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Surgery July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110180063 - Compensation for unmeasurable inspiratory flow in a critical care ventilator: A system and method for operating a ventilator to compensate for external gas flow reaching a patient from an external device, such as a nebulizer. A control unit of the ventilator monitors the gas flow rate from the ventilator and compares the gas flow rate from the ventilator to an... Agent: General Electric Company

20110180064 - Methods and devices for follow-up care and treatment of a pneumstoma: A pneumostoma assessment and treatment system includes methods and devices for aftercare of a pneumostoma and for additional patient care utilizing a pneumostoma. The system utilizes a number of modalities to assess the health and functionality of the pneumostoma, the lungs and/or the patient as a whole. In response to... Agent: Portaero, Inc.

20110180065 - Endotracheal tube protector: An endotracheal tube protector for use with an endotracheal tube comprises an elongated tubular member having a first end configured to extend out of a patient's mouth when in use and a second end configured to enter the throat of the patient. The tubular member has openings in the first... Agent: Southmedic Incorporated

20110180066 - Snorkel breathing tube regulator: A snorkel breathing tube regulator includes: a tubular hollow base and a supplementary tube which jointly form an inverted U-shaped structure, and a float provided in the supplementary tube. During snorkeling, the float is buoyed upward as the water surface rises in relation to the snorkel breathing tube regulator. If... Agent:

20110180067 - Protocol and methods for pulsating drug delivery: An air delivery device (ADD) for applying fluid pressure pulses (FPP) to the mouth cavity of a patient at a predetermined frequency according to a protocol The ADD, comprises: a) an air blower for blowing air into a pressure chamber via a first opening (inlet); b) airflow occluding means (AOM)... Agent: Respinova Ltd

20110180068 - Breathable gas apparatus with humidifier: Apparatus for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea includes a CPAP device and a detachable humidifier. The humidifier includes a tank that is removably insertable into a humidifier base. A sealed air flow path from the CPAP device and through the water tank is established when the water tank is placed... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110180069 - Portable athletic air cooler with face adapter: A portable, low maintenance apparatus is provided for cooling down athletes following strenuous exercise. The apparatus has a repository that holds ice, and a fan configured to blow air through the ice and out of a face adapter part. The face adapter is shaped to provide a cool, breathable stream... Agent:

20110180070 - Adjustable conduit coupling assembly: A conduit coupling assembly for use in connection with a patient interface device. The conduit coupling assembly includes a coupling retention assembly for retaining the conduit coupling in a predetermined position with respect to the user's face, and an adjustment assembly that permits continuous adjustment of a position of the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110180071 - Respiratory mask having gas washout vent and method for making the mask: A washout vent (20) for a mask for use with a system for supplying breathable gas pressurized above atmospheric pressure to an airway of a mammal. The washout vent (20) includes a vent orifice (22) adapted for gas washout. The orifice (22) includes one or more features that contribute to... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110180072 - Assembly and method of facilitating the cleaning of an endotracheal tube: A handle assembly and method of its use which facilitates the cleaning of the interior of an endotracheal tube. The handle assembly comprises a body structured to be held and manipulated by a hand of a user and is structured to removably retain an inflation device. A tubular member is... Agent:

20110180073 - Sterilization device and method: Sterilization devices and methods for deploying porous implants within the fallopian tubes are disclosed. The devices include a catheter component including an external electrode sheath containing at least two deployable implants and a positioning member. Sliding the external sheath proximally disposes the implants within the fallopian tubes, while sliding both... Agent:

20110180074 - Build-a-boot: A heel supporting and protective boot for bed-ridden patients who may otherwise develop pressure sores on their heel. The body of the boot is comprised of unitary exterior and interior body forms that are stitched together to combine fiber filling and an angled foam wedge. The boot additionally has sewn... Agent:

20110180075 - Adjustable oral interface and method to maintain upper airway patency: This invention provides an oral apparatus and method capable of alleviating or curing snore and obstructive sleep apnea by applying a negative pressure through a mini oral interface to the oral cavity. The mini oral interface creates a secure connection to mouth and prevents disengaging from patient's mouth during sleeping.... Agent: Somnics, Inc.

