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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110125073 - Enhanced clearance in an artificial kidney incorporating a pulsatile pump: A continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) device is provided that weighs between 2 and 10 pounds. The CRRT device can be portable, mobile or completely worn on the person of the patient. Blood and dialysate are each pumped in a pulsed or pulsatile manner through a dialyzer such that a... Agent:

20110125074 - Device and methods for processing blood in extracorporeal circulation: A device for treating blood in an extracorporeal blood circuit, the device including a centrifugal pump provided with a transparent enclosure that is connected, by means of an inlet duct, to the outlet of a venous reservoir, the venous reservoir having an inlet that is connected to receive blood from... Agent: Sorin Group Italia S.r.l.

20110125079 - Echogenic polymer microcapsules and nanocapsules and methods for production and use thereof: Methods for producing echogenic polymer microcapsules and nanocapsules for use in diagnostic imaging and delivery of bioactive compounds as well as targeted imaging and delivery to selected tissues and cells are provided. Compositions containing these echogenic polymer microcapsules and nanocapsules for use in diagnostic imaging and delivery of bioactive agents... Agent: Drexel University

20110125075 - Method for control of electroporation apparatus: A method for controlling an electroporation apparatus for use in an animal such as human and a non-human animal, the method comprising a step of applying a voltage to an electrode of the electroporation apparatus placed in/on a biological sample of the animal in the presence of a nucleic acid... Agent: National University Corporation Nagoya University

20110125077 - Optical stimulation therapy: Methods of delivering optical stimulation to a target tissue from an optical stimulation device are provided. One method comprises sensing a temperature at the optical stimulation device or proximate to the optical stimulation device, and adjusting the delivery of light to the target tissue based on the sensed temperature. Another... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110125078 - Optical stimulation therapy: A method for delivering optical stimulation comprises transfecting a target tissue with a light-sensitive channel protein sensitive to light in a wavelength range, delivering light in the wavelength range to the target tissue via an optical stimulation device, substantially simultaneously with delivering light to the target tissue, sensing bioelectric signals,... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110125076 - Photokinetic ocular drug delivery methods and apparatus: The present invention relates generally to transscleral, transcorneal, and transocular delivery of biologically active substances through the tissues, blood vessels and cellular membranes of the eyes of patients without causing damage to the cellular surface, tissue or membrane. The invention provides compositions and methods for enhanced transscleral, transcorneal and transocular... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20110125080 - Ultrasound mediated drug delivery: Described is a method for the delivery of a therapeutic agent to a mammal, particularly a human person, comprising (i) the administration of ultrasound particles that undergo a physical change when subjected to ultrasound; (ii) the administration of the therapeutic agent in an ultrasound dosage form allowing release of the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110125081 - Drug delivery apparatus guided by micro electrical field network for target cell of liver: A drug delivery apparatus guided by micro electrical field network for target cells of liver comprises a low-voltage micro- electrical field generator and a drug delivery catheter which gets into a liver through an endoscope or indwelling catheter along blood vessels, wherein at least two drug infusion holes and a... Agent:

20110125082 - Multi-functional second instrument for cataract removal: Apparatus for the removal of lens tissue includes a first instrument for inserting into a lens capsule and removing a cataract therein, the first instrument including a lumen for aspiration of cataract tissue and irrigation fluid from the lens capsule and manipulate the cataract until cataract is removed. The second... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20110125083 - Method and system for the therapeutic application of dry carbon dioxide gas: A sealable cabinet that permits a human or animal to experience a dry bath for carbon dioxide or other gases, with said cabinet fitted with gas, water, and power connections, and a controller to optimize the temperature, gas concentrations, and water vapor content of the interior, plus a switchable means... Agent:

20110125084 - Trocar assembly with pneumatic sealing: A trocar for use in a minimally invasive surgical procedure includes an elongated body, nozzle means and means for delivering a pressurized flow of fluid to the nozzle means. The elongated body has a generally tubular configuration with coaxially arranged inner and outer walls and longitudinally opposed proximal and distal... Agent: Surgiquest, Inc.

20110125085 - Disposable components for fluid line autoconnect systems and methods: Components for a medical infusion fluid handling system, such as an APD system, in which one or more lines (30) (such as solution lines), spikes (160) or other connection ports may be automatically capped and/or de-capped. This feature may provide advantages, such as a reduced likelihood of contamination since no... Agent: Deka Research & Development

20110125086 - Fluid injection device: A fluid injection device includes: a pulse generation section that includes a fluid chamber whose volume is changeable, and an inlet flow passage and an outlet flow passage that are connected to the fluid chamber; a first connection flow passage connected to the outlet flow passage, having an end portion;... Agent: Tohoku University

20110125087 - Infusion pump module and infusion system: An infusion pump module includes a body case that includes an inflow channel for a liquid medicine; a first connecting flow channel; a second connecting flow channel; and an outflow channel; an auxiliary case joined to the body case and includes an auxiliary flow channel connected to the first and... Agent:

20110125088 - Apparatus for an improved high pressure medicinal dispenser: An apparatus for an improved high pressure medicinal dispenser is disclosed. The high pressure dispenser may include a handle (26), a chamber (18), a threaded region, a threaded rod (14), and a knob (20). The high pressure dispenser may have at least one insert-molded component. A threaded insert providing the... Agent: Sabin Corporation

20110125089 - Hemostatic microspheres: Provided herein are hemostatic compositions. In one embodiment, the hemostatic composition includes cross-linked polymer microspheres, such as cross-linked gelatin microspheres with pores. In another embodiment, the hemostatic composition comprises an additive such as a wetting agent, a suspending agent, or both. The hemostatic compositions may also include a hemostatic agent... Agent: Zymogenetics, Inc.

20110125090 - Ophthalmic drug delivery system and method: o

20110125091 - Expandable devices and methods therefor: Described here are expandable devices and methods for using them. The devices generally comprise a hub and a plurality of legs extending therefrom. In some variations, the hub may comprise one or more domed portions, tapered portions, or the like. The legs may comprise one or more straight segments, one... Agent:

20110125092 - Device for maintaining patent paranasal sinus ostia: A device for maintaining a patent paranasal sinus ostium includes a tubular element having a first end, a second end, and a center region between the proximal end and distal end. The tubular element has an insertion state and a deployment state. The tubular element is locatable in the sinus... Agent: Audubon Technologies, LLC

20110125093 - Latex medical articles for release of antimicrobial agents: According to an aspect of the present invention, a medical article is provided which comprises a latex antimicrobial region. The latex antimicrobial region can constitute the entirety of the medical article, or it can constitute only a portion of the medical article. The latex antimicrobial region comprises release-modulating microparticles, which... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110125094 - Cannula protector and single-use syringe system: A cannula protector according to these principles includes a tubular sleeve and a bellows which, in part together with the sleeve, completely encloses at least the area of the cannula. The cannula protector usually also comprises a radially acting clamp or engagement spring, whose function is to hold the inserted... Agent: Kunststofftechnik Waidhofen An Der Thaya Gmbh

20110125095 - Microprocessor controlled ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device: An implantable infusion pump possesses operational functionality that is, at least in part, controlled by software operating in two processor ICs which are configured to perform some different and some duplicate functions. The pump exchanges messages with an external device via telemetry. Each processor controls a different part of the... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110125096 - Catheter introducer: The invention relates to a catheter introducer comprising: a tube-like introducer sheath; an introducer hub having a distal section and a proximal section, wherein the distal section is joined to the proximal end of the introducer sheath and the proximal section defines a chamber; a needle extending through the introducer... Agent: Poly Medicure Ltd.

20110125097 - Catheter introducer with hub seal and removal tab: A catheter introducer having a catheter hub seal that is engageable with the rear opening of the catheter hub to impede liquid flow out of the catheter hub following catheter insertion and subsequent withdrawal of the needle following separation of the housing from the catheter hub. The catheter hub seal... Agent:

20110125098 - Intravenous catheter anchor system and method: An improved anchor system and method for holding an intravenous catheter to the patient's body is easier to clean thereby reducing the risk of infection. The system also includes an intravenous catheter that includes a main line, a yoke attached to the main line and two branch lines attached to... Agent:

20110125099 - Protective device for an intravenous catheter or other peripheral body penetrating object: A device for protecting and cushioning the site of a penetration in a patient's limb and the external portion of a catheter or other medical device inserted partially through the penetration includes a preferably soft and flexible cover to be wrapped around the limb in which the penetration is made... Agent:

20110125100 - Injection device: The invention relates to an injection device (1), which comprises a support housing (2), an activating sleeve (9), a cartridge (3) containing a medicine (14), a first drive unit (4), a safety device (5), a needle arrangement (6), a needle protection element (7) and a second triggerable drive unit (8),... Agent: Pharma Consult Ges.m.b.h. & Co Nfg Kg

20110125101 - Otologic syringe needle: [Means for Solving Problem] An otologic syringe needle 10 for passing through an eardrum and injecting a medical agent into cartilage within a middle ear, wherein a length of the needle is in the range of 40 to 60 mm, a cutting angle R of a cutting part 12 is... Agent:

20110125102 - Flashback blood collection needle with needle shield: A needle assembly is provided with the housing, and IV cannula for accessing a blood vessel and a non-patient cannula for communication with an evacuated tube. A flashback chamber is provided in the housing at or near the distal end of the housing. A shield is hinged to a portion... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110125103 - Drip chamber with flow control: A flow control system includes a drip chamber having lower and upper wall sections and a collapsible wall extending between the lower and upper wall sections, a downwardly depending valve seat attached to the lower wall section, and a valve member disposed in the drip chamber, attached to the upper... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110125104 - Luer protection pouch and luer valve/male luer protection method: A medical swab pouch is disclosed. The inexpensive elastic pouch contains disinfectant and is configured for protecting and swabbing a wide variety of luer systems to prevent and eliminate bacterial contamination. The pouch has a flattened configuration and can be elastically dilated, as by squeezing the pouch between the thumb... Agent:

20110125105 - Conduit protector: A conduit protector for temporarily minimizing the surface friction on an outside surface of an implant includes a curvilinear sheet formed into a generally cylindrical shape having a first axial edge and a second axial edge, a connecting member coupling the first axial edge of the curvilinear sheet to the... Agent: Cardious, Inc.

