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Surgery September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110232636 - Valved holding chamber and mask therefor: Various embodiments of a valved holding chamber and a mask for a respiratory drug delivery apparatus each having an exhalation valve element having two portions which, based on the movement thereof, encourages proper use of the device. Also, a valved holding chamber having an MDI adapter having a rigid outer... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110232638 - Phasic respiratory therapy: A respiratory therapy system that includes a gas delivery device enabled to deliver a quantity of oxygen-enriched gas and a quantity of insufflation gas is disclosed. The respiratory therapy system further provides a transtracheal catheter coupled to the gas delivery device. Additionally, the gas delivery device is enabled to deliver... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110232637 - Powder inhaler: r

20110232639 - Ventilation valve for a veterinary anesthesia system: A valve is provided for controlling the flow of gas through an anesthesia or respiratory breathing circuit. The valve includes a valve body having a first port, a second port, and a third port. The third port includes a flow restrictor for restricting the flow of gas through the third... Agent:

20110232640 - Combi-valve for a blower driven ventilator: A valve assembly for a blower driven ventilator has a first conduit (1), an inlet (2) for receiving fluid from the blower (209) and a first orifice (4). A second conduit (5) is provided with an outlet (6) for forwarding fluid to a patient (203). A membrane (8) includes a... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20110232641 - System and method for ventilating lungs: A system for ventilating lungs of a subject is disclosed herein. The system includes a control unit configured to control operation of the system. The system also includes a machine ventilator circuit configured to assist the breathing functions of the subject, the machine ventilator circuit includes an inspiration delivery unit,... Agent:

20110232644 - Airway pressure release ventilation: A pressure support system (50) and method includes delivering a first flow of gas (D) to the patient having first and second positive pressure levels that alternate with one another in a plurality of first cycles. The first flow of gas has a first period that is different than a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110232643 - System and method for treating lung disease using positive pressure airway support: A method of treating lung disease, such as asthma or COPD, is provided that includes determining a parameter indicative of a patient's pulmonary mechanics (such as, without limitation, airway resistance or lung compliance), and delivering positive pressure support to the airway of the patient, wherein the pressure level (which may... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110232642 - Variable flow oxygen therapy: The present invention describes systems and methods to provide variable flow oxygen therapy. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a method of oxygen therapy involving delivering oxygen-enriched gas to a patient during a first portion of a breathing cycle at a first flow rate. Furthermore, the method of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110232645 - Interface apparatus identification system and method and differentiating feature therefor: An interface apparatus identification system for a respiration machine such as, for example, a medical ventilator, includes a detection element which is adapted to communicate with the ventilator, a patient interface assembly including a patient interface apparatus for delivering a flow of gas from the ventilator to an airway of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110232646 - Respiratory interface device with filtration medium: The present invention provides a respiratory interface device including a first portion having one or more opening, a second portion structured to engage a face of a user, and a filtration element disposed between the first portion and the second portion. The first portion and the filtration element define a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110232647 - Respiratory interface with flexing faceplate: Various embodiments of a respiratory interface device, such as a mask (10), that includes a first substantially rigid portion (14), a second substantially rigid portion (16) and a connecting member (18) that is structured to flexibly connect the first and second substantially rigid portions. The flexible connection provides an effective... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110232648 - Tracheostomy tube with filleted flange: Various embodiments of a tracheostomy tube having neck flanges with filleted ends are provided. In certain embodiments, the neck flange may include a fillet extending from a bottom surface of the neck flange to a tip of the neck flange. In addition, the filleted end may also be tapered from... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110232649 - Adjustable nasal prong and headgear assembly: The invention is directed to a ventilation interface, which includes a cannula having one or more nasal prongs, a ventilation tube connected to the cannula and headgear. The cannula is secured onto the patient through one or more arced couplers positioned between the cannula and headgear. The cannula has a... Agent: Respcare, Inc.

