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Surgery August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110208105 - Method for detecting the ion concentrations of citrate anti-coagulated extracorporeal blood purification: The invention relates to a device for the citrate anti-coagulated extracorporeal blood purification comprising: an extracorporeal blood purification system comprising an extracorporeal blood circuit (202), which comprises a dialysis unit (205), a blood inflow (203) and a blood discharge (204), a citrate metering device (212) for supplying citrate at a... Agent:

20110208106 - Method and apparatus for ultrafiltration of blood: An ultrafiltration filter for an extracorporeal blood circuit having an input for blood withdrawn from a human patient and a blood output for filtered blood to be infused into the patient including: a filter body having a length of at least 20 centimeters (cm) and an interior diameter of no... Agent: Chf Solutions, Inc.

20110208107 - Cardiopulmonary apparatus and methods for preserving life: Apparatus and methods for providing extracorporeal blood circulation and oxygenation control include seven-stage de-airing of blood to provide automated cardiopulmonary replacement to sustain patient life during a medical procedure comprising repairing or replacing the heart valve in a patient.... Agent: Lifebridge Medizintechnik Ag

20110208108 - Cardiopulmonary apparatus and methods for use during pci and cabg: Apparatus and methods for providing extracorporeal blood circulation and oxygenation control include multi-stage de-airing of blood to provide automated cardiopulmonary replacement to sustain patient life during a medical procedure such as cardiopulonary bypass graft surgery, keyhole cardiopulonary bypass graft surgery, percutaneous angioplasty, percutaneous stent placement, and percutaneous etherectomy.... Agent: Lifebridge Medizintechnik Ag

20110208109 - Autoretroperfusion devices and systems: Devices, systems, and methods for providing retroperfusion to at least one ischemic tissue in a minimally invasive manner are disclosed. At least some of the embodiments disclosed herein enable an anastomosis to be formed between a vein and an artery without the use of sutures and through a non-invasive procedure.... Agent: Cvdevices, LLC

20110208111 - Electrokinetic delivery system for self-administration of medicaments and methods therefor: The invention relates to systems and methods for treating a fungal infection of the nail of an individual. In various embodiments, the methods include applying a device to at least one nail of the individual that is infected by a fungus. In various embodiments, the devices include at least one... Agent: Nitric Biotherapeutics, Inc.

20110208110 - Moringa oil mediated activation of the alyternative cellular energy pathway in the therapy of diseases: A convenient method for activating the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway is described that uses ultraviolet (UV) light illumination of oil extracted from the leaves of the moringa oleifera tree. The moringa leaf oil acts as an “enerceutical,” a term defined by the inventor. The green colored moringa leaf oil... Agent:

20110208112 - Medical device for injecting local anesthetic: A medical device for injecting a liquid medicine into an organism. The device comprises a needle, an injection tube attached to the posterior end of the needle and a housing having a conduit at the distal end. The needle being placed inside the housing in such a way that the... Agent:

20110208115 - Composition comprising gas-filled microcapsules for ultrasound mediated delivery: Composition comprising gas filled microcapsules and a bioactive agent, useful for an ultrasound-mediated delivery of said bioactive agent. The microcapsules comprise a relatively stiff shell of polymeric or lipid material and have in particular a resistance to a mechanical index of at least 0.15, while the bioactive agent is substantially... Agent: Bracco Research S.a.

20110208114 - Cutting needle tip for surgical instrument: A needle 20 for use with a torsional or transverse ultrasound surgical phacoemulsification instrument comprises a hollow elongated needle body 22 having a needle tip 24 at a distal end for cutting lens material. The needle tip 24 is flared in one plane to produce a substantially elliptical tip mouth... Agent:

20110208113 - Directed cell-based therapy using microbubble tagged cells: The disclosed technology describes compositions and methods useful for providing cell based therapy. For example, one embodiment of cell based therapy involves the regeneration of injured tissue and/or promoting wound healing. Certain embodiments provide improved therapeutic compositions using microbubbles by delivering biological progenitor cells to the injured tissues. The administration... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20110208116 - Gas mist pressure bath system: The invention to provide a gas mist pressure bath system which is possible to control the amounts, pressures and others of gas and liquid, and cause the gas mist to be absorbed through the skin and mucous membrane of a human living organism under an optimum condition. This system is... Agent: Shoichi Nakamura

20110208117 - Catheter: A catheter is disclosed. The catheter has a body having a proximal end and a distal end. The body encloses a plurality of independent lumens which extend longitudinally from the proximal end to the distal end. One of the independent lumens is sealed at the distal end which allows for... Agent:

20110208118 - Compositions and means for treating uterine leiomyomata, leiomyoma, myoma, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis and related disorders by mifepristone: The present invention provides a vaginally administrable tablet useful for treating leiomyomata, leiomyoma, myoma, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis and other related disorders. The tablet comprises mifepristone, at least one non-effervescent excipient or diluent, and at least one effervescent excipient.... Agent: Bio-pro Medical Ltd.

20110208119 - Disposable injector provided with high injector safety: The invention relates to a needle-less, disposable injector comprising a housing (10), which has at least one compression bar, a cylinder-piston unit (100), a plunger-actuating ram (60), a trigger unit (80) and a spring energy reservoir (50), wherein the trigger unit locks the pre-tensioned spring energy reservoir by means of... Agent:

20110208120 - System with a reservoir for perfusion management: A system for perfusion management that monitors, maintains, diagnoses, or treats perfusion deficiencies.... Agent:

20110208121 - Micro vein enhancer: The present invention is a Miniature Vein Enhancer that includes a Miniature Projection Head. The Miniature Projection Head may be operated in one of three modes, AFM, DBM, and RTM. The Miniature Projection Head of the present invention projects an image of the veins of a patient, which aids the... Agent:

20110208122 - Slow release liquid drug delivery device: A drug delivery device is formed from an elastomeric element, including an inflatable drug reservoir and a flexible sleeve, and an insert inserted within the flexible sleeve. The insert cooperates with the flexible sleeve to form an at least partially pressure compensated flow regulating mechanism.... Agent:

20110208123 - Infusion pump assembly: A removable power supply cover assembly (116) for an infusion pump is disclosed. The assembly includes a housing body configured to removably attach to an infusion pump, a conductor assembly (1020) attached to the housing body, a power supply contact assembly, and a spring (1002) attached to the power supply... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20110208124 - Catheter introducer assembly having safety shielded syringe: An intravenous catheter introducer assembly having a safety feature to prevent accidental needle sticks. The introducer assembly includes a needle assembly having a groove disposed on its outer surface. The introducer includes a protector made of a hollow member having an open distal end and an inwardly disposed resilient flange... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20110208125 - Medical injection device with time delay indicator: The present invention relates to an indicating device for use with medical injection devices for administering a drug into the body of a subject user wherein the indicating device is configured for indicating after administration that a dose of the drug actually has been administered and for maintaining this indication... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20110208126 - Lockable shield assembly for a syringe: A lockable shield assembly for a syringe is described. The lockable shield assembly includes a moveable sleeve adapted to slide longitudinally along a body of the syringe from a retracted position where the needle of the syringe is exposed to an extended position wherein the moveable sleeve covers the needle.... Agent:

20110208127 - Dosing device for an infusion system and method thereof: A dosing device for an infusion system comprises a dosing unit having a variable volume and at least one opening in fluid connection with the variable volume, through which opening the variable volume can be filled with a substance or the substance can be dispensed from the variable volume. The... Agent:

20110208129 - Pressure actuated catheter seal and method for the same: A catheter includes a pressure actuated seal within a manifold. A catheter body is coupled with the manifold, and a manifold lumen and catheter lumen are configured to receive pressurized fluids. The pressure actuated seal includes a pressure actuated seal element having a seal element lumen. The seal element lumen... Agent:

20110208128 - Safety drug delivery connectors: Drug delivery connectors are provided for permitting and blocking fluid flow between a container and a catheter connector or other drug delivery site. Embodiments of the drug delivery connectors include a ball valve for forming a releasable seal within the drug delivery connectors. In one or more embodiments, the ball... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110208130 - Universal disposable syringe for vaginal feminine hygiene upright position: A method and apparatus for the cleansing of the vagina or anus using an Upright disposable syringe with a cap or closure assembly that communicates to any standard bottled water that is available in the market.... Agent:

20110208131 - Universal disposable syringe for vaginal feminine hygiene with hose: A method and apparatus for the cleansing of the vagina or anus using disposable syringe with hose that has a cap closure assembly that communicates to the openings of any standard, common bottled water that is available in the market.... Agent:

20110208132 - Catheter adapter: A clam shell shaped adapter for retaining a catheter to establish a fluid path between the catheter and a fluid device or line has two shells integrally connected by a living hinge. A first shell has a luer end and a catheter end wherein a catheter is insertable through its... Agent: Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

20110208133 - Protective device for an injection needle: Protective devices for injection needles or infusion needles that include a needle holder at a proximal end of the needle, on whose shaft a protective element for the needle tip can be positioned and moved, are herein disclosed. The protective element is configured to block the needle tip following an... Agent: B. Braun Melsungen Ag

20110208134 - Vena cava filter catheter and method: A vena cava filter catheter includes a catheter having a lumen disposed therethrough and at least one strand of biocompatible wire. The at least one strand has a first state in which the at least one strand has an elongate geometry suitable for traversing the lumen of the catheter and... Agent: Bio2 Medical, Inc.

