtering a clutter signal of the I/Q signal... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20110275939 - Ergonomic sensor pad with feedback to user and method of use: A portable system is provided for sensing and training a user to maintain correct posture while seated in a chair with a seat portion and a back portion. The system includes a first pad attachable to the seat portion of a chair, said first pad having a front area and... Agent:

20110275941 - Advanced patient management with environmental data: Systems, devices and methods for using environmental data to manage health care are disclosed. One aspect is an advanced patient management system. In various embodiments, the system includes at least one implantable medical device (IMD) to acquire at least one IMD parameter indicative of patient wellness, means to acquire at... Agent:

20110275940 - Athletic performance monitoring system utilizing heart rate information: Athletic activity may be monitored using heart rate in addition to or instead of other types of metrics. Accordingly, multiple different activity types may be compared based on heart rate information. Additionally, the heart rate information may be visualized by displaying the heart rate data over time or relative to... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20110275942 - Device for reporting heart failure status: An embodiment of a device for reporting a heart failure status of a patient comprises: a parameter acquisition module configured to acquire at least one trended heart failure parameter; a predetermined event acquisition module configured to acquire at least one predetermined event corresponding to the at least one trended heart... Agent:

20110275943 - Arterial pressure-based, automatic determination of a cardiovascular parameter: One or more cardiovascular parameters is estimated as a function of the arterial pressure waveform, in particular, using at least one statistical moment of a discrete representation pressure waveform having an order greater than one. Arterial compliance, the exponential pressure decay constant, vascular resistance, cardiac output, and stroke volume are... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20110275944 - Brachial cuff: A method for determining a calibrated aortic pressure waveform from a brachial cuff waveform involves the use of one or more generalized transfer functions. The one or more generalized transfer functions are specific for predetermined brachial cuff pressure ranges, such as below diastolic pressure, between diastolic and systolic pressure, and... Agent: Atcor Medical Pty Ltd.

20110275946 - Blood pressure measurement device: A blood pressure measurement device includes a rotation center axis at a position where a distance from an upper arm inserting surface of a living body inserting housing to an elbow rest position center at a “second angle (θ2)=35 degrees”, which is an angle greater than a first angle, is... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110275945 - Medical device adaptor: A medical device adaptor includes a housing defining a mounting port and a circumscribing outer wall, a fluid passage extending substantially through the adaptor to the mounting port, and a pair of mounting shoulders spaced circumferentially along the outer wall. The pair of mounting shoulders extend transverse from the outer... Agent:

20110275947 - Cardiovascular power source for automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillators: Aspects according to the present invention provide a method and implant suitable for implantation inside a human body that includes a power consuming means responsive to a physiological requirement of the human body, a power source and a power storage device. The power source comprises a piezoelectric assembly that is... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20110275950 - Method and apparatus with reduced electrode system specific ecg interpretation: A method and apparatus for processing electrocardiographic signals of a patient. The apparatus comprises ten or fewer electrodes connected to a patient at least one of the standard twelve lead ECG electrode positions. The apparatus further comprises a plurality of ECG interpretation algorithms, each of the algorithms specifically tailored for... Agent: General Electric Company

20110275949 - Multi-electrode mapping system: In some aspects, a method includes measuring unipolar signals at one or more electrodes in response to electrical activity in a heart cavity. The method also includes determining, based at least in part on Laplace's equation, bipolar physiological information at multiple locations of an surface based on the measured unipolar... Agent: Rhythmia Medical, Inc.

20110275948 - Portable usb electrocardiograph system and method: The system and method of the present application includes an ECG acquisition device having a USB connector for connecting the device to a host device and a patient connector for connecting the device to a patient with ECG leads. The ECG acquisition device of the present system further includes a... Agent: General Electric Company

20110275951 - Electrophysiology catheter: The invention relates to electrophysiology catheter systems and their use, such as in an MRI environment, and in particular to analysis of electric signals from such. An electrophysiology (EP) catheter with a plurality of electrically isolated electrode segments arranged in longitudinally spaced bands around the catheter is used to detect... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110275952 - System and method for determining proximity relative to a critical structure: A system for determining proximity of a surgical device relative to an anatomical structure includes at least one surgical device having a sensor assembly operably coupled to a processing unit. The sensor assembly is configured to transmit at least one electrical signal through the target anatomical structure to elicit a... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110275953 - Hearing treatment in patients with questionable cochlear nerve functionality: An intraoperative approach for objective determination of auditory nerve functioning is described. Following surgical removal of tumor tissue impairing auditory functioning of a patient, an electrode array having electrode contacts is intra-operatively inserted into the cochlea of the patient. A diagnostic stimulation signal is provided to the electrode contacts to... Agent: Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

20110275954 - Stool sample collector: A stool sample collector is comprised of a sheet of water-soluble material such as heavy-weight polyvinyl alcohol film, six to nine inches by 20 to 26 inches. In use, the strip is positioned across the toilet bowl against the bowl's back rim, the front edge of the strip drooping down... Agent:

20110275955 - Tissue sampling tool: A sampling tool for isolating and collecting a tissue biopsy includes a hollow sampling cylinder that includes a first end and an opposing second end. The first end being a sharpened, annular cutting edge and a central bore extending completely from the first end to the second end. An outer... Agent: Mount Sinai School Of Medicine

20110275956 - Intelligent orthotic insoles: An intelligent insole for generating time sensitive information about the pressure on the foot. The insole includes a custom-made, semi-custom or generically sized orthotic component. The orthotic is laminated with a top cover and an intermediate pressure sensor having an array of capacitive pressure sensors. Signal processing equipment may be... Agent: Es2 LLC

