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20110124946 - Fluid transfer for radiation treatment apparatus: Techniques and systems for supplying fluid to a rotating gantry portion of a radiation treatment apparatus are disclosed where a first batch fluid is supplied to the rotating gantry when the rotating gantry is stationary a first time, discontinuing the supply when the rotating gantry is rotating, and supplying a... Agent: Analogic Corporation

20110124947 - Method for integrating large scale biological data with imaging: Methods for extracting large scale biological, biochemical or molecular information about an index disease, biological state, or systems from imaging by correlating the imaging features associated with said disease, state or system with corresponding large scale biological data.... Agent: Molecular Systems, LLC

20110124948 - Radiolabeled treatment infusion system, apparatus, and methods of using the same: Described herein are methods and devices for infusion of a radioactive compound, such as yttrium-90 radiolabeled somatostatin peptide or analog. A radiation shield defining a shielded cavity suitable for storing a radioactive substance includes a first aperture providing external access to the shielded cavity and a second aperture suitable for... Agent: Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20110124949 - Method and apparatus for stabilizing tubing during a brachytherapy procedure: A stabilization device that may be used in connection with a radiation therapy procedure such as a breast brachytherapy procedure to stabilize one or more tubular members of a brachytherapy device between treatment sessions. The device includes a base member for placement over a body site of a patient and... Agent: Qsum Biopsy Disposables LLC

20110124950 - Heart assist apparatus: The apparatus for implantation into a human heart comprises a pump (1) having an electrical motor (12), an inlet (9) for blood to be located in a first chamber of the heart; an outlet (10) for blood to be located in a second chamber of the heart; fixing means (2)... Agent: Calon Cardio Technology Ltd

20110124951 - Vessel or sac wall treatment and a cardiac assist device: The present invention further provides a treatment or assistance device for operating in or with a tubular or sac wall of a vessel in a human or animal body, said device including a changeable volume portion which is adapted to interact with said vessel so as to modify the volume... Agent:

20110124952 - Infant warmer: An infant warmer system include a heater canopy comprising a solar panel configured to convert solar energy into electricity, and a heater operatively connected to the solar panel. The heater is powered by the electricity from the solar panel and/or electricity from a steam generator, and is configured to provide... Agent: General Electric Company

20110124953 - Hinge collapsible portable slat seat: A collapsible and foldable composite chair with back slats and seat slats held together by a fabric material. A fold line hinge into the fabric material which normally wears out over time is reinforced to prevent such early wear outs with a cell foam material, preferably a closed cell polyolefin... Agent:

20110124954 - Adjustable tension incontinence sling assemblies: Systems for providing support to body tissue to alleviate incontinence are disclosed that comprise an elongated incontinence sling (20) having a central support portion (40) adapted to be positioned to support any one of the urethra or anus (58, 67) and first and second sling end portions (42, 44) extending... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20110124955 - Device to prevent urinary leakage: characterized in that it further comprises measurement means (7) to measure the patient's activity, coupled with the control means (2), the control means (2) functioning according to a predictive model of urinary leakage based on patient activity, so as to anticipate a possible urinary leak in relation to the measured... Agent: Universite Joseph Fourier-grenoble 1

20110124956 - Patterned sling implant and method: Embodiments of elongate pelvic implants and methods for treating pelvic conditions, such as incontinence, are provided. The implants can include a tissue support portion, one or more extension portions and one or more anchors. The implant is constructed as a unitary sling implant. The implant can be constructed or formed... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20110124957 - Apparatus and method for inserting an adjustable implantable genitourinary device: An implantable medical device and method for adjustably restricting a selected body lumen such as a urethra or ureter of a patient to treat urinary incontinence or ureteral reflux. The device includes an adjustable element and a tubular elongate body, where the adjustable element includes a chamber and the tubular... Agent: Uromedica, Inc.

20110124958 - Device and method for extracting tubular structures: A device and method for extracting tubular structures are provided. An incision is made at a proximate and at a distal end of a tubular structure. An extracting device is inserted into and passed through a tubular structure until the operational head of the device extends past the distal incision.... Agent:

20110124959 - Electro-mechanical sexual stimulation device: A device for use by a female for sexual stimulation comprising an inner arm dimensioned for insertion into a vagina, to contact the wall of the vagina at or near the G-spot, an outer arm dimensioned to contact the clitoris, and a resilient U-shaped member connecting the inner and outer... Agent: Standard Innovation Corporation

20110124961 - Automated actuator for spring based multiple purpose medical instruments: An automated actuator for the spring-based end effector of a medical instrument to be used by a single operator without assistance for biopsy, clipping, clamping, grasping, snaring, cutting, dissecting or other operative functions with electrical connections for cautery or hot biopsy used independently or combined with a rigid or flexible... Agent:

20110124960 - Devices for introducing multiple instruments and methods of use: Disclosed herein are devices and methods for introducing a plurality of instruments to a target site through a working channel. The working channel can include a surface adapted to guide one or more instruments into select positions. The working channel can be defined by a portion of a guide tube... Agent:

20110124962 - Multi-components device, system and method for assisting minimally invasive procedures: The present invention provides an elastic connector (ES) having at least two ends, each of which comprises attachment means for reversibly attaching said ES to at least two components; wherein said ES is characterized by a predetermined default configuration: and, a queue-like configuration in which said ES is adapted to... Agent:

20110124963 - Devices and methods for fastening tissue layers: Endoscopic devices and methods used for fastening multiple tissue layers, such as, for example, an endoscopic fundoplication procedure, are disclosed. The device may include, for example, an elongated tubular member having a proximal end for extending outside of the body and a distal end for positioning proximate the multiple tissue... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc. (formerly, Scimed Life Systems, Inc.)

20110124964 - Methods for closing a gastrotomy: A surgical instrument for forming a gastrotomy. In various embodiments, the surgical instrument may comprise a hollow tip for attachment to a distal end of a tubular member such as an endoscope. In other embodiments, the hollow tip is integrally formed on the distal end of the endoscope. The hollow... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20110124965 - Chemiluminescence enhanced detection: Provided are methods for detecting a disease or a condition in a subject, which disease or condition is known to be characterized by abnormal expression of an enzyme The present methods comprise contacting tissue of the subject with a substrate for the enzyme, the substrate chemiluminescing upon reaction with the... Agent:

20110124966 - Optical element, spectroscopic element, optical unit and optical device: An optical element includes a multilayer film which has a first transmittance characteristic in a first wavelength region, and has a second transmittance characteristic in a second wavelength region existing at the side where a wavelength is longer than that of the first wavelength region. The multilayer film has a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110124967 - Discrete flexion head for single port device: Methods and devices are provided for accessing a body cavity. A surgical access device can be configured to be positioned in tissue to provide access through a working channel of the device to a body cavity underlying the tissue. The device can include a flexible member and a plurality of... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20110124969 - Seal anchor introducer including biasing member: A seal anchor member has opposing ends that define a longitudinal axis. The seal anchor member is adapted to transition between an expanded condition and a compressed condition to facilitate securing of the seal anchor member within a tissue tract in a substantially sealed relationship. The seal anchor member includes... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110124968 - Surgical portal and introducer assembly: A surgical portal and introducer assembly includes an introducer and a portal. The introducer has a surface member and a portal member extending from the surface member. The surface member limits the positioning of the portal member within a tissue tract relative to an outer tissue surface. The portal member... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110124970 - Foam port device having closed-end lumens: A surgical apparatus includes a seal anchor member. The seal anchor member includes a leading end, a trailing end, and at least one longitudinal port extending between the two ends. The at least one longitudinal port is dimensioned for reception of a surgical object. One end of the at least... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110124972 - Introducer seal assembly: A unique surgical system and method of use includes a seal assembly which is initially mountable about a surgical instrument. The surgical instrument with mounted seal assembly is thereafter positioned within a cannula assembly. The seal assembly forms a fluid tight seal within the interior of the cannula assembly while... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110124973 - Iris seal for single incision surgery: The present disclosure is directed to a surgical portal apparatus for use during a minimally invasive procedure. In one aspect, the apparatus includes a housing and a portal member extending distally from the housing, defining a longitudinal axis. The apparatus also has an iris seal including a plurality of leaf... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110124971 - Portal assembly with multi-seal system: A surgical portal assembly is provided and includes a portal housing and a portal member mounted to the portal housing. The portal member dimensioned for positioning within tissue to access an underlying surgical site. The portal housing and portal member define a central longitudinal axis and a longitudinal passageway for... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110124975 - Method for medical diagnosis utilizing pda software robots: A method for diagnosing problems using piece removal techniques and which can include establishing a health status variable, collecting and storing information from a user in the health status variable tracking the health status variable, comparing the health status variable to a knowledge base, using the health status variable to... Agent:

20110124974 - Mobile medical communications system: A mobile medical communications system, having a processor, at least one video capture device, an audio emitting device, an audio receiving device, and a communications device, the system being communicatively coupled to a remote terminal via the communications device. In one embodiment the system may include a patient scanning device,... Agent:

20110124976 - Model enhanced imaging: A therapy treatment response simulator includes a modeler (202) that generates a model of a structure of an object or subject based on information about the object or subject and a predictor (204) that generates a prediction indicative of how the structure is likely to respond to treatment based on... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110124978 - Health and fitness system: The present invention provides a health and fitness system, comprising a means for providing access to the health and fitness application, a means for retrieving data from a health and fitness data source, a means for selectively integrating health and fitness data among multiple health and fitness applications, sensors, and... Agent:

20110124980 - Method and a device for examination of physical magnitude in humans or animals in an object filled with liquid or gas: The invention relates to a device for examination of a pressure (p) in an intervertebral disc, a body of vertebra or any other part of a disc in a human or animal. The device (1) comprises a hollow cannula (6) with an end portion (7) arranged to be inserted into... Agent: Samba Sensors Ab

20110124979 - Method and system for monitoring sleep: A method of monitoring sleep comprises simultaneously recording a person's electrocardiogram (ECG) and photoplethysmogram (PPG), deriving a plurality of parameters from the recorded data, and providing an output indicative of a sleep characteristic based upon an analysis of the parameters. The ECG and PPG may be recorded using an apparatus... Agent:

20110124981 - Method for detecting body parameters: A method for detecting biometric parameters includes the steps of performing a bone graft procedure on a joint, providing a biometric sensor at the joint, and measuring a biometric parameter at the joint with the sensor. The sensor is capable of measuring parameters in an adjacent surrounding including pressure, tension,... Agent:

20110124982 - Residual-based monitoring of human health: Improved human health monitoring is provided in the context of sensor measurements of typical vital signs and other biological parameters, by a system and method using an empirical model of the parameters and disposed to estimate values of the parameters in response to actual measurements. Residuals resulting from the difference... Agent: Venture Gain LLC

20110124977 - System and method for interpreting a users pyschological state from sensed biometric information and communicating that state to a social networking site: The present invention is a mood sensing and communicating system and method that includes a biometric sensor configured to sense biometric information from a person. A mood interpretive system is supported on a computing device or on a remote server. The mood interpretive system is in communication with the biometric... Agent:

20110124983 - Method and apparatus for monitoring ingestion of medications using an implantable medical device: An implantable medical device, such as a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), is configured to automatically detect ingestion of medications to verify that prescribed medications are taken in a timely manner and at the correct dosage. Briefly, individual pills are provided with miniature radio frequency identification (RFID) devices capable... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20110124984 - Device for aliquoting and filtering blood: Device for aliquoting and filtering blood, comprising: an element (1, 10) for collecting blood (S); a capillary conduit (2) which has a capillary force greater than that of said collecting element and is in fluid communication therewith; and a dispensing element (3) which has a capillary force greater than that... Agent:

20110124986 - Microchip, blood analysis system and blood analysis method: A microchip to be installed in a blood analysis system for measuring properties of blood, provided with a plurality of channels through which blood passes, wherein only each of first subset channels among the plurality of channels is provided with a first plurality of barriers for locally changing a direction... Agent:

20110124985 - Viscosimetric biosensor for monitoring analyte levels: The invention relates to a viscosimetric sensor for monitoring an analyte level in a patient or in body fluids ex vivo. In particular, the invention relates to a sensor for monitoring analytes, such as glucose levels in a patient. The sensor comprises at least two hermetically closed chambers (2a, 2b),... Agent: Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

20110124989 - Handheld apparatus and method for the automated application of cosmetics and other substances: An applicator head is provided for a reflectance modifying agent (RMA) applicator is moved across the skin by means of a floating ring having dispersed raised contact points to maintain a proper distance from the surface to be treated, reduce the influence of outside light during scanning, and limit smudging... Agent: Tcms Transparent Beauty LLC

20110124988 - Method and apparatus for analysis of turbid media via single-element detection using structured illumination: Method and apparatus for obtaining qualitative and quantitative analysis of the optical properties or structures of tissue or turbid medium at one or more wavelengths via 1) detection at a single spatial location on the surface of a turbid medium (such as tissue) under two or more structured light conditions... Agent:

20110124987 - Methods for measuring changes in optical properties of wound tissue and correlating near infrared absorption (fnir) and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy scattering (drs) with tissue neovascularization and collagen concentration to determine whether wound: Optical changes of tissue during wound healing measured by Near Infrared and Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy are shown to correlate with histologic changes. Near Infrared absorption coefficient correlated with blood vessel in-growth over time, while Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (DRS) data correlated with collagen concentration. Changes of optical properties of wound tissue... Agent: Drexel University

20110124990 - Physiological trend monitor: A physiological trend monitor has a sensor signal responsive to multiple wavelengths of light transmitted into a tissue site. The transmitted light is detected after attenuation by pulsatile blood flow within the tissue site. A processor has an input responsive to the sensor signal and a physiological parameter output. Features... Agent:

20110124991 - System and method for mitigating interference in pulse oximetry: A pulse oximetry sensor adapted to emit light from an emitter proximate to a patient's tissue and detect a portion of the emitted light on a detector proximate to the tissue. The pulse oximetry system is adapted to acquire position data for the emitter and for the detector with one... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110124992 - Optimized sensor geometry for an implantable glucose sensor: An implantable sensor for use in measuring a concentration of an analyte such as glucose in a bodily fluid, including a body with a sensing region adapted for transport of analytes between the sensor and the bodily fluid, wherein the sensing region is located on a curved portion of the... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20110124994 - Analyte sensors comprising hydrogel membranes: Generally, embodiments of the present disclosure relate to analyte determining methods and devices (e.g., electrochemical analyte monitoring systems) that have improved signal response and stability by inclusion of a coating including a hydrogel, a crosslinker, and a swelling modulator, where the coating is disposed proximate to a working electrode of... Agent:

20110124993 - Analyte sensors comprising self-polymerizing hydrogels: Generally, embodiments of the present disclosure relate to analyte determining methods and devices (e.g., electrochemical analyte monitoring systems) that have improved uniformity of distribution of the sensing layer by inclusion of a self-polymerizing hydrogel, where the sensing layer is disposed proximate to a working electrode of in vivo and/or in... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110124995 - Sensor holder for medical sensor: A sensor holder for a medical sensor. The sensor holder includes a housing surrounding a hollow for a subject appendage, the housing having a first channel for a gas volume following the hollow, a first aperture, a second aperture and a third aperture for a ventilation of the gas volume... Agent:

20110124996 - Diabetes health management systems and methods: Diabetes health management systems for use in portable devices having and methods thereof having a user interface, a processor, a memory, and a communication circuit are disclosed. In one embodiment, a diabetes health management system has program code further including a communications module, a data module, a therapy module, and... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20110124998 - In vivo component measurement method, data processing method for in vivo component measurement, in vivo component measurement apparatus and collection member: An in vivo component measurement method allowing how long a high concentration state of a measurement target component continues in an organism to be grasped is provided. In this in vivo component measurement method, a value relating to an amount of a measurement target component in tissue fluid extracted for... Agent:

20110124999 - Method and system for providing data management in data monitoring system: Method and system for providing a fault tolerant data receiver unit configured with a partitioned or separate processing units, each configured to perform a predetermined and/or specific processing associated with the one or more substantially non-overlapping functions of the data monitoring and management system is provided... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110124997 - System and methods for replacing signal artifacts in a glucose sensor data stream: Systems and methods for minimizing or eliminating transient non-glucose related signal noise due to non-glucose rate limiting phenomenon such as ischemia, pH changes, temperatures changes, and the like. The system monitors a data stream from a glucose sensor and detects signal artifacts that have higher amplitude than electronic or diffusion-related... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20110125001 - 3d microelectrode structure and method for assembling the same: The present invention discloses a method for assembling a 3D microelectrode structure. Firstly, 2D microelectrode arrays are stacked to form a 3D microelectrode array via an auxiliary tool. Then, the 3D microelectrode array is assembled to a carrier chip to form a 3D microelectrode structure. The present invention uses an... Agent:

20110125000 - Method and computer program for authenticating a physiological sensor, a sensor system, a patient monitor, and a physiological sensor: A mechanism for authenticating a physiological sensor is disclosed. When a sensor is connected to a monitor, the monitor examines whether a first sensor-specific usage identifier of the connected sensor is consistent with a second sensor-specific usage identifier thereof. The first and second sensor-specific usage identifiers are indicative of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110125002 - Signal detecting device for detecting a difference signal for an electrical measurement of a vital parameter of a living being, electrode arrangement and method: What is described are a signal detecting device for detecting a vital parameter of a living being, having a plurality of electrodes and an electrode selecting device for selecting a pair of electrodes from the plurality of electrodes such that a difference signal suitable for measuring the vital parameter is... Agent:

20110125004 - Analysis by photo acoustic displacement and interferometryl: A device for analyzing a material, the device having a photo acoustic generator (40) for generating pressure waves in the material by pulsed illumination by a light source, and a sensor (20, 30, 50) for producing a signal using self mixing interferometry, the signal representing displacements of the material due... Agent: Koninklikjke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110125003 - Systems, devices and methods for cartilage and bone grafting: Disclosed are systems, methods, devices and products to identify suitable donor sites for harvesting bone-cartilage grafts and to implant such bone-cartilage grafts. In some embodiments, a method includes providing a computer having access to a donor database, the donor database comprising information on each of a plurality of donor joint... Agent: Yale University

20110125005 - Interface devices for use with intracavity probes for high field strength magnetic resonance systems: An MR system features an intracavity probe and associated interface device. The probe includes a shaft, a balloon at one end thereof, and a coil loop within the balloon. The loop has two drive capacitors and a tuning capacitor, all of which in series. A junction node between the drive... Agent: Medrad, Inc.