20110208135 - Intravaginal delivery system and process for manufacturing it: The present invention concerns an intravaginal delivery system, said system comprising at least one compartment comprising a core and a membrane encasing the core, wherein the core and the membrane essentially consist of a same or different polymer composition. Additionally the intravaginal delivery system comprises a coupling means to form... Agent:

20110208138 - Device and method for administering a liquid drop-by-drop: The invention relates to a device for administering a liquid drop by drop. This administering device comprises a packaging filled with the liquid, an outflow channel with an administering opening, and means connected to the outflow channel for opening the packaging, wherein the opening means and the packaging are movable... Agent:

20110208137 - Medicated sleeve: Embodiments of the invention provide a stretchable sleeve having a medicinal section that can be loaded with a medicinal composition and a perforated section comprising a plurality of openings, wherein the medicinal section and the perforated section overlap, and wherein the sleeve is sized so that the interior surface of... Agent: United Exchange Corporation

20110208136 - Method for applying a liquid medicinal treatment medium to an area to be treated and medicinal product: The invention relates to a method for the targeted application of a liquid medicinal treatment medium for topical treatment of a human or animal body in an area to be treated. The treatment medium is applied using at least one pin-like applicator.... Agent:

20110208139 - Bowel management system: A bowel management system includes a waste collection catheter having at least two distinct sections. The first section is patient proximal when disposed in the patient's rectum and has durometer hardness in the range of about 50A to about 90A. The second catheter section is connected to the first section... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20110208140 - Absorbent article with improved garment-like character: A disposable absorbent article may include a chassis, an absorbent core, a pair of elastically elongatable ears and a pair of fastening tabs. The elastically elongatable ears and the fastening tabs have a transverse axis. The ears are connected to the chassis such that the transverse axis of the fastening... Agent:

20110208141 - Absorbent article with improved garment-like character: A disposable absorbent article may include a chassis, an absorbent core, a pair of elastically elongatable ears and a pair of fastening tabs. The elastically elongatable ears and the fastening tabs have a transverse axis. The ears are connected to the chassis such that the transverse axis of the fastening... Agent:

20110208142 - Absorbent article with improved garment-like character: A disposable absorbent article may include a chassis, an absorbent core, a pair of elastically elongatable ears and a pair of fastening tabs. The elastically elongatable ears and the fastening tabs have a transverse axis. The ears are connected to the chassis such that the transverse axis of the fastening... Agent:

20110208143 - Absorbent article with improved garment-like character: A disposable absorbent article may include a chassis, an absorbent core, a pair of elastically elongatable ears and a pair of fastening tabs. The elastically elongatable ears and the fastening tabs have a transverse axis. The ears are connected to the chassis such that the transverse axis of the fastening... Agent:

20110208144 - Absorbent article with improved garment-like character: A disposable absorbent article may include a chassis, an absorbent core, a pair of elastically elongatable ears and a pair of fastening tabs. The elastically elongatable ears and the fastening tabs have a transverse axis. The ears are connected to the chassis such that the transverse axis of the fastening... Agent:

20110208145 - Fluid management system: A fluid management cover system of launderable and durable character including at least one fluid transport layer with at least one absorptive reservoir layer disposed in underlying relation to the fluid transport layer. The upper surface of the absorptive reservoir layer is characterized by a greater capillarity than the adjacent... Agent:

20110208147 - Liquid-absorbent structure for wearing article: A liquid-absorbent structure configured to prevent a liquid-absorbent core material from being unevenly distributed and thereby to assure that bodily fluids can be smoothly absorbed by the liquid-absorbent structure. According to one embodiment the present invention provides a panty liner that includes a topsheet lying on a side facing the... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110208146 - Recycled superabsorbent polymer particles: The present invention relates to absorbent cores comprising recycled superabsorbent polymer particles which have previously been immobilized by a solidified thermoplastic composition. The superabsorbent polymer particles can be separated from the solidified thermoplastic composition by using a supercritical fluid such as carbon dioxide, propane or mixtures thereof.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20110208148 - Sanitary absorbent article assembly including an integrated disposal sheet: The present invention relates to sanitary absorbent articles and in particular to a sanitary absorbent article assembly including an integrated disposal sheet for disposal of a soiled absorbent article.... Agent:

20110208149 - Absorbent article with elastic side panels: An absorbent article, in particular a diaper. The rear portion thereof includes a pair of elastic side panels attached to opposing longitudinal edges thereof. The front portion of the article includes at least two landing zones upon which the elastic side panels overlap when the article is fastened. An area... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110208150 - Absorbent articles comprising graphics: An absorbent article may comprise a first zone comprising graphics and a second zone comprising graphics, wherein the first and second zones have different elastic properties. Further, the absorbent article may comprise a first absorbent article component and a second absorbent article component having substantially different elastic properties, wherein the... Agent:

20110208151 - Absorbent articles comprising graphics: An absorbent article may comprise a first zone comprising graphics and a second zone comprising graphics, wherein the first and second zones have different elastic properties. Further, the absorbent article may comprise a first absorbent article component and a second absorbent article component having substantially different elastic properties, wherein the... Agent:

20110208152 - Absorbent articles comprising graphics: An absorbent article may comprise a first zone comprising graphics and a second zone comprising graphics, wherein the first and second zones have different elastic properties. Further, the absorbent article may comprise a first absorbent article component and a second absorbent article component having substantially different elastic properties, wherein the... Agent:

20110208154 - Dosing device for an infusion system and method thereof: A dosing device for an infusion system comprises a dosing unit having a variable volume and at least one opening in fluid connection with the variable volume, through which opening the variable volume can be filled with a substance or the substance can be dispensed from the variable volume. The... Agent:

20110208153 - Formulations and methods for nutrient delivery: The present disclosure provides formulations and methods for delivering water-soluble and lipid-soluble nutrients for preventing or correcting nutrient deficiencies to subjects requiring small-volume nutritional support, such as preterm infants. The formulations may comprise an emulsion of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) stabilized by a protein emulsifier, such as α-lactalbumin, and may further... Agent:

20110208155 - Closed-loop glucose control startup: Disclosed are methods, systems, etc. for closed-loop glucose control startup. In certain example embodiments, a request for entry of an automatic mode of operation of a glucose monitoring and insulin delivery system for a patient may be detected. An entry of the automatic mode of operation may be controlled based,... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110208156 - Systems, devices and methods to deliver biological factors or drugs to a subject: A method, computer implemented method and associated apparatus for the management of diabetes is provided.... Agent: Sansum Diabetes Research Institute

20110208158 - Apparatus and method for endoscopic submucosal dissection: A kit and a method for delivering an injectable solution to a tissue treatment site are provided. The kit includes a housing having a chamber, a proximal portion and a distal portion. An injectable solution having a viscosity greater than about 10,000 cP is provided in the chamber. A plunger... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20110208157 - Needle constructed with a transparent or translucent material: In general, the invention features needles, with or without lumens, that contain a barrel being transparent or translucent or having a transparent or translucent portion. Needles of the invention may further include a lumen, the interior of which is visualizable through the transparent or translucent portion. A needle may also... Agent:

20110208159 - Catheter locking composition: The present invention relates to locking compositions, kits containing the locking compositions and methods for maintaining the patency of vascular access devices or intravascular delivery devices employing the locking compositions. The locking compositions contain water, an anticoagulant and a viscosity agent and are free of heparin and alcohol.... Agent:

20110208160 - Safety drug delivery system: Drug delivery systems are provided that include an actuator assembly permanently attached to a filter for connection of a container containing medications such as epidural anesthesia, to a delivery site. In one or more embodiments, the actuator assembly includes a projection with an opening extending from a distal end of... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110208161 - Intracochlear drug delivery to the central nervous system: The present invention is directed to method and system for delivery of brain-targeted drugs to the cerebrospinal fluid via the perilymphatic fluid of the inner ear. The system utilizes the passage of cochlear aqueduct as a drug delivery route from the inner ear to the subarachnoid space of the brain.... Agent:

20110208162 - Methods for preventing aggregation of adipose stromal cells: The present invention relates to a methods, compositions, and admixtures which prevent the aggregation of a population of adipose stromal cells (ASCs), such as an isolated population of adipose stromal cells. In some embodiments, the present invention relates to admixtures and methods of use thereof comprising a population of ASC... Agent: Indiana University Rsearch And Technology Corporation

20110208164 - Melt-bonded joint for joining sheaths used in medical devices, and methods of forming the melt-bonded joint: Joint assemblies for joining sheaths for use in medical devices are provided, as are methods of manufacturing the joint assemblies. An elongate first sheath has a distal end portion having melt bonding material. A second sheath has first and second end portions, the second end portion having melt bonding material.... Agent:

20110208163 - Pressure sensing in implantable medical devices: An implantable medical device for delivering a therapeutic substance to a delivery site in a patient. A reservoir holds a supply of the fluid therapeutic substance. A catheter has a proximal end, a delivery region and a lumen extending from the proximal end to the delivery region. The proximal end... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110208165 - Seal for controlling irrigation in basket catheters: An exemplary basket catheter includes an outer tubing housing an inner fluid delivery tubing having at least one fluid delivery port. A plurality of splines are each connected at a proximal end of the splines to the outer tubing and at a distal end of the splines to the inner... Agent:

20110208166 - Catheter having communicating lumens: A catheter having a plurality of longitudinal lumens for removing biological, natural and/or man-made materials from cavities, ducts, vessels, or other locations in a patient's body. The multi-lumen catheter comprises a longitudinally-extending suction lumen with suction holes through which materials pass into the lumen in response to suction forces generated... Agent: Csa Medical, Inc.

