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Surgery October categorized by USPTO classification 10/11

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10/27/2011 > 28 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20110259323 - Actuator for an inhaler: An actuator for an inhaler for delivering drug by inhalation, comprising: a housing for receiving a canister which comprises a body which includes a base and a head and defines a chamber for containing drug, and a valve stem which extends from the body and from which drug is in... Agent:

20110259324 - Drive unit for dosage counter: A nebuliser, particularly an MDI, with a counter is proposed. By means of a guide track or inclined plane and an associated guide element, an axial movement occurring on actuation of the nebuliser is partly converted into a rotary movement for driving a counting ring, using an annular rigid drive... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20110259325 - Delivery of ultra pure nitric oxide (no): A system for deliverying a therapeutic amount of nitric oxide can include a reservoir assembly, a gas supply, and a delivery conduit including a first cartridge, wherein the first cartridge can include a surface-activated material saturated with an aqueous solution of a reducing agent.... Agent: Geno LLC

20110259326 - Inhaler with indexing linked to movement of cover: The disclosure relates to a medical dispenser, comprising an outlet and a plurality of sealed compartments containing medicament to be sequentially aligned with and dispensed through said outlet. Movement of an actuator sequentially causes mechanical energy to be built up and then released and converted into an indexing movement of... Agent:

20110259327 - Methods and devices for sensing respiration and controlling ventilator functions: Improved methods and devices are described for sensing the respiration pattern of a patient and controlling ventilator functions, particularly for use in an open ventilation system. An apparatus for sensing respiration and synchronizing a ventilator to the respiration of a patient is described. The apparatus may include a plurality of... Agent: Breathe Technologies, Inc.

20110259328 - Simple capsule-based inhaler: A dry powder inhaler for pulmonary or nasal use, employing capsules containing a dose of powder for inhalation, comprising two operating components and an optional cover. Air is drawn by the patient via a mouthpiece or nosepiece which is in communication with the capsule and travels via air paths through... Agent: Hovione International Ltd.

20110259329 - Delivery devices: A breath-actuated delivery device includes a mouthpiece through which a subject in use exhales, an air channel which is in fluid communication with the mouthpiece, and a flexible diaphragm which is disposed in the air channel. The diaphragm provides for at least a restricted air flow through the air channel... Agent: Optinose As

20110259330 - System and method for determining ventilator leakage during stable periods within a breath: This disclosure describes systems and methods for compensating for leaks in a ventilation system based on data obtained during periods within a breath in which the patient is neither inhaling nor exhaling. The methods and systems described herein more accurately and quickly identify changes in leakage. This information is then... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110259331 - System and respiration appliance for supporting the airway of a subject: A respiration appliance (10), system (40), and method (62, 72, 86) for supporting the airway of a subject (12) as the subject (12) breaths. The flow of gas from the lungs of the subject (12) during exhalation is leveraged to provide support to the airway. In particular, a body (14)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110259332 - Ventilation system with system status display for configuration and program information: The disclosure describes a novel approach for displaying information on a ventilation system. The disclosure describes a novel respiratory system including a removable primary display and system status display. Further, the disclosure describes a novel method for displaying ventilator information and a novel method for controlling a ventilation system.... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110259333 - Ventilation system with system status display for maintenance and service information: The disclosure describes a novel approach for displaying information on a ventilator system. The disclosure describes a novel respiratory system including a removable primary display and system status display. Further, the disclosure describes a novel method for displaying ventilator information and a novel method for controlling a ventilator system.... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110259334 - Inlet airflow assembly in a medical ventilator: A ventilator that is small, lightweight, and portable, yet capable of being quickly adapted to operate in a plurality of different modes and configurations to deliver a variety of therapies to a patent. A porting system having a plurality of sensors structured to monitor a number of parameters with respect... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110259335 - Headgear support for respirator mask: A self supporting head mounted harness for mounting a respirator mask on the face of a user, the harness including a harness body having a material stiffness sufficient to enable the harness to be retained and self supported on the head of a user independent of whether or not the... Agent: Australian Centre For Advanced Medical Technology

20110259336 - System for controlling pressure in defined environment and associated method: A system and a method for treating pain in a patient suffering pain are provided. The method may include providing a system inhabitable by the patient in which pressure may be controlled. The patient may suffer from a pain inducing condition associated with a pressure change. The method may also... Agent:

20110259337 - Forehead support for a patient interface: Mask assembly (110, 300, 400, 500) includes a forehead support (120, 220, 316, 416, 520) having a base provided to a frame and two upwardly extending support arms (130, 230, 318, 418, 518). The arms define a fixed or adjustable included angle that is less than 180 degrees and in... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110259338 - Ventilator to tracheotomy tube coupling: A coupling for connecting a ventilator tube to a tracheotomy tube has a latching mechanism which prevents the coupling from axially displacing a tapered tubular extension of the tracheotomy tube after they have been mated in a pneumatically discrete path. For use with known adult tracheotomy tubes which have inner... Agent:

20110259339 - Ventilating apparatus and method enabling a patient to talk with or without a trachostomy tube check valve: A method of operating a ventilator assembly having inhalation and exhalation passages communicating with one another, and a respiration assembly that can perform repetitive respiratory cycles. The method includes (a) connecting the conduit with an open end of an endotracheal tube positioned within the trachea so that the open end... Agent: Ric Investments, LLC

20110259340 - System and respiration appliance for supporting the airway of a subject: A respiration appliance (10), system (40), and method (62, 72, 86) for supporting the airway of a subject (12) as the subject (12) breaths. The flow of gas from the lungs of the subject (12) during exhalation is leveraged to provide support to the airway. In particular, a body (14)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110259341 - Fallopian tube occlusion device: A device for occluding the fallopian tube including a retention member and a mesh material supported by the retention member. The retention member has a first lower profile configuration for delivery and a second expanded configuration for placement within the fallopian tube. The mesh material is configured to block passage... Agent:

20110259343 - Method for permanent occlusion of fallopian tube: Disclosed is a method and apparatus of contraception. The apparatus can include an implant sized for insertion into a fallopian tube. The implant can comprise a plurality of loose, bulked fibers. The fibers can be formed from one or more bioabsorbable materials, for example, the method can include inserting the... Agent:

20110259342 - Methods and apparatus for occluding reproductive tracts to effect contraception: Systems and methods of visibly marking a reproductive tract, e.g., at least one ostium of the Fallopian tubes accessed transvaginally and transcervically, to indicate delivery of an occlusion device into the corresponding at least one Fallopian tube to effect contraception are disclosed. Marking is effected by delivery of a dye... Agent:

20110259344 - Fornix manipulator: A formix manipulator includes a collar and stabilizer. The collar has a first end and a second end, the second end having an opening and diameter greater than the first end and the first end having an opening to receive a cervix into the collar. The stabilizer has a base... Agent:

20110259345 - Device for the alleviation of snoring and sleep apnoea: Apparatus for the alleviation of sleep apnoea in which dentition engagement units or dental overlays shaped to engage the maxillary and mandibular dentition of a subject each having a laterally located pair of flanges the ends of which almost abut, magnets embedded in said flanges with their like poles adjacent... Agent:

20110259346 - Tongue position controller: The tongue position controller of the present invention includes: a mounting portion composed of a splint applied to a lower jaw dentition, and a capsule which is arranged on an inner curved portion of an upper surface of the splint, which is composed so as to cover at least a... Agent:

20110259347 - Orthopedic disposable bilateral split sheet: A sterile surgical sheet comprising two parallel slits and bands of adhesive bonding for prepping a patient for bilateral knee replacement surgery and providing adequate shielding from an upper thigh tourniquet. The sheet is of one-piece construction and utilizes two parallel slits for placement around a patient's legs to maintain... Agent:

20110259348 - Ear padding for oxygen tubing: The present invention relates to padding for placement over a section of oxygen tubing comprising: a section of hypo-allergenic foam; and a slit along the length of the foam, where the slit provides a means to insert a section of oxygen tubing and the foam conforms to the outer surface... Agent:

20110259349 - Disposable absorbent article: The invention relates to a disposable absorbent article used to absorb body fluids and to prevent skin breakdown and chafing under the breast. The article is secured to the front inner and outer lower part of the bra. The article can also be used under the abdominal skin fold to... Agent:

20110259350 - Methods of using sdf-1 (cxcl12) as a diagnostic and mesenchymal stem cell (multipotent stromal cell)-specific therapeutic biomarker for the treatment of kidney injury and other major organs: This application describes the detection and diagnosis of kidney pathology including acute kidney injury by the detection of changes in the amounts of biomarkers in the urine of patients. These biomarkers include stromal derived factor (SDF-1 or CXCL12).... Agent: Allocure, Inc.

