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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110120455 - Aerosol dispensing device: An aerosol dispensing device comprises a tubular body (2, 3) that provides a plenum (32), a mouthpiece (1) having an outlet (34), a valve (17) for dispensing fluid from a canister (5) as an aerosol with relatively large and small droplet sizes into the plenum for supply to a user... Agent:

20110120457 - Adapter for use in an aerosol delivery system: According to one aspect of the present invention, an aerosol inhalation system includes a first conduit member for delivering medication in the form of aerosol particles to a patient. The system includes a first holding chamber for holding the aerosol particles prior to deliver to the first conduit member and... Agent: Aeon Research And Technology, Inc.

20110120456 - Aerosol therapy device with high frequency delivery: The present invention relates to an aerosol therapy device, wherein an aerosol is generated in an aerosol generating device and is supplied through a nosepiece to a patient's nasal cavities via a single pulsed main aerosol flow.... Agent:

20110120458 - Endotracheal intubation device: An endotracheal intubation device 10 is disclosed. The endotracheal intubation device 10 includes a stylet 100, an elongate rod 300 mounted within the stylet 100 and adapted to deform/curve the stylet 100 as well as an endotracheal tube 400 mounted thereto by contacting an inner wall of the endotracheal tube... Agent:

20110120459 - Illuminated endotracheal stylet: A stylet for use with an endotracheal tube includes a lighting element and a malleable rod completely enclosed and sealed within an elongated flexible sheath. The elongated flexible sheath has a proximal end and a distal end; the lighting element is positioned at or near the distal end and the... Agent: Omniglow LLC

20110120460 - System for respirating patients: A respiration system (1) has a mask (2), a connection device (5) formed on the mask (2) for connecting the mask (2) with a flexible air tube, a head support (7) with a support surface (17) for being placed on the forehead of a patient and a strap system (10)... Agent: Drager Medical Gmbh

20110120461 - Trans-fill method and system: A trans-fill method and system comprising obtaining therapeutic gas from a therapeutic gas source, compressing the therapeutic gas from the therapeutic gas source in at least two stages to create an intermediate therapeutic gas stream and a high pressure therapeutic gas stream, supplying therapeutic gas to a patient from the... Agent: Respironics, Inc.

20110120462 - Control of humidifier chamber temperature for accurate humidity control: A breathing assistance system for delivering a stream of heated, humidified gases to a user, comprising a humidifier unit which holds and heats a volume of water, and which in use receives a flow of gases from a gases source via an inlet port, the flow of gases passing through... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Heathcare Limited

20110120463 - Dry powder inhaler: The invention relates to a dry powder inhaler, having a base housing, having a capsule receptacle for a capsule containing dry powder, having at least one needle- or blade-like opening means, movably arranged in relation to the base housing, for opening the capsule, and having a mouthpiece, through which the... Agent:

20110120465 - Inhaler and sieve for an inhaler: The invention relates to an inhaler (1) and a sieve part (9) for an inhaler. The inhaler (1) and sieve part (9) of the invention are useful for administrating powdered substances such as medical substances. An exemplary inhaler (1) as depicted in FIG. 1 comprises a suction air channel (6)... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110120464 - Inhalers: A dry powder inhaler comprises at least one medicament reservoir containing a bulk quantity of a powdered medicament, and a metering mechanism by which unit doses of said medicament can be dispensed from the medicament reservoir for inhalation by a user of the inhaler. The at least one medicament reservoir... Agent: Innovata Biomed Limited

20110120466 - Powder inhalation device: A powder inhaler comprising: a body (10) that is provided with a dispenser orifice; at least one reservoir containing a dose of powder for dispensing; reservoir-opening means for opening a reservoir on each actuation; and a dispersion chamber (70) including an outlet (720) that is connected to said dispenser orifice,... Agent: Valois Sas

20110120467 - Powder inhalation device: A powder inhaler comprising: a body (10) that is provided with a dispenser orifice; at least one reservoir containing a dose of powder for dispensing; reservoir-opening means for opening a reservoir on each actuation; and a dispersion chamber (70) including an outlet (720) that is connected to said dispenser orifice,... Agent: Valois Sas