20110275960 - Entrance information system and method for issuing entrance instructions for a sleeping room by an entrance information system: The present invention relates to an entrance information system and a method for operating an entrance information system issuing an entrance instruction for a sleeping room in dependence of a sleeping signal from a sleep detector detecting the sleep stage of a person inside the sleeping room.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110275958 - Goniometer: A goniometer comprises a first arm (2), a second arm (4) and a connecting portion (6) pivotally connecting the first arm (2) to the second arm (4) about a pivot axis (7). An instrument connector (8) is coupled to the first arm (2) arranged to couple to a surgical instrument... Agent: Depuy International Limited

20110275957 - Inertial sensor based surgical navigation system for knee replacement surgery: An inertial sensor based surgical navigation system for knee replacement surgery is disclosed. Inertial sensors composed of six-degree-of-freedom inertial chips, whose measurements are processed through a series of integration, quaternion, and kalman filter algorithms, are used to track the position and orientation of bones and surgical instruments. The system registers... Agent:

20110275961 - Methods and devices for detection of context when addressing a medical condition of a patient: Methods and devices detect context related to a patient when monitoring a physiological condition of the patient and/or when applying one or more modes of therapy. The context may be a patient context such as posture or an environmental context such as ambient conditions. The context may be used in... Agent:

20110275959 - Portable system for monitoring the position of a patient's head during videonystagmography tests (vng) or electronystagmography (eng): A system and a method is presented that includes monitoring in real time the position and movement of the head with regard to a visual stimulator during videonystagmography (VNG) or electronystagmography (ENG) studies in a patient. Ultrasound sensors and emitters are used combined with gyroscopes as gravity detectors, or other... Agent:

11/03/2011 > 125 patent applications in 67 patent subcategories.

20110270011 - Use of opioids or opioid mimetics for the treatment of resistant cancer patients: The use of opioids or opioid mimetics is suggested for the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of resistant cancer patients.... Agent: Universit&#xe4 T Ulm

20110270012 - Device and method for controlling emission of radiation: Embodiments of the invention include a device for therapeutically delivering radiation to tissue. Some embodiments include a radiation source and a combination of members surrounding the radiation source that move relative to one another to permit or restrict the emitting of radiation from the device. Limits to the movement of... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110270013 - Pressure-applying device: A pressure-applying device (PAD) (10) that is attached to a selected location on a person's skin for therapeutic purposes. The PAD (10) comprises a first handle (12) having an articulated arm (38) with a tip (40) and a second handle (66) having an integral arm (92) with a tip (94).... Agent:

20110270014 - Hearing prosthesis having an on-board fitting system: A hearing prosthesis comprising an external component having an integrated user interface, a sound processor configured to process received sounds based on predefined fitting data, and an on-board fitting system configured to set the fitting data in response to control inputs received via the integrated user interface.... Agent: Cochlear Limited

20110270015 - Systems, devices, and methods for minimally invasive pelvic surgery: The invention, in various embodiments, provides systems, devices, and methods for treating urinary incontinence.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110270022 - Biocompatible and biostable implantable medical device: The present invention is related to a biocompatible and biostable implantable medical device. The present invention can include an implantable medical device including an electro-mechanical component. The electro-mechanical component can be coated with various novel and nonobvious coating combinations designed to promote biocompatibility and biostability. One layer of the coating... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270028 - Biocompatible and biostable implantable medical device: The present invention is related to a biocompatible and biostable implantable medical device. The present invention can include an implantable medical device including an electro-mechanical component. The electro-mechanical component can be coated with various novel and nonobvious coating combinations designed to promote biocompatibility and biostability.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270026 - Delivering pelvic floor repair implants: A medical device for the delivery of pelvic floor repair implants within a pelvic region of a body includes a handle, an elongated shaft member, and a head. A method of delivering a pelvic floor repair implant in a transvaginal implant procedure includes inserting and deploying at least a portion... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110270021 - Electronically enhanced access port for a fluid filled implant: The present invention provides for an access port configured to detect its tilt within the body to facilitate a physician's access thereto. The access port can include a tilt detector to detect tilt datum, and a display screen to display the tilt of the access port. In addition, the tilt... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270029 - Gastric band with electrical stimulation: A gastric band system including a functional electrical stimulation component is provided. Stimulation electrodes on the gastric band may be used to stimulate the vagal nerve and/or splanchnic nerve, which can inhibit the patient's appetite. The gastric band may have an inflatable member for adjusting a stoma size. The stimulation... Agent:

20110270030 - Hydraulic gastric band with collapsible reservoir: A self-regulating gastric band apparatus for adjusting stoma size. The apparatus includes an adjustable gastric band with an expandable inner ring. A band adjustment assembly includes a sensor for sensing fluid pressure in the inner ring and a pump assembly connected to the inner ring and to a controller for... Agent:

20110270019 - Implantable device to protect tubing from puncture: An implantable device used in a gastric band system includes an access port, a tube coupled to the access port, and a shielding device covering a portion of the tube. The shielding device is positioned adjacent to the access port and covers the end of the tube coupled to the... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270023 - Implantable device to protect tubing from puncture: An implantable device used in a gastric band system includes an access port, a tube coupled to the access port, and a shielding device covering a portion of the tube. The shielding device is positioned adjacent to the access port and covers the end of the tube coupled to the... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270020 - Linear tension internal organ supports and method for using the same: Compact and efficient linear tension internal organ supports and methods of maneuvering the organ supports so as to manipulate (i.e., lift, suspend or displace) an internal organ or soft tissue within the general operating field within the abdominal cavity of a patient undergoing surgery. In certain preferred embodiments, an internal... Agent:

20110270027 - Method and system for determining the pressure of a fluid in a syringe, an access port, a catheter, and a gastric band: A method and system for determining pressure in a syringe, and more specifically to a syringe pressure accessory which can be connected to a syringe to determine pressure in a syringe and a gastric band. The syringe pressure accessory can detect a pressure of a syringe and/or a gastric band... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270025 - Remotely powered remotely adjustable gastric band system: A remotely adjustable remotely power gastric band system may include a control device, an implant electronic device, and an implantable gastric band. The control device may telemetrically power and communicate with the implant electronic device, which may be used for adjusting the diameter of the implantable gastric band. The implant... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270016 - Self-adjusting gastric band: A self-adjusting gastric band comprises an inflatable portion that includes a fluid such as saline. A reservoir is spaced from the inflatable portion according to a distance related to a wavelength of a peristaltic wave that propagates through the esophageal-gastric junction. A pressure-relief valve is coupled between the inflatable portion... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270017 - Self-adjusting gastric band having various compliant components: A self-adjusting gastric band is automatically adjustable without complicated fluid control mechanisms, flow rate limiting devices, and/or valves. The self-adjusting gastric band may automatically adjust to allow a large bolus of food to pass through a constriction in the patient's stomach formed by the gastric band. The self-adjusting gastric band... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270024 - Self-adjusting gastric band having various compliant components: In some embodiments, the present invention generally provides self-adjusting gastric banding systems for the treatment of obesity and obesity related conditions, as well as systems for allowing the automatic self-adjustment of gastric bands when a patient swallows a large bolus. In some embodiments, the present invention generally provides for gastric... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270018 - Self-adjusting mechanical gastric band: A self-adjusting gastric band applies a substantially constant force to a patient's fundus in order to facilitate weight control. The self-adjusting gastric band is capable of automatically relaxing and contracting in response to changes in the patient's fundus or in response to a large bolus passing through the patient's fundus... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270031 - System and method for airway manipulation: Methods and devices are disclosed for manipulating the airway, such as to treat obstructive sleep apnea. An implant is positioned within the body with respect to the airway. The spatial orientation of the airway is manipulated, directly or indirectly, to affect the configuration of the airway. In general, the implant... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110270033 - Interchangeable attachment connector systems: The present invention relates to an interchangeable attachment connector system, characterized in that said system comprises: (a) a connector member, wherein said connector member comprises a shaft, said shaft having an engagement end and a distal end, wherein at least a portion of the shaft includes male threads; and (b)... Agent:

20110270032 - Tractal erectile device: A tractal erectile device is disclosed. In one embodiment, the device includes a hollow vessel having a first opening for receiving an organ, and a second opening for releasing fluid from within the vessel. The hollow vessel may include: an integral smooth lip portion surrounding the first opening for receiving... Agent:

20110270034 - Endotracheal tube with side mounted camera and illuminator: An endotracheal tube includes an inflatable balloon close to the distal end. A camera is mounted on the wall of the endotracheal tube proximate and upstream from the balloon to provide a real time image of any accumulation of secretions in the area. A light emitting diode is also mounted... Agent:

20110270036 - Electrically-operated curving control device: A curving control device to which an electrically-controlled endoscope is connected has a main CPU for primarily performing curving driving control, and a monitoring CPU for monitoring whether the operating state relating to curving actions is normal or abnormal. In the event of detecting an abnormality from the monitoring CPU,... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110270035 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus of the invention includes: an endoscope including an objective optical system capable of changing an observation magnification; a light source device capable of selectively emitting broadband light including a visible light region and narrow-band lights of a plurality of wavelength bands obtained by discretizing light in the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110270037 - Method and apparatus for advancing a probe: Some embodiments relate to an apparatus comprising an elongate flexible tube sized to be received within a tract and having a proximal end and a distal end; a drive mechanism coupled to the proximal end of the tube; and a liquid column extending from the proximal end to the distal... Agent: Endogene Pty Ltd.

20110270038 - Video laryngoscope: A video laryngoscope has a handle and a groove on one side of the handle. The groove is used for guiding a guide wire when the larynogoscope is placed in a patient's mouth. A video camera located near the end of the handle is used to view the area around... Agent:

20110270039 - Flexible dam and retractor: An instrument for field isolation during surgery. The instrument includes a flexible member, and a retractor configured to retract the flexible member for field isolation during a surgical procedure. A method of providing field isolation during a surgical procedure is also provided.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110270041 - Access assembly with adjustable seal member: The mechanism may include a single seal element or first and second seal elements. The seal elements may be adapted for lateral movement during longitudinal movement of the seal. The first and second seal elements may be in at least partial overlapping relation when in the first position of the... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110270040 - Planning for curvature interactions, multiple radii of curvature and adaptive neighborhoods: Planning deployment of a medical robot based on concentric cannulas takes into account multiple radii of curvature. The radii of curvature are dependent on tube diameter. Tubes of smaller diameter can have tighter radii of curvature. Planning also takes into account moment of inertia and elasticity of tubes. For the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110270042 - Adjustable surgical support and retractor system: A surgical support system including a primary telescoping support; and a secondary telescoping support that is telescopically mounted to the primary support, the secondary support being configured for telescopically mounting a surgical tool thereto, such that such that telescoping of the secondary support with respect to the primary support repositions... Agent:

20110270043 - Air movement energy harvesting with wireless sensors: A system and method for generating power when one or more motion sensitive structures are moved via airflow. The system may include one or more sensing components which, acting alone or in combination, are capable of generating data related to one or more physiological parameters. The system may also include... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110270045 - Microprocessor controlled ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device: An implantable infusion pump possesses operational functionality that is, at least in part, controlled by software operating in two processor ICs which are configured to perform some different and some duplicate functions. The pump exchanges messages with an external device via telemetry. Each processor controls a different part of the... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110270046 - Optic-based contact sensing assembly and system: A contact sensing assembly including a catheter and an electrode including a tip portion and a base portion, and a generally central axis, with the electrode being connected to a distal end of the catheter. Optical sensor(s) may be provided for emitting and/or receiving an optical signal, with a part... Agent:

20110270044 - Surgery planning based on predicted results: A method for planning a current medical procedure to be performed on a body part of a current patient includes obtaining a current first representation of a surface of the body part of the current patient, and either obtaining a representation of a desired result surface for the current medical... Agent:

20110270051 - Cardiovascular disease screening method and apparatus: The disclosure teaches non-invasive, inexpensive and reproducible tests that provide improved measurement of risk assessment by measurement of the following parameters of a subject. The disclosure includes intima-media thickness, augmentation index, arterial wall elasticity, central arterial pressure, electrocardiogram impedance, cardiograph blood pressure measurement, ankle-brachial index, 3D (three dimensional) plaque volume,... Agent:

20110270049 - Method and apparatus for remote detection and monitoring of functional chronotropic incompetence: Methods and apparatus to determine the presence of and track functional chronotropic incompetence (hereinafter “CI”) in an in-home setting under conditions of daily living. The functional CI of the patient may be determined with one or more of a profile of measured patient heart rates, a measured maximum patient heart... Agent: Corventis, Inc.

20110270047 - Monitoring device and method: A monitoring device arranged to display a level of consciousness and hemodynamic parameters of a patient for simultaneous viewing. A dependence of changes in the hemodynamic parameters of the patient on the level of consciousness of the patient may be more easily observed using the monitoring device. Correlations between the... Agent: Lidco Group PLC

20110270050 - Self administered health assessment method and apparatus: The disclosure pertains to automated and subject operated medical diagnostic equipment that may be remotely monitored by trained medical personnel. The diagnostic equipment may be installed in publicly accessible locations such as airports or hotels. The diagnostic equipment may be located in a subject's home. The diagnostic equipment may be... Agent:

20110270048 - Systems and methods for ppg sensors incorporating ekg sensors: Techniques and structures are disclosed for using photoplethysmograph (PPG) and electrocardiographic (EKG)-based readings of a subject to determine one or more physiological characteristics of the subject. In an arrangement, a combined PPG-EKG sensor unit may be used to detect both PPG and EKG signals of the subject. The sensor unit... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett Ireland

20110270052 - Ingestion-related biofeedback and personalized medical therapy method and system: Methods, devices and systems for acquiring information useful to support a patient in implementing and adhering to a medically prescribed therapy plan are provided. The therapy may incorporate biofeedback methods and/or personalized therapy aspects. A method includes steps of receiving, by a receiving device, biometric information associated with an ingestible... Agent:

20110270054 - Assay for positioning a feeding tube and method thereof: The present invention discloses a bedside or point of care assay for properly positioning a feeding tube in the stomach of a patient based on detecting the presence of a hydrolytic enzyme found in the stomach by an ester substrate which can be impregnated on a pH strip. The application... Agent:

20110270053 - Intra-oral detector and system for modification of undesired behaviors and methods thereof: Methods, devices and systems are disclosed for use in detecting a number of substances that may be present, whether constantly or intermittently, in the oral cavity and indicative of specific undesirable and/or unhealthy behaviors. Disclosed devices including detectors that indicate the presence of targeted substances qualitatively or quantitatively, may be... Agent:

20110270055 - Measurement system for an analyte determination and a method: A measurement system and method for operating a measurement system is disclosed for an analyte determination. The system includes an analysis unit, which is configured to determine a measured analyte value for a body fluid specimen that is applied, a fingerprint sensor, which is configured to detect fingerprint sensor signals... Agent:

20110270056 - Determination of photodynamic therapy (pdt) treatment parameters: A photodynamic therapy system and methods determine the amount (concentration) of a photosensitizer agent present in the target tissue. The system may also determine the tissue oxygenation. The system may also determine light dosimetry parameters based on the amount of photosensitizer in the tissue and/or the tissue oxygenation.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20110270057 - Device and method for detection of an in-vivo pathology: An in-vivo sensing device for detecting in-vivo pathology may include an illumination source for illuminating light onto a tissue external to the device and an optical system for collecting fluorescent light emitted from the tissue onto a light sensor also provided within the device. A method of detecting in-vivo pathology... Agent:

20110270058 - Method for respiration rate and blood pressure alarm management: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to display features that facilitate observation of monitored physiological data. According to certain embodiments, a monitoring system may include a monitor capable of receiving data related to the physiological parameters and storing data related to the parameters. The monitor may include a microprocessor capable... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110270059 - Signal processing for pulse oximetry: A signal processing technique for estimating the frequency of a pulsatile signal (including but not limited to pulse oximetry signals) is disclosed. Each of the functions contained within a pre-selected set of functions is compared to the input signal at many different time-shifts, and the function/time-shift combination that best matches... Agent: Conmed Corporation

20110270060 - Device and methods for monitoring the administration of a stem cell transplant: A device and methods for the real-time monitoring of stem cells in a stem cell transplant. The device comprises a linear member and particle detection device configured to occupy the lumen of a catheter while the catheter is in place to administer a stem cell transplant to a delivery site... Agent:

20110270061 - Electrochemical sensor module: Certain embodiments of a sensor cartridge element include a sensor module, an electrode arrangement installed on the sensor module, and a delivery arrangement securely coupled to the sensor module. The sensor module includes an analysis cell and a skin piercing member. The electrode arrangement generates an electrical signal when exposed... Agent: Pepex Biomedical, LLC

20110270062 - Systems and methods for replacing signal artifacts in a glucose sensor data stream: Systems and methods for minimizing or eliminating transient non-glucose related signal noise due to non-glucose rate limiting phenomenon such as ischemia, pH changes, temperatures changes, and the like. The system monitors a data stream from a glucose sensor and detects signal artifacts that have higher amplitude than electronic or diffusion-related... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20110270063 - Method of inputting data into an analyte testing device: A meter is provided that includes an improved user interface that enables the user to take a specific action, leading them directly to data input options. Such a user interface could be used to input first selected information, such as whether a test was premeal or postmeal, immediately after receiving... Agent: Lifescan Scotland Limited

