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20110237858 - Device and methods for sequential, regional delivery of multiple cytotoxic agents and directed assembly of wound repair tissues: An implantable delivery system includes a macrostructure formed of bioresorbable material selected from a group of alphahydroxy acids and defined to include an internal architecture of intercommunicating void spaces. A first cytotoxic agent in the preferred form of cisplatin is joined to the macrostructure during formation. A microstructure in the... Agent: Kensey Nash Corporation

20110237859 - Therapeutic apparatus: A therapeutic apparatus comprising: a magnetic resonance imaging system adapted for acquiring a set of magnetic resonance imaging data in an imaging zone, the magnetic resonance imaging system comprising a means for generating a magnetic field, a guiding means adapted for guiding a beam of charged particles to a target... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110237861 - Adjustable implant and method of use: A system includes an adjustable implant configured for implantation internally within a subject, the adjustable implant comprising a first permanent magnet configured for rotation about a first axis, the first permanent magnet operatively coupled to a drive transmission configured to alter a dimension of the adjustable implant. The system further... Agent: Ellipse Technologies, Inc.

20110237860 - Magnetic ink tissue markings: The invention provides tissue markings (such as tattoos) comprising magnetic particles, e.g., magnetite, and methods for making and altering, e.g., removing them.... Agent:

20110237862 - Multifunctional fe3o4 cored magnetic-quantum dot fluorescent nanocomposites for rf nano-hyperthermia of cancer cells: A magnetic oxide-quantum dot nanocomposite and methods of synthesizing it. In one embodiment, the magnetic oxide-quantum dot nanocomposite has at least one magnetic oxide nanoparticle coated with a silica (SiO2) shell and terminated with at least one thiol group (—SH), and at least one CdSe/ZnS quantum dot linked with the... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

20110237863 - Magnetically-levitated blood pump with optimization method enabling miniaturization: A magnetically-levitated blood pump with an optimization method that enables miniaturization and supercritical operation. The blood pump includes an optimized annular blood gap that increases blood flow and also provides a reduction in bearing stiffness among the permanent magnet bearings. Sensors are configured and placed optimally to provide space savings... Agent: Worldheart, Inc.

20110237869 - Adjustable surgical implant for treating urinary incontinence: A surgical implant for treating female urinary incontinence. The implant comprises an elongate polymer material suburethral support having a length and a width, first and second elongate and porous polymer material suspending members having a length and a width extending from opposite ends of the suburethral support, and first and... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237868 - Method for fibrous anchoring of a pelvic support: A method for supporting a urethra of a patient includes making an incision on an upper wall of a vagina of the patient and inserting a first end of a surgical implant through the incision and on a first side of a urethra of the patient. The first end of... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237870 - Method for implanting an adjustable surgical implant for treating urinary incontinence: A method of treating urinary incontinence of a patient by introducing a surgical implant through a vaginal incision. The surgical implant includes a suburethral support having first and second suspending members and first and second tissue anchors. The width of each suspending member is less than the width of the... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237866 - Method for supporting pelvic anatomy: A method for providing support to an anatomical structure of the pelvis includes making a vaginal incision for securing a support portion under a urethra of a patient, passing a narrowed portion of an introducer through an introducer aperture of a first soft tissue anchor, seating the first soft tissue... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237864 - Prosthetic implant for suburethral support with gussets: The invention relates to a prosthetic implant (1) for suburethral support comprising a suburethral support element (3) of elongate form that extends longitudinally between a first end (3A) and a second end (3B), said first end (3A) at least having first and second opposite faces (4), said implant (1) being... Agent: Compagnie De Recherche En Composants, Implants Er Materiels Pour L'application Clinique

20110237865 - Sling with support and suspending members formed from same polymer: A sling for treating urinary incontinence includes a suburethral support and first and second elongated suspending members. The suburethral support has opposite ends, is formed from a polymer and has first physical properties including a density, a length and a width. The first and second suspending members are formed from... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237867 - System for introducing a pelvic implant: A system for supporting an anatomical structure of the pelvis includes a surgical implant for providing support to the anatomical structure of the pelvis. The surgical implant includes a first tissue anchor including a plurality of projections adapted for tissue fixation, a second tissue anchor including a plurality of projections... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237874 - Adjustable surgical implant and method for treating urinary incontinence: A method of treating urinary incontinence, the method including introducing a surgical implant through an incision made on an upper wall of a patient's vagina. The surgical implant includes a suburethral support, first and second suspending members, and first and second polymer tissue anchors. Each tissue anchor is coupled with... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237871 - Controller support apparatus: An apparatus comprises a controller for remotely controlling an implantable device that is used to adjust a gastric band, and the controller transmits a telemetric signal to the implantable device. The apparatus further comprises a table that provides support for the controller. A rail is oriented in a first direction... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110237872 - Dynamic heart harness: A reversibly adjustable heart harness is configured to surround at least a portion of a heart and to provide a compressive force to the heart during at least a portion of a cardiac cycle. The heart harness includes a plurality of wires forming a mesh structure, and one or more... Agent: Micardia Corporation

