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Surgery April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110098522 - Particle beam treatment system: A particle beam treatment system comprising a beam generating unit for generating and adjusting the kinetic energy of a beam of charged particles, comprising at least two beam guide units for feeding the beam of charged particles to a treatment location associated with the respective beam guide unit, wherein each... Agent: Cryoelectra Gmbh

20110098523 - Apparatus for stimulating a healing process in the region of an implant: An apparatus is provided for stimulating a healing process. The apparatus includes a coil arrangement which is coupled to a functional power generator in order to generate an electromagnetic field in an affected body region, a control unit for influencing a voltage curve generated by the functional power generator in... Agent: Neue Magnetodyn Gmbh

20110098524 - Collector device for cattle embryos: The present invention relates to an embryos collector system used for the collection and careful selection of embryos, which maintains the fluid control from the uterus discharge fluids inside the collector device and the control of displacement of the embryos and mucosal in the interior of the device. This system... Agent:

20110098527 - Apparatus and method for suspending a uterus: An inter-vaginal device for performing a uterine suspension includes a rigid body for manipulating the uterus and implanting a suspension member, such as a mesh, for securing the uterus to an anchoring site (e.g., into a pelvic muscle or ligament). In one embodiment, a method includes inserting at least a... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110098526 - Pelvic floor repair system: Systems, method, and devices related to surgically implantable supportive slings are presented herein. More specifically, in various embodiments, the systems, devices and methods relate to a surgically implantable supportive sling adapted to anchor in patient tissue.... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110098525 - Ventricular volume reduction: Devices and systems including implants (which may be removable) and methods of using them for reducing ventricular volume. The implants described herein are cardiac implants that may be inserted into a patient's heart, particularly the left ventricle. The implant may support the heart wall, or may be secured to the... Agent:

20110098528 - Fibers and tips thereof used with devices: Disclosed are apparatus, systems, devices, methods and structures, including an apparatus that includes a device including an inner channel, and a fiber structure comprising an energy-transmitting fiber and a cover surrounding the energy-transmitting fiber, the energy transmitting fiber including an end that is substantially flush with the cover such that... Agent: Lumenis Ltd.

20110098529 - Method and apparatus related to a flexible assembly at a distal end portion of a medical device: In one embodiment, an apparatus may include an endoscopic housing defining an opening disposed along a plane substantially normal to a longitudinal axis of the endoscopic housing. A rotatable member may be coupled to the endoscopic housing and may have a proximal portion configured to move from a stowed configuration... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110098530 - Electronic endoscope: An electronic endoscope 1 comprises: an outer shell that is formed in a tube shape and whose peripheral wall is provided with a transparent cylindrical part 13c extending in an axial direction; a solid-state imaging device 23 provided inside the outer shell; an objective optical system that includes an objective... Agent: Fujifilm Corp.

20110098531 - Dilator with direct visualization: Dilators with a threaded distal portion and direct visualization capability may be used for penetrating and dilating stiff tissues and bones. The threaded portion of a dilator engages the tissue between the insertion site and the target site, and may be rotated for advancing through the target tissue in a... Agent: Spine View, Inc.

20110098533 - Medical instrument: A medical instrument including a distortion detection probe disposed in an insertion portion to be inserted into the interior of an examinee provided with a plurality of FBG sensor sections that detect distortion of the insertion portion, a coordinate calculation section that calculates first three-dimensional coordinates of the respective FBG... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110098532 - Method for positioning an endoscopy capsule that can be magnetically navigated using a solenoid system: In a method for positioning a magnetically navigable endoscopy capsule using a magnetic coil system, to bring the capsule to a known finding position within a region in the body of a patient supported on a patient table, the finding position is identified in at least one volume data set... Agent:

20110098534 - Capsule medical apparatus with projections and body-cavity observation method: Provided is a capsule medical apparatus including a capsule body, a control member, and an observing member. The capsule body is to be introduced into a lumen of a subject. The control member controls a movement of the capsule body in the lumen by a flow of a fluid introduced... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110098535 - Surgical access system and related methods: A surgical access system including a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue retraction assembly, both of which may be equipped with one or more electrodes for use in detecting the existence of (and optionally the distance and/or direction to) neural structures before, during, and after the establishment of an operative... Agent: Nuvasive, Inc.

20110098536 - Ilm spatula with malleable blade: A surgical spatula has a blade with a tip formed with a portion with a first bendable portion beginning at the tip and a second, non-bendable portion extending from the terminus of the first blade portion toward the handle of the spatula. The blade is constructed in such a way... Agent:

20110098537 - Tissue massage retractor: A retractor system for percutaneous surgery in a patient includes first and second retractor portions positionable opposite one another in an incision of the patient. The system also includes at least one actuating member operable to provide an oscillating motion to at least one of the first and second retractor... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110098538 - Speculum: In one aspect, a speculum is provided herein which includes a first arm having a first channel formed thereon adapted to the shape of an eyelid; a second arm having a second channel formed thereon adapted to the shape of an eyelid; a hinge unitarily formed with the first and... Agent: Beaver-visitec International (us), Inc.

20110098540 - Biological parameter displaying apparatus: A biological parameter displaying apparatus includes: a coordinate displaying unit which displays first coordinates in which a first biological parameter of a patient, which is measured by a first measuring unit, is set as an X-axis, and a second biological parameter of the patient, which is different in kind from... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20110098539 - Skin and wound assessment tool: An L-shaped diagnostic tool is preferably made from paper with a backing having a contact adhesive. Each arm has a ruler, with origins co-aligned at the internal corner of the intersection of the arms. One arm has representative color images of afflictions for each of the various ranks within a... Agent:

20110098541 - Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue: These and other objects of the present invention are achieved in a body fluid sampling system for use on a tissue site that includes an electrically powered drive force generator. A penetrating member is operatively coupled to the force generator. The force generator moves the member along a path out... Agent:

20110098542 - Apparatus and method for non-invasive measurement of a substance within a body: A method and apparatus for the noninvasive detection of a concentration of a substance in a body, such as glucose in the human bloodstream is disclosed. The apparatus measures substance concentration by detecting radiation in the far infrared range emitted by the body using an infrared detected in combination with... Agent:

20110098543 - Method and apparatus for reducing coupling between signals in a measurement system: A method and an apparatus for separating a composite signal into a plurality of signals is described. A signal processor receives a composite signal and separates a composite signal in to separate output signals. Feedback from one or more of the output signals is provided to a configuration module that... Agent: Masimo Laboratories, Inc

20110098544 - System and method for integrating voice with a medical device: There is provided a system and method for integrating voice with a medical device. More specifically, in one embodiment, there is provided a medical device comprising a speech recognition system configured to receive a processed voice, compare the processed voice to a speech database, identify a command for the medical... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110098545 - Method for using photoplethysmography to optimize fluid removal during renal replacement therapy by hemodialysis or hemofiltration: Disclosed herein are methods, systems and devices to monitor vascular volume status during renal replacement therapy utilizing at least one oximetry/photoplethysmography sensor. The methods, systems and devices provide an alternative to conventional vascular volume monitoring methods during renal replacement therapy while enabling reliable, non-invasive, and automatic monitoring of vascular volume... Agent:

20110098546 - Assessing medical conditions based on venous oxygen saturation and hematocrit information: Methods for assessing, diagnosing and treating medical conditions using SvO2 and hematocrit measurements alone, or in combination with other measurements related to cardiac activity are provided. These includes methods for distinguishing true anemia from diluted anemia, methods for anemia detection, methods for measuring disease progression based on anemia trending, methods... Agent:

20110098547 - Sensors having protective eluting coating and method therefor: An apparatus includes an implantable device, such as a chronically implantable device that has a device body. One or more chemical sensors are coupled with the device body. A drug eluting substance is disposed at a location including at least one of on, directly adjacent, or near the one or... Agent:

20110098548 - Methods for modeling insulin therapy requirements: Various methods for improving the use of model based prediction of future blood glucose control in a patient having diabetes are described. A system for processing diabetes related information, including glucose information, for accurately predicting future glucose levels as a function of glucose data, carbohydrate intake, insulin delivery history and... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110098549 - System and a method for monitoring: A disposable monitor, including an adhesive sensing unit that includes a flexible conductive wire of length that does not exceed few centimeters; wherein when the adhesive sensing unit is attached to the skin of a person the flexible conductive wire changes an electrical parameter in response to movements of the... Agent:

20110098550 - Photoacoustic imaging apparatus: A bioinformation acquisition apparatus to input a signal having uniform sensitivity and a high SN ratio at a high speed is provided. It includes a moving device moving an element group into the arrangement direction of the elements, and moves the element group situated at a first position at first... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110098551 - Measurement of sound pressure level and phase at eardrum by sensing eardrum vibration: A hearing assistance device for measuring sound pressure at a tympanic membrane of a user's ear, the device comprising a housing adapted to be worn at least partially in an ear canal of the user a laser source coupled to the housing and adapted to project a beam of laser... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110098553 - Automatic registration of images for image guided surgery: Automatic registration of an MR image is carried out in an image guidance system by placing MR visible markers at known positions relative to markers visible in a camera tracking system. The markers are carried on a common fixture which is attached to a head clamp together with a reference... Agent:

20110098552 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes; a data collection unit which collects magnetic resonance data from a patient by a half Fourier method using a plurality of coils; an unfolding unit which performs an unfolding process on a plurality of items of folded image data obtained... Agent:

20110098555 - Auscultation apparatus, auscultation method, and medical examination and diagnostic device: An auscultation apparatus including an optical microphone is proposed. Optical microphones can reliably acquire sounds of the most disparate frequencies even in an environment permeated by electromagnetic fields, without influencing said fields. Such an optical microphone of an auscultation apparatus can be disposed inside a medical examination and diagnostic device... Agent:

20110098554 - Monitoring of convection enhanced drug delivery: A method for determining a response of a tissue to a destructive treatment is disclosed. The method comprises providing magnetic resonance images of the tissue, and using the magnetic resonance images for determining the response of the tissue to the destructive treatment. Also disclosed is a method for monitoring convection... Agent: Medical Research Fund Of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

20110098556 - Computer-based method and system for imaging-based dynamic function evaluation of an organ: A computer-based method of determining a functional assessment of at least one organ having secretional or excretional functions, such as a liver or kidneys, of a human is disclosed. The method comprises processing a four-dimensional (4D) image data set of said human comprising data for an assessment of said organ... Agent:

20110098557 - System and method for diagnosing a fluid status of a patient: A system and method for diagnosing a fluid status of a patient includes non-invasively determining a left ventricular pressure of blood within a left ventricle of a heart of the patient. The left ventricular pressure is compared to a predefined pressure value to diagnose the fluid status.... Agent:

20110098558 - System and method for use of nanoparticles in imaging and diagnosis: A method for diagnosing certain types of cancers provides a nanoparticle agent to be uptaken by cancer cells for diagnosis and treatment of certain cancers. A compound containing nanoparticles is directed toward a tumor site, and then a predetermined time period passes to allow the nanoparticles to be uptaken by... Agent: Dartmouth College, The Trustees Of

20110098559 - Guiding insert assembly for a catheter used with a catheter position guidance system: A catheter position guidance system, for use in conjunction with a guiding insert assembly, having an electrical connector, an elongated conductor operatively coupled to the connector, an elongated stiffener coupled to the connector and an electromagnetic field radiator including a support device coupled to the elongated stiffener and operatively coupled... Agent:

20110098560 - Optical tomographic image generating apparatus and optical tomographic image generating method: The present invention relates to an optical tomographic image generating method including: obtaining signals for a plurality of frames; obtaining respective complex number data by performing Fourier transformation of the signals for the plurality of frames; synthesizing the plurality of frames using the respective complex number data; generating a tomographic... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110098561 - Deflectable subselecting catheter: A medical device including, e.g., an implantable medical lead or drug pump catheter, a guide member, or a sheath is delivered to a target location within a patient via a catheter capable of subselecting vessels or other cavities, passages, or the like within the patient's body. The catheter employs an... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110098562 - Ultrasonic assessment of cardiac synchronicity and viability: An ultrasonic imaging system produces a sequence of images of the heart during a cardiac cycle. The images are analyzed to determine the motion, displacement, or change in size of segments of the myocardium. In a preferred embodiment the values determined are radial, longitudinal, or circumferential myocardial strain values. The... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110098563 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic image display method and ultrasonic diagnostic program: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, an ultrasonic image display method and an ultrasonic diagnostic program by which a display mode of a tomographic image or an elasticity image can be set according to the characteristics of a biological tissue are provided. The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus is characterized in comprising an elasticity... Agent:

20110098564 - Method and apparatus for diagnosing and treating vascular disease: Imaging and therapy for the treatment of venous disease are integrated into the same device, such that there is a common user interface and/or display, which may be passive or interactive between image and therapy parameters.... Agent:

20110098568 - Image forming method using ultrasound and aberration correction method: An ultrasound image forming method comprises a first step of receiving a first signal reflected from the object, a second step of obtaining an aberration correction value based on the first signal thus received, a third step of receiving a second signal reflected from the object when a second ultrasound... Agent: Kyoto University

20110098569 - Method and apparatus for standardizing ultrasonography training using image to physical space registration of tomographic volumes from tracked ultrasound: A clinical and training apparatus that collects and processes physical space data while performing an image-guided procedure on an anatomical area of interest includes a calibration probe, a tracked ultrasonic probe, a wireless tracking device that tracks the ultrasonic probe in space and an image data processor. The physical space... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20110098570 - Method and system for simultaneously displaying relationships of measurements of features associated with a medicine image: The embodiments described herein relate to a method and system for simultaneously displaying relationships of measurements of features associated with a medical image. In one embodiment, a plurality of measurements of features associated with a medical image are provided. Each of the plurality of measurements corresponds to a respective measurement... Agent:

20110098566 - Thick-slice ultrasound images derived from ultrasonic scans of a chestwardly-compressed breast of a supine patient: Displaying breast ultrasound information on an interactive user interface is described, the user interface being useful in adjunctive ultrasound mammography environments and/or ultrasound-only mammography environments. Bilateral comparison is facilitated by a pairwise display of thick-slice images corresponding to analogous slab-like subvolumes in the left and right breasts. Coronal thick-slice imaging... Agent: U-systems, Inc.

