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Surgery July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110184329 - Composite arterial-venous shunt system: A novel composite arterial-venous (AV) shunt system is disclosed that resolves many known and persistent clinical problems associated with traditional synthetic AV shunts. The system comprises fluid-dynamically optimized non-porous anastomotic connectors with a non-porous self-sealing tubular shunt, and resolves clinical problems of leakage, infection, clotting due to turbulence, and cellular... Agent:

20110184330 - Inactivation of smooth muscle tissue: Treatment and procedures for treating bodily conduits involves deactivating, killing, or otherwise treating smooth muscle tissue of the conduit.... Agent: Asthmatx, Inc.

20110184331 - Tampon having a scoured withdrawal string: Feminine hygiene devices having a withdrawal string comprising one or more scoured synthetic fibers are provided. The feminine hygiene device can include a body having an insertion end, a withdrawal end, a longitudinal axis, and a withdrawal string extending from the withdrawal end. The withdrawal string can comprise one or... Agent:

20110184332 - Tampon having a withdrawal string comprising a fluorocarbon compound: Feminine hygiene devices having a withdrawal string comprising one or more fluorocarbon compounds are provided. The feminine hygiene device can include a body having an insertion end, a withdrawal end, a longitudinal axis, and a withdrawal string extending from the withdrawal end. The withdrawal string can comprise one or more... Agent:

20110184336 - Device for photodynamical therapy of cancer: A photodynamic therapeutic device for treating cancer is disclosed. The therapeutic device comprises at least one light emitting diode attachable to a patient's body adapted to provide an effective light fluence to a lesion area. The therapeutic device further comprises an annular structure embracing the patient's body and a passage... Agent:

20110184335 - Multi-channel connector for brain stimulation system: An implantable connector for use with a neurological device and a lead extension includes a male connector having a plurality of electrical contacts axially arranged along the connector, insulated from each other. The connector also includes a female connector having one or more channels axially disposed therein and a plurality... Agent: Cranial Medical Systems, Inc.

20110184333 - Photolabile caged transition metal complexes and methods of using the same: The present invention provides compounds of Formula I: (I) along with compositions comprising the same and methods of using the same, such as for photodynamic therapy in the treatment of cancer.... Agent:

20110184334 - Phototreatment device for use with coolants and topical substances: Methods and systems are disclosed for phototreatment in which replaceable containers comprising one or more adjuvant (consumable or re-usable) substances are employed. The adjuvant substance can be, for example, a topical substance or a coolant. Systems are disclosed for using a topical substance to detect contact of a phototreatment device... Agent: Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110184337 - Methods and devices for denervation: Various delivery devices are described to deliver an agent locally to the renal nerves. The delivery devices are positioned in the renal artery and penetrate into the wall of the renal artery to deliver the agent to the renal nerves. The delivery devices may be used to deliver the agent... Agent:

20110184338 - Catheter devices and drainage systems for delivering therapeutic agents: A catheter for drainage of a wound and delivery of a therapeutic agent at or near the wound of a patient is provided. The catheter comprises: a proximal end configured to receive the therapeutic agent and permit passage of bodily fluid, the proximal end configured to be coupled to a... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc., An Indiana Corporation

20110184339 - Intelligent automatic peritoneal dialysis: An intelligent automatic peritoneal dialysis device injects a dialysate accommodated in a dialysate container into a live animal via an input duct, elicits a waste liquid from the animal via an output duct, and concentrates the waste liquid in a waste liquid container. A flow direction control valve controls the... Agent:

20110184340 - Flow system of a dialysis device and a portable dialysis device: There is provided a flow system of a dialysis device including a dialysate conduit which is capable of being in fluid communication with the peritoneal cavity of a patient's body and of being in fluid communication with a flow path, the flow path allowing dialysate to flow from a patient's... Agent:

20110184341 - Irrigation and aspiration device and method: An irrigation and aspiration system is disclosed. The system can be configured to aspirate and irrigate alone, sequentially or concurrently. The system can be configured to aspirate and irrigate the nasal cavity. The system can be manually controlled. The system can have removable and easily cleanable reservoirs for aspirant and... Agent: Aardvark Medical, LLC

20110184342 - Drug delivery device with sensor for closed-loop operation: An apparatus and a system for controlling and/or managing administration of a drug to a body of a patient. The apparatus includes a drug infusion device configured to deliver drug at a predetermined location in the body of the patient, at least one sensor disposed in the drug infusion device... Agent:

20110184343 - Drug delivery with event notification: Devices, systems and methods are provided for drug delivery and the monitoring thereof.... Agent: Lifescan, Inc.

20110184344 - Stretchable band and adjustable strap attachment for breastfeeding: A size-adjustable, breastfeeding band that helps to lessen the likelihood of infant suffocation during breastfeeding, comprising a primary band, comprised of elastic (or stretchable material) that securely and comfortably extends around the entire middle portion of the breast and fastens via button, snap, drawstring, Velcro, or any other related material... Agent:

20110184345 - Ercp catheter with a removable handle for lithotriptor compatible basket: An ERCP catheter having a removable handle for a lithotriptor compatible basket is disclosed. The removable handle allows the catheter and handle assembly to be removed, leaving the basket in place within the duct and facilitates the use of a lithotriptor for mechanically crushing stone captured in the basket.... Agent: Wilson-cook Medical Inc.

20110184346 - Irrigation system: An irrigation system includes a control unit and a pump integrated with the control unit. The control unit includes an adjustment knob attached to a major surface of the control unit, a first conduit extending from a side of the control unit to a reservoir that is configured to contain... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110184347 - Vascular access device: A vascular access device may comprise a thin polymer patch configured to be attached to a wall of a vein. The vascular access device may also include a main body including a first end and a second end. The main body may have an inner surface defining a cavity extending... Agent:

20110184348 - Dual chamber and gear pump assembly for a high pressure delivery system: A high pressure delivery device for delivering a medicament includes a first chamber for storing a supply of the medicament and a second chamber in fluid communication with the first chamber. A fluid connection path is in fluid communication with the second chamber for administering the medicament. A valving system... Agent:

20110184349 - Drug dispensing balloon for treating disc disease or pain: Methods for administering medication at or near an intervertebral spinal disc are provided. In various embodiments, a microporous uninflated balloon is inserted into a spinal disk and after insertion of the balloon into the disc space, a medication is inserted into the interior of the balloon. Due to both the... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110184350 - Needle guide system: A needle guide system comprising a needle guide including at least one wall defining an internal cavity and an outside of the needle guide. A lock is connected to the needle guide. The lock is movable between a first and a second position. A needle is disposed in the internal... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110184351 - Medicament delivery device powered by volute spring: The present invention relates to a medical delivery device comprising a housing (10); a medicament container (16) arranged to be placed in said housing; a stopper (18) movable within said container; a medicament dispensing means attachable to said housing and to said container through which medicament can be expelled; characterized... Agent:

20110184352 - Universal traveler's syringe for vaginal feminine hygiene: A method and apparatus for the cleansing of the vagina using an L-shape disposable syringe with a cap or closure assembly that communicates to any standard bottled water that is available in the market.... Agent:

20110184354 - Detecting needle entry into a port of an infusion device: Systems for detecting needle insertion into a port chamber of an implantable medical device include a pressure sensor. The system detects characteristic pressure profiles associated with needle insertion into the port chamber through a septum and may generate a sensory cue to a clinician that proper needle placement has been... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110184353 - Subcutaneous injection port: An implantable surgical injection port includes a housing defining a fluid reservoir; a septum disposed across an opening of the housing so as to enclose the fluid reservoir and having at least a portion of which is penetrable by a needle; and a collar having an upper surface facing opposite... Agent:

20110184355 - Nipple covering system: One aspect of the present invention relates to a covering member for a protruding portion of a patient's body. This cover is flexible and collapsible so that it conforms to the shape of the encased portion of the body. This prevents the cover from being noticed while it is worn... Agent: Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

20110184356 - Biomolecular wearable apparatus: This invention relates to an apparatus that regulates thermodynamic energy-flow within a human body for producing beneficial effects such as, for example, improvement in strength, improvement in stamina, pain relief, etc. According to one embodiment, the invention provides a wearable apparatus that may include biomolecular components for building-up of a... Agent: Lifewave Products, LLC

20110184357 - Devices, systems, and methods for instillation of foamed fluid with negative pressure wound therapy: Systems and methods for delivering a foamed fluid to a wound of a patient (e.g., through a wound dressing covering the wound and coupled to the skin around the wound).... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20110184358 - Pulsatile peri-corneal drug delivery device: The present invention is directed to a pulsatile ophthalmic peri-corneal drug delivery device. The device includes an annular body and a mechanism for releasing multiple separate and distinct doses of a therapeutic composition over an extended period of time.... Agent:

20110184359 - Compact sanitary specimen collection device: Disclosed is a compact, foldable, sanitary urine specimen collection device. The device is intended to collect urine specimens from domestic animals, such as dogs. A telescopic pole with a handle is attached to a pivotal support member for supporting a specimen collection container.... Agent:

20110184360 - Sterile liquid materials distribution, consumption and material waste disposal method and apparatus: The present invention is directed towards a method and apparatus for packaging or containing, handling and managing of a variety of materials or other contents from a variety of sources which encounter use under various dynamic applications, conditions and for a plurality of purposes. The invention more specifically is directed... Agent:

20110184362 - Connecting device: A connecting device (2) for vacuum treatment of wounds comprises a conduit means (4) which can be evacuated, and a carrier means (6), wherein the connecting device can be disposed onto a vacuum dressing (13) which extends over the wound and tightly seals it from the atmosphere. The conduit means... Agent:

20110184361 - Connecting device for use with vacuum treatment of wounds: A connecting device (2) for use for the treatment of wounds with vacuum, comprises a conduit means (4) which can be loaded with vacuum, and an extensive vacuum-tight first carrier means (6) for the conduit means (4) on which the conduit means (4) is held in a vacuum-tight fashion, wherein... Agent:

20110184363 - Absorbent article and method of manufacturing the absorbent article: An absorbent article according to the present invention includes: a water-decomposable top sheet, a water-decomposable back sheet; and a water-decomposable absorber placed between the top sheet and the back sheet. The back sheet is formed of multiple sheet pieces each being smaller than a main body of the absorbent article,... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20110184364 - Absorbent article with slitted absorbent core: An absorbent article, such as a sanitary napkin, includes a top sheet and a back sheet with a resilient, composite absorbent core sandwiched therebetween. To decrease the stiffness, the absorbent core includes an outer line and an inner line on each side of a longitudinal centerline. The outer line includes... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110184365 - Flexible, highly absorbent material: An absorbing structure has a sequence of layers, including at least first and second outer layers with at least a liquid storage layer disposed therebetween. The layers are disposed on top of one another and form a layered structure. At least the liquid storage layer has a cellulose material, preferably... Agent: Glatfelter Falkenhagen Gmbh

20110184366 - Highly absorbent pad with integrity and durability: An absorbent article with improved integrity and durability includes a back sheet, a top sheet, and an absorbent core therebetween. The absorbent core passes a tumbling test for products having a total absorption capacity of between 260 g and 800 g, and passes a core resiliency test such that the... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110184367 - Overlabel wrapper for absorbent articles: An individually packaged absorbent article including an absorbent article and a package. The package can enclose the absorbent article and can have an outer surface and an inner surface. In certain embodiments, the package can include a package material that is a polymeric film. The package can have two opposing... Agent:

20110184371 - Bodily fluid containment structure and wearing article having the same: A bodily fluid containment structure has an inner sheet and an outer sheet which are formed with through-hole extending through the sheets. The inner and outer sheets are bonded to each other along outer peripheral edges thereof to form an envelope. The inner sheet is formed with an opening. On... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110184370 - Transfer layer for absorbent article: A film particularly suited for use as a transfer layer in an absorbent article has a plurality of capillaries and a plurality of drains, said capillaries comprising side walls depending from a female side of the film and terminating in an aperture on a male side of the film; said... Agent: Tredegar Film Products Corporation

20110184368 - Absorptive article: An absorptive article (1A) has a rear region (S1), a crotch region (S2), and a belly region (S3) which are arranged in this order in the longitudinal direction (L) from the rear side (Ba) to the belly side (Fr). The absorptive article (1A) is provided with an absorptive article body... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110184369 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article includes a chassis, a liquid-absorbent structure placed the chassis and a separate sheet adapted to be spaced from the chassis. Opposite lateral regions of the separate sheet are joined to an inner sheet via first joint zones. First joint zones continuously extend in a longitudinal direction Y... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110184372 - Absorbent garment provided with side panels or belt members: An absorbent garment such as a diaper or an incontinence guard provided with a pair of laterally extending side panels or at least one belt member. At least one of the side panels or belt members includes at least two elastic regions, a first and a second elastic region, each... Agent:

20110184373 - Ampoule comprising an ampoule holder: An ampoule including a casing, a facing side and a seal, wherein the casing has an outer diameter and the seal extends radially beyond the outer diameter and seals the facing side.... Agent:

20110184376 - Long term drug delivery devices with polyurethane-based polymers and their manufacture: This invention is related to the use of polyurethane-based polymer as a drug delivery device to deliver biologically active compounds at a constant rate for an extended period of time and methods of manufactures thereof. The device is very biocompatible and biostable, and is useful as an implant in patients... Agent: Endo Pharmaceuticals Solutions Inc.

20110184375 - Marker sequence for neurodegenerative diseases and the use thereof: The present invention relates to new marker sequences for neurodegenerative diseases and the diagnostic use thereof together with a method for screening of potential active substances for neurodegenerative diseases by means of these marker sequences. Furthermore, the invention relates to a diagnostic device containing such marker sequences for neurodegenerative diseases,... Agent: Protagen Aktiengesellschaft

20110184377 - Method for removing cytokines from blood with surface immobilized polysaccharides: The present invention is directed to a method for removing cytokines and/or pathogens from blood or blood serum (blood) by contacting the blood with a solid, essentially non micro-porous substrate which has been surface treated with heparin, heparan sulfate and/or other molecules or chemical groups (the adsorbent media or media)... Agent: Exthera Medical, LLC

20110184374 - Peristaltic pump and cassette: A cassette for use with a peristaltic pump. The cassette having a body having an exterior. Additionally, the cassette has a sheet attached to the body forming at least one fluid channel. The fluid channel being generally arcuate and projecting outwardly from the exterior of the body. The fluid channel... Agent:

20110184378 - Treatment instrument and treatment method: A procedure of positioning a treatment part at various sites on an organ is facilitated, and the positioning thereof can be stably maintained for treatment with accurate positioning. A treatment instrument includes a rigid rod-shaped insertion section having a treatment part at a distal end thereof and a manipulating section... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110184379 - Method and system to define patient specific therapeutic regimens by means of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic tools: Methods for treating Hepatitis infections are provided. In one embodiment, an initial dosage of interferon is administered to a patient, and interferon serum levels and viral load data is collected over time. This data can be used to determine patient-specific pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters and then construct patient-specific interferon delivery... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110184380 - System and method for providing closed loop infusion formulation delivery: A system and method for providing closed loop infusion formulation delivery which accurately calculates a delivery amount based on a sensed biological state by adjusting an algorithm's programmable control parameters. The algorithm calculates a delivery amount having proportional, derivative, and basal rate components. The control parameters may be adjusted in... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110184382 - Multi-purpose articles for sanitizing and capping luer access valves: Multi-purpose devices for capping fluid reservoirs and sanitizing accessible surfaces of fluid-transporting medical fittings (e.g., luer access valves) at risk of contamination with infectious agents are described, as are methods for making and using such devices.... Agent:

20110184381 - Repair of defects or lesions in cartilage and bone using a chondro-regulative matrix: Methods and compositions are provided for the treatment and repair of defect in the cartilage in partial- or full-thickness defects in joints of animals, in particular humans. To induce cartilage formation, a defect in cartilage is filled with layers of thin flaps of synovium or of peritendineum, which contains chondro-... Agent: Universitaet Bern

20110184383 - Syringe pump: A syringe pump includes: a syringe mounting part on which to mount a syringe outer cylinder of a syringe; a clamp which is pulled downward by an elastic member, contacts an upper surface of the mounted syringe outer cylinder and thereby fix the syringe outer cylinder; a slider which holds... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110184384 - Blood vessel permeability-enhancement for the treatment of vascular diseases: This invention relates to methods of enhancing the permeability of blood vessels to therapeutic agents.... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20110184385 - Control handle with device advancing mechanism: A catheter having an internal advancing mechanism that can advance stiffening wires or other devices, has a catheter with a catheter body, a tip section distal the catheter body, a device extending through at least the catheter body, and a control handle proximal the catheter body, where the control handle... Agent: Biosense Webster, Inc.

20110184386 - Catheter assembly having protective sheath: Devices and methods are disclosed for a catheterization process, particularly useful for self-performed catheterizations. A catheter is enclosed in a sheath made from a gas-permeable material. This sheath maximizes gas permeability to prevent air build-up at the distal end of the sheath, resulting in easy self-catheterization for even those with... Agent:

20110184387 - Compositions and methods for therapeutic delivery with microorganisms: Certain embodiments disclosed relate to compositions, including therapeutic compositions, methods, devices, and systems that include modified microorganisms including at least one genetic element encoding at least one therapeutic agent or environmental treatment agent.... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110184388 - Bacterium-based microrobot for medical treatment, operation method thereof and treatment method using the same: Provided are a bacterium-based microrobot for medical treatment, an operation method thereof, and a treatment method using the same. The bacterium-based microrobot can be propelled by the flagellum movement of bacteria, can be directed toward a target lesion by the ability of bacteria to recognize the lesion, can be monitored... Agent: Industry Foundation Of Chonnam National University

20110184389 - Osmotic pump apparatus and associated methods: Apparatuses and methods for pumping fluids such as fluid medications are disclosed. Embodiments of the invention provide an osmotic pump fluid delivery apparatus including elements designed to control the fluid delivery rate. Typical embodiments of the invention include an arrangement of elements such as solute reservoirs that can manipulate the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110178452 - Device for extracorporeal blood treatment in single-needle operation mode: A device for the extracorporal blood treatment in a single-needle operating mode includes means for delivering blood into, and means for delivering blood out of means for collecting blood, and a controller for setting the respective delivery rates of the means for the delivery of blood. The operating mode of... Agent:

20110178453 - System and method for optimized apheresis draw and return: A blood processing device includes a venous-access device, a blood component separation device, a return line, a draw line, a first pressure sensor, a second pressure sensor, and a first pump. The first pressure sensor is located on the return line between the blood component separation device and the venous-access... Agent: Haemonetics Corporation

20110178455 - Implantable fluid management system for the removal of excess fluid: An implantable fluid management device, designed to drain excess fluid from a variety of locations in a living host into a second location within the host, such as the bladder of that host. The device may be used to treat ascites, chronic pericardial effusions, normopressure hydrocephalus, hydrocephalus, pulmonary edema, or... Agent:

20110178454 - Methods and devices for performing gastroplasty: A gastroplasty method involves a staple line that terminates prior to reaching the gastroesophageal junction such that the bypassed portion of the stomach does not require resection. Additionally, bougies are taught that assist a physician in following the improved staple line of the present invention.... Agent:

20110178456 - Assisting transdermal drug delivery by means of tissue freezing, vacuum pressure and photoheating procedures: This disclosure relates generally to methods for increasing the permeability of tissue. More particularly, it relates to increasing the permeability of a skin tissue or other epidermal tissue to promote delivery of active substances locally and systemically, and to control the delivery of active substances topically.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110178457 - Device for reducing pressure variations in an aspiration branch, and surgical system: The invention relates to a device for reducing pressure variations in a fluid flowing in an aspiration branch of a surgical system, which pressure variations are generated by a pump that delivers in a non-continuous manner in the active operating state, with a diffuser arrangement which is arranged, in the... Agent: Carl Zeiss Surgical Gmbh

20110178458 - Insufflation of body cavities: Apparatus used in insufflation comprises an insufflator 12 for generating an insufflation gas such as carbon dioxide and an aerosol generator 2 for aerosolising a fluid and entraining the aerosol with the insufflation gas. The aerosol generator 2 comprises a vibratable member 40 having a plurality of apertures extending between... Agent: Stamford Devices Limited

20110178459 - Multi-chamber mixture dispensing system: Disclosed is a dispensing system a dispenser having a first chamber containing a first material and a second chamber containing a second material. The dispenser is configured to selectively retract one of the chambers at least partially within the other to transition the dispenser between an extended position and a... Agent:

20110178460 - Device for injecting a liquid into a body of a patient: The invention relates to a device (10) for injecting a liquid into a body, in particular that of a patient, of the type that comprises: a base (20) bearing an injection needle (22) that is to be inserted into the body; an injection conduit (24) connected to the needle (22);... Agent: Laboratoires Perouse

20110178461 - Insertion device systems and methods: An insertion device may include a device housing configured to be operatively engaged with and disengaged from a base, and engageable with an actuation device, the device housing having a carrier body supporting a piercing member. The carrier body moveable by a carrier body of the actuation device at least... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110178462 - Remote monitoring for networked fluid infusion systems: A fluid infusion system as described herein includes a number of local “body network” devices, such as an infusion pump, a handheld monitor or controller, a physiological sensor, and a bedside or hospital monitor. The body network devices can be configured to support communication of status data, physiological information, alerts,... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110178463 - Cartridge interface assembly with driving plunger: A cartridge interface assembly including a driving plunger including an outer shaft, and a driver including an inner shaft, the inner shaft mating with an intermediate shaft, the intermediate shaft mating with the outer shaft, so that the shafts are movable telescopically with respect to one another, wherein rotation of... Agent:

20110178464 - Low-profile intravenous catheter device: An intravenous catheter device and system includes: (a) a medical tubing connector at a first end of the intravenous catheter device; (b) a length of flexible, non-kinking, supported medical tubing, a first end of the non-kinking tubing being connected to a first end of the medical tubing connector; (c) an... Agent:

20110178465 - Device and method for delivery of therapeutic agents via internal implants: A device is provided for use with a medical implant for delivering an agent to a designated site of action in a body of a patient. The agent-delivery device comprises a body member having an inner surface and a projection on the inner surface of the body member. An agent-delivery... Agent: Bioshape Solutions Inc

20110178467 - Anchoring system for luer lock connector: An anchoring system includes a simply-structured device which permits a portion of a catheter or similar medical article to be easily anchored to a patient, desirably without the use of tape or needles and suture. An anchoring system for an elongated medical article comprises an anchor pad and a retainer... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20110178466 - Medical attachment device: The present invention provides a medical attachment device for securing a catheter or drain to a patient comprising at least one medical staple capable of being anchored to the patient's skin tissue; and the medical staple is adapted to be coupled to a connector, wherein the connector attaches to the... Agent: Ingenium Medical Solutions Limited

20110178468 - Medicinal fluid injector with backflow prevention function: A medicinal fluid injector having branch lines to inject a ringer solution together with a treatment solution is provided. If the vein of the patient is clogged, the treatment solution is not injected into the patient, but flows back into the ringer solution, which is injected into the patient through... Agent: Ace Medical Co., Ltd.

20110178469 - Injection device: The present invention concerns an injection device with a housing adapted to receive a syringe having a discharge nozzle, the housing having an indicator opening. There is a trigger and a forward drive arranged to act upon the syringe on actuation of the trigger to advance the syringe from a... Agent: Cilag Ag International

20110178470 - Pharmaceutical compositions comprising boronic acid compounds: Pharmaceutical compositions comprising bortezomib for oral or parenteral administration. Specific aspects relate to stable, sugar free pharmaceutical compositions of bortezomib, including its pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates, in the form of ready-to-use solutions, lyophilized forms, or physical admixtures, and the preparation thereof. Other aspects include processes for preparing compositions and... Agent: Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Inc.

20110178471 - Kits comprising syringe assemblies: The present invention is directed to kits comprising syringe assemblies having detachable needle assemblies, as well as shield apparatuses to protect the needle assemblies. The syringe assemblies are configured to minimize the dead space after deployment of the syringe and injection of the material in the syringe into a patient's... Agent: Terumo Medical Corporation

20110178472 - Automatic needle for drug pump: A needle assembly adapted for fluid communication with a vial containing a substance to be delivered to a subject, the needle assembly including a needle held in a needle holder, the needle holder confined to move in a housing, and an activation mechanism for activating delivery of the substance through... Agent:

20110178473 - Safety pen needle assembly: A safety pen needle assembly is provided herein which includes a tubular carrier (12) having a distal end, a proximal end and a transverse engagement wall (30) located between the proximal and distal ends. The engagement wall includes an aperture (32). A needle (16) is further provided having a distal... Agent:

20110178474 - Drive mechanisms suitable for use in drug delivery devices: A drive mechanism suitable for use in drug delivery devices is disclosed. The drive mechanism may be used with injector-type drug delivery devices, such as those permitting a user to set the delivery dose. The drive mechanism may include a housing, a dose dial sleeve, and a drive sleeve. A... Agent:

20110178475 - Plunger for injector, and syringe and prefilled syringe that uses the same: The plunger for a syringe includes the plunger rod and a gasket. The gasket is closed at its upper end and has an inner space, and an opening having a diameter smaller than the diameter of the inner space is provided in the lower end of the gasket. The plunger... Agent:

20110178476 - Drip detector with multiple symmetric sensors and signal transmission by zigbee network: A drip detector for a tube with multiple symmetric sensors and signal transmission utilizes a ZigBee network and includes a monitoring display host, a drip detector, a stopper and a base. The detector generates signals and alarms through the ZigBee network when it detects changes in drip speed or drip... Agent: Gwg International Inc.

20110178477 - Trocar device for passing a surgical tool: d

20110178478 - System for injecting a liquid into a body, such as that of a patient: The invention relates to a system for injecting a liquid into a body, comprising an implantable chamber disposed under the skin and an injection device including: a base bearing an injection needle having a free end that is intended to be inserted into the chamber; an injection conduit connected to... Agent: Laboratoires Perouse

20110178479 - Leak-resistant bandage systems and methods with hydrophilic foam wound insert for fluid-instillation and/or negative-pressure wound therapies: Wound treatment systems and methods (e.g., having hydrophilic wound inserts), such as for negative-pressure and/or fluid-installation wound therapies. Some embodiments include a check-valve assembly between a wound dressing and a vacuum source.... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20110178480 - Shunt apparatus for treating obesity by extracting food: To treat obesity, a tube is positioned so that it passes through a patient's abdominal wall into the upper digestive system of the patient. The patient is allowed to carry out his/her everyday affairs including ingesting food. After ingestion, food is extracted by pumping it out of the upper digestive... Agent: Aspire Bariatrics, LLC

20110178482 - Fluid collection and disposal system and related methods: A fluid collection system includes a disposable collection container configured to receive a disposable collection container. The fluid collection container may include a flexible liner configured to collapse during evacuation of the fluid from the liner. The system may include a receiving housing sized to receive the disposable collection container,... Agent: Cardinal Health, Inc.

20110178481 - Wound-connection pads for fluid instillation and negative pressure wound therapy, and systems and methods: Connection pads for coupling fluid-instillation and negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) apparatuses to wound dressing, and methods and wound dressings for breaching a drape after coupling a wound dressing to a fluid-instillation and/or NPWT apparatus.... Agent: Kci Licensing, Inc.

