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10/27/2011 > 53 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20110264025 - Regional citrate anticoagulation: A system or method automates and optimizes citrate anticoagulant supplementation in a blood filtration circuit during CRRT. A processor-based control system interfaces with a blood filtration circuit to detect patient blood flow into the circuit, detect fluid loss through a hemofilter, and sense vital electrolyte concentrations in the blood flow,... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110264028 - Active transdermal drug delivery system and the method thereof: The present invention relates to an active transdermal drug delivery system performing transdermal drug delivery comprising of a patch capable of being attachable to the skin of the subject; at least one electrical energy power input; a plurality of converters/energy transducers configured for converting the electrical energy to different forms... Agent:

20110264026 - Azo derivatives and uses thereof in phototherapy: The invention relates generally to optical agents, including Type 1 phototherapeutic agents, for biomedical applications, such as phototherapy. Provided are fused ring azo and diaza compounds comprising a plurality of fused rings including a first ring having an intra-ring azo or intra-ring diaza group capable of activation upon exposure to... Agent:

20110264027 - B ring reduced-d ring oxidized tetrapyrollic photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy and tumor imaging: Tetrapyrollic photosensitizers and imaging agent compounds having A, B, C, and D rings and having a reduced B ring and an oxidized D ring. The compounds preferably have a purity of at least 95 percent and preferably have a fused system connected at an unsaturated carbon atom of the C... Agent: Health Research, Inc.

20110264030 - Delivery apparatus and associated method: A delivery apparatus for delivering a cargo to a target site of internal body tissue is provided. The delivery apparatus comprises a flexible tubular member having a distal end adapted for insertion proximate to the target site. A first electrode is configured for insertion within the flexible tubular member such... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20110264029 - Iontophoretic delivery system: Methods, systems and other embodiments associated with administering ionotophoretic medicines are presented. A method of administering ionotophoretic medicines includes applying a voltage across a body tissue and an iontophoretic solution including medicine. At least some of the iontophoretic solution including medicine is then injected into the body tissue without requiring... Agent:

20110264032 - Method and apparatus for the ultrasonic cleaning of biofilm coated surfaces: To treat body surfaces, such as the sinuses, which are coated with biofilms, the surface is irrigated and suctioned with a fluid which may contain a biocide or other chemical agent for disrupting the biofilm while ultrasonic energy is applied to either the fluid barrier formed over the biofilm or... Agent:

20110264031 - Ultrasound therapy system: In one embodiment of the present invention, a system for treating an occlusion within a patient's vasculature with ultrasonic energy comprises a catheter configured to be passed through the patient's vasculature such that a portion of the catheter is positioned at an intravascular treatment site. The system further comprises an... Agent: Ekos Corporation

20110264033 - Medical device with value sensor: A RFID comprising a value sensor such as a pressure sensor is integrated with a liquid drug container to enable wireless pressure or other drug relevant parameter value monitoring and code-matching of drug container to a medical delivery device.... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20110264034 - Medical therapy modification authorization techniques: Techniques for programming therapy delivered a patient via a medical device are described. One example technique includes receiving a request for a modification to a therapy delivered to a patient via medical device, transmitting a request to a remote networking device for authorization for the modification to the therapy in... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110264035 - Method and system for adaptive communication transmission: Disclosed are methods, systems, devices and articles, including method for adaptive wireless communication transmissions between units of an ambulatory portable medical device. The method includes obtaining data relating to wireless transmissions between the units of the medical device, and setting one or more attributes of wireless transmission of one or... Agent:

20110264036 - Devices, systems and methods for delivering fluid to tissue: In one aspect of this invention, control systems (100) are provided for controlling the inflation of a tissue tensioner or balloon for a fluid delivery system, such as for a needleless fluid injection device. In another aspect of the invention, a system for reducing the response time for jet injection... Agent:

20110264037 - Vial access and injection system: A device for mixing and transferring is described. The device comprises a housing having open ends, a container accessing member having at least one fluid conduit therethrough, the container accessing member extending generally outwardly from one end of the housing. The device comprises a fluid delivery device accessing member having... Agent:

20110264038 - Insertion device: There is provided an insertion device allowing a doctor to alone perform an operation to insert a medical linear body. The insertion device, operated to insert a delivery wire (104) into a human body (131) through a blood vessel (132), includes a foot switch (41, 46) generating and outputting a... Agent:

20110264039 - Expandable perfusion balloon: A balloon catheter for dilation of stenotic tissue within a tubular member of the body such as a blood vessel provides fluid flow such as blood flow through the balloon while it is being inflated and after it has been inflated. For valvuloplasty applications or for predilitation prior to a... Agent:

20110264041 - Hypodermic syringe with retractable needle: Hypodermic syringe having a barrel which with an inner wall thereof defines a reservoir, a closing-off device near the first end of the barrel, and a plunger that is movably placed in the second end of the barrel, wherein the closing-off device comprises a circumferential wall that sealingly abuts the... Agent:

20110264040 - Safety syringe: The present invention relates to a safety syringe. The safety syringe comprises a barrel having a plurality of elastic support units in the inner side, a plunger having a rubber ring and a first coupling portion at the front-end, and an injection head unit comprising a first needle seat, a... Agent:

20110264042 - Conductive polymer materials and applications thereof including monitoring and providing effective therapy: A coupler includes a conductive polymer material that is so constructed and arranged to join tubing, wherein the conductive polymer material includes a conductive polymer component selected from the group consisting of polyaniline, polypyrrole, polythiophenes, polyethylenedioxythiophene, poly(p-phenylene vinylene) and mixtures thereof.... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110264045 - Alarm identification system for infusion set when installed in pump assembly: Disclosed herein is an identification system for an infusion set when the infusion set is installed in a pump. The identification system includes a pump, at least one sensor, a catheter, a tube and an alarm. The pump includes at least one sensor disposed thereon, which is in communication with... Agent: Curlin Medical Inc.

20110264043 - Method of loading a drug library into an infusion pump: A method of loading a drug library into an infusion pump includes transferring the drug library, stored on a remote device, to the infusion pump via a wireless connection. The drug library includes a plurality of subdirectories, and each subdirectory includes a care area, at least one drug, data associated... Agent: Curlin Medical Inc.

20110264044 - Tool for interfacing with an infusion pump: A tool or computer-readable medium for interfacing with an infusion pump includes i) computer-readable code for generating a drug library, generating a run profile, or a combination thereof, and ii) computer-readable code for configuring the infusion pump.... Agent: Curlin Medical Inc.

20110264046 - method for ensuring constant speed of a motor in an injection device: The present invention relates to a method for ensuring a constant target speed of a battery driven electrical motor, the battery driven electrical motor being adapted to move a piston rod in an injection device so as to inject a set dose of medicine from the injection device, the method... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20110264047 - Valved introducer assembly and method therefor: An introducer assembly includes a sheath having a sheath proximal end and distal end, and a passage therethrough. The introducer assembly further includes a valve assembly that is sealingly associated with the passage of the sheath. The valve assembly includes a valve having a first seal and a second seal,... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20110264048 - transfer device for transferring a substance between the device and a subject: A micro-needle delivery device (1) comprises an active substance accommodating layer (17) having active substance accommodating chambers (20) therein, a drive substance accommodating layer (32) having drive substance accommodating chambers (35) therein aligned with the active substance accommodating chambers (20), an activating layer (45) having heating elements (48) aligned with... Agent: Janisys Limited

20110264049 - Stabilization device: A method and apparatus are disclosed for a stabilization device for maintaining a position of a medical device relative to a body surface of a patient. The stabilization device comprises a support portion that defines a groove for receiving the medical device. The groove is structured to allow for positioning... Agent:

20110264050 - Medical article securement system: A medical article securement device holds a medical article such as a catheter in position upon the body of a patient and at least inhibits longitudinal movement of the medical article. The securement device includes a retainer, a pair of hinged actuators, and a pair of engagement members coupled with... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20110264051 - Syringe with adjustable two piece plunger rod: Medical devices comprising a syringe barrel and a two-piece plunger rod are provided. According to one or more embodiments, the two-piece plunger rod includes a distal portion and proximal portion slidably mounted to the distal portion. The distal and proximal portions include a tab and plurality of grooves which engage... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110264052 - Safety needle syringe braking system: A braking mechanism for a retractable safety syringe is disclosed herein. In a first embodiment, the braking mechanism is disposed about the distal end of a piston. The braking mechanism may comprise a friction material about a post attached to a piston. The friction material is displaced from a seat... Agent: Safeshot Technologies, LLC