20110180076 - Wearable tissue retention device: A wearable tissue retention system generally comprises an oral appliance retractably coupled to a covering which is secured to an anterior portion of the tongue. As the subject moves their tongue naturally or sleeps and the tongue becomes hypotonic, the subject's tongue may move posteriorly. As the covering pulls the... Agent:

20110180077 - Device and methods for treatment of temporomandibular joint (tmj) disorder: The present invention relates to a mouth guard and methods of use to aid in the treatment of bruxism and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder comprising an adjustable molded thermoplastic outer face plate, an inner face plate and irritation spines, the mouth guard containing a section for placement and fitting to... Agent:

20110180078 - Face mask with adjustable and detachable straps: A protective face mask is provided that includes (1) a body portion having an inner surface and an outer surface, the body portion proportioned to fit over a nose, a mouth, and a chin of a wearer, (2) shaped forms attached to lateral portions of the inner surface, each shaped... Agent:

20110180079 - Swaddling suit: A new or alternative swaddling suit that swaddles infants by sufficiently restraining movement of the limbs to suppress the startle reflex, yet allowing movement of hand to mouth thereby facilitating non-nutritive sucking and allowing the infant to self-soothe by sucking the hands.... Agent:

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110174304 - Electrohydrodynamic aerosolization device having a time varying voltage: The invention is directed to an improved electrohydrodynamic (EHD) apparatus having a time varying voltage component. The invention further relates to the use of such enhanced EHD apparatus to produce respirable and non-respirable aerosols from highly aqueous liquids, as well as the use of such aerosols. The combination of modifying... Agent:

20110174305 - Device for dispensing a plurality of unitary doses of dry powder, and inhaler comprising such device: a changeover mechanism (90) adapted to cause the device to pass from the first dispensing state to the second dispensing state, to lock the second support (25b) while the device is in the first dispensing state, and to lock the first support (25a) while the device is in the second... Agent: Pfizer Inc.

20110174306 - Dry powder inhalers with multi-facet surface deagglomeration chambers and related devices and methods: Dry powder inhalers and methods are provided that facilitate deagglomeration of powdered medicament during inspiration. A dry powder inhaler includes a dry powder medicament container assembly, and an elongated dry powder delivery tube having an inlet at one end that communicates with a dose container, and an outlet or inhalation... Agent:

20110174307 - Device for supplying oxygen to the occupants of an aircraft and pressure regulator for such a device: Device for supplying oxygen to occupants of an aircraft comprising an oxygen source at a first pressure known as a high pressure, a first oxygen supply line at a second pressure known as an intermediate pressure, first means for expanding/regulating the oxygen from the source to the intermediate second pressure,... Agent:

20110174308 - Pressure control in respiratory treatment apparatus: An over-pressure control device prevents over-pressure conditions during the delivery of pressure treatment therapy to a patient with a respiratory treatment apparatus. The device may prevent delivered pressure from exceeding a first maximum pressure threshold. The device may also prevent the delivered pressure from exceeding a second maximum pressure threshold... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110174309 - Resuscitator and aspirator technology: An aspiration and resuscitation system which is useable to perform aspiration and/or resuscitation procedures on living beings, particularly small animals, and most particularly newborn small animals such as puppies and kittens. The system includes an aspirator and a resuscitator. Each includes a separable pump and animal interface mask. Further disclosed... Agent:

20110174310 - Cushion, method of and apparatus for molding a cushion for a respiratory mask: The present invention is related to a cushion (1) for a respiratory mask, to a method of manufacturing such a cushion (1) as well as to a respiratory mask including a cushion (1) and an apparatus for manufacturing a cushion (1) for a respiratory mask. It is particularly referred to... Agent: Map Medizin-technologie Gmbh

20110174311 - Forehead support for a facial mask: A forehead support for a respiratory mask. The forehead support includes a pair of arms. The arms are each adapted to locate a forehead cushion. The arms are also adapted to pivot relative to each other. The arms are also selectively lockable at two or more angular positions relative to... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110174312 - Occlusive plug: A plug (1) for use in occluding a fallopian tube hysteroscopically comprising an elongate body (2) having an external thread (3) characterised in that the body and/or external thread has/have a roughened and/or pitted external surface (4), or in that the thread is fenestrated (5), or in that the leading... Agent:

20110174313 - Endoscopic mesh delivery system with integral mesh stabilizer and vaginal probe: A mesh delivery system for sacral colpopexy procedures is disclosed. The system uses a mesh stabilizer (30) that is introduced in a compressed configuration through a surgical port into the abdomen, and a vaginal probe (10) (inserted through the vagina) with a magnetic or non-magnetic head that engages with the... Agent:

20110174314 - Antenna holder for navigation surgery: An antenna holder for navigation surgery is provided to be used for a navigation surgery to a subject portion including a temporal bone region and a lateral skull base region of a patient. The antenna holder for navigation surgery comprises a mouth gag (an antenna holder) which is attached to... Agent:

20110174315 - Implanted soft palate support and implantation method: An implanted soft palate support and an implantation method are provided. The implanted soft palate support is a flat implant made of a material capable of being implanted into human tissues for a long time period, and includes a hard palate connecting end and a support. The hard palate connecting... Agent:

20110174317 - Preparation of elastic composite structures useful for components of disposable hygiene products and articles of apparel: Disclosed herein are articles and processes for making elastic composite structures which can be used as or converted into a component of disposable hygiene products or articles of apparel. At least one relatively inelastic substrate, for example a nonwoven substrate, is adhesively bonded with a hot melt adhesive to a... Agent: Invista North America S.a R.l.

20110174316 - Sterile radiation shield drape, combination of a radiation shield and sterile drape therefor and method of providing a sterile drape about a radiation shield: A sterile radiation shield drape configured to be disposed about a radiation shield while the radiation shield is hanging from a support at its top end and extending to a free bottom end is provided. The radiation shield drape includes a circumferentially continuous wall having a sterilized outer surface and... Agent:

20110174318 - Surgical device having multiple receptacles: A surgical device comprising a first receptacle having a first mouth and a second receptacle having a second mouth, wherein the first mouth is in open communication with the second mouth via a joint joining the first receptacle with the second receptacle, and wherein the first mouth and second mouth... Agent:

20110174319 - Apparatus for the suppression of grinding and/or clenching of teeth: An occlusal device for maintaining the vertical separation of opposed teeth in the oral cavity of a patient wearing the occlusal device. The occlusal device has a trough or partial trough for containing at least some of the upper teeth or lower teeth. In the locality of the front teeth... Agent:

20110174320 - Ear protector: The invention describes an ear protector (1) comprising a resilient band (2), the free ends of which each have arranged thereon an earplug (4). The band (2) includes a first area (2a) whose centre line (2a′) merges under an angle α with an additional area (2b). When in use, the... Agent: Moldex-metric Ag & Co. Kg

20110174321 - Method for treating obstructive sleep apnea and/or snoring: A garment for the treatment of sleep apnea and/or snoring includes a member for attachment to an individual afflicted with sleep apnea and an elongate, position control member at the rear of the garment and extending outwardly therefrom. The elongate member is a continuous member having transversely spaced-apart side surfaces,... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110168169 - Nebulizer apparatus and method: A nebulizer for efficiently and reliably delivering aerosolized fluid to an inhaling patient is disclosed. The nebulizer includes a fixed diverter and a movable fluid orifice or fluid pathway connected with an actuator for responding to an inhalation or a manual actuation and beginning the nebulization process. Also provided is... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20110168170 - Preservative free insulin formulations and systems and methods for aerosolizing: One embodiment describes an insulin formulation that is specifically adapted for aerosolization. The formulation comprises a major amount of water and a minor amount of insulin. Further, the formulation is preservative free, without meta-cresol, cresol or phenol, to permit the formulation to be aerosolized using a vibrating aperture plate without... Agent: Dance Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110168171 - Nebulizer: A nebulizer capable of supplying oxygen gas of high concentration by increasing the flow rate of the oxygen gas and capable of forming minute aerosol irrespective of a change in the flow rate of the oxygen gas. A nebulizer (A) has a nozzle member (11) for discharging oxygen gas from... Agent: Koike Medical Co., Ltd.

