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Surgery November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/11

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11/24/2011 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20110283996 - Enhanced semi-automatic emergency medication dose nebulizer: A conventional respiratory nebulizer has an emergency medication dose storage system delivering the stored medication dose directly to the nebulizing chamber with a single impulse of force to a simple mechanical delivery system, thereby making the nebulizer useable in two steps: (a) opening the medication capsule with a simple opening... Agent:

20110283997 - Dose counters for inhalers, inhalers and methods of assembly thereof: A manually operated metered dose inhaler includes a dose counter chamber including a dose display tape driven by a ratchet wheel which is driven in turn by an actuator pawl actuated by movement of a canister, the tape unwinding from a stock bobbin during use of the inhaler, a rotation... Agent: Norton Waterford (a Trading Name Of Ivax International B.v.)

20110283998 - Removable anchored lung volume reduction devices and methods: An intra-bronchial device may be placed and anchored in an air passageway of a patient to collapse a lung portion associated with the air passageway. The device includes an obstructing member that prevents air from being inhaled into the lung portion, and an anchor that anchors the obstruction device within... Agent: Spiration, Inc.

20110283999 - Humidifier and/or flow generator for cpap: A CPAP device includes a humidifier including humidifier tub having a heat conducting base plate; and a cradle to support the humidifier tub in an operative position. The cradle may also support a flow generator in operative relation to the humidifier tub. The cradle includes a heater plate in communication... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110284000 - Connecting unit for components in a breathing system: A connecting unit for fixing components in a breathing system permits simple manufacture and provides good performance characteristics. The connecting unit includes a plug adapter (2) having a sealing element (1). The sealing element (1) has a first peripheral fastening thickening (4), a second fastening thickening (5) arranged at a... Agent: Draeger Medical Gmbh

20110284001 - Nasal interface device: A nasal interface device delivers a high flow rate of a gas having a pressure that is adjustable to a patient. The device includes a nasal insert that is adapted to deliver pressurized gas to a nasal cavity of the patient, and receive and direct expired air. The nasal insert... Agent:

20110284002 - Pneumatic transient handler and method: A method and device for handling transient pressures and flow processes in a breathing system is disclosed.... Agent: Mindray Medical Sweden Ab

20110284003 - Mechanical ventilation in the presence of sleep disordered breathing: A method for controlling operation of a CPAP apparatus. The apparatus has a blower, a patient interface, an air delivery conduit for delivering air from the blower to the patient interface, a sensor for determining the pressure in the patient interface, and a control mechanism that causes air to be... Agent:

20110284004 - Wireless ventilator reporting: A medical ventilation monitoring system includes a patient ventilation unit defining an airflow path, the unit arranged so that when the unit is applied to a patient, the airflow path is in fluid communication with the patient's airway; an airflow sensor in the air flow path positioned to sense the... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20110284005 - Valve and method for flow control: The disclosure relates to a device for controlling a gas flow, e.g., from a breathing system connected to a patient at exhalation. The flow control is conducted by means of a flexible conduit with flexible circular segments being compressed along the length of the conduit, whereupon the flexible elements are... Agent: Mindray Medical Sweden Ab

20110284006 - Filter cartridge having central plenum and housing sidewall: A filter cartridge 12 that has a first and second layer of filter media 38, 40 that each have first and second major surfaces 32, 44 and a perimeter 46 and that each contain active particulate that is bonded together. A plenum 42 is disposed between the first and second... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110284007 - Positive pressure device: A positive pressure endotracheal device used with an air source which provides transmission of continuous positive pressure into the lungs using an inspiratory line and a one-way valve placed within the inspiratory line. This one-way valve will not allow exhaled air to return through the inspiratory line. The pressure in... Agent:

20110284008 - Complete airway stabilization system: An airway stabilization system is provided for maintaining an airway device in a patient's trachea and for preventing clinically significant movement thereof with respect to the patient's vocal cords in response to the application of multidirectional forces to the airway device. The system includes a retention collar secured to the... Agent: Securisyn Medical, LLC