20110270064 - Method and apparatus for acquiring physiological data: A method and apparatus for the collection of physiological data from a patient is disclosed herein. An electrode assembly comprises an external label identifying an anatomical location and an electrode identifying circuitry that produces a signal indicative of the anatomical location to which the electrode assembly is to be attached.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110270065 - Implantable medical device configuration based on port usage: In an example, configuring an implantable medical device by determining port usage can include, receiving a port data object, determining a lead configuration, configuring access to a programmable parameter, and displaying a visual indication of the lead configuration. The port data object can be received from the implantable medical device... Agent:

20110270066 - Novel method and apparatus for eliminating loading and electrode polarization effects in impedance measurements for tissues and electrolytes: A device and method for accurately characterizing tissue impedance employs multiple electrodes at a plurality of separation distances to cancel the effects of front end loading leakage currents and electrode polarization to improve the accuracy of sensitive impedance measurements used to identify cancerous tissues. These measurements may be automated over... Agent:

20110270067 - Biocompatible bonding method: The invention is a device and method for connecting a hermetic package to a flexible circuit such as for an electrode array in an implantable device. Attaching metal pads on a flexible circuit to metal pads on a hermetic device by conductive adhesive is known. A smooth metal, such as... Agent:

20110270068 - Neurological screening connector: A medical lead screening connector includes a housing, a plurality of lead receptor channels disposed within the housing, a cover hingedly attached to the housing, and a base element rotationally attached to the housing. Each lead receptor channel includes at least two lead receptor contacts. A conductor cable is attached... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110270069 - Wireless electrode arrangement and method for patient monitoring via electrocardiography: A wireless electrocardiogram (ECG) system is disclosed. The wireless ECG provides for recording potentials on the surface of a body. The wireless ECG includes a plurality of electrodes suitable for attachment to the surface of the body, a voltage measuring circuit for detecting a voltage between a reference voltage level... Agent:

20110270070 - Living body observation apparatus: A living body observation apparatus irradiates a predetermined region inside a living body with ultrasound, irradiates the predetermined region, which is irradiated with the ultrasound, with a light of a predetermined frequency, and detects a scattered light with a frequency shifted by ultrasound vibration in a living body constituent substance... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110270071 - Measuring apparatus: In photoacoustic imaging, in cases where an emitted light amount and a beam pattern of a laser vary according to variation with time and external factors, and cases where the wavelength and the repetition rate of the laser vary, there is a danger that a light fluence of light applied... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110270073 - Electron spin resonance imaging scanner: An electron paramagnetic resonance imaging (EPRI) system includes a resistive magnet driven by a power supply such as a power supply module to generate radio frequency signals in a substantially coherent polyphase perfect sequence scheme. The EPRI system further includes image acquisition and processing electronics configured to generate, acquire, quantify... Agent: General Electric Company

20110270074 - Methods for physiological monitoring, training, exercise and regulation: A computer assisted method comprising: measuring activity of one or more internal voxels of a brain; employing computer executable logic that takes the measured brain activity and determines one or more members of the group consisting of: a) what next stimulus to communicate to the subject, b) what next behavior... Agent:

20110270072 - Registering mr patient data on the basis of generic models: A method for registering a non-patient-characteristic three-dimensional magnetic resonance data set (MR data set) to patient-characteristic data includes: producing or providing a non-patient-characteristic three-dimensional generic model of a body or body part containing body structure data; ascertaining or providing two-dimensional patient-characteristic detection data of a patient; using a transformation protocol... Agent:

20110270076 - Method for removing noise of pet signal using filtering in pet-mri fusion device and pet system in pet-mri fusion device using the same: Provided is a method for removing noise of a positron emission tomography (PET) signal in a PET-magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) fusion device without using an MRI radio frequency (RF) shield that degrades image quality. The method includes: receiving a PET output signal from a PET-MRI fusion device and performing analog... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sogang University

20110270077 - Method for removing noise of pet signal using modeling in pet-mri fusion device and pet system in pet-mri fusion device using the same: Provided is a method for removing noise of a positron emission tomography (PET) signal in a PET-magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) fusion device without using an MRI radio frequency (RF) shield that degrades image quality. The method includes: (a1) converting a PET analog signal into a digital signal having a predetermined... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sogang University

20110270078 - Methods and systems of combining magnetic resonance and nuclear imaging: An multi-modality imaging system for imaging of an object under study that includes a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus and an MRI-compatible single-photon nuclear imaging apparatus imbedded within the RF coil of the MRI system such that sequential or simultaneous imaging can be done with the two modalities using the... Agent:

20110270075 - Multi-segment ultrasound transducers: Disclosed are systems and methods for focusing ultrasound transducers that include multiple separate, independently movable transducer segments.... Agent:

20110270079 - Compression device for enhancing normal/abnormal tissue contrast in mri including devices and methods related thereto: Featured are devices for compression of target tissue while magnetic resonance imaging the target tissue and methods and systems related thereto. The method includes disposing target tissue between the fixed surface and the moveable member of a compression device and compressing the target tissue between the fixed surface and the... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20110270080 - Determining inserted catheter end location and orientation: Catheterization device and method of using are provided for uniquely illuminating the distal end of the device in order to visualize the end-point location and orientation and to track the movement of the catheterization device within passageways in the body. Use of the present invention by tracking in real time... Agent:

20110270082 - Medical device tracking system with tag and method: Embodiments of the invention include systems and methods for tracking a medical device. Systems configured for such tracking may include the capability to either or both detect tampering with the medical device and to effectively expose the medical device to sterilization substances while the medical device is captured by a... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110270081 - Navigated malleable surgical instrument: A surgical instrument can include a body, a tracking device, and a handle. The body can include proximal and distal ends, and a flow passage extending therebetween. The body can be formed from a malleable material such that it can be bent between the proximal and distal ends from a... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