20110237876 - Method for implanting with an anchor introducer channel: A method for supporting the urethra of a patient to treat urinary incontinence includes introducing a surgical implant through an incision in an upper wall of the patient's vagina. The surgical implant includes a suburethral support, first and second soft tissue anchors connected to the suburethral support, and a flexible... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237878 - Pelvic implant systems and methods with expandable anchors: An implant for supporting pelvic anatomy includes a first soft tissue anchor, a second soft tissue anchor, and a support portion. The first and second soft tissue anchors each include a central portion and a plurality of projections biased radially from the central portion of the soft tissue anchors, respectively.... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237879 - Pelvic implant with fibrous anchor: A surgical implant for supporting pelvic anatomy includes a first fixing zone, a second fixing zone, and a supporting zone. The first fixing zone has a retaining portion that is absorbable and formed of a fiber entanglement and a mesh for anchoring the first fixing zone in soft tissues in... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237873 - Pelvic implant with selective locking anchor: A surgical implant for supporting pelvic anatomy includes a first suspending member, a second suspending member, a first anchor, a second anchor, and a suburethral sling. The first and second suspending members have proximal and distal portions. The first anchor is connected to the distal portion of the first suspending... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237877 - Pelvic implant with suspending system: A method of providing support to an anatomical structure of the pelvis includes inserting a first suspending member into a pelvic space on a first side of a urethra of a patient, the first suspending member being slidably received through a first end of a support. A second suspending member... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237875 - Surgical implant with anchor introducer channel: A surgical implant for treating female urinary incontinence includes a suburethral support, first and second soft tissue anchors, and an elongated member. The first and second soft tissue anchors are connected to first and second opposite ends of the suburethral support, each anchor having a central portion, a proximal end,... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110237880 - Method and system for video based image detection/identification analysis for fluid and visualization control: In a surgical system, a system controller executes a video signature identification and image control routine to maintain quality of a video image taken by a video camera located at a surgical site and provided on a video display. The system includes a video camera/light source handpiece for insertion into... Agent:

20110237881 - Support and guide device for an endoscopic instrument: A support and guide device for an endoscopic instrument includes a first guide device extending substantially in a plane and bordering a surface, a first carriage that can travel along the first guide device, a second guide device connected to the first carriage and extending in a plane perpendicular thereto,... Agent:

20110237882 - Electronic endoscope system: An electronic endoscope system includes a light source device for sequentially emitting plural kinds of light having different wavelength bands, an electronic endoscope for outputting image data of acquired images corresponding to the plural kinds of light sequentially illuminated to a subject tissue containing blood vessels, a setter for setting... Agent:

20110237883 - Electronic endoscope system: An electronic endoscope system includes a light source device for sequentially emitting light having different wavelength bands, an electronic endoscope for receiving reflected light of light sequentially illuminating a subject tissue containing a blood vessel in a body cavity and sequentially outputting an imaging signal corresponding to the wavelength band... Agent:

20110237884 - Electronic endoscope system: An electronic endoscope system includes a light source device for sequentially emitting kinds of light having different wavelength bands, an electronic endoscope for sequentially illuminating the kinds of light to a subject tissue containing blood vessels, receiving the kinds of reflected light, and outputting image data corresponding to the kinds... Agent:

20110237885 - Endoscope system comprising calibration means and calibration method thereof: An electronic endoscope system includes a light source device for emitting light and an electronic endoscope having a phosphor for producing white light with which a subject tissue in a body cavity is illuminated by causing the light to hit the phosphor as excitation light, and an image sensor for... Agent:

20110237886 - Imaging unit and endoscope: An imaging unit includes an objective optical system, an image sensor, a cover glass, a prism, and a heat conduction portion. The objective optical system imports light of an image of a subject. The image sensor forms an image of the light and outputs an imaging signal. The cover glass... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110237887 - Internal body observation device: The invention relates to an internal body observation device which includes an ordinary observation light source, an ordinary observation irradiation optical system, a special observation light source, a special observation irradiation optical system, an observation optical system for transmitting the light from an observation target, a detection means configured to... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110237888 - Guide tube for guiding endoscope or surgical tool in or into body cavity: In order to secure a path of insertion for an insertion rod 2 of an endoscope 1 and for transformation from a flexible structure to a rigid structure, a guide tube is constituted by a flexible double tube 13 having flexible inner and outer tubes 11 and 12 which are... Agent:

20110237889 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes an endoscope which has an insertion portion which is provided with a distal end portion and a bendable bending portion at a distal end side and is inserted into a body cavity of a subject, a relative position calculation section which calculates a relative position of... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110237890 - Modular and cooperative medical devices and related systems and methods: The various embodiments disclosed herein relate to modular medical devices, including various devices with detachable modular components and various devices with pivotally attached modular components. Additional embodiments relate to procedures in which various of the devices are used cooperatively. Certain embodiments of the medical devices are robotic in vivo devices.... Agent: Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska

20110237891 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes a curving operation portion which performs a curving operation of a curving portion by rotating around a pivot shaft in a first rotation direction and in a second rotation direction opposite to the first rotation direction from a neutral position where the curving portion is in a... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110237892 - Apparatus and methods for color endoscopy: Exemplary embodiments of apparatus and method according to the present disclosure are provided. For example, an apparatus for providing electromagnetic radiation to a structure can be provided. The exemplary apparatus can include a first arrangement having at least two wave-guides which can be configured to provide there through at least... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20110237893 - Illumination device and endoscope apparatus: An illumination device (1a) includes a light source section (21) outputting excitation light; a fluorescent member (22) excited by the excitation light to emit illumination light; a first light transmitting section (24) disposed between the light source section (21) and the fluorescent member (22) to guide the excitation light output... Agent:

20110237894 - Endoscope apparatus: To provide an endoscope apparatus in which the observation image can be varied continuously as the observation magnification is varied by a zoom magnification varying manipulation so that an observation image suitable for an endoscope diagnosis is obtained at each observation magnification, and to thereby prevent the operator from feeling... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110237895 - Image capturing method and apparatus: An image capturing apparatus which includes a light projection unit for projecting light of a different wavelength range emitted from each of a plurality of light sources onto an observation area administered with a fluorescent agent, an imaging unit for receiving light emitted from the observation area irradiated with each... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110237896 - Endotracheal tube with intrinsic suction & endotracheal suction control valve: An improved endotracheal tube providing a built in suction channel for the removal of excessive secretions from the lumen of said tube and the tracheobronchial system is disclosed. Control valves for regulating the suction feature are also disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the endotracheal tube includes an additional suction... Agent:

20110237897 - Endoscope structures and techniques for navigating to a target in branched structure: Systems and methods employing a small gauge steerable catheter (30) including a locatable guide (32) with a sheath (40), particularly as an enhancement to a bronchoscope (14). A typical procedure is as follows. The location of a target in a reference coordinate system is detected or imported. The catheter (30)... Agent:

20110237898 - Lateral access system for the lumbar spine: A minimally invasive dilation device includes a plurality of rigid arms radially arrayed about a center and a dilating member positioned between the arms. A stylus may occupy the center. An outer flexible sleeve may be circumferentially secured to the arms, lying within or without the plurality of arms. An... Agent: Medicinelodge, Inc. Dba Imds Co-innovation

20110237899 - Portal apparatus with a finger seal assembly: A surgical portal assembly includes a portal member defining a longitudinal axis and having a longitudinal passageway for passage of a surgical object, and being dimensioned to pass through tissue to provide access via the longitudinal passageway to an underlying operative site and a plurality of object seals in mechanical... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110237900 - Portal apparatus with a tubular seal device: A surgical portal apparatus includes a portal housing, a portal member, and an elongated seal mounted within the portal housing. The portal housing defines a housing opening for reception of a surgical object and the portal member extends from the portal housing. The elongated seal includes an outer wall segment... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110237901 - Trocar: A surgical access device, such as a trocar, is described. The trocar includes a first housing member selectively coupled to a second housing member, such as with a latching assembly, and a seal which can be compressed when the housing members are coupled together, the seal for preventing or reducing... Agent:

20110237902 - Examination apparatus: An apparatus and method for an examination apparatus that includes a manually movable structure having a first movement from a free state to a compressed state and a second reversing movement from the compressed state to the free state. Also included is a plurality of fingers that are disposed adjacent... Agent:

20110237903 - Spreader for aortic valve reconstruction: A spreader for aortic valve reconstruction having a dimensionally stable ring and three retractor arms comprising, respectively, a stem and a blade, with the blade being distally disposed on the stem, and wherein the retractor arms are disposed, offset relative to each other by respectively 120° in the direction of... Agent: Fehling Instruments Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110237905 - Determining a value according to a statistical operation in a monitored living area: A method for monitoring a user in a user living area in a system including a system controller having control parameters for controlling the operations of said system and a remote monitoring site, comprising; monitoring a user activity of said user; activating a control circuit in response to an occurrence... Agent: Intel-ge Care Innovations LLC

