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Surgery September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 123 patent applications in 76 patent subcategories.

20110237858 - Device and methods for sequential, regional delivery of multiple cytotoxic agents and directed assembly of wound repair tissues: An implantable delivery system includes a macrostructure formed of bioresorbable material selected from a group of alphahydroxy acids and defined to include an internal architecture of intercommunicating void spaces. A first cytotoxic agent in the preferred form of cisplatin is joined to the macrostructure during formation. A microstructure in the... Agent: Kensey Nash Corporation

20110237859 - Therapeutic apparatus: A therapeutic apparatus comprising: a magnetic resonance imaging system adapted for acquiring a set of magnetic resonance imaging data in an imaging zone, the magnetic resonance imaging system comprising a means for generating a magnetic field, a guiding means adapted for guiding a beam of charged particles to a target... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110237861 - Adjustable implant and method of use: A system includes an adjustable implant configured for implantation internally within a subject, the adjustable implant comprising a first permanent magnet configured for rotation about a first axis, the first permanent magnet operatively coupled to a drive transmission configured to alter a dimension of the adjustable implant. The system further... Agent: Ellipse Technologies, Inc.

20110237860 - Magnetic ink tissue markings: The invention provides tissue markings (such as tattoos) comprising magnetic particles, e.g., magnetite, and methods for making and altering, e.g., removing them.... Agent:

20110237862 - Multifunctional fe3o4 cored magnetic-quantum dot fluorescent nanocomposites for rf nano-hyperthermia of cancer cells: A magnetic oxide-quantum dot nanocomposite and methods of synthesizing it. In one embodiment, the magnetic oxide-quantum dot nanocomposite has at least one magnetic oxide nanoparticle coated with a silica (SiO2) shell and terminated with at least one thiol group (—SH), and at least one CdSe/ZnS quantum dot linked with the... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

20110237863 - Magnetically-levitated blood pump with optimization method enabling miniaturization: A magnetically-levitated blood pump with an optimization method that enables miniaturization and supercritical operation. The blood pump includes an optimized annular blood gap that increases blood flow and also provides a reduction in bearing stiffness among the permanent magnet bearings. Sensors are configured and placed optimally to provide space savings... Agent: Worldheart, Inc.

20110237869 - Adjustable surgical implant for treating urinary incontinence: A surgical implant for treating female urinary incontinence. The implant comprises an elongate polymer material suburethral support having a length and a width, first and second elongate and porous polymer material suspending members having a length and a width extending from opposite ends of the suburethral support, and first and... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237868 - Method for fibrous anchoring of a pelvic support: A method for supporting a urethra of a patient includes making an incision on an upper wall of a vagina of the patient and inserting a first end of a surgical implant through the incision and on a first side of a urethra of the patient. The first end of... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237870 - Method for implanting an adjustable surgical implant for treating urinary incontinence: A method of treating urinary incontinence of a patient by introducing a surgical implant through a vaginal incision. The surgical implant includes a suburethral support having first and second suspending members and first and second tissue anchors. The width of each suspending member is less than the width of the... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237866 - Method for supporting pelvic anatomy: A method for providing support to an anatomical structure of the pelvis includes making a vaginal incision for securing a support portion under a urethra of a patient, passing a narrowed portion of an introducer through an introducer aperture of a first soft tissue anchor, seating the first soft tissue... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237864 - Prosthetic implant for suburethral support with gussets: The invention relates to a prosthetic implant (1) for suburethral support comprising a suburethral support element (3) of elongate form that extends longitudinally between a first end (3A) and a second end (3B), said first end (3A) at least having first and second opposite faces (4), said implant (1) being... Agent: Compagnie De Recherche En Composants, Implants Er Materiels Pour L'application Clinique

20110237865 - Sling with support and suspending members formed from same polymer: A sling for treating urinary incontinence includes a suburethral support and first and second elongated suspending members. The suburethral support has opposite ends, is formed from a polymer and has first physical properties including a density, a length and a width. The first and second suspending members are formed from... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237867 - System for introducing a pelvic implant: A system for supporting an anatomical structure of the pelvis includes a surgical implant for providing support to the anatomical structure of the pelvis. The surgical implant includes a first tissue anchor including a plurality of projections adapted for tissue fixation, a second tissue anchor including a plurality of projections... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237874 - Adjustable surgical implant and method for treating urinary incontinence: A method of treating urinary incontinence, the method including introducing a surgical implant through an incision made on an upper wall of a patient's vagina. The surgical implant includes a suburethral support, first and second suspending members, and first and second polymer tissue anchors. Each tissue anchor is coupled with... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237871 - Controller support apparatus: An apparatus comprises a controller for remotely controlling an implantable device that is used to adjust a gastric band, and the controller transmits a telemetric signal to the implantable device. The apparatus further comprises a table that provides support for the controller. A rail is oriented in a first direction... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110237872 - Dynamic heart harness: A reversibly adjustable heart harness is configured to surround at least a portion of a heart and to provide a compressive force to the heart during at least a portion of a cardiac cycle. The heart harness includes a plurality of wires forming a mesh structure, and one or more... Agent: Micardia Corporation

20110237876 - Method for implanting with an anchor introducer channel: A method for supporting the urethra of a patient to treat urinary incontinence includes introducing a surgical implant through an incision in an upper wall of the patient's vagina. The surgical implant includes a suburethral support, first and second soft tissue anchors connected to the suburethral support, and a flexible... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237878 - Pelvic implant systems and methods with expandable anchors: An implant for supporting pelvic anatomy includes a first soft tissue anchor, a second soft tissue anchor, and a support portion. The first and second soft tissue anchors each include a central portion and a plurality of projections biased radially from the central portion of the soft tissue anchors, respectively.... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237879 - Pelvic implant with fibrous anchor: A surgical implant for supporting pelvic anatomy includes a first fixing zone, a second fixing zone, and a supporting zone. The first fixing zone has a retaining portion that is absorbable and formed of a fiber entanglement and a mesh for anchoring the first fixing zone in soft tissues in... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237873 - Pelvic implant with selective locking anchor: A surgical implant for supporting pelvic anatomy includes a first suspending member, a second suspending member, a first anchor, a second anchor, and a suburethral sling. The first and second suspending members have proximal and distal portions. The first anchor is connected to the distal portion of the first suspending... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237877 - Pelvic implant with suspending system: A method of providing support to an anatomical structure of the pelvis includes inserting a first suspending member into a pelvic space on a first side of a urethra of a patient, the first suspending member being slidably received through a first end of a support. A second suspending member... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237875 - Surgical implant with anchor introducer channel: A surgical implant for treating female urinary incontinence includes a suburethral support, first and second soft tissue anchors, and an elongated member. The first and second soft tissue anchors are connected to first and second opposite ends of the suburethral support, each anchor having a central portion, a proximal end,... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237880 - Method and system for video based image detection/identification analysis for fluid and visualization control: In a surgical system, a system controller executes a video signature identification and image control routine to maintain quality of a video image taken by a video camera located at a surgical site and provided on a video display. The system includes a video camera/light source handpiece for insertion into... Agent:

20110237881 - Support and guide device for an endoscopic instrument: A support and guide device for an endoscopic instrument includes a first guide device extending substantially in a plane and bordering a surface, a first carriage that can travel along the first guide device, a second guide device connected to the first carriage and extending in a plane perpendicular thereto,... Agent:

20110237882 - Electronic endoscope system: An electronic endoscope system includes a light source device for sequentially emitting plural kinds of light having different wavelength bands, an electronic endoscope for outputting image data of acquired images corresponding to the plural kinds of light sequentially illuminated to a subject tissue containing blood vessels, a setter for setting... Agent:

20110237883 - Electronic endoscope system: An electronic endoscope system includes a light source device for sequentially emitting light having different wavelength bands, an electronic endoscope for receiving reflected light of light sequentially illuminating a subject tissue containing a blood vessel in a body cavity and sequentially outputting an imaging signal corresponding to the wavelength band... Agent:

20110237884 - Electronic endoscope system: An electronic endoscope system includes a light source device for sequentially emitting kinds of light having different wavelength bands, an electronic endoscope for sequentially illuminating the kinds of light to a subject tissue containing blood vessels, receiving the kinds of reflected light, and outputting image data corresponding to the kinds... Agent:

20110237885 - Endoscope system comprising calibration means and calibration method thereof: An electronic endoscope system includes a light source device for emitting light and an electronic endoscope having a phosphor for producing white light with which a subject tissue in a body cavity is illuminated by causing the light to hit the phosphor as excitation light, and an image sensor for... Agent:

20110237886 - Imaging unit and endoscope: An imaging unit includes an objective optical system, an image sensor, a cover glass, a prism, and a heat conduction portion. The objective optical system imports light of an image of a subject. The image sensor forms an image of the light and outputs an imaging signal. The cover glass... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110237887 - Internal body observation device: The invention relates to an internal body observation device which includes an ordinary observation light source, an ordinary observation irradiation optical system, a special observation light source, a special observation irradiation optical system, an observation optical system for transmitting the light from an observation target, a detection means configured to... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110237888 - Guide tube for guiding endoscope or surgical tool in or into body cavity: In order to secure a path of insertion for an insertion rod 2 of an endoscope 1 and for transformation from a flexible structure to a rigid structure, a guide tube is constituted by a flexible double tube 13 having flexible inner and outer tubes 11 and 12 which are... Agent:

20110237889 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes an endoscope which has an insertion portion which is provided with a distal end portion and a bendable bending portion at a distal end side and is inserted into a body cavity of a subject, a relative position calculation section which calculates a relative position of... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110237890 - Modular and cooperative medical devices and related systems and methods: The various embodiments disclosed herein relate to modular medical devices, including various devices with detachable modular components and various devices with pivotally attached modular components. Additional embodiments relate to procedures in which various of the devices are used cooperatively. Certain embodiments of the medical devices are robotic in vivo devices.... Agent: Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska

20110237891 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes a curving operation portion which performs a curving operation of a curving portion by rotating around a pivot shaft in a first rotation direction and in a second rotation direction opposite to the first rotation direction from a neutral position where the curving portion is in a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110237892 - Apparatus and methods for color endoscopy: Exemplary embodiments of apparatus and method according to the present disclosure are provided. For example, an apparatus for providing electromagnetic radiation to a structure can be provided. The exemplary apparatus can include a first arrangement having at least two wave-guides which can be configured to provide there through at least... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20110237893 - Illumination device and endoscope apparatus: An illumination device (1a) includes a light source section (21) outputting excitation light; a fluorescent member (22) excited by the excitation light to emit illumination light; a first light transmitting section (24) disposed between the light source section (21) and the fluorescent member (22) to guide the excitation light output... Agent:

20110237894 - Endoscope apparatus: To provide an endoscope apparatus in which the observation image can be varied continuously as the observation magnification is varied by a zoom magnification varying manipulation so that an observation image suitable for an endoscope diagnosis is obtained at each observation magnification, and to thereby prevent the operator from feeling... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110237895 - Image capturing method and apparatus: An image capturing apparatus which includes a light projection unit for projecting light of a different wavelength range emitted from each of a plurality of light sources onto an observation area administered with a fluorescent agent, an imaging unit for receiving light emitted from the observation area irradiated with each... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110237896 - Endotracheal tube with intrinsic suction & endotracheal suction control valve: An improved endotracheal tube providing a built in suction channel for the removal of excessive secretions from the lumen of said tube and the tracheobronchial system is disclosed. Control valves for regulating the suction feature are also disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the endotracheal tube includes an additional suction... Agent:

20110237897 - Endoscope structures and techniques for navigating to a target in branched structure: Systems and methods employing a small gauge steerable catheter (30) including a locatable guide (32) with a sheath (40), particularly as an enhancement to a bronchoscope (14). A typical procedure is as follows. The location of a target in a reference coordinate system is detected or imported. The catheter (30)... Agent:

20110237898 - Lateral access system for the lumbar spine: A minimally invasive dilation device includes a plurality of rigid arms radially arrayed about a center and a dilating member positioned between the arms. A stylus may occupy the center. An outer flexible sleeve may be circumferentially secured to the arms, lying within or without the plurality of arms. An... Agent: Medicinelodge, Inc. Dba Imds Co-innovation

20110237899 - Portal apparatus with a finger seal assembly: A surgical portal assembly includes a portal member defining a longitudinal axis and having a longitudinal passageway for passage of a surgical object, and being dimensioned to pass through tissue to provide access via the longitudinal passageway to an underlying operative site and a plurality of object seals in mechanical... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110237900 - Portal apparatus with a tubular seal device: A surgical portal apparatus includes a portal housing, a portal member, and an elongated seal mounted within the portal housing. The portal housing defines a housing opening for reception of a surgical object and the portal member extends from the portal housing. The elongated seal includes an outer wall segment... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110237901 - Trocar: A surgical access device, such as a trocar, is described. The trocar includes a first housing member selectively coupled to a second housing member, such as with a latching assembly, and a seal which can be compressed when the housing members are coupled together, the seal for preventing or reducing... Agent:

20110237902 - Examination apparatus: An apparatus and method for an examination apparatus that includes a manually movable structure having a first movement from a free state to a compressed state and a second reversing movement from the compressed state to the free state. Also included is a plurality of fingers that are disposed adjacent... Agent:

20110237903 - Spreader for aortic valve reconstruction: A spreader for aortic valve reconstruction having a dimensionally stable ring and three retractor arms comprising, respectively, a stem and a blade, with the blade being distally disposed on the stem, and wherein the retractor arms are disposed, offset relative to each other by respectively 120° in the direction of... Agent: Fehling Instruments Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110237905 - Determining a value according to a statistical operation in a monitored living area: A method for monitoring a user in a user living area in a system including a system controller having control parameters for controlling the operations of said system and a remote monitoring site, comprising; monitoring a user activity of said user; activating a control circuit in response to an occurrence... Agent: Intel-ge Care Innovations LLC

20110237904 - Method and apparatus for measuring biological signal: An apparatus for measuring a biological signal of a body, the apparatus including; at least three interfaces which obtain signals from the body, a signal application unit which applies a signal having a frequency which is higher than one of a frequency of interest of the biological signal to one... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110237906 - System and method for graphical display of medical information: In one embodiment, an apparatus for graphical display of medical information is provided. The apparatus comprises a memory configured to store medical information indicative of multiple categories, each category of medical information representing information about plurality of physiological variables, a processing system configured to determine a data value for at... Agent: General Electric Company

20110237907 - Treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: The present invention relates to the identification of compounds and pharmaceutical compositions thereof for treating subjects with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other neurodegenerative diseases. The invention also provides methods of preparing the provided compounds.... Agent: Northwestern University

20110237908 - Optical device and biological information detector: An optical device including a contact part having a contact surface and an opposing surface, the contact surface coming into contact with a test subject and the opposing surface being opposite the contact surface; a support body installed on the opposing surface; a first element supported by the support body;... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110237909 - Systems, circuits and apparatus for in vivo detection of biomolecule concentrations using fluorescent tags: Systems are disclosed wherein labeled binding molecules can be provided in vivo to tissue having biomolecules that specifically bind the labeled binding molecule. A first optical radiation is emitted into the tissue in vivo to excite the labeled binding molecule bound to the biomolecule in vivo. A second optical radiation... Agent:

20110237912 - Device and method for detecting a vital parameter: A device for detecting a vital parameter is described, comprising: an optoelectronic sensor arrangement for detecting the vital parameter by means of light remission at a finger, wherein the optoelectronic sensor arrangement has a first light source for generating light in a visible wavelength range, a second light source for... Agent:

20110237911 - Multiple-wavelength physiological monitor: A physiological monitor for determining blood oxygen saturation of a medical patient includes a sensor, a signal processor and a display. The sensor includes at least three light emitting diodes. Each light emitting diode is adapted to emit light of a different wavelength. The sensor also includes a detector, where... Agent: Masimo Laboratories, Inc.

20110237910 - Stabilized multi-wavelength laser system for non-invasive spectrophotometric monitoring: A spectroscopic method and system that monitors oxygenation levels in biological tissue is provided. The system includes a sensor portion, a monitor portion, and at least one optical fiber light stabilizer. The sensor portion includes at least one sensor assembly, which sensor assembly has at least one light signal outlet,... Agent: Cas Medical Systems, Inc.

20110237913 - Method and apparatus for determining at least one evaluation parameter of a blood sample: The present invention provides a method for determining at least one evaluation parameter of a blood sample, comprising the following steps: providing (S4) at least one blood gas parameter; providing (S5) at least one hemostasis parameter; and determining (S6 . . . 310″) the at least one evaluation parameter as... Agent:

20110237914 - Physiological parameter confidence measure: Confidence in a physiological parameter is measured from physiological data responsive to the intensity of multiple wavelengths of optical radiation after tissue attenuation. The physiological parameter is estimated based upon the physiological data. Reference data clusters are stored according to known values of the physiological parameter. At least one of... Agent: Masimo Laboratories, Inc.

