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Surgery September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 47 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20110237996 - Methods of regional citrate anticoagulation dialysis: A method of performing regional citrate anticoagulant dialysis of a patient's blood includes flowing blood from and back to the patient through an extracorporeal circuit including a dialyzer having semi-permeable dialysis membranes and a dialysate chamber surrounding the membranes. The method further includes flowing a dialysate containing calcium and citrate... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20110237997 - Method and device for monitoring the introduction of substitution fluids upstream of downstream of a dialyzer of filter: A method is provided for monitoring the introduction of substitution fluids for an extra-corporeal blood processing device with an extra-corporeal blood circuit, comprising an arterial blood line, running from an arterial patient connection to a first chamber of a dialyzer or filter divided into said first chamber and a second... Agent:

20110237998 - Systems and methods for dialysis access disconnection: An access disconnection method for a machine employing a blood circuit, the blood circuit having a machine segment and a patient access segment, the method comprising: injecting an electrical signal into the blood circuit between the machine segment and the patient access segment; attempting to cause the electrical signal to... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110238001 - Nanoparticle based photodynamic therapy and methods of making and using same: A novel method for cancer treatment that combines radiotherapy and photodynamic therapy (PDT). More particularly, luminescent nanoparticles with attached photosensitizers, such as porphyrins, are used as a new type of agent for photodynamic therapy. Upon exposure to ionizing radiation, light will emit from the nanoparticles to activate the photosensitizers; as... Agent:

20110238000 - Polymer-conjugated albumin hydrogels for controlled release of therapeutic agents: A hydrogel system comprising polymer-conjugated albumin molecules is provided for controlled release delivery of therapeutic agents. The polymer is a functionalized synthetic polymer, preferably PEG-diacrylate. The polymer-conjugated albumin is preferably mono-PEGylated albumin. The hydrogel system may comprise a matrix to which the polymer-conjugated albumin molecules are linked via a functional... Agent: Technion Research And Development Foundation Ltd.

20110237999 - Systems and methods for applying and monitoring eye therapy: Devices and approaches for activating cross-linking within corneal tissue to stabilize and strengthen the corneal tissue following an eye therapy treatment. A feedback system is provided to acquire measurements and pass feedback information to a controller. The feedback system may include an interferometer system, a corneal polarimetry system, or other... Agent: Avedro Inc.

20110238002 - Device for photo-dynamic therapy of a living organism's tissues: Devices for photo-dynamic therapy of a living organism's tissues comprising an optical light exposure system (I) containing at least one source of light (2) selected from a group including light sources of high power and a large range of wavelength, single LEDs, LEDs in a matrix-arrangement, halogen light sources, laser... Agent:

20110238003 - Method for systemic drug delivery through the nail: A method for systemically delivering a pharmaceutical composition to a human or animal, said method comprising forming an orifice in a nail of a human or animal by means of a laser-based device and applying a pharmaceutical composition in the orifice, wherein said method provides a controlled release of the... Agent:

20110238004 - Improvements in or relating to wound treatment apparatus: A wound treatment apparatus includes a tray (10) having a region adapted to receive a patient's body part (e.g. a leg) for treatment, a spray head (22, 23) for applying a spray of a gas containing liquid onto the body part and a covered well (13) in the tray having... Agent: Bioquell Uk Limited

20110238005 - Fluid injection system: A fluid injection system includes: a first apparatus which is attached to a human body and injects a fluid into the human body; and a second apparatus which is attached to a wrist of the human body and remotely controls the first apparatus, wherein the second apparatus includes an entry... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110238006 - Needleless injection device components, systems, and methods: Described are needleless injection systems (100) and methods that involve features including one or more of a tissue tensioner (114) and a fitting (111) for attaching to a distal end of a shaft, exemplary embodiments including: an elastic sleeve (10) sized to fit under tension about the distal end of... Agent:

20110238007 - Motorized head for a breast pump: A motorised head (3) for a breast pump comprising a motor unit (35) including a motor and a drive mechanism (22) for driving a pump, a body mounting portion which is fixedly mountable to a body of a breast pump, a motor mounting portion (39) on which the motor and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110238008 - Device for packaging and delivering active principles in a hydroalcoholic solution: The invention provides a packaging and administering device for administering a hydro-alcoholic solution by passing through a mucous membrane, the device comprising a deformable container for receiving at least one first fraction of the solution, a base that is secured to the container, and an administering tube that is secured... Agent:

20110238009 - Devices for injecting a substance and methods therefor: A device for administering injections includes a housing having an upper end, a lower end including a bottom surface with an injection needle opening, and an axis extending between the upper and lower ends. The device includes an injection needle disposed within the housing for moving between a retracted position... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20110238010 - Robotic catheter system input device: An input device (101) for a robotic medical system (10) includes a handle (102) configured to be rotatable about a center axis, and to be longitudinally displaceable along the center axis. The input device (101) also includes a deflection control element disposed on the handle (102), and configured to selectively... Agent:

20110238011 - pharmaceutical-coated medical products, the production thereof and the use thereof: This present invention concerns a new combination of balloon catheters and formulations containing active substances that adhere to the surface of the balloon membrane. Furthermore the present invention concerns coating processes for the manufacture of these balloon catheters as well as their use in the treatment and prophylaxis of vascular... Agent:

20110238012 - Lithium polymer battery powered intravenous fluid warmer: A lithium polymer (LiPo) battery pack having LiPo battery cells is provided which includes battery protection circuitry, charging circuitry, cell balancing circuitry, and control and communication circuitry. The batteries can be charged while in use by an internal charger. Battery charging and discharging are accomplished in a controlled and protected... Agent:

20110238013 - System and method for reducing air bubbles in a fluid delivery line: A method and pump that accurately senses air in a fluid delivery line pulses or activates and deactivates the air sensor(s) multiple times during the pumping phase of the fluid delivery cycle and can generate alarms based upon a single indication or a cumulative indication of air in the line.... Agent: Hospira, Inc.

20110238014 - Autoinjector with audible indication of completed delivery: m

20110238015 - Injector having a cylinder-piston unit and permanently sterile active piston skirt: A unidirectional injector having at least one cylinder-piston unit, the piston thereof being displaceable between two stroke end positions relative to the cylinder, wherein the cylinder-piston unit comprises at least one sealing system sealing a compensating space from the surroundings. To this end the piston is provided at its front... Agent:

20110238016 - Drug delivery to a joint: A drug delivery device may include a base to be percutaneously affixable in an attachment zone of a synovial joint and a sustained-release drug carrier coupled to the base. The drug delivery device may also include an access device to provide access to the attachment zone. The attachment zone may... Agent: Hospital For Special Surgery

20110238017 - Medication adminstering device: A medication administering device for automatically identifying a medication syringe and administering a correct medication. A microprocessor (20) of the medication administering device (1) identifies the color of a medication or a medication syringe on the basis of a reference value, determines the adequateness of the medication, and indicates the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110238018 - Intravenous line preparation device: The present apparatus is an IV line preparation device including a cap and a chamber cartridge for collecting fluid that needs to be expelled from an IV line before it is inserted into a patient.... Agent:

20110238019 - Resorbable intra-urethral prosthesis: The device made in a resorbable material intended to be placed in urethra for Treatment of stricture has the shape of a tube (1), the wall of which has offices (2).... Agent: Bioring Sa

20110238020 - Optical measurement catheter for thermodilution measurement and pulse contour analysis: The invention relates to a catheter device with an integrated fiber optic, in particular for use in thermodilution measurement and pulse contour analysis. The device comprises an arterial catheter (2) with a suitable intravascular part and a suitable extravascular part and an optical sensor unit for combined pressure and temperature... Agent: Pulsion Medical Systems Ag

20110238021 - Transdermal delivery device and method: A transdermal delivery device is provided for delivering at least one active therapeutic compound to rapidly induce a therapeutic effect, the device comprising: a pad for receiving a depot of the at least one therapeutic compound, the pad having a portion of material of high compression resistance; and the device... Agent:

20110238022 - Corporeal drainage system: A system and method for collecting fluid from a patient is disclosed. The system includes two plates separated by restoring force providing members and straps allowing the system to be placed in expanded and compressed modes. The system is a single use system that prevents the re-use of the system... Agent:

20110238023 - Female external catheter: A female external catheter device includes a brief having a pair of leg openings that may be opened and closed with lateral straps. A pad assembly is removably connected to the brief. The pad assembly has a funneled portion that is adapted to direct urine away from the vagina. The... Agent:

20110238024 - Ostomy bag: The invention provides a drainage bag assembly for receiving bodily waste; the drainage bag assembly comprising outer (6) and inner (12) bags secured to one side of a flange (2), the flange (2) being provided with means defining an orifice to enable bodily waste to be received by the inner... Agent: Welland Medical Limited

20110238025 - Cellulose ethylsulfonate-based absorbent material: This invention relates to absorbent materials useful in the manufacture of absorbent articles, in particular dressings for the advanced wound care market. The absorbent materials of the present invention are sulfonated polysaccharides, particularly water-insoluble cellulose alkyl sulfonates in which the cellulose is substituted by one type of alkyl sulfonate group.... Agent:

20110238027 - Polyolefin fibres: i

20110238026 - Ultrathin fluid-absorbent cores: The present invention relates to ultrathin fluid-absorbent cores comprising a substrate layer, water-absorbent polymer particles and an adhesive, wherein the wet SAP shake out of water-absorbent polymer particles out of the fluid-absorbent core is less than 10% by weight.... Agent:

20110238028 - Tampon with modified constricted withdrawal end: A tampon is described which includes a generally elongated body. The elongated body includes an insertion end, a withdrawal end and a central portion extending therebetween. The withdrawal end is constricted. The constricted withdrawal end includes one or more radially pressed grooves.... Agent: Ontex Hygieneartikel Deutschland Gmbh