20110098567 - Three dimensional pulsed wave spectrum ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and three dimensional pulsed wave spectrum data generation method: Disclosed are a three-dimensional (3D) pulsed wave (PW) spectrum ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and a 3D PW spectrum data generating method. The 3D PW spectrum ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus forms a sample gate in a 3D format by using a two-dimensional (2D) array probe, and generates 3D PW spectrum data by using... Agent: Medison Co., Ltd.

20110098565 - Ultrasound imaging device: A transmission/reception beamformer output provided with point spread functions having different wave number vector directions is used to obtain a compound image that is highly isochronous and sufficiently blurring-resistant.... Agent:

20110098571 - Scan line display apparatus and method: A method for forming an image of a target from echo return data in an ultrasound system by receiving a set of scanlines from an ultrasound transducer and applying a transform to map the scanlines to a plane of best fit, then mapping and interpolating the transformed data to a... Agent:

20110098572 - Ultrasound guided optical coherence tomography, photoacoustic probe for biomedical imaging: An imaging probe for a biological sample includes an OCT probe and an ultrasound probe combined with the OCT probe in an integral probe package capable of providing by a single scanning operation images from the OCT probe and ultrasound probe to simultaneously provide integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) and... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110098573 - Systems and methods for coupling a transducer to a control module of an intravascular ultrasound imaging system: A catheter assembly for an intravascular ultrasound system includes an ultrasound transducer disposed in an image device housing within a lumen of a catheter. The ultrasound transducer transforms applied electrical signals to acoustic signals within a frequency bandwidth centered at an operational frequency and having variable electrical impedances over one... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110098574 - Patient position monitoring apparatus: A patient position monitoring apparatus capable of monitoring the position of a patient is provided. The patient position monitoring apparatus includes a position guider emitting a source and a plurality of guide markers sensing the source emitted from the position guider and transmitting sensed information to the position guider. The... Agent:

20110098575 - Method and an arrangement for the determination of the optical properties of a multi-layered tissue: The present invention relates to a method and an arrangement for the determination of the optical properties of a multi-layered tissue. More specifically, the invention relates to a method for the detection and characterization of tumors in a tissue.... Agent: Balter As

20110098576 - Non-invasive implant rupture detection system: Devices and methods for non-invasive implant rupture detection are described herein. Some variations of a non-invasive implant rupture detection device comprise a single optical waveguide, such as a silicone fiber, embedded in the shell of the implantable device where one end of the optical waveguide is connected to a photo... Agent:

20110098578 - Optical imaging of rheumatoid arthritis: The present invention concerns the use of indocarbocyanine dyes, in particular indotricarbocyanine dyes for the diagnosis of inflammatory diseases, in particular rheumatoid arthritis, methods of diagnosing inflammatory diseases and an apparatus useful to carry out the method of diagnosing.... Agent:

20110098577 - Registration pointer and method for registering a bone of a patient to a computer assisted orthopaedic surgery system: A registration pointer includes a camera located in an elongated shaft having a distal end configured to be contacted to a bone of a patient to register the bone to a computer assisted orthopaedic surgery system. The camera may be a hemispherical camera and may include a panoramic camera and... Agent:

20110098579 - Blood-pressure sensor system: There is provided a blood-pressure sensor system wherein a blood-pressure sensor including a plurality of structures which induces surface plasmon resonance on a light-receiving plane of a photoelectric conversion element is attached to an outer wall of a blood vessel, in which if the blood-pressure sensor is deformed according to... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20110098580 - Method and system for treating hypotension: A system and method for treating hypotension in a mammal including a measuring device for measuring the blood pressure in a blood vessel having a wireless transmitter therein for emitting a signal when the measured blood pressure moves into a predetermined range. The system also includes an injection device fixed... Agent:

20110098581 - Plethysmograph with animal restraint: A plethysmograph is described that includes a test chamber having an opening; a sealing member including an annular flexible seal to receive at least a part of the head of the test animal mounted across the opening whereby the animal breathes air outside the test chamber, while the animal's body... Agent: Buxco Electronics, Inc.

20110098582 - Pulse detector and pulse detection method: A pulse detector that detects a pulse signal originating from the pulse of a human body includes: a pulse wave sensor that detects and outputs a first pulse wave signal in which the pulse signal and a noise signal are mixed; and a first filtering unit that generates an adaptive... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110098583 - Heart monitors and processes with accelerometer motion artifact cancellation, and other electronic systems: A heart monitor includes a single chest accelerometer (210), an analog signal conditioning and sampling section (215) responsive to said accelerometer to produce a digital signal substantially representing acceleration, and a digital processor (220) operable to filter the acceleration signal into a signal affected by body motion and to cancel... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110098584 - Implant transmitter: A monitoring system is provided that enables the monitoring of a heart in a living organism by continuously measuring both pressure and volume in a chamber of the heart, preferably the left ventricle (LV). The pressure and volume measurements are acquired using a single sensing tip and are communicated to... Agent: Scisense Inc.

20110098585 - Methods and devices for identifying overdetection of cardiac signals: Methods, systems, and devices for signal analysis in an implanted cardiac monitoring and treatment device such as an implantable cardioverter defibrillator. In illustrative examples, sensed data including detected events is analyzed to identify likely overdetection of cardiac events. In some illustrative examples, when overdetection is identified, data may be modified... Agent: Cameron Health, Inc.

20110098586 - Fetal monitoring system and method: A system and associated method include an AECG/PCG sensor configured to generate an AECG/PCG signal in response to a monitored fetal heart. The system also includes an US transducer configured to generate an US signal in response to the monitored fetal heart. The system also includes a computer configured to... Agent: General Electric Company

20110098588 - Method and apparatus for monitoring of diastolic hemodynamics: A cardiac rhythm management system provides for ambulatory monitoring of hemodynamic performance based on quantitative measurements of heart sound related parameters for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Monitoring of such heart sound related parameters allows the cardiac rhythm management system to determine a need for delivering a therapy and/or therapy parameter... Agent:

20110098587 - Subcutaneous cardiac signal discrimination employing non-electrophysiologic signal: A cardiac monitoring and/or stimulation system includes a housing coupled to a plurality of electrodes configured for subcutaneous non-intrathoracic sensing. A signal processor receives a plurality of composite signals associated with a plurality of sources, separates a signal from the plurality of composite signals, and identifies the separated signal as... Agent:

20110098591 - Carbon nanotube structures in sensor apparatuses for analyzing biomarkers in breath samples: The present invention provides a system for measuring biomarker analytes indicative of various diseases comprising an array of sensors sensitive to volatile organic compounds. Particularly, the system is composed of a random network of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) coated with non-polar small organic molecules in conjunction with learning and pattern... Agent: Technion Research And Development Foundation Ltd.

20110098589 - Combination of inert gas rebreathing and multiple-breath wash-out techniques for determination of indices of ventilation inhomogeneity: The present invention discloses a method to determine the lung clearance index (LCI) or other indices of ventilation inhomogeneity of the lungs by combining two pulmonary gas exchange techniques; Inert gas rebreathing (IGR) is used for rapid wash-in of the inert tracer gas and for accurate determination of the functional... Agent: Innovision A/s

20110098590 - Methods and apparatuses for detecting analytes: An apparatus for measuring a quantity of an analyte, such as an aldehyde, contained in a breath sample includes a breath collection device and a measurement device. The breath collection device includes a breath inlet area, a breath outlet area, and a reaction chamber. The reaction chamber can include a... Agent: Pulse Health LLC

20110098592 - Methods, apparatus and systems for monitoring co2: There is provided herein methods, apparatus and systems for evaluating carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in a subject's breath, for example in subjects ventilated with High Frequency Ventilation (HFV), the method includes inserting to a trachea of a subject an endotrachial tube (ETT), sampling breath from an area in the trachea... Agent: Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd.

20110098593 - Head harness &wireless eeg monitoring system: An assembly and system for collection and assessment of physiological data is provided. The assembly includes a physiological data acquisition module that may be used in combination with a head harness for the collection, recordation, storage and transmission of quality physiological data. The assembly integrates easy to use, self-applied electrodes... Agent:

20110098594 - Method of scaling navigation signals to account for impedance drift in tissue: A method for scaling the impedance measured during the course of an electrophysiology study accounts for impedance drifts. By scaling the impedance there is greater assurance that previously recorded positional information can be used to accurately relocate an electrode at a prior visited position. The scale factor may be based... Agent:

20110098595 - Biopsy marker delivery configured to retain marker prior to intended deployment.: A biopsy marker delivery device is described. The delivery device can include a relatively flexible hollow tube, a pushing member such as a push rod disposed for sliding with the tube, and at least one marker disposed in the tube. The inner surface of the tube can be configured to... Agent:

20110098596 - Practical and safe needle biopsy device: The invention relates to incision biopsy of the tissue that is collected in the tissue aspiration reservoir (19) that is administered by forward motion of the cutting inner edge (21), after the aspiration of the fluid material into the inner needle inlet (22) and the conveying space (23), and from... Agent:

20110098597 - Microfluidic samplers and methods for making and using them: This invention provides microfluidic samplers for withdrawing one or more precise micro- or nano-liter volumes of a sample. The invention provides microfabricated automatic systems comprising integrated poly(dimethyl-siloxane) (PDMS) micro fluidics. The sample can be biological samples, including samples from animals or plants. The samples can be fluid or gas. The... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110098598 - Sampling connector: A sampling connector for use in sampling a body fluid such as arterial blood or cerebrospinal fluid. The sampling connector comprises at least two apertures in fluid communication via a fluid flow conduit and a one-way valve (14) disposed to allow fluid flow from the first aperture, through the fluid... Agent:

20110098599 - Fluid sample transport devices and methods: Arrangements are provided including a fluid transport tube, or a needle, having a first end and a second end opposite the first end, and a lumen having an inner diameter. At least one fluid transport enhancing projection is disposed in the lumen and extends from the second end toward the... Agent: Intuity Medical, Inc.