20110168172 - Preservative-free single dose inhaler systems: An aerosolization system includes a squeezable container having a resilient container body. The container is configured to deliver a unit dosage of a liquid when squeezed a single time. The system also includes an aerosolizer that is constructed of a housing defining a mouthpiece, and an aerosol generator disposed in... Agent: Dance Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110168173 - Snorkel: A snorkel for users floating or skin diving on the sea is disclosed. The snorkel includes an inlet tube, a mouthpiece chamber and a mouthpiece. A comber impermeable cap with a first valve is arranged on a top end of the inlet tube while a bottom end of the inlet... Agent:

20110168174 - Conversion of nitrogen dioxide (no2) to nitric oxide (no): Various systems, devices, NO2 absorbents, NO2 scavengers and NO2 recuperator for generating nitric oxide are disclosed herein. According to one embodiment, an apparatus for converting nitrogen dioxide to nitric oxide can include a receptacle including an inlet, an outlet, a surface-active material coated with an aqueous solution of ascorbic acid... Agent:

20110168175 - Cartridge system: An inhaler including a pre-inserted cartridge (100) is proposed. The cartridge contains liquid (103) which is preferably pressurized to a low pressure. The cartridge is connected via an aerosol valve (106) with the inhaler. The liquid is further pressurized by a pump (117) of the inhaler to a high pressure... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110168176 - Respirator or anesthesia apparatus: A pneumatic connection for connecting two modules (6) with one another into a simple and reliable pneumatic connection of modules (6) of the respirator or anesthesia apparatus (5). A small installation space needed is provided in a respirator or anesthesia apparatus (5), including at least two modules (6), e.g., a... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20110168177 - Anesthesia simulator and controller for closed-loop anesthesia: Methods, systems, and software are disclosed for simulating and controlling anesthesia delivery and for implementing automatic closed-loop anesthesia with an inhaled anesthetic agent. The methods involve using a physiological simulation to forward calculate the effects of an inhaled anesthetic agent, and searching for gas administration characteristics, such as fresh gas... Agent: The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.

20110168178 - Powder inhalation device: A powder inhaler comprising: a body (10) that is provided with a dispenser orifice (15); a plurality of predosed reservoirs each containing a dose of powder for dispensing; and reservoir-opening means (80) for opening a reservoir on each actuation, said opening means being perforator means comprising a needle that is... Agent: Valois Sas

20110168179 - Emergency pulmonary resuscitation device: An emergency pulmonary resuscitation device is described. The device of the present invention provides emergency breathing for use in techniques such as CPR, and is preferably capable of interaction with an automatic external defibrillator. The device is easy to operate and provides feedback so that it may be used by... Agent: Neoforce Innovations, LLC

20110168180 - Adjustable valve: Adjustable valve, comprising a valve housing and a spindle, provided with a rotary knob, which via a threaded connection is rotatably received in the valve housing, furthermore comprising a valve biased against a valve seat of the valve housing by means of a helical spring, the helical spring being coupled... Agent: Emergency Pulmonary Care B.v.

20110168181 - Device for pressure equalization on a medical gas delivery means: A device for passive pressure relief and for reducing the volume flow for an electromechanically driven medical gas delivery means (50) in a medical device for respirating a patient (60) with a pressure relief unit (1) with a first and second gas port (2, 3), with a relief valve (4),... Agent: Dr&#xe4 Ger Medical Gmbh

20110168182 - Quick-donning full face oxygen mask with inflatable harness and soft foldable lens: A mask and harness system for use in providing breathing oxygen and protection from pollutants for the eyes and respiratory system as might be encountered in high altitude aviation environments. In one preferred embodiment, the mask system has a face seal, a soft flexible lens, a pneumatically-actuated harness, and a... Agent: Be Intellectual Property, Inc.

20110168183 - Self-pressurizing supraglottic airway: A supraglottic airway of the type used to facilitate lung ventilation and the insertion of endo-tracheal tubes or related medical instruments through a patient's laryngeal opening where the shield is designed to have an internal increase in pressure during assisted inhalation such as positive-pressure ventilation.... Agent:

20110168185 - Liner for enclosing a body part during an imaging procedure: Liner (100a; 100b; 200a; 200b; 300; 400) to at least partially enclose a body part (205a; 205b; 305) during an imaging procedure, and use of a liner (100a; 100b; 200a; 200b; 300; 400) in a device that simulates the weight acting on the body part (205a; 205b; 305) essentially parallel... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20110168184 - Pediatric headrest for skull stabilization and method for use of same: A pediatric headrest for skull stabilization and a method for use of the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a horseshoe shaped head support includes first and second wings pivotally coupled to a body to adjust the angle therebetween. A gel pad is superposed on the horseshoe shaped head support.... Agent:

20110168187 - Device for treating night time breathing problems: Device (1) for treating breathing problems, comprising a lower part (2) mountable on the lower jaw and an upper part (3) mountable on the upper jaw; and left and right coupling means (4) for coupling the lower part to the upper part close to the back teeth; wherein each of... Agent:

20110168186 - Intra-oral appliance for treatment of sleep disorders: An intra-oral dental appliance is provided for treatment of sleep disorders including snoring, sleep apnea and nocturnal bruxism. The appliance is particularly suited for use by patients having class II malocclusion and includes an upper member conforming to the patient's maxillary dentition; a lower member conforming to the patient's mandibular... Agent:

20110168188 - Mandibular positioning appliance: Embodiments herein provide a mandibular positioning appliance that is fully adjustable (adjustable in all planes). The appliance may be used for the management of sleep disordered breathing (SDB). The full spectrum of SDB, from the mildest snoring to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), may be managed by the stabilization and... Agent:

20110168189 - Sterile drape interface for robotic surgical instrument: A robotic surgical system includes a sterile surgical instrument, a robotic surgical manipulator, and a sterile drape covering at least a portion of the robotic surgical manipulator. The surgical instrument has a proximal interface and a distal end effector. The proximal interface includes a gimbal assembly with two intersecting rotational... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20110168190 - Infant hand restraint with diaper: A hand restraint/cloth diaper combination can be used any time an infant needs to have their hands restrained from touching their heads or other parts of their body. The restraint device of the present invention allows for an infant to have muscle exercise and movement, while still allowing the diaper... Agent:

20110168191 - Slipper-like device to prevent or help heal pressure ulcers of the foot: Described is a foot garment device to prevent or help prevent or heal pressure ulcers of the foot. The foot garment device comprises: a bumper for positioning around and below an ankle of an individual, and one or more upper adjustable flap and one or more lower adjustable flaps for... Agent:

20110168192 - Adjustable autofixing sling for treatment of urinary incontinence: The present invention relates to a sling for treatment of urinary incontinence, consisting of a band which comprises a middle part (2) and two end parts (3), the said sling being such that the said middle part is perforated and the two end parts constitute an autofixing system, the invention... Agent:

20110168193 - Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating fluids containing multiple components: An apparatus is disclosed that allows for separating and collecting a fraction of a sample. The apparatus, when used with a centrifuge, allows for the creation of at least three fractions in the apparatus. It also provides for a new method of extracting the buffy coat phase from a whole... Agent: Biomet Biologics, LLC

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110162642 - Inhalation device and method: The present disclosure provides a method and device for delivering a pharmaceutical to the airway of a human or animal patient. In one aspect, the device includes a dose drum formed into a cylinder and including a plurality of dose compartments for containing individual doses. In another aspect, the device... Agent:

20110162643 - Endotracheal tube: The invention relates to an endotracheal tube (1), usable in dilating percutaneous tracheostomy operations and comprising a tubular body (10) whose distal end, to be inserted in trachea, is provided with means (3) suitable to emit a light radiation for determining a transcutaneous illumination and with variable volume means (2),... Agent: Medical Service S.r.l.

20110162644 - Methods and apparatus for supplying clean breathable gas: The invention features methods and apparatus for the treatment of asthma patients. A controlled supply of breathable air delivered to a patient interface or mask (4) is controlled for patient comfort to maintain a steady pressure level in a range 2 to 4 cm H2O to accommodate patient respiration. The... Agent:

20110162647 - Power management in respiratory treatment apparatus: A respiratory treatment apparatus provides respiratory treatment with improved power management control to permit more efficient power consumption and power supply units, such as battery powered operation. In one embodiment, power management prioritizes the flow generator (104) over other accessories such as the heating elements (111, 135) of a humidifier... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110162646 - Process for transient and steady state delivery of biological agents to the lung via breathable liquids: The present invention includes a transient method of delivering a biological agent in a breathable liquid to a lung of a patient. The present invention includes a steady state method of delivering a biological agent in a breathable liquid to a lung of a patient. The steps of both the... Agent: Temple University - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20110162645 - System and method for guidance of anesthesia, analgesia and amnesia: Described is a method and system which includes a first set of digital data generated by amplifying and digitizing brain waves of a patient before and after administration of initial doses of interventional agents to the patient and a second set of digital data generated by amplifying and digitizing brain... Agent: New York University

