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Surgery July category listing 07/11

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20110184221 - Elongated lifetime x-ray method and apparatus used in conjunction with a charged particle cancer therapy system: The system uses an X-ray imaging system having an elongated lifetime. Further, the system uses an X-ray beam that lies in substantially the same path as a charged particle beam path of a particle beam cancer therapy system. The system creates an electron beam that strikes an X-ray generation source... Agent:

20110184220 - Methods for the treatment of radiation or chemotherapy-induced tissue damage: The present invention relates to methods for preventing or treating toxicities associated with exposure to ionizing radiation or to chemotherapy. Particularly, the present invention relates to methods for preventing or treating toxicities associated with radiation or chemotherapy comprising administering to a subject in need of such treatment polypeptide complexes comprising... Agent:

20110184222 - Brachytherapy device: A brachytherapy device is configured for use in a system having a fluid source. The brachytherapy device includes a balloon assembly including an inflation conduit coupled to a distensible portion. The inflation conduit is configured to facilitate passage of an inflation fluid received from the fluid source to the distensible... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20110184223 - Methods, apparatus, and systems for magnetic stimulation: A coil suitable for tissue stimulation and especially for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) may be used in conjunction with a pulse generator to induce electric field in the brain with less attenuation in depth compared to existing TMS coils. In an example, a coil winding is formed in a solenoid... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110184224 - Self-contained heart pump, and method implemented in such a pump: c

20110184225 - Step trainer for enhanced performance using rhythmic cues: A person's step length and rate may be measured, for example, through sensors that collect spatial and temporal gait parameter data. The measurements are then used to determine the rate of a rhythmic auditory cue to improve the person's gait. For example, a system links sensors to detect step rate... Agent: University Of Maryland, Baltimore County

20110184226 - Dissolvable protective treatment for an implantable supportive sling: The invention provides, in one embodiment, a sling assembly including an implantable supportive sling and a biocompatible dissolvable protective treatment on at least a portion of the sling.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110184228 - Composite surgical implants for soft tissue repair: According to one aspect of the invention, composite implants for soft tissue repair a provided which comprise (a) a substantially two-dimensional piece of biologic matrix material and (b) one or more non-absorbable synthetic polymeric filaments.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110184229 - Laparoscopic gastric band with active agents: A gastric banding system is provided which generally includes a gastric band and an active agent, for example, a metabolic agent or satiety inducing agent. The band may be structured to contain the agent and permit controlled release of the agent to the patient while the band is positioned around... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110184227 - Prosthetic device and method of manufacturing the same: An implantable device for use in tissue and ligament repair comprising at least one knitted section and at least one single continuous fiber traversing the at least one knitted section, the at least one single continuous fiber forming a plurality of traverses extending through the at least one knitted section.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110184230 - Controlled impotence treatment: A male sexual impotence treatment apparatus comprises an operable restriction device (56) implanted in a patient and engaging the penile tissue (58) or the prolongation thereof to form a restrictable blood flow passageway through which blood flow leaves the penis. The restriction device is operable by an implanted operation device... Agent: Obtech Medical Ag

20110184231 - Deflectable instrument ports: An instrument port for a single instrument comprises an elongate tube having a lumen. The elongate tube has a rigid section of fixed shape, and a more distal deflectable section. An actuator is coupled to the rigid section of the elongate tube. The actuator has an instrument pathway in communication... Agent:

20110184232 - Endoscopic surgical instrument: A series of integrally formed segments (24) are allowed to move relative to each other by flexure of hinges (26) that are also integrally formed with the sections.... Agent:

20110184233 - Instrument for an endoscope: An endoscope instrument includes an insertion tube of longitudinal axis possessing a proximal portion for connection to an actuation support and a distal portion presenting an outlet section occupied by a viewing zone and by at least one outlet orifice for passing at least one appliance for occupying a retracted... Agent: Axess Vision Technology

20110184234 - Device and method for minimally invasive spinal intervention: The device is further characterized in that the cannula takes the form of a hollow cutting tool (2), in which the most distal region of the distal end comprises a cutting edge (26), which is incorporated into the edge of the wall of the cutting tool (2).... Agent:

20110184235 - Capsule type endoscope including magnetic drive: The present invention discloses a magnet driven capsule type endoscope comprising an image recording unit as well as an image data processing unit, a position sensor for providing data about the position of the capsule type endoscope with respect to the direction of gravitation, a data transmitting unit, an energy... Agent: Novineon Healthcare Technology Partners Gmbh

20110184237 - Endoscope image pick-up apparatus: An image pick-up unit inserted in the body picks up an image of the body, and transmits by radio the image to an extra-corporeal unit which is arranged outside the body. The image pick-up unit includes an image pick-up portion capturing an image, a data transmitting portion for transmitting the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110184236 - Imaging apparatus, endoscope system, and method of controlling imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes an imaging section that images an object, an observation mode setting section that sets an observation mode when the imaging section images the object, and a control section that controls an image read mode in which an image is read from the imaging section and a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110184238 - Image-based global registration system and method applicable to bronchoscopy guidance: A global registration system and method identifies bronchoscope position without the need for significant bronchoscope maneuvers, technician intervention, or electromagnetic sensors. Virtual bronchoscopy (VB) renderings of a 3D airway tree are obtained including VB views of branch positions within the airway tree. At least one real bronchoscopic (RB) video frame... Agent: The Penn State Research Foundation

20110184240 - Method for contact-free magnetic navigation: In a method and a system for contact-free magnetic navigation of a magnetic body in a work space that is at least partially filled with a fluid, a thickening agent is added to the fluid. The use of a thickening agent as an additive for such a fluid is also... Agent:

20110184239 - Methods and systems for disabling an endoscope after use: Various embodiments comprise endoscopes for viewing inside a cavity of a body such as a vessel like a vein or artery. These endoscopes may include a usage detector and a disabling device coupled to the usage detector, wherein the disabling device is configured to disable the endoscope at least partly... Agent: Integrated Endoscopy, Inc.

20110184241 - Extendable articulated probe device: An articulate probe device includes a first mechanism, a second mechanism, and an overtube mechanism. The first mechanism includes a proximal link which is movable coupled to a first intermediate link, a plurality of intermediate links, and a distal link which is moveably coupled to a second one of the... Agent: Cardiorobotics, Inc.

20110184242 - Bendable structure and a method for bending a structure: The invention relates to a bendable structure 40 comprising a body 41 conceived to be bent; an actuator 42, 43, 44 for inducing a bending force in the body, wherein the actuator comprises a wire at least partially manufactured from a uni-directional shape memory alloy (SMA) material, said wire being... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20110184243 - Endoscope with different color light sources: Disclosed are systems and methods involving an endoscope system having a plurality of different illumination sources. Such illumination sources can be controlled to provide various illumination effects. In certain embodiments, illumination sources can be controlled so that resulting outputs can be combined to yield, for example, an intensity profile that... Agent: Integrated Endoscopy, Inc.

20110184244 - Medical equipment and endoscope apparatus: A medical equipment includes an optical connector that detachably connects a plug to a receptacle provided in an equipment main body to optically connect a plug-side optical fiber fixed to the plug and a receptacle-side optical fiber fixed to the receptacle. The plug and the receptacle have plural engagement pairs... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110184245 - Tissue monitoring surgical retractor system: An apparatus for monitoring the characteristics of tissue adjacent a surgical site and communicating that information to a health care provider includes a retractor, a sensor, and a processing system. The sensor is disposed on the retractor and is configured to measure a parameter indicative of at least one characteristic... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc., An Indiana Corporation

20110184246 - Surgical retractor: A surgical retractor including a pair of handles mounted for pivotal movement about a pivot pin, a pair of arm members each terminating at a distal end in a downwardly depending blade and attachable to a respective handle at a proximal end. On application of hand pressure by an operator... Agent:

20110184251 - Bone mineral density ratios as a predictor of osteoarthritis: The present invention relates to systems, compositions, and methods for using bone mineral density ratios as a predictor of osteoarthritis. In particular, the present invention relates to comparing ratios of bone mineral density involving bones that are periarticular to determine a risk assessment for features of osteoarthritis.... Agent: Tufts Medical Center

20110184247 - Comprehensive management of human health: A health guidance system receives health information from input devices and other sources, tracks one or more health goals, and enforces those goals by acting upon other devices. The health guidance system collects health information to paint a comprehensive picture of the user's health. The system uses the information it... Agent:

20110184250 - Early warning method and system for chronic disease management: A computer-implemented method and system are provided for assisting a plurality of patients manage chronic health conditions. The method, for each patient, comprises: (a) receiving information from the patient or a member of a patient care network on an expected patient activity at a given future time period; (b) determining... Agent: Asthma Signals, Inc.

20110184249 - Remote patient monitoring system: The remote patient monitoring system includes a camera and radio connection device having electronic circuitry disposed in a housing. The device facilitates connection of interchangeable cameras and reconfigurable radios for remote monitoring of visually observable health indicia of a patient by a remotely located health professional. The system may also... Agent:

20110184248 - Storage medium having stored therein information processing program, information processing device, information processing method, and information processing system: A storage medium is provided having stored therein an information processing program executable by a computer of an information processing device which performs predetermined processes based on biological parameters acquired from a user. The information processing program causes the computer to function as: first biological parameter acquisition means for acquiring... Agent: Tohoku University

20110184254 - Detection of intraamniotic infection: The present invention concerns the identification of biomarkers and groups or combinations of biomarkers that can be used for non-invasive diagnosis of intra-amniotic infection, and diagnostic assays using such biomarkers.... Agent:

20110184252 - Life support and microclimate integrated system and process: The present invention of one embodiment includes a combined microclimate, thermal management, life-support system for care of patient and system for measurement of vital signs. The system of one embodiment, provides active external heating and simultaneously provides active internal heating.... Agent:

20110184253 - Life support and microclimate integrated system and process with internal and external active heating: The present invention of one embodiment includes a combined microclimate, thermal management, life-support system for care of patient and system for measurement of vital signs. The system of one embodiment, provides active external heating and simultaneously provides active internal heating.... Agent:

20110184255 - Portable biological signal measurement / transmission system: A portable biological signal measurement/transmission system includes: a body unit; and at least one biological signal processing unit detachably connected to the body unit, and including a signal processor which processes a biological signal, the biological signal processing unit including a first transmitter which transmits the biological signal to the... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20110184256 - Bio-electronic system: The bio-informatics system of the present invention serves to identify by electronic means, in body fluids of domestic and/or wild mammals, the metabolic changes that occur in each of the physiological moments of economic, scientific, and technological importance, associated with the female reproduction and with the health of animals in... Agent:

20110184257 - Device for determining and/or monitoring the moisture content of the skin: A device for determining and/or monitoring the moisture content of the skin of a person or an animal, in particular for detecting dehydration in an elderly person or a person requiring care, as well as a corresponding method and use of such a device.... Agent:

20110184258 - Balloon catheter analyte measurement sensors and methods for using the same: Balloon catheters, assemblies and systems and methods for using them for the continuous in vivo monitoring of one or more selected analytes or other physiological chemistries within a patient using an implantable analyte sensor associated with a balloon catheter are provided.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110184259 - Fiber optic device for sensing analytes and method of making same: A device for sensing analyte concentration, and in particular glucose concentration, in vivo or in vitro is disclosed. A sensing element is attached to the distal end of an optical conduit, and comprises at least one binding protein adapted to bind with at least one target analyte. The sensing element... Agent:

20110184260 - Methods and apparatuses for noninvasive determinations of analytes: The present invention provides methods and apparatuses for accurate noninvasive determination of tissue properties. Some embodiments of the present invention comprise an optical sampler having an illumination subsystem, adapted to communicate light having a first polarization to a tissue surface; a collection subsystem, adapted to collect light having a second... Agent:

20110184261 - Method and system for monitoring hydration: A device for measuring a hydration status based on an analyte concentration in a subject. The device includes: a light source configured for illuminating at least a portion of an anterior region of an eye of the subject with incident light having a substantially broad illumination spectrum at an angle... Agent:

20110184262 - Non-invasive ocular monitoring: A device for measuring an analyte concentration level in a subject. The device includes: a light source configured for illuminating at least a portion of an anterior region of an eye of the subject with incident light having a substantially broad illumination spectrum at an angle substantially tangential to the... Agent:

20110184263 - Bio-sensing device capable of automatically detecting sensing code and sensing method thereof: The present invention relates to a bio-sensing device capable of automatically detecting a sensing code and a sensing method thereof. The bio-sensing device has a bio-sensing strip and a process-and-display unit. The bio-sensing strip has a passive component, wherein a physical value of the passive component is able to present... Agent: Pensiero Medical Electronics Corp.