20110125106 - Injection needle assembly: The present invention relates to an injection needle assembly having opposite distal and proximal ends, and wherein the assembly comprises an injection needle (46) having proximal (48) and distal (50) pointed ends, wherein the distal pointed end is arranged to penetrate a membrane arranged at the proximal end of a... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20110125107 - Methods and devices for sensing tissues and tissue compartments: An apparatus provides feedback regarding the material in which tip of the apparatus is located as the tip is advance into matter of varying resistances. The apparatus responds to a change in pressure, force, or other parameter such that when the tip reaches matter of a certain resistance, a change... Agent: The Brigham And Womer's Hospital ,inc.

20110125108 - Surgical instrument preferably with temperature control: A surgical needle has shape memory. An endoscope tool controls the temperature of a foreign body or surgical instrument such as an endoscopic needle.... Agent: Universite De Mons

20110125109 - Wound stick: A device for introducing a haemostatic agent into a penetrating wound. The device includes an elongate introducing member and a haemostatic agent applied to the elongate introducing member. The haemostatic agent may be applied to the introducing member using a flexible membrane, configured to be rolled around the elongate introducing... Agent:

20110125110 - Material for use as a wound packing element, particularly in negative pressure wound therapy: A wound packing element is in the form of a nonwoven material, particularly an airlaid nonwoven material. Such a wound packing element, or a number of such wound packing elements formed into a layered assembly, may be utilised to pack a wound cavity. The wound packing element is of particular... Agent: Brightwake Limited

20110125111 - Bottle for packaging liquid that is to be dispensed drop by drop, with antibacterial protection: The present invention relates to a bottle for packaging a liquid to be distributed drop by drop comprising a reservoir the walls of which can be reversibly elastically deformed by letting air into the container, surmounted by a liquid dispensing head comprising a dropper nozzle protruding from the bottle and... Agent: Laboratories Thea

20110125112 - Medical sleeve: The invention provides a device adapted to assist the sterilisation of a limb surface, comprising a flexible tubular sleeve, closed at one end, shaped and sized so as to loosely fit, in use, around the limb of a patient whose limb surface is to be sterilised. The sleeve bas limb-sealing... Agent: Derby Hospitals Nhs Foundation Trust

20110125113 - Tissue enclosure: Provided is a device for providing a vacuum to a tissue, including a first tissue cover for covering the tissue and having first peripheral portion with a tissue facing contact surface adapted to be sealingly affixed to a first tissue portion surrounding the tissue, the device being adapted for enabling... Agent:

20110125114 - Noise dampening film: A noise dampening film is provided, and in particular, a film having at least one quiet layer that comprises a polymer resin and from about 5 to 50 weight percent of a styrene-vinyl polyisoprene-styrene block-co-polyisopyrene block triblock polymer. The quiet layer has a tan delta of at least about 0.27... Agent: Cryovac, Inc.

20110125115 - Body waste collecting device comprising a layered adhesive construction: A body waste collecting device comprising a pressure sensitive adhesive construction for attaching a collecting pouch on human skin containing at least two layers of adhesive. The two layers differ in that the skin facing layer of adhesive is softer and more dissipative in nature than the non-skin facing layer... Agent:

20110125116 - Tampon saturation monitoring system: A tampon that has a sensor and a signal line that peripherally connects the sensor with a peripheral signal processor. The sensor provides an optic blood wetting signal in response to a progressing blood saturation boundary in the tampon. The simple sensor has two proximal signal terminals separated by a... Agent:

20110125117 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article having a napkin body (2) comprising as the essentials a liquid-permeable top sheet (3), a liquid-impermeable back sheet (4), and a liquid-absorbing member (5) placed between the top sheet (3) and the back sheet (4), wherein a removable cover sheet (20A) having a length and a width... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110125118 - Production of an organic acid and/or related chemicals: The present invention relates to methods, systems and compositions, including genetically modified microorganisms, e.g., recombinant microorganisms, adapted to utilize one or more synthesis gas components in a microbial bio-production of one or more desired biomolecules and products of commercial interest.... Agent: Opx Biotechnologies, Inc.

20110125119 - Fluid-absorbent articles: The present invention relates to fluid-absorbent articles, comprising an upper liquid-pervious layer, a lower liquid-impervious layer, a fluid-absorbent core, wherein the fluid-absorbent core comprises a fibrous material and 10 to 95% by weight of spherical fluid-absorbent polymer particles, and an acquisition distribution layer, wherein the acquisition distribution layer comprises a... Agent: Basf Se

20110125120 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article includes liquid-permeable top sheet, a liquid-impermeable back sheet, and an absorber sandwiched between the top sheet and back sheet, wherein the top sheet is composed of a nonwoven fabric, and the region of the top sheet that contacts the site of discharge is the low density section... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20110125121 - Absorbent article: The present invention aims to provide an absorbent article with a barrier sheet preventing body waste from coming in contact with a wearer's skin and thereby to alleviate skin trouble such as eczema the wearer might suffer from. The article includes an absorbent chassis, a barrier sheet and a leak-barrier... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110125123 - Paper diaper with attached disposal pouch: Handy, aesthetically appealing paper diaper in which a disposal pouch is attached to part of the outer surface of the paper-diaper body. To all appearances the pouch cannot be seen, enabling hygienic disposal of the paper diaper without imparting a negative effect on its functionality. A disposal pouch, folded into... Agent:

20110125124 - Absorbent articles and method for manufacturing same: An absorbent product comprises a seal along one or more edges. The seal may be formed using a cohesive or selective adhesive. The seal prevents contamination of the wearer-facing surface of an individual absorbent product without requiring an overwrap or other individual unit packaging. The absorbent product may also comprise... Agent:

20110125125 - Absorbent articles and method for manufacturing the same: An absorbent product comprises a backsheet having a first lateral end edge, a second lateral end edge, a first longitudinal side edge, and a second longitudinal side edge. The absorbent product further comprises a first longitudinal line of weakness laterally inboard of the first longitudinal side edge, a second longitudinal... Agent:

20110125126 - Pant-type disposable absorbent hygiene product: A pant-type disposable absorbent hygiene article (2), comprises a waist edge (20), continuous in the circumferential direction thereof and forming a waist opening, and leg openings (8a,b), a front piece (6) and a back piece (4) having longitudinal side edge sections (16,18), and a crotch region (10), disposed between the... Agent:

20110125122 - Method of making disposable pants having underwear-like waistbands, and pant made thereby: A method of manufacturing disposable absorbent garments and a garment made thereby. In particular embodiments, the method comprises removing notches or holes of a garment web or webs adjacent to front and back waist edges to define a series of spaced apart front and back waist edge openings. The method... Agent:

20110125127 - Connector, container with such a connector and fluid preparation device with a mating connector for such a container: A connector for connecting a container with a fluid preparation device for preparing a fluid, in particular a container with a concentrate for the preparation of dialysis fluid, as well as the combination of the connector, the corresponding container and the fluid preparation device. In order to simplify the handling... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20110125128 - Medical device connector: The present invention relates to a first medical device (1, 100) configured to permit connection to a second medical device (3). The medical device (1, 100, 200) comprises a guiding track (12) for receiving a lock protrusion (4). The guiding track (12) comprises a surface (16) having a lock edge... Agent:

20110125129 - Medical device with adjustable tissue ingrowth cuff: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for making and using adjustable epidermal tissue ingrowth cuff and catheter assemblies for transcutaneous placement to provide periodic or continuous external access for medical purposes to an interior body region of a patent who requires such medical treatment over an extended period of time.... Agent:

20110125130 - Retractable needle assembly and syringe utilizing the same: An injection device including a barrel, a hollow plunger having a portion structured and arranged to move within the barrel, a needle unit, and a safety system that one of automatically causes the needle unit to retract into the plunger when the plunger reaches a substantially fully depressed position. This... Agent: Stat Medical Devices, Inc.

20110125131 - Endoluminal delivery of anesthesia: Described herein are methods and devices for selectively applying fluids (particularly anesthetics) to a target tissue from within a blood vessel while minimizing the amount of fluid applied to non-target tissue. The injection catheters described herein may include an elongate body, a directional injector, and one or more holdfasts for... Agent: Silk Road Medical, Inc.

20110125132 - Apparatus and methods for treating obstructions within body lumens: An apparatus is provided that is operable in different modes to perform various functions for treating a body lumen. The apparatus includes a shaft including proximal and distal ends, a lumen extending therebetween, and a balloon on the distal end. The apparatus includes a valve on the distal end that... Agent: Hotspur Technologies, Inc.

20110125133 - Catheter components and assembly: A catheter assembly is provided with a stress relief collar for relieving stress due to differences in rigidities of a catheter and coupled fitting. The stress relief collar is provided with an integral clip of the same or a similar soft material. The catheter can be coiled and held in... Agent: William Cook Europe Aps

20110125134 - Method for connecting plastic tubes: A method for coaxially connecting a first plastic tube (10, 110) to a second plastic tube (20, 120), said plastic tubes (10, 20). In particular being provided as part of a medical catheter (102), the two plastic tubes (10, 20) being connected by way of a tubular connecting piece (50),... Agent:

20110125135 - Locking assembly for a drainage catheter: A drainage catheter includes an elongated tubular member and a locking assembly. The locking assembly includes a first protruding element and a collar. The first protruding element is disposed proximal to a port in the tubular member through which a proximal portion of a tension member may exit. The collar... Agent:

20110125136 - Intravascular diagnostic and therapeutic sampling device: A device and methods for continuous precision blood sampling from a patient with a micro impedance pump as the driver in a microfluidic system. Depending on the needs of medical technologies, the micro impedance pump in the intravascular diagnostic and therapeutic sampling system serves in a forward pumping function for... Agent:

20110125137 - Implantable infusion device: An implantable infusion device includes a positive pressure reservoir, a pump, a flow restrictor, and an outlet. The device includes a first fluid flow path from the reservoir to the outlet, where the pump is downstream of the reservoir, and the outlet is downstream of the pump. The device further... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110118647 - extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus: An extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus comprises a sensor (10) for emitting a signal indicating a change of hematic volume of an individual (7) subjected to a treatment and a weight loss system for actuating the individual's weight loss. A control unit (20) receives an effective weight value of the individual... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20110118648 - Blood reservoir: A conduit tube (90) that communicates with an intracardiac blood inflow port (50) and a liquid medicine injection port (72) and allows blood from the intracardiac blood inflow port and a liquid medicine from the liquid medicine injection port to flow into a cardiotomy section (2) is inserted from above... Agent: Jms Co., Ltd.