20110120468 - Airway devices with integral humidification: According to various embodiments, a tracheal tube may include an integral humidification system. The tracheal tube may be formed at least partially from a material that is permeable to water vapor but substantially impermeable to respiratory gases. The water vapor may be actively provided to the tracheal tube or may... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110120469 - Medical ventilation device with hose detection: A medical ventilator is coupled to a patient via a hose system to generate a respiratory flow according to a predetermined ventilation mode. The ventilator has a first flow sensor for generating a first sensor signal indicative of an inspiratory flow into the hose system distant from the patient. The... Agent: Drager Medical Ag & Co. Kg

20110120471 - Reperfusion protection in resuscitation: An apparatus and method for resuscitating a patient suffering from cardiac arrest or another condition in which normal circulation has been interrupted. A ventilator is used for delivering a gas mixture to the patient. The ventilator is configured to adjust the partial pressure of CO2 to one or more partial... Agent:

20110120470 - Treatment protocol template generation and branching logic system: A method for determining a next protocol step in a patient treatment protocol upon completion of a current treatment protocol step. The method includes accessing a treatment protocol template associated with a treatment protocol step. The treatment protocol step includes rules that determine when the protocol step is passed or... Agent: Healthcare Clinical Consultants, Inc. Dba Theronyx

20110120472 - Adjustable volume manual resuscitation bag assembly: An adjustable volume control manual resuscitation bag assembly includes a resuscitation bag, a volume control knob, a traction assembly operating in response to adjustment of the control knob, and a follower assembly including a bag compression limiting member and a follower which are moved in response to operation of the... Agent: Galemed Corporation

20110120473 - Regulation of intrathoracic pressures by cross seal vent valve: The present invention relates generally to devices and methods for finite control and regulation of patient intrathoracic pressures, and more specifically, to devices and methods that finitely regulates a patient's intrathoracic pressures during repeated cycling events (i.e. respiration) by use of a cross-seal vent valve to form transient pressure windows.... Agent: Piper Medical, Inc.

20110120474 - Airway devices, tube securing devices, and methods of making and using the same: Airway devices and securing devices are disclosed. Methods of making and using airway devices and securing devices are also disclosed.... Agent:

20110120475 - Topical antiviral formulations: The present invention relates to formulations of nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs), preferably [2-(6-Amino-purin-9-yl)-1-methyl-ethoxymethyl]-phosphonic acid (tenofovir, PMPA), or a physiologically functional derivative thereof, suitable for topical application and their use in the prevention of HIV infections.... Agent: International Partnership For Microbicides, Inc.

20110120476 - Sleep appliance: A dental oral appliance for patients who suffer with sleep disorders, to reduce or eliminate snoring or obstructive sleep apnea and keep the airways open during sleep Retention for the appliance is provided by an occlusal coverge of the upper or lower teeth A raised incisor ramp that extends from... Agent:

20110120477 - Viscera protector: A composite viscera protector consisting of a silicone layer, a polypropylene mesh layer and an additional silicon layer having a thickness between 0.5 and 2.53 mm, with a repeating series of holes in a pattern over its entire surface or a portion thereof with the holes being slits on one... Agent:

20110120478 - Backboard immobilization device: A backboard immobilization device includes a first section having a plurality of interconnected panels and a second section having a like plurality of interconnected panels. A coupling assembly releasably couples the first section to the second section. The coupling assembly comprises a male insert having a plurality of ratchet teeth.... Agent: Jake Systems LLC

20110120479 - Blood-draw finger restraint: An apparatus for drawing blood from a finger includes a flexible band, at least a portion of which is adapted to surround a portion of a finger. A remaining portion of the apparatus is disposed under at least one joint of the finger. The apparatus provides sufficient strength along its... Agent:

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110114087 - Nasal administration: A delivery device for and method of providing for delivery of substance to the central nervous system (CNS) of a subject, the delivery device comprising: a nosepiece unit (17) for insertion into a nasal airway (1) of a subject and comprising an outlet unit (21) which includes a nozzle (25)... Agent:

20110114088 - Inhaler: An inhaler (1) for delivery of a powder-form inhalation formulation from a blister strip (2) with a plurality of blister pockets (3) is proposed. A flexible guiding element (20) receives the used blisters strip.... Agent:

20110114090 - Inhalation actuated nebulizer with impingement shield: The present invention is directed generally to a nebulizer for the formation of micro-droplets from liquid medicaments for respiratory patient treatment, and more specifically, to a baffled nebulizer wherein a static baffle used to form an atomized medicament is proximal to a shied which responds to patient respiration force to... Agent: Piper Medical, Inc.