20110237915 - Electronic endoscope system and processor unit thereof, and method for obtaining blood vessel information: Ina special light mode, first to fourth special images are captured under first to fourth special light being narrow band light. A brightness ratio calculator extracts a blood vessel area containing a blood vessel from each special image. The brightness ratio calculator calculates first to fourth brightness ratios from the... Agent:

20110237916 - Ambient temperature sensor systems and methods: A first sensor may be configured to measure a sensed amount of a physiological parameter and to generate a first signal based on the sensed amount of the physiological parameter measured by the first sensor. A second sensor may be configured to measure a temperature and to generate a second... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110237917 - Calibration of glucose monitoring sensor and/or insulin delivery system: Disclosed are methods, apparatuses, etc. for calibrating glucose monitoring sensors and/or insulin delivery systems. In certain example embodiments, blood glucose reference samples may be correlated with sensor measurements with regard to a delay associated with the sensor measurements. In certain other example embodiments, one or more parameters of a probability... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110237919 - Diagnosis support method, diagnosis support system, and diagnosis support apparatus: A diagnosis support method comprising: obtaining first blood glucose level information at a first time point and/or second blood glucose level information at a second time point which is later, by a predetermined period, than the first time point; placing a collection member, which is configured to collect a tissue... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20110237918 - Methods and systems for providing therapeutic guidelines to a person having diabetes: A method is disclosed for providing therapeutic guidelines to a person having diabetes. The method comprises measuring a blood glucose (bG) level of the person for two or more days, wherein at least one bG measurement is taken per day, and the at least one daily bG measurement corresponds to... Agent:

20110237920 - Suction apparatus for extracting fluid during a surgical intervention: A description is given of a suction apparatus for extracting fluid, in particular body fluid, during a surgical intervention, with a device for creating a suction pressure (60) and an extraction line (62), which is connected by its first end portion (61) to the device for creating the suction pressure... Agent:

20110237921 - Systems and methods for flexible electrodes: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for producing and using electrodes, which may be flexible and/or stretchable, and interconnection structures that can be used both externally and/or implanted within the body. Electrodes according to various embodiments disclosed herein may be produced by depositing patterned layers of insulating and conductive polymers... Agent: Ripple LLC

20110237922 - Physiological sensor device: A physiological sensor device is attachable to the skin of a person for collecting physiological signals generated by the person's body. The device includes a flexible front layer made of a material that does not conduct electricity and a flexible back layer made of a material that does not conduct... Agent: Halthion Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110237923 - Dry electrode for detecting eeg signals and attaching device for holding the dry electrode: An electrode for detecting EEG signals comprises a body comprising a fixture on a first end of the body, and a sensor detachably held by the fixture, wherein the body has an external thread in a portion of the body extending from the first end of the body towards a... Agent: Brain Products Gmbh

20110237924 - Physiological data collection system: A physiological data collection system facilitates acquiring, recording, transferring and analyzing physiological signals generated from the skin of a human subject that may be used in generating an electrocardiogram for a patient in a continuous manner over an extended period of time of twenty four to forty eight hours. The... Agent: Halthion Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110237925 - Microneedle array chip, device and patch for transdermal drug delivery utilizing the same, and preparation method therof: The invention discloses a microneedle array chip comprising metal microneedles and a substrate, wherein the microneedle consists of a needle head with a tip at its top, a needle bar and a needle seat, and is fixed onto the substrate via the needle seat; and the needle bar of the... Agent:

20110237926 - Bioelectrical impedance measuring apparatus: The present invention provides bioelectrical impedance measuring apparatus for determining composition data of a human body, the apparatus including a plurality of electrodes and measuring circuitry which inject, through two electrodes, alternating current into the body, and which determine, with two other electrodes on different limbs, the resulting voltages, and... Agent: Seca Ag

20110237927 - Dedicated breast radiation imaging/therapy system: System, apparatus and methods specialized for breast and related tissue radiation therapy and imaging of a prone patient but also usable for supine patient if desired or needed. A special treatment radiation source such as a LINAC unit generates radiation of types and energy ranges specifically matched to breast tissue.... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20110237928 - Arrangement and method for detecting and/or locating a magnetic material in a region of action: In Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) the reconstruction requires the knowledge of a so called system function. This function describes the relation between spatial position and frequency response. For reasonable resolutions and field of views the system function becomes quite large, resulting in large acquisition times for the system function and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110237929 - Bladder wall thickness mapping for tumor detection: Disclosed is a method and apparatus for detection of a bladder wall tumor. Layers of a bladder wall are created by magnetic resonance imaging. A group of voxels having a lowest intensity is identified in a layer and an energy function modification enlarges the layer of the bladder wall. A... Agent:

20110237930 - Mri compatible motor and positioning system: A thermal therapy system is provided. The system includes an applicator and a device for supporting and moving the applicator within a patient's body during therapy. Some embodiments include an elongated ultrasound energy applicator that is positioned using a plurality of positioners along a corresponding plurality of axes. Also, a... Agent:

20110237931 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and synchronous imaging method: An imaging time is shortened by maintaining a desired image contrast in imaging synchronized with the periodic body movement information regarding the subject. In order to do so, in synchronous measurement of an echo signal synchronized with the trigger information detected from the periodic body movement information regarding the subject... Agent:

20110237932 - Method of operation for a magnetic resonance imaging suite: A method of operation for a magnetic resonance imaging suite. A power supply of magnetic resonance injector system receives electrical power from an AC power outlet, both of which are located outside of a shielded room of the magnetic resonance imaging suite. Electrical power from the power supply of the... Agent: Liebel-flarsheim Company

20110237934 - Biopsy support system: A biopsy support system includes a virtual shape image generating section that generates a virtual shape image of an inside of a body cavity which is an insertion target from image data in a three-dimensional region with respect to a subject, an endoscope provided with an endoscope insertion portion and... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110237935 - Method and apparatus for guiding an external needle to an implantable device: A system can include an implantable device, an instrument, a display device and a processor. The implantable device can include a port and a localizer for generating a navigation field. The instrument can include a tracking device for sensing the navigation field. The processor can be operably coupled to the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110237936 - Method and apparatus for guiding an external needle to an implantable device: A support tool or a supply assembly that delivers a functional fluid to a patient includes an antenna array for receiving or sensing a navigation field. The navigation field can be generated from a localizer. The localizer can be incorporated or included in an implanted device.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110237937 - Method and apparatus for guiding an external needle to an implantable device: A system to generate a navigation field relative to an implanted device is disclosed. The system can include a small and/or thin localizer array positioned in the implanted device. A power management scheme and circuits can be provided to conserve and resource power in the implanted device.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110237933 - Method for detecting contact with the wall of a region of interest: A method for detecting when a tool contacts a wall of a region of interest includes the steps of: tracking the motion of the tool and creating a tool motion profile; calculating a correlation value representative of the correlation between the tool motion profile and a wall motion profile indicative... Agent:

20110237939 - Apparatus and method for doppler-assisted mimo radar microwave imaging: A method and apparatus for enhanced microwave imaging of an object collects microwave responses for multiple combinations of transmit antennas, receive antennas, and object movement states. The responses are grouped into sets of responses corresponding to at least two object movement states. An image is reconstructed from the set of... Agent:

20110237938 - Medical image diagnosis assisting apparatus and method, and computer readable recording medium on which is recorded program for the same: A lesion area detection unit detects an abnormal peripheral structure (lesion area), a pulmonary blood vessel extraction unit extracts a branch structure (pulmonary blood vessel) from the three-dimensional medical image, an associated blood vessel identification unit identifies an associated branch structure functionally associated with the abnormal peripheral structure based on... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110237940 - Medical imaging apparatus and method: A medical device is used to image a body cavity using a plurality of axially and angularly spaced imaging sensors. Each i generates an image that is distinct from one another due to distinct fields of vision. Each image includes an overlapping zone with commonalities that are used to extrapolate... Agent:

20110237941 - Directional radiation detector: A method for imaging a body, including scanning the body so as to generate a tomographic image thereof, and analyzing the tomographic image to determine a location of a region of interest (ROI) (38) within the body. The method includes providing single photon counting detector modules (40), each of the... Agent: Orbotech Ltd.

20110237942 - Bioimaging method using near-infrared (nir) fluorescent material: This invention provides a novel bioimaging technique that can achieve a deep observation depth and a novel method for marking a lesion that allows clear recognition of the lesion from outside a living body. This invention also provides a bioimaging marker comprising a fluorescent material obtained by doping a ceramic... Agent:

20110237943 - Fibrous marker and intracorporeal delivery thereof: An intracorporeal marker includes a fibrous unitary marker body having bioabsorbable fibers compressed into a compressed configuration, and bound in the compressed configuration by a polymer binding agent. The intracorporeal marker may be incorporated into an intracorporeal marker delivery device having a delivery cannula which has a distal tip, an... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20110237944 - Methods and devices for transfering configuration settings: A method for transferring configuration settings and/or user maintenance items includes allowing a user to select a set of configuration settings and/or user maintenance items stored in a removable memory device coupled to a medical device; displaying the selected set of configuration settings and/or user maintenance items on a display... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110237945 - Methods and apparatus for ultrasound strain imaging: A system and method for improved ultrasound strain imaging includes using data from a tracking system to enhance the quality of ultrasound strain image and to reduce the dependency of image quality of the user's expertise. The tracking information is synchronized with the RF frames and interpolated to find the... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20110237946 - Apparatus and method for three dimensional ultrasound breast imaging: An apparatus for ultrasonic mammography includes: an array of ultrasonic transducers and signal processing means for converting the output of the transducer array into three dimensional renderings of anatomical features; and, an applicator device having a first side conformable to the contour of the transducer array and a second side... Agent: Orison Corporation

20110237947 - Robotic 5-dimensional ultrasound: A robotic 5D ultrasound system and method, for use in a computer integrated surgical system, wherein 3D ultrasonic image data is integrated over time with strain (i.e., elasticity) image data. By integrating the ultrasound image data and the strain image data, the present invention is capable of accurately identifying a... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20110237948 - Robotic 5-dimensional ultrasound: An ultrasound probe designed for use with a monitoring system performing non-contact respiratory and cardiac monitoring is described. The ultrasound probe may be used with smart phones and tablet computing devices or standalone monitoring devices to capture respiratory and cardiac function in a monitored subject. The probe may come equipped... Agent: Engineered Vigilance, LLC

20110237949 - System and method for analyzing carpal tunnel using ultrasound imaging: A system and method is provided for using dynamic ultrasonic imaging to analyze a subject's carpal tunnel and generate risk factors indicative of the health of the subject's subsynovial connective tissue and the subject's risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. The system and method uses speckle imaging techniques to track... Agent:

20110237950 - Method and apparatus for multi-beam beamformer based on real-time calculation of time delay and pipeline design: A multi-beamforming method based on real-time calculation of delay parameter and pipeline technique and an apparatus there of are disclosed. The system separates the parameters that should be calculated in real time from the parameters that does not require real-time calculation, and separates the parameters related to the beam sequencing... Agent: Shenzhen Landwind Industry Co., Ltd.

20110237951 - Data transmission via wide band acoustic channels: Embodiments of the present invention relate to ultrasound (acoustic) data transmission systems, in particular data transmission over wide-band acoustic channels with frequency-dependant multi-path propagation. More specifically, embodiments of the invention involve increasing the bit rate in the acoustic channel by means of utilization of the entire ultrasound spectrum available for... Agent: Innurvation, Inc.

20110237953 - Front-end circuit for an ultrasound transducer probe: The present invention relates to an ultrasound transducer probe 100 having an array of transducer elements 110 for transmitting ultrasound transmit pulses and receiving echo signals in response to these transmit pulses. More precisely, the invention refers to a front-end circuit 300, 300′ or 300″ preconnected to such an ultrasound... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110237952 - Two-dimensional-array ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic probe comprises piezoelectric elements arranged in the form of a two-dimensional array, a processing IC configured to process signal information obtained from the piezoelectric elements, and a flexible wiring substrate disposed between the piezoelectric elements and the processing IC, with the piezoelectric elements mounted... Agent:

20110237954 - Percutaneous needle guide and methods of use: An indicator element of a percutaneous needle guide for a medical scanning device includes a pointer for pointing to a percutaneous needle entry site on an epidermis of a body, when the guide is attached to the device and the device is positioned over the epidermis for scanning. A user... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110237955 - Real time ultrasound catheter probe: An ultrasound catheter probe assembly capable of scanning a three-dimensional volume is provided. The ultrasound catheter probe assembly contains a plurality of ultrasonic transducers disposed along a central axis of the ultrasound catheter probe assembly. The plurality of ultrasonic transducers is disposed on a mechanism operable to reciprocally pivot the... Agent:

20110237956 - Investigation of physical properties of an object: An imaging system for an object such as human or animal tissue uses scattering of an illuminating electromagnetic wave by acoustic vibrations to generate a scattered electromagnetic wave including Doppler components shifted from the frequency of the illuminating electromagnetic wave by frequencies of the acoustic vibration and multiples thereof. An... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20110237957 - Device, system, and method for combined optical and thermographic detection of the condition ofjoints: The invention relates to a device, system and method for optical detection of the condition of a joint. The invention involves: an optical measurement unit (4, 5) for irradiating a subject's body part comprising at least one joint with light and locally detecting attenuation of the light at the at... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110237958 - Optical coherent cross-sectional image forming apparatus and control method for controlling such apparatus: An optical coherent cross-sectional image forming apparatus in which light outputted from a light source is divided into a measurement light and a reference light inside the apparatus and in which a cross-sectional image is formed based on a coherent light, produced from a reflected light obtained by emitting the... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110237959 - Indicator for fluid resuscitation: A system for providing an indication of cardiovascular function, includes a respiration input (1) for receiving a respiration-related signal indicative of a physical property of respiration gases administered to a patient. A hemodynamic input (2) is provided for receiving a hemodynamic-related signal indicative of a hemodynamic property. An inspiration detector... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20110237960 - Method, system and apparatus for monitoring patients: A method, system and apparatus are disclosed for monitoring a subject with a transport monitor comprising a measurement unit including at least one magnetic component unit operative when monitoring the subject in absence of a high magnetic field. To maintain the monitoring capacity of a standard transport monitor even in... Agent: General Electric Company

20110237961 - Methods and apparatus for control of non-invasive parameter measurements: Improved methods and apparatus for non-invasively assessing one or more parameters associated with fluidic systems such as the circulatory system of a living organism. In a first aspect, an improved method of continuously measuring pressure from a compressible vessel is disclosed, wherein a substantially optimal level of compression for the... Agent:

20110237963 - Electronic sphygmomanometer: An electronic sphygmomanometer determines whether a position of a measurement site falls within a proper range, and notifies whether the position of the measurement site falls within the proper range. When determination is made that a time in which the position of the measurement site falls within the proper range... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110237962 - Use of the frequency spectrum of artifact in oscillometry: A system and method for processing oscillometric data from a plurality of pressure steps to determine the blood pressure of a patient. A heart rate monitor connected to the patient acquires the patient's heart rate. A time-to-frequency domain converter receives oscillometric data and converts the oscillometric data into the frequency... Agent: General Electric Company

20110237964 - Electronic hemomanometer, method of correcting pulse wave data of electronic hemomanometer, program for causing a computer to execute procedures and computer-readable recording medium: The present invention provides an electronic hemomanometer which is designed to time-differentiate signals each formed by superposing a pulse wave amplitude component on a cuff pressure, to compute an envelope consisting of the time-differentiated signals, to detect the maximal value in the computed envelope, to sort the time-differentiated signals generated... Agent: Shisei Datum Co., Ltd.

20110237965 - Pulse wave detector: A pulse wave detector includes a) a light source repeatedly turned on and off, b) a light receiving element for receiving light, and c) an arithmetic processor for processing an output value acquired through the light receiving element. The arithmetic processor performs arithmetic processing for calculating the difference between a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110237966 - Device for blood flow property measurement and method of its connection: The device for blood flow property measurement in the body and the method of its connection to the subject enables to measure electrical impedance in the main parts of body simultaneously. The impedance is spatially localized in the particular scanning channels (5) both by the placement of the current electrodes... Agent:

20110237968 - Method, implantable medical device, and system for determining the condition of a heart valve (as amended): An implantable medical device has an impedance processor that determines impedance data reflective of the transvalvular impedance of a heart valve of a heart during a heart cycle. The determined impedance data are processed by a representation processor that estimates diastolic and systolic transvalvular impedance representations. A condition processor determines... Agent: St. Jude Medical Ab

20110237967 - Temporary electrode connection for wireless pacing systems: Delivery of an implantable wireless receiver-stimulator (R-S) into the heart using delivery catheter is described. R-S comprises a cathode and an anode and wirelessly receives and converts energy, such as acoustic ultrasound energy, to electrical energy to stimulate the heart. Conductive wires routed through the delivery system temporarily connect R-S... Agent: Ebr Systems, Inc.

20110237969 - Gas sampling line: A gas sampling line having a channel for conducting respiratory gases from a patient respiratory interface to a gas monitor, the gas sampling line comprising, i.a., a gas sampling tube comprised of a polyether block amide material, the polyether segments of which comprise polyethyleneoxide. Use of a tube comprised of... Agent:

20110237970 - Determining elastance and resistance: The elastance and a resistance of a subject being ventilated are determined. The determination of elastance and resistance of the breathing of the subject is made without adjusting the ventilation of the subject to facilitate the determination. That is, the determination of elastance and resistance of the subject is made... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110237971 - Discrete choice modeling using neuro-response data: A system obtains neuro-response data as well as survey based data during discrete choice modeling to evaluate subject decision making processes. A discrete choice model evaluates a decision made by a subject as a function of multiple variables. Neuro-response data vectors and orthogonal survey based data vectors are weighted and... Agent: Neurofocus, Inc.

20110237972 - Noninvasive measurement of uterine emg propagation and power spectrum frequency to predict true preterm labor and delivery: A method operable to more accurately predict true preterm labor and delivery is provided. Trans-abdominal uterine electromyography (EMG) and power spectrum (PS) analysis can identify electrical signals characteristic of labor at term and preterm with relatively high positive and negative predictive values. The use of propagation velocity (PV) of uterine... Agent:

20110237973 - Method for using a silver-silver chloride needle electrode system: A method for using a needle electrode system for acquiring biopotential signals from a person's body. The needle electrode system comprises at least one silver-silver chloride needle electrode and at least one connector coupled with a monitoring device. The needle electrode system senses and sends biopotential signals to the monitoring... Agent:

20110237974 - Neural monitoring system: A system for detecting the presence of a nerve within a subject includes a stimulator configured to provide a stimulus to a portion of the subject, a sensing device configured to be placed in communication with a muscle of the subject and to generate an output signal corresponding to a... Agent: Innovative Surgical Solutions, LLC

20110237975 - Multiple biopsy device: A biopsy device includes a first jaw and a second jaw pivotally connected to the first jaw through a pivot. The second jaw has a lever arm extending rearward from the pivot when the second jaw is closed. A wire having an end is connected to the lever arm of... Agent: United States Endoscopy Group, Inc.

20110237976 - Biopsy device having hemostatic control: A biopsy device assembly performs a biopsy of an anatomical tissue of a patient. The biopsy device assembly includes a housing and a biopsy device that extends out of the housing and that collects and cuts anatomical tissue from the patient. The biopsy device assembly further includes a hemostatic agent... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110237977 - Device for collecting first pass urine: A device for collecting a sample of the first pass portion of urine voided by a donor isolated from the midstream portion of the urine comprises a first part (1) comprising an opening at its upper end (4) adapted to receive urine voided by a donor, a urine collection body... Agent:

20110237978 - Blood test apparatus and method of controlling the same: A blood test apparatus having a simple constitution whereby stable measurement can be conducted by surely sampling the blood in an amount being small but sufficient for the test without placing too much burden on a patient. When a first skin contact sensor of this apparatus detects the skin, driving... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110237979 - Precision depth control lancing tip: A bodily fluid sampling device is operable to lance with a precise depth and express fluid from both fingertip and alternate sites. In one form, the device is operable to adjust the penetration depth of the lancet into the skin. The bodily fluid sampling device includes a lancet adapted to... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20110237980 - Assessment and classification system: The present invention provides assessment of cranial deformities. One embodiment for providing an on-line assessment comprises providing a server; and providing a database accessible by the server. The database comprises a plurality of image sets. Each image set comprises a plurality of images of a corresponding head shape selected from... Agent: Cranial Technologies, Inc.

09/22/2011 > 93 patent applications in 66 patent subcategories.

20110230700 - Expandable brachytherapy apparatus and methods for using them: Brachytherapy treatment apparatus are provided that include an elongate body including a core member and an outer member surrounding and movable relative to the core member. One or more helical catheters are provided on a distal portion of the elongate body, e.g., including distal ends coupled to the core member... Agent: Cianna Medical, Inc.

20110230701 - Electrical and magnetic stimulators used to treat migraine/sinus headache and comorbid disorders: Non-invasive electrical nerve stimulation devices and magnetic stimulation devices are disclosed, along with methods of treating medical disorders using energy that is delivered noninvasively by such devices. The disorders comprise migraine and other primary headaches such as cluster headaches, including sinus symptoms that resemble an immune-mediated response (“sinus” headaches), irrespective... Agent: Electrocore, LLC.