20110125008 - Filtering method for surface modeling: A system for mapping a tissue surface includes a probe for mapping a tissue surface, a localization system to measure a location data point indicative of the probe's location, a memory in which to store the location data point, a servo mechanism to move the probe along at least a... Agent:

20110125007 - Localization of capsule with a synthetic source of quadrupoles and dipoles: This invention relates to methods and apparatus for localizing an in vivo imaging device by means of a single magnetic source coil assembly and a single magnetic detector coil assembly. This invention also relates to methods and apparatus to enable the use of a single magnetic source coil assembly to... Agent:

20110125006 - Surgery assistance system: A surgery assistance system comprising 3-dimensional shape measurement means for measuring a 3-dimensional surface shape of a patient; and a rigid endoscope (11) to be inserted into the body of the patient; wherein the rigid endoscope has a position-orientation detection marker (12) measurable by the 3-dimensional shape measurement means; 3-dimensional... Agent:

20110125009 - Assessing the condition of a joint and devising treatment: Methods are disclosed for assessing the condition of a cartilage in a joint, particularly in a human knee. The methods include converting an image such as an MRI to a three dimensional map of the cartilage. The cartilage map can be correlated to a movement pattern of the joint to... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20110125011 - Image-based biopsy guidance method: When performing image-guided biopsy of an anatomical structure in a patient, a target anatomical patient region containing biopsy target is imaged using both SPECT and XCT concurrently. 3D SPECT and XCT image data is fused to generate a fused 3D reference image (34) that is overlaid on 2D patient image(s)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110125010 - Incubator for non-ionising radiation imaging: An incubator for imaging with non-ionising radiation adapted for the care of newborn babies, which integrates a system projective or tomographic imaging system, or both simultaneously, which makes use of non-ionising radiation in the band of the electromagnetic spectrum included between ultraviolet light and far infrared, a system which can... Agent:

20110125012 - Acid addition salts of 5-aminolevulinic acid or its derivatives: The present invention provides an acid addition salt of 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) or of a 5-ALA derivative (e.g. a 5-ALA ester) with an acid which has a pKa of about 5 or less, preferably about 3 or less, with the proviso that the acid is other than hydrochloric acid. Particularly... Agent:

20110125013 - Ultraviolet tubing and tip sterilizer: An injection system (108) includes a sterilization port (130) operable to sterilize a tube set connector (116) inserted therein. The sterilization port (130) may include a single sterilization port opening (132) through which the tube set connector (116), in an unconnected state, may be inserted. The sterilization port (130) may... Agent:

20110125014 - Sounding method and device using wave propagation: The invention relates to a wave-propagation-based sounding method, in which: an incident wave is emitted through a medium including diffusers capable of reflecting the wave; and, subsequently, signals representing a reflected wave reverberated by the medium from the incident wave are captured, said captured signals being the sum of a... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique - Cnrs -

20110125015 - Ultrasonic bone assessment apparatus and method: An invention is disclosed for locating a region of interest in the calcaneus. A pair of ultrasound transducers are positioned on the medial and lateral sides of the heel, respectively. The positioning is based on a size of a portion of the body of a subject upon whom the ultrasound... Agent: Cyberlogic, Inc.

20110125021 - Acoustic imaging apparatus with hands-free control: An acoustic imaging apparatus (100, 200, 300, 400) includes an acoustic probe (110) adapted to receive an acoustic signal, an acoustic signal processor (120) adapted to receive and process the acoustic signal from the acoustic probe, a display (130) for displaying images in response to the processed acoustic signal, and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110125016 - Fetal rendering in medical diagnostic ultrasound: A fetal skeleton is rendered with medical diagnostic ultrasound. Ultrasound scans of fetal skeleton may acquire data at a rate sufficient to avoid some fetal movement artifacts as compared to magnetic resonance or computed tomography. To better visualize the fetal skeleton, the ultrasound data is used to segment the fetal... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110125017 - Systems and methods for ultrasound imaging: Systems and methods are disclosed for improving the resolution and quality of an image formed by signals from an array of receivers. Multiple receivers introduce variations in arrival times that can be less than the period of an operating signal, and also less than the period associated with a sampling... Agent: Innervision Medical Technologies Inc.

20110125019 - Ultrasonic diagnosis system and distortion distribution display method: An ultrasonic diagnosis system and strain distribution display method utilizing an ultrasonic probe for performing transmission/reception of ultrasonic signals to/from a subject, a storage arrangement for storing the properties of signals detected with the ultrasonic probe, a correlation computer for calculating a correlation coefficient between the properties with and without... Agent:

20110125020 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method for displaying probe operation guide: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to the present invention including a storage unit that stores reference three-dimensional volume data of an examinee obtained by an image pickup device, an ultrasonic probe that is inserted in a body cavity of the examinee and can perform ultrasonic scanning in a radial direction,... Agent:

20110125018 - Ultrasound image processing based on motion degree of ultrasound probe: Embodiments for processing ultrasound images based on a motion degree of an ultrasound probe in an ultrasound system are disclosed. In one embodiment, the ultrasound system includes: an ultrasound acquisition unit including an ultrasound probe for transmitting ultrasound signals to a target object and receiving echo signals, the ultrasound acquisition... Agent: Medison Co., Ltd.

20110125022 - Synchronization for multi-directional ultrasound scanning: Multi-directional ultrasound scanning is synchronized. A plurality of wobbler arrays are used sequentially. To limit artifacts caused by motion, the sequential operation is synchronized. While a first wobbler array is scanning, a second wobbler array is moving or active. Once the first wobbler array completes a scan or portion of... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110125023 - Transthoracic pulmonary doppler ultrasound: Operation of a patient's heart or lungs may be analyzed by transmitting ultrasound energy into the patient's lung, and detecting Doppler shifts of reflected ultrasound induced by moving borders between blood vessels in the lung and air filled alveoli that surround the blood vessels. Movement of the border is caused... Agent:

20110125025 - Three dimensional imaging ultrasound probe: An ultrasound probe includes a transducer array which is moved back and forth to sweep the image plane of the array through a volumetric region for 3D scanning. The transducer array is mounted on a carriage assembly which moves back and forth on a pair of rails inside a fluid... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110125024 - Ultrasonic transducer for use in a fluid medium: An ultrasonic transducer for use in a fluid medium includes at least one transducer core having at least one acoustic/electric transducer element. The ultrasonic transducer furthermore includes at least one decoupling element which is configured to reduce a structure-borne noise coupling between the transducer core and a housing. The decoupling... Agent:

20110125026 - Pharyngeal ultrasound guide: A pharyngeal ultrasound guide (PUG) to be placed inside the pharynx which allows the transmission of ultrasonic waves from a ultrasonic probe placed therein into the structures of the pharynx, throat, and major vessels; the technique of acquisition of the ultrasonic images and Doppler measurements using such a device; and... Agent:

20110125027 - Systems and methods for flushing air from a catheter of an intravascular ultrasound imaging system: A catheter assembly for an intravascular ultrasound system includes a hub disposed at a proximal end of a catheter. The hub includes a rotatable connector shaft disposed at least partially in a lumen that extends from the hub to a distal end of the catheter. A pumping apparatus is coupled... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110125031 - Device and method for in vivo imaging: Devices and methods for optically scanning an in-vivo lumen, and for determining contact between an in-vivo device and an in-vivo lumen wall. The device may include an elongated housing having a cylindrical portion. At least one illuminating body may provide illumination at the circumference of the cylindrical portion, and at... Agent:

20110125032 - Devices and methods for the treatment of endometriosis: A tissue treatment device comprises an insertion section sized and shaped for insertion into the body via a trocar and a diagnostic element coupled to the insertion section, the diagnostic element illuminating tissue with light of a wavelength selected to facilitate identification of target tissue in combination with an ultrasound... Agent:

20110125030 - Medical diagnostic device and method of improving image quality of medical diagnostic device: A medical diagnostic device is characterized in that an image processing means (22) includes an image noise removal part (211, 211′) which removes the noise in the generated image of a person to be examined, a signal component enhancement processing part (212, 212′) which generates an enhanced-signal component image by... Agent:

20110125029 - Targeted dual-axes confocal imaging apparatus with vertical scanning capabilities: An optical device is described that may be used as a microscope system for real-time, three-dimensional optical imaging. The device includes a miniature, fiber optic, intra-vital probe microscope that uses a dual-axes confocal architecture to allow for vertical scanning perpendicular to a surface of the sample (e.g., a tissue surface).... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110125028 - Vein scanner: A portable vein viewer apparatus may be battery powered and hand-held to reveal patient vasculature information to aid in venipuncture processes. The apparatus comprises a first laser diode emitting infrared light, and a second laser diode emitting only visible wavelengths, wherein vasculature absorbs a portion of the infrared light causing... Agent:

20110125033 - Blood pressure estimation apparatus and blood pressure estimation method: [Solution] A blood pressure estimation apparatus creates a standard pulse curve by relating a start point and end point of a rising phase of a pulse wave to diastolic blood pressure and systolic blood pressure, respectively, creates a correspondence curve between blood flow sound power and estimated blood pressure by... Agent: Nextier Corporation

20110125034 - Vessel wall monitoring apparatus: A vessel wall monitoring apparatus includes: a first detecting unit which detects vessel diameter information based on first biological information obtained from a subject; a first producing unit which differentiates the vessel diameter information detected by the first detecting unit, to produce a vessel diameter function; a second detecting unit... Agent: University Of Hiroshima

20110125035 - Blood pressure measurement device: In a sphygmomanometer, a value representing a perimeter of a measuring portion is obtained. A parameter for controlling a drive voltage of a pump is determined based on the value. The drive voltage is determined based on the parameter and an internal pressure of a fluid bladder to pressurize the... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110125037 - Device for measuring biological information: A device for measuring biological information by being worn on a person includes a sensor unit subjected to measure biological information, a device main unit provided with a concavity and subjected to accommodate the sensor unit, and a holding unit supported on one side by the sensor unit and on... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110125036 - Therapeutic system, therapeutic device, and control method: A therapeutic system is comprised of a tight fitting device 100, a body segment 200, a measuring segment 300, and a control segment 400. The tight fitting device 100 is wrapped around a predetermined range on the limb. The tight fitting device 100 has an air-tight gas bag and can... Agent: Sato Sports Plaza Co., Ltd.

20110125039 - Automatic transmission power adjustment for doppler radar: The invention relates to a Doppler radar heart sensor comprising a radar signal emitter (102); a radar signal receiver (103); a signal pattern matcher (106); and a transmission power adjuster (108). The signal pattern matcher (106) is connected to the radar signal receiver (102) and arranged to analyze a received... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110125038 - System and method for heart failure prediction: Monitoring a health status of a human subject at defined intervals using a questionnaire. The questionnaire provides a standard script for capture, including data from a patient entered on a visual analog scale (VAS). A tool accurately assesses entries on the VAS for use by an algorithm. The captured data... Agent: Momentum Research Inc.

20110125040 - Wireless ecg monitoring system: An ECG monitoring system for ambulatory patients includes a reusable battery-powered ECG monitor with an electrode attached to a patient for receiving ECG signals. A processor analyzes the received ECG signals for predefined arrhythmia. If an arrhythmia is detected, a wireless transceiver in the ECG monitor transmits the event information... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110125041 - Ischemia monitoring system for patients having periods of left bundle branch block: A device for detecting cardiac ischemia is disclosed. The device includes a processor that is configured to distinguish between two different heart beats types such as left bundle branch block beats and normal sinus beats. The processor applies different ischemia tests to the two different beat types, and generates alert... Agent: Angel Medical Systems, Inc.

20110125043 - Device, method, and computer-readable storage medium for detecting events in cardiac signals: d

20110125042 - Method of presenting electrocardiographic data: A system and method of presenting physiological data in a component ring. The method includes receiving a plurality of leads of physiological data. Morphology features are extracted from the plurality of leads. The morphology features are graphed by presenting a component ring associated with each of the morphology features. The... Agent: General Electric Company

20110125044 - Respiratory disease monitoring system: An automated system for monitoring respiratory diseases, such as asthma, provides noninvasive, multimodal monitoring of respiratory signs and symptoms that can include wheeze and cough. Some embodiments employ a mobile device, such as a cell phone, in which raw data from a microphone and an accelerometer are processed, analyzed, and... Agent: University Of Rochester

20110125045 - Spirometer with replaceable flow tube: The invention relates to a spirometer for measuring pulmonary respiration of a test subject, comprising a body and a sensor unit, wherein the sensor unit can be interchanged with further sensor units. In a corresponding method, such a spirometer is operated with a sensor unit and the sensor unit is... Agent: Sendsor Gmbh

20110125047 - Method and system for monitoring physiological conditions: A method for providing an indication of a state of awareness for a patient, includes the steps of arranging data of an EEG and EMG power spectrogram to provide power versus frequency in a log-log arrangement; calculating a first best-fit line for a lower frequency region of the EEG power... Agent:

20110125048 - Method for assessing brain function and portable automatic brain function assessment apparatus: A method and apparatus for performing rapid brain assessment may provide emergency triage to head trauma patients by analyzing a combination of spontaneous and evoked brain potentials. The spontaneous and evoked potentials are analyzed, and the results classified, to present a real-time assessment of a patient's brain, diagnosing any potential... Agent: Brainscope Company, Inc.

20110125046 - Methods and apparatus for monitoring consciousness: The systems of the present invention provide improved accuracy in monitoring, analysing, detecting, predicting and/or providing alerts and alarms associated with depth of anaesthesia, depth of consciousness, hypnotic state, sedation depth, fatigue or vigilance of a subject, with as few as 3 surface electrodes. The systems incorporate real-time phase, amplitude... Agent:

20110125049 - Methods and systems that use implanted posture sensor to monitor pulmonary edema: In specific embodiments, a method to monitor pulmonary edema of a patient, comprises (a) detecting, using an implanted posture sensor, when a posture of the patient changes from a first predetermined posture to a second predetermined posture, (b) determining an amount of time it takes an impedance signal to achieve... Agent:

20110125050 - Multiple-electrode and metal-coated probes: Provided are probes featuring multiple electrodes, which probes have diameters in the nanometer range and may be inserted into cells or other subjects so as to monitor an electrical characteristic of the subject. The probes may also include a conductive coating on at least one probe element to improve the... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20110125051 - Systems and methods for intra-operative stimulation: Improved assemblies, systems, and methods provide safeguarding against tissue injury during surgical procedures and/or identify nerve damage occurring prior to surgery and/or verify range of motion or attributes of muscle contraction during reconstructive surgery. A stimulation control device may incorporate a range of low and high intensity stimulation to provide... Agent: Checkpoint Surgical, LLC

20110125053 - Devices and methods for controlling patient temperature: Relatively non-invasive devices and methods for heating or cooling a patient's body are disclosed. Devices and methods for treating ischemic conditions by inducing therapeutic hypothermia are disclosed. Devices and methods for inducing therapeutic hypothermia through esophageal cooling are disclosed. Devices and methods for operative temperature management are disclosed.... Agent: Advanced Cooling Therapy, LLC

20110125052 - Respiratory therapy system including a nasal cannula assembly: A nasal cannula, for supplying a respiratory gas to a patient, comprising: a pair of spaced apart supply lines which each have a head at one end thereof with a discharge opening therein. The opposite end of each supply line is connectable to a respiratory gas source. Each head is... Agent: Salter Labs

20110125054 - Device, system and method for multiple core biopsy: A core biopsy device having a forward-facing cutting edge with either single or dual counter rotating blades is configured to acquire multiple biopsy specimens and temporarily store them within a specimen chamber located beneath the cutting edge. The core biopsy device is insertable and removable from a biopsy channel of... Agent:

20110125055 - Surgical device for the collection of soft tissue: A biopsy device comprises a handpiece, a fluid collection system, and a power transmission source. The handpiece is configured for grasping by a single hand, and is independently manipulatable by hand for movement of the instrument toward and away from the patient. An elongated piercer extends from the distal end... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20110125056 - Disposable safety needle system and safety enclosure means: A disposable safety needle assembly and safety enclosure means for internally shielding a used or contaminated needle is disclosed. The needle assembly has a needle cannula which is disposed and slidably within a safety enclosure. The safety enclosure includes an internally disposed flexible safety member situated substantially longitudinally within said... Agent:

20110125057 - Intravenous cannula assembly: An intravenous cannula assembly comprises a longitudinally extending barrel (10, 210), a cannula hub (30, 230), a cannula (50, 250), a cannula guard (70, 270) and a deployment mechanism (90, 100, 290, 300). The cannula hub (30, 230) is mounted in the barrel (10, 210) and has a hub aperture... Agent:

20110125058 - Patient-enacted sampling technique: The present invention is generally directed to systems and methods for sampling fluids from subjects. The fluid may be any suitable bodily fluid, e.g., blood or interstitial fluid. In some cases, the subject is a patient. The subject may have a device that can be applied to the skin of... Agent: Seven Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20110125059 - Blood glucose measurement for small blood volume: A system is proposed for detection of at least one analyte in a body fluid, in particular for detection of blood glucose. The system is designed to generate a sample of the body fluid and to transfer at least some of the sample to at least one test element, in... Agent:

20110125060 - Acoustic respiratory monitoring systems and methods: An acoustic sensor is provided according to certain aspects for non-invasively detecting physiological acoustic vibrations indicative of one or more physiological parameters of a medical patient. The sensor can include an acoustic sensing element configured to generate a first signal in response to acoustic vibrations from a medical patient. The... Agent:

20110125061 - Monitoring conditions of a patient's urinary system: A monitoring system and method are presented for use in monitoring a condition of a patient's urinary system. The monitoring system comprises an acoustic assembly comprising at least one acoustic receiver adapted for receiving acoustic signals during a patient's urination and generating data indicative thereof. The monitoring system also includes... Agent: P Square Medical Ltd.