20110098600 - Piercing device, blood testing device, and piercing method: A puncturing device, a blood testing device, and a puncturing method, in which the remaining number of times of puncturing and the remaining number of times of blood testing are displayed. A laser puncturing device (100) has a measuring section (153) for measuring electric power consumed by a single puncturing... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110098601 - Medical device assembly having freedom of rotation: A method of performing a surgical procedure using an electrical surgical device, which utilizes an electrical surgical assembly including the surgical device connected to a base station by a cable having a plurality of mutually electrically insulated conductors, and an electrical adapter interposed at a point between the base station... Agent:

20110098602 - Apparatus and method for measuring body orifice: A device for measuring an expanded internal orifice of a patient includes an orifice-expanding device, a pressure measuring device, and a size-measuring device. The size-measuring device measures a dimension of the orifice after it has been expanded by the orifice-expanding device.... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20110098604 - Apparatus and methods to install, support and/or monitor performance of intraosseous devices: Various types of supporting structures, supporting devices, attachment mechanisms and attachment techniques may be provided to support and/or stabilize an intraosseous device installed at a target site in a patient. Various methods and procedures may also be provided to releasably engage a supporting structure or supporting device proximate a target... Agent:

20110098603 - Method of normalizing implant strain readings to assess bone healing: A device for treating bone in a living body includes (a) comprises an implant configured for attachment to a bone; (b) a first sensor measuring a strain on a first portion of the implant, the first portion of the implant being configured to be mechanically coupled to a weakened portion... Agent:

20110098605 - Foot function sensor: A system for measuring the force of the feet of a user upon the support surface of an item of footwear for each foot at multiple locations has a plurality of sensors each predictably varying in resistance upon application of a force thereto. The sensors send signals reflective of the... Agent: Bend Tech, LLC

20110098606 - Sensing systems and methods for monitoring gait dynamics: Systems and method for monitoring gait dynamics are disclosed. The performance of an orthotic or prosthetic device or other device associated with a limb may be measured based on the resistance of a bending sensor. Data from the sensors is gathered or processed, particularly for purposes of alignment, safety, failure,... Agent: Ossur Hf

20110098608 - Detection of hypokinetic and hyperkinetic states: The present invention relates to an automated method of determining a kinetic state of a person. The method obtains accelerometer data from an accelerometer worn on an extremity of the person and processes the accelerometer data to determine a measure for the kinetic state. The present invention further relates to... Agent:

20110098607 - Mobility assessment device: e

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110092760 - Device for selecting a beam triggering apparatus: The present invention is related to device for selecting one of several triggering apparatuses, which are simultaneously connectable to said device. The triggering apparatuses are arranged for producing each a triggering signal to enable/disable one or more components of a radiation treatment apparatus. The triggering signals depend on detected parameters.... Agent:

20110092759 - Mobile system for electron beam intraoperative radiation therapy: A mobile system for electron beam intraoperative radiation therapy uses a race-track microtron placed in a housing playing the role of the vacuum chamber, which is supported by a positioner providing its motion with six degrees of freedom with respect to a patient. The positioner is a part of a... Agent: Universitat Polit&#xe8 Cnica De Catalunya

20110092761 - Ventricular function assisting devices and methods of use thereof: Devices and methods are provided for assisting in the ventricular function of a treated heart, and tools for delivering and attaching elements of said devices to the wall of the heart. In general the devices are designed to assist in the ventricular function of the heart by utilizing elastic, and/or... Agent: Corassist Cardiovascular Ltd.

20110092762 - Imaging and evaluating embryos, oocytes, and stem cells: Methods, compositions and kits for determining the developmental potential of one or more embryos or pluripotent cells and/or the presence of chromosomal abnormalities in one or more embryos or pluripotent cells are provided. These methods, compositions and kits find use in identifying embryos and oocytes in vitro that are most... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20110092763 - Methods for embryo characterization and comparison: Disclosed herein are methods for determining which embryos from a group of embryos are most likely to implant and develop as desired. In an embodiment of the present disclosure, one or more cells are biopsied from each of the embryos, and the genetic condition of those cells are determined. Within... Agent: Gene Security Network, Inc.

20110092764 - Harrison human male permanent penile extender device (hhmpppe): The Surgically Installed Harrison Human Male Permanent Penile Erection and Extension Device (HHMPEED) is shown schematically in FIGS. 1, 2, 3, and 4 of this patent application. The (HHMPEED) consists of two (2) basic front and rear extender units as shown, plus three (3) optional extension units which allow optional... Agent:

20110092767 - Delivery methods and devices for implantable bronchial isolation devices: Disclosed is a sizing device for sizing an inside diameter of a lung passageway. The device includes an elongate shaft configured for positioning in the lung passageway and a sizing element at the distal end of the shaft. The sizing element defines a range of transverse dimensions that correspond to... Agent: Pulmonx Corporation

20110092766 - Tapered lumens for multi-lumen sleeves used in endoscopic procedures: A multi-lumen sleeve for use with an endoscope shaft and at least one working surgical instrument. The shaft and surgical instruments have an end portion. The sleeve comprises a primary lumen having a free end and one or more secondary lumens which are joined to the primary lumen. Some or... Agent: Niti Surgical Solutions Ltd.

20110092765 - Tools for use in esophagus: Apparatus (10) is provided, including an elongate carrier (24), configured to be advanced through an esophagus (20) of a subject. An anchor member (30) is coupled to a distal end of the carrier, and configured to be mounted in a stomach (32) of the subject in a vicinity of a... Agent: G.i. View Ltd.

20110092768 - Device, system and method for in-vivo analysis: A device for in-vivo detection comprises a housing having an optical window and enclosing an imager that is configured to image the optical window. An external surface of the optical window has trypsin immobilized thereon, and may also be coated with a steric barrier protection, which may be polyethylene glycol... Agent: Given Imaging Ltd.

20110092769 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes an insertion portion inserted into a body, an optical member arranged exposed from an outside surface at a distal end of the insertion portion, an objective optical system that condenses light impinged from the optical member, an electronic image pickup circuit that photoelectrically converts the light... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110092770 - Endoscopic insertion aid, endoscopic system, and method of inserting insertion portion of endoscope into body cavity by use of endoscopic insertion aid: An endoscopic insertion aid includes a tube member, a pipeline and a plurality of balloons. The tube member allows an insertion section of an endoscope to be inserted therethrough, and guides the longitudinal movement of the insertion section. The pipeline is provided in the tube member, and communicates with a... Agent:

20110092771 - Surgical head clamp: The invention relates generally to apparatus and devices for stereotactic surgery, computer aided surgery and other similar medical procedures. More particularly, a clamping device for firm attachment to a body part during surgery and for firmly and precisely positioning and orienting medical instruments attached to the clamping device is disclosed.... Agent:

20110092772 - Endoscopic instument with an led illumination module: An endoscopic instrument is provided with an LED illumination module having at least one LED arranged at the distal end of the instrument and having an electrical connection lead attached to this LED. The connection lead is a coaxial cable, which extends from the distal end to the proximal end... Agent: Richard Wolf Gmbh

20110092773 - Video laryngoscope providing suction: A video laryngoscope is provided that includes a body having a handle portion and a blade portion. The blade portion terminates in a tip and defines at least one aperture formed proximal to the tip. The blade portion is dimensioned for oral insertion into a subject buccal cavity. A fiber... Agent:

20110092774 - Laryngoscope blade: An improved blade for a laryngoscope having a handle, the blade having an elongated body having a central axis, and having a distal tip symmetric about the central axis and having any one of a variety of shapes, including having outer rounded lobes, being generally rectangular, or having a spoon... Agent:

20110092775 - Inflatable surgical retractor: For minimally invasive surgical applications, an expandable surgical retractor is inserted in a surgical corridor and expanded to a desired size and shape. Cooling allows the retractor to maintain the expanded characteristic. Following surgery, the retractor can be removed in a manner that minimizes bleeding and tissue damage.... Agent: Catholic Healthcare West,

20110092776 - Medical manipulator: A medical manipulator and a cleaning method therefor are provided. The medical manipulator includes an operation command unit equipped with a motor, and a working unit, which is detachable with respect to the operation command unit. A connector of the working unit is connected to the operation command unit, and... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110092777 - Remote tissue retraction device: A medical device for managing tissue in an organ, such as the stomach, for retracting or positioning tissue and related organs to allow certain regions of the stomach to be acquired for a gastroplasty procedure. The medical device includes an elongated body having a proximal end and a distal end,... Agent: Satiety, Inc.

20110092778 - Wound retractor system: A wound retractor system comprises a retractor having a distal ring 91 and a retracting sleeve 4 extending from the ring. An insertion tool 120 has a distal groove 122 to hold the ring for insertion of the ring through a small incision 90 in the abdominal wall 97. The... Agent: Atropos Limited

20110092780 - Biosensor module with automatic power on capability: A biosensor is described which can obtain physiological and accelerometer data from an individual. The biosensor may collect electrodermal activity, accelerometer readings, skin temperature, and other information. Most of the biosensor may be powered off when it is not attached to a person. Based on electrodermal activity the biosensor may... Agent:

20110092781 - Energetic modulation of nerves: In some examples, nerves surrounding arteries or leading to organs are targeted with energy sources to correct or modulate physiologic processes. In some examples, different types of energy sources are utilized singly or combined with one another. In some examples, bioactive agents or devices activated by the energy sources are... Agent:

20110092782 - Multifunctional equipment for measuring vital data, provided with a centralised data processing system: The invention relates to multifunctional equipment intended for measuring the vital data of a user, such as weight, height, body fat index and blood pressure. For this purpose, the equipment includes a platform for supporting the user, a device for emitting an ultrasonic beam and a receiver for receiving the... Agent:

20110092779 - Wearable health monitoring system: Devices, systems and methods are disclosed which relate to remotely monitoring the health of an individual. The individual wears a health monitoring device, with an attached strap, capable of sensing characteristics of the individual. These characteristics may include voice level and tone, movements, blood pressure, temperature, etc. The device allows... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110092783 - In vivo micro-invasive investigation device including a metal guide: The invention relates to an analysis device, wherein said system includes at least one metal guide at one end of which is provided at least one series of pits to which are directly coupled reagents specific to a substrate, said end being a perforating one, while the other end is... Agent: Biostems Ltd

20110092784 - Adjustable connector and dead space reduction: Methods and systems for determining the concentration of one or more analytes from a sample such as blood or plasma are described. The systems described herein can be configured to withdraw a certain volume of sample from a source of bodily fluid, direct a first portion of the withdrawn sample... Agent: Optiscan Biomedical Corporation

20110092785 - Selection of ensemble averaging weights for a pulse oximeter based on signal quality metrics: A pulse oximeter system is presently disclosed. The pulse oximeter system includes a processor and circuitry. The processor and circuitry are configured to receive light waveforms from a sensor, determine at least one signal quality metric for the light waveforms, calculate at least one weight using a continuously variable weighting... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110092786 - Device for the analysis of urine: A device for the analysis of urine designed to be connected in series to a catheter (12) of a patient's urine, comprises: —means (14) for analyzing a sample of urine, —means (13, 19) for feeding a pre-established quantity of urine coming from the catheter to said analysis means, and —automatic... Agent:

20110092787 - Endocapsule: An endocapsule has a measurement chamber therein containing a sensor that detects at least one metabolic product of a specific bacterium in a hollow organ of a human or animal gastrointestinal tract. The endocapsule is introduced into the hollow organ wherein detection of the at least one metabolic product takes... Agent:

20110092788 - Systems and methods for providing guidance in administration of a medicine: A method of providing guidance using a portable hand-held electronic device in administration of a medicine by a patient is provided. The method includes acquiring image data of a first container of a first medicine prescribed to the patient and acquiring image data of a second container of a second... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20110092789 - Miniature circular mapping catheter: A cardiac ablation device, including a catheter and an expandable ablation element incorporating one or more balloons at the distal end of the catheter, has a continuous passageway extending through it from the proximal end of the catheter to the distal side of the expandable ablation element. A probe carrying... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110092791 - Accuracy biosensor through pressure compensation: A biosensor is described which can obtain physiological data from an individual. The biosensor may collect electrodermal activity, skin temperature, and other information. The biosensor may be attached to the body through the use of a garment which may be fastened in multiple locations on the human body. The biosensor... Agent:

20110092790 - Biosensor module with leadless contacts: A biosensor is described which can obtain physiological data from an individual. The biosensor may collect electrodermal activity, skin temperature, and other information. The biosensor may be attached to the body through the use of a garment which may be fastened in multiple locations on the human body. The biosensor... Agent:

20110092794 - Automated surface-based anatomical analysis based on atlas-based segmentation of medical imaging: A non-invasive imaging system, including: a non-invasive imaging scanner; a signal processing unit in communication with the imaging scanner to receive an imaging signal from a subject under observation; and a data storage unit in communication with the signal processing unit, wherein the data storage unit stores template data corresponding... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20110092793 - Dynamic tracking of moving targets: Treatment targets such as tumors or lesions, located within an anatomical region that undergoes motion (which may be periodic with cycle P), are dynamically tracked. A 4D mathematical model is established for the non-rigid motion and deformation of the anatomical region, from a set of CT or other 3D images.... Agent: Accuray, Inc.