20110230702 - Device, system, and method for treating sleep apnea: In an embodiment, a mask is used to position electrodes on a user so current traveling between the electrodes can stimulate nerves that control the geometry of the mask user's airway (e.g., pharynx, neck, throat, mouth, trachea, and the like). In an embodiment, a collar is used to position electrodes... Agent:

20110230705 - Method for soft tissue anchoring with introducer: A method of providing support to an anatomical structure of the pelvis includes making a vaginal incision for providing access for placement of a mesh support device below a urethra of a patient without penetrating an abdominal wall of the patient. The mesh support device includes a sling portion and... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110230704 - Sling assembly with secure and convenient attachment: Surgical articles that are conveniently and securely coupled are disclosed. Improved surgical procedures are also disclosed.... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20110230703 - Surgical instrument and method for the treatment of urinary incontinence: A surgical assembly including an introducer having a handle portion and a needle portion, and at least a first retaining device extending outwardly therefrom. The assembly also includes first and second sheath elements each having a proximal end, a closed tissue penetrating distal end, a channel extending therein and a... Agent:

20110230708 - Adjustable surgical implant for pelvic anatomy: A surgical system includes an implant for supporting pelvic anatomy. The implant includes a first suspending member, a second suspending member, and a support portion. The first and second suspending members are formed as flexible strips that extend from proximal to distal ends, the distal ends including first and second... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110230709 - Pass through introducer and sling: A system for providing support to an anatomical structure of the pelvis includes a surgical implant and an introducer. The surgical implant includes first and second soft tissue anchors and a support. The first soft tissue anchor has a proximal end and a distal end and an introducer channel extending... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110230707 - Pelvic implant system and method: A pelvic Implant system is provided. The system can include one or more implant devices (11) to treat incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders or dysfunctions. The system can include one or more implant devices having an extension portion (12) (e.g., mesh), one or more tip portions (14,16) (e.g., self-fixating... Agent:

20110230706 - Surgical manipulator: Surgical Manipulator A surgical manipulator (10) is disclosed which employs a suction cup (30) to hold body parts (50) whilst the manipulator is moved to manipulate the body part (50). Suction at the cup (30) is provided by means of a central passage (16) running through an extension (20) and... Agent:

20110230710 - Method for using variable direction of view endoscopy in conjunction with image guided surgical systems: A method for a variable direction of view endoscope used in combination with an image guided surgical system to provide new diagnostic and surgical capabilities. The method provides the following capabilities: greatly improved endoscopic orientation capabilities, global monitoring of endoscopic viewing direction, and greatly improved surgical approach and procedure planning.... Agent:

20110230711 - Endoscopic surgical instrument: An endoscopic surgical instrument includes a wiping section that is provided at a tip part of a insertion section and is pivoted to wipe off extraneous matter adhering to an observation surface provided at a tip part of an endoscope inserted through a grip section and the insertion section, an... Agent:

20110230713 - Laparoscope with adjustable shaft: A laparoscope with an elongated rigid shaft, including an observation device at its distal end and a handle body at its proximal end, with a main body disposed at a distance from the handle body and connected thereto by a connecting piece, wherein the connecting piece is designed such that... Agent: Olympus Winter & Ibe Gmbh

20110230712 - Medical system: A medical system includes an endoscope which is a first medical instrument, a gas supply apparatus which is a second medical instrument that supplies a gas to an insertion site at which an insertion portion of the endoscope is inserted, a biological information acquiring apparatus which is a biological information... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110230715 - electronic endoscope system, an electronic endoscope processor, and a method of acquiring blood vessel information: The system includes an illuminating unit, an electronic endoscope, a unit for outputting first image data having different wavelength bands from the imaging signal, a unit for producing blood vessel information from the first image data, a unit for setting a given region in an image as reference value region,... Agent:

20110230714 - Method for clearing a body lumen environment: An in vivo sensing device and system may contain or be used in conjunction with an image sensor and a body lumen clearing element or agent. A method may enable clearing a body lumen for in vivo sensing while using the device of the invention.... Agent: Given Imaging Ltd.

20110230716 - Endoscope cleaning sheath: An endoscope cleaning sheath includes a flexible tube body that is mounted to an insertion portion having a bending portion included in an endoscope, and that has a plurality of through-holes parallel to a longitudinal axis; and a cylindrical distal end nozzle that is provided at a distal end portion... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110230717 - Flexible endoscope external joint: An endoscope including a deflection section, an objective head, a deflection section cover and a sleeve. The deflection section comprises a flexible frame. The objective head is connected to a front end of the deflection section. The deflection section cover extends over the deflection section and extends over a portion... Agent: Gyrus Acmi, Inc.

20110230718 - Medical flexible section and insertion section of medical apparatus: A medical flexible section includes an inner tube body which has a first bend allowing section configured to allow bending in a predetermined direction provided on a side surface thereof and forms a duct and an outer tube body which has a second bend allowing section configured to allow bending... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110230720 - Endoscopic device having spray mechanism and related methods of use: Various embodiments of a surgical device that combines tissue cutting and spraying in a single device and related methods of use are disclosed. The device may include an elongated member having a proximal end and a distal end, an end effector proximate the distal end of the elongated member, and... Agent: Boston Scientific Limited

20110230719 - Image capturing method and apparatus: In an image capturing apparatus in which irradiation light emitted from a light source is projected onto an observation area through an irradiation window, reflection light of the irradiation light incident on the irradiation window and reflected from the window is detected and a liquid is discharged onto the irradiation... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110230721 - Side-viewing endoscope structure: The present invention discloses a side-viewing endoscope structure including a front tubular section, an intermediate tubular section, a rear cap and an optical imaging unit. The front tubular section includes a tube, a reflector holder, and a reflector. The tube includes a main body and a coupling portion. The reflector... Agent: Medical Intubation Technology Corporation

20110230722 - Illumination unit, endoscope having illumination unit and illumination probe having illumination unit which is inserted into endoscopic channel: An illumination unit includes a distal end frame member having a through opening, a plurality of illumination sections, and a holding member which is arranged in the through opening and holds the illumination sections to incline the illumination sections at a desired angle with respect an opening surface of the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110230723 - Active instrument port system for minimally-invasive surgical procedures: An access system for surgical procedures includes an insertion tube having a distal end and a lumen, a pair of instrument delivery tubes extending through the lumen of the insertion tube, each instrument delivery tube having a fixed longitudinal position relative to the insertion tube and a steerable distal portion... Agent:

20110230724 - Seal assembly for use with an access device: A surgical access device for use during a surgical procedure is disclosed and includes a housing, an access member and a seal assembly. The access member extends distally from the housing and is dimensioned for positioning within tissue. The seal assembly is disposed in mechanical cooperation at least partially within... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110230725 - Surgical instrument: The present disclosure relates to a surgical instrument having a first elongated member and a second elongated member and a connector pivotably interconnecting the first elongated member and the second elongated member, where the first elongated member includes a partially or completely circumscribed opening, and the second elongated member includes... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110230726 - Magnetically secured surgical station with force modulation: An anchoring device for use within a body cavity during a surgical procedure is disclosed. The anchoring device includes an external assembly, an internal assembly, a controller, and a module. The external assembly has a first magnetic component. The internal assembly has a second magnetic component. The internal assembly is... Agent:

20110230727 - Methods and devices for treating sleep apnea: An implantable tissue retractor for treatment of a breathing disorder and related methods. The implantable tissue retractor comprises a shaft sized for insertion into a soft tissue located in a patient's oral cavity or pharynx. The implantable tissue retractor also comprises a retractor member at or near a first end... Agent: Linguaflex , Inc.

20110230728 - Stroboscopic ophthlamic illuminator: An ophthalmic illuminator is provided that includes a pulse generator to provide amplified pulses and an amplifier to amplify the current pulses to produce amplified pulses. A light source within the ophthalmic illuminator is driven by the amplified pulses so as to stroboscopically illuminate a vibrating ophthalmic surgical tool within... Agent:

20110230729 - Blood pressure measurement device for measuring at appropriate timing: A blood pressure measurement device includes a finger cuff for measuring a blood oxygen saturation level of a subject as physiological information excluding a blood pressure, a pulse wave detecting portion, and an oxygen saturation level calculating portion, where a start of blood pressure measurement in a sphygmomanometer is determined... Agent: Jichi Medical University

20110230731 - Method, device and computer program product for determining an indicator of general clinical state: A method, device, and computer program product for determining a clinical index indicative of a general clinical state of a subject in terms of planned care are disclosed. A set of physiological parameters determined from the subject is selected for the type of care to be applied to the subject.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110230730 - Method, system and computer program product for limb movement analysis for diagnosis of convulsions: A method or system is provided for diagnosing convulsions of a subject. The method or system may include two general components. First, a device or apparatus that measures and accumulates an electronic data stream representing the physical movements of the human limb(s) and presents that data to a suitable computational... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20110230732 - System utilizing physiological monitoring and electronic media for health improvement: The present invention generally relates to the use of physiological monitoring to enable an individualized response, e.g. feedback, recommendations, rewards or guidance to be presented to the individual within the context of electronic media. Specifically, the response is preferably based upon measured physiological data obtained while the individual is not... Agent: Philometron, Inc.

20110230733 - Wellness analysis system: A wellness analyzer is in communications with sensors that generate real-time physiological data from a patient. The wellness analyzer is also in communications with databases that provide non-real-time information relevant to a medical-related assessment of the patient. In a diagnostic mode, a monitor layer inputs the sensor data and adjunct... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20110230734 - Communication device, communication system and communication method for an implantable medical device: A communication device for an implantable medical device may include: an input/output interface configured to communicate with a wireless communication device; a communication interface configured to communicate with a remote system; and a processor configured to perform an analysis of data received from the wireless communication device via the input/output... Agent:

20110230735 - Analyte sensor apparatuses having improved electrode configurations and methods for making and using them: Embodiments of the invention provide analyte sensors having optimized elements and/or configurations of elements as well as methods for making and using such sensors. Typical embodiments of the invention include glucose sensors used in the management of diabetes.... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110230736 - Device and method for drug evaluation and local treatment: Described here are devices, systems, and kits for delivering substances to tissues. The devices generally include one or more chambers (102) and a reservoir (108) within each chamber. The reservoir may locally deliver a microdose amount of a substance to a target tissue. In some variations, a microdose amount is... Agent: Ninepoint Medical, Inc.

20110230737 - Device and method for early diagnosis and prognosis of healing progressions, in particular for bone injuries: The invention relates to a device comprising: i) a sample-receiving unit (20), said sample-receiving unit (20) comprising a cavity (24) for receiving sample material, means (22) for applying pressure in a regulatable and/or controllable fashion to sample material located in the cavity, and an outlet (25), said outlet (25) being... Agent: Charit&#xc9 - Universit&#xc3 Tsmedizin Berlin

20110230738 - Optical examination of biological tissue using non-contact irradiation and detection: An optical system for examination of biological tissue includes a light source, a light detector, optics and electronics. The light source generates a light beam, transmitted to the biological tissue, spaced apart from the source. The light detector is located away (i.e., in a non-contact position) from the examined biological... Agent:

20110230739 - Transcutaneous organ function measurement: A sensor plaster (116) for the transcutaneous measurement of an organ function, more particularly of a kidney function, is proposed. The sensor plaster (116) comprises at least one flexible carrier element (134) having at least one adhesive surface (138) which can be stuck onto a body surface. Furthermore, the sensor... Agent:

20110230740 - Method and apparatus for determining the hematocrit of a blood sample utilizing the intrinsic pigmentation of hemoglobin contained within the red blood cells: A method for determining the hematocrit of a blood sample is provided that includes the steps of: 1) depositing the sample into an analysis chamber adapted to quiescently hold the sample for analysis, the chamber defined by the interior surfaces of first and second panels and a height extending there... Agent: Abbott Point Of Care, Inc.

20110230741 - Methods and systems for observing sensor parameters: The invention disclosed herein provides methods and materials for observing the state of a sensor, for example those used by diabetic patients to monitor blood glucose levels. Typically a voltage such as a voltage pulse is applied to the sensor in order to solicit a current response from which for... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110230742 - Tracheal tube sensor disposed on permeable membrane: Various embodiments of an tracheal tube having a sensor coupled to a selectively permeable membrane are provided. In some embodiments, the membrane may be permeable to one or more blood gases and/or blood analytes. Certain embodiments of the endotracheal tube may be capable of deploying the sensor during intubation to... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110230743 - Self contained in-vitro diagnostic device: A portable apparatus for measuring a glucose level of a user having: a card-like member; a processor within the card-like member; at least one glucose sensor comprising a reagent, the glucose sensor generating a signal indicative of a measured glucose level upon application of a blood sample to the glucose... Agent:

20110230744 - System and apparatus for the non-invasive measurement of glucose levels in blood: A system for estimating the glucose levels in blood is developed in the present invention. Said system establishes a physiological model of the pulse wave and its energy, which are also correlated with the glucose metabolic function, for generating a fixed length vector containing the values of the previous model... Agent: Sabirmedical, S.l.

20110230745 - Motion artifact rejection microelectrode: An electrode system for the measurement of biopotential signals includes a substrate. A microelectrode is coupled to the substrate. An accelerometer is coupled to the substrate. A biopotential amplifier is electrically coupled to the microelectrode and acceleration measurement circuit is electrically coupled to the accelerometer. A method of measuring a... Agent: General Electric Company

20110230746 - Method, implantable medical device, and system for determining the condition of a heart valve: An implantable medical device has an impedance processor for determining atrial impedance data reflective of the cardiogenic impedance of an atrium of a heart during diastole and/or systole of heart cycle. Ventricular impedance data reflective of the cardiogenic impedance of a ventricle during diastole and/or systole are also determined. The... Agent: St. Jude Medical Ab

20110230747 - Implantable biomedical devices on bioresorbable substrates: Provided herein are implantable biomedical devices and methods of administering implantable biomedical devices, making implantable biomedical devices, and using implantable biomedical devices to actuate a target tissue or sense a parameter associated with the target tissue in a biological environment.... Agent:

20110230748 - Method and apparatus for measuring heart rate: The main principle of the invention is that measurement of the heart rate occurs by wireline with the fixed ECG electrodes according to FIG. 1. The electronics that are unnecessary for the wireless receiver are removed from what is in itself a prior-art pulse counter and also the wireless pulse... Agent:

20110230749 - Conductive silicone material for human skin electrode: A conductive silicone material for human skin electrode is disclosed. In one embodiment, the conductive silicone material comprises a mixture of silicone and carbon powder such that the mixture has a resistivity of 0.08 to 0.12 Ω·m and a Shore A hardness of 50 to 60. In an exemplary embodiment,... Agent: Idt Technology Limited

20110230750 - Measuring apparatus: The present invention provides a measuring apparatus having: a first probe including a first acoustic conversion element that transmits an ultrasound wave, receives the ultrasound wave after the ultrasound wave is reflected by an object, and converts the ultrasound wave into an analog signal; a second probe including a second... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110230751 - Method and apparatus for image processing for computer-aided eye surgery: Image processing for computer-aided eye-surgery includes acquiring a reference image of the eye and enriching said reference image by inserting additional context information which are helpful for a surgeon when performing the eye surgery. The reference image is registered with a real time image of the eye. The context information... Agent: Senso-motoric Instruments Gesellschaft Fur Innovative Sensorik

20110230752 - Screening test for recognizing prostate diseases and apparatus and diagnosis substance for carrying out the test: In a screening test method, and a device for implementing the screening test method, a diagnostic substance is provided that contains at least one biomarker connected with at least one ferromagnetic particle, the biomarker binding specifically to a target molecule that is formed by specific pathological prostrate tissue. The diagnostic... Agent:

20110230753 - Fluid circuits for temperature control in a thermal therapy system: A system and method for fluid control in a thermal therapy system is disclosed. A fluid circuit permits passage of a fluid through a fluid circuit, including into and out of a treatment zone so as to cool or heat or maintain a temperature in said treatment zone at or... Agent:

20110230754 - Therapeutic apparatus: A therapeutic apparatus comprising: a magnetic resonance imaging system adapted for acquiring a set of magnetic resonance imaging data in an imaging zone, wherein the magnetic resonance imaging system comprises a means for generating a magnetic field, a guiding means adapted for guiding a beam of charged particles to a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110230755 - Single camera motion measurement and monitoring for magnetic resonance applications: An optically-based rigid-body 6-DOF motion tracking system optimized for prospective (real-time) motion correction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) applications using a single camera with an on-board image processor, an IR illuminator and optical fiducial targets affixed to a patient. An angle extraction algorithm operated by the on-board image processor utilizes... Agent:

20110230756 - Fluid flow assessment: A method of assessing fluid flow in a body is provided which includes phase contrast velocity encoded MRI scanning the body to obtain the velocity of fluids flowing in each of a plurality of volume elements (voxels) in three orthogonal directions; determining whether the flow in each voxel (1) is... Agent: South African Medical Research Council

20110230757 - Active device tracking using light with orbital angular momentum to induce a hyperpolarized mri: One or more light beam endowed with photonic orbital angular momentum generating devices (18) are mounted at preselected locations on an insertable instrument (14) to hyperpolarize nuclear magnetic dipoles in a region of interest (80). The hyperpolarized nuclear magnetic dipoles are caused to resonate, generating magnetic resonance signals. A controller... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110230758 - System and method for determining the position of the tip of a medical catheter within the body of a patient: Method and system for determining the current position of a selected portion of a medical catheter inserted into a tubular organ (118) of the body of a patient, the method comprising the procedures of inserting a medical positioning system (MPS) (102) catheter into the tubular organ (118), acquiring a plurality... Agent:

20110230759 - Medical imaging device comprising radiographic acquisition means and guide means for ultrasound probe: A device for medical imaging is provided. The device includes an X-ray acquisition means configured to acquire data representative of an object. The X-ray acquisition means includes; an arm comprising a radiation source; a radiation detector; a planar object support; and a pad. The device further includes an ultrasound probe... Agent:

20110230761 - Method and composition for hyperthermally treating cells: A method and composition for hyperthermally diagnosing and monitoring treatment of cells in an animal with photoacoustic sound and nanoparticles. The heat (temperature) and photoacoustic sound wave production inside the target tissue is measured. The desired temperature is achieved using a laser and photoacoustic imaging technique. Hyperthermia treatment of tissue... Agent:

20110230760 - Raman imaging devices and methods of molecular imaging: In accordance with the purpose(s) of the present disclosure, as embodied and broadly described herein, embodiments of the present disclosure, in one aspect, relate to Raman imaging devices (e.g., Raman endoscope probes), methods of using Raman agents and Raman imaging devices to image or detect a signal, and the like.... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20110230762 - Compression device used in ultrasonic measurement, compression control method thereof, and photoacoustic measurement apparatus and control method thereof: A compression device for compressing a subject that is used in ultrasonic measurement that receives ultrasonic waves from the subject to acquire biological information of the subject, comprising: two compression plates that are used when compressing the subject, and that face each other in a vertical direction with respect to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110230763 - System and method for treating a therapeutic site: A targeting catheter is used to locate an arteriotomy, such as is formed during a femoral artery catheterization procedure. The targeting catheter includes one or more targeting aids, such as an inflatable balloon or sensor (e.g., Doppler or temperature sensor), to locate the arteriotomy. The targeting aid may be positioned... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20110230764 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, doppler measurement apparatus, and doppler measurement method: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus comprises a Doppler processing unit which generates a Doppler spectrum from an ultrasonic signal reflected from a predetermined region in a heart, a trace waveform generation unit which generates temporal changes in a predetermined spectrum component in the Doppler spectrum as a... Agent:

20110230765 - Motion synchronized destruction for three-dimensional reperfusion mapping in medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging: Destruction for reperfusion in medical diagnostic ultrasound is synchronized to motion. Perfusion data for a volume is acquired sequentially for different segments of the volume. For a given segment, such as a planar region, motion tracking within the segment is performed. If sufficient registration or correlation exists at the completion... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110230767 - Ultrasonic diagnostic device: An ultrasonic diagnostic device is characterized by being provided with a cooling mechanism for cooling an ultrasonic vibrator by circulating a refrigerant in a cable of an ultrasonic probe in which the ultrasonic vibrator is provided, a cooling abnormality detecting means for detecting the abnormal state of the cooling mechanism,... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110230766 - Ultrasound imaging modality improvement: An ultrasound imaging device is disclosed including a transducer with two elements having different operating frequencies, which are arranged to be coaxial. The device has four modes of use, the first mode of use being use of one element for imaging at a first depth range, the second mode of... Agent: Signostics Limited

20110230768 - Method and device for planning and performing a biopsy: The present invention relates to a method for planning an ultrasound guided biopsy of at least one region of interest in an organ comprising the steps of: a) obtaining backscattered 2D or 3D ultrasound data of a region of the organ, b) identifying one or more regions of interest in... Agent: Advanced Medical Diagnostics Holding S.a.