20110114089 - Inhaler and a method of operating it: A Breath Actuated Inhaler (10) comprising a canister (14) with a medication dispensed when compressing the canister (14). Compression of the canister (14) is prevented by a mechanism only allowing compression when an air flow is sufficient to ensure dispensing of the medication in the lungs/throat of the person. No... Agent: Bang & Olufsen Medicorn A/s

20110114091 - Tee connector for supplying aerosol: A Tee connector for supplying aerosol includes: a Tee-shaped tube having a transverse tube portion and a longitudinal tube portion, the transverse tube portion having inlet and outlet ports and being formed with a top opening and a bottom opening, the bottom opening being aligned with the top opening and... Agent: Galemed Corporation

20110114092 - Dry powder for inhalation: The aim of the invention is to improve the moisture resistance of dry powder formulations for inhalation which contain a pharmaceutically ineffective carrier of not-inhalable particle size and a finely divided pharmaceutically active compound of inhalable particle size and to also improve the storage stability of said formulations. To this... Agent: Jagotec Ag

20110114093 - Automatic fitment detection and flow calibration using non-contact sensing in powered air purifying respirators: A method and apparatus for operating an powered, air-purifying respirator. The apparatus includes an air mask, an air pump, a hose connecting the mask to the air pump, a magnetic actuator disposed on a portion of the hose that engages a housing of the air pump and a controller that... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110114094 - Auto calibration / validation of oxygen sensor in breathing apparatus: The Invention is directed to an oxygen sensor arrangement (8) and a method for operating such an arrangement for sensing the oxygen in a breathing loop (29) of a breathing apparatus. The sensor arrangement comprises: at least one primary oxygen sensor (30) arranged to operatively measure the oxygen in the... Agent: Poseidon Diving Systems

20110114095 - Antiviral metal impregnated activated carbon cloth components: An adaptable component having antiviral and virucidal properties is disclosed. The component generally comprises of a metal impregnated activated carbon cloth, an inner layer positioned along one side of the cloth and an outer layer positioned along the opposite side of the cloth. The layers can be attached together along... Agent: Calgon Carbon Corporation

20110114096 - Chin pivot patient interface device: A patient interface device that includes a body portion comprising a pair of arms and a chin support. A first end portion of each arm in the pair of arms is coupled to an opposite end of the chin support. The chin support is adapted to be disposed under the... Agent: Ric Investments, LLC

20110114097 - Tracheostomy cannula with window: The present invention concerns a tracheostomy cannula comprising a cannula tube, wherein the cannula tube has a bend with a radially inward and a radially outward side of the cannula tube and a tube lumen and a tube wall and an axis extending parallel to the tube wall in the... Agent: Tracoe Medical Gmbh

20110114098 - Nasal pillows with high volume bypass flow and method of using same: A fan unit which in use forms part of a gases supply unit, the gases supply unit suitable for use as part of a system for providing heated humidified gases to a user, the fan unit having a casing that has an inlet aperture and an outlet passage, the outlet... Agent:

20110114099 - Respiratory shield: In an embodiment, a respiratory shield is disclosed. The respiratory shield is sized to be coupled with a respiratory device having a nasal air intake member so as to be positioned along an oral airflow axis.... Agent: Stevenson Industries, Inc.

20110114100 - P3 personal power and performance mouthpiece: A dental mouthpiece clenched between the teeth and used to alleviate numerous dental and medical conditions as well as increase a user's performance. The mouthpiece improves facial tone and provides relief of temporomandibular joint pain and associated grinding of the teeth. The mouthpiece is less visible than prior art devices,... Agent:

20110114101 - Immobilization device: An immobilization device including an anterior component including a two-dimensional shaped section contoured to a shape of the human chest and an anterior outwardly bowed area relative to the two-dimensional shaped anterior section generally corresponding to the sternum of the wearer. The device also includes a posterior component including a... Agent:

20110114102 - Patient stabilizing strap: A patient stabilizing strap includes a base strap, which is removably attachable to a planar surface. At least one receiving portion is secured to the planar surface by the base strap. At least one elongate stabilizing portion has longitudinally spaced first and second stabilizing portion ends separated by a stabilizing... Agent:

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110108023 - Aerosol generator: A sonic aerosol generator is provided that provides a constant concentration of particulate aerosol over a long exposure time to an animal. The concentration of aerosols is maintainable for greater than 30 hours at concentrations of 15 mg/m3 or more. The aerosol generator is used to expose subject to high... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Hea

