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Surgery August inventions list 08/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110203580 - Aerosol delivery systems and methods: Methods and systems for aerosol delivery of agents to a patient are described herein. The present system can be used to administer various types of agents, such as a vaccine or other types of pharmaceutical substances. Certain embodiments of the present system utilize an actuator coupled to a disposable aerosolizing... Agent: Of Health And Human Services, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention And Creare Inc.,

20110203581 - Apparatus and method for deployment of a bronchial obstruction device: An apparatus and method deploy a self-expandable bronchial obstruction device in an air passageway. The apparatus includes a catheter configured to be passed down the trachea. The apparatus further includes a capsule for housing the self-expandable bronchial obstruction device in a sterile environment. The capsule is configured to be advanced... Agent: Spiration, Inc.

20110203585 - Activated carbon systems for facilitating use of dimethyl sulfoxide (dmso) by removal of same, related compounds, or associated odors: Several embodiments of the invention relate to systems and methods for removing compositions comprising dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) or related compounds, or odors associated with same. In several embodiments, the systems include activated carbon filters, adsorbents, odor adsorbing fabrics, masks, clean air members and clean air supply assemblies. Methods for reducing... Agent: Abela Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110203582 - Medical air tubing connection system: A medical air tubing and anti-mismatch fluid distribution system is provided for preventing the inadvertent connection of a feed line to an incorrect source of fluid. The fluid distribution system includes an adapter that is connected permanently to the fluid supply and has an outlet end that is compatible with... Agent: Respan Products, Inc.

20110203583 - Methods for facilitating use of dimethyl sulfoxide (dmso) by removal of same, related compounds, or associated odors: Several embodiments of the invention relate to methods for removing compositions comprising dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) or related compounds, or odors associated with same. In several embodiments, systems including activated carbon filters, adsorbents, odor adsorbing fabrics, masks, clean air members and clean air supply assemblies are provided in order to perform... Agent: Abela Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110203584 - Systems for removing dimethyl sulfoxide (dmso) or related compounds, or odors associated with same: Preferred embodiments of the invention relate to systems for removing dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) or related compounds, or odors associated with same. The systems include adsorbents, odor adsorbing fabrics, masks, clean air members and clean air supply assemblies.... Agent: Abela Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110203586 - Powder inhalers: The invention relates to a powder inhaler for administering moisture-sensitive pharmaceutical formulations.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20110203587 - Portable positive airway pressure device accessories and methods for use thereof: A portable cradle for carrying a PAP device includes a base and a handle that is provided on the base. The base is structured to receive the PAP device and attachments to the PAP device. The base is oriented in a substantially horizontal position when the handle is lifted. A... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110203588 - Automated control for detection of flow limitation: A respiratory flow limitation detection device, which can include an airway pressure treatment generator, determines a flow limitation measure (506) based one or more shape indices for detecting partial obstruction and a measure of a patient's ventilation or respiratory duty cycle. The shape indices may be based on function(s) that... Agent: Resmed Ltd.

20110203589 - Ventilating element, system, and methods: A manually operated ventilating element such as a bellows for administration of artificial respiration, for example, during anesthesia, has wall sections or pleats of different diameters. When the element is actuated through a small stroke length, the smaller section is actuated. A small volume of gas is delivered and the... Agent: Uam Global LLC

20110203590 - Directional valve for a respirator product: A directional valve for a respirator product shall be improved with regard to a low flow resistance. To accomplish the object, two diaphragm-like valve disks (12, 13) abutting against one another at a central line of separation (16) that are attached to the valve housing (11) in a point-like manner... Agent: Drager Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa

20110203592 - Compact continuous positive airway pressure apparatus and method: A compact continuous positive airway pressure apparatus and method provide a flatter profile and more compact thickness, including a larger lateral dimension in order to be accommodated in conventional luggage designed to stow laptop computers having a smaller aspect ratio of thickness to length or thickness to width. Air tubing... Agent:

20110203591 - Supplemental gas delivery device for mask assembly: A supplemental gas delivery device is described for a mask assembly having at least one supplemental gas port, the at least one supplemental gas port including an aperture in communication with an interior of the mask assembly. The mask assembly may include an aperture communicating with an interior of the... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110203593 - Mask: An effective technique for balancing mask breathability and mask trapping capability at higher levels is provided in a mask to be worn on a wearer's face. A mask 1 has a mask body 10 that covers at least wearer's mouth and nose and a pair of ear straps 20 that... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110203594 - Disposable laryngeal mask airway device: The disclosed laryngeal mask airway device includes a mask portion and an airway tube. The mask portion includes an inflatable cuff, which defines a central opening when the cuff is inflated. The airway tube defines an internal passage extending from a proximal end of the tube to a distal end... Agent: Indian Ocean Medical Inc.

20110203595 - Cannula security piece: A set of annular sleeves circumferentially mounted along sections of a nasal cannula. The sleeves are protective devices that prevent skin irritation and bed sores from developing after prolonged use of a nasal cannula. Improved stability of the cannula tube is also provided in the form of a sleeve connecting... Agent:

20110203596 - Polyisoprene articles and process for making the same: The invention disclosed herein relates to an improved process for making elastomeric polyisoprene articles. In particular, the process of the invention is a system which produces synthetic polyisoprene articles exhibiting tensile strength properties similar to that of solvent-based processes using natural rubber latex. The process comprises an accelerator composition at... Agent: Allegiance Corporation

20110203597 - Side-specific fluid-retaining condom system: A condom having an elongated shape with an inner and an outer surface is provided. A barrier or strut is formed on the condom which prevents any liquid exchange between the inner and outer surfaces during the use of the condom.... Agent:

20110203598 - Nasal devices including layered nasal devices and delayed resistance adapters for use with nasal devices: Described herein are layered nasal devices including layered nasal devices having one or more stiffening members supporting the holdfast region of the nasal device. The stiffening member may be a stress-distributing member or a separate stress-distributing element or member may be included. In some variations the layered nasal device includes... Agent:

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110197881 - Underwater breathing apparatus: An underwater breathing apparatus includes a water resistant enclosure for floating on the surface of a body of water. An air collection header and an air pump for generating a constant flow of breathable air, an air supply line for delivering a flow of the breathable air to a user... Agent:

20110197882 - Power control in a medical ventilator: A ventilator that is small, lightweight, and portable, yet capable of being quickly adapted to operate in a plurality of different modes and configurations to deliver a variety of therapies to a patient. A porting system having a plurality of sensors structured to monitor a number of parameters with respect... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110197883 - Porting block for a medical ventilator: A ventilator that is small, lightweight, and portable, yet capable of being quickly adapted to operate in a plurality of different modes and configurations to deliver a variety of therapies to a patent. A porting system having a plurality of sensors structured to monitor a number of parameters with respect... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110197884 - Volume control in a medical ventilator: A ventilator that is small, lightweight, and portable, yet capable of being quickly adapted to operate in a plurality of different modes and configurations to deliver a variety of therapies to a patient. A porting system having a plurality of sensors structured to monitor a number of parameters with respect... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110197885 - Methods and devices for sensing respiration and controlling ventilator functions: Improved methods and devices are described for sensing the respiration pattern of a patient and controlling ventilator functions, particularly for use in an open ventilation system. A ventilation and breath sensing apparatus may include a ventilation gas delivery circuit and a ventilation tube coupled to the ventilation gas delivery circuit.... Agent: Breathe Technologies ,inc.

20110197887 - Accessory connection and data synchronication in a ventilator: A medical ventilator that includes a memory device, a controller operatively coupled to the memory device, and an accessory connector provided at or about the exterior of the ventilator housing. The controller is adapted to record ventilation data in the memory device that includes at least one of data relating... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110197888 - Method and system for ventilation: A method of monitoring tracheal pressure of a subject is disclosed. The subject is ventilated with breathing gas flowing via an endotracheal tube having an inflatable cuff. The method comprises monitoring sealing of the trachea by the cuff using a close loop control, varying a ventilation pressure thereby varying flow... Agent: Hospitech Respiration Ltd. Matalon Center Building Wing-a 3rd Floor