20110118649 - Method and device for the treatment of glaucoma: The invention relates to a method and a device for treatment of glaucoma, wherein by means of an elongated catheter provided with a distal portion and a proximal portion, a tube-shaped implant is inserted and released in a Schlemm's canal with two opposite openings exposed by an incision and a... Agent: Grieshaber Ophthalmic Research Foundation

20110118651 - Method and apparatus for effecting a percutaneous aortic valve bypass: e

20110118650 - Method and apparatus for treating obesity and controlling weight gain and absorption of glucose in mammals: The present invention includes an endoluminal sleeve having a stomach sleeve portion, an antral sleeve portion, and an intestine sleeve portion. The endoluminal sleeve includes a flexible core layer which is formed from a self-expanding material. The flexible core layer in the stomach sleeve portion can self expand to grip... Agent: Anteromed, Inc.

20110118653 - Device, system, and method for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory medicaments to a mammalian subject: A device, a system, or a method is described for treating a disease or a condition of one or more joints of articulating bone in a mammalian subject. The device provides one or more medicaments to one or more joints of the mammalian subject. A device is described that includes... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110118652 - Device,system, and method for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory medicaments to a mammalian subject: A device, a system, or a method is described for treating a disease or a condition of one or more joints of articulating bone in a mammalian subject. The device provides one or more medicaments to one or more joints of the mammalian subject. A device is described that includes... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110118654 - Eye therapy: Embodiments apply a cross-linking agent to a region of corneal tissue. The cross-linking agent improves the ability of the corneal tissue to resist undesired structural changes. For example, the cross-linking agent may be Riboflavin or Rose Bengal, and the initiating element may be photoactivating light, such as ultraviolet (UV) light.... Agent: Avedro, Inc.

20110118655 - Galvanic skin treatment device: A galvanic device for treatment of skin is provided. The device comprises a substrate comprising a plurality of discrete galvanic couples, each galvanic couple comprising a first conductive electrode that is an anode in electronic communication with a second conductive electrode that is a cathode.... Agent:

20110118656 - Device, system, and method for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory medicaments to a mammalian subject: A device, a system, or a method is described for treating a disease or a condition of one or more joints of articulating bone in a mammalian subject. The device provides one or more medicaments to one or more joints of the mammalian subject. A device is described that includes... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110118657 - Device for insufflating gas and collecting effluents from the body cavities of an individual: A device comprising: a gas insufflation device (1), a first duct (2) for supplying gas to a member insertable (3) in a cavity of an individual, wherein the first duct (2) comprises a by-pass (21) for evacuating excess gas towards the exterior. The insertable member (3) has three passages and... Agent:

20110118658 - Pneumoperitoneum needle: Pneumoperitoneum needles for providing and/or insufflating a corporal and/or abdominal cavity are provided. The pneumoperitoneum needle can include a housing, an elongate tubular body extending from a distal surface of the housing, and an elongate hollow tubular rod slidably received within the tubular body. The tubular body preferably includes a... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110118659 - Multi-port syringe assembly: A multi-port syringe assembly that allows fluid to be drawn into or injected out of the assembly. For example, the assembly may include one syringe that is used to aspirate fluid from a patient and another syringe to inject a medical fluid into the patient. As one medical application, the... Agent:

20110118660 - Interventional catheters incorporating an active aspiration system: An interventional catheter assembly comprises an operating head for removing obstructive material from a target site in a body lumen or cavity and at least one aspiration port located proximal to the operating head and penetrating the catheter assembly, the aspiration port being in communication with a sealed lumen that... Agent: Pathway Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110118661 - Implantable system enabling responsive therapy for pain: An implantable neurostimulator system for treating pain includes scheduled and responsive therapy capabilities including responsive stimulation applied to the brain and peripheral sections of the nervous system. Methods for treating chronic nociceptive, neuropathic, and psychogenic pain employ an inventive system to advantageously reduce multiple symptoms and components of pain and... Agent: Neuropace, Inc.

20110118662 - Occlusion sensing for an infusion pump: Some embodiments of an infusion pump system may include an occlusion sensor that can be used to detect when an occlusion exists in the fluid path between the medicine reservoir and the infusion site on the user's skin. Such an occlusion may occur, for example, when the fluid flow line... Agent: Asante Solutions, Inc.

20110118663 - Casing: A casing for an injection device of the type having a safety device which prevents operation of the device, incorporating an actuator means by which the safety means of the device can be actuated to allow operation of the device. Also a casing for a medicament container having an opening... Agent: Zogenix, Inc.

20110118664 - Dispensing assembly with separate syringes and syringe holder: The dispensing assembly has a one-piece syringe holder in which two separate syringes are placed and which includes a thumb rest that acts upon the thrust plates of the syringes jointly. The integral design of the syringe holder and the thumb rest results in a synchronous dispensing of both syringes.... Agent: Medmix Systems Ag

20110118665 - Disposable carpule for hypodermic syringe: A standard dental syringe is made up of an outer cylinder with a plunger at one end, and a carpule which contains liquid medication to be injected into a patient is replaceably positioned within the barrel and includes a needle slidably mounted at one end of the carpule in communication... Agent:

20110118666 - Pressure infusion device with flexible window: The window material is made of two layers of material that have different elongation properties. The layers are bonded together to produce a multi-layer laminate that has sufficient optical clarity to easily read or scan the printed matter on the I.V. bag, has sufficient flexibility to provide maximum contact with... Agent: Trimline Medical Products Corporation

20110118667 - Hub assembly having a hidden needle for a drug delivery pen: A hub assembly for a pen injection device allows a needle to be disposed in at least one of a plurality of positions prior to an injection. A hub of the hub assembly is connected to the pen injection device, and the needle is received by the hub. A shield... Agent: Becton Dickinson And Company

20110118668 - Cannula stabilizer: An apparatus and method for stabilizing a cannula to a vascular structure. The stabilizer includes a ring that circumferentially surrounds the cannula. Three or more struts extend distally from the ring and are outwardly-deflected by a first angle relative to a first axis that is parallel to a lengthwise central... Agent: Circulite, Inc.

20110118669 - Enhanced pneumostoma management device and methods for treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A partially-implantable pneumostoma management device maintains the patency of a pneumostoma while controlling the flow of material through the pneumostoma. A tube of the pneumostoma management device is placed through the chest wall into the lung. The tube comprises a plurality of holes in the distal end to allow the... Agent: Portaero, Inc.

20110118670 - Tube holder and method of securing catheters to a patient: A tube holder includes a base mounted on a support surface, and male and female gripping members extending substantially transversely from the base with the base and gripping members unitarily, integrally formed of a one-piece, soft, low durometer elastomer and one of the gripping members having a plurality of apertures... Agent:

20110118671 - Catheter securement device: A securement device for securing a medical implement, such as a catheter to the body of a patient. The device comprises a pad or base having adhesive on at least a portion of the bottom surface for securing the pad to the body of a patient. A fixed plate and... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20110118672 - Needle insertion systems and methods: A housing may have a needle, plunger, and bias mechanism supported within the housing by a tab configured to retain the plunger in position and to allow the plunger to move under bias force imparted by the bias mechanism to move the needle to an insert position when the tab... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110118673 - Needle safety cap: A safety cap for use with a needle, the cap including an opening in the cap adapted to receive a needle therein, a releasable lock mechanism disposed within the opening, and a permanent lock mechanism disposed within the opening. The safety cap may be provided on a needle, the releasable... Agent:

20110118674 - Syringe with needle guard injection device: The present invention provides for an injection device including a syringe with a proximal end, a distal end, a needle extending from the distal end, and a plunger inserted into the proximal end. A guard is slidable on the syringe, has a proximal end, a distal end, and is biased... Agent:

20110118675 - Apparatus and method to inject fluids into bone marrow and other target sites: Apparatus for delivering a quantity of fluid to bone marrow of a bone or providing access to remove fluids from a target site is provided. The apparatus may include a driver, a plunger operating and cartridge assembly mechanism, a cartridge assembly having a fluid reservoir and a bone penetrating needle.... Agent:

20110118676 - Enteral connectors and systems: An enteral connector assembly and system (700) communicates fluid between a bag B′ or a bottle B″ and an enteral feeding set. The system (700) includes an end cap (705) that communicates enteral fluid across a barrier (715) having a specially configured barrier keyway (720) formed with a barrier port... Agent:

20110118677 - Overmolded access port including anchoring and identification features: An access port for providing subcutaneous access to a patient is disclosed. In one embodiment, the port includes an internal body defining a fluid cavity that is accessible via a septum. A compliant outer cover including silicone is disposed about at least a portion of the body. A flange is... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20110118678 - Condensed eye dropper alignment apparatus and method for using same: The present application discloses a new and novel system and apparatus for improving the accuracy with which a person may apply eye drops to their own eye. The apparatus holds a bottle of eye drops at a fixed and certain distance above the eye, beside the nose and below the... Agent:

20110118680 - Fluid collection and disposal system and related methods: A fluid collection system includes a disposable collection container and a disposable collection container receiving housing, the housing having a cavity and a suction source. The fluid collection container may include a flexible liner and a shelf for diverting fluid from the suction and to assist with a collapse of... Agent: Cardinal Health, Inc.

20110118679 - Radio frequency sealable film: An RF sealable composition and film is provided in which the composition and film includes a blend of an ethylene/alpha-olefin and an ethylene acrylate copolymer. The composition and resulting film has a dielectric loss factor of at least 0.02 and is capable of being radio frequency sealed. Films in accordance... Agent: Cryovac, Inc.