20110125062 - Method and apparatus for monitoring animal condition: A method and system for monitoring the condition of animals provides for current height and weight measurements taken from an animal in order to automatically derive a height-to-weight ratio. The height-to-weight ratio thus obtained may be used to determine whether or not an animal's overall physical condition lies inside tolerance... Agent: Delaval Holding Ab

20110125063 - Systems and methods for monitoring and modifying behavior: A system for detecting non-verbal acoustic energy generated by a subject is provided. The system includes a sensor mountable on or in a body region of the subject, the sensor being capable of sensing the non-verbal acoustic energy; and a processing unit being capable of processing the non-verbal acoustic energy... Agent:

20110125065 - Method and device for detecting estrus: The present invention provides a method and device for detecting estrus in animal by sensing along time the motion of the animal and identifying when the sensed motion is not related to eating periods of the animal. Based on the sensed motion which is not related to eating periods the... Agent:

20110125064 - Smart clothing for motion physiological measurement and dynamical stable apparatus thereof: A dynamical stable apparatus of a smart clothing for motion physiological measurement includes at least one physiological sensing module. The physiological sensing module includes a carrier, at least one physiological sensor and a first tension adjusting component. The carrier has a surface for contacting with a body of a user,... Agent: Feng Chia University

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20110118530 - Charged particle beam injection method and apparatus used in conjunction with a charged particle cancer therapy system: The invention comprises a charged particle beam injection method and apparatus used in conjunction with multi-axis charged particle radiation therapy of cancerous tumors. The negative ion beam source includes a negative ion beam source, vacuum system, an ion beam focusing lens, and/or a tandem accelerator. The negative ion beam source... Agent:

20110118527 - Method to derive anatomical and/or pathological structures from data of imaging technologies: A method to derive anatomical and/or pathological structures from non-invasive imaging technologies is provided. Non-invasive imaging technologies are computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), surface scans and others. Imaging data obtained by non-invasive technology is used to create a surface contour. The imaging data is... Agent:

20110118528 - Methods and nutritional formulations to increase the efficacy and reduce the side effects of cancer treatment: The present invention relates to methods of protecting patients and sensitizing cancer cells in combination with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. More specifically, the invention provides nutritional methods and formulations that are capable of reducing cancer growth without causing chronic weight loss in patients, protecting normal cells, tissues and organs from... Agent: University Of Southern California

20110118529 - Multi-axis / multi-field charged particle cancer therapy method and apparatus: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for treatment of solid cancer. More particularly, the invention comprises a multi-axis and/or multi-field raster beam charged particle cancer therapy system. The system independently controls patient translation position, patient rotation position, two-dimensional beam trajectory, delivered beam energy, delivered beam intensity, beam movement... Agent:

20110118531 - Multi-axis charged particle cancer therapy method and apparatus: The invention comprises a multi-axis charged particle irradiation method and apparatus. The multi-axis controls includes separate or independent control of one or more of horizontal position, vertical position, energy control, and intensity control of the charged particle irradiation beam. Optionally, the charged particle beam is additionally controlled in terms of... Agent:

20110118532 - Brachytherapy seed: A radiopaque brachytherapy seed for implantation into a subject includes a biocompatible component, a therapeutically active component including a non-radioactive drug, and a radiopaque marker. The biocompatible component is (a) physically associated with a therapeutically active component and (b) in contact with the radiopaque marker. The brachytherapy seed has a... Agent: Microspherix LLC

20110118533 - Polymer microgel beads and preparative method thereof: The present invention relates to polymer microgel beads having a polymeric matrix with nanomagnetic particles dispersed substantially uniformly therethrough, wherein a steric stabiliser is associated with the particles, the steric stabiliser being a polymeric material that (i) forms at least part of the polymeric matrix of the beads, and (ii)... Agent: University Of Sydney

20110118534 - Method and system for neurological treatment: The present invention provides a system and method for neurological treatment. The system of the invention includes a neurological stimulation (NS) modality that delivers neurological stimulation to a first brain region and a cognitive training (CT) that delivers CT to a second brain region, where activation of the CT modality... Agent: Neuronix Ltd.

20110118535 - Apparatus for magnetic field therapy: The invention relates to a device for magnetic field therapy which is preferably adapted for producing nuclear magnetic resonances in the tissue to be treated. The device comprises a base and two side parts having coils integrated therein.... Agent:

20110118536 - Systems and methods for neuro-eeg synchronization therapy: Described are methods, devices, and systems for a novel, inexpensive, easy to use therapy for a number of disorders. Described are methods and devices to treat disorders that involves no medication. Methods and devices described herein use alternating magnetic fields to gently “tune” the brain and affect mood, focus, and... Agent: Neosync, Inc.

20110118537 - Methods and devices for treating heart failure: Systems and methods for delivering a miniaturized blood pump configured to draw partially desaturated blood via the femoral vein from the inferior or superior vena cava. A cannula connected to the pump exits the femoral vein and is connected to the femoral artery with a cannula or vascular graft. The... Agent:

20110118538 - Pelvic implants and related methods: Described are surgical implants that include a central support portion adapted to be positioned to support pelvic tissue, between mesh end portions adapted to be passed through body tissue, wherein edges of the end portions exhibit extensions that are resistant to deformation.... Agent:

20110118539 - Association of the progesterone receptor with fertility: A single nucleotide polymorphic site at position 59752 of the bovine PGR gene is associated with improved fertilization rate or early embryo survival. Disclosed are nucleic acid molecules, kits, methods of genotyping and marker assisted bovine breeding methods.... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20110118540 - Penile prosthetic with anti-autoinflation mechanism: A pump connected to a body implantable penile prosthesis including a reservoir maintaining a fluid volume that is transferrable into a cylinder of the penile prosthesis is described. The pump includes a pump bulb connected to a pump body that is in fluid communication with the reservoir and the cylinder;... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110118541 - Positioning device for laboratory and medical devices: The invention relates to a poisoning apparatus (1) for laboratory and medical devices, with a support (2) having a positioning field and an actuator coupled with the support (2) and with the laboratory and medical device. The actuator includes a positioning element arranged on the support (2) for rotation or... Agent: Saia-burgess Dresden Gmbh

20110118544 - Access system with removable outflow channel: A surgical access device can comprise a working channel providing a first lumen having an axial opening for insertion of a surgical instrument having an outflow channel, the first lumen having a fluid inlet for allowing fluid flow through the working channel and into the body, wherein fluid flows out... Agent: Interlace Medical, Inc.

20110118542 - Method of and apparatus for treating abdominal obesity, metabolic syndrome and type ii diabetes mellitus in human patients: A method of and apparatus for safely removing visceral fatty tissue from the patient's mesentery and omentum is disclosed. In the preferred embodiment, the method involves using a novel minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgical procedure involving the inflation of the abdominal region with gas that creates a space between the... Agent:

20110118543 - Surgical device: A surgical device comprises an external sheath having a proximal end and a distal end for insertion through an opening of a body and a plurality of tool components extending from the distal end of the external sheath. The tool components are independently deflectable with respect to each other and... Agent: Spi Surgical, Inc.

20110118545 - System and method for multi-instrument surgical access: A system for performing multi-tool minimally invasive medical procedures through a single instrument port into a body cavity includes a rigid tube carried by a mount. Cannulas having instrument channels and steerable distal ends extend distally from the rigid tube. During a procedure using the system, the mount is supported... Agent:

20110118546 - Balloon catheter with detachable hub, and methods for same: A balloon catheter may include a distal anchoring balloon and a proximal hub that is removable from the catheter body. The catheter body may include a valve structure providing for maintaining the balloon in an inflated state during and after removal of the proximal hub. The valve preferably is constructed... Agent: Cook Endoscopy/wilson Cook

20110118547 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes first and second light sources, an endoscope leading end portion, an irradiation window, an observation window, a light irradiation unit and an emission angle changing unit. The first light source outputs laser light for diagnosis. The second light source outputs laser light for therapy. The laser... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110118548 - Arc-shaped flexible printed circuit film type endoscope using imaging device with driving holes: Disclosed herein is an arc-shaped flexible printed circuit film type endoscope using an imaging device with driving holes. The endoscope has an image photographing means and an object insertion means. The endoscope includes a plurality of driving holes which are formed at regular intervals in a longitudinal direction of the... Agent:

20110118549 - Endoscopic camera module package and method of manufacturing the same: There is provided an endoscopic camera module package including: a lens part including at least one lens arranged along an optical axis; a flexible printed circuit board having an image sensor mounted thereon, the image sensor allowing light passing through the lens part to form an image; and a housing... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110118550 - Endoscope: e

20110118551 - Collateral soft tissue protection surgical device: A collateral soft tissue protection surgical device protects collateral soft tissue from damage during a surgical procedure within a surgical space of a body. The device comprises an elongated flexible sheath having a proximal end and a distal end. The proximal end has a first opening and the distal end... Agent: Spi Surgical, Inc.

20110118552 - Port fixation device: A port fixation device is disclosed. The port fixation device comprises a body portion and a longitudinal slit. The body portion has an elongated tubular shaped and has an interior lumen defining a longitudinal axis therethrough. The interior lumen is configured for reception of a surgical access port. The longitudinal... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110118553 - Access device including an integrated light source: A seal anchor member including leading and trailing ends, wherein the leading end includes a light source. The light source may be powered by an internal or an external power source. The light source may include, but is not limited to, light emitting diodes and/or fiber optic cables. The light... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110118554 - Device-assisted social networking for health management: Device-assisted social networking for health management, in one aspect, collects health related information associated with one or more users, performs analysis and publishes data resulting from the analyzing to a social networking website associated with one or more users, wherein the data may be shared among the users in a... Agent: Computer Associates Think, Inc.

20110118557 - Intelligent user interface for medical monitors: An intelligent learning process for a user interface of a medical monitor is disclosed. The medical monitor may record user statistics and cluster groups based on settings, configurations, and actions captured by the user statistics. The medical monitor may create classes of users based on the groups and then classify... Agent: Nellcor Purifan Bennett LLC

20110118558 - Method and apparatus for evaluating the effects of internal and external stress influences: A measuring device and method is for enabling a user to measure and record changes in emotion during the day and translate it into a relative stress value per day. It may be used to accumulate the positive and negative emotional reactions that a user experiences during a predetermined time... Agent: Make3wishes, LLC

20110118559 - Neurological and/or psychological tester: A method to be performed on a computer for neuropsychological evaluation of a person includes calculating complexities of a plurality of stimuli by a pattern description length algorithm for a pattern of each the stimulus, presenting stimuli to the user in reaction to which the user has to perform a... Agent:

20110118555 - System and methods for screening, treating, and monitoring psychological conditions: A system for and method of remote monitoring, screening, assessment and treatment of patients having a mental health illness such as post-traumatic stress disorders or other traumatic stress injury and co-occurring symptomatology. Patients in constant communication with one or more healthcare professionals through a wireless network, complete executable programs on... Agent:

20110118556 - Systems and methods for diagnostics, control and treatment of neurological functions and disorders by exposure to electromagnetic waves: Methods, systems and devices are provided in which electromagnetic waves (EMWs) are applied to a neural target. The neuronal function of at least a portion of the neural target is monitored, and the effect of EMW application on neural properties, neural function, and/or neural disorders is assessed. Embodiments include methods... Agent:

20110118564 - Blood vessel characteristics measuring apparatus and blood vessel characteristics measuring method: The blood vessel characteristics measuring apparatus 100 includes a blood flow measuring unit 20 held at a position opposed to a skin surface 10 of a measurement region of a subject, an optical sensor unit 30 housed in the blood flow measuring unit 20, an electrocardiograph 40, and a controller... Agent: University Of Tsukuba

20110118560 - Device, system, and method for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory medicaments to a mammalian subject: A device, a system, or a method is described for treating a disease or a condition of one or more joints of articulating bone in a mammalian subject. The device provides one or more medicaments to one or more joints of the mammalian subject. A device is described that includes... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110118565 - Method for detecting body parameters: A method for detecting biometric parameters includes the steps of performing a bone graft procedure on a hip, providing a biometric sensor at the hip, and measuring a biometric parameter at the hip with the sensor. The sensor is capable of measuring parameters in an adjacent surrounding including pressure, tension,... Agent:

20110118566 - Method for detecting body parameters: A method for detecting biometric parameters includes the steps of performing a bone graft procedure on a knee, providing a biometric sensor at the knee, and measuring a biometric parameter at the knee with the sensor. The sensor is capable of measuring parameters in an adjacent surrounding including pressure, tension,... Agent:

20110118567 - Method for detecting body parameters: A method for detecting biometric parameters includes the steps of performing a bone graft procedure on a bone, providing a biometric sensor at the bone, and measuring a biometric parameter at the bone with the sensor. The sensor is capable of measuring parameters in an adjacent surrounding including pressure, tension,... Agent:

20110118563 - Portable multi-parameter physiological monitoring and recording device: A portable multi-parameter physiological monitoring and recording device includes multiple sensors, multiple detection channel units, a multiplexer, a clock generator, a controller, an analog switch, a recording unit and a storage unit. The sensors are attached on the body of a person for sensing physiological parameter signals. The detection channel... Agent: Tatung Company

20110118562 - Portable ultrasound scanner: An apparatus includes a plurality of portable scanners and docks. The scanners include first and second configurations to provide different functionality. The docks include at least one of floor, a wall, and a table dock. The scanners are selectively mateable to the various docks.... Agent: B-k Medical Aps

20110118561 - Remote control for a medical monitoring device: A physiological monitoring system, according to embodiments of the disclosure, can independently control multiple displays to provide displays of measured physiological parameters than can differ from each other in format and/or selected parameters. Individual display monitors can be customized to display the parameters of interest to a particular medical professional... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20110118569 - Advanced detection of sepsis: The present invention relates to methods, monitors and systems measuring lysophosphatidylcholine, its derivatives and/or procalcitonin as well as at least one clinical marker (e.g. temperature or respiration rate) and/or at least one biomarker for the early detection of sepsis in a subject.... Agent:

20110118568 - Assistance device: Disclosed is an assistance device which can be used for the puncture into the skin with a puncture tool having a puncture needle and the measurement of a desired component in the blood with a blood glucose monitoring system equipped with a measurement tool. The assistance device comprises a main... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110118571 - Method of performing wavelength modulated differential laser photothermal radiometry with high sensitivity: Methods are provided for the detection of an analyte in a sample using wavelength modulated differential photothermal radiometry with enhanced sensitivity. A wavelength modulated differential photothermal radiometry system, comprising two optical modulated beams, where each beam experiences different absorption by the analyte, is calibrated by controlling the relative phase difference... Agent:

20110118570 - Optic sensor device with sers: The present invention relates to a system for determining a concentration of a substance of interest in a body fluid, more specifically to systems comprising sensor devices for optically detecting compounds such as glucose. The system of the present invention is, e.g., suitable for continuous determination of a concentration of... Agent: P & V Consulting Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110118572 - Method and apparatus for total hemoglobin measurement: The present invention pertains to a method and apparatus for total hemoglobin measurement. A modulated optical signal based on a digital code sequence is transmitted to human tissue. A temporal transfer characteristic is derived from the modulated optical signal. Total hemoglobin is determined based on the temporal transfer characteristic.... Agent:

20110118573 - Medical device alarm modeling: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to patient monitors with alarm modeling features that may be employed to set alarm limits. According to certain embodiments, the patient monitors may include a user interface for setting alarm limits that may be displayed on the patient monitors and/or on an external device,... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110118574 - Physiological signal sensing device: A physiological signal sensing device for examination of human is provided. The physiological signal sensing device includes a light emitting fiber and a light receiving fiber. The light emitting fiber includes a plurality of light emitting portions, wherein the light emitting fiber provides a plurality of sensing beams, and the... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110118575 - Method and apparatus for pressure sore detection: The present invention pertains to a method and apparatus for pressure sore detection. A modulated optical signal based on a digital code sequence is transmitted to human tissue. A temporal transfer characteristic is derived from the modulated optical signal. Tissue characteristics is determined based on the temporal transfer characteristic.... Agent:

20110118576 - Noninvasive fetal blood oxygen monitoring system and associated method: A method for non-invasively measuring the oxygen saturation of an in utero fetus's blood using near-infrared spectroscopy. Exemplary methods include placement of a sensor on the outside of the uterus approximate the placenta. Other exemplary methods include inserting a probe into the uterus. Sensors may be positioned approximate a particular... Agent:

20110118577 - Catheter system having an optical probe and method for the application of an optical probe in a catheter system: A catheter system includes a flexible, elongated base body adapted to be applied to a vein central-venously and having a base distal end; a fibre-optic probe having a probe distal part; a fibre-optic lumen receiving the fibre-optic probe; and an attachment element configured to avoid a longitudinal displacement of the... Agent: Up Management Gmbh