20110178483 - Ostomy appliance: An ostomy coupling is disclosed comprising a floatable coupling part. The coupling part is supported with respect to an adhesive wafer by means of a flexible support collar that permits displacement of the coupling part in a floatable manner. The flexible collar comprises plastics film and has bistable shapes. The... Agent: Convatec Technologies Inc.

20110178484 - Apparatus for collection of urine: An apparatus for collection of urine from a male wearer comprises a housing having an outlet and having an opening for insertion of the distal end of a wearer's penis therein. An elastic membrane within the housing is inflatable to establish a substantially annular seal around the wearer's penis, such... Agent:

20110178485 - Refastenable absorbent article: An absorbent article is provided that comprises a front waist region, a back waist region, a crotch region disposed between the front waist region and the back waist region, a front waist end edge, a back waist end edge, a longitudinal axis extending from a mid-point of the front waist... Agent:

20110178486 - Refastenable absorbent article: An absorbent article is provided that comprises a front waist region, a back waist region, a crotch region disposed between the front waist region and the back waist region, a front waist end edge, a back waist end edge, a longitudinal axis extending from a mid-point of the front waist... Agent:

20110178487 - Absorbent article and sanitary napkin: An absorbent article comprises a liquid-permeable front sheet, a liquid-impermeable back sheet, and an absorber mounted between the top sheet and the back sheet. The absorbent article also comprises a front region, a central region, and a rear region which are continuously arranged in the longitudinal direction of the absorber.... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110178488 - Sexual hygienic composition: The invention is a sexual hygienic preparation comprising extract prepared from the milk of at least one equid animal. The preparation may contain medically/therapeutically acceptable additive(s) in specified cases. The preparation is formulated preferably as a feminine cleansing gel, feminine cleansing shampoo, feminine cleansing soap, vaginal suppository, vaginal pill, vaginal... Agent: Dolhay Klinika Egeszsegugyi Kft.

20110178491 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article, especially an incontinence pad, having a length and a width extension, the length being greater than the width, and having absorbent core material, wherein the outer longitudinal edges of the absorbent material form three convex lobes (2, 3, 4), wherein a pair of folding lines (5) extend... Agent: Sga Hygiene Products Ab

20110178492 - Protective undergarment including a sling with a pocket-end cuff: A protective undergarment, such as a diaper, includes a sling that is suspended from an outer shell. The sling forms a pocket in which a reusable or disposable absorbent pad can be positioned. The sling has an S-pocket or overlapping pocket at the front end and a cuff at the... Agent: Tailored Technologies, Inc.

20110178490 - Refastenable absorbent article: Absorbent articles such as disposable diapers, incontinent briefs, diaper holders, training pants and the like, having elastomeric side panels and a fastening system that provides the user with different options as to how the absorbent article may be fitted to and removed from the wearer. The absorbent articles allow the... Agent:

20110178489 - Disposable diaper: A disposable diaper having a tensile stress well compatible with a wearer's average body contour including convex and concave and thereby to reduce creating an uncomfortable feeling of tightness against the wearer. The disposable diaper including a front waist region that is divided into a first elastic zone extending in... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110178493 - Connector: One end of a tubular portion (16) is sealed with a stopcock (5) that is fitted in the tubular portion (16). A first flow channel (33) and a second flow channel (36) are formed in the stopcock (5). A first hole (37), a second hole (43), a third hole (38),... Agent: Jms Co., Ltd.

20110178494 - Twistable medication dispensing system: Disclosed is a dispenser having a first chamber containing a first fluid and a second chamber containing a second material. Each chamber has screw threads that are selectively joinable so that the first and second chambers are twistable relative to one another. The first chamber includes an open top end... Agent:

20110178497 - Focused dosimetry device and methods associated therewith: A device 560, for administering multiple single doses of a medicated cream, includes a cartridge 562 having a barrel 564 for containing the cream, a plunger 608 for moving the cream from within the cartridge, and a stem 610 for moving the plunger within the cartridge. A carrier 612 is... Agent:

20110178495 - Internal dry powder delivery system and method thereof: An internal dry powder delivery system through a working channel of an endoscopic cannula for directly applying the powder form medication to an internal tissue/organ site, includes an elongated tubular delivery channel and a powder supply device for producing pressurized gas mixing with the dry powder for feeding to form... Agent:

20110178496 - Method of preventing inadvertent interconnection in medical systems using adapter: A method of preventing inadvertent interconnection between a first medical system and a second medical system utilizes a luer fitting connector/adapter that acts as a modified-to-standard size converter piece. The adapter may complete a fluid tight medical system. The adapter may have one end having at least one non-standard sized... Agent:

20110178498 - Infusion pump system: Some embodiments of a portable infusion pump system can be configured to can be configured to adjust the sensitivity of particular detectors or alert systems based (at least in part) on information received from a monitoring device. For example, a glucose monitoring device can communication with an infusion pump assembly... Agent: Asante Solutions, Inc.

20110178499 - Methods to pair a medical device and at least a remote controller for such medical device: A disease management system, methods, and devices are shown and described. In one embodiment, the system includes an infusion pump and a remote controller with the ability to be paired to each other. A method to verify a wireless connection between an infusion pump and a remote controller is shown... Agent: Animas Corporation

20110178501 - Autoinjector: An autoinjector including a housing, in which can be mounted a syringe having a plunger, a barrel and needle at one end thereof through which medicament can be delivered to an injection site; a syringe support means capable of causing said syringe to move therewith along an axial path with... Agent: The Medical House Limited

20110178502 - Cell therapy for limiting overzealous inflammatory reactions in tissue healing: Cells of the B cell lineage including pre-pro-B cells, pro-B cells, pre-B cells, immature B cells, and some mature B cells, and/or cells of the T cell lineage, especially those with helper or regulatory function, most preferably autologous to the recipient, can be transplanted into damaged tissue to enhance recovery... Agent: Actx, Inc.

20110178500 - Firing button for automatic injection device: Exemplary embodiments provide firing mechanism assemblies that minimize or eliminate a misfire of an automatic injection device that causes a delay in the delivery of an injection. Exemplary embodiments provide automatic injection devices including firing mechanism assemblies that minimize or eliminate a misfire that causes a delay in the delivery... Agent:

20110178503 - Balloon catheters with therapeutic agent in balloon folds and methods of making the same: Catheter devices for delivering therapeutic agent and methods of making the same. A method comprises applying, when the balloon is unexpanded and folded, a first coating to a first surface area of the balloon that is substantially exposed when the balloon is unexpanded and folded, the first coating being a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110178505 - Flexible catheter: A catheter (100) is disclosed that includes a reinforced hollow fiber (114) and is suitable for insertion—in a body tissue in order to deliver and/or recover fluids to and/or from the tissue. In one embodiment, the catheter comprises a combination of catheter body (112), hollow fiber region (114), and reinforcing... Agent: Twin Star Medical, Inc.

20110178504 - Medical guidewire: There is provided a medical guidewire, which is capable of reducing the sliding resistance generated in the case of pulling the medical guidewire inside a catheter, a tubular organ or an intracorporeal tissue, and thus has favorable manipulability for a physician who performs an operation. An area between a proximal... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20110178506 - Protector: A protector which is used to cover a distal portion of a guide wire protruding from a distal opening of a tube body includes a first half body and a second half body which are movable between an open state and a closed state. Each of the first half body... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110178507 - Polyurethane/polyisoprene blend catheter: A medical article, such as a catheter, is formed from a blend of polyurethane and synthetic polyisoprene (SPIR). The blended medical article is preferably selected and prepared to be relatively rigid at room temperature and relatively flexible at body temperature. An intermittent catheter made from the blend provides a degree... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110172583 - High citrate dialysate and uses thereof: The dose of dialysis in terms of urea clearance is marginal in many hemodialysis patients, and metabolic acidosis as determined by the pre-dialysis serum HCO3 level is common. A dialysate that included citric acid rather than acetic acid as acidifying agent provides superior performance properties. Citrate-containing dialysate was used exclusively... Agent: Advanced Renal Technologies

20110172585 - Anti-obesity dual stent: The anti-obesity dual stent includes a tubular outer structure within which is located a coaxial tubular inner structure. The outer structure is sized to fit within a duodenum in substantially coaxial relation therewith. The outer and inner structures communicate with the pylorus and papilla of Vater to provide conduits for... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110172584 - Systems and methods for bariatric therapy: The present invention provides bariatric therapy systems. One system includes a gastrointestinal implant device and a delivery mechanism therefor. The device can include a sleeve for placement into a small intestine and to minimize absorption of nutrients by its walls. An anchoring mechanism coupled to a proximal end of the... Agent: Pavilion Medical Innovations

20110172587 - Method and system for drug delivery to the eye: Methods and systems are provided for delivering drug to the eye. The method and system may include implanting into the eye a device which comprises two or more discrete reservoirs, each reservoir containing a drug; and directing focused light to the implanted device to open a first one of the... Agent: Microchips, Inc.