20110162648 - Inhaler mechanisms with radially biased piercers and related methods: Inhalers with an inhaler housing having a dose container disk having inner and outer perimeters mounted in the housing. The dose container disk has a plurality of circumferentially spaced apart dose containers with dry powder therein. The inhalers also include a piercer carriage with a piercer mounted in the inhaler.... Agent:

20110162649 - Method and apparatus for increasing therapy compliance: A breathing assistance unit for providing pressurized heated humidified air at to a user is configured to increase user compliance. The breathing assistance unit comprises means for generating positive emotional and cognitive states of a user about the therapy.... Agent:

20110162650 - respiratory interface devices: A respiratory interface device (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80) comprising a main body (12, 22, 32, 42, 52, 62, 72, 82) that includes a fluid conduit adapted to be connected to a breathing circuit, and a sealing member (15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85) adapted... Agent: Cosmeplast Ets

20110162651 - Respiratory mask having washout vent and gas washout vent assembly for a respiratory mask: The present invention provides a vent assembly suitable for use with a respiratory mask of the type used in CPAP treatment. In one embodiment the vent is made of a thin air permeable membrane. Generally, the membrane is thinner than 0.5 mm. The membrane can be made of a hydrophobic... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110162652 - Chamber for housing animals during anaesthetic procedures: The present invention provides a chamber having at least one operator hand access port; the port comprising a port aperture located within the chamber wall; and at least two flexible non-resilient lightweight sealing gas-tight flaps (SFs), disposed the same plane of the port aperture in an overlapping manner, entirely enclosing... Agent: Aspect Magnet Technologies Ltd.

20110162653 - Remote fluorination of fibrous filter webs: A method of making a fluorinated fibrous web, which method includes providing a nonwoven web 22 that contains polymeric fibers, creating a plasma that contains fluorine atoms at a first location 14, and contacting the nonwoven web with products from the plasma at a second location 26 remote from the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110162654 - Flexible structure for mask, and method and apparatus for evaluating performance of a mask in uses: A respiratory mask includes a frame and a flexible structure provided to the frame and adapted to engage a patient's face. The flexible structure includes a chamber filled with a first gel and a second gel that is relatively harder than the first gel. A ratio of height of the... Agent:

20110162655 - Nasal assembly: A nasal assembly for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a frame having an integrally formed first connector portion. A nozzle assembly includes a gusset or base portion and a pair of nozzles. At least one inlet conduit is structured to deliver breathable gas into the frame and nozzle... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110162656 - inserter: The invention relates to an inserter for an intrauterine system, comprising a handle (3) having a longitudinal opening (8) at its first end, said opening (8) having a longitudinal axis parallel to the longitudinal axis of the inserter, a first end (8a) and a second end (8b), a movable slider... Agent:

20110162657 - Mattress incorporating a headrest for preventing and correcting non-synostotic cranial deformities in infants: A device for correcting the shape of an infant's abnormally-shaped cranium by applying external forces over time with the growth of an infant to achieve normal shaping of the infant's head. The device applies inwardly-directed external forces only to areas of bony prominence and minimizes (or altogether eliminates) these forces... Agent:

20110162658 - Oral orthosis: An oral orthosis includes a holder in the shape of a mouthpiece, including a curved arcuate trough-like upper section which receives a formable material. The formable material does not occupy the entire trough but rather includes voids between the formable material and the inner surfaces of trough of the holder... Agent: Ranir, LLC

20110162659 - Surgical barrier device incorporating an inflatable thermal blanket with an attached surgical drape: A surgical barrier device includes an inflatable thermal blanket with an attached surgical drape. The inflatable thermal blanket is inflatable through an inlet by a thermally-controlled inflating medium. An aperture array on the undersurface of the inflatable thermal blanket exhausts the thermally controlled inflating medium from the inflatable thermal blanket.... Agent: Arizant Healthcare Inc.

20110162660 - Garment and garment system: A garment system having a torso-covering garment with at least one internal sleeve for receiving a body positioner therein, and a body positioner removably insertable in the sleeve. The garment also has a retention member for releasably retaining the body positioner within the internal sleeve. When a person wearing the... Agent:

20110162661 - Method and device for female urinary incontinence: A method and device for use in stress female urinary incontinence. A small, flexible adhesive patch is applied directly to the clitoris of a person suffering from stress female urinary incontinence. The adhesive is of a type sufficient to stimulate the mechanoreceptors located in the clitoris whereby to inhibit discharge... Agent:

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