20110118578 - Hypoglycemic treatment methods and systems: A system for treating hypoglycemia includes a continuous blood glucose monitor that monitors blood glucose levels of a patient on a continuous basis over a period of time. An alarm and injector apparatus is configured to be worn by the patient and includes a glucagon delivery mechanism for automatically delivering... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20110118579 - Systems and methods for replacing signal artifacts in a glucose sensor data stream: Systems and methods for minimizing or eliminating transient non-glucose related signal noise due to non-glucose rate limiting phenomenon such as ischemia, pH changes, temperatures changes, and the like. The system monitors a data stream from a glucose sensor and detects signal artifacts that have higher amplitude than electronic or diffusion-related... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20110118580 - Systems and methods for replacing signal artifacts in a glucose sensor data stream: Systems and methods for minimizing or eliminating transient non-glucose related signal noise due to non-glucose rate limiting phenomenon such as ischemia, pH changes, temperatures changes, and the like. The system monitors a data stream from a glucose sensor and detects signal artifacts that have higher amplitude than electronic or diffusion-related... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20110118581 - Electrode assemblies and bruxism monitoring apparatus: The invention relates to an apparatus for monitoring muscle activity related to bruxism, said apparatus comprising:—an electrode assembly for providing signals indicative of said muscle activity, means for processing said signals in order to detect said bruxism, and means for providing a feedback signal in response to detecting said bruxism;... Agent: Medotech A/s

20110118582 - Magnetically guided catheter with flexible tip: A catheter includes a flexible tubing having a proximal end and a distal end. The catheter also includes an electrode assembly attached to the distal end of the flexible tubing and including a first magnet therein. The electrode assembly including an electrically conductive tip electrode and an electrically nonconductive coupler... Agent:

20110118583 - Device for diagnosing tissue injury: The device for diagnosing tissue injury of the invention has a catheter insertable into the body and a radical sensor provided in the catheter, and is characterized in that the radical sensor has a sensor electrode capable of measuring superoxide anion radicals provided at a tip end of the catheter,... Agent:

20110118584 - Electrode for electroretinographic use and method of application: A flexible loop electrode for electroretinographic (ERG) recordings of extra-corneal signals with a protective bead and a U-shaped electrode form that is particularly adapted for use with spectacles or a fixed mount. Means also employed to detect electrode integrity.... Agent:

20110118585 - Eyeball tissue characteristic frequency measurement device and non-contact tonometer utilizing the same: A non-contact tonometer of the present invention quantitatively measures characteristic vibration of the cornea of an eyeball and measures a true ocular pressure utilizing this vibration, and comprises: an air flow spray unit (200) spraying an air flow (F) to a cornea (C) of an eye (E) to be examined... Agent: University Of Tsukuba

20110118586 - Medical imaging apparatus controller and method that accommodate different control program versions: In a method, a system and a computer program product to control a medical imaging apparatus or to extend a control method for such an apparatus, the divided into different segments. A physical segment includes all control modules that are dependent on the platform of the medical apparatus. A logical... Agent:

20110118588 - Combination mri and radiotherapy systems and methods of use: A combination MRI and radiotherapy system comprising: a) an MRI system for imaging a patient receiving radiotherapy, comprising a magnetic field source suitable for generating a magnetic field of strength and uniformity useable for imaging, capable of being ramped up to said magnetic field in less than 10 minutes, and... Agent:

20110118587 - Optimization of rf transmit and gradient magnetic field imaging using radio frequency and gradient coils: The invention provides various systems, machine readable programs and methods for performing imaging using a MR scanner. The MR scanner includes at least one local radio-frequency transmit coil and at least one local gradient coil. The local radio-frequency transmit coil(s) and local gradient coil(s) cooperate to define an imaging volume.... Agent:

20110118591 - Locating an implanted object based on external antenna loading: In general, the invention is directed to techniques for locating an implanted object using an external antenna. The implanted object may be, for example, an internal antenna that facilitates recharging of and/or communication with an implantable medical device. An external device coupled to the external antenna drives the antenna with... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110118589 - Locator, device and method for electronically locating and reading the setting of an adjustable valve: The invention is aimed at improving valve pinpointing and reading devices by proposing to activate a magnetic detection source allowing measurements regularly-distributed in a circle around an axis at predetermined measurement positions. An exemplary locator comprises a casing (26) provided with a mechanism for detecting and analysing the magnetic field... Agent:

20110118594 - Medical implant targeting system and method: A system (10) and method for targeting a geometric feature (12) in a medical implant (14) located in a patient (16), such as a transverse bore (12) in an intramedullary nail (14) implanted in a femur (18) of a patient (16). The system (10) includes one or more emitters (20),... Agent:

20110118593 - Multiple cannula image guided tool for image guided procedures: Apparatus and methods are disclosed for use within an image-guided surgical navigation system for facilitating the combined positioning and orientation of multiple surgical implements. A tool guide having multiple cannulas is tracked by a surgical navigation system in real time. Position data of the tool guide is registered and combined... Agent: Medtronic Navigation, Inc.

20110118592 - Reducing mechanical stress on conductors and connection points in a position determinable interventional medical device: A medical device configured for diagnosis or treatment of tissues within a body is provided. The device includes an elongate, deformable member configured to be received within a lumen in the body and having proximal and distal ends. A position sensor is disposed at the distal end. In one embodiment,... Agent:

20110118590 - System for continuous cardiac imaging and mapping: A system improves precision and reliability of intra-cardiac catheter position tracking and monitoring. An interventional system for internal anatomical examination includes a catheterization device for internal anatomical insertion. The catheterization device includes, at least one magnetic field sensor for generating an electrical signal in response to rotational movement of the... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110118596 - Automatic analysis in virtual endoscopy: A computer system and a computer-implemented method are provided for interactively displaying a three-dimensional rendering of a structure having a lumen and for indicating regions of abnormal wall structure. A three-dimensional volume of data is formed from a series of two-dimensional images representing at least one physical property associated with... Agent:

20110118595 - Method and device for identifying and assigning coronary calcification to a coronary vessel and computer program product: A method and a device are disclosed for identifying and assigning coronary calcification to at least one coronary vessel of a heart in a patient. In at least one embodiment, coronary calcification is identified on the basis of a 3D image data record of the heart in the patient, which... Agent:

20110118597 - System and method for surgical instrument disablement via image-guided position feedback: A system for selectively disabling a surgical instrument operating in a surgical site of a region of interest of a living subject. In one embodiment, the system includes means for noninvasively placing a number of fiducial markers in an anatomic space of the region of interest of the living subject,... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20110118598 - Targeted inhibition of physiologic and pathologic processes: In some embodiments, sympathetic nerves surrounding arteries or leading to organs are targeted with energy sources to correct or modulate physiologic processes. In some embodiments, different types of energy sources are utilized singly or combined with one another. In some embodiments, bioactive agents or devices activated by the energy sources... Agent:

20110118599 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic image processing apparatus: Certain embodiments provide an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus including a data acquisition unit configured to acquire a plurality of spatially overlapping ultrasonic images or a plurality of temporarily consecutive ultrasonic images, a block extraction unit configured to extract, for each pixel, a block having a predetermined size and including each pixel... Agent:

20110118600 - External autonomic modulation: In some embodiments, nerves surrounding arteries or leading to organs are targeted with energy sources to correct or modulate physiologic processes. In some embodiments, different types of energy sources are utilized singly or combined with one another. In some embodiments, bioactive agents or devices activated by the energy sources are... Agent:

20110118602 - Methods and apparatus for focused ultrasound application: An ultrasonic applicator unit (2) is used diagnostically to locate a puncture wound (316) in an artery and then therapeutically to seal the puncture wound with high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). A control unit (6) coupled to the applicator unit includes a processor (74) that automates the procedure, controlling various... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20110118601 - Ultrasound guided systems and methods: Coblation probes, systems and methods are described herein, along with tissue dilation apparatus, and kits including both. The articles may be ultrasonically echogenic to assist with guidance.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research Nonprofit Corporation

20110118604 - Providing an ultrasound spatial compound image in an ultrasound system: Embodiments for providing an ultrasound spatial compound image are disclosed. In one embodiment, by way of non-limiting example, an ultrasound system comprises: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to transmit and receive ultrasound signals to and from a target object based on a plurality of steering angles to thereby output... Agent:

20110118603 - Spinous navigation system and associated methods: The present disclosure generally relates to a system and method for accessing a spinal disc. In an embodiment, a system for accessing a spinal disc disposed within internal body structures includes a sonar probe. The sonar probe emits sound waves into the internal body structures to create return signals. The... Agent:

20110118605 - Spatial compound imaging in an ultrasound system: Embodiments for forming an ultrasound spatial compound image by correcting refraction of ultrasound signals in an ultrasound system are disclosed herein. An ultrasound data acquisition unit forms a first set of ultrasound frame data and a second set of ultrasound frame data by using non-steered scan lines and steered scan... Agent: Medison Co., Ltd.

20110118606 - Adaptively performing clutter filtering in an ultrasound system: Embodiments of adaptively performing clutter filtering are disclosed. In one embodiment, by way of non-limiting example, an ultrasound system comprises: an ultrasound data acquisition unit configured to transmit and receive ultrasound signals to and from a target object to output a plurality of ultrasound data corresponding to each pixel of... Agent:

20110118607 - Self-propelled robotic device that moves through bodily and other passageways: A self-propelled robotic device moves through bodily and other passageways by inflating regions of an overlying bladder along the length of the robotic device in a sequence that imparts motion to the device. The regions of the overlying bladder are inflated by energizing a plurality of coils, which are surrounded... Agent:

20110118608 - System and method for detection of a temperature on a surface of a body: A system and method for detection of a temperature on a surface of a body is provided. The system includes a first IR camera system via which the temperature of a certain area of the surface is detectable in the form of a thermal image; a second camera system via... Agent:

20110118610 - An optical image probe: The invention relates to an optical image probe(20) for particularly suited for miniature application e.g. in-vivo. A fluid lens(5) is positioned a housing (19),the fluid lens having a changeable optical power. An image collector (40) is positioned within the housing, the collector being arranged on an optical path of the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110118609 - Imaging surgical target tissue by nonlinear scanning: Systems and techniques for laser surgery based on imaging a target tissue by nonlinear scanning are presented. In one implementation, a method for guiding an eye surgery can include the steps of: positioning an eye in relation to an imaging system; creating first scan data by determining a depth of... Agent: Lensx Lasers, Inc.

20110118611 - Module mounting mirror endoscopy: The invention also includes a device for optically inspecting confined spaces having one or more small access orifices. The device includes at least one laser light source and a scanning means which scans one or more laser beam in a two-dimensional pattern over an inspection area. Also present is at... Agent:

20110118613 - Blood pressure measurement device and blood pressure measurement method: A blood pressure measurement device is characterized in that the said device is designated to arithmetically apply to the computed blood pressure value a correction value that is in accordance with the difference in atmospheric pressure between the position of the blood pressure transmitting part and the position of the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110118612 - Valved catheter with integrated pressure measurement capabilities: Valve assemblies and valved catheters including pressure sensors, and related methods for treating patients, are disclosed. The valve assembly includes a valve member extending across a first lumen and includes a planar flexible member with an internal slit acting as a valve. The valve assembly further includes a pressure sensor... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20110118614 - Ballistocardiogram analysis method and device: The present invention discloses a method and signal processing device (620) for analyzing a ballistocardiogram (BCG). The actual energy content of the cardiac part of the BCG in a predefined time window is determined and compared with a reference value. A difference between the actual energy content and the reference... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110118615 - Method and system for obtaining improved data perfusion measurements: A method of deriving blood perfusion indices for a region of interest (ROI) of a subject, comprising the steps of administering a contrast agent to the subject during a dynamic imaging scan, converting signal intensity data from raw images of the scan into contrast agent concentration data, deriving parameters from... Agent:

20110118616 - Method and apparatus for quantitative assessment of cardiac electrical events: Method and apparatus for computer enabled analysis of ECG (electro cardiographic) data by exploiting computerized three-dimensional spatial presentation of the measured data using vectors. A three-dimensional presentation of the human heart may be correlated with waveforms specific for standard ECG or derived ECG signals based on the dipole approximation of... Agent: Newcardio, Inc

20110118617 - Heart rate measuring device and method for measuring heart rate thereof: This invention discloses a heart rate measuring device and a method for measuring heart rate thereof. The heart rate measuring device can be put on a user body. The heart rate measuring device includes a first electrode, a second electrode, a plurality of optical indicating units, a signal processing circuit... Agent: National Yang Ming University

20110118618 - Electronic identity card: A method comprises the steps of obtaining a baseline measurement corresponding to a representation of brain activity from a living body and storing the baseline measurements on a storage device configured to be wearable on the living body in combination with obtaining, at a time subsequent to the baseline measurement,... Agent: New York University

20110118620 - Method and system for monitoring and displaying physiological conditions: A method for providing an indication of a state of awareness for a patient, includes the steps of arranging data of an EEG and EMG power spectrogram to provide power versus frequency in a log-log arrangement; calculating a first best-fit line for a lower frequency region of the EEG power... Agent:

20110118619 - Methods and apparatus for monitoring consciousness: The systems of the present invention provide improved accuracy in monitoring, analysing, detecting, predicting and/or providing alerts and alarms associated with depth of anaesthesia, depth of consciousness, hypnotic state, sedation depth, fatigue or vigilance of a subject, with as few as 3 surface electrodes. The systems incorporate real-time phase, amplitude... Agent:

20110118621 - Muscular energy state analysis system and method for swing motion and computer program product thereof: A muscular energy state analysis system and method for a swing motion and a computer program product thereof are provided. The system includes: a swing implement, for a user to perform the swing motion, and including an acceleration sensor for sensing acceleration of the swing implement when the swing implement... Agent:

20110118623 - Electronic thermometer: The invention provides an electronic thermometer in which a contact state with a human body can be confirmed by a simple, easy-to-assemble configuration. The electronic thermometer includes a hollow outer case that includes a probe unit with a temperature measuring unit, a temperature sensor, an inner case, a control circuit,... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110118622 - Thermometer probe: A probe for an electronic thermometer includes a first elongate, semi-cylindrical probe shaft member having a distal end, a proximal end, first and second edges extending between the proximal and distal ends, an interior surface and an exterior surface. A second elongate, semi-cylindrical probe shaft member has a distal end,... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110118624 - Reuseable skin testing device: The present invention provides a device and method for skin testing. The device includes a handle assembly connected to a cylinder assembly having a first and second cylinder housing. Each cylinder housing is connected to at least one testing head assembly that includes a plurality of pins having a plurality... Agent:

20110118625 - Biopsy apparatus: A biopsy apparatus includes a biopsy region positional information calculator for calculating a three-dimensional position of a biopsy region, a biopsy needle moving mechanism for moving a biopsy needle along three axes and/or turning the biopsy needle obliquely to an object to be examined, a biopsy needle positional information calculator... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110118627 - Disposable patient interface for intraductal fluid aspiration system: Disclosed is a disposable patient interface for an intraductal fluid aspiration system. The interface has a flexible tubular distal member for contacting the patient, and a proximal support portion forming a vacuum chamber therein. The support portion has a vacuum aperture for communication with a source of vacuum, and a... Agent: Neomatrix, LLC

20110118626 - Sampling devices and methods: An automated sample aspirating method in which a magnetic force is applied to a collection tube containing a sample carrier to move at least the top of the carrier to a location off the center axis of the collection tube. An aspirator is inserted into the tube at a vertical... Agent:

20110118628 - Guidewires including a porous nickel-titanium alloy: Medical devices and methods for making and using the same. An example medical device may include a guidewire. The guidewire may include an elongate shaft. The shaft may include a porous metal alloy. The porous metal alloy may be arranged so that the porous metal alloy has a first pore... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110118629 - Devices and methods for cervix measurement: A device for measuring a length of a cervix includes an elongate measurement member, a hollow member, a flange, a handle, and a locking mechanism. The elongate measurement member extends along a longitudinal axis and includes a measurement scale thereon. The hollow member is coaxial with and disposed over the... Agent:

20110118630 - Ankle-foot orthosis prescription assistive device: A measurement device (10) for quantitatively measuring stiffness, torque or range of motion (ROM) around the joint axis of the ankle-foot complex of a lower limb in the sagittal and coronal planes, the device (10) comprising: a plate (13, 21) for placement of the ankle-foot complex, the plate (13, 21)... Agent:

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20110112351 - Method and system for evaluating quality assurance criteria in delivery of a treatment plan: System and method of determining whether a component of a radiation therapy system is operating within a dosimetric tolerance. The method can include the acts of generating a treatment plan for a patient, the treatment plan specifying a radiation amount to be delivered to the patient, delivering radiation to the... Agent:

20110112352 - Apparatus and method for electromagnetic treatment: Described herein are electromagnetic treatment devices for treatment of tissue. In particular, described herein are lightweight, wearable, low-energy variations that are specifically configured to specifically and sufficiently apply energy within a specific bandpass of frequencies of a target biological pathway, such as the binding of Calcium to Calmodulin, and thereby... Agent:

20110112354 - Artificial heart control device, artificial heart system and artificial heart control method: Provided is an artificial heart control device for controlling a blood pump which assists flow of blood in a heart, the artificial heart control device including: a timing detection part which is configured to detect reference timing within a cardiac cycle of the heart; and a blood pump control part... Agent: Sun Medical Technology Research Corporation

20110112353 - Bifurcated outflow cannulae: A bifurcated cannula for directing blood into the arterial system. The bifurcated cannula including an ingress channel and first and second egress channels. The first egress channel directs a first portion of the blood entering the bifurcated cannula into the arterial system in a first direction. The second egress channel... Agent: Circulite, Inc.