20110184265 - Method and apparatus for providing notification in analyte monitoring systems: An analyte monitoring system for determining an analyte concentration of a biofluid upon user command and adapted to determine rate of change of the analyte concentration in addition to the real time analyte concentration and to output an alarm notification upon an anticipated physiological condition determined by projected analyte levels... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110184264 - Universal test strip port: The present disclosure provides a sensor port configured to receive a plurality of analyte sensors having different sizes, shapes and/or electrode configurations. Also provided are analyte meters, analyte monitoring devices and/or systems and drug delivery devices and/or systems utilizing the disclosed sensor ports.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110184266 - Blood glucose monitoring system: A method and apparatus for blood glucose monitoring is provided which allows blood sampling and insulin infusion through the same catheter lumen of a multi-lumen, central venous catheter. It is designed to be used with a nearby continuous glucose sensor. The catheter lumen with the most proximal aperture leads to... Agent:

20110184268 - Method, device and system for providing analyte sensor calibration: Methods and devices for providing calibration in analyte monitoring systems are provided.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110184267 - Methods and systems for processing glucose data measured from a person having diabetes: Methods and systems are disclosed for estimating a glucose level of a person having diabetes comprises. One method may comprise: receiving into a computing device a plurality of measured glucose results from a glucose sensor coupled to the person; using the computing device to analyze the plurality of measured glucose... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20110184269 - Implantable probe: An implantable probe for acquiring neural signals or for electrically stimulating neurons, the probe comprising: a support (ES) of flexible polymer material; an inorganic substrate (S′) fastened to said support and having thickness that is sufficiently small to present flexibility comparable to that of the support; at least one electrode... Agent:

20110184270 - Physiological monitoring garment: A garment for providing physiological monitoring of a wearer is provided. In one embodiment, the garment comprises a sensor configured to detect a physiological signal of a wearer; a stretchable member connected to a first connection point; an adjusting member connected to the stretchable member; an adjusting member configured to... Agent:

20110184271 - Sensor contact lens, system for the non-invasive monitoring of intraocular pressure and method for measuring same: The invention is characterized in that it comprises a truncated contact lens (1), whose truncation plane is parallel to the base of said contact lens, and a polymeric nanocomposite material (2) centrally disposed and attached to the perimeter of the truncated area, said material being sensitive to pressure changes, biocompatible... Agent:

20110184272 - Portable diagnostic device for precancerous lesion of cervical cancer: A portable diagnostic device for cervical precancerous lesions is disclosed. The device includes an inherent fluorescence detection system for cervical cancer, a cervix acetic acid coloring detection and an image collection system. The inherent fluorescence detection system for cervical cancer has a light source and a switch, which consists of... Agent:

20110184273 - System and method for moving table mri: The present invention provides an MRI system for imaging of a subject over extended field-of-view (FOV) that employs both accelerated data acquisition, which is employed while the subject is stationary, and traditional data acquisition, which is employed while the subject is moved through the MRI system. This approach provides improved... Agent:

20110184276 - Apparatus and method for automatic image guided accuracy verification: A method includes receiving during a first time interval associated with a path of motion of a dynamic body, image data associated with a plurality of images of the dynamic body. The plurality of images include an indication of a position of a first marker coupled to a garment at... Agent:

20110184274 - Electrode configurations for leads or catheters to enhance localization using a localization system: An exemplary method includes positioning a lead in a patient where the lead has a longitudinal axis that extends from a proximal end to a distal end and where the lead includes an electrode with an electrical center offset from the longitudinal axis of the lead body; measuring electrical potential... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20110184275 - Method for operating a computer system for supporting an insertion of a guide wire into body tissue and associated arrangement: A method for operating a computer system for supporting an insertion of a guide wire into body tissue is proposed. An interventional procedure is prepared for by the insertion of the guide wire into body tissue. The guide wire is fitted with sensors. The latter's signals are received using the... Agent:

20110184277 - Systems and methods for virtual index-matching of diffusive media: The invention relates to systems and methods for tomographic imaging of a subject comprising diffuse media by converting measurements of electromagnetic radiation, e.g., fluorescent light, obtained in free space exterior to the subject into data that would be measured if the subject were surrounded by an infinite and homogeneous diffusive... Agent:

20110184278 - Radial cardiac catheterization board: Embodiments of the present description provide a medical apparatus for use in supporting a patient lying in a supine position during a radial cardiac catheterization procedure. More particularly, embodiments of the present description provide an arm board a patient's arm during a radial cardiac catheterization procedure. The arm board has... Agent:

20110184280 - Intracorporeal marker and marker delivery device: An elongated intracorporeal remotely detectable marker includes a core of bioabsorbable fibers. An outer jacket of bioabsorbable fibers is disposed around at least part of the core. In one embodiment, for example, the core has a longitudinal extent and a pair of opposed ends, and the outer jacket is disposed... Agent:

20110184279 - Self-contained detection capsule for insertion in a human or animal body:

20110184281 - Injector: An injector automatic limiting of the operating pressure of the injector as determined by the selection of a flow rate; a syringe cradle having a warming capability; a purge/retract trigger for control of the injection procedure having intuitive direction (i.e., forward for injecting, reverse for filing), non-contact control transmission through... Agent:

20110184282 - Self-deploying vascular occlusion device: The present invention provides a cardiac vascular occlusion system which includes inner and outer guide catheters and an occluding member disposed on the inner catheter. The occluding member may be deployed from a compressed to an expanded position to limit retrograde blood flow in a body lumen. The occluding member... Agent:

20110184283 - system and method of clinical treatment planning of complex, monte carlo-based brachytherapy dose distributions: A system, method, and computer program product of clinical treatment planning implements complex Monte Carlo (MC) based brachytherapy dose distributions using conventional brachytherapy treatment planning systems (TPS). Dose distributions from complex brachytherapy source configurations determined with MC methods are used as inputs. Radial dose functions and 2D anisotropy functions are... Agent: Tufts Medical Center

20110184284 - Non-invasive devices and methods to diagnose pain generators: Devices and methods are provided that diagnose one or more pain generators at or near the spine in a patient suffering from pain. In one embodiment, a device is provided that includes: an external transducer probe having a proximal end, a distal end and a body therebetween wherein the probe... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110184285 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus comprises, an image display device, an apparatus main body and a support mechanism, wherein the support mechanism comprises a support mechanism main body and a support arm, the image display device is attached to the support mechanism main body, and supported on... Agent:

20110184286 - Method and device for producing images of heating tines near a tissue part: A device (D1) is intended for producing images of heating tines (HT) coupled to a needle (N) positioned near a chosen tissue part of tissues located in an area of a body. This device (D1) comprises i) a means (ME) for estimating tissue thermal strains, induced by means of the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110184287 - Methods and systems for spatially modulated ultrasound radiation force imaging: Methods for determining the shear modulus of a tissue of an individual are disclosed. In one embodiment, an acoustic pulse is transmitted and a reference echo signal is received. A first push pulse is transmitted at a second location of the individual. A second push pulse is transmitted at a... Agent:

20110184288 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and tomographic image processing apparatus: A two-dimensional drawing module (25) (i) periodically reads acoustic line data (S401), (ii) checks a scanning method of a physical structure of a probe and acoustic line data, and (iii) selects the optimum coordinate conversion algorithm (S402). After that, the two-dimensional drawing module (25) (i) selects an interpolation algorithm, based... Agent:

20110184290 - Performing image process and size measurement upon a three-dimensional ultrasound image in an ultrasound system: Embodiments for performing an image process and a size measurement upon a three-dimensional ultrasound image are disclosed. In one embodiment, by way of non-limiting example, an ultrasound system comprises: a user input unit configured to receive input information for setting at least one seed point on a two-dimensional ultrasound image... Agent: Medison Co., Ltd.

20110184289 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus in accordance with the invention includes: an ultrasonic probe in which multiple ultrasonic vibrators for transmitting/receiving an ultrasonic wave are arranged; a transmitter configured to provide an electric signal to each of the vibrators in the ultrasonic probe, the transmitter providing a square wave signal having... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110184291 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, medical image diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic image processing apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, ultrasonic diagnostic system, and medical image diagnostic system: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus comprises a data acquisition unit configured to ultrasonically scan a three-dimensional area including a predetermined region of an object and acquire volume data associated with the three-dimensional area, a calculation unit configured to cut the volume data at at least one plane... Agent:

20110184292 - Ultrasound image enhancement in an ultrasound system: Embodiments for spatially compounding ultrasound images for removing seam artifact in an ultrasound system are disclosed. In one embodiment, the ultrasound system includes: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to transmit ultrasound beams to a target object, receive ultrasound echoes reflected from the target object and provide a plurality of... Agent: Medison Co., Ltd.

20110184293 - Device, method and kit for in vivo detection of a biomarker: The invention relates to a device and a system for in-vivo detection of a biomarker in the gastrointestinal tract. The invention further relates to a method for the in-vivo detection of a biomarker in the gastrointestinal tract such as e.g., the α1-antitrypsin precursor (A1AT biomarker), by using the recognition factor,... Agent:

20110184294 - Tube for a sphygmomanometer cuff, sphygmomanometer cuff and process: A tube (100) is provided for a sphygmomanometer cuff (200) for measuring blood pressure on an extremity of a patient. The tube (100) has, in at least one segment thereof, a cross section that has at least two cross-sectional segments (1, 3) having different extents of curvature in both a... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20110184295 - Blood analysis: Blood analysis is carried out using a portable video camera with an objective lens, by placing the video camera such that the objective lens is completely obstructed, at least partly by at least part of an appendage forming part of an individual, and operating the video camera. The image signals... Agent: Health-smart Limited

20110184297 - Method and device for estimating morphological features of heart beats: A method estimates morphological features of heart beats from an ECG signal. Peaks of the R wave of the ECG are detected and classified using a parallel filtering structure. The first branch implements a bandpass filtering with cut off frequencies of about 10 Hz and 35 Hz, enhancing the signal-to-noise... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110184296 - Method and system for quantitative assessment of cardiac electrical events: Systems and methods for characterizing aspects of an electrocardiogram signal are presented, wherein data quality and stability analysis paradigms are utilized to determine the timing certain cardiac electronic events with precision. In one embodiment, confidence factor calculation may be utilized to filter out nonusable ECG signals to leave a usable... Agent: Newcardio, Inc.

20110184298 - Portable cardio waveform acquisiton and heart rate variability (hrv) analysis: A system and method for measuring heart rate variability (HRV). The system includes at least one biosensor operable to measure at least one signal from the heart. A bioamplifier is also included, the bioamplifier is in communication with the at least one biosensor. The bioamplifier amplifies the at least one... Agent: University Of Miami

20110184299 - System and method of using av conduction timing: In an implantable medical device that provides atrial and ventricular pacing in an atrial-based pacing mode, longer periods of time are permitted for intrinsic AV conduction to occur. By monitoring the patient's AV delay under these circumstances, useful information is obtained that can be correlated to other patient conditions or... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110184300 - Atrial fibrillation detection based on absence of consistent p-loops in averaged vectorcardiogram: A method for determining the presence of atrial fibrillation includes obtaining data from at least three orthogonal leads indicative of electrical activity of a heart over multiple heart beats, averaging the data to obtain an average heart beat, generating, from the averaged data, an average heart beat vectorcardiogram (VCG) that... Agent: Newcardio, Inc.

20110184301 - Heart failure detector: In an apparatus and method for detecting incipient heart failure of a patient. Impedance signals reflecting volume changes of the right ventricle and/or the right atrium of a heart of the patient are obtained. The impedance signals are processed to determine a first impedance parameter substantially reflecting a volume of... Agent: St. Jude Medical Ab

20110184304 - Implantable medical device with sleep apnea detection control and method: A method for use in an implantable medical device comprises the steps of monitoring respiration with an amplifier having a gain, generating a moving apneic threshold based on recent respiration cycles, accumulating differences between amplitudes of respiration cycles and the moving apnea detection threshold and comparing the accumulated differences against... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20110184302 - Medical detection device for the detection of sleep apnea and/or sleep hypopnea: A medical detection device for detecting breathing disruptions during sleep includes a fastening arrangement for attaching a detecting arrangement to the human body, having at least one microphone for detecting breathing sounds and a logic arrangement configured to evaluate the breathing sounds.... Agent:

20110184303 - Methods and systems related to respiration: Disclosed herein are methods and systems related to respiration. The methods and systems are related to the analysis of a subject's respiration. In some forms the methods and system can use a nonlinear analysis.... Agent: Nonlinear Medicine, Inc.

20110184307 - system for synchronising eeg with auxiliary output, in particular video: A system for monitoring a patient's EEG output comprises an EEG recorder operative to generate an EEG output indicative of electrical activity produced by the brain of a patient, and an auxiliary recorder operative to generate an auxiliary output indicative of another characteristic of the patient. The auxiliary recorder may... Agent: Lifelines Limited

20110184306 - Device for treating parkinson's disease and methods of use thereof: The invention includes a recordation and stimulation system for determining and delivering an electrical stimulation treatment based upon the current status of neuronal activity of a subject. The system include components for detecting neuronal activity in a subject's brain and, based upon the information received, determine an appropriate electrical stimulation... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20110184305 - Eeg analysis system: A process for analysing an electroencephalogram signal representative of activity of a brain, including: i) generating coefficient data for a signal representation of a portion of said signal; ii) generating first gain data representing an average amplitude of an output signal generated based on said signal representation and said coefficient... Agent: Cortical Dynamics Pty. Ltd.