20110172586 - Treatment of microbial infections using hot and cold thermal shock and pressure: A method of treating microbial infections, which consists of the steps of sequentially and repeatedly irradiating the microbe with continuous or pulsed infrared radiation and continuous or pulsed cooling such that heat and cold alternatively penetrates to the site of the infection in order to inactivate the pathogen.... Agent: Cooltouch Incorporated

20110172590 - Infusion sleeve with distendable port: An infusion sleeve for use with a phacoemulsification needle has a hollow body with an open end by which the sleeve is attachable to a handpiece and an open tip through which a phacoemulsification needle is passed. Irrigating liquid is directed from the handpiece through the sleeve. At least one... Agent:

20110172588 - Phacoemulsification needle: A phacoemulsification needle having a central, hollow passageway terminates in a straight, enlarged needle tip formed off-axis from the passageway, allowing the needle tip to move eccentrically when the needle is subjected to torsional vibratory motion.... Agent:

20110172589 - Surgical instrument having an integrated local anesthetic delivery system: A surgical instrument includes a handle portion having a distal end, a proximal end, and a substantially hollow body defining a valve chamber therein; a curved incising tube partially housed within the handle portion adjacent the handle portion proximal end, extending a predetermined distance from the handle portion, and in... Agent:

20110172591 - Portable topical hyperbaric skin therapy and wound treatment system: The invention discloses methods and devices for promotion of skin healing, skin conditioning and skin rejuvenation for skin and tissue repair. More specifically, the invention is directed toward the manufacture of a storable therapeutic pad containing a therapeutic solution within a matrix. The therapeutic solution is produced by mixing oxygen... Agent: Bacoustics LLC

20110172592 - Membrane port compatible with steam sterilization: A medical connector comprising a body having a first end, a second end and a body wall defining an interior. A removable cap is fixed to the first end to seal the first end, the cap having a first filter. A filter plug having a proximal end, a distal end,... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110172593 - An inserter: The present invention relates to an inserter for an intrauterine system, comprising a handle (3) having a longitudinal opening (8) at its first end, said opening (8) having a longitudinal axis parallel to the longitudinal axis of the inserter, a first end (8a) and a second end (8b), a movable... Agent:

20110172594 - Method and system for detecting an occlusion in a tube: Systems and methods for detecting an occlusion in a fluid delivery device are disclosed. The system includes a fluid delivery tube, an occlusion detection sensor configured to be coupled to the fluid delivery tube and further configured to detect occlusion within the fluid delivery tube. The fluid delivery tube includes... Agent: Mendingo, Ltd.

20110172595 - Implantable site with septum prestressed in two directions: The invention relates to an implantable medical device (1) for injecting and/or collecting fluid substance into and/or from an organism and comprising a chamber (2) delimited by a wall (3) which has at least one pierceable portion (4) in the area of which said wall (3) can be pierced through... Agent: Compagnie Europeenne D'etude Et Derecherchede Dis- Positifspouri'mplantation Par Laparoscopie

20110172597 - Embolic protection device having expandable trap: An embolic protection device for use in medical, veterinary, non-medical or industrial applications where removal of an obstruction from a small diameter vessel or vessel-like structure could produce particles, which, if allowed to remain in the vessel, could cause undesirable complications and results. One embodiment comprises a catheter for insertion... Agent: Kletschka Foundation

20110172596 - Interspinous process spacer diagnostic balloon catheter and methods of use: An interspinous process spacer diagnostic balloon catheter and method. The balloon catheter has a main expandable member, a distal expandable member and a proximal expandable member that all can be expanded from a collapsed configuration to an expanded configuration and then collapsed again to a collapsed configuration. The device can... Agent: Kyphon Sarl

20110172598 - Balloon catheter and methods for use: Apparatus and methods are provided for treating a lesion within a body lumen using a catheter including a balloon on its distal end and an abrasive distal tip extending distally beyond the balloon. The distal tip may terminate in a sharpened tip for penetrating occlusive material, e.g., a beveled tip,... Agent: Hotspur Technologies, Inc.

20110172599 - Catheter having an improved balloon-to-catheter bond: A balloon catheter assembly includes a first tubular member with a proximal portion and a distal portion and a lumen extending between the proximal portion and the distal portion. A balloon has a proximal waist length, a distal waist length and an expandable region therebetween disposed about the distal portion.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110172600 - Safe trochar with guide for placement of surgical drains: A method and apparatus for the safe surgical placement of trochars, is provided. The trochar has a sheath protecting the sharp point. The guide includes a receiver, into which the trochar with sheath is inserted, protecting personnel against sticks. The guide has a holder that grips the trochar in the... Agent:

20110172601 - Bladder arrangement for microneedle-based drug delivery device: A bladder arrangement is provided for a microneedle-based drug delivery device. The bladder arrangement includes a flexible membrane having an inner surface, an outer surface and an outer periphery. A bladder member, having a rigidity greater than the flexible membrane, includes an inner surface, an outer surface and an outer... Agent:

20110172602 - Syringe safety shields and autoinjector: A disposable syringe assembly for use in an autoinjector device, or manually includes a syringe housing which receives the syringe barrel and which is restrained against longitudinal movement with respect thereto, a shield portion mounted for generally telescopic movement relative to the syringe housing between a retracted position and an... Agent: Owen Mumford Limited

20110172603 - Systems and methods for sustained medical infusion and devices related thereto: Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and devices for sustained medical infusion with controlled rate injection of a fluid into a body. Such a system may include a first separate reusable unit, a second separate depletable unit a third separate disposable unit having a cannula, and may... Agent: Medingo, Ltd.

20110172604 - Hybrid guidewire: A hybrid guidewire, a method for manufacturing the hybrid guidewire including co-extruding a core inside a sheath in bulk, cutting the core and sheath to a desired length, and shaping a distal and proximal portion of the guidewire depending on the desired application.... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110172605 - Microneedle, microneedle array and production method therefor: The present invention provides a microneedle, comprising a shaft of a monocrystalline material having at least three was which are formed by a crystal plane of the monocrystalline material; and a tip connected to an end of the shaft comprising at least three walls which are formed by a crystal... Agent: U-needle Holding B.v.

20110172606 - Implantable retention system and method: An implantable anchor for anchoring a lead or catheter relative to biological tissue, implantable system including such an anchor and a lead or catheter, and a method of use of such anchor. The anchor comprises a body having a channel adapted to receive a catheter or lead, and a cover... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110172607 - Temporary retention device: A retention device for anchoring indwelling catheters, sheath introducers, feeding tubes, ostomy bags or other medical devices beneath the skin of a patient includes an deployable section coupled to a medical device; following introduction into a patient, the deployable section is subcutaneously deployed, securely anchoring the device and coupled medical... Agent: Interrad Medical, Inc.

20110172608 - Container for disposable needle or cannula: The present invention relates to a container for a disposable needle or cannula, intended to facilitate needle or cannula placement for the infusion of a liquid drug under a patient's skin, the container comprising: a cylindrical housing (1; 101) in which there are defined a cap (1a; 101a) and a... Agent: Unomedical A/s

20110172610 - Device and a system for delivery of biological material: The present invention provides a device and a system for the delivery of biological material across the biological tissue. The device may be for the programmed delivery of biological material through a needle or a micro-needle or micro-needles or biodegradable micro-needles.... Agent:

20110172609 - Microneedle component assembly for drug delivery device: A device for delivering a drug to a subject is provided. The device includes a drug reservoir, a conduit coupled to the drug reservoir and a microneedle component. The microneedle component includes a body, an engagement structure coupling the microneedle component to the conduit, a hollow microneedle extending from the... Agent: Flugen, Inc.

20110172611 - Delivery system: Provided herein is a delivery system, including: (a) an optical sensor configured to detect data useful to create a map of a bodily surface; and (b) a printer operatively associated with the optical sensor and configured to deliver compositions (optionally including cells) to the bodily surface based upon the data... Agent:

20110172612 - Negative pressure wound therapy device: Apparatus for the application of topical negative pressure, or vacuum, therapy to a wound site.... Agent:

20110172613 - Sterile liquid materials distribution, consumption and material waste disposal method and apparatus: The present invention is directed towards a method and apparatus for packaging or containing, handling and managing of a variety of materials or other contents from a variety of sources which encounter use under various dynamic applications, conditions and for a plurality of purposes. The invention more specifically is directed... Agent: Medlndica-pak, Inc.

20110172614 - System and method for distinguishing leaks from a disengaged canister condition in a reduced pressure treatment system: A method of distinguishing leak detection and canister disengagement in a reduced pressure treatment system includes monitoring an actual power level and a source pressure of a reduced pressure pump. The actual power level is compared to a target power level, and the source pressure is compared to a first... Agent:

20110172617 - Drainage device for treating wounds using a reduced pressure: A drainage device for the treatment of wounds using reduced pressure, includes (a) a gas-type wound-covering element, which is fastened cohesively at the skin surface around the region of the wound and forms a sealed wound space, remaining between the respective wound and the wound-covering element; (b) at least one... Agent:

20110172616 - Fluid collection: An apparatus and method for collecting fluid are disclosed. The apparatus includes a body portion comprising a fluid inlet and an outlet, an expandable container secured to the body portion, at least one wicking element extending from within the body portion into the container, and at least one super absorber... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20110172615 - Vacuum assisted wound dressing: Apparatus for the application of topical negative pressure therapy to a wound site is described, the apparatus comprising: a wound contacting element for retaining wound exudate fluid therein; a wound covering element that provides a substantially airtight seal over the wound contacting element and wound site; a vacuum connection tube... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20110172618 - Drainable pouch: A drainable pouch is disclosed which comprises a pair of sidewalls of flexible sheet material having side edges joined together to define a cavity having a discharge end provided with an outlet valve for draining the cavity. The sidewalls also are joined together throughout a central region thereof such that... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20110172619 - Device for use with an ostomy appliance: A device (10) for use with an ostomy appliance, the device (10) having an opening (12), surrounded by a peripheral wall (13), to receive a stoma, and a flange part (14) connected to the peripheral wall (13), which flange part (14) extends substantially perpendicularly away from the opening (12).... Agent: Salts Healthcare, Ltd.