20110208167 - Ventilation bypass system for treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: The invention provides a ventilation bypass system for treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a lung of a patient. The patient is provided with a surgically-created passage which passes through the thoracic wall, the parietal membrane and the visceral membrane into the lung. The parietal and visceral membranes are sealed... Agent: Portaero, Inc.

20110208168 - Particle formulations for use in pharmaceutical compositions: A liquid composition in an osmotic drug delivery system and a dosage form in an osmotic drug delivery system is disclosed comprising an amphiphilic molecule, a non-aqueous liquid solvent, and a pharmaceutically active agent.... Agent: Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110201987 - Combination therapy for preventing or treating alzheimer's disease, and kit therefor: The invention relates to a method for preventing or treating Alzheimer's disease (AE). According to said method, a means for inducing a sequestration of amyloid β (Aβ) into a plasma is administered to a person, and the person is treated by means of an apheresis device comprising a fixed carrier... Agent: Affiris Forschungs-und Entwicklungs Gmbh

20110201986 - Method for enhancing immune responses in mammals: The present invention provides a method for enhancing an immune response in a mammal to facilitate the elimination of a chronic pathology. The method involves the removal of immune system inhibitors from the circulation of the mammal, thus, enabling a more vigorous immune response to the pathogenic agent. The removal... Agent: Cytologic, Inc.

20110201988 - Blood treatment apparatus and method: A blood treatment apparatus includes: a blood treatment unit, a pair of fluid pumps and a pair of blood pumps. The blood treatment unit is configured to receive untreated blood and fresh blood treatment fluid, and emit treated blood and used blood treatment fluid. The fluid pumps are configured to... Agent:

20110201989 - Blood treatment apparatus and method: A blood treatment apparatus, including a blood treatment unit configured to receive untreated blood and fresh blood treatment fluid, and emit treated blood and used blood treatment fluid, a pair of fluid pumps configured to pass blood treatment fluid through the blood treatment unit, a pair of blood pumps configured... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20110201990 - System and method to increase the overall diameter of veins: A system and method for increasing the speed of blood and wall shear stress (WSS) in a peripheral vein for a sufficient period of time to result in a persistent increase in the overall diameter and lumen diameter of the vein is provided. The method includes pumping blood at a... Agent: Novita Therapeutics, LLC

20110201991 - Valve bypass graft device, tools, and method: A medical implant comprises a hollow conduit having a first end opening, a second end opening, and a slit opening located between said first and second end openings, and a one way valve located within said conduit.... Agent: Cardious, Inc.

20110201992 - Tampon applicator: A tampon applicator is described which comprises an ejector tube and an outer tube. The outer tube is dimensioned to fit closely and telescopically over the ejector tube. The outer tube has a distal discharge end. The distal end of the ejector tube is formed with one or more radially... Agent: Ontex Hygieneartikel Deutschland Gmbh

20110201993 - Detecting apparatus and medical control method: A detecting apparatus includes: a first detecting unit that acquires drug accumulation information concerning a drug which has a been dosed to a subject and has accumulated in a lesion region of the subject; a calculating unit that calculates, on the basis of the drug accumulation information, a change with... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110201994 - Methods to regulate polarization of excitable cells: Minimally invasive delivery with intercellular and/or intracellular localization of nano- and micro-particle solar cells within and among excitable biological cells to controllably regulate membrane polarization of such cells. The cells include retinal and other sensory cells, muscle cells, and nerve cells.... Agent:

20110201996 - Nasal ventilation system and method of using same: An apparatus for creating an accessory maxillary ostium for purposes of ventilation, irrigation, or procedural work within the maxillary antrum. An introducer having a ventilation tube and grommet is provided to create and then provide access through the accessory maxillary ostium. An irrigation catheter may be advanced through the ventilation... Agent:

20110201995 - Weighted infusion sleeve: An irrigation sleeve for a phacoemulsification needle is constructed with a non-uniform distribution of mass. When the sleeve is used with torsional phacoemulsification apparatus the sleeve adds to the eccentric motion of the needle, adding efficiency to the phacoemulsification process. In one embodiment, weights are implanted in the sleeve. In... Agent:

20110201997 - Cochlear implant electrode lead having a cross-section with variable height: An electrode lead for a cochlear implant, the electrode lead having a lateral side and a medial side supporting an electrode array, wherein a height of a cross section of the electrode lead is greater in the lateral side than a height of the cross section in the medial side.... Agent: Cochlear Limited

20110201998 - Hand-held electronically controlled injection device for injecting liquid medications: A medication delivery device includes a housing, a door coupled to the housing and moveable between a closed position and an open position. The door permits insertion of a medication container, containing liquid medication, into the housing in the open position. A door opening mechanism is coupled to the door.... Agent: Ares Trading S.a.

20110201999 - Needle mounting feature for ensuring proper reconstitution sequence: A medical injector is provided herein having a body and a needle mounting surface movable relative to the body, the needle mounting surface having features for mounting a needle thereto. In an initial state, the needle mounting surface is disposed within the body with no needle mounted thereto. With relative... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110202000 - Anti-amyloid beta antibodies conjugated to sialic acid-containing molecules: Antibody complexes including anti-Aβ antibodies conjugated with a sialic acid-containing molecule show improved bioavailability with no significant adverse effects on binding to amyloid beta.... Agent:

20110202001 - Balloon catheter: A balloon catheter, including an outer shaft with a distal end and a fluid line, an inner part located distal anterior to its distal end, as well as a balloon that can be inflated under the influence of a fluid that has been pressurized by the fluid line, that is... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20110202002 - Method and apparatus for repairing a tendon or ligament: A method and apparatus for reattaching the opposed ends of a member, such as a tendon, ligament or bone, during preparing and healing of the member using a surgical repair device that can be securely attached to the member and then safely guided through tortuous anatomy for reattachment and repair.... Agent: Core Essence Orthopaedics, LLC

20110202003 - Method of locating vessel puncture access sites via tattoo or permanent marking: A method of marking the boundaries of at least one vessel with a vessel access marking for locating a vessel puncture access site to facilitate the introduction or withdrawal of fluid from the vein in connection with a medical procedure, the method comprising the steps of: designating an anatomical portion... Agent:

20110202004 - Data storage for an infusion pump system: A pump system can include a pump device and a controller device removably attachable to the pump device. The controller device can be reusable, and one or more pump devices can be disconnected and reconnected to the controller device. As such, some pump usage data can be conveniently stored in... Agent: Asante Solutions, Inc.

20110202005 - Skin securable drug delivery device with a shock absorbing protective shield: Elements are provided for absorbing shock, pressure, impact and/or other external forces exerted upon a therapeutic fluid delivery device during use to protect the device from physical and internal damage and, thereby, according to some embodiments, maintain (for example) regulated and continuous administration of therapeutic fluid into the body.... Agent:

20110202006 - Access device: An access device places a medical article within a body space of a patient. The device has a needle that includes an elongated body, a side fenestration on the elongated body, and a needle hub. The device further includes a dilator disposed on and slideable along the elongated body of... Agent: Access Scientific, Inc.

20110202007 - Slittable or removable valves and apparatus and methods for making and using them: A system and/or apparatus for delivering a medical device into a body includes an elongate tubular member and a valve fitted within a proximal end thereof. The valve preferably includes a tubular body and a flap, wherein the tubular body is engaged within the proximal end of the tubular member... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110202008 - Access apparatus including integral zero-closure valve and check valve: An access apparatus for use in surgical procedures is provided. The access apparatus includes a zero-closure valve disposed within a housing associated with the access apparatus and adjacent a longitudinal passage defined by an access member operably associated with the access apparatus. The zero-closure valve is configured to provide a... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110202009 - I.v. tubing safety strap: A strap that is both easy to use and safe for both the patient and healthcare provider. A slip-on circular elastic strap is provided in various sizes in order to accommodate the different arm circumferences of patients. The circular strap has an additional small elastic strap affixed via stitching. The... Agent:

20110202010 - Catheter securement device: A medical article securement device holds a medical article in position upon the body of a patient and can be used to inhibit lateral and longitudinal motion of the medical article. The securement device includes a retainer with a base and at least one post, and at least one cap.... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20110202011 - Autoinjection devices: An autoinjection device has front and rear separable assemblies (10) and (12). The rear assembly contains a drive assembly which is triggered or unlatched by rearward movement of an actuating sleeve (14) extending from the front assembly. A locking dial (16) is provided which locks the actuating sleeve against rearward... Agent: Owen Mumford Limited

20110202012 - Smart injection syring systems providing real-time user feedback of correct needle position: Syringe assemblies include a syringe with a syringe body (15b) defining a fluid cavity in fluid communication with an injection needle (25); a force, pressure and/or flow sensor (30) in fluid communication with the needle; and a user feedback unit (22) in electrical communication with the sensor and configured to... Agent:

20110202013 - Medical injector with coupled body portions: A medical injector is provided herein which includes first and second body portions each having a longitudinal axis and configured to couple at a coupling. The first and second body portions are complementarily formed so as to be movable about the coupling. The medical injector also includes an axially-displaceable plunger;... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110202014 - Adapter device for application of small amounts of fat graft material by use of syringes: The present invention provides a device and the method of use for the delivery of fat graft material to treat delicate anatomical areas. By use of the device and method very low amounts of fat can be administered and easily be controlled. This can be achieved by connecting the fat... Agent:

20110202015 - Medical tissue extraction instrument: Disclosed is a medical tissue extraction instrument, which can allow an inspector to accurately locate a fine needle at a desired tissue extraction position without any need for assistance while assuring stable tissue extraction. The medical tissue extraction instrument includes a tissue extraction controller to control the pressure of a... Agent: The Presbyterian Medical Center Juridical Person

20110202017 - Measurement system and method for establishing the refraction of an eye, the radius of curvature of the cornea or the internal pressure of an eye: A method for establishing the refraction of an eye (9) by means of a refractometer (3) is provided, in which the current visual axis (S) of the eye (9) is established before establishing the refraction, the refractometer (3) is aligned with respect to the visual axis (S) of the eye... Agent: Carl Zeiss Surgical Gmbh

20110202018 - Sleeve for transdermal patches: A contact element is held against the skin of a human limb by a sleeve comprising a tube body (2) knitted with elastomeric yarn. At the ends of the tube body margins (4) are formed which prevent the tube from rolling on itself. In preferred embodiments the margins 4 are... Agent:

20110202016 - Systems and methods relating to polymer foams: Systems and methods related to polymer foams are generally described. Some embodiments relate to compositions and methods for the preparation of polymer foams, and methods for using the polymer foams. The polymer foams can be applied to a body cavity and placed in contact with, for example, tissue, injured tissue,... Agent: Arsenal Medical, Inc.