20110118683 - Reduced pressure treatment system: A wound treatment appliance is provided for treating all or a portion of a wound. In some embodiments, the appliance comprises a cover or a flexible overlay that covers all or a portion of the wound for purposes of applying a reduced pressure to the covered portion of the wound.... Agent:

20110118681 - Supply chain method and apparatus for sealing and unsealing a vacuum draw path: This application teaches a disposal chain and a supply chain system for sealing and unsealing a vacuum draw path embodying a thrust handle capable of imparting assembly and disassembly thrust forces said system conferring the potential of reducing the amount solid waste mass contributed to the waste stream.... Agent: Medlndica-pak, Inc.

20110118682 - Supply chain method and apparatus for sealing and unsealing a vacuum draw path: This application teaches a disposal chain and a supply chain system for sealing and unsealing a vacuum draw path embodying a thrust handle capable of imparting assembly and disassembly thrust forces said system conferring the potential of reducing the amount solid waste mass contributed to the waste stream.... Agent:

20110118684 - Adhesive ostomy coupling: An adhesive ostomy coupling comprises first and second coupling parts each having a respective orifice. The first coupling part includes an upstanding wall for entering the orifice of the second coupling part. The second coupling part includes an adhesive faceplate for adhering to the first coupling part outside the upstanding... Agent: Convatec Technologies Inc.

20110118685 - Method and machine for producing a hollow product: A method and injection machine for producing a hollow product, such as a urisheath, use of the method for producing a urisheath as well as the urisheath. The machine comprises an annular cavity for receiving a silicone material. The material is injected in a cold state via a coldrun nozzle... Agent: Medical Rubber M.r. Ab

20110118687 - Absorbent article and method for maintaining or improving skin health: Disclosed is a method for maintaining and/or improving skin health in the area of a wearer covered by an absorbent article. The absorbent article includes a vapor permeable backsheet, a liquid pervious topsheet positioned in facing relation with the backsheet, an absorbent core located between the backsheet and the topsheet.... Agent:

20110118686 - Substrate with adherence for feces and menses: A composition applied on the body facing surface of an absorbent article such as a diaper, training pant, adult incontinence product, feminine hygiene product, may be used to impart the adherence of feces or menses to the article. Such composition makes the cleaning task easier. The compositions may also improve... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20110118688 - Matrix-construction padded absorbing article and making method therefor: An absorbing article with a pad having a matrix construction comprises a water impermeable first main sheet, a substantially water permeable second sheet and an absorbing pad member arranged between the first and second sheets, the absorbing pad member having an absorbing layer including a flexible matrix made of cotton... Agent: Corman S.p.a.

20110118691 - Top sheet for absorbent article, process for its production and absorbent article employing the same: The top sheet for an absorbent article has a plurality of fused compressed sections, wherein the fused compressed sections are located on the lowermost side in the thickness direction of the top sheet, and the back side of the top sheet has recesses or low density regions having the lowest... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20110118690 - Absorptive article: An absorptive article according to the present invention includes: a main absorber including at least a liquid-permeable top sheet, liquid-impermeable back sheet, and an absorber disposed between the top sheet and the back sheet, absorbing and retaining fluid, and including a back-side region, a crotch region, and a belly-side region... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110118689 - Absorbent article comprising one or several patterns: An absorbent article such as a diaper, an incontinence pad, a sanitary towel or the like includes at least one elasticated area. The elasticated area includes a patterned area having a visible pattern.... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110118692 - Female member for hook-and-loop fastener, hook-and-loop fastener employing the female member, and absorbent article employing the hook-and-loop fastener: A female member for a hook-and-loop fastener is provided. Even when the hook-and-loop fastener part is deformed or an instantaneous impact peel force is applied to the fastener part, the female member does not peel off the male member. When the male member is peeled from the female member, no... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20110118693 - Method of making wearing article and this wearing article: The present invention provides a method of making a wearing article improved so that mount members in folded state can be easily released from a temporarily fixing effect. The method of making a wearing article involves folding back each of mount members from the side of a top-sheet of a... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110118694 - Device, a system and a method for identification/authentication of parts of a medical device: Disclosed is a dispensing system. The dispensing system includes a dispensing unit to dispense therapeutic fluid, and a validation mechanism to enable operation of the dispensing unit based, at least in part, on a determination of whether operation of the dispensing device is authorized.... Agent:

20110118695 - Device, system, and method for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory medicaments to a mammalian subject: A device, a system, or a method is described for treating a disease or a condition of one or more joints of articulating bone in a mammalian subject. The device provides one or more medicaments to one or more joints of the mammalian subject. A device is described that includes... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110118696 - Device, system, and method for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory medicaments to a mammalian subject: A device, a system, or a method is described for treating a disease or condition of one or more joints of articulating bone in a mammalian subject. A device is described which includes one or more substrates configured to contact one or more body contours at one or more joints... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110118697 - Device, system, and method for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory medicaments to a mammalian subject: A device, a system, or a method is described for treating a disease or a condition of one or more joints of articulating bone in a mammalian subject. The device provides one or more medicaments to one or more joints of the mammalian subject. A device is described that includes... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110118698 - Device, system, and method for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory medicaments to a mammalian subject: A device, a system, or a method is described for treating a disease or a condition of one or more joints of articulating bone in a mammalian subject. The device provides one or more medicaments to one or more joints of the mammalian subject. A device is described that includes... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110118699 - Methods and apparatuses for selecting a bolus delivery pattern in a drug delivery device: Methods, systems and devices for sustained medical infusion of fluids are described. Some implementations describe portable infusion methods, systems and devices for selecting a pattern of fluid delivery. Some implementations describe skin securable insulin dispensing methods, systems and devices for selecting a delivery pattern according to the nutritional characteristics (e.g.... Agent:

20110118700 - Administration device comprising indication unit and method for setting a dose: An administration device for the administration of a liquid drug in adjustable doses may comprise an injection unit and an electronic indication unit. The injection unit may comprise a dosing mechanism and a manually operated dose setting component. The manually operated dose setting component may adjust the dosing mechanism to... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110118702 - Device for locating epidural space while safeguarding against dural puncture through differential friction technique: A device for locating a cavity within two walls including a syringe including a syringe piston slideable in a first syringe barrel for discharging air or fluid contained in the first syringe barrel on forward movement of the syringe piston into the cavity, the first syringe barrel being attached to... Agent:

20110118701 - Dose dividing delivery device: A simple method and device enabling a unit dose from a reservoir is provided. The dose is drawn into the reservoir and is then expelled from the device by depressing the plunger. The plunger (30) has features which divide the dose into discrete intervals. As the plunger is moved during... Agent:

20110118703 - Expandable fluoropolymer device for delivery of therapeutic agents and method of making: A method of making a radially expandable fluid delivery device includes providing a tube of biocompatible fluoropolymer material with a predetermined porosity based on an extrusion and expansion forming process, applying a radial expansion force to the tube expanding the tube to a predetermined diameter dimension, and removing the radial... Agent:

20110118704 - Catheter: The present invention is concerned with a catheter which includes an inflatable balloon operable to retain the catheter in position during use, and which is located and configured to both reduce discomfort during use by preventing contact between the end of the catheter and the urinary tract/bladder wall, and reduce... Agent:

20110118705 - Sensor and control unit for flow control and a method for controlled delivery of fluid: The invention relates to a sensor (102) and a control unit (702) for cooperation with the sensor. The sensor (102) serves for measuring a velocity of a fluid (308) flowing through a channel (306). The sensor (102) employs a thermal measuring principle, which measuring principle is robust regarding disturbances on... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110112460 - Adjustable valve setting with motor control: An implantable medical device is disclosed that includes a valve body and a valve rotor adjustable with respect to the valve body. A tool can be utilized to determine and control a position of the valve rotor with respect to the valve body. The tool can include a valve body... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

20110112463 - Compositions and methods for treating a neuronal injury or neuronal disorders: A method of improving the efficacy of denervated, quiescent, or dormant motor neurons includes expressing light sensitive G protein coupled receptors in the motor neurons, the light sensitive G protein coupled receptors modulating cellular activity in the motor neurons upon exposure to a wavelength of light and exposing the motor... Agent:

20110112464 - Meso-substituted porphyrins: m

20110112462 - Pharmaceutical agent delivery in a stimulating medical device: A stimulating medical device comprising a stimulating assembly implantable proximate to nerve cells of a recipient having at least one agent delivery port and a plurality of electrical contacts; an electrical stimulation controller configured to generate electrical stimulation signals for application to a first population of the nerve cells via... Agent:

20110112461 - Textile product: Improvements applied to a textile product, and more particularly wherein the improved product is a woven textile product—fabric containing bioceramic microparticles embedded into the fibers thereof with high capacity of irradiation in the infrared region, provided to be used both in humans and animals, more particularly the invention is related... Agent:

20110112465 - Transdermal systems for the delivery of ionic agents directly to open wounds and surgically repaired incisions: A transdermal system for the delivery of an anesthetic or other active therapeutic agent directly to a selected site of injured skin tissue by iontophoresis is disclosed, which utilizes a transdermal skin-worn patch including a donor electrode chamber containing a donor electrode and an amount of an active agent in... Agent: Travanti Pharma Inc.