20110264053 - Flow control device for medical liquid: A flow control device for medical liquid including a housing having an inlet and an outlet, and a channel formed in an inner surface of the housing, the channel extending at least partly in axial direction; a rotatable member rotatable in relation to the housing without being axially displaced, the... Agent:

20110264054 - Method to secure an elastic component in a valve: An apparatus for controlling fluid flow to provide long-term access to the vascular system, and methods of making the same, are disclosed. Exemplary embodiments of the present invention describe a wedge or other similarly shaped geometrical feature for fixing an elastic component and controlling an internal stress of the elastic... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20110264056 - Catheter tip assembly: A catheter tip assembly (50) is provided with a catheter tip (56) and an inner catheter (54). The catheter tip (56) has a tapered proximal end, an elongate center portion, and a tapered distal end. The inner catheter (54) includes a narrow proximal portion, a narrow elongate center portion (66),... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20110264055 - Medical device: The present invention is related to a medical device for transvaginal delivery, comprising a flexible coil which is able to expand from a compressed state after being released so that it comes into contact with the vaginal mucosa, said coil carrying a medicament. The present invention is furthermore related to... Agent:

20110264057 - Catheters with lubricious linings and methods for making and using them: Apparatus and methods are provided for creating tubular devices, e.g., as components for catheters, sheaths, and or other devices sized for introduction into a patient. In one embodiment, a method is provided for making a tubular device using a sheet of material including a coated first surface. The sheet is... Agent: Clph, LLC

20110264058 - Implantable dual reservoir access port: A dual reservoir access port includes a base having proximal and distal fluid reservoirs. The fluid reservoirs each comprise a bottom and a side wall. A dual prong outlet stem projects from a distal end of the base and comprises a first prong and a second prong. A first fluid... Agent: Medical Components, Inc.

20110264059 - Personal care product: A personal care product that includes a personal care composition disposed in a collapsible bag at least partially surrounded by an elastically deformable member and, optionally, an outer container body. The elastic member is constructed of an elastically extensible material that permits the transfer of infrared radiation through at least... Agent:

20110264060 - Personal feminine hygiene device: A personal feminine hygiene device comprising a curvilinear frame. The curvilinear frame can include a plurality of disk members disposed around and extending from the curvilinear frame, wherein the larger diameter or radius disks can be disposed around an approximate or equal midpoint of the curvilinear frame, and wherein the... Agent:

20110264061 - Apparatus and method for use in management of fluid disposal: There is set forth herein an apparatus for use in management of fluid disposal. The apparatus in one embodiment can include a vessel adapted to contain fluid. In one embodiment the apparatus can be supported by a bed in an active configuration and in a particular embodiment between a mattress... Agent: Tina L. Solomon

20110264063 - Hypobaric chamber treatment system: A reduced pressure treatment appliance is provided for enclosing and providing reduced pressure treatment to an object or a portion of an object. In some embodiments, the reduced pressure treatment appliance may be used to treat wounds and other conditions, such as lymphedema, varicose veins, venous insufficiency and stasis, and... Agent: Bluesky Medical Group, Inc.

20110264062 - System and method for utilizing exudate with a reduced pressure treatment system to generate electricity: A method for providing reduced pressure treatment to a tissue site is further provided according to an illustrative embodiment. The method includes applying a reduced pressure to the tissue site. The method collects exudate drawn from the tissue site in a liquid collection chamber and utilizes the collected exudate in... Agent:

20110264064 - Web substrate having activated color regions in deformed regions: The present invention relates to a web substrate comprising an activatable colorant and at least one deformed region. A first activated color region is produced in the web substrate upon exposure to a first external stimulus and a second activated color region is produced within the first activated color region... Agent:

20110264065 - Web substrate having activated color regions in topical additive regions: The present invention relates to a web substrate comprising an activatable colorant and at least one region comprising a topical additive. A first activated color region is produced in the web substrate upon exposure to a first external stimulus and a second activated color region is produced within the first... Agent:

20110264066 - Reusable incontinence product and method of making the same: Disclosed is a reusable incontinence products treated with a polyethylene glycol formulation in the form of a pad that is worn by a user for the control and collection of bodily fluids. The pad may include two or more layers, wherein one layer absorbs the bodily fluid and the other... Agent:

20110264067 - Feminine hygiene pads: Feminine hygiene pads are provided that include an elongate main pad portion including an intermediate region between forward and rear regions; and a pair of flaps extending laterally from the intermediate region, wherein at least a portion of the intermediate region and the flaps include material having a color for... Agent:

20110264068 - Disposable bodily fluid handling composite pad: The present invention aims to provide a disposable bodily fluid handling composite pad allowing the wearer to recognize what number component pad is being used and how many useful component pads remain. A menstruation napkin 1 as a typical example of the bodily fluid handling composite pad comprises a first... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110264069 - Medication and identification information transfer apparatus: A medication and identification information transfer system is provided that includes a medication vial, a secondary medication container (syringe) and a medication information transfer apparatus. The medication information transfer apparatus, when coupled to a vial, can transfer information indicative of the contents of the vial to an intelligent injection site.... Agent:

20110264070 - Device for infusion of prescription medicines or treatments: An infusion assembly is provided having a first outlet conduit adapted to be in fluid communication with a delivery site of a patient. The assembly further includes at least first and second fluid inlet conduits adapted to be in fluid communication with at least a first and second fluid reservoir,... Agent:

20110264071 - Fluid component analysis systems and methods for glucose monitoring and control: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for determining analyte concentration in a sample such as bodily fluid. Systems and methods disclosed herein can also include a treatment dosing system to infuse or inject a treatment drug (e.g., insulin or glucose) and provide glycemic control. The dose of the treatment drug may... Agent: Optiscan Biomedical Corporation

20110264072 - Transseptal access device and method of use: Systems, devices, and methods are provided for transseptal access of septa within a patient. The device can be advanced to a septum, e.g., towards a fossa ovalis. Instead of applying positive pressure to “tent” the septum, a negative pressure is applied to a lumen within a sheath, e.g., within an... Agent: Assist Medical LLC

20110264073 - Device and method for controlling injection of liquid embolic composition: A liquid embolic delivery system is provided for trapping an injected liquid embolic composition to prevent the liquid embolic from solidifying or otherwise passing outside of an embolization area. The delivery system includes a catheter for delivery of a liquid embolic composition and a containment member positioned at a distal... Agent:

20110264074 - Five degree of freedom ultrasound catheter and catheter control handle: Catheter ultrasound systems including a sheath, a handle, a sheath lumen, and an ultrasound catheter disposed within the lumen of the sheath with ultrasound elements capable of visualizing anatomical regions. The handle allowing the ultrasound catheter to rotate with respect to the sheath using a rotation adjustment knob within the... Agent:

20110264075 - Catheter apparatuses, systems, and methods for renal neuromodulation: Catheter apparatuses, systems, and methods for achieving renal neuromodulation by intravascular access are disclosed herein. One aspect of the present application, for example, is directed to apparatuses, systems, and methods that incorporate a catheter treatment device comprising an elongated shaft. The elongated shaft is sized and configured to deliver an... Agent: Ardian, Inc.

20110264076 - Polyoxaester suspending vehicles for use with implantable delivery systems: Liquid polyoxaester polymer materials are provided as suspending vehicles suitable for dispensing of pharmaceutically active agents, such as proteins, from delivery devices, for example, pump-driven dosage forms. Polyoxaesters are made from at least one diacid and at least one diol. Through the use of polyoxaesters virtually solvent-free pharmaceutical suspensions can... Agent: Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

20110264077 - Solvent/polymer solutions as suspension vehicles: A nonaqueous, single-phase vehicle that is capable of suspending an active agent. The nonaqueous, single-phase vehicle includes at least one solvent and at least one polymer and is formulated to exhibit phase separation upon contact with an aqueous environment. The at least one solvent may be selected from the group... Agent: Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

10/20/2011 > 57 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20110257576 - Perfusion system with rfid: The disclosure pertains to a perfusion system that is easy to set-up, use and monitor during a bypass procedure. In some embodiments, the disclosure pertains to a perfusion system in which at least some of the disposable components used with the perfusion system are configured to be able to communicate... Agent: Sorin Group Italia S.r.i.

20110257577 - Systems, methods and devices for circulatory access: Systems, methods, and devices are disclosed that permit the use of hyperperfusion, or regional hyperperfusion to targeted areas by the use of an arterial and/or venous access system which allows repeatable, transcutaneous insertion without any need for repeat anesthesia. The systems, methods and devices use various combinations of catheters and/or... Agent:

20110257578 - Blood reservoir with level sensor: The disclosure pertains to a perfusion system that is easy to set-up, use and monitor during a bypass procedure. In some embodiments, the disclosure pertains to a perfusion system in which at least some of the disposable components used with the perfusion system are configured to be able to communicate... Agent: Sorin Group Italia S.r.l.