20110202019 - Hand held skin treatment spray system with air heating element: A hand held spray system for skin treatments includes air outlets for delivering heated air to improve the efficacy and comfort of the spraying experience. The heated air may also heat a liquid tip and transfer this heat to the skin treatment. The heated air may be applied while spray... Agent: Mt Industries, Inc.

20110202020 - Treatment medium delivery device and methods for delivery of such treatment mediums to the eye using such a delivery device: A device for delivering a treatment medium to an eye includes a first body portion configured to be removably inserted and secured in an opening of the eye, and a second body portion supported by the first body portion. At least the second body portion includes a treatment medium, and... Agent: Qlt Inc.

20110202022 - Coupling part of a drainage tube unit: A coupling part of a drainage tube unit for aspirating body fluids by a suction pump includes a patient-side drainage attachment, a pump-side drainage orifice for connection to a drainage tube, and a drainage channel connecting the drainage attachment and the drainage orifice to each other. The coupling part also... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20110202021 - Oral debris removal device: According to one aspect of the invention, there is provided an oral debris removal device including: a suction unit; a tube in fluid communication with the suction unit, the tube having a tip portion adapted to allow introduction of oral debris into the tube via the tip portion; and a... Agent:

20110202023 - Removable suction assembly for medical handpieces: A system and method for more efficient cleaning and sterilizing of surgical handpieces by using a removable valve assembly. The valve assembly is removable to provide access to a first suction passageway and a second suction passageway for cleaning purposes. The valve assembly has a protrusion that engages with a... Agent:

20110202024 - Catheter leg bag support device: A catheter leg bag support system is provided for supporting and holding in place a catheter bag. An adjustable belt is secured around a user's waist, with a drop down strap having an adjustable length attached to the belt. A hook and loop fastener wrap is provided on the drop... Agent:

20110202025 - Antimycotic and prebiotic pharmaceutical composition and a method for treating candidal vaginitis: The invention relates to medicine and pharmacology, more particularly to a pharmaceutical composition in the form of vaginal suppositories for treating candidal vaginitis and vulvovaginitis, containing antimycotics and prebiotics. The contents of the composition for therapeutic use make it possible to achieve the synergistic effect of stimulating the growth of... Agent:

20110202026 - Hemostatic sponge: The present invention provides a hemostatic composite sponge comprising a porous matrix of a biomaterial and a material enhancing the adherence of said sponge to the applied tissue stably associated with at least one surface of said sponge, a method of producing these sponges and their use in hemostasis.... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110202027 - Absorbent article: The absorbent article provides a signal viewable from the top surface of the absorbent article which gives a perception of depth within the absorbent article. This creation of depth perception is accomplished by the use of at least two tones within a color and/or by the use of multiple tones... Agent:

20110202028 - Release sheet material: Release sheet materials for use as packaging material for individually packaged disposable absorbent articles, typically sanitary napkins and the like.... Agent:

20110202029 - Release sheet material: Release sheet materials for use as packaging material for individually packaged disposable absorbent articles, typically sanitary napkins and the like, and release compositions to be used in said release sheet materials.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20110202030 - Reusable diaper: The present invention relates to a reusable diaper shaped as a pair of pants and designed to house a removable absorbent insect (6). The diaper comprises an elongated central piece (5) impermeable to water and designed to house said insert, and two side pieces (12,13) arranged on opposite sides of... Agent:

20110202031 - Containers for fluids with composite agile walls: The disclosure is directed to sampling bags having flexible walls. The sampling bags may have agile walls that include a shape memory component. The shape memory component tends to return the sampling bag to its initial shape. Such sampling bags may be used in a variety of sampling methods.... Agent: Nextteq, LLC

20110202033 - Compositions and methods for the treatment and prevention of cardiac ischemic injury: Disclosed herein are compositions and methods for the treatment and/or prevention of pathological conditions associated with ischemia/reperfusion injury and/or hypoxic injury of myocardial cell or tissue.... Agent:

20110202032 - Drug-delivery pumps with dynamic, adaptive control: In various embodiments, actuation of a drug-delivery pump is controlled based on a change in a condition of the pump.... Agent:

20110202034 - Modular medical fluid heating apparatus: A controller and a plurality of concatenated heating modules in electrical communication with the controller. The controller controls the flow of current to the plurality of heating modules in response to temperature measurements from at least one of the plurality of heating modules. In one embodiment, each of the plurality... Agent: Estill Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110202035 - Syringe assemblies having detachable needle assemblies and low dead space: The present invention is directed to syringe assemblies comprising detachable needle assemblies, that are configured in such a manner as to minimize the dead space after deployment of the syringe piston and injection of the material in the syringe into a patient's body, as well as with bevel indicators that... Agent: Terumo Medical Corporation

20110202036 - Systems and methods for deploying devices to genitourinary sites: A method delivers an implantable device through the urethra and into the bladder. A deployment instrument is inserted into the urethra, the implantable device is inserted into the deployment instrument, and a stream of fluid is injected into the deployment instrument. The stream of fluid drives the implantable device from... Agent: Taris Biomedical, Inc.

20110202037 - Fluid delivery catheter apparatus: An apparatus for delivering a medicated fluid or ointment to a target region of the paranasal sinuses. A flexible dual lumen catheter is provided. A first lumen is releasably attachable to a fluid source. A second lumen is substantially adjacent and parallel to the first lumen, and releasable accepts a... Agent:

20110202038 - Guidewire positioning device: A guidewire positioning device and method for guiding and positioning a guidewire into a branch vessel of a main body vessel are disclosed. The device comprises a guidewire positioning tube attached to a torquable wire shaft. The distal end of the positioning tube is curved at an angle to the... Agent:

20110202039 - Method for removing kidney stones and endoscope suitable for said method: The invention relates to a method for removing kidney stones and to an endoscope for performing said method. According to the invention, the kidney stones are suctioned and moved into an access region, from which they can be removed in the conventional manner. The endoscope according to the invention is... Agent:

20110202040 - Administration device having a bolus administration profile controller: According to one embodiment, an administration device for subcutaneous administration of a liquid drug over an extended period of time is provided. The administration device may include an administration unit, a housing, and a controller unit. The administration unit may include a drug reservoir and a pump unit. The housing... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110202041 - Fastening means for implantable medical control assembly: A control assembly for implantation in a patient comprises a first unit adapted for subcutaneous implantation at a first side of a body tissue of said patient, a second unit adapted for implantation in a body cavity of said patient at a second side of said body tissue, wherein at... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110196280 - Selective cytopheresis devices and related methods thereof: The present invention relates to systems and devices to treat and/or prevent inflammatory conditions within a subject and to related methods. More particularly, the invention relates to systems, devices, and related methods that sequester leukocytes and/or platelets and then inhibit their inflammatory action.... Agent: Innovative Biotherapies, Inc.

20110196279 - Device for reversing the blood flow for an extracorporeal blood treatment device and method for determining the reversal of the blood flow during an extracorporeal blood treatment: A device for reversing the blood flow for an extracorporeal blood treatment device, which has an extracorporeal blood circuit, includes an arterial blood line leading from a patient to a blood treatment unit and a venous blood line leading from the blood treatment unit to the patient. Furthermore, an extracorporeal... Agent:

20110196282 - Devices, systems, and methods for autoretroperfusion: Devices, systems, and methods for autoretroperfusion. In at least one embodiment of a perfusion system of the present disclosure, the system comprises a first catheter having a proximal end, a distal end, and a first lumen therethrough, the distal end configured for insertion into a luminal organ of a patient,... Agent: Cvdevices, LLC (a California Limited Liability Company)

20110196281 - Shunt device and method for treating ocular disorders: Shunt devices and a method for continuously decompressing elevated intraocular pressure in eyes affected by glaucoma by diverting excess aqueous humor from the anterior chamber of the eye into Schlemm's canal where post-operative patency can be maintained with an indwelling shunt device which surgically connects the canal with the anterior... Agent: Glaukos Corporation

20110196285 - Hollow mesoporous silica sphere coated with gold and preparation method thereof and use in cancer therapy: The present invention relates to the preparation method of a hollow mesoporous silica sphere coated with gold shell and its use in tumor therapy. In the present invention, the hollow mesoporous silica sphere is made as core and its surface is uniformly coated with the gold shell. The antitumor medicine... Agent:

20110196283 - Methods and architecture for power optimization of iontophoretic transdermal drug delivery: Embodiments of the invention provide an architecture, system and methods for optimizing power utilization for transdermal iontophoretic drug delivery which maintain a iontophoretic driving voltage at a reduced or even minimum value to support an iontophoretic delivery current. The reduced voltage reduces the power requirements for a transdermal iontohoretic delivery... Agent:

20110196284 - Systems and methods for detection of wound fluid blood and application of phototherapy in conjunction with reduced pressure wound treatment system: Wound fluid blood detection systems and methods are described that are operable in conjunction with reduced pressure wound treatment (RPWT) systems, as well as ancillary therapy and monitoring systems applied concurrently with RPWT systems. The blood detection monitor operates by optically characterizing the content of wound fluids to the extent... Agent:

20110196287 - Methods of using ultrasonically powered surgical instruments with rotatable cutting implements: In one general aspect, various embodiments are directed to methods for treating tissue within an aqueous environment. Various methods may include introducing a cutting implement of a surgical instrument into the aqueous environment. The cutting implement may have at least one cutting surface thereon and at least one ultrasonic portion... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20110196286 - Ultrasonically powered surgical instruments with rotating cutting implement: In one general aspect, various embodiments are directed to an ultrasonic surgical instrument that comprises a handpiece housing that rotatably supports an ultrasonic transducer assembly therein that may be selectively rotated by various motor configurations. Various slip ring arrangements are disclosed for supplying ultrasonic electrical signals and motor drive signals... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20110196288 - Energy delivery devices and methods: This relates to methods and devices for achieving contact between the wall of a cavity or passageway and a medical device when used in tortuous anatomy.... Agent: Asthmatx, Inc.

20110196289 - Cassette system for peritoneal dialysis machine: A peritoneal dialysis (PD) system that includes a disposable PD cassette including a base having a substantially planar portion and a dome-shaped protrusion extending from the substantially planar portion and a flexible membrane attached to the base and covering a recessed region of the dome-shaped protrusion to form a pumping... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20110196290 - Jejunal feeding catheter: An enteral catheter provides access to both the stomach and the deep jejunum for feeding, aspiration and decompression. The catheter includes a triple lumen 16Fr tube that joins to a triple lumen “Y” connector at the proximal end of the tube. The connector serves the three lumens as a source... Agent:

20110196291 - Apparatus and method for recognizing couplings between two system components: In an apparatus for recognizing couplings between a first and a second component of a system, one of the two components is provided with an identification unit. A checking unit is operatively connected to the second component. The identification unit contains an item of information relating to the first component.... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20110196294 - Infusion of drugs: An at least partly implantable system for injecting a substance into a patient's body, in particular a penis erection stimulation system, comprises an infusion device (11) adapted for implantation inside the patient's body, at least one reservoir (R1, R2) adapted for implantation inside the patient's body in fluid connection with... Agent: Milux Holding S.a.

20110196292 - Injector and two-chamber system having sealing container adapter: The invention relates to a single-use injector and to a two-chamber system, wherein at least one first chamber is part of a cylinder-piston unit that can be received in the single-use injector, and wherein the second chamber is part of a container having at least one opening, and closed at... Agent:

20110196293 - Stimulation of penis erection: A penis erection stimulation system comprises an infusion device (11) adapted for implantation inside the patient's body, at least one reservoir (R1, R2) adapted for implantation inside the patient's body in fluid connection with the infusion device to supply to the infusion device a substance to be injected into the... Agent: Milux Holding Sa

20110196295 - Device and method for intra-bronchial provision of a therapeutic agent: The present invention includes an intra-bronchial device, system, and method for providing a therapeutic agent to a patient. A device includes a flow control member for placement in an air passageway communicating with a lung portion and when deployed in the air passageway inhibits a therapeutic agent distal of the... Agent: Spiration, Inc.

20110196296 - Balloon catheter: A balloon catheter comprising a catheter tube, an inflatable and deflatable balloon fixed to the catheter tube and a refolding device for folding the balloon onto the catheter tube during balloon deflation, wherein the refolding device includes at least one flap arrangement being fixed on the catheter tube and being... Agent:

20110196297 - Method and device for the intermittent occlusion of the coronary sinus: In a method for intermittently occluding the coronary sinus, in which the coronary sinus is occluded using an occlusion device, the fluid pressure in the occluded coronary sinus is continuously measured and stored, the fluid pressure curve is determined as a function of time, and the occlusion of the coronary... Agent: Miracor Medical Systems Gmbh

20110196298 - Catheter assembly: A catheter assembly 10 comprises a first elongate tubular member 12 having a proximal end portion 14 defining a proximal end 15, a distal end portion 18 having an opening therein 20 and defining a distal end 22, and at least one lumen 24 defined between the proximal end 15... Agent: Cathrx Ltd

20110196299 - Structure of needle for syringe: There is provided a structure of a needle for a syringe and, more particularly, to a needle connected to a medical syringe variously used for an intramuscular injection, an intravenous injection, an injection of Ringer's solution, or the others, which comprises a groove or protrusion in diverse shapes formed on... Agent:

20110196300 - Devices, systems and methods for medicament delivery: An apparatus includes a movable member and a valve coupled to the movable member. The movable member is configured to be disposed within a housing of a medical device and has a first end portion and second end portion. A portion of the first end portion is configured to define... Agent: Intelliject, Inc.

20110196301 - Infusion of drugs: An at least partly implantable system for injecting a substance into a patient's body, in particular a penis erection stimulation system, comprises one or more long, flexibly bendable infusion needles, the tip ends of which are disposed within and implanted along with at least one first housing, in particular adjacent... Agent: Milux Holding S.a.

20110196302 - Cannula apparatus: A canister is fabricated with a tubular wall and with end caps at respective ends of the tubular wall to form an enclosed cannula. Perforations, or openings, extend through at least the tubular wall and one end cap of the canister to facilitate fluid flow into, through and out from... Agent:

20110196303 - Flow pulsatility dampening devices: A medical fluid infusion system including: a fluid pathway for transporting a pulsatile flow of fluid; a dampening element in communication with the fluid pathway, the dampening element configured to actively dampen pressure fluctuations of the pulsatile flow to smoothen the pulsatile fluid flow, the dampening element operable in any... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110196305 - Flow rate control apparatus and pump apparatus: A disclosed flow rate control apparatus includes a first substrate, a second substrate partially bonded to the first substrate, and a piezoelectric material. The first substrate includes a separation section separating first and second flow paths in the first substrate, the piezoelectric material is adhered to an upper surface of... Agent:

20110196304 - Fluid balance monitoring system with fluid infusion pump for medical treatment: Novel fluid delivery systems are disclosed to improve the delivery of bio-compatible fluids to a patient. The systems can include a housing having a bladder pressurized by a pressurization unit so that fluid flow rate can be controlled, changed and/or monitored. The systems can also include a scale and/or a... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

20110196306 - Method and apparatus for controlling an infusion pump or the like: A method and apparatus for controlling IV medication delivery and monitoring, the method including providing information tags on IV bags that specify delivery parameters, obtaining delivery parameters for at least one bag, associating a controller with a particular patient, comparing patient information for the particular patient with the delivery parameters,... Agent: Pompare Technologies, Inc.

20110196307 - Surgical access apparatus and method: A trocar system for providing access across a body wall includes a trocar and an anchor provided in the form of a first helix. The anchor is adapted for placement in an operative position wherein the anchor extends at least partially through the body wall. A second helix formed on... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20110196308 - Device and a system for delivery of biological material: The present application provides a device and a system for the delivery of biological material across the biological tissue. The device may be for the programmed delivery of biological material through a needle or a micro-needle or micro-needles or biodegradable microneedles.... Agent:

20110196309 - Multifunctional device and methods for tissue surgery: A multifunctional device featuring a cartridge having first and second ports; first and second chambers which have outlets disposed at proximal ends connected to tubes that bifurcate to form intake lines and deposit lines, wherein one-way valves are disposed in the intake and deposit lines, wherein pistons are disposed in... Agent:

20110196310 - Medical injector with ratcheting plunger: A medical injector is provided herein having a body with a displaceable plunger. The plunger includes a plurality of spaced-apart ratchet teeth disposed along the length thereof. At least one indexer is provided formed to engage the plunger, wherein the indexer is configured to allow the plunger to displace distally... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110196311 - Injection devices: An injection device has a main drive module which can be screwed into the back of a syringe housing to prepare the injector ready for use. The drive module has a firing button and a drive plunger released for forward movement by pressing the firing button. The syringe housing slideably... Agent: Owen Mumford Limited

20110196312 - Illuminated syringe: The invention is an apparatus comprising of a syringe, a plunger and a circuit for the purpose of activating a light source to illuminate a target area for application of the contents of the syringe in low-light or no-light situations.... Agent:

20110196313 - Extendable plunger rod for medical syringe: An extendible plunger rod for use with a syringe is provided. Example plunger rods may include an outer plunger rod with a proximal end and a distal end, the outer plunger rod having an inner cavity; an inner plunger rod, housed at least partially within the inner cavity of the... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110196314 - Fluid conduit connection: A fluid conduit connector assembly includes a connector having a body with an inner surface defining a fluid channel. The connector also includes an inlet region for flow of fluid into the fluid channel, and an outlet region for flow of fluid from the fluid channel. The connector further includes... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20110196315 - Catheter tip assembled with a spring: A catheter tip that provides longitudinal flexibility, pushability and radial rigidity thereby improving deliverability is provided. The catheter tip includes a spring-like element to provide longitudinal flexibility and pushability to the catheter tip. The spring-like element may also provide radial support to the distal edge of the catheter tip. Alternatively,... Agent: Medinol Ltd.