20110237904 - Method and apparatus for measuring biological signal: An apparatus for measuring a biological signal of a body, the apparatus including; at least three interfaces which obtain signals from the body, a signal application unit which applies a signal having a frequency which is higher than one of a frequency of interest of the biological signal to one... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110237906 - System and method for graphical display of medical information: In one embodiment, an apparatus for graphical display of medical information is provided. The apparatus comprises a memory configured to store medical information indicative of multiple categories, each category of medical information representing information about plurality of physiological variables, a processing system configured to determine a data value for at... Agent: General Electric Company

20110237907 - Treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: The present invention relates to the identification of compounds and pharmaceutical compositions thereof for treating subjects with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other neurodegenerative diseases. The invention also provides methods of preparing the provided compounds.... Agent: Northwestern University

20110237908 - Optical device and biological information detector: An optical device including a contact part having a contact surface and an opposing surface, the contact surface coming into contact with a test subject and the opposing surface being opposite the contact surface; a support body installed on the opposing surface; a first element supported by the support body;... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110237909 - Systems, circuits and apparatus for in vivo detection of biomolecule concentrations using fluorescent tags: Systems are disclosed wherein labeled binding molecules can be provided in vivo to tissue having biomolecules that specifically bind the labeled binding molecule. A first optical radiation is emitted into the tissue in vivo to excite the labeled binding molecule bound to the biomolecule in vivo. A second optical radiation... Agent:

20110237912 - Device and method for detecting a vital parameter: A device for detecting a vital parameter is described, comprising: an optoelectronic sensor arrangement for detecting the vital parameter by means of light remission at a finger, wherein the optoelectronic sensor arrangement has a first light source for generating light in a visible wavelength range, a second light source for... Agent:

20110237911 - Multiple-wavelength physiological monitor: A physiological monitor for determining blood oxygen saturation of a medical patient includes a sensor, a signal processor and a display. The sensor includes at least three light emitting diodes. Each light emitting diode is adapted to emit light of a different wavelength. The sensor also includes a detector, where... Agent: Masimo Laboratories, Inc.

20110237910 - Stabilized multi-wavelength laser system for non-invasive spectrophotometric monitoring: A spectroscopic method and system that monitors oxygenation levels in biological tissue is provided. The system includes a sensor portion, a monitor portion, and at least one optical fiber light stabilizer. The sensor portion includes at least one sensor assembly, which sensor assembly has at least one light signal outlet,... Agent: Cas Medical Systems, Inc.

20110237913 - Method and apparatus for determining at least one evaluation parameter of a blood sample: The present invention provides a method for determining at least one evaluation parameter of a blood sample, comprising the following steps: providing (S4) at least one blood gas parameter; providing (S5) at least one hemostasis parameter; and determining (S6 . . . 310″) the at least one evaluation parameter as... Agent:

20110237914 - Physiological parameter confidence measure: Confidence in a physiological parameter is measured from physiological data responsive to the intensity of multiple wavelengths of optical radiation after tissue attenuation. The physiological parameter is estimated based upon the physiological data. Reference data clusters are stored according to known values of the physiological parameter. At least one of... Agent: Masimo Laboratories, Inc.

20110237915 - Electronic endoscope system and processor unit thereof, and method for obtaining blood vessel information: Ina special light mode, first to fourth special images are captured under first to fourth special light being narrow band light. A brightness ratio calculator extracts a blood vessel area containing a blood vessel from each special image. The brightness ratio calculator calculates first to fourth brightness ratios from the... Agent:

20110237916 - Ambient temperature sensor systems and methods: A first sensor may be configured to measure a sensed amount of a physiological parameter and to generate a first signal based on the sensed amount of the physiological parameter measured by the first sensor. A second sensor may be configured to measure a temperature and to generate a second... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110237917 - Calibration of glucose monitoring sensor and/or insulin delivery system: Disclosed are methods, apparatuses, etc. for calibrating glucose monitoring sensors and/or insulin delivery systems. In certain example embodiments, blood glucose reference samples may be correlated with sensor measurements with regard to a delay associated with the sensor measurements. In certain other example embodiments, one or more parameters of a probability... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110237919 - Diagnosis support method, diagnosis support system, and diagnosis support apparatus: A diagnosis support method comprising: obtaining first blood glucose level information at a first time point and/or second blood glucose level information at a second time point which is later, by a predetermined period, than the first time point; placing a collection member, which is configured to collect a tissue... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20110237918 - Methods and systems for providing therapeutic guidelines to a person having diabetes: A method is disclosed for providing therapeutic guidelines to a person having diabetes. The method comprises measuring a blood glucose (bG) level of the person for two or more days, wherein at least one bG measurement is taken per day, and the at least one daily bG measurement corresponds to... Agent:

20110237920 - Suction apparatus for extracting fluid during a surgical intervention: A description is given of a suction apparatus for extracting fluid, in particular body fluid, during a surgical intervention, with a device for creating a suction pressure (60) and an extraction line (62), which is connected by its first end portion (61) to the device for creating the suction pressure... Agent:

20110237921 - Systems and methods for flexible electrodes: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for producing and using electrodes, which may be flexible and/or stretchable, and interconnection structures that can be used both externally and/or implanted within the body. Electrodes according to various embodiments disclosed herein may be produced by depositing patterned layers of insulating and conductive polymers... Agent: Ripple LLC

20110237922 - Physiological sensor device: A physiological sensor device is attachable to the skin of a person for collecting physiological signals generated by the person's body. The device includes a flexible front layer made of a material that does not conduct electricity and a flexible back layer made of a material that does not conduct... Agent: Halthion Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110237923 - Dry electrode for detecting eeg signals and attaching device for holding the dry electrode: An electrode for detecting EEG signals comprises a body comprising a fixture on a first end of the body, and a sensor detachably held by the fixture, wherein the body has an external thread in a portion of the body extending from the first end of the body towards a... Agent: Brain Products Gmbh

20110237924 - Physiological data collection system: A physiological data collection system facilitates acquiring, recording, transferring and analyzing physiological signals generated from the skin of a human subject that may be used in generating an electrocardiogram for a patient in a continuous manner over an extended period of time of twenty four to forty eight hours. The... Agent: Halthion Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110237925 - Microneedle array chip, device and patch for transdermal drug delivery utilizing the same, and preparation method therof: The invention discloses a microneedle array chip comprising metal microneedles and a substrate, wherein the microneedle consists of a needle head with a tip at its top, a needle bar and a needle seat, and is fixed onto the substrate via the needle seat; and the needle bar of the... Agent:

20110237926 - Bioelectrical impedance measuring apparatus: The present invention provides bioelectrical impedance measuring apparatus for determining composition data of a human body, the apparatus including a plurality of electrodes and measuring circuitry which inject, through two electrodes, alternating current into the body, and which determine, with two other electrodes on different limbs, the resulting voltages, and... Agent: Seca Ag

20110237927 - Dedicated breast radiation imaging/therapy system: System, apparatus and methods specialized for breast and related tissue radiation therapy and imaging of a prone patient but also usable for supine patient if desired or needed. A special treatment radiation source such as a LINAC unit generates radiation of types and energy ranges specifically matched to breast tissue.... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20110237928 - Arrangement and method for detecting and/or locating a magnetic material in a region of action: In Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) the reconstruction requires the knowledge of a so called system function. This function describes the relation between spatial position and frequency response. For reasonable resolutions and field of views the system function becomes quite large, resulting in large acquisition times for the system function and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110237929 - Bladder wall thickness mapping for tumor detection: Disclosed is a method and apparatus for detection of a bladder wall tumor. Layers of a bladder wall are created by magnetic resonance imaging. A group of voxels having a lowest intensity is identified in a layer and an energy function modification enlarges the layer of the bladder wall. A... Agent:

20110237930 - Mri compatible motor and positioning system: A thermal therapy system is provided. The system includes an applicator and a device for supporting and moving the applicator within a patient's body during therapy. Some embodiments include an elongated ultrasound energy applicator that is positioned using a plurality of positioners along a corresponding plurality of axes. Also, a... Agent:

20110237931 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and synchronous imaging method: An imaging time is shortened by maintaining a desired image contrast in imaging synchronized with the periodic body movement information regarding the subject. In order to do so, in synchronous measurement of an echo signal synchronized with the trigger information detected from the periodic body movement information regarding the subject... Agent:

20110237932 - Method of operation for a magnetic resonance imaging suite: A method of operation for a magnetic resonance imaging suite. A power supply of magnetic resonance injector system receives electrical power from an AC power outlet, both of which are located outside of a shielded room of the magnetic resonance imaging suite. Electrical power from the power supply of the... Agent: Liebel-flarsheim Company

20110237934 - Biopsy support system: A biopsy support system includes a virtual shape image generating section that generates a virtual shape image of an inside of a body cavity which is an insertion target from image data in a three-dimensional region with respect to a subject, an endoscope provided with an endoscope insertion portion and... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110237935 - Method and apparatus for guiding an external needle to an implantable device: A system can include an implantable device, an instrument, a display device and a processor. The implantable device can include a port and a localizer for generating a navigation field. The instrument can include a tracking device for sensing the navigation field. The processor can be operably coupled to the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110237936 - Method and apparatus for guiding an external needle to an implantable device: A support tool or a supply assembly that delivers a functional fluid to a patient includes an antenna array for receiving or sensing a navigation field. The navigation field can be generated from a localizer. The localizer can be incorporated or included in an implanted device.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110237937 - Method and apparatus for guiding an external needle to an implantable device: A system to generate a navigation field relative to an implanted device is disclosed. The system can include a small and/or thin localizer array positioned in the implanted device. A power management scheme and circuits can be provided to conserve and resource power in the implanted device.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110237933 - Method for detecting contact with the wall of a region of interest: A method for detecting when a tool contacts a wall of a region of interest includes the steps of: tracking the motion of the tool and creating a tool motion profile; calculating a correlation value representative of the correlation between the tool motion profile and a wall motion profile indicative... Agent:

20110237939 - Apparatus and method for doppler-assisted mimo radar microwave imaging: A method and apparatus for enhanced microwave imaging of an object collects microwave responses for multiple combinations of transmit antennas, receive antennas, and object movement states. The responses are grouped into sets of responses corresponding to at least two object movement states. An image is reconstructed from the set of... Agent:

20110237938 - Medical image diagnosis assisting apparatus and method, and computer readable recording medium on which is recorded program for the same: A lesion area detection unit detects an abnormal peripheral structure (lesion area), a pulmonary blood vessel extraction unit extracts a branch structure (pulmonary blood vessel) from the three-dimensional medical image, an associated blood vessel identification unit identifies an associated branch structure functionally associated with the abnormal peripheral structure based on... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110237940 - Medical imaging apparatus and method: A medical device is used to image a body cavity using a plurality of axially and angularly spaced imaging sensors. Each i generates an image that is distinct from one another due to distinct fields of vision. Each image includes an overlapping zone with commonalities that are used to extrapolate... Agent:

20110237941 - Directional radiation detector: A method for imaging a body, including scanning the body so as to generate a tomographic image thereof, and analyzing the tomographic image to determine a location of a region of interest (ROI) (38) within the body. The method includes providing single photon counting detector modules (40), each of the... Agent: Orbotech Ltd.

20110237942 - Bioimaging method using near-infrared (nir) fluorescent material: This invention provides a novel bioimaging technique that can achieve a deep observation depth and a novel method for marking a lesion that allows clear recognition of the lesion from outside a living body. This invention also provides a bioimaging marker comprising a fluorescent material obtained by doping a ceramic... Agent:

20110237943 - Fibrous marker and intracorporeal delivery thereof: An intracorporeal marker includes a fibrous unitary marker body having bioabsorbable fibers compressed into a compressed configuration, and bound in the compressed configuration by a polymer binding agent. The intracorporeal marker may be incorporated into an intracorporeal marker delivery device having a delivery cannula which has a distal tip, an... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20110237944 - Methods and devices for transfering configuration settings: A method for transferring configuration settings and/or user maintenance items includes allowing a user to select a set of configuration settings and/or user maintenance items stored in a removable memory device coupled to a medical device; displaying the selected set of configuration settings and/or user maintenance items on a display... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110237945 - Methods and apparatus for ultrasound strain imaging: A system and method for improved ultrasound strain imaging includes using data from a tracking system to enhance the quality of ultrasound strain image and to reduce the dependency of image quality of the user's expertise. The tracking information is synchronized with the RF frames and interpolated to find the... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20110237946 - Apparatus and method for three dimensional ultrasound breast imaging: An apparatus for ultrasonic mammography includes: an array of ultrasonic transducers and signal processing means for converting the output of the transducer array into three dimensional renderings of anatomical features; and, an applicator device having a first side conformable to the contour of the transducer array and a second side... Agent: Orison Corporation

20110237947 - Robotic 5-dimensional ultrasound: A robotic 5D ultrasound system and method, for use in a computer integrated surgical system, wherein 3D ultrasonic image data is integrated over time with strain (i.e., elasticity) image data. By integrating the ultrasound image data and the strain image data, the present invention is capable of accurately identifying a... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20110237948 - Robotic 5-dimensional ultrasound: An ultrasound probe designed for use with a monitoring system performing non-contact respiratory and cardiac monitoring is described. The ultrasound probe may be used with smart phones and tablet computing devices or standalone monitoring devices to capture respiratory and cardiac function in a monitored subject. The probe may come equipped... Agent: Engineered Vigilance, LLC

20110237949 - System and method for analyzing carpal tunnel using ultrasound imaging: A system and method is provided for using dynamic ultrasonic imaging to analyze a subject's carpal tunnel and generate risk factors indicative of the health of the subject's subsynovial connective tissue and the subject's risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. The system and method uses speckle imaging techniques to track... Agent:

20110237950 - Method and apparatus for multi-beam beamformer based on real-time calculation of time delay and pipeline design: A multi-beamforming method based on real-time calculation of delay parameter and pipeline technique and an apparatus there of are disclosed. The system separates the parameters that should be calculated in real time from the parameters that does not require real-time calculation, and separates the parameters related to the beam sequencing... Agent: Shenzhen Landwind Industry Co., Ltd.