20110232650 - Articles of clothing comprising ammonia oxidizing bacteria to increase production of nitric oxide and nitric oxide precursors: A method of enhancing health through the generation in close proximity of a surface of a subject, nitric oxide and nitric oxide precursors using bacteria adapted to oxidize ammonia and urea derived from perspiration is described. Local and systemic effects are described including reduction in vascular disease, enhancement of sexual... Agent:

20110232651 - Intraoral apparatus for treating upper airway disorders: A removable intraoral apparatus for improving airway patency is described. Wearing the apparatus alters the position, configuration and freedom of movement of the tongue, the muscles of mastication, as well as the pharyngeal and facial muscles. The apparatus is useful for correcting snoring and/or obstructive sleep apnea due to intermittent... Agent:

20110232652 - Systems and methods for optimizing oral appliance therapy for the treatment of sleep apnea: Systems and methods are provided for optimizing the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) using an oral appliance. The oral appliance can be configured by non-dental staff to safely conform to the dentition of a patient. The appliance includes configurable trays that include retention material that conforms to the dentition... Agent: Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.

20110232653 - Antimicrobial, dustproof fabric and mask: An antimicrobial, dustproof fabric includes a textile material layer which is composed of microfibers with an average fiber diameter of from 1 to 100 μm and contains an inorganic porous substance, and a nanofiber nonwoven fabric layer which is laminated on the textile material layer and has an average fiber... Agent: Nisshinbo Industries, Inc.

09/22/2011 > 31 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20110226235 - System and method for monitoring nebulization of a medicament: Nebulization of a medicament for delivery to a subject is monitored. In one embodiment, whether there is any medicament to be nebulized, a rate of nebulization, and/or other aspects of the nebulization of the medicament are monitored. Information related to the one or more monitored aspects of the nebulization may... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110226236 - Inhaler: The present disclosure relates to an inhaler component for producing a steam/air mixture or/and condensation aerosol in an intermittent and inhalation- or pull-synchronous manner. Said inhaler component includes the following elements: a housing (3); a chamber (21) arranged in said housing (3); an air inlet opening (26) for the supply... Agent:

20110226237 - System and method for monitoring a metered dose inhaler: A system and method for dispensing metered doses of medicament to a subject that monitors one or more aspects of the dispensation. The medicament is aerosolized for dispensation to the subject so that the subject can inhale the medicament into his airway. The one or more aspects of the dispensation... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110226238 - Implanted bronchial isolation devices and methods: Disclosed are methods and devices for regulating fluid flow to and from a region of a patient's lung, such as to achieve a desired fluid flow dynamic to a lung region during respiration and/or to induce collapse in one or more lung regions. Pursuant to an exemplary procedure, an identified... Agent: Pulmonx Corporation

20110226239 - Apparatus for maintaining a surgical airway and method of the same: An apparatus for maintaining a surgical airway and method for the same includes an elongated body insertable orally into a patient. The elongated body defines leading and trailing ends. An opening is defined through the leading and trailing ends, such that surgical equipment may be insertable through the opening of... Agent:

20110226240 - Hood for non-invasive ventilation of patients: A hood for non-invasive ventilation of patients, comprising a containment body provided with at least one optically transparent portion and with a collar that can be mated hermetically to the neck of the patient whose head is accommodated within the containment body, the hood further comprising an annular body, on... Agent:

20110226241 - Intermittent dosing of nitric oxide gas: A method and corresponding device are described for combating microbes and infections by delivering intermittent high doses of nitric oxide to a mammal for a period of time and which cycles between high and low concentration of nitric oxide gas. The high concentration of nitric oxide is preferably delivered intermittently... Agent: Pulmonox Technologies Corporation

20110226242 - Respiratory drug delivery apparatus which provides audio instructions: A respiratory drug delivery apparatus that includes a housing for holding a source of a medication, wherein the housing has a patient interface portion for delivering one or more doses of the medication to an airway of a patient, and a sound generator coupled to the housing. The sound generator... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110226243 - Device and method for deaggregating powder 854: The present disclosure relates to a device for inhalation of at least one air stream carrying a dose of medicament powder. The device comprises a flow passage passing a powder-containing cavity. A part of said flow passage propagates along a generally flat surface region. The flat surface region comprises a... Agent:

20110226244 - Dry powder inhalers with endless strips and cooperating piercers and related methods: Dry powder inhalers are described with an inhaler body defining an enclosed cavity space and at least one of (a) an endless strip having opposing primary surfaces, the strip comprising a plurality of spaced apart blisters or dose containers holding dry powder medicament. The inhaler also has an inhalation exit... Agent:

20110226245 - Fan unit with bypass vent holes: A fan unit which in use forms part of a gases supply unit, the gases supply unit suitable for use as part of a system for providing heated humidified gases to a user, the fan unit having a casing that has an inlet aperture and an outlet passage, the outlet... Agent:

20110226246 - Resistance matching in a patient circuit: A system configured to deliver pressurized gas to an airway of a subject in accordance with a predetermined therapeutic algorithm. The system includes a pressure generator that generates a pressurized flow of breathable gas and a circuit that communicates the pressurized flow of breathable gas from the pressure generator to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110226248 - Automatic rise time adjustment: A method of providing pressure support to a patient that includes determining a measure associated with an inspiratory time of the patient during therapy, delivering a flow of breathing gas to the patient at an inspiratory positive airway pressure (IPAP) level during at least a portion of an inspiratory phase... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110226247 - Parameter optimization in sleep apnea treatment apparatus: A method and apparatus for the optimized treatment of obstructive sleep apnea includes a controller coupled to an information storage device, a sensor and a pressure source. The pressure source is coupled to a patient airway. The controller reads information from the information storage device that represents a first operating... Agent:

20110226249 - Informative accessories: An optimized system for providing medical support to a patient is disclosed. The system has a plurality of modular components that may be assembled to create a connection between a support machine and the patient wherein at least one of the modular components comprises an information tag for the storage... Agent: General Electric Company

20110226250 - Seal for variable compression interfaces: The disclosure is directed to an example of a device configured to be in fluid communication with an article. The device includes an element configured to contact the article to form a variable compression interface between the element and the article. The device also includes a seal disposed on the... Agent: Carefusion 207, Inc

20110226251 - Respirator mask for a compressed air breathing apparatus: The invention relates to a respiratory protection mask for a compressed air breathing apparatus comprising a pulmonary machine which is controlled by a control membrane when the wearer of the mask breathes in. According to the invention, the air outlet of the expiratory valve and the control membrane are covered... Agent: Mine Safety Appliances Company

20110226252 - Hyperbaric therapy device: A method and apparatus for treating altitude related illnesses and/or injuries are provided. Example embodiments provide a hyperbaric therapy device (“HTD”) which includes a chamber constructed substantially from a light weight, high strength, substantially air impermeable material, such as a flexible composite laminate material, such that the chamber can maintain... Agent:

20110226253 - Cough shield: A cough shield includes a cough shield body expandable from a folded state to an open state and collapsible to return from the open to the folded state. The cough shield body is retained in an unbiased condition in the folded state until acted on by a user to open... Agent: Exclusive Computer Innovations, LLC

20110226254 - Breathing mask arrangement as well as an application device and a forehead support device for same: A forehead support device for a breathing mask includes a forehead support portion adapted to contact a forehead region of a user, a conduit element adapted to couple a respiratory gas conduit to the breathing mask, and a coupling structure provided between the forehead support portion and the conduit element... Agent: Map Medizin-technologie Gmbh

20110226255 - Cushion coupling assembly: Various embodiments of a respiratory interface device, such as a mask, that includes a substantially rigid frame member and a cushion device wherein the frame member and cushion device are coupled together using a clip assembly wherein the clip assembly includes a plurality of tabs and a plurality of detents.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110226256 - Larynx mask having a connector: The invention relates to a larynx mask comprising a dorsal cover plate with an inflatable cuff integrally formed thereon and a tube connecting connector to a plug region having an adjoining insertion section for connecting to an insertion tube. Two separate lumens are provided in the region of the insertion... Agent: Deltona Innovations Ag