10/20/2011 > 24 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110253130 - Bikers lap belt: The Bikers Lap Belt, hereafter known as the belt, was road tested for two (2) years. It was found that when wearing the belt on long motorcycle trips (200 miles or more), the experienced motorcycle rider of about fifty four (54) years of age, found the following to be true:... Agent:

20110253131 - Apparatus for the administration of pharmaceutical products in aerosol form: An apparatus (10) is described for the administration of pharmaceutical products in the form of an aerosol, comprising means for generating a constant flow (11) of air; means for generating a pre-established flow of air (14); means for conveying the air flow (15) to the aerial tracts of a patient,... Agent:

20110253132 - Pore structures for reduced pressure aerosolization: A nozzle comprising a thin, flexible substantially planar polymeric film having a plurality of pores with structures allowing for generation of an aerosol at reduced extrusion pressure is disclosed. The pores can comprise at least two sections, or steps, in which the thickness of the membrane is reduced in stepwise... Agent:

20110253133 - Methods and compositions for administration of oxybutynin: Administration of Oxybutynin directly to a patient's lungs for treating urinary incontinence, respiratory disease or IBD.... Agent:

20110253134 - Press-type medical aerosol generating device and pressing mechanism for the same: A press-type medical aerosol generating device includes a medicament storage container (100), a nebulizer (200) provided in the medicament storage container (100) and a pressing mechanism (300). The pressing mechanism (300) includes a base (310) and a pressing element (320). The base (310) has a gas conduit (311) inserted into... Agent: Atlantean Corp.

20110253135 - Metal coordination complexes of volatile drugs: The present disclosure provides a drug delivery device comprising a housing defining an airway, wherein the airway comprises at least one air inlet and a mouthpiece having at least one air outlet, at least one heated metal substrate disposed within the airway, at least one drug disposed on the at... Agent: Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110253138 - Inhaler with audible indicator means: The disclosure relates to an inhaler comprising an outlet through which doses of medicament may be dispensed. The inhaler also comprises a dispensing mechanism having a primed state, in which it is ready for dispensing a dose, and a fired state, in which it has dispensed a dose. In one... Agent: Astrazeneca Ab

20110253137 - System to control a patient's ventilator or anesthesia machine: A system for the control of a ventilator or an anesthesia delivery machine for an intubated patient, wherein the intubated patient has an endotracheal tube inserted into the airway passage, the endotracheal tube having a controllably inflatable annular cuff thereon, wherein the cuff is monitored and controlled by a pressure... Agent:

20110253136 - Treatment of respiratory conditions: A device (102) provides respiratory treatment for SDB (including mild OSA) and other respiratory conditions. A flow generator warms and humidifies gas at controlled flow levels. For example, the device (102) delivers breathable gas to the upper airway at flow rates of about 10-35 Liters/minute. Levels of flow rate, temperature... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110253139 - Inhaler module and related system: Apparatuses and methods for mounting an inhaler module to an inhaler, indicating compliance with a treatment regiment, shaking an inhaler and indicating mixing status, and reminding a user to prime the inhaler. The mounting element can have an elastic body adapted to interchangeably join both an inhaler and an inhaler... Agent: Spectrum Health Innovations, LLC

20110253140 - Formulations containing large-size carrier particles for dry powder inhalation aerosols: A dry powder inhaler may include a drug chamber configured to contain a formulation including carrier particles and working agent particles, a mouthpiece configured to direct flow of working agent particles to a user, and a retaining member proximal the mouthpiece. The retaining member be sized and arranged to prevent... Agent: Stc.unm

20110253141 - Methods of operating dry powder inhalers having spiral travel paths with microcartridges of dry powder: Dry powder inhalers include: (a) a first generally planar spiral travel path in an inhaler body, wherein the first spiral travel path has a plurality of adjacent curvilinear channels forming lanes with upstanding sidewalls, including an inner lane and an outer lane; and (b) a plurality of discrete sealed microcartridges... Agent:

20110253142 - Device and method for tempering and humidifying gas, especially respiratory air: A device and a process for the heating and humidification of gas, especially respiratory gas. Fluid from a fluid reservoir is supplied to a sprinkling type chamber where, for the purpose of humidification, it is moved through the gas. The point is that the fluid is heated by a temperature... Agent: Grundler Gmbh