20110257579 - Blood reservoir with ultrasonic volume sensor: A perfusion system that is easy to set-up, use and monitor during a bypass procedure includes at least some disposable components configured to communicate parameters to the perfusion system. An ultrasonic blood level sensor can be used to monitor a blood level or volume within a blood reservoir. The blood... Agent: Sorin Group Italia S.r.i.

20110257580 - Intestinal sleeve: A gastrointestinal implant device is anchored in the duodenum and extends beyond the ligament of Treitz. All food exiting the stomach is funneled through the device. The gastrointestinal device includes an anchor for attaching the device to the duodenum and an unsupported flexible sleeve. The anchor can include a stent... Agent: Gi Dynamics, Inc.

20110257581 - Filament implant system and method: A filament implant system including an insertion needle including an elongated body defining a longitudinal axis and having a distal end and a proximal end, the distal end of the elongated body including a penetrating tip, and a filament releasably connected to the insertion needle such that the filament is... Agent: Gold Thread LLC

20110257586 - Calciumphosphate-based nanoparticles as carrier-systems for photodynamic therapy: The present invention provides pharmaceutical photosensitizer-loaded nanoparticle formulations and their methods of preparation for photodynamic therapy, comprising a hydrophobic or hydrophilic photosensitizer, nanoparticulate calcium phosphate and in certain cases auxiliary reagents such as stabilizers. The calcium phosphate-based nanoparticle formulations of the present invention provide excellent storage stability and therapeutically effective... Agent: Biolitec Ag

20110257587 - Iontophoretic delivery of curcumin and curcumin analogs for the treatment of alzheimers disease: A device for iontophoretically delivering a charged curcuminoid across the skin of an Alzheimer's Disease patient.... Agent:

20110257585 - Medical apparatus: There is herein described medical apparatus. More particularly, there is herein described medical apparatus capable of adapting and/or conforming to a non-planar surface on a patient's body.... Agent: Ambicare Health Limited

20110257582 - Medicated sheet: An object of the present invention is to safely discard the electrode plate having pin holder-shaped projections of a medicated sheet by incineration. An electrode plate with pin holder-shaped projections is made from a conductive resin in which carbon black serving as a conductive substance is mixed to a thermoplastic... Agent:

20110257584 - Methods and devices for injection of a substance into tissue: Substances are injected (e.g. laser injected) into skin tissue in order to change optical and/or mechanical properties of the tissue. Methods include ablating one or more micro-holes into tissue, pushing a substance into the one or more micro-holes with energy from the creation of the mirco-holes, with acoustic energy, and/or... Agent: Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110257583 - Thiadiazole compounds and uses thereof: Thiadiazole compounds, compositions, bioconjugates, and methods for targeting and photoactivation at target sites.... Agent:

20110257588 - Skin treatment and drug delivery device: A new minimally invasive surgical approach is proposed that contemplates a method and apparatus for tightening lax skin without visible scarring via a device in various surgical procedures such as plastic surgery procedures. In some embodiments, the device is a single use disposable instrument. This approach circumvents surgically related scarring... Agent:

20110257589 - Gas mist pressure bathing cover: The present invention is to provide a gas mist pressure bathing cover which is simple in a structure and easy in pressurization. The gas mist pressure bathing cover 1, in which a mist (called as “gas mist” hereafter) is prepared at a density of not less than a predetermined value... Agent: Acp Japan Co., Ltd.

20110257590 - Intravascular valve component with improved valve positioning: An intravascular valve component broadly includes a valve case and a flexible pressure-actuated flow control valve. The valve case includes attached proximal and distal case portions that present respective spaced apart fluid ports and a fluid passageway extending between the ports. The flexible pressure-actuated flow control valve is disposed within... Agent: Nexus Medical, LLC

20110257591 - Volume monitoring for implantable fluid delivery devices: Unexpected changes in the volume of therapeutic fluid in the reservoir of a fluid delivery device are detected based on changes in the pressure of the reservoir measured over a period of time by a pressure sensor. Additionally, an ambulatory reservoir fluid volume gauge is provided to indicate an actual... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110257592 - Shapeable or steerable guide sheaths and methods for making and using them: Apparatus and methods are provided for providing access to a body lumen, e.g., to deliver a pacing lead within a patient's heart. The apparatus includes a tubular member including a proximal end, a distal end sized for insertion into a body lumen, and a lumen extending therebetween. An elongate member... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110257593 - Devices and methods for detecting catheter complications: A method for determining status of an implanted catheter includes acquiring raw pressure data from a pressure sensor of in an implantable infusion device. The pressure sensor is in communication with a lumen of the catheter operably coupled to the infusion device. The catheter has a delivery region, in communication... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110257594 - Needle guide: A needle guide (10) for guiding the insertion of a needle (12) in a patient (14), the needle guide (10) comprising: a base element (16), the base element (16) including an abutment section (20) for abutting against the patient (14) and a spacer (22) extending from the abutment section (20);... Agent:

20110257595 - Stimulation of penis erection: A penis erection stimulation system comprises one or more infusion needles disposed within and implanted along with one or more housings adjacent the patient's left and right corpora cavemosa. A reservoir and a pump are also implanted inside the patient's body to supply the infusion needle with infusion liquid. A... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20110257596 - Device and electronic controller for syringe piston control: A device for controlling displacement of a syringe piston comprises a handheld casing, first and second engagement means. The first engagement means is formed exteriorly of the casing to engage the syringe's finger flange. The second engagement means slides on a first axis relative to the casing and engages the... Agent: Teneo Innovations Inc.

20110257597 - Insertion device for an insertion set and method of using the same: An insertion device and insertion set. The insertion device for inserting at least a portion of at least one piercing member of an insertion set through the skin of a patient includes a device housing, a carrier body and a driver. The carrier body is slidably received within the device... Agent:

20110257598 - Trocar seal with reduced contact area: Seal assemblies or valves, generally for use in trocar assemblies, are provided for reducing the amount of contact between an instrument being passed into and out of a trocar assembly and an inner surface of a sealing wall of such seal assemblies or valves. In one exemplary embodiment a valve... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20110257599 - Introducer sheath: Introducer sheath (10,30,40) having a flexible kink-resistant distal tip portion (26,32,42). A multilayer sheath structure is used, with an inner tube (12) such as PTFE having a coil (14) of wire wound therearound. A first length of outer tubing (20) such as of nylon is inserted over most of the... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20110257600 - Securement device for indwelling catheters or introducers: A securement device for indwelling catheters or introducers has a pad with an adhesive backing for securement to the skin of a patient. A base is mounted on the pad having one or more spaced holes therethrough with an elongated strand extending through said hole or holes. The strand may... Agent: Maddoc Medical Products, Inc.

20110257601 - Vegf antagonist formulations for intravitreal administration: Ophthalmic formulations of a vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-specific fusion protein antagonist are provided suitable for intravitreal administration to the eye. The ophthalmic formulations include a stable liquid formulation and a lyophilizable formulation. Preferably, the protein antagonist has the amino acid sequence shown in SEQ ID NO:4.... Agent: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110257602 - Medicament dispensing device: A medicament dispensing device capable of managing the effective use period of a medicament preparation-containing syringe by simply and accurately detecting a period of time after the start of use of the preparation. In a medicament dispensing device (1), when a medicament preparation-containing syringe (11) is replaced, a microprocessor (23)... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110257603 - Safety pen needle assembly having shielding for patient and non-patient ends: A safety pen needle assembly is provided herein which includes a hub and a needle fixed to the hub. Further, a first shield is provided, along with a second shield which has a biasing element disposed to urge the second shield proximally towards a proximal end of the needle. The... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110257604 - Additive force device for drug delivery pen for intradermal medication injection: An additive force device (111) is connectible with a drug delivery device (100) to increase the amount of force exerted by a user on the dose setting knob (24) to facilitate injection. The additive force device (111) includes a first spring (121) and a loading barrel (135) connected to the... Agent:

20110257605 - Self-centering syringe assembly and centering syringe plunger guide: A centering syringe plunger guide (140) includes a guide body (141) including a proximal end (142) and a distal end (149), a coupling bore (143) extending partially into the guide body (141) from the proximal end (142), a precision guide bore (144) extending partially into the guide body (141) from... Agent: Kloehn, Inc.

20110257606 - Fluid control device with valve and methods of use: A fluid control device for directing fluid flow comprising a needleless access device for transferring fluids and methods of directing fluid flow. The fluid control device may have a first port, a second port, a third port and a connecting portion joining the first, second and third ports. A first... Agent: Medegen, Inc.