20110172620 - Female urinary aid: An urinary aid able to be positioned by a female user to allow that female user to urinate with control, the device comprising a tube-like engagement head having a urine receivable end for engaging the mouth of the urethra and a urine discharge end, tube-like engagement head comprising a locator... Agent: Ip On Demand

20110172621 - Cleanable and reusable body fluid-absorbing fabric pad: Disclosed is a cleanable and reusable body fluid-absorbing fabric pad to move moisture including sweat and urine away from the skin of a wearer, the body fluid-absorbing fabric pad including, a diffusive fabric layer coming into contact with the skin of the wearer to remove moisture from the skin, an... Agent: Welshire Innovative Limited

20110172622 - Article of commerce including two-piece wearable absorbent article: A wearable absorbent article having features for the containment and absorption of bodily exudates. The article may comprise an outer cover and an absorbent insert. The outer cover may be formed of durable or semi-durable materials and be launderable. The insert may be disposable. The insert may have containment and... Agent:

20110172623 - Article having improved fecal storage structure: An absorbent article comprising a liquid pervious topsheet, a liquid pervious backsheet joined to at least a portion of the topsheet, an absorbent core disposed between at least a portion of the topsheet and the backsheet, and a waste management element disposed in at least a portion of the crotch... Agent:

20110172624 - Use of lyocell fibers as well as articles containing lyocell fibers: The invention relates to the use of non-modified Lyocell fibers, a yarn containing non-modified Lyocell fibers, a textile fabric containing non-modified Lyocell fibers or a textile article containing non-modified Lyocell fibers as a product for in particular dry wound care.... Agent: Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft

20110172625 - Urine receiver and wearing article: A urine receiver includes a plurality of liquid-pervious sheets covering a top opening of a leakage-barrier receptacle and a pair of electrodes spaced from each other and parallelly extending in one direction P lies between each pair of the adjacent liquid-pervious sheets. Any one of the plurality of liquid-pervious sheets... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110172627 - Undergarment liner: A thin disposable undergarment liner for preventing undergarment stains comprises a nonwoven sheet that includes a top side, a bottom side, and an adhesive element permanently affixed to the bottom side; a peel away paper that covers the adhesive element; and a plurality of securing tabs to further secure the... Agent:

20110172630 - Absorptive article: A sanitary napkin (101) has a liquid-permeable top sheet (102), a liquid-impermeable back sheet (103), and an absorber (104) mounted between the top sheet (102) and the back sheet (103) and capable of absorbing bodily fluid. The sanitary napkin (101) also has insertion holes (107) provided on opposite sides in... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20110172629 - Disposable absorbent article having side panels with structurally, functionally and visually different regions: A disposable absorbent article worn about the lower torso of a wearer includes at least one pair of side panels connecting a first waist region to a second waist region forming a waist opening and a pair of leg openings. Each side panel includes a waist region, a hip region... Agent:

20110172628 - Leg and waist band structures for an absorbent article: An elasticized structure suitable for use as a legband or waistband in a wearable article. The elasticized structure includes an inelastic sheath and an elastic component bonded at least three points. The bond points are selected to influence aesthetics, force distribution, and gathering of the inelastic sheath about the elastic... Agent:

20110172626 - Disposable diaper: A disposable diaper having a longitudinal direction, a transverse direction, a side facing the wearer's skin and a side facing away from the wearer's skin and including a front waist region, a rear waist region, a crotch region extending between the front and rear waist regions, a waist-opening, a pair... Agent:

20110172634 - Injection systems: The invention in general relates to various injection systems and devices that can be used, for example, in needleless injection systems for human, and for domestic and farm animals. In certain embodiments, the invention provides an injection system comprising: an injector defining a first cavity in fluid communication with an... Agent: Valeritas, Inc.

20110172632 - Method of delivering a biphosphonate and/or strontium ranelate below the surface of a bone: A method for delivering a bisphosphonate and/or strontium ranelate below the surface of a bone using a mechanical force. The method includes the steps of combining a bisphosphonate and/or strontium ranelate with a carrier to form a delivery composition and delivering an effective amount of the delivery composition below the... Agent: Stryker Trauma Gmbh

20110172631 - Needleless injection device components, systems, and methods: A high-pressure fluid injection system, which includes a rechargeable injection chamber with a proximal end, a distal end, and an internal opening extending from the proximal end to the distal end, a plunger slideably engaged with the internal opening of the injection chamber, an injection tube extending from the distal... Agent:

20110172633 - Therapy synchronization: A system employing multiple implantable therapy delivery devices may be configured to provide coordinated or synchronized therapy by allowing the devices to communicate with each other, directly or indirectly. Fault tolerance or redundancy may be incorporated into the system to allow for correction of failed devices in real time or... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110172635 - Infusion pump systems and methods: Some embodiments an infusion pump system can be used to determine a user's total insulin load (TIL) that provides an accurate indication of the insulin previously delivered to the user's body which has not yet acted. In particular embodiments, the TIL can account for both the bolus deliveries and the... Agent: Asante Solutions, Inc.

20110172639 - Device and method for delivery of microneedle to desired depth within the skin: A device for delivering a drug into the skin of a subject is provided. The device includes a drug reservoir and a microneedle having a tip, a length, and a tip sharpness. The microneedle is coupled to the reservoir. The device includes a microneedle actuator coupled to the microneedle configured... Agent: Flugen, Inc.

20110172638 - Drug delivery device including multi-functional cover: An apparatus for delivering a drug to a subject is provided. The apparatus includes a housing, a microneedle coupled to the housing and configured to extend from the housing when activated, an activation control coupled to the housing and an outer shell. The outer shell includes a top wall having... Agent: Flugen, Inc.

20110172637 - Drug delivery device including tissue support structure: A drug delivery device for delivering a drug to a subject includes a microneedle configured to facilitate delivery of the drug to the subject. The microneedle includes a tip portion and is moveable from an inactive position to an activated position. When the microneedle is moved to the activated position,... Agent: Flugen, Inc.

20110172636 - Injection apparatus and special needle for making an injection at a predetermined depth in the skin: An injection apparatus for making an injection at a predetermined depth in skin comprises: a skin positioning member, an injection needle (610), and means guiding the injection needle for movement from a parking position above the skin beside said skin positioning member to slide beneath said skin positioning member to... Agent:

20110172640 - Medical injector with ratcheting plunger: A medical injector has a body with a displaceable plunger. The plunger includes a plurality of spaced-apart ratchet teeth disposed along the length thereof. At least one indexer is provided to engage the plunger, wherein the indexer is configured to allow the plunger to displace distally toward a distal end... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110172641 - Animal restraint device and method: An animal restraining device and method provide dual capability for restraining an animal and administering medications. A first embodiment provides an administration tube connected to a body with handles which can be grasped by user to position the device either for restraining or administering medications. A second embodiment is a... Agent:

20110172642 - Occlusion resistant catheter: Catheters configured to minimize, prevent, disrupt, and/or treat thrombus accumulation and subsequent occlusion are disclosed. Such catheters include at least one sidewall cut extending to the catheter distal end that forms catheter sidewall portions that move relative to each other when subjected to a force greater than a threshold force.... Agent: Navilyst Medical

20110172643 - Catheter with composite stiffener: A catheter comprising an elongate tubular member having a proximal end, a distal end, and a passageway defining a lumen extending between the proximal and distal ends. The elongate tubular member comprises a relatively stiff proximal section and a relatively flexible distal section. The proximal section includes an inner tubular... Agent: Target Therapeutics, Inc.

20110172644 - Multi layer coextruded catheter shaft: A central venous catheter is provided having an outer tubular member and an inner tubular member that are preferably formed as a single integrated tube containing polymer material of different durometer and varying amounts of radiopaque filler material. The polymer durometer of the inner tubular member is higher than the... Agent:

20110172645 - Wearable drug delivery device including integrated pumping and activation elements: A drug delivery device for delivering a drug to a subject is provided. The drug delivery device includes a housing, a drug reservoir supported by the housing containing the drug and a hollow microneedle supported by the housing. The hollow microneedle is moveable from an inactive position to an activated... Agent: Flugen, Inc.

20110172646 - Multi-material single-piece actuator member for miniature reciprocating piston pump in medical applications: An implantable medical device including a two piece actuator member which comprises a monocrystaline piston and a magnetizable pole. The monocrystalline piston is positioned within a piston channel having a surface having a titanium-oxide layer. The monocrystalline piston is selectively movable within the piston bore to permit intake and output... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110166493 - Device and machine for regenerating a human liver: Device (10) and machine (1000) for regeneration of a human liver (L). The device (10) comprises at least two catheters (11, 12) and a three-way connection (13) between the two catheters (11, 12).... Agent: Bellco S.r.l.