20110238030 - Blood bag system and blood treating method: The blood bag system includes: a blood treating filter for treating a blood; a first bag for containing therein a blood to be supplied to the blood treating filter; a second bag for containing therein the blood treated by the blood treating filter; storage solution supply means for supplying a... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110238029 - Blood bag system and cassette: A blood bag system includes a BC pooling bag for centrifugation of a buffy coat, a filter for removing white blood cells from a supernatant liquid transferred from the BC pooling bag, a platelet preserving bag for reserving the supernatant liquid that has passed through the filter, a first tube... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110238031 - Medication reservoir: A method and apparatus for a connection interface between a reservoir or syringe, infusion set tubing, and an infusion pump is provided. A base is provided which is adapted to receive a reservoir. The base has a base engagement member, such as a detent, projecting therefrom. A cap is provided... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110238033 - Diabetes therapy device enabling shifting of parameter profiles: A diabetes therapy device is disclosed herein, which includes a profile memory storing a parameter profile and a dedicated reference time mark. The parameter profile defines at least one parameter that is associated with insulin administration as a function of time for a generally circadian chronobiological cycle. The reference time... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110238034 - Method and apparatus for guiding an external needle to an implantable device: A support tool for a supply assembly delivers a functional fluid to an implantable medical device. The supply assembly defines a supply axis. The support tool includes a support member defining an opening. The opening has a support axis, and the opening is configured to receive the supply assembly. The... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110238032 - Multiple drug infusion system and method: A drug infusion system includes an infusion pump; an input device; and a processor, the input device and processor configured to allow an operator to make a selection that specifies a combination of a plurality of drugs to be delivered to a patient, the input device and processor further configured... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110238035 - Treatment of obesity and/or type ii diabetes by stimulation of the pituitary gland: Methods of treating obesity and/or type II diabetes include applying at least one stimulus to the pituitary gland of a patient with an implanted stimulator in accordance with one or more stimulation parameters. The at least one stimulus is configured to treat obesity and/or type II diabetes. Systems for treating... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20110238037 - Gas-pressured medication delivery device: The present invention relates to medical devices and particularly to a medication delivery device for self-injection of a medication, or for healthcare professionals to administer a medication. In one embodiment, a medication delivery device utilizes a source of gas pressure to deploy a needle, deliver a desired amount of medication... Agent:

20110238038 - Intradermal mini - needle interface and associated devices and methods: An intradermal mini-needle interface has a penetration limiter providing a skin contact edge and a hollow hypodermic needle having a beveled penetrating portion protruding forward beyond the skin contact edge by no more than 3 mm. At least one skin contact surface defines a skin contact plane parallel to, or... Agent: Nanopass Technologies Ltd.

20110238036 - Sustained release delivery devices: An injectable drug delivery device includes a core containing one or more drugs and one or more polymers. The core may be surrounded by one or more polymer outer layers (referred to herein as “coatings,” “skins,” or “outer layers”). In certain embodiments, the device is formed by extruding or otherwise... Agent: Psivida Us, Inc.

20110238039 - Method and apparatus for improving delivery of an agent to a kidney: Methods for more uniformly delivering drugs or other treatment agents locally to the vasculature of a mammal are disclosed. These methods use one or more strategies to facilitate rapid mixing with the blood flowing past a device or otherwise improve the uniformity of drug delivery. Some of these strategies employ... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20110238040 - Infusion catheter with composite tip: A catheter for use with a medical infusion or other fluid system. The catheter may include a flexible elongate tubular core that is resistant to radial collapse, and a separate tubular tip member forming the catheter distal tip. The catheter may further include a flexible, e.g., elastomeric, jacket that surrounds... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110238041 - Variable flexibility catheter: A multi-layered catheter is provided, having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen extending therethrough. The catheter can have various sections of different flexibility extending distally along the length of the catheter. The catheter can have four layers along a proximal portion, and three layers along a distal... Agent: Chestnut Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110238042 - Drainage catheter with one-way valve: Systems and methods that serve to drain a bodily fluid are provided The medical device includes a lumen connecting between the proximal end and the distal end The lumen is preferably adapted to drain fluid from the distal end to the proximal end The device may also include a pressure... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

09/22/2011 > 54 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20110230812 - Method and device for recognition of paravasal bleeding: A method and a device for recognition of paravasal bleeding upon a supplying of blood to a vascular access via a line and/or upon the removal of blood from a vascular access via a line, particularly paravasal bleeding during extra-corporeal blood treatment, such as for hemodialysis, hemofiltration or hemodiafiltration is... Agent:

20110230813 - Process for metabolic control and high solute clearance and solutions for use therein: The present disclosure describes novel standardized citrate replacement fluid solutions and a standardized dialysate solution for use with CRRT methods. The standardized citrate replacement fluid solutions and standardized dialysate solutions do not require modification based on the clinical status of the individual patients. The use of the standardized solutions described... Agent: The Uab Research Foundation

20110230814 - Method and apparatus for monitoring a peristaltic hose pump for conducting a fluid in a tubing: The invention further relates to an apparatus and method for monitoring a peristaltic hose pump, in particular a peristaltic hose pump of an extracorporeal blood treatment device. The power consumed by the pump and/or the pressure in the tubing segment upstream or downstream of the pump is/are measured during operation... Agent:

20110230815 - Syrinx cavity shunt device and method: A shunt is provided having a first catheter end with one or more apertures that provide access to an interior of the shunt. At least a portion of the first catheter end has a substantially helical shape and the one or more apertures are disposed on an interior surface of... Agent:

20110230817 - Devices for light treatment of wounds to reduce scar formation: An electromagnetic energy system configured to reduce scar formation associated with a skin wound includes: an electromagnetic energy source configured to generate an electromagnetic energy beam having a plurality of beam parameters; an optical energy conduit having a proximal and a distal end, said optical energy conduit coupled to said... Agent:

20110230816 - Gels for transdermal delivery: The present disclosure provides hydrogels that are suitable for drug delivery. In embodiments, hydrogels of the present disclosure may be used for transdermal delivery of bioactive agents, including drugs. The hydrogels of the present disclosure may also be useful as conductive compositions for use with electrodes.... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110230818 - Cutting balloon and process: A method of preparing a cutting balloon comprises the steps of providing a balloon body having an exterior surface, an unexpanded state and an expanded state; and engaging at least one blade to the exterior surface when the balloon body is in the unexpanded state.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110230819 - Harmonic cold plasma device and associated methods: A method for generating atmospheric pressure cold plasma inside a hand-held unit discharges cold plasma with simultaneously different rf wavelengths and their harmonics. The unit includes an rf tuning network that is powered by a low-voltage power supply connected to a series of high-voltage coils and capacitors. The rf energy... Agent: Cold Plasma Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110230820 - Insufflation of body cavities: An apparatus for use in insufflation of a body cavity 5, such as through a trocar 6 is described. One such application is laparoscopic surgery. The device is also suitable for use in any situation involving insufflation of a body cavity such as in arthroscopies, pleural cavity insufflation (for example... Agent: Aerosurgical Limited

20110230821 - Manual assembly for cardio-circulatory resuscitation: In one embodiment a large volume syringe pump assembly with a mechanism for facilitated manual driving (100) is connected to a large bore access cannula (200) which is placed percutaneously into the arrested left ventricular cavity of a victim. The cannula is equipped with balloons for sealing (212) and for... Agent:

20110230822 - Medical fluid machine with supply autoconnection: A medical fluid machine with supply autoconnection, the machine comprising: a cassette-receiving wall; a disposable cassette held firmly by the wall, the disposable cassette including a port spike, the port spike fitted with a spike cap; a translating shuttle including a channel sized to hold a portion of a supply... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110230823 - Valve mechanism for a suction and irrigation instrument: A valve mechanism for a suction or irrigation instrument, that includes a first tubular housing provided with at least one first distal conduit assembly for coupling to the instrument, and a conduit for communicating with a suction or irrigation source. The conduit assembly includes at least first and second proximal... Agent: Lina Medical Aps

20110230824 - Burn patient resuscitation system: A method and system for operating a semi-closed loop and/or a closed loop resuscitation of a burn patient in view of patient information and other physiological data gathered as part of the method and/or by the system. The method in at least one embodiment includes receiving patient information, calculating an... Agent: United States Govemment As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20110230825 - System and method for drug preparation and delivery: A disposable cassette for mixing a drug in a vial includes a liquid inlet for connection to a liquid supply, a first vial spike, a second vial spike, a chamber and a valve mechanism. The chamber, the first and second vial spikes, and the liquid inlet are in fluid communication... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20110230826 - Microjet drug delivery system: The present invention relates to a novel type of a needle-free drug delivery system in which strong energy such as a laser beam is focused inside liquid contained in a sealed pressure chamber to cause bubble growth and the volume expansion in the sealed pressure chamber due to the bubble... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20110230827 - Mixing device for a two-chamber ampoule: A device for administering a product (e.g. a medicinal or therapeutic substance), the device including a receptacle for the product or constituents of the product and a casing, wherein the receptacle and casing are engaged, and an outer sleeve, wherein the casing can be moved relative to the receptacle into... Agent:

20110230828 - Tubing assembly and signal generator placement control device and method for use with catheter guidance systems: A tubing assembly having a signal generator placement control device for use in conjunction with electronic catheter guidance systems. The control device facilitates control of the position the guidance systems' signal generator relative to the end of the tubing assembly. The tubing assembly includes a tubular insulator coupled to one... Agent: Corpak Medsystems, Inc.

20110230829 - Arterial tamponade device and method: An arterial tamponade device is expandable between a collapsed condition and a fully expanded position and has opposite ends which are spaced farther apart in the expanded position. A foot or pressure pad is associated with at least one end of the device. The device is inserted into a body... Agent:

20110230830 - Methods and devices for protecting a passageway in a body when advancing devices through the passageway: A liner is advanced through a narrowed region in a vessel such as the internal carotid artery. The liner is advanced through the narrowed region in a collapsed position. A stent is then advanced through the liner and expanded to open the narrowed region. The liner may also have an... Agent:

20110230831 - Balloon catheter having coating: An embodiment of the present invention relates to a balloon catheter, which has a drug-releasing coating and/or cavity filling on at least parts of the outwardly facing surface of the dilatable balloon, characterized in that the coating comprises a drug and a gelatin mixture, the gelatin components of the gelatin... Agent:

20110230832 - Injection device preventing the return of the piston when the safety system is deployed: The present invention relates to an injection device (1) comprising:—a body (3) designed to receive a product to be injected, furnished at its distal end with an injection needle (7) and receiving a piston (5) capable of being moved between a storage position and an end-of-injection position under the effect... Agent: Becton Dickinson France S.a.s.