20110284009 - Devices and methods for occluding a fallopian tube: Devices and method for occluding a fallopian tube. The devices, in one embodiment, may include a plurality of expandable occluding members coupled by respective dissolvable connecting members.... Agent:

20110284010 - Condom with coating having capsules: Provided are condoms, methods of making and treating sexual dysfunction with the same, the condoms having a multiplicity of microcapsules containing an ingredient therein, the microcapsules being disposed on one or more surfaces of the condom such that the microcapsules are substantially exposed. The microcapsules can be disposed on one... Agent: Ansell Healthcare Products LLC

20110284011 - Dental appliance for constraining the tongue: A dental appliance and method of treatment are disclosed. The dental appliance attaches to predetermined teeth of an upper jaw of a patient, and includes a constrainment mechanism positioned above a patient's tongue, wherein the constrainment mechanism is shaped to limit movement of a posterior zone of the patient's tongue.... Agent:

20110284012 - Surgical drape kit: A surgical drape kit for performing a surgical procedure includes a surgical drape having a fenestration site; a plurality of containers attached to the surgical drape; and a plurality of components used to perform a surgical procedure. The containers are attached to the surgical drape around a perimeter of the... Agent:

20110284013 - Chronocentric method for improving effectiveness of weight loss techniques: The method of the present invention comprises various steps of employing at least one mechanical, chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, electrical, magnetic or other treatment, to a living organism (optionally targeting at least one organ or organ system thereof), said living organism being human or animal, to achieve at least one predetermined... Agent: The New Level Sadkhin Group, Inc.

20110284014 - Medical devices that include removable magnet units and related methods: Medical devices and methods for magnetically positioning a device within a body cavity of a patient, including a removable magnet unit that can be reused across procedures.... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

11/17/2011 > 27 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20110277753 - Dispensing device, storage device and method for dispensing a formulation: The invention relates to a dispensing device, a storage device and a method for dispensing a medical formulation. Multiple doses of the formulation are stored in a carrier having multiple storage members, each storage member containing a single dose. Each storage member comprises one duct or nozzle for dispensing the... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20110277752 - Receptacle for an aerosolizable pharmaceutical formulation: An article for storing a pharmaceutical formulation. In one or more embodiments, the present invention comprises a receptacle (125) for an aerosolizable formulation, the receptacle having a wall thickness of between about 100-235 microns, wherein the receptacle is puncturable to allow escape and dispersion of the formulation therein. Also provided... Agent: Novartis Ag

20110277754 - Reservoir system for gas delivery to a patient: A breathing system is provided that employs a reservoir for holding oxygen or an oxygen and medicine mixture while the patient is not inhaling. The reservoir generally prevents waste and reduces cost and helps prevent the patient from re-inhaling the previously exhaled gases.... Agent: Westmed, Inc.

20110277755 - Snorkel: A snorkel including a breathing tube having an air inlet at one end and a mouthpiece at the other end, an elastic, self refilling reservoir for holding ambient air coupled in air flow communication to the breathing tube, and a mechanism in the reservoir in air flow communication with the... Agent:

20110277756 - Activation trigger for a personal vaporizing inhaler: A personal vapor inhaling unit is disclosed. An electronic flameless vapor inhaler unit that may simulate a cigarette has a cavity that receives a cartridge in the distal end of the inhaler unit. The cartridge brings a substance to be vaporized in contact with a wick. When the unit is... Agent:

20110277757 - Atomizer-vaporizer for a personal vaporizing inhaler: A personal vapor inhaling unit is disclosed. An electronic flameless vapor inhaler unit that may simulate a cigarette has a cavity that receives a cartridge in the distal end of the inhaler unit. The cartridge brings a substance to be vaporized in contact with a wick. When the unit is... Agent:

20110277758 - Patient circuit integrity alarm using exhaled co2: A carbon dioxide sensor for use in a respiratory therapy system. The carbon dioxide sensor determines whether a patient interface is fluidly coupled to a patient.... Agent: Carefusion 207, Inc.