20110270083 - System and method for dynamic metal distortion compensation for electromagnetic tracking systems: A method and system for dynamic metal distortion compensation using an Electromagnetic Tracking System (EMTS) (10) using an electromagnetic field from an electromagnetic field generator (12). A plurality of fiducial markers (14) are provided, each having at least one electromagnetic sensor (26), the electromagnetic sensors oriented in a plurality of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110270084 - Surgical navigation apparatus and method for same: A surgical navigation apparatus and a method of operating the surgical navigation apparatus are disclosed. The surgical navigation apparatus includes: a first aligning unit configured to align a position of a patient with reference image data by using patient position data and the reference image data of the patient generated... Agent:

20110270085 - Ultrasonic in situ respiratory mask testing process and mask: A respiratory mask includes a mask body with a perimeter. The mask has a use position wherein the mask body covers at least the mouth and nose and the perimeter is in contact with the face surrounding at least the mouth and nose. At least one ultrasonic sensor is supported... Agent: The Gov't Of The US As Represented By The Secretary Of The Dept. Of Health & Human Services,

20110270087 - Method and apparatus for ultrasonic diagnosis: An apparatus for ultrasonic diagnosis including a probe configured to transmit ultrasonic waves and to receive reflected ultrasonic waves, an image generator configured to generate an ultrasonic image based on the reflected waves, an image synthesizing unit configured to generate a synthetic image in which a puncture guideline, which indicates... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110270089 - System and method for managing a patient: A system for managing a patient is disclosed and can include a patient interface adapted to obtain ultrasound information about the patient, a provider interface adapted to facilitate communication between the system and a provider, and a controller in communication with the patient interface and the provider interface, the controller... Agent: Guardsman Scientific, Inc.

20110270088 - Ultrasonographic diagnostic system and ultrasonic diagnostic device: An ultrasonic probe is constituted by ultrasonic transducer elements arranged in a direction. A beam forming unit forms acoustic field sensitivity modulated in a direction substantially orthogonal to scan lines in a subject by focusing an ultrasonic wave on a sequence of sampling points existing along the scan lines, and... Agent: Kyoto University

20110270086 - Ultrasound imaging with ray casting and software-based image reconstruction: Systems and methods are presented for increasing the frame rate of real-time 3D ultrasound imaging. In one embodiment, the frame rate for generating a pseudo-shaded 2D projection image may be increased by controlling the image reconstruction process. Rather than beamforming, scan converting, and interpolating a 3D voxelized data set of... Agent: General Electric Company

20110270090 - Needle having ultrasound opaque elements: Embodiments of the present invention are related to techniques for increasing the visibility of needles while using ultrasound or other imaging technologies. For example, one embodiment of the present invention is directed to a needle that includes a longitudinal needle-shaped base structure and at least one enclosure positioned circumferentially about... Agent:

20110270091 - Apparatus and method for use of rfid catheter intelligence: A method and system is provided for using backscattered data and known parameters to characterize vascular tissue. Specifically, methods and devices for identifying information about the imaging element used to gather the backscattered data are provided in order to permit an operation console having a plurality of Virtual Histology classification... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20110270092 - Combined apparatus for detection of multispectral optical image emitted from living body and for light therapy: The present invention provides a fluorescence detection and photodynamic therapy apparatus including: a combined light source unit 10 including a plurality of coherent and non-coherent light sources 11, 12 and 13 configured to irradiate light onto a to-be-observed object while performing continuous illumination; an optical imaging unit 20 configured to... Agent: Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

20110270093 - Optical examination device adapted to be at least partially inserted into a turbid medium: An optical examination device (10) adapted to be at least partially inserted into a turbid medium is provided. The optical examination device comprises a shaft portion (21) adapted to be inserted into the turbid medium, the shaft portion (21) comprising a tip portion (22) adapted to be the foremost portion... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110270094 - Noninvasive hypovolemia monitor: A hypovolemia monitor comprises a plethysmograph input responsive to light intensity after absorption by fleshy tissue. A measurement of respiration-induced variation in the input is made. The measurement is normalized and converted into a hypovolemia parameter. An audible or visual indication of hypovolemia is provided, based upon the hypovolemia parameter.... Agent:

20110270096 - Algorithm for detecting a seizure from cardiac data: Methods, systems, and apparatus for detecting the seizure in a patient using a medical device. The determination is performed by collecting cardiac data; determining valid heart beats suitable for seizure detection from the cardiac data; calculating heart rate data of interest from the valid heart beats; and identifying a seizure... Agent:

20110270095 - Methods and systems for detecting epileptic events using nnxx, optionally with nonlinear analysis parameters: Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and apparatus for detecting an epilepsy event in a patient using a medical device. The medical device is capable of determining an occurring epilepsy event, for example a seizure or an increased risk of a seizure. The determination is performed by determining at least one... Agent:

20110270097 - Method and apparatus for assessment of fluid responsiveness: Disclosed embodiments include a method and related apparatus for determining a physiological parameter from the arterial blood pressure signal, the photoplethysmographic signal, the electrocardiogram, or any other a physiologic signal whose pulse amplitude variation is affected by respiration and it is indicative of fluid status in order to quantify the... Agent:

20110270098 - Apparatus and method for measuring blood pressure: The application relates to an apparatus and a method for estimating a central systolic blood pressure (cSBP) of a subject, in which a peripheral blood pressure waveform of the subject's pulse and at least two peripheral blood pressure measurements within the cardiac cycle of the subject are determined and the... Agent: King's College London

20110270100 - Ecg leads system for newborn ecg screening: An apparatus including a chest strip comprising a plurality of precordial and limb leads for an electrocardiogram (ECG) and an ECG data recorder coupled to the chest strip, wherein the ECG data recorder configured to receive signals from the leads. An apparatus including a chest strip comprising a plurality of... Agent: Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute At Harbor-ucla Medical Center

20110270099 - Hermetic wafer-to-wafer bonding with electrical interconnection: An implantable medical device (IMD) is disclosed. The IMD includes a first substrate having a front side and a backside. A first via is formed in the front side, the via extending from a bottom point in the front side to a first height located at a surface of the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110270101 - Implantable cardiac event detection device with an adaptive sleep state: Disclosed is a system for the detection of cardiac events (a guardian system) that includes an implanted device called a cardiosaver, a physician's programmer and an external alarm system. The system is designed to provide early detection of cardiac events such as acute myocardial infarction or exercise induced myocardial ischemia... Agent: Angel Medical Systems, Inc.