20110230833 - Device and method for injecting fluids or gels: A device for successively injecting material at predetermined distances between successive injections to body tissue along a desired path of skin surface includes an injector sub-assembly having a needle configured for injecting the material into body tissue, and a displacement sub-assembly configured to facilitate precise displacement of the needle or... Agent:

20110230834 - Systems and methods allowing for reservoir air bubble management: Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to limiting a presence of air bubbles in fluidic media in a reservoir. Air passages may allow air to escape from fluidic media in a reservoir. Membranes may allow for trapping air bubbles in fluidic media before fluidic media enters a reservoir.... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110230835 - Implantation device for metabolite sensors: The invention relates to an implantation device for implanting a sensor element for detecting at least one analyte in a bodily fluid or body tissue. The implantation device comprises at least one cannula for piercing a skin surface of a patient. The cannula has at least one holding area for... Agent: Eyesense Ag

20110230836 - Infusion of drugs: A penis erection stimulation system comprises one or more infusion needles, the tip ends of which are disposed within and implanted along with at least one first housing adjacent the patient's left and right corpora cavernosa. The respective other end or ends of the infusion needles are disposed and implanted... Agent: Milux Holdings S.a.

20110230838 - Disposable infusion device with redundant valved safety: A wearable infusion device comprises a reservoir that holds a liquid medicament, an outlet port that delivers the liquid medicament to a patient, a pump that holds a volume of the liquid medicament received from the reservoir and displaces substantially all of the volume of the liquid medicament when actuated,... Agent: Calibra Medical, Inc.

20110230837 - Infusion pump methods, systems and apparatus: A system for priming an infusion pump is disclosed. The system includes a priming cap including a septum and configured to matably connect with a male part comprising a needle and attached to a length of tubing for fluid, wherein when matably connected with the male part, the priming cap... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20110230839 - Needle array assembly and method for delivering therapeutic agents: A fluid delivery device includes an array of needles, each in fluid communication with a respective reservoir. Respective actuators are coupled so as to be operable to drive fluid from the reservoirs via needle ports. Each needle can have a plurality of ports, and the ports can be arranged to... Agent: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

20110230840 - Guidewire having linear change in stiffness: The invention is directed to a guidewire having a distal section with multiple distally tapered core segments with at least two contiguous distally tapering core segments in which the most distal tapered core segment preferably has a greater degree of taper than the proximally contiguous tapered core segment. The invention... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110230841 - User wearable device for carrying peritoneal dialysis catheter: My invention discloses an easily wearable catheter. A housing secures the components of the catheter, i.e. the valve, the removable cap, the twist valve, and the hose, to the user by means of an attachment. The present invention relates generally to continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis methods and systems and, more... Agent:

20110230842 - Vascular access port with integral attachment mechanism: An implantable port with an integral attachment mechanism. The implantable port includes one or more suture needles enclosed within a port body, the suture needle(s) coupled to a movable member such that movement of the movable member results in movement of the suture needle(s) out of the port body and... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110230843 - Universal catheter anchoring system: A method of securing a medical article to the body of a patient is disclosed in which an anchoring device comprising an anchor and a retainer is used. The retainer is attached to an upper surface of the anchor and comprises a base, a cover and a post. The base... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20110230844 - Glass syringe with retractable needle: A syringe, particularly preferred for use as a prefilled syringe, that has a retractable needle and is characterized by a liquid containment chamber of variable volume, the liquid containment chamber being further defined by surfaces made of glass or an elastomeric material, and not of plastic, and the syringe having... Agent:

20110230845 - Needleless access port valves: Needleless access port valves are generally discussed herein with particular discussions extended to needleless access port valves having a pliant valve piston and/or plug that exudes silicone oil when stressed or squeezed while providing antimicrobial agents within and on the surface of the piston and/or plug. The pliant valve piston... Agent: B. Braun Medical Inc.

20110230846 - Rail-guided epidural-spinal needle: A rail-guided epidural-spinal needle, which includes an epidural needle including a base and a needle shaft connected to the base, the needle shaft having a groove that is formed on an outer surface of the needle shaft and extends along an axis of the needle shaft, the base having an... Agent:

20110230847 - Apparatus for sanitizing beneath a worn medical cast: An apparatus for sanitizing the skin area beneath a worn medical cast includes a thin elongate and flexible member made from a highly pliable material, the member including a distal end having at least one cleaning pad secured thereon. The thin elongate member is sized to be fitted between the... Agent:

20110230848 - Epithelialization methods, dressings, and systems: Methods, dressings, and systems for promoting epithelialization of a wound or other tissue are presented. The methods, dressings, and systems help form simulated rete pegs. In one instance, an epithelialization dressing is disclosed that may include a dressing body having a plurality of projections. A plurality of apertures is formed... Agent:

20110230849 - Delivery-and-fluid-storage bridges for use with reduced-pressure systems: Systems, methods, and apparatuses are presented that facilitate the provision of reduced pressure to a tissue site by using a delivery-and-fluid-storage bridge, which separates liquids and gases and provides a flow path for reduced pressure. In one instance, a delivery-and-fluid-storage bridge includes a delivery manifold for delivering reduced pressure to... Agent:

20110230850 - body waste collecting device comprising a layered adhesive construction with a film layer: A body waste collecting device comprising a collecting pouch and an adhesive wafer for attachment to the body, said adhesive wafer comprising a backing layer, at least one intermediate layer of adhesive, a skin facing layer of adhesive and a film layer, said intermediate layer of adhesive and said skin... Agent:

20110230851 - Male external incontinence device: A male external incontinence device includes a first seal formed of adhesive leaves carried by a housing and a second seal attached to the housing to be at a fixed position relative to the first seal and having a length to extend around the first seal after the leaves are... Agent:

20110230852 - Array of disposable absorbent articles having a sequence of graphics corresponding to a wearer's stages of development: An array of disposable absorbent articles comprising a sequence of graphic designs corresponding to a wearer's stage of development. For a disposable diaper, the array of disposable absorbent article graphic designs may comprise a first absorbent article graphic design for newborns and infants, a second absorbent article graphic design for... Agent:

20110230853 - Fluid absorbent surgical device for trocars: A surgical instrument that absorbs fluid material on surfaces of a trocar is provided. The surgical instrument comprises a handle having at least two ends and an absorbent area at a first end of the handle. The absorbent area comprises a plurality of absorbent discs and a plurality of spacers.... Agent:

20110230854 - Tampon with a perforated outer cover: A tampon is described which includes an elongated absorbent core and an outer cover. The tampon can include an elongated absorbent core, an upper insertion end, a lower withdrawal end, and an outer cover. The outer cover has a multiplicity of perforations. The degree of perforation in an upper cylindrical... Agent: Ontex Hygieneartikel Deutschland Gmbh

20110230855 - Blood bag system and cassette: In a blood bag system mounted in a centrifugation and separation apparatus, a filter is settable in different appropriate orientations at storage time and usage time, and first and second tubes and a filter are arranged respectively in appropriate orientations during use. The blood bag system includes a BC pooling... Agent:

20110230856 - Fluid management devices and methods: A fluid management system for transferring fluid, the system including a connector component comprising a first end and an opposite second end, a first syringe with a distal end that is removably attachable to the first end of the connector component, and a second syringe with a distal end that... Agent:

20110230857 - Electronic delivery systems and methods with feedback: In accordance with some embodiments of the present invention, delivery systems and methods for delivering a substance in a medium is provided. The delivery system may include a delivery component, an electronic controller, one or more sensors, and a feedback mechanism. The delivery component has at least one reservoir that... Agent:

20110230858 - Methods and devices for providing oxygenated blood distal to an obstruction: The catheter is positioned within an obstruction so that the distal end is positioned distal to the obstruction and proximal openings are positioned proximal to the obstruction. Blood enters the proximal openings and passes through the lumen to the distal end to perfuse blood distal to the obstruction.... Agent:

20110230859 - Aspiration catheters for thrombus removal: Systems for less invasive medical procedures comprise a filter device mounted on an integrated guiding structure and an aspiration catheter. These components can be used together or separately, and the system can be used with other medical devices that are designed for less invasive procedures, such as procedures in a... Agent: Lumen Biomedical, Inc.

20110230860 - Selective surface modification of catheter tubing: A catheter shaft and methods for making and using the same. The catheter shaft may include a core portion, a cap portion, and one or more lumens. The cap portion may be disposed on or over a section of the core portion and define a region with a different exterior... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110230861 - Rapid exchange catheters and embolic protection devices: A catheter comprising a housing portion defining an interior cavity and the housing portion comprising a housing member having an interior space dimensioned for housing an indwelling medical device. The elongated member comprises a lumen extending at least from an exit port to a distal port, the housing member is... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110230862 - Guide wire with stranded tip: A guide wire comprising an elongate, flexible core having a proximal region, a proximal end, a distal region, and a distal end; and a plurality of wire strands wrapped helically parallel to one another and disposed on at least a portion of the distal region of the core.... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110230863 - Post-surgical drain facilitating belt and method of use: A garment and a belt for securing and storing bodily fluid drainage reservoirs and other fluid reservoirs are provided, and a method of use thereof. The belt has at least one small aperture for receiving drainage tubing and at least one pocket cloth partly fixed to the belt and partly... Agent:

20110230864 - Catheter reservoir seals: Devices, systems, and methods are disclosed which relate to a catheter cap which seals a reservoir of a catheter introducer. The catheter cap secures over an introducer tip to prevent airflow into the introducer tip. The catheter cap utilizes an elongated stem to block a distal opening of the reservoir... Agent: Adapta Medical, Inc.