20110277759 - Respirator fit-testing apparatus and method: Improved respirator fit-test methods and apparatus featuring an automated, respirator wearer-controlled, air-leak measurement system. For fit testing of a respirator positioned on a test subject's face and connected to a controlled negative pressure testing apparatus, the test subject simply holds his breath and then activates a switch in electrical connection... Agent:

20110277762 - Package: A package for a dispensing device, comprising a protection pouch arranged to enclose the dispensing device. The protection pouch comprises a base section that is arranged to support the dispensing device in the general vertical direction, and the package comprises a support member arranged to essentially elevate the base section... Agent: Astrazeneca Ab

20110277760 - Personal vaporizing inhaler cartridge: A personal vapor inhaling unit is disclosed. An electronic flameless vapor inhaler unit that may simulate a cigarette has a cavity that receives a cartridge in the distal end of the inhaler unit. The cartridge brings a substance to be vaporized in contact with a wick. When the unit is... Agent:

20110277761 - Personal vaporizing inhaler with internal light source: A personal vapor inhaling unit is disclosed. An electronic flameless vapor inhaler unit that may simulate a cigarette has a cavity that receives a cartridge in the distal end of the inhaler unit. The cartridge brings a substance to be vaporized in contact with a wick. When the unit is... Agent:

20110277763 - Combination unit dose dispensing containers: Dosage forms containing pharmaceutical compositions for use in devices to produce a spray or mist delivery of the compositions include dosage blister compartments and a dispensing blister compartment, wherein crushing of the compartments delivers the compositions in a desired spray pattern. Certain dosage forms include a plurality of dosage chambers... Agent: Mystic Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110277764 - Data logging personal vaporizing inhaler: A personal vapor inhaling unit is disclosed. An electronic flameless vapor inhaler unit that may simulate a cigarette has a cavity that receives a cartridge in the distal end of the inhaler unit. The cartridge brings a substance to be vaporized in contact with a wick. When the unit is... Agent:

20110277765 - System for providing flow-targeted ventilation synchronized to a patient's breathing cycle: An open system provides breath-synchronized, flow-targeted ventilation to augment respiration by a self-breathing patient. A sensor detects a physical property of a patient's respiratory cycle. A processor monitors the sensor and controls a gas source to deliver oxygen-containing gas through a tube extending into the patient's airway with the flow... Agent: Cs Medical, Inc.

20110277766 - Mask and method for delivering a therapeutic breathable substance: A mask (10) may be used in therapeutic gas delivery to one or more external orifices (e.g., the nostrils and/or mouth) of a subject (12) in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention. The mask (10) may include a mask body (14), a seal portion (16), a source connector... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110277767 - Metal organic frameworks (mofs) for air purification: This disclosure relates to porous frameworks for gas separation and sensing.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110277768 - Emergency breathing apparatus: Breathing apparatuses which utilize active scrubbing in a closed loop system providing for scrubbing of air on exhalation, but inhalation to be from a clean air source without the air from that source passing back through an active filter immediately prior to inhalation. The systems and methods may also use... Agent:

20110277771 - Mask and vent assembly therefor: A mask (10) for use with a system for supplying breathable gas pressurised above atmospheric pressure to a human or animal's airways. The mask (10) includes a mask shell (12) which is, in use, in fluid communication with a gas supply conduit and a gas washout vent assembly (20). The... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110277770 - Respiratory mask device having improved head strap connectors: A respiratory mask device includes a mask body that has a front gas inlet and a rear abutment end to contact a patient's face, left and right upper connectors disposed on left and right sides of the front gas inlet for connection with an upper head strap, left and right... Agent: Hsiner Co., Ltd.

20110277769 - Three dimensional face mask: A three dimensional face mask comprises: a three dimensional cup, a three dimensional soft rubber washer, an elastic tape, and an anti-skid band; it is characterized in that: the three dimensional cup is made by hot pressing of multilayer of filtration material, the three dimensional soft rubber washer is provided... Agent:

20110277772 - airway device: An airway device (10) for animal or human use, said device (10) comprising an airway tube (11) having a distal end (13) and a proximal end (12), wherein the distal end (13) of the airway tube (11) is surrounded by a non-inflatable laryngeal cuff (14), and wherein the face of... Agent:

20110277773 - Electromagnetic locking mechanism for supporting limbs: A limb support system for supporting one or more limbs of a patient during surgery is disclosed. The limb support system may include one or more joints formed from electromagnets that move locking mechanisms between locked and unlocked positions to enable a patient's limb to be supported in a desired... Agent: Arthrex, Inc.