20110112466 - Extended point phacoemulsification tip: In various embodiments, a phacoemulsification tip may be configured with a proximal end configured to be secured to a phacoemulsification hand piece and a distal end shaped as a five-sided polygon with five corners. In some embodiments, at least two of the five corners of the five-sided polygon may form... Agent:

20110112467 - Systems and methods for improving image-guided tissue ablation: The cryosurgical kit and method of use relates to the combined use of biodegradable, imageable, drug(s) carriers, vectors or microcapsules deposited into a target tissue region inside a body and the controlled cooling of the target tissue region. A minimally invasive method of treatment that applies a cooling device to... Agent:

20110112468 - Device and method for treatment of surface infections with nitric oxide: Topical exposure of nitric oxide gas to wounds such as chronic non-healing wounds may be beneficial in promoting healing of the wound and in preparing the wound bed for further treatment and recovery. Nitric oxide gas may be used, for example, to reduce the microbial infection and burden on these... Agent: Pulmonox Technologies Corporation

20110112469 - Device and process for dispensing multiple-phase mixtures: A device and method for delivering a multi-phase mixture of a composition dispersed in a gas, the device comprising an outer needle having an inlet opening configured to receive a supply of the composition, and an inner needle disposed within the outer needle, the inner needle comprising an inlet opening... Agent: Powerscope Incorporated

20110112470 - Syringe: The invention relates to a syringe (1) having a syringe body (2) which has an interior space (3) and a tip (4) connected to the interior space (3). A plunger rod (5) is guided in the interior space (3) in a longitudinally displaceable manner. A syringe attachment filter (6) can... Agent: Fluoron Gmbh

20110112471 - Patch for irrigation/aspiration tip: In various embodiments, an ophthalmic surgical instrument may include an aspiration tube, an irrigation/aspiration tip (formed of a first material such as plastic), and a patch, coupled to the irrigation/aspiration tip, made of a second material (e.g., silicone) having a higher coefficient of friction than the first material. In some... Agent:

20110112472 - Fluid level detection system: A medical device fluid sensing system is provided. The system includes a transmitter array positioned in association with a fluid maintaining device, such as a reservoir in a cassette. Electrical circuitry is connected to the transmitter array and configured to cause the transmitter array to transmit light energy at a... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20110112473 - Medication injection site and data collection system: A medication injection site is provided that includes a medication port and an identification sensor. The medication injection site, when coupled to a medication container, can wirelessly transmit data characterizing the contents of the medication container to a remote data collection system. The housing of the medication injection site has... Agent:

20110112474 - Medication injection site and data collection system: A medication delivery apparatus for use with a medication container includes a housing, a fluid conduit at least partially extending within the housing and configured to deliver medication within the medication container to a patient, a medication port extending from the housing and configured to be coupled to a fluid... Agent: Crisi Medical Systems, Inc.

20110112475 - Implantable delivery device: The invention relates to delivery devices and methods for providing more uniform delivery of agents such as drugs. In some embodiments, a delivery device is provided made of one or more implantable materials having predetermined agent-permeable and agent-impermeable regions and a reservoir containing one or more active agents, either alone... Agent: Sunstorm Research Corporation

20110112476 - Device for reducing axial shortening of catheter or sheath due to repeated deflection: A deflectable medical device incorporates a strut that is configured to reduce or eliminate axial shortening of the deflectable portion of the medical device, for example, the deflectable distal end portion of a catheter or access sheath. The strut may is coaxially disposed in the medical device in the section... Agent:

20110112477 - Means and method to administer injections with little or no pain: A preferred method to obtain painless or near painless needle 8 penetration is disclosed to be in the following manner: Applying electric current using a TENS device simultaneously with tapping the injection site for 30 to 60 seconds at a rate of about one strike per second, followed by a... Agent:

20110112478 - Display for an infusion delivery system: The present disclosure generally relates to an infusion pump for dispensing medication. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to a display unit that can be pulled out by a user.... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

20110112479 - Infusion pump module: An infusion pump module for transferring fluid includes a fluid inlet part having an inlet to receive the fluid, a fluid outlet part having an outlet to discharge the fluid, a pump unit having a piezoelectric element, and a flow rate sensor to measure a flow rate of the fluid... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110112480 - Surgical access device with floating gel seal: A trocar is provided with a cannula and a housing and valve assembly disposed in the housing which forms a housing seal, and instrument seal, and in some cases a zero seal. A gel material is included in the valve and provides the valve with superior flotation properties for maintaining... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20110112481 - Pivoting joint infusion system with seal: An infusion system for delivery of therapeutic fluids from a remote source into a patient's body. The system has an infusion assembly, a rotating pivot joint member, a fluid connector assembly, and a sealing assembly retained within the infusion assembly between the housing of the infusion assembly and the rotating... Agent:

20110112482 - Breakaway peg tube: A break-way PEG tube uses a releasable connector between two tubing segments to facilitate release of a feeding portion of the PEG tube when pulled on to avoid accidental removal of a distal portion of the PEG tube from a patient's abdomen.... Agent:

20110112483 - Intravenous catheter anchoring device: An intravenous catheter anchoring assembly is disclosed and includes a patient-contacting membrane, a platform, and a retaining strap for securing a catheter or tubing of an administration set to a patient. The strap is attached to the platform with adjustable pull-tabs that permit a variety of catheter shapes and sizes... Agent: Venetec International, Inc.

20110112484 - Wearable infusion device and system: Disclosed is a drug infusion system comprising a drug infusion device having a reservoir, a window for viewing the contents of the reservoir, a cannula arranged to be deployed beneath the skin of a patient, and an actuator configured to be manually actuated to drive a medicament from the reservoir... Agent: Calibra Medical, Inc.

20110112485 - Flushable injection port: The combination (10) of a burette (11) and injection portion (20) and a tube (21) to be connected to a reservoir to drain a liquid therefrom for delivery to the burette (11). The injection port (20) is fixed to a cap (16) of the burette (11) by having an outlet... Agent: Analytica Limited

20110112486 - Needle protection assembly with locking element: The application relates to a needle protection assembly (1) comprising a support (2), a needle shield (8), urging means (10) located between said support (2) and said needle shield (8), tending to displace said needle shield (8) distally over said needle (3), wherein the assembly comprises one abutment (5) provided... Agent:

20110112487 - Syringe with integrally formed piercing member and luer slip: A syringe for use in vaccine reconstitution or rehydration has a barrel (1) having a plunger (2) in slidable and sealing engagement therein, and a piercing member (3) formed integrally with the barrel. The piercing member (3) has a bore (10) in communication with the distal end of the barrel,... Agent:

20110112488 - Medical apparatus for controlling flow: A medical apparatus for controlling a flow includes: an internal pipe member which has a pipe shape and uniform inner and outer diameters; an external pipe member which has an inner diameter which is more uniform and larger than the outer diameter of the internal pipe member; and a housing... Agent:

20110112489 - Interlocking tubing clamps: A tube clamp includes (i) a tube holding portion; (ii) a first arm extending from a first end of the tube holding portion; (iii) a second arm extending from a second end of the tube holding portion, the second armed curved so that a first catch located at a distal... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110112490 - Releasably sealable wound dressing for npwt: A therapeutic device having a hydrogel drape and a method of treatment using the same.... Agent:

20110112491 - Skin rejuvenation system and method: Skin rejuvenation system and method in which a pure plant collagen carrier is saturated with a solution of collagen, allantoin, amino acid, propanediol, glycerin, algae, plant DNA living cells, epidermal growth factor, Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, rose essential, water, and peptide, and the saturated carrier is applied to the skin... Agent:

20110112495 - Adhesive flange attachment reinforcer for suction port: An adhesive flange attachment reinforcer for a suction port of tubing for a wound healing device includes a polymer film which has one side including an adhesive wherein the film includes a slit extending inwardly from an edge of the film and defines an opening to receive the flange of... Agent:

20110112493 - Fluid collection reservoir: A fluid collection reservoir for receiving an aspirated fluid has a secretion connection for connecting a drainage tube situated at a patient's side, and a vacuum connection for connecting to a suction pump. The reservoir has an interior space which is divided by means of ribs. The interior space is... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20110112494 - Method and device for providing intermittent negative pressure wound healing: A therapeutic device for providing intermittent negative pressure wound healing includes a fluid mover, a compressible therapeutic member operably connected to the fluid mover and actuated thereby, the compressible therapeutic member operably disposably used on a patient in a manner to deliver therapy to the patient as function of actuation... Agent:

20110112492 - Wound dressing with micropump: A composite wound dressing apparatus promotes healing of a wound via the use of a micropump system. The micropump system includes a micropump that applies a subatmospheric pressure to the wound to effectively draw wound fluid or exudate away from the wound bed, or deliver fluids to the wound bed,... Agent:

20110112496 - Disposable diaper: [Means for Solving Problem] The above problem is solved by a disposable diaper, comprising a liquid pervious face sheet 30, a liquid impervious sheet 11, an absorbent body 56 interposed therebetween, an outer sheet 12 covering a back surface of the liquid impervious sheet 11, an after-treatment tape on an... Agent:

20110112497 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article that enables the presence of moisture, for example, derived from urination to be easily recognized. The absorbent article includes an outer sheet provided on a side that faces a wearer's skin, i.e., on its side facing a liquid-absorbent structure with moisture visualizing elements. The moisture visualizing elements... Agent:

20110112498 - Stretchable absorbent article: An absorbent article having a stretchable substrate and an absorbent composite comprising a layer of adhesive composition in contact with the stretchable substrate. A layer of particulate superabsorbent material is applied to and held by the adhesive composition. The absorbent composite is secured to the substrate by the adhesive composition.... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20110112499 - Absorbent article comprising graphics: An absorbent article may comprise a first zone comprising graphics and a second zone comprising graphics, wherein the first and second zones have different elastic properties. Further, the absorbent article may comprise a first absorbent article component and a second absorbent article component having substantially different elastic properties, wherein the... Agent:

20110112500 - Incontinence article in the form of briefs:

20110112501 - Systems and methods for safe medicament transport: A medicament transport system includes a syringe adapter assembly; and a vial adapter assembly including a base defining an opening having a seal member disposed therewithin, a stem extending from the base and defining a lumen therethrough and an opening through a wall thereof, a needle shuttle valve slidably disposed... Agent:

20110112503 - Chemistrode, a plug-based microfluidic device and method for stimulation and sampling with high temporal, spatial, and chemical resolution: A method for sampling and/or introducing a matter to an environment comprises introducing a first array of plugs through a first microchannel of a device into an exchange region of the device in which mass transport between the environment and the plug fluid of at least one plug in the... Agent:

20110112502 - Needleless device for delivery of an agent through a biological barrier: A needleless device (10) for delivery of an agent through a biological barrier, the device comprising a microimplant (12) retaining layer (13) holding at least one microimplant for delivery through the biological barrier, a microimplant driving layer including means (21) for providing a motive force to the or each microimplant,... Agent: Ocelus Limited

20110112504 - Operating an infusion pump system: Some embodiments of a medical infusion pump system include a pump device having a cap device that mates with a pump housing to retain a medicine cartridge therein. In addition to retaining the medicine cartridge in the pump housing, the cap device may perform a number of preparatory functions or... Agent: Asante Solutions, Inc.