20110184308 - System and methods for determining nerve proximity, direction, and pathology during surgery: The present invention involves systems and methods for determining nerve proximity, nerve direction, and pathology relative to a surgical instrument based on an identified relationship between neuromuscular responses and the stimulation signal that caused the neuromuscular responses.... Agent: Nuvasive, Inc.

20110184309 - Method for determining a corrected volume compartment of an amputated patient, device for carrying out the method and computer program product: The invention relates to the field of monitoring the hydration—and/or nutrition status of a patient by means of bioimpedance measurement values. This is based on the problem of also being able to determine by such measurements the body composition of an amputated person simply and individually. The invention is based... Agent:

20110184310 - Method of heating a shape memory alloy of a surgical instrument: The shape of a surgical instrument is changed during a surgical procedure by using a laser to heat a shape memory alloy or other shape memory material in the surgical instrument, thereby causing the instrument to assume a predetermined shape, while at the same time monitoring the heating site to... Agent:

20110184311 - Tissue retrieval device with resilient member: A specimen retrieval instrument comprises a tubular member, a resilient member, and a retrieval bag. The resilient member is associated with a distal end of the tubular member. The bag is secured to the resilient member. The resilient member is compressible such that the resilient member and bag fit within... Agent:

20110184312 - Bone tissue extracting device and method: A bone tissue extracting device operable with one hand comprises an ergonomic handle containing a forward and reverse cannula driver and a vacuum source. The device uses a disposable sterile single use cannula/trocar and disposable vacuum containers. The device and method for use improve the ability of a physician to... Agent:

20110184313 - Cauterization device and method of cauterizing: A medical device such as a biopsy needle or probe has an integrated piezoelectric transducer. A power source is electrically coupled to the piezoelectric transducer. The power source is configured to generate a signal that causes the piezoelectric transducer to generate heat for cauterizing tissue. A signal analyzer receives a... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110184314 - Endocervical lavage device and method: An endocervical lavage device for retrieving cervical and endocervical cells for cytologic examination and to method(s) for retrieving cervical and endocervical cells and for using the device. The device generally comprises a multi-lumen tube having a proximal end and a distal end. The distal end of the multi-lumen tube is... Agent:

20110184315 - Multi-loop bridge-type apparatus for the collection of cells: A multi-loop bridge-type apparatus for the collection of cells is provided. The multi-loop bridge-type apparatus includes a barrel, a plunger, a filter unit, and at least two external ducts. The barrel includes one open end. The filter unit is disposed inside an inner space of the barrel and partitions the... Agent: Mackay Memorial Hospital

20110184316 - Phlebotomy device having flexible valve for detecting flashback: A phlebotomy device includes a needle defining a lumen and having a proximal end portion and a distal end portion. The distal end portion includes a sharpened tip configured to pierce tissue. The phlebotomy device further includes a sensor disposed at least partially within the lumen. The sensor has a... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110184317 - Sensor and guide wire assembly: Sensor and guide wire assembly (1; 21) for intravascular measurement of physical variables inside a living body and comprises a proximal end portion (2; 22) and a sensor element (9; 29), which is located in a distal portion of the sensor and guide wire assembly (1; 21), and is characterized... Agent: Radi Medical Systems Ab

20110184318 - Uterine contraction sensing system and method: The present invention provides a system for enabling the sensing of changes in pressure in response to uterine muscle tone changes relating to contractions, and for enabling the evaluation of contractions based thereon. The system enables a portion thereof to effectively and efficiently project at least partially below the non-compressed... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20110184320 - Measurement system using body mounted physically decoupled sensor: A system for monitoring a user's body has a single sensor patch directly affixed to the user's body. The sensor senses a condition of the user's body and transmits the sensed signal directly to a base station located remote from the sensor. The sensor can alternatively transmit the sensed signal... Agent:

20110184319 - Mouth guard with sensor: A mouth guard having a proximity sensor, an impact sensor, a processor in signal communication with the sensor, a memory in data communication with the processor, a transmitter in signal communication with the processor, and a battery. The processor is configured to allow data transmission the mouth guard has been... Agent: X2impact, Inc.

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110178359 - Systems for integrated radiopharmaceutical generation, preparation, transportation and administration: An integrated radiopharmaceutical patient treatment system is disclosed including a patient support platform with an associated patient stimulus apparatus, an imager proximate the patient support platform, a radiopharmaceutical fluid delivery system for infusing a radiopharmaceutical fluid into a patient, a patient monitor to be associated with a patient, and an... Agent:

20110178360 - Acupressure magnetic therapy glove: A therapeutic glove specifically adapted to simultaneously apply a combination of acupressure and magnetic therapy to specific acupoint sites on the hand resulting in therapeutic benefits, including providing an effective headache remedy is disclosed. A fingerless glove incorporates an inflatable bladder disposed formed on the palm of the glove for... Agent:

20110178361 - Physiologically responsive vad: A ventricular assist device incorporating a rotary pump such as a rotary impeller pump implantable in fluid communication with a ventricle and an artery to assist blood flow from the ventricle to the artery. The device includes a pump drive circuit supplying power to the pump, one or more sensors... Agent:

20110178362 - Systems and methods for volume reduction: Systems and methods are provided for reducing the effective volume of a cardiac ventricle. A ventricular volume reduction system may include a containment system or container body deliverable through a catheter into the ventricle, with the containment system or container body being fillable to occupy space within the ventricle. A... Agent:

20110178364 - Incus replacement partial ossicular replacement prosthesis: An ossicular prosthesis is described which includes an elongated prosthesis member having a proximal end and a distal end. A cochlea striker mass is at the distal end of the prosthesis member and includes an outer striking surface for coupling vibration of the striker mass to an outer cochlea surface... Agent: Vibrant Med-el Hearing Technology Gmbh

20110178363 - Programmable hearing prostheses: A hearing prosthesis and method of programming a processor of a hearing prosthesis are described. In order to provide compatibility with updated fitting software, the prosthesis stores at least the transformation instructions to convert measured parameters into operating coefficients for the hearing prosthesis. As a consequence, the fitting software need... Agent:

20110178365 - Surgical system for supporting pelvic anatomy: The present invention provides a surgical implant and method for supporting the urethra, the implant comprising a suburethral support suspended between two soft tissue anchors that do not penetrate the lower abdominal wall and are attached at either side of the suburethral support. The soft tissue anchors retain each anchor... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110178366 - Treatment device for endoscope: A treatment device for endoscope includes a flexible sheath, an operation wire that is advanceably/retreatably inserted into the sheath, a treatment part comprising at least one elastic wires that can enter and exit a tip side inner part of the sheath, and a connecting member that secures to each other... Agent:

20110178367 - Endoscopic device with end effector mechanism: An endoscopic device and associated method of use. The endoscopic device includes a tubular portion and an end effector mechanism for mounting at an end of the tubular portion. The end effector mechanism includes a casing defining a cavity open to an exterior of the casing. A manipulator member is... Agent: Mcmaster University

20110178368 - Method for determining measured data from the stomach of a patient: In a method to obtain measurement data from the stomach of a patient using an endoscope, a degassed aqueous drink solution is administered to the stomach of the patient and the measurement data are acquired with the degassed aqueous drink solution present in the stomach.... Agent:

20110178369 - Systems and methods for intubation: An intubation device is provided. An intubation device comprises a movable guide configured to guide an insertion of an endotracheal tube into a trachea of a patient, the guide having a guide extension and a guide tip; an external trachea identifier source external to the trachea and disposed on the... Agent:

20110178370 - Rotate to advance catheterization system: A system of rotate-to-advance medical devices including catheters, dilators, occluders, stents, suprapubic catheters and camera introducers configured with external screw threads and depending substantially on rotation for means of advancement and emplacement in mammalian genitourinary and gastrointestinal passages and organs.... Agent:

20110178371 - Endoscope apparatus and method of measuring subject: An endoscope apparatus includes: a display device that displays a first image and a second image, the first image and the second image being contained in image data of a subject captured by an imaging unit of an endoscope apparatus; a designation section that designates a first position on the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110178372 - Channel laryngoscopes and systems: Video-based laryngoscopes having an external centrally located channel coursing from the handle to a curved blade configured to deliver an ETT to a trachea as visualized by a non-removable, or alternatively, a removable video camera and lighting unit located beneath the external channel. The channel laryngoscope may be made for... Agent: Verathon Inc.

20110178374 - Predicting response to chemotherapy using gene expression markers: The present invention provides gene expression information useful for predicting whether a cancer patient is likely to have a beneficial response to treatment with chemotherapy, comprising measuring, in a biological sample comprising a breast tumor sample obtained from the patient, the expression levels of gene subsets to obtain a risk... Agent:

20110178373 - Telemedicine systems and methods: Methods and systems for telemedicine are provided. A method for operating a telemedicine base unit includes initiating a remote connection with a remote care site. The remote care site may be selected from a plurality of remote care sites based on an attached medical device. The telemedicine base unit transmits... Agent: Verathon Inc.

20110178377 - Contactless and minimal-contact monitoring of quality of life parameters for assessment and intervention: An apparatus, system, and method for the measurement, aggregation and analysis of data collected using non-contact or minimally-contacting sensors provides quality of life parameters for individual subjects, particularly in the context of a controlled trial of interventions on human subjects (e.g., a clinical trial of a drug, or an evaluation... Agent: Biancamed Ltd.

20110178375 - Remote physiological monitoring: A system for remote physiological monitoring comprises a communication device and a patch. The patch is configured to be removably securable to a body of a biological organism and further configured to monitor a physiological parameter of a biological organism. The communication device is configured to receive communications from the... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110178376 - Systems and methods for remote patient monitoring: A system includes a local patient monitor and a plurality of remote patient monitors. The local patient monitor may display a plurality of physiological parameters for a local patient. The local patient monitor may further display a remote monitoring interface with the local patient's physiological parameters. The remote monitoring interface... Agent: Mindray Ds Usa, Inc.

20110178378 - Transcutaneous analyte sensor: The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for measuring an analyte in a host. More particularly, the present invention relates to systems and methods for transcutaneous measurement of glucose in a host.... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20110178379 - Tissue assessment: A method of aiding in the diagnosis or prediction of degenerative joint disease in a joint of a patient. The method comprises obtaining a test spectrum of Raman scattered radiation from cartilage tissue in the joint, and analysing the test spectrum, or one or more regions thereof, to assess whether... Agent: Ucl Business PLC

20110178380 - Patch for reverse iontophoresis: A patch for sampling one or more analytes through the skin of a patient comprises an electrode layer for positioning adjacent to the skin of a patient; and means for actuating the electrode layer to induce the withdrawal of analytes through the skin by reverse iontophoresis. A first reservoir in... Agent: Nemaura Pharma Limited

20110178381 - Sensing apparatus and process: A sensing apparatus with a connector, a sensor lead and a sensor module with a spacer placed over electrodes that have been deposited on a substrate. The spacer may have a space for receiving an enzyme. End portions of the sensor module may be encapsulated, such as with molded beads.... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110178382 - Blood glucose ignition interlock: The present invention relates to an ignition interlock that requires a blood glucose level measurement prior to permitting ignition of a vehicle. The interlock prevents operation of equipment in which it is installed if a blood glucose level measurement is not taken or if the resultant measurement is outside of... Agent:

20110178383 - Devices and systems for determining fractional flow reserve: Devices and systems for determining fractional flow reserve. In at least one embodiment of a device for determining fractional flow reserve of a fluid within a luminal organ, the device comprises an elongated body sized and shaped to fit within a luminal organ, and at least two sensors positioned along... Agent:

20110178385 - Photoacoustic measuring apparatus with movable detector array: A measuring apparatus includes an acoustic transducer with a plurality of elements, each element detecting an acoustic wave generated from a sample and converting the wave into an electric signal; a movement control unit which moves the acoustic transducer from a first position to a second position; and a processing... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110178384 - System with at least one medical imaging device, and method to prepare a sample for medical imaging: A system HAS at least one medical imaging device for implementing a medical imaging and at least one operating unit. The at least one operating unit is decoupled from the medical imaging device at least for a sample preparation for the medical imaging.... Agent:

20110178386 - Multibaseline prf-shift magnetic resonance thermometry: The phase background of a proton resonance frequency shift treatment image may be estimated by fitting a combination of baseline images to the treatment image.... Agent:

20110178389 - Fused image moldalities guidance: An improved system and method (i.e. utility) for registration of medical images is provided. The utility registers a previously obtained volume (s) onto an ultrasound volume during an ultrasound procedure to produce a multimodal image. The multimodal image may be used to guide a medical procedure. In one arrangement, the... Agent: Eigen, Inc.