20110226257 - Deployment actuation system for intrafallopian contraception: Contraceptive methods, systems, and devices generally improve the ease, speed, and reliability with which a contraceptive device can be deployed transcervically into an ostium of a fallopian tube. The contraceptive device may remain in a small profile configuration while a sheath is withdrawn proximally, and is thereafter expanded to a... Agent: Conceptus, Inc. A California Corporation

20110226258 - Uterus implant: A uterine implant device suitable for treatment of vaginal vault prolapsed which occurs in a women after a partial or total hysterectomy. The implant device is formed in the shape of a normal uterus and filled with a suitable fluid. The uterine implant device is placed within the pelvic vault... Agent:

20110226259 - Method and system for swallow control resulting in improved posture and strength: A method and system for training a patient to improve swallowing, for retraining jaw muscles and for holding or keeping the jaw in a correct bite position. All of this in-turn causing an improvement in posture and increase strength. The system includes a combination of exercise and oral apparatus pieces... Agent:

20110226260 - Neurosurgical head holder in combination with a local coil: A local coil positioning arrangement is proposed for positioning at least one local coil at an adjustable distance from a Mayfield head fixing arrangement. The local coil positioning arrangement has a local coil holder for accommodating a local coil and a fixing arrangement for fixing the local coil holder at... Agent:

20110226261 - Apparatus for reducing snoring: A mouthpiece for reducing snoring is provided. The mouthpiece includes an upper guard configured to fit over the upper teeth of a user, a lower guard configured to fit over the lower teeth of the user, a spacer assembly provided between the upper guard or the lower guard to provide... Agent:

20110226264 - Devices, systems and methods for the treatment of sleep apnea: A medical appliance for the treatment of one or more sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea in a patient, the appliance comprising: a biasing member for inserting behind and exerting a force upon the patient's soft palate or tongue, wherein the biasing member is inserted in a reduced or... Agent:

20110226262 - Systems and methods for treatment of sleep apnea: A system for revisably treating an airway disorder is provided with an implant body configured to conform to an airway-interface tissue site in a manner compatible with normal physiological function of the site. In some embodiments, first and second openings extend through first and second implant ends, respectively, for permitting... Agent:

20110226263 - Systems and methods for treatment of sleep apnea: A system for treating an airway disorder is provided with an implant body configured to conform to an airway-interface tissue site in a manner compatible with normal physiological function of the site. In some embodiments, the implant body includes an adjustment element configured to allow in-situ adjustment of the implant... Agent:

20110226265 - Creation and implantation of an artificial nail for the treatment of deformed or missing nails: The creation and implantation of an artificial nail in the treatment of deformed or missing nails includes preparing the nail bed. A polypropylene mesh is applied and anchored to the nail bed. KeryFlex is applied to the polypropylene mesh.... Agent:

09/15/2011 > 28 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20110220101 - Gas mist inhaler: The present invention is to provide a gas mist inhaler making use of physiological actions of carbon dioxide or oxygen, which is simple in a structure and excellent in effects. The gas mist inhaler is composed of a gas mist inhaler which comprises; a gas supply means 11 for supplying... Agent: Acp Japan Co., Ltd.

20110220102 - Crib shield system and other breathable apparatus: An apparatus and method for making same utilizing a breathable mesh material having a reduced suffocation resistance level for infant and toddler use. The breathable mesh material includes an inner and outer fabric that includes larger openings on the front substructure than on the back substructure and a pile substructure... Agent: Breathablebaby, LLC

20110220103 - Nitric oxide delivery system: An ambulatory or stationary device for delivery of a therapeutic amount of nitric oxide to an individual's lungs.... Agent: Geno LLC

20110220104 - Collateral pathway treatment using agent entrained by aspiration flow current: A method and system for increasing the flow resistance of collateral pathways in the lung by employing aspiration to establish an artificial convective flow current between compartments in the lung in order to entrain and deliver a clogging agent preferentially to the collateral pathways. The method may sometimes be performed... Agent: Pulmonx Corporation