20110253143 - Adjustable headgear: An adjustable headgear assembly (10) for securing a respiratory interface device (26) to the head of a patient that includes a head-gear member (12) that fits over the crown and back portion of a human head. The headgear member (12) has upper side portions (14) positionable above and forward of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110253144 - Nasal interface for continuous positive airway pressure mask: The mask that is the subject of the present invention enables the delivery of continuous positive airway pressure to patients suffering from sleep apnea by engaging and sealing the area surrounding the patient's nasal passages in order to deliver the therapy. The present invention includes a new nasal interface piece... Agent:

20110253145 - Pressurized tracheal cuff control arrangement: An endotracheal tube monitoring and control system for the safe and effective use of that endotracheal or trachea (ETT or TT) cuff within the larynx of a human patient comprising: a control unit for the monitoring and control of the ETT or TT tube cuff in communication therewith; a pressure... Agent:

20110253147 - Breathing apparatus: A breathing apparatus includes a supply tube configured to provide a supply of air. A first and second nasal interface each include a generally spherical member having a respective projection configured to be at least partially received within a respective nasal passage of a user, and are independently movable relative... Agent:

20110253146 - Medical tubing stabilization device: A medical stabilization device that directs medical tubing onto a compressible foam block where it is attached and stabilized to the patient's body allowing it to be secured against excessive movement, tube dislodgement and positioned in a time efficient manner to prevent obstruction of patient treatment.... Agent: Imagident LLC

20110253148 - Plastic frame for an intrauterine device: An intrauterine device for delivering bioactive substances in the uterine cavity includes a plastic frame affixed to a drug delivery compartment. In use, the frame retains the IUD in the uterine cavity and prevents displacement and expulsion. The frame is shaped like the letter “omega” having two resilient arms which... Agent: Pat&co Bvba

20110253149 - Applicator for applying a barrier membrane to a body surface: An applicator for applying a barrier membrane to a body surface has a generally hollow body portion that holds a puncturable liquid container within. An applicator tip is provided to allow a user to apply a consistent and effective amount of liquid barrier material to a body surface, generally the... Agent:

20110253151 - Positioning device for ankle joint replacement surgery: A positioning device for ankle joint replacement surgery.... Agent: University Of Iowa Research Foundation

20110253150 - Positioning device for use with a patient under anesthesia and associated methods: The present invention provides devices for use with a patient under anesthesia and associated methods. Various embodiments of the present invention include a device for establishing and maintaining a patient's head and/or jaw in a particular position, including the sniffing position. Embodiments also include a method for positioning a patient... Agent:

20110253152 - Polypropylene based fibers and nonwovens: The present invention relates to fibers and nonwovens made from plasticized polyolefin compositions comprising a polyolefin, a non-functionalized hydrocarbon plasticizer and a slip agent.... Agent:

20110253153 - Hearing protection process and device: A hearing protection process comprises (a) providing at least one hearing protection device comprising at least one sound barrier comprising at least one substantially periodic array of structures disposed in a first medium having a first density, the structures being made of a second medium having a second density different... Agent:

10/13/2011 > 27 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20110247611 - Apparatus and method for delivery of an aerosol: An apparatus for measuring lung ventilation, comprising: a pressure device to measure volume of air flow; an aerosol-generating device that provides aerosol particles to be released at a determined point in a breathing cycle; a mouthpiece with a detector that measures the concentration of aerosol particles for a given volume... Agent: Respiratory Management Technology

20110247610 - Gas mist inhaler: The invention is to provide a gas mist inhaler being simple and excellent in effects by using physiological actions of carbon dioxide or oxygen. The gas mist inhaler has a gas supply means for supplying oxygen, carbon, or a mixed gas (called as “gas” hereafter) of oxygen and carbon dioxide,... Agent: Acp Japan Co., Ltd.

20110247613 - Albuterol and ipratropium inhalation solution, system, kit and method for relieving symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: The present invention relates to a dual bronchodilator inhalation solution, system, kit and method for relieving bronchospasm in patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In one alternative embodiment, the solution of the present invention is a prepackaged, sterile, premixed, premeasured single unit dose of albuterol and ipratropium bromide... Agent: Dey, L.p.