20110277774 - Combination intra oral and extra oral sleep apnea appliance: A combination intra oral and extra oral sleep apnea appliance, primarily useful as a protector to limit mouth breathing, which generates a noise caused by soft palate vibration while sleeping. The device is therapeutically adapted to be placed within the mouth of a patient to allow free side-to-side movement of... Agent:

20110277775 - Surgical system instrument sterile adapter: A sterile adapter, a drape including the adapter, and a method of draping a manipulator arm are provided. In one embodiment, the sterile adapter includes a housing configured to receive a distal face of an instrument manipulator having a plurality of manipulator actuator outputs, and a membrane interface disposed at... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20110277776 - Surgical system sterile drape: A sterile drape, a surgical system with the drape, and a draping method are provided. In one embodiment, a sterile drape includes a plurality of drape pockets, each of the drape pockets including an exterior surface to be adjacent a sterile field for performing a surgical procedure and an interior... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20110277777 - System and method for diverticulitis treatment: A method of treating diverticulitis includes the steps of placing an endoscopic device within a colonic lumen relative to at least one diverticulum and removing undesirable material from the at least one diverticulum utilizing the endoscopic device. The method also includes the steps of injecting a medicating agent into the... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110277778 - System and method for diverticulitis treatment: A system for preventing recurrence of diverticulitis includes a semi-permeable sleeve configured to be placed within a colonic lumen relative to one or more diverticulum lining the colonic lumen. The system also includes at least first and second collars disposed on opposing ends of the semi-permeable sleeve. The collars are... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

11/10/2011 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110271955 - Surgical mask: A surgical mask provides a wide range of wearers with a good fit and improved comfort, facilitates proper use of the mask, and reduces or eliminates fogging of eyewear, as compared with typical masks. The mask may include a pair of ties that are joined to the upper, central, and... Agent: Allegiance Corporation

20110271956 - Compliant coupling or adaptor: A CPAP device includes a flow generator including an outlet, a humidifier including an inlet, and an adaptor connector between the outlet of the flow generator and the inlet of the humidifier. The connector includes a flexible and conformable sealing portion that is movable to accommodate misalignment.... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110271957 - Delivery of estrogen and bioequivalents thereof via the pulmonary tract: The instant disclosure relates to methods of providing a composition containing estrogen or a biological equivalent thereof to a subject in need of such treatment, wherein a therapeutically effective amount of the estrogen or biological equivalent thereof is administered to the subject via inhalation of an electrohydrodynamic spray.... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20110271958 - Inhaler device: The present invention provides an inhaler device (1) for dispensing doses of medicament, the inhaler comprising means for receiving a compartment (42) containing medicament; and medicament extraction facilitating means (22) for locating in a received compartment (42) and thereby allowing an extraction of medicament from said compartment (42); wherein the... Agent: Medispray Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

20110271959 - Monitor for measuring improvement in involuntary breathing: The present invention is a breathing improvement monitor that continuously measures involuntary breathing. The monitor is a sensor apparatus that is attached to a patient's mask which is connected to the monitoring apparatus. The sensor may be reusable and attachable and detachable to a mask or it may be an... Agent: Cao Group, Inc.

20110271960 - Ventilator-initiated prompt regarding auto-peep detection during volume ventilation of triggering patient: This disclosure describes systems and methods for monitoring and evaluating ventilatory parameters, analyzing those parameters and providing useful notifications and recommendations to clinicians. That is, modern ventilators monitor, evaluate, and graphically represent a myriad of ventilatory parameters. However, many clinicians may not easily identify or recognize data patterns and correlations... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110271961 - Surface modifying macromolecules with high degradation temperatures and uses thereof: The invention relates to surface modifying macromolecules (SMMs) having high degradation temperatures and their use in the manufacture of articles made from base polymers which require high temperature processing. The surface modifier is admixed with the base polymer to impart alcohol and water repellency properties.... Agent: Interface Biologics Inc.