20110196316 - Catheter: A gastric/jejunal catheter comprises three major components, a triple lumen “Y” connector, a transitional “midport” bolus, and a single lumen jejunal tube with a jejunal tip. The midport bolus, in turn, comprises three lumens, a jejunal feeding lumen, a gastric relief lumen and an air lumen. The midport bolus also... Agent:

20110196319 - Composition and system for wound decontamination: The present disclosure is directed to a cleansing solution and system for administering the cleansing solution to decontaminate a wound surface. A method and kit for decontaminating a wound surface is also provided.... Agent:

20110196318 - Gel-based phenergan composition and method of delivery: The invention is directed to a system for treating vomiting comprising a topical gel placed within a syringe. The topical gel includes (a) between 10 to 40% Phenergen by weight, (b) between 30 to 50% of lecithin isopropyl palmitate solution by weight, and (c) between 30 to 70% of pluronic... Agent:

20110196317 - Implantation instruments, system, and kit for punctal implants: Described and illustrated are various insertion instruments, cap, plug, method and kit. In one aspect, a cap for a punctal insertion instrument is shown and described. In a further aspect, a punctum plug insertion system that includes the instrument and the cap is provided. In yet a further aspect, a... Agent:

20110196320 - Method for aspirating fluid utilizing a dual cylinder vacuum pump: Irrigation fluid is aspirated from an eye and through an aspiration instrument by operating a vacuum pump, including moving first and second plungers between respective suction strokes and discharge strokes. Vacuum pressure at an input side of the pump is maintained at a desired vacuum pressure setting by controlling speeds... Agent: Enlighten Technologies, Inc.

20110196321 - Fluid collection canister including canister top with filter membrane and negative pressure wound therapy systems including same: A fluid collection canister including a chamber to collect fluids and a canister top disposed over the chamber. The canister top includes a bottom side facing into the chamber, including first and second ribs disposed thereon, a filter membrane attached to the first and second ribs, a first port to... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110196322 - Safety cap for an ostomy bag: A safety cap assembly for sealing an ostomy bag opening comprising: an attachment means, where said attachment means secures the safety cap assembly to the ostomy bag opening; a vertical tubing, where the vertical tubing fits onto the ostomy bag opening; an absorption barrier, where said barrier lies within the... Agent:

20110196323 - Ostomy bag odor control and irrigation system: An improved ostomy bag comprises an outwardly facing irrigation line attachment adapter. A removable vent housing may be attached to the attachment adapter, where the vent housing is attached during normal operation of the ostomy bag, where the vent housing may comprise a charcoal filter and a scent absorbing medium... Agent:

20110196324 - Implant: A percutaneous implant serves for implantation into an animal or a human body. The implant is of the kind that has an axial interior section for fixation inside the body, an axial exterior section in communication with the interior section and extending outwards from the body with a free end.... Agent: Ostomycure As

20110196325 - Absorbent article with containment barrier: The present disclosure, in part, relates generally to an absorbent article to be worn about the lower torso. The absorbent article comprises a chassis comprising a topsheet, a backsheet, an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet, and a pair of longitudinal barrier cuffs attached to the chassis.... Agent:

20110196328 - Biomaterials, their preparation by electrospinning and their use in the biomedical and surgical field: There is described a new non-woven fabric produced with the electrospinning technique, and the use thereof as new biomaterial for the biomedical and surgical field.... Agent: Anika Therapeutics S.r.i.

20110196326 - Personal-care articles having self-assembling peptides: A personal-care article, for receiving body exudates, having a self-assembling peptide is provided.... Agent:

20110196327 - Web material(s) for absorbent articles: The present disclosure, in part, relates generally to an absorbent article to be worn about the lower torso. The absorbent article comprises a chassis comprising a topsheet, a backsheet, an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet, and a pair of longitudinal barrier cuffs attached to the chassis.... Agent:

20110196329 - Polyurethane gel foams: Polyurethane gel foams are proposed as is their use in modern wound treatment. In particular, wound dressings comprise polyurethane gel foams for treating moderately to severely exuding wounds. The polyurethane gel foams are thereby produced from an isocyanate component A having a functionality f of fB≦3, a polymeric polyol component... Agent:

20110196330 - Absorbent article comprising fluid handling zones: An absorbent article comprising a topsheet, a backsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet. The absorbent article comprises a first fluid handling zone having a first Transverse Fluid Travel Distance and a second fluid handling zone having a second Transverse Fluid Travel Distance. The first... Agent:

20110196331 - Method and apparatus for producing wearing article: A method for producing a wearing article of the present invention includes the steps of: supplying an elastic member; stretching the elastic member; placing the stretched elastic member so that the elastic member spreads across a plurality of first webs divided in a transport direction; making a part of a... Agent: Zuiko Corporation

20110196333 - Simple disposable absorbent article: A simple disposable pant-like garment includes a chassis and an absorbent assembly. The chassis, which can be extensible, includes a water-impermeable sheet folded laterally inward at both of its side edges to form opposing side flaps. Each side flap is attached to the interior surface of the chassis adjacent to... Agent:

20110196332 - Absorbent article with bonded web material: An absorbent article to be worn the lower torso is provided. The absorbent article comprises a chassis comprising a topsheet, a backsheet, an absorbent core, and a pair of longitudinal barrier cuffs attached to the chassis. Each of the longitudinal barrier cuffs comprises a web of material. The web of... Agent:

20110196334 - Container for resuspending sedimented medicament: A container for re-suspending sedimented medicament comprises a reservoir for containing a suspension of particles in a liquid, a dispensing portion, and a sealing portion. The sealing portion is arranged to be in fluid communication with the reservoir via an orifice. The orifice is positioned between the dispensing portion and... Agent: Norton Healthcare Limited

20110196335 - Devices and methods for agent-assisted medical procedures: Various embodiments of bulking or cushioning agents or material and related medical devices and methods are disclosed. For example, a method of performing a medical procedure in a tract of a body may include injecting a material in a liquid phase proximate a target site between a first tissue layer... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110196336 - Viscous formulations and their use in needle-free injection: Formulations are described that are viscous and will benefit from needle-free delivery at high driving pressures. Conventional delivery of these viscous formulations by hypodermic syringes is inconvenient as well as painful. Formulations include those which have a viscosity of about 5 cS or more at about 20° C. and which... Agent: Zogenix, Inc.

20110196339 - Automatic injection device for administering a fixed dose: An injection device for administering a substance, including a housing, a plunger rod which can be moved relative to the housing, at least one retaining element associated with the rod to hold the rod relative to the housing, and a displaceable locking sleeve which can be displaced relative to the... Agent:

20110196338 - Closure container for single dose disposable pharmaceutical delivery system: Provided herein is a single dose disposable pharmaceutical delivery apparatus and methods of use and manufacture thereof. One aspect provides a single dose disposable pharmaceutical delivery apparatus that includes a needle hub seal attached to a needle hub and a bladder that can contain a pharmaceutical composition. Another aspect provides... Agent: Seratouch, LLC

20110196337 - Modular drug delivery device for administering discrete doses of a medicament: There provided a drug delivery device adapted for providing a plurality of discrete doses of a medicament including a disposable delivery unit (2) adapted to be worn by a user, comprising a reservoir (10b) for holding a medicament to be delivered, an injection member (22) adapted for trans-dermal drug delivery,... Agent: Sensile Pat Ag

20110196340 - Loading and release of water-insoluble drugs: A medical device, polymer composition, and method for delivering substantially water-insoluble drugs to tissue at desired locations within the body. At least a portion of the exterior surface of the medical device is provided with a polymer coating. Incorporated in the polymer coating is a solution of at least one... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110196341 - Deflation indicator for a medical device bolster: A deflation indicator system for visually indicating an inflation status of a balloon-type or other inflatable internal bolster of a medical device is disclosed. The indicator system enables an observer to ascertain from an external vantage point whether the internal bolster of the indwelling device is inflated. In one embodiment,... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110196342 - Disposable injector with dual-piston dual-chamber system: The invention relates to a method of making a solution for injection from a solvent and an active ingredient using a disposable injector with a housing, an injector-side, first cylinder-piston unit—at least intermittently fillable—arranged thereon and an upstream detachable container adapter, wherein the container adapter bears a likewise at least... Agent:

20110196343 - Methods for expansion and analysis of cultured hematopoietic stem cells: Methods and kits for propagating hematopoietic stem cells are provided. The methods comprise culturing cells in medium comprising one or more angiopoietin-like proteins, under conditions sufficient for expansion of HSCs. Angiopoietin-like proteins include angiopoietin-like protein 2, angiopoietin-like protein 3, angiopoietin-like protein 4, angiopoietin-like protein 5, angiopoietin-like protein 7, and microfibrillar-associated... Agent: Whitehead Institute For Biomedical Research

20110196346 - Articulating handle for a deflectable catheter and method therefor: A catheter assembly includes a handle assembly, and a catheter body coupled with the handle assembly, where the catheter body extends to a deflectable distal end portion, and the deflectable distal end is controllable by a flexible element. A lever actuator member is operatively coupled with the flexible element, and... Agent: Greatbatch, Ltd.