20110178388 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: According to one embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes a storage unit configured to store data of a series of images associated with a range including a heart and diaphragm of an object, a moving amount generating unit configured to generate a temporal change in moving amount of the diaphragm... Agent:

20110178387 - Method for recording and evaluating pet data recorded at the same time as magnetic resonance data using a combined magnetic resonance/pet apparatus, and a combined magnetic resonance/pet apparatus: A method is disclosed for recording and evaluating PET data recorded at the same time as magnetic resonance data using a combined magnetic resonance/PET apparatus, wherein in the context of a pulse sequence for recording the magnetic resonance data a magnetic resonance recording facility, including at least one gradient coil... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110178390 - Novel needle driver for magnetic resonance elastography: The present invention is directed toward an acoustic, piezoelectric, electric, electro-mechanical or pneumatically driven surface drum driver, in mechanical engagement with a biopsy or acupuncture needle device and a method for its use for diagnosis of small e.g. 100 microns, tumors via the production of magnetic resonance elastographic images (MRE),... Agent:

20110178391 - System and method for ultrasound therapy treatment: A system and method for treating tissue, such as treating prostate diseases, using an ultrasound therapy system. An ultrasonic applicator (100) has at least one transducer element (102). The steering and focusing of ultrasound beams uses at least one variable focus lens, which may be a fluid focus lens (10),... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110178392 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: According to one embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes a storage unit configured to store data of a series of slice images associated with a region including a target region of an object, a first rest period specifying unit configured to specify a first rest period based on a change... Agent:

20110178393 - Process for the preparation of aqueous solutions of hyperpolarized molecules: The invention relates to a one-step process for the preparation of aqueous solutions of hyperpolarized molecules in which, in a single step, the said hyperpolarized molecules are separated from the crude solution by means of a fast phase-transfer extraction and isolated in an impurity-free aqueous solution, ready for use in... Agent: Bracco Imaging S.p.a.

20110178394 - System and method for point-based rigid registration with anisotropic weighting: Systems and methods for performing computer-assisted procedures are provided. In the systems and methods, a current rigid transformation is applied to a first set of points with respect to a second set of poi s to obtain a current transformed set of points. Thereafter, a linearized transformation is determined that... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20110178395 - Imaging method and system: Imaging systems and methods are provided herein. An imaging system for imaging a surgical site, may include a macroscopic visualization system; and an imaging apparatus with a probe, the imaging apparatus being adapted to image the observational field and generate second image data; wherein the system is operable to control... Agent: Optiscan Pty Ltd.

20110178396 - Nicotinamide derivatives: A compound comprising a pyridine carboxamide structure, for use in imaging or treating melanoma, is described. An aromatic ring in the structure is substituted with a radiohalogen atom and the substitution on the amide nitrogen atom is such that the compound binds to melanin.... Agent: Crc For Biomedical Imaging Development Ltd.

20110178397 - Device and procedure for the diagnosis or diagnostic preparation and/or therapy monitoring of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis: A first aspect of the invention relates to a device for a diagnosis and/or therapy monitoring of inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. It comprises at least a rest or support device (1) for holding at least one extremity (11) of a person. Thereby, the support device has the task... Agent: Mivenion Gmbh

20110178398 - Method and apparatus for imaging of vessel segments: An apparatus, method and software arrangement for imaging a surface of a structure that is in contact with an opaque fluid is provided. The apparatus includes an article of manufacture (e.g., a housing), a fluid delivery arrangement and an imaging arrangement. The housing includes an aperture formed in the article... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20110178399 - Occlusion device for vascular surgery: An occlusion device for vascular surgery, suitable for clogging treatments of vascular entry sites and for endovascular interventions such as embolizations of blood vessels, treatment of arteriovenous malformations or small aneurysms, arterial dissections and the like, by releasing in an operation region a quick setting surgical glue or haemostatic fluid,... Agent:

20110178401 - Biological information acquisition apparatus: A biological information acquisition apparatus and a biological information acquisition method, both capable of radiating a uniform and efficient light to the whole living body tissue as an object of the detection are provided. The biological information acquisition apparatus of the present invention includes a light source and an acoustic... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110178400 - Imaging with multiple aperture medical ultrasound and synchronization of add-on systems: The benefits of a multi-aperture ultrasound probe can be achieved with add-on devices. Synchronization and correlation of echoes from multiple transducer elements located in different arrays is essential to the successful processing of multiple aperture imaging. The algorithms disclosed here teach methods to successfully process these signals when the transmission... Agent: Maui Imaging, Inc.

20110178402 - Ultrasonic measurement of ph in fluids: The present invention pertains to new methods and apparatuses for the determination of pH of a fluid. Applicants have discovered that ultrasonic spectrophonometry (the study and measurement of acoustic spectra) can be used to distinguish conformational changes of albumin and red blood cells in response to pH. In accordance with... Agent: Mcgill University

20110178403 - Methods and devices to target vascular targets with high intensity focused ultrasound: An ultrasonic applicator unit (2) is used diagnostically to locate a puncture wound (316) in an artery and then therapeutically to seal the puncture wound with high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). A control unit (6) coupled to the applicator unit includes a processor (74) that automates the procedure, controlling various... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20110178405 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and image processing apparatus for ultrasonic diagnosis: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus including means that acquires a three-dimensional ultrasonic signal of an internal organ of an examinee, means that sets a direction of a two-dimensional standard cross-section of the internal organ; means that adjusts display parameter of an image of a site which an examinee intends to observe,... Agent:

20110178404 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method of displaying ultrasonic image: The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus is provided with an RF signal frame data storing unit (20) that stores a predetermined range of RF signal frame data based on the reflected echo signals received by the reception unit (4), an RF signal frame data selecting unit (21) that selects the RF signal... Agent:

20110178406 - Methods and apparatus for hprf doppler ultrasonic imaging: A method for High Pulse Repeat Frequency (HPRF) Doppler ultrasonic imaging comprises: collecting parameters including a selected PRF level, real sample volume depth and sampling gate size; setting a selectable PRF range according to a standard PRF value corresponding to the selected PRF level; evaluating each PRF successively selected from... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110178407 - Hard and soft backing for medical ultrasound transducer array: A transducer for multiple purposes is provided. Different backings are used for different elements of a same array. The different backings optimize the respective elements for the desired use. A soft backing (e.g., Z=3 Mrayl) is used behind some elements for ultrasound imaging. A hard backing (e.g., Z=100 MRayl) is... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110178408 - Accurate low-cost non-invasive body fat measurement: Systems and methods for measuring fat content of a body are provided. An instrument may be employed that generates light with different center wavelengths without the use of narrow optical band-pass filters and without the use of any light diffusing material. The instrument may include at least two different center... Agent: Futrex, Inc.

20110178411 - Method for determining skin glycation: A method for the measurement and analysis of skin fluorescence across multiple subjects. The method includes illuminating each subject with an excitation wavelength, detecting a peak fluorescence level within a corresponding emission wavelength range, determining relative levels of skin glycation for each subject, and evaluating the efficacy of a skin... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20110178410 - Method of quantitative analysis utilizing multiphoton microscopy: The present invention utilizes multiphoton microscopy for a quantitative analysis of a bio tissue or a skin. Multiphoton microscopy is characterized in low invasion, low photo damage and high penetration. Hence, scanning through multiphoton microscopy does not hurt the bio tissue. It is thus fit for scanning live bio tissues... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110178409 - Optical element: A microscope, endoscope or optical coherence tomograph, comprising a light source, a flexible light transmitter (18) for receiving and transmitting light from the light source, an optical element (20) with a forward end (30) for receiving the light from the light transmitter (18) and a rear wall (26) having an... Agent: Optiscan Pty Ltd

20110178412 - Cancerous or pre-cancerous tissue visualization method and device: producing a weighted fluorescence intensity image by weighting the intensity values contained in the pixels of the fluorescence intensity image with weighting factors obtained by evaluation of the weighting function at the lifetime values contained in corresponding pixels of the fluorescence lifetime image.... Agent: Centre De Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann

20110178413 - Intravascular optical coherence tomography system with pressure monitoring interface and accessories: An optical coherence tomography system and method with integrated pressure measurement. In one embodiment the system includes an interferometer including: a wavelength swept laser; a source arm in communication with the wavelength swept laser; a reference arm in communication with a reference reflector; a first photodetector having a signal output;... Agent:

20110178414 - Giological information detector and biological information measuring device: A biological information detector includes a light-emitting part, a light-receiving part, a reflecting part, and a substrate. The light-receiving part is for receiving light having biological information, where the light is emitted by the light-emitting part and reflected at a detection site of a test subject. The reflecting part is... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110178415 - Continuous, non-invasive, optical blood pressure monitoring system: The invention comprises a system of wearable devices that collectively allow for the continuous, non-invasive, measurement and monitoring of blood pressure, without the use of an inflatable cuff. The system incorporates: 1) An optical module, which is comprised of a coherent source of light, a semi-transparent hologram, microscope optics for... Agent:

20110178416 - Devices and methods for control of blood pressure: Apparatus and methods are described including an implantable device shaped to define (a) at least two artery-contact regions, the artery-contact regions comprising struts that are configured to stretch an arterial wall by applying pressure to the arterial wall, and (b) at least two crimping regions that comprise locking mechanisms configured... Agent: Vascular Dynamics Inc.

20110178417 - Methods for determining fractional flow reserve: Devices, systems, and methods for determining fractional flow reserve. At least one method for determining fractional flow reserve of the present disclosure comprises the steps positioning a device comprising at least two sensors within a luminal organ at or near a stenosis, wherein the at least two sensors are separated... Agent:

20110178418 - System and method for determining blood flow: A method of diagnosis is disclosed. The method comprises: acquiring an absolute component and a phase component of an input signal indicative of an impedance of an organ of a subject; determining baseline blood flow of the subject based on the phase component; determining transient changes in blood flow based... Agent: Cheetah Medical, Inc.

20110178419 - Tracheal tube with pressure monitoring lumen and method for using the same: According to various embodiments, methods and systems for determining pressure in the lungs may employ tracheal pressure measurements. The tracheal pressure measurements may be obtained through a pressure monitoring lumen associated with a tracheal tube. Such systems may include a purging or flushing mechanism to keep the pressure monitoring lumen... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110178420 - Methods and apparatuses for improving breath alcohol testing: Some embodiments of the present invention provide methods and apparatuses for improving the performance and utility of breath alcohol measurements through the use of multivariate spectroscopy. In some embodiments, the spectroscopic breath measurement can be combined with multivariate spectroscopic tissue alcohol and/or tissue biometric measurements in order to overcome the... Agent:

20110178422 - Intracerebral information measuring device: An intracerebral information measuring device which can be mounted on the head of a subject by simple surgery and which attains measurement of low invasion, high sensitivity, and high resolution is provided. An internally mounted unit is composed of a probe to be inserted in the brain through a hole... Agent: National University Corporation Nara Institute Of Science And Technology

20110178421 - Method and device for evaluating an intensive eeg or an eeg during anaesthesia: The invention relates to a method and a device for evaluating an intensive EEG or an EEG during anaesthesia, according to which time domain and/or frequency range parameters are determined from the EEG graphs (112), the determined parameters being used in multivariate classification functions and the intensive EEG or EEG... Agent:

20110178423 - Estrus detection device: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a device and method for identifying estrus in production animals by detecting one or more standing mounts with a single device.... Agent:

20110178424 - Specimen collection container having a transitional fill-volume indicator indicating extraction method: A specimen collection container having a transitional fill-volume indicator is disclosed. The specimen collection container includes an open top end, a closed bottom end, and a sidewall extending therebetween defining an interior. The specimen collection container includes a transitional fill-volume indicator adjacent the sidewall, such that the container defines a... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110178425 - Multi-functional and modular urine collection system: Multi-functional urine collection devices, embodiments of which can include a self-expanding container having a receptacle for receiving urine from the tubing, a pump for moving urine through the tubing and into a receptacle, extendable tubing that may be shortened and/or lengthened, and/or one or more meters for monitoring, measuring, transmitting... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110178426 - Phlebotomy device having temperature sensor for detecting flashback: A phlebotomy device includes a needle defining a lumen and having a proximal end portion and a distal end portion. The distal end portion includes a sharpened tip configured to pierce tissue. The phlebotomy device further includes a sensor disposed at least partially within the lumen. The sensor has a... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110178427 - Flashback blood collection needle: A needle assembly includes a transparent or translucent housing with a fluid inlet and outlet end, a flashback chamber, and a venting mechanism therebetween. The venting mechanism includes a blocking member to control the fluid flow in the venting mechanism so that it flows along the longest path through the... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110178428 - Intra-oral container for accommodating an electronic device: An intra-oral container comprises at least one region for accommodating an electronic device, wherein the container is curved and is shaped to be fitted in at least a portion of a space formed by a lower jaw of a recipient, wherein at least a portion of the container is displaceable... Agent:

20110178433 - Sensor strip positioning mechanism: A blood sample test device has a continuous strip sensor which is advanced through the device so that multiple blood sample tests can be conducted on a single strip. The device is provided with a sprocket having an encoder which engages sprocket holes on the strip to precisely control the... Agent: Becton Dickinson And Company