20110257607 - Self-sealing male luer connector with multiple seals: A self-sealing male Luer connector attaches to any standard female Luer valve to open a flow channel between the two. The self-sealing male Luer connector includes a rigid housing having a distal end with a rigid male Luer connector and a proximal end at which a proximal seal is formed.... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20110257608 - Multi-slit high flow valve: A valve may include (a) a housing defining a valve lumen adapted for fluid connection with a lumen of a catheter; (b) a substantially conical valve member coupled to the housing and extending across the valve lumen to control flow therethrough; (c) a plurality of slits extending through the valve... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20110257609 - Venous access port assembly with x-ray discernable indicia: A venous access port assembly having a housing base with a discharge port, a septum, and a cap, with an interior reservoir. The housing base is provided with X-ray discernable indicia to identify an attribute of the assembly after its implantation and clearly appear on an X-ray of the patient... Agent: Medical Components, Inc.

20110257610 - Therapeutic diffusion wound dressing and filling method: A therapeutic dressing has a permeable bottom layer, a non-permeable upper layer sealed about the periphery to the permeable layer to form at least one reservoir, an absorbent patch integrated with the permeable layer, a hermetic seal attached to the underside of the permeable layer and a filling interface in... Agent:

20110257613 - Evaporative body-fluid containers and methods: Body-fluid containers, methods, and systems are presented that include a container that has a container housing formed, at least in part, by a liquid-impermeable, vapor-permeable material. The liquid-impermeable, vapor-permeable material allows water to evaporate and be transmitted outside of the container. The evaporation allows more fluid to be processed by... Agent:

20110257612 - Reduced-pressure sources, systems, and methods employing a polymeric, porous, hydrophobic material: Reduced-pressure sources, systems, and methods involve using a vacuum pump that is disposed within a sealed space to produce reduced pressure. The exhaust from the vacuum pump is exhausted from the sealed space through pores in an enclosure member that is made of a polymeric, porous, hydrophobic material. Other devices,... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20110257611 - Systems, apparatuses, and methods for sizing a subcutaneous, reduced-pressure treatment device: Systems, apparatuses, and methods for sizing a subcutaneous reduced-pressure treatment device are presented. The subcutaneous reduced-pressure treatment device typically includes a drape envelope with a manifold in the envelope that is adapted for use in a body cavity. In a sizing step, a sizing tool is used to seal and... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20110257614 - Vacuum surge suppressor for surgical aspiration systems: An apparatus and method to suppress vacuum surges in a surgical aspiration system is disclosed and claimed. A vacuum surge suppressor includes a first fluid path for coupling to a surgical instrument, and a filter attached to the first fluid path. A flow restrictor is coupled to the filter with... Agent: Dana LLC

20110257615 - Urisheath with moulded unrolling strip: The urisheath provided here includes an element of thin material (a strip) that allows at least two lengths of it to run in a parallel fashion down either side of the sheath. The is obtained by injection moulding the strip in liquid silicone in the silicone injection moulding process for... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110257616 - Wrapper for absorbent article: A wrapper for an absorbent hygiene article including a sheet of flexible wrapping material. The sheet has a first surface arranged to face the absorbent article and a second surface arranged to be facing away from the absorbent article. The wrapper has at least a portion that is stretchable in... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110257617 - Therapeutic diffusion hydrocolloid wound dressings: A diffusion dressing is provided comprising a paper liner, a hydrocolloid layer, a first adhesive layer, a first barrier layer with a center cutout, an oxygen release layer, an absorbent layer, a second barrier layer, and a second adhesive layer with a center cutout. In a preferred embodiment the diffusion... Agent:

20110257618 - Underpad: A reusable absorbent article includes a hydrophilic top layer, a soaking layer adjacent to and beneath the top layer, a substantially liquid impermeable layer adjacent to and beneath the soaking layer, and a backing layer adjacent to and beneath the substantially liquid impermeable layer. All of the layers are secured... Agent: Harbor Linen LLC

20110257619 - Sanitary napkin with extendable absorbency pad: The sanitary napkin with extendable absorbency pad is a sanitary napkin having a pad that can optionally be extended into the intergluteal crevice to absorb any menstrual fluids. The napkin includes a movable pad normally disposed in a folded position on the bottom surface of the napkin. A string is... Agent:

20110257620 - Bonding patterns: A bond pattern comprising bond lines that define tessellating pattern elements... Agent:

20110257621 - Methods and apparatus for diluting medicinal substances: In certain embodiments, a vial adaptor for removing liquid contents from a vial includes a piercing member and a bag. The bag can be contained within the piercing member such that the bag is introduced to the vial when the vial adaptor is coupled with the vial. In some embodiments,... Agent:

20110257623 - Implantable medical devices having microporous surface layers and method for reducing foreign body response to the same: This disclosure provides implantable devices coated with microporous surface layers with macrotopographic features that improve bio-integration at the interface of the implantable devices and the surrounding tissue.... Agent: Healionics Corporation

20110257625 - Infusion system programmable in flex mode: A drug infusion system capable of delivering a fluid medication to a patient under direction of a medical professional continually at a basal rate and at an interval rate in each of a plurality of time slots over a specified period of time. The total dose of the fluid medication... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110257622 - Intravascular tissue disruption: Disrupting tissue and devices and systems for disrupting tissue. The disclosure describes ways to deliver moieties to a target tissue, where the target tissue in general is not at the point of introduction, in such a way that minimal damage is produced in the tissue at the point of introduction.... Agent:

20110257624 - Needleless injector: A needleless injector has a syringe body having an opening at one end, a piston housed within the syringe body for urging a liquid within the syringe body through the opening and a ram for driving the piston. A shock absorbing component is provided for reducing an initial transfer of... Agent: Zogenix, Inc.

20110257626 - Controlled needle-free transport: A needle-free transdermal transport device for transferring a substance across a surface of a biological body includes a reservoir for storing the substance, a nozzle in fluid communication with the reservoir and a controllable electromagnetic actuator in communication with the reservoir. The actuator, referred to as a Lorentz force actuator,... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110257627 - Substance monitoring and control in human or animal bodies: Diabetes management apparatus comprising a sensor providing measurements of glucose level in a human or animal; an insulin pump for delivering a dose of insulin to said human or animal; and a processor. The processor is adapted to perform the following steps: receive said measurements of glucose level from said... Agent: Cambridge Enterprise Limited

20110257628 - Instrument for alleviating addictive drug craving, method for using same and method for treating addictive drug dependence: Provided is an instrument for alleviating addictive drug craving which can be safely administered to an addictive drug-dependent patient by a definite method in practice without causing any undesirable effects on therapy and terminate a series of behaviors through the administration so as to achieve an excellent effect on the... Agent:

20110257630 - Coronary sinus lead delivery catheter: A method of cannulating the coronary sinus or accessing a side branch of the coronary sinus of a patient's heart using a guide catheter. The guide catheter has a proximal portion and a distal portion formed into a preformed shape configured such that the distal portion of the shaft is... Agent:

20110257629 - Device and method for inserting a cardiac catheter: A device and method for implanting a catheter between the left atrium and/or left ventricle of the heart from a prepectoral region through a less invasive and lower-risk approach is provided that allows the implantation of the catheter in the left cardiac chambers through a femoral approach atrial transseptal puncture,... Agent:

20110257631 - Accelerometer based laser leveling device: A laser leveling device is disclosed for use with an external medical drainage system. The laser leveling device includes a housing enclosing an accelerometer and a laser module. At least one level indicator is electrically coupled to the accelerometer to provide an indication of whether the housing is level with... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

20110257632 - Device for administering liquid analgesics: In the field of pain relief and treatment there is a need for a device which is able to administer several predetermined doses of an opioid analgesic in a manner which can be done simply and safely by a patient or carer; in particular in a manner which minimises the... Agent: Archimedes Development Ltd.

10/13/2011 > 53 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20110251544 - Utilization of stents for the treatment of blood borne carcinomas: A filter and a method treat blood borne carcinomas by inducing apoptosis in carcinoma cells. The filter includes comprises a stent having an interior wall defining a channel containing a packing material and at least one antineoplastic agent. The method includes placing a patient's blood in apposition of the antineoplastic... Agent: Marv Enterprises LLC

20110251545 - Cell reservoirs created by polymer plugs: Described herein generally are catheter systems used to deliver cells and other bioactive materials to a target location within the vascular system of the human body, and methods of delivering cells and other bioactive materials to such target locations.... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110251546 - Medicament microdevice delivery system, cartridge and method of use: A method and device for intradermal delivery of a reconstituted medicament. The device includes a chamber, which is in fluid communication with a microdevice, e.g. microabrader or one or more microneedles. A cartridge containing the medicament may be located within said chamber. At least one burstable membrane retains a medicament... Agent:

20110251547 - Transfection with magnetic nanoparticles and ultrasound: The invention includes a magnetic nanoparticle molecular delivery vehicle to be used for transfection and delivery of therapeutic molecules across cell membranes and to specific sites in the body, using magnetic forces and ultrasound.... Agent: Intelligentnano Inc.