20110270102 - Method and apparatus for detecting and discriminating tachycardia: A medical device and associated method for discriminating cardiac events includes sensing a cardiac signal spatially located across approximately a full duration of a predetermined sensing window. A match score is determined corresponding to the sensed cardiac signal. A beat feature of multiple beat features across less than the full... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110270103 - Method and apparatus for detecting and discriminating tachycardia: A medical device and associated method for discriminating cardiac events includes determining whether a first match score is within a first match zone having a first correlation with a non-treatable cardiac event, a second match zone having a second correlation with the non-treatable cardiac event less than the first correlation... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110270104 - Method and apparatus for detecting and discriminating tachycardia: A medical device and associated method for discriminating cardiac events includes determining whether a cardiac evidence counter is greater than a predetermined detection threshold, determining whether to advance from a current state to a next state in response to the evidence counter being greater than the predetermined detection threshold, determining... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110270105 - Time domain monitoring of myocardial electrical stability: Embodiments of the present invention relate to implantable systems, and methods for use therewith, for monitoring myocardial electrical stability. A patient's heart is paced for a period of time using a patterned pacing sequence that repeats every N beats, and an electrical signal is obtained that is representative of a... Agent:

20110270106 - Method and apparatus for detecting and discriminating tachycardia: A medical device and associated method for discriminating cardiac events sense cardiac signals that includes determining whether a first match score is within one of a first match zone corresponding to a first cardiac event, and a second match zone corresponding to the first cardiac event, and determining whether a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110270107 - Method and apparatus for detecting and discriminating tachycardia: A medical device and associated method for discriminating cardiac events includes determining whether a first match score is within a first match zone having a first correlation with a non-treatable cardiac event, a second match zone having a second correlation with the non-treatable cardiac event less than the first correlation,... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110270108 - Method and apparatus for detecting and discriminating tachycardia: A medical device and associated method for monitoring a patient's heart rhythm sense cardiac events and detect a sudden change in the heart rhythm in response to the sensed cardiac events. Detecting the sudden change includes determining a variability of intervals between the sensed cardiac events and switching between a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110270109 - Method and apparatus for detecting and discriminating tachycardia: A medical device and associated method obtaining cardiac event intervals corresponding to a tachycardia interval. Evidence of a rhythm breaking point is obtained in response to sensing a cardiac event having a morphology corresponding to a supraventricular beat. A non-treatable rhythm is detected in response to the plurality of cardiac... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110270110 - Method and apparatus for detecting and discriminating tachycardia: A medical device and associated method for monitoring a patient's heart rhythm sensing a cardiac signal determine whether a cardiac signal is noise corrupted by obtaining cardiac signal pulses and generating a pulse amplitude threshold in response to the plurality of signal pulses. The number of signal sample points exceeding... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110270111 - Method and apparatus for assessment of fluid responsiveness: Disclosed embodiments include a method for assessing fluid responsiveness implemented in a medical apparatus, a medical system, or a digital computer with one or more processors comprising: (a) measuring an electrocardiogram signal, and (b) computing a dynamic index predictive of fluid responsiveness from said electrocardiogram by calculating the R-wave amplitude... Agent:

20110270112 - Multi-function health monitor: A multi-function health monitor is capable of performing a resting 12-lead ECG test, an ECG stress test, a 24-hour holter monitor evaluation and or a 30-day MCT monitoring. Using only 3 electrodes, the multifunction health monitor derives 6 channels (Limb leads & Augmented leads) of data with the noise cancellation... Agent: Applied Cardiac Systems, Inc.

20110270113 - Measurement device and method for analyzing a sample gas by infrared absorption spectroscopy: A measurement device and a method for analyzing a sample gas by infrared absorption spectroscopy are described. The measurement device comprises: a measurement chamber with the sample gas to be analyzed, a laser being arranged in relation to the measurement chamber such that light being emitted from the laser radiates... Agent: Humedics Gmbh

20110270114 - Methods and apparatus for calibrating respiratory effort from photoplethysmograph signals: Breathing effort of a patient, as determined (for example) from a photoplethysmograph (“PPG”) signal from the patient, can be calibrated in relation to air pressure in the patient's respiratory system. This calibration can be done by subjecting the patient to varying amounts of breathing resistance; and for each such amount,... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett Ireland

20110270115 - Respiration sensing system: A respiration sensing subsystem includes a band made of stretchable material and a pair of spaced conductors extending along the band in a flexible pattern. A moisture repellant compound is added to the stretchable material of the band between the pair of spaced conductors.... Agent:

20110270116 - Minimally invasive determination of collateral ventilation in lungs: Minimally invasive methods, systems and devices are provided for assessing collateral ventilation in the lungs. In particular, collateral ventilation of a target compartment within a lung of a patient is assessed by advancement of a catheter through the tracheobronchial tree to a feeding airway of the target compartment. The feeding... Agent: Pulmonx Corporation

20110270117 - Remote continuous seizure monitor and alarm: An electroencephalogram (EEG) utilizing epileptiform activity detection, warning and recording system adapted for use by non-healthcare professionals or healthcare professionals. The system is simple enough for use by untrained personnel and will be self-contained, not requiring technical setup or point of use maintenance. The system includes a small number of... Agent: Glkk, Inc.