20110197886 - Respiratory device and method for ventilating a patient: The invention relates to a respiratory device for ventilating a patient. The respiratory device comprises a respirator that is or can be linked with an endotracheal tube or a respiratory mask. The respiratory device is provided with a control/regulation unit (1) for controlling and checking the expiration phase and with... Agent:

20110197889 - Arrangement and method for supplying breathing gas for respiration: An apparatus and method for supplying a breathing gas for a respiration. The apparatus includes a reciprocating unit configured to receive an inspiration gas flow and adapted to control respiratory movements. The apparatus also includes a gas mixer for supplying a fresh gas flow. The apparatus also includes a breathing... Agent:

20110197890 - Ambulatory oxygen concentrator: An oxygen concentrator provides ambulatory oxygen utilizing a vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) oxygen separator powered by a power pack. The separator has a plurality of nitrogen-selective adsorbent beds, each operating in VSA cycles including feed, evacuation and repressurization phases. The concentrator also contains a delivery system for receiving oxygen produced... Agent: Vbox, Incorporated

20110197891 - Articulated firefighter breathing pack: An articulated firefighter breathing pack includes multiple polymeric pressure vessels connected together and to a flexible manifold with sections of flexible conduit. The pressure vessels and sections of flexible conduit are encased in high strength fiber material. The pressure vessels are wrapped in high strength ballistic ribbon material. The manifold... Agent:

20110197892 - Enhanced manually actuated pressure controlled modulator technology: A dual area pressure pulmonary modulator apparatus which provides constant flow, pressure cycled ventilatory support to patients that is additionally equipped with fluid conduits in the valve mechanism and body that allow the clinician or user to manually actuate inhalation by occluding a fluid path emanating from the modulator. Such... Agent:

20110197893 - Quick release headgear strap: This invention provides a headgear for a mask assembly including straps for positioning on the head and means to minimise deviation from an optimal mask assembly setting when engaging or disengaging the mask assembly from operative use. Preferably, the disengaging means is a variable-length strap incorporating at least one length... Agent: Compumedics Medical Innovation Pty Ltd

20110197894 - Endotracheal tube cleaning apparatus: A cleaning apparatus including an elongate tubular member utilized by extending into an endotracheal tube. A cleaning assembly provided at a distal end of the elongate tubular member radially expands to engage the interior wall of the endotracheal tube, for cleaning thereof by an outer periphery, achieving an effective cleaning... Agent:

20110197895 - Tracheal tube adaptor and flaring jig: The present disclosure describes systems and methods that utilize a tracheal tube adaptor system. The tracheal tube adaptor system includes a tracheal tube adaptor and/or a flaring jig. A proximal end of a tracheal tube may be flared and the tracheal tube adaptor may be coupled to the proximal end... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110197896 - Elastic seamed thin-walled article with a single opening: An elastic seamed thin-walled article having a single opening consists of two halve pair-hand shape films made from thermoplastic material and bonded through a coupling portion. It has an opening formed with a lip portion in an integrated manner. The thin-walled article is formed by at least one layer of... Agent:

20110197897 - Antibacterial agent, and device used for active protection of incision margins and incorporating such an antibacterial agent: The invention relates to an antibacterial agent comprising, as active product, a haemostatic contact tissue with an acid pH combined with povidone iodine, the haemostatic contact tissue being regenerated or non-regenerated oxidized cellulose. It also relates to a device used for active protection of incision margins and incorporating such an... Agent:

20110197898 - Spit prevention mask: A spit prevention mask comprises a frame, the covering plate and two support arms. The covering plate is capable of being inserted onto the frame, two support arms can be attached onto the two ends of the frame. wherein with the above mentioned structure, the ear hook of each support... Agent:

20110197899 - Nano-otologic protective equipment for impact noise toxicity and/or blast overpressure exposure: An apparatus for preventing hearing loss having a body made of a soft compliant material having first and second ends and a channel extending therethrough, an acoustically limp material adjacent one of the ends of the body with the acoustically limp material having a hole therein aligned with the channel... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20110197900 - Percutaneous interventional cardiology system for treating valvular disease: A system is provided for treating valvular disease percutaneously though a ventricular apex of the heart. The system includes a needle for piercing through the ventricular apex of the heart and creating a hole whereby a catheter can be passed through the skin and the wall of the heart to... Agent:

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110192396 - Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Provided is a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating mucus hypersecretion in airways or chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPDs), the pharmaceutical composition including an epidermal growth factor (EGF) and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. In addition, a combined preparation capable of respectively administering the pharmaceutical composition and chemotherapeutics is provided.... Agent: Daewoong Co., Ltd.