20110251548 - Patient eye level touch control: In various embodiments, a surgical console may include a sensor strip with sensor strip sensors (e.g., field effect or capacitive sensors) offset vertically and configured to receive an input from a user corresponding to a vertical height of a patient's eyes relative to the surgical console. The surgical console may... Agent:

20110251549 - Single-use injector having a flexurally elastic housing: A housing of the injector is made from a thin-walled sheet-metal part. The sheet-metal part has at least two branches or legs. Each branch has, at the free end thereof, an angled retaining element or a recess as a means of receiving the cylinder of a cylinder/piston unit. The branches... Agent:

20110251551 - Single-use injector capable of pumping and having a flexurally elastic housing: A single-use injector comprising a housing (200) accommodating a mechanical spring energy reservoir (50), a cylinder/piston unit (100), a piston-actuating ram (60) and a trigger unit (80), the spring-locked piston-actuating ram (60) being supported on the housing via support rods, draw hooks or elastic flexural beams. The housing of the... Agent:

20110251550 - Single-use injector having a flexurally elastic metal housing: A single-use injector comprising a housing (200) accommodating a mechanical spring energy reservoir (50), a cylinder/piston unit (100), a piston-actuating ram (60) and a trigger unit (80), the spring-loaded piston-actuating ram being supported on the housing via support rods (240) or draw hooks (250) and each contact zone between an... Agent:

20110251552 - Hands-free breast pump system: A hands-free breast pump system is disclosed. A breast shield having an adhesive inner surface for adhering to a woman's breast is disclosed. The breast shield may be connected to an adapter for transferring a vacuum generated by a pump to the breast. The adapter also allows milk expressed from... Agent:

20110251553 - Medicament delivery device with mixing mechanism: A medicament delivery device comprising a housing (10; 110); a medicament container holder (12; 120) rotatably locked but slidable connected to said housing, the medicament holder comprising first mix engagement means (28; 126) on its outer surface, and second linear guide means; a multi-chamber medicament container (14; 130) arranged within... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20110251554 - Control handle for a contact force ablation catheter: A control handle for a steerable catheter body for navigation of the catheter body through a biological lumen and manipulation at a treatment site. The control handle includes a housing assembly that houses a piston assembly and a resistance adjusting assembly. The resistance adjusting assembly can be adjusted to provide... Agent:

20110251555 - Balloon-tipped endoscopic system with inverted sleeve: Multi-luminal endoscopic systems for sterilely delivering deployable devices. The system comprises an outer catheter comprising a distal portion and a wall that encloses an outer lumen; an inner catheter movably disposed within the outer lumen and having an inner lumen; a balloon-tipped catheter movably disposed within the inner lumen and... Agent: Wilson-cook Medical Inc.

20110251556 - Fluid dispenser: A dispensing device for dispensing pain management medicaments to a patient comprises first and second threadably interconnectable sub-assemblies. The first of these sub-assemblies houses a fluid reservoir defining component while the second comprises a fluid delivery and control assembly that includes a novel flow control means that functions to control... Agent:

20110251557 - Floating gearbox apparatus and method: A floating gearbox includes an outer housing with first and second side walls opposite and spaced apart from each other and an inner gear assembly received within the outer housing. The inner gear assembly comprises an inner housing, a first gear member rotatably received within the inner housing, and a... Agent: Fluidnet Corporation

20110251558 - Port fixation with filament actuating member: A method for performing a surgical procedure includes the steps of: accessing a surgical site with an access member, the access member having proximal and distal ends, and defining a longitudinal axis, the access member having an elongated element operatively connected thereto; transitioning the access member from a first condition... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110251559 - Access device: An access device places a medical article within a body space of a patient. The device has a needle section that includes an elongated body and a needle hub. The device further includes a dilator portion that has a dilator and a dilator hub. The dilator is coaxially disposed and... Agent: Access Scientific, Inc.

20110251560 - Pleated trocar shield: A surgical access device or trocar defines an access channel for instruments extending from a proximal end to the distal end thereof. The trocar comprises a cannula and a seal assembly disposed at the proximal end of the cannula. The seal assembly comprises a first or zero seal, a second... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation, Inc.

20110251562 - Rapid delivery and/or withdrawal of fluids: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for delivering and/or withdrawing a substance or substances such as blood or interstitial fluid, from subjects, e.g., from the skin and/or from beneath the skin. In one aspect, the present invention is generally directed to devices and methods for withdrawing or... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20110251561 - Transdermal administration device: where the stratum corneum peeling system is connected to the device body by the connection section such that the microneedles of the needle form body of the device body are positioned in an area of a skin surface in which a stratum corneum is peeled by the stratum corneum peeling... Agent: Nanbu Plastics Co., Ltd.

20110251563 - Totally implantable venous device: A totally implantable venous device includes a port comprising an arcuate housing having a recess on an inner surface and an opening being in communication with the recess, the opening having a flat mouth, an internal chamber, and a base formed of hard plastic and being capable of preventing a... Agent:

20110251564 - Catheter with variable attachment means: The invention relates to a design for securing tubes, catheters, drains, or other tubular medical devices within the body of a mammal, for example a human, and methods of securing same. The invention includes a first tubular body and at least one second tubular body. The first tubular body includes... Agent: Iq Medical Devices

20110251565 - Variable hemostasis valve and method of use: A variable hemostasis valve is disclosed that may be used during medical procedures to prevent blood loss while permitting the percutaneous introduction, operation, and removal of medical instruments. A flexible tubular seal element is disclosed that is disposed within the variable hemostasis valve to provide a fluid-tight, adjustable seal. After... Agent:

20110251566 - Apparatuses, methods, and compositions for the treatment and prophylaxis of chronic wounds: According to an illustrative embodiment a method to promote healing of a wound is provided comprising contacting the wound with a biologically active composition comprising a lipoic acid derivative and gelatin. In another embodiment a wound dressing is provided comprising a scaffold coated with a biologically active composition comprising a... Agent:

20110251567 - Apparatus for aspirating, irrigating and cleansing wounds: An apparatus for cleansing wounds in which irrigant fluid from a reservoir connected to a conformable wound dressing and wound exudate from the dressing are recirculated by a device for moving fluid through a flow path which passes through the dressing and a means for fluid cleansing and back to... Agent:

20110251568 - Punctal plugs for controlled release of therapeutic agents: Disclosed are lacrimal inserts and their method of use for delivery of medication to the eye. The plug includes a body portion sized to pass through a lacrimal punctum and be positioned within a lacrimal canaliculus of the eyelid. The plug may contain a core, or reservoir, at least partially... Agent:

20110251570 - Disposable covering device and method: A covering device is disclosed for protecting components of an indwelling catheter assembly from contamination during surgery and other medical procedures so that the assembly can be left in place during recovery. The device includes one or more covering portions that extend around the collection bag and other components of... Agent:

20110251569 - Wound treatment apparatus able to distinguish between the fault conditions 'cansiter full' and 'aspirant conduit blocked': Apparatus and methods for alerting a user of topical negative pressure therapy apparatus to a non-flow condition of aspirant fluid in the apparatus are described, the apparatus comprising: a device having vacuum pump means and a waste canister connected to the device; the waste canister being operably connected to a... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20110251571 - Sub-atmospheric wound care system: Methods and systems are provided for a sub-atmospheric wound-care (SAWS) system for treating an open wound. The SAWS system includes a regulated vacuum source for developing a negative pressure, a flow rate meter configured to measure a flow rate of liquid removed from the wound, a primary pressure regulating sensor... Agent:

20110251572 - Urine collection device: A fluid collection assembly including a container having an interior chamber for collecting fluid, and a quick connect device coupled to the top of the container to couple to a mated connection device on a drainage tube. The quick connect device and the mated connection device may be in an... Agent: C.r. Bard, Inc.