20110237951 - Data transmission via wide band acoustic channels: Embodiments of the present invention relate to ultrasound (acoustic) data transmission systems, in particular data transmission over wide-band acoustic channels with frequency-dependant multi-path propagation. More specifically, embodiments of the invention involve increasing the bit rate in the acoustic channel by means of utilization of the entire ultrasound spectrum available for... Agent: Innurvation, Inc.

20110237953 - Front-end circuit for an ultrasound transducer probe: The present invention relates to an ultrasound transducer probe 100 having an array of transducer elements 110 for transmitting ultrasound transmit pulses and receiving echo signals in response to these transmit pulses. More precisely, the invention refers to a front-end circuit 300, 300′ or 300″ preconnected to such an ultrasound... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110237952 - Two-dimensional-array ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic probe comprises piezoelectric elements arranged in the form of a two-dimensional array, a processing IC configured to process signal information obtained from the piezoelectric elements, and a flexible wiring substrate disposed between the piezoelectric elements and the processing IC, with the piezoelectric elements mounted... Agent:

20110237954 - Percutaneous needle guide and methods of use: An indicator element of a percutaneous needle guide for a medical scanning device includes a pointer for pointing to a percutaneous needle entry site on an epidermis of a body, when the guide is attached to the device and the device is positioned over the epidermis for scanning. A user... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110237955 - Real time ultrasound catheter probe: An ultrasound catheter probe assembly capable of scanning a three-dimensional volume is provided. The ultrasound catheter probe assembly contains a plurality of ultrasonic transducers disposed along a central axis of the ultrasound catheter probe assembly. The plurality of ultrasonic transducers is disposed on a mechanism operable to reciprocally pivot the... Agent:

20110237956 - Investigation of physical properties of an object: An imaging system for an object such as human or animal tissue uses scattering of an illuminating electromagnetic wave by acoustic vibrations to generate a scattered electromagnetic wave including Doppler components shifted from the frequency of the illuminating electromagnetic wave by frequencies of the acoustic vibration and multiples thereof. An... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20110237957 - Device, system, and method for combined optical and thermographic detection of the condition ofjoints: The invention relates to a device, system and method for optical detection of the condition of a joint. The invention involves: an optical measurement unit (4, 5) for irradiating a subject's body part comprising at least one joint with light and locally detecting attenuation of the light at the at... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110237958 - Optical coherent cross-sectional image forming apparatus and control method for controlling such apparatus: An optical coherent cross-sectional image forming apparatus in which light outputted from a light source is divided into a measurement light and a reference light inside the apparatus and in which a cross-sectional image is formed based on a coherent light, produced from a reflected light obtained by emitting the... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110237959 - Indicator for fluid resuscitation: A system for providing an indication of cardiovascular function, includes a respiration input (1) for receiving a respiration-related signal indicative of a physical property of respiration gases administered to a patient. A hemodynamic input (2) is provided for receiving a hemodynamic-related signal indicative of a hemodynamic property. An inspiration detector... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20110237960 - Method, system and apparatus for monitoring patients: A method, system and apparatus are disclosed for monitoring a subject with a transport monitor comprising a measurement unit including at least one magnetic component unit operative when monitoring the subject in absence of a high magnetic field. To maintain the monitoring capacity of a standard transport monitor even in... Agent: General Electric Company

20110237961 - Methods and apparatus for control of non-invasive parameter measurements: Improved methods and apparatus for non-invasively assessing one or more parameters associated with fluidic systems such as the circulatory system of a living organism. In a first aspect, an improved method of continuously measuring pressure from a compressible vessel is disclosed, wherein a substantially optimal level of compression for the... Agent:

20110237963 - Electronic sphygmomanometer: An electronic sphygmomanometer determines whether a position of a measurement site falls within a proper range, and notifies whether the position of the measurement site falls within the proper range. When determination is made that a time in which the position of the measurement site falls within the proper range... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110237962 - Use of the frequency spectrum of artifact in oscillometry: A system and method for processing oscillometric data from a plurality of pressure steps to determine the blood pressure of a patient. A heart rate monitor connected to the patient acquires the patient's heart rate. A time-to-frequency domain converter receives oscillometric data and converts the oscillometric data into the frequency... Agent: General Electric Company

20110237964 - Electronic hemomanometer, method of correcting pulse wave data of electronic hemomanometer, program for causing a computer to execute procedures and computer-readable recording medium: The present invention provides an electronic hemomanometer which is designed to time-differentiate signals each formed by superposing a pulse wave amplitude component on a cuff pressure, to compute an envelope consisting of the time-differentiated signals, to detect the maximal value in the computed envelope, to sort the time-differentiated signals generated... Agent: Shisei Datum Co., Ltd.