20110230769 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method: An information processing apparatus for performing authentication using veins of a living body part, the information processing apparatus includes: a visible light source configured to present through light emission the position on which to place the living body part; a light-receiving section configured to receive reflected light of the visible... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110230770 - Catheter probe arrangement for tissue analysis by radiant energy delivery and radiant energy collection: A catheter tip apparatus arranged in a catheter for the delivery and collection of a light-energy signal to permit subsequent computerized analysis of body tissue by the collected signal. The apparatus comprises an elongated housing supporting a first reflective surface and a second reflective surface. The first reflective surface and... Agent:

20110230771 - Heart failure status monitoring: Left atrial pressure and temperature of a patient are monitored to identify a normal wake state, a normal sleep state, and any deviation from those normal states (e.g., an alarm state). In the event an alarm state is identified, a determination is made as to whether to generate an indication... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20110230772 - Method and device for invasive blood pressure measurement in a vascular access: A device and method for invasive blood pressure measurement in a vascular access under continuous blood flows in a treatment device in extracorporeal detoxification methods is provided. Systemic arterial pressure is directly measured using an existing vascular access for dialysis, or in which the systemic arterial pressure and the temporal... Agent: Cellumetrix Ug

20110230773 - Method of deriving central aortic systolic pressure values and method for analysing an arterial dataset to derive the same: A method, system and computer readable medium for deriving central aortic systolic pressure by reversing the order of a set of predetermined number of blood pressure measurements to obtain a reversed blood pressure set; averaging the reversed blood pressure set such that the average set represents a moving average waveform;... Agent: Healthstats International Pte Ltd

20110230774 - Device for measuring information regarding blood pressure: With a measurement device attached to the upper arm as a master, a measurement device, which is a slave, attached to the ankle is controlled to measure a pulse wave in synchronization. The measurement device on the master side obtains a measurement result from the measurement device on the slave... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110230775 - Imaging apparatus for imaging a heart: An imaging apparatus for imaging a heart is provided, wherein the imaging of the heart is improved such that conclusions about regions of the heart having an abnormal behaviour can be made more accurate and more optimal. The imaging apparatus comprises a first site determination unit for determining a first... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110230776 - Apparatus and method for detecting and filtering artifacts by analysis of a cardiac vectogram: Apparatus and method for detecting and filtering noise artifacts by analysis of a cardiac vectogram is disclosed. An active medical device collects electrical activity signals of a patient's heart over a series of cardiac cycles. At least two distinct temporal components (Vbip, Vuni) are obtained from at least two endocardial... Agent: Sorin Crm S.a.s.

20110230777 - Lightweight wheeze detection methods and systems: Lightweight wheeze detection methods and systems for portable respiratory health monitoring devices conserve computing resources in portable respiratory health monitoring devices by employing lightweight algorithm that calculates a partial STFT image of a respiratory signal that includes all data points necessary for wheeze detection but excludes many data points that... Agent:

20110230778 - Methods and devices for continual respiratory monitoring using adaptive windowing: Methods and devices for continual respiratory monitoring of a human subject using adaptive windowing provide continual estimates of the respiration period of the subject by continually buffering and evaluating samples of a respiratory signal in which the subject's breath sounds are embodied, and dynamically adjust the sampling window length based... Agent:

20110230779 - Breathing transition detection: Detecting transitions in a breathing cycle which includes using a second derivative 54 of a flow waveform 51 to find breathing transitions 51c in the waveform 51.... Agent:

20110230780 - Work of breathing display for a ventilation system: A breathing support system is provided. The system may include a breathing support device configured to deliver gas to a patient and a display device associated with the breathing support device. The display device may be configured to display a graphic indicating one or more measures regarding the patient's work... Agent:

20110230781 - Apparatus and method for dementia diagnosis through eeg (electroencephalogram) analysis: The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for early diagnosis of dementia which measure and evaluate dimensional complexity or the generation of synchronized brain wave signals on a specific frequency or in a specific frequency band, based on the brain wave signals measured from a multi-channel brain wave... Agent:

20110230783 - Neural event detection: A method of detecting an induced muscle response includes monitoring a mechanical parameter of a muscle; computing an amount of muscle jerk from the monitored parameter; comparing the computed muscle jerk to a jerk threshold; and identifying the occurrence of an induced muscle response if the computed muscle jerk exceeds... Agent: Innovative Surgical Solutions, LLC

20110230782 - Neural monitoring sensor: A sensing device for detecting a muscle event includes a mechanical sensor, such as an accelerometer, that is configured to provide a signal corresponding to a mechanical movement of a muscle, a plurality of electrodes disposed on the sensing device; and a contact detection device coupled with the plurality of... Agent: Innovative Surgical Solutions, LLC

20110230784 - Use of impedance techniques in breast-mass detection: A device is described for measuring electrical characteristics of biological tissues with plurality of electrodes and a processor controlling the stimulation and measurement in order to detect the presence of abnormal tissue masses in the breast and determine probability of tumors containing malignant cancer cells being present in a breast.... Agent:

20110230785 - Somatosensory evoked potential (ssep) automated alert system: A processor, system, and method for alerting a surgeon to the potential of a peripheral sensory nerve injury is provided. The technology stimulates a peripheral nerve, such as the median nerve, proximate the wrist of a patient and registers the sensory evoked potential (SEP) using a cranium electrode. The SEP... Agent: Pronerve, LLC

20110230786 - Hearing testing device: A portable wireless hearing testing device, the device including: left and right earpieces connected together by a headband and arranged as headphones; the left and right earpiece each including an earpiece housing shaped to surround the left and right ears of a subject respectively to substantially prevent ambient sounds reaching... Agent:

20110230787 - Blood test device and test method: A blood test device whereby a used sensor can be discarded without staining the holding part after the completion of blood measurement. In this device, a blood sensor (23), which collects blood oozing out from the punctured skin and analyzes the blood components, is held between a first holder (25a)... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110230788 - Methods and systems for sensing on body of patient: Methods and systems for identifying a strain history of a portion of a body of a patient are disclosed. The method includes measuring an electrical response of at least one thin-film sensor of a sensor apparatus that is applied to the portion of the body of the patient to obtain... Agent:

20110230789 - Sensor for measuring motor function, a plastic band, and a device for measuring motor function: This invention provides a sensor or its related art to be easily used for measuring motor function of living body. This invention relates to a sensor for measuring motor function, which includes a magnetic field generator attached to one of two predetermined positions in a living body changing mutual distance... Agent: Hitachi Computer Peripherals Co., Ltd.

20110230791 - Fall detection and/or prevention systems: There is provided a fall detection and/or prevention system, comprising one or more sensors for detecting characteristics of movement of a user of the fall detection and/or prevention system and for generating corresponding signals; processing means for analyzing the signals from the one or more sensors using a fall detection... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110230790 - Method and system for sleep monitoring, regulation and planning: A method for operating a sleep phase actigraphy synchronized alarm clock that communicates with a remote sleep database, such as an internet server database, and compares user physiological parameters, sleep settings, and actigraphy data with a large database that may include data collected from a large number of other users... Agent:

20110230792 - Motion assessment system and method: A system and method of motion assessment for use in medical analysis and treatment of motion impairments. The system is configured to stimulate, monitor and analyse voluntary movements of a subject. A surround-display is used to stimulate movement of the subject, a motion tracker monitors the movements of the subject,... Agent:

09/15/2011 > 107 patent applications in 68 patent subcategories.

20110224476 - Method and apparatus for treatment of discogenic pain: A back pain treatment system includes a patient support, a radiation source, a radiation delivery mechanism, and a treatment planning computer adapted to control the radiation delivery mechanism. The treatment planning computer is programmed to deliver radiation from the radiation source to a treatment volume including a blood vessel.... Agent: Spinal Generations, LLC

20110224475 - Robotic mobile anesthesia system: A mobile anesthesia system has a patient support configured for use with a robotic patient positioning system. There is a sliding rail system disposed on the patient support and an anesthesia machine coupled to the slide rail system. Through use of the rail system(s) on the patient support a anesthesia... Agent:

20110224477 - Therapeutic device combining radiation therapy and thermotherapy: The disclosure relates to a therapeutic device for treatment of a patient, particularly for cancer treatment, which includes a radiation therapy apparatus for applying an ionizing radiation to the patient, and an integrated thermotherapeutic heating device for inducing a regional hyperthermia in the patient.... Agent: Helmholtz Zentrum M&#xfc Nchen Deutsches Forschungszentrum F&#xfc R Gesundheit Und Umwelt (gmbh)

20110224478 - Assembly for performing brachytherapy treatment of a tumour tissue in an animal body: This invention relates to an assembly for performing brachytherapy treatment of tumour tissue in an animal body comprising at least a longitudinally extending intracavitary component and at least a guiding unit which extends at least partly parallel to said intracavitary component. Said guiding unit comprises at least one interstitial needle... Agent:

20110224479 - Eddy current induced hyperthermia using conductive particles: Technologies are generally described for hyperthermia based treatment of diseased tissues using conductive particles. Conductive particles of known composition and size distribution may be implanted in diseased tissue and exposed to an alternating magnetic field, which may be tuned to the size of the metal particles to induce eddy currents... Agent: Empire Technology Development, LLC

20110224480 - Emf probe configurations for electro-modulation of ionic channels of cells and methods of use thereof: A system for pattern recognition of cell and tissue malfunction and for treatment of such malfunction is presented. When a malfunction is recognized by a search signal or field, it is expressed as a waveform and an audio transform thereof. A malfunction pattern generally appears as a weak or static... Agent:

20110224481 - Spheno-temporal bone conduction communication equipment and/or hearing aid equipment: A spheno-temporal bone conduction communication equipment and/or hearing aid includes a system device, a bone skin conduction oscillator and a carrier device for supporting said abovementioned devices. The carrier device has a structural body, and the structural body allows the supported bone skin conduction oscillator in close contact with the... Agent: Neovictory Technology Co., Ltd.

20110224482 - Intimate inseminator: A sexual device to be worn externally by a woman, man, or transgender person, that will allow said wearer to artificially inseminate a sexual partner by use of pseudo natural means. That is, a harness device constructed material so that the frontal lobe of the device is a dildo with... Agent:

20110224483 - Vein harvesting system and method: A tissue illumination system and a method for harvesting a section of a blood vessel from a patient's body for further use. The tissue illumination system includes a light catheter inserted into a lumen of the blood vessel section to illuminate the vessel section and vessel side branches with an... Agent: Embro Corporation

20110224484 - Methods for modifying vascular vessel walls: This invention relates in one aspect to the treatment of a vascular vessel with a biomaterial. The biomaterial can be a remodelable material that strengthens and/or supports the vessel walls. Additionally the biomaterial can include a variety of naturally occurring or added bioactive agents and/or viable cellular populations.... Agent:

20110224485 - Picture in picture clip applier video system: An endoscopic video system for visualizing an internal body cavity is provided. The endoscopic video system may include a first instrument and a second instrument. The first instrument may include a light configured to illuminate the cavity, and a first camera configured to capture first images of the illuminated cavity.... Agent: Microline Surgical, Inc.

20110224486 - Minimally invasive surgical stabilization devices and methods: The various embodiments of the present inventions provide stabilization devices and methods for use of the stabilization devices with minimally invasive gynecological procedures such as methods of preventing pregnancy by inserting intrafallopian contraceptive devices into the fallopian tubes.... Agent:

20110224488 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes an endoscope that includes an endoscope tip member at a rigid unit of a tip of the endoscope, and a cooling mechanism for cooling the endoscope tip member. The endoscope tip member includes at least an imaging element unit, an illuminating unit, and a cooling mechanism... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110224487 - Image pickup module, manufacturing method thereof, and endoscopic device: Size reduction of an image pickup module is promoted, and reliability of electric connection and electric noise resistance are improved by decreasing the numbers of components and connection spots. The problems are solved by providing an image pickup module including a solid-state image pickup element chip having an image pickup... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110224489 - Medical immobilization device and related methods of use: Embodiments of the invention are directed to a medical device and methods of immobilizing and retrieving material from a body. The medical device, in an embodiment, includes an elongated member having a length extending from a distal end to a proximal end, and the elongated member having a first lumen... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110224490 - In-vivo examination system: An in-vivo examination system includes a body-insertable apparatus that moves in a subject; and an external device that acquires information about an inside of the subject. The external device includes a location acquiring unit that acquires a plurality of first locations of the body-insertable apparatus in the subject; a trajectory... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110224491 - Device and method for deploying cap on endoscope: A system is disclosed for assisting in endoscopic procedures. The method comprises a cap and a device for deploying a cap on the endoscope while the endoscope is positioned within a body lumen. A method of deploying a cap on an endoscope during an endoscopic procedure is disclosed. The method... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20110224492 - Multiple-channel endoscopic biopsy sheath: Embodiments of the invention provide devices and associated methods for use when performing endoscopic procedures. According to one aspect, a sheath positionable within a working channel of an endoscopic device, and adapted for receiving one or more instruments, is provided. The sheath can include a first channel and a second... Agent:

20110224493 - Ear ailment diagnostic device and method: An ear ailment diagnostic device and method in accordance with the present disclosure generally comprises a pair of earpieces, which both further comprise a light source, a magnification lens, an air conduction channel and a miniature camera. The earpieces may optionally comprise a thermometer and/or tympanometer. Each earpiece is coupled... Agent:

20110224494 - Arrangements and methods for effecting an endoluminal anatomical structure: Exemplary embodiments of devices and method for affecting at least one anatomical tissue can be provided. A configuration can be provided that includes a structure which is expandable (i) having and/or (ii) forming at least one opening or a working space through which the anatomical tissue(s) is placed in the... Agent: Macroplata, Inc.

20110224495 - Surgical access port: A surgical access port apparatus includes a portal member including an outer wall defining a longitudinal axis and having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen configured to allow a surgical instrument to pass therethrough and a securing member operatively connected to the distal end of the outer... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110224496 - Tissue retractor and method of use: Methods and devices for retracting tissue in a surgical procedure to allow access to the surgical site. Retractor systems and methods that comprise a retractor frame comprising rotatable arms and a linearly translatable arm, the rotatable arms and the linearly translatable arm each coupled to blades that can angulate.... Agent:

20110224497 - Tissue retractor and methods of use: Methods and devices for retracting tissue in a surgical procedure to allow access to the surgical site. Retractor systems and methods that comprise a retractor frame comprising rotatable arms and a linearly translatable arm, the rotatable arms and the linearly translatable arm each coupled to blades that can angulate. Systems... Agent:

20110224498 - Body-worn vital sign monitor: The invention provides a body-worn vital sign monitor that measures a patient's vital signs (e.g. blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature) while simultaneously characterizing their activity state (e.g. resting, walking, convulsing, falling) and posture (upright, supine). The monitor processes this information to minimize corruption of the vital... Agent: Sotera Wireless, Inc.

20110224499 - Body-worn vital sign monitor: The invention provides a body-worn vital sign monitor that measures a patient's vital signs (e.g. blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature) while simultaneously characterizing their activity state (e.g. resting, walking, convulsing, falling) and posture (upright, supine). The monitor processes this information to minimize corruption of the vital... Agent: Sotera Wireless, Inc.

20110224500 - Body-worn vital sign monitor: The invention provides a body-worn vital sign monitor that measures a patient's vital signs (e.g. blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature) while simultaneously characterizing their activity state (e.g. resting, walking, convulsing, falling) and posture (upright, supine). The monitor processes this information to minimize corruption of the vital... Agent: Sotera Wireless, Inc.

20110224501 - In-home health monitoring apparatus and system: A health monitoring system that allows users to maintain an autonomous lifestyle while providing health observation and reporting for family members, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. The system is supported by a network for critical, round-the-clock health monitoring and remote care, and may be used in the home or elsewhere. In... Agent:

20110224504 - Automated probe placement device: A probe includes a handle and an elongated shaft with proximal and distal ends. The elongated shaft includes a plurality of axial holding tube projections to house a corresponding plurality of measurement probes. The probe further includes an actuation system to operably engage each of the plurality of measurement probes... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110224506 - Body-worn vital sign monitor: The invention provides a body-worn vital sign monitor that measures a patient's vital signs (e.g. blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature) while simultaneously characterizing their activity state (e.g. resting, walking, convulsing, falling) and posture (upright, supine). The monitor processes this information to minimize corruption of the vital... Agent: Sotera Wireless, Inc.

20110224507 - Body-worn vital sign monitor: The invention provides a body-worn vital sign monitor that measures a patient's vital signs (e.g. blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature) while simultaneously characterizing their activity state (e.g. resting, walking, convulsing, falling) and posture (upright, supine). The monitor processes this information to minimize corruption of the vital... Agent: Sotera Wireless, Inc.

20110224508 - Body-worn vital sign monitor: The invention provides a body-worn vital sign monitor that measures a patient's vital signs (e.g. blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature) while simultaneously characterizing their activity state (e.g. resting, walking, convulsing, falling) and posture (upright, supine). The monitor processes this information to minimize corruption of the vital... Agent: Sotera Wireless, Inc.