20110092792 - Medical imaging system and patient positioning system including a movable transport belt: A medical imaging system for imaging a region of interest (ROI) in a patient. The imaging system includes an imaging modality unit having a field of view (FOV) and an examination platform. The examination platform has a pair of opposite ends and a platform surface extending therebetween along an examination... Agent: General Electronics Corporation

20110092795 - Methods and systems for monitoring respiratory data: This invention provides methods and systems for non-invasively determining the presence (and amount) or absence of dynamic hyperinflation in a subject. The invention is based on a novel combination of respiratory parameters that can be measured in a way that is non-invasive and unobtrusive to the subject. Dynamic hyperinflation is... Agent: Adidas Ag

20110092796 - Method for diagnosing cmt1a and cmt2a by mri: Disclosed is a method for diagnosing Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease. More specifically, disclosed is a method for diagnosing a subtype of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1, (i.e., CMT1A) and a subtype of the disease type 2 (i.e., CMT2A) by evaluating fatty infiltration behaviors in respective compartments of proximal lower extremity muscles via... Agent: Kongju National University Industry Academia

20110092798 - Method for magnetic resonance elastography inversion using a finite medium model: A method for magnetic resonance elastography (“MRE”) is described, in which an MRE inversion that accounts for waves propagating in a finite, bounded media is employed. A vibratory motion is induced in a subject and MRE is performed to measure one or more components of the resulting displacement produced in... Agent:

20110092797 - Motion-sensitized driven equilibrium blood-suppression sequence for vessel wall imaging: An improved motion-sensitization driven equilibrium (iMSDE) sequence based upon an MLEV-4 sequence is used for black-blood vessel wall imaging. The MSDE pulse pattern that is used us a preparation sequence for other procedures employed to acquire images has been modified to produce the iMSDE sequence by the addition of a... Agent: University Of Washington

20110092799 - Active implant medical device (amid) and medical imaging scanner communications involving patient-specific aimd configuration: A communications link between an active implanted medical device (AIMD) and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine enables an information exchange including data relating to a configuration of a lead of the AIMD as installed in the patient and/or an operational parameter limit of the MRI machine determined from the... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110092800 - Methods for modifying electrical currents in neuronal circuits: A method for modifying neuronal activity in a subject with focused ultrasound pulses (“FUP”) is provided. Such a methods is applicable for research, treatment, and diagnosis of psychiatric, neurological, and neuroendocrine disorders whose biological mechanisms include neuronal circuits in the brain. The application of focused ultrasound pulses is generally via... Agent:

20110092801 - Method for obtaining magnetic resonance image data using a multi-echo mr sequence with improved signal-to-noise ratio of the phase information: In a method and magnetic resonance (MR) system to create an MR magnitude image data set and a phase image data set of an examination subject, first echo signals in a first raw MR data set are detected after a first echo time TE1 and at least second echo signals... Agent:

20110092802 - Active implant communications with medical imaging scanner: A bi-directional communications link between an active implanted medical device (AIMD) and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine enables information to be exchanged to determine whether an operational mode of the AIMD and MRI is acceptable. For example, the bi-directional communications link enables information to be exchanged to determine whether... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110092803 - Non-invasive dental based fiducial array: The invention relates generally to apparatus and devices for neuronavigation. A non-invasive dental based fiducial array is disclosed. The fiducial array has a base support member, one or more removable and repositionable marker bases supported by the base support member and a stopper spaced from and supported by the base... Agent:

20110092804 - Patient-specific pre-operative planning: A method for pre-operative orthopedic planning includes obtaining only a high-resolution knee-joint scan of a patient, determining hip rotation center and ankle rotation center from anthropometric data based on personal data of the patient, and determining a mechanical axis of the knee joint based on the anthropometric data. The method... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20110092805 - Digital drug delivery: For delivery of a chemical to a target region of a subject's brain, an apparatus comprising a storage medium on which is stored digital representations of subject-specific selective visual stimuli that, when viewed, selectively stimulate blood flow to the target area of the brain; and an electronic display device coupled... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110092806 - Compounds comprising a biological target recognizing part, coupled to a signal part capable of complexing gallium: The invention concerns compounds comprising a biological target recognizing part, coupled to a signal part capable of complexing gallium. The invention also concerns methods for obtaining said compounds, screening methods capable of selecting such compounds for chemical synthesis thereof and their diagnostic applications, in particular in PET, PET/IRM, PET CT... Agent: Guerebet

20110092807 - Specimen positioning system for imaging machines: An animal holder is provided with a specialized coupling that is releasably mountable to a number of different imaging machines such as X-ray, CAT, MRI and PET machines. Composite images created from combining images from such different machines are particularly clear due to the predetermined alignment of the animal holder... Agent:

20110092809 - Cardiac coordinate system for motion analysis: An exemplary method includes accessing cardiac information acquired via a catheter located at various positions in a venous network of a heart of a patient wherein the cardiac information comprises position information with respect to time for one or more electrodes of the catheter; performing a principal component analysis on... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20110092808 - Method for acquiring high density mapping data with a catheter guidance system: The invention is a method of rotating a catheter while it is manually guided in order to increase the volume of space it passes through during a geometric mapping procedure as to provide a higher and more uniform location data point cloud density in a volumetric mapping system.... Agent: Magnetecs, Inc.

20110092810 - Nested cannulae for minimally invasive surgery: The present disclosure provides for systems and methods for Nested Cannula configuration. Nested Cannula systems include a plurality of telescoping, pre-shaped tubes configured and dimensioned to reach target locations within a particular anatomical region. A three dimensional image is read for the particular anatomical region and structure in question. A... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110092811 - Syringe needle guiding apparatus: Provided is a syringe needle guiding apparatus 4 which creates images of a blood vessel 9 which cannot be directly seen with the naked eyes and of a syringe needle 10 inserted into a body, and which includes a monitor 3 allowing the recognition of the three-dimensional relationship between the... Agent:

20110092812 - Method and system for creating three-dimensional images using tomosynthetic computed tomography: A system for constructing image slices through a selected object, the system comprising an identifiable fiducial reference in a fixed position relative to the selected object, wherein the fiducial reference comprises at least two identifiable reference markers. A source of radiation is provided for irradiating the selected object and the... Agent:

20110092814 - Combined radiation therapy/pet apparatus: A combined radiation therapy/PET apparatus includes: an open PET device having multi-ring detector rings that are opposed to each other in the direction of the body axis so as to leave a gap therebetween; and a radiation therapy apparatus for performing radiation therapy through the gap. When imaging the condition... Agent: National Institute Of Radiological Sciences

20110092813 - Multi-mode internal imaging: The invention described herein provides systems and methods for multi-modal imaging with light and a second form of imaging. Light imaging involves the capture of low intensity light from a light-emitting object. A camera obtains a two-dimensional spatial distribution of the light emitted from the surface of the subject. Software... Agent: Xenogen Corporation

20110092815 - Marker or filler forming fluid: A system for at least partially filling and marking a cavity at a site within a patient's body includes a marker delivery device having a chamber configured to contain a marking substance and having a mechanism configured to expel the marking substance. A quantity of the marking substance is contained... Agent: Senorx, Inc.

20110092816 - Combined catheter for angiography: It is a specially conceived catheter to perform a coronary catheterization by the femoral route with a prior punction and placing of 2 mm introductors, using the “Judkins” catheter curves but without the need of first advancing the JL catheter and then the JR. It comprises a “Judkins” JR right... Agent:

20110092817 - Method and system of ultrasound scatterer characterization: A method for characterizing ultrasound scatterers in a medium comprising providing ultrasound data representing a region of interest comprising a plurality of scatterers in a medium, the plurality of scatterers including clusters of scatterer sub-units, the scatterers having a physical property value to be estimated and the scatterer sub-units having... Agent:

20110092818 - Ultrasonometer for bone assessment in infants: An ultrasonometer for bone assessment in infants includes a focusing acoustic wave transducer, an acoustic wave detector, and an elongated chamber filled with an acoustically-coupling fluid. The chamber is equipped with an acoustically-transparent flexible membrane facing the extremity of the infant. Supporting means such as a gliding rod is adapted... Agent: Artann Laboratories, Inc.

20110092819 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and ultrasoinc data acquisition method: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus includes an ultrasonic probe, a transmission/reception unit, an echo signal storage unit, a reception delay addition processing unit, a Doppler signal generating unit, and a focus position decision unit. The echo signal storage unit stores a plurality of echo signals obtained by... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110092820 - Probe of ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and control method thereof: A probe of an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and a method of controlling the same are disclosed. The probe includes a transducer movably disposed inside a housing of the probe, a detector detecting movement of the probe, and a drive unit controlling operation of the transducer in response to an output... Agent:

20110092821 - Device for measuring the mechanical properties of the skin without contact with the measurement zone: The invention relates to a device for measuring the mechanical properties of the skin which is free from all parameters interfering with measurement. The device comprises: a) a pneumatic assembly (16) for delivering compressed air to apply a stress to the surface of the skin undergoing measurement, b) an electronic... Agent: Sederma S.a.s.

20110092822 - Temporal artery temperature detector: Body temperature measurements are obtained by scanning a thermal radiation sensor across the side of the forehead over the temporal artery. A peak temperature measurement is processed to compute an internal temperature of the body as a function of ambient temperature and the sensed surface temperature. The function includes a... Agent:

20110092823 - System and method for identifying tissue using low-coherence interferometry: An apparatus for needle biopsy with real time tissue differentiation using one dimensional interferometric ranging imaging, comprising a biopsy device having a barrel and a needle, an optical fiber inserted in the needle, and a fiber optic imaging system connected to the optical fiber. The imaging system obtains images and... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20110092824 - Monitoring a vital parameter of a patient with \"in-situ\" modulation scheme to avoid interference: The invention relates to a method of monitoring a vital parameter of a patient by measuringattenuation of light emitted onto tissue of the patient, comprising the following steps: modulating the light with a modulation frequency or/and a modulation code; emitting the modulated light onto the tissue of the patient; collecting... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110092825 - Method for remote medical consultation and care: A method for remote medical consulting includes collecting diagnostic data using at least one wearable device contoured to at least a portion of a person's hand, transmitting the diagnostic data to a remote location, transmitting audio data and video images of the patient to the remote location, and communicating diagnosis... Agent:, Inc.

20110092826 - System and method for measuring ecg and breath signals by using two polar electrodes: A system for measuring ECG and breath signals by using two polar electrodes includes a first polar electrode, a second polar electrode and a breath and ECG signals measuring device. The breath and ECG signals measuring device includes a level regulator, a square wave generator, a breath signal process module... Agent: Tatung Company

20110092827 - Blood pressure monitor and method for calculating blood pressure thereof: A blood pressure monitor and a method for calculating blood pressure thereof are revealed. The blood pressure monitor includes a cuff, an air pump, an air escape valve, a pressure sensor, a processing circuit, and an arithmetic circuit. The cuff is arranged a a body to be detected while and... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20110092828 - Fluid delivery system, fluid path set, and pressure isolation mechanism with hemodynamic pressure dampening correction: The fluid delivery system includes a pressurizing device for delivering injection fluid under pressure, a low pressure fluid delivery system, and a pressure isolation mechanism. The pressure isolation mechanism includes a first lumen associated with the pressurizing device, a second lumen associated with the low pressure fluid delivery system, and... Agent:

20110092830 - method for automatic error detection in pressure measurement and an electronic sphygmomanometer: This invention discloses a method for automatic error detection in pressure measurement and an electronic sphygmomanometer using the method. The electronic sphygmomanometer comprises two pressure sensing circuits connected to a MPU. The first pressure sensing circuit is normally-on in pressure measurement. The second pressure sensing circuit is normally-off in pressure... Agent: Precision Medical Technology Ltd.

20110092829 - Blood pressure monitor and method for measurement of blood vessel hardening: A blood pressure monitor and a method for detecting vascular sclerosis thereof are revealed. The blood pressure monitor includes a cuff, an air pump, an air escape valve, a pressure sensor, a processing circuit, and an arithmetic circuit. The cuff is arranged at a body to be detected and the... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20110092831 - Non invasive method and apparatus for determining light-sleep and deep-sleep stages: A method and apparatus for detecting and distinguishing epochs of deep-sleep from epochs of light-sleep of a subject by sensing by a peripheral pulse signal related to the systemic circulation of the subject, preferably a peripheral arterial tone (PAT) sensor for sensing pulsatile arterial volume changes in a digit (e.g.,... Agent: Itamar Medical Ltd.