20110178435 - System and method for breaking a sterility seal to engage a lancet: An integrated lancing test strip includes a test strip and a lancet packet coupled to the test strip. The lancet packet includes a sterility sheet enclosing a lancet to maintain the sterility of the lancet and prevent cross-contamination between the test strip and the lancet. The sterility sheet allows the... Agent:

20110178429 - Vacuum assisted lancing system and method for blood extraction with minimal pain: A lancing system can include a device body having a sealing device coupled to a lancing end, a lancing shaft slideably coupled to the lancing end, a lancing spring coupled to the lancing shaft, a release mechanism, a main shaft slideably coupled with a free end of the device body... Agent:

20110178432 - Vacuum assisted lancing system with bidirectional mechanism and method for blood extraction with minimal pain: A lancing system can include a device body having a lancing end and a free end, a lancing shaft having an actuating end, a stop coupled to the body, a lancing spring coupled to the lancing shaft, a main shaft having an actuating end, and a shaft coupler having at... Agent:

20110178430 - Vacuum assisted lancing system with controlled rate and method for blood extraction with minimal pain: A lancing system can include a first device body having a lancing end and a free end, the lancing end including a sealing device, a lancing assembly having a lance coupler slideably coupled with the lancing end, a main shaft slideably coupled with the body, a first piston disposed within... Agent:

20110178431 - Vacuum assisted lancing system with depth controller and method for blood extraction with minimal pain: A lancing system can include a device body having a lancing end, a lancing mechanism including a lancing shaft slideably coupled with the lancing end of the body, a main shaft slideably coupled with the body and having an actuating end disposed inside the body, a piston coupled to the... Agent:

20110178434 - Vacuum assisted lancing system with system and method for blood extraction and masking pain: A method of masking pain resulting from a lancing system can include moving a first portion and a second portion of a lancing assembly in a first direction, stopping the first portion of the lancing assembly from further moving in the first direction, thereby causing a first vibration, allowing the... Agent:

20110178436 - Medical guidewire: There is provided a medical guidewire which reduces the resistance with a curved guiding catheter, and has improved durability that can keep the resistance reduced for a long time. A core shaft of the medical guidewire has a second cylindrical part, with a smaller diameter than that of a coiled... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20110178437 - Hormonal quotient profile calculator: A hand held device (10) for measuring automatically the Hormonal Quotient and correlated hormonal status of an individual, providing a measure of index finger for ring finger. The device (10) includes a base (30) upon which a concentrically arranged disc (40) is rotatable mounted by a central fastener (11). The... Agent: Dervalresearch

20110178438 - Implantable microphone device: An implantable microphone device is provided. The device comprises a hermetically sealed housing (3) having an internal cavity (2). The internal cavity (2) has a microphone assembly arranged to receive sound waves originating from external the housing (3). The device further comprises a pressure sensor arrangement, arranged to detect and... Agent:

20110178439 - A palate retainer with attached nasopharyngeal airway extender for use in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: A medical appliance for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in a patient, the appliance comprising: a securing device configured to be removably affixed to the patient's jaw; and a biasing member which is insertable behind the soft palate and/or the base of the patient's tongue, thereby providing for the... Agent:

20110178440 - Palpation method of the physioreproductive stages of the uterus: A method to palpate cows or heifers which includes determining the natural state of consistency of the uterus to determine the size of the uterus to know the physio-reproductive status of the uterus, touching the uterus by sliding the hand on the uterus from the base of the horns towards... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110172485 - Catheter assembly for delivering a radiation source into a body cavity: A catheter assembly for delivering a radiation source into a body cavity includes a catheter shaft having a distal end and a proximal end. An inflatable balloon is coupled to the catheter shaft between the distal end and the proximal end. A dose delivery lumen extends along the catheter shaft... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20110172486 - Magnetic microbubbles, methods of preparing them and their uses: The invention provides a method of preparing a suspension of microbubbles for use in a carrier liquid, wherein the microbubbles have a gas core and a liquid shell, said liquid shell comprising magnetic nanoparticles, and wherein the microbubbles satisfy the following conditions: (i) the force due to buoyancy (FBW) of... Agent:

20110172487 - Warming therapy device including modular humidification system: An apparatus and method for performing warming therapy is described. In one exemplary embodiment, the apparatus includes a base (12) for supporting a medical patient and a humidifier module (26) removably coupled to the base (12). The humidifier module (26) may include a main reservoir (50) and an evaporator reservoir... Agent: Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

20110172488 - Medico-surgical devices: An embryo replacement catheter has a flexible extruded shaft of a transparent polyurethane with a bore extending along its length. Gas bubbles of a diameter in the range 5μ to 10μ are incorporated into the thickness of the wall of the shaft by adding gas during extrusion. The bubbles are... Agent: Smiths Group PLC

20110172489 - Apparatus for applying traction to a penis: An apparatus (1) for applying traction to a penis, comprising a base member (10), a glans' retaining member (20) and a telescoping connection member (30 is disclosed.... Agent:

20110172490 - Insertion portion holder, endoscope apparatus, and method of bundling insertion portion: An insertion portion holder includes a plane portion formed in a flat shape with an elastic member, the plane portion including: a first through hole formed on the plane portion, for passing therethrough an insertion portion having flexibility extended from an endoscope operation portion; and a second through hole formed... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110172491 - Detachable balloon catheter: The disclosure relates to a device and method such as for treatment of a gastrointestinal perforation and a gastrointestinal bleeding. The device can be a balloon catheter that controls bleeding by pressing on a bleeding area or/and prevents the gastrointestinal contents trespassing outside a gastrointestinal lumen into a body cavity... Agent: Macroplata, Inc.

20110172492 - Medical apparatus and endoscope apparatus: A medical apparatus includes a plurality of illumination windows which are disposed in a tip portion of an insertion unit to be inserted into a subject body and which emit light beams supplied from a plurality of light sources and having different spectra toward the subject body. The plurality of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110172493 - Wound retractor with gel cap: An incrementally adjustable wound retractor, which provides access to a body cavity, includes an inner ring having a diameter greater than the desired diameter of the wound incision, an outer ring having an annular axis and a diameter greater than the desired diameter of the wound incision, and a flexible... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20110172494 - Surgical retractor with curved rotating blades: Various embodiments of the present invention provide a surgical retractor having two blade-supporting arms, which are mounted to be laterally slideable towards and apart from each other by a toothed rack. Each arm supports a respective retractor blade. In some embodiments, the retractor blades are curved in the same direction... Agent: Tedan Surgical

20110172495 - Surgical retractor: A biocompatible deformable retractor provides desired advanced organ retaining during surgical procedures. The retractor is generally self-retaining once deployed and provides surgical field without the interference from the retained organs. The deployed retractor may adopt convex, planar, or concave configurations inside a body cavity. The retractor comprises a deformable resilient... Agent:

20110172496 - Device for transaxillary breast augmentation and associated method: Embodiments of the present invention provide a medical device and a method for use with a surgical procedure such as a breast augmentation procedure for facilitating the insertion of a breast implant. For example, one embodiment provides a medical device including a U-shaped member comprising a first portion having a... Agent:

20110172502 - Diary/planner for breast surgery preparation and method: A breast augmentation or reconstruction surgery diary/planner and method includes a binder including a information section, disposed in said binder, regarding what a patient needs to know regarding surgical risks a self assessment form, disposed in said binder, for completion by said patient in order to facilitate discussion between a... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110172500 - Method of obtaining a desired state in a subject: A method of obtaining a desired state in (22) a subject comprises measuring one or more physiological parameters of the subject (12), calculating, using the measured parameter (s), a value (38), determining if the calculated value (38) is to be modified, modifying the calculated value, if the determination is that... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110172499 - Remote patient management system adapted for generating an assessment content element: The invention provides for remote patient management system comprising a computing device comprising a processor. The computing device further comprises a computer-readable storage medium containing instructions that when executed cause the processor to perform a method of calculating an assessment score. The assessment score measures the effect of a content... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110172498 - Spot check monitor credit system: A spot check credit system advantageously includes various embodiments for obtaining authorization or payment for each measurement, groups of measurements, times of measurement or the like. In an embodiment, the system utilizes a server that communicates web pages over a computer network. In an embodiment, the system utilizes a digital... Agent:

20110172501 - System and methods for measuring biomarker profiles: The present invention relates to methods and systems for diagnosing patients with affective disorders. The methods are also useful for predicting the susceptibility for an affective disorder in a subject.... Agent:

20110172497 - System, method and computer program for weight, lifestyle and/or disease management integrating nutrition, exercise and behaviour management: A system, method and computer program for integrated, personalized disease management is provided. The method involves capturing individual attributes, analyzing the individual attributes to establish an individual classification for an individual, and based on the individual classification for the individual assigning automatically a program template for disease management of the... Agent:

20110172505 - Cardiovascular analyzer: The present invention relates to a cardiovascular diagnostic system which enables early detection of cardiovascular diseases and defines their causes. Unlike known electrocardiographs, the cardiovascular diagnosis system can further measure elastic coefficient of blood vessels (the degree of arteriosclerosis), blood vessel compliance, blood flow, and blood flow resistance and velocity... Agent: Irumedi Co., Ltd.

20110172504 - Multivariate residual-based health index for human health monitoring: Ambulatory or in-hospital monitoring of patients is provided with early warning and prioritization, enabling proactive intervention and amelioration of both costs and risks of health care. Multivariate physiological parameters are estimated by empirical model to remove normal variation. Residuals are tested using a multivariate probability density function to provide a... Agent: Venture Gain LLC

20110172503 - Physiological data collection system: A physiological data collection system that includes a recorder box having a memory device. The recorder box is in communication with a plurality of external sensors and a plurality of internal sensors. The physiological data collection system further includes a speaker and a controller, each in communication with the recorder... Agent: Sunrise Medical Hhg, Inc.

20110172506 - Method and apparatus for portably measuring calorie consumption using idc sensor: Disclosed is a method for portably measuring calories, the method including determining if an electric field is formed through an Inter-Digital Capacitor (IDC) sensor in contact with skin; extracting an amount of sweat generated from the skin using the formed electric field; and measuring the calories using the extracted resultant... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110172507 - Textile composite material comprising nanofiber nonwoven: Among others, the present invention provides an absorbent textile composite material which comprises a flexible carrier layer and an active layer connected with the carrier layer, wherein the active layer comprises a nanofiber nonwoven optionally filled with a superabsorbent.... Agent: Sns Nano Fiber Technology, LLC

20110172508 - Sampling device interfaces: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for delivering and/or withdrawing a substance or substances such as blood or interstitial fluid, from subjects, e.g., from the skin and/or from beneath the skin. In one aspect, the present invention is generally directed to devices and methods for withdrawing or... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20110172509 - Examination of biological tissue using non-contact optical probes: An optical system for examination of biological tissue includes a light source, a light detector, optics and electronics. The light source generates a light beam to be transmitted to the biological tissue spaced apart from the source. The light detector is located away (i.e., in a non-contact position) from the... Agent:

20110172510 - Rapid delivery and/or withdrawal of fluids: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for delivering and/or withdrawing a substance or substances such as blood or interstitial fluid, from subjects, e.g., from the skin and/or from beneath the skin. In one aspect, the present invention is generally directed to devices and methods for withdrawing or... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20110172513 - Biological information imaging apparatus: The biological information imaging apparatus includes an acoustic wave detector 107 that detects an acoustic wave that is generated from a light absorber 105 and converts it to a first electrical signal; a photo-detector 110 that detects intensities of the light corresponding to a plurality of propagation distances of the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110172512 - Method and system for magnetic induction tomography: The invention relates to a method and a system for magnetic induction tomography, the system comprising: at least one transmitting coil for generating a primary magnetic field to be applied to the object of interest; and at least one measurement coil arrangement for measuring electric signals induced by a secondary... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110172511 - Opto-acoustic imaging devices and methods: In one aspect, the invention relates to a probe. The probe includes a sheath, a flexible, bi-directionally rotatable, optical subsystem positioned within the sheath, the optical subsystem comprising a transmission fiber, the optical subsystem capable of transmitting and collecting light of a predetermined range of wavelengths along a first beam... Agent: Lightlab Imaging, Inc.