20110271962 - Breathing assistance apparatus: A nasal cannula assembly is disclosed having a face mount part, in use resting against a user's face, which includes at least one nasal prong capable of being fitted into a person's nares. The cannula assembly also includes a manifold part, in fluid communication with the face mount part, having... Agent:

20110271963 - Novel intra uterine device: The present invention discloses an Intra Uterine Ball (IUB) device useful for a gynecological procedure or treatment. The aforesaid device comprises a hollow sleeve for at least partial insertion into the uterine cavity; and, an elongate conformable member with at least a portion comprised of shape memory alloy. The elongate... Agent: Ocon Medical Ltd

20110271964 - Universally adjustable pillow for use in healthcare and therapy: A universally adjustable pillow for use in healthcare and/or therapy includes a base board (1), and pillows for, respectively, right lateral recumbency (4), supine recumbency (2), left lateral recumbency (5) and for the neck (3) that are arranged on said base board (1). The pillows for left and right lateral... Agent:

20110271965 - Multi-material hearing protection custom earplug: An earplug formed of a plurality of materials having different hardnesses by use of a multi-material rapid prototyping (RP) system.... Agent: Red Tail Hawk Corporation

20110271966 - Physiological approach to penile venous stripping surgical procedure for patients with erectile dysfunction: Disclosed is a physiological approach of a penile venous stripping surgical procedure for patients with erectile dysfunction (ED), which mainly contains a revolutionary surgical solution of treating leakage veins for restoring erectile function based on a template of penile tunical and venous anatomy. The method entails a thorough penile venous... Agent:

20110271967 - Transventricular implant tools and devices: A method and implantation tools for placing a transventricular splint including a tension member. The method includes gaining access to the patient's hearts and identifying entry or exit points for the tension member, marking those locations and delivering the tension member. Anchors for the tension member are also delivered. The... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

11/03/2011 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110265786 - Inhalable formulations for treating pulmonary hypertension and methods of using same: The present invention is directed to an inhalable formulation for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension in a mammal (e.g., humans), wherein the formulation comprises at least one hypertension reducing agent, including but not limited to an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, angiotensin receptor blocker, beta-blocker, calcium-channel blocker or vasodilator, or any... Agent: Dey Lp

20110265787 - Particle dispersion device for nasal delivery: A nebulizer and a method of breathing using the nebulizer is described. The nebulizer and breathing techniques are capable of delivering medicament into the sinus cavity of a user.... Agent: Kurve Technology, Inc.

20110265788 - Counter for metered dose inhaler: A dose counter is provided for coupling with a metered dose inhaler. The dose counter includes a top cover that has a top forming an observation window. The top cover forms an interior space receiving therein a circuit board and an electrical cell supplying electrical power. The circuit board includes... Agent:

20110265789 - Endo-tracheal intubation device with adjustably bendable stylet: An inexpensive, endo-tracheal intubation device suitable for single patient use by emergency health care workers, which comprises a stylet having a tube which is scored in such a way that it can be bent using a wire encased in the tube. The wire is attached to both the stylet's end... Agent:

20110265790 - Respirator hose and attachment apparatus and method: A respirator assembly is described, which includes a respirator shell defining an air inlet opening, an air inlet conduit positionable within the air inlet opening, and an outer device configured to fit over the air inlet conduit and sandwich a portion of the respirator shell between the air inlet conduit... Agent:

20110265791 - Ergonomic and adjustable respiratory mask assembly with elbow assembly: A respiratory mask assembly for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a frame having a front surface and a rear surface adapted in use to face the patient. The frame includes a main body providing an aperture therethrough for the introduction of breathable gas into a nasal breathing cavity.... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110265792 - Oxygen tubing: The present invention relates to oxygen tubing for an oxygen concentrator comprising: a spectrum of colors over the surface tubing, where the spectrum extends over the entire length of the tubing. The spectrum of colors may include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The present invention further includes... Agent:

20110265793 - Method and arrangement for maintaining volume of breathing gas in a desired level: A method for maintaining a volume of a breathing gas in a desired level when ventilating a subject is disclosed herein. The method includes supplying the volume of the breathing gas for an inspiration and receiving the volume of the breathing gas for an expiration and withdrawing a gas sample... Agent:

20110265794 - Ventilatory assistance for treatment of cardiac failure and cheyne-stokes breathing: Method and apparatus for the treatment of cardiac failure, Cheyne Stokes breathing or central sleep apnea are disclosed. A subject is provided with ventilatory support, for example positive pressure ventilatory support using a blower and mask. Respiratory airflow is determined. From the respiratory airflow are derived a measure of instantaneous... Agent:

20110265795 - Maintenance and management system for endotracheal tube in intubation: A maintenance and management system for tracheal tube in tracheal intubation makes it easier or steadier to identify endotracheal tube placement in the airway, check a tracheal stenosis due to sputum clogging, confirm a breakaway of the tube out of the airway, store and monitor measured data, diagnose automatically the... Agent: Kyusyu Institute Of Technology

20110265796 - Respiratory mask: A respiratory mask assembly for use with a patient, and that is suited for use with children ranging in age from about 2-7 years, includes a flexible patient interface structure arranged to interface with and deliver air to the patient's nose, the patient interface structure including cylindrical protrusions extending from... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110265797 - Extendable tracheal tube: The present disclosure describes systems and methods that utilize an extendable tracheal tube system. The extendable tracheal tube system includes an extendable tracheal tube having a distal end portion and a proximal end portion. The proximal end portion and the distal end portion of the extendable tracheal tube are capable... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110265798 - Medical device tube having spaced lumens and an associated ported adapter: Various embodiments of a tracheal tube having spaced lumens and an associated ported adapter are provided. The lumens of the tracheal tube are spaced around the circumference of the tracheal tube to facilitate evacuation (e.g., suctioning and blowing) and other applications at various locations around the circumference of the tracheal... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110265800 - Laryngeal mask: A device for maintaining an airway in a patient. This device includes a mask having a resilient conformable peripheral portion that is shaped such that the mask forms a seal with the larynx when the mask is positioned in the laryngo pharynx to thereby prevent ingress of extraneous fluids into... Agent: Meenakshi Baska

20110265799 - Tracheal tube with dividing membrane: Various embodiments of a tracheal tube having a flexible membrane disposed therein for separation of a ventilation lumen of the tracheal tube into multiple channels are provided. The flexible membrane is configured to divide a main ventilation lumen of the tracheal tube into an inspiration channel and an expiration channel.... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110265802 - Device for preventing mouth opening during sleep: Provided is a device for preventing mouth opening during sleep including: an upper lip supporter configured to be firmly disposed above an upper lip; a lower lip supporter configured to be firmly disposed below a lower lip; a lower jaw supporter configured to be firmly disposed on a lower surface... Agent:

20110265801 - Device for the alleviation of snoring and sleep apnoea: Apparatus for the alleviation of snoring and sleep apnoea comprising a face shield incorporating a cylinder, said cylinder containing a piston or diaphragm connected by a link to a tongue receptacle in which the distal end of the tongue of a subject is captured; said piston being outwardly displaceable within... Agent:

20110265803 - Chest support belt: A chest support belt includes a strap connected with a first end to a connector end part of a base member, a second end of the strap being attached to a sliding grip and being guided from a guide end part of the base member, which guide end part is... Agent: Mmid Products B.v.

20110265804 - Laparoscopic instruments and trocar systems and related surgical method: Laparoscopic instruments and trocars are provided for performing laparoscopic procedures entirely through the umbilicus. A generally C-shaped trocar provides increased work space between the hands of the surgeon as well as S-shaped laparoscopic instruments placed through the trocar when laparoscopic instrument-trocar units are placed through the umbilicus. In order to... Agent: Pnavel Systems, Inc.

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