20110220105 - Apparatus for supplying respiratory gas and a method for controlling the apparatus: An apparatus for supplying a respiratory gas includes a conveyor device for conveying the respiratory gas, a conduit for feeding the respiratory gas conveyed by the conveyor device to a person, and a humidification device for humidifying the respiratory gas. A sensor device is configured to generate a signal indicative... Agent: Map Medizin-technologie Gmbh

20110220106 - Medication inhaler for dispensing multiple capsules: A medication inhaler for concurrently delivering multiple doses of medications including an inhaler body having a medication container chamber for receiving a plurality of medication containers and at least one air passage connecting the medication container chamber with external air, a mouthpiece axially engageable with the inhaler body and having... Agent: Dose One, LLC

20110220107 - Insufflating-exsufflating system: A system (10) and method of insufflating-exsufflating a subject (12) that enables monitoring and/or control over an enhanced set of breathing parameters during insufflation-exsuffiation. The system and/or method may include automatic triggering and/or notification to a caregiver of insufflation-exsuffiation. The insufflation-exsuffiation of the subject may be preceded by a secretion... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110220108 - Breathing protector: A breathing protector may include a filter housing having a central axis, a distal end, a proximal end, a first opening and a second opening. The second opening may be located in a proximal end of the filter housing and the first opening may be located distally of the second... Agent:

20110220109 - Mouth mask: A mouth mask includes a mask body and fixing elements connected to the mask body. The mask body includes a waterproof nonwoven layer, a skin-contact nonwoven layer, and a filtering nonwoven layer provided between the waterproof nonwoven layer and the skin-contact nonwoven layer to correspond to mouth and nose of... Agent:

20110220111 - Application device for a breathing mask arrangement: An application device for a breathing mask arrangement includes a base portion, a holding portion structured to support a mask and pivotally mounted to the base portion for pivotal movement about a first pivcit axis, a right arm element pivotally mounted to the base portion for pivotal movement about a... Agent: Map Medizin-technologie Gmbh

20110220110 - Cushion for a respiratory mask assembly: A cushion for a respiratory mask assembly includes a breathing chamber forming portion and a face contacting portion formed in one piece of an elastomeric material, and a gusset portion including one or more folds. The breathing chamber forming portion includes a mask interior breathing chamber and the face contacting... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110220113 - Chin strap: A chin strap includes a chin cup, side straps, and rear straps. The chin strap is used to urge the patient's jaw upwards and substantially close the patient's mouth while pressurized breathable gas is delivered to the patient's nose by the mask system.... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110220114 - Cushion for a respiratory mask assembly: A respiratory mask includes a frame including a breathable gas port, wherein the frame defines an inner chamber to receive at least one of a wearer's nasal region and mouth, and a cushion including a flange connected to the frame, an inner rim defining an opening to the inner chamber... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110220112 - Respiratory mask with user interface: This invention is a respiratory mask for delivering pressurized gas with a perimeter that can be custom fitted to the contours of a person's face by active and individual adjustment of multiple shape-changing members in the body of the mask. In different embodiments of this invention, the shape-changing members may... Agent:

20110220115 - Respirator harness having collapsible head cradle: A respirator 10 that includes a harness 12 and a mask body 14. The harness 12 has one or more straps 21 and a head cradle 16 that is joined to the one or more straps 21 and that includes first and second laterally-extending members 18, 20 and a latch... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110220116 - Inflation and monitoring assembly for a pressure cuff of an endotracheal tube: An assembly structured to inflate a retaining or pressure cuff associated with an artificial airway tube and concurrently monitor pressure therein. A pump assembly is structured to force fluid flow to the retaining cuff, for inflation, through a pressure chamber within a casing of the assemblies. An indicator member is... Agent:

20110220117 - Larynx mask having an esophageal passage: A larynx mask comprises a cover plate having a peripheral cuff adjoining thereon and is provided with a tube insertion connector at the distal end, while the tip has a special design at the proximal end. The cover plate ends in the region of the tip on the cuff, or... Agent: Deltona Innovations Ag

20110220119 - Inflation and monitoring assembly for a pressure cuff: An assembly structured to inflate a retaining or pressure cuff of a medical device including of the type associated with an artificial airway tube such as an endotracheal tube and/or tracheostomy tube and concurrently monitor pressure therein including a casing having a pressure chamber on its interior. A pump assembly... Agent:

20110220118 - Inflation and monitoring assembly for a pressure cuff of an endotracheal tube: An assembly structured to inflate a retaining or pressure cuff of the type associated with an artificial airway tube such as an endotracheal tube and/or tracheostomy tube and concurrently monitor pressure therein including a casing having a pressure chamber on its interior. A pump assembly is movably connected to the... Agent:

20110220120 - Method and apparatus for occluding a lumen: A method and apparatus of occluding a lumen of a body cavity, more preferably, the lower uterine segment and/or cervix of a female patient is provided that results in a significant reduction or complete elimination of uterine bleeding, thereby providing a treatment option for conditions such as menorrhagia or dysmenorrhea.... Agent:

20110220121 - Full male genital coverage std protection and contraception condom: The male condom is designed to provide significantly improved STD protection for both male and female partners. In addition, the condom provides barrier contraceptive birth control for the female (FIG. 1). The scrotal pouch (A) is molded in one piece together with the rest of the condom for coverage of... Agent:

20110220122 - Human shoulder orthosis assist & method of use: An orthosis custom molded to the individual user weightlifter to impede shoulder injury when doing bench press lifts, having a molded generally concave top surface foam sheet bonded to a shaped polypropylene resin layer and with a layer of crepe rubber beneath the polypropylene layer. A pair of downwardly depending... Agent:

20110220123 - Anti-snoring device using naturally generated positive pressure: In one embodiment, a device for reducing or eliminating snoring by providing easy inhalation through the mouth and slightly restricted exhalation allowed only through the nose. This results in positive airway pressure, keeping the soft tissues of the mouth and throat sufficiently separate to discourage snoring.... Agent:

20110220125 - Mandibular advancement splint: The splint can have an upper appliance having a body mounted to an upper jaw of a user; and a lower appliance having a body mounted to a lower jaw of a user. The upper appliance has a pair of adjustable wings attached to the upper appliance body; and the... Agent: Advanced Airway Design LLC

20110220124 - Methods and systems for improving airway patency: An oral device for improving airway patency comprises a tongue constraint and a negative pressure source. The tongue constraint engages the patient's tongue to maintain a clear region below the palate in an oral cavity and allow an anterior portion of the tongue to rise. By applying a negative pressure... Agent: Apnicure, Inc.

20110220126 - Biodegradable medical material: A biodegradable monolayer medical material, comprising at least 20 percent cellulose fibers by dry weight, with a remainder consisting of at least 75 percent by dry weight of natural fibers, the monolayer medical material providing a barrier to liquids and/or microorganisms meeting at least level 1 performance based on a... Agent:

20110220127 - Endotracheal tube holder: An endotracheal tube holder is provided. The endotracheal tube holder includes an adjustable securing clamp, an adjusting unit, a bite block, and a securing strap. The adjustable securing clamp includes a first clamping unit having a first clamping portion, and a second clamping unit having a second clamping portion. The... Agent: Fortune Medical Instrument Corp.

20110220128 - Anus crevice insert: An protective device for insertion into the crevice adjacent to the anus, and cover adjacent portions of the derriere. The protective device cover includes a solid sheet of material with an adhesive on one side which adhesive can be used to apply the cover directly onto the portion directly around... Agent:

09/08/2011 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110214670 - Bite block: A bite block that includes first and second members interconnected by screw threads on the respective members. The first member is a relatively rigid body having an open ended hole with internal screw threads on at least a portion of the length thereof. The second member is an elongate open... Agent:

20110214671 - Inhaler assembly: The present invention provides an inhaler assembly for providing medications in aerosol form to animals, especially equines. The inhaler assembly comprises a holder adapted to retain at least two diffusion canisters containing either substantially the same or different drug formulations. The canister holder has an outlet in communication with the... Agent: Pulmovet Aps