20110172514 - Method for increasing the robustness of computer-aided diagnosis to image processing uncertainties: A classifier (20) is trained by a feature matrix (18, 18′) made up of feature vectors (F11, . . . , Fkm). The feature vectors are generated by operating on each of a plurality (k) of training image data sets with each of a plurality (m) of image processing algorithms... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110172515 - Dynamic correction of high frequency adjustment during parallel transmission: The present embodiments relate to a system and a method for operating an imaging system, where a plurality of subvolumes of an examination volume of an examination object to be examined with the system is examined. The examination volume is assembled from the plurality of subvolumes, where to examine the... Agent:

20110172516 - Medical image diagnostic apparatus and medical image display apparatus: A medical image diagnostic apparatus has an imaging unit that images volume data of a region-of-interest of an object, an extracting unit that extracts a characteristic point from the volume data; and, a generating unit that generates an observation sectional image from the volume data using the characteristic point and... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110172517 - Method for determining information used as the basis for calculating a radiotherapy treatment plan and combined magnetic resonance imaging/pet device: A method for determining information used as the basis for calculating a radiotherapy treatment plan. In at least one embodiment, the method includes essentially simultaneous capture of PET data and magnetic resonance imaging data using a combined magnetic resonance imaging/PET device and determination of at least one magnetic resonance imaging... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110172518 - Method for non-invasive measurement of cardiac output: A comparatively light and compact permanent magnet arrangement for an MRI apparatus has a pair of opposed permanent magnet arrays with a shimming system to adjust the uniformity and strength of a magnetic field in a central chamber of the apparatus. The MRI apparatus is used to examine the extremities... Agent:

20110172521 - Implantable doppler tomography system: The inventive implantable Doppler tomography system allows, for the first time, the use of Doppler shift for purposes of tracking cardiac wall motion. The present inventive Doppler tomography system methods and devices provide a critical new tool in the physician's armamentarium which provides accurate, real time monitoring of the mechanical... Agent:

20110172520 - Multifilar cable catheter: A balloon catheter device includes a multifilar tube shaft having a shaft lumen. A shaft lumen coating is provided on a surface of the multifilar tube shaft and extends from a proximal end of the multifilar tube shaft and terminates before a distal end of the multifilar tube shaft. An... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20110172519 - Systems, devices and methods employing fiber optic shape tracking: The present invention provides systems, devices, and methods employing fiber optic shape and position tracking. The systems, devices, and methods permit measurement of and continuous tracking of the shape and position of objects whose shape dynamically changes with time. Applications include tracking and monitoring of endoscopes for diagnostic and surgical... Agent: Tufts University

20110172522 - Device for creating database of alternative normal brain: CPU 12 reads out the bloodstream associated values of target voxel of subject's standardized brain bloodstream images (step S34). CPU 12 sorts the bloodstream associated values in descending order (step S35). CPU 12 rejects bloodstream associated values that are ranked top 10% and bottom 40% (step S36). When the subjects... Agent: Nihon Medi-physics Co., Ltd.

20110172524 - Infusion systems including computer-facilitated maintenance and/or operation and methods of use: Methods for setting up, maintaining and operating a radiopharmaceutical infusion system, that includes a radioisotope generator, are facilitated by a computer of the system. The computer includes pre-programmed instructions and a computer interface, for interaction with a user of the system, for example, in order to track contained volumes of... Agent: Bracco Diagnostics Inc.

20110172523 - Surface enhanced spectroscopy-active composite nanoparticles: Submicron-sized particles or labels that can be covalently or non-covalently affixed to entities of interest for the purpose of quantification, location, identification, tracking, and diagnosis, are described.... Agent: Oxonica, Inc.

20110172525 - Inductively coupled injector faceplate: A powerhead (120) of a power injector is disclosed that allows for wireless interconnection with devices mounted to the powerhead (120). A faceplate (122) may be mounted to the powerhead (120). The faceplate (122) may allow for the installation of a syringe (144) thereto. The faceplate (122) may receive power... Agent:

20110172526 - Feature tracking using ultrasound: Various implementations of the invention provide techniques and supporting systems that facilitate real-time or near-real-time ultrasound tracking for the purpose of calculating changes in anatomical features during a medical procedure. More specifically, anatomical features within a patient undergoing a medical procedure are tracked by obtaining temporally-distinct three dimensional ultrasound images... Agent:

20110172529 - Flow directed heating of nervous structures: In some examples, nerves surrounding arteries or leading to organs are targeted with energy sources to correct or modulate physiologic processes. In some examples, different types of energy sources are utilized singly or combined with one another. In some examples, bioactive agents or devices activated by the energy sources are... Agent:

20110172528 - Systems and methods for treatment using ultrasonic energy: In some examples, nerves surrounding arteries or leading to organs are targeted with energy sources to correct or modulate physiologic processes. In some examples, different types of energy sources are utilized singly or combined with one another. In some examples, bioactive agents or devices activated by the energy sources are... Agent:

20110172527 - Systems for externally delivered energy to modulate neural structures: In some examples, nerves surrounding arteries or leading to organs are targeted with energy sources to correct or modulate physiologic processes. In some examples, different types of energy sources are utilized singly or combined with one another. In some examples, bioactive agents or devices activated by the energy sources are... Agent:

20110172530 - Visual imaging system for ultrasonic probe: A non-invasive visual imaging system is provided, wherein the imaging system procures an image of a transducer position during diagnostic or therapeutic treatment. In addition, the system suitably provides for the transducer to capture patient information, such as acoustic, temperature, or ultrasonic images. For example, an ultrasonic image captured by... Agent: Ardent Sound, Inc.

20110172532 - Automatic adjustment of scan angle, scan depth and scan speed in an ultrasound system: An ultrasound system includes an ultrasound data acquisition unit, which is responsive to predetermined scan angle, scan depth and scan speed, configured to repeatedly transmit an ultrasound signal to a target object and receive an ultrasound echo reflected from the target object to form a plurality of ultrasound frame data... Agent: Medison Co., Ltd.

20110172536 - Generation of standard protocols for review of 3d ultrasound image data: An ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system (10) is described which records expert, review of a 3D image data set, including image plane and view manipulation (36), annotation, and measurements, for the purpose of generating automated review protocols for 3D ultrasound image acquisitions. The ability to provide a standardised 3D review protocol... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110172534 - Providing at least one slice image based on at least three points in an ultrasound system: Embodiments for providing at least one slice image based on at least three points are disclosed. In one embodiment, by way of non-limiting example, an ultrasound system comprises: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to transmit and receive ultrasound signals to and from a target object to output ultrasound data;... Agent: Medison Co., Ltd.

20110172535 - System and method for 3-d imaging: A system and method for recording and depicting ultrasound images of a moving object are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, ultrasound images are acquired as the field of view of an ultrasound probe is advanced across the tissues of interest during a resting period between periods of relatively large-scale heart... Agent: Hansen Medical, Inc.

20110172533 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and ultrasonic image processing apparatus: According to one embodiment, a ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus comprises an ultrasonic scanning unit configured to scan a region including at least part of a liver of an object with an ultrasonic wave and acquire an echo signal associated with the liver, an image generating unit configured to generate an ultrasonic... Agent:

20110172531 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, and medical image diagnosis apparatus: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus includes an ultrasonic probe, an ultrasonic transmission/reception unit, a volume data generating unit, a projected image generating unit, a two dimensional region-of-interest setting unit, a specifying unit, a calculation unit and a three-dimensional region-of-interest determination unit. The specifying unit specifies cells on... Agent:

20110172537 - Ultrasound probe and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: The present embodiment relates to an ultrasound probe having a first ultrasound vibrator group and a second ultrasound vibrator group, comprising a plurality of matrix switches and an adder. The ultrasound probe has a mode to send ultrasound to a predetermined observation point within a subject by the first ultrasound... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110172538 - Displacement measurement method and apparatus, and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: An accurate real-time measurement of a displacement vector is achieved on the basis of the proper beamforming that require a short time for obtaining one echo data frame without suffering affections by a tissue motion. The displacement measurement method includes the steps of: (a) yielding ultrasound echo data frames by... Agent:

20110172540 - Fetal heart monitoring: Fetal heart rate monitoring using ultrasound by means of a transducer in contact with the maternal abdomen. The transducer (11) is driven by a transmit amplifier (12), a receive amplifier (13) amplifies the echoes detected by the transducer. While the receive gate is open, demodulator (14) multiplies the received signal... Agent:

20110172539 - System and method for modelling left ventricle of heart: The embodiments herein provide a method and a system for modeling left ventricle of heart for echocardiography machines. The method comprising the steps of taking a test case for performing echocardiography by a cardiac machine, obtaining echocardiography data from a plurality of myocardial segments, applying mathematical formulas for assumptions based... Agent:

20110172541 - Handheld force-controlled ultrasound probe: A handheld ultrasound probe includes force detection and feedback to permit control and/or characterization of applied forces. The probe may, for example, be operated to maintain a substantially constant applied force over a period of use independent of a user's hand position, or to measure applied forces that might contribute... Agent:

20110172542 - Ultrasound guided echogenic catheter and related methods: Described are methods and apparatus for ultrasound guidance of a tool for a clinical procedure performed upon a subject, wherein the improvement includes a catheter having an echogenic structure disposed in a distal portion of the catheter, which increases the echogenicity of the catheter.... Agent: Custom Medical Applications, Inc.

20110172543 - Multipurpose host system for invasive cardiovascular diagnostic measurement acquisition and display: An ultrasound catheter is described herein for insertion into a cavity such as a blood vessel to facilitate imaging within a vasculature. The catheter comprises an elongate flexible shaft, a capacitive microfabricated ultrasonic transducer, and a sonic reflector. The elongate flexible shaft has a proximate end and a distal end.... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20110172544 - Method for continuous baroreflex sensitivity measurement: A medical device and method for determining baroreflex sensitivity (BRS) based on one or more respiration cycles. The BRS determination may be performed continuously based on measurements of heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration cycles.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110172545 - Active physical perturbations to enhance intelligent medical monitoring: Tools and techniques for enhancing intelligent medical monitoring, and in particular monitoring that employs models for estimating and/or predicting physiological conditions. In an aspect, some of these tools and techniques employ active physical perturbation of a test subject (or patient), to induce physiological changes in the subject. By monitoring one... Agent:

20110172546 - Arterial-wall stiffness evaluation system: An arterial-wall stiffness evaluation system of the present invention includes: a cuff to be attached to a part of a living body; a pressure sensor for detecting pressure in the cuff; a cuff-pressure control section for controlling the pressure in the cuff to be increased or decreased up to a... Agent:

20110172547 - Wrist sphygmomanometer: A wrist sphygmomanometer includes an operation unit operable by a user. A manometer measures blood pressure. A detector detects the posture of the user. A storage stores an optimum posture for the user. A comparator compares the posture detected by the detector and the optimum posture stored beforehand in the... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110172548 - System and method for diagnosing and monitoring congestive heart failure: A system for diagnosing and monitoring congestive heart failure for automated remote patient care is presented. A database stores a plurality of monitoring sets relating to patient information recorded on a substantially continuous basis. A server retrieving and processing the monitoring sets includes a comparison module determining patient status changes... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20110172549 - Heart rate and an electrocardiogram monitoring system capable of operating under sweaty, high motion and under water environments: This innovation describes a heart rate and an electro cardiogram (ECG) monitoring system capable of operating under sweaty, high motion conditions and under water environments. The system is tailor made for wearers physical parameters. The system, is capable of wireless transmission of heart rate, ECG via mobile and land line... Agent:

20110172550 - Uspa: systems and methods for ems device communication interface: A system for supplementing communications capabilities of a patient monitoring device, the system including a card fitting within a device slot and configured to receive patient monitoring information from the device via the interface slot; a memory device hosted by the card and configured to store patient monitoring information; a... Agent:

20110172552 - Acoustic sleep apnea monitor: The present invention discloses an apparatus and method for monitoring an individual for an irregular respiratory event. The present invention discloses a sleep apnea monitor for monitoring an individual for an apneic event. The monitor includes a microphone for detecting tracheal sounds related to respiration so that irregular lengths of... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20110172551 - Bidirectional physiological information display: A patient monitor for displaying a physiological signal can include a visual element having a middle portion indicative of a transition in the physiological signal between physiological states. The visual element can also include first and second extremity portions, the first extremity portion extending from the middle portion in a... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20110172554 - Patient entry recording in an epilepsy monitoring system: Systems and methods for monitoring a patient are provided. The system includes: an implantable sensor adapted to collect neurological signals; an implantable assembly configured to sample the neurological signals collected by the sensor; and a rechargeable external assembly configured to wirelessly receive the sampled neurological signals from the implantable assembly,... Agent:

20110172553 - Qeeg statistical low resolution tomographic analysis: A system and method for analyzing electrophysical signals produced by a brain involves comparing a first selected one of the numerical values to control data including one of a self-norm and a population-norm associated with electrophysical activity in a brain region corresponding to a brain region of origin of the... Agent: New York University

20110172555 - Method for diagnosing a disease state using ocular characteristics: A method for diagnosing a disease state in a subject, including examining the subject's eyes in order to determine whether the subject exhibits one or more symptoms of the disease state. Symptoms of the disease state include altered ocular characteristics, such as pupil size, pupil motility, ocular blood vessel coloration,... Agent: Eye Marker Systems, Inc.