20110230865 - Sustained delivery of an active agent using an implantable system: The invention is directed to a device for delivering an active agent formulation for a predetermined administration period. An impermeable reservoir is divided into a water-swellable agent chamber and an active agent formulation chamber. Fluid from the environment is imbibed through a semipermeable plug into the water-swellable agent chamber and... Agent: Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

09/15/2011 > 59 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20110224597 - Implant for inserting into the schlemm's canal of an eye: An implant for inserting into an exposed Schlemm's canal is proposed. The implant insertable into the lumen of Schlemm's canal includes an elongated tube which includes an axially extending continuous connecting part having several openings or recesses distanced from each other by web shaped ring members and connecting to the... Agent: Grieshabar Ophthalmic Resarch Foundation C/o Pricewaterhouse Coopers Ag Neumarket 4/kornhausst

20110224595 - System for regulating intracranial pressure: The present invention relates to a method and system to regulate pressure in an object, and is especially suitable for regulating intracranial pressure in people suffering from hydrocephalus. The system includes the measurement of physical parameters other than the pressure to be regulated, especially the present position of the object,... Agent: Neckarate Gmbh & Co. Kg.

20110224596 - Tissue penetrating catheters having integral imaging transducers and their methods of use: A catheter device that is useable to penetrate from a blood vessel in which the catheter device is positioned to a target location comprises a flexible catheter advanceable into the first blood vessel, a tissue penetrator lumen adapted to receive an operative tissue penetrator which is usable to penetrate from... Agent: Medtronic Vascular,inc.

20110224599 - Combination of an oxidant and a photoactivator for the healing of wounds: There is provided wound healing composition which comprises at least one oxidant, at least one photoactivator capable of actuating the oxidant and at least one healing factor chosen from hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and allantoin in association with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. In addition, a method of topically treating wounds using... Agent:

20110224598 - Radiant near infrared light emitting diode exposure as skin preparation: A method for treating inflammatory acne on the skin of a patient, the method comprising irradiating the skin of the patient with radiant infrared light emitting diode (LED) light, subsequently applying ALA onto the skin of the patient and irradiating the ALA treated skin with visible LED light.... Agent:

20110224600 - Irrigation and suction system, in particular for laparoscopic surgery: The present invention concerns an irrigation and suction system, in particular for laparoscopic surgery, comprising an active control apparatus (100), provided with a reusable motor (101′) capable to be attached to and to operate a disposable pump (102), and a disposable handpiece (104) provided with two valves (1603, 1604) capable... Agent:

20110224601 - Infusion set of self-occlusion mechanism: A device, system and method for occluding fluid flow through an infusion set detached from a patient's body. The device includes a means for detecting loss of contact to a patient's body and activating an occlusion mechanism accordingly.... Agent: Medx-set Ltd.

20110224602 - Cardiac related neural activity: The present invention relates to a medical device for analyzing cardiac related input signals. The device is capable of receiving an ECG-signal and a nerve activity signal, such as vagus nerve signal in order to detect a cardiac related neural activity, such as epilepsy. The device is programmed for detecting... Agent:

20110224603 - Device and method for determining at least one flow parameter: A device for detecting at least one flow parameter includes a fluidic series connection of a first flow restriction, a first measurement area, a second flow restriction, and a second measurement area. A first sensor is provided for detecting a quantitative first measure of a pressure existing in the first... Agent:

20110224604 - Apparatus to assist with pill ingestion: An apparatus for connection to a bottle to assist with pill ingestion includes a generally cylindrical hollow base portion manufactured from a first predetermined material and having a first predetermined size for insertion into a mouth of such bottle. A mechanism is disposed at a predetermined location on such base... Agent:

20110224605 - Robotic devices with agent delivery components and related methods: Various robotic devices and related medical procedures are disclosed herein. Each of the various robotic devices have an agent delivery component. The devices include mobile robotic devices and fixed base robotic devices as disclosed herein. The agent delivery component can have at least one agent reservoir and a discharge component... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska (unemed)

20110224607 - Catheter assembly: A catheter assembly comprises a first catheter including a wall with an inner surface at least partially defining a lumen. A second catheter is connected to the wall of the first catheter and is disposed outward of the inner surface of the wall. The second catheter is at least partially... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20110224606 - Method and apparatus for remote ischemic conditioning during revascularization: Remote ischemic conditioning is applied during a revascularization procedure to prevent and/or reduce myocardial injury associated with myocardial infarction (MI) and the revascularization procedure such as percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA). A percutaneous transluminal vascular intervention (PTVI) device used for the revascularization procedure, such as an introducer sheath or a... Agent:

20110224608 - Compound for local deletion of tumors: A compound for injecting locally into an intratumoral space of a body made of a mixture of a biocompatible wax, admixed with biocompatible oil. The compound is liquid at a temperature above body temperature but compatible with the life of healthy cells. It exhibits an increasing viscosity with decreasing temperature... Agent:

20110224609 - Alignment of a needle in an intradermal injection device: An adapter device (100, 200) for use in combination with a syringe (20) to form an assembly (10) for delivering an intradermal injection. The adapter device comprises a body (110, 210) which is connectable to the syringe. A second primary skin contacting surface (232) is positioned at a distal end... Agent: Program For Appropriate Technology In Health

20110224610 - Medical device including an air evacuation system: Medical device assemblies capable of aspirating liquid into a syringe barrel or other medical devices while evacuating any air from the syringe are described. An exemplary medical device includes a syringe barrel, plunger rod and stopper assembly having an air permeable and liquid impermeable porous portion and structure for forming... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110224611 - Medical device including an air evacuation system: Medical device assemblies capable of aspirating liquid into a syringe barrel or other medical devices while evacuating any air from the syringe are described. An exemplary medical device includes a syringe barrel, plunger rod and stopper assembly having an air permeable and liquid impermeable porous portion and structure for forming... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110224612 - Medical device including an air evacuation system: Medical device assemblies capable of aspirating liquid into a syringe barrel or other medical devices while evacuating any air from the syringe are described. An exemplary medical device includes a syringe barrel, plunger rod and stopper assembly having an air permeable and liquid impermeable porous portion and structure for forming... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110224613 - Hypodermic injection system: The invention relates to a hypodermic injection system having a direct-drive motor for moving a ram towards an injectate chamber for discharging injectate therein through a discharge orifice. The system can have an injection head attached to a housing having an injectate chamber for holding injectate to be injected, a... Agent:

20110224614 - Methods and apparatuses for detecting occlusions in an ambulatory infusion pump: An improved pump, reservoir and reservoir piston are provided for controlled delivery of fluids. A motor is operably coupled to a drive member, such as a drive screw, which is adapted to advance a plunger slide in response to operation of the motor. The plunger slide is removably coupled to... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110224615 - Fluid delivery device with autocalibration: A micro fluid delivery device is particularly useful in medical applications. The device may be worn or carried by the user and may deliver drugs or other medicaments to the user or patient. The device has a control system that accepts input from the user and controls all aspects of... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110224616 - Autoinjector system: An autoinjector system for injecting a fluid medicament into a patient includes a re-usable autoinjector, and a disposable cassette loaded with a hypodermic syringe pre-filled with a fluid medicament. The autoinjector includes a first motor for injecting a needle of the hypodermic syringe into the patient and a second motor... Agent: Avant Medical Corporation

20110224617 - Catheter device with hooding feature: An intravenous catheter device having features to aid a user in hooding the beveled portion of an introducer needle during the catheterization process. An intravenous catheter device is modified to include a biasing arm capable of advancing a portion of the catheter device to cause a beveled portion of an... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110224619 - Access needle well-suited for percutaneous implantation in a body lumen: An access needle well-suited for percutaneous implantation in a body lumen, such as the stomach or the jejunum. In one embodiment, the access needle comprises a cannula, a needle, a retractable stopper and a spreader. The cannula is a tubular member having a proximal end, a distal end, a lumen... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110224618 - Catheter retention assembly and method of use: A catheter retention assembly and method of use with a catheter. The assembly has a carrier system and a cuff positioning device with an in-growth cuff and a lumen having an inner wall adapted to be mounted on the outer surface of the catheter, and a carrier system with an... Agent:

20110224620 - Auto injector with a rotatable release shaft: A disposable auto injector (10) having a housing for accommodation of a syringe (18) with a needle movably positioned in the housing between a first position in which the needle is inside the housing and a second position in which the needle protrudes outside the housing, a driver (22) positioned... Agent: Bang & Olufsen Medicom A/s

20110224621 - Auto injector with changing anchor locations for a mechanical driver: The present invention relates to a disposable auto injector that can be safely operated for automatic injection of a dose of medication and having a housing for accommodation of a syringe with a needle, the syringe being movably positioned in the housing between a first position in which position the... Agent: Bang & Olufsen Medicom A/s

20110224622 - Medicament delivery device: The present invention relates to a device for delivering medicament, comprising a generally elongated tubular housing having opposite distal and proximal ends, said tubular housing comprising a distal housing part and a proximal housing part releasebly connected to each other by first engagement means; a container inside said proximal housing... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20110224623 - Epidural space locating device: An epidural space locating device is described, comprising a handle with a proximal end and a distal end; a hollow distal chamber attached to the handle distal end and being provided with a distal connector where a spinal needle is received to be introduced in the patient's body, such that... Agent:

20110224624 - Valve on a catheter-like or a charging valve-like medical installation: The invention relates to a valve, which is fixedly connected to a catheter-like or charging valve-like medical installation for supplying drugs to a patient through a blood vessel or for withdrawing a body fluid from a blood vessel, with a blocking device being provided on the valve, ensuring trouble-free retraction... Agent:

20110224625 - Device for intraluminal drug delivery: The present invention provides a method and device for irrigation and topical delivery of materials within body lumens accessible by natural orifices. The device includes a catheter body containing a delivery lumen for transporting material and is pre-shapeable at room temperature. A connector such as a luer lock connector is... Agent:

20110224627 - I.v. catheter assembly and needle safety device: An I.V. catheter assembly and needle safety device are disclosed which allow for the safe removal of a needle from a catheter assembly. The safety device includes a locking assembly which includes lock housing a rotatable locking member and a locking clip. The needle and the locking member are configured... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110224626 - Safety needle cap: A safety needle cap has a body and at least one holding segment. The body is tubular and has a closed end, an open end, a chamber and a bending segment. The chamber is defined in the body between the closed end and the open end to contain a needle.... Agent:

20110224628 - Filament-based catheter: A membrane-free perfusion catheter comprising an exchange surface having a filament structure, a delivery unit for delivery of perfusion fluid to a lumen of the filament structure in a manner to allow for an exchange of substances between a medium surrounding the lumen and the perfusion fluid via the filament... Agent:

20110224629 - Inner ear drug delivery device and method: A drug delivery device for the inner ear is described. A drug delivery member for the inner ear without any stimulation electrodes has an intra-cochlear portion that penetrates into the inner ear of the patient and contains a drug eluting polymer material having at least one therapeutic drug which is... Agent: Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

20110224630 - Abdominal treatment systems, delivery devices, and methods: A reduced-pressure abdominal treatment device is presented that has a plurality of liquid-impermeable layers with a foam spacer between two of the liquid-impermeable layers. The plurality of liquid-impermeable layers have a coextensive area A1. The foam spacer has a plan-view area A2. A2 is less than 80% of A1 (i.e.,... Agent:

20110224635 - Abdominal wound dressing: An abdominal wound dressing and methods of use are described that enable the application of negative pressure to the wound site in a healing manner while also limiting the formation of adhesions that would prevent the removal of the dressing. The dressing comprises a layer of porous foam material enclosed... Agent:

20110224634 - Adjustable reduced-pressure wound coverings: Adjustable covers, systems, and methods are presented that include an adjustable cover that may be adjusted to an appropriate size by hand without requiring cutting tools and without substantial leaks. In one instance, the adjustable covering includes a drape member with a plurality of non-leaking tear paths. Each non-leaking tear... Agent:

20110224631 - Dressings, systems, and methods for treating a tissue site: Dressings, systems, and methods are disclosed for treating tissue with reduced pressure. A dressing for distributing reduced pressure to a tissue site includes a plurality of liquid-impermeable layers that are stacked and a plurality of spacers disposed at least partially between adjacent liquid-impermeable layers. The plurality of liquid-impermeable layers are... Agent:

20110224632 - Radio opaque, reduced-pressure manifolds, systems, and methods: A method of manufacturing a manifold pad that is, at least in part, radiopaque includes providing a manifold member having a plurality of flow channels; providing a radioopacifier; and heating the manifold member and the radioopacifier in a heating vessel at an elevated temperature to form the manifold pad. The... Agent:

20110224633 - Reduced-pressure dressing connection pads, systems, and methods: Systems, methods, and connectors are provided that introduce a working gas at certain times into a reduced-pressure dressing into order to break or avoid vacuum locks in the conduits removing fluids. In one instance, a reduced-pressure connector includes a connector body for applying a reduced pressure to the tissue site.... Agent:

20110224636 - Urinary bag system: A urinary bag system comprising: a substantially tubular leg portion having at least one support opening along a top portion; a substantially rectangular urine bag pouch affixed to the substantially tubular leg portion, having a top side, left side, right side, bottom side, outside side portion, inside side portion, and... Agent:

20110224637 - Low ph, optimal orp, and odor-reducing fibers, a process for making the fibers, and articles made therefrom: The present disclosure provides low pH fibers that are treated with additives, preferably after regenerating the cellulosic fiber, to control the pH and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) in an aqueous environment where the fiber is placed. The low pH fibers can be formed into fibrous articles such as tampons or wipes.... Agent: Playtex Products, LLC

20110224638 - Absorbent article with fluorescent wetness indicator: An absorbent article includes a body having a surface for receiving a liquid and a wetness indicator disposed on the body. The wetness indicator includes a first agent that produces a fluorescence when wetted and a second agent that produces a color change when wetted.... Agent: First Quality Products, Inc.

20110224639 - Absorbent garment: An absorbent garment is provided having increased surface area of absorbent material as compared to conventional absorbent garments, such as sanitary napkins, diapers, and the like. In one aspect, the absorbent garment provides increased surface area around the inner thigh area of the wearer. Such increased surface area of absorbent... Agent:

20110224640 - Cartridge and needle system therefor: The invention refers to a cartridge (100), such as an injection cartridge, and to a needle system (200) therefore. Further, the invention refers to a combination of such an injection cartridge and a needle system. More specifically, the invention refers to a closure system for an injection cartridge which allows... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20110224644 - Dosing unit, ambulatory infusion device comprising dosing unit and method for operating a dosing unit: A dosing unit for an ambulatory infusion device and a method of operation are disclosed. The dosing unit includes a stationary member, a movable member, and a plunger. The movable member and the stationary member, together, make a charging valve and a discharging valve. The plunger is located, at least... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

20110224641 - Magnetic conductive recipient: A magnetic conductive recipient comprising: magnetic field via magnetized water. This process provides means for drug delivery in a molecular state, control of blood circulation, control of internal and/or external cell organism functions, including MWRI (magnetic water resonance imaging).... Agent:

20110224643 - Pre-fill syringe: A pre-fill syringe with a receiver tube (1, 12, 21) with a nozzle (4, 20) positioned at the nozzle-side end of the receiving tube (1, 12, 21), the piston (2, 18) is to be formed in such a manner that it for a transport state at the nozzle-side end of... Agent:

20110224642 - Syringe with flow control valves and associated methods: The present invention includes syringes with valves. The valves control communication between the interior of a barrel of the syringe and the exterior of the barrel. In syringes that include two valves, the valves may be oriented opposite one another, such that one of the valves may enable fluid to... Agent:

20110224645 - Treating inflammatory conditions: An apheresis column loaded with a solid support comprises one or more chemokines, in particular biotinylated chemokines, immobilized directly or indirectly on the support, in particular on a support carrying streptavidin. Also disclosed are uses of the column and the support and a method of depleting cells, in particular leukocytes,... Agent: Ith Immune Therapy Holdings Ab

20110224646 - Methods and devices for tailoring a bolus delivery pattern: Methods and devices for delivering therapeutic fluid to the body are described. The method may include determining a bolus delivery pattern based on a specific dietary intake of a patient and delivering the therapeutic fluid into the patient's body based, at least in part, on the determined bolus delivery pattern.... Agent:

20110224647 - Body cavity drainage devices and related methods: Body cavity drainage devices and associated methods are disclosed herein. In some embodiments a body cavity drainage device comprises a drainage tube having a proximal end and a distal end; and an automated means to move the distal end of the drainage tube about a body cavity of a patient.... Agent:

20110224648 - Syringe filter cap and method of using the same for administration of medication dosage: A syringe and filter cap ease the administration of medication to patients. The cap fits securely over the syringe nozzle and has at least one orifice. The orifice is configured to retain medication particles within the syringe, while allowing liquid to be drawn into the syringe through the cap. A... Agent:

20110224649 - Catheter having improved traceability: Embodiments hereof relate to a catheter having a metal hypotube proximal shaft and a radio frequency identification (RFID) integrated circuit electrically connected to the metal hypotube such that the metal hypotube operates as an antenna for transmitting and receiving modulated RF signals between the RFID integrated circuit and an external... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20110224650 - Catheter: A catheter comprising a sheath to be inserted into a living body, wherein the sheath includes a tubular reinforcement layer of at least one layer, which is formed with a spiral slit continuous from the distal side to the proximal side thereof; a termination end of the spiral slit is... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110224651 - Medical coupling system: An adapter bridging a medication providing device and a fluid connector includes a housing shroud that is fitted at one end with a core and at its other end with an inner shroud. Once fitted to the housing shroud, the core and the inner shroud each are not removable from... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20110224652 - Frontal sinus dilation catheter: A balloon dilation catheter includes a substantially rigid inner guide member and a movable shaft coupled to a balloon that is slidably mounted on the substantially rigid inner guide member. To treat a sinus cavity of a subject using the balloon dilation the substantially rigid inner guide member is advanced... Agent: Entellus Medical, Inc.

20110224653 - Coupling arrangement for a telescopic device: A telescopic device comprising a first tubular element and an extension member displaceably arranged in an axial direction within the first tubular element, between at least, a first axial position wherein the extension member is displaceable within the first tubular element, where the first tubular element comprises a first coupling... Agent: Coloplast A/s

09/08/2011 > 47 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20110218474 - Apparatus for the destruction of tumor cells or pathogens in the blood stream: The invention relates to an apparatus for destroying tumor cells or pathogens in the blood stream, comprising at least one ultrasonic frequency generator (11) and a device for forming an extracorporeal blood circulation (1) which encompasses at least one heat exchanger (3), at least one blood circulation pump (2, 2′),... Agent: Oncowave Medical Gmbh

20110218475 - Methods and apparatus for leak detection in blood processing systems: A blood processing system includes a flow reversing device with at least an air sensor in the venous line located near the patient. During treatment, blood flow is reversed to cause air to infiltrate the blood lines if any disconnections or breaks in the blood line are present. One means... Agent: Nxstage Medical, Inc.

20110218476 - Apparatus and method for gastric bypass surgery: A medical treatment device includes an elongate member having an internal volume, a proximal end, and a distal end, the internal volume extending from the proximal end to the distal end. The medical treatment device further includes a first coupler and a second coupler, the first coupler and the second... Agent:

20110218479 - Device and method for controlling in-vivo pressure: A differential pressure regulating device is provided for controlling in-vivo pressure in a body, and in particularly in a heart. The device may include a shunt being positioned between two or more lumens in a body, to enable fluids to flow between the lumens, and an adjustable flow regulation mechanism... Agent: V-wave Ltd.

20110218480 - Device and method for controlling in-vivo pressure: A differential pressure regulating device is provided for controlling in-vivo pressure in a body, and in particularly in a heart. The device may include a shunt being positioned between two or more lumens in a body, to enable fluids to flow between the lumens, and an adjustable flow regulation mechanism... Agent: V-wave Ltd.