20110224503 - Electro diagnostic functional assessment unit (efa-3): An Electro Diagnostic Functional Assessment Unit (EFA-3) that is designed to wirelessly monitor muscle group activity and to provide treatment for humans and animals. The muscle groups include the body, fascial, cervical, thoracic, upper and lower extremities, lumbosacral, bladder, cardiac, and rectal. In large animals the muscle groups include torso,... Agent:

20110224502 - Method and apparatus for diagnosis and treatment: An apparatus and method for performing multiple measurements and diagnoses simultaneously, in terms of body function, have a data processing element, a data acquisition module connected to the processing element, an optional treatment output module connected to the processing element, a user control module connected to the processing element, optionally... Agent:

20110224511 - Method and system for measuring vital functions of human body: Method and system for measuring the activity of the functions of the body of a person, wherein the vital functions are measured wirelessly with a portable activity measuring apparatus. For measuring an activity a sensor or sensors, e.g. activity sensors, blood pressure sensors, ECG sensors or heart pulse sensors, that... Agent:

20110224509 - Secured personal data handling and management system: A system, method and personal apparatus for managing highly secured personal data is provided. The system and the personal apparatus are complementary, both providing highly secured personal data, mass, safe and secured data access, storage and management solutions, while serving the needs for managing and exchanging secured personal data with... Agent:

20110224510 - Systems and methods for bedding with sleep diagnostics: Systems and methods described herein relate to a sleep diagnostic system including a mattress assembly, a plurality of sensors, data acquisition circuitry, an input device, a sleep processor, and a display device. The mattress assembly may have a sleeping surface, and the plurality of sensors may be disposed within the... Agent: Dreamwell, Ltd.

20110224505 - User wearable portable communicative device: A user wearable portable communicative device and a method for establishing a communication between a remote health care monitoring center and a portable communicative device are disclosed. The portable communicative device includes a location tracking module for tracking a current location of the user through a communication network, a plurality... Agent:

20110224514 - Implantable sensor element: The invention relates to a sensor element (110) for detecting at least one analyte in a body fluid or in a body tissue (130), particularly for determining at least one metabolite concentration in a body fluid. The sensor element (110) comprises an implantable, one-piece shaped body (112), which comprises a... Agent: Eyesense Ag

20110224512 - Intracellular ph imaging method and apparatus using flurescence lifetime: In a pH measurement method, pulsed excitation light including a wavelength that can excite a predetermined fluorescent material contained in living matter is generated. The fluorescent material acts as coenzyme in oxidation/reduction reaction in vivo. Further, the intensity of the pulsed excitation light does not damage a tissue nor a... Agent: National University Corporation Hokkaido University

20110224513 - Ph measurement, abnormal-region detection, living-matter analysis methods and apparatuses: A pH is measured by generating pulsed excitation-light including a wavelength that can excite a plurality of kinds of fluorescent-material in living matter that act as coenzyme in oxidation/reduction reaction in vivo, and the intensity of the light not damaging a tissue nor a cell and substantially not changing pH,... Agent: National University Corporation Hokkaido University

20110224516 - Measurement devices and methods for measuring analyte concentration incorporating temperature and ph correction: Disclosed herein are methods of estimating an analyte concentration which include generating a signal indicative of the analyte concentration, generating a signal indicative of a temperature, generating a signal indicative of a pH, and transforming the signal indicative of the analyte concentration utilizing an equation of the form of a... Agent: Glumetrics, Inc.

20110224515 - Replaceable microneedle cartridge for biomedical monitoring: A replaceable microneedle array for a biomedical monitor is disclosed. The microneedle array includes a plurality of moveable microneedles coated with at least one chemical sensing material coupled with a porous material. The microneedle array also includes a substrate defining wells to house the microneedles. The microneedle array further includes... Agent: Sensivida Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110224518 - Handheld apparatus to determine the viability of a biological tissue: The present invention provides for a handheld apparatus for in vivo examination of the viability of a biological tissue.... Agent:

20110224517 - Method, system, and apparatus for automatic detection of obstructive sleep apnea from oxygen saturation recordings: Disclosed embodiments include a method for automatic detection of sleep apnea implemented in a medical apparatus, the method comprising (a) extracting a plurality of signal features by analyzing an oxygen saturation signal, (b) performing dimensionality reduction on the plurality of signal features to generate a plurality of signal features in... Agent:

20110224519 - Low-oxygen-region-analysis method and apparatus by time-resolved-measurement of light-induced-autofluorescence from biological-sample: Pulsed excitation light including a wavelength that can excite a fluorescent material contained in living matter is generated. The fluorescence lifetime of the fluorescent material is longer than or equal to 4.8 nanoseconds. A predetermined position in the living matter is illuminated with the pulsed excitation light. Further, light including... Agent: National University Corporation Hokkaido University

20110224520 - Electromedical implant and monitoring system: An electromedical implant for monitoring a thoracic property of a living being is provided that includes a detector arrangement including an impedance measuring unit and an electrode arrangement, which are equipped to capture a measurement signal associated with the thoracic property in the form of an impedance signal; a monitoring... Agent:

20110224522 - Method and apparatus for providing dynamic multi-stage amplification in a medical device: Methods and apparatus for providing multi-stage signal amplification in a medical telemetry system are provided.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110224521 - Non-invasive method for estimating of the variation of the glucose level in the blood of a person and apparatus for carrying out the method: The estimation of the variation of the glucose level in the blood of a person by the variation of the volume of the interstitial fluid compartments in muscular tissue due to a shift of fluid between the extracellular and intracellular compartments caused by variations of the osmotic pressure of the... Agent: Gerinova Ag

20110224524 - Materials for implantation: The present invention includes a method for sensing glucose in a mammal, which includes implanting an a sensor having a permeable membrane and a plurality of spaced apart patches of titanium dioxide disposed on the permeable membrane and sensing glucose in the mammal.... Agent:

20110224525 - Method and apparatus for providing data communication in data monitoring and management systems: Method and apparatus for communicating with a sealed electronic device via the electronic device's existing data ports for programming, testing configuration or diagnosis of the electronic device such as a transmitter unit for use in a data monitoring and management system such as analyte monitoring and management system is provided.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110224523 - Systems, devices and methods for managing glucose levels: Systems, devices and methods for the management of glucose levels in the body of patient featuring user interface input mechanisms configured to provide haptic feedback to the user are provided.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110224527 - Electromedical implant and monitoring system including the electromedical implant: An electromedical implant (100, 101, 102, 103) for monitoring a cardiac blood flow (B1) of a patient includes a detector (10, 10′, 10″) which obtains a first measurement signal (S1) associated with the cardiac blood flow (B1) and a second measurement signal (S2) associated with the epithoracic, peripheral blood flow... Agent:

20110224526 - System and method for reconstructing and viewing cardiac electrical activation: System and method for the reconstruction of cardiac electrical activation from cardiac electrical signals recorded by intracardiac catheters. The obtained signals are processed using a Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm to solve the dual signal problem. Visualization of the solution includes geometric information in such a way that the cardiac... Agent: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

20110224528 - flexible, multi-channel microelectrode for recording laboratory animal eeg and method for recording laboratory animal eeg using the same: Disclosed are a novel, elastic, biocompatible, micro-sized, polyimide-based multi-channel microelectrode for recording of electroencephalography (EEG) from a laboratory animal including mouse, and a method for recording of laboratory animal EEG using the microelectrode. The microelectrode may include 2 grounding electrodes and 32 recording electrodes. A connector for signal transmission easily... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110224529 - Methods, apparatus and sensor for measurement of cardiovascular quantities: The present disclosure relates to methods, apparatus and sensor for measurement of cardiovascular quantities. In particular, a method for determining one or more cardiovascular quantities is disclosed, the method comprising determining the distension of a vessel enclosed by tissue having a skin surface, wherein determining the distension is based on... Agent: Sense A/s

20110224530 - Physiological measuring system comprising a garment in the form of a sleeve or glove and sensing apparatus incorporated in the garment: A measuring system for measuring electrocardiogram signals comprises a diagnostic garment with ECG electrodes that may assume the form of a sleeve or glove. A disposable version of the glove can be inflated. By using an inflatable glove, the contour of the body is automatically matched by the contour of... Agent:

20110224532 - Photoacoustic breast-image capturing apparatus: A photoacoustic breast-image capturing apparatus has an image capturing stage on which a breast C1 is placed and a detector provided to the image capturing stage. The detector is constituted of a plurality of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers (cMUT) and light exit surfaces of optical fibers arranged in matrix in... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110224531 - Portable sensor device and patient monitor: The portable sensor device is connected with the arterial pressure measurement catheter by way of a pressure hose. The electronic pressure sensor is accommodated in the sensor housing. The analog sensor signal is output to the patient monitor by way of a cable. Aside from the channel for the analog... Agent: Pulsion Medical Systems Ag

20110224533 - Element that can be fixed in a blood vessel and is provided with biomarkers: An element is disclosed that can be fixed in a blood vessel of a living being has a base body to which a first substance and/or a second substance is/are applied at least in parts. In at least one embodiment, the first substance is determined in such a way that... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110224535 - Magnetic resonance-assisted biopsy examination method, and a magnetic resonance system for implementing the method:

20110224534 - Pet/mri device, pet device, and image reconstruction system: A PET/MRI device includes an MRI device that has a measurement port, a PET detector that can be inserted into the measurement port, and a mechanism that can slide the PET detector into and out of the MRI measurement port. Thereby, the PET/MRI device allows MRI measurement during PET measurement.... Agent: National Institute Of Radiological Sciences

20110224536 - Systems and methods for determining a temperature differential using temperature sensitive magnetic resonance imaging: A method and apparatus for determining a temperature differential at a portion of a patient's body utilizing temperature sensitive MRI measurements. A diagnostic fluid bolus is administered into a blood vessel of the patient, wherein the diagnostic fluid bolus has a diagnostic fluid bolus temperature waveform. MRI measurements are used... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110224537 - Multi-field magnetic tracking: A magnetic tracking system includes a first set of magnetic field generators configured to produce a first magnetic field having a first shape within a three dimensional region and at least a second set of magnetic field generators configured to produce a second magnetic field having a second shape within... Agent: Northern Digital Inc.

20110224540 - Cardiac navigation system including electrode array for use therewith: A cardiac navigation system including a mapping catheter, a control system coupled to the mapping catheter, an electrode array, and means for driving an electrical current across the electrode array. The mapping catheter includes means for sensing an electrical field. The control system includes means for receiving sensed signals from... Agent:

20110224538 - Echo-opaque catheter and method of use: A system and its method of use for identifying a patient's urethral anatomic course for the precise placement of a treatment element into the patient's prostate, wherein a echo-opaque catheter is introduced into a urethra until its echogenic and radio-opaque portion is generally aligned with a treatment site of the... Agent:

20110224539 - Methods for positioning an ultrasonic catheter: An emitter may be disposed in a patient. Output from the emitter may be detected by a detector connected with the guide rod and by a detector connected with the tracheal tube. Alternatively, a detector may detect the output from an emitter connected with the guide rod and by an... Agent:

20110224542 - Method and system for automatic detection and classification of coronary stenoses in cardiac ct volumes: A method and system for providing detecting and classifying coronary stenoses in 3D CT image data is disclosed. Centerlines of coronary vessels are extracted from the CT image data. Non-vessel regions are detected and removed from the coronary vessel centerlines. The cross-section area of the lumen is estimated based on... Agent:

20110224541 - Methods and arrangements for analysis, diagnosis, and treatment monitoring of vocal folds by optical coherence tomography: Exemplary embodiments of an apparatus and a method can be provided. For example, a first information can be obtained for at least one signal that is (i) at least partially periodic and (ii) associated with at least one structure. In addition, a second information associated with the structure can be... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20110224543 - System and method for determining proximity relative to a critical structure: A system for determining proximity of a surgical device relative to an anatomical structure includes at least one surgical device having a sensor assembly operably coupled to a processing unit and configured to transmit at least one electrical signal generated by the processing unit through a target anatomical structure to... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110224544 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus with variable elevation type control panel: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus with a variable elevation type control panel is disclosed. The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus with the variable elevation type control panel includes a control panel having a lift operating part, a support supporting the control panel, and a lift connected to the support and operated by manipulation... Agent: Medison Co., Ltd.

20110224545 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus: An ultrasonic beam (40) for echo tracking is formed for a healthy portion (52a) of a bone (50) containing healthy portions (52a, 52b) and a fractured portion (54). Echo tracking processing is executed over the state where a load F is not applied to the bone (50) and the state... Agent: Aloka Co., Ltd.

20110224546 - Three-dimensional (3d) ultrasound system for scanning object inside human body and method for operating 3d ultrasound system: Provided is a three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound system and a 3D ultrasound system operating method that may obtain 3D ultrasound data with respect to an object inside a human body to determine an accurate sagittal view. The 3D ultrasound system may include a scanner to generate ultrasound data including image data... Agent: Medison Co., Ltd.

20110224549 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method for generating ultrasonic images: When a series of plural data processes are processed by different processors, the need to harmonize the processing cycles between the respective processors and adjust the processing time is obviated. The invention includes a data conversion section 20 that generates ultrasonic image data using RF data based on reflected echo... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110224548 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method for processing signal of ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus including: an ultrasonic probe configured to transmit an ultrasonic beam to an examinee, and receive a reflected echo signal from the examinee; a beam forming unit configured to supply the ultrasonic probe with a driving signal for transmitting an ultrasonic beam; a data converter configured to... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110224550 - Ultrasound diagnostic system and method for generating standard image data for the ultrasound diagnostic system: An ultrasound diagnostic system of the invention includes: an ultrasound probe that transmits and receives an ultrasound wave to and from an object; 3D position detection means configured to detect the position and inclination of a position sensor with respect to the object, the position sensor being mounted on the... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110224547 - Ultrasound image diagnosis apparatus and drive voltage setting method for ultrasound probe thereof: An ultrasound image diagnosis apparatus and a method for setting an ultrasound drive voltage by which appropriate probe motion parameters are established by individually estimating temperature changes which occur due to a plurality of heat sources existing within the probe. By individually storing or correcting relative temperature change data associated... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110224551 - Ultrasound imaging probe and method: An ultrasound probe is provided having an ultrasound module received in a housing thereof, the ultrasound module including a plurality of transducers longitudinally spaced apart within the housing and a control and processing system electrically coupled to the transducers for collecting ultrasonic data representative of a target biological tissue when... Agent: Dbmedx Inc

20110224552 - Ultrasound assembly and system comprising interchangable transducers and displays: An ultrasound assembly comprises a module having an input side and an output side; an ultrasound transducer comprising a micro-beamformer configured for attachment to and detachment from the input side of the module; and a display attached to the output side of the module. An ultrasound system is also described.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110224553 - Monitoring urodynamics by trans-vaginal nirs: The invention relate to the demonstration herein that it is feasible to use a transvaginal NIRS probe to interrogate functioning urological tissues, such as the urethral sphincter, the bladder detrusor muscle, and pelvic floor musculature, to obtain clinically relevant information. The present invention accordingly provides methods and devices for transvaginal... Agent:

20110224554 - Optogenetic fiber optic cannula and adapted fiber optic connector: A cannula can have a ferrule with two interspaced optical fiber passages extending therebetween, each securely housing an optical fiber therein having a first tip exposed at a connection end, and a second tip protruding from an opposite implant end by a penetration distance, and a bore extending into the... Agent: Optomak Inc.

20110224555 - Systems and methods for use by an implantable medical device for detecting and discriminating stroke and cardiac ischemia using electrocardiac signals and hemodynamic parameters: Techniques are provided for detecting and distinguishing stroke and cardiac ischemia within a patient using an implantable medical device. In one example, a preliminary indication of stroke is detected by a pacemaker or similar implantable device based on an analysis of features of an intracardiac electrogram (IEGM) sensed by the... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20110224556 - Body-worn vital sign monitor: The invention provides a body-worn vital sign monitor that measures a patient's vital signs (e.g. blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature) while simultaneously characterizing their activity state (e.g. resting, walking, convulsing, falling) and posture (upright, supine). The monitor processes this information to minimize corruption of the vital... Agent: Sotera Wireless, Inc.

20110224557 - Body-worn vital sign monitor: The invention provides a body-worn vital sign monitor that measures a patient's vital signs (e.g. blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature) while simultaneously characterizing their activity state (e.g. resting, walking, convulsing, falling) and posture (upright, supine). The monitor processes this information to minimize corruption of the vital... Agent: Sotera Wireless, Inc.

20110224558 - Blood pressure information measurement device for measuring pulse wave propagation speed as blood pressure information: In the measurement device, the blood pressure of the upper arm and the blood pressure of the lower limb are measured using cuffs attached to the upper arm and the lower limb (ankle), respectively. The pulse wave of the upper arm and the pulse wave of the lower limb are... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110224561 - Electronic sphygmomanometer: An electronic sphygmomanometer acquires a patient ID and recommended site information read from an ID card before measurement. The recommended site indicating the site to be attached to a cuff of a left site or a right site is thereby specified for every person to be measured (patient ID). Thereafter,... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110224559 - High-accuracy hemadynamometer and method of using the same: The invention provides a high-accuracy hemadynamometer and method of using the same. A main air tank imposes pressure upon a wrist or an arm of a user. There is a valve between an auxiliary air tank and the main air tank to release air in the auxiliary air tank to... Agent:

20110224560 - Sphygmomanometer cuff and sphygmomanometer provided with the same: A sphygmomanometer cuff is provided with an upper arm support stand arranged to support an upper arm, and an arm band arranged to be wound around the upper arm. The upper arm support stand includes an upper arm support surface arranged to support the upper arm while the upper arm... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110224562 - Thermographic plate for the detection of traces of blood flow in vessels at different depth: A method for selective detection, with a thermographic plate, of traces of blood flow that differ from traces with a correct course in vessels at different depths, particularly of the breast, which consists in that a sequence of thermographic images is taken which are acquired by a thermographic plate gently... Agent:

20110224563 - System and method for diagnosing and monitoring congestive heart failure: A system and method for providing diagnosis and monitoring of congestive heart failure for use in automated patient care is described. At least one recorded physiological measure is compared to at least one other recorded physiological measure on a substantially regular basis to quantify a change in patient pathophysiological status... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20110224564 - Body-worn vital sign monitor: The invention provides a body-worn vital sign monitor that measures a patient's vital signs (e.g. blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature) while simultaneously characterizing their activity state (e.g. resting, walking, convulsing, falling) and posture (upright, supine). The monitor processes this information to minimize corruption of the vital... Agent: Sotera Wireless, Inc.