20110251573 - Urine collection apparatus: A urine collection apparatus includes a urine cover, a buffer member, and a pipe. The urine cover has an edge, a room therein, and an opening and an aperture communicated with the room, and a user's penis enters into the room via the opening. The buffer is connected to the... Agent:

20110251574 - Hemostatic sponge: u

20110251575 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article includes at least a liquid-permeable sheet, a liquid-impermeable sheet, and an absorption body sandwiched between the liquid-permeable sheet and the liquid-impermeable sheet. The absorbent article has a pair of compressed grooves for integrating from the liquid-permeable sheet to the absorption body formed along the longitudinal direction. The... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110251576 - Wearing article and method of manufacturing same: A wearing article (1) of the invention has edge sections (leg edge sections and waist edge section) configured including sheets. On the sheets in the edge sections, elastic members (6, 7, 8) are disposed in their stretched state along the edge sections. Draw-processed sections (P1, P2) are formed by performing... Agent: Kao Corporation

20110251577 - Wearing article: A wearing article configured so as to prevent bodily fluids from staying in the proximal side edges of the cuffs and thereby to restrict development of skin troubles such as diaper rashes due to such staying bodily fluids. The wearing article includes a chassis having an inner sheet lying on... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110251582 - Localized delivery of drug agents: Medical devices including a substrate that are expandable from a compressed state to an expanded state; a coating on the substrate, the coating having a drug agent incorporated therein; and a sheath over the coating. The sheath is expandable from a compressed state to an expanded state and has at... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110251581 - Needle-less injector and method of fluid delivery: A needle-less injector device for delivering a dose of fluid intradermally, subcutaneously or intramuscularly to an animal or human. The device includes an inner housing having opposed ends. A syringe is disposed in one end of the inner housing. The syringe includes a nozzle for delivering a dose of fluid... Agent: Pharmajet, Inc.

20110251580 - Powder delivery device: A device for the topical dispensing of a powder, typically a powder medicament, comprises, or is adapted to be coupled to, a powder receptacle and a gasflow generator. The gasflow generator is adapted, in use, to cause gas to flow through the device, which further comprises an agitator by which... Agent: Profibrix B.v.

20110251578 - Sub-mucosal agent delivery apparatus,system and method: An agent delivery apparatus for administering a pharmacological agent formulation to a sub-mucosal compartment of a body organ, comprising injector means having an internal formulation chamber that is adapted to receive and contain the pharmacological agent formulation therein and an elongated agent delivery member having a first end that is... Agent:

20110251579 - Systems and methods for infusion of fluids using stored potential energy and a variable flow resistor: Systems and methods for infusion of fluids using stored potential energy and a variable flow resistor. In one aspect of the present disclosure, there is provided an infusion device that includes a plunger situated within a vessel so as to define a chamber within which a volume of fluid can... Agent: Pavilion Holdings, LLC

20110251583 - Medical device configuration based on sensed brain signals: The invention is directed to techniques and systems in which external brain monitoring is used to facilitate implantation and configuration of an implantable medical device. The techniques may create an open loop or closed loop system in which brain signals quantify the efficacy of electrical logical stimulation (or drug therapy... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110251584 - Method and apparatus for delivering continuous intravenous infusion of metoprolol: A system for automatically providing a continuous flow of metoprolol intravenously to a patient, including a supply of metoprolol solution, a pump connected in fluidic communication with the supply of metoprolol solution, an electronic controller operationally connected to the pump, a vascular access device connected in liquid communication to the... Agent:

20110251585 - Sub-mucosal agent delivery, apparatus, system and method: An agent delivery apparatus for administering a pharmacological agent formulation to a sub-mucosal compartment of a body organ, comprising injector means having an internal formulation chamber that is adapted to receive and contain the pharmacological agent formulation therein and an elongated agent delivery member having a first end that is... Agent:

20110251586 - Subconjunctival agent delivery apparatus, system and method: A subconjunctival injection apparatus for administering a pharmacological agent formulation to a subconjunctival compartment of an eye, the apparatus including a jet injector having force generating means that is adapted to generate sufficient force to expel the pharmacological agent formulation from the jet injector and through the conjunctiva. In one... Agent:

20110251587 - Syringe housing to facilitate medication injection: A syringe (211) includes a syringe body (217) for receiving and administering a medicament. A needle (215) is received by the syringe body (217). A needle adjusting member (221) is movably disposed on the syringe body (217) between first and second positions. When the needle adjusting member (221) is in... Agent:

20110251589 - Catheter with distensible and frangible cap: A catheter for delivering a medical implant in a patient's vasculature includes an elongate catheter having a distensible and frangible cap mounted across the open distal end thereof. The cap is distendable by pressure within the catheter to provide a bumper tip for guiding the catheter through a patient's vasculature.... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110251588 - Infusion mechanism and method: An infusion mechanism for treating an intraluminal site in a patient includes an infusion catheter having an elongate body with a proximal body end defining at least one fluid supply orifice, and a distal body end. The elongate body defines a high head loss lumen in fluid communication with a... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20110251590 - Balloon catheters with fibers for delivery of therapeutic agent and methods of making the same: A medical device comprises a catheter with an expandable member, fibers extending from the outer surface of the expandable member, and therapeutic agent coated on the fibers or carried in the spaces between the fibers. Upon expansion of the expandable member, the therapeutic agent is delivered from the medical device.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110251591 - Catheter apparatus and methods for treating vasculatures: A catheter apparatus may have a flexible shaft, guidewire lumens passing through the shaft, and a positioning device for positioning the guidewires relative to an external lumen. The positioning device may be an expansible scaffold covered with a retractable sheath. The positioning device may also be one or more balloons... Agent:

20110251592 - Devices for maintaining surgically created openings: Devices and methods are directed to improving the gaseous exchange in a lung of an individual having, for instance, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. More particularly, conduits may be deployed in the lung to maintain collateral openings (or channels) surgically created through airway walls. This tends to facilitate both the exchange... Agent: Broncus Technologies, Inc.

20110251593 - In vivo and ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic stem cells with a targeted combination of clinically tested, fda approved drugs: The present invention provides a therapeutic approach to maintain and expand HSCs in vivo using currently available medications that target GSK-3 and mTOR. The present invention also provides a system and method for the ex vivo culturing of HSCs, where an mTOR inhibitor is combined with a GSK-3 inhibitor within... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20110251594 - Article and method for openings in lumens: A system and method for measuring the cross sectional diameter of a body lumen are disclosed. A catheter tube having a proximal end, a distal end, and two or more strips formed from equal length parallel slits in the body, the strips normally parallel when the catheter tube is not... Agent:

20110251595 - Endovascular catheter and method with hydraulic bladder system: A endovascular sheath system 10 and method are provided that has an inner tube 12 which includes an outer surface 16 and an uninterrupted inner lumen 14 for introducing medical fluids or devices. A stiffening assembly 26 including a plurality of inflatable bladders 18 is disposed outside the inner tube... Agent: Kassab Kughn Endovascular Devices LLC

20110251596 - Solvent bondable thermoplastic elastomers: An essentially halogen-free, plasticizer-free thermoplastic elastomer compound is disclosed. The compound has from 10-80 weight percent of a hydrogenated styrene butadiene copolymer having a styrene content of less than 20 weight percent; from 20-90 weight percent of a polyolefin; and less than about 3 weight percent of antioxidant. The compound... Agent: Polyone Corporation

10/06/2011 > 61 patent applications in 52 patent subcategories.

20110245750 - Method and apparatus for acoustically enhanced removal of bubbles from a fluid: A vessel for removing bubbles from a fluid is provided. The vessel includes a fluid inlet port for receiving the fluid and a bubble outlet for removing bubbles in the fluid from the vessel. One or more ultrasonic transducers transmit one or more ultrasonic beams through the received fluid to... Agent:

20110245751 - Methods and devices for percutaneous and surgical interventions: Methods and devices for performing percutaneous and surgical interventions. The devices comprising a tubular portion and retractable mechanism at the distal end of the tubular portion. The retractable mechanism prevents the device from pulling out of an anatomical structure during complex interventions, for example, when switching from an antegrade to... Agent: The John Hopkins University

20110245752 - Methods of treatment using a bariatric sleeve: Method and apparatus for limiting absorption of food products in specific parts of the digestive system is presented. A gastrointestinal implant device is anchored in the stomach and extends beyond the ligament of Treitz. All food exiting the stomach is funneled through the device. The gastrointestinal device includes an anchor... Agent: Gi Dynamics, Inc.