20110218481 - Device and method for controlling in-vivo pressure: A differential pressure regulating device is provided for controlling in-vivo pressure in a body, and in particularly in a heart. The device may include a shunt being positioned between two or more lumens in a body, to enable fluids to flow between the lumens, and an adjustable flow regulation mechanism... Agent:

20110218477 - Methods and apparatus for reducing localized circulatory system pressure: The present invention is thus directed to methods and apparatus for decreasing pressure in a first portion of a vessel of the cardiac structure of a patient by implanting a shunt communicating with an area outside said first portion, whereby a volume of blood sufficient to reduce pressure in said... Agent: V- Wave Ltd.,

20110218478 - Methods and apparatus for reducing localized circulatory system pressure: The present invention is thus directed to methods and apparatus for decreasing pressure in a first portion of a vessel of the cardiac structure of a patient by implanting a shunt communicating with an area outside said first portion, whereby a volume of blood sufficient to reduce pressure in said... Agent:

20110218482 - Oxidatitive photoactivated skin rejeuvenation composition comprising hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, or allantoin: There is provided a skin rejuvenation composition which comprises at least one oxidant, at least one photoactivator capable of activating the oxidant, and at least one healing factor chosen from hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and allantoin, in association with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.... Agent:

20110218483 - Method for using microelectromechanical systems to generate movement in a phacoemulsification handpiece: The present invention relates to a phacoemulsification handpiece, comprising a needle and a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device, wherein the needle is coupled with the MEMS device. The phacoemulsification handpiece may further comprise a horn, wherein the horn is coupled with the needle and the MEMS device. The MEMS device is... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20110218485 - Insertion indicator for needle: A method and apparatus are provided for a fluid level insertion indicator that provides immediate feedback to a surgeon by draining when a tip of a needle has entered a body lumen, such as peritoneal cavity. An apparatus includes a handle connected to a hollow needle and a hollow stylet... Agent: Stanford University

20110218484 - Internally pressurized medical devices: There are provided pressurized surgical instruments for use in pressurized surgical environments. The pressurized surgical instruments include pressurizing systems for maintaining a neutral or positive pressure flow within the surgical instrument during use. The pressurizing systems include a primary sensor for detecting the pressure of the surgical environment and a... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110218487 - Pumping material for cassette based dialysis and pumping mechanism using same: A fluid pumping mechanism in one embodiment includes a fluid reservoir, and a multiple layer film extending over a portion of the fluid reservoir, wherein fluid is moved through the reservoir by movement of the film from a first position to a second position, the film including first and second... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110218486 - Temperature compensation for pneumatic pumping system: Temperature compensation is applied to correct for temperature mismatch between a reference chamber and a disposable chamber in a pneumatic pumping system for dialysis fluid for peritoneal dialysis. The mismatch creates an error in the calculation of pumping volume of dialysate fluid. Applying a correction for the temperature mismatch helps... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110218488 - Systems and methods for implanting devices in the bladder and other genitourinary sites: An implantable drug delivery device includes a drug reservoir portion, a retention frame portion, and a guide wire portion. The drug reservoir portion houses a drug. The retention frame portion houses a retention frame. The guide wire portion defines a hollow bore for receiving a guide wire.... Agent: Taris Biomedical, Inc.

20110218490 - Analyte monitoring sensor system for monitoring a constituent in body tissue: The invention generally relates to a sensor system. In particular to a sensor for glucose monitoring. The invention also also relates to an arrangement and a method for monitoring a constituent and in particular glucose in body tissue using a sensor system.... Agent:

20110218489 - Method and system for providing sensor redundancy: A closed loop system or semi-closed loop system for infusing insulin using sensor values applies a redundant sensor system as a fail-safe method against sensor failure. The redundant glucose sensors are used corroborate each other and a failing sensor is detected if the sensors no longer corroborate each other. The... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110218491 - Catheter with pull wire measurement feature: An apparatus for determining a length of a portion of a steering wire disposed within a bendable medical device includes an electrical contact slidably coupled with a steering wire, an electrical source configured to transmit an electrical signal through a portion of the steering wire, and a processor configured to... Agent:

20110218492 - Steerable catheter with in-plane deflection: An improved steerable catheter with in-plane deflection comprises a catheter body having proximal and distal ends and a lumen extending therethrough and a tip section at the distal end of the catheter body. The tip section comprises a flexible plastic tubing having a pair of diametrically-opposed lumens extending therethrough. The... Agent:

20110218493 - Tube for gastrointestinal tract: A detention-proof lumen is provided in tube body 12 of gastrointestinal tract tube 10 furnished with tube body 12 equipped with main lumen 12b and expansion lumen, such as balloon lumen 12c, and with an expander such as balloon 15 expanded by delivery of liquid or gas via the lumen... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110218494 - Multi-balloon catheter for extravasated drug delivery: A method of extravasated delivery of a therapeutic and/or diagnostic agent to tissue is provided including inserting a catheter with a first balloon, a second balloon and a third balloon into a bodily cavity, inflating the first and second balloons by supplying fluid thereto to create a chamber, delivering the... Agent:

20110218495 - Insulin pump with replacement capabilities: Insulin delivery systems include a first insulin pump and a second insulin pump, wherein each pump includes a memory configured to store an infusion program, a control unit configured to control operation of the pump, and a communication interface for data exchange with the other pump, wherein the control unit... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110218496 - Access device: An access device places a medical article within a body space of a patient. The device has a needle that includes an elongated body and a needle hub. The medical article is disposed over and slideable over the needle. A flash space is provided anywhere between the needle and the... Agent:

20110218497 - Multiple-injection medical apparatus: A multiple-injection medical apparatus for injection of a medical fluid is described. The multiple-injection medical apparatus comprises a disk-like support member, a plurality of substantially radial needles housed in the disk-like support member, a chamber connected to one or more of the needles and suitable for containing the medical fluid... Agent:

20110218498 - Cleated anchoring system: A securement device (2) for a medical article (50) includes an anchor pad (6), a retainer (9), a cleat (16), and a filament (25). The retainer (9) can be supported by the anchor pad (6) and have an upper member (30) and a lower member (10). The securement device (2)... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20110218499 - Device for injecting fluid for medical use: The invention relates to a device for injecting a fluid for medical use and is characterized in that the device consists of a base wherein a container (2) for receiving the injection fluid is provided, said container being formed by a bellows-shaped body (6) made of deformable material and including... Agent:

20110218500 - Automatic injection device with audible indicator of completed injection: said controlling means comprise one first element (13), flexible or breakable and coupled to said housing (14), or to said piston rod (9), during the injection, and one second element (22), coupled to said piston rod (9), or to said housing (14), during the injection, said first and second elements... Agent: Becton Dickinson France

20110218501 - Automatic intravenous fluid flow control device: An intravenous flow control device includes a flexible drip chamber (20) comprising a fluid entrance (22) and an open bottom (231); a rigid drip assembly (30) secured to the drip chamber (20) and comprising an inner cylinder (31) having a bottom exit (331); and an internal float valve (10) comprising... Agent:

20110218502 - Carrying case and syringe system with same: A carrying case (1) for a pharmaceutical injection device (21) administering a pharmaceutical to a living body includes a case unit (2, 20) and an electric charging device (3a). The case unit (2, 20) accommodates the pharmaceutical injection device (21). The electric charging device (3a) is mounted in the case... Agent:

20110218503 - Systems and methods for transeptal cardiac procedures, including adjustable, separable guidewires: Systems and methods for transeptal cardiac procedures are disclosed. A patient treatment device in accordance with a particular embodiment includes an elongated intravascular guidewire that includes a first branch and a second branch fixedly secured relative to the first branch at a first location and releasably secured relative to the... Agent: Coaptus Medical Corporation

20110218505 - Antiemetic patch: An antiemetic patch is provided. The antiemetic patch includes a backing layer, a release liner, and a matrix layer disposed between the backing layer and the release liner. The matrix layer includes an antiemetic composition, and the antiemetic composition includes an antiemetic agent ranged, a permeation enhancer and an adhesive.... Agent: Jianbo International Development Ltd.

20110218504 - Stimulation of cartilage formation using reduced pressure treatment: A method of inducing new cartilage growth from periosteum in a mammal is provided. The method includes positioning a foam manifold in contact with the periosteum and positioning a drape over the foam manifold and the periosteum to create a sealed space between the drape and the periosteum. A reduced... Agent:

20110218506 - Amorolfine patch for the treatment of onychomycosis: (ii) an adhesive matrix layer deposited thereon which contains (a) a thus effective amount of amorolfine active agent or derivative thereof essentially uniformly distributed therethrough, dissolved or dispersed in the adhesive, and (b) at least one absorption promoter for enhancing the absorption of the amorolfine or derivative into the nail... Agent: Galderma Research & Development

20110218507 - To control bending in a skin plate for use in an ostomy appliance: The present invention relates to a convex shell (1) for use in a base plate of an ostomy appliance. The convex shell comprises an annular ring (5) defined by an outer edge (6) and an inner edge (7) defining a through-going hole (8). The annular ring further comprises at least... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110218508 - Closure for ostomy pouch and method thereof: An ostomy closure is disclosed for sealing an ostomy-pouch after use and removal from an ostomy mounting plate. The ostomy mounting plate is secured to an individual. The ostomy closure comprises a cap body defining an interior surface and an exterior surface extending to a peripheral edge. A cap flange... Agent:

20110218509 - Enclosing bandage for providing comfortable wound care and limiting fluid leakage: A bandage for improved wound care is disclosed. The bandage comprises a non-adherent, deformable inner layer, a leak-proof outer layer that is substantially coextensive with the inner layer, and an absorbent middle layer contacting both the inner and outer layers. An adhesive strip and adhesive tabs along the bandage's side... Agent:

20110218510 - Vial holder: A vial holder for a vial. The vial includes a body portion having a generally tubular portion interposed between a bottom and a neck portion. The neck portion interconnects the body portion to a head portion. A cap portion is connected to the head portion. The cap portion includes a... Agent:

20110218511 - Connector, syringe assembly, and connector for mixing: A connector is configured to be connected to a syringe assembly provided with at least one syringe having an outer cylinder with a protruding tube-shaped port, and a holder which holds the syringe. The connector includes a connector main body mountable on a container containing a medical solution; a tube-shaped... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110218514 - Automatic relay pump system and method: An automatic pump relay system includes controllers coupled to drivers for sequentially discharging fluid from a plurality of medication containers into a coupler having a reflux barrier from which fluid is administered to a patient. The internal fluid pressure of the coupler is determined by a pressure sensing device or... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20110218513 - Biologics delivery system: A system for harvesting, preparing, and delivering biological materials or other therapeutic agents is disclosed. The system is adaptable to a variety of biological materials or other therapeutic agents. The system is adaptable for minimally invasive procedures where access may be limited. The system includes provisions for delivering biological materials... Agent: Medicinelodge, Inc. Dba Imds Co-innovation

20110218512 - Enhanced antiviral therapy methods and devices: Embodiments of the present invention relate to enhanced antiviral therapy methods, devices, and kits for treating viral infections. The disclosed enhanced antiviral therapy methods, devices, and kits enhance the efficacy of an antiviral therapy by administering a lectin affinity hemodialysis treatment to an individual suffering from viral infection in combination... Agent: Aethlon Medical, Inc.