20110166494 - Prosthesis comprising knitted material layers and method of manufacturing by ultrasonic welding: The present invention relates to a prosthesis comprising at least two pieces of knitted fabric and to the method of manufacturing it using a sonotrode to perform ultrasonic welding. The prosthesis comprises at least one first piece of knitted fabric and at least one second piece of knitted fabric, which... Agent: Sofradim Production

20110166495 - Cerebrospinal fluid drainage: A cerebrospinal fluid drainage. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under the heading “Abstract of the... Agent:

20110166496 - Methods and systems for establishing retrograde carotid arterial blood flow: Interventional procedures on the carotid arteries are performed through a transcervical access while retrograde blood flow is established from the internal carotid artery to a venous or external location. A system for use in accessing and treating a carotid artery includes an arterial access device, a shunt fluidly connected to... Agent:

20110166497 - Methods and systems for establishing retrograde carotid arterial blood flow: Interventional procedures on the carotid arteries are performed through a transcervical access while retrograde blood flow is established from the internal carotid artery to a venous or external location. A system for use in accessing and treating a carotid artery includes an arterial access device, a shunt fluidly connected to... Agent:

20110166500 - Irritation-reducing ocular iontophoresis device: The invention provides an ocular iontophoresis device for delivering medication, the device comprising a medication reservoir suitable for being positioned on the eye, at least one medication in solution in the reservoir, an active electrode disposed in the reservoir, and a passive electrode, the device including at least one medication... Agent: Eyegate Pharma S.a.s.

20110166501 - Method and apparatus for the delivery of polynucleotide vaccines to mammalian skin: An object of the invention is to provide a method and apparatus for the delivery of polynucleotide vaccines into mammalian skin cells to increase T cell response and to reduce pain and discomfort due to long electric waveform application and due to muscle contractions. The method for the delivery of... Agent:

20110166499 - Methods and apparatus for inducing controlled renal neuromodulation: Methods and apparatus are provided for inducing, monitoring and controlling renal neuromodulation using a pulsed electric field to effectuate electroporation or electrofusion. In some embodiments, tissue impedance, conductance or conductivity may be monitored to determine the effects of pulsed electric field therapy, e.g., to determine an extent of electroporation and... Agent: Ardian, Inc.

20110166498 - Methods for reducing pain using a transdermal local anesthetic patch with injection port in combination with an electromotive force: Described herein are transdermal delivery devices composed of at least one resealable injection port and at least one local anesthetic reservoir. The device effectively delivers anesthetic to the skin of the subject prior to puncturing the skin by syringes, needle sticks, or other instruments intended to be inserted into the... Agent:

20110166502 - Apparatus and method for phacoemulsification: Apparatus and methods for phacoemulsification combine a phacoemulsification needle having an offset feature with a handpiece capable of producing longitudinal motion to create a hybrid phacoemulsification effect that is more efficient than conventional longitudinal handpiece-needle combinations and has been demonstrated under certain conditions to be more efficient than needles used... Agent:

20110166504 - Phaco thermal control apparatus and method: Control apparatus for an ultrasonic phacoemulsification handpiece utilizes flow rates and temperature measurements as well as power provided to a handpiece for calculating a matrix of power level duty cycle combination that would not generate sufficient heat to create a burn in eye tissue and either prevent operation of handpiece... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc

20110166505 - Phaco thermal control apparatus and method: Control apparatus for an ultrasonic phacoemulsification handpiece utilizes flow rates and temperature measurements as well as power provided to a handpiece for calculating a matrix of power level duty cycle combination that would not generate sufficient heat to create a burn in eye tissue and either prevent operation of handpiece... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc

20110166503 - System and method of bone processing: A system and method of processing bone is disclosed. A tissue separator is utilized to separate tissue comprising at least one of muscle, periosteum and connective tissue from bone in a safe, sterile and efficient manner. In one aspect, the particle reducer can include an impeller positioned with respect to... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

20110166506 - Method and apparatus for delivering an agent to the abdomen: A method and apparatus for treating gas for delivery into a body cavity, body space or body surface of an animal. The apparatus comprises a housing defining a chamber having an entry port and an exit port. One or more agents are released into the gas stream that flows through... Agent:

20110166507 - Dialysis systems and methods having disposable cassette and interface therefore: A medical fluid flow control system comprises an interface including a pump actuator port and a pump seal port, a membrane gasket including a pump actuation area and a pump aperture, and a pumping cassette including a flexible sheet and defining a pump chamber, a pump portion of the flexible... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110166508 - inserter: The present invention relates to an inserter for an intrauterine system comprising a handle (3), and an insertion tube (6) having a first end and a second end, and being arranged in connection with the handle. The inserter is characterized in that the first end of the insertion tube (6)... Agent:

20110166509 - Painless injector: Apparatus for use with tissue (22) of a subject, including a substance (24) configured to be injected into the tissue, and first and second tissue-squeezing surfaces (20) configured to be placed on first and second sides of the tissue, to exert pressure on the tissue by being moved toward each... Agent: Lamodel Ltd.

20110166511 - Drop controlling and counting - valve on key: A drop controlling and counting valve on key system, and a method for ensuring authentication and for controlling the rate of flow of medications, in liquid state drops, under control of a hand-held computer serving as an authentication unit, the hand-held computer containing characteristics of the medication fluid and details... Agent: Pro-iv Ltd.

20110166510 - Portable iv infusion monitoring system: A portable infusion monitoring system detects the liquid level and flow rate during infusion process, as well as gives an alarm for patents and nurses in hospital as the medical liquid in an IV bottle drops to a predetermined low level. This system comprises a set of liquid level sensor,... Agent:

20110166512 - Delivery device for use with a therapeutic drug: A compact and one time use, self-administration device (10) for administering medication is disclosed. The device includes a housing (12) having a start button (26), a status indicator (28), a window (30), and a surface removably attachable to a user. The device (10) has a cartridge holder (34) providing in... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110166514 - Automated system for the controlled deployment of nested cannula: A cannula control device (70) employs a platform (80) and one or more cannula control units (40). Each cannula control unit (40) includes a cannula (30), a rotation motor assembly (50) mechanically connected to the cannula (30) for rotating the cannula (30) to a specific rotational orientation relative to a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110166513 - Remotely controlled catheter insertion system: A remotely controlled insertion system for a medical device is described. The system comprises a robotic device and a remote control mechanism. The robotic device has a handle controller to receive and hold the control handle or proximal end of a medical device. The medical device is capable of moving... Agent: Catheter Robotics Inc.

20110166515 - Equipment that makes it possible to apply a determined pulsatile pressure to a medical device: The invention relates to equipment for applying a determined pulsatile pressure to a medical device, comprising: a withdrawing means (2) designed to withdraw fluid from a source of fluid in continuous flow at high pressure; a conversion means (3) designed to convert said fluid into a fluid in a pulsatile... Agent:

20110166516 - Balloon catheters having a plurality of needles for the injection of one or more therapeutic agents: There are disclosed apparatus and methods for treating tissue by delivering at least one therapeutic agent into the tissue. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a catheter (30, 40) and a balloon member (150) disposed on a distal region of the catheter. A plurality of pockets (164) are disposed on... Agent: Cook Medical Tecnhologies LLC

20110166517 - Heating device: A heating device (1) is described for a container (7) of a liquid pharmaceutical product having a viscosity of 50-500 cP at 4° C. and contained within a glass container. The device (1) comprises a substantially rigid, thin-walled housing (2) defining an openable chamber for receiving the container (7), a... Agent:

20110166518 - Apparatus and methods for treating hollow anatomical structures: A method of performing therapy on tissue using a medical apparatus. The apparatus includes a shaft configured for insertion into a hollow anatomical structure (HAS) and has a tissue sensor and a therapeutic energy application device both located on the shaft. The method comprises: receiving electrical power at a first... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group, L.p.

20110166519 - Apparatus and methods for treating hollow anatomical structures: A method of performing therapy on tissue using a medical apparatus. The apparatus includes a shaft configured for insertion into a hollow anatomical structure (HAS) and has a tissue sensor and a therapeutic energy application device both located on the shaft. The method comprises: receiving electrical power at a first... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group, L.p.