20110245753 - Apparatus and method for lowering intraocular pressure in an eye: An eye mounted device configured to actively evacuate fluid from the anterior chamber of the eye to an exterior region or the sclera of the eye. The device employs a miniature pump powered by a photovoltaic cell which is mounted in the clear corneal tissue and which may be curved... Agent:

20110245754 - Tampon applicator assembly: The tampon applicator assembly includes a tampon applicator section, an outer housing section, and a plunger section. The combined tampon applicator section and plunger section function as a conventional plunger-type tampon applicator. The outer housing section includes a sleeve with a proximal portion and a distal portion. The (distal) insertion... Agent:

20110245756 - Devices for material delivery, electroporation, sonoporation, and/or monitoring electrophysiological activity: The invention relates generally to systems and devices for material delivery, energy delivery, and/or monitoring electrophysiological activity, and method of use thereof. In particular, the present invention provides devices and systems, and methods of use thereof, configured to deliver therapeutic compositions, to provide electroporation and/or sonoporation to increase therapeutic efficiency,... Agent:

20110245755 - Sacrificial electrode design and delivery species suitable for prolonged iontophoresis application periods: A wearable iontophoresis device for the prolonged delivery of a positively charged pharmaceutical species from a salt formulation is disclosed that includes a readily oxidizable metal-based sacrificial anode in the form of a generally planar layer having a connecting area that has a width that is sufficient to insure complete... Agent:

20110245757 - Method for treating chronic wounds with an extracellular polymeric substance solvating system: Chronic wounds may be treated by debriding necrotic and other devitalized tissue from the wound, and applying to the wound an extracellular polymeric substance solvating system comprising a metal ion sequestering agent, surfactant and buffering agent. The solvating system disrupts biofilms which may be present in the wound and aids... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

20110245758 - Topical anesthetic and antiseptic dispensing device: Embodiments of the present invention provide a topical anesthetic and antiseptic dispensing device article of manufacture. In an embodiment of the invention, the article of manufacture includes a penetrating instrument including an elongated body with first and second distal end such that at least one of the distal ends includes... Agent:

20110245759 - Methods of treating an infection with nitric oxide: The present invention provides methods of treating bacterial, viral, protozoan, parasitic, arthropod and fungal infections by applying gaseous nitric oxide to a patient having an infection. The present invention further provides improved methods of treating bacterial, viral, protozoan, parasitic and fungal infections by applying gaseous nitric oxide, in combination with... Agent: Cardinal Health 207, Inc.

20110245760 - System for use during discography to wirelessly transmit data from hand-held fluid delivery device inside sterile field to device outside sterile field: A fluid delivery device is provided for delivering fluid to a target site such as an intervertebral disc during discography. The fluid delivery device includes pressure and volume sensors to determine the pressure and the volume of the fluid delivered to the intervertebral disc. The fluid delivery device is hand-held... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20110245762 - Devices, systems and methods for delivering fluid to tissue: An injection system (200) including an injection chamber (202) and an injectate reservoir (204) that is removably attached to the injection chamber via an intermediate connector (206). The connector extends at a first end from the chamber and terminates at an opposite end with a fitting, such as a luer... Agent:

20110245761 - Injection device: An injection device (110) comprises a housing (112) adapted to receive a syringe (122) having a discharge nozzle (118), an actuator (114) and a drive (120) acted upon the syringe to advance it from a retracted position in which the discharge nozzle is contained within the housing to an extended... Agent:

20110245763 - Hands-free breast pump with balanced reciprocating drive: A hands-free breast pump that includes a balanced push-pull reciprocating drive system that applies pumping force to a vacuum chamber formed by a breast interface cup during inward and outward pump strokes. The breast pump includes a breast cup that has a resilient bellows structure that partially collapses the volume... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20110245764 - Device for delivering medicinal implants: A device for inserting a medicament within a body cavity of a mammal, the device including a cartridge for containing the medicament, the cartridge including a housing, a retractable chamber disposed within the housing and having a lumen sized to contain the medicament, a stationary member disposed within the lumen... Agent:

20110245765 - Method and apparatus for manipulating movement of a micro-catheter: A medical device and method for manipulating movement of a micro-catheter, the device comprising an elongated tubular member having at least one lumen therein, wherein the lumen is proximally coupled to a pressurized fluid control system configured to regulate fluid flow through the elongated tubular member. An aperture is disposed... Agent:

20110245766 - Method and apparatus for improving delivery of an agent to a kidney: Methods for more uniformly delivering drugs or other treatment agents locally to the vasculature of a mammal are disclosed. These methods use one or more strategies to facilitate rapid mixing with the blood flowing past a device or otherwise improve the uniformity of drug delivery. Some of these strategies employ... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20110245767 - Balloon folding apparatus, methods and products: A medical balloon may be configured by at least partially inflating the medical balloon and forming at least one primary lobe in the balloon. The primary lobe extends from a central portion of the balloon. The primary lobe may be manipulated to form at least two secondary lobes therefrom. The... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110245768 - Syringe having a retractable needle: A syringe (100) comprising: a barrel (1), a needle holder (12) that holds a hypodermic needle (14) through a needle opening (102), and a hollow plunger (6), wherein the needle holder (12) is biased away from the needle opening (102) such that when the hollow plunger (6) moves through the... Agent: Just Innovative Layouts Pty Ltd

20110245769 - Topical anesthetic and antiseptic dispensing device: Embodiments of the present invention provide a topical anesthetic and antiseptic dispensing device article of manufacture. In an embodiment of the invention, the article of manufacture includes a penetrating instrument including an elongated body with first and second distal end such that at least one of the distal ends includes... Agent:

20110245770 - Injection set and injection assistance device: b

20110245771 - Enteral feeding set: The present invention provides an enteral feeding set comprising tubing adapted for fluid flow therethrough and further adapted to be engaged by a pump unit, a valve mechanism in direct communication with said tubing, said valve mechanism being adapted to be engaged by said pump unit, and a feeding set... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110245772 - Focal calcium channel modulation: Disclosed is an invention for focally modulating the activity of a calcium channel in a mammal. In one aspect, the invention features a method that includes contacting a pre-determined tissue or organ region with a nucleic acid sequence encoding a GEM protein or a variant thereof to express the GEM... Agent: The John Hopkins University

20110245773 - Operating an infusion pump system: Some embodiments of a medical infusion pump system include a pump device and a removable controller device. When the pump device and the removable controller device are removably attached to one another, the components may provide a portable infusion pump unit to dispense medicine to a user. In particular embodiments,... Agent: Asante Solutions, Inc.

20110245774 - Sequential introduction of skin penetrators: A device for facilitating the use or application of skin penetrators, the device including a puncturing part for piercing the skin, an indwelling part which can be introduced into the skin through an opening generated by the puncturing part and remains there, wherein the puncturing part and indwelling part are... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110245775 - Tapered sheath: A sheath and a method for making said sheath are provided. The sheath includes with an inner liner defining a passageway about a longitudinal axis extending longitudinally therethrough. A coil is fitted around at least a part of the inner liner. The coil has a series of windings that are... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20110245776 - Delivery device: A device for delivery of material or stimulus to targets within a body to produce a desired response, the targets being at least one of cells of interest, cell organelles of interest and cell nuclei of interest. The device includes a number of projections for penetrating a body surface, with... Agent:

20110245777 - Absorbent catheter pad: A pad or medical article is configured to absorb fluids that are discharged from a catheter assembly and/or medical line. The pad includes a body member that can include a backing layer and an absorbent layer disposed over the backing layer. The absorbent layer can include a groove connecting the... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20110245778 - Dressing for fixing and protecting a needle: Device for fixing and protecting a needle, this device having a first and a second adhesive part, separated by a central part, the first part being intended to be fixed to the skin, opposite the chosen penetration site for the needle, only one of the faces of the first part... Agent: Nephrokit

20110245779 - Fluid valve systems: An apparatus includes a first valve having an inlet capable of being in fluid communication with a first fluid source and an outlet capable of being in fluid communication with the inlet. The first valve is capable of being in a first mode in which the inlet is in fluid... Agent:

20110245780 - Piston rod assembly for a drug delivery device: Various embodiments of piston rod assemblies, drug delivery devices making use of such piston rod assemblies, and methods for assembling such piston rod assemblies and drug delivery devices are provided. In one embodiment, a piston rod assembly for a drug delivery device is provided, wherein the piston rod assembly is... Agent:

20110245781 - Dosing unit, ambulatory infusion device comprising dosing unit and method for operating a dosing unit: A dosing unit for an ambulatory infusion device and a method of operation are disclosed. The dosing unit includes a stationary member, a movable member, and a plunger. The movable member and the stationary member, together, make a charging valve and a discharging valve. The plunger is located, at least... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110245782 - Method of using catheter with rotating portion: A catheter includes a proximal portion and a distal portion, the distal portion including an arcuate portion. The catheter further includes a rotating portion, the rotating portion connecting the proximal portion and distal portion, the rotating portion including a first piece and a second piece, wherein the first piece and... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110245783 - Abuse deterrent transdermal formulations of opiate agonists and agonist-antagonists: Described herein are abuse-resistant multi-layer transdermal patches comprising opioids and opioid prodrugs having a barrier layer located between the layer containing opioid or opioid prodrug and a layer containing an opioid antagonist or opioid antagonist prodrug.... Agent: Alltranz Inc.