20110112505 - System and method for providing closed loop infusion formulation delivery: A system and method for providing closed loop infusion formulation delivery which accurately calculates a delivery amount based on a sensed biological state by adjusting an algorithm's programmable control parameters. The algorithm calculates a delivery amount having proportional, derivative, and basal rate components. The control parameters may be adjusted in... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110112506 - System and method for providing closed loop infusion formulation delivery: A system and method for providing closed loop infusion formulation delivery which accurately calculates a delivery amount based on a sensed biological state by adjusting an algorithm's programmable control parameters. The algorithm calculates a delivery amount having proportional, derivative, and basal rate components. The control parameters may be adjusted in... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110112507 - Curable material delivery systems and methods: A distal end of a cannula immediately proximate a target site within bone. A portion of a cavity-forming device is extended through the cannula and distally beyond the distal end, and then operated to form a cavity at the target site. A track is defined in tissue of the target... Agent: Carefusion 207, Inc.

20110112508 - Drug delivery devices, systems, and methods: This disclosure relates to drug delivery devices, systems, and methods. In some aspects, a drug delivery device includes an elongate member defining a fluid passage and an opening in fluid communication with the fluid passage, and a projection extending radially from the elongate member. A portion of the elongate member... Agent:

20110112509 - Microneedle device, and method for enhancing the efficacy of influenza vaccine by using microneedle device: The present invention provides a method for enhancing the immunogenicity using a microneedle device capable of enhancing the immunogenicity of an influenza vaccine. According to the method for enhancing the immunogenicity using the present microneedle device, a microneedle device having microneedles made of polylactic acid, coated with an influenza vaccine... Agent: Juridical Foundation The Chemo-sero-therapeutic Re

20110112510 - Methods, compositions and apparatus for delivering heterologous molecules to cells: A method for transferring a macromolecular complex to muscle cells by exsanguinating a region of the subject's microvasculature and delivering the complex to this region under high hydrostatic pressure. A balloon catheter having a balloon that extends substantially the full length of the cannula that is inserted into the subject... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20110112511 - Method and apparatus for administering anesthetics to peripheral nerve regions: A method and apparatus for administering liquid anesthetics around peripheral nerves, in order to perform surgery or to relieve post operative pain. The apparatus containing a regional anesthetic needle with an overlying catheter. The needle is hollow and has a blunt end so that it does not penetrate or damage... Agent:

20110112512 - Devices and methods for treating maxillary sinus disease: Devices and methods are described for improving drainage and/or aeration of maxillary sinuses and for treating maxillary sinus disease. Spacer devices are implanted through natural or man-made openings in the maxillary sinus. In some embodiments, the spacer device is loaded with a therapeutic substance which then exits the device over... Agent: Acclarent, Inc.

20110112513 - Devices and methods for treating pain associated with tonsillectomies: Described here are devices and methods for treating one or more conditions or symptoms associated with a tonsil procedure. In some variations, a drug-releasing device may be at least partially delivered to one or more tonsillar tissues before, during, or after a tonsil procedure. In some variations, the drug-releasing device... Agent:

20110112514 - Catheter with a pre-shaped distal tip: Catheters having a pre-shaped tip configuration are disclosed. A catheter in accordance with an illustrative embodiment of the present invention can include an elongated tubular shaft equipped with a distal tip section having a pre-shaped tip configuration that can be used to facilitate tracking of the device through particular locations... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110112515 - Actuated self unplugging surgical sucker wand: A suction wand for use during a surgical operation involving cutting of bone which yields bone debris, the wand comprising a suction conduit, a suction tip, a filter screen for retaining bone debris, and a carbon dioxide gas conduit for directing gas toward the suction tip to expel debris from... Agent:

20110112516 - Medical device with elastomeric bulb: A drainage catheter including a body, a drainage lumen extending between the body proximal end and the body distal end, the drainage lumen including a distal fluid inflow port and a proximal fluid drain coupling, and an inflation lumen extending between the body proximal end and the body distal end,... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110105979 - Patient treatment and monitoring systems and methods: The invention provides apparatus and methods for home or other remote delivery of health care that gather subjective and objective measures of patient health and treatment, analyzing them (e.g., correlating them with one another and/or with norms) and reporting them to aid in on-going patient diagnosis and treatment (both on... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20110105980 - Treatment of thromboangiitis obliterans by removal of autoantibodies: The invention relates to the use of a specific ligand for antibodies, preferably autoantibodies in the manufacture of a column for the treatment of thromboangiitis obliterans. The invention pertains furthermore to the apharesis column with at least one anti-IgG antibody for the treatment of thromboangiitis obliterans.... Agent:

20110105981 - Dialysis device: The present invention relates to dialysis devices comprising peristaltic pumps of linear build with piezoelectric actuators.... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20110105982 - Fluid separation devices, systems and methods: A membraneless separation device can be applied to a variety of treatments, such as the ultrafiltration of blood for a patient with end stage renal disease. An ultrafiltration device can include a membraneless separation device, which separates an incoming blood flow into a substantially cytoplasmic body-free plasma flow and remaining... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110105983 - Hemodialysis system including on-line dialysate generation: A hemodialysis system includes an on-line dialysate generator; a dialysate pump actuator configured to pump dialysate generated by the generator to a dialyzer; a conductivity sensor located adjacent to a temperature sensor upstream of the dialyzer; a blood pump actuator; an air detector; and a disposable cassette configured to carry... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110105984 - Dual lumen dialysis catheter with internally bored or externally-grooved small bore: A dual lumen catheter for insertion into a vein of a patient for use in hemodialysis treatments. An asymmetric dialysis catheter may have a tube containing at least an axial septum asymmetrically disposed within the tube, thereby defining a first and a second lumens, wherein said first lumen is larger... Agent:

20110105989 - In vivo punctal anchoring method for lacrimal stents: A device and method for performing stenting and intubation of the nasolacrimal system to treat for stenosis or obstruction includes a semi-rigid tubular guide sleeve through which a flexible tubular stent, having an oversized length, is inserted from a punctal opening into the nasal cavity. The guide sleeve is removed... Agent:

20110105987 - System and method for treating an ocular disorder: Surgical methods and related medical devices for treating ocular disorders are disclosed. Some methods relate to delivering an implant within an eye, and involve providing an elongate guide device, such as, a flexible guide member or a guide wire. A distal end of the guide device can be advanced into... Agent: Glaukos Corporation

20110105988 - Treating back pain by re-establishing the exchange of nutrient & waste: r

20110105985 - Treatment for metabolic disorders by diverting bile to the circulatory system: The present invention generally provides for a method for diverting a portion of the bilopancreatic secretions of a patient to the circulatory system. The method involves placing a proximal end catheter adjacent the sphincter of oddi and diverting bilopancreatic secretions into the catheter. The method further involves placing a distal... Agent:

20110105986 - Uveoscleral drainage device: An ophthalmic shunt implantable in an eye having an elongate body and a branched conduit for conducting aqueous humor from an anterior chamber of the eye to the suprachoroidal space of the eye and the subconjunctival space, and a plate extending from an upper surface of the elongate body.... Agent:

20110105990 - Zonal drug delivery device and method: Disclosed herein are ocular implants for treating an eye and methods of implantation including an elongate member having a proximal end with at least one inflow port, a distal end with at least one outflow port, and a longitudinal, internal lumen extending through the elongate member. The distal end of... Agent:

20110105991 - Tools and methods for programming an implantable valve: Integrated tools for noninvasively reading and adjusting an implantable, magnetically adjustable valve, and methods of use are disclosed. The tools include magnetic or electronic reading of the valve, and magnetic or electromagnetic adjustment of the valve. In use, the tools are positioned above or in contact with the patient's skin,... Agent: Codman Neuro Sciences Sarl

20110105992 - Tools and methods for programming an implantable valve: Integrated tools for noninvasively reading and adjusting an implantable, magnetically adjustable valve, and methods of use are disclosed. The tools include magnetic or electronic reading of the valve, and magnetic or electromagnetic adjustment of the valve. In use, the tools are positioned above or in contact with the patient's skin,... Agent: Codman Neuro Sciences Sarl

20110105993 - Tools and methods for programming an implantable valve: Integrated tools for noninvasively reading and adjusting an implantable, magnetically adjustable valve, and methods of use are disclosed. The tools include magnetic or electronic reading of the valve, and magnetic or electromagnetic adjustment of the valve. In use, the tools are positioned above or in contact with the patient's skin,... Agent: Codman Neuro Sciences Sarl

20110105994 - Tools and methods for programming an implantable valve: Integrated tools for noninvasively reading and adjusting an implantable, magnetically adjustable valve, and methods of use are disclosed. The tools include magnetic or electronic reading of the valve, and magnetic or electromagnetic adjustment of the valve. In use, the tools are positioned above or in contact with the patient's skin,... Agent: Codman & Shurtleff, Inc.