20110224565 - Method of predicting acute cardiopulmonary events and survivability of a patient: According to embodiments of the invention, there is provided a method of producing an artificial neural network capable of predicting the survivability of a patient, the method including: storing in an electronic database patient health data, the patient health data comprising a plurality of sets of data, each set having... Agent: Nanyang Technological University

20110224566 - Lead integrity testing during suspected tachyarrhythmias: Techniques for performing a lead integrity test during a suspected tachyarrhythmia are described. An implantable medical device (IMD) may perform the test prior to delivering a therapeutic shock to treat the suspected tachyarrhythmia and, in some cases, may withhold the shock based on the test. In some examples, the IMD... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110224567 - Bidirectional physiological information display: A patient monitor for displaying a physiological signal can include a visual element having a middle portion indicative of a transition in the physiological signal between physiological states. The visual element can also include first and second extremity portions, the first extremity portion extending from the middle portion in a... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20110224568 - Intubation monitoring apparatus and method: The invention comprises an apparatus and a method for externally assessing and monitoring placement of an endo-tracheal tube for ventilation of patients based on thoracic impedance measurement.... Agent:

20110224570 - Method and apparatus for automatic evoked potentials assessment: Systems and methods for assessing a patient's neurologic state based on auditory evoked responses are provided.... Agent:

20110224569 - Method and device for removing eeg artifacts: Systems and methods for automatically identifying segments of EEG signals or other brain electrical activity signals that contain artifacts, and/or editing the signals to remove segments that include artifacts... Agent:

20110224571 - Non-invasive methods for evaluating cortical plasticity impairments: Non-invasive and objective methods for evaluating neurological conditions that are associated with impaired cortical plasticity using, e.g., Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) or Theta Burst Stimulation (TBS).... Agent:

20110224572 - Brain machine interface: Artificial control of a prosthetic device is provided. A brain machine interface contains a mapping of neural signals and corresponding intention estimating kinematics (e.g. positions and velocities) of a limb trajectory. The prosthetic device is controlled by the brain machine interface. During the control of the prosthetic device, a modified... Agent:

20110224573 - Monitoring tissue temperature while using an irrigated catheter: Apparatus, consisting of a probe, configured to be inserted into a body cavity, and an electrode having an outer surface and an inner surface connected to the probe. The apparatus also includes a temperature sensor, protruding from the outer surface of the electrode, which is configured to measure a temperature... Agent:

20110224574 - Methods and systems for tissue processing and imaging: The disclosure relates generally to methods and systems for processing biological samples obtained from a subject having, or believed to have, a cell proliferation disorder. The disclosure further relates to methods and systems for detecting an object of interest in a biological sample.... Agent:

20110224575 - Needle with helical grooves converting axial movement to rotational movement: A device for penetrating tissues within a living body, comprises a shaft extending from a proximal end which, in an operative position, remains outside the body to a distal end which, in the operative position, is within a living body, the shaft comprising a channel extending therethrough from the proximal... Agent:

20110224577 - Biopsy device: A biopsy device for use in excising tissue from a human body includes an outer member, an inner member and a rotary drive means for rotating the inner member with respect to the outer member. The outer member includes a cylindrical outer body portion, an outer cutout portion defined in... Agent:

20110224576 - Methods and devices for tissue collection and analysis: The present invention is directed to methods and devices for tissue collection and analysis, and particularly to methods and devices for collecting, preserving and analyzing biopsy samples. In one aspect, a method for collecting a tissue sample includes disposing a collection device proximate and/or within a tissue, such as of... Agent: Biotex, Inc.

20110224579 - Device for collecting a biological fluid sample: Sample collection device (10; 20; 30) for collecting a fluidic biological sample, the device comprising a collecting member (11; 21; 31) for collecting the fluidic sample; an indicator element (12, 22, 32) for providing an indication that a desired amount of the fluidic sample has been collected; an elongated capillary... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110224578 - Use of electric fields to minimize rejection of implanted devices and materials: This invention relates to the electric field method to reduce fibrous capsule formation adjacent to the surface of implanted medical devices and associated apparatus for generating electrical currents to reduce fibrous capsule formation. The invention has utility with medical devices or systems such as those providing long term parenteral drug... Agent: Philometron, Inc

20110224580 - Therapeutic manipulation device: A manipulation device is programmable with different parameters associated with different manipulation exercises for different types of simulated patients. A measuring system determines the success or failure for any of the programmable manipulation exercises and tracks specific results that precisely track how close a student comes to specific target force... Agent: Ortho-neuro Technologies, Inc.

20110224581 - Apparatus and process for monitoring a pregnant mammal: Apparatus for monitoring a pregnant mammal including: a sensor (11) operatively associated with a mammal to detect a condition of delivery of said mammal; a transmission circuit (15), operatively associated with said sensor (11), to generate and transmit a notification signal (100) based on the detection of said sensor (11),... Agent:

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20110218379 - Epitopes derived from satb2 and uses thereof: The present invention relates to an affinity ligand capable of selective interaction with an epitope sequence consisting of 47 amino acids or less and comprising the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO:1 and/or SEQ ID NO:2. Further, it relates to a polypeptide consisting of the epitope sequence and to... Agent: Atlas Antibodies Ab

20110218380 - Magnetic nanoparticle and group of nanoparticles: For particularly effective stem cell therapy a nanoparticle is provided. The nanoparticle has a first element consisting of a magnetic material, a support or envelope element consisting of a biodegradable material, a first substance containing an x-ray contrast agent, and a second substance containing stem cells. The stem cells are... Agent:

20110218381 - Magnetic stimulation coils with electrically conducting structures: The present invention introduces a novel apparatus (5) for providing magnetic stimuli to the human brain, the apparatus (5) comprising a casing (4) and at least one coil winding (1) adapted to carry electrical current and enclosed within the casing (4) as well as cooling means (2) situated in thermal... Agent: Nexstim Oy

20110218382 - Auto-regulated r-wave synchronized intraventricular balloon pump heart assist device: Embodiments of the disclosed technology comprise an intraventricular balloon pump to help a dilated heart or ventricle push forward the stagnant stroke volume to the systemic circulation. The balloon fills simultaneously with the contraction of the ventricle. Since blood finds its way of least resistance, the easiest exit is through... Agent:

20110218383 - Portable controller and power source for mechanical circulation support systems: A portable external device for a mechanical circulation support system includes first and second power sources, e.g. batteries and control electronics for redundant uninterrupted operation of an implantable blood pump. The control and power source module may be configured for variable form factors to accommodate a variety of wearable configurations... Agent: Minnetronix Inc.

20110218384 - Portable controller with integral power source for mechanical circulation support systems: A portable external device for a mechanical circulation support system includes first and second power sources, e.g. batteries and control electronics for redundant uninterrupted operation of an implantable blood pump. The control and power source module may be configured to accommodate a variety of wearable configurations for patient convenience and... Agent: Minnetronix Inc.

20110218385 - Portable controller with integral power source for mechanical circulation support systems: A portable external device for a mechanical circulation support system includes first and second power sources, e.g. batteries and control electronics for redundant uninterrupted operation of an implantable blood pump. The control and power source module may be configured to accommodate a variety of wearable configurations for patient convenience and... Agent: Minnetronix Inc.

20110218386 - Incus replacement partial ossicular replacement prosthesis: An ossicular prosthesis is described which includes an elongated prosthesis member having a proximal end and a distal end. A cochlea striker mass is at the distal end of the prosthesis member and includes an outer striking surface for coupling vibration of the striker mass to an outer cochlea surface... Agent: Vibrant Med-el Hearing Technology Gmbh

20110218387 - Anchors for use in medical applications: An anchor system and associated method for manipulating, approximating or compressing tissues and anatomical or other structures in medical applications for the purpose of treating diseases or disorders or other purposes. The anchor includes one or more elastic wing and fin structures extending radially from the anchor's body.... Agent: Neotract, Inc.

20110218388 - Ring magnet for obesity management: A system and method for restricting an anatomical passageway includes a plurality of ring magnet pieces. Each of the plurality of ring magnet pieces has an inner and outer surface, and a pair of magnetic end sections between the outer surface and the inner surface, each end section having a... Agent: Vibrant Med-el Hearing Technology Gmbh

20110218389 - Device for sealing and drainage of a natural or artificial intestinal outlet: The invention relates to a device for sealing and draining an intestinal outlet, the device comprising an inflatable balloon of a generally toroidal structure, whose two ends extend one inside the other, creating a sealed-off volume inside the balloon, whereby the filling of the volume can be adjusted from outside... Agent:

20110218390 - Specimen manipulation device for micro manipulation and biopsy in assisted reproduction and in vitro fertilization: A container or dish used for the micro manipulation, micro injection, biopsy and fertilization of oocyte and embryo culture. The dish allows the user to more readily perform procedures used to fertilize oocyte, such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), biopsy embryos and perform additional procedures in used in assisted reproductive... Agent:

20110218391 - Method for monitoring estrus and ovulation of animals, and for planning a useful fertilization time zone and a preferred fertilization time zone: Estrus of animals and particularly sows is determined for planning of a preferred time period of insemination by a sensing system arranged to detect standing of the animal. Data from the sensing system is collected and analyzed using an algorithm and information that is displayed on an indicating system to... Agent:

20110218394 - Apparatus and method for treating gerd: An apparatus for the treatment of acid reflux disease comprising two or more movement restriction device segments adapted to be assembled movement restriction device of a controlled size. The assembled movement restriction device can at least partly be invaginated by a patient's stomach fundus wall. A substantial part of the... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20110218392 - Implantable bottom exit port: The present invention provides a system for attaching a fluid access port to a patient. The system generally comprises an implantable access port with a bottom exit port and method for attaching an access port to a patient. In addition, a tube guard, flexible tube exit port, tissue guard, and... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110218393 - Medical device positioning assemblies and methods: A medical retrieval device of an embodiment of the present disclosure includes an assembly for positioning a medical device includes a sleeve having a lumen configured to accept a medical device, and a tab. The tab includes a distal portion and a proximal portion. The distal portion is configured to... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110218395 - Cybernetic vibrator device with sensors for in-situ gesture controls: A vibrator sex toy is provided with touch-based sensors for an ergonomic in-situ method of controlling the operation and intensity of the vibrator. The vibrator sex toy has an internal end, an external end and a middle staging section. The staging section includes a control circuit and batteries. The internal... Agent:

20110218396 - Methods and compositions to support tissue integration and inosculation of transplanted tissue and transplanted engineered penile tissue with adipose stromal cells: The present invention generally relates to methods, compositions and uses thereof for enhancing vascularization of a tissue or cell transplant for transplantation into a subject. In particular, one aspect of the present invention provides methods and compositions comprising the use of a population of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells to... Agent: Tissue Genesis, Inc.

20110218399 - Body-insertable apparatus and in-vivo information acquisition system: A body-insertable apparatus to be inserted into a subject includes an illumination unit that illuminates an inside of the subject; an imaging device having an effective pixel region that has a predetermined size and on which an optical image of the inside of the subject illuminated by the illumination unit... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110218397 - Image processing system, external device and image processing method: An image processing method includes the steps of: receiving image data from a body-insertable apparatus having a plurality of imaging units that captures an image of inside of a subject and generates image data and an identification information adding unit that adds identification information for identifying an imaging unit that... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110218398 - Image processing system, imaging device, receiving device and image display device: An image processing system includes an image generation unit that has two observation modes of a first observation mode for capturing an image under illumination by a first light source and a second observation mode for capturing an image under illumination by a second light source different from the first... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110218400 - Surgical instrument with integrated wireless camera: A surgical instrument including an integrated wireless camera includes a handle assembly housing control circuitry. An elongated shaft extends from the handle assembly and includes an end effector disposed at a distal end thereof. An image sensor assembly is disposed toward the distal end of the elongated shaft and is... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110218401 - Pressure-propelled system for body lumen: An apparatus for use with a biologically-compatible-fluid pressure source, the apparatus includes an elongate carrier, adapted to be inserted through a proximal opening of a body lumen, and a piston head coupled to a distal portion of the carrier. The piston head is adapted to form a pressure seal with... Agent:

20110218402 - Capsule-type medical device, power supply apparatus, and power supply system: Provided is a capsule-type endoscope that has a power receiving coil that wirelessly receives an electric power from outside a body of an individual to be examined, a processing circuit that performs predetermined processing, and an adjusting reactance section that is capable of adjusting a reactance that is connected to... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110218403 - Systems, methods and computer-accessible medium which provide microscopic images of at least one anatomical structure at a particular resolution: Exemplary embodiments of probes, apparatus, systems and methods can be provided which provide at least one electro-magnetic radiation to at least one sample. For example, a plurality of axicon lenses can be provided which are configured to provide the electro-magnetic radiation(s) having at least partially annulus shape. In addition or... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20110218404 - Light sensing system and endoscope system: The medical instrument includes an optical fiber sensor in which a plurality of FBG sections are formed, a reflector that forms reference light, a light source that outputs light by stepwise changing light beams of wavelengths of a predetermined interval, a coupler that splits light and generates interference light, a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110218407 - Method and apparatus to monitor, analyze and optimize physiological state of nutrition: A method and apparatus that for monitoring the physiological state of nutrition of an individual and adaptively analyze that data input to anticipate the individual's nutritional needs. A satiety meter may be employed to analyze a user's profile including nutritional state and determine when and how much a user should... Agent:

20110218405 - System and method for integrated quantifiable detection, diagnosis and monitoring of disease using patient related time trend data: A system comprising a memory device having a plurality of routines stored therein, a processor configured to execute the plurality of routines stored in the memory device, the plurality of routines comprising: a routine configured to effect, when executed, accessing of patient deviation scores indicative of differences between patient data... Agent: General Electric Company

20110218406 - Visual display for medical monitor: The present disclosure describes a visual display for a medical monitor that may present a plurality of visualizations representative of physiological measurements. The visualizations may differ depending on whether the corresponding physiological parameter is within an expected range. The visualizations may include text, waveforms, images, video, and 3-dimensional representations. The... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110218409 - Device and method for measuring sleep apneas: A device is implemented as a functional patch, for measuring sleep apneas, which device includes: an acoustic sensor for measuring respiration and snoring noises; an optical sensor for measuring a saturation of oxygen in the blood of a human; and an adhesive patch which carries the acoustic sensor and the... Agent:

20110218408 - Medical system with identification patch: A medical system that includes an identification patch having a memory that stores identification information associated with the patch. A monitoring device to be used with the identification patch interrogates the patch to obtain the identification information stored within the memory of the patch. The monitoring device determines whether the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110218410 - Remote patient management system: The remote patient management system comprises: a computing device with a processor, a home infrastructure device comprising a patient display, a healthcare professional display, and a computer readable storage medium. The computer readable storage medium contains instructions that cause the processor to perform a method of displaying images on the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110218411 - Fluid handling cassette system for body fluid analyzer: A fluid handling system for use in bodily fluid analysis. The system comprises a first fluid handling module configured to interface with a main instrument. The first fluid handling module has a first fluid handling network and the first fluid handling network includes an infusate passage and an infusion fluid... Agent: Optiscan Biomedical Corporation

20110218412 - Living-body component measuring apparatus: A living-body component measuring apparatus measures a component of an inner tissue of a living body serving as an object to be measured by emitting laser light having two or more wavelengths from a light source and measuring reflected light of the laser light from the inner tissue of the... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20110218413 - Method and apparatus for non-invasive fetal oximetry: Method and apparatus to non-invasively measure fetal blood oxygen saturation levels. Optical sensors capable of producing and detecting multiple wavelengths of tissue penetrating light are placed on the surface of the maternal abdomen, and the light beams directed to pass through at least a portion of the uterus containing the... Agent:

20110218414 - Systems and methods for processing analyte sensor data: The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for measuring an analyte in a host. More particularly, the present invention relates to systems and methods for processing sensor data, including calculating a rate of change of sensor data and/or determining an acceptability of sensor or reference data.... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20110218415 - System and method for detecting cardiac arrhythmias from heart nerve activity: A method has been developed that detects cardiac arrhythmia from intrinsic cardiac nerve signals obtained from a heart in a patient. The method includes sampling intrinsic cardiac nerve activity at a high sample rate, filtering the sampled signal with a high pass filter, comparing the filtered signal to a predetermined... Agent: Indiana University Research & Technology Corporati

20110218416 - Needle electrode module: The invention is a needle electrode module, such as for use in neurodiagnostic monitoring, that helps minimize the risk of needle-stick injuries. As described, the needle electrode module includes a means for preventing the exposure of the distal end of a needle element until the module is placed against a... Agent:

20110218417 - Brain probe adapted to be introduced through a canula: A bio-probe having a base and a tip and also including a set of at least four conductors extending longitudinally along the bio-probe, the conductors being coated with dielectric material. Also, at least four of the conductors define a spot where the dielectric material has been removed, thereby defining an... Agent:

20110218418 - Identification patch for a medical system: A medical system that includes an identification patch having a memory that stores identification information associated with the patch. A monitoring device to be used with the identification patch interrogates the patch to obtain the identification information stored within the memory of the patch. The monitoring device determines whether the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110218419 - Dynamically variable filter: A method of processing a signal pertaining to at least one electrical property of an organ of a subject is disclosed. The method comprises determining a physiological condition of the subject, selecting a frequency band, filtering the signal according to the frequency band, and dynamically adapting the frequency band in... Agent: Cheetah Medical Ltd.

20110218421 - Device and method for reducing the heart rate of a patient, and apparatus having the device: A device is disclosed for stimulating the trigeminal nerve of a patient in order to reduce the heart rate of the patient for recording image information from the heart of the patient. In at least one embodiment, the device includes at least one device for mechanical, electrical, magnetic, thermal, optical... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110218422 - Electrical lead for an electronic device such as an implantable device: A lead for an electronic device which resists the induction of a current from an electromagnetic field external to said lead includes one or more pairs of adjacent segments of electrical wire, each of the pairs including a first segment of electrical wire and a second segment of electrical wire.... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20110218420 - Radiation therapy system: A radiation therapy System comprises a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus and a linear accelerator capable of generating a beam of radiation. The linear accelerator is immersed in and oriented with respect to the MRI magnetic field to expose the linear accelerator to magnetic force that directs particles therein along... Agent:

20110218423 - Wearable ultrasound probe assembly and method of manufacturing same: A wearable ultrasound probe apparatus includes a wearable membrane. An ultrasound transducer is also included that is integrated into the wearable membrane and configured to maintain a substantially consistent contact with a surface of an object to be imaged when the object has the wearable membrane disposed thereon.... Agent:

20110218424 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and control method thereof: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a collection unit that applies a uniform static magnetic field to a subject and also applies a radio-frequency magnetic field and a gradient magnetic field to the subject in accordance with a predetermined pulse sequence to collect a magnetic resonance signal from the subject,... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110218426 - Dental diagnosis system and dental care system: The present invention is to provide a dental diagnosis system which is capable of grasping detailed jaw motion information on a patient-by-patient basis. The dental diagnosis system comprises: an information gathering means comprising a jaw motion analyzer for measuring jaw motion and a computed tomography device; and an information processing... Agent:

20110218427 - Diagnosis assisting apparatus, coronary artery analyzing method and recording medium having a coronary artery analyzing program stored therein: A plurality of sets of volume data, each of which represent the state of a beating heart in different phases, are obtained. Coronary artery regions are extracted from at least two sets of volume data from among the obtained sets of volume data. A plurality of analysis points are set... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110218425 - Medical image generating apparatus, medical image display apparatus, medical image generating method and program: 3D image areas are set respectively from within display areas of a right-eye image display unit and a left-eye image display unit, and 2D image areas are set respectively from within the 3D image areas. A right-eye disparity image and a left-eye disparity image to be displayed respectively in the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110218428 - System and method for three dimensional medical imaging with structured light: An SLI medical image sensor system captures one or more images of a skin lesion and generates a 3D surface map of the skin lesion using SLI techniques. A feature detection module processes the 3D surface map to detect certain characteristics of the skin lesion. Feature data of the skin... Agent: Medical Scan Technologies, Inc.