20110092832 - Self-luminous sensor device: A light-emitting sensor device is provided with: a substrate (110); an irradiating part (120), disposed on the substrate, for applying light to a specimen; a light receiving part (150), disposed on the substrate, for detecting light from the specimen caused by the applied light; a light scattering part, disposed at... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110092833 - Ecg lead system: An ECG lead system for use with a plurality of unique diverse ECG floor monitors for when a patient is substantially immobile and/or a plurality of unique diverse ECG telemetry monitors, is provided. The ECG lead system includes a plurality of unique adapters, wherein each adapter includes an input receptacle... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110092834 - Analogue signal processors: An analogue signal processor (ASP) application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is disclosed. The ACIS can be used for remotely monitoring ECG signals of a subject that has reduced power consumption. In one aspect, the ASIC performs the functions of: ECG signal extraction with high resolution using ECG readout channel, feature extraction... Agent: Stichting Imec Nederland

20110092836 - Method and apparatus for determining the coronary sinus vein branch accessed by a coronary sinus lead: Systems and methods for determining the coronary sinus vein branch location of a left ventricle electrode are disclosed. The systems and methods involve detecting the occurrence of electrical events within the patient's heart including sensing one or more of the electrical events with the electrode and then analyzing the electrical... Agent:

20110092835 - Wireless ecg system: A wireless monitoring system and, more particularly, a wireless monitoring system for detecting and transmitting physiological data. The present invention detects physiological data relating to a patient's cardiac activity and respiration rate and transmits the data to a remote base station via telemetry. The base station processes the data so... Agent:

20110092837 - Apparatus and method for monitoring fetus in maternal body: An apparatus for monitoring fetal positions and fetal movements is provided. The apparatus includes a plurality of sensors, a signal pre-processor, a signal post-processor, and a fetal position judging processor. The sensors are attached on the abdomen of a maternal body to provide at least three measuring leads. The signal... Agent: National Taiwan University Hospital

20110092838 - Qt interval monitoring system with alarms and trending: An ECG monitoring system continuously monitors a patient's ECG waveform and periodically identifies the patient's QT interval. QT interval values are averaged over time and a corrected interval value QTc and a change in QTc relative to a baseline, dQTc, are periodically produced. An alarm is responsive to updated QT... Agent:

20110092839 - Mask and method for use in respiratory monitoring and diagnostics: Disclosed herein is a mask to be worn by a subject on its face for use in respiratory monitoring and/or diagnostics. In general, the mask comprises at least one transducer responsive to sound and airflow for generating a data signal representative thereof, and a support structure shaped and configured to... Agent: Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

20110092840 - Intelligent air flow sensors: A single sensor capable of detecting both airflow in spirometry and the full range of sound frequencies needed to track clinically relevant breath sounds is provided. The airflow sensor includes a movable flap with one or more integrated strain gauges for measuring displacement and vibration. The airflow sensor is inherently... Agent: Feather Sensors LLC

20110092841 - Methods for providing expiratory pressure relief in positive airway pressure therapy: A method of operating a CPAP apparatus in which the interface pressure is controlled to rapidly drop at the start of expiration by an expiratory relief pressure (ERP) that is independent of instantaneous respiratory flow, following which the pressure rises to an inspiratory level at or shortly before the end... Agent:

20110092842 - Implantable neural signal acquistion apparatus: In an embodiment, an implantable neural signal acquisition apparatus includes a plurality of electrodes, an implantable electronics package, and a wire bundle. The electrodes are configured to be subcutaneously implanted within neural tissue of a test subject and to collect analog neural signals from the test subject. The implantable electronics... Agent: I2s Micro Implantable Systems, LLC

20110092843 - Aerodynamic tissue driver: A method for assessing mechanical properties of a selected tissue includes defining an expansion chamber adjacent to the selected tissue and passing pressurized air into the expansion chamber. The method also includes providing an opening through which the pressurized air can escape the expansion chamber, the opening being disposed such... Agent: Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary

20110092844 - Micro-insult test and use therefor: The present invention relates to a method for testing human skin and other biological tissues, and the use thereof for testing the effects of ingredients and compositions on such tissues in vivo.... Agent:

20110092845 - Device for evaluating cutaneous sensory detection: An improved hand-held device for evaluating cutaneous sensory detection consisting of a plastic or similar material rod handle and a simple curve that enables function and versatility not possible without the curve. The curve helps prevent an attached monofilament used as the testing stimulus from being laid down upon itself,... Agent:

20110092846 - Cerebral compliance monitoring: A system and method for monitoring cerebral compliance of a patient by placing a first pressure sensor in a first sub-dural location, preferably a sub-meningeal location, within the brain of the patient and placing at least a second pressure sensor in a second sub-dural location, preferably a sub-meningeal location, within... Agent: Codman & Shurtleff, Inc.

20110092848 - Mri biopsy targeting cube with eccentric lock: A biopsy system comprises a control module, a localization assembly, a biopsy device, and a targeting cube. A probe and/or other associated components of the biopsy device are configured to selectively couple with the targeting cube, which is configured to selectively couple with a grid plate. The targeting cube may... Agent:

20110092849 - Mri biopsy targeting cube with gripping arms: A biopsy system comprises a control module, a localization assembly, a biopsy device, and a targeting cube. The biopsy device and/or other associated components are configured to selectively couple with a targeting cube that selectively couples with a grid plate having apertures for receiving the targeting cube. The targeting cube... Agent:

20110092847 - Mri biopsy targeting cube with snap corners: A biopsy system comprises a control module, a localization assembly, a biopsy device, and a targeting cube. The biopsy device and/or other associated components are configured to selectively couple with a targeting cube that selectively couples with a grid plate having apertures for receiving the cube. The targeting cube comprises... Agent:

20110092850 - Mri biopsy targeting guide with rotational lock: A biopsy system comprises a control module, a localization assembly, a biopsy device, and a targeting device. A probe and/or other associated components of the biopsy device are configured to selectively couple with the targeting device, which is configured to selectively couple with a grid plate. The targeting device may... Agent:

20110092851 - Pneumatic medical device: A pneumatic circuit and other components are provided for the operation of a medical device. The pneumatic circuit provides controlled pressurized air to a medical device for use during a medical procedure.... Agent: Tissue Extraction Devices, LLC

20110092852 - Device for absorbing proteins from body fluids: A planar device for absorbing substances, especially proteins, such as enzymes, from body fluids, especially from gingival crevicular fluid or lacrimal fluid, comprising a receptor element (10), a support element (20), characterized in that—said receptor element (10) is hydrophilic and has a pore size of from 0.22 μm to 5... Agent: Dentognostics Gmbh

20110092853 - Intervention device for collecting biological material and method for the production thereof: An intervention device is disclosed for collecting biological material comprises a surface with a coating covering the surface at least in part. In at least one embodiment, capture molecules, by which the biological material can be bound, are immobilized on the coating. The capture molecules are distributed stochastically on the... Agent:

20110092855 - Analysis system for automatic skin prick analysis: Analysis system for automatically performing a skin prick analysis by pricking the skin for producing a sample of body liquid and detecting an analyte contained in the sample. The analysis system comprises a magazine with a plurality of compartments each containing a lancing element and an analysis element, and a... Agent:

20110092854 - Instruments and system for producing a sample of a body fluid and for analysis thereof: An instrument for producing a sample of body fluid for analysis by piercing the skin with a lancing element having a piercing tip is disclosed. The instrument can comprise a housing and a lancing drive for driving a lancing element connected thereto in a puncturing movement. A pressure ring can... Agent:

20110092856 - Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue: These and other objects of the present invention are achieved in a body fluid sampling system for use on a tissue site that includes a single drive force generator. A plurality of penetrating members are operatively coupled to the force generator. The force generator moves each of the members along... Agent:

20110092857 - Method and apparatus for examining subjects for particular physiological conditions utilizing acoustic information: A method and apparatus for examining a subject for a particular physiological condition according to a technique which utilizes sounds generated by the subject and sensed at a predefined distance from the site of sound generation of the subject, by locating a first sound sensor, e.g., a sound level meter... Agent: Itamar Medical Ltd.

20110092858 - Surgical apparatus and procedure: A computer assisted surgery method and apparatus for determining a change in a property of a joint of a patient caused by an arthroplasty procedure is described. The relative position of a first bone and a second bone of the joint is determined with the joint in a first position.... Agent: Depuy Orthopadie Gmbh

20110092859 - System for determining and placing spinal implants or prostheses: A system for determining and placing spinal implants or prostheses includes apparatus for measuring a change in position of vertebrae at an affected level of a patient's spine from a position of pain where the patient reports greatest pain originating from the affected level, to a position of comfort where... Agent:

20110092860 - System for clinical assessment of movement disorders: According to one embodiment of the present invention, the system for clinical assessment of movement disorders (iTUG) is comprised of a) a protocol to assess gait, balance, and mobility; b) a plurality of wearable sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, optical sensors, and goniometers to record kinematics data obtained from a... Agent: Oregon Health & Science University

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110087061 - Radiotherapy apparatus control apparatus and specific site position measuring method: A specific site location measuring method according to the present invention, includes: calculating matching degrees based on a plurality of transmission images imaged by use of radiation transmitting through a specimen and a template set; selecting a template transmission image from the plurality of transmission images based on the matching... Agent:

20110087062 - Miniature x-ray tube for a catheter: A miniature X-ray tube for intravascular or intracorporeal radiation treatment in living beings is proposed. The X-ray tube comprises a cylindrical housing section with a longitudinal axis. The miniature X-ray tube also comprises a cylindrical or cylindrical-tube-shaped first field emission cathode arranged concentrically about the longitudinal axis in the housing... Agent:

20110087063 - Two piece endovascular anastomotic connector: An anastomotic connector comprising an endovascular component including a vascular conduit and a supply conduit and a cannula component. The vascular conduit has first and second ends that are configured to reside within a vascular structure. The supply conduit has proximal and distal ends, where the distal end fluidicly connects... Agent: Circulite, Inc.

20110087064 - Transferring and holding device for high-risk neonatal intensive care unit (nicu) patients: A transferring and holding device and method for holding infants having lifelines, such as IV tubes, monitor wire leads, and ventilator tubes, connected thereto. In one embodiment, the device includes a support surface adapted to hold an infant; a boundary attached to and bolstering the support surface; and at least... Agent:

20110087065 - Artificial insemination device: An artificial insemination device includes a catheter, a widening tip connected to one end of the catheter for being introduced into the genital system of a female animal, and a check valve connected between the catheter and the widening tip and having a stopper supported on a spring between a... Agent:

20110087066 - Devices and methods for delivering an endocardial device: Described herein are systems for partitioning a ventricle of a heart. The systems may include a partitioning device or implant, and an applicator for inserting, repositioning and/or removing the partitioning device. The implant may support the ventricle wall and may reduce the volume of the ventricle. In particular, described herein... Agent:

20110087067 - Internal retractor systems: A retractor system is provided having an anchor coupled to soft tissue and a surgical mesh configured to suspend tissue and/or organs. An adjuster is also provided and coupled to the anchor. Further, a wire is provided having one end coupled to the surgical mesh and the other end coupled... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110087068 - Implantable pump: An implantable pump with a plurality of protrusions and grooves is described.... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20110087069 - System for remotely controlling two or more medical devices: A system for remotely controlling multiple medical devices. Included in the system are at least a first medical device and a second medical device, each of which are capable of performing one or more functions. Also included is a remote control unit having at least a first switch and a... Agent:

20110087071 - Articulation sheath for flexible instruments: A sheath useful for remote steering, guidance and/or manipulation of a flexible instrument, including e.g. an endoscope, received through the sheath.... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20110087070 - Sheaths for medical devices: A device is disclosed for therapeutic and/or diagnostic use in or on a patient's body. The device can have a sheath and a tool. The sheath can be made, at least in part, from a laminate. The laminate can have reinforcement fibers in longitudinal, latitudinal, helical, and/or other configurations around... Agent:

20110087072 - Flow guide: A flow guide directs a fluid flow across a surface of a device, for example a lens surface of an endoscope, in a controlled manner to facilitate flow attachment to the surface. Embodiments include features that impart a non-uniform velocity profile and/or include guide surfaces for facilitating flow attachment and/or... Agent:

20110087073 - Medical inspection device: An improved medical inspection device at least comprises a hand-held portion, a display portion being connected with the hand-held portion and comprising a first printing circuit board, an image display module, an annular protuberance and at least one electrode contact, an inspection module comprising a joint portion, an inspection portion... Agent: Apple Biomedical, Inc.

20110087074 - Surgical retractor system: A surgical retractor system includes a first retractor and a second retractor. The first retractor comprises a first working channel for receiving a tool therethrough. The second retractor is capable of being advanced through the first working channel, and its proximal end is positioned in the vicinity of the distal... Agent:

20110087075 - Anoscope: An insertion device for use during surgical procedure to enlarge an opening in a patient's tissue to facilitate access to an internal treatment site with a surgical instrument. The insertion device includes an anoscope including a flange, and an elongate body having proximal and distal ends extending distally from the... Agent:

20110087079 - Acoustical patient monitoring using a sound classifier and a microphone: When monitoring a patient, acoustic events (e.g., coughs, snores, impact sounds, verbalizations, etc.) relevant to the patient's status are detected by a microphone array (12) and timestamped. Detected event signals generated by the microphone array (12) are filtered to identify signatures such as zero crossings, corner frequencies, amplitude, pitch, etc.,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110087078 - Device for measuring infant feeding performance: Devices, systems and methods for measuring infant feeding performance. The device includes a body portion, a pressure sensor and an integrated circuit. The body portion includes a first end for receiving a fluid, a second end mateable with a feeding nipple, and a conduit In fluid communication with the first... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsyvania

20110087076 - Feedback systems and methods for communicating diagnostic and/or treatment signals to enhance obesity treatments: Feedback systems and methods communicate implanted sensor-based feedback signals to promote behavior modifications that ameliorate obesity and other eating disorders. The system and methods described may also be applicable to any treatment in which presenting feedback regarding patients' eating and exercise habits is desired. The present invention provides a method... Agent: Intrapace, Inc.