20110105997 - Electrically controlled ion transport device: A device for electrically controlled of ions, comprises a first electrolyte; a first electrode, which is arranged in direct or indirect contact with the first electrolyte, an encapsulation; and an ion conductor, which is arranged to receive and/or deliver ions from/to the first electrolyte. The encapsulation is arranged to effectively... Agent: Oboe Ipr Ab

20110105996 - Methods for scar prevention: Provided herein are compositions and methods for preventing or reducing scar formation (e.g., hypertrophic scars). For example, provided herein are methods of administrating HMG-CoA-inhibiting agents for preventing or reducing scar formation.... Agent: Northwestern University

20110105998 - Systems, methods and compositions for optical stimulation of target cells: Methods, systems and devices are implemented in connection with light-responsive ion channel molecules. One such method is implemented using a light-activated ion channel molecule that responds to a light stimulus. The method includes engineering the light-activated ion channel molecule in a cell; and activating the ion channel molecule, in response... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junio

20110105995 - Uniform-sized, multi-drug carrying, and photosensitive liposomes for advanced drug delivery: Uniform-sized liposome populations can improve both the efficacy and safety of drug delivery. The present invention utilizes the techniques of extrusion with polycarbonate-membrane-based large-pore dialysis to create uniform-sized liposome populations. These uniform-sized liposome populations may comprise different sizes such that smaller liposome populations contain specific drugs that are compartmentalized within... Agent:

20110105999 - Coextensive tubing system for phacoemulsification handpieces: An irrigation and aspiration tubing system for use with surgical handpieces and irrigation fluid supplies has a flexible tube with first and second lumens formed integrally along its length, with a first lumen used for transporting irrigation fluid to the handpiece and a second lumen used for aspiration of fluid... Agent:

20110106000 - Nitric oxide compositions and devices and methods for cosmesis: The present disclosure provides a device having a casing with a barrier surface and a contact surface and a composition in the casing having a nitric oxide precursor and an isolated enzyme or live cell expressing an endogenous enzyme, for converting the nitric oxide gas precursor to nitric oxide gas... Agent: Micropharma Limited

20110106001 - Method for delivering an agent to the abdomen: A method and apparatus for treating gas for delivery into a body cavity, body space or body surface of an animal. The apparatus comprises a housing defining a chamber having an entry port and an exit port. One or more agents are released into the gas stream that flows through... Agent: Lexion Medical, LLC

20110106003 - Dialysis system and method for cassette-based pumping and valving: A peritoneal dialysis system includes a disposable cassette including a flexible sheet; a hardware unit including (i) at least one pump actuator and piston head moved by the pump actuator, (ii) at least one valve actuator, (iii) at least one sensor, and (iv) a disposable cassette interface for interfacing with... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20110106002 - Fluid line autoconnect apparatus and methods for medical treatment system: A medical infusion fluid handling system, such as an APD system, may be arranged to de-cap and connect one or more lines (30) (such as solution lines) with one or more spikes (160) or other connection ports on a fluid handling cassette (24). This feature may reduce a likelihood of... Agent: Deka Research & Development

20110106004 - Systems and methods for operating interventional catheters using a common operating console and adaptive interface components: Interventional catheter assemblies, operating systems and adaptive interface components allow operation of a variety of interventional catheter assemblies, including infusion catheters, aspiration catheters and interventional catheters that provide both infusion and aspiration, using a common control console housing infusion and aspiration systems. Control instructions for operating the interventional catheter assembly... Agent: Pathway Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110106005 - Device for cell transplantation: The present invention provides a cell transplantation device which is capable of inserting cells for transplantation into a cell-deficient site without application of direct external force to the cells. The present invention discloses a cell transplantation device provided with a plate-type carrier with at least one pass-through hole formed on... Agent: Japan Medical Materials Corporation

20110106006 - Implantable device for long-term delivery of drugs: A device for sustained delivery of a poorly water soluble drug is described. A drug reservoir within the device, when in operation, contains an aqueous suspension of the drug mixed with a suspension of an excipient that, in one embodiment, generates acidic groups for a sustained period of time to... Agent:

20110106007 - Anterior inflation balloon: An inflatable bone tamp for performing a minimally invasive surgical procedure includes an inflatable structure having at least three contiguous lobes, that when inflated, cause the inflatable structure to exhibits an outwardly tapering expansion profile. By forming the inflatable structure such that the reduced-diameter junction(s) between the lobes has a... Agent: Kyphon Sarl

20110106008 - Automatic injection device with needle insertion: The present invention relates to an injection device comprising a housing (10, 100), a container holder (12) arranged within said housing having a container (20) adapted to contain medicament to be delivered through a needle, plunger drive means (40), an energy accumulating member (80) adapted to accumulate and transfer energy... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20110106009 - Device and method for delivering therapeutic agents to an area of the body: A device, system and method deliver an agent to a soft mass, such as an area of the body, and more specifically the brain. One aspect includes creation of one or more channels, tunnels or grooves in tissue using a relatively small diameter, minimally-invasive stylet and then removing the stylet... Agent:

20110106010 - Propellant bag improvement: An improved propellant pillow and method for filling a propellant chamber of an implantable pump with propellant through the use of such an improved propellant pillow are disclosed. The propellant pillow includes an improved design that prevents the damage of such during evacuating and filling procedures.... Agent: Palyon Medical (bvi) Limited

20110106011 - Automatic insulin pumps using recursive multivariable models and adaptive control algorithms: A method and device for monitoring or treating patient glucose levels. The device includes a glucose sensor for measuring a glucose level of a patient, a physiological status monitoring system for measuring at least one physical or metabolic variable of the patient, and an automatic controller in communication with the... Agent: Illinois Institute Of Technology

20110106012 - Sheath introducer with self-anchoring mechanism: An assembly for accessing a vessel comprises an elongate housing having a longitudinal axis, a proximal end, and a distal end opposite the proximal end. The housing includes a base extending from the proximal end, an elongated tubular extending from the distal end to the base, and a throughbore extending... Agent:

20110106013 - Dual cannula system and method for partial thickness rotator cuff repair: A method and system is provided for passing a suture anchor through a soft tissue and into a bone. The method includes the steps of locating a desired anchor receiving site on the bone; passing a locating wire through the soft tissue and into the bone at the anchor receiving... Agent: Depuy Mikek, Inc.

20110106014 - Sealed sterile catheter dressings: Devices and methods are provided for sealing a catheter insertion site to maintain sterility. In one embodiment, a catheter dressing is provided that includes an adhesive plate configured for attachment to the skin of a patient and a flexible sheath that extends proximally from the adhesive plate. The sheath can... Agent:

20110106015 - Syringe assemblies, methods of forming syringe assemblies and adapters for forming syringe assemblies: A syringe assembly connectible to an injector including a syringe interface and a drive member includes a syringe portion including a barrel section to contain fluid to be pressurized and an outlet in fluid connection with the barrel section. The syringe assembly also includes an adapter formed separately from the... Agent: Medrad, Inc.

20110106016 - Pen needle assembly: A pen needle assembly is provided herein for use with a medical injector containing an injector body and a reservoir sealed by a septum encased in the injector body. The pen needle assembly includes a hub and a needle fixed to the hub. The hub is formed to be telescopingly... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110106017 - Apparatus and method for improving accuracy and efficiency for syringes: Embodiments relate to a method and system for controlling a volume of liquid to be drawn and metered. One embodiment relates to a restraining divider for a syringe for controlling a volume of liquid drawn and metered by the syringe comprising a grooved side with a first groove and a... Agent:

20110106018 - Ampoule unit with thread: Ampoule unit for an administering device, comprising an ampoule having a distal end with an opening for dispensing a product and a proximal end with an opening for accommodating a displacement body unit, and the proximal end of the ampoule has a thread which can be placed in a thread... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110106019 - Devices for clearing blockages in in-situ artificial lumens: Devices and methods for the effective clearing of artificial tubes, especially in-situ clearing of artificial tubes in a living being are covered in this disclosure. The devices and methods provide an elongated clearing member having a first end that is coupled to a driving mechanism and having a second working... Agent: Piezo Resonance Innovations, Inc.

20110106020 - Catheter for deactivating at least a portion of the digestive enzymes in an amount of bile: The present invention generally provides for a catheter for surgically treating a patient. The catheter has an inlet catheter having a proximal end and an open distal end, and first and second branch sections having proximal ends attached to the open distal end of the inlet lumen. The first and... Agent:

20110106021 - Device and method for topical application of therapeutics or cosmetic compositions: This invention relates to devices and methods for safely reconstituting and administering topical therapeutic or cosmetic compositions. The topical applicator according to the invention is particularly well suited for storing, reconstituting, and administering or applying highly toxic substances.... Agent: Duoject Medical Systems, Inc.

20110106022 - Long-wearing removable pressure sensitive adhesive: A medical grade adhesive comprises a mixture of at least one cross-linkable pressure sensitive adhesive component and at least one non-cross-linkable pressure-sensitive adhesive component, wherein the amount of each of said components is such that the resultant adhesive can adhere to human skin for a period of up to about... Agent: Mylan Technologies Inc.

20110106023 - System for providing treatment to a mammal: There are provided thermal treatment system that utilizes a rotating coupling between a heating or chilling unit that provides a heat transfer fluid and a heat exchange bladder used to provide therapy to a mammal. The use of the rotating coupling permits the mammal to move about in a stall,... Agent:

20110106024 - Container with a squeezed nozzle and lever: A container includes a nozzle having rubber elasticity in a constriction part, and a lever for nipping the nozzle indirectly. The nozzle has a storage part, a base, and a valve. The storage part is provided in the constriction part, and is intercepted with the main body by contacting inner... Agent:

20110106025 - Ophthalmic fluid pump: This invention discloses apparatus and methods of providing a pump for dispensing a liquid into the eye and in some embodiments, a pump coupled to a blink detecting mechanism to time administration of a liquid into the eye.... Agent:

20110106027 - Chemically coated screen for use with hydrophobic filters: A system for subatmospheric pressure therapy in connection with healing a surgical or chronic wound includes a wound dressing adapted for positioning relative to a wound bed of a subject and a subatmospheric pressure mechanism. The subatmospheric pressure mechanism includes a housing; a vacuum source disposed in the housing and... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110106031 - Component module for a reduced pressure treatment system: A reduced pressure treatment system includes a control unit having a control system and a reduced pressure source. The reduced pressure treatment system further includes a manifold unit in fluid communication with the reduced pressure source and a component module to augment treatment. The component module is configured to communicate... Agent:

20110106028 - Drainage pump unit: A drainage pump unit for aspirating body fluids by means of a suction pump comprises a suction pump housing and a suction pump arranged in the suction pump housing. A fluid collection container can be secured releasably on the suction pump housing. A flat band-shaped capacitive filling level sensor is... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20110106030 - Medical dressings with valve and kits containing same: Medical dressings and medical dressing kits that can be used to provide negative pressure wound therapy. The medical dressings include one or more normally-closed valves, and may include stand-off elements, barrier elements, closure elements, and septum elements. The medical dressing kits may further include pumps, fluid traps, and/or fittings.... Agent:

20110106026 - Methods and devices for applying closed incision negative pressure wound therapy: Disclosed herein are devices, systems and methods for using such devices and systems for treating incisions and wounds. In an aspect, disclosed is a device having a generally planar tension relief module and a flexible sealant structure sized to cover the tension relief module, the flexible sealant structure comprising a... Agent:

20110106029 - Polyp trap: A polyp trap comprises a body portion and a top portion sealingly and releasably covering the body portion. A suction entrance passageway in the top portion receives liquid and tissue during examination procedures. A removable tissue collection basket in the body portion has a bottom wall with small drainage openings... Agent:

20110106032 - Device for a temporary ileostomy or urostomy closure: The invention relates to a temporary seal for a stoma, which seal is designed in such way that fluid emerging during exchange of the seal is received in a receptacle or, when inserted into the intestinal lumen, already receives fluid there in a receptacle. The device for temporary closure of... Agent:

20110106033 - Ostomy appliances with sulfonated polymers: This invention relates to an ostomy appliance comprising a body side component, a biocompatible pressure sensitive adhesive component for attaching the said bodyside component to the peristomal area and/or stoma, wherein the biocompatible pressure sensitive adhesive component includes at least one polymer with sulfonated functional group.... Agent: Conva Tec Technologies Inc.