20110192397 - Inhaler: An inhaler (1) for producing an inhalable aerosol of powdered medicament is disclosed. The inhaler (1) comprises an aerosolising device having a cyclone chamber (45) of substantially circular cross-section, inlet (24) and outlet (25) ports at opposite ends of the chamber (45) for the flow of drug laden air through... Agent: Vectura Delivery Devices Limited

20110192398 - Obstetric analgesia system: The present invention relates to systems and methods for providing a short-acting analgesic agent in the management of pain during labor, wherein the system enables efficient, real-time prediction of contractions for the coordinated administration of analgesia such that the peak effectiveness of the analgesic coincides with the intermittent pain of... Agent:

20110192399 - Vaporizer with improved heating chamber and related methods: In one embodiment, a vaporizer for vaporizing a substance is described herein. The vaporizing includes a vapor chamber; a heating chamber; and a cartridge positioned between the vapor chamber and the heating chamber. The vapor chamber, the cartridge, and the heating chamber form a continuous bidirectional pathway for airflow within... Agent:

20110192400 - Method and apparatus for maintaining and monitoring sleep quality during therapeutic treatments: The present invention monitors and interprets physiological signals and spontaneous breathing events to detect the onset of arousal. Once the onset of arousal is determined, the present invention determines adjustments that are needed in the operation of a therapeutic device to avoid or minimize arousals. In one embodiment, the present... Agent:

20110192401 - Closed respiratory suction system: The present invention concerns a respiratory suction system for providing ventilation of a patient's respiratory tract, the system comprising an elongated catheter with a distal end, a manifold defining a flow path in a ventilator circuit and comprising access structure allowing the catheter to be advanced through the manifold and... Agent: Unomedical A/s

20110192402 - Apparatus for temporary male contraception: The present invention relates to a male contraception apparatus for obtaining temporary sterility of a male mammalian individual. The apparatus comprises an implantable restriction device adapted to restrict vas deference in the region downstream the ampulla during a controlled period in order to preventing sperms to reach the urethra. Further,... Agent: Milux Holding S.a.

20110192403 - Arm cradle: An arm cradle for holding and stabilizing an arm of a post-operative shoulder surgery patient is provided. The arm cradle has a cradle body having a first concave section adapted to accept at least a portion of an upper arm of a patient and a second concave section adapted to... Agent: G Force Braces, LLC

20110192404 - Automated negative pressure oral apparatus: This invention provides an oral apparatus and method capable of alleviating or curing snore and obstructive sleep apnea by applying a negative pressure through a mini oral interface to the oral cavity. The mini oral interface creates a secure connection to mouth and helps a patient's upper and lower lips... Agent: Somnics, Inc.

20110192405 - Methods for treating eye conditions: Architectures and techniques for treating conditions of the eye, such as presbyopia, utilize sources of treatment energy, such as electromagnetic energy emitting devices, to implement non-corneal manipulations. According to these devices and methods, the sources of treatment energy are activated to direct energy onto parts of the eye, such as... Agent: Biolase Technology, Inc.