20110172556 - System and method for quantifying and mapping visual salience: A system for quantifying and mapping visual salience to a visual stimulus, including a processor, software for receiving data indicative of a group of individual's ocular responses to a visual stimulus, software for determining a distribution of visual resources at each of at least two times for each of at... Agent:

20110172557 - Frictional trans-epithelial tissue disruption collection apparatus and method of inducing an immune response: In an embodiment of the invention, a frictional tissue sampling device with a head designed to be rotated without rotating off the designated site can be used to obtain tissue biopsy samples. A frictional tissue sampling device with a head designed to be rotated without rotating off the designated site... Agent: Histologics LLC

20110172558 - Catheter with distal and proximal ports: A catheter system including a collection member having an occlusion member and collection ports. At least one collection port being located distal to the occlusion member, and least one collection port being located proximal to the occlusion member.... Agent: Osprey Medical, Inc.

20110172559 - Lancet analyte sensors and methods of manufacturing: In some aspects, an analyte sensor is provided for obtaining and detecting an analyte concentration level in a bio-fluid sample. The analyte sensor has a sensor body including a semiconductor material, an active region coupled to the sensor body, and a lancet provided on the analyte sensor. The conductor may... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20110172560 - Method and apparatus for collecting and preparing biological samples for testing: A kit and a method are disclosed for collecting and preparing a biological sample for testing where the sample is to be mixed with a buffer prior to being tested.... Agent:

20110172561 - Physiological acoustic monitoring system: An acoustic monitoring system has an acoustic front-end, a first signal path from the acoustic front-end directly to an audio transducer and a second signal path from the acoustic front-end to an acoustic data processor via an analog-to-digital converter. The acoustic front-end receives an acoustic sensor signal responsive to body... Agent:

20110172563 - Apparatus and method for measuring the dimensions of the palpable surface of the prostate: A method and system for measuring the size of the palpable surface of the prostate in the physician's office. In one embodiment a membrane with a grid pattern is located proximate the prostate. A physician moves a measurement system, formed at the end of the index finger and located in... Agent: Medicametrix, Inc.

20110172562 - Automated calibration of posture state classification for a medical device: Techniques relate to operating a medical device by classifying a detected posture state of a patient. This classification may be performed by comparing the detected posture state of the patient to posture state definitions available within the system. Each definition may be described in terms of a parameter (e.g., vector)... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110172566 - Biological skeletal system monitoring: A method of monitoring target tissue of a biological skeletal system. The method comprises applying a mechanical excitation to a portion of the biological skeletal system to generate a mechanical wave that passes through the target tissue, the target tissue modulating the mechanical wave to produce a response of the... Agent:

20110172565 - System and method for evaluating tissue: A sensor system for measuring an elastic modulus and a shear modulus and a method for evaluating a tissue. The invention pertains to a method for determining the presence of and/or characterizing abnormal growths, using a piezoelectric finger sensor (PEFS) system. The PEFS system may be particularly useful for screening... Agent: Drexel University

20110172564 - User interface that displays medical therapy and posture data: The disclosure relates to a system that displays posture state information, physiological conditions of a patient on an avatar or other graphical representation of a human body, and therapy parameter information to facilitate the programming of therapy that is delivered to a patient. In some examples, the system may include... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110172567 - Posture state classification for a medical device: Techniques relate to operating a medical device in response to a detected posture state of a patient. A trigger event such as a request to modify how therapy is being delivered to the patient may cause a determination to be made as to whether the patient's posture state is stable.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

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20110166409 - Egfr and pten gene alterations predicts survival in patients with brain tumors: The invention relates to methods of predicting the clinical outcome of brain cancer patients based on the LOH levels of the PTEN gene and on the expression levels or the polysomy/amplification levels of EGFR gene in a sample from said patients.... Agent:

20110166408 - Heart tissue surface contour-based radiosurgical treatment planning: A system that generates a three-dimensional model of a tissue surface, for example the inner surface of the heart from two-dimensional image data slices. On this surface, one or more pattern lines are drawn, e.g., by a physician using a user interface, to designate desired lesion(s) on the surface. From... Agent: Cyberheart, Inc.

20110166407 - Heart treatment kit, system, and method for radiosurgically alleviating arrhythmia: Radiosurgical treatments of tissues of the heart mitigate arrhythmias and treat other tumerous and non-tumerous disease using an implanted fiducial positioned in or near the heart using cardiac catheterization techniques. The fiducials may be implanted after diagnostic and planning images of the target tissues have been acquired. Fiducial implantation may... Agent: Cyberheart, Inc.

20110166410 - Method and system for brachytherapy: A brachytherapy system for a target region (200) can include an applicator (100) having a plurality of channels (110) that are hollow where the applicator is implanted in the target region, a tracking device (175), a tracking signal generator (180) to generate a signal received by the tracking device, and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110166411 - Warming therapy device including resuscitation control system: An apparatus and method for performing warming therapy is described. In one exemplary embodiment, the apparatus includes a patient support assembly (30) and a resuscitation assembly. The resuscitation assembly may include a resuscitation control system (100) with a resuscitation control circuit (110), a light device (150), and a sound device... Agent: Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

20110166413 - Compliant cardiac support device: A jacket of biological compatible material has an internal volume dimensioned for an apex of the heart to be inserted into the volume and for the jacket to be slipped over the heart. The jacket has a longitudinal dimension between upper and lower ends sufficient for the jacket to surround... Agent: Mardil, Inc.

20110166412 - Self-adjusting attachment structure for a cardiac support device: A cardiac support device including a jacket and elastic attachment structure for self-securing the jacket to a heart. The attachment structures can include undulating metal and polymer elements, a silicone band and elastomeric filaments on a base end of the jacket.... Agent: Mardil, Inc.

20110166414 - Foreskin stretching: A device (10) for stretching the foreskin of a subject is disclosed. The device has a body (10) having a passage (14) that extends through the body (10) to a distal end (18). The distal end (18) is adapted to receive a balloon (B). Fluid may be introduced through the... Agent:

20110166415 - Stimulation apparatus: The present invention concerns apparatus (1) for applying targeted stimulation at or adjacent the base of the area of the glans (5) of the penis (2), wherein the apparatus comprises a contact portion having a first contact surface (3) conforming substantially to the longitudinal profile of the penis, the contact... Agent:

20110166416 - Capsule medical apparatus: A capsule medical apparatus to be introduced into a subject includes a tissue collecting unit that collects in-vivo tissue; a storage unit that stores therein the in-vivo tissue that is collected by the tissue collecting unit; a liquid storing unit that stores therein liquid for suppressing autolysis of in-vivo tissue;... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110166417 - Method and device for repair of degenerative cartilage: The present invention relates, in general to methods for treating degenerative cartilage in an individual comprising administering a composition that increases bone morphogenic protein (BMP) expression directly into injured or damaged cartilage, such as in a vertebral disc or a joint, wherein the composition is in a controlled release formulation.... Agent: The Regents Of University Of Michigan

20110166418 - Medical image processing system and a method for processing a medical image: The medical image processing device comprises a detection part, a storage part, an image generation part, and a display-control part. The detection part detects positions and directions of an endoscope. The storage part stores medical image data showing tubular tissues generated by a medical imaging device different from the endoscope.... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110166419 - Endoscope having a shaft tube and optic: A surgical endoscope having a shaft tube that can be connected at its proximal end area to a flushing water inlet and in the distal end area, has at least one lateral opening and having an optic extending through the shaft tube, said optic being designed with a smaller cross-section... Agent:

20110166420 - Imaging method and apparatus: An imaging apparatus and method are provided. The probe for an imaging apparatus includes a manually manipulable proximal portion; a straight distal portion with a distal tip for locating at a site to define an observational field; and a curved portion between the proximal portion and the distal portion. The... Agent:

20110166421 - Enhanced otoscope cover: Some embodiments provide an attachment for adapting an examination tool to identify a foreign object within a small orifice and to safely extract the foreign object using the examination tool. In some embodiments, the attachment is an enhanced otoscope cover for adapting an otoscope to simultaneously examine the ear canal... Agent:

20110166422 - Rigidizable endoluminal access device: A rigidizable endoluminal access device includes a handle assembly 110, a flexible neck, a tip, and at least one lumen extending therethrough. Lumens are in fluid communication with entry ports located at the handle assembly and exit ports positioned on the tip. In one embodiment, entry ports and exit ports... Agent:

20110166425 - Flexible disposable surgical port: A surgical apparatus for introduction of laparoscopic instruments into an anatomical cavity through tissue at an entry site. The apparatus includes a body with a frustoconical-shaped wall. The body defines an interior cavity, an open bottom, and a substantially closed top wall with openings from which a plurality of ports... Agent:

20110166423 - Foam port introduction system including dilator: A surgical apparatus for positioning within a tissue tract accessing an underlying body cavity, comprising a compressible seal anchor member including a leading end configured for insertion within the tissue tract and a trailing end configured to remain outside of the tissue tract, the compressible seal anchor member having at... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110166424 - Split hoop wound retractor with gel pad: An incrementally adjustable wound retractor, which provides access to a body cavity, includes an inner ring having a diameter greater than the desired diameter of the wound incision, an outer ring having an annular axis and a diameter greater than the desired diameter of the wound incision, and a flexible... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20110166426 - Module for a computer interface: The present invention provides a module for a computer interface including a transducer wherein the transducer receives a measurement value and makes this measurement value available for monitoring an individual's health by means of the computer interface, for example, for monitoring an individual's blood glucose level, wherein the measurement value... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110166428 - Novel method for measuring insulin resistance: e

20110166427 - Point-of-care inventory management system and method: A system and method are disclosed for controlling an inventory of point-of-care diagnostic devices. The inventory includes a main inventory and at least one subinventory. Each device has an ambient temperature shelf life. Data associated with the devices is entered, including: the current quantity and predetermined minimum quantity of devices... Agent: Abbott Point Of Care Inc.

20110166429 - Integrated colligation evaluating device for human body enginery indexes: An integrated colligation evaluating device for human body enginery indexes and the working method thereof. The device includes an equipment case (1) provided with a plurality of measuring sensors. A circuit board (13) which is electrically connected with a power source (2) is arranged in the equipment case (1). The... Agent:

20110166430 - System and methods for analyzing seizure activity: The present invention provides systems and methods for ambulatory, long term monitoring of a physiological signal from a patient. At least a portion of the systems of the present invention may be implanted within the patient in a minimally invasive manner. In preferred embodiments, brain activity signals are sampled from... Agent:

20110166431 - Tape cassette for a medical handheld device: A tape cassette for a medical handheld device is disclosed as comprising a carrier tape, which carries test fields for assaying a sample of a human or animal bodily fluid and/or lancets as functional elements, a supply chamber, in which a supply section of the carrier tape comprising unused functional... Agent:

20110166432 - Diagnostic interlabial pad: A diagnostic agent is delivered intravaginally or to the interlabial space by positioning an interlabial device, such as an absorbent pad, between the labia. The pad is retained between the labia to deliver an active agent, or allow a reaction with a diagnostic agent. Alternatively, the pad is applied after... Agent: Quantrx Biomedical Corporation

20110166433 - Systems, methods, and devices for sampling bodily fluid: A fluid sampling system is disclosed comprising a fluid drawing device and a fluid sampling device. In one embodiment, the fluid sampling device has a base portion having a cannula, a handle, and a ridge extending around at least a portion of an outer surface. A top portion has a... Agent: Glucor Systems, LLC

20110166434 - System for sensing electrophysiological signals: A system (10) for sensing electrophysiological signals includes a plurality of shielded electrodes (12). The electrodes (12) are connected to an amplifier (18) for amplifying signals received from each of the electrodes (12), the amplifier having a shielding input and the shielding of the electrodes (12) being connected to the... Agent:

20110166435 - Surgical orientation system and associated method: The surgical orientation system is used to assist a surgeon to orient a prosthetic component relative to a patient's anatomy during surgery. An embodiment is particularly suited for assisting surgeons to locate an acetabular cup into a reamed acetabulum. The system includes: an implement (1) for releasable attachment of a... Agent: Inertial Orthopaedic Navigation Solutions Pty Ltd.