20110112355 - Implantable sound sensor for hearing prostheses: A sound sensor implantable in a recipient of a hearing device. The sound sensor comprises a biocompatible housing comprising a cavity having an opening at a first end of the housing and a membrane attached to the housing so as to hermetically seal the opening, wherein the membrane vibrates in... Agent:

20110112356 - Dementia treatment: A memory treatment mechanism which utilizes subliminal messages communicated via a display. The subliminal messages contain patient specific information such as the patient's name, their relatives' pictures and names, where they lived, etc. Using a remote sensor/switch, the personal subliminal information is curtailed when a non-patient is in the room... Agent:

20110112358 - Medical slings: A medical sling made from material that is suitably shaped for use in a medical application has sides, portions of which are smoothed to prevent abrasion of surrounding tissue.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110112357 - Surgical implants, tools, and methods for treating pelvic conditions: Described are pelvic implants (e.g., urinary incontinence sling, hammock, etc.) that provide treatment for pelvic floor disorders such as incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, prolapse (e.g., cystocele, enterocele, rectocele, vault prolapse), fecal incontinence, and the like, wherein the implant involves the ability to adjust dimensions of an implant before, during, or... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20110112360 - Minimally invasive surgical stabilization devices and methods: The various embodiments of the present inventions provide stabilization devices and methods for use of the stabilization devices with minimally invasive gynecological procedures such as methods of preventing pregnancy by inserting intrafallopian contraceptive devices into the fallopian tubes.... Agent:

20110112359 - Surgical adapter assembly for use with endoscope: Adapters for properly positioning a portion of a medical instrument that is positioned within an endoscope at site of interest is disclosed.... Agent:

20110112362 - Electronic endoscope system, processing apparatus for electronic endoscope, and image processing method: An image of a tissue site including a blood vessel is captured while broadband light and narrow band light are emitted to a body cavity. Thereby, broadband image data corresponding to the broadband light and narrow band image data corresponding to the narrow band light are obtained. Picture elements in... Agent:

20110112363 - Endoscope: On a head section connected to a distal end of an inserter of an endoscope, an air/water nozzle, an observation window and a ring projection are provided. On the ring projection, a first inclined plane and a vertical plane are formed. The first inclined plane inclines such that the outer... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110112361 - Endoscope device: An endoscope device has a scope unit that is used to observe an interior of a specimen subject, and a main body unit that controls the scope unit by communicating with the scope unit. The scope unit has an insertion portion, a bending portion that is provided on the insertion... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110112364 - Minimally invasive surgical apparatus in the form of a cannula: A minimally invasive surgical apparatus in the form of a cannula has a length with opposite proximal and distal ends, and differing characteristics of malleability along the cannula length. A switch can be provided on the cannula adjacent the distal end. The switch can be intra-abdominally activated to selectively provide... Agent:

20110112365 - Endoscope shaft: An endoscope including a control section; and a shaft extending from the control section. The shaft includes a frame having a one-piece tube, The tube includes at least one slot into the tube to form spaced sections on opposite sides of the slot. A first one of the sections includes... Agent: Gyrus Acmi, Inc.

20110112366 - Laparoscopic instrument: An improved laparoscopic instrument with an ergonomic handle comprising a large fixed ring for three fingers and a small moveable thumb ring. The invention enables a surgeon to use all controls on the instrument, including opening and closing of jaws, rotating and ratcheting them with one hand. The invention introduces... Agent:

20110112368 - Endoscopy system and a pressure transmitting connector for said system: The inventive endoscopy system includes a cannula for arranging an endoscope and forming, between said cannula and endoscope, an irrigation or aspiration channel for transporting an irrigation or aspiration fluid, respectively, a connection ring mounted around the cannula and provided with a connection channel connectable to the irrigation or aspiration... Agent: Future Medical System S.a.

20110112367 - Surgical instrument: A surgical instrument has a gas-delivery device to supply a noble gas or other inert gas to a tissue-treatment region and a rinsing device for rinsing a target region, in particular a tissue-treatment region. In the instrument the rinsing pressure is generated by the inert gas supplied by the gas-delivery... Agent:

20110112369 - Endoscope set: An endoscope (1) in which at least two light outlets (7, 10) for illuminating the field of view are provided, each of which forms a light cone (8, 11). The angles of beam spread (9, 12) of the light cones (8, 11) are different and at least the light cone... Agent: Scholly Fiberoptic Gmbh

20110112370 - Minimally invasive surgical stabilization devices and methods: The various embodiments of the present inventions provide stabilization devices and methods for use of the stabilization devices with minimally invasive gynecological procedures such as methods of preventing pregnancy by inserting intrafallopian contraceptive devices into the fallopian tubes... Agent:

20110112371 - Multi-instrument access devices and systems: A multi-instrument access device includes a base positionable within a percutaneous opening formed in a body. Ports are positioned on the base for receiving instruments to be inserted into the body for use in a procedure. Tubular instrument tubes having steerable distal ends may be insertable through the ports for... Agent:

20110112372 - Suction tip for surgical instruments: An improved suction tip for a surgical instrument is disclosed. The suction tip covers a wider range of evacuation area without creating any trauma to surrounding tissues. The proximal end of suctioning tip has a plurality of suction ports located at its front, top, right side and left side of... Agent:

20110112373 - Soft tissue access apparatus and methods for spinal surgery: Disclosed are surgical tools, tool sets and methods for percutaneously accessing and preparing treatment sites within the spine for subsequent treatment procedures. The treatment site may be avertebral motion segments in the lumbar and sacral regions of the spine. The tool set may a retraction device for retracting bowel from... Agent: Trans1 Inc.

20110112374 - Hand access laparoscopic device: The invention relates to a hand access laparoscopy device having a gelcap, a retainer, a sleeve and a retention ring. The gelcap includes gel that is bonded to a cap. The cap includes an inner cylindrical wall to which the gel in bonded, thereby providing a sealing area between the... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20110112375 - Portal apparatus including conformable cup seal: A surgical portal system for a surgical procedure incorporating the use of one or more sutures includes a portal housing and a portal sleeve extending from the portal housing. The portal housing includes an internal wall. The portal housing and the portal sleeve define a longitudinal axis and has a... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110112376 - Illuminated suction apparatus: An illuminated suction apparatus including a hand-held surgical device combining a high-performance illumination waveguide with suction. This device would be useful in a wide array of various surgical procedures including open and minimally invasive orthopedics.... Agent: Invuity, Inc.

20110112378 - Illumination device and bottom unit, especially for medical diagnostic instruments: An illumination device comprises at least one LED (36), which can be connected through circuit means (50) to a voltage source optionally formed by a battery unit (70) or an accumulator unit (74). Furthermore, a first contact means (60) is provided for connecting the battery unit (70) and a second... Agent: Heine Optotechnik Gmbh & Co Kg

20110112377 - Structured illumination probe and method: A structured illumination probe is disclosed, one embodiment comprising: an optical fiber, to receive and transmit a light beam; a handpiece, coupled to the optical fiber; an optical element, comprising a distal optical fiber and a distal light guide, wherein the proximal ends of the distal optical fiber and the... Agent:

20110112381 - Devices and methods for monitoring physiological information relating to sleep with an implantable device: Described here are implantable devices and methods for monitoring physiological information relating to sleep. The implantable devices are generally designed to include at least one sensor for sensing physiological information, a processor for processing the physiological information using low computational power to detect a sleep stage, and a battery. The... Agent: Neuropace, Inc.

20110112380 - Method and system for optimal estimation in medical diagnosis: A system and method for estimating and updating the current state of disease of a patient, called the disease impression. The disease impression of the patient, for a disease with a set of possible disease conditions, is updated based upon the current disease impression, the outcome of a test performed... Agent: Etenum, LLC

20110112379 - Systems and methods for providing sensor arrays for detecting physiological characteristics: Systems and methods for determining physiological parameters of a subject using a sensor array. In an embodiment, a sensor array may contain sensor elements for determining multiple physiological parameters. A combination of sensor elements and the physiological parameters determined may be selected based on signals obtained from the sensor elements... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110112382 - Systems and methods for combined physiological sensors: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring the physiological state of a subject. One or more physiological parameters of a subject may be determined from a photoplethysmograph (PPG) signal or signals obtained using at least one PPG sensor. In some embodiments, an electrical physiological signal (EPS) sensor may be located... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110112383 - Devices, systems and methods for treatment of eating disorders: An ingestible gastric device comprising a formed body that is adapted to expand upon exposure to a hydration medium and then degrade after a first residence time in the stomach cavity, allowing the device to be passed by the patient's normal digestive process, and monitoring means for monitoring the gastric... Agent: Plensat, Inc

20110112384 - Medical system having consumables monitoring: The invention proposes a medical system which comprises a central control unit which is set up to display at least one diagnostic measured value using a display element. The medical system also comprises at least one invasive unit, wherein the invasive unit has at least one invasive consumable. The invasive... Agent:

20110112385 - Apparatus and method for dating a body sample: A method and apparatus for dating a body sample, for example a sample of body fluid involves taking a series of spectroscopic measurements of the sample, each measurement in the series including at least two predetermined positions in the spectrum. The positions have spectral characteristics corresponding to two or more... Agent: Academisch Medisch Centrum

20110112386 - Noninvasive alcohol sensor: The present invention provides a noninvasive alcohol sensor that measures ethanol concentration with high accuracy by suppressing error dependent on glucose concentration. An alcohol sensor 10 includes first light-emitting means 21, second light-emitting means 22 and third light-emitting means 23. The first light-emitting means 21 radiates light having a wavelength... Agent: Kyushu University Corporation

20110112387 - Simultaneous measurement of pulse and regional blood oxygen saturation: Methods and systems are provided that allow for the simultaneous calculation of pulse and regional blood oxygen saturation. An oximeter system that includes a sensor with a plurality of emitters and detectors may be used to calculate a pulse and/or regional blood oxygen saturation. A plurality of light signals may... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110112388 - Integrated miniaturized fiber optic probe: A fiber optic probe having one or more photodetectors bound thereto is provided. By directly integrating thin, flexible photodetectors with an optical fiber, the probes provide a compact structure that increases throughput and decreases cost, making it practical for a clinical use. In some embodiments, the fiber optic probes are... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20110112389 - Analyte monitoring device and methods of use: An analyte monitor includes a sensor, a sensor control unit, and a display unit. The sensor has, for example, a substrate, a recessed channel formed in the substrate, and conductive material disposed in the recessed channel to form a working electrode. The sensor control unit typically has a housing adapted... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110112390 - Apparatus and method for blood clotting diagnostics: In order to be able still more precisely to determine the blood clotting activity in a patient according to the invention there is provided a method of extracorporeal determination of the blood clotting activity of a blood sample of an individual, in which the clotting time which elapses until the... Agent:

20110112391 - Photoacoustic measurement apparatus: A measurement apparatus capable of measuring a position and a size of an absorber with high accuracy, which includes: a light source unit for emitting a pulse beam; an illumination optical unit for leading the pulse beam emitted by the light source unit to an inside of an inspection object;... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110112393 - Magnetic resonance imaging device: In the diffusion-weighted imaging, amounts of distortion and amounts of phase offset of k-space data due to a temporally changing magnetic field error induced by eddy currents and vibrations associated with application of a diffusion-weighted gradient magnetic field pulse are corrected with good precision to improve image quality. Characteristic data... Agent:

20110112392 - Mr imaging with extended field of view: Magnetic resonance examination system comprises displaceable carrier for supporting an object to be examined. The carrier can be moved over a two dimensional area. The magnetic resonance examination system is configured to acquire sets of magnetic resonance signals from the object for various positions of the carrier in the two... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110112395 - Measurement device and measurement method: A measurement device and measurement method make it possible to eliminate the load generated by stopping on a measurement subject that is moved among multiple magnetic field generating devices. The measurement device includes a first external magnetic field generating device that generates a magnetic field of a set size, a... Agent: Kyushu University

20110112394 - Neuromodulation of deep-brain targets using focused ultrasound: Disclosed are methods and systems for non-invasive deep brain or superficial neuromodulation for up-regulation or down-regulation using ultrasound impacting one or multiple points in a neural circuit to produce Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) or Long-Term Depression (LTD) to treat indications such as neurologic and psychiatric conditions. Ultrasound transducers are positioned by... Agent:

20110112398 - Apparatus and method for locating a device tip within a volume: A method for determining by an x-ray projection a position of a target radiopaque marker disposed on a catheter in a subject's body, comprising assigning a landmark in the body as a reference point compensated for periodic movements of the body, determining an auxiliary location relative to the reference point... Agent: Paieon Inc.

20110112397 - In vivo sensor for detecting bone surface: A device and a method are described for finding the location of a bone surface in patients or living animals by using a thin probe equipped with bone contacting detection functionality for a minimally invasive procedure.... Agent:

20110112396 - System and method for targeting catheter electrodes: A system and method is described for a catheter guidance system which allows an operator to use a mapping catheter to specify tissue target locations for the automatic guidance of a second therapeutic catheter. The operator places a mapping catheter at a desired location, and commands the catheter guidance system... Agent: Magnetecs, Inc.

20110112399 - Portable ultrasound system: A portable ultrasonic diagnostic system includes a probe transmitting and receiving an ultrasonic signal to and from a region of interest, and a main unit having circuitry in communication with the probe to form an image based on the ultrasonic signal and a display displaying the formed image. The main... Agent: Esaote Europe B.v.

20110112400 - High intensity focused ultrasound catheter apparatuses, systems, and methods for renal neuromodulation: Catheter apparatuses, systems, and methods for achieving renal neuromodulation by intravascular access are disclosed herein. One aspect of the present application, for example, is directed to apparatuses, systems, and methods that incorporate a catheter treatment device that employs high intensity focused ultrasound. The high intensity focused ultrasound may be used... Agent: Ardian, Inc.

20110112404 - 3-d quantitative-imaging ultrasonic method for bone inspections and device for its implementation: The invention is a differential 3D Quantitative-Imaging Ultrasonic Tomography method for inspecting a layered system that is comprised of a heterogeneous object embedded in a volume of space that comprises layers having an acoustic impedance gradient between the layers providing non-linear beams travels. A transducer grid is attached to the... Agent:

20110112402 - Image processing apparatus, image processing program, storage medium and ultra-sonograph: A computer 12 of an image processing apparatus 11 acquires ultrasound B-mode images of consecutive frames to estimate a carotid artery wall at a carotid artery minor axis cross section included in an ultrasound B-mode image of a predetermined frame. The computer 12 also uses, as a template image, the... Agent: Gifu University

20110112403 - Method and a system for monitoring, contractions and/or a birth process and/or the progress and/or position of a fetus: A method of monitoring a pregnant woman by identifying a moving organ in the woman and tracking or monitoring a movement of said organ using ultrasound. Optionally, the identifying is non-imaging. Optionally or alternatively, the moving organ is part of a fetus and a position of a head is optionally... Agent: Barnev Ltd.

20110112401 - Ultrasonic diagnosis device and ultrasonic diagnosis system: An ultrasonic diagnosis device includes a diagnostic image generation unit (7) that generates an ultrasonic image from ultrasonic data obtained by transmission and reception of ultrasonic waves; an input unit (1) for receiving an input of a reference image, and hardware configuration and control parameter information data that is associated... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110112405 - Hand wand for ultrasonic cosmetic treatment and imaging: Embodiments of the invention provide a dermatological cosmetic treatment and imaging system and method. In some embodiments, the system (20) includes a hand wand (100) with at least one finger activated controller (150, 160), and a removable transducer module (200) having an ultrasound transducer (280). In some embodiments, the system... Agent: Ulthera, Inc.

20110112406 - Silicone rubber compositions comprising bismuth oxide and articles made therefrom: The present invention provides novel filled silicone compositions comprising a nano-particulate metal oxide filler selected from nano-particulate monoclinic alpha-phase bismuth oxide, nano-particulate erbium oxide, and mixtures thereof. The new composite compositions exhibit a combination of outstanding performance characteristics in both the cured and uncured states. Thus, the uncured formulations are... Agent: General Electric Company

20110112407 - Multispectral detection and presentation of an object's characteristics: An apparatus for capturing a multispectral image of an object is described. The apparatus includes one or more means for transmitting a beam of laser light at a first wavelength and a beam of laser light at one or more additional wavelengths different from the first wavelength. There is a... Agent:

20110112408 - Optical speculum: A system for direct imaging and diagnosing of abnormal cells in a target tissue includes a disposable optical speculum and an image acquisition system having the speculum assembled on and mechanically secured thereto. The image acquisition system is arranged to capture at least one of a single image or multiple... Agent:

20110112410 - Optical probe, drive control method therefor, and endoscope apparatus: the plurality of balloons are airtightly locked to an body cavity inner wall by supplying a fluid or a gas through the balloon inflation port to pressurize and inflate the balloons, and pressure in a space formed between the plurality of locked balloons and the body cavity inner wall is... Agent:

20110112409 - Rotating catheter probe using a light-drive apparatus: The invention is a rotating tip catheter-imaging probe where electromagnetic energy is delivered to the distal end of a catheter and converted to mechanical energy using a light drive apparatus. The mechanical energy is then used to rotate a mirror that redirects light in fixed pattern on a sample. The... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20110112411 - Blood pressure monitor: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for facilitating blood pressure measurement. An additional fluid reservoir is arranged to be connected in fluid communication with the blood pressure cuff. The fluid reservoir provides an additional, compliant volume to the fluid volume of the cuff, facilitating blood pressure measurement,... Agent:

20110112412 - Cuff for blood pressure information measuring device and blood pressure information measuring device equipped with the same: A cuff for a blood pressure information measuring device configured to be mounted on a measurement site for measuring blood pressure information has a fluid bag for compressing the measurement site, a flexible curved elastic plate located outside the fluid bag while the fluid bag is wrapped around the measurement... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110112413 - Method for automated ekg analysis: Systems and methods for analyzing electronic cardiac signals for use in clinical diagnostics are described. System and method embodiments are configured to assist in the analysis of details of EKG signals and vector cardiograms to determine how patients should be categorized into specific cardiac risk categories, such as an acute... Agent: Newcardio, Inc

20110112418 - Ecg monitoring system with configurable alarm limits: An ECG monitoring system for ambulatory patients includes a small multi-electrode patch that adhesively attaches to the chest of a patient. A reusable battery-powered ECG monitor clips onto the patch and receives patient electrical signals from the electrodes of the patch. A processor continuously processes received ECG signals and analyzes... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110112419 - Implantable medical device and method for classifying arrhythmia events: In an implantable medical device such as an implantable cardiac defibrillator, and a method for classifying arrhythmia events, IEGM signals are analyzed to detect an arrhythmia event and a respiratory pattern of the patient is sensed. At least one respiratory parameter reflecting characteristics of the respiratory pattern of the patient... Agent: St. Jude Medical Ab

20110112417 - Method and apparatus for post-processing of episodes detected by a medical device: A method and system for determining undersensing during post-processing of sensing data generated by a medical device that includes transmitting a plurality of stored sensing data generated by the medical device to an access device, the stored sensing data including sensed atrial events and sensed ventricular events. The access device... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110112420 - Pain judging device: A device for objectively judging pain is disclosed. A peak-relevant value means (10) acquires a peak-relevant value (for example, the peak value of an R wave (R peak value)) every cycle from an electrocardiogram acquired. A peak-relevant value frequency analyzing means (12) analyzes the frequencies of the peak-relevant value acquired... Agent: Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.