20110196345 - Coronary sinus lead delivery catheter: A guide catheter assembly includes an outer guide catheter and an inner catheter slidably and rotatably disposed in the outer guide catheter. The outer guide catheter has a proximal portion and a distal portion formed into a preformed shape including a curved segment. The preformed shape includes a first arc,... Agent:

20110196344 - Single operator exchange biliary catheter: Catheter for use in biliary procedures, including a shaft having a proximal end and a distal end. A guidewire lumen is carried by the shaft extending from a location proximal the distal end of the shaft to a location proximate the distal end of the shaft. An opening is included... Agent: Boston Scientific Corporation

20110196347 - Medical devices employing piezoelectric materials for delivery of therapeutic agents: In one aspect, the present invention provides therapeutic-agent-releasing medical devices which comprise at least one region of piezoelectric material. Therapeutic agent release is initiated or increased when the piezoelectric material is subjected to mechanical stress, which leads to the development of a voltage across the piezoelectric material. This voltage is... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110190679 - Extracorporeal cell-based therapeutic device and delivery system: Extracorporeal cell-based therapeutic devices and delivery systems are disclosed which provide a method for therapeutic delivery of biologically active molecules produced by living cells in response to a dynamic physiologic environment. One embodiment includes long hollow fibers in which a layer of cells are grown within the intraluminal volume or... Agent: Innovative Biotherapies, Inc.

20110190680 - Self-regulating device for modulating inflammation: A bioreactor is provided which contains cells capable of producing cytokine inhibitors in response to cytokines, in a manner regulated by the local or systemic milieu of an individual patient and predicted by mechanistic computational simulations. The bioreactor transfers the cytokine inhibitors to a patient in need of control of... Agent:

20110190681 - Catheter needle retention and placement monitoring system and method: A blood access device includes (i) a first layer, a bottom surface of the first layer including (a) an adhesive or (b) a hook and loop material for securing the first layer to a patient, a first conductive attachment material located at a top surface of the first layer; (ii)... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110190683 - Expandable and collapsible medical device: A catheter (or cannula) is small enough in diameter to be placed minimally invasively into the body of a patient but also can be expanded post-placement to provide a larger-diameter placed catheter that supports fluid flow at a rate higher than is possible through the pre-placement reduced-diameter catheter. The expandable... Agent: Levitronix LLC

20110190682 - Needle placement detection and security device and method: A blood access device includes (i) a conductive needle configured to pierce a patient's skin and gain access to a blood vessel; (ii) an insulative housing supporting a fluid communication junction between the needle and flexible tube; (iii) a conductor having a first end connected to the insulative housing and... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110190684 - Method and apparatus for reducing obesity: Method and apparatus for treatment of morbid obesity by placement of a series of flow reduction elements in the small intestine to induce satiety are disclosed. The flow reduction elements restrict the movement of partially digested food and reduce the flow rate through the small intestine which causes the emptying... Agent:

20110190685 - Applicator having a color gradient: An applicator having a color gradient. The applicator includes an outer member having a first end, a second end disposed opposite the first end, a longitudinal axis, a length measured along the longitudinal axis, and an exterior surface. The outer member further includes a color gradient extending along at least... Agent:

20110190686 - Applicator for feminine hygiene devices: An applicator for a feminine hygiene device is provided. The applicator includes an insertion member than can have an insertion end, a withdrawal end opposite the insertion end and a barrel region having an outer surface and being adapted to house a feminine hygiene device. A zone of micro-apertured film... Agent:

20110190687 - Applicator having improved surface elements: An applicator for a feminine hygiene device. The applicator includes an insertion member that can have an outer surface, an insertion end, a withdrawal end opposite the insertion end, a barrel region adapted to house the feminine hygiene device, and a grip region disposed proximate the withdrawal end. In certain... Agent:

20110190688 - Permeant delivery system and methods for use thereof: Disclosed are a patch, system, and method for delivery of a permeant composition into a subject via at least one formed pathway through a biological membrane of the subject. The patch comprises a matrix, at least one hydrophilic permeant disposed within the matrix, wherein at least a portion of the... Agent:

20110190689 - Intravaginal therapy device: An intravaginal treatment device (ITD) provides therapeutic light and fluid treatments. Vision systems throughout supporting networks and devices allow for directed control of the treatment processes. The ITD uses illumination to gather various types of imager data that is used to identify and conditions, monitor the treatment process, and evaluate... Agent:

20110190690 - Independent surgical center: A biological tissue cutting and fluid aspiration system provides a plurality of surgical instruments operable independent of an external control console. In some embodiments, each surgical instrument may include all sensors and controls directly applicable to the surgical instrument, and may be used independently. In some embodiments, instruments communicate status... Agent: Doheny Eye Institute

20110190691 - Apparatus for monitoring and controlling peritoneal dialysis: A dialysis apparatus includes a housing; a first electrical contact carried by the housing; a hydrogel material located within the housing; a second electrical contact connected to the hydrogel material, the hydrogel material located so as to be contacted by a liquid flowing through the housing; and wherein the hydrogel... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110190692 - Vasodilator delivery regulated by blood pressure or blood flow: The effectiveness of a vasodilator delivered to a patient and/or the operation of the fluid delivery device from which the vasodilator is delivered are evaluated based on feedback from one or more sensors implanted within the patient. A fluid delivery system includes a fluid delivery device, a sensor, and a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110190693 - Computer controlled electric syringe: A computer controlled electric syringe includes: a piston unit including a piston being configured to press and move a rubber plug of a cartridge by a second end to discharge a medicinal solution from a cartridge through an injection needle; a ball screw having a screw shaft and a nut... Agent: Nippon Shika Yakuhin Kk.

20110190694 - Infusion pump assembly: A wearable infusion pump assembly. The wearable infusion pump assembly includes a reservoir for receiving an infusible fluid and a fluid delivery system configured to deliver the infusible fluid from the reservoir to an external infusion set. The fluid delivery system includes a controller, a pump assembly for extracting a... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20110190695 - Breast pump system: A breast receiving funnel (5) for a breast pump (1) comprising an expandable layer (18) formed from a hydrogel which is configured to expand such that an inner surface of the breast receiving funnel (5), against which a user's breast is locatable, swells towards said user's breast to apply a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics

20110190696 - Method for producing a bioactive surface on the balloon of a balloon catheter: The invention relates to a method for producing a bioactive surface on the balloon (3) of a balloon catheter (1). According to said method, the surface of the balloon (3) is at least partially wetted with a first solution of an active substance (8) and the section of the surface... Agent:

20110190697 - Vascular introducers having an expandable section: A vascular introducer having an expandable sheath. The sheath includes a balloon-expandable section and a self-expandable section, where the balloon-expandable section is distal to the self-expandable section. The distal balloon-expandable section is collapsible to decrease a diameter of the introducer for directing the introducer into a vasculature of a patient.... Agent: Circulite, Inc.

20110190698 - Method and apparatus for delivering an agent to a kidney: Devices for delivering drugs or other treatment agents locally to the vasculature of a mammal are disclosed. These devices have several related structures and are designed to deliver the drugs to facilitate rapid mixing with the blood flowing past the devices.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110190699 - Syringe needle sheath: A syringe is provided which comprises a barrel (11) and a needle sheath (30) slidably located within the barrel, a plunger (20) with a plunger seal (23), a needle, a needle sheath (30) and a sheath seal (50), arranged so that depression of the plunger forces the needle sheath to... Agent: Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd

20110190700 - Reservoir systems and methods: A reservoir includes a reservoir body portion and a collecting portion. The reservoir body portion having a wall defining an interior volume for containing fluidic media, the reservoir having a first port in the reservoir body portion to be in fluid flow communication with the interior volume, the first port... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110190701 - Methods, systems and devices for recording data: Methods, systems and devices for recording data are described herein. In one embodiment a method for recording data for keeping a diary may include: storing primary data indicative of a measured blood glucose level and/or an administrated dose of insulin in a memory of an electronic diary device; receiving a... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20110190702 - Medication dosing device for administering a liquid medication: A medication dosing device for administering a liquid medication, having a housing, the housing having a medication reservoir, a medication dosing unit, a drive for conveying the medication, an administration needle, a power supply unit, and an electrical control system. The medication reservoir, the medication dosing unit, and the administration... Agent:

20110190703 - Systems and methods for positioning fluid supply system: Fluid supply systems and methods for therapeutic fluid delivery systems, including those used for negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) systems and methods.... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20110190705 - Dispensing fluid from an infusion pump system: Some embodiments of an infusion pump device may include a drive system that accurately and incrementally dispenses fluid from the pump device in a controlled manner. Particular embodiments of the drive system may include a rotational motor that is coupled to a string member, which is used to adjust a... Agent: Asante Solutions, Inc.

20110190704 - One piece sealing reservoir for an insulin infusion pump: A novel one-piece fluid reservoir assembly for use in conjunction with an insulin infusion pump. The single piece fluid reservoir assembly includes a barrel body, a male luer fitting integral with the barrel body, a sealing surface integral with the barrel body, the sealing surface for sealing against the pump... Agent:

20110190706 - Angio catheter with improved safety features: An angiocatheter device featuring a catheter body; a stationary anchor disposed in the inner cavity of the catheter body; a channel fluidly connecting the first end of the catheter body and the second end of the stationary anchor; and a compressible valve surrounding at least a portion of the stationary... Agent:

20110190707 - Anchoring guide element: A transseptal cannula assembly for directing blood from the heart of a patient and a minimally invasive method of implanting the same. The transseptal cannula assembly includes a flexible cannula body having proximal and distal portions with a lumen therebetween, a tip coupled to the distal portion of the flexible... Agent: Circulite, Inc.