20110237965 - Pulse wave detector: A pulse wave detector includes a) a light source repeatedly turned on and off, b) a light receiving element for receiving light, and c) an arithmetic processor for processing an output value acquired through the light receiving element. The arithmetic processor performs arithmetic processing for calculating the difference between a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110237966 - Device for blood flow property measurement and method of its connection: The device for blood flow property measurement in the body and the method of its connection to the subject enables to measure electrical impedance in the main parts of body simultaneously. The impedance is spatially localized in the particular scanning channels (5) both by the placement of the current electrodes... Agent:

20110237968 - Method, implantable medical device, and system for determining the condition of a heart valve (as amended): An implantable medical device has an impedance processor that determines impedance data reflective of the transvalvular impedance of a heart valve of a heart during a heart cycle. The determined impedance data are processed by a representation processor that estimates diastolic and systolic transvalvular impedance representations. A condition processor determines... Agent: St. Jude Medical Ab

20110237967 - Temporary electrode connection for wireless pacing systems: Delivery of an implantable wireless receiver-stimulator (R-S) into the heart using delivery catheter is described. R-S comprises a cathode and an anode and wirelessly receives and converts energy, such as acoustic ultrasound energy, to electrical energy to stimulate the heart. Conductive wires routed through the delivery system temporarily connect R-S... Agent: Ebr Systems, Inc.

20110237969 - Gas sampling line: A gas sampling line having a channel for conducting respiratory gases from a patient respiratory interface to a gas monitor, the gas sampling line comprising, i.a., a gas sampling tube comprised of a polyether block amide material, the polyether segments of which comprise polyethyleneoxide. Use of a tube comprised of... Agent:

20110237970 - Determining elastance and resistance: The elastance and a resistance of a subject being ventilated are determined. The determination of elastance and resistance of the breathing of the subject is made without adjusting the ventilation of the subject to facilitate the determination. That is, the determination of elastance and resistance of the subject is made... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110237971 - Discrete choice modeling using neuro-response data: A system obtains neuro-response data as well as survey based data during discrete choice modeling to evaluate subject decision making processes. A discrete choice model evaluates a decision made by a subject as a function of multiple variables. Neuro-response data vectors and orthogonal survey based data vectors are weighted and... Agent: Neurofocus, Inc.

20110237972 - Noninvasive measurement of uterine emg propagation and power spectrum frequency to predict true preterm labor and delivery: A method operable to more accurately predict true preterm labor and delivery is provided. Trans-abdominal uterine electromyography (EMG) and power spectrum (PS) analysis can identify electrical signals characteristic of labor at term and preterm with relatively high positive and negative predictive values. The use of propagation velocity (PV) of uterine... Agent:

20110237973 - Method for using a silver-silver chloride needle electrode system: A method for using a needle electrode system for acquiring biopotential signals from a person's body. The needle electrode system comprises at least one silver-silver chloride needle electrode and at least one connector coupled with a monitoring device. The needle electrode system senses and sends biopotential signals to the monitoring... Agent:

20110237974 - Neural monitoring system: A system for detecting the presence of a nerve within a subject includes a stimulator configured to provide a stimulus to a portion of the subject, a sensing device configured to be placed in communication with a muscle of the subject and to generate an output signal corresponding to a... Agent: Innovative Surgical Solutions, LLC

20110237975 - Multiple biopsy device: A biopsy device includes a first jaw and a second jaw pivotally connected to the first jaw through a pivot. The second jaw has a lever arm extending rearward from the pivot when the second jaw is closed. A wire having an end is connected to the lever arm of... Agent: United States Endoscopy Group, Inc.

20110237976 - Biopsy device having hemostatic control: A biopsy device assembly performs a biopsy of an anatomical tissue of a patient. The biopsy device assembly includes a housing and a biopsy device that extends out of the housing and that collects and cuts anatomical tissue from the patient. The biopsy device assembly further includes a hemostatic agent... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110237977 - Device for collecting first pass urine: A device for collecting a sample of the first pass portion of urine voided by a donor isolated from the midstream portion of the urine comprises a first part (1) comprising an opening at its upper end (4) adapted to receive urine voided by a donor, a urine collection body... Agent:

20110237978 - Blood test apparatus and method of controlling the same: A blood test apparatus having a simple constitution whereby stable measurement can be conducted by surely sampling the blood in an amount being small but sufficient for the test without placing too much burden on a patient. When a first skin contact sensor of this apparatus detects the skin, driving... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110237979 - Precision depth control lancing tip: A bodily fluid sampling device is operable to lance with a precise depth and express fluid from both fingertip and alternate sites. In one form, the device is operable to adjust the penetration depth of the lancet into the skin. The bodily fluid sampling device includes a lancet adapted to... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20110237980 - Assessment and classification system: The present invention provides assessment of cranial deformities. One embodiment for providing an on-line assessment comprises providing a server; and providing a database accessible by the server. The database comprises a plurality of image sets. Each image set comprises a plurality of images of a corresponding head shape selected from... Agent: Cranial Technologies, Inc.

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