20110108022 - Nebulizer device: An improved tee type nebulizer unit for medicinal use that delivers a mist of properly sized aerosol particles of medicament to the patient. A uniquely configured air flow baffle assembly, which is strategically positioned within the tee of the nebulizer unit, markedly increases the rate of liquid-to-aerosol conversion compared to... Agent:

20110108024 - Timer for nebulizer compressor: The Timer For Nebulizer Compressor provides a shatterproof plastic casing which houses the unit motor and a piston driven or comparable compressor. Associated accessories such as a mouthpiece, medicine cup and elongated, flexible tubing are also included. The Timer For Nebulizer Compressor runs on standard AC power and can be... Agent:

20110108025 - Aerosolization device: An aerosol transfer device (10) for medical aerosol generators comprises a body (12), fluidically coupled to a nebulizer (14) and to a patient interface (16). An ambient air intake (20) is formed into a lower body (12C). The body is shaped and configured to optimize mixing of ambient air from... Agent: Nektar Therapeutics

20110108027 - Filtering device, method for filtering of a fluid, and use of the filtering device: A filtering device comprises a filtering means (8); a first plate-like element (4) disposed on the filtering means (8) and having at least one bore (4a); a second plate-like element (5) disposed below the filtering means (8) and having at least one bore (5a); and a plate-like adapter element (1,... Agent: Nycomed Gmbh

20110108026 - Inhaler: An inhaler having a housing which defines a receptacle shaped and dimensioned for receiving a pressurised medicament canister having a nozzle, and a mouthpiece arranged in fluid communication with the receptacle by means of a conduit and an actuator including a button fast with a duct which is shaped and... Agent:

20110108029 - Breathing circuit: A breathing circuit is described for the supplying of low pressure oxygen to a patient that is at risk of hypoxia. The breathing circuit includes a patent airway maintaining device, a first tube that includes a substantially rigid elbow and connectors and a flexible tubular extension. An inflatable bag is... Agent:

20110108028 - Float valve system for a respiratory humidification system: A float valve system for controlling an amount of liquid in a chamber is disclosed that includes a first valve seat and a second valve seat. Liquid enters the chamber in a first direction to the first valve seat and is transferred in a second direction to the second valve... Agent: Carefusion 2200 Inc.

20110108030 - Airflow adaptor for a breath-actuated dry powder inhaler: An airflow adaptor for a breath-actuated dry powder inhaler. The airflow adaptor includes a conduit having a proximal end and a distal end, wherein the proximal end allows fluid communication from a deagglomerator outlet port to the distal end of the conduit, and wherein the airflow adaptor further includes provisions... Agent: Norton Healthcare Ltd.

20110108031 - Heated conduit for respiratory humidification: A conduit for carrying humidified gases includes a tube extending between a first end and a second end and a helical wire positioned in the tube. The helical wire is formed of a conductive core defining a shape of the helical wire. An electrical receptacle is positioned at the first... Agent: Carefusion 2200 Inc.

20110108033 - Apparatus and method for controlled delivery of a breathing gas to the respiratory tracts of a user: The present invention relates to an apparatus for controlled delivery of a flow of breathing gas to the respiratory tracts of a user. Said apparatus comprising a blower unit adapted to provide a gas flow, a nasal cannula with first and second outlets, and first and second gas paths connecting... Agent: Map Medizin-technologie Gmbh

20110108032 - Overpressure protection system and method for a hyperbaric chamber: An overpressure protection system and method for a hyperbaric chamber having a secondary relief valve in pressure communication with a hyperbaric chamber and configured to actuate upon occurrence of a predetermined pressure condition. Actuation of the secondary relief valve causes an output signal to be delivered to a relay input,... Agent:

20110108034 - Method and system for controlling a ventilator: A method and system for controlling a ventilator. The method includes monitoring a central nervous system parameter and automatically adjusting a level of ventilatory support from a ventilator based on a value of the central nervous system parameter.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110108035 - Nex-gen respirator / surgical mask: A face mask for use as a procedure mask, isolation mask or dental face mask having a transparent shell with one opening for covering the nose and mouth of a person and a housing having a first and a second air passageway with a chamber located therebetween for holding a... Agent:

20110108036 - Respiratory mask: A respiratory mask includes a housing, an air supply tube, and a medium. The housing includes an inner surface, an air-passage opening, and a tubular wall that projects inwardly from the inner surface and that defines a receiving hole aligned and communicated with the air-passage opening. The air supply tube... Agent:

20110108038 - Endotracheal tube securing device: An endotracheal tube securing device having a securing device body that is operatively engaged to a biased plunger for securing an endotracheal tube to the securing device body is disclosed. The securing device body defines a chamber in communication with opposing front and rear openings with a top opening in... Agent:

20110108037 - Enhancements introduced into prolonged tracheal cannulation processes: Consists of positioning, through the orifice or tracheostoma -9-, a cannula for permanent implant -1-, in a fully aligned manner with the help of an inserter -6-, whereby the inner end or suprastomal extension -4- of the cannula -1-, upon withdrawing the inserter -6- vertically positioned in the supra-ostial area... Agent:

20110108039 - Occlusion implant: Contraceptive and/or sterilization methods and devices are disclosed which may improve the speed of tubal occlusion and mechanisms for anchoring for a contraceptive device. In accordance with some embodiments, improvements may be made to the delivery catheter to induce trauma and create faster tubal occlusion, improvements may be made to... Agent:

20110108040 - Lateral support craniocervical orthosis and method: A device and method for preventing and correcting abnormal shaping of an infant's cranium by applying external forces over time with the growth of an infant to achieve normal shaping of the infant's head. The device is a cranial orthosis having a depression with a contact surface in the shape... Agent:

20110108041 - Nasal devices having a safe failure mode and remotely activatable: Described herein are devices, methods and systems that regulate the failure of a nasal device by including a pre-determined failure mode, thereby minimizing the risk. Also described herein are nasal respiratory devices that may be remotely activated or inactivated to turn on and off an increased resistance to exhalation compared... Agent:

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110100360 - Composite lung therapy device and method: A system, device, and method of providing concurrent or contiguous breathing treatments for the purposes of clearing secretions from the lungs, expanding the airways, and delivering medicated aerosol is provided. In one embodiment, a device is provided for administering medicated aerosol delivery, lung expansion therapy, and/or secretion clearance therapy either... Agent:

20110100361 - Pressurised metered dose inhalers (mdi): The invention relates to pressurized metered dose inhalers (MDIs) in which all or part of the internal surface is lined with an inert organic coating and which contain a formulation which comprises TA 2005.... Agent: Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a.

20110100362 - Pneumatic shunt resistance and gas mixer: This invention relates to pneumatic shunt resistance, comprising a block (2) having a gas-containing longitudinal cavity (4) intersected by a likewise longitudinal measurement cavity (6). The two cavities are arranged such that the measurement cavity (6) intersects the gas-containing cavity (4) so as to define a sectional region, wherein, in... Agent: Fritz Stephan Gmbh

20110100363 - Humidifier for a breathing system: A breathing system (1) includes a gas source (10) connected to a patient interface (80) via a passageway (90). An in-line humidifier (50) is disposed along the passageway. The humidifier includes a humidification chamber (400) having a fluid inlet (420), a fluid outlet (430), and a reservoir (410). The humidifier... Agent:

20110100364 - Multiple conduit connector apparatus and method: A multiple-conduit connector includes a first coupling part that includes multiple first connectors associated with a corresponding conduit and a second coupling part that includes multiple second connectors associated with a corresponding conduit. Each conduit of the second coupling part communicates with a corresponding conduit of the first coupling part... Agent:

20110100366 - Extendable air delivery system and air delivery method: An extendable air delivery system and a method for deciding a delivery mode therein are provided. The extendable air delivery system includes a PAP device supply a breathable pressured air to a patient and a sensing device to acquire physiological information from the patient by at least a sensor. The... Agent:

20110100365 - Respiratory device and method for controlling a respiratory device: The invention relates to a respiratory device comprising a respiratory gas source (20). a control unit (13) and a connecting device for connecting to a respiratory mask. The control unit is connected to at least one sensor (15) for detecting a measurement parameter. The inventive method controls the respiratory device.... Agent:

20110100367 - Method of supplying a breathing gas to an aircrew in an aircraft: A method of operating an aircraft which includes a cabin for the aircrew which is pressurised in normal flight, and a deployment door which is opened in high altitude flight when the cabin will be depressurised, to enable a passenger and/or a load to be deployed from the depressurised cabin... Agent: Honeywell Uk Limited