20110247612 - Oxygen and aromatherapy delivery apparatus for a massage table: An apparatus includes a device that has an interior chamber, an opening at a bottom end for connection to a flexible hose, and an enlarged upper end with an annular cloth cover. A central opening in the cover is surrounded by an elastomeric band that stretches to enlarge the central... Agent:

20110247617 - Mouthpiece for an inhaler: The invention relates to a mouthpiece for a medical device. The mouthpiece extends along a first axis from a rear portion to a front portion with a middle portion arranged therebetween. The rear portion is for attachment to a medical device and the front portion is for inserting into the... Agent:

20110247614 - Respirator: A respirator or anesthesia apparatus, for the artificial respiration of a patient, has a gas delivery device, at least one gas line for forming a breathing air line system, at least one gas mixing means with a mixed gas tank and at least two inlet openings with a shut-off member... Agent: Dr?ger Medical Gmbh

20110247615 - Respirator: A respirator or anesthesia apparatus for the artificial respiration of a patient is provided with a gas delivery device, at least one gas line for forming a breathing air line system, at least one device for measuring a volume flow of a gas according to the differential pressure method with... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20110247616 - System and method for dispensing medicament into a ventilator circuit: A drug delivery adapter is configured to facilitate the delivery of one or more medicaments to a subject being ventilated by a circuit (not shown). The circuit may be a ventilator circuit, or the like, configured to convey a pressurized flow of breathable gas to the airway of the subject.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110247618 - Breathing circuit device: A breathing circuit device has a breathing gas line for forming a closed breathing system, with a cooling device with at least one cooling element for cooling a breathing gas sent through the breathing gas line. The at least one cooling element is separated from the breathing gas with a... Agent: Drager Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa

20110247619 - Air delivery conduit: An air delivery conduit includes a tube including a plurality of corrugations. The corrugations vary along a length of the tube to change flexibility and/or stretch characteristics of the tube in one or more specific zones.... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110247620 - Portable oxygen delivery device: Disclosed are devices, systems, and methods, including an oxygen delivery device that includes an oxygen delivery module, at least one sensor to detect patient breathing, and a controller configured to control the oxygen delivery module to cause the oxygen delivery module to deliver oxygen to the patient based on data... Agent: Chart Sequal Technologies Inc.

20110247621 - Portable oxygen delivery device: Disclosed are devices, systems, and methods, including an oxygen delivery device that includes an oxygen delivery module configured to deliver a pulse including greater than 100 mL of concentrated oxygen, and a controller configured to control the oxygen delivery module to cause the oxygen delivery module to deliver the pulse... Agent: Chart Sequal Technologies Inc.

20110247622 - Portable oxygen delivery device: Disclosed are devices, systems, and methods, including an oxygen delivery device that includes an oxygen delivery module to produce at least concentrated oxygen, and a gas moving device to deliver air to the oxygen delivery module. The gas moving device includes at least one piston rotatable inside a first chamber... Agent: Chart Sequal Technologies Inc.

20110247623 - Air/oxygen ventilator system and method: Provided is a portable ventilator system, including a ventilator supply system having a ventilator mask, an air/oxygen source and an air/oxygen regulator system, and including a communications device that, during use, automatically contacts an emergency response entity in response to activation of the portable ventilator system. Also provided is a... Agent:

20110247624 - Mask and method for delivering a therapeutic breathable substance: A mask may be used in therapeutic gas delivery to one or more external orifices (e.g., the nostrils and/or mouth) of a subject in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention. The mask may include a mask body, a seal portion, a source connector, and an exhaust valve. The... Agent:

20110247625 - Breathing assistance device: The present method, system, and device relate to a breathing assistance device comprising a hollow body defining an inner chamber, provided with a breathing gas input and output, and an abutment member, intended to abut against one part of a patient and wrapped by a flexible membrane. The membrane is... Agent:

20110247626 - Mask: A mask includes an airtight wrapper and a filtering cotton. The airtight wrapper further includes an airy opening and an airy covering. With the airy covering able to be engaged with and disengaged from the airy opening, the filtering cotton can be fixed immovably between the airy opening and the... Agent:

20110247627 - Wearing tool for breathing mask, and breathing mask: For reducing a discomfort feeling brought by wearing a breathing mask, a wearing tool for the breathing mask which covers nostrils of a user and supplies gas for breathing to the nostrils comprises a pair of connecting members each of which has a longitudinal shape and has a first end... Agent: Teijin Pharma Limited