20110112416 - System and apparatus for providing diagnosis and personalized abnormalities alerts and for providing adaptive responses in clinical trials: A personalized real-time automated cardiovascular monitoring system monitors abnormalities in a patient's cardiovascular activity data through the use of individually adjusted electrocardiogram Holter apparatus (Holter/ECG device) that provides an automatic medical diagnosis of cardiac abnormalities and generates abnormality alert signals representative of certain abnormalities in patient's cardiac activities. The signals... Agent: Makor Issues And Rights Ltd.

20110112415 - System and method for automated ekg analysis: Systems and methods for analyzing electronic cardiac signals for use in clinical diagnostics are described. Parameters pertinent to a first cardiac condition of a patient, such as determining an orientation of a vector related to the cardiac activity of said patient, and comparing the vector orientation relative to a centerpoint... Agent: Newcardio, Inc

20110112414 - System for automated ekg analysis: Systems and methods for analyzing electronic cardiac signals for use in clinical diagnostics are described. System and method embodiments are configured to assist in the analysis of details of EKG signals and vector cardiograms to determine how patients should be categorized into specific cardiac risk categories, such as an acute... Agent: Newcardio, Inc

20110112421 - Scg point pick process for use with multiaxis accelerometers: A seismocardiograph using multiple accelerometer sensors to identify cardiac valve opening and closing times. A methodology for selecting event times is also disclosed.... Agent:

20110112422 - System and method for ischemia classification with implantable medical device: An implantable medical device monitors ST segment data collected from EGM. ST trends are established and monitored over time. The IMD is able to discern whether the data indicate supply ischemia, demand ischemia, or other physiological causes. The IMD is then able to provide appropriate information and alerts.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110112423 - Increasing cpr effectiveness using phonocardiogram analysis: Embodiments of the invention include a system and methods for providing status information about resuscitation efforts of a person receiving chest compressions as part of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). A microphone generates a soundtrack by sampling sounds within or around the body of the person receiving CPR. The soundtrack is gated... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20110112424 - Determining functional residual lung capacity: Determining functional residual lung capacity (FRC) by changing a subject's inspirium FiO2 by a predetermined amount, and a) for each breath in a series of breaths subsequent to changing the FiO2, determining expiratory tidal volume, determining expiratory fractional N2 tidal volume, multiplying the expiratory tidal volume by an absolute difference... Agent:

20110112425 - Contactless respiration monitoring of a patient: The invention relates to a method for detection of respiration of a patient comprising the following steps: emitting an electromagnetic signal towards the patient; receiving a reflected electromagnetic signal reflected from the patient; converting the reflected electromagnetic signal, yielding a first signal; phase-shifting the reflected electromagnetic signal and converting the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110112426 - Brain activity as a marker of disease: A method of monitoring brain activity is provided, wherein the method includes receiving a signal associated with neuronal activity of a mammalian brain. The method also includes processing the signal using a linear, non-linear, or combination algorithm to extract a signal feature. A neuromarker may be determined based on an... Agent: Brainscope Company, Inc.

20110112427 - Systems and methods for neuro-eeg synchronization therapy: Described are methods, devices, and systems for a novel, inexpensive, easy to use therapy for a number of disorders. Described are methods and devices to treat disorders that involves no medication. Methods and devices described herein use alternating magnetic fields to gently “tune” the brain and affect mood, focus, and... Agent: Neosync, Inc.

20110112428 - Body composition measuring apparatus using a bioelectric impedance analysis associated with a neural network algorithm: A body composition measuring apparatus using a bioelectric impedance analysis and a neural network algorithm for obtaining two or more anthropometry variables from testees and then inputting the anthropometry variables into the internal processing unit that has a built-in back propagation-artificial neural network that has one input layer, 1-10 hidden... Agent: Charder Electronic Co., Ltd.

20110112429 - Impedance analysis for esophageal maladies: A system and method for automatically analyzing impedance and pH data from an esophageal probe includes a data collection system that collects and stores the output from the sensors for a certain period of time to locate reflux episodes in the waveforms. The data analysis system uses wavelet analysis to... Agent: Sandhill Scientific, Inc.

20110112430 - Trunk width measuring unit and visceral fat measuring device: A trunk width measuring unit including a first contact portion attached movably in the vertical direction relative to a unit main body, the first contact portion to be brought into contact with an upper surface of a trunk of a subject, second and third contact portions attached movably in the... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20110112431 - Neuropathy diagnostic device: A neuropathy diagnostic device includes a body having a neutral temperature surface disposed on an exterior of the body, a variable temperature surface disposed on the exterior of the body, and a vibrating surface having a variable vibration amplitude. The vibrating surface extends outwardly from the body. A touch sensor... Agent: Electronic Products Accessories & Chemicals, LLC

20110112433 - Methods for evaluating the integrity of a uterine cavity: Methods, systems and devices for evaluating the integrity of a uterine cavity. A method comprises introducing transcervically a probe into a patient's uterine cavity, providing a flow of a fluid (e.g., CO2) through the probe into the uterine cavity and monitoring the rate of the flow to characterize the uterine... Agent: Minerva Surgical, Inc.

20110112432 - Systems and devices for evaluating the integrity of a uterine cavity: Methods, systems and devices for evaluating the integrity of a uterine cavity. A method comprises introducing transcervically a probe into a patient's uterine cavity, providing a flow of a fluid (e.g., CO2) through the probe into the uterine cavity and monitoring the rate of the flow to characterize the uterine... Agent: Minerva Surgical, Inc.

20110112434 - Kits and procedures for natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery: Various surgical devices, kits, and/or methods are provided herein that may be useful in performing a surgical procedure through a natural orifice. Such a surgical procedure may utilize one or more devices, kits, and/or methods to create an access port to a body cavity of a patient, to perform a... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20110112436 - Distraction pins for fluid aspiration: A distraction pin for aspiration of a bone fluid and marrow. The pin includes an elongate metallic shaft of generally uniform diameter having a proximate end. The proximate end of the shaft includes an adaptor (attachment means) and a longitudinal bore extending from the distal end to the proximate end.... Agent: Spinesmith Partners, Lp

20110112437 - Needle assembly for use with a biopsy device: A needle assembly comprises an outer cannula and an inner cannula. The outer cannula and the inner cannula have complementary tissue receiving apertures. A tissue piercing tip is secured relative to one or both of the inner cannula or the outer cannula. A cutter is slidably disposed in the inner... Agent: Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

20110112435 - Systems and methods for spectral analysis of a tissue mass using an instrument, an optical probe, and a monte carlo or a diffusion algorithm: Systems and methods for spectral analysis of a tissue mass using an instrument, an optical probe, and a Monte Carlo algorithm or a diffusion algorithm are provided. According to one method, an instrument is inserted into a tissue mass. A fiber optic probe is applied via the instrument into the... Agent:

20110112439 - Rotational safety syringe: A rotational safety syringe includes front and rear barrels rotatable with respect to each other for moving a needle holder towards the rear barrel and compressing a spring to separate a protective cover. The needle holder is fixed by an elastic press button on the needle holder and a press... Agent:

20110112438 - Squeeze activated medical puncturing device: The medical puncturing device (10) includes a housing (12) having a proximal end (18) and a distal end (16) and a skin puncturing assembly (14) within the housing. The skin puncturing assembly includes a movable carrier (50) and a skin puncturing element (52). The skin puncturing element is adapted to... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110112440 - Electrode interface system: An electrode interface system for providing a connection between at least one electrode and a maternal-fetal monitor, wherein the interface system converts electrical muscle activity captured by the electrode(s) into uterine activity data signals for use by the maternal-fetal monitor. The electrode interface system of the invention preferably includes a... Agent:

20110112441 - Combined cognitive and physical therapy: The present invention provides method and apparatus to perform combined cognitive and motor rehabilitation on a computerized non-portable system or on single portable device. A patient can play a variety of games that require the patient to perform a variety of memory exercises which involve physical exertion. The activities of... Agent:

20110112442 - Monitoring, predicting and treating clinical episodes: Apparatus (10) is provided that includes at least one sensor (30), configured to sense a physiological parameter of a subject (12) and to sense large body movement of the subject (12), an output unit (24), and a control unit (14). The control unit (14) is configured to monitor a condition... Agent: Earlysense Ltd.

20110112443 - Systems, devices, and methods for interpreting movement: According to some exemplary embodiments, a method or system can involve associating a plurality of biokinetographic comparison results with a first specific dysfunction from a group of specific dysfunctions, each of the biokinetographic comparison results obtained from a comparison of a biokinetographic value to a standard for a corresponding biokinetographic... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

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20110105822 - Balloon catheter and x-ray applicator comprising a balloon catheter: The invention relates to a balloon catheter for an X-ray applicator and an X-ray applicator—for use with the corresponding balloon catheter. Said balloon catheter can be filled with a medium and comprises a balloon—that expands with respect to the volume and a catheter shaft for inserting the X-ray applicator. Said... Agent: Carl Zeiss Surgical Gmbh

20110105821 - Quick regulation of the range of high-energy ion beams for precision irradiation of moving target volumes: The invention concerns a device and a process for adjusting the range of an ion beam, in particular for irradiation in tumor therapy. For this purpose, first the reference position of a target volume to be irradiated is determined. Subsequently, the range of an ion beam is configured such that... Agent:

20110105823 - Medical template device and method for use in positioning therapeutic probes at a target tissue: Medical template device and method for use in positioning therapeutic probes at a target tissue are provided. The template device includes a frame and a pierceable probe guide secured by the frame. The probe guide has a probe guide pattern such as a grid pattern, wherein the pierceable probe guide... Agent: Angiodynamics, Inc.

20110105824 - Parasympathetically induced vasodilatation method and apparatus: A method and treatment device for inducing vasodilatation in a target vasculature of a patient. The method can include introducing an energy-supplying treatment instrument to a sinus cavity which provides access to a parasympathetic ganglion neurologically associated with the target vasculature. The method can also include applying non-electrical stimulant energy... Agent:

20110105825 - Nanoparticle-sized magnetic absorption enhancers having three-dimensional geometries adapted for improved diagnostics and hyperthermic treatment: Nanoparticle-sized magnetic absorption enhancers (MAEs) that exhibit a controlled response to a magnetic field, including a controlled mechanical response and inductive thermal response. The MAEs have a magnetic material that exhibits the inductive thermal response to the magnetic field and is embedded in a coating, such that the MAE conforms... Agent: Qteris Inc.

20110105826 - Transcranial magnetic stimulation by enhanced magnetic field perturbations: Described herein are devices, systems and methods to enhance the magnetic perturbation of a neuronal (e.g., brain) target during Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), thereby enhancing the induced current in the target. In general, these devices, systems and methods enhance the magnetic perturbation (dB/dt) of the target by mechanically moving a... Agent: Neostim, Inc.

20110105827 - Method and device for the treatment of overweight: A device and a method of applying the device for the treatment of obesity or overweight in mammals, especially humans refers to a suitable substrate to be worn at the body of the patient and includes a thyroid stimulating pulsating magnetic field, whereby the magnetic field can be controlled and... Agent:

20110105828 - Methods of treating a body part: The invention generally relates to devices and methods for treating a body part using magnets. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a device for treating a body part including a carrier and a plurality of magnets, in which the magnets are configured to correspond with a plurality of acupuncture meridian... Agent: Magnetic Acupuncture, LLC

20110105829 - Implantable signal delivery systems: An implantable hearing prosthesis is described for a recipient patient. An implantable receiving coil receives an externally generated communication data signal. An implantable signal processor is in communication with the receiving coil for converting the communication data signal into a transducer stimulation signal. An implantable enclosed acoustic transducer is in... Agent: Vibrant Med-el Hearing Technology Gmbh

20110105830 - Applicator for self-expanding intravaginal urinary incontinence devices: An applicator for a self-expanding intravaginal device has a barrel and a plunger that can substantially contain the self-expanding intravaginal device without significant insertion barrel distortion while maintaining comfortable applicator insertion. The barrel has an insertion end, an opposed gripper end, and a central portion therebetween, and it is arranged... Agent:

20110105831 - Sling delivery system and method of use: An apparatus and method of use are disclosed to treat urological disorders. The biocompatible device includes a handle, needle, dilator and sling assembly configured to be minimally invasive and provide sufficient support to the target site. In addition, the configuration of the sling assembly also allows the sling to be... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20110105832 - Surgical articles for placing an implant about a tubular tissue structure and methods: A minimally invasive surgical instrument for placing an implantable article about a tubular tissue structure is disclosed. The surgical instrument is particularly useful for treating urological disorders such as incontinence. Surgical methods using the novel instrument are also described.... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20110105833 - Transobturator methods for installing sling to treat incontinence, and related devices: Described are methods of treating urinary incontinence using a urinary sling and a tissue path that passes through the obturator foramen, along with related surgical implants, devices, systems, and kits.... Agent:

20110105834 - Imaging and evaluating embryos, oocytes, and stem cells: Methods, compositions and kits for determining the developmental potential of one or more embryos or pluripotent cells and/or the presence of chromosomal abnormalities in one or more embryos or pluripotent cells are provided. These methods, compositions and kits find use in identifying embryos and oocytes in vitro that are most... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20110105835 - Method for preserving sperm and applications thereof: The invention relates to a sperm dilution medium that comprises a base medium to which are added yolk or yolk plasma, glycerol and native phosphocaseinate. The medium can particularly be used for the freeze-preservation of mammal sperm in order to enhance the fertilization capability of the frozen sperm.... Agent:

20110105836 - System and method for treating prolapse and incontinence: A system and method of treating vaginal prolapse and incontinence comprises a kit. The kit includes a mesh graft configured for attachment to the anterior and posterior vaginal walls to thereby treat the vaginal prolapse. A graft delivery device is also provided for introducing and placing the mesh graft to... Agent:

20110105837 - Mechanized dildo: A mechanized dildo, including a motor driven coaxial plurality of longitudinally spaced drive cams, and corresponding sets of passive cams that operate within an elastic phallic sleeve to locally cyclically expand a girth of the sleeve. Optional vibratory elements are positioned proximate a distal extremity of the sleeve, and in... Agent:

20110105840 - Assemblies for use with an endoscope: An expander for mounting a resilient outer tubular article over an elongate article including a chassis element having associated therewith at least one outwardly movable element which is selectably engageable with at least a portion of the resilient outer tubular article, a driver which is movable with respect to the... Agent:

20110105839 - Endoscopic apparatus with integrated multiple biopsy device: An imaging endoscope comprising a shaft having a proximal end adapted to be secured to a handle, and a distal end having a biopsy forceps disposed therein. The biopsy forceps includes one or more end-effector elements that are actuated with a control cable that may be connected to the handle.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110105841 - Medical instrument system and method for manipulating target tissue: A method is provided for manipulating target tissue of a patient during a medical procedure. The method includes introducing a medical instrument system to a general site of target tissue. At least one characteristic of the target tissue is identified using an imaging device located in a working channel of... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20110105838 - Suction device for endoscopic instruments and method: The present invention is related to a suction device especially designed for endoscopic instruments, including at least two cylindrical suction ports located at both sides of the distal end of the endoscopic instrument. Each suction port has inside and next to the distal end thereof at least one sharp traversing... Agent:

20110105842 - Suction device for laparoscopic instruments and method: The present invention is related to a suction device especially designed for laparoscopic and/or arthroscopic instruments, including at least two cylindrical suction ports located at both sides of the distal end of the laparoscopic and/or arthroscopic instrument. Each suction port has inside and next to the distal end thereof at... Agent:

20110105843 - Surgical instrument with tendon preload-and-locking device: A surgical instrument includes a handle, an elongated shaft and an end effector extending distally from the shaft. A tensile member is preloaded with a tensile force and extends at least partially through the shaft. A preload mechanism for adjusting the tensile force includes first and second guides in contact... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110105844 - Manually controlled endoscope: A control handle for use with a steerable endoscopic device. The endoscopic device having a pair of control wires to effect steering. The control handle includes a steering mechanism that includes an actuator, such as a control knob, drivingly connected to a drive member, such as a sprocket or drive... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed

20110105845 - Endoscopic device with fluid cleaning: A method for enhancing performance of an endoscope (212) for use with a body lumen that has not been sufficiently cleaned for viewing with the endoscope (212), including assembling an endoscopic device (100, 400) to an endoscope (212), the endoscopic device (100, 400) including a washing member (201, 404) that... Agent:

20110105846 - Actuator system and endoscope apparatus: An actuator system including a drive section that performs driving by injection/suction of a liquid, a tube, a syringe pump that injects/suctions the liquid into/from the drive section via the tube, a pressure sensor that measures an inner pressure, a storage section that preliminarily stores a volume change ΔV of... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110105847 - Endoscope including a variable state optical member: In one embodiment, an apparatus may include an elongate member having a proximal end portion and a distal end portion. A variable state optical member may be coupled within the distal end portion of the elongate member. The variable state optical member may include a first configuration and a second... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110105848 - Laparoscopic tissue retractor: The present invention is primarily directed to a surgical retractor suitable for laparoscopic insertion, comprising an elongate shaft having two or more arms at its distal end, and a mechanism for controlling the mutual separation of said arms located at its proximal end, wherein a membrane is attached to said... Agent:

20110105849 - Devices and methods for minimally invasive access to sinuses and treatment of sinusitis: The present invention provides minimally invasive devices and methods for accessing the sinuses and their surrounding structures for surgery and other treatments. The anterior ethmoid and maxillary sinuses are accessed and treated under minimal anesthesia with little or no postoperative limitation of activity or adverse symptoms. Direct visual verification of... Agent:

20110105850 - Vaginal entry surgical devices, kit, system, and method: A surgical method, system, kit, and various devices are provided for use in, among other things, vaginal entry during a natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgical procedure. A system and/or method provide for the rapid creation of a conduit and/or multiple ports in a natural orifice, such as a patient's vagina,... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20110105851 - Headlight apparatus and method: A portable headlight assembly for illuminating a surgical site when look at by a practitioner and moves with the surgeon operates only when the light energy is directed toward the site. A headlight source has a HID lamp to illuminate via a light cable coupled to receive and transmit the... Agent:

20110105856 - Diagnostic testing: One or more living entities are evaluated for health conditions by taking samples, especially samples of volatile compounds, derived from, e.g., the breath, urine, feces, saliva, skin exudates, etc., from the living entities, optionally with concentration of the samples; analyzing the samples using a multivariate analytical test; comparing the patterns... Agent:

20110105855 - Early detection of cognition impairment in elderly population: We have discovered novel methods and systems for detecting cognitive impairment in a subject by analyzing the level of xantophylls in macula lutea or red blood cell sample from the subject. We have discovered that decrease of xanthopyll level in the subject is indicative of cognitive impairment.... Agent: Trustees Of Tufts College

20110105857 - Impression degree extraction apparatus and impression degree extraction method: An impression degree extraction apparatus which precisely extracts an impression degree without imposing a strain on a user in particular. A content editing apparatus (100) comprises a measured emotion property acquiring section (341) which acquires measured emotion properties which show an emotion having occurred in the user in a measurement... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110105854 - Medical monitoring system: Medical patient monitoring devices that have the capability of detecting the physical proximity of a clinician are disclosed. The medical patient monitoring devices may be configured to perform a first selected action when the presence of a clinician is detected in a first detection area, and to perform a second... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20110105853 - Systems and methods for healthcare delivery, observation, and communication between a de-centralized healthcare system and a patient living at home: The disclosure describes de-centralized healthcare systems and methods of using the same to provide healthcare to a subject living at home. A de-centralized healthcare system of the invention provides at or above hospital-level care through the implementation of care pathway protocols for effective treatment of designated health conditions. A subject... Agent:

20110105852 - Using data imputation to determine and rank of risks of health outcomes: Techniques for generating prediction of risks of medical outcomes and benefit scores for medical interventions, with imputation of missing patient data values, are disclosed. Apparatus or computer program products may be configured to receive a patient record for the patient from a database of a data storage unit, wherein one... Agent:

20110105859 - Adaptive performance trainer: Techniques for accelerating training through optimization of the psychophysiological state of the trainee are provided. These techniques include an adaptive performance training system configured to acquire, analyzed, display, and translate data that reflects the psychophysiological state of the user, including the electrical activity of the brain (EEG), the heart (EKG),... Agent: Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.

20110105860 - Detecting worsening heart failure: A method comprises monitoring a heart rate, a respiration rate and an activity level of a patient, comparing the monitored heart rate, respiration rate and activity level to a predetermined threshold zone which is a function of heart rate, respiration rate and activity level, determining the patient is experiencing worsening... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110105862 - Device for acquiring and processing physiological data of an animal or of a human in the course of a physical or mental activity: The invention relates to a system allowing the acquisition and processing of data representative of the physical or mental activity and/or of the physiological state of human or animal individuals. This system includes, for each individual, a unique individual electronic box encasing several sensors capable of measuring physical and/or biological... Agent: Universite Du Sud Toulon-var

20110105858 - Method and apparatus to monitor change in inspiratory effort using intrathoracic blood pressure waveform morphology: An implantable medical device and associated method detect obstructed inspiration by monitoring an blood pressure signal. A respiration signal is monitored and a phase of respiratory inspiration is detected from the respiration signal. A trend in the pressure signal is measured during the inspiration phase. Obstructed inspiration for the inspiration... Agent:

20110105861 - Physiological monitoring garment: The present invention is directed to systems and methods for monitoring characteristics of a subject. A system according to an exemplary embodiment of the invention includes a sensor subsystem including at least one respiratory sensor disposed proximate to the subject and configured to detect a respiratory characteristic of the subject,... Agent: Adidas Ag World Of Sports

20110105863 - Coupling loop and method of positioning coupling loop: A coupling loop or antenna is provided that can be used with a system that determines the resonant frequency of a sensor by adjusting the phase and frequency of an energizing signal until the frequency of the energizing signal matches the resonant frequency of the sensor. In one embodiment orientation... Agent: Cardiomems, Inc.

20110105864 - Pharma-informatics system: Compositions, systems and methods that allow for the detection of the actual physical delivery of a pharmaceutical agent to a body are provided. Embodiments of the compositions include an identifier and an active agent. The invention finds use in a variety of different applications, including but not limited to, monitoring... Agent:

20110105865 - Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy device for quantifying tissue absorption and scattering: A diffuse reflectance spectroscopy system for quantifying electromagnetic absorption and scattering in a tissue is provided. Also provided are optical probes and methods for imaging a tissue mass. In some embodiments, the methods include the steps of contacting a tissue mass with an optical probe, wherein the optical probe includes... Agent: Duke University

20110105866 - Optical sensor configuration for ratiometric correction of blood glucose measurement: Embodiments of the invention are directed to an optical sensor for detecting blood glucose. The sensor comprises a chemical indicator system disposed within a gap between the distal end of an optical fiber and an atraumatic tip portion, wherein the optical fiber and atraumatic tip portion are coupled by a... Agent: Glumetrics, Inc.

20110105867 - Optical sensor for determining the concentration of an analyte: A method and apparatus for non-invasively determining a concentration of glucose in a subject using optical excitation and detection is provided. The method includes emitting an exciter beam (B1) to irradiate a portion (130) of tissue of the subject, causing physical and chemical changes in the surface, and causing an... Agent:

20110105868 - Method and device for measuring dissolved substances in human or animal intraocular fluid: The present invention relates to the non-invasive optical measurement of glucose and other dissolved substances in human or animal intraocular fluid. For this purpose, a method and devices for carrying out the method are proposed. The method according to the invention takes advantage of the fact that the wave dependence... Agent: Carl Zeiss Ag

20110105869 - Sensor for internal monitoring of tissue o2 and/or ph/co2 in vivo: Provided is a durable tissue pH/pCO2 and/or tissue oxygen sensitive probe of sufficient strength to withstand direct tissue pressures in vivo, the probe comprising one or more sensor chambers within a biocompatible, gas-permeable membrane containing together in a single chamber, or in separate chambers, respectively, a pH sensitive fluorophor from... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20110105870 - Ruthenium purple biosensor: The invention relates to a biosensor comprising an electrically conductive substrate, with a first layer comprising Ruthenium Purple formed on the substrate, a second layer comprising polyaniline or a derivative thereof comprising one or more non-polar substituents formed on the first layer, and a third layer comprising one or more... Agent:

20110105873 - Method and apparatus for detecting false hypoglycemic conditions: Embodiments of the present disclosure include detecting a concurrent occurrence of a decrease in monitored analyte level and a corresponding decrease in monitored on-skin temperature, confirming a presence of an impending hypoglycemic condition, and asserting a notification corresponding to the confirmed impending hypoglycemic condition. Devices, methods, systems and kits incorporating... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110105871 - Monitoring method and/or apparatus: A method and apparatus for substance monitoring. One application is an easy to handle continuous glucose monitor using a group of hollow out-of-plane silicon microneedles to sample substances in interstitial fluid from the epidermal skin layer. The glucose of the interstitial fluid permeates a dialysis membrane and reaches a sensor.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110105872 - Systems and methods for application to skin and control of actuation, delivery, and/or perception thereof: The present invention generally relates, in certain aspects, to systems and methods for application to the skin, and control of actuation, delivery, and/or perception thereof. For example, certain aspects of the invention are generally directed to devices for delivering to and/or withdrawing fluid or from subjects, e.g., to or from... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20110105875 - Biomedical sensing methods employing hydro-insensitive alternating current responsive composites: A method is disclosed of detecting a bioelectrical signal from a subject. The method includes the steps of applying a composite material to a subject wherein the composite material includes a polymeric material and a polar material that is substantially dispersed within the polymeric material; coupling monitoring equipment to the... Agent: Flexcon Company, Inc.

20110105874 - Method for measuring body parameters: A system comprises a capacitive sensing unit for capturing an electrophysiological signal from a body part. The capacitive sensing unit includes a first electrode plate that forms a capacitor with the body part. Motion of the electrode plate with respect to the body part may be detected by a motion... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110105876 - Subdermal needle electrode cable assembly having movable needle safety cover integral therewith: An apparatus for monitoring neurological and/or neurophysiological signals of a patient has a signal conductor, an electrode, and a safety cover. The signal conductor has a first end portion and a second end portion. The electrode has a first end portion and a second end portion. The first end portion... Agent:

20110105877 - Apparatus and method for detecting disconnection of an intravascular access device: An apparatus and method are disclosed for detecting the disconnection of a vascular access device such as a needle, cannula or catheter from a blood vessel or vascular graft segment. A pair of electrodes is placed in direct contact with fluid or blood in fluid communication with the vascular segment.... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20110105878 - Electrode for use with a template cap: An electrode attached to the straps of and use with a template cap in making neurophysiological measurements. The electrode is configured to allow the user to quickly and accurately slide an electrode needle at a shallow adjustable angle into the scalp of the patient. The base of each electrode attaches... Agent: Rhythmlink Internationa, LLC

20110105881 - Brain disease diagnosis system: A diagnosis server 10 of the brain disease diagnosis system 1 for diagnosing a brain disease of an examined person includes: an acquiring unit 11 for acquiring a brain image of the examined person so as to obtain an acquired image; a region setting unit 12 for setting a plurality... Agent:

20110105879 - Diagnosis assisting system, computer readable recording medium having diagnosis assisting program recorded thereon, and diagnosis assisting method: A plurality of images for observation in different observation formats and thumbnail images corresponding to each image for observation are generated from volume data obtained for the same subject on different imaging dates/times. A plurality of image windows, which can be switched between an active state and an inactive state,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110105880 - Methods for improved single photon emission computed tomography using exact and stable region of interest reconstructions: The present invention provides systems, methods, and devices for improved computed tomography (CT) and, more specifically, to methods for improved single photon computed tomography (SPECT) using exact and stable region of interest (ROI) reconstructions. This technology can be extended across all tomographic modalities. Embodiments provide a method and a system... Agent:

20110105882 - Correcting subject motion in multiple resolutions in magnetic resonance imaging: Systems, methods and articles of manufacture are disclosed for compensating for motion of a subject during an MRI scan of the subject. k-space data may be received from the MRI scan of the subject. A first graphical image may be generated from a first set of data elements from the... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20110105886 - Diffusion-based magnetic resonance methods for characterizing bone structure: A method of in vitro or in vivo nuclear magnetic resonance and/or magnetic resonance imaging, to determine bone properties by measuring the effects of molecular diffusion inside the bone specimen to derive parameters that are related to the structure of the trabecular bones. The method is a non-invasive probe that... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110105888 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of determining execution order: It has an object to suppress reduction of an examination efficiency caused by limitation of SAR (specific absorption rate) to the minimum level in an examination that plural imaging sequences containing different imaging sequences are consecutively executed. In consideration of the time variation of time average SAR value in the... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110105885 - Methods of predicting musculoskeletal disease: This invention is directed to methods of predicting bone or joint disease in a subject. The invention is also directed to methods of determining the effect of a candidate agent on any subject's risk of developing bone or joint disease.... Agent: Imatx, Inc.

20110105884 - Mri involving dynamic profile sharing such as keyhole and motion correction: The invention relates to a device and to a method for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of a body. It is an object of the invention to provide a technique that enables dynamic profile sharing with significantly reduced motion artifacts. The method of the (such as keyhole) invention comprises the following... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110105883 - Real time motion information capture in an mri environment: Systems, methods and articles of manufacture are disclosed for capturing motion information in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) environment. A light sink in the MRI environment may detect light emitted from a plurality of light sources. Each of the plurality of light sources may emit light of a different frequency.... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20110105887 - Reverse data reconstruction for optimal time sampling of counts in physiological list-mode nuclear imaging: A diagnostic imaging device includes detector elements (16) for detecting y-rays indicative of nuclear decay events. Pairs of concurrently detected γ-rays define lines of response (LORs) which are collected, time stamped, and compiled in list-mode. In tissue perfusion studies, it is beneficial to use the data that concurrently maximizes contrast... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110105889 - Nanoparticle labeling and system using nanoparticle labeling: A nanoparticle labeling which is simultaneously usable in the combination of X-ray imaging with optical imaging and the combination of X-ray imaging and optical imaging with magnetic resonance imaging characterized by comprising core/shell type semiconductor nanoparticles having an average shell thickness of 0.1 nm or more but not more than... Agent: Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc.

20110105890 - Mri operating method: A magnetic-resonance imager is operated by, within the time of a R-R interval of the heart, carrying out a preparation sequence for suppressing signal contributions from the blood is carried out, in particular by a saturation sequence. At least the first refocusing pulse is generated simultaneously with a layer-selective gradient... Agent:

20110105891 - Method and device for generating a passive movement in a diagnostic device: A method and an apparatus for generating a passive movement of a patient in a magnetic resonance tomograph. The apparatus includes a support for supporting at least one body part of the patient. The support, together with a patient bed can be moved into a passage of the magnetic resonance... Agent:

20110105892 - Physiological pharmacokinetic analysis for combined molecular mri and dynamic pet imaging: Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging typically has excellent spatial resolution, but relatively poor temporal resolution. In contrast, positron emission tomography (PET) typically has excellent temporal resolution, but poor spatial resolution relative to MR. Resultantly, it is advantageous to use combined PET-MR imaging sequences to create hybrid or enhanced images that reap... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110105893 - Tissue tracking assembly and method: A tissue tracking assembly and method is disclosed herewith. The tissue tracking assembly comprises: a flexible probe with a proximal end and distal end, the proximal end incorporates an electric connector and the distal end incorporates at least one trackable sensor. A delivery system is provided in association with the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110105894 - System and method for scanning an intraoral cavity: According to the invention, a method and system are provided for scanning, and for facilitating scanning of, an intraoral cavity. The target parts of the intraoral cavity that it is desired to have scanned are identified, and the spatial relationships between a scanning device and the target parts of the... Agent: Cadent Ltd.