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110186044 - Dosage aerosols for the application of pharmaceutical formulations: The invention relates to pharmaceutical active substances, active substance mixtures and formulations for use as an aerosol in propellant-containing [ (HFC-134a) or] metered-dose aerosols and the metered-dose aerosols for administering these active substances, active substance mixtures and formulations.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma Gmbh &co. Kg

20110186045 - Breathing apparatus: There is a requirement within certain environments to provide an individual with positive pressure air flow or oxygen flow, commonly referred to as Positive Air Pressure (PAP). Such environments including sleeping, racing, and firefighting for example and addressed within the prior art by approaches such as full face masks or... Agent:

20110186046 - Vaporizer filler lock and method of filling a vaporizer: A vaporizer filling system includes a filler assembly, a sump, and a valve. The valve controls fluid communication into the sump. A retaining device retains the valve in an open position. A delay is connected to the retaining device. The delay controls the operation of the retaining device in order... Agent: General Electric Company

20110186047 - Dry powder inhalers with rotating piercing mechanisms and related devices and methods: Dry powder inhalers with rotatable piercing mechanisms facilitate the use of dose container assemblies having dose containers arranged in concentric rows. A piercing mechanism is operably associated with the dose container assembly and is configured to pierce sealants that seal a dose container. The piercing mechanism is rotatable such that... Agent:

20110186048 - Connection interface between a breathing assistance unit and a peripheral device: A removable peripheral device and a breathing assistance unit form part of a system for providing pressurized heated humidified air at to a user. The removable peripheral device and the breathing assistance unit are mutually adapted to be removably connectable to, and in electrical communication with, each other via a... Agent:

20110186049 - A system for anesthetizing whilst attuning the temperature of mammals and methods thereof: The present invention discloses methods and a system for anaesthetizing mammals in a thermoregulated confined volume. The system comprises at least one chamber confining a volume in size and shape for accommodating at least one mammal; supplying mechanism for supplying at least one anesthetizing vapor to said at least one... Agent: Aspect Magnet Technologies Ltd.

20110186050 - Method and system for controlling breathing: The present invention relates to a method and a system for controlling breathing of a patient. A system for controlling breathing of a patient includes a respiratory conduit. The respiratory conduit is configured to be coupled to a patient interface device and is further configured to be coupled to a... Agent:

20110186051 - Respiratory mask sealing interface: A sealing interface forms part of an apparatus for supplying a flow of respiratory gases to a user. The sealing interface comprises a foam or gel inner cushion and a thin resilient rubber outer sheath. A face side of the inner cushion resiliently supports the outer sheath. The inner cushion... Agent:

20110186052 - Cleaning assembly for an endotracheal tube: An assembly structure to facilitate the cleaning of an interior endotracheal tube including an elongated tubular member dimensioned to pass within and along the length of the endotracheal tube. A cleaning assembly is connected adjacent the distal end of the tubular member and is structured to be disposed in an... Agent:

20110186053 - Medical tubes for selective mechanical ventilation of the lungs: A single lumen endobronchial tube for selective mechanical ventilation of the lungs can include a medical tube having a single lumen with an opening at each of opposed distal and proximal ends of the tube, the opening at the proximal end of the tube being adapted for connection to an... Agent:

20110186054 - Apparatus for facilitating respiration during nasal congestion, and related methods: Disclosed are an apparatus and related methods for facilitating nasal congested respiration.... Agent:

20110186056 - Birthing aid: method of using musculoskeletal repositioning device: The present embodiment relates to the use of a musculoskeletal repositioning device in the birthing process by causing increased muscular strength and decreased muscular tension especially during the “push” phase of child birth. The device guides the condyles and articulating discs of the temporomandibular joint from a neutral or passive... Agent:

20110186055 - Methods of preparing customized, neuromuscular mouthpieces for enhancing athletic performance: TENS can be applied to the TMJ of an athlete for a period of time to deprogram muscles. After TENS, a desired position of the lower jaw relative to the upper jaw can be determined and recorded. The desired position can be a physiological resting position, or a performance position... Agent: Makkar Athletics Group Inc.

20110186057 - Icu/ccu/nicu patient gown: An ICU/CCU/NICU garment for a patient during hospitalization includes an upper portion of the garment, a lower portion of the garment, and a rear portion of the garment. The upper garment portion includes a pair of front panels releasably connected to each other and to a neck panel leaving an... Agent:

20110186058 - Nasal valve treatment method & apparatus: A method and apparatus for treating a nasal valve condition including surgically forming an access path to create a pocket on a side of the patient's nose. The pocket is positioned between a soft tissue layer and opposing surfaces of upper and lower cartilages of the nose. The pocket spans... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

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