20110087077 - System and method of providing patients cost saving incentives for healthy behaviors: Methods for monitoring a patient's health are provided. The methods compromise the steps of providing a website accessible via a computer for monitoring a patient's health; entering the patient's clinical data onto the website; analyzing the data to assign at least one preventive care protocol to the patient; providing a... Agent:

20110087080 - Detection device for vital signs: The invention relates to a device (1) for detecting vital signs comprising a sensor (2) and a power supply module (3), which sensor (2) has at least one detection means (5, 6, 7, 8) configured to detect a vital sign from the group comprising oxygen content of the blood, body... Agent: Nanoident Technologies Ag

20110087082 - Method for monitoring or treating nervous system disorders: A medical device system for comparing a cardiopulmonary signal to a brain signal. In one embodiment of the invention, a medical device system is provided that includes a brain monitoring element, respiratory monitoring element and a processor. The processor is configured to receive a brain signal from the brain monitoring... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110087081 - Personalized physiological monitor: A personalized physiological monitor utilizes an individual genome sequence along with genetic and medical research databases so as to define a person's genetic predisposition to disease, drug reactions and environmental sensitivities so as to enhance the ability of the monitor to determine the physiological status of the person.... Agent:

20110087083 - Analyte monitoring using one or more accelerometers: The present disclosure relates to methods, devices, and systems for measuring a blood analyte, such as glucose. The disclosure relates more specifically to the use in such methods, devices, and systems of one or more accelerometers to aid in the collection of data, operation of the device, filtering, and other... Agent:

20110087084 - Face mask type vital signs measuring apparatus and vital signs management system using the same: There are provided a face mask type vital signs measuring apparatus and a vital signs management system using the same. The face mask type vital signs measuring apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention may include: a detector detecting a vital sign; an analyzer analyzing the detected... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110087085 - Method and device for intracochlea impedance measurement: This method of determining an intracochlea tissue impedance comprises using at least two stimulating electrodes to apply an electrical stimulus to intracochlea tissue. A voltage caused by the stimulus is measured between two measuring electrodes distinct from the stimulating electrodes. From the voltage a stimulus-response characteristic of tissue between the... Agent: Cochlear Limited

20110087086 - Method of estimating ocular perfusion pressure: A microprocessor-controlled tonometer measures both systole and diastole occurring in intraocular pressure so that this information can be used to estimate perfusion pressure. The microprocessor determines a ratio between ocular pulse amplitude and mean intraocular pressure, derives a multiplier from the ratio, multiplies the mean intraocular pressure by the multiplier... Agent: Falck Medical, Inc.

20110087087 - Mr spectroscopy system and method for diagnosing painful and non-painful intervertebral discs: An MR Spectroscopy (MRS) system and approach is provided for diagnosing painful and non-painful discs in chronic, severe low back pain patients (DDD-MRS). A DDD-MRS pulse sequence generates and acquires DDD-MRS spectra within intervertebral disc nuclei for later signal processing & diagnostic analysis. An interfacing DDD-MRS signal processor receives output... Agent:

20110087088 - Computer-assisted identification and treatment of affected organ tissue: Computer-assisted processes are disclosed for using nuclear medicine image studies (e.g. PET or SPECT), preferably in combination with anatomic image studies (e.g., CT or MRI), to identify and quantify regions of affected organ tissue (e.g., myocardial infarcts), and to calculate doses of stem cells or other therapy to deliver to... Agent: Cell Genetics, LLC

20110087089 - Multiple modality computer aided diagnostic system and method: A diagnostic system having an image loader including a processor for processing multiple modality images, at least one of the multiple modality images being a mammogram image, the processing including generating diagnostic information based on a computer aided diagnostic tool and an image viewer simultaneously displaying the multiple modality images.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110087090 - Radiation therapy system with real time magnetic resonance monitoring: A radiation therapy system comprises: a radiation therapy subsystem (20, 22, 32) configured to perform radiation therapy by applying radiation pulses to a region of a subject at pulse intervals (Tpi); a magnetic resonance (MR) imaging subsystem (10, 16, 30, 36) configured to acquire a dataset of MR imaging data... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110087092 - Interchangeable localizing devices for use with tracking systems: A system for tracking the position of an instrument relative to an area of interest includes a first fixator configured to carry first and second localizing devices. A second fixator is configured to carry the first localizing device. A third localizing device communicates with the first localizing device and the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110087091 - Method and apparatus for collection of cardiac geometry based on optical or magnetic tracking: A cardiac imaging system including an imaging module including an ultrasound emitter and one or more position markers. A tracking and control system may include a position sensing system for sensing a location and orientation of the position marker relative to a predetermined reference. The tracking and control system may... Agent:

20110087093 - Valve configurations for implantable medical devices: A medical device at least partially insertable into a patient. The device comprises a catheter portion comprising a flexible tube that is at least partially insertable into the patient, and a valve portion proximal to the catheter portion. The valve portion comprises a planar flexible member comprising first and second... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20110087094 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and ultrasonic image processing apparatus: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus comprises a data acquisition unit configured to acquire a plurality of volume data over a predetermined period by executing ultrasonic scanning on a three-dimensional region including at least part of a heart of an object over the predetermined period, a detection condition... Agent:

20110087095 - Ultrasound system generating an image based on brightness value of data: An ultrasound system that extracts label regions from ultrasound data based on image brightness. An ultrasound data acquisition unit forms ultrasound data of a target object. A processing unit is connected to the ultrasound data acquisition unit. The processing unit forms volume data including a plurality of voxels based on... Agent:

20110087097 - Method and system for tissue imaging and analysis:

20110087096 - Method and system for tissue recognition:

20110087098 - Mammography system and method for sonographic and radiographic examination of a breast: A mammography device for examining a breast has a support plate and a compression plate, between which the breast is positioned and compressed during a radiographic examination. An ultrasound transducer for obtaining a sonogram of the breast is brought into direct contact with the breast either by temporary mounting in... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110087100 - Method and device for uterine fibroid treatment: Methods and devices for both imaging and treating uterine fibroid tumors in one real-time system are provided. One minimally invasive method comprises introducing a sheath into a uterus and determining a location of a fibroid using a visualization element within or on the sheath. Upon identification, a portion of the... Agent: Gynesonics, Inc.

20110087099 - Non-invasive ultrasonic body contouring: An apparatus for lysing adipose tissue, the apparatus comprising a power source and modulator assembly configured to supply modulated electrical power; an ultrasonic therapeutic transducer connected to said power source and modulator assembly and configured to convert the modulated electrical power to ultrasonic energy directed at a target volume in... Agent: Ultrashape Ltd.

20110087101 - System and method for determining a transfer function: A system and method is provided for using ultrasound data backscattered from vascular tissue to estimate the transfer function of a catheter (including components attached thereto—e.g., IVUS console, transducer, etc.). Specifically, in accordance with a first embodiment of the present invention, a computing device is electrically connected to a catheter... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20110087102 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus, ultrasonic image processing apparatus, ultrasonic image processing method, and ultrasonic image processing program: According to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus executes B-mode scanning and color Doppler mode scanning on a scanning region associated with an interior of the womb of a pregnant woman via an ultrasonic probe. A first generating unit generates first color Doppler mode data and generates first B-mode data.... Agent:

20110087103 - Ultrasound focus positioning device: A positioning device has a computer and an ultrasound device that is provided to expose biological tissue with high-intensity, focused ultrasound radiation, and an ultrasound transducer unit, a mechanical focusing unit and an electronic focusing unit for positioning and/or focusing of the high-intensity, focused ultrasound radiation of the ultrasound transducer... Agent:

20110087104 - Intravascular ultrasound system for co-registered imaging: An intravascular ultrasound imaging system comprises a catheter having an elongated body having a distal end and an imaging core arranged to be inserted into the elongated body. The imaging core is arranged to transmit ultrasonic energy pulses and to receive reflected ultrasonic energy pulses. The system further includes an... Agent: Silicon Valley Medical Instruments, Inc.

20110087105 - Ultrasound guided probe device and sterilizable shield for same: Disclosed are medical probe devices and methods for use guiding of percutaneous probes during medical procedures. The probe devices include an ultrasound transducer housing having a passage therethrough configured to accommodate a probe. The devices can be utilized to guide a probe through the probe guide to a percutaneous target... Agent: Soma Development, LLC

20110087106 - Clamp for a medical probe device: Disclosed are medical probe devices and methods for use guiding of percutaneous probes during medical procedures. The probe devices include a clamp that can secure a probe at a targeted location. The devices can be utilized to guide a probe through the probe guide to a percutaneous target. Disclosed clamps... Agent: Soma Development, LLC

20110087107 - Spacers for use with an ultrasound probe: A probe cap for use with an ultrasound probe including a head portion and an acoustic surface is disclosed. In one embodiment, the probe cap includes a body that defines a cavity sized for releasably receiving the head portion of the probe therein. The probe cap body further defines a... Agent: C.r. Bard, Inc.

20110087108 - Self-luminous sensor device: A light-emitting sensor device includes: a substrate (110); and disposed thereon an irradiating part (120) for applying light to a specimen; a light receiving part (160) for detecting light from the specimen caused by the applied light; and a cap, which has (i) a main body for accommodating at least... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110087110 - Medical imaging processes for facilitating catheter-based delivery of therapy to affected organ tissue: Medical imaging processes are disclosed for facilitating the catheter-based delivery of stem cells or other therapy to affected organ tissue, including myocardial infarct and peri-infarct tissue. The disclosed processes include the integration of static image data showing the affected tissue with a live/moving image (e.g., a fluoroscopy image) to generate... Agent: Cell Genetics, LLC

20110087109 - Methods and apparatus for determining fallopian tube occlusion: Devices and methods for determining fallopian tube occlusion. The methods may include determining fallopian tube occlusions through a pressurization or volumetric determination.... Agent:

20110087111 - System and method for normalized diffuse emission epi-illumination imaging and normalized diffuse emission transillumination imaging: A system and method provide normalized fluorescence epi-illumination images and normalized fluorescence transillumination images. The normalization can be used to improve two-dimensional (planar) fluorescence epi-illumination images and two-dimensional (planar) fluorescence transillumination images. The system and method can also provide normalized bioluminescence epi-illumination images and normalized bioluminescence transillumination images. In some... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20110087112 - Medical apparatus system having optical fiber load sensing: Apparatus is provided for diagnosing or treating an organ or vessel, wherein a device having at optical fiber contact force sensors disposed in a distal extremity thereof and a deflection mechanism configured to deflect the elongate body at a location proximal of the distal extremity. The optical fiber contact force... Agent:

20110087113 - System and process for non-invasive collection and analysis of physiological signals: A system and method for detecting, monitoring and analyzing physiological characteristics. Signals from a subject are acquired from a suite of sensors, such as temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity, light, movement, electromagnetic and vibration sensors, in a passive, non-invasive manner. The signals are processed and physiological characteristics are isolated for analysis.... Agent: Wellaware Systems, Inc.

20110087114 - Orientation determination for an implantable medical device: An implantable medical device (IMD) is provided which is capable of sensing and determining its orientation, and of determining whether the IMD has been displaced over time away from its original or optimal position. Electronic components of the IMD, including a processor, digital memory, signal conditioning components, and a power... Agent: Biotronik Crm Patent Ag

20110087115 - Systems and methods for ambulatory monitoring of physiological signs: The present invention relates to the field of ambulatory and non-invasive monitoring of a plurality of physiological parameters of a monitored individual. The invention includes a physiological monitoring apparatus with an improved monitoring apparel, the apparel having sensors for monitoring parameters reflecting pulmonary function and/or parameters reflecting cardiac function and/or... Agent: Adidas Ag

20110087116 - System, methods and devices for maintenance, guidance and/or control: Methods, systems, devices and computer program products for providing maintenance, guidance and/or control of certain systems are disclosed. Typically, in some aspects the systems are complex. Also disclosed are methods, systems, devices and computer program products for providing therapeutic guidance for controlling a subject's circulation. One such method comprises the... Agent: Applied Physiology Pty. Ltd.