20110166520 - Injection needle and drug injection device: An injection needle 1 is provided with a needle tube 2 of 26-33 G having a needle tip, a hub 3 that holds the needle tube 2, and an adjustment unit 4 provided around the needle tube 2 and having a needle-protruding surface 4b through which the needle tip of... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110166521 - Electrically actuated injector: An injector 12 includes a plunger 17 for expelling drugs from a cartridge 10 which can be inserted into the injector 12. An actuator 27 is provided for operating an escapement mechanism 21 to control the movement of the plunger under a drive force and hence the expelled drug.... Agent: Owen Mumford Limited

20110166522 - Accumulator for therapeutic fluid delivery devices: A therapeutic fluid delivery device includes a flexible member configured as an accumulator for flow of a therapeutic fluid through the fluid delivery device to a patient. In one example, the flexible member includes a catheter access port (CAP) septum.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110166524 - Actuator system comprising lever mechanism: The invention provides a pump assembly comprising an actuator lever, a supporting structure, a pump comprising a pump member moveable by actuation of the actuator lever, and an actuator for moving the actuator lever. A first stationary pivoting joint is formed between the actuator lever and the supporting structure, and... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20110166523 - Nasal irrigation device: A nasal irrigation device includes a container for storing nasal cleansing fluid, a spout having a connecting end, a nose engaging end and a spout passage, the connecting end of the spout being removably coupled to the container to allow the spout passage to receive nasal cleansing fluid from an... Agent:

20110166525 - Medical device: A medical device comprises an indwelling needle assembly comprising an inner needle having a sharp needle tip at the end thereof and a hollow outer needle into which the inner needle is inserted and a suction device by which blood is sucked through the indwelling needle assembly in an indwelling... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110166526 - Needle tip guard for percutaneous entry needles: A needle tip protective device for use with percutaneous entry needles. In one embodiment, the needle tip protective device includes a needle guard slidably mounted on a hypodermic needle, the latter having a needle tip located at the distal end thereof, and a change of profile formed medially there along.... Agent: B. Braun Melsungen Ag

20110166527 - Center twist hemostatic valve: The invention comprises a hemostatic valve apparatus used in medical procedures that provides a valve that is always sealed. The valve apparatus incorporates a double twist and a rotation member placed between the ends of the valve. Because the valve is never fully opened, either no fluids or an insignificant... Agent:

20110166528 - Safety catheter: A device and method for positioning a catheter to establish a fluid access site into the vasculature of a patient includes a luer assembly having a cannula or catheter, a shuttle assembly having a stylet for stiffening the catheter, and a holder assembly having an actuator for providing controlled retraction... Agent:

20110166529 - Medical appliance securing device: A device for securing a medical appliance, such as an intravenous catheter hub. According to one embodiment, the securing device includes an anchor. The anchor includes a base layer and an adhesive layer, the adhesive layer being applied to the bottom surface of the base layer. A pair of foam... Agent:

20110166530 - Hyaluronic acid dispersion, production and use: The invention relates to a hyaluronic acid dispersion for use in aesthetic medicine and orthopedics, where the dispersed phase consists of particles of crosslinked hyaluronic acid, and the continuous phase essentially of linear hyaluronic acid.... Agent: S & V Technologies Ag

20110166531 - Syringe: A syringe is disclosed. The syringe may include a syringe body with a fluid chamber, the syringe body having a distal end and a proximal end, with an extrusion opening at the proximal end; a dividing wall disposed within the fluid chamber, defining a first fluid chamber and a second... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110166532 - Connector having a membrane, for connecting a syringe to a container or tubing: The invention relates to a device for connecting a syringe to a container or tubing, particularly for connecting a syringe to a container for receiving infusion-, transfusion-, or enteral nutrition solutions and particularly for connecting a syringe to tubing of a blood tube system of an extracorporeal blood treatment device... Agent: Fresenius Kabi Deutschland Gmbh

20110166533 - Protector and protector assembly: A protector includes a supporting member mounted on a needle assembly having a needle main body; an outer cover member arranged to incline to the needle main body by having an arm axially supported to the supporting member; and an inner cover member arranged inside the outer cover member. The... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110166534 - Implantable site with a casing having multiple perforations: The invention relates to an implantable medical device for injecting and/or collecting fluid substance into and/or from a human or animal organism, said device comprising a casing (6) whose wall (3) delimits a chamber and is pierced with at least a first access orifice (7) designed to allow a needle... Agent: Compagnie Europeenne D'etude Et De Recherche De Dispositifs Pour I'lmplantation Par Laparoscopie

20110166535 - Vision corrective jig and cooling fluid injection tool for the jig: A jig and a cooling fluid injection tool that are used in the correction of corneal shape conducted while the cornea of the eyeball is warmed and softened are provided. The vision corrective jig 1 comprises a shape retention part 2 of sucking disc configuration with its inner surface side... Agent:

20110166536 - Substrates for nitric oxide releasing devices: The present disclosure relates to substrates associated with nitric oxide.... Agent:

20110166537 - Measuring device, urological instrument and receiving device: A measuring device 1 for recording a peak level of a liquid flow includes an inlet 2 which opens into an inlet chamber 3 for receiving the liquid flow and a recording chamber 4 in open liquid communication with the inlet chamber 3 for allowing the liquid flow to accumulate... Agent: Iq+ Investments N.v.

20110166538 - Excretion sensing device: There is provided an excretion sensing device adapted to electrically connect to an excretion sensor without creating a feeling of discomfort or any skin trouble against the wearer due to an electric connector to electrically connect to the sensor. The device includes an excretion receiver adapted to be attached to... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110166539 - Mounting for an ostomy pouch: A mounting for an ostomy pouch which includes a mounting plate having a flexible body portion and a flange section and a flexible pad secured to the flexible body portion and at least a portion of an upper face of the flange section. The flexible body portion includes a raised... Agent:

20110166540 - Ultra-thin absorbent article: The present invention generally relates to sanitary absorbent articles and in particular to disposable feminine sanitary absorbent articles that are extremely thin, highly absorbent and have superior structural integrity properties.... Agent:

20110166541 - Adjustable solid particle application system: An application system for applying a solid particle includes an injector housing having a material inlet, a gas inlet, and a material outlet, and an occluder moveably disposed within the injector housing between the gas inlet and the material outlet. The injector housing and the occluder define there between at... Agent: Base Se A German Corporation

20110166542 - Diapers having a zoned non-attachable back sheet and methods of manufacturing same: According to one embodiment, an absorbent article to be worn about a wearer has a front portion and a back portion. The absorbent article includes an outer layer, an inner layer that is substantially co-extensive with the outer layer, an absorbent layer and one or more fasteners, which are located... Agent: Medline Industries, Inc.

20110166543 - Methods and apparatus for buffering parenteral solutions: A system for transferring solutions from a first cartridge into a second cartridge comprises a cartridge holder, a plunger driver, and a cartridge connector. The cartridge connector carries a transfer needle and an exhaust needle. The cartridge holder positions the first cartridge against the cartridge connector so that the transfer... Agent: Onpharma, Inc.

20110166545 - Apoptosis-inducing agent for prostate cancer cells: s

20110166544 - Infusion pump system with disposable cartridge having pressure venting and pressure feedback: Embodiments are directed to portable infusion devices, systems, and methods of using the same for dispensing materials. In some cases, the devices, systems and methods may be used for infusing a material such as medicament, e.g., insulin, into a body in need thereof.... Agent: Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

20110166546 - Methods and systems for stimulating a motor cortex of the brain to treat a medical condition: Methods of treating a medical condition include applying at least one stimulus to a motor cortex within a brain of a patient with an implanted system control unit in accordance with one or more stimulation parameters. Systems for treating a medical condition include a system control unit implanted within the... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20110166547 - Balloon catheter systems for delivery of dry drug delivery vesicles to a vessel in the body: Devices and methods for balloon delivery of rapamycin and other hydrophobic compounds to the wall of blood vessels. Balloon catheters, such as those used for balloon angioplasty, are modified with the addition of a reservoir of dry micelles, disposed at a suitable location within the balloon or catheter. The reservoir... Agent: Caliber Therapeutics, Inc.

20110166548 - Drug releasing coatings for medical devices: The invention relates to a medical device for delivering a therapeutic agent to a tissue. The medical device has a layer overlying the exterior surface of the medical device. The layer contains a therapeutic agent and an additive. The additive has a hydrophilic part and a hydrophobic part and the... Agent:

20110166549 - Bi-directional motion of a lorentz-force actuated needle-free injector (nfi): The present invention relate to a method and corresponding apparatus for just in time mixing of a solid or powdered formulation and its subsequent delivery to a biological body. In some embodiments, a powdered formulation is maintained in a first chamber. A bi-directional electromagnetic actuator is in communication with the... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110166550 - Medical devices for delivering fluids during surgery and methods for their use: Provided is a surgical applicator and applicator tip configured to attach in fluid communication, for the delivery of beneficial fluids. The applicator tip may also be configured to reversibly attach, in fluid communication, with a pledget. For example, the applicator tip may include male or female threads, and the pledget... Agent: Zymogenetics, Inc.

20110166551 - Selective lysing of cells using ultrasound: Described are embodiments that employ ultrasonic energy to selectively lyse larger adipose cells in a suspension containing adipose cells of different sizes resulting in a suspension in which the only viable cells are the small adipose cells and stem cells. Embodiments provide for generating an acoustic standing wave field of... Agent: Sound Surgical Technologies LLC

20110166552 - Liposuction based on tissue liquefaction: Target tissue may be removed from a subject using a cannula that has an interior cavity and an orifice configured to permit material to enter the cavity. This is accomplished by generating a negative pressure in the cavity so that a portion of the tissue is drawn into the orifice.... Agent:

20110166553 - Medical device for analyte monitoring and drug delivery: The invention relates to an ingestible, implantable or wearable medical device comprising a microarray which comprises a bioactive agent capable of interacting with a disease marker biological analyte; a reservoir which comprises at least one therapeutic agent and is capable of releasing the therapeutic agent(s) from the medical device; and... Agent:

20110166554 - Osmotic delivery systems and piston assemblies for use therein: An osmotic delivery system is disclosed for delivering an active agent formulation to a fluid environment. The osmotic delivery system typically comprises a reservoir having a lumen that contains the active agent formulation and an osmotic agent formulation and a piston assembly positioned in the lumen to isolate the active... Agent: Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

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