20110247628 - Respiratory interface device with flexible cover: The present invention is relating to various embodiments of a respiratory interface device, such as a mask, that includes a fabric body structured to accommodate one or both of a nasal and oral region of a user's face. The fabric body includes a fabric connecting member extending therefrom structured to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110247629 - Tracheostoma plaster: A device for holding a tracheostoma device over a tracheostoma of a patient including a passage having a distal and a proximal opening for receiving the tracheostoma device at the distal opening thereof. A flange may extend laterally, caudially, and cranially from the passage. The flange may have a proximal... Agent:

20110247630 - Intrauterine device string: The present invention relates to an intrauterine device string for attachment to an intrauterine device fitted within a female, the female having a cervix comprising an endocervical canal and an external orifice, the intrauterine device string comprising an elongated member with an upper portion, an intermediate portion, and a lower... Agent:

20110247631 - Full male protection prophylactic systems: A full male protection prophylactic system comprising an anatomically-male configured rubberized skin protector having a penis-insertible slit, a pair of male prophylactic support stabilizer, and an adjustable waist band wearable by a male-user and providing maximum protection to the pubic skin area surrounding the penis from skin-to-skin sexually transmitted diseases... Agent:

20110247632 - Leg elevator system: A leg elevator is disclosed. The leg elevator includes a base having a lower leg end and an upper leg end, a portion of the base having at least one support retaining device. A lower leg support is provided. A height adjustment mechanism is also provided having a support leg... Agent: Innovative Ellavations, LLC

20110247633 - Surgical technique and instrumentation for minimal incision hip arthroplasty surgery: Improved instruments for modifying a shape of a proximal femur of a patient for installation of a stem of a femoral component of a prosthetic hip during hip replacement surgery, comprising a handle including an elongated shaft extending downward approximately in a z-direction, a first offset extending from a bottom... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20110247634 - Unitary structured multi-tier drape: A drape having a pair of elongated sheets connected at distal ends to define a skirt, with opposing side walls in a first portion of the elongated sheets having a first width and in a second portion having a different width so the drape has a stair-step structure, with a... Agent: Drape Options, LLC

20110247635 - Dental guard with temporary forming tray: A dental guard system for fitting boil and bite dental guards so that undesirable deformations of the guard are avoided during the fitting of the guard to the user. The system includes a boil and bite dental guard and an associated forming tray configured to be generally rigid but conformable... Agent: Dentek Oral Care, Inc.

20110247636 - Nipple/areola protective cover: A protective cover for nipples and areolas employable during nipple or breast reconstructive surgery. The device has an axial cavity in a central portion of a resilient body employable for placement about the nipple or reconstructed nipple therein. The device is infinitely customizable in axial cavity diameter and vertical height... Agent:

10/06/2011 > 34 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20110240015 - Method and apparatus comprising stepped mouthpiece for aerosol drug delivery: The invention of the present application relates to an apparatus to aid in administering inhaled pharmaceutical aerosol to a patient. The apparatus is used in conjunction with an aerosol delivery device. The apparatus comprises steps on the top and bottom of the apparatus, which when used aid the patient causes... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110240013 - Method of forming an aerosol for inhalation delivery: The present invention relates to the inhalation delivery of aerosols containing small particles. Specifically, it relates to a method of forming an aerosol for use in inhalation therapy. In a method aspect of the present invention, a method of forming an aerosol for use in inhalation therapy is provided. The... Agent: Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110240012 - Recombinant human cc10 and compositions thereof for use in the treatment of nasal rhinitis: The present invention relates generally to the use of recombinant human CC10 (rhCC10), also known as recombinant human uteroglobin, for use as a therapeutic in the treatment of nasal rhinitis, nasal sinusitis, chronic rhinosinusitis, and nasal polyposis. More particularly, the invention provides methods, including broadly the critical dosage ranges of... Agent: Clarassance, Inc.