20110087117 - Real-time visual alert display: An alert system for patient treatment that incorporates patient data to display information in readily identifiable icons for vital organs, and in a useable, real-time, updated fashion that extracts data from the medical history, the current medical management, and the current physiologic monitors to produce warnings and alerts to enable... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110087118 - Impedance hyperaemic stress echocardiography: A method for performing echocardiography comprising placing compression cuffs on each of a patient's 4 extremities, applying compression rotatingly to subsets of 3 out of the 4 cuffs and monitoring EKG during applying compression rotatingly to subsets of 3 out of the 4 cuffs, thereby obtaining an echocardiograph of the... Agent:

20110087119 - Method and device for using impedance measurements based on electrical energy of the heart: A method and a device are disclosed for evaluating the cardio-circulatory and pulmonary condition of a patient, including determining the patient's thoracic impedance based on information solely derived from the electrical energy generated by the patient's own heart.... Agent:

20110087120 - Methods and apparatus for locating the fossa ovalis and performing transseptal puncture: The instant disclosure relates to a family of devices and methods for both measuring electrophysiological signals and delivering elongate medical devices. In an embodiment, a kit is described that includes a hollow catheter adapted to navigate a patient's vasculature having a hollow lumen terminating at a distal end, structure configured... Agent:

20110087121 - System for continuous cardiac pathology detection and characterization: A system determines fractal values, a nonlinear fractal ratio and fractal data patterns in a heart and maps determined fractal values to medical conditions. A system for heart performance characterization and abnormality detection includes an interface for receiving sampled data representing an electrical signal indicating electrical activity of a patient... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110087122 - Minimally invasive determination of collateral ventilation in lungs: Minimally invasive methods, systems and devices are provided for qualitatively and quantitatively assessing collateral ventilation in the lungs. In particular, collateral ventilation of a target compartment within a lung of a patient is assessed by advancement of a catheter through the tracheobronchial tree to a feeding bronchus of the target... Agent: Pulmonx Corporation

20110087123 - Method and apparatus for airway compensation control: A method for controlling a mechanical ventilator that is supplying medical gas to a patient via an endotracheal tube. A pressure is measured from a patient end of an endotracheal tube. The pressure at the patient end of the endotracheal tube is used to create an improved endotracheal tube resistance... Agent:

20110087124 - Spirometer toy: The invention provides a toy that functions to propel a projectile through a tube at someone or something by exerting sufficient air pressure from the user's lungs through the tube. This action has the effect of challenging and building the user's respiratory system, including the respiratory musculature and lung capacity,... Agent:

20110087126 - Light-proof electrodes: According to principles of this invention, the photoelectrochemical effect (“PE effect”) may be greatly reduced or eliminated, even when an electrode is immersed in an electrolyte and exposed to light, by using a transparent conductor to record electrical activity. Thus, an electrode with a clear conductor may be used to... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110087127 - Measurement for eeg reactivity: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for assessing the reactivity observable in a certain physiological signal, especially the EEG signal, of a comatose subject. In order to obtain an objective and a reliable measure of the reactivity automatically and without the presence of a trained EEG specialist, a... Agent: General Electric Company

20110087125 - System and method for pain monitoring at the point-of-care: A method and apparatus for providing objective assessment of pain using a field portable device is described. The method includes placing an electrode set coupled to a handheld base unit on the subject's head, acquiring brain and/or peripheral nervous system electrical signals from the subject through the electrode set, processing... Agent:

20110087128 - Muscle tonus measuring apparatus: Forces applied to cause flexion and extension movements of a joint of a subject (1) are detected by at least one force sensor (20a, 20b), and a joint torque for flexing and extending the joint is calculated based on the forces. Further, a joint angle of the joint of the... Agent: Osaka University

20110087129 - Monitoring system: Apparatus for performing impedance measurements on a subject. The apparatus includes a first processing system for determining an impedance measurement procedure and determining instructions corresponding to the measurement procedure. A second processing system is provided for receiving the instructions, using the instructions to generate control signals, with the control signals... Agent: Impedimed Limited

20110087130 - Method and system for diagnosing and treating auditory processing disorders: A method for diagnosing and treating an auditory processing disorder. The diagnosis phase includes presenting, simultaneously at least one different audible sound in a user's left ear and right ear. Each sound is different for each ear. A determination is made if the user can correctly recall the sound, whereby... Agent: Systems N' Solutions Ltd.

20110087131 - Biopsy probe assembly having a mechanism to prevent misalignment of components prior to installation: A biopsy probe assembly is configured for installation on a driver assembly. The biopsy probe assembly includes a plurality of components, each of the plurality of components being movable relative to another of the plurality of components, and each of the plurality of movable components having a respective alignment feature,... Agent:

20110087132 - Needle breast biopsy system and method for use: A tilted needle biopsy assembly is provided for mounting on an x-ray system. Because the biopsy needle is angled relative to at least one of the detector and the x-ray source, x-ray imaging may be performed during the biopsy procedure without interference by the biopsy device. The angled biopsy needle... Agent: Hologic, Inc.

20110087133 - Extendable specimen collecting device: Disclosed is a specimen collecting device for collecting cell samples. The specimen collecting device has an extendible swab which can be extended and retracted during use. The extendible swab can also be inserted into the handle so that the samples can be stored, at least temporarily.... Agent:

20110087134 - Lancing devices having lancet ejection assembly: A lancing device is provided for use with a removable lancet. The lancing device includes a housing and a lancet carrier slidably disposed within the housing and adapted to receive the lancet. A user-actuated ejection slide is mounted to the housing to eject the lancet from the lancet carrier. A... Agent: Facet Technologies, LLC

20110087135 - Stethoscope, stethoscope attachment and collected data analysis method and system: A device for converting acoustic data collected by a stethoscope into digital data for transmission to a processor for storage and/or comparison with data stored in a database, and to optionally provide computer generated suggestions for diagnosis, is provided in the form of an in-line device interposable between a head... Agent:

20110087137 - Mobile fitness and personal caloric management system: A user's personal biometric information such as age, sex, weight, height as well as the user's lifestyle information, such as daily caloric input, job description, smoker status and physical fitness, is uploaded onto a host computer. Target heart rate, energy and/or caloric consumption levels related to desired fitness and weight... Agent:

20110087136 - Wireless monitoring of laboratory animals: Systems and methods for monitoring laboratory animals includes a tag comprising an inductive element and a capacitive element attached to a portion of a laboratory animal. The position of the portion is detected by monitoring the effect of the tag on a time-varying magnetic field having different frequencies, one near... Agent: Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110082326 - Treatment of clinical applications with neuromodulation: Described herein are systems and methods for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) including one or more TMS electromagnets for stimulation of target deep brain regions to stimulate, enhance and/or inhibit neural activity.... Agent:

20110082327 - Saline membranous coupling mechanism for electromagnetic and piezoelectric round window direct drive systems for hearing amplification: A system and method for electromagnetic or piezoelectric direct drive hearing amplification using a magnetic or piezoelectric oscillator attached to a saline implant coupled to the round window membrane and secured by a titanium or platinum ribbon.... Agent:

20110082328 - Methods for installing sling to treat fecal incontinence, and related devices: Described are implants, systems, kits, and methods, useful for treating fecal incontinence, which may involve surgical implantation of the implant to place a tissue support portion in a location to support, contact, adjust, or approximate, tissue of a region of anal musculature, with extension portions place in a position to... Agent:

20110082329 - Modification of sperm motility and its storage shelf time: s

20110082330 - Method of implanting a fabric to repair a pelvic floor: A method of implanting a fabric into a body to repair a pelvic floor includes preventing wrinkle formation in the fabric with a bio-absorbable support, and implanting the bio-absorbable support and the fabric into the body.... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20110082331 - Minimally invasive levator avulsion repair: Described are pelvic implants and methods of surgically placing pelvic implants that provide treatment for pelvic floor disorders by support of the levator by creating an incision that allows access to a region of tissue of the pelvic floor and inserting a pelvic implant comprising a tissue support portion delivered... Agent:

20110082333 - Foot sleeve dildo harness: A foot-sleeve dildo harness uses any of a variety of dildo devices secured in position on a bottom or heel of the foot and extending perpendicularly therefrom. The dildos provide vaginal or anal hands-free stimulation performed on a wearer or on a sexual partner.... Agent:

20110082332 - Massage device having serial vibrators: A mechanized dildo having a body with a plurality of vibrator assemblies, each vibrator assembly comprising a motor and a housing; a processor electrically coupled to each of the plurality of vibrator assemblies; a battery electrically coupled to the processor; at least one mode control switch electrically coupled to the... Agent:

20110082334 - Endoscopic instrument: The endoscopic instrument has at least one component that heats up during the operation of the instrument and is equipped with means for automatically registering the use or non-use state of the instrument. The instrument has a control, which actuates the at least one component in a power-reduced fashion or... Agent: Richard Wolf Gmbh

20110082335 - Optical structure observation apparatus, structure information processing method of the same and endoscope apparatus including optical structure observation apparatus: e

20110082336 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes a transparent member that is provided at a distal end of an insertion portion of an endoscope and opposed to an image pickup optical system, a transducer that is attached to an inner surface of the transparent member, a diffraction grating that is provided on an... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110082337 - Steerable device and system: A system includes a steerable device, such as a sheath or shaft, having proximal and distal ends. The steerable device includes an elongated body having a proximal section, a steering section, and a distal tip. Control wires are routed through the body and connected at or near the distal end... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110082338 - Port fixation with varying thread pitch: A surgical portal device comprising a body portion and at least one thread is disclosed. The body portion defines a longitudinal axis and has a proximal end, a distal end, an exterior surface, and a lumen configured to allow a surgical instrument to pass therethrough. The at least one thread... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110082340 - Foam collar for surgical access devices: A surgical access devices includes an access device and a balloon dissector assembly slidably mounted through the access device. The access device includes a cannula and an elongate collar affixed to the cannula. The balloon dissector includes a tubular member having a bore, an inflatable dissection balloon secured to a... Agent: Tyco Healthercare Group Lp

20110082339 - Method and apparatus for stabilizing an abdominal wall during a laparoscopic incision: An apparatus and method for laparoscopic surgery provides a stabilizing tool using having movable latches. In one embodiment, the stabilizing tool includes a body portion, a moving mechanism and a latching mechanism. The moving mechanism enables a user to extend the movable latches outwardly to an extended position and retract... Agent:

20110082342 - Orifice introducer device: An orifice introducer device for introducing, e.g., a surgical device, into, e.g., an orifice of a body, includes a tubular member having a distal end and a proximal end. The distal end is adjustable between a first position for insertion into an orifice and a second position once inserted into... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110082341 - Universal height foam port: A surgical apparatus for positioning within a tissue tract accessing an underlying body cavity is adapted to tissues having different thicknesses. The surgical apparatus is configured to have different lengths. In one embodiment, the surgical includes a seal anchor member having two ends, and one of which is adapted to... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110082343 - Seal anchor with non-parallel lumens: A seal anchor member defines a housing defining a longitudinal axis, the housing having leading and trailing ends, and including a plurality of lumens extending between the leading and trailing ends, each lumen being adapted for substantially sealed reception of an object therein and defining a longitudinal axis, wherein at... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110082344 - Surgical access assembly: A surgical access assembly for use during a surgical procedure includes a housing, an access member extending distally from the housing and being dimensioned for positioning within tissue and a seal assembly disposed within the housing. The seal assembly includes first and second seal components operatively coupled to each other.... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110082345 - Apparatus for single port access: Medical devices, systems and methods are disclosed that serve to guide one or more medical devices through a port formed in bodily tissue to access a bodily cavity. One embodiment of the medical device includes a connection member, a rail, and a carrier. The connection member is structured for attachment... Agent: Wilson-cook Medical Inc.

20110082346 - Single port device including selectively closeable openings: A surgical port includes a port body having a lumen extending therethrough and a plate having an opening. The port body may be made from foam. The port is configured such that rotation of the plate with respect to the port body aligns the opening and lumen defining a passage... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110082347 - Spring jaw retraction device: A retraction assembly is provided for retracting body tissue away from an operative site. The retraction device generally includes a first jaw and a second jaw connected by a biasing member. The biasing member urges distal ends of the first and second jaws together to grasp the body tissue. An... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110082348 - Method and apparatus for illuminating the interior of a medical imaging device: A method and apparatus for illuminating the interior of a medical imaging device is provided. The method and apparatus may convey information to the patient within the scanning tube via the use of different colors or brightness of illuminating light and images and/or text may be provided.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110082349 - Means and methods for determining the arteriosclerotic stenosis using inflammatory biomarkers: The present invention relates to a method for diagnosing the degree of arteriosclerotic stenosis in a subject including determining the amount of CRP or LPa in a sample of the subject and comparing the determined amount to a reference whereby the degree of arteriosclerotic stenosis is determined. The present invention... Agent:

20110082350 - Assessing a degree of vascular blockage or risk of ischemia: A system and method for determining a patient's degree of cardiac vascular blockage or, equivalently, a patient's risk of cardiac ischemia, based on the time interval between the onset of exercise activity and the onset of an episode of cardiac ischemia. In one embodiment, an implantable cardiac device may obtain... Agent: Pacesetter, Inc.

20110082351 - Representing measurement information during a medical procedure: Various embodiments herein provide for representing measurement information during a medical procedure. Pose information is determined for one or more sensors. Measurements for the one or more sensors are then determined. The measurements can include measurements (e.g., temperature, radiation levels, etc.) of the sensors themselves as well as estimated measurements... Agent: Inneroptic Technology, Inc.

20110082352 - Confocal raman spectroscopy for dermatological studies: Use of Confocal Raman Spectroscopy (CRS) for dermatological studies, including a method for determining the thickness of the Stratum Corneum (SC) on a test area of the skin, and to a method for quantifying the effectiveness of a skin care composition. The methods can be carried in vitro (either artificial... Agent:

20110082353 - Implanting optical cavity structures: An implantable product includes an optical cavity structure with first and second parts, each of which can operate as an optical cavity. The first part includes a container with at least one opening through which bodily fluid can transfer between the container's interior and exterior when the product is implanted... Agent:

20110082354 - Probe for detecting substance in body and system for detecting substance in body making use of the probe: Disclosed is a probe for detecting a substance in the body for detecting a substance in the body in gingival crevicular fluid. The probe includes a gingival sulcus insert section and a sensitive part. The gingival sulcus insert section can be inserted into a gingival sulcus. The sensitive part is... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110082355 - Photoplethysmography device and method: A system and method for measuring one or more light-absorption related blood analyte concentration parameters of a mammalian subject, is disclosed. In some embodiments, the system comprises: a) a photoplethysmography (PPG) device configured to effect a PPG measurement by illuminating skin of the subject with at least two distinct wavelengths... Agent: Oxitone Medical Ltd.