20110214672 - System and method for circuit compliance compensated pressure-regulated volume control in a patient respiratory ventilator: A system and a method for circuit compliance compensated pressure control in a patient respiratory ventilation system, having a pressure regulated feedback servo control loop, a pressure-regulated volume controller, and a patient volume observer. The patient volume observer is operative to estimate a patient volume, that is, the volume actually... Agent:

20110214673 - Portable life support apparatus ventilator: In one aspect, the invention relates to a portable life support device including a ventilator comprising a ventilator bag which combines a pressure relief valve and blow through valve.... Agent:

20110214674 - Mask system: Mask system includes frame, cushion, cushion clip, swivel elbow, headgear and/or headgear clips configured for use in a clinical or hospital environment. One or more components of the mask system configured to promote single patient use, for example, by providing an age indicator and/or preventing disassembly and/or cleaning... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110214675 - Medical tube holder: A medical tube holder that includes a variable in size head band and a medical tube receiving loop depending therefrom. The loop is formed by a strap that has opposite end portions thereof overlying one another and the terminal ends thereof secured to the headband. The loop is spaced a... Agent:

20110214676 - Methods, systems and devices for non-invasive ventilation including a non-sealing ventilation interface with an entrainment port and/or pressure feature: Systems and methods may include a gas source, a gas delivery circuit, and a nasal interface allowing breathing ambient air through the nasal interface. A gas flow path through the nasal interface may have a distal gas flow path opening. A nozzle may be associated with a proximal end of... Agent: Breathe Technologies, Inc.

20110214677 - Pediatric lumbar puncture positioning device: A device for positioning an infant patient in a clinically preferred position for conducting a lumbar puncture includes a board, a positioning member adjustably coupled to the board, and a locking device coupled to the positioning member for locking the positioning member in a position relative to one or both... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska

20110214678 - Adjustable support for soft palate and implanting method thereof: An adjustable soft palate support and an implantation method are provided. The adjustable soft palate support is a flat implant made of a material capable of being implanted into a human body for a long term, including a hard palate connecting end and a support. The support is a flat... Agent:

20110214679 - Folded telescopic equipment drape and method of folding and using the same: An equipment drape (1000) is made from an elongated drape body (1401) that includes an equipment opening (1041). The elongated drape body (1401) is telescopically folded (1403) to form a telescopic drape body (1404). An accordion fold (1501) is then applied to form a rectangular shape (1503). The distal edges... Agent:

09/01/2011 > 18 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110209699 - Combination of dehydroepiandrosterone or dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate with a lipoxygenase inhibitor for treatment of asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A pharmaceutical or veterinary composition, comprises a first active agent selected from a dehydroepiandrosterone and/or dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate, or a salt thereof, and a second active agent comprising a lipoxygenase inhibitor for the treatment of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or other respiratory diseases. The composition is provided in various formulations and... Agent:

20110209700 - Inhalation therapy device comprising a valve: The inhalation therapy device according to the invention comprises a nebulizer chamber which accommodates an aerosol generator that emits aerosol into the nebulizer chamber. A valve that has a valve seat, a resilient valve member and a valve member positioning means is arranged at an opening of the nebulizer chamber.... Agent: Pari Gmbh Spezialisten Fuer Effektive Inhalation

20110209701 - Nose pad cushion and applicator for respiratory mask: A removable nose pad cushion adherable to a medical face mask and more particularly to a positive pressure ventilation mask approximately where the mask rests on the upper nose area of a wearer's face providing a cushioning seal between the mask and wearer's nose. The nose pad cushion can be... Agent:

20110209702 - Proportional solenoid valve for low molecular weight gas mixtures: This disclosure describes systems and methods for ventilating a patient with a gas mixture containing a low molecular weight gas, such as helium. The disclosure describes a novel proportional solenoid valve for controlling a low molecular weight gas mixture in a medical ventilator with reduced leakage.... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110209703 - Artificial ventilation apparatus: An artificial ventilation apparatus includes: a connecting portion which is connected to a respiratory system of a patient; an inspiratory circuit which is a flow path for flowing a gas from a ventilator to the connecting portion; an expiratory circuit which is a flow path for guiding a gas exhausted... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20110209704 - Event-based delay detection and control of networked systems in medical ventilation: This disclosure describes systems and methods for detecting and quantifying transmission delays associated with distributed sensing and monitoring functions within a ventilatory system. Specifically, the present methods and systems described herein define an event-based delay detection algorithm for determining transmission delays between distributed signal measurement and processing subsystems and a... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110209705 - Tracheal catheter and prosthesis and method of respiratory support of a patient: A method and apparatus is described for supporting the respiration of a patient. The spontaneous respiration of a patient can be detected by sensors and during inhalation an additional amount of oxygen can be administered to the lungs via a jet gas current. If required, during exhalation a countercurrent can... Agent: Breathe Technologies, Inc.

20110209706 - Ventilator with limp mode: A method of operating a ventilator that includes steps of (a) providing a specified ventilation therapy to a patient through a ventilator according to a specification; (b) determining and storing a backup parameter relating to the operation of the ventilator or the breathing of the patient during the step of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110209707 - Method and apparatus for oxygen reprocessing of expiratory gases in mechanical ventilation: This disclosure describes systems and methods for oxygen reprocessing of respiratory gases in mechanical ventilation. Embodiments described herein provide methods for oxygen reprocessing of expiratory gases wherein exhaled air is reprocessed using filters and adsorbers and delivered to a patient based on a clinically specified oxygen concentration. Embodiments described herein... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110209709 - Compact oronasal patient interface: A breathing arrangement includes a patient interface, at least one inlet conduit, and a headgear assembly. The patient interface includes a mouth covering assembly including a cushion structured to sealingly engage around exterior of a patient's mouth in use, a nozzle assembly including a pair of nozzles structured to sealingly... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110209708 - Ventilation interface device: A device comprises a harness configured to secure a mask over a respiratory orifice of a head of a patient; an inflatable cushion, at least a portion of the first inflatable cushion being adjoined to portion of the harness, the first inflatable cushion being positioned over a predetermined area including... Agent: New York University

20110209710 - Filtered bandanas: A breathing mask includes a sheet of flexible material folded on itself, resulting in a first layer and a second layer, a filter located between the first layer and the second layer, and a nose bridge located along an edge of the folded sheet, the nose bridge configured to form... Agent:

20110209711 - Multilayer composition for a breathing mask: Multilayer filtering composition for a protective breathing mask, characterized in that this filtering multilayer composition comprises, from the outside in: a) an external layer made of a spunbonded nonwoven fabric; b) a first intermediate layer of felt-type tribocharged nonwoven fabric based on at least two different types of fibres suitable... Agent:

20110209712 - Gas mask: A gas mask is provided for normal-pressure and overpressure operation with at least one breathing port, an expiration valve with a valve spring, an adjusting element affecting the prestress of the valve spring and a pushing element having a first switching position and a second switching position. The pushing element... Agent: Dr&#xe4 Ger Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa

20110209715 - Combination bite block, tongue depressor/retractor and airway: A combination bite block, tongue elevator/retractor and airway for establishing and maintaining an open airway while preventing emergence clenching and the resulting dental and soft tissue damage associated with emergence clenching in procedures where anesthesia and/or sedation are used, or when the patient is not in control of their own... Agent:

20110209714 - Methods of preparing customized mouthpieces for enhancing athletic performance: A spacing member can be positioned between teeth of the athlete to obtain a desired position between the upper and lower jaw. At least one bite registration can be recorded while the lower jaw is in the desired position. The desired position can range from the physiological resting position, to... Agent: Makkar Athletics Group Inc.

20110209713 - Tooth cover device for use during oral sex: A tooth cover for covering a sexual partner's teeth when a male's erect penis is inserted into the mouth of the sexual partner during oral sex. The tooth cover has a flexible tooth cover body. There is a bottom surface that attaches to the sexual partners teeth and a top... Agent:

20110209716 - Baby restraining device: The kit of parts for forming the device includes a first base member (12) having securing means (20) for securing it to the upper surface (24) of a baby nappy changing mat (10) at a first location (26) and engagement means (28) formed on its upper surface (24) for releasably... Agent:

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