20110105895 - Guided surgery: System and methods for image guided surgery is provided. The surgical tracking system can include at least one sensor configured to acquire a marker signal associated with a first location of a marker within a body and to output a first signal indicative of the first location, and also further... Agent:

20110105896 - Multimodal imaging fiducial marker: A multimodal fiducial marker (10) for registration of data is disclosed. The multimodal fiducial marker (10) generally comprises a first portion (12) made from at least one radiopaque material and a second portion (14) made from a porous material capable of absorbing at least one radioactive material. The second portion... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110105897 - Hybrid medical device localization system: A hybrid radioactive and impedance tracking system for tracking a target in a human or animal body, comprising: a) a radioactive tracking subsystem for tracking the target; b) an impedance tracking subsystem for tracking the target; and c) a processor that uses data from the radioactive tracking subsystem in combination... Agent:

20110105898 - Real-time generation of three-dimensional ultrasound image using a two-dimensional ultrasound transducer in a robotic system: Systems and methods for performing robotically-assisted surgical procedures on a patient enable an image display device to provide an operator with auxiliary information related to the surgical procedure, in addition to providing an image of the surgical site itself. The systems and methods allow an operator to selectively access and... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20110105899 - Method of tracing the likely contour of an anatomical element on an image of a cross section: s

20110105901 - Image processing apparatus, image processing program, storage medium, and ultra-sonic diagnostic apparatus: A computer 12 of an image processing apparatus 11 acquires a moving image including a minor axis cross section of a carotid artery and a cross section of surrounding tissues around the carotid artery and estimates, from images of two temporally different frames of the acquired moving image, an optical... Agent: Gifu University

20110105903 - Organic piezoelectric material, ultrasonic vibrator, and ultrasonic image diagnosis apparatus for medical application: This invention provides an organic piezoelectric material for constituting an ultrasonic vibrator, which has excellent piezoelectric properties and is suitable in high-frequency and broad bands, an ultrasonic probe using the organic piezoelectric material, and an ultrasonic image diagnosis apparatus for medical application. The organic piezoelectric material is a film-shaped organic... Agent:

20110105902 - Processing device for ultrasonic tomographic image: A free-moving piece (jellyfish sign) having a high probability of separation in the near future in an unstable plaque is clearly displayed. Ultrasonic tomographic images (25) of a cross section including an axis of the carotid artery are successively obtained. Using a threshold value which sets a surface (48) of... Agent: Aloka Co., Ltd

20110105900 - Transducer unit incorporating an acoustic coupler: The present invention relates to a transducer unit for an ultrasonic breast imaging system, in which an acoustic coupler is employed which comprises a frame in which a transducer is mounted. The frame is open at one end, and a surface of the transducer is exposed at the open end.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110105904 - Wireless ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, wireless ultrasonic probe, and probe authentication method: A wireless ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus (30) including a wireless ultrasonic probe (300) and a diagnostic device (400). The wireless ultrasonic probe (300) includes: a wireless transmission unit (306) which wirelessly transmits echo data (352); and an ultrasound transmission unit (303) which transmits pairing ultrasound (351) including probe information for identifying... Agent:

20110105906 - Probe for ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method of manufacturing the same: A probe for an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The probe includes a sound matching layer having a mounting groove, a piezoelectric member mounted on the mounting groove, a first connector interconnected to the sound matching layer, and a second connector interconnected to... Agent:

20110105907 - Real time ultrasound probe: An external ultrasound probe assembly capable of scanning a three-dimensional volume is provided. The ultrasound probe assembly contains a plurality of ultrasonic transducers disposed along a longitudinal axis of the probe assembly. The plurality of ultrasonic transducers is disposed on a mechanism operable to reciprocally pivot the plurality of ultrasonic... Agent:

20110105905 - Ultrasonic devices and methods to diagnose pain generators: Ultrasonic devices and methods are provided that diagnose one or more pain generators. In some embodiments, the ultrasonic devices and methods are utilized to map one or more pain generators at or near the spine so that appropriate diagnostic and treatment methods can be performed.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110105908 - Finger mounted imaging probe and skin broaching assembly: An ultrasound finger-mounted probe assembly that has a sensor unit, including: a multi-conductor cable, electrically connected to the connector-half; a finger clip, adapted to be mounted on a human finger; and an ultrasound finger probe supported by the finger clip. Also, a processing unit is adapted to be worn on... Agent:

20110105909 - Near-infrared light brain computer interface vision driven control device and its method: A near-infrared light brain computer interface vision driven control device and its method are applied for measuring a near-infrared light brain signal generated during a user with a sight ability to feel an optical image data so as to use the measured near-infrared light brain signal as a signal source... Agent: National Yang-ming University

20110105910 - Thermometer for determining the temperature of an animal's ear drum and method of using the same: The present invention relates to a thermometer for determining the temperature of an animal's ear drum. The thermometer includes a probe, an infrared-radiation detector adapted to receive infrared radiation emitted by the ear drum, and devices that help determine the probe's position in the ear canal so as to optimize... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20110105911 - Device for indicator dilution measurements: The invention relates to indicator dilution measurements of a central volume (V1) with a first site of injection (S1) upstream of the central volume (V1) a second site of detection (S2) of the diluted indicator downstream of the central volume (V1), wherein a first additional volume (V2) is defined between... Agent:

20110105912 - Cerebral autoregulation indices: Monitoring cerebral autoregulation may include determining one or more autoregulation indices incorporating cerebral blood flow and blood pressure measurements and/or indices. Measurement techniques may be invasive or non-invasive. Various combinations of data, e.g., oximeter data, electrocardiogram data, blood pressure data, hemoglobin data, and heart rate data, may be used to... Agent:

20110105913 - Method for monitoring or treating nervous system disorders: A medical device system that includes a brain monitoring element, cardiac monitoring element and a processor. The processor is configured to receive a brain signal from the brain monitoring element and a cardiac signal from the cardiac monitoring element. The processor is further configured to compare the brain signal to... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110105914 - Process and device for monitoring a patient during anesthesia and for determining the combined effect of a plurality of anesthetics: A process is provided for monitoring a patient being anesthetized, as well as a process for determining a combined effect of different anesthetics used. Devices for carrying out the processes are also provided.... Agent: Inselspital Bern, Direktion Lehre Und Forschung

20110105915 - Detection and differentiation of sleep disordered breathing: A vector method for monitoring a subject's sleep-disordered breathing utilizing a single, anatomy-attached (anatomically outside or implanted inside), three-orthogonal-axis accelerometer(s), including the steps of (1) collecting from a sleeping subject three-orthogonal-axis data relating to at least one of sound data, subject posture, subject activity, snoring, and respiration, and (2) following... Agent: Inovise Medical, Inc.

20110105916 - Diagnostic method and apparatus: An electrical interferential device comprises a circuit for delivering electrical interferential energy into the body of a patient. A sensor detects a function of the autonomic nervous system of the patient and provides an output indicative of the response of the autonomic nervous system to the electrical interferential energy. A... Agent:

20110105917 - Digital control method for measuring blood pressure: A system and method of digital control for a blood pressure measurement system is provided. According to at least one embodiment, a photo-plethysmographic (PPG) system produces a frequency signal that corresponds to the measured light in the PPG system. Such light may be indicative of blood volume in a vein... Agent: Cnsystems Medizintechnik Ag

20110105918 - Apparatus and method for enhancing and analyzing signals from a continuous non-invasive blood pressure device: A system and method of enhancing a blood pressure signal is disclosed. The volume of an artery in a finger is measured by a photo-plesthysmographic (PPG) system, which produces a PPG signal. This PPG system is placed inside a cuff, and the cuff pressure is controlled by the PPG signal.... Agent: Cnsystems Medizintechnik Ag

20110105920 - Display mode selection: An apparatus, a method, and a computer program are disclosed. The apparatus comprises a processor. The processor is configured to obtain exercise data of a user from a measurement sensor, to identify a present exercise phase of an exercise from among a plurality of exercise phases on the basis of... Agent: Polar Electro Oy

20110105919 - Medical device: A medical device in accordance with the present invention comprises a connection device adapted to be wrapped around and securely attached to a patient, a data storage device attached to or integral with the connection device, wherein the data storage device comprises an input port adapted to receive medical data... Agent:

20110105921 - Monitoring an interval within the cardiac cycle: Aspects of this disclosure describe measuring intervals within a cardiac cycle to, for example, determine whether a patient is a candidate for cardiac therapy initiation or modification. The intervals may be measured in response to a trigger identifying a physiological event. The intervals and an identification of the physiological event... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110105922 - Myocardial contractile reserve measured during activities of daily living: A contractile reserve indicator, corresponding to a predicted value of a maximum change in myocardial contractility that can be achieved by a subject, can be determined using a detected indication of cardiac contractility across various different physical activity levels.... Agent:

20110105923 - Communications link health monitoring: A reference signal of reference pulses occurring at a uniform reference pulse rate is received. An error event signal of error event pulses occurring at a variable error event pulse rate corresponding to a rate of detected error event occurrences is received. An integrator output signal is produced from the... Agent:

20110105925 - Drowsiness detector: A drowsiness detector capable of detecting light drowsiness of a subject with high precision is provided. The drowsiness detector acquires the measurement data of a measurement device first, and acquires a value of the pulse rate by performing preprocessing on the measurement data and extracts a pulse fluctuation from the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110105924 - Modeling the electrical activity of the heart by a single dipole, concurrently estimating subject and measurement related conditions: A method is provided which relates to the identification of the electrical activity in the heart in terms of single dipole, which may be considered moving or non-moving, based on measurements from a body surface electrocardiogram (ECG), concurrently estimating subject and measurement related conditions. The invention further relates to computer... Agent:

20110105926 - Heart rate variability distinction: Systems, methods and devices for monitoring, analyzing, and processing a patient's heart rate signal for HRV characteristics are described herein. A first heart rate signal is acquired. The first heart rate signal includes at least one indication of an interval duration of cardiac activity. At least one accelerating portion and... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110105927 - Detection of waveform artifact: An implantable medical device system including a physiological sensor detects signal artifact in a signal waveform acquired by the sensor. Features of individual waveforms in the sensor signal are extracted. Sample waveforms are classified by expert observation into at least two classes including an artifact class. A distribution range for... Agent:

20110105928 - Ecg reconstruction for atrial activity monitoring and detection: A system includes a mobile unit having a plurality of electrodes, numbering less than ten, that are configured to contact a patient to obtain electrical signals therefrom, and a diagnostic center disposed remotely from the mobile unit. The mobile unit and/or the diagnostic center are configured to construct a first... Agent: Newcardio, Inc.

20110105929 - Measuring t-wave alternans: Techniques for monitoring T-wave alternans (TWAs) in a patient are described. An implantable medical device (IMD), such as an implantable pacemaker, cardioverter, or diagnostic device, generates an EGM signal, e.g., a far field EGM signal, samples the EGM signal to obtain a single T-wave amplitude value for each T-wave over... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110105930 - True ecg measurement during cardio pulmonary resuscitation by adaptive piecewise stitching algorithm: A method and apparatus utilizing a piecewise stitching adaptive algorithm (PSAA) to filter signal artifacts, such as those induced by cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from sensed signals in real-time. PSAA is a method of estimating artifact component present in a first signal that is highly correlated with a second signal. The... Agent:

20110105931 - System for determining patient heart related parameters for use in heart imaging: A system uses integrated spatio-temporal analysis in X-ray angiography, for example, by using spatial information within each image frame and temporal information between image frames to provide robust and accurate estimation of stroke area and volume, two and three dimensional ejection fraction and to accommodate patient heart variation. A system... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110105933 - Apparatus and method for outputting heart sounds: An apparatus for outputting heart sounds includes an implantable system and an external system. The implantable system includes a sensor for generating sensed signals representing detected heart sounds, an interface circuit and a control circuit for receiving the sensed signals, generating data representing the heart sounds therefrom, and transmitting the... Agent:

20110105932 - Multi-axial heart sounds and murmur detection for hemodynamic-condition assessment: A vector method for monitoring a subject's hemodynamic condition including (a) utilizing at least one, external or internal, anatomy-attached, three-axis accelerometer, collecting from the subject, during a selected cardiac cycle, related, three-orthogonal-axes accelerometer signal data, (b) following such collecting, processing collected signal data to obtain associated, signal vector, magnitude and... Agent: Inovise Medical, Inc.

20110105934 - Improvement in the precision of xenon content measurement in a ventilatory anesthesia apparatus: The invention relates to an apparatus for the ventilatory anaesthesia of a patient by administration of a gas containing gaseous xenon that comprises a main gas circuit (CP) and a means for determining the xenon content (S6, M1) adapted for and capable of determining the gaseous xenon content in the... Agent:

20110105935 - Ventilation analysis and monitoring: A ventilation analysis system comprising an interface module adapted to receive a carbon dioxide (CO2) signal and a breath flow dynamics signal, and control logic adapted to produce a ventilation indicator, based on a mutual analysis of the CO2 signal and the breath flow dynamics signal. The ventilation indicator may... Agent: Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd.

20110105936 - Nebulizer having flow meter function: In accordance with non-limiting examples, a nebulizer includes a main body comprising an air channel section and further comprising a mixing chamber and a venturi positioned to be placed within the patient's oral cavity and configured to receive medicine and air and mix the medicine and air within the mixing... Agent: Pneumoflex Systems, LLC

20110105937 - Analysis of controlled and automatic attention for introduction of stimulus material: A system analyzes neuro-response measurements including regional electroencephalography (EEG) measurements from subjects exposed to stimulus materials to determine locations in stimulus materials eliciting controlled attention and automatic attention. Additional stimulus materials are inserted into locations having salient attention attributes. In some examples, a challenging task is used to direct controlled... Agent: Neurofocus, Inc.

20110105938 - Binaural beat augmented biofeedback system: A biofeedback system that incorporates binaural beat technology to augment the EEG feedback provided to the trainee. Specifically, the system will provide binaural beats at the frequency of the brain's naturally occurring peak energy in the EEG band or bands subject to the biofeedback.... Agent:

20110105939 - Classification of sematosensory evoked potential waveforms: Embodiments are disclosed relating to classification of sematosensory evoked potential waveforms.... Agent:

20110105941 - Electrode connection monitoring: The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for measuring muscular activity, in particular in relation to bruxism, and providing an electrical stimulation in response to the measured muscular activity through electrodes applied to the skin of an individual, wherein the quality of the connectivity of the electrodes... Agent: Medotech A/s

20110105940 - Method for quantification of titer of neutralizing antibody to neurotoxin: A method for quantification of a titer of a neutralizing antibody to a neurotoxin is disclosed. The method comprises the steps: (a) mixing a standard sample containing a fixed amount of a neurotoxin and a test sample containing a neutralizing antibody to said neurotoxin; (b) administering the mixture obtained in... Agent: Jp As Rep By Dir-gen Natl Inst Of Infectious Dis

20110105942 - System and method for detecting skin penetration: A system and method for detecting skin penetration. The system comprises an invasive component for penetrating the skin; a dummy electrode for making contact with the surface of the skin; at least one penetrating electrode disposed in the invasive component; and a Wheatstone bridge circuit; wherein a resistance across the... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20110105943 - Apparatus for corneal shape analysis and method for determining a corneal thickness: A method of determining a corneal thickness and an apparatus for determining said is provided. The method comprises the following the steps:—illuminating a cornea by a plurality of stimulator point light sources, capturing an image of the cornea comprising reflected images of the stimulator point light sources, obtaining a model... Agent: I-optics B.v.

20110105944 - Biopsy tissue sampling treatment instrument: A biopsy tissue sampling treatment instrument includes a stem portion having a predetermined length sufficient to puncture living tissue; a puncturing portion formed at a distal end of the stem portion and having a protruding surface portion expanding rearward along a puncture direction of the stem portion; a tissue holding... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110105950 - Biopsy collection device: A method and device for removing tissue from a patient during a biopsy procedure utilizing a biopsy collection device are provided. The biopsy collection device includes a body portion configured for attachment to an endoscope and a receptacle portion configured to retain a portion of tissue removed from a target... Agent: Wilson-cook Medical Inc.

20110105945 - Biopsy driver assembly having a control circuit for conserving battery power: A biopsy driver assembly includes a biopsy driver housing. An electrical assembly is coupled to the biopsy driver housing. The electrical assembly includes at least one electrical drive configured for drivably engaging a biopsy probe assembly. A battery is coupled to the biopsy driver housing. A control circuit is coupled... Agent:

20110105946 - Biopsy system with infrared communications: A biopsy system includes a host and a biopsy driver assembly. The host is configured to execute program instructions associated with an application. The host has a first IrDA interface. The biopsy driver assembly has a controller for executing program instructions and a user interface providing user input to the... Agent:

20110105949 - Core biopsy arrangement: A core biopsy arrangement for taking a tissue sample from a human or animal tissue, preferably from a tumour or a suspected tumour, includes a needle holder member provided with a tissue sampling needle, a longitudinal movement element adapted to apply a longitudinal movement to the needle, wherein the movement... Agent: Neodynamics Ab

20110105948 - Electrical impedance sensing biopsy sampling device and method: A biopsy sampling device has an inner trocar having a sharpened tip and a sampling opening. The trocar is slideably engaged in a central cavity of an outer needle with its sharpened tip and sampling opening protruding from an end of the outer needle. Impedance measuring apparatus measures impedance between... Agent: The Trustees Of Dartmouth College A Nonprofit Corporation Of Higher

20110105947 - System and method for performing a full thickness tissue biopsy: A medical system for performing a tissue biopsy at a remote location within a patient is disclosed. The medical system comprises an elongate outer cutting member, an elongate inner member movably disposed within the outer member, and a tissue traction member for anchoring bodily tissue and pulling a sample of... Agent: Wilson-cook Medical Inc.

20110105952 - Relatively small devices applied to the skin, modular systems, and methods of use thereof: The present invention generally relates, in certain aspects, to relatively small devices applied to the skin, modular systems, and methods of use thereof. In some aspects, the device is constructed and arranged to have more than one module. For instance, the device may have a module for delivering to and/or... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20110105951 - Systems and methods for treating, sanitizing, and/or shielding the skin or devices applied to the skin: The present invention generally relates, in certain aspects, to systems and methods for treating, sanitizing, and/or shielding blood on the surface of the skin or devices applied to the skin. In one set of embodiments, while blood is withdrawn from the skin of the subject, the blood is covered and/or... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20110105953 - Sampling device for vaginal specimen: A sampling device for vaginal specimens is revealed. The sampling device for vaginal specimens includes a tubular unit whose one end is disposed with a sampling unit, and at least one hole arranged on side walls of the same end of the tubular unit. The other end of the tubular... Agent:

20110105954 - Remotely controlled catheter insertion system: A system for remotely controlling the positioning within the body of a patient of an elongated medical device optionally having a control handle, comprises a robotic system and a remote controller configured to control the robotic device. The robotic system comprises a handle controller; a sled member coupled to the... Agent: Catheter Robotics, Inc.

20110105956 - Devices and methods for monitoring sit to stand transfers: In certain embodiments of the present disclosure, a device for monitoring sit to stand transfers is provided. The device includes an electromechanical sensor and a computer, wherein the electromechanical sensor is configured to signal sit to stand transfers to the computer and the computer is configured to determine if the... Agent:

20110105957 - Moving body posture angle processing device: A moving body attitude angle processing apparatus capable of reducing cumulative errors in continuously measuring the attitude angle of a moving body is provided. The moving body attitude angle processing apparatus estimates the attitude angle of a moving body in accordance with outputs from an acceleration sensor, a magnetic sensor,... Agent:

20110105955 - Omnidirectional accelerometer device and medical device incorporating same: A portable medical device is provided with an internal accelerometer device. The medical device includes a circuit board, the accelerometer device, and a response module coupled to the accelerometer device. The accelerometer device is mechanically and electrically coupled to the circuit board, and it includes a plurality of mass-supporting arms... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

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