20110270118 - Measuring and displaying the propagation velocity of uterine action potentials to determine the onset of labor: A method and system to examine and measure the propagation velocity of electrical activity in pregnant patients, labor and non-labor patients at term and preterm, and non-pregnant patients, thereby providing valuable information regarding the state of a patient's uterus. The method can include obtaining uterine EMG signals from a series... Agent: Reproductive Research Technologies, Lp

20110270119 - Devices and methods for nerve mapping: One embodiment includes a method for monitoring nerve tissue which includes inserting a dilator into muscle, the dilator including first and second electrodes at the distal tip. While the dilator is in muscle, a system may communicate (a) a first series of unequal current amplitude applications (e.g., a serious including... Agent:

20110270120 - Interface module for use with nerve monitoring and electrosurgery: Concepts presented herein relate to an interface module that can be electrically coupled to an electrical stimulation generator, a radio frequency generator and an instrument. A selection module is coupled to the interface module and operates in a first mode to deliver electrical stimulation signals from the electrical stimulation generator... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

20110270121 - System and method for determining proximity relative to a nerve: A system for determining proximity of a surgical device relative to nerve structure includes at least one surgical device having a sensor assembly operably coupled to a processing unit and configured to transmit at least one electrical signal generated by the processing unit through nerve structure to elicit a measurable... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110270122 - Minimally invasive allergy testing system: An allergy testing system includes encapsulated allergens, a microneedle array, and an activation system coupled to the microneedle array and the encapsulated allergens such that the encapsulated allergens are moved into contact with a subject as the microneedle array is moved from a resting position to a penetrating position. A... Agent: Infotonics Technology Center, Inc.

20110270123 - Visually directed human-computer interaction for medical applications: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus of utilizing an eye detection apparatus in a medical application, which includes calibrating the eye detection apparatus to a user; performing a predetermined set of visual and cognitive steps using the eye detection apparatus; determining a visual profile of a workflow... Agent:

20110270124 - Method and apparatus for signal encoding evoked responses: A method and apparatus for utilizing the benefits of encoded signal transmission and reception to enhance the performance of medical testing devices (100) adapted to evoke and measure biological response signals such as auditory evoked potentials (AEP), and the auditory brainstem response (ABR) signals in particular. Auditory stimuli, such as... Agent: Everest Biomedical Instruments Co.

20110270125 - Stool collector: A stool collector adapted for being positioned in a use position in which it is secured to a standard water closet or toilet to collect a stool sample delivered by a user, said stool collector comprising a rear piece adapted for being secured between rear halves of a toilet bowl... Agent: Gp Medical Devices Aps

20110270126 - Pressure/vacuum actuated catheter forceps: A method for extracting a tissue sample is provided, including the steps of inserting a catheter into a bodily cavity, the catheter having a sampling chamber, a movable cover, and an actuation mechanism for actuating the cover, positioning the sampling chamber next to tissue to be sampled, providing a fluid... Agent:

20110270127 - Biological fluid receptacle: There is provided a biological fluid receptacle that includes an outer surface adapted to be affixed to a carrier and a receptacle cavity adapted to receive and retain biological fluids.... Agent:

20110270128 - Retractable blood-sampling device: A retractable blood-sampling device comprises a housing (15), a blood-sampling needle holder (13), a blood-sampling needle and a recovery sleeve (19). There is a compressible spring (14) mounted between the blood-sampling needle holder (13) and the front end of the housing (15). There is at least a hanging arm (16)... Agent:

20110270129 - Instrument and system for producing a sample of a body liquid and for analysis thereof: Instrument for producing a sample of body liquid for analysis by piercing the skin with a lancing element having a skin piercing tip. The instrument has a housing and a lancing drive for driving a lancing element connected thereto in a puncturing movement. A pressure ring surrounds a skin contact... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20110270130 - Lancet protective cap: A unique technique for maintaining the sterility and integrity of a lancet tip. One or more lancet tips are sandwiched between a first web and a second web of material to protect the sterility of the lancet tips. The first and second webs are heat fused together to form a... Agent:

20110270131 - Method and system for determining the pressure of a fluid in a syringe, an access port, a catheter, and a gastric band: A method and system for determining pressure in a syringe, and more specifically to a syringe pressure accessory which can be connected to a syringe to determine pressure in a syringe and a gastric band. The syringe pressure accessory can detect a pressure of a syringe and/or a gastric band... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110270132 - Method and system for knee joint evaluation and diagnostic aid in normal and pathologic state: The present document describes an apparatus and method for identifying and characterizing a problem of a knee joint. In accordance with an embodiment, the method comprises receiving biomechanical data from sensors and generating a biomechanical profile based on the biomechanical data, the biomechanical data being representative of a movement of... Agent: Emovi Inc.

20110270133 - Steson's algorithm: A method of electing a patient suffering from low back pain (LBP) for the treatment of a physiotherapist or to undergo an imaging process for further analysis of an underlying complication, said method comprises a predetermined sequence of physical examinations.... Agent:

20110270135 - Augmented reality for testing and training of human performance: A system for continuously monitoring a user's motion and for continuously providing realtime visual physical performance information to the user while the user is moving to enable the user to detect physical performance constructs that expose the user to increased risk of injury or that reduce the user's physical performance.... Agent:

20110270134 - Detecting posture sensor signal shift or drift in medical devices: In general, the disclosure relates to medical devices and systems for detecting the posture state of patient. For example, a medical system may detect a posture state of a patient and deliver therapy based at least in part on the detected patient posture state. In some examples, the system may... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

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