20110245784 - Anti-infective compositions, methods and systems for treating pathogen-induced disordered tissues: Compositions, methods and systems for treating disordered epithelial tissues, such as is caused by pathogens and/or by toxins produced thereby. The invention relates to the use of an anti-infective and/or antimicrobial active agent in a carrier, with vigorous agitation of the disordered epithelial tissue for topical treatment thereof under such... Agent: Quadex Pharmaceuticals, LLC

20110245785 - Simple device for treating tinea unguium: Provided is a device for treating tinea unguium which allows unrestricted treatment even for patients with basic diseases such as liver diseases, pregnant women and lactating patients and by which interindividual difference in the treatment can be avoided and antifungal agent for external use can be transdermally absorbed from the... Agent:

20110245786 - Wound irrigation device: A wound irrigation device capable of discharging a constant, high pressure stream of a cleansing solution is contemplated. The device comprises a syringe-like device having a two piece construction. The syringe-like device includes a barrel for securely containing a predetermined volume of cleansing solution. The barrel includes an open end... Agent:

20110245788 - vacuum dressing applicable as post-operative compression treatment: Vacuum dressing sealed by an adhesive film (5) to which is coupled a suction tube (4) connected to a vacuum pump, said dressing comprising an external layer (2) of foam with open pores of large size, and a semi-permeable internal layer, characterized in that it constitutes a large integrated dressing... Agent:

20110245787 - Viscous fluid extraction: An extraction sleeve assembly for use in extracting a viscous fluid from the posterior segment of an eye during vitreoretinal surgery is disclosed. The extraction sleeve assembly includes a luer lock fitting and a flexible, tubular extraction sleeve. The extraction sleeve assembly facilitates a shorter extraction time for the viscous... Agent:

20110245789 - Ostomy appliance with a release liner having a predefined folding line: An ostomy appliance for attachment to the stoma body comprising an adhesive wafer and a collecting pouch attachable to an adhesive wafer, the wafer comprises a backing layer and a skin-facing adhesive layer, wherein the adhesive skin-facing surface of the wafer is provided with a release liner covering the skin-facing... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110245790 - Night sweat pad: A sweat pad designed to be placed on the bed and under a user for wick away the moisture from a user is disclosed. The sweat pad comprises a moisture-absorbent filler sandwiched between a top moisture-permeable sheet and a bottom cloth sheet that is not moisture proof from the outside.... Agent:

20110245791 - Diaper shield: A diaper shield includes an outer cover and a liner. The outer cover has a substantially rectangular center panel, which has a first and a second longitudinal edges, and a first and a second lateral side edges. A first substantially triangular panel is connected to the first lateral side. A... Agent:

20110245792 - Absorbent article having leg cuffs: An absorbent article comprises a chassis having a front waist portion, a back waist portion, and a crotch portion extending between the front and back waist portions. The chassis includes a liquid pervious topsheet, a liquid impervious backsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet. An... Agent: First Quality Baby Products, LLC

20110245793 - Device for disposal of an article of personal hygiene: The invention relates to a device for receiving an article of personal hygiene to be disposed of, especially a sanitary tampon, comprising a receptacle (1) made of recycling material and formed with a hold space (3) for the article and a storage space (4) for packings (14) which is separate... Agent:

20110245794 - Belted absorbent garment: Absorbent garment such as a diaper and an incontinence guard, said garment has a first body panel, a second body panel and a crotch portion there between. The garment is provided with opposed laterally extending belt members attached to the waist portion of the first body panel and are adapted... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110245795 - Piercing member protection device: The invention concerns a piercing member protection device, a kit of a piercing member protection device, a first and second fluid container and a method a method for transferring a fluid between a first and a second container using a piercing member protection device. The piercing member protection device comprises... Agent:

20110245796 - Closure cap for receptacles for receiving medical liquids and receptacle for receiving medical liquids: The invention relates to a closure cap (1) for receptacles for receiving medical liquids, in particular receptacles filled with infusion solutions, transfusion solutions or liquids for enteral nutrition. The invention further relates to a receptacle (40) for receiving medical liquids, in particular a bottle, comprising such a closure cap. The... Agent: Fresenius Kabi Deutschland Gmbh

20110245797 - Device for connecting a tubular part to the inside of a bottle: Device for connecting a tubular part having a first end provided with a tip, and a second end provided with a connecting device. The connecting device connects an inside of the tubular part with a syringe and with the inside of a bottle, which bottle includes a neck having a... Agent:

20110245798 - Method of treating parkinson's disease in humans by convection-enhanced infusion of glial cell-line derived neurotrophic factor to the putamen: A method of treating Parkinson's disease in humans is disclosed, wherein glial cell-line derive neurotrophic factor (GDNF) is chronically administered directly to one or both putamen of a human in need of treatment thereof via convection-enhanced infusion using at least one implantable pump and at least one catheter. In one... Agent: Kentucky Research Foundation

20110245800 - Devices, systems, and methods for transeptal atrial puncture using an engagement catheter platform: Multichannel systems for engaging a bodily tissue and methods of using the same. In at least one embodiment of an exemplary multichannel system for engaging a tissue of the present disclosure, the system comprises an engagement catheter comprising a proximal end, a distal end, and defining a first lumen and... Agent: Cvdevices, LLC

20110245801 - Immobilizing objects in the body: Stabilizing an object in the body of a patient involves the injection of a lower critical solution temperature (LCST) material or other flowable material into the body of the patient so that the material contacts the object. The LCST material or other flowable material then forms a gel in the... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110245799 - System and method for delivery of suspensions and other microparticle compositions: Disclosed herein are systems and methods useful for delivery of suspensions and other microparticle compositions, and, in particular, for delivering microparticles at desired dosing levels and eliminating blockages within microparticle suspensions positioned within a delivery device.... Agent:

20110245802 - Occlusion catheter having compliant balloon for use with complex vasculature: A catheter used for treatment of complex vasculature, such as a bifurcated aneurysm, is provided with an inflatable balloon at a distal portion thereof. The shape, location and material of the inflatable balloon are selected such that when inflated, the balloon conforms to the shape of the complex vasculature, or... Agent: Micro Therapeutics, Inc.

20110245803 - Systems, devices, methods for delivering hydrogel compositions with self-purging to prevent clogging: A hydrogel composition is formed by conveying separate first and second liquid components subject to a selectively applied application pressure P(A) into an outlet path for mixing and discharge. A liquid flushing agent is automatically conveyed into the outlet path subject to a substantially constantly applied purge pressure P(P) when... Agent: Neomend, Inc.

20110245804 - Methods and compositions to facilitate repair of avascular tissue: Compositions and methods are provided for repairing damaged avascular zones, including intervertebral disc, in a patient in need thereof.... Agent: Regenerative Sciences, LLC

20110245805 - Curved cannula: The cross section of a curved portion of a curved cannula is oval shaped. The oval is oriented such that a major axis of the oval is generally aligned with the curved portion's bend radius. In one aspect, the cannula tube is ovalized so that the radius of curvature of... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20110245806 - Reinforced multi-lumen catheter and methods for making same: Methods for manufacturing multi-lumen catheter tubes are disclosed. The described methods may be employed to manufacture a reinforced catheter tube suitable for use in power injectable and torqueable multi-lumen catheters, for example. In one embodiment, a method for manufacturing a multi-lumen catheter tube comprises first clamping a flexible sheet of... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110245807 - Medical tube: Provided is a medical tube which is flexible and achieves good kink resistant properties and high tensile strength at the same time. Even when connected to another tube, the medical tube maintains the above-mentioned kink resistant properties and tensile strength. A medical tube is provided with at least one coil... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20110245808 - Guidewire with an improved flexural rigidity profile: Medical devices and methods for making and using the same are disclosed. An example medical device may include a guidewire. The guidewire may include a core wire having a distal portion. A tubular member may be disposed over the distal portion. The tubular member may have a plurality of slots... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110245809 - Hub for loop tip devices: A hub device and a method for reception of a flexible elongate device therethrough are provided. The hub device includes a proximal portion having a substantially cylindrical opening defined in the proximal portion, a first connector at a proximal end of the proximal portion for connecting to a medical device... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20110245810 - Intermittently wholly indwelling, user-actuated, continually-retained, valved urinary catheter: Problems associated with prostate enlargement can be negated by using the present valved catheter. Such can be inserted and removed by the user. The catheter is retained in place by a flexible, foldable tee bar attached to the valve plug, which in turn is attached to a stretchy Nylon line.... Agent:

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