20110106034 - System and method for disposing of feminine hygiene waste: The present invention relates to a system for the disposal feminine hygiene waste. The feminine hygiene waste disposal system specifically includes a sleeve with sealable ends and containing a bag designed for the deposition of used or discarded feminine hygiene waste.... Agent:

20110106035 - Absorbent article having activated color regions in overlapping layers: The present invention relates to an absorbent article comprising activated color regions. The absorbent article has a first layer and a second layer in overlapping relationship with one another. The first layer has a first activatable colorant and the second layer has a second activatable colorant. The first and second... Agent:

20110106036 - Absorbent product: The invention refers to an absorbent product including a liquid permeable apertured top sheet facing the wearer during use, and a liquid-impermeable back sheet facing away from the wearer during use, whereby longitudinally extending textile-like edges are positioned on both longitudinal sides of the top sheet whereby the textile-like edges... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110106037 - Diaper and urine absorbing pad for diaper: An effective technique for enhancing ease of mounting a urine absorbing pad on a diaper body is provided in a diaper to be worn by a diaper wearer. The diaper has a urine absorbing pad to be mounted on the diaper body. The urine absorbing pad includes a liquid-permeable sheet... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110106038 - Inverse standing gathers for an absorbent article: An absorbent article includes an a pair of leakage protection walls including a standing gather. The leakage protection walls are affixed to the backsheet or an outer layer of the article. Each standing gather is configured to be folded over side edges of the absorbent article so that each standing... Agent:

20110106040 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article provides on the side of a chassis facing the wearer's skin, a separator sheet adapted to be spaced from the chassis. The separator sheet is formed in a middle zone thereof with a first lotion-coated region and a liner provided on the side of a liquid-absorbent panel... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110106041 - Pull-on wearable article with informational image: A pull-on wearable article includes a main portion including an outer cover, the main portion defining a front waist region, a rear waist region, and a crotch region extending between and connecting the front and rear waist regions. First and second extendable side panels extend between and connect the main... Agent:

20110106042 - Pants-type diaper and corresponding manufacturing process: An absorbent sanitary product wearable as a pant-like garment includes a central body including an absorbent portion defining a crotch portion of the product and two side panels extending laterally from the opposite ends the central body to define respective portions of the waist line of the product so that... Agent: S.p.a.

20110106039 - Disposable diaper: A front waist region includes elasticized regions extending at least in the transverse direction Y, wherein the elasticized regions comprise a first elasticized region defined between a waist-opening peripheral edge and a front end flap of the absorbent chassis so as to extend in the transverse direction Y. A second... Agent:

20110106043 - Absorbent articles, fastener ears for absorbent articles, and processes for making same: An absorbent article including a chassis, and first and second fastener ears coupled to the chassis, each fastener ear having a wave crest portion having an upper edge and a lower edge. A portion of the upper edge of the first fastener ear corresponds to a portion of the lower... Agent: First Quality Retail Services, LLC

20110106044 - Methods for evaluating the aggregation of a protein in a suspension including organopolysiloxane and medical articles coated with organopolysiloxane containing a protein solution: This invention relates to methods for evaluating or inhibiting the aggregation of a protein in an aqueous suspension including organopolysiloxane and medical articles coated with organopolysiloxane containing a protein solution including sugar and a non-ionic surfactant.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Colorado

20110106045 - Inter vial transfer system: A transfer system suitable for medicaments comprising a vial socket, a housing having first and second open ends with the first open end being releasably connected to the vial socket, a needle hub mounted within the housing, a needle having first and second piercing ends mounted in the needle hub,... Agent:

20110106046 - Connector assembly: A connector assembly is provided with a first connector equipped with a first connector body, a hollow needle supported on the inner side of the first connector body and having a side hole (53), and a first sealing member having a head which can be pierced through by the hollow... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110106048 - Fluid flow control system having capillary fluid flow restrictor: A fluid flow rate control system and method comprises a capillary tube having a proximal end that projects into a chamber with a cross-sectional area that is larger than or equal to the fluid supply tube's cross-sectional area. The inner cross-sectional area of the capillary tube is configured less than... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20110106047 - Methods, devices, and systems for parallel control of infusion device: A tubing set is disclosed that includes a first line having first and second ends, a bag spike at the first end configured for connection to a source of infusate, and a connector at the second end configured for connection to a blood line. The first line can have a... Agent: Nxstage Medical, Inc.

20110106049 - Fully automated control system for type 1 diabetes: An augmented, adaptive algorithm utilizing model predictive control (MPC) is developed for closed-loop glucose control in type 1 diabetes. A linear empirical input-output subject model is used with an MPC algorithm to regulate blood glucose online, where the subject model is recursively adapted, and the control signal for delivery of... Agent: Trustees Of Boston University

20110106050 - Method for selecting bolus doses and bolus delivery patterns in a drug delivery device: Embodiments of the present disclosure include methods, systems and devices for selecting a bolus configuration and may include one or more of providing a user interface for selection of one or more user interface elements, where each element corresponds to a bolus configuration of a drug, each element is spatially... Agent:

20110106051 - Multi-lumen heat transfer catheter systems: Heat transfer catheter apparatus and methods of making and using same are disclosed wherein fluid connection means is provided between the distal portions of two adjacent, thin-walled, high strength fluid lumens to define a closed loop fluid circulation system capable of controlled delivery of thermal energy to or withdrawal of... Agent: Advanced Polymers, Inc.

20110106052 - Ultrasonic positioning device for epidural space and method using the same: An ultrasonic positioning device for real time measuring the distance between the epidural needle and the epidural space is provided. The ultrasonic positioning device at least includes an epidural needle having a hollow interior; an ultrasound needle transducer disposed in the hollow interior of the epidural needle and connected to... Agent:

20110106054 - Multi-lumen medical mixing device: Disclosed is a multi-lumen mixing device that includes a first and second lumen constructed and arranged to separately pass a first and second reagent to a mixing chamber in the device, where the mixing chamber includes a mixing feature that mixes the first and second reagents. The disclosed multi-lumen mixing... Agent:

20110106053 - Treatment apparatus: A treatment apparatus in the form of a bag which includes a first compartment containing at least one treatment substance, a second compartment containing at least one treatment substance, at least one openable seal between the first and second compartments, wherein at least one treatment substance in the first compartment... Agent:

20110106055 - Flexible endoscope with modifiable stiffness: An apparatus includes a flexible elongate member that defines a lumen and is configured to be inserted within a body passageway of a patient. The flexible elongate member includes a proximal portion, a distal portion, and a medial portion disposed between the proximal portion and the distal portion. The distal... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110106056 - Medical tube and catheter using the same: Provided is a medical tube that is capable of preventing thrombi from adhering to the inside of a side hole thereof such that a required and sufficient opening area of the side hole is maintained, as well as of preventing a kink from being generated in, e.g., a catheter using... Agent: Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

20110106057 - Catheter guidewire advancement device: A catheter guidewire advancement device comprised of an at least partially transparent housing having scale markings, a guidewire, and a thumb roller, said guidewire being coiled within said housing, said markings being aligned with the coiled guidewire such that upon extension of the guidewire, the marking adjacent to the distal... Agent:

20110106058 - Adhesive flange attachment reinforcer for suction port: An adhesive flange attachment reinforcer for a suction port of tubing for a wound healing device includes a polymer film which has one side including an adhesive wherein the film includes a slit extending inwardly from an edge of the film and defines an opening to receive the flange of... Agent:

20110106061 - Buffered swelling media for radiation sterilized hydrophilic coatings: To identify an alternative swelling medium with a hydrophilic polymer, we have observed that a swelling medium containing only 6% PEG 2000 and 0.9% NaCl failed to protect a hydrophilic coating during electron beam sterilization and subsequent storage at ambient and higher temperatures in an accelerated storage stability test. An... Agent:

20110106059 - Catheter hub assembly: A catheter hub assembly comprising a hub body having a proximal end, a distal end, and a shaft having a first suture hole, a collar and a snap ring; a hub knob having a second suture hole and rotatably coupled to the hub body; and a hub cap having a... Agent:

20110106060 - Urinary flow control valve with pressure sealing: A valve for controlling fluid flow through a flow passage. The valve includes a tubular valve body defining a longitudinal axis and having an interior surface and an exterior surface. The valve body defines first and second valve ends and a tip portion is supported on the valve body and... Agent: Advanced Urological Products

20110106063 - Electronic pill comprising a medicine reservoir: Electronic pill (1, 11) comprising at least one medicine reservoir (2, 12) with a solid powder or granulate medicine, a discharge opening (3, 13) and an actuator responsive to control circuitry for displacing medicine from the reservoir (2, 12) to the discharge opening (3, 13). The medicine comprises a dispersion... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110106062 - System and method for in vivo delivery of antibodies and fragments thereof: The present invention is directed to devices and methods for in situ delivering an antibody or a fragment thereof to a host. In particular, the invention relates to devices and methods for in situ delivering an antibody or a fragment thereof to patient suffering for a neurodegenerative disorder or other... Agent: Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne

20110106064 - Device for delivery of powder like medication in a humid environment: A device for placement in an environment, particularly a humid environment, for delivery of medication to said environment. The device comprises a reservoir (103) having an orifice (104), a conveying unit for conveying a reservoir's content (106) through the orifice (104) and an actuator arrangement for driving the conveying unit.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

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