20110218430 - Charged particle cancer therapy patient positioning method and apparatus: The invention comprises a patient positioning and/or repositioning system, such as a laying, semi-vertical, or seated patient positioning, alignment, and/or control method and apparatus used in conjunction with multi-axis charged particle radiation therapy. Patient positioning constraints optionally include one or more of: a seat support, a back support, a head... Agent:

20110218429 - Particle beam therapy system: There is obtained a particle beam therapy system in which the beam size is reduced. There are provided an accelerator 14 that accelerates a charged particle beam; an irradiation apparatus that has a beam scanning apparatus 5a, 5b for performing scanning with the charged particle beam and irradiates the charged... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110218432 - In vivo molecular imaging: SPECT pixel detectors could be mounted onto moving subjects, such as small rats, to allow live scanning and/or imaging of moving subjects in their natural environment. Solid state monolithic pixel detectors are used for compactness and portability. The pixel detector is designed to be directly read out by integrated circuits... Agent: Nova R&d, Inc.

20110218431 - Superior analyzer for raman spectra with high acceptance cone, resolution, transmission, and quantum efficiency, and strong background reduction: A Raman analyzer for analyzing light emitted from a Raman cell is provided that has a beam splitter configured to split the light emitted from the Raman cell into a first beam and a second beam. An atomic vapor filter can be used to filter a Raman scattered line from... Agent: The University Of Texas At Austin, On Behalf Of The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas Sy

20110218433 - Biopsy marker delivery device: A biopsy site marker delivery device includes a relatively flexible marker deployer tube having a closed distal end, a push rod slidably disposed within the tube, and at least one marker disposed in the tube. The deployer tube includes a side exit port with an adjacent ramp for transversely dispensing... Agent:

20110218434 - Workflow driven user interface for a power injection systems: A medical fluid delivery system (300) includes workflow construction logic (304) to create one or more workflows (307) from a plurality of available workflow components (306). The created workflows (307) may each contain a proper subset of workflow components from the plurality of available workflow components (306). The workflows (307)... Agent:

20110218435 - Prediction-based flow estimation for ultrasound diagnostic imaging: Flow estimation is provided. The flow is predicted. A mathematical, logic, machine learning or other model is used to predict flow. For example, the boundary conditions associated with a previous flow, the previous flow, and current boundary conditions are used to predict the current flow. The current flow is corrected... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110218437 - Devices, systems, and methods for field of view control in imaging systems: Devices, systems, and methods for controlling the field of view in imaging systems are provided. For example, in one embodiment an imaging system includes a flexible elongate sized and shaped for use within an internal structure of a patient, an imaging transducer positioned within the distal portion of the flexible... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20110218436 - Mobile ultrasound system with computer-aided detection: A mobile ultrasound scanning system with computer-based detection methods is disclosed, comprising: (1) a small ultrasound probe containing at least one transmitting and receiving element; a probe enclosure (21); a human attachment means (22) for temporarily attaching the probe enclosure to a human finger, or group of fingers, or the... Agent:

20110218440 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and signal processing method in ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus of the invention includes: an ultrasonic probe that transmits an ultrasonic beam to a subject and receives reflected echo signals from the subject; a beam forming section that supplies a driving signal causing the ultrasonic probe to transmit the ultrasonic beam; a data conversion section that... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110218439 - Ultrasonic image processing method and device, and ultrasonic image processing program: An ultrasonic image processing method and device, and an ultrasonic image processing program which can correspond to analytical methods different depending on a region or the purpose of a diagnosis or treatment. The ultrasonic image processing method comprises an image data creation step which stores a detection result obtained by... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110218438 - Ultrasound apparatus and method of manufacturing same: An ultrasound apparatus includes an ultrasound probe and a probe positioning device operably connected to the ultrasound probe. The probe positioning device is configured to provide one of an orientation and a position of the ultrasound probe during ultrasound imaging.... Agent:

20110218441 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: In an examination section of an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, an ultrasonic transducer (UT) unit, a shape measurement unit, and a belt conveyor for moving the UT unit and the shape measurement unit parallel to an object to be viewed are provided. The UT unit has an UT array constituted of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110218442 - Integrated bias circuitry for ultrasound imaging devices configured to image the interior of a living being: The systems and methods described herein allow for the application of a bias voltage to one or more transducers implemented within a medical ultrasound imaging system. Bias circuitry is placed within an imaging device and used to apply a DC bias to one or more transducers requiring a DC bias... Agent: Scimed Life Systems, Inc.

20110218443 - Ultrasonic probe: An electronic radial ultrasonic probe comprising an electronic radial array which comprises a plurality of ultrasonic transducers being continuously arrayed circularly around an insertion axis as center and also for which a transmission/reception of an ultrasonic wave is controlled by electronically selecting the plurality of ultrasonic transducer, comprises: a support... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110218444 - Hinged reusable endocavity needle guide: A reusable needle guide suitable for an ultrasonic probe to be use for an endocavity examination of a patient is disclosed. The needle guide basically comprises at least a first and second guide members and a mounting (e.g., clamp) assembly. The clamp assembly serves to releasably mount the needle guide... Agent: Civco Medical Instruments Co., Inc.

20110218445 - Needle with integrated fibers: Needles equipped with fibres allow tissue inspection based on optical spectroscopy to diagnose whether tissue is cancerous or not. This requires integration of optical fibers into needles. The problem is how to manufacture the needle having at least one fiber exit at the distal end of the needle, where the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110218446 - Blood pressure measuring device with improved display: Blood pressure data read from a storage unit is displayed using a blood pressure level bar divided into rectangular segments, and a numerical value of data in a display unit. During the blood pressure measurement, the blood pressure level bar and the numerical value are displayed according to the rise... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110218447 - Electronic sphygmomanometer: A manual pressurization electronic sphygmomanometer includes a specific component detection unit for detecting a synthetic wave of a manual fluctuation wave and a pressure pulse wave as a specific component from a cuff pressure signal obtained during pressurization; a derivation processing unit for deriving a pressurization target value based on... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110218448 - Perfusion detection devices and methods of using the same: Hand-held pocket-sized self-contained perfusion detection devices are provided. Devices of the invention are configured to rapidly provide a perfusion detection result without the need for pre-calibration. Also provided are methods of using the perfusion detection devices, as well as kits that include the devices and/or components thereof for use in... Agent:

20110218449 - Therapy delivery for identified tachyarrhythmia episode types: Methods and systems for identifying tachyarrhythmia episode types and delivering therapy to mitigate the identified tachyarrhythmia episode types are described. Electrogram signals of cardiac activity are sensed and stored by an implantable cardiac device. Tachyarrhythmia episodes are detected and tachyarrhythmia episode types are identified based on characteristics of the electrogram... Agent:

20110218451 - Nasal devices, systems and methods: Described herein are passive nasal device having a resistance to exhalation that is greater than the resistance to inhalation. Also described are devices, methods and systems for sensing and measuring intranasal pressure when a subject is wearing a passive nasal respiratory device that is configured to inhibit exhalation more than... Agent:

20110218450 - Respiration measurements and dosimetry control in inhalation testing systems: Inhalation measurement systems and methods enable, during inhalant exposure, substantially real-time respiratory measurements of a test subject using techniques that obtain measurements of respiration directly from that test subject, instead of from inhalation chamber parameter measurements. Direct test subject respiratory measurements may be, by way of example only, impedance measurements.... Agent:

20110218452 - Respiration detecting arrangement: The present application is directed to a detector to detect or generate measuring signals that are indicative of the respiration of a person, wherein said detector can be used advantageously in view of hygiene and stands out due to a simple and robust configuration. According to a first aspect, the... Agent: Map Medizin-technologie Gmbh

20110218453 - Machine control device, machine system, machine control method, and recording medium storing machine control program: A machine control device includes: first decoders for estimating, from brain signal information, which one of body movements a user performs or images, based on learning using pairs of movements performed by the user and brain signal information, the body movements going toward one of first to nth body postures;... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20110218454 - Methods of identifying sleep & waking patterns and uses: Traditional analysis of sleep patterns requires several channels of data. This analysis can be useful for customized analysis including assessing sleep quality, detecting pathological conditions, determining the effect of medication on sleep states and identifying biomarkers, and drug dosages or reactions.... Agent:

20110218455 - Intra-extra oral shock-sensing and indicating systems and other shock-sensing and indicating systems: A mouth guard comprises a base member configured to fit inside the mouth of a user, and at least one shock-sensing and indicating device coupled to the base member. In one exemplary embodiment, the shock-sensing and indicating device is a passive shock-sensing and indicating device that detects a shock substantially... Agent:

20110218456 - Method and apparatus for objective electrophysiological assessment of visual function: For electrophysiological assessment of visual function using a head mounted stereo display (e.g. virtual reality goggles) for displaying a stimulus which is used to generate a retinal or cortical response. In particular, a method for objective electrophysiological assessment of visual function of at least one eye of a subject includes... Agent: The University Of Sydney

20110218457 - Disposable viewable uterus cavity suction tube: A disposable viewable uterus cavity suction tube is used in conjunction with a negative pressure suction system and a display system. A suction opening is at the side wall of the uterus cavity suction tube. A separator is between the suction opening and the front end of the uterus cavity... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20110218463 - Assessment of gait: A method of monitoring or assessing the motion of the limbs of a body when performing repetitive cyclic activity uses inertial measurement units secured to each of the limbs to be monitored. The operation of all of the IMUs is synchronised by way of a pulse from a computer. On... Agent: European Technology For Business Limited

20110218461 - Device for measuring the rotational instability of the knee: A device capable of determining the condition of knee ligaments in a patient, particularly the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), has a foot receptacle rotatable about an axis of rotation of the patient's tibia, and the receptacle is operatively linked to a device configured to apply a measured force to rotate... Agent: Fundacion Garcia Cugat

20110218460 - Fall detecting device and fall detecting method: A fall detecting device includes: a detector unit that includes a plurality of tilt sensors each including a pair of electrodes disposed to oppose each other with the positional relationship therebetween being fixed and a conductor capable of freely moving between the pair of electrodes and changing an electrical-connection state... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110218459 - Medical examination and/or treatment device: A medical examination and/or treatment device has an apparatus for detecting the movement of at least one part of the body of an examination subject that changes its space coordinates periodically or aperiodically, wherein the apparatus includes at least one transmitter (8) transmitting the FMCW signal and at least one... Agent:

20110218458 - Mems-based method and system for tracking a femoral frame of reference: A system for tracking a femoral frame of reference in computer-assisted surgery comprises a sensor unit. The sensor unit is adapted to be secured to the femur. The sensor unit comprises accelerometer and gyroscope sensors that produce orientation data. A processing unit receives gyroscope and accelerometer data. The processing unit... Agent:

20110218462 - System for measurement and analysis of movement of anatomical joints and/or mechanical systems: A system for measuring and analyzing movement or force in conjunction with sports, physical fitness or therapy. Real-time displays of range of movement (or force) information are calibrated for optimal visibility and/or resolution based on the actual range of a given exercise. Also disclosed is a balance indicator showing in... Agent:

09/01/2011 > 87 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20110213192 - Inorganic nanoparticles of high density to destroy cells in-vivo: The present application relates to novel excitable particles which can be used in the health sector. It more particularly relates to particles which can generate electrons and/or high energy photon when excited by ionizing radiations such as X- Rays, γ-Rays, radioactive isotope and/or electron beams, and to the uses thereof... Agent: Nanobiotix

20110213193 - Magnetic nanodelivery of therapeutic agents across the blood brain barrier: Liposomes comprising magnetic nanoparticles bound to one or more therapeutic agents are disclosed herein. Also disclosed are methods of delivering a therapeutic agent to a patient across the blood brain barrier using these liposomes, and optionally applying an external magnetic field.... Agent: The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

20110213195 - Apparatus for stimulating a healing process: The invention relates to an apparatus for stimulating a healing process comprising a coil arrangement which is coupled to a functional power generator in order to generate an electromagnetic field in an affected body region, a control unit for influencing a voltage curve generated by the functional power generator in... Agent: Neue Magnetodyn Gmbh

20110213194 - Means and method for applying magnetic pulses to prevent the occurrence of neurological disorders: The present invention is a magnetic pulser that is portable and operated by the patient for the treatment of disorders of the brain or other human organs, the magnetic pulser being designed to provide one or more, high intensity, short duration, magnetic pulses that are applied to the neurons of... Agent:

20110213196 - Middle ear direct action improved hearing aid and related installation method: A middle ear prosthesis device and corresponding implantation procedure are described. A sensing microphone converts an acoustic audio signal into a corresponding electrical audio signal. A sensing amplifier amplifies the electrical audio signal. An audio transducer converts the amplified electrical audio signal into a corresponding amplified acoustic audio signal. An... Agent: Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

20110213197 - Computer augmented therapy: A method to treat sympathetic dysfunction using computer-augmented therapy, such as computer augmented imagery rehearsal therapy, comprising the steps of (a) achieving a relaxed state calibrated by ART; (b) accessing a machinima using a virtual reality system; (c) creating an avatar in said machinima; (d) developing a script for a... Agent:

20110213198 - High-throughput and non-invasive method to vitrify porcine embryos: The present invention provides a practical, non-invasive, and efficient method for cryopreservation of an in-vitro-produced porcine embryo. The inventive method treats the NP (such as IVF- or NT-derived) embryo at the one-cell or cleavage stage prior to compaction with high osmolality followed by high speed centrifugation. The high osmolality treatment... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20110213199 - Implantable access port device and attachment system: A system for attaching an access port to bodily tissue includes an access port assembly and including an access port having a generally central axis. The access port assembly further includes an attachment mechanism structured to enable the access port to be attached, for example, to an abdominal muscle of... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110213201 - Correction apparatus for male penis: The present invention deals with a correction apparatus for a male penis and more specifically with a correction apparatus for a male penis, that enables the prevention and treatment of deviation whereby tissue stretching and bending correction and stimuli to sensitive areas has resulted in abnormal shapes including warped or... Agent:

20110213200 - Orgasmatron via deep-brain neuromodulation: It is the purpose of this invention to provide methods and systems for non-invasive deep brain neuromodulation using ultrasound for the treatment of anorgasmia, hypo-orgasmia, and for the production of orgasms (Orgasmatron). This can include impacting one or multiple points in a neural circuit to produce Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) or... Agent:

20110213202 - Endoscope working channel with multiple functionality: Endoscopic instrument assemblies and methods for making and using the same. An example endoscopic instrument assembly includes an endoscope having a working channel and an endoscopic instrument slidably disposed in the working channel. The inside surface of the working channel and the outside surface of the endoscopic instrument each have... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110213204 - Endoscope system and imaging device thereof: An imaging device for an endoscope includes an image pickup lens, a spectral characteristics variable optical element, and a CCD. The spectral characteristics variable optical element passes only light of a specific wavelength in accordance with the distance between first and second plates, and reflects light of the other wavelengths.... Agent:

20110213203 - In-vivo imaging system and body-insertable apparatus: A body-insertable apparatus includes a light-receiving unit that includes light-receiving elements each having a receiving wavelength spectrum; light-emitting units including a near ultraviolet light source whose peak of the emission intensity is near ultraviolet light with a wavelength deviated, from a receiving wavelength spectrum associated with the receiving wavelength spectrum,... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110213205 - Capsule guidance system: A capsule guidance system includes a plurality of electrode pads that are disposed on a body surface of a subject in which a capsule medical device that performs human body communication is inserted into an organ; a magnetic guidance unit applies a magnetic field to the capsule medical device to... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110213206 - Fiber optic imaging catheter: A steerable imaging catheter is provided, including an elongated catheter tube, at least one steering cable extending along the catheter tube to control the movement of the distal end thereof, and a fiber optic cable extending along the catheter tube. The fiber optic cable transmits illumination light from its proximal... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110213207 - Non-rigid surgical retractor: The present invention provides a non-rigid retractor for providing access to a surgical site, such as a patient's spine, during a surgical process. When used in spinal surgery, the non-rigid retractor allows a surgeon to operate on one or more spinal levels. The non-rigid retractor includes at least one flexible... Agent: Depuy Spine, Inc.

20110213212 - Adaptive alarm system: An adaptive alarm system is responsive to a physiological parameter so as to generate an alarm threshold that adapts to baseline drift in the parameter and reduce false alarms without a corresponding increase in missed true alarms. The adaptive alarm system has a parameter derived from a physiological measurement system... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20110213208 - Ambient electromagnetic energy harvesting with wireless sensors: A system and method for generating power via harvesting of ambient electromagnetic signals. The system may include one or more sensing components which, acting alone or in combination, are capable of generating data related to one or more physiological parameters. The system may also include wireless communication circuitry capable of... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110213213 - Method and system to safely guide interventions in procedures the substrate whereof is neuronal plasticity: s

20110213209 - Monitoring myocardial infarction and its treatment: Disclosed is a method of determining which medication is to be applied in a remodeling process of a subject after a myocardial infarction, the method comprising determining an amount of a natriuretic peptide, a cardiac troponin, and an inflammatory marker in a sample from the subject and initiating a remodeling... Agent:

20110213210 - Portable telepresence apparatus: A telepresence system that includes a portable telepresence apparatus coupled to a remote control station. The telepresence apparatus comprises a monitor, a camera, a speaker, a microphone and a viewfinder screen coupled to a housing. The view finder screen allows the user to view the image being captured by the... Agent: Intouch Technologies, Inc.

20110213211 - Systems and methods for assessing team dynamics and effectiveness: Techniques for monitoring neurophysiologic indicators of the members of a team while performing one or more collaborative tasks, for analyzing the collected neurophysiologic data and environmental data, for generating feedback, and for generating assessments of the performance of the team based on the collected data are provided. Feedback can be... Agent: Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.

20110213216 - Adaptive wireless body networks: Systems, methods, and devices for obtaining physiological measurements of a patient using an adaptive body network are provided. In one example, a wireless medical sensor may include physiological sensor circuitry, wireless transceiver circuitry, and control circuitry. The physiological sensor circuitry may be capable of obtaining a physiological measurement of a... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110213222 - Communication error alerting in an epilepsy monitoring system: Systems and methods for monitoring neurological signals in a patient are provided. The system includes: an implantable sensor adapted to collect neurological signals; an implantable assembly configured to sample the neurological signals collected by the sensor; and a rechargeable communication device external to the patient's body, said communication device configured... Agent:

20110213217 - Energy optimized sensing techniques: The present disclosure describes an energy efficient wireless medical sensor that may be capable of optimizing battery life and increasing component life by selectively using only a subset of the sensors and sensor functionality included in the wireless medical sensor at any one time. One or more update factors may... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110213214 - Mechanically deployable tracheal tube sensor: Various embodiments of a tracheal tube having a mechanically deployable sensor are provided. Certain embodiments of the tracheal tube may be capable of mechanically deploying the sensor during intubation to sense one or more indicators of blood flow characteristics, such as a level of blood gases and/or blood analytes, in... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110213220 - Medical guide wire assembly: Medical guide wire assembly comprising a guide wire having a proximal end and a distal end, at least one physiology parameter sensor, and that the proximal end of the guide-wire is provided with an elongated connector part, having connection electrodes, for insertion into a connector housing provided with an elongated... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110213221 - Method for detecting body parameters: A method for detecting biometric parameters includes the steps of performing a bone graft procedure on at least one vertebra of a spine, providing at least one biometric sensor at the at least one vertebra, the sensor measuring at least one parameter selected from the group consisting of pressure, tension,... Agent:

20110213219 - Multiple biomarker panels to stratify disease severity and monitor treatment of depression: Materials and Methods for stratifying disease severity and for monitoring major depressive disorder are provided.... Agent: Ridge Diagnostics, Inc.