20110100368 - Face mask for endoscopy: A face mask assembly according to the present invention, includes a mask body. The inside of the mask body is of a size and shape to substantially conformally fit over the oral and nasal region of a patient's face. The mask body forms a receptacle and an opening above the... Agent:

20110100369 - Nasal device for obesity prevention and treatment: A nasal device (10-16) for obesity prevention and treatment and its method of use are disclosed. The device comprises a check valve (20, 20′) and a cylindrical or conical airtight tube (30, 32′, 33, 34, 34′/36′) with an opening at each end. The valve is so fastened or connected to... Agent:

20110100370 - Overmolding buckles at the same time as overmolding a lens respirator: A respirator mask and a method of making the respirator mask that includes a lens member and a plurality of buckle members spaced around the lens member. A flange member is overmolded to the lens member and to the spaced buckle members at the same time by the following method.... Agent: Moldex-metric, Inc.

20110100371 - Anti-viral properties of zosteric acid and related molecules: The invention relates chemical compound entry inhibitors and methods of determining such inhibitors that interact with regions of viruses, such as the dengue virus, as candidates for in vivo anti-viral compounds.... Agent: Florida Gulf Coast University

20110100372 - Respirator attachment component with molded thermoset elastomeric seal: Respirator attachment components are described and include a polymeric rigid respirator attachment body portion having a first surface and a second surface and a silicone sealing element chemically bonded to the first or second surface.... Agent:

20110100373 - Method of detecting endotracheal tube misplacement: A method of intubating a subject is disclosed. The method comprises inserting an endotracheal tube into the tracheal airway of the subject; inflating a cuff associated with the endotracheal tube within the airway below the vocal cords; measuring a level of at least one measure being indicative of leakage of... Agent: Hospitech Respiration Ltd.

20110100374 - Limb supporting apparatus: The present invention relates to an arm protection apparatus, and particularly an apparatus for protecting an arm from pressure injury. The apparatus comprises a pliant material having receiving portions for the upper arm and lower arm and releasable straps for the upper and lower arm. Wherein, in use, the channel... Agent:

20110100375 - Limbalign single: A foam positioner device utilized for maintaining resting limb positioning, hand shape and strength therapies, and other modality therapies. Said device, by means of an integrated strap slot base, incorporates a generic strap which wraps around furnishings such as pillows, recliner footrests, beds, chairs, and various medical apparatus exclusively and... Agent:

20110100378 - Flexible implants having internal volume shifting capabilities for treating obstructive sleep apnea: An implant for treating obstructive sleep apnea includes a first chamber containing an incompressible fluid, a second chamber containing a compressible fluid, and a flexible diaphragm separating the first and second chambers. The incompressible fluid is in communication with the compressible fluid via the flexible diaphragm. The first chamber has... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20110100376 - Fluid filled implants for treating obstructive sleep apnea: An implant for treating obstructive sleep apnea includes a flexible chamber, a fluid reservoir in fluid communication with the flexible chamber, and a fluid transfer assembly in communication with the fluid reservoir and the flexible chamber for transferring fluid therebetween for selectively modifying the rigidity of the flexible chamber. The... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20110100377 - Tongue suspension system with hyoid-extender for treating obstructive sleep apnea: A system for treating obstructive sleep apnea includes a first element implantable in a tongue and a second element implantable between muscle planes of an inframandibular region. The second element has a first end coupled with the first element and a second end coupled with a hyoid bone for preventing... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20110100379 - Intra-oral device: An intra-oral, semi-custom, separating device, worn over the upper anterior teeth, allowing at least one lower anterior tooth to contact the rear of the device within the freeway space between upper and lower jaws at physiologic rest. The device allows for deprogramming and releasing of the muscles of the upper... Agent: Randmark Dental Products, LLC

20110100381 - method of treating metabolic disorder by severing the bile duct: The present invention generally provides for a method of treating metabolic disorder by severing a bile duct from fluid communication with an intestine at a first target site adjacent the Oddi sphincter, thereby creating a severed bile duct. The method further involves re-establishing fluid communication of the severed bile duct... Agent:

20110100380 - Therapeutic footwear system, methods and devices: The invention is a therapeutic system and its components, The system is composed of items of footwear, processes, methods, and apparatus of transformation of the items into therapeutic devices, and their application as therapeutic devices through application of bodyweight, and wear.... Agent:

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