20110190708 - Positioning device for ostial lesions: A device for positioning a catheter at an ostium. The device includes an attachment mechanism for direct attachment to the catheter at a location proximal to a treatment device positioned on the catheter, the attachment mechanism having a proximal end, a distal end, and a longitudinal axis extending from the... Agent: Ymed, Inc.

20110190709 - Injector: A gasket (3) is inserted from a proximal end opening (22) of a barrel (2). Next, a plunger rod (4) is inserted as to establish connection of its distal end and the gasket (3). Then, a finger grip (5) is mounted to a flange (23). A disc part (45) is... Agent: Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.

20110190710 - Therapeutic fluid injection device: Therapeutic solution of an amount corresponding to a plurality of injections is injected with the distal end kept inserted in the pericardial cavity via an access port formed to penetrate under the xiphoid process. Provided is a therapeutic-solution injecting device (1) including an injection needle (3) for puncturing living tissue;... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110190711 - Method for reducing leachables and extractables in syringes: The present invention relates to a method of producing syringes. Said method comprises fixing a needle to a syringe body by use of an adhesive followed by subjecting the syringes thus obtained to heat treatment. The invention further relates to a method of reducing leachables and/or extractables in prefilled syringes,... Agent:

20110190712 - Sacrificial catheter: A sacrificial catheter assembly and method of use for placing a functional catheter within the body of a patient, such as into the patient's vasculature, is disclosed. In one embodiment, the sacrificial catheter assembly comprises a sacrificial catheter including an elongate body that defines a longitudinally extending lumen. A stylet... Agent: C.r. Bard, Inc.

20110190714 - Heat generating device: A heat generating device includes a holder and a heat generating member that is enclosed in the holder and that contains an oxidizable metal, a reaction accelerator, an electrolyte, and water. The heat generating member contains a transdermally-absorbable medicament and a solvent for dissolving the transdermally-absorbable medicament. It is preferable... Agent: Kao Corporation

20110190713 - Moxa holder support and customized moxibustion device comprising the same: The prevention invention relates to a moxa holder support and a moxibustion device comprising the same, and more particularly, to a moxa holder support which provides comfort to a patient receiving moxibustion, and to a moxibustion device in which the temperature of part of a human body, to which moxibustion... Agent:

20110190715 - Therapeutic arthritis glove with expandable gold rings: A therapeutic glove of elastic synthetic fabric to which gold-coated self-expanding ring devices are affixed at selective locations adjacent the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joints of the fingers of the hand without restricting movement of those joints. The affixing of rings on the interior of the glove along the MCP joints induces... Agent:

20110190716 - Transdermal drug delivery device: There is disclosed a transdermal drug delivery device for the pre-treatment and treatment of poisoning by highly toxic organophosphates, in the form of a matrix system comprising a backing layer, a drug containing adhesive layer and a release liner, in which the drug containing adhesive layer comprises a neutral polyacrylate... Agent:

20110190717 - Multi-conduit connectors and methods for negative pressure wound therapy: Multi-conduit connector apparatuses for use in negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) apparatuses to wound dressing, and methods for installing multi-conduit connector apparatuses in NPWT apparatuses.... Agent:

20110190718 - Ostomy pouch: An ostomy pouch is disclosed which comprises a proximal and a distal side wall of flexible sheet material joined together along their peripheral edges to define a cavity therebetween. The side walls are also joined in at least one location inwardly of the peripheral edges to limit the separation of... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20110190719 - Systems and methods for removing ingested material from a stomach: When a patient is fitted with an external gastrostomy connection to the stomach, ingested food can be removed through the gastrostomy connection using a pump-based or siphon-based system to achieve weight loss. The process of removing ingested food can be improved by alternating the infusion of liquid into the stomach... Agent: Aspire Bariatrics, LLC

20110190720 - Fluid absorbing sheet: The present invention relates to a fluid absorbing sheet comprising a bottom- or under-layer of water- or fluid-tight material, a middle layer of super absorbent polymer (SAP) and an upper layer of diffusing material, the fluid absorbing sheet further comprises at least one water- or fluid-tight bag for collecting and/or... Agent: Asap-norway As

20110190721 - Pant-type wearing article and method for making the same: A pant-type wearing article configured so that fasteners used to connect front and rear waist regions with each other can be engaged with and disengaged from each other in a repetitive manner. Of the front and rear waist regions, at least one waist region, for example, the front waist region... Agent:

20110190722 - Compositions for use as or in wound dressings: The present invention provides a composition for the treatment of a wound, the composition comprising: a first layer, which comprises a porous, optionally hydrophilic material capable of absorbing fluid from the wound at least in part by capilliary action, a second layer comprising an absorbent hydrogel, the first layer being... Agent: First Water Limited

20110190723 - Pressure-regulating vials and containers: In certain embodiments, a vial adaptor for removing liquid contents from a vial comprises a piercing member and a bag. The bag can be contained within the piercing member such that the bag is introduced to the vial when the vial adaptor is coupled with the vial. In some embodiments,... Agent:

20110190724 - Process and system for iontophoretic wrinkle reduction: A method and system for wrinkle reduction. The method includes the steps of positioning and applying a patch to skin of a consumer and adhesively securing the patch to the skin. A chemical composition on the patch includes both active ingredients and adhesive. A pair of electrodes are connected to... Agent: University Medical Pharmaceuticals Corporation

20110190726 - Method and apparatus for micro-needle array electrode treatment of tissue: Systems and methods for revitalizing aging skin using electromagnetic energy that is delivered using a plurality of needles that are capable of penetrating the skin to desired depths. A particular aspect is the capability to spare zones of tissue from thermal exposure. This sparing of tissue allows new tissue to... Agent: Reliant Technologies, Inc.

20110190725 - Method for altering drug pharmacokinetics based on medical delivery platform: A method for directly delivering whereby a substance is introduced into an intradermal space within mammalian skin which involves administering the substance through at least one small gauge hollow needle having an outlet with an exposed height between 0 and 1 mm. The outlet is inserted into the skin to... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110190727 - Intervascular catheter, system and method: The present disclosure relates to medical devices and methods, for use in a vascular system. The apparatus includes a balloon catheter having an elongate body, balloon, and fluid control valve for ischemic post-conditioning therapy and/or reperfusion.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110190728 - Dye solution: The invention relates to a water-based biocompatible non-cytotoxic preparation for the selective staining of internal limiting membrane (ILM) and/or epiretinal membranes (ERM) in the human or animal eye, and to a kit containing said water-based preparation according to the invention.... Agent:

20110190730 - Methods of inducing pluripotency involving oct4 protein: The invention relates to a method of inducing pluripotency in a responsive mammalian cell, which comprises introducing into the cell an effective amount for initiating pluripotency within the cell of Oct4 protein or a functionally equivalent analogue, variant or fragment thereof. The invention also relates to a method of treatment... Agent: Cytomatrix Pty Ltd

20110190729 - Methods of inducing pluripotency involving sox2 protein: The invention relates to a method of inducing pluripotency in a responsive mammalian cell, which comprises introducing into the cell an effective amount for initiating pluripotency within the cell of Sox2 protein or a functionally equivalent analogue, variant or fragment thereof. The invention also relates to a method of treatment... Agent: Cytomatrix Pty Ltd

20110190731 - Method for fluid delivery and catheters for use with same: A pain management system for the infusion of drug to a wound site includes a pump connected to medical tubing which is connected to an improved infusion catheter for providing uniform delivery of fluid throughout an anatomical region. The infusion catheter is inserted into the body of a patient at... Agent: I-flow

20110190732 - Highly flexible tubular device with high initial torque response for medical use: The invention relates to an elongated torque tube for use in medical applications. The torque tube comprises an elongated tubular structure having a cylindrical cross section and defining a longitudinal axis and a circumferential axis, the elongated tubular structure including a helical cut having a finite thickness and extending along... Agent:

20110190733 - Through-the-peg jejunal feeding tube: A device for providing access to a living body, comprises a hub including first and second ports configured to couple to external medical devices, the first port including a first lumen extending therethrough along a first axis between a proximal opening at the first port and a distal opening at... Agent:

20110190734 - Mechanical advantage for hub linear travel for a drainage catheter: An indwelling drainage catheter is disclosed that is configured to include a longitudinal catheter shaft having a distal and a proximal end, a cord in coaxial arrangement within said longitudinal catheter, a static hub operatively connected to said longitudinal catheter at said proximal end, a dynamic hub configured to move... Agent:

20110190735 - Wound treatment apparatuses and methods for controlled delivery of fluids to a wound: Pump cassettes, wound-treatment apparatuses and methods. In some embodiments, a pump cassette comprises: a pump body having a pump chamber, an inlet valve in fluid communication with the pump chamber, and an outlet valve in fluid communication with the pump chamber; a diaphragm coupled to the pump body such that... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20110190737 - Catheter structure: A catheter structure equipped with an adjustable self locating device comprises a flexible tube which has one end intended to be introduced into the cavity to be evacuated and provided with a hole. A duct associated with the flexible tube connects a diametral chamber to means for supplying and controlled... Agent:

20110190736 - Deploying linings in body cavities: A cavity (3) such as the urethra of a patient is lined by providing a lining device that comprises an eversible chamber (12) and a liner (16) connected thereto. Fluid pressure is applied to the chamber (12) to cause the chamber (12) to evert and advance into the cavity (3)... Agent: Scopeguard Limited

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