20110240014 - Substrates for drug delivery device and methods of preparing and use: An assembly and method for producing a condensation aerosol are disclosed. The assembly includes a heat-conductive metal substrate with an oxidation resistant exterior surface and a drug composition film on the exterior surface and is for use in an aerosol device. The thickness of the film and the surface of... Agent: Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110240011 - Treating apparatus: A treating apparatus having a source of a flowable substance, an assembly for releasing the flowable substance in a general direction relative to a target, and a propelling assembly operable to transport the flowable substance from the source to the releasing means whereby the flowable substance is propelled in the... Agent:

20110240017 - Apparatus and methods for microbaric oxygen delivery: A system is provided for providing oxygen from an oxygen supply to a user. The system includes: (a) a hood adapted to fit over the user's head. The hood includes an inlet port, an outlet port, and a seal mechanism adapted to engage at least one of the user's head,... Agent:

20110240016 - Protective headgear system with filter protector: This invention is directed to a protective headgear system which includes a relatively light weight, substantially rigid, headgear structure which may include an internal, adjustable headband. The system includes at least one filter which is attachable to the headgear structure to cover the structure and a filter protector mounted thereon.... Agent:

20110240018 - Umbilical: An umbilical comprising a side-emitting optical fiber or optical fiber-bundle for providing a distributed source of light along part or the whole of the length of the umbilical.... Agent: University Court Of The University Of St Andrews

20110240020 - Conversion of nitrogen dioxide (no2) to nitric oxide (no): A nitric oxide delivery system, which includes a gas bottle having nitrogen dioxide in air, converts nitrogen dioxide to nitric oxide and employs a surface-active material, such as silica gel, coated with an aqueous solution of antioxidant, such as ascorbic acid. A nitric oxide delivery system may be used to... Agent:

20110240019 - Nitric oxide delivery system: Methods and systems of using liquid nitrogen dioxide (N2O4) with a ventilator can generate and deliver nitric oxide to a patient by means of a ventilator.... Agent: Geno LLC

20110240021 - Respirator or anesthesia system: A respirator or anesthesia system for respirating a patient (20) includes a gas delivery device (3); at least one gas line (4) for forming a breathing air line system, especially a breathing air circulation system; at least one EMG sensor for detecting the electromyographic muscle activity of the respiratory muscles... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20110240022 - Aerosol forming device for use in inhalation therapy: The present invention relates to the inhalation delivery of aerosols containing small particles. Specifically, it relates to a device that forms drug containing aerosols for use in inhalation therapy. In a device aspect of the present invention, a device for delivering drug containing aerosols for inhalation therapy is provided. The... Agent: Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110240023 - Mouth and nose mask for preventing and treating allergic respiratory diseases: A mouth and nose mask including a main cover body with a main air vent at the center thereof, an inner cover body, and a linking member. There is a space between the main cover body and the inner cover body. The linking member links the main cover body and... Agent:

20110240024 - Air delivery system: An air delivery system includes a controllable flow generator, a primary controller, and an auxiliary controller. The flow generator is operable to generate a supply of pressurized breathable gas to be provided to a patient for treatment. The primary controller is associated with at least one primary control feature to... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110240025 - System and method for treating lung disease using positive pressure airway support: A method of treating lung disease, such as asthma or COPD, is provided that includes delivering positive pressure support to an airway of a patient during a plurality of respiratory cycles, and automatically varying a pressure level of the positive pressure support during at least a portion of the inspiratory... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110240026 - Radial blower with shaped scroll profile: A powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) includes a radial blower. The radial blower includes at least an impeller and a scroll having an upper outer surface and a lower outer surface. In one embodiment, a cross section of an air passageway of the scroll includes sides corresponding to the upper... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110240027 - Shaped layered particle-containing nonwoven web: A filter element includes a porous non-woven web. The porous non-woven web includes a first layer with first thermoplastic elastomeric polymer fibers and first active particles disposed therein and a second layer including second thermoplastic elastomeric polymer fibers and second active particles disposed therein. The web possesses a three-dimensional deformation... Agent:

20110240028 - Vacuum demand valve: The present invention relates to a vacuum demand valve 50 for use on the exhalation side of a breathing apparatus 32 for controlling the flow of exhalation gases from a patient 34 to a vacuum line 36. The demand valve comprises: a housing 1, 14 having a housing inlet 2... Agent:

20110240029 - Filter element utilizing shaped particle-containing nonwoven web: A filter element utilizes a porous shape-retaining self-supporting non-woven web. The web includes thermoplastic elastomeric polymer fibers and active particles disposed in the fibers. The web also possesses a three-dimensional deformation.... Agent:

20110240030 - Exhaust vent configuration: A respiratory interface device including a fluid coupling device having a main body and an exhalation plate having a plurality of vent holes, the exhalation plate being separate from and coupled to the main body. The present invention further relates to a fluid coupling device including an exhaust portion having... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110240032 - Methods and devices for improving breathing in patients with pulmonary disease: Methods, apparatus, and kits for enhancing breathing in patients suffering from chronic pulmonary obstructive disease are described. The methods and apparatus rely on increasing flow resistance to expiration in a manner which mimics “pursed lip” breathing which has been found to benefit patients suffering from this disease. In a first... Agent:

20110240031 - Respiratory interface device including a mechanism for managing nose bridge pressure: A respiratory interface device includes a mask, a connector tubing component, a headgear and a tube management device coupled to the headgear. The connector tubing component has a main tubing portion and a swivel mechanism provided at an end thereof for coupling the connector tubing component to a gas supply... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110240033 - Tracheal tube with scaffolding-supported wall: Various embodiments of a medical device tube having scaffolding-supported inner and outer walls are provided. In particular, the medical device tube may include a plurality of struts extending from an inner wall to an outer wall of the medical device tube. In certain embodiments, each of the individual struts may... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110240034 - Securement system for an endoctracheal tube: A securement system secures an endotracheal tube or other medical article in position upon a patient and arrests movement of the endotracheal tube. The securement system includes a support member and a retainer. The retainer defines a channel configured to receive the endotracheal tube. A head securement member attaches the... Agent: Venetec International ,inc.

20110240035 - Respiratory assistance device and system and method: A pressurized air delivery device, system and method provide respiratory assistance to individuals, particularly infant humans. The device having nasal conduits or prongs which are in fluid communication with respective supply conduits separately supply each nasal conduit with a breathable gas such as air or oxygen. The size of the... Agent: Bidibots Pty Ltd

20110240036 - Oral device for radiotherapy: An oral device for use in radiotherapy of the head and neck includes a base member and a bite member or “mouthpiece,” which is selectively positionable relative to the base member. The device provides immobilization of the tongue for accurate reproducible administration of radiation therapy. The device fits within the... Agent: Oncologics, Inc.

20110240037 - Delivery tools for sleep disorders treatment implant and methods of implantation: Methods and tools are disclosed for inserting an implant device that treats snoring and apnea of a patient by altering the position of a soft palate. Methods and tools can make an incision in patient's soft and hard palate to create a cavity that can house the implant. The tools... Agent:

20110240038 - Nasal devices: Described herein are adhesive nasal devices. In particular, the adhesive nasal respiratory devices described herein are configured to be worn in communication with a subject's nasal cavity and may include a rim body having a passageway therethrough, an airflow resistor in communication with the passageway of the rim body, and... Agent:

20110240039 - Surgical drape having tearable sheet: A surgical drape having a tearable first sheet, the first sheet including at least one notch disposed at a periphery of the first sheet and an imperforate portion extending from the at least one notch to at least one fenestration, wherein tearing the first sheet via the at least one... Agent:

20110240040 - Oral device for radiotherapy: A oral device for use in radiotherapy is disclosed. The device is a two piece adjustable mouthpiece for use during radiotherapy of the head and neck. The device provides immobilization of the tongue for accurate reproducible administration of radiation therapy. The device fits within the oral cavity of a patient... Agent: Oncologics, Inc.

20110240041 - Non-adhesive antinoise earplug and fabrication method thereof: A method of fabricating an anti-noise earplug having an inner tip serving as a core and an outer tip coupled to the inner tip to surround the inner tip and inserted into an ear includes the steps of: (a) shaping the inner tip; (b) fixing the inner tip to an... Agent:

20110240042 - Spinal immobilization: A spinal immobilisation apparatus has a harness for immovably securing to the torso of a person and a separate head support of collarless construction for mounting about the head of a person. Releasable connection allows the head support to be adjustably secured on the harness in relation to the shoulders... Agent: The University Of Warwick

20110240043 - Use of remote ischemic conditioning to improve outcome after myocardial infarction: The invention provides methods for reducing the incidence and/or severity and/or delaying the onset of heart dysfunction/failure and improving overall survival through the use of remote ischemic per-conditioning and post-conditioning.... Agent: The Hospital For Sick Children

20110240044 - System and method for determining the position of a remote object: The invention provides methods and systems for determining the position of a remote object such as an in vivo medical device such as capsule or probe within a medical patient. The systems and methods of the invention may also be used in other enclosed environments such as fluid handling or... Agent: Ankon International Inc.

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