20110166436 - System and method for non-contrast mr angiography using steady-state image acquisition: A system and method is provided to quickly acquire and produce an MR angiogram without the use of a contrast agent. In quick succession, two MR image data sets of the vasculature of interest are acquired using a steady-state free precession (SSFP) pulse sequence. The SSFP pulse sequence gradient pulses... Agent:

20110166440 - Diagnostic imaging system and method: The invention relates to a diagnostic imaging system. The system encompasses a plurality of scanning apparatuses (60, 70, 80). Each scanning apparatus (60, 70, 80) comprises scanning hardware, a data acquisition system (42) connected to the scanning hardware for generating raw image data representative of an object disposed in an... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110166439 - Medical instrument: The invention relates to a medical instrument that can be inserted into a human or animal body. The medical instrument includes an instrument body having at least one poor electrically conducting rod-type body made of a matrix material and non-metallic filaments. The medical instrument is characterized in that the rod-shaped... Agent: Marvis Technologies Gmbh

20110166437 - Receiving surface coils used during thermal ablation procedure: A magnetic resonance imaging system to be used over a target area of a subject includes first and second RF coils for receiving an RF signal from the subject. The first RF coil is fixed to a position device and movable over the target area of subject. The second RF... Agent: National Health Research Institutes

20110166438 - Rf field shaping and attenuation for emai induction elements: An Electro-Magnetic Imaging (EMAI) System is presented. EMAI systems can include induction elements (e.g., an induction coil) configured to induce a target tissue to generate internally sourced ultrasounds. The induction elements can be shielded by one or more shielding elements to shape, or otherwise alter, an imaging field while attenuating... Agent:

20110166441 - Methods for controlling medical fluid injections: The present invention is directed to control of medical fluid injection systems. For instance, in some embodiments, an injection protocol may be initiated, and an actual flow rate of the medical fluid utilized in the injection protocol may be adjusted based, at least in part, on an inherent system elasticity... Agent:

20110166443 - Catheter having mapping assembly: A mapping catheter comprises a catheter body and a mapping assembly. The catheter body has an outer wall, proximal and distal ends, and at least one lumen extending therethrough. The mapping assembly comprises a generally straight proximal region attached to the catheter body, a generally circular main region distal the... Agent: Biosense Webster, Inc.

20110166444 - Mri-visible sutures for minimally invasive image-guided anastomosis: When performing image-guided surgical procedures, a surgical fastener (19) (e.g., a suture or staple) is embedded or coated with an MRI-visible contrast agent or material. Depending on the type of MRI visible material (e.g., paramagnetic, superparamagnetic, diamagnetic, chemical shift, ultra-short echo time, etc.), a corresponding imaging sequence is selected and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110166442 - System for optically detecting position of an indwelling catheter: The present invention relates generally a device for locating an indwelling catheter relative to its initial location. The system of the invention is based on emitting light from an optical probe placed on the patient to an optical marker on the tip of the catheter. The reflected light from the... Agent: Artann Laboratories, Inc.

20110166445 - Measuring device and a method for microwave-based investigation: A measuring device comprises a microwave transmitter, a microwave receiver, at least one antenna, a control device and a dielectric extension. The dielectric extension is disposed between the antenna and an object to be investigated. The control device controls the microwave transmitter and the microwave receiver. The microwave transmitter transmits... Agent: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110166446 - Active marker device for use in electromagnetic tracking system: A device for use in an image-guided procedure on a patient is disclosed. The device includes an EM sensor assembly, a frame assembly (e.g., a base portion from which a plurality of legs project upward to a common point) and a plurality of attachment members. Each attachment member is arranged... Agent: Civco Medical Instruments Co., Inc.

20110166447 - Device for manipulating a bone or bone fragment or a surgical instrument, tool or implant and a method for positioning such a device: A device and a method for surgically manipulating a bone or bone fragment or a surgical instrument, tool or implant. Said device comprising: A) a rod shaped member (2) with a central axis (6), a rear end (3), a front end (4) and a length L2; B) a first targeting... Agent: Ao Technology Ag

20110166448 - Marker delivery device with releasable plug: A marker delivery device includes an elongated delivery cannula which has a distal end section, an inner lumen and a discharge opening in the distal end section in communication with the inner lumen. At least one elongated fibrous marker body is slidably disposed within the inner lumen of the elongated... Agent:

20110166449 - Method and apparatus for radiation effects detection: An implantable medical apparatus comprises a solid state electronic circuit, an ionizing radiation exposure sensor, an ionizing radiation dose rate sensor, and a controller circuit. The ionizing radiation exposure sensor is configured to detect an exposure of the solid state electronic circuit to ionizing radiation, and generate an indication of... Agent:

20110166451 - Blood vessel access devices, systems, and methods: A device having a needle injector pivotally attached to an ultrasound transceiver is operated to place a sterilizable needle or needle/cannula unit within a blood vessel by a single user-device operator in which the blood vessel is made visible in a monitor image by ultrasound insonification. A guidance template is... Agent: Verathon Inc.

20110166450 - Method and apparatus for locating and visualizing a target in relation to a focal point of a treatment system: A method for locating and visualizing a target (C) in relation to a focal point (F2), in a mammal, particularly a human body, including the steps of forming an ultrasound probe mobile in space, mechanically independent of a treatment system and located by a remote locating system, ensuring the simultaneous... Agent: Edap Tms France

20110166452 - Method for aesthetically treating cellulite skin by lipotomy, and device for implementing said method: The invention relates to a method for aesthetically treating cellulite skin by lipotomy, and to a device for implementing said method.... Agent:

20110166453 - Handheld force-controlled ultrasound probe: A handheld ultrasound probe includes force detection and feedback to permit control and/or characterization of applied forces. The probe may, for example, be operated to maintain a substantially constant applied force over a period of use independent of a user's hand position, or to measure applied forces that might contribute... Agent:

20110166454 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and data processing method thereof: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus having an ultrasonic probe for transmitting an ultrasonic beam to an examinee and receiving a reflection echo signal from the examinee, a beam forming unit for supplying the ultrasonic probe with a signal for making the ultrasonic probe transmit an ultrasonic beam, and a data converter... Agent:

20110166455 - Catheter: An improved catheter is provided. The catheter may include a deflectable member located at a distal end of the catheter. The deflectable member may comprise an ultrasound transducer array. In embodiments where the deflectable member includes an ultrasound transducer array, the ultrasound transducer array may be operable to image both... Agent:

20110166456 - Biological information detector and biological information measuring device: A biological information detector includes a light-emitting part subjected to emit a first light directed at a detection site of a test subject and a second light directed in a direction other than a direction of the detection site, a first reflecting part subjected to reflect the second light and... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110166457 - Biological information detector and biological information measurement device: A biological information detector includes a first sensor unit for detecting composite information including biological information of a test subject and first noise information originating in external light, having a first light-emitting part for emitting toward there, a first light-receiving part for receiving it including the biological information, reflected there,... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110166458 - Method and apparatus for non-invasively measuring hemodynamic parameters using parametrics: An improved method and apparatus for non-invasively assessing one or more hemodynamic parameters associated with the circulatory system of a living organism. In one aspect, the invention comprises a method of measuring a hemodynamic parameter (e.g., arterial blood pressure) by applanating or compressing portions of tissue proximate to the blood... Agent:

20110166459 - Piezoelectric sensor for measuring pressure fluctuations: The invention relates to a piezoelectric sensor for the improved measurement of mechanical variables such as force, pressure or measurement variables which are derived there from, particularly a PVDF film sensor having an improved sensitivity and temperature stability of the measurement signal for pressure measurements that vary in time and/or... Agent:

20110166460 - Method for blood pressure measurement from noninvasive oscillometric pressure signals: Disclosed embodiments include a method for measuring non-invasive blood pressure from an oscillometric signal and a cuff pressure signal implemented in a medical apparatus comprising: (a) calculating a pulse pressure signal by subtracting an upper and a lower envelope of the oscillometric signal; and (b) calculating without the use of... Agent: Tiba Medical, Inc

20110166461 - Equipment and method for continually measuring the blood pressure for monitoring purposes: The equipment has at least one pressure sensor (28) disposed for being placed onto the surface of the body of the user and being held attached thereto by means of a band. The attachment force is selected such that the pressure signal from the pressure sensor (28) contains variations caused... Agent:

20110166462 - Biological information detector and biological information measuring device: A biological information detector including a light-emitting part for emitting a light directed at a detection site of a test subject, a light-receiving part for receiving a light having biological information, the light produced by the light emitted by the light-emitting part being reflected at the detection site, a reflecting... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110166463 - Methods and systems for optimizing exercise compliance diagnostic parameters: A medical device detects certain patient activity based on a programmable activity threshold and determines the duration of detected activity. The activity threshold may be optimized by obtaining first and second duration measurements for at least one of a first activity session and second activity session. The first duration measurement... Agent:

20110166465 - System, method, and program product for delivering medical services from a remote location: A system, program product, and methods related to enhanced medical services delivery to geographically distributed patient populations by remotely located physicians are provided. An embodiment of the system includes a remote medical services server, a plurality of patient electronic medical records stored in the memory of the remote medical services... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20110166464 - Telemetry-synchronized physiological monitoring and therapy delivery systems: A physiological monitoring or therapy delivery system includes autonomous, wirelessly linked, implantable devices located at different areas to sense physiologic signals and deliver therapy. At least one of the implantable devices can trigger synchronized action (e.g. data capture or therapy delivery) by other implantable devices via a telemetry link.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110166466 - Rr interval monitoring method and blood pressure cuff utilizing same: Disclosed is an apparatus and method for ambulatory, real-time detection of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) providing an overall accuracy that refers to detection of AF, irrespective of the duration of AF and beat-to-beat classification.... Agent:

20110166467 - Solution navier-stocks equations of the blood as a non-newtonian fluid in the left ventricle: The present invention discloses a method for solving Navier-Stokes equation of the blood dynamic as a Non-Newtonian fluid in the left ventricle is a serious problem where is strongly related to a good modeling of the myocardial motion as an elastic membrane. At this invention we design a new software... Agent:

20110166468 - System and method for processing and presenting arrhythmia information to facilitate heart arrhythmia identification and treatment: A system and method for presenting information relating to heart data can involve operations including identifying arrhythmia events in physiological data obtained for a living being, receiving human assessments of at least a portion of the arrhythmia events, determining a measure of correlation between the human assessments and the identified... Agent: Cardionet, Inc.

20110166469 - Electrocardiogram chart device and method thereof: An electrocardiogram (ECG) chart device and method capable of easily assisting with the diagnosis of heart disease. Hexagonal radar charts displayed on a screen act as indicators of feature values corresponding to data obtained from each of 12 electrode leads and correlated with the related portions of the heart. For... Agent: Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.

20110166470 - System and method for diagnosis and treatment of a breathing pattern of a patient: Described is a system including a sensor and a processing arrangement. The sensor measures data corresponding to a patient's breathing patterns. The processing arrangement analyzes the breathing patterns to determine whether the breathing patterns are indicative of a REM sleep state. In another embodiment, the processing arrangement analyzes the breathing... Agent: New York University

20110166471 - Patient event marking in combination with physiological signals: Methods for receiving a patient mark in an implanted device. A patient may experience symptoms that indicative of a neurological event or are common precursors to more severe clinical symptoms. The patient may activate a patient activator. Activation of the patient activator can cause the patient activator to transmit the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110166472 - Implantable medical device and method for such a device for predicting hf status of a patient: In an implantable medical device, such as a pacemaker or a cardioverter/defibrillator, and a method for operating such an implantable medical device, heart conditions, such as heart failure, are detected and predicted at an early stage within a patient in whom the medical device is implanted, by monitoring a patient... Agent:

20110166473 - A portable diagnostic instrument and a method for its use: A portable diagnostic instrument for use by medical professionals. The portable diagnostic instrument can comprise a control unit that can maintain the frequency of sound or vibration produced by the device constant, even when battery power is reduced. The control unit can also comprise a warning unit to provide information... Agent:

20110166474 - Safety blood collection assembly with indicator: A needle assembly is disclosed. The needle assembly includes a housing having a flash chamber, and having a distal end and a proximal end engageable with a specimen collection container. The assembly includes a cannula having a patient end, a non-patient end, and a sidewall extending therebetween defining a cannula... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110166475 - Safety blood collection assembly with indicator: A needle assembly is disclosed. The needle assembly includes a housing having a flash chamber, and having a distal end and a proximal end engageable with a specimen collection container. The assembly includes a cannula having a patient end, a non-patient end, and a sidewall extending therebetween defining a cannula... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110166476 - Safety blood collection assembly with indicator: A needle assembly is disclosed. The needle assembly includes a housing having a flash chamber, and having a distal end and a proximal end engageable with a specimen collection container. The assembly includes a cannula having a patient end, a non-patient end, and a sidewall extending therebetween defining a cannula... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110166477 - Blood acquisition suspension system: A body fluid sampling device includes a firing mechanism that is configured to be automatically cocked and fired. In one form, the device includes an electric motor that is operable to cock the firing mechanism and fire an integrated lancet/sampling device to form an incision in skin. Subsequent to formation... Agent:

20110166478 - One touch laser lancing type blood glucose measurement device, strip and the method using it: A one touch laser lancing type blood glucose measurement device, a strip, and the method using it. In particular, the invention relates to a one touch laser lancing type blood glucose measurement device, a strip, and the method using it, which performs blood gathering and blood glucose measurement at the... Agent: Isotech Co., Ltd

20110166479 - Composite radiopaque intracorporeal product: The invention is directed to a guidewire having a distal flexible member, such as a helical coil, which is formed with at least one highly radiopaque component and at least one high strength component. In a presently preferred embodiment, the highly radiopaque component is at least 10% and less than... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20110166480 - Foot compression system: Methods and systems for dynamic compression of venous tissue enable improved blood movement in the extremities. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a pressure pad provides a compressive force to the venous plexus region of the foot. The pressure pad is successively withdrawn and re-pressed against the foot. Improved blood... Agent:

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