20110218516 - Methods and devices for programmable delivery of microdoses of liquid drugs: Devices of this invention include replaceable cartridges for delivery of doses of fluids. Cartridges having a fluid supply reservoir comprising an expandable element are designed to be connected with non-disposable actuating module supplied with a sensor, a mechanism to apply a force to the fluid, thereby forcing a predetermined dose... Agent:

20110218515 - Methods for treating acute myocardial infarctions and associated disorders: The invention relates to methods of treating patients who have suffered an acute myocardial infarction (AMI) with a therapeutic that has anti-fibrotic effects, for example, pirfenidone and analogs thereof.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110218517 - In vivo chemical stabilization of vulnerable plaque: Procedures for the stabilization of vulnerable plaque can comprise identification of the vulnerable plaque and the delivery of a stabilization composition to the location of the vulnerable plaque. For example, the stabilization composition can be delivered to an isolated portion of the vessel with the vulnerable plaque and/or alternatively or... Agent:

20110218518 - Devices and methods for accessing the epidural space: An apparatus for accessing the epidural space in a mammal has a cutting sheath with a distal end adapted to transition from a closed cutting configuration to an open configuration. A tissue engagement device is in a hollow portion of the sheath. The tissue engagement device has a blunt distal... Agent:

20110218519 - Device for indicating the liposuction quantity at the symmetric parts of human body and liposuction device: A device for indicating the liposuction quantity at the symmetric parts of human body, which includes a buffer bottle (14) communicated with a suction pump (11) and a suction tube (17), and also includes a first liquid reserve bottle (15) and a second liquid reserve bottle (16), said first liquid... Agent: Shenzhen Pengcheng Hospital

20110218520 - Catheterisation device: A device and a related method for urinary catheterisation is provided. The device comprises a catheter having an elongate body provided with a distal tip, a proximal end and one or more channels extending therethrough. A guidewire for guiding the catheter upon insertion extends through one of said one or... Agent:

09/01/2011 > 58 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20110213288 - Device and method for transfecting cells for therapeutic uses: This invention generally relates to devices and methods for ex vivo or in vivo transfection of living cells using electroporation, in particular high throughput microfluidic electroporation, and to therapeutic uses of the transfected cells.... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20110213289 - Blood purification apparatus and priming method thereof: The present invention relates to a blood purification apparatus for extracorporeally circulating the blood of a patient so as to purify the blood for medical treatment incorporating a dialyzer and a method for priming the blood purification apparatus, wherein the present invention provides a blood purification apparatus and its priming... Agent: Nikkiso Co., Ltd.

20110213290 - Systems and methods for removing undesirable material within a circulatory system: A system for removing undesirable material from vessels and from chambers within the heart is provided. The system includes a suction cannula for removing the undesirable material from a site of interest within a patient. A filter device may be provided for capturing the undesirable material and removing it from... Agent: Vortex Medical

20110213291 - Hemodialysis catheter: A hemodialysis catheter comprising a dual lumen catheter tube with a molded plastic bolus formed at the distal end of the tube. The tube and bolus assembly which results has arterial and venous ports which overlap each other longitudinally but are oriented on opposite sides of the tube and bolus... Agent:

20110213292 - Minimally invasive gastrointestinal bypass: A solution is provided for modifying the location at which bodily fluids interact with nutrients in a gastrointestinal tract having a conduit with a first end and a second end. The first end is configured to divert bodily fluids from an entrance within a gastrointestinal tract to a location downstream... Agent:

20110213293 - Ligands to radiation-induced molecules: A method for identifying a molecule that binds an irradiated tumor in a subject and molecules identified thereby. In some embodiments, the method includes the steps of (a) exposing a tumor to ionizing radiation; (b) administering to a subject a library of diverse molecules; and (c) isolating from the tumor... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20110213295 - Methods and systems for electrokinetic delivery of a substance: A method for delivering a substance to an infected nail of an individual is described. The method includes the step of applying a device to at least one infected nail of an individual, where the device includes at least one active electrode and at least one counter electrode, where the... Agent: Nitric Biotherapeutics, Inc.

20110213294 - Transdermal methods and systems for the delivery of anti-migraine compounds: Iontophoretic patches for the delivery of anti-migraine compounds and methods of using the patches are described.... Agent: Nupathe, Inc.

20110213296 - Blower instrument, apparatus and methods of using: A surgical blower for providing a directed stream to clear a surgical site, that can be used in multiple different use modes. In one use mode, the surgical blower is handheld by a user during operation. In another mode, a distal end portion of the blower is fixed to a... Agent:

20110213297 - Systems and methods for removing undesirable material within a circulatory system during a surgical procedure: A method for capturing dislodged vegetative growth during a surgical procedure is provided. The method includes maneuvering, into a circulatory system, a first cannula having a distal end and an opposing proximal end, such that the first cannula is positioned to capture the vegetative growth en bloc. A second cannula... Agent: Vortex Medical, Inc.

20110213298 - Medicinal dosing apparatus: A method ensuring accurate oral dosage of a liquid medication includes providing an oral dosing apparatus with a medication, the volume of the oral dosing apparatus accurately sized to provide an effective oral dose of medication, and instructing a user to fill the oral dosing apparatus with the medication for... Agent: Cognitive Science LLC

20110213299 - Medical injector with button activation: A medical injector is provided herein which includes a body; a slidable button at least partially disposed in the body; a displaceable plunger disposed in the body; a spring disposed to advance the plunger; and, a releasable retainer for retaining the plunger in a first state against force of the... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110213300 - In-vivo visualization system: Several embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to medical visualization systems that comprise combinations of disposable and reusable components, such as catheters, functional handles, hubs, optical devices, etc. Other embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to features and aspects of an in-vivo visualization system that comprises... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110213301 - Interspinous process spacer diagnostic parallel balloon catheter and methods of use: An interspinous process spacer diagnostic parallel balloon catheter and method. The balloon catheter has a plurality of main expandable members disposed one inside another, a distal expandable member and a proximal expandable member that all can be expanded from a collapsed configuration to an expanded configuration and then collapsed again... Agent: Kyphon S&#xc0 Rl

20110213302 - Method of coating a folded medical device: A non-polymeric or biological coating applied to a radially expandable interventional medical device in a collapsed, wrapped, or folded configuration, the coating applied within at least one fold. Properties of the coating material applied to the medical device are adjusted or varied to result in a desired combination of coverage... Agent:

20110213303 - Reinforced catheter or sheath with reduced friction surface: A reinforced catheter or sheath includes an inner tube manufactured via an extrusion process from a mixture of thermoplastic and hollow glass beads. The resultant tube exhibits an inner goose bump surface that defines a central lumen. A reinforcement, such as a braid and/or coil is attached to at least... Agent: Sabin Corporation

20110213304 - Retractable needle assembly utilizing a standard interface and syringe utilizing the same: An injection device including a barrel, a hollow plunger having a portion structured and arranged to move within the barrel, a needle unit, and a safety system that one of automatically causes the needle unit to retract into the plunger when the plunger reaches a substantially fully depressed position. This... Agent: Stat Medical Devices, Inc.

20110213305 - Heat exchanger and method for heat exchanging: A method for exchanging heat between a primary fluid (W) and a secondary fluid (X) and a heat exchanger for heat exchange as well as an arrangement and a kit comprising a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger comprises a first and a second fluid circuit extending through the heat exchanger.... Agent: Grambro Lundia Ab

20110213306 - Connection and alignment systems and methods: A delivery system for delivering fluidic media to a user having a second housing portion configured to be selectively operatively engaged with and disengaged from a first housing portion, the first housing portion and the second housing portion configured to be slidable relative to each other to operatively engage each... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110213307 - Needle tip protector and indwelling needle assembly: A needle tip protector is configured in such a manner that a flexible plate is provided to a protector main body over which an action ring is mounted and that the flexible plate undergoes flexural deformation when the action ring is moved to a predetermined position relative to the protector... Agent: Nipro Corporation

20110213308 - Medical tubing assembly to facilitate tube fixation: The invention concerns a medical tubing assembly (100) comprising: finned medical tubing (10) formed from an elongate tubular member (20) disposed with one or more longitudinal fins (21, 21′, 21″), a collar (200), slidably mountable on the finned tubing (10), equipped with a locking means and optionally one or more... Agent:

20110213309 - Vascular access ports and related methods: Ports for accessing a vessels within a patient include passageways that can guide needles or other access devices directly into the vessels. The ports can be implanted subcutaneously within a patient. Some ports may be used in the creation and use of vascular access buttonholes.... Agent: Vital Access Corporation

20110213310 - Medical line anchoring system: An anchoring system includes a simply-structured device which permits a portion of a catheter tube or similar medical article to be easily anchored to a patient, desirably without the use of tape or needles and suturing. A unitary retainer desirably includes a base connected to a cover by way of... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20110213311 - Cartridge stopper for an intradermal delivery system: A device for delivering a medicament intradermally includes a cartridge (112) having a first end (110) and a second end (114) and defining a volume (111) therebetween. The volume (111) is adapted to contain the medicament. A driving member (121) has a first end (126) and a second end (128).... Agent:

20110213312 - Injection device with retaining means actuated by needle shield: retaining means (13, 14, 17) provided at or near said distal end (2b) of said device (1), designed for preventing said container (2) to move distally with respect to said housing (15) until said needle shield (6) is removed from said container (2).... Agent: Becton Dickinson France

20110213314 - Injection device: The present invention relates to an injection device comprising a medicament container (18) and a needle attached to said container, means (12,72) for automatic penetration of the needle, injection of medicament and withdrawal of the needle, comprising the steps of initiating a penetration sequence, followed by an injection sequence and... Agent:

20110213313 - Safety assembly for a syringe: A safety support device for a syringe comprises a support sheath (16) for the body (10) of the syringe and an inner sheath (18) suitable for sliding relative to the support sheath between a waiting, retracted position and the extended position for protecting the needle (14) of the syringe. The... Agent: Sanofi-aventis

20110213315 - Medical injector with slidable sleeve activation: In one aspect, a medical injector is provided herein which includes a body; a displaceable plunger disposed in the body; a spring disposed to advance the plunger; a releasable retainer for retaining the plunger in a first state against force of the spring; and, a sleeve disposed on the body,... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110213317 - Cannula for intraocular surgery: A cannula for intraocular surgery including a cup, a tube including a wall and having a tube outer diameter, the tube extending from the cup to a distal end and defining a longitudinal axis. In one implementation, the distal end includes a first portion and a second portion, the first... Agent:

20110213318 - Intermittent catheter having a stiff distal section and method of manufacturing such: In the following there is disclosed a catheter for voiding a cavity in the human body. The catheter comprises a first tubular catheter part extending longitudinally between a proximal end provided with at least one inlet, and a distal end provided with at least one outlet and a second tubular... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110213316 - Self-dilating cannula: A self-dilating cannula for introduction into a patient's vasculature includes an elongate body and an atraumatic tip. The elongate body has a proximal end, a distal end, and a fluid-flow lumen extending therebetween. The atraumatic tip is positioned at the elongate body's distal end and has a blunted end and... Agent:

20110213319 - Wound treatment apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for aspirating, irrigating and/or cleansing wounds is provided. The apparatus and method include one or more of the following: simultaneous aspiration and irrigation of the wound, supplying of thermal energy to fluid circulated through the wound; supplying physiologically active agents to the wound; a biodegradable scaffold... Agent:

20110213320 - Apparatus and method for wound cleansing with actives: An apparatus and method for cleansing and applying therapy or prophylaxis to wounds, in which irrigant fluid, which may contain a physiologically active material, and wound exudate from the dressing are moved by a device for moving fluid through a flow path which passes through the dressing. A means for... Agent:

20110213322 - Ostomy appliance with moldable adhesive: A body fitment for an ostomy appliance comprises an adhesive wafer including a moldable region shapable by the user. A removable release liner covering an external adhesive surface of the wafer is configured to permit molding of the moldable region by manually manipulating the adhesive through the release liner, and/or... Agent: Convatec Technologies Inc.

20110213321 - Ostomy pouch appliance: A coupling assembly for fastening an adhesive wafer to an ostomy appliance device, the coupling assembly including a captive connection between the adhesive wafer and ostomy appliance that permits captive relative displacement between the entire adhesive wafer and the entrance aperture of the appliance, to facilitate access to the wafer... Agent: Convatec Technologies Inc.

20110213323 - Laminate with indicia for an absorbent article: c

20110213324 - Combination of two disposable waste containment articles worn simultaneously: A disposable waste containment article is disclosed along with a combination of using two articles simultaneously. The article includes a bodyside layer having a first surface and an outer perimeter, and a garment facing layer having an outer perimeter approximately coincident with the outer perimeter of the bodyside layer. An... Agent: Tisteron, Ltd.

20110213326 - Diaper sheath: The present invention provide with a diaper sheath comprising: an inner and outer panel, each of said inner and outer panels having front and back portion connected by an intermediate portion, said front portion of the inner panel having an opening; and a front flap attached to said front portion... Agent: Winc Design Limited

20110213327 - Reusable insert for a diaper: A reusable insert for a diaper having a tubular shape with an absorbent material with an upper half and a lower half, and a sheet of water proof material sewn onto an outer side of the upper half so that the lower half of the absorbent material can be inserted... Agent:

20110213325 - Disposable absorbent article comprising a printed tag: A disposable absorbent article intended to be worn around the waist of a wearer. The article includes a chassis having a front portion, a back portion, and a crotch portion there between, and optionally includes a waistband. A printed tag is arranged on the inner wearer facing side of the... Agent:

20110213328 - Methods and systems for treatment of neurological diseases of the central nervous system: The present invention is directed to methods and systems for the treatment of inborn genetic errors or other defects that cause deficiencies of active enzymes or proteins within the cells of the central nervous system. Such methods and systems generally comprise an implantable catheter system designed for the chronic delivery... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110213329 - Modular fluid delivery device with quick-release / connect mechanism for drive screw: Fluid delivery devices and means for engaging components therein are described. The devices may include a plunger positioned within a reservoir and connected to a non-rotating drive screw and a drive nut capable of engagement with the drive screw, where, upon engagement of the drive nut with the drive screw,... Agent:

20110213330 - Transdermal methods and systems for the delivery of anti-migraine compounds: Iontophoretic patches for the delivery of anti-migraine compounds and methods of using the patches are described.... Agent: Nupathe, Inc.

20110213331 - Apparatus for controlling drug infusion and method using the same: A drug infusion control apparatus and method that can improve precision of experiments and thus improve reliability of data obtained from experiments on experimental animals by automatically calculating an infusion amount of a drug in accordance with weights of the experimental animals included in a variety of experimental groups and... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology

20110213332 - Medication delivery system: Some embodiments of a medication delivery system provides for the recommendation or delivery of an amount of medication to a patient based on physiological parameter information and a set or rules. Some embodiments provide for systems and methods of medication delivery based on physiological parameters of, a patient, such as... Agent:

20110213333 - Hollow curved superelastic medical needle and method: A needle assembly 10 compromising an infusion needle 11 that includes a needle cannula 13 made of a superelastic material such as Nitinol. The needle cannula is cold-worked or heat annealed to produce a preformed bend 16 that can be straightened within passageway 21 of a coaxial outer cannula 12... Agent:

20110213335 - Hollow microneedle array and method: Rapid, high-volume, intradermal infusion with minimal pain, is achived by applying an array of 10 to 30 hollow microneedles having a length of greater than 100 um to less than 1 mm into the skin of a patient, with a microneedle spacing of no less than 1.5 mm on average... Agent:

20110213334 - Safety assembly for a syringe: A safety support device for a syringe comprises a support sheath (16) for the body (10) of the syringe and an inner sheath (18) suitable for sliding relative to the support sheath between a waiting, retracted position and the extended position for protecting the needle (14) of the syringe. The... Agent: Sanofi-aventis

20110213336 - Method of and apparatus for sampling, processing and collecting tissue and reinjecting the same into human patients: Methods of and apparatus for safely harvesting, processing (i.e. preparing), collecting and re-injecting adipose and other forms of tissue for immediate autologous tissue transplantation, explant culture endeavors or cell dissociations and the like.... Agent:

20110213337 - Methods for the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer: The disclosed nucleic acid primer sets, used in combination with quantitative amplification (PCR) of tissue cDNA, can indicate the presence of specific proteases in a tissue sample. Specifically, the present invention relates to expression of hepsin protease. The detected proteases are themselves specifically over-expressed in certain cancers, and the presence... Agent:

20110213339 - Assembly and method for disinfecting lumens of medical devices: The invention relates to an assembly for sterilizing surfaces and lumens of a medical device with a light source. The light source can emit light that reduces the number of or removes micro organisms from the lumen and/or surfaces of the medical device. The invention relates to an assembly comprising—a... Agent:

20110213338 - Nasogastric tubes: A nasogastric tube having a proximal end and a distal end portion includes an outer tube and an inner element. The inner element is disposed in the outer tube and is movable rotationally and translationally with respect to the outer tube so that the outer tube and inner element interact... Agent:

20110213341 - Disinfecting caps having sealing features and related systems and methods: Caps can be used to cover and disinfect medical connectors. Some caps can create a seal with the medical connectors to prevent antiseptic from entering a fluid paths defined by a connector. Support members can aid in creating or maintaining the seal.... Agent: The University Of Utah Research Foundation

20110213340 - Separatable infusion set with cleanable interface and straight line attachment: Infusion sets for insertion into an insertion site for preventing misalignment of the base and cap or fluid connector by providing one or more alignment features between each, and in alternative embodiments, provide one or more features to secure the cap or fluid connector to the base in anyone of... Agent:

20110213342 - Real-time virtual indicium apparatus and methods for guiding an implant into an eye: Disclosed herein are apparatus and associated methods for guiding an implant to a desired angle, a desired depth, and/or a desired position in an eye. The apparatus used to guide an implant into an eye includes: one or more real-time, multidimensional visualization modules; one or more displays to present one... Agent:

20110213343 - Catheter assembly: A catheter assembly is provided. The catheter assembly includes a urinary catheter adapted for insertion into a urethra and a catheter package sized to receive the urinary catheter. The urinary catheter is configured to project from the catheter package to accommodate insertion into the urethra.... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110213345 - Devices and methods for securing catheter assemblies: A connecting device for a catheter assembly is disclosed allowing a user to connect a catheter assembly to an adhesive pad which is then capable of anchoring the catheter assembly to a patient's leg. The connecting device may have an introducer body with an extension body and an attachment mechanism.... Agent:

20110213344 - Devices for handling catheter assembly: A gripping device for a catheter assembly is disclosed providing enhanced gripping power for the operator of the catheter assembly. The gripping device is situated at the proximal portion of the catheter assembly and the proximal terminus of an external catheter sheath is attached near or to the body of... Agent:

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