20110082356 - Analyte sensor apparatuses having interference rejection membranes and methods for making and using them: Embodiments of the invention provide amperometric analyte sensors having optimized elements such as interference rejection membranes as well as methods for making and using such sensors. While embodiments of the innovation can be used in a variety of contexts, typical embodiments of the invention include glucose sensors used in the... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110082357 - Method and apparatus for co2 evaluation: A method for evaluating CO2 level in the blood of a patient, comprising detecting in the patient's body at least one haemodynamic signal from at least one tissue or part thereof, processing the at least one haemodynamic signal to derive a value related to the CO2 level of the patient... Agent: Neetour Medical Ltd.

20110082358 - Method and system for detecting electrophysiological changes in pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue and epithelium: A method and system for determining a condition of a selected region of epithelial and stromal tissue, for example in the human breast. A plurality of electrodes are used to measure surface and transepithelial electropotential of breast tissue as well as surface electropotential and impedance at one or more locations... Agent: Epi-sci, LLC

20110082359 - Electrocardiograph for magnetic resonance imaging and electrode patch for same: An electrode patch (40, 40′) enables securing five electrodes (E′, A′, S′, I′, N′) or six electrodes (V1′, V6′, LA′, RA′, LL′, RL′) in a predefined pattern. The electrode patch is configured for disposal as a unit on a subject (SUBJ) in a magnetic resonance (MR) scanner (8), and h... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110082360 - Online source reconstruction for eeg/meg and ecg/mcg: In one embodiment, the present invention includes an EEG system comprising of sensors which are utilized to gather an electromagnetic signal from a patient; a signal processing system; and a computer system. The computer system is configured to support multiple threads of execution. The computer system initiates a first thread... Agent: Compumedics Limited

20110082361 - Method for controlling an imaging examination system: A method is disclosed for controlling an imaging examination system for examination of a patient. In at least one embodiment, the imaging examination system includes a first imaging examination device with a first isocenter and a second imaging examination device with a second isocenter. The examination system further includes an... Agent:

20110082362 - Image-monitoring method for electroporation treatment and as associated image-monitoring appliance: An image-monitoring method for an electroporation treatment with an electroporation appliance is provided. The electroporation appliance comprises at least two treatment electrodes and an image-monitoring appliance. At least one image monitoring measurement is performed by the image-monitoring appliance after the administration of a contrast agent and after the electroporation treatment.... Agent:

20110082363 - Method and system for performing biopsies: A method and system for performing biopsies can include an imaging system (190) for obtaining diagnostic images of a target region (200); a tracking system (100); a probe (75) having a deployable biopsy needle for performing a biopsy procedure where the tracking system generates tracking information for at least one... Agent: The Government Of The Us, As Represented By The Secretary Of Health & Human

20110082364 - Mri biopsy targeting cube with retention wiper: A biopsy system comprises a localization assembly, a biopsy device, and a targeting cube. At least a portion of the biopsy device is insertable through a targeting cube, which is insertable into a selected aperture of a grid plate. The targeting cube comprises a body defined by faces, with guide... Agent:

20110082366 - Dc magnetic-based position and orientation monitoring system for tracking medical instruments: Miniaturized, five and six degrees-of-freedom magnetic sensors, responsive to pulsed DC magnetic fields waveforms generated by multiple transmitter options, provide an improved and cost-effective means of guiding medical instruments to targets inside the human body. The end result is achieved by integrating DC tracking, 3D reconstructions of pre-acquired patient scans... Agent: Ascension Technology Corporation

20110082365 - Laterally fenestrated cannula: A cannula provides access to a surgical site for a camera instrument and one or more minimally invasive surgical instruments. The cannula may include a curved or flexible section when used with flexible surgical instruments. A service port is defined in a sidewall between proximal and distal ends of the... Agent: Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

20110082367 - Method and apparatus for reducing malalignment of fractured bone fragments: A method and system for intraoperative, image-based reduction control for long bone shaft fracture treatment. The method includes preoperative steps of a) implanting markers into the proximal fragment and into the distal fragment of the broken bone, b) creating a 3D reference model of bone by taking a CT scan... Agent:

20110082368 - Reconstruction of dynamical cardiac spect for measuring tracer uptake and redistribution: When performing a static image reconstruction of acquired single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) data for myocardium, dynamic tracer uptake, redistribution, and washout information is generated with reduced or eliminated artifacts by back-projecting ray projections onto a reconstructed myocardial surface. A complete SPECT scan is performed after tracer injection, and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110082369 - Methods and apparatus for displaying enhanced imaging data on a clinical image: In one embodiment of the invention, an apparatus includes a display device. The display device displays a desaturated image of tissue captured in the visible electro-magnetic (EM) spectrum from a body cavity; and a first color enhanced image combined with the desaturated image. The first color enhanced image represents the... Agent: Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

20110082370 - Endoscopic fascia tunneling: Medical systems and methods are provided for accessing a bodily cavity, such as the peritoneal cavity or the thoracic cavity, and for supporting diagnoses or procedures within or adjacent to such cavities. According to one embodiment, a method is provided for accessing an internal bodily cavity of patient, the bodily... Agent: Wilson-cook Medical Inc.

20110082371 - Medical image processing device and medical image processing method: An ultrasonic diagnostic, apparatusi in accordance with the invention includes: an image information obtaining section configured to obtain multiple medical images in which a living tissue of a subject to be tested is imaged; and an image recognition calculation section configured to obtain motion information of the living tissue from... Agent:

20110082372 - Ultrasonic apparatus and control method therefor: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus is provided with a boundary extraction unit (2) that extracts boundaries between media appearing in an ultrasonic image based on the intensity of each of received signals. A boundary extraction unit performs boundary extraction processing on each of individual time series ultrasonic images sequentially generated while... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110082373 - Methods and apparatus for the detection of cardiopulmonary defects: A diagnostic system for detecting a right-to-left cardiopulmonary shunt in a patient. The system includes at least one Doppler ultrasound transducer, a transducer housing, a transducer housing placement device to affix the Doppler ultrasound transducer housing over a peripheral blood vessel, and a control system configured to receive and process... Agent:

20110082374 - Method for assessing vascular disease by quantitatively measuring vaso vasorum: A method and system for quantifying the extent of vaso vasorum with contrast enhanced ultrasound and correlating that quantitative value to the risk for vascular disease is provided. An ultrasound contrast agent is administered to a subject and images are obtained using an imaging method that identifies the uptake of... Agent:

20110082375 - Transvaginal ultrasound probe speculum: A transvaginal ultrasound probe speculum is designed for use with a generally cylindrical elongated ultrasound probe. The speculum has an elongated blade having a proximal end and a distal end, and a connector, such as a collar. The speculum has a lever that cooperates with the collar and the elongated... Agent: Eastern Virginia Medical School

20110082376 - Physiological blood pressure waveform compression in an acoustic channel: Methods, systems and devices for processing blood pressure measurements are disclosed. An illustrative method includes transmitting a command to an implantable medical device including a blood pressure sensor. The method includes receiving a response from the implantable medical device, the response indicating that the device initiated the sensing of blood... Agent:

20110082377 - Adaptive data storage and download in a medical device: In an example, a medical device includes a physiological data monitor (PDM), a memory, and a processor. The PDM is configured to monitor a physiological data parameter. The memory circuit is configured to store data collected by the PDM. The processor is configured to detect a data capture event and... Agent:

20110082378 - Cardiac risk stratification: This disclosure describes techniques for generating a risk stratification indicator based on HRT measurements computed using physiological parameters sensed by an implantable medical device (IMD). In some examples, the HRT measurements may be computed by the IMD based on the physiological parameters. In other examples, the IMD may sense the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110082379 - Analyzing ecg data in deciding on patient chest compression treatment: Medical devices, software and methods are provided, for making a decision as to whether to pause patient chest compression treatment in connection with administering electric shock therapy to the patient. The decision is made depending whether signal spikes identified in the ECG data are determined to be QRS complexes, or... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20110082380 - Bymixer apparatus and method for fast-response, adjustable measurement of mixed gas fractions in ventilation circuits: Bymixer devices and methods for sampling or obtaining data from mixed respiratory gases in a ventilation circuit. Respiratory gasses from a plurality of consecutive breaths become mixed within a mixing chamber of the bymixer and samples or data are obtained from such mixed respiratory gasses. Optionally, the volume of the... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110082381 - Time frequency transformation analysis for detection and quantification of epileptiform activity load in generalized epilepsies: Methods for detecting absence seizures are provided. An electroencephalogram (EEG) recording from a patient can be analyzed using an algorithm. The algorithm can include wavelet transform, in which wavelets can extract an original signal into scales that can be mapped into different pseudofrequencies. The algorithm can also include a sliding... Agent:

20110082383 - Active electrode, bio-impedance based, tissue discrimination system and methods of use: Systems and methods for discriminating and locating tissues within a body involve applying a waveform signal to tissue between two electrodes and measuring the electrical characteristics of the signal transmitted through the tissue. At least one of the electrodes is constrained in area so that localized electrical characteristics of the... Agent: Nervonix Inc.

20110082382 - Bioelectrical impedance measuring apparatus: The present invention provides a bioelectrical impedance measuring apparatus for determining composition data of a human body, the apparatus including several measuring electrodes, measuring circuitry on a main board including voltage measuring circuitry and a control and analysis unit. The control and analysis unit is arranged to apply, according to... Agent: Seca Ag

20110082384 - Multimodal automated sensory testing system: A computer-controlled sensory testing system is disclosed that can be used to further pain research and aid in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of pain syndromes. The system includes actuators to deliver pressure/deformation (strain), auditory, olfactory, and other stimuli to a subject. The system includes software to control the delivery... Agent:

20110082385 - Method for implanting intraocular pressure sensor: Methods of implanting an intraocular pressure sensor and systems tbr sensing intraocular pressure are disclosed. An intraocular pressure sensor, including, a top surface, may be placed through the sclera of an eye of a patient. The intraocular pressure sensor may be caused to be inserted into the sclera until the... Agent: Yale University

20110082386 - Replacement adhesive unit for ear couplers: A replacement adhesive unit for optimizing adhesion to a disposable ear coupler and an ear of an infant comprises at least one adhesive layer that can be attached to a skin side flange of the disposable ear coupler, at least one structural tie layer to attach with a bottom side... Agent:

20110082387 - Biopsy devices and related methods: Apparatus and methods provided to remove biopsy specimens from bone and/or associated bone marrow. A powered driver may rotate a biopsy needle at an optimum speed to obtain the biopsy specimen. A thread or a groove may be disposed on interior portions of the biopsy needle. The thread or groove... Agent:

20110082388 - Bi-directional motion of a lorentz-force actuated needle-free injector (nfi): The present invention relate to a method and corresponding apparatus for extraction of a sample from a sample source. A fluid is injected into the sample source and the sample source is vibrated. A sample is withdrawn from the vibrated sample source and the sample source is evaluated by measuring... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110082389 - Apparatus and method for assessing condition of articular cartilage: A measuring system may provide quantitative information relating to condition of cartilage. Negative pressure may be applied to cartilage to induce flow of fluid from or through the cartilage. A level of negative pressure needed to induce a particular flow of the fluid may be employed to provide a quantitative... Agent: Synthasome, Inc.

20110082390 - Compliant pressure actuated surface sensor for on body detection: A system for detecting actuation pressure is provided, where actuation pressure is a pressure above a pre-defined limit on the surface of a body of a user. The system includes a multi-layered pad of flexible materials which remains in contact with the surface of the body while complying with the... Agent:

20110082392 - Lumen-measuring devices and method: The present invention provides a lumen measuring device and method that allows the user to calculate the exact length and diameter of a suitable interventional prosthesis as well as the height and length of stenosis during the same exploratory procedure.... Agent: Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

20110082391 - Methods for measuring change in lip size after augmentation: A method for measuring the effect of a medical treatment on the size of lips. The method has the following steps: (a) providing a scale of at least four visual reference images exhibiting varying lip sizes and assigning a unique indicator to each of the at least four visual reference... Agent: Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation

20110082393 - Orthopedic orthosis: The invention relates to an orthopedic orthosis for the purpose of bracing a body region of a patient, which may include at least one sensor contrivance provided for detection of movements of said body region. According to the present invention, provision is made, in particular, for the orthosis to have... Agent:

20110082394 - Method and system for monioring sport related fitness by estimating muscle power and joint force of limbs: The present invention relates to a method and system for monitoring sport related fitness by estimating muscle power and joint force of limbs, in which the system comprises a sensing module and a force/track detection module, wherein sensor values from the sensing module are fed to the force/track detection module... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

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