20110213218 - Patient healthcare monitoring/maintenance system: An independently operable interactive health care monitoring and control system for the patient-responsive treatment and reporting from a home-based patient with respect to a health care provider treatment facility, the system comprising a patient or system activated “body-condition” test unit configured for personal recognition and interactive telecommunication with the health... Agent:

20110213215 - Spontaneous breathing trial manager: This disclosure describes systems and methods for conducting and terminating spontaneous breathing trials on patients receiving mechanical ventilation. The disclosure describes a novel spontaneous breathing trial manager for a medical ventilator with rapid initiation and continuous monitoring of a patient's tolerance of the spontaneous breathing trial and displaying of that... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110213224 - Back-aid skin inspection and complexion treatment device: The invention provides a tool for improved self inspection of surface skin abnormalities of the human back. The Back-Aid device also enables one to treat complexion issues, precisely apply medicines or sunscreen, and monitor would healing by themselves. The device consists of a computer web-cam strategically mounted to a handle... Agent:

20110213223 - Echogram detection of skin conditions: Technologies adapted for using acoustic pulses to diagnose skin conditions are disclosed. A series of acoustic pulses may be directed at a skin through the speaker of a device. Acoustic reflections may be received at a microphone. The reflections may be sampled and stored as echogram data. The echogram may... Agent:

20110213225 - Medical devices and methods: Methods and devices to monitor an analyte in body fluid are provided. Embodiments include continuous or discrete acquisition of analyte related data from a transcutaneously positioned in vivo analyte sensor automatically or upon request from a user.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110213226 - Motion compensation in a sensor: A system and method for compensating for movement in a sensor. A sensor may include an emitter configured to transmit light, a detector configured to receive the transmitted light via a respective light path, and an accelerometer configured to measure a change in distance between the detector and the emitter.... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110213227 - Wireless medical monitoring system: A blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2) measurement subunit employed in a wireless transceiver unit connected to a medical monitor unit. An illumination emulator is used for emulating the characteristics of an illumination source of a pulse oximeter. The emulator utilities at least part of the energy coming from the SpO2... Agent:

20110213228 - Oral device: An oral device for use with a person in which at least one non-toxic gas pulse is delivered to a predetermined location in the mouth via a device conduit. The oral device may be provided as a kit with at least one device for measuring the subject's responses and representing... Agent: The University Of Western Ontario

20110213229 - Electrode, electrochemical sensor and apparatus, and methods for operating the same: A method for amperometric detection of proteins, especially haemoglobin in faeces, using an electrochemical sensor. The electrochemical sensor includes: a working electrode having an electrically conductive matrix holding a first reagent and/or a second reagent, the second reagent being an oxidising agent, or a precursor thereof, for the first reagent;... Agent: Mode Diagnostics Limited

20110213230 - On-line measuring system of body substances: A measuring system (100) for continuously measuring body fluid constituents, said measuring system (100) comprising a microdialysis catheter or probe (110) comprising a microdialysis membrane (116) to be placed in a blood stream or in tissue fluid. The measuring system further comprises a flow through sensor (200) for continuously measuring... Agent:

20110213231 - Bendable catheter arms having varied flexibility: In various embodiments, a catheter comprising an expandable electrode assembly or basket is provided. In specific embodiments, the basket is particularly useful for mapping electrical activity at one or more locations within the heart. The basket can comprise a plurality of bendable or deflectable arms. At least one of the... Agent:

20110213232 - Tank filters placed in series with the lead wires or circuits of active medical devices to enhance mri compatibility: A TANK filter is provided for a lead wire of an active medical device (AMD). The TANK filter includes a capacitor in parallel with an inductor. The parallel capacitor and inductor are placed in series with the lead wire of the AMD, wherein values of capacitance and inductance are selected... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20110213233 - Tank filters placed in series with the lead wires or circuits of active medical devices to enhance mri compatibility: A TANK filter is provided for a lead wire of an active medical device (AMD). The TANK filter includes a capacitor in parallel with an inductor. The parallel capacitor and inductor are placed in series with the lead wire of the AMD, wherein values of capacitance and inductance are selected... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20110213234 - System and method for using orthogonally-coded active source signals for reflected signal analysis: A system and method for using orthogonally-coded active source signals for reflected signal analysis, such as in seismic exploration, sonar, and/or ultrasound applications. One method comprises inputting an orthogonally-coded active source signal to a target site, where the orthogonally-coded active source signal is sufficiently random to not interfere with a... Agent: Uti Limited Partnership

20110213237 - Echo-specific k-space reordering approach to compatible dual-echo arteriovenography: A dual-echo sequence technique provided herein empowers simultaneous acquisition of both TOF MRA and BOLD MRV in a single MR acquisition. By this approach, an echo-specific K-space ordering scheme permits the adjustment of the scan parameters that are compatible for each of the MRA and MRV. The image quality in... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh -of The Commonwealth [syst] System Of Higher Education

20110213235 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, initial state creation method, optimum intensity determination method, and magnetic resonance imaging method: d

20110213238 - Magnetic resonance imaging using technique of positioning multi-slabs to be imaged: A magnetic resonance imaging system is provided for obtaining MR images by scanning a region of the object previously located on an object's positioning image. The system comprises a displaying unit, inputting unit, approximating unit, and locating unit. The displaying unit displays a plurality of tomographic images of the object... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110213236 - Therapeutic compositions, devices and methods for observing treated tissues: The subject invention pertains to a synthetic biopharmaceutical non-invasive medical therapy, administered locally or systemically and compositions for treating aged, diseased or abnormal tissues and organs. The composition and methods of the invention may also be used to augment the treatment of multiple diseases and disorders of the body. The... Agent: Immunopath Profile, Inc.

20110213239 - Combined radiation therapy and magnetic resonance unit: The invention relates to a combined radiation therapy and magnetic resonance unit. For this purpose, in accordance with the invention a combined radiation therapy and magnetic resonance unit is provided comprising a magnetic resonance diagnosis part with an interior, which is limited in radial direction by a main magnet, and... Agent:

20110213241 - Laparoscopic port with microwave rectifier: A radiation detector disposed on a microwave antenna assembly to receive unintended field exposure in an insufflated abdomen. The radiation detector includes a receiving antenna made up of at least two pieces of metal externally attached to the microwave antenna within the abdomen. The radiation detector is adapted to receive... Agent: Vivant Medical, Inc.

20110213240 - Model-based correction of position measurements: Visualization of a probe when impedance-based measurement technology is being used is improved by stabilizing a displayed image of the probe or catheter. Using a model of reasonable probe shapes and a matching algorithm, an erroneous probe image is adjusted so that it assumes a realistic shape on a display.... Agent:

20110213242 - Method for thoracic vertebral bone density measurement by thoracic quantitative computed tomography: A technique for measuring thoracic vertebral bone density (BMD) and coronary calcium score (CCS). Representatively, BMD was measured and averaged at three consecutive thoracic spines (3T) starting from the left main coronary artery caudally and averaging the results of the measurements at the first, second and third spine regions to... Agent:

20110213243 - Visualization and quantization of newly formed vasculature: An angiographic image processing system includes a filtering module (40) configured to filter an angiographic image based on blood vessel diameter (46) to identify neovasculature having small blood vessel diameter, and a display sub-system (32, 70) configured to display the angiographic image with the identified neovasculature. A neovasculature density computation... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110213244 - Real-time perfusion imaging and quantification: A solution for diagnostic applications is proposed. Particularly, a corresponding diagnostic system includes means (903-906) for providing (A1-A3) a plurality of input signals representative of a body-part being perfused with a contrast agent over time, each input signal being indicative of a response to an interrogating stimulus of a corresponding... Agent: Bracco Research Sa

20110213245 - Hand-held, hand-operated power syringe and methods: A hand-held syringe includes a handle configured for suspending and using the syringe with a single hand. The handle includes pivotally connected first and second members. The members of the handle may be pivotally connected at intermediate positions along the lengths thereof or at or near ends thereof. The first... Agent:

20110213246 - Thyroid uptake measurement apparatus: Disclosed is a thyroid uptake measurement apparatus, in which a radiation attenuation filter is detachably provided at the leading end of a collimator of a radiation detector. The radiation attenuation filter inhibits the saturation of signals when gamma rays exceeding the maximum counting rate are entered. Accordingly, it is possible... Agent: Nucare Medical Systems, Inc.

20110213247 - Articulated arm with imaging device: An articulated arm CMM comprises an articulated arm comprising a plurality of transfer members, a plurality of articulation members connecting at least two transfer members to each other, a coordinate acquisition member at a distal end, and a base at a proximal end. A plurality of encoders are associated with... Agent: Hexagon Metrology, Inc.

20110213248 - Ultrasonic treatment apparatus: An ultrasonic treatment apparatus includes a sound source, a frequency setter and a drive signal generator. The sound source emits ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic waves are finite amplitude acoustic waves including a first signal frequency and a second signal frequency. The frequency setter sets the first signal frequency and the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110213250 - 3-d ultrasound imaging with volume data processing: In an ultrasound imaging system, an ultrasound scanning assembly (USC) provides volume data (VD) resulting from a three-dimensional scan of a body (BDY). A region of interest detector (RDT) detects a region within the volume data (VD) characterized by a variation of at least one data parameter, which exceeds a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110213249 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus which can measure a time difference of motion between a plurality of sites of a cardiac muscle for the heart of a fetus is provided. On a tomographic image of the heart, a user sets a plurality of observation points. Each observation point is tracked, and... Agent: Aloka Co., Ltd.

20110213251 - Configurable microbeamformer circuit for an ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system: A microbeamformer integrated circuit has sixty-lour microbeaauCormer channels which may be utilized with a 64-element or 128-element array transducer. Each microbeamformer channel includes a transmitter, a plurality of connection points for selectively coupling the transmitter to one or more transducer elements, a transmit/receive switch coupled to an output of the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110213252 - Autofluorescence imaging system for endoscopy: A system and method for imaging tissue autofluorescence through a video endoscope is described, comprising a light source capable of providing both ultraviolet light capable of inducing tissue autofluorescence and visible light which induces little or no autofluorescence, an optical system to deliver both wavelength bands to the tissue with... Agent:

20110213253 - Multidirectional scan and algorithmic skin health analysis: Technologies generally applicable to detecting skin conditions are disclosed. A computer graphics scanning apparatus may be configured to capture skin image data, and use the captured skin image data to calculate a subsurface transfer function for the skin, which may identify subsurface properties of the skin. The identified subsurface properties... Agent:

20110213254 - Method of determining blood pressure and an apparatus for determining blood pressure: An apparatus and method enables a reading of a continuous beat to beat heart rate at the superficial temporal artery to give an indication of blood pressure of the brain and blood related diseases. The apparatus is non-invasive. Preferably a reading of a continuous beat to beat heart rate is... Agent: Healthstats International Pte Ltd

20110213255 - Apparatus and methods for non-invasively measuring hemodynamic parameters: Improved apparatus and methods for non-invasively assessing one or more hemodynamic parameters associated with the circulatory system of a living organism. In one aspect, the invention comprises apparatus adapted to accurately place and maintain a sensor (e.g., tonometric pressure sensor) with respect to the anatomy of the subject, including an... Agent:

20110213256 - Blood pressure measurement device: In a blood pressure measurement device, a force acts on one end side and the other end side of a cuff main body in a direction where an inner diameter of a tubular form is further reduced, so that a rotation shaft rotates in a clockwise direction thus simultaneously moving... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110213259 - Body-surface mapping system: A body-surface mapping system is disclosed that uses a plurality of electrodes to map at least a portion of a human torso without having to adjust the positions of the electrodes. The body-surface mapping system energizes groupings or regions of electrodes, then compares and adjusts the current driven through each... Agent:

20110213257 - Method and apparatus for determining a heart period from an ecg waveform using image representation of ecg: A method and system and computer program product for estimating a heart period is disclosed. The heart period is detected from an ECG recording. ECG data is acquired, and converted into electronic ECG images. The data is processed to prepare for estimation of a heart period. The heart period is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110213258 - Strap based reliable heart rate or electro cardiogram monitor with wireless data transmission: This innovation describes a heart rate and an electro cardiogram monitoring system capable of operating under sweaty, high motion conditions and under water environments. The system is tailor made for ones physical parameters.... Agent:

20110213260 - Crt lead placement based on optimal branch selection and optimal site selection: An exemplary method includes accessing cardiac information acquired via a catheter located at various positions in a coronary sinus of a patient where the cardiac information includes electrical information and mechanical information; calculating scores based on the cardiac information where each of the scores corresponds to the coronary sinus or... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20110213261 - Systems and methods for use with subcutaneous implantable medical devices for detecting electrode/tissue contact problems: Techniques are provided for detecting problems involving electrode/tissue contact with extracardiac electrodes of subcutaneous monitoring devices, such as atrial fibrillation (AF) monitors. Briefly, subcutaneous impedance signals are detected using extracardiac sensing electrodes of the subcutaneous device. Problems involving poor electrode/tissue contact are then detected within the subcutaneous impedance signals. Depending... Agent:

20110213262 - Method for presenting current and stored ecg waveforms on a portable, external defibrillator: A method of simultaneously presenting current and stored ECG waveform data on a portable, external defibrillator during a rescue. The stored ECG waveform data may also be used in a rescue or training exercise.... Agent: Defibtech, LLC

20110213263 - Method for determining a heartbeat rate: A method for determining a heartbeat rate of a user from an acoustic heartbeat signal, a heartbeat rate measuring device, and a mobile device are described.... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110213264 - Sensor on non-sealing portion of tracheal tube cuff: Various embodiments of a tracheal tube having a sensor disposed on a non-sealing portion of a cuff are provided. Certain embodiments of the tracheal tube may be capable of deploying the sensor during intubation to sense one or more indicators of blood flow characteristics, such as a level of blood... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110213265 - Implantable seizure monitor: An implantable seizure monitor can include at least one sensing electrode and an electronics module configured to detect, record and/or log neurological events. For example, the electronics module can be configured to detect brainwaves indicative of seizures, such as, for example, epileptic seizures, and to create a log indicating when... Agent: Neuropace, Inc.

20110213266 - Closed loop neural activity triggered rehabilitation device and method: A closed loop, neural activity triggered rehabilitation device and method are provided for facilitating recovery of a patient from the effects of a sensory motor disability. The device includes a sensor system positionable adjacent the brain of the patient. The sensor system detects neural signals. A functional stimulation component is... Agent:

20110213267 - Method for identifying and evaluating parallel motor control function in the brain based on electromyogram signals: c

20110213268 - Living body index measurement apparatus: A pillar (18) is connected to a base plate unit (12) of a living body index measurement apparatus (11) in a detachable manner. A display unit (22) is mounted on the pillar (18) in a detachable manner. There is built in the base plate unit (12) a calculation processing circuit.... Agent: Tanita Corporation

20110213269 - Portable terminal having function of measuring mental fatigue, method for measuring same and server computer: This invention aims to provide a portable terminal device capable of easily and accurately measuring and evaluating mental fatigue, its measuring method, and a server computer. The portable terminal device includes an operation unit 20; an imaging unit 18 for measuring ambient light; a display screen 16 or light emitting... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20110213270 - Biopsy instrument for enriching sample material: The present invention relates to a biopsy instrument, comprising the following components: i. a guide element (1) comprising a spring-elastic distal (2) region and a proximal (3) region; ii. a biofunctionalized element (4) arranged between the distal and the proximal region of the guide element and whose surface has detection... Agent: Ogeno Gmbh

20110213272 - Acoustic patient sensor: According to certain described aspects, multiple acoustic sensing elements are employed in a variety of beneficial ways to provide improved physiological monitoring, among other advantages. In various embodiments, sensing elements can be advantageously employed in a single sensor package, in multiple sensor packages, and at a variety of other strategic... Agent:

20110213271 - Acoustic respiratory monitoring sensor having multiple sensing elements: According to certain described aspects, multiple acoustic sensing elements are employed in a variety of beneficial ways to provide improved physiological monitoring, among other advantages. In various embodiments, sensing elements can be advantageously employed in a single sensor package, in multiple sensor packages, and at a variety of other strategic... Agent:

20110213273 - Acoustic respiratory monitoring sensor having multiple sensing elements: According to certain described aspects, multiple acoustic sensing elements are employed in a variety of beneficial ways to provide improved physiological monitoring, among other advantages. In various embodiments, sensing elements can be advantageously employed in a single sensor package, in multiple sensor packages, and at a variety of other strategic... Agent:

20110213274 - Acoustic respiratory monitoring sensor having multiple sensing elements: According to certain described aspects, multiple acoustic sensing elements are employed in a variety of beneficial ways to provide improved physiological monitoring, among other advantages. In various embodiments, sensing elements can be advantageously employed in a single sensor package, in multiple sensor packages, and at a variety of other strategic... Agent:

20110213276 - Apparatus and method for monitoring activity level: A device and a method for monitoring a person's movement and activity levels is provided. The device includes a microcontroller, an accelerometer and a visual indicator in communication with the microcontroller. The accelerometer is configured to continually check a person's movement in at least two of three axes being measured... Agent:

20110213275 - Device for determining the stability of a knee joint: The invention relates to a device for determining the stability of a knee joint. The device comprises includes a measuring sensor (14), which can be attached via a fastening device (16) to a lower leg (12) associated with the knee joint (11). The measuring sensor (14) is designed to measure... Agent: Bort Gmbh

20110213278 - Movement monitoring system and apparatus for objective assessment of movement disorders: Disclosed embodiments include a movement monitoring system and apparatus for objective assessment of movement disorders of a subject, comprising (a) one or more movement monitors, and (b) a computer-implemented analysis system comprising one or more protocols and associated data analysis methods to objectively quantify movement disorders based on movement data... Agent: Oregon Health And Science University

20110213277 - System, method, and apparatus for objective assessment of motor signs at the extremities: Disclosed embodiments include a system for objective assessment of motor signs at the extremities that comprises (a) a device for objective motor sign measurement, (b) a test protocol defining a prescribed repetitive activity, and (c) a signal processing and analysis system to generate one or more impairment metrics. According to... Agent: Oregon Health And Science University

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